FeInerlc: eae k o tbn uiib fdleecuruapalanta N.:: n ( .:::.lT. flihlcg I wild .duck shooting, ... with heavy shins lire rlenned exactly a
resents only strong .and reliable"companies. wrrhoutdhere. lathe and rowing can be Indulged in to ""n are the ermine nnd other while t

H 1 1ce | Scientific American, hearts content of the most pieces, with tho exception of the final Oranges Grapefruit and Pineapples.

corner Palm and PlneJStreeta/j A I+anA.omeylleetnted weeny. 1a.r.eet Mr.rnlwtlrn. .port.man.On rubbing on of cnrnntnrch or planter olpnrl ,
_"* of am .aenUtle wrnrh.: Terror, .b"sr -
TITUHVILLB:, FLORIDA, I funr months.L ad d bysl' the ocean beach, nearly In a *. The liMIt beating to get out the t

MUNN Co 36taroadway, New DerkBl'&PCb reel line east of Tituavllle, I I. dust (the Hiring and bath of white sand

OlD... &25 I' lit.,wohlneton.11.5.;, al Club, surrounded by over 10 and nnwdtmt nniNt bo "\"'fln these furs P. Ru.hlxnan & Co. .
--- - to tleanno them cfents
RRY G. U'rU, properly Pony
acres of land This property Is
A New Metal, hv Af most maT be snrrewifully/ denned In the 201 Washington St. ) NEW TOUK.
some the prominent J
A n 'UfSICI.\N' A BURGEON.TlrvsviLLE wealthy re ''
expected to cause something of a stir the henry l long furs such ns
In the Industrial world. Is being produced south to hunt every winter Alaska table, raccoon and opomtum.

FLORIDA. at the work of 'the Canadian The cool, refreshing. health- the airing and pounding with n heavy Oranges Pineapples a

Copper company 'at Sudbury Ont.. ozone-laden breezes wafted across rattan stick are essential, lint the hot ,

says the American Metal Worker, It the Atlantic Oc an. and the broad sawdust end nand are omitted for theline ,

ES C. SPELL, consists of a compound, of copper, are one of the most enjoyable of a comb with short teeth known Specialty "
and Florida Fruits Our
of this n* a furrier niinb8nblen .
nickel. Iron and one or two other min phenomenal location
lirMClAV AND SU'RGEON erals which are found Jit the district There is a large area of like/ ihlnrhlllun. must lie cure- \1
Ve repreaeni several! of the largest shipper In your State, and wish to represen
and its Importance HP In the fact that forest and prairie land beyond r"I.hilly treated, and the safest plan In to s

SWILK, FLORIDA, It is much less costly than nickel Is northern, southern and western ,I Mud: them to an expert when they need Ion 1.110. Give us a trial shipment Established *0 year

Phone 17. less liable to( met and will serve all darle of Tituavllle, awaiting the I cleaning .. ._ .' .. _.. ._ .. ...-4
the purposes that are served by that vent of the thrifty settler to till .
metal lu the Industrial \\01'1<1. The fertile soil which now How to Make Castile Soap Jelly.
ENERAL DIRECTORY. new metal I II said to be of equal ductile Here, be Many persons who cannot line pnntllo G. G. McCLINTOCK :
gam can found quail,
strength with nickel and to possess soap for the tiers and bends will
key and Jeer hunting to suit the
with\ the and
agree perfectly ,
u.8.SENATORS. all Its other essential qualities, but It "
ardent hun.tsmao i I"
'llforro jActtfcmTillt I. not claimed that It would serve tbe I in Unit cane Is bettor for tbo bath than 8rEcfAt.TI8'J'
ellury.: : :::...:..'. :::::.::;:..:1-enwuola. purpose 4tT nickel steel. which Is (m>las Tltusvllle has shelled street, other soap say the Cbk'ago News I

U. 8. CONGRESSMEN.. armor pint light*. a reliable bank, several of' the \host convenient thing to i

('lark,. .Lake l Cftj brick store, a Board of Trade "* on every wavhstnnd I I..* a jar of I :

parkman.Lanmr.::.:.:.:.:.,...::::...:::.:::::.Monthel.o.T lnpa: whit churches, large fisheries a rnstlltf soap Thin I I. mad addIng by. Southern Fruits and Vegetables

nine extract and palmetto fibre .: soaping cake of pure soap and ;
V 8 LAND OFFICE. unit of
about and water.
hUhh, .... ........". .. ..ltetflofAlr. Rural Free Delivery Notes an Ice factory, law and real ,estate pint a ;
Il"hh.on' .... .. ; ...RAIoelr. flees, an opera house, a them together Into a saucepan and 813 N'OHJIl K' ONT ST., .. l'UJJ.ADRJ.I'IIIA.
outran at Oamfwrllle,Florld,\ over a brink. hunt, but not one
EXtCUTIVK: DEPARTMENT. Hecnufo they objected to a negro car band, an armory shooting club. I will'' boll the |l
'n R. llrowurd. .... ..........Oor inorrswj rler and took down their mall boxes and comfortable hotel, overlooking 1 II, dln olved. (Miur Into a wide -- .
: 'r'e or State. residents along rural delivery route bay, besides a number of Jar. \>lien the mixture cools
Knott,. :: :::: .: '
.;1111 ...,. .,.Attorneji-fienfiral TrwMurer. ))10.2. out of Cerulean, Ky, have been houses In various parts of tie town will be Jelly This I Is excellent to CAPITAL XtO-EXPKHlENCK) JJ YKAKS:

C.l'room Lin,. ......CominlMlonar i.;.. ..j. ..Comptroller Agriculture'in. :, deprived of the service, says a Louisville The fact as presented should by to rub on the( hand .when ,i

..**..... ..8uP*. *""bllo Imtructlon! dlapntch to the New York TriKune a tendency to direct the attention diluted nltii more water, to
" R Konar' ',.Adiutant-ttn.ral As a result farmers for miles are to a couple of pinch of soda arc 'a
mfurd.: .. ,: :,.: ,..eurveyurueuersl.:: : and W. many proeeectlve'visitors\ our Courtin & Golden Co.
'4e ..Btat* Chtifnltt. calling at Cerulean for mail, town, In making their plans for Also- at::::.:::':::::RUM Kxamlnar: L. George, the negro carrier, la out ofa winter to be rublied Into the bead, J
Ottloet Tallal1uFlorid...
Job rroteats were sent to Washington Is then rinsed thoroughly ,
On Masonic
We have a Hall
FLORIDA LEOWLATlntl.il when George was first appointed 7'ru:1: Oc mmilefsion: : Morohux.tfel.: r
on, Miami' ... ... ..rfenator Titusvtlle where Indian River
>,J mm. :: ::: : : lust April )No heed was paid to How to ,Clean Goatskins.
TltuiTllla ReprMentatiireStPREMK along tbe'route No 90, F. A A. U, Indian River 83 A 87 FHOMI! MT, NEW 1OUK.| ,
them White patrons There are two method. of cleaning .
' .. COURT JUDGES. then took down their taxes As the ter, Royal Arch Masons, goatukln rug. bulla equally ef-
,., ..
'V i Tu tii i,:::..::::':o.Asoeiat., Chief Just Justice. rules forte delivery except where Chapter No. 11. Order of Eastern First remove the lining from HI'ECUJ4TIKSI-nANOI CH, (IRA I'EFILUIT ANO riNKAI'l'LKS. I j

II, 'd htneld...,. ....... .. .. boxes are up, the negro carrier soon and Tltusvllle Camp No. 141 rug 'To four gallons of lukewarm We .illcit your connl (nmenU. Stencils |nH maiket rrpcrlfnrulahcd i

RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS: had a sinecure The mall fell off so men of the World meet regularly add half pInt of aqua ammo ..
'II h.1I".ne, ol>al ,.......K. Wnrt. llontlnued the on application
m bun'. rman y that Washington lias The Hast Const Advocate 1* Stir the rug about In this pr pa- .
.Little River.
Ilk, '. :. ':. '"::::::::. :.Monlbrook route because of 'lack of pntronngeMr ." Mslied every Friday' morning, and several times for halt an hour, -

';luarura'nn., 'lurk.an.; ............ ... ...MAUlnon. *. Haxpllinker, mnll carrier on glance 1"OQh Its advertising HIM It thoroughly lu warm clean
oR.aTalhssee, Fla.CIRCUIT THI tiOUSI? IN MIND -c
Kan: was s.'e. KUKP
In Linn county,
route No 3 you can easily see who are the and hang It In the shade to dry

> COURT kindly remembered New lenrs day neat merchants of our town-men' \ lieu dry, tbe rug will tw stiff Give
neVlTi'r'Vllrlllel nltTnrm; !! ;' :Fourt lrowontlntAt.rnir Circuit) .. by the( patrons of that line says the are up.to-date citizens, and who a vlgtirgun rubbing between your
f M >n : HEYSER'
erm.-Fourtb tonO OotoTierAKD asking for your patronage Read
y with mall and each one .
fifteen farmers to get a large quantify of gasoline
'bitE' coxjanr COURT I presented her with a btisbel of corn ads. on every pare very carefully wash the rug in It If evaporates I

,; ;n. ::'::PM .i.County tlnfc: Attorno Judge.: with which to food her horses. The Sample copies of the Advocate quickly, mix pure soapsuds with It
'ewart.' be sent free, to part of (
.. .. County OIer11r /gift was vejoy accejitable emit worthily any --' ---
i"ut T rm rn-eegd--Second Monde.y In MaJ."frrJ bestowed Mrs llnaelbaker, who Is and the United States upon app1J How to Ma* a Fool Powder BALTIMORE IVIC.

I tut'Tern...fIeennd, Uon.la Monday, in Nov..f"r. one of the most energetic. hardworking tion. A foot powder to( dust I I. inud ot.e"egtl. COMMISSION FRUIT & PRODUCE:
-ftecund Monday la February, Industrious. women In Linn .
and fiv* grain of powdered Flor
Cot' Tbe Sterling, practically new,
TV !
SCHOOL BOARD.'w connty and the only lady mail carrierIn beeo entirely re built during tlie orris, Bye grams of phenJe acid RELIABLE, PROMPT, UNSURPASSED FACILITIES 1
RIperlntendeut..Tltusvill.| eastern Kansas, appreciates the added or' 'e*" !iir* of violet tea
'*-r summer many more rooms grant B LTO. MD. '
.Mv;;n" Arnold, Malabar R. K Mima, soil as to the and WM ,
ir | j, A, carter,Turabull.J I kindness of her patrons 1111 erected all modern of alcohol and 100 grams ,of "
')lYrr( past, wet or dry, hot or cold sunshine nutalled. sad ball been completely ) starcfa. Dissolver tilt add
t'c.. chairman or storm, she will continue to serve: urnlsbed. Accommodationof tli* the alcobol and then add tlm violet. -- -j jand.
. 111 let! John R., Mlot:U In.ilanola; them. She never n>lses n day and Tb Tltiuvllle Livery Uble. has ; roll In the starch and orrU YOUR- -HE GHBORS-
: ("t'I.ln'IT.JCot'kehDn.Lau conies Id promptly on time. All lH'n (rand fine lot of horses and rigs, and the mixture perfectly smootb FOLLOW
pedal attention to the tourist and ,
eeseCons arc held 11..&Monday ID each credit to Mn HazelhakerTostofflce use dust ever the fed before put '
portsmao. :
'REVARD' COrjVTT OFFICERS Inspectors BcbnCf rv' The Titoarllie Graded Hlg-lt & ,. on stockings.New .

I" / Young. after making a tour ViflZira: : IM an efficient corps of teachers, all

:, 0"T'I'Itu.vlnei. ':::::::....;:z.J Att';. county. called on I'ostninstei ::.' '''!, whom hold first |:rade teachers' cert I Road C..nt.F.Jlptlrm4'Dta .

,I" I'lTltnavllle..... .....'('.ounty'Clerk.I. of Lockport. N: \., the other dn" nt'dinformed Pates, aid h.a a school term of In Doglaixl have shown( 1111 P H. NORRIS & CO.
I'' '.VIII''' .. ....'re: Aeaeesor.vfll. him tbat tbe dep.rt.ne'IP months Here the children arc' -
.Tu/lo11eeuW. tile nee of a 'tt..lke! cement In
deer.T\ ievtile.II I :':: ::::: Trea..rr.T : would no longer endure the slap boxes, lomructlin free, and prep.reclIr! ,
" 11'.rllle.. ....l'Inperlnle"' ......'. old teakettles, l le"'e eoomeja, under good moral bulIdlDgwill render the highway
:, ; .0,111.. ...tinned,Snneynr. nail kegs, Cigar boxes, ditions and aaeuClatloDS. durable and almost' dUlltlC'llIl. Tille.u"ta
:..:. : '!, ..Ph..Hd. used by farmers as rural Rrcelriruf ill kinds Street
' wTltuavUto' ::ItotUtrattoaOOlcerIVILLIC etc. being the New York tb* ridding of a new Abase to 9 E, Pratt ,
dellebon. .
eternal conflict between horsemen
11" TOWN cwuyciu Tribune. They declared that In two WHY USE OLD STYLE DU> motorists, tbe Motor News.Vbll Sontbero Fruits and .
,1, .+ H mayor I J. p.wUaon.:1. y. Waller elork. tad, utanbali. ,.....- different soap boxes used as /ecepta their when you can.buy the best,8 a smooth .ro>d of adamantine 'VegEtables: MD., ''I'
made I
.,, k'L.raj aaeaaori rf O A Stewart, trail for mail ben hud lag Tackle Block at nearly the .. .- would ... (deal for autotuo- .. I. 4
D .. .
Hrady j
1> -
? prltcliurd and Postmaster -- -- -----r--" -
.'t" ahlermas n. Council meets nests and were laying eggs price. Now 10'D'. in the *. It wooH be lojnrlnas to>> hqJ'llet : : : ;J- ,:
In each mouth. : latch was directed to notify U>ee State Array and Navy D.p I ,ultimate ,hope of the motorists; .

tTt'R >St ILLS BOA.1lD 01' 'TJU.OL1I. farmers that no maO would be boxes delivered I Ksamlo them at the A DVOCATB .ftl I tore. seems to be the crowding out SEND YPUB JOB PRINTING TO,THE ADVOCATE. ''/I'

nllCloIltlftela. '.e presldeot1J.MDtZw, MMoat.seowd,+tree.-W.d- secured.to them until regulation r (I Tltusvllle. I tile bors* by the motor ;vefalrl.

month at their roeou. Mi were .: -=

.,... ,-- -. .. I """IP'f IIEAST

r :. ,. o !' ", ;;' ''' -; .,
.f. .
'I'I F ,\ ,' : 1'.1.'. r.I' .. !' '.
+J : ] ,

' ... .




c .....M".. PRITCRABD, Presidents: > WM. M. BROWN r ,pond-



'esa&e JDeewhL D.. ow Tall "D"a alysa, ...a. $

.0.1'AsDwares. IAT.sQTloaa. COUNTY DEPOSITORY,

PUBLISHED BVKBT FBIDA.Y. ___ .____ Authorized cap .
ta :* 00
--- ,
entered--kt the IVwtoffio' M Tltukvllle, Florida, 3RoYAfi Paid up capital, $25:!

M kecoiid-clknk mktterCBAKtKf Average deposits, S200,

H WjitTO ..dltor" I rojrletor ,rffe; ""w Transacts a Genera! Banl
of the Florida Lieu A'!ocl tlonIIASBI
litem.. .-.,.. -
M'"....1<. (tapt.CotniMMlng Roonm. Business

ltraoingdtilor.Inhocal column font page, ':: ; Largest and Oldest Ban 4Exabanga D mils t
1C c" 'nun line e
ni k for dlnultjr advertising tuade known on t, u !: bought and 'II fur
from ePj
aiiHrktlonAll' CnantrlePatronageappreristAxl
advrrtlxlnir Mil Weomk rink enter firm
iNumm.* or mlvn-Uwiiticoi, 111,1 mlivrwfM
kill l ulkWiil In -outran, 1-krHfH( nut known to ua t'j
ulrwl to for kdvunlnlng I In kdvkiin Ireatmantandevery UvnMrrative
wilbarc<| Jay
Ule*.ntfnuiui3 of aAa. most!>. made ppk PureGrapeCremfTar1ar i .1 bkuklx: ..d rte, ?
ofllok or by writing 1
nk.._jrkllhtk._ .. .---- -. Tiimt ('oDIPan, tot
.. Ik aiJM) per kit The tlkrlnnkl
The EAT Co i Am M ATB Ham ',,
et1nclxmonrrulre'b, 1o Koreliin ountrim, ._ .J Jacksonville: ,"a ha"rvi'rUsVILLIJ '
(9 uu. |er kuuuiii. BulMtcrlptloiik luvkrlutly f n for anything but ;
drkoce'f The only excuse buying F'LA.N .

tlo. of lo any rl kind: .to the tlie writer Ai>v<)(will.at for'live Inform, by enaloMln Pure Grape Cream of Tartar Baking ......;...... ...N..N.;...............e.e.s.
< a .. --- i O. C. MATTHAMS President, T. Vj MOORE Secretary

.", ."'810 tHAKtM H WALTOM, proprietor made Powder is to save a few cents in price. E, P, PORCHER, CRUTCHFIELD & WOOIFOU, .I

'It true all cororaanloktlonito (ROYAL costs you a few cents more per can than Mum or Phosphate I General Agent P. O. B. and In Transit; Sales Igtoh J A !k

EAST COAST TlTPkTILLC ADVOCATE, FLOBtBA of Lime powders, but it is worth far more than the difference Indian River and Lake Worth

---------.-.-.------------- to keep your biscuits, cakes and pastry free from the injurious :

8. Department of Agriculture effects of these cheapening substitutes. '

!feather Jlureau-.Jupiter, Fla. health. Pineapple Growers' Association
Continued use of Alum means permanent injury to i .

foliowlngis a comparative state- We to sell pines F. o. n. In
aettof temperature and rainfall for the Avoid Alum Ailments--Sayplainly lie prepared your transit mnrketrexport.
We Sales not
June -I 1907. ae your. Agente, speculators on your Iru1tIII
week ending Tuesday, h
buyers wishing 10 get your fruit an cheaply II pOlllble.Tbla .
.. MAX..1607 MIN MAX. MI*. ROYAL BAKING i 1 loclallna' I. the Io'l\'ere' organlzationfor the groves patectloa
/ & benefit. The grower III safeguarded by the alandiogofttl0cers I,
20\ U: 7J: 87 74 .
.11) IH 7) 8-1:; 74 and sgenla Sblpplol .ltllClls or 'lImpl and shipping bool..
2 21 H7 76 HI: 75 POWDER : furnl.belt by Geuerat Agent
1 81 08 82: 74 rn
.t Sfl 70 8H 73 We report from actual' sales on 12 car load 11 follows" hrpeoarsnettti
8 a' 72 81 70 .1 grower on 241 to 111111, .2.1\0. a few 41: going In at same Det'oilier4JiU: ],
4 8(1( flfl 81 77 net; sod the Shier 11 cars all t ib.t 24e lo 80c) netted f2.21, with 41_ netllv E
tal rain fall for,the week 11.37 Inches from (1 85: to tl b7'.. \\ e sue selling rapidly, and .Ct'ouol'IZOlolZ bark i itblppers \1
n.o.. lure from normal rainfall for the pioraptl). Miiall' kltPH "ieln 0'fr-IuI'Ily. and wlllgoloerrPtn u
weeks plus'-1:Sf')I-- Inches Departure --. ._ .. __ n_ __. ___ .. --. -- i for fine,'welt-packed Z4" to IUs will| remain excellent through tie season.fi .

I nluu a *normal 10 13 inches rainfall. slave Januay 1, GOVERNMENT TELEPHONE AT THE STATE"CAPITOL WEATHER REPORTS ......................0........................ J

UAL. P HARDIM, Official charge CONTROL IN ENGLAND. [continued from page 8.3] By Rev. Jas II. White observer for R.oohos"tor- -- G-as 1nglncsESV t

Weather Bureau, U. S. Ouveinment. ,
THERE have been rumors
WE still need more cement Bide years past that the British Gouern satisfactory to me And I see no reason SUMMARY FOR MAY 1007. .

walk In Tltimllle. By all meant, ment was contemplating the acquisition why' I should not at the proper time, temperature on Dtb . 000 \ bBp2CYCLE 1(
acandidate for of Lowest" 13th\ 6 4.0
!let lie. have them of the telephone service In become Florida" governor Mean for tie month .v. 70.J

the Interest of the telephone uteri ; That settled Uo; <\ so far as Albert Average mean for 211< years . 76 B r
THE Florida Legislature Bay and It now appears that.the qul", ,Jennings Is concerned, mil doubt as to Highest 2rt( ,"In 1811& 70.2 a n
:2U" In : 752: .+ 3-\1\
his position la removed. Lo"elt" : ( 1\10:1\ "
there mutt be no more' "tipping"of tlon It submitted to Parliament Royal Dunn, secretary of the Railroad Rainfall In Inches. . :. <.73 a'J.
servants In hotels We wonder If this ruling will be agreement of asatisfaotorycbaraoa Comy'I.IIOO.( position, as It Is understood I Greatest 80 In 1800 1088 h rwa J.y
the cause of better service? ter tl) both tides having been that the latter will not seek IF reelection Least '30 In 18990.73 LINDEN2'a
reached by \him with the National at the expiration of his present: Prevailing direction of vt'Ind. . NE
Number of clear days Itt hiL
THE output of British pottery It Telephone Company, which con. term.John I.. Neeley, the well known Tallahassee fair :::. :. :. : : 10 )' to UK) aNew

estimated at $20,760,000, of which troll the butlnest. lawyer, Is likely to ewer' the .. cloudy "' . 2 -k
910,950,000, \ worth It exported, and The understanding Is that the race also. lie was. fir,. Dunn' preiiece' t'. M days with rain . 8 : Design, cycle, Sport, one 10 four cylinders, 2)-y to 100 h, p. Itat
It i price Is to be settled by arbitration, eon In otHce and Is la every way competent days with thunder n B h. 4-oyllnder weighs/ 12:\ pounds. Price' complete with revenue
y; the balance $15,814000, con. the to bold down a place In the Railroad Island Home, Morittt.>lsland, Fla clutch, propeller and shaft . aIlS
II turned in the United Kingdom.: but no more it to be paid than Commission. 14 h. p, 4-cyllnd..r"eillb. mi: pounds. Price complete, with reverse

-- fair market valuation of the THE lruim. clutch propeller and shaft . 10Di I Si'b
murders In New plant and works, nothing being TITUSVILLE'S TRAINS. Record of "Baby Bullel" with a Rochester Engine
r TunE were 144 allowed for good will or prospective JOB PRINTING done at this office.. Eau Gallle to Palm. Beach, time 8lj! hotua Entered ten races, more III
York county last year and but share miles, making every lap with a variation! of less than $0 seconds. Palm Hue: 0i
318 (in all England. Broadening profits. The company's The following' are the1 times of arrival Ean Oallie, 1l0: miles, 8J4 hours All this running without a liitcb i.
the area of Investigation at to the capital It nearly $22,500,000, and I6r'! Do you want to buy some pineapple and departure of passenger trains to and Write me for catalog and prices, .l..n
the debentures amount to $20,000. land In St. Lucle and Dade from ritusvllle:
G-. = s.Pudc114slon.r
of homicide to
It, proportion population
that 000, more, There ia to be no hurry counties f I have some to disposeof OOtHBOUHDLvkresTltaiTlllarorMUmlknd EAU GALLlE, FLORIDA,
make the
we discovery I 1163pm
about the matter,. at the com at a sacrifice. I have no timeto intermediate poluu at ( t U p ra .. --- fugbt
according to latest figures, only -- -- -
patty It to continue In possession look after It. Address, Chas soarsnonao.teavsTituevtlleforJacksonville.
with record of one murder
Italy, of the service until December 31, I!. Walton Tltusvllle, Fla. '1 i: p m bth
to every 0000 baa '* worse record anti In erniedlkte polnu kt too,; a mTITt'ey1LLa.AxvoRD Motor :Boat
1911. Supplies
than thU nation at a whole hat .N....NN......t...NN. IIRAKOH. IIIA
The Government already (Daily,except Sunday)
possession of the telegraph, and Itt f Leave TltokTllle for BanfordAnlvMTttuSTllUfrom } L20: ;Ja.4S ui I)o'I ,

STEKI MAGNATE WAR hat handling of this and the mall ays. Sanford 1 Ise; me Lamb
placed for tale his '3.I OO.OOO man. tern hat doubtless encouraged; the +nlu & mLegal aA

don In New York. It Is taW t an proposition to take control of the IF YOU RECEIVE A SAMPLE I Notice. En.gines, ayC-

i offer of $1,000,00') under cost price view of the -
telephone, especially In | COPY OF, PAPTCUIT I 114C
would bo accepted, Mr, Schwab TJH Moat Carefully Constru ,
all branches of
fact that
told Andrew Carnegie recently the one service which consists of IS TOLET I TH I liunlnem on June lut, and and Best Engine Made
tbit he tired ot the burdens of will wind up It. kir.ir* and lumntUr its a .. CunN
v was ,licall
the delivery of messages" yOU KNOWTHATt ohartor and, RO out of bunion ks soon kk posble. ). N Catalogue on Ap]
living In a palace Mr. Schwab's Mr I. 8. Terry, of Columbia 8 C, will
There It also be consideredthe
to ..
continue the bu lne under nsueandetvleof l
2 I decision It rapid, but only l leads" u general tendency of govern. WOULD LIKE YOU'TO II IIWE Kurekk. Finn Co.,"not Incorporated;> with Mr. Brass Pipe and Ing'ID bo:
the George: hrorkott M Manager to Imt Huh to kunIjr 0fa
list of others who
among men menu on behalf of the people to I BECOME A tJU SCRIBER.I I',) his dlmrllmtlnK IHIIIMW kt Columhla and rough and polished from 0.1010.1
have piled up amazing fortunesout ( tars son 8. C., but will not run any boaUof S
control of what deemed
acquire are his own pkrirank are lioreof itlfled sotto Gasoline Tanks, Caibnretois, Primary and Stcotidaiy Ignition WIre, ofII
of the combination and con. public 'utilities, which I Is manl. nil .nytln:: tokkld Kurekk Vl :h 4-o., Fg. CellsBatteries ,
Pings, Timers Dieiilbutor .
tnlldatlont of the last few Terry, Pr p', excels tot Cacti,ae no lilllk will be Spark Colic, Storage Batteilei, Diy
years tested on the Continent by controlof I I paid lir said FTuik B.Terrrfllgned DfLalllOH, AuoomaUo Ctlt-outa. fleck Fittinge steering:! W'beelt!!
into build. .RANK .
palace 8 TERRT
they gone We have ( ) 1
railroads. not
come Cups. Lamps. N hlltle" fact EVER .V 41F
|>ritor Lurekk Fish Oo, VyleudnTila HII Glell.l'I. I .
Ings from sheer need of doing to that ,to any great extent here, .+.+.++...+*..N N........ GIOROB I'BKIC'IT': Mkuager you o"ed fu y ur'engine or boat In:eriety end-at irl ;jj'"erlbaD"H, _

8 something with their money.. nut the Idea being that the regulative .. ._ .. I tore r ir c
--- -- --- ------- ----- --- ------ -- -- ------ a In FloiJra-i: I.ibula du.eount fr6m 1I..Cprhe..C:
5 they are wholly at a Iou to know powers of government will be found ... an
what to d"i with them, The man suIllelent to* protect the public ; but w.-7'0: SNEDEN", JENSEN, :F oaII

who discovers it to loon at Schwabdid If that fall there will doubtless bea Orange and Grapefruit Trees

It fortunate lIe saves him. retort to the other alternative ...................++.........++.........4." ...
t self so many years, of boredom _. _. .
---- --------- ::
xII: S.A.'LE-
i and splendor In solitude.
Hummer Excursion Itatea. .READY FOR SUMMER PLANTINGLarge :: Iele
> It"rown Pry DktterlekClliiikk Annealed "oft topper Tube /rt/arolU
SENAT TAUArERito appearedIn Assortment of Best Vailetles, &ron. near Fort Pierce It- Dry HalMrlei. Sheet Hna.fMrtldnets.C: ; ',.
KlnKHtin Ckrbnraton. froueeSluftingrtb
i Washington lest week as the On and after June :2nd, 100", and until liuy trees grown ou EAST COAST and avoid risk of bringing In White Fly, :: Hoht-liler CkHiuretork Tobin liras Pipe and .lttlllll"f" ti J. .11 tiCI
times In Flor. withdrawn the Clyde Steamship It- Lunkouhelmvr Valve" ,. O.&nl.. ... Lkirs < tfft' ,'!
herald *
of prosperous Company will\ sell first class tickets' :: Iiupkx Park Coil.: I Uri lirsssatnt Bkl vanned neat t,i.It .
id*. lie I Is went to attend the Jacksonville. to New York and return, Gr11)Iiig'N: P01UOUn Nll1.'HC..JCH.Wbolflale Onenrt Here Spark| Coils,I to 4 cyl r.I. ]trans and 0 lvknl e llnieri t to 4 cyl I.irk Pre.ert.r Solid lork
f Hrownayllle hearing, but he'seized Including meals and stateroom berth, at and Retail, It- MoMur Tin ore, 1 to 4 cyl. WhlntlM iiidf
the opportunity to declare that Thirty-five Dollars ($33 00). These tick. It- Mauler UiHtrlbutora. I to 4 ('fl. Lubiolaine Cylinder Oil s
SOUT1IERX OFFICE MIAMI, FLA. Spit Fire Spark| luo Chnik BynovU tup Crane.
eU will be good of the line :: {
; on ship
never in the history of the nation'ssoutheriniitt Never Mink at| Pluck.I fill Cups knit Compression CJlDiMooy '
and will be limited for return passage to ItIta Kite Spark llnr. K-rfle nitres( .,
State he the people teniber SOib, lOOr, and l ID no cane :: Sheet toper, 14 to 28 Ok. Standard cycle ,tnglunWIIOLKSALK eau
been BO prosperous or conditions will the limit Uo extended this time, & UETAII.
fir the Investment of northern except on payment of eight dollars and ) ItCr
/ :
: Capital more 'inviting Accordingto thirty cent (*8.311)). Children between $) rv11=.ea ctoMAKINE FXSnE: Coco, rls
the of live and twelve half .... ,
Senntnr. Tallaferro, Florida 1.1 fare No charge for children years under five ********************.***...*.*********.****

yet to become one of the greatest lease' of age, provided they do not ,,e.
i tobacco grow Ing states ,In the country oiipy mcommodMloiM M tbeoxcluklooofotlieik : A :MASUnr"s'VAFLNXSCroS: : :: : 10e
.t1" F
lie declares\ that. on some of atu. Tkk
Glue;: H WAITOX, Agent, Gets Them All For .4.11 Pu.rposes.
the tobacco farms, earnings of $300 lltusflllo, Fla. SPAR for boata.J e
an acre are not uncommon, Kn'dwith --- sheep Tick '' | a be.ut\fullhlhh.\ f

the !man with one hundred Cottage for Iteiit. lean are only four of the numerous kinds rkrkilttt.that l I NOMARFLOOIIFINIrtrxquickdryying billllant and diirsbloNOMAFC rarsuh

ores planted tf> thls crop I Is fixed Hv. oa domvktlo animate and .*.."" the ow.....' (iroflta, 1,1?'$ for d"ncl afcrV-es. Mtrat' ,
( t3T 1IYCENO kills th... and all oebsn'S.1Curse VABf .UN$. for Specially adaptrd ar 'trks
y As the Enrlly
securely financially. .'orren' beach the Itch,mange end other akin dikMUNn. D ooeuoye terms C chain, tables and fntnltnre. Dries quickly.
rt other principal crop of the State, cottage lIea.on. and foul odon. Keeps tiles ....,. It Ik a wonderful coal i -4'.,loi' Card and Pi Ice upon Applications -- h
1 those" of grapefruit. and of Oranges, on board walk,next door to the lireakeia... tu disinfectant. and In kddiripn to bains t stock dip U has EM BEROoctst' The Oldest VamUh house In America.

hee ("r"p", the Senator says' are Comfortably furnished numerous boukchokl,mck.We = ; : L'U.D1bor W SUppl":
In and much in MRS. \U S. Apvps,
greater yield more EAU OALLIE. FLA.
demand thin ever before. These box 70. Heabreexe, Fla. bay ,In quantltlea end out __ -
I- rtnditloni price will plow you.DofaadCatrlca .
are due Brit to the f TI.
greater I Inlt'IIIII"nC'e.I ; of the farmers Cleaning: and 1'resaing.All fl. ADYOCi'

nil their better knowledge of soil -' .,: :.;... l" SEND YOUR ORDERS TO THE

horticulture, and to the grow. work done up. -date. Call and '<" w .', sheep ee.b Mlt. .. N.Ce

f f,g demand for the fruits especial1 see me. Andrew Gltxion, at the Parlor -\Ve are Agents for Brerard County Cen
.. with regard |o grape fruit. Barber Shop, on Washington avenue ir Titusvllle Pharmacy -. Tltusvllle\ ''Fla.. FOR ALL KINDS OF JOB


..... i
.r ..v.r -

1 -
,. ,,',''''', ( ......, ..lL4 iMf I" t : o r

.- '-' .... .,..... l".r" "1'' "" : ;:-: ':>'' : ,.
','!''I'f" r- 'f/I/!, .., ..;. "--f'_ TO ( : """ "IJl'9"\'i' ''' ';'''; !
)>! ')''III''I'!' .' .



-- ,


:i iAST COAST ISTEAVS. !I Percy G. Walton

St. Lucia county claimed to be the pineapple season Is now In lull ,
banner county In the state. The editor blast, and carloads of the delicious fruit
******************** f uf this paper has some land for sale ID are going; forward dally. Some forelgi;

that county lie will\ sell It cheap for shipments have already been lorwarile TituoviUo, Fla..
cash. This land will doubt treble and the Indications I are that quite an
no :
ew v Notes Contributed bv Our Regular J In value In a eltoit time Now Is your Increase Mill be nixie this year over the

of EaBtConstCon-oHipondoiits. ZNNN time to buy aDd hold( It, as tbe pineapple amount expeo'edin former years, says
Corns: The Tropical Sun
plantations rapidly extending.: -Ad- FIRE AND TORNADO

__. .... .... ....___ dress, Chas II. Walton, Tltusvllle, PI*, Notwithstanding the extreme droutt
6."_ N this spring the fruit Is coming tine
1e...TT ''Y--T-T YTTT."........... on INSURANCE.I 1
and strong, the quality being excellent

all communications Mr. A. Trowfll and wlfo ret urnexl No country can produco pineapple of I
'.:ne send Eau Gallie. Saturday night from a visit at fort the delicious flavor and splendid carry RELIAHLE COMPANIES. PROMPT PAYMENT OF LOSSES
tor publication to "Editor, Orangu! ing qualities equal| to that grown on the

!tDUllp) ,Fla." Mr. Rufus Booth 'hul.111 East Coast, end tbe growing LOWEST RATES AlCIDKNT POLICIES SUED. 1
and family left Sit. and marketing of thin fruit, Is only In Its
8ARAH f" HonfH"I'Jlul"u) its urdny night for Jacksonville onashoitvacation. Home Is .
infancy Inoreas
kcannot guarantee to publltb OliO!!. Bat': 01111" FlnrllaSummer consumption
: lag by leaps and bounds, soil with thectabliehmeotof I '
lit do not reach this office before) / weHtlur. The pineapples are leaving here by i : fscllitleeforesporting I I HANDLED ONCOMMISSION !

I TbursiUjs. the carload now, BUll splendid returns i the foreign' market will Ira unlimited;
New Peaches are shining In our stores, ale being received. suitable ventilated oompartmenl In the REAL ESTATE

this week ocean liners, combined with the excellent ,
,i'coupon Jen tt oblige us by Dr Rollins armed home on Ust bun- : I
foreign the
of people and places ute St. Clair has, adveitised' << her bak day moinlng's train\ from a flying visitto systems adopted by .
[lie names fry for sale.Pinespples. the perishable fruit forwarding lrniii>|M>rtatlou
possible? upper states, companies 11'11a"Mlst\ lu making

yes galoie) at our store this Mr. A)I. Weaver arrived In town Tin". the East Coast Pineapple Industry equal Your Business Respectfully Solicited
week, and be fruit 1M IIno. day from. Miami. His many friends to the banana traffic of the United Fuilt ,

P. A. MoMtllin: has were glad to see bin Company, the largest fruit shipper,* In
Melbourne. liU launch Indian
Ipo, the world at the time. Reference: River State Itnnlr Tltusvllle, Fla.
hauled out and painted! this ..eok.It Rev" Dr. Moore held services In St. Thousands of choice pineapple lands ..'

II l rumored that A. X. Mathers! mil\ Andrews' church last Sunday morning are now available at low prices and to

w, OOODB.-R *l Petite: Votary have charge of the County Poor Farm sod evening. At tile moinlug sermon the man with a family, and a small cap'!.

end,and mvevanoer iundonandolfbe: Agent, J'iatJ: Wm. T. Well Is shipping pines. via there was a baptism. tal', no section of our country can oilerthe yf\ About that lino of .
? theist attention the K. At the regular meeting of Indian River practical Inducements that ate to IKS
.r i r CompanlM. C. L this w.-ek. One car load
I the interests ol nan.rwldent has already been forwarded Camp Is o 53V. O W. Tuesday evenIng found on the Kast Coast.
-- a club of three were Initiated ami, The pineapple Is the home buyer and
subncrlptlons for the ADVOCATE, W. II. (I. Oleason has nearly com they have three for their next meeting developer, for as Is planted on citrus ..*.KEEN KUTTER GOODS*-

of the East Coast, will beat pleted his rock canal. This will adi lands, the pines << between
i paper' Next will be
greatly the beauties of the Sunday l observed as the rows of trees
I the Melbourne Postoffice.Mims north end of orange, or grapefruit ,
our town. Decoration I Day for the W. O. VV. Camp and, after the first year, begin t> bring
----' here In the morning I they decorate I a I In an Income that helps to pay for the ) !

i Letters from Michigan report the safe grave la (loan and ID the fteinoon go land the clearing, and the cats of the beatI
at rival of Mrs. <). \V, Hopkins and Miss down lu Eldretl wheio they have two citrus trees dining their! growth to be"r.I .
Hopkins )Jr. Hopkins f Is expected In graves to decorate.A I Ing age. \
Michigan about July 1st. ?* ,; )
I rain of the season on June 1st. -- --
Capt. Bennett carried M and fortunate Texan.
r M J.
_jould read the ADVOCATE re KT A Tie OK OHIO, CITV Olf Tol.KIM), ILlOAS
body : E. M. Hodgson and has Kessie Hodgson Mr. E. W. Goodloe, of 107 St. LouisSt. COUNTV, ex'
the of Dieyard.I JAS. PRITCHARD &
Kant news to lionaventure on Sunday lost, In his ., Dallas, Tex, Hays: "In the past Frank J. Cheney makes oath thai beIn SON
Illlxu Brltton la on a short visit launch, the Rochester. year I have booome acquainted with Dr. senior partner of the llrni of K. J. ,

M :Mamie Taylor, of Shiloh The freight vessel, Mystic, has made King's Xew Life Pills, and no laxative Cheney & Co., doing business In the TITUSVILLK, KLA.

irst melons of tbe Reason -are be. her last; trip to Eau Gal lie, fora time, I ever before tried so effectually dlsposok City of Toledo, County and State afore-
of ... .. .. .
malaria and billluusness" They .
[n, but the crop In general will having all the vessel can attend to In laid, and that said firm will pray the sum -- --- -- -
LH large a* last year. the upper end (,f the line. don't grind nor gripe, :2roatTitueville1'Iiarmacy of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for

Emma Carlile passed through; We hear" Commander Benson U. 8. X., I each be and cured every by cuss the use of Catarrh of Hall's that Caters cannot : azntzn.g: : : : x

|i Saturday on a trip to Sanford, of the L. II. 8.. Chaileston 8. C., has HlthVAItl.; COUNTY T11KA8I'HH Cure. FRANK J. CIIKNKV.
n blued business and pleasure been appointed Commander" of the IiTATtI\UNT. Sworn to before me and subscribed lu

Annapolis Naval Academy. We extern 1 June my presence! this Ith day of December PAPEUIIANdlNO KAI -OMININO TAKNISIHNO STAINING rJNISI1JSGIIION'
our best wishes for this deserved let ItMlT.Ralancecsiilt ,
pro A. I). .
[Jones, one of our most prom Inns motion for Commander, I.. Benson. i oar bund ilIa,.ht1 |IW7..t t'1 PAINTINO OP ALL KINDS KTO.
la greatly Improved Inmuch received in May HW7.. ...,, 444UMI ( ) A, W OLKASOM, : ,I

to the pleasure of his ed The from Rev a visit J. B.to the Hawk Kentucky has Just Military return. fxwt Total warrnitto' ..., ....pall...,. ..n M. vtM7.ml ...! .....':JOIA2 n Hall's Catarrh'Cuie! NOTAR"U taken 1''uLlo Internal Old Furniture made to look like new Mirrors Made and Re-Sllvered.

Institute of LYDdoo.Ky.,where the Rev. delivnreil to County Iuwmla.lon.sreaudBohoul ly, and acts directly on the blood and l -' Reasonable Rates-
Osban, of Tltusvllle. was In gentleman; went to preach the Baccalaureate HcMtnt... .... .......... 4,734 IA mucous surfaces of the system, bend

business last week. Mr, Cuban sermon, and reports" the time of! for testimonials free
Nslanoeonbasil June lit, 11107 ,113ete 4ABOVI -V. \JV. ELDEEC"::
wner. of Tltusvllle's fine livery his life. The hospitality of the state F. J. CIJESKY & CO ,

of Kentucky was well represented! << by I SALAMOS IS HSLD: AS FOLLOWS Toledo, O
ir Reed Editor Walton! andof the K. M. I. from the Col to the smallest [><'|>oiiit cl In Indian Riser ,tatster Soil by all Druggists, 7Vi.: Shop In Aonnigsour lltilldlng! ,
liunk.M; miner's rortlHoAtD.at- Take Hall's Family Pills for otmstlna- TITUSVILLK FLORIDA '
Tltuivllle, were lu Elms on cadet In the ranks;all vlelng In showIng tallied to monthly report sntl cub -

aflei noon, view Ing our beautifulroves. the first Indian River visitor to the In sale..., ., .. .. .... .. .. ... ... .,.15U. tlon. .- .-, -----'
Institute a real good time. The Kev.
J. B. Hawk reports (hat the K. M. I. Iowa t HOW TO TREAT GUESTS. '
lie expects to visit friends In quarters at Lyndon, ate simply grand County.. Jboovt'I1I1e-(1'.ral rend./ III'"
j and Illinois next month. J. and the country beautiful to the extreme 1"lIda..d aridgs. rand, .. ... ... 553 tate
lire\ will\ look after Ms orange In fact Ideal home for Ideal KtllUllllK: Frond: ,. ::' II 41Finn FRED ANDSALftJ! SADDLE HORSES
an an aril Forfeiture; Fund,: ,. f.(MO M Geest-room oonvenlenOllll'are not al.
iiile away. state 11..410.| Itowi fraud,Yew l.t.t.l'Io. I.... .... IN Ha remembered tbe housekeeper "
.. even by
a e J........1.001111 ...HTADLKS... KUUOIE4
Lowe! and wife made who herself the ,
were happy u a 3.... .. 1.175 III prides on neatness
ik by the stork leaving a fine The Magic X<>. rt. .. .. It u .. e 4 New': 1:41111Game : (\ and cleanliness of her "spare room,"
tender age; at their lesldence. Wir.t.n fund ......,.... .. .........1,6\11 III says the Agriculturist: Sleep In the UAGOAOE: SURREYS''
Number three Is a wonderful mascot Hrnwrty| iif IMMMiwml, I'cmins Fund a tot l
and biby are doing nicely, for Gets. II. Parrls, of Cedar Grove, lIe., CountyPrhmti-tleneral' Fund l, ., .:::,. 14 vn guest.room yourself ones I In a while to TRANSKKK: and TURNOUTS of
to letter which reads M-laIT'.rlloh.N'IIJI.t.1'io.I.' ... .. .... 4-1 47 be sure the bed Is comfortable and so ,
w. f. Shoemaker preached on according a l 8|' ('-l..l Holuxil Fund "O" state aid. ..' 1IJG UTutal > ilaced that the first of a
murulng to the convicts at the After suffering ranch with liver and { rays morulog HAULIXO ETC ..all kinds,
"+, This congregation varies but ... ..? ...................,. .*I),4m 4i: Tight I will not awaken you or else take
greatlaooursged: : rare that tbe wlndow ls well shaded
Jean HKXRV.: County Treasurer
tie, and there. la always a good and Ho sure that all the toilet articles are a.. AC. O eb4aln
ice I tried Electric Bitters, a result
I easily to be found, that there are plentyof TITUIJVIILEIn rear of Bobbins' Law OfficeTLOBIDA
I am a well man today. The first bottle Reader, do you subsoil for the liter
V, F, Shoemaker, who was I>a.. ; relieved and three bottles completed the COAST ADVOCATBr towels on the rack, as well as a clean -.., .,.--.-"
he M. E. church here for three' waslicloth. As little cakes of
( cure" Guaranteed best on earth for soap may
,a In Mime tbe fintof the week, stomach, liver and kidney troubles, by -- now be purchased It I. not an extravagance NEW CASH GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET.
his old friends adieu before Tltuavtlle Pharmacy. 5Uo.Georgiana.. COCOA AND ROCKLEDGE. to put a fresh piece In the dish

fur Georgia, where be expects to .- breach new guest. Have on the table
-- ---
i'roianently. some books to read, something besides a
These account of thalr close i proximity
on Bible and devotional books. A little
b", of Shiloh will erect a large to each other, aiecullrd the ''Twin workbasket, with the necessary equipment A FULL LINK OF1 STAPLE: AND FANCY OROCKHIE8,

house for H. J. Magruder, In Cltl !s," says the llomoneeker. the latter will often be appreciated! and HAY, UKAIV, KKK8II: FRUITS AND VEGETABLES,

liful orange grove. This bones F. W. Munson Is ill with erysipelas.The place Is one of the oldest vlllairrs last, but not least do Dot have the We buy as low all possible, anelll..lIl"r!| cash; therefore nail the cheapest
a substantial one and a flue the East Coast, and many years before bureau drawers ant closets so full of Look over our stock and get our price before buying
corrugated Iron will be used In school teacher Mr McCandlessand the building of the Florida East CoastRailway '
your own possessions that there U ix> o. :xx.: xxxa 11'T'xx ski GO..
imtructlon.; Misses Cora Munson and Maggie was the moat opiilar winter room for th"lC eat'* belongings, even If
lime Carter went to Tltusvllle, Monday, to resort of the middle east coast. The the comes only for a night Corner Main and ilunklns. Streets. ,
unexciting was caused on TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA
attend the teachers' Institute three Urge hotels, the Indian River
ay and Saturday : Upon the night table In your guest .. .. .
last over an I Laate.lon ._ ,.
Plana[ and New itoekledge< are -- '- - -
chamber you might place a little frame
convict. Sheriff Drown and Or. GV.. Holmes and wife and Mrs,
Reese, Mason aod Prltehett were II. 8. Black, of Bharpes; and Winslow surrounded the west by bank magnltlcant of the Indian erouods liver, containing a card giving hours of meals., : lacl::amith:: &; Eopolr: Shop.
1 convict; but he was eventually Itlsbee and wife Mrs. Louise Walker null (tour, al.o. candle with Its matcht
1 near Palatka, and brought Misses Elrna and Lefty Geiger of Lotus handsomely' I laid out among the giant bozo t a cracker or biscuit jar, with a J. D. ENNI3 Prop., TITUSVILLE, FLA: ,

Capt. Reese.Magruder ; and Mr. Booth, wife and four sons, forest trees. For several past years dainty collection of crackers and a Jug
there has been but little
comparatively of water. No room Is habitable without
of Brantley attended Memorial Day exercises STKIOTLY A CASH BUSINESS--
of Oak III1I, an or- building done until within the last yearor the: companionship ot books and
30th. The ,
at this place on may Wagon Maker anti) .. Horse
Shoeing n specialty
"wer here, waa In time last two. New streets have been laid out room Is comfortable without writing
day was perfect and an abundance of ( and down river work have special ..alttentlon
Up our we pay freight one
">king over his and fine residences have been way.
orange grove In. many desk some kind. The l desks that are
lovely flowers were on hand-enough; to dof Give work. We satisfaction.
md i us your guarantee
expressed: himself freely up. the In the treated and new life and activity have toy stores fur children are oftenlarge
future outlook decorate beautifully graves been enthused Into real estate circles. .
In this; favored exercises held lathe enough for grown persons, and 0- 4
The were
of the East Coast for the grow. cemetery. I The groves In the Immediate neighbor when enameled or otherwise I tastefully
true fruits. In a ,few years church and a good programme; decorated was hood of Rocklndge are among 'he oldest decorated they make delightful; little

III I ship more oranges ,than at carried wits flowers-soldiers out. The graves were first with a 10 tbe Indian river country. Pining tbs desks" lor the scribblers. Do not forget A Word to the Wise is SufficientUTor

'>n on the F.E. a Railway. flag and !flowers.The graves fut year put tbe on trees a splendid both old growth and young, andhave a waste paper basket and a footstool

F. Fries, county surveyor for programme was as-follows: I brought their owners a fine crop
county, In K. Song-America. of fruit, tbe most of which has been Dra1Ullt.
:tnrl' W, A. Green laid.ont the Prayer-By Rev. J, II. White. sold at remunerative prices. Growersare

tad from him station east, to Oration-Dr. l). W. Holmes. paying more attention to tbe plant. Draylng or hauling of alll Inds prompt.::

I road.' Whleh our Ii a. Song-Memorial Day, Mrs. Mnnsoo, la... < "--.'". ...."-"-.. The ehlprneot offruit attended to. Meets all trains Stove'
|l have merledit; ; Miss Cora Munson, Mrs. Llizle Brown from /
rocked and ;an that section Is fait approach-
I". DUirict So. 6 Is fortunate and Mr. Bisbee. ng the amount shipped In Its most wood fur sale at all times.II. :Piriappl: : \JVrOppers.: : :

[.< Lncle Tom Johnson as Its nlcltatlonIemorlal. Day, Mr Daw.ley. talmy days. E. OLT&1f. Tltusvllle.

l" be and Cocoa has been prosperous, the merchants .A.zz OOXOIESS.United
l''e request of bis people If U be /fl'ong-MIss! Nellie Owen.RecitationSoldiers bave enjoyed a line year of trade. anti .
kl Walter Drawing Hauling'
Ie of ,
and can be dune. the railway company has enlarged lurelgbtbouse.
and Clayton Carter, Robin and Hiram : The fishing iadustryhe. F"tTLL CovrTT: ::

| "Brady, a former prominent heeD all the most sanguine ould II peot. All kinds of draylng and hauling
P ere, hut now a resident of Tl- Recitation-Flowers on theSoldiers'Graves In fact, every branch of business, In the promptly attended to, and Satisfaction WRITE:
lectured here last evening on Miss Ethel Rogero. orange and vegetable Industry and In ,uaranteed
|topics of tbe day, and elated Song! -The Star Spangled Banner. everything' that goes to bring prosperity, Jons KITTLIS, TltiisvllU.KtT .
|"\ for becoming a candidate far Recitation-Furl the Banner Miss success has reigned supreme. The --- : Paper Company

1 Senate from the' the 13th Let tie Oelger. groves; south of Rockledge, bordering on
I' "iMrlct To Night on the Old ( We are now nendliiKout,
He stated his main Song-Tenting the, Indian river, at Coquina, Don"en.
early and with erophael Mr. Camp Ground, tore and Pined, are fast assuming their Kindred of extra copies of the .n.'rx.n.hri:ti GA.
P U accompanied by his wife. Reoltatlon Lincoln's! Last Dream, i old.time'appearance, and tile younger Lust Coaxt Advocate" all over ,
TlI"iv was Walker. .. .
a popular teacher of Mrs Louise have on a phenomenal ---- -
'"I for aeveral terms, la ye palmy Uea.llog-Graod Army of tbe Republic rowth.groves;; put the State, and It will IM to your

Vt.1:.. m Miaia, Mr. and Mrs 11,.. Dawle1, interest. to place your ad. In our
I"re fc-'iestsof' Mrs. Roberts and 800g-A Tear for the Comrade ThatIs (column mJUi TEEES:

'gyp, i none, Miss Elm elger. BETTER WORK-LESS COST. ---- .
Drummer Boy that
---, Recltatloo-Tbe
pinarkahle: Ite 'I I Prayed Before be died, Miss Nina Dald.WiD. "I have bad twenty-five years u. Shoe ICepalrlnK

[ iII stranger than cue.ftotloDha.1 Nellie Owen and Mrs. perlenoe Painting, anti consider I hAJJ kinds of boot and shoe repair From Ocklawata Nurseries are giving' greatest .tlaflOtiOD to our hum-

t4tulg-MI. and do It. Jas drede of eoltom.raln Florida. They always
[ demonstrated 100 log not forget Opposite
? In the Walker. Davis cent
Q per rlicb.nl A AVDKKW Uinsoif' and bear fruit true to of
,; V Fedora. Tenn.., the reel.bet Recltatloo-Tbe Veterans, Miss OIIU don Tltusville, KtaDaile grow, they always name variety.
He writes "I
: Paie.Iteadln.
I f.s l. >r the lunge with -The Sleeping Soldier, II. K. Pore Paintthe ---- --- Some satisfaction Cn this In I1110 groves DOW, think of the future

II and throat. County Land For Bale. TOE 8UCCKS3 OF YOUR INVESTMENT
>'It help ,,, of the Republic.
i and all hope -The Battle Hypm
I Ipn began taking Dr. King's hong. very best It will cover" one-third depends on the trees yon plant. MAKE NO MISTAKE, but come tc)

Ih.i' T t.Iluo' Instant relief --- I more surface, anti covers It betterd For aa'e, cheap, the nonheast qoarterf
: c-igblng, soon ceased: the He Treat the Stick. than any other paint southeast quarter ef section 3. town- Headquarters for Reliable Trees.: JSTrS! to arrive a'dea-,
I laired rapidly, and In sod on." hip I 99, south of range 41 l east; close to order! ;,,. n they,
M"",' puoroeongbio \0 work." ..t have fired the walking stick a JUfEi WOOD. M I'.: O. K Wood's pineapple 'plantation on don't, we replace them.:f0 WHITE Vl.Y. -. '.
T l fit( ) and eolds. carried over 40 years, OD account BuckbsDOon. Va. fit Locle River; 40 acres., '\" ,
klod 01 *''*
rt'Ie lit the Titlllvllle PharmacyVO aore thst resisted iedsect What n ''want Also, tbe northeast quarter, or north '
free kleo'/ ArnicaSalve ADDRESS ;
until I moretc anyone of section 18 township 98. '
east quarter ,
andmade 0 W. CONNER .r '
that bal healed "tb.writes sore Jobs 8111.11- south of range 41 east on soethlork oISt. I .f :\,. PrOP'TANGERINE f ..
T' me a happy mao. -For Lnol al 1 ver:40 acres Apply to ,
of .n| kind done ,( of "rib NIU.. Y. C. noffor I R. WALKER & CO. "
ee. at THoevlllepharmacy. ,JOHN t.xArt t IJf VTAtro*, ) :ORlD.EAST .\,
reasonable rat_ Give Plies, flume, etc b1 TITUSVILLE.J'LA. .Tlttt llle fit
rl if your work, 23a; '


_........ .. .. ==== .: '*.
-- -::....... --
.. -\f.
,,' : '" :, : '" 'I- r. _' ." "-- .,,..., I Iat
I t 'N
I \ / < .,, ,, :"''' I ,
or ..., '. .. ", t

,, ,, .;; \ .
.fail ...... ..

., ..,;" ,,"' ''" ., ,"Y'r ,.. ..." .,



6 --- -

)? 20 Yenr.I .- Florida East Coast


9.ec ..fel I'..... n..lb..d by. a tine or lurmmtlnnm' Pr.reat.4 byKowl and BOILERS, Local Time Card No. 71. In Effect April }, m.

.0........ (ironer, t>..rle*. OUTHBOUND-RBAD DOWN
a.w Millis, NOHTHBOf\D.t[
It U vrry common to read advice In la tbe carnation establishment of a !.t|

w r"'ijnrd to the prunluar cf uropcHi, urjf- New York grower rings are used toprevent M5 Working Machinery 00 1'fo.al17 S6 D.1I7'.. to STATIONS NO.11 Dall7 :!hrllJln
and Mill Supplies. .
of carnation buds
4 1.12 tbo Ilrullll1Iu/ fall or very early bunting (y dws 1 .ii LYoJltOk80nom.Arnr.w; -.
the blending of vine, The picture herewith) nhow. buds bear LIVE Carried lo block, e lllliIAM _South JaokaonvIU..L, F.
spring present
rings and a filly developed flower J ::: 10 40.1 : .. ...SL Annuetmne .-.-" III'N 't I
Years ago we bad quite a large Tine- Ilnll no connection In Jack.onrllle, d Illsea ..,..N bait. :
B ores 11 Sots LYEut Pah.tlla'M..L, ?
In North Carolina Florida, III yard d T:&PM'1:1'o: Jot .A.r a at 4:"", 6 oS0Setltie
There were largo Unejrerds all around Ir Address all communication to c, In 440wII101Lv.._._J''I.lka--.Ar' IlIIfAI 1M.. .,

us owned by northern men, who pruned I \ ArSan 1>tateo. -L, -nQ;;s Ail '"
tf sae. 7 &OAM LVM..jan, Nuteo.-_._Ar
\I Pies ;
1 their vines In lie \\'llItl'r. We deferred l\IAI..SDY: 0<>.. .Ltli.11rIL On. 0\., 041'11I "2ii1i! Lv1IunneU.--x.rTsr 5 4 Of
c'.. lA 12. _-Duponl.._, w
pruning ours until 'Jimt before growth yIN' Blew 6 ..
.. "
I Oh" I ma' .Ormond- 16 .
began In iprluff Our celeb bars told ..4 10 OOPM 140ps _....De s 4:PIoI 44''
.- Cs 10100 1 171'1I -Pork Orange- It aa, On
late and that tile 41a
us that we were too '-4 I08fJIIM 2 OO>M Arm...Naw SmyrnaIn 111>1>1I 41'0

vines would bleed ilUustiouwly Ibttt 1 ht a 141aa Ar ,. .. e ao f Qt.
E-t 90 4 St. __Orange sly.._ '. m:11.; .:
spring the wciitlior turned outery ... 10'4 10411AM. 40'e "...O'llDg. City JUDct'.MO 12 lip, G l I' C')
warm In February, and their ,'lne edTni t "iciM L, hew m'rn. r!:, j
started Into growth at once. 1 wr o 11 12P11 4 ups "__Oak Ilir.... ...Lv 2 87... aw 0
ryd1I d 11 &aPII 1 law Ar..Titu.vlUu.L, I tali, II' lO :::2O
HrMl of Whaler ('r..I.*. I n1 ll10A11 b. t .__.f\abrol't' =ILi Il.,; G ,. ...
Thca In early March there was a F. II anl8ll111 IA ....._.ssnford ..__.." Ar 6 60rM It awy ...

hard freeze. and their young growth ) C J 'IT&iM Itunil e ....-.Ar T6;jjj; b'J W :::2

was dentrojed, while our rluen were t? 0 IH : ::= ::==...kockledge.Cocoa- .,._..L r 1170 111ra: 1\\ :: g
aWl dormant and were not hurt at all. i too.. 2 moon :: Ean Hattie 1240. I I .
r"blJ = h'I
1 ].aa t20 .Melbourne.1180.. ::
la the upriiig of JSill the Meutlier be- i I II IpI r e '"" roe 6AM a 110 !'_ ' came hot the Iiut of liruary and wimgummerllko ; ::I 24HAM 1I&\1I>M .Bt.Lllol.._" laMAO n, ur a.

during the greater part of I / I 1 0.04 a 106.5 set. a.d 160 e. :=Fort\Plere==: ::8rs:: Hi't OJ

March Mne and nil otbor eeetatlon I / CJ II IIIAM tl41PM "_.IIden: .-_" 10 hot 11 r ... L.t

starter), find there were shoots on the Ilfl -- H C) a s4Ot roe', a 0400 04a'. ""==-.Jensen atnara..-=: 10 10oe.III'a opt.:: !! i q, Oa

early pruned milieu nearly nix Inchon THE BUD SUFPORTKIia!. rl'4.., IMAM 7 2'PM -itobe Sound-. a MAlIJPM\ o(!
J 4 11" 7 ass W.t It a :IO.M i.....
1 long. On the night of March 25 the (Copper wire ring to prevent bunting 01 1IAa .N'wt h'lter.-) 47a to
fell to 21 decrees above sera carnatlon..p! .4-I '1I : at.: = ;: := :: :On. ,,......: : moo : 0 : 0
mercury ..s II MA' 8 Mew to__.......-1>elr",_..._" a 13/011 8 6 no
In Jurlf Rprlna from which a ring has been removed a4h1M cruse ) na "0
been and AI will be the flower shows W '+04 a4Jv.: := nana.( = : 7lout 74'a:::
Our vine had )Juft pruned seen practically -
s "
:: = ) pus I! stove\ Ito. g
the bud were but Bllgbtly twelled, and no murk or dlsflgurement says 4J 7 070, Io = ; Y I! 'IOIIAII toe,

we escaped again though the vluct In Uardenlntr The advantage gained by 1 B WA.IIOAM .70.._..e.::= ( =

our cold Krupery under "lnHI' had their the u.o of these rings It vonalderable 10 BO... ....".... A' ..._.1omeltead"'M'.'.'_ L. _. M... if : nIDaf

hoots f rown, u, we had no means for as almost every flower showing a burstIng iy except Sundq.Ne.7a .

.heating the ilrntturor tendency can be cut and graded

.. That Fruit. No.Il Yo.1 Uatly Nat Ao,111y 6 No.iBeG.k slip 0.111I,No,1p: L'CpJ

Ve Ions ago quit tbe old close spur( SIZE OF APPLES. DaJ1)'1 Bun. Dally Ih DidTPOET DItA1tCQOolj eun. "IIYI) D.l1y 11 qa

pruning for we found, that tbe buds Four Sailings Each Week .
600 4d rw6 J'lPtIi' 1 00.. v__, AO mae I.. r ODAYtl) r4(
farther out on (lie cuuea olwayi Home New light the of
gave oa Theory 0Meat 2P116120 10 ooa6v. 'ao. Jao1t1lODY1IIeAr & .... J2f)>wUJo1080PM7SIPfII"II""J4 :\
the best cUHteri4) and, now we only Thlnnlnv Km It. 1080AMLvM.P.bloli..acb.Ar "' 40'j ii le.ttt4
the cauc that Wit want to make It hna often beer assumed" that the BETWEEN JACKSONVILLE and NEW YORK.Calling 10E'es7INe6(5PM2l' II) 44...LY.-Atl.otJo Jieaelt-Ar: .", 12Petti..
t spur 10 WPM 7 4r",6 1.8 11 OOAMlAr., ...._,_Me rt... .....Lv 00'7' 12(1.100.'
long canes for (the next scaaon and get size of apples l I. regulated much by

our fruit on the long canes grown the the number of tipple on the tree. Thin at Charleston, S. C., bothways) PENINSULAR AND OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS AT mi

previous noanon and pruned to tbe I. not BO until\ the size of tbo crop

proper length.-Practical Farmer. reaches the point where the roots Rod! The Finest Steamships in the Coastwise ServiceClyde Clot ConnicUon Mid ti Miami with Sltimihlpt of the P. & 0. S. S. Compui!

Ion res cannot elaborate enough food to KEY WEST AND HAVANA..
supply all tho fruit Thinning fruit
A NEW ROSE.Immrmmrtr .
New England and Southern Lines. '
can Increase the fruit only to a limited Trains Discharge Passenger at 5hlp's Side. No Traoifen

\alnabl Jar .'0'. cud decree but that limit I. absolute IImoie Direct bervlce Between
Outdoor ('Hare. Is These Time Tab'es show the times at which trsln may be expected: to arrkeitut
food elaborated than the fruit
Points. room the several stations,bat their arrival or departure at the time,.telt'd li not r,>"
Among European novelties Ottolauder need, the extra amount goes Into tbe Jacksonville Boston Providence and all Eastern lion I*this Company to be belt teiponslbl for any deltyi or any consequence trlil&iUi

& Jlooftnian Honkoop, Holland, de- formation of new wood, new leaves ,
crlbo their new rose, Anny Muller, e.follow. now bark or new roots The size of w ((alling: at Charleston, S. d, both ways) For Copy of the LOCAL TIME CARD or Other Inf vmatioi

.: fruit I la not Influencpd tbe size of sEMi.WKBKLY SAILINGS AGENT."'
by BouthbcundonblHMind.................. ,,, .. ......(... ....." .. ..1 .,from LewK Wharf, Bonton "SEE THE TICKET
Thin excellent novelty In the result the crop no long no the latter la not excesaUe ( ................ "........, "..... ...,from foot of Catherine Unit, Jacksonville I. D. RAHNER. Aait. Oen'I Pass. Agent, ST. AUGUSTO"'!,
of a croM between rrtmnon Itambler and Is not an overload on tbe
and George 1'eruet The freely branch tree In all the thinning experiment -- -

ing plants attain a height of one and a the check trees have been trees onwhich Clyde St. Johns River Line TO THE.
half feet and lu growth are similar to there wan much fruit-too muchto

lime N. Levawas.eur The shining get the beat results This fact must BETWEEN JACKSONVILLE AND SANFORD t

be kept In view when tbe matter of Stopping H PaUtka,Astor, Baretford (Del-and),and totermediate I landing*on the
thinning fruit In talked about either by Be.iotint. River,oommencina Friday, \oveinlwr K:, IU08 Jamestown
picking elf tbe fruit lu the summer or Steamers "CITY of JACKSONVILLE"ll I
by cutting oft many. of the fruit bud ap|>oint Returning,leave gantord Mondayt, Wedoeell.)'.. Friday.,9 30 a.m.
nt the time when' the trees are latent. _
The sire of In of ceunlderablo !enutb Jiounll Nor h.Jouod VIA
apples tread down BCHKDtLKIxMve !: J\ead nilI \,.

moment for the reason that such apples 3 80 p in i... ,.ckooallle. Arrlf J 00 a. m
sell well always A big apple will almost Luva 8 46 p,' m ", .falatka.,.... .. LOOT 1 00 p. m,
Los*a $ 00 a in: ilI ii.!ECLJ[: AitorDflrwford :: LH\ .;,j; Leave f DO p, m
WY. 1AaNr Always bring better I'rleel'thall a Lane .. (Deband).., .... Leave 1 00 p, m, Atlantic
email apple even thought the small apples Arrive 1 al a .. Sanford .. .. .. l av* 130 a. m Coast Line
Arrive 1'00 a. m. ,........, ... KnurprlM: ......................... Leave in no a. m
i y are desired by boarding bouse
keepers that want fruit for 'the table Passenger and Ticket Office 122 W. Bay St., Jacksonville.F. .

nnd by people with large families who F. M. IRONMONGER J,.. A. O. P. A.. .hchonol1le. Fla PEOPLE ALL 1IW!
want a large number of apples rather rEMRKL, T. P A.. A. C. HAKKTV. O. K P *? OVER FI.ORlDA-f\ee tbe Atlantic Coast
Jirknonvlllf. Fla Pier Ko. 36 N. R, New Vo'k. Folder" foracbedulea\ to tbe JarneatowD Espoiltlon. Two dilly trill
than few large Rut these
i a apples O H.TAYLOR, r.T.)t. C. C. BIIOWM, U P. A.
people are never willing to pay'a cor- alto Broadway, New York. way with through Pullman buffet bleeping cam.

reM| >ndlngIy high/ price for the small L. D. JOVEB Jaokwmvllle; T F.,A Fla i, 1 L. S. BCROBUC.C.A.Mwhiirc. Fla. Season sixty days and fifteen days limit ezotirilon tickets Iln al"dlJ1i)

applet, and therefore the commercial W.O COOPER, h., F.A, MILNR.U. F. A.; April IDth to Nov 30tb, at'low rates Coach exouralona at very low iti. I
jaokaoDvllle, Fla. 811 N. R.,New Yolk
value Is not Increased I y this demand 0 P. LOVELL.Agent,Jackaonvllle,Ito. .

A medium Bleed apple Is tbe one that GENERAL OFFICES,PIer 36,North River. Branob,290 Broadway, N.Y. '
For further Information arise
Is most wanted.-Iaulall Farmer tee your! nearest railroad agent or
CIIAS.. II. ALTON, Agent, THusvllle: lirla.MalloryLines. ,

.. .. _. 37x> tn.lc.: Uoylston,
Cur** plead, Skin' PUMMC Canror.Grmtoat .
untLRa Hlnml Purifier Free.. DlatHot Paiaenger Agent,' Atlantic Coast: line,

brilliant rove flower* are produced In If your blood I I. Impure, thin diseased, JACKSONVILLE,' FLOSIDBACKACHE
I f. great profusion In large clusters from iol or full of humor, it 3'olllJl\V blood

rff fane until late lu tbe all. Kiich Individual poison cancer, carbuncles, eating aoira.lorofulu t

! v flower menmire about ;wo enema, ItoMuK rising and

.1 1 locbra In diameter. The petal are bumps, scabby, Imply skin, bon. Pup., _
aometlmeu twisted Like all ixjlyauthdroaca tatarib, rheum"tlllIDIIany lilixxl 0' akindisease.
P i I take Hoiaalo mood SPECIAL P ASS EN GER. EXPRESS 0'II '
Auny Muller la InimenaLly val. Balm (B. liU STEAMSHIPS I
r .). Soon all aorea heal, acbenand pain Iln
uable for and cul ,
pota open 'IlI
atop and the blood la made and .
pure Largest and moat thoroughly the
ture. It U a grand coat In every ret Druggist equipped passenger steamships on coast.
or by express (I per large
poet and ante to gain tbe admiration bottle, 8 bottles for |J 60 or 0 bottles for -NO OVERCROWDING. d

of Ronleners as well as aOl teUrB.- f;;. Sample free by writing Blood Halm "
wrote for
Gardening Co, Atlanta, (Ia. D. li. 1(. i* especially IMPORTANT :you advice, writes Lelia
advised for chronic, deep.seated cases, a.It > M no ticket will be sold to exceed the number of berths, of Sylvia Tenn. "abput backache and

S all of I'otlfU l'l.a'. cures after all else fall*. or the seating capacity of Dining Hall, thus Insuring all passenger Indlvldua my terpble
service and attention. monthly pains In abdomen and shoulders. I IIJ
t Tobacco left vel pulverized and aprln- ___ my
Knmri of
kiwi on the top of the loll of potted Fruit Tree
suffered doctors
this and five
plant not only furnish food for plants, Several years after planting au or- :JPASSEXQERS LEAVE JACKSONVILLE EVERY FRIDAY, way years J

but ft-e also a preventive against those chard It la Dot unlikely that the farmer (See Schedule of Sblpa In Florida Time-Union; had failed relieve me. On your advice I aook
unless bo has ,
i' blraome little white and voruis destructive which to Ire plnnti so trou-Every > Ions will be nimble to distinguish one LOWEST HATES TO NEW YORK AND ALL POINTS NORTH Wine of Cardui, which at once relieved my pains

I one who cultivate house plant variety from anotber.except.of course, Including delightful DAYLIGHT MAIL through the and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that
there I II II.'hlo cllireietice In the
knoa that In order to keep the plants FAMOUS "SEA ISLANDS .
I, growing and bloxnlng nicely the geed habit. of growth mid color of bark of Cardui saved my life:"
the tree. And It 1 well
that the fruit :
poda should ho l removed as soon a* the Through tloketa sold to all northern point For full Information

flowers fade and tune loaves removed as tree lrI'owt'rlhoull In his orchard! know .the says acute the of every Farm ructions offered by no other line; dlagiauis, reservatlns tickets, etc.,regarding apply to at It is a safe and reliable' remedy for all female, : ff

coon as they begin to die or turn J el-
y low Instead of throwing these pods Journal Several, method are employed J, H. IRONMONGER, JR., 122 West Bay Sret Jacksonilllc, Florida diseases! Such as peri- III.I.'
for this orchardlstsuse .
Many .1
..t oDd leavts away, ai Is the uiunl practice labels, but they fade out and If attached --.-.-- -.. -. --. '- -.. -. odical pains, irregulari TREE ADVICE .., .. .
them Into the soil containing if 'q. I.t
3t press Write ui trl ft ,
the plant from which they have, by strings are often lout while ty dragging down sensations w .vm nlomy rnJ lie M" ,.; IS
t wIre fastenings work Into re..Advireln sx
the vood
been removal 1'lnnti treated In thi.I : 'r yliln "
j A convenient Is Ferry Sctdiarc ,/ headache dizTMChnitendonpMeJlunel.I ....
1 plnu make out a M 'EJEVllof[ TODAY" -
I way used to have tbelr soil re- sot aa expert* I
1111"nl bod.-0. n lu Indiana .'ormer.I..b rough map of the orchard with good rmf ,bat wlthpropVrcuttf ; ziness, backache, etc."o gaT.na. 'ea.
paper and Ink, allowing the location of atlonlhey.run sneteu ., .
from the start, Uren h.ve lie ,
Urowtng in all lailetloa. with ago, date of plantIng doubt at planting nor diup- I11. th an4 CSurch. Bocyroletmenn.t lety a.e4
I bln :nr
th*. ftor h. harmt Gel : "; < ''r+ ..y .iic ohie, Xv 'II
cf Tryst
name nursery and other \\KOful110t..s. At
b r1nvl.aLqr Every Drug Store In bottles. ]
The great danger: I In reach growing :j n.ranumG.ndinall I $1.00 "
It such n man Is kent wlth'tllI' eoml oo. of IU* Vitfal I and mctlioifi. of "
' In the north U a ponnlblllty of heavy !q II 1 npaq them, AarnlnannGtnrav.yolmPt
winter same care as other VlhlIblPOl1..'... It n,. aniw n a'i.: ? wrmli" end niin.
frreslnit Tree once badly fro- will prove a great help Thl hook I- :'"tvln*..n Imm...... ", I.. IC
zen will\ never fully recover The cur- tit wanl of e. ll (lie......* book with WINE I
cullo U. not couxldored a terloim peat a I tin* S Pul; *-H' lon Bonkt htr .
More DaaB'roue Than Scale, Iw-d I*r family* dTcacluu-sEiblea.. CataHU .
not may to some extent be ireentedbr for DIevet anrt, beN trop.- i : ;-r, CARDUITHE I I
The brown or Hack aphis U a far .tabde.l. F.mauforo.er .
1'' n ''I' .. .,
thorough pruylng with ttordeaux Fryean.lU07NWSn.na1 ) y n"' k.mo .rand '
mote troublesome and tlnugvroua Insect! i o.'W' *' hw airwita :
mixture tree as rrque.t ,
before the bud In the an been lwka7r01
oven with
% Writ*today.
to tbo peach than tbo stole This Insect D, M. FERRY A C0.,
'' eprlng True nOfectedlth tbe yel aotnetlmeie works on the young D.eron.Mloh. n E. Luther Publishing! Co. :: I

lows should le dug up and burned growth of the tars but the chief damage I 12-i4-lb Tf In,ty Avt. Atlanta, Ga. If
The San JOHO scale U .
tbo most serious
I.. done underground, when It attacks r 11 I II.
peat and seeroa to have a "pe<'Ul preference OFFI( I., ,
the roots, sapping the lifeblood ADVOCATE JOB PRINTING :111'
for .
bench trees The limo sulphur
of the tree, tauulng a lingering but .
pray U considered most effective. I Il'rofel")1' / ...
sure death. Many a tree has been
F A. MaughTnhrrnn condemned as dying of pillows when COAST ADVOCATE PRINTING OFFICE .1:,

tho cause was the black phls at the

Begonias of the. tuberous nBO>lil.claas. tbat roots When this Insect attacks a tree, Does all Kinds and Description of 1 Headquarters
and as It sometime does the whole
were kept In pota over winter be ,
may -
I orchard, there Is little chance of saving
started up, giving them fresh soil a
It. Heavy applications of tobacco dust
little later, those out of soil to to JOB PRINTING,
or stem to the roots have been
recommended -
r ted. Seed may be.sown to roiflct flowering but iny experience with this :ToTo ,='ri .tirig 'Dt"
: plants u e late In summer
remedy baa been failure.-E. S Black.

N 4.

4 4rtl

.1. .. r.. ,w, ;y ., e.tSMI'i' ,1

..,. 'ey 9'r ,r, ;,S .





oT t>Ta neTgbFxlre operates the/ drag

ROAD WORK IN TEXAS[ after each rain. The drag Is a,great I
Travelers Hotel device for dirt roads It does most ef'fectunlly
[ the work of filling the ruts .ALTO T I

1 -On the American and European Plan- and holes and keeping soft dirt thrown .

Inder new ma..3.jtemltDt. Newly furnished and renovated. A pleasant Value of a Co-operative Plan For to the center without disturbing tie

Lm::'y home. oarsform American Statlon Plan atop: and *door, European, Mtets travel packed .aurface.ROADMAKINu .
Ind ap All Union at the Improving Highways. M


>be:1outllu1l1 located Riverside Hotel at Urecn, Cote Springs, Is under the GREAT BENEFITS DERIVED. SELFLOCKINGI
Combination of Rocks Betttr Than the
-- -
Use ef On. Kind. J

TITUSVILLK Community Club Formed-How a Lit. An Important fact lu connection\ with

tie Stretch of Road Built by Busm*** good road uiaklui has Nt-n developedby
cite ottlce of pulillo made, time
Men of Demean and Farmer Has
I U a hlngtoi\ Star. One of the most Important I .ACKLE:
Proved Great Educator.Denison .
a mutters lu roud building baa '
Sterling TITUbVILLE, nOlrrr>..
e a thriving Texas !aowu la I t>eeu the formation of a good top surface r I

letting n tplemlld pate In road liuprxrnrneiit that will hold to l'ther'I'll.. It
has been found that by the proper
through a cooperative plau BLOCK.
located In the famous INDIAN RIVIK ORANGE combination of common rocks it Is
: t-EOTIOS'. that l Is exciting niuth comment
tbrough-I' loll lble to get a much better wearing
out the state ami that In
surface than by the use of a slnglo port
ThI IIOUKC la actloally new, having born eniliely rebuilt dons In being followed with flue ef of rock and nmterlal that MM very un-

feet My W. W. Anderson lu the Good saUnfactory when used alone tuuv lilt : J

[ the past summer, many more room added, plazri Roads Magazine, tame month valuablehen \
luring erected ago very used la combination II a new and great Invention, a* It sales time, money and labor It will work
the Deulaou board of trade fouud that with something else. It baa taken horlsontally, upside down or at lilY nnlel" It I II lniw| ...klhle for the rope to slip
conveniences Installed
jiudall modem] and has been while DeuUou was progressing a* a a good deal I of what "practical" farmers when looked, and no lever or lilirgf-r tripe attachment U used In this device.

railroad and Indimtrlal renter Ha volume and some statesmen would call There 1 I le only one heist, :lower mid Tuck Ilia load, and It IN ImpoMlble for the rope to
-COMPLJTELnEFURSI8UED_ of country trade had not Increased fancy sclonHe" tu develop the fart*. jam or chafe, and there I* nothing I to Ret art of order: In Ibis original tackle block.

I with Its imputation end other Je\cl- It has been known for a long time May beieenat the Ai>vooATKufllo TltimvllU; and are for sale by the At-

Accommodations of. the belt. Rates: $3.10: a day am] up, OplUlIt.n Investigation revealed that that granite or diabase, while n lined lan'lo Supply Co., Kant hay street, .Uoksonvtllo Fla.

the CIUIHO won IU liu-k of goad roads.
weekly and monthly rate.. -
pedal The county authorities wero appealedtd

In ,vein the rood P U. WALTON, Propr. Inadequate') to the demands fur maintaining -
the bridges and making minor
- --- -
repnlr ou the hundreds of miles of

81ARIEIJE.: road lu the county The county eontlits -

form a road crew for each of the r r

four ('omml.lont'rM' UNH'inct, but they ,I I

pet; over the roads with the grading s

e Breakers bEA REE/E' FLORIDA, outfit only once every six: or seven
''JIt ,, years No permanent Improvements'
could he) undertaken
and through Inck
delightfully situated upon n bold bluff overlooking the Atlantic of liidhldual Interest the ix'oplo neglected THIS SHOW \ '
nd the famoua Ormond Daytona sea beach. It"I a half mile from the I the road aftor they were graded I y }
rand Halifax River, and two miles from Daytona lallway station, to which( and they noon vent down. THE
olnt tickets should be purchased OF ,THE
Iieulnon deteimluod to do something '
Flailing from the ocean piers, or from the long bildges upturning: the /
: Sp
tallies liver affoids rare tporl !Smut bathing U expeclally tare on this and what she him slate accomplished WALTONPAT
[each, and there are excel loot accommodations for bathers. tin* worked wonders for the city and |, 14W3 .A. TMtSC: ARE OUR

j The Pavilion, Bowling Alley and Bathing Koorns connected with the has won the oinmetidfltlon of thinking j ; BLOCK PATENT LONG
[larendon have been leased to Mr. W, W. Wood and will be operated during people throughout the state TV. I
tbe season for tbe guest of Ibe Breaker, and the summer residents of LflrUn secretary of the board of trade, ROLLER BEARING

eabreezu and Daytona Ueach generally. Dancing and other amusement proposed' a po-opetHtlTO plan through t 14 5MCAVE5
i>\lll be arranged. nhlrli the biinluptu. men of Denlson a s t
table will be for the of tbe Breakers
A generous spread guests and
nod the fnrmeis should work togetherto !
special attention will be given to the I prepeiatlou of sea food. cadet the county authorities in innk- .

For further Information address, JAS. P, VININO, Manager lag; Kutmtnntlnl linprotenients. Secretnry '

Larkln went out among tho farm- ".. i' I.\

Jll:NDI:nSONYnLB. y. c. pi"., attended and addressed meeting j h ,I

toAlo IUBFArlU WIT.I LUlu'rUIiK aaaADAM. "

R .,.
NOKin CAROLINA .11 .a .gM ,, ixKk, 'Ot illfUcult to bond auder the
road roller and consequently a IkJor
A three story, front patch, 20x00 feet, adorns the entire front of tie hotel I surfacing material Hut It win found
the guests: one of the lineal promenades possible, and the views from the
that by mixing llnieMone with It the ; ;
|our I II a revelation.
jou are seeking a quiet'genteel hotel, In the mountains for a few weeks I bonding valiio vas greatly Increased
1 pleasure, write us for.rate, etc. I I The practical application of Ibis was Y .1
WM. HE rt'ITT, Prop. I to treat the surface of the granite :
I roads with n top dressing of limestone
t. !I screenings. As shown by laboratory
LIN VI1X1% :N. C.
tests, the granite alone hud a bonding

I value of six The limestone alone had THOUSANDS OF THEM SELLING JN I'lIR NEW ENGLAND STATItf.

,, a landing \alno of twenty Nc w, In
Bola! Inn LtNVILLE. X. C. the scale of values anything mi low as -For all kind of tiulutmiiAk, where Tackle Block Is used--

> (Mitchell County) ten is regarded ns |x>or material.
A TKIA9 BPLI LOt DBAO. I I Twenty fair forty In. good and anything .

In the mountains of Western North Carolina, altitude 3,8':; feet. jeld nt country sohoolhoiwea presented above fifty Is excellent It was
Delightfully cool climate all through the summer month MM proposition and uignnlzed community I found that when the limestone and the
Trout FI.hloi.Golf Link and Tennis Court. Theseluha ', granite\ were combined they bad a cementing
_____- good rondft clnln WaKon-Vinlon Patent Roller Bushed SheavesIii
appointed committee to solicit subscriptions I taluo of I'hrbt.two. Ho the
-=OP:ENS JUNE 10TII- from the farmers and gave value of the fact brought out la apparent

them the privilege; of working out on ., ,
Reached over tire Southern Railway to Johnson City, thence via. East the road the amount witmcrlbed, $3 per I The fads are brought out In a rather
Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad to kfontezuma Station day being allowed for tenor and driver.A technical) reH>it of Professor A. H.Cuxlmian .
where carriages from Eneeola Ion meet all trains. tush fund was raised In the city and Prevent Hublmrd of the

BOWEN A LEE Manager and wn used In constructing substantial road office on "Tho Decompoxltlon ofreldnpars"
stone culverts sod lu paying for The report Itwlf does not

engineering and other skilled work. j make very Illuminating reading for the
NI3W YOIUC. The county authorities were asked toput laj'man, but the essential fact IM regarded

a crew on the road and render such j i iiiutlHtnuie a* of great practical Importance

tel Marlborougli done, und asim In a little posiilblo while work This was Wall !' How te Clean Whits B..v.r Hsts.

well! under way on what 1* known as ,
Clean white beaver hats by scrubbing
Broadway, 30th and 37th Streets, New York.fompletely the enlsoii and Carpenters' Bluff I with dry. powdered magnesia.Use ; .
Renovated and tiansforrned la every mtment.: Mont ceo road The road Improved. j, D perfectly clean brtinti: brush It Iii ,
I ly located hotel on BroadMay, ELECTRIC LIGHTS and IKLEI'IIONE Though one of tlia most traveled. I well In. leave for half nn hour then
I n v i 1
Ybr, notorious as one of the worst' l
: room In the house was brush out again llcpcat If necessary :
tUKOPEAN PLAN. 400 Rooms 200 bath room- Rate: tUO and up- roads In the country It linn tiovV been I, --- .. .. -
N without bath |2 and upward with bath. Parlor, bedroom and bath $::1 )niade n. good all an enrth rond can bo < Dad
upward. Parlor, two bedroom and bath .5 and upward. made ,1t.ll well graded and well I I Symptoms.
SWEENEY-TIERNEY IlOl'EL COMPANY drained, and Its stone rulverts are tho I The woman'who ha* periodical boad-
aches, baikachn IMM-S Imaginary dark
E. M. TIERNEY, Manager. dent ever constructed oil a public roa'll
siesta or simck* floating or dancing I boforolier
In the county. As may be expected! I eyes, hayeniwlnj dlstreb or heavy:
the benefits already derived by Deni- full feeling jltomach, faint spells, drag-
son and community have bl't'll'er1 ,Inr-down cling In lower abdominal or
[John B. Stetson UniversityFOUR great, but erhaps the greatest good j pelvic.... on. eailly startled or eiclted.
has come througb the Inspiration that Irr"lu I' or painful period*.with or with
Rae spread throughout the Ita tehlll' out i via an cat erangentenuihaithouldi rrb, I Is tuffprlng 'fromwsakol

one little stretch of road has been a e. y a i ntlon. Not all of above These long Roller Bearing Sheaves, which ire' looked upon a* the greatestantifriction
COLLEGES AND FIVE TECHNICAL SCHOOLS. great educator It bn demonstrated symptom I likely to be present In any roller bearing In the world, are without cages; to bold the rolls ID
the value of good roods Jit a mOlt IrarenMlvo cu"atr n Ime.Nl'gl (place and therefore are far more durable and run with far Irs friction than the
D LAND, FL/V, > way The enthusiasm of the 1 caws f a 11 run or badly Into maladlc treated which and such de- old.style cage. Tbe sheave raiting are made solid, standing double the strain of

farmers and the business men of then! man ne iiurgoon't knife If they do not the skeleton Iron sheave.,
[ffiliated with the University of Chicago. c .A.*. once nrniiHMl ntli--.<-.r pommunlleu ream. d.lly
y I '
>it m Hllfln' exttyit P.H ftirh a, )ongpiiin.
'I.G!: op LIBERAL AKTS-TI.6 (tandems are there of the UnivewltV of CklfssnI flee, and other claim were formed to a rcniy-. ,,r.i oi gurca in s i.i{
I,t "' nw receive their degrees from bOIl Stetson und tblosgo. See the Chicago and take up the work on their respective pa TE' r' >. vnrlLH Tr
roads im rapidly as tbey could be ? ill.I' II INa M I' nl1 TIIK
|I'tt HiK: i OP..,uor .LAW-Grtduatei of Ibis College Ire silmittcd to Incllc.i.. In Florid readied. Time some plan U being employed I .1 r Walton Self-Locking Block Co

: AJlT'I-Mef'banlul.' road out of Denlson,
1':1.1: Ttrnvnionir AMI SCHOOL (IF MKCHANIC ; on another I .
'. :'ltlne'lnlC and 1I1.DUI&nt.lul f oourw. wmlliiK W tI"....... Fine new bujl. and as soon a..* It I Is completed another t he very 6's t lutimlinjl. ,
L men'. knownfi\ medical science for the cure ofwoman'
.... will bo taken
metbtod. np.
.R.fE: < hy '
P HI all It* hmnrheii Hooksnylnr peculiar ailments enter Into Itscomposition. ( .
rltlng. lilectav..our.ee open In other Pejsrlniei tl. large Faculty sadm' Merchants say that the volume of No alcohol harmful, or 4XI Atlantlo Avenue, IONMASS.
Jing.f1' trade from the community penetratedby bslilt-formlngdrng' Is to be Ion IK! In the
*tr.'TOKr ACADEMT-OniduaM-pr.."ured to ester lUrrwd Val. JYInceton, the Carpenter Bluff road has been list of IU Invrtxlfent: printed on cacti
t1 n..,l.me .. ..,
g. uu a"ft.I-ol. (;oJIb. bottle-wrspix aril attested under oalh
8.14 .INI, MODEL Clloom-l. Kln.Ur,.n.n In IM own halldJajf.' ', Primary.nol doubled this. season. Farmers soy the I In any condition of the female! system, s
I l In ....a,... bulldl jf. ,'1'hea. IIcbnoll l especially prepare ",10110 11..1 cost of placing their produce on Vibe I"r .l'l"rl't"vorlte Prescription/ can do IF YOU WANT A...
been reduced one- harm.
lie arlfe,11: 4 ,ieeoe.eepip.o,< study. tbe whole female and
system especially
,atntrel.F.wStudio.;: soettycute, models,.to. comfort and convenience of the travel. I the iwlvla organs. \>h>>rt them are dote I .
faculty 01 1s .ol..ra.rs and jn."urto. That .botd. degtwn from the,Caheslty eowdohn, 'bese glowing statement spread rajv riingxd fimrtlon or affected >>y dlnnann" ,
1 ,n,. Yrlwtgrrtmemh.olumblaTnrnnto, wake Flmst.I Loutrrillr items are over Idly, The newspsiwrs of the state are the.tmmseh and otIwr organ of digestion' .Building Lot
lugssude.inieueut 1'nlvtnlty of a/lehig.n.. Ienuamn. end Dllllln.other. doll.r.Cuirenities... ......nleul; .n enol"-' making the newt of the aiumunltlon btunme sympatlu-tltally deranged, the .. ,
'Iuar.r and of
: p'.7 I.cluding atalned Blurnlnaeseloaoete iwrve are wcskenwd. a long list
'o: aolumueo; a I with cwtl furnbainv.: thus furnished and are tiring hot shot bad, unpleasant follow. Toommrri
rll '
:: :: ::, : /' "" ; symptoms
i ; bum gridiron tendea swma'and ,ada gospel that Is reaching mint not bo .111fIC..J| of this r1a.write .
I Id running tram-a.thou).......,'.. hall allo'Dnd and laliea of good s'
other aporta a' batadlnte for Iueu sad eournl: ten lurgn Columns of Prmvrlptlon.* It will not perform or a lot with a fUULDIVa READY FOR (IHCUI'ANCY
the lIewlOJHIM"l'i.po"
and people.
': 7, I hyaie., lfaoae,1ulogy. Mlneraayry and Rlology t rmsrat large.meseaea... ,.... ,,,.,. ', mlrscleot will not corn tumors-Ise med
... I devoted to -
elu, PI"rtrl "II..ales IM last enarnut walks. shall ,.. brosd lettuavse hue been Irma will. often prevent tbeqi. LAND >OM AN ORANGE OKOVK,
: ,
. "'uLlwr7s.dtTeesmetallitersr: and I : 7b.luestloa/elwaalifllt mu.ital.rallother: : studeuts'climb.aid bsItbful::: tslur. tad die Ion cooperative road bnllcUnir plan' taken In time and thus the operating IM 2 KAri'LX f'LANTATIONorTRUCK GARDEN
not sectarian table and
w teaching.. anal It Is regarded as a great atrld to- surgnuo's knife lUll buavnklml.
sty of efectlve VV. probably :JvveforsAleJunt({ wlist ou are fl8e1 Clews.folders and Infornstloa,address tbe President, want fue **taWI hment a more \Yumentnderlnrf from diseases nf longstanding }
Ph.D. road system In Texas.It sre Invfuxl to consult DoctorPkrce Hettlem{ ale flocking: |La but still there I.roem If yon are
LINCOLN HULLEY.A..M., milT |M> stated In conclusion that by "letter./rr: All Corte.pnndenre| '
being well cared for. I ii held s* strictly, private and arri'dlvennfldontlsl. lacking' tliU ws)', drop a line to
Fla. these roads are
DeLand Addretf Dr. U. V. Pierce, ,
TIre split tog drag has been employed buffalo.: ; N.-y. ', JAS.' E. INGRAHAM,3rc VIC .PrfddeDt,
-------:: ..... with excellent: effect Time Unproved I.. In. Ploree's Medics Advisor( pace) ,
roads are divided Into mile sections |I .Is 9nt fret on receipt of 21 ontcrnttumps "q' "IIXHIPA EAST O.A8TR'Y. .
-'D OCATE OJl'rICF. UI'-To-DATE WORK each section being placed In charge' ofsome for psper-eoverml.; or 31 stamps
JOB PRINTING DOES. for lUrth-bouud' copy Address a* abov '+T ATTOUHTINF.EWJr FLAw
farmer who, taltbf\ assUtanc_ ...

.....:..+-. sh
a'a.. "a
va .p rt q r t *.. .,
-'- h 6 : .v ramtI bd /t,
2.* w r

I ,. -. ....... ,",>'''IRfVil"" ..JJfr'W' "r.isf ."tr"Jijppnrh o _.'......' -, V" ''''''11'__, ._. ,.. """ .'f!, ," .. -.... .. ," 1I.. "lr1'r """" '?' ", ",
1 >> .. .", ;
J"I, :. :-n"' n 't', .- .;,::, r. jR; ''o4, '..JI"r'; "
If ,
. !.
,;, 4 .J I:

f 'j i V


--- '-- -
....................................................:, NNNNNNNN mJOS NeNNNNNINNN NINQIN"


: w..*........ : Our stock embrace many smart design In : Viewed i In GentlemerisCltt
h Doings of the Legislature as

t w Seals and Fancy Stone Rings, Masonic Rings : t Our Clothing n,. ,' ,

w: Elk Rings. Etc. Write for Catalogue. : I by our Special Correspondent. i : been Constant bettered prop J,, .!b'weryap,

1 i ii .yyY...... ......................YVTTYYYTTT.TTTY.TYY....... .................................. ........_..._...yy.......yy.yy..TTTT............eww.eaw.......&.... ............ vancement is .hb Watch and

; i IC A; ?< ( JV(O.> I sATIaCACTIOx wanted these here-this Is nece all/to' i
able valuable time was on I
t Tallahassee Fla June 2nd. '
I OR tain the standa. ;
superfluous measured before they were .tI i supe,
JEWKIFKS: A MLVFHBMITIIS, I MONEV RJCFUNOED, The long agony l la over, and the Legislature : killed iet; t. ; ; which we Insist S' y i 41 Went Day St. Jacksonville, Fla. after a useless and expensive The various County division bill all I our garments. TreN,
sesnlon of 00 days frittered Itself away came to Jiief, although at one time It '
**************************************************** Into oblivion last Friday night. looked as. If the Pinches proportion the" style and ca> ., ., hand,
j '
The closing hour were marked bv would pan out : of custom-tallol ce garm
I '- the usual confusion and baste All The Tampa fair bill wa rushed .s yet they are sofa at

_;, Robbins & Graham Co WEDDING AT BONAVENTUREThe through the evening the House from through\ the Senate at the last moment- r s r prices. pot
: time to time took a recess, while wallIng a result that was due less to the merits
following announcement was re on the Senate to end over some( of the measure> than to the heroic exertions If you want the atest gocx
(Incorporated) eel veil at the ADVOCATE office on Tuesday : Important measure for concurrence of the Tampa delegation Such

PAID UP CAPITAL tl: ,OOO.OO I Late In the. evening Mr. MacWIIIIira\ men a* '1/ord" Brown, I'eler Knight, CLOTHING
"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eugene Mime of tit Johns, was put In the chair on Senator Crane Jack Knight and Tom (FINE SHOES
TbUcompany own have the honor to announce the marriageof motion of Mr. Knight,. of Columbia, Wier have erased from their bright ,
their daughter, Miss Susie Cooper, to wben he proceeded to deliver himself lexicon all traces of the word 'failure," r
:I-: .A. 3iT 3D: S, Mr. Homer Eugene Wakefield, on Tuesday of a very witty and humorous address, and It Is much to be regretted l that the HATT, HEN'S ft BQemb0'

a the Indian Rivet Country; On the fit the ttb of June, 1007, Le Rameaux, In which he liftoff with telling: effect the Immigration and good roads bills did 4 'y's
Uonaventure, Indian,River, Fla." ways and manners of the various mem nut! have a few such hustler behind
Lncle River; at New River and on Bay The charming; bride and groom were bers. I them. 's Yx FURNISH
{ Blseayne. Price to nit the time In lltncvllle on Tuesday afternoon for The Inevitable presentations had been In falling\ to make any provision whatever / :
; made the eight before,Speaker Mathews for either roads w

a while on their war to Sanford and good or I
at the most
Send for Land List. other. place, en route North. being the recipient I of a handsome silverservice the Legislature certainly fell short : .f fit ifrtuoaB reasonable pii
while the attaches honored him call on or write ,
us Havlnt
Office at Tltusvllle and :MIami. Fla. the lofty standard set np for It two ;
._ with, a cut glass act month ago; by some hopeful Individuals, opened up all our
The 4th of June will be the annlverversary In the Senate, President Harris a* and the people Florida, kliould bold 3S ** Summer line
of one of the prettiest wedding presented with silver pitcher. There their *o called "representatives," to a CftrTiklclMfWsy we have the li
East Coast Meat Market : of the MotHon at Uoiarenture, Indian wa the usual How of oratory. Both of strict accountability for the court cmusspstfs. t CO./ est stock of goods on thel
.I River, Fla wbere Mlsi Susie Cooper the presiding officer have distinguished pursued In the direction. 'plM Melee Coast of Florida, Prompt
Mimi and Professor Homer Eugene: themselves by their onrteay and Impartiality I To turn up the result of the session s.mst M..e New Vtra tentlon given mall orders
G. F, DUREN, Agent. Wakefield were united In the holy bonds and laid down their gavels Friday Is easy TheLealelsturehaedonelittle

.., of matrimony by the Rev. J. B. Hawk, night with the tile em and good will, ofall or nothing: worth doing. It has passed
13: of Melbourne and Eau Gallle. concerned.As two important bills-the drainage act
.9.. .. v oY the wedding march was played by ha already beeu Indicated In this and the railroad tax measure-that tbe Winston STitusville. Branninl
u.ac- :M11i1 Gertrude Mime, promptly at 10.30: correspondence, the Legislature 1307, beat lawyer In the state say are not
::> S>> a, m., when the bride and groom: march haa hardly covered itself with glory.It worth the paper they are written on. Florida.
paS ed Into the beautifully-decorated room. has been wasteful, alike of time lad It bas scattered the people's money ,

=- At the. conclusion of the ceremony the money. Bills on all conceivable subject with a lavish band, and has cost the ._._, ,
--- -- -- -
-- -- --- --- -- -
->> bride and groom received the congratulation have been poured lusts rate that would people of the state about( tMOOa: day, -- ---
and bent wishes of their relatives have kept the crowd here another 60 and has by Its reckless waste and pro-
and friend, of only a few were Invited, day, had any attempt been made to fusion, made necessary a state tax. levy
owing to the unavoidable absence of the take them all Into consideration. of 7Ji mlln.) The pension and higher
_='. .c..-...' parents of the bride, the lion. K. E. It was prophesied by some of the education bills alone will eat up the John R. Walker & ft
Mlms and wife. who are In Georgia- for political soothsayer before the opening belt part ot a million dollars and while .
ty their health. Of the session, that, while the governor both ere la themselves worthy measures, ---- -- -..--- -- ...
TITUSVILLE FLORIDA.. The rooms were beautifully decorated might be able to handle the House, be they should both be vetoed, simply because .J
; with rose, fern, llllloi, vines and beautiful would rind the Senate beyond bin the people of Florida cannot TIIIC iEI'AItTM1NT STOItKCAhlUES
palm, which showed an artl.I'staste But when, on Thursday last the test afford to spend that much money -
In the arrangement: came In the upper House, it wa soon One of the worst traits of this remarkable .
,"THE ANHEUSER BUSCH,, The presents were many and costly, teen that the governor had wlth,hira a body, hat been the weakness shown A FULL LINE OF<
one table being covered with cut glare, majority of the Senator by certain members for committee
i two table with telling silver, one with The test came when Senator Massey clerks, and I am sorry to say that some
Brewing Asso's band.painted china (some specimens offered an amendment to the bill creating legislators bad no hesitation In having Goods
Olotla.in.gr IDr3r
over 100 ,earl' old), one with. band a special Commission to Investigatethe members of their own families put on ; ,
made lace, table linen and otter luxuries I. I. Board all over again I making the pay rolls, at $6 a day; and It I is alfact
of a> cultivated home. One band made its members elective, ether than appointive that some of these committees bad Notions, Millinery\ Shoes, Ornts' Furnishings Etc. We represent trod<<
Famous flt tool Keg and Hot- quilt deserves especial mention, being The adoption of this amend' prnctkjlly little or nothing to do. In l largest and best'lallor-Made Clothing: house In Ameilra
tied Re r. the loving work of montbiof- a near relation ment was bitterly resented by the minorIty striking contrast to all the, Is the
of the groom. as rejection upon the present members course pursued by Senator Crill, of Pu t.
Among the friend present from a distance of the aforesaid Commission To man, by all odds the ablest roan In either F'urz-siture:
JOSEPH ZAFF & CO. were noticed Dr. Sarah C. )lode.eon make matters worse' Senator Hudsjo House, who, at chairman of the "
of Eau Gallle; and Mrs. Moon, of then put In an amendment which virtually Senate Committee on finance and taxation
House and Office Furniture of all Kinds 'and Description.
DeLand. for session and
provided an extra did his own clerical work-and It
Sole Distributors Refreshments were served> after theCel'emoo" It I le generally believed that, bad theminority was Leavy-sooner than employing a
and the happy bride and 1 led by sncb men as Harris clerk .at the public expense. But such : I-3ardware':
groom: left for an extended trip through( Adams Beard and Colll, revolted and men as Dr. Crlll are none too common "
610 to 6JO( Welt Day Street the North, vUltlng the Jamestown Exposition blocked the passage; of tbl Com mine!on In nay community, '

,. Washington, D. C., and other bill, such a session would have been There ls always more or less political A. Full 1.10'; of Heavy ,and Shelf Hardware, Ship Chandlery, Huntell'
+i [JACKSONVILLE places, ere they return in the tall. called at once. fruit ripening In Tallahassee, and R. Everything needed by the FUherman '
a Their numerous friends tender hearty But wiser counsels prevailed, and the Hudson Burr, of the Railroad Cqmrols-
congratulations to the nappy pair. in Commission bill, after a long and stormy lion, I* already out for Governor. In !' ,
'. &.. which the ADVOCATE joinsMARRIED debate wa passed Friday, ae amended tula be appears to have stolen a march Grocer5..es"A :
N.. Senator Hudson, It should be explained, on the lion ,T, A. Jennings, who autbor.
bad withdrawn his amendment In the ly-ed the
WANTEDS"1'10111 following Interview In the Full and Complete Stock of Staple and Fancy (Oroceilo.
Interest.ae't: harmony. The bill 1 was Tampa Timer, and the Pentaoola New
then by the House, and Qov.Broward of Saturday.: This Interview wa written
On Monday evening, at Oak Hill), Mr. had scored another point Thursday night, and reached Tampa
William I'. Howes and :Miss Nettle This investigation business ha so Friday. night, so that Mr Jennings; Send ;your prder andhave your need Oiled at once. A trial *H
to know that w. chip Coutant were married, there being a far proved to be a perfect faice The reality decision
came to a one day ahead since you of the great saving both In and trouble, mule by ord(*
number of relatives and friends of the Committee money
out on the next train ill order present. report joint to look of Mr. Borr."TaUaballlee.
I tor WhltklM WhiM, Beer and After the. ceremony the happy pair were Into the affair of the Board of Interval May 30-So much has your merchandise from THE DEPARTMENT STORE
Malt and that w. tell better given a great ovation, and at night they Improvement was to rotton that one of been said, pro and con, of the Intention

goods for lees money than any left for the Sterling, Tltusvllle where, the tnemliArs. Carter of AlaeLiia.: absolutely Of Ion. r. A. Jennlnira of P nnaRnln. In .... .......... ...... ....A &A& & & & _ & & & & & ................
other hntiM In Florida or else\ they remained until Tuesday afternoon, refused t.ollinituCoDaider: n-1I the coming campaign-hie 'chance* In ... ..................ww.sawi ....... .n'i

whore. It yon want prompt and en route to their future home la Ocala. that thus Investigation was carried on at the gubernatorial race have been so i H. O. UTLBV,feneral vManagor. 1>H, K. R. BLAKBWOOD,Reglsterix DnuJ: '|
,, careful attention try the old e. a cost of over $30 a day, It must be widely canvassed throughout the state
tabllHhed hoiiM of admitted that the people were justified that the Times' correspondent determined .
The following( marriage announcement In expecting. something more lor their I to see Mr. Jennings-who has
+ : HAN NE BROS. was received at this oflloe yesterday> money than a mess of figure carefully been here several days-settled the mailer I i TITUSVILLE PHARMACY .
i morning, "Mr. Emma F. K ed announoM dished. up by two-ex pert accountant once and for all by putting the direct
= ,
the tnnrrlaira of her riauffhter. flraoa. :Nobodv really hnllnvM that hare !I., question-"Do
you mean to run for t.1
3 Established nearly 20 yean, to Mr. George William Booble, \Ve, i.eB: anything wrong about the iord, beyond Governor, or not?" .
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA day, June 5th, 11)07, Tltutvllle, Fla." the manner In which It ba been The question wa put all right, and : (Successor to the Red Cross Pharmacy; ) -
r ( : = The wedding took place at the rest accustomed to dispose of its )lands; and without a moment's hesitation, the t
; \A lIillIIlllIIlmIIlnLWest dance> of the bride' mother, on Palmstreet it Is difficult to tee why these lands .answer came, frankly and openly: 'TITUSVILLE.FLORIDA
at eight o'clock p. "nj' Wednesday should be disposed of at private sale "The !conditions appear to be entire o
tde and In many Instances, It Is said, at less s
K Wm.
v. Stones tying the
nuptial than their market value. ---A Complete Stock of-
knot. Only the relattvei of the fam I -
End The Commission which, caused so (Continued on page 4.J
Pharmacy .
fly were present.Mr. Rt
and Mr. Sooble have furnished much friction In the Senate to investigate PURE DRUGS AND DRUGGISTS SUNDRIES (

t' EAU GAI.L1FLA.\!: rooms at Mr*. Dodsou'a residence on and the Board, from ISM np to date, WEDDING AT COURTENAY. 1
itsexpenke account has been fixedat
; S. c> Hodgson M. D., R. P., Palm housekeeping> Street, and started at once to $ tlOO.( I'he whole business, however, t fs Prescrlptlons Filled with the '.

Proprietor. Both the bride and groom: have resided la a farce nt the worat inscription, and A very pretty wedding took place at i Utmost Care and PromptltudeVA
;t Corner of Young; and Houston Street In Tltusvllle nearly all their lives, the sum total of the Commission's findings St. Luke's Episcopal church, Courtonay,
and are very popular. W* join heir will lub: be worth what It will cost.: at eight o'clock p. m., Wednesday, June ORDER.
Complete Stock ot Drug and DrnggUt's host of friends In beat wishes for a long The of bfll.passed this session :5th, the contracting parties being Miss i WE WANT TOUR TRADE, GIYE US A TRIAL FI I
Nl i. Sundries, Cigar, /Malloncry, I'er life of connubial bliss and prosperity. already In the Secretary of states' office, Marlntha Jenkins eldest daughter of I
turnery, Toilet Articles, la :iOJ: but by far the greater number of Mr. II, H. Jenkins, and Mr. Marlon N1111N...................................1N
Souvenir Cards, these are either local measures or bill Whaley, both of Courtenay.
Candle, Etc Monday evening at the borne of Mr that the stater would be better oft with, The church was' beautifully decorated
and Mrs. Walter Brooks, on Georgia out. There are also some bills that are In green: and white by the friends of the PARKER::: E3EOS.. d t
Prescriptions street Jacksonville, Mr. Amy Monroe not yet In Mr Crawford's hands bride, nod many of her relative and
Carefully Compounded. and Mr. William Thomas Mather, of Take for Instance the bill taxing railroads friends were there. TITUSVILLE FLORIDA. rit
----- lltuivllle, were united In marriage by flU a mile. Irrespective of their The bride wa, dressed In white, Tin
Hev. J. C. Ley, pastor of the First financial condition, which I II by good dy, with handmade yoke and veil organ., and .Azxd: Slxbo-t; Iron 'VVorl'O u-
Hodgson Uros Methodist church The ceremony was lawyers, said to be clearly unconstitutional carried a bouquet of green: and white. TANKS OF ALL KINDS MADE TO ORDER
a very jnlet one, but very prettily car ,' and which, Is, at all e"enll10' She was escorted to the altar on her l'oOFING-TIN' AND ,\ .SIZED I>
ried out. The friends of the bride and j just. There I II tbfa
a general impressionthat tother'a
EAU QALLIE, INDIA.N'RIVER, FLA. groom will nte interested to learn of the the railroad of this state are not and arm lady, preceded of honor by who the bridesmaid BOAT rUMPS AND TANKS A SPECIALTY,
were also' "D
Marine Railway happy and will offer sincerest paying their share of the taxes Asa la whit' *. The lady of honor was hersister Dealers In BICYCLEd AND: BICYCLE :stXlojpetiir : .

Ueneral Merchant congratulation. nlon. matter of fact', they are paying much Hal\, and the bridesmaid -Gl -
p and 'VVorlLEL
Ship Chandler. ----- ----- more than their altar,,. The total assessed Miss Sadie! LaRooba. The beat man was on: or 1 :: : I
+ ..Speclal Fad 11 tie valuation of the state Is about r
TEACHERS' EXAMINATION.The was Mr. Ned LaUoohe, and the giDomain ,
u For $110,000,00(1.( while that of the railroad aa was Mr. Thomas Sarna. 1 A'M 'F3R0
Hauling Out, Storing and : Tl "t :
t Repairing I. aoouIIl .Ins.flAO, .a..l.. nna firth of, After the =' qtr. ,
ceremony whloh. was -- -- -- ---- -- VI
t Yacht and Lauuchea.M.utlon annual State uniform teacher the total valuation i: of the state for pur orned by the Rev Stuart! Murtln per.. ,
-a reception n
examination for the county of Brevard, pose of taxation. On the other hand, was held DEALERS IN-
the ADVOOATS when writing wa held at the High, hehool Tltusvllle, the roads own only about one-fitteenth Ice meant and cake atj the were horse bountifully, where I GROCERIES GRAIN AND HAY AND ALL FOOD PRODwe
this week commencing on Tuesday of the entire property> of the atata served fa I
IJ morning. Mr, John R Walker, super Conservative people here have very The happy pair were the handle PRODUCE of all kinds We are agent for MAPES FERT
STAG Brand intendent ot public Instruction, was' present little doubt that the courts will make many presents, both useful recipient and of We deal exclusively In the above line of goods and solicit the trade of Idl ,
to conduct the examination. short work of the new", drainage law, mental. orna er*. Write us for prices on Grain and all Grooerie, delivered at yoursndoE "
Among those who attended the e** which Is said to be very> defective The The bride and L. BRADY A BRO. '. TITUSV1II, ILL
groom _
SEMI-PASTE PAINT amlnatlou were the following : Administration ftiotlon seems to look housekeeping gone to 11v
taking with them --
t Prof. E. E Macy, Mrs. 1<:. E. Mae/I upon this question as nettled, but In teat wishes of their the ,
i The BEST PAINf made. Miss Mabel WhttHOie, Miss Clementine this they are probably mistaken. numerous friends C:'N'
PRACTICAL PAINTERS Singleton; Mia Cora Manson, Mr*. That the I ImmllraUoa should have" S. J., N OR- : 1
t throughout Soorleld, Mia. Margaret I Caller, Miss died In the Senate I I. a matter of general CHURCHNOTICES.. at
the Country give unsolicited and unpaid Gertrude !Mendel and Mr C A Mo. irgret; fur If this state need one, -( t (successor to Wagoner 4 Co.)

i for TESTIMONIALS a. to the MKRI1S Candles*. In another room there were thing more than another, It Is more Rev. \Vm Stones will In

Of STAG PANT. nine I negroes-_.taking----the--examination.-- other people" ;the but.matter In this was case,put aalnmauyaa oil entirely'.a m. antt on 7:30 Sunday p. m., June,preach\1Mb, at at 10( fa.dlanola :30 STAPLE AND FANCY; GMiEsllAY:, GRAIN, FRUIT

-For sale by- Help Wantftl. too long, lor II Is believed' by the friends I I1 PRODUCE OF ALL
RONALD A.FHKK; of the bill 1 that It could hav been put Rev J( B. Hawk wilt preach at Eau TITUSVILLK .KINDS.FLORIns'
Cocoa, Fla. through the Senate, had It been takenup Gallle on Sunday rooming June Oth at -_" 1
A family to raise poultry Inside Fort several week ago. IO: O, and at Melbourne at 7 JO: p. m, '

1 Meade, on abates. Write 2120: Capitol, Many other bill soffered a like fate), Regular( preaching >services will be INDIAN RIVER :ICE FACTORY.
WALTON $R1.F: -LOCKING BLOCKS Indianapolis, Ind. antvng them being I believe all the held at the Methodist church, Tltusvllle
are for sale by the Atlantic Supply "anti jug" bills, prohibiting the ship next Sunday, June Otu, both morning, TITUSVILLE, FLA. titsa

()o., Rant Day street, Jacksonville, FOR ALL KINDS OF JOB PRINTING meet The prohibition of liquors amendment Into "dry"died ocmotlen. and evening at the u.uallloul'll for won I*prepared to furnish Ice In any quantity-Sacked: or loose. 81'eClaI
Fie. a natural
ship. Also \\tfo
remember the ADYOOA.TC off ee. death In the House, but consider afternoon at services 3:M o'clock at, Minis In the paid sacking for Yacht or for family use >air dealing Is I mT IBO

T. t. WETMORE. Proprietor.
\ .

4rt' : -' > :
; -
i ,. ; .. '\.. ;. ;, :, ,. -

..fJ ,t" :' .'.'' ., .- ', fdn... .Mlttl:1: !. .u. ... ;. \- .;: L ..

East Coast advocate
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Title: East Coast advocate
Physical Description: 3 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Titusville Fla
Creation Date: June 7, 1907
Publication Date: -1891
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Aug. 15, 1890.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 3, no. 14 (Nov. 13, 1891).
General Note: W.S. Graham, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 2 (Aug. 22, 1890).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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;:' ...,. =: ; '
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utliori'( Barber Shop Tltuavllle Don't-bend to Jacksonville for a suck GET YOUR MEATS and Groceries -Mia.: Harry Roberts, of Mima, waR fog the meeting of Eastern Star. (Gllll will regret; to l learn that he

of Fertilizer.! We sell It to you here front O. II Heath A Co., Tltusvllle.Brevard In town on 1'ueday.iThere : recently died In New York,* after a ling
IpblllpV, Roberts, of Mims, -If you have the Interest of Titus
|ng tin pleasant callers K this the same price freight. added. County Commissioners held was a meeting of the Eastern vllle at heart have a cement sidewalk ering illness, at the Dakota, 7Jnd street
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Tuesday. their usual monthly meeting ID the 'laid In front of your property.
eat. Give Mr. chance to
our Pyles
for about It
been the popular manager/
Tuesday evening
Court bouse Tltusvllle\ this week.
Lor F. M. Hudson, of Miami suggest for you. TilE LATEST AT 0, I.. MANIA years. Mr. Gllll was only SI years old

Iy were la Tltusvllle a short Don't-Go thirsty If the county is dry -Judge M. S. Jones and wife, after -Miss Susie Palmer, daughter of Mr. VILLK'H; New stand at his death. its left Hotel Pone d* <

their home Mr. Jule Wilson Is tine visit to lallabaesoe returnedto sod Mrs J. R. Palmer of St. Auguslne,
on a compounder, a pleasant ,
Tuesday, way -.Mra. I). B. Prltohard, of lltusvllle 1 Leon, rtt Augustine, to allUllle the management {
tahaatee and Lake CIt,. and can satiate your tlilrrt.Don't .. their home In Tltusvllle last Friday baa been enjoying a visit\ of several days spent part of Tuesday and Wednesdayat ; of the Dakota, where I)* verypleasantly
with Bliss Norwood of North Tltusvllle
"Ask Mr. Footer but If

'OU TRIED!: the New Meat anything Coco, with tier aunt, Mrt. J. .M. entertained the AnrocATB "I r

? Everything fresh. G. II. Is not ai represented, just '"Ask -Miss Merle Snoble, who has been at -Mr. L. R. Battle, of Lakeland, Fla., Sanders. editor on a few occasion Mr. (lulls J

l.vCo., litunvllle. Mr. Walker." Miami for several weeks, visiting Mra hat been In Tltusvllle this week, a guest was a whole-souled genial gentleman, .
Dardonvltle of New
Don't-Foiget the place, F. T, Budge, returned to the home of of his brother and slater-ln-law, Mr and b-Mr. Jules well known to tarn when Menri. Gllll
j Wade II. Jones, who has been York, a large property owner at :Ma tilt,
JOHN4 It. WALKER A CO, her parents Mr. and Mrs George W, Mis Frank Battle, at their residence on A: Murray managed Hotel Ponce de
Brevard In he would like to see a few Items
|iaiee, representing says
The Department Store Scoble, Tltusvllle, on Monday, Julia street. Leon, Mr, Robeil Murray succeededMr.
e, returned to 'lltus vllle last Titusvllltt, Plot Ida. In the AnVOCATRfrom that plao Wto Gllll In the management of the ,
fight Mr Jones said all his ICE COLD HEn) ROCK GINGER: ALE THE FINEST SHOES )IAI>!!:-EDWIN will end them Ponce de Leon which be hn run wltb {

the Root Beer Doap Soda Water and Clspp and Crosset makes will be found
|e passed, except LagoonP. -Mrs. D. O. Monroe has been enjoying -Mr*, N. Martin, owner of asi orange much success '
Apple Cider J.1.1.aw loos' poolroom. only at Branning'Mra. '
a visit at Oateen this week grove at Hharpea Indian River Is ex- As will\ be seen by the ad. on our T'hpage ':'.

:. Branch, member of the -Rev. and ]Mrs.\ Wm. Stone spent -Mr. Wm. 11. MoParland, of Titus Wm. Rogers and daughters, peeled In New York today, fromjlier the Breakers, Heabrvexs, Flu, will ,

Trustees of Rollins College, vlllo, manager of the Great Wallace ttlsses Helen and Mamie Rogers, of home In Florence, Italy,, She may visit be opened on Saturday, June 15th by ,
several days, last week, visiting their '
lltusvllla a short while on Fri. Side Shows, Is In New Brunswick, N. J., Mule! River, spent Wednesday 'I I tutvllle her /grove later. Mr, James P. Vlolng, a well.known ant'
Fred at
Mr. Stone
son, Daytona. tb'lIlle.1A of Mr J, I.. Carruthers
o route to hit Melbourne home to-day( ; but will be on Third street and : -Mr. and Mr*. J, Lorlllard anc:famlly capable hotel manager, who formerly
ailing -Mr, and Mrs. Geo. M. Bobbins gavean Fifth avenue Brooklyn N. Y all next and family, en route to Tallahassee on a
the commencement axthe left. here on the :3 a. m. train on Monday managed Hotel Coquina, Ormond l j Hotel .
I ; enjoyable little dinner party at their : week. visit to Mrs. Rogers' son '
above college. morning for Jsoksonvllle, and sailed on Colonnades, Heabresc; Hotel Continental

ft OF RED HOT CHILE CON orange grove place In the suburbs of -Mrs. 8, E. Bailey, of North Titus -.Prof. E. E Many, of Malabar, a Wednesday, on board the Huron on Atlantic Beach) Eseeolg: lan, Llnvllle,

I A 1 Canada Lobster, Argo Tituevllle, last Suoda,. vII Ie, left here, Wednesday, on a visit to I former teacher of the Tltusvllle High hell1 way to New York and Philadel N. C., and other flrtt-otas resort hotels.

Sardines and other fresh cant WHEN YOU SEED A DRESS OR friends In Punts Gurila, where she expects ,School, line been In town this 'week, phla. ifr. Vlolng has host of friends through

S. J. :N ortoll".. work bhoe, standard make, double to remain several weeks Mr. :registered at the Alpine Hotel. He It Tltqsvllle's Junior Bssebatl Team out Florida, and we ,have no doubt b*

kr guarantee go to Brannlng's Itailey was accompanied by her charm- ,accompanied by Mia Maoy, who Is also went to New Umyraa, yentordar, to play will do an excellent. business.this summer '1
Rufus Robbins returned bore
last from Kolllns -Mr. and Mrs Fred A, Morgan and IDIt niece, Miss Nellie Wultoorab, of i a teacher, and they are taking the teach. he Junior Baseball! Team of that town Mrs. Vlnlng will assist her bus-
y College
mad In making the Breaker one of this
Umatilla FIs.
lark, where graduated with son, Rouser, left New York on Saturday After a hard fought battler the game most popular seaside hotel In Florida. 0

himself] and the college. Rufus last, on board the Cunard steamship, -Mrs. J. R.: Urlch and little boy, wife -A letter to the ADVOCATE:, fioin MM : was won by the Tltnsvllle boys: the The editor of the ADVOCATE aeknow- ,i

Ing' man uf energy, so he has Lucanla. bound for Liverpool, England; and son of Dr Urlch of the well knewn R. W, Goode, of Melbourne, who Is visit- core being 5 to 0. edges receipt of an Invitation from Mr. :''I t

and Tydfll I, South Wales, to dental hourte-boat Ientos will sail on lug ber brother In Chicago, and having '
Clearing land to make a peachJ Merthyr ::Miss Mary Carruthers on the tat( Timing to b* his guest for couple* of

remain several months the Clyde steamship Apache next Mon., her eyes treated by a specialist, says she of the AnvooATM this week, In the place days during the opening; and a* Mr. ;
The Clyde Line Is as popular as la stopping at one 'vf the most beautiful I\
day WII.on.bo hall' been 111
A. Ilendrlckt of the -Judge Gaulden anti family, of TI. of Mrs. Harry and Mrs Vlnlng are adepts at eu ter tain-
big dryre
ever It we may judge by the number of pots In Chicago, which opens on to
with lollammatlon of the gland of the
> of recto Heodrlcks Co. usvllll, drove over from DeLand on lag friends, we know there I I. a pleasant
was this .Inoola Park and that she Is taking
tickets already purchased summer ; lace and throat but to leave tomorrow
'the the first of the week and Sunday, and were the guests of Sirs J. expect tints I In store for usA ,
II. Walton the : rest while her brother allows .;,
of Mr. Cbas Clyde agent complete ; for Fort fierce to visit her
ADVOCATE office a pleasant D. Maley and family The_Judge went to that Utter to the AI>VOCAT front Mr. "I
Tltusvlllo! Dr. Uitcb and her comfort can buy.
at family every money later, Mrs A. K. Wilson,
. Monday and his family
Jacksonville on
Hendrlcks-who was on his have been at Melbourne for a week or i -We have always heard Mr. Msltman A. S. Denlson, owner and manager of

luford-iau) It was his first visit returned to DeLand on Tuenday.-Day- 'o. Dr. Urich will remain on ,board the (Mrs. Goude's brothel) highly spoken _Mis* Evelyn Clark, of J>Daytona, the the Brock house, Enterprise, Fin, who :

tile, and It was a much better toss Gazette.New*. )eotos, at Melbourne, for a while, but of as a generous man. musical Instructor and assistant. at the I. In Boston )1...., on, abort visit. .jyI!'
n he wh,. has been In Miami he ha completed the sale of
[ thought It was DO yoU WANT A SEA Talr 1'-One will\ come to Tltusvlllo shortly, kindergarten says just
first class Round Trip Ticket, meals -Mr, and Mrs. Win. M. Brown and doorthe close of the school, has been the above famous hostelry and grounds,
TOILET SOAP FOR -Mr. J. E. Inrahsm, third vice-presi luster Mark BrowD, uf Miami, who had : ""
and berth Included for sale, over the In town for a few day as the gnM"- of but will keep one of the cottages for
and I
True Blue Tar.Soap atonion's dent of the F. E. C. R and brother-In. been attending the commencement exercises -
S. S. Line, Fernandina to'New Irs. G. O. Htrobm.-West Palm Bench I himself and wife The Brock house
law and slster-ln law Mr. and Mrs. MOo at Rollins college\ winter Park, e
EAST COAST Anvo- Tropical Hun. has been donated by )!r.. E. K. Griffith, ,
York cheap.
'r. S. Branntng started roofing } Fla. Coombs, of Boston, stopped off at Tltua returned to Itusvllle on Friday last, so- to the Woman' Horn Mission Board .

oct of clothing and gents fur CAT& office, TUunvllle vllle a short while on Filday. Mr. In- ompanled by Miss Louise Brown, who FOR A STRAW OR PANAMA HAT, '' of the Southern Methodist Fpltoopal .1

cods from the Kline store to -Mr. I. F. Spencer, manager of the graham; was on his way to Palm Beach graduated. Mr. Brown went to Jack the latest cuts, go to Ursnnlng's. church, for home purpose, and wa are ,1

clothing store Tltusvllle, met Miami and the railroad extension; Mr Sictoombs onvllle on business, Mrs. Brown and I
corner store la the ADVOCATE Brannlng Messrs., E. L. and L. A. Brady, of old, the Vashtl Blaaengam Ketou
Monday with an accident on Monday afternoon, wa en route to South America Miss Louise returned to Miami, and will .'.
morning, and by night this plaoe, are having an eight-lord/ I Home, at Thomasvllle Ga.,_ occupy
ytblng was la the store. This bat ba laid him up this week While to look after his big mahogany Interests, faster Mark stayed over In Tltusvllle brick wall bulls on the Inside of the the hotel. Mr, aDd Mrs. Denlsoo and .

f" quite|i attractive. Mr. W. F. resulting for. some goods on a shelf, he and Mrs. McCoombs was on ber way to several days with his old school friend- present four-Inch htlek wall uf their i bliss Agnes Hart, are very popular at :a

s Wen assisting la the storek duped* and fell to the /floor, dislocating Sanford, to visit her friend 101 n. Chase Master Richard Bobbins tore building, making the walls a total : Enterprise; and w* bar no doubt their ,

? his ankle. Dr. Ulley was Immediately Mr.. McCoombs-who Is a sUterof Mrs. Wm. Crane of twelve Inches la thickness. This wa j many friend will be glad" to learn that
-Tb. Right Rev Gray,
] 00 the spot to attend to Mi. Spencer Ingraham, and a lady of charming per. of the Southern Jurisdiction of made necessary by the continuous .rot-, they will return to Enterprise Mr. and .
' comes to this otHos from Bos- and have him removed to his room at >nalty-Informed the editor of the bishop In dolt[ of tile woodwork Inside caused by : Mrs. Denlson and Miss Hart will spend j

not only Mr, Clinton A. Spou. the Sterling, where lie Is getting; along I LDYOX3ATB that It was too, coot In Boson lilt Florida and, arrived Sunday morning town on and Saturday evening moisture. The brick will be laid up to the summer' with relatives lu Ullykeer- .,.ri
recently bought the Florida nicely to return home )'et.FCRNn'URE Gabriel's the first ll or, so there will be DO wood an, county of Athlon, Ireland .lIB II ,
Work, h. held services In !St.: ehurcb
Brawn Tltutvllle. from Mr. -Mr*. )f. A. Ishart, formerly known DRY GOODS SHOES where be delivered two brilliant ser to rot hereafier1, the FART COAST. ADVOCAT' follows .
of Miami Is 111 with
fever but Mrs Spencer also; on Indian River as MM J. C. Norwood, (en's and Boys po. Bathing Suits. snobs to appreciative congregations. Mia Writing us from tlatsware/ Ohio, GRADUATING EXERCISES. Ii.

quite' ill with the same much- was a guest of the Sterling, Titusvllle, Embroidered Shirt Waist Patterns. Krnldvr ably presided at the organ, and 'Judge J. D. VanDoirun, president of ',J

fever M her home In Boston. from Monday night; until Wednesday rod Cards, fancy, and Views Mrs. C. F. Fischer, Mi*. KVulder and the First National lUnk, who 0"01. Tb following Invitation has been re- .

If! Spencer, snfortunately morning. Mrs. Wlshart-who resides in Matting, Bugs, :PU72, just In. the Missus Kate and Ztndle Stewart and cozy winter home at Itockledgyi "I elved" from the Misses Clara 81. Clair- l

COnti oed Ooala-bad been at Oak lull attending Wall Paper In stock and ordered. Mabel Ileynolds rendered some sweet enclose my annual subscription toll)* Abrams and Frank Stewart two very .T}
to bed but their
the ltowes Courant wedding; and the Ce4s .GAUMS,Tltusvllle,Phone &4. church by ran**.' While In Tltnsvlll, AavocArs. Not even your1mosqultq, opular, young student at tit Joseph's
hop It will not be long of the best Institutions!
ompletely recover their former bride and groom, and Mr. R. C. Davies -g" Store closes every Tbutlda",12:00. tishop Gray. wa, the guest of the Hterl- ravenous and blood thirsty as they are for Academy young( ladle one In Florid, .:

I Iitren th. and Mrs. Wlshart came to Tltusville I lng -. .- reported, could keep rns from enjoying
.liteorott i
Editoract Crest l
"- and ,registered at the Sterling. Mrs. Yo t Typewriter For Sale.Here's your glorious sunshine,' could 1 I swop off ; 4,''j
Hardware Wlsbart sold a tract of her land at Sebastian Itare Property. For Hafo At J'au our vlllanou weather for It W* have J, M. J. You are cordially Invited to ;
I te. attend the graduating exercises of St. 1
while here; and has land In Tlusville a chance for you. A secondhand Gallle, Florida.I tad, far 40 day*. almost Incessant rains oseph's Academy tit, Augustine, Flo., ,' .

kind of Hardware, both; shelf for sale. Yost typewriter"Tor sale for only and but little eorn has been planted."- Thursday evening, June IJth, 1W7, ato'clock.

Y, paints, Oils, Ship Chandlery, '10. Call and see It, at the have seven acres of land for e sal on letter return to Irnlixo; River, Judge. S Genovar Opera bouse.

and Masaware, call on as. '. Matt \V ntetl.I ADVOCATE office lie bank of Ean Oalll harbor. Indian Few mosquitoes at present; plenty sun- ----- ----

Ie the gouda aDd or prices are Tltustllle, Fla. River,: Fla., adjoining the winter head- nine, bas rain_ Is rather_ scarce. Hoard

des want a man tbe year round on' my -,- quarters of the' Kentucky Military In.tituts Wanted Land Cleared. In private family Good location, .
J prompt attention. fruit and vegetable farm, -either marriedor Fruit mid Vegetable re&\lOllabl.lltea. 4
PatTCHABDASON.TltCBvllle single, but former preferred. Good. Artesian well on land-fin. hew of hive about an wore ;f hammock I nod MB. F 8. TUOMAS,

ria.'c wages Address "F.," Shipped to Mars Brothers, corner pf water; alto natural spring. want cleared by e ntia.,t. Box :I"" .J. Heodersonvlllc, N, C.

--- Tropic, Indian River Fla Bay sad Julia streets, Jacksonville, Water front;.flsjt railway station ad. AHdrtV' ;
011 '
rare Going North r ""I*., always bring good results. Their 'joining land; excellent, fiiblng. Tropic Indian River. Fla. Cottage For Kent. f

Varnlsli or 8Uln? abilities for handling Pineapples, Grapefruit Fin piece of property for winter .. _. 1.:<,

': le Line. The DnesCkhlptJ" : Do You Want Oranges and Early Vegetables cannot i. 'om_ Will sell cheap. Wood for Bale.FI'ins'or Small,. partly famished eottagv to ..'.i
''1\1., wlce. rent In SOllt'TltulvUl.' .. Immediate'possession. -' <
Get your. 1 This le of the Writ 4. O. \V"LTOII'; : .. \ '
be surpassed. en* "
: ;;'rt. 1
relervatlolll from MASII tI Y'S. See ad. of oak, any .. : :Also plow : .
r- r If so, get and most reliable bouse*' ID this I Walton Se1P Locking Block Co., : tofCaA U. WALTON
.A H, WACTON' Agt Lumber A Supply Co., on oldest log sod harrowing. 8ee or, address J. Apply t.. :; : ,
? East Coast tsU. Try them. Boitoe. 11_. : W, Jamison, Tltusvill, Fl.. ,ABTOCATK office.
Titusville Fla. page 5. .


--- -... --
.: -
'.10- .. .... -
.. .t. .r :: : "* 4,
: ;1- Vy >
: ; ., >->
..' .
fe v ,6' N, i; : :; : .' ,. '. ,, I taj. i yyi lkA ijI VJ/
Nfc f' o. r, t r J ...........

I ........ .. ... ..,... ie
'"" "" -c"
< "
rr. '" "'! ''
.r"r.: ''If''I'II' !: "'!IL' ""r ""I"" .. ... .. V'V', "". '' 7' .
JI 'pf'" ""JlJlfW!": ,iI'i"' ". :!" F'. I'I, \ : .
'i ." ""

., .

;' f ]

ii r I ,


rt -
The Olil*t Established Grain and ReM H.
Dreams Wrought In Masonry. tilt..,
Free and
reading a one (In
1 remember poem
f Accepted Masons. which certain lypes! of orcliWoctur 9 PII& R

were referred. to a. Mrenoi wrought MOTHERHOOD Wm.: : -A. Boins:

la 'masonry.' / jriiVulJo PondraWaften Ill
la "Tffi) 8rlit* on, Ru lnei..... The find requisite of a. good { (y y' GRAIN HAY AND
ladianBIrer NO. eo Thin eemed later poetry at first; but mother is rood b,alth, and the ox ," GARDEN SEED
pcrience! ot maternity should not be
i ithl
on I think of I It bOW It seems to l I.e I
ntuavllleUUUK \ I approached: without careful physical '
& truth. Take that lull otOee build preparation, aa a woman who la in I Flour, Grits. Meal,, and FertiijJ

Florida. log yonder with lights/ Klenniloir from pood physical condition traut>miu to yrl M
Holds lu mMtinffk Wit aenonrt sad fourth Vrt- every "window tier on tier. All that ber children the blessing of a food 'e' a 200 East Bay Street, JACKSON"V I' FL.l
day of caob month Maaomo' Temple, fttusTUlo "was cure the dreum of one man tie- constitution. ik ,
I ,at T M o' l'\: p.m. fora the first atone was laid before Preparation for 'healthy mater' Catalogue.Free. Warehouses on tracks of 8. A, L. R'y .. e L.

John N. Wilier Worirtilpful Muter. the nrchltfct'i plan were drawn, there city U accomplished by Lydia: E.PlnkUam's ( Y '
Philip W llolH.ru. H ulor Wardan. ,
.lunlor Wanlen no* a time when one man said to nn Vegetable Compound
O K BMwart
6.y. Dunn 'CramirerKA other 'Let us put up a great btllldlntlicre which U made from nativerootaandkerbs H. H.l "I RICHARDSON I Io:
j < Stewart, HwrctaryHarrr ; more succewfully by any eee.
before that first uuUIUleiirte
: And
Wliaon, Heiilor Uoiooo.rnnkHun.
other medicine because it fives tone
: (
O. H. alton.. .Junior Htinlur IMaoon Humard.. lou the building existed, ooljr 81 and strength to the entire feminine o 0
i M.B ftatnt. Junior HMwaid.r un Idea a thought or, I might 1"1. ft organism..curing dUplacementa t Jacksonville BUILDINGFlorida. !
.A. L<..10'i 'r>"i..r. dream In the ml ml of that man. tIe ceratlon and Inflammation, and the ,

r walked Its corridors when It wne still result !is lens suffering and more children healthy at birth. For more C

a dream Hut now It la n 'dream than thirty yearn

seed.Inilliin the tint River WviluMunjr<:I n..pl,,,r of. Ro nth)al month Arch. M..n.at the book, organization or government In ba been the standby of American toothers In preparing for childbirth

.. the world-every one-wn* once nn unexpressed NotewhatMrs Jame Chester.of427V. 38th St., New' York I&Ylln this
I llMTfollowiiVar* tin 0111 351'of this chapter thought like that Orea letter-Dear Mr. Pinkh s m--"I wish every expectant mother knew' about If you can not locate what you want, we'll rind it for you Tfatsou(
I M.R.A_ma. Ex >ll, .nt High ('rle. credit In due tbofo who first concede Lydia E. PlnUham'a Vegetable Compound.. A neighbor who had learnedof ness. Pisces consistent with Good Goods. Prompt Service
j O.J. II.1'rltchett Walker Kli. H H. R. Wilnon' T-m>..l'Ir. It and I did ao, and I cannot say enough to the good it did me.
work. The who think of
man new heath
/) Hwwart, Honraury. t l'eCOyered.qulckly and am In the beat of now."
s T:::Bandori, < at., .ofllotl tiling for the development of you Lydia E. Plnkham'l Vegetable Compound is certainly a successful
P W. HubarM I'rlnnlpal ittijoiirnar.K.
.A. Moron, Royal T.N.: Wailer: :;a t::r of mini: V.i' atexL" It has cured almost every form of Female Com lafnta. DraffR-IOfT Sennatlons MeMurray & Baker
v i'I iR.tewnaMaetefotYllretV.): Weak hack Falling and Displacements. Inflammation Ulcerations -
r.A. Loaley, ,HontlnvlOIIUKK Speedy Coaitlng. and Org-nnlo nlM'lI.&elt of Women and is Invaluable in preparing
1 The finest coasting bill lu tbe world Childbirth a.nd during the Chang of Life 401-413 East Way Street, Jacksonville rioridn
I Of KAftTKKN BTAK. li at St Moritz In It/erland. The Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women
bill I la mile and tl coast downIt -Makers and Jobbers of-
a long ) to
s( ''t / Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited
: taken, on an average, Klzty'wtveiecondd Write Mrs Pinkham, at Lynn, JIaas: Her advice Is free.
i ..ntanl m. flu third following: Tnualey.ln| an the aaoh onicers month of at Cee tlia !. The Crttto course us It III Vehicles Harness and
p Carriage Mater
railed, In I6cd and ruin between snow -- ,
Chapter: ? - ------------ -- ,
I w. M. ,
Mr. M. I. Canmli'll, tnukn. Its turns are dnngerouR, and
r Mini Mr. O I.t'etherlneSatu.Asncn/at.M.n. M. IU.lil.ln., W.. I'. only Hkllleil coasters venture on It H-H"i"i"i"i"I I I "i"i-f-i"i"i-i"H" "i"i"i"H'i"i'M"i"i"i"t-t' 1-I-H I i+H-IIIIIIIIII.4 Saddlery Rubber Tires;

MlMKauiMtuwart. \"on.lu"lr.. They use the American flat toboggan
Mr MIM. M.fenRe K. Kiiihlni MMiwart/ iraiBiirar.Mn.K A."HII'lat.. Can lying on the stomach, oud steering not i H First-Class Repairing and Painting, Etc. EtcJACKSONVILLE ,

I H. Ullmm, Bmraurjr.Mr. with the feet, but with Ilfta, tud jerk ; poem for Codas .
Hsnlin Kline Mel of the body. A few seconds from the !
l Kuth
M I. JMe.i Haii< "n
c alre.J.I.1'arruthnrvstiler.Mr. ( tnrt on this course the toaster' Is go. I h-i -11I I 1 I I I I i I I I-i'h--Fl I IRESPONSES.1 t a 3.1-b i-F I-t-H h Wl-M 1-M-1 1"F. H! 1::
.(I. 13. H.."...... Martha
Intj( mile hour
at a sired oC twenty an
r I' Mr.. M. A. IV rlnifminr, kleots. Mal 131Maohinory:
s If MI Cmrl.. M nihl. Mar.lml.R.HIInn : 1'bls speed !t. .Hendnck tnllea Faster' and fainter he flloiwooplng FI.OKIIIA.
i 1'he.. H. Walton, Wader, 1 .,,,
J. ) Slreel. Long 1)Intanre
it an huiie at
John It. V .Ik"", l'bolloln| down tho precipitous! Chitrcl
11'. A. M.> ,urgaiiiwt' : Fortahle anit Kutl nirt Kni
rgiui loop nt the speed of an train ,
tt express By Ralph Waldo Emerson. and Holler.V ,it i Mill, Mv,]
and then on to the !long< straight SUut cry, Saw M ,sere sl'a l
tlnn Feed, tahl LI ,
'I.TVn'ILLIII CAMP NO. 141. tlecock run. To fifty to sixty to >ev' ili VateutChaln Net wart Inuef,,Lt,
euty, to eighty, miles nil hour the pace 11tat11WJ fUVKU from lips of canning tell Bi 11 on llxril 1
l'O1/ y grows till It la like tho flight of the The tbillllni Pelphlc oracle) "' -, lloinpleloLlneinsJ
swiftest bird through a blinding blur Out tl'ontill! henrt ef Nature rolled 'I .laws rhle rur IIsle li 'firs"stab ,llw ,

of Bnow. Yet the upcod itlll Increases. The burdens of the IHble old the sod pre.
and at the end of the Shuttlecock The hand that rounded Peter's dome .

eighty-seven miles an, hour la register( And groined the aisles of Christian Rome

oil These Crestn course speeds are \Vro\iifht; in a sad sincerity. MTATfc!:,.AGENT! Son TUECErFIJU.TJlJ Ol,IS OAROIIM: KXCINC:
I 1 yf. Vlv not problematical; they are tbe accu, HlitiHClf from God he could not free; '",
rate timings of an electric clock. lie betided better than he knew,
CMe.t..very Suet and tblrd Mondajllln eanhluonthat The conscience stone to beauty !grew. '
a p. in., lurpi; at the Meat,.:, -
6 Tompl*. Don't Know Right From Loft. Ever! the fiery I'entecont WE SELLAll
CanaulCniuma.derw. P.Allan Girds with one flame the countless host,
"Ibe thing that surprised me most
Adviser U uunan ... .. p w. Roberts
Ranker ,,. ,.,,,U.L. ManilaTlllo when I began to teach," said the In Trances the heart through chanting: (tholr
Kaoort ... .. .. .... .. ......U.tiMacrae tractor of a rinse of adults in manual And, through the priest, the mind Inoplrea:
Vlark .j L, CarrulliBM Our Goods Under Our Personal Guarantee,!
Tile word unto Ute prophet spoken i
training, "was the number of people

.c,,... ,., J P wliaon who can tell Instinctively tlie right Wan wilt on tables yet unbroken, .Trial Order, We Know, Will Convince You that]
H..R.l'lesand. H.J,Norton hand from the left. Fully n third of The word by seers or sibyls' toll '
Camp riifilolan .. .. ...... ........K.K Rolllna my pupils hesitated n moment before In grovex or unk or tones of gold We'Handle Only the Best Money Can Buy.

attend All vlnltlnif tea uiootlnira Womhuenar*cordially Invited to obeying Instructions to do this tiling or As Mill flouts I.Jon the morning wind,
that thing wltb the right band or the Still vtlilwperM' to the willing mind. '
One accint tf the ((host J
left. The thing that fixes the proper Holy' '
j DEACON EHCDIE. hand In their minds finally la some In. L Tin! beeilli'HH world haUl never lost All F. O. B. Jacksonville King Win ,V. O. P, per bottle I ll
Wra. V.
cldent In which that band has 1I11\1rl'4. e Per Bottle. Case King bo ililc
+H+H 1 -II" I pewar's, 5a: cue .
Fie, Was the III" J J J J I J J J per
of Stevenson's that know
Orlgmil Ry rconlllnft story they NntWood,6175$2000 Black; and White" 150aM.:
Dr. Jekyll en': r,:r. Hyde. which hand to use One of the blight -... -. .. __ n. __ Old Korrefcter 1 h0. 15 00
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : CORN WillSKEf
Deacon nl'Ollln."IWI'' *luK lar: story eat women I know In this town declares Old Boone 1 25 1200 .

Is until to luue lu'iilicil Sieveunon with thnt tbe only way she ,can tell USE Vufy'.Malt. . lOO/1.100o'N' C. White and Jug .1 1
Canadian Club . 160. . 00
the Immortal tale of Dr. Jekyll ands ouo hand from the other to to remember W N CV White, better
Mount Vernon, 1 60 . 10 (KJ
tho time'h'n N, C. White tine .
Mr. lljtlo: Wa a iiibxtnutlnl Wright as a child, she triedto ,
} y Three Feathers . 2 00. . 111 00 LBUfel'Valje' old Corn
} and cabinet maker In the Lawnmarket milk A cow and< was Bent flying Lewis 00. . . 1 21 .'. 12 00 '
of Edinburgh lie was a burgess and heels over head. She npproncbed the larperHurdleJRje. . . . 1 23. . 12 (K) GIN PHOSPHATE
guild brother of bin natho town, nod animal 'from the wrong side and the ARMOUR FERTILIZERS Special, 1 01.1. . 11 )( .
i ao iilffli did he stead In tho estimationof picture of the position of her 'right Quarts, per bottle
his fellow crcftmiien that for four hand then Is ao vivid that It enables HUSH WHISKEY CORY WHISKEr

yearn they ducted hhu,. member of her to distinguish that member to this --..- Dunvlir., per bottleII 1 50; case ,$:.5 00
cc i, tho 'town council as deacon of the In- day."-K work Treis : Rocky Fork| per bottle
Joo.Jaral.on A Sons 1 Mca) e; IS: 00 Rocky Fork case
)' corporation Qf wrlglits Success In 'I per
I, public life heli>od the deacon In hid A boot Lion Hunter. sATBECAUSE: HARVARD 11,000. BEER per ca.k ((10 dozen bottles), $11 DO, 12 cast,I II

business as a wrlslit, and few men op.l "D. S. Mare magistrate of Zoutpnns dozen 11 2:>; F, 0. B, Jacksonville, Fla,
ponred to have less ground to quarrel berg. Was out don shooting with the .
't l with the conveutlorml conreptlou of late Darend Vorster, a utility hunter,"' -
meum and tuutn. l'iel't'rthI'Jelili the .a,'. Carl Jeppe In his "Kaleidoscopic wantthe best. a -SEND FOR PRICE LIST- -

i'' deacon wad always in went of money IrniisMml" "A lioness had been

lie was nn inveterate !comcHter, a !gay mouiuled, driven out of cover and You want what you pay.for. Williams' Mammoth Mail Order House

+ and much Involved bachelor end he stood at bny The Unddrost jumped want better'' crops ... ,
... .
had a pnsslon for the fashionable uport off his horse, Oral and inlnsml.' ,It was do not want to fail "

I of cockflgUllotr All thin brought the now Vor t'r'a turn, since theren' not .. ____ )111 West Bay M.: '- 'JACKSo \'Jl.LE, F'NOTIONYou.
f l respected burgers Into bnd company time for his friend to reload. In dia- 1 are thelbest '
,, partlculnrly at a certain disreputable mounting he dropped his watch and .
I ----- --- -- -
tavern In the rieahuiarkct close, frequented stooped to >lck It11'1., Tbe lioness I are wh tly.ou pay for.
by sharper In 1788 It rod la seemed about to charge and Mare ney grow better crops. t : : Arc InTo : Dnngc

was eu>n accused of blntlclf1l1lnlt urged his friend to shoot! \orster replied NEVERIFAIL.
funded Aloe Tho charge was very likely grumbling) that the glass of the Of the worst character If you trifle with Impure or adulterated j I-J4JJ*!

true, but It never cnmo up for trial I. watch hurt been. broken hnve na excuse for doing so when yoU can boy the purest andWM
for the deacon' uicnnvblle bad been 'rsever mind thnt now. The lioness :S, E.;RI"R" ; AI/eo'/ TITUSVILLE r;U. P. w. ROBEKTSURmt, MIMSC very economical pi Iocs. Take no chance I.whatever and send me your orderCABINET '

t convicted of a banging matter lit: ready to spring' Ware replied" 'DoI I Zl6"1 i>, STCLAIK MISBET, Agent, INDIANOLA.cSc.- --- RYE. ,. BUCHANAN'S MALT,
4 Quiits. . . -
In knowAorster have 71H.75! 4 Quarts .
Prodlu fart ;you shall '
bad for : said 'I
been "
,l living double. llfo jvara t 0 send the watch to Pretoria and ..- -- .'- 6 .. .,. .. . . .. 0 ', .
a In the tlnvtinte thnt
U u . . . . 7W.14 .
9 he was uu liuiiext crnftsrunn, but at It will cost! me 0 abllllnRtt to get it re- CT2.A.: s :=..I '" 7M" : CO. K x press Prepaid. Express Prepaid.CARNATION .
right bn exchanged his chlRel for a mired? 'Uod heaven!' tbe magistrate a.n KFNTtCKT
jimmy and a lark lantern Tho tlea- nnswered. 'Don't you sea you have not 4 Quarts. , . .$:J 00)( 4 rl.l. .
LuuioiUL a moment to IOHU? 'It nit ., .Qu.
i coutu u mid the situations very well 0 .4L00 .
a doubtless nppenled to hIm. :The friend for you to talk orster replied 'It In 12 ** : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : : : : : : 87312 .ceExpress . .
'ti 'g be bad robbed overnight he would conS not your "'atdthat Is brokenr At u QTSecxplus prepaid\ ,* Express Prepaid
r:, e dolo1111 hi tho luoruluft and after lost, however,he slid it Into his pocket : oLD MONOGRAM. > .J" GREEN HEDGE

oiiie particularly! Inseulous burglary and with unerring alto, gave the lionosa 2PIZr 4 Quarts $'3.60 .

chamber ho vould to be suggest the first off*'In ring-tho a council reward I the coup de grace." Jun$ I u 2 55" <: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: :p:10 flOO IX) JQI1rts: ,: : : .

for Did Prepaid. .. 'A Pre: a'' .
p dlHco\erluu tho perpetrator. Fcr The Man Who Express
t twenty jwirt tuU l.rlnre pf cracksmen "\\'omnu must work for her advnneement HOO BACK MOUNTAIN CORN STUMP DOUSE MOU"TAP

t' remained unsuspected and be >vas ," said own 4 Quarts . . . . .$ibOt-4 QnartsExprets . .
t a reformer

treachery only brought of a to confudcrate..,IHH>U at lust The by deacon the recent neglect addles,her"but womna. other she duties roust notelQulily for Ina 12QTS, 'e dQT 0 "8 -'".' : : : : : : : : : :-': : : : :.: : 700 3 00.75 12.0 8 ", i::.'.:. : : : :

wag sentenced to be hnnged-on this work 0 i $ 1t Express; Prepaid.i ", Express I'r"rlld.GlBtOS'8 .
# the now shop gnllotv ho hud aiigirested 'Is there $45U y '
a man '
himself present a female f ROYAL r iv. 4, e : PERFECTION
t to the fathers e.
c city -and lecturer once ahrlokn. 'whn has pier 4 Quarts. .1.," I'-t": $5 (io Quarta .: .
li* wan though not without! a it'Iped. la tbe slightest degree to lighten ,4 '. ,.: Z:, ()0 Hots. . ,I
r, chnructerUtlo attempt to cheat the cal lilt. wife's ImrdeiiT III there a ,man n 1er U" . .'. 12: 00 HsIfPJoU .
Iowa A French quack Dr. Peter IK'Iirrnvers. here that has Express ColW
1 ever got up at S o'clock, : Expre
to the Itor'IfIItI. came to bun leaving; Ills unfit wile to deep on undl- Quarts Pints and Half,Pints ID any 'quantity desired, from oft bo tli.
c lu prison and undertook to restore blm urbed, and dreoHlng iietly| ) gone tbe following Ilh, Express or Freight Charges, collwst.
1 to life' after ho hnd limited the usual low nutdlrs, raked up tll!)' fire, cookel r p FOREST RYE i OLD KDOEMONTQuarta
,i time. To the last bla follow cltlxcns breakfast, washed ) 1 Ilt .. . nocta
nod diwwd the ehll en . Pints . .
loved to cherish a MM that be hnd tlt'C'n. scoured tbe iota set puns, swept Plata . ? filch 'Balf-I'lata.' .
% IHHMI ii8oltate4\ and had ewupetl.Ixu .- he 'kll<'hel1. scraped the dlahen and Half Pots. . . lOcta x CABINET RY.

.lon News, done all this If n<*.essary day after day ROSEDALE:: RYE. Quarts' .
a without complaint The lecturer looked weat4' for the PaNt It.ewtnvCer. Plata . . . 2DcU Pints ','. .
ar '
How te Treat New Br.om. Half Mnts. .
her audience over with disdain. 'If .. : . IScta 1Ialf. nIs r
Steep a new broom before I -- -- ..
using It In, -- -- DOG IIOL'cTAIf
there i U such a wan here; he said. 'let BACK MOUNTAIN CORN. STUMP HOUSE
warM water for a few minutes. Thedry lain rise Let tbe man rise, that all Quarts. . . ... .OcU QuuU2Vita . .
I' o fibers of a broom are brittle and may see and him. Plots . :. : .:. : : ..:. Itots : : .

likely to seas to For the tills reason It isadvisable "Then a mild praise little man In a bftl'lcIt'ot END YOUR ORDERS. TO THE ADVOCATE Iltif.Pin I. . .. .. ,, . .li;v cta' Half. .ITntsH . _
retreat about .
proceng od Order
Post Office Order Express Money
roue timidly. He was the leo- or
once a week Always keep brushe
>1' .
and brooiui banging up. They soon tnrers husband"-Kftnsa* City Journal "\ i7*. pt. SIi] :E1.X3 d. e

spoil If, left standing on tbe floor. .. FOR ALL KINDS, OF JOB PRINTING FLOBIDA'4 FOREMOST MAIL OIiD6k'y10teE0, r1
J'a.OKsoo."V1.11c F
: _
1 /
\. '

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-- - -- I Fishing and Hunting I for the "'inxMvas of cleaning) ermine. summer with the tem (] ;

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