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BARBER are on the move.Motorists THOMAS meet enter. _k sje a dish I.1 Pit 1 ,. Wag SM trite at tH aJ"1 .. //sod I., me
SHOPS EXTERMINATORS SERVICE STATIONS are urged to use ex. Bret *\"urot ERA oni ref all k,ndtiMto wsfher' Mae. MI ill!{ I'I fad tiderodo" Cenv "Air. DOWN i iLtMS 151 ,itENt,: P11(111,,
X clan Pull PwM soTTrTTini' "bou. All" "' 5
ROSSI' treme the coming 1aa r te a ,n Iveaing. Oo..n.Q' WANTED .. ite; ., .
Sorb. Shop. caution during !t tab VHinl' Was A T C..d 1M ilntng' m. ""
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P.rb Sr. ML2.///9 NAPLES PEST months dusk tod..n. 'QMT".P : 5iriHina Mutthave It I Impiriel. Crown. Air. Furl Pwtt ry 'u .N,.. I..., .I .ok. ,n" coo
(f'Th,.. "M.d.r SerbuS BOB'S end weitrote.' or, oauDlo l i < co r. fed" I speed. .0 'ono .."1 II''''r' '.0. el your new
6gTRlD Slow down! Be alert I IIf ,, 'II" .I... ... White WOOD. CHPtVlLEN .
N API tf SHOPPING' CrN7aN SERVICE SERVICE deer there I.a is net "'"1 ,iirj.. We have addedre.ere :lent glary end Ilving eendi: Y MOUTH "om.W"" I I.AAI. II '.TOHf 1Nr'
you see one Ceunty
Two Mott.rBorb.r. '. WIll Collier ft North TH. ''I I Ml leMI I II ." .lollI.n.
"A' uSNwrT, STATION good possibility that others are .INNItS......' SHOPKit hTTt >e. IM7 "A le 1 /| 'Ii tl N" MI,/ 2''l

Q Op.n M.n 8-5.30 End Gray E.copl Hol Sun M.cnonlt Rood.. Service nearby Reduce your speed, use Hndr( S1 UNlfOftM Ft Myer*. >lsED Cooks, Grlll-Cooke NaiadWomen rnnv.rhN.Cteem, Puff Ore Kei owner lm 1 II i.Orem T. iJ REASONABLE RATES en duty W.|*. .. "III3Bo.hMotorl I 5a .I0. 'tn bedroom Komet _
horn The Powersiiee"
Natural' way your blink your lights Port', Dlahwathre pewer 110 .. Usdn Ii:. r Tonlr.ln a/r. Coll Doy) or Night Ml,2-7695 .4060 North Trail, /Ml 2 3817 deer you miss may not be the Hue Boy, WaltieaMi.Maids. MMlldI I 1;IJi; '''::'" M""o 1410''." COLEMAN, BOVO rtelltor,
T.nlh'' M N" "Ml" 7 5151Thr.
Acces.Sacrifice _
one you harvest during the deer t It s
CLEANERS INSURANCE SHOE REPAIR season, but It just may be the one Breakfast .. b.t. >",.m .hws. d... .'"
pmt l II COMP White. eutwiMtlcIrent "1
Desk Clerks Mornlntt 1991 1111.
Call MI
that hundreds of dol. .. .,.
eaves you Ch n. ''n own.n plini. f5ta ledio and heeler "
JERRY'S JAEGER INSURANCE lars In vehicle repairs. lilt nl Ilya, bHutiful J' Chris evening hlfu.. good' working I I r a.uefentee eMol
V ,It ell" T.n, In11n.a Had. r'IT: : pwner WIIIItpl oe Roy AI NARSOP)
A. D. Aldrich director of the .. ...... conditions Mint furnish and UNOwr
DRY CLEANING (O I I' Sunlit Dtpln larch older tar .n Ladd Moot Ittri" I .. t taedrrvam
ONE SAVIMONty-5ASyp4yMENT I. Game and Fresh Water Fish l.h', ruttom' made Cu.Men<, sTood rttrrtnett.. Holiday tot"'tn" I SIPS after 1 both Kami nn ou111snd.ng. i ,I.I i
DAY /p 'l AUTO-HO' o."uS-I'lIte C ., end) Cock Pit Cevrt 11,000" jutR overlook. Nnfloe Sty Per' ,
SERVICE /, I H." 'ul/ \. 'Tb Commission, pointed out that hem Till, Ml 11)40 end MlMUS I Inn 9th St. No pmt ,merly ward .. a model, .thrtildonc. "
I I NNLSlNOPPING' ceNTI" S s.iee H..h should a motorist become Involv.ed '' loins !fIMS 10th Ave Apply in .person offered' w,I Ih .,"
NORTH TRAIL' /10, a-7911 'AW* OUAKANTCSDHI 41-Truth Tractors 1 .',>h'nit end ce.' l b.50nhrs.d.I
842 6th Are., So. MI. 2-7390 in a vohlcle-deer Collision, O'DAY to Mr Dudley no phone :;t fiuro well :
I* Ave So MT I'HOi the accident should be reportedto P.bargsa' INlbeab low shall lotl For .ppon',
the Commission or to the H.e.-n, : .; rails pl>.... II 24 6t CMC TRUCKS men! cell Ml tttt ar d.t ,v.
out 'la ftoyii, Harbor offci t td I.
INS JEWELERS UPHOLSTERY Florida Highway Patrol and an UlM Soil' SMI Brok.r.SSiunk Female 1 h. fcttt lor year map .y 10/'IS II'
smith Chre.Cr.NCab 13-Help Want INC.
BIKGLRSSH accident report filed. Highways "Men', MI f 1717 LUH' ROYAL MioTl two bream .<
t I TROPICAL of heavy stl- Ill "th. st NeTemporary ? lash with" ,toatir |>
iVcS passing through areas 17 II Chr. ,, ell" ."tumlnomboel eepa.,,111. Position, for effl la eti.n raon w.d l.rwey Lot t,"t,
\ V Ila DRAPERY deer concentration are posted .... sort,,. sad lop teal Secretory Bookkeeper 'lenetiiped and ...... 1.1 A..''
utt "'u"I/'lft/ h c1"I MEADORS "1i;\\Lo..jIl1Pli9LST with deer crossing signs and T.... .II HP II Jahntan Motor, Mutt be pasha. Ten, with: ehort .1...... kitchen,I It'Y".. a. L '
IAy 'Y .like, new. Treiler A I eentfttie hind ef oqulvelont. end heveftoeont 45-Traileri for Rent' heel. end eir cane L.,.. vjItydretiini "
7 'h: :,:::: JEWELRY I} motorists should drive accord. 1900 er will, .,... for Jeep ease. ..oo.'lnlI .lIiII.. 1 Day ram W/W C.lpO t tne
"Rf t.1I .l1er 5 tPM, 1.11Illi wish.. .Midas' I. f...11'0' cutlom d, ma..nd! o i
1pirflp;: ", /If.. .U'CI "Ml'" | Oil "." ESTIMATES 11SBusiness wsrb.g cadn/5As, C.II MISSill I'.ds. II so! a wee5 .IIh Oltrit lo ,., ,.... oroofoeftn ", ..,.. rte. 11/1. 11. 1 V tit oa,' w,5S Seas t sun IIK eon'I.. I 1..N, Ml, 110:1 I Ir.'oom
Troll/ oufefda/ Sty llmllt n'I'I 'H.VI.O SI 2 9th 5,. No. M.2-5303, 5 w.,5 Rmb Crwa I, ilTTj it
I Opps. gradual II.Is I Iele ds P..5. C7II\I.6Tr.i1.r .. loth I"" .",....
work. Apply," Voew Pasty. In lit. >'., k "Would" ,,". ..
Interest Rate -.ill.IMr. isEE t1 ._!b2j.._. ._.__J.lill SI rIng t 1. ,", .ei.! 1.,1.. k*
'. .. '>>:,L R1r.iinI. ."d collKlini meneyIrer Parks SpaceOn I 1414 II '
/ NIW 1YPK hi.: Aael/lp, Girls w.nl.41Ioppl)' C..v..n two.b.rt u.m A," Co.dl.r. ,.
':" it i ): J Raised Today By com. 'p..1,4( rt.",........ ,m Ibis Can. LmeAdrY lito II. Nw... t., i,",' 1 r,I... I 1. I.
> 1, J:" area Na ..nm, | To uolily" Nendtiton C,... -dal' n'IN' II' Ills. II Ni'H 1.
> Women far slteretiono Fine ., ,
you mutt' hove tar Dock Hemp IhuitlebeereNeetoneble ma.a. o.rudan01an.
'.. .,' t V .ttj j.1 x. ( to lltoo eon Seven te Lade' Ihop Confidentiel;: eerly'' renlol Adultt 411001 In. m", North 111, .I
rd t' ,;agt Reserve Board twelve' hours weekly. eon net Write Collier county Newe a,. Turn ,left it mile, oil ,Iti.t "Mos ullr \IIByfilend t IA,
I : !IX. ..,,"l-1- monthly' 'ins 0'''. Mare 1717 AM" /If St ol' lepr. Hoed ,eye)'t.Mo ,",e "no I'bed.M...
full I Irmo, for p.raon.IM5 In.'" N.wn 11118 le ... d. room h"utflOfidi
N .h. .nn(
.,,' '. h\t'-'I' ", I WASHINGTON (AP) The view. write. WINDSOR OISTHIS. Secretory, Pormenenl T>'plot' therthend' full' .limeIdoy ram Sire Place: 'e.tiful '
; '" r :' United States put a higher bank UTINO COMPANY. / N' Solph ouirod week .Phone. for Inter' 48-A.pti For lent ,leki v ownd "jh.
IWOi ..
t Ave PtUbursh Po with,' o..d' < 1111 '4 4Psd
Ine IneMi ,
discount rate into effect today ,, vow Smith Lasher
Include number "/ II
1.. thene
; \ the flow I MM' lilts I M, i","..ft"'" Dey Week, er
aa a safeguard against
of dollars abroad.At tidy tar you round1 employ .a/Ile.rl'Ml. : I III! A".c.I., ,
t Prothert CloenmiD.pl N "".' Mil' 0''
\ ..y ," 9 the same time, the govern Presses Run AgainAt meet et Mutt be cepoblo Dry of neiil 'EBB TIDE APiF'

...... 1 I 1171 'f meat hopes to keep the domes hind ironinp. Pl.aepplp" ,Inptnon ROBER1 H JAEGER
t "Monthly' Iota
Area Detroit Plant Pretneri koundy Weekly
f ; t1:1 .N;rrTPr! tic economy on course by mode H/l If6penlni ._ Kelly PeeeFurnlthed pet l al 1'0'.
: ..1 : erately Increasing the funds AP uetroliera '- .. duple. N.51e Ibopp'.' CITel' 1 I' I
'j DETROIT ( ) ; 'Jer ecTetefy Apple f M'eom
\ J. j, ..' available to bankers business end No or childron. / Miler r1.d min rav' TSei."v-
I l be reading their two regu. ,In preen Oulf Quit' opt pelt t "
\ mal
.t. 7.t "' men and consumers Aluminum" III Tenth SI So IB,, r... r tea: A... .ndlwn.r'I e
It\\ I. ... : "" '( { "l' lar dally newspapers again tonight urnlit d! epurlment- tar Ten* O"h, ....h.. "un..h.1f '"

....-f. :ir: .,'t'4-' ; J'; .i l A, :.::r\\ The Federal Reserve Board and Wednesday after 14-Help Wanted Male Ntplet>r;> Ml felK II/IU.;/ IIA ) -, led,. 'l'tm *" '"",,;. .
: ordered Increase
Monday an -
) :' 1 going without them for 134 days
b4"t' ;:! \\.1)\ \\\"t.r; :!. !! from 3.S per cent to 4 per cent Early editions of the morning workApoly Pine San''d lurnithed'< ood efficiency wale lei m
} In the discount rate the Inter Vouni men for teal "MI' mini ,iimifirW I I '
II' t -. -- ....: "..-..::. . ....""' eat bankers must pay they come out tonight, would .be the '" "- eperlmonle Air,",. Cenditlened We havelots
"' -- '. ,--.... : obtain funds from the Federal :Brat since a strike of two craft v..... men for oenerel eleen. haled'eels. sor
WHKIsimTWH"' ** mA *# .. Ti p" -iaKdPpr-; TOJ Reserve system The board act. unions closed the Free Press us end a5 wee. ins tee tee ,.,.. Yarsee." M.ii o r.el,

ed after Britain Jumped lie bank Mel.. st wr: ,t.'IllrL I I Minor "Aoerfmenls. IN /."t/0// of
and the afternoon Detroit Newslast 'SlothM/ r North I M4' 11IM anal"
THE O LWAY TO TRA\'EL-Rowed by men of the Thai Navy this richly decorated rate from S to 7, per cent earlierIn !LILT! l!! __. .
the Chao I'hya River In Bangkok as part of Thailand July 13 Motor c.,, ., needed. for melt '-' I
royal barge glides majestically up the day.Today The Detroit News planned to route Miami, Hereld MI I tenMadman hABLa7 ,SHORES ArTS

annual barge procession. The barges make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Dawn. Rep. Wright Palman publish Us first portwrtrUe edl. 11/" It Ml' I 1411 WHITE SPACE

D.Tei., chairman of the House lions Wednesday WANTED," Kelly<< "... end _Loam eA-_ .__
and Commit Lit. usrdor Lew .rmllb 1 PsSl.l4mS
Banking Currency A aetllemenl with UN'al 13 of N".ley
waS City For Rent I

Plane Crashes At Rome New CondemnationSuit tee would, charged halt the vigorous that the business action ed the the Printing atrlke Pressmen Saturday. Local rnnrlud.10\ Call l"':r.IT. :.r".1-J' : ,!r Hcm It to make your

; expansion that has run 45 wanted ..,......... CkMO/ Quit end CMf' eietiout :
I Entered In months. of the Plate and Paper Handlers pro""."." .hut"' Mil. noao..aryontlct t.I Sedreom Mouoo b.Htiel .,
settled earlier Tri County '*... or yeerly /leote 146545 Ad Stand Out.
Patman has fought fiercelyfor ,.01.M/ P 0 ... .1sT,. Noplot roe Drive, Genuine, Calls
Circuit CourtThe years for lower interest Florida MI HIM. 11/111 II!

45 Dead 26 Americans third local condemns. rates arguing that only bankers ll/M If _________ .". .. '..... '
JurnT ::
MoinloneiKo men, lull lime. eeelydl, !.. .KeeeMfteiMMl TRY IT
., tlon suit within a month wee i benefit from a tight t money policy J FROMLaTTLESPARKS. "..., work. Matt .he ...... rental' I III* "phM rffi i
filed by Collier County and tIM i Beside approving the discount tea. Ail company JwnoMe Item MI I In! 11111/
the windup at a night from Apply W T Olr.nl C Mr I f eiree* Wee
on PurftUnoJ.
State Road Department Thurs., rate Increase, the Federal Re. CN T/ic
ROME AP) WorK crews : I M
( New l __ Ow5ch.1. te rotorve ana
Kansas City Chicago, .SELL.!
were recovering bodies today day In Circuit Court. serve Board raised the ceiling AWem.bd.I me55AN' .r ywAP05 ......i end kilehoA" priviloeaiat '. _-.A.
from the wreckage of the Trans York, Parts and Milan. The latest action seeks to ac., on time deposits from 4 to C.5 ?1f-{ GIANT FOREST wd5 Nme .mehsSNab.oSgrwad I ". at No Ml' INS.
The giant Boeing 707, carry. : ,51.reld, dl leave I ,
World Airlines jet< In which 45 faltered It quire a parcel of land In Sec,, per cent Rates on savings de. ,log ..hOlI 5h/nm., .al end. .bra. furniehod .bmw 38-lott For Sale
died at Rome' Flumlclno Air. lag 73 persons, as 23, Twp. 48, Rge. 25, for right posits also were strengthened. flFlRES GROW! 9s.n..t. Joo Sill I Humphreyt eodroom. with. ... .e>f ramp
port. aped down the runway, overranIts of.way for proposed secondari 1 President Johnson, who Is at m..m, Tiro' Co 411 tin St ;lEy;:: Re MI"ilea" ", .

takeoff point, hit a road state talked .H! __lD.LII! I TRAIL. ONTAOt. ..,
At leut 26 Americans were road 31. The land Is own. his Texas ranch by /tele. M/Rpr ."''''

among the dead; at least 14 sur. grader parked on a cross run. ed half by Eugene Puerloandhall.'phone with Secretary of! the I"t".n'(.poi.,.'" D od.* Ptoundtmonl,..>her< ,lelelle Pen. ..na.as-. : Untun 1 least. ler YCUCN S1,11'i, g ..

vlved. way under construction and by Angela and Catherine Poerlo i' Treasury Douglas Dillon and I po> See Chef NepieeT ."" 545551. /ae. ..1lUaQo.
plowed to a stop' with flames runic NOTICE = M Club, lid tf tfJ'' me Mi t/Nl TIMW5 /
The plane never jut off the and la worth $2,823, the suit with William McCheaney Asa"Ieeiastae ,

round Monday as It preparedto and explosions ripping the fuse. claims Martin, chairman of the Feder. NOTief'6 r"UIi! ,1C rUAMINHTh. ,"' N,,I eppoenni. Glad bole Sloe ..,.1 iciest ,5Alalawallahs ... Oils y".,' MaHeLN \
155. well reck on H ,
take off for Athens and Cairo I age and wings. County attorney lames R. Ad.> al Reserve Board, about the public. er. "'0''''.'* the. bi..' ever Southern' Oil" 54.1.. .. It'' pee many .5.10011r5M.l Wr 551DEWEY '
Twenty filed the la eminent U J. and British actions Ills St No ll/tl II !
amt petition .. m I'a'' N."io. "le WAtKINI i SAP.MAUffeeltori PH.LY(
most of them Americans and domain proceedings and a de. Dillon and Martin sought to el II M AM'"Mtfoy DecemberII .
many of them TWA personnel Its for the ,i...._. of harms 16-Help Available Ml ltd Ave Ie Mil I !\I4I
Golden GatePermits ; claratlon of taking. The case: allay tears that the board's ac.: lay compleinte' M ....0.<. why. the REALTY

survived. has been assigned to Judge Ar. dons represent a move toward Mlowtil' orwuM "'ot h. .. .lonee! et
Spark Some were hurled 80 yards by diner,..." heroin. Couple, cook butler/ New Verb. 50- Rooms For Rent ..
chit Mom. Adams has scheduled monetary restraint All o. Slab. I > '11 c 're / re/s Lag "."wr'r' ;
explosions that turned the four. a hearing before the Judge at They were taken Dillon said, Wh.don t 1sbd..sn'. ,, .. raerlN :"1ln;: .I M..r..". '. ,

County Building: Jet airliner into a mass of burn. 10 a.m. December 17 to considerthe "to maintain the strength of the ,m plot. Seen 7 p NMcree "dAH ,
bag twisted metal' wreckage. action and appoint appnls.ers. dollar without Impairing the of ShMkt. I > i S, M'Her 21-Leit) & Found ;19 TN A.,
Issuance of a building per- Seven of the survivors were ingrave Port Wbgw'' < ..a a recorded in I .'
steady and healthy advance of SI-Wanted To Rent TIMstISI: : r.:.i : .: .
Plot Seek I St oilier CewMfMoeorde .
mit for the first private residence condition. poie Lad.'. ...h.. west w..h wash
Late last month, the county the American economy AW ,1 the I5"eeng ,le bere .M.l. m5s ........ ..$..n ,/.005 A H niPr' i
In Golden Gate subdivision Some escaped without a and SRD filed condemnation pro. Martin said the only reason toned .. C.I clooficetWnSOAHO / ..11'... Ml' illII savage fer *fo> erekor *II HfM, Ne H'I"| '".
0> iltN :;'t.r'v: : 1t10 __
highlighted a $61,100 scratch.As eeedlngs against several owners for the higher discount rail was COUNTY COMMIItlONtHtStAL Pdo"o saySSStores lime Ml
to halt I nil II/M H I"i 1SS. w W.",
the plane ground a CeAMMreiel i
construction week at !the Collier of land within the Everglades!: to matte sure there Is no sices. ( ) "

County building office. with flames enveloping It, doors Parkway toll road rlght.of.way. aloe flight 01 dollars Britain Merjorol W SIATTVD.fwly T Melt ClerkS 13-Mis. For Sale A&ibt.ft.u.s ,

Some months agoGoldenGate opened and passengers Jumpedto Judge Lynn Gerald last week and other European countries Clerk, Office

took out permits for model the ground. appointed John R. Wood of Na.' which have higher Interest Nov 14 1 14 _elM FUR SALE

It was the first disaster at the pies and James Does of Braden. rates Noriek or ,iNikMTiOM f*> ALUMINUMPRES 0 Hits am... for rent ceeolve
homes. This first private residence seaside airport since It went In. ncoitrcf/ ricTinous, NAMI e1ay G5' 1M Nb So S9-A will be built by Golden Ion to appraise the property The .....,.,.."*.. den horeev oof. PLATES M1151 iii) It.
into operation five years ago volred and file a report four j 1,1, ,the we o'. condutt.... e Mefelmd
Gate Construction Division for There were broken, moanSne.umOI" of December roetevreM .....,loco e< lleM. 2.YJ" x, 36" ,..". Id.ol
days la advance a 1 or qnl O'
of City Planning j i lone. Ceiier C...M, fiorido. Y %; 57-Hoiytei for Sale ,
Fred W, Winter at a cost lying on the ground 10' IVs''
1 1$ bearing ttt. 1.INew' ".mr of MA" Ideal for .m5a4 ,.... i I. I
J8.5M. and blackened bodies visible lathe the Central and LOOOI one) hail. t.< f". i eemof I MI1y0I' Ii(

Whltater and Nicholas are wreckage through flumes Southern Concurrently riorlda flood Control Prof Falls, Dies j; sees od i she 10 piece foii/'.::',.po'eono dance whoooi m epe Hunting Lodge I and sad.,IM I SAf SIOrJOOM MI ...10" .MOMII... .. ." ujll.dVtTreet:month% ., N.'I...'."..'.....M1e .!.

building !two residences at Big and smoke Toe metal was ao District filed a condemnatloe Of Exposure 'I"'A/reANDee. TAflTAflO Fish Camp NOM ,IMMIOIAtS. POt irMM Per One mie., ,Inom jtfden

Cypress Country Club Estates hot work crews could sot get suit against Darron Collier Jr. OoodleM /loran., t Roofing,, & Siding >NON.lox)>g low tol-non, ,'i .p:t'n: :01,tea. II bolo Cetwiy CIC, P Ope-. 5.n..I eon
into the wreckage until this MAIJOR1t,) N TAtfTANOMadia ,
and other members of the Col. STDH80N BEACH < alU.AP "
One is being built for the golf ( ** f''O' i.r Excellent In.uletlon25cea.", !. :.tn"V..Y."vr;:: .: I',. '
'no. Architect morning tier org nilntlon, owners of land ) The assistant Maria ,>_-.'''''e ef MAP)' i ooac .* et III' ..4 a1 l / *M !I.' 0".. tiMOlod .." IA'i ,
club at a price of $11. Several families perished la the northeastern part of the County/ coroner said Mnoda) 'I',,d"lnel ,." H....... i....
bClarence e.uchlplel. Among the victims was an AIrIIANOOII; '* > / -=% a>_/J. v,'mil Pnl ii"* .n. 0' '
flood I district seeks that Catherine Bauer Warbler, .IIUH 51.111)111' "
count The >
T ftA lO
The other house is being builtin American Roman Catholic bish. title to this land la order to dig 59, s University of Call/or Ma ,..n" t. our '.':.-.' '.' ,i.< ie Court la COLLIER COUNTY NEWS VlMlT b OKII'A' RrAir," ,AI/1...1./ ...'I..... "IN".' .". w
> la
the contractor's name for op. Edward. C. DeJjr. 10. of. Dee 1400111< interceder anal a. ell) planning< professor died..... ... ,....o' ,. r.A' '.'''. .. .. ...... *>.riTr V VT in. 1 un.a5

r r -

rj 1 1l r 1


10 COUIE COUNTY NEWS, N..pl.... Be Tutiday, No.mb 14 I'M

f 1 season and is expected to reach 200,000 this

coming season Farm value of the crop jumped

Big Investment In Farms from $11 million in 1958 to an estimated

$75 million this peat season Future expansion

will depend on government action on sugar

quotas, but with favorable action in Washington
horse for sale and for recreation purposes.
to the our state's acreage could easily double
The estimated annual value of returns
: ;. r< state's horse farms is 5 million dollars.( Between again by 1975. The number sugar mills

now and 1975, the number of horse increased from 3 in 1958 to 13 at present.More

al 4 farm in Florida is expected to increase at a than $100 million has been invested in
new nulls and new plantings since 1958
rapid rate.

now rank second among the statesin more people have learned to like Florida'sexotic

subtropical l fruits, avocados, mangos,
value of ornamental horticulture products
: sold. The wholesale or farm value of its cut papayas, lychees, etc., their importance to

; flowers, foliage and nursery plants, sod and Florida agriculture has increased. They are
already important crops to Dade county and
other approximates
, ornamental plants now
are expected to grow in importance. Strawberries
This is
70 million dollars annually.
are also gaining in Importance to
1 expected to exceed $100 million by 1975.
Florida. In addition to the Plant City area theyare
Florida ships its gladiohi, chrysanthemums
now being grown on large commercial
and green foliage plants to most of the United
acreages in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach

'f ? bl States counties. They had an estimated farm valueof

FORESTRY PRODUCTS nearly $6 million last year. Tung nuts and
Ii Florida ranks third among the states in annual
"+ pecans are produced commercially in
I pulp wood production. There are more than North and West Florida counties and bring
) 20 million acres of commercial forest in
producers an extra three million dollars per
"I Florida, or about 56 percent of the state's
ti' year on average
36 million acres. From this tremendous acre-
4 age, owners last year sold forestry products
, Honey and beeswax bring Florida producers
ly with a value of 66 million dollars at local
$u W about $4 million per year. Florida ranks
,I\\ 0"ir delivery points. This figure is expected to
'il third in the nation as a honey-producing state.
FOOT FORIVARDSusan Klmbrlel, B. of Mason Tex. double by 1975. The value of these forest
heifer Tio'i Polla put her best foot forward at the products is increased greatly in the manufac No state can match Florida In production of
;, .American Livestock Exposition in Dallas. Susan did orange blossom (citrus) and tupelo (gum
a good job that her heifer won the turing process within the state. They had an
champion female tree) honey. Many folks in our state will be
of the Junior Charolals Beef Cattle Show. estimated state line value of about $600 million
surprised to learn that Florida producers sell
last and estimated retail value of
year an
SWINE an estimated million dollars worth of fishing
$1.2 billion.
There were 333,000 head of hogs on Florida TOBACCO worms and other natural fish bait per year.

farms this past January 1. Farmers in the Even more surprising may be the 3 million
; Acreage allotments! for flue-cured tobacco are
dollars worth of 'oduced
Florida-pi tropical
state produced about 82 million Ibs of pork
now less than 14,000 acres in Florida This is
fish and plants sold annually by
last year with a farm value of about $13 aquatic some
down considerably from the 22,500 acres our 80 commercial producers in the state
million They are expected to produce about
farmers in 1952. But
produced yields per acre
86 million Ibs. with .a slight decrease in ESTIMATED VALUE OF FLORIDA AGRICULTURALAND
have increased so much that our state's total
number of hogs by 1975.POULTRY .
production is staying at about the same level. FORESTRY CROPS 196).64 SEASON

PRODUCTS Yields are expected to increase another 50 per (Million of dollars)
Production of eggs has been expanding rapidlyin cent by 1975. Florida's flue-cured tobacco is Crop FMC Vtlui Retail Vli

Florida in recent years. Annual productionin in higher demand than that from any other Citrus 332 1006
the State was about 1 billion in 1960 had Vegetable 193 567
state. It brings top prices for the nation and
reached 1.4 billion by 1963 and is expectedto Dairy Product 90 1)7
practically none of our tobacco has to go into Beef Cattle 64 105
exceed 3 billion by 1975 with a farm valueof the government support program. The farm Poultry Product 4) 76

$96 million The average yearly egg production value of this crop in Florida was about Swine 1) 23

per hen in the State was 224 in 1963, $15 million in 1963. Florida's "shade," or Hone ) ,3

highest of any state in the Southeast, and one "cigar wrapper" tobacco is grown mostly in Ornamentals 70 117

of the highest in the U.S. The state's broiler Gadsden with small Forestry Product 66 1200
one county a acreagein Flue-Cured Tobacco 1) 100
production was about 10 million birds in 1960 Madison About 3,900 acres were producedin Shade Tobacco 10 60

worth $3'/ million By 1975 this is expectedto 1963. But this type tobacco sells for almost Sugar Cane (lufir) 7} 197

reach 14 million birds worth $6 millionFlorida's $2.00 per lb. and the state's crop had a farm Other Field Crops 27 6)
annual turkey production of about Other fruit and nut 12 36
value of about $10 million last year
and been 4 10
CULFAMMCM'S 200,000 birds in 1960 worth $3/4/ of a million Honey wax
SUGARCANENo Miscellaneous crop 4 10
should reach 500,000 birds worth nearly
crop in 1: lorida s history has had the -
$2 million by 1975. 3804
TOTAL 1021
spectacular growth within a few years thai

PURE pRED HORSES sugarcane has enjoyed since Castro's takeoverin
Producers of pure bred horses have found out Cuba. From about 35,000 in 1958, the (Ed. Note --The above feature was provided by the
Institute of Food and
Agricultural Sciences, University
the advantages of Florida's climate limestone
acreage jumped to nearly 180,000 this past of Florida)

soils and fine pasture grasses. There are now .

128 pure-bred horse farms in the state, most

of them with very large acreage and investments Robbery Victim

Marion county has 72 of these horse
Holds No IT'S And wish
farms Many other farms and ranches in the Grudge I we

state produce quarterhorses and workingand
Against Bandits for you abountiful

( )
I do further call upon all citizens and
Farm Week seek revenge, but those
of this
community to par
boys should be punished so they
tlclpate to the limit of their won't do It to someone else," TIME day
caused the Great Sell capability In the Joint visits said Ella Socolskl, 50, from a happy
of the State of Florida to the seminars, the pageants, hospital bed aa she.told of twine
be affixed at Tallahassee, fairs civic and social events robbed while unconscious. = from
the Capital this 3rd day attendant .to a successful Che was hit by a motor scoot = .===_ _-=.;
of September AJD. 1964. Farm-City Week In Naples er u she crossed a street last
Oct 14, and suffered a broken ?
Florida. i
arm and let and other Injuries.As NICK'SEnhance
Farris BryantGOVERNOR she lay helpless on the pave
mint, bleeding from cuts, two 'e
teenagers darted out of a crowd
Adams ATTESTi of spectators and stole her
OF STATE Elsie Lehman. City Clerk purse, holding about 150
No one tried to prevent the Enhance your festive I
board with choke AND
WHEREAS. The prosperity OMMIAP" ( ) Omaha School Lying In Tempi University our
where steel pins and
of this com- Super inttndont Paul A. Miller Hospital CUTRATELIQUORS
plaits hold her broken bonestogether Wines and Liquors.
tilled on adult to hehdve themselves -
dependent co-
are upon Miss Socolskl said she
if they waned itu ir hlt-
between the twogreat dren lo ho well'hehaved.Adults bears no grudge against the Your holiday dinner
of our society farm- youths who robbed her.
should rculuc (hevllu
and urban people, and the oldiime "I'll never get my money deserves the ,finest
WHEREAS the complexities in sayings back, and I don't hold a grudge
f Miller .aid. thai l ",hltd, ,." do
their individual problems against them. But if anything
at you do, nol aa > >u aay and like that happens, thy should
the of their ac-
divergence have led to a widening "word action. "* .p.ik loudtr than be again punished," she said.so they wont do it Just t&llfar free delutrf/

It c I of misunderstanding, and lit told the Omaha Publh.Svhoui's ''It'. like everything ela*. Beautifully Located for
WHEREAS this gulf of mis- fall inference
optnms Thr's too much trine com
+" ; VIII Your Convenience
must be elimin for tedder and aJminiMralorftthai muted all over And then when
) and each group must un if the commun+u hrhave som.body kills someone, thy
d the other If our Amer +itstK U* children' will, automatically have It la the papers how many 2-7222
way of life Is to endure, know how i Io behave times they war arrested before 428 9th STREET, SO MI 2-5555 2023 9th STREET, NO.

n + and! w vhiir' will hn, t ihamein and then let go." MATEUS
WHEREAS Firm-City Week make great' proa re- '"o ilass. She has been In the hospital
f .an unparalleled oppor- nr anv five weeks
--- -
for farm and city people
become re-acquainted. From Portugal

( TURNER By virtue
the authority vested In me DEPARTMENT GREAT WESTERN
+ of Na> .
Mayor of the City brands
'|' Many
: .., Florida do hereby pro- Champagne
the period of November on display

I through November 26, 1964, suitable to or
i' be FARM-Crrr WEEK and 1 RMUCSGW1Fr. you in price Sparkling Burgundy

T0R 600 CARS andquality

.. FIFTH $3.95

a ( BROOKSIDE Taylors Champagne

l\\ Of

| BOWL & BILLIARDS Sparkling Burgundy

S-J44I W. will\ W epee a* anal TkadkaglviBgC FIFTH $3.98Don't

54, FLORIDA .* *. eat aid .*|., a Thatkaflvi Mtii( *tear Forge NKfc's Offers

S r 'r' rWrC B..Unf La**. *f ear eewly e*.*w4 Billiard I FREE DEUVERY
11 '
I' Rona22S ft

cwA.rth.fTHURSDAy$1 350] tllJarMWUl.M/ W.51.) | I



.. -. _ -...
_..:;;, tI .

The daily news
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I t I


Weather Outlook ... ... bi

.... .m .... \.... ;
Pertly I elee" > tMtrht and Hntcday O 4U s 12

will ....*i. ", ...If es N Sill I:s? m i" I

W_.....,. pees .e.W.t hi the 09e b t Ol ier r ttJ agei 4tf 7:.4 U .1 _

Hip Wi *eeey in the mU W. d fill 7:57: U:43 It .
Sevtheailerly wM "MJO'*** cure /U4AM /'i2Oa: ft1hear. /

.. .
CM iMt fer Mares -
AM e.. bees. Me U* Bar I"....

._ __

\ /i Jff


4J.nquiling County Schools The

By THE A!**> 1.'lr.D PRESS

TOKYO (AJ> ommwist
Repo"e' fM.t China said t,>ti\ it* nuclear
testing U a soveraliai right. and
( that Japanese Prime MtaMerEtMkU
What do you want Sara to I /ato has no i IfM to pro.

bring you for Christmas Feeling The Squeeze t.It.
k Red China' "rod lal Peking
\/L.-- People's Dall SHIchina has
every right I" strengthen Ua
defenses, .o I mg .1* the VJS

The County School Board In nate and deletion of fan cull units trol additions to tile ImmokaleeHigh .Jfrnm mi..lt. ..ir (Ihr".t iwrMsU. China
session yesterday accepted a bid In the teachers' work room, the School. This bid waa $108 : wUl never be "< 101111\i lo the"par.
reduced to the second bidder. till nuclear( test lien treaty
of $401,425 to build a new ele. base bid was meet the lower than
f mentary school In Immokaleeand budget. Funds for the other Items The board had authorized advertising The luper ni ailed that Japan
," tnv-utail 1 tutu laid
authorized County SUperln.t.ndant will apparently come later from for bids for sun control Iln e and
that U war break out again
W. D. Reynolds to enter contingencies. screens at the Naples Gulf View
for loan The $270,000 to be acquired School, but Architect Bolton Me. "Japiin u ui American nu.
a $270,000 .
tear base, tn\ bear the brunt
will build four class.rooms consultation with
from local banking Institutions, a loan Bryde, after
be Inevitably Involved (In
and anurser
five other existing at Shadowlawn one at oth.rs. advised the ne of Vene.
to enlarge ."
schools. Carver, six at the Naples Senior tlan shades This advise was I bulwvu.d!

The bid for the construction of High School a library for Lake based upon construction of overhangs ISTANBUL Turkey (AP) _
the new school In Iramokalee Park, and a band room at Immo. at the school which, In Freetlnc temperalvre and
went to the H. D. Rutledge and tales High School.Shadowlawn McBryde's opinion will not support snowdrifts accounted for 11
Son Construction Co., of Fort presently It sand. sun control screen. The deaths In various parts of Tur.
Myers. The new school will be Ing about 70 students to Lake Venetian shades will cost about key Monday
Park to relieve crowding. Carv. $1 foot In contrast
similar to the Sea Gate Dement. per square PANMUNJOM Kere (AP)
ar, School open this fall in North er Is using Us libra) for a to the $3 cost of eun control ..d.eSltiona. Commtmi North Korea
classroom. The same U true at .
Naples. However. 18 classroomsare charged today that four U.N.
to be built in Immokalee. Lake Park. Future plans for the In other action In the area Command naval veeeels Intrud.
The base bid on the structurewas school year 1985.88 must Includea of school facility Improvement, ed Into Its water off Korea's
$418,995. The board had band room at Bethune High the board acceded a bid east coast of M occasion be.
HELEN BARONIBaroni' board.E5tlmal.d .
MRS. budgeted $400,000 for the build. School Reynolds told the set of $1,890 from the Raber In. I iFh FOR CANDY fAN: PARK Naples tweet Nov 16 21,

Restaurant"A Inf. By dropping a paving alter. cost on this was dustrlM of Fort Myers to covera Jui,',i v, "is' i lub is it'''limn in lull i s II iiit on The charge* were made at the

new 1965 automobile with at Base 47520.bids on the new Immo. sidewalk at the Everglades thin i'Unit \ IIlIp"OVllnWI111'0.1,1, kuitc tu IMth meeting of the Military
everything on It, including air- hiM school ran as high a* School. The cover will extend enlist i ,ml ni all nubs mid <111calll/.l\tllOl"i", III "lIulllpinK Armistice Commission
over a sidewalk leading from the
The *.
UJ command said the
conditioning. More And More $469,838.! Locan-Currln Con.. Elementary School to the lunch II "lorlul plavirioumi for OUIIK! < I .htidr'u. charge would be Investigated(
structlon Co., of Sarasota was*. room. just wit of 'ambler Paik Their goal' l i III $1.1\(111 Out UA Rear Adm Paul P.
eond low with a bid of 421351. with whnli to bin the ulpmnt Shn! n ,abovf, Blackburn
Students Enter The board also\ authorized the | Jr., the senior U.N.
SUN CONTROL purchase of sis lots adjacent to from lift. are Mis Mart Ann Vaughn. /'publicity member of the commisdon
A bid of $5,850 by the Gulf the bus barn to enlarge facilities chairman for the project ; Mrs. Peggy 11111 I'Y.(1- said the location given for the
Local SystemThe Glass and Aluminum Co., of Naples In that area. The lots will cost jed i hanman IIlId| Mra Joan 1.olllllhOI"| pii'siilciit alleged violation indicated the
was accepted for sun con. 5500. of the! Junior \\onun's Club (Nh\VS: 1 photo) .hip* were in International
application outmost 300 waters

students for assignment In the

Collier last County month appears schools to duringthe sup Santa Expected In Naples

port action of the School Boardto
build a new school In 1m-
mokalee and add to five other tiirj'
schools. For Parade Monday Night

The "application for pupil -
aslignment" list submitted to
the board by Superintendent NAPIb COMMUNITY N05PI1AEMIDYLES Browse Night, IM4 will be held! to register tree for the [*Uea +
all d < M J v nut juet Man.
y m $ ,
I WJ5 Reynolds, reveals that next Monday, November 10 The ,.. l :
. .. about; 230 atudenfs cn&rwt the UNITED f UND ORIT annual event to *' < Ik*C Met.mas r t/rhs' btif.r: "
Immokalee$ Elementary Schoolin shoMMnf swan. and -*.t. i arem. "
to girt del Monday rigM an uppofluiitty ,
!the last month.Immokalee : Santa ruu: to town Is ..* it' participate Winnerswill
High School showsan Ing oordlnaled year by Lloyd be named In a drawing In
increase of 91| Everglades Eamerlliif. chalrmaa of the M.qchants' CamMer Park at t p,m. and need
BOB BARONI: 9| Tommie Barfleld, 5j SeaGate lumber of Commerce, IM be prewMrt 'ID win
Baronl'a Restaurant lit Shadowlawn 18) Na'
pies Junior High School t sand LOOK AND mOn
'Enough" money to pay my 1964 Naples Senior High School, Or'> /! ,r.II"'lIllIre! 'Farm Week'Barbecue
taxes. 7. Invited t<. browse through local
In other evidence of the rapid store te, get Ideas for Chrl t. Set
growth of school population mi giving and see he eumplete
the average dally attendance In election of good available here,
Browsers are under noeompunc For Wednesday
the school year 1963-64 was
e lion It' make purcha..alhat: IIlehl,
4,132. and In the first two
but many find lnreUngpei
months of the year 1964the ) available and lake advantage lit ant PROS 10

T ADA was 4450. The average the n. This week haiheen proclaim-

dally membership In 1963- The Drowse !Night Parade, tin. e J rann 64 was 4,375 and In the first der Parade Marshal. Tom Walk, Ferris Bryant for the entire -
.r two months of this school year er, will get underway at li JCp.m, State of Florida, and by
the total is 4,599. and will follow the traditional Mayor Arohle Turner for the
Third slr.et.Flfth Avenue route. City of Naples
GO TO COLLEGE Santa will arrive In Naples at. The of
of OVFP. TilE TOP Naples Community Hospital! employe hit th i.' M "ttliih thai time and will make his nut purpose FarmCityWeek
The total Collier
County Is toijjalm all
111.1, \\ ith 100 per runt partlopation, doing their ahar, t. b"",t tin' appearance of the year aboard to per-
high school graduates going on drt'utnuplc; ruled Fund over! the top. In the photo Administrate J/'I'ph spinal float In his honor twlng tone with the. Importance of
to college is above the national and benefits to be derived from
prepared by the peter Pan Day
lli' '
Ifertd lane and Secretary lt n Yfager
average Reynolds reported.He Ichw4 through (he euuperalkmc. better working. relations between
submitted results of a survey the First National Bank irf Na./ the agrloulroral and bus
k which shows that 51 per cent plea Ineee segnwms. .tedrtotal. eco-
of the high school graduate of nemy of die. ewurory.
the county go on to college. Fund Campaign N tIS uoon PRIZM The high pwtftt of the. week'

Last spring there were ISO 'lure* througtMNjI the Naples/ aetlvklM' will he a barbecue
graduates In the county and 89 Area participating. U Brown at noon, Wednesday, the ''I6dt,
LOtS DOROTHY TIPPWS! are reported attending college. Night ,,11acaln this year be of.ferine to I I..* held It the 700-acre
Cull Coast Motor Naples SenIor High sdiool.gr.- door prizes for lucky adult farm of Carl ClldJen, veteran
.. duaiIng 104 students last spring Big Lift To Reach Ooal reet..rantl. The prime are all farmer of Colder' County. All
t' new t I9C5" Ambassador has 75 of that number In col valued at $I er m.,.. This year, city and County officials will
Station Wagon. U will be poedMe for browiera'Mu
lege. Thirty six of the county be guests of seven ce-Of'*raring
graduates are attending Edison The list affirms which can till, 37 per anti Schools, 99 growers of Collier County and
Junior College. boast of 100 per cent employee per cent Publkt Employees( will have an opfonuniry to see
participation In the Greater Naples 32 per cent. f riMi-nand the. ecMnelve. Gild-
DRIVER TRAIN United Fund campaign Is Badness firm and ;rgan-- don term operation located
!..E. Predmore. nboroflecondaryeduulton. rowing and drive officials are Rations which have contributed within I I" mile of the city

reported enjoying the task of writing b 100 per cent Includes r : rj y 3te Units of Maple. This farm
on a survey made to determine orthe
down. First National Bank. Bank of ( which Its I/a mile north

the demand for driver C J.Copley.campaign chairman : Naples, Naples Fire Department ) Naples' Airport eonslstiof
training In the county: schools. told the NEWS this morning Holland SaUey, Inc., Bob I tomatoes and wawrmclens,

The" survey showed" the need that U the drive for $70.388 Hill, Ine, Big ley's Inc., King I rwo of the, le 4lrj crops of JILt
of 11/2 WIlt. In the Naples
1s to succeed the list of IOCpercenter I Insurance Agency, Ingram rea.
Senior High School, and a half i will have to Chevrolet; Gulf Coast fle- i The follow"Ing orfanUatlona

unit In Immokalee and Ever considerably. "We've got grow a vision ArnofcTi Naples 5 & jl'r ire ) tn1lV lit ce lebradon of the

glades.be made Driver available training will I let of work to do," said Cop- 10 Sure, Carver High school 10th Annual Farm <:lIy Week
to Carver
"and we're Dr. Louis S. Moore and staff III (;elite r County.
lay, going to need .
and Betbune! students the .
summer months a helping hand from everyone Naples Community Hospital, : .. i Collier CwMstyDepl. o\lfr1alktlre
Predmore said the school Right now, | would say die drive Gulf American Land Corporation .
will have to go down 10 the Dor-Len Shop MorganAkemus II (Collier Couiey Farm Dureau
system compliance with legislative and Barns
wire. It will be touch and ge> l/rifr oka lee Melon G rowers Co.eprr *
requirement will
"We appreciate the spirit n .
*U eCollier
to teach: boys and girlsIn KCTIECTIONbOwMCopley these 100-pcrcemers. said
the 14 to It year age expressed some dlsappoimrneni Copley "and we hope more CauflfjCaitktmeflfi As-
bracket... "before they have wldi the business and more firms' will have good i e.efetUll
learned bad driving habits. of the u.rfcu Ftf est Service
section campaign which newt (er w la the next day or
BOATIPF1NS he said. M date, has rudIed. 44 per ... Naples and the county hasa 1 t:ji ierCetMtly4-HCM)
Gulf Coast Macon He visualized I hair when cent of bs ,..1. 'Wehadhopedfer big stake to ftf Untied Fond inoUlM. tUjfit Cane Crow

h cash to buy the demand for driver education something better tit this key Mtajr. people depend on Is for er'e Ce-oprfathe
Enot spare
car Mom wants for will necessitate Installs* section, and animas there's a their very existence. I IIrnow 1 >urh, Florida rUW UeeratoryAgriculture
the new ." dan training machines to the marked Impreveinent. the cadre we won't .kM 'hem dam." CsiiMNiteM of 1mmofcalee -
schools.: fall short"
cainftttga may Jrt. awl Naflearhamten
The board also heard a report As the NEWS: wen! to Areas of CNDinrceFtortda
from Carroll Roney,chairman the tfctod Fund drive had ..w
of the salary CIO IDIn_. reached U3JWJI. er 63 percent Kate Fsnner's Market
date s comprehensive report of bs goal whit one week '
I will be ready for the Januarymeeting. renalla Ae campaign. Ilfl tfuINmsf l ,PFYA: (. F TDATtr R !, r Watherholt, a"ir MesBtetf theCoJtterCounry -

?fMM fDURDR The committee has The advance JUt section Us n'. ,b"r F A t1' 'M.tvdry's staff, llmitrdi rinsHTlrr Week Committee

(fl IRJNSE ('!lplRINC been active far almost a year reached M per cest of bs PI| rat d G i i'1 ietm| shot to rapture are Nersu4>leren. cabman
TOUR nxrylng salary schedule and with ,1O"IOO'1rU 7 conriba- WANT AD .' ,It I I't" ilie. hI'"( 'I yet.rday roamlriK,1hous Don Under Mild scofleid.
gathering tofonnattoa for the ted. Other secttoa Proiesslaui ,'all! L,, + ,f ih.. ", complex Howard Carrtl, Carl GUdden\
!IH NOAN report. i, n per cent Residen (NEWS: photo) and Tony Rostxwgh.



f I V I

2 COUItS COUN1Y NEWS. N.pi". Fl.. Tu.,d... Nov-mb, 14 11r "I, Square Dancers City NATO Gets

Of Naples Plan

Weekend Campout ..

... Court Blow From
Next Saturday, November j'.
..r- t
the Sunshine Shufflers will, for
1 Meat* Brook, 18, of Tampa
their first time sponsor a week. in Jailat
SMitaocwl to 15 days
end campout for a group of aqul fencers from Miami It will h I* r t.. Ion after Brook pleaded guilt BritishWASHINGTON

in the Collier Seminole Park, to driving while hit license was
Just south of Marco Join t the suspended or revoked. (Al )Prime

on the Tamlaml Trail Brooks appeared in court be. Minister Harold Wilson appearsto
Some thirty campers will arrive fore Judge Harold 8. Smith last have dealt a severe-If not

Saturday afternoon, set up week, using the name of Benjimm fatal Mow to the proposed
trailers In (the/
their tents and sentence
Baker. He wa mixed nuclear fleet of the North
park, fish and swim and pll! Ill'i' to 10 days In Jail at that time Atlantic Treaty Organization I II j
during the afternoon I jatle.oi,i /. without
fui ceding> am. driving declaring Britain opposes tie
and then drive up to Nnlt"". 1"1 G a 11. ense. During the week.

,., the dance a 8 p. m. t officers discovered why Broolu project.Wilson told the House of Commons .
will return tu the .' kaft.r -
". They p f Sake did not have a license.The Monday his Labor govern.
:; and remain at
the it lora
state had suspended meet believe "a mixed manned
the camp until late Sunday alt"I. number of traffic offense and surface fleet adds nothing t ho

:,.;, .. noun la,-k of financial rtsponslblllt Western strength is likely t h..
.... The caller fur the i III' ObI") I Lomax Richards 31, of 2760 cause dissipation of strength u

Ed Clark of Miami. The daft e Davis, appeared in court and en. the alliance and may add t tu I the
\ISITOR at yesterdays session of the County will be held a* usual In the tered not guilty pleas to driving difficulties of East.West agree

s.hixil( Board on a lass assignment -<- wan Chlumsky Building 950 Central while Intoxicated careless drli ment."

Nike Mans student at Edison Junior College Avenue in Naples All vising lag leaving the scene of an ace On the surface his statement

Itan.1 1950; Naples High\ graduate with four year square dancers are Invited ire wet.tci dent, and destruction of City of puts London In stern oppositionto

tier HI the Marines behind him, plans to be a participate Spectators w t ktIrr91Rl' Naples property. The defendant Washington's plan at the very
corned. will be tried next Monday morn. moment when it seemed to offl.
roach: "I taught for 20 years before attending a Last Saturday Bob Cook calledto
advised Hans Ing. clal here that the new British
the EJC
board meeting professor
com thirty local dancers. Three other cases will be tried government's Interest In the
in making the assignment lie thought Itans1hould He will return on December !5 next Monday. Charles Bert fleet had given fresh cause for

: get the experience sooner. ( NEWS photo) with a group of dancers from Schultz, SI, East Naples pleadednot hope that, perhaps after some
.> the Miami area, which has en. guilty to usault and batter modification It might be accep.
gaged the entire facilities of u instructed by his attorney. table to a number of NATO al.
the Stewart Motel for the occa. In two cases, defendants entered lies
Education Problems Easy slon. This will be a 4 p.m. to guilty pleas but the court did UJ5. officials were surprised

I 2 a.m. dance, and further d.. not accept them. at the flatness of Wilson's dec.
tails will be announced later. The Judge heard defendant.e>. laratlon but there was some

Tonight the Shuffler sponsor run r ;. plain their side, and decided to tendency to regard It as the
To Solve In Colonial Davs a workshop with Jack Iler calling. enter not guilty pleas on their opening move In a series of negotiations. .
- -- -- Wednesday the class holds Ui TT 'UNJNc.; FIRST SHOVEL of dirt Sunday for the n4'home of the behalf, so arresting officers can .

regular meeting. It is now up Naples! Post of the Veteran of Foreign Wars is Murphy f. Combs. right appear In court and testify about Wilson said he hopes to obtainIn
WASHINGTON (AP) Ed. Just don't see how he can do It. to intermediate level. Fri. commander of the post, while Henry Bomberifer 10th district commando the circumstances of the arrest. discussions with President
ucatlon's problem were easy to "I'm afraid we're In for plan, Hill teaches
Lloyd Involved
day evening These two cases
lookon. Johnson here next month more
of local
and Charles P. McCool quartermaster post
Colonial America. U ty of trouble if
solve something sub the beginner class still open James Colbert aephens, 32. extensive "consultation In the
you needed a teacher, you aim. tantial Isn't done for our teach. for new memberl.Holbrook The new building will be erected on one and one fourth acres, McDonald Quarters charged with deployment and sharing of
ply went down to the dock and< are" given for that purpose by Philip Keyes, located on Pulling Road one careless driving} and James NATO's nuclear strength."
bought one oft an Incoming chip| Oklahoma also point up thi mile north of Goodlette Road. Actual construction will\ be started as Howard Taylor. 17. of 137 At the same time he de.

from Europe. fact that there i* a teacher] soon us Pulling road is made passable for building materials trucks Creech reckless driving. Glared, "We are Irrevocably
The day of the indentured shortage in a nation with at Guest Combs said. (NEWS photo) Ignorance of Florida's "snow committed against more fingerson
servant out a term of abundant supply of teachers
working bird" law cost Russell Dale the (nuclear) trigger." Lon.
virtual slavery In the New "Last year, Oklahoma Instltu. Speaker ForExchange Lynn, 37, Naples, a $10 fine don's aim, said Wilson is to
are long But many lions awarded teaching certlfl. Three Drivers
World gone. ; Lynn pleaded guilty to driving have the United States serve as
of today' teacher believe their cater to 11,098 young men and In Rebel driver's license
with Florida
no the custodian of Western nu.
status bas not Improved much women," Hodge said in an in. Club"This Paratroopers Tickets FollowingAccidents or auto tag. He had a Michigan clear power

over the centuries. tervtew. Here license and tag but was employ The position Wilson outlined
And this i* the basic cause of "But at most, 1,200 of these 1* the fastest growingarea td with a construction firm for to leave little room for
the teacher rebellion sweeping young people became teacheri in the United States," Carl Driver In three of four carl a wo months here. Lynn said appears In effort to reach
maneuver an
the nation the growing con. In Oklahoma. The others went Holbrook district manager of the Capital; Carlson DeadAP involved in traffic accidents her r is was not aware of the law re. accommodation with the strong
vlctlon of teacher that they will to other states to teach, or en. Inter County Telqphouo Co.: told Saturday were given tickets fi pOring Florida license and taro positions already taken by the
always be treated u second bred some other field." at traffic violations
Exchange Members meeting out.of-staters who to workn
go and .
United States West Germs
das: citizens unless they take Salaries are the major factorIn the Beach Club last night, ( ) Belgian: paratroopers charge denied by Washington Suzanne Moreau 17, of 61
this state
matters into their own hands the teacher rebellion, but "During August," said Hoi. warmed down on Stanleyvlll today and seized virtual contra 1 Washington said Carlson was south Seventh Street Gerald Lee Benfleld, 31, North ship fleet. Armed with Polaris
Oklahoma is a case in point. there are many other*! 'ook. "telephone activity In thisaiea elllng on
Last Nov 8, Oklahoma voters The struggle between the Increased by 14 per cent." of the rebel capital but not be.. among 250 hostages herded by North and Harry A. Ko..orBon: Naples, was fined $50 for careless nuclear missiles, it would be
rejected four statewide proposl American Federation of Labor, Holbrook showed architect's foe about 50 foreign hostage)s i the Congolese rebels Into Lu. ita Springs was driving west o I driving. Tommy Jack Dor. Jointly controlled by particl.
dons dealing with education AFL.clO and the National Ed. sketches of new telephone buildings were killed Including a U.S, mumba Square and fired upon Second Avenue, North when the n sey 20, of S37 13th Street North, paling nations and they would
One would have provided i a ucatlon Association. The NEA, a planned for Naples, North missionary doctor official report .. Belgian official report said 15 collided at the Intersectionthe of was fined $23 on a similar share the cost and provide the
teacher salary increase professional organization which Naples, Marco Immukalee and said. hostages were killed and 40 two streets Damage to tin e charge. personnel for the vessels.Wilson's .
Oklahoma teacher reacted abhors teacher union, has be. radio relay system In Ever. UJ. transport planes flew I lithe i were wounded when the rebels Moreau car was estimated \I;t A number of speeders wen statement came as
by taking a oneway "profes com Increasingly militant In elades. Presently, new cables paratroopers and some a' machine gunned them In the $175 and to the Koss' car i I;t fined They were Pearl Crane Secretary of State Dean Rusk
atonal holiday" and carrying recent years to combat the appeal are being Installed and plans call them were shot at and reported I I square. The State Department $'75. Miss Moreau was give n McGlll Cannon, 41, East Naples, and West German Foreign Mln.
their protest to the legislature of the AFL. for completion of the expansion damaged.As notified Carlson' parents Mr a ticket for driving too fu I $35; J. B. Perry 27, Riverr inter Gerhard Schroeder were
Unless the state government The "new breed" of teach. program by the end of 1965, 1101. the Belgians landed white. and Mrs Gust Carlson of and Koss was given one fOI Park $25, Edward D. Costello starting two day of consult
act on their behalf they may; era, better prepared younger brook laJd.Excllance. led Congolese government sol Alhambra, Calif., and his broth. failing to yield the right.of.wayOfficer ; 36, Naples, $25; and Robert Ar. tlon on U.S.German and NATO
strike late this school year or and Including a larger proportion Club members had a dler attacked Stanleyville. Thi I i er, Dr. Dwight Carlson of Or... Edward Downlnglnveitlgated s. nold Walker 19, of 6990 Trail problems, centering around the
boycott the classroom next fall of men. Oklahoma has the few moments of client prayer In attacking troops moved qulckl,' ange Calif.) the collision for the Nil. Terrace Drive, $29 plus sua multilateral force MLF -

The starting salary for i a highest level of professional memory of the late Judge Ora to free the rest of 1,613 foreign.,i I In Brussels, Foreign Mlnlstet pies Police department. The ae.< .. pension of driving privileges plan.Neither
teacher III Oklahoma is $3,800 i a preparation in the nation) even L. Wlldermuth ers held as hostages and PauKMenrl Spaak said he was cldent occurred at 12:300'clod t for 60 days the State Departmentnor
year. The average salary is $5,' in rural areas virtually every It was announced the Exchange marked for slaughter by tin I 1 informed that "at least SO non. Saturday afternoon Leo A, A4olfo, 66, of 460( Schroeder reacted publiclyto
160 33rd In the SO states. teacher has a college degree. Club will hold a ladle night\!! regime should their capital be I 1 Africans have been killed." Walter H. Cottlngham of Brandon llth Avenue South, was fined $25! what Wilson said.officials said
True, till 1* for a nln..mt1uthIchool 4 changing society With s at (the Beach Club on December attacked. i Some of the foreigner were was given a ticket for fall.i for dlsor,tei ly conduct 4 trot Privately 0.8. Wilson's Mat
year. But teacher, point new' respect for bralna tt used '7. Refugee flown to Leopold,. shot down when they dashed to.e ing to have his vehicle under con. running licit Rites, John T. Con. that on this Issue
out that they are expected to 10< to be that U a teacher didn't vllle from Stanleyville said th I 1 ward the airport a* the new of trol following an accident at 4:5o'clock (0 roy Jr., 27, of 666 11th Avenue ed position la close to that of
to college during the summer want to teach, he probably tooka rebel had killed Dr. Paul Carl, the Belgian paratroop landing Saturday afternoon South, paid $10. and Harold Er French President Charles de
months, and better pay depend blue.collar job today his col. Padre Island is a lecndar\; son, medical missionary from. swept the rebel capital in the According to police report: nest Stumpf, 55, of 631 Coral Gaulle. Paris' position Is that
on advanced preparation. leg degree 1* much In demandin pirate lair and haunt of cannibals Rolling Hill, Calif. He had 1 northeast Congo David W. Pease 1481 12th Ave, Drive, paid $6. the West German must choose
"flow about a young man other fields on the Texas coast beenondemned as a spy i I N. was driving north on the Trail I Joe Alston Jr.,28,Fort Myers, between closer ties with France
starting out?" asks Oliver and stopped at Fourth Avenue. received a suspended sentence and closer ties with the United
Hodge state superintendent o t North, due to traffic. CotUngnai I for driving a truck without at States on MLF.Jerry .

schools In Oklahoma.. Lesser LookingFor who was driving behind did m t chauffeur's license and for dropping .
"Itow doe he pay his rent notice that Pease had et upped I load on highway Donna
and his grocery bill on $3,800 i a and hit the rear end of his car., Lee Kloner, 22, of 1980 Harbor B. SnellCompletes
year before deductions 1 AssistantRecreation Damage was estimated at $2 5!I Lane, was found not guilty ot
to Cottlngham's car, while th e I falling to yield to an emergency Combat
Director Julius Pease car was undamaged. Ol. vehicle
Headquarters for a v I .. Lesser says his department Is fleer James P Hayes made th I Judge Smith continued Indeflnl Training Course
V In the market for an assistant investigation tely the assault.and.battery cast
S. S. PIERCE 1 director to replace Robert Jen. against Glenn Will Urn Rudloff,
tins, who Is no longer with the 34, of 500 14th Avenue South
department, PattersonFuneral His wife, the complaining witness .
a The interruption of activities told the Judge she wantedto
1/ handled by Jenkins at the depart. services for Mrs drop the charge
M ment Is due to his absence Ethel Patterson 61, of Immokalee "This court Is neither a col. a
& Lesser says who died Sunday In Naples lection agency nor a domestic
GIFT : The assistant was In charge Community Hospital were relations court," the Judge responded .

PACKAGES of several youth athletic pro. held at 2 o'clock this afternoon to her request
gram In the Church of God of Prophecy Roger Lee Hamm, 17, of 4115!

t ..... in Immokalee with Rev. Fifth Avenue South, was placid
In custody of the chief of
: Smith pastor officiating. Interment until Hamm's father recovers
) Stephens
Immokalee. Ce
was in from an Ulness that has hos

jrCOMPLIMENTARY tt Mr. Emma Jane Stephens, 91, metery. Arrangements were pltallzed him here. The youth n
: a resident of Collier County since made through the Richard A, and his father are In Florida t
IBIS, died this morning at the Plttman Funeral Home in Naples. only temporarily Hamm pleaded fr

I I. home of her daughter, Mrs John guilty to driving without a 11.

GIFT Edwards Pine Street South A native of Sheffield Ala., tense
WRAPPING AND MAILING' ; Mrs. Stephens was born at Alpha Mrs. Patterson bad lived In Im- Several flrsUlme traffic vlo
SERVICE River near Tampa. She wasa mokalee for the past three lilacs received suspended sen.
; / odddrd 311 s ( member of the Church of God. years living on Lake Trafford fences They were Harry Al. JERRY SNELL
bertKoss 51, Naples, failure
ourmet Besides her daughter, Mrs. to
member of
Road She was a
; for the County school Edwards she Is survived by three yield; Delia Boatrlght Gayhart
I BETH I OOODARO SHOP A HEAL ESTATE transaction moat profitable the Church of God of Prophecyof CAMP LEJEUNE NJC
sxstem, was completed! Yt'Kh''da\ in an <,t\'ha1l< .' duds" with the son, Willie H. Gardner of Na. Immokalee. 63, Naples, failure to yield; WU (FHTNC) .- Marine Private
deeded to the pies, James A. Gardner of Clear. liam Gregory Tracy, 41, of 2433:
;Marco Island Development Corp The Sihool First Clas B. Snell son
THE OLD COVE NAPLES, FIA water and Albert Gardner of Besides her husband M.C. Lantern Lane, speeding John Jerry ,
developers a one-acre tract near Caxambas\ in exchange foi 11 .- acre ; of Mr. and Mrs. Heston H.
Bonded Fruit Shipper Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.; a sinter, Patterson of Immokalee. she Ray Waltman Jr., 22, of 4851
at the site of the Tommie Barfield) Elementary l.'hl'l1.' Show studyingthe Mrs Mary V Smith of Naples, U survived by four daughters Ninth Street North, speeding; and Snell of 1066 Trail Dr.. Na*

.,, Island plat from left are : Tom Morgan news reporter ; Elliott grandchildren, 19 great grand Mrs. Edith Larson. Mrs. Lu- Earl Acker, 42, of 4027' IOn pies completed four weeks of
Jlnckle and Jim VVnsel of the MIDC.: Hemv, \Vatkins.. Jr. and children and three great great nelle Lloyd Mrs. Yvonne Apples Street North, speeding.Prosecuting Individual combat training

I Mrs, Eniolee: Hairctt. new Heeled board l1wmht'l'l' ( NEWS photo) grandchildren Mrs. Patty White; two attorney David October 23. at the First Infantry

Funeral services will be held sons William McNally and Spuifler moved to dismiss i I I Training Regiment Marine

COURT ANOTHER TOWN at 10 o'clock Friday morning Gester McNally and many charge of soliciting without a It Corps Ease Camp Lejeune
in the Earl G. Hodges Funderal cense against Robert Gale of Napies. N.c.
I'I' HI KM NC.P> A randchlldren.
? with the Rev D. D. WU. g Six
," 11 'C..UHI of !>"iprt m I'.'urt Chapel defendant forfeit eat While with the regiment alls
Mans of the Assembly at God bondsi Arno Zeltunann. Miami
hour lear l
.11 "n < trim new Marines areurainedintacdeal
INVEST j'' M I I" l'rr.iJin| Judge \\\1 S. Church of Fort Myers official. HudsonDaniel $25 for speeding; Emmett Eugene and combat skills neededfor
6 Ing. Interment will be in NaplesMemorial White St. Petersburg $25 for
Ofo H M I luln't. make in ia..c i i>( battle. Emphasis was placedon
YOUR SAVINGS V Gardens. C. Hudson 68, died improper passing Roosevelt Hll)
Friends may call at the Hod. Naples $100 for assault and battery the small unit tlCttcs-dle
II rviUmrd thlt .hcn "i o .t, Sunday at Naples Community) ,
ge* Funeral Chapel from S to bench warrant Issued four-man fire team and the IfI -
i "nm iii ipmn heI tosplttl. ;;
EARN 6% INTERESTPaid I i iM.kf Me u .- In 4 p.m. tomorrow aftenuxn' and He had been a winter visitor, Clayton C. Sherman Hinsdale,,I man squad
q from 7io 9 tomorrow night. 01. $:5 for
,' ,1-1. <4 nde. ?> residing on Hickory Boulevarc speeding; and for
Semi an Bontta Springs for several drunkenness Russell Frederic
\ -Annuolly N winters and had been there this West of Boosts Springs and John

-- ",' --OC"' $41,000.00 Bond Issue FLY r4 NAPLES year M was for a the retired put farmer three weeks from Wesley Adams of Naples TOU'RE L'l

-_ by MIAMI Fatten, N. Y. '
of the M l I GOODHANDS
n "
He was a
11:7 0- ecUad
Shrine at Vbaurtovn N. Y., I

FOR POWER TO SPARE CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCHNEW New Year Round Daily Schedule tile Fulton HIram. lodge of Mason al I 1r WITH

LOCATION SEAGATE DRIVE Besides his widow, Mrs. Warm
SEE THIS V-6 PERFORM! Naples U Miami! Hudson be U survived by tic..*: 1 WHY RISK 'EM ?

..... fa D.........._ st H t fie, 7X5 A.M. 1130 A.M. 3 43 P'M: toos, Daniel T. of teesburg, G )itER
IMMEDIATE/ DILIVENYI' '.00.sad Nab 00_.....AI..... t ss 14 M Henry A. of Fulton, N. TM east I NO RISK 'EM !It ..f..LcRAnOIN
$2,041 Miami of K. Y.J three a ."c.
Issue D 1964 To Naples rerner Qbrtdfe t ..
daughters Mrs. Sarah Wile
Pam kiss Tic eat T. 9 OD A.M. 115 P.M. 500P.M. wh
f 1 of Jordan N. Y.. Mr*. Han+ h tuna, si*yje*i ALLSTATEINSURANCE

PAYING AGENTS THE BANK Of NAPLES Ceseuwtheac .*4 Kn mtieM te say petit )I. the well RoweU of Fayettevllle, N.Y am:
READY TO OOI 14 rs. Miriam Fanning of Fulton, NORISKCHEMICAL
INMI'lr: NAPLES AIRLINES and 14 grandchildren.
Visitation wa held last sighS at SEARS. NAPLES sARseer.
Naples Airport r* reerM S Mlaal Air,*HMl ; I.wnae _-
For Information tall: Ml 2.6736 or Ml .'.Tllti at the Earl C, Hodges Fact '.se.e ftpf ...... R..ea ...
421 Ninth St., N. S.J414 NE Ball ChapellD Naples. Funeral ser. MONTH CUAJAMTII r. ._ Ae.sw..A awe .

T..,.,." Les.t.e. I City Ticket effkt Nt,l.. Travel Agexy 4 Cer**, vies and Interment wW be U I'I MI 2.4148 I ,WMIA.MMr.e 0...._ a4Nt In
rulton, N. Y. .


I h .


CO [R BOUNTY HIV**, _.. Nl... *'v. No.."," H. IH4 f

: :

PEverjThdfA'By :: : ..'

\ iic
:: : Lau
; I
.--. .. .'. e
front ByV t.i blt
Mrs. W A Viola of Port Arthur .
.. _.. .
Tex, and Mrs. lies --- -

daughter Mrs. J.B. Farmer I ,l Bonn\ flprtnga America* put week in their Let to* Home

of Dallas. tAlC' n' Mhn Ida"* Port tieU *Wt Oomm The parry was held at the Its toot toontMy tteeWf Hdt tr ,re.' ,. .
-- to member
JJ. WUmore residence at anew ,
'. Boyce La. He Is Mrs. WU- r Sttrfc Pramiw, and to return
mores son. Holde"Vedding; tog members Bob Youn Wood

Mrs. Wlimore has 100 des Reception\( For'oBvlcks and ft Frank vas NUan.reported teat Norm
cendants and Mrs. Des stated
SUier had entered Coral Gables
that a more happy, cheerful ttrd Veteran's Hospital for obsenra.tkm. .
person than her mother: could .
not be found. Although 91, The BeaohChib was the scene Already 95 of the member
mis aftmoon f of GoldenWed,1I1l
she Is "young In bean" and Is tfL a gala ship have paid their le V dues
eagerly looking forward to her i !! anniversary reception Are you Included" in this number.
given IP honor of and
100th birthday! Mr. Mrs. If not why oat
r Clyde i. Posvlck. of Naples All veteran are urged to seek

CHAMBER ELECTION by their daughter and son-ln- Information on the new veteran's
law Mapr and Mrs. Thomas pension plan.A .
Chamber of Com-
Everglades Chema, if, [ Fort Bragg, North card of thanks was acknow.tedded .
merce wUl hold Its annual .Li- :
gen- from
Carol, the Earl Mc Daniel
eral! membership meeting on family
The i svtcks, who reside at
November 30th at 8 at
p.m. 991'! Ninth Street, South, came Bob Hvrttoc volunteered to
Clry Hall. The purpose of the scrape and paint the doors of
Naj ics 12 from
annual meeting Is to elect nine Z years ago the Legion home
Chicago m.I Before his
Alice V. Kelly of Na- directors for the coming year. retirement Lew rtealey was awarded his
pies Park and Lamar Thompson The nine elected will take office Mr. Posvlck held the S3 year member card In the

of Everglades have Joined Jan. I, 196 A nomination position of secretary-treuurer American fe( on. Although
of the i.trey Steel Company practically a MW member In the
the committee has selected a
tales staff of
Dewey Polly ImrhlMgi; Theyweremarrled local Post, he Is well known forMa
slate of the nine nominated
Realty's branch office !In Everglades ,
on November ll the generous support
1914. by financially
and and the Chamber has notified
Everglade Shores.
Rev. John of and otherwise.Last .
all of the members of the nominating
Mrs. Kelly has resided In Sunday dish
the Berwvn, niM PresbyterianChurch a covered
Collier County for 18 years, committee's selection.At dinner was held alter which the
and has owned and operated the meeting, nominations The which took Port's Auxiliary colors were de.
several businesses In Naples.She will also be made from the reception, dlcated by the district area pre.
place In the andSeasprlte
presently resides In Naples floor. After die directors have Jewel Dox Went, Mrs. Bather Tire from
Park and commutes dally been elected they will choose Hooms of the club, Fort Mytrs. Also taking place
was centered about! a roundtable
huge was the Initiation of
to Evergiaoes. A former resident from among their group a president OF THE MANY "just r-ht! fur the season' READY i the season e ,al whirl .is Bette Price (traced by a many-tiered her by the recently new orjanlred mem.

of Chicago nu she stated vice-president and treasurer separates. shown at St Ann s r shnu at th<' shots( t .'Ial'n': -"t r"-i1s: sheath arrrssoritod anniversary cake decorated unit installation team

that "The Last Frontier" Beach Club Saturday aVrni( < \ AS this lightweight with i 1I.t>l i, i I k silk dress bag both( from Becky's on with gold leaves. Mrs Posvlcll

area has much to offer to the white orlon sweater In I 1:1:lairmoor worn Third MI.I'd' The shouuiK) 'look' place at St. Ann's received In an Imported blue

thousands who are moving to POSTMASTER'S PLEAA with white Bernardo slacks fn"m the Petticoat fashion show Saturday ut the Beach Club.UlcOrath brocade Chanel suit, worn with Trinity Church

Florida, and that the "newtown" little planning during the Admiral Shop. Modeled here by Louise Lorenti- ( : photo) an eggshell silk blouse from Plans 2 ServicesOn
Thanksgiving Holiday can help
of Everglade Shores Is son. ( McGrath photo) Hong Kong
the place she hopes to live In avoid the "Christmas Rush," Also In attendance were thePOlvlck'

the future. Postmaster Sidney P. Smith -., .. .' .. quired list year on their visit ( race LutheransTo Thanksgiving
.1.- two
.1. grandchildren
said today. The Everglades n- here. They are about a foul anda Trlnlly.ny.the.Cove will have
Postmaster has some tips half tall It takes Mlchlganders Hold ServiceOn Hope Michel and Kent! Clyde two Thankiflvun,enlc...There

which will not only put ZIP M =' to do something like that. The Thanksgiving Chema, also from Fort Bragg. will be a calibration of Holy

Into Christmas mailing,but will ARC Cllmna are enjoying the fishing Communloir at S a.m. At this
D> MARGARETJOHNSON and shelling "Kelly"andMarge A special Worship BelYtu will service the rector the Rev.Richard
help local EWS khan you turn cake batter Into .
postal employees 'N
move the record Kelsey are on the beach every be conducted by the Rev, George' its pan, I""'. usually\ food Ides Lambert will preach
morning and some times all day. W. Price at Grace Lutheran The Primary and Junior choirs
| to have Ih. ndtt a IliU hiaher
mountain of maU that Is expec- .. ... t\'I..... a' n5'-w _' .e Their persistence la paying off Church on Thanksgiving Morning than. the "middlt will line at the second service

ted this Christmas season Cathy Johnson, daughter of Mr. berts to spend the rest of their aa they now can add to their col. at 10:30 a. m. The German.
1. Find last mall- lection two and topic will be "Let Vl Think
years and Mra. Bill Johnson of Marco vacation before heading North.I golden panamas an
Ing list. If you don't find one, Highlands, gave a surprise birthday forgot to say Mrs. Stebbletonla albino ptnama. The shelling God," using aa a text the first
or don't have one, make one party at her borne for Sonny Betty's sister. slowing down aa the beach la alow. verse of the 130th! Psalm PIANO INSTRUCTION

hhhv. opt| Smith. Besides Cathy, her Dr. John Ragsdale Memphis, ly being closed ti> traffic. Last The pastor also announced that t\.Htn.d Member MT\ I DATNhkHplenert :

2. Check to see that all parents and the guest of honor,i Tenn., 76 years young, and his year the Kelssys found eight Ju. commencing with the first Sun. te
addresses are correct. The those attendingwere Robert John. son, Dr. John Ragedale, Jr. of nodal during their stay here and day In Advent, November 19, the 4 Downtown Ili-r.I.r'

phone book Is a good source eon, Barbara Weeks, Douglas Fulton, Ky, visited Mitch and have two they found this year. church would conduct an experiment .. Ann Welmer Phone Ml 2-31t7
of Information for local ad Arthur, Sally Htlmlck, Nancy Laura Cummins for a few daya. Bob Grlffla of the Islander In correlating etch Sun.day's
t and Donald Bickford,Cirer Holder Junior new his plane from FuU la entertaining his folks, Mr.and sermon with a program =
dresses. r a x s u o r tram
of home Bible
all of Good Mrs. Sawyer of Fort Myers. Mr. study weeks
Larry Stephens ton, Ky to Memphis and picked
LAMAR THOMPSON 3. Wherever possible, add land. Another surprise at the up his dad and arrived In Naples and Mrs. J.W Young Carlisle, home study pasaafei will be an. PERSONALIZED(
the ZIP code to the addresseson party was the visit of Tarry Step. where the Cummlnaes were wait Iowa, are at the blander for a Bounced a week In advance In
Lamar Thompson, son of the list. This will speed hens and his frIend, Mike Burns. log to tail them to the Island. week Of flatting and sunshine order that those concerned may
Cap Rob Thompson, wu bornIn your mall. They stopped la to with Sonny. They had a wonderful time fUb Mr and Mrs. RS, Plroumor ofWestfleld be better prepared to fompre. Christmas Cards
Everglades and attended 4. Determine your list of hippy birthday. T.rrand Mike log and vl.IIIIDr.. John, Sr., N.J., and Mr. and Mrs. end the message and rpproprW
Everglades Schools. He resides gifts purchases which must be are attending Edison Junior Col. has been here before so had the H.J. Bamer of Aaron, Ohio, are Its benema to themselves knd

with his wife Carolyn and mailed and.hop early for these. leg. Everyone had an enjoyable fun of showing Dr. John, Jr. all also staying a weak enjoying their households Aa an exam 40 Albums In every price range
their children onCopeland Avenue Be sure enough material has time, especially Sonny as It was the sights the shelling and fishing. Mr.and pie, the Bible Rudy for this first
He Is the president of been purchased pack and secure a complete surprise. Mra Paul Shirley have arrived week U the flrsy two chapters
Port Marco news la plentifulthis NEW WAGON for their second winter at the of Ceneils and Sunday's Sermon
the of the Churchof
youth's group parcels securely. Write SONG & STORY SHOP
God In Chokoloskee and has the week Marco Morgan Meyer, Peg and Yarn Dutch spent a Islander. He la a famous muiU topic will deal with "Adsm".
address on one side of the dan and .. Noah, Abraham and the other
grandson of composed HaU toMaine" ,
Betty and Lou Tar. day In Miami car shopping and
been the owner and pilot of outside of and If 6Sf }ih An. ).. MI 2.2520
package possible bert, celebrated his second birthday returned horn with a nice red patriarchs are to be dealt withIn
his charter boat, the MMa-7 a duplicate address November t at his home In Rambler station wagon. There Dianne Bowers, daU&bteroflhe sermons on succeeding Sun. l'X.TllJ7 dl
Jean" for many years. should be placed on the Inside Miami. Paul and Ruth Slebble- again the patter of little feet Robert Bowers formerly of days, the pastor said

Both Mrs. Kelly and Thompson canon. In case the outer cover- ton of Lancaster, Ohio, Marco, In the Busch residence. Peg and Marco and now residents of Nat * * * * * * * *
received their registeredreal Ing Is not secure and comes aunt and uncle, were there for Yarn were *uce*.aful In locatinga |>lea, spent he weekend with *
estate certificates: after the event The Ettbbletons visit nlne.week.old Chow puppy In Margaret Johnson.
successfully passing the real off.Mrs.. Smith said that the Post ed Port Marco with Betty and 8t. Petersburg They promptly J

estate examination on October Office Department In Washington Lou for two days and had a good named him "long Also". lists OFF FOR SURGERY T .
19, at Orlando Is predicting that a record time fishing with Captain Lou, replacing "Tong Too" who dieda Emily Howardhaatakenaleave SUBSCRIBE NOW *
seven billion pieces of bringing home BO nice mackerel few week 1(0. celebrate the :\of absence from her work at the *
averaging pounds each They event of the new baby, the rail 'Islander to have surgery
AIRDOAT MEETING mall will be moving throughthe returned to Miami with the Tar dents of the Port held a surprise Mail McCully of Fort Myers *
The Alrboat Association of postal system during the baby dog shower on Thursday 'visited here last Sunday to see .

Florida held a meeting Thursday peak rush Just before Christ- night, November 19. Peg, Vera :his old friends. Ills wife Belly *
November 19. Members Central Baptists and Tong Also enjoyed the many 'and daughter Patty are visiting <<
attending from this area weret mas.The Christmas mall "rush" gins of puppy biscuit bones and :'In Illinois *

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wooten brings an old quote to minds Planning ServiceOn specially the toy fire hydrant. Tom and Kay Williams of To *

and Mr. and Mrs. HJ.Smith. "Neither snow, nor rain nor Frank Bailey and Charlie and 'Gainesville visited Naples and *
Newly Installed president P.L. heat, nor gloom of night stay Thanksgiving Helen Wtftel are the M. Marco for four days and did quite
bit of *
a fishing with Ton's dad
Causey presided. Films were these couriers from the swift arrivals at the Port. Their com. :j ,
shown after the business of of menu on the new Marco Island 'Bar Williams, and Kay's dad, jf
) their appoWedrounds"
: will be In another laiu*. :Roger Johnson, before returning
finished followed -
the evening was This was said by :11
Leo and Laura Portray,
by l hot coffee and rolls the Greek historian Herodotus
Marco visitors The Marco Island Baptist Mla
time arevlaltlng
served by the members of the In the Fifth Cenrary B. post friend at Pine Island and came 'Plan held Its second Bsptlsmal e

association It Is still true of the to Marco to slght.a.. Friday,PI 0. I'service Sunday, November II bt JfowslThe '
Charles "Slim" Larrabee service. timber SO. They are quite Im. 'Reverend Dale Vessel!officiated oliitar '

was host to a dinner party However Postmaster Smith preaaed with the future of the la. 'On Friday, November 10, the OOA
given at the HoE Smith's this added a thought! "While It U 'fREV land 'film "Shadow of the Boomerang"
week. Attending from Ocho- true that bad weather doesn't t+ At the Marco Island Inn the was shown at the Mission S. .

pea Weres Mr. andMrs.'Ikey"House stop the malls, h.certainly: can activity la Increasing aa opening versl 1 persona from Naples were .
and Mr. and Mrs. Chester slow diem down." day, December I. draws closer present I and there waa a r"d .
The Bob Carriers are (here for turnout' erf residents to enjoy thisMMaMlng *
Davlson. Everglades She mentioned that
planet a few days with their new boat < film by Billy Graham.
were Mr. and Mrs. HJJ. Smith can't get off the ground Pre opening guests are Mr. Til. Only Way To Stay Abreast of *

and Glen E. McDuffle Mrs. switches: on railroad tracks can layer and Ma friend Mr O'RMi. *

Dorothy Wells Allen Wells, freeze up. Trucks must move I,. Mr. and Mrs. Vent also ar. The MW NICK restaurant ADDITION owned and the Events In the Second Fastest grow. *

Eric Wells, and Alice Kelly slowly and cautiously over Ice- rived early and bad some vary being| built by Nile Hunt of Cape

attended from Naples. glazed highways. And. In many Ice fishing, with Captain Roger tins|I Landing is going to be a :
After a pre-Thanksglving Day places, mailmen might wish McCOLLUM: Johnson Ivan Burley spent last Bic, :* .Mltlorl to Marco fbl build. : ing County in Florida) :
turkey films were shown of the even for the warmth of an Igloo. weekend In Fort Myers visiting (Lag Is of Polynesian design and
Holy Land. We are Indeed fortunate In The Central Baptist Church, his sister, returning to Marro ,will hare a dining de Everglades.Even 750 Seagate ,)rle Naples, Sunday morning( In time for water : To Enter Your Subscription :

BACK "HOME" the Impish "Mr. ZIP" will bold a special) Thanksgiving Church services at the Marco Zida Com and .Johnson

Colonel Duval Nudity of can't assure next-day delivery' Service at 7i30 pjn. on Island Lee Baptist Mission. Mrs. ,of the CorwUi Shells lean won : PHONE MI 2.2107' :
Thursday evening. Harry .has retumedtothehn rkeya, el the "Tarker lilt"."
Manchester: Farms. Uxtngion under these conditions. Mrs.
be and her Home ai Marco Highlands ,at Broukalde Bowl Thursday:
his "win sermon topic
has returned to Smith rated that she
Ky. broughtthe She la UM mother of Betty ,night November II. *
ter home" In Everglades on weather hazards up,to point "Thankal acknowledgingand WhUsker and long lime Marco Mr and M rI. Lalllal finds or
Riverside Drive, for a few days out thai "weather Just cannot praising\ with gladneaa the U.1.g.. Bob Whltaker tool a ,and their children, tlnoet and

of fishing. be controlled." So shop early benefits and mercies which Cod short vacation before opening Terry, of Cordwla Ala, arert.au.C : Mall Coupon Below To :
Mrs. Alice lies of Storter and mall early and ZIP It to bestows either upon ourselvesor .os
Avenue, recently returned from the one you want to reach on others." PAS). Mlllsn of Winter Gsxden They enmduded the evening *
a trip by Jet to Texas and Louisiana Christmas day M The Rev. Oscar MoCollum lurid tn the central pert of the ,services at the Marta Check
where she visited relatives. { Two sisters have delighted extended aa Invitation to all to state I of God Sunday November U.Mra. THE NEWS *
She tells aa Interesting their families by presentingthere Join la this seasonal service Easy GUM'S Motel Marco TUdal was bum In Marco 1
guests save enk>Td good rutting ,arid la the daughter of Wytle I. j
story of the birthday party with beautiful baby boys from the dock and the wonderful |Dicker so* It O. Hex 1737 Naples Fla. *. *, .
given by the ehlMren for hero on the same day They are put In their appearance before weather we have been having ..,. I
mother. Mrs. Martha WUmore Mrs. Douglas House the former midnight on Sararday Nov. 21. Mr and Mrs. Jack Allan Mrs Jackie Ttwrapeon and *

4 of Alexandria La. She was 91 Alma Jan Brown and Reports are that mothers' and HoUprood. fla. are there for a 'son Kerb, Mrs Charles Artist ; '
:j rears old on October 28th.I Mrs.Corlls Robinson formerly babes are dofaf fine, attxwgb .ees sir and Mrs WA limn !and' daughter LM and Mrs Ralph Gentlemen:

Attending the party wkh Mrs. Caroline Brown"" daughtersof the fathers are saM 10 be flow crfOeirtmrv, Midi .brooW Mrs 'DOM spent a day m Fort MyersOB .

I Iks were her sisters. Mrs. me Walter Browns of Chokoloahee. k'c somewhere a "CkJId Nine" GuM two cypress trees her. '' business."err1"Happy I I nw.rtnac" t I I I Please enter my 8ubscriptlon to *
raised from .. 1e.1 .
f. A"'1. uvchUls of Houston.Tex. Bath bouncing boys Oar shrew cone n atLoM to seas sod TilE NEWS
both families. .. *
... .. . . . *

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stain Satisfaction guaranteed. Member
** AL'S CARPET CLEANERS .. don were tancheoo aod Mote guests! AModa.'>- vn.., + e.e Yis..ee Seer", ,N1w ,,',:: City ...... ... .. State ............... ** }I
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'" day oldie f err River (;gantry .. *

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For inter Abet tae t, ..:.2 tneaefAa attended' chair'the WILLS HAIR FASHIONS : Published Rally Except Mon. & S.d. _

it .. .4.id7 Alrpa.. Reed. ...... .Naples. .. K. .If- .e ADdzee- IIIIDUfU4.wit I seob't ell Fhne See S. Mrs II'' ue, -". . .. .. ... . .1F' .. ... ..

- -


: t I
I I,,



Qibt NtIDSTUESDAY .' .\. Top U.S. Diplomatic Posts

Due for Major ReshuffleBY

,;td A


Washington Correspondent

. Just A Newspaper Enterprise Assn.
Younasfer"" f&-TNi//t/ : / WASHINGTON (NEA'

A The game of diplomatic musical chain involving a change
publisher Bill
Rynerson of people who work for
or ,
paper in
the Winter several key ambassadorial posts, la on in earnest in the
Haven News-Chief, last week today Carriers and correspondents are", capital

mentioned a fairly important anniversary of course, independent operators. ; 'r P Our man In London Dai'Id K. E. Bruce, li moving toward

that we had let slip by unnoticed F1 OQrUNl, tf 'f retirement Presently marked for this highly prized spot Is
FranMy that's staff and
a capital in I-
On George McGee, U.S. ambassador to West Germany and a close
November 3 The NEWS completed vestment that's pretty difficult to justify: 1JjWA'\ friend of President Johnson.

its first year as a daily paper, in a community of this size. But a survey, McGee is a Texas geologist who did diplomatic duty in the

and very soon will celebrate its 43rd indicated that of readers .t Truman administration and was called back to the firing lm<'
a majority our
by his old friend
r Secretary of State Dean Rusk.
veer of publication, having started life felt the community deserved a daily) I
as a weekly G ; ii / IN THE EVENT THE BONN SPOT OPENS UP through
in 1923.
newspaper newspaper and it has always been our,
g replacement if William Tyler.
I', i We had in mind making something convktion that if we are not willing and I now tsststantceecretaqlof state for European Affairs

pretty big out of this, but a story by able to give the community the sort of r Ambassador Frederick Reinhardt in Italy should be coming

Editor Bill Sper (William R., that Is) in newspaper It wants and deserves, then BG'e home soon after long yeah abroad. He probably can com
mand a reasonably high State
s. Department post.
the i
Sunday edition of The Fort Myers we should stand aside for someone else No one is clearly set for Rome. It might go to Llewellyn
News-Pres made us realize we were who Is willing and able.We're SoENh G Thompson who would like one more overseas assignment

making a mountain '" RpC before retiring But,, as former U.S. ambassador to Russia
out of a molehill, so willing to wager a few quid ;r; A ,
to speak. that .. he Is being leaned on heavily by the President and others for
no other community of comparablesize y counsel on Sot'let matters

On Sunday, the News-Press cele- end population has a daily newspaper rrw Another possibility is Stanley Marcus of the Dallas department .

brated its 81st J anniversary which with the staff and capital Investment k'a store fa mil)', Also a presidential friend he would be
makes The t { F new to diplomacy. though he has been government adviser
NEWS seem like a runny- involved here To be perfectly honest 4C The veteran careerist Charles ( ) Bohlen. ambassador

nosed kid In comparison. Remember the the paper could show a nice profit 1 to France is expected to stay in Para a while longer. Yet

time the New York cops had to go Intoa with less staff and investment but we some sources describe him as tired and dispirited, this last
saloon and through lack of progress in dealings with the old ramrod
subdue a 92 year old gent wouldn't be proud of the product we President Charles de Gaulle

who was giving his son a good going would have to put out,, and we doubt that .i

over? The cops wanted to know why the rnmnniinitiuAnlrl filh.r., US. AMBASSADOR ROBERT WOODWARD in Spain is
another who Is due bow
to out. For this career man, retire.
the senior citizen was giving the boy his After all, Collier: Countians are entitled ment beckons.

lumps The old gent said the tad had to know what's going on In t the A prospect is Chief of Protocol Angler Riddle Duke who
come into the bar wants to leave his present duties and would like a good post
and told him he had
community on the day It "goes on"not in a Spanish.speaking country. He once served as ambassador

to go home "If there's anything I can't several days later just as much as to El Salvador

stand," the old gent said, "it's a smart people living In any other community ,' If Duke does not get Madrid, he might be given a top Latin

alec kid." His smart alec kid was 71 in these United States. { ; ,\1*:'" ,, American assignment. Venezuela is one of the good openings.
All set for Duke's protocol job of course is Lloyd Hand
years of age We also feel the paper should do friend of guess hoAPPARESTL

"So we decline to be a "smart alec more than Just provide news. Since 1923 Y A FIXTURE at least until spring, when the

kid, Instead, we extend hearty con The NEWS has Initiated, or supported the The World Today .. new United Nations session is expected to run its course is

gratulations to The News-Press and its Initiation of, a long list of things. Here UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson.

staff We have been reading the "Newsy. are just' a few that By JAMES MARLOWE One source says Stevenson viewed by some as an ideal
Prr'''' readily come to mind: AitetleteJ, Press News Anelyat $ man for London and would be hard to refuse If he gave the

'very morning for about 15 years The Naples Plan, Swamp Buggy Days, s Jam.. M.rlow I.n 01\__. ".._._._.'1"" signal. But no one here reports any smoke wafting from the
I )1"",' .,.)I/f'lt'/ <>ry football In the local school Quarterback By BARRY SCHWEID .w" SANTA MONICA, CallS. (AP) I top of the UN building in New York.
system, Mary Markham Melchior
dead In ,
I i "t evi" a sn>tty nosed kid has a Club, Collier County Historical WASHINGTON (AP) Ths remains many states where It television producer, has filed Stevenson's UN spot is regarded now as a rich: plum, since
on the books. j it affords the
Only 12 occupant a great showcase from which to build
"I 10 few words Babylonians drowned murder. suit for a divorce from her
a about hus.
say states
Society recorded ,national
getting our own County Spelling Bee executions In political status.
'rt, the Israelites stoned Sab. band of
i1,"' ,,;\gh tht first f long, I hard first 1963. Seven states haven't 8V4 months, LaurittMelchior Stevenson has abandoned
year as a air conditioned school building, four- bath breakers; the Assyrians con. i political ambition but he is
,d,01 i iy Through hook or nook, The NEWS laving of the Tamlaml Trail constructionof Impaled the guilty; the Romans ducted decide an execution In a Her suit, filed Monday In San. i believed today to enjoy the UN post far more than he once
,. had of did. Should he have a change of heart, there will be lack
hi failed an extra-special way ta Monica, Calif. no
/er 'o make A charges t
its appearance Naples year ago, Gov. Edmund ,of candidates for his
Community Hospital and the dealing with citizens who murdered C. 74-year*dd Wagnerian ten err important assignment. _
I Lv. a tor the an
52 weeks Implac.
past proposed addition close
relatives. with
soon to be started, the able foe of "extreme mental cruelty"
hOSt, 54 weeks n 'w United Fund Western They sewed the victim up In a capital punishment, I She formerly was his secretsi .
Gateway to Everglades pointed to a lOVi months without The Best of
I ihe Collier County NEWS sack with t doe, a cock, a viper legal, execution In a They separated Nov. a, Boyle
began his
pub- National Park state and
at Everglades, the and an ape Then the sack was 1 declared NEW YORK (AP) Former
li' ,lions as a weekly the same year the Farmer's Market at Immokalee, "Alligator cast Into the sea or river. capital punishment'It really means that ]Mayor William O'Dwyer of New BY HAL BOYLE
(> nty was founded. The Last year In the United I beell'repeal.d York Is In a
paper was then Alley, sanitary sewers and street improvements States, 21 men to death by the courts. mint of hospital for treat .._u. ..___. __
printed in Fort Myers, had a staff of one In Naples, a Highway Patrol by legal authorities were put In entirely i At the moment, 42 states, the I ODwyer a heart 74 aUment ntw UKH (Ar) Thin,. acolumnist for the crime of being born"r -
District of Columbia reported In I might never know IJ
(th late and the
( Dim
Mcleod was thin first editor), Station, Welcome Station, the dredging legal ways. Six were gated, IS I federal government Impose I satisfactory condition at Beth I lie dldnt open his math Calderon.
and no investment in machinery or and were electrocuted and two were i Ital punishment cap I Israel Hospital In New York Old people are Here U something to mull
equipment deepening of Gordon Pass and Bay hanged. The youngest It Is Illegal to C lIy, I steadily faring: overt K Is said that more than
was an i six states better In our
worth but
mentioning. .4 channel In ''Naples and Barren River at lS.year.old Negro In Georgia,I sin, Maine-, Minnesota Michigan,,WUcon Alaska, In 1950, after four years as Is still not fair economy enough to.many life 1 90 per cent of blue>eyed cats ar

Today, The NEWS has slightly' over Everglades, the county's first cooking the man oldest In Arizona.a S5.year.old wblte> and Hawaii and, for all prac {mayor,, nm..mh..eAnr, O'Dwyer resigned to at them. hard of hearing.Socrates, a .hen.pecked hus.
$190000 > tit M.rt..ft.
Invested in machinery and school and cleat purposes, In Rhode Islandana The average Income of a re.
so on and so on. The crimes they committed u LOS ANGELES t tired band who has sometimes been
equipment a fulltime stiff' / of 38 You know are recognized universally u norm uaxoca. (AP-Astor couple has risen to$3,330 a referred to u the wisest man
employees what? That's bad James Drury's wile '
not fora On the world scene, since 1859 1 Crystal, rear, and one out of three couples
not including 23 heinous murder, rape and kid. has been who ever lived, was wary of any
carriers and snotty-nosed kid of 42 capital punishment granted a divorce In whose breadwinner la
431 has been past:
naplng. But, In this century Los legislation to make the sexes
15 correspondents That'I total of 76 and there are notable abolished (except, as a general Angeles 55 earns $ ,OOO. But thebinews d 1 equal. He warned "Once made
excep. She ,
rule In Mondays "When IS that
wartime or under mar one of three also 1
donsthat's the way more and tlal law, In Austria, Colombia a man doesnt want to be mar. b Brings' In less than the $2,500 equal to man, woman becomes
more Americans his "
like people allover Latvia, Luxembourg, the Neth.erlands rled to you, and you love him, I level, the VJS Department of| superior
the world
are the Ice causes fewer automobile
", death penalty. viewing Panama, Portugal, Ho.mania that "la enough to cause tur 1 Labor considers essential to a 1 accidents than fog
others moll "
say San Marino the modest but adequate" stand
ITEMS CLIPPED FROM OTHER PUBLICATIONS Lut March, the Kentucky :lean( Republic, Sweden, Argent Drury, 30, and his wife, 36, I ird of string Tuberculosis, known as "the1'
House "
.- voted to abolish capital I na, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuadoronduras were married In 1937 She was Women now make up nearly a white plague, Is by no means
'r I punishment. Although the bill I n ,I awarded custody of their filth quelled. Some 33 million Amerl.
two of the
: I Norway, Peru tire. membership of V.S.
I died In the Senate that's' i cans harbor the In their
the germs
: I quay and Venezuela. son*, aged 8 and 3, and $900 a labor unions
first time the perennial measure Perhaps the most month In child support and all. Have you learned bodies, and the disease kills 10,.
I had traveled that tar. prominentrotc. anything 000 of us annually.Folklores .
raised against abolition of; lately? Some 23 million Amerl.
Early this month voters In It Is luck
t the: death penalty Is that of J. HVH MBMB M MMM can: adults are going to school
approved t law to take see a new
moon the
over right
I Edgar Hoover, since 1924 i 3n the other hand we also have
the: death
penalty tor murder director of the FBI NEWS FROM u I million who shoulder, bad luck over the left
out of grownups have 1
I When Goy Mark Ilatfleld constItution In June 1960, writing In the WASHINGTONASSOCIATED leas' than six years of schooling shoulder. If a rooster crows on
pro. your doorstep
company/ com.
FBI law enforcement bulletin Educators refer to them as
claims the vote log A
he Immedl. ; bride married in black
the nation's "Functional "
IJ' most famous crime PRESS Ulerates. One o fUk
I ately commuted to life will live a life of
the death the woe. Rub a
r fighter said: "It Is my opinion brightest men I ever knew
sentences of three condemned wart with- a dishcloth, then ;bury
that when no shadow of a doubt Could be so classified. He was
be slayers -the death penalty will remains relative to the guilt of a WASHINGTON (AP) Artlfl. myaher; who only went; the dishcloth, and the wart will
dead go sway
n Oregon The 11 executed by civil au. demands capital punishment be from knitted filament dacron onducted: a business, owned 1 the Quickies Conslderateness Is

thoiltles In the United States Invoked where the law so prr1de1r o. yarn are thus far working twsatisfactorily 0 houses and a farm, and 1 quality that girls say they
last seek
v year were, according to most In a husband. Peopleare
In the surgical raised five children. It Is my
Federal Bureau of Prison And, he went on, "the prate 'treatment of diseased arteries, pinion that he would punch In bored a third of their wak.
records, the smallest number tonal law enforcement officer a Texas surgeon said Monday the nose anyone who called him ,Ins lives, according to psycho;
executed In any year In the na. is I convinced from Dr. Michael DeBakey of a i "functional Illiterate." ojlsts. American motorists will
"/ wish he would come In. I hate wet tieaki." tloo's history. From 1930, the th the hardened criminal experl.nc.lat has Houston, In a report to the tea Quotable notable "Life Is a j Journey 130 billion miles on

earliest for which detailed ta. Men and Is deterred from kill. 'and national conference on car. tentence that man has to serve i pleasure Jaunts In 1965.a. .

. tlstlcs at least are 100 available, until 1949, ing" based on the prospect of the ''dlovascular diseases, said '.- -. .- -. .- -. .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .
John Birch Pnlirninnn each were so dispatched dash penalty" "Clinical experience with d . .. ..

year.Equally. 1111, the pendulum Is ''once u I vascular replacement
News that the John Birch Society to the point Is that swing for vartnu Chance Remarks
The New York Times In In g the other way < tvnM of ftHarlfv.
has H members "growing numbers the capital punishment Is u good. sclerotic occlusive and aneurys. eeee ee eleee! ee eele eeeaeeeee

of police and personnel sheriffs; lime Issue, printed dispatch from JAM. T1 rAT mal disease ts now sufficiently

department throughout the coup Santa Ana, California, charging I IIIDImI I I '' Aeu Is Iva ccRRI.Ttrt5.5 U extensive "to permit adequate SHORT SHORT NOTES & NAMES

try" is more than disquieting. It that a local chapter of the society ARC S evaluation WASHINGTON (AP) The + The Everglades Chamber of Com-

lots contrary to the role of the made up exclusively of policemen ACROSS ;44. S".ft !r T Eo T... P R o'M. "economic failures" of commu. merce will elect new officers

police In democratic society aa it f had been "haranlng" their chief. 1 Leading :l7 Lapth .. E IC I I. t a 0 y J olsm have become so evident, Nov. 30. Members on

U commonly understood and prac. The Birch Society ,!rope 29 11 IAIIRI'' AC t II) I T I A C says Secretary of State Dean are urged to be

ticed. apparently I Tuln 31 Nur", COP. R. Eo O. 'r'O\i' : Rusk, that even Soviet leaders present .e Naples Rotary will meet
aims to educate I u. Imiuilou 32. N'slnia.
policemen in ita "are st
talking and
more Carl
The Glidden
quotation is from John H gold 33. CIUI".., t. I. 1 I. _t A 6 Rif ... more ranch tomorrownoon
version of the .t Incentives and larger .
Rousselot, national director of Communist problem, I 13 lOpotnlnpo \111111 t C ant __ v tiR' vats plots for farmers pit.tJ and along with city and county

public relations for the society He protect them against civilian groups I flier U. Approl'", AMC S F': I M I Co A C even about profits* officials to observe Faro-City

continued, as quoted by the New interfering with the kind of atern '\pf J7err' M1MC A Ie U \. ATC/ In a speech Monday beforethe Week. Don Lander set
14 1 Tax ,.
: agent
York Times from a press conference law enforcement that they call for, 15 I Omttflg lion .11I" I t ts 0 t. I D t \III American Institute for free up the barbecue.
"Police in the and against court decisions limiting Labor Development, Rusk said
membership [
curl that from 19SO to IMS the Sovl.
society] la a matter. police techniques LI + It gives one quite
private They J4II 41 Htaddrrv, et Union increased Its a start to
can better educate themselves to Let ua take Mr. Rouaaelot'a statements 1 j\\lnnow 4): flan DOWN S 11,(i? ig tlonal product by about gross|14S na. see a big chunk of road building
the threat of about 14! little and 4) Euaie baud",,5. billion
police membership I Garden compared with Western equipment going down the street
46. b Ol ihr .
The press conference was occa. "throughout the country" at their 20 carriage KIM el U. .Aqetu.....,.+d 1,1I.lLkr on, nd Europe and Canada's fZOO.' bU. BACKWARDS yet. Apparently it can
lion and the United Stat.
aicned by the announcement that 12 own valuation. We believe that a I lace Ilall4l' a"h 2.01".a.. 17 Can,p billion. $210 be driven faster AND

members of the Philadelphia police police fore ahould be made up of M: 5'111' r. 41 allrdl J Le6fltll1l Winged' WASHINGTON AP) The that straighter
( way.
force had said they Joined the professionals who are uncommitted *ictory CJIkuII 4. Aut, 5p : \\'bu'lur United States commuted t

John Birch Society "because: they and act in strict relationship to the I record $1.19 Milton to aid Latin + BIG deal reported down
,Ad in
were concerned over communism rule of law in a free society. We r 1 I' f S e/ 1 s ,. tr nil ec ?M America during the fiscal year West. The Bell System Key

and what they considered public note that one of the gravest abuses r rl 11 Ccn tT ended last June JO, a govern direct finally Installed

resentment of the police" Two or of government in the past has been //1'.1 II San, I ment report said Monday dialing facilities
And the rate of for
on Nov. 22.
three other policemen also associated with randl.lIer
were who /
police supportone ,,I I" rise U the years to come,
10 Flab ,
laid to be members particular grouping in ita effort r) r p4Iiln proI" said the report prepared by the Shucks Inter County got that to

Mayor James Tate of Philadelphia to obtain and hold influence and 0 11 Tra, ,. office: of Thomas Mans coordU Collier County several years ago.
said this I. tit".r Dater for the Alliance for .
was the way the Nazi power. u II lJ 11 Cued Prog.res
and Communist 0 +Did you ever see Bill Morton
p.rtlt'llot started, With all leper
respect to the rights to I rf It IT Actual spending for the cal_
I' Collier
4 H Sft., County Mtrs.
and that policemen could not Join that a democratic society extends 2S Port" c7e dar year of 1M3, the report said, sales manager -

groups that die against certain to the members of the John Birch i.IJI 26 amounted+ to till.' million salt and pepper his toast?

groupa in the r- ,: ritiwi" Mr. Rout Society to organize and seek to influence JJ I'", 11 Dwule D.grrl Ii .. By golly, he does just that.
slot said the :M.\or was conductIng others in the free market of 0 0 so 1(." +

a "amear can ; aign" against the ideas under proper rule of Jaw '/. 'S 1"1'/ H I" Sa" qi911 COLLIn COUNTY NEWS Congratulations to Don Wynn on

society and had i wade "absolutely and political conduct we cannot accept / / / ,< 41 V.J ,. J' .... "It THOMAS ""YIlt.Ie.' Sunshine Foodway. Not
false" statements about it, and that that police should in any or- CSiWrPvkl too many years

"there la absolute I nothing wrong ganued may become member efthis /.' .., f(. Se."."' 'If =. e.' :..eMare. ago Don's store was located here at
i<4 x I* i :
with police being members of the *- .. Crayton Cove. Right
or ar .
other strongly committed 'h to* Cciiv ""uni.C .J P\\ o next door as a
John Birch er .., ,,,. 'II T_.!., AW**. *..!\M..
Society. political group : : t/: K tiM ..... r '. :use Man.' ..euwi'U 0. oatter of fact. It's always nice to
-.ChrUtien & ence Menltor N -- It, I.. see a local boy doing well and
J 30 ill e a rH re Mt!j wy :: ::3 1st t
,-. ... sot Don Q. la certainly doing that.

points over 8Mpp Crk.NMdrv ,air' tea three over the Sin*, Bruce. LaniartineIn OUIER' !! couSn 'Ntvil TN.pt" n... Ta o.y No.."' ..... 24 i4 S

EGLER'S94ORNER >n Creek nmam.ctD ray. evrM Baldwin found > ,,n
third r lac* by one point with line and tossed !*... of 213 1,1 I Charter Class -
Big Mar o neat la line taper. 808 f"r a big 116).rllt. Walls A
tel River moved VS> SO tile nest Abr nth!* tossed a aoe game anna At 'New College'Btf

Seal, and tile Caiambaa Cats 860 set and, Met BhKknr with t 9t Mr.
LaaartiM, aOII
also made I bump Seward Ned Mt a 300 scored a 886. MartJo ; LaMrtsn
Paid B. ,
Deme and UselU Lord' were G 'ba turned M a 19t gem, 844 Rout I, Mast' **, bone .
Boa ,
tile stars of th* !...*. u N4 aad :9 Nt for tile Mtaff an stwtonta who recent.
of five
howled alGI...* and cats aatf carol Ufetgton rolled i .
''i .. completed a senior IUt.avlng
as with a 559. LucUU rolled MSftttt' Abtnwthl ales! ,. College In Sara
IBi fame and a lit s.rt... Moon rolls a 300 game, a 903 and course at New

BROOKSJDE BOWLA MIIII1Ina without a 800 scored a can ,'? with ( 470' *(rl.a, and IOta. of 100 atu.
849, Dewey Wright using a SOIfan Bob :..ick.r Mot a 1OI. OI. Laaanin la oae
I LEAGUE STANDINGSPine lively roup' of Senior CR.tMna a MS atCharURto889, Some iic* slitfl ga..* Were dents from all lct4 over for th*the country Charter
PrMay afternoon
latkered Al Tatu who were *
i MB without a 900, rollBud! Miller 176 DI.
at Brookstde Bowl to start bowl. ( k Class at New College, a nw
Wollord a 888. LcNIHWoItIl'I1 Murtiai t80 i and Wt M
lug for '*..". Tm no. 9 Lynn Iwo\ liberal arts and aein<** eoUn
roll IBS, Jaa LMa Al Ha''k ai3 >
Ifcgv 180C.n
Lanes BrooksideCOMMERCIAL with Dutch Wolf bowline I", lit, tr | which opened In September within
a ue
Lana Dory 140, and CUr :oi( Fred Hot 900 and Pat
and 189 and a M4 .erl.e took academic: program
Clyd A11M a 160 g*.*. Art Bftl'Moo IN ad. 18.
CONTRACTORSWON aU three emu from teem no. Allen turned lnatOOlnglm.. strongly emphasis Individual 4 .
LOST Wimp's Texaco 34 14 6 with John Blok high with a 4S6HM. development for Hell of its stu.

Hatcher Const. 31 9 Breton's Atlantic 38! 18 Team no. I won three dmta.H '
Fuller Industries 29 11Wood' Luff CMC 31 17 from Team no t aa Evan Ftlfht.! PINE LANES Peter C. Petri la a graduate of Napl, ** High :' '
of 144 160 when be was a football .la'
nest toased panes School
28 15 Palm Lake Mobile I .n + f
Chrysler Th T Birds and the Ramblers On USS Soley and
and 1M to score a 480 act. Jack letterman for three )years
Alander and Sons 241/2 1S1/2 Homes 29 19 LaCelle'c 180..06 was the beetthe Of the Sunday Might Us a'ltor also participated In track WIt ; WINNKR at the "lIallltl,1,' \\ -h",, ....tllI

Metalcraft 211/2 181/2 Anchor Lounge 27 21 losers could show. Te.mDO. League mad it four to nothing USi: SOLlY(fHTNC)Peter wrestling and the Florida All. '.'M-H recently by the Nplo .I I ;.moi Woman'Club + --

Firestone 18 22 Plttman's Funeral S won two to one over team no. over their respective opponcts C. 'et rl. seaman apprentice Stat Chorus, and served as pre. the Tahitian (Cov iiiiditonuin MrnNorman ,
t WH
at t
Stone Builders 111/Z 2212Moon' Home 25 23 4. John Preston starred tor the the Old and the Maxwells. The USN son of Mr. and Mrs. ldnt of the Science Club.
l AV.MHHNorth Jon
Masonry 17 23 Brookside 23 25 winners on tames of 188,1(6 and rest of the teams were winning Net-ly, LAN Second I
Leopold Petri of 139 Fifth Ave.,
Daley Distributor 17 23 Troplgas 22 28 185 and a nice 499 series while three and losing one or vice C.ippiello\ of Hodges Htlr Sty Hat*. 11 thnwn fitting):
Pine Ridge Auto. 15 11 241/2 Paul's Texaco 21 27 Gordon Seth turned In 1117 for nr... The Tin Under won N.member, maples of the Fla., Is a crew-USS Canada's EXPO 67 ((1967 the priie. Proceeds of the ho\\+ Hnnatcd! to

Cadillac Amoco 14 26 Mixed Grocers 19 29 the losers aa he hit a 199 cam*. three from Model T'S, Ferrari destroyer ourofCh.rlu- World I Exposition at Montreal the AI.thritf&.nI.umatlQI Fouiulatiou,
Mooring' Texaco 10 30WOMEN'S Swede's Auto Trim 13 35 Dot Sharer's 400 was high for three from Corvettes, aarehlfsthr Soley. operating ) will cover 934 acres ( NEWS photo )
** from and ton, i..c.;
the women and she rolled a 168 the Valla.nl,
Marco De Corp. 12 36 --
tame Marie Kobsk turned In -
CHURCH tamea of 153 and 150 and a
Lutherans 34 14 CONSTRUCTIONEERS S89, BUlle Salisbury a378aerte
Holy Bowlers 27 21 Townsend Produce 35 5 and Esther Thomas rolled nice

Trinity 23 25 Naples Federal 24 16 157' game and a 362.

First Baptist 21 27 Moose Lodge 22 18 following Seniors,the Mix.
Saintly Sinners 20 28 Standard OU 22 18 .d Prepstcrs took to the lanes on

Daffy's 19 29MEN'S Schreck Const. 20 20 Saturday morning these 'Mda'

Dewey Polly Realty 20 20 art from all to IS, and they too Edison Junior
CHURCH Allied Paving 11 19 21 have the "want to win" spirit College
the oldsters.Glenn .
much the same aa
Standings not available. Sawyers Carpet &
Roark rolling a 173 r m.
18 22
and ISII two came sires was
ROCK N' BOWLERS Allied Paving 12 18 22 high for the morning with Billy 4 W

WON LOST Tom's American Jensen not far behind aa he turn in order to meet the needs und desires of the people of
Caribbean Realty 33 15 Service 15 25 .d In games of 137 and 134 lAd

Holland Salley 32 16 Naples P:I1ce Dept. 14 26 converted the 3JO split. ForrestGoodlrtte our community, requests: your assistance\: I in determining

Jimmie Glbbi Plas. 21 17 Boat Haven 13 27 made 11. Bill Jones
Modern Masonry 28 20 119, Mike JOCMS lit, and two N courses to be offered in Naples) Listed below

Don's Rexall 22 SENIOR BOWLERS bowlers rolled their highest OOY
six old Stew are various courses which the Community College Committee
Blok league games, year
Carousel Drive-In 24 24' Busters 10 2

Wonder Garden Res.21 27 The Merry Makers 10 2 115.Croak Terry a 124 and Graham Spencer tosaed Drake I 131 a feels night\ be of intertit to you.

Stone Builders 17 31 The Others 9 3
game good for a 229 series to t '
Fuller Industries 14 34 The Youngsters 8 7
-- -
lead the girls of the league and
Imperial Pharmacy 14 34 Gutter Snipes 1 11 Mary Harris turned In a 183 art. BUS 101. ACCOUNTING ,#ios, EFFECTIVE SPEAKING

Bear Kats 1 11 Introduction to the principles of basic accounting! umler the double Designed to uld the students: In speak vlfutivclv( t h'' a i Ilrnu/ >-> I
BC CYPRESS Bowling really picks up Saturday trial balance, work sheets, and the and l-y
WOMEN'S CHURCH afternoons when thirty two entry system, Including preparation utilizing principles elf argumentation, miu/mc) rp:
Panthers Rats 2'25 In 161/2 19 WON LOST Juniors take over some of the of financial statements for proprietorships, partnerships, tad evidence and modes, of( rtasvnlrg,
Pot Holes 241/2191/2 Christian !tnheads 221/2101/2 adult league bowlers might learn corporations. and including corporate capital) stocks surplus, reserves" 3 tcmci't-r! hours,

Ospreys 23 21 Gutter Dusters 20 13 a few things If they were to come dividends and bonds. Practice work through each semester 1C ?01, ECONOMIC
out and watch this Mike 3 icmcUcr hours
White Herons 20 24 Dlablos 19 14 Ihli rj.on''It1lrt* Understanding, of Inilitwrwns ,.
Methodists Sharp bowling with Moon's Masonry ttyirtu \\.r : our j
Gators 19 25 Mixed 15 18 led the pack aa he rolled BUS 102 ACCOUNTINGA of macro'' Ind mk'o-tconomic\ all. It prwnts' the operation-" + .

Bobcats Razor Backs 181/2 181/2 251/2 251/2 Question Christians Marks 121fZ 10 20ln 23MEN'S a 223 came Mike seems to be continuation of BUS 101 Accounting. Individual WjsjrWi |nJ how It arftcti antIs/ alhited by the operationof ..
the hard luck bowler of the lea. .
the economic M. It Intelligent( about di
str tficouraget thinking:
rue as he cannot quite hit that Prerequisite : BUS 101 Accounting: Issues qf the Llur, fCQnorolc policy. ,
BOWLERETTES LEAGUE CHURCH 225 that it takes to win an award.Mike 3 semester hours. )
I scitrrttci hoursGOV
Standings not available Methodist II 30 14 turned In a alee 543 series.
Christian Men'sFellowship Larry Lee off toe very slow star BUS 10S MATHEMATICS OP IUSINESS
TRAIL BOWLERS 26 18 soon got to rolling and scored JOf CUMINT POLITICAL ICUNCf t
Provides the student with basic and
a knowledge an employableskill
WON LOST Methodist *2 23 21 a nice 200 game and a 458 set. in the arithmetic for business A .ludv of contemporary; problems and political thought within the I
Hatcher's Const. 23 13 Assorted Christians 22 22 Danny Mulllns not up to par computations necessary a career. contw el\ |it 'Introduction to pst Inca.
Current business practice is followed in all the fields of business
rolled games of 156 169 and '
Presbyterians 21 3 .
Shannon 23 13 23 semester imuri.00V !
Supply that covered business ;
Emmanuel IllS and a 488. John Holla way are retailing sute-

Crayton Furniture Cove Fair Lndry 22 19 14 17 Lutherans 15 29 mad a 482, Ray Bass 147 game menu, and computing deprecation, JlNTERNATlONAl MlATlpNfAh ,

Distributors 19 17 Ricky Spacer a 142, and Mike 3 semester hours. Introduction lo thl'stuay' of Inlcrnatlotul relation snit, >II', .
Daley Stacey a 161. Corkl Banks led conduct of national'! of 'r"
Tamiaml Tire 18 18 KITE OWLS foreign policy; ; ItnprrlelhnyhIstnry i
the girls as she rolled of .
games ,
King Insurance 15 21 Conditioned Air 31 13 177 and 179 and 486 national rcLuloni' ; functions anti prpblums fI'| dfmocriuy Into..< Mafairs i
serIes This Is basic In business law.
course designed as a collegiate course
Naples Camera 26 International) !
I Pine Lanes 15 21 Shop 18 Candy Anderson came In with ; public orgunltiuori
Reahard Service 13 23 Ingram's Chevrolet 25 19 a m"zl. Carla Armbrurt a 140. Legal discussions are used as references and case excerpts are provided 3 semester hours.PIY .
Ron and Jim's TV 404 and to illustrate major points of law.
Schmidt Realtor 13 23 241/2 191/2 Pat Roamdahl 165.417. 201 CHILD
Anchor Lounge 24 20 3 semester hours

NEK'S LigUORS First Nat'l Bank 23 21 study of the development: ,i'tiKl ...f I ih*' .Inkiho., i ,KM,.1

B. 4 a Builders 29 19 Becky's 22 22 SEC ST 104 CREOO SHORTHAND 3 semester hotus.

Pittman Funeral 28 20 Chessers Wash-o Some nice scores were rolledIn Instruction in the principles of shorthand with emphasis on both ioa
Hatcher Const. 28 20 Mat 201/2 231/2 the Seashell Mixed League reading and writing. Practice letters are dictated for transcription

First Nat'l Bank 27 21 Bank of Naples 20 24 with George Weaver the star of 3 semester hours each semester. The study of thl udolvsccpt with Ipeilul sinph.uii on, itru i." "Ih'I1f""d
Rlchard's Roofing 26 22 Rexall Drugs 19 25 the night as he rolled games of tasks and psychosoclal problems.

Robin's Dodge 24 24 Party Pantry 19 25 173, 196 and 204 for a big ass SEC ST 104 GRECO SHORTHANDThe 3 semester hours.
Fuller Industries 24 24 B ronl's Restaurant 10 34 writs Juanlta Snyder rolled
SUGAR AND SPICE a 183.506 to com in second on second semester of SEC 8T lot Gregg Shorthand HOW 200 ADMINISTRATION' HOTIL-MOtEL-RIIIAURANT
Jones Radio TV 18 30
Central Cities Ser. 14 34 WON LOST the female second aid In *the. Leon"maU"Snyderran col. Prerequisite: SEC ST 104 Grew Shorthand. Special management problems at fudnd lit hpUl, (rlll'l'' !. +n ,t ui r .nLV

Nutmegs 2'1 13 umn as he tossed big 223 game 3 semester hours and Institutions Emphasis placed oil operations, design, |lrln.h,1> +11111.

POWDER PUFF Paprik s 25 15 and cam In with a 660 set. Ed cost systems and personnel.
WON LASTFrady Harroun shot a 225 game, high S iimestcr .
Hair Designs 36 12 'jEckard' Cloves 22 18 Cam of the night and a 551 Perfecting and making permanent the skill established In the first
31 17 :IBetty' Dixie Crystals 20 20 arls. Wimp Johnson a 514. year. Speed with accuracy: is emphaM/ed Production 'standjrds are
Inc. 28 20 Sesames: 18 22 Wm. Jones 520, Jim Croak 209.: stressed In the preparation of manuscripts, legal r'ren. leihnieat A study of the beginnings of the living religions, thm,, I h"tor +md'

Plaza Beauty Shop 28 20 Gkgers 18 22 509, Fred Clark 540, Dick Don.laon reports, medical case histories and special business papers. present beliefs.
Lillys 27 21
! 23 25 Allspice 18 24 and Corp Stacey 170. Juanita ART 101 BEGINNING DRAWING
Sprs. Library Johnson tossed a ITS game, and SEC ST 20J OFFICE PRACTICE
I Will's Hair Fashions 26 Rosemarys'II 15 26 Wanda Clark a 168, her highest A general view of the functions of the oleos In modern business Drawing from objects' and leading to a dsrek.pmcn," | ,d f !"h." ', th

I Dorothy's Dress MERCHANTS LEAGUE league gam*. The Snail and and a systematic coverage of office routines SEC ST 201 I Trsnscrlp- nlquei of p"ncll. pen-and Ink. tharvoal: and i-rwv"n "I t. +III+
Shop 22 26 Panamas Ire tied for first place SEC ST 203 understanding of perspective Accurate I I"
lion Advanced Shorthand and SEe ST 203 Office Mpf/e rMaiu>n" > 'Ilr.,1 t
Palace 22 11
Vague Fash. Shop 22 26 Firebirds'Burger 20 13tose's next and the spot.Cat Eyes occupy the Practice may be taken concurrently architectural drawings and many cotnmerci.il. art prm, ,
Merle Norman
3 semester hours ) svntcstor hours
Cosmetics 171/2 301/2 I Texaco 20 13

Violas Beauty Shop 18 32 j Moorings Texaco 19 14 SEC ST 206 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS ART 10 BEGINNING PAINTING

6th Ave Beauty rahl'' Bros. 18 18R Position night mad few Techniques and practices in effective business communication. Analysis of ..III-lit, and IsoJeaepa| :, muttnul .IOI nun, +,,+
17 13
Shop 151/2 321/2 j I Lange& E Broe.Recreation IS 18Marvin's Chang In the standings of the Students will compose !letters and reports with emphasis on clear position, Painting media wnlcwJof, hrmprra and .+iu ear
Rolling Brooks Mixed League direct 3 Svinciltl hours
meaningful expression 3 Kmestcr
I Lawn Sir 12 21
but the leading Pumpkin Bay
T Birds! 33 11 Sunshine Suprex 10 20 foursome Increased their lad to SP 100 SPEECH *D 100 READING INSTITUTI
Abbots Seawalls 9 24
Valiant 29 24 15 20 Postponed gsmea. Parkaprousdure. kiln* governing it* procedures of deliberative OftetrVf" sliding A ptv rant toe thv Mfmvtim m nl "''p". hi "

Maxwells 24 20 attcmbHes (together with practice in their usage, ...cn, >pr<(h. I'''ib\lJ.try.nd study'' tethnbwi l MM.hmn fir n' .|It r i.i
23 21 FIRST FLORIDA 34 10 group reading.
pumpkin Bay
I semester' how 2 Mmvshrr hours
Fslrlane 22 22 Food Dank 301/2 131/2 Snapper Creek 28 18

Tin UzIieI 21 23 irookslde Bowl 30 14 Henderson Creek 23 21

Stingrays 20 24 Creillng and Son 24 20 Big Marco 22 22

Corvettes 18 28F.rr.rI Fuller Industries 231/2 201/2 Imperial River 21lfZ 221/2 If you are interested in any of the above enroll) (Spring, 1WJS; or Full, 1005)( ) itnd th nu 'Ill
Air 21 23
1'1 21
201/2 231/2
I Model rs Ie 28 Clng kuuranoe 18 28 Isles Btyou Bowlers Capri 201/2 2312Caxambss course, please fill in the coupon below giving you prefer to take each couiae Also, i" IiF i't-

I Olds 18 281 aples ream IS Gas Corp. 18 13 28 31 New River Cats 161/3271/3 30 24 name address and phone number and indicate any courses\ you are. Ititeri..,ttd in whirl f.. h.. <'

I Hurricane Hiuttors" 14 30 the number and name of any course you de. not been listed alxjvo.
William CaldwellOn WON LOSTMoon's SENIOR CITIZENS sire to take the semester you would want toerrrL..rrrrrrrw.rotl.rrwrr.rrrwr4rt

Paper's Staff Masonry 32 12 teamS I 0 .

Pager's Roofing 30 14 I 0 >
Team! ,
At 'New College'WUl1am 29 18Bihtwe TIdal adv'ortiaemn !
Rice's Clippers Team 13 2 1 r.: COMMUNITY COLLEGE COMMITTEE r.
son of Mr. Market 27 17 Team 14 1 2 1 ;
Caldwell .
ran OFFICE lOX 12 Jlrovidt1111mlr 19ald tor'
and Mrs Syl .*tr .. CaldwU Tin Dept. 26 11 Team 18 0 J 1 $
of ISO South OoU Drive, Naples, Bnatk-ktllkr tos. 22 22 Tom 12 0 J 1 NAPLES FLORIDA 1 by the
Is a member of nU eoU.c "". Rolling Stones 21 23
paper staff at New College Sa Naples Floor Co. 19 28 REPUBLICAN WOMEN; 1 Name Phone N"be 1 Nnplt'14 Civil! AIIQClall.. .

SarajoU.Caltfvell. Sunshine Hardware 18 26 Senators 37 17 1 1 t
is OM of 100 out. BrooksUe Bowl 18 2eflen" Diplomats 24 19 Address At4 a Community

Miami students from all overt Standard OU 14 M Llnle EtephMU 291/2 21 1/2 1 I am interested in taking the following tourist 1 ServltO.

tor e the country Charter who CUs wen selected at New Golf Coast Motor 10 34 Din Horse. 23 33VJUVs Nwmbor and N.,.,. .f Courses, Semester Nom!
::10 24
Coll: c., a nw liberal arts and
sciences collar wtica opeeed Sa PALMETTO LEAGUE VVoa-Prtsldems U 1/3 341/3 I

September wttt aa academic pro. John's Clothing 31 UJerry' j Coat: $6 per l.erfenter hour
24 20
gem wide strongly mphaaia*. SCASHEU. MIXED
Of Hi (talent*. Kay Ray Uchttng 221/2 211/Z Snails 33 16 1 1
He U a gradual* of u......*. CorwlnSheUs 211/3221/2 Panamas 33 16 work muterJall4.

tea iUUUrr Aciileay a< Wood. Farnirare Fair 19 :28 Cats Eyes 29 19 .. .-. . . . . w .tsgA u rt. RegistrstionSecond Sem..I"

stack,Ya, wllln" was aswrn.br Food Bank 19 2S Cocsitoas 36 29Angel Jen. 28-2t
of tile rUle tam art pert Trortej prfr- nn 18 II end does not
24 blank
54 This 18 not an official registration
Ctpeted II.........Iootb&1J.buUl. Wings Regi.tratpon. Fires Semester
M 26
UU art .*l Unc. '!MEW not .. <' k ok Ontera>M 21. commit fdiMJI1: Junior College to offer any count un Sopl. 10-11 )

New Yorkror ', Fair Dammuturns/ m. Pl'J.f. ....... Condi Star:Fish 19 1* 29 V Jess there Is sufficient Interelt.
next vrarl ''
rill reopen
'whkh .
encompasses ..6 acres: III Tit MONIM fII'1' F re wkrk -i 1 IJ 46



t I ,


-- .
6 COUIM COUNTY ../.. ......1.l .. Fl., T.W.y, Nmmkw 24. 11M tf he becomes a MBt: : di. : ) r -.i'4f--- "
petty WbtMtII'tMt..e1Jf\ur.. \ r--- lacticB .
.......... lie wW p net. .' II, 41 _

Bridge Club Draws Record SAW"THANl > tYHTitn DOWRY "- -Montgomery of "Bewitched"

I He expressed tremendous ap. AP T I vldwi.Ha( o Writer must take the blue ribbon In tile
predation for the large amountof NEW YORK CAP) The time distaff comedy division.
help he la receiving In such uf the year has com when The national Nielsen ratings,
Attendance For This YearBy chores as calling the moves In :some television publications are television's senl-afflclal meas.ur .
the wood section, calculating S1 aetuKnf ate ballot no that tale of programs' success or
the match points on the travebing iyf, j te vJsl"n writers UK) columnists tenure, *ere made public Mem.
C J. McMURRY es battened down the hatetoee and score sheets and p"sting and .t may vat for their. choice( for day They cover a two-week perfod .
Last Friday was,weatherwise, rode a somewhat rough.. Intoa totaling; thM. scores Without the YI&I '. "baft in various including Election Day.
a calm, cool night with no threatof 129 leadership, followed tn this 'help,It would be Impossible program cateMTM*. Toe 10 most popular pro.
rain, but the bridge addicts order by the Virgil Walte 118; tor any one Individual to arrive r I hsv %t4 back over m'teUvUlon grams exclusive of NBC'selection
literally poured Into the Woman's Mrs. LuelleiuMrs.A.Palmer.. 115 at the relative status of tilt different I fpeeUa; nutlnt; pro. night coverage, which
Club to create the largest attendance .. and the Keith Parka In a tie for teams in the night IIIpla.perhapil < runt 1 n ft tent bed since won the lion's share of the au.
of the year for the Na. Std and 4th at 115; the Howard frequently not over ? January 1 and 1 f.: that there dlence were listed by Nielsen
plea Duplicate BrldgeClubgame. Johnson llS'j.W10TE the weekend Flg"retlvelysgs2. were appll'i: ,i,:' rn mora.; I li this order: "Bonaiiu"
Lest this be misunderstood, they North-eouth. had Dr Inc, however this, Is only the ble moments! ,n" all those t "Bewitched," 'bd; Sullivan:
did not crowd In, because D.M, Mosher Roy Fuller a coring part of the Iceberg which shows' horns Show," "Red Skelton Show,"
that misnomer wouly Imply playing conditions. This! of 143 In that direction: Mrs. He rerhe,:.U every s-ore sheet, __ k A Ae pll'.11 "The 'Defenders"! a* thebent ton place" (Thursday night tpl.
was quite untrue u the table William Franklln.R.Mullen not frequently finding errors which TI aeries It hait* ups and sodas), "The Virginian," "Andy
arrangements permitted ample tar behind at 184V&. Following require recalculating the stand. f downs, but uiualh it has, at Griffith Show," with "The Ad.
room. were the Myron Boyda 112. the logs on the (MalUig sheets. leant, I recopiW F"11' of dims family" and "The Mun.
Vic Pennywltt directed the J. Roedlgers 151 Hi, Mrs Joyce The results must be typed up view and I' i- _. utij a sters, In a tie.Recommended.
white section of UVfc tables,with Tenney Mrs A, Roodhouse for putting and In this, Flo Is professional j J"h" ,iMprtfs.five ,, tonight: "Tt.at,
Dan Burglund calling the movesIn 150V4; the Stanley Ducts H3V4; of Immense help. stogie J 1't I.I l )I I'r i-il war the Week Ti at WasP( ,
the pink group consisting of the Vlc Pennywltts Just Under Those players who have ad. 10 and onr>half ', ,'' t:i. $0.10 (EbT) a tupiial, come.
10 tables. SZVfc lsbles.whs..e01' average at U2'4EastWest mired the charts Vic spent many been, 1 think, "The I tuvrf, last d i> revue of the past seven days
In the PINK section north-south average was 132 weeks preparing know how much week .-r au, Telephone: Hour, NBC, 10.
and In the pink literally, with Stuart Kosters Bruce Boynton time and confusion have been Dick Van Dvkou.1 \\11\.111'> 11 muklcal hour with Robert
their winning score of 137 points 8r. rode high at 18S but the teamof eliminated when last.minute Kaye split m) vol' i mr. "best Young, host, and Earl Wright.
against average of 106 was the J.Cratg'ArthurBrackett changes In the number of tablesare television fin rrae although: inn'among the soloists.
team of Louis Irton.Earl Ogden. gave them ascarsatl84. Follow. required. It It seldom< Indued *T e Danny Kay I, ,. must
Following tn order were Mra. log, the Tom Bouldlns 160;Judge that all the other preliminary share my top hi',...rb. !i* wit.
O.T. Bradbu 7.irs. Berta Tur. and Mrs. Delmar ISO the J. tails of preparing for the even. ely category wIt! '! "rotlw..w Thief May Have
ner 118%; Mrs. Ms Mllllgan. Walk.rtlUI; MlssCatharlneMc. Ing's i G.T. Bradbury 117/ij; Mrs. Kennl Mra.H Jordan 14Z; Mrs tect harmony (for which VIe again "Bonanza,'' the i perennial!> SurpriseVaiting
Harold Weed-Mri. CorWin Waite June Haschka.Ted Hearth IS71 V4. compliments others In their fron.r mining 1 bpfw opera., Is IMef who stole a set of
U2 A' Vic Informs me be feels he volunteering help) probably the t wort Interesting The Wai.ler .
of the Rev.
clubs out
East-West Mri. Grace Punch can do a better job for the club My guess is that Vic dreamt Western week In and week out golf
ihntrt the sheets on Friday nlirht A. Jessup's car over the
Lucille' Ball mil hale no televi..Ion
ftuUend be in for a sur.
;; "tii--tiiUre., may
and eats some of of
In her special area
meal r'Iltr' peer prise when he tries to use themor
SPECIAL with every bite he takes at 'tf I comedy while Bob Hop re. *
peddle them. They are
times. mains king In hi*. Andy WIUlUma
Interested In winning some mot handed clubs.
> the engaging vat
of the then of the clubs,
hffvirrr1M{ master points Then you'd better calUt and lilt program, In color, Report .
valued at $268 00 was made to
; be there next Friday, November 11 a dtlifU, to the e>e
27, when Master Point night, of Robert Vaughn ft "The Man Naples Police Monday.
once a month scheduling, Is en.Joyed Reverend Jeasup, one of the
Course Soup to Nuts from .LE"and Jim Na.
best left-handed golfers In the
Of course you'll have to
bon of "Coiner pyle,U.s.M.C.If
TURKEY DINNER 1 nation, has several times won
struggle, not only to win the art the two brightest new male
$1.95 points, but to be there reason t aeries stars, while Elizabeth county and city golf titles here
ably close to and preferably
somewhat earlier than 7:30: p.m, HHH
SARO'S RESTAURANT The Woman's Club will again be k r + as 1 1r

602 5th An. So. the battleground. Tahitian Cove RestaurantOPEN


Roast Turkey or Prime Rib BeefCOMPLETE



!being\ served rhnhnuuuelyice' filbr: \ATION'S i MI .J-bSt'l'

"The Hut" Closed ThtrtkativinK Day Only

11130 0. n, l0 10:00: p. ",

:DaN 24 Open Hours [J Where Coffee the
cnauksfJivil1fJ MEN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE no say these hard working cooks at a Day is 'u.t
St Anna Home and School Association dinner Saturday night Above ,:
ft'on i loft are Pat C. Castenlr assisting Mayor Archie Turner center. "' '\
.ui.i i. 1 E. Fiedirkkson, president of th assuu,it) ',, T, !lath, I,. t ..1"1.i ".I.' /Z.- ,
$3.7 ComplvleCIIIIDREN of tuista eating the barbecued chicken which the cooks prepared AU .. ",
.' of the work was done by the men. (McGrath photo) We will be open

51 i 75 Other officers elected were and are effective in many waysIn ENJOY OUR TRADITIONALTHANKSGIUIHGDINNER j
(under II )url) ePIRATE'S C. J. McMurry Charles E. Alexander vice helping all Masonic Lodges,

president Earl G. Hodges, but particularly local lodges / / ;
Named President f treasurer and Carl A, Clem such ss Naples Cypress
mer,secretary Lochs;14a(0( ( l1de"mlk.( '
DEN Of Shrine Club Clemmer who is president The meeting closed with emphasis Full ( ouiso Dinner

this year, had In past years being placed by Clem- T",4f"'Ith, Dressing
AT THE Charles J. McMurry was done such an outstanding job mer on striving for complete: $let 50 Ualo.lr1 VIIWllia lIam
elected president of the Naples as secretary that he was requested success\ of the Saturday affair
BUCCANEER Shrine Club at itt regular to take over the duties He. pointed out that all members Yi, i ( 'hBurger. '"
monthly meeting Friday nightat of secretary again forth coming of the club have received

North on Trail .t Moorings entre nee Phone MI 2-6101) the 19th Hole of the Beach year, McMurry said. tickets, not only for their own
Club hotel Thirty-one members Other matters of Interest use, but also toencourage their
were present. were discussed. Clemmer friends to come. Attendance PalaceOeOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOGOOQOOOOOO
made a comprehensive report Is not limited to members of
the Contest the Shrine Club or other 4a-
regarding Beauty
and Ball to be held at the Beach sonic organizations. Ayj

/ Club onSlturday,November 28. -_ _
The profits of this and many L
other Shrine charity activities
A such as Shrine Bowl football
games, and the Naples Shrine ,
Club annual golf tournament
held each May go to the Crtf A HAPPY THANKSGIVINGTO
pled Children Hospital pro ,
gram. Clemmer gave a brief
review of the history of this
; program with Its numerous hospitals ALL FROM

DINNERAT giving help only to those
unable to pay. He also touchedon
\ 1' the latest addition to this CARIBBEAN RESTAURANTand
program consisting of three
burned children,' hospitals,

of which many will millions Involve expenditures of dollars. BAMBOO r LOUNGE
John R. (Jack) Young reported
on the intended development
of a club unit, 10 be COMPLETE DINNER |3 75
called the Fun and Frolic of i : '
Naples. This group, originatedby Creamrot Asparsgus Soup Fresh Honda Fruit Cup

Fifth Avenue South him, will sponsor a number Shrimp GxKui: Supreme
)'hone )lId\ 'n "tl"PAM of entertainments at the Tahitian !- "
MENU I Cove, the first on Decem Broiled Filet of' Local l Pomperto Almondme

her , Noble Fred LowoermUk
Free dAIS) of wine with your dinner member both of the local club Baled Sugar Lured Ham, Remn Sauce

and of Its governing temple, Roait Chofc*',Prlm.,fi.b of Bc4f f, Au JusVjEpl
Egypt Temple of Tampa,
Tom Turkey with Dressing and cunbtmRoast sauce the Idea of starting suggested a

hiuadCClub. Such clubs exist T ABIES

Duckling mth drfsslng and ord a tau la most take Urge the form cities of and luncheon usually Candied Yams Creamed Fresh Peat & Mushrooms

clubs at which outstanding cltl- Corn Pvddmg 6.Fd.n FtetH Pole fear
nU.1 ..
Broiled HyflChoice Snappe.rllnsa
tens, not necessarily connected
with the Masonic Fraternity Hwbbard\ SqueiH
Baked Potatoes Sweet I'otatoes
= art guest s .rI. "Theyadd
of Vegetables much to die spirit of Masonry SALADS

Tea or Coffee = Mince .md Pumpkin Pie home Totted Green Sled C.$*b.*" Weldorf

Lyons Quads Choice of ,1"trlit's' DresigtglI

Italian preat11nti Hurt.> .,, \.tt For Thanksgiving( .


Childr.. Dinner ,01 The family of including the .a... White' Mad Old FsthloK Pumpkin Pte Home Mad Hot Mince Pie
Grant Lyons, a new
$3 .25 ruder I? fl .8b set of quadruplets, ls together toes Fresh Strawberry Parfaif Chcc.; or Vena ice' Cream
ebratd Than glvlns! t If their I
small. bone Mrs.Ties hl U'l' durt; lltn, Conigt'Puddmg Cringe Sherbet
last two of the pda
U'.om' I from the hospital f\ Kindly cH 2-3356 for RttervstonSIIVINO
Monday. 1 )olD III atlf two
t/ \ ort Intents, their parents and two
out brothers ad two Sisters OUI TtA&mONAL THANKSGIVING DINNER

The ojuads were bore Nov. I ." t. P.M.aTDI .
III a hospital la Jackson Twin,
The first two, Cartlne and La. HAAI At #k |BOAN TO ENTERTAIN YOU
1 our ease hone last Tborsda,
thanksgiving followed by) Willie Jr. and Polly .a4M\M: to 1 AlA.

A local etvte group U trying"
aid till Lyons faatlj!

-- -- .- '.... ......

t 1

-Many Will Eat Out COLI.II COUNTY MOWS N*",kH. .M.. .. Twtd.y, N.*...4"r K l Iii 7..

I Area DiningThe Spots Ready And Waiting Robert Thomas Takes Over I

As Seniors' New President

from rosy not be on the One of Naples' newest din
pumpkin but the sun certainly Its out spot is the Caribbean The Senior CMaena Club (if Us newly. ormed Glee Club and
doe shine here In Collier Rf neuraot on the Trail formerly Warren Naples\ received and accepts d suggestions should be made to
County on Thanksgiving Day. The Rainbow. Under Report Testimony Monday' the resignation of Waite r Mary Felghtner.
And one of the happiest local the personal direction of Julie Harris u current president c* Monday meeting was featwedy
custom has come to be family who opened the new Caribbean the organisation automatical by a showing of Aero Mayflow.

dining out In the comfortable only last month this attractive Released In 26 Volumes Thomas elevating to vice head President up the organlza Rube't* er"The Transit Mayflower Company's Story"picture cover

atmosphere of the many well. dining room and bar has rapidly lion .
$ for this season which end;s leg the building and trana Uan.
!known restaurants In the area. made a place for Itself on &riE: W'rt. .' lit) Ttrt i her, heard the noise, too, and April la, 1.... tic passage in 1917 of a replica
Since all will have something to the list of local favorites. ,\ m i of aifascination in Dal> likened It to a "aharp report or The Harris resignatlonwasn d of the original Mayflower.
please the palate of every member complete dinner will be served laa. ''*!., 1210pjn. by haslet, explosion" wholly unexpected as h* haabeei
of the family any choice from noon 'til Sp.m.wlthciyde trli i will be a happy one... and no lair entertaining at the organ.The torsine upon the principal i t the Texas governor had Just explained, to personal bualneai; Rules Wife Must
kitchen duty to ruffle the serenity Tahitian Cove in motorcade! with a terrible i finished saying, "Mr. President since the opening of the club'.
of the day. CongressInn auddr less that Is forged fortv.i" you cant say Dallas doesnt currant season, last October 19. Get Support From
sitting on the edge of sparkling er n their memories love you," when she heard a On the motion of Charles SImondlnger .
At the Beach Club dining Naples Bay will observe = airs. John F. Kennedy wouldIIIYII noise. She didn't know quite the club's nomlnallni c Latest Husband
room with Its breathtaking Thanksgiving by opening the $ AlI forget that it was hot, what to make of It, except that committee was Instructed t<> MIAMI (APA fwlce-mar.
view of the blue Gulf pleasant large dining room in the Lounge "ter : lily l hot, Just blinding ua It was "frightening" and came bring in a name for the vacani I I rled woman must look to her
holiday plans are In the make where dinner and absolutely al:* I all, and that amid the din "from the right." vice presidency at the next meeting .- second husband for rapport CIr.
ing with dinner being served the trimmings will be served Irr there Will a sound, like motorcycles But GOT. ConnaUy, an expert November 30. Although I I t cult Judge Pat Cannon said !a
from 12:30 until 9 p.m. AJi. from noon 'til 8 p.m. Incidentally ik backfiring enced deer hunter, knew at once special nominating committee li' oily She cant pick the one able
Cross Beach Club manager The Hut will be closedall "There la always noise In a what that frightening noise .... provided for In Article VI, (d:) to pay the highest alimony.
announced that the traditionally day. Ted Schoemhaler Jr., mat t "cede, and there are al. "At the time I heard It, I of the organization's by Jaw*,, This decision in the case of
welcome custom of serving has announced that ways motorcycles beside ua, a didn't think It was a firecrackeror five past presidents still actlvt I Mrs. Margaret Reese n.c:1Iett.
in the manager lot 'i them backfiring. So I was a blowout or anything else. I In club affairs have been sere, coat her $510 a month
pre-dinner sherry
spacious Cove's chief
new chef. Max ,
lookhg to the left. I Ness there thought it was a rifle shot" The Inc aa a nominating group. The y The 31.year.old Mrs. Beckett
lobby will once again be Herron will' be at the helm. *aa a noise, but It didn't teem thought immediately creased his are had been collecting this amount
observed. In addition, on Chef Herron comes to Naples like any different noise really mind that "this Is an aaaaaslna.Uon C A, Wicks, Arthur Everts, from her first husband Dr.
Thanksgiving evening, there from the San Carlos in because there Is Dr. ., ,
Phoenix so much: noise, attempt. Earl Frltach Evan !rhl. Homer Reese of Miami, until
will be dancing beginning at Arizona and The Plantation motorcycles and things.. What happened next In that ner and Stanley Bennett. she married Thomas Beckett
8:30 to the music of Ray Me- In Estes P.rkColorado.wherehe t-t a |i 4 'ilme afterward, fateful Journey down Main In presenting his resignation i last Aug. 11.
Call and his Skyline rs. has been for the past 1., I ant would torture herself with Street and around the corner Hurls paid tribute to the mem.' Two duaft.r this marriage
The Pirate's Den at the Buccaneer years. Also new on the Cove rte the thought thai U she had ,bun Into Elm is retold In greater ben' of the club aa "wonderful Beckett slid himself to death In
Motel on the Trail with staff is 1st cook L.T. Clal- looking the other way when she detail than ever in the complete :people" He Invited them indl.1 a Fort Lauderdal motel a was
Its gleaming walls of polished borne formerly of The Dutch first heard that noise things 28 volume of Warren Commla.slon vtduaUy to visit him and Lena then that Mr. Beckett learned
wood and authentic might somehow have been dlf. testimony released Mondayby Harris i nth. home they have he had another wife and three
antique Mill
at Henderson North Carolina ferenl
I built
the White Howe< In Naples after having children In
lighting will serve from 11:30 and also the Grace Steamship "I used to think If I CworglbMrs
only had The principals tell the story la! I served 40 years in public of Beckett's attorney Dan.
until 10 p.m. And Jules, the Lines. been looking to the right I would their own words, words still ;I flee In Ohio lei Wick, argued that the second,
popular maitre d' at The Ptrate's And, of course for family LET'S TALK Tt 'RKEY Brunette Sheran Schulz have seen the first shot hit him, weighted by the burden of lln The club, with. 144 members marriage was bigamous and
Den promises soft candlelight dining there are few placesIn then I could have pulled him gerlrig melancholy that time i I and guest" In attendance, d.* therefore! void, and that Dr.
all Scottle seems to bo using some friendly. persuasion on down, and then the second shot lift evening. Naples more convenient and can \lighten but never drop the gift exchange Reese should not be relieved of
Watmore a Naples favorite "child-proof" than the popular Tom Turkt'Y as the two mix Thanksgiving business would not have hit him" I Feature of the Christmas party alimony payments.
will be at the piano from 8 Lamplighter Cafeteria It is with some Florida pleasure at Cypress Gardens. Mrs Lyndon B. Johnson, rid. scheduled for December O. Its But Jas+lg's Cannon found that
p.m. 'til 2. The longawaitednew here where the limit is dictated ... 'tog two care behind, also heard abandonment was suggested b y "the Interests of Justice require*
'the noise She connected It with Paul Power, chairman of the .
addition will be 1Q pro. that u between successive has.bends
ready and the
by appetite not
sometime the 15-Year-Old Says Turkeys the tumultuous welcome being [ram committee, who noted that the wife look to the last
during holiday budget. Mrs. Vera King manager
accoroed the preald.nl. "There many new members did nut fully one tor support.
weekend according to Bob states mat for Thanksgiving had been such a gala air that I Jew tost t understand the "gift exchange"
Baugham manager. Day only the Lamplight If Hypnotized thought it must be firecrackersor program and it had not worked
Baronl's, one of Naples' International er will be serving complete some sort of celebration." WANT AD jut aa planned. The club la still CALL THE NEWS FOR
gathering spots for holiday meals from 11 to 2:30 Loses Driving Taste BetterLOS Her husband seated next to looking for a musics director r RUBBER STAMPS
good food and conversation will p.m., and again from 4:30 to

also be a popular choice for 8:15 p.m.Huarte. ANGELES (AP) The
family dining. Helen Baroni Privileges American Institute of Hypnosis,
will be there to meetherguestsand in a burst of Thanksgiving ,plr.It .
see to their comfort. Seasonal Notre Dame has some advice that should

flowers soft backgroundmusic Named 'Winner Judge Richard M. Stanley on make turkeys grateful until they
die if turkeys will excuse the
and a complimentary Monday suspended for (0 days
glass of wine with dinner will Of Heisman TrophyNEW lie driving privileges of a IS* expression.
create an Inviting ambience. rear-old boy who drove a car The Institute says you should
Full course dinners will be YORK (AP) John without the owner' consent and hypnotize the birds before you
Hearts, Notre Dam quarter In violation of learner's permit l kill them.
available from
11:30 until 10 back, la the winner of the 1964Helaman restrictions.The Dr. William J. Bryan Jr. ei.
p.m., under the supervision of Trophy aa the out. boy, it was brought out at plains that the method Is both (
Chef Lombardo but Baront'swill Winding college football player the Juvenile Court Mislon, obtained more humane and conducive: to
be until 2 s. for of the Downtown betur-taattng turkey.
open m. year, the Ath. a spare let of keys to
snacks and good conversation, letlc Club announced today.ENJOY the family car and drove It away Bryan the institute's execu.tlv THANKSGIVING
t?$ Smltry and Robert In attendance ..,, Juarte ,.II a native 01uMt A rr .from t parking lot one night re. director explain that tur. ., ,
at the bar. '""'' 'I CaffJ. tenU,. HIS lather came by a keys Just like p.*fle, get over, to
little later and when he did not wrought when faced with violence
-- ----- and
find the car, reported It their suprarenal
The boy returned alter a stolen.g lands pump out energy-living ,r
I adrenalin to help them meet the

sear: ATURKEY : mUted Drivers to drive under at 18 night.are not per. ',demands Thus, turkeys of the crisis.that meet violent (I I (Efje f geadj Chili %?otcl !

GAIA deaths while In a state of
| A young motorcyclist who ran '
: la stop sign without a driver's 'I panic will "have adrenalin >la
THANKSGIVING \ license was ordered by the Judge |I their blood. This makes them
to obtain his Ureas, then talk I leas tasty, says Bryan. Served from 12:30 P.M. until 9:00: P.M.U.OO .
| with Judge Stanley about drivers' According to Bryan here'slome
DIIINER ; I responsibilities suggestions on bow to
| Violation of traffic lawaeapec 'mesmerize your gobbleri $ Per Person

t tally Jeoptrdlxesthesaietydma 1. Hold the bird to the ground, Children under 12 years $2.00 under 3 years no charge.
n I talking: softly to It. Press Usead
torryi lists, the Judge comment j
![ ed. "Other drivers can't MX gently to the ground and * * .t4r *rffWA * * *

: very well and you havent youd got raw a straight chalk line away

[ all that steel protecting you." 'I From remain Its motionless beak. The turkey- It says will Tomato Juice Pineapple Juice Crape Juice

RATHER A GUN hen I !Prune Juice Shrimp Cocktail Supreme fresh Cjab Lump Cocktail
ANDVIRGINIA >: Moreover "I've said It before 1. Do Map 1 but use white Orange Basket Fruit Cup 'Caviar Canape
and I'll It I would s ring Instead of rhalk.
BAKED L I say Celery, Olives, Radishes and Green Onions
J. Tuck the bird's head under
|: rather give my son a loaded, I its wing B will go to ......................
; cocked pistol, and let him carry -:1t
HAMAnd it around than give him a motor y roull have to take the Nr
'tguln! to chop It off, but the bird
cycle. The Judge, who also
Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup Cold Vichyssoise Consomme Royale
rill be In better mood.
All The serves as coroner told the 16*
year-old boy It Is no pleasure Jellied Essence of Tomato Jellied' Bouillon

''to carry out coroner's duties at Dent officials reported the boys ......................
TRIMMINGS | the scene of fatal traffic ac. tad not given them any prevl.MIS .
eldent < trouble.A .
Served from 12 Noon 'til 10 fM. The Judge asked the youth why 11.year.otd boy who drove Roast Young Tom Turkey Giblet Gravy Chestnut Dressing

he rv the atop sign. "I thought rllhouH a license was Instructed Filet of Fresh Gulf Pompano En Paplllote
$2.25 ;: I bad enough room," waa the re ti o obtain his birth certificate Veal Sweetbread Pairs under Bell A La Jeanette
i ply "Did the sign say don't md take the driver's test Aftere
CHILDREN $1.50 I stop U you have enough room?" h> gets bit license, he will turn Broiled Sirloin Steak Naturals
>I the Judge asked. The boy. concert j It over to the court for 30 days Baked Genuine Virginia Ham, Cumberland Sauce
; ed the sign said "stop..
commit Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus
>I A IJ.year.old boy was
| ted to Ofceechotwe School for i
THEFLAMINGO ''Boys, but the Judge withheld the NOON'STOCKS .......................
| commitment on condition the boy
i, make an effort to do aattafac
RESTAURANT [ tory work In school Baked Stuffed Potato Club Style Whipped Potatoes Hashed Nubbard Squash

> Two U..arodd boy who broke Silver Baby Onions In Cream Green Peas Almond Sweet Potato
|: and entered a school promised -
i the Judge they will stay out of Auld hal 111ft Intpaj;' U'4 French Fried Potatoes Fresh Green Beans
U.S. 41 South Ph. MI 2-4080 | trouble hereafter Law enforce- Alcoa tV/i joneatL 7IVi .......................

I ____ fcmAIr M'44V4'/ WeAl Ken'eott 94ImMot 19HtmCyan Heart of Lettuce Mayflower Salad

14U Loch'd ll'4' Tossed Salad Sliced Local I Tomatoes

A T&T'b LorlllaH French, Blue Thousand Island or Beach Club Cream Dressing

imTob IS Magvos 12HUBplCp .......................
11% MM4M It
lamjplfgfjterCafeteria UacondaHH. Mohasco 14 H
Armour !II',* Monate MVSabeodi \ Hard Dinner Rolls Banana and Nut' Bread Soft Dinner Rolls

Mi* UoniWtf "HhSU ............. ..........
f 36 H }drib!. 111,1.'
Soetog MIX KtfDM M'/d
torde 7IKBmnswk .AIIAY i14'i Apple Pie Pumpkin Pie Mince Pie

: aterTr 4V I'x' Perhn.y PRA0h 611"' Fruit Ck Petit Fours Chocolate Layer Cake

relaneee TJ FepCola CIY, Fruit Jello' Strawberry Shortcake Cup Custard

CAryelerT nilMor 134'1 Vanilla Ice Cream Thanksgiving Parfait
ocaCoLa au 1741coma
14'4' 13ViCanL4te Raspberry Sherbet Coconut Ice Cream
U.S. 41 Four RCA
at corners 1114 JU0HI I mISVt Cantaloupe Spanish Melon

cncu a.... 11% .......................
serving traditional fyacben R.rrabduj
Du.ont MTV* ftltegF .1'ViUL
M>* BMtxiaH SO Fresh Apple Orange Banana Crapes Fresh Pear Mixed Nuts Dates Figs Raisins

eae. Kodak 14>% Pests 112 H .......................
: rtnrme44 jtodsT Nib
THANKSGIVING'DINNER iM I ria'4L HVfc focoof .0
yard nib ,tutU( M Ltederkrant Cheese Roquefort Gruyere Camembert D'oka

M 'naltDt I."IO lperrya 14tirreparf .......................
41Hll patted Ii'bIrwakyr
>4M MtOMJ14+a
4 r G nDT BtudetU4SH I Tea Coffee Milk Chocolate Milk Buttermilk/ Postum
Geaq114: $5434Gte1d1
14'" fl4ti Iced Tea Iced Coffee Sanka

_"'Ula T.DC8!A II'" ....................... %

11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. cnoe'rettsee jerJflrs rH' ocsrb crftAJet 1'01"II ;

foodtrr4'y II'w After Dinner< Mints
t1I'r1lU ''
-., girl t U setwl cn1 .....,....- e..e.. .. w I
4:30 p.m. to 8:15 _trOU IJ. ,, wrNU 1'1
pent.a U.", W. trrglU1: '
; ::.2 ; ,4 -osl tel Sherry sS ved >""rtthe lobby from l2 3'J' P.M. gntTt 8 00 P MTbank8giviDgJty

- -
- -

\ ,r V



Wktdup For Both Teams

I Naples Eagles Play Okeechobee Tomorrow Night I

Napier .ii',,' i V, ',tot, t iI'xl game," Coach Jar f
., 5th In A RowKiwanis
football tpIII'' ''h i I"' ,. enjcomparHt ) ( iinnented.
.I ." ', iii'< 'i I was not expectedt fI

Iron this "eu .i l h), Uir t >ill after Injuring hU I
a ,*.so.I!. If Sl I''" V i., ,. .' >rv., weeks ago, recover. Hawks Claw
aquaria!; h,III'I'' I Wo*," i '"'' IJllks( ,, to whirl-pool.,
night at Ok(" '. \, i its for the ailing lag, 1
The mama! 11 i?' sus (.u < '. u t ,,1.1 1 .; lath. 32.7
combine,t f h''o j" A'I'i ii". lie did not play

keerhobee bas won twtcu and I (mt i?. t I.. .11.I all this lesson,, Punta Gorda 33-0 ,
pies has i u< *< rmlll I u, \ ( '" 'PI:iriy) .ea on knee: .QRIJ ,

Ea, l I, d ., i. 1 n, .ii.season mouth

end sevr ti) i.i \ )h. WM aiitli'Ipaloil.' f''.r the I rehii.. .' t .Wall tag Brahmins" hn1 I not t ti", .. i lest> i Morris\ said.. Accurate Coach John lamurrl's '
COUN1Y I NEWS NopFl./ Tundty Na.mb.r 24 1164 passing and fine running by the Saturday 1rr
follower if th. i 1. '" i ">II'< tailback Vtthi ft COUIER team is scheduled to meet the
,'I i "uMty! experlMM. featured the NapleJ
this year \lv,111 I M I;" .inn Shadowlawn Wildcats In an afternoon
1 Kiwanis Hawks' 33-0
!It t been, ""r two tnU COUld tacks victory
11,1 l
Weeks at Billy the
T"1rrI\\< ,. \ .. ? i ran. lot I batter mr 01u. this season after running up sev. Bryan at fullback, Walker and Saturday night over the Punta contest on high
,, ant winning years row. school field.
don, Ii remarked, referring Gorda Tiny Tarpons In a
rlvali thnt ha 1.cM1 Pop
i :" < Carter Bryan at tailback In the
"nr'Iwi' 'rf IntnrlM and The Brah"nans' size| and! depth, The Hawks dominated play
Since 1'107; a''I""' {lP t. h.. I i to line will be Center Jerry Rose Warner 95-pound youth grid
their record are
belonged! t to n. 101'.1011 I oaks char' ingii" MiDM. a* well as with KUers, Lee Treadwell, game. from the outset, moving to two
lo Naples'
fer.nce. Other no lif> '. ol to l l"HVMI >, IMS sold league were .''', "'", r 1tlu I I ,,.1 I look' W due*>'lay' at Wdof.i USE AIR ROUTE and Unkeless also In the often. The Naples boys unveiled a

Lauderdale. I'll.' (" 'rat I. PUt, I,, ,'.. 'J i: wham! tin will depend the ball .1.. Interior line Ritchie,Steve balanced attack that rolled up

Cords, and Lnn.rn'' 1"'lI'ln", ( ",ea:.n's, team.> PUPS suobI Okeechobee throws White'sprime Clark and John Bass lead the 138 yards rushing: and Ul yardson
twice and 01<' ,u'" "" h t : I liters and Keith Omhell often. Quarterback Bob ends. The Records 10 pass completions out of. rf
In the sell It, ", ran'I I ''*' id to. sue a lot of work receiver Is shagbark Coming In to play defense will 14
., ]filer Charles Robertson, but the ends attempts.
the nrahmaai.
1953 through\ !' I'i .1C si OrschellBUl
be such players u NAPLES l-e-l
was keyedby
Walker The
small Halfback Ron ground game
"n" I ,'ot( t a i shut it the starting art
and Al Hackney In the f
and fUllba'k JOII Rucks, Mutter, Arcadia 0-13 fullbacks Bruce Griffin and
and tackle Brad 190-pound ,
,' 1'' 'l's i I"" i d I spot, ti
line and halfback Ray Peterson. e
The Eagir'' ." m. list I i ". via ml in on the de. a converted end, are rated as Tids will be the final high Venice 1420N. Jim Traer, along with tailback
,,. ,' good strong runners Ft. Myers 819Clewl.non Griffin scored
bearh'n..j Ir' > \' b I .1 i 'i, i'if coach Indl. stool game for these Eagle sen. Joey Gratton. 1

11.,.. \I., II n 6 The Brahman line contains two tons Ritchie, Hark, Bass, Hart. 1-19 once on a one-yard run, and
.' watched last 190.pound plus tackles, Roger Punta Gorda 8-8
.1t,1', I"" ,.I' r.r.fu| j tar Jenkins Treadwell, Harris, Gratton participated In the
qll "".,II' I H, I J ',m0145140.touch Lowe and Dural Raxsdale. the Card. Mooney 33-1 He
set'f' VMMleee, Walker, Billy Bryan, other scoring plays. ran
The I I., Ain ,, 1' v I, of the nu, guards are In the 170 range, Weeks Peterson, Koch, and Fo. Fort Myers 13-32 14 yards for one touchdown, 1 .
., .reft .. ,'i > ts shaking 011II' and the center weighs 140.
> ii
been' ii, ? ter. Another senior,end Richard Miami Central 0.19Sebrtng passed to Bill Tucker for one,
Morris will use Bob
.' ""f 'It', ( ) to '""e "i me.Irr probably
( '" missed the last two
Koch and Alan Foster at wing Woodruff, 1-32 and scored twice on passes
i .1'i ti Dud BekM,
trlulIIPh. because of cracked ribs.
"Wv .satni('" I I I".. .
.. ..
-- ---- 0-19 STRIKE THROUGH AIR Miss Gloria Bernard of Naples walks two highly

Stuart 0-13 Naples drove 53 yards In rated pups Danish Fashion and Miss! Powder i

Arcadia 0.20Klsstmmee four plays on the game's first Puff both from the II. Williams kennel School-

Head home forThanksgiving with new 0.14Sebrtng aeries Tucker passed toG rat- ing races, which are open to the public free of
1-19 for December 15th through the
ton for 26 yards to start things charge are set
Ft. Laud, Nova 19-8 off Gratton made eight yards 1 19th. and the 21st through) the 23rd. Official

Moore Haven 13-8 around en d,G ref fin went throughthe opening date of the Naples-Fort Myers Kennel

Avon Park 825Clewlston line for 11,and Tucker threwto Club is scheduled for Monday, December 28. Several

14-24 Gratton on an eight-yard TD kennels have already set up shop at the

play Tucker sneaked over the track including those belonging to William and

p extra point.A II. "Red" llijrhhouse

short Tarpon punt put Naples

EVRON.he Another SweepFor In business on the PC 46,
and five plays later the score Key ChangesAt Sailing

was 130. Gratton ran twice Meets TonightAt

It- Mike Yahl for an eight-yard total Griffin Bonita's
ran once for 10, and two pass Messmer HomeThe

.: plays worked for 14 yards
OvalMajor regular monthly meetIng -
Gratton his handat
of the Naples -
newly organized
At SpeedwayMike quarterback threw to Lance Improvement on the Sailing Club will be held

.:/ LIVELIER gasolines! Stahlman plays and to, Tucker the latter on successive for- track area are grandstands nearing completion and parking at this evening Commodore at 8 o'clock JackG. at

the home of
Yahl did It again at the touchdown. the Bonlta Springs\ dogtrack with
Naples Speedway Saturday Gratton made the first of his official opening for the 196445 Messmer, 672 16th Ave-

night, winning the feature, two pass Interceptions and the season scheduled {for Saturday, nue, South.

........_ The fun's fogim when you stop ::1al. semi-feature heat races, and In one late-model of the Hawks 33 went yards on from In eight there,plays.drivIng December Mytra Kennel 26. The Club Naples will Fort run Persons or learning Interested to sail In are sailing Invited -
I I t carriedfor The area be shown various aspects -
th1', It' ''i 11"i gatto inl', The fuels won three races the week scamper, and Gratton been made Into an enlarged park. will on
of the of
art sailing.
before, when Richie Yahl pre 23 yards Infourtrles.Grlf- lag lot with room for 937 care,
.if Ntxi 1 to power your busy vented a clean weep by his fin bulled overfrom the one twice as many as last season. The first organized voyageof

I,", I 1.01
Richie did It again Saturday, point after being forced back to graded and paving 1 I' now In brisk breeze of Naples Day on
!tt"n .11 Hiovnoa gasolines. Each
;< sailboats
field afternoon. Eight
crossing the finish line first his 25. He reversed progress. Sunday
,. ;,' I I"'Io'mance..longrunning I i' : In the (first heat race. It was several times and finally madeit Other projects Include resur. participated In the cruise
the greyhound track and which off from The Moorings -
around left end, facing cast
with Richie
I ', ,1 i oii.'thatfitsyoMrenginc. all Mike after that, .
repainting the grandstands.Free of the Tahltlan Cove Con-
second In each of the races
: < ,sled' DesklM, PILFERS PASS schooling races which gress Inn. The vessels madea
Mike won. Hawks made it 27-0 in are open to the public are let swift run down to Gordon'sPass
1 The
ron Supreme you get The Yahl for December 15th through the
disposed of all competition In the third quarter, sustaining a 19th and 21st through the 23rd. and then returned to the
''ntil.hwJl'OmpouMt. ) cruises
the last eight late-model five-play. 75-yard march. Several kennels have already setup Cove. Other organized

'ii 1 ", .f' ,,,'\ i iup all. the (power in your car. s events, and other drivers are Dewey Worklnger got it goingby shop at the track Including are being planned for the fu-

," .d,trd'/ fn lit'ith, / \ Chevron!IIt i. determined Saturday to end Besides this sequencenext the us Quarterback stealing a PuntaGordapaas Alec Winters those shed sixth of H in B William the overall who stand.I1nt. ture.The club has announced that

I late-model and Jalopy races, passed 14 yards to Worklnger lap last season and H. "Red" yearly dues have been set at
drive A Htghhouse. $10 with an Initiation fee of
as the began. penalty ,
there will be a big
We t ikn hotter care of your car n derby. pushed the Hawks back five an additional $10. Charter

but Traer more than memberships, which are atlll
The last car able to run as yards,
the demolition race proceeds made up for that by scamperIng 19 Teams Enter available will not require the

21 yards around end on the Initiation fee.Additional.
STANDARD will be the winner of $75 In Information regarding -

cash, Races begin at 8 p.m. next Tucker play. pitched a 19-yard Turkey ShootAt the Naples Sailing Club

on the quarter-mile track the be secured by phoning
Stahlman to
pass to put may
FnP located on Radio Road east ball on the 15. Traer got a Big CypressNineteen Commodore Messmer at 2-4272

of the airport. yard on a double reverse, and or Mrs Louis S. Moore, club
Yahls drive 1956 Fords.
Gratton circled right end and teams participated In secretary, at 2-4281.
Their stlffest competition Saturday
went In untouched to score f from the "Turkey Shoot" held Sundayat
provided by Don
was the 14. Griffin ran in the extra Big Cypress Country Club men and D P. Brown copped
t Blankenshlp, driving 25. with three team ending In a tie
York high-point driver> point. the honor for men. "Molltdrtve'
wally for low net honors.
division finished Jim Decker recovered aTar- twosomes. In the fairway" honor went to
In the jalopy The team of mlx
the PC 48 in the the team of Petty McConnell andes
fumble on
second to Red Graber In the pon to win turkeys were Mr. and
feature race for jalopies. Gra fourth quarter, and Naples Mrs Charles Carr and Mr. and ) Stone. .
Mr. and Mr* H. R. "Skipper"Smith
ber drove No. '77 to victoryover scored In six' plays. Mrs Vernon Allen. D.P. Brown won what Big CypressPro
23 to Workinger, and Mrs Edward Reeves, tied
a field of 20 ears, includIng threw yards Phil Dtrbyshlr termed
'- his eight yards to Stahlman, and with the turkey winners with a "
one driven by son Jack "grossest net. Apparently their
for the net 66 but lost out on a turkey
Gratton ,
: Nokie Mallory was third In thai seven yards to net score was higher than the
/ / TD. Gratton and Tucker each In a card matching elimination winning 68 seore.Bill .
/ event before the process. The Carrs had the low
five yards Just
York paced the field In the ran net on the first hole, and the Al.
semi-feature( and Guy Osceola payoff pass play. lens shot the low net on the second MIC, >a In h... '"Orlh

was next. Buddy Burgess of '.eikon oar! foothill ?,u.h at, 1.r.
Fort Myers and Lyle McCand- BOTTLED UP Mrs George Powell won the pms
less won the Hags In the heat puma Gorda had! only 1"two elosest4 4heH4n Contest lor wo.
came on a19yard
downs. One
\ races. Spectators and '!river first
Sammy SnelJ were provided with pass "xm hon wal- THE

some excitement whet: ..neli dron 'o iJooner !..indqulst'r'lie TurnoutFor
iI rolled over In No. 69. other was ob'sine* when wal- Big
V, ,rards in the ,iq.CqSeasons
Randy Pettlt Jr. of Napleswon dron dashed "
"hat ou Tennis
I the door prize a une-up third quarter :

1 1HOUSE .

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deer; hoover during the 1 1M4.S

85 hunting<< salon more than' 100 a e

vehicle accidents Involving deer }1 !

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vehicle, tnl, usually the death HUNTING CAN BE A HEIAWdHTED ..FpUNC I
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