with dls board of directors. End Is causing problems, too. The split left the Orioles one. Chicago 6Z6 ,44t 21U the thoroughbreds I* not readyto
"We're going to hold a dlrec. All red Denson lelt a big hole t half game In front of Chicagoand Houston 58 62 .414 28tf abdicate his throne. And witha
tors' meeting soon and make a when he joined the Denver j \I1/ games up on the third New York 48 II .343 36 mere $33,738 h* can become
decision, Paul said Monday Broncos of the American Foot (place Yankees who edged Monday's Results the world's leading money win.
night amid fresh rumors that ball League. 1 Minnesota 5-4 In the lUnnlng Philadelphia 5-1, Los Angeles nlng hor...
the Indians would be moved, Candidate for his position fare first game of a scheduled day. M The 7year.old gelding, four WANT TO TRADE?
with Seattle Wash., reported as Paul Washington and Art r night doubleheader The night San Francisco 6.1. Pittsburgh time winner of Hors of the
the most likely destination. Robinson, who won two letters |game was rained out and re. 4-6 Year honors, was hanging on
"We'll take Inventory and de. ei'h, ,mil Carleton Oats, who i scheduled for tonight St. Louis 3.3. Cincinnati 2.2 the ropes until Monday after
cide how much money we'll won three.At The holiday's zanlest fare was New York 1.8. Houston 5-4 winning only two minor races In
need. Then we'll decide about fullback, Gene Thomas lain t the Red Sox.Angels twl.nlghter Milwaukee 10.8. Chicago 9.7 seven start this year. Then
next year." the top' slot. Right behind t at Los Angeles. Chance became second game, 8 Innings, dark. cam the $107,700 Aqueduct ASSp
Paul said 10 or 12 cities have him were Bruce Wilkins and t the AL's first I8-game winner, ness Stake at Aqueduct and another ?
approached Cleveland about the Freddie Mlllei both two.letter.\ c copping the first game 4.1 after Today's Games possibility of moving but quick.ly men. I Red Sox youngster Morehcad Los Angeles at PhiladelphiaOnly named Gun Bow.
added: With the season.opening game t and Ritchie held the Angels game scheduled But this was the Kelso of old
"I want to say flatly we have still nearly a month away (a hitless through seven Innings. that Gun Bow met In The Aque.duct. .
made no commitments to any. home game against Lincoln Charton made his first major American uartJ'W The Bohemia Stable see
body. We want to stay here." University Oct 3)), Gatther Is 1 league start In the rhubarb L. Pet. G.B. let his younger rival set most of

holding down on practice. 1 laced nightcap and blanked Los 83 56 .597 the pace, caught Mm with on*.
Naples High school twice was "We don't intend to get stale >Angeles for 6 2.3 Innlnfs. Relief Baltimore quarter-mil remaining and
co-champion of the Tamlaml before our opening game,' IM i ice Dick Radatt replaced the Chicago 84 58 .192 Vi went on to a three-quarter length 7
Conference In fool ball, In 1955 said. "We have a good crop of i rookie In the seventh and blew a New York 80 56 .588 lib i triumph In the good clocking of STA
and 1957. The league stretched freshmen and w* Intend to keep t hree-run lead before Los An. Detroit4 67 .525 10 1)48) 3.5 for1 I /. mil**. Each

from one coast to the other them it slow pace to dodge the files finally won 4.3 In II.Hiatt.In Minnesota Los Angeles 70 69 70 .514.504 ll'/i 13 ,carried 128 pound.
heat toi a while" I 1 his first time at bat In the
and disbanded In 1958
majors, broke it up with a Cleveland 610 .496 14
biscsJoaded. slnrie. Boston 61 80 .433 23 THE; THEN SEE AN OFFICE WHICH

Cleveland trimmed Detroit 7.2 Washington 55 86 .390 29

PLAY BETTER GOLF In uled.the only single game chd. Kansas Monday's City 51 Results*9 ,364 32Vi Biq. clpk, DISPLAYS THIS SIGN!

By Tommy Armour National League leading Washington 3-6, Chicago 0.2
Philadelphia split with Los Baltimore 6.1, Kan. City 1-6 .,':'A-:

Angeles, winning 5.1 and bowing Cleveland 7, Detroit 2 GGQ& When you SELL a Realtor is able to tell you ac-
New York 5 Minnesota 4 11
.Shoulder Action 3.1; St Louis nipped Cincinnati \
twice by the same '.2 count; i linings, second game, rain curately what real estate is likely to bring. .
Los Angela 4-4 Boston 1.3. AND your
;(A. YOU are hitting San Francisco swept Pittsburgh I

WHEN keep you the have right got shoulder to- from 6.4 and Chicago 9-6; Milwaukee 10.9 and won 87 two and ',2nd! gone Today's II Inning GamesNew J p _' COUNTRY and able to market it for you as quickly as condi-

New York took a pair from York at Minnesota, N !' CLUB
Right down. Keep the Houston 7.3 and 64. Only game scheduled tions warrant. When you BUY, a Realtor is able to

right shoulder tain- h'. with the test
I shoulder
ing under your chinas find property for you which suits your needs and

comes you hit You've r- 1 \] 'ACIIITIISSouthwell

under got to do that or your pocketbook
effort will 10 ,Ian Hondofor

thin han mighty a feeble result. Country Club' As Realtors, we arc ready and willing to put our

action To get ou correct must ihouldrr hold- big When! riM you count why get down it bell the ewe for LIVINGGOLFING. storehouse of real estate knowledge and information
clothes drying you'll og'., the
your head Heady and get drudgery of howling end bonging . at your service, Call us anytime.
your right knee cominginto out laundry it indeed Out II .... (ken.**.**.* C.II t kl
the shot about in of da'*. A modem got dyer It ..e.If..t until..* I.. fie*.

the way it work"'Mnyou dependable all ways In SWIMMINO. .

throw ball un- any wtothtr Mokti lift sodas AAU .... *..! 71 5 W 10 ....
/ derhand. Your and hoppitr foe oil hom.'akt" ,....1, _., ...a.,. e'e'leih.HOMESITES. . NAPLES ON THE GULF
o right side it Coll us today for dttoilfTROPIGAS, ,
; . .
your power Tilt "..'.' k* side in golf shotmaling. It should be in !fee art best C,." Clot L.H>f
action from the tip of four right toe to Nt ie.aw' finds!

your right forefinger as it is hooked m a trigger grip Face tin a $eale lied BOARD OF REALTORSa

onto the club. a lea TIle t'*... 1'rIatue 5161 fre.r US. 41
MI ) mi NAPlES ON( Ml 2 Mil


4 _ -
- - -

....... -------... --- --- - ....
- - - -
__. I

I 1 _


6 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS, N.pl.i, Fit- Tu.idS.Ht.mb.r a l Iva4 Ann Southern Cyprus Asks Northern CongoRebels

2-Day Program Planned Seeks Public Proclaim

Military Aid New Republic I

Golden Gate Golf Course v'jothern LEOPOLDVILLE, the Cong I IF
( (AP) Rebels In the northern
: Is taking ii'' > '111 the' SovietsNICOSIA t Congo have juodalmed a "Pen.
From F I
Hollywood dada i,, ,1,1'11' I I
Republic" In Stanleyville

Ready By First Of YearA reads "How to clai! ,e an Cyprus (AP) and are pushing toward Coqull.

image. President Makarlos will send a hatvllle. They may try to link I
Photographs muM r d''" how
week up with Insurgent forces
two.day program I;planned 'creased sales and tdmlnistrt well she has accomi Ill, ,ln'd' ,i the delegation to Moscow this for the Kwllu Province. into
for the poll I tlve efforts at the site process. Clustered ai! uwl a seek concrete terms
of the '
opening new StanliiloCjprlot
the Greek The rebel radio In
Soviet offer of aid to I'
course at Golden Gate CIt \\'lth "It becomesupparentthatman photo of Ann as her "wn ,;lam. said Christophe Gbetne. r
a target date set in earn Janu. agement now being condoled, n' orous self are shots "j 1 I her In w government former vice premier of the
the offices on the Tamltml Trail recent film roles as d'tltule. The Greek Cypriot president
try C.E. Jung managing dire
mllltar aid Congo, has been named piesi I
called for Soviet
tor for GGE announced ester- must be shifted to Golden Gate, a political busybod and a
war dent of the People's Republic.
last month after Turkish "
Jung said. "For thepreaentpendeing blowsy has-been.
day. planes attacked Greek Cypriot As defense minister it named I t
Consideration is being given construction of an office building What on earth has happened I
asked the Gaston Soumialot main rebel
He has also
to a men'sand It Is planned to utilize the to Ann?
pro.amateur play, for help. leader In the east who has beenThe i
women's tournament with two motel units for sales and ad. "I wanted to act," Me ex. United Arab Republic
Soviet Union is reported In close contact, with Red Cln
mlnlstrttlve purposes. Overnight plained "After all, I Nan an
appropriate prices, he said, as a
$30 in
part of the opening day program. guests will be accommodated In actress before I got Involved in to have offered Makarlos and Burundi nese diplomats tielghborlm

Participation of golfers In the Naples motels," he said. comedy After seven years I in million In economic credits
for The broadcast said the next
to have left the way open
Greater Naples area and sur. Jung announced application has television I wanted to return to 3T '
rounding clubs will be encour. been filed for construction of aircraft I what I had done befure To do - .--....--- ,xta c. discussion of Soviet military rebel target was Coqullhatviiie,
capital of Cuvette Centi ,lIe
aged. runways It, I had to make a complete NE\ Radio, aid
Teleplioto here ..
Province the noitl
Jung said construction emphasis In other activities he said plan- break with my previous 1m. An authoritative source on Congo's
Is being placed on the golf fling for transfer of major com age." lUCK ,\MI\-During A In Saigon. Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh said the Soviet offer was condl. west boidei. Its rapture' | would

course, with expectations of hav. munlcatlon facilities to Golden A shrewd planner In matters ol South Vitt Nam used a backboard to diagram his new interim government. He told I llonal on Makarlos continuing to put the rebels In control ot most
for of
log nine holes ready for play In Gate from the present office Is concerning her career, she the press he had resumed control after a six.da\' hiatus "b\' popular demand. I II Insist on self-determination Burundi the noitheiii Congo betweenthe I
than I
December. All tees and under way It Is anticipated the realized that she had to exercise I Island republic rather In the east and the
fairways have greens been ,seeded, move will be made within the the acting muscles that had an agreement to unite It with Congo (Brazzaville) RepuMi I
or next of delivering Greece, a member of the North 800 miles to the west I
two stiffened
months A Golden Gate during years
sprigged and a good green growthIs S. Viet Plans A with the KwtlU reins!
office will be maintained In the and reacting to mechanical Atlantic Treaty Organization. linkup -
already evident, he said. Last-Ditch EffortTo under led b\ Merle Mulele, ppkn .
t been
Makarlos has
present location on a reduced laugh lines In television. She Try
also that appll *
Jung announced scale. enrolled for lessons with pressure from Greece to refuse trained former. mtntstet t ct'
cants for the golf professional as. he had seemed education, would cut "fl Li'",
A "snack bar" is now In oper. dramatic coaches Stella Adler Soviet help and
shipments are being Interviewedwith atlon under the management of and Jeff Corey. To Draft NewConstitution to be weakening In his decision 1 poldville, whirl h) Is less thin 300

a scheduled starting date Mrs. Glazer, and visitors are Her first break with her TV Avert Auto StrikeDETROIT to open formal negotiations with miles west of Kwllu.
for the pro In early October. Pro I
Rebel niece mete relortrdThe
Invited "to try some of the home stereotype was in "Lady In a the Kremlin
shop layouts are being designed made Cage" Greek Cypriot delegation storming the jungle tiles of t
soup or psalm prepared
and lists of merchandise prepar. Mrs. Glazer," said Jung Her role? "A sodden old (AP) Negotla. Johnson at the speakers plat. will include Andreas Araouzos, Boende alxnit 200:! miles Horn

ed.The prostitute," she admitted."It Lora made a last.dltch attempt form and then rode out to the minister of commerce and in. Coqullhatxllle. If Boende falls" ,
use of site facilities such" was the best thing In the today to reach agreement on a airport with him dustry; Costas Ashlotls, direct the last battler to the Pl'ovuH'lal

as the clubhouse, model homeland ar world for me to do as an opener. SAIGON, South Viet Nam new labor contract between The UAW chieftain" said he tor of the foreign ministry, and capital Is a gatilson or 200

motel units, since opening Even though many of the re. (AP) Ma]. Gen. Duong Van Chrysler and the Untied Auto told Johnson that" the two sides Lefcoa Georghlades, Cypriot Congolese gendarmes at In.

date, has stimulated activity at viewers didn't like the movie, I Minh has agreed to set up ma. Workers Union, with a strike In negotiations are "quite a way ambassador to Moscow. The geode mt>lw\y between the two *
Golden Gate, indicated by In. got wonderful notices The thing chinery for creating a new gov. deadline only hours away. apart and have real problems"" announcement said Foreign towns.

I liked the best t was that none of ernment for South Viet Nam, As the clock ticked off the But Reuther added that he has Minister Sp)'ros Mprlanoii also lIuWP'tJIIKI'ph i Hiinlii,
them mentioned Malsle" but Premier Nguyen Khanh final 24 hours toward the 10 great hope and has seen other may go to Moscow after attend goveinm ot Cuvette Centi.ile

'Televisioh t Then came "The Best Man." retains chief power. premier. a.m. Wednesday deadline, situations "that looked just as Ing the U.N. Security Council piovlme, repotted he Mad

She portrayed a nosy, bustling\ Minh will draft plans for bargaining teams were expert unpromising" debate on Cyprus expected to mobilised tl'lhesml'lI 10\31 tn the
committeewoman. Again her selection of the provisional ed to meet in round,the.clock In his speech, Reuther relt. open next week U'<>|> oU1\lllt government to

By CYNTHIA LOWRYAP notlcles were favorable.Ann council which will create the sessions. erated that the UAW doesn't The United Nations reported defend the |'>iuvinc p.

Televlslon.Radlo Writer has just finished "Sylvia"with new government. His plans Chrysler was selected as the want government Intervention that the Greek Cypriots< have

HOLLYWOOD (AP) The I t tj Carroll Baker and George must be approved by Khanh and UAW No. 1 strike target this in the bargaining.The tightened their economic block. Nn ll I'. piiMilont tier t has

American Broadcasting Company Maharls. "The woman I play Is U. Gen. Tran' Thien Khlem, year over General Motors or President, Reuther relat. ode of the Turkish Cypriot used his ,'r to :adjourn
seems to be staking a claimon nut really a prostitute, but she who with Minh serve as a steer tara, tne otner members of the ed, told him that the govern community despite warnings pOll
military life. This season It has been through the mill," she Ing committee for South VietNam auto Industry's Big Three. ment Is not planning to get from the U.N peace forte Coftfii ess

will have six shows, three of explained. Weary but hopeful, the negotl. Involved but is depending on the The United Nations said'

them comedies, Involving uni Aboul her personal life site's Khanh announced Saturdaythat ators decided to break off talks good sense of the negotiators on roadblocks have restricted food

form remarked that she wants to the triumvirate would Sunday night and begin the both sides of the table shipments Into the Turkish -
"Combat" win be back with push her beautiful daughter, appoint a national convention to marathon discussions this Reuther told the rally of Famagusta and t

Its mud-stained heroes continUe Tlsh, out of the nest, then find a draft a new constitution and set morning."We which included thousands of Lanarca. Makarios blockaded rquartera r-(
Ing their grim battle across husband for herself up the election of a general wanted to have a fresh UAW retirees -that none of the three other Turkish areas last y
France from the beachheads assembly.The outlook on this last day because Big Three companies has offered month, Including the quarter In : : Cl

towards the Rhine. This year REQUIREMENT Government Information ,there may be a long haul any Improvement In pen. Nicosia where more than 30,000 1I1 111ITJ I 171 ,e
they will get some air support j LOWERED Ministry also announced that ahead," commented one of the slons for workers already re Turkish Cypriots live. r: U
from "12 O'clock High" a new 4 b Minh has been named chairmanof Chrysler bargainers tired. -
IIFtf-NA. Mont. AP)
series about a bomber group. the "provisional steering UAW President Walter Reu. Chrysler, CM and Ford made j

"McHale's Navy," still fight. for school graduate can now apply committee of the national ther observed "1 leave here virtually Identical offers to the "Yellow Journalism" '-=- .
Ing the funny war In the Pacific as state tame wardens.Two armed forces." tired but more hopeful than UAW last month, Including .

this year Is Joined by a ., ,.". ,.-,,- ... years of college formerly This title which presumably when I came In, We agreed that higher pay, Increased holidayand The is term derived"yellow from journal.lam" a comic The United Slotn lies o total of
was a requirement..
sister show, "Broadside" about would make him chief of state, we could do more productivework vacation pay and Improved the "Yellow Kid" 56,704,500 hornet, of which
a bunch of lady sailors. Then ; The Montana Fish and Game appeared to be a concession to with a fresh start tomor. retirement pension benefits for strip called F Outcalt
there is "No Time for Sere Cimmmion approved change the Buddhists who favored Minh row." workers now on the job. drawn by Richard
geants," adapted from the Io.: .--. after! Orville Lewis, chief of law over Khanh. Three The proposals, described by for the New York Journal in

army-life movie that gave Andy enforcement for the Fish and The border feud between was the strike years target ago,, announce when GM Industry spokesmen as gener the late 19th century, accord f 'i' 1 rating I '

Griffith his big push and, PURRTY( ) AS A I PICTURE Game Department cited a studyof South Viet Nam and Cambodia ment of an agreement came at 4 ous, were branded Inadequateby to the Encyclopaedia Hrl- X T a'F

Interestingly, Gr ffth's competition .. Starlet Catherine Spaak pets prospective wardens flared again as Vietnamese a.m., just six hours before the the union. tannica I' \ .;
this season. friend cat in Rome, Italy. "The extra two years of army officers charged 'that deadline.

CBS has two new entries One Catherine, now 19, Rot Into schooling now required add little! Cambodian planes patrol boats Earlier Reuther said at' a ;

Is a documentary series, "The pictures at the tender age to a train's value as a warden," and artillery are supporting the Labor Day rally In Detroit's

Great War," a study of the 1914- ,of 15. Lewis mid, Communist Viet Cong along the- Cadillac Square, that "a mile I \ _
18 conflict. The other Is a child. frontier. separates where we are and NOONNEW i: STOCKS

of Andy Griffith's comedy series" N- The officers said eight Cam. where management Is."

called "Comer Pyle USMC, bodlan patrol craft 800 yards He told an estimated 100,000
with Jim Nabors playing a Inside Vietnamese territory on a that he . 51,731,200 hove one or more
persons when left the YORK (AP-- Star k. at noon:
country-style Marine recruit. tributary of the Mekong Riverfl rally he would be ready "to television sets This amounts
Comedy wars are rarely dangerous I ,ed on government troops bargain around the clock for Allis Chal 2CC/4 Ford 53% pa RR 35: <4 ta. .

In televlslonland, but pursuing Viet Cong guerrillas two days" If necessary to reachan Alcoa 671/1 Frmst I Da 123/4 Pep Cola S4'/2'

they are not exactly a barrel of Aa Saturday, agreement. Am Air 41/4 Frept u1 39 Phil Mor 80's _

fun for the performers.On I < Cambodia countered with Reuther preceded President Am Can 43 Freuh Tr 323,4 Phlll Pet 54%
one of the hottest days of 4 R ,charges that South Vietnamese Am Cyan 60Vi GenDyiGen n 35>,4 RCA 32',I

the summer, Nabors and com forces attacked the Cambodian Am Mot 16 Vi El 86% Rep Stl 47 Vas

pany were on location In a wild ; village of Koh Rokar Sunday Ladies AnT 69'/ Gen. Fd 89% Revlon 331: '!
canyon beyond Beverly Hills I t and that Vietnamese planes Am Tob 36% Gen Mil!.Is 41 Rey Tob 46 I

filming an episode about a attacked Koh Rokar and the Play TomorrowFor Ampx Cp 163/4 GenMtiGoodrlc rs 97 Vi StReg P 30? 91 _
y training maneuver. For more I Cambodian post of Kaam Sam. Armour 48'/4 h 56 Seaboard SlVn
than an hour in the broiling sun nat Krom. Net HonorsLady Babcock 33% Goodyr 444' Sears 119 / I
Nabors had been working on to B40 3734 Gulf Oil I 73/i Sinclair 45'4' 1
one scene in which he had to CATCHER golfers at The Moorings Beth Stl 39 Int Har'V 84J4i Socony SOU' -
around a will compete tomorrow for low Int NlcJ 78 Southn C2'i'
carry a husky actor : Boeing 64Vi i % 91
cent of ell American
bend and then with his bur. r'.ikn toll \M'khitURGSouth! Africa net honors on) the "front nine" Borden 75'/4 Int Pap 12 Sperry R 1334 homes' per
including Hawaii but not
den still slung over a shoulder tl'Iwpa \1'1 Alman ul' Vtiuirn in and battle for additional honorson Brunswk 8V 4 Jones&Cater :L 83'/ StBrand 77V.; Alaska,
go through a lengthy dia rl; S Ih .\1111 It'" Natal' PrivXnn the putting greens for low Tr 34'/. Kals Al 33'/. 5tO NJ 84J'i

logue. The problem was that ,111\> >d ly who kills, a putts. Celanese 66Vi Ken'cotChrysler t 87th Studebak G% mC S\I\U.: Sl'ltttIn; : its

Nabors was so winded by the .,.all! | g -
time he reached the microphonehe i "",'t i land how Minnie copped low net honors on the Coca Col 137 Loch'd 39>/4 Texaco 80% television homes, the ,Amu

could scarcely gasp. I K. .f I i\ I althv mj mine "back nine" and Jerry Smith Com Ed 54'/i Lorlllai rd 46V4K Thlokol 14% lean Research Bureau if.

"I carried him all day yester. k"'t Id a., i nmiiipilm'H' '' of.i. proved most accurate on the Con Edls 90% Mag'vo: 30 V Carb 124'/i' ports that the total increased

day, too," the actor moaned, ,I., ti' her. greens with the putter Cant Can SlVi MM&M S8V4 Unit Alrc 59 b>' 1 .300 100 during the pasta

mopping a sweaty brow and w,. \ '' 1 !" iti Inu" hdrCn.l DowlChe 69"t Mohasc 14>!4 Un Fruit 22%' >iar Chart above shows
fanning himself with his helmet I i tmall knit' "f.>ri DuPont 260 Mons'tc> 79% US Steel 09'4Unlv proportion of television I
liner. "Last night I was so I "f ,"lie hu- hat vaver.ilJKM EAL 28U Mont VV''d' 3714r Mat 13% homes to non.television

plumb tuckered out I fell asleep but hi si,,d\\ prrI Vern Allen E.Kodak 129'4Firestone Nat Dal 82 Westg El 37 38't homes in this country California .
at the dinner table In a res. 42,4 Nat Din t 27'iv54 Wlnn Dlx leads state with
.l.I this pun"i" I until'gI Woolwth 27% every
taurant." Fla Pw SO N.Av A' % an estimated 5.278,900 homos

Nabors said that so far he has 111 I!, I J dent'mis ..n ipifdi Wins Cypress Fla Pel 77''; PenneyTiIE SB's' with television,
suffered only a skinned elbow,
Il,;i i" ,,"'hm.lw "' ,ulleots
but 'add d that maneuvers, even
fake ones, are not without real s f four. lirt II. grabs Flag TourneyVern

peril. The actors' real enemy Is a, 11" the ,if.iil ,aid I 'then tit Allen won the m.n'lLabor
blank a a, I I 'till i iP
more dangerous than event at Big
Day flag"
small explosive " It \a'enru uh a
bullets and Country Club pro Phil
charges. The canyon Is full of .i t ''re'I ,n I tie) ;'Hindu. Cypress
announced.Allen' .
oak.IMMEDIATE. ..m" pm 'i'''n, "''1 Minn;
poison net score was 117, witha
.'' ,
i Nee. 1 Ih ' 11111.
gross of 85 and a handicap
.. ,
II i" >l .till'"I nU'"
of 18. Behind him were Bill
DEUVMYI I ,11" I m. .
"' and
.. Cunningham, 87.17..70,
'" Dwight Helsel of Redland Coun.

CMCTXxts.REAIDYflir'64l. tn Club, South Miami, 80. ..71.
Flo Brossart was the big win.
r -- --- ncr In women's competition She

VOTH KHANII IN CONTROL South Vietnamese Tre won the nag event will 87.12..75,
and also was closest to the
BRtAKTHRBWHAeiiaii mien Ngincn Khanh emerges from Saigon's National on 137.yard No.2, driving to

ElllllNEElllM Buddhist Center after paying inspects at within 9'7' of the up. Second t
the biers of two Buddhists killed in religious liotIng. Ir the women's flag ompetttlon

With him is the political\! powerful monk, si was Chris Covlngton, 10S.29-.79.

Thich Tam Chau, Khanh also visited graves of Jack" Winters won, the Class A

Catholics killed in the ilotini ( NTA Telephoto) +t mer..'. driving 1 contest with a231, 9. \1
yard wallop Class B winner P w

-- -MMNAPLES was George Howell! J2S ards,
and tops In Class C "as RichardGolden

[ ] FLY *i4" 223 >yards t'J



Duck hunter John F. OtxrsulUr
NEW New Year Round Daily Schedule says he hunted the wild game

New la-eme.lsaloof|! l NOT k..l 'tMM. tor a half century. and now that
.I N.W Kyii.e! I4V.M.I KMV. Naples To Miami he's retired he miles mmiaiurt
hknkol...,...1 .... wll..
otawM J.....0.0':1: P'M.: ducks by hand.
MOT, w. 7:45: A,M. 11 :30 A.M. 3.45 little
New rasa p Mlfc "I 1 began making these
NtMftaM Wllk. tkrirtr I.4IwlM.1 ... . "
SUM... ...1.....esa tnoUc:1" Miami To Naples b. ones out of cork as a hobby
M t''' he said.
: lorHEADY 'rr 1'b.'a sb.roue 900: A.M. 215 PM. 500 P.M.
..r.:7.:: r.. II tq I : !MUGGY II.\T STORY The 61-year-old retired court

TO OO Connexion and Ktiwrvationa to any point I I. the world Movie starlet Joey Heather- home employe carves the tiny _. ...-- -
w--' -
ton anticipates winters cold foul from chunks of discarded

ONLY $1799 NAPLES AIRLINB with a furry hood from the insulating cork and affmes heads,
BEATLES AGAI)N The ageless battle of the sexes continued ine
new John Fredericks coHee.tlon wings and tails carved from pine
LUFF GMC Naples Airport Concourse > Miami Airport In New York. Topper wood. San Francisco as sonn, 10 young men encountered a superior force of

MI 2-3414 NE 44811 features low-dipping sidesto He then paints them complete 150 young women. T he boys represented the "Official Beatle Haters

421 Ninth' Err k.Ts..utselFasMrr3 I City Ticket office Naples Travel Agency 4 C.- protect the ears and a with feathers until the finished A&sn:" the girls the '"Bring Back the Beatles Committee." Tomatoes

"> jersey chin strap. product is amaxingly realistic. (sec arrow) were th> instrument of war. (NEA Telephoto)


\> \


_ J-rSs
.mw- r.rwi
--- - - -

I More Dieted inExpanded OllltR LO:NTY NEWS N.pl.l, Ft... Tuidy, Splmbr I. l.n4 7 . . . C S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S *> S S S S S S S 'S S S S S *> S S S S S S

\. -sr.k:: : :.o.:" -. \" ,mt+'r..!" .;.. .. r..;, ._:.I'a'. : ' :LL,, \\'d'' '

1965 Chevrolet Truck Line 6 States Go To Polls In .. ::

A..iD,::I, ;::: 'f1"

: : ; '; :
.' :

Primary Elections Today t:;: ,." ., ....y:. \ ., . ...,., "I.. ."',!,'. -.-.,

VbHftGTON tAP) Norn. Wheelock Whitney, )8, Is unop.

J 4\ 4 itHms, tor four Senate Mats, posed for the GOP Senate noml. 2 Ot.'ij.ifkJIrWtl'l2207

: .' i lour gore in, ,'rs' mansion and nation. tii

-, House teats are at stake VERMONT

todi; ) II'' primary election In six Sen Winston L, Prouty has no

iatps Republican prlmar opposition

With '", major challenges as he shoots for a second term

m ,. ii i II i 0 d against Incumbent The man he beat six years ago, /

f" veni] ,'r-. PI' senators most of State Sen. Frederick J. Fajette,

the intermit Is on the Republican Is opposed for the Democratic .... .-.. .-.. .... .- .- -- .- -. .- -. .- -- -- -- .-. -- .- .- -- -- -- .-.. .-.. .-. .-.. .-.. .-.. .-.. .... .-.. .... .- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
eubenut] "rial tares In Arizona nomination by former Rep

and Now impshire. William H, Me>'er. In the It\lber.

Other states \\tlh party prU natorlal race Gov Fhlllp H. PUBLIC NOTICE Announcements_ 48-Apts. For Rent
marie tudaj are Colorado Hoff first Democrat to lead the Win. '* Beauty Salon I Bio'roomApJTiiTitTlTTrl'i'llulni

'g' Mlnnesita, Vermont and Mis state In more than a century, Is IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Of THE lots isIs St South .room and plinly 01 cup
bsud Ri<''*er.lorRangu 4
cousin Ge >rgta voters will pick unopposed for nomination to a TWELFTH JUDICIAL' CIRCUIT Of Corner of "," Av,.. 4l spaci.(. ,", h. A,, Condi
S' FLORIDA IN AND FOR cousin S.r..t. MI, 6541BoataMotora
House nominees Wednesday and second IeI'mhll.. three men, COuNTY. IN' CHANCiRV" |/l 11P' tip," S "..1" 'rn 'lap1.. p..k
CM Ml t SlOt "l II
Massachusetts will have a prU Including U Gov. Ralph A. IN' RE Roblrt PETITION A 'lockADOP'TtOI'l OF,
I/O ISO 1100
... ._ -. man involving House, Senate Foote seek the Republican Actes.If Furn I Sd,',. pti- ElficicnCitl .
--- and gubernatorial candidates cit use.,> No JIJ3 TV Ar" Condo 141 tIll
nomination. ..
.NOTICE OF SUIT foot lb' *u boat w.lS to ..
> So MI 2 tree
In-line, 3-cylinder o-cycle diesel of 94 hp for Thursday WISCONSINSen. THE STATE OF FLORIDA TOOOHN HP *nl'"> Hurncan, ,...t.".
lull end side cu.III" for
city pickup and delivery work, and three6 Here's a rundown on major William Proxmire Is I Add,'...LESTER Unknown COLLIER ul. o. tad. Call 1 In' "r SABLE SIIORES APTS.

1------- four-cycle diesels of 130, ISO and 170 lip. A 230. races favored over two opponents In I I You .'. .....bV not,I,id that th* 1 511(1( _'''If Ml I44MK
ARIZONA Above ...m.d p.l>tionr hat I".d i a .lly Ro.* .nd_ Arlce Ave._
cu.-ln. will be the Senate '
140-hp six-cLnder engine optional Democratic prlmar ,.tit,en in lh. In the Cbevy-\'aD, replacing the smaller Richard C. Klelndlenst, for. while Wilbur Renk Is unopposedfor 1'0' sic .doPIon, 01 t fits m"'a' c",1
120-fcp six offered mer aide of Republican presl.dentlal the GOP nomination. Gov... siren nam.d '.....''n so m.I Jot"'. Claan coil,. and >andw,ch thop.a EBB TIDE APIS.WMy .
previous as an option.
0rr,5I Cots. md T.mottmy .
G.o.p. .
nominee Barry Coldwa i r cond lion, clona in on Trail Monthly' ..*.on
John Reynolds, seeking a serom'I I end vo 5r5rqr.rw a Pricad undar OlsOn I moe Modern 'urnnhd *ficincls,
I.r. is competing with auto term Is favored In the Demo.. know rues, .1 III y von ..... ",h. _'II CI _ 4 b4room *p I * * * * * * ''th* .tm thould'nbl k* .._...... E, Npls
* * * * dealer and publisher Evan Me. cratlc primary white former Lt. ....,n. I copy of your w>,55." SERVICE STATION Kill VIII Rd.

Bomb DetectorsFor cham for the COP gubernatorU Gov. Warren Knowles expect.ed ., d.t.ntisiipo' J.mn H IId.m.IIlIo.n.y Mad,,, smvce .1I1an for luau. -.- FOR RNT
al nomination. Cov Paul Fan. to . toe p.I'I'onor' p. 0 Bo, bv AII.nloc lirt.n. Co lo... ? Cud,,,...
100 Years Ago capture the GOP guberna.,0" Njplo FIord. ond b> 11'nIht Nw ctupl** "P't
nln Is unopposed for the Repub.llcan tonal nomination. o"Inll, Ihcriol with site Cl.rk 1'0" HOI "NoTha Tann.mi Trail at 1 both .acl', ....r btcn 4c.nt.r
Airliners .. Moones p.d 5anin5etosam far t. cnrt Will,
of .d Court on or bttor* Ocl b i .
nomination to the Senate I. snot. othrwit. a d..... my bi- Ii'n nc al I attitlanc* r..."..II il "n,rod fill Mrs
seat now held by Goldwater. .n.d ...'n.t ou I,a'.S.so'dW.orans For furtrirr inlnrmalon rail, Mr Donald Br rk.tt Midway I Ml

THE CIVIL WAR IN FLORIDA Being DevisedCHICAGO Four Democrats seek the gu.bernatorlal PET DOCTOR ' my bawd .nd I". S..I ..5smd Thomat or fl*.rol.Flu Myrrt 2241 'Fl lay* An.CtM5ma WaSS74I or w..}k Jill*nd..*flr pm 5/13201 and on
II) lot
nomination and six Cou,1 .5 E... .Napl.s FIom.d.
An r-lpclron. are scrambling for the right to I, A. W. M.II.,. DVM I"", 8th dy .1 Ar, .is5. I iim.4MARGAReT Trail 0USINTrpyeelun.ty' North Furnul.ud.A'r Apt N'ondan.d..r bch 4
HX Honda Library & Ilittoric! Commission (AP>- S SCOTT. 1 Incal on tlu .... I, .
Ic oppose Fannin. Included In the c's's' drinks All ..... quipmant i. poo, tlOO P r month yuarrou'dt'lI
sensitive than
Civil tit Centennial. nose more a Ml I MCI VtE5t.i.nean.
Commiltee! CLERK SEAL) ballroom I bath horn in "arof
bloodhound's Is being devtlopfd latter group are former State By INEZ MAQILL butmatt. Pricad at '4\ 000 .
Dy W..k. or
* * * * * * * * * * * to sniff nut bombs [>laiitid Supreme Court Justice Rena :./ JAMES Diputy R ADAMSP Dirk with' Rood Shown larmi to by qual stunt.I,adpuichatar Month (IHIi MOTEL Ml
aboard airliners Jennings and Roy Elson, admin.Utratlve 0 Con 4IN.pl.t mnt Plan or MI IllS
assistant to Sen. Carl FIodaAItorn.y A.onraI.n
September 7 Governor John Milton informs President The project conducted bj' the for Pt.t.s'r, luruir OTTS VIRQILMARrilM 49-Houses For Rent
Davis Illtnoins Institute of Technology' Hayden, 5.pi |, I It 53 IK stl NOHIF WRIGHT
Jefferson he has received word about
Research Institute WAS: made bdm. "nlv'"" " it* w"
appointment of Brigadier General William Miller to command Former Cov. Wesley Powell ;THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Cu. 0,5 0.5 sutul.I C.ll
possible by a $39,000 grant from TWELFTH JUDICIAL' CIRCUIT, ,IN' DEWEY I POLLYKEALTY Andoun f.\; kill tf
ConfeJiratc forces in Florida. lie writes, "I had the Federal Aviation Agf'nry. trying for a comeback In the AND FOR COLLIFR COUNTY" .
turn home $100
1 b droom
recommended him simply to command the sub-district The FAA has wrestled with COP gubernatorial primary FLORIDAIN CHANCERY month winter |St mo turn
against the man who ousted him CASE NO tilt mOl, Owner en pro......' by
Middle Florida but the for the the problem of aerial {
( ), approve tppomtment sabotagesince ERNEST ALFRED MENDRICKSONPll.nt. . Aua ,,,,,. iso im Ana .Naples
district and hope that he may have the command of all Nov 1, 1953, when a time two years ago, former State 'If. 0.0 O..y P"lIy. ",'..lIorCorn. Punk 11. III
bomb destroyed an airliner In Rep. John Pillsbury After the ".. ., el hI Av. .Nq, a 1170 lllri SlkfCT NORTH
forces in it. The appointment is gratifying to the citizens 1962 primary Powell endorsed LILLIAN ILLIN HENDRICKSON Tmiml Trail I brtroom I blh ..*,I.bl. .tone
flight near Longmont, Colo., O'fndnt Ml OlISS9IloweesPlanttSesds Cull 1 SItS S/HII.
of tho State, and I entertain no doubt will result well. The tilt
killing 44 persons. In aU, the John W. King who went on to NOTICE TO OtFtNOT0'L 1
lu'n'.d collage
Governor in his, letter, continues, "The General Assemblyof become the state's first Democratic : 9idvm d
FAA estimates 191 persons have ELLEN HCNDRICMSONJO block from b mdi' p.or
the State as you are perhaps apprised, has time and been killed by criminally placed governor In 40 years. Third S....l SOlid HIO un'l.blu until Dec I Adult.11 itWill

again neglected' to provide for the organization of State bombs. King Is unopposed for Demo .0 5 Wh.rlon. .Nw Jrtiy, tUMMrR SALE OF MATUREHVBHIDS : 14(111 -
You sri h.r.by not fid t..1 a 'furh.d;;
troops or to amend the laws which existed previous to our The feasibility of building an cratic nomination to a second MEDEARI S ; suit for divorc, ".. bt.n ',I.d boo' ,n .AND.".dlo"SPECIESR .., Tu."orsRvor horn rnl North soil MiamI or Irtd Btuch tar

separation from the United States that organizationscould electronic bomb detecting device term. ....int you in lbs Circuit Court of O"d ....d..... T,,,n... comprbl homo in .Nriplm.
so COLORADOAll Colhar County'E 1"1t,in' fhinrerywhrln R,,.' (lrhn|... P ,,,,,,,. nil 5, Oil Payee Ballon 0.' M.nr
Q animals loll?
be legally made. I resolved to take advantage of the "looka good, research dl. four House members Do GeorgtRamsen DRICHSON In ,,,. PIli."". HEN end ... Wood Chrytlir Plymouth

effect produced upon the public mind by the raids in rector Dr Andrew Dravnleks, seeking nominations to new Evaptton' Illinois you ere Ih. Dfndnt; and your 12-Help Wanted t/t Attractive M Gu..l Muss*. I
S3 of
said In an Interview Monday, r rqulrd to nrv' copy your ..
Georgia, and by virtue of my position as commander-in- 'but we are trying to make It terms are unopposed. There Is A. V... they do Many birds mimic, ntwtr, or pldinf laO the Bill of. Millar Hruth Co Tatopaimigtor Srhool Block' from camplitily n.w' S furmthedDO Gt

chief of the State under the constitution, to issue the practical."We no balloting this year for gover. human speech. And !h... hov bn Compldnt'* ttorny for *Olvore UNtiL upon 4 GOLD Pltintf woman full or in part.Naplat,tlm*Our man talat and per month on yinrly :!muse.:

proclamation and orders, copies of which are inclosed. The are not yet at the Mage nor or senator dogs which learned I* maV* human Florid HERO, ..und. O til Bo'..lIt IM. Fort Mr.. An..*.. .opl.a.awea waak C'llon.PI;ng 1100 Myrt and. or i/'i rent IS53Listings monthly' C.ll l16n.

course succeeded beyond my most sanguine expectations. where wp can visualize a com MINNESOTASen. teundi Whit !ffiii lin'l really tolling, wr or PlMdin' In th*o""n.C.orl sIte up par WE alliS or writ P. 6

Thirty-citht!; volunteer companies making in the aggregate plete piece of equipment," Eugene J. McCarthy Is moil anlmoli can communkot with Clerk I County of th* Pb Circuit,,dies., Court' bIori Collir ,. Bon H"i
Dravnleks said. "That Is about favored over two lesser known their by whlilUl, ..unll.bah. . IS 114 II . ,
about 2,100 effective men, have already been eon ipxin :opt nl.ol.d o Want. FemaUHhLP H.v' buys's I 0' I..w cOst lnum.s
organ- 5 10 foes in his try for Democratic E."lombo 0..Pro. c, liken 13-Help .5 last N.pl. Col"OI County
or owll. whimpers
i/cd l and reported themselves ready to obey orders as years away. nomination to second term. , .nl'int you for th* .*I.oI dmndd R..tty P unlun i thi1r..l' XHll"
knows Ih alarm call ol !Ih sIns i WANTED
crow Compl.inIDONE
Dravnleks said he would
and several of the .
emergencies may require companieshave AND ORDERED In N*
already been in battle and behaved well, but we need report his findings to the FAA in or Ih* kiss |jo,. Every raccoon hunter pin. Florid, Inn' flit dy of Auiutt FEMALE 57-Houses For Sale
knows that his hound voice changes IV64.
HId The of the I December West VirginiansDon't MARGARET T. 'COTTCLfAK.i' Wanlad mpontibl unman sa ) Hdrm I bulh. hwimminlPool _
arms ammunition. portion arms
greater as h* pyrw.i )N.| quarry MOI! d it Circuit Court 35 Call N... Shrubt. on 100 dull
had were used in arming the reservel in Confederate The electronic nose would hove read ol Iho ejtpirlmentt' mod ( : : kAt\\ Mr"oor:: noi, "I rnrll' ap Front .whit Sand B. chOwnnr --
Want Charity Mil Op nSundy
much the same Ce: tHE? MAQILL p.inl.n.nl.Wius nniiout 10
service I applied to Major Humphreys at Columbus, Ga., operate on with| porpof 11 and lhor*
for additionalirmsbuttbesupply in that State, if I am principle as a human nose. Acompll'x Says GOP Hopeful .I Susie, convorialloni. If you own ZEMEL: 4 OOlbStRQ nm.. Eaptrlancad tues frl sal runninirath 'w5. CARIBBFAM' REALTY
field of electrical de Attorney for PlimtiflIJ41
herb thai his bark different ra|'"'.' Old.mnranpr' NMltort
informed correctly as exhausted by the forces calledinto dog, you knew Is Brodwv 17M
Caroutal N.Tra.l Ml I -SIM
lectors acutelv sensitive to tiny Inrrad Apply in parton
the Fifteen hundred PD.EVILLE W.Va. (AP) when he !II welcoming home man Fort Myirt Florid Driva In No. Naplal
field by Governor Brown. stand you
amounts of vapor emitted by Cecil H. Underwood, Republican Auj U. S.pt. I. .. H IM4 Ull\\ 9/a IfWnn.an Coq.mna lands, J bedrnonn. ;
of small-arms would supply the deficiency in this State: explosives would serve as 01. candidate for Ih* boA h* isis whom he leniei e fina' la. butt l.ri. pork. ronl..1 air
I loi allaraliont
governor around the houto. The mole IN THE COURT OF THE COUNTY Condition drup.s. difthwntherMARtOwr ,
riondians are generally good marksmen, and those who factory nerves An alarm, abf'lI Virginians don't need the stronger JUDGE .IN. AND FOR COLLIER d.., thnn Cunlidantial Writ 51,,.. ..frmi'rnolr.Ilform,
would act ol moil mi.s' ol enlmali will mat. .. COUNTY, FLORIDA' Boa IJAJColhar County .. l.rr's
formed will or light as a I.n 514.000 Uy
compose the companies recently compare kind of charity shown by the whort which drl Ifrnf IN PROBATE .NO /,, Hums ,/. illsModfuvnnntulWrdeBou 4Av NECK 453 5th
noliM ore
favorably with any other troops which have been raisedin bral.i. New York taxi driver who courting IN RE: ESTATE OF ; li/ So MI 15211.! .
clothes for the needy In from pounds,sod.otoilm.cSim.e.Iii CHAS W STEWART ././. A IS Colliar County Nan I/It I. f. t. tft
rifles of brought
the State, and if we can procure good long When molecules of an explosive , ', Is nol lo lay mat' any animal .. C. W STEWARTk/" 'l't, St14Help I .
Appalachia last weekend. CHARLES W STEWART, bdoonn balls ui 'nithdtl.M
range, will in case of invasion render very efficient service. material such as dynamiteare Labor will equipped ai tamo politician ,lee Dc**..d U 1100 fl floor tpell0
Day Wanted M
Our gloomy butI detected the disturbancewill NOTICE OF FILING PETITION' Ruins' Of
prospects in Georgia are at present very celebration Underwood said carrying an S ,lilibuilr. Thr or* certainly Hoy.I _
I entertain the hope that by a decisive battle they may trigger the alarm. "We certainly, don't need New no debating elocutionconliti FOR OF EXECUTOR =.':'i.n.bU60n wanlad!* LIKM"Auply M.nall' in "HIllA NO II"OKIR'O..nOl lilt t

be improved The retreat from the mountain passes of Under controlled laboratory York cab drivers to come Into among anlmoli, but moil animals COn TO CONCERNNotic. ALL .WHOM. IT MAY Nuplat 1",,,'I"N", ,". must ..n 56,5. b.d.oom,

Georgia "is at least unfortunate. Permit me to express an ('ondltlonl. Dravnleks said, the West Virginia. New Yorkers '101 or communicate with members It "*..by jivn that I rtv. I balls horn in .THE. MOORINGS
.cutor of Cntrl h t and *ircondilioninf
fild return* *t *> 16-HelpAvsit.bU
opinion to you on an important subject of a different lingering odor of dynamite can have their own problems" of iholr' tpetl>. H may nelblequnt, Ih* :.r.n.:; of Chut. W Stwrt.k r,*,p.Io"1 throughout

I character. It is this, that to prevent extortion and secureto be. detected In a box three Paul Raynard, 26, a part-time but It t U ol leoil os good ai m* grunts W*/ /11..1. C W, Stwrt d.c..ocI Hilt'''.1 Chrltbl 1 bane' lady In availabl prlv.ta fur horn 7>aTJ Call mkwurk Ml pl...eitcvpt bloe5: V includ bBdroomt,., disposal Com

the Government and non-producers the necessities of weeks after the explosive has taxldrlver and actor collected of the aboriginal man filed "'Y p.1.1.." 10' fn.1, ",.ch..... 1 J'61. S/ll HDatirout and dithw*.hr N,,* crnd
been removed. The problem about 3,000 pounds of clothingand end sIteS I mill ap :Ii' Ii 55. Honor' porch, pvd drivw.y. oddd
life at rcawmablc prices the simplest and best plan-constitutional . Richrd M ft>nly. Judge of of r.luat..i51. Na loon Phon. Ml 5 tIlt utls rPM
now, he sail, Is making the nose other Items from Ms customers the Counly Court of Coflitr County. plat' Maya III butinatt adminitlralion S /Jtll
and therefore unobjectionable to dispense discriminate between odors of and delivered them to Florid, on S.plmbr M. IH4, forpprovil gradual. l0 H...
entirely with commissioners and fix by law a standardof and W.Va. and Pike. Claim Bonn Puts 5 ol .... tm far finil dn p.rl.nca tnt ,.d. mol.1 ..n..m.n' 58-lots Sat.fItSIOtNIlAL
explosives those of harm. Charleston chr<. *t ...cutor of I It..ssal. of .r.i parmanant employ For .
prices; not forbid sales at other prices, but impose a less substances vllle, Ky. Chan W Sl.wrt, o/k/e C W Slew,. n.nt only in Naplat' Writ. _
Donald B 7umFld. Midn ghl '
5,5 */kChtrlM W Slwrt I lui I> |JS
tax upon 'II sales and let that tax be the excess obtainedby Skids Trade .....d. Pat Rod Sarasota. Fla ,cofn.r Hock Cr... .,*. ,n
the fixed law. There would To "I ItMANAC.IH nir* n* ghborhood Pric.d Il'inns
by AUlusJ.'J.U'
venuvrs over prices ) Arthur .1....*.' OF HIGH MlSf I>U i forusd11 quick til,*
then be no inducement to demand more than the prices families from insult, and to muntain the dignity and ?>*cutor ot the ettil of APT HOfIL WElL VI liSt) At.orit*|

fixed, but if sellers obtained more it would be receivedby honor of the State. It is possible that a few individuals With E. Germans C h..W W Sltwirt Il.oert.ki, t/kll .ALL HI_04 'PHAStS ll CALL MIAMI./i V' MARCUM p OTTS- HOst-r WWIOMT VIRQIl'
Ch'rl.' W Stl..*rt, poe JAfGI" -. PHIL IIEVU
the Gevernment and credited to patriotism. may be found who, although physically able to bear arms
LEIPZIG East Germany <"sI.'p't"l. I, IS, .I'M *W> 23-Miu. For Sale
Governor Milton has today issued the following state and not exempt from military service, have not volun. /AP) Western traders Am M DEWEY: POLLY

ment to the "Citizens of Honda," from his office in teered, and have shirked the service, both of the State and especially the British are *SALIIIP'II ft IttFrgitfur ralniaralerMoving

Tallahassee: "The response made by you to the proclamation the Confederate States. If any sueh, they should be enrolledat courting Communist East Ger WEATHER uppli.: ..*Into. s.horn. .1 will llll built M,lana in REALTY

and order issued on the 30th of July, to organize once in the nearest company and required to do military many's business. They say West Illiih Low Pr, Or Soranto faardant I/It. ) Go(. o...y Pally, R..ltorr
Their should alto be reported to the adjutantand Germany Is trying to block Ca, ,. fur ,. ol
yourselves ir.to military bodies, and report for service in duty names lear 19! 18 risaeu s rl .dy rn.r Ut Av No 4
Albany a whirl altar tlaanma tarp.ttw hm..mo Tr*,In
the defense of the State, affords cumulative evidence of inspector-general. In the revolution of 1776, no mm them. here In large Albuquerque, rlear 89 67 th Hlu Lust* Idiot alaltr.C M' 54155
allowed to a neutral Those who The traders are ,".mpooOl ,I. N.pl.s' Purnisur, ..uCrliCo buul'u' e.,. .. lul
position. 84 63 "
and fixed to maintain, at occupy Atlanta dear ,
your patriotism courage purpose numbers for the autumn Leipzig to Ill, II ,.r n.w H'|h School, .oa'
every sacrifice and all hazards your rights as freemen and attempted it writ considered Tories, and many such were Trade Fair largest In the Com. Bismarck, rlouily 63 53 S'lii'i'i, Will lk 12,SOU Phon

the sovereignty and independence of the State. Doubtswere hung as t 'aitori by our revolutionary fathers, and infamy munlst woild. One of the most Boise, clear 83 .2 ; 36-Personal .Hit /2s1

the thereby entailed their offspring Others escaped about West Boston, rloii'ly 71 !S8
entertained of the possibility, under existing ware upon vocal complaints ALCOHOLICS A""MOIII" 59-Acreage
of compelling into military service all capable of hanging, but they incurred the hatred and contempt of German opposition came from Buffalo, lear 80 62 M.n ormomenw,'It douSing
status all brave and honorable and sensible of Brunaby Drayson Conservative Chicago rimi'ly 04 71 prablsnnn A.k fo, bile lIy CO'I' "" tracts " **B and
doubts men, were ever ft
bearing arms, without regard to age; but no were ClmlMMtl clear 93 55 ing MI t 4I" Vititor co.lIy 50 per month. No Inl"1
their The has arrived when member of the British Parlla. walcomad Maatingt ,n FirttSaplitt IliO 00 On mile
entertained of and patriotism. With the degrad"it ion. time now no man 84 64 from Golden
your willingness men! from a Yorkshire agrlcul. ClevelanI, dear| Church Ann* on lift G>t* City Opn Sunday Collur .
evidence before you of the conduct of raiding parties. of enjoying or claiming the protection of the State or its tural area Denver dear 88 I' SI al Ill sins vry Sans andFnf County R*.lty. s/lt It

the enemy in a sister State, I did not hesitate to issue the laws should be permitted from cowardice, treachery or a In an Interview Drayson said Des Molnes < lou'ly 85 72 ,23 n.tt.ttSInPM33Services TRAIL FRONTAGE

orders necessary for your protection, individually} and, for want of patriotism to occupy with impunity a neutral the West Germans are trying by Detroit, rle ,
... ..
rain C2 46 .04 m"In fram .ourt. MAR
the safety of the State, resolved that, with your assistance, position, or to encourage desertion or harbor deserters. political and other means to Fairbanks, LOWE 4 SEtH 4S1 lilt Av*

the orders should be executed. Much credit is due to the Many severely contested battles have yet to be fought. keep Western countries from Fort Worth, cloudv 93 M M SLIP COVERS Smith, Ml I tii l 111.nl

enrolling officers of the several counties for the prompt Ve may base to submit to occasional reverses and our trading with East Germany. He Honolulu Halena <,"lou' cur
and efficient manner in which they discharged the duties prospects become gloomy, but let none despair; let each Insisting said British on a businessmen fair share of were the IndUnapolls, cloudy 09 84 I/11III ty M. 'ity Lass. on the Tril,

entrusted to them. No force was threatened, none has been do well his part and we will triumph. The Confederate market. Jacksonville, cloudy 89 78 36-W.nted To Buy to Acres 14 miles I,."!, Court

used; nevertheless, our men and boys, without regard to States will achieve their independence, secure the enjoyment West Germany Is the biggest Juneau, lear 67 3) Uud ptkup truCk waMad Hi>u>* M50 pr *cr*. OP.n

age have formed volunteer companies and reported as of civil !liberty, and occupy a distinguished position Western trader with East Ger. Kansas City dear 88 11 Good.rt at csuditorI Mmlnnc. Slahlman Co IIII Prop Irii 5induS CARIBBEAN' REALTYRaltot

ready to obey orders. Some of the companies have already among civilized nations. To assist in the accomplishmentof many. Total trade both ways Los Angeles, rlear 77 58 v v ttn tf

engaged the enemy, and have honorably distinguished these noble ends, Florida, having entire confidence in ran to about $437 million last Louisville,dear cloud 93 88 63 71 I8-Auto For Sale' 111N Trail Ml emit

themselves. As governor of the State, I thank them and the administration of the government of the Confederate year West German officialsalthough official: Miami Memphis, rlear, 84 76 62-Business Property
Insisting on MUSI
you. Your prompt action has inspired confidence ;n your States cordially supports it, and co-operates promptly and nonrecognltlon of the Commu. Milwaukee, cloud 91 71 iACklHCt 2 tIJ..l..CIAL I 101. 100 .no' 'n

ability to protect your personal rights, to preserve your fearlessly with her sister, States' nlst regime contend trade Is a Mpls..St. P., dourly 76 (6 2.43 door )1964 Gataxia 500. fuse*,IS, a".I*>"'thIs"f arsa.,lrbl Sxtr* cornar In.

domestic matter and may help New Orleans clear 81 72 Exact mileage 6,252. MI proptrttotUyl. Pric: 111" .SOOAtMHIl .
New York lear 82 63 *!**
achieve German reunification.The 23370. turtlE OTTI ... VIRGIMARCh54
, 'l' British buy most of East Okla. City loud!) 92 69 _, NOPI ; WClQH:
Autlin Haalay Sprit* iSiS bur
German potash exports, about 6 undy In color aecllant condan

....... million tons a )'ear. Drayson Philadelphia clear 83 S3 {Ijvua b. scan ItSO Harbor "I.Lan*, ; POLLYREALTY
said the East Germans are Phoenix, r (lear 98 74

prepared to shave the price a Pittsburgh cloudy 88 M M 45-Trailers For Runt

few shillings per ton below what Ptlnd, Me, clear 74 !13Pllnd :

suppliers from other countriesare Ore., rain SII St .02 '.a..... |l a w.*.. mills TV 0... Dawsy fully RueltopC
110 a wok taacat It S wk urn" .I los Av. N. 4
18 42
asking. Rapid City,clear Rock rraak Trr.lar ParkWANT Tamlerni. Tall
Drayson said the quality of Richmond, clear 10 38 MI 041St

East German potash Is exactlythe St. Louis, clear >3 70 66-lniurance -

same as West German Salt Lk. City clear 18 94 ADS

potash since both countries are San Diego clear 73 CO $aniu"fY I.a" .vm"
mining it from the same fields. San Fran., clear U S3 '1 "'*.>. A..,.. Mom Owners.

Seattle, cloudy 63 SI ,30 ,a" 'l"jIlEQE,. INSURANCi
Fampa, cloudy 88 M M !?' SIN Av*. North
JI.J,', Nephew :0 Ml, I ml_J/U.lot
Washington, clear 87 62 ,,:::::

Edward Everett Hale, author Winnipeg, cloudy ei 3SM

of the short story "The ( -Missing) with a
Man Without a Country. ,

was a grandnephew of Nathan Four stales of the t'nloii j j WU'SLKtHU ( T'J low '*$

--- - Hale, the Revolutionary ire commonwealths Henucky VRIHS matflJHMWH

FORD l\ TilE FL"Tl'RE-Here is a sneak preview taken In Toronto. Canada of what the 1965 Fords will look like War martyr, according to the MUIaI hUN.It.. IVnn- WANT ADI

This is the Calaxie 500< four-door. hardtop model. Distinguishing" feature is the over.and.under headlight treatment Encyclopaedia Brltanntca lylvanla and Virginia


- - -- -- --- i_ -. .... -- --,-... --A---- i -
-- - - - --- - -

J _ ..._ _
i t I

8 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS, Niplti. FU, Tu d.y, S.pt....", I, l"4 '
r Beach Resorts On East, West

Florida's Accident Toll Coasts_ .Hit Bv T Teenage Riots

- -----w- -- - -

', HAMPTON BEACH, N.H. I and Maine state trooper to
Reaches 24 Over WeekendBy tAP) This seashore resort :help quell the riot
rt"a town was peaceful today after Police reported receiving dozens .
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Florida Highway Patrol ; : a Labor Day eve riot In which I of call Monday from par.
Eighteen persons met death said Henry Brown 83, of Quln t some 10,000 teenagers battled I cuts of youngsters of 15 or 16,
In Florida traffic accident over cy was killed In bed when a w I date troopers, local police and ,asking If they were among
the 78-hour Labor Day holiday car left the highway and ram National Guardsmen f o u r i I those hurt or arrested
and six drowned bringing the med the side of his house hours. "Some of them didn't even
count to 24. In Jacksonville a 13.year.old Authorities finally ran the Iyounr ]know where their children
The Florida Highway Patrol girl and the toddler she was persons out of town'were," said RhodesOrchard .
predicted that traffic accidents pushing In a stroller were kill. Sunday night by forming human
would claim at least 17 lives. ed when a station wagon ran them wedges and walking from the
One person drowned when his down. The victim wire Clara e i beach area In the center of BeachNEW
car plunged Into a canal. The Stoner and 18.month**>ld Robert town to either end. YORK (AP) Holiday
death was listed In the traffic Leonard.A Some 200 persons were ar. picnics at Orchard Beach In the
category. pickup truck overturned near rested. Twenty were Injured. Bronx erupted Into a rampage
At least tour persons died Ponte Vedra, killing a Navy man, I Police couldn't explain the Monday night and more than
Monday the lowest toll of the 24.year.old Peter Krawcgyk of reasons for the rioting but Robbers 100 Negro teen-agers hurled
three-day weekend period. the aircraft carrier Shangri- ; W, Rhodes, commissioner garbage! beer cans, bottles and
These Included Mrs. AUalda La.Willie of public safety In New Ham p. sand at policemen
Roger, 11, a Miami J Negro Junes Herd, 54, a Ne. shire, blamed the youths' par. Some of the eigpt policemen
woman killed when the car she gro from Cogdell, Ga, drowned t cuts for a lack of discipline in on beach patrol fired three
was riding In shot over an em. when the car he and 13 otherswere the home, shots over the youngsters'
bankment at 80 miles an hour riding In went out of con. "The parents have stepped heads and called for reinforce.
In Broward County near the trol and skidded Into a canal aside and have left theli chil. ments. Fifteen more policemen
slate turnpike. 12 miles couth of Bunnell. The dren to the teachei and to the arrived with two vans, and or.
other occupant escaped. police" Rhodes said.
Another Mlamlan, 85.yeu-.old der was restored.
Mr. Gladys Heaton was killed Other drowning vlctlmslnclud.ed rA There were some reports of The barrages started when a
when het car was bumped from L.D. Lasslter, 3T, of Favor. r ra police brutality In the wake of a policeman ordered some of the
behind by another and It veered ita near BunneU; Donald Tuten score of injured-one serious. youths to stop pelting each oth.
off the road and Into a tree. 31, of Jacksonville, at Fernan SF z:reI + 11} But Gov John W. King said er with beer cans.
This happened on U.S. 41 eight dina Beach; James Richard Lo flatly! No one was reported injured.
een miles west of Miami d.n. 24, of Atlanta at Panama "\ou can't blame police for Ten girls and 22 boys were
r A Jacksonville Negro, Daniel City Beach, Daniel Alford 41, lack of parental discipline, The taken to a police station for
Demps, IT, drowned when he of Jacksonville at Jacksonville police leaned over backwardnot questioning Fourteen boys
tried to swim across a St. John Beach; and John Comer 15, of to use brutality. were booked on charges of dis.
River Inlet near the jetties north Macon Ga., In the pool of an One boy, Peter Zanlbonl ID, order conduct and assault
of the city, Ocala motel. r of Everett Mass., was hit In The others were released.
Luther H. Blocker 22, of An. Here are the other traffic .ri the face with a load of blrdshot
dalusta, Ala., was killed when tictlmss atl I from a police shotgun and doc.
the car he was riding In crash. Alva L. Longan 72, of Fort rr tors said he probably would Oregon Resort
ed Into a culvert near Panama Lauderdale; George Walker Ken. lose the sight of his right eye.
City. drtck 54, of Tampa; Mary Jane Damage was counted in the SEASIDE, Ore. (AP) A
Fetch IT, of Live Oak; Charles thousands of dollars as mer. mulling rain apparent!
Javy Davis, 68, of Orlando; Myr. chants began cleaning up from washed out another round of
tie Jayne Ketchum 54, of Orlan. the four.hour rioting. The rev. rioting Monday by youths in
do, Joseph Higgins, 23, and his - --- --------- elers, having a final fling be. this coastal resort communlt
L 20.year.old wife, Anna, of St. GILDING THE LILY Judy Schoenthaler adds fore school opens this week, of 3,800 residents
Petersburg; Ronald Baker, 24, her beauty to that of the lush tropical gio\\th threw rocks, garbage beer bot. There were brief clashes be.
of Hackensack, N.J., Herbert Lee Machinist'sHead along Spoonbill Lake at Caribbean Gardens Na Burglars Take ties and cans filled with sand tween police and a group of
32 of Jacksonville and set fire to young people, estimated at
Edmonds ; pies The American Eider is part of the Gardens some buildings
and the while about 700 strong Sat in'da; and
Grace 55 and smashing windows
Mrs. Bulman ; along
famous second
waterfowl collection largest
Mrs. Catherine Mary Nelson, No Holidays; the beachfront Sunday nights in what appeared
DODGE BOYS 58, of Miami. North Ametica. "It was too well planned and to be the third renewal of La.
organized to have been bor Day rioting! since 1902.Howevei .
ARI fLYING end FlaysGoldwater Ingram's HitNot .
spontaneous affair stimulated no one was hurt se.rlously
TRADING RIGHT *l Known n the "Land of a by beer and drinking" said and onla few windows
North Thousand Lakes," Finlandhas RegimentationThreat (tg11fiJ.Ctet} everyone In Naples took a Rhodes. were broken along the town's
572 9th
nearly 60,000 lakes.CORBIN holiday over the Labor Dar week. He and other police officials main street. Businessman Les.

Hit By end. said youths had passed out''ter Raw estimated damage at
...-z,1"*' :;::. Burglars Ignored the hoi Ida:y leaflets and notes Inviting oth.t $300 or less.
MIAMI BEACH (AP)-Presl. _. '".- and broke Into Ingram Chevrole er young persons "for the big Local police) backed by stale
dent Al J. Hayes of the International Barry On Tour ;" j f".f1.Il: : Co. on the Tamlami Trail, according rumble polite and the National. Guard
Association of Machln. I to owner L.N. "Casey'Ingram. The governor said the riot arrested 1W persons on charges!
late said today 75 year of labor PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) Sen. \ was a "symptom of a moral ranging from disturbing the
progress 1* at stake "In the cur. Barry Goldwater launched his sickness In American youth :peace to Inciting Hot,
rent battle between extremismand first presidential campaign tour Ingram aid the 'worktrl'broke which Is potentially explosive.' Those charged ytere scheduled
LlNDABURYlJ" Democracy." today by charging that the -4J/l a small window In tin C King said he hoped the courts I to appear for hearings In Mu.
Ii "Extremism In defense of the Johnson administration "In effect r rear of his establishment an would not "mollycoddle" the 'nlclpal Court beginning! (; today
promises to regiment our l to >k a small lock.box holdln r The outbreak of violence In
kind of freedom that Sen Barry \;{ \ -==== 200 persons arrested during the
Goldwater want Is a vice," people at home and has demon. b Insurance policies and othe r rioting 19C2 was allegedly over the
Hayes said In a speech prepared trated that it will wreck ouralliances /,. .. non.negotlable Items, which the V: It took a force of 2SO heavily ,community's failure to provide
broke and abandoned an d hut the
abroad. open adequate entertainment,
for delivery before the conven. armed police and militiamen
Lion of the 875,000 member A 25 per rent, flve-year tax B '''i '0JitijJJ.//, took time to Jack up a used ca r with fixed bayonets to restore addition of a teenage night
union. cut proposal in his pocket, the .. ,,_, on the lot and remove Its tires;. order. club and expanded dam luff fa.
Republican presidential noml. There were several new cars', cilities failed to curb a renewalof
He spoke from the same plat. Cornelis Drebbel. a 17th Police began today to take to
form to be used by President nee set out from Phoenix on a century Dutch inventor is with brand new tires standln It court the 200 who were arrest.I the rioting
campaign Journey that will nearby .. but Ingram figured tin* Seaside Is 81 miles northwest
L Johnson In an appaearance be. credited with building the ed on charges of inciting a
.. I fore the convention Sept. 15. cover 11 cities in even elites. first submarine. During I burglars were seeking tires c If riot, rioting, disorderly conduct: I of Portland.
ll gMrares I The lAM Is expected to wait San Diego Is his first stop trials I In the Thames it a certain size and drunkenness. Many of those
ft..... .'until after Johnson's address In a speech at Los Angeles reached depths up to 15 feet Officers Jerry Wlnebrenneiand arrested were released on bail
then give him a ringing en. tonight, Goldwater will spell out below the surface. The sub Gary Young today are Inves,, for court appearances in the 'Ilie ( iiiiK.in)| liiljin hiIOIIH
LrL) ;jorsement In his campaign the details of his tax cut pro. marine was first used as an tlgatlng the burglars for the Na,, next couple of weeks ) *. to |ho same lannlv ar
... against Goldwater for the presl. gram-already sketched by a offensive weapon in naval pies Police Department Them King had ordered out the Na. the I Snall\(' Tobin but Is!
top aide. ilia II l'i' and Iti: habit1 ,111'
dency. warfare during the American findings were not available as i tlonal Guard and deputised re.
Goldwater' type of freedom, The Arizona senator envisionsa Revolutionary War The J News went to press Inforcements of Massachusetts quite| dtHern'inta
uu...,v>._ add, I._* the Mind under five 'per cent annual reductionIn
which "many of us and our fore both Individual and corporate
father suffered many longyears. Income taxes, linked with a
." drive to reduce or at least hold
"We do not believe" he said, the line on federal expenditures.
Turf Builder 'that the word 'freedom In our He believes It can be financed
out of Increased
constitution was ever Intendedto tax revenues
mean freedom to exploit the produced by economic expan. *
disadvantage of other, to work .Ion-and that at the same time, : ? -, \
for low.wages to starve, to live a Republican administration
In slum, to suffer dlecrlmlna. could balance the budget and
lion, to be denied an education make payments against the ii
SALE to suffer unnecessarily from national) debt.Goldwater's.
sickness and disease. tour opening I
0. "These types of freedom are statement said Johnson 'lists
I, being espoused by the extrem. prosperity Justice and peace as .
j..' 1st force In our country and the three parts of his pledge to a
their chosen leaders The pro. the American people But not
posed return to such freedoms freedom."
1* a serious threat to the over. The President In a Labor Day JEATfJiS
\for small bag *,., whelming majority of our work. speech at Detroit, talked of
when with "three of the goals which are
bought Ing population.
95 ': said that "throughout the basis of unity-the goals of
large size our Hayes entire history, these self prosperity justice and peace" KEEP YOUR RADIO OR TV ONe BAND

proclaimed guardian of tree. "He should know," Goldwater

dom. .have through their pow. said "and the American people LISTEN TO LATEST WEATHER BUREAU ADVICE
er and Influence, rationed free should remember, that there
dom In unequal amount*-those have been prosperous 1llVes.
You $2 the combination. It's the with the greatest advantage that Justice can be found In a
save on wealth Influence and prestige prison and that tyranny can TO SAVE YOUR LIFE AND POSSESSIONS

best deal we've ever had on Turf Builder getting the lion's share. bring peace" to anyone who wll:

"In fact, It Is precisely for surrender
grass "
these reasons that the organized "Without freedom, he added,
have it just at the time lawns in this area labor movement wa* born In conformity"unity Is "nothing more than B&ORC y Z. Hm CAS TANK NAVE SUPPLY OF
State . 'tuts ORINKIN6, WATER
the United
should be fertilized You.J1love the 'FILLED.
"The progress of the labor said Johnson's .
results you'll get using Turf Buildernow. movement In the past 75 year speech "emphasizes the choice J CHECK IATTERT STICK IP ONFOOISTHATNEED
called that Americans face In this
1* at stake In the so THE WINDAND
AND YOU'LL BE SAVING 'good old days' of exploitation election-the choice between y. AND TIRES 'yy NO COOKINt OR

MONEY TOO! low racy.wage" and Industrial, autoc. conformity and the choice or freedom between at weak home FLOOD REFRItERATION.IIT .

Hayes told the machinists that ness or strength abroad.
automation has brought a crltl. "This administration In effect -
cal problem and It wUl get promises to regiment our peopleat HAVE ON HANDFLASHLIGHT t -:- STORE All LOOSE AWAYFROM
worse. Because of this, he said, home and has demonstratedthat ,' ) OliECTS : TOTS,
1.5 to 2 million job are dlsap.pearlng it will wreck our alliances ,; P -l := At LOW

It's the RIG f each year and, If the abroad," the Arizona senator / FIRST' AID KIT TOOLS. TRASH AREAS THAT

Scolti Salereported trend continues, 18 per cent of said ;'f' [1I111"UII'I, "". ::: c..s..t MAY II SWEPT
the labor force could be unem. .. ETC IOARD OR
Jack Leteoulle ployed by 19TO. Japan's Alcohol TAPE UP All
But he said the labor move. OR 'FLOORS
on theTOD4Y ment could meet the challenge Average annual consume -" ..... WINDONS.
tion alcoholic beverages in
Show by fighting for a shorter workweek
Japan after World War II
longer vacations, more
about 350 million U.S.
paid holiday and earlier retire.
gallons of which sake represented STAY INDOORS, . DONT RE FOOLED If
An equally Important goal he about 40 per cent. THE CALM 'EYE" PASSES DIRECTLY OVER..
said, must be higher wages. --- AND DON T IE CAUCHT IN THE OPEN WHEN
that will raise the standard of HURRICANE WEATHER IUREAU. CIU DEFENSE.[ lED
living and give Americans the CROSS, AMI OTNH AUTHORITIES.
r abUlty production.of commune the rising # r THE STORMAFTCR FROM THE ?" MHIIff DIRECTION.I I

work started on Kentucky Dam NO RISK 'EM AND IIDUII 'DWtllIIIU.IUTIOlmu/ OR ilEUm POUCEXAN
CENTER the Tennessee Valley Authority -

pick: the best workmen for the [xiRr ...va, OF FIRE OR INIURICS MIMES SWITCHKAW PREVENT EVER-
410 Tenth 8t.. So. Ml 1-2441 project HAS PASSED FROM FAlUNfi I 011 E C T f. REACT CAMS IRON IOIMI THRODON.

Naples ru. Store Boars One applicant was thrown fora NORISKCHEMICAL
loss by the very first question: YOUR ABILITY TO MEET EMERGENCIESWILL
Large Pirkl., Let M *... to ':11 ,... What does hydrodynamics CO.MOMTHCUAAMTIt
A.jo'a'' Meadsy th,. Salinity mean?" I INSPIRE AND HELP OTHERS
The man thought" for awhile

then wrote this answer"! "It MI 2.4148 US, DEPARTMENT OF q" CE WEATHER BUREAUi
means I don't set no Job.


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InquiringReporter! HIST '

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G a.lI'I. p.m. a.m. p.m. .,
Sept. 8 MM' IM 7:09 '7:31Srpt. 1

]t oiile r 'fir tUJ S Sept.. 10> I M7** MB 2.11:, 8:21 7:41: 8:25unl 8:00

gUESTIONt How did you ; Sept. II .. 1:4002 8:52:

earn your first dollar1" Sept. U Ml 4:40: >:S1 .:,.

Add onr hour for Marco

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1964 8 PAGES Add one hour, Naples lUjr bridge
10 Cent 41.t YEAR NUMBER 32

? Crum Takes Mammoth Storm Packs 125-Mile WindsMidFlorida Ply

Top HonorsAt BracingFor Of M'LI8 N RARI'EstThe I lr


TOKYO DAVID LYON fighter planes crashed south.
(MORE PICTURES TOMORROW; west of Tokyo today, killing one
Hurricane Dora pilot and three Japanese factory

IMMOKALEE-B111 Crum of: worker.
Plant City stopped "clownln, An F8 Navy Crusader piloted
around" long enough Monday twin <) by U. R. C. Sohocder, Roche

FRED tUE :YIELD the all.around cowboy championship '- ter, Minn., crashed while taking
Retail Merchant, II: lokalee at the big 14th annual I -- -- Norfolk off from Atsugl Naval Station
Immokalee Rodeo. -- a S MIAMI, Fla., S.-14.| 8 (AP)- about 40 miles southwest of
"I 1 earned my first dollar for Crum Is one of the two or .--' R.ltirh /Hurricane IVra, a m o n s t e r Tokyo. It plowed into a null
three who !packing winds of 125 miles an factory killing three
men worker
10 hours work at 10 hour dress up In color ,
cutting okra and # per ful costumes and work as clowns -, Hatteras 35 hour, !pounded relentlessly to. and Injuring) four other Japan.
picking pole ward Florida's
in the rodeo ring. It Is these lIIIIbjl"' well popul.'edmillsertlolllod.IY es*.
bulte rbeans. I don't .( \wilmi"rfO"
reinem ,
men's duty to distract the angry Sehoeder balled out. He laid
ber at what age, but they were bulls away from fallen ridersIn Ahead of her, she swept the In a statement he had aimed bin

still using those large dollar the bull.r/ding/ event. Atlantic wth raging I titles, plane at an open area surround.
bills that some of us young While other contestants for % Cbarf&on' e crashing waves and huge swells ed by tree and did not realize
'oldtimers' still] remember." the outstanding-cowboy award \ 5 5 5 5S1VIAINh that threatened to slam ashore there was a faiton beyond.
were running into a long string late tonight and tomorrow. U.S. Ambassador Edwin 0.
of bad luck, Crum parlayed a 0 T xU Residents In low lying area Relachauer railed on Vies
t good bareback.bronc ride witha e along 280 miles of coast In Flor. Foreign Minister Taklo Oda to

rather slow time in the steer Ida, Georgia and South Carolina extend conk>ienres.
e a dogging event to walk away with tMS AYII( 5D5ytofl were advised to evacuate. Tides About an hour earlier an Air
Mw the honors. Crum was present. 10 feet above normal were tOI'... Forte Kill!! crashed on the

ed with a silver engraved belt cast.The banks of the Sagaml River near
buckle by John Jump, president Weather Bureau said hur. the Atsugt station The body of
of the Immokalee Saddle Club, % acli rlcane.force winds could begin the pilot, whose name was
rodeo sponsors. moaning along the shore tonight withheld, wa* found In the
UORA from Melbourne, FU., Just south wreckage.JAKARTA.
BIG CROWD Tampa 80Wlat of the nation's niuce/ renter at .ill

The two-day event, staged t in Cape Kennedy, to Brunswlrk, -
near-perfect weather, drew large r Hew. da.
crowds that filled the stands surrounding Dozens of cities\ and towns Indonesia (AP)_
Im eaib, along the President Sukarno paid Monday
coast began
4 the rodeo ring Just south buttoning
of town on SR 846. The rodeo Ft.Nyers 1svr UP, for Dora had a striking area night that Imloneilan 'leftist
drew contestants and fans fromas M 450 miles si'ross-bigger than are the pillars" of the Indonesian
far away as the east coast o IAKAMAS e eN5 all New England revolution
and the Lakeland.Tampa area. Addressing the annual confer
sa5 ZJe ence of the Communist
Outside of Crum, none of the f Wilt HUGE EXPANSE peasant
outstanding cowboy contestantswere e. : SMI dn&OV, organization, Sukarno laid
able to obtain points In $aA Sdada Hurricane winds of 7s m.p.n. Indonesia cannot Ignore the
more than one event. Faulty or more extended outward 150 numerous follower of the Com.

execution and spirited animals JTATUTR MILUs miles to the north of Dora's miinlst III the country
-- -- -- - foiled one contestant after another 100 4 100 200 300 calm eye and 83 miles to the Sukarno heaped praise on the

MRS MAUGAKET HAYNES Five different cowboyswon harms Itbliinils 4It I south Gales extended 350 miles Reds and said Indonesia+ + will
Reach first In the five north 150 moth continue to Insist that Commu.
Store, Theater places ma.
jor events. if 1 TAU[ AT $0' LATITUDt{ A hurricane watch with gale nUt China he admitted( to the

"1 earned my first dollar Don Boyd of Arcadia, an 1st. jMIs.Criat warnings was posted from Palm United Nations.
Beach, Flu, famed
mokalee rodeo In other winter play
picking strawberries. I was champion r
I place of the
six years old and the boss years, had a chance near the end Wealhy, north to
to pass Crum In points. Boyd IsalaS b: Myrtle Beach, S.C. LONDON (AP) The Soviet
was hire
going to me until e
Cave fine demonstration of Sgntitp6r5Ad At II t30 a.m. (EST) Dora Union, In It* biggest purchase to
said 1 best
my tlc) bareback bull-rlding, and was was about 300 mile east of date In Britain, has signed a
berry picker in .the county. granted a re-rlda In the bron Cayman s Cape Kennedy, near latitude contract for synthetic fiber
....' -._ ... -.....-..,Xl << tangled In the gall of the chute. .. and mowing* westward steadily TqJ'iWOCf' tlm '*?*, Britain': *
.,'''' ', 0'0 ti'o But on the bronc re.ride, Boyd at it m.n.h.. .- Midland Bunk and the Insur.anre r

T was unhorsed by a lively critter It wa* exited to continue Export Finance Co. will
w'. just before the required eight Another 10 Miles Holiday Death Its course and speed. through upply $87 million on a IS.year
1" seconds passed. That gave the the night loan' guaranteed by the British

r honors to Crum. Toll Short Of At Cape Kennedy, emergency government.+ The United States
A popular new feature at this crews lowered five huge rock. 'i Is opjxised' to loan of more than

year's rodeo was the calf-scram, eta from their pads but left a five year to Communist bloc:

1 ble for youngsters. A dozen Of Alligator Alley Record Figure sixth" a IffO.foot+ Saturn 7 nations.
r' calves were donated by merchants poised for night In its *uj>| ort.

for the event, In which Death on the nation's high Ing gantry.
more than a hundred boys and way and streets over the long It was designed. to withstand NEW DELHI, India 'TAP) -
girls participated. A dozen Labor Day weekend rose past wind of 179 m.p.h. Prim. Minister Lai Bahadur

lucky winners got to keep the Ready For the 500 mark today, but the National Shastrl' ruling Congress party
animals they caught: after a Safety Council said the CLEO WAS A BABY was thrown out of power In
spectacular chase all over the number of fatalities would not ]Kerala Slate today by the Com
Dora the season's 'munlst.led opposition on a vote
big arena. approach record figures second hur.
was announced at County coming at appraisal figures, and At the latest count, traffic fahuh. rlcane, was many times greater 'of no confidence.
POOR MANNERS Commission this In size than the first The fall of the Congress gov.
meeting morn." In other cases condemnation cult .. across the United States Cleo,
There were a number of un. Ing that bids will be opened by the will follow. numbered 823. Eighteen which killed, more than 130 per- J eminent in this tropical Mate anbdla's
cooperative animals In the ro. State Road Department on Sept. son. were killed in per son In the Caribbean and southwest coast came
deo, but none so rank as a big ember 22 for an additional 10.5 HANDLES GROUNDSIn cldents and 57 others boating ac. caused an estimated $119 mil. by a vote of 7250, with IS die
f :'J crav bull that refused to let miles of "Alligator Alley." This other county business 1..E.: drowned. lion In damage along Florida's client Congress party member
contestant Jackie Williams of will be a stretch In ColllerCoun.ty Whitten was appointed "ground Howard Pyle, president pf the east coast late last month he. tiding with the opposition
MEt PIG LEY Wauchula sit on him, much less this side of Highway 29. superintendent" at a salary of safety council, credited cautious fore turning out Into the north Shastri, who also face a mOo
Btgley' Incorporated ride him. Tossing and snorting, $100 month. Whltten's driving on the part of home Atlantic Cleo' top winds were I lion of no confidence In the In.
A per job
the big hunk of beef lay down in of contract for about 27 mile will be to supervise labor work. ward bound motorist with only 30 miles across t dlan: Parliament, now must ale
"I 1 sold when I the chute and refused to budge expressway In Broward Ing the keeping the death toU behind "If too to I ther turn the Kerala admlnl
I newspapers County was let August 25 at on courthouse grounds. early say where i
The last tratlon: to
was eight years old for the Toledo was shoved forward about $S.S. million. He will be under the supervision year's record of 557 live*. it will make land," laid for. over the' Communists,
into another Throughout or run the Hat
chute, and still most of the ?S.hourweekend * affairs from
of the caster
News Dee for a profit County Agriculture Raymond Kraft at Ml.
another, and each time promp. Another contract for approx. the number of death ami "but the New Delhi under the rarely
of 1/2 Department. area of hurrl.
cent per paper. tly sat down imately 10 miles had kept used device called
again. Finally, Wll. more will be William Manning, who had pace with the record cane warning should feel hur. president'
Hams had to draw another crlt. necessary in Collier County this piled for the position withdrewhis ap. setting 1983 figures. rlcane-force winds sometime r'ul..
ter, which threw the rider be. side of Highway 29. That will application. Early Sunday evening the late tonight." Tide would be t drastic step,
fore the required eight seconds leave about 29 miles stretch. number of death reached 450 like Washington taking over
passed. Ing between Highway 29 and the "CAN'T DO IT" and saIety council spokesmen !t has the strength to put up control: of a Kate government,
Among the Broward line I afoul tide a little north of and there wa*
outstanding perfor. County for fur. John lamurrl, representing expressed fear that I new where no Immediate
mances of the day were bull ther contracts. record would the center reaches the word which step Shastrl will
Warner Football set
Pop League,wa* amotorists I
coast, along with huge take.iaydon. .
rides by Jackie wave
Stroble and Boyd, County Engineer Harmon Tur. told that the County war without clogged highways on the way ;
both of Arcadia; a fast calf-rop. ner reported this morning that authority to disburse funds for horn.
Ing by Roy Dart of Zephyrhills; appraisers were covering the equipment and other necessities !.
good bronc rides by Evan Con. rlght.of.way area by foot for :
jeep teams being organized in East ,
nell of Fort M>ers andCrum; and helicopter In making appral. Naples. Our 'Arturo' !
and three fast times in steer. sal of land not granted the Coun. lam urrl had proposed that the : !:
dogging by Richard Levering of ty for the expressway. County enter Into a cooperativeeffort jl

\ f't. Springs Okeechobee.Lakeland, and Van R.L.Adams Whldden of Zolfo of be Reports forwarded of to the property appraisers owners will one third to assist of the the expense team with He Back In ShapeAt I t'

:, for acceptance or refusal. It aid sponsors will pay a third World Fair

PRIZE WINNERS 1* expected b) the Commissionsome
I Rodeo settlement will be forth. (Continued on pal 2)
+rfitIui secretary Mrs. Jackie
Neapolitan will be happy to ,;
Roberts a.r 1 1J
\ compiled the results hear that
Arturo, the piano.play. t'
and announced the following Ing duck from
\ w Caribbean Gar.
.., 'I' prize winners a
( ; dens, Is now fit a* a tlddl'-or .
Jf.l Bull riding 1. JackleStroble, should we lay, tit as a piano.
'j Arrarfla. Iflo2.. Don tlnvA_ 1 1'.
;, -
,. cadla 155 The good word ram from Joel
''".ntl.... ; 3. Don Walker,tamo.kalee ,
133; 4. V.L. Underhlll, Kuperberg, Garden manager,
VIVIAN JOHNSTON Moore Haven, 130. 1 now at the World Fair promot.

R&R Robinson Gallery Calf-roping I. Roy Davis, aw I Ing the Napl s _Collier County
"1 made my first cither Zephyrhllls, 12 seconds; 2. James area with a big mist from Ar.

washing cars or driving resort Cowart, Wauchula, It.2j; I. Ar. tuto.

people. My father owned s garage lln Taylor Plant City, 20; 4. Several weeks ago a myter.
and I was crazy about Pet Lanier, 23. lou assailant stabbed Arturo,
cars. I was 14 at the time" Steer dogging 1. Richard and the resultant wound required .
Levering, Lakeland, 8.2 seconds; eight stitches Arturo went 3
2. Van Adams, Zolfo Spring, back to work Immediately to
r ,
8.3 3. B.!.. Whldden f
; Okeecho. sM4 be sure, but some thought, hews*
bee, 8.6.; 4. Wendell Cooper, playing a trifle off-key.aome.

Belle Glade, 13.2. thing to be expected from a
Weather OutlookSee Bronc riding I. Evan Con. wounded durk.
nell, Fort Myer, 142; 2. Bill
latest Crum, Plant City, 140;; 3. Wll. But just the other day, Arturo J
advisory Hurricane
ford Underhlll, Immokalee, 130, performed for I distinguished
Dora. Fair today.: Increasing 4. Gary Stenos, Lake Wales, + Fair visitor, maestro Paul La.
cloudiness tonight, becoming 12$. val of TV.radio fame, who drop.

cloudy with showers on Wedntcdsy. Steer decoration 1. Roland h Yw' ( O ped by on his birthday. Arturo ..

Low tonight in the 70s. Skipper, Fort Myers, and Van LA: w!16 ;1.1""' '::J' ':':; :.,__.".r.l.A 5 i 'w: played val, Including at his very a musical best for"Happy La. SPEAKS: AT COFFEE I II i' Burns, Demo-

High Wednesday 80 le I 85. Adams, Zolfo Spring, 23.1 sea OUTSTANDING cratic
COWBOY candidate
Bill Crum, his clown's Birthday," and according to Ku. for governor of florida and pres-
Northeast' t- north wind 10 to onds, 2. Dave Dungan, Zephyr face paint still ,visible ant of Jacksonville
hills and Roy Davis Brandon accepts engraved silver belt per berg Laval went away "quit mayor v.i ill speak at a "coffee
20 mile* an sour becoming buckle from Immokalee Impressed." party"
So at 10
38.9 1. Arlln Taylor and Kayo Saddle Club president apparently the o'clock! row morning In the
northwest to writ 20 to 30 ; John Jump (right) at conclusion of 14th annual wound I* well healed the duck Cove Restaurant of the Ta utian Cove Congress

mil, an hour on Wednesday. (Continued on page 2) Immokalee Rodeo Monday (NEWS photo) 1 right* back with In the perfect world.pitch, and all'* Inn.Democratic"Everyone spokesmen.is invaded according to local

,- . _.. ._ -- "'. "aCOLLIER

.... ....
-- - ----

COLLIER COUNTY NEWS N.pl.n Fl.., T.aday. S.pf.mb.r I. IW4 16 East Florida t, sd 'a Zoners To Study

File Cloture PetitionIn Counties Put On

Hurricane Alert Area
... 3rd Street
teen (ounttes In eastern Florida }'
Hon rd i ana tne nortneasi quarter n, '
RowWASHINGTON Civil Defense PlaJlllln f.
Redistricting were alerted b> state The Zoning and "
The block
headquarters today: to put this morning decided I"I make a., immedht i
or to the east has its northwest .
into effect their plans for natur.al 1 two-week stud of the" area gne:
the ter zoned !ea. and the 'cl i iL
(AP) Se against It. So far they have been disaster as Hurricane Dora transitional zoning between i I'L
tenteen senators Joined toda in unable to do so. threatened.Col. j Third Street South shopping area three-quarters zoned reslden;,,;

Ming a petition to shut off de. With the stalemate standing H.V, Tarklngton, state and the north part of Aqualane i The board referred to tho It

bate In the Senate battle over in the way' of congressional Civil Defense director, placed t-: f4tI Shores residential section manager a letter from Gee" f'

the Supreme Court's legislative adjournment, there were re. the state office here on 24.hour il> The board's stud was In reply McDurney, a lawyer In Flora .
't Sloan i Ala., asking why no pn vl!'II i ii
reapportionment VT
dedilon alert.
ports that Sen. Hubert H. Hum. operational A'W. to a request by>
The fight over this Issue is the phrey, D. MUujL President Counties notified to Implement for re/onlng of some lots in thisarea i has been made for abridge acr "

chief stumbling block to ad. Johilfotn'Ptvi<*''presidential run. their disaster i plans area It from "La" shopping zoning .p Doctor Pass. McBurney d,'"

Journment of Congress. ntnrWiM, .O0W'(.I ready to :Nassau, Duval, Baker, Clav St. to "fra" multlple-l* llln g;: crlbed himself" as an "IntereMi i
I 4454.: .
The petition to Invoke the 'throw( hilt, *t.1tchputJIlcl\ ) be. Johns, Putnam, Flagler Volu- classification. William Zimmer. visitor.
antl-filibuster\ rule was submit shirt!* tile anrflDirksen forces sia, Seminole, Bre\ard Orange, /,,, ';' : .: man's motion for the study was 1

ted by Republican Leader f:*. Johnson so far has kept silenton Indian River, Okeerhohee, St. j'' "r "with a view toward rezoningthe
rett M. Dlrksen of Illinois the apportionment Issue Lucle, Martin and Palm Bearh. \:A'1' entire area"
N.p; >> .
shortly after the Senate ron. The platform adopted b) the They will prepare for am ,v. ,, Some of the property zoned
vened at the end of a Labor Democrats at their national necessary evacuation and take ....#:;"N',. > .," "I-a" In this area, Including: Another. .
day re-ess. convention In Atlantic City other precautions p r e srrlbed i"'a > .. ,. w cc Sloan's Is two blocks from the i

Under the rules, the petition avoided the subject altogether, when a hurl"ane ap|'loaches. .,1"' nearest established "business. (Continued from page I/

will (tome to a vote one hour in contrast with the GOP plat A.; rat v Sloan and his attorney BenjaminC. 1 1 and the boys will raise a like
after the Senate meets on form pledge to support action to Red and Green Lights :. Parks said this remotenesswas 1 1 amount.

Thursday.The overturn the Supreme Court's t'araguay has a form of ..' one of the reasons Sloan 1 I "It Is prohibited by the leg.
move, requiring a two. ruling firefly (called the railway .' : has been unsuccessful in two'I Islature" said County Attoriu,
thirds majority of senators vot. beetle) which flashes a red .,. > of efforts to sell his pro.. James R. Adams. ,
The dispute Is more an urban "".. Ftti, B Y " ;, <; ',_ MIF years "The C n.
Ing, Is designed, to limit further rural clash than a part>'-llne light at the ends of the body perty. mission Is without authority p,
debate by a group of liberal fight and a green light along the '\EA Tel<'ph Hi" "I'm not sure that G-a U 1 I spend funds In this manner,"

Democrats against a legislature ,sides the better use," board mem.ber .. A progress report on work i j.
SLRPK1SF1::-Fireman Richard G. Shaw 34 flashes a big grin as he holds up a copy of ,
apportionment" rider to the James Dell said "Neitheram Golden Gate Estates
the New York Daily News And no wonde News informed him that he Is the was made
pending $3,3.hillioo stork added "1 I I I
'foreign aid I Zimmerman : by County Engineer Turner
missing heir to $250.000 legacy from elderly writer he had befriended 16 and
a an years ago
bill. area i
the I
September in the RainMap doubt that we will leave C.E. Jung, managing directs I
Dlrksen Is thief: sponsor of I aer.1 as It Is zoned now." for GGE. Jung reported slut

the rider, aimed at delayfog for I shows Weather Bureau's estimated forecast of that a barricade had been placedat

a year or more Supreme/ Court. age temperature precipitation through OPPOSED the weir where a young boe
ordered tartionmeut of First Skirmishes In 64 Three property owners In th I drowned recently.

seats In both houses of state Immediate vicinity are opposed!1 I Jung also sought advice fr,, '

legislatures on a 1 imputation" has. to Sloan's rezoning request t II': commissioners on a future poll\(

Is. was brought out Mr, and Mri.. of protective measures on pOlo
He want to gain time to seek George Colecchla abutting pro.I slbly 21 weirs scheduled fu:

adoption of a institutional Get Under perty owners to the west, stated!'I construction in the Golden Gate
amendment, that would I hermit| r Campaign Way In a letter to the board that't Estates area.

states to apportion\ seats In one "we strongly object" to the re I Zoning plats on addltlc .a

branch of their legislatures rna WASHINGTON (AP) Can. major campaign swing in San the floodgates" for foreign quest . areas In Golden Gate City wet,
basis other than J"ulat" 11'111. Sloan said ne had contactthe I ,
dldates on both sides of the po. Diego Calif, today. Johnson people seeking jobs in the Unit. approved by theCommlssion
Joining him In mine the 1'111. east
!! abutting owner to the ,
and Miller i I recommendations of NAZAC.
Iltlcal fence have fired volleyson Humphrey all re. ed States.He .
ture petition were two Demo
who his opposition.
such issues at nuclear weapons turned to Washington. said tariff reductions expressed
cratli NIAYYQ
senators and 14 landowner
Hepuhll. And Carl Hazzard
Johnson spoke at an AFLC10. backed CHILD CENTERCommissioners
control, taxes and civil by the Democratic ad.
ran senators. The total of 17 MODIIAT[ rights in the first major sklr. sponsored Labor Day rally inDetroit's ministration already have affected to the south personally appeared moved to<, i IF.
was one moro Hun Is requiredby before the board to volci .
tho LIGHT mtshlng of the 1934 presidential Cadillac Square, the Industry and employ. sue a 10-year lease to the Itm
election campaign place where Democratic candl. ment adversely but more cuts his objections. ok alee Migrant Committees J,
One of the .ll'm'H'rali. signers Alin/S.r ": Parks contended that 1 I
to President Johnson while not dates have begun their cam. are being sought "Do we haveto use of the preschool chllu
was Sen. James 0. rastland of zoned to Its .
not high
since 1948. property ter In Immokalee. They '
openly acknowledging It as a palgns make the same: dumb mis. ar;
ttp'l Mississippi ngiliiKt, use whit of lone the has debate.hat. There'll be pli-nh' of rain In the northern half of the campaign: speech, took sharp The President didn't once use takes over and over again?" he est and best use, and Sloan can'tuse also to pay $300 per ve..
Issue with the word Democrat. Much of his asked. It for such purpose under utilities and maintenance '
limitation rule to lull filibusters country during September, not so much In the south Republican ,
Barry Coldwater on the ques. speech dwelt on such topics as Miller also pledged a series of the present zoning The attorney center
against Ivll i lights measures national and tax cuts noted that rezoning from neigh' This Item received consider.
tion of nuclear weapons controlIn unity peace pros. so that government
The other lemrt'ratic signer a Labor Day address in perlty. But there was little <"takes progressively less of the borhood shopping to apartments 1: able Commission attention at lastweek's
wns A.S. Mike Mom'one) ol Ok. Detroit Monday.In doubt he was aiming shafts at fruits of your labor Is an upgrading and he pointed' meeting because of what

lahuml. nearby Indiana and Ohio Goldwater when he moved to Repeating a favorite cam. out that property to the east: appeared to be excessive elec.

Senate 1)emrt'r.tit i Leader the vice presidential nominees, the subject of nuclear weapons palgn topic, Miller said that consists of a corner tract with I trio bills The $300 allotted te'<'
Mike Mansfield of Montana saidIt 9 ..
three "rental-units" dwell.
Republican Rep. William E. control. "those who make trouble in our a the center is expected to pay
11/19.11'1111/ | l "veiy doulitful" and two houses.. It.! ,
Goldwater In 25 it takes the Ing guest on future
Miller of New York and Demo. an Aug. streets, whether utility expenses.
tint the lotuie rule would lieInvoked Hazzard told the board he
Aiovi cratlc Sen. Hubert! H. Hum. speech had suggested a way be form of open rioting or goes
limiting park Sena tf NORMAL found to the North would rather have business s. PERMITS
phrey of Minnesota touched, provide under the more sophisticated BEER
toi'H' S|. jklne time to one hour. AIOY[ Atlantic Treaty disobedience' will trlct face his property than a 1 Daniel of
NORMAL respectively, on taxes and civil Organization name of 'civil Rev. L.E. pastor
U the cloture move falls, :a f rf NAa rights! among other things with small, tactical nuclear find no comfort Just condemna. multistory apartment building, the First Baptist Church in 1m.

group of liberal Democrats who O NORMAL Goldwater didn't mix into the weapons for battlefield use, tlon" from a GOP admlnlstra. "Business zoning doesn't worry mokalee representing the minis.

have been carrying on what mow scrap but from the Arizona weapons which he said "may tlon. This drew a big hand from me at all, because businesses 1, terlal association of that area,
Dirk&en call a filibuster NORMAL senator's camp came word that truly be called conventional his audience. close at a decent hour. But appeared at this mornlng'ameetaing .

against his proposal will be free R. MOCK he will outline tonight a plan for weapons". Taxes will be the subject of people live In apartments 24 1 seeking cooperation of the

to keep on talking indefinitely / NORMALs.er reducing taxes by 5 per cent a "Make no mistake" Johnson Coldwater's address in Los hours a day creating nolseHaz<, Commission in keeping beer and

Dirk. son's proposal, offered as ttMPEKATUftti foTemperatures year for five years If he is said Monday. "There Is no such Angeles tonight. A source high zard contended. wine establishments from opening ,
a rider to the $3.:1.11111111: foreign elected In November. thing as a conventional nuclear In Coldwater's campaign organ. on Main Street in the farmIng .
uld l uutlioi l/Jtlon Mil, could I I..* "CAN'T GO ALONG"
Goldwater who rested in weapon. Uatlon outlined to newsmen center.
Millar '
kilts! if > considerably throughout country Bell observed that "as longas
tabled und thus l>poniMits He said the Judgment to use of the senator's!; referred to
\ ; abo\e normal In the northeast tool In the northwest. Phoenix Monday, opens his first Monday some the property owners Rev. Daniel sue
could lute u majority object,
up nuclear weapons Is "a political thinking on taxes and the feder. places as collection centers fo
can't .
go along the reco
decision of the order" .
highest "Wlnos undesirable
al treating an
Your Ford Dealer is laying his cars on the table and added; "No president of the The budget.source said Goldwater 1|Ing complete request.Its!' The study board of the hopesto area situation, on the main thoroughfare -

United States can divest himselfof would aim to begin the 5 percent In time for the next meeting; which Is the main busIness -
the responsibility for such a yearly corporate and prl-j September 22. section.
decision" vate income talC reduction 1.: The Commission advised I
Miller campaigning In Indl. June 1966, and continue it for Focal point of the area f study of possible preventive measures .
three blocks of
ana, told a Labor Day audiencein five years. It would be coupled split zoning and promised Rev. Dan.
South Bend that workingmen he said, with a 5' >e In federal the block between 13th and 14tl d lei full cooperation, of the board.
A Avenues and Gordon and Thin
would benefit from a Re. excise taxes. Rev. Daniel also sought advice
Street, the west half Is zone
publican administration throughtax Accompanying the tax cut I on statutes which limit locations
cuts and protection of jobs would be reduction of federal "D" residential" and the eas t of dispensatories in relation \tc

from foreign competition."Our expenditures or at least hold.. half "I-a. schools and churches. He appeared -
administration will refuse Of the block Just south of tha t
ing action which would producea ,, displeased with a store
to toy with dangerous pro. balanced budget over the CI ve.,one, three-quarters Is zoned "0'_ sellinr package beverages villain

grams in the field of tariffs and year period. a range of 400 to-500 feet

immigration which could well Humphrey, campaigning in Rodeo. of his church. The Commission I
J destroy our labor market," Ohio told a Youngstown news . promised a survey of st. .

Miller said, conference In answer to a question (Continued from page 1)) tutues. Administrative Assistant

He said the Johnson administration he was concerned over the Welles Arcadia 37; 4, John Rhys Beatty was authorlz.

Is advocating Immigration future of civil rights should McDaniel and Carl Alvarez Fort, ed to request that an agent from
policies that would "openYOU'RE Goldwater be elected. He said Myers, 409. the State Beverage Departmentvisit

this concern stemmed from the Girls' cloverleaf race 1. the county for consultatlo,

fact that Goldwater not only Elaine Cannon Fort Myers, 13.8
voted against the 1964 Civil seconds; 2. Three-way tie be. SEEK DATARepresentatives
Rights Act, "he denounced it." tween Donna French North Fort of the Coastal

South's best IS The Democratic vice presl.. Myers Roxie Lucky Lehigh Imperial Homes appeared at

GOOD : dentlal candidate attacked Acres and Sonja McDaniel, Fort the meeting seeking preliminary

IiANDSW'ITII Goldwater throughout the day Myers, 18.9. Information on bulkhead lines and
I as being out of step not only Calf-scramble winners were other Improvements comtcm-

with his own party but with the Joey Gratton Mark Allen, Paul plated by the developers. The

age."I Walter Richard Errett Jim Har. property about 187 acres ownedby

think Goldwater opposes ris, Walter ShoultlLlnda Carter, a Rockford ill, corporatlcn
year-enddeals all people in his party that Philip Dick,Robert Massley.Law. lies to the north of Wiggins

t 2' KERR I CRAIQE disagree with him and those son Cross, Carl Willis and Dan Pass, Including about 4,300bear!
senor Acct people that believe in the 20th- McGee. frontage.

Anent century," he told a Labor Day
gathering in Youngstown Mon. f I

Jr,1I as' i h'.dtl' 'pddt.t., "

at SE.\RX, N.\I'LESAll. II r' ..I ,' Rut" ..t. \, -Ir-.
..... In.urane mp.r... 'Is" ." I ,I. I r
found.d by '''fI, Ro.b"'' Roo .
.1- "
Co wth ,nd.p.nd.nl ."." onot.bt
, ..
batNom. '" t"I. "
Offu' Skokie III


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sra.a, Wad.d. 1__ tow _ I IMOO..flLY THREE LITTLE KITTENS In need of homes, not
AND USED CARS TOO..AT FORD DEALERS mittens are receiving tender loving care from

shelter volunteer Mrs. Ed Cope
"OCIO NOMtfITtkt Smith at the Humane
Society of Naples. These "Animals of the

Day" range in age from 6-8 described .
COLLIER COUNTY MOTORS Inc. :-lute Df''OOM' coaeoesnoea and are
as short-haired grey and white, black

and black and white. They are just a few of marry
Phone Ml 24154 610 Tamleml Trill, No. / t..r t.w _
kittens and cats both longhaired and shorthaired -

If You're 'Interested 'In An A.1 Used Cor Be Sure To See Your Ford Oeoler being offered for adoption, and may be

Phon. 'Hd."V l-HH seen at the shelter betreenjl and 3 p.m. dailyIJ



::; 1Z 1-"

- . 1

t I "

-. Square Dance COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Naples, Fla. Tuwday.. Spt,mbr I, IU4 3

'IN 0.. rwIreNATURE .a Rookies Begin 'Duplicating

Lessons Tomorrow

GAL e dating Refreshments: will feature, door prlM.and the first 26 Couples Take Part

meeting of the Sunshine Shufflers'

beginners lass tomorrow (Wed.
cued' By LaButillt Bowes 1. ne-da)') evening< at their club
atel' roans, at 950 Central Avenue,
IUar. N iles.' In Weekly Bridge PlayBY
There will be no barge for the
dial! The snapping turtle tithe most Throughout their range ((fi (urn) fl.t, 1 lesson, but 1I'1fcuest and MRS. MICE DENHAM with 52 members and guests
and fearsome Canada across tc the
its\ grotesque of the 225 southern
ere a club member Is asked to The Guests who Joined them for
"r species of living turtles in our Rockies and clear down through cookiesrake Naples Duplicate Bridge
hang either some
rote world. From his huge head to his North and Central America to fiitvkuhea. or similar item for, Club met :ast 1 Friday night at the first time were Mr.and

SIOr' alllgatorJike tall, the snapper Ecuador) these turtles are ro. a [luifet snack during the evening the oman's' Club. They got Mrs. Summers of Evanston,

toss looks like a Dracula of the rep. carded with respect. Mis. Rat castl.,the Instructor's off 10 a fairy> prompt start 111., and Mrs, Thelma Bonlnl

des tile clan. His powerful Jaws are This 'turtle tank" lives In true. will dispense! coffee and of Harmony. Shores Trailer

Sled capable of crushing large fish, muddy rivers and swamps In nnrh Camp.

or a man's foot. The rough rldg. the Adirondacks,the snapper may The\ class starts at 8 p.m Kiwanis Club A cool evening under the

ed shell with Its notched border be found In the quiet marshes, mot'" if the weather permits It leadership of Vic Pennywltt

forms an impenetrable armor. and inlets Down in Florida and v> III be out doors on the !1uk.ll made an enjoyable time for

Heavy claws on his strong legs alone the Mississippi, the' pro. \ lot. As In pasteirs, Rat Hears SchermanOn the 26 couples participating.

can dig deep holes or slash at fer bayous and backwaters of c' istle, a popular and expert Playing the Mitchell move-
an adversaiy. All.ln.all\ the tresh-water streams. The snapper en, ed square dame alter from
DE ment, seven couples on the
snapper Is outfitted like a tank, seldom suns himself on logsor Fort Mi'era111 be in rluige.. Program
I and Is just about as aggressive. rocks like other members of All who are interested In get. North-South and seven coupleson

like Unlike our placid box, wood, his family. Instead, he rests on tllIg to know the enJo meat of Howard scheru ,\nt distributive East-West met the 158 aver-

painted and spotted turtles the muddy bottoms or lurks along the a square dancing are Invited to education coordinatorat age.In
common snapper and the alllga.tor grassy shores. In winter,the tur ,,: 1Ofl4'4 come and see how easy It Is. the !Naples North-South couples wereas

rnr leg. snapper are notorious for tie hibernates under the mud and A Members! of the Shufflei. will be School, was the speaker follows 1st- Mr. and Mrs.

, 10. their rotten dispositions) water of some pond or river ( on hand to greet the newcomersand at last night'guest Kiwanis E.V. Pennywitt! with 80S 1/2
When he's hungry, the snapper I join with them In their first points) 2nd Mr. and Mrs. H.
j \t. meeting at Baronl's. Scher
searches for rough fish or water
.. 1J lesson. Peters with 176 1/21| 3rd and
'r. tv man said there 21 -
kllade 1 1I plants. Frogs, toads, Insects, Castle wants to pmphul z.that were students 4th Mrs. June Haschka and
snails and waterbirds also enrolled in the class anda
may knowledge of dancing\ !
I no square Ted Hearthf 3rd and 4th -
ea fill his craw. While snapping tur. required. He will first teach a few like number of businessand
Ir.ictt ties attack humans for food Mrs. Joyce Tenney and Mrs.L. .
never fundamental calls, and then the professional establishments -
they will bite them dlsturbedor McBurney all totaling 170
ils, cUss will use what they havlIparn.d participating .
5th Mr. and
bo: There are rumors around thata Additional figures will be iness community to the programhas S.W. Shuart 163; 6th Mrs.

big snapping turtle can drowna taught In subsequent sessions, \been excellent, and that Nellie Bridge and Mrs. Alice

9 A service of \ our Doctor ol Medicine, man. Such an event Is possible and then they will' \le dallied certainly reflects communitysurpol.t Bowling 161 1/2 and 7th .
lie 1ur Uix.l; Medicil Society and theyWnda If a swimmer happened to kick This Is the first sear since of the schools he Mr. and Mrs. L, Wagner 157.
i ,
( Medial Allocution.FOOD or land on a snapper, be bitten 1960 that the beginners will meeton said. East-West\ couples werei 1st-

rc POISONING and lose his reason. In deep Wednesdays, Lat year' hey) Louis Irlon George Bradbury
ate STaLOCCURS water, with a heavy weight on his met on Tuesday. Wednesday will In describing the "earn as 103j; 2nd Mrs. L. Irlon -

foot.,. a frightened person could be tried again for those unable you learn" program Scherman Mrs G. Bradbury 1891/2; 3rd.
still arown. However, these and slid the students spend one
Ilu Many people are being easily come Tuesday Single men Mr. and Mrs. James Summers
poisoned by bacteria lit food turtles do not maliciously ap. women, as well as couples, ate. half day In school and the other
;urn tart llowc\i.r. the bacteria are not proach and attack humans In the invited Sports attire, with low half on the job. 167 1/2)) tying! for 4th and 5th

usually the ptomaine type a.80' water heeled shores for the( ladies, Is Mien the DC students gra- place were Mrs.MamieTooke-
crated with decomposed food, to 86 pounds are Mrs. KJE.vest and Mrs. H.
Monsters up 'AJ recommended. Teenagers and daute we hope they have more
ot complained which people in former have often on record and I recently talkedto .Jj.... retirees will welcome' than just high school diploma.We Weed Mrs. C. Waite 165 1/2|

ISo The two main types ycari of bacteria a fishery expert who had WARM "ALOHA" greets Mr and Mrs. T. F Russell of Galleon like to t believe they will! 6th Mrs. T. Bonini Mrs.

n., which cause food poison. seen belligerent an 80-pound old fellows snapper may I These live Drive, Naples, when th'y ..11'1'1"d" Mrs. JJ3. Johnson -
the and
Btaphylococcui C.
'" ing are made the leisurely YORK (AP-A foundation skill If college\ Is contemplated -
the sale ouclla. The group of 25 years or more. Lurline" on September 2. Tin lliwsells ocean trip !: Jordan 156 1/2.
" bacteria known as staphylococci In the spring snappers mate from San Francisco They mil be guests at the Suifnder Hotel during to further t research into they will have a built- The next meeting will! be at
thrive at room temperaturein and build their nests on their visit to Hawaii. hemophilia has been set up by in-scholarship.
certain foods, especially shore. The female will dig down. actor Richard Burton and hi* "A test grade of 90 In schoolis the Woman's Club at 7:30 p.m.

meat and custard or cream a few Inches and lay 24 to 30 wife, Elisabeth Taylor. considered good put DE on Friday, September 11.

pastries lllnesi from eating white, round eggs. These take The couple intend to raise students learn that DO
only (percent
st'r- foods usually containing appear within such bacteria two to at least 90 days to hatch, depend. Stamper Racial Barriers FallingIn funds engagement through personal. Button' appearance explains accuracy In business leads

ing on climatic conditions. Of Mrs. Mary Eugene Stamper, failure '' he said.
at four hours with nausea, vomit. his interest stems from to ,
'Co jog. diarrhea, cramps and pros.to course, the delicate eggs are 85, died early Monday at the home lifelong ceptibihtyof himself, Scherman touched also on the Miss AmericaTo
tralion Such illness 11 seldom preyed upon by racoons, otters of her daughter Mrs. Vivian the
1)) fatal' and the acute symptomslast and other scavengers. Snapping Ogg,1004 Sixth Lane, Northwhen More Southern Schools in alight measure, and of his ned reception for community teacher. "The plan- Chosen
only, a few hours turtle eggs are also enjoyableby she had made her home for the brother, in greater degree, to new
The salmonella organisms are humans. the ailment. tour, the dinner, the barbecueto
past two A native of Vada
usually spread by eating( food The meat 'of this species Is Ky., prior to mo/Ing here, she, By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS where an effort was first made Hemophilia la a disorder characterized mention only a Few of many Saturday NightATLANTIC

of contaminated with human or delicious. In past days the had been a winter visitor to Na future t'u14lo schools begin In. 10 years ago to allow Negroesto by Inability of the courtesies ,., Indeed my cup

n. animal become wastes contaminated Often during meats turtle used to be kept In "swill pies for 14 years. tegrated classes today, Includ. enter. This year, the Integra. blood to clot rapidly after even runneth over" CITY, N.J AP)

So slaughtering while other foods barrels" where they were fed Besides Mrs. Ogg, she Is survived ing former trouble spots such tlon is under federal court or. a miner "cut.Burton In performance 01" In Kiwanis business, plans A new Miss America will be

a, are often infected by improper scraps and fattened up for a big by two other daughters, as Prince Edward County Va., der.Schools "Hamlet says,while any were discussed lor the Kiwanis chosen Saturday night and
minor nick that he
;t. handling during preparation, or stew Incase any reader would Mrs. Mae Duvall and Mrs. Fannie Albany Ga., and Cadsden: AU also are being Inte. gets auction and barbecue scheduledas chances are she'll be taller,
Ie because of contamination with like to try a bit turtle,here Is a Lucas, both of Mlddleton, Ohio; Fourteen Negroes and G9 grated at Mount Sterling, Ky., duelling onstage takes five daysto fund-raising activities dur- older and have a better figure
the wastes of rodents house.ni recipe for stew white enrolled at. where 227 displaced by heal, compared with overnight
Id or or soupj four sons, Larue Ravenna, Ky.. pupils were pupils, ing Swamp \Buggy Days. than her predecessors.Odds .
hold pets That there is not Algln of River Rouge, Mich., Tuskegee (Ala.) High School the burning of a Negro school, for his actor opponent Cliff Wenzel was lucky member. are the heir to the tiara
more sickness caused by food RECIPE Monday. There was no trouble enter classes.
Samuel of Wyandotte Mich. Donna Axum of El
and by
tI. < Introduced worn
poisoning: these germs bacteria Is due to the Drop live turtle Into boiling, Carl of Detroit; two brothers. like that which forced the Besides the 227 Negro pupils You can stretch cole slaw by Fuzz Matthews was Dorado, Ark, also will weigh

e' fact killed that by thorough cooking can be, salted water and cook for one James Hleronj)'mus of Richmond, school to close seven months entering city schools at Mount adding drained canned whole- at the latest new mem more and have different color

r and most foods carrying the hour, or until feet fall off and Ky., and John Hleronymus of ago Sterling til other Negro pupils kernel com. ber. eyes but the same color hair est

a possibility of infection have lo shell cracks open. Take turtle Inverness, FUj; 13 graud< Mldrer Prince Edward County howl enter county schools. 'mos t u f"th t..."37 WI nn.n tat the .
r, lie cookedPrevention. out and cool. R.movelnte.Unes, and a large number of great to federal court orders and Three fires, Including the one :
s. of food poisoningconsists sand bags and shell. Save liver, grandchildren< opens the doors to public schoolrooms at the school, have broken out title.Thal'* the result of a composite
of protecting food from eggs If present, and pick apart Funeral services will he held for the first time since in the Negro section of Mount look at the SO girls, repre.

contamination by food handlers meat. Place in heavy coveredpot at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon 1958.59 Sterling since Negro parents senting all the states, who art
; and by proper. refrigeration! and with water, salt, pepper, and from the First Christian Churchof But only seven white pupilsare threatened a suit and a school trying to become Miss America

I. thorough of food cooking poisoning Most are outbreaks due sliced lemon. Stew for another St. Helen's, Ky., with Interment expected to attend the public boycott In support ot demandsfor 196S.

1 I. to carelessnei after the food Is hour. Just before serving, add In the St. Helen's Cemetery schools with 1,600 Negroes.The desegregation. The composite contestant
e purchased, while it is kept Ins one cup of champagne or sherry. Local arrangements are In other white pupils will con. stands a hair taller than 5-foot.
the kitchen or storeroom or Aside from their use as food charge of the Richard A. Pittman tine to attend private schoolssot ( compared with the 5-5 of

(I while it is !being prepared for for man and some animals, snap Funeral Home up when the county closed Jimmie ByrdSicilyBound previous winners and Is it'/fc'
. I'rvinr. A clean !kitchen Infec. ping turtles serve as scavengers the schools to escape court-or. years old compared with IB

e tion-free handler and adequate in waterways. They are the dared desegregation years.
refrigeration help I safeguard ugly garbagemen of the swampsand Case The faculty in Prince Edward Her bust.waUt-hlps measure
t against food poisoning rivers County also will be Integrated, Ytof menu run SS'/fc' .23.35, com
Funeral services were help with 9 white teachers and 59 Jlmmle L. Byrd aviation pared to the 34 2-3

''' In New HavenConnthis morn- Negro teachers. machinist's mate third class, average measurements of prt.vluus .

: i'f.OOdf: Ing for Ralph Dwight Case 72, School authorities at Albany USN, son of Joe Byrd of Ever- Miss Americas.

. I : of Naples and New Haven, who Ga, planned to desegregate the glades, Fla. departed the Naval Former title holders averaged
1st, 2nd and 12th grades under 123V pounds The composite of
1 died Saturday In Connecticut. Air Station, Brunswick Maine,
: federal court orders. ( the current group Is on the shy
'Cold Table' from Denmarkby For six years he and his wife Hundreds of demonstratorshave Aug. 29, with Patrol Squadron side uf 129 pounds.,

made their winter home in Naples been arrested in racial 11 for a tour of dUlY atlhe Naval Each has brown hair but 16 of

Gaynor Maddox, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ,living at 651 Seventh Street clashes In Albany during the Air Facility, Slgonrlla Sicily. this year's group have brown

. The Denmark Pavilion at COURSE III North. lie was a retired manager past two years, but school offl. While In Sicily the squadronwill eyes compared to the overwhelming .

t the New York World1 Fair Danish Butcher's Tray at the New Haven branchof class expect no trouble. fly the anti-submarine ,t / majority of predecessors
like the U.S. Radiator Corp. Negroes also will attend white ," whose eyes were blue.
. seems one huge floating "Neptune" long range patrol '
COURSE IV The deceased Is survived schools at Gadsden, Ala., for Pictures rehearsals and
I exhibition window airy, deli. by bomber In anti-submarine missions .1 a
. cate and modern, framed in Cheese table: his wife, Elizabeth; two sons, the nut time. Although 38 Nt.gro over the Mediterranean. glittering parade are scheduled

natural Danish i pine. We Danish Blue, Esrom, Ha- Ralph D. Case Jr. of Buffalo pupils applied for transfer r today the first full day of the
schools It was not
the white
I floated In and headed straight vartl, Samsoe, Tybo.- and Edward Winter of New Haven to known Immediately ,how many pageant The girls registered

, for the Grand Cold Table. To with watermelon dices, } two daughters, Mrs. WII' would be accepted.Gadsden with pageant headquarters

, us it was about the Fair's radishes and cherries or Ham H. Mathae of Fayet'e.Mo. a northeast Alaba.D Moose Feed Set Sunday
"finest hour it wonderful pineapple Tonight, the girls will make
., and Mrs. Ralph L. Smlrr a city <>f more than 58,000, has
food fresh and lavishly COURSE V Jr.; and 13 grandchildren. been the scene of racial tension For SaturdayThe r ,l their/boardwalk first public appearance Ina
4 parade with
served In exciting variety, is Desserts Mr. Case was a member ol in the past However, no dim grand
( ) marshal Perle
Moose Ideate the Wash.
seeks regular smorgas. ,
what a man this side
the First Methodist Church in rultles have arisen recently.
of paradise.We Princess Margarethe Cakea will bord will be held Saturday even. Ington hostess
New Haven a Mason a loimer '- Segregation barriers also
chocolate mousse Ing at Mooso hall on the North
had the Danish ( )
enjoyed fall at Montgomery, Ala., as
member of the New Haven "
Danish cake Trail with serving starting at )
layer ,
cold table in Copenhagen, so eight Negro\ pupils enter prevl.
Rotary Club, and a retired cap- will follow, Canned with
we were not surprised by Its (whipped cream cake with oufcly white schools In the first 5:30 p.m. Dancing MRS BRUCE HOWARD NOBLE bacon ushers and
and freshness chocolate icing) taln of the Connecticut Governor's Six Donation will be $1.50 for adoults :nap scrambled
gastronomic gaiety capitol of the Confederacy
makes main
eggs a great
Foot GuardSecondCom- and 75 cents for children
In New York, however Vinerbrod will go to high schools and two<' ?one for brunch. Add fried
we sat at pleasantly decorated (Danish pastries) pany, an honorary military\ unit. to Harrison Elementar) School under 12 ShuartNobleMiss tnmato dices if you like
tables and all food was The Danish Butcher's Trayis Funeral arrangements were

brought to us. an actual replica of the handled by the Beeche r and Ben- >OOOOOOOOOOOOO<
Americans do carried Funeral Home of New Ha-
What many meat trays by the nett
Sandra Jean Stuart, and Miss Barbara both
not understand Is that the butchers in Denmark. It is a ven. Burial was at Hamden Olakey, BESTSELLINGBOOKS
and Stan
of Mr Mrs. of .
Cold Table food is selectedin hollowed-out! cradle of light. Plains Cemetery. daughter Naples.The
courses, not all piled on weight wood, with four han ley W. Shuart of Royal palm bride Is a graduate of i

your plate at once. Here's the dIes at the corners. Drive, became the bride of Naples Utah School class of

way it goes at the Denmark Nestled in the cradle hollow Bruce Howard Noble at a 2 1964. Noble, also a Naples

Pavilion are leaves of crisp, green SmithFuneral o'clock ceremony held Sunday High School graduate, plans to i "Urban
lettuce which serve as a base service were held afternoon i In t the First Presbyterian continue his studies next year

COURSE I for arrangements of meat: .It 4 o'clock tills afternoon for Church. at the University of Florida. Political

marinated herring slices of Danish salami DanIsh Mrs I Ruth Smith, 61, age dftd Rev. John W. Stump officia- He Is presently employed by |

herring In sherry ham roasted Danish pork Saturday morning at bet home ted at the double-ring rite. Gulf Glass and Aluminum Community"
In dill roll, roast beef loin of pork I n Harmony Shores Trailer, Pert, The bride was given In mar- .
herring sauce Company.A
smoked ham and roast duck. Services were ronduttei fr 10 riage by her fa-he, I "Cloves Off Study
shrimp salad Seashells which are artful he chapel of the Rlri.ai 1.1 '. Noble who Is the son of reception at the Shuart
lobster salad ly tucked Into the lettuce, are ]'Ittman Funeral Home I, t ,. Mrs. Ruth Anderson of 756 home Immediately followed the i of Political Scene/

chicken laladCOt'RSE filled with potato and cucumber I Rev. John Rlee, past, I 'I. Eighth Avenue, South, had KayoN. ceremony with Miss Carol (Tom Morgan In
Garnishes of tomato I First Methodist Chul'. ,
salads. Brantley and Miss Alice Lind
Ballard as his best man. Miami )
II slices, raw onion rings, I lea.Mrs. assisting.
Miss Sue Relchert of
salmon flown In pickles, apple slices prunes, Smith had bee I n Napleswas
smoked maid of honor.Bridesmaids a wedding trip to
and red cabbage are Sent of Naples since I;I. s i nshe i $1-95
from Denmark dally parsley
Miami the make
orlobster the finishing touches for the I moved here from II dl.> .M i. were Judy couple
Danish Butcher's Tray I tls. Shuart, a sister of the bride their home on Davis Boulevard. IOOOOOOOO4

She Is survived by tie ""J'. 4, ALSO
- - - - - __ Frederick I Jr. of Indi I
tote; ,
nd two grandchUdret" SUMMER APPRECIATIONTO "None Dare
She was a member of tl trder .
Guaranteed of Eastern Star >I', Ir .. ta.oils. OUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS Call It
Fr.. 111 .> ) .

., Including fU$12.50 fer.a.e., Ware fer f $2.50 OFF ALLPERMANENTS Treason"75c

T...... eaean.ots ,.....1014. taev. Nat, c... ,
.. An entra egg saute \Ir h< re-
Cfldrt_. s'>."' aM H Styling ES
ngwator'1 Beat it until ruff Plu haircut shame, finger f70C
Mr. Wills U back from ,".Uo.. at clallsl r I" regular then beat in s couple II ta'Jepoorm w..... Lilt faa Tr..l.ti..mM -
bait styles a4 Hick FaaUoa hair atyle. of Fold ia .< iw eitn CMt. (A total
sugar s teaspoon ." ot
" &
of lemon ;juice a euepiion JTYtJST $50)M I2.9227NI Song StoryIe
WILLS HAIR FASHIONS of gated lemon rind and esup STYLED I IN BLACK A head ""It'''', .ap' ,f I Center
J-J4J7 Naples Shopping
black recalls the ef the Twenties The strategi-
panne styles
.. Ml t fM of drained crushed pineapple -
P WM Caster
is? Finn Avee. Kwlk Chili SkeppUg (, The Moorings
Serve with lad) fmger tally placed enrich p.m p.m lends e note ef femininity.'

- -- --- - -- -

. .p "


a 'Tp MississippiReallyMixed

Q1bt :ethert Nt\Us ... j Up Politically

1 :t. "':""
r d Washington Correspondent
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1964 1 '.t.
\ Newspaper Enterprise Assn.WASHINGTON .


Let's Give Credit Where It's Due - through Mississippi
are now coursing more furiouslythat
Since yesterday was Labor Day and enough for the fan to know a player's ever. But it isn't at all clear what effect this: may haveon

we only spent half a day at the office, batting or fielding average. The figure Though the national the currents scene. are not new, they are being fed by

there was time left over to give semi- fiends can tell you exactly what any left- err fresh sources.

serious thought to a rather peculiar situation handed hitter you may name is hitting In Biloxi the first measurable public: school desegregation
occurring-peacefully so far. Soon
in the state is there
right-handed pitcher or
against any any
In Jackson.
will be more of it
We Americans are great ones to combination thereof, or vice versa. Go,'. Paul Johnson pushed a private school tuition grant

honor people. We hold special days and They know to a split second how longit CON sutem through the legislature, but Its top annual award
of for Mississippi pupils.
S183 Is hardly
takes left-handed
right-handed or
nights and dinners in tribute to. a
The pressing efforts of an organization called Mississip.
We erect fountains and statues and batter to get to first base if (Ca) he has ( sINCN8s pians for Public Education comprised mostly of women, underscores

monuments in memory of. We name been out late the night before living it the state's continuing need of its public: schools.IF .

bridges and highways and dams and up with friends and acquaintances or (Cb) { F TilE GOVERNOR SEEKS SOME DIVERSION of his

theaters and zoos and hospitals and mu- if he hit the sack real early like a good :: constituents from a degree of racial change many never

boy should. It makes quit a difference, Mill10N expected possibly he can find it in the political contusion
seums to keep ever in memory. ;; !'EDF a2o8 boiling in his state since the Democratic: convention at
We create parks and malls and bridle they say. Atlantic City.

paths and wooded vales as living memorials No matter what bit of odd-ball Information PAyINCq .t..: But here. too. the anguish of Mississippians has risensharply.
MllhO been thrust into .
bet They
want, can S
you may you
to. qF "I\ Back in their home setting Democratic delegates and
We even name automobiles and ships your sweet life that some forwardlooking I. !t; olhl'raho made the trip north are smarting both from

after. painstaking statistical genius has dugit ':; what they view ax "new humiliationsheaped! upon the

Almost of distinction has up for you even before you ever 't 0 MINION .t&"r state and the galling fact that except for Alabama no
everyone ar ; f southern stale gathtm genuine support and sympath,
dreamed would if N :,; .
it. Or
been recognized. Everyone, that is, except you want even M IgsE " ,o. :'J ". ( All but four of the delegates refused to sign loyalty
} .
the statistician. you wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pqy I : oaths and thus were barred from the convention floor Some

pole. .t , sWIftly packed their bags and went .to the New YorkWorld's
This Is a strange oversight, indeed, '." .., '"..j Fair.
In view of the fact that we couldn't main In view of the deep and abiding dedication ; "

tain our amazing level of miscellaneous of these stalwart statisticians to r ,. p o aAM ERryf.r YET TIIESE GREATLY ANGERED FOLK are puzzled
today as to how to give proper vent to their annoyance.
knowledge for five minutes if the statistical finding and salting away the doggondestbits 4x+u :More of them than ever may now be ready to vote for

whizzes weren't constantly break. of information you ever heard of, Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater for president this November

Ing down everything into little bitsy factsor it seems fair and eminently right that .s:. Nevertheless it may rot be possible for them to do
this under either a Democratic or an Independent label,
thereof the odd- some recognition be given them.
fragments Including
i' as many plainly would like to do.
est things.Do How about everybody chipping in :Mississippi Democrats recontening a suspended state convention

need to know, for example, to erect the biggest dad-gummed slide Sept. 9, seem to be heading for a choice of seven

how much you lint Is included in all the dust, rule the world has ever seen as a national The Best of Boyle Today In presidential ticket. The convention electors pledged earlier promised to the Johnson this by -lluntphrey resolution.

dirt and refuse accumulated in Kabul, shrine to these unsung heroes who BY HAL BOYLE Other prospects have lessened. One of these Is a new

Afghanistan, In a year? Some statisticianhas provide all the impressive facts and per HistoryBy legislative act that would allow two Democratic elector-
slates-one for Goldwater-to be placed on the ballot.
that tossed around
are so glibly
stashed centages
this vital bit of information
Another is to put on an independent slate
Howell, 1650."Only by petition of
wherever and whenever NEW YORK (AP) One of
away. Why, no one knows. But he has it. a group gathers life's little ordeals Is returning horses work, and they 1,000 voters.
The statistician reaches the absolute ? turn their backs on It." U.S. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A third possibility is to name as Democratic electors the
to the Job after a three-day
hobo Today is Tuesday Sept. the same chosen by the GOP as Goldwater
proverb. persons electors But
apex of his art in baseball. It's not It figures, doesn't It? holiday Some,weekend.of course, can't stand "I like work; It fascinates me.I 252nd day of 1964. There. are 114 Republican leaders have shot down this Idea with the

to be away from the usual can sit and look at it for hours days left In the year.Today' electors involved saying they would refuse to serve the
No Cause For ConcernA I love to it highlight in history Democratic
_ routine of office or plant life.They keep by me the Idea cause.
date In 1636 Harvard
On this
of rid of It breaksmy So state voters wind with
return to it with glad getting nearly may up a simple choice-Gold-
use Is a major reason why the per kilo- neighs, as an old horse to Its heart." Jerome K. Jer. Colony College Court was of established.Massachusetts The water on the GOP line for president under the Democratic

reader of McCall's magazine wrotea watt cost of electricity declined from 17 stall. ome."Work agreed to provide funds for the label.
only tires t woman,
letter to the editor asking this question cents In 1900 to 2 cents In a recent year. hand Others, need of a little us, on relndoctrina.the other but It ruins a man." -African school which was to be locatedIn

: "Why do public utilities advertise? Miss Williams concluded: "So, you lion upon having to come back proverb. On Cambridge.this dates

It seems pointless, since they enjoy mon- see, the reason electric-power companies to the chafing of the dally rut. Hal"Work Is for the bird si" In 1760, Wisconsin became English TODAY IN WASHINGTONBY
opolies. It bothers me to think that part advertise is to sell more current This Freedom has made us a bit wild territory; it formerly was
and coltish ,I controlled France.In THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
of dollar is used to Investment In advertising does not raise by
utility being
my en- We need again to be reconciled 1934, the luxury liner Morro
courage me to spend even more" the cost per kilowatt-hour to you. It low to the thought that, while I people Castle burned off the coast of

The magazine carried an admirable ers it. That's why the use of part of your variety It Is also may good be for the our spice Immortal of life, . / New lives.In .Jersey with a loss of 134 WASHINGTON (AP) Indi.ln the most economical= man.

answer by Beth Williams. She pointedout utility dollar for advertising is no cause souls to be back once more in the 1935, Sen. Huey Long of rectly Republican answering crlcltlsni candl.WASHINGTON by nef''' (AP) The

that advertising, generally, is usedto for concern. In the end, you benefit" plodding. through the old salt news Louisiana was assassinated in data Barry presidential Goldwater, the De. Internal Revenue Service says

stimulate the sale of more electric ap- In just about every line of Industry, mine.In that helpful spirit we have /" Dr.the Carl Capitol Weiss at ,Baton who was Rouge killed by fense Department says it ex.ease It obtained convictions a record In the 1,559 fiscal tax

pliances and the use of more power increased sales mean lower production assembled some remarks by the AP Madeleine on the spot by state police. oects to close more military year which ended last June 30.
BOSTON ( ) Installations "as It I. found they
and that the more power a company sells, costs. And that Is as true of electric sages of the sees on why workIs Carroll, the movie actress who In 1900, more than 6,000 per. are no longer necessary for our In. statement issued Mono

the lower the cost becomes. Increased power as it Is of groceries.othe't.s "Where good for our what...orill.alls us,:there let left Hollywood for Europe 14 Hoods sons were and lost a tidal when wave a hurricane.struck security" day were, It given said prison those sentences convicted
has confirmed
years ago, re. Goldwater said Sunday that In
our Joy be. Tertullian. the Galveston Tex. and fined
,area. years
she costar of
ports that quit as four years the Democrats had "f'5
"As a cure for worryingworkIs "Beekman Place," a comedy Ten years ago Pope Plus more million. The pre.
better than whisky. being prepared for Broadway.In opened the World Congress of CESowmer.dmlnfs8traao" vious fiscal year there were 1,.
Thomas A. Edison."Let .
Marian Congregations before 298 Convictions
, say ITEMS CLIPPED FROM OTHER PUBLICATIONS us work without protest; Carroll a telephone told the Interview New York Miss 25,000 pilgrims in St. Peter's In The eight Defense years Department Is. WASHINGTON (AP) Selen.
It Is the only way to make life Basilica ttfic Information has been re.
she had "a mutual dlsa.
Times sues a statement Monday which
endurable. Voltaire. with the Five years ago The Civil celved from 14 of the 20 experl.
greement" manage. said in parts
"Work keeps at bay three
Rights Commission reported to by the new orbit.
ment. "We do not believe that the "if1"1
great evils: boredom, vice, and President Dwight D. Elsenhow. . observatory
Samuel of the
Taylor one
American people want the De.
need. Voltaire.
Fc er that many Negroes still were called 000.
P 1 show's said revisionsIn
producers, partment of Defense to con.
"Work! God wills It. Than Itseems
denied The data
Miss Carroll's part had al. being voting rights rinse to operate installations received at midatt...
to me Is clearGus. _
through legal technicalities and ernoon Monday shortly after .
tered it "in such
a way that she which have become obsolete or
lave Flaubert."I threats of 000 its low orbital
did not (eel she could continue" reprisals.One passed point"we
don't pity any man who Quintuplets unnecessary <* 178 miles, is analyzed
year ago
'And Now-To She will be replaced by Leon Assert- being
believe that the
,: r does hard work worth doing. I Dana. were born to a 34.year.oldgrandj by National A and I
admire him I pity the creature can people do not Intend their
t't ef mother In Venezuela, the third space Administration scientists.
t MARACAIBO, Venezuela I of Defense to be
who doesn't work at whicheverend '
such birth officially recorded In was launched last Fri.
Explain Just of the social scale he may (AP) lies Marla Prieto, operated as a WPA but rather ,
; ; mother of the Western Hemisphere. the day night from Cape Kenned,
1 regard himself as being." quintuplet boys, is to provide all military Fla.
Theodore Roosevelt expecting another baby next strength necessary for security II

1 6 What the Senator Well, there's the case for the March."1 want this one to be a girl," BARBSBY . . . . . . . . . . .5se..tl
Joys of good old work. But how
a ) Ilir about those stubborn rebels who said Mrs. Prieto, 36, wife of an HAL COCIIRAN Remarks
+' Meant to Say .' have to be dragged kicking and oil field worker, Monday. Chance
screaming back to the Job? SIP, Yugoslavia, (AP) Two When a doctor tells you to .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here Is some consolation for Communist presidents, Tito of take it easy you wish he was
GOLDW4TeRt them Yugoslavia and Gheorghe referring to payments on his A LOCAL YOKEL REPORTS
Ill "Never work when hungry" Gheorglu.De] of Romania, have bill. .
: : /1f Hippocrates. inaugurated work on a $400. o e + Took the afternoon off yes-
: t uIrma -"All work and no play makes million dam and power station In order to get a long
know )
Jack a dull boy." James Dn the Danube River. way toward a happier life, terday ( It WAS Labor Day you
yet along with everybody. and toured the area which every

-, I'nl 1ft tea fbarl..t.a M V..I a..o" !d:,... :"' '&:: .....,., hi.,", ).. 41 Collier Countian should do now and
::. ) <::':":. \" : ?1 The reward for the motherof then. Otherwise you can't reasonably

wAS RAGE SRI, a couple of little kids when expect to keep up with the rampageof

.M'I: 1.ttllUU: IH ''REP AnEW GAR she sweeps out from under progress going on around the area.

} QBA4\f ACROSS I RA M ATELOTE\ Take for instance, Golden Gate

1. Condiment ::14. !Slope T A l L. E S ... 0 P E. N Estates The golf course already is

J 5. Common 27. Eggs g. T A\.. C 0 M R A 0 E. looking fine and dandy, the motel isa
sassafras 28'I'hatgirls S E tl J A D EO...
WHERE I 10. Miblenviio 29 Sedative handsome edifice and the model
f .. Ls'1 0 N .
RusKSmAI : A R S
AREWE, A'o FairAsk'ins cvd 33. Friend. Fr. furniture: a rubber ball some homes look better than some here in
M'rJAMikA {t Straightens! :H Wollbound J A C A M A R. A e E. T torn cards a few pieces of good drive out
i Y 13. Tono 3S. Moving A N AT. .. E M 0 T E: cracker and a couple of short Naples. It's a pretty
I 14. LOOKovfrco.il truck pencils. there, but well worthwhile if you
N I DOL 0 (i Y. R I A
t 36. Harmonl' haven't been in that neck of the
D t 16. Native out ,f S .;.1 A \\.0 E A H 0 Speaking of ailments, woods

= QIIfJJronJiLihyLe mcl.il 38 collection'I Type -SET,;;. w C: 0 5 L A V we know a few elderly peo lately.
17. Thin and pIe who don't.
strong 39. Withdraw SOLUTION OF SATURDAY'S PUZZU + The new marine at Collier-Sem-

18 \\tobut play 40 Sacred inole Park at Royal Palm Hammock is
2. Market 7 Fleur-delis
19 Kit of bad chul.. place 8 Individual as pretty as a picture. And prettysoon

Indifferently Km per 42.Stalnrd' eat' 3. Burdtnrd 1.9. Gasoline IWj dredging in Blackwater River

\l1tlllpl Drench Then wouldbe
will be completed. you
22. Coal DOWN S Ctnul ur 15. Weight
23.1111 for 1. Wooden tropical trees system The well advised to take a trip from

bottling hoc 6. Frighten 17'Legal document must newspaper seem sort of carrier'slife dull at the Park to the Gulf on the river.

times-no change. Meece Ellis the mayor of
'l J of j 41 11 If v// 20. Sunburn
;. I' / / :21. Bridge bid Royal Palm Hammock says the pesky
_... ,
-non Dowlln 'ublloho" N 'yHwOl.
m ;.. II Ii 0 23. Shakeiptart's! Watch out, young man, mosquitoes took off for parts unknown -

''J 'f that puppy love doesn't when Hurricane Cleo headed
Britain and MLF 24.river Pretense lead you to live a doo'i for the East Coast, so feel free to
Id i ia" life.
The growing pressure from Tory nuclear Power, possibly partnered by 0 2): Nocturnal visit the park sometime soon.
Government to de Gaulle's France. Id II mammal
back-benchers declare Itself in on favour the of a mixed. What no one knows, because no one r 26. Cumct up . . . . . + Marco Island is alive with
has asked Is whether Germany would '/, '// '// l llJ 27 that
manned nuclear forct iprlngs only not be better pleased to enter Into a 29. ::::tl"elll COLLIER COUNTY NEWS gigantic machines move a young

partly from a positive enthusiasm for non-nuclear partnership with Britain. 6' n I' ; r 0 30. Dentine !MICHAEL CHANCE. Edlt.-PubIiMar mountain of dirt each trip. They

this enterprise. It also reflects the The answer would probably depend on Z It J, J, Jl 31.One-itep I THOMAS HAVER.WYATT Ataoci.t., Adv. Manafar EditorMARSHALL were going full tilt Labor Day. It
wide-spread belief that such a force has what advantages the United States // 32.: Toward he ALIEMT OPOLKA. Mtch. Supt. is now obvious that the Mackle Bros.
would London and Bonn if
now become inevitable and that Britain otter to JJ J. >> center DAVID HERMANSON. el... Director
; I create beautiful
0 to a
they were to do this. Until we have at 34. : are going com-
had therefore beat become a founder- Maple MRS. LOUISE OAUS. Offico M.r.Publiahad .
lost tried such an initiative-as a J. 3J 0. aid grow munity down there. Marco Beach is as
member. Labour Government would undoubtedly daily: .Cr.d
37 FrottR I and Saturday.. In Ma by beautiful as ever.
But is it so inevitable No one pretends do-It In I not true that we are obliged 3! 01 waters 1 1l Ida I Colliar ouneJl'' Publitnlnf Co,

that such a force would have the fatalistically, to support an enterprise 38. Failing Inc.pi..,. 141 Fla Twalrtn. 13(40. Av.nu.Mail, odd South,... ..,.....N.O. Things are really humming in
slightest military value. The only I argument whose dangers seem far to outweigh ," I" fashion I 10. 1131.T.I.pIIon.. Collier County as well as
for it is that it might inhibit Ger its hypothetical .dv.nt"ea.-Th. Observer Midway .z107 for 0"
mill.U '---- I.po"menlL. here in Naples Take a look
many's imagined desire to become a (London fat time 25 ._ loone *

M n

-- -- . - _'W .. II 4 ..- L .... ill I .
\ ,

San Diego Chargers Want White Sox

Crack At NFL ChampionsSAN Fall From

DIEGO Calif. (AP) pro football." Guards WaltSweeny
s Id ClUman's San Diego Char and Pat Shea and cen. PORT

gers: are loaded for bear In the tr Don rogers or Wayne Frailer Top SpotWASHINGTON
American Football League and complete the offensive line.

idling for a crack at the Na.lonal Ernie Ladd, 6-foot.9 and 295, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Football League's cham and Henry Schmidt man the (AP) "It

middle of the defensive line, hurt but we still have 20 gamesto COLLIER COUNTY NEWS, Ntplei. Fl... TunJ.y, September I, I"o4 J
"We have a fine football with Earl Falson and Bob Ml play. This didn't win or lose

:'lob." said Glllman. "I think we finger on the ends. Emil Karas, anything."
lould go pretty good in the Chuck Allen and Frank Buncomare ; i \ Manager Al Lopez was trying
NFL; It would be I very inter. the linebackers. ,, i I to look on the bright side after
isting' game If we played their Bud Whitehead and Dick i t hit Chicago Whit Sox lost a Arthur Ashe May Be First
hamplons.: The game should belayed Westmoreland, picked up a* a )l I doubleheader Monday to Wash.
too." tree agent last year are the Ington, 3.0 and 6-2, and skiddedout
Last year his Chargers corner back. George Blair, the of first pUce In the Amerl
Y rushed: Boston and won the place-klcker, and Dick Harris 1 can League.
IFL championship. are the safety men, with Charlie e: 4IIAPPY The White Sox are entangledIn Negro To Make Davis Cup Team

''II people want to pick us toIin Mcl ell moving In when he Is I a hot three-team pennant
the championship It's all healthy. contest with Baltimore and New
FOREST HILLS N.Y.P) finally\ bowln 3.6, R.3, 6-2,8.0.
IgM with us," said Glllman. \8-Lllt springAI York ,
McKinley and Ashe, seeded
If Arthur Ashe Jr. makes the
"Our big concern is Tobin Lopei told everyone he "Sure It'* a tough rare," fourth and eighth, respectively,
tot,'. arm. It Is just about theme Tonsillitis Puts would I have the Chicago Lopes said. "I've been saying grade the as Davis the first Cup Negro Challenge to playIn gained the men's round of 16

as It was a year ago. White Sox In the American that right along. You can't tell along with top.seeded Australian .
i Round for the United States,
From week to week you never Gators'Dupree League pennant race. People when somebody' going to get Roy Emerson; another
wants to do lion his ownheasks
now. laughed Now it's his turn. ( left.handed Ton\ Roche
Out Of Action hot."And no si>rUI favors Aussie ;
If Rote's arm trouble they (the Senators)
"I don't want bearded Tot-hen Ulrich of Den.
-- ----- -- any special
I lane up and keep him out of GAINESVILLE (AP)-Sopho. were about due to get hot They mark and Ron Holmberg of
concessions because ol the color
FIELD FINALE Scattered box seats cover home ictlon, GlUm an will shift over to more John Felber of the Unl. got shut out four straight and Highland Falls, N.Y.
of skin articulate
I plate area of the famed Polo Grounds being demolished for John> Hadl now In Ms third year verstty of Florida football team Texan Coody then lost a tough one Sunday I UCLA my senior, said todiy. "I The other 12 berths were lobe
c"if ball. slipped Into the shoes of full. |lust hop they can stay hot."
a housing development. Clubhouse will b* list to be rued. pro want to be Judged only on my filled today with defending
"In Paul Lowe and Keith back Larry Dupree today as The Baltimore Orioles, lead tennis" champion Rafael Osuna of

-Incoln we have a pair of run. tonsllltls sidelined the Gators' log Chicago by one-half game, The skinny 21.year.old coll*. Mexico, needed' third, playing!
ling backs as good as any In leading ground gainer Wins Dallas com to Washington Wednesday Owen Davidson of Australia and
Florida A&M Aiming For either, league" said Glllman. Coach Ray Graves says Du. night for a twl.nljht double. glan Va.,,virtually originally clinched from Richmond a spot on, Ralston of Bakersfield Calif.,
'Lowe Is a fine runner. Lincoln pree will be out of action at header and a single game opposing Crawford llenrv of
the final ftiur.man U.S. Davis:
I' s a great all-around football least three days. Meanwhile, Thursday night.Manager Atlanta.
Our Hanker Lance Al Gil Hodges will use Cup squad by beating teammate
ilayer. the 197 pound Felber will be the
Marty Rlessen of Evanston The omen will he tiling I to
Is as they com. Open TourneyDALLAS his winners Claude Osteen 111.,
worth, as good replacement as the squad turns top
This Year In the third round of the nation catch up with defending cham.
Championship )on Norton our wide end, Is a to ome-a.day drills In prepara. and Buster Narum against the
al Marla Dueno of Bra/11
ine receiver and Dave Kocour tlon for Southern Methodist Orioles Wednesday night hamplonshlps Mondaj) 4.6, plon
6.3 86. 2.8. 6.4' already In the fourth round
AP Tall Texan ,
( ) -
*)k Is a good tight end Sept. 19.Graves. Chicago moves to Minnesota
TALLAHASSEE AP Lean. Hayes holds the world's rec. Gillman deals largely In IU.erlatives. put the team through Charles Coody won the $40,000 where Lope plans to start his He Is rated the most likely after a 75, 6.3 triumph ovei
tough expert ord of 9.1 seconds for the 100. Tournamentand playing substitute should\ Donna Flovd Kale of New
Ing heavily on a ', He calls Ms offen. two rigorous workouts Monday Dallas Open| Golf l7-ram. winner, Juan Flzarro any.
enced line to offset a slow, yard dash. slve tackles Ron Mix and Ernie then observed that It wasn't the Twins Wednesdaynight. thing happen to America's big York.
working offense and defense against
green backfield Florida A&M Replacing l him on the gridironwill Wright "as good as any pair In against SMU formations the money but the fringe benefit . one.two punch of Chuck Me. A new Amerli an threat foi
University hopes to regain Its be Carlton Cooper, a fast. that Interested him. doubleheader Klnley and Itennls Ralston. the ladles' crown emerged in
He With only one
said Felber probably will ,
the 6.foot) senior from the of a 1 plu ki} ,>-ed
na 182'pound person
championship among hold the fullback In the "Anybody who win his first left, Lopec hopes to use three Ashe has beaten Ralston three
tion's small college football Plant Cttv, who had been play job tournament will tell you that," rotation the rest of times this year. from St. Louis, Carol Hanks,
regular season when man pitching
teams this year. ing In the shadow of Hayes and Baseball switches to halfback.Seminoles Dupree aid Coody, who took his first the season, using only his top The UJS. faces the Australl who eliminated fourth needed'
"We have the potential of a Bobby Felts. title Monday In less than a year winners, Tlzarro, Joel Horlen ass at Cleveland Sept 25.27. Lesley Turner >f Australia .6
great team'' said coach Jake felts, the other halfback who of following the weary tourn and Gary Peters.Sports Ashe wasn't the only \Davis 6.3, 6.1
Caither, whose stars often wind led the Rattlers In s'' orlnj with ment trial. Cup hopeful to Impress captain - .. --
up on professional teams after 67 points and in rushing with a Roundup t Face What he mean was that you Vic Selxas In Monday's matchesat :
graduation 6.5-yard average per carry, was had to win one In order to really the West Side Tennis Club. 64 COMETS
Under Galther's direction, the expected to be the team bread. Rude Awakening, cash In on golf BriefsNEW Twenty year old Charles
FAMU Rattlers won the Associated ';winner again this season. By TKLaLl6OCIATLD His'Idory her qualifies him Pasarcll of Puerto Rico put up a
Press championship In Ernie Hart, the lone returning raw Declares CoachTALLAHASSEE for the PGA, Tournament of powerful fight against the No. 1 WHEN THIY GOTTA
1962. letterman at quarterback Is By Dick COUCH (AP-Coach Champions, Carting' World YORK (AP) The New American ace, McKinley before '
Caither who has seen hun. capable of doing a bang.up Job. Associated Press Sports Writer Bill Peterson at Florida State Colonial and other big tourna. York Mots today signed pill CO THIY GOTTA CO!
dreds of football players come But Caliber will have to call Bennie Daniels and Dave University says the Seminole ments; give him a better Denehy, 18-yearold right-hand
and go during his 20 years of ,upon nw material to bark him Sup tenhouse got it started In football team Is In for a rude position In the tournament pair. ed pitcher who graduated from The '*:J at FAMU said of the awakening to Woodrow Wilson School Walter frown
coaching M Washington and Bob Meyer Ings, prevents his having High roan MI "e Kvlta clear
1964 team That raw material Includes Irked them in Kansas City "We look like a junior high qualify for any tournament anda Mlddletown, Conn., the past
p up he decks of the few remain
"Our big Job confronting us Willie Powell, Tony Alexander Before it was over, Dave More. school team," Peterson said lot of other things that can June. Dies, Owner Of (
now Is to develop the potentialwe Elroy Morand, and Rudy Jam! h cad, Jay Ritchie and Pete Monday after drills "W aren't come to a champion. DALLAS (AP) The Dallas ing, brand ore 1961 CiimrU
have. It's too soon now to son. barton' made their pitch In Los ready and we're going to facea Coody also had some other Cowboys placed Jimmy Evans, Boston Celtics atont> |priced, 2-)eu
say Just how well this potential Where Caither really hurts Is ).ng-eles.[ rude awakening." things working for him when h* offensive end from Texas West HYANMS, Mass (AP) ftsrrsnly ur 21,0110 milcn
will materialize. Barring any In the klc king game. The game was Can You Top The season opener for the beat off the great challenge of ern, and Jake Jacobs rookie Walter Drown, owner of the up to 371 month to pay,
misfortunes or serious Injuries Last year's key punter, Jim j his and the nondescript Amerl Seminoles comes Sept. 19 In the Billy Casper one of the top quarterback from A r I Ion a Boston Celtics the Boston
we should have a Rood'; year." tullis, joined a Massachusetts c an League pitchers who played Orange Bowl against the Unl. winners, and his buddy, Jerry ,State, on the waiver list Bruins and the Boston Garden
When fall practice opened, 7 semipro team, leaving the Rat. It t(t; had themselves a Labor Day verslty of Miami. Edwards, to win the $5,800 first Wednesday night.'; died Monday night at Cape Cod
lettermen returned with 23 re. tiers short. That, coupled with j.ark Monday.. Old. timer Dean Peterson handed his squad money with a record 871. for 72 ),Id, CAP Hospital. He was 59.
serves from last year and 19 the resignation of Freddie John. C hence got Into the act too and score criticism after their last holt. I foUr, wiestlers Including. ) two Brown was hospitalized early WI 1I
frcr'nnni. son, really hurt Galther, a non-pitching Angel named twlc.a.day workout before the Coody said thai{ when i\i\ member of the, 1960 Olympic Monday after suffering a heart
The Rattlers' star halfback The roach said he would pick j ack matt had the last laugh. start of classes daughter Caryn was born two final freestyle attack.
Bob Hayes the world's fastest his kl( keis from the bench he But the jokers failed to amuse year ago Monday he went to team, won Monday and earned lie was named to the Hockey
human did 'a-'Deport. He( leftlaslweek nutuind I "infamous his usual) tI|IB Chicago. White Sox or b itl. Uw sera finals .of th* national berths matches on the 1964 U.S. Olympic; Hall 'of Fame In 1962 as a biUld. CollierCountyMotors I
forlhcOlympft'Irtalsin ttirMti units 'fWe'll go with OUIT n:lore Orioles and the Angels amateur.' Seventeen, day ago ason er of the gam. And he had been
California and will not ret'irn usual three units and send In a Imost: wound up with egg on was born and as soon as team. at the prim factor establishing
until late next month. kh kei from the bench when tt lelr faces. a THEM Coody returned to the tour h* the Winner Naval of Academy the competition Included the Celtics as the bent profes. Inc.M .
needed," he said. "We'll have Daniels and Stenhouse, with won a championship slonal basketball team In the
Blmons Norfolk Ya.lDave
.problems finding three good even previous victories be. Edwards shot a 87 for 272 and Gray Aubla N.Y. world. * Does ClevelandLose units, too, I might add" j ween them, hurled the ninth Casper and fast.flnlshlnj Fred Ithaca
With an abundance' of tackles p lace Senators to a 3.0, 6-2 Haas tied for third at 273.
ind ,i hostage ol uards: Gal. d,oubleheader sweep over Chica
Indians Or flier says- he might- shift some a,o that dumped the White Sox
I..klesto guard (wsitlon. High j i Into second place In the tight

Do They ? on the list of possible changes ;AL pennant race. B- THE ASSOCIATED MISS Kelso Wins
Stay were taiklen Owen McKay and Southpaw Meyer discardedby National LeagueW WANT TO BUY?
Johnny Holmes, both of whom \ both the New York Yankeesand
CLEVELAND (AP) Will have experience at the guard Angels, won Ms first game L. Pct G.B. $70,000 Prize
he financially troubled Cleve. 83 14 .608
> slit t for the last-pl.c Athletics/ Phlla'phla -
t Xiand Indians stay where they Tables Dave Daniels and Cincinnati 77 81 .558 6V.
i iEmmdte stopping Baltimore 6.1 In the
are or move to another home In Gamble are sitting i second game of a twin bill after St. Louis 77 61 .SSI 6V4 At AqueductBy
1965 tight at their pests Archie Wll. t the Orioles had regained the San Fran. 78 62 .557 6t
This is the question Indians' (tams, Walt Hiflismlth and John 1 league l lead on Wally Bunker's Pittsburgh 70 67 ,511 13 ORLO ROBERTSON WANT TO SELL?
General Manager Gabo Paul D. kelh rank with the best at i.Ix.hll. 6.1 victory in the open. Milwaukee 70 68 .507 13V. Associated Press Sports Writer
plant to discuss within a month center.
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