I '0tblioatlon against Maggie Z7I Y-7 :BECAUSE ::
M..trl/I"N '- $200,1
Nelson| bsl.cn. :;; Average deposits, n
J" Fort Pierce. To Maggie Nelson Iwronilant In the above canrn i '
I. It SiiwirlnK| by MI.tllo vlt filed In Ulla otuw,
I thstyourwhsrt .. |H>UU U nut known tuu that the. best. Transacts a General Banij
you "are over twxnty-ont or ,.
ynn sin '
-, Benjamin 1'rloat lisa accepted post- Now, thereto... U I* onlnrwl l. that ::: enter Youwant what you paY, for.
tlon at the store of r. P. Cobb. your "u|> iHirana ta the bill Hlwl In the shove Boslne8 ea
nose i cant you, In the clerk's ollt.,. of the better crops'
Rev Olin lioggeas left for slmvt .oUI tit rilimvlll. Klorl.U' on or ."'",.
Wednesday to attend Conference Tampa,'on yuu theteulhdsyofPebntaryA.D.awe.defend l wan..,Uia l till,,' ooninlalnt will Unless! he do not want.to fail I ,, Largest and Oldest Bank on (be Bi| y

Mr. and Mrji T. E. Lewis, of Eldred, taken iirooeed*.e.oonrwiwit 1'lIrt.. by you, and tbo"utMI11.\ are the: best e !l Kxohangs bought and sold .
were shopping la town, Wednellda,. tlla: Hi)Ire.toil tint this order tie nutillnhed In t'nnntriee.1'utrnnagepppreoiate.l |
KiWtViAiiv A vx-iT, a weekly are what you for
new.paiwr Th
I pay
001. J. F. Budd arrived I this week from pulillnliiHl' at'lltuiTllle.Hravardoouiity I ,florlda, Prompt' service.. ,ij
New Haven to spend the winter at) Ills once a week fur sight ounmoiiUf week with a* ey grow better crops. treatment, and every favor onoeleteet.db\ Ieerratm
little .
delay aa and I
nitty 1.1| that copy be poet.ed banking grsnted.
palatial residence I at bite mutt liuu.a luor,of Hrsvard. county, NEVER FAIL. "- CORRES2'ONDE\TPI! :
Iotylclll' from tutu
.: Miss Annie Vletch returned Monday Ih fie and urdonxl at the t'lerk'i. eon* of the Empire host CotntianT, 42 Bmal.'
night, from a w ek'a vacation and rest above court a, Tltti tile, rionda,Hill nth day New York N. Y. .
with friends In of L)....omnlM A. D., IWIT. 8. E. P. The Atlanta National J1Auk of JukKJacktonTllle
spent Jacksonville.Hov (C{.Ct.(* .1! ) At.HTEWART, RICK Agent TITUSVILI.E. ROBERTS Allen, MIMS.D. Fla
Gee Mooro held unrvlres In St. Cleik Circuit Court, llrnvnr.1. (Xiiiiity. STCLAIR SlSBKT, Agent, INDIANOLA. rr.I" "U'I.LLE. I'LA.
Andrew's church, lane _. Hy tI. A. itTkwA aT. I,.('. 8. A. O8TEKJT, Agent, LOTUS. OEO. E. CHESTER .
Sunday, both J. Webb Attorney fur Coiiiilalnsut.. INK Agent CITY POINT. - --- -- .. .
and -- -
morning evening to large congregations.
: _. .
---- ------ ---- -- -- -------- ------- ------ ,-,,-
-THE- |
We are very glad to notice the new Motor SoaSupplies
cement sldowalks being put down In the TWO BEST SPARK PLUG A MERRY CHRISTMASWill
business portion of the town, and trust
It may become contagious. ON THE MAttKEIV ;
.1.7'% i. .
a Miss Oraoe Paxton left, Sunday night
for St. Augustine to take up her duties L be euJ'>yod by all who favor me with their' orders for wines, liquors and bun, i
at the hospital, after a few days of much tit a and there will be no dlaordeietl stomachs and acblng beads during and after the I

needi>if restj with her parents. here holltlayslainongst th
The Yacht, Orlan, with Mr. \V-1T. tti J1 S? absolute! pure and unadulterated and can be retained with' the utmost ease and
I t Gregg on boarl\\left arrived la port, Tuesday beneficial results by the mOAt delicate starnacba. My large and varied stock of Imported ; Dlsoouota' from Llsti flcheblcr ard Kingston Cat'' f

Paint night Beach, and other next point day south for ,West t0z and domestic wines liquors and cordials enables me to please the most tore, IS per cent.; Ualrerasl 40 per ceot.i Monarch, tcent.

II I astldloui[ both In price and quality. 8end-melolu Chrlstmsa order, and will All brass ftttlojla""oUjth and polished, 1)1)) per
Miss Nellie Buell and, air. W. L. Robinson I you JtAJAII SPARK PLUGS and Prot.ectOII end your
not it.
( were rniirned, Wednesday evening, a and spray troubleA-II.t price U.tIO-m, price prf
and left for the south the .same evening :: FOUR FULL jUARfS-KXPRESS PREPAID. 1.80 complete. All style. deck ttlnltl, Edien Bat''

t This young couple have our boat wishes CeeweeSprlnga; . . . .$ 4 BO Seeba'aOld Maryland . . .> 2 Rr Spark Tolls, Wire, ;Timers, Dynamos, Lights, lt'b
for a long Ufa of health, wealth and Hrook Illll\ . . aDd In fact .
Zo liye 6 Cabinet Whiskey. . . . g 75
prosperity ii Sunny Brook, eight\: yeara old, 4 75 Carnation . a ou
I The Minstrel. Wednesday evening, M :oS Sunny r wbiukie.bottled: : ri- pd It: 60 Hog Back Mt. N. C. Corn, J 60 Everything for Your Boat and Engine hat
given by the Atlantic Lodge I. P. 1 (Above bond) Stump House Mt. X. G. Corn: : : 3 oo
was a grand success 'n 'IjTO'a:: ;i' KoyalPalm . . 6 00 Fin Old M t. N. <'.,Corn . ". 3 so correspondingly low prices.HVKIirTIlINO If y
socially, ns one of the beat programme: beoba'a White Label. . . 6 00 Kentucky Creek Pure 15.11. :ft 73 BEST QUALITY, AND IN STOCK.
that been put before the public for Cream of Kentucky . . 4 >85>/ 1 fare*Tlilstl*Gin. . . 301) we .
.ht'rm O. eTENSmN' F'L
In that line, was given Kn- I. W. Harper 5 W Special lellgbtfio. ] 60 STaTEEE* : >:33 T. : :
come were numerous aa everyone carried ,- humberm.o'[: Club : : : : : : : 4 1)0) beeba'a Select 1 Malt I : : : : : : : : : : % 00 --------.
cut their part In drat class style. I Green Hedge Tenn. Sour Mash. 4 OO ttoeba'a Maoogram. . . 320
-- Old Edgemont (Kentucky Rye). 4 dp' Ky. Well wood (10 yeara old). . ;4 73: l\TALSnV OO., Atlnntn. G11.1 .
.ENPDRD nACEuRepacking
A Dangerous! Deadlock to tinker- with Abnolatolr a flu DULK GOODS. EXPRESS PREPAID. NO CHARGE FOR'JUGS.bunuy / South Forsytb Street. ,

that sometimes terminate fatally, Is the Ouarantaetl Tlithl Long for.muudlq.eringjoints one year ,pertet.t lit Hrook, S year old ,I 4 73 8eeba'aSelect Malt . .$300:I MACHINERY EARlBJ OI
stoppage of liver and bowel functions. MOVARCH Irooklllll. . A 50 N. O. Stump House Mt. Corn. 8 W) k BEST OV
To quickly end thla condition without Mule to next the i.pinnnU for II 1\o>lIar hog. Kentucky Mellwood l 10 yrs. otd: 575 North Carolina. 4X Corn, J 60 FOR SAW MILL
disagreeable aensallous, 1>r. King's New Hctterthan soy lice ping wild 8atlfautlua Omen lIedlll Teno. Sour Mash 4 tat Old Forest Whiskey :3 M Rcw L J Mill) Outfit"
Life rills should always be your remedy I".na-a. ('ream of Kentucky 4 25 Carnation Rye, . 3 Ou Portable Saw RI(
Ouaranteod absolutely aatlafaotory In Mad with IMuhle linuroved Mica Inaulatlon fhreeT.blnleOlD. SCO Imperial Rye . . a CO"W. Money Sarers. ,
every case or money back, atTituavllla No wrap luloe I. DMH! In the. ootn-toruotion I Complete line Portable and/, 1
, Pharmacy- 25c, '8| clal DlMxwnU to the. WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST.Florida's "Kogln and boilers I. Ith
\ V RONALD & FISKE, Saw Kill and Wood Working MW
Take note'of the hotel ads on out STATE AGENTS Foremost Mail Order House carried In stock.; I t0
Cocoa, Fla. wants, we cage :
4th and 7th Let oa know your
page U you dealers does not handle Item,send P.
to us. SI33UT11.: Jaghrlsonvillo, F1a.. ply you. Write for catalogo |


v 1

,, R .:.. 'A. :'. ..
a it4. ,. .. ,'. : '
.. ;.I' '"
it '.: : .;;:: .. .4tt1p, :
.waq" ti' "IL'IIU" ; :1'
............... iiiii f w .

.. ... ,
tWHiW'll"' -" ,-y .....; '- 7 "f. ,....... ',"\:" ... I
W. '
'7" 1"4 ; I. j
\ I !

"" \

t I


;........ .... .. ....NNNN..

EAST COAST 3STEWS. | wellknown authority on rheumatism ,
Rives the readers of a large New York ttttrtxttxi22tt1rntttt2 ** -* NN.NN..N
******************** jNotes dally paper the : nrt I AAAAAAAAAAA e AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADIAMONDS -
follo'll'lolt'Iluable, yet
simple and harmless prescription, which E
Contributed bv Our IloKular' I any one can easily prepare at home: ,i 4

ewe East Coast COl'1'o 4pondonta3 t Fluid Extract Dandelion one-half E Large assortmenti
Corps : ounce; Compound Kargon one eunce; I \Ve have a fins line of Mounted Diamonds In rings from

.&....*.......- .N....N................. .. .. ..... ........:- Compound: Syrup fcarssparllla three !' i 12000: to *:<.V.>.OOeui.h.( I i
ounce?, Our stock .r Diamond Brooches \In which many desirablepatterns

Mix by shaking wt'l1ln a bottle, and 1 ale fm.nd run In prices from |20.00 to 135.00. tam
communications I .
1_ tend all to "Editor, Eau Gallie. take a teaspoonful after each'meal and I Diamond if Ply j fim. CIO (ltd to WO.(X). 1

,, for publication" 'at bedtime.He 'I Diamond CurT liui, tuns In many design, ranging In price s

.a Titusville, Fla. states that the Ingredients can be i : from $10.00 to fl.'A; (I X) per pair. Fancy Clocks.
BtioC.. HOn080"ll'nn"4. .UD 8(1a. obtained from I \
guarantee to puMUbrtoo !:au Gallle, Nlorl.la any good prescription 4
not reach this office before pharmacy at small cost, and, being :Jf I i Cut Glass ,
Rain on Monday and from $2.00
s- Tuesday last. vegetable extinction are hairoless to up I
ihuredal :
CHRISTMAS CANDIKS!: at the Titus- take. I Our line has b.oell cO.lOfullIelected\ and our stock) Is '
torrtllOndeutl; oblige us by vllle Pharmacy. I This pleasant mixture If taken regularly -' complete, v-lth over n h.uulr..
,,1* mine of people and places Mr. and Mrs. Witty of Chicago are for a few d"YII.I. said to overcome pSSyR t ti
almost ,
of rheumatism. i .
f the of I any case ,/
M possible guests Mr. and Mr*. C. Alnsnorth.
The pain and swelling any diminishes WATCHES
= > 1 I I l iDean; Robottom was the guest of Mr. with each dose, until permanent resultsare i
and .Mr*. 11. U. Hodgson on Sunday last. I I
Melbourne and. without Injuring! the
The saw mill at this point Is fast tak
stomach. While there are man'lo-cRn- For Ladies
..._. ...-.- log portion and will be at wok In the ed rheumatism I I
near future remedies, patent medl Gentlemen c
C. GOOPr.-R+at l CSMrtM, Krt.."i7 cine, etc.some of which do give relief !
jt*! ot for 'Et.J1. The furniture rugs silver crockery, Girls and
i ttSSdtnrt(]tube,"ua Hartfordcr4 few really give permanent result, and
,; << etc., for the bOllltet.oat. Wolverine
.... .I kttraUoupulwiriptlon
f" c
Boys 1
Comp Mi' /
, t"'. o' aOD..d"ntl. this week via E. C. Line the above will, no doubt, be .greatly 1i

, IF YOU DESIRE TO BUY AN A I'- aprechtted\ by many sufferers here at Our prices ere as low as Good Watches can be sold.

l for the ADVOCATE, proprlate Christmas Gift, look In at this time. I ',
Mirof the East Count will bed Inquiry at the thug stores of thin *
the Tltiwvllle Pharmacy.The v
the Melbourne Pontofflce. jlghborbood elicit the Information Jewelry
--- Florida Fish and Produce Co. that these drugs are harmless and can
,:pw I*having Brand luck oatcli- have a houseboat on Hodgson's ways, be bought separately or the druggists Our Stock of Jewell} I h Complete In every line, and we ate sure we

:IOU!. / this week being overhauled. here will mix the prescription for our ;' canlease you. 't

\oIt 1 li having another new cot- The Jumbo is engaged to transport reader If asked to. v
'ion fctrawbrldge Ave., by A. men and stores to Sebastian where a HeadquartersTOR
,oootraotor, new turpentine camp will be Instituted.W. .
Club and they will be on hand and may V J
'omll end daughter Mian Helen, O. Taylor of Wisconsin has arrived be procured from the secretary as soon CHRISTMAS CARDS, TAGS, SEALS, KTC.
bgin, III, are again In theirn and ll., for the present the !guest all they arrive from New York The F996Sterling ,Ii j jf
: > on the bluff. of Capt. Robt. Hymtuonds on the Millie next meeting of the Yacht Club will lon > I
n. the evening of the second U Hand Painted i
[My i and daughter MIIIII MktllutoD -
,0.,are again In their Mel- Mr.:and "}.'rll. G. W Hopkins are. the January, when all members who ran f Silver
'l'OI\Ie for the winter. !guests of Mr. and Mrs. ,1.) E. M. Hodgsou should be present, all preparations for 1
sailing the completion of their the Washington Birthday races will bt Spoon, Forks and "'ahl Ware China'
Dow.of'ankfran, [11., arrived houseboat Wolverine Initiated on that da e. Of Alt Kln.U.. i
kfitbtbat big Waukegan crowd.
... and other member of his II. II. Seaman of Honeadale, Pa.I ar- The Bind supper this (Friday) evening Sterling Silver Toilet wsls! Manicure I
follow soon. lived In EAU Uallie Wednesday last In the hall, deserves the patronageof Sets, Napkin Rings and noveltiesOf A Most Beautiful Assortment. '
This gentleman will cruise In the houseboat our citizens. The band I* ours, the Sold In Sets or Separate Piecesat I'
riFCI.[ CHRIST MAS RIFTS of Queon Ida, for the coming season members' our own people and the supperour All. Kin Is. Ruck Bottom Pilous.Stationery. I
at ffar, at reasonable price own cooking. Now don't cook. a
end away to buy Christmas after Eau Gallle'the streets are being looked supper at home and flutes you supper In Silver Plated !'
by proper ofilcers.'Vjjd" quite au
the ball or will\ burn the candle at
We hive them. Improvement I II already shown. The both ends. you )
TIITSVILLB PHARMACY.Vn. street near the county bridge has* also 3 Knives Folks and Spoons. Our Box Paper assortment Is I
received a coating of shell. The now Rod Light In the lighthouse
one of the largest ever shown In
Table Sets Cream Pitchers\ ,
Silver Plated
W. T, Well are again In at the north entrance of our harbor li 13 this city 1
/The entrance to 8t John's Episcopal and Kut \ fcets and ,
dame Melbourne borne. Green now" to hand and In position. The nf'WIIjth' Spoon Holders Sugar: > ,
They pent the summer In church was much 1 Improved by the large !. him a frisco glass and can be seen In taut everything for the table
wd the fall months In their light suspended In the ground during plainly for :i or 4 miles. '1'his ls a doclded Souvenirs 1 1i
i borne at Lake George N. Y. the services on Sunday evening last. A improvement over the old light and!
:tin stopped In Jacksonville to large: congregation was present. corresponding benefit to our fishermen, : 3 Framed Pictures One of the finest and largest j

alL Jno. F. Perry of Porrvcote, has arrived 'achlsmen and those bound fur Kau i stock of Souvenlts, Including both I
from Narragansetr, R. I., where he iallle's fine harbor during the night An Attractive Hue of 1'rllme.11'lctureo. Florida and bhell ,
\Valentine: of Randall Minn, arudij spent the summer The hotel at Perry time. SlnceMredglng. out the channel, and Mhrors. Foreign ; A I,
night and will boa guesti cote will be opened at once, as guest the harbor ha been used by much larger 1 e
i Carleton during a, few week have already l arrived and more expected. crafts than formerly. Any vessel nav). '
Utlbourne. Mr. Valentine owns gating Indian Klver can enter thlll harbor
woe plantation at Tlllmaa, and Capt. Robert Smmon'ds, of )(Kenosha In safety, as the channel well marked i Fine Carving Sets
.0 attend to the shipping of his \VI.., has arrived and I* having his out.
large auxllllar yacht the Mattie 11., i
-- ----
Into commission as soon possible.
put -
\Wilder\ the Gertrude and
food and Messr Prank and L. The work.Captain la now superintending the liadly Mixed Up. I wCome

d,of New Tistle Pa., arrived Abraham Brown of Wlnterton N. t
k and are In their cozy winter W. If. Jfunn, of Holyoke, Mass., arrived y., had a very remarkable experience!; and look fur stock, over and get ,
Xew Haven Ave. We are In Eau Uallie Tuesday via the be : "Doctor got badly mixed up
to bare all these nice people Clyde Line and F. E. C. R,. Mr. Munn over says me; one said heart disease; twu =: > prices--it will pay you and help you in making your
Melbourne. baa teen a winter visitor In Eau (}slue called It kidney trouble; the fourth Christmas'i

tad Mrs. J. II. Lyman In the for li or 15 season and baa many,friends blood poison, and the fifth stomach scudliver "Selections, H
the East Coast.
on \ trouble but none of them helpedme
Marion, ipent a few days In Mel- ; .
blle ea route to points south The houseboat Wolverine Is fast' approaching ; so my wife advised trying Eleotih(,. 3: :: ,
h BU'tlne. They were !guest completion and will probably Bitter, which aie restoring me to perfect G. L. MANDAVILLE
''tleton during their stay here. be laflnclied during the Utter part of health One bottle did me more
this week. Mr. Hopkins her owner good that all the live doctor |>iecilbed. .
J 1111. C. K. Porter and daugh- will cruise to the northward as far a* ." Uuarantepd to cure blood poisonweakness ,
lilies Grace and Nel1of\ St. Augustine. and all stomach, liver and 3: :: I
.are pleasantly .located In the kidney complaints by Tltusvllle l'harm TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA.
k Preparations for tile "Ual Masque", on
Cottage on the Blnff until acy, 60o.

"tkued house Is through built on R.the W, OoodeJ property- the on evening A large of the number 31st lost.of cards, are now are out going : :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; Zz IIII11IIIIIIIIIIIIIItHIIIIIIIIHIHYHI

Place' on New Haven AYe.IDe and quite\ a large attendance Is* lookedfor Georgiana.Rev. eAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .A '
this charming family to by the management. Many of the
J* They spent one season here gents ire already receiving their cos- A. V. Uncock recently arrived j
many others return to build a tomes. from Welak with his grandson, Willie
ou.r attractive little town. committee of the Eau . ...
The executive Harpe.lt and. Is getting ready to keep -- --
Gallle Yacht Club met at the office of house In his old home.
Y'fIXG of all kind done at the captain of the fleet on Saturday .
egos night last. The secretary, J. K. bI, LOOK iv TilE WINDOW OK'THE. : '
.t reasonable rate*.. Olr* authorized to purchase Christmas .
l Hodgson was Tltusvllle Pharmacy. Elegant
your work. .Hags and pins for the members of the lifts Prices within the reach oj

--- -- everybody.Mr "
and Mrs. Ezra Simmons of Kenosha .. t ,
A OF WIs., arrived last Tuesdsy week,
PIECE and are getting comfortably settled li: i
their cosy home hey! ,.*..::*.r

PORTED JAPANESE'WARE Adams Yesey and Hall daughter and family Mis Ida and, went Fran t I<: And with its coii.ihg it brings joy to) tho ]hearts of both

the ocean beach on Sunday It was i I
lovely day, and the party had a pleasant
trip. ) .'; ,"".instlsac.w UfW: young and old alike, if they arc remembered with some prettyXiiinB

rMrs. Handy and daughter...MTs H
WILL MAKE A and arrived Miss last Wilaht Friday, of week Evanston and, Illinois are a i gift. TVe have them to suit all tastes and purses. Santa.

home In their comfortable winter cot tr

tags at this place. Claus visited our' store and left nd a full supply. Come and see.
NDSOME CHRISTMAS GIFT Miss Nellie Owen Is again clerking fo
C. D. Prove Trade |c brisk sod customer .
numerous which keep the clerk .
busy the 1 Urge stock of Christ ma. Ladies...' Children... Gentlemen... '
fOR YOUR OR SWEETHEART: good Is the chief attraction at present.PFrank .
Adams and daughter Mli Hand Decorated Vanes beautiful! designs TOTS OP ALL KINDS.. Neck Wear' Fancy Hosiery, Suspender*, ,

Ida, left beie Tuesday, for their homi Fancy decorated parlor lamps, Handkerchief, Umbrellas,
LouUevllle, Kentucky. Adam I {
In railroad man, and hai. Mlrrors:ln' gilt frames, Handkerchief, a Hand Dags Suit Cases and Trunks,
I prominent
a .. ,
WSVILLE PHARMACY held his position for 37 years contlou. Pretty box: stationery I CIOA1W PIPES,'

ously. -- -.- A nice comfortable rocker. In Willow "I + -j A beautiful line of Ash Trays In out

or Oak or Is It china \Ve bar jut : 8 c3 deslgues, and many more useful and attractive -

has this beautiful line on exhibition in 'offer One Hovr'n Hundred Tills,Dollars? Kewari aWe !I what she will want r ;) .1 gifts for your Father, Brother, ,

''Windows and show cases. The pricesare for any case of Catarrh that cannot lx, A full line of Real China Japanese C 8:1;:: Husband or Friend !

reasonable. cured R by J. Hall's CHENEY' Catarrh 4 C'O; .,rTol.do. O. ware, .to., In Cake Ilates, Salad Bowls, 5" IS YOUR FRIEND A SPORTSMAN w

'We the undersigned, bays known P Cracker and Cream Jars Fruit and NutBowls J'V.i have a fine Hoe of Gnus, Fishing
ffer for articles for the last 1.1 years, and .b*
the holiday season n.any l J.leave Cheney blm perfectly bonorabl. In all bust.: Upoon Trays, Chocolate! Pots and :: tackle and all that goes with.* Sports

suitable forChristmas- Gifts ness transactions and financially able t carry out any obligation mad. by hi.8rm. .I CI / <
Him NOVELTIES bolesjtle Druggists, Toledo, O. ;: <
Hall's Catarrh Core U taken Internally r *
acting directly upon the blood and mucous Cup and Saucer, both Individual 1 and In set, and a full llo* .of.Fancy Article/that are Jut the thingto
surfaces of the system. Testluo
RKED DOWN PyiARKED DOWN Dials wet Jfree. I'rise 5o.' per bottle girt! ,your friends lora_ nice ?fewerobrsnee.. : c cCTOHN
bold by all Urngglst. .

the original prices charged. Do not failto Take. lUII's Family Pills for constipation. : : :R. 1" 1 Z.KER Zi Ctn.. ,

see our display before you buy. FOB ALL KINDS OD JOB PRINTING The opesrtmoxst Store, I w

Com and see Bargains. jemember the ADVOOATB ol'Jloa. 1'I: JJTJl3VZLL' I17, :I1"LOn.cD.A.:: .

... .-,


.. ,. .N ..F
Ie r'1 .JJ' f Iq
t. "
M 1" .




The milk should femoved as soon DRINK HALF nyof our wines Or Iiqu
a* drawn to the milk house and strained .

and cooled to the proper tempera. Atlantic Coast Line R R .
A Hog Should Carry Hie Weight/ ture at once. I
Squarely! His F.ot.
If aerators are used they should
We desIre to call attention to one of stand where the air is free from dust SEND THE REST. BACK .presented not

tin common weaknesses found In all or odor, abd ou no account should with .
Coast Hallway,
Connect at Jacksonville all trains of the Florida East
bleeds: of hogs. We refer to tbe matter they bs used in a stable.

of poor feet Some of tbe moat I In- for all pointsNorth
Milk Ohas. :ZB-o.r3n.ette: dc
leasable: pilntakea that we hare ever New E Co

,witnessed la a show ring bare bee Tba producer of milk and Its prod. South and e
made by Judge who placed little empbatls acts In New England la closer to the ; East West. eJJ: 037, 039 WEST BAY STREET
consumer than In other sections Few ,
d on the Importance of a bOil
New England dairymen/ are located so I Jacksonville, FionWHISKEYS

.1 Iowa walking Hometend.squarely on his feet, any far away from a center aa to be out of Through sleepers and Parlor car to Tampa aod St. Petersburg?, and 1'011.1 IN BULK
reach of tile milk car to the city, the Gold Band Ito
Y When a .bog walks ,down on his dew. cream gatherer for some butter factory man sleeping and dining cars to Washington, New York and all points East; Per Gallon Double stamped par cent I "II)

flaws the trouble la generally due to or cream shipping station or1 the and Pullman sleepers to Atlanta. St. Louie, Chicago and Intermediate I'olotl.Connectlo'1 Florida Special Rye.y *1 60 GIN

r one of two causes or possibly bolh Along cheese factory, e to all points. Congress Rio.- 2 00 .Domestic

pastern )II A faulty formation: and Brookdale Rye . .. 2 60 Holland Gin

a hoc wltb this weaknemt will generIf \!. A ChurcK German For merchant All Denominations who died at I 'CONSULT TilE PURPLE FO'LDER." rank Jones Bye. .. . . .. 3 00. Belle Blind Gin

t go down under heavy feeding/ -li i Cottbiis loft $25000 to found a churchIn DfllIl'oUlftrl1arlltRy.:. v ..- 3 CO3fiO EXPRESS PREPAID:
deed.ho need not bo heavy and fat to BASER . '
t Constantinople for all denomlnatlous For further information see your nearest rallrond,agent or write [ Per(*
reveal the weakuosn to one w bo know The sermons are to be preached Livingston Ity . . . . 4.00 Keydone0lab.
' i how and where to look for It. A sharp In Esperanto. v Frnn.1J: :. O. 33oylston, Old Gibson Re_ .'. ..... 5 00 Old Kentucky Kyt
Judge ought to be able to detect It In Old
a District Passenger Agent, Atlaotlo Coast Line, Malt Whiskey. . . . . 3 00 Monogram RyeCORN
clans under sir months just a* quickly
as In an aged dUll \\'btbe animal r BEEF CATTLE. I JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA WIJISKEY: Keystone Club I 9'a
are showing \'el"lien wclgbts The I ._. Old Georgia Corn , .1 CO 0<
) ------- --- ---- -- ---- -- --- -----.---- -- '
second cause of hog going down to Marion <'ount-y, N:0. Corn : : : : : : 2 00 Old Bailey .2,'',

:which MO referred, Is a weakness el Penults In finishing cattle at the VIrglnla SpoolaINlJ.y.llowCo'o" . 125 Cavalier, 41"
ther In the tendons or In the botaea experiment station Indicate very MalloryLInes Old Pilot MOUNTAIN i-oin; '.. 2 no Golden Wedding r 12.

It is sometimes possible to find, a fairly closely that silage Is a satisfactory
good formation In the length and form of roughness to feed during the
shape of the pastern and nevertheless 'Inter to cattle that are to be finished :

i 4 the bog goes down. In such a case the on grasA In tbe spring; that a moderate SPECIAL6ASSENGERSTEAMSHIPS ...., Rye, . . .. . "g12(1:-qtR, I2-QI.4p t"
weakness must l>o due to failure of grain ration/will make fairly satisfactory \< The L..sd.l, furs Hye..I.I . . . a full \00'( ,
the muscles to hold the foot properly!; gains; that this grain ration nay Largest and most thoroughly equipped passenger steamships on the coast Old Glow l K yeMonoti . . .. . . .. ::17;, 101'( ,
1 la shape, and In such a case the pbyslloglcal profitably consist of one pound of corn ( m H).. . ,. . . .. .. .. . a 7b 100l'tlvateblock ( ,

r () weakness Is In tbe muscle or cob meal and cottonseed, men lr or, la -NO ovxnC OWDING- Rye:: ': : : :: : ;: : :: :.:t..r,1::: ; :: : 4 20 loin;:
md not In the bone, other words a considerable ntn", mt of IMPORTANT STATEROOMS ARE POSITIVELY:: OUARAN'fEEDontbtlle Wilson I Whiskey 440 12 l"
of Maryland . . .. 4 40 ,
protein, which will make for the development lelle i ;4 n. I 120(
tickets will b.lold exceed numbered berths
"No Foot No Hog of the rather than t ships, as no to Paul Jones' Four btar "t. ... . ;e.. .. e. 4 40 I 120( I
We Stud on turning.- td, tile irate of carcass Is or the seating capacity of Dining Halls, thus Insuring all passengers,. indlvldus llvingston'Rye. . . . .... ,,. . . 440 I 120''
for the of fat. Corn *
points of the various breeds that from putting on service and attention. Old OKCST Pepper Bourbon tv. ..t, ;. . 4 40 I 12111Jaa. '
live to ten counts are given fOil good; sometimes fed to stockers In considerable -_.. K. Pe|'per. Uourbon vI .', .'?......;*?,r.. 4 20 Ill(III
feet and IPRB Wbllo In making up a amounts with the result that they PASSENGERS LEAVE JACKSONVILLE:! EyERY FRIDAY. '- I Canadian Club . . . ;.'::' f' 4 :.11 131
, scale this Js possibly all that could bo put on a quantity of soft fat and often (See Schedule of Ships In Florida Times,Union) I Mt. Vernon Rye,, ,.. . .."f" ..1,1.. .. . 600 111'Dewar'ebprcleiScotch
fl Allowed, It 1. strictly true an Is often hiInk and drift when put on grass because ." .. .. .t. ;t . 41\1I J20
their bodies have not been nourIshed King Wllllunft'o"tcb .. . 1.' . 700 187.
said of bones "no foot, no bog'Tbcre l with She protein elements necessary LOWEST HATES TO NEW YORK AND ALL POINTS :XORTU. DuflV. Malt Vhli-key .' ; '' . . . 4 (J x(, JlO(

li no weakness that seems to(1roPRllltO' to keep them'In proper equlllbrluai Including deltghttul DAYLIGHT HAIL, through tho' Canada Malt . ., .!. ... ...) . a D: 101'( t.Huolb'
no easily ns the long pastern FAMOUS "SEA ISLANDS." 'lorn( Gin . .: .. .,.,. . 37\: 105
or the weak tendons around the foot. Gordon's English Diy Gin .. .. .,,1'" ,};,. 3 75 tub
It Is Important In the gilt and In the Cattle Are Lacking. Through\ tickets: sold to all northern points for full Information regarding attractions Geneva Holland Gin . . .., ""f.J i i 424) till(
t old sow, but It Is doubly Important In Cattle we must have to feed our Increasing offered by no other line; diagrams, reservatlns, tickets, etc, apply to Plymouth Gin . .,. . .e ? ,l. 37:1: 10''
the case of the male The Idea ef us- population and to replace the HenneHsee.* Cognac . . a.y J..I. dl U 115
log on a herd of twenty or twenty.five continued drain from our soil made p IRONMONGER JR. Asslstant.General Passenger Agent SnpallorIilackbelry. .. .e, "i,. . .3011. I 70(
flOW a Dints with weak"feet Is the by: our heavy yield of field crops. Old Apple I Ilraody..I-!..... ,... . 375: : JIII
very acme of shortsightedness. Tblnk When we ruins tbe cattle -upon our 122 WEST BAY STREET JACKSONVILLE, FIJI Old 1 Pejv t llmody . ... ,'. .'. .... ...,. 37 10 (
Old 1)'rl'h Hum .L.4 514 131'I
thousand bills and along our thousand
-------------------- -------------
of having on tbe farm 100 or 150 weak rills then we have lamentlngly to admit LVulon Dock Jamaica Rum . .... ..... . 4 60 130
footed bogs. and yet this Is Just what that "all Is not well" \e traveled Gin Phunphate ., ,, . .. .1. .. . 4 20 11 ice I
Is likely to occur If a poor footed male SE.A..B<>.A. D Rock A Rye' . . ... . . :3 (4)(I) 70
Is used.-Iowa Ilomantend. 800 tulles la one trip last week Best Banana Brandy . : \',':.n' . 320 dI
-o_ through upper Georgia and tbrough : :
the heart of South Carolina and did AIR LINE RAILWAY.
A Life Work For a Man .
not see as cattle as we should
yet Breeding an exact good science dairy It animals Is an Is evolutionary not- find In a distance of eighty miles The ,SAVANNAH' COLUMBIA, CAMDEN SOUTHERN PINES, RALEI3U, RICHMOND Ohas a :Jtl.ette 63 Cc
south bas not the tenth of the cattle
work In which the painstaking ,
site should have We are allowing r
patient Intelligent breeder Is cooperatlngwlth \ s 035 C17 639 WEST BAY ;
food to waste for want of fencing ,
nature for the produce
t We are not growing one-tenth the Two Elegant Tirflns Dally \.t-
tlon of the Improved nnlmals And Jacksonville Flor
grass our land would produce with a ,
nature will not lie hurried so the work Seaboard Express Seaboard Mail. '\ .
little work and care.-Editor U F.
of a breeder Is not the work of a few
rA lunnlcutt In Southern Cultivator. If you desire to prepay the express charges on any of our goodi\
1S tentative mating of animals ibow ollowlpn amoiitn! .' .
log wonderful results la a few years Big/ Dividends on Bt.od. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT ,. l gallon jug $ 00 6sgallon Jug 1100
It .Is more nearly a llfd work for a man The "demand for feeding steers Is gong 2 .,, : : : : : : : : : : 78

and one man's life so often so lamentably to keep well bred thin cattle at a 3 . 00 4,quarts 50
abort for tbe length of tbe work, pretty fair price this ,'ear. Of course 4 A C.) : 71r
1 some thin cattle are selling at comparatively / The Jamestown Exposition Line
low .
prices but they are the T -- -- -
HEALTH REGULATIONS. kind that tbe feeder trade does not
want. They will never be good cattle t1 Q4
Good Grooming of Cow and Milkar. 110 matter how much or bow long they Excursion Tickets on Sale Dall,..

Exact Milk Handling ore fed and with only one outlet (the

The New York city department of cheap moat trade) they must sell low
health has issued concise rules to farm' .The man who has well bred stuff always For full Information and sleeper reservations call on any Agent

I of Its milk supply, 'rb..,. regulationsare and this ;year according to National 8. 0. BOYLSrON, JR., Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt., JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
amplified with a number of recommendations Stockmen the feeder market promises f
------ ---- -- -------- ------------ ----------
among which are the to pay hlnvblg dividends on his Investment IJ dF

following Tbe-cows. should be kept at all times Currant In Improve Market blood. I w C k

In a healthy by a veterinary condition, surgeon and an examination should- Current of cattle but one market Interpretation Prosperity.prosperity admits =fl A C K{ A C H Wfr' t

be made twice a year. public Is eating hvef. ch k"
Tho cows should be groomed dally qh
beef Is no longer on n bargain counter 1 1 ;
Iud manure mud or other filth should and despite high cost to the meat .
not be allowed to remain upon their eater U going Into consumption In unprecedented '" prJ
flanks, sides, udders or bellies during .volume. "I: wrote you for advice,writes Lelia Hagood, "

racking e All signs point to t an active feeder 6f Sylvia: Term.; "about my terrible backache and
The clipping of long hairs from the trade the rest of the season Corn la
udder and the right aide of the cow Isof maturing by tbe million bushels dally, monthly pains In my ,abdomen and shoulders. 1

assistance In pretentlug the collection and every day of high temperaturesserves had suffered this way nine years and five doctors -
of filth which may drop Into the '"
to Increase the demand for tbln
t tnllk cattle.-Breeder's .Gazette, Chicago.. had failed to relieve me. (tOn your advice 1 aook
The tails should lie cut so that the M
Wine of
Cardui which at once relieved
lirusb above my pains
should be well the ground Free to theRuptured
In winter the tall may be clipped and now 1 am entirely cured. I am sure that

The cows should be bedded with Careful Four Each Week .
saved my life Sailings e
sawdust sharing, dried leaves, strawor

The some use equally of horse clean manure material.for bedding ,Simple Home Cure that Anyone Can It Is a safe and reliable remedy for all female' BETWEEN JACKSONVILLE and NEW Y(

I. to be condemned '
Use Without Pain. Danger or' diseases such as periodical '
To prevent the cows from lying Loss of Time from Work Calling Charleston, S., C., bothways)
down and'getting dirty between. clean \. pains, Irregularity !- nttx ADVICE

,1 or log chain add .milking should be a throntlatcb fastened across of rope tbe SENT FREE TO ALLI dragging. down sensations l-ra your*Writ AJvk lymptomi ui'In a.'pan.I Inter n J w Mta. sill HCtIbinw! .envelop.nJ you all, The Finest Steamships in the Coastwise Sej

stanchions under the cow, neck. headache dizziness AdJ":. LeJle. Advl'rcy Ikpanmeat,
cure rupture without operation, twin dancer TM ChNVnuoea
: AteJklneCoCh..d. Clyde New and Lines.
The milkers should be clean. OT low of Ume. Whtn I My cure, Ionotaieanhold noosaTenn. Jld, England Southern
Their hands should be thoroughly with I ...t.c;::: torah* tliMiuji l UntoTo cured and dues agar backache, etc Direct Service Between

washed with soap and water and carefully eonvlnc you sea jrour rurturwl friends' (lust '

dried on clean towels before lee,,( IHMHirarjr.riitXxniiotojroumlf actually| cur.11 want ,you Nememb.r ID uit) IItbnuton I At Every Drug Store in $1.00 bottles. Try It. Jacksonville, Boston, Providence and all Eastern Poj
milking 1 mn not Irjluu to sell yun a Cue, but 1 tuner uan

Clean overalls soul jumpers should anii abxiluM rwilom, fwHtot from pain aid..' sad permanent: suturing: cur, a large tt') ",tm '(Calling, : at Charleston., S. C., both ways)
l>e worn' during, the milking of the n roaud rhinloml! and mental vigor, s chum rni e SEMI'WEEKLY 8AJ1XNG8I
cow., should be used for no other 1 : punBase *
pit's. mtUHOU. cujdwl lo the, dirt th of you lire WINE ..onbboDDIi. '...t........."."..,/i.... ........."..Vfrom"foot'o< catberlaeetritJMClyde ,
and when not la'we should be n tuondany money,simply out. Uiern.pon -
b"' .w. ill.licolaon UmdlHKmux the liio( thplir l -
kept In a clean place protected from ,.. *. and mall It to hI".I)on't ntflml thisIrry CARDUI
dust itHiit nmtiur WnBlsrtny) or continue to lao OF
The bands and teats should be kept :l wed: an r lo'im by cheap,nsdynude. true eaMr St. Johns River Line
r.t.b'f': mi U the Meat r n-a.Ic an I I IBETWEEN'
dry during inllklug eh .ill H t>.v 'U iwl\iuiUvj M liuuiwlulUjr by ail --
The practice of moistening the hands rupturo sm'ctwt4fro | JACKSONVILLE: 4W If8ANrORD.u I
Stopping at Pilaus, Astor Bonnford(DeLiDdk sod iDMrmvdUt landing 1Bt
with milk la to be condemned
.Johns IU..,.
Tbe first few atrcums from each teat Treatmeraf.Cofrpoze Steamers "CITVorJACKSONVlLL17tanaMFitKn'l. ))I. U.
should be rejected ns these contain Mar on the dlajtrum the Inratlna uf thesupluro In tun1'y'.at ",'
sppolnUMi to Mil S I
M fullowst tsars JuknDTllte,daily txoflpt
U.. awl mail this :
autw u iLgMJoti
more bacteria than the rest of the EAST COAST ADVOCATE PRINTING Retnmieg.lean !Sanford! Sundays,1..00 s.n
: OFFICE dally
milk. Dr. w.s. ..UCI OI Mala tb.*t,Atani, N.Y. ,Knuth lams "' except T_.."

All milk drawn from the cows thirty R8ad down. 8CH6DCLB t'.ve /IO!
day before and tea days after calving fo- -- hue
should be and also all milt Iwr A4ptrred r teas i: :: ., .p..1scY'rallle.. .J'sistka,.. ,. : '
rejected : : I.
from diseased cows.. t :tears' a. j '.::. :::: : :: : .i;'Bmwfnrd Dntand: ;. :::; :: : Illig

The pall la whka the milk I I. drawsshould yafsre Does all Kinds and Description of e ma. .. ....::7. ..;;. .... ....r..8anfurd ............,.. I...N !
I .. Pus 11 ao"'lD r. :;. ..,.... .. .Jo"terprtJe .... .. '
have as small an opening at tbe
top as can be used In milking, This Passenger and Ticket Office 122 W. Bay St., Jackso
renders collection of dust less likely. e r T Tort,
The milking should be dons rapidly H.1c.HATFARDrT.M A.R.Rat'NixD,1'Ict.Prald.atrsd. O nenlitN AC.HAenERTYI.L. er'dew ',.j
And treated quietly kindly and the cows should be 10'" ___..........._._ JOB PRINTING. e.eCROaN I'kr,le.N.A. .wTork. 1 r. M IRO Inter da'et' "N'. i:t:

5 Dry fodder should not be fed to the ..IdtIrwt _______ : LD.JoNesTr' rg. 51a.*., 5 5 JoY.. .ugc41., Ya r.,
cows during or Just before milking. as -..-.........--- Jackw.vlds,FU. .PfAOLi.t.AgealJaclaenvtlle,115.GCmaLL9rrzcxe VC. ,. pr
dust ther&from.wUlIall Intojbe.mllk. I .
,Plw 36, North Blrtr,Ktw Tor

e .....

..e. "" e



.,:, ,J 'J'" __ V Il'h......... -

' ;v--., ..... .. ', ,iIIiiIl ... e"'J'' c. ':';;. "
-- :





dl-oolnr"IJ ln[fie dlirrrr o t'M\) 1
EXPLORING[ BRAZIL erod which be believed might\ be operated OOt

New Travelers Hotel JACKSONVILLE, KLA. and there were vast tracts of
is : rubber forest which could be made ) .- j
-On the American and European Plan- very profitable If the Brazilian government : J -

Coder new ma.. emflnt. Newly furnUbed and renovated A pleaaant George M. Boynton to Face Peril could be Induced to grant con Don't neglect cough. t V
family borne. Ka.e: American! P an, *j.00 and "2.Mi; European, WcU Condons. your ,
sad up. All care form Union Station top at the door. In Amazon Forests.

H. W. HANCOCK, Proprietor OKLAHOMA ON THE FLAG .5 Statistics show that in New York City $ I
l located RlvHotel I at Ureen Co ;
n beautiful' \e Springs, It under the !
00 same. managemouu. FOR Nw Star Will July Not 4, 1908.B* Added Until t alone over 200 people die every week from :!:

ST. AUGUST1XK. Young Explorer Will Head Big Expedition While the president "'IIII".u. a proclamation 'b consumption. e .
--- . '
Oklahomt "
-- vn declaring t
Into .
Tingled Jungle' NeverPenetrated <>
41 state, the new star will under x
. Animals to by Be Whit.Collected Men-and Bird Country' end- the law not appear on the flag until r And most of these consiunptivrs might '

on BijTllll 1 July 4, 100S say n \\axUIngton cor- j '
16i Advantages Studied rpBMindeut' of the Newr" \'r rk HeriiKI. An \". bo living now if they had not neglected the 4e

I Penetrating Itrnzlllau forest never net of congress passed lu. ISIS I make

B.l ST. before> trodden by white men cutting the provision/ that tbe new slur made 't, warning cough. J
: 'T rc PLAZA AUGUSTINE FLORIDA' aerate tb- very heart of darkest SouthAnieilia necessary by the aduilanlon of a state ,vJ 4l I
it ....nlr.II.UOD In the elt,.. 'fttrlrtly fl rep..... "hI, fln. ..... writ to the t'n'jn! shall make It1. I\Pl't'rlll\\| .
'far"1''''"*' Ronvi oulr* Oin>n 1'fo..eanber' 10 .ruo.. "...Ir.... M. ..".".... George Melville Uoynton, the on July 4 next following such ml in InKlOll : You know how quickly Scot! *J' ,
explorer, with a amall group of fellow ( .aa
-- ---- .._.
AYTONA HHAC1I. n. *next<.lcutl the,ts and l students will spend 1 the A Joint board of army and navy oill- :' EmuJjfon enables you to throw off a !' 1
years expiating the vast
corn of which Admiral Dewey was
"' tracts of land lying between the southcru president l has already taken up the ,!' cough or cold. t t
tributaries of the Auiazou river, question of the arrangement of the r
Seaside mUCH, KLomin, tbe New York Globe.
51 ants LeavlugNew '.
Ootldwl \
York about' stills lu the Hug niyl, to pins'the f
on a Yacht Jnu. 31. furty-alxtb star lu the lower right ,I I ALL DRUCCISTSI 60c. AND ".00. (Jt '.
Good Flailing fnd Surf B-tthfns. hates: $.' 50 per day and l up. the expedition will arrive at Pernam. hand corner of the blue Oeld. Thin
buco ut the close of the rainy season ',,,, -O01'YYY(etQtaCa.QtOtQt.OuC-<-.c.aO-t
Alii" furnished cottages fur rent for hOll ke'";..lull.IOHCE lecommuudatlou! received the approval 9f tOR
and nil)
at onI.t out the
on journeyof
of .the .president' and the seort'tnili-s of 4
dote> wilt's sense the southern coo- j
F. STEWAItrOscar. war and navy, no that the now slur
tluent to the l'a<'lllCOItllt..
Is already provided for.
--- Mr I [\0)11 ton la the (nut pursuit In tho
Under this plan the foity-nlx turn
TITUSVlLLi:,o'0 world l one would l take for a mUll of ndenlure 1I 1- vlll bo arranged lu six row flow left

\ Seeing bhu recently lu au to right, the first third, fourth and l
I easy chair nt the Jiemlnts club drossed ,
sixth row. of eight star and the second
int n man of fit"lilon and l surrounded
TITL'tlVll.LE of
lie and fifth rows covert IItR fl.
Sterling sLU1tIUA, by the Itixuilen' of modern rhlllratlou. '

one Mould l hardly think that
I twenty of the thirty-olght years of bis AIR PLANT FOR WOMAN'S HAT LL PURPOSE'Ss

life bad l lieu shunt| lu strange Instdaand ----.t.
among savage eoples| Novel l Styli of Garniture Which Re.tWbes i
But the titles which be narrates In Cutting aa It Grows Rapidly

| hilt well modulated tutee lire" tales of Along the Hue of tints tuny lx> mentioned The "CHARTER"Gasoline ;

.darlu2and; 1 dimmer. tales of 'n''iiitlm'spoilt souiotbliitf startlingly unl ( III tingled jungle through write a curres|>ondcit of the Seattle

which the Biin'M rays never penetrate. Time from IiretetL,\VuMi. 'Ihero lisle Will fiirnUh jxiwcr nt n trifling root for
tales of heiirthreiiklng suugulea with mddo Us nppeanuire 011 Ilenltt avenue r\rry purls| No en :lncrr reijulrcil.. Every: I III
I Ii' ,
disease wind final inu( deal 'tWlug a lieud l covering which to those who II farnietrmi: utlllxo TIxr."Charter" In iloscu .
In the lIhtlllllllIkldutrb of ufo IIIIROIHHI don't know ivHeuibloa merely tin artlo- ways "'0 hive them In any liorse power. .
luimtrlctor lu the singing pol tic coiiibluntlon of dhndo and color and We an* the luritrit dralrrt In Florida, anti.
Boned arrow diiidller! than the lobriy'f Huffy thing running hither and thlth, ran supply your wants nt a u\liit| to >'.'u.
bite or In the rots of the dread l crlbei i er lu pleitnlng! disorder among tlie fo We isle/ ....Marine. Knglnmi; Motor Boat .I I
1'1 I fever which drags the strongest I lingo of the graceful green trlmmlug. SIII'I'III'II| | I'll'rlll| | lilt liigH, ..11'. I

iiuiu Khiltklug 10 the grave In furt)'. But wonder of wonders. Ibis greentr'Iwming Write for beautiful Illustrated catalogs .
debt! houis U alit'clit I I;oi 00111. : J

"The nlmoHt! Impenetrable forest of IK iiotbliiK more or less than nJupnuevo .

Brazil." said Mr Ito.viitou la speakingof / air plant which, a* may IHJgitliorod FLORIDA GAS ENGINE; !
'S. hi* pmportpi") expedition, "nro. I 1.1lIe'l \>- from llx name, thrives on air
+ .. x296.w !. the most \\onJeiful, the most alone, hw uo diet about JIll root and AND SUPPLY CO.

beautiful and the luoet terrible places reqnlies no moisture to bll.t'n.Ir aid TAMPA ,

Conveniently located close ,,to F. K. O. ny. depot' In tbe world Its \'lCl'tn tlon. ;
In the famous INDIAN/ 111V&K ORANGE stCTlON, "The foaling. of the rivers lu the This U the only hut lu ICverelt known

This house la piaotloally new, having been entirely re1.llllll, rainy season has washed I away the to need a hair cut froth\ time to time __. ,. - --0 ]
erne more 'room added piazzas erected, and all modern convenience earth from the tangled roots of the I for the growth of tilt air plant IH I 1
Installed, and has been trees, end lu Instances the trunks ,
quite rapid aud were It allowed to to
-COMPLETELY UE-FURSISIlED- shoot up from the muss of roots twenty '\without dequeut trltuuilng It would \rraE .A.rlro NI\

Accommodation( for twenty. Hatto: *2.50 a day and up feet abuts cue's head. The heavy bnlllllJo\\1I about it. wearer' face _" j
Special weekly and monthly rates foliage with the millions of triilllug ,
"1'. O. WALTON, Propr. vines and creepers through which It Is
necessary to cut a path with| machetes CORN FROM ATECrSEED.. I .

forms a dense shade and l I have gone SELF-LOCKING
for many daje without seeing tile sky j
ijtel Palmhurst t TITUSV1LLE FIOKIDA. "10 the tributaries of the Amazon Jar In "Anoint Mine. .

are found a greater variety of flsb Thorough the expcrlmeDt made by I
." than lu any other river lu the world Loul Smith of IurAngox Colo, corn

Just opened-everything brand new. Elaborately furnished bpncluucorridora. and the forests are alive with bird of burled for centuries In the Artec ruins T.. ..C.:_ :LrFscat.atlaaieaetaOCEstiaete- ;
all kind of brilliant color There are of Colorado bill been made to produce
Every room an outside one. Ventilation, plumbing and, light- 103 varieties of tbe bumming bird already remarkable new varieties,. *ayi a Dener I ,.

li( perfect. 210 feet enclosed piazzas. l catalogued, and we boperfo add \ special dispatch to the New York i j :
I still more to the store of ornithological World Mr. Smith recently finished
-CUISINE THE BEST- knowledge gathering a crop of corn welch\ be
Malta GniHso U the name of the raised from seed found In the ruin( of
One acre of ornamental 'ound surrounded by primeval palm Its region which'we will lie the first white the .Artec Tbe yield U tho heaviest I* a new and grist invention, a* It nave* lime, money and labor. It .will work
horliontally, Upilile/ du n-or at IIn, 'tIn"llI. U I II Impossible for the to slip
nrtoundloga moat conducive to solace rest and recreation. men to penetrate and means 'tangled ever recorded lu the dry fanning re- locked heed this
; when sod no lerrr or 'rigger rope' attachment la In device
forests.' It lies between tbe fifth and glous In tbe vicinity of Durango, the Tbere I.I only one luilut, loser and luck the. load, and It I I. Impossible for the
aTENNIS, TOOL AND CKOQUETAceommoilate tenth parallels and the fiftieth and seventieth ear Iou!ng of great Bilxo. jam or chafe, la nothing to get out of order In this original tackle block.
meridians and a* you may see The corn 1* of a variety unknown to May be .n'l'bfOr.A DVOCAI'H etUne\ ,. Tllu.vlllClI( knit are for sale by the AtlantloSnpplyCs
40. .The Talmhurst porter meet all trains. Kates very by the map Is marked ''unexplored. : modern farming, IU kernel are. coal i ; ., EastIU| atieet, .lailsi' >DVIIe! Kla 4
tuooable "Our party will consist of six well black tbe ear much larger than tbe \ rI

i II. C. HART, Prop. known American scientists and l an ordinary corn Last fall while digging a
number of Brazilian x >eru. lu one of the Aztec mines Smith came "
equal | I .
_._. _._ .
--- -
--- ------- earthen ; .
Ibeu. there will be about twelYe university upon a large receptacle tightly .:
I, 8A3JFOItIe > graduates and numerous servants sealed which on l,.lng opened was discovered ,
or about fifty In all. Already to contain shelled corn suffl- i'
I thirty university men bare applied dent In quantity to plant an acre of 1
but I shall Insist on a rigid physical ground, and be sowed It early In the

e Sanford House SANFOKD, examination and shall take only the spring. ____ __' .1n
FLORIDA.Ctder fittest as I do not wish our expedition ,i
r to: become a funeral procession. COMMON SENSE

\\a will make au especially One colectlon 1- Lea41IllOit I Intelligent/ people to UM onlymet4lne
the management of / of birds and will Bend animalsto of known composition There THIS SNOWY r
tbe zoological garden In tbe Bronx fore (I U thai Dr, Pierce' medicines, the ... {
HAIRY I'. DRIVEn, wblcb have never been seen In captlv- makeVofnwklcb 1 print every Ingredient THE''' FRoNT

to fcwlftant manager of San Juan Hotel, Orlando, Florida. sty such as tbe big massed wolf the enterlngkUo:' jbem upon the bottle wrap'pen OP THE 'I
giant otter the spectacled bear; Hum- and au '" IU correelneu under oath
are dally Ir lng In favor. Tbe font NVALTONPAT.
large specks of
lt'l logothrlc a
bol a
position of D l'l ree'l medicine It open These ARE OUR
ape, and the ant f..tl're. to everybody. nf I'lerr bglng dolrna I : BLOCK
DeCK SHOOTING FISHING, "In addition we will make a study of of havl.' ight ofti'in 0' 1&' PATENT IONO'ROLLER ''.
the natural advantage of the country hirii'O. fully iipoii hKL formula'. ,s' II 1. BLARING r,
MOTOR Its woods and minerals and will record ran o' s 11 I>li'I UiLTHn.rTT r cotMl 'un .
and FISHlNa BOATS!: at all time i 3MCAVC3.THOUSAND ,
l o* far aa possible tbe languagesand r ternelirtii M U.Known, IliaHttnit mar d
TEs:ifKKi 1 :' of tbe native tribe Theluae. ur v .r 4 + :
and np. Special weekly and monthly l custom. ..
e r umdo of lli acL VII 7 7t
., who>> live only on tbe bank of I
IU u; nal principle extracted:>from native
he rivers, are lu a very primitive state i forent roots, by exact proconan,
and when aroused are savage fighters."We original with Dr. 1'lcrre, and without tbe .
,NEW YOKK.W :. bope.to avoid trouble, but will DM of a drop of alcohol trlplrefln and l :
take along aluminium shield a* a pro- chemically pure glycerine being used instead i ii
ectlon against their .deadly arrow If In extracting and preserving tile r
arise. They curative virtue r *ldln* In then root t.i ae
unpleasantness should
Marlborough any employed these m.dlcln<\* are entirely
are cannibal In time of war and when
free from the objection of doing harm
there li a famine wilt( eat even their by creating an appotiu for eltbr al I
Lpletrl Broadway, 3Cth and 37thStreets: New York. own children. For tbe moat part, how. uholio beverages or .habit. forming I I I.'
h i Poesy::I Renovated aDd transformed In every dep'limen l MOlt un, ever. they are peaceful unless they drug. Examine the formula on their
"' \ hotel on Broadway. ELECTKIO LIGHTS and TELEPHONEIIROPg rear they are about to be attacked. bottle wr.p| "Do I think: there will be much danger Dr. I'lrren, and yij will find that nil O@O LE&
v I
Ul?? 4 PLAN0i00 Rooma.. 200 bath rooraa. Rates: 11.60 and UPp"t la tbe trip? Yes. there will beenough Uolden Medico Discovery,' the great, .
bath 3 I blood-purl, stomach tonne and bowel
and ,
barb.2 bedroom
and upward with bath Parlor, for eyeD the most venturesome .
Parlor, two bedroom and bath $5 and upward. There will be danger from the native, n ulaUir-the medIcine which, while not
recommended to cure consumption In IU
SWEENEY-TIERNEY HOTEL COMPANY( tram fever, from poll 000e snake and advanced stage,(no medicine will do that) Of THEM'BELLINO-IN 'JHK NEW ENGLAND STATES."t
E. M. TIERNEY Manager. eptlle*' and from wild animal*-the yet doe curt all those catarrbal copdl> *
all kind. of bualayaea where atTackle lllock I la
-For :
----,==- jaguar, which lie* In wait on an over Clone of besot and throat weak stomach, used- I
hanging/ branch' and the peccaries the torpid lI'fOr.11d bronchial trouble weak
which In lung and hang-on ansgh.( wb..b.lr tiff
vicious wild boars Iflcf-d: or badly treated lead up to and Walton-Yinton Patent Roller Bushed
great numbers at night and. surround- finally terminal* In consumption Sheavest
IHE Yuan It like a Tain the Ooldon Mfdloal Discovery*
lug a sleeping ramp. -
ADVOCATE JOB PRINTING OFFICE and of Filipino euTllla. On such in llan and It t* not likely to disappoint Tbes. long Roller lie.rln 8h*,,;a, which are looked upon a* the greatest '
l lean out of your, bam- you if only Theo irlv* U a> tturrouutt and antl-frletlon roller bearing In tb* .world are without rages to hold tbe roll In-
I occasion lock and you iboot and aboot. but still fair won't trial do supernatural t expect tblngs.mlraclea.. You moat Ji place and therefore are far more durabitl'lnd ran .|,th fir l less friction than the

come on. and If by rhnnce you. exerrlae your Soatl'nee.nd persevere III u. ald-erylecag*. Tb sheave ending M'. made solid I ktaodiuK double the strain 08tbe
they .
skeleton Iron .hea"" -
far maM length of time Ui tits
tino a at
and fall"-/
Headquarters should low your balance ;fO.;
full The ln rr dlrnU I of whichDr.
i! The explorer smiled. ..tt.rN'llIIfldJeIIN1l are com|tvsasd bar ,;
I "Then there are the alligators, wblcb the nnnnallflnd endoiwmcnt of score of
of BiMlleal l ad r.<-bKtl r than amount Walton
largest: la the world. Bat any
the Self-LockinBlockCo4
o b Printing.: :: course are all atone tbing must b* count They of lay are, or not non-profeaalonal.given to testimonials bn .eaperl. ;, ..l
: : t a.at
ed la the day"* Y< ,fir. l9 t2D.aiel.he.kntd.et gertala! medicine at reasonable price*. 40f Atla.Uo ,A"lIIIiJ., .. .I w BOSTON ,MASS

<. Iit tou
err S

: ; a'

: : I .. ., ..' t ''wr'Y:>>'+mN a'b1ua,. ; ter"..
: '
J t ; ,., I. r.'I. ; wn'J. "..... ......., ., .. .1/.1 .#If:AI It,;'" ,i "'4"'r": -

.- -.... .- -...... -..
.' ; ,Z
'- '
.f ;




I Tbe milk should rWioved aa soon DRINK HALF SUny of our wines or liqu
aa drawn to the milk house and strained

and cooled to tbe proper temperature Atlantic Coast Line R R.COlln i .
A Hog Should Carry Hie WoighlSquartly at once. -
His Ftti. .
If aerators are used they should
We desire to rill attention to one of stand where the air Is free from dust SEND THE REST represented not

tli-: common weaknesses found In all odor abd recount should .
or on no ,
ct.l at Jacksonville with all trains of the Florida East Coast Railway,
l breeds of hojs. We refer to tbe matter they be used In a stable.

of poor feet Some of the most I In. I for all pointsNorth B-a-xnette
C2a.so. : : &
excusable! nilfltakea that we have ever New England Milk Producer.The Com

..witnessed 'In a show ring bare been / producer of milk and Its products South and West. e .
wade by judge. wbo placed little em In New England Is closer to the ; East <; : 037, 039 WEST BAY STREET,
consumer than In other sections. FewNew
,I phasla on t> e Importance of a bog .... Jacksonville -
England dairymen are located so I

walking squarely on his feet, snyIowa far away from a center as to be out of Through sleepers and Parlor car to Tampa and St.! Petersburg? and Pullman I IN
i f Homestead reach of the milk car to the city, the WHISKEYS DUfK. Gold, IJgm, 1110( percent "
,A When a hog walks down on his dew. cream gatherer for some butter factory sleeping and dining cars to Washington, New York and all points East; Per Gallon Double stamped "Jib

j, claws the trouble is generally due to or cream shipping station of the and Pullman simpers to Atlanta, St Louie, Chicago and Intermediate points Florida. Special .j tl OO QW

1' one of two cause or possibly bath A cheese factory, Congress Rye.. :2 00 '
f Connection to all point Dolw"I 1Iollaod Gn'
;, long postern Is n faulty formation, and Broolldale Rye ... 60 BelleBl'andGln
I Church For All Denominations.. "
a bog wltb this wealtneiia will gener_. "CONSULT THE PURPLE FOLDER. PaulJone 3 OO.
German merchant who died
A at
"is ly so down under heavy ll'et.JhllJ-ln.I Cnttbu left $29,000: to found a church !Jell I' of Maryland Rye.* ; 3 (Q EXPRESS:: PREPAID:

I 1 deed reveal be need not bo heavy and fat to In Constantinople for all denomlnatlous. For further Information see your neaieai, railroad\agent or write Paul Jones Old BAKER ---------3 60, Keystone Club. per
the weakness to who knows
4 one / W
The be Livingston Rye------------------
sermons are to preached
' Low and where to look for It A torn Old Kentucky Rye
sharp In Esperanto. JT ro-nls. O. ]3c 3T1 ,. Old Gibson Rye----------------

I Judge ought; to be able to detect It In a District Passenger 'Agent, Atlantic Coast Line, Malt Whiskey. : .: . : : : : SCORN Old Monogram Ite
class under six months just as. qulrkl
as In an aged class whore the animals r BEEF CATTLE. r JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA wni KEY{ Keystone Club 1,3""q

!, ore showing verb heavy weights) The __u___ ___ -- ___ ________ Old Georgia Corn-------------- 60 !I.
----------- --- --- f 9 Old) Daile .
1 r.+ second cause of hogs going down to Marlon County, N. C. Corn .. 2 00 /I 2;,
;4 ;which we' referred Is a weakness ei- Results In finishing cattle at tbe VIr'. Special: Yellow Coin .'. it 25 Cavalier I . 4/r.( .

., )' tber In the tendons or In the bobes. glnla experiment: station Indicate very Mallory LinesSPECIAt4ASSENGER.EXPRESS Old Pilot MOUNTAIN Corn: ; ., :3 CO Golden WeddingWniSKEY .2:

It Is sometimes possible to find a fal ". closely that silage Is a satisfactory
ly good formation In the length and form of roughness to feed during tin IN BOTTLED: .

shape of the pastern and nevertbeles winter to cattle that are to be finished ti *.
the hog goes down. In such a case the on grant In the spring; that a moderate STEAMSHIPS n>e. . (. .*..l 20 fS (
{weakness must be due to failure of grain ration/will make fairly satisfactory v .The Irt-mlei, I'uie Kye . 1 .. 860 II (II

1 / the muscles ,to bold .the foot properly! gains, ; that this grain ration nay Largest and moat thoroughly equipped paaaeugef steamsblpaon the coast. Old Crow live .. 37:- totw( ,
In shape and in such A case the phy* profitably consist of one pound of corn Monofiiain Kje 37:1 loo,
ologlcal weakness Is In the muscle or cob meal and cottonseed menL", or, in -NO OVERCROWDING Private Mock Rye. . .. . 4 211 10 I,
i find not in the pone. other words. a considerable ain.int 01 STATEROOMS ARE POSITIVELY GUARANTEED on these \''VII"ODVbl ke, .> 4 JO U ('1
protein which will make for tile dereloptncnt IMPORTANT ; -- ,Helle of Maryland . . :.,. .> 410 120: (
"No Foot, Ne'H 0 II." ships| as no tickets will be sold exceed the number berths, Paul Jones' Four btar . ?.... .. . oJ 40 12 oLIvlofiHton >
of the rather than
We find on turning to-, tile scale 01 for carcass or the seating .capacity of Dining Halls, thus Insuring all passengers.. Indlvldua Rye ._. ... ._. . 440 120
I points of the various breeds that from the putting on of fat. Corn is service and attention. ". Old Oscar Pepper Bourbon. ... .''.U 4 "* 12 (d'

five to ten counts are given foe good sometimes fed to stockers In consider" Jas. K. Pepper, Bourbon ?. .'. .'- wJS.Tt: . . 420 a (,
foot and legs. While In making up a able amounts with tbe result' that they ;.PASSENGEKS LEAVE JACKSONVILLE EyEP.Y FRIDAY. i Canadian .-TtrVv: ,,s . 4 Ml 130(

scale this Js possibly all that could bo put on a quantity of soft fat and often (See Schedule of Ships la' Florida Times-Union j Mt. Vernon Jtye. . .''Of'''. II .. ,'. 500 HO(
allowed it Is strictly true, as Is often shrink and drift when put on grass because Pewar's. Special Scotch. _._ '. .,. t' .* rt . . 45(1( 12 ft
staid their bodies have not been nourished King Wllllanf .sor.tcli . .. r. .evi.. . 700 181:,
of horses, "no foot, no hog with the protein elements necessary LOWEST HATES TO NEW YORK AND ALL POINTS NOKTI1., lull''a Malt \\hUkey .* *.. :. . 400 100
< '
There Is no weakness that seem to to keep them' III proper equilibrium Including delightful DAYLIGHT HAIL, through the Canada Malt . .? ..es--' . 375 1(1( n

propagate no easily as the long pasternor FAMOUS "SEA ISLANDS." Hoot b'. . .<.f. ... ../* 375: 106
1 the weak tendons around the foot Gordon's English Diy Gin . r..I. '. .t ..:>. 37i: l 1111,
"''I It is Important In the gilt and In the Cattle Are Lacking.! \ Geneva Holland (3m-------------------' . 420 Ill(
ticket sold to all northern For full Information attractions ,'It.
old sow, but It Is doubly Important In Cattle we must have to feed our Increasing Through offered other. line points reservatlos tickets regarding Plymouth Gin . . . . .5, ... . . 375 ION
by no ; diagrams, etc., apply to
the case of the male The Idea ef usIng population and to replace tbe HenneKsee *e. .. ..Tv..1. d all 17J,

on a herd of twenty or twenty-five continued drain from our soil made F. M. IRONMONGER JR. Assistant General Passenger Agent Super for Blackbeiry. .. . i. ., .. 3 OIl 70
sows a male with ,,'pnk'leet Is the by our heavy yield of field crops. A ppla Brandy .'.3 73. 100(
very acme of uliortnlglitodncfis.. Think When we miss the cattleupon our 122 WEST BAY STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLA. .g: I'eBrandy ... : : : : 375 100
Old bfr'TroU ,tutu-------------------------------- 460\( 130(
thousand bills and along our thousandrills
of having on the farm 100 or 150 weak then have to admit LNmlim Dock Jamaica Kum . .-.I. . 4 5(1( 1301
'I footed hogs and yet this Is just what we 1------------------ Gin Phosphate---------------------'i.s. ., . . 4 20 IK,

I* likely to occur If a poor footed male tbat "all is not well. We travel <> R.D Rock A Rye . . . .', ";,.. .,. . . 3 ((10 1t>
Is used.-Iowa Honidfttead. ed 800 miles ia one trip last week Jest Banana Brandy . . .". i.,,T' .- . 3 20( II 0
through upper Georgia and through : _
the heart of South Carolina and did AIR LINE RAILWAY. ,
A Life Work For a Man. I
tuft see aa many cattle as we should /
Breeding good dairy animals Is not
yet an exact science. It is an evolutionary Cod in a distance of eighty miles. Tbe SAVANNAH, COLUMBIA, CAMDEN SOUTHERN PINES R A LEI 8II, RICHMOND Ch.ae J3'\lrIl.stte: : &=, Cc
south has not the tenth of the cattle
site should have. We ire allowing r
tog, patient, Intelligent .Breeder coot .
rood to waste for want of fencing. 033, C37, 630 WEST BAY STREET,
operatlngwtth nature for the production -
of the improved nnlmals. And We are not growing one-tenth the Two Elegant Trains Dally \- Flor

j nature will not be hurried so the work grass our land would produce wltb a Seaboard Express Seaboard Mail. '; Jacksonville t- -
little work and care.-Editor G. F.
of a breeder Is not the work of a few
flunnlcutt in Southern Cultivator.Big \ If you desire to prepay. tbe express charges on any of our goods al
tentative uiatlngs of animals show
following amount:
Ing wonderful result in a few years Dividends en Bleed. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT. ,. 1 gallon jug . .$00 6 gallon jug tl 00
It Is more nearly a life work for a man Tbe ,demand for feeding steers is gong 2" 75
' and one man's life so often so lamonlably to keep well bred thin cattle at a 3 OO 4.quarts. 50

short for the length of the work pretty fair price this year. Of course 4 : : : : : 100 12 7a
some thin cattle are selling at com- / The Jamestown Exposition Line

aratlvely low prices, but they are the ,
HEALTH REGULATIONS.Good kind that tbtf feeder trade does not i
want. They will never be good cattle f s i1y-
Grooming ef Cow and Mllksr no matter bow much or how long they Excursion Tickets on Sale Dally ,, s.

Exact Milk Handling. are led and with only one outlet (the

The New York city department ol cheap moat trade) they must tell low.
health has Usucd concise rules to farmers The man who has well bred stuff always For full Information and sleeper reservations call on any Agent

and dairymen for the regulation Seaboard or wrlle
I baa two markets open to him

Z of Its milk supply. Those regulations' and this year according to National S. C. BOTL9TON JR., Aaat. Gen Pass. Agt., JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
are amplified with a number of recommendations Stockman tbe feeder market promises
-- -- --
among which are tbe to pay blnvtlg" dividends on his Investment
following: In improved blood.

The.cow* should be kept at all tlmoa
Current Market
In a healthy condition and aa examination Prosperity v 4'Jt& "
t Current' cattle market prosperity admits 8ACKACHE-{
by a veterinary surgeon should of but one Interpretation t' yr
he made twice a year, > publiC! Is eating beef.
The cows should be groomed dally, ?
Beef Is
no longer on a bargain counter -
and manure, mud or other filth should and despite high cost to tbe meatater .

not be allowed to remain upon their Is going Into consumption In unprecedented "
flanks, sides l udders or bellies during Volume.: "I wrote you for advice, writes Lelia Hagood,

sn+lklul. e from All slims point to an active feeder Of Sylvia, Tenn, "about my terrible backache and
The clipping of long hairs the
trade the rest of the season. Corn is
udder and the right side of the cow Is maturing by tbe million bushels dally, monthly pains in my ,abdomen and shoulders. I Ie

of assistance In preventing' tile collootlon and of high had suffered this
every day temperatures way nine years and five doctorshad
of filth which Into them
serves to IncrenRO the demand for tbln
Ilk attla. Brooder's Gazette Chicago.Free failed to relieve me. (On your advice I aook
The tails should be cut so that the :::
Wine of Cardui, which at once relieved my pains
brush should be well above the ground. to theRuptured

In winter the tall may be clipped. and now I am entirely cured I am sure that

The cows should be bedded wltb Cardui saved life. Four S'ailings Each Week. .
sawdust shavings dried leaves, strawor my I s

The some use equally of horse elean manure material.for bedding SImple Home Cure that Anyone Can It is a safe and 'reliable remedy for all female BETWEEN JACKSONVILLE and NEW Y(

la to be condemned. Use Without Pain. Danger or diseases such as periodical ,, .

To prevent tbe cows from lying Loss of Time from Work Calling at Charleston, C., bothways)
down nnd'ffettlntf dirty between clean. \ pains irregularity FRXK ADVICE

I lag atM .tutlktng a tbrontlatch of rope Writ ut a lever dncrtMnc. all Se
SENT FREE TO ALL down ... The Finest in the Coastwise
or chain should be fastened across the dragging sensations -_ your\\rn: Advk..ln tympiumt.Plan anj sealed will .endSou nvtlop*. Steamships |

stanchions under tbe cow's neck. headache dizziness AdJmu LJL. IVp.nm.nt.
1 ear mptan wlthnttt operation, twin dmirrrrr ,
ThIChatt.noo8&Me41c1n.eo..ChattA. Lines.
The milkers should bo clean ,low of time. w bon: I wy cure, I no mil Olsen "... r.nii. Jt Clyde New England and Southern
Their hands ..boulbe thoroughlywashed hold lUitriuMfomllUnw.lo, but:: a cure tint slay.. cutwl and dues n J backache, etc. Direct Service et

with soap and water and care oonvlnuv you snd four ruptured Mends IliiU '
fully dried clean towels before Inc Dlwovery trluaUjr. ourvI want you to l.tt itwltboutonereutsapeneeWyourwlf. d'all Eastern
on Boston Providence! a Poj
Hnmemlsr, At Every Dru Store in $1.00 bottles. Try It. ,
milking I ram nut trying to sell you a IriiM. but 1 otter >.""
Ciena overalls and Jumpers should -1 i abdiilnli. |wr>ut *n frmnlnm from pain and iKlTvrlnR,a lorgni} .
t.. worn during, the milking of the I lu waned phjulcal! and mental Ylitor, a fullt-r rnc 8EMI-WEKKI.X .AI11SG8J I
I.-: > iitnl life's hle 1 lnijii. mil yen of comfort ... ....... .from UU *1>i iKorUilound.'i .
should be tot
usodl other .
cows, no i .
'' '
pur Gj i.l,mtUfnrUint Mldixl to the len tla of your,life WINE ..T.rt."r"{! !''. I'!.':"'' ........ ...:"from'foui'oif Catherine IIt..I.J.
|x>ae and when not lu'tuia should be .n'twndsoyntoney.afniilT| till out Uieomiponp' _
w, Uulicaie tin the ill"IlftIb1 thsl'XMionof lb.r"PI. CAR r
In clean .
kept a place protected from
I tr.. and mall .It to inn. Pont nrnliwt this
dust I It.. gatntmelterasingle' Coy or cuatlnu to totolluted > OF :
: St. Johns River Line
The hands and teats should be kept I on> longer by chap vatly-niadit Inc ea. Clyde
Mr r fry during tnllklng. tb to'A Uo < ...1ruplliN --- ----- -- ----------
4 > <> n nuuinJiatvl/ ---- '
The practice of moistening the hands I tUL'vnus.Troatniant.Cottpan. \ JACKSONVILLE AND: BANFORD- oi II 1Bt.jobna
with milk U to lie condemned.The Stopping- Fmlatka,Astor BarMfnrd(DeLand).and toNrmsdlau landings
Klvr. ]
first few streams from each teat Frtao Steainera "CITY of JACKSONV 1LLE"and "F EI>'IC HI'M
mould be rejected these Mark the dbKram the loralkw of tharupiuro ,at JI'I
as contalu on
I are appolnMd to sail a* follows I Leave.lacktonTtlto' ,dally except Saturday |
,aiuvvvi)L jrurtloii and mail this kiCr.
more bacteria than the rest of the EAST COAST ADVOCATE PRINTING .m.
Returning,leave Ranlurd, Sundays
milk. .W,(. KICK AOI Min Sheet Ads.., N.Y. cI&Il1exeepe ._.rW
Moutb Jlound
All milk drawn from the cows thirty n-ct down.

days before and ten days after calving L-'. 8b p. ; ... I
twee rArr.
should be rejected and also all milk A1ipats.f Leave a p. m.j j'j\

from diseased cows. Leave a;a. to: : : g.

The pall In whlcn the milk Is drawn Rapier.RICNT all Kinds and Description of Ito i w.a, 1 U a.a. m m .: fi: .... ). : :

should have as small an opening at the
top as can be used In milking. This Passenger and Ticket Office. 122 W. Bay st.. JackS

renders collection of dust less likely. ltfT' oytr wf

The milking should be done rapidly R. R.ItA nlOm. Ylee-Preatc.n'and GaIIont SB1SSStl
H. .
11.3tAYtJRn. .T.M t
And quietly, and tile should be : .
treated kindly. cows .lI'_ _._..._........_._... JOB PRINTING. r_.a.tICRORLRN.Leesburg. ..Ji.. YOrk. .faf.IRU: Nt a.k..avtllw) GxR.

pry fodder should not be fed to the Ad.bws-,,....-..-...............- 1D.Jo } T.lM'. ria.A. JOHNPLNnRB4r: 'a"YJackso.vllle :

cows during or Just before milking", as -..-.. .. -.- I ,ri C V ,r fl-&_. Pier sae
dtfjt the} .from .w.yijall\ lutojhe_milk w 1 OLNER1L9rI-1Cia, Pier 38,Worth River Row TortI' .

.='" '

... .


\ '. ,.' : ..: ,.t t.
....:-,.: .'( "" ." JL.: -" -.-- -I< ."- -J:....' .. ... \o\! :- ., ,,..,_ : .I.;.._1. $I,,, ( ..i.04'-..!: __, ',->4":' ........Q.. .f.. f "' '_snM .:0.#<'"..

.- .." '" ., ., < n.. ._' ,. ,..... '-- ':' ''r' )' ...........

.. .





[ dlmhontTireldT finfia '& t1o LTcSv- OOOOOOOOO O OO q
Bred which he believed might be operated ?

HeW Traveled Hotel.JACK O VILLE, FLA. aDd there were vast tract of 1 OOi
l I| ; rnbber forest which could be made --
-On the American and European plan- very profitable If the Brazilian government ..

Coder new ma.. ltemAnt. Newly furnished and renovated. A pleasant George M. Boynton to Face Peril could be Induced to grant concession Don't neglect your cough. 0
family home. Barest: American Plan 4U.OO: and f2.6Oj; Europe, hurts *. f tQtI
and lip All oarI. form Union fetation stop at tbe door.II. In Amazon Forests. I: 4y

Klverulde Hotel ,, Statistic show that in New York City tCt >
located at Ureen Cote :
beautifully Springs, U under the
New Star Will Not Be Added Until alone
over 200 people die every week from
- July 4. 1908.

/ST. AUGUST1M1 Young Explorer Will Head Big Expedition While the rl't'lIl.lt'lItIII..u.\ l. a proclamation !:b consumption, t'e
, -- '--- on Nor. 111 declaring Oklahoma tv
------ Into Tangled Jungles NeverPenetrated :
A state the new star will, under
. by Whit. Men-Birds and i I the law, not appear nn the tins until And most of these consumptive might '.
Animal. to Bo Collected and Coun-
on 6UTI'n) July 4, iocs, any a WaICbln ;too correnpoudeut j t t
(t': try'e Advantages Studied of the New1 1'ork Herald.. Ao t,; be living now if they: had not neglected the i

I Penetrating llrarllluu forests never act of congress passed lu lsiSvmake* '
before trodden by white the provision that the uew star madenccpKsary '. warning cough. (
men. cutting
sr. ST.
fan p03TOFFIGB Bal:<,.7l AUQUSTIM, FLORIDA t>y the aduiUuiloii of a elate \. t.,
/ !51TE ncromt tb very heart of darkest South .t 1 .
..ntr.llo..UOD In the city. KtrlctlHrrpronf.. Kl ty fllle .......". .... to the Union shall make M appearance .
"flirnUh-!. Items a oulr. Ui...a November to .r....... Add...-.. ... .10..,.,.. ? America, George Melville Bojuton the on July 4 next following Much iidinlM- 4 You know how quickly Scott'r -I' '
.. explorer, with a email group of fellow .1011 I <>
=-- AYTONA HKACII. - -- RclviilUt next live and student, will spend the| the A joint board of army and nary ottl- rah" Emulsion enables you to throw off a <
jeurs exploilng vast
cera, of w hick Admiral Dowry WII.
.... tracts of land .
- lying between the .oulb.ru -
prvnldent, bill already taken up thequestion cough or cold.
tributaries of the .Amazon river, of the arrangement of the i
Seaside Inn DAYTOXA "CII. FLOItll\ the Newttrk' Globe. :
i says Ix-avlug I .
stars lu the fluff alyl docldud to plstwthe
New York uliout
ou a yacht Jan. 31. forty,sixth star In the lower right '& ALL DRUGGISTS 60o. AND 100.
Good Flshlnitlnd Surf Btiimi- tutee: *2..'.0 per diy and up, the expedition| will arrive at Pernam- hand corner of the blue Held. Thin tC>

tint fuinlcheu I coltlljtetl fur rent for hooeekeeping.UORtCE) I buco at tbe clone of the rainy sensou lecomiuendutlou received the approvalof ( O OOOO OOO OO O O O<,
and will at once net out ou the journeyof
lime |president and the Hocrctarlca of .
4.CHO tulle HcroHH the southern rou-
P. STEWARF.Ownor. WAr nnd navy to that the new star
tluent to the 1'aclllc coast ,.rum
la already provides for.
-- -- -- Mr Is the taut
Itoyutou IMTKOII In the Tudor tags plan the foity-slx stare
TITUSVILLn.h world one would tike for a man of ad- .. I
will he arranged In Bis: rows front left ,
\'entul't'elnll him recently lu au to right, the first, third, fourth and O
easy chair at the (,;/ el111.tll'! club drens. -
sixth! row of tight stars and the second '.
ed an n man of fn"hlon nnd surrounded k
and IIftli of star .
row stMon *
e Sterling TITUSVILLK, KLOItiUA. "by tbe luxuries of modern rltlllratlou -- ,J

I CUB would hardly think that
twenty of the tblrty-olKht, years of bis AIR PLANT FOR WOMAN'S HAT PURPO SE.S7t'

life had been ',lent In strnniru lands, --... ///POR4ILL4O/ f
-- and among savage |Hoplea, Novel Style of Oarniture; Which Requirts -
Hut the talc which he narrate In Cutting, lIB It Grows Rapidly..
I hla well incxlulntwl voice! are tales of Along the Hue of bat may bo mentioned 1 ii The "CIIAR TEll"

d ') y ri darlll: .0 lid till 11Jt'r. tales of t,/.ntth. aoumthliig startlingly unique' Gasoline Engines
Brunt In tuiKk'J: Junglea. through wrltea n correspondent| of the Seattle
whib tile .""',, never j1 j1111
raja lenetratit Time from nterctt?Waah, 'Ihero hits \\' furnish power nt n trifling coat for
lilies: of heartbreaking nUggule with nindo Vs| on Hewitt avenue li'I'
tIItI every ]>urM>>H*. No mfrlnwr; rlull't'.I.J.vrry: ;
disease tiiud fR IU I lit'. of deaiL'albwlug a lieucl cO"'J'IDIl'b"'l1 to those who fHnmxrnii titlllMi The,"Charier1* In A ilown
In the IhrhnlnltlIkl'hlll'h, of life huge don't Know reHeuiblu merely tin aitlwHe II waya.1'o lime them In any hone power. I
I boa t'oust ik tor In the singing/<< pol coinlilimtlon of shade nnd color nod Pt We are the Inrgrst denier In Florida, and
suited arrow di-,idller than the 'olJro/ti fluffy things running hither and thither run supply. >onr want* nt a mi\liit to Y.>II. '
bite or lu the forty of the dread lierl- In |ili>iulug disorder-among! the to- \Ve alai Mil Marine Englncsi Motor Boat
"bet I fever, which drug the strongest lingo of the graceful Kfecn trimming. Siipplli'i| I'lp.esl Fittings ('tl".
man Bhrluklug to the grave In forty- butt wonder of wonders, this gnuutilumilnn Write Sir 'beautiful, Illustrated catalogo
eight hours In alive!
The almost luipoiiPtiable forest of It ls nothing more or less. than a -

Brazil cold Mr Iloyuton In speaking Jupaiiene( air plnut. which nil may lie FLORIDA GAS ENGINE?
of lib. pnipoueij vxjiedltlon "urn, I belief githcrod/:: from lln name, thrives on air
'' -v [tSr 'e, the moat wondeifiil, the most alone him" uo dirt about its root and

beautiful aunt the most terrible places require no moisture to hasten or aid TAMPA, FLA. I I

Conveniently( located clooe .to F. E. C. Ry depot, In the world'TUtt \cKetatlon.. '
In the famous INDIAN JUVtK DIUVrjE .sECriOX.Thli Sanding of the rivers lu the' This I I" the only but In Uverett Uuow .J
house Is practically new' having beru entirely rebuilt, rainy HOIIHOII has ashed away the to need hair cut front time to time -- __ -, ._ .- --- J
many more rooms added piazzas erected, and all modern convenleoces earth from the tangled roots of the For the growth of thu air plnut fit 1rreaE
lastalled, and nut beenCOMPLTC1ELY trees, and lu aome Instances the trunks ."
qulto rapid and were It allowed: to go ,
ltE-FURS'ISIJED- shoot up from the muss of roots tweu without fiequeut trimming It would .A.c'ro

Acoomrnodatlons foi twenty, Hates! $2.50 a dr: : and up. ty feet above oue'n head. The heavy hanir down about its wearer' face. .

Special weekly and monthly rates.'P. foliage with the million of trailing .
O. WALTON, Propr. vines und creeper through which It I III
necessary to cut a path with machetes CORN FROM AZTEC'SEED.. .

forms a douse shade and I have gone SELFIJOCKINGT..A.CXLE rr.
for many days without seeing tbe sky. Xernela Centuries Old Found In healed -
hel Palmhurst tJ TITUSVILLE, FLOHIDA. "lu the trtbuUiiles of the Amazon Jar In Ancient Mine.

are found a greater variety of flab Through: tbe experiment made by aq

\ ........ than lu any other rher In tbe world Louis Smith of HurhltoColo.., corn
and the forests are alive with bird of Imrletl for centurlea In the Aztec ruin : ,
Just opened-everything brand new. Elaborately furoUhed. Spnclouwrridon. all kind of brilliant color. There are I of Colorado has been made to produce

Every room an outside one. Ventilation, plumbing and HgbtI 10.1 varieties of tbe bumming bird already remarkable now varieties says a Don- I'

I fag perfect. 2.0 feet enclosed piazzas catalogued and we bopeAo add ver special dispatch to the New York ELOOE. ;
\ still more to the store of ornithological World. Mr. Smith recently finished t t

CUISINE THE BE!>TOne knowledge gathering a crop of corn which he
Matto GruHgo U the name of the raised from seed found In the ruin of 1
sere of ornamental ground*, surrounded by primeval palms. Its region which'we will be tbe first white the Azteca Tbe yield I I. the heaviest I* a new and great Invention, n. It save time, money and labor, It will work /
lu borliontally, Upslde down-or at any tinxle. 1' U Irnpnanlble for the rope to slip '"
ever recorded the .
and 'tangledforests. dry farming region
| unrounding most; conducive to solace, rent and recreation. men to penetrate means when locked, and no lever or trigger'rope| attachment I I. used In this devloe.
.' It lie* between the fifth and In the vicinity of Duron go. the There I le only one Imlnt lease and luck the load, and It Impossible fur the rope to t'
I -TENNIS, POOL AND CUOQUETioeommodate tenth parallels and the fiftieth and seventieth ear wing of great RIM. Jam or chafe, and there nothing lo ret out of order la tliU original; tackle block.
meridians and as you may see The corn I I. of a variety unknown to May ba seen kt the ADVOOAIM f>nion. TIIDavlll"l| and l are for sale by the A" ,
-40. The Pilmhurst, porter meet all trains. Hales very by tbe map. la marked 'unexplored.' modern farming Ita kernel are cool I ntlo8iipplyji' ; >., Ku tIl| "y street, .1 auk son villa, Kla. :
| "'IOn able. "Our party will consist of six: well black the ear much larger than the l, _

II. C, HART, Prop known American scientist and ao ordinary corn. fast fall while digging '
equal number of Brazilian experts.: In one of the Aztec mine Smith came ;

Then there will be about twelve unl- upon a large earthen receptacle tightly \
8ANFOHI> "el'lllt1lraduates and numerous servants sealed which on being opened wa die-
or about fifty lo all. Already' covered to contain shelled corn sufficient :7-;
I thirty university men hate applied. In quantity to plant an acre of
but I shall limlst on a rigid physical ground and be lowed It early lu the

e Sanford House SANFORD, examination and shall take only tbe aprlng.' _____ __ ___ _, ,
FLORIDA. fittest a* I do not wind l> our expeditionto Srcr

become a funeral procession. COMMON SENSE .. 'i
"We will make an ttIl peUaIly flue col Leah most I liitelllgrnt people to UM only (' 1 t ,
Coder tie management of / lectlon of birds and will send animal may inea of known composition. There THIS :' ,
to the zoological garden In tbe Bronx tore (t l Is thai Ur, Pierce' medicines, the SHOWS
ItAimY P. DRIVER. which have never been seen In captlvty. make wklch print every Ingredient THE F.RONT '

I lalt' Mutant manager of San Juan Hotel!, Orlando FlorIda. such as tbe bile nianed wolf" the enterlngkiiolhem attWl upon the bottle wrtp OP THEWALTON
and I
giant otter lift spectacled bear. Humjoldt'a pen
are dally gr 4lng In favor The eompoiltlon 1
large specie
loKothrlc a
o( Dt I Pierce' medicines I is open TMf.SC ARC OUR ,
ape, nnd the ant peters.'In to everybody, Pr. Pierre Men denlrons PAT: BLOCK '
I DUCK SIIOOTIJTO FISIIIN'O, addition we will make a study of of beef > tho 1Aftli Unlit nf r.t sea PATtMT LONG'
the natural advantage of the country urn-d fiillr up/in tiNformiilir/ In-Trig. C ROLLER BLARING ,
wood and minerals and will record Uf thtil ?
and FISUISG BOATS at all time ,
< mrliiiiin Known, lee mopf SHEAVES.
as far a* possible the language iri g I
TES: *1iK and I Special weekly and monthly, and custom of tbe native tribe Tile r IIr v er a r.
: ,
nix' I. Htina wholly DJII d e, oTTne act Vit /
live the banks of I
savages who oory on
tueuiclnal prlnclplen e trie ted'from no
be rivers, are In a very primitive state tlve forest moLl, by exact processes .0;,
and when aroused are savage fighters.'We original with 1>r. Pierre and without tbe ..
,NEW YOJIK.Marlborough. bope.to rvold trouble, but will use of a drop of alcohol triple-refined and :
.. take along aluminium shield a* a protection chemically pure glycrrlna being used instead /
against their .deadly arrow If In extracting and.preserving the
arise. curative virtue r..I ldln" In the roots ; ,
!tel I unpleasantness should '
any cannibal lu time of war jind when employed free from, the these abjection mlldlc\nile\ of are doing enth harm'ely 1" ,

there I* a famine wilt eat even their by creating; an appotlu.lor ellber al
Broadway, 36th and 37th Street,' New York own children. For the most part. bow. eohollc beverage or .ball, forming I
mplcte I 1 7 Renovated and transformed In every department. lItollt ceD' ever, they are peaceful unless they drug Examine the lotmula OH their e
If wetted hotel Oft Broadway ELECTKIO L1UHT8 and TKLEPHONEPLAN fear they are about to be attacked. bottle wrappers..tlw sam a* sworn to by "
!! rmim 10 the house "Do I think there will be much dan I>r. Pierce, and ycfu will find thai his 1C OO LE3& '
CROPEAN: :"ioO Room 200 bath room Rates 1.50 and up.'P.d"t ger In the trip Yes there will be Uoldcn )11IdealDllCOyerJ," th. great, .
: bath $:j and upward with bath. Parlor, bedroom and bath t3 enough for even the moat venturesome. blood-purifier, stomach tonic and bowelregulator.the t
medicine while
Parlor, two bedroom. bath IT and upward. which not
and There will te danger from the native, recommended to fur consumption In IU
SWEENEY-TIERNEY HOTEL COMPANY, from lever, from polsonou snake and advanced aug sno medicine will do that) THOUSANDS OF-THKM" -I 0ELLINO- -NT UK" NEW EVQLANli STATES.
E. )I. TIERNEY, Manager. reptllCl' aod' from wild aol 1altbe yet dues cure all those catarrhal Conditlons '
yor all kinds of bu.lne .e.s .be'ra.kle: Hlock U nsfd
Jaguar, which Ilea la wait on an overhanging of head, and throat weak stomach, -
branch aDd the peccaries, the torpid liver and trouble weak

vicious wild boars which gather 10. 'I meted'urgeand or badly hang-on-couch troati lead which up to,If ix and>g- W aHon-Vinton Patent Roller Bushed Sheaves
great number at night and surroundng finally terminate In consamptlnn.: i
E a leaping camp, 'rosli' It like a Take the 'Gulden Medical DUcoveryin -
ADVOCATE JOB PRINTING OFFICE band of Filipino guerrilla On suchoccasions time and It U out likely| to disappoint ThHQ long Roller Itearloa 8h...v..., which:; ar* lurked upon a* tile greatest
I you lend out of your. ham. lair If triaL only you IJon't five It a lfumm j\'and aotl-fhetloo roller bearing In the world, are without rage to hold the roll ln
mlraclMa. Jawon'
expect place, and tberefora far dur.ble'lInll with far less
'mock and shoot and shoot but still do supernatural tltlnr You moat more run friction than the
hey come on. and If by chance you., ezerrias your paljnnatarul; prrsnvrraln l luuso old-eryle cage. The sheave castings\ are inade solid, .tuadlutf double .the strain o4
and fall"- fur s rrasonaSle: l length of time U'> gt t the skeleton moo sheavM.
Headquarters should lose your : :
its full brnefiu The ingredients I of which
The explorer smiled. Ir. Pbinw's medicines are;comp"M i: "Then there are the alligator\ which nnnnsllrVid endorsement of score of
largest la the world. But of : meidlcal l ad rb ttT than any mount Walton Block Co
are the of testlmonlsl' Self-Locking
lay, or non-profeiwlonal.
b :Ei2:1tig: : course all those thing mot be counted They are not al"0 be riperldenied ,;
In the day" wortr. with but are sold dealers IQ 4
rAf r. Epzptsn aad.btkn| wotjc rtaln medicines at reasonable price.. 401 Atlantlo Avenue, -. ... B08TON .MASS. /

e TMj


l F-i,,.
lr. A p

.' '\, / ." -'. !. ', a'-L- 1 I r'f.
$t' ':\ '

""'"'" "!!\ "=1.... '1': "' ...."....... .""'" V".n. ",-...... "' "..' -...,.. "":;)'-':" r"f _
, .
"; 10- '" : ,



8 .' BAST COAST ADVOCATE!:; nrusvniK rtx. DECEMBER 13, 1907.VRITE _

----- -
t -


I'I'I J \ FOR OUR CATALOG *.p On Monday afternoon the Mea Otter Last Friday morning, aa we were goIng John R Walker & Co.C I

moored to the City wharf, TltuaviU, to preM, the report was brought into .
"Cit and remained until Tnmulav morning, ,
the. AI VOCAT& once that Mrs. Caroline 1C I
Over len( Pages wbep the left for Mewalfs Point, where
Cbaudolo of LaGrange,,
Amanda ,
a the owner. LietuenantILI..Willoughby, -T1IE AJITMKNT STOHi-
.r f : M of ;J'bllltdel bl. and Newport, owns a had died that morning at I 5 o'clock..t

: Jl.LtIITBArJJCG M winter homfO.Lleo" the age of 82 ,ear., She was butted at I
1' ,. Wllloughby: was a pleasant c.n-! LaGrange cemetery on Saturday mornIng :CARRIES A FULL LINE OF
,. er at the ADVOCATK office while I I In tow,
DIAMONDS and by Invitation I the editor L of this pa.U at wo'clock a large concourse of

per and a few friends visited this cost friends and relatives being present. Clothiz-sg: wry: Goody
: yacht She It a fine <,up-todatecraftl The' funeral service was held In LaGrange -
: WA''CIIES flOft In length loft beam and baa i aw
church before the burial and Notions, Millinery, Shoes, Grnts' Furnishings, Etc. We .. .
draft of 4ft. Her motive power Is a 12/\ repnlargest \ tw"
born power, cylinder Standard gn the) church waa beautifully draped In sod best Tallor.Made CXotblng House In Arna I, (
; JEWEI.BY engine, and the makes from 12 to 13 honor of this highly-respected lady, who

a miles an hour, according to the depth otb had a bout of frleods In this section of VLfc.r.1'
.. water : itiTLre:
Hrevsrd She leaves no ,
!; tUT ULASS The Sea Otter lighted with electric- .
ty, and I I. the only yacht of her size I inI ren, except an adopted son, Mr. R. R. House and Office Furniture of all Kinds and Descrlpti
the United Stairs that Is fitted with Chaudoin, to mourn her 10... >
+ STERLING SILVERWARE ** wireless leJrgrsphylth this system The funeral service was ably conducted \
t 4 on bo'Ard.tleut. \\llloughby can receive Titus : Iardware: :
t messages: from a distance of LOU mile, by the Rev, Wm. Stones, of. the .,

but can send messages only 60 mile. vi lie Baptist church.
., The flea Otter tailed from Newport, Mrs. Cbaudoln was born In Davidson A Fall Line of Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Ship Chandlery, Huntem Suj

PLATED WARE. t R. I.,'about two months ago with i a county, Taco March lB, 1835. and was Everything heeded by the Fisherman.groceries .
crew of three banes and the owner ont
J married, bv the Rev. Mr. Stallcup on
board, and leisurely mad. the trip b
;" NO. HtNgiMrKII-MOUNTKD ,PIV CUSHION 4a..CT. river and ..ela distance of about 1.1\00 |May, 1S50, to the Rev. W. N. Chaudoln, : :

miles. On the whole, the passage south who departed this life about four years ,

I was a pleasant. one, although the Sea ago. Rev and Mrt. Cbaudoln moved to A Full and Complete Stock of Staple and Fancy Orocerleo
Otter encountered some stormy weather .
I J i HOLIDAY NOVELTIES a'llm.-e"peell&ll, when on the Allan. Florida In 1871, and settled at LaGrange, ..
tlo ocean. a suburb of Tltusvllle where Mrs.Cbaudola -

She Is very comfortably Sited throngb. resided up to the time of het death. bond your order and have all! your peed* filled at once. A trial *.III;

\ :t .., out, ann Lieut. Wllloiijhby took much .
-- - familiarly both
( -- -- ----- --- - Rev and M/s Cbaudoln were vlnce you of the great saving ;, In money and trouble made by order
,; 811J'prED pleasure In showing the following,:! part known at "Uncle Shad" and "Aunt merchandise from THE DEPARTMENT' STOKE.
ENGRAVING FREE. GOODS PREPAID. over Dean Percy J. Kobottotrr. your
:: Mall>> Quiets Receive Careful and Prompt Attention. > F..lllacI I Mr. and Mrs. Wm: Carrie." A little over ball of their
F. Green and Mr. Charles U. Wilton. married life bad been spent In LaGrange,

: (SATISFACTION OUAHANTEED. 1t... Mr. Cbandoln having come here In

CLUB RECEPTION. 1871 for his health. Percy G. Walton

; i iIi The numerous friends Mrs. Chan ,

There attendance loin will miss her genial countenance In
/ was a large of the
...... ..
.. -a: members of the Progressive Culture this section, and her lost is much de- ':11 tusvl11e. Fla.
41 Went. Bay St. I JACKSONVILLE, FLA.. i Club at the regular monthly reception Oored..

given on this occasion by Mrs. tt. II.H.thbon..t .
******.*.**.*..*..**.***********..*********** ****.* ber oozy cottage on Hop CHURCH NOTICES

.. .. kins street Tuesday, Deo. 1.1.
The Programme wan aa follows FIRE

,. \ Piano solo, "Sixth Nocturne," by Mis Rev. Wm. Stones will preach at LaGrange INSDRA1

Frances Robinson on Sunday next at 11 a. m.,and
Palmetto Roots
Song:, "Love Me and the World I. at l><,..virie at 7 p. m.
Mine," by Mrs C. J. Denbam who sang e' f
so sweetly) that she was encored and reo Tbere will be services In the Episcopal RELIABLE COMPANIES. PROMPT PAYMENT OF LOsSEI

ponded by singing "Dreaming'The church In Cocoa, on Monday morning,at
Wanted-- 10OOO Cords Palmetto Roots, hostess then taw fit to exerciseIbe 11 o'clock. Dean Robottom will officiate LOWEST RATES.. ACCIDENT POLICIES ISSUED
thinking: mood by giving each "a
penny for her thoughts" and the prize Dean Robottom will preach In St.
You WHICH A FAIR ANn REASONABLE PRICE WILL BE PAID. was. won by Mrs Adhemar Brady a labrlel's church, Tttusville. on Sunday
\ t lovely blue china vase with the bust 01 evening:, Deo 15, at 7:30, The public I.t'ordlaIl1In.ltea.to It Your Business Respectfully Solicited,

, Napoleon I. painted thereon being verI.pproprt.te. ; this service
as the present study of the Reference: Indian River Stale Bank, Tltnsvllle,
that Rev, L. T. lobe will holdler.lce. In Fla-
f. club la of France.
.Roots must be well, tiltnroed, and out to four foot lengths, and delivered at Ibe consolation prize went to Mrs J he Tltusvllle 1'retbvterlan church every -- -

I'almetto Extract Works, Tltunllle.V Frank be Battle, who has good reason,to School Sunday at evening 8 o'clock at 7 Sunday o'clock.afternoon Sunday D. U. SPELL. DR.' J. C. SPELL, Reglsred Phar''
delighted with so good a friend as
I was found In the little cabinet. and the Afternoon Prayer meeting andBible
Mrs. Katbbun reading at 3 o'clock every I"ues- :Banner Store.
V .... few "Familiar Quotation then gave In the ber club u.u.1 a day afternoon. Drug

r / natural style, which was so much enjoyed TIIUSV1LLE, FLOU1DA.
Spencer that, by special request, she gave a AND NEW YEAR
recitation. Toilet, Articles, Perfumery, Stationery
rl Light refreshments were then daintily;
served by the Misses Grace Kathbun and
-"-''''-----------'--'''--- -- ------- ---
Fanny Budge The Atlantic Coast Line will tell tick. SODA WATERS and ICE CREAM
er The fund realised on this occasion will I eta from all points In Florida, DecemberOih \
TREES go towards the purchase of new books to 25th Inclusive, and December:
; foe our library Oth to 31st and January let, with afinal
i The guest then bade the hosted limit returning J.no.r,6tl.. Rates PURE F3ESH DRUGS.,
adieu, each carrying homeward fond remembrancet :, will bo'one and one.tblid fare, plus 2V>.
e From Ocklawata Nurseries are'giring greatest eati.factlou to our buudred. of this occasion. E. B.. W. for the round trip. Mail, orders promptly filled. Will order anything we have not ID StjPAPERHANGING ,

of oustomers In Florida. They always ---.------ i Ask your nearest ritllroad agent for

grow, a d they always bear fruit true to name of variety., A LECTURE.Mr. ': rates to any point south of the Ohio andsaes ,
of the
Mississippi rivers or call on
i A. W, Frltot, division passenger. agent, Fs.i.rl. X
-' Some satisfaction In this.Ise planting' troves now, think of the.future Adhemar Br.dy.1II give a lecture I acksonvllle, Fla. X : ti.c.g

SUCCESS OF YOUR INVESTMENT at. the Methodist church Tltiisvllle. I .1

depend on the treea you plant. MAKE NO MISTAKE, but coma to on Tuesday canning next December 17.

I', Headquarters for Reliable Trees: Tree. guaranteed to arrhe .t d_ Imknets.Ladle, .gentlemen J j *. SIGN PAINTING OF ALL KINDS, ETC.
I tln.tlon In Iood ollder. It tbel << young peopleare Mr. August Nelson while working at
k V don't, wo replace them NO WIIITE FLY. oordlally Invited. Lecture free. the Tltusvllle Cemetery, Wednesday, Old Furniture made to look like new Mirrors Made and ReSllverRellon.ble
fell off a bench and badly mashed. bit
A PARTY: leI hand, which Is now In a sling\ ,
" ADDKFSS SURPRISE Mr. J,S.Ulckmafa, pilot on the Canaveral ""
0. W. CONNER Pro 'r.I : ;
V Club boat, the Widgeon, had themisfortune _
On Wednesday evening Dec 11, a jolly Monday, to have his right
l crowd of young people, numbering 35, hand badly mashed while bringing the Shop In Scrlmg our Building,
I left town In a mans-resembling a young boat to the wharf. Dr. Wilson dressed TITUSVILLE, FLORID
__ army-and marohed to the borne of Miss the hand and Mr. Hlckman is getting
. Anole Battle just south of 'lltusvllle along an well u can be expected.
for the purpose of giving that young
lady a surprise and to spend an enjoy TXT"C'SV'XX..Lm LJ'V'1IIEI.: Yl5T&13,

\ able evening-and they all found wbatShe EASTERN STAR.
East Coast Lumber & Supply Co.YARDS f were looking for. .po Bt
Various game, music-both vocal and A communication of FEED AND SALE SADDLE
Instrumental and '
social chat were in :
order throughout the evening, and deli. ter No, 11, Order of Eastern Star, will ..STABLES... BUGGIES,
; AT- clout refreshment were nerved. be held at the Chapter room, Tltusvllle, j
Tbep found Miss Battle a charming on Tuesday, Deo 17th at 7:10: p. m, BAGGAGE st;
TirUSVILLE, COCOA, EAU OALL1E, FORT PIERCE, WEST PALM BEACH Contest) and returned to their hornet and a full attendance Is requested.The .
glad that they had participated In the election of officers and payment TRANSFER: and T1RXO s
of dues will be In order that evening.
l'' Lumber and Building ll.terlale1I.rdwaro- Sash, Door Paints. Nearly! ail urprlie. HAULING ETC. e ...n kl ea'

the best contractors buy of sal WILY It pays, When quality and promp. IMPROVING PROPERTY. Wood for dale. ..
ervloa la considered our prices are lowest. AX.: O/et ban. l

.- The work of enlarging Mr. S. N. Glad- Pine or oak, any length. Also plowIng TITUSVILLE10 rear of Bobbins' Law Office 1 e
wln'a house on Julia street it still going and harrowing. See or address J. _. -. -

Robbins & Graham Co. East Coast Meat Market ahead W. Jamison,Tltusvllle, FlaNotice. W. :8: .EiRKER. -

Mr. J. C. Swain, of Jacksonville, baa. --- -- .---- ----------- ._._ -- .
faith In Tltusvllle, for he haa bought the FLORIDA. 1
\ (Incorporated.) G. F. DUREN, Agent. Vincent bouse on Main street which be TITUSVILLEn
1 PAID UP CAPITAL J5,000.00 will Improve. Tin iI.nc1 Shoot; Iron 'V'Vorl'

,\ This company owns : C a> Mrs. John Walker ban a' force of NOTICE U benbyVven that the nniterslKD- TANKS OF ALL KINDS MADETO ORDER s

r, ,-.. men working on her cottage on Main Towusend tiisrdlan U Monroe of Verua, K Monroe, add HOOFING-:.TIN.AND GALVANIZE
I 2LJ&. '3ST 3D, S, wo wb : and Palm streets-getting It Iq readinessfor to the Hon. Mlror 1\, Jooei minors, Judge will ot the arnily Clr.- BOAT PUMPS AND, TANKS A SPECIALTY U
renting. At present, every furnlsb- cull Court In and for ll T r
a the Indian Rivet Country; On the St. and nnfurnlibed house In Titutvllle: i In vacation, at TltusYllle. florid., upon the Dealers in BICYCLES, AND BICYCLE
4th day or January, law,
Lncle River; at New River and on Day = that was advertised In the ADVOCATE, w application l) heard,or for as leave too thereafter to sell, at 13opu1Y': V'orUL. -
, ... rented; but there sre others for renton rivals sale,the nnrttvl.lmt H Interests of*'erna
7 Blscayne. Prloea to suit the times g.E Indian Miter, a t can be seen by the IC.Monroe and Townsend, L. Monroe,minors,la -
the fnU..wlna d sorih d real
estate to
'I;!' Send for Land List ads on first page TIHHTllle Part of, L, *Fla.as" *">, I folly of Jo rtonrribed,nmlie, In Addition a wit deed' r to*> E. BRtltc:: .R'Y' dj :es:

Offloea at Tttusvllle and Miami. Fla. .rd.l In uriS hook "RR" peg. Rrevard
Count' rl.rids Records,and }}Los H of tv smsnatB
-- --- - tom.1'O A Heal< Wonderland. RordRll's Addition to AND PRO I
:' VT" YT pIITUSVILLE. described U a deed \\f81:1t,*as Hook fully GROCERIES, GRAIN HAY, AND ALL' FOOD
Iwn1i'nir1WANTED South Dakota With its rich silver NN' 1M, Mravaid
County, Florida,
k>UA ,
We handle MArES
r mines' bonaox farms, wide ranges and Keeorns.Duardlsn PRODUCE of an kind. W. are agents for dien. f
..._._ mange natlirallorm.Uon..11 a ,erltablewooderl.od. of Tern 1C. D.cod N.TownMnd CnYE!:. We deal exelollnllln the above line of goods and solicit the trade of sta
.. Write us for price 00 Grain and aU delivered .t your
At Mound City, In the Mnnrn anger Ixtmr or Uuarcllan Groceries
; home of Mrs E, D. Clapp a wonderful lii|>I..y.lain l Columbia., Fla. E. L. BRADY BRO. .. TITUSVILLE. F s'.

Ita ease of healing has lately occurred. Her 0.0.IRobbinsAtty." tea '- .. -_.-- -- it
son seemed near death with lung and
l Everyone to know that we ship throat trouble "Exhausting coughing The: stOreStetloner" :
,r note,, the next train all orders spells occurred every five minute," Novelty
fur Vrhlskles. Wines, Beer end writes Mrs Clapp "when I began giving : Kiblinger Automobile 5c I''"
"Malt and that we Mil better Dr. King's New Discovery, the great Docks Notions Fancy Dishes, Candy Tops, Etc.
goods for I... .ions? than any medicine that saved his life and completely 10 H. P.-*4TS.00. Counters.
other Douse In Florida or els** cured Mm. Guaranteed for Delivered at door .-HOLIDAY GOODS A SPECIALTY
your ready to
what*. If you want prompt and coughs and cold, throat and Inng run. Three doora Goods $tore.
. south >
of J. R. Walkei'a
\ careful atuntloa try thsoldesUbllsb T fAOI: Mares I trouble, by Tltusvllle Pharmacy. Son Standard gauge 33 In wheels, solid I, M. DODSON \ 17 TITCSS'1I:;
TAn Hrand ferol.psate Paint. 1no doubU opposed! cylinder --- .- ._ 7INDIAN
HANNE BROS. KXCKLt.H: ALL OTHERS, t Safer than a horse and easier to
liEAUTY of FINISH,, )ray In if and Hauling age. A Italy; can run this machine. RIVER ICE FACTOR] ,,

Established oesrly30yean, WEARING .ITIES. Catalog Free.
p d'io;
All kind of and biullng TITU3VILLB FLA. '
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA PWlIIITUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl ONE GALLON MAKES TWO. promptly attended to, and Satisfaction. W P, UNDERWOOD Ii prepared to famish hoe ID any quantity-Sacked: or loose Specie> ,: wC
For tale byRONALD A ,
H' T
guaranteed.Joan paid sacking for dealing
Yachts Fair
or for family use.
w T.T.WKTMORE Proprietor.i" .


.. ...,' .. _1,. : : .. 'y x .
> :: : : ::" ;; IH" ...,... -.' "' .t.t, ." -". I o ..'.... -Mi.. 'H .. ." '" ..,Yo&" ., ,.
""- ) '" ,
II III II rf' 1 ...... ', .

East Coast advocate
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Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Aug. 15, 1890.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 13, 1891).
General Note: W.S. Graham, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 2 (Aug. 22, 1890).
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c- 0 ...... ... r.... < -T H' "'' '-' '-''''''' .'r' '''''''I!.. ;7"j: : ,

V j I




i o I .

oL ;f AR FAyf, *
O g?


u ; .

; d




7 NO. 17. __ ..__ ,_.___ TITUSVILLD. -- ,,...FLORIDA...----- : FI\IDA--\--- -. Y.-DROhMDEIl-Ul. 1007. PRICE. 60.OCAL d

NEWS, I Geo. II. Ferimld Hardware Co. Men's Smart Suit for Holiday Orange Iloxe .Miss M"Ktle| Collins left, Saturdav' "AMONG 'THE HOTELS.

Dealers In Wholesale i and Retail Hardware Wert r. l"It. for M, Attgimllno.KV ,

Topics| of General Interest.. paints, oils, siiKh. doom, blinds, We furnish the best box made using If are looking for a fnrnUhed Mr G, U, Irwin who spent last winter .
lime, cemeut brick and shingles. You will\ want to "dress up" a little : the famous "Look Joint" Panel End 1'01& In Cuba,'managing a hotel I la now at
toil the nils e
ootlagtt for the winter, }
Machine Miops, all kinds of repair for the Holidays at )lellt you ought to- : Heads, smooth bright veneer pin or this the Indian lllver hotel, 1'1 tunllle.Mr. ft
most everobody doet. I and tIlier .. ,ed shaved paw.61T
ADVOCATE work : gum 11I1.1611. a or
on bolleis
TUB and Naphtha anti Mrs. A. S. Denlaon and }
|n advance launches Perhaps you do want to, but think I birch hoop. net our jnIocs on wrap --If you do nut read every pageof Miss of the Brook
rsncum AI/nelllart. recently
1.10 5 months Tin and Metal ; that with all the hilstmiu buying yon nnd cement-ooateel Nulls.W thin paper you are !liable to miss
i* work
S ill plumbing eteanand house, Enterprise who spent the summer
jper an. to foreign countries. gas fitting Good Work at lowest I can't afford a New Suit just now.You're A, MKRII\I>AV Co. some of the most interesting local Items, In Ireland but who have been la
A wrong! Come In, and see what 10-1.1 Palatka fla which are scattered on every |i'MKU, ..UJT
subscribe for voJ: prices j
, Washington I). C., for a couple of
you vtecan offer for fifteen dollar
you ,
the year.i I It doe not cot you GKO. H. FKBXAI.D HAHUWAHB Co., say: : If you need Chilstmaa or New months so, expect to spend the winterIn
bf Surely wouldn't shabby at the -The dance the house
you go : Opera on
week postage Included. Sanford Fla. Year's Piesrnts, irnd the ads of ,TIIIvlllo' /'" St. Augustine
oti per price I IRulli Wednesday eight was much enj 'yed.Mr. I'ron.loenlll1.rchan'., lu tliln
Beading notice ad*. are ten cent $IO,00 to $2.100.: paper Mr. and Mrs J. D. Price, of Ormond
W.: H. Cresson of City Point They are asking for a share of
53n this palle.r. -Mr. Geo. W. fechuyler of Jodilloola."a. The earliest linn of Clothing Shoes aud New York who came to Florida
conducted service al Ht. Gabriel' Episcopal your patronage, gyp;;
M. Bobbins was In Or. In Titiuvllle "n Monday Hats Men' and Boy' Famishing, I unusually early this soiuon, went, to St.
Tltustlllo last !Sunday:
George chorcli, :
achy. oro this week attending; to -Miss H. Wt Brown, superintendent shown on the East Co.Sat. Mall ordeis a evening, AMERICAN UKOWNTEA, AT GOLD- Augustine from their OOllltlfuloranle

of Canaveral Club was a guest of the Specially. smith1, Tltusvllle.Mrs. grove place at Ormond to attend the
uloesa. WINSTON S. BRANWNO PLUM PUDDING at Goldsmith' opening of Hotel Alcazar, UAW under
Sterling, Tltusvllle on Monday,, I, Van '1', Worley and two Uilld-
Headquarter For Style and Value the management of Mr. John Anderson,
Ik's. I -We acknowledge reculpt of copies
MANNY'S FOR POiT ron, of Tltusvllle expect to leave to day
, CARD- '
of enthusiastic roads
Tltusvllle, r la.Do one for most good
of the Pltubuig Leader and Post from for Mloanopy, Fla., on'l vUltlo Mrs.
liia Charlotte M. Palmer, of New -Dr. J. 8, Daniel after a few days' I>ij.{ I.. W, Hvhnatteily, Flee.port.l'a., Woiley' mother and will\ nut return advoca'os Ormond ever had. !

.bo baa spent many: winter In visit to Cocoa and Jacksonville, returned you want a good automobile ...110111'\11 soon be on the East Coast. until after the holiday Mr. Wm. F. Green, manager of the

IlIIe,li now al Fort Pierce for the to the Palraliuist, Tltusvllle. Monday cheap P Read the ad. on 8Lb. page. Islcswoith Hotel Atlantic City, N. J.,
night. Opeia House, Tltusvlllo\ For lines with bis wife ha been
'L who
-We are la receipt of pretty: calendars anent and a most desirable pi'eseut. Callor charming ,
LEADING CHRIST- from the Indian River Bank nights, the famous Plokerts Company, staying: al the Sterling, Tltuvllle\ for
GLASS IS A CLOVER HILL IJU f1'Ert AT GOLD State and write (I. I.. Mandaville\ Tltusvllle,
of beet kind
the of Its
Present, G. L. Mandaville\ TIdlle smith's, Tltuiivllle.Mrs. the Brnnnlng Clothing Store. for prices. on companies on several, weeks, left on Wednesday, for
the road. Don't ml** It. Get reserved -
has a large and carefully- your Daytona: Ht. Augustine, Jacksonville,
-: Florence Roberts, of Chuluota INITIAL HANDKEUCIIIKPS( alx to They a're coming to Tltnsvllle next seat tickets *t Jlrannlng' Cloth and places 'In Georgia and North Caro

riled!IIn8.r I Fla., stopped at the My em Pottage, Mon the box, |1.50 per box, at Branulng' Thursday-the celebrated Plckert Com ing store, 7>to, tins, en route home. Mr. and Mr*.

, and Mrs. C. W. Blakeslee of ; day night vn route to Uunla to join her -A bright little girl arrived at the pany. Don't IUM! this entertainment. GET FRUIT CAKE at Goldsmith'! Green made many friend In Tltusvllle,

Raven, Conn., were passenger on husband home of Mr. and Mr*. B. F. Smith, Tl- Tbe Plckert are no new-comer to TI. \ and they will receive hearty welcome
I'l train on their way: to Rock. tuivllle. firstclassentertainments. .Mrs.. Gilbert and son, M,. J. Ailing- t '
i Owing to a ruth of IhrlstrrMt: ndvts. tiuvllle, last Saturday: morning December They always: give ,when they return here.
for tbe winter. ton Gilbert of 0,1",8. N. Y wets
yesterday afternoon, fdl'orUls, County passengers on Wednesday' train on The door of Hotel Aloaxar St. Augustine 1

U yon want a furnished.house Commissioners' and .School Board reports -Mra. C. C. Walker of Atlanta, G*., YOU SHOULD SEE TilE BEAUTIFUL their way: to their winter home at Ran were, on Saturday last, thrown ht

ni, read the ads. In tbe ADVO- I. were crowded out daughter Mr. and Mr. Frank Battle line of Christmas Necktie and Suspenders Gallle, where they always receive a very open to tbe publlo. This year the famll.

dooms. Every house' In Tltus- I -M,s. Walker wife of the Rev Mill.i of Julia street, arrived In Tltusvllle: last one to the box, *75ct* to hearty welcome. iar face of that well-known Ormondite I.

that,was advertised In these col- i Idge Walker, who Is spending the win Friday night to spend the winter with $3 00 each, at I'raoolng'i, Tltusvllle. CALL AT THE: NOVKLTY STOKE Mr, John Anderson will be seen at the

baa been rented. 'ter .t City Point arrived in Tltuiivllle ber parents. -Mr. James M, Cod man, of Boston, and Alcazar, where he will give his many ,J 1
see our Holiday Goods Including
TOUR; CHRISTMAS CANDY, on Wednesday, on a visit to Mis Wet- Mas, president of Canaveral Club arrived tourist friend a hearty welcome. Who
DR. MILLER the Demist, will be at Jewry. I. M. DODHON Tlunllle.Mr. | whole-souled ..
ha not heard of those
and Fruit at Goldsmith's. = more. his office the Courthouse In Tituavllle, Tuesday, accompanied .
new opposite 1Ormond
r by his son. Mr. Codman I* the first and Mrs. Fred B. Sooble of Tltusvllle hotel manager, Anderson A Price, of
itor and Mr*. E.2T. Dlralck., of IF YOU WANT TO GIVE him something Tltusvllle, on Monday, Dec. in member'of the above club to arrive thlJseason. ,are the happy parents of an 8 Ib. New York and the White

Mcb) were passenger on Satur- for XMas be will like, /go to -The Plrkerls are coming to Titus- baby-Mary ElUibntb-wboarrivedlast' Mountains of New Hampshire P r..

tinen route home, Mrs. Dimlck Brannlng' stare Tltusvllle. See the ville ou Thursday, Friday: and Saturday, Friday, Dec. Oth, at the home of her last
S&tlooery On the Koyal Palm atMlam
LINE of Grsd Saturday ,
been In Jacksonville ua ergolng XMas show cases filled with beautiful Deo. 19, 20 and :21. Opera I>ouie. Tick Hlgb grandparents, I>r. and Mis. Geo. W. eall'bA1r.
In box and tablet Envelope managed for many ,
and liandker.chiefs ,
lion for appendicitis, from Neckwear Suspenders, et* on sale at Braonlng's Clothing Store. homes[ at Sharpes, Fla. t
W. Merrill for the
its ban fortunately recovered. made expressly for the XMas Reserved seats 75cm general admission *, Pens Pencils Ink, Etc at the Henry opened season
----- --
with Mr. Jo*. P. (Ureavf In command,
Banner Drug btore.
trade. Ties one to the box; COcta children 5ots.Mrs. .
LlCOb\l'lSII\ Goldsmith'.. ; MASONIC ELECTION. Mr. Merrill having,decided to remain la
at six to the box
Mr, and Mr 0. Walters and of
J. P. Turner Grand Matron of New York, where h* has taken a long
W. H. Gregg, gr, of St. Louis, -Dr. J. Edward Urlch wife and boy, Eas&cn of Staplaton, Staten Island) and Mr. and "
the Order of &Star Florida A communication of Indian River lease of the Royalton. Manager Greaves
,aboard, the yacht Or fan, arrived on 'board the bouse.boat, Deotos have was a passenger on Wednesday's northbound Mr*. Henry Plepgrass, of Daytona, after' Lodge No. tit, F. ft. A. M., will\ lie held of the Royal Palm was, for the past II ,

mllle, Sunday: afternoon, bound left Melbourne for Fort Pierce, to remain train, on her way to her home I aNew spending few day at the Sterling Tltnsvllle In Masonic hall"l'Itunllle. this (Friday) year tbe popular manager of Hotel Alcacar .

ml. Mr. Gregg I II theauthor'Wb"ento of for a while. The Doctor' mother, Smyrna after visiting all the left for Daytona yesterday, on evening, Dec 13, 1007. at 7 o'clock. St. Augustine/ and h* ha his

known work, "Where; who reside In New York has joined Chapter la this state, which she found board their launch. There will b* an election of officer on well trained and courteous office staff

1011) Catch" Fish on 'the' East her son at Fort Pierce having left New In a flourishing condition. TilE DKNTOS: I I. now. located at Fort Ibis occasion as well a* collection of with him at )Miami t
J. A.Plne| Jr., isle
the Clyde steamship ,
York on I In all of bran annual due.
d of the Orlan. WANTED-Position as Cashier, Stenographer Pierce. Dentistry I Its
on Monday. or Bookkeeper, by young lady ches skillfully executed. THE COUNTY MULES AND

SHOULD> SEE THE XMAS POST CARDS AT MANDY'S. who has had 10 year.' experience In Dr, Edward Urlch. HUNTING AT TITUSVILLE. WAGONS. '

handful Case at Necktie Brannlntj' Tltusvllle. -Mrs. Albertlne Treutler, and her general office work. Now employed, -Mr. and Mr*. D. A. Blodgett, Miss '

and Suspender nephew Mr. Robert Menzel of Eau but anxious to locate In Tltusvllle. Helen Blodgett Delo Blodgett and Hunting around tills section 1* acid to On Tuesday morning even of the re*
*one to the box, price 73cts: to of the Sterling- Bent of reference Address, Miss Norma Blodgett, Grand Rapid, Mich., have been very good of late, yxl big oentlr-purohased mule and i three wag*
S Kb. Ilandkerchtef Oullie were guest of duck etc/ have one left Tltusvlll fAr Tlllmanv to b*
put up bags quail, squirrel, ,
Atlanta. Us.Tba In their home
St. again lovely Ridge-
William 81 Cooper are on
much ,
II the box, $1.50.! Call and see Monday and Tuesday, and were been brought Into town.; employed: on the road In that section of
This la the surprised to see the Improvement made Show World a semi-illustrated, wood avenue, Daytona, where they have Many sportsmen,' however, 'strongly( Brevard county-In Commissioner It. A.Uonklln' .
place to get your been receiving pearly congratulation district. Commissioner. A.
of ducks
condemn the practice chasing
their last visit --'
since -
Tltusvllle espe- of all
In the Interests '
* devoted to
vu preients. AtBrannlng'.. which journal from their numerous friend In launch on Indian and Banana riversand Itohlnnou was In charge of the null. J
dally the new. cement sidewalks- dads of entertainments, ba been re. slaughtering/ dunks by bundled and wagon, .
tr,snd Mrs. J. A. Begg and little we hope other property owners on Julia oelved at the ADVOCATE.: Among other A LAKOK: AND COMPLETE LINEof every day to sell There should be a i

lured, returned to their home In will have laid. During the absence of things It contain an article on the Fla. Watches, Jewelry, Fountain Pen lw passed )limiting thus killing of duck I

"K Sunday night, from Jack on. of Mr*. Treutler ber niece Miss Hornlg tfld-Wlnter Fair and a fine picture: of Silverware will b a day, and they should not be shot A LECTURE NEXT MONDAY.
from molested) at night -
Ibtre they have been attending bad charge of ber Eau Oallie property. our popular and "ell.kno"n frie:rd, Mr, I Mandaville'. Jewelry Store Tltusvlll Iljoobelor / Then wll| be a lecture given In the

bed and funeral of Mr*. Begg's attention of our readeri II W, II. McFarland of T+tuevill., mtnagerof -Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taft and two "'"'" Progressive Culture Club room Tltusvllle

Er Henry P. Qradick, whose rarTbe the side entertal meets connected with children of Perth N. J. A Heautlfu Home For Hale, at 8 o'clock on Monday afternoon,
ads of G. L. Amboy, are
tocDl'Ped last drawn to the large display: 1 Dec. lOtli by Jtev. Percy J. Robottom.
Ilbort Friday morning, Mandaville the Banner Drug Store, J. the Great Wallace Show now snugly ensconced In Captain J. O. ttubjecti "Henry: of Navarre." .,

* IIInelll. Mr*. B'gg has the R. Walker A Co. and the Tltusvlll\ FURNITURE DRY GOODS SHOES Walton' cottage la South 'lltutvllle, Near Melbourne, Fto, on Indian River, Tine publlo are lu-lud to attend

b' Sympathy of her many TltuaId on our 4th and 5th page' We are now giving where thy can enjoy the Florida sun With modern lmpro.*ment*. A lovely A small foe of lOct. will I* charged
da Pbarwiacy,
her sad amloUon.I the proceed to be used In buying new
ticket. and fresh sweet off for a winter bum*. Surrounded by
These prominent merchant want your witb'eech CASH purchase a pick oranges pot book for the library.

HUT In Jar, at Goldsmith1 Christmas patronage. Patronize those When you have 121.00 worth you can get the tree every morning for breakfast bearing oiange grove and tropical plant -- E. II Wn.now, Secretary.4 I;

,and Mrs. Henry M. Flagler Dr. whose ads. are In the ADVOCATE.: a High Grade talking machine on the Address "X car ADVOCATB, -- 'r.
and fraction of ,Home Moat For Hale. LlnovSm Tituavllle, 1"1.
sod Mr. Flagler' private aecreC. most liberal term at a Hunting Lodge<< Etc., For Hale. 4

*. C. Salter arrived In St. Mllcli Cows For Sale. regular price. It will Interest YOU. .y t
" Tuesday CHAB.A.GABDIIB: ,Tltusvllle phone 31. For sale, 281t. house Boat, with or To Rent, This Hunting/ and Fishing Lodge 1* 14,
on a train.
special will\ arrive In Tltusvllle\ to-day with without 34x8 full cabIn -
b 1 power, ; standing y situated V:
the Haulover Canal Indlaa
suite on
t: room at Hotel of fine Jersey and Ilolsteln Address main road at Itocklcdge.
8x1 Ift. .Stor
.. a carload Wanted. on :
n, but take their meal at Indian KUer Oranges River, Fla., one of ,the best bunting and l
LIszu cows Those In need of a good cow \ Box 3. Melbourne Fla. Enquire C. F. Dwrcii,
Mr. and fishing lections In the atate. Home I* .jt
Flagler' C. E. Kixo.'otlce. tf Ifoi.l Indian River.
" friends are always pleased to call and see them. Ja*, McConib, Jr., Miami, Fla., want Ir r furnished. Boats decoy ducks, fishing o1i

* 111 Fl-" rlda. Mr. Flagler left, r-i- oranges during tb* tourist season. Write INDIAN. UIVKU mtUU CO., tackle, etc. Will sell cheap. 'V$

for Dade county, to Inspect > him what you have to offer. Good Cocoa Florida. Cottage tea Kent. L. II. Dues, i

11011 the Stockhold.ere will sell. He can use some pineapples tf Evanston IlL.
of the drop ;
extension. Annual Meeting / .
: the One 1J room cottage si Kocklrdgt l Fl*. '
of the Indian River State Bank will\ also. NOW' KRADT foil HU lrM. For full description and prima, address

Flue' Plano:; Tor ; pee be held at its room on Jan., 3, lfK st et 3 ---- Great Holiday Display. Floe Toilet J.V.. i 'i. tt.tair, Itockledtrr, Indian, IIIver. 1

---- p. m., for the Election of Board of Directors Low I'rlcew on Cement.Now cast, toys, fireworks, etc Iluylei's "o"IOIdIC; IMa. -
4 a floe, Canove; Pland/!......"v and such other. business as may be and Lowney'* candle. Key West and Handsomely' lure abed Ten Roomed ,

"Clal U-V>,00butwlllbel.a..Q\ presented. Is the time to bnj Cement. The Tampa cigar's "leIO&II" of stationery, Fur Item, 'Cottage, Including two bath and toilet '

tilt. For further particulars,/ JAM. rJUTCII4RU.I lowest prices on record. Writ us for perfumery and Florida.!souvenir always rooms kitchen and dining room.

C410VIlI PIANO I W. H. BBASSISO, President. Special Price on WHlTtHALt, the best on bind Fin class stock of drug: and Harrison Cu'tagv, Furnlsbed; contains I Complete and ready to start .houM

ADVOCATE office, Cashier. of them all. sundries. Prices right. Jive room..;.frosting oq Kan Galll I keeping right away, .

,Tituavllle Fla. East Coast Lumber A Supply Co., Call and see'us. l3 lilver. Address O, f. PADnisutr (Grapefruit and
Notice to Growers. 14j" Mae Gallle, Fla I U. TIunllle.l"l&, for your table. ,

"ar I. Jut beautiful and' comfortable
lware Etc. Fla. --- Grocery and ItCNtaiirant.
Jacksonville, ,
III kinds ---- Marx: Brothers, will be For Sal, Cheap.To -.-. Two ."urnillhed t'ottiigesj Igor home for a gentl*man'* family. 4'
... of lIard.ure.tbotb shelf wlb to notify Growers that they I bar rented the store and restaurant Large cistern plenty of rain 'water, + .,

",r'lntl, Oill.' Ship Chandlery glad to handle their Fruits and Vegetables wiJ]- clone ont the etate of tb. 'lU Dr. of Mr. Collins, near the Depot, and will Rent Ht.-Itockledtro. beside rtslan wH, Stove and open

II.and. Glassware" call 00 u" this corolnz season. If tliey Lanstki the boslnes and dwelllng- keep a full line of groc.rle., making a No. 1 contains It room flra-place. '
the goods and our price are ship good, *ound7tock. Over ripe Frill house wad lots at Eaa GIllie, Fla., specialty'of fresh fruIt and cigars I am No/2 contains 9 room. No boarding house considered. ,

Vegetable: or Packing House Refuse, fronting tb* Indian River are offered ata also prepared to furnish Quick Lunches For full description and price, ad. Rental, December to May, '0.1)0.

tnltr1 ":elv. attention. will not be received. bargain pil-e. II.For particular, address t at all boar, and solicit the patronage of dross Mrs., E. A. CiiATriKto: Address, H. II. PKCK, .
W. '
lU.l'BITCBUD" 80., Respectfully, i 1Of, Las Gallle, Fla. all. UAimx GOODA.. 14-tt 'RockledJe, Fla. 12-17 RockUdge, Tins 1
Tltnsvllle, Fla. MAGI ll OTJlIB. d

t .


r t Mv

,," '.. ','.". .." .' .. .- e r' J 1M .n\ ."l \ ><. t*.* & 4
. ,
' .
.. 11.-0. :...,,,,,. ,..
w r

-_.... .

'''- 'r" .... ......;.',;"'".. It....... J............ -' 1f"" .. '"'T"ff .,. "' ......i.;7Jt!"'.. ",. .. -. ."'''','' 't q ,",",:"71 ... Jr"F"" --

,I I 1'- ... '


e Ie .



Free and officers I Big, Illg Circus. I j8jnoon.q par*!" eql The Oldest l KauUlaheii Grain and !Beeo! H. ".. Del

twelve / Lout of the jplrcus trust |no. dianj\ ous eq) Of pj oqaptiif| eq I'U r -
Accepted Masons. water to give the people a lot' III."a '" eql Japun? M. 3niglamog'Laoegl xb.
adds: } fa W : ..8.. 23o-u.rs: : cSt
< ney A late combine :
\ Bnllev's greatest' show on Idu" ann

Indian ., No\0 confined more which If not so great qu. JualUacu1 011 CIa .100 mnj ean"P.| t ;, GRAIN, HAY, AND GARDEN SEED

Tltuevile supply, of delight the ,village, Ameri aoq.r ,,.Ial"'l1 eq 1111 lI.e.\\o, '..1.0013.| Ii

River all on tfte I times la tbe course of a I.eVI00 moat sJva.' 1I-.eIOUl.L.? Flour, Grits. 'Meal and Fertili

LodiCO Florida. od of U I is not quantity

Holds Ita meeting the second and fourth Frs springs Quality It, of course, e..1 dn cool no tI..l31J3JaJaou|| .r9q10Jg eTLOVr 2IOEsetJle7StreetJACSONVII.LEFLA: i ) .
day of eanb month in the MMonlo Temple. ft. again frequency of 1p.1 pool .;o tal.ld| eiJ IIU a.\\l> drool a Utun
tuevilleatycano'cloakp.m. C result to Free W arehousea' on tracks of S. A, L. R'y and
grazing t be taken Into .( oj e8q e. nq 'a\ U"Japou 9atsloant A i L
John N. Waller,Worablpful' MMter.I I ,
Vf Kolietta, HOB).>r Warden. in the nSvn jq3ll "Hi "I 1lnjtt nra Ojjoi ? --- ------ -
O K Ht w rt,Junior Warden.
(I. r:Huron. TriunnirO along the wbq live -along the great H. H. RICHARDSON & CO.
A. Mt Wllaou..wart,, Konlor HunrcCaryHarry iMmflnn.. I be begun p" tbe great combina i ." .. JcS on ls 'jv 'O *1> ton (Iou ...

FrentRams: Junior I> .oonO > n Joy nn often as once) a aetn' eqj alAl Ji spiwai{ no ;o pooiJ3j

I H,,::Cawu.rnnloateward.Walton KenlorRteward. The .'\.. circus money will, always |* en.1 c. /JToiodn! .aio: pnljq It 41.\\0 Jacksonville

r.A. LoalBJ, 'r>Mr. One there need be no dlsap! 1.1911d1l.1SUJ\1l1 _q)'.....011.oJqll flesh Sun. -+- BUILDING

INDIAN RIVER CIIAFTKK J' O.,*T, driven ",.. lint unless tbe ijjuta ana nnniou due ml nuluI3) |
make In sections IIU ena) ark JI( JITsjnjnj
SS. / travels ooyqV lInJloIao
new Hast the way towns will have Florida. fMATERIA
The Indian I River thanlor, IWyal arch Maannine
u the flint Wednesday. of each month at the 8,000 i by. On the otber band, '/tans. 111.11

lIII..onlo The tollowwg 1'111I1"1.are the offlwra of this chapter I to wake fields ,will be left to tempt jo gajoaSura sdnnJ-xl pan lop *

M H. Mama. Knonllnnt lllzb Prieat. leading to / ).. the one ring circuses amos .a\iaartiao 1.10l"IJdoJ I oJlDoaq If you caa not locate what you want we'll bind It for ybU'-Thtt's our

Ok J. R., Walker)'rlMlmtt, King, HortlxtII ,: railway !? : lung _clowns "and.daring i II panusop\ e JB oq.\\ .,aaapJ{ ttluqo.19: ness Trice consistent with Good Goods Prompt Service
r :11: Wilson, r-esenrer. bare .. Mention the ADVOCATE when you writeMcMurray --

O T:H A'Hachure Htewart,, (Roorourf'sot, of HootV a couula _ h __ -- -- -- -.-- -- ---u _____ -- ._______ ----.--_
W. Kolx.ru Frloolpsl' nnjournar.F .
A. Morgan, Itc>v..1 l ...r<.h 4j>|>laln.J park .
Waller, Muter .
1': J:Hull, Nliialnr nf Hmuind V displaced & Bake
0 R Htewart Manterof First v.' All of tb
1 *: A: IxMlcy,knnunnl.; PROVIDES
tD place

ORDER! OP FAUTKKN STAIt. Mulberry SICK. 4O1-413 KuHt Hay Street, Jacksonville', I'>orl WOMEN
Friendship(ImpUT\ No. U,hnldl its meetings bridges ,
thaMaannlfl bodes roots, Titimrilln, on the which we f -Makers and Jobbers" of-
Brat tad hurl fneaUya ID each msnthatean .'
p. m The lulluwinit are the oflluera\ of thethai *lwa1 potent remedy In the root.
,MrMra : Tbe of the field than was ever Harness and
M. I.. fnniplK.il, W. !MMr. from drug's Vehicles Carriage Wagon Mat
.(inn' M, Itullilua I W I. IMM PoluU"' good fashioned days of ,
('alhorlns Came, AaioolaM M. '
Mlle Kate Htwwart,eumdnctrsee.Mtserandteeowart! capo mot.ber"",, f"w drugs were a 8uddlcrytiKubber Tires.
AenoiateCon. Mulberry! medicines and Lydia E. P

V Mrs Mra K M..II K.. WIlM It >hl,Ina n, .Berratarjr'Ire eunr., pi'ouch of Lynn Mas, Ifa her First-ClassRepairing* and Painting Etc. EtM4a,1Sb3r
I Mra. Ilertha. Kl,n... A"laliMlaaJxnaleHaainra east roots and herbs. and their
Kith Just over dlaeaoe discovered and tJ __ _" __ -45
Mm.J. L.l'arMllh"ra. Either Canal the women of the world a
Mra O t tunnel, Martha Mnoh.l.n.ory.Ooxnpnn:
S Mre,11.: Abrim (;e.mr, MixUll ly '' for their peculiar ills more
Lang lM ,tanoe Th',ne B74.JACKSsOVVlI 23: Ocean fetrtel:
% Verde Vlen lul. Marshal.in. and efficacious than any .
.. It. WnMmasnllnel.I population of drug. t 4 LYDIA E. PINKH M : .LE!:, r FLORI I
1 1 haa. H. Walton, Warder now
John R. Walker, Cltaplaln: .vF PORTABLE and 1'\1'\fIOX.\
A Moriran,Urganliit *. New York E. Pinkhanl'sYcgetable Compound
i ( ENGINES and 11011"tI:].<
will be .
'1ITUSVIIMC CAMP NO 14J like Paris tried and true1 remedy of unquestionable therapeutic yalue SAW MILIS WOOD) VouMACIIINKIU
; its record of more than thirty year. its long list'of actual .
not \.. oseserlouaillspeculiartowomenentitlesLydiahI.Pinkham's and "I I I'J'U)"
\ A7)i q1
These ) Compound to the respect and confidence of every fair minded If- Complete line cactus ID 81..

I lands feel every thinking woman "Sy + Liberal terms \\rltei ass,
dcserlbod women are troubled with irregular or painful functions, _'S 1.M.._:. #w 'Htite Agents fc,r the Olils GGasoline ,\
', displacements ulceration Inflammation, backache : ..,. Engines:
New York
general debHity, indigestion or nervous prostration, they Address communication
Rational / :! there is one tried and true remedy, Lydia E. Pink- .. a i iM
t41 ll took tbe Compound. : A O IX:: : 1 3XT 33 H.: fWilliams1
; tuo homes remedy in tbe country lUll such a record of cures of ...
Meets every first and thlr.l Monday In each ills. and thousands of women residing in every part of the United -
niontli at p.., m., ,harp at the Maaonla very few willing testimony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia K. Pink.
Temple. largo ) compound and what it has done for them. .
S Consul Oninmandnr" .. ....... ,..... ....sF W Rds.rtsRanker..L AII..nAdy.'LlulI".ol..I' 'loll of a inkham invites all sick women,to write her for advice She has Mammoth Mail Order House.211.V'e8t
Man lavllla thousands to health. For twenty-five years she has been advising ,
.. .DOM refugees free of charge She Is the daughter' 'in-law of Lydia E Pink-

mtd;.; .: :.::;: ::::;::){.(.J,,."la Carruthere U KKIn suburbs, d as her assistant for years before her decease advised Ttpder. her Bay St. -P. O. 401JACKSONVilLE, :I
...,... :. ...'J.P.wllennR.It.Vylea B F Bin lit ed direction. Address Lynn. Mass

and H.J.Norton vanishing I J. J. \VII.I.IA3ISrOIrletor,

Camp PUjilolnn .... ..... ... .. .. ? K.K.Koliini -. .-- --- . ---. --
All Y'"IOIf Wmxlman are cordially Invited to
attend the meetings.

Man as a Uird Sunday DESO1O RYE Idlebrook Whiskey In dium -IUottllnK. >,

Uncle Bum's wontlier aharp Is not) York on 4tul1Qlarts . . . "$ 6 00 Express Tollect
prophpsylnx fair milling' for that much Church Best for the Price on the Market. 6 ? 74)0t ) 100 Pints la drum
1 : : : : : : : : : : : : 200 Half Plots In drum
talked of nlreUlp Not that he thinks backing u 75 Sold drum Will nutbrea
I:2: frelfibt only by
paid U 00
aerial but there
flight titular
an ImpoMlblllty, : ,1"1'h. UdMESTEAD CORY VHI
are other things Involved than the Ing it All Our Goods bold ITuder Our Personal Guarantee. Wir HAM'S NO. 10 RYK.

mere swluimlug, In ethor to make movement 4 Full Quarts.,1. . . 1320 gallon jug, express paid
0 .. . . .
aerial navigation that practical Bud Generally :: :: 450 CORK WIlISHEY-Kipr
U . . . . 0 00
useful thing which the entbUHlasts' The 8undn f Rocky Fork, peE bottle
)promise. I'rofcasor Moore told the congress : by l tbe es Blum & Co. 'OLD nAUFAXltYE. Rocky Fork,per cane.

of aeronauts at their recent Poe.aion ground of 4 Full Quarts . .. . . f 4 20 N. C. White and jug,
II" .. . . . . 8 o,, N. U. White, better
in New York that the drat use condition / \ 1:1": .. . . . 12 00 N. C. White One
of aerial navigation will be la war, Wines Liquor Beers Etc Laurel Valley Corn,
and there It will be limited to scout for our .
4 Full Quarts . . . ? ,$ 2 75 RYE \VHISKEYT-Expreni C<'
duty\ because the airship will not be rent dy II"I ,. . . . . 4'ro Per|
iible to carry troops and arms. Balloons in on this (. W. Bay St J/xolx.son.-villo.: HTM./ 1:1": '"- . 8 00 Copper Dlstl'led and jug

have long been used In war but or < 3U rinta . . :. 12 00 Queen City;
they wereT I of little service for 'the reason input is "a I e YELIOMS70\E BOURBON. Munn180uth.
Rye Malt . .
that they were at tlmss unman llectmtjv AGENTS FOR Bottle. .. . . . . .,,. .* 1 fid Hurdle Rye Special,
ntvable When tho complete airship nee' I (3 ase. . . . . . 12: 00 Overbolt: .
conies It may succeed lit military re- day /e Ribbon Bottled Beer, Jung's Cincinnati OM) JiOOSK-ExpipiiM ('olleet.kloh II111 .

connotaaancea where tbe balloon failed the law Bottled'ln bond l "1 the U. 74.Oovm't.Planter . .

Just as aerial alike will be limited neuts Is Lewis 66, funny Brook, Early Times < 1 Foil. QIIRU . ." .* 1 21 Old Bourse fetal
Sand 12. . 12:. 00 Willlaros Private
to a nnrrow field in war, ao It will be nays that

in commerce, according to this author I as to Moncrief Springs. Whiskey. -SEND US A TPIAL ORDER-

It). Tbe airship cannot carry freight, I ace to I t

but can transport malls when tbe wind era'wLtch I Send for our Price List. \ -=: DEA UTIFUI.-
is fa\'ornl..lo."file uncertainty of the scrupulous I .

R. wind U proverbial, andte all knew he spirit : ; \
1f ets...1'bf Me1r.. .1rbf 1"f..eh lr. kM frf flr h..hibfe FBI
e that nothing can stand before a mighty the ART PICTURE

gale unless It Is Anchored It I. said ness ,,'111'
that man will conquer the air when heliai In the Long Distance Te1erhone188.: -

learned to imitate the bird; Out ed by .. k A splendld:orport unity to-sate I
I there hate burn no mammoth birds dls together. : ****************************- *************** t '' those bell
artistic Gem, One of J
covered In the sipper air. As for pasenger -
airships, Profeesor Moore says \S ; cameoJre| -prodactlona of band pj

that the number which can be carried In tb& Will Ship You Bxpreas Paidtile Following Packages : 4 Y art: will be:>ailed posta( prl'pal>,

in the ideal airship will be so allcompRI'l'I1 terla over )' Brook, . $1 00 SlmrliUn' Club, 6 quarts $t 00 eacht IS 00 order .
with the cost of maintaining lapse; j\ . 13 00 Sheridan Club 12 quarts. 8(10 F.. This is chance of a \life-tin( '
Bond Pure North Caiolina White Corn, 3
business In (U pIe
the service ns to be prohibitive Ten superb
. . 4 M/ Black and Blue torn 4. quarts 3 110 I secure one ..of' tUese
persons and a speed of thirty-eight )'er bad .. . . . 1:1: 00 Harvest Corn 4 quarts 3 M art..fraroefl In black onyx eQectfor
milt an bour lathe best record thus Ivenesa. tlelln UonJ. Laurel Valle ; quarts J SO t adorning den, fcltilnft room orl

far Of course some people would pay desperate' . A Ol) Imported /Scotch Wtilsklea Brandies to-date picture for sn apt'a
a. Gin Port aud Sberrlea delivered { Anup-
star prices tor the novelty of an aerial came alx> : : 12: 75: in 4 zo/
& Bottling bottles, as follows: '
voyage, and a trunk line between New eryvithere Springs 4 (N) 4 bottles Club Blend Scotch \\hls- girl.I have only a limited number oJ(

York and London might thrive until I other : .. It 00' key delivered tor. . . 500 exquisite art and 10
some new hobby pub it out of bual At Bottled In Hand. 4 bottles Mwsllle KrerM 3 Stars ordh NOW
you must
Crow . . 600 Cognac . . Q 00 one
ness every .
. . BOO 4 bottles of Don Carlos Sherry, .4(1)
being and Bottl<4 In Bond. .4 bottles Nlerport Port . . 4 00 Choice Goods for Choice People.
Water on the National U"nges.lu soil has all above \\hlsksjs are 4 bottles Hill A; Underwood Dry FOUR PREPAin.
Its In\.e.tl6.on. for the Improvement crops are under Government's or Tom Gin, . . .4 bo FU/.L QUARTS-EXPRESS
of grazing land within tbe na abort of 4 bottles Sir Kobert Burnett . 5 00 Royal palm ._. . $5 00 Seeba's Old Maryland.
WbUklis delivered to 4 bottles Cry stall zed RooK .t Rye fnrkwa: Springs (bottled i Bond) 4 110 Cabinet Wbl.ke
tlouiil forests carried the ,
the forest service on during has found vailing .. charge paid. or Peach and Honey . . S 50 White Jabel. . .-u. ? ? 6 00 frarn -Mt N. V CorD
past year make up- : . . >5 00 BULK WHISKIES. Cream of Kentucky. . . 4 Back 'Mt :i" C. Caro
that .. ranges on some of the forests 11 every . . 300( Jug Orders Not Delivered. Brook 11111 ? $turop lIeuse Corn .
Rya (bottled In l Bond N. C. Mt.
) 6 00 FIDe Old
\M stock be111' 5 0(1 Per
cannot fully utlllEcU by a brisk: : Gallon I. W. > Creek {'andf.lt
.4 S 00 Brook 0 old .. : 00 r)0 KeD&Uek,
Sunny f5
of a lack of proper water supply surplus quarts years Lnmberman'l Club, . 4 un Three Tblstlo Gin
Plans have been made for bet e1 Is the : :=,,4 4 qta.quarts blend. .or 5 00 Gibson Lewis 60 Pore, BUnd Rye: : 4 450 IK tlr eery lIedge. . . . 4 taj I Special Delight Gin (gal.Jugs onl)

terlog these conditions .. rapidly .. parity! will bottled In bond Early Times Hour bo a 100:I Old AUKeineni . . 4 21 Seeba's !Select Malt for R

poellbll. Vail '' . . 4 JO White Mills Bourbon. . :3 00 Yon will tmrnto hurry If yon want to be one of the fnrtunate., ]
Work to Improve the water supply! he real I 12. (a) Indian Uill. 100 proof . : 2 fiO BERt the supply<.f il,*'e handsome aeatbeth an effects a..lImltel.FlorIda's.
Glen, 4 quart., 8 20 land of Flowers, Blend . 3 00
tbe national forest will be
on ranges worry Glen, 6 quarts. -t 60 Green Briar Teneeaei. . 3 00 Foremost Mail l Order HaasevV'e ,
started this ) ear on the Leadvllle. Glen 8 quart.. 8 40 UcGnffles Malt .. .x . 210/ "- .
tlonal forest In Colorado and-the Tomacacorl Those Qlen li: qu rU 9 (0 Canadian White lty. . . :a 60 't' sI711ILA.:: J'no1.E.sonvl.11.0: : ,

national forest In Arizona, doubt tbe ,,4 quarts. . 3 73 Fleetwoud Rye . . :3 00 '

and before the cowing of another graze tree to' OC

tog lleallOuumber of ranges will be should 3E1 Send for'. our Price List CF SEND YOUR ORDERS TO THE Al D

Improved very materially. himself a I *

On. .the. LeaUTlll* forest\ tbe forest up cord of FOR. ALL KINDS OF / JOB PRINTIN.

e .. '
........, ,,. .. .. ... .... ... 'L.t.: /. ,.... f-" > '- ':'::tf M11 i4fti'L t-" .
+ aRbil'tJ -' .t.\! .. ....'_.... ,, : e a w'r \!:.1 "' !\'!! 'w t } ,. _: J Il i 11'1 'f),

....' ". ''' ''' n, :
." v' :1'I
ifr"r. : ;

\ ,



---- -- -------' .
-- --_ .
-'--- .
-' -- -- - -

profO tuonBl NTHFriRcnTroTnrV Hill to Foreclose; RrOFTHESEVRNTitThJeUolhdiehlnaol 1\ortgae.: : T1TUSY1LLE FLORIDA.- ;: FRIEND OF CAOETS Mason M. Clark Co.,

ao X. BOBBINS, uCHlirwvt ruPoUfeltoHnaudakIa' and Outlive.eorporatlon. J'

AND COUNSELOR UIrJ; :, Wio laws of: e'IuMda. A Favorite Spot In a Favored I Commission Merchants,

A T.LA W. .. *. J.II"lor)I. Hecur! dereanxd;"" admjnlntretrlk' of the nut | Secton-The Famous East / Stories of Late Colonel L. H. Walker _

practice In State and United State 1 h ectoreAK; JAnAlha.n. U..hn...snoa. and bttr b..trAt fortthe law If S.IIIO"said 1 i Coast of Florida. I Popular A>my Officer. 207-808 Washington St. x } : ALL FLORIDA

use and .4
01 th. ... ..
Court. ; I....." 01.. "1'1.1.Iark"'IIIU &IHerkhaul VKQKTA1JT.K8:

Office at TITUBYILLB, FLA. asAplwl('h.... AI'I', cud a",1 Schad H. U., ;AIq'rilisruwr The C'. Jl Hogs."tr..1I1I1 Co. : ON THE BEAUTIFUL INDIAN RIVER I Ii BELOVED AT WEST POINT. NEW YORK, OUR SPECIALTY

I I O<''J'"ratiOD Chrisstopherpenorr8tnut1luguas, i i --- i

\. GAULDEN, | Wlsthtwati : l'htluupher; : Hush 1 T, lunusn, ( i
John A. Suit, and Just the Pine Nicknamed "Trotter When Instructor and ;
.. usury Leonard I. 4'urineIra.ing ,.. to Fit-out for a Cruls Oranges Grapefruit Pineapples.
lunman. .
ATTORNEY-AT-LA1V, (l1tr. Samuel. Killand nutlth' 11111 Louis Uo' .UII"88r.; lulha a. i I Down this Far.famod Rlv.r< I'' (of( Tactics relnc'Unts! of HisWay ,

all the Oourts of the State I V..t".ar..lllljt 11M liner K.r and tilts,.. Fins Fishing and Hunting I of Discharging the Duties of --
rlU pr.cthllD aorl..hn'I..k and J..ltn 11:. Clark.: :
tb.VDlted States Courta. 'r..I..1. en John ,'., partners Disciplinary Officer/ at the Military
n ode,aDd Frlrs and Richard! erlla'k.lI..n. slid l'u; allli utto T*. *... .f TJtwrvin* to Wtsste/.a: P. Ruhlman c& Co.
: partnrrtradlog as
,,7801, 156. e Otx nrelben.A *. norU But Coast Railway, IW'i Academy. i

NOTICE XO\-RttRIDENT9: : 1!! ttlles east! *tf JackMxavUt. 144 ails lu the war department| there Is sorrow :2(11 Washington Ht. I t NEW YOKK. j

J. WEBB It a'pMrlnjt' by the I north .* film B aoi.. a4 111 anN over the death of Colonel LvveretIIull I 91: Murray Dtleet.N. ,\'.
Wei .. llxtusmexnutfledtohe
atturnt-y "'''
sitldatlt tiled with north .f MUmt. Th* Tltu-vlU 1I..Qlof 1, Walker of the artillery ann. ,
.AT. the or row y
LAW in said
ATTORNJIY omme.lhat the ilcfsmUnt I'lw.ru, isetwas|::: He..h.r I tile d.funot Jack.oavlue Tampa A writes tile :Nework. Pott'sVnnlilug! : ,
Imll practice In the Courts of the 7th :T9; !":" 'in I'">ftrtll! >> t-1":". Luaan I i. tb n the I ton corre pondcit ColonelValko
I"/ for resldenta l 'eiiiUiitJiiiatliuiil<, Tmn.niililMlii o.uh. I Key West rUilroad. now controlled 11 y I
Taxes paid non- hold New York wile of the umrkwl excvptlonii to Oranges Pineapples
wait ; that lea o hl. AI'I"'I.I.uk| | II. the vua
account collected. Hnliaiil" ,Chan. ... FlortJ Hast Coast Railway Co.
rents and Aiwl| .111. ti, A I pel, iiartuer. th. rule that reticent men are eeMuiuHtpular. ,
traatneai 'I"| .el .n.l *ch.ul, rw.1,\Ulo H4T mmli. .' also runs into the town-this being I U al
sVILLg FLORIDA.TErIlES' IMurRla; that the C. H Sager ,'0..a oonmra. ( lie would not \hove been retired
tlon, KSiils In Jock >nvlll.. Ma that W Ham terminal point of that branoA. Tbsrrare from the service for lip for and Florida Fruits Our Specialty.
H. WIKhtiuan I I ciiI.1 (4, ('hrl"q.irr. (
iwrtnun. J several! trains flOra
E. FOSTER, trading an M Irhtnian and I lirliU.i; ; .h<. ,realde l hi: arriving dally some years He was In the Wes

John JackmMivlIlD A. smith,, Hurl.la.1 and: Henry: tIa.MuKli.:: ,..r'I panneni liininan.::: : i. Jseksonvtll and Sanford x durtif its Point fines of 1 71, of which "'redGrant Wit represent: several ofth| largest slnppera.lu jour Mate, and wish to represent

.LAW f season was 0110 of the graduate, and
ATTORNET AT tndidkaslnwutmnh and to .
rets.,10 At I I also. Give trial Fstabllnbed SO
lama,OwirxU !Jullu.; H. (iliuer, Hdiuuvl; hn irr' .u the county Mat of Brsfard eeunly Grant I* not jet wltlita sight you us a shipment years.
jyal-Upchurch JJulldlnK, ",n. and IxiuU ..tlu".ur.l'.rt..r., traillut aa (Miwer .
It bill a court-aouse and modtra limit. About seven yenrs'aftgraduation OeW
Kuiluraullti4in.o..ir, reklileln Ii in.'I..tI.I a age
{JACKSONVILLE FLA.A Ohlu I that Jonn I lurk anil John E ( I.rk. "part Jail building, with rarely over two or and whets bn bad Jtv '
nets, traiUnir >H .1 >lin (.lark Son end ('e ntl.l I FOLLOW YOUR NEIGHBORS
In Jackminvlllii: Hoii.U, that otto Krlla and three Inmate. The population U over ell the nrat bar ta the field of his

STEW AUT., t era Klobanl, reside. r ln a.I( partnent Iiicluiiall, trading Uliln u KrIU HMtl 1000. Illness U 10 rare that on* doo. shoulder knot nit Walker vane ordered to nnCl: !I ISA4L

It U thin-fora unlereU. that the acid Oe.irire tor In town finds ample time to tot aa' Went Point as Instructor lu tnctlcs .
TIRE INSURANCE. Nelnon Herlor.tin.I..r| at the l'Ierk's em at This position put him in command of
TltnivliK Florida, In the rotintr. of Kietaril o., Justice of the Peace and Notary Pub one of the cadet l' itf lloni,. for the
only strong and reliable or leforethetlilrUilavof >.t>nury, A. U.. IBM. lie, besides attending to his medical
MDW the Mine being rule d y.ti plead, antwer or tininurtunalilhlllol dlnclpllne of whldi he was responsible G. & C01 ;
companies. coniplali.t flluil hervhi. And, practice. while the other finds time togo The cutlets baa nltkimtne for ev. H. NORRIS
U larurth ronl"nil tint the ilnlenilanw. Jima.
pies corner Palm and Vine Streets. than II. 'IVrryi II.aao M, Apiirl lurk H.HtliiMiClia hunting Cry one ami \er.vtlilnn It Is doubt ,
FLORIDA. >, Amwl slid :II, (I Appcl, hartiiera, trailni) Here U virtually the 'bead of the Udlaa fnl If any officer who bite' Iten'4't1 at
I I 0 tkhaul.) Hugh T. Iniiinan John ASinltU .
and, Henry (""H'Rr".IrUII"',tiadhiK. B.l"nm..Mmltl.'I River and the favorite point for Ibo academy was ever known to the Recetfirs of all kinds I 91. Prat( Street
: 4'o,; Julius Olimnr HIIIIIIPKuilur flttlnc out and starting of numerous cadets-when he vane at a dlstauca, of ,

BRRY 0. UTLEV, &and i tten Luau) er, ,'ld'It;; I'rlti ling I and| a*Klulunfritz UlonurKuiler 1 cruising parties during our balmy winter course-by tits proper name. Walkerby Southern fruits and

partners, tr...lnit| a* trill liroilwr, d.. months ; as everything necessary to an easy transition wan made "Trot. BALTIMORE MD,
the Clerk'" nlllce on or hetnrv thetltrtoenth Vegetables I
; (13)) day. ol January. A I) hen, tn comfortably; equip a pleasure yacM. tor." and "Trotter" be stayed ontll his
PHYSICIAN A SURGEONTiTUsviLLJ plead aniiwrr or demur" said' mil of -
tour of dutY' vas over, and certolu it -
.. can here be ottalned: at tile most reasonable
or the mine will i he tak n an oonfeMed and the '
.. 1 to proreeil exparte will is that there are those In the service t
prices Tills Is evidenced
I't::: \ by
FLORIDA. .". alii : ; li further onlerail that the today who meet have to tbliik twice
notlns lie puiillthiHl In' the RAe l'OAr Ai>v.,. the fact that 'the tarn parties han Reasons Why it is to Your Advantage to Patronize Us.
OATK, a tiewnpaiier, published In said, wanly, been to give his name the rlgltt'sa'evh arnl"TroltE'r" ,
coming for
her annually
once a week for eight, ooimeuillvti week, a> to many was well beloved by the *
GENERAL DIRECTORY. the ilefemtant OeorKe. ,shun hooter and once winters for that purpose. in preference _
week for four consecutive seeks aa to the fitlivdetemlaiitii corps cndots. lie did hU duty In a
J : herein before mentioned, aid tequirsp to any otter point along the ..atCoast disciplinary way by, his cadet com r j'j'I

U.SENATORS.r to plean the Honors, .lo.Wltnena tile Minor P. JoneaJudge puny, but be never moved by the right WE handle only the Put-put Winos, Whiskies and Peer, amfall of our Roods; strictly

|LIIYIory fklltferro, ,,...,'....:''::.'::.'::.Jacksonville.U 1'ensaools" : ,. Court of said House Court,at Rod lltuerille the veal, Florida of, nisi: tort till tbu at god the To the southeast of Tltwsvlll II ate and left flunk out of the regular line comply I with the Pure "'IJlXll.aw. '

8. CONORESSMEN.f lay of Iteremlier A. l>., lit IT.Vt. wide sweep of salt water bay (about of mnrch to catch the cadets at of- WE ar* the Heat Known loll Largest Liquor\ Rouse' In Ibe State
Lab. ( tt. Seal IJ A. A. STEWART six miles In width), formed by the w*. tenses, picayune offences In tbe main .
WE refund not t
goods satisfactory.VK
City.tBnrsmsa ( are
your money
( lurk (Irniilt
.... :: .:::::::: .. : U C ters of the famous Indian River Her. but which some officers, with a mar
lL&our..'... .............. .... "Tampa.. O A. IKAHT, Bating! wild duck shooting\ salllni tinet' view of life, thought it necessnry \ have no traveling men or agents/ ; yoti are not paying their expenses

t1 8. LAND OFFICE.. Vl| soil direct to the consumer at lowest prices. 1
Notice and rowing can be Indulged Into tb at all times to play the spy upon.
ICnbb. Register.aIAlnam WE ship goods In plain boxes with no mike to Indicate their contents.
'' Oue night when Walker was on duty
.:::: :: ::: ,::::::Receiver. beart's content of the most fastidious
parse at Oalnes. Ue. ora. at the academy four cadets stole out WE DO NOT bottle. any whiskies ; all out case goods are bottled at the Distillery.
NOTUK! U hereby\ given that the und: r.:lrii-| sportsman. of barracks after taps and "ran It" to r ''le
Monroe and
On tbe ocean !beach nearly In a direct
R.llro.ard. ... ( "" nor.ord rowimend ... MnnrM, minim, will no Iv Ncwburg on a team launch. There NOW Il'H UP TO YOU. DO IT NOW AND BEND: YOUR OHDEIW TO )
of the Circuit line east of Tltusvtlle is Oanaver.
.Secretar' of SUM.Treasurer.. to the fOlIo Ml fir 14 June, Judge bad been of between
no Inspection quarter
V.'i::.,,.., .::':..' :: : Court' In and for llrevard county, riorlda, al Club, surrounded by over 10,>00 ,
t ,Attorney-ieneral. In vacation/ at rtiuavllle HorlU UMIII| the tap and reveille! for some limo
t.Ioon ?:: .. ',' ..::::., ...Oomptroller.tacLls : 4tn lay of JanuaryIA,0'Oraco.thereattera acres of 1 lnJ. This property Is owa.d and the runaways thought they wouldbe
.. application. can lie hear, la- leave to sell, at '
CommtslonerAgriculture. of \ by some of the mot prominent and safe from dotoctlou. As a The Co.
llHollom?.. ..Supt. Public Inetruotlon.T private sale, the undivided H InteraxM eruaK. precnn Joseph Zapf
fort R. Fatter. ,.AdJutantOeneral'nBnllurd Monroe and Towunentl L Monroe, ullnll... Inthe wealthy residents of Boston who come tlon ouo of them however a member ;
,. .... ....BurveyorOeneral.'If following ilnncriiwd real entiui, to Wit ,
*' ... ... ,,State Chemlat.aimot Part of Lot No\ 1 of Joyunrvilie Addition to south to hunt vry winter of Walker's company put a dummy In a1 t
..::::. ::. ::.:Stale Examiner. Tltuavllle, Via aa fully:described In a due recorded The cool refreshing, healta-clvlsg'! : his bunk, a dummy made of a stuffed l
In Ueed Hook KR" 41, Mrevard
TallahasMe page j
VOoei at Florida. nightshirt with) a boxing glove for a ( INCORPORATED) jj
.. Florida. Reoonln, and part of Le.t" of oEon laden breesta wafted across from
rWRlDLEGISLATURB:. Rerdell'a Addition to Titunvllle. "b.. aa fully bead j
tludenu Miami.... ........ ...Senator. d*..rlhed" In a deed rw>.'rded In lMd Hm>k the Atlantic Ocean and the broad bay, Woo betldet I There was an Inspec
"' RJosw.Tltueville..presentative. "N N" page 101, Hreviud CituntyeFlorida, are one of the moat enjoyable features. noJ.son.vJ.11o, ForJ.da> ;
R"or"- titan of quartern tbat night an luspec
t IPRKMB COURT JUDGES DL H, CONE.OnardlHn of this phenomenal location.\
tlon ordered the
Ilibq ... of Verna E. and Townnend L. probably by com r
trarkhlll..". ',, ". : :i-eoclgt.Justice.Cnlef Jnstlo: }Monroe, Mlnnra, iniil r letter' ol Ouar- There is a large area of primeval mandant, who doubtless had a sunpl. The best known and largest liquor house 'S
..Wmtatld.I.! : .s dixnninp.rued, In Oolumhl(.0., Fla. 6 forest and prairie land beyond tie clone The four tactical officers of the
Goo. M. KJlihma. Ally ,
t4ILROAD COMMISSIONERS.: northern southern and! western boundaries battalion went ou their Inspectingwork 1

rue B.Browne, chairman...I...K.,Week far Tax Deeil. of Ttttwvlll, awaiting the Advent with dark lanterns one through .. in the State/ r
den .. .. Application .. s
Hun ...:Mttle River.
tench-' ., ,, .. :., ,........Montbroi.k. of the thrifty settler to till U* each company. After the Inspection .
asa, clerk.' .. .. ... .. ...Ma mmrl and offlras t'Tallahaaeee Fla. Under 8eo.S of Cia.... fKt Twq of them reported absentees! and.
18 HKRICUY OIVEN THAT gam*. Her can be found quail turkey i
CIRCUIT COURT. NOTICE K.: .nlinnioni iiitrch in..r of Tax C*r. notwithstanding the fact tbat absence I
and deer bunting to suit the meet Thus do Include
Include prices 5
U....., Tltu."l\Iel. ....t..Circuit Judge ttacatsN". 1:11.: rt.Md tlieUrd day of July from qtiaplFr,* between taps. and re- Th0seprof| express charges expressohsrgea.
-.O.laolo.i ....rrotOeCatlnAttorn.: .,, A. D, Net has filed mid rtlrlote In my oftlna. ardent huntsman.Tltusvllle ______ If you want us to prepay, add I
Tuesday In March. and 'hat merle application 1 for us sIn Tell I e tneunt dismissal for the culprits, as follows I Bake Wtots I Rtls.' 7 otll. { J
I'lftrm-V' To with 1 law. Said I ;r.J.I.n: has shelled street el.etrl.lights l 4 (its Forest Iawn ne. . : :. 1 i 2.71)
tday In Ootober. aocordanoe the.officers who bad found them put 3 gals. IXtots.; 4 gals,, I.OO
COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD. raHr.rt'r.: :' dourribedpralMrtyeltuat"I:, to-wlti a reliable bank, several fin announced tbo fact chuckling, ,* Aux 17 'la's. II. . 0 w Mo Charges; for Jogs and; Packing

'Wk.,.Superintendent e..1Titusville. "Bi. of NWi48ectlouI, Town.hlp 21 South, brick stores, a Board of Trade flv* bus cadets who had been roused from 4 'Deechlaoti Rye. . . 875 ?_!

PwTtB i"miturel, Arnold. Malabar! H, E. Mime, Raoir.said Jn EastTito land. 1 being aimeiieed at the. date of the white churches large !fisheries a tannlrg their sleep by the Inspection listenedat 12" II . . H.00 Ratr"lItarItJe..r.r: Dal. q,30 l \

| ) J. A. Carter, Turtibull. lamianoe of moll ccrtllloate In the name of N.C. extract and palmetto fibre factory. nearby Windows and beard one of 4 Oleo (.11,. . . . j 3.20 KsoalslorUv ," . Of to 1.74 :"

A. 6stlina COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Kryan be and redeemed I J C. Nest according. I'"lew lo said law certlnoatehall tax dyed an Ice factory, law and! r.al' estat *f" the chuckling ones ask Walker If be 1:1": o . . . . ( .rui It.d man Hy*. ,. . :. :: a.oo 1
:: chlllrmmn> Tlllmani !. A.l the :Itttu day of IXweinber well had found any absentees. and old"Trotter""saId. ltastla ti Jye. . , 223
I : will lame thereon on flees an opera house a -organl..4 .c Of
I Jlm/Bucknorltye,4(10 :
nest : Of II
6A Ctookthii'ul'L Maryland Monogram . 360
l City POIDII T. J. A. I> 100i. "No- tbank God.
( Wltnens icy official slgnstrtre and teal this the band an armory shooting club a large pea' to II u . . 1001 Hit. Valley. . .. es a :'.(11) .

Iar saloon are b.I Ut. Seed 1 .
Ct. ;
; basket of
[ Brcna'I' ; i.u beside a number of btsjtrdln once smoifgled peachesInto I. W. J '' ... . 3.60 '
MVARD COUNTY OVFICER@ Clerk: Circuit Court MyO.A.Stewart, Il.IC..lppllcatlml bay t bis quarter Dempsey was a 12 /I. 'e . . .1060 'ptlr. : :: 4.IIO

ri.o dssldro+. Tltiuvtllet.,.... ?County Jndge, ,IWI houses In various parts of the town. member of "Trotter's" company. One 4 It Rose Valle'. . . : "m Silk; <'V"'YIt"' ,'''::'':, :, : : : : e) e/ A.OI: )

kranTltusvllte, \: ,I: : ::::::GountyClerk.. Art'. : for Tax I)ee l. The facts as presented should tar Saturday night when the cadets were 1' Of II .' . . U.()() Malt Whiskey . ", 2.00 :

LEdbTltusvtlle, .... ,..Tax Aaaeaaor..Tax a tendency to direct the attention of allowed to visit one another and were 4 't Echo: prlnll. ,. . ".no) "p to.. 4.H) w

{{wy. ''Tit'uii'ule}\ lt I;.,:".; :;>; Collector.: many prospective visitors" to our cosy supponed to be exempt from fear or' 4 e. I. W. I1arver" . . A ()X) Georgia Corn ::'. .L" II 1.60 ;

fJii'rA.Titrrtii' ". ....Snperhi'Sn'de'iUt'ifeteSBi. Under Sao. I of (,hup. 4HM, Laws of Florida to'Wo. In making their plans for tae Inspection of their rooms Cadet Donin- J Of Uve Oak . . fl.lKI Tennessee Corn. . . 8,<)IO :1

I :, :Uoum'8u8rnrTfj-; : :- \ H HBRRHT niVBI THAT It: M.; scy pulled bls-Jiasket of peaches out of 4 1"1.' tlO. . . . fl.00 N. C. Corn . ee 1.303a1 I

I WWWI': Tltuavlllo.. .. .Registration UmoerRTCeyILL@ NOTICE,8a, date e ,n(, puroha.er the lot dot of Tut of Aiirn Oertlaeslec| .t. A. U. winter.We have i fln'Maonio Hall In ltd biding platy In the chimney sat 4 Huotnl' . . . g.Oil !'ICon.Mollntaln. . .'. ., ... : < .
,., and N Tom UlnH . . . II i.W
1904 haa filed said oertltlcat. In niy oai down la chair with the basket lno his f (:anlltthm[ Club.[ 8.(K) I..
: TOWN lined t" laan in Tltusvllle where Indian River Lodge "
baa made aunhoatlon for tax 4 Cane MprlnK.botUed IDhund .( ) up to" a
.. m.yorl..r. N. Valler, marshal acoordaoce wltb law. Said oortlftc"te,situated.mhrao III1I..ard No. 90. F. t A. M. Ind'an River chapter lap preparatory to picking out a specially 4 J,5. Pepper bottled 10 bond A Oil) Holland\ Olu . ttup'to 1.BOJ.M \1

t Ia' :ilunry; to ssss1eeeeor clerk Stewart .s. the following omrnty. II"h.d rlortda. tt.wltlWK lrert". Royal Arcs Masons Friendship One peach for Immediate con 4 II DulT,'. M.tt . . . 4 M) a .

411W x.4 Hrady:11 B.Oa.Itc; anti oflUI.I i SW I( 8tlntlonl9.: Tp 1/1 South, Chapter N K |1, Order of pastern Star; lumptlon. Now. the penalty of having 4 II American Mllh. . . 0 IK New England Run II 1.75 ,

k"d t'Dr monthThe unlined, meet.1WSV1LL@ WsSdSsnd i he.n. asuesecl at the date of the and Tltusvllle Camp No. 141, Woodman fruit In quarter was tea days' cohflnemnt 4 Laurel Valley Curn. . 8ftO lap to II 2.50
r. uh.lklolt such swrtlarate In the hamesofT.(4 and fit'* tour of extra guard 4 II '4tone MOllotalo Corn 400 Cognac, I'eaoh, Apple
edbim BOARD 0'; TRADE. Feaster. I'nlell said wrtlrtoat*. .ha I.h. of the World, meet regularly. duty Dempsey bad selected hi" peach. <4< nOI"r U1nrltblo.. . 4.(N) Apr loot, Blackberry and J

',\ pre/dent/J. MDlxen. t...._ redeemed aooordmu to law f l,, tal""d oeinlMr, A will. l'",,,l 1":w.WltneM iie. The East Coast Advooat Is ptiV1sbed Thor wan the regulation army offi 4 It I'evll' hl..n,1 Gin . ".00 Banana! Uramlles. . . .' '. 160
"*1' the lath day "
atttt':: aoh month' at Meets their seaonil moms W ttd. thereon on my offlolal nigh .tiire and seal thin the every Friday morning, and by a cer's tsp at the door the door flew 4.. Gin Phosphate. . 500 up to A.0() I.
.. I II.IT.Ct.OhPeaI I Port, rtheiry Cata l>a; '
Hth I yof'invsmberAD "
[ ) A.A..TKWARr I' . glance through Its advertising column open and In vyalked'Trotter. Don't OveHook. Thes* hoods. .r.' Uicuterry Winos- .. 1.00
('ourt. 11r8"" who are the prominent 8bprr" force of disciplinary habit
easily see
(fork l.'l.ut, clerk you can qttled at tie Distillery up to 'i II 1 IOU
, E PROPERTY FOR SALE Is-a 'I" O. A.lteWarl. merchants of our town--men who brought Cadet Dempsey to bill feet at 0

t are up-to-date cltlsens. and w0 aN attention with hi* heel together, his Alll .HUicr-Uuseh ll"dets PlnU. 10 do*. per cask tia .ooV 1>
Notice. well his bead erect and the Less iliac dos 611
asking for your'patron g Read tt. cheat out. cask per .
basket of peaches overturned on the ) Export Blue i.abel 10 dos per ciisk '/SOJ
ads on every page very carefully. I E.E It S
8IIEVARD Leo than doc I 00
-T. HERE IVFIN TiIAT THE floor with tbe contents rolling about e e ee per
LUCIE AND Eta Advocate will :
of the
Not ', ., the .Iatet.T. Wetmote, knows Sample copies the feet of "Trotter" like a windfall ___L t,
wilt INnonthmeti --
DADE Hlverloe Factory to part of Canada
seat free any
tb.lDrtlall k* ,
COUNTIES. nu.l..r. In orchard 'Trotter" seemed to b I
the. management ot Wa in *
0 el ned. Allscamnt-5tine under Wtheestate. are pay.able and the United tastes upon aypUoavtion Struck with a sort of dumb wonder in 'Agents for Stacholberg's Tampa La Fama Universal "
KtiLOR SALE st LucU Md Dad to nil. and I asaure. alt I Ilabhales.LI'L'Y ,
nixed. Ina
wrrMnRR wblcb sorrow was largely
I DeACription of land: West 144 Executrix of the J BsArgentina' "' ''Y.Ol_!, T.-Ceuuurw.- Tbe Sterling practical V new, having kind of .bewildered and mechanical Cigars Tampa Smoker and Henry, George Cigars. tn

'IOrtb.a..t( If and west J- of southW --------- barn entirely re-built rl' ring chI past way b* ..tl't"tcbed.fortb. tits ana with -j-.- -_1---i WltlTK FOIL PlUCK U>T, --- ----=

,h)..Iee. townahlp'1J:1. range 30, Ri bit Msnaoe. summer many more moms added. |>lassas the forefinger of his hand pointing f'f'J

l-J acres, St. Lucle county Some thoughtless or malicious per' erected and all modern convenience Peaches, Mr. Deinnney," b* said. .
f looseIn Detailed, and has. boon completely re- Then ti. looked toward the Sir .
liT.ll northwest \i and west j U son turned some Belgian barel Aecoroniodailon Ibe beat. open -= =-"'=-=-- -c .o-. ---- --==-
"Ib.t threaten piece, and. pointing, be laid again.
'1,180. 3J.: township 32 Argentina and the animals Tb 1'1,11U"er\ Stable hs a'' SlS1PiRIENC
I I,0 )( for Hale'
..l O the rabbits "Peaches. Sir Dempsey, II. looked
15,1, ; .* res, St. Lucle countl.hleut to become a plague lust as floe lot of hornet end rhea, and pays !
"' southeast 3. son ', of Australia bare been. Hunters .pedal l attention to tli*'toarUt and th. between bits feet shook hi. bead and *.

*00.1\ outh? range 4I! 1 ; killed tInJ'n.' day recently .portaman1b said "peaches, Mr Ifempsey" Then -:- -- ----- JI r
'pineapple plIlQ' TKiuvllle Graded High School "Trotter" backed toward the door and

os Sk I.uele[ rlverl 49( acres, Itla-a.ee, C ..rer.Ormtf't hue an efficient corps of tocheni, all of stepped on a peach nearly losing !bl. I :
eetsty, Blood, Skin .
t the Cor wbncn hold first-grade teachers' eertlfl> footing. "Peaches.. Mr Doinpsey" to r" Sower MaMe

: northeast >J.l 'of northeast Inood Parlll.1' Free.If eaten, and bus a school term of night and with that be disappeared I asew4 a.-
18. 111.1.
1 towllablll 3d blood Is Impure thin, Here Wie children ar. given MAPISICa
south months T"AII'
IIq 011 range your blood Now "Trotter" must have thought dual n0me M" ..11. &be least
south fV If you haw ... aod prepared for cob\ I '
fO fork of 8t- Lllcle hot full of humors ostrnctlnn frr In w IW nest DI..ON.
t the matter over, rescues quarterswas
ICrea. Dade carbuncles eating sores souse under gixxl moral coo- r.1 NtoMte At.
c no r. leglare
county poison.
: rltlngs surl a breach of discipline, lint then"Trotter" I ,.., asc.IM
1 :
i.n Itcblnc. .iatioss. t' FERRV'S deswtsaawray n
Ito W. Illlon* aDd asaa ... ... .,, .
A. BALL 0'" n fiw.baa.s w '
Stuart Fla. Sat
pimply .Mn.. bon. plio. bad forgotten It was or- lid 'an'nvMrSama
bumps, scabby skin : .:.;.:t: C"Ir.: ::: : .
blood or and he had
day night gone tq Damp u.. wSOUranu
catarrh rheumatism SEEDS ,.... ._ '".
Jolt diseases, take Botanic Hlood Balm (B. O. WET USE OLD TTLK BLOCKS, aey's room on a regular study boar ........ teen /tinM..'Vl-. W; reotI.1"S'd1iaiiiJ
printing awd aa.i. ;
Lnm.d..edeel'1 / Ill tbe ,
B.). Soon all sores heal acbe.andpain.top I when you can bay the best 6elf Cock on inspection so b* weighed tile thing ass WwlwetM ww w.we"f-.wa Vas I

'forget the fact that It the AD aDd the blood Is made pure' and lcD- Ion Tackle Blocks at nearly the earn 10 bU\ mind, and Dempsey escaped his ,_. 4Med Aasee. he ire mercaHeaUaioiTo[

ice. Tltu..1118, we do Job Drugglate. or by express 41 6 bottles per large for. price. Vow ,In us* In the United ten lays' cooflnmnt and bis Sri ....,....Pm....wrA.SmOstory-wipe.. (1oa'asewseas UII ran,....!..ere II.t A meerenred w..hV Iarose nip
V4or r.\1\ kinds bottle, a bottles for 1:1.0: : or Coon of extra guard duty bees us. noreport 1I.'un.A. ___.Ssa eaUaioiTo? a fMintlllf Jnnrnal'. Term., 13 a
U neatly,cheaply sod free by writing mood Balm States Army and Nay Department |u aUu4 fall M.Wt'.Innllltrealaq

rBt '. Letterheads, N'otehead. $3.Co... Sample' B. B. n. I. ...peelall1advlHd Examine them at tb. ADVOCATE offlco.Tltusvlll ws* turned In against blot. i 'N ri"' C .NevvYcrk' 1i

!1I"elopea,Tag8. and.all other' for hronic, deep-eeatedca as, asIt *. r JIrJa: t"..... _i r SU".......D.'....tt C. t'

cores after all else laid

w .

: -- t


L r.-" j.aL:. .
t- "-'f'A.

J' T,. .":" .,,I"' ,.."..: .""""" ...-.,...,1Ji"V""' ,. r ,. :- .' //I ., _. f\- r. ____


rd '




BAST COAST ADVOCATE IN MEMORIUM. .................................t44...sabMaaa..Oam..M+.... ............*......*..$...... .... ....e aaa0a.a0a.mg ., .. '
I ..................... ...................$....44....44.....*............. ...... .. ...... 4404.444.34..4'4..4454,.:.ytj |
WbeieMH. It has been the ...11of\ DI. ,
vlnu Piovldeno to remove from this 't !
OPVIVT OW T. alD1A aiVa, Lira
woaraAID er.oatalearl.OrlOalI ; earthly sphere Jtioiher+ 'Ihomas T.,We
more, a faithful, member ft Friendship
Chapter No 11, Cider of Reside Star,

_-. _Vri.Y_ PHIDAT. tf lltuivllle, Florida ; now', lheiefoie.beIt I il. CHRISTMAS'e80 S

interedatthelbaWma1 Tltusrllls, Florida, IthsoLVKK, That In the, sad death of
M _ind-cla.. matter. this beloved memUer, the Town of lltus-
vlllt, and the (:uunty of Krevard, r"la.
CIa.a.... H.WALTOII' Editor Proprietor. have lost a man of excellent character
Member of the Florida J'..... AnooUtlrm.BABBT and a good and faithful citizen, whose
memory will remnln' dear to the men.
WILaoa.npt'ompo.IeRooms' bee of the above Chapter sari to all who I -
knew him As a man sterling quallU- t .
Adlrtis all eommnnloatlonitoCOAHT oat.funs and a good husband, his presence| II
IC..'f ADVOCATRTITIIIVIU.B will be sadly missed '
i IriXHLIRockledge. M It further ro have the largest line of Christmas Goods ever displayed in Titusville.

HKKOLVBO: That Filendnhlp Chapter ;

No.rurtloiM 11 mourn hleud.his;' and I"IA.that.,a member soda ii Wo have given special attention to their selection, and the quality and r rI

A* a token of respect, to Brother Wet- .

Mrs. M. C. Salmon visited the' Bristol more's. bn memory entered these upop resolutions the minutes respect ot- prices are burg to suit you. The following comprise our principal Christr

family on Thursday e Chapter No 11, Older of Eastern Star + .

A. I). Baldwin ban. hip now engine KiuUnd TltiiKvlllo. 11., Wilson Florida,be and that Secretary dltl\\ stock> is too numerous to make special r
placed 11 In bin boat and Is DOW enjoying requested to I mas presentations although our mention -
himself. cate a page to Brother Wetmore's revered .
mem..ry.AaD '
T. D. Wlnn, of Tbomasvllle, Ja arrived PCHTIIKR That A i
?{ bare ou Friday, to look over life above resolutions OI be I: If'/I forwarded i :
One orange grove here to the bereaved wife of our late ''1. 11. .
,J John Frey went to Stnford, Sunday. member, will the sympathy of thU .
j' Vbl\l'lell| ( and that a copy of It be alsosrnMotlin : Stationery SouvenirsWe -
to Inspect truck the method In use there for EAST COAST ADVOCATE, TI. '. Candy l;;
watering gardens. >
turd lie, Florida for publication. I line :
: In addition to our regular Lava Moore and Gibson's
;, J. K Cullen, after a week's stay with MARY E. ROHUINH, The finest line of Xmas C an ea. .
e the Bristol family, left for bill home In Kite SfKWAHT!: { Committee .. -' of One tablets and we line of souvenirs and novelty goods. :
:' Troy, N. Y., on Monday, ever shown here boxes In ,
1 l'JAIILKIt II, WALTON raney have fine boxes especially designed, Fancy boxea I'h Ite ash and red '
CapL Summers Is hero for the winter I' .lbs.-'t 30-3&-40 Poundi .
6 cis.- at for Xmas presents, at 25-35-40 075ote. f
cedar and olive
and Is busy Installing and repalilcj wood inlaid by
engines, He I la an expert. RECORD OF THE PAST 60-70-76-80-$1,00-2 pounds it and $1.OO-l.&l.60. Japanese artiste Burnt leather

k )Ir. and Mrs 0. If. Illhbs have moved $2.0o-2.5o-6.00-Ru..lan Imperial Fancy Work Baskets. at $3'.CO) good. in Purses Cigar Cases Tobacco :
from the Iftollndlan River Into their '
jI own home, for the winter t Cbocolatet-l m p orted-f 1.60-Alio and 400. PouVhee Calendars, Match 1
No Htroiiffer Evidence Can lie
k Mrs. R. A. CbatfoJd la having her cottage Produced.Look I 5-10-15-24 cent 'packagesor ;be '. Scratcbers, etc. Ihis line is too :
painted this week. Kingston and I
children long to enumerate. Come and tee
l flatter are doing the work. well I to their record. W bat they ." i
4 GIBSON'S line of fruit tablet Perfumes them. :
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Bilker and :Miss have done- many time. ID years gone by .

Ooakltn, of Hrookljn N. Y., ate settled I. the beet guarantee of future resultsAny all flavors, Imported. We have Colgate' and Brown'slines :
In their home for the winter. one with) a bad bock, any readersuffering I Toilet ArticlesA 1
of Perfumes in
high grade ,
R The ITolmes, Averlll and llardln fami from urinary troubles, fro pi 'Post Cards
t lies took a trip to Eau Gallic Monday, any kidney Ills, will find in the followIng t .A bulk also in fancy packages, at .full lineoTCombs and Brush ;

t In the laiftioh, Buena Ventura uldenoo l proof that relief. and. cure ALL KINDS, from comic to the '5-60.to. and $1.00110" .. es of every kind. Razor strops, :

Mrs L. W llattenfleldy and Judge Is near at hand: fancy embossed Xmaa and New German Cologne at 5.1025 eta. Mirrors\ Powder l'ufftl. Cold cream, :e

at Vanbeman their winter all home ot Delaware here, Friday., O., arrived Mr U. M. Myers, the well-kodwn Year card., also burnt leather Also One Soaps and Toilet Wat. Fare powder, Sachet etc., All the 1
3 shoemaker of Winchester avenue and Ii L .
Mr. and Mrs. Levels Herring of New 14ili rtreel Ashland, K,., lays "Man's cards, pillows and dolls. ers of every kind. leading. brands. fWo
York arrived .
on Friday and are settled
In their pleasant home, Xemo Cottage Kidney Tills are like true friends. the I .

:Mn and Mrs, Geo. Zimmerman whose are laager\:appreciated.you :them I know can the add better nothing they t )have told you of only a few things Ave'have: in .stock.. ,: Conic and
summer borne I la In Spring trace, 0.. arrived ? .
on Friday, and are settled In their the statmeot I first made In 1800 after !1 ,

cottage.Fred Hue and sitter Miss Mettle, of Drug procured Co.,,and the took remedy a coul'lleof at the the Ventura treatment sec for yourself' and wo will. do our utmost to please you. ,

Aston W. Y., arrived here on Monday, hleb.cured me. I was absolutely 1
and will spend the winter with \)..P. free from all backache for nearly three .
years then I noticed a slight ache as
The nrlUon In front of the Hotel the result of a cold, la my back. A box BANNER DRUG STORE
Indian diver, which has been such a I of I Uosn'a Kidney fills disposed of It. I .
a source of pleasure for the guests,+ was have recommended remedy to many .
considered unsafe and torn down last and have never heard of one who did "lTUSVILLE. ;
week Dot endorse the claim made for It." Ii I \ FLORIDA.

v For sale by all dealers. Trice, /50 cents. / '
Foster" -Mllburn Co, Buffalo, N. Y., ole D. Spells : C/Spell.
other Articles marked dowu for the agents\: fur the United:: States. Ii r a

Christmas season', at the Tltusvllla Remember the name -Do n's- and ; II

\ Pharmacy take no substitute. ........++.........4.. +......+..................... ........+................... ......... ................t
The ,W. Blakeslea arrived .... ...............::t::.,4..............4..4.....4.. .444.04........... ........ ............................
here last Monday, )Ir. lilakeslea being Notice. / ./ .
detained until the lest of tlie.weok on .
-------- ------ ------ --------- -
)' aooonnt of his., son being taken tick In A LbPERIIONaHAVING T CLAIMS AOAIvRT IAJHES. PBITCHAKD. President W. 8. BRA.NKIKO Vlce-Pree. A(aiL,j tI
Jacksonville. ..
the MUM of Caroline A fiaudoln, aliall USEc----- .
present them tn the uniUtnlirnml for pup. ,
nero"a Good A KMOutor.
0. S. Woolover one of the best known ARMOUR FERTILIZERS INDIAN RIVER STATE BAN!

.merchants of Lellaysvllle N. Y., says: : Notice i of Publicatioi.
If you are ever troubled with piles, ap I
ply Riioklen'a Aruba Salve., Jt mired 1 COUNTY"DEPOSITORY..
me of them for 80 ,IX Or TUB SBVKNTH _. ,_____
!good years ago. Jtiilloikl or Klorulu, In mid for Drevard
} Cure every! sore, wound burn or abra.J" ()oll"t,. In Cbknuen, A. 1). 1807.Nle 1- 1 Authorized capital, $100C| t
plea l low. at :Tltuavllle I'barmacy. )' r. Nelson ) unit for Divorce c>r