t3T Send me your ordem! the month of June' UIOII( !, was luceived. may' own property on tho south Hide of In the confusion, he was not missed until tlO.OO.. 112. tl. $l.l.r: >0. *i Fine Clothes Makers

TITUSVILLE and. COCOA, FLORIDA. Report of Justices of the Pence, C. T. the street, but not further east than Mrs th > body was seen among the rocks *17./50. 1000. $2:311: __ __Baltimore___end__ u New n _YorkMAIL
I Mcllrlda and \V. C. Peterson were received. Reed's property; and on the west side by those on shore after everyone else '
J as far west as It own the lots on
may was saved. Several of the ladies were ORDERS A 8PECIALTV-
; The equlllzatloo of tax hooks was both side of the streets, but not further unconscious, but were resuscitated-one,
Robbins & Graham Co. taken up. west than Dummitt streets, and said a Mrs. Burknardt-was in such a critical PENNEY:: &$:RAINc: ::: :::
N !Ii of lot 0 I, Wagers snbd. of lots 3, 4, streets are declared cloned to the public condition it was necessary for Drs. Jackson
(Incorporated.. ) ft\, 0. bile A Tttimvl|| >.Seo; :.1 i, Tp. 22 S, travel as soon as the same shall be occupied of Jupiter, and Hood, of West Palm
i CAPITAL *2SX)0.00This :; Itl:13 E, Mr. Josle Wager, raised from and appropilated by said railway Beach, to work with her all night. On FINE CLOTHING, SHOES MEN'S BOYS' FURNISHINGS,
PAID UP $!;3i( .IN) to if IIHJ.O. company. Monday morning she was out of danger --T1.'t-u.s'V' :F-1. r1. l.a--

compuny owus Mary B. Burns, Lot 11 Ex S, 5 feet Approved, August 7, lOOt(). and able to return honie. -- --- - -- - - -- -- -
Wagers .ub.... of hots 3, 4, 5, G, Blk A B. Wll-sox, Others of their party returned to
i XiA.. 3ST::: ID S, Tltuaville,. Sec ::1 t, Tp 11: S, R 33 E, re- Mayor. "West Palm Beach on Sunday evening!:,
duced from J.000; to $130.Mm. Attest: J. D. Knnln. Clerk. leaving Mr. Brown's body on the beach' : 2ardware: : Stoves, Oil,
I a the Indian Rivet Country: ; On the St. Dora Deisner, begin 105 feet S The offer of N. O. Nelson for one bondon In charge of the Freemasons! to which

Lucie River; at New River and on Bay of Broad be., on E ride of Washingtonavenue $jfH.00( at vat Is accepted, and the Order he belonged, until the Coroner PAINTS C'UuCKERY, GLASSWARE, ETC.
I run :rt 12'a: !' feet, E 125 feet,' X Clerk is authorized to turn said bond ordered its removal. G.V.. Brown, a
I :.cayne. Prices to null the times.Send 12,*", feet, W 1:J.;) feet, of lot
being a part' over to N. O. Nelson: upon receipt of nephew of the deceased, and a number
for Land List. 4 of Block E, Tltusvllle, Sec :3, Tp 2i S, $noo.oo. of his late friends and associates, ai rived
R :al') E, reduced from $50.00 to &:>:3; 00. Keports of J. N. Waller, marshal; at Jupiter about midnight, and carried
Offices at Tltusvllle and Miami, Fla. Peter Nelson, Lot A, Rerdells add to John flenryasses..orottgzee;; anal J. D. the body to West Palm Bench for burial.

Tltusvllle, Sec: a, Tp 22!: S, It :33:; E, re!- Knnis, clerk and treasurer' were readend Mr. Brown's wife accompanied him on
duoed from .1,50H( .(JO to $1,000.00. approved. the excursion and was one of those sav
I East Coast Meat Market Lots 1, 2, ::1I l B, 7,8,1), 10, 11, Rer- A communication from Peter Bertel- ed. On her recovery she asked for herhusband
dolls add 1 to Tltusvllle, raised from $117-:' sen was read, and tbeal'lIhal; having but her physical condition
to1.5CO.O:; (>. sent him a copy of the drainage ordinance I was such that her lends feared to tell ?
I i O. F. DUIIKM, Agvut.I In the matter of assessment of real It was deemed unuecetmaiy to go her the truth, and persuaded her Into .Pr -I ,
I estate of D. I.. Gaulden, It Is ordered by Into further details. I. the belief that In the confusion he had P'a I, l
::!3co 'the Board, the value as fixed 'by the Bills were examined and approved, 'gotten Into the wrong boat-the one t 1 i I la

po Board remain as It lit at present and ordered to be drawn as follows: which left Immediately, after the bathIng -
r r-- \ y. The Treasurer', report wan received Tltusvllle ElectiloCo. lights/ July .$75 00 party was rescued; and, with the syrsr

poI checked up, and Me on. T J. Cockshutt O A Stewart, office rent. . . . . . 3 ((10) others, she returned ti West Palm ,t rll W
I co- 'tr and F. A. Morgan were appointed a committee Kla Star, publishing . .. s. .' ::1 00 Beach. I
. poi to destroy the paid warrants EAST COAST ADVOCATE, pub. dog Mr. Brown was u superintendent of arr.1 aIn
i f pt- i .L1'y Csa turned over by the County Treasurer and bond notices . . t It) 40 construction under Contractor J. A. McDonald
,.- with his rel-">lt. Tbey reported that E L Brady & Bro, home feed . D 75: on the Palm\ Bench hotel buildings
they had pOI forme.1 their duty and were Walker hrdwareVo, merchandise, 2: 25;! and was general/ favorite at West U
CDI discharged. The Treasurer' had attached Stevens L &: E Co, drawing bonds 21)) 00 Palm Beach
_. to bin report certificate showing that Enni <& Fort, shoeing town horse 2: 0"J :> Deceased's body was laid to rest In the
: CDvCs the amount his report called for was on D Ennls, salary July..1: 00 West Palm Beach cemetery on Tuesday

j -; CTITUSVILLE : ": deposit In the Indian River State Bankto "fee on cost . 100 morning, and It was followed to the -
1 his. credit as county treasurer. ECi.um&SupCulumber. . . 718 grave by a large number of Freemasons, +tie I
FLORIDA. Letter of complaint from Mr. M. M. J M Osban hauling rock. . . K DOM Odd Fellows and Ked Men. I

McLeod was received. On motion it Is B Blocker, dltchln . . . . 5 21 tf.. .
ordered that the valuation pn his lot, as J Hawkins (6 t .VtI

.THE ANHEUSER BUSCH. fixed by the Board, remain as it l Is at J Johnson, . . . 1.J: 711 ,, present. Anthony Thomas, ditching . 12 u(ll> Walkes: : :Hardware: :: : Oo,
The equalization of taxes was resumed. John Henry, copy drain ordinance :t (J K) Respecting the death of Miss Stella
: Brewing Asso's U. C. Snyder, begin 4W( feet N of H: W C II Stewart, '. and Bond Or. 520 Burt slater of 'iI lea Mamie Hurt and! ___ TITUSVILLE:) FLORIDA.
of Lot B n _ .___ __ _ ______ ___ ____
.i corner ,run N 133: feet, E to river, J N Waller, salary July. 50\ ) 00 niece of Dr. E. E. Holllns, of 'Titunvllle,
S I'l.l: feet andY to beginning Seo 28, 11 sanitary . . :3J I:! 00 referred to In last week's ADVOCATE, a :H..........................N..N.......N... ...1:
famous Bt. Lens Ken and "ot- Tp 21 S, It :M E, raised from $ ,100, ( () to. " fees on cost . . 1 (00) Raleigh. the following
newspaper F. A. 1\t"RO"I ,
flHHJ.OO. < Proprietor. On.' K. R, llLAKitwoon: ,Reglsternd: DrUII'ICI.t.
4 I tied Ileer.i Jelf Carrutheiaasst In town survey 1 (M) :: i !

.i Bold by Memm.F.A. Lo.ley.od Krastus: Ilovor, *j acre on Indian Rlv- J 0 Fries, surveying In town. 11:. OIl( "Miss! Stella Burt, daughter/ of Rev. J. .
I R.L. Motlow.Tltunlllel'la. J N Waller, town's portain drain U'l: :'M J. Burt, died' at her home four miles .
(Continued on page .">.) 41.1 74 west of Funuay Springs, N. C a little
: By Mr R. L. 1\lotlowCoooa, fla. --------- Interest Fund. before 11 I clock Monday nlg It. The

THE KENTUCKY MILITARY I K State Bank, lot on warrants. 7 08 cause of her death was typhoid fever, I iRED BT & PHARMACY I
JOSEPH ZAPf & CO., Fit) SJ: which she Is believed to have contracted
I while attending the summer school for ,
On motion the Board adjourned to
teachers held at the A. and M. .
Sole Distributors College .
meet the first In \
Tuesday at
: f A letter to the F.AIi''r: COAST AHVOOATK, I Sept.IIU, here, a few weeks ago.,: Miss Hurt,was a .
7 m. J. >. Knnls,
from Colonel C, W. Fowler, the genial' p. devoted member of the Methodist churchat
6JO to 620 West Street Town Clerk.
; A Day and enorgotlo/ superintendent of the Ken- Holly Springs, N. C. i TITUSVILLE, FLORIDAA i

I I tucky Military Institute, of Lyndon, Ky., The death of Miss Burt will bring to
'" and Ecu lullie, Kla. says: LETTER FROM A. D. PENNEY. many a heart a pang of poignant grief. --A Complete Stock of-
) !, Inclosed tlnd check for $l.t I) to cover .she was widely known and fondly loved.In .

I West End another year' subscription! to the AD Dear Sovereigns: the first flower! of a sweet and lovely! | PURE DRUGS AND DRUGGISTS SUNDRIES.[ !
Pharmacy VOCATE. I rend the paper every' week young womanhood, she leaves a home
with great deal of Interest, and I feel I wish to thank most cordially my fellow I! darkened by the flight of a soul which W-
EAU OALLIR. KLA. the East: Coast Company ha a very Sovereigns of Tltusvllle Camp Xo. shed light and fragrance wherever she Filled with the :

S. C. Hodgson M'. D., R P., strong claim on me. New applications 141, for contributing to one of the most moved. Earth Is poorer, and many: achild's Utmost Care and
are coming In almost daily, and there Is pleasant surprises and episodes of my heart ache with a sense of : Promptitude :
Proprietor. no doubt we shall return to Florida with life. When going through Tltusvllle loss for her going. Xo pupil of hers t
I Corner of Young and Houston StTeets. all the boys we can accommodate. I from Fort Pierce, on my way to Atlanta, ever spoke of her except In terms of love WE WANT YOUR TRADE GIVE US A TRIAL ORDER :

have given Instructions for the next I stopped on tile platform to see If any and praise. How many a soul will ache .....N. ......... .
repairs friends N .......N..N............N....H
Complete Stock of Drills and Druggiel'eSundriee / and othor Improvements on tho of my were In sight, and was today with that vain yearning 'for the _
: Cigars, StgtioneryPer. most agreeably surprised to find a large touch of hand - ----- .
barno property, among which will\ be a vanished and the sound - ---- - --
fumery, Toilet Articles delegation of Woodmen at the of voice that
eight additional rooms. As soon as your depot, a Is
r j Souvenir Card*, tinvels bring you to this part of the who immediately flanked me on all sides --- --still.- -_ Walker raCo.
Candies, Eto. and presented me a handsome gold
country, I trust you will\ look us up. ring, ,
set In evergreen, as a token of their fraternal NOTICE. -
--- Dealer

; !i I Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. CHURCH NOTICES.- R. Walker rl'glud.lIvIMer, acted as orator Lieutenant of the <,:Uy J., The next regular-meeting of the Good .iStaple onc3.: -Fao..coy::: In --, Groceries: ,

and his well chosen words of esteem and Roads Association, of the third commis
I IIAPI 1ST OIU'IICH. fraternity, will long linger In my memo sloner' district, will\ be held at Mel- Fruits: ac..cl..ryeg9ts'b: es.

I Hodgson IJros.EAU Services at LnOrnnge every 1st Sunday ory as one of the happy events of my bourne on August 17th 1UOO, as 1:30: p.
I :: ::
at 11 a. In and 70::! p. m. life. m. All members are earnestly requested Hay Grain: : aril: Feed

, OALL1E, INDIAN RIVER, FLA. Services at lodianola every 2nd Sun. To my fellow Sovereigns I will say, to be present. No further appealswill -Your Patronage: Bollolted-
day at 10:10:: < a. m. and 7:30 p. m. that their beautiful memento and fra- be made to your pocket book. The
I t i I Marine Railway :Services at Tltusvllle every :3rd and 4th ternal greetings will be fondly cherished society Is out of debt, thanks to our energetic TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA.
i I by me so long as life lasts. The . .. -
f I Sundays 11 a. m. and 7i:: <) p. m. Sunday reception president. - ---
General Merchants and Slip: Chandlers School every Sunday at 10 a. in., of every gift atTords pleasure, but These meetings are held In the Interest
I it r II ..Special l Facilities.. and prayer meeting every Thursday at sweeter than aU: Is the sentiment of true of all tax: payers. Every tax payer EI: ... :: R.t9.I Y'c:k,' :seO.::
7.M:: > p. in. Rev Wm. SUioes, pastor. and devoted friendship that lies back' of Is, or ought to be, Interested In good ,
I For Hauling Out, Storing and Itepairing the gift. Long live Tltusvllle Camp!I'' roads. You need good roads to move -DEALERS T J-

\ ,I : I found advisable to come to Charlotte your crops, to drive to your store, to GROCERIES GRAIN AND HAY AND ALL FOOD PRODUCTSIWe
.1 Yachts and Launches. BUSINESS CHANGE N. C., where I now am located l and visit your friends and drive to church. ,

Mention the will ask my friends to address me at Above all the county needs good( roads handle PRODUCE of all kinds. We are agents for APES FERTILIZERS
I __A_r_>_vi_>OArn__when _wrltlDg.I _. Mr. II. Y. Puts has purchased: the In. Charlotte, N. C., 400 West Trade St. to keep abreast of the times.. Make It a We deal exclusively In the above line of goods. and solicit the trade of all consum

I teroHt of Mr. It. L. Motlow In the Titus- Fiaternaily. personal matter, become a member, take ers. Write us for Prices on Grain and all Groceries, delivered at station.
I i Stanley itching: vllle and Cocoa saloon, including the A. I n. PKNXKY. an active part In the meetings, and In E. L. BRADY A BRO. TITUSVILLE your, FLA.
saloon building and residence In Titus- this way much good may be ..accompll -- '
Dealer In_ villa, and the saloon building In Cocoa, A MOONLIGHT DRIVE. hed, mistakes can bo rectified and all .- -- -
and will take charge on October Int. wronra rlchted.; Ladies are cordially
FISHING TACKLE, STATIONERY, CIGARS Mr.I l'IUe' RI'pllcl"lolI fur license. was before Invited to be present.. nn" S. J. :::N"1Fi'T"C>:rv.
Tobacco, Pipes, Candies, Fancy China the County Commissioners ai their Last Kridav night Mr. and :Mr. J. :>! f. WILLIAMSON.. reohlent.J .

__ ..and Temperance Drinks. meeting this week. O b..n for a invited, a party drive of their with friends togo ;' F FAHLKT: Secretary (Successor to Wagoner A Co.)
: them
---- --- - -
rue following Dramls ot cigars delivered -- -Dealer In

,I at J.2.1 per box of 50: The Kml of 'rlleVorld' .. in wa the,mlo country!:" given, stopping at the at new the home"bou of"- Wanted-Lady or gentleman of fair STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES AND

! Htinvholdt. Key West Smokers, Piemos, of trouble. that robbed E. II. Wolfe, of Charity Gilbert, the white people having education travel for a firm of $2: ,">O,0I10> HAY, GRAIN, FRUIT

t Cremo, Cubanas, jtohalkl. Bear Grove, la., of all nuefuloeim, came given most liberally towards. the I capital. Salary, 1,07J: per year, payable TTL'SVILLEPRODUCE OF'AI.L KINDS.
y Flinch Cards, jllo.; ( ; Hand Made Palmetto when he began taking Electric Bitters. funds for erecting the same. .
weekly. Expenses advanced. FLORIDA.
Hats, asc.! lie writes: "Two' years ago kidney Those who accepted were given a fine Address, _
I trouble canned me ereat Geo. G.Clows, Tltusvllle, Fla. 4''!).2
( STUART, FLORIDA. suffering, which treat as the night was a perfect one, .
-- -- I would never have survived had loot and Mr. and Mrs. Osban looked after
, taken Electric: Bitters. They also curedme tbs comfort of all. Draytl1g. INDIAN RIVER ICE FACTORY.
Cleaning and 1'reKalug. of general debility." Sure cure for The following were In the party: Mr. -
I t All work done up-to-date.' Call and all stomach,liver and kidney complaints, and Mrs J. M. Cuban, Mr. and :Mrs. L: ;, Praying:or hauling of a111 I fade prompt TITUSVILLE, FLA.

no me. Andrew Gibson, at the Parlor blood di,eae", headache dizzlness'aod I C. Branalntr, Mrs. C. I.. Wright, Mr. ly attended to. Meets all trains. Stove Is prepared to famish Ice In any quantity-Sacked or loose. Special atteotU'
Barber Shop, oil Washington avenue. weakness or bodily decline. Price OOo. fbfts. U. Walton and Mr. and !Mrs. Harry wood for sale at all times paid lacking for Yacht. or for
Guaranteed the Red family nse. Fair dealing I* motto.
1 by Cross Pharmacy {\ il.on. B. E. HOLTEX. Tieusrllld. my
; 'T.
g WETMORE., Proprietor."T .
1rt ,


.. ., '

Title: East Coast advocate
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Title: East Coast advocate
Uniform Title: East Coast Advocate
Physical Description: 3 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Titusville Fla
Titusville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 10, 1906
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Aug. 15, 1890.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 13, 1891).
General Note: W.S. Graham, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 2 (Aug. 22, 1890).
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OCAL NEWS SPECIAL SAI.], Mail Orders u Specialty.Send Special Clothing Sale. -Mr. 111. S. !Menu, of 'ourtenay.: was AMONG THE HOTELS.

, among tho vlsjtors. to town Wtidium.

Topics of General Interest. Saturday, A ug. 11, to Saturday, in your orders. We pay express Our Clothing have gotten their walkIng day. The A IJVOCA'rlC 'is on file at all the

Aug./ H. JllcllI lvc. or freight on all out of town orders, papers, and must go, at most any -!Mrs. .... :N. Decker anti blight little best hotels In :New:' York city.

carrying the largest stock of Up-to-Date In order tb make room for our
- Reading notice ads. are ten cents John R. Walker & Co., offer for the price, son, who have boon at Jupiter' for somt Take note of the hotel mis. on our

+10 on this page. time stated above, all Summer Dress Clothing, Shoes, Men's and Hoys' Furnishings fall Clothing time, returned to TltusvlUo 'last Satur. 7th pago.!,;
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:.00 per an. to foreign: countries. Include In tills sale every thing which The Clothiers and Furnishers. room for bur fall 'mock Tltusvlllo, Saturday night, from Mich The Travelers hotel, Jacksonville\ under -
i where ho had been spending I he
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by the year, it does not cost you J Ut.l UM KI.INK, xTltusvlllo summer. 11e. looks well, nnd says he Is. excellent business.
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-Mr. George, Grimes., Monte and Kulght, ,
1'.r. Norton's.Word .
Tltusville. .
Pharmacy, dicta those SOcts for vie !
; ,
you pay Customs at St.' Augustine, and an old three popular commercial travelers were Revere house, Narragansott Pier, It. I.,

ittle Freda Walker, who has been make you at 37cts; inch an you pay :itO and esteemed resident of thxt: city, spent, In town yostenlay.Mrs. : has been received from Rev. Is doing n line summer business. During

returned to her home cts for, goes for IDcts; the 23: cent aril W. K. Allen who I III now at Social Circle
.ig in Miami, Sunday I'ablo Iteach. the winter, he Is one of the managers of

usville, last Friday. cles go: at ITclHj; the 20ct items at l.'l: -; W. N. Hen
cts; the l.'ct> material we ;make Pots; Rev. Wm. Stones, wife and daughter ; left for her homo on Tuesday afternoon, feels so much better that bo expects to ,

Irs. C. F. FUcher, of Tltusville, the 12,'. 'ct at Sots; the lOot Items at returned to Tltusvlllo, last Friday< after upending a week with her mother, soon return to Tltnsvllle. County Commissioner hnd

iturday, for 1'lerson Fla., for a Tcts. ''1 hoBo prices defy competition, afternoon from Seabreeze: where they Mrs. A. Bl'ILdy.ACCIDENT ,
.f a week or two, with lends. and will do well to buy even If had been for several days, he guests of =The )Lotlllard\ Boat Co.: Tltusvllle, their usual monthly meeting Tltus
you you
(IXSURANOK from $.).(X vllle thin w \Ok.M .
them over to next Mr. Fred. Stones and wife. Is building\ large barge; for I the American -
aster Stephen:' Qladwin and little carry year. ( ()() !* P. G. Walton
per $1KM 111' ee Fiber ., who ex poet to get; palmetto r. J. A, Collins has completed the
We are making startling pricesIn
, of Fort Pierce, are visiting their' some -Mrs. E. L. Brady, Miss Daisy Brady Tltusvllle.Mr .
agent, berries for their largo factory: In ..Jnck- vel'lntllIn front of his. house-except
parents, :Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Glad shoes, broken stock, perhaps we have and little Miss Lucile Brady, of Titus- I
just your size. investigate, it means : and MTs. K. 1'. Porchor and sonvllle, along; the East Coast. i the painting.Tltusvllle.
>d Tlhu vllle. ville, are still at Union Society, Catskill
dollars to daughter, of Cocoa, sailed on the Clyde :Mr. K. I.. Stevens the tinsmith of
you. Mountains, N. T., where they report an Town Council met on

ROCK GINGER ALE and SODA The Department /Store enjoyable time.ACLslrENT steamship Apache, Sunday, for New Daytona, who recently did Home work! Tuesday evening, to discus several in alters -

ter, Ice Cold, 6 cents a glass at York to remain for a while. From New .
JOHN: R. WAI.KEK .t; CO., ISSUED In Tltusvllle dlod on 1Vednosdayeveny of Interest connected with our town.
. :Norton's. POLICIES In the York they will got 10 Flat Rock N. C.
TltiiBvlllt, Flotldii. I : ing, at Daytona, from consumption. Ire

Ir. K. W. Cauthen, of fitusville, All mall orders filled lit the same prices, Traveler's Insurance Co. P. O. Walton to"spend l several weeks with filends. came South from New York state, hut CJIf you do not read every page

down to Eau GalHe, Saturday after. ouly add postage, express or freight,. as : agent, Titusvllle.We -Capt. and Mrs. J. O. Walton, former\ too late to of the interesting. local Items
to see his friend, Mr. Will Math- the case may be. J. I K. W. & Co. I acknowledge; receipt of some residents of Tltnsvtlle, have moved from I some most ,
GUAVAS FOR) 4 \I.R nt 7CIII. I'eralx M hluh aro-soatU'i-oil on every page. _UC3Mr.
ifely home, and returned !Sunday.Ifter .- I i iMr. pretty postal cards from Mr. Geo. LOII- 74 Iltintlngton; Avenue, Boston, to /fiUJ: : basket crate. Hughes! A: C'o., Miami.

several weeks at R. II. poke prominent pine. : tiel Lucas, a former well known pineapple Blue hill Avenue, Doichestor Heights, E. E. Knox, chief clerk In K.': L.

spending with relatives little apple grower at Jensen, WAS in town on grower at Eden, but now a resident in the surbuibH of Boston. Their residence i -Civil Engineers: / W'. P. Savage/ and Brady Bros store, Tltusvllle, who baa

i Cove Springs, Wednesday.7Mr. : of the British island of Jamaica.Mr. is beautifully Hun ley Sale, of the K.< K. C. Railway, arrived been ou a pleasure trip of n month or so
> !]anion] returned to his home 1\ ,
1.cated-ovel'luOk-1 at the Indian River hotel yesterday Yoik and other Is.
In New places, expected -
vllle, the latter part of last week. August Diesner, of Jacksonville, Chas. II.Walton returned home lug Franklin Park.I'IIOTOGItAI'118.All. They ate here In connection with the home to-iliiy.

Ir. and Mrs. Hugh Sparkman, of ball been! spending':: this week in Titue- on' Monday, from a visit lo the Ocean : kinds of photographs draining the swampy land In Titus-

ville datives. View Hotel, Pablo Beach. He -Mr, Arthur H. Haigh I iv former resident
visiting reports taken, In lip-to-date style, from / ,
, Fla., are rejocing over the arrival vllle, and went over tho drainage rout

line blue eyed baby boy, who came -Attorney K. II. Seymour, of Miami, that many hundreds of people from $1.75. nnd upwards per dozen. Portraits yesterday, accompanied by Id r. Goo M. of Daytona, Is spending the sum
Jacksonville upent the day nt Pablo, on on his Island-Cat Cay Bahamus.:
Puslol Water Color and mer ,
[onday, August the Oth who had been on a trip[ to Jacksonville, Crayon, Robbins, attorney for the above company
/Sunday. Paintings at most reasonable' rates, Mr Ilalgli 1 l's nn ardent yachtsman, well

[tr.Oscar Stewart and sisters, Misses stayed his over home.at Tltusvllle, Wednesday> -Among the guests of the Indian and enlarged l from any small photo- -!Mr. J, II. Allen, of Palmyra, N. Y known to many resident of Miami andCocoanuttrove.

and rankle, Mrs. James Pritchard, on way was In Tltusvlllo on Tuesday and Wednesday .
River hotel, Tltusvllle, me Mr. and Mrs. graph. Babies taken as quick as a
C. J. Denham and Mr. and Mrs. FOR :SALE:! -GUAVAS aud LIMES. a guest; of the Indian Rive
, Bryan II. Drew, of Amerletm, Ga. Theyare wink. Call and see samples of our -1\11'. Geo. M. Robblnn and family
- Wilson, enjoyed a launch ridety Write us for prices and express ratesto work antI then you will know what hotel. He had just returned from a trip|
a genial couple and are to leave hero to-morrow for
very young expect: ,
night, In Mr.\ Stewart's launch your: city. Hughes Co., Miami. do for I to Old Mexico, and wan on hi* way to
on their honeymoon-having been married we can you. Washington, Ga., and Point Caswell, N.
CInllll'1.Ir.! big tract of
Allen owns a
lit'. Julius Kline left Sunday for -Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Pentland and about three weeks. If. FAtrsT, Tltusville, Kin.Mr. ; C., on a vlslc to Mrs. Bobbins' sister,
11\1lI1nbout nine miles north of Tltnsvllle

York, to Join Mrs. Kline and Leona, family, former residents of Tltusvllle, DO YOU WANT A SEA TnlP :?-One K.!: M. !llolman, a resident of near the Ilanlowr canal. Mrs. Anthony, and her parents. Captainand

njoy a much needed rest and vaca- have .rented a cottage at Pablo Beach first class. Round Trip Ticket, meals Worcester, Mass who last. winter had Mrs. H. P. I'addlson.

before buying his fall stock of for the summer. -On our ftth page/ will bo found the
and berth Included, for sale, over the quite' a nice home built in Daytona, -Mrs.( J. L. DotnlnguM, of Doathin,
for his store In Titusvllle. ail. of V. VV. Y.lflreI.Ipraotlcal house
> -Mr. Geo. E. Sebrlng, of Sebring, 0., Mallory S. S. Line, Fernandlna. to New writes the EAST COAST ADVOCATE: as Ala., mother of Mr. Dan McGuire, arrived

[I', and Mrs. C. A. Gardner, of this a former resident of Ruckledge, arrived, York; cheap. KAsr C'oAir ADVOCATE follows : "! will\ leave Now York! on and sign/ painter, who has thoroughly in TltiiMvllle, Friday last, to assist
learned his trade lIe Is soliciting a
, left Sunday: for Gaston, Ala., to this week, at Daytona, where he Is having office, Tltusvllle, Fla. Saturday, August ISt.h, for Jackonvllle, In taking care of Mr. McGuire, who Is

1 several weeks with Mr*. Gardner'sits a palatial winter home! built. I and then up the St. Johns River, en routeto share of your patronage, and guaranteesto quite III having come here for leis health
-Contractor Decker and force of carpenters give satisfaction In all work that may ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Gllmore.M. Tlrusvllle and. 1I..yton"Irll.! Hoi- McGuIre' mother Mrs. Thoo. DicK-
INSURED AGAINST AC- have commenced work the
ARE YOU on be given him In Tltusvllle and neighborhooil. / -
E. Webber is in charge of Mr. I man and Albert will leave on the Clyde of Lakeland Fit< 1 Is also with lulu,.
en ,
work ? If not ,
clients In your daily big porch for The Sterling, near the F. .
ner's store during his absence.CAN steamship Apache on August :31st, on
!'. O. Walton, ':itusvllle.Mrs. E. &: Ry. fctatlon Titusville.[ The porch
see ,
John boils of Melbourneand
their to It bo bad Mrs.
way Daytona. may a -!Mr. It. U. Iladilon, who has been ,

ACCIDENT POLICY ben V. W. Kldred' arrived In Titus- Is being erected on the south and east time of tbe year to oome to Daytona, but holding a position In 'the Bank of Bay her daughter Mrs. L. C. Moore, of ltoo-

going on your vacation,! in the yllle, 'this week, from Orlando. Her sides of the house, and will be III< feet i It cannot be worse than It Is In Worcester Ulsonyno, Miami, stopped over between land, are now enjoying the bracing air of

I known Travelers'' Insurance Co. husband has been here several weeks. wide-one of the widest porches (or veranda for It has been the most unpleasant trains In Tltusvlllo, on Wednesday, Waynesvllle, N. (,'. Ho also (Is Mrs. E.

' I, Walton", agent.r lie has the contract to paint The Sterling *) in Tltusvllle. The Sterling will summer I have ever expeilenced here. to greet Ms many filomU.. Mr. )IIad E Rollins, of Tltiisvllle. anti her sister,

[ and Mrs. Chas. T. McCoy left, : Titusville. i be opened the coming winter as a first- It has either rained or boon too hot or don was. on his WILY to his. home In Mrs. J. A. Lovelace of Tampa. They

May last, for New fork, via steampache -Mr. and Mrs Geo. F. Paddison and c1ax boarding house.. cold ever since we returned to Worcester Spartanburg, H. (J., to join his wife and report the weather In Waynesvilln cool

\ which sailed trom Jacksonn family, of Eau Gallic, mopped over here I -Mrs. L. A. Brady and ROil, Park- and we will be glad to get back to baby, who had I preceded! him by a enough/ for wrap*-at times..

' Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. I hurst, left here, Saturday' afternoon last, doar old Daytona, where we now belong.We couple of wooks.
from Monday until Tuesday, guests -lIhJtl I'II. J. K. Parrott, R. 1'. Golf, J.
'V will be away two or three for Jacksonville, and sailed: on the Clyde have been packing our furniture for
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. M. Uobbias. They C. Meredith, lit rs. David Mitchell, Mrs.R. .
Us, which they will spend in andd steamship, Apache, Sunday morning, for the past throe weeks, and It will beahlpped Orliiitfu Itox: ; i.
came up In their launch, and were on T. Golf and Mrs. J. C. Meredith, who
, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, aud New York, en route to Boston, to visit right through from Worcester
their way to Daytona Beach, to spend a md been ou a trip to the Florida Keys,
place her uncle and aunt. While north, she to Daytona. As soon as I reach Daytona Wo are selling the Warnell Orange/
week returned to their respective home. laJacksourll'o
or so.
frs. A. M. Mathers, of Eau Oallle, also expects to visit her .school friend, I will again put my automobile In Box, recognized nil the best box madeIn and I .

'.d! in Titusville Friday, In response lahopVm.. Crane Gray, of Orlando, Miss. Marguerite Waterhouse, of Center commission, so that my family and Florida; price, I 145!' cent complete, St.and Augustine Mr. Got on lIn.d.y. ohnn
Mr. were
elegram her 111'Vm was In Titusvllle! Saturday; lIe expected vllle, R. I., near Providence. friends can have some pleasant drives on with birch hoops. In carload lots, delivered. '
stating son, inspection trip over the whole F. K.
to hold services la /St. Gabriel'scbnrch the ocean boitch." .
ws, had met with a painful accl- FURNITURE above
The occupiedlr
Sunday, but found so many Write u* for prices nod sample) !, ofwraps. C. Railway party
and broken his collar bone. She
DRY GOODS, *. \ I'arruttf.l'rlat" oar to and from
out of town and no notice
members were For Hell
ned to her home Saturday after- had been inserted In the papers, causedby NOTIONS: East Coast Lumbar A Supply Co., Miami I I, and made. tho trip to the extension .

, taklug Wilt{ with her. lIe stood In the mall that: he decided to } DISOS"and Rl.4w Eau Gallle, Kla. works on the steamer Ht. Lucle.
rip well, and a card from him states a delay DRY BATTERIES, Furnished cottage, for summer season. ,
for Fort Pierce on the ::1:16( train, ------
and does suffer as leave Terms, 910.0O month.F. .
renting well not SHOES: and per
to Tltu.vllle to hold service', l"nlntlnfl, Paperhanging, .:tc. Property to Leano.
and ,
pain as when be left. It Is hoped return HOUSE FURNISHING GOOD4. M, T.,.noH, Tltusvllle, Kla.
the last of this or the first of next month. -
11 improve rapidly. CHAS. A. G'AKDXtit, Tltusville, Fla.
Gray paid the ADVOCATE office a Do you need any kind of Painting,
Bishop The famous Hector Island Property,
IJI You Want a Nice AVI liter kalso-
varnishing, staining, finishing,
call while in town.
Lines For Sale. pleasaut Talking1 Machine. on Indian River, at Melbourne, Fin,
Victor Home In Florida mining, paperhanglng or sign/ painting
consisting of '1'J: room Hotel and Club
it Limes families at I'rltclmrd's. done? If you do, I am In Tltiisvllle to
Key direct to llurgaliit room, 7 room Bungalow, and :.1 room i
If need a Victor Talking Machineor attend to It. I want a share of your
'rate, about 200; express paid 400 you For Sale, the McCoy property, In West Cottage, Fine situation for a hunting,
% Remit Nursery Refrigerators, the real thing Records, the Red Cross Pharmacy, Titusville consisting of an ORANGE work, and will. guarantee to give satis'action. -
yacht club. Fine harbor.
for hot weather, mineral wool lined, Tltusville will sell them to you on the Old furniture made to look Ishlng or
NOVEI.TV: COMPANY, GROVE, which will yield about 400 With services of family of three, a*
only $1.00.Fewer following terms: tiM: cash, and :50 like new. Mirror Re-Hllvered.
Box (01, Miami, Fla. boxes of fruit this winter. stewardess and altrellll, by the
gallons, wears longer; $1.05per (; cents per week. The residence I I. new and In perfect Address, V. 'V. Er.,>,uu: former,Game Warden of the Quaspenke

gallon. Do not fall: | to call and hoar these won- Titusville "'1/.. ,
Walker Hardware Co. condition throughout, and contain 11 '
Club, of Rockland county, New York.
JAS. PBITCHAKD fc; Sos, derful machine when visit l Titus
rooms, exclusive of bath room, pantry Expert guide, boatman and dog trainer.
e hot weather here and Tltusville- For Hale
is you vllle. '
and china clOtl t. Hot and cold waterIn .. Fine' fishing hunting and boating.
Id --
Gasoline treat your wife to a new. hot Quick-foro Grove For Sale. .Notice. bath room, kitchen and pantry Hath At Mlcuo, Fla., Stove. It ii too Orange
room has sanitary closet; laundry has also three Iruvard Co. Melbourne Fla,
at 10.0O per acre; acres ,
have wooden
to stand that old <<
" Five Acre Grove, one mile north ofTltusvllle. Whereas there Is an ordinance of the' sanitary closet and water facilities. at Eau; Gallle. Good farming land.Reasonable .

Turnbull hammock; three the Barn, 21ft.x3f>ft., new aifd up-to-date
In Town cif Titusvllle prohibiting running term' Fruit and Vegetables
too, you should buy a acres in Bearing Trees, and Two Acres it large of homes and mules at In all Its arrangements. Carriage house CKA UcHmrtK, ...
stain Freezer and male own ---
your barn. Water la barn. .
Garden Land. Price, ft,000. night. Therefore, the owner of such adjoining HmajSrno Melbourne, Flu.
ream, to suit taste. to Marx Brothers, corner of
your floor Shipped
chicken house 'cement
' O, F. PAI>UI OJ stock are hereby notified that they must ,
1 kinds of Hardware Tin ware,Glass- and Julia streets Jacksonville
with lay ,
Fla. also supplied water.
Eau Gallle, of
40.41 obey the ordinance under penalty arrest Galvanized AVIre Cheap.We .
", Chinaware, Paints, Oils, Snip and, fine and the Marshal l hereby Grounds, surrounding residence, under Fla., always bring good results. Their

'dlery' Engine and Launch Fix- Sale. good cultivation. Shrubbery, etc. have several too of Galvanized ocllltle for handling Pineapple, Grape-
. Wood for Instructed to arrest the owner of all
etc. f"Jthlng and they Cost over $BOOtf; Wire, :No. ff, to No. in, which we offer fruit, Orange and Early Vegetable cannot -
found at large night
you need In oar line, and stock A very decided bargain for somebody very low to clone out. be surpassed. This I is one of the
Also to
dele with according
zht prices. Flue or oak, any length. J. will MOROAX Jc WALTOX Agents, EAST COAST LL-MBKII ic; SITPLT Co., oldest and most reliable house In this
address ,
WALKER HARDWARE Co.Tltmville and harrowing. See or Titu.TlIle, Fla. Eau Callle, Fla. state. Try them.

Fla. ,v. Jamison, Tltnsrille, Fla. Mayor.


man dlr.. .?:,,w
.... '

../" -, , '

I i


i .


. '

i) I Free and oubtleflll much Increased, too, by the tng money to del tiers. This. has low

I'anama affair and miliw vAZros
; Accepted ,ilil '? Masons, President l Roosevelt and others, which The department has loant>
was misunderstood. This Increased without a single loss. Wea

: hatred, mixed with fear, has tightened have government postolfice saving RECORD OF A GREAT MEDICIMEA .

the bonds between South America and I bank for deposits of any sum. and Cincinnati-
No. 00 Woman Tell
: Prominent
Europe Nothing has been undoneto there Is more than S,8OO.CGO In this
How Lydia E. Plnkham'B Vegetable
give the South Americans as bad savings, bank. There have been no
TitusvilleLodgo Cured Her.
: ,
ai' River/ ,, T, ,' Compound Completely
an Impression of us ns possible At I losses with Investments by the poslutflce. .

'N/1 \ Florida. present the belief Is widespread which must be In state or other The great good Lydia E. Pinkham's -

: Hold. lr,11I..t.lIII.lhll mwoml sod. fourth Weilnemlav through South America that the north. I !gilt edge/ securities.! Vegetable Compound is doing among) SELF-LOCKING

J i of each. month',,hJck thu MuonlutemploTltuallle era republic covets territory there, and The state provides a public trustee the women of America is. attractingthe
at 7 JO lib
that at any time we may swoop down department, In which people lodge; attention of many of our leading

\. ;John F. A.N.Morgan Waller Wimtlilpfnl Men,lor: 1Varlen.1'hdlp Master. upon them. their wills or make disposition of their I scientists, and thinking people genera

'{ W. nuburt.unlor.arlen. South' America N a vast and fertile I property, which Is administered hv ally.
<>. V. I1lIr811. ''IrjumirorJ. continent, an rich an possible ,and tenanted this, ;
J.Carriitlier.*, K ..retar,. II department. If any estate In the
t f j i I A. U. I',,,,"..y, Hanlor linacon.Terry by a people with little mechanical hands of the public trustee for the ben

? H. Walnal.luntcr, Denoon. genius It Is in every way a complement Nit of children, wife or family were LE /
c. H. WaltonSonfurtewanl.
I T .8. CB: : :: :: .
I M, 8. "Sans' .Jnnlnr "' ''''ward. to the United States. It U niiiljiduilulsterecl the colony would be .. .

,. I J. R. Walker, ('h."II.ln...| practically undeveloped. What capital responsible.All .
F.A. Lonlojr .'ylur
I goes there for Investment is European. of these departments are under ++

'f I Secretary Blaine was twenty years control of an auditing department ot "" hAi Jt tl r"'IGIt

V'' I [ INIUAIS ItlVKlt CIIATTF-K NO. '87, ahead of the time, in the opinion of statutory ofllcfrs./ Their salaries cannot + .

I t I! H ROYAL ,\ Itell'ONS.. Secretary' Hoot. At the time Blaine bo reduced and their decisions

,.i h f The In'I Inn Rlvur Chaptnr, Iloval, *rHi Masons. conceived hH. Idea of the uses of South cannot bo reversed' or interfered with. ELOCX
moots. the Hrnl Weilnenday. of each month.at tAe
M"*<>nt>*Tenipln.. America! to the United States thin country Till control by the state of these departments

., P Tlie following' are the ollber\ of thus. chapter I was still a debtor nation, borrowing years ago panned the experimental -

K. H, Hum. Kxrwllent: High 1'rlent. money to develop Its own resources stage. They have been In
s f 1.R. Walker, King
1C. N, Anclr..w., Hcrilm.II. and not able to develop those of other every way a success, and I believe

: H. Wilson TflMxiirnr.K. mi t Ions. Now the United'States has there li no one In our country who can
A. Morgan, K erlltllry.T. .
H. Hanilum. (',.,.t..r Hont.Ixiuln censed to be a debtor nation, and Its put through legislation dispense with [jMrj-Jura Wifjon 1 ... '

I i. Aloximlir.' Hrlnolpal, Hnjniirner.' capital Is branching out in every direc any of tlieuo. public utilities departments -
b I '. M Taylor\ Ma.ter of Third V. tion. From his place In the state department which Lave been carried on for The following letter Is only one of "
; J. N. Wallnr, Wiinmr of Hemml V. Is a new and great Invention as It saved time, money and labor. It will wellorizontally'upeidordown (
I Mr. Root has an opportunityto tbe benefit of the people of all classes.It thousands. which are on file in
4). A. \4t I J. I). :11111., Biintlnel.OKIIKIt see the tentacles of American cap Is not my province to discuss In the Pinkham office, and /fro to prove or at nay angle. It Is !Impossible for the rope to I

I t .. ital reaching Into every land. When i your country as n visitor", what the condItions beyond question that Lydia l, E. 1'ink- when locked, and no lever or trigger rope attachment is used in this ilovi ,

OI' K. AST HUM STAR.FrlendahlpCilaptorYo.IIhnidNIii.meotinIN. they reach Into South America the difficulty are hero. All 1 can say Is that ham's Vegetable Compound must be a There is only one hol lower and lock'the load, and it Is Impossible for the rope

t I r | in tbAt they meet the competition I In our country the control by state of remedy of great merit, otherwise it jam or chafe, and there is nothing to get out of order in this original tackle blo,

I nthe: MiMiuiln: : l.oilire: room,, Titimvllle:l on tha of European capital and that tbe I these great public services is undeniably could not produce such marvelous May be seen at the ADVOCATE ollice Titusvllle The S. B. Hubbard Co
i L first and third 'Illv.ddfa, In each month at 5.111: results among sick and ailing women.. ,
I I'' follow UK aro the olllcers of the general hatred, fear and detestation best In the Interests l of all classesof Dear Mrs. Fiukhom E. O. Painter & Co., Jacksonville. '
6 Chapter> of tho United States put the United the community. We have public .
I I, ( 1Ifr.. n, M BnliWim, W. ::11.I States nt I* tremendous disadvantage. opinion of tbe most emphatic character "About with nine female months trouble ago; which I was a causal great sufferer me- I '. I I. ,.' .. : AS .:< "

1 I. John CMmriao It. Walkor.Hiininnnolata\V. I'. M. The some idea which Inspired Blaine behind us to fortify the actions of the severe pain, extreme nervouni("'ia and frequent ;, : J" :
Mltn ,; l" ., '
I Mis hate H\I'w"rt. (JonilnrtriHH.Mln '. ]hUll cnptlvuted[ toot, though! now clr- government of the country in carrying headaches from which the doctor "" ..I .'\ " ,,/,' t'
I I IxHKlii. Hamlerii. Ansiiclate Con. cumstnnccri make the thing much more out these reforms. failed to relieve me. I tried Lydia E Pmkhnm'g r t,.( ;. Iks i
.... 'r "
Minn XnniUnmewm t, TrIO .rer.tMrr Vegetable Compound, anti within a ,1'1'
H. It. Wilma, Hnnrotary.Mm. practicable' than In Blalne'a time. Mr. Public opinion 1 is> the only vehicle. In short time felt butter, and after taking five '

f, Mrn.J.H.. K, A.Morvtlill Walker,A.la Until., Hoot bus' long entertained the idea of I my Judgment, that can help any coun- bottles of It I was entirely cured. I therefore

Mr. M. A.Horlnurmmr, Martha doing what ho I'oulat the first oppor- try to effect n revolution of a character heartily recommend .your Compound the as a
It makes
female tonic. monthly
JlI r..J. Kline, Ei!:'tor.tlr tunity to aid In the throwing open of that would bring; to them that splendid lu.ran.l. without paln'au.l whata
I I *.J. I)). Hainii, J Mi-otn.; I periods:
ChaI.14.. Walton, Wader. the southern continent to American development. which Is an established' fact In our blowing it is to find such a remedy after; so

i J. I., r rriithor, Seminal. country, which Is pursuing Its work many doi'torn fail to help you. I am pleasedto
H. K. Wllmni M,irnhal., recommend it to all suffering woolen.Mrs. ."-
\( (Leo. M. Knlililnii, C'lmplaln When the pan-American conference without Injury to the great mass of the Sara' WIlson, 31 East 3d Street! Cincin-

I was held fire years ago In Mexico the people. nati, Ohio. .
TITl'S\II-l./' CAMP NO. II], one which Mr. Hoot In about to attend If you have suppressed or painful
I was provided for. When the time up- I, periods weakness of the stomach, rills -

t I II pronched Mr.. Root conceived tbe Idea live indigestion bloating, pelvic catarrh, SHOWS
Don't O..r".rk It and ( It a (lest
of 'attending It In furtherance of his nervous prostration, dizziness, faintness THE FRONT
Once In Awhll
plan. As soon as the announcement don't-care and want-to-be-
I A man of common sense and u doctor left-alone feeling, excitability, back- OF'THEWALTON
i TE was made Brazil's neighbors, Uruguayand
of nt that said.: "The liver Is mlsun- ache or .the blues these are sure in ll- ,
Argentina that he
cloistood and underestimated In Its catlons of female weakness, or Borne THESE ARE OUR
would t take the chance to visit them.
functions. If It can be kept clean and derangement of the organs. In such PAT. BLOCK
I If I Tho proposition struck Mr. Hoot as active there Is no reason why we cases there is one tried and. true remedy ,PATENT LONGROLLER -
can that ought to be accepted ( Com-
f particularly -Lydia Pinkhazu's Vegetable
E should ever be III a day, and we should BEARING
Moot every ttmf uiul I third\ Monday In each I nlll the relations between Argentina pound.
: month aC I t p. m., Rurpi| ) at tho Mammlo I live to bo l.'O; or 200! years old. It Is notnecessary SFIEAVES.F .
5 ana Brazil not
Teinplu.Consul are cordial, and It a
to rip this organ all to pieces d
i Coin ctiandnrAdvlnur .. .... ..". .."Harry Wilson would Dot carry out his Idea if he were .
and !lies Pnlae."Tlie ,
I LloiiteiiantBanker . ./.1 It Walker to to show with ten grains of calomel to get It TellliiMT Age by
i( .. ... . . . .. . ..U.?O. ConkllnK\ more courtesy to one stirred up. Tile best thing to do Is to fame )puNe", always beats fast
Escort .... .. . .. ... .. Of, Alandavlllo. of the rivals than to the other. lie ttOOLa.
than the said
. . shut off your food supply' ] for two or er mule a physician
Clerk ... . . .. .J L, Carrnthert accordingly the Invitation. .
Watchman ...... .... ... .... J.N.Waller accepted three days drop' your whisky find "nnd from birth to depth the pulsespeed :
Bentry... .... ..., ... . . .. .... .1.n.I Knnln Then came other Invitations, and it .
r 4\ Directors.... ... .. ... . "J.P.WiI..nI struck the secretary that here was the (:claret jour tea and coffee and give steadily decreases. I have no t, ,
lift I'1'ylen anti H .J.Norton your liver 11 chance to rest. ThU shouldbe doubt that by the pulse alone I could 1. :

I Camp'hyslclan . ....,. .. . .,... E,K: Rolllm chance to carry out his purpose of doing done once a month.'.' teil readily n healthy person's age and .-
All what he could to clear the
vleltngwoylmenareoordlally< Invited to way
attend theOBJECTOFROOT'STOUR w..otll'1(8. cloud of misapprehension that obscures It Is well known, of course, that in set: Babes at birth have a pulse that

olden times the I liter was supposed to bouts ICO times !a minute In the case of
the trillions of the United States
J be the seat of the affections. Friends girls and t.'O: times!! n minute in the
from her southern neighbors lIe therefore -
when they met In the morning did not case of 1>o 'II.! At the age! of tour or
planned a trip which will take In
salute( ends other with "How's your five the pulse beat will have fallen respectively -
all the southern countries which border [
health?" but with "How's your liver?" to 110 and 100. Maiden
ou either the Atlantic or the Pacific. )(
Men take horseback exercise. principally nnd youths' pulses average ,ninety-five .
Mr. Hoot's aim throughout will be to .
N ml for their livers. A good slinking; up anti ninety; mature women's nnd men's
SF make the rulers of these lands understand -
DY UTf how little they have comprehended every morning drives away the tlrrliotlclilllary average eighty: and seventy-five; elderly
C encroachment. It Is women's rind men's
the an error average sixty!
spirit of friendliness of the
United States toward them lie believes to assume that whisky alone produces and fifty. An old woman's pulse rarely -

j It will take personal contact to cirrhosis. Overfeeding: Is more often If ever sinks below fifty but among

do so. the cause If the digestive; organs old\( men a pulse under fifty \H! fairly

I 1 II Is to do this that Mr. Hoot is tak- would organize a union and work only common. Walton-Yinton Patent- Roller Bushed Sheaves
f eight hours all of would be
,, ( ing his journey.; He will meet the presidents a day us .
tbe cabinets and the leading healthy. and long lived. The trouble is A Cnnk Citpncltr.Should .

public men of all the countries In wo require the liver stomach bowels, you wish to get the capacity
heart muscles of a cask can do so In the following -
i South AIIIII'II'Ianll In his,Intercourse brain nerves kidneys, ;you

with them he reckons confidently on Hpleen etc., to work, all the time and manner: Take the measurement

overtime. from the, bunghole to the bottom of
Wrong live them u rest.-
f. being able to disabuse their minds of
i the 1 Ideas' they have gained concerning ]New York I'ress. each end of the cnsk In inches. Aver-

I the two niensiuienients.! Multiply
the United States. No specific propositions -

..- _.. _- -- are contemplate! except those MUlrnl, the Poet nnlldlnK tits Tomb. this figure by itself twice. Thou multi-

which will be considered at the Rio Nearing his eightieth year, Frederic ply the product by .00220(5.) ( and the ro-

:Mistral the Provencal nnlntler ID the number of gallons. Ex- 'Cd ql Ihpl '
poet la still llulll'I
conference. Not a "single, definite action ,r i 'I h I I '
, I II Is to be taken. The one aim of young in mind, happily far removed ample: 31 Inches :29 Inches (average l i / I I I 'V' dVIli

I I I --.--'___ the whole trip will be tho bringing yet from the sixth age of Shakespeare :SO Inches). 30x30x30: =27,000thlch.. i / I

II about of a good understanding betweenthe says the Paris correspondent! of the multiplied( by .0022GU:::::: = 01.182. The G lli hh

I I Seeks to Allay South America'sPears two continents to replace the fear, Leaden Standard. Nevertheless be is contents therefore, .are Cl gallons arid. 4 I I Ii I II I

of United States. and hatred on the one side< which ham. preparing; bin tomb. It will be put up a fraction ----_. l'' I I I II II II I

tiers the other. In the cemetery Malllnne\ near his i p I
h I Il
1)l ,
bouse. It is to be a copy of the well Modeet Greatness. I ) I
pound, which Is when the
payable l
t PLANS TO REMOVE OLD HATREDS known Pavilion do lu Heine Jeanne at Quo day a letter was received nt thepostotllce ,
value Is 210,000 or exceed that sum.Wo I'F' I 6 'jl'jlII
In Purls be.irlng the follow
Ban*. The care taken by the I'roven- [
Introduced drastic
legislation make lug Inscription: "To the Greatest I
cil |poet to It beautiful will borenieniberecl I'I'
I >crr(..ry of IIt..t..'. "I.1t to Latin governing factories stipulated for for generations among the French I'oet." The letter carrier was II J i I %

i Hrpnbllo Mill II*. a Trip to Kradl- proper sanitary conditions and continuous I neighboring peasantry", "It Is> after instructed to deliver: It to Victor Hugo I I1) hl, I'' //

I e ate the liiiprvniiluna of a Lifetime. Inspection. We fix the number of I all, the tomb. that Is the house we live who refused, to receive It and sent It

k 'Iadnatelal litltx vr Two Continent hours per week that employees can I longest In; we must have it beautiful" tp Lnmartlue. This genius also declined / /

Will Ile file A'.... work making heavy fines for viola- :[, Mistral' H.I Id the other day when somebody to accept the letter and passed I
tlons. At first
this _
wa opposed by
f I I twitted him about his hobby. It on Alfred Do Mussel. The latter

It U difficult to overestimate the Import some employers but others: supported And lie does the work himself with uo equally modest re-sent It to Victor

mice of Secretary Hoot's visit to It warmly, and every Intelligent person !i i menu MidI!, refusing all nld. But at tbe Hugo, who finally accepted it. The

South America nays a Washington! recognized that If all factory own- same time, busy as ha Is with his tomb, l letter had reached Its destination.Llpplncott's .-

special dispatch to the New York ers were put upon the same footing he Hllll tlnds leisure to write. He has ) Magazine.! These long Roller Bearing Sheaves, which are looked upon as the ureiti t '
they hud of fair
nn opportunity
I compe- just went his memoirs to the and I anti-frietion roller bearing/ the world without hold the l 118>
Times. It may mean the opening of the tition. The humauo employer would press WANTED--Hv riiioniio wholennlii and, mall are cages to i
\ they will be published In u few days. order. tmiiita assistant llunageriuan or woman place, and therefore are far durable :
I' continent to development by the northern not subject his employees to a sweating for tills county and ".joining, territory Salary) more and run with far less friction tli m" .t

part of the hemisphere"' It U undertaken either In pay or hours. '20 and exn. ..... ,piiiil. weekly ; p..I.| eim8 money Id-style cage. The sheave castings are made solid, standing double tho sti,noj}
The Knlxer'irw! Ila liirm> of State. ilvnncod. Work |iluiwantpu; ieli>n .
permanent the skeleton
with tho of Iron
object removing the sheaves.
Wo do not, ns a government or as a Knh.t'rlIhl'lm bas a new fad. It is No iuvefltnient or exmnenne| reulrail.| Spare
hatred of us which at present closes line valuable Write at nnceforlnll
people, do anything In the direction of particulars
South America to the United States ns collecting picture post", cards, nnd he and 1 miuloiittftelf'-iKldrL'MNtHl "....elo"|". Aildrenfl'
trying to level people down .Our laws I has thrown himself into it with characteristic Uenenl: Manager. 1J4 E. Lake 8t, ('liicago.Daile .
a placo of luvestmeut.
affecting the regeneration of our coun ----
Loudon Tit-Bits
The United States Is detested in try have tone toward making a pure livery: country energy, In says the world In which County f niul Tor Sale. THOUSANDS OF THEM SELLING IN" THE NEW ENGLAND STAtHs: .
South Amrlcn and of late this
;years) and a better condition. Our people -

: hatred has been Intensified by fear. give e of
any kind whatever Is laid under ot southeast quarter of section 3
From the time of the South Americanwars walk of life to better theII''OUelitiODot township -
) of Independence the United contribution. The kaiser causes 33, south of range 41 east' ; close to
without doing it at the expense of the his to O. K. Wood' .
States has protected the southern continent secretary a picture post pineapple plantation on8t
from many. The laws have been Intendedto card to the o Rio} la I selected, and this Is Lucle River; 40 acres.
political aggression, but Improve>> their positions. They are Inclosed in state Also, the northeast quarter or north TIM:
a envelope or Indorsed
commercially and socially all South democrats lu the truest of the east quarter of suction 18 Walton
America's relation. have been with sense "Business of state." This Is then sent township 38, Self-Locking Block Co
south of range 41 eat; on south fork of
: K11 term.We by mall, and on reaching Its destination
e. have extended state ownershipin St. Lucie River; 40 acres. Apply] to
often In the middle of the night,
We are practically unknown In South other direction"e have CHAS. II. WALTON,
America. Wo have many the addressee Is at once aroused from Titiinvlile( ) 404
no steamship connection lo\\'nl'tl the whole of the telegraphicand slumber Kin. : Atlantic Avenue, BOSTON:: MA: -
to receive the
to speak of. Our trade doe. document which

t not compare with that of I urope. country telephone has had systems reMI'ol1ldbie"f'rn"ever silica the merely conveys the imperial greeting .Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer".1 _h__ __ _____ __._._ _. ___.____ _ ___ _.. .. _. ___ _..__ ,
I and command a reply by Fewer pillion takes lees
What cltlzons of the United States the postcard ; of Devo
: southern continent him had to judges m nt. We own the state life Insurance! representing! some local subject loa.1 and XIDO than mixed pilots Rears Has Stood The Test 2SGrove's Year

i by have beeu largely of the ullveuI department, which has been u very j "by return." Ion A>)!; twice as louse as lead and oil
great SUCCI" SS. The prottts are. Invested ; I
I turer typp. Language customs and
for the ln-uoflt of the Insurers, and The German First .
l ideals have been different and hare
been barriers. none of the financial results are lu anyway I A new monthly paper offered a prize COLLEGE

t A dislike of lift which dates back claimed or owned by the govern-i i for the best list of the ten most Important OF MEDICINE VIRGINIA'

many year was Increased by, fear mt'llt.Ind.. though there has been the living Hermans. Frau Schultz TUaUT_ MoGUl"!:. M. D. "r.'Dr"T. 1 i

when Spanish-American\ war took competition by foreign }life companies, of Dresden won says Slmpllcisslmns. Till Collet conform to th. Standard Tasteless

place, and the talk about "imperhtl- the government Iffe: Insurance> holds 41 tIer list was: Emperor William his Ax.4 by law for Medical Education. Send lot I Chill Toni
per cent of the total amount carried. wife, his Bullltin No.11,which tall. about it.
k seven children tils two daugh
lam .j reed over the r ,. tu Thru tn* I
: : . !.? !! !, We hare also: estrtblUlu'd .t.loru"-SINCl OI1 11rlm..t. a
a government ters-in-law and the baby the crown MEDICINE- DENTISTRY PHARMACY

r" '1M 1i i I lending!! dep_\ welUora!{


!!! ..m. ..y.

'.r..., ..yam. r. ,



--- -- .._
-- ---- --- -- -- --- --
'-' --- ---- --- --- --- -

> !eaalonal Cards. Notlre of Special Law.TOnrK I Auto In the Tropic
TiTUSYiLLE FLORIDA. I A \VnnpM !tcfct.
Reports from ratted Static One Kind of wtwp found In Brazil
: \ us hereby |ilvfcu of the Intention to
j KO. M. BOBBINS, 1.1 "I'l'ly to the l KlHlutur of the State cf I end other* 1111t1hoWI1 the pnu-tloiil I and Guiana a kl'K its nest of a brilliant -

KluililuaC im regular m....Ion.l lit the year application of imtomntlrully |propelled whlt) pasteboard, KtHpeiulliltf' It
11MU, to IXIHA a special or heal law fur lirovartl A Favorite Spot In a Favored
... vehicle In ofthoompiirntlvi,'ly from tho highest branches of tho trees5o ,
ATTORNEY: AND COUNSELOR .lInty Florida' iu "uli utii"B iu follows : I many
An Act entlUetl..e 11 A..t to "uthll.l.e the nnard Secton The Famous East undecelopotl.uintrlt's. eHporlully In the n* to escape I the attention of tilt
AT-LAW. ii f Con nty Oimiiliuiloii..r t<> levy an aililitlniiHl tax nt two mills Coast of Florida.ONTHEBEAUTIFUUNDIAN. tropics, Includliiif Mexlro, the "'"Ht India monkey. which In thoso regions havea
|ll practice In State and United States each year, for twoean<, fur the purpose of Ini.vluir i I troitbleaomo! habit of investigating!
mucliim>ry to baud hard Burtaoe matin In Islands, South AUI'rh'al.tl'l'n.. In /
Court. fuiiil county. everything, oven a hornet's nest r1 '
the Mill,, Java, i'lilnu.
Its It emiuteU' by the Loutnlatura of the Stale RIVER. dill )
Office at TITUSVILLK, FLA. of Florida.' ] Japan and the Phlllpplni IsliuuK 1 nil or .
Section 1. It shall ho tin duty of tho llniu-it ot ahnrtenloir ilia t"lalt.
County ConimlKglonerH. nt n'evnl County riorlilu. them Koctloui In Which animal i saver "It N n great comfort to have n

L. GAULDEN, upon the iironuiitutluii. to them or cue or uat the Place to Fit-out for a Cruise for transportation la extrf'nu4y.starce: child about the house," said tho man III
more petitions signed 1 by a iunorlry|! of. the reg.
I. Istered l voters, who: i ate Frpfliolilprs:: of nan Down tthls Far-famed River. and development delayed l h.y ronnon of of domestic tnstex."Ton .
ATTORNET-AT-LAW ciiiinry ""kinfor an noMIUonal ;liivy or two FlnelFlshinjr andl: Hunting "
aimwereil 1 tlio imfoolliDj
mill* tax en for each. sear, for two years for the. that wnrelty. Iju-k of tnmstmrtliitr when use
( in practice In all the Court of. the tuat \imrpim' of Inijlnn uiiu-hliivry, t<> Imilii hard mir Tie town of TltMSvlll Is '!tTiat* I a c" imlilfn roods In until power '*
county to low a tax
t loricla, and tbe United States Courts. the Florida Bast Coast Railway 154 yon lou't euro for yon can lutiKu the LucasPaints
ul two mlllB emit year for two yearn, upon all or railways. ha. |NOII cue itf 1111"IU'I'nh..t >
I.v Mox,238.: TITUSVILLK, FLA. property in odd county subject| liy) luw to tuxiitloii. miles south of Jac1a onvll1e, 145 miles clilld' vclte." '
In addition to the other taxes required by olwtiu-los In ntionipt h" develop ,
law to liu Itivieil.Hection . north. of Palm Bearh, and 212 miles
mountain diwrtmul trll'lt'ulregions '
the EXlt"1
t. The l levy of Bald taxes Uaaece.sury:
J. WEBB, herd Ii shall lieniiulH hy the satd Hoard or ollnty north of Alla.ml. The Tltuavlll branch of the world, and the fact that Aon'e iMt.ickit( of colio\ mill di.iriUnoni 7 (Tinted Gloss)
('011I0 iii louirii Ht the time riiintretl by law for You becauseyourhouse
of the defunct Jacksonville Tampa & .. 1111 ,11"11 A'l.nlni: nod 1"1' ore happy
built )
the levy ol1 oilier. comity tnxpH, and' hi the tho nutomol-llf, whether primarilyfor
A ATTORNEY -LAW} West Railroad controlled I rullut .. lir li'iilui-il. I Ii heft In, w'" looks better the paint
inuiinur r<><]u trod l>y law for tho levy of other Key now by trllnpnrtlltlon or trnimportation n list < ;
Ivill practice lu the Courts of the 7tb Bounty taxes.se the Florida Fast Coast Railway Co.. piiNHengvr ncl'rseby i i>t IuCnu. lug Hif expeiiH-! .it t .i and colorant! gloss last longer;
Taxes for non-residents s D..1..Il.U..LI.Ror.: of freight. In IM-IIIK rapidly In Hiicll. II
louit. : paid ph ) slolau's Hei vice Cases c and
also rune into the twn-IhlfJ being the the paintgocs(.1 rthcr costs
|I rents and accounts colleoted.'uSVILLK. ndopted In thime. region In wlilfli animal Ultlllllh..rhlln' C'i'lic: Cli"l. i i11 and IHnrKemedy ,w

FLOKIOA. Application for Tax Becl. terminal point of that brauch. Thereare power IB ncim-e "nj: 'e.t" great |n>'nKlbilltloH i IIHII' I Is in h.iiul! A d.,H.. of less; and so docs the painting.

i several trains arriving dally from In production and <'oiiitm>m till 'lumeilj i will l'I.lh"till' portent l hll' a The l painter is happy because

Umber Suction 8 of (Chapter/ <8.Laws of Florida Jacksonville and anford during the 1"1'0n.. ducior CIHII aiilvO I li has: never he does better work;

D. PENNEY, NOTICE: li* hereby !given that ChasIt.. fro through tho use of vehicle of tills vliiiraeter. been knoMii to tall), even In tho, "niontHCVOIM it and to
| imrclmitcr of Tax Ortlncate :> ". t>'', season. : ni il ilanitfi! '"iinciiHfH nod n dated the let day of Aincust A. l>. I I'H! >4. has Aa the county seat of Brevard coun r the next job.
.nl TTORNEY.A 1'.LA W.rUSVII.LK. Bled said cerllltcate In my olllue, and lots made '. AlxMit :2O pt>r sent of the autoiiiolIU
A "I'I.l\c..tlolllnr..x\ iloril to IHHIIO 111 nruonl.uiuuwith ty It has a courthouse and a modern ) : The dealer is happy because .
.luw.. Halil ",,ISeate. embraces the follow. exported from till' t'nltwl Stilton In Ute M
Jail building with rarely two or __ :
; FLORIDA. IIIK clniinrll-xil over he sells more paint--
ultimteil In Brevard
property| 1 I cloning wout to :Mexico l and
II II) practice In all the courts of the 7th county Klorl'la." to- 'lti three Inmates. The population !U over I! year Odd. Isn't It, that thu biggest andImMlettt : A sells it faster. Ask your
Lot 4 7
hx to I'acknuin and School J'lot ofOeorinlHiiti. the. West IIIIU.'hllo} only about
Judicial Circuit. .""t1."aII and% unhlu tfj 1,000. Illness so rare, that one doc i 1 i old home week rl'lnlollII) to "r p'tinier to ask his dealer all
Sonth.lLui1tus 311aud37Exu. tor In town finds ample time to act as per rout of tint other ecport'l went to
: Paiute.r
Lueat .
date Hhonid! huvo taken place lu Kentucky about
The said lanil being assessed 1 at the data of the '' .
Nsuance of such rtinoate in the of Justice of the Peace and Notary': Public those countries.The .
name Co
state? Lucas &
< a John
I i ;
p M It. llulkcly. I'lihiKS Bald oertlMcatu shall besides attending to his medical export tradw of the United State*
he redeemed ucoordlnir to law tax deed will Philadelphia
issue tlmrvon the of ). while the other time in automobiles hUM ndviiuwtl raplilly In
oil ;art day September, A. I practice, finds togo
I I To Cur u Cold In Ono nay
19151.Witness j recent The total vnluo of iiutoI -
hunting. yours.
my olHcl.il signature. anil seal this the I Take I.AXAIIVK: UKOMO Qi'ININK: Tul-

FOHT PIKKCE FLA. (.Inl!Seal!. day of: Circuit of August Court, A.)II. 11HHI.A. STEWART, Here Is virtually the head of the Indian I I mobil exported, from tho United lent, l U> >KKlH", I4 (1111be' nioiiu.V .\\r II

Clerk Circuit Court Hr"var.I..llntv. Florlilano River, and the favorite point for i'II States hi the ten month ended with full* in unie K: V. 4irtivu'M 1j/llIttun'/ Hold by .Ins. llelinrit .V focn.)

'rEPHKN J E. FOSTKK/ (- llv (>. A, 'rJsW,: A 11'1'. 1>. C. fitting out and starting of numerous II, April, 11XMJ.( \virn '$2.473OT:! sign! iust $1- In each box :2.;:>c, TitI, ille I'liv.

cruising parties during our balmy win i 8ill.O.tl(). in the t'Orl"'HJtnll.Unj1Ionth... of

ATTOKXEYATLAVv'iJyalUpchurch Notice of Amendment of Charter ter months; as everything necessary to ', its; null fl.n-IS.ri.ia: : In the" oorresponJ-

Building, jaz comfortably equip a pleasure ;yacat, I' lug months of 11HH) und Hum indicates O ISCA.. J3 33 LaVM: ::: :: : ,$c O O ,

JAOKSOSVILI.K: I FLA. NOIICK: IH, of HKUKIIV the Stockholders LIVEN: THAT nt the AT Tltusvllle A- can hero be obtained at the most reasonable i that the automolille may t.tko this place 17. A ale W. Bay St., JACKSON L I > .. t A

Klectrln Light Co., the tollmvlng|; prices. This 1s evidenced by In our export trade\ of Mcyrlc'H. of
an endment of the charter was adopted l ,
A. STEWART, Suction 7 wax. atiiuutluil, so as to rand as' fol- the fact that the same parties. have which the exportation has fnlUni from

lowe which this**The.."rl"'r..U."y hlicliUHt. ""'CllIlIt..r subjurt' Inilolitudness l Itself shall to been coming hero annually for many'' $7nat>.:ut:\ lu ISUT to i.i7i2S: iu HK;5.; "

FInE INSUKANCE.licpruHents nor exceed thirty thousand, dollars." winters for that purpose, In preferenceto --- - --- ULL TSe I '
The mild TltiiHrll tlupirln ('n. will
a apply
[ : only' strong and reliable to Ills Kxuullimi1,the Governor or the State any other point along the East II Kinky Railway Speed III .'".ngl..I.Tb. ( fDR'j
"f .Florida, for his r.pnroval thereof at TallahaHMio Coast
companies. ., tutu Capital, onthollth day of August, .. recent slaughter of over n wore
Office\ coiner Palm null IMno /Streets. A. !>., \I'.NW.Tin! ) To the southeast of Tltusvllle' Is tie: Amerlcaui In u railway muanhnp In

'frruKvILLIC'; FLORIDA, Hvn.i.r. KI.KVTIIIO:Ity .tames Liner I'rlti'hnrd.Co., wide sweep of salt water bay (about I KiiKland brings! homo toIII tho filet

R, F. n.y. Hi'Oivtary. I'rvsldi-nt. six: miles In width), formed by the wa. that tho English< ; are not nl"ove yielding .T

ters of the famous Indian River. Here
to the craze' for high ped traveling.IIUli B
GENERAL DIRECTORY.U. flailing, wild duck, shooting, sailing records mado English< _
Low and rowing can be Indulged In to theheart's 11 QTS, 6 QT i .
.S. 8KNATOKS.I :: rallwiiys years' ago 'a 1111 have boon

.r"lIarerr6 ..:... . .... .... . ...'..'....nnv\l1e.\ content of the most fastidious maintained with relatively few dlatreHHlntf $ 00 50Jr
I Maliory; ,. .'.... .. ..../Y.. .. . . .I'eusaoola. sportsman.On .
accidents. A train arriving at
U. 8. CONGRESSMEN; the ocean beach, nearly In a direct -

| ink Clark.. . ' .. Lake City I RatesVIA. line east of THuavllle, U Canaver.al j an Important .station even no much ana
I M.Snarkman; : ; ...:: ::: .. .,::: . ..Tamim.K minute Into I I" quite unknown III England.
,H Lamar.. ... ..... ... .. .. . . Mnntluel. Club, surrounded by over, 10,:>00
U. 8. LAND OFFICE.a acres of land. This property Is ownedby
An unfortunate tliliiK about upwtlrecord
('f'lmiih. .. ...... . . ..... . .. ..RelCl.t..r.U some of the most prominent and n
: Robinson'.... .. .. . . . ...Receiver.Olllues U that trainmen think they
wealthy residents of Boston who
at Hainesvllle Florida.. come s
south to hunt winter. must! keep It up reltor.II""K.'hlle

poloon EXECUTIVE II. Hroward .DKP' ,.. . .RUaXT.. .... ....love tor, SouthernRailway The cool, refreshing' health riving, milking record, the element of safety .( ..

Clay Crawford i .. Secretary of State..V ozone-laden breezes wafted across from la kept In mind. Tht rate speed must
.Knotc,.,*..::: :.: : .. .Treasurer.
1C. Kills. . ..... ...AUorney-CJeneral. the Atlantic Ocean and the broad bay, he 1"fo, One Hut rnllrond men arc

ouzo E. Mr-LI C. Croon, .GGenmiselnuer. .' i .Comptroller Agriculture: are one of the moet enjoyable featuresof only mortal. After having rondo a high a vs.ll/s for .hfl J nh..t ltrsw/nit 4t,1DRAGGING,

.M IIoW. ..Supt this phenomenal location. record they risk nn>re In the effort to .
. .tf.
t'lllford Bradford. R. Foster, .. . ... ....AdjutantileneralIm .aurvejoM'tmuntlK There Is a large area of primeval Keep It than they did In making It orlir-

; Rose..,... ., .. .,. ..... . State Chemist.nunt forest and prairie land beyond the lUll 11)'. In the cane of the train which
Ani'Mi . . .. .... ..State Kxamlunr.Oltlcen .
at TallahaHsee, Florlila. '$:.13 10 ;MilwaukeeVls.. ., and return. northern, southern and western boundaries wa wrecked while carrying the American

FLORIDA LEGISLATURE. Tickets on Hale AUK., 10, 11, 12, of Tltusvllle, awaltlngvtbe advent line piiMRenKers from the steam-

M. Band.. .... . .. .... ..Senator. limited Au ,'., ->->, I'lOG.140. \ of the thrifty settler to till the er's dock to London It would have
F. OlniBtead, Von Pierre. ..(.Ilel'r a..lltatlve.
$- .'; Detroit Mich., and return. fertile soil, which now abounds In made no difference If a few inlnutcn or
SUPREME; COURT JUDGES down of the most serious trouble which
Tickets sold limited Oct. :'II Here can be found tur. half hour hour hud been pains: ara a symptom can
dally ; game. quail, even an or an
11' ;\I..hry................ . ...Chief Jimtice.It attack viz of the womb. With
Tarter..t ...... ... ... .Associate Justice.f 1OJf! key and Jeer hunting;; to suit the most lost In order to itmko the trip 80 fe. If : a woman: : falling: this generally:
Taylor) ..... ...... . .. ... .. come Irregular: painful( scanty or profuse( periods wasteful: weaken-
$;a; .10 I'aratoISpl'lnrr";; !( ; X. Y., and re ardent huntsman. tho passengers hll.II'I',1I consulted they

RAILROADtCOMMtSSlONERS.iTirsnn turn. Tickets Hold daily; limited Tltusvllle has shelled street, electric would have said, 1 : "Ilreuk thus record If ing drains: dreadful backache, headache, nervousness dlzzlm ss. Irritability -
u. Browne, chairman. . ...Key West. Oct. 31 IIIIII.f.IJj tired feeling Inability to walk loss of color 'and
Huilnon, Burr.. .. . . .. .. . . ..tittle Itlver.M lights, a reliable bank, several fine yon can without breaking our head appetite
!. liryan,. ... . .. . ,. . . . ..... . .KiBslmmi-e. ; ; ; Lake George X. Y., and return brick stores, a Board of Trade five beauty. The cure I I-
/ Our heads of than
are more Importance
( linnn, clerk ? . .. .. . . . .. ...Maulsiin.;
Headquarters and offices at Tallahassee fla. Tickets Mold t daily-limited; Oct. 31 white churches large fisheries a tanning your record."

CIRCUIT COURT. I'.iOU.( extract and palmetto fibre factory,

I nor" 8. Jones Tltusvllle,:.....'.CircuitJiuig.: ;: $;U,60: ' St. Taut or Minneapolis, Minn.\ an Ice factory law and real estate offices 80 long a* the Tlmw-Wlilto rnurdersensatlon'hulds WINEOF
V Orlando ... I
dunes, 1'ronecullnir Attorney and return. Sold Aug./ 10, 11, 12: CAROUI
an opera house a well-organized
SprliiirTerm-Fourth Monday In ;Marrh.Fall limited Aug. :III. Extension Sept. the stage tho old saw
rerm'ourthIouday! In Octoher.BREVARD .
band an shooting club a large
;io, intHi.! about woman being nt tho bottom ore'ery
COt.N't t COURT. and comfortable hotel, overlooking the
l> Penney .... .., ... .. .. ...County Judge $1805; Niagara t'allu, N. Y., and re- of mischief must work overtime,,
I. fmaiden... .. .. .. . .Prosecutlnu Attorusv. turn. Tickets Hold dally ; limited bay besides a number boardIng! and the l Idea expretmed 'In' two lines of
A. Stewart.... ... ... . ... ... County Clerk. Oct. HI: 1IMMI.\ houses la various parts of the town. Faust Woman's Reliefthat
Spring Term-Svnonil Monitor In ;May. ,
Bummer Term Second Monday In An uNt. The facts as presented should havea
'all Term-8onoau- Monday In Novumlwr.! $;.43.:10;! : Toronto, Canada and return. When toward the devll'B house wo tread i
Winter In Februar Tickets sold daily; limited Oct. tendency to direct the attention of Woman' n thnuiiiml atnp aheiul,
Term-Second Monday ) marvelous! curative extract, or natural essence, of herbs which
many prospective our cosy
COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD. :.11 I. 1001! will he n text for limitless sermonizing.
town In making their plans for the exerts such a wonderful( strengthening Influence on all female organs.
K WaikerSuperintendent.Titusville. *4l. T.'I;; Atlantic City, X. J., and return. Stilt If man 1 IK naturally the superior l'tI. Cardul relieves pain regulates the menses stops drains and stimulates
.o i B. \I"ahar R. E. ;Minis, lmited! 31
.ra.-E. j sold Oct.
Tickets daily | ,
Arnold1 ; winter.We lug, nn no often Carterlfurnbull.COUNTY womb
Mima i 11)0(1.) ( have a fine Masonic Hall laTltusvllle the muscles to pull the up Into place.It : .

COMMISSIONERS.; where Indian River LoJge lie doetm't devote a modicum I of his Is a safe and permanent cure for all female complaints.

H A. Conkting, clialrman. Tlllman; Wm. R. $." .75 Newport U. I., and return. : talent to cliecklni Ms wayward sinter
.IKer. Tltusvllle Jobn II. Mlot ImllannlaiK , I :Tickets sold daily; limited Oct. No. 00, F. & A. M., Indian River chapter Instead of .
running hotfooted the nelfnaniopuce.
Wooten, Cocoa; T. J. Cockihutt, I Jilt' 31, 111011.! (! Royal Arch Masons Friendship SUfFERED AWI'UL PAIN

tango rular sessions are held first Mutulay each >$( :J7.00 Washington, D. C., and'lretnrn. Chapter No. 11, Order of Eastern Star! .- In womb and ovaries," writes Mrs.

i iltt. On sale daily; limited Oct. 31, 100(1.( and Titusville Camp No. 141, Wood- your: Bake; of Webster GrovesMo.,
It 1 Is said that the Haled of the
,.1)I) Penney.Tltusvllle;. .. ... .County Jt1fI;.... $ ii.0.1|/ Chicago, III., and return. On men of the World, meet regularly.The novel vice (la Tenn."I my menses were very painful
1 Oauiden TltiMvllle . Pros Att'y, "Oronnd Arms, which won for dress% : ; Since taking' Cardul
;j. limited Oct. 31 1\1011.\ East Coast Advocate Is published
; : sale daily ,
: :::.1'emitYCler ;
Stewart:Tltusvllle, : C.t Baroness von Huttner tho Nobel prize a new woman, anJ do nut
McMillan; Fail. Gallie..Tail. Assessor. $:JI.IIO: MloneiipolU, :Minn., and return.Tickets every Friday morning, and by a, I did."
. W. ... . . ..Tax: Collector.' of $10,000 becniiHU. of Its striking peace cooga as
11 12
lI..n.1'It.UAVIII..I". ... . . ... . .Treasurer.W . on IIlIleUjl.. 10, , I glance through Its advertising columnsyou
Iker Tltu vlll". . ...Superhtendent.Fries'ririsville limited .tng.31./ Extension Kept.M. can easily
,. .. .County !lnrv""r.IIrown. : uward was miles. Thl girt which
,.I' Tltllnille.. .... . ..r. .. . Hherllt.A merchants of our toWn-'D'lf-D who
Vorwood, Tltusvtlle.ReelstrationOlncer Passenger; and Ticket Office are up-to-date citizens, and who are seeniH munlflcent, I III really conscience, \

TITU8VILLE TOWN: COUNCIL.' IQSJV.: Bay at.:. .Phone.. 713.J. !. .= asking for your patrorage. Read the money for part of Nobel'n Imnienne
1\ R. WIlHon, 1111.yorJ.; N. Waller marshal fortune' come from the Invention of
"' hxeollect"r.1.1t.EonIs; clerk and trawt't ads. on every page very carefully.
' John Henry, tax: assessorG.. A. Stewart ami C,. LUSK Sample copies of the Advocate wfll dynamite and smokeless powder, two
K (Kolllus. . B. I'rltohard .
I!: I. llrady li. plstriot P.lMllenjergent.
" I.' Hranninir, alderman The council meets be sent, free, to any part of Canada of the most terrlbl i agents of modern

Tuesday In each month. and the United States upon application. warfare.

:M. Rolihlni, president; J. M. Dlxon tresa. FINE PROPERTY FOR SALE .
F. n. [Halt, "" "..tar)'. ;Meets ,"", ,,lid Wed There ise scarcity of sailors on ac.

' ir night In each month at their room*. -J Modest Claims Often Curry the count of the nnraeroim berths at high

IN BREVARD ST. LUCIE AND lost Conviction.BVVhen wage tliat are dwnltlnff Jock on private
DADE COUNTIES. Miami the famous gun Invent yachts How like the servant girl' 7r .

LAN) FOIl SALE, St. I.nale and Dad. or, placed his gun before a commjttee of problem of landsmen U that of the r-

counties. Description of land : West judges| be stated Its carrying power to navy and merchant marine today. ,. r
be much below what he felt the tf
' of northeast 44" and west of south" mire
1'E east A4', sec. 18, township :32: range: 30, gun would accomplish. The result of !
I.ucle the trial was therefore a Treat surprise, And there In tbe hen. She Is In favorof
Kil I 20-10(1! () acres, St. county. 'tY
ED T West 'L, of northwest 14 and west 'i instead of disiipointment. It la the same the widest publicity n* to tho date rii %r'.1 I 1 ', f

of southwest l;&, sec. 35., township 32 sitar the manufacturer of Chamber on which her food product In placed
l.ilns's, Colic Cholera and DiarrhoeaICemeily.
3ra' < 1 ir< a jrl ,1 of flnnrtl'r and range 30, I'M' acres, HK. l.r.cle county. They do not publicly boast of on the market. In fact, she announce =ifir=r=iiV r** "> ''S ?>' j *i
. limit il
V. see.
r r ft i Northeast osHithesstty. ,
y 14
It to all the world In 'loud tone of' S 5' 'NNVT/rYGOff/LE" 3fe:3a6
i t th' v ift> .fi' b ea " township ;J-t. Kuuth, ritngu 41 east; all till remedy will accomplish but pre- a L

I Ira er 'r LLL,1o1 al nr 'A F i. close to O. K. WIMKI'II pineapple plan- far to lot the iiarr make tile statements. voice.
I What they do claim la that It will 3fe:3a6TTWSWril ;
.rni twro.nl ----- -----
liunle( river 41)( acres, !
ww ....ed Aancsl, .. '. Y twlmi on St. ; positively cure dlarrhoei, dysentery, ,
triiutl, ireo tuait. 01111 L 1)sde. county. I&nd'1 If the rate bill In Its practical workIngs .
M. FERRY ft CO.. bttrclt. Kich.OUAaAM.. \lso the northeast *t.4' of northeast ) pain la the stomach and bowels
breaks the In
has. never been known to fall. For sale up monopoly parlorsleeping / MfelMMm
31 south
IU township range
41 44 east seo.; on, south fork of St. I.ucle by All Dealer, corn and the quick transportation {

river; 40 acres, Dade county. of packages the general public will
V1 4
Apply to W. A. BALL, Stuart Fla. .Job Printing. reap direct benefit from the change. F

nd Do not forget the fact that at the AiVOCATB ..
i Byte FOR ALL KINDS OF JOB PRINTING office Tltunvllle we do Job One of the mot serious charges

DEPOSIT remember the ADVOCATE offioe.tv printing of all kind, neatly cheaply and brought against President Roosevelt 1* .

5, 5fffBANK Paid. Notes taken expedltloasly. Letterhead. Xotebeads that be acts a* though be didn't Intendto r.EAST COAST ADVOCATE PRINTING OFFICE.

800 FREBCOCRSES: OLD NEWSPAPERS for Sale Billheads, Envelopes, Tags, and all otber leave any opportunity for his snc-
_ BoardatCc> t. Witte quick kinds.
'0 ttULAa*... BLlS'' ESS CQUEG E,MIC ...G. Cheap, at this office. censor to make Bjfcprd.



-- -- .....tt v,. '"' """""

... '." u ; _._

u..... .".. ._.--.... _...," ....,.........,.____4.___....._ -:- .- .. . ..--;;-" ..





.. .. -..--- _.. -.. .

'. f


: J CJH..S: : FLA.
I: : <> N"'i.7JL.LE9 e ,

t ,

' 1: >; l r>. Capital StQckOne Million Dollars

f I nY/11; I
" 1 '
, .,,,t. H1NIE. CQ1VIF>>.A..TT ic' FOR :.IC>1VIE :]PEPLE::

. ; .

: : This is an old line Legal Reserve Company, and writes all forms of Life and Endowment Insurance on the

'. '. .... .
I I ': non-participating plan "

; I;, -X- ->:;:- -XX- -XX-

f Excellent Contracts for live agents in this territory. '

I' "
\ I'' .

f t ..-- _____n

k t : \ EAST COAST ADVOCATE. THE wail of the government clerk Florida JAMES. rurrcHABD. President:; WM.JM. BROWN, Vice-Preside
: Fe=: .ale College
j .. I Is heard in the land. Because he WINSTON S. BKANNJNG, Cashier.; .

I l. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY. gets a half holiday on Saturdays 'cL11 L1hA ssoo.
, I ,. . during the summer, while naturally INDIAN RIVER STATE BAN
I 4 Enturoil. at the 1'oetnalce aC Tttnnvllle, Florida.. drawing full pay it Is now IT I'OSSKSSHS IT KMISICACUS!

I i. M xeormd. -class matter. ruled that he is to be clocked for Ideal location College ol Liberal\ Arts.

r l Vu 4al.K H. WALTON-Editor- & 1'ublinlieWIKLT / twice the amount of time he loseson Standard Excellent.\, cnirlonliim.equipment. School for Touchers. _ _ _ COUNTY DEPOSITORY.
School Music! vocal and Instru """-"' I 1
I those days. Naturally he is I Authorized capital $100CC I
I r JODUBAI. DEVOTED: TO TB. DSTBL.OPMBHT 'sore, and the government seems to sSisKriiSRis menhl>. Including m- organ, r Paid up capital - $25,0;

'i : !IT TBB INDIAN RIVER, LAKH have put its foot Into trouble again.Ctflvestoa' Heated swimming pool. new Instrument. Average deposits $200,0, ,
: WOKTU AND BISOATNK BATIKOTIOKI.Dlmiontlmiamn - -- Twenty-acre campus. School of IndiiHtil.il. Arts, Inclnd. MYY -
High moral environment. eluding Domestic :Science: and 1
I I of advtB. must bo made per 'g Sen Wall Admirable college spirit Alt. .-'. ,- m Transacts a General Bauii
nslly at this oflloe or by writing I Steam heat, elcctilc liifht. School of ExpiesnloD.
makes life now as safe l In that city 1'8 on '
,, I Obenk,etc.,may be made payable to CHABLH. the higher upland. E. W, Goodloe, Young ladies contemplating,: entering; the College this Fall should write ' Business,
I I I H. WALTON, publlnher. who rexltleg' on Dutton St., In Waco, at once for dormitory room. i Hension begins Wednesday September 2(1!( and c I
t Tex needs no sea wall for H.ifety. He Continues eight months. Largest and Oldest Bank on the Eli
I LaIn wntlnir( / to the ABVOOATK for Inform widen: "I liuve used Dr. King's New
loge\lIyklllclthowrltorwlllohhKohlInclnlle-Btamped-Bil>eil envelope. Dinoovery for Consumption the past five For catalogue,and detailed Information write to I :' J: wo Exchange bought and /Hold on all KorelpCountries.
I i''r'r years and, It keeps) me well and safe. A. Mimi'UUKn g, President ,, .

j Address all poinmuntoattonii to Before that time X had a'cough whichfor __ __ ,__, '. n__. __ _ __ __ ___ ,- ___ .__ __ .._____. __ .. ___ __ ___ .
I KAlrr COAST AIVOCATE. ;years had been growing wortie. :Now I Patronage appreciated. Prompt Rervlc-c.p|"K
treatment !and\ favor conaietrntvittr
I I TITVIIVILLID FLORIDA.BOSTON It'll gone" Cures chronic coughs, la- Lorillard ervative every banking granted.CORRESPONDENTS .
:Boat Co.
f I grippe: croup) Looping cough and pre .- ,
OFFICE-The hrAnrh IIn ton otllcof vents pnen lI1.mla. Pleasant to take I
i Tine KAST ('(A.r AI>V IDATIC In nt 24 Milk) 4 f) Empire Trout Company hew York. X.I
Every buttleguaianteud at the Uod TITITSVILLK.
tract, and l la In chnrpe of Mr. Carl I'. )Hollow, Cross
__ __ _____ __
I( t t who will make advertlMlng contracts for tint Pharmacy. I'llce 3 dOo and LOO. Tilal ---- n ;+K;. 'I$:.it' Hank and Trust Co., JackHonvllle.r/:/

i.. I paper. bottle flue. AGENT: FOIL:. THE- -IF YOU WISH TO- 'r.I'I""US"TILLE., FLA.

I i f IS. S. Department Agriculture Jon PRINTING of all r kinds done at TERKAAT? & MONAHAN
this olllce, reasonable BUY OR SELL A BOAT -----J.H: BiNSSUCCI801'
t I at rates. Give D'O
P! I Weather IJllrcl\lI-JIIlter. :Fla. UIJ a share o( your work. MARINE GASOLINE ENGINES.: : : : :
; .I\ -----
( 10 Dobbins Bros.)
t t The following IB a comparative slate 7 Or I lease, or tore one, write us for terms. '
I' men t of temperature and rainfall for the '.Teacher's Kxnmlnutioii C ,, -) GUN LLncl: :Llc> C :s;.SMITH: : ,

I J I' week ending Tuesday .Aug 7, IfKXi.: yU Badges, Checks, Door Numbers, Stencils, Trunk and Locksmith I:>upplles.I .
I -10011- -19thDATE. The regular September examinationof Ic Ictkl : REPAIRING OF GUNS AND REVOLVERS A SPECIALTY
I )IAX, MIN. fAX, IIN. teachers for Hievaid county will beheld Gun and Revolver parts and keys at wholesale. Trunks and Values Kcpalicd
Boats and
In the public school building at Tltimvllle Repaired
1 811') 7. 1'111 711a :224!: Main &t. Jacksonville.. Fla.
: 81; 74 till 7(1S. commencing Tuesday Sept. 4th, ..
1\11( 71 110( 711 1I \ 11)1\) nt, at 8:10::\ a. in. barThe list\ rr l( .... --- -
.. 4 8f\+3 7:1: 811 77 following Is a of the TextBooks
I .. tT fltl 75; HO 711 to be used an the. baala of this Engines Installed and Repaired Till SOUTHERN FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPAN!
i examination.
, II 811(l 110 till) 71\\
\ 7 86(\ 7J: sn 70 Orthogl'laphy-Ree.I'M. Lessons, p a {r 4lI Acc'
: ((2.:>c) Maynard, Merrill & Jo., New York, '
Total rainfall for the week: 1.70 Inch :
I i Departure from normal rainfall for the HUI\dlug-Any standard author will o BY COMPETENT WORKMEN. Wood, Coal, Coke, Brick, :lime, Cement,
I week: plus ,58 Inches. Departure answer. 0
\ from normal rainfall since January 1, Composition! -Maxwell A Smith's 'k =: KJT-ALL WORK: GUARANTEED. '*'
I Wilting. In English, ((7*>c) American Book ".
1J.3'J Inches.
plus HAL.P. ITAKDIN, Official In charge. Company w R !: Pilces as low as Is consistent with Vitrified, Paving and Sidewalk Brick......
I AI'lthmotlc-Mllne'a StaD
r I American Book Co., Atlanta. !! -- --- --- .: _. Offices foot ot Hogan Street Jacksonville\ Florida. Telephone No.2G
-- - -- --- -- - --- -
English; Gmmmar-Metoalf', ( 4 TTUlIVlLl.E needs (good: up-to. American Book Company J. K. l\IUNNERLYNt General Manager.
date laundry. Who will start one U. H. III..tory-Fle! Grammar !
I About that line of
School, (ft I) American Book -- -- .
in Company. -
I. this town ? -- ---- ---- --, - -
Florida lI1t'1tory-Hrevard Bennett's,
I The Oldest Eatabllnhed Grain and Seed House In the t'tate.Wm .
(OOo) American Hook Co. and Fairbanks
\ (loography-Kodway's Natural Advanced
Do NOT forget; to clean up your ($1.2)) American liook Company.: . GOODS4-
f,: I yards and sidewalks, and trim off I'by..lololty-Coleman' Elements Of, : ::: .. &.. Boors cSc Cc
the overhanging branches of your (Ole) The McMillan Co., Atlanta.
I Civil Government-Yocum's Civil can't Lc lcat "' ,
I .. trees. Government of Florida and the United They e GRAIN HAY AND GARDEN SEEDS
: \ cr States: (f 1)) J<:. O. Painter Co., DoLnnd ,

r I IT looks like business to see all Kin] 1 i Sold Flour Grits 'Meal and Fertilizer
I Aljtebra-\llIno's High School ($1)) lyJAS. ,,, ,
I those new fish houses on Titus. The? American Hook Company. '
vlllo'a City wharf. Titusville is! Physical Geography' -Tarr's New (fl) DT. LO 5 G. 200) East Bay Street, JACKSONVILLE FLA
I The McMillan: Co., Atlanta.]
., "looking up. Theory and I'mctlco-Coua'8o of : i J PRITCHARD & SON Catalogue/ Free Warehouses on tracks of S. A. L. R'y. and A. C lMeMurray >. 1\1'\

\ Studios and Methods of Teaching by -- - ---
-- ------------------
Prince I ((73c: Ginn" Co. Atlanta
people are already beginning
1 These books may bo had of most book
L i I t; to turn their attention eaters In the State, or from the publishers .. -'- --- ____ ___ __ __ ____ _________ _m___ & Baker

: towards Florida where they will of by ml\lI. pottt paid on receipt : : : : LB.: ST.A.DLE.I : .
f the winter. "There will price.
spend be /
I ..
JOHN H. 'V AI.KJlt!: ,
i a big rush to the East Coast this County Supoilntoudent. I r.p,4, Itl de .401-413 Vast: nay Street, Jacksonville, Florida
I I I coining: winter" writes an Ai>vo. ,,f FEED AND SALE tt, + e SADDLE no'nSES t f
-Makers and Jobbers
subscriber. of
I CATS 1 -
1 '" _

THE Jacksonville carnival as Restored to It's Natural Color, BAGGAGE i SURREYS Vehicles, Harness, Carriage and Wagon Material!

t. usual will be concentrated on a ARMSTRONG'S ORIENTAL TRANSFER, T nAT and"rURNOUT8 of
specially built carnival grounds HAIR REJUVENATORIs Saddlery Rubber Tires.

approached by street car transportation a harmless compound that can be HAULING ETC. ..all klndl5.. First-Class Repairing and Painting, Etc. Etc.1iIL1I41)y .
and the buildings and applied AT II0ME.l'revent.A .
J. 3Vt. Os1 !
j I promenades beautifully lighted hair from turning; pray. tLn: - -- '-
;' with thousands of arc, incandescent Restorer the grayest hair to Its n'tnralcolor. TITU8VIt.l.In: rear of Bobbins' Law Office FLORIDA : rnchhln'y: 00111I)1IIIJ',
't when applied every second day for ..
- - -
--- -- -
I 'j i I and calcium lights. One of two weeks. -- -- FLORIDA.

I f f'' r the largest and most beautiful elec. An application twice or three times n THE NEW CASH GROCERY STORE. SAW JACKSONVILLE BOILERS
trio arches ever seen in the South mouth will preserve tho natural color of PORTABLE OUTFITS A SPECIAl*,TT'
will mark the and in any hair for a life time. <
entrance and
r -Write for
i t around it ala\ novel scheme of One package mill last a lady one or A FULL LINE OF STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, ;; Catalouue-
: two month and Sold on Easy Terms. Su
; will last a gentleman Cor. Ward and Jefferson
t decoration will be employed. nix months.Sent VEGETABLES. -- - '
--- 0-
We buy ns 10"" as possible, and soil for cash; therefore sell the cheapest. - - --- - -
with full directions, postage; paid, Look. over our stock and get our prices before buying.
\ t trial size 10 cent!. Regular size ;0 cent Whitehall Portland Cement.

WHILE otilcere Sam's WM. J. ARMSTRONG, G. H. HEATH & CO.,

J : f' army are not filled with delight 60 West 92nd Street, Corner Main and. Hopkins Streets ;500( Barrels will' be received In the next .
over the importation of an English Dept. 5 New YorK City. TITUJ.VIT.LE, FDORIDA.PARKER sixty days.Costs
--- 'a little more than other cement but I is lettl1East
; -- -'---------
army tailor who is to make for --o --
f I
+ them "uniforms. as Is uniforms" at : :SI: OS.

1 a (cost of aoinething.like half a Coast Lumber & Supply Co,

I 3ear's salary-that l is to say $;))00 TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA. EAU GALI.IE .
to $1000 for' each outfit-the privates Tin nn.c1: Shoot; Iron: Worl :..ors, FLORIDAcLst '

are getting considerable TANKS OF ALL KINDS: MADE TO ORDER,
i i atisfac-tio/i, out of the statement ROOFING-TIN AND GALVANIZED IRON FIe>rJ.Cl.n :t\T"-1rsorJ.os"

,iI (, of Air. Winter, the tailor- in question BOAT FUMl'S AND TANKS A SPECIALTY, Standard varieties of Orange-EHT.-\8L1StiED and Grapefruit Tmsii 111I< -rtrst-olau In every w J'

; ; to the effect that the American 1 Dealers In BICYCLES AND BICYCLE SUNDRIES. Jlndli" " WHITE FI.T. NOTE MT PRICES :T

r.. I lighting man is one of the -Q-0n.orn1: :B.opnJ.r 'VV'e>r1Jo- Buds: to to 1s ft.ft- W:: I} per to"bu.D.'lwdBud"3.1' to 4 fe. 22.511 v" bun Bud. hundredDRAYTOX '
I smartest beet built, and best setup FREIGHT PREPAID. : ;m too ft OOOper
I -- --
- Address
--- -- ,
t in the world For Sale by All Drugclsts. SEND YOUR JOB PRINTING TO THE ADVOCATE. ISLA.XO. 'v'crm'' : : : :F- Rood, rMRiitt


: 4
J 0
t "


L .
.. ,.. -- ., e ,
=- : -- "--"":'-


__._n_ ___ ____
,- __ .

+ + ................+......... Mims. I products In some other Dllrk1tn,1. leave FRED'K MORGAN: PERCY O WALTON.

this. as It was before the poor farm was
established. ? We ask your earnest... conIdoratlon -
EAST COAST JSTETWS. J of this question. Signed by & Walton
KIRK INSfnvXr-E: : litlowetit
in reliable companion
:m Tiucker and! Growers.On
ruieH. heat l KMnte |iu ******************** : Union. AtixMuct. ..MOHOAN' ,x, motion the request of same is re
# Tltunvllli, Flu. lined.
J Petition ot o A. Carllle et al Citizensof Tituovill o. F o.._

Newsy Notes Contributed bv Our Regular Hay makers are busy. Minis mill LnOrange. praying for a
public road '4I1LI'11 I nit at the ,'ham berInlIo' -
Ooi'i: rt of EaHt Coast Correspondents. )Mosquitoes. fewer this year than In \ corner and running In a direct FIRE INSURANCE.

. years.L. line towards Oak 11111 as far as the
N.N...N.......N.N....................-....Z Fickling has been quit 111 for county line, WHS r. ceivi'l, and J. O. Fries, '
several R'' Rocker and t'Y.. Roberts
a committee to mark, view and
Please Bend all communications Eau Gallie. C. :Mendel of Tltusville, was. in lay out said road, and that they reportto PROMPT PAYMENT O .' LOSSES.

items for publication to "Editor, :Minis Sunday, calling on lends., the Ito.ud: at their mooting on 'first :

CATS, Tltusvllle, Fla." Mr. Moore Is entertaining several Monday In September, 1U<)ltl. .
lends i who contemplate moving hero Report of John Powem, cattle Inspector ABSTRACTS.
SARAH C. H00080S'-I'Inltlt'14M AMOKON > SUR'
soon. of beef butchered at Cnoo.i: dining
We cannot guarantee to publish ban Oallie, Flnrtila.bummer very .
: the. month of Jnly, 11)(11111"( ) recetvd.e

i that do not reach this office before weather ,ind very few nionqiiltoux. part E. ol A.the Gifcnwho Hummer lu has Asliosille been spending, : Ion Thursdays. i Fish| | and H. H. Minis, marking, viewing
.........- -- is expected homo soon. I snit laving/ out a public road' at Conrte-
J. W. Kindlier left for New York, on Will J. :Strahan who in traveling for a n.iv: was received. On motion the mime
nil correspondents oblige m by bUllloellK, this week. college in Philadelphia, stopped oil a will be declared a public road nt this REAL ESTATE

rig the names of people and places Mrs. S. E. Biirboiir Is expected in few days this week with lends here.R. next meeting of the Hoard, them being\ / .
inly as possible 1 America about the 15th: lust. no protest.
iT. Platt, a former orange grower' The Board a.ljurno.lunt.1I Aug. 7ih, HAXnLKl> OX COMMISSION.: TIMIIKK L\XDS: FOR SALE
Tlion. $umtct"'s launch, the Loiivlna, and resident of Mini Is In town looking i'.MMiat 80:: a. III,
received an overhauling last wreK, for another orange; grove and home with
The hoard of Commissioners
|ny of our housekeepers are busy County Your Business Respectfully Solicited,
JDK guavas and peat and makinga Miss A, Florence Hodgson Is now in us. met on this Till day of Aim.. lixu), at MtH:: )

| jelly. Oleau, NY", visiting with friends W. B. Stralmn, of West Palm Beach. a. m. Present R 'A. Cnnkling, Chnlrman; Reference: Indian lilvcr, State Dank, Tltiinville\ Fin
was in MlniH Monday, and dlapohud of F. A. Morgan, J. 11. boot, T. J. Cock. ,
IMS Alice\ Solaria, of St. Augustine, A.* II. Adams and family enjoyed a of F. 1.- .A..oo1.don.1 I'olioio: : :Jas"od-
hU house and grove to O. C llausell, shutr, J. WootenA. A. Slew art,Clerk : ;
peen a pleasant guest at the Solana short outing to the beach this week Tltusville. and! J. P Brown, Sheriff. .. L .

i the past week. The freight and vessel, Mystic It Is ordered that the Sheriff purchase
passenger P. W. Roberto attended the meeting
Is. E. A. Stephenson and family are Is again on her Indian River route. of the W. O.V", Monday evening;, also; a Jail record.The K. M. UHEI.8FOItO,1'rl'Khlt'nt.! W. II. SPIT/EIJ J Vlco-Proaldont.

ily located In their new home on the Will Mathers, who returned home the F. & A. :M., Wednesday evening, and Board proceeded to open the bids E. A. WADDELL) Vice-ProHUIont. KDWAHI) C. KOMFII: Cashier
i II of Crane Cre k. for rood work. The bid of !t. W. Christian -
with a fractured shoulder, is now doing reports pleasant evening! at each lodge.O. of $ II.IIO, for road contract No. .1, Is
[[ana are being made to have Crane well. C. Hansel), of Tltusville, has' purr hereby accepted. The bids of J. W Os-

Movement: dredged.for This Melbourne.will be a splendid Five or six vessels were out on excursions chased the property, coUKlslinir of a four ban, for road work, are laid over until The First National Bank
to different points, ou :Sunday acre orange;. grove ItU.IL two story eight next meeting of the Hoard.
ias. T. McBride Is having a neat lat. last. room house, froip W. !t. fctrahan, and It Is ordered bv the Hoard that, the ,
Iput on his south porch, which !11 an- moved) bill family here this week sewer for ours (tonne and Jail bo connected -
to the McBride The Inn launch was on Hodgson's with the Town
r e. Improvement ways last week, receiving a new coat of Judge J. B? BWhlttlngtou, of Valdosta, Applications' of, F. A.sower.Losley, to soil Miami: Fla.Prosperous _
Ga. after several da looking
copper paint. spending) > \liquors, wines and beer In Election District -
of Molbournete's! after his otango Interests' ,
jolly party went large grove
No. li Horace Y. lifts to soil
61 entertainment atEau' inllie on the Jacob GoHcli, who Is spending the left this week for his home, much plouicd\ ; ,
summer In Chicago will re nun to Eau nines, beer and liquors In Election Distiict -
Jin the launch Ureamer, command with the future outlook of the orange
No. 2 John Powers sell wlnns
to ,
Gallie next winter. ;
It. Sam Martin. All reported a goodrs. Industry of Minis.
I beer and liquors In Election District
The I. R. & L. W. Fish Co's., launch, II. English! a prosperous truck gardner )- I No. ;5; Fred Fisher, to soil liquors\ Days !
| Carrie Burnham and sweet little Big 0, Is being lengthened J 12;.! feet and of Tacoma, Alachua county, hits a inns and \beer in Elect Inn District No.I .

Khter, of Macon, Oa.f arrived, S *nand widened In propoitlou. rented ten acres of hammock and will ; lloiace Y.Pitta, to sell liquors, wines, ,
i will spend some time with ber A. J. Rogero has his large freighter In plant peppers, pens, lettuce, celery, cucumbers and beer In Election District No.I I,
her, Mrs. C J. Hector, at Hotel commission again, after Installing a etc., this fall. lIe Is busy pre were received and filed and ordered published
rsl with J. Z. Kjzor.COUNTY will hii heard at the next meeting/ the
pie' little Misses Edith and Helenson The Florida Fish & Produce Co., havea Hoard.
and Master :Eugene/ Horton, all fleet of flat boats being repaired!, lu On motion than j ronnitltlon mode by U. fitting time to lay aside a fund against a timeof

jKort Pierce, have had'a most enjoy the Eau Gallo river harbor.Mr. COMMISSIONERS.Continued N. Andiews publisher of tho Cocoa and

9 visit with their grandma; Mrs. C. Townseud, of Kissimmee, who Is Hook ledge News, that. he will till tlicavnlff ( need. We suggest that you open Savings
[orton. ( flora page' 8.) printimj lit (t ilim-ni'nt' of JlI'll/! per
at the Inn with broken leg, Is doing !
no Moore has just finished grubbing fairly well. Tho break was a very severe I rent front the legal rllll', Is hereby accept* account with this bank.
clearing the beautiful lots on the or, being pact of Lot ft, des deed book E ed for one year.
bought/ by the Hon. Geo. R. Lyon one.The I page lail, :yen 28, Tp''l!I S, K :110 E, re- The Clerk Is Instructed to puichaxe. '
Spring, before he left for his sum Ice factory at Eau Gallic is taxed' ducod from ..'>011) to $:.I2I I II). 1000 stamped envelopes for county i>ur>
home In Waukegan, III. to the fullest to till orders. The 'plant I Application of A. J, Davis 4o dlt business poses A Dollar is Sufficient to Start.
I may have to be enlarged In.the near i iI I without llcousu, fur the fact of The Hoard adjourned until :3 1', m.
Irs. Carrie Conkllngjind: bright little future. his being a disabled/ nx-confedeiate soldier A iic. 7th, lOiX)(
'', Master Mansell, loft here last week I was received and oci motion the request The Hoard of County Comtnlx"loner
Elgin; Toun., t.) visit Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Paddlson for IL and week's family outlug.have They goneto / ] Is hereby granted, under the Acts met on this, 7tli day of Aug. A. D 100Uat ) We pay 4 per cent per annum compounded
I.Y. :Stephens, and nee the new baby Daytoua / of 1S1H) Seo I
went lu their fast cabined launch, Chapt. No. -JB'57 (No. 1) :2p, in. Present : R. A Coukllng,
I know this will be a most: enjoyable Wynona.Mrs. Laws of Floilda. ChiihmanI.' ; K Mlot, F. A. Morgan, J.K. quarterly and do not require any notice of
ft to all. Tax Colleoiui's report of licenses collected Woolen. T. J. Cockuhutt, A. A Stewart : .

I ins C. L. Marsh's lovely homo Is Treutler and Miss Lizzie llornlg/ for the period ending July :III, cleik ; .1. 1', BlOwn, shell It.TliH intention to withdraw all of
or part
ily finished. This one of the most returned trom an outing at Pablo Beach ]ilii( !!, amounting; to $.* (X) for the county, Butted then paid 1 bills to the your your
Isome, bin it homes as Miss M trail and other points, on Fiiday last. Mrs.Treutlor was received. amount of 2,575.81: after which It ad- '
jfers to live here the year round. :She was pleased to /get back to her Tax Collector's report of poll taxos jt"II'nutl, to meet again on the Unit Monday money.
i she wants comfort and truly hall it pleasant home on the Eau Gallie liver. collected for the year lHl! during the In September/ 1000, at :'i! p. m.
', her home al. modern month of July 1KH! >, amounting to $1.00) ,
new having
Ivenlences. was received Notice of Application I for Permit .A.ocotc (over::! ) $500.000.
Rev. R. F. Whltehurst of Hastings, Is The following petition wan received :
,. __ _.__ .__ ___
[he many Melbourne friends of Mr. announced to preach aLl&t. Paul's Methodist To the Honorable Hoard of County to Hell KliiiorH.., Wine uml (leer.yliEUICAa h' u. U h' '" h' __

Mm. Jan T. Iloag extend to themr church, Eau Uallie, at 10iO: a. m., Commissioners. We, the undersigned,
heartfelt sympathy la the loss ofpr Sunday the 12th.: truckers and /growers of this vicinity, desire ; ,... A. I.OSU5Y!' HAS FILED; for your Store.
dear little son, Andrew Earle, ago; to call your attention to a matter L with the lluurii of'utility: Coinniliwloiiors
J year, who died of heart failure at The Epworth League, of St. PILUt'SChUl'ch that perhaps halt not presented Itself to for iiravHnl County, Klurlilu' liln Aiillrntlon AWNINGS for your Office. <
lor uiimt( to dill Lliiinirx, Wine* an.11I""r
Uallie held eajoy-
Emu |
llr I home, 1103: IIubbnrd street, Jack- a very hall you in the same light we see It, and pray In lO.oeilim: DlmrlnC ot.ald panty: amiHtut for
vII Ie. Ke. Dr. Piltton conducted the able social at Mr. 1'adUisou's. new that you will in some way remedy same. *; any ell l/en of mleli almitton dlntrlet IIIUT your Dwelling.
ices, and Funeral Director Cbas. A.Hi on Tuesday evening. ,A large crowd You are using convict labor at the poocfaim how uuima. Ir any them lie, at the meeting/ of
was present. The launch Dreamer, thu Hoard to lin .hold on TuamUy, the 41 li hV l <>rHuptoiulier
ask had charge of the interment, Melbourne. in pioduoing products which come n' x t. at 2 ten: p. lu., why sucli |> nnltlinnlil Made by practical makers
from awning
|ch was in the family lot in Woodn brought a party In competition with our products and nut lie unmtect.Henl .
cemetery. The beautiful floral of- I the effect is that you /glut the local mar ( ) A. A. H'ritwART. ,, ,
Clerk of the board of Ciiiinry t'niniiiliiiilonnr
ings from friends and neighbors were Fort Pierce. kets to our detriment. Can you not ar llrevaril County, Klorl l.. 55
ty range In some way to dispose! of jour fly o. A. BTKWAtir, I). C. or 4TrTT We have a large variety of stripes and colors

A Mystery Solved. St. Lucie county is claimed to be the from which to select. Write us
banner county in the state. The editorof .
(low to keep oft periodic;:' attacks of this paper has some land! for sale In TA.LXJ:. OF TOD11YABOUT :: ___
lousness and habitual constipation that county. He will sell it cheap for
f a mystery that Dr. King's New cash. This land will, no doubt, trebleIn ORANGE WRAPS, 13 Bros
f- Pills solved for me," writes John value In a short time. Now Is your McGinley Company

Pleasant, of Magnolia, Ind. The time to buy and hold It,its the pineapple ,
v pills that are guaranteed to give Ad Ur0\ tistlrD
plantations are rapidly extending.- West Palm Beach Florida.
aft ,
meet satisfaction to everybody or dress, Chas. H. Walton, Tltusville, Fla. ,
|icy refunded. Only 2So; at the Reds -'- -

Pharmacy. The l\lsselll\llIIer, of Eden, ale visiting JAPANESEPAPEB gOTWe want.an agent In Titusville..f

relatives town for a few days. ._ . -. .. ... -- .. ,- -

Ueorglana.he Miss Ella lUnkins left here, Tuesday,
for Jacksonville, on a business trip. '

{"he condition of Mrs. Wlttfeld con- Mrs. F. Bath and family arrived home The Ocklawaha Nurseries

pies about the same, It Is no better. from a short visit In Kansas, on Mon ,

rthur Simms and wife, and her sis, day.Dr. THE BEST MADE AND ONLY BY TANUKKINK, ST.OKIDA,
B, Misses Maggie and Rosa Carter- Carpenter, of Tampa, spoke in the
tie a pleasant trip to Indianola and rein interest of prohibition at the band stand "'U1'TI"r EX> .:P.A. E: c<>. Want Oruuge Monday on Tuesday evening. from their stock, 1IKOAUHK: thfly have TIIK IIIWT: TREES!: GROWN IN
Letters the FLORIDA. JOOI JtKMJI.TM:! can only be obtained float trees that have an
have been received from
Bishop Gray held service In Ht. Andrews AHUNOANCK I'ily' of Will Witt/old and are that Jobbers
they church )last Sunday morning. A We are sorry to learn some
VI< and) leaven, and wood that I I. ENTIRELY KKKK: OF IXJUHIOUt: *
[hly pleased with their new home at I large congregation was in attendance. the fact that a majority of the J.Ol'EUl!: 10')<;. OUK TKEK.S: have all tl.tmo OOOI POINTS: In their favor,
8. C. held recognizing
JlhalU the Bishop
On Monday morning
and we cordially your Inspection. I'\I'Jo\ CIAI< INDL'KMKNT: ) are olTerud
Bases Louise and Helen Cannatta, communion service at 7 a. m. packers and growers will onlY have Japanese, to thone who will\ place their order now, for fall delivery. olin NKW KAKCYHKKDf.KM
111 their mother and Mr. Joe Fields Rev. Tomkles, assisted by the Itev. : OKANDK, EARLY AS (1'AU.SOV BROWN: PROLIFIC! AH PINK-
Jin Indianola: were visiting' Mr. and Myers Woodsen, held a temperance nor knowing its superiority over all other orange APPI/K. Ask n* about It. Catalogue free.

,. Llndabery, Sunday In the hall, morning and evening trade
vice trying to DECEIVE the by AHIIKKHS
John Brown, wife and children, came P. C. Eldred, of Eldred, also spoke at papers, are, The Ocklawaha Nurseries
[from Miami, Saturday, and are visitI both meetings. The ball was crowded representing to have our paper. ,
I Mrs. lirown's mother, Mrs. Baldwin.'Y with an enthusiastic audience.
O. W. CONXKH: : Proprietor
have bought; the Edwin Nelson On 1\Iondayevenlng the minstrel per- .
l"'0, and will move Into their own formance was given in the hall for the TANUKHIN'K;, Ff.OUlDA.

I'lo' as soon as their household g oils benefit of the baseball club. It was entirely JAPANESE-THE a-u-Our CIIKOOIUB preparation for the destruction of ants, dens, and other
"ve. Everybody Is glad to have these ) home talent. and every Item on USE THE vermin will do the work.Xl.OOXTua.XI.

'',1 1 people make their home among us, the programme; was first-class ami well -- -

extend to them a hearty welcome. rendered. The management deserve .......................... ..........................
I nat Sunday morning about 1 o'clock, great credit for the whole affair.low's The Most Economical-l> o Waste in the Bins. *
: :: :> tab 37-XJSIX13I3:
t Lllscock, the second son of Mr and ::
['. Irving Uiscock. of West Palm :: Oooocv, J7l/x. ..
chi, walked, in hU ileep, out of a ( Tills? This can only be had from thezq"JIED :: MARINE ENGINE SUPPLIES AND HARDWARE. ::
nd story window, where he was We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward *
rding/ In Jacksonville and attending for case of Catarrh that cannot .A.FE: OO 1 40 I/r I
ley's Business College lie fell on be cured any by ![all's Catarrh Cure.F. : :: : : :: ::: 2 .*.. f K.

pavement striking on Ids neck and J. CHKNKF:! Co., Toledo, O. Atiat .ta O-o- 1 I ::
down, and there Is but little hopes J, Cheney for the hut 1.1 years, and believe Write for samples and prices for plain or I ......
'il recovery. The family lived In Tlllle him perfectly honorable In all business ....
a few and Roy Wall and financially able to *
years ago transactions, printed orange paper. I ::
red on the horns of a cow and almost carry out any obligations made by his *
d. lie U a fine young man and the llrm. WALOIXW:! KI.vNAN& MAimx, .- -- .ttK

t of his parents, who have the svrotiy Wholesale; Druggists! Toledo, O.lIall' I.. .-...
of all who know them. They Catarrh Cure is taken Inter. ;to -
blood { :t Send to ua, for the Spit Fire PlugThe Beat Plug Made. ::
e residents for several directly the
of this upon
place acting Pe-irl.: : ti.rLg .
''s. of the system. .} ;t 31 I .SO each- -Poatagra paid by u*. ...
and mucous surface Price ,oi ************************** .......................***
free. perbottle.
Testimonials sent .. --: .: -. .-' ' -- -- ..
lu Self Defense Sold by all PAPEBFIAXGIVO, KALSOMIXIXO: ,

ur' llamrn, editor and manager of Take Hall's Family Pills\ for constipation. /SIGN' PAINTING OF .ALf KINDS: ETC ETO. .

"n Constitutionalist he was fiercely Eminence attacked,, Ky.four, ; -. and_1aullng. Old, Furniture.mftlle to look like new, llrror. Jliide and Re-Stiveretl.' SEND YOUR ORDERS TO' THE ADVOCATE

rs box of JJrayln Itea80nahle Kate -
ago, by pile., bought a -
'Men's Arnica Salve, of which he and hauling
of drajlog! ELceEJC
: "It cured In ten days and no All kInd. vvv.: KINDS
4l'able since/' "Qulckesr healer of promptly attended to, and Satisfaction:! . FOR ALL OF JOB PRINTING .

us, sore, cuts and wound :23o at the guarantHd.JOHX KITTLM.; Tlta.vlHe. TITUaV1LL1t:: ;, FLORIDA. e
Cross Pharmacy.


1 1a


1' .w.::.,, '. . i ..-... _. -- nky. + 111"} a.,7ltldgYf sarutpSyq"F: *" .t: :"Y.arntgl; 6 rtM nn1t4d


-. . .-.

s Make Hay While the Sun Shines
1 A TOPIARY. Florida East Coast RailwayLocal
: J ': There I II a lesson In the work of the )
Da knows M L
J llewtplwre-4 tl.d.u-C.rtn..I7 ShapedFerhap thrifty farmer. the bright

: 7r.e. .ad B...... sunshine may last but a day sad be prepares -
for the showers which are so liableto v Effect April 16 190f
you may hare "been In coma follow. So it should be with every Time Card ,

: o il faathttoneil gardea" which bad one or household. Dysentery, diarrhoea and ceftilf ss DOWN NOttTH-BOL'NO-READ I'Plarlorrir

: more trees of odd shapes Into wbkH cholera morbus may attack some memberof !

s' they had be ;
berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea "e. 29 STATIONS.
11I..19 Dally DUa0npm .
When number ot tub trees .
ago. a areI
J Dally _
Remedy, which Is the beat known medicine Iallt '
I growing together" tile place to called a for these diseases, should always be 7'811I Ly .Jarkvnvtle. Ar 72tipm: : 17atpm Sa .

topiary and lately people who can afford kept at hand as Immediate treatment is Gepm 9 2I'.m".._ s ntnJaetalfVAle--.LT UI.Anrmdno. . 717pm 61bpm 74' .

the money have been contriving" necessary, and delay may prove fatal. : 104Oan1 .. RadPLala.a.L . 6 film 8.
for" sale by All Dealers. R OBit.Upm.. ii Vam M...-_... ... --.-t... -,. ....-........ 6 2'Jpm 8 :
r! topiaries in some parts of their .-ia ...... r Sepia 8 '
C1 00 m xr..._.... . ---- -1 1.
;;;coned'' 7 8.pm 43pm H lOam L......__..__......._. Palatka.- ...-.... 4ipm 8 5
yVe rea.l about sculptured hedges of "P"a0.1.1 aq .tvm pesaago einsj( rpm Ar .... .. ..Sea '-f.ceo.1., .. ...-. II'1 .
i : - ". ..... .. _._.......-Ar PID
... _
:yew In }:n lund as far back; .e the Las j rji oIdp.rO at uts3Jaws pings ........ "TI Liam L"-..-.-. an )1..180
-9 ...._..._...li iirha .. I.i 4 IOpm II : -
I time of the Tailors.: But )it was riot Ja tao 8t1.10q ern 11"100 aJS aceayjalitet 9 (rpm1t) 12 4ipm t2po. ..__.._._._._Dupunt .......... .... .23pm II ;
till the Dutch gardener came over ID OOJ LIfl *->v jJtaBtn oojqi eaag3GJ 94bpm 14JND IISplll : ................._.-Ormood......._.-==.. I\fIpm 6r't0elpm
.. .... 45pm 41'.
the reign of William III. that It became aalaplsnb & jo nasavrtxmn | :& eqiqiJS i r : 1 12tpm: .. .._"-..-....-.. .-.. pore D.rmn.Oranll'-..'.----" I a. pm 4 :
the practice to sire curionaabap / 1'11"00( 8. s. ** .jjdaf o) se ,10"1Jpm) 'pm 24X: 1pm
I i.. ** to trwii amt shrubs scattered os ln'11J1IJrp 1111811 aqi eJY UOO'l alp 11 loam 44'pm ...._...M........... Lake listen... .. .n... ": : 1 Oupm d t:
4 Xrf....... ............ tnan".Cir7_.__"-'f-rr )2 SOpm II
I > over garden or brought together Into : y auo; am qJl...k puodsejjoo; aof'f arn 11 II :'LBara.lam b; Mpm i Di .r.--..... O..o.'tt.JuDctlon.............. 12 Capin; s'f0 \

;I' a topla"arloo,. trees were used but )0(1 Uoo'l ern 10 easetfnq oq1 :jtod; Abysm :3 10pm< Lv. ". .. tr 8 Obpm: 4'IIlapm .
f \ .. ._._............Oaklllll.. ___ 8'
II(, d j chiefly yew and bos. I dns 07 log SB tpaBjq alp jo spun' 8q 11 IIII'm 81ap:I.opm 'r....__..._........ .. ..TI.a..111e................... 2 fJ'JPm 8 0ll
) The Dutch were fond of malting fig JB apj-tt. on jo :Jjorj ooi II 81 Li urge Mam IlDOPm= Are........_..........entob.. .... -- 11 6..m 4'
ores oat of treys and so were the Italians. pas -.101 atnoo q jj I snt aoao .p91)oo.z\ SJpm 11 Mall L..t.-- "....(....1........._............_'iL" 6 ropm 11'II :

u**< JO '8aptaJJaul lpnn Lv.__ .._Titu.ilie..._ _.._4r 2 a
At Suvona a traveler tells us p linn | aoqa atjj esq 7' tl6ipm fP'ft 2' .
t' that be saw' a group representing the 01 etiiJ u. Apf! nq J| JBTJJ 9PIIJuJ . Four Sailings Each 7'eek. . 12 125tam Slam 3 64pm Mpm "" .--Rnrkle.fee.. COMl8.-----.1! .....M.__._...._: 12Opm 2 ;.
I ; .. --- ... ... ,..llI&. ...... ...." : m .1 ,' ,
flight of Joseph Into Egypt formed of am nO ItnJ 011 P>HB Jf> AVOJJBtl OO) 3te1 : IOrn22plpm --- -.n --- 1287P
'4 :mpta .. .. ....-Melbourne.._.___.__: I
rarlegfitrd holly, box, myrtle laurel jo 'U8.111.; 0 And all} Jaaoi SnJ[ s.Muoq &rn sdoi'a.aogsJH ]: 409pm __.._........lIe. l.nrle..--.--.-" 10falarn U'2.m :
t QreMIJ.J" .... ream 4 I'pm __........ ..0" Pl..rce......_.__...._. :: 10 bm 11 '
All anrh figure need attention toI' .0'.0.o I Calling at Charleston, S. C., both ways) a 50am a !I7pm --- .._.._...TlbbaU.......____.._ 1017sm 11 ;.
__._........ FA"" .... ...... m 11 !
a..m 'to'rn ----
them lu
order. Shrub and trees 1(10fIa
r keep : 34Oam II k'pm __._.__..._..I"o..n. ....._.M'M_ 01, Il3Slam '
1 are formed into curious shape-. by the tin Stood the Tent U.:>i> Years.The The Finest Steamships in the Coastwise Service : r,7pm ..._...._...._.. -..Rtuut..._.__..___:: 1000a 9 Slam 10'10 'J''
t ::2IJam ,7 Zlpm ._.....___. I Itobeound '''M'M'
I' help of wire, aud much trimming orb old original: ROTE'S Tasteless 4 10am 7 OpID .......................,\\ Jupiter._...-.-...-...." 918am 10 (< .
twisting of the shoots Is needed at Jirst.t Chill Tonic. Yon know The Clyde New England and Southern Lines. S harm II 1.'I.m : .....-..........-\\e.. P.lm n..b -"""'''-''.-.". B 43.m 9'' ':)
.' i r A young tree therefore, representing a taking. It I I. Iron andquiolneln'a tasteless R Wpm .. ............-......_...- Delray....... .. --'.". 812am:! 11150: 0d
" peacock or some other bird will coat form. Xu core no pay 50o. Jacksonville Boston Providence and all Eastern Points. 4s.m .. ......._..........Fort l..uderd.leM.... 7 Ouam 7 Su;ra37.m
considerable t'ljrnre of 94Tpm ._..............._....._ ".nl.'_"'_"'M___". 7 oi:01 76OI I
: A sum.
men. ... 7 7 2.
9 ... ;
horse, bears, dogs and rarlous animal Earth'. D.athl. *.. F1o....... (Calling at Charleston, S. C., both ways) 700"n.7b'am 102f'pln fispm :: .-.__......__-__; Iallut.I.- ..:. 649am 7lli.
.. ..__........._.Mfaml Lv II .am 70.IIII..nl \,
7 10 ;: Ar.
SEMI-WEEKLY SAILLNGStSouthbound. 5)pm ----- .
*, Including dragons, are other olt- The lily's Itps are pure and white. ........ ............... . ..... . ..... .......... .from LewU Wharf Boitob" 8 O .Ift ---. lYt.-. ..........._MIamL-.-..-....-_...j tr..---. 8O''
: Jects of topiary art. as well as letters Without a touch of fire: Northbound .......... .... ... ........ ....... .. ...from foot of Catherine street Jacksonville 10 tatm ._- .-.tr _,........_._.. lI..m..te.d______.jLr ......--.. 12 Sopo.BnM .
The roses heart Is and
1 warm red
of the alphabet triangle and bowl -
AJji< filled ith rmerl desire. .. trains:20! and 73. Buffet Bleeping Cars on trains 90 and D8.
t *
One of the finest loplarlen ID EnglandIs
In earth's broad field of deathless
St. Johns River Line. Dally eacept.unday.Ne .
Went Clyde t
In the ground of Kerens Hall bloom
j eland and another Klvaston The laddoit llvee are those 23 -- -. mi m f SO Z
I m or Whcww Upe are like the lily's BETWEEN JACKSONVILLE AND: SANFORD." SitSun. "." H..f* No.l 7 ..... nlii. No.18 No.20Na.22 Sat
Castle Oerbyiihlre. And whole hearts' Bvreaford DeLanil ,and intermediate landings and O.; ,; MAYPORT BRANCH l. t I and
are like the rose. Stopping at Palatka Actor, St. FrancU ( ) :: Dally" 1 Dally Sun
Perhaps as notable as any of the to- ------ on the St.John River,commencing WeUoeeiUy, November U,1206. Dally.1 SYe Daily Daily Sun.Deity I Onl?
.!Only! ) _' -
plarien In this roantry Is that on the
Hunnewell/ estate lu Maaaacnnsetts.. A Oaiiruntco Cure For 11 lew. Steamer "CITY ,JACKSON1:: LL ii.'* vYt rt i-.o &1" 200p lOOOa.J.v............Jacksonville ...._.Ar 700a 840 ICOpHOOa 60np .
Itching Blind Bleeding. Protttitling C .appointed tA all 1M Iftllown: Leave Jacksonville, Sundays, Tuesday anti Thursdays. st 0.3O 9.-,1. t.o .'" l-p l0.pl00ne.( .....4mttbJnckrnni.i1e..Lv, 66a 88211 125 p U'J" '-
v- '.f 7:1' .**:\lI'> "eiI0:&a' ............JI.bloJi..a..h..1, 82110< ; U2Op! &'.'"'p ,'
Piles druggists are authorized' to p311. Retarnlnt leave Sanford, Snnilay WedneAfLkys sad Fridays .at 9.30 a. m. .. .. ,. ..._ 1'J
refund 10" I 7.'. 5'p :I.j-.v IO4la .. AII nlid jf<>aca. 61 a, 76'a 11'I./ ip :
; AMERICAN GATEWAYS. money if Pazo Ointment fails to &.uth l unuil NOrth &tund Ww.,, 7 <:.(, tftop JOOp llOOa .-\'......_....... Mayporl ............1.'"i 600. 74"12000III;i.|: .
I cure to H to 14 day. :"!c. Read down.: .I\CHItLE. R'ad up.

> rtr1mrrim Typleal Itrnctwrea of Leave :I 311 p. m. .. .... .. ..... .. Jacaonvills. ... ...............l.trrlve II oo a uu 'PEXIltaAR!': ; AND OCGDENrAl; : STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS AT MIAMI.
Leave 114 p. m. ......... ... ... .....atatka. ....... ..... ..Lease 800 p. 01. .
M..I. .Lo.. .. Leave 3.Jf.m. ...... ......... . .. Aetur' .. .. ..... .. ..:...... ,Leave 9 It p. ....
In suburban Net York and Philadelphia / Appet5.5a Leave .30.. m. .... .... ... ............. Me. Francis ..... ... .... ....... leave 1100 p. m' :Close; Conicctlon Made at MIamI with Steamships of the P. &: 0. S. S. Company fo
"Mary, bring Dr. Preacblt some more Leave ............ .... '....or'l (llet..od. ) .are 100 p. m.
substantial gateways with pouts Arrtve ,3D.. m.. ...... ........ .... ... .. .. .. .. .. ... ...... ...leave 930.. U.
of stone are roofed with rustic work. Jelly" Arrtve. JOOO..o).. ... _.. ....... .... ..Sanford. ......... ........:.=..,Le..y.. 1000 .. m. Havana and Key WestTwo
I "Sbure mum. an' I split the whole

; This U a typical form of gateway in lot on the pantry floor, mum and yes Cen'l PaSsenger and TIcket Office, 122 W. Bay JacksonvIlle. Sailings Each Week.
Japan. Among the most curious of "
typical American gateways. fashioned has eat all I could scrape up mum.- r. M.IROVHUVOER; : ,ja.. AMC. fhn.P...*... Art., in west Bay. tJackonvllle. Fla. Trains Discharge Passengers: at Ship's Side No Transfers.
Brooklyn Eagle. w.G.cooi'asJr,,Local 're."&'Il- J..u..llIe.. O LOVKI.L, iiuperlntandent ,Jacksonville.
after the roofed entrance of the Japanese foot Hogan St..fack.onvtll.,1'la.
those formed of rustic logs A.C. KAOEKTV, Oan'l Ea..fn PM. \ift. New York CLTUE! MILXK, Oen. fit. Ast., New York 1 V,,,,Time Tablet abowthedmeeatwhichtrainmaybeexpectedtnarrlve.1anddepnr. ,
are You cannot raise culture and scandal THK. (J. KUKK, Y. P. and General Maiuicer. ir.-m I,.. .rcr.l l .station., bn! their arrival. or d"l'.nur..I. the times stated H not Kiiarai.
I arranged In groups to form massive In the same brain. General 0t)1ce..Iaer M >,,nb River. Kraucb.2J Broadway, New York. ..,., 14 I.J lau.uipanjr lo be held retipounlble foranrdelayaoraDV eoiuequencesarising tlwrcn 'i_

i posts of cabin and tent-like structure C. II. \VAI.TJS'. Agent. Titusvllle Fla. Por Copy of the LOCAL, TIME CARD or Other Information

nays Floral Life. The famous "Daniel -..- .- .. . -- -..-.-- . _.- -. --. . - _.
., ,' Boone gateway" Is especially/ effective. "SEE THE TICKET- AGENT."

i It Is formed of a number of logs of $ We like best to call I. n. J1"HNFR. A ..ct. o....M p" s. Art.. VT. AUGUSTINE. FLA.

graduated length sit uprght] like they SCOTT'S EMULSION Atlantic Coast Line. .. - -
7 t palisaded forts built by our pioneers.

;, The so called "oriental gateway of d a food because it stands so emphatically -

Simon Kenton" hut Its portal constructed j for perfect nutrition. s Mallory LinesSPECIAL

after the fashion of a log A And yet in the matter of restor- Florida Georgia Alabama Virginia.

cabin with the broad front doorways ing appetite, of giving new ,

showing one of corresponding breadthat strength to the tissues especially i North Carolina and South Carolina.

the back and the driveway passing $ to the nerves, its action is that PASSENGER EXPRESS STEAMSHIPS
I -
directly through the structure. The of a medicine. : The Great highway of Travel From
"Davy Crockett gateway" Is more simple tend for free
In design being composed of single t SCOTT A BOW.Nk., Cbemine.goq Florida-East West North and South.TO Largest and roost thoroughly equipped paaseuger steamships on the coast.
-4'S furl Street, New York. e
log posts thick heavy logs covered ,ap aad%i.oo| aU deeaglaa -

roofing and supporting an "old farm .
-- --- ships as no tickets will be sold to exceed the number berth
r bell." Florida and West Indian Limited and New York Express.
1 or the seating capacity of Dining Halls, thus insuring all passengers indlvidua
For a broad driveway the log' constructed .
I ----- --- service and
------- attention.
i gate posts are set far apart, ATLANTIC COASTLINE

t and heavy logs form the connecting To the West Montgomery Route and PASSENGERS LEAVE JACKSONVILLE
i I gates. The crude fastening of gate to Dixie Flyer" via Atlanta
( Schedule of Ships la Florida Times-Union)
post by quaint log hlngeo Is typical of
old time makeshifts, as well as of simple EXCURSION RATESFROM YORK
a.nd practical oriental construction. Atlantic Coait Line mileage book, good to all points via all trains aa far East as LOWEST OtATES TO AND: ALL POINTS NORTH

Washington, and as far West an St. Louis, Cincinnati and Including delightlul DAYLIGHT !SAIL' through the
JACK&OWILLE. New Orleans; rates 1.011.; ;
I .lotahle! Carnation.. FAMOUS "SEA ISLANDS."

I Notable at the Ilaston exhibition of -QUICKEST TO- -CONSULT THE PURPLE FOLDER

+ the American Carnation society was Washington and points East For detailed and full Information regarding rated, Pullman reservations, schedules. Through tickets sold to all northern points. For full Information regarding! atTractions

I ," '. Call on jour nearest ticket agent or write I offered by no.other line; diagrams, reservatlns tickets, etc., apply to

;J .9:10> ( : daily San; limit Y'raDcIRco.Oct. 31.Cat, on sale FRANK C. BOYLSTON, Dint.JACKSONVILLE Pass. Agt. FLA.W. STARK: Tra.;'. Pass. Agt. HAS.;DAYIES, Fla. Passenger Agent, 211 West Bay Sreet, Jacksonville, FloridarOLEYSlONEY

I, W. J. CRAIG, Pass. Traf. Manager/ T. C. WHITE, Gen'l Pave Agent.
: $1 "14.75 Atlantic City N. J., on sale! dally General Offices, WILMINGTON :N. C.
II ; limit Out. 31.
---- --
--- --
$i.- .113; Niagara Falls, :N. Y., on sale
cMlAnn, sale ..
A dally; limit Oct. 31. fur JV pia Make Kidneys m od DladdeP Hiaht

$:.I.no)limit Washington, D. C., ou sale daily: SEJ. ..]E3<> JR.][:>
\ t N Oct. 31.

t t t tt Ji $((5700 limit Denver Oct., :31.f'il.73 Colo.. on sale ally! ; AIR LINE RAILWAY.FOR We Never Disappoint Our Patients

J $ ; liar Harbor, Me., on.sale dally; VI A Fulfill Every Promise and Serer hold Out False Hopes.lYE .
I limit Oct. 31. CURE Stricture wltko.t the knife orb..u.I..nd V..rloo..I. wflheue.
f .. paiD or detention from b..la. IUd Pol"'D.ur.
' ''' COD'alfl.
'II I' ,! I' - $ Ili.03: Chicago, 111., on sale daily; limit SAVANNAH, COLUMBIA, CAMDEN SOUTHERN PINES, RICHMOND: ." near I" return without m.r..ury* or mID.r.1 .'."...e r..... 01 Maul?
Vigor> o.itlvr'lTcar.Ut
JL84 STD88 CARNATIONS. Oct. :31. no mutant but p.rmanent
t' WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE, PHILADELPHIA :NEW YORK, s= law.The Dr. King Mrdleal Co. I.for lte..tre.tm.atauddeure Of&nbc''lnervnu. l
uf tne State of Qeorxia'
Elsa Stuss (an Illustration of which I.j U $..22.85VrlKliti.vllle, N. C., on sale dally r .andehmnle' di..vp>. Fr. K. K. Ktna. the foamier ofI
hero reproduced from Gardening), the ; limit Oct. :ii. I Ibl.in.Ututloa. the Chief ooD>nlel .vrclaltt, Ming mated
j I I1.10 I by ..'.11 of otJoeitK phydrlan.and.orguuo.' .
Iii i f winner of the Lawson gold medal. >>- Saratoga Springs :N. Y., on sale . Two Elegant Trains Dally . ,% > Onr.uecM.lD tb.trratoientof chn.nlo dl...... II ...)...,..-
Mrs.' O. W. Ward carried oft the sllror daily; limit Oct. 31. ,1 ..... led Ouromceaareequlpp.dwl'baIlb.a.lr.nlcfavadtebatt"lea ; we HM' Bottt meAfel' l and I eleotrluaJ acenctea. *

medal of the Society American SPECIAL Seaboard Express, Seaboard Mail. t ,x-r.v. violet r.j and Floiea r.y la fact, ever. ) electrlcml
I OCCASIONS. eunrrtvanoa" known to tba medical' prufe*.loa. Ourftaalurlum I It
+I Florists and Winsome received a certificate modern la every r..,'.... and we ampiu none but tbe too
,,' of merit. f.l.l.CO; St. Paul, Minneapolis Minn., rained audmclensalwnd.nt.r.qutariy) qualified ffr dua ' Aug.(), 11, 12: limit Aug. :Ill licensed pbr.lel.na: chars..
I ; exten.lon MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT.: We employ: DO ail:. :-dl'cIn: : aieaa. to 1 cure patleita and
*e"t. :30.$22.1N "."on.o-Doo.O. IX'eor nn... d f''r lliarainr ar.sent ass
2 ,yid a hIP'hi. ......IIOD. Oar ........ for trealmint ....n.Q1 true W'W
: ) Washington D. C. sale ONLY LINE Operating Dally Through Sleepers Jacksonville to New lotlO.OO aionib,
f t I Ij ROSE LEAVES I on July Orleans. per ,. ancaof a. core wltbln Hpeoloed lime
27, :30, 31; limit Aug./ S; extension
MY BEST nccaasfully treat aad
fcept. S. RrnRErlct: : CHRONIC DISEASES D'n peroia.
care all ehrowe.au.m
( I never The be surface ullowd of to the grow rOMe hard bed or should bake, $3 .40 Hot Springs, Ark., on sale daily, r or information and sleeper reservations call on any Agent '\1't1A1YY 1\1'\1.1141""ft H rll1rP4IJJeacb ae .Kidney llydrool. and Drain Bladder. Loi*trouble.e. at... and all'.yIva'l*

f ninety days. Seaboard, or writeS. u1TLu.cU1 : -v*. Tumore aad mallfrDanl troublts. CatArrb of tb*
) but after every ralu bo loosened with N.... TaroM. Head and l.unirm. Dlaeaaee of Era and Er

r a forked boo a few Inched to form a fI6.3.( Montengle Tenn., on sale July C. BOYLSTOX, JR.. Asst. Gen. Pass. AgU JACKSONVILLE. Fl.ORIDA.FOLEY'S N.cjxeuctiira K. Kina P.vwoaa M. at Unnaianl Chronlo Dleaharicm Uea\ea, and or Such Women weakneaiee aaon o ae( women.Dtaptacemsou.Ca.r *
dirt mulch and l at the same time to 23, 2l! SO, :31, sniff 16,1( 17; limit rite na today regardtq your Co.dltIYn If Too era dck! or arBlcWd. On reqneat w'
: keep down the weeds. Aug. ;al ; extension, Oct. 31. ----. CONSULTATION eend you rvr literature.XXAMI7IAT1OX; Includingermptom ANt blank AnVlcETrRKE for bume '.....m.aL_

Tbo pruning; of ten roses begins f20.'tI Richmond Va. on sale 60 YEARS' DR. 0.
about the second week In April' and :1 i, 4IIi; limit Sept., 13. Sept 2. EXPERIENCE MEDIOAl, yI !.tsi::;:.a:;,u5" Atlanta Ga.

planting toward the end of the month. I .-
i.fcj.10: Milwaukee, WIs., on sale Aug.
Practically south of the Potomac and If 11 12 limit
; Sept.:: 22.
Ohio rivers. tea roses free Always Remember the Name
are hardy fl1.l\>
and long lived. They make the finest 10, H, 12; limit f-"J pt. 20. HONEY AND TAR

ever blooming plants In nature for $::141\ ; Toronto, Ont., on ala Sept. I:Jt. s

I southern outdoor gardens 11.; )14, 13: limit .'Ievt.'i|; eaten TRACE MARKS Laxative Bromp! QuinineCures
The hybrid teaji are the roses for the stun tu Oct. :21.No !I. Prevents Serious Results DESIGN'COPYRIGHTS
amateur for from them one may cut trouble to answer tjuestlon/ Anyone oftf (Ilnq| a.kef<*. and """" ."
blooms every day from June to ;November. < Excursion rule to other poiotH. From a Cold. UIilirt, '.mir nt u ti fro wit.th.r .n

Limns' schedule PullmAn acc..llmo.datlonlt Remember ti,iii.*irutljrc, .*',.1")itui.pntt-fitAble.HANDBOOK C on ttmitintt.'*t unent a Cold in One Day Grip in Two
and all/ derailed the name frv.k (II.1r,..c .anf f.>r ne-urt..ir p.*m tit, ,
I Information
; I t' If you would have perfect roses In to Paenta. tMk i thr u.-h >|i...n A Co. rvcvlr
1 l profusion It Is Imperatively necessary above or other points cheerfully furnished Fol.,', Honey and Tar. Insist tprcta _I.., w//'I. ib c.mrv... tntbSdeniific .

\ 3 that ;you feed ;your plants well. Nothing or by mail, either to on application, lu person upon having the genuine. JIm rican. 13. on Box. 25c

t lu the line of fertilizers suits them FltAXK C. BOVLSTOS Three ela.e) tso sou. SI.00 A'heWiilwjmeTy llhnatnu .....1"_ ?.*.....Ht eon
00 well as old thoroughly rotted rnhtllon. .I .n. ...Ie"..." Innrnal. T.""... 13 a
cow Prepared only by .... tour ...., ... ....
r r nlon. I. Auld brail n w.i1ntl
I ,4 I e tnitnvrc readily.-that which it black and crumbles District( Street Passenger Jacksonville!Agent, 13:,$Fla.West Bay Foley A Company Chlo a.. MUNN & Co.30eres.say. New York POLEYSfiO STAR rOLEY IioNri TAR

Ited Cross! Pharmacy. lirauoll. urt_ O6 f lit.WMhlumiMj.U.C. stops tb_ conga. .na b. l.Utatf a Cores Colds Prevents P .ui ooiJ



k -

Ln' ., ._-. -....___ n ..... -.--.. --.- -. _... .... ... .. a. "
,- ._ <. .., ,
:; lu t"Lw'e'tla'fnJ'y ,e.'M.J.'W' ......



, JACKSONVILLE. IlutMlog Bridges For the Kuriuy.Now .
Hint England and France are They Stand Alone. Mason M. Clark Co.,

getting; twiner the old project or n Standing out In bold relief itti alone,
Travelers .
\ New Hotel
. The; JACKSONVILLE FLA. tunnel under the English channel from and as a conoplcuouti\ example of open,
frank and honest dealing with the nick Commission Merchants
-On the American and European Plan- Calais to Dover Ii being talked nliout. and antlcted, are Dr. Pierce'. Favorite

Under new management. Newly furnished and renovated. A pleasant Thirty years ngo a French company) l'N>..erlptll>1I for weak over-worked, debilitated -

family home. Rates: American Plan, $2.00: ) and $2.50; European SOcts began to bore at onch cud, but Kughiml: racked women, nervous, and, Dr."run-down I'lvrce's,"Golden pain- 110 MURRAY STREET, NEW YOKK.

and up. All cars form Union Station stop at the door. !got scared and stopped the work. She Medical' \ UNoovcry 1 the famous remedy

II. .W. lIANCOCK: "Proprletor. feared that the tunnel would invite ui' for weak ttomach. indigestion! or dye.
The beautifully located Kiverside Hotel at Green Cove is under the l>t>l>MUf torpid liver, or blllouxnws, alleatnrriuni Tomatoes Potatoes
Springs tack 1 by an army of luviiMlon.! This tfoclloii\ whether of the Pineapples

same management. phase of the question of tunneling the t stomach, bn\\(1'1., kidneys' bladder nanal ,
- passages, throat broiu-lila.. or other mu-
; > chuunol was Introduced recently by cons paiiiaites/ 1\1..118. effective( remedy'
SEAUKKKZH. -.. Lord Kltzmnurlco when welcoming the for all dl'omsrs, arising from thin, wateryor BEANS: AND AM .'r.OHIDA"F.U:( TAnr.l's: OUR rU'KC'IALTV.
Impure blood, as scroiuluns and skin
members of the French academy on direction*. .
their visit to London. lIe declared humorously Each bottle of the nbove rjiHlli-lnes -

The Breakers ,EABUEE/E, FLORIDA.OfEN its reported In the AVextmlnstcr bear.*In upon the Its full\\rapin-r list {nf Int-'rullcnts a I'iu1cn! of rom-nunc.Hty P. Ruhlma.n c& Co.

Gazette: posing) it--i>rlntcil in ).lit'In l-lII"h.!
This frank and open pulllolty:! placesthem
I have no rlKht to reveal the acrelmind ) nunliflneit' in a lion: till( I'll/ ",t'm- aill WallhlJ lon St. I l NEW YOHK.Il1III1'rIY .
of the If I knewIt.
Rovprompnt evn lIell'cNI14"\\ It. tho best of their
-- : FOR THE :MJ.M.MEK OF 10W1The ( but there la one Brent obstacle In the merits. Thy cannot be guaranty clasped patent : \ : bticot. J N. Y.Oranges .

way of the realization of that prop.ct. nor secret niedleliies for they urn neitherlu'lnti I ------ ---- --- ..
house has been re-furnished. Table flret-elass and Rates Reasonable.Mr Every nation bus Its phantom: and Eng of hitairn timiimitttloti.Dr. .
land's H a military one Formerly It 1'lerci' feels thai lie cnn afford to
Holt has secured the Clarendon CASINO:; AND HATH HOUSES. was feared that n, I.'renchrmy might take the nlllli'toi Into his. full contUleticn : Pineapplesand

BILLIARDS BOWLING(: DANCING AND OTHER AMUSEMENTS: creep Into England through the hole of a and In v all tho IngrwllontM of his iridlclnes \ I ,
channel tunnel; then It wan \)a (Ionium freely U'foro them because these
will add to the pleasure of guests. Fishing from the famous Ocean Tier. army that was feared; then a nusshin.. Innrcdlonts are ouch as. nro endorsed) and
But today It la the Chinese army. \Ve most strongly praised' by scores of the Florida Fruits Our Specialty.
Write for reservation and terms. have been assured. In tho newspupers most eminent medical writers as curi-H
U. J. He that a Mongrel for the disenees for which those medicines
HOLT Proprietor ami the newfpupers never -
army after crossing Asia, burning St. are recoinmeniltxl.. Therefore, the \V' epresent several of tho largest: shippers in your btutOyitml wish to represent
I'etPrsbursc, 1..lro.lnlr Berlin and the atlllct>d do not have to rely alone upon
alRo Hive UH iv trial shipment 1 ExtablUlied 00:
DAYTONA University of Purls would' oucupy the Dr. 1'lerco's rccommendaMou an to the you years.
UKACJI. pier head at Calttkt and, entering the tun curative vulun of his medicines. for certain
---- ------ diseases.A .
nel emerge at Dover. Hut those who easily recognized '
have conjured up this dreadful picture glance at tho irlnted, formula on -.KSl'AIILISUKI:i) 1 :WT. -
forget the French nrmy which In tho vast each bottlo will show that nn 11lt-ohoIII0l\\

The Seaside Inn DAYTONA: BEACH FLA. plains defeat between this army Tours and and deliver\ Potllers us from would a no Into harmful Dr. 1'lercn's or lulblt motlltlneH-fnrmtug" drags they being enter :tr: ::::: ZESOIBSOIIST: : & SON: :: ,

Tartar Invaalon. wholly cnnipoiinded of glycerlc extractsof
the root of niUKe, American forest OCt:I31tn.l.ssl: : : : Ctl:1: ::1\4:01-01'16:1:1: : .
Is now open for the summer season under the management of tho owner.. Yet tho military: danger Is taken seriously ill nuts. Tlieso are last and safest for

HORACE F. STEWART. (Hindsome and new, situated on Dayfna some, nod Sir "-. Itolliuul.M. the cur of most. lltiRprlitg, chronic diseases. 1:111: Beach, the hotel (is modern in all its appointments, with large, airy pleasant Iiy Dr. R. V. rieriitriin\ IM consultedPKFR _
--- -------- --- --- --
rooms overlooking!: ocean and opposite Heating's Casino and Ocean P., who hopes, that piirllanient will bv addressing, him at llnlTulo,
Pier Terms moderate.. sanction the tunnel nrheme, proposeH N. Y.alnd\ all communications aro rogurdetl ---sim us YOIW. ---
. as sacredly conlklrntlal.It
HORACE F. STEWART, Owner and Manager, to get round tho objection by makingthe is us easy to be. well as III-and
tube. neutral like the SUCK and much more comfortable. Constipation Is
tho CHIISO of many forms of Illness. llr. Peaches Cantaloupes and Melons
i Pnnnnm raniiN. Hut there might Im 1'lerce's Pleasant Pellets euro constipation.
Harroun's Apartment House DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. foes of Euglnnd, just ,across tho cluiu- They are tiny ""l.tnr'ol1.t..1Crlm. ,
"Tiles Ono llttlo "IVllot" U u. Rcntlt laxii- I commission rnmtnuuM and Imve to
net who \\'ollll1uot .stop for 111'1110 like We transact strictly every facility enable -
mild\ cathartic. All dealers.!
Located on Seabreeze avenue, two minutes from Ocean. live, two a to highest nJltrket,1'1OIl. Muikoe) quotation fulnlshud to nil
im Huaura \
Bath toilets and good water each flour neutrality if they wanted to lunko tho medicines sell t.bem.MINING ,
on Hates on Application.A. snippets.\ In shipping to UH you bavu tho satisfaction. of knowing that you
S. HARROUN Prop. lords rand. dlgultarlon! of !St.' James koi i' are dealing with n linn that Is peifectly reliable

tow on tho spot. The first Napoleon -
, _. FOR RUBIES. -
-- --- -- -
would have gone through) tho bolo in : ,

? LINYILLI2, :N. C. # spite of all Christendom had there. The I'rlmllliv Method Tit..t Are !Still I

been' one about the year 1S03.: And It In I.... In Iliiriiiu.Tlu Standard Electric Company

; wouldn't rest with the Mongols or even i > .system. practiced fur obtillulng' ,

Eseeola Inn L1NVILLE N. C. the Turks to furnish some hold' Gheugla rubies lii the mining districts) In Ittir-
U of tho must primitive dencrlp-
Khan or Alnrlc to raise the cry inn 1 Jacksonville Florida.
tlon. says the Searchlight. ;Tho mlulugshrtflit ,
!,'On to London" It the subway lay
holes shout two feet
mini 1 Hliuply I
In the mountains of Western North: Carolina altitude .1,800 feet. open. It 1 Is more than likely! the I Eng to
to I
: sunk u depth varying up
Delightfully cool climate all through the summer months. lisp' of these. time will see tho continent spume fifty or sixty feet. The IIhOI'11I1l111 of

. Trout Fishing!:, Golf Lings and Tennis Court. overrun I by vast. Soclallxt! nrmles the walls of tho shaft U most crude, :' Some of Our Best Sellers :

t who will care nothing for treaty obligations the sides I being supported\ by )posts' at

-OPENS JUNE lJTH: and th..y'l1ll1l allleti In England the centers unit branches o* niniill
to beckon them 011 and help themon trees Mectired carefully against thoHides Star Brand Butter 5 and 10 lb. Sealed Palls. . ,27cts.

Reached over the Southern Railroad to Johnson City, thence via. East I If the taking of London seems worthwhile by mean of stout sth'kn. i Fresh- Pork and Frankfurter Sausage, In Kits . . .1., $1.3O
Tennessee and Westein. North Carolina Railroad to Montezuma /Station The miner carries a tin pot. .Miullur. In Choice Mackorel, In Kits, . . 1.25
where carriages from Eseeola Inn meet all trains. -.---.--- shape to a blunt edged cone on his .. In Tubs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.25-
JAMES P. VININO: Manager. head. He squats down\ In one corner
Wandering Revolution. and digs between hilt !knees In the opposite
For more than n hundred years the } corner. The earth or byon an -Consumers, write for our Complete Price List.-

IIKNI:JtSO YILr.I:, N. c. French revolution has l been meandering tile ruby bearing earth Is culled. Is

I all over creation and has failed' toget conveyed to the top u* fast UH It U excavated

THE NEW BLUE RIDGE INN HENDERSONVILLE, acclimated anywhere. We have from ubove.flbo In. small buckets let clown The Enterprise Grocery Co.,

NORTH CAROLINA. heard of It nil up and down the South
PJlIl rim hIli for mining and lower.lug -
American continent an well as among;, 1 17 Bridge St.
A three story, front porch, :20x00( () feet, adorns the entire front of the hotel, the buckets' Is simple. In the extremo. :

'ivlng the guests one of the finest promenades possible and the views from the the Mongols and tho BIuvs. As Dick A stout bamboo (post, about .--neh"ollvillc: .- :I. lol.Jt1n.> .
third floor is a revelation. Deadeye might say: twenty feet high (lIlIc'n\ niuungdluu
THE BLUE RIDGE INN is strictly commercial and tourist hotel :Never '
a In spite of all temptation in fixed upright; in the ground ut a convenient
clones-Other hotels come and go: but the prime factor to a hotel's success thee To belong to other nation llntance from the ]pit or dwln I '
commercial) tourist, kuows that when hi strikes Hendersonville, N, C., he or SHE' It remains French to the core and a long thinner bamboo pivoted .A.nJ"n.TJE: : Ji3C: : "I'"I-IERS.:
always meets with a welcome,' and gets the bent tho Blue Ridge Inn has. Many .
end of It HONK: ala KHTAIU.Iftllr; : IMMH-"
' improvements Inside greet the visitor, the beautiful lobby has been re-decorated, and the best thing/ for It Is to go backto horizontally Into the upper' HO

I the dining room presents a fairy scene day and night, respectable young ladles the Latin quarter and' the boulevards as to project an eighth from the minI 'VJfJSIUgS, WINKS' GINS AND IWANIMKH.llMOlSfJH : .

serve the !guests In a quiet genteel manner and the cuisine Is always the best the : if would escape the fate called and the Ionic arm toward thu mine. -- -- V- ------ -
market affords. The prices are right and yon are made to feel at home the minuteyou "petering out. And it may lie that the Express PrepaId Lemp's Beer.

become Its guest. Ninety well furnished clean rooms that will accommodateover .. FHlmajr, Hner . .... .. Tor Dm.
1'YoiK'h revolution will back and Letter to K. W. Hall.Titutvillf Full cl..rt measure 44tsngt.Ellis: .. ......si
I'M; people Is Its capacity. go Ihmting flab Itvs .. ... . ':'J n"I II'1011 K trn I'nlo. .. .. .... . .. ..................... tNolnnl.
It you are seeking a quiet, genteel hotel In tho mountains for a few weeks', carry out the radical( programme which }'fa. . County (tye.... . . ....:lIMI) 4 1t 7110 BiaiKiurfl. .. . . . .... .... .. ..... ....... .. | no
MOllllrc''U Rye .... . . ... ....ii 1+i 4/10/ Bust' Muit.extrndurk.. ,.. ........ .. .... .. .. .. |11'1'
rest or pleasure write us for rates, etc. Napoleon checked nnd hla more or IL-HH . . .. . . . .... .......

)Dear Sir: Here's tale with three itanne'N'44" Rye .. . .... .... ...,3 711 II 'bil I 0III 14burer. Imported .. 300
WM. HEWITT, Prop. conservative or reactionary Biicccusors or 1411111..1. Uro'ia.... . .. .. . ... 4 110III/ 1:1: 'HI Han Ale, pint .. .... .... .... .....,.... fin:
-- --- -_. -. four tails to it. Multwhi.kev. .. .... . .. . ..'"...3 711 645) IIIII uulueaeatutpins| \ .. . .. .... .... .... ... ...a :a)
have kept In abeyance. There la much ProieKsor Irvine has an Academy 1\Ior. ..o.'hll..ly.. .... .. ..... ... .. ant/ II ''HI 11/10/ Bulk
NEW YOKK. that IK noble In France' but yet the oersburg\ 1'unn He paints the (loom In Ap4ehraady I .a 70 Nso Goods, Jugs Free-Not
n :( :. .::::::::::::::: ... 2wn g"J 711 Prepaid.I.no .
laud la honeycombed with rmllcullHiu, summer vacation. Ic used I to take IN) (tin.... .... .. .. . . ... a 711I/ 'MI IIIII/ IIIt.no /gallons of paint. Thero were two paint North'arollna'urn. .. . ... ....1: fill 4 e0, 7 110 per Ornile.'
with no little bud blood seething ha- '. ... ... .. ... *"" MI i>or 'h.1Ity., bin, Corn, Hum. rlne
stums tbeie, and he used to buy (one MnllutJ.11I .rll. . ...8711I/ 'HI II /III ,
Hotel nenth calm ( surface. ,I..n..h'. IIl11n... .. .. .. ... .....1: 11I1 4:111: 7M: ." ijuuljty.
Marlborough it jiolltlcnl year of one, next year of the oilier) ill) .1'1" per fI"l.-nye, fin, turn, Itnm. IkdOraIe
; M..I"rl'' Knllt ...... ... .. . .. II 711 it tti''' IIIII/ f the
" rullous year after year. IIr".ly.. ... .. ...... .... .. 8 TIIlJlII/ 111111 !*:|,IMI"I'|>"r (money.j..l --41" Rye Vouch anal\ Apple
Justice Brewer Is credited with: tile Now lie paints Dovoe; nt) gallons; and King III' I It.t.llcky 1I".rll"n .. ..3 1"I/ pt, II 00 Jintiiily.' Mullnwnil hy AITM.I
- Broadway :'Wth and 37th Streets, New York. the difference Is saving( of 11t! ;( a year. Port,sherry or Angellea.70r/I 8711 Till/ I/IIII.N. per list .Vliitorla uie, aoulal. Drops I

I Completely Renovated and transformed In every depaitment. Most centrally observation that tho good breeding of It. C. Kullon was one of those dealers A..ortmont allowed. oft_ell__10"_____.of_ lIulle, 1'1'11'41'_ ,_ _..- HJH._ _Muillcilnul.. ___IJiiullty.fackNuiivllle_. _u. ___ ._ _____ I
.; located hotel on Broadway ELECTRIC LIGHTS: and TELEPHONE Secretary Taft bus .been demonstratedby 1 good man ; but he wouldn't take-up DMvo !
Went .Adam Ht. ,
in every room In the house. the fact that he guvo up bin. Kent In ''i so we turned to the other, J. A. Fin.

EUROPEAN: PLAN. 400 Uooms. 200 bath rooms. Rates: $I.uO:; and upward a car to three ladles. Now'; the bite( Itlll liiiytf. Hut .ration has found It tiecusHiiiy -- 1PRACTICALy'ORK
- without bath. $2 and upward with bath. Parlor, bedroom and bath *:.l t to get n good pal ut to compete with I ,
Nye once offered to bo one of three to
and upward. Parlor, two bedrooms and bath $"> and upward. Dnvoe, He !gut one of the eight honest r=w J
make H Heat for a fat woinini who bud palutH.. He has n big hanlwnte store .
I SWEENEY-TIEKNET:: IiaTEI COMPANY( Just struggled! Into an omnibus.. The sad Is dotusc! nn excellent hardware business '

};. M. TIEKNE1' Manager. I original I Inspiration, though had agreater ; but HoI, of course, has' the run / IfJ TeCrILEe
he's llttlo /hardware '
on \pwlnt- u man. ,
antiquity' than ':o ye'" jokes, for OCPPRTMENr a
We don't care how little or big u manU .
-VISITORS TO NEW YORK CITY SHOULD OO 1'0- the gallantry of tho man of triple proportions If he wifiits good paint and In active / e rr
was conjured up to amuse and sound.

minstrel show patrons when Hill Nye Yours truly, e 4.
-:No. (00: West (OJnd: Street- 10 10'. W. DKVOK!: A Co.
The Armstrong was running around barefoot. 'New Yoru.I' ,
(Telephone 7210:: Riverside")
S. .las. Piltchurd &: Hon solU our I
Since that hired man arose In his. lull' at.

A select family-hotel, near Central Paik, subwajs elevated and electric sleep, harnessed his team and cultivated
railways and all places of interest and a good starting point for Coney eight acres of pralrlo corn before 'rl..d. trlh :

Island, Rockaway and all other seaside and surburban pleasure resorts. be woke he tins been In receipt of a Never judge person by bis relatires, .

Single rooms and suites with conveniences, new sanitary plumbing bushel'of letters a day offering him all but by bin friends. One Isn't' rowponsl-

private baths porcelain tubs, ample hot and cold water supply and hotel kinds of money for bin service, nu Im- ble for his rela tires. He they good mil t
table and service combined with home.comforts and moderate prices plication that the average hired man bad orlndlCerentthey are upon }, ;
him but friends are self chosen, and
Terms $!).00 per week. and upward. lacks strenuousness or that some employers what they are so la the.person. .T
A, AKM STRONG.I : are greedy to the limit. -

__ n -. Her Poiaeaalona. : :{ :. hl

The "bends which nffllet workmen "I ]tare two lovely little puppies," .- ,;

I IF YOU WANT A... In New York' river tunnel In not anew aid Mrs. Tawkley.

.- -- -- disease, but baa often appeared "I have met your husband," repliedthe Georgia School of Technology
among divers working with a diving man. "\vtlt) In the other one?"-

bell. The writhing pain which Is a Jud e.Oaln.

.Building Lot manifestation of the ailment (U due to I not baxo gains hose gains It b.ttosquluped. and orvanlz In all dnp rlm.nt. than ....... b '(II.... an.I i>r>..vm..d| t,,. <|otti.
.. the absorption of air bubbles by tU/ I ; are brat work In its history, Ira'''.h', tualforKth, .
the mime at IOXWH.-Iteslod. Free "oun. m.n of <;....ra-w hitrh-clav _hnl..1
blood which circulate for a distance ScholarshIps .iriil. ..tur. at Itx last _."on.
aHMJirrtwl. Aftom frM eehora' .' his. to each
a lot with a BUILDING READY FOR OCCUPANCY: and eventually obstruct nn artery.A Hummer I>lnrrli nl. to,. lab t
eataksrof I nformatlnn Illumntinu a'lvanliiiii- r th. <;omu4. T.ch fur prwip>,tlv..tud.nta.
LAND:: FOR AN ORANGE'GROVE, Durlaa the hot weather of the sum Aivaiw..H coumw In MivhanlrMl, r.li'utricnl.I .O Tralitu., MtnlnQ.n,1| Civil; k.niiinnvrlnir( and
KnciMvrlnvl'hnnliitrir.: ..:m..n.I.l ... I nw inlpn nt.. SAop. Mill, ,
trust ban been formed with $ZO.- mer moo h. the first. unnatural looae. .a' Lahcirnturwo. New1.11rary
.. PINEAPPLE: PLANTATION or TRtTCK GARDEN ; mw Chvcnlval Lahnralorr. I h. fwty n rot vr,wt ii'.Vlaae, of boil' were l<.Uo.d In '
000,000 heblQd It to control the dairy news of a child' bosebs should have Im
IW\ e probably have for sale Just what you are seeking. products and chicken. pail exit supplyof mediate attention, no HM to check the -- .-- -- .- - -z_-- -.
nlea before It becomra anrloim. All
Settlers'are flockidg in but still there Is room. If you art the country. Still we can keep on hat It n..ee."aryls K few doa., President, Atlanta Otorgla

looking this way;drop line to being cheerful! for the gooseberry sup- .....lain'. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
ply remain outside of any truxt. Remedy follower! br a (bate of cantor oil
JAS. E. INGRAHAM 3rdVIce.Pre.Ment.FLORIDA I to cleanse the system. Rev' M. O. Stock
'land, furor. rf the lint M. K church,
EAST COAST R'T. It In said that the publication of "na I.tttle Fall, ,. Minn., writes: "We have I
ST. AUGUJSTINK. FJ..A ture book" I III falling off: for lack of lined (:'hamtrrlaln'a Colic, Cholera and I SEND YOUR ORDERS TO THE ADVOCATE I Ir

.. snpport. I'robabiy that la because the Dlarihoea Remedy for several year<< and
__ h _.. _____ _ __ n' - 'people have discovered that the original find It .a very valuable remedy, es< .clallr
AND JOB PRINTING OFFICE for summer disorder |10 chlUben.
RATES. book: of nature tells the whole Mold by All Dealer/ .


--'"'- -. ....w "."

':.: :....:: .,...IIIt J:" '.;'.;. .:. n' \ ;';... .;.: ....1____ !.':L. :::.c:. _.: "JW'V"::.; : ;. : =.=Ji;:=.,..;...';:; __ ."L =. .- .

r fr f




--- ..
I --------------

...... .. ......................................... TITUSVILLE TOWN COUNCIL. SAD DEATH FROM DROWN I
: >>
1 We have been dealers in dia- ING.
: : &
I The Town Council of the Town of TI.
1 : : tusville met In regular session. August7th
:* monde and other precious atones .* Mr. T. Brown, one of a large party of .
:It llMHt, "t 8 o'clock p. m. D. B.
seekers motor boat
pleasure on a excur-
: : "" ********** .;**********:: since the establishment of our :{ Pritchard, chairman, pro tern, W. b.Brannlng curolon from West Palm Beach, Fla., to UP-TO-DATE
w .. and O A. Stewart, aldermen;
Jupiter Inlet on Sunday afternoon, was
: jj business !in 18'8, and direct importers for more than 20 years. B. K. Wilson, mayor; J. N. Waller j drowned in the surf at Jupiter, writes
marshal and J. D. Ennls clerk.
; j
>. the ADVOCATE correspondent at Jupiter.A . CLOTHING
=We save you the middleman's profitEE | and The approved.The minutes. of last meeting were read number of the party decided to go

and made unfortunate selection _
,. bathing, an
i ordinance at the
drainage passed
.. << of a portion of the beach where the
I special meeting In Jill). wan ratified and and the bottom alternating HOUSE.
& :: currents ale strong!
li. It. Wilson
| reI' n rT .. adopted. Approved, between deep holes and sand
: e-' W1UTK You OCR Mayor. ..1.--
'3'" bars. They waded out on the long, narrow
The Florida East Coast: Hallway Co.,
: : JEWELERS: & IMI'OItTKKS, CATALO (.'E. :: I sand bar In the mouth of the inlet
i having offered! to construct the sewer In CLOTHES ELEGANCE
i to a reef which parallels the beach, and
1 1 .1 :t 41 West Bay St. Jacksonville, Fla. _____ Kf accordance with the ordinance, It was while sporting in the breakers, were
f. .. .. resolved that a warrant be Issued for

*.HHH.11111_ .. ..*.. 111._ ._ ._ 1y1Ll._ .. _. .. .. *.. liiLa.lla-ra__ .. .. _. .. .. .. ._ n ._ a.iall_. -- .- .. **..-.ail- - rLali111111.iilYR. - - - - - - ,- the Town's proportion of the drainage I gradually, until worked between northward the bathers by the and current the \\ E believe we can show 4'you
and the Marshal be directed
r .. -- --- beach lay a deep washout, where the undertow more real exclusive e
to turn to the the
over railway company
i L. OTLO'"VV'. BREVARD COUNTY COMMIS- said warrant and all funds now collectedor I'' Is very rock.strong. and the shore is elegance in Summer
SIONERS. which may be later collected under One of the ladies. wandered Into this Clothes than any other
the Ordinance from the
.. Drainage properties and screamed for help. Others ,
' .I l' ) .' therein specified, and take thecompany's pocket two stores In this section. a
wtnt: to her asel"tanc -and, surprised at
\ r r he Honorable Board of County Cornmliisioners receipts therefor as his votf- 'the depth of water and the shifting By "elegance" we mean ;;

met at TltiiBvllle, Kla.on" this chers. bottom, oiled, out for help, too.
f>th day of Aug. 101)0, at 2MO( p. m. AX AMEXDMKVT. Panic then seized those on the reef, garments that by their

( Present: R. A. Conkllog, chairman; F. Be It ordered by the Town Council of and a rush was made for the nearest perfect style, fit and finish
y A. Morgan, J. R. Miot, J. F. Wooten and the Town Council of the Town of Titus'illle land, which was through this dangeroushole.
HI T..1. Cockshutt, with A. A. Stewart, the ordinance In regard to the closing About a dozen men and women, show themselves to be
a clerk; and J. P. Brown sheriff. of Pine and Palmetto streets, appear. who could not swim, were floundering master-pieces of tailoring g
Minutes of last meeting were read and Ing upon page 237 of the minute book there at one time, unable to reach the
,.l.D" approved. be amended so as lo road as follows: beach, or being thrown by the surf skill f
Bond of B. Wilson for County Judge, The Florida East Coast Railway Co. Is I i against the rocks. The men who could Straight from the "QualityMakers"
I with C. A. Gardner and 1,. A. Brady as authorized to close with Its tracks, platforms swim got the drowning ones ashore with
sureties, was approver and other structures, Pine street, great dltllclllty! ,and Mr. Brown, who was -Schloss Bros. & Co.,
I Notary Public Uond of K. B. Holmes, on the east side of Its main line as far, on the off shore end of the rescuing line whose name Is the standard .I
f I 0 \. \ ('n.,t.."'" wi IS. F. Travis and J. M. Sanders as sureties, east as the property of the Episcopal of men. Is supposed to have exhausted for all that's good In Clothing. I \ .u
approved. church lot; and on the west side as far I .
t t \\ himself helping others until unable to Money cannot buy better
: Bond of W. S. Norwood 1, for Registration as it may own property on each side 01 prevent being thrown agalnsU4he rocks Copyrlghted'toGoasen .
r: Fine Liquors, Wines Beers, I officer with W. II. Jones and J. the street. but not further than Do mmittstreet and stunned.A Workmanship or fitting By It;

Ales Stout Etc. M. Osbun, was approved. and Palmetto street, on the eastside deep cut was found on his right PRICKS:::! +*8 00. Cloth'l LOSS BI "J. A co.
Clerks' report of tax redemptions for of the main line as f
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