the exireoee' of a better LINIM.IVC than in production is the key to JoMtef wfi* our Maw Woa-M will ) _
:MERCHANT'S GARGLING OIL or. ....uerWorm I t ribs, tho thigh the rump and shoulder ,..* _r.a.deua( .. .cala a Krmedv than MZRCRA'3VOKI: ( and the nearer the wool from the financial success in all agriculture. In t2hes.br.agh Kf.. ,:.., ti *1.1. Mi N. Y. u=:1. ':;; -
ilurmrcl ,
l studs.ta at Auacril and oUwrinl
pud >
> ,
TABLETS bold* "Here. 7 life-stock the work should 1,555
JOHN Tarr IIOUUE ,...e'1.Nerchal'a .; .!.t.ciM. ,If.1.0) m4 bf tog proldflHloDM.,t., I in sod' lu bawn-i .mfaB. 4h .ro'l.; various portions of the animal approachesthe be railing reduced to a minimum.guess Know what A XMAS HEALTH CIFT si..O 5111 s5i lIiCb4S,,p..I.i yes a..t.t I. S
Qirjlin OH C..., J. GREbLY. III Wnlilmtoa Utnmt. B- standard the better. Fire we scrutinize has before sell it. (Exe>rol..r Complete) ,e) .entor. ..I <1"1'.1.1.5..".1.. 11,.-.>..S... S.U. ._
each animal cost you .. Is.IuI I'IS. sac a.d a.115.1..
Lockport, .T, U.S. J. and Whiskey BablU the fineness, and if the result is who should sell his good. Is BaT/Au. CISCVLA Fsia.IIOOKM to r.iarsi.t.s.u..5 .. :..1.55155.Charles. said yes we sill s.ad IS y as.
cured at horn witb- satisfactory we tbe fleece in A merchant For"A. Ideal TonipUilon. tla:1't: : :: :::-'':: .. (
oui pain. Book ol parllcul to fineness "even." Next without knowing their coat Would soon a ('.npI.ts l'hy..1 lJ.*<.kip....(." J .. .ur..11 ysS.!our ..11aIt7.I45 .'."..esuesissisees. ."'
YOU VISIT I ATLANTA t .r "enl tKl.K. respect very be the high road to bankruptcy ,5 ilia !lit.... 'lluJik far.ilih la '",, Is '.. y v '. :1"'
WHEN B.f.WOOLUY.M.\J. we scrutinize the length of the staple, upon fknlcal Cull.r.," rt'. Chen of ; : rlttmoV: *&:. o.
Fall !. Map at IILI'K'S JEW. "'1&1I'-00.. uilice ItHH V>_lt,__U ttt. and find that the wool the ribs Profit would be found in breeding good y III.for Dumb B.llt* 1'.1...,.., s< cla c saws! lor r. : iuVellT *.
we on ,
.;:.. ;. bTOIIE 13 Whitehall $tree*. mitch especially for family for Ad. 550. I. OOWOt Vocal oil Physical
;: .BJ..B.Y cows use.
and back reasonably eckoul,tit M_8(. LAW CtAIKl
TELEGRAPHY AND SHORTHAND !II thigh approximates CsitSce. ChlClg
in tin
Largest Stock and Ijntett Prices City. the village and suburban resident. They P"SIONS["
t2T Society Emblems a Specialty. LEA iJJsU CIIOIL MOUTH. V.tai.g.* ii length to that of our standard ; we should have all the qualifications of the Is OM'-E ;'rvu,. SuoS.li.sptij. Se-si.;.Psem 4ri118Mtcye3&c,,
frr. eoten & LVt4EJJEEL, c.u. 0.. again: declare the fleece as regards length 1'1.. AsiWtesIMi. Sdurt-sanJ,..._
Bend me '1.00 and get a bolkl: liuld lie i any Order )on belong to.SHORTHAND. I prescribe and felly en.doru of staple, "true and even. We next be handsome in form and color and thoroughly 2- ."* C.I'..":. 4A> Mai M.._ .......... *I. ........ O-toe*.Clevla, ."el .('".a...
big U a Ih oalyperiflc satisfy ourselves as to the density of the

IF YOU t\iiNT S ?OD2YL ...r 1 1a ell.fortbcrtaiacur..... fleece and we do this by closing the I domesticated accustomed to being
O.U.LM.UAIIAM.M. P. bandied, and to the presence of children.Agootlfamilycowisubardtofindu .
.... _..'TOLEAUNeL.iiuJ. & esas.sieas.gi. AmaKrdam. N. V. band upon a portion of the rump and
....oa... t-bc..u'boetuanh _....., ..eew. W.bsv..oldaigafesa loin wool these point. being usually the a 'fl
.. ... r.bOs ,
..aaa nail "-d joa u "-. ... Pri ... eI'X" Wbiu-ba I it .1.1''.....>. Oa. !Tsns chaabe.1 Ce. msnY5bqia1diiaI .r thinnest and most faulty. If this again good family

""" "'a. gives satisfaction, we designate all the _
lJ. U. DfC1fF. CO..
I F } Chlcaco. ilL wool 'even to density.' Now to summarize
nls 11.00. ReId by bru.lall. World's CoMumptlon of Tea.
these examinations U
separate : ;

'DUHLAP A n eloc..in PEN.: nd CO.nwluU. BOSTON......,.....MASS.- "...,. A. N. U ,,, . . ..VIti,, 1890. the fleece is nearly of equal length on The tea consumption of the principal I.

-- --- shoulder rib and back, and density on nations of the world annually is as follows

"" .1 shoulder and acres* the loins, we conclude : fi'c.u- DR. SCHENCK'SunE

j TAR to : that we have a perfect sheep for lbs ada. _

_______ D..tlo..o;. 'ool." 5t C'ul.tiuitor. Aiutratada... .,. 2KXOUO:
producing valuable -- / BritlsU: North America......... 2OO OOOU, MANDRAKE PiLLS
-.MEJER!) i British Wat Indies Guiana and

Hondura...7..?.. 800.000 K'a Dn.OCH HCtt'SeuKoua '
.,, BriUab West and South Afncj.. $,(JOOUOO
A ICBCO cow. C4N1ttal Asia from : FDa ova
West apart
f'. RELIEVES INSTANTLV. l It may alwayi be said tbe scrub cow b Ruoa:&.... 8,000,000 SEAWEED Cur I.4151511e. fnt iSPDEi.s4

ELY BWfUJmS. 54 WaneD 6XewYcsk. Fries 50 ets 5tOe such by reason of its s.rub owncr. The Tblb and EM Asia, ou&.id.ol _ h,.. Vtatwka.y.C'shracd
-- -- ... ... 40,000,000 .
(bias..a ''''SWa.srk' t.mtl.esa.
CHICHESTErB [N6UBH. ReD CROSS 11 DUHOIIO BoPISO'S cow always does as it U dune by. la my ... _
Cia ins. .. ...., fWU.Urt.OW Jnazrba.S,I'll. l> m .1 IB Bo U;
?EW1O'1MI I neighborhood the scrub cow: reigns su ; C. ion ........ ... .... ..I..... 700.000Eropi ,....,........ kIilia.ea..... JftumlKv, ft*." .r.cIs ...
J8.000JJIadlA. ( M-.1.oI. GI4d." ""'"lis.s.h. SYRUP
preme. It b born and reared a scrub and i .p-rt fw ".110o. lUlatla Liter '_i>UI L.
e TNt 0aIGiu* 55 SENuINC. ?b.sSI,Sofa.5s'a..M.S.Pal a. .s. is ............... 6OIJU.IJJf) .m4s41 Lh..a.a.srMagtaassU.rg.ddl4Sluggish .
fedora scrub that U browse
_1M_._..sal.4i5 u..in.e 5155 055.5.i.e t.aS.ma Tale a.aa.5.._b..o L1A. _a.d is-k.4 ass-5.44- -a. ; on summer Jap&a, ..................,...... 6O.'JO'J() Ll>*,. Th., tIes tbs aiuoousMI .
: dasger.ss..s.ssefeka. Li isu.:'M' es and winter and never learn tbe Jara ...,.,........ f.UOO.OUU s rwsUr'.Cr fafDYSPEPSIA .. WIUM goej.d I .....t'M M.Usf .r L.4I.a. iS. 5' r... smell of the meaL Consequently :iLa E.71 Una,kisS .>Mai- ra na!..ucail M,i*. I_ _
... of .
bay taste Morocco
.. .__ Am_. "i4hCagsTIa GisCNsCAi Co _. lorib .. I.000.000 ......"...5.SW.g ashes ...lb.gte. .............. : .
..w bi aELsesS 5t.jgiMa kMU.ADUJMU.VA.L -- it i* bred to a scrub bull and .toe .. chases. I luit. Aall All b'a.a. .t....
--- Ik ,01. a |*a>f w
BEMEDt FOE CAT.i liuL-Best Easiest tu use scrub and of Russia iii Europe sal Asa...... 12,000.000 .a4aliDta.e4sre.ftb.B.a.4siz.agt Tk.y. .r* TMHOAT a"D ".'"
I U ceruin. k"ur rear a calf gives a gallon fAo.ric.iHUU. .... u,3IOOOO _
"'-. Itelief U t mined tyui. A vats -.0. lib iib.I lM J..tIHa.- .
Cold U u3 Hea4 U ha no milk a day it the best, for two or throe Btraiu betUe-oaoU and Eastern sc..to..s.acaus.ga..PUfltLY VEGETABLE, ....ot-ta... OI'&ooielac _

months after which a pinfrtin cut bold .&IeiIipeta'o.................. ...1,000,000l ? 1I..un-, sad awy k* STRICTLY HCLIABLC. .*.pti..,..,"',... |mii| .> _
...... _'iiu .. .. ....
sitS lenals Is all .o..a.
I asais
equLmm. _
GllNli ritAlA."haD .......:.. .. .... ... _
, all the) milk. The poor calf get half ........... 1.QOUU .1 OSMIU7. f. by all .AUSOLUTtLY AFE.t..t. .. ... ,. .
< .. ..
.. I
1Int.- i5s. aIJ tto.CIf'e M-et.acIIS.
the milk for a moath, when it \ia turned t1atlolt4l3t&rwiUa;l'ae14o Coast ", ooo.OUOTotal. J,.Sck-aU. ...p......- r.,S-U k* all DnffM.Laa Petis U..............ltir.......'.... _
I It U aa Omtmrnt. of whlck sman particle U applied to tteBaatrfls. Into the woods, aDd when a year old i* .. .aUMtaa4aMacka..... sad ta OMB,
I frkc.eoe.: 8oli by drugl.uUroM. :, u W_I bynuuL p what a little aa-UUr than it wu eleven ....,....................1IU. OO"lIOIII .....4 <>_ A4r-... Bwl. ...... teas. es ves.4 pi .t ,no.aaIW Des. Asai-a
_.t7t! .uu", 'bt*zT. h. DeJ.MJSMash; .IesJUL iiJ.L iseacu rw.-.w.. .f. fa.'.IU !MMB*


C '

\ .

.. : ,-J_ ; ;u.r.A..1.. ,: *;, ; ... '.' .h i_ d:" l_. \ -S ff < -
.. .---a---- .... 5'

t' 'ti -

\ .


8 THE EAST COAST ADVOCATE .FRIDAY. DEC. 19, 1890. ._ __ __ ,

Eau Gallic. The "Advocate" in Advance.

x_: bd M f1J i

In order that our force may enjoy OQ W 8 hJtj CLOTHING I
We are iiorry to record tire sudden ;;
Christmas holiday unalloyed by the :r
death of Mr J. W. Green, of Bangor, responsibility of the Issuance a [- [1. di
contemplating -
Maine. )[r. and Mrs. Green arrived 17m

here in October on visit, but liking the of our, paper while suffering from 'tI I-I t:100rn : .
the effects of plum-pudding, mince pie, e: a t. ; g ... fr, HATS SHOES
place, and feeling much better, Mr. o c.
'etc., wo have decided to execute our r; ,
Green decided to take up a homestead 4 ( QPg !
the Banana river. lie went over task In advance, by going to press on ce r JUST RECEIVED
Wednesday! thus relieving ourselves of e o.... ) Mw rap,
there on Thursday morning, about noon, all care in the matter and ; vir rp rr p : Fri *C3 & A R
leaving ourselves 0 Ii &i "R
and complained of not feeling well. Not free to enjoy our Christmas season g. 2 S' ; :r ov U AT THE J3&A&+ &: \*
getting totter, he was brought over to c. 'g6' c
unmarred by business cares ... S nw = ."'CD -
Eau Oallie by Charles Smith, In a row o M
boat, and a telegram sent to Melbourne b t; ... ... r CD tI a.' f { ) 25
g, OJ "''gtJ: : j
for' a doctor. Dr. ScofieUl, of Cocoa, -w Special Every Monday
::: bj S' :
came up at once, but arrived just as he ree'2; &CPJ.I' F Eg a n
died about 10 o'clock The funeral
p. m. go ;: Ii
Continued ,
from Page 1.Mr. .rJj'
left here for Cocoa on Friday afternoon cl / (i b a4 t; IJim :: J. P. TURNER & COGroceries

on the steam-yacht Nyanza which : W. M. Jenkins, of New York, : r+ O = ::: ? :! i A
Capt. Carey kindly placed at their dis arrived on last night's train. :l [ ,,, F"I!:, li>'Et"'jii:: /t .
.It ;< ; i1 V' JrIJ:1::
posal. Among those who' attended the -Mr. J. P. Sawtelle and wife, of Min- rJj Ii S' :II OQ .: e &.g } rJj 1l 1- H E. L. ::se :c

funeral were Mr*. J. W. Green, Mrs. neapolis, arrived in town last night !:Iii Jd : p..o c =: e.1I!' .
!; QII&i
John Af pin wall, Mrs. Henry Olm- County Solicitor Sanders returned (j f LIJ ; E '
:i PI"C) =: ; Grain Garden Seed Fertilizer.
stead, Mrs. J. Bassctt, Mr*. F. Higgins, from his Lake Worth trip early l+ a" 1:1 iii 0 Hay ,
yesterday '1:1:0": H ....L !ti-! a ,
Miss Shearer, Miss A. Beehan; Captain morning.The ClCI... pd lOT.. ct::
a ; .rnm "' Lm : M _.Q I call the Attention of the People of Indian River to my Stock of
Bennett Messrs. John o .. .
Carey Captain c. { } Q
Misses Emma and Minnie Har-
McAllister, J, Bassott, Geo. H. Clark, F. dee returned here, from college, last t : 0;j CD x tI m (j! 8 Staple Ac U'jwiey Grjroeeiie, Fruit

Higgins, John Seeluiiui and Bratty| night, and left for Kockledge to-day. aro CDrIi::: [1'g m And Food Products
Mr Green was an Odd-Fellow, and g Jl Of All Kinds. Also My Stock of

served In the navy during the war. lie -Service at the Methodist church on g! C) y g; Grain Bran Cotton Seed Meal

was quartermaster on the U. S. gunboat Sunday, being the last service for this CDBREYARD .e m A"1'1 Hay, ,
conference en .
Ground Food and Wheat.I
Sclota when she was blown up by a torpedo o I O-
am the only house on Indian River dealing exclusively the above line of
in the at the S. Watson &: Co. have received
engagement taking Goods. I buy close, and will sell close. I invite your correspondence. and solicit
._.411n1Jla._ ___n._' _tT__> _nlun_.._ .Bnrvftrl.__ .__ on.__ hol\l'd_.___ t.I...._. some fine cypress ladders for Catherine- COUNTY JAMES HoLMES, President. your patronage. Very truly,

Macedonian, the Nyphon, the Vauda- oranges ALBERT A. TAYLOR, Secretary. E. L. :aa..A.DY.:

line, the Ormond and the Nyak. After -The Ice-cream festival at the Presbyterian -

the war he cruised In the Pacific. on church last Friday, was, financially STATE BANK GEORGE }I. ROBBINS, WALTER S. GRAHAM

board the Noak for two years. tlO.GO., a success, the proeeds being about INDIAN RIVER Attorney-at-Law. Attorney-at-Law.

STEAMBOAT COMPETITION -Mr. J. E. Brown, of Omaha, Neb., COCOA, FLORIDA. Robbins & Graham

arrived In town last night, starting down REAL ESTATE ,

the river to-day to see If he could buy a CAPITAL:
The Street Question. The Dawn at aDrShtel'
suitable piece of land. Paid Up, $2 ,000.
Day Under the New Manage-
ment. -Mr. Wm. P. Franklin, editor of the Authorized, $100,000. EXCHANGE, Real Estate Dealers.

Petra, and his son Fred. Franklin
W of
Tuesday afternoon, Mr. R. B. Cable.
Coxsackts, arrived here last nleht. and Is Now OrEN and Fully for
general manager of the J., T. &: K. W. COCOA Indian River FLA ALL KINDS OF PROPERTY BOUGHT, SOLD, AND EXCHANGED
System; accompanied by Mr. J. R. Par- started for Cocoa to-day. They are Banking in all its Branches ,

Jot, general counsel of the company, friends of Mr. W. B. Peck.In Members of Brevard Abstract of Title Company.

tamo: In on a special cai>Jo arrive at an consequence of )Ir. Geo. Altree UUSINESS'SOLICITED.Money t

amicable adjuHtinuut of the occupationof spending Christmas with his family, In to Loan Property of All Kinds Bought, Sold and Titusville Brevard Co. 'Florida.
on Approved Security. ,
Broad street, Titusvllle, by their Sanford, his store will\ be closed from
road. Christmas Day until Tuesday, the 30th DIRECTORS; Exchanged. P. O. Box, 250.; .
We Buy and Sell All Kinds of Real Estate and Solo for
They were met soon after their arrival Instant. ALBERT A. TAYLOR, President are Agents. ft
large list of carefully-selected Properties in all parts of Brevard county.
by the Mayor and Aldermen Ray, Belcher -Marshal Circle, In an attempt to JAMES HOLMES, Vice-president .- All Inquiries will bo promptlyand RELIABLE Information furnished as to character, location and value of any Property
Turner: and Graham-Captain strike some dogs, on Monday, missed the R. B. HOLMES, Cashier on Indian River.

rischor being out of town. Mr. Cable, mark. and broke the large plate-glass I 11 J. M. SANDERs, J. F. WOOTKJT. reliably answered. ._ 11 Our facilities for the transaction of a general Real Estate business are uneaualled
--- and every effort will be made to give perfect satisfaction to Intending Purchaser
but assumed window in the store of
the Messrs.
having recently' management Gardner who may favor us with their patronage.No .
of the road, knew very little oftho.mntter &: Son-a most unfortunate blow for Properties listed unless the Title is Perfect.

and Mr.Parrot admitted that both parties. The Clyde'Steamship Co. Speclat attention given to Colonies and Syndicates desiring large bodies of Low-
he had not understood the cause of dispute. -Mr. and Mrs. B. Young, and :Mrs. Write for Descriptive Catalogue.

When It was made plain to them Chas. Brock arrived hero, from Jacksonville Now York 'Charleston and Florida Lines.

that there was no desire on the part of \ Wednesday evening's train. Mrs. ,

the town to Interfere with their use of Young Informed us to-day that they had

a reasonable portion of the street for rail- come to stay In TItusvillo, so we hope The magnificent Steamships of this Line are appointed EDWARD STILING

road purposes, but that our people merely : our townspeople will give them a glad to sail as follows : ,

ddjtlivd to retain sufficient of the welcome.Mrs. (STANDARD TIME.)
street for the use of the public, and that New York From JlU'lu.onylJ1e. Cocoa Indian River Florida
A. A. Illghble, formerly of (Pier 2U, };. It.) STEAMER "'lorlilo.From ,

the Board of Aldermen were willing to Newark, N. J., and sister-in-law of Mr. Wednesday, 1'1..1'11th.: t3 P. 1I..AWQXQ1'S..Tuel'lay. Deo.Dec.. 2d, at 8.30 A. \[. Dealer in
.grant the company fifty feet, or one Friday Nor. Ziuh,at3 P. M....."YhMASSKK! ,"........Tlmnduy, 4th, at ID A. M.
J. G. Martin, of Indlanola, died on the Monday, Iteo. tat, t3 1M.......ClnIUlK.t.: ...".Sunday Duo.Deo.. 7th, at 12: in N'Mm.WeInellll4Y .
half of the'thoroughfare without compensation Oth Inst, at the residence of Mr. :Martin. lieu. 3d, at3 p. M..II.LAWAllK..Tue.tI..y.. uth, at 1JO p. M. Paints Hardware Stoves Tinware & Agateware
If the railroad company Friday Deo. IIth.at8 P.II..REIIIlSOLK..Thllr.'Ia,, Deo.Deo.. 11th, at 2.10 I'. M. ,
would relvnqulsh all claim to the balanceof The burial service took place at the Episcopal Monday, Dec. Bill,at 3 P. M."IKUtlUUIS".Sunday. 14th, at Bw: A. Mililth ,
Wednemlay, Io. Wh.atS p. M.... "ALf.oMJl'lN' "......Tiiemlay, Deo. at T-IIO A. M.
the street they admitted the demand church, Cocoa, on the 12th Inst., Krlday, IHMJ. Itth, at 3 P. M....."YEMAKSEE,1': ........Thumday, IWo lath, at 9.30 A. M. A MILL SUPPLIES, OILS, GLASS &: PUTTY, TABLE
made as a fair and liberal proposition, and the remains were interred In the Cocoa Monday Deo. 16thas3P.M....."('IIEItUKEP.Sunday, l>eo. 21.t, at 12.no: Noon & POCKET CUTLERY, BARBED WIRE, WIRE NETTING,
and Weilncuday/lHw.. nth t3 P. 1I..R.I\IlXOL.t. .Tuesday Deo. 2JM at 1.30 P. x.Friday. .
Intimated thla. settlement
on that cemetery.Rev. ltoo.lUth.itt3P.il..... .J1Ul [;UIl.Tbuntl..y. )Jeo. 26th. at 2.30 1'. M. & WIRE CLOTH.
oasis fvvuiu meet ineir approval it Monday, Ileo.2'lI, at S P. M..M'AIAOMti'IN,"......Sunday; Dec. 2etn, at ouu A. M.
was pointed.out that In granting fifty R. Telford, of DeLand, Missionary Wednesday, lieu. 24th,5S P. M."YEMAS4EE.Tuesdsy, Deo. 30th, at 6,30 A. ..
the )Friday l eo. :*)th, at 3 P. ....."CHKKOkKfc: :,".... ...Thursday Jan. l.t, at Rno A. M.
foet grant would be mado solely for of the Southern Baptist Conven- Monday use, 2\llhat8 P. M..R.IIIlXOI.l' .... ....Sunday, Jan. 4th, at 10,00 A. M.
railroad purposes with the understanding tion to the colored ministers and christian \Vednc day, )Jec. II111t. at 3 P... ...... .J1tlXlUUI. .,.. ......Tueada)', Jan. bill, at ROO Noon. vi frJ
that It was not to be leased or conveyed New.
to any particular steamboat company workers of that people, will hold ,a .,,,, oatfrarLSr li gpw t
lumber or llsh dealer, but to be Biblical Institute at the colored Baptist St. Johns River Line. O
used for legitimate railway purposes. church, commencing this morning and .
This seemed satisfactory; to c Mr. Par- holding over the Sabbath. All well-
rot, who said, however, that the leases wishers For Sanford Enterprise and Intermediate Points on
of the Invited .
already made to tho Indian River Steam- race are to attend. '
boat Company and to other putles-II Sessions-morning, 10:30o'clockj; evenIng the St. JohnsRiver. Pi <

any had been made-could not be can- 7:$0. Mr. Telford arrived last ,v ..
Tho elegant Iron Side-wheel Steamer."CITY --
rellod by his road. The council replied
that they would not expect the company night.An OF JACKSONVILLE,"

to perform Impossibilities or to Involve epidemic of robbery seems to Capt. W. A. SHAW, DOORS, SASH, BLINDS, :BRICIA: ,
theniHulves In litigation or unnecessary have taken possession of the State. "
expense, but that they had no doubt Almost has "FRED'K DE BABY, Lime & Cement, Shinglos & Lath.

the courts would sustain the railway every paper we pick up an Capt. T. W. LUND, Jr., Guns, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle of all kinds. Ship Chandlery Goods, Gauze-
commission, In declaring: tho lease void. account of a robbery or an attempt to Are amxdnted to tall from Jocluonvllle daily except Saturday, at 3.30 p. m., and from Sanford Doors, Cook Stoves and Ranges, Gasoline Stoves, Coffins and Caskets
It was pointed out by the council, that rob. A few night ago the State Treas dally except Sunday at 9. a. in. ARTESIAN WELL PIPE a Specialty Lawn Mowers, Ice

if the grant of fifty feet would not be urer's office, at Tallahassee\ was broken SOUTHBOUND. SCHEDULED NOBTIinOCKD.Head Cream Freezers; Brick Lime Cement and

suflielont for their purpose, the railway Into, and several burglaries are reported Down. Head Up. Chimney Pipe; Flags &: Hunting;
company could extend its tracks upon Leave 3.30 p. M.Jacksonville. .Arrive 11.45 p. M. Table and Pocket Cutlery; Mouldings Scroll Work, etc., etc.
from Orlando. Our town seems to have 8.00 P. .Leave T.uo P. M.
""rh.ate property which runs from 1JOA. M. SHOP. .. Catalogues, sample cards and size lists sent free on application. Correspondence
WaKh / avenue to the river, and i had more than her share. The store of 9.41 A. M.St. .. .. 1:1....' p. .. solicited and estimates furnished promptly. 9
that the largo grant of valuable property J. W. Rogers was visited on Tuesday ...' S.OO A. M. .,.. < 11,W A. II ,
in blocks E and 6.00 A. M. \ *. 11.00 A. M
F, extending from the night, and five suits of clothing Anrive8.oo A. H. 900 .'
railway dock to within sixty feet of Main appro. .' ate A. M...........Enterprise........................... 9.30 A.A. K
street made by Mrs. Titus, and which prlated. On Wednesday night the saloon General Passenger and Ticket Office, 88 W. Bay St., Jacksonville:
la still of J D. Crabb received call of the J.
owned by tho donated a : S. Watson

company F. M. IRONMONGER,Jr.. Florida I'aimeuKer Agent, 88 Went Bay St.,Jacksonville,Fla.J. Co.
when the road was built In order same character. It la probable that the O. .'.:LUT. Freight on wharf, font Unpin Street Jackniiuville Fla. i
that It might have ample terminal facili JOHN L. HowA R4), Florida Freight Agent, foot Laura Street Jacluon villa. Fla.
house be selected in the ,
ties. The conference terminated wrong may near J. A. LKSL1 E, Superintendent, foot Laura Street Jacluunville FU.T11KO. .
very future, and a well merited dose of load H. KUEK Truffle Manager Howling Green, New York.
amicably, and it was understood that a MAUSUALL. U. CHUK,Aut.Tramo Manager. Bowling Ureen New, York.
definite settlement would IKJ made at an put a stop to further operations, if our Commission
WM. P. CLYDE & CO. GenM Agents.
early date. Sheriff and Marshal should not cause a ,
Immediately after the discussion of suspension In the meantime.Melbourne.. 1* South Wharve Philadelphia. 5 Bowline Greoo.New York. AND
the street question was terminated the -- -

attorneys of the E. C. 1' Co. bad a conference Pineapple land seems to be In good demand. The new mayor Dr. C. U. Stewart

Mr. Coleman with ,Messrs.president Parrot of the and railway Cable. Several parties are looking for and aldermen C. J. Hector W. J. Nes- FORWARDING MERCHANTS.[ !

company accompanied his general man- such land, who have had their orange bitt and S. F. Gibbs; clerk and treasurer
ager on this trip but remained in the No frost In Melbourne; cool and pleas groves frozen out In the northern part of L. D. Lock wood; assessor John B.

car ence.The and. did not take part In the confer ant weather generally. the State and are desirous of some more Beach and marshal and collector Frank Dealers in Fertilizers

status Mrs. Crocker, of Ohio, is settled in the reliable business Stranahan, were sworn at the regular
present of the street question ,
and the attitude of the new management rant hotel building. meeting of the board on the second Tues- *
Mr. J. Harrison of Worcester, Mass, I -
In regard to competition must be bees in this month. The bonds of the
Truck farmers are busy as plantIng has been prospecting around Sebastianfor day
a source of gratification to every fair- for the February market. treasurer assessor and collector were Seedrange
minded resident on the liver. Success a tract of land. He has already a
to the new management The interests John Miner has two acres of beans tract of twenty-five acres there, whichhe presented and approved. A vote of

of Tltusville and the shippers along the that are M fine as any in the State, from has never before seen, and is much thanks was passed to the retiring officers.

entire river and those of the railway which he will begin to ship in a few better pleased than he expected with During the past year a number of CEMENT, PLASTER HAIR. AGENTS FOR OCALA LIME
company are mutual. Good service and much needed Improvements have been
fair treatment Mill be properly appreciated days. his purchase.The Agents for the C. F.
made. The bills incurred by the proceeding REFRIGERATOR CARS.
by our people. But they want Strange faces are seen every day on
our river free to competition, and the our streets A number have arrived who "Melbourne" will be formally board were paid. There are no Will rormUh C.r. When Dwlred. and sea that they are properly LOADED ICED BILLED
poorest shipper, with his weather-beaten opened in a few day. A number of outstanding claim against the town, and TRACED to DraUaatlon.
the winter here.
bail boat should not pay any more toll, will spend entertained there at and there is balance In the
We will
guests are present a treasury. Buy all kinds of Fruits
but receive the same treatment, when he Mrs. Shadle, and nice, have rented Vegetables, Furs and Skins ; in fact
tenders his freight at the only gateway In Miss MoFarland's cottage A number of them will remain till late At the adjourned meeting, on Monday we will Buy and Sell anything offered to us.
out of the Indian River country, aa that furnished rooms in the spring. The Melbourne will be, evening Mr. W. J. Nesbltt, chairman of Correspondence solicited
which U accorded to the costliest craft a for the aeason. this season, under the general management the board announced the standing com- on any wants you may have.

moneyed monopoly could constructOur The "Rlverbide" is well filled with of Mr*. William Wilson, of Eau mittees for the ensuing year, as follows: Respectfully, J. S. WATSON A CO"Advocate"

the rI'allin'a water-waYlUud fight their remain own free.battles Let on guests from all parts of the north, several GaBle while Mr. Wilson will take charge street sanitation and improvement, aldermen --.

their merits Let their own efforts, and of whom are booked for the season. i iCOl11. of the new store which Mr. C. J. Hector L. P. Ely, C. J. Hector and W. J.

not an unfair discrimination, govern Bergin took a jolly party up the Is now building on the north aide. The NesUtt; on finance aldermen S. F. Job Office
the Let amount the people of business have the they free command.right to Banana for a boar hunt we heard. No building will be fifty-three feet in depth, .. Gibbs F. A. Fee and L. P. Ely;; on rules

choose. bear was found but good string of ducks and will be stocked with a full line of and ordinances, aldermen C. J. Hector: ,
With pethods of thou' bill Itrlpe. were secured. dry good and groceries L. P. Ell and F. II. Fee DESIGNS. GIVE US TYPE A TKIAL.OF THE LATEST


: n. .
; u 'or. .
': "<.. .J.., 'f -JM'ir..\ .. .
'to"l. .. ... > "
; p ... .' ? .' ., """ .t .
"'JJ.!' -I; t ,' '" I. a "... /Ito

s I .

.. ,. I
e ,

N t .


; CTL .r'tr'. .: .. d ..' : .-::-- = -. -_ ",-, ...._.. '. ._ '. -'. 'c .....--. -. -0_' '"" 0> .

-- -- -- -

East Coast advocate
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Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Aug. 15, 1890.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 13, 1891).
General Note: W.S. Graham, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 2 (Aug. 22, 1890).
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u." a. .. "" "' \ .... .....-.... '- '(. .....tan', -'< ;',,;"'!* "" '". ,
,' ; \ .\1'1. ; .
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.T .,. y n> Gf" ,, .rl ;
r,1.. / "- rr :a ; : _' : .. f # 'j' ', ", C.!> :- '
J :
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1-L r -- d, rr n i 11'r c ,

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s4I* I

I1 t i 1 ,,.. "' ;

', :r AU; ..AFfOLA'RPE i ;; GAt11 > 3AS71AK' ItONA' '; 't',\".I', .f'

L ,
: = ELAN .juF1TEft. ALMB ACp r UNO YPOLUKO, ,. AN .Mt II. ,.. '




1. TITUSVILLE, Indian River, FLA., FRIDAY, DEC. 19, :1890. No. :19. r$


CHURCH NOTICES. LOCAL NEWS. -Mr. and Mr*. Tom Sanders, of -Mr. Geo. II Hunt and wife, of :New -Mr. J. M. Leo arrived in town last Mr. E. S, Reed of Atlantic Clty.N.,J.,

Courtney, are in town: to-day. York, arrived here last: night- night on his way to Rorklcdgo.Mr. arrived In town Monday evening.
-:Next Sunday Is the fourth SundayIn -toneyl! Money I I Money\ I I to and Mrs. A. B. Baldwin of Stereoscopes stereoscopic view ,

Dtvlna.., service'. every Sundays morning at 11.Be. Society and General Gossip in connertlon Advent. Doan on real estate. Apply to Robbing A; South Orange, N. J., arrived In town Scrovcn's drug store 18* +tat '
I B. Brown will officiate the second and with Indian lllver and Lake Worth sections
j[ T fourth o'clock.Sundays-morning at 11 and evening 'at daring past week. Brief mention of I -Don't fail to read the interesting Graham, Titusville, Fla.Mrs. e Monday I -Mrs. V. G. Lantry, of Omaha, Noi -

Sunday School at 3 o'clock'I' m. Interesting Events About People Von news on the inside pages. feaster and Miss Nettle May -Don't bo disappointed by planting i brlllka11I la town Monday. +

month.Holy Communion second Sunday In the Picked Know, up and by'People Our Society Yon Editor.Don't Know- -Dr. Dodson Is In town again, having Glfford, of LaGrange, gave us A pleasant I old seeds, but buy Peter Henderson A -Lime, lime,,llmo. Cement cement, 1

Her. B. F. RROWH Rector. returned from New Smyrna yesterday call on Saturday., I Co.'s fresh seed from J. S. Watson Co. cement. Piaster and hair. We are headquarters u

t3T* Advertisements under this heading -For choice groceries and' Christmas -Orange boxes, hoops,,wraps and or- -Mr. II. I*.Yard, of Trenton. N. J., for the above and would like ;

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. I are ten cents per line per week. goods, etc., call ?A. L. Hatch &: Son, ange clippers. AU at bottom prices.A. arrived In town on Monday evening's you to write us for price before placing

p.Freachlnp m. Sabbath every School Sabbath at 9:30 at 11 a.a.m,m.lra\er and T -Mr. F. E. Heath, arrived in town City:Point. 10-2t L. Hatch A: Son. 100 te train. your orders elsewhere. J. S. Watson

meeting every Wednesday Rev.evening Jyo. For at,130.1'astor.: Friday on his way to his grove at Clif -Best, best, best. Fertilizer, fertilIzers -Mr. Frank McCabe of Trenton, N. Commodore Fred. D. Hughes: who t Co., Tltnsvlllo. -U

ton. fel'tlllzers-always on hand at J. J., was visitor to town Monday eve bas boon a regular visitor to our river -Mr. and Mr T. A. Rowly and T. A. ,

BAPTIST CHURCH. -J. S. Watson & Co. have just received S. Watson &: Co.'s, Tltusvillo. ning. Mr. McCabe came down with Mr. for several winters, Is expected to arrive lowly of Chicago, registered at the ? ,1

I Preaching A'unda'schuol every 4th Sunday at 11 a.m. and a carload of orange wraps, and -Captain R. A. Hardoe is preparing to 'lutchlnson. Lilly with his novel craft, which ho has Grand View Monday. They are on a
TX p. m. ever) Sunday at 4 p.m
[ Prayer meeting every Thursday at"H p.m. will nell them away down. Try UB.e make the extension to the Citizen's -Miss Kate Faddison la now employed named after the gamclst of fish-the silvery >loasuro trip, and will\ probably go as

Rev. A. D. COIIE.X:! ,Pastor. -Get the ADVOCATE at Dr. Screven's. Wharf. lIe expects to complete his con- as stenographer and type-writer in Tarpon. A recent issue of the far as Lake Worth r;

Five Cents tract with the town in about ten days. the offices of Messrs. Robbing Graham, Time-1'nion+ has this description of the Christmas: is very near and we hope 10'
per copy.
CATHOLIC CHURCH.hlaae counscllors-at-law and real estate deal Commodore's Hoaxing lodge: "The the little ones will\ be remembered. Four
and Sermon at lo>i o'clock am. Sunday -Miss Allie Martin, of Indianola, ar -Mr. I* P. Share, of New Haven, t
morning at Masonic hall. rived in town last night. Ct, arrived In town Monday, and left ers. naphtha yawl Tarpon arrived here from Christmas trees are announced up to r

Rev.J. O'BovLB:, Rector. again, Wednesday morning, for !Rock- -Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Bobbins, Miss New York about 10 a. m. yesterday, af date, and our stores contain plenty urea is

-The shortest day in the year is next : ledge, where he has a brother staying tfabbette, Miss Lena Gardner and Miss ter a very pleasant voyage of twenty- mcnts-both useful and and ploasingLocover

METHODIST CHURCH. Sunday, the 21st Inst. ) i for the winter II.Dysubllcrlblng. Annie Paddlson spent last Sunday in eight: days, and Is now moored at Jones' them w Ith. -
Preaching 1st and third Sundays, at 11
a. m. and 7 p.;every m. Sunday I+ Sunday -Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Pritchard returned New Smyrna, returning hero on the boat yard. She Is owned and commanded -Get Albert S. Mngrudor, of Rock-
invited $1.50
at 8:JO p.m. 'All are cordially attend.J. on Monday, from their trip to Key J3T" per annum by Commodore F. D. Hughes and Is
steamer Sweeney on Monday. lodge to put down your artesian wells
.N.Jm E8.I'a tor. for the ADVOCATE, it will only cost you
West, which they enjoyed immensely. much larger than craft of her kind that '
He tho largest how of water from
Three Centt Per llVri{ Postage Included, 100.00 Reward given! to persons spelling gets
-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ironmonger, of to any part of the United States. This the most words, using the letters In have heretofore visited this city, being tho least depth. Ho put tho pipe down

Christmas_ and New Year'sFestivals. Jacksonville, made a short visit to town small sum will not ruin our name. Write for particulars. 52\ feet long! with 113 foot beam. The to hard rock, and will guarantee satin- rl
the end of last week. They were the Dunbar's System Tonic Co., Cleveland, engine Is of 8 horse power and she draws faction In all his work-from' two to sir
-Mr. Frank Swift son of Lieut. Swift
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Lori ml cr. Ohio. M-5t two and a half! feet of water. Under Inch wells. Ho has complete sot of
arrived in town from Ocala, Friday eve- alone she at the rate of six
power goes tool for tho business. Address-Albert
Thursday. Mr. M. E. Gruber will at !
and will once begin
ning, a position as
TITCSVILLE.There occupy ope-; miles an hour and when under sail and S. Fla. *2t
We wish all our readers, their families the erection of a neat and commodious Magruder, Rocklodgo, l
rator for the Western Union TelegraphCo.
makes nine miles hour. The *
will be Christmas-tree at the power, per u
and friends "A Merry Christmas, and at the station licio.Mr. lioarding-houso, to bo occupied by Mrs. I
Metluxfist cabin which Is elegantly fitted e
church in Tltusvillo Christ- largo up,
"A :New Year" when it comes.
Ilnppy Decker whoso to it well
mas-eve; All are cordially invited to H. Manlng, of DuLnnd, who was ability keep Is situated aft and just forwanl of the Locali Continued on Page 8.
-Mrs. M. Mcnzcs and Mr. John Men- filled is conclusion.
attend. one of a party of live who started from foregone engine, adjoining this Is the galley. The
zest of Detroit, Michigan: arrived in ...Mr. C. LcVesconte of the North
Xew Smyrna a sporting trip, landed i vesssl carries crew of two, whoso quartere
An old-fashioned Christmas at the dv.
town Saturday: and started for Rock- Coy with his wife arrived Zulu Missionary and Daughter
at Titusville on Friday, as he was compelled are In the bow of the boat. She
Titusvillo Christ
Presbyterian Church, ledge Monday morning. to return home to attend to. bus- here :Monday. They hull from Minneapolis will remain hero several days before go- .-- tit
night "'for the Sabbath School and
mas -23?" As our Christmas edition will iness. Minn. and took the steamer, for Ing to St. Augustine and tho Indian RIv In Tltuivllle. '
community. The community are Invited -
.. to bring their presents and give be published on Wednesday next, our -Two steamers were aground Indian down-river\ points, Wednesday morning. or, whore Commodore Hughes will be The Rev. J. Tyler and hi* daughter- .g

them to their friends at that time. Let correspondents will oblige by sending in River for a short time on Saturday, Please examine the yellow, name met by friends, and they will spend tho MUs Nelllo-of Natal, South Africa, arrived 4

IJ everybody participate and enjoy the eve- their communications Monday evening, owing to the low state of the water. slip at the head of this paper or on the winter in hunting and fishing." I at tho Indian River Hotel Saturday -

ning. if possible. If Tuesday, make the itemsas One was the Sweeney, of the East Coast wrapper, and note whether we have -Tho new hours adopted for openingand evening, in route to Rocklodge,

brief as convenient.The tile given credit for subscription. where intend stopping' for a time- 6
Transportation Co., and other the you your closing the post office havo boon tho
'Vo are to have a Christmas tree,
steamer Ramona of Eau Gallic, St. Sebastian, of the Indian River Steam- The date tells you when your subscription subject of considerable comment among not all the winter, the rev, gentleman Informed -! -
the little ones connected with the
Titusvilh says Episcopal Sunday School. in command of Capt. G. Gleason, arrived boat Co. expires. the citizens,. and it behoves the local paper one of our city reporter

The Christmas celebration at St. here Tuesday evening. She towel up the -Miss Susie Drown started for City to say a word on the subject. From Mr. Tyler has been a missionary In :.

Gabriel's- Episcopal. church. Tltusville, pile-driver from the above place, and returned Point Tuesday morning, and from there 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Is twelve hours or fifty Zululand, Africa, for tho past forty-one
to Eau Gallie the following day than of hours and both be and his daughter
cent more a day eight years
will take place, in the church, on the she will go to Jupiter and Lake Worth, per
evening following Christmas Day (Friday Mr. Eugene Brainerd was alno on board. returning here about February. She expects Wedding >- *_ Cards which Is the definition of a working day speak tho Zulu language fluently.At .

). There will be a Christmaa tree;al80 -Mr. R. Ranson was presented with a to spend Christmas on the lake, We shall he pleased to -1 1 by uncle Sam; and we believe that twelve the Invitation of tho Rev, John
the 11th inst. receive a share of your E.to hours Is ought to bo enough for the Foy-who was rather Indisposed-Mr. .
a selection of Christmas carols will besung bouncing baby boy on where they generally congregate and ) Job Work- envelopes, : or ,
by the choir. All are cordially Invited Mrs. Hanson and son are doing well and have a first-class picnic to celebrate the .9 {letterheads,note-heads,} p post office to open for the transaction of Tyler, on Sunday. evening, at the Presbyterian

to be present. Mr. Hanson has been walking around festive occasion. a bill-heads statements, business, especially when we consider church, delivered, to a largo

with a happy expression on his countenance -The now meat market, under the n or anything else. that this Is a distributing point for the congregation, most Interesting lecture 'mon .,

in consequence. His Christmas malls, and tho Inconvenient hours at tho Zulus, Zululand and the Dark 'a
management of Mr. E. J. David is now
LAKE WORTH. present was much appreciated.There V which the trains arrive and depart. The Continent; and told both amusing and
and neat clean
open, presents a very ,
bulk of all mall matter thrilling stories of his long experience
The Lake Worth children are in high will be a sociable at Uncle and business like appearance Mr. Davie great
citizens Is placed. in the post office among the savage Zulus, which wa very,
to have Christmastree Jake Feaster's LaGrange, Monday evening his business beyond our
glee, for they are a reports as being far had tons
-The steamer Sweeney fifty after and must bo prepared attentively listened to by all present.
at the west side school-house on next, the 22nd inst., as an Intro- his expectations, and Is quite supper,
of freight on board, on her down trip for the train and steamer which leave at Although the lecture occupied over an
the Christmas festivities. lie
Christmas-eve. duction to pleased at the prospects held forth. See '
Monday.We. hour the seemed anxious '
an early hour noxt morning. This necessitates ,
all of
and aunt Nettle say they hope his advt. on page 5.
understand that Mr. J. M Lee for of It so Interested did \
friends will be and have : the force to work very lato and I more everyonebecome
their present a
-Deer stalking was again indulged In Hotel Indian River at tho lecture proceeded. Ills '
LA OBAXOE. time. will open the get up early-probably at not later than all

Preparations for a pleasant time, good by Dr. Hutchinson and Messrs. Lewis, Rockledge In about two woeks' time. 4.30 a. m. If the delivery window Is reference to Dr, Livingstone,II. M. Stan
-The DeLand Weekly AVir says: Henley and Clune, Monday mo'rnlng.
other traveler and
and missionaries
Christmas, ue'going on finely; a sociable -Remember that G. Nolle pays the open until 0 p. m. this would cause such ley
"A. G. Ilamlin was entertained last Sun- On this occasion successful '
they were
at Uncle Jake's, Monday evening, then highest cash price for all kinds of furs. frequent Interruptions that very little In Africa; the manner In which the I :
day and Monday, on the steamer 'St. for the Doctor shot a fine buck near
Zulu obtain their wives in exchange for
the Titusville Fla. 17-4t could be accomplished until after that
dressing the church and getting tree ,
Sebastian, of the Indian River Steam- Salt Lake, which he proudly brought the the Zulus drcssod wben HIn
hour. From 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. we think cows; way
in place Tuesday Wednesday evening arrived here
; -The steamer Georgiana
boat Co. Ilamlin &: Stewart are now home astride the noble steed that he
uncivilized and the groat difficulty they
long business hours as could bo : j i'
distributing the presents. Thursday a from Eau: Gallie Saturday and are as
that manyIn
general attorneys for company. rode. The Indian River Hotel has, consequently had In trying to find out the best and
large party expect to go to the beach, to Ilamlin speaks very highly of both the being well supplied with venIson town wondered what steamer It was, expected. By business, we mean the of donning the clothe ,
of the general delivery quickest ,
be back some time Friday, and that evening and the steamboat so changed In appearance was she keeping open
Indian River company. this week, in addition to other good In civilized society the great antiperoeItlblo
window for answering Inquiries, soiling worn ;
if music can be secured positively, "
things. -The residences of Mr. D. L. Gaulden
there will be a dance at Uncle Jake'e.We stamps, etc. We do think, that It advancement-morally and fi
-For sale cheap, the cat yacht "Rosa and Mr. G. F. Duren are much improvedIn otherwise tho Zulu had made under
think If the program is carried out, -Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Hutchlnson and would bo a great convenience to our -
lind." This boat Is a fast sailer, and one appearance, having been nicely and of the British whom be'would
and the ,
of :N. J.
the young people will have some pleasant Miss Huchlnson, Trenton arrived merchants and our professional men +
of the best all-round boats on the river. fashionably painted.J. like to see take tho remainder of tho
thoughts for a good while after. here Monday evening, and will very little Inconvenience to our postmaster -
Size, 20 feet long and 0 feet 8 inches spend the winter in Titusville. Their .- S. Watson A Co. are agents for if the lobby of the post office should uncivilized African under their pro-

beam. In excellent condition and well many friends were glad to see them the Moyer patent orange box head, and be open' at an earlier hour, and remain tection; and also many other Interesting

FORT PIERCE. fitted for cruising either on the river or back again. Mr.IIutchinsonistheown- would like to give you prices before you open until nine so that the box-holders topics, which wero listened to with

Christmas-Eve the Sabbath School at outside. Finished in hard wood, with er of the Indian River Hotel, and has buy other kinds. could have access to their boxes. If for wrapt attention.

Fort Fierce will have a Christmas tree cork mattresses and cushions for seats. been north all the summer. Miss -The schooner-yacht, Ellie, In com- Instance an employee of the Steamboat He also referred-In word of pain-to r

and a brief programme, comprising Apply to B. W. Jerome, Brantley, or Hutchinson, by-the-way, is a first class mand of Capt. C. F. Fischer, returned Company at the end of the dock should Boston, the city that sent missionaries to t

songs, declamations and a short address Robbins A: Graham, Tltusville. tf* dressmaker, who did considerable work on Tuesday, after having undergone a be so unfortunate as not to get his mall the Dark Continent to enlighten and ;

by C, T. McCarty. Santa Claus is expected -Onr old friend Bryan must be having here last winter. thorough overhauling on McFadden's at night, he cannot wait until eight o' bring the uncivilized native to the Lord; "'

to be present and assist in the bad luck, for the Clear Water Time Messrs. E. A. Shroeder and F. 11.Argulmban ways, at Eau Gallie. She now rides at clock but must go to his place of business while, on the other hand, her merchant

distribution of the presents. The tree says: "Bryan, our artesian well digger, of New York, who arrived anchor in front of our town, looking and let hU mall remain until noon, were shipping thousands of gallon of '

will be beautifully decorated and brilliantly Is a subject of no little sympathy this here last week; chartered the sloop both neat and trim. or make a bad hole In the forenoon to rum to the Zulus and other tribe to undo ,

illuminated. A cordial invitation week. Last Saturday afternoon he lost Houri, and on Saturday they started for -There Is at present an Interesting come up after It. Another party who : all the good work the missionaries

f tended to all his drill in the well, at a depth of something the Haulover and Mosquito Lagoon fight between the Indian River Steam- could not get his mall the night before had tolled ceaselessly, and for many

Lovers of comedy and humor can like 740 feet, and up to this time where they have been having considerable boat company and the new competingline wants to go out In the country and yet year, to accomplish. He cried shame I

gratify that desire on New Year's Night has not been able to recover it, and to sport-duck, snipe and alligator the East Coast Transportation com he has to watt until after eight o'clockto upon them.
add to the difficulty be broke some of whether there is anything important During the evening Miss Nellie Tyler
*by going to hear the 2nd programme&, of shooting. They nave shot so many duck pany. The point of contention Is the see
the Fort Pierce Dramatic Club. A three his implements this morning, and left and snipe since they left here, that on wharf of the J., T & K. W. railroad at In hI. mall, when otherwise he delighted the congregation by singing a\ t

act comedy, entitled "Surprising," some them also in the bottom of the welL" Wednesday they got their manservantto Titusville. The Utter, It seems, leased could have made an early start. If the couple of songs In the Zulu tongue,

popular tableaux, with the aid of the -The cause of the radiant and somewhat ship some of them to friends in Brooklyn the wharf to the Indian Hirer Steam- lobby left open so that the box-hold: : which were remarkably well rendered

calcium light; a pantomime; and to important expression our readers N. Y. They appear to be having boat company, and by a decision of the ers can get aocess to their boxes, we the "click" and the "cluck" of the African .

in this of the best hunting railroad commission it Is said that the I think there should be no more object- being occasionally brought Into the
close with the roaring, side-splitting one must have noticed npon the countenanceof sport one ,
act Farce, entitled "Pete and the Peddler our neighbor, Mr. Joe Rogers, this sections they could have come to. They railroad company could not lease it to tons to the new hours adopted by Postmaster lOngs, the peculiarity of which caused a

,** The programme win be pure, week, U easily explained when !it is understood started for St. Lucie to-day, for the purpose i any other company to the prejudice of ScrimgMmr; but we do think the' slight titter among the youthful members

laughable and readily enjoyed by young that his Christmas present' of fishing for tarpon and huntingfor competing lines. The East: Coast Transportation privlllge suggested should and could be of the congregation.Many .

and old. Admission, 20c.; children under came In advance last Monday the bear, panther, wild cat, deer and company assumed that the accorded to box-holden without adding present appeared sorry when the

12 years lOc. Tickets for sale at the shape of a fine girL Joe had a slight any other big game. As there are a way was clear for them, but an injunction but little-If any-to hU duties. And! lecture came to a close, for they Would
be convenience to the like to have heard a few word about i
store after Christmas Day. preference for one of the sex who could great many Seminole IndIana hunting in has been brought restraining them It a great

have registered a good Democratic vote; the section they have started for, we from the Titnvilla wharf and all otherwharves greater portion of the patron of his King Cetewayo, Dr Livingstone/broth- ,

administered consolation by telling question whether they will kill many controlled by the L R. Co. The omce. .r.ln-law-Dr. Moffatt; John Dunn and
cold has but
-The of the past few days we
like will be decided but mean- Since the above wa In type, we learn and other prominent people of Zululand -
him there was no doubt women deer. However, with guides Tom matter soon
caused many of townspeople to bring River holds that box-holder can get at their boxes W* shall be glad to *.. Mr. and
forward their stoves for the [winter seasons would have a vote by the time Miss Paine and others, they will have good while the Indian company }
His another vt.1t.
o'clock n*
Rogers reached the voting period. sport. the fort-DeLand Weekly fiewi. at seven m. pay .


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t L : __ 1 I --,

Tl.. o .B8 1 C08St A tlVCCfii \WASHINGTON. NEWS, .ALLIANCE. "* -EXCURSIONj" -S :i-i TELEGRAPH, 'AND .CABLE,, r'-n.: Host" Powerful War Ship.Tha .ALABAMA NEWS NOTES. .

rl ,,.. t ." __ ---.L_ XIKStBEJl* OF TnBCOBTICKTIO, UAKIXQ -
L ;z SECOND SESSION OF THE ArOdHOP iLOftlDA. battle-ship Sardegna,'

,i' .'tTtU ;V1t.t.K :: FLORIDA.WS FIFTY-FIRST WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE which was launched at Spezzia, 1* de- PICKED tIP HERB AND THESE

S Jj ..: ______ _,_. CONGRESS. The alliance excursion, composed of acribed by continental dailies as the
THEiOUTHBR.I the delegates of the 'late national convcn most powerful war vessel afloat Its exterior : THE

OF TUB LAW-MAXEIIS OF UNCLE lIA t'lI DOM' "t tion, nd.. their friend! began ''l'8vlog; is similar to that of the Lcpanto, -

AGAIN AT WORK: HOUTISE: OF TUB Ocala Tuesday on their tour through toe A ffMMABT OF OUTSIDE AFfAIRS CODENflED *- till now the finest" ship In tho Italian Therd Ii much rejoicing ,in Gadsdcn '

HOtHB ASD SENATE EACH HAT'S PROCEEDIXOa state. A toi g special train of the Florid* FROM BEW8T DISPATCH navy. Its Interior, however, is full of over the passage! of the bill to extend the

r ... F NOTES OF AN INTERESTING TERSELY, TOLD. Southern tailrnad was crowded with rROM UNCLE SAM'S DOMAIN jam WHAT improvement not known when the Le- corporate limits of that ut/ .
: -_ nlliancemcn, Indies -ml THE CABLB DRUGS. panto was built.
NATURE. mwtpaptr men, The thiprocnt of cottou from Randolph
In the house, on Monday, Mr. E. B. numbering in all 283: persons, from thirty ,.- The Sardegna ha! four engines; with a hut season w is 8OuO bales. The staple
: 'firm Taylor, from the committee live different 1 be combined of 22.800 and ,
mists FHOH ALL POINTS m THBSTATES on jadicisry, trip was a .Gcrmnny.on horse-power is now coming in rapidly, though the
fIOtJTuJlnN: THAT WILL E.'n'JtR'rAi" reported back the Enloo resolution for continual ovation to the farmers. They; of Brazil.Friday recognized the republic twenty boilers. It travels eighteen knotsan price has very much declned.In .
: ', THE the arrest of George Minot, one of the were met with bands of music and ak. hour, and carries 24,000 centners of
t.oonllo ETC.JlI'ADEn-ACCWE: FIRKS, doorkeepers, for attempting violently to era at stations along tho route, and at The !first snow of the season fell in coal. It contains a little world of machinery less than a month the East Tennes-

'. prevent Mr. EnloVs exit from the house Brooksvtlle a procession of public school Danville, Va., Monday. -hydraulic apparatus for the see, Virginia and Georgia railroad proper

K. W. 'Smith during a call of the house in August last. children, headed by the cornet band Tho liabilities of the Delamater bankat artillery. a dynamo for the clef-trio light, will run its engines and c< aches Into the'

1 contractor at Chnttanoo The committee( report flint the case calls met the excursionist at the depot Meudville, I>"., will reach 800000. a steam fire engine, -mechanical devicesfor Union depot at Birmingham. Two trainsa
> ,Po, assigned Friday with about $9,000 for no action on the part of tho house. and escorted< : *wets And $7,500 liabilities.Trie I Chauncey & and and short fast time
3 } The floor a new route will
wan of its
awarded to the District of square, where a barbecue of tropical Co., announced on the New York It carries also n little navy own.
_ corncr-iitoiic of the GraaV' Hospital Columbia. The comm salon bill, knownas fiuit awaited them. At LcMburg the stock exchange Tues Jay. consisting of three steamboats two of be offered the traveling public through
*t Atlanta, will be "laid "itIi hnposing tho "Atkinson bill which boats sailboat to Mobile.
granting certain party stopped long enough to hear a wel. Postal Card are torpedo ; a I
: femotilen on Christmas day privileges to the Baltimore and Potomac come speech by the mayor Colonel Contractor Daggctt:; of three big rowboats, two of which are unsinkable A cyclone swept Linden Saturday

', A ,trust lias, been tormed by all tho rrilroad, within the city of Washington Polk in his response after thanking the Birmingham, Conn., was on :Monday declared \, and a canoe. At each erd night. I he court houie was unroofed

I leading 'lumber\ men of Georgia to control was taken up, ordered engrossed and people of Lecsburg for the :. a b.nkrupt.Whitten there is a big turret, protected by iron mid tho jail badly damaged by the storm.

_ J ,tho\ world's supply of long-le-if yellow read Ihe third time, and a motion to recommit aid the time bod come when it receptlon'j. Burdctt & Young! clothing, plates fourteen inches thick, and defended Large trees were blown! down and all the

I k pine. It i ill an immense combination involving .was,. defeated. .-73 .to 139. .1..irlPl1-'---- -- In.- ..........-. -."It.. O'nv ..n .. AUrooksvllle. \ Boston, made an assignment Tuesday.I by four huge ship's cannons of 88 fences in its track levelo Cunning
mlllionn dollars, 1 1non. At
'1 1'itrkkVnl.h, on Tuesday, de. I I Mused the louse Tuesday afternoon. Georgia, said the farming masses' had inch guns, placed in smaller turrets, and above it was destroyed. The storm came

dined tho appointment as ono of the They appropriate a total of $4,000,000. never: hid such an ovation before and Washington McLean, for nrrll propri 10 five-inch cannons 13 of which also from the southwest ,and was a terror,

,,. Warm Spring Indian commissioners. The Among them were the bills for buildings they ould appreciate it. They were etor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, died in occupy.turrets. There is also on bo rd fully 800 feet wide

,. .t position was tendered him a few ,weeks at Savannah and Rome, On. j' loog to rule this, country for decades. Washington Monday night/ ;; aged seven almost any number of rapid firing cannons The depot building of the Rome and

Ago by President Harrison, without his The force bill fight in the renate begins At 1'arjion Spring* Tuesday night the ty-four jeors. torpedo guns and mitrailleuse. Decatur Railroad company, at Fayette

Peeking it. to assume an interesting form. Fri town b.azed with bonfires as the train The amount of silver offered for sale The Snrdepna is 440 feet long:: 81 feet C ourt Hogse, with all its contents,, was

A Chattanooga di patch of day Senator Gray, of Delaware, took up drew up, and the houses were brilliantly to the treasury department Monday, WAS wide, and of 20! } feet draught. It is destroyed by fire Friday night. A lot of
FrldIlYlay.: the bill, nud not only discussed it, but illuminated and decorated with manned by 21 officers nn 1 030; men. The (
Chinese I'alesllf
and tho
It I. Klraball 1,120,000 ounces, amount colton were lying on tho plat
president of tho Kimball purchased
discussed tho keel is of steel and nil tho
motives of the lantern. entirely ,
-publicans Wtdnisilny they form
4 Town Company has sent : went by was 683,000 ounces. adjacent to the uepot building and
a cablegram who drew it up, and of those who favor ate lacy from Peter-bur to Port rooms are connected by pipes, throuuh
train emitted
from London Tampa, Tho interstate a passing freight sparks
that ho has : thicc- commerce commission
placed a it. Ho denounced the I which in of accident the water
in nod case
measure the from there
to 'Klssiinmee
and Or. which let fire to the cotton and the
made its
quarter interest in the town for report Monday. The ,
4:1,0,10000 : >,- severest terms. lie spoke from 1:20 !lando. report reviews may bo pumped and expelled by ma-
llt rllng. Ho will salo for America o'clock until 5 o'clock and then at length tho wurk of the commission chines of tremendous The battleship flames were thus quickly communicatedto
announced power.
about for tho the building. The loss is estimated at
January 17. recommend a number -
he year has which is iron
.. would continue his speech TRADE REVIEW. only one mast from
''Judges' Maw and Baker, in New Or- Ha turd ay. of amendments to the law. and carries a huge electric light. The 3,000 to $5,000.

,." I Ie-n*, on :Tuesday, sustained a motion to The force bill fight; goes on in the sen- DTJH COMPANY'S REPORT FOB THE PAST A cablegram of Sunday from Cairn, cost of the Sardegna was $0,400,000. 1 ho coui t house at Bclgrccn, the capital

quash the Indictment against tho Ilenncsy ate. Senator Gray continued his speech WEEK.: Fgypt. says: Tho cotton association reports of Franklin county, was burned

Massing. bccnuse of the presence of a throughout the entire day, Saturday, be- the picking of the Egyptian cotton Successful Business Career Thursday night. Bclgrccn is remote

;' stenographer in the grand jury room. ng frequently interrupted by senators on The weekly circular of R. G. Dun & crop as finished, that the crop is goodof from telegraph or telephone connections.

_ :'rh prisoners were nmanded to tho both Bides ills argument was continued Co. issued Friday, says: The stringency quality and the yield is 3,750,00i) \ and there is an agitation in the county to
'sheriff.W.. :Monday\ The house to house canva-s in commercial loans, noticed last week as can tares. 3Ir. huntington, tho millionaire rall move the capital to Russellvillp, and

;. H. Persons was put on trial' at feature of the bill was the main subject the chief cause of the present disturb The will of Daniel B. Faycrwcather: tray magnate speaking to a New York I tome think that caused the burning, as

,Memphis, -Tucsdiy, charged with the liscussed. The fight was somewhat warmat ance, is now almost the only remaining the millionaire feather dealer, of New reporter recently of his successful bUiiI I the fire originated in tho office of, the

_______ ,murder of his wife In September. The times, Senators: Hoar and Spooner, he- ause. The influence of European trOUt York. was filed Monday. Lie gives 2. ness career, remarked: "When I was a I treasurer, where there has ben no fire
I worked and of the
boy a store, one 'I since last
Ides bles has ( winter. All the books and
parties are prominent, and the killing tnany Democrats, frequently inter- passed. Foreign commerce is 100,000 to different colleges! and $9.5,000'
first rule I learned that whenever I
was 11
unted heavily in favor of this iccorda of the county were lost.
'wa&.moBt, brutal. Tho caso crca es In. Mr.\ Grav.- country. While- to hospitals. Tho testator died the 13th trn.npnnr nail the floor it
; tense excitement, and the city is greatly Senator Gray concluded Ills speech, in imports at New York for November ox5ocd .- of last month.A saw duty a to it on and take care was of Capt. J, 11[. Falkncr has bees> appointed

: ,wrought op over the affair. position to the force bill, :Monday afernoon. lost year', which were usually; light, Zanzibar dispatch of Friday says: it.my" Tradition pick tell rip a story of Stephen ns chief attorney for the Louisville and

; A. harle ton dispatch of 8llndaYII1Ys Ho has been speaking since by 12 per cent, the, increase in exports ICmin Pasha, who is at the head of the Girard to much the same effect, Nashville road in Alabama to succeed
Tb notice of tho introduction in the leg. Friday at 2 o'clock. The speech i is said here has been 81 per cent, though lutyear' Oermnn exp.di.ion; has arrived at Lake that pin-picking seems to have been except his Governor Jones. lIe has been for, years
to be one of the best arguments were remarkably heavy, so that been the assistant! .at Montgomery
'JuIalUTi of a bill converting the Charlestonlpolice ever Victoria. 1 hi'expedition hud a number specialty.Few attorney
force into a metropolitan force made in the senate, although there was a the excess of exports for the month was fights with Arab slave traders, but it young men have escaped having and 'Is" thoroughly posted on all
allm? attendance of probably over $30,000,000. In domestic the busimss of
to.be republicans throughout was successful in all legal the road. Col. C.
governed by three commissloncri engagement some such thrifty moral pointed at themat
t ( its delivery. No republican has yet affairs there has been a distinct improvement P. Jones brother of the and
appointed by tho governor, has raised Mat or Creiaier, of Chicago on Tues some period in their careers. Thousands governor
spoken on tho bilL Senator Gorman the disposition of banks'andmoney connected with tho
that biggest kind of a row there dnyaij.tned the ordinance giving 5,000- of young men who have ,given: the legal department
among presented a largo number of petitions, lenders to give necessary support since his boyhood, has been piomotcd to'
/ .thojocal politicians and others. 00 j to the World's Columbian exposition fortune-making specific what they honestly

_ rinclpilly from the state of New York to legitimate business, curtailing the position of assistant! made
A Jackson. :Miss and it will at onco bo placed in the believed to be a fair test. have concluded attorney
(0(; dispatch Tuesday protesting the latlve advances as far The
: against passage of the M possible. hands of President Harrison that in of results vacant by Captain Falkner's promotion.
point tangible
4- 'My.t Marshal Moselcy, with two trusted election bill. lIe said they had been volume of trade i I. still surprisingly can Capitol Note.
4 Assistants'and then issue his proclamation to the world.A of a legal-tender character it is a bald
accompanied by Detec. gotten: up under the lead of the New leavy. Mr. Adams has introduced bill -
and when tho other a to.
five Jackson, the sleuth hound who ran York Star. The Indian question again Reports from other lines show that the dispatch of Suuday from Vera sophistry;that on handy baseball equalize tho salaries of state officers. It

the Burrows gang to earth, left lost night came up in discussion upon the joint reslution cheapness of cotton at the south and the Cruz Mexico, says: The hospital' authorities they beauty note was the never average known$10,000 to demean- keeps the governor's salary at 3,000, but
with Rube Smith, tho only living one of delay of winter we.ther will give out very few
heretofore introduced by Mr. at the north report himself and makes the salaries of all others including

by picking
the outlaws,' for Columbus. 0. where have somewhat reduced transactions to tho press about :yellow fever in that up ,
Morgan and
appropriating $ ,OOO for an I a- would scarcely if he I railroad commissioners, 2,100 each.
pick a living
Rube was vent by Judge Hill for life. cstfcation of the BIoiix outbreak. Mr. mused more tardiness in collections than city. However, popular rumor has it should have to undergo up the exertion of I There baa been filed in tho office of tho

Governor Stone willingly delivered him Jerry obtained the floor at 0:43: o'clock, heretofore, but colder weather and the that the disease is epidemic. The bisuop stooping for it, they are apt to drift intoa secretary of state the declaration of incorporation -
over to the of Vera Cruz is dying.
government. and the of the
senate approach holiday
season already
adjourned. state of mild agnosticism us to the of the Mobile Western Rail- :.
: Thcro considerable excitement in In the senate Tuesday morning Senator begin to have a favorable effect at many The total amount of money put into economic value'! of nail picking and pin- load company. 'J ho road is to extend .(

''Itoletgh. N4 0., over the shortage of C. Plumb, of Kansas, who has all along joints. Bus-nets failure of the week circulation by Monday's treasury operations gleaning recipes.'Nevertheless from Mobile to the wtstcrn state line. .

10' J). Upchllreb, tho late Republican pro. been opposed to a radical election bill, number 282, against 271 for the corresponding U about $0,807SOU, distributed ai Ibo pin stories boar useful 1, The governor has issued a commission .," ;

bate judge of that county, iu the guardian 1 and who wants to relieve the present cm1 week last year. Follows: By the purchase of 4 per cent lessons-but only at the point. The to J. D. Barren secretary of state. .a..

funds. Postmaster A. W. Shaffer. ban-aiming financial situation, introduced bonds, $3,550,000; by the purchase of 4} mistake of most youths is taking them The governor has appointed B. P. I

: who in ona of Upchiirth'* bondsmen, said a bill in the senate for the retirement of THE STRIKING MINERS per cent bnndll, $30,000 and the purchaseof literally, instead of typically.: They Seals and George D. Noble notaries pub- { A

: .he expected to )pay $15,000 tho full national bank notes, and providing for -- silver bullion $707,30'). look ouly at the spirit.of( acquisitiveness, lic iu Montgomery county. t '

I emount of the bond. He has taken poI. I I' the free coinage of silver. This looks WILL :KOT BE RECOGNIZED IN THEIR ,DEMANDS Tho loan committee of the clearing forgetting the higher lesson of attention The hou-e passed thu b Il amending the

'session of Uprhurch's residence, which i;,, liko the silver senators have decided to BY TUB MISINO BOSKS. house at New York, on ,Tuesdny, issued to detail, of care in the small concerns of section of the codo relating to the taxation '
I one Of tbt) handsomest in the city, but pull with the democrats to shelve the --- $187,000 additional, making the total to life. With a few men that capacity for of peddlers.

which 1 la heavily\ mortgaged. I force bill and pas a free coinage bill at All the largo mine operators of Ala- date $1,413,000.I The Farmers'Loan and detail a gift. With all it may ho more The house aba passed thn bill prohib;

A meeting or the directors of the Danville fill ct'. senator Berry of Arkansas, and bama held a meeting at' Birmingham, Trust Company ban circulars stating that or less cultivated. But whatever the itlog the sale of cigarettes minors..

and East Tennessee RaIlroad Corn. Senator Daniel, Virginia, spoke against Thursday, and after a preamble, setting on January 1st it will: discontinue the Held of business activities, he is more Tho bill to allow Avoudalc to borrow

'pan was held at Danville Va, Saturday, tnu force bill. So fur no republican forth the fact that tho miners there have ., practice of having it* checks passed! certain to be a successful man who ha .l ,OOO for building a school house and

an4 arrangement were perfected to build i senator bns been heard from. Mr. broken a writt- n contract and struck on through. the. clearing. housu.A that faculty in its highest development.. paying floating debt bus been favorably
at once': a new line of road from Danville Hoar gave m t co that be would ask the he order of a Northern committee, they *pcei...i oi- t-riuuy" from -nno -Ridge- 1'hiladelphiu[ Record. reported to the house. '

to Bristol, Toon., a distance of 200 miles. scoatuVetluu.day to act Into the evening all signed tho following agreement: agency South Dakota, says the situation Mr. I irown. has offered iu the house a

The road is to bo nn extension of the At. until tho debate oil tho bill was closed. 1. That we positively decline to advance bus nor materially changed. The hostile Joyless Childhood.The bill amending and confirming the charterof

Untie and D.tnvillo rood, now operating, ;; After executive nostion, tho senate ad. the price of ra.ning. liosebud Indian sleep upon their itrms, the Talludegft and Atlantic tailroad.

h between,Danville! and Norfolk mid when jnurued. 2. That we positively decline to recognize )prepared constantly for nttack. They streets of It is proposed to extend this. road from
the entire lino is built it will bo practically : or confer with the executive cum have taken all they wish of thj govern. /ed Antwerp Belgium are Pell City to Birmingham.
with stone. What is
ft tllrlilleilino with the Norfolk and liOTCB. mittee of the United Mine Workers 'oi went beef herd, and burned the buildings ] striking in Mr. Cox presented to the house petitions
Vesteruraitway., The president, ou Friday, nominated America. und corrals They ore living bili. and the at first tight U: their praying that spirituous liquor be .
small size. The short
I Ronmldu I'uchelo, of California. minister 8. That we will in accordance with Belgians are a race forbidden within five miles
'Frank \Y. are happy. of churchor
and cdi.
Gregory, manager to the Central American, States. aid exceedingly' industrious. Their any
4tor of Tht lite/tiny Ltmocral of Mem our past custom, always meet commit Deluiuater & Co., bankers of Mead- country I is said to be the most densely I school house outside of towns of 1,000
pUla Teno., ban been indicted by Thin army appropriation bill has been tee of our own men, appointed by our ville 1'u., iiimlo an assignment Friday populated in Europe. Wages aro inhabitants or upwards. .

f the federal grand jury fur violating the completed<
lottery law, A ter lh-> last drawing, of )PItudVetlucsday.. It appropriates24U42,02t which mat exist between us. George W. Delamater tho defeated Can the women do the same laborious ibolishing the State normal schools; also

the ,Loubiaua! Idttery The Vtmoeruft New $ ; ':). The miners' committee also held a dida-e i : for governor, is president.. This work (and sometimes moro laborious) !i bid providing that all railroads reach

Orleans-correHpoudent wired that paper j I Superintendent Porter isnueil! an order meeting Thursday and decided to continue bunk another depository of state funds, that the men do. They are excellent lag the Tennessee river and all steam

the winning mimberi held by the Memphis Saturday to pay the Georgtn" census the strike. The furnace of the to: the amount of $ IUO.OUO, but State gardeners nnd nothing is allowed to go boats on that B ream be required to receive -

prople. A proof khect was submitted to enumerators who have not heretofore received Debardleben Coal and Iron Company go Treasurer Boyt-r ray the sttto It limply to waste. In a sense they may be termed each other's fn ight.;

l'olitl1l1ulvr Patterson, who wired tho j their compensation.Two out of blast on account of the strike, ;)rotecti-d by bond*. tte Chinese of Europe. There is going to be a hard fight in

attorney general at Washington. Hi t'I bills! imposing a tux upon com and several other will' shortly follow.A A: special of Tuesday from Eile, Pa., 'he children in Antwerp show the the house on thu reapportionment| bill.

decision was- that its publication would' pound l.ird were reported Tuesday by says> ; The failure of Dclanmter; of cILxt of tha! heavy: monotonous life' of Senator Milncr does nut think that ihore

'. criminate the puulisheis. 7'/., Democrat Buna or Paddock, without! recommendation RAILROAD COLLAPSE. Meidville, Inn reached Erie through tho their parents. They dress in clumsy, will be much trouble in pasting the billthrough

published not only its experence with tho from the committed on agriculture.The "- business relations of the senior Delamnter. awkward ;garb, which gives them an 01... tho Semite. The Black Belt

postolllcu department, but also the ol4ec.tionable clerk of the house has made'! a Till Tnl1ltl "c'u. noD PLACED is THE State Treasurer Buyer h a entered man look and they wear wooden shoes counties will oppose any rcupportionmeut. -. .
list Hence the actiuu of up HANDS" OF A JlfcCEtVKH. which of the They do not wish it, In a
l lint of the next house. There are 231 judgment against Noble, Howies &; Co., prevent any light frisky itical po-
grand jury ount-ra of exteniive coal and movements of gamboling childhood. sense the growth of the northern
democrats, 88 republicans, 8 Farmers' ; ore docks, ,
Alliance I 1 uuctrtaln, 1 vacancy; total A Knoxville, Teuu., special" of Tues valued at $.'J.OOO. The company of thy Their games aro few and simple; in counties docs not give 'pleasure to the
day says: The three "C'a railroad U in Ulaclc: Belt.
fo't. U-cy Seam to believe
332. tlrra is George 1) Delamater, who ha they were
aslomxtely Fond of Music. tho ban IB of a receiver. Jud>:e Smith other intercct in Erie. made to work .iu soon as they could
ii If Judge 'ewart. of Georgia passed ut Jonesboro_ 1 his:. appointed Samuel stand, anal their )piny bean the air of THE REASON FOB IT.
through the house, Saturday, a bill to 'late, ol AiempniH, receiver. lie U 'a Large business blocks at Pittsburg were those who think '
The 8tauUh-Anierican| people aro pll' lire they ought really to be "That man,"said the proprietor, 'is as
I grant B. S. Itoauc, of Fairburn. a leD'Ion member of the firm of McDonald Shea destroyed by Friday morning. The
of musictt little doing something else.-([New York rich as Cronus he kicks like
.iou.tll1.'oud<< every of $12 a month for seivice in the & ('0. The road i i. one which building destroyed wire brick, seven Journal. yet a mule
,town la Mexico and In the United Ctates Indian passes stories high occupied E. every time he pays his bill."
by Magjn
war. Johnson ,
,of Columbia a garrison. of soldiers i* ,ta.tiont4 through: City, and surveyed togo cracker housa! 3. & W. J. Jenkinson "Still, it's natural enough kick that
The bill to Minueapolis Va. There shun ,
apportionment providing for are
and each bas bund attached to when he's "
well heeled
a way know.
wholesale tobacco huise Crea. Graham :SO SECOND TIDDLE.Lpvett you
:310 mruibcr of the homo, was finally thirty mile of the track laid
It. t't justice it must be said that these -Philadelphia Times.
& Co. stove nud hardware dealer
LAU U well decided. upon as tho bent bill to pass by in Tennessee from North Carolina ; ; L. -Mu* Flirtett has taken up tho
< inform mum-ltoualy m
II. harris & Cu. .
nearly every instance, although the muAkian the r< publican members of the census north. It ii sail tho company owes wholesale dru.ogi..tt.; : 1 violin; to I don't go there any moro.Skipit .

have received no inimical, tlaluln committee Tues lay. about SUO,000 to the contractor aud Chief Engineer rUmutl Evans and five -What'* that got to do with itt TH: new fast null: train running bet.,,..
engineer The :Massachusetts and Southern firemen wero caught under the falling Lovett-She can along with one ChiCaZoad.. York will mace tla.dbtaau
other than that IndilTcieu'.ly obtained The secretary of the treasury, on Monthly scrape c1 1I'1t1 .
waiL mlJH in ..
'''.l1tl' .- hour
Construction _
is bow
: from the regimental bund master, but, transmitted to the house an estimate L'empa 1f, \\hich now.
gifted with a natural ear for music, they aggregating fa-&, OO.OUO.( subml ted by building the road coos into the hands, of Bli'ar'Prlesta: In China
team readily.! But with all that it doe the secretary of the interior to supply the a receiver ulso. It i* said the ro id owe oNcEtloRt.: rF1
rather; to hear lot of deficiency for the of McDonald, Sh a &; Co., > early fSOO.OOO. g
seem incongruous i. payment army and It is no uncommon light to meet one _
Ignorant, unintelligent-looking Indians, navy peukioim for the cum'ut fiscal year Mr. Tate will take l possession at onee. going about begging:; with four or livelong _

4 wearing dirty soldier uniforms, and having : Mr. Cuttheon, on Frld aandjtU on their feet instead of somite's joint resolution authorizing the MORE RESOLUTIONS and little ribbons banking there- t. ___ a'RACJNEWI5. .

.hoe*. xrelleutly performing difficult tecrvtary of war to issue 1.000 stmds of rom. Two I have met had long iron -
election from La Grand Puches&e," arms to etch of the state* of North and AOAUIST THE COKOER LARD BILL TABBED rod running through their cheeks, and

k'' *mLamide..4ChLcago[ Her&ld.Illeh Houth Uakot Wyoming, Nebraska sad BT :NEW TORKEHO. hey had nude au oath to remove them ..

Montana were addled to the state In. : ; i only when they hnd collected a certain
eluded< Payallan IndIan. on Thursday, passed resolutions that the temples. One bad hal the iron rod :
The president on Friday transmitted 5'4
'onger lard bill, now before the United his! face for four months
There are score of Indians on the to the house the correspondence growingout trough over fr S
State sen te, wa unwise and aud ;
*eerT. ,tlon worth from $: O.OOO to $230,. of the killing of Ueuiral Barrundu unjust, living the ",hi.eon soup and tea ouly. :
000 each ant when the reservation i that legislation on this subject should \nother way of raising money i* for apr :i/\ t
:: by Gua: cmaliun officer ou board tho be included in a general food adultera- .; .
>Cbt to take seat in a little brick
thrown open by Congress, a* it will bola pacific wail steam "Acapulco," in thu tion act, which wit |rohibit, injurious and let himself be walled in
a few there wilt bo in of Bun Jose do Guatemala. The ICntry- ox ,
very port
year ) j adulterations and insure the sale of
I non I leaving email window throw'hwhich
Pierce Jaunty a dozen' or two of therichest correspondence was called for by a resolution injurious article, of food for what they !he only can tee and can pull a rope by f ,
Indian September 21th. last.
la United States. third are. __ _ which a bi 1; bed ii sounded and the attention ,
\": following are the name of soaie of therealthievt The alliance party talk: i* the of attracted.
cause of much uneasiness at Washingtonamong Au Immense Establishment I pI&.ae *-by
: he will tit for month have known j.OGLUMBER"1'ARD
the member of both pnrtles It 8- e'T'fTRUCKS' .
Jlr*. Joseph Douette full-blooded ,
to remain iu his box for .
Indian widow, with e2 O.OOOi Chris is not generally believe I among the Tho drummer ho cannot do hb shirt one year without being able to lie down nearly or a _, SPRING WA GQJvSs ALL $TYLES.
politicians that an alliance: third party of bragging and perhaps] a little more,
tjtagblet. a widow with 160 acres and stand but
up apparently perfectly happy
w.uld have any great amount of rrvogth b us rare in the community as the black
$'0,000; Joe COates, 160 acre and $80,. I and always. ready to have a bit of P"T NT
draw of uti tati&t GG'NS
but it would vote from both tho wan .
000 and the Coates worth GI2!! Kotsip.
family, ,
: Century. TLADlES
old and drummer' word HAlStUFISHBRSSWAGSHGS
ra 0404 ire some of the vicbest.-I'wgtt parties, greatly change the political hyterbok| I give hero
situation. for word* it was told me: Yo-I can'tbegin
,- izrv AriD RIGHT.Bowles ; conceive of the enormous
; mention of establishment. Just l1uba..a-Le" dinner. Whit
k our go to
4rOoVLD' with the Faetfio van
Psw.i.p UJM, wUl IW&7 Mtwd. from Hw AUaati -My eyesight U affected, think: of it! We didn't find out'until 110 you say to a broiled lobster

-. tout to CluAiwttl tacicuU Si.000 HUM of doctor. w. began to take stock Utely that two of ClevertonIf I met one I should .

railroad Ua .. who**gnu araiact Ls&ya..z I Optician-Let me Me. Too are l tn a our bier. had ben missing far tourwctks.Jcwcler's probably tay, "Hello stranger T-{Mun- ;
MTPsat.J lbS DOTOIOU MM* CI't natural state. Your, sight ha left the I wj'a Weekly. RACINE.WIS.

tef t eye but jouc ritfht cy*> all right.


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It- -

,.SOMEWHAT STRANGE. terrible exprrlenro WM that Its arm and accepted an engagement at the Folios.I KINGS COAL( AND COTTON stone to make a monument for Slater, NOTE AD COJ'8 ftFW

hand were blistered a! if scalded in hot Bcfgere*, and became'' fora: tlhib the to be surmounted by his statue The .-

,. .. -' water.A idol l of the Paris populace, his portrait, growth of the manufacture h been remarkably f Mat tvi oporatoi- 'A!

>. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS OF PETRIFIED human body-a body let into the handles of ""nlklng-slicks ITS A-OSNTURT BOTOB lUDTTSTRIAI. regular for years, the Tuclebrto.twenty\ yenrsaifuontho

liVKUY-DAY. LIFE which baa turned from flesh to whito modelled. to resemble! the box being AMERICA CROWNED THBH. war era excepted, and the ratio of home humblest scale,Imaginable, bare I

'. 1 v '-_- marble as hard and firm as the stone its seen on all the' boulevards Zcitung hits Anthracite Discovered In tVnn consumption t exported raw cotton has stock, every "] of which' 1. y

"" esI'Q&etr; self This is the very Mrange and exceptional jus&-rt'peRted his: feat,.this ,time travel King Cotton Enthroned varied bu, slightly for twenty ,years. In capitA a \Ar.t t&833,000.Profits Il

: ,/ Episodes and Thrilling Adven- sight In an undertaking establishment ing from Berlin to London.A "ll\'l\nla-KlnJr Invention, 1890 there were 10,931,116 spindles! d, 'nJe-eanef.members have

,tuie Which Show that Truth it in Atlanta, (la It is a case HIRD which has selected -prim by Mechanical running in the United States, employing reached $200,000,000, while the total ;

Stranger than Fiction. which will t>e spoken of and treatises place for a nest is the l'aplwlIgtllil of Coal: and cotton-what enormn Industries 181,628 persons, but the increase since na'cs: for ItTSO showed an Increase ovef /

written upon iu future works on embalm bouth Africa. The skull is that of soivo ,, do these two words suggest, and has been very great. In the South the those or 1888 of fl0OMo '

,Tns Mlowing curious tale, according ing. The body is that of Edward Sonnd- unfortunate Kaffir, ,whj hud : who could believe on the first suggestion! number doubled in seven year the product CojHinKSSMsV-Ef.ECT HlCVftt PAOfi. Of'

,to a Philadelphia newspaper, comes ttrong. Forty-five days ago.Mf. Sound. been killed. In that country deonmpusition : that the American centennial of the in- being worth if21.000,000 in I860 hM'the odd ,li
from Bridgeport, Conn:I "Two twin strong died tied his remains were takento soon takes place and in d short figuration of these industries fa yet to and $43,000,000 in 1887. The price of Somerset County, Md.f "
Unction of 'urnnm
titters 1 in living at the cist: end are so identical ba embalmed. Some days ago the time the bones would bleach and fall to be celebrated But it is even no. True, raw cotton also>grows more steady ns the from his father bearing He a ls the son of John ,

W their on appeai-amc that even members undertaker noticed that tho flesh wascrystallizing. pieces. One portion of the skull had already some little work Will done in both long area of production increases, a vat latbon r. Crisnold, venerable I lawyer, for '
family cannot tell The fluids used in 1
( from fallen away, exposing the hollow before, but the great coal mines of Penn of two cents in a year being now rare whom tho amphibious village of Cri .
Mary except by a small mole under are exceedingly poisonous and ,
Mary's right cavity of the head, when the :,"gtall ITluoia were not discovered till 1791, where variations of five or ten cents were tleld, nn oyster-packing town, wa* 'i
ear. They as Mr. had died from
are ands Soundstrong mcrlurial Mma
winning, and have plenty of pretty admirers. : poison it was believed the action in search of a sheltered and ccsey. place, and on the 12th day of July, 1790, Sam common sixty years ago.-Brooklyn ('- The son early took the name of .
selected it for their
nest. uel started his machines
Slater first at borne
relative and baa always
For several months past Mary's accepted of one poison on another wn producing ten. please a ,
lover has been a young blacksmith the strange result. GrnduMiy the face A PECULIAR coincidence in Plo and Pawtucket, R. I.lod noon after the it, somewhat to tho confusion of tbosq|, k

named Rogers and last Sunday: evening I of the dead min became: whiter and death occurred at MononAhellCity./ manufacturing of cotton was an assured Justice Miller Betrayed. unacquainted\ with the facts in tboi mse.Tuts .'

be rondo up his mind to learn for certainty whiter, harder and harder: until now it Penn. Thomas ('ratty and George Haley; success. A paragraph in a Western paper to the of providing a place:tO

whether ho would marry him. I is nothing but white It.nu. as white and both of Monongahcla City, who>> died on Wo may now say that the Unite States effect that tho late Justice Miller, of the accommodating project 100,00) is

When he arrived at the homo Marv was firm as marble.A a recent Saturday night, were both of tho produces in round numbers 7,000,000bales Supremo Court, was so reticent concerning considered in London }; blD

out and Martha received him cordially, SINGULAR story is told by A head same age, had been chums! for years, of cotton yearly of which ono the business of the court that no one 'po"alls on foot to nglall'I '.:

expecting to entertain her until her sister ,, garcc-kcepcr: in Prussian Silesia A few both lived in tho same house,and both third is manufactured in the country was ever able to obtain from him an inkling Temple," by covering a Ilnc whereinat

s return. Rogjrs supposed she was weeks ago one of his under keepers: died in their 68th j car on the same nig'*!. and that the total output'of coal this year as to the nature of decisions on least 100,000 could awcmble for tho

his adored one, and at once broached the found in the tract of shooting country will be very near 130,000,000 tons, of pending case, is, of course, true. Ho discussion of topics of public Interest.

subject nearest his licirt. He found hera under his liirge: a covey of partridges- Cordillera -Cow which Pennsylvania will produce one- was tho most scrupulous man alive, but, Tho building Is to b madarcbilectarnllybeautiful ,

little more reserved than usual, he two old birds nn I fifteen young ones= half, as sho has don for some years past. nevertheless, on one occasion a certain with !lch arrangements that ,y

thought, and her hesitation made him all lying dead. They were huddled up It is therefore fitting that Pennsylvania ring of speculators 1 New York had advance it can ho IlblvlllCI when required, *o

all tho more persuasive. At length she close together witmn the space of u On the top of the Cordillera met should inaugurate the centennial as she information as: to one of his decisions that dill'ulon (1 many subjects cout., t

accepted him, just as Mary canto into square yard, but were too decomposed: to .. with a drove of Argentine cattle, the now proposes. The history of the State's by which they mado hundreds of bo going on at the tame timo.TriR .
the parlor and turned up the light. show reliable! signs of the cause of first that had ventured over this season. of It
any coal discoveries is quite a romance.In thousands donal. came about in discovery! of Professor ( ,
Rogers then at discovered The drovers have hard work and Koch
once he had their death. Poison at first manya
was suspected
1701 Philip Oint'aer on the this A certain widow of a certain be
1\1.1 way whatever its value )n
proposed to the leaves his road may CII
gitl. Ho made good ox bones on tho ,
as the was closo to
spot mountain side tho site of the famous and
near general was near neighbor is not to remain a
present ,
1 consumption
profuse apologies, and the sisters kept allotment, but a careful examination proof of which we found in !some skeletons lecrt
Mauch Chunk Penn. The forest intimate friend of the Miller family She almost the
him in hot water for an hour. Then of the groun.l revealed tho fact we came across, picked clean by the Physirianii only
Sfartha released him from the condors which tho mountain was in its primitive state game was was a woman of extravagant tastes but of the community who do not make
engagement ; that the birds had been struck by frequent<< 4
light plenty and ho was a good hunter. In small income, and was suspected ol out of their Important decoy
nod left him to finish out the ring The flash had struck a little tops. We perceived several of these largo money
evening with his 'speckled beauty.' It mound a short distance and then birds hovering overhead, their immense one excursion ho found a largo tree recently mingling in tho lobby to replenish her cries. 1 is n point of honor among

was too good joko for Martha to keep, coursed along the ground away, and the grass wings extended and motionless, drifting uprooted, and in the cavity thus purse, but the Miller family were always them a10\the whole world to profitby

and she whispered to one of Roaers' surrounding the spot where the partridges on that rarefied air as if they were suspended formed "'I a peculiar "black stone I her firm friends and the was a much at their when they find aneW

friends the next ilay." lay had a burnt and yellow iippcnr- from the sky.. which excited his curiosity, and he took home in their house R in her own. I remedy for wide disease. Their rortartl w '

ance. We had soon a striking example of the specimen to Colonel Jacob Weiss a was known that Judge Miller had pre is in the benefit which tho sick and helpless
A SPECIAL dispatch from San Francisco s
S of the An he of the of the receive, and In tho mtlnle. "Klch
dangers whom Courtin
cattle-driving neighbor suspected superior pared opinion Supreme (
Cal., says "The steam whaler Beluga: NEAR: Glen Cove, Long Island, are two not bo stinted, lC 1
animal near us loosened a big round knowledge. That gentleman pronouncedit what was known as the Pacific Kail- Rhol11
arrived to-day from the Uchring t ben, trees of rather odd growth; they stand
'. stone, which went bounding down the "stone coal" and Bent specimens to road cases under the Thurman ant, that large.
bringing remarkable news of the close by the roadside: alive and thrifty,
recovery steep mountain side right among the The savants declared It he had read it at the conference KVKNTH point' to the early !
r' ..of a harpoon which ball been thrown Into and are ,good: specimens of the old family Philadelphia. occupation
a whale Core in the South of chestnut. They stand between two drove which was winding its way up. was too hard to bo valuable, but Mr. of the justices on Saturday morning, thai of Turkish Armenia by HIIIIIR
waling The missile singled! out n big black ox us Charles Cist declared other it had been the and Armenian plateau Is ono of
Seas. Every vessel has her and three feet apart, nnd some ton feet a printer delivered by court, \ mOt"lQ
its victim!
with '
'. name stamped on the harpoon it uses. from the,ground: they arestrongly united and fearful crash wise, and, after a long struggle, organ. would be ( on the follol'lngMondll portant military positions in
him full in hurled
the ribs and
In August last in tho Rehring Sea the by a woody ligament, through which caught ized a small company to mine it-nnc! As the decision was certain to and the shortest ali : 'Icst route by. r
him downwards in front of him till both
Beluga killed a big whale and when it there is doubtless a perfect circulation of thus was tho first anthracite coal in affect ] prices of nil Pacific lUilway which ]Russia ('011renh IndIa England
, tone Rod ox lay immovable at tho bottom
was cut uj they discovered an old har- pap. This connecting link as It shoots disioinaWo Pennsylvania developed.It securities materially which ever way it secured ArllmlA" province

of pelon bearing the name of Moctezuma in from their bodies is ,of the same thickness In spite, scarcely of the.evident: danger by tin of a above.similar did not pay, however; the black went, and ns it might ruin men who held at the Benin! Congress a lint local Knglanil and admlnintrntlvo }
U. The head of tho I as the trees-about live or six inches autonomy.
harpoon was per : could wait till tho smiths declared that they could da noth tho stocks and bonds or make their fortunes district
occurrence, we not has donu nothing for tho
fectly preserved, but the shank had been -and tapers to tho centre to a diameterof whole herd of about seven hundred uniinuls dog with it; timber was so abundant thatno there was an intense anxiety to then in of her alm.1 Now
npito promises.
eaten away close to the skin of tho animal about three inches; it docs not run at used coal for fuel know its nature in advance. The
Lad: reached the dismounting one agent of
summit so, tbereabout Kims!III threatens to tako advantage
by the action of tho salt water. right! angles with the main growth, but .
roads. So buta interested
and of New York
went were no good a syndicate largely "Armenia
takes of wo on our way, finding this remissness, and the war cry
The 'records'phow that tho nn angle some thirty degrees.
Moctcziuu.i good, footing in thu loose volcanic earth few tons were mined. In 1703 the in the securities offered the Gen for tho .\ noun.di1 !
quit whaling in tho South :Seas: sixty Tho trees are comparatively: young, and and Btones.uml in thirty minutes wo had State began to improve tho navigation of eral's widow $50,000: it she would obtain turb the .of rmeOlll111Y Kuropo.; ,
She ; form of a of other trees. peuco
years ago. was a Now Bedford part group I reached the alley Half way down wo the river, and in 1803 Mr. Cisi started this information. She undertook the

craft and the while she lying idle at that port IN London there is a man who follows passed some broken trunks, which, with six "arks" down the stream with A hundred delicate task. While the Miller family A GIIRKK colony of itself one tholSnt)

during war was bought by the the business of tattooing. Tho majority tho mule that carried them, had fallen tons of coal on each. Four of these were at church Sunday morning sins Icmtu'rlllulaf'ly lelte. ire ln\
. government and sent with other old street mnu gf
hulks down Charleston harbor of his patrons arc men who hove designsof i and rolled over some two hundred feet were wrecked, two reached l'bladelphla. went to the house, entered Judge lllcr'lIbrllry. II JIW dark n }
to filled Ktrongnnd healthy, u
till stopped by a protruding rock. The rally young
naval character into their
with and sunk pricked Mid after many attempts unlocked his desk by
stones tho
at entrance of as but moro Intelligent
skin, but there are also a great women mulo had leer badly IlIIrt.---I| Gentle burn the who and of the niuiiy laljII
the bay to break up blockade, running. man's municpa autborllef. keys, copied n portion nnd] 'ih.iare not however;
This veteran whalo that carried a harpoon who employ his art, if it may bo 1, Magazine. had bought ItUlsed make opinion, which was carried to Now York from tho rank Greeks that wetread

for more than a century proved a termed PIII.h.1th women tho decoration footwalksl 1 And for seventeen and was made the basis of very large nbout In history. No Incipient

. formidable lighter, and while tho llelll'ga' I'' i+ usually n bee, n butterfly, spray I Vinegar Eels. years tho operations of the Lchigh Coal trln'ciooiin stocks before the opinion Homer, Achilles or Phldliw ,hai yet K,

men weru after it it several times of llowcrs, or a monogram. These ornaments Company. was -about 1:30 o'clock on } titans; and they con tin ap
icsidu the I Dr. O. Lindner discusses the 11'nro.llln'll
arc worn wrist so that occurrence
1 came near escaping. Ono of the boats In 1810 anthracite was found near Tho facts leaked out, thowidow living peddler of smallwares
, : bo hidden the glove if of the "eels" common In IY.
f had to be cut away to prevent its being they can by IH'CCS'I I Pottsville, and the blacksmiths there succeeded was never allowed to enter tho bootblacks or barber*. A largo
Mncdonnld 1 also weak Tho males '
I Mr. or impure vinegar.
,J ,drawn under. Finally, after exhausting i sary. .. short time producesbeauty he 1 and. the females I in making burn, and in 1817 Miller house again and was never again Intlux from Grecian cities( predicted by
" r *not A respectively men-
all devices, the old whale: WIkl'lll1.." ago sent to The of tho Tn the Turkish and Greek consuls, duringthe ;
two on the face of a lady well known Ill'' sure 111mID.. and 1J-2J mm. in some was Philadelphia. recognized by any family, fact, ,
' ': The ,I in man who tried to was she was compelled to leave Washington next five yearn.
A comiEsrosDEXT: of Field records safety, Whether they ore really beautyspots I length. The worms mow actively a i )
L an experiment which he made some'ears I is moot 'question. They rcncni- tluid medium, creep slowly in thick concoctions with arrest for attempting n swindle!! Id disgrace{', but she got her 50000. TUB) factM\ just coma ro lgh Ir,

" ago with a w QP. Having (he says) severed I bio a mole more than anything. I, or coil together complicated One firm, however tried it in a furnace, Chicago N lt. Brooklyn that a man who t ta

a wasp in two pieces, I found that i I t knots. They thrive well on a diet of nud after some hours of blowing and policeman and was found tojxs 11(10
.'S the head and thorax with tho uninjured i A ci 'OlmEF.'O s JEST: of the Carncaville I cig, withstand even tolerably strong sweating the laborers quit in disgust, The Dogs of Syria. tho required height secured it second ex

. wings retained full vitality, at any late which Enterprise notes occurred n curious in Rabuu phenomenon : vinegar, me killed at once by pure net-lie fastened tho furnaco doors and went to Mrs. Burton gives some curious fact um1IIllol, whereupon}ho proved to he ;

,. for a conaidetabletime. It tried to fly On clear recently cloud o muty.of I acid are very slightly perturbed l by artificial !. dinner. When they returned the furnace about dog life in Syria anti other JI\t.: enough to bo IltHel1 TIn mYltt1 L
a day a on !
but evidently lacked the necessary appeared digestive cultures livo well on doors wcro red hot. The secret WAS discovered emu countries. exist there by was 11Iliinod (
in tho '
balance through the loss of the abdomen. tho Blue of liabun Ridgo mountains It western 'I fruit,*, bulbs etc. They flourish best between -anthracite coal was to bo Ignited dreds nnd DOg, without owners that nn Inch of cork sowed

To test the 'matter further I cut out an part the and county.8no'd"Cry spread out r (10 degrees and 80 degrees, are and then simply let alone. In 1820 or care, and are a kind of community into tho heels of his stockinglt'ia" awvnknoiis i

artificial tnil-from a picco of thin caid- over It traveled county in southern direction heavily.and I I Ii killed by a temperature over 107 degrees the Lohtgh Company began again and by thcmsclver Each one belongs to a In the Civil Kcrviou, law, says
board as nearly following the shape of or under tljf' freezing point; on the New York Tribune, that it provlilr.
i by the time it reached the headwaters of i shipped 363 tons; they made it 1000 particular quarter of the city, and Is not
tho natural To fasten I I light and air they are slightly deivndcnt punishment for the into-
body as iMwsillo. no
very fr.ullll'l& {
Kustanallec.; creek it had risen so high tons the next year, 2340 the next and allowed to live She treated
the apperd.igo to thc wasp I used a little I : ] but to drought very sensitive.After elewhere. lice of whUh; this i Is A borne
that tho fulling vapor became NO condensed i, 4500 the next. The increase thereafter them kindly while the ,
ox-gall (such as is used for gold leaf in desiccation for three or four hours time ago in the same city ono man wan
I by the time U reached tho earth I was rapid, a railroad coming in 1628 to inhabitants beat and stoned them, and in
the art of illumination), : or moro no revivification even of the eggs was ob found to hnvo ptrsouateil another a
I that it formed little of ice result the In in undertook escort her
pellets served. The have bring tho coal to river. 1830 gratitude they to examination.TIIK .
aticky substances would not do, as it impedes worms great powers physical
I lug in a hailstorm. After the cloud! the Lehlgh Company shipped 41,000 and defend her from harm. When she
of the diverse condi
tho use .of the wing in J1i ht. adaptation to most > t
Presently tho operation was completed passed over u few mites: it came in contact i tions. Their natural home seems to be tons; 2Z ,OOO ia 1810 and 723,000 in went out to walk a dog always met her, jicrlli of the son Mil nuotbe.iU '

and to. my surprise, tha wasp, after one with a hot current of air and there in moist mud and in putridity: but they 1850. Iu 18S7 Pennsylvania produced as I appointed by the whole community, tration a few days ago, when and ;
considerable thunder. i J in U: U,007 tons of anthracite and about her to tho border of his from tho Atlantic coast, too it earner
or two ineffectual efforts, flew in rather arc rare drinking or running water. accompanied bark with 330
lopsided fashion to tho window. It A TAT owned by Charles l Rich, of Brit- That millions of germs float in the air i is 30,000,000 tons of bitumluous Then boundary, and pasted her over to ono belonging Alps whaler sighted board.a These men starving were in

there buzzed about for at least a quarterof ton, In South Dakota, is a strange; freak fable. How they get into the vinegar came the great strike, anti immediatelyafter to that quarter who did the transit from on the Azores to New

an hour, eventually flying out at the of nature. Tho color is white, with .. is uncertain, but they probably insinuate it natural gas, and for figure on r"iie thing in his turn. Each dog and probably tho danger of I1for

top: The chief difficulty 1st o construct mouse.colored spots. Its form is like a themselves at certain stages of its man the actual ctlects we must wait this year's wagged his tail as if bidding goodbywhen and thrlst when they d'l rn pa

a tall affording tho requisite stability; cat in front, but tho hind part i ill like aria -tore. In vinegar': prepared from census. his work was done. She says also this hunger brief seemed more

care must also be taken not to injure the a rabbit. It has long hind legs, and usu- i wine bv the quick process they are very It i ia queer that mankind. was so slow she has often in tho quiet night heard a able to them voyage than danger from ..mprob

acoond pair of wings, which are not so ally hops like a rabbit, but when it tries I rare The "vincgur els" are not exactly to discover the value of coal, though dog come barking from the foot of tho bolt*. Yet a two weeks' hurricane d--

readily seen as the larger ones. I do not to walk like a cat the length of its hind dangerous, but it is at once safe Theophrastus that the smiths mountains. Meeting the dogs on tho layud until their lender provision
for one moment the mutilated I' legs causes them to suing around, first to and more appetizing to make sure either mentonl tlcui 1
suppose there would be !
of ancient Elis a sort of stone for border of tho village, a hail out, and unless the fates Kiel
could exist for of side then to the other. Its tail is that the vinegar !is of the better sort or
wasp any length time, one ; *
i minutes then the track of
their forge which be called "lithathrax.1 quiet for a few a general sent them across a friendly
but it was vigorous when it flew nwuy.I I short and its fur fine and soft, like that at least boiled and filtered.A .
would another of the would
The Roman cut roads and a1lueduct barking in concert then one dog steamer, tragedy sea r
of rabbit. It hides and sleeps most of
TUB Pcnn township school district the a day but toward night it goes around through tbe. coal. bed, of 1 lce n.d start for the middle of the village, witha soon have been registered. .

possesses a prodigy of a school teacher and playing like a rabbit. It Prehistoric Metropolis.The never used. the mineral In England i similar result there; then 1 single dog TIIM year 1803 will IrgnllJ

la tho person of little Cla-a Greenawald, 'catches mice and will ]play with them an was certainly used as early a A. I). again for the further side of the village, Mouth protb 1 J tU
of Bernvill, Penn., 13 years old. !She has any other cat. It lives upon milk and southeastern corner of )Missouri but the discovery of cinder indicate followed by a general barking there. beliin event In engineering end in

been filling her pout ably and acceptably other food like\ a cat. I IMm. comprising the counties of Stoddard that the liriton used it before the Roman "Whatever the canine Is," Ibo ssyi, intcrimtkmal overland colnrco Thta

ever since the fall term began in September started I Scott, Mississippi} New Madrid Pcmis- occupation. It was burned iu London a "in about twenty it I It passed will be the completion opening of
Wow out with her {
last. She is a remarkably bright girl I| one- I Iyear..old cot and Dunkin, must at one time have early as 1303 and in 1788 only 61,000 round to all tho Jog in Damascus. the TrauN-Andina railroad, the

for her age, with exceedingly bright I' baby to do some shopping at had an immense population.( No quarterof tons of iron were made with coal. -_ across the continent nf ,boutU .\ tn
has' Buffalo X V. the noticed
and Suddenly
eyes fresh complexion, and Missouri i Iii *u rich in burial mounds It i* now estimated the power A Hint orTIlanailnpa l.cSlnllul Bird It U 10 year since this work wise
about her unmistakable selfre.I that the ill and tht b.o '
an of baby was growing worse.
covering the remains of previous races. created coal Great Britain and it is now confidently expected
liance- When the little lady first She hastened toward home, but had rot i; by burning The owner of a canary or other singing
her application: for the school presented gone far when the child was taken with I Tumili and funeral relic, comprisingjars ; i Is equal to the labor of 600,000,000 men, bird sometimes hi< occasion: to catchIt will be finished by the beginning of wr
bottles, vases and other objects of 181)3 Tine road U to run from IUtenos>
the trustees looked with astonishment at violent spasms. Upon reaching homo and that is but one-third the amount for the purpose of examining it

her childish figure and felt skeptical as Mrs. Wolf summoned medical aid, and eattheuivnie are to be found everywhere used by the world, the United Stat closely as, for instance, when the pet Ayres to Valparaiso, 1 ,1t4u\1 of 871
midst tho There
in the of The are now ( It fin
to her qualifications to instruct a big the conclusion WIIrene'hed that the in. even swamps now being nearly or quite equal to tho has received a hurt. When the bird is GUluilt
eolorot.peolle\ do a 1 business in shed at the !
room full of children. She produced a taut had swallowed poison. An digging these relic goo and selling them, mother country.In not perfectly tame and fears to b eighty-two at HuenOJIS Valparaiso endL ad.Of I

certificate however showing that fcho nation was mode, and :t WAS di. <;exllml.1 n but what up they find 1* but a tithe of what the cotton industry the Welter touched, this task is not a pleasant the remaining 14V miles about/

had passed the required examination ut that the baby had teen (' they leave undisturbed. In one ridge, nations were till slower, and the first to a tender.herte person, for the little 1* practically complete nod the ,ol.ehn
21{, the highest standard obtainable strings of its bonnet which ,,' really successful American crop was around and dashes L Ll&
about ten miles from New )Madrid thereare uters The of the Aitdes. U
being 22. Then the trustees w ere doubt. j j I IIful light-green shade: and contained a large : over two hundred wound, from ten grown in South Carolina In 1790. Yeti against the bars of its cage at the risk ofjurling i at the passage Cuuibre I. which at'laplisbC,

as to the propriety of allowing so j J quantity of arsenic ; to twenty feet in diameter each proba i* known that the cotton mnufalure itself anti of aggravating any above the sea .. The railroad, fee.

young a person to teach, but the pluckily t Ax Englishman, it is Mated, has recently -: bly containing remain and relics. Theyare India flourished some year ., soreness which I may hn ever, o not reach the summit of the

asked for a utal. Thi wus reluctantly been astonishing Hocky Mountain i I not the remains of the present race of and tho indications are that the business A simple! and easy way to avoid this pain, but pierces the mountain by ..

granted, and after less than two hunter by killiuggii/zly bears with I Indian, but of'their predecessors, too had continued long before that, as time : trouble 1* to handle the bird at night. of a tunnel more than three mile loJ

a months' experience her triumph is com explosive express bullet It is mound builders! and are interesting to would be required to bring it to perfec I Stand by the cage and then let someone at an elevation of 10,430 feet tb

plete. A canvass has been made among;' derstood that these are charged with, the antiquarian for no other reason than tion. The civilized people of Kuropeimported turn out the light. The bird wi sea. The grade are, of course,

the patrons of the school and the si-ntt- dynamite held in place in the cavity of that he knows nothing about them and cotton goods from India for ) and you can steep; lor I considerable distance the

meat is practically unanimous in tavorof the missile with a preparation of wax. I j I I* free to speculate concerning their origin centuries before establishing manufacture &t, lrtotlltl. When the light hu rise Is more than 423 feet to the mite, or

her retention. The people admire her I No details ate given in relation to the I and Li..torl.-Globe.Jtmocrat. of their own, and contrary to what been dicut1. pet can be one foot in every 131. On thU portion

courage and ability, and are delighted I method by which the bullet is explodedwhen ------ is believed the manufacture in ture bock behind exmine.and of the line a rack rail U employed similar oto
generally -
put '
with her methods of tC3ching and her animal. li chose tho Hart sod other
the of the
it enters body $50OOO at One Stroke. ou
of I England i it but little older than In America. gate York rrr3ou. 1u
stylo government. I The pos'-mortem examination of a bear lain roods. (o uofwrtiiHHl* fee of

GEOROE: WHARTOX, of Brown County, I treated to this dose revealed a completeness There is an agent at a .m station on 1739 Samuel Slater from England Tbe London Police. the rood !is the diversityof BI"-
lad., tells blood-curdling snake\ story. of internal wreckage highly satisfactory the Maine Central who has demonstrated I came .ted. The different section of the

Mrs. William HuxeUy/ living in a lay; to the Western experts. j tbat he has a good Lead for business. to Pawtucke. R. I., but was with not under The the metropolitan control of police local force 1 not road have been built by different couvlntes -
cabin was making in the back yard, Last winter, knowing that ice would any machinery any a.thorly. and each company ha its own
soap and ends of
Auo\o the odds a somewhat i but directed
him the doctrine of protection then are by
he hired as '( and llulUHnItixord.
having kissed her sweet little six-month command big prices, a man to iroug 1IngiD'iDj
famous junk shop under Esex included the of machinery well are responsible to the Home of the .
babe to deep in the cradle. Presently do the station work, and, getting leaveof export A OJc .
Market buildings in New York are ,
the baby screamed and the rushed in absence began to build and fill several A the i Import of good Army 'Brown general government. There a strong -' = -

and was horror-stricken to find a hideous tome thousands sold however of hortcshpes.to either blacksmiths Thl.1iaro ,I ice houses. After housing 20,000 tons I of Pawtucket, advance the means, and i demand in London. for the transfer of the A Japanese. JOllt'r1,
I not
what he made the machinery from police authority to the County Council
black snake of enormous size tryingto but bought''! he started for Boston to see was memorl"Imng -
iron founders,
swallow the child, having cngulphed t or 10 cents apiece by East siders the beat price he could get for it. When it JuI11. 1710. He had pre and the subject Las provoked much die.cession. In there is a v
the eagerly ( I he reached Portland ho received a telegram and Ik urged that the conceatra.slon JaVn pr9lncet'ca
the hand had swallowed it up to who still have faith in the horseshoe's viously Yor Phi1lelpbi 1 log dog b
arm j4t and was writhing in iu contortions I mascot. A great m dy Eastside from a New York firm offering bat no one would venture! remoo of imperial and national laterals in >'eir a old tmple''in.* Inp
a* a r
and efforts to make further prog.1 powers shopkeepers have horseshoes sni-gly(I him $3.50 per ton. He went no farther sn enterprising &to the h London Is 1 vastly importt. that the urn has been of immense siz tcontaining a

ress. Grasping the hideous reptile hid iu their money drawers Many I west, but Uok the oed train for home life, ate acquiring a fortune spent higher Authrlte sould mutl con- the mortal remtlM of a very
middle, it seemed to relax lu hold and an1 in the tt'nelnont.hollM I erected another large ice house and filled 140,000 perfecting the turnpike eye.tern trop of police protection all large gentleman indeed. bawl '
cheap apartment j Te
a :
disgorge the thikTs arm, then turned region ha a gildo-J horseshoe over the I''I it. He then returned: to his duties at of New England. I I f also claimedthat th central concerns that pertain to the measures two Ivet las length &d is pro*

upon its mother. She dashed it to the hall door. i iEJU.T the station. Early in the summer he be founded the Sund1'lchol greatest capital fa the world. Ultlastely Tided with horn and perfectly preserved

floor, and in her wild frenzy stamped it sold his ice at a good round price and In a compromise will probably twrvacbed. thick block hair. Tb*'skeluUiu baa tr.

to death. It proved to be of the black this'year the strange travels of today he is nearly fOO.OOO; Utter off Aec.Captlenr1 F- J CD k'ot Fa The County Council ought presented to the university of 'fokl

racer peties, seven feet two inches long an Austrian, named Herman Zeitung than be was one year ago; all made by the wtuce \ certainly] to have some share the where an investigation M to w
propose th
and Kejanring six and one-half inches in attracted a good deal of attention. He j his venture ia the ice busi_. If be orglnzo cotton cntu administntloa of the t & thing exactly. is will be D doubt very

circu lferuco. The baby lit.ed, and the was sent from Vienna to Paris by pared- : keeps a level head now hell be all right. every mt"tID tpu iataestiog.-Qummerelal I Adrertlaer.s .

only laconvenienee it suffered from iu :' putt-JT: at- any rate in trunk. lIe -1 I Detroit! Free Pres firm 1 the United States a fuib 0. CI.l. i



d ,

.. .., .. ... ,, "_:,. .. .'.- '. .)... I C .. ..
: .c /I 4S $'.Io. "': .:r'b'd : azua' .L.. '"" ; -. .. L.
;., _f

-. e S' .. ? w :1......; L ;"' ?t-. "" ;. : t\'r" : :! ',, V". *1'*!T'W"SS-f* VI : it '* .





4 tHE EAST COAST .ADYOClTE. 4- who control fabulous wealth. It virtue of his industry .from land, cities are interested, in having the

is a well known fact that the bank. which, a few years ago, :no one voyages, which are being made
ing business of Europe is in the would have taken as a gift, and daily along our coast by their fleet, THE WILKINSON COTTAGES
omsi. I!:TOT*O TO Tat DETit.
A wintt'V erML'CII'\F TBII:tsi>tAS ana AXriA hands of the Jews, and that it is agreed to pay the taxes upon even rendered lees perilous, will favor ,

Rt _TK et9'TION9. impossible for any nation to go to at a valuation of fifty cents per the measure if it Is placed before

war without first consulting the acre. lIe has given Florida her them properly.

Avenue Titusville Rothschilds and arranging for first sugar-mill. lie ia at this The Government has appropriated
Office: Washington INDIAN RIYER FLA
Jndian, Hirer,'Florida. fund The Russian government. moment negotiating for the plant half a million dollars for the ROCK LEDGE, ,
has been persecuting the Jewish ing of an immense rice far>A. He improvement of Charlotte Harbor.

.- race cruelly for several years and has helped build our railways lIe This sum was secured by a little

PUBLIlBIrn! EVERT .FBI DAT. their wealthy brethern thought has distributed advertising matter well-directed effort on the part of Furnished and within ten minutes' walk
Nicely ,
that by driving Baring BroV, who setting forth our advantages, all interested parties for the measure, These Cottages are Newly Built, .

were bankers for the Russian government over the Union, and In some 10relgn without one tent of the argumentsto of Telegraph and Postofflce and leading hotels. ,

1 ter'e4 cc t Tlt1I1'Tt1h1 Mali Mact.rr.PnIotnmee *.8wm'1'. at London,' to the wall, lands. lie has urged and -stimulated support it, that might be ad.
ClaM '. that it would deal a blow that in a practical way, the im. vanced in behalf of the proposed!
might temporarily embarass the provement of the cattle that roam improvements at Canaveral. In Have the steamer land you at Gingras wharf-only three minutes' walk from the

TERMS 4nvarAbiy la SMT..ee, Czar's finances. The result was our prairies. lIe has never tired our next issue we will speak of the Cottages.

: Check, Portal Onlr ""r One and Two Cent the wreck of one of the oldest of speeding our development any many advantages commerce, of
jjy p,,e\&ge \am.... banking houses in England, by a I possible way, and the lands whichhe national and International interest, .

One Teat....................................*1-80 blow aimed by the Jews at their holds in almost every. county of that would be secured by improving .
5,1)ionttu.r......,.......,.............1.00 persecutors. the State are not held at unreasonable and perfecting the harbor at Rates : Per Day, $2.50 ; per Week, $12.50 ; per Month, $45. nh
Three Month*,................................ .110 figures but can be had at most Canaveral ; and in a later issue
Single CnpT,......-.....,............." 110
'ill" Excellent lands will point out how
satisfactory prices. Congress
Sent to any AddreM In U. B.or Canada,Prepaid THE DOCK QUESTION. may
can be had from the Disston company be induced to take action on the 5dec-3mo H. H. WILKINSON. Prop.

Editor.................... "WAMTO B. 0 aJ.R.ur., within five miles of this office, subject. We believe our plan is 0:1}
Many fair-minded men who are at $2.60 per acre. Instead of the entirely leasable, and the object in p
AMOclat .XdltoT&Manager.C. H.W ALTO:'. interested in seeing the E. C. T. purchase by Disston of 2,000,000acres view a most worthy one, and shall s

Co., succeed in establishing a remunerative of State lands being injurious, use our columns freely and per-

We do not hold onmelTM rwponMble for the business on Indian anybodywho knows anything about sistantly to bring about the desired
opinion .f our correspondent, bnt we. claim River, do not conceal the fact that the matter, will admit that no one result. At the same time we in i..
the right to reject any communication.CommnnJcatlons they do not approve of the course transaction can be compared withIt vite adverse criticism and wouldbe Goods Matting Etc
: for publication mast be writ of that in Dry Carpets
on one ilfle of the paper only, and company endeavoring to in the benefits which have accrued pleased to hear any argumentsthat ,
should. In every CaNt, be, accompanied by thewriter1 obtain the free use of the dock of to the State. may be advanced showing our t
and addreM, cot necwmarl y for '
publication* name,but as a guarantee of good faith. the Indian River Steamboat .Co., The reference to the "man In views as impracticable. "VVho1csn1c W :E1..c1n:11.; : 1

without paying wharfage for the Philadelphia," by Master workman We claim to have the Largest Selection in the State. Our prices compare favorably .

privilege, and that the latter concern Powderly, was unjust, uncalled for Palm Beach. with the prices North. Special attention paid to orders and correspondence i
ADVERTISING IlATKSiOne having constructed the dock and libel the benefactor 1
a upon greatest
We keep from the Cheapest to the Best Grade.
YRAL even though it be on a public Florida has ever known, and -

One !lath.......................10.00 street, should be allowed to use it will have the effect of driving fromPowderly's Weather fine. Describe your wants and the right good will come.

.............. and without
I Two inch,...... .. 16.00 exclusively interrupt camp many thinkingmen The silent ? Is hero but can'tcarry
Three Inch,...................... 20.00 ion. We have a high regard for who otherwise wish it ( ) partner =ohri ZP-u-rcligrott <5& Co.
Font Inch,.............;......... 211.00 several who have might on Any business; presumably on ,
Five InCh,or Quarter CoL,...... 30.00 parties expressed success. Mr. Powderly may never account of Ills Interests In the north. .A.CJ:: N'Vc.LE: FLA..
Ifalf Column...".........*..... KM themselves as above stated, and have visited Florida before, and it The schooners "Det Whole Column..".............100.00 believe we would agree with their may be he knew nothing of what "Mary
B. arrived from Jacksonville oa the 2d,
rate two view if it were a correct one ; but Disston has done for the State but
For BU Month, divide the jrearty by '
and went out again on the Gth. This Is
and add 10 per cent.. we hannened to be here when the the of
mouth-piece a great party rushing things In Dade couLty. TROPICAL TRUNK LINE.
For Three Month, divide the yearly rate by dock was built: and it was built- should be guarded in his assertions, THE
four,and add 20 per cent. not by the steamboat company, and not pour forth denunciations The L. W. C. Co. has suspended operations 1

Local Advertisements,' Ten Cent Per Line which was not in existence at that against any man or class of men,, for a short time, as the president
Each Inmrtlnn. time or even dreamed of. The In. at random for ignorance of the and secretary have gone to Jacksonville
] not In "Lnrol News"columns their ,
Paid Reading Matter Line Each Insertion. 'I dian River Steamboat Co., is no subject cannot be accepted as an on respective schooners. ,
Five Cent Per
better than the public. It took excuse for his utterances. Meetings are now the order of the day. Schedule In Effect NOVEMBER 25 1890. Central Standard Time.
Legal Advertisements at Legal Dates away from the public the rights to The band and yacht club met on the Oth ,

All the above rates are for one edition per the dock which they possessed and THE IMPORTANCE OF CANAVERAL and enrolled some new members. Not GOING SOUTH READ DOWN. STATIONS. GOING fORTH READ CP.DallT. .

week. enjoyed for several years. It took being present I cannot give any particulars. t t a e t
f3f: Dills collected monthly. them from the people without a 300 pm 100 8 110 am Lv.JACKNONVILLK.Ar. 550 l'mllillO am
pmt am'Ar..St'
1130 pm 216 1020 Alljtu"Une .1.1' 410 pm 2O.m
Check,etc.,may lie made payable to "Graham shadow of authority. Time was, I have to hustle nowadays. There are 400 pm 1155 pm ".......Palatka ......." 233 Im 840.m
"...... .... )
last issues 1167 Im .Urmond. 642: amBN
&: Walton. In our two have
when the "Indian River, under the we three correspondents at this point and Inn ".......na.tona... ...." 821 airs
tF Merchants and all others to whom we are command of Capt. Fischer, was pointed out the great saving in they are all trying to get ahead of me t a t e t t
Indebted will oblige us by presenting their bills freely accorded the right to land time, and cost of transporting our 400 pin.. 12311 pm.. 8311l1n L..TArKIOOJrVlLLE.. Ar. 0311 am 1240 I'm T20 I'mII
and trespass on grounds, but when 00 121 112S Ar..OrCove SI.ringe.Lv. 112- II 39.m 1120 "
.the let of every month for prompt settlement. I I at the railroad dock which rightit crops, which might be secured if my 800 200"' 1026 ".......l'aIalka......." 426 10" 1120 ..
they beat their undo "Wayback" I'll let 7U 311142 ".. ......E\evllle........" 300 838 400 "
was suddenly denied when the we could avail oursclvci of the harbor know. 8M 42. Ia7pm "...... .lIeLan........" SOO 216 "
at Canaveral. Our you 833 401 1255 .. "..,.OrangeCltyJo.! .." 149 832 :244 "
Address all communication to Indian River Steamboat Co. began Cape re- News is and I have off 810 440 130 "...... .Ranto"......." 115 711II 200 .
its arrogant and exclusive policy. marks were purely from a local scarce, as sworn t437 "......Entrprise......' 752 "
EAST COAST ADVOCATE, writing about the band I think I will t830 "....TITl"KVILLE...." 1130 .
When we recollect that the Indian standpoint, We merely<<: spoke of t8110 ".......Tav.re........" 1130 ,
TlTDSVILLC, FJ.OHTDA. the advantage that would turn my attention to the Cocoanut Grove 662 24R ".......Orlanolo......." II M pm 846 1210 "
River Steamboat Co. did not build accrueto ..
P. O. Box,222. 821 326 a "....Kls"lmmee.....' 1110 800 1120.m
House. This is the hotel of the
the wharf and have no more rightto this section if a pier and break. palace 810 1116 aa.......Jlarrow........" 800" 920 ,
Lake Worth country. Here the county 811II 810 a "........Tampa........" 7M 'a 015 J/I'
use it than the general public, water were constructed. The great 'I t646.m "..,. Fort Meade......" t4M "
F.AM.Indian including the E. C. T. Co.. we cannot advantages that would be securedto officers meet and discuss the weighty (?) tlO 30 ".....Print. Clorola...." t1201 "
business of school teachers and a t a t'
see what injustice would be, the Indian River country and hiring 217 I'm 1040 .m Ly.......t'al.tka...... Ar 1110 I'm 1037 am
River Lodge, No. 00, Free and South Florida in raising the taxes on us poor plebeians, 255 ll2o Ar.... lnrerlachen. ....Lv 430 955 "
the Railroad general are merely
done if Commission'srulfng
hold their .....
Accepted Masons, meetings whose misfortune it l is to land here. 330" 11M pm "...Hawthorne 3/101" 818"
own ..
incidental. a ......." "
heeded and 3M 12211 .Rochelle 330 8M
the FRIDAY before Full Moon facilities
on on or was equal
AU the wealth wisdom and beauty of 716 IlM: "....OalneevllIe.....' 246'" 746 .
at 730 p. m., In Masonic Hall, in the Indian granted to the E. C. T. Co. at. The construction of a break Palm Beach is concentrated in this 469 102 "....Orange Lake. ....' 248 a 748 "
River State Bank building, Titus- water and harbor of refuge at house. This is where the 11M a 203 "........ (leala ......... 156 TOO "
the railroad terminal. president of
Tille. 730 m 31\1I "...... Leesbllrg ......' 1200.m 1130 a
Cape Canaveral is a matter of na. the Courting Cq. buys a twenty-five cent 1850 6/11I ".....Pemberton....." 1040 "
Visiting brethren are cordially Invited cigar and has it broken by of the 1940 027 "....,BruuklvllIe ....." 940 a.
to attend. POWDERLY SLANDERS DISS- tional importance, and is a subjectof ladles in less than hour.one 006 ".........EWlU........" 1043 "
S. II. RAT, Secretary. TON. international interest. From young humanity has laughed an and frowned Surely 1126 pm ".......Tavarel......." 1030 "

JOSEPH MKNDELL, W. :M. I Brunswick until Key West is lived and loved, below these obscure, yet tDally except Sundays.. ISnmlnjr only. Train leaving Jacksonville 8:-M a m and Falat-
: reached, there is no harbor where expansive roofs. History is not all the ka at 2:20 p m dally between Jacksonville and CONMKCTIOXS 1'alatka.

Master workman Powderly in storm-beaten vessels can find refuge record of how royal people meandered At Jacksonville with diverging lines North, East and Went. At Orange City Junction for
through the minuet, snubbed their dear- Orange City, Smyrna and Lake Helen; at Jupiter with J.& L.W. Railway for Lake Worth; at
his speech at Jacksonville last when disabled by the sudden est friends, or took snuff with an ambitious Sanford with O.II. Railway Oakland,Tarpon Rprlnpn, Clearwater and Gulf Coast points; and
with South Florida Railway for Winter Park, Maitland, at with Plant
week when referring to the that sometimes visit .to.1 Tampa Steamship
gales our commoner. The world runs Line for Key West, Havana,l Mobile and for Manatee River points; at Punta Oorda with steamers
tracts of land held by alien owners, usually peaceful coast. The reportof away, but its passage is like that of a for Key Went, Havana, l'IIn\Rasa, St.James City and Fort Myers.
centipede it innumerablefeet. Pullman Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars on through fast mall train dally between New York and
said, "there is one man in Philadelphia the American Board of Under. ; upon Tampa without change.
who owns 2,000,000 acres of writers shows that more than ten There Is, after all, just as much nr* For information,call on or address )I.E.GEt'osa agent,Tltnsville, Fla.
life worth and in Jacksonville, Fla. .
analysis study a place U. 1> ACKERLY, O. P. A.
your lands," and he denounced millions of property has been lost like the Cocoanut Grove House, as thereis

such holding as injurious to the between Fernandina and Cape Flor In the magnificent Ponce de Leon,
State and detrimental to our de ida. At least fifty per cent of this' (only it Is of a different nature.) But I INDIAN RIVER STEAMBOAT COMPANY
will stop as I heard that the society
velopment. While we are pre destruction of property, to say
people are going: to challenge: me to battle
pared to admit there are many nothing of the terrible loss of life, as soon as they get their implements
good points about the present labor might have been averted if half a of warfare (such as nhitldt,) .which theyare

1 and alliance movements, we can million dollars had been spent by expecting from Tennessee

already see cropping out many fallacies Uncle Sam in constructing a harbor WAYBACK. .

; t and a tendency to go to ex of refuge at Canaveral Bay. Biggest Bargain on Indian River. .
tremes. If Powderly will devote The loss incurred by the wreck, a

his attention to exposing the out. few years ago, of the "Panama" Forty acres of first class orange and

rageous manner in which the State would of itself have been almost garden land, one-half mile from lima
and the people have been jobbed sufficient to have paid for the cost
For Senator: station. Part, the prettiest hickory DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL OF STEAMERS.
by the granting of lands to insatiable of constructing the necessary im hammock in this section, balance, very Steamers leave TITUSVILLE dally, except Sunday at 6:00 a. m., arriving at Mel
1IU CALL.. THE PEOPLE'S FRIEND. corporations and monopolies provements. The saving from destruction rich muck. Red suh-soil, no marl. bourne at 1 p. m.

"who toil not, neither do they of.one steamship and her Choice building site on a hill in grove of Returning leave Melbourne at 1 p.m., arriving at Tituaville about 8 p. m.

spin," or even pay taxes, we would cargo, would pay for the necessary large oaks and hickories. Equal to any Leave MELBOURNE Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 1 p. m., arriving at
WHAT has become of the winter approve his efforts heartily; but work, for nature has been kind, location at Rockledge for natural beauty. Jupiter at 8 a. m. next morning.

chedule and the Daytona route when he includes, indiscriminately and very little has been left for Transportation hotel, stores, school, Returning leave JUPITER Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays at 12 noon,

which the J., T. & K. W. R'y Co. every individual who happens to man to do to complete and perfectthe pleasant society. Plenty of labor, etc.. arriving at Melbourne at 7 a. m. next morning.
bodies of land The; St..Lucie!! leaves Titusville about 630 Monday mornings, calling at Rock-
promised to in own large we must fine anchorage ; the currents Price
put operation, some- close by. $1,000. Two timeif
ledge and Melbourne on the direct run to Jupiter; on her return trip, Saturday,
thing over a month ago? We hope draw me line and call a halt. The themselves have been slowly form. desired. Robbing & Graham, Titus- she comes right through to Tituaville, arriving here about 8 a. m. Sunday.

they have not been postponed in. "man in Philadelphia" who was referred ing for ages to the south of that ville, or II. Roberts, Mims. 19* W. B.
definately. to, is Hamilton Disston, a noble cape which almost touches Supt

progressive spirit who has done the Gulf stream The last legislature Special Bargains.For "

THE more to develope the resources and of Florida memorialized Congress .
stimulate immigration to this State to construct a breakwaterand Sale by Robbbu A Graham.

MARKET. than any other man living. He harbor of refuge at the bightof 1st A small grove of 300 trees upon

I paid for all the land he bought Canaveral, and this memorial is a five acre lot in Turnbull Hammock, .

The recent excitement in bank. from the State, and consideringthe at present pigeon-holed in the office one mile north of town. Some of the i e hza

Ing circlet and the present stringency worthless character of the of the Secretary of State where it trees are bearing ((12 years old). Price

in the money market ia no greater portion of his purchase, he will remain, unless proper pressure 1000.

more than might have been ex. paid well for it. His money came I is brought upon Congress to act 2nd. Forty acres of Turnbull Hammock -

pected. No one is in trouble, only to the State treasury at a time upon it. The proper time has arrived near Jones & Wiley' farm, (n e J

those who have expanded their when it was badly needed. He for such pressure to be of s w f of sec 5,121, r 35) at $35.00 per

credit beyond the danger line, In does not let his land sell for taxes brought upon Congress Senator acre. One third cash, balance in five ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF THE STEAMER SWEEHET.

such cases the bubble has been but has paid thousands of dollarsto Pasco and the new representativefrom years at 8 per cent or will, lease for five GOING SOVTU-The Sweeney leaves TITI-SVILLE about 1SJO m.

pricked. Commercial paper, for a the State regularly every year West Florida, Mr. Mallory, years at $3.50 per acre, per annum with Goixo :>'OHTU-Leaves Titusville about 11 a. m. p.

time, will be closely scrutinizedand for the past ten years, and further are both able energetic, businessmen privilege of purchase at above price. An The steamer J. W. Sweeney will leave :SEW SMYRNA every Monday, Wednesday

as lOOn as confidence is restored than that, he spent hundreds of and will willingly cooperatewith excellent chance for party of limited and Friday at 7 a. m., stop at all intermediate points, and arrive at, OCKLEOGK
. business will go on as usual thousands of dollars in improving General Bullock and Senator means to acquire a fine property. at 5 p, m.Returning.

again. There is just as much his property, and has demonstrated, 1 Call, or his successor if he shouldbe 3rd. Choice selections of high ham leave ROCKLEDGE every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 x :m,
money as ever in the country, the in such a practical way, the valueof defeated. The Board of Under. mock land within one mile of Mims and arrive at :New Smyrna at S p. m.

only difference is that people havebeen lands which had been considered writers, who represent many millions station, In lot to suit from five acres COSXECTIOSS:

scared and are a little more worthless, by his great operationsin of capital, will lend their up, at $30.00 per acre. No better landin With A.
careful than usual just now about the Kissimmee valley, that some powerful influence cheerfully to the State. to quality, healthful location River Line, and Clyde Steamship Line.

who they let hare its use. of them are valued to-day on the urge action by Congress. The chipping facilities. Easy terms will The merchant advise and their shipper of Indian River, who wUh to patronize this line
consignors to mark their Via of
The failure of the great house assessor's books of Osceola county congressional delegations from to actual settlers. A. .t W. Ry. and K. C. T. Co. or Via Clyde Line care goods of E. C. T.Clyde Co., Blue Line Springs.care

of Barin(., in London was brought at 1160 per acre ; and the State is New York, Texas, Louisiana and 4th. Good high, large size lots, east R. P. PADDISON,

bout by a combination of Hebrews getting an Immense revenue byi other States, whose great seaboard of Ice Factory at f 40.00 each.1Stf General Manager. G, F. PADDISON GenL frt. .fc, Pas. AgC


-,...,. ... .
,I" '',;0, ; ... :.r ,..... ; 'It .., :: r> x1. .. ,..".-. ..' ".,r, ... 1 .,.
>, .. >
.s ',:.,.1; ,!I- .!i'!.. .,, 'v. : ),> "O\'O'h-: : !I I '..-.,' .J'. ". .- S ,. 'I'P ; ., **.> .t'


.; r

r ,t i.: ". I I3s

4 r : \

,. 1" '. __ .- .. -., ... -- _.. .. ... .. .
.. -
,r.ae -t r .... ... ""' : '
y ..:r 'J.' "'- .. _-_-.-.---'. -- -. .-... .. .. .. ... = <
_..J.1g:: ?\ "ICo .. < : .
,""'r _.- c ,' -
< -ij .

'*- "

i : : : If -- : : '


: '. TilE, EAST COAST ADVOCATE, FRIDAY DEC. 19, 1890. otf b.;. ii

I :." '

ITo Whartalgo.' E..A.DrX:: T EUDG E. < \ < t

Indian River I ,

Lumber Glass, ____ HARDWARE n Sash, ; ;

Paints Oils. B Doors & Blinds. i

Company ,

Orders filled same day receiver! Prices guaranteed. .
CrocttcJ..Y: Tbl"vnJ..C, Wood & Gnsol1ue Cook S tovcK.

:B-+'. T. BUDGE), Titusville, FIn.

RASSOW, Manager. pd declst

syrup The cane-mill Is a great resort J. E. ENDER & CO. ProfesHlonal Cnrtln.T I PW
Lake Worth. during syrup boiling, and the doctor GRAND VIEW HOTEL, XTauxnan's J.'

entertains his visitors royally; he may "VV' a 1ohn:1.akorsAND; :: \. L. GAULDEN, .

Beauttful weather for all concerned. look out Friday for a merry cro .d, as TITUSVILLE, Newspaper
we hear It rumored, school No. Intends 1lJUF[ ACTURIXG JEWELERS, ATTORNEY-AT-L-VW, .

menced The steamer her winter Lake schedule.Worth has com- to make him their usual yearly visit,and Indian River, Fla. Titusville Fla. TITt'SVlUJ, FIJV. Subscription Agency. *

he had better have plenty of juice on ,
Lake Worth '
The Sunday School will hand Repairing of Fine and Complicated THE PIONEER AGENCY: ., '/ ,

[have a Christmas tree on Christmas-eve, Watches; netting of Diamonds and other A TTOn EY-A T.I.\W, -

fat the west-side school-house. Jupiter. This Is the most central Hotel In town, Precious Stones. WIllI'.thlfO In all the Courts of the Boventh For terms and sample copies address "
Alligator and Hog Tusk Carvod and Juilli-tal flrrult nf Flnrlila.r. .
Fish are very plentiful and the prospects and Is only one minute's walk from the Mounted for raue-hvadii brooches etc. .
0.lh.l,515.: TITrSVIU-K, VIA. CIIAS. H. Y.\U\ ,TITI''VII.U' : P. 0.,
I for in
sportsmen- the
piscatorial Shell
[Special to thi.1 d"Q'ate. and Steamboat Jewelry made. Money to Ixmn. I '
I | ] Railway Depot, close to Itrevard county, Via 1
Will McCormick In S. H. Kay's
art-are good. is the new building, opposite I \
I champion fisherman so far. JrrrwjR, THVHSDAY AFTEBSOOJT. Landing 18 corner from l'o t(>m'c. OroROK. RolllllN-d. WALTER UHAIIAM.JJOUU1NS .
Among the visiting Attorneys were J. l'ro.mlt.atteutlon to all orders by mall A GRAHAM, J. M. Sanders Co.,
Court convened at Juno on the OthI or other I MO. 21nov S
T. Sanders, of Titusvllle, Col. H. II. Dealers In
I Inst. BIscayne Bay was well represented Titusville Meat Market. ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW

here,. as In the tills residents locality. seem They to all be Interested agree of Buckman Quincy,,of and Jacksonville last, but ,not Judge least White, the, Eau Gallie Meat Market. .o.Tart flax*avuLie,210. Drevanl Co., Florida.r. DRY GOODS, NOTIONS ) i

Irrespressible Major Jackson of Orlando.
that Lake Worth is a superior place to ALL KINDS OF Wlllltra"h..ln all the count.".of theH,vi>nlh CHOCKEKV,
A large number of redskins have Circuit and In the 8iiirrnie| ( ....n. Cm-clul fa-
Biscayne Cay. duties for K nilnlii SADDLEHY
( and IVrfoctlnK land ,
camped a few miles north of the town.It Fresh and Salt Meats Eggs All of fresh Titles riirrmiiiiinilrni-e millrltpil frtiin Claimants STATIONERY
stfiooners are running and makIng kinds Meat ami Heirs to 1'"nIAh| Orants. t
I quick trips so as to catch up with would seem as though uncle, aunts Money to I.wn. I FAMILY MEDICINES, ,
and all relatives known to the laws of Fish Fruit & and
Vegetables Vegetables
the freight that has accumulated in OAUDEN SEEDS.
descent were on hand. Wild-Cat Tom
| Jacksonville; and there is strong talk of Tom Tiger and Slim Jim the, IN SEAftON.! Ice, etc., for Sale. DU M. D. L. DODSON, C1IOICH OltOCKKIKS,
putting on another and larger one. All among HAY, CORN, MAPEvV: FEUTILIZERS,
prominent descendents of famous CASH FOR POULTRY, EGGS, VEO-
they sail direct there is no delay on the PATENT FLOUU.Ooooci .

Circuit Court adjourned 19 13. J. DAVIS Manager.
Monday. .
Hotel Lake Worth 111 entertain guestsat o. YOUNG- DENTISTRY,
There were but few canes on docket + ,
reduced rates until the 10th of January some of which were dismissed and others II. R. OLMSTEAD I 8 :Mmmtror. TlTtTSVlLLE, KUKIDA. C. J. IIECTOll ,
when the full corps of servants will ,
submitted to the Judge. Case of Peacock
be here from the north, and the house GEO. ALTREE B. L. WILLS, < Dealer In General '
vs. Rhodes was decided by Ills The rioneer Dealer In DIt
will bo formally opened for the season, .
Honor in favor of Peacock. The suit BROKER AND COMMISSION AGENT PHYSICIAN .t SURGEON, MorohcncdisolUelbourne : :
which promises to be the largest ever ,
known. for partition, Sewell vs. Hendrlck ft at, GENERAL MERCHANDISE, A graduate of tho University of Pennsylvania Fin. ,q ,
was dismissed. Col. H. II. Vuckman, of Titu villet FIn. !: and an experience of twenty

Jacksonville, represented 1 the Hedrlck Eau Gallie. Agent for Pianos nnd LaGrange.Dr. Brick and Lime; Xew Process (lasolinoStove the citizens of Tltusville and vicinity\
parties. The grand jury, it Is believed, Hats Shoes Clothing Dry Goods '
I keep In Stock a Choice variety of that cannot: explode.) orl'll':: OVKII J, w. HOOKHH A co. .
found one true bill, otherwise their re- Will at all times handle every dlxcrlpt-

Thornton and Frank Carllle went port was complimentary to officials. It GROCERIES, HARDWARE, Ion of New and Second Hand Furniture- T A RUE P ELY, Just Arrived. Splendid Goods.

fishing one day last week and caught so Is hoped that crimination and recrimination CROCKERY,TOILET ARTICLES, ETC In fact will got anything to supply the JlmTICE OILS, PAINTS, HARDWARE, LEAD, '
wants of the .
IVoplc.Tradesmen's OF
many nice fish they wouldn't take the which has characterized the conduct And will Sell as Low as the Lowest. Soiled Storks Disposed of. PEACE 17TH'DIST DRUGS, GROCERIES, GRAIN ,
Notary for the
trouble to count them. That fine trout of certain factions in the county Call and examine my Stock. 18 Will sell on Communion by private treatyor Contractor and HiilMerof+ Bute over 30 tt)forge.'ear.' experlume. I Of all kinds; and In fact a full line of '*' f

you sent us, Frank, was delicious; wo will now cense. A jury of their peers Public Auction, anything you waul Natural Finish a Hol lty.MKUIOUHNK everything,; Call and examine 11DEALER

know we enjoyed it more than the doc have decided the conduct of county affairs to Cash turn Into advanced money. Goods absolute -.-----..- ---- FLA. for
tor did his roasted fish ns satisfactory. Bury the hatchet, PAXTON.MATTOX&COCLINCH sale. Willi1Lm:: T'i.itoh; r. W. Rogers,
boys and look after the
Mrs. S. D. Geiger and sister, Miss ) more closely Urnymim. IN CLOTHING,

Bertha Curtiss, were moat welcome "craps. HAVEN GA. THE TRAVELERS Hauling done at reasonable rates. At. Gouts Furnishing Goods Shoes Hats ,
guests of Mrs. Johnson's, Tuesday. They tends all departing, and meets all arriv I ,

came out on the train in the morning, Hardeeville.John ing:Orders trains.left with Caps, Umbrellas, Trunks, Valises,
G. B.
Wo have arranged with tho INDIAN Jacksonville Florida. Rumph or at
and Mr; G. came for them in the evening ADVOOATK office will receive FINE CIGARS, Etc
RIVER LUMBER CO. of Tltusville, prompt
We think it a real nice way for Henry Wilson and Tom Hardec Fla., to handle our Lumtor.We attention. The only house In town making. specialty

'pur Tltusville friends to visit us. IIopetnore have a fine prospect of a big crop of; have Two Million Feet of Seasoned 1 The Travelers, comer Bay and Cedar A. Frosohor of (,entH. Furnishing Goods

will avail themselves of it. beans and other vegetables. Lumber in stock, and cut Half a Milliona streets, Jacksonville FU. A new brick TITUSVILLE I>1'011 In and examine my stock, and j
month. hotel, nearest to all railroad stations ami FLA., compare prices Gash customers com
Mr. Frank Carlile was out hunting one The cheap residence lots *t Hardoo steamboat Keeps a full Metalllo and mend every consideration competitorsclaim
We can supply any size or quality of Especially) adapted Wooden .
day last week and at two slots brought rifle are largely attracting persons of: our Famous Yellow Pine Lumber, knownto to transient biiHliiess. Elegantly? furnished to confer.

in 176 coots, and says he could have got- small means ho H Isli to own a winter the trade, In any quantity, at short rooms, single or en .,"1,. Table Collins, Cages aril CiiNketM. Cull when convenient. First door

,ten morn If he had picked up all the home in Florida. notice. 14 aa good as the bunt. This hotel was built, Funerals attended If desired. All or- south of ADVOCATK of lco. .
furnished and operated as a $1.00 a day ders promptly executed, and at
crippled ones. They are nice and fat We are having quite stirring times In house; rates are now reduced to $2.00: a rates. Embalming done. 2 .
now; If you take the breasts'and legs our little community. Many visitors EDEN day, while the service Is better than ever. ; DIXON & GRAY
and fry them you have a ttish good Breakfast from A to 0: lunch from 11 :iO P. JT.CONTRACTOR. T-TALL ,
from north and who
the west, contemplate I Dealers la
for to 230: ; dinner from 510: to 7:10.:: ThisIs
enough anyone.Mr. purchasing property and living the only hotel In Jacksonville serving & BUILDER Drugs, Chemicals, Perfumery, Toilet .
Andrew Froescher was called down regular meals at those hours. All oilier -

the river on business last week, and here.Mrs. PINEAPPLE are at luout one hour later. Use the TituHvillo, Fla. Articles, Fine Soaps, Stationery
S. De Servcll, a "Senora Solee," Travelers omnibus, the tickets save 25
down there, visited several places Estimates furnished on application.
with three lady daughters has cents on each person each way. JEWY.Llty.1S1'ECTACr.ES.t
young '
and friends. He reports everything looking Correspondence and patronage solicited. t ., .
bought a house and lot, subsequently IWllHI3VX. HEWING MACHINES.;
fine. He he met I
says one gentlemanwho I Burton K. Barrs ,
buying a larger tract of land for groves PLANTATION. Guns, Plstolx, Sowing Machines and .
had refused $7,000 for his crop of: H.BRICKLAYER.
and vegetable production. 10 Proprietor.u'0cs I. Machinery Repaired. Watches,, Clock
oranges this year. We mention this for and
Jewelry a Specialty. '
the encouragement of orange growers. Mr. Gibson, a friend of Dr. Winthrop, T. 33. n..1.ohards, & PLASTERER School Books and School
)Cr. Johnson received from.'Jackson- from New York, intends buying one of Eden Indian River Florida. Subscriptions taken at publisher's price
ville, last ,Saturday, a splendid horse, the very desirable building lots in Har flfno TituHvillo, Fla. for Newspaper, Hooks Magazines, etc.

purchased for him by Mr. P. McQuaid,' deeville and building} a winter home I Work contracted for on any part of Prescriptions carefully compounded at
Indian River. 8 any time, day or night. 1Drugs
of that city. He is quite young and very i HODGES & GODFREY

gentle. We know Mr. J. is proud in the Mr. R. G. Hardee has resigned his position ,
Jno McAllister
possession of so fine an animal. lIe has on the "Sweeney" in order to at- Manufacturers of : : ,

been without a horse long enough to tend to his truck tarm. Bob has several ,. .
Yellow Pine Lumber
know how inconvenient it is. We know acres of beans that are doing fine, and 3s : MILES MMES ,!J, ; Contractor Patent Medicines/
r r
Tom is glad, as Christmas Is most here, now putting In cabbages and tomatoes ROUGH A. DRESSED 1 \
and-well, he owns a buggy. Orange Boa: Head, : at, *, Artesian Wells Elegant Perfumery and Toilet Articles
We have other visitors and old residents fruit' Vegetable Crates .. f,J' ,

Mrs. Jacob Feaster-and Miss Gilford here. The widow Thompson has Lumber delivered at any part of Indian River 'I- '1 Kept constantly on hand at
on through bill of lading. Anyone conumplau L ..1, Ifciu Gallic 1 la.M.J.n.
spent a most delightful day In THusville : ---- -- ,
returned and expects visitors. Mrs. lug building on the Cant Coast, would do well to .....
Saturday with Mrs. J. P. Turner. Mrs. write for prlrei. The Hawuilll situated on theJ. no Mrcra 1"- J. B. Screven's
Curtiss; the Rev. Curtiss: a colored .,T.&; K. W.Ry.,1! mile.south of I' Utka.AgentaCocoaE. CINCINNATI
Feaeter-says, she had a rare treat In the clergyman belonging to a society whose 8tUID&;Eau Gallle,Eugene Slmrt.staaquickest.. T. M DOBSON & COMPY
way of music listening to Mrs. Turner chief business is to instruct his colored Bralnerd. Bmo.pd Compartment and Pullman false Bleeping DKVG HTORI1
and ,MIsa Gifford exquisitely Satsuma lights, Putiian co., Fla. Cn through without change, making direct/
rendering brother how he Is defrauded out
badly connection ALto the latest Newspapers Periodicals !
instrumental and vocal pieces of their In CENTRAL rXION Wilmington N. C, etc.
of his social and political right by the ..> ST. LOUIS 2
p 0-:1. UE1-UT for
The Indian
own composition. River "cracker"' and "northern democratic"
'waltz, by Mrs. Turner,not yet published, element in this State. Mrs. Russell, C) .fl and UM WEST and with Through car lines for Make a Specialty of .

is beautiful, and we hope she will soon from Minneapolis; her sister-in-law, Mrs. d I :z pbC CHICAGOOKTHWE T, Indian RiverS
give it to the public. fan aura with through car DETROIT Florida Oranges.
Sawtelle, from Massachusetts, Is daily -ri s : line forBUFFALO
+ C.
Mr. L. 'C. Oliver was out driving expected having already hired a resi .. At4' j and and folnu tlM In Eau.Canada '
Consignment solicited. Satisfaction
through town, Tuesday, we suppose to dence. Several other persons have written ft. OtI Only one change of can State Bank

look after hi* fine young orange grove. : for accommodation tot the winter. t,.. !": o M.riountNEW ORLEANS Guaranteed and Prompt Returns

He, as well as several others of Titus- We could easily fill a large boardinghouse 0 a .1 ;. VlcluuurK,1'olnu to Made 0-2mo ,

viUe's prominent buslnea men, own with those already intending to TEXAS TAR.Paucnnra Titusvillo. Florida. '

handsome young groves out this way come here this winter. '. :J Jj.I- via thli line are afforded an excellent W. HENDRY. -

that are looking fine, and ere long they -< -OG 0 ing Historic view of ICeD'Lookout""'. Mountain and surround I IXCUBPOIIATEO UXVEU TUC LAW Of

will pa reaping a golden harvest aside i -Judge Broome and party started :I Dealer In TUB STATC or FLOBIDA.
H IsiO Authorized Capital.... ... ..
their busisess in Titnsville. We home yesterday. 1100,000
: iJ ,3 S. C. RAT, S. E. P..... Agt., Atlanta, Oa. General Paid-up Capital .. .. .. ..
are glad to we this as we are sure it is a [The ADVOCATE office U fully equip. ... Y D. J, MirLLAser, Div. !'* *. Agt., Chat Merchandise 125,000

benefit to us as well as them. ped for doing all kinds of job work. Gives 3 .A KE tanooga.D. A General Banking-BwlneM Traasaeteil,

Mrs Jacob Feaster spent all day at a triaL] O. EDWARDS, G. P. &; T. A., DRY GOODS ,"
*= t
school No. 1, last Thursday and she cannot 5 CINCINNATI, O. NOTIONS JAME PRITCIIABD President; ;
ass W. D. HAB3ETT
.. :: ; VIcei'rMldentiW. .
say enough in praise of both teacher DIKECTOKYCEXEBAL '
tad scholars. The order in the room FOIL OUR NEW IMPROVED SINGER STATIONERY Directors: James Prltchard W. B.',<- <

tad interest In the lessons of all the DELIVEIVI MieN AUK, VIII. .nu.O.LY'.'..0 CIt Choice Groceries Barnett J. H. Durkee, W, 8. Graham .- .
*wen from I a. m. until I p.m.. txeept dur- and t
\V. M. Drown
children, even the youngest, reflect tug tin) distributiua of mail; and on Sundaysfrom Wines d w,.
bach credit on all connected with the 1 to II a.m.when train or steamer!*1a U OBlatorday Spirits = ; oJ .If ':' MIM8. .'LA. 5 Kerjr: favor Itukiag Con.l.tnt Eat.nded.With C..n.U .4.,
6 evening. .. dYO ..
school; and the says the improvement MOJTET OBOEB OFTICB / IL :z: ;! T. "w'. S3VHT! Correspondents J Seaboard National
In their writing and neatness of their I*open from a.m. until p. m.BEGUTEBED I !l S : ; Dank, New York; National Bank of
:Beers cnW __ pa Di-uyniuii Jacksonville.
COpy-boob. since her last visit, wasmust amassAre I!i = .
until I 1 Will attend to all kind of Hauling, P
gratifying. We wish the school delivered fruin I a.m. p.m. clf. "

success in their good work. AKIUYALOr KAIL. CIGARS, ETC. .: r fr" z 0.c. promptly, cheaply and expodiUoiuly. THE ADVOCATE :

From the Xortn- :15 p.10. Will deliver baggage for .
Mr* Dr. Wilson, and little ones, spent OF THE FINEST QUALITY passengers
bat Thursday morning with Mrs. John- From the Bouth-4 to U p. m. Wtl.J..JJ'S co.tPM 144...f..Ai- arriving or departing on train or steam <

**, and in the afternoon went to Dr.iornton's -cUes DtFABTTBE.Northbound at i a..m. GO TO f TS CURED. E.:..... boats. Job Printing DepartnientIsReadjtodoYonrffoit'p :
mm I LARGE: TRIAL BOTTU.Abo Can be found at the Railway Station
hammock where he I* busy SuaLb-bCland-6"a.t. Losley & Renaker. r ,T...... ,,.,. DONT.UFraa; '
residence in
making syrup they report a fine time, B. C. 8CBIMCEOUB. B ANY LO MCKH. i:..,_0AC.a. ........ia. or at toy South Tltiuvlllc. ( '
!GO.lb49 falrllou&hie NIt rrI U. 3. Mall Carrier. 6
diakdng the juice and eating the new Sept 5th,1830.: ottmUter. Families Supplied. uu: GbtwGlt + "&ti

'. "

,: i




.. '\. ,fit" .df. ,JIti;.., ..... ./LIt.
_... ill&
'< Y. -i .. ....L alyl 6 Ls rl+"rc "m.11.! ;,":. 6.d:'. ,:.1t..'*, "' i .il'V'*' f.iiilA'iflfc If L .., .z.
-""- ? .. -. -- .

-,. ?- .
r t

'streasarjbnL t = is s e A,
E .
4q .r". '. ,

I err, -
'. ',""- Iiwentymcttthtle
'I ,
1 i *
refereuce what tr'to tilt aim and purposes of I After'a hof debate I no1 following DOWN FLUME bridge across Ktn! Rivet.
at wsrk the subject amalgamation Tension
:THE ALLIANCE CON VENTLOn a of the organization, and WM calculated tinder the on same rnlo;.. Despite the diverse list of demand was adopted 1 TIE But even fifty-two miles of, Slums come> ]

to check the growth and influence Section of ty6 force bill, the'white And : "I. We demand the abolition ot national YttrttLLiflra ANDAttMl IUIJ nK. i to an end at lat and, the speed becoming
of the allinnce. The resolution A
probably colored Alliancenton'appear! to be on tho banks; we demand that the government IN TUB tame .'fnompatison vita
WHAT WAS DONE AT THEIR pass. bat of terms ahall establish snb-treasuries VOYAGE the early lar of the trip"Itb the aid

SESSION IN OOALA. The alliance press committee renaest* depositories in the several states, which SIERRAS. of several men at "herding" on

the publication of the following "U. EnrKSTIOATlOIf' REPORT.At shall loan money direct to the people at a I the flume our frail ''craft ( solely

1 S. Hall, president of the State Alliance of session the committee low rate ot interest, not to exceed 9 percent I Ride at Breakneck! brought to a ltndstl and we clmb
the afternoon Perilous
JWOBTAHT MEASURES LOOUHO TO THBADTAKCKMBHT Missouri, mado a strong speech ia favor annum on non-perishable farm A Out on the .
OF THB GREAT ORDER.m of the resolution condemning the Lodge appointed to investigate the charges per and also real estate, with Speed Ina Trail Boat Down Fifty cramped treste. few 'moments
t and Macune products, upon late
bilL against Polk, Livingston !, Trestlework
the resolution 'lumlng-A
ntocEEBiK BMKTXD. was made the following report the proper limitation upon the quantityof two Illes of with the aid of .thirty-foot we

duly 'Carried. andwithout 1. That we have been unable to ascertain land and the amount of money; We Log PhutCACter reached terra firma, and our strange cruiended. :
The important"nee! of Tre3ncs3ay Jsf&e a single person expressing himself in demand that the amount <. circulating wearisome climb, andas .-<-Sab Francisco Examiner
fact and
a single implicacatlog, anyway slow
personally onpoaed to It. Mr. Hall a
discovery of a third party of nearly medium be speedily increased to not leas team
moved to reconsider the resolution which shape or form, the high character it began to grow dUk. our -
\ Brooklyn
1,000.000 voters, organized ready and and and personal'and official than$80 per capita. < drove Camp Sequoia. Travel Over
follow the lead of the Farm. motion being seconded, he then moved to standing, We demand that shall tired and dusty, rdgo.
waiting to % congress the
L. L. from high -
of our worthy president, flume extends
reputation The
table the
motion t) reconsider, and this .
if it should fit to strike law aa shall effectually
or* Alliance see resolution'waa carried never to be 'reconsidered Polk, but we regret his writing of the pass prevent snow-line in the Sierras to the plains, .The travel over the Brooklyn Bridge togreater
oat in the Independent line t 10f the peo.ite'a dealing in futures on all agricultural is built of
and the order was thus inaltera- Norwood letter. fifty-two miles dl.tnt. I than that over.any other
This body is the Coto dJ"annm' and mechanical productions preserv bldg
part* 2. As to Brother LIvington, president and at the I and in .
blycommitted against the bill." of in inch and a quarter planks in the world, that, too,
Alliance, which met during the of the Georgia State Alliance, we do not ing a stringent system procedure where the grade is steep, it is I the best
start that patronized
in the Alliance the fact bridges
,Friday was a busy diy
day: and for the first time revealed the of his trials, such as shall secure the prompt the This
find derogatory inches across top.
anything side During tbe
forty-three the other are
convention. The investigation committee on
of such
fact that it If to withdraw entirely conviction and imposition penal-
ready tho
official high standing, but your com- is increased however, when
or width eIther
reported| the St. Louis platform was reaffirmed passed 83,000,000 people
from the and throw its ties shall iecura the most perfect compliance year jus
existing parties, and tho officers were elected. mitt. is not quite prepared to endorse his a* decrease in the grade necessitates a or were driven over the Bride
third and with
trength Into a independent All,of importance that remains Is the Course in the Georgia senatorial contest We condemn the silver bill recent larger volume of water to float the lumber On an average six: persons take cars
votes 8.
one. Seventy-five thousand negro That In the of Dr. 0. W.Ma-, lower end reaches an extreme :- .
disposition of the financial question, and 8. case and demand in and at the to one who walks over.., In round numbers
*r*represented. ly passed by congress, At
found to lessen inches.
nothing has width of sixty-four
cune walked 21WO-(
arty question. There may be thereof the free and unlimited coinage those who over were ,
ooKDimoira THK IMECf: BILL. considerable discussion on the financial our confidence in his personal integrity lieu each increase in the size of the flume 000 as against 128,000,000 who used the

The manner in which the Alliance condemned question, for it involves both the aubtreunfJ and loyalty to the order. However, we i, "4.of ailver.We demand the of laws more water must be added to the stream. trains since the opening of the structure.

the force bill was equally important plan and the land loan idea, but regret his official connection with the the alien ownership passage of lend I The first head of water comes from During' the first six years the receipts
It was introduced by )Ir. W. the disposition of the third party question Georgia senatorial contest. and prohibiting that take prompt action to Lake Sequoia, and the supply is augmented from travel were over $4,300,000. The

B. McAllister of Mississippi, aft-r it had seems to be In sight, and it's a com Tne verdict, though not exhonorating I devise congress to obtain all lands DOW by small streams at four differ i railway the matter of receipts
been submitted to the northern and promise.Colonel. in its entirety, served to restore harmony. owned some aliens plan and foreign syndicates ent places between the mill and King's any mile surpnsseln raiway in the world. July

western delegates. The resolution Is u L. F. Livingston, of Qjorgia, i and that by all lands now held by railroads rver.: To preserve a fairly regular gradein and August usually tho dullest

,follow tWbereaa from the committee on organization made PROTEST AOAIXST THB OOXOBR BILL. and other corporations, in excess of such constructing this flume enormously months m the year and May about the

The president of the United the report which into furnish the basis The Negro Alliance, on Friday, wired is! used and needed by them high trestles were found necessary to bu iest Sunday receipts are the smallest
'States, in hil annual message to congress for an ultimate union between' the National their protest against the Conger compound as be reclaimed actually by the government and heldfor carry the flumes across canons, chasms any day in the week.: The ferries
recommends and urges the immediate Farmers' Alliance and Industrial lard bill to Senator Paddock.At and around sharp spurs of mountains. cannot vie with the Bridge lathe mat-
actual settlers
pusag. of the measure known u the Union and the Farmers' Mutual Benefit the forenoon meeting of the National "5. Believing in only.the doctrine of equal The first twentv-scven miles bui lookover ter oi. t travel, 'T-1 their best year_, whoa

,Lo ge election! bill and Association, which ia an organization Colored Alliance, Friday, the rights to all and special privileges to 5,000,000 feet of construct not exposed to bridge competition, the
Whereas, Said bill{ involves a radical ;with a large membership in the western following amended resolution was unanimously none, we demand that our national leg and most of this lumbrhnd. It to has Hamilton, Wal South Fulton and
revolution in the election of The at parked on the shoulder carried
machinery states. report was explained adopted: islation shall be so framed in the future Catherine altogether only
the union both state and national and length by Chairman Livingston. The taken about 0,000,000 feet of lumber, The increaseof
Resolved, That we, delegates as not to build up one industry at the expense about 40,000,000 people.
It* passage will be fatal to the autonomyof report war adopted without dissent. the National Colored Farmers' Alliance of another. We further demandthe told, to complete the flumes. travel has not been uniform since the

the states and cherished liberties of. This action undoubtedly means the ab do hereby. in meeting assembled at removal of the existing heavy tariff Bat to reurl to the head of tho of flume four, Bridge was opened, the growth being

the citizens; nd solute consolidation of these two org mi Ocala, urge upon congress to pas thu tax: from the necessaries of life that the around our little party about forty per cent., twenty per cent,

Whereas, Bald bill is partisan IB spirit, rations in the near future Colonel Livingston Lodge election bill, and let it apply to of our land must have. We further was clustered, our spirits dropping cold us eighteen per cent., ten per cunt., eight
end will be partisan,in its application, also offered a resolution providing sections of these United States." poor demand a just and equitable system of rapidly as the mercury during a seclusion per cent and six per cent. All the tick

thus revitalizing the gory ghost of section for the adoption of the St. Louis The principal change/ from Thursday's graduated tax: on incomoi. We believe snap, and our hearts seeking the flume- ets used on-the Bridge are printed on order

si estrangement; and alliance platform of 1889, inasmuch as resolution is the elimination of the paragraph that the money of the country shouldbe of our boots. Coming down a from the Superintendent by a bank

Whereas, In the holy war which we theN has been a question raised as to the criticising and denouncing the kept as much as possible in the hands when you are at the bottom and look up note company in million lots. Jver

have declared against sectionalism, the unanimous endorsement of the demand white national Alliance for its action. of the people, and hence we demand is a very different proposition to goingdown ticket is numbered and lettered
firesides of the farmers of the north, east, therein contained by all the B turd ay: was a day of envelopments that all national and state revenues shall a flume when Stories you of are former at trips top letter on each ticket corresponds to the
oath and west citadels around which state delegations one and look letter form which ticket seller
are year ago. The National CItizens' Alliance was organiced be limited to the nccesssary expenses .own. flashed or by every
the heaviest battles are being fought: and An amendment was offered by Mf.' its constitution has been adoptedand of tho government, economically and that disastrously had been is known to the Sup rlntcndl.'bt.
to the end that victory may crown cut Loucks, of North Dakota, providing for the Officers elected; the busmen honestly administered. through our minds. If it not stood Should counterfeit ticket be found in

crusade, let fraternity and unity reign; tho ownership cf all railroads and telegraph agents have organized an associationand "0. We demand the most rigid, honest around for the crowd to of cheer onlookers if we that started or a drop ,box its origin is easily traced,

J therefore, be it lines by the national government.Col. appointed committees to look after and just state and national government I ready would have backed became the drop box must not show anytwo

Resolved, By the National Farmers Livingston opposed this, and offered cotton, grain, tobacco and other: crops. control and supervision of the means of jeer if we and didn't, we There for tickets marked alike and must con-
all. help
out was to
Alliancgpndindnatria1Vnion''of America, as A compromise measure, a resolution The colored alliance has finished its publIc communication and transportation .one look at the bin only the tickets with the particula-
in national council assembled, That we providing that liberty to control and op. labors and adjourned sine die, and its ; and if this control and supervisiondo beautiful it, and with a last world despairing around that we numbers charged to the ngcnt. The drop,

to most 101t'mnl1protest against the pas- crate all such !lines shall vest in the government delegates with one. exception, have not remove abuses now existing, wo bright forever us sol boxes are receptacles for nil lands of

age of the Lodge election bill, and we and if, after a fair trial of this signed Rico's third paity call. demand the government ownership of were leaving climbed, perhaps into tho flume-boat, we and curious things. Indies'. bracelets, gloves,

most earnestly) petition our, senators to system, it is found that it does not afford The membership of tuc Citizens' Alliance of such means of communication and shook emnly hands with those that were pocketbooks, milk tickets, postal cards,
employ all fair and legal means to defeat'' the relief: demanded, or effect reforms in is limited to citizens of incorporated trans oortatlon." sadly silver pieces, bank checks, cuff buttons

'unpatriotic measure, which can remit the management of them, government villages, citiot and towns, who arj in not The going.boat that to us down and a thousand and ono other thing
in nothing but evil to ono common ownership shall be complete. This was with the FurraeiV Alliance I was carry have been taken from the boxes
sympathy NORTH CAROLINA MATTERS. tho flume resembles nothing so much as
,end beloved country. adopted, after some discussion. :Mr. The purpose is to promote the with end missing. timo.to time,-[Now York Telegram,
a hog trough ono
Resolved further. That a of this Wade of Tennessee, offered an additional
copy principles of the platform adopts 1 at St.
THE STATE BOARD OF AORKtrLTTTBE HOLD The flume being built V-shnpc and at aright
preamble and resolutions be forwarded to amendment that every Alliance lecturer, Louis in 1839, and affi,mid at Ocala this AN IMPORTANT MEETING. angle, the boat is constructed like An Enormous Aerolite
each senator in State and National and all
congress.TO newspaper the National Farmers' Alliance -
year by wise, but at what should bo the bow end
organs of tho Alliance shall support the and Tho North Carolina state board of of an ordinary boat there is no end at all, .1 May, 1888, the National museum of
BE IRVa8TiOATED.About St. Louis and Ocala platforms (amended Tho importance of the co-operalive meet. into final of
agriculture held a most important it being purposely open in order to Brazil came possession onO
a week ago there 'appeared in platforms), or suffer suspension from the phase, cf alliance was' shown in the fact ing at Raleigh, on Thursd iy. It considered provide means for !. water that backs of the largest aerolites that has ever been

'the 6t Louis Qlult-Democrat long du- order; and further, that no candidate. brought out at the meeting of the state the'recommendation tit the commissioner up into Ibo boat to escape. On examination I known to full upon either of tho American -

patch, dated Atlanta, nnd headed "An any national political offico shall bo supported business agents when they organized thu of agriculture One of three is we found our boat to be sixteen fret continents. Thn noble specimenweiths

Alliance Brandil." The statement was by Alliance members unless he co-operative association. It was shown that the board memorali/o legislature long, with a fourteen-inch plunk running 1,800 pounds, and originally

made that $GOOOO had been paid for the endorses this platform and any sub-Al that seventeen state exchanges do a brsi- to appropriate .2 ,OOO for the purpose? of thu entire length of tho boat, thus making >edded in the 'ground near -

Influence of Alliance newspapers, state liance not complying with these restrictions .nell of about $10,000,000, and since they presenting nt the Columbian exposition at a false bottom to rise us from reach dego creek in one of tho most inaccessiI I

and national in, behalf of a prominent mar be suspended at pleasure. of have been at Ocala they closed contracts Chicago complete exhibit of North Car. of the water. On this plunk rested four bio portions of Bra/il. The cost of '

railroad attorney, who was a candidate the president. This was also ad" ptcd, with the manufacturers' agent attending olina's resources and that the board assume small wooden stools, ono for each of thu transporting it from the place where it :

for the united States senate and the whole platform as amended was : the convention which will make a business I the responsibility of taking such an party.After. tint struck American aol was defrayed ;

In Georgia This was a terrible attack adopted unanimously upon a call of the of $17,001,000 for the coming year. exhibit with the means provided. The taking scats, with many misgivings by Baron Grcahy. survey of the

on Calhoun, Livingston and Macunu roll by states. I The association was organized by board adopted this suggestion, and its and balancing ourselves, the nidcr route and preliminary arrangements occupied -

President Polk woe subsequently made a Dr; C. W. Macune, chairmen of the the election of the following executive committee was instructe to to cast oil was gien. the spikes holding I three months; its journey to the

party to the attack. LIlns.tlton,1Iacune. national executive committee, submitted officers J. B. Dines, president, place the matter before the legislature, tho frail craft flume side were ', capital commenced November 25, 1897,
and Polk, the three specially interested, hi. annual report of the work accomplished St. Louis, Mo. ; W. L. Polk asking for an appropriation which will pulled out and our craft shot on with and it was nearly five months later before

have united in a demand for an Inveatlgation. by that body during the past vice-presudeut, Atlanta; Oswa'd! Wilscn. secure a complete exhibit. Tho com the current on its journey to tho plains. it was finally landed at the little

A committee of one from each year. It referred at length to the workof secretary, New York;J. 1C. House, treasurer missioner also recommended that a tax I Tho sensation was exactly as I the bottom railroad depot In the wilderness, from

state has been appointed, and the three the committee in having the sub- Kansas City, Kan. ; and the follow. of 20 cents per ton be imposed upon all had dr. of unh'erseaud whence it was transported to Rio Ja

gentlemen to be investigated. have espc- treasury bill drawn and presented to ing State business agents. : W.K. Cessna, commercial fertilizers fold in North Carolina we had dropped with it. neiro. During the four months in which

dally requested that there shall be no congress. The chairman said that the Jacksonville, Fla. ; J. O. Wynn,Atlanta, The board decided to recommend "Watch outl": jelled thu man in.front, it was bcin" pulled, pushed and rolled

whitewashing. committee's mission in this particularwas Ga. ; W. L.. Donaldson, Grceavillc, 8. to the legislature a tax of 25 cents per throwing himself back on tho man behind by man and mule power ,through the

The important development of Thursday virtually ended, because the Alliance C. t W. It, Worth, Ra'elgh, N. C.; A. R.Vcnable ton for and 20 cents each year him. ,, trackless forests, over .
was the formulation of a call for a had elected forty congressmen, who Jr., Richmond, Ya ; J. J. nextlear was also It wis just in time. The sudden and sandy wastes, it crossed over 100

meeting in Cincinnati on the 28d of February would look aCterpu.hlngth bill through Rogers, Nashville, Tenn: ; O. F. Gaither, made that the legislature act apart a day shock threw us all on our bucks, and tho streams of all sixes, was taken over one

to organize the national union par the national legislature. The report Birmingham Ala. ; T. A, Clayton, New as arbor day for the planting of certain boatipped" under a projecting beam mountain chain 8,700 feet in height, bI

ty. It ia evident that the Farmers' Alliance recommended the reduction of the sal. Orleans, La. ; T. D. A. Duncan kinds of trees; also to enact law for the that would have dectpita'cd the whole sides many smaller elevatons All

as a bod/, will not endorse the aries of all national Alliance officer. and Dallas, Texas; J. 8. Moore, Sun FrancisCo protection of sheep husbandry! and to outfit. Cautiously regaining an upright this in a region where are-

third party idea. The southern members removal from Washington city of tho Cal. ; 8. S. Harvey, manager, Peni-a- increase tho means for holding farmers' position we took a look at the scenery only mulo paths. A better idea of the

'aad the Missouri delegation have their national Alliance president' office, 'inasmuch coCa! Fla.; A. K. Frair, manager, St. institutes. It is circulated that the ton arauDI1. As far ahead as one could difficulties these scientists encounterediu

axes firmly set against a move which as the retention of it there entailsan Paul, Minn. ; W. W. Holland, Louisville, tax on fertilizers will raise $20,000, which the flume, looking like a securing their prize may bo had from

would be ao damaging to the order in the expense not commensurate with its Ky. ; R. M. Humphreys, Houston, Trxos. 'is barely sufficient to carry on the Agricultural thin, spidery thread, stretched down the a knowledge of the fact that a total of

south, and as they constitute an overwhelming usefulness. The work of the association was divided department, not including the mountain-side. On either tide gloomy 172 days were consumed in moving It

majority of the membership Regarding the third party question he into sections, each of which is in chargeof immigration department. rocks and forest trees flashed pant in an from Bendego creek to the raiway.t.'

and the representatives here, no such action aan "I recommended as a compromisethat a committee. Of the cotton committee -, indistinguishable blur when tho flume tion, a distance of only 71} mies.

could be hoped for by the western would carry out the end sought: to ?I T. A. Clayton, of New lay near tho ground, but when it rose on pluck and energy exhibited gentlemen
delegates who are pushing the third party be achieved by the west and north! if it Orleans, is chairman. Ho will go to Europe PARNELL DEFIANT. trestles to cross some canon or ravino wo in moving this gigantic airstoneto

Idea. i met the approbation of the south, that a and visit the cotton cxchmge of seemed suspended like Mohammed's coffin their national museum is a curious

Realizing that an attempt to secure the convention be called to meet in February, Liverpool, Barre, Bremen and all the AX ATTEMPT TO RETIRE HIM rams .'twh t heaven and earth." commentary on the scientific ideas of the

endorsement of the convention would be 1892; that tho convention be compoatd cotton port, where arrangement will be LEADERSHIP Or THE HUSH PAUTT. In the meantime our speed had been early part of the century which denied

deatu to their project, they have shrewdly of delegates from all the associations of made for the shipment of cotton direct A London of increasing. Not a member of the party the existence of such bodies n .
concluded to make an individual producers and that the next annual session from the Alliance warehouses to tho cot. dispatch Saturday says: spoke a word, but in dumb amazement Conimcitiul Advertiser.
crusade, capturing an Allianceman of the supreme council elect delegates ton exchanges of European{ ports The At a meeting of the Irish members of and the held a firm grip to tho seat. Our boat
house of Sexton
here and there in the South, and raking to represent this order in that con. committee will also insist on selling cot. made commons determined, Barry, to had proceeded but half a tie wheu Immediately Fruitful Farming.

ia the most of them in the West. With vention. I sustained this by saying it ton by net weight, deducting only the Healy a attempt the beC\J us seen what
about final settlement of
this added to the 750.000 colored voters, didn't commit the people: out provideda actual tare from the gross weights. There bring a insisted that there be we subsequently learned to lie ono of the Sufficld, Conn., affords a pleasing instance
who await them they will have a party. meana whereby they could expressthemselves i* absggingcommltteo with M. D. Coffin !question. They an Steepest inclines of the whole course of of thrift and contentment on ,a- '
over l.OOO'.OOO: strong to start on. The on this great question o( Homer III., a* chairman; and. immediate division oi the member the flume-a drop of MO yards, with a twenty-acre small-fruit and poultry farm.

scheme II'one of Immense political im through their subordinate county and tobacco committee, presided over by W. on the main question Retirementof beforetbe grade of 1,200 feet to the mile. It was K. N. Spaulding. respected as a man an
portance.Thursday. state organizations during the coming)'ear. W.. alland. of LouLtviU- meeting namely: but a 1,1 moments when our boat was neighbor, at home with sensible wife
of the
Parnell from tha Uadership
nijht the Alliance had an When the great convction meets, i.id at the head of tho incline. Pieces of healthy, beautiful children, in.a mode
with authorityand mere was quite a treero over toe agricultural party Finally Sexton gave Parnell his timber could be seen on the mountainside
will there with his lot
addressed come farmer ,
speakers delegates eager
open meeting/ by happy yet
if decision
statistics resolutions which included altimatum to the effect that a
of the instructions from their If in, these pieces having been in knowledge,
from the colored Alliance and people. Chairman blow learn; earnest applying{ ;
make roster of this question delayed by
to on
full attendance decide in favor of a proposition Olt oj the their ,and
and noted
of Labor. There was a their people Indtrend. tumeluring as enterprising IJrgreslive.
of tho
secretaries ia connection Parnell
sub-alliance a majority
all representatives
of Alliaucemcn\ who seemed to ent party action, It will prevail. course. The sight WI' very assuring He docs not believe there i anywhere
will still be beiientted by tho with a committee five alliance-ngresa- of the party would bold a meet. to us, but there was no such thing
enjoy the meeting intensely.A the cause : a more promising
men to help collect and disseminate atatitties. leg of their own and d pose him from as or turning back at this opninglor
negro from: South Carolina maletpeech conference, and there wi'l be a better understanding stopping stage i, young men than in
in which he rejoiced in the eleo of the objects which the the office. A scene of great ucitementfollo'A'ed of the journey. Holding our respective I! He usually clears twenty fer cent. on.
tIon of Ijllman and overthrow of the labor organizations are seeking to At the morning aession'of the negro this announcement. Mr.: Abraham breaths and offering for l.ale8 above COt of rain'ng and marketing -
and A. W. moved that Mr. 1'arnell vacate the consigned
achieve. This ia the basil of all I er- Alliance Powderly our own safety -we ourselvesto produce, including fair count for
aristocracy Wright of Toronto, a member of the chairmanship of tbe Jlurt,. Mr. Parnell : our fate. boat fur instant
Another ,. L. D. Miller, of Louisiana commended, but it hat taken wonderful The stopped an his own time. He can do far better in
negro executive board made a fraternal refused to allow the motion to be at the head of the
general put
will both chute pitched of
said the'colored people wantedthe hold upon them, and satisfy this way, selling f 10 to $20 worth
Farmers' visit and extended them an invita whereupon Mr. McCarthy, followed by over the course and shot out into what I truck than working for $3 a
aides. weekly, by
Australian ballot which the
should be tion to send fraternal delegate to the urtj-four other members> left the room. seemed to us mere space. I all
of 1892 baa
Alliance to them "If the convention day at his trade. He
was going giv e li
nt ICni-tit > T botfowaeny carpnter's
luuuunhly n dim
veoeriU A of
Harry: Tracy, of Texas .man and called u it doubtless will be, the question mauo 8 uort ana was INSURANCE MENOP perception hoeing 10rest'.I.dllug the good life, the satisfaction
space of
wildly ,
before the Farm post a of knowing that wife and children -
a veteran allianceman, said the farmenwere will come up, not followed by Wright, who made a shrewd the 'al wash of the I can
to solve the en' Alliance with an assured majority are well off; spend much time
going negro problem. the stogie tax idea. NORTH AND BOOTH CAROLINA MEET
argument waters behind us, after all of which !
They were the friends of the negro whom against independent action, but before An important item in the business ol AND OROAXUE. found ourselves at the bottom of the incline we- I with the family, beside putting with by
they had, been separated from by the a composite body made up of delegates: the afternoon session waa adoption of money-something many city men
regain our breath. It
chicanery of politicians. Pointing to the from the Farmers' Alliance, Knights of President Po'k'a suggestion that the The general life insurance agents ol trying anti larger incomu cannot do "Good
wa lucky too. Humannenel ..
negro alancemea! he said: "We moat Labor. Farmera Mutual Benefit Associations national legislative board bo supersceded North and South Carolina held a meet- could hardly I have the strain frit" says Mr. S., is the best thing

DOt leave here until we have formed a Trades Unions, the Orange and all by a national legislative council, composed ing at Charlotte, Friday, and organized much longer. Going on stoo a slightly reduced j world for health; he who place*
federation with this organization, which tbe organization of producers. This of the national president aDd the presidents the "Life Insurance Association of tht rate of treated it before mankind does a worthy work;.
speed, we were to demand
will bear fruit In the years to come." body will represent a total constituencyof of the State Alliance. This leaves Carolinaa." The following officers were a constant change of mountain aud there teem to be no end to the
Mr, Barber, of Virginia, an aged Allaoceman !- something like double the membership : the national executive board Intact. elected: J. D. Church, of Charlotte, now closely hugging the perpendicular scenery i! for it. -[New York Trbl'.

said ,to the negro speakers: of the Formers Alliance if the The National Reform Presa Associationhas preiidt'ntW., J. Roddy, of South Carolina I wall of a again being swept I II

I 'Qo back and Ml your people that you colored Alliance should go in, as they been organized by the election of l>r. and John C. Drewery, of North I around tho rocky gorg*of a mountain on Wandering Jew.

have forgotten republicanism, that you are likely to do. Their 750OOJ votes, Macune as president; J, B. Stell, of Mon. Carolina vice presidents; 8. L. Adams I our way across wide canons, up highas

have forgotten democracy, and that theFarmer' the OOD.OOO votes of the Trades Unions. tana, YIC-)president, and W. S. Morgan, of Durham, secretary and treasurer. Abig 130 feet, with only the knowledge 8 of From the time of Abraham to the pnant --
[ AWance has rUen up in the and the! Knights of Labor, and the 800, of Missouri, secretary and treasurer. The convention was appointed to be heldat I I frail trestlework between us and-what? : the migratory instinct

land tad they are really your last and UOO votes of the other farmers' organisa association number twenty-five papers, Charlotte the third Tuesday I No grander views of the lower Sierras Jews. h La
(only ..nion.Ther ." lions will make more than a majority of bo- strong long MespotI t.
but thUU6.Ole ,
and will have fortv. The uary. Jan-I could be experienced than that whichwe naan, Egypt, Canaan ,
\. is, a strong effort being; mdeto the whole producer convention.T organizations. represented wujuuiumeut WM tue BuupClOU- oi ire I REMARKABLE DIVIDEND.ONE I bad a we swept on through space. Babylonia, l'enla Canaan a third tinw
| have the action by the National Alii in the following resolution; .. The of deep I
with A. W. Wright --- altercating VOw grgea.I and thin world, ia tho rootsof ,
V. Powderly Resolved That endorse tbd National
oe i agtlnkt the elections bill expungedthe we high cliffs, timber-clad mountain the It of
.. a nrXDRED AND rim eta CENT. heIght migration, itinerary, were,
and John W. Ilajcs, were present s Economist and the action T a
> record and may amount to manly TBE 6TOCKHOU1ERS. combined with the novel means the Hebrew race. The Jew are
aethlpjt before the session closes. fraternal committee from the Knights Their ofLat'or of Brother Macune and his associates ia ,I portation, robbed the journey of all the"tribe of the wandering foot.IndH

At a meeting of the National Colored and addressed the Alliance.confer said paper, and will do all we can to urge The board of directors if the American weariness. existence of Jew*-the Fdaihas and

,w "'anc, *; durinj .the afternoon, a resolui business at the convention the formation i* to ot a them onward lithe good work of edu Live Stock Commission Company of Finally TO reached Kings River, and DDi- rl and the Cochin Jews-i* only

d i was offered reciting the fact that the with the Alliance on the industrial cation. Chicago, after a lengthy executive session our course now lay parallel with the for by their Tendering iatintts. *-
Farmer Alliance( aimed at' the betternent third party composed of all and The Alliance men are happy over the Tueailay' voted to declare a dividend stream and at about the same grade. No doubt t
| of the condition of the farmers inostriaUy organi: .atloos of the country, restored harmony in the order and will of night per cent the stockholders O boat proceeded steadily, but with strengthened by a fb,
and socially, they will ask ,the farmer to appoint a adjourn in high spirits IIU t cone of the occasional rapuli'y we badexperienced 'retain*
morally of conference \%bite fraternal ol the company, payable January 1st. No "hen peace prevails, the Jew f H5
i ad regretting criticism andMdemniog exchanged be TBS PIATVOUC ADOPTED. other bUn-was declared, had been In the higher mountains left his fondness for IQa yiTne Lci''

the action of the tweeu greeting the knights are and belog the farmers the The great interest of Monday!proeeedinjjawa traDe except to vote this remarkable behind. .After 'having 'lUe' about gee. trt p .'," '
bite allianoaia the resolution
passing brethren ot the Alliance *,Ja the ctldcvltoQ.2J the *jjt> dded. .
in to the federal white and colored: ,
Wednesday opposition
conference cooMulttee J JI C
have a joint
1JOM U1V became such action tug no

.. a
i a
;: ', .,

I _stt rra p &. '- -- ,. .
a : iirrMM lI c .- '
::"' .FJ- !

Fi __ -; W- -- -.- .. -.-.- ..-._---._ ----------m-. ., --_ _
rTzT.Black SS.
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ultimately great object which "H'ml What planet is it?" the hole. Fhis should be done in the first, at three years old she gave me, black teak. To quote his language 1 without it-
they hope to seeing
attain. How
docs the "That, sir, is Jupiter." fall. In the spring the plug I.0 ,be three months after calving and on the "The black teak M an entirely new Catarrh 'Remedy .
anxious when that
tailor Dr.
towed "It's Jupiter, is itt How do ;yo" taken out, a half gill of kerosene pouredinto best feeding, six quarts of milk per day. wood. It has the full ifppcnrancc of teak Sage
on tempestuous
-over the foaming billows seas, cast and his anticipate eyes- know it's Jupitcrl" i the hole and set on fire. It will burnout By good feeding on clover pasture, clover In trw, leaf and bark, grain or growth.But cures the worst cases of

the calm security he hopes, to "Why, everybody knows that planet is i the stump to the furthest root. hay and corn meal, as much as she can it is nearly a dull Mack color, chronic catarrh in the 'head,

when he reachet the wishcd-for shore.enjoy Jupiter." I 2. In the fall bore a 'hole one inch In use profitably, she has come up in the fivi and splits just about tbe same a. "

Even kings of their "But how do you know it!I" diameter, ten inches deep, into the centra years to her sixth calf, and her udder has the yellow teak. Whnt I have seen of it catarrhal headache, and coldin
grow weary splendid "Know it iw belt ." I increased in size until it lias been in small tree but I told .
.lavery.'ILDt nobles cken, under increas by ; of the stump and put in a half poundof greatly now }h am the head.
"Hain't other planet bolts P inches around at its that there are )Urge forests of it the
got forty-two
in any vitriol and In the upper part, up
dignities.All fact fed less delight plug tight.
of them have. Iii the very KnHnh river mostly trees in size of from In perfect faith its makers 4
in the actual enjoyment of "Possibly some spring the whole and roots throughall and with her fifth heifer calf, all of ,
worldly stump
pursuits, however great and honorable remotest depths of space there may be their ramifications will be so rotted as which I have reared, her yield is eight. 12 to 20 Inches over the stumps, ranging theVorId's Dispensary Medical .
myriads of worlds that the has froth 20 to 00 feet to first limbs.) This is
telescope een quarts of milk daily from which ii
they maybe. than in the idea of their to be easily: removed.-Farmer, horns Association of Buffalo
feeing able to relinquish them and retire toequet.rd not revealed to us, and some of them Journal.TDK made eleven pounds of butter in a week. the timber chosen by tho natives for bows ,

**-:"" Some calm may have belts like this one." One scrub heifer with her first calf, and and arrows, spear handles, pmMlci and N. Y., offers to pay $500 to

In,.world forgetting by the world spot forgot "That's what I thought.: Do you two years: old, is milking fourteen quarts anything wl Il're a good tough pieceis one suffering from chronic.
--- s'poso Jupiter is Inhabit) I" needed I consider it a bi'tier timber

A manuscript book of' recipes, which "Some persons think it t ta, and some An Indiana reader asks if it will pay a day.-American Ayricvtturitt.rnoriT forso'rs) felloe, handles, etc., than tbe catarrh in the head whom, Jt.*.

dates back to the time of Quern Elizabeth Fay it has not yet cooled off sufficiently I to save chicken feathers. Our reply is best American hickory or oak, or white they cannot cure.
was several years since discovered for human beings to live upon it "Yes;" for while they hare notthe same AND. LOSS. ash, as it is very hard when green, dries

by some chcml-ts at Newcastle, England, "Do you think i 's likely that the peo- marked value as those of gee e and Winter no stock that is not productive.To still harder anti U! not much of a timber Now if the conditions were '

And is said to have been used by the family plo who live on it, if there are any, call it ducks it will pay to save them on anyplace feed a dry cow through the winter ii to warp. I have used it on axe-handles reversed-if they asked to
l of Lord F ,irfnx. The book is to be Jupiter where over a hundred head of to foolishly waste good money. and other places for o\"er" year, and it

published'in lithographed simile, for the "Oh, no; it isn't at all likely." poultry are kept. Less beef and more mutton means hotter has proved far better than the best 1m- pay $$oo for'a positive cure:

.benefit of modern hou ekeepcl1l. "ll'm I how much do you charge for These feathers are easily dressed. 'profit for the farmer and chcapei Potted split axe and shovel handles. It| I you might hesitate. ,Here are

looking it through that thing food for the both ondi is very springy, find that f is why it Is med
Strip the plumage from the quills of the workingman with of
Beware .Ointment tar I'aiarrh That "Only five cents." for bows anti handles. reputable men, years
tonlaiii Jlerrar>, larger feathers and mix with the small worth keeping in view. spear .'
Astnercoryw11 unrcly ile-lrojr the sense ofemell "}'ivu ctnts hey You want five ones, putting the whole loosely in paper The average weight of fleeces sheared honorable. dealing ;r thousands

ana completely derange the whole '"- cents for squinting about ten sccon-ls! at a bags. which should be hung in the in the United States has doubled within Tint following written definition of the of dollars and a great name .
tem when entrrlna! ii th uicu the mucous ...ifan planet you call Jupiter because everybodyelse up handed in
( *, !Such: unities should never be used ex calls it Jupiter nUll because it's kitchen or some other place to dry.Then the past thirty :years. This is progressive word "bachelor" was Is by a back of them and they say-
cept on preemption* irom rrpitnble Dhiellanaa got fifth ,grade: bovs "A bachelor a man
he auioge they nil, no In ten fold belts, when you yourself it ain't the let the bags be baked three or agriculture.It Vifc "We
10 I say who has no nor wants no wife uorcan't can cure auscwe've
tbe good you can possibly. derive from them ; only one that's Grits and acknowledge four times for half an hour at a time ina "blood will tell" in one branch it you

heD.tl1 Hall's Catarrh: & Uu..1i lolmio.are, nianuiac o. contains ured no by 1.mer.J' tho people Rot on,it don't you call it warm but not hot oven, drying for will in another, It pays as well, in proportion get no wife. cured thousands like

cur,.and is taken internally\ an act direct. Jupiter. It's my belief you don't know two days between each baking, and the to keep well-bred poultry as to you- if we can't we'll pay .
the bioort and LADIES
ly ,
.aystein.upon Jn uylnit Halls mucous iaiarrh'surfaces Cnr of,the bo : whether it's% Jupiter or Job's Coffin. I process will be completed. Less trouble keep well-bred cows. It troubled with Female Complaint for the knowledge

.onto get the gen ul i e. It i Is taken Internal say that it'la durn swindle." than this will answer and is often made The gradin -up process will bo very wi itt me. Plate case.any,"-'lire" rlaln an l quick you $500

!ly\and made in To.eclo, Ohio, by t'.J. .beney And he elbowed his way out of the to suffice, but the feathers are inferior in slow if grade animals are used for sirei. Ti'rms low. Particular unit proof of cures that there's one whom we
mail waleil. Hook Krmale Dlsmuwa PIE -
\3r: ,Sold by DrniNlsts. price ':!io. per bottle. crowd nnd walked off, leaving the tele- Crispness to those so .treated and may A full-blooded sire should always be used by nnts ..."'IIIlr'". Mra I on>r. lusty A. IJrannon can't cure." S

scope man jumping up and down in occasionally b come offensive.-A'tvi for breeding purposes. Wm-nlngton St., Atlanta (4*.
How can we expect that another should
keep our secret when It is more than we tan speechless rage.-Chicago Tribune. TwlWorld.. Sheep growers have two strings to D. isis liver !Npeealatof They believe in themselves. I

do ourselves .- their bow; whatever the condition of Any prriMin ....uJlnllll. their' name and *4. Isn't it worth a trial ? Isn'tany
CALIFORNIA prunes arc now leading the wool market, good mutton and lamb dress will receive infornmtlon that will\ trail
For $Impure or thin Blood, Weakness. Malaria the French article in the New York mar FEEDING TOO PIGS. find sale at to a fortune llrnl. Lewis A Co., boourlty trial preferable to catarrh?
always ready paying prices.
Neural Kin., and Kanna ('ity. M"
take* Brown's Iron Indicmtion Bittern-It Rives lilllonnneM Mronirth ket from 2 to 2} cents. A little while It is not profitable to sell pigs at the Warm quarters in winter will save BuildIng -- ....... -- -. .. "

making old persons foci young-and young ago we were taking: lessons from France early age of four weeks unless they are food. It is not of fuel to keep FOR A. DISORDERED UVKR try BKCCHAM'S WANTA'9R THE

persons strong; pleasant to take. in growing and packing this fruit. In fat enough for roasters and can be soldat the house doors economy open in winter, or to TU.UI. ,4Aa1lTfl; : S'rORT

A rood doctor Is a gentleman to whom wo raisins we are competing successfullywith a good price. More ,gala: in weight feed corn to warm cattle in an --- -

pay three dollars visit for ad>'Islng us to oat Spain. Our canoed goods are finding is made in such pigs than nt any other barn. open $SURRY

lees and exercise more. sales in Eur and our nines are improving .
pc, age. It would certainly be advisable to
Individual attention to the milch cows
Doctors prescribe Dr. Bull's Worm DcMroyrs from year to year. put them and feed them for sale later 1YiJP offl'qONID '
because children like them and they never up in the way of kindliness, cleanliness !

fall.. _ _ when they might weigh 100 to 125 and comfort will be directly rewardedby EaglesjlelJohn |
Catarrh Can Be Cured.Catarrh pounds each and sell in the market for 5
"Woman her discuses and their treatment. can never be cured by ointment the increased value of their pro. .
A valuable Illustrated hook. of seventy-two and oilier local applications but there Is one seven or eight cents per pound dressed. duct. tiurtCtoka."
of 10 .t. for cost of mailing
t>aees free on receipt
,etc. Address 1'. 0.. Cor lUDO, I'bll1'-. cause.remedy It that boa can cured permanently eases where the remove olacharle'fI' the A four weeks old pig well fed will, or As a rule, sell an animal when it ii 'zcrkrmlac;

Timber Mineral. Farm Lands and Ranches so copious and offensive that It felt a. if should, gain one pound of live weight ready for market! ; after that the cost of kltUrl *l.'7.
the whole bead was a mass of corruption. I for three to four pound. of food con S wbUkkM-
Missouri Kansas, Texas and Arkansas the food will be offset
In very likely to any "
Other Indicated Irresistible desire
by u6
canes an 41'"""
Kansas and
sold. Co., City.Mo. milk meal for the
bought and Tyler& listing corn
to hnwk and spit the phlegm collecting In a advance in price. Besides the price f fie rBlolitkwM ,
tough mass behind the soft palate. In other first few weeks, and afterwards should advance. *..B SM.k I
OklahomaOulde Book anil )la""ntaDT.wber..nr.celptoC6Uct.ki'y1er& cases where the matter dried up in such large may not erttttmuit :.
,. Co.. :aiuiaa Citr..MOo lumps as to fairly close up the nostrils and prevent make a pound of live weight for each. There is always a cash market for good .*.. ...*... as 5.
nasal respiration. In other rase where the four pound'of cornmeal alone, equal to mules. troubleto S IDBSrmnioMBOOK
young They are no more
breath wa so offensively revolting and fetid with
fourteen pounds of weight for a bushel handle than horses and rather less .. ,
that the person became a disgusting object In are amy &-
Two Ciants society. Oilier cases wherein complaint was of corn. This is the best that can be liable to disease and accident than the mat liluslrstiess -
made of a distressful feeling above and between and the be decided lk...ba.Sever .
where the of smell expected question may latter.It .... .
OB thoa, band-!Scrofula, he ancient" dUean, the eye and sense
was entirely lont. Other canes. where the droppings on a calculation of cost with expected is bad to W W" mm* ,*..!*-
fcaowa the trarld OTT, gnawing at the vitals of fell Into the throat and the voice became just as policy give poor ISis'*...acrKAtif .
value after certain of bees I ,*"_"..- ,.*southern Slates
a period
SYS,,1IaIIOIt.ezlatlD In the blood of nearly *rrryamtt husky and caused a troublesome cough. Oh I food to good stock as to give good foodto BNJOYS MWTlBy,.*r* .ye.-. .I"*
( >-deicendeil to vs from cur fathers or aoquired you want to know the name of feeding.-Aeu rTime,. stock. Both should bo good Ik* Illruth. Cents trlB reeraattd el IB.
by our wrong hablU! and Indulfeneen.OB the medicine? It is called Dr. John Boils poor Both the method and result when, 4..4. o. talat ., Ue woa.td.r4i Soldier, piSU
tne other rarsapartlla. It can be bought of any drugglut. the food and the stock ; then there may 1......., .r tkxe ,,ke font kl till A****,,
baDd-H-.PaneparUIa. the modem Syrup FigsU taken It ia
_ _ _ THE VALUE OF ROOTS FOR FEEDING. be some profit in tho combination. ; pleasant IlLn.'". Jaba"'''. Btd, Jacisea. sa< U*.
medlcln, th of .
treat enemy Impure blood, and refreshing to the taste and act la the .....for vhloh tk.y .0 dMf*ntlyjaa4
aeoBipllabliii tile most ouderful. cureof tcrofula, Remember these thing and keep your No farmer who has once grown roots Wheat bran is not rick'is fat-forming br.r.lr ba-licd "IU ...*f grow IM*. nisi

alt rb.ain ebIT \ obligation inviolate while life lasts. for fall and winter feeding will ever abandon elements but is especially valuable for gentlyyot promptly on the Kidney, IkrlUmt story plolar setsion.Joys.4S.rvCW.asS ] .
.. 1014.bntl.SliM witS kUten
yon suffer at all from the Giant of Dlita, FOR Dyspepsia Indirection and Stomach the practice. And no farmer who promoting growth of muscle. Also Liver and Bowels, cleans the system ,...U a.lose... of s-Ik*Uy,.... _I...blwM U' *S..lkaad

4OGq 'him by the..14O1 tbe Giant oC Bealtb, disorders use Browns Iron Bitter The Bastlonlr can be induced once to them u a when liberally fed will increase the flow eflectually, dispels colds headaches the Marlk.' llr* Is a book for Ik* eld SstBf ..
grow .4 r U. M rtMll te blue Ik* vtI4 seas
Hood's Sarsaparilla and strenvlhoua, It rebulUU the the muscle system., clean.A splendid* the Wood ton- trial will ever regret the pains he has of milk, but will not give a desirable and fevers and cum habitual .lre.Io.t Civil War .... kaowa' !. sail....
ku m....,.1..*. sad tell bus .! Ik* .Ip l lyCklnalM.
constipation. of
to for weak and deullltated butter color.It Figi It the
014b7 all drugglat.. tit six for $& rnparedoaly persona.Fashions taken. No doubt under the generally Syrup .iu lathe BustWl .l tinj... wk..

b/C.I.HOOD*CO,towEl.., Kaw.IOO runs so much to the decollete that careless culture of such crops there it is not wholly sentiment 'to say that only remedy of ita kind ever pro were.the Ora,. Slrer7

Doso3 One 001kwI:1r even the popular gloves are undressed. much labor bestowed upon the roots. "the foot of the sheep is golden." Thisis duced pleasing to the tute and ao In *T.ry mlkira, of EaI'O..l'bom will laS a wetsee*wltktata

"The path of duty." said a much-tried traveler Weeds have to be destroyed and much the only one among our domestic copUbla to the stomach prompt in ruok .l every.... II Is 511511.5J13 tkL0*

"la undoubtedly through the Custom band-hoeing has to be done. This II imals that is increasing in valuo in the ita action'nd truly beneficial in Its Buimniu.1 raiiBor Ik though ILLlllf&'UnD"D auica sapososi.BLa um.f TnuniB Bapaw*

CAIN House." __________________ I the fault of the farmer and the land, and face of the present agricultural depression. effects, prepared only from the moat. COLD ONwV IV U..ORIfTIOM.Ai .

Dr. Bull's Sanaparllla cured me of a lone not of the root itself. The and lbs s>n AD. Air this ou ftiatm sacs
standingoaeofvstarrband I feel better in crop young healthy agreeable substances, wAN4.M.mt...* (/ ,**' M Imf, will b* Urraaad >
health and spirit than I ever did slnre I was plants grow slowly at the best, and in A colt should never be broken. In ita many excellent qualities commend .ppll ONE POUND a lady.-Jfra J/ury Hume, Richmond, relation the break" wb.deslreio&ciaaAisaWShCtIldWYttef.ttIra.S.
young weedy ground make still slower growth. this phrase "to it to all and have
I'd. ___________________ But this the should become obsolete. We should made it and quick'1.* choice of aent"7J'
be overcome by having the
"Great cry and little wool," was what the may moat popular remedy known. Q.. \r. DJT.iawoniM, :X'ubUshsr.
i A Day. colored man said on being shown his new-born ground clean and well fertilized. Any never have to break the colt any more Syrup of Figs i. for solo in 50o ..__ _____II WeetlidOt. New YsraONLY5OCENTS)

babe. _______________ farmer who has never grown roots for than the boy. Both should be taught and II bottles by all leading dru

A CAIN OF A POUND A DAY IN THE I FITS topped free by Diu Kl.ltr. GREATMuvpHKnTOREJt. fear of tho labor of keeping them clean "from their youth up." gists. reliable *-
Any who
No Flu after lint is to be considered druggist I
day' should and it readyfor Disposition a quality
CASE OF A MAN WHO HAS BECOME "ALL plow an acre now get lest with >
Zturvulouacure Treatise ami : trial not hare it vosPsvd.aap.uanI..Vjeod
C ice. &i hand will .
may on
RUN POWK" AND HAS BEGUN TO TAU Lei II.. lm !Jr. Kline. 631: Ana I:". I'hiEu, Pa.IeoWiu'C'bincee cross-plowing and thorough harrowing with all farm animals. In the procure S ......... "'. ha raM

THAT KEMAnKABLC tLESH FRODUCER, I in tho spring so that it may be well dairy, In particular, the quiet gentlecow it promptly for any one who 5" S ...,_S 557 8\&he......c.c.... '

Headache Cure. HarmIt cleaned by the end of May: for the sow is worth more than a fractious one. wishes to try It. Do not accept I .......'....1.ass........._s4 Ale It.0i15. '
In .
f >s In rffi-rt. qukk and pofitho action ". pig..... tler
ISCOTT'S frint pnralil .n rlc'IIt..f fl |'ir loll ii.4dclt&Co..tVynn'toIte Ie ing. A small plot can be easily kept The latter if not only troublesome to any substitute. Jhuw Mn gin**(noilCn ..""", 55

i : kt..KansasCltyMo: clean by tho use of one of the hand cult! bsu-lle, but is disturbing clement j' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 1. ...,iklm..,..la itas...auMrnb s.srad.,.'tfl_*.,

If afflict ed wit h ore e>'ea nee Dr. Isaac Thorn p- vators, and will require no more labor among the others.It '** fOI8CO.n OAt. 15'CC -. ek. Wade vsts'lsg.Is .., 5,'' _
I ron's Eyv-wntrr.UrUBKlots sell at::FM pt-r boU,... to feed fall *25 ....rsoltnutjaaw 1.",..11. g'
i than a crop of potatoes or corn.-American is not good management I.H/rIlU. MW roim. n r. ...'..._ ..-.& f..1
EMULSION pigs valuable grain through the winter e: .............1.. ... ...
Ayrieulturitt. ..
spec iiS
KINC COTTONBuy and then let them shift for themselves -VASELINE- ..- S ;sad II.: ..'..:;::-I,.Sal

through the summer. If you have not : I. '''i' ..1.. \.sr ....
or sell your Cotton 0"J 0 HE S$60S.T01 .; .5 5 5 ;.' .. <
OF PURE COD LIVER CL! WITH made arrangements for good pasturage : ;t'Ir IsrUeaa :
> An Australian expert gives the following ......U 11...ad._
} of Lime &'Soda Cotton Scale. "The next summer better tell the pigs now FOR A nMC-linl.l.All ni 1.1.wains by man -- t'.. 5- -.J,'.. % .... : Tb.S or...
Hypophcsphites on judginlr\\"ool !live sheep: .. .. ,
ws will doll'r. fr u all .10. to say parses I. ,. 0 ".ail.ib.h.. ,,.
J IS NQTHI.NO V>USUAL. THIS FEAT CUT BEST. finest and sottest \\"nolll always on the and save the grain. tli. Unit d States, aU ot ....loUowIu* artkilvs. oar* : 01)','...bll}.a.Ir" ,
terms address animal fully park. .1 55.5 IS ;
The in "finishing oft an
shoulders of the An 55
PALATABLE EN. 07! BIHGHAMTOi, sheep. expert for market ii that thus better price On l..o-oune* bolU of Par VaMllae. loot ,..- .....
MILK. may
N. Y. judging sheep always looks at the woolon Oa. ttro-mi. ra bottis of Va-illa fumade, ItCm 1"Ir' .
DORSED DY PHYSICIANS. SOLD BY ALL Le t obtained for the whole. There I is leu Jar ol Va lin*Cold Cream . IIOB 011- e
DRUGGISTS. AVOIUbUUS - -- the shoulders first. Always assuming i,, k* of Vaselie Cam boric.., . 10* S S ( I............
TUT10 AND j gain fur the. food consumed toward the On. Vail of Vawlin... aan'c.it', 10" II..."....
G'sPENSION 8111 that the wool to be inspected is .p. S .i. ... ....
other Unless Oa (akof Va liB flop' i<|uUll.lr.r.*. PE"SIONS than at .
-- -.-- '. 't' really fine, we first examine the shoulders close any Oi* liwouno boil of Wait VaMUue, M* S ; ;:1:3 and' war.k S
id1OU. ......_ S
w. will
wool is to assured that a higher price result .4 reepepS I r...'f
where the fittest
ussad yathr. are a. as a part .1.10
SI.000 REWARD ttt..A Ueaka I,ft.$14.. a ;::'u.M.u t'li' .a: I.t.t:: : :: be found. This we take aa a standard better not try too long for the extra MUM 0.. /W*...m(M
a '1'11.above reward will be paul for proof of and compare it with tbe wool from the pounds. ur