in has been good and gross Team W Jerry Giddens. Harry Peters and
Bodine brought two large fishing Standings L Pins
says I'
If the City BallV park looks ,I 1. Lynda Mattson second. Mrs. J. W. Billy Burbank will manage the
drum this week. getting better with whiting, pom- Bombers 73 39 74645
like ant bed afternoon, I i Hiers had low net and Mrs.
an every JL -.A. .!WM 'caught. score Rotary Jets. Red Bean will manage
and being Murray's Store 51 58 72775 c:1
W HAn pano Ed. Mattson second low net Mis. the Cubs. Dotson and Ver-
r- iron worker was nonchalantly Holt says the water is fine for Paper Mill 52 .60 70419 Wayne .
I .W. M. Sweatt had r
high : -
will the
gross Douglas
t non manage
down "
walking the beams high fishing and he invites you Hadden Mixers 48 64 72495:
score. Lucille was also closest to j Hornets. and Al
George Sapp
I above the street on a new sky- to the Pier to try your luck. High Team, :Games :
the pin on No. C. Lynda Mattson' Schrantz will the KAC
"SEE C. B.'Pete' manage .
I scraper, while the pneumatic hammers -fr: & it Bombers 2861
had the longest drive on No. 11 and Fred Townsend and Oris Hig-
Beach Pirates '
i made a nerve-jangling racket The Paper Mill
INGRAM"FOR and a compressor below baseball team will play Macclenny and also the longest putt on No. [Murray's, Store 2776 ginbotham will manage the Ki- r
# 18. We all '
shook the whole steel structure. at home next Tuesday afternoon.The won prizes. High, Ind. 3-Games wanis Senators P
When he came down, a man who'd game was originally sched- Tuesday the members of the I K. Skidmore 639 -- ---

been watching him tapped his uled for the Macclenny diamond, golf association, met at .the Sea- J. Taylor 635

Real Estate shoulder. "I was amazed at your but will be switched to Fernan side Inn for the April meeting'l F. Bowen 618

Life InsuranceRetirement (i calmness up there. How did you dina. Mrs. Robert Bryce, Hight, Team Game use f eWANe
'happen to go to work on a job sided. Plans were discussed for I Bombers 984

Income like this?" "Well, said the man, Bill McRae, hard throwing the Invitational coming up inj I Murray's Store 973 ( I
Health & Accident j 1"1 used to drive a school bus, buti righthander on the South Georgia June. |I Paper Mill 951,

Hospitalizaton(| i my nerves gave out." Junior College pitching staff, In the Blind Bogey tournament j High, Ind. ,GameJ.
Medical -V -V continues to improve in pitching TuesdayMrs.. Glyn Waas was I i Taylor 272 UDSJ MOTOR COMPANY
Major j You young baseball Hopefuls as he set the formerly unbeaten winner with a net 43 and Mrs. K. Skidmore 234

Disability Monthly Income who failed to get out to,the ballpark Tifton, Georgia Junior College I Robert Bryce came in second with I II F. Bowen 223 -- -- -

I last Saturday morning to down to a 12-5 defeat this week. a net 39. Winners were determined High Scratch Bowlers ---

L. !L. BOHANNON (I i register can still tryout by re.t McRae allowed Tifton only four I ed drawing the net scores from K, Skidmore 210-5C7 : : -
--- -- --
t t porting to the City ball park each hits while smashing out three I a hat R. Hadden" 188-550 : -

INSURANCE afternoon at five o'clock. Some hits himself. Besides his pitching The Handicap Championship F. Bowen 199-546 :, Doesyou If'stimefora

I Phone 261-5269 ,, [youngsters failed to register for accomplishments M the present tournament for the FBWGA is I I J. Williamson 187508C i'

various reasons, ,so if you wish time, he is hitting a ,peat 382. underway. First round matches 'Hodge 199-505B. .
___ Jojce. ', 195007( 1
are scheduled to be played by encPnbSjAUER 'TUNE-UP

1 Tuesday,_ April 23. Mrs. Thos. G. : ;;

I Hall, ,Jr., ? defending champion, SPORTS AFIELDr : ,
FERNANDINA BEACH 1 plays Mrs. Harry Poole. Miss hom

I Vesta Prewitt vs. Mrs. Dan STALL.

: Daugherty, Miss Lynda Mattson TED KKSTING 4 or _____ _
CROWNBEACHES" I vs. Mrs. George T. Davis, Mrs. _
"JEWEL OF ,FLORIDA'S H. E.. Williams vs. Mrs. :Minnie It's true; real landlubbers are I

HarVey, Mrs. J. Wj' Hiers vs. Mrs rare today. But the sportsman If so. 1
I who out only in the boats of. '
Carl Glenn, Mrs. Tom Ln> non vs. :
I(I friends is likely to get just a
Mrs. N. C. Brown, Mrs. Ed. Beachvs.

Directory Furnished ,By These Merchants, and Business :\IenGeorge's Mrs W,, H. Sweatt, and Mrs. I passenger's'eiewpoint friend has a'different and, sort if each of I II I It 12...:. ,
i first Andrejv week..A lan draws a bye the I I boat, he may get no real insight : Get your car's motor ready for

it t FLOIUDA'SFIRST Suburban In the second bracket Mrs. L. r into any. I ,
; C. Shave plays Mrs. Cecil Lop. I 1 If you have yet to buy your ; carefree driving in the warm-
: boat there is important ,
first one big, -
GOLF COURSE Shore Gas Co. I tien, Mrs. Ed. Mattson vs. Mrs. : point to remember: there' weather months ahead
Machine Shop I Bill Melton, Mrs. Robert Bryce A ,, ryfs
rules for safe boat
i i are good, buying I WF
.J" 'I EXCELLENT SERVING ALL vs. Mrs. Norman Alday, Mrs. '! rules for any boat buying. i saF ETY FK s
2 N. S
Waas Mrs.
Glyn a bye, FRVf
18-IIOLE YOUR NEEDS IN You must follow them all; beinga Only ,/ OF CF
tlJ.l Rudy York vs. Mrs. Cart Gordon, FFRIH
Machine Work LP GAS AND J beginner is no excuse. Only experts -
j \STi Mrs. Clinton herring vs. Miss
I GAS can -
Welding Erasing I Katherine Whitney, Mrs. Edison *
alone can figure out a calculated
Marine Repairs 7 South 7th Sh I Casey' vs 4rs.'1irn;,,dark, .apd..:1'. I :0 a I
Phone 261.3661; Mr4 U r 4 ia Ht1ye1 \, it' ? ;
; U\ti
l \
; MW t
Special Service To 's ,'bite mstch' tt1'h,
DE.S lOnh' :
I ;:bQth.th sra'feiwa it,wHl"'hrr :!
Shrimp Trawlers pI3re HM'first week In the nine
T. H. 1t111'' < ) j on.and the load it will eurry1th:: t
All ,Work ,Guaranteed hol handicap < hatnptoi, ship -- !is the taw i consideration you as a any 511WE

Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at JETTIES Mrs. P. R. Entzmmger plays! Mrs. : first-timer must never lose sightof. cylinder car / t t
PHOTO SHOPRoll The draw
Monday Thru Saturday Kate Cook. following : Nothing can reveal sheer imbecility -I '
first week Mrs. S. L : 88 ) .4_
Phone Day 261-3711 Add 30, Minutes For Proc4sSipgDeveloping byes I II better than buying a boat 1
Night 261-5338 FernanJina Harbor I & Printing Tarlton, Mrs. Robert Breslin and smaller than what the waterway W a any eight t
Kodak Film I Mrs. Ray Caldwell. calls for, simply because as is I cylinder car .'

HIGH LOW Photo SuppliesMovieColored r often said, it is easier for a be *Parts extra if needed -. ft

BE WISE. & Regular ginner to handle. Only proper size .t
,Friday, April 19 I City can combat steep waves, in a pow- !: DO ALL THIS.
Weddings .
I t erboat, and it's a genuinely safe'

"Porcelciinize"LASTS 3:56: a.m. 10:33:: :-a.m. Portraits by Appointment Only Ii i (fowling League Bet no waves will ever level down 0 Clean and Spark 0 Check Coil and Condenser
4:26 p.m. 10:54 p.m. Studios At 504 Ash St. b because a novice is out in them. Adjust Plugs

20 Pho ne161.4 586 I q This does not mean you have 0 Clean; and Set Points 0 check Generator and
:3 OR 4 TIMES Saturday, April i BY II. r.. .ELLIS, ,JR. boat Willard
to bay a big says
LONGER THAN 4:58: a.m. 11:28 a.m. \ WEEK vOF 4.10 Crandall, Boats Editor, Sports 0 Set Timing Voltage Regulator f

ORDINARY "':1JOB 5:25: p.m. 11:51 p.m. G. E. (GLENN) i, Total Afield Magazine The waves jf< 0 Adjust Carburetor 0 Check Battery
'Team Standings W L Pins I Ii the ocean, Gulf and lar g lakes, '
Sunday, April 21 i i the Great Lakes will
such not
LASSERRE MOTOR KITCHENS i Or\ille's 76 3G 79898 as for won't Just Say "CHARGE IT". Taka months to
5:56: a.m. 12:19 am. !Hadden Lanes 71', 40fc 80150'' offer any problem, you j pay

CO.S. 6:19 p.m t Sandbar 50&!) 2\2 78111 'I' be goin out on.them. Not only, .

Electrical The Unknowns 50 J62 77669Becker's are sheltered waters safer for _ _- __ _i. _,::. -J:._ -- ,
Monday, April 22 those getting their experience, but
8th St. Ph. =261-3819 Contractor I Drugs 42 70 75816 I,
also they afford quicker and more ,
6:49: a.m. 12:46: a.m. Beach Bar 37 75 76565 firttont NEW TREADS
21-HOUR SERVICE I fun-filled chances to get that ex-
7:11 p.m. 1:03 p.m. | High Team, 3 GamesIHadden
Going Fishing I Lanes 2960 course, it is quite evident '
Tuesday April 23:
," 261-5194 or 261-4379 : Orville's 2884 that circumstances vary for any \ \\ WHITEWALLS-ANY SIZE ::
7:40 a.m. 1:38: a.m.
Sandbar ,
first boat Sheltered waters are
Visit Us For .
8:03: p.r.1. 1:57 p.m.Wednesday Porter & LovNequist I I High, lad..3-CamesJ. of all kinds: swift rivers, tidal Narrow Wide.Design, -

Complete Line Of : Beckett 674 bays, quiet ponds, and so on; and .;1 Tubeless I or Tube-type 4 for ::
April 24 General Contractors
i Fishing Tackle 1 J. Williamson C23 i iI they offer a variety of places on .r n n o r r r r ,(( r r i .
8:29 a.m. 2:28: a.m SPECIALTIES R. Hadden 614HightTeim'Game ; which to keep the boat as well as j -
Rods Reels
0 t I II Our flew Treacle, identified by Medallion and shop mark, art
8:52 p.m. 2:46: p.m. WOODWORKING I to run it. ; 4 9
Outdoor Camping: PLASTIC SURFACING I. I II An outboard of about 16 feet GUARANTEED .
Hadden Lanes' 1022 Against defects ;in worlonMship and materials during We of tread.
EquipmentFIRESTONE Thursday, April 25 CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS is about the most popular boat in 4 9
I Orville's 1022 11 2.Again normal road hazards (except repairable puncture. *} tocoun -
KITCHEN AND BATH America today; it's well-suited toa terrd m everyday pasenger car use for 12 months -
9:18: a.m 3:19 a.m. REMODELINGComplete Beach Bar 962 Replacements prorated on tread sear and bad on list price currentat _
: trailer, to one of intermediate ; lime of adjustment
9:42 3:36 Ind. Game I
p.m. p.m. I ShowroomiFor High, <
that's the easiest of all
size to
BEACH e > m- .? ? 1 Plus tax and 4 trade-In tires
SUPPLY J. Beckett 'r" 232 1 -
TIdes Coart.sr I Color Coordination I learn to handle. For a first boat, J i
11% Atlantic Arc 261-W2 feast &: Geodetic Survey J. McKendree 222 you're wise to choose something :! wrY
II I I Phone 261-3068 1 D. Roberts. 222 ,' outstandingly popular since

I High Scratch iBowkrs : there's obviously less chance of !I
i I J. Beckett 215-623 going wrong in view of your in- Ij j I -

J. Williamson 206- )81 i ii experience. Besids, a 16-footer u I ..
FUN .1 IN THE SUN E I i R. Hadden 193-566 a remarkably versatile boat. It's

D. Roberts 204-513 : as good for the fun of family of BEACH mm

4, > AT FERNANDINA BEACH ?.f I, C. Hodge 196528K. I II guest erasing as for fishing. i iI

Skidmore 170-503
.: FISHING BOATING SWIMMING I I I: All bowlers on the City League I III "Life in the country seems to ,J -

): PLAIN are reminded to;;plait fcw."to at- agree with .relatives from the 118 1 Atlantic Avenue Phone 2614482 1 :
.. I II tend the banquet at Ten Acres city." Lee.Bat be1er, Saulc! I .

May 4t 7, .- -- Rapids (tMiun.PHeral&:
p.m.'J ... \.:-, ... .' .- -
r .



r- t 1


Page Eight News-Leader, Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday, April 18, 1963 Y

News From John M. Griffin

Completes Teletype j

The Rec Center Operation Course f.Rf CA fffhfPNff f Y ctA.GNEAAr.Mpc si j'7 ,


APRIL 18 'Owens, Instr.Preteen We
Playschool in the Game Roomat Ballet Class in the ;;)9/" GREEN STAMPS 1 O e9f; yourmoney you
Auditorium, at 4:30: p.m., Julanne -
9:40 a.m., Joan Bean, Inatr. Owens, Instr. WITH THIS COUPON AT YOUR plus
Adult Ceramics: Class: in the z
Island Squares Club in the NEAREST FRIENDLY WINN-DIXIE .
Ceramics Room at 9:30: a.m., 14Jl
Martha Jean Puletti, Instr. Game Room at 7:30 p.m. Good Thru Limit One Coupon To Adult With ./

Ballet Class: ((3 & 4 yrs.) in the I Adults and Teens Ceramics April 20th A $5.00 or More Food Order. ...
Class in the Ceramics Room at i GREEN STAMPS
Auditorium at 10:00 a.m., Julanne M
Owens, Instr. I 7:30 p.m., Martha Jean Puletti, : d Af ,df, ,f d.,' dl n'I I ',' I'" i' o.'Jl .
Ballet Class: ((6 yrs.) in the Instr. >9 .T..P 5 SALE ;
Auditorium at 2:30 p.m., Julanne Historical Society in the Audi i C '
Owens, Instr. torium at 8:00: p.m. : e
Ballet Class ((5 & 6 yrs) in the Jaycees in the Conference Roomat .
Auditorium at 3:30: p.m., Julanne 8:00: p.m.Beginners'. i o *
Owen;| Instr. ,. : Mr
Square Dance' Peaches 4NO.2cANsi.
Ballet Class ((7-9)) in the Audi- Course in the Art Room at 8:00: Cling '
torium at 4:30 p.m., Julanne a> Vy .

Owens Atlantic, Instr.Avenue Playground, p.m.Men and Boys' Health Club in LT'S SAVE AVzt EACH LIBBY'S GARDEN ___ .
the Boy:? Locker Room, day and ;
supervised play, 3:30. 5:30 p.m., 6 i. SAYE
evening.: Sweet Peas 303 CANS 4 T ,
Hugh Supv. 1 1 1 1 .
Iother's Auxiliary of Troop TUESDAY, APRIL 23: (AHTNC) Army Pvt JohnM.

101 in. the Art Room at 7:15,p.m. Playschool in the Game ROOM Griffin, son of Mrs. Helen K. SAVE At EACH lIBBYS: QUANTITY

: Men and Boys' Health Club in Joan Bean, Instr. Griffin, 508 Stanley Dr., Fernan- RIGHTS
at 9:30 a.m.
Beach, Fla., 4 $1'
the Boys' Locker Room, day and dina recently completed Tomato Juice 46-oz. CANS
evening Brownie Troop 355 in the Game the 15-week radio teletype RESERVEDSAVE
Room at 3:00 p.m. operation course at The Southeastern -

KKIIUY:: APRIL 19: Tap Dance Class in the Audi Signal School, Fort Gor- 5/i EACH,.CUBBY'S CORNED PRICES GOOD
at 3:30 Julanne don, Ga. Griffin entered the Army
.Avon Beauty Products meetingin Owens, Instr. in October 1962 and completed: I B eef Hash 3 16-oz CANS $1| THRU )) I \
the Conference Room at 11:00 I Ballet Class ((9-11)) in the Audi- basic training at Fort Gordon. f APRIL 20th

a.m. torium at 4:30 p.m., Julanne The 23-year-old soldier is a grad- ti
) Sub-Teen Club in the Game I Owens, Instr. 'uate of Fernandina Beach High SAVE Af EACH .. IBBY'S WINN"DIXIE STORES. INC.
Room at 7:15: \> m. Atlantic Avenue Playground School and attended St. Johns .) '

: Men and Boy:; Health Club in f supervised play, 3:30: 5:30: p.m., River Jr. College, Palatka.U. I Corned Beef 1 1 12-oz.CAN 491 0 0 STOA 5
the Boys' Locker Room, day and i Hugh Sides, Supv. ( S. ARMY PHOTO) f -
i\ening. I Ceramics Class ((10 and 11)) in
the Ceramics Room at 3:30: p.m.,
S.TUnU.1'1:114 20: Martha Jean Puletti, Instr. Atlantic Avenue Playground,
I supervised play, 3:30.5:30: p.m., i BII'
Ballroom Dance Class ((11-13
Teen Club in the Game Room Sides, '
tft 7:30 I yr.) in the Conference Room at Hugh Supv. I
I.m.Cotillion i 13:30: p.m.Balhuom. I Ceramics Class ((12 and 13)) in ,
Club Dance in the pl It W r
Dance Class (high the Ceramics Room at 3:30: p.m., x
Auditorium at 9:00: pm. I, school teens) in the Game Roomat Martha Jean Puletti, Instr. TENDER CLOSE TRIMMED SIRLOINSteaks ,>f .
Men and Health Club 8118 0 E IIRA
Boys' in 7:30 118 al
p.m.Baibershop Adult Ceramics Class in the
the Boys Locker Room: day and Quartet in the Con GOVERNMENT G I ED h '.. .
Ceramics Room at 7:30 p.m., Mar 1 Iq I1 W ll : t :
Evening. ference Room at 8:00 p.m. tha Jean Puletti, Instr. LB. 8 81
Adult Ballet Exercise in the ..
MONDAY, APRIL 22: Majorette Practice on the Patioat \
Auditorium at 8:00: p.m., Julanne ail

Children's Art Class in the Art Owens, Instr. Men 7:00 and p.m. Health Club in No other FULL CUT BONELESS ROUNDSteaks ..
Room at 3:30 p.m., Faith BnUon, :Men and Boys' Health Club in
Instr.I the Boys' Locker Room, day and the Boys' Locker Room, day and i Beef could

: Atlantic Avenue Playground, evening. evening. be so LB. 8 81 ;? '.

supervised play, 3:30: .. 5:30: p.m:, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21: THURSDAY, APRIL 25:
Hugh Sides, Supv. I Naturally Tender
in the Game Room
: Teen-age Ballet Class in the Girl Scout Troop 108 in the Playschool FLAVORFUL CLOSE TRIMMED CHUCK J
:at 9:30: a.m., Joan Bean, Instr. <
Auditorium at 3:30 p.m., Jularine Game Room at 3:00 p.m.
Adult Ceramics Class in the
r I Ceramics Room at 9:30: Mar- .- Roast 4 91J" Sunnyland Small Smoked Whole ,

.. .. tha Jean Puletti, Instr. LB. ,
j Ballet Class ((3 & 4)) in the PIC N I CS i
jI Auditorium at 10:00 a.m., Julanne t .y;
.. 1- I Owens, Instr. LEAN, MEATY BEEF SHORT jg 1 ; ,
Ballet Class ((6 yrs.) in the .
I Auditorium at 2:30 p.m., Jul TENDER beef Ribs 3 9 :

. anne Owens, Instr. to is trimmed remove excess by experts fat I LB. I ;: t. nand d Iy- ,
Ballet Class ((5 & 6)) in the _
. / ; 'Auditorium at 3:30 Julanne bone. Compare. _:
t\\/Jr : Owens, Instr. p.m. W-D Brand beef is EXTRA LEAN FRESH GROUND "

I Ballet Class ((7-9)) in the Audi guaranteed for quality L\: LB.
4J ;torium at 4:30 p.m., Julanne and value or your B f 5 LB. $195 "

1,. !I! Owens Atlantic, Instr.Avenue Playground, tenderness.money back. Aged for ee PKG. .' _,YREGULAR x- _.. : -.):ft,,

I ;Ya I; supervised play, 3:30: 5:30: p.m., Ji + Ji 98* SMOKED
i Ii i Hugh Sides, Supv. 1rr1 rttt t 1 1 .. flit ltf/ t t t
Citizens Club the Con- ; '=' Pork Chops LB 6 9 .,
Senior in
ference Room at 7:00: p.m. I 50 Free W Green Stamps 50 Free ZC Green Stamps .

Adult Ballroom Dance Class in Astor Green PeasGOOD Fox Delux Pizza Pie Sliced Bacon LB. 491.?
the Auditorium at 8:00: p.m.
Men and Boys' Health Club in a
I the Boys' Locker Room, day and IS 7 -
td evening. mmwmmimmsmmi L 1/1' 391
12'0%. PKG.

I rr f ff t tf _4? 4L eft 1fr111 fr 1 !_4".- 4- ._ t'' 4 l{ Tan
I 1TJL :: HEALTH. 50 Free Z. Green Stamps : 50 Free %VC Green Stamps c 50 Free iWT Green Stamps GNEEA fTAMPb

wE Gwf

1'I TOPICS M f\\\D- I Green Lima' Beans Fig i Bars Health & Beauty Aids GREtA

A Service uf Your Doctor of Medicine 4s.GAEEA
Your Florida local Medical Medical Association.Society and the 8 Y r 9 1 t g 11-j ;


Too bad you if you dread do,growing because,old like? Cor SF Salad Dressing
_ LUCITE the weather there is nothing n. EAR
you can do about it. .
- :: 1Houepaint Mentally, there is much you '..... QUART
can do. You can prepare yourself I MORTON FfcOZEN CHICKEN, BEEF, TURKEY J
for the years that have SAVE UK 2 9
been added to jour life span ,I THRlm MAID .
through the modern advances I $1
of medicine. rOt1ies OR
: A feeling of usefulness and a u
A breakthrough in house I Tomato Catsup
major paint purpose in living are extremely and FLORIDA'
important to every man "
woman. Plan new things.;: Develop .

New D Pont IMC JI@ i jou interested a hobby that mentally will keep and : 20-oz. JAR 19 ,/

\ ii I : physically:are thought Generally unable older to learn people I ,. I SAVE 10* /'i

: This is not true. !
new things.
1r.,.'I': : .' I Prove the statement wrong by I E 2 Doz. U. S. 1 25 Ibs.
Ootio P t broadening jour interests. Keep No.1. .
aleLINow I 5
: I Nr4, ing.jourself Keep yourself flexible in active.jour This think-is WHITE POTATOES --99c

the spectacular benefits of "Lucite" for tha exteriorof another to step in the for right direc ad- ,,, r
tion .
prepare your -
jour home! l\ 4lLucite"House Paint forms a tough, vancing )"ears. Get yourself a -.---.... .J1',." .. .....-..-- -:: -.."" I'" ,,,./r'1< .
durable shield that resets cracking, chalking, dirt and fad parttime job if need be. Take ( / -', or: ;;- '''';', "
in church and club activi \. "oj
part /.1' ,
ing better than: oil base paints. Flows on effortlessly-\\ith- Use / But
ties. Keep yourself busy.
out tiring brush drag. Dries in minutes to a lovely flat finish the proverbial rocking chair it jIIDII' t&PJiTc1 I : : .
without the temporary shine of old fashioned paints. No occasionally if you will but
don't rock the rest of '
plan to
special solvents needed-clean up with soap and water.For jour life away with thoughtsof t w. BLUE or WHITE ARROW VACUUM PACKED __ "
every surface-\\ood, maionry, cement block. Needs no what used to be. /71
primer if old paint is in good shape. Remember that life can be
fascinating at Detergent Astor Coffee
or meaningless \
any age. If life is interesting, \ f
$8.55 I sri
12 BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND there is always something to
INTERMIXES MOST COLONS live for. It is when one feels
lonely and useless that life loses I
its meaning.As I I
the years go by, physio GIANT BOX 1LB. CAN : ,
ALL EXTERIOR TRIM: DU PONT 40 CO logic changes take place in the

TRIM AND SHUTTER ENAMEL ?A.JAToughfids human wrinkled.body.Walking The skin is becomes slower; t SAVE W : C _: SAVE 211 j!

rea4t nt. QT there is less spring to the step,
and the body becomes susceptible

to the chronic illnesses .,..' IMPROVED Save 21< HOUSE Save 19< /V .
that beset the older age pop- .

t BUILDING &, SUPPLY elation.changes These which are must natural be accepted V ,t Ti d e GIANT' 5 8? J,1'MAXWELL t4nii Coffee a B. 481 lJ ".'.

COMPANY But the them
.NASSAU h what counts.way you Just accept as modern V Limit one with $5.00 food ..r-- ILimit). one with $5.00 food "x1"order ...
science has added years to your or more. j I t I" order or more.
Street Phone 261-3648 life you are the one who can yq .: C' '. r/ .
... < .
M add life to your vears. "' .4 I--- -... "' \r .i.u A':...+ .r.r ""M7 .


1 -.. -- -

i '
.--- v v

I .

News-LeaderFernanllna Beach, Florida -.; Thursday, April 18, 1963 Page Nine


.-- .; l' : .

.-. r


-.... '.;'

... .
: : t ._ : tritiJuj .

a : : .

March 15 at the Naval Air'Tech-
i ,
I ... KINGSBERKY HOMES I Extra Caution Daniel W. Peeples nical Training Center, Memphis,

V I !L ..
5N WE HAVE A NICE two bedroom LOST Completes Aviation Tenn. .
masonry house with hardwood To Prevent I Mechanical School The four-week course includes

J)5) per word .75 minimum floors. Corner lot, double car I "BRIGHT EYES". Black femalecat Urged mathematics physics, and 1he

yard? of Thanks, Resolutions garage. Walking distance to part Persian, lost in Hedges Memphis,. Tenn. (FHTNC) I principles of electricity. It 'trains

and Similar Notices schools. Kingsberry trade-in area in Yulee. If found please Forest FiresTALLAHASSEE Daniel W. Peeples, airman apprentice -! selected personnel} to enter the

j& per word $Loo minimum $50 down, $55 per month. contact Bob Carter in Yulee. USN, son of Mr. and Navy's Aviation Machinist's Mate

261.3686 tfc Mrs. J. P. Freeman of Route 1, and Aviation Structural Mechanic
Cal or 261-3687 I
April 15Florida's -
OAK TREES SHADING a masonry Yulee, Fla., completed Aviation Schools.
= or place ad at office house with 3 bedroomsand forest fire situation, already -
PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE Mechanical Fundamentals School, Upon completing the more. advanced -,
acute, worsened over, the
I 511 Ash Street a family room on a corner technical schools, the stu-
UNDER THE FICTITIOUS weekend when 15-1 fires statewide
lot. Sound impossible? Near dents will be qualified for dutiesin
raked 6,000 of woodland in
acres a
schools and can be had for Notice is hereby given that the undersigned pecially field, brush, and trash naval aviation.
: FOR $500 down and about $90 per pursuant to "Fictitious 48-hour period ended at 8 a.m. burning.
SALE Name Statute" House Bill No. 1175 today. '
month. Chapter No. 20953. Laws of Florida, I During the 7-day period endedat I "The trouble with staying home
ft 1941. will register with the Clerk of Firefighting crews and equip I have to
8 a.m. Monday 251 fires had | from work is that you
1U52 CHEVROLET, 2 door, radio NEED A HOUSE right now? 31 the Circuit Court in and for Nassau ment from five counties brought 'i "
County, Florida upon receipt of proofof I burned 6,813 Florida forest acres. drink coffee on your own time.
JjSnd heater, good condition. See3t bedroom house just outside publication of this notice, the fictitious under control late Sunday' a 1,000 I ------- ----- -

802 Amelia Dr. Phone 261- city limits is vacant. Move in name, to-wit: acre fire eight mile$ north of Perry ,
IG1 AISpCJJRNER today for $CO per month. Under which we are engaged in in Taylor County. Two separate I .1i i _,, 1I1iUT=ua
"' "
--- -- Would rent to right party Until business.We forest fires north of Panama '.

LOT 8G 100 North able to buy.PAUL are engaged in business at Five in
x on City Bay County burned 2,500
Points, Fernandina Reach ria. '
15th St. Phone 261-5929.!) tic c., BURNS That the only parties interested in acres Saturday.The summedstiflingsticki
Remember last
p ----- --- __ I "Builder of Kingsberry Homes" said business enterprise are CoAs'ayDavis
Jr. and Dykes Brannan.4t 1 largest fire driven by
0E OF AMERICA'S largest : 319 S. 8th St. Ph. 261-3GOG
3-28, 4-4 11, 18 strong winds burned 2,000 acres : t. "

fiano firms has a beautiful, and jumped a Bay County high.

uaranteed Spinet} piano to 'I FOR RENTFOR PUBLIC NOTICE way and railroad before it was I. '

transfer to local responsible )
I IX TilE CIRCUIT COURT OF TilEFOURTII ((1w stopped. i ,
farty. No money down, simply I J
Assume balance on small BEACH RENTALS, call TilE STATE OF }FLORiDA IN AND jro ESTATE Firefighting crews and 15 trac- '
pay- 'I
261.4612V.. I. McCranie. tfc. FOR NASSAU COUNTY IN CHAN- tors from the Florida Forest Ser !
,. enb.
Inspection arranged unbearable weather?
CERY. CASE NO. 2640 Copr. LAPBervice if -
a without u- vice, Buckeye Cellulose Corporation .
expenses or obligation.Vrite I ONE OR TWO BEDROOM furnished ROY COPPAGE I
Canal Timber and
Plaintiff Company,
Joplin I
air-conditioned apt. Electric vs. HOW EARLY IS THIS MORNING bat-

-.f iano Co., Joplin--, -Mo.-A18c- : kitchen and heat. By week, NORMA B. COPPAGE Defenc'; cU. APPOINTMEMTfeYOU HAVE. tled Weaver-Loughridge the Taylor County Company blaze '.' .. '

month or year. Phone 261.5896.tfc. NOTICE TO DEFENDTO which started from of
I7 S. FLETCHER: AVE. 3 bed- a string I
: NORMA 15. COPPAUE.co .
.oom, aluminum. siding, 2 car Rita Mae Davis, I "sets" along a 15. mile wide front.

.garage. Call I -261-5443. A25c I S. 5TH ST. Urifurnished apt, 317 Chickasaw Hoppe Alabama- About- $128 million is earmark' 'one Investigators believed at least I
1121 of the. Bay County fires
Southern Bell was
round floor, newly decorated. You are hereby notified that a suit eclffor new central office
EWE FOOT HILL display meat I in equity has been brought againstyou also the work of arsonists. No arrests -
Tile floors cleanest in men $83 million for cables, 01 .
by Roy Coppage in the Circuit "
l-ase cash had been made
Burroughs register Monday,
I town. A18p Court Fourth Judicial Circuit is and and supplies for outside .',
JjToledo scales, like new,Phone 1--- for Nassau County, Florida, and you Has Big Expansion $14.5 million for land and build. however.
225-5189.. are hereby commanded, ordered and
A25c fires totaling some 2,000
.. 1i j FURNISHED APT for rent. 1740 requested to file your written Answer ings, among other items.
1 S. 7th, $50 month water fur. or defense to the Complaint filed herein acres hit Alachua, Nassau, Lake,
SfARTAN TRAVEL TRAILER, against you in the above entitled Program UnderwayThe Southern Bell serves Alabama, Walton, Escambia, and Santa
ni hed. 2613781. tIc Court in the office of the Clerk of the
.25 foot self contained. One bedroom Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Lou Rosa counties during the week
Circuit Court in and for Nassau Coun.
new frigidaire. Beautiful. ; 7 ROOM I UNFURN. house. Phone ty in his office in the Courthouse in Southern Bell Telephone isiana, Mississippi, North Carolina end.

;''y furnished. Inquire Shiell's Fernandina Beach. Florida, on or before with its South Carolina and Tennes conditions '
2613422. M2p I Company, "Plant" scattered Prevailing dry con '
the 15th day of May A. D. 1963,
Swap Shop, 511 S. 8th St. tfc I and to serve a copy of such answers 1! over nine states, expects to see. There are more than 8 mil- tinue through most of the state "-

-- --- -- I THREE BEDROOM house, Five and defenses upon Albin C. Thompson I improve and enlarge its facilities lion Southern Bell telephones in Many localities report high winds
FT. ALUMINUM Jr.. Plaintiff's Attorney, whose ad- the homes offices and the You don't have to suffer through another
IJ camping and on one
II Points. Call 2615421. tIc dress' is 308 Atlantic Avenue, Fernan I I by $350 million in 1963. Low surface moisture and unus-

.trailer. Ice box, portable stove, dina lieach Florida, on or before said Ben S. Gilmer President of farms of the South, plus more ually low humidity readings pointto like it, you know.In .
cabinets and closet Sleeps date as required by the Laws of FlorIda -I than 2 million non-Southern Bell
space. ROOM with bath
I NICE private and the 1954 Florida Rules of Civil Southern Bell, said the propoed : continuing severe, if not critical just a few hours, you can make your homea
.4 to 6. Call 2613500. A18p private entrance, half block Procedure. If you fail to do so a Decree multi-million dollar is telephones. forest fire conditions.
program haven of cool comfort and with
from Post Office. Phone 261. Pro Confesso will be entered I In the number of day night a
ici because of 10 years State Forester C. H. Coulter :
TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE, against you for the relief demanded: necessary continuing *
Carrier Weathermaker Think of it! Cool clean
I 4341. or 261-5186. tfc Southern Bell phones has doubled, said that ,
**TR6. Top condition, $GOO. Contact in the Complaint.You I heavy telephone needs in the Monday a prolonged I .-
are further notified that the i and the has dehumidified, refreshing air in room of
Company presently period of exceptional fire danger every your
South to the and
Metts 261-4195.! tfc present expectations
Emory nature of said suit is Divorce. The i: up -
-- ." "- FURNISHED APT. $35. 111 name of the Court in which this suit ,I of future heavy requirements ,- over V/z million in Florida. may be expected, until soaking i home this summer-and for many summers to

352 PLYMOUTH, good motor S. 5th. St. tfc has been instituted is, Circuit Court, i in'' rains arrive generally over the
I Fourth Judicial Circuit Nassau County -I for a variety of ser- "Southern Bell expenditures I come. It's a wonderful new kind of living.
reeds muffler, $135. Phone 261- FURNISHED, -NEWLY decorated Florida, and the abbreviated title I I vices. This is particularly evident the State amount to approximately state. Coulter again stressed extra .
"5933. I of this is Coppage vs. Coppage of fire At present, our low pre-season prices are in'
A1Sp downstairs 16 N. 5th St. case '; in Florida which will account for $78,000,000 on construction to caution in the use es-
_M apt. It is hereby ordered that this Notice
effect. So if you'll obey that impulse to air
I Q FOOT BOAT, 25 horse, Evin- Phone 2614227. tfc shall be published once a week for ,, over $70 million ,of the total cxS continue expansion and improvement -
four ((4) consecutive weeks in the Fertfandina penditure. of telephone service in the dition now, you'll be ahead two ways. You'll save

-rude convertible Ynotor electric trailer starter$2t5., UPPER LECK APTS. Complete of Reach general News circulation Leader a in newspaper said-' State during 1963," said Jack firms in the territory served by i money. and you and your family will be ready

:.Phone 2613195.top A18p I ly furnished including TV Nassau County in Fenrandina Beach, j' PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE Eslick, Southern Bell Suburban Southern Bell. I to breeze through the first sizzler (and all other
Phone 2613118. tfc Nassau County. Florida. "The impact of our Companyand I
-- --- I WITNESS my hand and as Clerk of I OF SALE Manager for area. sizzlers) this summer.Come in or call. *sg.u&e.toe.S .
the Southern
FOR SALE OR RENT. 3 bedroom ,! said Circuit Court of Nassau County. I I Eslick also added, "This its operations on I
FURNIShED APT. blOc from I will sell to the highest and best ;
% Honda, and the seal of the said is indeed
house. Nothing down, $58 mon I: cash bidder, for and than mil economy a one I
JJ Court at Fernandina Beach Nassau repairs amounts to more $6 2 0
I'" Post Office, ele tric kitchen: due. one 1949 Ford 4-door, motor No. and represents both a privilege Carrier
M house. Nothing down. $58 private entrance. Phone 261- bounty, Florida on the 28th day of 8IIA313126/: Serial1 No. 3AT1J196 on lion a month or over $255,000 and "
1963. a responsibility.
March. -
month. Off Bailey Road. Phone Saturday. April 20* J963-fit 10 a.m., at every working day." .
4341 2615186. tfc D. 0. OXLEY
or 5' Johnson's liarage: on South 8th St.. "It's a privilege to serve so ..
:261.5419. A25p of the Circuit Court, .
Clerk .
-- will tele. .
-- This expenditure keep .
--- DOWNSTAIRS APARTMENT: at in Fernandina and for Nassau Beach County Florida. Fernandina Beach, Fla.Johnson Prop.3t phone service in step with Flor many communities and and people in .;L" ;T' ..., W;;.i ,'.',":, :..:: ...!);,' ;:: ,.. (

3)UR BEDROOM, 2 baths, $9- Unfurnished. Corner of 4th and 4-4. 11 18 so many ways a responsibility I
: 's- Albin C. Thompson. .Jr. ida's increased industrial and residential -

500. North' Fletcher Ave. Phone : Calhoun Street, across street Attorney 308 Atlantic for Plaintiff Avenue, PUBLIC NOTICE growth during the coming to continue so operate serving the our business great region as to I I I 1. B. Reese Plumbing & Heating Co,

.2615296.. A18c I from school. (St. Joseph's Academy Fernandirra Beach, Honda. '
). Phone 261.4200 or 261. 4ts 4-4. 11, 18, 25 NOTICE OF SALEI year. and her people to the maximum I 1104 SO. 8th STREET PHONE
"Here in Jacksonville, Eslick of our ability," Mr. Gilmer said. 261.4Si'c
TRAILER FOR BOAT, up to 16 3800. tIc will sell for the highest and best .
"ft 2613746. PUBLIC NOTICE I I bid for cash, for wrecker service. added, "Southern Bell expects to -- --- ,
t A18p and I
storage repairs at public auction add 43,850 telephones and spend
; ': on Monday. April 29, at 8 a.m. at
i WAREHOUSE & OFFICE. Phone TWO BEDROOM FURNISHEDapt. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, Cordon's Automotive Service, Atlantic some $9,109,000 to provide for .
421 N. IN AND FOR NASSAU COUNTY.IN Ave. at beach. Fernandina lieach growth in the area. And with the This By :-
tic entrance.
2613549. private
CHANCERY Fla,. the following automobiles:
I 3rd. tIc CASE NO. 65-1 One ((1) 1957 Oldsmobile 98, 2-door addition of each new telephone

JJOZIER) & GAY PAINT for' JOYCE. THOMPSON JARRETT Plaintiff. hardtop serial no. 579T02134. motor the usefulness of the service to SensationalOffer HELD OVER Public

f :every purpose colors and white TWO BEDROOM apt. upstairs, \s. no.One 416571.((1) and 11-53, Ford 2-door hardtop, each of our customers is increased -I

furnished. All electric kitchen. since it enables more'and more
*Distributor SHIELL'S SWAP CARROLL G. JARRETT. serial no. T.3FV199227 body 60B, motorno.

ESHOP, 511 South 8th St. Phone 261-5269 or 2613230. ticTWO Defendant. EAB60490, and. people to call and be called." Demand
NOTICE OF SUIT One (1) 1951 Chevtolet 2-door coupe,
--- --- --- .-'-- One of the most interesting
THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO: motor no. 0351470F544 serial no.
i HOUSE TRAILER with 2 rooms BEDROOM FURNISHED CARROLL (!. JARRETT 54401924. telephone developments is the increase .
apt. on beach year round $60 Residence Unknown Dick Gordon.
:attached. Terms arranged. Ph. in telephone per
3t 4-11. 18. 25
You hereby notified: that a Complaint
Howard Hammond 261.
mo. in
the South"
-261-5234. tfc for Divorce has been filed I "Southern Bell in

-- -- 3733. tfc against you and you are required to I PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE 1943 30 of every 100 householdshad

COMPLETE OUTFIT, like new,. serve a copy of your Answer or I in 1953 53 of
SMALL UNFURNISHED house I I I Pleading to the Complaint on thePlaint1f's TO CREDITORS telephones, i
-12 ft. run-about with controls, Attorney, THOMAS (J j" }'LORID.STATjJTES every 100 households had tele ,
trailer and 35 horsepower John- for rent. 1310 Franklin St. Call I HALL. 11 North Fourth Street. Fec- I IN TilE COURT OF TilE COUNTYJUIOE phones. Today 68 out of every
261-5277 for further information. nandina Beach Florida and file the .
:son motor, excellent condition, S tic original Answer or Pleading lit the j \, IN PROllATE. 100 households have telephones.And ONLY
450. Phone 2614610. tic office of the Clerk of the Circuit' In re: Estate of Southerners use their tele- 'I ''I'
Court of Nassau Coun '. Honda on 1 11ATTIE M. Deceased.To I
J unfurnished 13th of A. D. ANDERSON more day, in fact,
WO BEDROOM or before the day May All Creditors and Persons Having phones per
(&JY A HOMESITE on the Nassau bouse. 11963. Herein fail net or Decree Pro I II Claims or Demands Against Said Ei- than telephone users in the na- :' _
I Confesso will be entered against you i, $
River Beautiful .
tale: '
tr *, for the relief demanded in the Com I tion as a whole, Mr. Gilmer said. .95
"and dry lots ,at Nassuuville., TWO ROOM furnished apartment plaint. lou and each of you are hereby "If your telephone is average, six
I natJied and
.Others with waterfront The nature of said suit being for any
privilege divorce. claims and demands which you or calls are originated over it everyday '

: Small down payment. H. F. SAHLMAN Witness my hand and official seal I either of you. may have against the compared to five in the U. S.
-Terms to suit. Phone Francis! as Clerk of the Circuit Court of Nassau estate of HATTIE M. ANDERSON deceased "
PHONE 261-3221 County at Fernandina late of said County. to the as a whole.

:Ellis, POpular 5-2661, Jackso> !, -- Florida, this 5th day of April BeaCh'1 County Judge of Nassau County. Florida .I
: 1963. at his office in the court house of LONG DISTANCE TOO
ill 'uc. I
v a .
said at Fernandina ,
(SEAL) -sD. 0. OXLEY I '
WANTEDHOME I Clerk of Circuit Court of Nassau Florida within six calendar months Of the expenditure planned for .
C\RGE SHADED LOTS at Amelia County, Florida. from the time of the first publicationof I 'Ii. .
THOMAS U HALL this notice. Two copies of each expanded and improved long distance
100 X 145. $10 down $10
claim or demand shall be in writing
WANTED for 3 cute Attorney for Plaintiff service, about $7 million -
month. Call Howard llamrnond pup 11 North Fourth Street. and shall state the place of residenceand
per 261.3733. tf pies. Phone 2613117. A18c Fernandina lieach. Florida. post office address of the claimant I I' will go into equipment which will 'J'

: 4t 4-11, 18, 252 and shall be sworn to by tile enable 627,000 more customers to ,
claimant, his agent, or and ., rr:
i WHITE LADY wants to keep 2 -- I attorney distance :
dial of their own long
XTRANICETUE1)ROOM accompanied by a filing fee of one many j'tWJ.
or 3 children, day or night, in PUBLIC NOTICE dollar and such claim or demand not calls. The volumn of long _

home, fine neighborhood Luge\ I her home. Phone 2615993. tfc NOTICE OF INTENTION: TO APPLY so filed shall be void. by Southerners .... .
*lot $7,1)50:); with $308. dun, *>0 I'OR TilE PASSV..E OF LOCAL -s- Annie May Cook distance usage
As administrator of the Estate of increased 289 percent over
:month. Immediate ""- LEGISLATION AtlECTlVt. THE pas

I NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVEN of in. MERCURY N. KAVOUKU3Jl average day, 930,000 long
#50 DOWN $51 MONTH!! buys : tention to apply to the Legislature of Souta 4th Street messages are handled by ::

I I *three bedroom Masonry home. and WAITRESSES. Must I the State of Florida during us 1963 P. O. I"ix 462 Southern Bell with over 200,000of -
I session for the passage of a kcal law, I Fernandina Iteach, Florida -
I Approximately three )curs: old. I have health card. Apply in person I the substance of which contemplatedlaw Attorney4t these being handled in Florida.

: : Blue Seas. A25c is as follows: 3-28 41. 11. 18 *"- Southern Bell is the most far-I
Ac act to amend Section 7 of the
BEDROOM MASONRY --- Charter of the City of Fernandina flung of Southern businesses for i

tUREE conditioned U-auti- I CLERK FOR CLOTHING store. Beach County of Nassau, State of PUBLIC NOTICENOTICE industries when it comes to spread' ,
.home. Air List experience, age, references. Florida the same being Chapter 8949 i ''
"fullot, $10,800 with $400 down. Laws of Florida. Special Acts of 1921! ; TO CREDITORS facilities. It operates in 1,149 metropolitan -j'
Write Box A News Leader.
$68 month. c/o the purpose of .this local law will be I FLORID.STAIL"TES areas and communitiesand I I
:Approximately tfc to authorize said City of Fernandina LV THE COURT OF THE COUNTY
.. I __.__ u leach. Nassau Count, Florida to increase JUDGE NASSAU COUNTY, fLOR- probably has a heavier investment '! .
its borrowing power to a sum I IDA. PROBATE.. thanany other southern I '. j
ONE NEW BRICK three btod-I not exceeding Two Hundred and Fifty In rt: Estate of .'.r';,
MISCELLANEOUSVANITY Thousand Dollars $250.00000)), for a I SADIE ELLA DECKER Deceased.To company.Its I 'i '
** : .,
den la baths 160 foot
room, period not exceeding one year, at a All Creditors and Persons Hiving total plant investment in I I: .
I .
frontage. $11,950 with $500 rate of interest not greater than SIX Claims or Demands Against Said Es- serving the South tops $3 billion.Its ':"

-FHA or Va. BEAUTY SHOP : per CITY centum OF per FERNANDINUEACH annum. tate: payroll to more than 64,000 ( .. :
You and each ofou are hereby ; 1 !
: John T. Ferreira & $on Thrifty permanent wave, $5.95. i BY J, CLAYTON City Manager SANDERS notified and required to present any Southerners exceeds $350 million I :
Phone 261-5371 Acting claims and demands which you, or J: .
l 508 Atlantic Aff. Distinctive service, budget I 4t j'1L 13 L5'2' 9 either of you. may have against the annually, its operating taxes $224 ,

prices. Telephone? 261-4686 for estate of Same Ella Decker, deceased million a year. In Florida, the "

DOZIER & GAY PAINT Paint appointment tfc I PUBLIC NOTICED Late Judge of of said Nassau County County to the Florida County, at I company has some 13,500 employees I SUBURBAN : :

*now for Spring! Complete NOTICE OF LEGISLATION his office in the court house of said. and a payroll of over $70 JOHHIOODMcdeISG-JD .

I ..stock, colors and white for HOME MADE POUND cakes TO WHOM IT. MAY CONCERN: County 'Fernandina Beach. Florida -I million. Operating taxes paid in I

; "every kind of paint job. layer and birthday cakes, pies. I I Notice is hereby given of intention to within six calendar months from ; the State amounted to more than JOSALLOICAPALm PROPANE
first '
the time of the publication of ?
All kinds. Call Patricia Lodge. apply to the 1963 Session of the Florid .
:SHIELL'S SWAP SHOP 511 ? Legislature for passage of an act, this notice. Each claim or demand I' $45 million in 1962. : : .
f South 8th St. 2614332. tfc ;the substance relating to the building, shan be in writing and shall state Its payment to Southern manu GLASS-USED
I .. construction. erection alteration, re the place of resicence and post office -'- GAS SERVICEIOYEARWAR4W1'T
FLOOR SANDING and refinish- pair, removal demolition use. occupancy address of the claimant and shall be facturers and businesses for purchases ; 'i 1' )
f: MONARCH PIANO Excellent or condemnation of buildings I sworn to by the claimant, his agent, and services, constructionand IISULATED
Floor tile. Paul E. Hanson.
condition, $300. Phone 261.I ing. and structures lying outside the corporate I''or attorney and any such claim or maintenance Contracts rental 7 S. 7th Ph. 261.3661i
Phone 2614609. tfc limits of any municipality in demand not so filed shall be void. .J "
I :4851 after 4:30 p.m. tfc Nassau county providing for a building I Douglas Wm. DeckerAs I' and utilities total about $95 million ,
code, for rules and regulations admimstratratar of the Estate cJ'' I
-w iF YOU HAVE a drinking prob each year. Western Electric, SuburbanI I
I fees and employment of a Sadie Ella Decker deceased
.. lem.T te Alcoholics Anonymous building inspection inspector, examining board Thos. J. fcave. Jr. supplier for the Bell Telephone : : i

Trade At Home Box 338, city. EL-6-7700 and licensing of contractors and other I Attorney for AdministratorFirst System, spends another $72 mil i -
I : provisions relating to contractors. : publication. March 23, 1963 :
tfc 11. 4-11 4t 3.28,4.4,11,18 lion annually in purchases from : ,
Wr : ,
.. rI '



.. .. .
I' 0 ...,. ,
"' '
Page Ten -- News.Leaaer, Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday, April 18, 1963 .\ '__,__ __ __ ___. .4--- ._ .._. .. 0 _, ; 1-1 ..
-- ----
Amelia Island as the setting, offers 7 '. thepaper.' Not so, he said' on a''I
Dr. Slaughter I Is S ; Jimmy| Ewing Rates
references to sources of his- 1- At The/ Churches A CAPITOL LETTER big city paper. '
Honoraryvember Of tory on the island and manifests j said an example of what the Honor Society 'F'He

Historical SocietyThe keen interest in the excavation of i CHURCH GOOD SHEPHERD EPISCOPAL DY -JEUR MOCK I bill was aimed at (though not Academic Average
Fort San Carlos by Dr. Hale I J. W. Keen, Pastor CHURCHNeil I the cause of the measure))[, was
General Duncan Lamont Smith, for. :the purpose of reSearch -I FIVE POINTS BAPTIST I. Gray, Vicar TALLAHASSEE The world I dates for governor. ;unsigned election endorsements Jimmy Ewinjr University of
and restoration. of politics sometimes gets topsy Opinion presently is divided on such as those which appeared
I reGeorgia freshman bestowed
Clinch Historical Society is pleased 9:45 ajn. Sunday School 3:50 ajn. .,. Holy Communion was
turvy, especially about who will win. Dickinson andI : cently in the St. ,
Plans are being made for a 11:00 a.m. ,_ Morning Worship Morning Prayer money i Petersburg Times another honor this week to add
to that Dr. Frank
matters. jI i j I I Burns are mentioned most. But i Holley contends
a newspaper to his growing list of accomphsh-
possible visit to Fernandina Beach i 6:30 Training Union *
Slaughter of Jacksonville has accepted I p.m. Gov. Farris Bryant, who ran on : Karl and Kelly have, two good t "cannot have viewpoint." It ments and academic achievements \
the p?p6intment as honorary and a book review in the fall j 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship TABERNACLE BAPTIST I a ti ht-fisted money platform months ahead in which to sound must be a body he said. He said ,
member of the Board of Di- Also ton the Board of Directors, I 'Wednesday prayer ,service, 7:3ep.m. CHURCH I has been talking about spending off during the legislature. i II he woulon insist on a signature I By obtaining, an average of 88
Amelia above
Road Phone 261-34S7 or in the first two quarters
reetorst who were announced at an earlier another $125 million. II --.- by name, but something like the
Rev. Loyd Chambers at the University, Jimmy has be-
I Pastor I Rep. Fred Karl, who last ses TALLAHASSEE Two bills concensus of the board? might do :
Dr, Slaughter, author of "The date is Gil Becker, superintendentof I,
ST.: MICHAEL'S CATHOLIC Sunday School _.___ 10 a.m. come eligible) for membership in
sion was pushing a sizeable raise aimed at the state's newspapers !i
Asked how
he would distinguish
Golden Isle", historical 1 novel with Fort Clinch State Park. CHURCH 1 Morning Worship 11 a.m. i Phi Eta Sigma a national honor
I 'for the state's school teachers, hit the House floor before : '
members what was and was not opinion,
--- --- for the of
I Sunday Mass 2nd, 4th I Evening Worship -----r 1 p.m. i has been accusing Bryant of! of the 1963 session of the 'Holley replied that the intent of society scholastic achievement recognition
Sunday 7:30 a.m. Wednesday Service 7 p.m. boosting "deficit f inancing"Sea State settled among
j Legislature had I|I the law could be correctly inter-
YOU WIPE AWAY' CRACKSFOREVER i Sunday Mass 1st, 3rd Vt 'I' Scott, .Kelly, who. last sesI down in their seats. I I preted. lie said the idea of the freshmen men.
!i 5th Sunday, 11:30 a.m.'Daily I CHURCH Otr GOD OF sion was at dagger's points with ,f He is the MIl of 1Ir...and Mrs.
I One ,proposal recommended ,by: measure was not to 'take opinion
!' ....... _. .,_ 8 a.m. PROPHECYRev. : Bryant, especially over the RoadDepaitment the state's circuit judges, would out of the newspaper. It's, imposJ; P- Ewing, Sr., 120 South 17th
WITH Saturday Convent Chapel H. C. 'Drury, Pastor I called Bryant open- prohibit dissemination of "infor- 1 sible." ,I St.It's .
6:30 Communion in Convent 10:00: a.m. __.. _. ,
,: : Sunday School ing to the legislature a "forth I
mation relating to a confession ofa j! likely that many persons in j
6:30 P.M. Young People'sMeeting. 11:00: a.m. Morning Service right expression of the state'sneeds. '' I
t crime" before it was introduced the communications field will dlsA psychiatrist says, "The best
7:30 I
j .
p.m. Evangelistic Service
I ryI as evidence in a trial. |I agree with ,the two representa-1 I to prevent a nervous break-
I i 4 c '* W.M.B. And when Kelly urged incorporation The second would down the
t -, proposal require tives who feel freedom of the is to work hard. "hat's
444k GLASS FABRIC p.m. Wednesday V.L.B. Young of the Florida Turnpike t I a signature for any "state* prss is not being jeopardized. I next best way?" E. M. Rems-
:, OF CHRIST I. People Authority into the State Road I ment'of opinion." Jerry: Mock burr. \ista (Calif.) Press.Thari .
i i'q Just Wipe On, Apply Hubert Gibson, Minister '* '* Department, Bryant tacitly acknowledged -I Rep. Dick Mitchell of Leon introduced .___-_ 0 __-_
.Fabric, and Coat! Bible Study 10:00: A.M. FIRST BAPTIST ,CHURCHRev. the potential, although the confession bill and

t ..n Cures Cracks C Worship Service 11:00 A.M. J. T. Dunnam Pastor he pointed out some prob I' Rep. Charles R. Holley of Pinel-
Saves Window Sills Evening Service 7 p.m. Morning: "A Castaway" lems. las the one requiring signed edi-
y 3 Waterproofs Joints I Wednesday Bible' Study. 7:30 p.m. Evening: "What's Wrong. In The i The date has something to do I torials. : ,'. You Thinkl! :

i Stops Paint Problems Home"Worship I i with all this. (Nothing to do with Each of these representativeswas 'It's, Easier\ .1,
i CHURCH'OF GOD Services: 8:30 A.M. i! spring or spring fever.) Like next I asked if he felt his bill interfered "
SAVES TIME Cor. 4th and Cedar Sts. 11:00 A.M. I year is an: election ;ear. Kelly: with freedom f' the,
CLEAN AND EASY TO USE! Phone 261-3807 I Sunday School 9:45 AJII. governor's chair. And it also could I j ,Mitchell was quick to. point, out IF WANT TO "CLEAN UP"
Dint filf cracks-bridge I 1000( am. ._ Sunday School : Training Union ._._...6:45 P.M. !I be that Bryant wants to go out |I j I that, although he favors the bill, S. S

N them with a thin strong I 11:00 am. Morning Service I Prayer Service _. Wednesday of office with a bang.In : "I don't really feel strongly about. i ii ALL YOUR BILLS AT ONE TIME I
Ar ? patch of Tuff Kote and glass Y.?E. Friday Evening 7:30 p.m. 7:30. P.M. an impassioned speech Bryant 'i .
's fabric. Invisible when i 7:30 ._.. ... Evening ,Service I 1t"Mitchell the
,a painted. p.rti. pleaded with the' Legislature !I said the reason for CALL ON US FOR A LOAN
I Prayer meeting Wednesday ST. PETER CLAV'EK'S for his program which:'included I IIin |: bill was if a newspaper'prints-the t tYou'll
PORTER AND LOVEQUIST 7:30 p.m. CHURCH extra $125 million for the' confession ,of, a person accused. ofa
COLOR CENTER II # I Sunday Mass :_.:. 1st, Srd, '5th i I state's higher education. It would crime "he's had it."
I NORTH 14th STREET I Sunday 7:30 a.m. : have been an impassioned speech II | The wording of the measure'. is j
FIVE POINTS PHONE 261-3068 BAPTIST CHURCH :Sunday Mass _. .,. 2nd, 4th |I for most any man.For .Bryant,: quite broad (it does 'not allow find us ready and 'willing to help you work out
Rev. Ran Humphreys, Pastor Sunday 11:30 a.m. usually a cool, self-assured man, : confessions information to "be everything to your complete satisfaction. Our "Consoli
9:45 a.m. Sunday School it was extraordinary. Even if hej i'printed or. broadcast "in any dation Loan Plan" Is Tops In Convenience. .

... 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship FIRST PRESBYTERIAN : wants to go out of office with ,a I manner.") .
7:00: p.m. B.T.U. CHURCH I bang, there's little doubt he's I, Holley said he dropped in his
-- I I I 8:00: p.m. Evening Worship Rev. John Dozier, Pastor I I convinced of the necessity for the :bill on his own and wanted to loans up to $600

7:30: p.m. Mid-Week Services Sermon: "The Road To Em- 'I higher education money. make it known it is NOT a Re .
Wednesday maus." 'i Then there's 'more that's topsy publican bill. .. ,
# a Worship Services; _11:00 A. M. 'I turvy. State political observers It said: "Any statement of opin- G.A.C. IINANCE \
: FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Sunday School &:45 A.M.: say some of the Collins crowd has ion by a newspaper or other periodical ?

-r1/F Rev. E. A. Lewis Pastor Youth Meetings 6:00: P.M.I I split up. Karl s.the Collins_ I or any radio or_ television_ CORPORATION. .
10:00: a.m. Sunday School "k "k backers and Fred Dickinson Palm 'station, whether in the form of - -

-- 11:00: a.m. Worship: Service ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN I Beach County governor hopeful editorial or other expression of AMOUNT PAYMENTS FOt
ii 6:30: p.m. C. A. Youth Services CIIURCII has corraled some of the Collins I opinion, shall be accompanied bya YOU car 24 MONTHS 20 MONTHS 11 MONTHS 12 MONTHS

7:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service Amelia City Near Intersection money men. statement setting out the nameor S 75.00 S 5.06 S 5.1,7 S 7.55
;I Thursday mid week service AlA To the accusation that Dickinson names of the author or authorsof 60.00 S 9.1,9 0.79 1.67 16.11
7:30 has been hanging on Bryant'sshirttails such statement"The
p.m. A. F. Gerbhardt Pastor
some of the Dickinson bill said also it is to "en- 1,25.00 14.86 28.35 30.69 1,2.50
d:00: a.m. Morning Service I
PINE GROVE BAPTIST 9:00 a.m. Sunday School crowd answers that since Dickinson able the public to determine '600.00 31.39 39.31 1,2.66 59.35
CHURCH has some Collins backing he whose opinion is being expressedin l
47 '* *
Rev A. Z. Knight, Pastor ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL has support from both the pres- editorials and other similar expressions 308 Atlantic AvenueFernandina
ent and the former of 'opinion made by
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. CIIURCH governor goy i teach Florida!
Morning Worship 11 a.m Lay Leaders ernor. newspapers, periodicals,, radio.
Telephone 261.3681
Dickinson private citizen and television.
now a -
IF YOUR MECHANIC. Training Union 7:00 p.m. Paul Burns George Lawrence, and Jacksonville said his bill ,aimedat
spending too much timeon Mayor Hay- Holley was
Evening Worship 8:00: p.m. Ralph Wood j Offict Hours: Dolly ?-S;Wednesday I Saturday f-12
his back and don Burns round out what, with- the "big city" On a
you are spending too much timeon
Wed. Night Prayer 7:30 a.m. _.. Litany and Sermon I ALSO
your feet;then Jt's lime you had a new car. See Meeting ___ __ 8 p.m. 10:00: a.m. Morning Prayer andSermon 'lout a l late surprise, will probably smaller paper he noted people in I Ii
'be the "big four" among'candi-I town know most everybody on
us about the financing at sensible bank rated!INatiwiI Wednesday: .
------ --- -- -- ---- -
7:45 -... .,._._ Prayer Meeting 11:15 a.m. __ Church School
& ft Classes i
BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 7:30 p.m. Adult Journey In
1t I
429 South 6th Street Faith Classes TOTAL PERFORMANCE

[:LORg A nk i Sunday Rev.Services John O'Neil: Pastor Thursday Litany 7:30 and p.m.Bible Study :

Owl(I||MWI W LI"01"1 kttlOlOl.IOU> ,10:00 A.M. Sunday School '* '*
at Fcrnandiiiai ReachrtOCftit. 11:00 A.M. Morning Worship MEMORIAL METHODIST
6:30 pjn B.T.U. CHURCH :

aJ rMtt0 MHO*' MttMANCX IMKMATmi 7:00 P.M. Men's Prayer Service John L. Jones pastor ,/ 'J"
7:20 p.m. Evening Worship 10:00 a.m. Sunday School ; J
j Tuesday: 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship
? ,7:00 p.m Visitation 16:15: p.ra. MYF Supper & Programs
-- I
7:30 p.m. Evening Worshipi ,
J JI i .


: Sunday At Hedges
J .
: Baptist Church ; I

V .A
SPECJALII !I A revival will get underway at '

Hedges Baptist Church on Sunday -i :
April 21 and continue r.N -
through April 28. The Rev. Hugh b
Eberhart will bring the messages 1 -- .

I 4P4INU I each'Homecpming evening./ will be held April

28, with dinner on the ground following -

the morning worship hour.A 1(""'.'"
cordial invitation is extendedthe --

: tk membership and the public to .r I'' r
attend and enjoy the fine food I
and a wonderful day of fellowship -


Automatic Oven
ti'PfflIEYTQ ...
end it's budget lovin'! 7 yft

S COOK-MASTER automatic control starts )ft -.ilJ
; '\ and stops oven-minds the cooking while
jou'rc aWl>'.
,; a il01.HAHOST? Oven holds big turkey.
t UNLIMITED HEAT settings for all surface Sen. Spessard Holland told a
group of forestry leaders at a
e STORAGE galore in full-width storage
M Live Oak meeting hst week that
Congress will reject the idea of ,
-: Enjoy Frigidaire Dependability! killing capital gains on the sale -

: !I That made the tall timber boys YOULLHNOWWHYSHE
1 feel pretty good. They know the 1! i I

$ 9.S senator is sure of what he said. DOESN'T FEEL THE BOMPS..WHEN YOU TEST-DRIVE FORD'S NEW 10,000,000 RIDE

I 249 That Spes Holland ain't one to j
: ONLY i go out on a limb.

r. easy 'II I I Timber growing is a ,big industry The 1963 Ford gives you a ride every bit as smooth as cars cost year in the grueling Daytona, Riverside and Atlanta 500's and in

: .t i terms in the Florida. It has branches all ing hundreds more, and for two reasons: a revolutionary new the demanding Pure Oil Performance Trials. Only a car with

: over The forestry state. men needed the suspension system. and added road-hugging weight.It total/perform.mcethe best combination of strength, balance

\1 -: FRIGIDAIRE 30" Electric model I RS-3.-63 i senator's help. So he came from took ten million dollars to develop the new Ford ride.We precision control braking power and road-cfinging suspenwon

-:-' PRODUCT OP GENERAL MOTORS Choice of 4 colors & white! Washington to take the stump designed a revolutionary new suspension system for the '63 -could roll up so many wins.

-' for 'em. Ford Where ordinary suspensions move only up and down to Before you buy any new car, test-drive a Super Torque Ford.If .
Meeting along with all the for- absorb road shock, the ford suspension moves backward as you haven't driven one l lately, you can't reaHy know what a

I entry leaders in Suwanee county well. In this double-action suspension system, coil springs up new Ford is like. Make this important discovery-if ifs built

q ,' FREE were islature.members A couple of the of Florida'em were leg- front and leaf springs in the rear combine to give you firmness .. by Ford, irs built for performance. total! !.performance.

I stumping for governor. Since the in cornering and a special smoothness over the road.

others are vitally interested in We added weight, strength and stability. The new Ford is
I Capitol gains right now they fig- now actually hundreds of pounds more car than any other car solid silent
One 30 gallon round electric water heater Installed ured they ought to be there. in its class. This remarkable weight advantage is in the suspen- ,

in your home and connected to Your'ex- I unnerstand the Governor was sion, frame, and body. And, as you know, this added weight fill Kf eo rttrs7kr DMUffl8BUCTSCTviWWWnf< I\'IIOl IF
there too. Had a copy of: Joyce, stable ride. SUPERR ROqUE
means a more
I isting plumbing Kilmer's @ _
poem, but to
never got
read itMaybe But a solid, road-smoothing ride is only part of FordY total i

ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! know it's so. I just wooden, performance story for 1963. Look how Ford swept the field this

"Why; don't they throw wheat, Lasserre Motor

PidiikUiiithIs at the bride and groom as'they Company
Florida Co. leave the church and help reduce
the national surplus Ernst B M
L..Henes, Wellington '(0)''Ent r- Drive The Cars With TOTAL Performance At. Your Ford Dealer's Today!

pride. --. ._ .




Fernandina Beach news-leader
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Full Text
'O r TV -

.. j' \', .lJa
'llV .
'.':, \ 0, rL .

Let's: Send Our Band To The State Contest Column See You Jusl F:: Do rr '


Over A Century 4 Your Best Medium

Of Service. 11- For Local News

In Nassau County eitt And Advertising


Since 1858 Absorbed by Purchase. Merger or Succession, The Florida News. The East Floridian: The Peninsula. The iernanaina Courier The Island City, FeMai Observer, Fernandina Express, The Fernandina News, The Florida Mirror, The Nassau County Star The News, The Fernandina Record
Yet nandina News-Record. Nassau County Leader. The Outlook The Florida-Georgia News The Fernandina Nevis The Buccaneer.

-- -

--4-- ._. _ _

/ud/ad/rn I Carroll is Found >I r

? _

s tb Guilty Of ShootingInto

Restaurant >I T't

I '. t <6 tre ri4' The Spring Term of Circuit i

Court opened Monday, April 15i I

GD t with Judge Charles A. Luckie .

presiding.The I :
How proud are you of the outstanding : '*'
first case was a charge of I .
Fernandina Beach
High :
School band? Does their perennial t r N breaking and entering with intentto .'J : Sa ; ,
? g r commit k ,i.lM;f i%. -
felony, John .
a against .
record of Superior ratings in all l. :
Weston Johnson, 17, of Jackson ..... ".",,>,.!'f.. ,, .';:" "
contests they enter impress you? 3 )e n.g $: ,:-.,:. ., ':' R,":0tt:!" 1't -._
It will help with sendingthis \

&o, you : t &t; :

fine aggregation to the state charge. 1. ._ .. :j1..._ "*. ,.
contest in Fort Walton Beach, < a.our. Johnson was caught by Hilliard

May 2, 3, 4. I fully recognize the police last month and charged', SHERRY ROBERTSON, farm director of the Minnesota Twins, is shqwn_ as he spoke

favorable and widespread publicity with breaking a window in a store' at a dinner here last week for the Twins' farm clubs. Left to right, at head talle,
this band brings to Fernan > there and taking $150 in mer- < George Brophy assistant farm director.
Billy Martin, Twins scout, Joe Haynes, vice
dina Beach and feel so stronglyabout chandise. He was given a sentenceof < president of the Twins W. H. Melton local
postmaster, who acted as master of cere-
able to from six months to three years
their being competeIn ,
monies, Robertson, Mayor E. J. Smith, Commissioner ,, N.
County Galphin City Commissioner
the state contest that the News- 'i. and delivered to an officer of the
leader is spearheading a drive to Division of Corrections of the Ben Sorensen. Also at head table were City Commissioners L. L. Bohanhdn. '

raise the necessary funds for the State of Florida. I and E. J. Johnson, Jr. The dinner was a joint effort of the Merchants Association,

trip. Tha band participates in all Mercury Kavouklis was the I Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club.
__ __
--- -- -_ __ _ _
l local events, including parades, tk court appointed attorney for the m -

football games, dedications, the : defendant. Thos. J. Shave, Jr., !
Fiesta and the like and always a assistant state attorney, handled' Golf I Association Blood Bank At Humphreys Memorial

cheerfully and creditably. Now is the prosecution. I

the time to show our appreciation Judge Luckie tentatively set Bob
First To
To State
I YoungAAs
Respond "Disaster"i
Bring or mail your contributions. a April 27 for sentencing Arvid i
\ to the News-Leader. Regardless ;56 g. Roland Carroll, Jr., 28, who was '

of the size of your con charged with shooting into a Bou- New Prexy i The Humphreys Memorial Hospital The local blood bank was the

tribution it will play an important lougne candy and gift shop February blood bank set the pace for first to respond in the Jacksonville -

patf jp reaching the goal. Only 4, and found guilty as1 the annual i all other facilities of this type in division and bottles of simulated
$&flO ,is needed. Surely it won't charged. '! meeting of the North Florida during last Thurs: blood from Humphreys
Fernandina Beach
take loin .to raise this. All donors Carroll was a former Boulougne j Golf Associa. day's state-wide simulated disaster were I in the Jacksonville headquarters .
will be recognized in the columnsof DR. BAILEY ,DICKENS, right, is shown with the 292i/ Ib. Jewfish he boated last week police 'officer who resigned from! tion, Thursday night at the Recreation drill. I I just one hour after the
Center I
The News-Leader, not the near the South jetties. The huge fish was hooked by the local physician on spinning the force two days before thejj Young named, H. (Bob) i| The drill was Florida's and the word reached here that Daytona

amount of the donation. Send tackle with only a 25 lb. test line and it took about one and a half hours to bring him shooting, Frank C. Decker is attorney 1 the coming was year to president succeed WilLiam for I nation's first test of blood mobili i Beach had been "destroyed". by a

yours in today! world record for the for the defendant. ;i ization resources and was termed nuclear missile.In .
to gaff. The fish is supposed by many to represent a type tackle docket this week i ii A. Childs. |i
used and pictures of the fish and other statistics have been sent in for evaluation. Left Other cases on Hazel Smith Named to serve with Young |' a success, particularly from the an interview with Frank
and areal'orge
i Herman ,
Best wishes to all local industry is Hydie Peterson, operator of Sportsman's Wharf, where the fish was hoisted from were charged; with possession of one ( Tyson, vice president; ment.standpoint of rapidity of. move I'' Snyder phreys, and head director technician of theblood at :U am-

the water and strung as shown. i Jimmy Clark, and Rudy
up of moonshine whis-1 secretary
this week on the occasion of 1 gallon or more ,I' ; bank, he made the folloiTiUJ
Industry Appreciation Week in key. The case was dismissed. A. York: treasurer. i iI If statement:

Florida. May you all prosper and I II II. M. Crabtree, Jr. was attorney for j I' New directors are Andy Allan Missionary To "On April llth 13!
I Clarke in
;row and continue with your immeasurable Dr. Charles Arnade, Noted Historian, Is Named the Smiths. I' and Ray Caldwell, with Childs an with American Association conjunction of
And DiMaria Seaboard officio director.
contribution to the Joseph vs. ex

local economy. Ii' To Give Public Lecture Here On Monday I I I Lions President was settled!Airline and Railroad.case dismissed The suit ,' committee Members, who of the submitted nominating the i'Attend Baptist tion Blood of Banks Blood, the Banks Florida(FABB Associa) helda

I i by order of the court. Thos. J. i iI i chosen slate of officers, were :simulated disaster drill in which

have been heart i Dr. Charles Arnade, German Corps program. Among books he For Coming YearBen i!I Shave Jr.; was attorney for the Thos. J. Shave, Jr., Tom Lannon ,:, Rally At Yulee all under participating blood banks,
It must a born world traveler, will be guest j i( has written for publication are, i raiJroaJ and A. M. Crabtree, Jr. and Harry Poole a pre-existing plan, would
for the Ministerial to determine
warming sight speaker for the April 22 meeting {j "Florida On Trial", and "The1 i was counselor for DiMaria. 1 William A. Cowley, Southern !I attempt with what
and the Jaycees to see Clarke received I j The next activity of the Golf degree of
Alliance the
unani- efficiency collection
of the General Duncan Lamont of St. In at time is a I
j Seige Augustine. I I progress press Baptist missionary to Nigeria, is
their efforts rewarded with the vote of the Lions Club Tuesi Association is slated for Saturday of blood for transfusion
I' Clinch Historical Society to be Dr. Arnade is'considered, of :i mous suit, by Linton Lee and his wife, j principal of the Baptist high : emergency -
1 one
than 1,000who attended j i day the week-'' i April 27 Rudy York, tourney might be made in caseof
evening at regular
held at 8 p.m. in the auditoriumof I I the foremost authorities today on I II '< Nadine, against the Florida Public I chairman has school in Jos, in the country'sNorthern I a
| arranged
services at Fort an in
sunrise Florida
Easter ly meeting and was named presidents catastrophe a -city.
the Recreation Utilities Ce .
Center. ) I Region This involves
I Florida and
Clinch. And. especially so when I history spokesman of .tbe club for the .coming 18-hole tourney. The event will "Selected-. the
ion "" selection of and "Target" city
DrV Arnade piesetitl the for the Society jpre'ssed'appre.- : students super
> be
the perenniAl chill winis 1ft Easter I year. run as a pro-amateur. for the exercise
morn blew in from the Atlantic staff of the University of South t ciation for, the honor and privilege I, Billy'MartinIs competition, with team captains vision of the school's building of was the resort
and had those in attendance Florida and working with Duke ,I of having Dr. Arnade and his and A, B and C players receiving program, as well as the usual administrative city P.M. Daytona 11th Beach. At 1:10
University advisor the Peace visit this and-for his duties. on April a call was received -
the services. as on family city, handicaps.
shivering throughout
The Jaycees coffee and doughnuts I i I keen interest and knowledge of Guest Speaker The entire membership is urgedto Bank from notifying the JacksonvilleBlood the Blood
Amelia Island and for
were mighty welcome to the worshippers / plans re- participate in the tourney. Bank at Humphreys Memorial

as they came down fromth Summer Field WorkIn I i, storation.The .'a.SS Club Hospital at Fernandina Beach,

: historic fort's ramparts" andhUdeJ.for public is cordially invitedto BAt Rotary Local Legion Post that a rrock attack had been carried .

their cars. ,; Anthropology : attend the lecture and avail i out on Daytona Beach and

'.1' themselves of the opportunity to illy Martin, former peppery Names Delegates To that "most" of that city had been
New York Yankee infielder, was af: :
hear one of Florida's outstanding District ConferenceAt destroyed by a thermonuclear ex
The Minnesota Twins farm To Begin April 29 historians. : guest speaker Wednesday at the plosion. In compliance with the

t sy< ;tew brass, the scouts managers 1 Immediately following the lec- regular weekly luncheon of the the regular monthly meet- plan for "simulated-disaster" one-

trainers and the like{ have be. The Florida Institute for Continuing ture,' there will be a reception for Rotary Club. ',ing of Theodore H. Hernandez half of all the type "0" blood on

come such familiar figures: here University Studies announces Dr. Arnade and his,'wife. Martin, presented to the club American Legion Post 54, three hand at this blood bank was to be

I wen year that it's almost like that a course of Summer members and guests by RotarianJim delegates were I named to attend transported by the mostrapid

having, some of your favorite Field Work in Anthropologywill Beard, gave a brief historyof the Fifth District Constitutional means possible, together with the
: Children Entering tr his baseball i ,
f and ,
career a number i P:
residents move away for ten be held in Fernandina Beach I : Conference on June 2728. : M1 y g necessary paraphernalia for, administering

months of the year. There's no during the week of April 2.!. j j I First Grade To 'j, ) which of he humorous involved.incidents in Those named were Albert Hirth, it, to the Jacksonville
doubt this is the greatest group the was T. W. Tilman and Melvin, Daugh- 9 yx Blood Bank which was to act as
will be
Instructing course Register I In April In his introduction of Martin,
baseball today and the collection
in organized Dr. Hale G. Smith, head of the I'|I Beard noted that the former Yankee i erty. area center.
all the sports writers will bear The conference will be held at "For of the human
Florida State University: Dept \ Registration of first grade great held several enviable purposes
this .out Before Sherry Robertson ment of Anthropology and Archaeology i pupils who will be entering Fer- World Series records. One was American Legion Post 88, South ;. blood was not actually sent,
took over the farm system the Jacksonville, with Lamar Cannon, but simulated blood
nandina Beach School bottle
j Elementary named as the most hits, 12, in a \ ; 'ap
I' Twins (then the Washington dwel Senators Headquarters for the course ;i, for the 1963-64 school term, will G-game World Series. Another I J Fifth{ District Commander, presiding S trig propriately labelled and corresponding -

), were perennial cellar is I I will be the home of Mr. and be held on April 23, 24, and 25, in Y' was for 23 bases in a World Ser 1 to actual units of blood

lers. 'Today their farm system Mrs. Jay Bartels, 2731 South II the cafeteria. ies to better the mark set by : on hand in the blood bank"j resent

secomUo. Better none and and better still improv.ing. looking Fletcher. Registration hours will be 9 to Babe Ruth in his heyday. i Rayonier Down Rev. and Mrs. Cowley will attend carefully packed in faf,,by

are coming into camp Enrollment limit for the class, 10 a.m. and 2 to 3 p.m. daily. Martin, who now scouts other; April 21 to 28 the World Missions Week private car to the Jacksonville
Bank .
prospects there.
each spring and the results are which ,vill be a six-creu i: course, In order to register a child the :,: Named to serve with Clarke major league clubs for the Minnesota Rally to be held Sunday afternoon arriving approximately -
I hour and'
MaintenanceB. one ten
being felt in all the farm clubs is 14 and a legislation fee of parent will be asked to present i,. were Carson McKendree, first t Twins, expressed his ap- For I April 21, at 3 p.m. at Yulee minutes after

as wellgood as the Twins. Keep up the I $72 will be charged. Those interested written evidence in regard to the vice president; John Barniak, predation and that of the Twins' L. Rauschert, resident manager Baptist: Church. "The overall receipt results of of the this call test

work, Sherry & Co., and are urged to register as following 1. A birth certificate. second vice president; Tom Til l farm system personnel for the i of the Fernandina Division, I Rev. Cowley will be ,guest I statewide will not be known'for
I possible as registration 2. Vaccination to prevent small man, third vice president Mike hospitality they have been accorded -
soon as ; j
)back next spring.Congratulations speaker at the morning worship I
hurry) | Rayonier Incorporated, announced several days however letter
: ,
cards should be in one week before pox. 3. Diptheria immunization, Fiala, secretary; Bobby Adams J, here during spring train11 hour at North 14th St.
today that the Fernandina Mill isI: Baptist received 15th from
I classes begin if psi=ible. or Schick Test which has proven treasurer; Doug Decker, tail I ing and said he was looking forward j Church. I on April Mrs.
scheduled be shut :
tentatively to Dorothy C. Smith,
the child immune. I twister Clayton Sanders Lion to a return next, spring. l I adminutrajor
to the Mer-1! I Ithnnfs' The site of old Fort San Carlos ; I Following his address Martini(:down April 21 through April 28 ]i l Rev Cowley says he enjoys un- i of the Jacksonville Blood Bank
tamer. 4
Association, the Chamber is expected to be the scene of The parents' cooperation in was.sie with for maintenance work. (Continued on Page Two) (Continued on Page Tw t.
of Commerce and the Lions Clubfor : the: fivU work.' getting their first graders regis : Two year directors named were I a number. ofquestions I
evening of good For <;,: :her information plu.ne: tered at this time will be appre Andy Anderson and Max Wesley. concerning other Yankee I

and the fellowship fine at the : baseball foode.61.5381- ciated. 'lOne I year directors are Ralph stars and the game of baseball ingeneral ,;local Post Office Institutes New Program For Employees I IThe

dinner last week. This gesture ofour ----- Kear and John Barnes. :Miss\ Marla Beard, seventh]i
the farm clubs The slate of officers will
hospitality to new
? Si grade student and daughter of !> Fernandina Beach office *
post *
the Minnesota Twins is always: a assume their offices in July.
of @\ ti Rotarian Beard, entertained the has taken official action to
welcome feature of spring training Tom Tilman was speaker at the
with selections the I
group on the Post Office Department's
and seems to get a little bet- meeting and told of his experiences flute. She was c y .. .
accompanied by
: new program for negotiation -
ter each year. After the regular during a recent trip to South Mrs. Florine Dudley, Rotary and consultation on
table fare the
routine of training America on a shrimp boat. pianist. '
j grievances, working conditions,
went for the excel.
players really Tilman related a number of I Visiting Rotarians were A. B. I' personnel practices and other re-
ribs and
lent barbecued spare by the former : hazardous and humorous events Newton andV.. D. Dickens of I. latedjjnatters, Postmaster W. H.
chicken, provided that occurred during the voyageof I I Jacksonville Beach. Melton reported today.
and jI j
two above named groups the Lions.prepared three shrimpers from this area I As is' the club's custom they I The move developed by the

,I and served by to French Guiana. had three high school seniors as I Postal service under President

, lIe was presented to the club guests. They were Vennis Pipkin, I Kennedy's historic Executive Or- I

Resident by program chairman Burns Fred Panke and John Stevenson.' der 10988 of Jan 17, 1962 officially .M# p
Bailey. Other guests were Circuit | recognizes federal em-

Lion President John Tiliakos Judge Charles A. Luckie, Frank ;ployee organizations for the first

Dies in Georgia called a board meeting to follow C. Decker, Jacksonville Attorney, i i time. Recognition is based on results -

the regular session. :Miss Arline Hull of the Marine :,j of the largest nationwidelabor .

Landrum, former Welcome Station and Ray Caldwell management election, held .1

resident:ifo" Vasco of Fernandina Beach, Firemen Answer 26 of the News-Leader. June 15 July 1, 1962, in which
week in Montezuma, 451,000 postal employees parti I446
,bird Georgia.last Alarms In March Sheriff's Water Patrol '!cipated. Official results were Issued -

were held Sunday afternoon To Have Fish to each post office by the
Services and burial Twenty-six alarms were answer Fry Post Office Department in Wash
in Montezuma ed by the Fernandina Beach Fire
24 At Ten ington.
Jack. May Acres
Oaldawn Cemetery,
"Was in Department during the month of j I Here are the results at the

jonville, Monday morning. March, according to a report j} Sheriff H. J. Youngblood's Water local post office: !
The Landrums lived here while from Fire Chief Hoyt Lofton. i i j Safety Patrol announced this' United Federation of Postal :

ta was assistant Golf pro Course at the Fer- i NO TRAFFIC FATALITIES on the streets, of Fernan- Direct fire loss totalled $6,350 I week that they will have a fish Clerks, Local 3064, Exclusive; National POSTMASTER \\'. H. MELTON and local
Theyved union
Mndina Beach Montezujna when he dina Beach during 1962 brought a certificate of honor to property within the city, valued fry on May 24 at Ten Acres. i Assn. of Letter Carrier, are shown as they look over a Post presi.dents

tb4 to head professional at last week from the Department of Safety of the Florida :;' at $50,000. Fire loss outside Tickets will go on sale next Local 5211, Exclusive citing Local Recognition Results and Office notice
named Procedures.
was : the city was $3,000, to property week and may be secured from "Exclusive" recognition was acquired -
course there. I Highway Patrol. Mayor E. J. Smith is shown receiving Haddock left, is president 'of Local 3061
the',,golf j valued at $3,000. any member of the PatroLAs by employee organizations of the United
Besides her husband, the de. I the certificate from FHP Sgt. R. K. Doyle. at last week's Twenty of the alarms answeredwere an added feature of the fish having a dear majority of the Federation of Postal Clerks, and C. A. McKendree Jr.,

ceased is survived bjr two sons, I City Commission meeting looking on, center, is Chiefof within the city limits, with fry, the Patrol will give away a vote in a particular craft unit right, is president ,of Local 5211 of the National Associa

p lark 15, and Richard 4. I Police. J, R. Parke;. .___ ____ __ six calla vstside! boat motor and trailer, (Continued, on Pae Two) lion of Letter Carriers ..

., 51 1 -.I


-- -
.4. -J 1.

1 ,

'.'. '. ..'.

..'Jf' ." / -.. -.. ",.. .. .. '
J : n -.-
:: '
; .
'' - -r "i
'p de Two News-Leader, Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday, April 18, 1963 '. '\ ;f! .' : ___

: ...

....J FERNANDINA I BEACH NEWS-LEADER I I banks in our area came through real emergency, step up their( donor
Local Post Office BloodBankContinued with flying colors and should bcj[ recruitment and much larer

511 ASH STREET PHONES 36g 3687 commended on their*performance. amounts ot' blood would' ome

A John K. Perry Newspaper (Continued from Page One) ( m Page One) I S/ (Mis.) Dorothy,C.. Smith !'! available mhi very art limo' .

Rat Oldwell, Editor anu Manager under prescribed voting. proced- "We- were gratified to note that "\\e feel that this exercise; has
urea The postmaster will negotiate documents the ,effectiveness withwhich t'in the Jacksonville *area alone a proven dramatically and conclusively -
td n"ie" 'NATIONAL EDITORIAL I with these organizations, the test was carried out in total of 214 units of type "0" that hundreds of units 'of

.::1"C TI holding regular meetings tod :his area. Excerpts' from this let-i blood were collected. Assumingthat human blood can be obtained' jay
Nto "
r a working out written'agreementson ,er are enclosed; : ** each of the other.area cen- Florida Blood Banks in a very
.. i i 1\O JY" a r : d ; p w matters affecting all el1plo'eein j To: Dr. Robert E. Klein M.D. j' tral blood banks experienced- short period of time should. any

;. the craft unit represented re- I President ilar success it seems quite likely Florida city suddenly have the
II. ABC tUTITED PAID CIRCULATION jnrdlfejs! of employees' member Florida Association' of Blood that altogether, the Blood Banks need for it."

Published every Thursday and entered at the Post Office! ship status.Also Banks I of Florida could collect in a mat-
..... ...... Fernandina Beach, Florida, as second class mail matter. K ..l. .. K s t i 2" H a receiving recognition were I Gainesville, Fla. i ter of a scant few hours, nearlyone "The Kennedy administration

? :. : the local members of the National t t'sociation Dear Dr. Klein, thousand units pf blood for plans to feed 1,500,000 hungrypeople
.....:, .,.". -I Subscription Rates: .\: ; of Post Office and I Results from the simulated disaster ;: use in any Florida city| struck by in all parts of the?, wod..
v,r,, $ a year $:!.25 6 months $1.25 3 Months exerc&e:'hft this area give ;:
x General l Services Maintenance Employees I catastrophe. This would not represent A most worthy undertaking if
'.,. $450 a year out of county although ,they dar not : the following information( : of course, the maximum only the hypgry nations ,would
J t In the Jacksonville area fifteen amount of blood which could be at ,
have a localNational stop pointing their guns tis;
nI" agreements give local banks participated,. The first bet- made available since all blood while eating our food." T. R
employee organizations the right : tles were Jet lveq from Hum- banks in the state would, in a \\' '. Put-bury (Tex.) a?\'tte.PhINfUpr .
phi eys Memorial hospital Blood ----- .-------- --. .
:..:::.Colvbo.s and Engines J Ly Irwin Caplan I to deal with the postmaster on Bank in Ferpa.ndma Beach. Their ---
I local wolking conditions, personnel I
i :.' > : practices and in resolving interpretations delivery was approximately one NEWBRUSHES'ID
I under the local hour after the word had been

1 agreements. i given to them (about 2:20 P JI.) i r <* A n n v ,

to ,'.... I .SODOM.... .. r OMORRAH' .. .. : ... 2c. ; At the same time, the National The last shipment to arrive was of10r
at 5:25: approximately four '

A SCENE FROM "SODOM AND GOMCRRAH", a Deluxe :: agreements Order 10988's reiterate ban against Executive strikes, I Ii hours and twenty minutes after :. r ; OR MORE IP" YOU TRADE

1I i I Co'or! spectacle beginning Sunday at the Ilan Theatre for i, difcrimination. They set forth receipt Fla. of the call, from Ocala, G( \ /: ,j'j THOSE OLD, HARD WORN OUT

three i management's prerogatives which '\0J'
big Days. BRUSHES
By 5:55: P.M.{ all bottles had'
---- ( are not subject to negotiation .
i I such as the budget, assignment; of been received, checked for pro- .OX A NEONE FROM[ ,
j work technology or -i iI per labels, Ice and administratio I
Medical personnel,
U. S. MissionaryContinued '
Army sets and thefbperation :
,I A 1 of course any matter determined I sidered cone t uded at that was time con-; I PORTER & LGVEQUEST l-LLOS(! CENTER
by Congress, pay
o Corps OffersSpcidist Three ( from Page One) !' rates. Postal management, under II think that this: was a most Worthwhile I Five Points Phone 261-3068 \
venture and that, all of the
I ;i official tasks as much as officialones. the Executive Order, also, retainsthe _. .. -- --, --, .
1 "I tf o FieldsThe "Almost daily tribespeople; right to direct employees, to .w- r 1

.I, 1 i from the community come to our hire, promote transfer, suspendor accord One o( a series ot reports by'this newspaper and the Print Advertising! Association on the advanUfes of print media, : I
I house seeking help usually separate employees in ,, .. ,
I : ,...
t ;:
Armv Medical Specialist treatment for some simple ailments with Civil Service regulations.A :: y; __ 0 ,
.1 CorvA( ISrt) youngest and I or injuries," he says. "We report of the President's task '" -
I smallest of the six components of : have found that while we give force on EmployeeManagementRelations 1" :: /
'the Army Medic-il Service, celebrated them aspirin or bandage their in the Federal Service IrM
1 1 -1 its 16th birthday on April cuts we have: a splendid oppor- submitted to the President ono 7 'v 1k Iss +
16. I Nor. 30, 1961, before the issuanceof N
!tunity to witness to them con- 1 ;. .
'" I Dietitians, physical therapists, j cerping Christ. Often we play records Executive Order 10983, said: 1 r
and which the "repr entatives of the em-
occupational therapist are give gospel message .
I I made it
i ployee organization t
members of the AMSC.: I in their own language. of these ; I4'_ w
clear they are aware
: The Army dietitian is responsible -I j "This ministry also makes contentto f
limitations and are quite
for the administration of the [ friendships, and we are able to i/f S
negotiate within them. a.
continue witness in visits ,to ) .. 1
hospital food service, and the dietetic : I our : Postmaster General J. Edward Q
treatment of patients. I homes or when we meet the people
member of this task i
Day was a y
The )physical therapist works i on the rond. We have been able! o force. II : l
I to begin services in homes, or ': c F'M
under the direction of physician1to
a The employees of the Fernan
aid the skk and injured to some former 'patients. Others .
1 dina Beach post office, now receiving A
have begun to attend church, as .
achieve maximum restoration cf official recognition at the i dr .
i physical functiori. Treatment includes i we recommend, so that they may 0 --i I
local level for their employee organization a. i.
Th. Traveler Safely/ Servi'ce; e.I
hear about Christ.
the use of snecial lamps more I
1r t I i join with employeesin a r '
and equipment, scientific massage, 1 While another missionary was more than 30,009post offices I
: 37,600 persons were killed and 3,057,000 were injured I t therapeutic exercises and rehabili- i on furlough, Rev. Cowley was: adviser -: throughout the nation in ,acquji-

: !in motor'vehicle accidents in 1961. tation procedures., i for churches in the areh in inn official recognition under thePresident's : i iF
The occupational therapist in addition to working with the labor-management order .. M, k w r t
1. ( the Army hospitals provide therapeutic school. He is now in the Stateson ; for federal employees.Ten } .
---- --- -- | activity for the patient I furlough himself. employee organizations representing -I' ) ,

under the direction of a physician.The I Appointed a missionary in 1955, seven postal craft :

purpose is to quicken the pa- ; he taught in Baptist Academy, : units r letter carriers, clerks, I

i SJt/ef/'s/ tient's recovery Qr make him moreelfsufficient i i Lagos, and served briefly in Igede rural carriers, maintenance-custo- f .
Swap Shop I by teaching activities -'before moving to Jos in 1959. dial, motor vehicle, mail handlers, tx.

o that restore use of muscles, { A native of Meade County Kentucky (: special delivery messengers 11x / 'S 7rw > .
: o 311 SOUTH 8th STREET I contribute tp his mental; and social I he attended Western Ken- have been recognized.! The number
I welfare,.' or. 'helu' him toward : tucky State College, Bowling of organizations represented at I' L s f I 1r
: NOW DEALER FOR personal: and vocational; independence I Green, and received: the bachelorof (leach post office varies, accordingto ..
r : The cccjpational therapist arts degree from the University the election results. 4
+ AND GAY PAINTS activiLtjrjfjusjaR i Florida Gainesville., Before .
.. BOIlER :selects and direct patient of r
., \ > .. ; ,.creative. arts, skills! going to Nigeria he was as- -\C A .
I 11EST\ FOR THE, SOUTH" :{. ', :... -:, -rfft'tf!' ,yoea\1olat"ald recreation- sistant professor of speech, Baptist I Trade, At Home I Ii ,. ,. ? j
: latex i or i One-Kote White I L"al"'prog.rams., <, I Student Union director, and i-. -4---
; The strength of the 'alumni secietary at Georgetown \
present ii
Flat Wall $3.15 gal. Enamel $5.50 gal. I
: r AMSC is approximately! 450-in- College, minister. of. music at i Now Is The Time To 1 v Mfa ; (
Stmi-Glo-vs High Gloss eluding 30 dietetic interns, 15 North Central Baptist Church 1

t Enamel: $3.95 gal. Enamel $5.00 gal. I physical} therapy: students and C j jj i, Gainesville, and a summer worker : Remodel or Repair"J Don't read before buyrr r! ) ; I
occupational therapy! affiliates.The for Kentucky Baptists and in you you ,
: White and Colors majority of AMSC officers Alaska for the Southern Baptist '
Most people do. When you add it all up, print advertisings
0 are assigned i in Army hospitals Home Million Board. 36 in to the kind you read in the puts' of this news-, :
: : BrushesRollers, Scrapers. ;' where they contribute to direct patient i 1 He and his wife, 'the former They them the count information on advertising they want print on productsthat 'give paper-makes sense. .

EA'IRy'T1H\'G1'OU. FOR THAT PAINT JOB o care. Other assignments Audrey Evans, native of Pensa I,--- Months interest them-information' on features And because it measures tf to the buying
': available to the.AJISC officer are cola, have two daughters, Carol H To Pay .:. designs and prices, for example. habits of first consumers, print makes sales. ,
i research and development elated o Elizabeth and Karen Ann. : ...... ,- I II and
I People not only read about products:
teach- Most people read-and then buy. Don't you? .
to their medical specialty, their and
------- services they show ads to .
in? assignments, special projects I Fernandina Lumber friends; they clip 'coupons for informationand
office, or recruiting; duty. o Georgia, ATTN: AMSC Counselor : & Supply' samples; they tear out ads to take along NEWS-LEADER ..
AMSC officers serve in Army :' or consulting your local Army Recruiter I South 3rd St. Plrne 2614641 'when they go shopping. .' .i
hospitals! in the continental Unit- Sgt. Charlie Trout. I
----- -- -- .
ed States and overseas assignments -
: DISTILLED WATER in -- ------ ---- -- .
in Germany, France, Puerto -0

Rico, Japan: Okinawa, Korea, I
Alaska, and Hawaii. i ,
There continues to be a national I .
j Vz GALLON (No Deposit) 35c shortage of personnel in all I'

I three of the e professional spe- ,
cialities. To meet its requirement, f

// 5 GALLON (Deposit Bottle) $1.50 the Army educaticnal has developed programs; procurement for- ,

dietitians, physical therapists and

, .. occupational l therapists.! Qualified ,
female students may receive financial C

j HARDEE BROS. 12 to 24 assistance months during of college.the last Six - I

dietetic majors from colleges and Quality
'universities in the Third U. S. _
: ATLANTIC AVENUE Army Area will graduate this xM1 I IN

spring and summer who are participating -

.1 I :. in the Army Student ,1 >> .
After graduation -
.. Dietitian Program.
-- -- -
they will be commissioned as

I, Second Lieutenants and enter one .
of the three Army dietetic intern- .
: ships. The Army dietetic internships
II :
nhe are conducted at Waittf IL-- I
JftalP't Reed General Hospital, Brooke! ,

General Hospital and Letterman _-.I_ _'_ __ .. f-: .
General Hospital, and are approved + .
: In A Maqnificent Mountain Setting by the American Dietetic As- -'s--- --
i satiation ttt ,- id -r t-l t: V R O I- E T ,
1 I Intern hip training for dietitians : I

1. and clinical affiliations'for T
1 occupational therapists are avail a .
.. able to college graduates who

have completed undergraduate re 1 r 1 ir
quirements of their specialty. A i

1. one year program in physical 1
therapy is conducted by the Army I /
a *r female _
I for qualified college graduates I
as An obligated service period

., 'after professional qualification is //
Sr i a requirement for participation in I
I these programs. / f f 1 i

.. .. era Reserve commissions are available
I l to qualified male and female / 1

dietitians, physical therapists and
Old World Charm- wonderful food gorgeous Bridal t I occupational therapists. CHEVROLET r ;

.. Suite, dancing, bridge, bingo, movies, shuffleboard, Summer programs and in dietietics, -ii 1 a 1 -
physical therapy occupational

.. Olympic size pool, art lesons, and rock hunting -near therapy are available to qualified .i
college juniors. Students work
golf courses antique and craft shops -Biltmore with qualified professionals in
I their specialty for three or four Chevrolet dealer for kind of track !
Telephone any .
Estate Mountain trails drives pleasing rates. your '
1 weeks in an Army hospital for -. -......-- .--,- ..... .., ...........---........--..---.-
which they: receive a monthly -
1 Write The I stipend. There is no military obligation I
Harry Tracy Innkeeper
for participation in the \ ,
The Manor( on Charlotte Street in Asheville, summer program. .
Details of the programs may /
: ... North.Carolina II be obtained by writing to Headquarters ... II

Third U. S. Army Recruiting South 8th Street -_ r*.. Phone 261-3636 :. .
'District, Fort McPherson,

." H' '__ .__ ti

':; 1KrT

\. ... 'o ... ... ,: ...: F

.. __
... 1
." 'r ; 'y.r t ) I ,'.
...,: "

News-Leader Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday, April 18, 1963 Page .Three.

I Audrey Cowley Circle Woman's Club "Summer Serenade"Of '. Mrs. A. C. Markham Plans June WeddingMr. Two Needy FamiliesTo Miss Kathy WaltersTo Christ, presented in contemporaryterms.
It is a dramatic plesenta
Meets April I 10 At
Elected President
Be Helped By Attend World tion of the death of Christ, with

McFarland Home Fashions To Be Staged April 24 Of Hibiscus i ClubThe Missionary SocietyThe Mission Conference all its implications. for every day

Mrs. H. J. McFarland was hostess I The Hibiscus Garden Club met Women's Missionary So- Miss Kathy Walters, one of the life.While there, Miss Walters will
to the Philanthropic Finance Sellers and Mrs.
Audrey Cowley Circleof Larry Jay Bar-
Monday evening at the home of
1 Committee of the ciety of Five Points Baptist outstanding young members of have the opportunity to hear, to
the First Baptist Church Woman's Club ;
at tels.Tickets Mrs. C. :M. Lovell on 'North 14th v Church the Senior
I Wednesday, April I High Fellowship
her home on April 10. will present iU annual Spring Mrs. C. B.. Ingramand Mrs. J. groupof I meet, and to talk with missionaries -
Street. M I. Bird and Mrs.E. 10th, for its regular business First Presbyterian Church, will
Mrs. W. C. Owens Fashion Show and Card Mrs. C. E. Beach.
presented on Brazil
from Mexico the -
a J. Elvin served as co-hostesses. meeting, with Mrs. Patsy Townsend attend the 11th Annual World Congo,
j -
"Enlistment [ Wednesday, April 24, at the .
program, for Missions Door prizesMrs. G. T. But
i Mrs. Carl Missions Conference" held Ecuador, Japan, Korea and
Quattlebaum, president presiding. I to be I
assisted by Mrs. James on LaFitte Blvd. i iI ler.
Kittrell, Mrs. Bartow Haddock and Proceeds from the affair are Mrs Ralph Wood is in chargeof presided) the meeting and I Mrs. Joyce Johns-gave the devotional -i April 19-21 at Rock Eagle Park. I Formosa. She will also hear Dr.
I for welcomed, the nineteen membersand using as her topic, "Sym near, Madison, Ga. Ben Lacy Rose, of the -
Mrs. E: R. Bounds. The members I used each year the Dental tickets for a portable TV to be one prominent
each spoke briefly on how they 1 Clinic held for the city's indigent given away during the evening. two guests, Mrs. H. J. Sco- I bolic Meaning of the Lord's Sup- The conference is held for leaders in the Presbyterian
became interested in the Women's school children. field and daughter, Mrs Lewis B. l|I per." young people, high school juniorsand : Church; Dr. Sherwood H. Reisner,
Missionary Society I j The parade of fashions, "Sum- Bos of New Jersey. Mrs. J. M. i Mrs. Hattie Mae Parker and seniors, and college age, as j president of the Presbyterian Pan-
Engagement Told Bird read the club prayer and Mrs. well as for seminary students and American School in Kingsville,
Mrs. Kittrell presided over the Serenade, will get underway I Lyndia Brazell volunteered
business session. Mrs. W. F. Mil- j I'' at mer 8 o'clock, and will be followed : 9 P't. -"" '" ......... ...... roll call was answered by naming \ s i to send Home Life magazines, young working people! vitally interested I Texas; Dayton Castleman, pastor
ler'; reported the purchase of Eas- i by a card party and social. There j rf: .. :: a garden reminder.The church bulletins and birthday j in information about the of the Chinese IVesbyterianChurch
.. ., following committee cards from world missions effort of the in New Orleans; and
ter clothes for Mildred House, the j will be door prizes and refresh. :: :'):: ," reports I the church to service I
circle's adopted girl. 'I ments and the public is cordially ,, "iLi >> were given: boys. Community missions projects : church. Leighton Ford a 155 graduateof

It was announced that the invited to attend. Players are reminded .. The Civic Improvement to I t were discussed and plans The main feature for this year's Columbia Theological Seminary -
prayer league would meet on to bring their own cards. i ..r'I : plant daisies and petunias on were made to help two needy fam- conference will be the presentation -I who is an associate evangelist ':

Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. i Fashions, courtesy of Lynn'sShop /" South 8th Street ilies.Mrs. of "Christ in the Concrete on the Billy Graham evangelistic

with Mrs. Thad Lee, Jr. will feature play suits, Hospital to discontinue Ruby Easterling closed City," written in 1953 by Phillip team.
The Community Missions project bathing* suits, beach apparel, cas- I r::. trays, as the Hospital Auxiliarywill I i and Mrs. Lester Durham with prayer. W. Turner, a young Anglican Miss Walters will be supported

is visitation and soul winning. I ual dresses and afternoon frocks. I ::; be in charge of them, but to I announce the engagement and ap- Members present were, Mrs.I priest in England. The play is by the First Presbyterian Church
Each .member is urged to visit in i Accessories will include jewelryand 1"\_ continue the flowers. I
proaching marriage of their Joyce Johns, Mrs. Patsy Town- centered around the passion of of Fernandina Beach.
the interest of the church this beach robes, and the ,
bags i ia The president reported on the daughter, Miss Melba Frances -- '- --'-
month.A lovely new straws for beach and ; meeting and luncheon attended in Durham, to Alberto Valentin Gon- send, Mrs. Willamena Brazed,
social will be held April 29 I wear.Modelling. I Callahan 3 zalez Mrs. Evelyn Clack, Mrs. Hattie.i Wiia'hve
sports on April at Baptist son of Mr. and Mrs. Lean- i Complete' Stotk/ of l
at 8 p.m. at the church, to boost I I the lovely array of 1 1I Annex, where plans were made dro Gonzalez Gonzalez of Ha- Mae Parker, Mrs. Marge Johnson, j!

Christian education. I I spring and summer modes will be, for the Nassau County Fair and vana, Cuba. Mrs. Nora MacDonald, Mrs. Col-

Mrs; W. .C. Owens dismissedvvittf Mrs. Walter Preston, Mrs. E. J. the Garden Club Association The wedding will be solemnized sen Dubberly, Mrs. Mary Ann .,I GARDEN SUPPLDESAlso

.. prayer- ., I'I Smith, Mrs. John Knight, Mrs. I I meeting to be held May 27 'at the Sunday, June 2, in Memory Chapelof Keen, Mrs. Cleo Braddock, Mrs.
Bill Royal, Mrs. Harold Penton, Recreation Center. It was agreedto Memorial Methodist Church. Lillian Still, Mrs. Lucy Hickox, ,
Mrs. Frank Youngblood, Mrs. H.j cooperate with James Beard, The. bride-elect is the granddaughter Mrs. Adellia Gomillion, Mrs. Lin- I FertilizerFor
J, Youngblood and Mrs. Bob City Engineer, on the beautification of Mr.. and Mrs. Harry da Brazell, Mrs. Ruby Easterling, ;
0.0 Cenek, Miss Sharon Cough, Miss of specified streets in the Sahlman. Mrs. Gloria Guest and Mrs. Pau Acid Loving Plants
Chris Hall, Miss Susan Butler, city. line Gaines. 1 Azaleas and Camellias.
Miss Mary Ann Dickens, Miss It was voted to contribute $1 Mrs.
Cooper HostessAt '
Judy Kear and Miss Sharon Hall. per member 'on the Memorial -0-
will you w Mrs.I Clyde Russell will be. com- frees to be planted later. The Luncheon For I Lawn and Garden
I Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Lyons announce Stork Club II nSfeea
mentator. president thanked the members -0-
the engagement of their Club .
leave A musical program will be provided daughter, Benjie Delores, to T. Tor their efforts in making the I -'I-' Roses, and Others

by Miss Sara Hanna, vocal. Ronnie Gaskill, son of Mr.. and monthly programs on arrangements Mrs. J. J. G. Cooper was hos- I Mr. and Mrs. Olen Dixon of 5 23: 100 Lbs. .
ist, accompanied by Mrs. A. C. Mrs. Telford Gaskill. very helpful and success- tess Tuesday at her home on Dunedin are the proud parents of I -
$50,000Good MclnnU at the piano. ful.Mrs. South Beach at a luncheon meet- a 7 lb. 3& oz. baby boy, Olen
Mrs. George Davis, president of Fernandina bride-elect Beach is High a senior School.at R. B. Lockwood, chairmanof ing of the Early Settlers Garden Dewayne, born April 9 at Mease i Five Points Grocery & Hardware
insurance planning the Woman's Club, is general the nominating committee, Circle of Jacksonville. Hospital in Dunedin. Mrs. Dixon !i
Mr. Gaskill graduated from named the slate of officers for At Five Points Phone 261-5203 -
even a modest incomecan chairman, with committee as follows Fernandina Beach Lovely arrangements of vari- the former Miss Charlotte
build an estate of : High School in the 19G3-G4 year. They are, presi colored roses and Nunez of this city. I I I
the class of 1960 and is poppies were I .
substantial! dent Mrs. A. C. Markham
proportions. Plall. 1st
I ;
Stage and Card Party Mrs. employed at Container Corporation used to decorate the rooms of the
your family's financial i W. D. Rodeffer and Mrs. Joe Stu- of America. vice-president Mrs. R. J. Carson home. The luncheon table was .
security now! 2nd vice-president Mrs.
; -
I bits. overlaid with a pale pink linen
I Refreshments: Mrs. J. J. G. Carl Quattlebaum; recording sec- cloth and was centered with
WOOTEN : Cooper, Mrs D. K. Sturgess, Mrs. Mrs. Becton HostessFor retary Mrs. J. H. White; trea- white and yellow daisies arranged -
Winston Beugnet and Mrs. Tom St. Gerard's surer Mrs. J. M. Bird; cor- with dainty fern.
InsuranceAgen cy responding secretary Mrs. C. i i1. I
Davis. After lunch Mrs. D. A. Kelly I
\ .
CALL ELLEN SHANK i Models Mrs. P. E, Stapletonand Study Meeting The door donated I gave a most interesting demon-
prize, by
Mrs J. L Malone. WALGREEN
261-5503 Mrs. T. L Becton was hostessto :Mrs. D. 0. Oxley, was won by stration of sea shell art and displayed I
Decorations and Stage Mrs.
of her hand made
the regular monthly meetingof Mrs. Frank MacLaren. Following many i
St. Gerard's Chapter of the die business session, a ceramic shell items, including pictures, i
Women of St. Peter's Church. workshop was held with each flowers, etc. I

THE THRIFT SHOP A devotional appropriate to the .nember making their own selec- The business session was pre!
Lenten season was presented by sided over byIrs.:: Arthur L. I II
SPONSORED BY THE WOMAN'S CLUB Mrs. William O'Leary. tion.The "Fanfare" arrangements of King, president. Mrs. Cooper was : .

Because of the number present, .he Blue Ribbon winners were re-elected first vice president of .
two smaller study groups were judged by Mrs. Scofield, with the club. Mrs Charles R. Towers r---; ; -- -- -;:; -':-- .;;-- ,00:' -" ,- ....,. .
WELCOMES YOU i formed to "pursue questions con awards going to Mrs. A. C. Mark- presented Mrs. Cooper with a I J'A }

cerning the book and record by nam for 1st place; Mrs. S. L. handsome coffee server brought '
OPEN MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Gertrude Behanna\ "The Late i'arlton for 2nd place; and Mrs.J. from Birmingham, England.The 1 'V' ONE: 'C'E 'I fI
Liz," amP* "God Isn't Dead." Aftera D. Daugherty for 3rd place. next meeting of the circle \< .
FROM 11 AM TO 5 l'.M. lengthy discussion, the groups Honorable prizes were given to will be a luncheon meeting to be '
came together to summfrize.I Mrs. R. J. Carson, Mrs. W. C. held at the San Jose Country I I I .' .
19 North 4th Street I During the business session it Owens and Mrs. J. C. McJunkin. Club, with Mr?. Letha W. Davisas t.1 :
was decided that St. Gerard's Also, Mrs; Scofield was presented hostess. This will mark the : t I
would send,*their Lenten folder offering i gift S"a remembrance from the fortieth anniversary of the cir I' 't
--' --
---- -- -- '
I to the Episcopal Cuban :lub.The cle's founding. The Early Settlers i
Refugee Center again this year. final meeting of the club Circle was the second garden circle : .i
The twelve members and two fear will be at the home of Mrs. to be organized in Jackson-j
Han TheatrePhone guests enjoyed delicious refresh- .arl Quattlebaum in Amelia City ville.Guests
ments served by Mrs. Becton and m May 20 at 6:30: p.m. who enjoyed Mrs. Coop-

261-4849 D. W. Roberts, Mgr. co-hostess, Mrs. James Lynn. During the social hour the hos- er's hospitality were Mrs. Kelly, : t
:esses served delicious refresh- and Miss Reba Haile of Fernan 1
& Matinees At 2:30 One Show
Saturday Sunday- Pythian Sisters nents from an attractive refresh- dina Beach, and Mrs. Eugene Bar-
nent table which was centered wick of Jacksonville. .
Friday Saturday Visit Temple 3 vith a colorful bowl of spring Members in attendance were

In JacksonvillePythian :lowers. Mrs. Stephen E. Small, Mrs
'f "JUMBO" Charles R. Towers, Mrs. PhillipW. .

I Sisters of Jacksonvilh \zalea Club Elects Trout, Mrs. Ethel Beihn, Mrs.L. .
DOllIS DAY JIMMY DURANTESTEPHEN Temple No. 3 held a Friendshij T. Bowles, Mrs. Letha W. Davis -I
BOYD MARTHA RAPE Night Monday, April 15, in Jack y\rs.\ H. D. Lohmans Mrs. A. I. DuPont, Mrs. Ray .
sonville. \ New PresidentThe 0. Edwards, Mrs J. Ray Harrison, ..
Mrs. 31 1. L. Howell Miss Gertrude
I31E7't0! COLOR Gifts were presented to visiting 'f +
--- ---- officers holding their identica Azalea Garden Club met L'Engle, Mrs. Fred Winston Long .'. .
THREE BIG DAYS! station. An Easter Parade of bon \pril 9th at the home of Mrs. W. and Mrs.! A. L. Poidevant. ..

nets was enjoyed by all, with the \. Davis with Mrs J. R. Lynn ,

Sunday Monday Tuesday | prize going to Mrs. Cleo Saylei erving as cohostess.Mrs. Bible Class Meets .' ,.
of Fernandina Beach for the mos W. H. Seibert, president, .
<\ 1 16 With .l .
orI 1\ :
"SODOM AND GOMORRAH"STEWART original. :opened with the club prayer. S .
Those attending from Fernan During the business session, a Mrs. H. C. HuntThe .
GRANGER PIER ANGELI dina Beach were, Mrs. Josephine slate of officers for the coming :
Goolsby, Mrs. Mary K. Moore. year was presented and approved. Edna S. Ward Bible Classof I t M 1,

IN ALL MANKIND'S DAYS ON EARTH NO SIN Mrs. Leota Swearingen, Mrs. They are, president, Mrs. H. D. Memorial Methodist Church !I ... .
OR SPECTACLE TO EQUAL IT! Cleo Sayler, Mrs. Betty Jones: Lohman; 1st vice-president, Irs. '. met Tuesday, April 16, at the I ..
Mrs. Bertha Robinson, Mrs. Myrtle J. J. G. Cooper; 2nd vice-presi- home of Mrs. H. C. Hunt.
COLOR BY DELUXE Crews, Mrs. Jeannette Davis dent, Mrs. Emerson Mitchell; secretary Mrs. John Hutchins, president, 1
and Mrs. Rubye Denham. Mrs. Morris Ground; trea- opened with prayer and welcomedthe I
-- -- TEN BIG I DAYS !
fourteen members and i
-- -- -' ---- surer, Mrs. r. 11. Hobein.The one
program was presentedwith guest, Mrs Brackett. Devotional I
each member answering roll was given by Mrs. L K. Nolan .
call by giving the history of an entitled, "Do Thy Duty", followedby I .
J Win A Complete Patio antique they had brought with a poem, "Your Mission." j' ..
them. During the social hour, the Mrs. Nolan thanked the class !
- hostesses served delicious cake for donating items for the Carol !I
and fruit punch to the fourteen Choir party and Mrs. L. 0. Carpenter
in the members present. and Mrs: H. C. Hunt for Thursday April 18 -
II .
The May meeting will be a din- assisting her. A letter was read
ner at the Sandbar. from Mrs. Ward who thanked the +
claw for entertaining her during I
I .
U.S.KEDSPA11O her visit here recently !
Mrs. Sybil I I Haddock
: The class benediction closed the :

Hostess' To Nita business meeting, after which I i .

delirious refreshments were servKJTThe I Thru 21 /
CONTEST McCollough CircleThe ] : May meeting will be at !i Saturday April /

regular monthly meetingof I t&honie of Mrs. E. R. Willis, with i I
firs Stanley Tarlton serving as
the Nita McCollough Circle was I
held at the home of Mrs. Sybil
; SEE OUR WINDOW FOR COMPLETE DETAILS Haddock on April 15, with nine '
: members and one. visitor present. Rev. Himmelman h; i ;; '

AND ASK{ FOR YOUR ENTRY BLANK Mrs. Wilson gave the devotional, Speaks To TriHiYThe f :d" .\ .: :. ,, !
1 "The Christian and the Holy. ....: H ''a'to.. '. ,," '
Spirit. I' Tri-Hi-Y at Fernandina i 'i
Mrs. Haddock presided over the Beach High School met Tuesday,' ', d" ,:,;," : : : :
business meeting and the goals, night at the Recreation Center. 'I .
SPECIAL BONUS Patio, Valued At $600 Consists I aims and electives for the W. M.J. The Club was most honored to I .

of Umbrella and Table ,I year were reviewed and'dis- have the Reverend llimmelman, : .
IF WINNING ENTRYHLANK I, cussed. All members were urgedto new Lutheran minister in our I
IS FROM: ALLAN'S, 4 Chairs Barbecue Table participate !in the community community as guest speaker. I +
WINNER WILL ALSO B' ...1' missions of visitation.Following All present listened attentively I WAAS DRUG STORE 1
RECEIVE 1MMECE; and Chaise Lounge businessmeeting, as Rev. Himmelman gave them I
}'.\SIIIO I Mrs. Haddock introduced the program I six points to look for when j
ABLE all by Lawnlite, Gym Dandy "Enlistment for Missions" "choosing a husband".

"AERO PAK" Gym Set and A Big Boy'BarLUGGAGE which was a panel discussion. I After the program many of the .
Those taking part were Mrs. Had girls talked informally with the ,6th Street & Atlantic Avenue

becue.A11 dock, Mrs. Velma Franklin, Mrs. guest speaker. : : ,,
Pearl Johnson and Mrs. Faye
; .
Justice. AMERICAN LEGION a-" 4- '

AUXILIARYAmerican ;,: I Fernandina Beach Florida 8: :
SM ALLAN Pvt. James Edward Skipper is : : ,
ATLANTIC AVENUE spending a thirty day leave with I Legion. Auxiliary will : / I
his mother, Mrs. Paul : meet Tuesday, April 23, at 8 pjn. J"f: ',' I: '''i' ': !' :
"Jim Boy" will return at the Legion home.
Outfitters' The Entire ObShaNkr.l
Family -
Johnson Air Force AU members are urged to attend .: t' i P! 'i.'

Carolina. .
..-" '. '... .- -..-.. '- ';""\ -- '


wV I. v ISAnne


.'" .
\1.t'' ''t -.-
: t. ; "'/.'

.. .. j .

Four News-Leader, Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday, April 18, 1963 - _.__---- ..
--- "'

Who Is. PERSONALSMrs. Miss Brandies! Wed August 24 High School Echoes. I i I Rayonier Earnings

FernGiidina ? I BY SHAKO*. COUGH :
Freddy Galt Cook of Miami was r Mr. and Mrs. D. 0. Oxley, Sr., Per Share;

I the guest of her brother-in-law visited the latter's brother and i Hi! The students had a very.enjoyable was given by the new Lutheran

To solve this mystery of the j and sister, )Ir. and Mrs. E. P. family, )lr. and Mrs. W. H. Cason, I I '.. ...... '. holiday I Pastor, the Rev. Himmelman, who 7c Over 1962
younger set, it will be necessaryto i Wilson, Jr., during the Easter in Jacksonville during the week- ,,:. and I am sure : used as his topic,for the evening, Up

be at the Woman's Club, Satur holidays. Mrs. William W. Stewart end. -Tk-- they are glad to "How to Choose A Husband". The :

day, April 20, by 10 a.m. i returned to Miami with Mrs. I b e Back t o talk was very enjoyable and inspiring ; NEW YORK, APRIL 16 -

The Scholarship committee of I Cook and will visit her there for Mike Bailey, student at North school i to all the girls. : Shareowners attending RayonierIncorporated's
Carolina State visited here with
the Woman's Club is sponsoring several weeks. The seniors See you next week!!
i I, friends during the weekend. Mikeis Annual Meeting
Mrs. Faith Britton and Mrs. Joan '
McNutt in I Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tuten a former resident of Fernan- a are all ? 'here at the Waldorf.Astoria Hotel

show. a delightful puppet I I and children, Charles Jr., Larry, dina Beach. "' working on short Ballroom Dance 'heard that the chemical cellulose
stories for ,
Richard Jamie and Donna of
Judy Hahn, accompanied by Miss Linda the producer's "Business prospectsfor
I Ramsey spent Childs English I
Savannah, spent Easter weekend I
Mrs. Guy Dudley, will present a Easter with' her 1963 fa\orable" with first
with Mrs. Tuten's mother, Mrs.E. holidays parents, class and. are Classes Added To are ;
dance which all children will I
en- I and Mrs. R. Miss
Mr. J.
I H. Junck and Mr. Junck. Ramsey. also working on quarter earnings exceeding the
joy.A I Ramsey is a student at St. Vin- febates. Graduation time- is ex- like
I I 1962 period but somewhat
cartoon will be shown to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mattson and cents School of Nursing. remely closer with only a few I Recreation ProgramAs 1 below last ;ear's final period

complete approximately. two hoursof daughter, Lynda, attended the ?y days left The time has really
I npre However, Russel F. Erickson,
fun. i I Paul Stevenson of Johnson'sAir : {i
services for Mrs. Vasco r.
graveside flown!! of the and President
Donation of $.50 includes re- Force Base visited with his i part spring sum- and Chief Executive
freshments. Landrum at Oaklawn Cemetery in parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'S. R. Stev- t The Chorus assembly held last : mer program, the Recreation Department Officer, declared that he believedthe

Jacksonville, Monday morning. enson, during the Easter holidays. Thursday afternoon was a very will conduct ballroom company "Will produce and

Miss Patty Clark was home a. enjoyable affair. Steve Beckett ]I' dance classes for 11, 12 and 13 sell more chemical cellulose and

Jr.-High Elementary from Valdosta State to 'spend Barry Rowland, student at iichard DeSandro, Ken Nolan, I year olds, high school teens and i paper-making pulp than in 1,9C"

Chipola Junior College, spent Marsha Hamilton, Linda Holland, adults. Erickson
LUNCHROOM MENU'S Easter with her parents, Mr. and I I reported net sales of
Mrs. Tom Clark. Easter weekend with his mother, and Wanda Shealey sang beautiful I The classes for the 11.13 year $33,751OSi) for the first three

APRIL 22-26 Mrs. DuPont Rowland. I solos. The ensembles were also group will start Tuesday, April II months of this year Althoughthis
LIBRARY Bobby Fussell spent the Easter tt excellent Mrs. Arnold is to be
WEEK r 'e was below the for
Charles Howell with the U S.I I 23, at 3:30 in the Conference I
: p.m.
holidays with his parents, Mr. | complemented, for the hard work I' the like 1962
in visited for Room at the Recreation Center.
Monday Sp3fheUtwgroundbeet :
: and Mrs. R. L. Fussell. Bobby is she has put into the chorus certainly -
rose to $2,675,619 44 cents
few days last week with his I I Classes for high school teens sill : or per
and tomato tossed a '
sauce, a student at Georgia Southern. I'II shows when a-performance share
I as compared with $2,252,020(
salad, apple sauce, rolland! but- parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Ho is given. fT I start on April 23, at 7:30 p.m. tr .
terr assorted cookies, and lk pint Dean Oxley, Jr., student at LaGrange I well. I Ii I e I II the Game Room. Classes for equal to1:\ cents per share for
t i I d Tuesday afternoon representatives -I I I the same quarter of the previous
milk. College, visited with his # TL I I adults will begin ,on April 25 at
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. 0. Ox- I Mary Thompson, student at 1;4 from all the different bran- 8:00: p.m. in the auditorium/;
Tuesday: Hot dogs I buns, Stetson University, was home for ches of the service came and talk I year.Higher efficiencies throughoutthe
ley, Sr., daring the Easter holi- I Registration is now at the
baked beans, cole slaw, fruit cup, : the Easter holidays with her par-,I ed to the seniors. The students' open I firm contributed to tie increased -
days. Recreation Center office for those
brownie and % pint milk. I ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson. : : I I asked questions and found out I I wishing to enroll in these classes.It : earnings, he explained It

Wednesday: Meat loaf, Miss: Judy Jameson, student at 1 1I 1 what type of schooling the ser- is advisable for all who regis- was pointed wit that the sales
steamed rice w/brown gravy, turnip I I Georgia Southern, enjoyed the vices had and learned a great decrease resulted' primarily from
Paul Hanson the Easter ter to enroll as couples.
greens wroots, celery stick, I Easter holidays with her parents, I spent deal. A representative from the the company's: dhentinuing the

rolls and butter, peach halves, t I Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jameson. holidays with his parents, Mr. WAC's spoke to many of the girls. manufacture of fine papers at
and Mrs. Paul E. Hanson. Paul is
peanut butter cookie, and 1b pint I The Pirates played Camden I the end of February 1962. At that
Jimmy McFarland was home student at Chipola Junior Col-
milk. II a a County and lost with a close The purple dawn of springtimeIs time, the drays; Harbor ,Paper
for the Easter with his
holidays lege.
Thursday: Cold: cuts ham I I score of 10 to 8. The boys playeda rising o'er the lea. I Company was formed jointly I lb
Mr. Mrs H. J. Mc
cheese, potato salad, tomato I parents, and Jimmy Kear, student at North grand ball game and. are expect- The. bees are buzzing busily, Hammermill Paper Company The
is student
Farland. at
wedges, succotash, lolls and butter Jimmy a Carolina State, was here for Eas- I led to do the same this Thursday I And songbirds shout their glee. operating results of the new com

jtllo w/fruit, chocolate cake Chipola Junior College. ter with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I afternoon in our own ball park Ii II I pang, in which Rayonier holds

WI white frosting and % pint Buster Bailey, student at Stetson Ralph Kear. I Mr. and Mrs. Clifford William Lakeland, where she was a mem-I when they play Green Cove i The Have weary vanished winds in of the winter night. majority interest, are not included

milk. University, 'was with his Springs. Everyone show them in Rayonier's financial state
par- Brandies of Callahan announce ber of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority
The of the
gentle zephyrs
Friday: Ocean perch fillet Miss Margaret Durshimer and ,
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Burns Bailey, your support and attend. the ments.
the of their Mr. Stokes graduated from
engagement daughter
Have them all to flight
/ catsup, cabbage and carrot sal- Miss Norma Burdin of Brooks-1! put
for the Easter holidays. Carolyn Kay, to Harold Festus Baldwin High School and attended I game!! I As a major supplier of basic
ad, beans, rolls and butter, ville visited during the Easter
Stokes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fes Jacksonville University.. The Juniors are real busy get- : Lilies strew the meadow. raw material to the world rayon
sweet potato pie, and '2 pint milk.Keeping Recent visitors with Mr. and holidays with the former's brother j
tus N. Stokes, Bryceville. The wedding will be solemnized ting ready for the upcomingprom. Dogwoods deck the hill; and acetate industries, Rayonieris
Mrs. E. R. Bounds Mr. and j and wife Mr. and Mrs. Frank
I j' were I The bride-elect is a graduate of August 24 in the First .Baptist This calls for a lot of hard And, from a wood, the mournfulcry contributing to and sharing in
/ a secret from some Mrs. James Bounds of Miami and Durshimer.
t 'I Callahan High School and .attended Church of Callahan. work, but proves to be a lot of fun. the spectacular resurgence and
people is like trying to smuggle Mr. and Mrs Ray Bounds and son '
'I Get to work junior's, the senior's Of a whippoorwill. new growth of those fibers, which
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Curione and i Florida Southern College in I
daylight past a rooster. I! Jimmy, of Jacksonville. Mr. and | Photo Courtesy Nassau County Record
this !! last established new fici
II want a good prom year year a
| Mrs. James Bounds were enroute son, Thomas, of New York, and I II Yet, spring thou art a fickle world production record of 6/510: "
'!'to Atlanta where they will make Mrs. J. N. Walker of Savannah, The F.B.H.S. Band, which earned jade.There's .
I "Wood cellulo
000,000 pounds. ;;e
the honors to attend the. State
their home. left Tuesday after visiting with 1 no denying that.
is already a major factor in tile
Walton Beach
Contest Fort
at ,
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Kennedy for ; You lure us out with sunshine
i and it is becoming
world *
Mrs." Emma Farwell of Jack- The would appreciate any donations economy
And rain hat
a week. spoils our new !
sonville spent the weekend with that anyone would like to contri- one of its most important raw

)Ir. and Mrs Cecil Pickett and Miss Nancy Jones, student at bute for their transportation. Notify Herbert Luke materials," Mr. Erickson declared.

Mrs. Sadie Sheffield. Florida State University, will arrive : L Garden Basked Mr. J. H. Hill or any responsible Silvichemicals, a relative!

r i this weekend to spend the ; person at the high school if "The grass may be greener 'I small segment of Rayonier business *

I Miss Donna Bailey, student at j 1 trimester break with her parents, : you wish to contribute.The next door; but it's just as hard to recorded sales of$3,250,000

I i the University of Georgia, and Rev. and Mrs. John Jones: s BY JANE SCOF1ELD Tri-Hi-Y held its regular cut. Donald S. Fellows, Saug- in 1962. They constitute a "Great

home protection at j Tom Bailey, student at Catawba I I meeting Tuesday night at the I erties (N. Y.- ) Catskill Mountain ;I potential for growth and !incrns*

less cost with a ;i College in North Carolina, spent', Mrs. J. J. G. Cooper returned Several weeks ago we suggested Of course they can be left undis- Recreation Center.. The program I Star. I ed earnings," Erickson said. '
home Monday from week's visit
Homeowners their spring holiday with Mr. and a waiting until late April before turbed for years, but often one f .
and Jacksonville.
i in St. Augustine
i .
Mrs. E. H. Junck and Mr. and planting caladium tubers, givingas wants to shift their location in
Contact She accompanied home by i
me today! Mrs David Thomas and family. i was i our authority a talk on cala- the garden. They need to be in a I "
Mrs. 'A. L. Poidevant and Mrs.
Miss: Bailey and Tom are the diums by Mr. G*. G. Gerbing to spot in the garden safe from the : ,
children of, Mr. and Mrs. Ray : Eugene, Barwick, who will be her the Rose Garden Club last. fall. lawn mower; as. the bare buds New Concept in CREATIVE KITCHENS
this week.. While in St. Ii
Bowers Bailey of Lawrenceville, former I guests Caladiums form such an important emerging in the fall are so easilycut ,
Jil.James residents of Fernandna: Beach. Augustine ;Mrs.: .Cooper; attended part of our summer plantingthat down. ..- ....
Ave. the colorful Easter 'Parade held I II Kitchen Luxury
I in the contents of I
passing/ on April and May are good planting
261-3932 1 Miss Pat Stores, student at there annually '
I his talk to you we divided it into months for the tender sum-
Queens College, spent Easter with I 3yf ar/ :
her mother Mrs. Boyd Kennedy left Tuesday timely parts. mer annuals. In fact. staggered ..
Mrs. lola Stores. ,
lun ua to spend a few days with Now out pf doors planting time plantings may be made from mid-
STATE FARM MUTUAL Miss Stores brought as her Mrs. B. G. Kennedy, Sr. in Savannah for the tubers has arrived. Theyare April through July. However, the 1 l-J-- ,
guests, Miss Abby Little and Miss
Avlomob.lt InsuriK I
CompanyKOM three inches in
I deep
.. .. IMIWAMfI planted earlier plantings are more satis- .
011. :Bknuuto WiroitM Price
Patsy alsp students at( I
soil rich in humus. Mr. Gerbing
factory. Sets A New High lri-
Queens College. Ted Hitchcock, son of Mr. and I gives as his formula: 2/3 parts I' Blueprints Remodeling
All ..
t Hitchcock has been Carefree Living
Mrs. George I ground pine bark, 1/3 imported CARD OF THANKS Elevations New
elected vice president of Sigma Units Are Completely
( type peat moss, a small amountof
: Nu Pi fraternity at LaGrange sand with the addition of two Our heartfelt thanks to all who I Estimates Surfaced Inside And Construction?

College Ted is a graduate of i, to three handsful of pelleted fertilizer -i extended comforting sympathyand I I All Labor Out with lligh.lresSee Our

BOY.51BERMUDA Fernandina Beach High School per wheelbarrow of mix- help in our recent sorrow. I From sure Laminates. They ShowroomItyApiMUiUn

and is. a freshman at LaGrange. II ture. Semi-shade high shade is I For the beautiful service, flor- Never Need Painting, ( irt)

j 1 I Pvt. Freddie Anderson of Ft. good for them, shade being a re- i al offerings, and other kindnesses I Plan ThruCompleted Art'irtually MarFor The

quisite for the very transparent we are deeply grateful. I Proof And Can Be
the Easter holiI At
: Benning, spent Finest
i varieties. (signed) The family of the late
SHORTS days with his wife, Mrs. Joan JobSupervised Cleaned With Only I A
I As with all bulbs, in fact all Ben Jones. I MassProduced!
: Anderson. Yoursk4.I1it Damp Cloth. See
plant materials, bargains are not

SIZES 6 TO 18 I I Friends of Mr. and Mrs. George good economy. Buy good tubers. "There's nothing wrong with Work These Distinguished' Prices
'Delmar will regret to 'hear she is The leaves from bulbs less thanan our national economy it's our I Kitchens. Today!

seriously ill and confined to St. inch in diameter will not show national extravagance."

Slims and Regulars Luke's Ho pital in Jacksonville. 'I true color. I- NEVAMARKITHENS
i I Mrs. Delmar was stricken last Caladiums will not tolerate poor Smokey Says: KITCHENS
I week and is partially paralyzed. I drainage but they do like a soil MODERN ,

that is moist at all times and,
;: : ONLY $1.98and I Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Selley and I I I they are gross feeders. They are EQUIPMENT CO.

'i sons, Frank and Fredrick, of j i hosts to nematodes, and to com

Wauchula, visited last weekend : bat these nuisances they shouldbe a\\ In Fernandina Reach Phone 261-3912

$ Z.98BAILEY'S j with Mrs. Selley's parents, kept in vigorous growth at all
and Mrs.[ Frank Dursbimer.I lr.1. times. Fortunately they are moreor In Jacksonville Phone EV 7.1712

less immune to other insects. i

i I i CARD OF THANKS j I Mr. Gerbing suggested that a ----- -

I wish to to proportion of twenty per cent I
express my many
I white caladiums in bed of reds
I a I
friends, my appreciation for their
and pinks makes dis-
a pleasing
ATLANTIC AT SEVENTH : messages of encouragement while j.
: I was hospitalized in New play.April '
leans and May are months in :
I which one can move lycoris, com- r
Tom t
i| (signed) O'Hagan
monly known as red spider lilies .
-- ------ --- -----
-, --I i and yellow hurricane lilies. The

fall foliage and hag is now been beginning growing to since yel !.lf .1 \ ON OUR SAVINGS LOAN PLAN, YOU DON'T

low. Watch it, and just before it

zk TASTE the difference in < when completely the bulbs disappears should i is be the moved.time Thanks,careful folks!for! being WITHDRAW FROM YOUR SAVINGS I

... ,
"'" --


6; ',' ,\ ONE TIME- '
1F T the freshness ,
A S T E V" ,



TASTE the richness OUR JERSEY MILK ,




MOVE UP TO QUALITY -- Use Premium Jersey Milk ''L 3 I SERVICE CHARGES :

I "The TASTE Will Tell" : II* I i'<" ;; ..* .'


I Fernandina/ Federal Savings

Doris Day and tfartha Raye perform on the trope in a touting
aerial met o( "Billy Rotr+ Jumbo Metro-Coldicyn-Wayer'i :

"ONLY INDEPENDENT( DAIRY SERVING FERNANDINA BEACH" ',spectacular Stephen Boyd musical and Jimmy with m Durante.cirrus baelfroundj Based on the also Broadway starring And loan Association

stage $success the fog Panatinon and color attraction feature ,
For Home Delivery Call 261-3198 Fernandina Beach mm great Rodgers and Hart 909 g hit and many of the world
most famous cirrus acts, .The Joe Pasternak Production was
.. ---- Directed by:Charles-Rafters*, ____


i ,, TTi1ri Yt. yr TT --I
( 1 I t 11 t I/lr /1 f J ir,1t/.t, i t 11 t


I T .. I. T ""' ,': 'f .

: ., ..' .,.
u -
: : 1' "{'F. 1963'V

-- News-Leader. Fernandina Beach, .Florida Thursday, April 18,- .4 -.Five


,. CALENDAR ttt OF LOCAL EVENTS"I\ I If' Too Late Reports From WashingtonBy FLORIDA WILDLIFE SCRAPBOOK ...;:: -

COUNTY COMMISSION 10 a.m. 2nd Wednesday after 1st Mondaj To Classify
Commission Chambers Rep. D. R. (Billy) MatthewsI FIE ..:"f "...
I ......- '
CITY COMMISSION 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 7:30 p.m. City BY RUSSELL KAYI LIKE McNAMARA! .\'im'1 ar to the one passed last .\ UPuwAL50

.. Commission .Chambers I 'ear. This is a voluntary
was intrigued recently by an Despite some criticism tha' nd program CAUEb 5/Zl: TO OVER ..... ,
,: would extend it for ')e
HOSPITAL TRUSTEES 3rd Thursday 10 a.m.- Hospital. Din article I read in a recent issue of Secretary of Defense Robert S a periodf ..
two years. The bill will prob- poNO $UCKE.Q /2 INCHES '
ing Room the Independent of Collegeville: McNamara has received recently
.bly be debated in the House \ I AVERAGE .' "
4 SCHOOL BOARD 1st Wednesday after 2nd Monday, .: 9:30: a.m.Superintendent's Pa.It I want to express my confidence .fter the Easter Recess. A Subcommittee WEIGH .:" I
tells of a farmer who is alleged 'n him, and I believe that Mr. Me of the House f
Office -
to have tripled his production Namara is making us the greatest on Agriculture has reported Im zt .,

P-TA EXECUTIVE BOARD' last Thursday: 3:30: p.m. Jr. of hybrid corn by the skillful Defense Secretary we have avorably on my bill to extend for .l POUNDS ... ,
lIith Cafetorium use cf music. Reasoning thatif ver had. Any man in his posi the THE AQE
;wo years definition of "pea-
cows could be made to give tion who has to make tough de mts" 6000 TO :c :' ( I ..
so as to for w11 '
permit peanuts ( (
P-TA MEETING 1st Thursday: 8 Jr. High Cafetorium
p.m. more milk and husmans responded visions inevitably reap criti wiling purposes to be planted I '

KIWANIS CLUB Each Monday (G:45 p.m. Seaside Inn with more output when stim- cism. I am reminded of the storyof without coming under the provis-
ulated by. music, maybe plants the young man who was not :ons of allotments. There ,
HOSPITAL AUXILIARY 2nd Tuesday 3:30: p.m. Hospitar:' might react favorably to such aarticularly mentally alert, and are now acreage about 3,000 acres of pea- Vr.
Dining Room charms. who given of sortS
was a position luts planted for boiling purposes,
JAYCEES :- Each Monday: 8 p.m. Recreation Center Lounge While neighbors and county ng good apples from bad apples ind my legislation has made pos-
agents laughed their heads off :underneath an apple tree. A passerby sible a modest development of this
LIONS CLUB Each Tuesday 7 p.m. Seaside Inn and pronounced the farmer as asked him how he was liking industry.The .. ,

ROTARY CLUB Each Wednesday Noon Luncheon Seaside nutty as a fruit cake, he went his job, and the young fellow Committee on Family
said: "Well, I like the work all
INN: ahead with his experiment settingup Farms, of which I am Chairman, ,.
right, but it's the decisions that Jt
loud speakers his
over corn met in Executive Session this last
CITY PLANNING BOARD 3rd Thursday City Commission field. He tried a variety of music are killing me!" week, and we decided to updatea t.-: : T) .

Chambers from Beethoven to rock and roll. Any man in public life realizes report on Family Farms, which / Sftiou FOUND COMMONLY IN RIVERS AM CUTOFF
that he has to make tough decis- / SAKES THRUOUTMOST OF FLORIDA 9
WOMAN'S CLUB1st Wednesday: Woman's: Club Bldg. Either his corn was as crazyas was last made in 1956.
he was supposed to be or his ions, especially those of us in PREFERS PLACES AROUND VEGETATION

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, Nassau District C p.m. 2nd"Friday unshakable belief brought a men- government realize this tough NATIONAL CHERRY BLOSSOM ; Sour EITHER FLOWING OX. QUIET WATER* AT$ .. ,.
fact of life. On the basis of FESTIVALI
Seaside InnMERCHANT'S tal action that resulted in a my ACQUATJC JH&CTS FOUND ON THE BOTTOM rg
bumper but when the recent Questionnaire, you may recall O
ASSN. each 3rd Thursday: Noon Luncheon was checked crop he had grown three yield that the people of our 8th nave welcomed a number of V 14 9-CAN BE CAUGHT USING WORMS FAQ BAIT

Seaside Inn times much District were almost evenly divided visitors from our 8th District to g BYF&MKG Gtf CR JUST ABOVE THE BOTTOM
\ as corn per acre
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2nd Tuesday Luncheon 12:15 I I, where music was employed than on several controversial were Washington attending this this past Annual week Fes who F SMALL S'JXERS SERVE AS FOOD FOR. BASS

Seaside Inn his neighbors produced in their matters. It then becomes neces- tival. The cherry blossoms were AW Orh'ZR. DESIRABLE GAME FISH
for to make decision
silent fields. sary me a as
BUCCANEER. COIN CLUB 8 p.m. 2nd Monday: each'month They sap music has charms: to to how to vote on these difficult beautiful several days ago, but I FLORIDA GAME AMP FRESH WATER FISH COMMISSION/ :'.
to that at the time .
am sorry say
questions. I think Mr. Mc-
soothe the
beast and
GEN. DUNCAN L. CLINCH HISTORICAL SOCIETY 2nd Mon. savage we of the Festival Program they 0. ,
I Namara is a great man because
all know about the flute and the
-- ---- ------- -- -- -- -- --
day: each, month 8 p.m. TV Room at Recreation: Center. cobra in India, maybe the farmer he is capable of making tough de were all gone because of the

NASSAU CHAPT. NO. 49 ROYAL ARCH MASONS 2nd and : has something. cisions. I think he is a great man windy, weather. Allen Hunt Among "One of the mysteries of 'the i uratively speaking, Urn soeia1i-

4th Thursdays,: 8 p.m. Masonic Temple While we are at it we mightas because, in my opinion{ he is I'm particularly proud that "The times in the U. S. is why such a I tic when elected l to p Wi of'-;In'." I
i I well go a step further and thoroughly efficient, he is honorable -, Biggest Little Band in Dixie" -: 1 106 CandidatesFor large percentage of butchers, bak- Robert W. Graves, Kuu. :a
FERNANDINA TEMPLE 7, PYTHIAN SISTERS 2nd and 4th I and he is the American the Bunnell High School Band '
consider an item that appeared in : saving Emory Degree ers and candlestick makers, fig- (Ga.) Record. .,
Mondays of month at 8 Masonic Temple. billions dollars was here and participated: in the _.
p.m. I Fate Magazine: awhile back.It people cf a I ---- -- -- ---
CHAPTER 5r, ORDER EASTERN STAR 1st and 3rd Tuesdays: told of a horticulturist who year in military procurement .- Festival Parade. I enjoyed the ATLANTA, GA. One hun- i -
Masonic: Temple contended plants and flowers, like and at the same time, giving us a Concert this wonderful Band gaveon dred and six persons have qualified
all living things, possess person- military posture second to none : the Capitol steps last Friday, for degrees at Emory Uni- I
SPEBSQS\: EACH TUESDAY) 8 P.M. Recreation Center alities and respond to genuine in the world. Mr. McNamara has and I rooted for them in the Par ; versity at' the end of the winter \\Ebc; nlncc noon! ,

LounjjeIjIBISCUS love and attentive considerationas recently estimated that he believed ade. quarter.

GARDEN CLUB !rd Monday of month at 8 p.m. do animals and humans. he was on the road to saving f VISIT TO THE DISTRICTI Among them is Allen Hunt, son Florida's Oldest and Most Historic
Working with his flowers he $2',: billion a year in military of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hunt, whois '
1IAGNOLIA GARDEN CLUB 3rd Monday of month at ,8 P1 talks to them, expresses his plea procurement. I think this can be plan to come home for the a candidate for Bachelor of Fernandina Beach's Favorite Meeting Place

sure at finding a beautiful bloom, I II done, and still give us the defense Recess and will be in Arts degree.
ROSE CIRCLE 1st Monday ....._ 8 P.M. Easter my For The Finest In Ueverages .
I explains his efforts to providethe that we need. office in Gainesville for a day or
FOUNDERS GARDEN .CLUB 4th Friday __ 3 P.M. things they need in the way One of the latest tough decisions
two from April 15 through April Boiled Shrimp Ham On Rye, .
of water and plant food. Friends that Secretary McNamara have included: Mr. Marvin Bishopof
and neighbors say he certainly I II 'I has: had to make was the award 20. Please come by to see us in Newberry; Mr. James J. Gay- Kosher Sandwiches BarbecuePORTER

AZALEA GARDEN; CLUB 2nd Tuesday _....____._. 8 P.M. I has a green thumb for his gardenis I I ing of the contract for production i iI the Post Office Building in Gainesville : lor, of Palatka; Mrs. D. R. *McKenzie -

STITCII. -A-BIT CLUB. 1st and 3rd Monday: _.._.._....... 7:30 P.M. a show place that is pointed toI I of a new Tactical Fighter Experimental ; if we can be of any serviceto of Chief land: ; Dr. John J. I __ 1 .
with pride.As 'i Airplane (dubbed the I -
220 Lighthouse Circle you. Robinson and daughters Mary
Shakespeare might have TFX) to General Dynamics, rather -
Included in schedule for the and Susan, of Lake City Mr. I
my ;
said, "There be more strange than to Boeing Company. This i Leonard jiisiroi'a I -
C. Moody, of Flagler '
things under the sun, Horatio, I airplane is a. new type of jet aircraft Easter Recess are a talk to the Beach; Mrs. Frances W. Edmonson ;
I my boy than me or you can figure" I and will have a variable: Green Cove Springs Rotary Club; i
A Classified Ad Fcr Quick Results I and Mr. Walter .M rrt3 of ., '-'- "
Try would be the last to that
I one sweep wing can serve a variety visits to the Florida State: Legislature Bunnell; and Mr. and Mrs. Mar- .
scoff at anything today and it of purposes, and can serve and the American Turpentine vin Whitten and family, Mr. Clar- ,
I might be interesting if we were both the Air Force and the Navy. I .
--- -- -- --- I Farmers Convention in Val-
ence O'Neill, Jr., and Dr. T. Lynn
follow the music experiment It makes good to to
to sense me
up dosta, Georgia; Dedication addresses
Smith, all .of Gainesville. I
and what learn. have of that ; SAtes AND INSTALLATIONS
x4kl, see we can a type plane can for the start of a new
Custom Made I What kind of music gets best serve both Forces, thus, eliminat-,I Wise Potato Chip Plant at St. '- -

Slip Covers- Drapes I results? Probably the older plants ing the necessity of two planes. I II Augustine, and for a new Post I

like classical tunes while the I certainly think Congress has aright Office Building at Bunnell. 1 ITS fiir?* 0 FINEST MATERIALSGUARANTEED : younger one prefer rock and i to investigate this decision, shall also go to Cross City for Color Center
t : roll.. ,Plenty of songs ,deal with but I have a feeling that when I their annual Pine Tree Festival. 19-SABWi z:
:j WORKMANSHIP I flowers and they night even be the story has been completely VISITORS c 8th St. At Five Points Phone 261-3 t6

; ft ? FREE ESTIMATESJerry's more effective like -"Only a Rose", i I told, that: Mr. McNamara's petition i- Recent visitors to my office c. i Downs Carpet Valspar Paints '- Wall Paper

'Jt. "When it's Tulip Time in Hol- will be vindicated. Let me -- --- -. ._ ._
-- ---- ---- --- -- -0
\ \ land" or "It's Raining Violets"Of I say again that I ,like McNamara! ,, .r ,
./' .. Draperies course, it could get distract-
't ing; if a lot of farmers went infer APPROPRIATIONS AND
& Covers
-i ...w- Slip music and loud speakers were RESPONSIBILITIES

r lame :61-fdl 1120 South 8th St. ( blaring a variety of tunes night Appropriations are the respon- L
i 'and day With Andy Williams .
sibility of both the President and .-- ..
-- ---- ------- River" side
singing "Moon on one .
of the fence and Elvis Pressley the Congress. It is interesting to'I : ....-_

WE SPECIALIZE IN shouting about his hound dog on J note that the House this year has

the other, the neighbors might 1 authorized $300 million more for :

l i Automatic I Transmission Repairs I complain.Then there was the old lady : military spending than the Presi- COMMERCIAL

; dent recommended. Last year the
sit her back
who used to on step
Brake Rebuilding Wheel Alignment and talk to the ants and cock- I National Institutes of Health
-- ----- -
roaches. She explained that she I were given $50 million more than -
did not want to poison them as they said they could possibly I II I :
-- other folks did and would put out I _.
Our Repair Facilities Are The Finest, Best Equipped food for them every day if they spend. I did not vote, by the way, I .
for either of these two extra
and Most :Modern\ In TownHARRELL'S would be good enough: to stay out I .
If have to
of the house. Folks said the old I spending measures. we : PRINTING I =
have: sound fiscal solvency, we
dame was crazy. Maybe r she was ,
STANDARD I cannot blame the Executive when
but anyhow they say she was: sel- t ..
the Legislative Branch of the ;
AUTO SERVICESouth dom bothered with insects. -
Government does not accept its I )' _

Eighth Street "Every time the price of hair responsibilities. The House has ,i : I ';
"' our Rambler Dealer" cuts goes up it seems easier to made a pretty good record during I 1:' "," I'J I : : .: ..
the two weeks with two _
| ap- "
forget to.get one "P.:1: ..
1, propriations bills The Interior .
-- - -- .

estimates Department were appropriations cut approximately budget I Is A '
: Specialty With l/s
I $93 million. The final appropriations ,
WHAT COULD A Water Heater for the Interior Department '. .. -...:- -

mil- i.
totaled approximately $936 : '44
believe .. .* : 'M ,".'
lion, which is an amount, I -
BE EASIER? I adequate to take care of the -
That "
Literally many responsibilities of the Department -I i -
of the Interior. The .' .

t I House has passed the Appropriation Check your supply of Letterheads, Envelopes, Business f--w
Bill for the Treasury and ;
Costs You < .
Nothing Post Office Departments, the Executive -
Office of the President, Cards, Office Forms, or any, other kind of printing you

I and certain Independent Agencies. n

30 Gal. Class Lined 10 Year Warranty :i The bill carried$6 billion a ,total which of approximately amountis -! ,. ,.: i< may require and if the quantity is low just give us a call. '

"n $150 million less than the bud ,. .. .
get estimates.: In this bill, there :: ; 0 t. :

sI White/ Gas Water Heater i was an item of $10.1 billion in ': .

i 1 permanent included: approximately appropriations$10 billion which : ;.I! If we have printed. for you before, a phone call will start

for one year's interest on the national ;; ;: I

Your Electric Water Heater Will Make Down Payment. Pay- I debt. Incidentally, this -' ; .- our presses turning as we keep a complete file at our -:

To A 'Month Can Be Made From Your I amount, $10 billion, is greabr'i ,
ments Up $5.00 i than the entire budget of the Federal : .. 'f! .

On Fuel. I Government in 1940. The fingertips of all printing produced in our plant. ::

I final appropriations represented ;3 l li

., i 2.4', decrease in budget efitP: ,
WE NOW HAVE ON DISPLAY THE NEW mates. I voted for both of these P-
I 1...

ROPER "CHARM"LTIN ,I appropriation A third Appropriation measures. Bill, for l Our printers take pride in their work and you ore assured, ? .

j Supplemental Appropriations, was < t. ,". F.
I passed in the amount of"$1.4 bil- of 'neat clean and "
a accurate job. .
RANGES lion, which is about $200 million ,
l less than the budget estimates.In .....n. _' :.J.. "I( .'*. ,
controversy was an item of -" 'f. 0
million for the Accelerated : "' '
Public Works program. I voted PHONE. <0.' ,.,!. .-, .::..,,''-.',',., ;"H. _'' ,; .
t "
; J "
Good Housekeeping 1 against the authorization of this

I program last year, but since Con- 2613686or p .- r' ". "' _I .. .- .
'" '"
: .

gress poised the bill and many ". / ,

Gas & Appliance ,Co. I I projects voted for have the been money programmed.to finance 261-3687 '.. '::-: ;_> "


L-P GAS DELIVERY AND SERVICE House Committee on Agri- I
culture, of which I am a Member
', has reported a Feeds Grain Bill

r V* \-*>'f

1z ,
;Page Six --- News-Leader Fernandina Beach, Florida- Thursday, April 18, 1963. \-...
.: J

faction. The distribution of so feated a proposal for that pur- we had a certain'J class amongus stricting the planting of cotton, the purpose of getting a better r
I FLORIDA 1 100 YEARS AGO large a sum of money among so pose. He also says that even -if who pledged themselves to in order to support the Army of price.. I

many recipients. and extending the General Assembly met it drink all the blood that was splitin the Confederate States of America The U. S. S. Sonoma has captured ,
t Published by the seacoast of the Confederate over so much territory in the would be too late to stop those a war with the North and I by raising cereals, why the schooner Clyde in the
: FLORIDA CIVIL WAR CENI or United States as of Decem- present condition of the country planters who are determined to assure you, in but few instances may not the same general assembly Gulf of Mexico. The Confederate -
I TENNIAL COMMISSION ber 10, 1862 will be exchanged.If has imposed on the Governor a plant cotton because of the ear- they could drink all that they enact a law to prohibit vessel was carrying a cargoof : ,
208 Valencia Avenue any such are in Federal prisons degree of labor and responsibility ly planting season in Florida.An have seen, for much the larger|, the plowing by horses because cotton and naval stores. I

I Coral Gables 34, Florida they are to be immediately hardly contemplated by those armed boat expedition of portion of them is yet at home pseful for cavalry; or mules, because j I April 15 Federal Rear Ad- r t
,Edited by SAMUEL PROCTOR released and delivered to Confederate who made the law but he is a sailors and marines under Acting and are making close calculationson necessary for transportation miral S. F. DuPont reports that A Service of Your Doctor of Medicine,
University of Florida authorities. All Confederate working man, and his private Lieutenant McCauley, U. S.IS. staying at home and I leave ; or oxen, because necessary the U. S. S. Mohawk is on block- You Honda Local Medical Society and, _the,
y I officers and men captured secretary Mr. B.; E. Benezet, is Fort Henry reconnoitered the it to the soldiers' wives and ; for beef? In e, word, why may II ade duty off Fernandina and the Medical Association.
| Ftyrida newspapers carry the in Virginia or Maryland before unquestionably one of the first Port area a few days ago. widows to say what they are doing I I they not confiscate all rights of U. S. S. Norwich E. P. Hale, and PLASTIC SURGERY t
"general ,order concerning South-j I I November 1, 1862 were exchang- business men in the state. He The boats stood in for Bay Porton at home. But I will call the ![ property in Individuals for the Uncas are stationed in the St. A BOON TO MAN
ern soldiers who have been ex.exhanged. i: ed at an earlier date. goes at it with a vim and sticksto the evening of the 2nd arriv- attention of the public to an instance i benefit of the Confederate government l I John's River. t
it until he fixes it up all right ing off the city the next morn- of one of these blood j ? I apt opposed to all i Psychological effects of phys
All officers and !
men Announcement of the deaths r The U. S. S. William G. And- ical defects vary tremendously!
1 with a minute record of every ing. The first launch exhibiting drinkers who has control of an I legislation on I the part of either with
-captured in Kentucky Tennessee : of John S. and Charles W. Anderson I erson has captured the Confederate -I' individuals. Some persons
Alabama soldier transaction. the "sluggish" qualities that estate jn this county. The party 1 the Confederate or the state government i with but a slight; facial or, $
Mississippi Georgia brothers
appearsin The Mobile Tribune describes'a S! owning it is known to be very I schooner Royal Yacht bodily suffer far
were to be trying throughout the which is not clearly disfigurement
Florida and South Carolina the Florida Sentinel !
as today. its of in the Gulf
serious fire in the section of reconnaissance, slowed the expedition's I wealthy and the overseer on I constitutional." cargo cotton more mental anxiety than
of December 10, 18G2, and all John had volunteered his of
services Mexico. I others with noticeably
I Hill.! this tells severe
Pensacola St. Mary's place his neighborsthat
those captured in Missouri, Ken. in Captain Hilton's Com- near progress through the II I I The Presbytery. of Florida, I physical dejects.
!! April 16 The U. S. S.
he has
*sas, New\ Mexico Arizona Ar- pany, 1st Florida Regiment, About thirty to fifty residences intricate channel "This waste of more money on which has bee ;raeeting in Tallahassee I drick the block- Plastic surgery is one of the
he ,
belonging to said than captured
kansas, and Louisiana as of Aprjl 3; 18G1 and was stationed were destroyed. time, McCauley reported "gave estate 11 since'April 8, completed medical specialties which deals
;'January 1, 18G3, have been exchanged. !| first at Pensacola. He later April 8 The U. S. S. Gem the rebels leisure to make all knows what to do with; and on its business today. It is reported ade running British schooner with the surgical restoration of
Teresa the Florida
this plantation is quantity of today off congenital and acquired defects
the Sea today seized the preparations for reception of
of our "that number "
All quite a
men 'captured on fought at Shiloh Farmington, in order function
to improve ,
I order coast..
for sale and by
British schooner Two Confederate sloops and two corn yet I
blockade running ministers the meetings
-- present, -
and Perryville and was killed in were f I and esthetic(effect. Great advances -
I' this last battle. Charles volunteered Maggie Fulton off Indian small schooners were run into a : of the executor soldiers' wives were well ,attended during} April 17 The Florida Sen were< made during
TROUBLE I j his services to D Company, !I River Inlet. "I am confident' bayou and grounded in an effortto and widows'witb the ready cash the session. l' I tinel publishes the following remedy -,i world War II when new meth.
I are turned off to go home and for itch "Take iodide ods for reconstruction of injured '
their destruction :
the Federals claim "that no ves- prevent by camp -
3rd Florida on May 4, 1861 April 14 The,U. S. Hunts-
sels have run in or out of either the naval force. The sloop Helen see their children starve while j of potassium 60 gr. or 2 areas were developed and
GETTING when he was only Iyears/ old. ville today took: the blockade i performed.
I and Mur- Jupiter or Indian River Inlets was captured south of the har- I the husband and father either ', ounces mix well and after
He at
fought Perryville running British schooner -
AUTO I freesboro. since the 6th of March 1863." bor and destroyed with, her car- ''died on the battle field or isstill into custody off the Gulf washing the body well with Plastic knowledge surgery and calls skill.for The special r'I..

The Sentinel in an editorial Their boats are in the 'river go of corn. The Union boat baring their breast againstthe Coast. II warm soap suds, rub the ointment plastic surgebn needs an understanding *
appearing today endorses the I whenever the bar will permit crews engaged and forced the j .. storm. These. women and -. .. over the- person three times nf the nnfionf'a caitviitvt; nor._ \\
INSURANCE? voted them to cross. evacuation of a defending Con-i I children are told tnat tms cornis I In an editorial, the Florida I a week. In 7 or 8 days the Acar- sonality asr well as his t|
Impressment Act recently: I locked for better prices Sentinel today discusses the difficulty I disfiguremcitf. In
federate battery. The Confederates -I up us or itch insect will be destroyed. most cases 'J
Need SR22liability filinq and : by the Confederate Congress. It April 9 The Georgia General and .
of physical
when it is at this time sellingfor securing'paper rrection also improes
iniurmt Ask will have the effect of "increas- I Assembly is debating a bill '' burned a schooner with cargo $2.00 bushel. Surely if I supplies to continue publication. I In this recipe the horrible effects the ,mental attitude A. 1
your agent to send your ing the supply of" provisions in which would restrict the plant. of cotton that was too large I per Southern have of the old sulfur ointment person with a physical defect
God does not visit such with a Many newspapers "
application to ut if you've II this market consequently of reducing ing of cotton and Governor i i i to be moved inland. McCauley andit are obviated. I should consider from all anglesthe
I suspended ,
retribution in due time the I already operation I
been cancelled or reject [ object just The U. S. S. Wanderer has need for plastic surgical
I the price. Farmers the Brown df that state has asked i I reported: "Having gained my i
.J. Wt cn insure almost I Florida to in her destruction and the people will. It is also the case is possible that the Sentinel '! captured the schooner Annie B correction and also should be '
of ;
anyone it fair rates reqirdless editorial declares were reluctantto Governor i' some non-residents who have will have to follow suit Alreadyit i The I cognizant of the difficult and I,
clearing of the battery the disabling -I southeast of Egmont Key. .
of driving rec. take their produce to market, I persuade his Legislature to do their not to that the Charleston Cour- meticulous work often required. i
instructed overseers says I II
that it would be j the Much is being I' of two of my guns, the Confederate vessel was bound 'I When
ord. Fire theft compre.bensive fearing impressed same. pressure I sell a bushel of their corn until ier "has been driven to the necessity a patient cooperates
end collision ..Iso.uiltbl. for less than market price or exerted upon Milton to calla unwieldiness of the first launch, of down to half I I for Havana with a cargo of cotton completely with the plastic surgeon '
.. Premiums I which it made difficult to bring j!! those starving women and chil- coming a I aboard. the work i is done with the
maybe without just compensation. R"' 'on special session of the Legislature : I I ,
paid in easy install j was selling last \veek in Tallahassee to pass such an act. Pub.I her gun to bear; the uncertaintyof I dren are forced to'give bushel the last of sheet and can see the" no suspensionof other alternative -, April 18 The U. S. S. Sus-I I most satisfaction to both par
that they have for except .
mentt. for eighty cents for'sides lie meetings have been held in aim in the sea that was run- its issue altogether.. The quehana today captured schooner ties.The
their life. plastic
sustain field
to surgeon's is
To Aixnti/ ; \\'c\ will be J and hams $1.00 per pound. "Thereis several Florida Counties during : ning, and consequent waste of t I corn Sentinel editor that the I Alabama off the Gulf Coast. I Ii i by no meat confined to beautifjing. -
aced and I ammunition, and the warnings of April 13 In a letter to Governor i says [ A large cargo, including wine .
pleuwd to cornpcfeLit plenty of bacon in the coun- the last few weeks petitions I i lie is called upon to remote -
on raiuetf. BrokeruKe I try, but the farmers have been were forwarded to Tallahassee I Mr. Ashley the pilot that if the II III Brown of Georgia, Governor -j must suspension be regarded.any newspaper"a publiccalamity. |j coffee nails and dry goods was disfigurement and also to
J5 Asuxncd i Rug afraid to bring it to market supporting such a move. Public j I ebb tide found us there we should Milton explains why he did I I ." as I taken intact. restore structures injured by
Plan. this fear should no longer exist." opinion seems to be in favor of !be left aground, made me give not call the Florida legislatureinto | The U. S. S. Gem of the Sea I disease or accident. Many per. ,
I The Sentinel reports that the regulating cotton planting. Mil up my design of trying to set special session for the pur- I W. K. Bauknight, according to : captured and destroyed the I sons defect afflicted hate been with lifted a physical out of
EARIE W. DAY & CO. $200,000 appropriated for sold ton is against calling the legis- the vessels in the bayou on fire pose of securing legislation to an advertisement in the Florida blockade running British schooner -I despondency and given new life
'0 lOX 1.2sn iers' families needing assistance, lature into session, contending by shelling." The boats pulledout prohibit or limit the right of I Home Journal will pay the high- Inez off Indian River Inlet through plastic. surgery.
..,mlUla, '&A' "is being distributed in a man- I that the session of 1862 discussed of range of a rifled gun I farmers to plant cotton. First est prices for hides to be tanned. I this morning. I -
ner which gives general satis- this problem at length and de- which the Confederates broughtup. of all, he says, by the time such He is- not a speculator, he says. -- ------ -- ---- ----- -
-- In the next week the expedition legislation could have been'se- Interested parties are asked to
I examined the Chassahowitzka -!' cured the crops would have already apply at the saw mill two miles
I[ Crystal Homosassa, With- I been in. Moreover, the intelligence north of Ocala.A AUTO AIR-CONDITIONERS

lacoochee, Waccasassa and Suwa- I and patriotism of the Tallahassee newspaper says I
nee Rivers as small baots car- planters of Florida inducted that high prices have not caused I RECHARGEDALL

PEACE CORPSPLACEMENT ried the message of sea power I I them last year to plant cereals the scarcity of provisions in the ,
where deeper draft vessels could I to the exclusion of cotton. An area. "There 'are plenty of pro- ': MAKES AND MODELSGET
not pass." amount of visions in country -to feed I
I: immense corn was the;
April 10 According to a report -'made, and, for the want of trans our army and to supply the
issued today by President portation hundreds of thousandsof wants of those families now en- o
Jefferson Davis: "We began this I bushels of corn will be held gaged in agriculture, if they
TESTNONCOMPETITIVE struggle without a single gun by our planters when the crop were only brought to market, WE'RE ALSO AGENCY FOR CLARDY
afloat, while the resources of our! of the present year will be gath- but some are :holding 'back for AIR-CONDITIONEHS .

enemy enabled them to gather ered. Furthermore Milton says, .higher prices, while others are I
( ) fleets which according to their | he is "not convinced that, in a prevented from doing so by the DRIVE IN COMFORT THIS BUMMER

official list published in August government like ours, the legislative want of the ,need of transporta- I LET.... US INSTALL A CLARDY UNIT IN
last consisted of 427 vessels, measuring i power rightly exists to tion.; There is. bacon enough between YOUR CAR!
340,036 tons, and carrying i prescribe what shall or shall not ; Tallahassee and Newport !
APRIL A.M. 3,268 guns. Yet we have captured be planted. If it does exist, it to: supply the demand for some I
: sunk, or destroyed a number of should be most discreetly exer- considerable length of time.' If REYNOLDS MOTOR CO.
these vessels including two large cised. If the general assembly this be so, it ought to be impressed !|
frigates and one sloop of war, '! of the state has the power.to en : for obviously it has I 232 S. 8th St. "Th. 261-3122
while four of their captured steam act the law prohibiting or',re- been> withheld from market for
boats are now in our possession I
adding to the strength of our lit- .
:x ," tle Navy, which is rapidly gain _______
: JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA ing in numbers and efficiency." S
Rosedale Corn 8
:. ,.:ff, ,'. April General 11 Confederate Finegan announces Brigadier \ For 1

More than 4,000 Peace Corps Volunteers are needed to meet urgent re- that as of today "all persons sub- j $ '
ject to enrollment who have been Cream Style or Whole Kernel
"'* : quests from developing nations in South America, Africa'and Asia. To be enrolled and who have not reportj j:! 1 '

considered for training programs beginning in June, July and August, you lished ed to companies by name. .arrested will be pub and I t'' \ '
floserfflfe/ Bartlett 3 51$
should take .lhe non-competitive placement test April 27. Either send a that tried "it as will deserters.not "be He necessary hopes, ] / For 1 '

completed application to the Peace Corps before the test or fill one 'out under the circumstances in which I ,
| ,
the country is placed to apply !! PEARS Halves =
and submit it at the time you take the test For an application, or more the severities of the law This I cN 5) ....
notice should be sufficient "to j -
r information, write the Peace Corps, or see your local Postmaster. draw all delinquents to their .- Ep 15'c :
place of duty. Roserfnfe Peaches

April 12 The U. S. S. An-
nie captured the schooner Mattie

.,,: .pEACE CORPSWashington off The the editor Florida of Gulf the Florida coast today.Sentinel % 2 %'s Sliced or Halves

publishes the following let- LIMIT WITH $5 FOOl ORDER S
ter received from Campbellton: -
-- ----
25 D. C. I wish to call the attention of
the public to some facts in re- 604 Atlantic Ave.
gard to some of the blooddrinkers tMJ
: {Q)! Published as a public service In cooperation with The Advertising Council of Jackson Co., Florida. ,

.", \ What I mean by blooddrinkersis =
this: when separate State action 100 FREE

was sprung-upon the people-, Chase & Sanborn c I

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s! ....-. OLDSMOBILE FB5---- ) I 3c
Loose Lb. .
\1' -


z:r :r'. 8th 232 Street South Reynolds Motor t C o. 261-3122 Phone 1 1c 1f RIB ROAST, I Ibi : 69 |i Cartons, 2 Fof29cI' ,

; -
1i "
., :.
T! -1 -i 1 ;





; I, .. .. . __ .. \ .. .. .

News.Lea: Fet landina Beam, Florida -- Thursday.rApril) : 18, 1963' .Page.Seven:

N ..,,..- to register, report to the ball I -- ,- .. -

i park any afternoon at five o'clock.Skipper's : ..JI ,. ,;, / [''Some 125 Young Baseball Hopefuls Report for Tryouts I

oft Tflr t b /
ISports Slants Fish Camp at Nassau- Over 125 boys have been trying I The players draft will take the Little League will play their
yule reports good catches of
whiting, trout and small drum out for Little League and Senior place Friday night at the Rayonier first game at night and the Senior

:1 during the past week. Dan and "krx'r League berths: during the past Conference room and regular game wdl be at five o'clock
week at the City Ball Park. The practice sessions will begin on
: BY CURT GORDON Frances ,Ellis have .been having !I ;,The two games were reversed because -
I activity pot underway last Satw- Monday afternoon. ,
fine catches of each. Sam Jones i I! the new lights have no4been

Charlotte and Wilson broke I don't get alarmed because it is has brought in some nice trout day morning when the respective : One change in the regular sea- installed at the City ballpark

spring training camp here Tuesday just ,80 Little League baseball i and bass and! Mallory Wilde I leagues not played registered in either boys league that have be son opening games will be that .
--- ---- ---- --
to return to their respectivecities I hopefuls, along with 41 Senior I brought (in a G9' -poitnd drum ear- t< 3 1" to'r fore. For the Little League boys -

to get ready to open the 'i League' hopefuls, seeking a position ;-'!1y this \ietk. t between the ages of 9-12, it will

regular baseball season. Erie, on one of the teams. 'Person-;I ,* II :;x mark their initial tryout for a
Bismarck and Orlando are the ally, we wish every boy desiring I A ,in. the beginning I a.
I change team and for the Senior League,i \
three teams remaining for another I to play would Jbe. able to. Red games of the little League and boys trying out for a team will iI
two weeks of workouts. Orlando'is Bean Bgb Stover have I MEN'SKNIT
| and a goodI Senior Leagues. The original mostly be those graduating from
scheduled to break camp on program for the youngsters during -
called for
schedule the
I : Senior Little League last year.
April 20 and Erie and Bismarckare the summer. 1 League to have its game at night, lOver 80 Little League hopefuls
scheduled to leave 22.it \ \ t ;
on April j
!but there are no lights, therefore, reported last Saturday with 41
Potts Fish Camp really had a [the Little League will have the boys seeking one of the 32 positions -

Tom Becton is president of the nice fishing report this week and I first game at night with the Senior t available in the Senior Lea

Women's Softball League for the you people who liCe fresh water I'I Leagueplaying,at five o'clockin I i f r gue. SHORT SLEEVES

eoming season and he reports fishing should go out to Lofton the.afternoon 'They will be on 4 t f '.-, '0' t .. The Senior League replaces the
that the league has three teams Creek and join in the fun. Joe I May 6. I Babe Ruth League and ages for

already entered but another teamis i Davis, Carl Edwards and Bill Ball I & ; the players remain the same. The JANTZEN, ROBERT BRUCE

needed to make it a four-team I[brought in 37 mixed bream. Bobby -", wiirsoon be a ,very'busy,sea- Little League and Senior League
league. Myers Grocery, Moore | McClellan and Herb Potts !son for the sportswriter! with the \ will be under the direction of Pete 'i
Grocery and Hardee Brothers are 1 45 bream and catfish. l Schuiling with Bill
!taught Little League, Senior League, f r -' president, Ii.1NI.0ORLON AND COTTOX
the three teams entered. Becton Love and Clifford Evans Miller serving vicepresidentin
Bobby i Men's Softball, Women's Softball : as
says; if a team from Yulee, Hil- I caught 40 mixed bream. ''E. L. I II and American Legion baseball ': charge of the Senior League I PASTELS, SOLIDS AND STRIPES

liard or Callahan would like to I Carter and E. L .Carter, ,Jr. taking place in our fair city. As and Jimmy Clark, vice-president.

join the league, they would be !i caught five black bass weighing you well know "a e cant be at all w. in charge of the Little League. i

welcomed. Sounds as though the I about 3 pounds apiece. Junior I I the games, therefore, we hope The new setup was created to i P; $2.98 & 5.95
league will be operated in an orderly i'f up

'Groover and Richard Groover that each league will have an official i stimulate interest equally, in both
manner this year- and the caught 15 mixed bream. Carl Ed- scorebook. that can be pick- ; ? leagues. i

first game is slater for May 23. wards and Jackie Davis broughtin ed up at a certain time each 'week The Senior League will have a !

-tt 50 mixed bream. Jim Groover !:o we can get all.'of tie ,news in'' few new faces at the helm of E3AILY'SATLANTIC
Dr. Bailey Dickens brought in caught 32 large mixed bream and I the paper. We don't worry about : WHAT< THE 'WELL DRESSED HUNTER wears for some of its clubs as well as the :

a 202!> pound sea bass last week I, Herb Potts caught 15 bream and the Little League and Senior sprint turkey hunting is worn by Cedric Derry, who is 'Little League.>. Tom Michael will AT SEVENTH

The fish is: probably better known 2 black bass. Ralph Ko toff and League, but we want to remind ,, pictured with 16 pound gobbler he-shot last 'Thursday in manage the Stags with Stanley!

a* a jewfish. He caught the'mon Jim Burnett caught 13 black the Softball leagues,. We hoj>e to j the Plummers 'Creek area. The season ended Sundav.BY Bohannon serving as coach. Bob

ster at the South Jetties. bays weighing about four to five get together with each'league before -.--. -- --- ---- ------ --- --- Stover will manage the Pirates

pounds each J. A. and Dale Begue the season begins to work out with Houston Sapp serving as --

Young's Crab plant softball ): caught 2 black bass and Bob any problems that could occur in Golfing News '- KAC coach. Jim Roland, with theaid -
team journeyed to Jacksonville' McClellan caught 15 nice bream. the future. of Nat Smith, will head the Red-

on Monday night for an exhibition I Really a fine week of fishing and I' & & birds. Charlie Tomlinson will

game and won over the Times- we bet they were excellent eatin'. Bud Holt says there were large WILLIE 31ATTSON Bowling Leaguer manage the Falcons, with the as-
( Union team, 8-5. Ge.ne Powers,
sistance of Carl Jones.
drum caught at the Fernandina Just five members of the FB-
Ace righthander for the Young'steam ,
Porter's Fish Camp reports Ocean Pier this week. One weigh- WGA went to Cecil Field last II. n. ELLIS, JR. The Little League newcomers
set the Times- boys
will be Joe Stubits heading the
that whiting and small drum are ing about 70 pounds and two more I WEEK OF Ml
down with just five hits. Thursday for the Play Day. Mrs. I Methodist Braves with assistant
class. '
the He
being brought through Camp.John around the 35-pound Total