For Sale.Utu Melbourne, Fla." pineapples; good building with tenement taking few; boarders) on finely situated LADIES' CAPES and WRAPPERS at Jacksonville, Fla
over store; general merchandise stock, place on Indian River, or further south, popular price*.
delivery, wagon, row and sail boat Uabohkh A Walkbr.
be ntlfolly-localed villa and ; where plenty of fruits and 'vegetables '
EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, steamboat .landing with warehouse: are the Grove for Sale
""0orookln, frown on place. Good, substan
? f"
l ff-th >m a high No. 14 Laura street, P. O. Box 302, well established and only store In good tial! plain borne cooking. Address giv NEW GEORGIA. o'CANK. SYBUP AT

JbSlSi Pi" PPl* section large Jacksonville, Fla. Reliable male and oommunltyr store and postofflce outfit ing description, price. et 40o per gallon afrt\ B. B. Pyi-cs, In'the eart of Ktsslmmee city'Flor
oavSnii?*? *1d nH on e*. ;Modta. female help furnished and sent to all complete the; price low; title perfect. Address O. n. Parks. ida; 209 trees, 70 of them bearing and

wie ,; lMld toI, *rrangeri parts.LADIES'. owner, A. J. Olds, P. M.. 0 East Wall St., Wanted for Cash have a light crop on them now; a good
** \ U.Jl ?"" ; boat-house and Waveland Brevard Norwslk, Conn. two-story residence on opposite side of
Co. Fla.
CAPS andJACK- street; facing
SKIRTS, Fresh fruit and grove. delightful li m
eta of the very latest styles beat material OUR STOCK OF CHRISTMAS AND shipments vegetables In small for someone; healthiest locality In Flor
'. NEW LINE OF SHOES COMING THIS ; prompt returns. ida artesian and
and superior' .workmanship Holiday goods id now complete.,Come/1 "' ; sulphur water, good
wf O. Wnr Airs, suit all classes, at week; up-to-date styles. Call and see early and get first eholee./v Cor. J.1st,AFLoiBjrov and school. Price- only $2,000. For better
Titusvllle. thenvGardsbb; A Wiuts, Poplar St*., description writ
Eden, Fla. Jirtrus GabdseB A Walkbb. Maoon to C. M. Grbbr,
Ga. Look Box, 377, Miami, Fla,

&w.*-,,'>..,' ,* dft,...V.iJL J... t lwJli'ii..>A' jlf'J' .li



columns, and It would seem pretty well adopted a rather novel plan/for protecting buds, If It bas been cold enough to freeze GEORG MARX.

CODfOBCalendar proved that a wood fire in' the center between his grove against cold. He has bad them. Many growers know and say tbat

J every tout trees would protect made by a DeLand tinner, (SO sheet Iron the warm sua after a freeze often causes

against damage from frost, It has been stoves. They are simpls and coropara- much damage as the cold, Wholesale Dealers In

stated, however, that where trees are tlvely Inexpensive. They are aboiit two As cost Is an important Item In all cal-

small (growth since last spring,) with and a half or three high, with a diameculations, I estimate about 80 cents each GROCERIES, FRUIT AND PRODUCE...

in a perfect beauty, small spread of branches, the heat from ter of about two and a half feet at the as the probable expense for these screens,

patriotic, uptod.ite..Subject . wood fires on a still, clear night would bottom, and tapering slightly to the top, If this plan Would save our buds for two 131 and 133 East Bay Street and 6 and S Newnan Street,
: rise perpendicular, and not being Intercepted so that they can be "nested" and stored or three years the Increased value of the

"An American Girl" by branches, be little, If any, protection away In a small space when'not In. use. buds would soon cause the expense of JaolCBOxixrlllo, P'loi'icia

to the small trees. I would like The stoves are open at both ends, and the screens to melt away., ONE OF THE OLDEST. FRUIT HOUSES IN THE
One of (lie handsomest pieces of color to inquire if a dense smudge would pro: near the bottom is a small bole to givej After the cold-has passed these screens CMWe

work Issued this your. Lithographed, tect these small trees on such nights? draft. lean be taken up, put under shelter and

with border of army and navy etnbltims Also, the best means of making a good It Is the intention to place these stoves used agsln another year. I submit this are headquarters for all kinds of Seed and- Eating Potatoes and Cow p, I

embossed Id gold. Leave your name smudge, and how many fires required through the grove when there Is danger to you, and If the plan Is worthy you are guaranteed genuine. We also carry a full line of Hay, Grain and Feed. M's* I
your Oranges and Vegetables. Give us a trial and you will be pleased.
with your druggist and ask him to iwo per acre for effective work of this kind? of a freeze, and to build Urea 'in them. at liberty to publish it. I would like to

you a copy, or Bend 0 cents In stamps for Will you not kindly answer, Mr. Editor, The Idea is that the radiation from the have the, plan criticised or Improved.I 'jiy* We only Sell to Dealers. MARX BROTHERS, Jacksonville, Fla,

one to O. I. HOOD & CO., through an early Issue of your paper, iron stoves will be more effective than have'fiad some, correspondence with

Lowell, Mam. and oblige, W. P. Stastox. an equal amount of fire la the open air. the Ocala Lumber company, Ocala, Fla.,
(Mention this paper.) Cleveland Onto. and they
as to making these screens,
i CHiiS. ..IB I-i TT 3LvsC Sc
There is some force la our correspond rnOTKCTIJJO OBAJSOE TREES. will be prepared to give estimates. < CO.,

Remember ent's criticism of the wood firo and a The subject of protecting orange troes John Kendlg, in Farmer and Fruit 1 DEALERS IN

dry heat as a protection for very small from cold is now receiving considerable Grower. 1FM.DCL7Ur2JLG& tVHCLci I.lQL1Jl.Ors
Hood's Sarsaparllla Is A ,
trees. brisk fire
causes an ascending
thought. The loss since the'' big freeze
America Greatest Medicine current and an In-rushlng of cold air ''Some of our growers have determined 417, 410 IV. Itay St.,
of February, 1805, has been more severe
for the Hlood and tlieItcat the But to to save the tops by building fires
along ground. the objection on the -young buds. Ilow to protect try JACKSONVILLE, . FLA.
that Money Can liny. against a sinudgo Is that generally on all through the groves when the cold
them and them to time
ever a
a Hence take Only< Hood'tu the coldest nights which wo have in this carry comes: In the freeze of '80 Jerry Hower
when will and Campaign
fti1 they have more strength Arguments
state, there Is a wind which would blow 4 kept up fires for three nights, and partially
size to resist a freeze, is question In
the smudge all away. On a still night a the.Cltra district. saved his fruit, but he did not Don't "go" here. Like th

smudge would probably protect, a grove Banking protects the bud at the union, realize'much on his shipments, for the promise made in the rainbow,

of very small trees better than a dry the tender place, and also some distance northern buyers were suspicious of all you can depend upon the assutances
heat would but coming from Floilda, although made that our .
; on a windy night we oranges goods u.
1 above, but if our bfcds go to the bank
believe three or four rows of brisk fires again I fear It will make' restoration of lie marked the boxes "saved by fire." good goods, properly aged, of f
on the windvrard side, which'would be Palm Springs Hem in Orlando Reporter. est flavor, and highest quality.We've .
A'mTO old groves well nigh impossible.I <
wafted along- not far above the something particular
very !
have a plan which I will give a fair FIGHTING COLD VfltH COLD. ;
ground, would protect the troes materially. jflne In Mount Vernon WblsltevIt's
trial next winter and'herewith submit
Farm and Fruit Grower. In 1870, the orange trees, in sections a thirst quencher and Invlgo i iator
it to your readers: of Florida, were covered with ice. which of first water In
supremo eicellence
I will make a screen 30x00 Inches, using entire to both trees
proved an protection
and reasonable
a frame similar to a .screen doorframe and fruit. In the freeze of 180405 one
Our townsman, Mr. F. S. A. Maude, with' the sides continuing to a grower sprayed a number of trees
bas all preparations made for firing his point fix Inches below the bottom and orange
of ice. Result
until they were pyramids ,
orange' grove at West Apopka, in this with a brace on either side to keep the troes uninjured while unsprayed trees The Post of Responsibility.H.

county.He wind from blowing it over;, the frame Isto were kille'd. Hence it' Is Inferred that .
has supplied himself with an abundance be cohered with waterproof ,
un Irrigating plant is a better protection
of wood, which he will place upon it and cold
making light strong.
{ than flreB in a during a freeze.FItEKZE '
ft"S a number of fat lightwood knots In weatfier approaches place these screens Tbe men on the manaiar'shjijrjrfp
each check between the trees. The ritOTKCTION.
or shelters on the northwest side of the
wood, three'or four sticks, will be piled bud, the Idea being that a tree protected Among, the various methods being UllUgG have a tremendous responsibility

crosswise with' fat' kindling between.He from the cold northvyest wind, I believe [Continued ou 3rd page.] reBtng| upon them. They nra tin
brains of the great machine. We hold then
has also provided himself with a, lot the bud will stand 5 to 10 degrees, more
SKVERAI,TRUSTWOllTHY Per strictly to account for the resnlt of every hnttlcWe
of turpentine chips and a cheap grade of
cold, enough to save it, exoept in a blizzard. WANTED this state to manage our business in
want to be considered In
coal, which- will be used In starting a Then If We have a very cold night their own and nearby counties. It is mainly Identically
work oonilueteif at borne. Salary straight with to the BKEIt
ofllce light respect you bnjhere.
PROTECT YOUR ORANGE quick fire Ifffound necessary, In addition or k freeze, one hour before sun rise the $l>00 a year and expenses dennlte, tionande, no
v to the fat.kindling. Near each pile of next morning move all the screens to the more,no less salary. Monthly 75. Referenoet. We want to be held personally anc
Undone self-addressed stamped envelope, Herbert
JROVE5adovt that It Is the best
wood Is sawdust, to be thrown upon the east side and keep the sun off the frozen K.Hess, Free.,Dept. M, Chicago.. strictly responsible you cuDUyv
fire and produce a dense smoke, in case
anova snKDs. it Is desired to do so. '

Commenting on Mr. W. S. Hart's ar. In addition to the above stated preparations A. HODGES.... Address,,
tide in Agriculturist, Mr. M. Cheat* he has a number of barrels wlilchhe C. MULLER & CO.,
(Successor to Hodges & Godfrey).'
bro, of Mandarin, writes as follows to will place about at convenient places Jacksonville* Fla.Agts .
the Times-Union and Citizen: through the grove, filled with water, tobe MANUFACTURER OFj for Acme Brewing Co.!

Mr. W. S. llart makes the point thntIt used in extinguishing fire should It at ...Cypress and Yellow Pine ,t umber... Acme Brewing Co.; Macon, Ga.

would pay to protect an orange grove any tlmo become necessary to put put ROUGH.AND DRESSED. Orange Box Heads, Fruit and Vegetable Crates.
with posts and lumber similar to the or lessep the flames'. He will have thermometers
their buildingIn
Any one contemplating shedding pineapples or oranges or
manner pineapple sheds are made., Now, hanging about through' the Any part of Florida, would do well to write for pricts. The saw mills are located THE SOUTHERN FUEL 4 S0Pt>LY
In the first .place, $.500 per acre Is moie grove to indloate the temperature, which at Buffalo Bluff, near Palatka, on the J..T. K. W. Ry. Lumber delivered to an; Company
than most of the orange growers have will govern his men in firing. The firing part of the East Coast. Address: II. A. HODGES.Buflalo Bluff, Fla.OBA1TOK .

got to spend. Neighbor Oabe Hartley Is to be done by a man or several .men Coke Lime
Wood Coal
Brick Cement
has stood on the top of a 80-loot ladder going through the grove with a lighted ,

to> get oranges. How long would the torch, applying It to the pl\es of wood, Massee Lumber

cypress posts have to be to protect this whloh will previously have been saturated Company. . Vitrified Paring and Sidewalk Brick.
tree? Would It pay to keep up this tall with the ooal oil.It .

framework and Build It strong enough will thus be seen that, "Mr. Maude
to''resist the West India gales, and toprotoot has made extensive preparations'to proteot -, Manufacturers Long Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber. Flooring, 408 West Bay Street Jacksonville, Fla. Telephone 2ffi|

the trees against freezes, that his against the cold and he
occur once .In .fifty or a hundred years? feels quite, confident that be..,will succeed. Ceiling, Laths, Shingles, etc. Wholesale only.Bridge. J. K, MUNNERLYN, General Manager.

I saw trees here twelve years ago that It would aeem that if we have a

were seventy-five years old. They died,' freeze and there Js any virtue in firing Timbers, Car Sills, Framing, Kiln-dried Finishing Board, Plain Weatherboarding KT I Invito Attention
your to my.Complete Stook of-
not from cold, but from that ,dreadful In an orange glove, that be would besuccessful. Beveled Weatherboardng. ( i- t r ">J.hnstllns J.
mal-dl-goma (bad gum,) misnamed foot .-.
Mills at Kerns Ga. -f HARDWARE AND CROCKERY +-
Dooly County
rot. We have had more or less oranges Mr. Maude's'', operations and success, ,
here In Mandariu for one hundred and |n case we have a freeze, will no doubt Address. 407 Third Street, MACON, GA.' "* s

fifty years or more, and have lost but be watched with a good deal of Interest Glassware,- lamps and Lanterns. Ah kinds of Boat Goodsi Stoves, Tinware, GranI
five entire In that time. These I tew are, doors, sash and blinds, and Builders' Hardware, water coolers, ice creu
crops our
orange grower*. freezers, Quick meal gasoline stoves, Blue Flame kerosine oil stoves, garden took
crop failures ocourred In 1838 and 1836 LeesburgComwercfal. WHEN IN NEED OF. plows and harrows, paints and oilsvFruit Jars and Jelly .glasses, poultry nettin)
and In 1805,1890 and 1807. Today there and barbed wire, .

oust be over three hundred boxes of GBOV* Harrison
? Mixed
Ready .Paints.
oranges on the trees In old Mandarin settleroent. Mr. J. F. Mace, 'of Lake nelen. ,has Write bribes'
Who shall that there will Lumber Hardware and Paints .Please xrie for respectfully solicit
say your patronage. Mail. Orders given Prompt and Careful teutlon, and inquiries f
not be ten or twenty times that amount n-htlt .! ,{ prices answered promptly. i. '
next year? Ik eTAena leper 3MC. SI. G-Z LXTX 313Z1.

In some things a great deal has been was stoned
West Palm Beach
learned In late years, but not In the out in modern of towa; Or anything in the line of Building Material ,

growing and protection of orange trees.If times a sick

one wants a valuable orange grove In out man of is allchances stoned or House Furnishing goods, Tinning or

Florida be must be sure to locate it on in Magnolia Grocery.-

the southeast side of a large, body ofwater. life by the Plumbing, do not.faif to write '

Then be sure to grow'athlok Wholesale and Retail Dealer In .
belt of pines on the north and west sides
of It. Then If It freezes 'down during STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES

the owner's life or that of his successor,

cut the trees down close ,to' the ground who "TOE BRICK STORE \ Butterlne, 14cts. per pound.
and wait patiently two years for his new have no place and no Write or call for our Cash Price List, which will please jon.

trees to come Into bearing, freed from all who use for has him.billons A turns men OOOOA, Xl.l-\7-x% 3F X* aL. 103 Main and 33 West Forsyth Streets, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.

their (nsect enemies. An orange tree and frequent tired "feelings off. and" Telephone No. 255.
with abundant water and forest proteo- might days SAW AMD PLANING
i sion Is easily worth more In this state of business. Pnlatka, Fie. K. e> St., Foot of Catherine.
than all other fruit trees. Its These thins;*
best and cheapest protection Is the pine In are the bad self-dlsf enough net WILSON CYPRESS COMPANY EASY RIDING

tree. Without the pine tree what would end wretchedaeee ,
they Involve if All the time and speed when you
this whole state be worthfI they de- net go Manufacturers of want it Is a great feature ofan
have pines near my grove twenty- any farther. But

five year* old fron the seed, seven feet Incircumference. yon whet never is golan-know tokonrlahed # Cypress Lumber Shingles and Lath.X

They grow on a part ofan bile-poisoned .
old field that would not produce five h man as soon aa he feels that constitution.he is not At Here are some Keating'points for consideration
*1 get* large stock f Dry Cjpress flooring, celling, siding, mouldings, shingles your ;
bushels of corn per aore without fertiliser. "fi fcSfti * and energy oat ,
They grow no nasty mops; they T*"it/" *** " h* >i w J begin tak. lath and Vloketa always on hand, thus assuring prompt shipments. Cypress The Frame makes'It
L" JKP1cGolu"| Medical Discovery, STRONG.
mouldings of all
patterns a specialty.
harbor no Insects; they protect my will soon put himself in (he position
orange trees from the gales, a* well as where cheerfully.fie can do a man's work easily and When at home, write at for prices; when np our way, come and see us. The Construction makes It

from the blizzards. Orange trees within His appetite will be sharpened: hie liver DURABLE.
thirty feet of these pines seem to grow invigorated; his digestion strengthened: an The Bearings give
edge pet on hie whole nutritive organises. The Bee HiYe ItSPEED.
Goods and
as fast with as little fertilizer or cultivation Those subtle poisons which debilitate the Diy Millinery Store .
as those five hundred yards away, entire organism and invite eonsnmptioa
The Chain
Double Roller
Before the freeze I sold flrstolass russet out and of a host the system of other: and diseases be will, wOl gala be driven plenty Is one of the Best and cimptst Houses fa Jic sodt114IiADIES' ]<.... MAKES IT riAUp -

oranges, 160 to the box, for 1Q cents per t pare nourishing Ted blood, raaacleKwer hill, down hill on the tour road.or
and nerve-force. In > track
hundred. Today I could get twenty or among men, short he will AND GENTS' FURNISHING "
thirty tlmea that price. It Is well for are hendreda of delusive temporary Send for Catalogue. haS N EcUa* <

the consumer to look Into a bare market sompounde Stimulant .,"malt white, are extracts more,"or aaraaparUlaeaad leas **booased Silk Waists and Skirts of all description kept In stock and made to order. Afirstclass

once In a while. merelypioSt L *? "i" eeking i" 0"draniau-ta.T'OoaJeo but an Medical hoaSfjJ line of Gents' Furnishing Goods and a new line of Millinery to select KEATING WHEEL COMPANY,

pUeovery" yon ask. aw it. If watl-la- from. You will find our Prices Right, and Mall Orders promptly attended to.v Middletown Conn
riBB FnOTKCTlON FOB SMALL TREES, y-* k ?T neve eteedUy ; :
a*"*""*"* *w "* r yeare and that It U the in.Ma Write us, or when lit town give us a call, and yon will be pleased.
The of s of en educated, aetaorieed
subject protection against
grove who has devoted a lifetime TectWpractice Address J. WEISS, Proprietor,
freejes baa been well dlscusapd In your sad profound study to chronic diaeeeeaT 81 A 23 East Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, FLA. The ADYOCATE does neat, clean Job Printing..XaL .

tr.ira ,:. i

', 'j-wH i.ViiW -

riC WP-



MEXICO. Wines,Liquors
Bobbins. Wutu S.Oiibim.r .
& GRAHAM [Continued from 2nd page,] .-and Cigars,
OBBINS Ruth Ash more's advice to young New Official of > Mexican Hallway Who
Guaranteed Purs.
suggested for the women, whom she addrossos upon the Will Kxtermlnate tho Insect.
ATTORNKYS-AT-LAW, protection of slatted Sold at reduoed
pineries from the "Profession of Marriage," In an issue of The Mexican Central Railway Company
eiTects of frost
Office Hours: From 10 to 12 a. m., none the Ladies' Home Joulnal Is: is engaged in a new expeilment, Old Running Sores prices
and 2 to 4 m.TrrasvTLLE more practical than that invented by Mr.
"If you wish to bo a good companion which. If It Is all that is claimed for it, Imported
Brevard Co., Florida.p. Joseph Butnby, of this city, who has will be of Inestimable value to the >esl- Tokay Wine,

.O.Bos, 108., studied out a plan which comes nearer of your husband, study to make each dents of this city. To show how earnest Itching Scratching from Italy.

Will practice In all the courts state and fad the mark of practicability and 'good-morning' that you say to hlin an they are in tho matter, they have created ,

"Special facilities for examining and perfecting than any so far suggested.Mr. economy incentive to a better lift*. Learn to a new office that of mosquito commissioner John B. Togni,
make each and the portfolio was awarded
laud 'good night benediction of
Bum by proposes to use in bis pin a to Capt. George C. Sperry, supeiinten- Metropolitan Saloon, 12-1 East Bay SC,

ery a number of easily constructed brick love for the day's woik, the day's loving dent of telegraphs for the company.Expoi JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. .

IKOR S. JONES, furnaces four Ave biicks and the day's sympathy. Look for his I ments in different parts of tho
or and
high, .....
Wholesale and Ketall.
about throe feet The good qualities. He \* like you in having United States, and In New Jersey In particular
long. furnaces
ATTORNEYATLAW.TITUSVILLE to be built about four bricks are faults; with very little trouble yon oan, have demonstrated the fact thnt
wide at the theexteimtnation of the moBqulto oanbe
find these faults and about The Largest and Most Complete
by talking
BREVARD CO., FLA. bottom, tapering to about one brick wide accomplished.An .
at the top, the bricks forming the roof them and reminding him of them, you exchange, in discussing the matter Establishment South.GEO. .

County Judge of Brevard County. of the furnace to be can make your married life unendurable. said Prtxtnclnir the following' symptoms I Falllne S. HACKER
placed a half-Inch orso You "Scientltio examination has disclosed If sir,Horo 1 hroat,Mwnllen iilnnrl*,ijfriii.tlons. .- .
can bring about heartburnings, Pustule* anil IJloer* of tho Hkln,
apart so as to allow the free egress of the fnct that a few grains of permanganate Hrlfrness of tho Joluts, KueiuiiatUio
you can cause strife, and before you of Mono l'ain*, etc.Ulcers. *
GAULDEN smoke and heat from the apex of the potash will destroy all the embryo

D.L. furnace. These furnaoes can be constructed know It hatred may take the place oflove. rooBquitoes In a very large area .of mosquito

ATTORNET-AT-LAW Look for his virtues, and. Seeking swamp. At 2 cents an aofe all the Scrofula
by any one right in the ,
ptneiies, always for mosquitoes can be killed off for a space ,
(Till nrsctloe In all the Cnnrte of the State with forty biicks, at a cost not to excoodCO goodness, you will grow of thirty days, and as the breeding time

of Flormai and the United States Court*. cents each, and one hundred of them better every day just as certainly as you Is but two months, 4 cents will assure Running Sore Eyes

p.0.Box,238. TITTJ3VILLE, FLA. will, it is claimed, amply would grow bad If you looked only for protection for tbe entire year. This
piotect an acre
Money to Loan. IS that whiou was wicked. Remember places it within the possibility of a Are eared by

of pineapple plants from severe cold.Mr. there Is much that will have to bo forgiven State, and certainly a city, to entirely BOTANIC BLOOD BALM (D. B. D.
Bumby claims that with wood, rosin, rid ltnolf of a great nuisance."

M.GOLDSMITIl, waste, or any other good fuel, these furnaces in you, and whenever you feel Inclined April and Hay aie the two months In The Great Blood Remedy.Th .

be to remind Tom of a weakness, which mosquitoes breed. They are
can heated at very little expenso In above named disease* are all due to diseased
read the book in whloh Is set down purely local their habits, and not mlgratoiy -
around In the tilnod. Those
ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and the heat will be so even and Rerun floating
your foibles and follies. A as some suppose, and they sel term* make their appearance on the body at the
so long retained In the bricks as to make your woman dom move more than three hundred feet mint of least resistance. Lotions and valves

Tltusvllle, Florida.P them perfectly effectl ve and at the same who, even after her marriage, oarofully fiom the place of their birth. Hence, to may pntsnn help must temporarily be Rot out, but of the to blood effect, and a on that re the Is MANUFACTURERS OF
profession, can make her exterminate the breed In a 'certain locality ,
time there will be no danger of why 11. H. H llotanlo Wood llnlm onrea
husband what she wishes him to be. would rid that locality of tbe pest II. B. II. literally drive* the poison( Doors Sash Blinds
the plants, as is liable to be the case for that season at least, and the method duces blood diseases) out of tbe blood, bones ,
J. WEBB, Everything that Is good Is contagious, and body, leaving the flesh as pnre as a new
with open fires or metal stoves. Orlando of extermination Is so inexpensive that
and the bora babe's,and leaves no bad afto elTeots. It Moulding & Building Material.
Star.'EORGE right kind of a wife makes the an entire community may be rid of them Is this kind of a cure that counts.Lone It oures to

ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, right kind of a husband. at a very small expense. Venezuelan stay cured.
Herald. Scrofulous Poison of the Blood.llotanlo Office A Warerooms, King, opposite)
Will practice la the Courts of the 7thClroult. Respect the rights of your husband- Cannon Street.Charleston .
Taxes paid for non-residents DEEP BREATHING.S. he Is Blood Balm (B. B. B.) euros all Scrofulous
a man not child
a and how
aud other poisonous conditions of the
and rents and aooounts collected.Tltusvllle
the world honor him when you, who are Catarrh Cannot be Cured blood, In either sex or at any e of life,no matter S. C.
CIccolina advocates special daily of how lonK standing, how previously nils- ,
Florida.f. attention his closest companion, do not ?" Do not With local applications, as they cannot treated, how obstinate, how neglected, or bow
to deep breathing as a means even in jest, deride or underrate him. reach the seat of the disease. Catanhla acquired. Sash Weights Cord and

FRIES, C. E. whereby almost every person can Induce People are slow about deoidlng when a blood or constitutional disease, and Sores, Ilolls, Tumors.llotanlo ,

f.O. a vast Improvement in general health, In order to cure it you must take Internal Blood Balm (B. B. B.) euros all Bores, Hardware.
besides one is jesting or when one is In earnest; remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is Dlueratlons Eruptions, Molls, Tumors and other
COUNTY SURVEYOR. a permanent development of lung
evidences .
external of blood taint.If
and what you meant to be funny may taken Internally, and aots dlreotly on the
power, says an exchange.
and Glass
Your Window Fancy
blood Blood lias a Taint of
and surfaces. Hall's
Land legally surveyed and sub-divided, The method recommended is to breath cause some stupid person to say: 'How Catarrh -
Cure Is not a quaok medlclno. It Specific Polsontnsr
horrid Tom .
Mapping neatly done. 'Estimates for from the abdomen entirely; to exhale by must bet Why, his wife was prescribed by one of the best physicians You should lose no time In having It out. Our

all kinds of works. compression of the muscles overlaying says dreadful things about hlrri I' in this country for years, and Is a wonderful llotanlo Blood Halm (H. J .B )will do
engineering Disputed this for you speedily, thoroughly and finally.Bo .
the stomach, and to Inhale by expansion regular prescription. It Is composed of long as the virus remains, it will keep burrowing YEARS*
lines a specialty.v A Clever Trick.It the best tonics known, combined with into tissue, nerve and musole, even into .
or inflation of the stomach. The ribs the best blood purifiers, acting directly the bone*, and you never know when or bow EXPERIENCE

Titusville, Brevard Co., Florida. should bo motionless during the acts of certainly looks like it, but there Is on the mucous suifaces. The perfect violently it will break forth. Yon may not think
inuah of asoreon the face, a pimply akin or annloeratlnir
inhalation and exhalation. really no trick about It. Anybody can combination of tbe two Ingredients la throat, but either one of them may Imth >
The try it who has lame back and weak kidneys Is what produces such wonderful results outcrop of far more dangerous internal condition
I inhalation through the
/ W. ALLEN, nose- malaria or nervou* troubles. We In curing catarrh. Send for testimonials *
should be slow and deep and the air Isto mean he himself Should any one be afflicted with any staee of
can cure light away by free. F. J. Ckenkt
& Co.
Props., Blood l'olson, Hcrofula, Sorofulous Swelling*,
ATTORNEY-AT-LAW be held for a few seoonds, which can taking Kloctrio Bltteis. This medicine Toledo, O. Rhenmatlam, old Ulcer* and Bores, Tumor*,

be done after a little practice. It is then tones up tho whole system, acts as a Sold by druggists, price 7oo. Bkln Diseases, Kidney Troubles, Kcsema, Catarrh Trade Marh
Mercurial,l'olson. Tetter, Boaldhead,
| Key West, -. Florida. stimulant to liver and kidneys. Is a blood OcsionsCoPVRiaHTa
broken down oonatltutlons other disease
forced into the upper chest by contracting or any Ac.
purifier and nerve tonic It cures constipation caused by impure blood, B. B.B. llotanlo Blood
Will practioe in the United States the abdomen drawn back SNEEZING IN Anyone sending k sketeh and deeertptlon nanlokly
Into the headache, fainting spells, SEASON. Halm will cure you after every other known aaoertaln our opinion free whether
I and
State Courts.
0jun95TAR. abdomen by expansion of the stomach sleeplessness and melancholy. It is remedi has failed. Can be taken with perfect Invention I* probbly patentable. Communltlons
safety. It leave* no harmful result* nor bad stiiotlr oonfldentfal. Hand book on Patei
and finally exhaled lapidly through the purely vegetable, a mild laxative, and ; Breath* Will Drive Away Cold after effect*. B. B. II,I* the only quick and permanent sent free. Oldest asanof for seenrlns patenU
restores tbe system to Its natural vigor. When It Blood Purlner on earth. One bottle will Patent* taken throujjh Mann Co. rol
First Start .
F. H. nOUGUTON, mouth. Try Electrio Bitters and be convinced test It In any oase. Druggists sell B B. B. at SI M Key West Nov. 28 1808.. per large bottle, or send direct to us and we will
This rapid exhalation has the effect of they are a miiacle worker. Every bottle ship to any point, all oharges prepaid, six large Scientific Jlmericatter

DENTIST. greatly expanding the chest, and the guaranteed. Only OOo a bottle at F. S. Sditor Advocate iAs bottles on receipt of SS. Remember, 11. B. 11. Illustrated weekly. Tjirsest el*.
doe* not contain mineral
0bailee's or vegetable poison.
whole if practiced at first for drug store. the time is fast when Book oulstlon of any aolantiso Journal Term*.STIear
process, a approaching FIIBB. i four month*,SL, Sold by all.newsdeaJeBranob

Daytona, Florida, few minutes, then gradually longer until life in The we are apt to take cold, allow mo tojsay,
Tropica, BLOOD BALM CO. .
Atl .ntaOa.Palmetto'Drug .
It can be kept up for an hour, should be through the medium of; your valuable Otnoe, I 4M I* tt,Washington,D.CA

p ALP1I E. SMITH, M. D. persevered in until It becomessecondnature. A book on planting, cultivating and pink paper, that a cold, as nearly every

It is quite a potent Cure for harvesting India rubber, caoao, ooffoe, Intelligent person knows, is the stoppage
PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.I nervousness, even consumption, hysteria bananas, coooanuts and pineapples, Also somewheie'' of free circulation of the Store, Daytona. JteALUnM}

I and many allied pathologioal conditions. valuable bloodj to which' one is first sensitive RUBBER ITAMPSEALS 'WHY NOT HAVE YO f,
Spoclallst in Genital, Urinary an Rectal containing Information' on Drugs, medloinos, chemicals, line toilet WORK DONE BY QUICK
Care should be taken that the air breathed life through a fooling of chill. -
tropical written
by a resident planter soaps, brushes, eombs, perfumery and CHEAP AND ARELIABL.
Diseases. is perfectly pure, and if the practice while on a plantation In Nicaragua, C, So slight is the chill oftentimes that fanoy toilet articles In groat variety. HAM KTECLOIES.WA .

Located at Placlde.Hotel, Is maintained Indoors, the windows of A. Sample copies mailed, postage paid, not until the preliminary sneeze comes M. IlusTOir, propr. SEALS MASSCHECKbT

| Jacksonville, * Florida.fvr. the room should be kept open. on receipt of 76o. Stamps taken. is the victim award, he or she, Bas been YPE WRITES SUrTUF ;

Address the author, in the track of a draught, or that the BIGGEST PLAN
Millions Given. Away.It .
C II. TEETH, X liucklen's Arnica Salve. Wm. S. Ahmutrono, temperature has changed.! IN THE SOUTH

Birmingham, Ala. The usual notion Is that by gotng Indoors Is certainly gratifying to the public

EVE, EAR, NOSEJand THROAT.C08 The best Salve in the wor d for cuts, changing to heavier 'olotblngi or to know of one concern In the land who

bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever retreating from the moist are not afraid to be generous to the

Cherry Street, sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, When a great man dies, for years the tbe danger Is averted. These atmosphere needy and suffering. The proprietors ofDr. WEAK MEN MADE VIGOROUS.'

corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively light he leaves behind him lies on the precautions King's New Discovery for consump

Maoon, Gfa.I cures Files, or'no pay required.It paths of men. LoDgfellow. are all well enough, but the first tion, eoughs and colds, have given away

Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction 4- and most efficacious measure should beto over ten million trial bottles of this

I VyM. McL. DANOY, D. D. L. or money refunded. Price 25o. per restore tbe quick flow of warm blood great medicine; and have the sattafactionof
box. For sale by F. S. Chaffee, druggist, Two new musical comedies about tobe knowing It has absolutely cured thousands
through every vein, and so by heat Instantly of
Graduate produced In England" with "girl" hopeless oases. Asthma, bronchitis
of Philadelphia College of titles are "The Poster Girl" and "The counteract the little chill. hoarseness and all diseases of the

I Surgeon, class 1872. Perfect operations AN INDIAN RIVER THANKSGIVING Puritan Girl." One, and perhaps the simplest method throat, ohest and lungs are surely
| promised. cured by It. Call on F. S. Chaffee,
of this
DINNER. doing learned
by men
24 Laura St. Druggist, and get a trial bottle free.
Jacksonville Fla.
who stand on sentinel duty who
are Regular size 60c. and 91. Every bottle

obliged to suffer more or less guaranteed or Ice refunded.
'exposureIn pi
Stastwood, Fla., Nov. W 08,
winter, or who scorn the comforts Inoold >e* anA atf tfftett at t
EASYGOING intMiMcrrtUnt, Wards off Insanity and I
Thanksgiving Day nearby as IHin t let worthies
weather of overcoat and umbrella. Pet dogs In London chamois druggist imposes uhatltute
wear you heraiiNrtltrleldsagrenterprofit. Inslstoni
there Is
not a meat market or grocery Their method, when the temperature lug FKKrEB'S WKRVlnoK, or send foe ._
store for miles around, how Is it possible shoes when In the house fo,protect, polished Cnn be osrrlea In vest poeket. sreps4d plmn wrap,
of the body or extremities Is lowered, ora floors from scratches. per. fS per box, or A for MS, wliu A Positive
PEOPLE Written Snrsitas to Osf* erRsraaS tke
to have a Thanksgiving dinner ? And
sudden chill or quick change from Money, Fanlphletf reo.tiold by drugs''*!*.Address
how is it to without
go a big
warm to cold atmosphere is 'endured, Is The beautiful artist's model Clara
Thanksgiving dinner, not to be thought Those who disregard to Inhale three or four deep breaths Sold by J. D. Screven, only. .
Dote, to have made
seems a decided Impression
WI of with1 patience for a moment? rly indications of'disease.
COTTON expand the lungs to their fullest extent, the Casino audiences.
The of upon
Being familiar with the possibilities of progress

I Soft Seine Twines.A our location, we were not discouraged, catarrh is frequent- holding every time, tbe inhaled air' as Royal-tansy pills

It gradual, Chronic long as possible and then slowly lotting Success i-omks to those who persevere.If .
if is lemoved
far from store.
Perfect STURGEON TWINE. even any catarrh secures It forth through the nostrils. you take Hood's Sarsaparllla faithfully JfEfTDIflfWVEIUr. NKTrHrAIE.'i.
Taking time by the forelock, a few days In this the and persistently aooording to directions prmmmtl A new,,r lls\bi*Mmlv suul, mi*rfjU tCfur*>up*

CABLE possession without doing Inflation of the lungs tc+nty or painful
CORD 8 and MACRAMC.E. mttn tujmtlon.Now(.mmI bvovtjr t<>,
t OOe
before, the "boys" went across tbe river yon may depend a cure when
the knowledge sets the heart Into quick motion that upon lsMll sh lnwiorae thMi ori/mnm. I****
EMORY JOHNSON a cure Is possible.flood's war* f <* ImltsUlotiM Yunptmr.
Ow a.* mm.M00DUS to the oyster bar and brought In a load of.its vic *
the blood Is driven, with unusual foroe pMi bo* sit mil tooKtl, Usjo*
CONN. of a* fine oysters as can be1 bought In Its channels and tcMitxl uunptfor In pit-In particular wimppeir* MoM, *8 iiif 4 larai* >
tim.It along so runs but Into Pills are easy to take, easy tooperate. br
any market, and deposited them In the has become) the tiniest veins. Cure Indigestion, sick bead; cVfXsiSOClATlOJ N t pRrrKMltl, ChUstt, ill.*|>2*>

tho wharf until wanted. so common to ache.
near This radiates a glow down to the toes Sold by J. B. Soreven, only.A .
The day before the particular .one say
body has a little and finger tlats and sets np a quick reaotlon We aiVofwaja oomplafolag that
visited and our
they some feeding pouds
Ski catarrh"that against the chill. The whole effect
many Indian River A Bay Blaoayn* Inland Navigation
days few and there
acting ms tlough
bagged six nice ducks, and in the morning
Is stir the blood
\easy going peoplepaysllghtattention and set It In Company.
it was easy to get a fine fish from the motion as from rapid exercise. would be no end of them. Seneca.

river. Toung roosters had been fathered to it. Vet no class Let who Commencing Monday Oct. 10 '08. th
any woman goes to a dinner stitch In tlmi) saves nine but nine *
in the pen; the plantation furnished of disease Is sodlflloult or ball In a low-necked dress where the steamer St. Augustine will leave Tltusvllle
to shake off. canbe taken In no time onmachine. a sowing Mondays and Wednesdays at 030p. -
lettuce, radishes, beans and potatoes, to and
Many people well rooms aretchllly ber wraps not ao- m.;arrive at St. Luoie River Tuesday*

say nothing of greens and pickled palmetto advanced In years And themselves In cesslble/try this little cure, or, better and Thursdays. Leave St. Lucie.River

cabbage, the toils of catarrh. Mr. and Mrs.Collum still, this preventive against cold and Tuesdays and Thursdays; arrive atTltusvllle
A large pumpkin also from the plantation CatarrlVCan Wednesdays and Saturdays.IANTrEkRVVKnAI. .
,of Oiddlngs, Tex.,found help InPeruna. enjoy Its merits. Be Cured,
and eggs which the hens had dutifully Coll urn's letter Let her It when
Mr. follows: try taking a eold By eradicating from the blood the scrofulous

supplied were converted Into pies, Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus,O.Dkab drive or when condemned, by accident, taints which {causa |M Hood's *In this state to.manaic THOSTWORTHYon *our bnslnee
which, with custard, appla short-cake, Sirs: "I think your Perunais to sli In wet garments. Let the maxim Sarsaparlla| oures catarrh, promptly and their own and nearby oountle*. It la mainly
bananas persimmons and pineapples permanently, because It strikes at he ofrloe work conducted at borne. Salary stralgbtuo
oranges, the best medicine I ever tried for catarrh. of victim to colds be always: Keep root of the trouble. .( year and* peo e definite, boaadile, ae>

all.likewise from the plantation, I have tried all the; catarrh tbe blood In rapid action; nso the deep- .The rich blood which, more, no less salary. Monthly T Refereneea.
It makes
self-addrs l
No Cure No Pay.GROvVa were sufficient desert, with lemonade medicines that I obo.14 bar of nod none held Sreaths.wben a first chill Is felt* | circulating pure through' the delicate passages , bert Kneloee K. He**, Presto s Oept.scamped jif,CniesKO.envelope, Her

4.h\JL *M druggists seU from the plantation, too, for drink. of them did any good nntll Ilrled yoursTI Tours, Matema >f eoica. of the mucous membrane', soothes

''WriJ J a CHILL TONIC Well, w? r" J l rg. family; but, at and my wife have both need the PernDt -' and rebuilds the tissues, giving tnero a ACTIVE SOLICITORS WANTEO KVCRT-

that and Maa-a-lln, and.We are about tendency to health Instead of,disease, fo Tbrllorvof Ihe Philippine/*
least, no one went hungry on day; Among those who will Murat Halstead, commissioned
In' by
'wts "4u- >nln n tasteless well.' I am 70 year _phi. and my wife; appear' sop- and ultimately; curing fbe affection. eminent a* tHnoial Historian to the by the aor*
cmm from distant stores War
and Department
n,01elt, we Imported Vfoen port of Mildred Itollanol Id "Two Little At tbe same time UootTs Sarsaparllla ,
"tobltrT Adult* prefer U 04. we oommenced to take ) t Tbe book waa written In army eampe as
,_J nauseating tonics. Price, BOce only a little flour, sugar, coffee, milk and your medicines we were not able to see \\Vagrants" this season Is Ethel Brandor.' strengthens,, Invigorates and energises San frsnilsoo, on the Paalna with General -
the whole system and makes the ..debillitated the hospital* Honolulu.Inllong Ken*;,
butter. v after onr work, bat now she can tend Ajnerloan treadle* at Manila, la the insurseatofnoewltb -
_. pes. Who would not live on' Indian' River, to berwork and I see after my'farm. Roae'Le wbVhai been victim,of catarrh feel that new life | Agnlnaldw ow Ik* .rieok of
*?"own" ""state Xn umm our bust X? kaoD.Vbs",0t,, * mainly with its always delightful ell mats and You can nse this publicly If yon want for*the Alice Neilsen Opera company,' 01 no* dally with snuffs,t Inhalants,
litL-* Pa 5i'2r- "!/* ** shoo the possibility of such dinners 1at the lov"> A; P. Collam, Glddlags,Te*. Was OlbsOn's famous'model. Th* company Jooal appllcatlops, but take Hood's Hrlmtal of original'ploturee taken by icovern-book.CredXa.

price and be thankful f will Sarsaparllla apo ear*catarrh ab qlntly
same In "The Fortune TelU
Ask any druggist for a free PerunaAlmanae appear add surety by removing the cause*which book*.
1 Claba Ellis. for the year 1899, . * I produce It.' I BideCkleaov >., Star

*rf *'_! i- fc 3 je-MciJ2iJi lJMij < V < V" "*
Jf ianWi M* u>& v1 '


f IBDIAH RIYER ADYOCATE.AWIH1T + days at 11 o'clock p. m., arriving at Havana ter homes here are II. W. Allen and Geo.Worts .
at 3 p. m. on Mondays and Thurs Banyan.A of Ohio.C. Indian River Real Estate
I days. The same steamer will leave Havana Gl Burgoyne's first official act as Agency
JOCRHAL DKVOTSD TO TBS DBVBborManT at noon on Tuesdays and Fridays,
baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.W. school trustee was to order flag-staffs
arriving at Miami In time to connect
or tb ikdl&x bivsb lab J. Kagan last week.
for tbe school houses.
WOSTH AJIP HMOAVHK BAT SaOTIOHS. with the north-bound train for Jack TITUSVILLE FLA.
sonville. Rain is badly needed} vegetation is ata The Eighth Annual Convention of ,
Address all communications to Steamers will run fiom Miami to Havana standstill.Mr. Christian Endeavor Societies of Volusia
direct, and will not make stops at and Brevard counties will meet here
INDIAN RIVER ADVOCATE, Mrs. J. M. Field and Miss
Key West. The palatial steamer City of Kettle Junes Dec. 2nd to the 5th, YOU would do well if you have property to sell and want it advertised Id
spent Thanksgiving at Indlanola.
between Key West Miami will make and the three Island trips City.per week. The question of lighting our streets paper, free of cost to you, and put In the bands of live men, to write at once to

This new service will enable the Florida J. II, D. Smith spent several days in with acetylene gas Is agitating our citizens this Agency for Blank Contracts, and put your property before the public.2&r .
EVERT PRIDAT.Oharlri East Coast Railway to land passengers Eau Gallie last week, shipping oranges and a meeting is called for Wednesday Many sales will probably be made this winter by this Agency. Why
In Havana In twenty-nine hours time after from the groves in his charge. night to discuss the subject.W. yours. not
< Hv Waltomt, Editor & Proprietor.DUonntlnuanre leaving Jacksonville, a distance of has sold his
H. Edmonson grocery
over 500 miles. Very nloe and appropriate selections A PINEAPPLE LANDS, near railway and river, per acre $2.00 to $10.00
block to Mason
The steamship Miami Is a twin-screw for Thanksgiving were rendered by the business in the Clark ORANGE and VEGETABLE LANDS, $2.00 to $20.00 per acre.BeautifuLtract .
ot personally on evening of the 120 acres, one-quarter mile river front; one mile north
boat of
making block north end of v
at this office or by writing. 23rd. store In the Spencer and *
knots per hour. She will accommodate ; first-class for oranges, pineapples vegetables. Price, $1,000.
12S passengers, and Is furnished to luxurious Sugar cane of one year's growth, 10 to Beach street. ORANGE GROVE, 14 acres, 50 miles south of Titusville. Will pay $lXio( tliUGallie
Check,etc,may be made payable to ChablksB. style, being fitted throughout 10 feet in length, can be seen growing The Commonwealth will appear on year and $2,000 next. Price, $7,000.
Walton,publisher and proprietor with electrlo lights and fans. The steamship here on high ground,' but bountifully Thursday in new dress, being a small, HAMMOCK LANDS, near Titusville, from $5 to $25 per acre.
Miami was built by the Clamps for supplied with water from an artesian eight page weekly, under tbe management One hundred and sixty acres, lake front, 2}* miles west of Titusville, good for
the Florida East Coast Railway for the of Charles Spaulding. Mr. Spaulding's pineapples, vegetables and oranges. Price, $.>f)0.00.

V. S. Department of Agriculture Miami-Nassau run about one year ago. well.An entertainment under the name guarantees the excellence
auspices of the work.
The Florida East Coast Railway steamer
Weather Bureau Jupiter, Fla. of the ladles of Banyan, will be held atGilbert's
Lincoln will take the steamer Miami'sold
Hall, on Friday evening, Deo.2nd While the Thanksgiving regatta was SAYE MONEY And Buy From rjnU
run to Nasmiu this beginning
year the Flirt,
unquestionably won by
to raise funds for decorations, etc.
The following is a comparative statement January 10th next. The Lincoln was for the Chi 1st mas tree.Capt the Alma second, the matter cannot be
of temperature and rainfall for the built by the New England Shipbuilding settled legally, the Judge having been
week ending Tuesday, Nov. 20,180* Company, of Bath, Me. She Is dtlvenby Geo. Gleason, W. II. Gleason, left over on the other side; and having
1808 1897PATB. powerful triple expansion engines, John McAllister, of Eau Gallie; Messrs. had to walk home, are showing proper
MAX. MIN. MAX. MIN, and will carry .'100 passeogeis. Church and Simonton, Jacksonville and resentment by not making any report, so
2:1: 79 0 70 (13 Mioanopy; Chan, B. Merrill, JJt.Carter, that the correct time of each boat Is not Grain Hay Feed Garden Seeds Flour Grits
24 I (10 02 77 02 CIRCUIT COURT. .1. Joynor, II. Campbell, VV. J. Ragan, known. ,
25 78 (10 77 73 J. T. Stewart- and Miss Sadie Snell,- of ,
2fl 79 (10 78 74 Tropic; J. II. Booth, Capt, Warner and Our town Is already so full of strangers Meal and Cotton Seed Meal.
27 70 00 70 71 The fall term of Circuit Court com.mencedat Geo. Warner, of Brantley, all visited that It comes like a surprisewhen you
2 72 (10 .70 70 the Court house, Titm villa, Banyan last week.IN meet an old resident on the street.
21) 82 71 80 71 Monday, before Judge M. S. Jones, with Nearly every hotel is open. The Rldge- Agent for Gray Mineral Ash, kills all kinds of Insects; Harmless to
Stato's Attorney J. D. Beggs in attend wood flings wide IU portals on Deo. 1. man orbeast.
Total rainfall for the week:0.20 laches ance. Daytona. The season promises to be an eaily and Only sell for cash on the Closest Margins. Write for quotations.
Departure from normal rainfall for the There only tried that long one, and what's to be done with
was one cas of
week minus 0.44 Inches, Departure Office: 124 W. Bay street. JACKSONVILLE
: who FLA.CHAS. .
the State of Florida vs. John fihambly, the mob of people are expected just
from normal rainfall since January 1, colored, who was charged with shootIng The Neoga. mills, according to F. E. after New Year, no man can say. Nearly
minus 18.08 Inches. with attempt to kill. State's Attorney Bond, are pushed to supply tbe demand all our winter residents are here, supplemented
.1. W. Oronk, Observer.If Beggs having read the charge to for lumber. by a number who have lately

the prisoner, he pleaded guilty, and the Among the recent purchases of win purchased homes in the Fountain City. N, WELSHANS,
judge sentenced him to two years' imprisonment
you are Interested In the protection in the penitentiary.

of orange groves and pineapple The grand to their jury duty having, they faithfully weie discharged. attended CEMENT; BRICK LIME SHINGLES COAL TAR PLASTER

plantations from frost, your THE MAPESMANURES. Season 189899.. ,
attention is drawn to the stiggestions There were other cases on the docket,

on our 2nd and 3rd pages. but they will be tried In January before They have been the Standard *i HAIR AND LATH. **
Judge Call, who will hold court to try
those oases which Judge Jones la prevented Fertilizers for 20
The reason why the British succeed trying on account of being interested years In Florida. State Agent L. & M. Paints and. Oils.
as counsel either on one side
so well as colonial administrators
Old 'Phone 8.
or the other, 13 Hogan Street,
has been
succinatly stated Judga Jones will leave here Monday,
by Professor Jebb. ,IIe says that for Juno, where he will hold court. .. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.

securing Justice and preserving

law and, order with a strong hand, MEMORY OFBROOME. JUDGE

are success the bottom that renders facts In millions the British of My Fertilizers Ara good B* MaPes* .HAMMOND PACKING CO.

miles of obscure territory, populated They all IVlapeS . ...
In the Circuit Court 7th Judicial Circuit qUOte As the Standard of Excellence.
by half-civlllzed or savage of Florida, in and for Brevatd county.
races, as safe as a New York or Whereas, since the last term of this The MapeS PLltithe money In the pockets of the growers. (Formerly The G. H. Hammond Co.)

London Street. This is what has Court, an All-wise Providence has summoned Vegetables OUR SPECIALTIES
Strawberries and other Fruit Trees. :
made the British protectorates and from earth to heaven the beloved
other colonial Judge of this Court, the Hon. John D. "Coin
enterprises successful Broome, and the undersigned committee Pineapples, Bananas Tobacco, ,etc Special" hams and breakfast bacon

and of distinct advantage to has been appointed by the Court to "Coin Special" canned
the people protected. draft suitable res61utlons In his honor What yOU Want Are Results, Results, Results, Results. I have been meats."Calumet" .

and memory: the Mapes Agent In Florida over Twenty Years.I hams and breakfast bacon.

HURRAH FOR JACKSONVILLE That Your it committee is with profound begs leave sorrow to report and: I have SOld Millions of Dollars worth of their goods to Thousands of "Calumet" leaf lard.

regret we heard of his death; Consumers all over tbe State. "Of all these thousands not one single Consumer Homemade pure lard."Peerless" .
That for the In which he
We regret pressure of business presided over this Court years, he was always has found fault with the Quality of these Goods. compound lard

precluded our attending Gala fair and just, and with a pure heart and The best best sausages
Week in Jacksonville, which lured clear mind and a rich legal lore, he keeping qualities. and all Packing House Products.

thousands of our East Coast residents sought to discharge all his duties: The most reliable in drouths.
That he was such a kind gentleman FLORIDA BRANCH Jacksonville Fla.By
to. the metropolis to witness. he-won the love, admiration and respect Always the best prices in all the markets. .

the grand spectacles presented. of the entire Bar: Write us for quotations, and you will be pleased.
Every one with whomwe have That his conduct was so clean and Ira Read the following. It covers all these points :
spoken are loud in its praises, and partial, be triade not a single enemy, but \
they Jacksonville's Gala Week all of us his warm, true friends.We "Orange Park, Ft a., August 27th, 1808."MR. .
festivities eay extend to his estimable and bereaved J. R. TYSEN, Agent Mapes Co., Jacksonville, Fla:
have surpassed anything wife and children WATCHES CLOCKS
our deepest
"Dear Sir I have been
: raising vegetables for the Jacksonville maiket
ever given in Florida. Her brilliant sympathy in their Irreparable loss of so vith Indifferent You have many ,
good years success. often tried to induce me to use
doings completely "knockedout" father.We and. great and kind a husband and Mapes Manures, but I could pover bring myself to It, as I always thought they

Titusville on Thanksgiving move, the Court, that In honor, of cost too asuch. This year I concluded to use them, and it has been a lesson to Jewelry Diamonds
Day, for nearly everybody was in"the his illustrious life and in his me. I had most excellent crops, notwithstanding the drouth, and my stuff ,
memory, has always sold at once at the highest market I
piloe. was especially fortunate
coming capital" 'to witness minutes these proceedings of this be spread upon the on watermelons. My crop was all large and choice. Customers were wait SouYenlrs, Wedding Rings and Presents.WtyiX .
the many amusements provided ; headed "In Court, upon a separate ing for me every trip to the city, and I realized more than twice the prices my
so Titusville did Bags, Memory of Judge John neighbors did and always sold boatload _
not even keep up > and my at once I got twelve to eighteen
that certified
a copy cents for mine when the slip was full of boatloads them FINE WATCH and JEWELRY REPA1RISGOILVERYWflS
her old record with a dance. Jack hereof, under the seal of this Court, be offering at from five to J
ten cents, and I I shall hereafter
am sure profit
by my-experience this year. I
sonville's seat to his wife.
grand parades, bombardments
had splendid success, also, with Irish potatoes."Very A SPECIALTY.
etc.,'would have done credit (D. I Gavlden. Truly Yours, J. L. MOORE."
to a big northern city. The Committee: { Geo M. Ron bins. Spectacles and Eyeglasses. Charges paid one way. R. J. RILES,
progressiveness ( Fred'k. J. Webb. jy Write to me for Pamphlets with full particulars, price, analysis, and tes
and up-to-date character Upon considering the foregoing mo timonials that will interest you. A full stock always on hand.Jaokjsonvlllo. 223 W. Bay St, JACKSOKTILLE, FU.

of her princely merchants tion, it Is ordered the same be granted.
and residents has been fully estate Done and ordered in open Court, this
lished, and our East Coast people December 2nd, 1808. JTMLa,. WANTED !

should feel proud of a city ,that Minor S. Jones, ...
Judge, etc.Lotus. ,
can make such a brilliant and successful

show as Jacksonville did CLARKE & DANIEL Raw Furs Skins Hides Wool Beeswai
last week. The street decorations ,

were superb, and millions of yards
of bunting and thousands ot varicolored R. Otwell was over trading, Monday.S. Dealers in all Kinds of and Alligator Skins.

-flags including the Stars A. Osteon sold his first picking of And will the
and Stripes and Union Jack of beans for $1 per crate. \ pay highest Cash Prices for them as follows :

Great Britain were used to make T. G. Ronald spent Saturday and Sun Fresh and Salt Water Fish Oysters Poultry Dry Dry Salted Flint Hides Hides x .. i5c. Otter Skins, good. . 3.00 to 6.00
130 2.50
Otter Skins . 50 to
it poor
have the in
most gay and festive- day Cocoa. / Green Salted Hides.,,.. oa0. Coon Skins 20 to *>
looking appearance of any city ever The Kyser Bros., of Bonaventure, were Oaxao, eto.t 055 Poplar St, MACON, GA.CHESEBR0 Dry flint deer skins... Hi is0 Coon Skins,, good poor.,, ,. .. 05 to 15
seen in the Land of Flowers. Everyone In Lotus shopping, Monday, Dry White Salted wool deer skins. i5o. Goat skins.,. ., , . 05toSheepskins.

who attended are full of praises C. D. Provost has just received a car Black wool,, 180. .. 10to 49Ti
for those who so successfully carried load of bean crates. Burry wool, prime.1., 8c I60. Alligator skins, 7-ft.....1. 1.00
to 12o. ' 0-ft 5
out Gala Week even the editors Miss Drown returned from Cocoa on BROTHERS Beeswax 250w 8ft.4ft..
who enjoyed the trip on the Friday and opened school Monday.Mrs. aow 2o to 03o. 203ft.

St. John's river were much delighted Thos. Greene was a Ginseng root, per lb .$2.00 15
with it. the passenger on WHOLESALE Young live alligators, 15c to 20o each, Reference National bank Jackson'iH*
steamer Courtenay, to'Cocoa, Tues h ; 1 I' CT r ,
The Advocate did its share towards .rho "ve no5 "hJppd to me. Mk o trial shipment, to get tartMiJ -
day.C. *atJ an CJOMMISSON JTlSH Hoping to be favored
helping along this grand R. Stewart was hsre first of the JEALERS, oipmenia, I am, yours truly

affair; but we doff our hat to this week.week.Mr. Mr.. S. will begin to ship beans W. B, NICHOLAS, Jacksonville,FIs.P. .
Editor Geo. W. Wilson, of the
Times-Union and Citizen, and the and Mrs. J. M. Fields and Miss No. 1, Fulton Wholesale Fish Market, New York. *

Gala Week committee who worked Nettie Jones, of Banyan, were seen in SPECIALTIES: Spanish Mackerel Samplitf
town Sunday.Mr. Sheephead, Pompano, Bluefish, Red E.CLAJICNCB Try a
like Trojans and with untiring zealand Stanalard Snappers, KIngfish, Trout, GreenTurtle, Redhead and Canvas-back Ducks.
and Offi
to the family, of Marian & OUR $23.00
bring event too
energy, county, has rented the Ronald cottage Stencils promptly supplied. References furnished if desired.
successful an issue. Ample evidence and will spend several months In Lotus. BAKER.
has been furnished to show HORSE FARM
Miss May Black, of Whitney Point, N.Tuesday. .
the enterprise and vigor of Jack Y., arrived in town Miss B. MILLER.Dtod MILLER LONOUOTHAM.S. WAG01
sonville's merchants; and when Black will spend the winter with her Kslabir.had 141.

next year rolls around, we believe aunt, Mrs. Thos. Green. All old friends Bicycle! SnlJdrtS'ST* k '"h't1a' duW *X hafU nd Spring Seat*
were pleased to see her looking so well,
they will make a more brilliant B. MILLER & Main and Church
showing than they did' in November JACKSONVILLE. FLA.McMURRAT .
In M
18 8. w York. ,

Charles S. Bulkeley, who recently WHOLESALE'- WILLIAM CLARKF Sanitary Plnmber,

THE NEW LINE TO HAVANA. left Georfrjana, Indian River, for New COMMISSION FISH DEALERS
York, died a few days ago in Bellevue ,
The Hospital. Dloeased was a millionaire No. 7 Fulton Fish Market, New York.Mr. Fine Gas Fiitures, Plumber and Gas Filter Roofing Sheet
steamship service between Florida thirty years ago, when he resided ind ,

and East Cuba Coast, Railway inaugurated, will by'the begin on Florida Sun Bfii of Winmanl tlo''rConn.1 hnd Sp W *" * *1of Pompano, Sp l.h Iron work; pumps and drain pipe bath tnto water closets

day night next, when the elegant steamship was related to Got. Wm. fa. Bulkeley Mackerel, Bine Fish, etc. ,
Miami will leave Miami for Havana and Kx-Mayor Bulkeley, of Hartford. REFERENCES. Fnlton and Market National Bank, or any Wholesale Fish dealer and wash, stands.
direct, making two round-trips per week, His Indian River friends will miss his ta the United Stats*.

leaving Miami on Sundays and Wednea. genial countenance among them. xy- Stencils furnished on application. 37 Forsyth St, near Laura St,


r i



St. Augustine. '

C. F. Sulzner has gone to Miami to su
perintend the construction of two stores y .
to occupy the lots opposite the postofflce. -

Miss May Howatt has returned from
laWng Powder Jacksonville, where she has been spend
ing the week a guest of Mrs. C. O. Llvingston. m

Made from pure Miss Winnie Young returned from

of tartar.ifeguards this afternoon, where she N
cream us been the guest of Prof, and Mrs. W. A
E. Knlbloe.Mlsa .

the food Annie Enslow has returned from

Jacksonville, where she bas been visiting Vll Around. Fox'tlllssox*.

against alum.i tJala friends Week and events.incidentally takingIn the hihi Price $25.00.GUARANTEED B3P* Before buying the following Materials be euro and apply tous

Orange Ilowes, late proprietor of Holly ANALYSIS: for prices, and we will prove to you we can 'save you money.

baking powdVrs are'the greatest Inn at Daytona, has been spending a few Moisture ....".
,.. ,..,.. 8 to 10
i to health of the present day. days in the city to see If he can socure a Ammonia ..,i..i..... >, .,.- ft to 6 STEAMED BONE, RAW BONE,' H
desirable hotel here for the winter. Mr. Equal to Sulpha t of Ammonia........V. ..,..'. 20 to 86 BLOOD AND BONE ACID
mki w n do.,wtw vows. Howes is hotel Available Phonnhorlo Add ;........,, 5 to 8It PHOSPHATE,
norm a of
man a great deal ofexperience. Kqual to Bone FliospUate of Llmo... .,,. to 13
Potash K3 O. 5 to 6 ,
Equal to Sulphate of Potash.. 9 to 10OS
..Capt. C. II. McKlnstry, U. S. A., engineer MagnesiaLimeSoda, eto..,. to 80 SULPHATE OF AMMONIA, TOBACCO STEMS,

In charge of Government construc Write for TOBACCO DUST, COTTON SEED MEAL HARDWOOD
Key West. tion work at Key West, has been In town Sf- Special Pamphlet.J53T" ASHES,

for a few days, guest at the Hotel Alcazar. COTTON SEED HULL ASHES, KAINIT AND POTASHES.
He left this week for his post at Special Mixtures compounded with machinery at very low O

flgln F. Curry ban returned home Key West, after a period of detached H prices.
In a flying visit to Havana.r. duty In New Yoik.

[ and Mrs. W.St. J,, Jarvis, formerly The hydraullo elevator for the Hotel Please Correspond, us "before being induced to buy from Dealers. Send for AMelbourne.

Augustine, are making many Magnolia has arrived from the works of Pamphlet. *
nds here. / the Greaves Elevator company, of Rochester"

wl ouriBtsare Key West beginning and various to ariive boarding, and by W., M.N. Phillimore Y., and will, of be Atlanta.put In at once Six LITTLE BROS. FERTILIZER & PHOSPHATE CO.

teen private baths
are being put Into the ,
are filling up.he
lSea hotel by a Iboal firm. These, with other

large force of man engaged In lay. Improvements, will be completed within Tstcllszsoxwlll I loxica-CL.
brick for the electrio street car line three weeks, and the hotel will open for ,
naklng rapid progress. the season on January 1.

lie schooner Rollln Sanford arrived George C. Howe, proprietor of the
in Tampa Friday morning en route torclenas Hotel Buckingham, has a large force of Samples Malle

with a cargo of oattle.'relglit men at work renovating the hotel for the upon application.

Agent Keallhofer should becful coming tourist season. The improvements GOODK A nooOB. Real Estate and Loans. Geo, E. Andrews has several carpenters
of those cactus flowers. are well under way, and every Agent for .ACtna, London and Liverpool and from Eau Oallie building large addition
They thing will be In readiness Oiohe, and Inuterlal Fire Insurance. Special a
very troublesome to one's hands.I day in December. In addition for opening to the attention, paid to the Interests of'non residents to his dwelling at Willdale pinery. .COHEN BROTHERS.

I illlam Thurman, one of the prisoners Buckingham in this city, Mr. Howe will t Archdeacon Brown will hold servlcos .
recently, escaped from jail, was operate Holly Inn, at Daytona, and the In St. Paul's Eplsoopal church next .
-tired on the corner of Whitehead Hotel HI bis-us, at Palm Beach, the latter WHEN YOU GO TO MELBOURNE call at the Sunday morning and evening -at usual
Catbeiine street by Officers Bowers, being under the management of Leon Huaaar,, Mrs.Notions Clias, Pry J. K.GoodB Canipboll, Ladles'A Co.ready, Millinery , hours.J. .

riD.St. Cl.iir and Scublon.ome Cilley, late of the Hotel Key West-a8 made and woven Underwear,Ferris' Renown, II. LoTournau of' Eden
stated in a former Issue of the Advocate. ed Corsets,etc.,embroidery and colored silks, was aplesant Popular Dry Goods House
miscreant broke the caller here We
largo show souvenir spoons, Stationery,eto.HOTHL on Monday. are
Jaw of Messrs. Reedy & Co., eornerlonton pleased to note that ho was much benefited ,
and Greene streets. the other by his trip to New Vork, where be
lit The firm will pay $10 for evlce your attention Is drawn BELLRVUE, MELBOURNE, FLA. has been visiting friends and relatives
view River.
Lovely of Indian In sheltered
that will lead to the conviction of to the name-and-date slip pasted upon situation. Superior accommodations.a Moderate for several months.We JACKSONVILLE FLA.
guilty party or parties. your paper or wrapper. If you are in rates, ,
arrears, please remit. W. R. CAMPBELL,Proprietor. are anxiously watching tbe results
lie Cathollo mite society given at the of Col. W. O. Winans* asparagus beds,
ileoce of Mrs. Kate Baldwin, was a and if be Is successful, many of our
ant affair. A large crowd was pres- Stuart. HOTEL RIVERSIDE, MELHOURNE, FLA., fieople will plant next year. We feel if
,and all enjoyed themselves Immense- overlooking Indian River: homelike aoooinmodatkm be grown here successfully It will
and pood board. Rates f 1 BO per
Many mites were contributed, mak- dayorXS.OO to 17.00 per week,,according to be done under the skillful management
altogether a snug little contribution. James Andrews Is covering bis fine location of room. Special rate* to River of the colonel.W. The Largest Dry Goods
people. CHAS.T.MoBRIUE,
here was never a time in the history pineapple field. Proprietor.. F. Richards, of Pino Lodge, purchased
Key West when tjhero were so many Will Ray has returned from an extended a fine driving horse last Satur
lerlea and burglaries visit with day. Mr. Richards never falls to look
reported byn friends near New York. Store in the
F. C. State.
Conkling paid a visit to Cocoa
as during the past few weeks.ry after the comfort, and pleasure of his
day or two there la a bold robbery Our teacher, Mr. Lee, spent Thanksgiving last Monday.. family, and same will be much appreciated
mrglary, which is conclusive evidence with his family In Lemon City. A pleasant Informal dance was given by his wife, who returned on

t the city is infested by a well-orga- Doctor and Mrs. naney cruised around by the Messrs. Campbell, at Hotel Belletuo Wednesday from a trip to New York
d baud of robbers, burglars and the point and spont some time with last Saturday evening, and Canada.Tbe .

ik thieves. friends In Eden. Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Ooode 'spent their handsome 'restdenoe of Mr. and

Our fishermen are now out every 'day. Thanksgiving at Roseland, the guests ofMr. Mrs; W. II. Harris last Tuesday even Arc '
As an advertising medium, nomper The experts are having good suocess but and Mrs. L C. Moore.Mrs. ing, was crowded to overflowing now offering Extraordinary Good
those who do to attend a sociable given by them for ,
on the East Coast can beat the not understand the business Maggie Johnson returned from
Idvocatk. Give us a trial advt., are becoming somewhat discouraged. Canaveral last Monday, where she went the benjfit. This or St. Paul's Eplsoopalohdrch. Values in Fashionable
of tbo
was one grandest
ind be
convinced of the
pink paper'snoith. to visit ber daughter, Mrs. Hood.Messrs. .
ever given in this place.In fact. It surpassed
Thanksgiving day was duly observed. J, B. Tompkins and R. P.Paddlson the expectation of all there. It
The church had been beautifully deoo- of Eau Oallie, came down last was a success from beginning to end, as Silks Dress 'Goods and /
Miami. and rated with mottoes, flowers, evergreens Friday evening, to attend our Literary. Is everything Mrs. Hairls undertakes.
two oornucopla's pouring out the Every opportunity possible was given ,
various fruits of the season. The ad Miss Lillle Robertson gave a Bowling those present to have a good time as .
dress by Prof. Burgess was a historical party, to about twenty of her young well as to spend their loose pocket
union Broome has returned from his sketch of the, day that embodied much friends last Monday evening. All repotca change tot the good cause. In their
''to Jacksonville. of Interest pertaining to social customs good time. elegant parlors were tables spread with Trimmings.B3f

J. and Mai ion V. Stover, of Morant of people. Mr. Burgess. Is from Plymouth T.vS. Sanders and Walter Sweeney, oftndianoln gold and silver jewelry of numerous .
Jamaica, have been stopping atel Mass. He was to have"lectured on were guests of Mr. and Mrs.R. kinds, such as breast-pins, ear-rings,
Blscayne.offte Friday night on ."Education. On Sun W. Gooile and family last Saturday bracelets, lace and hat pins, hair orniments -,A11 orders filled same day as received. -
day he spoke in the church on "The Religion and Sunday.A latest novelties In ink stands, ,
W. Scobie, of Tltusvllle. has of the Parsees." This Is the first weights, match boxes beautiful '
down here looking after his bust- of a course on the "Ethical Religions very Impressive Union service was hand paper paintings, picture frames, books, Yonr Money Back if Goods are not as we Represent.
t this end of the linn.lirge of.the World." He also expects to give held Thanksgiving morning, In the Congregational needle work and many elegant articles
a full course of lectures on scientific subjects church, the following ministers too numerous to mention Address: '
force of painters as they num
the Royal are working on eaoh Friday night; free to all. taking part: Revs. Tupper, Hawk, ber up In the hundreds. Including tbe -
*> same colors
Come.ifeb Barnes, Butler and Hadley.A ,
*ing used that were .originally grab basket which afforded much sport.
put Thanksgiving dinner was given at In tbe spacious dining room were tables Popular Dry,Goods IIouso,
Palm Grove, by theyoung men of our spread with nice things to satisfy the JACKSONVILLE
ph A. McDonald and E. A. Wadwe Georgiana."Uncle town, under the able management of the appetite, and after partaking of the FLA.

returned from Jacksonville, Messrs. Campbell, Goode and Hadley. delicacies, they could retire either to
rcthey have been spending a few The girls say the dinner were the reading room or tbe billiard parlor
Hughie" went to Tltusvllle
A. B. Small, Mayor of Jasper, were beautifully decorated with palms, skilled players,, or to the piazza over
i as been spending some time with Lyman Is still slowly Improving fruits and flowers. The menu card looking the beautiful Indian River, for
''rather at Cutler. Mr. Small is now from his recent severe Illness.Mr. showed all the good things of the season, beautiful it was with a bright moon MANUFACTURER OF

"tat the Hotel Miami.illlam McNamara and son, Tom, returned roasS turkey, fried'chicken, plumb pudding light shining on tbe sparkling waters,
etc., etc. The muslo was furnished dotted with naphtha launches and sail Umbrellas
M. McKenzte, of a New York from Connecticut Thursday. Only for tbe evening by the Messrs. Bowyer, boats, and all had a royal, good time. and Parasols.
W twine house, has been down here four days from New York by steamer.Mr. Nicholson, Conkling and Martin.

Interest of his firm. Mr. McKenWt his
Page is visiting daughter, Mrs.
f about two months here last Nelson, at Miami, for two weeks. Mrs. Last Friday evening the Literary Club Fort Pierce.Courtenay. Repairing and Reoeverlng.Neatly Done. All work Guaranteed.
later In the season.w Page was visiting Mrs. niscock, Mrs. met to celebrate Its first anniversary, at 20 Laura
l of the Hughes and Mrs Bruner one day last the pretty home of Mr, and M rs. L. D. St., JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
Ashing firms are making week.Rev.. Lock wood. Select muslo by L. C. Bowyer Superintendent Sams paid oar school
7. .a,rt '""""'I fortune already. ''cornet; Mrs. Campbell and Miss a visit last week.A. .
JiIi.], wwjlt OD8 Iwat cnne in C. A. Moya, a Cuban, and pastor Brown, piano; The Misses Lillle Robertson Bermuda Onion Seeds;
ith 3 000 Spanish mackerel. It of the First Cuban M. E. church in Key Annie Ooode, and S. Martin and Joe M. Sample returned from New .

niifc.i068" rtn would average four West,delivered a very Interesting lecture Conkling, four guitars. Quartette, by Smyrna last Sunday.
-half pounds each.I.Il In the church here Nov. 23, and received Rev. Butler, Dr. Peek and Allen Camp Commodore Hughes fine launch is WHITE AND RED, genuine Tennerlffo stock, $2.00 per lb.

Ki"IIIam 8nd Walter Fauter of a generous collection to be used In buying bell; E. Hadley, song; Mr. and Mrs.R. anchored at St, Lucie, Texas Bust-proof Oats :. . ., . 60c. per bas.
a house of worship for his congregation. A. Conkling, Mrs. Chas. Stewart and Florida 00-day Oats .
arrUld in Miami Friday Mr. Stetson has .., ., #1.00 per bus.
Miss Helen Valentine Mrs, L.D. moved his house on
iuV ,ook> tor Georgia Rye ...
nK a tract ofu to his '
new at tbe l.Mperbus.
property depot.Dr.
ht Srow pineapples. As A. L. Bruner and family, Miss Kate Lockwood, recitation; Mrs. R. W.Ooode Florida Bye. ,
they seect their location their Clark, Mrs. Flora Whltfeld and children oomlo reading; Rev. Butler, remarks VanHood returned last week after ,, if 2.60per bus.
"" "I join them. They will soon all went to the beacn at Oceapus, on : "Looking backward" :" Dr. Peek, a few day's absence on business. Fall Stock of' Field and Garden Seeds.
PXKJbje" to Philadelphia, Thanksgiving, and greatly enjoyed a "Looking forward; Songs, by the Club. The
Misses Michael, of Wabasso
Dainty refreshments were served to ar
good dinner at Mrs. Black's.
picnic rived Saturday, on a visit to friends here. L. CAMERON. Seedsman. $
They had such a good time they stayed about fifty guests, and.a most enjoyable
J win article on r bb r culture. there for several days.v evening was spent by all present. The excursionists returned Saturday 126 East Bay St.. JACKSONVILLE. FLA.tabllihad .
appear In one el the leading from Jacksonville. All report having
K1bey U a had a fine time.
limlk. w newspaper J: D. CRABII keeps a flrit-clasi Saloon. Wines, .1ST .
'i th. Ben mak''>>K investigations bears, whiskies, brandy and rum, Imported This section was visited by heavy
ubject of rubber culture for and domeatio eifrars, tobacoo and cigarette..
Krlo*of liquors from (3.00 to(9 no per gallon. Tuesday morning, which made ./.CHARLES-R. TYSER
Prompt attention to telegraph and mall the farmers rejoice.The .
am' >d commissioner ofIptor orders. Terms Cash. Cocoa, Fla.J. Dr. Symmcs reports trade very' dull,
M.1?**' ""turned from I>. CKABB. Art. as all bis ostrich milk Is gone. mullet fishing here at present Is a (Successor to Tho J. R. Tyson Co.)
great success, large quantities being
Roseland. Bean crops In this vicinity' are damaged caught here every day with cast-nets on You can SAVE GOOD MONET by sending to me for quotations on
little one-half on account of dry weather.Capt. the flats.Mrs. .
h time here, for Palm '
made A. VT. Bule, traveling freight Feaster, accompanied by her Grain Hay Rice Meal Straw Cotton Seed Hulls and
The bean were glad ,
growers ,
agent for the F.' E. C. R'y, was here charming daughter, Miss Mary, were ona ,
ftrol iKbl Monday night by a fine rain.Mr. .
>mM Spanish .
awhile Tuesday.J. visit to friends here, but left Monday

fl'h flnn ent tor- and Mrs. O. W, King, of Woodier, D. Sams visited ArteaU last Sun for LaOrange.Mrs. Feed of all Kinds...___ .
barV.l. Ke
1<"Span? J ?PreMSo th passed through day. He reports a very rough voyage S. W. Jennings and daughter ar i iPOULTRT
their boat Wednesday morning.
l; across Banana river..J. rived home Friday evening after" FOODS Wheat
exceeded spend Cracked Corn, Meat and Bone, Gravel, Cracked
He r yrrTb" P">Pr etora Quite a number of docks have been . B. Slmonton, of Mlcanopy, was ing the summer very pleasantly at her Bone, eto eto.
''Wlth.lhflrnl" *">atly shot lately, in the Sebastian river; but around last Saturday, talking J no. Nix old homeln Pennsylvania. WHEAT, BTE, Graham Floors, whole winter wheat Flour
has Breakfast
theutlookThlslndns the constant shooting every day Cereals,
P ao.tim Co., commission merchants, New
made them very shy, and many have left York to trackers here. There was a very nloe dance given at Bnckwheat, etc., Ortu, Meal and Baeon.
w l rge number of men and entirely. the town ball last Friday evening by FERTILIZER CHEMICALS, of all kinds. Xafnit, Acid Phosphate, etc. Tobacco
Tbe steamer Courtenay seems to bedolog some efonr young men. A large Data
A week go hut Wednesday morning, a bustling business now, a* she Is ware la attendance and report a very en Tobaooo Dust, best Canada Ashes, Salt, eto.
the Misses M. Kltching, M. Hudson and loaded down with oranges and vegetables joyable time.Rev. INSECTICIDES. Laurel Green, Parie'Green, Blue Stone, London Purple, Flour
M.. Casen, came np from Sebastian, every tima she leaves oar port.If Solpbur, Bl-stflpblde of Carbon, Caustle Soda eto. '
S. N. Bell, of DeLand arrived -
Roseland taking
pending the day In BUILDING '
*>t l knd, of Jb printing photos of various places. you are out of news, and want something Saturday and hold services In the Bap MATERIALS. Brick, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Fire Brick, Fire Slabs.
to Interest you awhile, Just sab- tist church twice last Sunday. On Bun- Hair, Shingles, Lath, eto. -
|W>Pr&d done.* ti place to {Send the Adtocatb an order for any scribe for the Advocate, the best newspaper day afternoon ho baptised, one new I MAKE A SPECTALTT OF CONSUMERS ORDERS. WiU furnish

Job printing yon need.] on the East Coast of Florida. member In the river. freight rates to yoar place. JACKSONVILLE, yon FLA.with

chfetif. V
'1V'k.U<. 'iij!* t



EVERY SUCCESSFUL who raises fruits, DRESSING TABLES. The Tropical Trunk Line.


h vegetables, berries or FORM IS POPULAR. Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway

grain, knows by experience t

With ZJttla Skill In Carpanteriar and JOSEPH H. DUEKEE, Receiver.No .
the importance of having a
Goad Taste Xa Arranging.Draparlee On

large percentage ofPotash Mar B. Unlit at noma Suitable Cpholtarlng SOUTH In Kffeot Jnna 88, '08., NOItTH"o. "
2W( TfoTM 5foT5f K0.32.223am. > 78.
Materials. LooafMUed> 1040 p 12a Lv,,.JACKSONVILLE: 45pm
UlOpI138p 83(1 a ..Orange Park.....,.>. 81 pmSSlpni
The duchnsse dressing table represents Tu, Tb. ,....l'eoria ... \\S NI
and Sat 10 02aIU Magnolia .',<
one of the most Important aids I140p ifl'S .....Green env* Spring*.... 5 48 p m I J
toward inexpensive and at the same 2 45a48a 11140 a 11 00aIt Palataa...., 8 00pm
time tasteful .,, Satsuma
furnishing. There are .,,...,.... Pomona. ..., ,
50a ....Crescent City Junction ... 8R3pm88tlpm
in his fertilizers. If the fertilizer 5 28 a 152 apa 12 OOpU Seville..!
838 a"iYo l>pl ..... DeLeon Springs.j 258pm
is low in Potash the .,.... Glenwood ........
too p 340 oYp ....'..,.,..Beresrord.,,. ..... 2 35pni
and r... ... 1 n p i 2 10pm
be small ii\\ { ?
harvest is sure to 807 12 40p 2 65pm
438 p a Ma 1 lip ,. .Orange City Juno,... 2 224pm148pm
of inferior quality. t3 4Kp ...w, ...Enterprise.......... uYI. 8lPl1Up
...TITUS VILLE.., Lv.Mt.
4 66p A r 3 4 l. Dora..
Our books tell about the proper fertilizers 4 00|> ...Tavares ., '
for all and we will gladly send them 900ak 880 a 1 45p Ar..,',.,.. Banford... Lv lio a tn rsopm1210pm
crops 4 35 a 3 OOp ....Orlando. .,f,,, ,. 12 01pm915pm
/ret to any farmer, 5 10 a 4 6ftp ..Lakeland.., 10 25 pm
: ;:: 83a 8 W|> Bartow ... 6 15 pm825pm 5 3ft amtio
OERHAN KALI WORKS.OJ HO 10 at 11 lOp Ar Punta Oorda..Lv 10 pm805am
Nassau St.,New York. 850 p 6 0fip Tampa 7 87pm
750 a ..,..Tampa Bay Hotel
TIME I LOW RATES I 830 aTu. 8 4Hp Ar Port Tampa.......LvLa 8 35 a mlMon.
QUICK ., Thur& SatBun.Wod.SFrl. e oop .,.,..lPort Tampa Ar ThurASntl
2 OOp Ar..Key West LvAr Sun.Wed Frl.T .
Mot Bravery Only.It Finest Cuisine and Borneo. No Transfer between Jacksonville and New York. 'Havana Lv

is said that wheu General Robert The Fleet is ootnposed of the following Handsome New Bteel Steamer* t"Comancue"
"Seminole." t Daily except Sunday. }Mon. Wed. and Frl.
> "Cherokee Daily
in Virginia lnew "Algonquin "Iroquois
E. JLeo durlug campaign ,
Train leaving Jacksonville 9:12 a.m.arrives Gainesville 1:08 p. m. Ooala 2.00 n. m
was nrged to throw two reglin North-Bound. 8:45: p. m., Brooksville 6:55 p.m.daily. \ '* "m'nr' >
Trains lit and 32 Carry Through rnllman'Bnffet Sleeping Cars between Cincinnati and
on t a of cavalry Into an unprotected Steamers are appointed to,nail according to the tide. and local sleeper between Jacksonville and Tampa, open for aooomnlodation of Tint'1
mountain district, be obstinately re- From JACKSONVILLE, FLA., (calling at Charleston), Sundays, Tues From CHARLESTON, B.C., Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
lusod."Not. For hour or soiling see "Clyde Line" Sohedule,or Jacksonville and Charleston daily papers. (
a man is unwilling to go I" South-Bound. Indian River Steamers leave Tltnsville 8 KK) a. m., Mondays and Tbursdavs for St Lncla *<
and Intermediate mndlngs; returning, arrive Tltnsville Wednesdays and Saturdays conn
pleaded his advisers."Gentlemen Steamer*are appointed to sail from Pier 29, East River,New York,at 3 p. m., as follows i with northbound trains. "i"W.B.
said the wise soldier, For CHARLESTON;8.o.. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.ForJACJUtONVILLKFLA. . COFFIN, O.D. ACKERLY,
), Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.Clyde General Superintendent. General
"It is not a question of courage, but of Passengst Apr
eats!" New England and Southern Lines, (Freight only.)

General John O. Fremont, one of the (Calling at Charleston"STEAMERS", 8. C, both ways)

most daring of our army officers, when 1 are spool to sail as follows I .
discussing the condaot of the civil war From foot of Hogan Street,Jacksonville, From Lewis'FRIDAYS.Clyde's Wharf. ,Boston, Florida East Coast Ry.TIMS

long after it was over, said to a friend; THURSDAYS. .

"War is a mixed matter after all foams roa Ducmwsi tabu. St. Johns River Line. TABLK NO. 15, IN EFFECT MAY 16, 1IBS.
one-tonth, bravery and battles; nine-
really serious difficulties to be ,
tenths, transportation and victualing. by the amateur furnisher in constructing Jacksonville,Palatka, Sauford,Enterprise,Fla.and Intermediate landings on the St.John's River. SOUTH BOUND (Baad Down). NORTH BOUND (B 4 0|, l lJ9
The American nation, unused to war, The elegant Bldewheel Steamer
has been surprised during the last six such a table at home, and the "CITY OP JACKSONVILLE." &BBTeop STATIONS. """rwiuTup
accompanying and instructions
months to find how muole labor and CAPT. W. A'. SHAW.Is .
from The Art Interchange appear TyMlkarmTlll* .Ar
time go to transportation and victual* appointed to sail as follows: 410a416p 10 BUa 8Anr** ** ,.
to to make It an easy affair for the woman Leave Jacksonville, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:80 pm 10 85a .Lt.Ar 4 Up itf*
lng an army and how little lighting * ( * a'illlllllll'T M.JintaitlM.! S90p **
who has a "knack" In suoh matter: Leaves Sanford Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:00 a m 11to.TTtoa. "'tT1 .flT.BMttng L 4 6Hp *
the Even the moot daring act irsp410p .aAr.a 01.
enemy. ....PmUtk ...
The skeleton frameworks of these tables SOUTH BOUND. NORTH BOUND. o TR58op ITStil
cf bravery the work of a few moments SCHEDULE. Read up. 10 45aHlXp .....P Utk> ArLy
Read down.
M *
must often be preceded by days of do not require to be anything Xiop pw* a* TXv T $
.. ... T Arrive 2.oo a. m.
Leave S.90 m.a Jacksonville.
better than rough boards p. *0nTIO TfOmirsoi Lt. .Sfta HfttM..; ..
providing iii..t. i Ar litisTtl
Leave 8 00 m
cautious calculation and minute preparation. 45 p. m. Falatka..... p.
smooth wood la not obtainable) nailed 3.00 a. m. Astor 2.30 p. in. ** *r. FalatkA,,,.
strongly together. Tables of 4.30 a. m.a. ,.,.8t. Francis...... 1.00 p. m. loop ii M.i.iOrmon|
  • divert nip ,
    In national times of war exoitomentwe Heresford 13.00 a. m, lip Dayton* * 8 521.
    sizes that answer the purpose admirably 6 00 m. ...Blue< 11.00 a. m.V ! a. m. Springs
    think that victory by our tsap V N ftmrrn ,
    to ) w
    are apt oo a. iu. ,1 *>* * ISOp144p
    can be had' at kitchen furnishing Arrive 330 a. m. Sanlord ..... Il2ln
    CJMK Hill
    enthusiasm daring 9.30 a.m.Gen'l *a f a** ** * 4 ****.aaa
    armies is
    won only by 9 25 a. m. Enterprise ..... 8 0p .Tti"u nrtll ,...

    establishments, costing from 75 ** *** tIMp
    and the exaltation of genius, but Jacksonville.Jko. arp * ** CltT POsJlt 13 8op
    St. MMM.l
    Office 204 W. Bay llM |
    cents to 93 each, and it will be found, Passenger and Ticket 8 4 tOCO ........
    practical common sense training and p47p "f *> ) < % M1MI" la&p
    careful preparation are as necessary to as a general thing, cheaper In the .L. Howard, Superintendent. F. M.iBosTMOHom,Ja.,Fla, Faaa.'Agt. * > **.Kau Rooklodso Oallt ' e 12 18p
    end to purchase one of these than to Foot Hogau St. 204 West Bay St. .... \\&s ,.,.Mlbourn

    General Lee's oats to **!
    success as were JACKSONVILLE, FLA.W. ( Up .,8bMtiaa ....
    hire a carpenter to fashion one. The accompanying a> *, 10 SO*
    his gallant cavalry horses.Youth'* II. WARBURTON. T. P. A., THKO, O. EOEIt, T. M., eoip I St. Ltioio.* V67.
    Companion. diagram shows the framework 0 HOWLING GREEN, M1W YORK.WM. OHOp I fort Plorosaa* s 5'
    before) the drapery id applied, together P. CLYDE CO., General A Rents, 4 p * < > ** Inm tu 1 *
    with the dimensions. 8 Bowline Green,New Vara. IS So. Delaware Ave.,Philadelphia, 6tp <**7 nwiTi > vuns
    necessary T06p Stuart ,
    Worked Old Trie*. *)* Us
    an The upper framing and supports for TIWp .......MM ...Hobt Sound ..... 8 1s
    An antique and ourio dealer in Seymour T6ip ...J W Jupltor.r*. 8 07 s
    curtains will require construction. This ISOpvOUp ...Wait Palm Baaoh.. 7 Sum
    place, Marylebone road, exhibited should be made of seven-eighths inch MALLORY STEAMSHIP LINE. ......Liaton..... .,, Kaa
    in his window on Thursday, Friday 4p Fort Landardala.., 14.
    tuff. 10 tap Lamon City ,..,.

    and Saturday last, as the result of a After the bare woodwork is ready, toaop Miami Lv

    wager, a number, SO In all. of English cover the top of table with a thickness Florida'' New York, BBTWEKH MKW SMYRNA AND ORANUB CITY JU.NCTIOX.tOOp .

    sovereigns mixed with other ooins, the of canton flannel. Over this stretch Philadelphia and Boston. ITS WiTTsvr STATIONS." iNo.jiy. i iAr

    collection being surmounted with a ticket 'blue or pink silesla and last of all the Prom lirnnswlck, (via Port Royal, B.C.,)to New York.PASSENOEU \ Z77, Now Smyrna TJ5p\t\ %

    bearing the wprds: "These ooins muslin, whioh 'should be firmly drawn SERVICE.To ll 8al02p M *......, ..Lak.H.lan ,.. (in|

    16*. Od. each. For a few days only. to, the edges and tacked with carpet Thursday make at connections 00 p. m.,via with Fernandina steamers, close leave oonneotlon Jacksonville with fon ,(20p p UlOp MAr.T .. ...OranfCitr.Orange Jnnotlon.City .. :.i., .,.. "" ''U 13 20p iipm\ | l

    Although mixed with other
    sovereigns wero the most conspicuous. five well defined plait* and be shirred Supper will be served immediately on leaving Fernandina.
    to there were no purchasers. Passengers go at once on board Malfory steamer on arrival atBrunswick. KEY WEST AND HAVANA.
    Strange say, up between the plaiting. Taok the skirt .

    One timid individual went into around the table edge, fastening the The steamship City .f XST West of th. Florida East Coast StMrashlp Company lesws
    the shop and nervously inquired if festoon drapery over it and finishing PROPOSED SAILINGS Hlarat for K.y Wm*ea Koadaya, Wednesdays and Friday,after arrival of train from Jk*
    the ooins were "good." He was told soavUla, making connections at EtrWal witk staara.r* for Havana. L..T. K.y W..I I
    the edge with box plaited ribbon. Next lV.New York,Pier 21 E. R.,3:00p.: m., (Standard Time.) Lv.Brunswick. 4ir"dri'nS> Tn.sdays.Tknrsday*aad Mataraava, arrivlag Miami nil moralis
    by the shopkeeper that the coins were tack the muslin to, the upper framework eeaaeol witk nortk bound train.Ti .
    there to be sold at the price marked, bntno Friday, Nov.4 ....RIO GRANDE. .. ...Friday,Nor, 11
    comprising the background for glass, Friday 11 ..STA1K OF TEXAS.. ...Friday, 18 T Tint*Table*snow th* Hmas at wkloh trains and boat*may be expected toarrlTs.
    other information could be given.He having the silesia under it, the underside Friday, 18 l ,.... RIO GRANDE .. ...Friday, ' 5M. f/TS/1/ -* ? "4t.rH, bat their arrival ar departure at th. tinSL -
    left without purchasing. of semicircular canopy being treated Friday, 25 ...<, .STATE OF TEXAS. .Friday, Deo.a t &K r0o"p v *- "- *' -

    Yesterday morning the news got likewise before being put in place For general Information,steamers,trains. P.,rates MURPHY, eta.,,apply Agent to,220 any W.railroad Bay St.agent Jacksonville.H. or toA. For eepy of local tim.sard aall at OS Wast Bay Street, Jacksonville, ar address
    round Murylebouo that sovereigns were *.T. BEOarWITH. Traffle Uaaagar. O.P. A.
    permanently. This canopy is made detachable .H.RAYMOND,General Southern Agent, Brunswick,Ga.O. J. in KAHNEB. A.
    to be had for IBs. 6d., but it was too being fastened" in plaoe by H.MALLORY,Oeneral Agent,Pier 20, E. River,and 302 Broadway,N.Y. **: A gnUaa. _

    late. The trader had won the wager screwing on to the framework from the

    and withdrawn his collections of sovereigns back side of same. Shirr up a strip of

    at any rate from the window muslin sufficient to go round the canopy and Railroad.
    Florida Central Peninsular
    of his shop. London News. lii times. Fasten same in plaoe, drawbUCBESSK -

    Pain*** Hrldf* Ida*. New Florida and Northern Air Line and Florida Trunk Line. .

    "A piece of cable, says the Philadelphia Time Table In Effect July 0, 1808.,

    Record, "reoently found in a '
    historic dwelling at the falls of Schuyl

    kill recalls the first suspension bridge

    of a single arch ever attempted in this

    country. The idea originated with

    Thomas Paine, 'the great commoner of M03T EXCELLENT 8EEVI0E OFFERED OUT OF FLORIDA.
    mankind,' while he was spending the

    rammer of 1786 at the hotel near the NORTH EASTWEST.

    falls of the Schuylkill. The idea was ,

    suggested to him by the mechanism ofspider's % asawaawaaaa.THUOTJOH .*.--__ -____

    web, and he began to work
    upon plans for an iron bridge to span
    the river at that point
    "To lay his model before the FrenohAondemy

    of Soienoes Paine went 'to AND SOUTHWESTERN LiniTED."

    France iu 1787, but that country was Through V..tlb l.d DrawtngRoom Sle.ptn* Car* between Tamp* and N TA
    already on the road to revolution ami via Jacksonville, Savannah and Columeia. witaoat ahaaga"UNITED

    had no timo for the study of bridge* In
    STATES "
    England Paine forgot his solentiflo mission FAST MAIL.

    and bttoume absorbed in political Pullman Drawing-Room Baffat Slatplag Car* atwa JaaksonrlU.and Ns T >

    affair*, which ended with his Imprison"ment DRBSSHTO LyncrLburB;, Charlottesville.

    and gave to the world 'The Rights down firmly to the edge and securing I Washlniton Baltimore and Philadelphia
    of Man,'.but loe* to it for many years with tacks. Next attach the long ,

    advanced bridge building." drapery and ovor this the valanoe, SSHl",-.Pn'wl"fR: <,0 Weaptat Cars to aYaeen. Atlanta, Chattaaooga aad
    Ulaalaaett. with elose aoaaeeUea far LoaiavUle and ta* Northwus.Alae .
    which should be shirred Into shape and

    Day Amlnlii, oaugbt with ribbon bows before being Through Pullman
    up Sleeping to
    Nos.38 and 34 make oonn itlnn for Brunswick, arriving Brunswick 430 p. m. and 840 p.ttnrespeottvaly.
    How pleasant It is to a man who put in place. Arrangv the curtain For New Orleans, train leaves Jacksonville 9.45 a. m., with through sleepers, arriving Cincinnati, via Columbia and Asheville. Through t"LAND >
    is for the most part immured in an office in graceful folds over the bars at sides leans 5W Mew p.m.Orleans,7:40a.: m. Only through sleeper line. Arrives Jacksonville from New Or.

    to sit with a rod or gun in his lap and and complete by adding the little SLEKPINO CAR SERVICE.Noe. OP THE SKY."

    listen to day awakening in the woods orafield shelves and the mirror. .35 and 3S Fast Mall,Sleeper*between New York and Jacksonville, and tho'.Clnolnnatl
    t to hear in a dim, uncertain way The good* required for draping a Sleeper via Asheville.Noe. .
    birds and feel the table similar to the ona her* depicted .87 ami3*carry through sleeper*betwaen Jacksonville and New York In oonneotlon with Slf ZlPlii! ', J" * *'** e e ale* alaeptaa ear reservations, eta.. spr'r1aaw '
    the twittering of the S and 13 and 7 and 14 with Pullman Sleeper*betwoan Jacksonville and Tampa.No a aooiaaaa tVaiLwav ar tia aaaaaaueaaXa
    oft morning breese?fanning' his cheek will be about 17 yards muslin or other ,3d carries sleeper from Jacksonville to Atlanta and.Chattanooga. This I* brought to
    and making- him wish' for dozen* of BO Inch material. 8J," yards silesia, 14 Jacksonville All by No.
    baggage will be checked from Union Depot. Tiakets will still be sold at the city ticket
    pairs of longs, that he might fill them yards fringe or other edge trimmlngt 18 office,202 Hmran Street,aa well as at th* Union depot ticket oRloe. A.IB1TXAT, n rl4U ra* A'tt.. t> W*. Bay Sir *K J"0"''""
    and thick R.W. CAMPBELL,Passenger Agent. J. R. MARSHALL,Ticket Agent,202 W Bay St.. cor. J.lLiOTJLP. -r HAHDmI.I
    ribbon canton
    bis yards JJ yards jj f.L
    all 1 Overhead a kingfisher sprung Hogaa,Jacksonville. WALTER OOLEMAN,Oeu'l Traveling Acent, Jacksonville.G. ; T-ntX
    merry rattle, and my break o' daydream flannel with which to pad the table top M. HOLDFN,T. P.'A.,SC Augustus, Fla. A. O. MaoOONKLL, Oeu. Pass. Agent.

    was ended. As though be had underneath the muslin and silesia.. Aa

    aought to warn us to profit by his own regards fabrics, there is a wide range of

    industrious example and get to work election dotted swias and'cheesecloth FOR SALE. Home-Grown''

    the smooth surface of the lake was now being'most in favor; other'materials ...

    broken, and the breese came. used being"china' silki silkoline. era-

    The fish were rising now and'seemed tonne, lace, eta< Cretonne-is rather1 stiff PINEAPPLE SLIPS AND SUCKERS *

    greedy for the fly so greedy th'af I for making graceful folds, but makes

    did not notio* the flight of tim< arxTif available a wealth of gladsome color.' Of-the following y rietlM :

    for Wales the first did he I knew bore I it had like been a Spartan easting, The appellate court of Rhode Island Abbala, Porto Rico, E&ptlm Queen, Golden Queen, Bipley Qiimq, SraootlCiyww Marh.naa.tsakaertbar*. '

    for 9}{ hours,' with the net result of 19 has decided'that Christian Scientists PerMmbtco md* Bed' Spalsa.- Oraw V T- eJag'ft

    bass, after putting back several which are not medical practitioners la the legal ,
    to O. C MATTllsJdrS FloridaPtaeaapla( Co..
    would not reach the two pound mark.. sense of theterm..- Apply '
    Wnt Palm Beach, 11a.

    ui ii J''" n-swijjuiimnpi wMiasessw-a

    <* #

    \\ *"!

    HOTfili Xii-tiic-ycar-rounti. palAtka. AUTUMN FASHIONS.FASCINATINQ HOOIKTIES. BTO.


    NOVELTIES IN MATERIALS Drill at the Armory, over county jail, every
    ATLANTA, GA.i4'M Graham Hotel PALATKA, 1LORIDA.- fueaiiay evening in the month, at 8 o'clock.;
    AND C. K. STKWAIU', Captain.

    ?. r. B. C. K.
    i'SSRftfSfirs*! The only Brick Hotel in town. Electrlo lights and bells. Open tbe year *Goods That Am Dl.playad Vm&urN Meets Sunday evening at 6.30 o'clockat
    round. Service strictly flrst-clans. tha Nam* of Popllu-A Naw rabrio For the Presbyterian every Cliurrli.
    Kates: $2.50 and the week montb and to families.Mrs. .
    per day up. Special by or Tmilor Oowna Marina nine. Military

    M. L. BARNIIART, Gray and Cavalry Tallow la Voa-oa. INDEPENDENT ORDER GOOD TEMI'UIRS.Tltu.vlllo li

    Lodge No. IT meets every Tueadayevonlnir
    Proprietress.OUBIOND. The fall and winter dress materials 7 SO In I'raabyterlan church. Ilibllaineetluua
    of 1808 are works of art and their variety nrst'JunBduy in quell uiontli.C. .
    is great. Many Women hesitate to Boo't. C. T.ClIlTltCIIKS. .

    select fabrics for their winter goWna so

    early in tbe season, believing that new .

    HOTEL GOQUINA ORMOND-BY-TIIE-SEA, FLA. designs and materials will be brought

    ont as the sensou advances. Taking the EPISCOPAL tllURClt.

    view, however, that those who plunge Services Bml an Open for tbe Winter Season. Fine Surf Bathing, Fishing and Whoollng. right ia have the wider choice, the New at 11 a. m.nnil ZUto |>. m. Humliiyscliuol
    Sea Food,a Specialty. very a. in. Evoninir rrnyer at ,
    York Sun affords extensive 8 p. ui. on WetlneHilHjs. Litany
    MRS. M. VANCE, Proprietor. "" '
    Arclnlonoon It. F. Hiiown, Rontor.PRE8BYTHHIAN .

    WEST PAMI BEACH. CHURCH.Burvloes }-ri

    every Snldmth at 11 a. m.niwl 7.)0i) <..m.Snndiiy .
    Hi'liool at 0-41) n. ni Ue W.Huohlu,
    8upt. l'raver mi>etlntc on Wuilnenilnv evening
    atiUfl, '1 ho inilillu aie cordially Invited to atteml -
    Seminole Hotel our eervlaus.
    1 Kov. I. P. HOWARD, P tor.RA1T18T .
    V'SZ.ia i
    i CHUnCli.
    *" Pronchlnit ovory oarimil and fourth Sunday*
    ARAGON ATLANTA, GA. WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. mornlnir and eveninir. Prayer Meotmn" every
    ffEL .. Wednp.duv evening nt 7 IHI o'clock. Sunday
    Tbe Palace Hotel of the South. This hotel is substantially built of Brick, and lias every convenience. Close to School every Huiulny at It 4A a, in. Alm> prearblnr -
    American and European plans. "VVe cordially Invite the patronage of the best the railway depot. Free'busB to and from trains. Boats attached to the hotel, invited Mrat to Sunduy LaOrange.. All uro cordiully
    nmerelal, Business and Tourist travel. Centrally located, only three blocks with fishing tackle on board for tlio use of guests. Rates, from $2.00 per day and E. N. Hell, Pnator.'mmmm .
    i Union deoot, at highest point in city and away from all noise, dirt and smoke upwards; special rates by the weak or month., *
    ilraias. Every modern Improvement known to science. Cuisine unexcelled GEORGE ZAPF, Proprietor.MIAMI. METHODIST CHURCH.RoKUlar .
    sot hotel in the South. Free Bus meets all trains. Rates, Americanplan,
    ,0101.30 per day; European plan, $1.00 to $3.00 per day.GEO. aervleoi everv fliKf. third anil fourth
    at 11 and 7 lXI
    Sunday* a. in. p. lu. Sunday
    W. COLLIER, Jr., Manager'. School evory Sunduv at 10IMI a. in. Epwortr.
    Xbe league oaon Suiulnj atS jo p. m. Praver meeting
    every Thurnday lll htat 7:011 o'clock, The
    Ludlun' Aid Sooletv meet* every \Vediiendayat
    ATLANTA, GA. S'(H) p. in. Ever}body weluonie at our uhurch.aervlooa. .
    Holland Hotel Connolly MIAMI FLORIDA. .
    27-20 Auburn Avenue.Tiro Rev. A. Xi. PENNEY, Pastor.

    Blocks from Union depot. All Modern Conveniences.Mrs. Best $2.00 per day bouse In the city. Special rates by the week.O. CATHOLIC CHURCH.Bervtoea .
    P. nUNTINGTON, at 10 a. in. every Pnnilny, In new
    Church North
    N building Tituavllle. Chlldrea'soateohiam
    F. A. VOORHEES, Proprietress, Proprietor.HOMESEEKERS at p. in.Kkv
    ,J.F. p'KoVLK,Rector.MUNICIPAL. .
    Hates, $1 00 to $1. 0 per dayl Phone 1020. concerning new materials and illustrates

    many of tbe freshest modes. Among the .

    MACON, OA. items thus given occur the following| TOWN COUNCIL.Mayori .
    In colored goods, poplin and orepon
    Adhemar Hrailv aldermen Jno. M
    ) t
    vie with each other for first place. Dlxou, W. R, Knox,Jno. It. Walker, Minor H.

    DGERTON HOUSE MACON, GA. Who are Seeking a Home in the South should send to the undersigned for a Many people understand by poplin, a June olerk*and, K. treasureri I., llradyt C.aaeraanri A. Schuyluri.lolin marahal Henry}

    Next to "Brown House,' copy of theFlorida smooth one toned material worn by and colluntori M.'H. Jonea, jr The council
    their grandmothers and by orepon almost meeu ttrat Tneaduy In each month.
    soft stuff with raised figure.' '
    > i any a
    Factor the passenger station, and convenient to all parts of tbe city. Street East Such will open their eyes in astonish* HOARD OP TRADE.
    i pais the door. Choice rooms from 50c. to $1. Restaurant convenient. Coast Homeseeker.We ment when they oome to view the brilliant Meets e\ery second Vieilneaday nlghtrln each
    month at R:00: o'clock in riMims over poatottloe.
    Address Edgerton House, 4th St:, Macon, Ga. goods now displayed. Among poplins Judge M. H..lonea. prealdent) Wra.JSI. Drown,
    there aro exquisite shadow plaids troaaureri J.O. llaat, leoretary.

    on a poplin ground, broken plaids, two

    JACKSON VI LLE.totel .\ have lands, for Fruit Growing, Trucking, Tobacco Growing, and foi toned poplin velours and plain two COUNTY OFFICERS.
    Winter and Summer Homes. Climate tbe healthiest In tbn United States. toued poplins in all the new shades and
    standard oolorlngs. SCHOOL BOARD.J. .

    Flacide "BtSTim Apply toJAS. When It comes to materials for tailor M. Dixon, TKuavlllei R.'N. Andrews,

    E. INGRAHAM, Land Commissioner, made gowns, they are almost beyond Cocoa| S.K. Oiblia, Melbourne,

    i the center of the city, on Main Street, the dividing line between east and west description on account of both beauty
    block from Bay. Everything entirely new. Elegantly furnished throughout, FLORIDA EAST COAST R'Y, and variety A reversible drape promises COUNTY COMMISSIONERS.W. .
    uperfor Cuisine and Service. Bus meota all trains. Terms $2.60 per day and to be much. nsed for, dressy tailor II. Sharp*. Sliar)><>a( nhalrmani 'Joseph
    wdi. Special rates by tbe week. JOHN S. BO WEN, Proprietor. ST. AUGUSTINE, FJUV.. oostumes and bas completely ousted Mendel, ljiUraiite: J. R..Walker, lltuavlllei
    Jno.Houston, Kau Gallia l .1.N. Walter,Ankona.
    d'ete for outdoor It has
    cheap wear. Regular aeaalonaars held first Monday la eaoumontb.
    considerably more body than drap d'ete, .
    Nes and, while it has almost the same appearance

    - Travelers' Hotel. MANIER & LANE on the right aide, looks very COUNTt OFFICIALS.
    Management. like poplin on the wrong. Corded aibeline Minor fl.Jones, Tltuaville, county judge; D.
    is another novelty designed for elaborate L. Oauldon. Tltuaville, proaecutlng attorneys
    FELIX GARCIA JACKSONVILLE A.A. Stewart.Tltuaville, clerk circuit ooartj i.
    FLA. .
    tailor made
    gowns.A F. Wooten, Coeoa, tax aa eeor| E. W. Ilatl,
    dressy tailor gown Is tbe first on* Bharpea, tax onllectori John Henry, Tltuaville,
    Electric Llghts7 Electrio Bells, Baths, Complete Service. la treasurer; J. H. Sama, Oourtenay, auperlnteadnt -
    depicted. ,It fashioned of the new material publlo Inatructlont J* O. Frlea Tltuaville,
    THE BEST $2.00 PER DAY HOTEL IN FLORIDA. described, drape, and is virgin oounty aurveyor|J,P.Ilrown,Tltuaville,sheriff.Homoepathic .
    Malcolm Loie Fischer ianier & Lane blue in color.' The underskirt is nnlinedto
    Take car at the T/nion Depot and ask the Conductor to stop at the Travelers.t give it the) muoh desired.clinging affect

    and the oversklrt, which Is quite
    f" *' flounce running op each aide and bor-

    *. 'V '*i

    I Largest, best, and coolest; choice rooms for, summer, $1.60, $2, $.1, $5 weekly, WATERLOO, KIMBALL ORGANS.....

    Irator, baths, bell service, etc. W. W. TIDD.lotel Cures Indigestion, Sour Stomach, Emotions

    Lowest Prices ; Easy Terms. Belohlngs, Files, Itching of

    Skin, Liver Troubles,, Palpitation

    Roseland JACKSONVILLE, FLA.On Write for Catalogues. of tbe Heart, etc

    jour way South stop at Roseland. Three acres beautiful lawn, bowling Directions: A powder before "meal*
    ! 34 Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, Fla, and at bedtime.
    J ,tennis court
    croquet grounds and other amusements. Roseland must be

    to be appreciated. II you come to Florida this winter, call and see us. The

    oof Jacksonville. Located on St. John's River. Take car at station. Tran'trates K>IIVGIVOHMI Twenty Powders, 25 cents.
    ' ?
    $2.00 per day; Special weekly rates.Mrs. .

    A. M. VanHAAFTEN, Manager.ST. TRAYEL YIA THE "TIFTON ROUTE." Depot: iiM unj ii. i

    Georgia Southernand Florida
    Railway.Suwanee BROOKLYN, N. T. JL

    Algonquin Hotel. .. River Route.jnTbe 1340 Bushwlok Avenue.

    King Street, ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA Georgia Southern A Florida Railway comprises part of the Tlfton Route, COTTON *E

    Refitted, newly furnished and under and is the most direct route to all points North, East and West, and operates the

    new management. Centrally located finest Pullman Buffet sleepers; double daily, Jacksonville to Nashville via.Macon

    m near room all for points use of of traveling Interest. Large men. sample Over* Atlanta, and Chattanooga; traversing the famous fruit belt .of .Georgia, |and tbe, LINEN NETTING.

    looking Plaxa and Monuments. A full Historical Battle Fields of North Georgia and Tennessee. ...
    1! ?V ** *\ s p Y* in
    'view of the ocean and rolling breakers For further information, schedules t
    maps, sleeping car reservation's, etc.,
    from the piazzas. Baths, gas, electric write or call on
    bells and a perfect system of sewerage.J5 MART COSTUME III MTUTABT COLORS.dered .

    J5 t s: $2.00 to $2.60 per day. Special rates by the week. HUGH H. RICHARDSON 7 Gen. Agfc, with m band of guipure lace, edged
    Hogan St., Jacksonville.
    Open all with black satin ribbon ruobes. The
    year. C. F. COX, Proprietor.TITUSVIIXE. Wm. CnECKLEY SHAW, O. A. MACDONALD
    bodioe haa rest of horlsontally tucked PISHING TACKLE
    Vice-President, Macon, Ga. Gen'l Passenger ,
    ivory silk, and the wide collar, sloping /
    off to graduated rovers, gives the essential Superior quality Linen GUI Netting;
    fussy effect, made from Knox's Scotch thread-

    A smart basquelike coat, well suited Samples and estimates cheerfully furnished.
    331.ajT :ebxt7-ee3: hotel, Yon can Save Money to a matronly figure, 1* belted in tightly Corks, Leads, Lines, etc.

    behind and lute short, loose points infront. 3. 6. JOHNSON & CO.,
    TITUSVILLE This gown is made of hussar blue
    doable faced elotbV the reverse side being Manufacturer131South /,

    INDIAN BITTER, artillery red. and this color la utilised St, BALTIMORE, MD,
    for the revers and oollar and cuffs.
    FLORIDA.J. The only other trimming employed la
    GZZJ&.S. 3D. 3=z3ot7-osiz:; rows of heavy stitching. Plain cloths in ..I BUT OR SELL...
    artillery red and cavalry yellow
    G. BAST, Confederate Money Bonds &
    used for trimming both gowns and oapesvCoanlasr , POSTAGE STAMPS.

    FOR QUOTATIONS ON Kvoats. Largest stock In the world. Address
    Open all tbe Year. Teacher (to new girl) Now, Dolly,
    I'll give yon e sum. Supposing that CHAS. D. BARKER, Atlanta, Oa.w .
    Seeds Fertilizers & crate Material. your.fatber owed the butcher 15 lis.
    Only a few minutes Xd7 8s. to the bootmaker, 14 0s.dV .
    walk from Railway stations to.tbe milkman and 31 10*. 8 if it rii ft * ai' and steamboat landDt thsveoai merchant
    wwa oon Dealer la Fancy Groceries, Dry Goods and Notion*, SS0O and leAolt
    Dolly (ooofldently) We anouldmore. year expena < bonaad*, a
    tbe banks of the laaa
    On mora ae aalary.
    Moathly 7B. Raferaaow.
    far-famed Indian River. yy If you need a Stove writ* for prices. Pick Me Up. Knolo if-add w I II te\mp d ...iit .Jop Ur
    Iwrt JK.Umm,Fro.*VmpU M,Oidtio.

    .jv. JtvV.* ,* ,-j I jiiW ii ftft. if#* T "JVn


    MerrlU'are coming down later.Mrs. Do you want to buy or sell property & GRAHAM

    sns Mclntyre1 loft Monday for aweek's on Indian River 1 If you do, write the ROBBINS
    visit to-Daytona,' where she atone Indian River Real Estate Agency, Tltusvllle (Successor to Lovett& Carroll.)

    time resided. Capt, Mclntyre and Fla. See page 4. *
    Tomrny are keeping'bacbelors hall. ....IiavrryorB.f GROCERIES, FRUITS and VEGETABLES, of All fi

    B. X.Watts who lias been on aweek's House for Sale.A. .
    Agent Glass arid Tinware. Your
    AND Crockery, .
    vacation, during which he visited WILL PRACTICE IN STATE patronng.' SolctelJ | |

    Cocoa and Jacksonville, attending to good, substantial, well-finished, kTITUSVILLl5-
    personal business matters, returned to Blue-room, two-story house for sale inTltusvllle. UNITED STATES COURTS. LOIUDA.3S. .
    Will Bell cheap If sold soon.
    duty yesterday.Mr.

    The Anheuser-Buscli Brewing Asso'ion.Fumoii and C.. and J. Young Mrs. viated Hatch,Tltusvllle Mrs. St. Tuesday Clair Inquire on the premises.M.. D.. L. Dodson. ABSTRACTS of Ti'tle' Finished B.R.AL.D'X" &z BlHo.

    Sold by Mann.*Bt.Ixtxloy Loiila&Keg Motlnw anil,Bottled Titusville Hoar., Flu.Hy Chus as Boy witnesses n ton aud before J. If.the D.grand Smith Jury also, Wanted, for Lands In Brevard and Dade Groceries, Grain. Hay, Garden Seed, Fertilizers, Staple & Fancy Groceries i

    Mr. J. I>. t'ral>l>, Cirann, Kin. ylsited the county seat.Mr. And Food rroductsof all kinds. Grain, ifay, Bran, Cotton
    .|ty Mr." W. J. Tiu-ker, Kort fierce, Fla. By a practical man, charge of orange .Counties.We Seed Sfenl r '
    and Mrs; Witto aTid Mr. and Mrs. grove. Thoroughly understands the Food and Wheat. We are the only bouse on. Indian River dealing exclni i

    ...JOSEPH ZAPF... Spencer, of Chicago-are occupying the business in all its brandies; has had 10 tho above line of goodsj We invite your correspondence and Bolicit vourrm
    Gilbert cottages. This Is their first visit years experience. have a large List Very truly, E. L. BRADY & BRO., TitusvilleLosley
    to Eau Gallie and we extend tbem a Address, i R. W. Bubtos,
    "Wholesale Beer .and Liquors. hearty welcome, hoping their stay here Merritt, Fla.Tltusvllle of Lands owned by
    will bo long and pleasant,

    Wont Bay Street, Agent Geo. Webb, one of the F. E. C.railway's Laundry.Mrs. ourselves and clients. & Motlora
    JACKSONVILLE, FLA. most popular and pleasant, officials ,
    who has been'here the past week,
    relieving agent Watts, left yesterday for Oeo. Cock, of Tltusvllle, is now Price for unimproved (Successors to LOSLEY, RENAKER & CO.)
    HENRY R.THOMASNj Melbourne to take charge of that station Srepared to do laundry work of every
    during (he absence of agent Bowyer.J. All work guaranteed. lands $3 to $100 Foreign and Domestic Brands of Wines, Brandies, Rams, Gins and M\\
    Leave washing at G. F. Duron'scorner
    ,..;la villa pharmacy. Maxwell Randall left for a short store your, opposite Advocate office. per acre.WE : -. Bottled Beers, Ales and Stoat. _
    visit to Daytona Monday, where he will
    Keeps all Kindt of meet his uncles, the Messrs. Sheldon, of A First-class. Line of Cigars. *** Billiard and Pool TablLOSLEY

    Pure Drags, Fancy and Toilet Articles.Prfooa remembered Boston,, who guests will of be Hotel pleasantly du Nil HEAR ft TAYLOR, have a few Residence, Orange ordors.Family Cash'and must hotel accompany trade Is solicited.your order.Prompt and careful& MOTI attention w tUw&1 1

    latb Mr. Verbeke'smanagement.
    Sarno, during the
    to suit. Grove and Pineapple Properties In desirable
    Artesian WellCONTRACTORS

    601 Adams St., ct r. Madison, Mrs. Thomas Barbour, one of our most locations. Prices Reasonable.
    JACKSONVILLE, FLA. welcome winter residents, is again occupying
    her pretty Indian River borne, -] Will keep constantly on hand a Full Supply of :::[-
    Walder and is engaged in adding TITUSVILLE
    Fancy Pineapple Slip* & Suckers to the many beauties of the charming Eau Gallie, Fla.'AN Offices : i and MIAMI.MRS. CYPRESS AND GEORGIA PINE

    for Sale.Abbakas grounds surrounding the place. Mr. and t LUMBER
    Mrs. Sayer accompanied her and will remain
    Golden the winter, Mrs. Friend being expected Write Quick..., DRESSED Attn ROUGH.

    .Jiod Queon Spanish., Porto, Egyptian liieo.Apply Smooth toMaddock Queen Cayenne, and after the holidays. THE STATE COLLEGE, FOR FREE SCHOLARSHIP. Also Mouldings and Turned Work, Brick, Lime, Cement, Crates of all dcucripli..

    "Palm& Matthams Hoiicli Pinery, ," INDIAN RIVER EPISODE.For' Lake City, Fla., RAILROAD FARE PAID.

    West Palm Beach, Fla. Positions Guaranteed.Opon James Pmtci abd, President; W, M. Brown, VIcePresldenMC.
    Hotel Plaza, Rockledoe, Fla. Offers to both sexes' a good education S. Schuyler, Cashier. '
    along the lines of modern thought (and all the Year to both Sexes.

    For Sale, Deo. 1,1808. activity.Sclentiflo. GA.-ALA. BUSINESS COLLEGF,
    Have you ever mat Fred Taylor, who oomea Literary, Military and Industrial
    flown here f rom'Mloh.He's departments. Most complete Macon, Ga. INDIAN RIYER STATE BAN]
    thousand Turpentine Land, and famous
    Ton acres very fond of boating a man outfit of apparatus. Expenses reduced
    In 8t.John's county, near transportation. for n li|
    r H In boats are Tery numerous and he baa near a to a minimum. Shorthand, Telegraphy,
    boo re; Book-keeping taught free. (Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Florida.)
    Sixteen Thousand acres In one body, He owns moat every kind of craft -either steam, East Coast Meat Market
    Send for a new catalogue to
    well Authorized
    near Tltusvllle, on Indian' Klvor, or sail or oar.HI capital, $100,0

    timbered. knowledge and bla seamanship has made W. J. YOCUK President, Paid up capital, $25,0
    ICOX7IITI.AND BUCKMAW, liliu great renown, F. DUREN, Agent.
    22, Hogan street, Hla (runs. and flehlnij tackle beats anything Intown. LAKE CITY, FLA. Average deposits, $150,0

    Jacksonville, Fla. And when he goes a-fishlng with his cunning
    hand so cleft, x '***?*/ Transacts a General Bank
    For several (lays wo' never go, for 'we Know DEISNER'S BOARDING HOUSE
    them's nothing left.He ,
    Wanted,, Business.
    knows where all the big Hah lay and all TITUSVILLE FLA.
    about the bait ,
    A furnished hotel of 15 or 20 rooms to'overseer That all the null will bite the belt. Fred Taylor c=> and Oldest Bank
    Largest tbe R
    or rent by man and wlfo of fifteen he Is great. on

    years' experience. Can furnish best The allow flah In Indian River, they don't stand any Board and Room, One Dollar Per Day.asaaseaaaaaaaeaa Exchange sold on all Foreign Countne
    -of references. Address < When Taylor he goes out for nat| ; he takes them
    J. RiciiAiins, all In tow. ssTltusvllle DIRECTORS:
    Lakeside, Ottawa Co., Ohio. One day last week.Fred started out to entertain Whon In need of White and Rye Bread, jAS.PaiTOHAhD.W.II.BARXKTTlPmlof
    a frlond, Pies, Cakes, eto., go to Mrs. Deisner's the National Hankot Jacksonville),,!
    Who came from New Orleans up here hla Ashing City Bakery. Yachts, boarding houses, C=3 Doiikeh (Vica-PreBldont National Km
    daya to apentl. ,
    Wanted Jacksonville), and W M. Dhows.
    Now Glover never saw auoh flab as Taylor talked hotels and families supplied.' Florida.
    about Dhows.fCORBESPORDRNTS.
    character And lie almost wondered bow on earth he ever National Hank of New York
    of Rood
    IBy man of 30 years, pulled tbein out. National Bank of Jacksonville.
    and ability, situation on East Coast; experienced TUB COMPLETE
    and general merchandise Well,the boat was ready for tbe trip and waiting
    In groceries on the shore) ; MILLINERY- *
    also competent to take charge There were poles and lines and spinners and Electrical Supply House
    of lumber yard or dock business. Oood.roforencos. Hahing truck galore.So .
    arm In arm with happy heart with expectations
    . Address, high. and DRESSMAKING. .THE JOHNSON LAW CO.
    E. A. UARDtNEIt, They left the Plaxa, gaily resolrad their luck totry. .
    Port Tampa City, Fla. '
    Now Glover waa a little lame and had to travel
    Sale At a Great Bargain.A And Taylor row.being big and fat, ofcourae- -hecouldn't JacksonvilleFlorida.. WILL CAltVE

    The boat waa email and oranky,so they hired a
    well-equipped, 30-foot Sharpie* recently little boy Your Thanksgiving turkey wlili en
    To them while flablng, and this'completed -
    fully overhauled; everything paddle their Joy, satisfaction, and will slice it thin as pof
    ready for cruising; oabin big enough for bird
    friend Qloveri take the seat paper, and unjoint the toughest i
    four berths. It was!prepared for ft trip Now Taylor says you
    to Key West and Cuba, the owner being And abaft I'll get In the middle and slio'll bo steady jiffy, when, sharpened with the fine Btthut
    called away from the state, it will be sold as a rait. belongs to the set, you can buy li
    value., For With the youngster well up forward, she'll fide b,
    at loss than half the. par'tlcnliirs juat like a dunk. from $2.60 up. We fcave them with

    apply toJ. You not when Fred goes flailing, nothing goea Ivory, bone and stag handles, and All '
    O. DETwn.En, amuck,
    New Smyrna, Fla.' Well.Glover he got seated and the boy with reasonable price.JAS. .
    waiting oar,
    When Taylor stepped Into the boat, there came
    .B3T" Reading notice ads. on this P 8 a mighty roar.
    five cents line week. Poor Fred, he slipped, and oarromed like a
    re per per mighty billiard ball;
    And up aide down the blamed thing went, with
    Glover, Fred and all. PRITCHARD & SON
    Mall Orders Solicited. Satisfaction ,
    England,All Hall t tAll The water wasn't ae very deep, but no bottom
    had the mud, < Guaranteed.Mrs. .
    Aa Taylor went In head first with a dull and
    hail to England's might, alokening thud lroor of Edison LaLande
    Complete Supply ,
    with both bands Helen W.
    Olover he waa clinging Reynolds
    Her loyalty to right on the dock, 'N Sampson and Dry cells for Gas, Engine
    And liberty. Aa all the folka with fransled fear, came running Tltusvllle, Fla. Ignition. Elcctrio Light Supplies. 7-
    On evorv sea and land In a Hook.

    Where rests her fost'rlng hand, You ought to heard brave Taylor roar like the
    Her sons for justice stand, baying of a hound
    free. My And, whar'a poor old Olover| oh Lord I I'm'frald BRICK L
    Unoonquered, '
    he's drowned. MELROSE HALL ORMOND, FLORIDA.On .
    While floats her Union Jack Help ) Help t The d -- n boat, bottom-np you ,
    don't .
    fMils trust to me;
    The oppressed shall never lack Fish out my old friend Glover from the bottom the Halifax River, and one mile from the Sea; situated in a grove of
    A tearless friend. of the aeiwAt palms and live'oaks. Interior furnished with baths and heated by hot

    Home of the brave and free! mat we got them safely out, wringing,>soaking water. First-class in every respect.EST" JACKSONVILLE- Cd
    Mother of liberty! wet.Oh Facilities for driving, boating and Ashing. Terms moderate. BRICK
    Ruler of nations! Thee tho look on thone two faces, I never shall
    forget.We Address: SCOBIE & LIPPINCOT.T.i .
    May God defend! tilled Olover op with whlekey; got the mud
    V. M.McBoath in Florida Times-Union out of Fred, .'- UJ _
    And then these famous fishermen, we bundled 20 Hogan St., Jacksonville, Fla.
    and Citizen.
    pit to bed.

    Waveland. Now may thia be, Indian River hero,*as strange as It Insecticides and Powder Guns.Read Write ns for prices and save'' your money. We

    la bound to be a diver after vessela sunk at aea, .
    H a accepted a position In the navy so they say, the hardest least absdrbent in Flori<
    houses have been built To locate Cervera's Meet In Santiago Buy. and best .brick, made
    Though new
    the following from Mr. Drown, so well known on the East Coast i i"Hypolcxo

    well till,there we must Is Inquiry expect for that Oh' Grow Oranuea. ; Fla., Nov. 18,, 1808.- Can snpply up to a million on short notice.i .

    "MR. C R. TYSEX >
    : ,
    The children are'beginning to enjoy
    the pleasures of anticipation 'long'bout Under II. T. Butler's management, the "Jacksosville, Fla,:

    Christmas times," and when that Haycock grove at Narcosace has yielded "Dear Sli* I have bven using the Laurel Green I got from you this season
    tree Is unloaded we'll all take tea.We a handsome profit this aoason. Ninety on three acres of beans, and never saw anything to equal it. There is not a worm
    rain last Friday boxes of tangerines'have been shipped todate. to lie-seen. Put on with a powder gun. I find land plaster is not required. It Is Carpets Mattings and Rugs.,,
    had a good soaking The returns on over a dozen fancy well '" "
    acting on tomatoes and eggplants. J. BROWN1. ,
    night, which made the gardens laugh boxes were sixteen dollars a box. The
    -and planters grow, don't you know. rest brought five dollars a box. He is Write to me (Chas. R. Tysen, Jacksonville) for pamphlets and quotations.A .

    Hope the type setter won't mix this up.' still shipping. Klsslmraee Valley Gazette. THE LARGEST STOCK AT LOWEST PRICES.

    onded Now'In that a blizzard pleasant up in fall New weather England has, \ Fall Patterns
    Chance of Life Time are now being
    we can expect the migration of our yankee Narrow Kaeatpe. a
    friends to begin in earnest. .Warmth

    and sunshine will always win In when all bu-opposed A few ays; ago, Fred Nauman, ofin Awnings and Linoleums, a .
    to coldness and severity IIail lover, trying to load a breechthe-

    man selections.- loading esploded.shot gun,The a brass shell shell struckMm accidentally .. ..A magnificent property will be sold at a. ... E. CLARK,

    Eau Gallie. Juat above the right eye, giving him 38 West Bay St.,

    quite a deep and painful gash. Fortunately t Jacksonville.
    It was no worse, for lie had a nar-
    Judge Gaulden was In town Monday.J. raw escape of having part of hi* bead i GENUINE BARGAIN.

    Smith' has been shipping blown off.
    II. D. ESTABLISHED 1875.Wm. .
    oranges this week from the Aspinwallplace.

    Oyster Rapper. About eight acre* of Grove In aa fine condition a*,any on Indian River, containing A.' BOURS & CO....

    John Wynn, of Tropto, returned from a comfortable six room Cottage, large Cistern, .and the finest PackingHouse
    Jacksonville Saturday where he had The ladies of St. Gabriel's Guild will In Brevard'County. GRAIN FERTILIZER
    been spending gala week.Mrs. give an eyster supper In their rooms, GARDEN SEEDS AND,
    formerly Dr. Wills' office, near Indian Situated about mid-way' between Rookledge and Cocoa; Convenient to the
    L. R. Ord, of St. Augustine, arrived River hotel, on Tuesday nest, Deo. 0th, Churches, Stores, eto., ot both. ,7 6 East Bay Street, JACKSONVILLE, TLORIDA.
    here Tuesday on a short visit toMrs. to raise funds for the Sunday school. For further particulars, apply'to " ?'ith" best *nd TOO complete stock ' i
    A. R. Hodgson, of Ruthver cottage.Mr. Ice cream, cake, oysters ao coffee will WALTER GOODYEAR Srk wUUwu' Wheat' rita *"*' CotEnTSeed Meal both brig"
    and Mrs. Chas. H. Merrill are once be served from five o'clock until, nine BrJd rl L State *g"nU *r **...**,< FerttUaer rCTA.Hn .. _
    A. 3 to 7 W. SOtb Bta, 8W f
    'Dept .
    were installed la their beautiful winter p. m. Every one la cordially Invited to s . - >
    liome at Trople. Mr. and Mrs. John W. come and help a good cause. .:-* NewTork, N. T.

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    Language: English
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    Titusville ;
    Indian River Fla
    Publication Date: December 2, 1898
    Frequency: weekly
    Subject: Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Indian River (Fla. : Lagoon)   ( lcsh )
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    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
    Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
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    I 4ffv
    >*Y" ;

    33 srw

    -/ -

    13 2 NVol.




    | ITJSTo.. 15. TITTJS"VXLXi33, FLA., HT'IRIID.A.Y' DO C. Q, 1898'. iP-rice, 5c.

    Stoves at Furniture Stork, at Screven's Drug Store, In ladles' Oxfords In broken sizes. In are: Yale. $25; '!>U Rambler, $40; 'U0
    Titusvllle, Fla. Titusvllle. tan and black kid which offering Victor and Cleveland 'HO
    General Interest.rjj we are $50; Crescent
    Iad(1 Topics of below Whkrh to stop. See list of on
    oost to close these odd sizos. $3.%. Second-hand whools $5.00to
    THE EAGLE CLOTHING STORE IS NOVELTIES IN BOX'S AND CniLDreu's These goods aro the latest toes and $15.00. All In stock at F. W.Beers' our 7th page.

    Rending notice ads. are ten cents displaying a beautiful line of men's suits for Christmas, In the vestee Btyllsli goods. Sizes Is to 2 are very St. Augustine, Fla. Also new The AnvocATK is now on file at all
    this neck-wear for. the holiday trade, all for the younger, and double breasted numerous in the assortment Electro Gas Lamp. Have, you seen the best hotels in New York city. -
    [per lino on page.Mr. new and tasty paterns. suits for the older boys in the newest Thk Eagle Clothino Stork, the new Wolff American fWE
    left here Saturd In reply to several applicants north
    James Goldsmith effects. Prices the lowest. Titusvllle. ,
    we will have a supply of the new (Flaglerl -,
    | y lsat. for Tampa. Capt. N. N. Peony, of Nathan, is ln The Kaole Clothing Stoub, ARE SELLING THE WOONSOCKet hotel folders in a few days for distribution.
    Mr. A. Cox, of Fden,< spent from town to-day. Titusvllle. ONLY A FEW MORE OF THOSE Dress knee rubber boot at $3.50, the best They are extromely pretty
    Saturday until Sunday In town. Patterns left. Remember, there are make of rubber goods, known to the souvenirs.As .
    I The J., T. & K. W. Ry. Co., has issued no two alike.

    FRESH BOCK-WHEAT, Bt , a very neat little folder time-table, Judge D. L. Gaulden spent a day orso GAitfTxicR A Walker. trade. will be seen by reference to our 7th
    S. W. Carroll's, Titusvllle.Mr. copies of which we have received at this at' Eau Oallle the first of the week.Attorneyn. Tub Eagle Clotuino Titusvllle.a Stoke, page, Hotel Coquinn, Ormond Beach, is

    J. II.r,D. Smith, of Banyan, spent office.Col. B. Saunders, formerly 1 Dr. M. D. Lr Dodson returned to now open and ready to reoelvo guests.
    |a tow hours la town on Tuesday. W. Q. Wl nans, one of Eden's of Titusvllle, but now of West Palm town from Miami on Sunday. He Seminole It Is under the sole management of Mrs.
    J. D. arrived prominent pineapple growers, arrived at Bench, pnssod' through here, Wednesday he wan on the sick list and thought there says Indian in M. Vance, who Is a woll-known caterer.
    State* Attorney the Indian River hotel on Wednesday en route home from a visit of several
    was "no place like borne to jacksonville. The Ocala House Ocala
    In town on Saturday last for the purpose to spend a few days in town. weeks at Nashville, Tenn."Did recuperate. opened Def
    comber 1
    of attending Circuit court.Trafflo Among the1 arrivals at the Indian under tho management of
    Ex-Mayor M. E. Gruber, who has you hear abont that Impromp River hotel, Mr. J. Billy Buster, the Seminole Indian; to Capt. Philip F. Brown, who has been in
    Manager J. P. Beckwlth was been on a visit to his mother at Columbia tu bath of two Rockledge gentlemen," Greville Ilaslam yesterday, who will, was vUit several whom the Advocate reforrod In Its last charge of this hotel since It became apart

    a passenger on Monday's southbound S. C, was a passenger on Tuesday's asks a correspondent. Particulars of It places along the East Coast his issue, passed through Titusvllle, Saturday of the Plant System of hotols.
    twin, en route to Dade county, ; train, en route home to West Palm will be found on our 8th page under the to Havana. way last on his way to his home In the Melrose Hall Ormond
    under the
    Mrs. L. A. Brady wasVamong those title of "An Indian River Episode." Everglades. While tho train stopped of Scoble, A management

    I ho attended the festivities in Jacksonillle. Beach.Mr.. Fred F. Taylor,' owner of the Mrs. Wm. Richards, of Eden, who Mr.most Robert MoNamee, one of Leesburg's hero, Billy got off and shook hands with ready to rocolve guests.Llppinoott. This is, Is a very now
    She returned home on Sunday.Mr. has beon lawyers, arrived at some of his aoquainancos.' Ho was the
    Indian River hotel, at this place, was in enjoying the summer Visiting the Indian River hotel 1 to Indian comfortable and home-like plaoo to stop
    who oared
    yesterday only to
    to Jacksonville
    Chas. Nauman, of the Ilaulover, town a day or so this week. He returned relatives In New York and New Jersey argue some cases In Chancery before to boo the grand' parades go and other at, and you should write for terms. See
    this week. He to Rockledge on the steamer St. Sebastian. states, passed through Titusvllle, Wednesday ad. on 8th page.Genl. .
    was in town a day or so Judge M. S. Jones. Mr, McNamee will things; and It is said he kept perfootly
    nays Ilia pineapples are looking fine.Senator . \ frozen ,outon her north.If way. homo. She got be joined by Judge( E. K. Foster and sober while there. He participated in Supt. C. B. Knott, of the F. E.

    H. Gaillard, of St. 'Augus Congressman R. W. Davis, of Palatka up Major St. Clair Abrahams, to-day. the fantastlo parade, and took a prize as C. Hotol System, returned from. New .
    tine, passed through here yeBterday, en has left for Washington, D. C, for we may judge from, appearances, the most original dressed man in It. York to St. Augustine'on Tuesday. He
    route to Palm Beach. the purpose of being present at the opening Mrs. E. L. Brady must have had an enjoyable Bird Shooting..Messrs. Billy also joined In the' historical and now .has a long distance to go to superintend
    of Congress, which convenes on Monday visit with relatives in Georgia trades' parados, and was a prominent Mr. Flagler's palatial hotels, for
    Attorney F. J. Webb, of this place) next. > and Tennessee, for she returned, yester W. It. McFarland Ri.W. figure on one of the "floats." lie looked Key West and Nassau, N. P., are Inclu
    hu been appointed General'Master in day, looking as brightand; with ded in his
    pleasant some lie is
    as surpriso at Pain's fireworks Itinerary. equal to the
    the Hon. Minor S. JoDes, Mr. Ed. Stiling, formerly of Cocoa Rhodes and L. A. Brndy7 of tbs( place,
    Chancery by after
    has ever, a vialt of several weeks.Mr. especially so when he saw the Ametioau task, however,
    but now of East McKeesport, Pa., went shooting on Wednesday, and (re
    Miss Bessie Smith has returned toRockledge quite a big ad. In the Pittsburg Dispatch, Joe. Zapf.'one of Jacksonville's turned with 30 quail and several doves war ships sinking those belonging to Mr. O. D. Seavey, who Is at the head
    after friends in Jacksonville and to her sister office yesterday.Mr. senger" on Monday's southbound train, his time.A tribe. some/ wonderful tales by this the Magnolia Springs hotel on the'St.

    it DeLand.I eu route to West Palm Beach, where he Johns river, has In his oapacity as president
    .-and Mrs. W. H. McFarland-left A nANDSOME PRESENT FOR YOUR
    Mr. Geo. E. Male, after spending a visited bis brother, the proprietor ot the of. "the Magnolia .Springs Transaction
    wife for
    the Indian River' hotel 'yesterday, and Christmas would be a New WORTHY SUCCESSOR
    well known Semlnolo TO "
    few months in Xorth Carolina and Georgia whose ad. Company, Issued a unique
    are now snugly ensconced In their new Home, Drop Head Sowing Maohlne
    I passed through Titusvllle, Wednesday ly-furnished residence in South Titus will be found on.our 7th page.Capt. only $40.00 at- ; JUDGE BROOME.'The "pass," the fortunate recipients of which,

    on his way home to Jensen.I vllle for the winter.Mr. E. E. Vail, who has been ona Gardner & Walker's.Kxcnr.ion are to he congratulated. *

    Every orange grower, who is anxious B. F. Ives and family, of Philadelphia visit to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, new judge, by bis quick and quiet Hotol Buckingham, St. Augustine,

    to preserve his grove, should read the will soon leave for their winter boarded the steamer St. Sebastian, 'atTitusvllle Over the J., T, K; W. Itr.In perception and judicious decisions, has opened yesterday, for the fifth season.
    ingestions on our 2nd page'for the protection home and at LaGrange, Monday, for the first time Jna won his way Into the good graces of It is under the management of Mr. Win. .
    I of orange trees fijom cold snaps.IFTOTJ where'their orange grove friends are always long while. He was on his way to those opposed to 'bis appointment. P. Kenney, of the Lincoln House, Swansoott -
    glad to welcome many them.Mr. Miami, and said he longed for another oonsequenoe of the Florida Annual Judge Jones Is a quiet thinker and. aotsquickly. ( Mass., to whom we referred In a
    WANT A HANDSOME, PRESENT trip on Indian River.Wm. Conference K>f the Methodist Eplsinpal Ho will no doubt prove a worthy former issue of the Advocate. Mr.

    for your best gill, or for your .' C. S. White, of'Macon, ,Ga., is A. Bours A Co. of East Church South; which will, be held i.t successor to our late lamented Judge Geo. C. Howe Is the lessee of this, oozy
    gentleman friend,; our jStore. is the one of the well known traveling passenger street, Jacksonville, who ,deal in Bay Gainesville on the 14th Inst., round-trip J. D. Broome. DeLand.Weekly News. hotel; hut he will have three hotels to
    place to find it. agents of the Southern Railway who garden seeds fertilizers etc grain, tloke t will bo-sold on the l.'lth, 14th and look after,this season the Holly Inn.
    Gardner A Walker.. makes friends wherever he goes. He Is pleased over-,the results, obtained, were much from 15th, limited'to Deo. 21st, for one fare Dade Daytona; Hibiscus, palm Beaoh; and'
    for the oounty now has, In the
    worker for his road. round-trip. person
    We acknowledge, with thanks, receipt certainly a Gala Week. While they did a fine business of the Hon. Minor S. Jones, a new Circuit Buckingham, St. Augustine.
    of a lot of very fine sweet peppers, We acknowledge receipt of the pro on that occasion, they are still ready Judge. He comes to the benoh There Is a rumor n float that the Plant
    which, we understand, came from the gramme of the Eighth Annual Convention to do, more, and to attend to all ordeis The Cf>ni>Hy House Broken Into. with the endorsement of evory lawyer on System of hotels Is not yet complete.' ItIs

    farm of Mr. John Henry, oar popular of the Vplusia and Brevard District with promptness, as usual.Mr. the East Coast and the majority of them statod that President 11. B. Plant Intends

    |county treasurer. vI Union Christian Endeavor, which J. Maxwell Randall, of Boston, The Conolly house, at Lemon City, throughout the Circuit, and to all ap building a forty-room hotel at'Belleair

    Conductor J. B. Hunnicut, who has comruences-at Daytona to-day; and will after a pleasant visit to Mr. J.. A. Gil was broken open and entered by a burg pearances, their hearty good will.With to bo usod exclusively for sum-1 /,
    been on a vacation, has returned to St.Augustine. continue until next Thursday, the 5thInst.N bert, of Eau Gallie, left op Monday lar a few nights ago. lie .was a large this his duties are lightened and mado mer tourists. It will bo conducted on
    His wife Joined him at High morning for Hotel Colonnades, Sea negro, and was discovered by Mr. Con more pleasant and will have its effeot Inexpediting' the same style as the Plant hotels, but

    I Falls, S. C, where they have been spending Mr. J. D. Crabb, who stopped over breeze, where he will join his two uncles, olly, while ransaoking his pockets In his duslness. Judge Broome the prices will be .arranged so that a
    Beveral weeks. ln Titusvllle a couple of days or so- with the Messrs. Sbelton, of Boston. Max Isa bedroom. The negro had been in some made a good Clroult Judge and If he person of moderate means may spend
    bis family, left for Cocoa on Monday. hail-fellow-well-met, and we hope to of the guests rooms and helped himself erred, It was on the side of humanity, some time at this summer resort. Tho
    Mrs. Jas. Prltchard* who has been While In Jacksonville lie bought thrte see him on Indian River again ere long.A. to what he wanted. How much he stole lie was never harsh In Ms rulings oror house will bo located ona splendid site
    tilting relatives during the past two fine horses for his brother, Mr. Charles Is not exactly known, but it is said to be judgments. Sunny South,* Miami, Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.A .
    "ninths or so In New York, returned stable G. Hutcheson A Co., 270 Wash very little.Copt. .
    I Crabb will livery
    "ome yesterday, looking remarkably who keep a ington St., New York, saysj! Beans, egg subscriber'writing the Advocatm
    *ell after her northern-trip. at Cocoa this winter.Chas. plant and oucumbersare wanted. When Church Notice. from Atlanta speaks very highly' of
    Ross' Aotlort Acalnst the F. K. C.By. Isaacs'dining rooms, In Macon Ga. lie '
    Mr. N. Welshans, of Jacksonville, good, they are commanding good prices. ,
    George Letford, representing orders Indian Co.On Archdeacon B. says: "Acoompanled by a party of
    liucklen A Co. has recently received some big River-oranges selling at $1.00 to F. Brown will hold
    waller at this office, Chicago Wednesday., was a pleasant Heai for brick,' lime, lath, shingles, etc, and $4.60 per box. If you have not got their Divine services, Friday, at Jupiter, 11 a.m.and friends, I dined at Isaacs' noted restaurant
    on he is still to ship goods to stencil, write for it. Jas. McComb 7 Eden on Thanksgiving Day, and we were
    I on his way south as far as Key West.els prepared any Jr., Tuesday, In the United States p. ; Sunday at'll a. in. served
    of Florida. Mr. Welshans, by his one of our pioneer shippers has Court and t'SO m Jensen with as good a Thanksgiving
    quite a hustler for the above com Eart < charge Jacksonville, In the case of R. G. p. ; at Si.'IO p. m.; dinner
    pany. business methods, is building upa of the Florida department. He will conscientiously Ross vs. the Florida East Coast Railway Fort Pierce, Monday, at 7:<'t0 p.m. that was ever put before .us lathe
    considerable connection throughout look after your Interests. company, an order was entered that the finest of New York city's restaurants.
    -Mr. and Mrs. E. Hartwell and We thoroughly enjoyed It, and
    A; the state. libellant have
    tMr. Manager Bast, of the Indian River recourse and recover for Shipping Lumber and Crates.
    Hartwell was surprised at the low rate made
    JM wouRli here of Chicago, passed Wm. Wilson, formerly of Eau hotel, Titusvllle,' has received Instructions the services rendered as alleged, $2,770, excellent a'spread. When of tho onso
    Monday bound for their any
    Gallic but of Montreal, Canada, to reserve rooms for* members together with oosts herein accrued and The schooner '
    inter home at Rockledge where their now of Sunny Side, owned by L. Advooato readers visit Maoon,- let mo
    ny friends lias?our thanks lor copy or the souvenir the Canaveral Club, and' their servants, judgment entered therefor. This was R. Decker A Co., Titusvllle, started advise them to visit Isaacs" Dining
    j are always glad to greet edition of the Montreal Herald, containing whojwill arrive to-day, to remain over a suit for $30,000 damages for services down the river, Tuesday, with a big load Rooms, which Is a credit to the progressive
    62 pages, 28 of them being fully for a day or two, before sailing for their rendered by Capt. Ross to the defendant of lumber, orange and bean orates, etc; and go-ahead city as well as to thoproprietor.
    -Ooneral Supt. W. B. ''Coffin, of the illustrated with views of Montreal, photographs reservation at. Chester Shoals, on the company at Miami in transferring/pas for distribution at various places; Capt, ."
    '-. r. 4 K. W. iiy., arrived in Titusvllle, of prominent men of the city,' Canaveral peninsula. The party, which sengers and freight to) and from, the John,Simonson In command,
    Mnu y, In his private car, and gave the etc are the first to arrive, will coaslst of steamships of said company. In a former issue of tho Advocatkwe
    office Col. C. P. Horton T. published the dates of of
    Jbvocatk a pleasant call., He Watson Merrill opening
    on an inspection of the road, and Mr. W. II. McFarland with, who his has Show done Robert C. neaton, and that well-known Tax Collector Hall Itatnrns Tlmnks.TrrcsviLLKi For Hunting- m accompanied by Train Master SpenI considerable traveling crack shot. Dr. Chas. G. Weld, > all of ing several letters from the north respect
    I since he left here last April, arrived in Boston, Mass. THe Doctor go*ahead of The large house-boat, recently purchased ing these palatial hotels, we re-publlsh
    Alettor |.Titusvllle on .Monday, having come as the three former members, for be anivtdat Deo. 1, '1)8.To ) from VV..M. Woodward, of Titus the dates of opening and names of the'

    n s Blm to the Advocate says that far as Jacksonville from Peru, Ind., with the Indian River hotel, Titusvllle, yes thk Pioi'LE or Brevard Covkty. vllle, by Messrs.' Laflin, Nnething, Little, managers, as follows: Hotel Alcazar,
    Jaoltsonvillo A Co., and Col. J. -Tognl, a carload of furniture and two flne white terday. A number of other members will Slater and others, of New York, is, now Mb Augustlns, under the nanagement of
    '" did an Immense bust- horsesMr.. and Mrs. McFarland can arrive within the next'' fortnight. Cap Permit' me to thank you all, klndl.r, being fitted up for hunting and cruising. Mr. Jos. P. Greaves, Is now open. They
    during Gala Week. They now have now take considerable exercise with two tain W. A. Coster, manager of Canaveral for your generous support given me at The above party,will soon be. on lodiao Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, will open
    I Zl ock, of Kod8 a n ffil! h0ida, 8' "d a11 Visitors to Bride, of Springfield, O., came with Mr.McFarland the club-house for the reception and entertainment strive to perform my duties to your /ull hunting, shooting, and fishing, along the Robert Murray.The Ormond Hotel. at
    "Pwtive?vI1'e' re Invited to give their to look after bis horses, etc.Mr. of the members. satisfaction in the) future, as I have tried East Const. Prof. Laflin la busily' engaged Ormond on the Halifax, will opon January

    businesses a call. J. 6. Walton has been elected'aa Collectors to do In the past. I Have removed the this week, getting the boat nicely 18th, with' Anderson A Price a*
    non-resident member of the Macon office to the'Court house at fitted up to receive the coming guests.i manager*. The Palrrt Beach Inn will
    rE TnE BEST HATS MADE FOR THE Titusvllle, and will be there
    WILL HAVE TO ARRIVE TODAY Chamber of Commerce, whose fine suite at all times i i rTo open sooner than the famous Royal Folociana -
    or tllnol. money is the "Howard, every hat to .perform my duties.- My postoftloe which will be
    a flne lino of candeg| are situated on Cherry December 24tb, tho
    an of rooms
    cozy address Charter
    the Tho
    gurnnteed by for hereafter will
    factory sale be Sloop
    >' only Titusvllle, Fla. Yacht larger hotol
    for opening January 14th. Both
    M. president
    holiday trade. >, street. Col. ,R Rogers, ; at Thk Eaolk Ci.otiii.iu Store Yours
    faithfully, "Awlxa." xI of these hotel* will be '
    B. B. Pyles. and CoL Geo. Ketchum, secretary, are again under the
    the "leading lights" of this excellent Tltusvilh}. E. W. Hall, Tax Col. management'of' Mr. Fred Sterry, Tho

    Macon among institution, which is composed of ,. -. '- will charter my yacht to parties of hotel Royal Palm at Miami, will open '
    Dining Rooms.iWl some of Macon's best and most wealthy Wanted.HUBER'S The "\Vell-l>res e residents. Mr. Walton has been spending The Awlxa Is the most beauti of Henry W. Merrill. The hotel

    ? Vj8lti"K Macon, Ga., do'not fall this week in'Atlanta. A good reliable captain for my 40 foot ..There certaitaly Is not a tailor In the ful and best equipped yacht on the In Blscayne at Miami, Is no,longer a part of
    l-Stoop Yacht ."Awlxa." I am going to State of Florida who can transform a dian River. .She cost, over $4,000, end the Florida East' Coast Hotel system.
    " you can obtain j dello0laBsT | CLEANED CURranta charter my yacht and want a man that man so'quickly, or raise him In his 'own was formerly owned by Commodore The hotel Royal Vlotorla at Nassau, N..
    me season at very reasonable prices.iKu SEEDED RAISINS, arrived at understands the coast of Florida, Will estimation In so short a 'time as Julius Austen, of the New York Yacht Club, P., "will open In January, under the management
    and Citron, Just Titusvllle.Wi engage on commission or salary.W. Kline, the clothing fits mo perfectly; and and has every accommodation for a long of Mr. II. E. Bemls, who managed
    8. W* CrABBOi.L's, II. McFarland, Is made In all the up-to-date styles In voyage; she.Is over 40 feet long, has head the Blscayne at Miami last year. '
    * pORCELAIN Cbam- ll i" < ' Tjtusvllle, Fla. material, cut and trimmings. room- cabin, and Is suitable for a trip to

    at Fbbnitubb Stobk, For Sale, New Furniture', Julius Kliwe, Titusvllle. Key, West or Havana. She is Just the Hotel Wanted.
    Titusvllle, Fla.l'B proper" boat for a gentleman and wife.
    Choice Store Property for Sale, Address, VV. II. McFakland,
    At second-hand prices, In any quantities. Wanted, Hoard, Titusvllle Fla. Wanted to lease a Florida Hotel, A0Orangre. -
    Residence and l'Ineapple Wm. R. Campbell, dress, J so. 8. Bowbn,
    Plantation "Bellevue," With Ave acres good 'land, two. In F
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