''-- ., h-'- .. ijvi'I,, ) an4 w ired Lis Li-.$. Lead' \\itb Li:; ndeulthr, Lis band: into Lu bosom I I iuch1kn\ jqtI'II: { ? /V1 uTI/ L A 'T/ L'

'''- ..
1\.1<; }
.... '),-

-.--; t_ S _SS_ f T _

: .. .
". : '

) .- -
...:.' .t'r. t- v -- 5t. -;: "
:- : J. .;, :.t .. .
': .'- :_ '
; --- _

-zr r if CHit ;,- -r '. 1ts I -' N'H. 4 ;:." ;1.....': Jc
._' _
.. \ \ !r'C\ :' H... .
1 :1 -! -y-- 11 nowcver-y- Overeeer/al1'- / 1 I .... Oerrtt. Smith (Written --i iI ,i- New York Election ,.

.J'amiI1; thiIhe i calculatIon otbe'nuodn.Ot "fh..tI"} "). gentlemkn, (JwA bcgpuraoknj,4ietplea I iMn. KMTORJ I Tho': } ItWryonw, Nor. .-It is believed at
t1tJJii.t; fniMe/ dorrect a : not be unwelcome t*') \J<| lthwtho. American candidates who
tetnfie had aboard and belof*boWtl \\e!\* gtsx ,1 h/shoih ha4 -I
interesting to your f j : s scl 1 '. Lesson the T- pro"**6 dVt\\ many mile!!, danlcy *rctiv\hg 1 \ ; i idj I;; o (' to)ia'jebtome I81; I.O!, through Madison rili )icaT< ticket; are'A; l'rally e Iectc
tor Sooth-.. 1\ aoufltf' evtlonit te'ta t l1ar1'sr since called Cf.u J :Tribune of this mornini however
P The Montgomery Mtil l ill .. '. that ho'oetsqer,) was pm-fecthstti (liithrn upon ,
'the l lAte abolition, inrasio: "ftn' S1fl1I, 1 'of \'J."unken" sleep, nnl' 0ihld-q r;blyM: ;h 1i..J.'..nan 4 ('l\8otl ( : juvl Airs. Nancy : .' thai five of the State officer, on tho

'eiy, : the bol-iiardy atmsnrre I10n thad eLy I sons/were! born in Dn and Republican tickets/ .
The Harpei'a. F..ry Insurtcctiem ought to \ ing that "limy about was fMr,p1\1i: ',rl'o. attempt necouns4nform.. Carolina, in the lMr by large m joritiei while! the othef
Old 1 Bro Late '
1-rovo inc '..,ia\>loi benefit Katlie J outh ; re4utb: 'servIces of a brother negro! w 'n.' on the 20th April, and are doubtful, but jt is cry probable 1Si
he us that he ha been com' 'cl to thoJunalScsylumTat '!' .. Q&& lU'e.elllCt.ed... ....... .
it show our.enemies\ iu tVoir real,, colon. (whom. rvrtl1nnt ly, ). iponithejroadtto ) .) 1 Ot1. 'm' .J "' '

scatters, the 'il1dl'tll1: idea UIftttIIere, untie'his own armslie; then placed the } L : ,,"eromarried on the .Tieiiewracnatsjs ,undoubtedly fC1wbli"r:

I*, t.\) .ny.ai\Jfttt.'Utbk,! ettfiut, l .l)\h1nb' hut' rope upon thoarms!"of lhc"T6vtrrtc:: ;.f: alfd"( i Th"is AspiifHTdi\'rit Smith Is' l;y no means l in North Carolina, ..aid ,,-tfy.: 1lb1l.1.fby 'h tncr&/lu/ ':J.

brut, bloody-minded magliqty: 'ht'l'r.thero I ed to Scriren County, : soty; __" -
\\ =-ho has been preparing to
drove him home- riHonur. unexpected,
:n l> with nine The assembly is also '
ouglft to be fratoinnl ailVction. This I 821 ;
__ ._ -.-. t.lTb' take: quaitcrsiii\ the.Asjlum' some two n'"C -,
1r. -
rrktvecl f.Ub'OiS
to murdef find the free''mte
\\ chlVons:& of the South plunder!Smut )have: been I it. riLDES Editor. ',i. PrtsiKhltnl.Campnigs.' : weeks.1 ,Recently a correspondent! \ of the;> they're rWrfed{;! Insanity of t..tiii.J(},

linown lojwndreds, perhap thousand: of =--__ -. The Stato elections, North and South New York 7/eraWpaid him a visit, for the both 1ivfl'*?;and at tho NEW YORK, Nov. 9.-Gerrit Smith has

white. people throughout New England .:i\1onlicell: ": .. : for tlie, 'present ycaivarc concluded'and. p"urpose: 'of \ascertaining! sentiments l in were' romai'h>: bly (! i '!!Dt'tatbe'Inun "'AllrlM'r1lt'-Utllt!

yet no 'nrnillg'"oic"was: raised-no'.sinfrlehint ;; -- _. .....-'- -" ate uotiponthd'ttirefehU' the Picsijjcnti reference to'the Harper's Ferry difficulty, have had 12 children) .''setio.s1y.lranfTh: '! j
of danger! WAS, breathed.) Thotwnndsbf SATURDAY.MORNING, Kftv() 10,1859.: *: diedVheh small\!; tliif* : ( ftTw ilU
1 l canipiiign.: How'st'andsthe older\ of and the, report' ,made, by said correspondent have :
piked were mnl "fh<;tured find Irans- h-I --- r I IrTWe year of ngil and ; I 'tiovai&s&utKtmttA
ported from Connecticut' l ;to cut Southern call attention to thor advertisement battle*? Looking r'; the instructive represents him, as being ;cry much, they Are able to attend W. TL' ,

throats-thousandsafimoncy! were suHscrlbod -' of M"r."lliBBfinr; Mattress! maker.-Ta j schedule; of tlico elections'the present year cbmgeJ..tth in mind and body-starting mextie MT.ilri: and can oug1aa.. w,;J-:7.p.t -* "&'JflIrAOUflVL :

.. to the iAofll""utt plot l _and.onr* dear and those in neeil of 'good,' mattressesj" '! : :-w 0woul.t imarUUuew York 'Herald, "we find at the least noise, like a ('lightened deer; ",lito. "Theh-lchiWreii : physicians were ja)4rfnivv..uiiinu)

jMons'brcdiwn' 6f New 'Engl *d patriotic l ( r., !' hilf and when questioned in to the attempted great great grand )his: cas e. Sotde thffdn 9f opiniot
nnd fraternal Baited to-see bo:Dames and say, have your voile done. ..bYjlStl. | powerful northern' section- ( the : regard two Rmdted Mid flrd 19ts fal1'lot1J1I""bpr" 6fcMtiatr! -'(} aUcndmitii1!

hear the shrieks,'witho 1t. whisper, to"'warn } .for ho understands ,)Lis business, nJ..1. Uluon in the almost.unbroken' occupation insurrection! he raved like 1mnJ onft hundred and to thwtrobftWHtlel) ( Sra/VfceoVprtf1/ : ; but(

those of their own race and color.: gives. general satisfaction.! I of the nnt-elav i'y republican} party; and I lOan i I."rcan'. \ speak about it," said he, living! : Ilia but admit ,that,"he! fenlarMBigl/jIf.! ? .' I, hrir"

Will the South -read this lesson-thu Ins- -s.t'we .-- the indispensiblo southern section in the ".I am going to bo indicted. If any man say, that I have ; A'M5itHhf -

lion full of all,that is wise for her (mirationa :: made an error last week in our almost! absolutepossession! l of the pio.save.ry in the Union ill taken, it will bo me. It mid have'found' its : !r$ ut" Vft.j

right I"_ WB 'hope i s o. It ,teaches, synopsis ot the proceedings of the Grand would' dot be to ,, about industrious and ot"o" () ( res .uggMtn,thnt Old lfrva'.esecatio'lfl
dciffbcracy. Between these( two overshadowing proper sa: "ord. "
thnt wo have *o few lends: in the North.rn Division of' Sons of Temperance. There them belong to- Olno: delayed until >l hs-u, berv e4ihftdd
and Western States-that the people DiudSoiis instead of sectional t pnitiesthn conscrva- it. I oughf no$ to, say .one WO'I d. I am tian church; and that' ., the SonU>{*nl that? the""ltv >-
wcrc/we represented t1vetlcmcits6fte North and the South has advised not to the at nil. eds of aho 1 nH6 :
of the free States arc so nearly to a man approach subject commandment be ( eihibJtl (t-.I'pJitd' tJhs
hostile to our institution* that war 'on; four, as stated, to,wit+ Madison: Shiloli, struggled in vain, nnd. .thui. the Controlling: lam going to be indicted, sir, indicted I- I t.hinkl1one will'di > 'of the families bf,those'whom;-hi*.

quite large scale is declared against the Groverville,' Aucilla and Jefferson. We party- managers' of tho two.. sections' stand Yon must not talk to'me about it." This were ministers ot' the > .d his ftsgocUtcsi' 'i mnrdcred.i jPernaps ;if

:South: largo preparations made, and extensive -' also loft out one,of the officers elected and itself and the'youngest; the exhibition Bhonld Uk fiercely opposed to each othofis: th belligerent confossiotTol: is plain evidence that hewnaimplicated
stipplic ot amunitions forwarded, installed-that of Grand Conductor?? filled : to minister to the it jjould bo as well and{ A :.greats

without these great facts'reaching: Ono single by CiJA3. TOWNSESD Aucilla Di\'5on.JiT" J houses,of.Tot-k and Lancaster.For .. ,in >Brown's". plot humanity sfer" ? ...t'."., ,
!! 1i..t.t "
friendly car I --0 good -or for evil we :are entering upon and *1 how, that he was preparing! to meet If'airy: of your { "" .. I--. -4S !* "> il'l' 'MK'' '. II

i Wo ruqnested to give: .notice, the most momentous political conflict Iu theworet. .witha. pica of insanity. Immediately -. thin, MR. EDITOU, I'.* ) i W no CAN IJgAT iT.-JIon., James Mouecn '
"PHiLAXTHROPT. Some time the) oi the Union the made but still remain yer ;! who resides AtQM, ',|o'.m-',.< IuwannOo'
Anounpx: that the IU. Rev. F. ,II. RortEDOE, will history ; nor can we imagine upon announcement: being ; .RiyeritItitflun. '''th-i
MUCC, 'ft likely negro man, twenty-eight, i how this conflict limited the antislavery that Cook 'J : lOiil..
; nold divine s'rvice in tho Episcopal Churchat to one of the insurgents! had made I Jefferson Co. No .\ short stapliC.V' ".
years, old! a slave on a Virginia plantatIOn. crusaders of tlie North,and tho pro. a full confession, a'.d that STEVENS had t been i deft {
bavins accumulated enough! to purchasehis this pIAce\ on Sunday next. I I'iul'for : aero; a great ) ) ofJ .
freedom, and with something moro laid -- Lj AVery chivalry\ of tho'.?S6uth, can' end in turned over1 to the Fud authorities for NEW ORLEANS, ; per acru.Tbi catcrp i. 1,
:.:57"Last week wogavo accouo"T.. Tennettce has fruit ml1l"b.4 (
by, was induced, by pretended lends, to ., -! I' i >tho purpose of subpoenaing a. arrived very :
come to this city. He U sober,industrious extraordinary__ ilpoii 1L1..t.to-acknowle- e the rcpjH'ion <>- umber prominent Abolitionists, GEIIRITMini's ,Vera Cruz, which port in cotton and n-ill,
,, : '_ (P. 'Site bring .36C) : pretty l tirgqcroptSpurgeou ; -' 2We
ilnt1 tn ".nr "' '''Y4'.A" f '
fwwi*., 'lllm ""l'v I.nr n1en J.ut espelllall)'amongJIOIl [ of a mammSlli ,Iil'eet'oiato King prospective( iiisnnlty: takes a sudden,;. f' Thebark'Rapii !:ap i
: Avohliomsta, he now finds but little ticclce, pounds, from the pt l: liango for'the'worst, and it H'found! ncc- Yoik., ;

'- 1-I.Ji mjlicold!mull1 shoulders." Ho. bas.' Col. Bailey, of this county ssary to place/ him in tho Lunatic Asylnnif A severe norther ot : 1ni.L.I.?' ..;fI.i
:to nun in mm m I
now | .
l[| |( 1u.
ever S" )f,course, when lie (rial in tho: Federal had: detained matiyi. : many ic'I,
A few nights: since he M; eut to a grocer 'C ,ndignants"drubbing : house{/, the
An of 1111 er i
horn ho owing (5OO, confessed hit I Yes ,"cry1njust 'oui't comes on"and. Gerrit Smith is: found, Tehuacan expedilion, Orizaba .. : ..yetu! i. :slmiIie
inability to the debt, and touching!)' makes some be I in the'insurrection tho''
fay -p
implie-.ti .
ed disastrous ; ;t1lougJ"tb e prca'ouslr !
like GrandVovthy- a 1 many ; I. gt1we.
bemoaned:lamented his hard that lot.he bad lie ever wept left1rer jhild S arges against the Division\ of S. ofT lea of insanity will be entered and thi, OIK filing A single gun tbe 9ife ;; yet ..rt'uptions! tniy
<' Grand '
( said that he "xi.tienist"that Patriarch: of the with lea of bringing an Insants man up for trial, treat, leaving ',000: mptich-: lch n onioke 'in thcHoui,
master, had deceivejfcf''fl"lt was "Z no" says that he had conspired e ridicule? : \ muskets: and 12 the It ube! to ti'ethcin t in l It':n,>
'and now drove him from tlie' ro would another to .bi ing about the failure to meetat We hav-e not the I least doubt bat that Mijpn captured! vic 'well' :ofrrm: ;uvuagnf ><
held fast to liIhonors : dividual. : ; but nlie. MW it not till lie!'
that, could ho get theijpdla plantation Lake City, and : is insanity irf all a$8Ilnleilfor the '
cases wires that an- : ; pin pose Gen.l\brqllizaltaoi ; 'elll'lIre: opened to I he Lord so sonii'timt<< -
they had helped ,hiinyrnc! and many: runaway&c.l'his.ls and so worked< tho fill I the f ev adirg tho/jteiialty of oflendud: law: '; t.i Anna: alter st-uiinff' I Is rleur thoUl, yea: in tin)..<>'.il, m.!'

gladly return to thj way"railroads,. ," so fro- other Georgia: man U eluded to, lit there I ii! one couso:1lion.-"l1cting!: the 000 in specie,.which. the! ;soul l does) not w.-c! it, till 0 l >d ojtfiu..
where,: Jflrtjuud alluded to by the cliuii" of G.W. P. :Mr. W oQDnF.RRwe; lan :\o,". ill a ftrnit-j.itket: : I is not a 'very conduct to Tepid.! eye, and_tJiowstit.! > "

nojagmficantly brought9iSlrfutionand '* Zeno;* and all others, in notin to hiniiiulf amid dlla! .- iMi aMaBMMMiMM. .. i MaM.. ,
eTisAnt ------- --- -
over thiffibiicsui newllplllJ'tare can assure of : past-timettaiul: Oerrit ,,:Imith111' "

want, and too lInon.theA : \ .the least: responsible for the .failure' compelled to HO act the bal.mcc; of. his Gnanjuato.The British Fccnch :; Corniiiorcinl.JWontlccllo I.]

men who make such loud professions meeting at Lake City, and there cci tarn- stainl his trial 1 for ---==
slave.- the avs, or treason. protested.. 1'11 fJK9'; .
for the"poor : him and Cotloii. ?liukt.
sympathy baa been no conspiring between <.... Grn. ]\\limmonj ,
can ly : ,
." \-.t ;
pf these uutpu.mtBl'uuS' "\ !II Hlp.: .
any:who .will spend for tho !negro, they the Grand Scribe in rclerencq toanYmat "Cedar1(0)5 Telegraph" Cabinet, jt Uff. f Tie mnrVvt has'teen rntticr dull luring t Ibl' jvn"'
be irttcif,
him off'while they re- ters connected with tho Tempcranco ? I Wo have received I the first li dollar\ to run __ ..
_. .
nay a cent isive-Mm from .want and tar.vntlon. lie naunot- JU my tumv.v.1\ .-/lQt.*., applicant for public favor, by t] itbv&anc. pursuaj&u.! Marquiz.t.\ : : \: \ : | !.. SuTcj of ho vrvJt, 514 l til.; "',t' roKsCktrlctton. rl l("
Furthermore I
IUlle a 1'T""f -' I greatly eu vj:: ;:,;,,;; |, "
Mr.; ,
Such._ in abolition. "pliilanthropyl, ".. ... ,"..__. 'idea \vho--Woulii. i be liis* successorfand. It )* mi1!!lUli!!
_Botl'lt. 'p'o1--o,, t.t !';" :..-"'' \ IlSQ'":"( ):"' j,!i",,.. T ..r.an Grand<< i Dl.VjVV i by E,M..Gauytf: NslJ", at *2,00 :. !tnO, ami captured hi ."'011.,18-taKof c.n oi& .1.>"?.jrt4jX' )>

T r 'ureiA.TjJ' *) I pectjnyiflppoijitrflcnt f'tntTie 1' (11')' neatly lrintec1k II entered Gunubjuato: \- at unehaiigot' rtlt"t'IOllo'I1.ITI.t'r..h. !} .
t 'Qf'j office -
.."< ll tiWbito : \ i s i -v:" '.vi.lon. lIe was not an applicant for (' ;nnd \no doubt will prove a \aluable Gen. WOLF was at huts doing! ; no l>uyrr'alout. '.
attentionis dir ited to the Har 1 content to continue hii labors, I.\SDO pursuing. Nell York, A'.. U-S jl l <>f coitoti 'feda!\r\l.... ,
f; the fruitless ; but was medium fvr g.ncral: : infjrnntion: to the pub. Rio Grande has .
andto city .. ( .
lrt\r'1I Ferry,Ontbreik* member, (for the prospciity of Mrlett.ut.yant..t\ 11| to ll{ -
made tQ implicate and seduce tho as a private lic. portion CORTlY. s' increased"V .. .. .
attempts! -- -- -- -- --- -- -
ask special reference tho cause. 4_'. house pilbgcd.: It '
orvant of, that regionfwe editorial comment cry :No tie
contains an Florida Special:
and consideration for tho ) The same paper Legislature IIXAS two bands ._.
which _._
incident reported the Lynchburg, (Va.)) upon the article oi "Zenof in do Thill body assembles at the Capitol 1 iu The individuals of I'VCll hose "b 1-4 are la! lhe.IIj"PJlCII'-- --'-if-

pubZkczn.t appears the following remark-"We: Tallahassee, on tho 28th (lIthe! present gicatly dUtri'fwd! ; nil ct health, equoutly huve tetiIP\ \ h..4I.1'oI.r-e.

( hi Sunday last: a cronof not. -lea than think it justice to tho.Sons of Tempernnce month in adjourned session. was interrupted. tonti as of Jiscasi\ Wit
:' assembled on the not ___ .... ened destruction 1 to rreyen.tlve. .. arc ncf
0thomuu1iaiu dxiegroes Va. to take leave of I in this State, that any person, save: The following is a complete\ lUt! of, the )11an4 murder all well artuorcj ntfuinit! the winlu. tt "the ilU .
,' atLynchburg, of Florida, should 1 ,____ ____ flush \U heir to* '!Inch: iin InTigorator ItiM' nmy
tho State .. .
tho negroes belonging to the 'estate of I resident of tho members? of the Senate, by Districts!, nnd of his IIUSTETTER3 BITTOW ro.
late Mrs.Francis li. :Shackleford:) of Am- have been promoted to that honor ;i" refer. tho house, by counties : from Arkansas and' be tiikJu regularly mitliout pi hlul vitality\
'-- county, who in accordance with the to the position of G. W. P. This we The Opposition arc marked with n *. In -The temmok .- .lai>tlcUy to tho,v tUui. At this ..* un, rsT.cularly. -
herst ing detail the itroui.t: man I*not roof itgnlu t il.oniarla '
about to depart, to tIle gives: account ( \I" : ;
will of the deceased 'were The think is giving poor encouragement: tho. ,Senate there are, 15 Denioci-ats ando Major I Hector with I la certain Kctlou of th! eOllulr)'. In all .
l ly way of the canal, for a free state. several Divisions located just over the I Opposition. In tho House, 31 Democrat iuratedwith ] .... of fever and Ufae( tha Di.'ri? t more i"..tnt .fi f
forty-four,men, ; Bowlegs : ,. fj
whole number not fre was: trader tile any amount qululnc, !Mlo tint mult its"
in Georgia, that are ,i and 12 Opposition.! FloridThl'Y: } i
and children, but only thirtysovcflleftthe Florida line, : cate uf fover yield to Its ondrrful rr<>rn.
women, prctering to remain in of the Grand Division of this: SENATE: fiction: with their new .. Those who have tried tin mo Jidn? wilt ..... j
rest rather than enjoy Charters i they had been d-'('{' lisa snothcr for any of tha ollinotiU: whUlt th.
granted JOhN FlXlXYSOX
Virginia been IIOX. l'RESU
servitude iu Old those i State. They have >EXT. the tfa <1l" Bitter prnfenus to suUJnc' Ti thoeho
'freedom elsewhere. Some of I hr lid ( pay ,their regular quartcilyy 1st Dist>'it: -*A. W. Nickolson, purchase: hare'not made the t'xp..tlmt'nte..t.lwlly
,.. ,. thrown. on the boatl'y *-- -- --- .' Creeks The & '
.1; j i.- or? ? respect conformto 2d Georcro D. Fisher an early application to l'i" Ititttr-.
no ui.i lento.v and iu
M much opposed were they to per centagc every 3d Isaac Welch micka Micoo, they ore Krlkt.u>)' di"t.v"j of the force, so Grand Division. .
man said
expressed their determination the) requirements, of had emigrated to the nrgani.f .
leaving and many soon Representatives to the j 4th T.Jonei, wore no lo'iger: rSoU by drug: UU and dv.lctl ;ellern1J '. S' e
Virginia "
returning to unleos their 5th Thomas Jefilrson
of Now, Et'pel1' ; in miollif r.column. [1m
the their customs and b '
as opportunity ofl'eicd. Many were Grand Diusion, arc upon the same equality 6th Dew ittC. Daw kins, \\ .. .,
and would '
well wishes tendered to the negroes by the and entitled to the same honors, as the Tlh L. G. McElvv, not not a bftii -
but determined Y.-
the boat star were !
andwhen ll.
subordinate 8th Lamar
crowd assembled ot other Thompson : : ., -
of their fathers
freed the representatives ges ; !
the negroes ;
their wharves of theState Oth II. II. Walker ---'"
ted from Cany me back to old Verginney Divisions, located within the bounds 10th John FinlavKon, and would have n.u Died, at the rcbUcncs of his .Mother

etrnck" which tip wasjoined in by one and all, ,'they have no business to be present 11th James W. McQueen, M.ijor: Rector asfce : Ira. Elisabtth hurst!, on thu 13th I 111t.r. .,
tltatIf nor had fight for it?" If so, George Golden in the Uh f"
and in a tone which indicated plainly and take partm: the proceedings; ; 12th'V.. J. J. Duncan, 2 vvar ;
the ;
will they would to gin better. Finally : buag _
left to their own free Division the right to grant 13tb'Vm. Wallace McCall,
in the Grand : heir demands
the romainer of their days it compulsoryupon 14th Philip Dell, to a In the dvuth of this fntita.ibk: j oim;':
gladly in spend the home of their birth.The negroes them Charters, and make a 15th George W. Call ole subsidy, and tho it will bo felt by :nil ,v\hi Inuw him,

peace for several years past, !have been them to make quarterly tribute, as 16th -Abel S. Baldwin, cn up, peaceable .the connuuuity) uhuh: Imliviil; ; )l..ih

charge of Mr. no'II. Lewis, the : We cannot believe that the 17th M Georgo E. If awes, pressed over bowl ( tat one of its mot-t wurthcitizen:!, Mol iii-

under the who superintended their removal percentage.ot- the ilIesSeigerUpon "" _ivitvvvw.<1.-.io.1 j.nrnnprlv.., .-..f 18th 'V. -J. 1'itt, .. executor_ ., editor the remark 10th Joseph MtRobcrt Baker SENOR OVIEDO.-) : friend, and tho faruily'of "hiili beas
out of the state.It. the matter, ere he penned writes to the
the Charleston Courier 1 20th John Eubanks, ya a member, bright 01"l1l'111,1It.' an."f-'
remarks: Jorv\olecl confident
is now, of consideration in I under consideration ; 21st Francis Watlinjton. St'nor.E. !ttnn ort. Ho has Jell many who will mour_
a question worthy Suites that permit emancipation that he does not desire to discourageany whose late wedding Is departure ; but noneBO' 'ruut'n.u. !his'idowed )i

tooEe Southern whether it should be cariicd ot the tmsions) just over the Hue in HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ed so much public : mother now doubly) bereaved in
at Havana and
wishes :as, is is death, nnd deprived of bet-firmest earth.r .
the in the cause .
put when it ii: plainly flgainbt the inter. Ge rgin", in their zealous labors Patriarch lies' Jony Gi _siiiTn, Speaker He is: the owner of a : : support. May the: widow'* Gcd be lirlpport

it is is in nearly all cases concerned.against. of Temperance. The Grand Worthy of- AUcLua: -Tillman, Ingram.iirevard 1000 slave, and a : in this: trying dispensation '

esU-of the servants State which requires A. H. WILSON, i is member -John S. lleennans. 500 more.,

We cannot see why necessary: a ) tllli'ing Groovcrv'Uie Division, and has for years Calhoun-*Jesso Yon, sr. -0G A-dvortiseinents.
compels ( ,
and his servants, Grand Dhibion of Columbia: ,New River and SuawannecR. EORGIA.-Tho
clothe of the
master to feed and to j.. been a member to" the M. D. Peacock, C. Brinson Stephen on Saturday last, ':
a testator, }himself
M wedded OUND..on
shoulil)permit that master, l lorida. Having: .Roberts Ions : ? Sunday last a LADY'S BREAST
servants tQ rtarration or vagrancy iu less than three flY. The O.'lIrr call obtain th.Mille.by eaD-
force total abstinence, Dade-Theodore Bisut :
cause of SecretaycfState, S at th*office oft -"Family Frl.II<1.-.d parlDr
in Ohio. months after the order was establishedinAmerica Duval and Clay-*F. C. Barrett, Jolm Comptroller .00-the charge forthVi.. aJrertiK'tncnt.
ttT thi G. Smith. State Treasurer J. ew"ef \, -
'c he ban from that it56J : \ltb. J8S9., .
Nov 10.-IleHabloVA6H ilitur.i woikcrin i it be E'iCI1mbLl-.William: L. Williams. Survej General,
\ :
: received, from Utah Mites: that present, been a zealous '! : J.'rar.kin-Robert: D. Muuu. Director of State ; ThOD1q' akiaoo.

mation just Sinclair and Cradkbaugh arc ou half. Ho has never asked to bv reuffliera Gadsden and Liberty-*R. II. M. Davidson State Printers, TAS taken a Roont hIm ColV...S.P1LWOBTH.ortr .
I Judges H rtnett, the conferment of L Deoham d Pulmer'i Stor. and It prepar
their Wabhington.., : ted for his ficrv ices by Archibald Cambell D. L. Kenan. Barnes. to tnnnct biulaen ronmittrd t.\ola ehargr
way heroyelterd3) any ;
Sioretery of the Territory; :anivcd! office: him, but, as we,said above,content Hamilton-John Frink. .. 4 lik.wia would request all persons Indebted tom
". It appears that there continues battle, iu tbo regalia;: : of :a pnvafcwJ Holmes-*CIark li. Broxsoo.Heriiando NEW ORLEANS, ,cither by not or &Cr.ount.to call 11.II.1 settle up.MouUce11e .
do '
murders andbut li5:1\StlinatioTlt: !, to bo bestoWed -James R. NickH. Gov. Brown of : .Kyv.U, 1BJ9.__ Sin
to be frequent arrest*, as the Mormons ,yloma.ticalljr The office of G..''l.-P. could not I Ii. )Iillaborough-James Gettis. an address before the : | I i i i i ,.a,_ | > ,

no obUruct the courso ot justice. The upon n mor 'worthy_membej Jefferson-Geo. Wbitfield, Daniel B. islature at J Ilr:90n.! : Mattress: Makijig. -I

-.:.'._.. .,.mnna IIIUU .-.11- tjja. Gentile* M Bird, A. M. Manning. on Douglas, lie .
that opinion the pn-courts will:! be 6 useless note.** the A :negro arrests v White Man in Jefferson Jackson-*John M.\ F. Erwin, IsaacC. : pcct tor the. opinions r roi' oiuzena! W.iMBBEBT ef Oisnuo and respectfully adjoining 1me.eolisthf.It tim.r .

('bangE-lIlts policy. Gen. John- I .,!County. Robinson,John W.McClar)". than for those of : lie J.i prepared to make to Order.MOM. Cotton.

government i is no restrict by hi* instructiont that I One day last: "weik, an ovmcer upon a Leon-John B. Galbraith, Theo. 'V. There were ,' uck, or Cotton, and Bhttck nixed,' Mottrme*. ..

stun cannot move to tf.Jr.l< l the nec nsarv* neartiie Aaiilla: paid our tow i Brcvard, jr., Joseph B..Christie! It. C. Y"il- low fever iu this city ..p a>thy can be bad 11I'drJIote ..h-: .
he I I plantation liams. -.--- .. tnppll 4 *t ndllCfd price t.
Tro4lukL i $-a.+I_ I a visit, for tho.purpose: oftaking out of jail B\ Lev'-A. J. Clyatt.: Another Harper's Fe Perton*Factory desIring or address work doo)h1m.blOt".wlU a.-s sppllutlteLL through;

m BoltS, the vounst-1 furjuin I I a negro belonging! to his employer. Marion), A. Vogt, Jame A. Wig. MEMPHIS,'l"E", m Monticello Poat-offlce. '
/Laws" I the ror
.n411ij confodcr; tii:, i is n KMI oftheGen. the application of t little whisky to g'm*. men, another one of Mvotictllo NOT. .V. 1859.AtTcTIoNi. 4Sn(

-p. .'Thorpii II. H.iUsot Virgmii and Mf.,Overseer<'r, during his perambulations Madison, Lafayettee and Taylor- C. Harper's Ferry affair, -
tinPiimet> Cv&ce day Gov. A\ iso baa << : !
hew of John )J. !liotu and of &town, became rather "tiyUt L.A. Churib Stephen White
| nr
moth- ( sit ion for lira.
h"De'V. Jlunt of Fl..ri>l:i. Ills however,he though Manatee-Archibald McNeill. ''1 JU. JJE BOLD s* th. COURT HOUSE OBV
| S grand-neo! ot Gv Il. Wu.. iiagton.kUottilisald .-* !:Sot \'UlSltandingtliw, bop\ Monroe-*Walter C. Maloney. ARREST OF, Wedoeadar, ti. 2T4 In t. at I loeiuekj,
lob ayonrgh: 'vtr who ho could) carry the imprUoncd negro Nassau-Thomas )IL Hunt. WASHINGTON, Jfoy \ .

on tits PCVCe 'on lur ", ,.ul* trncp, u'uh Mm i so lie Lad )him securely tied ar Orange-Thomas Hughey. himself McDonald Household and other Ftfrniturcfto
"l'l.llt'tii! limfMi> OIf hito. lutnam-Cahin Gilb aqb erjb*r: Alao,
"n: :abm,1.J'ol 1,1a'f"\ iu thcbtijrgy ; on suspicion of being to the '
I Santa Rosa-John D. Leigh.St. Ferry conspirator >> jut Suiky and Harness Saddle and

Johns-J. A. Midler, 2d. Val there with Brown 'bEILlL1tTeis4sth.:: ..lt1
1 Surater John W. Johnsou. for identification.Governor
I to jail
-A Vdiuia-John "".Sterke _A I, S 04neTouedFtssoJaots.L1stpsi,

\ H W akulla- J. ;:; << -
T. 31. Richardsnn.Wftihingtoii of 1 vat aale""fur blDd. C'r. -Sbarpli.. E>ana:, BOSTON Nov. 9.- ")LlT Itj: 'UTll .avvmbrr
.I'on.iII J.f.: .. .. ..
"'- Iinp"n. ''tI rf"-t'I.\.cI hv 11'1 :: nth. 183"

... ., .

.., ( 1.
A __ p -

--.. '_. ._ '__" -, '__ -
ef -' .- "f"1.. ...'._-_ .. -... ., '- l'-,; fi.1 "1J'P..f/"I.. ":.'" ..... ..,'. ....; ":'' C' .."


."' r .. -. ,.. _,,..t'... ....,..... ... ..,.. ... -"

..___"'0 .A" _.._. : __. T. _. .'. .. .:,. .r..+....n..ua.ip,. .v II .ts 1 'yaz..r '- "" ." _. .
+ :,;. '

d f *.M fr ill M"i vwinr rfli ;; \ 'i 'I

t'.L. \ -_ _. \ .., .. .

Intelligence l' ..9..from f .. Ea,t ""opor I"j tl..859 J. .I- ' .- ;i fs9 { E J'fl'on ot111ty.S1iN \\ 'V
e 9e ; :. ; ( "Ffsr MO.DA' P1 \ ";

i ARRIVAL ; i.IT. i d M' ; T' ., ( lt' tI ,N'M'o (. J .I 4 tiE IQi' .1 e} 1 't .,.DeT.tttne office of the Count*,',f J: t-onVr "i
l a t
t" I' '! ; I' ,. I : J M..ft*,guUJBf J floEecatrU wtr.11t1*\
I \ '. III .. .
ASIA ,. \ ; \ : "aMCUr>ihrlr.
4at f 'f/ i\
,....: :I.4T.; .. <. :. { 'aWt : tqw.u *f 7ubnlttbden, '11lkadlau
r YJti'61f ', 1rtoJn'hini; 'T' : : tL.2Jt.\'n- rrtIro"nrV1.1t: : "t"'lr.tr j -TlHUtlfuJ .fiU.. "' ,. pt 11I..l'4h .10 .1101 l
f : J &. A UII to iirr&' wdTRx; jz
4 A8".h "ttttf) l)1r) .t 3 i fpool\1t I.= 'J -, outcry I1Re
the 29th of Moler. itiich of her cominervaUrt : t oWJ" t 1\.J.l' ..tt:If.JSTO day IB DeeMnle lied"wiU44giil L& .

a : her k 3&1.,3&& : JF1M trr : r5mJt : 1r \ : e.t .L.--' i 1ct I UdotatbePout the Mlowtagde.eelbod bonaedoorjAthetire lade. '0It t.'1he'W'e.' .J

I JNlCtlhH hate( be4S ntiuil'j\tl) ,TAW.. A I.. : the 8 E I, the K'f ftf tbe-.ftrtV U..BW ) of"th

l_, l ; $
T.lvEnPoor..Outf.29rrnQ saJes''of : ; : ; ,: : 1mJ1@G "' and East containing' ;" ttjfynrtiNJ idta more M.Jew J.
0)i. '-'. l tM'iM> ..iM wMilefoedsoVr'ad
,, .ton tot the pan{usmt2'Stek (cfuliug* onOct. ; I J J 2 ll ll R ltbe; .-. ;lob* old to latlify said prifW-f writ t stwtrfiaittmrj
) T G1bdL1181 ter e ceired a
r : 27th;) .renuhet188t0: | Latcs;frCjSvhicU ; araworre,' ron, -. ; { 0 Offered-to t I o l' irig, I ..,. tYIL.ELIJ9r4ihee14. .

-\i 10,500 wore tak n' ,bvjspeculators'mid fl, 3t i httf.LnlJ,1f; :&$//t S. .1''I_ 4..Krt AT-fp N ,;G p.oD.tv I.i ,:& f '
COO by 'exporters. "Falr'"ahtll} Middling ., I 5iL"; V1: L Ql J :1T qualities had Bdtftiti 4} i-8 toi 4!,i'clear ; Mo iiooi1o,1 "1'a. -eta 11 sri \Tefferaou County' .SheHiTij, jSaJvj,

,1lid'l aN and alt 4 ,". ; ErtlJ t,io Iditry .ill'. \ )ttJf-p
CJtton, .ltet. ngef\atol, t' lL'resew. -. ,- -:.wr.- ; ; ij r. lJcCtr ;
had stnproved l Th. .q..u'Ye : ::: : ; virtue of .'writer Kk lse'pJ r1 en'the
qualities liglilly sales! i
onFtid! !.h'et4alfTROdthte| I.ofwhhlftfpea take" great pleasure l in uBevnclng. ,. ,.it BY"rk't office of the County of.lurllflOn_ IJde.! '

and took bale lh (ngouri.. ,, i. i i .: t 1 Circuit Court, of tbvStattvf Flotidn;.1ifli>o, tw"It
ttfort(erf 2,000 :' >nark t. 4o tig'it oytryme=at**. ,.1 \, '!. .< I .I ,- 1 ... It r -1,1' : '. _..1 I ./I( n r i fnrthr3t dtrtritfef.M,( !nlwrehr' W," 3
]hate Orlcan. >ct ; l1td.lhnQM.: ;:FAII'Mobile hith4eelretlonof a'IJaltwnbnvesporednop or f f1 and which;111'0 confidently''offer at equal .1 l W. Croom,Job Bsrnnttand Owenfewisar* lJaiD"' '

t! *7.Wdf'JIKMlin liltri i.3-1 Ud; toafiy, .{In mmrket..tutliitlc.. Variety.niid.C'lioapiu-M jtpcnuc I ." -,.. ..; .,;:011 I''. 'a. 'i ., tllf. and Edmund R. Ita dolpt.,s defendant t bare
Fair Uplands: 7. 3-8t1Mddiprg'Uplaud-{ ''"' Jetted upon, and Will expo for ale at piiljil tMtA
led; #'rlaw'.rtae T* es.toa-4.- ro trio-Lac.1.1.as" : ,. ,il iljVTc i In oltlecJ'J0HNS ; if1;) ; try ta the highest. bidden-en the firt bttI1t T la

There wero only 33,fives I eaVed t troulltc offer ADctititlfnf assortment of Prfi-ii, Goorti. [eoruistlrg'In'partI il:1ckOro.DeUbine if- .' ;;'J;.?, the December Courthouse cacti
\rrcck of tho Royal) Charter,acid\" i4J3 are Silk, of'.different width. and. qnalitios :i : ;< .' NBIR.D 1' ;kGO' the foU4>"-dc.crIWfcT ]fft>t ty U>*,1$ pntSoW. *
known to hara bcenjMtt r.l lt(r*>,'wtbablatefsea,)levied fapori asitte ,]
'flieri lias fcpert "prpt; trtimgc:: ono all Black Figured Silks' Rich Colored Taflita Silk,| ;, N .e party of mid defendant,tad" Vs be Auld'toUfy ald. I:

tOll ,d 'tlm coat fef. ;l by'the"iWenlttonn \ Rich Chcnc'f-ofii.ta8ilks ', I writs according- ti""law. : :VV.7 n v]
3t fcoagters"' ) ;): ," ... "Pfcfjtf_' t.AhD1iit. 'rJeffersoi .;. //
; Numerous hbeen Foulard Silks ; Silk Poplins ; '* .* 'i 8UDDM IMPULSE IH" >TJtR W.VlF: LOVO&TE&AL'ni- I t'hdl18G"O: -x ;::: .
wrecked, an.,1Ianf! IHjiigllost.'Oincinimti ,. MONTICELLOHvV'lXO'TAKEN''A ) of tire Urod.and It eobaldf \
near ceroptalftn : being -"*
'CHARLEYS of various shades6fcolor ehronyhl Sheriity Side:
now County
to ftirt- T..n.th.
*. by many,thnt a"st amount of lIu.ln'U ihertly ( undersigned w ':
Ji'I''ll1nglilR.t'lt1fht'l! : 'b'oWII1.of i1LLiVOOL DfiLAINS. different color* { In meet the ex meted increased demand, hue" trough. oul from New'V ntk;ML-1RGEK .and MORE FIRST AIiN6iT ilr OictiisrfKfcxiT -.
have! adopted a erieft'NfJrcsolalions ". DKBYESj 'l\IERINOES' ;.; COMPLETESTOCK of, >Y virtue 4w.writ of FI),. F.*y messed from i.
pledging 'themselves-'- :".keep,1 I tho t LPACCAS PERSIAN- H' Stnpl and I'a'nCy''Dry'GOOds. J J Justlrt) Bnkcr1 Court,lit aDd ft*the 8th'DU.trict'oTlfllJ -
Sabbath day holy" (the seventh a''J.slid' ; : :;, Coudit.,"rvhn! iJtv0 Walker and fli
to tlowi all' the .ofbusiit3 f ] on that50QJBairrels ;;t 'GINGHAMS! PRINTS, &c", &ci1j .. si than tins evor.ofiire Imen o'lforeil In tills market. ..And owing lo the'rurrnoo oif'sucli large,qIl4nthl'fI J(lines TV Bnker oro'plnilltitro,IInd llnlsey; A. Tomn- -
.lace! they have bci'n enabled to obtain Itiviu upon bettor term than heretofore,ami i 4onse<{UemlfV can toll lo Bend U defendant, I IIBTO levied upon'mi tr11f' cs?
",la). It' U with Complete; teORTMENT OF MITE E.. GOODS euMomer* al MUCU LOWER ItATrX Call And etnintna their Goods, for!hoy feel confident._ that they pose fbrralc, at public outcr3't to the hlghcrt b ddet'.' (
-- L ,:; f ), oan pleaie th.e) mostfaettdeousr in STILE, PRICK AND QUA U,'L Ti.oCif on the fir$Monday tn tr ct; gltlttrJ4I
!.Itourt of wo.bcfort tho Court ( ouae. door la 0..
Liiiiic ; Lace Un QIepve t tACOE1 town of Mautlcello; thefullowin deacrlbedlaud, Io'
''L3nenlVork: ,. Kdjjiiif, Inserting, : AND WELL KI.EttBD: BtOCK' OfGOpS wilt I Tile N Ejiorpoatlon 84.Ti>TpBtlpl, Rog
+ Yoke & Jnconpt 6, North and Gut conUlulnft 140 .ord mores
vCollar ,
the World UbEs'* 'bas ,!It. Levied n bon m the roprrt laid dtfiniS-'
m 44 Cnnibrics, ''Tarltans, Illusion; &0;, tier : ant and to Vi old! to M\Wy hard write aoe bNIn f to" N

"'I' IG3ED hsi on hand'atIon 4LSO.A FIXE WVAR1ETY OF-' Will cc'rtaluljF stt>ik*the; aiJmWkon'; 'jt the talk' .sex;, .they; coiislrtbf ever.J description, fro tde'eheKpcst' ilw' ftth'/loBl/ljtJ;, a "w c.-11.''EIX3.-.S.87. '7i, rtffJOctober1 4cree
"ttrt.li'; Lime; which U CLOAKS, MANTIL.I.AS. ,,SHAWLS,. ,?. nO.T>! :tTKTi-Imincd;( and Untrimmed,)> j Calico to the Hchcrt Silk, to wit I t"' I : '

M good oil Hj Hj worlds Certificate to 'nldr line>.f fT.PIiFA !DE1.TE! -*-" "GKDOI! '.wremine.everyarllde | PLAIN BLACICSIMCS PLAIN DaLAINS 'AND:tAIuNOES ; 'Nnti
rich red cflr H HMJ. from' numerous. persons. ; nsimlly kept,(nnd sonic Ihr.t.. lot found,, evePU'a-liorr) and. adapted.] to the want of vrtry class ofLliyera RICH siLicCo: ? ;flvuivr COLOR;: I DELAIN AND CASHMERE 'ROBES ftFIGURRQAND .S1tIJ1 D: 'u.. 4" w..
vlio have trird E- ; coosJ tUiilu-.irt of. y 'j'
Persons ]vlshlng7| KyL6Bd It t<' Jhclr.Inter- Gingham; 'French English and American, Print Domestic floods PLAIN ALPACCASj SCQTCH .AND ,..AMERICA.: ,PLAIDS;f .I T7QUR. WEEKS ifteraAtittfi'iinpp!* lotU
f %Uontrable Jiidtf ProtiU 6f J.ffor o4o6 A' 4r
had anJ r.
c t to purclmW of ml HEn e, .cheaper
on I..tt rtern" thane >sW&,;Apply at my Lime Shirting, Blenched nml Brown Sheeting ,fallow' Casings:! AMERICAN, ENGLISH \NDPRENCn' ; PRINTS: ty for u order and deore*#f-ide bonrtWt Court
' a ai1 Yard about twelve disc&utl >( uontleello."d. Kerst-ya Pantaloon Stet, 'Plains 1 Their Wn"tTBX 'ti n"d LINEN p partmenUareconiplct :r A JU tho.\u'l liue Uond.. .' .. istripus tc.;, aJMD 0 ,belonging 16 the Estate tlr Jbhn Uv.Ttylof,-1U of i
0 1
) tour JOIIV ) '1roR. Klanketiv Oznaburgt, ) ; a11jO. ) rtO' ":C, O > D. EV" : ,. .;. aid county,deteued/.to wlt, .The .N \ of Section f

.1..':fcrumCnuayJatNuvs12,1, : tEttfBtlli3fyl .. A' full enumeration' '. or.'which. .would.. require. .....mere spaoe than can 1 e spared. in this. i(MTO of the Friend.. otrR'AssOnnr&oiTDF'WP.o"TEn-' '.16, and the E i of the N.lL"| 6f S rtlon IT,Tovi? .
lip! 8/ Range a; South and East- contAin ng four
.ftIOO OUR > TCCK: OF- 3El.OQ.C3LyIVXCXC3.O: Ol.O.tll.ll3S ,1 b for, .Mcn' 'and @ i'o'o W m! ;.hundred acre*,JoOrrorl-f to be old Upny.tbe-' I.
:'Boy'wear,is full slid ee "M "IILIRIJ:4: t' CllACEauimuncrs the p> ;.11'11'AKlJ C A IN, ft) CTfnt VnrW\ of at vl"' : \ Ar really niagAlficont.;ombrhclnR mnnv NEW STYLES never before imported toit Ml country,and rang heir' IhereoC'3.W,,,ED WARDS. : v
V' nf MoiitUxllo and rfsb.hk; \ lliut.ho Laiudtttnq 1AKUWAUE.,1K> \AitE, NlIL'i, SA1)DLEItV.c-acamrletestock ty tug at various prlce Also-Lnco Quo At, CrnpesVelvrts, Rlltor.K, Ruches, Flowers Plumes, Bonnets, November 8,1889.- [ -t],' JEt-officlo. Adm'r. ;
|>leted the titihii 1 vpuf IV flrt cl.i& rU.r.I.\JU: Tg lOII S AND J-HIO?'fur\.flee, Gents. and flhiWrrn full supply' ; lioavrr, KM and Cashmere Onuutlutis Kid and Silk OloVo, Cotton)Merino and Silk Hosiery ; and a very : &
r'.SL'iUNintheban.lingreceutlte..ndructtJ< ty r. KiTogcthM1 with! ahtrgeetonkofltlS311LDROGASSNorthru"ndlfoatamanufaeture.ARS I ) : extontlve and ch'gllilt( lot of Executor's Notice.'. ,6
? Mr.Mrp'irn, tl! uwuo.I, on theNorth'uavt. cortur, nf MMT-innv, STEEL CITOGIE}*.. M : }:-', FURNITURE, Ac. ,,*T S"* U 1D P J E.Orttr ALL PERSONS having clalai or demaadu, rldier"' L .
the pnl.lU1 sqiinrc, i ercJItort.' ', '
legntees or t>< entitled t,
lli.-" :..(two In riml'tT.) sea ti! u bc.- made In .,' THEY,AUK ALSO. rCKPAItKD' Fl'RNIbll X4 (fwhith,' WO *teIDnMcnIIII"u\ ; the Indie.,) with 16, 20, 30), 33 and 40 SI'rlnK" dintributton against or 10b.. enate'ofthe late Wes /
r lli* City of Sow Yolk. ,i lrM'trlli h ( l C'll]i gt f @rP WU l rl'i1 a l@' Wo Imvo everything fuel, that the ladle* could ddlre.II'om. Caiutrlo Nrcdli the FIlt rarl4AlldLyonA .Clmrlo*Henry are hereby notified ,
Top ''aitit'Lidid Jt"Mtr ((7-M lont.Tuthus 'u J 51 D9 Silk }rc.. 1'btu-rn. t -. i present the lame to the lubKribei1, F.Xeeutllbyof the
who would like hi ttile away alt hour ort Tuastluruithrl4N:. TJQ-6CPrLIiS, en a*,JavoroMo terms; a .. ItMn two yr* >III'lbe date bf Uil noU.. or It
no iu Inr.oi-mt sod a<-hi title uiviit. ere 1II'uloIJ r r '
e----- DRESS GOODS will be pleaded In Ur of Ihulr reeorcrr.v .
'. full nt th J JMUnl! Suloon roN'lI
< ;
f \
S ':- -J'I.Iinii'd.M..iui -uty\(.f ':;.\ : nd COLD WATCK. alf (JOT I TtwuiUj; ; wo arc ngiiu: in the market, :and will and an Immense and Elegnr.t Stork'(at prlctii to colt every class of society,)of the, most fnslitonall* MoutUcllu..? .,,,Fla.?.Oct.' JOHN 24, ,81111.MILLER.. .7-10t ExecnloF\ :..'. .

wtvon give the M;livst mj.rkct'uluc, and will iiinka\ vincc* to ny of ourvustomrrwlio Inn, prefer; to ship.
,'li! ), ::"\'. 11.111:1.1 ,S98mExecutor's .' t'"('): 1'It\. PRODUCE. of all kind I ti\ flluit::." ilr tarter furgnoJ" ., IrE AD) YM1D E '' 'r.tate of Patrick H. Hagan DismiMion.; dcc'd/

Snlt' !tApplIcatlou for Flual
: T y' >V'J, SIX montli 4rtr"diti'I haul>'pre* nt'my final
I. I WILL OKr'KR: FWt011.EONTiIE(5tajtixl( )) 'All id4-nuhuAuredofthe1retfubrles and pnt nnd mad ia th*Intest" mvles.. Also. Marseille and Ltnun' Bevinrii cad roaeh4naadmiaUtrator Jr.the
MII).,\ la4'ernetiu.It.tsltivrvuerdontillAt l'fml.cr iK'At,ut 'I'jo I'iji.t.itSoii! iif -ED Silk and 1 Marina Kt-tt and Drawers Cravoti !estate Patrick 11. late of Jeffereoaxeouaty .
JL' T REcrII fr.mi Knoxvlllo'; Tviinpneen'\ : Alltnnv. 0"1'/111: Slfl tiaml Cullarsf ;t'Mrts_ ; lores .snd Ilandkervuleh. lUgao -
|i .UIa Kh i-r,nil I IUIl Sai-k, 03 It's. c th.I Extra.ind 00Sick* Family Flour all fresh ground fron N"u\ White Wheat; ) J deeeaMd,to the Honorable Judge ef.{"rotate.of1 ,
I the pcrUhulle'firoj'Ttr hull: !h.g lu the. E tutf I Also--2) I5I.K 8111"1'11 011.1 Earn Flour:from New Oil.aim; \ moots ana Shoes.: laid county, and apply fur a discharge froto.\" t4

t i-iiiMulint. uff1 11.1CUNshin and shoulders; S\is'nr\ ,, Cured Hums, '' 0,1.1' 1 MIl, 18. 9, : '4 ( ".l I )..cJ.UtE'i 1"1 G1"tnAMtwdJt.:
f1; HORSES KUIE3$ CATTLE HOGS do.I Coif Ri I And uoat Shocs ..
; .. ,
; '1 .t" r ;.J.t. ; deanboryT'l8pgsnp e'ta+kr.irer4huc'
-- ---- ; t .
Cloth and Kid QsiitorB nnd KiJ Goat.,4D.t. JiSLlii
a [ Cvl/. FOD1)E1 : Calf ixIfoatit S """ :

1 f .1859. FALL '1'RAIL, 1559. Misses', Cloth! Kid. Goat, andKfp.I3ootsa.MBoy'snltnnllICipBootsand', loo i,.l @D It:\ '.

i :!'armin; UtCD.s1.1s, _. ,1'. Wr. XXL6t And Paps I I )

t 1t41rsEt1OLP .\ I' KITCUK.VI FL'ItNITt.i ii GenW fino Beaver} ftuJ Silk Hats; GcnlV Moleskin au.d. Cassimcrdllatg! ;,, Ifoyjt1 CMS!. FOIL ) n

I II ill kl>u iiiTvr f r sots on that Joy-- i sxoetston STOiIt III?"ru,andY0(1 HaU ; Csu'wot: every descripllon/ I IIAVP the..ore nurobif .f Brjcfci it+ mp Yard.,

, $ T'-'S Aero. of J/iiul: SuiidriesFlnnnela moue, 'u.t.d.It:mile Wed otTowX;on the
f : TalluoaMcq ; otba on the PenMcola .udi
} > ItugLrtwetn P.'iuh's Crick and Hie vtnzuslinc ; ,Satlll"t .Twc.d;Bleached and Brown Domestic, Irl.h LInen:Fine niaotets SaddlmCar. Georgia Ranrondrl) mite Ea'tof laden 8'-'At.the ,
Uiwd: Ui.i'wnasll.o ih early t'In.#, Tei uis vosjvj pfUlng,Trunk j VaHee*, Umbrclln. e. U\r !!rL',1'ln Ware..Crockery. Olu.. V&rr. Cutlery'Ael: Utter, Yard, I hare at -'. > rtMet1
.\iiis: na.-T. laecwur. .i! BUM ""
J T.L PROBIETQKJ. ,' .- r O it' rfrAO 'A'2.tt
.Vovenilirr I2lh, Idilt. 3s 3t >)
,. -. l To. .the I In nfcr.We connecting with tilt Railroad; 'lieU\ t I can load

; .;,. 5. '1.\i-.lml'lI Fate, have prepare-l ourselves l W 611 all ord.-r* In vou'Hne ]BAGOINO and'KOPrJ; on haud;!and f rolh- Can for any person llriag tieaf the Road IT "tIol
-- ed ot the lowest a good simplvof Shoe All Invent ura good ,ftticle of lirlck
1; possiWcratosr ( Ncgfo and 1 mankeu;KerS 'A, persona .
11 1 RST 3.ION DAY IN'J AX (U All Y,' T. ISlam), of tho "Exe"I I"r Store." thing too niodvst, )jiinitelf to piT:( O.naburgs'buiight in this S pea section us,Shovels.Uf country Hoes", Trace Chains! Ac.- All! .of.which will be sold; al' fow) ,Llnsevs.as ,.they, StrlDC Mn .U*. ''' 'will. GyAU do. well orders to give promptly me* elll attended' to '... .

10OO. flue bronchi out Ooode for thu rldillud poor I He Miysliothlng nf KnilroaJi orallY nCli dug; JAM&-j ELL WOOll ,"

1)Y "I-trl.r, S writ rf ft Jo.. !....-. hem the His! Stock l 18 Ijirge.and, hi*price*low- \ rerpcetfully invites one and alli; October 22th 1869.. Jolt. I
r AW I ) Cli-rk'. (OiHc. of the trnlted \\.icS.Jnurt. Xor- Cull-examine-and you'll fhlll them sot! To give the-EXCELSIOR 8TOUE" a call.lA AMttv GRQ1iE1UE8 I I I--- ,
thornIYettiet I ; of Ilnridi. at Talljlnia.i>, wherein Steam Mill_ nml' 'fjnndrpIIE
'I.i ".. Mii-hi'"ilj! |\.IJI"I'I'! and JjuuI}. llumptnul ] 01' ho has just received a Very large and, well selected.st'ck of In thl line we will endeavor to keep on hand of ." Cotree. Rlc .
l I. det''II.ldut.IIIIIJCfl .1 npnn nnd will\po'' fursale Butler 8 laBi e dt. Cr"ek*. ( ndlM.Sonp.PoprKr.VpIoc.SaHPltllIi' *r Ch"*,' GoJlCDAlso -- For 15tt1.. .
4r nt jinMif outcry, to the higheM J JlMi-r: l/ef..re A '. stock of FINE tANDIEi.VIN!*. WHI ,dc "_ subscriber offers for sale 9 JO-acre* of pine
the 'oust ILia-Mtilnur in the; town of Montici-llo! IFAIiIL Am wwnem} mir IJ t @ man honest.'with) any quantity of the varion.Iran.ls of "PoiaacSOo'( '. dishonest JL Land fi t'e miles forth ::01 Monticello, on tits
J.-IIVrJnn Cnnniy, on the i First llonHny In Jjuaary, of SoSCtX aver brought to tho Town of Montlcello. ,. the choicestlot.In _- Orooverville road/with tholmproTenleDtaJiereon fall > IJ
I tll". 1100 8.llouhn c criloCJ funds. to *;'it : of which.rlllle.framed balldinm, :One hundred .
COJJS19TIXG OF EVERY VARIETY coneluDlon, our stock I* brae, all (fresh and e.nbraoea '
F.,rty-ulnean< :- > ariBoii W t of S E J ofTnwn.hlpI.Ilsnt every article the country can ( \1J11 emond, acres of said land 1 iv cleared, ana under ardinary
,,, .n. othsrol }:.t If you wish to buy; ho sure and give us A call Our/ood.llro for sole and all we uk U ; fence STEAM >,
a. "i'II : ::. ; an fxamlnaUon Also n. SAW HILL of twenty
:.W } nf tl...N E }. and the S W of StTtloa 23; cru 1e1'six1 (11 tl of them by the people. and we feel confident they will not ramuln oh our hands long.. horse power having 2 cylinder boiler. 30 feet loo*'
'I''lIlhlp.1'1I1t"1 3.I'ot'lith stud &..t; the W \ of @Xr. ( Oottozxl ,Oottoxx; t and 28 Inches la diameter; Engine II Inch bore and
ti! N\V i ".f St-etii'n S5. Township I, I Hanjjo S, We ,ill buy t. mnke liberal advances 01\Cotton;tonsl.gn"d to first nines house* in New 18 Inch stroke made by 'R. klodlay.Macon, Ca.;
1 Ninth aiid\ F-urt ; the Jt: of the X K J of $--ecti n 3d' September24thl85L' :(a2.1.n. .OIl York '1855. Eusopu rock 4 feet tu.diameter, attached
the .: j -of the B E i uf "iclinti SO Tc.e'o.J.lp I. AND STA LTI ART-ioI-JES I !J- .': '. '__, .. : 'V.nll&.D. 4 CO. and lo good running order j together .with a. Clrcul.ir -
, liunga: I, South coil Knt-t S the S I KJ of the X K: i h'NTlRELy..VEW.WTIIlELY NB tt't't..' ', ---- Haw,and Lathtne do.. _' .
".f tWtion !I5. the \V 1 of the X W J of i<.L'titn Sli, AMONU M-IIICII t ARK ; A lumQlc i lu the' !rsj'.wat lltr [fur
of tie I N W Juf Swlion 3i5.Township What is HI I .' -
.n,1 1 1 NiEWGOODS allpurpn e>
J, :E'E'f! ""Uth UIM!\Fart;{ thi* W ) of the R E: ftbe Ilich Printed Del.nine', (aU 1 wool,) and eT. inc IiOli(8 : A .t160. two Too'i a Light Wagon. aactUfBUckmiith '
shoW ,the fi T.V. 10rtboSW,1 That Woiulcrful PiirifylW ;euls]
J J.o11ic.nidI\ Drl'sii Si1k'J, or the latest Paris.stylc3 ; cUr the stock 011 the place
K-ctW J'lTonsiiplUaiir], 4. tHintti tad East r ron TodG will be old at a low rate and on easy term to an
of the X E of Sitlion Township 81tperiol' Plain i Black Silk ; American and Euglih Prints D '
Almi the S E i i ; DarbjVProplijIactic.Flufd( dt.I approved purchaser A. !I. JIAN.N'ISO
t I, fangs; I loxLevied 8, t South and Jot ; coLtaiulng 840 acres- .French Embroideries i ; &la1I WO 1ri n I I pt ember 24th 1869. tljanALL .

more .r upon a*'the property" sold defendant, Lace ami Muslin Collars and Un
and to te sold to satisfy sold writ ueeor ling to law. J. lil'-j' Kmbvuul'd: KennTck.. It it a Triumph /
E. ?. BLACKBURN M. :< ouillicjn-stitchedCambric, Handkerchief; _, persons Indebted for lumber, by not or ae'f
ftrkntlJirSkUlt fount for tb.yurt 1857 and 1868. to the **-
_Xovrml.tr 12, 18"9. 39 6t fQUE J @b@'rrnr lJW& .@ @W&W @ It is a Choraiiaj ITbidn Of materials provide*] t I.y th.WOULI) AGAIN rECT.FULLY CALL ,! tatii, of Benjamin Manning are notified that the'
tar i* .ttentlon or tabie must be paid OB 01 before the 8 rat day of January
herself for tbd w'e breath. of '
rendering air FALL
l-sh-nl'H IX GREAT VARIKTYi pure crally tel myStuek end 1 lohTERiOOOD8 next, or'els* later the coat of suit. A fair
Sale '
U. $. 11I Flannels: all' colors AIM q\iiilities\ \ sl j Its. action I ie in obcdiuoc tQ. fix: tawsj: 'Wh1ela Stock of haijuudt Goods booo rceore from the North My INGAdma! '

FIRST, MONDAY J IN NOVEMBER ?Huckaback nail pam.uk Diapers{ "QUIClt, SUUB.POWERFUL! thls'aeaeoo I isLARGft September lith;I 58. than _

1000.POSTPONED.. Ik-! Damask Napkins and Damask Table Cloths j It purifies dwellings, sinks and kitchen t % Add MORE VARIED I r nod fox 19 file.rjpllE .
j r; Ladies' and Gents* Merino V ClotH It removes all offend odors THAN EVER BEFORE -
; ;
f A complete assortment of Ladtc-B1, Misses',' fJerilicnlens, ,t Youth's' Ifoskry ; It It cure prevenU burn neat with from instant spoiling certainty i ; of thing'which ulolllly brought to the comprising 8outhtra n Xt ever.U J. they citizens can be.of supplied Monticollo.iUi are Fire)informed Wood upon lbM

Ladiee'and 3Iis.es' Steel .Spring Skirts, of the.xery.best 1 styles and quality 5 i It make bard water soft; terms a I am determined to sell on is favorable making applicatiun to. the underoI acJ.
By tlrtaeof a.'rlhf U fa,issued from the A URGE ABSOKTMEST or COATS BKOOKS' SEWING Cortex !LB FOR ALL TUEI.umlfES It i u the best cosmulie; they can be had In thl. place, Order ,111 L. promptly joospUedalth.si4goodwood t
clerk's office of th"United States Court Xor*, U scatter* boll*.hen forming; -MY STOCK : furnished at {2.00 per fuur horse lost
them district of Florida, TallahaMee, wherein NOW \y y E. It soothes. boll when(formed and huh them rer. OF- P, B. BIaA'dnnst 1
t William G Line, tt .',,are pluintllfn and Cob"rt..M. A Complete assorlnieiU of Ladle JVoiiriiiiig Goods Idly; GtbJ 1859. Z3tfNOTICE. '"
Hcndry.U dek tidant, I hart levied upon and will) M aOn LA Y A XQ O 1AMX V It relieve heartburn; Hats Caps Boots Shoes and
expose for sale at puUie! outcry to the highest bid J It cures tetter and scald-heat I ,, IIAILIt0AD T if
P .llr l before the Court Uuu e door in tbe town olMadison KERSEYS AJfl FLAIN?, to, which we Invite porllculAr IItttntlon. a* theynillte aold.t the nry III good for earbuncU-s, olC .;corns and sore it
Madison Co. on the fir.L Monday in November I lowest figure It cltanse tl.e1 th and purifies the breath; fliEAOV ffaL&IDS Ol LOTIHIJ-MQ- I kl Subscribers to Stock
next, tha Mlos'Inp d.rlb..llaodo to wit: A great variety of other F.I NCY AND STAPLE ARTICLES. uitaU for the present teuon. It destroy all vegetable and auiuul poiwns; UlurMa mipletc I have full in the Monticdlo Branek." P: .,
The E of the N W t ud N W of the N W t.of: HATS AND CAPS, of very Styb; It U the Jest preparation ever used fur fresh Staple Oooda euslstlngofKcrscys a .upr-lr-of 01 *. Oco..Kaiiruad. Ire notified to par up at once, to .
section T.TewnshlpS,8,Range( 8, E;tIle SEt of Bon.nets--Tr1.X1.X1.od wound ?> UESHAM PALMER.Montlcello. .
the S E t of S ctioi 1 ; and the N E t of the S K Jof a.nd Untrimmed, It rclicTts in a few minute the tite of liuiecU, Plains Lfnseyg; T3..N Ov.11. 1859., 83 it
Section 18.; Township 6 t},Range 7. E; the NEt\ JfaJ4 ty tke.Jfott 1aehioncbL..VUfie.ra oA'ewMEN'S York I 'tIllnga of w.*.oto.' "* Striped and Plaid Dvmcstics; '
of the S W i of Section t1, and the S i of the & 3c f The tlonpitaLi'of New Orleans and JIgtIlj, are usIng : J'leachcu and Broxvii do.-0 & J"-4 Dedication of Odd FclorMIaII.ACCILLA J.ft.
E },end the 3Eiof theN W t of' Bertion 28. iu ; ,fUQg 9't [ 'ADO' BOYS' 'RUSSETS.A it; Bleached and Drawn ; LODGE);>. 22:1. O. U FM"t Gro -
Tuwnsbio8., Rang 7.E; also the S W J of See- r A HopiUls corporations, sliip-ma. manufacturer 'Janncls-of Shevtiiiff; Georgia will dedicate tub 1111 onPaturAiy
tion e, Township I, Range 8, tb.td E J of the S E ,ood supply! of the Celebrated. Hiladelphla t bhoes fur Ladies Jlisse and Children.ojrtltf' ?, planters physician*,furnhihed by the gallon at Blankets all kinds ; before the fourth Sunday. la November t+
t. the N E.of the N E to{ Section U.1'nwhip reduced rates. ; \lest. .UI A. M.The .
6, Ranee 7 ; th K W t of tb. N W J Section 7. The wZrlt'}'lIItoml"t Typhoid and Scarlet Fever Pa.n.ta1oou Goods u\.lloarow\lwJ. .
Tuwnship 6, Range 8.- the S W J of the N W J of @fnt Anil n .( InfJl111 are tnll.\gooted! by the use of this Fluid;it has beta UC every variety /; lie Pulicatioa to "k.f'&ee,, at'I i vVi<.). s,the
nation U.Towashlp 6, Range 8, the S W J of Section ; known to. .check the spread of Typhoid Fever in s .eoosUliig of Satiaett. ,. TweedDoeskwa f a Addrcs at theMi-thodU l (' :, at 1 o'
8,and the S of the N Kf/utUI.Il.y .to.Ladies' .
",Township IIi Esnn { laraiuc*ana upon pitrnlauoat; clock.. P.M.Member .
K}. the 8 E |. of the N W f of Section 28, Tuwe.. A Urge supply *hich i Ii warranted to Le made wel,.at th.y are bought from lint elat housetla N. Vof k. l.esdiig fbysielauiar uaing ta Charlunton Co. I Dress Goods *M Uie oner> art" rcgw.toj la loeet at
ship t, Range 7.and the S W i ef tbe 8 F. }. Eke.tion HARDWARE. CUTL RY.TLWAKZ. CROCKERY GLASS WAR, EOLLOiV4 RE NAILS InmbU tUvsnnah, Augusta, Atlanta Mm-on,Co. Also_A lot ; the Ball at 10 A. U.
II.Township t. Range 7,S and E. iambus fcUJms /lCl3.SEr-PROJ.JNSi; Broom October IItb.18ot. *t ft
Montgomery Mobilu
and New Urleans.
Levied upon a*th*property of .sal d defenda, STOXEVARE.\ BADVLSar. sEa; in f fact every thing that may be eafled .' and Buckets, of Loin manufacture.MV
"nd It bo sold to satisfy said writ according In law. : for*n4 1*usually.kept In Southfru SU>r. For sale druggwU anieouatrymerchants gen STOCK OF- Ho Stock'Raisers I IIK
I You
U K. BLACKBURN U. A M. ." crally.froD\whom order ara respectfully solkit .l. ITARDn ARE,-
ET U. W, EDW! !>. M* hal ,' Trystlcsst on* botU.J '
price ceuta Folluw CUTLERY1 ta the
Oetobn lei 1859 ti bi*. FA3IILY direction*.,, Minutictiu-sd. in the LabratorrDAIUW YOU WANT THE
0 .
and lo k x1
Stat of Florida,eouie ) JV f
Tie above'sale is pnoed until Monday, & J
tlte tT 26th of Pi-eeoftwr ((1859)-)next. Coffee, Suaai, Soap Candles, Tel.i, Pepper, Salt Candies PreservedCc -Aabura PIUCE,Ala, HOLLOWARE, ten.willaho JOWl yld., _h pl.slv,QI and.Ia*QlJrL halt Jf. *. J"Cn: .

November It. 183 tt ""7tm i TODACCu-a, large lot. from. eommot t.o the R.toLFT
i Billy Bowl J brand. T. 31.ty I'11.MEIl. CKOCKERY.AO., III\-IID dOIl't1.Dim ,1>
G OV Q rF'fiHIStnte For sale lo New Port by Is large and rsrUJ., Aii Toilet drUelu otta Jedersoo O,.tf )Jm V .I;
.: SEGAKS- Lest.Everything 01&M. Saddlcl" b .r ,1'v '
very oertlA, Carp M "
Hank Florida. .. JAMES V.'SKII'1'ER; Tools, Nallwtc. .0. ._ ..:
: in the line 'K ]r08elJ r akw.
,W) BAILEY. Pr Exchng.a New,' York snip New Or- :3To ill' of .'hichthe Proprietor would 13y ..'**t* ..nf..ta.byIJD'IHu.t -* .r.-il-lu'.lui": DDd try,, nlMf her*, and istuU>. and prle. 6UPq'JQ1'ja4t teet4:r dta q .. .'
U1EIf.ofDtf.n" .\IIJ ) .uit'd ,.n! ; cen4Bag to t1uG'qIkteLa-- my coda JOHN n. "V :n. .t1. by .tditk7le"'sh
d ".
-f ,1 r 'l"BI"11 W4 to ) .. .
w. you ac ,
Kuv14t's. tall : l I r i'! .rkL Jitb l"r :y, ss- 1" t| Sluatlrt u. ftetuM r M, i ti 5V ,( N.7sr.e3la +r ttt td59.: y. :,;s."

-' "'--. .r .. -,'

.. -" t,: Jrt. "

I. .... ft
--- : :Ico.l ':

." : .... ."- '-". '-. .;'_ -- _ _
- -

J i '.. _...= --- .- J.-._ -..-- .'-.,-. -.-.
... .-.. .. .. '._ ,_. f. r -..
-- --
.. -"l' t'
_- 1
: :----- ( ,
/ { '

- ._ .. --. .:. .. ,"It ::11 P J ? .: .f. J .YVtED., ? t .. .- .- -- -:.

-. '. .

TFO.UMCIellan ; HOSTETTER'S ALBUMS Ladies, a grent .vnrity,. nd WOODRUFF :

fessitini rdsA.'i' ILegal 1S 0 ti g- FM. PALMER ..ofall Sixes, wil iplcndid engravings FitO3t ,
: '
STOMACH BITTERS 'and in bmd ng*. Autograph
; \ hnnd1tO'
"McCANTSy'H."D" dcc'd. ,., 'Books f

r HtMIEOPATHIO'NlYSICIAN; ';a_, .Application for Final DilD ':Montice11o F1a.DEALER JttrOttwrt.#j'LesS DOI.1 of /l"/.Utolo.' .' "'fd.'..)"**/.. ANNUAL Ie 1600: flqbc irfostVlcgant lW ()rti"
Owuia. illustrated
HCNTIOrEl..L ;: :a.onOD\i I Sit MONTII3 from date hereof' I thall present ,1. A. Amuir* ararf *r Kami*,Mnlrl o .1"j.r" harttbomely:
I Iny account and Tonchrr,a*administrator nfho INq JbttfOert, ( le CAatira Jfi* JvyISZ89'
,0'.11' t IWateof CIul., D. UcClrllan, dccetucd.to the la view of thfl fact every "t11: of ,

L W. .., M. IV T. it. rAtMEB M.D. I.tfi.. Judge of Probate for Jefferson county, and the Lumen family is tat I..*euijreteul t. 'nM-A; assortment ft Pal t <

.............._, '...a..a.. ....... ,iray to bedlwhnrffpd from the Mm .' some of the above aomplainUjbcaiUcjJnnmerable splendid ; (PRtfiEO(RALlOAD.WITH'AI ,)
HENRY t ; p4ith Ut pit, Pocket and FftmiIyl3ibleebOundJflevery
: Y. MeCLELLAX, Admr. B other eond'lln'' In lifi-.mhicli _
8. TAnOR a PALMER, s.-telJlb4.1o) 2Uh.18**. 82 6m t by the assistance of II lUtli knowledge vrnerelse style, from .i,00to $50.PflAyEft '- 81.P. .
:.Moatlc llo, FIatVUoiit.u. common ncnw.ll.'r.nwy be ails! BOOKS.-complete assortment Baigiit Rope and Twn? t ;

M Fidcs in Co.P.rtnctiiI3 Estate of John Sever, .deceased. a to regulate. their habits of iio.and wall in form and at all priOA- Now JDfour;Wco'ancl Whisky. :

March Ith. 1859.' .- : ly oatMtc4tS': the awLtance of a good t.. .cn"per tins Bonnd in every morocco And velvet.HYMN BACOX' It rnS and Shoulder, )le. ?
APPLICATION FOR FINAL, DISMISSION. inancnt health. I order toceompli P.
'- MOXTIH line date hereof shall present desired object true eO.1 to pursue IK,, ., BOOKS for Methodist, Baptists, Cbcosc, Butter and Lard ; .

Dr. Robert Scott. *. i SIX my final account and \ouchen a* Adtnlnlitiut4.r eertainlythsitwhiich vill 1 J-n. iiw a Mlural vital, 'Pbyteans Episcopalians, Lutheran, ,jJalt I Tea flIntl.Cofli., I.
lisiurJ of Sugr _
Oils Stuffs 'he least
Paints YarnishesBRUSHES
OFFERS HHTotheettlzcnsof in tho IXntc of John Severlate lit Jcflersofl Dye ;, Itt strength of thing at: rUiis end Dr.UosU-tter and all other denom t tCS-oodj0.tr? .: .
PO2OAL I o'OEQ Bounty,deceaid to the Honorable .Juilso of J'ro- introduce., tine a inations. : j
bate fiir mid ,and hi enmity apply for a dbcliargt fromheniliulidxtratifnof aMrlnhf everythIng *
Montlcca and "rktnIty.MrchL'i ; called Works of 1
"' -' aid .Ut" I U not new Bancrft .
day a
".: ,Gm, JAMC3 SEVER: AdmV "Irlll1.rr loth 1339. ea.. r>-, Tears. giving HSitUfactiim to all shun Inure and every other standard DWiE

,C.O.FIFE,. > 1@lf lr1Jm m1r need I it. The Bitters"r''penrrllll' upon| ,BOTANICALS hyCom8toekOray, Lin Anything fro.Vi; .N

ArrOJU'xr'. & COUITSELIOR AT:LAW. Estate of Mary HdwariU, dcce; ((1. D lie itomach, I".r. r..illl) coIn Darby Wood, etc'etc.COOl&RY .1NDL RUDE bETl';AN'JAt"Q.,,
them and !
to a healthy
vifeonxu :
FLORIDA. and Cook .
MONJICELLO. ; Application for Final Dtnoisilon. ;TOii/ET ARTICLES thus l 1'1> the rininlo; |1'\K11 of lllIb"lu'Iinj : Receipt Booksby A Good supply of Cyprot Syrup BARRELS,
April 11,1858. 1- SIX niondi*after date I rlinll present my final' nature, enable the .!1 to .v. .Mrs. Hale, Lsle. Widdifield, Meten. LI verpool and Key W Bnlf* -
*and \nuthprn, n< ',rcfUjtEMat* -". '* di** WILLIAM S. DILWOUTII, of Mary Edwardnlnlc JeRrnon County deceased SOAPS. ; generally contracted by new ..-Uirr4. and GERMAN ; Standard German ,Literature for tAI Country ,
to tollicilonornblcJud of 1'robnteof mid coitnty, cnvnc.l piincinnlly by the eliancu' of water of all classes. win Pa4.\ TaUowIke.wat
Attoinej and Counsellor at Law and npply for n dlsvluirge from the. administration ol WINDOW GLASS INSTRUMENTS and ilia will l I"aiwvdily rg"l"r.! by abri'.f t 111'ln f S V lnt- .
,. aid estate. ; n.u of this jTi'imritiiuii... ; t|'i. DICIONAUES ; Webtr's English, PODlt'i

Montloello,'Florida, UEN'RY R. ED\\AltOS.Ex'".. W b.\1R@W] [ftr'a@ a .lseD\inch l I."prcbably I"r" 1.tI""t l.tn, .Greek, .
July 23, l89. nriiinii fiirnn, llmii Italian, etc.CYCLOPEDIAS. OO"1'
In the Court of the Middle Cir lie will
practice thocmneof hich nl
a I
J3i3.m 3P1u.icl
WILL : ia.& any limy .)
of and In the District Court ofthe ... of Itistory Biography, Y.AXC Ctt-
Florida be attributed f l II. .1'ic. on tALSO .
United States. Estate of Council Wooten, deceased.: 'If ow1: rn, IO.? live onmnn. en*..1..IIWI"I'Il' til/it fail by Travel, Music Hclgior. .Ars Science, '
March U.JB5h. 1-I, \ IWSTKTTEK'S: BIT. [ ,
using .
Notice. KECF4\ED A LARGE AXD FRESII Farming, ,
HAS tlm iKiitlit. Fur
JUT di..eti.I'' on GEOGRAPHICAL .Fnng
The latest
of variety of-ortU-l kept by 1'EU- : and most
Smith & ,Vniin, SIX month after date I shall present my final Drll gi.ts. every .e every phvician Will recran- school and other .
and V Vouchers to the Honorable Judge mend Bitten of come kind. then. why tint approved Oeogples ION 'VORK.Wi
'TOZY :AT LAW, of Probate for Jefferson County administrator or Planters, I'hTstclan, use n articlo known til l I. infallible. t Maps!and traveler's Guided always Jiav. on o W
the estate of Council Wonton, late of Mid county and all others needing Anything Lie line uf trade Every country bruce llu-ir Bittns as a preTuiiUve GEOLOGY : The works of Hugh Miller, at ) .'notice, a stock .f well made hUO.R

'MADISON 0.'H., FLA. deceased, and ask to be dismissed from the further will find at thll IlouneA full supply of eterj,thing of .1....." and aUTnglhi-iiiiij of Harris, Hitchcock, Lycll and others. MILLS freurt)4Oand unvard; Ula Segments.-.
administration of mid estate.LAFAYETTE. required and on lilivml terms as can Le purchaseulil the ystra in p-n'-riil. and nninnff, thou, nil gar BoThfr5te.. ,:*'. ,
raft. UoIS O.: ly VTOOTEr, dJm'r. A SJ Southern tiiland town. there i I. not to 1 las fnimd IMI>T. Uealihy, HISTORICAL: By Prescott Irving, _.s._., .TIIOM VS WOODRUFF

VOLNEY HOWARD July Oth, 1859 21-6m ffl'lOnsUvlngllh
for them to come iu town may iniiko their preparation, rl."lt..d.I..o. .1.,1 upon'1 t.i wirntiftccxiwriinriiU a.l curiae Macanlcy, and nil other authors.: j September 10, 1859Bryjp.r,! .$ .. .

ATTOKVET AHD COTOSELLOR AT LAW, Estate of Magor Surles, deceased. ORDERS BY MAIL, the ue.tl "f\lW" in ..hmcdloil HUMOROUS: Embracing Mrs.- Partiog. .
: 1'1'nlifl ton Burton Sam Slick Mali ., .,
QUINOY FLORIDA. Application for Final Dismission or olhrrw iff, and they mill'bo promptly attended w-,11 l .: .: 1IaJor.onts SchcdH i.j ,; ,
-- to. and filled with the mine .ccrrtctucs as if they *- Fred CozzenR Widow .
.pll -1o tf Mouth' after date hereof, I hall present my cp -- -- ; .
-- SIX account nod voucher, as Administratrix were purchased in person. PEVEAND AGUE. per lroughat Docstick, and : AT TIlE MONTICELU"fl- I
of the E-ilnteofMngorSurU*, late ofjcflor.onCunnty Throw needing anything in the Drag line are ro- Thl ami pnruVlnn ilurwr, .hi.fixes Iu las Steclo.JUVENILE. "
Business Cards. qnested to call and examine onr slock,of 'II hlch the l'b'l Fromandaftetluisdoft1i hi. .".
deceased to the llonoroble Judge of Probate aa incur, him to of Books
few of "1 I 1.1 u .lnr"1 Every dSscription a* follows: 'AoJ1 .
the article
following arc a leading : -
forsnid County and apply for a dlecliarge from the a men In a huu*tiaux of(IBM,awl reuj rnfklm '
Administration of said Estate. Quinine1, Morphine iiUrriodl/ and mcntnlliwln*. .U JrfraieJand for Childrensplendidly illustrated. 8 o'clock Northern 5' Mill! vreryvrff -1it Sunutiy-
fr@ It 'R Ilt 1tt @ standard : ; -_
: I REBECCA SURLE3' ,, Adm'x.' Glycerine, Lupuline, drinn"Uw todIT llu M', HOnETTkV' LW.AN MEDCINE-To. Western LtI1..t7"',1.c. .
Juno KENOWNID rurthtr
U.J80. Cm.. Tannin BITFI any f._ Kwtern Mall, Uonda.t. tniiJ
aOVSE. Ergotino, tatcd dtamw* nut .. MECHANICAL AND SCIENTIFIC.The Ssrtrtrnhuuy
b cn'rc,1 ... .1. ntZP.M.. ..'r'- -
Estate of David B. Hart deceased. Pipeline, Strychnine, ear ctdlnuyeoodltioni, prataclnic thnn tf '
'-r' DlCDERSiaSEDHAVEREOrEX.JL I most approved works on Engineering Groovervllle Matt 35 Vrldayt r.ii. ,

eel the.boT. Uoiue;.nd .re How pre-Mif i Application for Final DisinlMlon. Cinchona, Chmoidine, I and .por illnrtlmu. And, .I wither.1. Suiveyiug, Mechanics, Manufactures Alllgntor, }JIail Wed_ M 1
(Mired to accommodate the traveling public.JHLL MONTHS after daUT we'shall Citrate of Iron, Cyonido of Zinc, Mum nor 01.n.t..J.| >,0 nrahriiif mmocnrmry Architecture and the exact Sciences. '? KT RAIiLKr.: P.M. ,
have recently repaired the house an4 furniahd SIX present our .". ,". Eau any chance of diet o h.ol.IOI tu unsat| iiiirsalt y>"MtrTkKT\:
They and vouchers Administrators of the Quinine Vcncris POETRY and American cir < ]I niatlrd after thi abvve
a* *,bat promotes locuS" curd be.tut.pdIeMt'u. : English Octavo
It with neat.comfortable fnmtture. Tholr Uble Sweet 0' time. Tho offlcfr*ill bo ol'n..I..n| Snndars from 7
Estate: af David IX Hart Inte of Jefferson County S1'tsNitre, Ergot, canib>lnt I U. a. >| conMeiil and Literary editions of all the | J
the market afford. .a"1.'
will b. with the best u I t to 8 o'cloek JU.
applied the Stntrd } and from I to t oVIix-k, P. M.-
Honorable .
deceased to of Probate .r Santoume .
Judge ;
Opium,1Camphor with irxlucllM ot id
)"1 attention wilt given' for the comfort of Mid and for from the I -, 1' >l a Ui.rurigti |HTUI. Poets ; Pocket end Cabinet \\1I1I..na.1 Wn* Icily tu the nlm\.
comity our
apply discharge
.-t4 New SUble ktUebed to tit* house. administration of saId estate.8TIRIXO. Aloes, plain iustrntcd. bound i every style to MOD lar..l. 8, 1850.. 3-tf
Blister Ointment Perioni in advanced
The head-quarter and office TJ. HART.THEOP1I1LUS Iodine yearsWho suit all. S

.4WI C7U*> *JV' kept '.L-tbla* ni*** Administrators. V Vcratria Chloroform, liidrm bony,I.RlUm a rf h.tnluai ll. M a r-x.ni- FICOY.-IncnJing .
The Stage fur the East Seaifft JfotnUy. Wednmdayand the and tr .tr'nnd nml"m.lj In.Ie l U-UJ Irving, ifjiry- 'A B.n"ltttll..tit..tlott .
Slay Silt,1879. fOm Lactatc of Iron Nitrate of Silver 1I.h nlahlulirj "iprrtal Jindatfintntfnr
\ Snturday niglitsi a4 f.r Alb/,every night. t b.|' .' Aud tu a mount vh'lt Lur ,ntt, James, Arthur, Mrs. Soutjyvortli, Hit 1M
.14. RU/ Stek amj di'trttttj.ffflicteit
Sunday Sulph. Ether, Citrate of Potassa, ( ..
except -7 IN JEFFERSON CIRCUIT COURT. UKM iiu .t.t"I"I.| C|cently .1| BLXCKBCttS 4 S :MO>r3.MontlcelloFpC Castor Oil Citrate Magnesia .
ttother'i nourblnaei. bi limit ," te the ik'UiatHU
: ) Mary N. Singleton : Our, MjehIancous HOWARD .ASSOCIAT10X III I..w of the
; ; .luy23. 18". Hy \.5. Calomel; Chlorato of Potash, .1 ,0t til* child,c'"r 1,.uti'cIti burst JflcM.lid Department embraces pvcyytniiig of an JL awful dotrnetion of hnimin liftrauixd 1-y SeiUal -

Cltitrlc T. J. singluto. > Tn Chanrrrr, on Rhubarb, Acetic Acid, hm I U whrn."..IIIIk.( twit.II..'nia'i jutcrosting or instructive character: that 1 disease,, and the divrptlnn*jmrlifrd IIH>U the

Wlli@FlmID H@lr Executor of C T. J. gmCrone 111II. .-' lao 11.!'n.I.II.tb'l.al| t-nt.e.r| $Mmixthand in I'int. unfortunate >U-tlm i>f.."h dlnMitm I.). Ijiiark.vvral -
-\I..sO- Includino
H chool
and Clas iFellowshipUijfl -
I gleton. dec'd and other, ,_ tltfi*to UM sy.ton. ..1..1..1.1'1 I ad;t u.. rears ago directed tliilrCniniilliiii, Siirimui.. .e
..OlYTICELLO, FLA. A Urge \tellsv1ectcd aiwortnifnl of I( 'reojvity for alt ours of .'!Ibt.airI ter.*idull cal!, 1 \' tres.OamcsSport a'Cil.RITAUI..El.l"'UI.th '
of their
appearing to the Court.by nffidat made In this! ) missile, tu
rf HE STBSCRIBER EEiPECTTtTLLY IXJL -- IT e"u-tC.that the Defendant Charles T. J. Singleton American, French anti Ezelhlii. ));. cii7nur lh"LI.. nil's If ..wriotstr.4cliii and l lstimC' Religious, Ihitilical Stir] open a lJl'pen nry fur the treatmeiit of 1',1.1.' ..* of

/!rn>* Us friends and tilt public general- .ttUt rcsid a out of tbe State of Florida, and in the QM:MIDOIL. In I.all ciiuc.taut nf of naAn-H. IU....till rmaian..u kviiDM sical ansi Glee Books. O.t diKeavra, In nil t"t'lro'nn, nnd t. glee Ml: ,li.'.\.
ly. that .. enlbac'.k keep open the above House State of Georgia it I la now on motion on behalf ot OiL Free Masonry.SCILEDULEOF ADVICK GRATIS to nil w ho apply |I.y Irtti,u Ith
.Stock 1 nf Paint ,and l Dye Stuffs, Istnrlfi] f U eauli i .iii1iuiiUiri I !iit. of
110X.t | a description their voilditiou, ( ,
Meenmodate and erdered that the ,
.nd Ie' t* permanent Complainant laid Defendant do act- o-i-nitation
| appear ; X .
transeient boarder: and demur ,plead or aniwer to the Cross Bill and largo; Window' GluM,of all sizes;.I'uint Bruahc iihine i,u tiny of IIe many iiiiilatiniM., ur "" habit uf lifi, iti*.)ann in c..1 rvtn-mr io.ucetv.
&t.t&c. tifliilii but ni-k trw I l.r1T"* t'i GIFTS. toKURxi-siiMuyia.sni nttu: UK ciiAnck.
of Compbiisit.filedln tbl*cause, or the samawillb L'.O..1 :
'Xatvory S'ta'b1o. taken for confessed against him. '. A largo and .dognnt assortment of lYrfunxry; Tut.cu U.TTU L"DJ \ \ ''ltv The Gifts tt'htiehtAre given with the lsPoksconsist It i i3 IIC::!;i*to add thin tinAwxliili.in';. H.n.lniiniU

connection with the UoiweL Provided, That a copy of this order bo published Fancy ToiU't at,'lIclcllnjCr..nt abundance; together has this.wor.1. lUWi'li-r. J.iliOfr c'shutton" ami,.. I of ai-tides, etc. of the, the Ilighe.t Medieuuiskiih;|| ifthv n-j". nti'l will fuinlh -
with the most select stock nf Fa..cv.I..mllr. Ho lube u oil : of I Inl.vlt!'', ; 1 ofJcwcry. the ,
: in a Newspaper published In the Town of Moutlcel : b\.I.l'I.r"\J iikulcrn trmtmri
L U and eonimodl-' finest anJ
a large .
tclSonp l ever brought to this market tIre rttui'.Ik! i quality, hCIt numif'icturo
r II.
f1. Stable where burble ,111 be well lo, once a week furthe pace of four month froirdata. \ f .' r..I" The Director* of the a&mi-Uitiim, in 11..1lInll.1 I
j I -.1t.So---J' cork I illicl ol .at t ur usuuI.-gr" 1'1[ I ittia nnl I compiido a largo: assortment of Ui-jiivrt HjHuillie tri'ntnu'iit Srxunl J>i..<*. cx-

1'nwcJ at Chamlicrs this 26tli day of July, 18oO CHOICE BRASDIFJ, .JiII' Lure is ou tin 1:1"1. Gents1 Gold Lever "r ntohei \\ith hunting pre.the liVlirrt: mthbi-tViMt with the ?iiti-if w hii li
ALSO, HORSE AND.BUGBIE8 J. WAYLBJ BAKER, Judge' IT Per parril and n t"h, } UwMI.Trr.It:: X c1eR. and plain, ., from $35 Iinsnttendi-d the l..lx>.uf thoir SurjT.n_ in tire rtite

.'waJS.* aand for the ionv.yane.ottrijeeis and July,ulli, 185ft ,- ...'.""'. WIXES, PORTER, ALH. SMITH, rilts'.irgli, l IV., and ulj '; all to *75. or S|'ernuitorrhiiMi, ,N'lulnnl Wraknn innnrrlKfa; ,
Athers to any portion of the eountry an.Mo-hlr .y COXGREsa WATER Urofglkts, gruters, and d.'nlrrt irrurrailgfIliraog'tont !: Gents' Silver with hunting Ulvet, Syphilit the I \ice lor t'nltlll..r rlr-AI iiv,

"1 the d*. '. 1( W. 11 BUSS i', o1vJi: T ESTATE J .CIGARS '! I' ultril I Utc C..aa4u l ,t Lc'erW't'hel Pi.-aes of tlie Ki.lnt-vncn.l Jihurh\.,. Arn mid ..rulr.

April: S.1U9..J.t,1J: -;!J nrr.rietorr "t &STATE.j*>**0 OF FLORIDA i ) NOTICJ .1 SMOKING ASP CHEWING TOBACCO lurrlc and ;Ccrumnj.SCOVIL U.11 to *25.eases; and open : v\ from $15 I. a coiitintianco. t>f tire iauuplan for the I'luiiin"year.

Jefferson Countf f CANDY; Ac., Ac. I /MEAD Gents' Silver Lcpino Watches, worth The dire<'tnr ,on a r.>\U.". of the pa.}, 1..1 I ,""r..t

I : JOSEP H'M.IUA'RDMAN; B W. EDW AltD. Sheriff and AdmlnUrnlor of i -TOGETUJm- i\r.tv a:!. I. t .. from $10 to $15. I that tlu-ir lulxiM In thin M>hi'retif \Hnruleiil rfior',
I the Estate of Kohert N. Mathers late ofjcferson \Vllh an n.v rtmcnt of tho l.rlnelllo> PATENT "'h.'r.n'" '.rnl_ have been, uf grunt beiifm tu the nflll..tr Bleclc county deceased I 111I filed in the Probate MEDICINES of the country. W For sale iii Montleellii, 1.y Ml. T. M. PALMER Eight Day Timo Pieces, and Bronze clocks ly tu the uimtf, nnd thrr luii e n-i.\| rd Ii, ilrvuta
\7uMngt6n BtuIJing,-(Corner of Ulliee a written suggestion that lie believe that, arid 1>H. UOBKIIT SCOTT} and In warranted to keep correct time. t1.III..lv, with rtnrufdzial, tll this very. Unp.r- }
Second And Mulberry Streets) the E>tat Robert N. Mathers, to be insolvent It Is our Intention always to keep our Stock by PALMER 4 W..kcellh. Ladies':Elegantllnck Plaid Silk dress taut ii nil ninth diwplM-d rntue.Anadmiriible .

A..OON ,' 0-3130. Therefore notice I Is given to all persons hat ing March 20, WILJ.UL. lyFISK'S Palets to $25. llv|'.rt nil "I'rlllnl"rrl..ra. nrSrin
[Fresh and Pure 10.
claims against Mid Estate to appear and file thsama ) iiial Wvakuew, tliulic of OimnUni .Ma-rfurUtlun. "
---DX.1UU IX-- with the Judge of Probate of aid county, on and will consequently, rent satisfied that our cu METALIC BURIAL, CASES Tea and Cofce setts,Fruit, orSvlf-AbuM>,aud othi-r .Ii..r tine rW-iual 'w, Medical School and Miscellaneous or before tho 13th dity of December next, when tamers will be pleased with their purchases. and Card askets Tea, and Soup gnus.by thu runAiil.ini 'umrgr-iul. will ((4 m-iit Iv \
there will be a pro-rain distribution of the fund '- Spoons,, Fish Bread and ""Ulin( a wulnl fin.li.inKit) KB: : t>K I'llAKCVX: ;
ffi3@ @ [ @ belonging to said Estate amoug-it the creditor thereof Particular attention given to the Knives. onrclpt ..f TWO hTAMIN for '..-.I.Ifltlu
V .at whieh time the said a W. Edwards will Report and Tract nn the nature and trntnient ..1 ),
'Blank Books Stationery Drawing |- Elegant setts ol Jewelry for Ladies including
ply tir his final discharge from the ..Auliuinl.tratlouorsald i < Sexual dicutscuu. diet&e" are n>..I..lh.I..I..jC puU
MATERIAL 4c-. 4c.ty Estate. Bracelets, Breast l'ns and Er linhed fur KratultiHin di lriliiilli>n, mid ,11I1 I.e! .1111. .
-lll order promptly attended to. TIIOH J. CIIACE, \ & and for sale I.)' R ngi to math, neatly put up the iiflliitrd.. tvimeiif the new ".IO..n..IIIO\'lh.
rauilljr Icdlclucs.t36T"All .
May Slst,'1839. ly Judge uf Probate. 1'l1U8.lXS COlt) IU. Camcos Mosaic, Floren oiUiiftrMtiiientdiMo J i-mt during the Lilt >.veer amof I
June 14th, 1859 17 Om.IXSOIVEXT Monll".I. F.larch :2. 18:11 ) Lava Hrml ,nluc. *
Medicines and rreparatlons found at thl ClJnJ, Galet,Turquoise, and AddreMfi
| llf.J.1'1\I ILI.1N
BRICK-LAYING AND PLASTERING. Store are either prepared by the Proprietor or tin every variety Jewelry. 1I0l'UllTt'X..II"1f .
........................ ESTATE NOTICE. ported direct from the most reliable manufactories; ttlFTSTO Gold Lockets of all bi/cs' with! two and Xo. 3 Ninth Ninth htrei-t.1'lIrr..n.II..r.I.1'lliluol.II.I.iIl.! I'a..elation, '

eToj9ox' O. .Y.:1or, 8r.vTE OF 1.'LORID..JEEtl. .\, ) they will therefore always bo found OENC1NE. TO four glasses for miniatures, hair, etc. Ky order <>f the IHrertnr
AV f mrvTV, t March 15th 1859. 4 tf Ladies' Gents' Gold EZRA 1). ii IIKA1JTWE6:
1tW00M"\I"Dg ibL.O..IF'L. @O mil Pencil C C l'rrst
cluiiii'iT.-T. : CiJ0M : : EO : .
T>CSPECTFULLY Infornu the cltlxen of JeflVril dnilnUtmtor of the with! _fine Gold. Pens. Gents'Diamond poin F.thtk'JIhl.l'.s.i'y.April
Estate of William Ellis! ,late Jefferson deceased AT 12, is:':. |
County, TiE y
and counties, that he conUnue.to toil ommerei:11
> GOD adjoining and Gold
has filed in the Probate ,written DD_ Engrossing ,
carry on the abov. bmincs in all Its branches suggestion that 'lie believe the Estate Office of a William Original I.Onlj! Gift Book with silver and ebony handles, in fcn
.' !
and ould be to receive of the
plaoiod a portion
Ellis to beiiuoltcnt. Gold Neck
patronage of the public. Ornamental! work done TALLAHASSEE & PENSACOLA & GEO. ChatcLilC Wnt.h 000 AGUES 1Na'cxrL
Therefore, notice Uglvcn to'ell inuringCiaiiUhaqlulflhitMid and Charm +
jn aJ good style a* can be aocompIUIied by any oneIn person I Rail Roads. In 15I.Jftai !
the State. Entire satisfaction U guaranteed incvrrvease Estate to appear and file tbeI Gents' Gold, Fob and Vest Chn9.Gent' .
with the of Probate
same Judge of said
l"ouoh'.ol1 S.A.LE
t3yUe,will and Ukewhie work done luperlutcnd on reasonable the uaUngnnd term or before the 12th day March next when there CHANGE OF SCIIEDVLC, Qswrterafot the V dtel/(
will be a pr-rat distribution of the funds J'uMiAiflfJ.touse ij'a. and Studs
of Brick.Uiy belong- namclcJ Engraved ,
lag to said Estate, amnngut the creditor thereof at r VIE ordered Bosom \' Buttons, Cluster A [Large Hew and Commodious .,
'lstlS59., t-Jj/y which time the said Charles T. Tax'lor. will apply J|, Service Department between having Tallahassee and a Walker'daily Mill mail G. EVANS Pins with.opal: centre and Gold Chain B.'e3t at ,
for his final ,
( tho
discharge rum Administration v\\ the train will run on and after the first of No. 439 Chestnut Street tached.Pearl. r
January, Philadelphia, .
H 8ACIIE V POTTER, said Estate. 1859. as follows: Pa Pocket Knives Portmonnaics Ca @WtE1L j'J .J 1J)1I! @ a
Judge otJ'robat'l'Juno On the Pen & CJeo, Railroad: bas,and Money Purses.Ladies' .
(from Oaitttton, Tixat) 7th, 1858. (Om.) BOOK STOKES. Pius Jiir E rNIERSIGX off.ra for. .. lit* plantation
Leave Tallaliassee rI"
daily at......4 P. M. Hreat Kings, Finger
located Tallahassee and Since ituated '.
I the Gift iu
permanently Book Jetfcrsoa (
IIA"E Arrive at"-alk\'r.'Mill oriifiuatod Enterprise. I Cuft'nnd Chemisette -'UlOt,, Fturiihi HUll
be found at their new Bide Light Gallery Jefferson i.y..5.0 1'L have culled the attention mlgs Butons Gold mile KHft of .
County Sheriifs Sale repeatedly of the public Moutivello ou U Stage 1'und leading
: l.eaveVahker's Mill dally at........8 A. '
on Monroe Street. ...... to my large stock and liberal offers, t which they ant PcndJ Croscs Sldes.etc., to Madison containing Marre>) CHOICE LAND!
Meleainutype, Ainbrotyne, and, Photograph Pint Jfunday in December next ArrircatTuuhlahauecby.J ..0.30 A.M. have always warmly respondvM. lean now, with ., of o\' :l'i.ties varying -2M acre of v hlch U open bind, and under good
l omptly excelled and in the most approved tt)'le. virtue of two writ* ofT.. 1'" leaned from Connecting at Walker Mill with Post Coaches more .!" !.>n than ever, call attention to my from 5 I cents to $25. fencing. >
Picture takes on Patent Leather convenient for BY Clerk'office of the County of Jefferson *U Monticellu tn Albany every evening ol the week largely In..reud Inducement to purchaser Being ( There u upon the place, an excellent

Ul&dlDg ln later Jmbrotype and Daguerreotype Middle Circuit Court,of the State of Florida,w here.in excepting Sunday, and Isles week eonnrctlng very heavily engugad I'ILh.hing.I exchange, AGENT WASTED
*"pl d, and enlarged if desired. Breast line [ Win. T. Carpenter
and Lockets filled.. Entire satUCiction given or no *of Thoma* Row 11,deceased are plaintiff win andJaekonvilleOn am enabled to procure all my bool original than can be .tnrdt by any E\ERYWJMRE. The House U
Dwelling iO
charge made. *, and Everett W. Sealey i* defendant I bare the Tallahassee Railroad : cost of making and thus eli supply the nnjority of dition to lr\'r fnby 98, containing

september 10th 1859. 80lyIlORTICUIiTURAIi levied l upon and will e\pos for saleat public outcry the oth..rbuu..eng.&je4 in the Uouk Trade with icribcn toy .six comfortable rooms: and is
Leave Tallahassee! enterpru just
dally( ) .
to the highest bidder on the fir$ Monday la at.... ....... .except.....Sunday... .10 tau can procure them cul..r.dl'.DI.ge .' finished
December next, within J logal hours of sale before A.M. from the publishers. cn 11r,by tuy heavy pur.clu. Stock and better Catalogue to deifrom. | in"good style
: tho Court House door III the town uf Mouticilla Arrive at &.M..rkihy.... ........U.lA M .*.} of W..teheIID.l for cash. furnish L".r. :
-:oc: tho follow log described lands to wit: The H. } of, Leave St. Marks daily (except Sunday) dealer at lo"'er rates that they can buy them from A Better Assortment and Quality of Gin. The 11"114II situated Inmwdiatrly upon this Road-
I'lantation lies South
e and
FKUITLAND'NURSEKIES the S. W. i and the X. ) of the S. E. i "Section 35, .t. To'liahaLeeVtV- I' M. the manufacture. More and Corrcxtno iu filling Or- South-Wcst of tbwilaecf !
V. .V.V.'s.SO > Punctuality IO".
T. E;S,li.a E..nontaialux 1 AivfjiUaTA, OI OICUIA. levied upon.the .ropertyof said defendant and Connecting with Post Coach New Port on arrival : to toy.1.luler better Gift with books than AND BY ACTIXG AS FOR ME. # unite wore advantageously! ,,1

offer to the nubile this season, a YERY to be sold to IoItL.r.I' writs according to I."'. of. and which returns btfora the departure ot any other house, and can give my Agent a larger I'er..n shaming AGE..T Library can l.ro t: ', :I.JaIIlth aud Fertility of Boil; ;
'yE LARGE and CHOICE collection vi, Southern 11. W. EDY.1RI.$. Shcrifl: the Train; and with the line Mail Steamers between commission. A valuable Gi "1U be delivered

, raUed Ott 15th. 1859.Jeftbraon -eW Orleans Key Welit and(Cuba and Intermediate with each book at the sale. Gift worth Itl'Us seeking a 1 easy method of earnings livelihood thatttbia; t.lling"E1.L; WATERED, and *o loeaU
point* on the Gulf arriving at St. Marks, t50O at the lovtil koltal pricct "Ul be impartially can find it, ed h* to command an outlet for all timewith A I
wnurr] J OMN7\L County Sheriff's Sale : on thir wily to Key West on the 18th:and lit er2n.I I distributed with ncr flOOO worth of books Any one desiring a good""ecb.ea 11..11 it. OOC1) RANGE for CATTLE and UOGS. ,
of each t\lOnth.n. arrhlng at St. Marks on sold.I For full end Call and t"UI1 and be I-
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TREES, I-'irlll Monday in December next thvlrwayto Orlcunioiithe lith and 29th ofc&ehu Bend for a e..I..g..eeontl..ing the moat valuable My large rrt..u] '
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"'* Court. in and forth !u41)Wthxtofths,1,L WhllDcv..r these day cume on Sunday the Train History Cography. Geography, Trani. with a it* details give me an almost r.illtty fjf A bargain may be made. In my *>wi {
County Jefferson, wherein Tlioma Y Clark i v'ill run on that day to connect AdfDtur.the &leDc.with all i advantage over all other 1'.atlN inc.I'.1LO with Mr. Alexander Knighton.upon tK ijace. wk.|
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l"vicd upon and will expose iorsulo at imUic A Sup't. lt classified a* described be w ill be eon iuced that there is no you I], bJUCXXEVolUJune
tock 1*large and the tres well grow andoffer cry to the il/hcst blddiroa the fir4 JloixLiyiuDecember I'reb 29, 1S59. 6-tf low, w bach ,Ul be mailed free tu any addres*, and V forget to send for a catsloe exaggeration.md to ad- Uth 1839. 17-tf.. "
them at prices which will favoraly don't wish to order .
yea at
next within the legal hour of oal.>, be- I Bk rent drew U. 'i. iFAs;
re'e r
| with those of Northern rr.descriptive it valuable book f -- -
any gro "!re the Court House door, Iu the town of MouticelJ "' a* >
A- Catalogue will be miiled tree to all .tlic Iu!!ji: bs desc bed prcpfrty, to w it; t'uc ge Ulni I lut of all the dorable! bob in print, and 439 ( OrgiH o-yt Jatttrprut.Penn.i LAW OF NEWSPAPERS, 7 'I,

applicant Sorrel Mule.Levkd will coatyoti nethlng. tU. f'rel.t.l'lii.lelpt who do ; bIt -.
P.r4 Lilting eh I. Subscriber not give potice Ul
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upon u the rrorcrlt..M defendant my an fur thcnu.dves. tlie contrary are considered M w Ubinj to continue/] .
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will find I".tI.rirsdss Road Notice.
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,ml AdUnVoolf,U defendant. I Lav lo led upon BOOKS. ittator of an enterprise that luau coat m* A The Courts have d l.Vd that refunewsiupcr I "
,and will expose fur sale at public outcry to the Consignees in TaUaIo..I day. .GmCUL''UHAL- department ImmoUM of time nd money to place In the *from the 14JNoI or remolding ..il ..

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'. y-

Family friend
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 Material Information
Title: Family friend
Uniform Title: Family friend (Monticello, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: S.C. Cobb
Place of Publication: Monticello Fla
Creation Date: November 19, 1859
Publication Date: 1859-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Monticello (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jefferson County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Jefferson -- Monticello
Coordinates: 30.544722 x -83.867222 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 22, 1859)-
General Note: F.R. Fildes, editor.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002046227
oclc - 10573839
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lccn - sn 84022780
System ID: UF00079911:00037

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:, ... ..... .'. .
.; --..... -..- -
: : M .
'-- ...
-r-- .
:: ---T- _''"''ft *4 'Y'''''''.
-. :.
( 1ff 4 .
'-=. -- -- -
& '1::
.;. ...... .. .
t/1.- .......'" \Io} ,"/' ".." .........." .. .... 'J
'!o' ; d ""t : t '
I (J!" D.M1I..O-; I I S ...._ : l. \
I r I.'f I,,.. ',' I 1-.' '. 11".,..,.;, tI .:. -,
s., _. "" I
..r..J ... .
: >t. 'i' '; .....it ,f ,
'I !/' ., '.,,,.,, .I .,, '
I .,, (.!. ...;." ,.).o.. I' tY', I 1.

C .eH',1 ,,,1111 IN ," ''=" }''-''.',-:':. f.a '. ...", ;I., ," .
4ttt. Ii '
..' .
"1Ir> ,," ""

4" ; .. '.. ,i ,' r'" .
_,, .. v. .." ,

F 'rR.'FD1r, >:ES, Edjtor.. ,,: '.. : :..._._._ ,"x'it, : .1U1i.1ia.: ;: ; ru.i-t", "' ;2',",,:' : ; ." ':- : ., Two .Dollars. ruYenr.1: '
-------- -- S : __ === : : -
I Ia : -
: .
: S t 55. r S .
.. ,.. ,, ,. .a .. ,

VOL.: I. -v ;. 'MQNTICELLO.rFLORIDA( : .SATURDAY; :NOVEMBER 19!\ 1859. NCK.. 4Qit ;

: ,. -; .

)handk, rchiet" I = th Friend. =TnR lon8K'A ); f'I I lor'slie runs Across, the' room, stopping,.'intho
WrltUb for F .
# $ [ mUy .
: as though to draw a knife. In this
Ihif riind. middle of it with her finger on her lip
fix him S Dr.I JI. Snt.herlltndof ''C
$ "Y es-I'll !I' ho exclaimed striking he was obliged to hold on to tho with 44T0MAO. !
h. .... : '- '" ......:: \ the windlass-bit with l his huge fist. but ono Land, so that lid! could execute yard his At Uymoo'ultar thoabat bnwei!,< 0"t? Jfcrk, sent us a letter, ft few (a fu\'oritl'nttitudo if she then wera trying '0 ''S
.5 rqtlSt11ID 'rib., eATt1RD Y;+ : tW as we have pre'viouslyre'varked it whatever it Lavo And Utere hut thou mort truly Toweo.* which, Among other things, remember something toMnr.iiack>
.. purpose might been, the her head smiles '
__j t SJThen -. 0 Was unanimously agreed that"Bill ,Jones To JOT 10 long.e1Jre doth 1 1..1., the Importance treating depreciatingly .herself
.... .. S ship happening to give n wild lurch,ho was The one with whom your otI I It HIt; ",. ] and of and scuttles bnck again to an Ottoman, f
i4. $ c. should be chosen: for a butt To the the .r ,loctual bqing*,
bully from foot *
I precipitated His heavy .5 *
., Land bracelet is
,' ''O.A.& rppo. in with the her on uppermostupon
\ ,t' p.ymen\letnr.de ((9! .."..oe.t, ." .I." 00 was deputed tho honor of commencing. form clove the air liko .]lightening, and Moot faithfully redeem that to*,' -.'A.w. ,'''"* '. cowtant kindness"ho b lievd, her lap and relapses into a lit
It payment l t. delayed Uuv* months.((.. ..j..> CO task, by first "bringing him down. just grazeing the bulwarks, feil into tho And ever lore,M thou dost now) word '. .attainment rcsulv3wUcli tlio' of tlo rcave e. ,Delicious small lamft pretty. Uow !

if dol.v "'ltmonthl. '. ;...;......r-oo length The time arrived.agreed Jt upon was for at the operations close of at boiling Kentucky waters of tho sea.. But tho keen The Gnar.1..ery first)U felt thought,the Just gnnrd 1 II heard.! rery' .>..?, I elevated position on in part the scale interesting it 1st 1 1. Ono feels like "tv.dvg a
a him amidships
,, eye come up \ blue ribbon around its, neck..-, ju d strangling -. I
]hard not distinguishing
morning's The watch to which nod clutched only
at n slender that "" '
_,'.Adv jjng.A&vwUiementi Ben and Bill Jones ropo Tl I'DSY to ifcur* lover, .'. then-.kmd. but actually it !I"i
? bully belonged; had hung from the waist over the side. Qultenataralto love each other; : r* 1 S ... i.
Inserted the riu of OKE."DOLLAR ortheir far [ p -
at Just.gono below. Having divested himself "Alan overboard 1 man overboard I"1'II'1g ADd 01'1" bo your lot, to find SIn % ny owners, as 4fDo you want to buy ralo'pdmo, lot of ii
per aqnur. jfor,th. flrrt andCENTS 'FIFTY of his soiled jumper and put on a clean gar- from A dozen lips at once. him you love.. ,a husband_ "kind" .: tributes are concerned. butter! said d i Yankee notion dealer, :who
-- .
fat eel aalweq&ent w.< long pipe A nimble form spedily descended! the' .. ; had picked np A load from fifty ,different
I Ur..A: Sr-- ii 21fW4 OI'.ZU.1 procured his book, and lying in J Ins usualposition over-rigging nnd bounded to tho deck.- .,Thoflsi't&Yerybpp7bVI1eP': "> tho Doctor fivo years ago '
.. to a Boston merchant. ,
all tbloun In glMo '
Uamkd May pleasure ; session of fine thre
Adt ertlKmenta In without Instruction u fixed his a '
eyes nponjthe open page. It was that of Kentucky. I No thought of tort w, or of cure, v concluded "What kind of butter bit I said |bo merchant -;
to; the teDgt.1ut Urn they ar. to rwW be eon At this juncture; Bully Ben from the to try the'powe1' "
rose "Oil God 1 II cant hold on much longer I' S Ere dim thy brow to purely! fiilr. :: .
ttnned* nbtfl ordered out,' and a.-. chest upon which ho had been seated roll came in gurgling accents from the -4ips of '-< S f tho endeavor" to dovelopo. : "TLe clear quill; all made1\ *by "ray wife,
Lon ratea I '!/ | ed Lis shirt sleeves his Bon ho with Ana In thy path joy unfold result is givenintho &U
thargedM" : up displaying great as clung tho' clutch of a may SAnd from dairy ot f'ortycows ;only one chut n-
S .'.OOM: r ." brawny arm, walked close up to Jones, !fed drowning man to that slender rope, Her' many the binding Olive*branch yet notold; licat>,ln which 'pnpe'1\" : ing..tt S .
.tpeae. writes
Will be m*l. with Adf'ertbers- upon, ,.the- ;u..Y.u.>s. him narrowly and then retracing Ins The mato got over into tho..tnamch.iins.and Jud may but to bloMom and %ocreae.! ., "During! wanderings "But what makes it of so mMr.different.,
tnml' 'f."Ir' topa to his own bunk, began to manonvronk tried to seize hold of,him. But hia efforts -_ : my colors t I"said nou- "** ** :. .
since I chanced to nt ;
1I11UJ'1'. ; .413.001: Vcofumn'i Vear < &noo though searuhing for something.11oIfoa wero vain ; the unfortunate man was .1 'I do not'a lc one l1uIlIKI.ot' ttie, ; of, Dr. Sutherland's stay "Dnrnation, hear that now.' .I gness yon
,, ,' s.;.,,"" i t ,:' ".1' 11II,00 \ l l who's been a stealin' my pipe beyond his reach.. .It was evident that' his When all thy hour roll on In gU.| ing and wouldn't ax that question 'if you had'seed
''l!' ;* tho curiosity.to ace
l'd-'t: ; \ '1" l00.vv he thundered At Icncth. ;with a Lembleoath. strength was fast failing; while huge seas Bat Ibould'at thou,ever sorrow know, go for darned '
a sight
cows, they arc spec-
I him in ]learning my
Ah t then on me one thought testov. prodigy -
a'1fl.I. off Then '
: prlvllcg turning IIngell'towll s him took
dashing over his breath.
away kler than tho'butter."rA
III."1.. Inadf'. ,"Look a here, yottfdller, that's S my pipe. and tho next moment tho tall form PiInLiu. QOLDKX Tiiocairr_Wa "" know .not'
S : "ring. i]..rc of not y'ou'ro a smokiu." \ of"Kentucky" was soon to plunge into theca eve i is. a 8 n :
.. 1 the h.tl\bor'j( the Toflowing .
| : pro
1 t ::Inserted one jenr; ,jof Did you speak to me I" I aleVed Kentucky. e with the end of the fore sheet .fastened but Btuf MJi&t b.. 1, : ;
p: .i\,cS. S Quietly, looking up from his book and fixing -' about his wnist. Ho Lad calculated lJhmg m' I 'rifftitro wiube r ot1iJ tlMlgft S.-

., -, I ml' "inaravfcr, Insertedjta j his: clear gray eyo upon l black. brow that tlio length of Lis rope was just sufficient will] unbuckle up o 1d a"'RI ne nra..n.U lI il. t.lm-11111"111.M.G,1 ....e.4.i\"U It.Q1reIrm. ,.' tile.It.mtum. I.
tt.lt .dterttavmentvI ;' eAisag&of tlie bully; to enable him to reach the side of"Bul- take :: tL '
offlis..o! 8 i fern and tho leaf tko
".*to.l. THitd! "for InHfe1 "Yes.' exclaimed tho other; "that's my l ly Ben.'k Choked by the water, and nearly sowii-mafltor.'inake saddle' : | ( c r ipitnph; in 'the roaL* Tho modest

....*. S pipe. toe stole it. from my bunk." l senseless\ the latter] 'as-jail' on the shako hands' take Lie sepulchre in themndbrstonenot falingde,4v ; p'
"The pipe belongs to me," coolly replied point of letting go his bold ot which separated -, off, nod 8 ''f Ktcpin the
lay snow or along tho
; Kentucky, taking a long leisurely whiff as him from eternity,,when ho felt I Lim- bring" them nil tlicnawny baotcto i,I t .msCiclsraetera, more: orleM ground' last, 4'p
riti'nI he spoke. The answer was delivered in a s clutched luau iron grasp and 'raised cnids lie hill I. face,. '' << .
tell 1'Itsmarch'e.vvsy'actotnian'
.. .. l low clear voice,' without' the slightest. intonation above; the water, while. a cherry voice close! week, months in the age' )I. tokena; th* thc memories/of; hi*own
=: of his exclaimed ) : ; .
anger. to car, : .
.GOODrOR S "'\"e'll about that exclaimed f Iphtbet ho will cpcll SifcT1 .nod& & sound .tbe 'of
4 J soon see "AIII'ight. boys I haul tin-haul t np live out to liini : \ I%h 8 "t.cmornridland
ully throwing himself into n pugilist- 1 yl"a! '.. :-jmi -:- -.Snro.-id. .out -. .. Mg-i
-<< -, .
outTRE .. I t.ude""J ust come along here if 'ou''e'Ullk In instant ; vanisnna no will i' '. covered over
'. ) an twcnt r-'strong arms-for for. SnU'LIcrtwoAD.RE88
"vllo.A> ill "*
REVENGE.OF;'THE KENTUCKIAN.. g ) or a lOW 1" the men luid by this time all dccendod AOIII, lijlcl //ihiy a Louisville Journal intoll gcnt.
S ,: : __ : ..... ,! uch trouble," replied Kentuc-. aloft-seized tho foro-tdicct and obeyed. 1"Mm.:;1 and, nnd tell beat you M t I tiers : ', 8pcnk...',thc'&. Mpfthe, ::: ". .

1IY ,lURUY JIAZLETQX.- 1"rti same tone I ns before 'takinganother'V "Kentucky" held tho bully in hSi"'arms wilL walu)"onfortu\ < -,. ." Those who' t.1.inlr.tllat. In order *, I.I
his to
RjjndUuicUy[ resuming ins I until they woro near the top of tho but'warks 5 much well, it is nel'es.'II\ry.to
S 'Iii 'I lie Jtt.'of\"lparall4O. ,lie captain of Look. .: 'S. when Lo allowed him \0 help himself vane< mid grace and gaudily make dress cxtravagertC v .

a the White Swim fhippcd! n new Lund fvr: It 'Yon'ar iJVnidMtafd-( bully. See I up) to thn deck.;' As1 his rescuer quickly country! gentleman, and ]I :': *-. Lug 8Q." ('1l bocomes a great mistake: N tli-
fur true
'viK'rmlinlo' cru.o., Hu put ts nrtrnejUWn how\ 'you like thar9Rmjd] .h a quick stride follow ed, 1 leaping: ) lightly over tho rail, nnd aooiijnibtlon.t' tho esjsiinnlicity.. We have feminine beauty

') : ilie :additional; information llmt: h(5a ) mouth (JfJ oues. >< | 'tf><* a deafening\ cheer went np from the lips of and hits equavl think, for ;' by being overdressed.person .robbed'of ita' effect

\ from the Stnt: '()1 Kentu..1- JIc v\>'ns'rix ,S ..A quitk, brief flash! wcnlTjrTorjie. eyes; the men, w liilo tho officers! advancing shookJimhenrtI1sbvthu And intelligence could not unbecoming than ;Nothing, Js f mOre

11 r\\'q:\ '<1ilil't"loo1Jilgpcfi Ug,".... t\I.Jl-\ .I \It't Kentucky., He,WAS on lila feet &.an4ii .. : hat1d. cri'tg tuq labpf i performed 8flPllQltT0CithOc7asiktaatefa overloaded ,*The

: l feet inliis IItoc.\"W'o'ith' a I air of,fine iit.uit.. Simultaneously with this tTtCYVUientLM JffisAdorty.i'Bully] :: Ken," forceing hi* wny'tbrollgt Doctor, certainty, \' pJd88ttjtMnnd.picturc'painted: : ,In the.
S.. l 1.ro111h: !ton1d >... t\tt Thatch. and l n0VpOCl ,n'Il., : long: arm clove!the air liko lightening. the oraicw "stepped to" Jottci being a gTOSt-HurSH: : :by-men
arms,,' whoso: muscles \vcro likd The next moment the! big burly form of and draft'ing n loirnaurp- knife uP.from beneath, i .j i<<'Do" ht eemc 81 IL1 >AthCh8 the Jadle8
ir0IbtUVlItfl! tlietc na!! work to be: the bully flew backwards with terrible. >'e. Lisjaokct j ,., placed JKJy i jji njl' JCTipg tot before Bnys;' tliatTmtfnhis) s ) i !Jubt!? (tvhcthe1 Y .impJ ''arra.red.'aDd'
: ot Unvp'ordinary: JUl'II. in, "lIill'lI\, between a couple ot chests, at' the ,other, nnd exposing ]Lis. boar breast in front of him' ting but that-he nowhoa mntrons, whol's f1 o. ':yldRoman
five; '111 "1thnt \%'ns '-jtc-ul.ul: >' liia uwu- end] of tho t forecastle. The crew l looked at t. ho exclaimed In a tone of hoarse, but touching mare ho calls Crazy' of them woj'e\ ib; nine wero"wosthy 4-

: ''In moments( orr Ifisure, lumuttr, like nnwtiiuiiJ4ruc ono another as though unable to ,credit pathos) :,< Jefferson's .Bla JfauA\.. Fashion &tte'D'l'reSe nhvayffiry plainly. dl'088ed.
[ Mnture liu fnuil, l ,,ttLiug their ]looked l towards George J'urisli'slinpoi) tblf :Iinw J Of tho''
| ,. wnn ; : sensed. 'I'henthey "Stl'ike, t 11011\0 it. I", 1 \ butterfly.i; but '11.,11101.
E ']lib I ('.L'C.YitIi nVi'll filled uiu| in Ins Kentucky.: Ho had resumed his book and I S "Never said! Kentucky ] With very ]little training I ellS';' .' S Li nov a'oIaaio T go4.
kindly holding mile, rll'll'!. ,q..h"n',....,. on '_.u ,. .aa"Si ......
month nnd old ISiblit hinkuvca \riLi.qnil'tly tho remnant'of his '"- ? ? '
:nn worn on I out the knife for him to take back"hgain. a ou over : -'
.]lie I would n'dine'IIpOIl '1Iill'lwtt., .. jMissing:: 'pipe" as though nothing had happened." Listen I" said Ben, in a voice of deep is track.... ;Jfow:, says tho. FIRM.VKSS or .MJ.D.-T--.I- S .
S 'tJio first! two Itours of his. 'vatrh In-low, in I :The. bully I lay motionless upon the forcastle emotion addressing]himself to all present. a science that! / a )horse 1'180, "'uu jpthof.Mayi:

:i fading and smoking, \\ }>\\\e\ : 1 hO-: ruin; tliig! Ill'ck.I1IlIg rod nuik between. tho eyes "A little while ago i attempted! to 'eho\: careful training (like J'layi ) dIes were lighted remarkably in slioTl...diiy* ''Can.

two were 11l'c1icllh.tld1rl.l.eu.; : ) .- .. showing jiere he had been 'struck: lie t.his'mnn from the ynrd. I Lad provided: Crazy *5Th'iewiIl yet, if were silent anddisappeared many PIous ; thobirds-s.

S \Vhon' the uut<-h was! culled, liu nut in-: wiu only stunned however, so that' in afew myself with that knife in order that I might fact one'among/ many, to retired to roost., The and.tlx* fbw" ...:
\ ,nriidilu fouud to be tlie Crt mnn'on; deck. moments he recovered and rose to hi* plunge it into his heart in caao I didn't that tho horse Las an nccticntwas Legislature of Con,.( .
succeed then.in. ..
F SF JII the convcro-ition nnd imitimex' of Iii.. feet. For a minuto or two ]Lo stood glow in slioun' Lin off. '.Well, tbo first attempt .; on ing powers, c'luallf not D'I. A ver7 general opinion aea1onat: .Uart"Wnl." ; .. ..._......
F -;Iiipinntes he ininjjlcd but iull;. H'woldISibleuud I el'ing'lIt Kentucky; Lis big framo fu l'ly; was failure. .Then,' whilo tryin'to: ny other brutoowners." "00 i day ojudgement prevailed that.'tbe",

Long j'ipo.fceeinid to nllvid nil I, quivered with rage, and his wholo'dsage. get out my knife,'I fell I ihto the:wBea. He developed and cultivated of UOl'l'eIIunlativcs( want' Ilaod.. The house
r the |il 'isurc< nwswwary, to hill exist: ell cU.- istortel J with pnmion. He.seemed undecided saved me from, doatlu Now then; I ask tnintyand profit as the their business being unable to .tran..,
Tliat; thi bvha\ior: on hw hart wns a con' whether to rcncwthe contest or let yon all if it Isn't fur Iwehouki take: Lid re'ell"'o -.' adjourn the Council, adjourned A propoesi';
Meet 'suliject: of sly liiuts nnd jokea; nnioiig utattcraremaill as they were. Ho felt that. \ f"There 5.' 5_ ; We look forward; to'tho ", when the wu- uiide"oonaider...'
: fuivnioiit h.inds.. and tlio bout the hit shipmates were him and 5 Doctor's experiments Jico: Abraham .Da\'en
I tau ftui: : eyes upon was no' alL w'' r. and, turning" with gave his views .
Vtc-erui. ij not to i io doubtol. that his reputation was at stak );, Jones again, he exclaimed : .. interest ; Low much kindness "1 am as foUows t :, '
S Kfiitucky'n I Hind)'ing to bo a minuter,'. Jut: tho quiet unconcerned' manner of Kentncky : I."' "Strike I Ilevenge is sweet." yclopft I 'speed In Lorses is'yet judgment-ill agaliist.tadjournment.either ., ;'The"'da1.
_"KClltllj"k .Nat .tlmtoM Uiblo of hltl1 so erfectly ir. contrast with his own tained.-Jffto, York appoacl1wg;"
) : | "N c\'er I" replied Kentucky, while a God Spirit, not., ItiLLine.f_. thArA ___:. f.-.. 5-
aill."r-"I Ion't 1c1icIlu can rt'nl1l1 appalled) him. lie could not understand it.1 liko smile beautified: his uoblq countenance. .. .. ---- --.w -'" uv n. cai se. tor .
him For the first time in hU ]if' ho Georgo P. Burnham adJournment; if it ia, I choose 5-
M'urtl"nllll1ul'lt phrases were thruxt at > was aware "The revenge I bare already hod is sweeter of ia; be
* front all quartern.. To tlicao, however, ho of a strange sentiment of fear stealing over byfcr: than any other could take." Massachusetts State Liquor' candlcui doingmy d ty.*, I ;'wisli'Hhcrcforet

c cS would |Kiy no moro, attention, than lio hU heart. Iu. vain he strove to conquer it Completely lubdusJt 'Bully Ben" tnrevr sing into a hot 1lnceIt: le<,! !; may.bo..:..bronght,! : :
"'on14 1 h.ixe: done to the buying of BO,DIIH7 I. -this feeling gained tho master over' ,bio himself pn the bosom of' the stout Kcntnc-:. 001Jlo'IQngor resist the ,'' GROWI :
him OB -
harmless' flic; wranjrglin for a bit of*n-I.S passions lie sank upon a chest, litssingtnroiigu klan and wept like a child' Front'tbs office of' fraudulent, taking of the THK ,UNmoABr4T v At

: 'J.-lr- Steadily ihs bind wrealTii 6f uniok'o i, J'W!' twth\ in a tone that tvaa scar I,. .moment he was a wiser and better. man.Caught ;aud tho :\ Constitution-jii'lJ9 first census under,,the.

li>Ilod ui> (rom that long pipe- steadily hiS ly audible.: '-S '- cyp.r! : quid eye rl'stl't1npon) *li' pages: of "*I1l Lave: my revenge yet J" in His Own Trap lidis accused of the At interval States amounted \9 3,-
IxtuL, gatboring/ into lla uiuij tin.-( u'e\iu-ell As may bo supposed,.this little incident Once two ministers of the Gospel 'weroconversing gents liquors ho Lag disposed of to has been taken} of ten years the,
;: it contaiued. was calculated.to create a sudden revolution throughout the State ,regularly, and. ;Jbo:
: extemporaneous preach: nave I; __. At each period i is .. .'.
,ll'ath..r.,1 foil
-- M. .
oscothnent to Jones i ,. a! __" .-...
,: .iulengtn1aeeljlgwaL flU bore their respect among I S -- u jjcdu '' w.
HO patiently) )shipmates came to ] uIiIu't he crew. ing"Well said the old divine.waxing warm,' out pure Cognac Brandy,'worth uI of of I 1700 S '3,029,827 4-

:.I.. t 1tuoiRtlnt "Kentui-ky,1* to use their own From that moment he rose LighTin their "you are ruining yoursclt? by writing your. ofpure spirits! which ; 800 .v, 0,305,925()
'"butt"wda estimation.while tho bully sank and' cents, and, in', a ? 1810, S S
[r phrase, "hadn't: any spunk. A. proportiouably ] sermons reading them om" Your P'OJ\Crti: of. ,7,239,814;
needed in the forecastle for their am us- lower. The latter now felt that congregation cannot become. interested in claims throughout) all tho.hst, ,of ] : of 1820 *.. .-' S 9,698,131
and Lh be I hit reputation was and with tho that. the coloring 1830 ,-
men t, <'ynow decided that ,was > gone your preaching: and if you were called upon mixture of 12,800,020
'J just the irfan-a big fellow without any blackest Late rankling in hU bosom, resolved unexpectedly, unless you could get bold of.' was furnished br.DI'. 1840 17,069,453

:,. riiit--to:;: servettat purpose. to take 'a terrible revenge. upou KcutuoLy .-. an old sermon 'you would,bo completely_ doubt son the State Assayer.,Uiere of 1850 ,,.' 23,191,876
,SS, Among the rC\VOr the Wtht' Swan: confused." I friends ofJho f.1Ct thllt oqr. lensnli will again bo taken in I860
,there ,,'a.ono seaman At Lose herculean Ono night while cruising off the cot The young divine'used all his" eloquence, Lave been drinking will show a population within the limits, .
Ij.proportions! cxceded even those'of the Ken-' o New Zealand,the White Swan was over but lit vain, to convince tho(bid gentleman I tLesofonryearji.' the United States of more than :

-:tuckian. From his great strength and pug. taken by a violent gale of wind. The that the written sermons expresses his own.',. -0_ .:-Sao.Jfevi.; 32,000-
ilistic", abilities he was looked np to as thet top-gallant sails had been stowed; aud the thoughts and feelings, and it. called upon: Wasn't Acquaint i ---H---- ,
":. king i of the forecastle, and went by the top-sails had been reefed,"at the first sign be could preach extemporaneously. S Two drunken fellow were !anlUon1? yon have done we..too .
pellotionof''Bully Ben.n- The confidence of the gale;but its violence proving great- ".A8'we arc of the same faith,"said the the' rain). -The drunkest one. -you let me sleep tho'\b \ I

,of the hands in this man's powers was unlimited. ter than Lad been expected, the captain young minister "suppose you try me next" ""Dick-hic( ) docker] rain (hie) last night among. .. ,
hia 'ish I Issued orders to Lave all hands called Sabbath In course it rains" don't bo : -
11I They obeyed slightest w up, morning. On 8ltCotJing1he' pulpit said too modest, dear
\jlii word was: law. Did! the bully w uh his for the purpose of furling the three top. you can Land me a text from any van ,,Thq,mn'er'Vh ap|>areiitiy I doubt not they 'have some my totTgs

kj-ipo filled, a number nimble} fingers were sails. of the Bible, aud I will convince you that I' they )proceeded several rods: in tUwr veins." .t',. .four'.o'q... ..
ready to perform the wrvice for I him. Did "AH-bauds-aho-o-y i tumble up Lere ran preach without having .looked .at the the question was again darkey set tq wort to cut down a.

the bully complain "tilt he Iiado't* enough and take in sail shrieked one of the men, on text before I stood up. Likewise,:,! must. *uxou.scareLer, after truth : tree, but LJa axenow ba.ck t time very

_:beef to cat,"junks inn uberable were turaJliled deck, with his Lead thrust halfway down: be allowed the same privilege withyou, ties. r but little, effect, and 4 :
] into bra pai'. Th. Kentuclian was the scuttle grinning maliciously at the, and leo who will make the bout ofit.", : "ick> ", I say: D (We), tell : ot lightening shattered a hugooak; crashing

I I the only man in the forward part of the ship idea disturbing the watch l below, who I The idea !seemed' delight the old gentleman -' rain--," : ", / 'iu>pf: him. .' .. _tq'
\V'bo bad not yet paid tribute to the bully. were j just preparing to stow thcmsclressang-. and it was immediately: agreed flpi, Johnny," said DkJ>, ICCIIe .1 Jo". Lord".'exclaimed Sambo:
",** TtiludlficrCDce with whlcIiLe was treat- ]ly intolheir bunks. on., "fraid* yer drunk't; In course it'll well done.\ <<; 'I'pse .)'Oq, dis ,
try bna
>#od'by> this man w'aa far from being pe.vuug! : The first man on deck as usual, was The following Sabbath, on mounting- the In a few minutes Johnny gueju j ou gt't your match. massa {" '

to Del).! \VrJiiU Us thundering voice was "Kentucky: ," the uextwaibullT Ben. he'rcat pulpit, hU senior brother banded him a slip them troubled,w ith doubts, allll.llongh -- -. -. '
::;r:'Staking the forecastle uttering the most followed as they could. of paper, on which was written ; ,"And lad wishing tu'rll ilor
i ,
.liorrible"bia/phemies against the aMp and "Lay up there you larboard watch: and tbeasg opened Lie month and spake ;" from er-ralo Dick, 'mo'hlu. ) 6-g ( ) : ofl., Vt'lbltJ jJr, R', p III
7 her officers, and his admirers were clustered -' take in that main top-sail| cried the second .'. which be preached glorious sermon, chain,, Dick(ide) i's- wisng to ilIt.iu.Jat. berth' 4'p

about him ]listening with suspended mate. "Lively, men-lively 1"l : lug tho attention of his delighted hear. Don't exasperated._"Johuny, piece ot fOI....:.antj5. bjl\t., 'hud.D1
jr,breath and dilating eyes, he didu't fancy Jones, who belonged to.the larboard: erg, and miJgbl.S! old friend with bra el feel! it you see5it: .i is raining.. ; to mth: g9c1&1" sailor; *uc,, M( t K )'cui
.. seeing "Kentucky lying stretched so easily'tipon watch'was the first man aloft, and]laid to the oquence.In raiuing.__ Johnny?.. ;; Ndt f.o th( ropEt." H you wse." it,4e
his chest, absorbed in the> contents of end 01 the weather yardarm. The next S the afternoon the young brother, who much Johnny. ** Sense me D (eMu) rfllpotldl.-d the i boy *"b"r.I tllq. t 1' it,"

['lus book and drawing those slow regular moment Bully Ben was at his side. Could was sitting below 'the pulpi; ''banded bu acquainted I in this towp (Lick ( IIDothl'r-tha& m4efjw:: k.QJ1e coil.

i-wbiffit from hi* pip, Jones Lave seen hit countenance then, he slip. After rising"and opening the Bible, tdf"Fanny Fcru.m'..the 4he thn1"! ] '__, I t t1rw .N'Q\I',
", "Such state of things aiu'tgoin' to )Jast,1- would have perceived that it was fairly distorted the old man looked sad ily around "Am I very fero-illy sketcLes the V Iast .. j j& .g\'U.

is -M it i the bully frequently to hU compeers.: with hate. The darkness however, not thine ass f* Pausing a few minutes, 'lady! ; 4bne'is/very !' :' 0..f. ._ _S ,
I"? Wjst bring that fellow down." prevented this; and taking hold of the he ran his fingers through his hair, straightened Lead PU oce side an '
'Y'e-Ty. I-.-T>ring him down that's thejlk Iced sail Kentucky was about 'to pass it his collar, blew Lu DOle like the last eyes aquirrel.t4hion.! $j eep I e Ia. tile \)'"jnart- After.oorrcepoiloUg
Ben ;you'eoald do it in two miuutes.'a I to him,when,as the ship gave a violent lurch trumpet, and read aloud-"Am I not thine with a hop skip andjunp"whic+ eel')1hiyi. I have cured bed:>>trj

: Bs subjects would rejJy. the Bully suddenly threw himself against. A as ?" Another pause in.which .. deadly! Inca i. immensely faticil1Ju "II! % colt I by the I
UI w ouldn't'care to much," continued the unsuspected seaman: with all the powerbe silence reigned. After ,reading a third, lIut a fmy little laugh which g; she aut $
--- iq I bully, tlf the fuller was 'anything! of a,' could bring toJ hi.* aid, for the'l'lU'poie time-"AmI not thine.. ?'" he looked over Imusiiah, :' Whcu vn1jau- in j ) gjalruj of t annul n4rsd....
an; but it makes me boil to think that F of WlO\ing Urn from the yard. For a moment the pulpit at his friend, and in a doleful j autl ua 4 as an iijeouonS
r hould be slighted by such a milk-sop!( a* it seemed u though Kentucky was I voice, "I think I am,brother I I1*

$t-a feller! who hjaut got the spunk ofcuirinurs about to lose hit balance but with a quick! ; : "- .. .. ... r. j .
S lea." < Jl.Qvlmllnt; of his supple limbs, be threw' : :3r New York; city \\t aloatnino miles ,

lIt of sympathy rwoJroiulips : himself forward and clutched yarVU With I long, and pot more than a wile, wide.-. -

c p fifLu dmir