Local 810 of Hlllsdale
25h. 10j30 a.m. -Junior golf
Foilftmoui 28
walked In
oufTeb. a dispute
. roll 29f. class Big Cypress Golf over terms of a first contract

Course. with Essex Wire.
2(00 p.m. Jiycee Junior Carey had asked! Romney to
;1c= tennis tournament Gambler close down the reopened plant.

Park. Romney made no comment on
5:15 pjn.Adult beginnergolf that score in a reply but said
he was hopeful that negotiationswould -
class Big Cypress Golf
had allowed the plant to reopen
: PfIBIUt ; after it had been closed for five
TUESDAY days. Non-union help was em.

SMOKEDPICNICS 1:00 p.m. --Senior Citizens ployed.
.f bowling Brookslde Bowl Other officials gathering atRomney'
.f Softball office for Fridaynl"ht'
2:00 p.m.Glrls'
meeting were Essex Wire
Cambler Park.
PRICES President Walter Probst and
7:30 p.m.Men's Softball Vice President Frank Galluccl,
EFFECTIVE league Cambler Park; Stonevs chief counsel for Essex, and
MONDAY, Tropics; Stahlman vs Pub- George Gould and Robert Kllng.
llx. ensmlth of the IUE.
half 15 TUESDAY, The talks followed an opinion
: c from State Atty. Gen. Frank
Kelley that Romney had a legal
JUNE 8, 9, 10, 2:00 p.m. --Senior Citizens right to close the plant again.
1964 Ib, 25 shuffleboard Cambler Park. Chief Issues Iniuw,. ""tflatlon.s\
reportedly were pay rates underan
I THURSDAY IUE-Essex contract and un
(LIMIT I PER CUSTOMER WITH PURCHASESOF Ion demands for a union shop,
2:00: p.m.GIrls. Softball -
$3.00 OR MORE) Gambler Park plus the number of strikers to
be rehired after a settlement.
7:30 p.m.Men's Softball Essex Wire opposed reinstate.
league Cambler Park; Tropics ment of strikers who it said
t: ? vs Publlx; Stahlman vs were"guilty of violence" or had
( clu ; 'ry Stone. destroyed company property.The .
union demanded that all
FRIDAY strikers be returned.
Silts .. Essex Wire pays an average
Premium Smoklet or 9:30 ajn. Adult tennis
$2.43 (in hour. Other Es ex
class Cambler Park.
plants outside Michigan pay 40
Ijpn( p.m.Senlor Citizens to 60 cents more than this the
F&P Delicious Polish Sausage "c: ; 59t Brookside Bowl IUE has demanded up to $3.

Sliced' Beets 303 can 10 Swift's Premium Smoked r 1

I Big-R Tasty Cut Beef Tongue lb. 49Green 4 '

303 10 Premium Label Sale Sealed All Meat
Beans 2

Ga.Red Standard CannedTomatoes can S wilt's Franks 312 or.. $1. y ,h x r Pb" wv

I 303 1t',

can ..- _. __ ...

Pride Of Georgia FreestonePeach WHERE

Halves! :coin 19' SHOPPINGIS APLEASURE :j.St

Musselman's Tangy STORK IIOURSApple

I Sauce 3 250z. 87' Mon. Thurs.

i jars r.' 8:30 6:30


Delicious Very Fine i 8:30 9:00Prune v li

Juice qt. 39e Saturday

bot. b:30.7:00 ,

M A R K BE T $ 1
Jiffy Smooth or KrunchyPeanut
VISIT I 0 R'S ROLE- Prtm.tf. Khruihchtv ef land I

1 18 of hammer and tickl, cut wfctit during vim to Inn burin
Butter jaror. 59c *r.. of Egypt whicH wi* made productive by ,Irrigation, wo.


1 .

"" '. '" .
"j"!. "" ," "
, \ .

Prolific Writer HereAuthor To Meet In So-Called .

I MacDonald Capital Of U.S. Qtbt elli t. NtmSECTION

NOTE t' siutl Bj TOM SEPPY B Sunday, JIM 7, 11(4It's
Suspense In ; .& pageants( ,ire ATLANTIC CITY N.J. (AP) ,_
but this summer -Thl. resort likes to call Itself
Hall In At la nth' City, the "Convention Capital of the
be the site ol' the United States' and It plans to i
Genuine June
BY VXTORINE MURPHY National Convention show the country It deserve I a 1

Jolm D. MacDonald famed I party standard hear that title during the Democratic I Map shows Weather Bureau' estimated forecast of
author, who Is at the Rod and presidential elections. National Convention this sum average temperature precipitation through June .
second of two
Gun Club in Everglades writ- nier.
the Republican and "It's Important to us," said
ing an article for a national
conventons shows one official. "We've never had
magazine on fishing and the
are being drawn to such an opportunity to put ourtJe.
scenic wonders of the is
area, latter even the big t foot forward before so
one of America's most prolific In the history of many people This conventionhas T
writers. town given us the heaviest con-
His books, both In hardcover cent rat Ion of exposure we've
and paperback, have sold ever had and we don't want tome
over 20 million copies and sa it up." Mows
there's no end in sight. Although It Is the first time that New
Tie a bit of an adventurer Luther Jersey ever has been selected
as the site of a national political
himself and Is hailed .
as one of the foremost wri Convention convention by either major par.
h'. With a population of only \ ItWW
ters of suspense fiction today, and Sue Richard :
80,000, this Is the smallest city No1MALr
MacDonald finds that a visit Emmanuel Lutheran
ever to be host
to such a con
to Everglades, Chokoloskee, i be among the 500 vention. /, l ar p
Marco and the Ten Thousand from nearly 100 There have been bigger con.
Islands is always a "spine- iw.// : In America con. :vent Ions held In this Atlantic resort Temperatures will be below seasonal norms east ,( the
tingling experience," in Florida attending; city-with Its famed board. Continental Divide; but normal and above In the West
The vast, eerie wilderness of their synodlctU walk, hotels, motels, and eating
of the Everglades which he 'I. June 10.12 at the places-since It actively beganto
s.'f,1 of Tampa. The school .
seek conventions In an oran.Iud
hopes will never be tamed, Its facilities available
manner In 1009. But none of
as much suspense for
of the
the upeniiij
I the some 15,000 held In the pastmore
him as do his novels for thou- .
than 500 were to be held
sands of breathless readers. speUcer for the meet !here this )"ear-has put the spotlight .
How has America's "last t Carveth P. Mitchell I so directly on the city
frontier" this wilderness In ., N,C., pastor of St.
a panoramic setting like no .. Church lie has The convention will open Aug.
other in the world been ableto numerous preaching: 24 at the municipal ConventionHall r
States claimed to be the
the United largest
keep its charm in this
age In Europe and the Far Indoor arena In the world. Most HtAYt'
of the bulldozer? MacDonald
.11 as mi many Bases hotel 1 and motel rooms are withIn O MODIaAT1.
believes that the answer is / m ry. walking distance of the hall. /
well expressed by a Fellow wri- chaplain will lie the Some 8,200 delegates and alternates 0 TIGHT
ter and close friend in descri- Anderson of Ft. plus their families and IXrECTlDIECIOTATION
bing this strange miasmic land: Conducting thebusl. news media representatives and 1w i.Jw I/
"This great wilderness, with 1 will be the pre- others will bring probably 23,000:
its mixture of land and water, r. Lucy Kokl of Day to the convention Residents In the East and South can expect above normal
rainfall. Little rain It predicted In the west.
New' officers will be
has been so cunningly contrived .i + The main room of the hall,.
this and del.
that man has not yet discovered meeting, which can seat 41,000 persona,
a way to louse It up." national convention has iio obstructions and Is so Thursday, June 11, at the Scout
lit August at Waterloo tall that a 13.story building Girl Scouts HOUM.
---- .' ) In Ontario. Cajuda. could lie set on the floor without The organization must be setup

PROLIFIC JOHN D. MacDONALD, noted author of suspense ,Clearwater chairman Is serv.Win touching the roof. It Is at Con. well ahead of time, she added,
MacDonald,'a tall, handsome Everglades doing an article on the area's international at the t'nlver.; vention hall that the annual to Insure a. well.run camp for
Miss America the Scouts ThoM Interested
pageants are
man in his mid-forties, has is shown on a nearby beach admiring some of southwest Jacksonville is in held.. Need Adults should contact Mrs. Timber lake

produced 45 novels and 500 tacular scenery. ( ) local arrangement The ballroom of the hall seats at MI 2.3030 or Mrs Allen Blbee,
magazine stories during his from Tampa's Lu. 5,000 and there are 34 commit camp director, at MI 2.5394.W.
20-year wrt'lng career. A .. are asslMlng In tee or meeting rooms that can For men are needed who can help
past president of the Mystery ttcally buy am accommodate from 23: to 500 Day Camp either in the business end, or In
Donald as it from the na crafts nature and
Writers of America, the author people. study games
only last month Introduced '" will bring State and city officials and Seventy-one Girl Scouts, from songs or In outdoor skills.
his first "series charac- painter on the church's businessmen bid.. feverishly to Brownies to Seniors, are now re.
ter"Travis McGee. Tra- exhibited eat" :rl'nce at Miami planned Deach for when Au. get the presidential nomination listened for Day Camp at Camp NOAf THAN MM. Of)
vis is a beach bum who liveson live in youth are expelled convention here this year, espe. Tlmberfiird, July 13.17, the first 'FLORIDA TOt MISTS MILL
a Florida houseboat, a free Florida's \'>' 8200 congregations dally since New Jersey Is celebrating to be held In the Naples area. RETURN FOR ANOTHER\ VISIT I
Its 300th anniversary Adult assistance as staff
lance Robin Hood,a modern day place In 1 the United Slates mid mem.
there has during 1984. ben Is badly needed, according
knight in slightly tarnished ar- popular says They made a combined $023,. to Mrs E.W, Tlmerlake, Girl
mor."The 000 financial commitment which Scout, neighborhood chairman.She .
Deep Dlue Good-Dye" states that unless enough
included $175,000 from local bus
with a South Florida background 11 1( ., (nesses and city government, adults volunteer It will be impossible .
and "Nightmare in I Ink" are day 1/CfWfTTT/ $200,000 from the state govern. / to hold the camp. Only
McGee's Initial appearancesand ,. meal and $250,000 from the hqst three training sessions are AI
both books are publishedby I" committee, a bipartisan group necessary she exilglnad, and 'u
Fawcett as original Gold ii of state btKlnessmen. the next will be held at 7t30p.ro. $

Medal paperbacks.
I This new series is some-
s 1 what of a radical change from

story-telling MacDonald'J McGee Is ,the style but most he of feels divert-crime-that 1 LOOK! HERE'S MORE MORE PROOF that

log company he has had In years.

believe"I 1 cannot in a man find who it possible overcomes to- ILMiII'JIIOJIt(0' } SELLS for LESS !

all odds, who always wins .
all the marbles,always punLshes -

the evll-docrgetiihe, 1
etc."" he says. "1 suppose 1

could write about such a person _____ 4..
without believing In him, ';! .' ; ,; 11111frr
f'': t'" tit
but I think it would make dull {. ;

6 work and dull reading. McGee : : !, t 'f f fV fx
is a winner and a loser. : r
I like hunt" \

How did MacDonald, a grad- .
uate of Syracuse University and
Harvard Business School ever i.
get mixed up in writing suspense
stories? It all began, NOW
he explains, in 1945 when he THE '
was lieutenant-colonel: in the
Army serving with the O.S.S,
in Ceylon.
"The only kind of letters you m
f ff
could get through censorshipthen 2S249"I
made pretty dull reading,"
he recalls. "So, instead: of a with more their than

letter,"I wrote my wife a short water
story worms
When his wife promptly sold looking for
the story to a magazine for When
$25, MacDonald decided that herring

writing make looked a living like a good wayto crtstures around : J i ; : 'a :

drop the .__: tI ,', .
crack the
And he'been at It eve r since. : LI xi'r. y qp

The New York Times hails FOR .
/ MacDonald IS"the johno'Hara beautiful '
of the crime suspense story"and some, RATTAN t J ;A o' ,. dk

his famed competitor, Ian your own. #65 a ,''tit
Fleming, has said,"I 1 automa- the bill. Jill 1 ..A '

-, .
) Y "F .

Move In -
Phone MI 2-3040

like this 2 bedroom home located S PC. em ahbu d I STORE HOURS:

the low down payment and small roup 8,:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.

nice living room end separate 9 x ;J Open Friday until 9 pjn.

much to this house Nice CLOSED SATURDAY AFTERNOONSp

system, well and pump. Furniture. TROPICAL RATTAN '

the bedrooms and 2 carpets in
et the low, low price of $ CUSHIONS1'l" At

p e Tty V veyFurniture
t ,


IJ"We 630 Fifth A COCKTAIL TABLE i j. .

I Phone and iA I it:110tf'! : [ : i'



- -


''' .. '" .,"1 .. .

1C'tnneffe F r

I "I 28 COLLIER COUXTT NEWS Suadey. Jun. T. 1M4Qltl I .

c. Un" W
( ealtor j

Presents A Seoul Notes r- .

,."'" .

1 I .

IM Camp Director Mri. Alton Karen HIlI hen, Beth Decker, H. AA
Ribee it most concerned about Pm Co and Trudy ) rah.U
}.cur it* [poor turnout of volunteers will attend the council screen
/?r stjff of the ramp. At least Inc for nation) and tniernatlon
errw fie more adults ire needed to al events June 8th.10th at Camp
( "mr ins will be given, and II It not entire GIll Coast Council area
nt essan to hate awls in Scout. will be present at this camp:'
mj to apply for the July II out and will be evaluated fir
17th .amp. Unless more aUt both national) and international
.. R are present at the MM training senior opportunities for the comIng t r,
session, June II. 7iM p.m.. at >ear. This is a most impor
the Scout House, It will be iro tint event for Senior Scouts, and
possible to carry en pUs for Naples Is proud to have four girls r
In The MooringsA the camp, vhlcn will Me dts appbtng' for the maaj line travel
appoint some '70 earls, Vriun opportunities offered by Girl
leers are needed for admUilstri< Scouts, VSA.
'too, DHSlneM, as well as out. -
quality home with two tremendous bed- INTER XCT CLUB members conducted: the entire

room wings separated by spacious living, dining Troop 211, Junior Scouts, under leader of Troop 212 presentedthe meti'"" of the Naples Rotary Club held Wednesday I e .'. I I :
and Florida rooms designed to accentuate < the leadership< of Mrs ReL.Ack.rman foUowtrrbadeest MOot at the Beach: Club Hotel. Interact Clubsare =
Troop 124, Cadette troop, under Toy Maker and Outdoor< Cook .wJi' ;
beautiful and Mrs. Ed Belavek sponsored by Rotary Clubs throughout the 1'1
freedom of space and overlooking a the badges to members of Troop
leadership< of Mrs Allen
met Thursday afternoon, May U, school students
yard completely landscapsd for privacy. The Bibee and Mrs Ruth )Matthews 212 as follows Paula Aurlt, nation ax a means of acquainting: high
for their last at Lowder

with chic activities individual responsibility
Barbara : : and
held most Annette Bremerman
a successful and equippedwith milk Park for a took ut. The
kitchen and laundry is completely tea on Sunday Slay 31, Cole, Pat Corwin, Pam Davis, to the community: state and nation. Interact
the finest Frigidaire appliances The ultimate honorific those who had helpedthe menu was planned and prepared Clenda Evans, Linda File, Dot president is Joe DeLand: Phil Darbyshire is the
by the 6th grade girls as part
in comfort is assured by reverse cycleair troop during the ear's artlvltles. of the Gypsy Badge requirements lie Folsom, Lade Hamlin,DUnne club's Rotary advisor; and Ed Lowe, high school
About 60 at Hughes, Sharon Hughes, l alneLey
from formal to instructor is the club's class: advisor
conditioning The transition tended, including Mayor Archie Menu was hamburgers, potato : Loralee Martin, Pamela
effected gracefullyin chips, tossed salad and Girl Scout Ellen Mills Jeanle (McGrath: photo)
simpler Florida living is Turner. A specially home beautifully taMe was set up with canapes sundaes. Leader< Mrs. Robert Rouse, Resa Porter, and Kim.
this charming spacious Ackerroan and Troop Committee
and punch served b\ the Cadet. B lavek vas also presented the .
and whichare member Mrs. Alan Foster ac Troop, 7 Cadettes plus two prospective
decorated by fine carpeting drapes Dealer Doubts
tes, and prepared bthem.. A A Housekeeper badge members, 4 Junior HOLLAND
companied girls. very
included the equitable but firm program followed price
in good time was voted by sill Scouts, and Fred Decker. The Reds Issued Stamp
of the challenges and service pro badges. follows: MI. 11.hour course finishes this SALLEYINC.
of 3750000.
je during the ear. Guests were er and Hospitality Barbara Con. The Junior First Aid course, .
given an evaluation questionnaire Troops 211 and 212, both Jun. noil)', Housekeeper; Pat Donovan, also a II hour course, has had LONDON (AP) On of thi
C.'LUMx'ReaffeS2S to fill out with the result that lor troops, held a Joint Court of Cook; Betsy Coe, Water fun and 14 members attending 4 Seniors, world's leading stamp dealer J.teuO.S
:4etfe .rQ the entire troop was judged to Awards ceremony at the Scout Cook; Jody Hill, My Home and 2 Junior fly-ups, and 8 Cadettes.< cast doubt today on a repor 150 5* AVE", S
0 have met their social depend, House, Thursday, June/,for presentation Collector's: Betty Spingler, Wa. Mrs. Blbee has been the instruc. that the Soviet Union has lssue NAPLES, FLORIDAFurniture
Eighth Street So.Ik btlitj challenge with poise and of badges earned by ter fun. Collector and Cook; M.. tor for this course also. a commemorative stamp honorIng
efficiency. both troops during the year. Mrs. ran Hooper, Health Aide; Chris three astronauts lost In or
MI MTI sad< MI zmeWI R.L. Ackermaa, leader of Troop Macauley, Collector; Susan Foster bit.

Senior Scouts of Troop 241, 211, and loIn June Rudy, co- Collector, Housekeeper Sue Registration for regular Scout A Soviet stamp expert at Stanley .
Stewart, Pet, Dabbler Collee Gibbons Ltd said, "We gel
swimming classes for all groups Rugs
tor; Elizabeth Turley, Pet: Margaret from beginners to advanced synchronized all new Issue stamps from the ,
Miller Cook; Carol Krammes. swimmers will take 'Soviet Union. We know nothing Gifts Accessoriesand
Skater Georgette Shepard, about this one." ,
place Monday, June 8 at 9:30
Collector Carol Kornbau,Home, a.m. at Mrs Oscar Yanson's He was commenting on a re. Objets d'art
Health and Safety; Erica Schnel. pool, 18M Hurricane Harbor,The :port published In a Sidney Ohio
pTHE MOST der, Cook. Moorings These classes will {philately weekly,the tabloid Linn not to be foundelsewhere.
Ila .
Mrs Rudy read a letter received continue during the summer !Stamp 1saylnr the Soviet
from the Immokalee Day months Union had Issued a stamp in .
Nursery thanking Troop 212 for honor of astronauts "Fedorenko, e e e
the stuffed toys they had made 'Usslskln and Wasenko," who
for the Nursery. ''art perpetually circling the
MICHIGAN Mrs. Fred Hamlin, Mrs. Cor. DAY SOME CAMP SEVENTY IS IMPORTANTTO CIRLS.I'globe In their special coffins." Visit our furnished modal
HOME win and Vlrs. Timberlake were PLEASE VOLUNTEER YOUR The account, written by the apartments at Carriage
guests for the ceremony ofA..ards. 'stamp weekly's London correspondent .
SERVICES SO THAT THE CAMP Club, La Tour Rivage ..ndYankee's
MAY < said the stamp was
"sneaked out without further Landing
CESSFL'LLYJu1y I3 17th.
I promotion" by the Soviets anddial
Mrs Allen Blbee, water safety II I a memorial had been erected MEMBER OF
Instructor, and Miss Betty Jupiter It puitlinf astronomers ( In honor of the space men at AMERICAN INSTITUTEOF
Decker, aide, report 18 member Resin. The mysterious aimtplmet >a place called Saransk.
of the Junior Life Saving apparently has started to The correspondent writes un.
Course; S Senior Scouts, plusa spin more slowly, and no one i der: the pen name of R. Y. Me.I I INTERIOR DESIGNERS
prospective member of Senior knows why |gan.


r- c"V
h I,.

(ffllb martO tillage



We want you to see Iff! Those who have realize that the old world

COMPARE VALUE! 2 Bedroom 2 Bath SpanIsh-colonial atmosphere Is being preserved. Sensiblypricedlots

What you get for what you paydetermines house 1884 Total Sq. Ft. completed. Paved avenues, seawalls, REA electricity,

value! To a degree, this is measurable by;per square $12,995 city-type water, telephones. Terms, low Interest rates, home

foot costs $7.42 for this :Michigan Kent model mortgage financing. All on Florida's old Spanish Main!

when screen porch and garage are combined with Built Kitchen on your in Frontsocalled lot with

living area. ( Many Floridians get as much

enjoyment from screen porch and garage as their TWO PAN-AMERICAN PILOTS & SNOOK HOW TO GET THERE:
living loom.) Compare this with other similar size

homes and you'll see Michigan's value! 10" r'01 15 fHarrn Utllagr

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skOiP', "' Center
tit Div
Michigan Models also in Fort Myers and Cape Coral T

, r 1

, I Ca -.
J """
l' -


"Wlrat Young People Think"TeenAgers But though they go car-less, Sunday, June 7. 19S4 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS .38 .

Iron Curtain Teens Bulgarian teen-agers manage to
I find outlets for their feelings As cation of the Bulgarian Komso Cod's mercy and grace upon
Want Western Cars In other Iron Curtain countries, mol (youth organization), polled me..unfortunate art all those

Today Mind P's And Q'sRy they're fond of twist music, almost 7,000 young people on who have not known the truth

But Can't Buy Them Western fashions, and the In their Inner thoughts, life alms about the existence of Chrl.!."
ternatlonalrok.. and desires for the future.

Eugene CilhrnPmldcnl Those who critic I re their elders MUNICH-Thire's one spot In And though Communists are Here are some of the answers: The world's target flowers

Gilbert \'ouihRararch feel the adults Just forget therules the world completely free from supposed to be atheists, religion "Only religion can Implant grow in Borneo on 13,435-foot

Inr of common courtesy and dangers of hot-rods and argu apparently plays an Importantrole truly exalted virtues, in people." Mount Kinabdu. A paraaita of
the Raffltaia genus, the plantproduces
Are today's teen-agers 111. don't practice what they preach A second-year student at the
menta over who's to use the In the personal lives of leathery reddish
mannered boors,demanding their Alexander Burns, 17, of Cream family car on Saturday night some teenagers Plovdld Medical I Institute said, blooms that may reach a yard in

own way about everything and Ridge, N.J., points out that good Radio Free Europe reports Last spring the official pub II. "I am verY happy when I feel dIt.r.

pushing ahead of other people behavior Is a two-way street. that In Bulgaria there are few.

without any regard for courtesy? "Adults take! things for grantedand privately-owned cars, and no
Not! say 90 per cent of the 1153 tell us to respect our elders,
money with which to buy them,
young people we Interviewed re but they doo't show us any respect because autos cost the equivalent for the latest in .
cently. However, although almost "
he complains.Sue of three years' wage for
all the boys and girls think March, 17, of Monroe, the average Bulgarian workeror -.

their friends are generally well Mich., takes a middle-of-the- between $14,000 and $11,000

mannered, 50 per cent say teen road-stand and says "Some parents dollars by American standards.If .

behavior Is getting worse. don't practice good manners the teen-ager had western Ji; tntft fl UJ/ltMld

The girls seem more polite around teen because they currency, which Ks Impossibleto ( f lj!
than the boys, as might be ex think they're hopeless"
obtain and \Illegal\ to use,
pected. Ninety-three per cent of Since most of the teens think
he could buy a car: but
women and
young only 84 their contemporaries today are
cent of the If It broke down h e'd byFURNITURE
per young men assert ?r reasonably polite, It Is interesting
; r their friends are well be to note that half of them wait months for spare parts.

. haved. And both sexes agree think manners are getting worse. But given a chance, Bulgarian

' girls In general have better man. : The girls are even more pessimistic teen-agers are as carconsciousas FAIRvisit

ners. Fifty-nine per cent of the than the boys. Fifty. their American counterparts.When .

boys and 68 per cent of the girls ,- two per cent of the junior misses a new Mercedes collided
think the young ladles are more think good behavior Is on the with a truck In Sofia, and was

polite, and 19 per cent of the decrease, while only 48 per cent badly wrecked, It was left on the
young people say courtesy Is According to young J people, tcxl.iv'i teenagers have not for. of the boys predict worse teenage street for several days, surrounded the"FLORIDIAN"

\ equally divided between the gotten the Important art of being polite, manners In the future day and night by a huge

sexes. Donald Allen 16 of Kansas City crowd of spectators Says a correspondent -
Glover 15 of Westbury, N.Y.,
ners when Judging an Individual "It drew more
Good or bad manners seem to nicest In the Mo., thinks the fast pace of the Model Home
"The guy
Slxty-four per rent rate man- says visitors than the museum. It wasa
depend on the situation. Ronald world Is leading young peopleto
ners very Important and 32 per world can eat his french fries automobile show"
Goldstein, It, of Westbury, N.Y., leave manners by the way. one-car
cent say they're fairly Impor. with his fingers.
says teen behavior varies, but In side. However, Joan Vltaliano, The American plastics exhibition at 800 Blvd.
tant In evaluating a person. last drew huge Banyan
the presence of adults, the young 15, of New York City takes a year
Many teens support Arlene WHAT ABOUT ADULTS?
crowds of teen-age visitors who
people usually mind their p's rosier view. "I think teen man.nUl
Engle, 14, of Camden, N.J., who What about the behavior of queued up several times to get
and q's. But Andrea Williams, are getting better because
says "When you meet a person adults, who often criticize the
15, of Kansas City, Mo., thinks teens are getting better," she a giveaway badge or plastic
you judge them by their appear. young people? Most of the teens calendar.
teens aren't very polite at all nays
anre and manners" -81 per cent-say the grown-
"They", .lust don't seem to rare.."
--- On the other hand, Mike ups usually set a good example.
she says.

i Mlrh.Martha BOTH, says Claus SEXES boys, and 15 POLITE, girls of Detroit share, Plan Ahead to SUMMER TEMPERATURE GOING UP !

.. -
r, A
the honors for good behavior, ',,i r: "

Many teens agree with her when Win Summer JobGilbert .

i she adds, "I think when boys and

girls are on their guard, both II k1'w :
have very good manners." Youth ServiceIn "It Is Important now to gain a \ J
A large number of boys and the race for too-scarce clear understanding of the kinds

girls say their friends behave summer jobs, the victors are of summer Jobs that will\ be ,

politely to make a good impress students who have the specific available In your locale. A good r"'

slon on the opposite sex. Frinkle skills needed In their community, way Is to speak to persons In V<. ,., '", .

De Marla, 16, of !New York City says John R. Wllietts, private those fields In which you have ,

takes thl< step farther. Boys employment authority.A special Interests or skills, be It So we're lighting a bonfireunder .

have better manners because girl, for example, who can architectural, engineering, retailing ;. 'r

"they want to Impress girls' type at 55 or 60 words per health or home eco

mothers," he thinks. Nell la minute can usually find a job; a .. j w., -r h '

Roque, 15, of Manltowoc, Wise. boy with good mechanical or "Another way Is to read the ; s
machine tool skills can, with air conditioner sales with
says the girls are more courteous help-wanted advertisements In t.
some effort advance plan.
and "Girls local
. explains are newspapers, or notices\
nlng, be optimistic about finding
not girls without good manners." 1 placed on library or school bulletin m

..The people/obviously., .Jo ,....* .____ ., \ boards. I young : ':._The Immediate I I pastprevldent'! ': : ,.
plarc treat Importance on man;:' .youngsters have met with successby
of the National\ Employment values
placing their own "situation- t1greatesf history on
Association, who I Is, also head of,wanted" advertisement, specify.i,

*Coleman Boyd, a personal agency In Milwaukee, I Ing their training and skills.
Wlsr. recommends these two
I Others have applied directly to
Ronnie !May Talk basic Job-planning steps:
I II. the personnel departments of '

At Toastmasters 'specific companies and have been
I. Prepare a brief resume of : 64 FEDDERS
Coleman Boyd and Ronnie May, your schooling to date, 'able to find summer employment
two new members uf ToaM. I in: this way
asters' Club,will give their Ice. school activities, hobbles,
breaker speeches when the club skills and any previous jobs. 'trwe.e""
holds Its regular meeting at 6:30 (Include names, addresses, "What many youngsters are
o'clock Tuesday night at the Naples finding helpful are discussionswith
telephone numbers of '
Elks Club. member agencies of the Just when the temperature is set to zoom into the 90'i, here we go --_: --"y-- .....-
Carl: G. Hodges will be the those whom you are giving National Employment Association. with the greatest sale in our history on famous Fedders Air Condition .,
Toastmaster for the occasion for reference, viz. a teach. ers. Models for every current, for every comfort requirement-and for
The Invocation will be given by er, a buvlnesamanaprofes A free directory of these every budget. All at red hot prices that will clear our shelves and our I :.....
Ted Thorward and the Intro. atonal man, a clergyman.) agencies, with offices In hundreds stockrooms in a hurry. S' JUke
duttitNis by George! Vega.! Table of titles, Is available by r
topics will be assigned by Stan. 2.Use the resume as a guide more than 3,000,000 Fedders Air Conditioners' now "In operation' i
ley Terry. and determine what It Is you writing to the organization'sheadquarters \ all over the U.S., they offer an unmatched record of dependable, .fr. ..t':

Cliff Wenzel will serve as would enjoy doing most dur at 280 Southfield trouble.free performance over the years. They're all engineered to : .... !..
aster evaluator with Ted Below ing the summer, what you Road. Detroit, Mich. keep on cooling under brutal 115-degree Sunloads when many air ,);,'- ,.
and Harry Nell as his eva. can do the best. Mr. Wllietts\ offers these tips conditioners stop cooling to avoid perma nenldamage from overheating.
lualors. Timer will be Joe Santa, for Job-seeking teenagers: You'll find all the famous Fedders features at sale prices-Sound
grammarian, Les Whltakei, and Once: this pre-planning has been
Khys Beatty, the wizard of ahs. accomplished, Mr. Wltlettssays, 1. Cress as neatly and carefully BarrierdesignthathushesatrvelocltysoundtowhisperwhlleFedde s 4 000 BTUBEDROOM
delivers roomsful of cool, dry, filtered air every few minutes 77. ,
as you would for an Second built-In do'it.yourself installation that seals out rain dust, AIR CONDITIONER
Important date. For girls, heat with one piece rollout panels that fit tight and secure in any
a fresh-scrubbed look with window new dual.Flow Weather Wheel air flow grill. I'lce4lltol.I e.." mom Mr 0'the family anion| roitfvl, ralraihInf .
.1.., ." ttlcfcy ,uffocatlni : 77-tocond doNrirourMl -
makeup carefully applied Is Stop in today while our selection of Fedders Air Conditioners is still ) /Installation. ,Wtath.r .Mgh:1ll., nd ill the"..t,.." 119 9 S
vital. For boys, beards and in good supply at these once'in.a.lifetime prices. that conttilutt Foddort quality at no eilr cost la yep.'a .
Jeans are taboo. Exaggerated

hair styles or fashions

should be avoided like the

acationMoney plague '5 wwre
2. During the Interview, answer .
the questions asked as

briefly and accurately you

can.blanks On you any may application be required ": ': '

to fill out, make sure

3.the If facts you are are correct determined' to !: iI1d I. /'I'

find a Job on your own rather ,:

For Long than through a recognized '

private or public agency, I 1 ,
or check the minimum hourly I ---

rate of pay In your state to

Short Trips make sure a prospective employer .

Is not taking advantage 10,000 BTU FAMILY-SIZE SENSATIONALLY. PRICED
your Inexperience"

4. Before you definitely ae- 20,000 BTU MODEL
YOU CAN GET CASH FOR ALL YOUR cept a position, discuss MODEL ,Ootpit, il' trim,compact nit, the new
Ftddort. .....I heave weight cooling |ok-Imnf roomt e....d while Hoof Ina private horn in entire apartment
HOLIDAY EXPENSES-LARGE OR SMALL. hours, wages and working family" room* matter ovdroom. ...11... Fodder. quality 219 ,any "p,."....." .,.a in horn or erfiee. H.ft't where
conditions with familyor through end through from Cu precision engineered compiettor 95 ,.411411.rt found larrler /.. ." It especially 1"'pcH1."III 319.95
Our Vacation Money Service is quick, and it's your lo I" rieairy-giuge line-clad. steel cabinet that handle. !< hut*relume of cool,air tllontly,etiorcomat the noltohandicap
other adults. .Hand. u> under. ,.... of rise, mil and ...th.r. ol high-tapaclty air conditioning, lee Iht first II"" ..
convenient, too. Everything is handled on a 5. Understand what Is peeled

simplified basis, whether you want a few dollars of you on the job and live up

for a short trip, or a sizable loan for a to It. Never feel that a Job

Just for the summer. Tardiness .

and gossip don't rate

leans up (|li[ ta $600 In the business world.

G.A.C. FINANCE: Coffee breaks in 17th Century BGL! Y'S

CORPORATION England were *o popular among
the men that the women signed a
281 Ninth Street, South petition charging: "Thia bitter,
nasty puddle water so attracts
Naples, Florida ...... ............ Telvt-'o"' Midway I.SI" that wt scarce have two pence
LOANS MADI TO MSIDINTS OF AU NIASSY' OWNS to buy bread, nor can we find 769.775 5th AYE, SO. Ml 2-5184
our husbands even to call a midwife NAPLES SHOPPING CENTER MI 24522I

k- "

W' IP""tin. '' .. ., "" ". ""'." .. '' .. .
mumping ,. ....' ,. "..- HO. 'Ir" -
r' -- ---- n --- -- -c.- -- __ - -
1'r i'
I 'fI 1

&UMUr,Junt 7, 1964




I *d ti



n n Y T. N n

\ : 4


; '


t I
4 ,

::4t 1 ri

The Home with
., : Family
J .
,. M -. -. ..- :: M the Heart of Steel

Iif+.. ). ./1" ,,,....
'" "!
.r.f\ :

'I ,' ..1#" ., ...":.'..... ...,..:..: .;."'""'' ',, ... .' K.It J'.,t(.. ''"1f.I. '

Introducing I t i I I The first breakthrough in the

fJH 4 building industry in 20 years! Un-
excelled engineering, designingand
architectural know-how of

FIRST with MORE LIVING AREA for LESS MONEY! the the U.help!S.of Steel DuPont Corporation and i General, with

Electric, has mass-produced a
quality home at an unbelievable
FLORIDIAN HOMES represent the greatest advancement in architectural design and building development at down- below the of the
price cost
to-earth prices ever achieved in the last two decades. All-American in concept and construction extraordinarily
spacious knowingly planned for the American Family way of living, The FLORIDIAN HOME brings new pres- same house built by conventional
tige and distinction to residential communities inspires a deep, gratifying sense of appreciation in pride of owner- methods.


$ byFurniture






Your it LIVING ,ROOM.'
Lot B."a.R..n.2. B.R.3.,".11, 9 Individual Elevations MODEL HOME OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
0 Choose From

'" Every Detail Meets FHA Standards NAPLES, FLORIDAAnd
Florida Building Codes


Cement Tile, Hip' Roof Terrazzo Architectural Brick _



, ; Sundny, Jin COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 51

. ; HERE at Long Last the Eagerly Awaited

7 o4idiag

The Ultimate in Spaciousness and ValueBuilt

To Last $14,990 On Your Built Lot

A Lifetime LevelgradedSensationally

Low-Priced .
Compare \

: Air-Conditioned Throughout 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms t k.

2113 Square Feet Fin* Brick Exterior Includes Garage.




.- .....l''t';

?&tid1i omen EXCLUSIVEConstruction 9 lwr &441 Hte4




POWER of U.S. Steel Floridian Homes

Same inherent strength found in
Made Possible skyscrapers and bridges
Only By
ducted and insulated. 4 ""
G. E. DISHWASHER Surrounds Entire House
Exhaust hood and fan.

SCHEIRICH KITCHEN CABINETSAll Engineered and Perfected by the maintenance
great master .
birch, satin finish. minds of the Research of
walls and

piece, post-formed. 3 FOOT OVERHANG
DELTA KITCHEN FAUCETS Entire house, completely vented
United States Steel Hcmei
United SUUi Steal BRICK John's Mansville Vt Inch
pressure treated. Insulated nail baseboard

toilets, over-size medicine cabinets. Built to rigid, undeviating specifications, the U.S. STEEL STUDS THROUGHOUT
I WALK IN CLOSET AND DRESSING t time tested U.S. Steel Structural System is Exterior and interior partitions '
AREA in master bedroom. ;, It& proven economical. It permits flawless mass "
production rapid erection immunity .
room "., to structural rust, corrosion and termite des- year
8 SPACIOUS CLOSETS truction. It is stronger than conventional con ALUMINUM WINDOWS AND
Steel shelves and hangers struction. It is built to last a lifetime! SCREENS

COLORS For all interiors. Can't chip, crack, break
YALE AND TOWN HARDWARE They are one of the driest, warmest,

9)j 4tJTh- R tRulW.t.I.ok.ra .

t' ASSOCIATES: Mrt. Colonel B rk
Mrs. God* Hoffman, Arthur M.C.ldwtll, and Nick Wtllingford..
\ ,'
\J ; '1> ': .1;' MlowAr
, j
';; -

t\, .
-- -
-- -
-------- -
-- h -- -- ----- '

'.'" c' ".' "'. \\; ''iIi, n ,

J ,

r'd. r't."' -- ., Florida Art Represented At Fair '

The public and private art collections of Florida are represented at the Florida Pavilion at the New York
World's Fair. Thirteen old and modern masterpieces of painting and sculpture were selected by a three-man

committee of experts. The committee also selected seven works by contemporary Florida painters. Three

examples of Florida's art at the Fair are shown here.

:!I!!> .,. .r, ... '; ",. I
'f "
.. p '. "
y ''' '"
+ :,

.t \<:


Yal1kee s 'tandi'ug h.; ',j:'

; ,.\.. 't.ul \
1.w '. + a y ... ,,

.... ,{ ."'.
Yankee'* Undine hi* been CHANGED to a FULL ..
CONDOMINIUM! These uniquely denigned condomin. .. '
ium villas are situated on Chesapeake Avenue In ())'.. 1 ( y
ter Bay with a beautiful bajfront vista! \; j jI : ,
( -I$ I oJ M
'" "
,,.. ; =
Individually designed units ranging from 2-bed. 1 vTOF I '., t.. .
room, 2 bath villas with story living room and ., '\ : .

balcony bedroom, to compact studio apartments with l 'I. _"' : 4,..
cathedral ceilings and General Electric) kitchens Air I

conditioning, fireplaces, boat docks, etc, optional. ;:'f"f .....- I I" '
r a -...., .
Minimum 12500 homestead exemption, "':::01\1-; ; ;" 1 I ___ -_ "' 'r_ t

guaranteeing low, low taxesMaintenance -.- -.. : ,.- .....-... ...
A -rraag'.liJr -
$25 per month or less "PARNASSUS WITH MINERVA VISITING THE MUSES," by French "PALM TREES, ST. JOHNS RIVER." signed and dated 1 18% by American

Realistically priced from $9500 to $17,050FINANCING painter Claude Lorraine Signed and dated in Rome in 1680. Loaned to the Watercolorist Winslow Homer, who painted norm1 of his most successful
if desired! Florida exhibit by the Cummer Museum, Jacksonville landscape and marine subjects in I'loJ' snnmplaiuls and in the hauntsof I
coastal fishermen. Loaned by Cummei Museum Jacksonville I

,--...... .... -.

. . . . . .

k o
t t4r I

t ... ..
Resort Motel Apartments .L .y. 1. r r r..IrCr r


7 ,

I A Nw /r

t h I /. 1

.yLYn $ ,

TROPICS LODGE, one of Naples' leading resort t _

motel apartments, near beach, Catholic Church and ,4 Ic Ico ,
new civic center" Good earnings record Realistically
priced at $$160,000. $80,000 cash

w ,kro t w I

, . . . . . "rt M ( O t1
'' '' 1
e Ym i "

1 Block to Gulf BeachON """ ci -.. ... 5-
THIS PHOTO, taken at the World's Fair, shows Departure of Lot and His Family from Sodom ;
"COURT RECESS, by Miamian Eugene Massin, paintings on exhibit from Rmgling Museum of Flans Hals, Pietei Jacobz Olycan ; Paolo Vero. I
15th AVE., SOUTH is among paintings at Florida Pavilion by artists Art, Sarasota L. to r: Peter Paul Rubens The nese, The Rest on the Flight into Egypt. I
currently at work in Florida. Painting, showing -
three bemused and relative figures! was given to ganlzjtlnns pool their coverageof Press and United Press In.. lion and election overage Is
Florida's Kingling Museum this spring by Roddy Networks May election returns. ternatlonil expressed Interest., budgeted for $6 million.
Burdine of Miami. William R. McAndrew, execu. CBS and ABC advocated pool. Fred W. Friendly, president
Get Live vice president of NBC Ing for this November's presidential .. of Columbia Broadcasting Sys.
SHOT SHOCKS TENANTS Together News, proposed that such an election tem News, commented "CBS
arrangement go Into effect in The suggested arrangementwould News proposed two months
LONDON, Ky. (AP) Basil hurt. But he had more, ago
no one was ,
For Elections the 1966 congressional electionsto aptly only to the vote to NBC News that the three
Poynter was able to calm his trouble calming upstairs-apart cut costs and duplication of count. networks pool their vote report.
y 4 wife and another customer after a ment dwellers who returned hand +n NEW YORK (AP)>-An execu. efforts "We are willing," said Wes Ing efforts Immediately, not
.303 rifle discharged while a found hole the sue of a I tlve of the National Broadcast. Representatives of the Colum. 'Gallagher, general manager <>f merely for the I 19C6! elections,
customer was examining it. The half dollar in the floor and s i log Co. has suggested that the bia Broadcasting System, the The Associated Press, "to ex. but for the November electionsin
bullet went into the ceiling and bullet in the mattress. "three major networks and the American Broadcasting Co. and plore any pooling arrangementthat 1964! and for the Oregon and
two major news gathering or. executives of The Associated will result In a more rapidor California primaries as well.
68 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Sunday, June 7, 1964 economically efficient meth.
"We welcome NBC's
---- propos.
-,od of election
collecting returns.
al, We regret only that It sets196C
Gallagher said The AP "dis.
as a starting date and thatit
Charming furnished winter home. Fireplace, 2 IJ I cussed with and suggested toNBC did not come saner"
J Cbs and ABC earlier thl.'ear .
bedrooms, den and huge screened porch Nicely landscaped .
the pooling of the national Friendly urged\ NBC to recon.
Fairly priced at $29,500 .election returns. At that meet. sider the timing so a three.net.
t Lag, the networkers were un. work pool could be utilized In

. . .r. . . THE GULF COAST :able to reach agreement" on November.
such an arrangement. "There U; ample time to es.
Minis Thomason, president of talllsh one," he said "If NBC
We United Press International said finds this unfeasible, we Invite
are privileged to offer several properties at :
TELEPHONE DIRECTORYFOR JPI would agree in principle ABC News to Join CIS NewsIn
with the pool arrangement al. such an arrangement.
t hough election requirements of Elmer Lower, president Ii
t he wire services and the net. the American Broadcasting. Co.,
NAPLES AND works were not the same In all said ABC long had been In fa.
espects. vor of pooling collection of election .
McAndrew cited rising costsas returns "and tabulatingthem
A lakefront duplex, Multifamily w.ter. one reason for pool cover. with the modern methods
COLLIER COUNTY EXCHANGES He said NBC's 1964 available "
side age. convene today.
one rented. Sale front lot In Oyster B.y.p .
r I Ie. $11.600. Low Room for 4 or 15 .part.
terms or big discount ments. Sale price way

for cash! below market. $4500.A WILL CLOSE ON There's Nothing Lib. It In Naples .

2.bedroom one 12, 1964 vmageGreen"WHERE

cottage Large country lot,
on a large lot. TV ca.
140 ft. x 122 It. Near
hie and city water Gordon River 6 min. THE GOOD LIFE IS EVEN SETTER"
available, Sale
price uta to high school
$8500. $3500 cllh. A,. $1600 terms or discount A New Community of Cooperative
era" $56 per month for cash.motrgage. ,
Garden Apartments for Adults

Only-Prices Start at $7,200


SPORT FISHERMAN, flying bridge, 225 Gray Marine After this dale we will he usable to accept say farther telephone INSPECT THE MODEL ONE MO-
dead and many extras! Steal it!! directory listing changes for th* 1M4 two. Please. check your ROOM AND TWO BEDROOM

present Hating carefully sad if r.i desire say cKaafe. pI.... APARTMENTS ON TWELFTH AV-

notify our Naples Buaiaei. Of fie* mediately. ENUE, SOUTH, AND FIFTH STREET.
ask for. Your new directory I la ..hell.," for delivery la mid August 1944.W WEEKDAYS 10 A.M. TO S P.M. -
are confident that yon will agree that it I I. handler. and met ,, SUNDAY 1 TO 5 P.M.
for and) ""4" '
helpful community tiring shopping
This new telephone directory I is another step forward In bringing
better service to oar customer I. Greater Naple sad th, Collar!

IMPERIAL PROPERTIES County Area.INTER. rfctRealtors/l44 dated

289 9th St., So. Naples
During office hours, phone MI 2.5208 DIaffoneOanA.
South MI
305 5th Ave, 2.2124

After hours, phone MI 2-3324 j c7NlKC

-::....-. --- _.. -- "- ., ,.....-...

1" H" '" 'fj L '" I ,.. \ I ._ ''fI -" -. .."' n ,

I Skeptical IU 1:1I: \ I .. I I. Ii I H .1 j' i! Sunday, June 7, 19(4 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 7R

p I l, l f I l V /1
I Over Lull In f

I Viet Warfare

B SAIGON, South Viet Nam
IXAP) American officers In GULF
South Viet Nam can't agree
I whether to be relieved or suspl. '
I clous about the comparative lull 'I (
I that has settled over the coun. a i I i
I try's battlefields.
| "Communist Viet Cong actlvl.
B ty runs In cycles," a senior
| American officer commented. "I ?
I guess they are slowing down for t'e TOWERS
| the time being."
"We haven't had word of
I hard-core Viet Cong activity In
I weeks," an adviser to a Vietna.
I mese division said. "We get ac.
I tlon, but only from the local
I Communist militia. Those hard. 1977 GULF SHORE BOULEVARD
I core units must be planning
I some new strategy, and that can
Directly on the Gulf in The Moorings
I only mean bad business for us." pp
I Communist activity was In.
tense during April and part of
I May Several major engage.
I ments were fought, IL 1h
c 9 Late May and early June, how. -

lever IThe, has been a period of lull. RECOGNIZED FOR ATTENDING EDUCATION Slade and Helen Francisco Also receiving an / s011

I started a rainy couple weather of weeks, which ago, seminar at Sarasota were these members of the award b'lt not in the picture was Paul Lees. / I i 'l1

I is not really a factor because it Naples Board of Realtors. The awards were pre. Shown seated, from left, are Earl Frye George
Its no deterrent to Viet Cong ac. sented May 26 by Captain W A. Burton secre. Powell, \ic"-president of the First National Bank,
lion," one officer said. tary of the board, left standing. Those receiving speaker at the meeting J. W Dyches, and HenryB.
I Other Americans suggested awards were Art Caldwell, Lucille Otts, Nadine Watkins Jr. iSi
I the lull may have something to
I do with developments In Laos. ;
'With the 2 Men Date PINE LAN IS
pressure on In Laos Keep ;
j In recent weeks, the West: was EGLEB'SORNER MIXED MAJORS Scoring ho.
so edgy that continued agsres. At Hollywood, Vine nors go to Carl Armbrust for his ;
600.201.231. Jack Hatcher" shut
slveness by the Communist here
| might have panicked everyoneInto After 15 YearsIIOLUWOOI r' a 594.223 Gene' Tillman 555.
193 551.216. for
doing something drastic," ) (AP)-In Florida Seabe-rg
the fair sex It was Clnny Paul
i one commented. on June 4, 1949, at exact!}
I* pinto with i 480.173, MarthaVamhura
"The Communists don't like to noon, Peter Sholley and Miles KBy
477.1 91,LII Miller 465-
| face drastic: action from an an. Mi'Domie.ll vowed to meet again
171 t Mary Jo Gibbs 464.181.Terry ,
gry West. They prefer to nibble -In 15 years, to the very'hour- Murnan 463 and Dot DoneU
I a little, and chew it over at thl'lrIl'h.ure. on the northeast corner of (Hull
That's why they have wood and Vine.Thursday Ed Belavck will present the Elaine Sheldon was the pro toss. son 462. Sue Tlllman reacheda
slowed down In Viet Nam." at the attainted Furniture Fair Championship Ing a 191 for a 565 set. Hazel lone" 209, Bill Junes 193 203, Dud GULF TOWERS charming in its setting lavish 0
Hall 199, Iluble Hart Marge ,
Many Americans bee more hour, Sholley readied the cor trophies to the winning teams at Abraham son reached a491,Mary
vigorous action by the South ner. He'd flown from Boston 1:30 p.m., Sunday, June 7. The Armbrust 486 and the 6.7, Juan. Seaberg 183 and S. Chuck Curry Field 165." in its dedication to unvarying quality, elegant in its
Vietnamese military forces as i where he is vice president of awards will be made" at Pine its Snyder 483, Ann Davis 466 CONTRACTORS -
factor contributing to the Viet Keystone Custodian Funds, for Lanes. and Nancy Keen 452. Barb Hayes led the pack with a 591.202.G'oe appointments, bountifully endowed for tranquil relaxation
Cong's comparative quiet the reunion with his old college Naples Marine winners of the came up with a nice 180 single Tillman totaled a 581 with
classmate and fraternity broth men's division, had as Its bowl ton, Vlrgle Hutto 179, Rose Mor. a 213, Bob Steele' 579-197. Dill j I the essence of gentility. By placing the
ere era Dud Daniels, Nell Van Wjk. risen 162 and the 6.7. Jean McElvey fired a 223 singleton
Florida'a GOPShowdown Sholley searched the crowd- Rae Ilendrlx, Harold Daniels, Hyder 164, Dee Shlmpr 1S3-158 Garret" Spllzer ?? 209, Bill j amenities synonymous with luxury living on the /
then rushed over and threw an Claude Jolllffe and Hub Rans. La Dora Benson 158-141 and Stone 201, Albert Hatcher 190, 0 j
MondayMIAMI emotional bearhug about the Mary Jo Clbbs, Mary Hat. Marcie" Wlnebrenner 157.158. D.J. Salmon 195\ Hatcher 193 ; ground level, Gulf Towers has captured true cloistered /
(AP-F1orida's Re.slender tlI.I'IJd figure of a cher, Terry MurnanSandy Hack Sharpshooter was Peggy" YaM and Albert Hatcher 190. residential privacy for apartment-home.
publican National Conven t Ion woolly.bearded news vendor. ney and Mary Armbrust comprl. on the 4.7.10.
delegates meet Monday In Win. It was McDonnell. sed the winning girls team-die MIXED CLASSIC EdnaSImp.son County AgendaThe 0
ter Park. Sholley recognized him In a Sugar Donuts. reached that glorious realmof -
The session originally was flash, even though McDonnell, Charlie Rice and Mary Jo the 600 Club. Firing games agenda for the Tuesday
scheduled for Sunday, but an attorney from Winter Park, Glbbs will also receive Indlvl.
some of 225187.192 she came up meeting of County Commission -
of the delegates were opposed to Fla., had disguised himself In dual trophies for their high with a 604. Tops for the men has :been announced: a* follows:. -
meeting on Sunday, said Miami an attempt| to fool his friend. scratch scores. was Joe Salmon 593.227.207Bob
millionaire William D. Pawley The pair| made their vow Steele 589201.200, Glen Yager 9am. Reading of board 't
who with State COP ChairmanTom while students at Rollins College BROOKSIDE BOWL 580.225 and Bill Jones 565210. minutes.' }
Drown heads the slate. In Winter Park. The penalty | EARLY BLOOMERSHazel Judy Crlckenberger blasted a 9:13 a.m. Report of county J
The meeting could turn out to for not showing upt Half of Abrahamson topped the lea. 547.197\ Linda Sauchelll 545. engineer. '*
be u showdown over which of the the forgetful one'a 19G3 income gw with a 524.188. Mary Jo 211, Melba Cornell 512.179,Mary 10 a.m. > Report of county
34 delegates remain favorable to And why the northeast. corner Clbbs tossed a 495.187 Cindy Armbrust 499! and Lucille Lord health and welfare. J
Sen. Dairy G"ldwatE'r, R-Arlz.of Hollywood and Vine? because Brlsson 4CO. Frances Fitzisk 494. Nell Van Wyk splashed the 10:30 a.m. Pres. E.L. Gil. ,*
The slate once" backed the Arl.a they reasoned, It was so shot a lone 184, Ida Poyer 174, maples for a 233, Ken McConkey land. Isles of Capri Civic Assn., tf GULF TOWERS SERIES NO. 7
I f oni Senator but became dlsen.famous they'd have no trouble Myrt Brack 152.155, Barbara 214 and Ethel Jones 179. re Isles of Capri Park. t
hauled" with him when he en.finding it. Soli 155.1 8. Judy Rimes 148. Ion a.m. .Petitioners re non. 4
dorsal u rival slate backed by Mary Kline listed a 153, Grace COUPLES Ned and Lena Ing change being held in ubey. $
I"RINEW i Braik 148, Betty Brehm 144, totaled a 1283, Lena fir.
Dorsuy Immokalee.
U. S. Rpp. William C. Cramer" ance in 't
of Et. Petersburg In the second YOURDRIVER'S .' Belvia Allen 145-twlceIrenoBil. liig'S. 224 for a 482. Gene; Dy' 11 a.m. Public .hearing; . . .. .. .
primary LICENSE P to: avek 146, Helen Hall 130, Fran. produced a 208, Mike Pike 192, change in coning 16.76 acre THE CLUB ROOM .
i The" Cramer Mate lost to the ces Walker 139. Irene Bell con. Ike Wolford 191, Louise Wol. tract adjacent to County Go. '/
I party Mite In all but two of Florid DURING/ YOUR vented the 5810. ford 165. Dorothy Ransome 159 vernment Center, East Naples. } Sun Sea. Serenity these are the incomparable
I's 12 congreshlnn.il districts BIRTH MONTH LADlES COMMERCIAL and Kaye Rans 158159. 11:13 a.m. Public hearing }
.. change In toning proponed Store } Ingredients of the finest! in Florida and Gulf Towers
t ter Subdivision / living Adjacent to the water'a-edge location of the
tL yt 11:30 a.m. Public hearing pool and palm-studded terrace the Club Room addsa
J" Tatth1artiunJ change In tuning Unit 3, City
of Golden 1 Gate. new dimension to apartment-home entertaining -
12 noon Recess" for lunch. '. formally or Informally Swimming parties, luncheons,

tatlve 1(30 p.m.1964.03. Discussion County Library of ten. card games receptions dancing a hospitality canter

budget. for leisure hours. Featuring a magnificently appointedGE

2 p.m. Discussion of coning t kitchen this fine Club Room overlooking the calm

trailers.regulations applying to house /> beautiful Gulf of Mexico makes any occasion a de.

2:30 p.m.Gunerat business 0 lightful experience.
and correKpondence.
Final Approve and pay bills y.
YOUR Adroitly preserving the functional perfection of Gulf

Towers, the Resident Manager Is directly accountableto

PHARMACISTSPEAKS the apartment-homeownera and their Board of Di.

uDkarantrrh rectors. The proper operation and maintenance of

BY the building, equipment and grounds are his tespon-

..' GENE sibility. His professional experience combined with

"' i. McLAINt his genteel cordiality, will be a gratifying asset to /

w all Gulf Towers residents. Whether keeping your

nr gmu aunneij bark ;r,.... :ht possessions safe and secure when you're away or help.
Despite the old saying ing you find domestic help when you're home what.

that "everybody loves e ever circumstances arise you'll\ find your Gulf Towers

Resident Manager understandably efficient capableand
fat man," obesity li not
most willing to serve you.
a sought after condition

rt./t/ I -1 due to the menace to

health It poses

Obeilty Invites gall blad.

der trouble and high blood FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

Tlirre'n no liar print to flue /KiMruntrr! Your iMting are innurri! at Naples Federalby pressure t n d Increaaei 0
tine Federal' Sating and Loan 'Insurance Corporation. Not one penny has ever been' CONTACT YOUR PERSONAL REALTOR

lout in the' thirty-)ear J.itltnry of federal-chartered easing:' and' loan ociationi.,. susceptibility to a boat of

troubles curb ai diabetes -or-0

Withdraw. )our can inlt" from Naples Federal nlieneter gnu desire' in prr.on or by gout and arthritis.AUo .

mail. ,\nd you may bf Mirpriurd at bow hotel( more' yogi re' atrd' than you bad' thought.
overweight Realtor
Sating account at Naples Federal bate a nay of growing Why' ? Hecanne' your ass inJl; personaare I) "W. R. cKEELE) _

work for you collecting earning: compounded twice }eariy. .end incidentally you'll greater rliki on the

lute a good feeling knowing that while your fating bad' been working for you it lia operating table aa theydon't

also been working for (the betterment of Collier County contributing to tine economy take antithetic aa 1292 THIRD STREET BOUT1I / NAPLES. FLORIDA. 83040

and growth: of thin area.
well II the stringier type. AREA COOK: aka MIDWAY 9.6673.r.r.rrr.rrrrrr.rrr'

You er, it ili e nuke a different where' you ease! Incidentally. It won't -

take much weighty : Gulf Towers of Naples, Inc. 1

thought to realize why 1 1262 Third St., S. / Naples, Florida :

...-1; .' I NAPLES PRESCRIP. : Please tend illustrated brochure and price list to: :

'J TION SHOP la the favor.
.1 NameYanks /
1.1 :
= Its source of prescriptionsfor :
folka locally. Our aer. 1 Address 1

NAPLES( FEDERAL ( jYY\ SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION vice .la flit, frl-ndly and 1 1 1

efficient at NAPLESPRESCRIPTION City $tate 1 /
at the Four Curses g..g..e lt. r. r r. r.

771 4th At. North.

.PkoM MI S-24S5.


",,-... ... ....... -- .--, -
S 1 1

County Realty Week, An Average $555,650 Only English, To Courses Be GivenIn a

Summer School
A total of 120 separate vllle. Ohio, Lot 9. Blk 6. Unit Add'n. $2,5')0') ; Chief Pontiac Sec 3, Twp 51, Rge W, SI, Ehgllsh courses, only will be
I transactions In county real 1, Royal Harbor, $6,800; Chief Motor, Inc., to Lewis 13. and 296j; Miles Collier TrustS to offered at the summer session
estate processed during the Pontiac Motor Inc. to GeorgeP. Marth J. Gross Immotalee, Frank R. and Dorothy Amity. be held this summer at Naples
first week of June reached a Edmonds Naples Lot 20,, Lot 6, Blk 21, Newmarket East Naples parcel in See 3, Senior Hljh School, Edmund H1'Hr
value of $555,650.Flfty'five Ilk 10, Unit 2. Royal Harbor,, Sud'd. $0,300; Casper M. Twp 51, Rge 26, $4,500j Sunny 1 Lowe, guidance counsellor at the
of the sales report- $7,200; Herbert A. Dawson to Townsend to Leon McCormick Florida Acres, Inc., to Em- a school said yesterday following
ed In the current processing Roscoe J. and Rudy Hand Naples Naples pan Lots 141 and 142, ma Braeman. Miami Beach registration which was held at
period were valued under $1, Lot 16, Blk E. Sun Terrace all Lot 1-13. Naples Or. and Tr. parcel In Sec 13,Twp 51, Rge both senior and junior high
000. Sales of that amount or $9,800; Charles D. Woodto Co's Little Farms. No. 2, $3, :34. $2.000. schools Thursday and Friday.
over with values taken from tax Paul E. and Ruth C. Felsch. 000; Samuel R.'I1.on to Arthur Ralph N. Wlltsle to William Refunds will be made to students -
stamps on recorded deeds Included Naples. Lot 3 and pan Lot 2. W.and Joyce lasbrouck.I R, Haughton, Glen Head N.Y., other who than registered English which for subjects It had F vNYp
the following elk B. Anderson Sub'd. $27 Madison, NJ., Lots 47, 48 and parcel in Sec 17, Twp 51, Rge been thought might be offered.An Ae
Fred A. Klavehn to Arthur 0001 Marvin W, and Ethel M. 49, Blk 40, Unit 3,Naples Park, 32, $2,000 Florida Sunshine Insufficient number of regls
L. and Mary A. Yund Bata- Benfleld to Marvin J. and LoisJ. 2000. Acreage Inc., to James E. trants for the other courses will
via, Ohio parcel in Blk 6, [$Benfleld Lot 6, Avondale Neapolitan Land Co., Inc., to and Inez Dorsey Plttsburg make it most feasible to give
Tier 6, Naples $18.000j; Naples Estates 2900. Dominick A. and Emma L.Cov- Tex., parcel in Sec 20, Twp 61, them, Lowe said.
Ventures Inc.. to MJ. ell!. Ft. Lauderdale, Lot 1. Blk Rge 33, l,300j, Robert H. Me- However, thoso other subjectswill
and Edith M. Kennan Naples BIG CYPRESS 8, Naples: Twin Lake $2.000; Tague to Howard R. and Flor- be offered at Fort Myers
part Lots 1. 2 3 and 4. Blk Big Cypress Golf and Coun- Myrtle Cove, Inc., to Earl L. ence Turner Ft. Lauderdale --- Senior High School Lowe stated
9, Tier 7, Naples $16,800| try Club, Inc., to Thomas C. and Laura P. Fox Home- parcel In Sec 34, Twp 51, Rge (NEA Telephoto them and students should register who desire there to Mon.take +
William B. Stone,Inc.,toCliar- and Betty A, Hughes, Naples wood, Iil., Lots 23 and 24, 32, $1,200| Sun Estates Inc., day as the summer session in
les W. and Helen E. Shaver Lots 21, 22 and 23, Erik 2, Big Ilk E, Unit 1, Myrtle Cove to Edith Streed. et al, Chicago CANDIDATE Earl Eisen.hewer Fort Myers starts at 8 o'clock
Naples part lots 1, 2 and 3, Cypress Golf and Country Club Acres, $1,500 Chief Pontiac parcel in Sec 36, Twp 62, ,a III resident, has been draftedby of LaGrange Monday morning.
&lk 9. Tier 8. Naples 119 Estates, $8,800; Robert f. Anderson Motor. Inc., to Maxwell and Agnes Rge 32l,000i29-52-33Corp., the Illinois
Republicans to
800j William B. Stone Inc., to Earl K.Murphy,Jup McLendon Immokalce, Lot to A. Vance Morgan Miami run for the state legislature. St. Lawrence Island is not JUNIOR I EXECUTIV I Scott, 4-month-old ton
to Verl R. and Merle L. flarrls. iter. Lot 6, Blk 20, Unit 2, 1, Blk 26, Newmarket Sub'd, parcel in Sec 29, Twp 52, Rge Earl is the youngest brother in Canada, but in the Bering of M,. and Mr. f. Booker of M.nehe,tr, M.., look. Ilk*
Naples part Lot 16, and Bonlta Shores $1.000; William $9,300; Robert F. Anderson to 33, $1.200. of the former president. Sea 188 miles west of Alaska. .n executive, *t ho wtn ;lasses to correct astigmatism. '
all Lot 17, Blk 10, Tier 8, D. Stone to William W. Walk Earl K. Murphy, Jupiter, Lot :
Naples $16.500; JackG.Messmer er, Naples, Lot 1, Blk F, Unit 4. Blk U, Pine Ridge Ext.. ,
to Mlllard L. Hoyt Indianapolis 3, Brookside, $14,000; Harry $3,200; Delbert A. and FredaA.
lndw Lot 6. Blk 12, Smith to Robert W. and ThedaA. Deatrlck to Oscar E. and
Unit 6, Aqualane Shores $5, Metis, Jr., Naples Lot 2, Ora M. Merlcal Naples, Lot
500; Forrest Walker to Dur- Blk D, Unit 2, Coconut Grove.$10SOOI 119, Rosemary Heights Add'n
ward 1. and Frances G. Packard Frank Korom to Harry $6,800; Russell L. Harris to
Kenllworth 111., Lot 13, M. and Nancy L. Smith, Naples William D. Branson Toronto From Rutenberg HomesWELCOME
Blk 14, Unit 6, Aqualane Shores. Lot 1, Blk C, Unit 2, Co- Canada part Lots 3 and 4,
11500. conut Grove, $12,500 Albert South Naples Shores $17,500
Harold B. RuhltoGrace Mass levine to James P. and Car- Richard C. 11111. Jr., to Helen
Plumb Ontario Canada part rie L. Haire, Naples Lot 12, Thelman Naples, Lots 5, 26,
Lots 1 and 2, Tier 1, (mama Ilk E, Unit 3, Coconut Grove 27. 10. 11, and 12, Blk 3,
Vista Sub'd.,$32.500I.E. Loweto $14,500; Lloyd C. Parker to Trail Acres, $2,600; Gulf Am- .
Garrett E. and Ellen W. Mamie, W.OzmerEverglades, erican Land Corp., to EustaceD. SHRINERS
Spitzer HI, Naples. Lot 13, Lot 10. Ilk 9, Everglades $2, and Mary K. Wilson MIami
Dlk L, Unit 2, Coquina Sands 800. Tract 94, Unit 4, Golden
$17,300; Carrie M. Tuttle to Collier Ucv. Corp., to l Harry Gate Estates 5500.
Harvey D. Carter Jr., New C. Delaney, Inc., Pompano
York N.Y., Lot 36, Lantern Beach, Lots 6 and 7, Blk 30, COUNTY
Lake Section, Port Royal $6, Everglades $16,000; Gulf Am- Seward Corp., to John A. '
600; Frank T.GoetZ to Charles erican Land Corp., to Fred S. Pulling Tr., Naples parcel in ,, and their Ladies
W. and Geraldine M. Williams and June I I. lloedl, N. Miami Sec 17, Twp 48, Rge 25, $6,
Momclair NJ., Lot 74, Beach, Tract 15, Unit 1.Golden 000; Isidore Yavers, et al, to
Lantern Lake Port Royal $8, Gate Estates $8,400 Gulf Mario and Josephine Lamber-
0001 Moorings Dev. Co. of Canada American Land Corp., to Edward ti. Hollls, N.Y.. parcel in Sec
Ltd., to Earl E.and Shirley M. and Estella A. Duch 25, Twp 48, Rge 26, $8,000;
J, Carpenter, Jamestown, et al. Berwyn, 111., part Tract Hugh F. Gerhard, et al, to John rn
N.Y., Lot 16. Blk K, Unit 2, 114, Unit 1, Golden Gate Estates P. and Roberta J. Mechling, + d .
The Moorings $6,000; llonitll $4,300; Ilarry E. Dick- Miami Beach, parcel In Sec ,, '"
Homes, Inc., to William T. and ford to J.C. Culbreath Naples 8, Twp 50, Rge 27, $5,000; "' --If"'J'fI : i... ,,'N>. .s., ',"*.",,
Bernice T. McDevltt. Naples Lot 18, Mk B, Guilford Bener Corp., to Vlncenzo .
Lot 17. Blk 4, Unit 2, The Acres $9,000 Albert levine Qulnto, Miami parcel in Sec
Moorings, $25,500. Tr., to Willie C. and Etta M., 6, Twp 50, Rge 31, $3,000
Sconycrs, Naples, Lot 21 and Howard Shields to Michael
CARRIAGE CLUB 22, Holly Terrace $1,400 Orlando 1 Cerulli, Stamford Conn., parcel
The Brent Corp., to Charles Gonzales to John R. and in Sec 34, Twp 50, Rge 31,
II. and Prlscllla Carr, Naples, Janet S, CovlngtonChina Lake, $1,500; Ray J. Rigor Inc., to
Unit, 12, The Carriage Club, Calif.. Lot 28, Unit 1, Isles of Ralph and Mary C. Manno, Cedar ;
$28.)001; I Ileston II. Snell to Capri $8,000; 13 Dev Corp., Grove NJ., parcel Sec
George L. and Barbara K. to Fred and Alice Rcdcnbaugh 4, Twp 50, Rge 32, $3,000;
Kearney, Naples, Lot 13, Naples Naples Lot 87, Unit 2, Late Bernard Klassen to George
Terrace Sub'd $2,5001; Kelly $1,000. Mancuso Pompano[$each.parcel -
Francis E. and Ann II.Govcu In Sec 36, Twp 50, Rge 33,
to Kenneth C. and Donna M. UTTLE HICKORY 1500.
Mulling, Naples. Lot 56. Naples Little Hickory Shores Inc., Maurice Alexander Tr.. to
Terrace $6,650; Orange: to Ruth Alexander Wausau Fred and Marie Hum men, .: I
Blossom Realty Corp.,to Louis Wise., Lot 8, Blk F, replat Charlotte N.C., parcel In Sec
S. and Virginia D. Moore Lots Unit ?, Little Hickory shores 27, Twp 60, Rge 34, $l,495jCaluaa
9. 10 and II, Blk 9. I Ridge: $15,000; Marco I Highlands,Inc., Acreage Corp., to Anthony
Lakes, $16,800 Chief Pontiac to Walter L. and Virginia s. and Rose Petltte Chicago -
Motor, Inc., to Charles W. and Hawkins, Miami Shores: Lot parcel In Sec 30, Twp 50,
Henrietta C. Ewing Center- 4, ilk 3, Marco JIIghlandsI' Rge 34, $1,300; S & II Realty .
CorDM to William D. Seward,
SB COLLIER COUNTY NEWS New Smyrna Beach parcel in .- -
Sunday June 7. 1964 .f't; ....... ..-
-:0" ;. .

.r -
... y 400-
J- c I".n .-rJ) "

We're flattered you chose Naples for your In your registration gift packets you received a

convention, and we hope your stay is enjoyable. brochure on our Florida Classic Homes, and we

While you're here, you're cordially invited to come would like the opportunity to personally show you

I I 4' out and see our model homes, located just a few the beauty design, craftmanship and service built
I minutes drive from downtown Naples. into every Rutenberg.Home.
4.. ,
j ..1't

!g p't Ladies! Get a group together and male it a party. Daily tours are being held at 1030; a.m. and 2:30: pm.

If your schedule does not already include a tour call us at AfIDWAY 2.3844 and we will provide free transportationto

l and from your hotel or motel.

I j ,, i F + .


AND HOW ARE YOU? Mrs.. Alan 'T-:' Band, wife of overseas press: You Will Find Rutenberg Model Homes Located In

representative, Alan T. Band, exchanges pleasantries with Toco the
I toucnn. Toco is well known in England where the Bands make their
I home, through his appearances in the Pinky and Perky puppet show Clearwater, St.Petersburg, Sarasota Ft.Myers Cape Kennedy, Boca Raton
movie done at Caribbean Gardens by Jan and Vlasta Dalibor
s u=a "" i i -- .
I 1 and Palm Beach Gardens




HOlltl LOGnl on commercial and residential
FINANCING /A061AM metro propertiei -oparlm.nla-coop.rONV.S-.
1010U11f0U/rMNTS./ condominiums loam for r.finoncinp.wentINoNVISIT .--- t.
loom for land acquisition and development

JEfferson 88452WASHINGTON r HOMES TODAY ,, '1'" _

North from Naples on L:;" -

o c'LES U.S.Mandarin Route Road-11., At Coquina 1220 (-I-r; : I'/f lMlt.IJA

tl I FEDERAL I 't ( Water Sand for Subdivision.Rutenberg
units < i i iivKitnti if iiii IIKI n Homes signs from highway .
'.-,- : .4vi-.fl ,' -I WM*>..flgt N I IW.. '.t 141 7119 ,
| MP, "

t L .rv..G./! -..., _

The daily news
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of Fill HISTORY'

Weather Outlook -1 High LOW

a... p.... e.... p.*.
Partly cloudy SuwUy with wklljcatttrrd
Jun fill I0*< Sill 4:21It :
showers Low IB the 70s. Q11).j
'. 11:4 4OS 5:07
Hifh Sunday !I. 80.. Mostly :
Jr 4:80 JS1
1 IMS -
south and southwest .lad. to IS
miles' IB hour, lordly a little higher rte 20 1241 ball IU
IB showers June 10 11:21:
Add une hour for Marco

SUNDAY JUNE 7, 1964 20 PAOES 10 CENTS 40th NUMBER Add ono hour Maple Bay bridge

---- -----

$582,000 Job To Take 150 Days

Storm Drainage Street Building ,:

Project Under Way In NaplesWork f f'r c, L1r

on the $582,000 con- set lor tomorrow. The work
tract to Install a drainage sys- is to be completed In 150 days, Around
tem and rebuild streets in the says City Manage Wood.
area, south of Fifth Avenue Halpln will Install upwards
got under way this past of 30,000 feet of drainage pipe
South ranging In size from 12 Indies lei '

Halpln, Inc, Venice contractors to 72 inches They will World
successful bidders on the 30,000 feet of concrete rw The
project moved machinery in and build about 41/2
this past week getting a jumpon streets with concrete By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ,
the stanlng day which was curbing.The .
area In which OTTAWA A \-Tin' Clum'
be completed lies 1>I U Kiwi: flood i.mlrullilllll"'w t r
IkeScrantonTalk South and 15th ..r proj v t (took a irwiit step bur 4 ,,
Avenue ,
v,.ird f'i nlii an aiuila's House
May Hint South, between the
approved the lOG I
of Common | |
the bay. Plans for the I'.S.' .Canadian tioat.\
Bid :
Stop Barry IF
installations In the gene The, project unili'r oonsldcra'
CLEVELAND (AP) Coy of Sewer District 3, Him for 20 )ears, I Is expected| -,
William W, Scranton of just completed, are to not quit l k aivroval In the Canadlan ,
Pennsylvania conferred with for April next year. ix'iHlt1. It II.IH alread NEXT IMPERIAL POTENTATE 0. Carlyle
former President Dwight D. The streets to be U'pn approved by> the United Brock, currently deputy) Imperial Potentate of
Eisenhower at Gettysburg yester. gutters Include First f rI Kates. Shrine nationally, Is scheduled to become Imperial
day and obviously canvassedthe and Third near the Time United 8t.il<"< Is a<'lii>iluli>d
Potentate at July electrons In accompanying article
possibilities of a last-ditch south of Fifth Avenue to iniki4 1',1\ 1III'lit of $274.8 I
Urock talks about the' history and aims of
, attefri4| to keep the Republican I million to British oloinliU l h)
Street between Fifth
presidential nomination from ()C'I I for the mkmartslreamxrw I | Shrine, boasting 8.15,000 members in 167 temples
Sen. Barry Goldwater of Art- and 12th Avenue will er IxMii-flts. Another U.S. |111I)'. in U.S., Canada, and Mexico.Clialfing.
cotta Included and Eighth meat of $GO million will over
Scranton's press secretary, from First Street tolOth thiiu' storage! and, flooil\.tonlrold
Jack Conmy, confirmed by telephone PUMPING ":us III Biltlsli Colunilili a.
that the meeting had The Southern Gulf i With
taken place and that it lasted a Miami firm, has been ROTTERDAM the Netherlands
an hour and 40 minutes. ed to proceed with : (A I')-A pirate. oil-vision( I
The session was held on the station illation I I' 1>,'11111 built in the
eve of Scranton's departure for pumping on North S-a 5'j, mile off theDlltlh
nue, South, near the
the National Governors' Conference crust ti11o SIIIille"H
here, where Pennsylvanians Inn. This station ties The fcUtlon, ollbl.IHtt'rritorl.11 .
were attending> to the drainage system waters, Is believed time first of
drum up support for a belated be Installing. It 1s a III kind. Previous! private o \\i I i_soii> ?lll tk'V'1I full i lone as leader
drive to put the governor Into 000 contract rniii|>anlea have net up radio 01 time "III'hll'l.I.Brode .
real contention against Goldwa Completion of these --- Hi at Ion i oft the furox'.in: | coastto lI, Carlyle Hnick stood momentarily came to Naples to meet
ter. during October or : Junior Beta evailu bans agalnnt commcri Ivfon the window in with Sliriiicri: In the first all-
is hoped will prevent fund of the '111 broolllt'astlnl, his fifth flooi! room at ,tin state shrine Ceremonial, held
up streets detours Ben Parks, However, the Dutch IOv..rnml'llt Bead: Club !Hotel, gazing out here Friday and Saturday.
United Fund inconveniences from Sandra legislation In over tit Oulf ol Mexico.\
"In there b
Parliament list month bunging eve i v man sonic-
visitors encountered (NEWS photo) all artificial Installation wi thu I lie turned and sail), "I xr- what 01 a.lw'y" Brack said (11(1a
Won't Be Idle'' past winter season. In ; Forth /Si: 111\111\1 eI..f'ltll. y. fer OMMW 10 womjiir die blg- jMacus4..sln 4Ihwt ,t .Imv,
1965 more lmproveme j'- dor juiUiIitTToii fleas eT WPIIT. 'tt""WI'tII ,'I .
of thu Nl'lh..r ll. retried to time/ "fun and/
Is tentatively scheduled. UiuH.STOCKHOLM.. thrill to wiiicli the grandeur relic"f a njoyed by hrinei.; tilt
During SummerAt There Is another of Nature, .mJ thliik of ilic world) overlrinieetliigs and con-/
station to be built Sweili-n (AP) ages)! (hoar wave have played vrulsa/ .
a recent meeting of the city yards during the A group; dt'uYd.im: g itself; /aa the;; a symphony on tile hcac'h," "l. t's don't deprive him of
board of directors of theGreater months but this work June Committee IUNnfm a >o spoke "tin.' Lk-ujxy Imp:ilal an opportunity to relax and seek
sult In campaign agaliiht Sovlit Pre Potentate 01 l time \u-lent rablc
Naples United Fund President pleasures It |j an avenue of
George Powell outlined and residents or visitors. roler month.KhrulIllI'hpv' visit laterthis Order of tlin+ Nobles of tlio Mystic escape Dut hat alone is not
discussed the fund's proposed Reporting on work In Tho committee diMorUws Iht'IRIII'ndhli Shrliic for North Anlerloa.I juf fir tint for a Shriiier" said
District 3, Wood said [ In July will succeed!
activities the Brock,
during summer / visit as a "violation
months. Is In the ground and all 15 of Swedish freedom" and sa>sIt Harold C. Close as Imperial
A time-table of budget pro- up work should be will send an open| letter to Potentate, tIe numbrr one lOUKDTIIClUWOUK:
posals and reviews was suggested within the next 10 day Khrushchev asking "what pram: :ihrliier of North America Then he launched Into the
byCol.Ed Vennwho announced said the contractor Is Gordon Iflvcr will \bt thai iiurjKiHcs he thinks will le brock at otic time or another background work of the organization. -
this final task In the achieved l with his visit thin hat hreti a soldier world 'traveler
a June 11th luncheon at The to Lake I ark ochool:> ; "We found our Souls in
Moorings Country Club. AU tion of the district ; of the river to ilia- cost odor'Time limo Swedish peoplo $800, scholar, noturalbt, wrilerkemurerexplercrandbl I'onlaiMl, Ore, In 1920, in

presently have been participating Invited agencies possible move northward as : ; Carve students to tho oinnuttee also says It oainc hunter In 1964-65\ he' (Continued on page ()
to attend Recreation Center} will hold\ nationwide proteM
this luncheon at which 7)J who will be in meetings but plant' no vloleme.
time budget request procedures DoItYourselfRain th rough/: 12 should go Its chairman Is Hlrger NerllllII.a ,
will be discussed and the pro- Park Recreation prominent Swedish hlstorlm.A We're Taking ShrinersFor
gram for the 1964 fund drive Dance Is or the Naplos /High similar group five years
will be presented Success \ ago proUMed' a hiMluled visit
President Powell Invited other by Klirushi hwv and the trip wax
Collier County fundraisinggroups PROSSER, Wash (AP) trroils will* for be swim at the cam'elm d.) Air View Of NaplesJust
not presently partlcl-southeast Washington
patlng In the United Fund campaign nity's do-lt.yourself rain Center. KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP'T..lln.ny )-
such was a drenched success. was completed Sri in case some of the Shriners didn't
as Cancer TB and year., hundreds of the trial of 26. oldQIwr.e
day In year
Heart to attend this About 1,000 persons have n chance to tour the urea, this edition
June 11th have
John Gewner, an Army
out Friday night with contains several splendid air views showing key
luncheon In the interest of dU- Naples program which deserter from Melbourne at,
makers to coax rain
cussing the possibilities of a skies. A slight drizzle } draws praise from mused of living nuclear secrets sections of the city and environs. This issue
single fund raising effort In the didn't dampen their visitors, and state ex- ''n, Sov"1 agents. therefore, would make a good keepsake for
county for 1964. lOon turned into a the recreation field. Tie raw probubly will go to Shriners who want to show their home-town
Other organizations desiring the federal court jury Momlav folk* where tViAv'vp been.
to qualify for help from the
United Fund are urged attend Two Days In 7)A

the The luncheon.following appointments Shri. ; I Ii'

of 1964 divisional fund by campaign Chuck chairmen Copley were for gen-announced the- e Shine

eral chairman
Schools Mrs V.S. Barker.. BY MAX WESTON } 9-r---r- ,

Residential; Frank PurcelU. Shriners poured into t
protessl hal; Rev. Richard ,with the rain all day r'I
Lambert Public Employees! t Ij? until noon yesterday
Robert Bender.. Business;Tom I*than: 3,000 of them
Porter and Earl Hodges. ;*wives, surpassing all \ '! )
Copley urged that the appointment }:Ion.. Some estimates $: ,
of divisional captains be t the: figure at 4000. 1/

completed by August 15th and the Nearly area every was taken hotel, ) t' I I .y t 1 f dJ1 +

Individual divisional soliciting t there: were, here and
staffs by fully organized not la- r tow scattered rooms and
ter than September 15th. It r ments not filled IC
was further pointed out that t to: members of the
there Is a need for volunteer c charge of housing.
help In processing files and Night spots In Naples I
addressograph plates. Those 'a thriving business It L
interested may telephone the ?'at Friday the night Senior after High the : J1,

secretary Midway 2-2552orcaUdlrect-Mrs. D, Elferd1nk.It Corium: 200 where candidates degree
ly at the fund headquarters 455 While rain ,
Sixth Avenue South any morni fesltlvles most of the
Ing between 9 a jTi, and 12 noon iI i It cleared Just In time L

700 fish fry Shriners which was by served r tl'1' v s

Weather Review !(Archie:Doug Hendry S. Turner and Naples In

top" set up In the Naples
Mas Him. Bali \IUgh School athletic field.
May II IS. N -- U >*
May II It.. 1.10 DRILL COM it's a good *
Jaw 1 N M t." Keen competition : ;; ; sunshine for LIFE MEMBER T"d Jaeobson, Egypt Temple, stops for a chat at the
June I 17 71 .... t track, uniformed drill I Carl Clem. Beach Club information desk manned by chairman Mrs Spencer Allen-
Jsae I II fJ .... ;turday('upl*>l morning's the major protlon Stu Lang, clorf and Mrs. Glenn Barr: wives of local Shriners. Over 3,000 visitors

J... 4 It 11 '.U j Senior! IIb School Tampa ; and jammed Into Naples for the First Annual Shrine Ceremonial takingover
J... 6 '';1';(16 71. 'MDete. are talking every empty commodation,: In the city. Tho Beach Club Hotel
swpnss ay:Cerllaesa. Oeedees, (Cntlag4 .* page : photo) was headquarters for the event. McGrath photo)


'Ih .
;1 "


IWj'fl' ,I!' i
A 11 \ .,
''t 'r, I! rIN ,P\.J

proper places In this trou'-lej' \

2 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Sunday, jun. 7, U54 Naples Commencement world and maintain a code cJ "

decency that will do credit na tour

homes our school at r

country and above all,our c Cod; ,

We must use the knowle< 'j

Graduation Orations Shove gained to repay the faith wire| !

our 1"*rents and community

placed tn us by utilizing It i.

Sober View Of Sober world'Anticipation' use every our useful steps way.to guide We those Illlll'

who will follow. Don't stui ;J'

ble and fall! For the future

that we have studied and planned .

j'What Is Past. .' every for step begins count tonight.! Make

We as a class are inexperienced

BY ELLEN WIIITSITT In the ways of the world
Into which we shall venture

I'm sorry that we are Inflicting the School saluta- Mr, Reynolds Mr. Wood after tonight. But, It's like the
upon you this evening two The talks given by Naples High ruff, teachers, parents and cab driver told the tourist ridIng -

salutatory addresses Both torians ((2)) and valedictorian made a distinctly favor- fellow graduates.It perfectly past the government archives -
and tried hardto Suppose were The
Ellen WMtsftt building. tourist
narrow this don to one able impression on the adult audience present for Mon certain that the life and fortune looked at the carved words

speech but fee ended In a dead service the of every one of us depended on "What Is past Is prologue" and
day night's Commencement. a public
winning or losing aslngle game
heat. However, I can honest wanted to know what they meant.

ly say that I can't dank of a NEWS reprints the texts as presented by the youthful of chess.consider What It a one primary of us wouldnot dutyto "They mean," said the driver,

'," more pleasant person with Valedictorian Christine and Saluta- at least learn the names "that you ain't seen nothing
-- whom 1 could come to a dead speakers: Campeau H
Volz' 17> workin and of the So yet
AWARD WINNER / moves pieces.
I'll do best make
heat to
steel, "Owl" was the only sculpture to win my half of the my address short. torians Stanley Boynton and Ellen Whitsitt.and wrote William Huxley In his"

I one of the top Awards of Merit in the Florida Anticipation may seem likea essay"A Liberal Education DEATHSWASHINGTON .

State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition which opens at strange subject for a gra- to fend off the temporaryurge school or even pursue a cor re.spomlence Yet, It Is a very plain and
10th. to violate one's princi 'Praestantia'BY course. They have elementary truth that the life, (AP) Mal
of Art June In
the Ringling Museum on duation address especially wishbone but no back bon..Wish.es the and the of Gen. Charles H. Bonesteel, 79,
pies 1 can recite further ex- fortune happiness
the that
sense we usually em- put Into action can transform a retired Army officer, died
ploy the word Most. commonly amplest The student who cheats CHRISTINE CAMPEAUMr. aimless fantasy into reality everyone of us depends on our while being taken to Walter

ExhibitionOn we hear the word anticipation on the momentary Impulse, the Each of us must be a self knowing the rules of a game Reed Hospital for emergency
Fine Arts used In the sense of hooking person who falls Into the trap Reynolds, members of the starter Thinking of alibis withan Infinitely more difficult and treatment Friday. lIe had suf.

: forward to something exciting of lying to cover his errors, board Mr. Woodruff members 'I want to yes, but' attitude complicated than chess. This fered a stroke last month. Gen

I or pleasant, as In the or the person who postpones of the faculty, fellow graduatesand Is ver unproductive. One farmer game has been played for ages. Bonesteel, a 1908 West Point

Display At Ringling expression "The Joys of anticipation essential tasks until they can- President guests Lyndon Johnson would not plant cotton. He heard The chessboard Is the world graduate was the father, son

exceed the Joys of not be performed properly. cently elated, "in a world that re- about the boll weevil. Another the pieces are the phenomena and grandson of Army officers

realization" This may someday Early In life we should begin sometimes seems vexed by wouldn't consider planting pota- of the universe and the rules

heconie of to anticipate predicamentssuch change and wearied by doubt toes. He became frightened by of the game are the laws not ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -
a proper usage ,
t-orlda state, destruction
The ninth
of the
annual February I From this number the thought
as these. Perhaps It U of and their forces Justice party leader
the "word Indeed It already there Is little need for the next only things Opposition
may If this at.
lair nile inhibition will caused by potato bugs.
Arts ; forty-one were finally chosen have from the not possible to foresee every best and the nearly-as.good.as." but also of men and their ways. Raglp Gumushpala died Friday
be on display In the tingling for exhibition in.: ara ota,Jacksonville the passed Dut temptation that will come our The noblest search of todayIs titude pertains In to us wheel, our Initiative chair. Education Is the learning of night after a heart attack. The
colloquial to scholarly rests a
Museum of Art from Julie Hih and West I'alin [teach. the + intended way for unwise or undesirable the search for excellence have excelled these rules. But no man can former army general was 67.
through August 26th. Lu. -sponsored Ten of the paintings have recently original tuxight by praestantla. Each of this Many persons
us on
the word antidote U that of behaviour. But surely we can because they look on more work be entirely uneducated, for nature
; In Sarasota by the .iara- been on display at the and with the meet some of them in advance. platform tonight will continue his than was needed for receiving as well as books Is great CHICAGO (AP) Dr. Isaac

iotart Vssoctation and tIe 1 Florida showcase in \ew York. expecting idea of preparing off Let us make up our minds now, search for greater knowledge, their pay checks It was In the teacher For me education Is Shour, 64, dean of the University
Rlnglin\ Museums the :showIng meeting or warding Instead of waiting until the decision either by climbing the educational 'so called 'off' hours that neither more nor less than this, of Illinois College of Dentistry
contains 41 works of con as a fighter might anticipate a ladder or by accepting employ Nathaniel Hawthorne, a cus. since 1953, died Friday. He was
Ls forced We the class of 1964 have
upon us. ,
blow And
temporary florlda artists Zoning AgendaThe by raising his lave ment. When those who enroll tom's house clerk, wrote his of former president of the Interna.
The apostle Paul has captured benefited from twelve years
The Florida State fair Art this Is the thought 1 chosen at college complete their immortal stories.Both tlonal Association for Dental
for the 9 ajn. this Idea In letter to the liberal education we
agenda Tonight
the exhibition to deal with tonight.SELFPROTECTION. courses, they can excel In that extensive and Intensive Research. ,
Committee -
prepared Tuesday meeting( of the ion- church at Ephcsus when he which they are most qualified. reading shows the directionto may feel a bit reluctant In turning -
which was first displayed and! Board will "Wherefore take Others seek and find backs these
ing Planning says unto employment our upon past )
Books onlya HOLLYWOOD AP
the praestantla. are ( ) Rod
\rt Institute.
at Tampa
be as follows: During the past three or more you the whole armour of God, Though effortdetermlnatlon.and means to an end, however.Do twelve years but progress O'Connor 50, Red Ekelton's an.
I ollowlng the Ringling:\ : showIng 1. --AI'I'LICT1ON/ :Nt). 66: the good teachers and parents that ye may be able to with- perfecting a skill, those Indivl. we have the will, the enthu. comes from looking forward... nouncer on radio and television

:, It will travel to the Norton : FROM! Alva M. Olscn et al. years seated before me now have stand In the evil day and) having duals can also excel In a slasm, to reach this goal? not backward. We must use for years, died of cancer Fri.
and School of definite contribution world
Gallery Art KCt:: Uczonliig Lots 33 through been endeavoring to help us an overcome all, to stand. pro. Praestantla Is carved with the the knowledge gained from our day In a Hollywood hospital. lie
No one can unconditionally
in West Palm/ Beach and the 62 inclusive Naples Hayvlcw ticipate. They have been show- Thomas G ray expressed another and gross positively give an answer as chisels of efficiency, integrity, past as stepping stones into the had been ill a year.

Jacksonville An Museum.:: Subdivision, from "C" Single the raise Idea In his "Elegy In a to potential. and hard work. Yesterday ended future. Some of us will step
This annual exhibition U ing us guard we can our
I Faintly District to "E" Single against\ misfortune or mischance Country Churchyard" when he We all have some knowledge last night. into college I some will step Into NEWTON, Mass. (AP) Ben.

open' to al! artists who reside : Family District. Truly none of us has wrote "Full many a flower U regarding the oyster. It it Impossible May ve, the class of 1964, Industry; and others will Join iambi loring Young, 78, former
onward to the threshold
In t lor Ida six months of the [KCMAKKSt NAME:: OF OWNCKSi !:- taken of all that has born to blush unseen.and waste to ascertain whether or forge the armed services. speaker of the Massachusetts
works possession: of excellence. It is a rough road
year. Original: in all :: James: W, Grant. Jr. > been offered but of the Its sweetness on the desert not it contains a fabulous pearl of But wherever wegoorwhat- House of Representatives and a
some that leads to the heights great
style and media are judged/: Lots ai: through 36 itM1.; El- will be a ofus air." merely by examining: the outer ness Follow via Praestantla. ever we do, we have a responsibility. prominent Boston lawyer died
protections part
liy an out-ol-staic jury composed surface. A minute of in a nursing home Thursday.
bridge: 11:. Strickland Lots live. Wherever 1 ask you not to waste your piece Thank You. ... we must take our
as long as we
of three authorities I of
foreign matter Intrudes
:37 and 381| James: W. Grant, do sweetness on the desert air.
liU we go whatever we Into the oyster's elicit The n ".
national "
reputation. )
year' Jr Lots 30 through: 46 foil.: b It to be rca d y to cad;Ibu to .
consisted ofc .V.Donovan we will have some protectionthat ter cannot expel or *jr r
jury Km & Lois Clawson Lou best to the world when
( of and director was acquired here In Na- your unwanted substance, so It coversit
professor! art
47 and 49 Alva M. Obcn chance bearing the
; your comes
with a secretion, which overa
of the l Krannrrt Art Museum of Lois!: 49! through 52 inrl. ples.Dut Is not full armour of God. period of approximately five
my purpose tonight swYnJmQ7tHSPECIALS
of I
the University llltnoUt John
Gordon of tit APPLICATION FROM merely that of thanking the The point I'm trying to makeIs years, grows to beautiful pearl.
Whitley njl. Maihotfcr Jr. d/b/a teachers and parents who have that you must anticipate your Thus challenge and problemsare

Museum of incrlcanrt inNew [d cwmcreach of Naples tried probably harder than the problems and chances: to serve, to us all the foreign mat.
York: and UariU I'rlor, ter Is to the
Apartments IXttj( city license use and having anticipated them; oyster
results can justify to arm
dlrectajfoi, ill I I lal (VA ".1110:1')'.uI Ilk- Culver .ShdVc Mvd. "*- beer wlir, HViior for the years to comt. They 4 God about you.Nab FIND YOUR WORLD
and that
tiny of Hochc( te r.New: York, ZONCj: ; "G-a" know we are grateful, James Bryant Conant said,
Over 800 works were considered { District. we will be more si In the future 'each honest calling, each walk

llil' year with 1"+i1 selected Multiple! Dwelling ice sections 3- as we appreciate more 6 In Raid of life, has its own elite, its
fully the unselfish motivation own aristocracy, based on excellence
ilio InV
lor Tampa opening
7 and 3-8. which has Inspired them to On Polk County of performance. We
-APPLICATION I ROM: work with little or no material can seek and find our individua

Mrs Itlehtard Icmlttg.IOH T: reward at the difficult task Moonshine Still lity. We can develop our ability.At .

City license (lioinc occupation*, no time should we belitter
of making: us Into good citizens. MULBERRY (AP) Six men
10TJ 7th Street, South We arc even beginning were arrested Friday in a raidon our Ideas and think we have
nothing to share with others We,
Ir HPLES beauty parlor to realize that If we do become a Polk County moonshine op
O\Cj: :: Home occupations If eration. Two stills, one In a bedroom individuals, can excel.
)good: citizens we Back In 42 B.C. Pliny tells us. Two nice waterfront lots Bow Line
rvrniiitLd In "E":: single): famIly strive to contribute more to wore destroyed.Al In his 'Natural History'accounts, on Bay,

"CEATRE 4--District! i'PLICATION FHOMICOIII't'U thU world than we receive elate Scheuck and federal, tax officers agent, said cooperated that everyone excels at some recently seawalled, priced at same figures as

we shall than have rewarded thing In which another fails Did
In the raid on the and
before seawalling $11,750.00
Tahitian 1250000.
: inn d/b/a these our benefactors more thanIs O.stell tiagglna/ at Bradley you know Leonardo Da Vinci, in ;

JUNE 7th THRU JUNE 12th C IW. FOR City license (hcv- possible in any other way. Junction, just south of Mulberry.A 1508, had the Idea of contact

ciagei, uroallVCIIUl..', South 350-gaIlon still was found be. lenses? Later, Galileo experimented
Sun Mon Tu...
and hay, :Naples. LOOKING AIIEAD hind the house, and a 1,000galIon and discovered we see
IYPC:: 7 COP ZONE: through the cornea and nut the
: It Is tonight 'hat still in the bedroom. Hag.
THE PUBLIC IMAGE THE PRIVATE TRUtH DUriot.UCMVRKM my entire eye. Today, with the application Nice three-bedroom beauti-
Industrial two-bath
Jf TV -. "* -? "'- "K" Light much of the U'lhapplness! : that gins his wife and their ten of andpresent home,
= ; I .>cc sections 3- In life children also occupied the house past knowledge
we shall experience fully landscaped carpeted double with
day technological
ri'p felii-uik said.
7 and :i-b.
-K: many of the missteps that we contact lenses have
BESTMRNFONDA' Three cars were confiscated electric door risers and other including
lu 6--IU view commendation shall take we can avoid by become a realization. many extras -
submitted by Zoning!: & PI uudngIkurd a along with sawed.off shotguns, In of willexperll.'nce circular
q' anticipation. For example, pistols, switchblade knives, and the cycle living we screened patio just reducedto
!lIlY with
1-th inlnutcsi
I May : :
( youngster/: In II dlmestore( pockets of Illegal liquor and the pinnacle of optimism
rd retire to,aC11IILfit ion of properties a few trinkets that arc Invitingly mash\ Scheuck said. and the depth of pessimism. $31,500.00.Threebedroom ,
twN.amt 111111 IIIlII'llIgf: Unit past Abraham Lincoln was in this
: ( available the counter -
): on The six men were taken to
and recommend 'down swing' cycle when he delivered
This! was a spur-of-thc- Tampa where they appeared before
Wed Thur. hrL- Sat. allY revision! of ordinance" ivlv.lt II 1" "1I.'lIt decision yUUUng: to U, S. Commissioner Doug the"Gettysburg Address'and
he felt it was a complete
Nexuses' temptation. The act probably las Hampton.Haggtns allure But, will his great ora two-bath home with
7--t Inal review l.f rl'l'J'Il'l1 : carpetsand
his truecharacter
doc not represent and James Alken of tion ever be forgotten?
IRIAN KELLY cJ new zoning oidlnancc. at all. Yet the mil- Pierce were released under$500 i Certain sterling traits of character drapes. Never occupied, used last seasonas

HELEN CHERRY step would never have taken bunds on charges of possessing; are Just as necessary as unusual HoMiLi Home exhibit house. Fully sodded
place had Junior anticipated the silting manufacturing and I rans.portlnlt ,'. talent especially stick-to,

In 1 Sob Story Expert problem. I am not proposing tIIl'lfalliquorl. itlveness. Writers' works are and landscaped, all decorator fixtures -

FLIPPER'S NEWADVENTURE Nabbed On Fraud a "cure-all" for thievery, Ltge McCormick 40, of Lake seldom accepted on the first pre $33,500.00.
sentation. A discus thrower
but I do chancefor Wales
sec a good and Willie Lewis Cook of
Charges By FBI morality to be securely In Pierre were held under $3,000: i I doesn't win the tournament with
Color M, G. M. bond Da>'s practice or a month's(trial
T\MP\ .\n ,\ sub .slur -\ place when temptation arises
\ ipiIt _. Victory is a result of constant
-- -- --
Was III Jill II III k'l' $1,000Isud ( prolonged, dally effort. It's hard
| lotlu on .i 1'lll'r,1 ilnrRi' work Thomas Edison tried

I ol trend! In ttlio. Tin FiR mllu 6,000 substances to find a suitable .

was hII'I"| | \ tn IH Ih 'I'\'. filament for electric light For these and other fine homes or homesitesin

mAIL THEATRE J. S, Santolint Ji., aiionl In bulb. lie excelled yet was not a
ili.true. of tlu' Tiiupa HU!, sitiD.uid \' scholar Albert Einstein ex. The Moorings, see or call:

1 SU'hkor Mipnnill! 61. o celled with his 'Theory of Re.

Period -Of T.Imhi was rested In Clear latlvlt)"'.
w.II'r! while awaiting a \\cMvii We must endeavor to seek a
JUNE 7th ltht JUNE I 12th I lh Union nioiHM order from DulT.i way to Improve ourselves our H. Milton Unk Realtor

Sun Mon lo, N.\'. lie said MiDniuKt toll work and our way of life, Wishing Associates: Leslie C. Johnston, James L Cochrun,
the ariestlng inonU' tint It w.It .. makes one an Idle dreamer not
TONY RAHDAII a weluimeaire"t." .....f. a doer. Some Just offer reasons Betty I. Johnston, Art Arnold.

D) the lllllO I lit' VOtS nut tl r \ for having little education and
prlHon Md ixnuilit toM the JitI1.l'lIhl never attempt to attend night.

...color he > in <]iiilln Cur soctakoiuiltv I : -. -
amt 111111" h.lto ten t ,
on hit nioiie\ ,raising sv\ ('tail: / Astronautslay!
,I1 am loiiRvr. .,
P N.Wera'r nitoUiia' siid MI Umal,,I iI. : :." Land On !Moon

MOUld place ,l cnllo.t call (0 .1 .. b
r telephone nunilH-r in souse othe.r Ahead Of Time

state, tell the |p,'rMin who 11swert'd \ : '
hiidluik ktoram HOUSTON, Tx.AP) Two O[ NAi r [IORIIpAI
-- -..-.... ,. astronauts mal land on the
talk them into \MUIK him mon tit" '
Fri Sot et. moon 18 months ahead of sched
s. ule. I
.Wm'i' \. : > ;:: ,, This announcement was made 2829 N. Tamliml Trail Phone MI 2-3102

Title Companyof "' \I ... Friday b>' Dr Joseph Shea, who L I
I 'MUIIIIGUIrN J \ l .4 directs the moon program for

Naples the Manned Spacecraft Center
ABSTRACTS ESCROWS : Shea told about 100 delegatesto
< the Texas Air Fore Assocla
PLUS IICONO flATU" Pcppard Bldf.Ml .
lMSIJ1 lion convention that rockets and
Tommy Steelein Fifth Art, So. men could be read for a
'\ "" ',"-...., ..t I manned moon flight b) 1968.
W'J' .
... ... UKII SPOTChris Conle, a radio astronomer rides in Most other estimates of the l1/1 c-r P ?

THE DREAM C.l MAKER hrr.r, ., t'1.. tile nest of an Air Force crane to 'tip" an 84-foot radio to moon the shut end date of the have decade been ;lose the Where cue sunsets are Jab'ct'olts

r rms. signal rermer located at Ipswich Mass. in the directionof target set by the late President ".- _1:.
the constellation Cassiopeia John F, Kennedy. .

......... ,.. ..,. s .....:
--- -- --- -

,. \, ".
-Y' -. .
I ts. r .


1 Sunday June 7, 19U COLLIER COUNTY SEWS 3
rd.f > 'III&.! II> ae .

are.fCD I! a l

: l:

n 3 rRtr
nI "
.,, \
4 ea Ie
I 11 i Ii r I. t 1 1e
; ,. ii.

e .. It"


4 .
41i1a4 \ CAP 12 oz. cans





M 9, (

.. .. _._ ,, ..
-- -- '-' --' ---- ----- --- -- -- -

S.II.'FS. NErl Radio'Telephoto; 334

II.it REINFORCEMENTS; IN LAOS-Loaded with equipment and supplies. troops of neutralist Premier Soinanna Phouma
itn march single file through the mountains between the Plaine Des Jarres and Ran Na in Laos The struggle between the
. Communist Pathet Lao and nationalist forces has flared to life again in this strife.torn country I

there, he took straining course
cf I
for Ike ExpectedTo

re ry ; verglades-N ws Harmon Turner eountyen- HI-C
gineer gave a talk on Gulf .
: : American Land Corp. and the Reiterate DRINKS3a89:
.: By Juanlta Weldon: ?. :;...:..:{ development of their l 77- 't

..:.. square-miles known as Golden Neutral Policy

v Rain, Rain, Rain! \fter our home Wednesday for the summer Gate Estates.

1s long dry spell I do believe we vacation from school. A Joint Installation of officers CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -
are about togetmorewaterthanwe ounday night an award ceremony Is being planned by Everglades Gen Dwight D. Hst: >nho""t>r jus
9t can use. It started raining was held at the Everglades Immokalec, Naples an opportunity at the IClh an.
1 Tuesday and has rained spas- Sundries :store During Donlta Springs: and LaBellefor nual Governors' Conference
t i icxJtcally: eve since Fridayit : the month of May visitors June 20th. The special here to have a final my about
) rained constantly here. were able to put their namesin program will be held at the the GOP presidential immlnaHon. NESTLES >
I fir
The Everglades Community a box with hopes of winning Everglades Rod & Gun Club CHOCOLATE BARS ? ,
The odd about
I Church closed Its 5-day Vacation a Universal toaster Junior Lodge In Everglades.The new the former are president even will that(Incline qKing

Bible School Friday with Ballard\ was the lucky one for ly elected local officers to be -as he has bt'torl'-Io give
an enrollment of 34 and an average the month of May. The prizefor Installed are as follows: Dick any solace to so.railed Hnon:
dally attendance of 28. June is aO.C.portable mix Stokes president)Walter/Holz- hower Republican wringing
The school was open to all children er. The same rules. apply man, first vicc-p residcnr,Ray their hands about the prospoit
from three through 16 yearsof with the award taking place on mond Wooten second vice-pm- that Sen. Barry Goldwater of .N
age Reverend HjO. Wcis- the eve of June 30th. sident Ross Phillips third Arizona may be about to latch e

becker acted as prlitctpaloftnc Beatrice "Sook" Williams vice-president} Roy Mays secretary onto the nomination.

school. Virginia Ann Rlndy is In Fort Myers staying with and treasurer! J.M. Elsenhower's speech before 0r
played the piano and Cathy her daughter Lila the is Davidson lion tamer and Aubrey the conference. Monday night Is
billed as non political. But Ohio
oinallwood led the singing. Oth- receiving medical attention Morris tall twister. Ran-
Gov. James A. Rhodes, conference
er group: leaders were Mrs. with possibilities of hospltl- dolph Swain was elected as a host, has taken every |>o..
I ti.(.. VveUbccker and Irwhhmore. :.(,.!C. Ilzat ion. oook" is missed director to serve one year and sible step to make this melding
Handicraft consisted behind the lunch counter of Paul Cooke and Ned Shaffer of state executives an Informal
of woven coat hangers and the Everglades Restaurant and were elected as directors to Republican summit conference

plaster molds. we want her to know that many serve two years Through Curtis Lee Smith,
The Woman's Club held Its people arc pulling for her. Cleveland Chamber of Com u Fl! I
last meeting of the season at the There have been other changes coerce president, Invlt.it Ions
Everglades Rod & Gun Club at the Restaurant, too. went out Friday night to Gold -I '

Lodge this past Tuesday night. Nellie [Barton Is taking sometime j 11na$5tAHArdaM I!, water and former Vice FreM L wPr
dent Richard M Nixon to attend
Thirty-one reservations were off for a rest and Gloria ) 105513SIIIA3N 1 I .
the Monday dinner,
made for the banquet. Weeks has resigned and mov-
Gov Nelson A. R'k..tl'llt'r tif
Mamie Ozmer lift Friday afternoonforErwinTennwhere- ed to Naples. Kernlcc Smith New York, William W. Si&'ran
and Ruth Fussell have been .M ton of Pennsylvania and Gcoigp
.- <>he felll spend the summer with employed as full-time replacements. W. Romney of Michigan also!

her son Hobert.Jr.,and family. w are expected to attend.As .
Tuesday: evening Mamie had a Debra Weldon celebrated her a favorite.non candidate,
surprise visit from Harvey and 9th birthday Saturday, May Rhodes heads an Ohio (Megatlon ] .
[\e.s Murray of Lake Wales 30, with her family. Her big that easily could deliver a U.S. CHOICE
They were good friends back In day was Monday when she went majority of Its 58 delegate Volt.sto BONELESS

Tennessee and visit each other on a shopping: trip in Fort My- j Goldwater on the first ballot
at the GOP convention If there
as often as possible now.
ers.Gerald were a stampede| .
\Ir. and Mrs. Lee Tyc and Landrum airman Eisenhower, who recently do.
children, Tommy and Anne,left 3rd class, stationed in Milton scribed the kind of progressive
) Ida) afternoon for Richmond, Ha., got a 15 day furlough Republican he would like t,) ace DEL MONTE
Va., where Lee will be doing and] arrived home in time to nominated, cut the ground from 39
post-graduate work in the see his brother James graduate under party liberals by caj)Ing
audio-visual field. He begins from high school. Other newsmen who Interpreted Ill-
his schooling on the 15th, so It members. of the family coming ( 1 statement, and not he. had read
gives: them a little time to down for the special occasion Goldwater out of vblt relatives the Wade w. While the former presidentwill
on way up were Mr.and Mrs.
and get settled In a place before Landrum and Mr. and Mrs. serve al as the a television :oniRientator .. lb. :
nominating convent
he starts school. Catherine Lester Landrum Jr., all of Ion, It was learned that he I 1.
says they will be vUir- Fort Myers.Mr. will he represented on the convention .
Lug and exploring on weekends and Mrs. Math Maddox floor by his brother Ur.
of Alva,spent Monday and Tuesday Milton Eisenhower of Baltimore
OFF rOR NORTHWEST with Mertlse and Lester The latter has accepted a placeon

lols Smith left SaturdayHorningforTaconaWash 1 and ruin. While here they enjoyed the Maryland delegation ..J2S
] ): She some good fishing in the Most Republican stralcelsts
hill spend several weeks with Ten Thousand Islands.Mr. think Gen Eisenhower would
her mother, and visit her bro- and Mrs. Byron Baxter like to see Scranton becomethe

thers and sl..terund their ram- and children are away on va- presidential nominee. Out
has been 10 reluctant
Illcs- while there. She will be cation. Upon their l return, they about entering the contest that
redlining the first of August,to will be moving out of the'Clow- few think he can be developedin
help In the dally Vacation Bible er house on Riverside Driveto the remaining time as chal StampsNo '
school at the Everglades Daptlit Ochopee where they have a lenger to Goldwater.

church. trailer. OLD AND! NEW-When one Republican members of Smith have have had to reassess
Thursday night Buddy and Call moves something in the their
the baptist Church honored the moved and are now making their United States, one goes to thinking about their own re '
1 erry Runklc family with a din- home In Fort Myers. the local supermarket and water's nomination !because of Gold. WITH. DUTCH MAID I
*We hate the Ruukks rick has takcnOail's victor over Ro< kefel
no r. to see llona Pat gets some boxes. The chap ler In
Tuesday California!
leave Everglades.but are proud place as secretary to Ronald above has combined the best scheduled primary
a get together
,.f inc scholarship Terry has received Wardcll In the branch office of of two ways of !life at the yesterday with Rep \Ijlliam t, o. "YESYES"COOKIES

at the University in Webb Realty in Ochopce. She New York World's Fair, Miller,OOP national chairman:

datncsvlllc. will work during the summer With Sen. Thru.ilon B. Morto-i
Lcldon andMarjorle Thomp months. Tito To Visit of Kentucky, chairman of tne
son and childrenDarUsne\ ,Dolores Lucille Drowning: resigned : Republican, Senatorial Cum s
and Jimmy left Wednesday as secretary in] the Dewey Nikita; To Discuss align Committee, Miller hoped
for a visit to New York Polly office and I'atsy Smith to assess strategy' for the campaigns
Rift With China
and the World's Fair. This has taken her place to elect Republican to 434
U the children's first trip out MOSCOW (AP)-Official Sov. the 25 gubernatorial 1 races his

of our own mire and they exCitedly LIONS' MEETINGSThe let sources said Saturday Pro,>'
helped with the pre Lion's Club will beholding mler Kirroshchev will meet Pro> ear.There were numerous denial

I'a ral 1011.1. They w 111 fly hack Its meeting in the Ever- sldent Tito of.Yugoslavia" "in the, that the Republican gathering Swiss Steak Round69c
next two days. would be utilized to organize a.IGoldwaler
iii)] a ICM lavs.. glades r Rod & Gun Club Lodge .
The sources said the meeting; movement
'Mtll' ] Holzn an arrived during the summer months. place probably will be Lenin.
They held their first meeting grad Gelatin T7cDELMONICO
MOVING TO FLORIDA? there Thursday night wlthG ranvllle Tito is on an official visit to
Lout*! Kilrn-liundrd l>fi,. Hill presiding. Roy Mays tInland
Franklin County Cancer Society
a on the state convention The two Communist eWe"met
rn, Mudt-r Lqulpmtnt. Kant gave report
ported that volunteer fund
held on Miami Beach last in 1983 when Khrushchev one
pie Nalea 1letwern Naple.and
collector returned to hu.Jq"lerl
last week lie was the dele- was in Yugoslavia Tllowas ELBOW 19 q
: 1000 Ib" *. 1009 IbHcu front the local Lions. While (last in the Soviet Unlun In with the money she had collected
t you CIMI" )uuNt gate ..1982The, and a dog. MACARONI ib. box
: lark f201.20 I3S2.10 Soviet-Chinese powerstruggle She said the man of one of the

('kicag.' 1201.2 t3&2.ItU and the role Yugos families she called on had offend
In It Is the anima( Several I hour
klavla -
( to be a top item on the Lenin> (.tlf. officials said, a oman .. .

and erring Florida ill including Korlhrm N pointi.plc. ... -- --= '\ grad agenda. called and offered a cash gift if .. :4CSPECIALS: FOR MON., TUES. &. Y &>.
FOR SUN PUN & "sn she could have her dot back Th OPEN
fort Mjtrk I PunU dorda ,I 4 FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL P.M.
Everyone Reads The NEWS trade was made. () H .1 Ik k. .. k...4lMl
Ckarlottt Harbor, Sarasota Silvcri i as d U Uu !., 4*.1 ln; > r
rlf V rite far rate and sal !: ? i

ntiniiln from any city !. gar HMODERN, SAFE." FAST t.' j :;: J' SUNSHINE SUPREX

..y Florida point ... call col J FISHING CRUISER .* < ,ftttrical Sm/
1';" PkoM 842-1121, '
Ml 2-3149 721 Slk SOUTH MCNl'MI J-1W ,1:
N Capt.
I Ha Street SontbM. 1
r "':, ,rUrn,. Flelda ,, uah.cL24.c4.: Ph: MI 2.3696 1 1175 Pine St.. Naples. Fla. v



- 5 *


'" .

1 f I


..; ........ rPrbtRt4t! I' 1I --.- _

Nt\U Heed Those BellsBY

SUNDAY. JUNE 7, 1964
I Newspaper Enterprise Assn.It .

. You Can't Win 'Em All /r I e_' 'I.'''' I

was quite a fact which modern man. He hears the
these weather problems. They probably Prof. Ivan Pavlov, Russian sounds without knowing their

There Is en old saying among native won't hold it against us, as some winter physiologist, discovered In his meaning. And if there is no

Floridians that "only fools and Yankeestry visitors from the north have a habit of now-historic experiment. He one to tell him Sunday after
Sunday if he does
had rung a bell, put out the or not hear
to predict Florida weather. doing.If. food and a little dog ate. This how will he know that the

Mark Twain is credited with saying, the sun doesn't shine every day : association of bell and food bells are calling men to see

"Everybody talks about the weather but during the winter season, some winter tt was so real that after a time, beyond the things which dimension .
t the professor discovered that their lives until they
nobody does anything about it"Both visitors seem to think Neapolitans are Ia. all he had to do was to ring come to worship

these old adages went haywireIn purposely causing bad weather just to the bell and the dog's saliva In the states of the Communists

Naples this week The rain was pre. make them uncomfortable. Believe it flowed. the bells are silencedand

dicted and, by golly, that "fool" the or not, there's more truth than poetry h 4.t same Now trick.advertisers Tone rhythms try and the bells in are the melted times into of war cannon.the

weatherman hit the nail right smack on that facetious statement.The the ringing of certain bells But in our time the bells become .

the head. good Shrine Nobles can rest assured are used to identify a wide silent in the mind of the
range of products. Just ring hearer, so that listening to
didn't that the inclement weather WAS
Perhaps all Neapolitans cross s
1 the bells he has
the bell, or tap out a certain no under.
their fingers end wish for sunshine NOT ordered by local residents. It has rhythm and the "response" is standing of their meaning.

but many of us did. Whether this can grieved us almost as much as it has supposed to follow. After a time he doesn't even
idea. know that he hears them.
be counted as "doing something" about them even though every lawn in the It's really an ancient blow-
Across the hillsides the It will not be
the weather is a moot point. We thinkit area has been needing rain quite badly. ing of the horn had meaningfor then Just to ring the enough bells. .

should be counted.It Have no doubt about it, Nobles. It ..; travelers. The Angelus Somehow an eternal mes

Is extremely regrettable that Inclement has been a pleasure having you with us- announced the fact of wore sage must be associated
in the
EFfoers ship, so that the man with the ringing.
weather hit this usually sun- rain or shine (there were a few good field could pause in those daysof
gTRAC/AL Perhaps the
drenched area just as the Shrine Nobles hours of sunshine during the past 48)) pRoCREfS many-houred labor, haltingto problem we confront greatest today

arrived for the All-State Ceremonial. The and it Is hoped you will come again another could pray.write And in Walt that Whitman famous we assume that each succeed.

one mitigating circumstance is that an time. poem: ing generation will automatically .
understand the idea.
overwhelming majority of the visitorsare Honest, gentlemen, It doesn't rain : 0 Captain, my captain! our Someone once a1&ked if all persons .

Floridians and they understand here all the timel! : /ar/ul trip Is done were Christian, how long
.c The ship has weathered every would it last? lie answered his

wrack, the prize we own question with the assertion
. Consider The Parking Meter PipesCity sought is won, "Until the next baby is

.'. _'''_Hy."m _,. y."o _" .............. The port is near, the bells 1 born."

Council has acceded to the request small, but slightly, ornament that couldbe hear, the people all This is true of all educa
PET DOCTOR exulting.But tion. Over and over again, the
of downtown merchants and removed mounted on top of the pipes. It mightbe The Best of then suppose that Pav persistent, patient challenge
BoyleBY lyA.W.Mollor, DVM.Q.
the parking meters during the well to let each merchant use his lov's dog forgot about the of teaching and communica

summer months. The task of removingthe own Ingenuity In determining what HAL BOYLENEW food, what would the bell ting must be repeated. Either
mean? Then would the saliva that or religious illiteracy in
meters is just about complete, which should be done to beautify the unsightly flow Is that why the television this increasingly secularized

leaves a veritable forest of pipes along pipes before his store or place of busi YORK ticker will last longer if you advertiser has to tell us world will take all meaning
(APThlngs a that certain from the ringing of the bells.
day rhythm
downtown every
streets. ness. columnist might never know If learn to unwind"-Arnold Gla.
his product? Those teachers in Sunday '
Frankly, these pipes are not attractive There is still the possibility, even be didn't open his mail: sow Brides in In World War II the opening Schools, those parents in their
Strictly the hush-hush the Norway wear green
no matter how hard one tries to though it be small, that the meters will federal government on now has for good luck.The favorite colorsin lave' telegraphic notes of Bee. family circles, those neighborswho

see them in a favorable light. be reinstalled next winter otherwisethe more than three million secret Romania are red and gold t. thoven's Fifth Symphony became sustain every influenceof
documents.In It was Don Herold who ob. the "V for Victory" symbol religious understanding,
What be done about this situationis should be removed. Until t
can pipes
that a and are making this come
Greece If you're eligible to served, "Work Is form of nerv. swept weary prayer
a problem that can be answered in City Council determines if the parking vote and don't, you can be fined ousness." tested people. true:

many ways. They could, of course, be meter ban is permanent or temporary, and given a 30-day( jail sentence. .".w..w Suppose they had not "Through all the passing f
known the meaning of 0 Lord
years, ,
You nine times as much
painted an attractive color-which would why not try to utilize the pipes to make braking power to stop a car go J., those sounds? Would the Grant that, when church bells

help. Or merchants might decide on a the community a little' more attractive? Ing 60 miles an hour as one go. people saliva of morale have are ringing,
Ing 20 miles an hour.A : flowed Many may come to hear Cod's

thumb Is of This is the predicament of word ."
"7 -" -- green part a
I J1:'" .#: _;Wi ?;; ..ie scholar's equipment In Turkey. In the
f 0 f.Sy iN.Yi weIT ...... ,- I have a French Poodle
Gardening Is Included In the cur.
rlculum of schools there. I' 1 news who has coughing spells, and the BARBSBY QUICK QUIZ I

PAYS TO Todayln Do the terms "Little boy" and veterinarian says it', an upper
ovl f "Fat boy" ring a bell In HAL COCHRAN
your By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS respiratory infection. She also
ADVERTISE Washington memory? They were the code HOLLYWOOD deal. I read of Some laid Q-When were the last Fed-
CaJ It, for
cECr1 (AP)- snares a good people away
of eral troops moved out of the
names atomic bombs
ex Alfred Hitchcock, producer of "Vennel cough in column.Is the income tax and others
By fh. ploded over Hiroshima and Na. South alter the Civil War?
mysteries to laid
reported just awake.
gaskl. this contagious to humans or A-In 1877.QWhich .
ASSOCIATEDPRESs the sheriff's office Friday in
Quotable notables: "When you only to other dogs? lelo Payne,
Hollywood that he and actress The doctor who says age
t enjoy loving your neighbor It''like' : Sommer had theta respec- E, St. Louis, III. is a mental condition seems is the nation's

y Ir ,)NEARINO THE END: Mrs ceases to" be a virtue"' "-Kt'>! '4* dressing rooms WrIt rlzed A. "Kennol Cough' It definitely not to be overlooking the physical fastest growing metropolitanarea
ABG S John F. Kennedy recalled (for Glbran. f of two clock radios and $279 In Infectious / wreck. ?
the Warren Commission Fridaythe A court In Tel Aviv ruled cash. The burglaries took place lo any o"lmo.cepl dugi A-The Washington, D.C..
ATrO nightmare moments of Nov there is no lawful limit to the at Universal Studios where they II II highly Infedioui lo ether dogs and area in the 2Vi years after
21 when her husband was as.asslnated amount of noise a person may are making. a turn. one dog with'" Hill condition ihould boliololod the 1960 census.
at her ilde. make on his own balcony. But, you mention the term

In a terse statement, the commission The human body contains TOKYO (AP) The head of 'upper rotplrotory Infection'/ Some In- 0-Which is the world'slongest
noted that Its hearingsare enough lime to whitewash a state and queen of Malaysiawill ( client of mil sodas Interchangeable road?

almost over and It "Is giving chicken coop.It arrive In Tokyo June 16 between man and dog. I hove often noticed A-The Trans-Canada Highway .
thought to the content and Is hard to stay dry In Dher. for a 10.day stay. In Japan, the In my practice "''atwh."a dog ho, There's a lot of fire in the is the longest road in the
form of Its report." ranpunjl India, one of the wet. foreign minister announced to. a septic sore ""throat "there is often 0 political pots these days and world, 5,000 miles across the
It added, though, that the test places on earth The annual day in the Japanese capital. child, In "the family with,'" a lore "throat olentv of smokes. continent
rainfall l. ISOInrhan. and It her
i I group has not discussed fl. -
b-k.own; ; ; 'I heii -- -
1 nal conclusions rain 30 PHILADELPHIA (AP) -

SOOT AND CANCER: Two re. days In a row Frank (Bllnky) Palermo, con.
searchers theorized Friday that The financial assets of the vlcted of conspiracy and extortion Historical COLLIER COUNTY I
Barry Has First Ballot Nod the reduction In the size of soot American people last year weir" started serving a l5-year
In estimated at one trillion, 242 term In Philadelphia's
particles the atmosphere due Friday KURTGRIESSHABER AND SOUTHWeST FLORIDA
to less use of soft coal may par. billion dollars. Holmesburg Prison. lie will
) Virtually Sewed Up Now Most people don't bother to the .. --- -
there until assigned by
; tlally explain the decrease In stay "I''" __ _
) write their but Al.
own epitaphs,
stomach cancers and the Increase Justice Department to a feder
BY BRUCE BIOSSAT In lung cancers. exander Graham Bell, Inventor Institution,
The of the telephone, did. At his re.
Washington Correspondent report by Dr. Robert J.
Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Coffey, chairman of George. quest his gravestone bore the Inscription NEW YORK (AP-Roy Cam-
town University's Department : "Born in Edinburgh panella, 42, the former Brooklyn
of Surgery, and student Marvin died a citizen of the U.S.A." Dodger catcher, has married .
WASHINGTON (INEAI No candidate has ever been D. Anderson speculated that Folklore: Say the Lord's a woman living In the
denied the Republican presidential nomination after achieving smaller soot particles concentrate Prayer backward and you will apartment next to his, it was GIVING CREDIT
so commanding a delegate lead as Arizona's Sen. Barry more readily In the lungs see the devil. If you have the reported today She Is Mrs WHERE CREDITIS
Goldwater now holds. than In the stomach same dream three nights in sue. Roxle Joynes Doles and the bah
Could he still be stopped by those moderate party forces Reduced use of soft coal In cession, It will come true An ceremony was performed May DUE!
who want some alternative as their 1964 standard bearer* homes and by railroads In the itchy foot Is a sign that you are 8 In his Manhattan apartment.

On the basis of present conservative projections covering last 30 years and more efficient destined to step on strange ANTON d. ALAMINOSIn
state delegate-choosing conventions yet to be held in 14 states burning of It In electric power lands. A girl who makes a neat Cavemen plaited grass e A,

and Puerto Rico Goldwater must be accorded upwards of 600 plants would tend to make the bed will marry a good-looking around the ankle or wrist of this article we will veered.
first ballot votes-with 655 needed to nominate. His California atmosphere's content of soot husband. the object of their affection to little-known Individual!ji
It a wh
86, of the Worth remembering: "Your mark brides. ,
victory contributed a whopping particles predominantly to their to-be. was most Important when it came
What, If anything could check the normal flow of addition. smaller t>'pe, they wrote In rI to the Spanish conquest of Florl/
al delegates toward the senator to put him over? Georgetown's medical journal. da, lie truly had the spirit of ad
The answer most practiced politicians and observers are CUTBACK: The Air Force announced I I Here's An EASY PUZZLE I venture, did not lack for braveryand

ghlnfC Is: Nothing.To Friday It will disband experience, yet history, as it
talk of halting him now is to consider blocking a man 131 reserve units with 8,500 men Is written, has exalted other
who may soon be within 35 or 40 votes of nomination. It has All wete organized as recovery above him.Names .
never been done. outfits to help maintain mil, Diving Bird I Hero's bo AnawrrHORIZONTAL such as Juan Ponre de
Nor has any candidate ever had as many as 600 votes and Itary planes In event of an at Leon, Hernandez de Cordova,
lost. The late Robert A. Taft collected an even 500 In 1932. tack on the United States av H Velasquez, DeSoto andulheu are
when it took 604 to nominate. Dwight D. Eisenhower had 595 "There Is no foreseeable future 2 Ailronomymuae well known to readers, yet the
and went on to win. military need for these 1 Depleted name. of Anton de Alamlnos Is
units," the Air Force said. De feathered 3 Anger
should be realized)' creature Kmit (ab) ll to usually treated Insignificantly because
DESPITE ALL TillS, a few seasoned political voices are activation 1 It itbird 5 Always at v his position was not believed
heard saying Goldwater's defeat still might be accomplished.At Aug. 31. a Network comparable to the others
the outset such a notion assumes unyielding resistanceto ON THE RISE The governmenfs 11 Come 7 Consider r As a young lad, Anton deAlam. l 0 >v f
10,301 av
favorite payroll Jumped 14 Reviser a Unoccupied y inns managed to Join the second
his from most of the sons. including
candidacy n I IISGIrI'sname
governors William Scranton of Pennsylvania. George Rom- from March to economy April',commit a jointcongressional 15 No (Scot) f VerbIntraniitlve Columbus expedition to Amerl

ney of Michigan. James Rhodes of Ohio, former Minnesota tee reported today. 11 Creek letter Cab,) 24 Soldiers 44 On lime (ab) ca. The grownups were amazed ,
Rep. Walter Judd They could muster perhaps 200 or more The Increase brought to 2,480,' 19 Preposition 10 Follower 25 Waken 45 Burden at the young boy's knowledge of
llObterve 11 School book 40 Ruminant the sea and navigation.A .
delegate votes in s holdout position.Goldwater' emplojed 20 Made creamy
346 the number of persons
have find 22 unit 11 Rater 34 Entice 4( Unit of enernSI native of Palos, Anton be of .
would to the warriors
adversaries also a virtually civilian and military Heredity the Cacique Cal.oos Inns as
by 35 Inborn Secreted, pilot with Juan Ponce de
17 Laughter came friends with Juan
the 185 23 Place attack In force The air Is
unbroken line of holdouts among perhaps Leon's
agenc lea. 2) Contest of sound 37 Expunger 33 Area measure Ponce de Leon, who selected ill.f ted expedition,which
who would come Into the convention pledged or otherwise speed 20 Fastener Italian, town S5 Artificial him as pilot of his voyage of black with arrows and powerful the Indians of the chief Caloos
tied to GoNelson Rockefeller of New' York, Ambassador 27 Injure 21 Traps 43 Flesh food language 1513 which has been hailed for Caloosas come down to the attacked and drove back to the
Henry Cabot Lodge and Richard M. Nixon. 2S Creek god of shore with Cypress war clubs sea,
This would leave the stop-Goldwater forces short of 400. COLLIER COUNTY NEWS war i I i& n h is i b I //lo I* lit TT'I IL the discovery of Florida, even studded with catfish barbsIThe Time and space does not
though to us It seems as though per
from forging a majority for MICHAEL CHANCE. Edit Pubh.h.rTHOMAS IS Whirlwind Spaniards withdraw to their mil
and somewhere around 275 votes HAVER. Aiaiwlata Editor I y 1 Columbus skirted the Florida boats mention of all the accomplishments -
Depart Uking their wounded which
some other candidate.By of Anton
MARSHALL WYATT Adv ManaiarALUEMT coast on Ms later voyages. except to say
coincidence roughly parallels the present 91 Atop .S lit 11 ,e Included the leader, Hernandez that it was his
that figure OPOLKA. Mech Supt. 32 Chaos It was Anton de Alamlnos who de knowledge of the
estimated total of 'uncommitted'* delegates. If the moderatesgot ,.. Dlr.cler Cordova. area which later
DAVID HERMANSON CI 33 EntrancedSS "9 ;A U 'L reached BImini with Ortubla In helped the Con.
them all have the makings. MRS LOUISE DAUB. Offic, MS' Twenty-two Indians were killed quistadors In
they would truly Domestic slave 1513 while Ponce returned to Porto in their expeditions.
But many of the uncommitted have strong Gold water lean. Publlthad dally, aicapt Monday 310thei wiN tj t1 I ::5 lit Rico. that battle and almost all the It was Anton de Alamlnos who
Ills surely will dispose substantial and Saturday, in the attarnoon by 31 Rip Spaniards wee wounded, including charted. the Islands
logs California and reefs of
victory the I County / Co.I .. Next, we read of Anton sailing
numbers to move more positively toward his camp. I In... m'T''I Av.n,,:.h soul: ;. Na- 40 Indian a 3 with the Cordova expedition '.n Anton de Alamlnos and Ber. our South Florida coastespecial.
pla.. '1.., JJMO Mail address r. 0o mulberry nal Diaz, who recorded the ac. ly noting the dangerous Cape Romano .
p 1517 as pilot. After leaving the
e 17)7. U Shapes again count In his Historical
IF THE MODERATES are to have any hope of winningthe T.I...,...... Midway lilt for all 47 Tantalum ':-' Yucatan under fierce Indian at. Hernandez Journal. shoals and the coral reefs
died of his wounds
overwhelming bulk of the uncommitted, and even draw. dapartmanu . (symbol) 1I 1Z tacks, the ships headed tor Cuba. Cuba, as did several other In around Tortugas. His maps were
log off some of Goldwater's declared strength, they clearly Subscription .RM.. 41 Owing. Si h' 3T S. 'I The ocean becomes turbulent and lards Span. his followed time. by other pilots after
must offer a powerful argument. .y carnar, or mail payabla In 50 Brunei angry as a fierce tropical Hurricane The Ill-fated
There really Is only one they can try, the same one so advancaOno. 51 Pronoun Sd ;. }I' I II encountered. Anton Is slave-huntlnc ex. Had it not been for his discovering -
effectively used 12 against Taft-"He can't win." v.., sic I Six, Month* V tt, 52 Printingmutaket forced to head far out of his puditlon Cordova aroused the In. those dangerous shoals,
years ago Thrao Months |J 71.Mambar 10 tit I 'Ii l) '1'1 11) r- tT dims everywhere Even those tt Is believed that all other expedltions
from toward the Northeast driven -
If they speak a rigidly course
The senator's opponents. of Tha Aasoclatad" Pross. 54 Take from who had favored trade and com
unyielding bastion, might make a serious dent If they keep which I I. ontitlad o.clua>valy to '''. X Be terry or..o 'ri \0 1 -r- by a south wind. He runs Into promise with the Spaniards now ended upon would literally have
localnow the
for rapublicalion of all rocks".
wavering delegates usa t7 Can the Identical bay on the Florida
hammering on thIs theme among llama pnntad In this oPor OS sway Joined Caloos on the ''warpath We believe
Yet. again, it must be recalled that no such list-ditch fight wall os all AP new .dispatcha*, ERTICAL I -1 )1 West Coast where he had been Anton de Alamlnos says the ex.pedition have enjoyed that our readers]
IE"'.'''' as second. clas mattar otIh with Ponce de Leon. learning a little
alone won, against a man with
has ever been mounted, let so 1 SV was a dismal mistake. about this
Post Off ca at NIp'''' Florida Pertaining to I \oung man from th*
much strength as Goldwater will bring to the convention. under Act of March 1, 117. Denmark While gettt: r water on shore, In 1121 we find Anton de Alam, little town of Palos In Spain.Qbt .

I CI .

I ",

r, "IJ 1ft"IIJI: Sunday June 7, 1)64 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 5 I

a: / '\'I* .. hiffaJ1i1thfflIP

ti __ Af'

4 nn 1f10i1gOl1Qc \
:IrCClClr( cc&O!Q BONUS Fi RM'\'
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beauty from Miami will be one of the statewide entrants competing: DM.
in the "Miss Florida World" beauty pageant at this waterfront community .oz29'ASTOR
'' June 18-20. Her credentials? Ashe blond hair, blue eyes and .
34-22-35 measurements. The annual "Miss Florida World" contest -- r..err.arreaar
prelude to the Miss USA and Miss World spectacles later this year,
will be held at the million-dollar Cape Coral Yacht and Racquet Asst. Colors Beechnut Gerber's Gapps
Club for the second consecutive year.

Business Shows o:-, Fruit ScottTissue BabyCocktail
Upturn >t
.....: tf. '

I \.... rood

No Sign Of Weakening ,, J.

NEW By Business YORK JACK-(AP-The News LEFLERAP Writer busi. the ened 161,360 169,006 previous and a 4 year per week's cent ago.ahead-total of of .1' :G'. 2 c Rw Umlt Ro! C 1 U.;.Jar C

ness upturn entered Its 40th General Motors scheduled rt 2 9 Four I 10 7
month during the week with no overtime work at three of Its 23 \ Twelve
signs of weakening. plants and Ford at five of Its 16. 5106 -S7A6VE Year Chola .
Automobile sales and product In May the automaker set a '<.nPEST,," ., '. .. :Strife..
tion were at record levels. production record for the month, VvkB
Steel output was holding up turning out 723,313 cars, up one TRIUMPHS Alfalfa
well. per cent from 715.003ayearear. weevil above new in Illinois
Corporations reported high Her and Just ahead of the prevl. this year has spread to 10
profits and paid good dividends. ous record of 724,480 in May of the state's southern counties
President Johnson took note of 1955. Infestation is extremely w.rs.reea
the economy's recordJong ex. The May sales record was difficult to fight.
panslon In his news conferenceand equally Impressive with dealers,, TARNOW'S THRIFTY MAIDGrape AMERICAN BEAUTYPork
said he found It showing new delivering 740,000 cars, exceed.
vitality that could keep It roll. ing the 715,295 cars sold in May
ing 1965.through 1964 and well Into month.1963, the previous high for the UnemploymentDips SkinlessWieners &:

He said that while it was too With the summer slack season
early to assess the full effect coming on, steel production dur. SharplyTo
of the tax cut enacted In February Ing the week eased only 2 per Drink Beans
economic Indicators to cent from the previous week.
date Imply "the fresh con/1. Output totaled 2,462,000 tons of Record Low
dente, the expanded purchasing ingots a dropof49,0001one.
power and the new incentives
dent Johnson says re';"id high
created 1964. by the Revenue Act of Arrest Four For employment and a four-year 32 Iz. ".300

spite The the President strong advance said that of the de. Staging Sex Shows low strong tax cut In evidence Is the stimulating Jobless that the rule the recent are nan 3 12 u. $I 0 n II Umk Slxo Throe lO C 1hI CM Feet 7 C

economy. there is no Inflation In.Ight. men MELBOURNE and two women(CAP)were- held Two tlon's economy and creatingnew PkJIo SAVE SAVE

"Wholesale prices are lower without bond today on charges "I jobs.am greatly encouraged," I lOc k
today than In January, lower i of committing a crime against Johnson said after the Labor Department .
than three years ago lower than nature In connection with a lewd
six years ago" Johnson said. sex show for pay. that announced Friday _
unemployment dipped
He indicated he was particularly They were arrested In a Mel
sharply to 5.1 rent In
per May
on unemployment encouraged by new reporting figures I bourne,Sheriff Leigh motel Wilson Thursday said night they all while-tlme employment high of 71.1 climbed million to an LYKES SUGAR CREEK Canned Pork ShouNarv

that the number of idle was ;had been staging sex shows In ,
But Johnson and the department
down from 5.7 per cent in April :Brevard and Orange county mo. cautioned that the sltuatlon .
1963 to 5.4 per cent last April. i leis and charging spectators$100
rould worsen this month as
And, be added, there was again and up.The.
millions of youths leave class
of more than one million women were Identifiedas
new farm jobs from December i Rubenhelle Sue Turner 27, rooms and go Job-hunting.
Johnson said the teenage unemployment PlataFROZEN
to April. i of Goldenrod and Steen Jackson
rate of about 1C
Later the Labor Department i 38, of Orlando. was "extremely serious.percent "
reported that unemployment fell The men were Identified as "We must and will make further
In May to S.I per cent of the Larry !lowe,<-34: of Palm Beach progress In this area," he
labor force, the lowest Jobless :i and Denton StephenMeld 34, of said.
rate in more than four years. Winter Park. The men also were lie also plugged for his anti.pov.rty .
Total civilian employment I i charged with possessing pornographic .
legislation before Con.grass
rose to an all-time high of 71.1 I i literature.
million. ( sayings "It will provide
I both training and ,
Job opportunt
From and sales
a production
standpoint the automobile in. $ ,Bequest !ties for our young people and 4 Pound
thereby strike at one of the basic
dustry continued to zoom.
roots of poverty." sJ99Sate
Automakers during the week Goes To Kentucky
assembled an estimated 175,100 The Bureau of Labor Statistics FOODS, Can
passenger cars. This was up 9 Humane Society I i said the high Jobless rate
ner cent from the holiday-short among youths was Intensified -
;; because "more teen
Die Kentucky State humaneFederation -agere are SINGLETON FROZEN BREADEDShrimp
I'' ] Is $20,000 rlrner be. :'competing for a smaller number
of Jobs-low-skilled Jobs.'
cause a dog named Boy perishedn '
NAPLES '' a fire. The bureau said one month : BAKERY SPECIALS
was not enough to predict a
The dog's master toe late at. j ,
'trend, but the May figures indicated
torney: Edwin P. Mei.rel, lea lN
BUSINESS i 1$20,000: of his estate ir a trust j moving the off nation the may high finallybe unemployment Wv'L MeF Gr'4 Trade "A" OIXW DARLING LARGE PULLMAN LOA
fund for Boy's benefit.
I level of S.S per cent or 2 99c
SERVICE I However, Boy perished a year i more for about seven years. Pkgs. FRYER PARTS BreadASTOR

ago.The The 71.1 million Jobholders In
executor of the $211,000
estate said FNda, that th.' $20. :1131 was an Increase of about FROZEN SPEARS OR CHOPPED Breast with lns'
1.2 million from April and about
PAYROLLS |000 set'would, go to the humane so- 200,000 more than had been ex. Broccoli 5 *... 99c Drnmutk&s c 2 1\\ a. 49





f .rand n wl All motel l A? I
Plisse Proof Plastic! Top D. k $0 J up | Beauty Skimmed 1..T-I.lftlMw Dry IIeach J.eko AMet1M

MI 33143US r tin! :) RENTALS MACIII.NKH -FREE SALK.S PROMITDK KEPAIKAM Milk Cups lestoil Lestatre Cookies

*. FUrUs

-aJ -,

- - --- - -

4 ,p "
< ,
-. n '. .' . I' .. ,. )



6 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Suaday, June 7' 9(4i ,: .: Carl Reiner
.1".. .,. "
;tlt ..

I i WpWIQW1W.2WO1QW1t. II II Claims To Be

Hack Writer
I ,
v1L LL ,, c Mv : HOLLYWOOD (API'1'1hack ,

t. ,, doing hack work, ,1,1; "
hacks I'm ,
I other a good! w, I'"r, *
jV That is Carl Reiner's aju ,
tl waa of his talents. Majority ojina' '
In Hollywood does not "r', L.
: ; Reiner, onetime second: a j'
to Sid Caesar, has emerf)
By iA MARTIN recent years aa the most ler.

"YIOo sallie and successful writ,, ,,
FI ul111oTmTmo o-mo1o1oo btt YI w.V.. town. "

Seems like a large chunk of our population is i in His status was conflnm-1, I ?
the Television Academywhen I".r'i ,
"IIr Europe or plans to be soon. An equally large number ,r ; "The Dick Van r ,t|

are doing the Fair, while the rest stay put revelling in f> rwk., t rate honors with five Lm .
top : I?> ,,
comparative peace and quiet. Of course, I don't know : His first creenplay,"Th r' 1.1 p
what the arrival of some three or four thousand Shriners of It All," was a top m ej.

< will do to our peace and quiet but everyone Is out toi maker of 1903.
d Reiner also wrote a t ,
i make hem welcome to our town. "Enter Laughing," which via

vt r Al I Ghlrardi writes from Cannes where he spent a converted" Into a Broad> CrL
( few days after "wonderful Add to this Ms televlslui .iIId
i a 19-day cruise" from Port ,
fttt n. record dales with the "2LOUyearold ;
Everglades. En route to spend the month of June I In .t Man"Mel Br,".s-

Positano, Italy, he will visit Monte Carlo and Genoa. rw plus hosting the" weekly "Cel b.

b Emily Barnes completed a year at the University of 1 1 ": rltj' Quiz" on CBS.
b "Lot>*, I've gut a way) *itb
Stockholm and has since then toured the Greek "
tr Isles and coined, he says. "I've p'ji t th u
the Baltic sea. She is hoping to have a week or two kind of a mind that If you d-op
it a situation Into It, I can <" 'I1It
with Kale Wilson before continuing her studies at the
v up with a scene that will ,'b,
University of Madrid. ,,..' and get laughs.."
cl l Mrs. Ralph Wilson was in New York yesterday t to R'rA He wan especially I happy tutbDUk's
d selection" over ',
see Kate off for three months in Europe. Kate, a senior adorn AS bust s*j iriactor ordramatic

a and political! science major at the American University in i l "I'm glad people fir< d'i i

o Washington, D.C., will study as well as sight-see while w leallthe" worth of a coined!jn.
o actor. lie Hold. 11 dw abroad. ; often; Chaplin never "
a Mrs. Wilson, who has been visiting in Quantico, won an Oscar, nor has C;: ;

Va., will do more visiting in Harrisburg, Pa., returningto Grant.as difficult Yet what as dramatic they do Is acting na, ,

Naples the end of the week. 1 or more so." ;

: To get back to Emily Barnes. Her sister, lanthe, 1 1l is t Reiner" J normal!) bun'" ml

l' happily working 'in Richmond, Va. She recently made a the man, Van hall only Dyke one Show concern til ti fur*

q '< business trip to New York, and expects to be sent to .. .. .........- moment:
n 'i' California soon. John Barnes is on the tri-semester sche" "Ue'ie on top. And no nutlet
LOOKING NORTH along the Naples beachfront, with the Beach
I Is scheduled to attend the who lent are, that's when :ley
f k dule at Florida State. Chatting football be Club Hotel, headquarters for the current Shrine Ceremonial showingin start to carp and snipe at "j.

,I. Mrs. P. H. ,Dodge and Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Queeney played in Miami for game the benefit to the foreground. Splendid new co-ops line the shore, and further I've told the Y.'hol fang lo let

P= plan to "do" the World's Fair before sailing on a North (Continued from page 1) of crippled children.ills north The Moorings residential development looms in.pcilaiitly. ready for It. Next" year they'll
be alining us.
C Cape 'cruise. They leave New York the 22nd. Using adopting a resolution to devoteour Itinerary takes him from ( McGrath photo) -

"Bergensfjord" as their hotel they will visit ports in Ireland energtes to the crippled his Erie Pa., home practically -

f Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden Finland Russia child-the forgotten child." every day of the year. I
S In five Shriners built "I'm trying to save Thanks- Junior High Names Its Honor StudentsThe
Germany, Holland, and Belgium. This "is the third 15 hospitals years for crippled child- giving," he said. The Itinerary -

long trip the three have made together and they are look- ren. "Little! or nothing( had been showed that he will be In

;I Ing forward to 45 exciting days. done before, for this child In Europe during August. Naples Junior !High Terry Kliiigtcr: Paul Little Mary Wlnfrec, Ysollna Perez, Lane Walters, Stephen Schri.i I
the morning of life, facing a School second semester honor Richard LalllbcnRopct'-iYCs.!: Debby Stump, John Johnson, slier, Gary Griffin, Gary Wl-
tI I RETURN TO HOMELAND future with a serious handicap" HEADS FIRMS roll Is made up of nine students Mike Sharp, Duddy Williams, Anne Baikau, Cathy Dundy, Hams, Leana Miller, Betty n J

I Mrs. Alton Hatcher is counting the days until June he said. Brock Is head of many bus on the all "A" honor Mark Drewer, Martha Ik-n- Gary llamm, Craig Jaworskl, Rice and Rosemary Rouse
The hospitals have a iness firms in the east and roll and 63 students on the drlcksoii, Linda Ilahn, Stephen Donna Reilly, Mardi Stone, Oth Grade: Robert Cow.
25th. She and her sister, Mrs. Christa Hatcher, will of 1,000 beds. More capacity than Canada. His family consistsof "A-D" honor roll. Schrlnu-ihor, Deborah Brcady, Philip Flnlcy, Larry Rogers, den, Ricky DcTurk, John Dah-

return for the first time In five years to their native Land- 5,000 children go through the his wife Emily Ann, and two Students on the "A" honor Lane Walters, Jacqueline: Henry Watkins 111, Debbie Bar tin, Mary Helen Corwin Mich-

I shut, Germany, just outside Munich. hospitals In one year.andShrin- young sons, Stuart and Hubert. roll a ret John Johnson, Jan Workinger, Gary Griffin, Gary rett and Diane i lluinphiies. cleric Hearth, Pat Repass. Suzanne
Alton Hatcher and will era help 10 tunes this manyas An older married son residesin Burnhain, and Donna Reilly of Williams" Lcana Miller Kov 8th Grade Eric Rowe, Phil Southcy, Carol Isbell
son Billy in
over Julyto
go outpatients he said. Shrin Erie, and a married daughter the seventh grade Thomas mary Rouse llaar, Cecelia Clark, Jcrllyn
join Mrs. Hatcher and another son Robert. Robert' ers spend between $7 and $9 makes her home In Midland Morton, and Betty Ann Rice of 8th Grade Robert Cowden, Robinson, David Allen, Jay

accompanying his mother and aunt on the 25th. millions etch year In this work. Tex. lie has threegr the eighth grade; Pat Repast, Paul Harris, Ricky DcTurk Faulkner, Roger: Kcyes, Mike Social Security

Mr and Mrs. Dallas Reach and their children, Tex "We could not care for all sons tad tree granddaughters.. Jane Rogers, Janla: Richardson Stephen Stock, John Dahlln, Sharp, Richard Lambert, Paul
I and others who crippled children," he said, There has been sorrow InthftJlfejof and Debbie Kepp of the Mary Helm( Corwin, MirlicIt-no Uttlr, Terry KlIngl'r. Valerie Visit In County
Chip, are will leave for afterjtpnding
Europe but we have blazed a trail,' ihejiumber _:;hrl/1er| ,(.ninthgrade. "N ',I in m.. > .'I!jluarth, Suzanne Sow bey, Margaret Weiizcl, Deborah Brcady, from the
'the, fair They will be in New York for two pioneered In the field,"Wwore *..,ia,61,11JltlrcutfA f tom Students on the tLA '8'Gho' Mom.J lin Stcinbach.Pant A representative

weeks and then sail aboard "Queen Elizabeth" for Eng- books, supported research and World War 1, this Canadan.-. nor roll are! : Coc, Carol LsbcU, and Bobby Social In Fort Security will Branch be In Offlc tin*
land. Then they fly to Berlin and on to Hamburg to geta trained many leading' :doctors In born sweetheart young had man died. bund his 7th grader John lamurrt, Walters. 5 Naples StudentsOn mokalee tomorrow from 9 ..m,
Chris SIX
Provenzano, Mary Win- FINAL WEEKS
Volkswagen for a motor trip through Germany, Swit the temples of mercy He dropped a planed career free until 12 noon. The representative '
In 1962, Shriners In assem- Ysollna Perez, Scott Sal- The Naples Junior High: Honor Dean's List At
zerland, and Italy. When they return via the "Queen bly at Toronto, Canada, resol- In politics and came to the Uni- ley, Drenda Glidden, Deborah Roll (for the sixth six-week may be contacted at the

Mary" ,their trusty little car will be with them. ved to accept the challenge of ted States to do advanced university Stump, Anne Darkau, Cathy grade period is made up of six Florida State U Health CUnlc.Appllcanls .
82nd "the study. Later he married Bundy,Janet Carr,Gary I llanim, students on the all "A" honor Five Naples Students are urged to bring
Happy birthday yesterday (Saturday) to Dr. greatest unmet need, that are on the evidence of Social Secure
of burned children "Brock a girl from Virginia. They Craig Jaworskl,Roger Johnson, roll and 43 students on the"ADOl Dean's list for the second trUmetier age.
Curt Kayser. Dr. and Mrs. Kayser are at the Ocean Reef con- ity card, and a record of last t
tinued. settled In Erie, where he Judy Jurck, Susie Moss, Patty honor roll. at Florida Stale Unlver.
Club In North Key Largo where they have gone for "Some 4,000 children each launched a business career. Paiham, Mardi Stone, Henry Those students with straight lilly, It was learned here yes. year's and this year's earn .

several years to celebrate Dr. Kayser's birthday with year suffer third degree bums In the late :flO's Ms wife Watkins 111, Ralph Lucado, "A" average: arc: Jan [!urn- terday. They are Frederic G. ings when coming for an inter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trier Jr. covering 30 to 40 per cent of died. In his sorrow he thoughtof Philip Finley, Sandra Taylor, ham, of the seventh grade;'Thomas Pike Buser, Deanna Gall Cash, Carol view.
I studying theology. His Debbie Barrett, Carolyn Book Morton of the eighth: grade; McCauley, Pamela K.
their bodies. Perhaps 3,000of
Mr and Mrs. Paul Benedum are reluctant to leave friends Robert and Roark, and William C. Zlmmer.
him Steele
them die," he said, "and helped forget his er, Hcndriclcion Diane Stephen Jane
but have a busy summer schedule ahead of them. Mrs. Shriners want to help.*' sorrows by activity in the ma- Humphries, Susan Sprier. Rogers, Janis Richardson and man.To be on the Dean's LIM Sexton

Benedum is due in Detroit the 17th for meetings of the There has been little or no sons. This was the beginning 8th Grade: Cecelia Clark, Debbie Kcpp of the ninth grade graduate students must under have Graveside services for

Women's Council of the National Symphony Orchestra progress In this field since the of a dedication Today he Is Phil llaar, Jcrllyn Robinson, Students making up the A-B earned a grade average of 3. (B) Oaklah Sexton,54,who died May)
dark ready to assume leadership of David Allen, Jay Faulkner, Richard honor roll arc: or higher In most divisions (3.25 23 In Immokalee we re he Id Satwday -
League. Mr. and Mrs. Benedum will meet In New York ages. all Shriners of North America. Splccr, Valerie Wcnzcl, 7th grade John laimirrl. in the College of Arts and morning at Naples Memorial '

for the Fair and then go to their mountain home in Llgon- RESEARCH f KEY ..Sciences and Schiiol of En. Gardens. Arrangements

nier, Pa., for Fourth, of July. :Shriners; now have three hospitals Rlneering Science, and 3.5:; In the were handled by the Earl G,
1 In August they are off to Estes Park, Colo., for ethis under construction for Young Hits in Cotton Knits 12 or more of Nurslnglwhllecarrylne hours.) Hodges Sexton Funeral Is survived Chapel.by a son,
of the purpose. "Skingrafts
meeting Fellowship of Christian Athletes, of which come from the patient's own Wayne Sexton of Jacksonville, "

Mr. Benedum is a founder. Ihcldentally, another of Mr.Benedum' body, or an Identical twin. Why McMillanFuneral and by four brothers who live

I interests is Scouting. Decoration Day he was do implants, and skin grafts, out of the state
have This would services for
repeUants' we Mrs Em.
( (Continued! on page 7)
like to learn. If that secretis 'R ma McMillan, 81 who died Frl,
uncovered we can have banks x L da> morning in her home at LesherWilliam
1 Writers' Forum social In character" and mem. Bonlta Springs will I he held
[ for skin grafts."Treatments. at Howard Lesher,
ben who wish to go swimming 3 o'rlmk! this
for cases of se- afternoon al the 20, formerly of Naples, died
I Plans Meeting In the Hearth pool should bring Bonita Springs Methodist
their bathing. suits. A buffet sup.; vere burns cost from $10,000to with the Rev Wayne Thomas Church early Saturday morning in St,
i Next Sunday per- will be served at 3 o'clock. $12,000 each. It !Is more : pastor, offluatlng. Interment, Mary's Hospital at West Palm

Members of the Those who are Interested in attending ., than the average family can : will be In the Bonlta Sprints Peach
Forum will hold NaplesWriters' a ..um.I should call Mrs. Hearth i pay. It Is a burden on hospl Cemetery Funeral arrangements Born In Detroit, Mich., for
mer geUogether ai 2 o'clock at MI2.6230. Membersmaybrlng; tats are In charge of the Ri the past seven months he had
Sunday afternoon, June 14, at the their husbands or wives as the 1 "But life U at stake. Our chard A. Pittman Funeral Home been living at Belle Glade and 1''
t home of Mrs. Jackie Hearth, 2300 case may be. motto U get them to a hospi i of Naples. had been working for a dredgIng
Crayton Road. The group ordinarily meets tal. Fly them If necessary" i. A native of Sanford, Mrs. Mc. company there.
The will during the winter months at the "\ve In research to trt Millan moved to Bonlta Springs H.
1t meeting be primarily. Naples Woman's Club. Mrs hope In 1912. She Besides his father, Ralph
- Phyllis Luxem Is the forum dl. spread knowledge to meet i the Bonlta Springs was a member of Lesher, 35 Eleventh Ave. 5*
rector. this greatest unmet need of Church. Methodist Naples he Is survived by his

it J JI children.. She Is survived by her hus. grandmother, Mrs. Marsha
I t EXCLUSIVE AT RAR "' you concocting Brock touched only briefly r band, James A. McMillan' ; Lesher.
champagne punch for thin summer on how Shrine rs meet demands a bridal for funds. ThLs was done as of Lake Placid; five family
Our SpecialIndividuality party pour in the champagne sons.Orean convenience of the
he admitted he will be H. of Bonlla
I gently so you have s away Springs, Arlie of It was announced yester
bubbly brew, from home at Christmas tie Fort M>'en, Alton W. of Fort Pittman t
Mera day by the Richard A. \
in. Wendell L. of Naples t
J and Wesley E. Funeral Home who a re handling
I Iislera. Mrs. of Salley Miami Hollehan; three the.arrangements.

IJ J GIFTS .cj,, 1 ,. Loveliness Ja and ksonvuie MM. Nona, and Moyer Mrs/Mar both of
t e. Thunderburk Run, hut delicious .Miiir|
Accessories I of
Brooksvllle: IJ "f Mad ho.I. .!
ousted In hot
I Antiques 6y oJlI"".If rz Uoozl .JJ.1c/'t, P rb Lu3$8 & 1 "i WP? lUnd grand', hlldren''Ilidre" and elchl great s kkillet and used hot J+ r'I I
I Pallbearers for a cntkUil.! *(.c. Dychts Beach Club Bent Salo. m t-2753 for the funeral
1 INTERIORSFurniture Protein in PermanenlsYup d.v.tbasrbent _'___ __ __ __'__ __ __,_ .._ _. n__ ,. ... ___ .Ill be Clomer Benson, Robert .
I Lawhon, "leredll" . . .
What Does "Protein" those scientific cotton Knit so cool for the small frj's summer, turns up this season In charmIng T.tr. Mack Neville, Dr. I / .f
Mean r beauty wlsards have putt! fashion for sleep and plat Frosty fresh garden print knit pajama (left) li roffk Mr. Wes Honorlry Alvllrtz PaU.and .: roe).". ;
Upholstering Doctors put protein In our .hese magic new "pro trimmed and teamed with Bermuda length pants. .Nautical( sportswear top right i feature bearers .UI be Fred .
Draperies die'I TV commercials tein1' beauty secrets Into- an elasticized hemline tied with rope an anchor motif and stripes of two width It'g t.W. Morrow. OlIver Johnson' .a LOV 1
pout about Itt Now they new permanent waving worn with solid color cotton knit shorts. and 51,11 Moll. Williams : ,1' i ie
.. .
talk about "protein" for formulas, too. Now w.| : I,

kair. Does protein really can actually "renew" your, 25% Off on Expert Hair \' Yj DUCK VAUDEVILLE
\ :
Mean better hair beauty hair, with personalised' .,' H" ,'
a .
Tinting and Hair "
wet You bet! For the with body Bleaching, Frosting. Jt' ",' ,\ >4' I ,
t"1S permanent xrNa rove :
Jne. Magic secret U this: hair and bounce, where last';' ., This Week Special! 1 f. ..'." .. 'AI'" ,., A'::: I II PRrENDJ roe' /
b all protein In the be- week's limpness used tor r Permanent { "
I BLa. r'I
!'::- y finning t Protein Is the lx! Come see for yourself.' Wave $12.50] I j /
a..uau..aaa .
natter that makes up all what this twentieth ee.-I ,. Rf<<. SlUO
living things That's Inch*** Mir Cut a 1111- j
1290 Third St. So. why turjr beauty news means| '
we're so pleased! to n.. to your hair. (They'll bee Try )lr. Wills' New Body Hair Cut Makes your Ml
MemberAie.rleaa nounce our protein condi.tlonlng comparing J'. with year1' stay better and keeps the trill out of your permanent, I : sG&s Jv.
hstltuU treatment for daughter tomorrow!) Dial WILLS HAH FASHIONS
Interior Designers your hair. MI 2-27J1 >
417 ftt, ,..,., .., rr' rase we 1"411 >. ( wMFtES Off U.S. itd
++Y oy
I ,

. ..

-.- FlPoJ ,.'fi.

f ,1 '
> : ,
\ .

:I' 'i'fI. \\1 '''' .' "' .. ." Sundav. June 7, 1984 COLLIER COUNTY NFWS: 7
\ ., .1> '
!ilf'M ",' ,',' .T .d ", '; .!;" ., .1.' ':';3.Y'7::.."..:.'., '$4...',l'.. !' __"JI','qrt',101, _'l.&;!2 r 'I \",'d'',. --

: ; ,
.. ', "
., .
"ft. -Iii'I

... ) I. Notebook Ii IiCoati. '
:''''\\ii. i + .. .. .
.\<0 .tif. '
; ,
) ;. : ,::111 '. tit l" "
i iMIt

.:" ./: .( :; )'. I'I ( .... frets PItp I) II II

I "v: ; !:1 +aY M' _,

.\t.'! .' /I, tr Slrl''Sf'd and honored to be presented with a n. ,.*,rr.' .

_1. .','....tnl J :.Iv..M, ;, tIn' Peg'/ in recognition of hit work with the AHeohnS \ 'c
ar ..","t Council

After the fellowship meetings, Mr. and Mrs P,

d"m will probably tour the NortW! before ,-. ,
to r 'tsburgh. end back here In November
Mri Harriet Wa S and Mr. Beatrix Prwe '.

: l+ .. an.4 aPtis'Nr I P Wednesday for a leisurely motor trip up the east ., ,'

and then to Bradford, Pa Mrs Powell will be t>a.k:

three weeks. while Mrs Wade goes to her ""irnethautauqwa

-m \ "dv : N. Y? for the summer.

Df Andrew Krog returned to Naples this week 'r:':n
i a i ir iwt'
r '
; Nantucket, Mass He went up to plant his garde at!'

open the! house for when! he and Mrs Krog go ';p i

! T Aj. JL'V: for a few months!

i While Mr and Mrs. Frank Newcombe are here for

a few week: ,m their Mansion House apartment, they

I vi ." go over t-, West End Grand Bahama Island. for a

fishing trip The Newtombei live In Pine Bluff Ark

( ; Mr and Mrs John Bingham are due home this

weekend. They have been at their New York apartment

i i_ and white there saw several plays and were; de.

lighted by he spectacle of the Fair at night. On the re

I turn trip the Bingham visited in Washington. D C

i \ : Waynesville N. C and Palm Beach

And did you catch lInda Cochrun on the Johnny
.... .... 9_ 'II.a Carson TV show Thursday night? She did very well

mot..- THIS UNUSUAL aerial view of Aqualane Shores and Port Royal, singing a little number, 'locomotion," but better yet she

looking; south towards the Ten Thousand Islands WAIl taken by Photographer 11 tit: a.I11 M. Ma rets Slits told al| those nice people "where Naples, Fla. i is, The
ajn UiW: : fjm. ... Hammock
Tom McGrath from height of about 2,000 feet Gordon
A hadn't !heard of
+3 ItW of ceremonies said he
Restaurant, 12i genial master
MARCCEA/C Pass and Keewaydm Island are plainly visible{ and BO is little Marco
a Pass in the far distance (McGrath photo) p.m. w. Isles of Capri, 3tl1315 Naples Imagine! Wonder where he has been?

June 11 Everglades) School
.ta+aaaaa day while out testing to see how crlved news that she has a 10t30 11130 ajriMM downtownEvergladco
-- -
The G. and G. Mercantile to see things changing fast good they were biting.SCHOOL'S new granddaughter.:' She wu Bookmobile 1110 -UnoonU.\ Frederick 0. }Kraus, M.D.

Store an old landmark that before our eyes. OUTI born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur lunch, IS-UiTO/ .. ClwIwIosW,
has been here on Marco since School Is out and there area Howard of Fort Myers Wed- Schedule Ut" Ml pan... Ortwpw, 2161 McGiejror Houleuud, Foil Mrr Mt
1907 has to be vacated In 60 SNOOK CATCH lot of happy kids. 1 for one nesday, June S. 2tlO 2t30 pan ..loprland,
days. Mr.Grtffls.whohu managed Henry Orr of Spin Master Red am happy because !will be leaving Mrs, Luella Doxsee, Mrs 2145- |OO p.m. ...I/*Cypress, wishes to the
AnnouncedMrs. announce
the store for 32 years Factory in Miami, fished with for Texas next week on a Lucille Tompson, Mrs Lois 3,00.3,45 p.m.Visitations .
was notified this past week Ted Naftal of Miami and caught two-week vacation with Mr. Walter, Mrs Kris Doxsee, June llascbka, Collier every other week opening of an office at
that the building Is to be torn five large snook weighing from and Mrs. Holsomback and Dud- Nancy and Debbie made a medical County Librarian has announced are scheduled as follows June

down and a Polynesian building 15 to 20 pounds. dy of Naples. There will be trip to Miami. on Monday. the Bookmobile Summer 23, 24, SHU July', 8, 9,.. 77.1 Ith! AVKNtIK; : NORTH
Is to take its place. We will The First Florida Man Real- Marco News In the Sunday paper Schedule for the period start- July 21, 22 and 33.Pmit .
be without a store here for ty trailer has been moved from my mother will gatherthe Predict TrendTo kg June 9 and continuing' NAFI.RB. FLORIDA
about three months. beside the Marco Lodge to the news while I am erne. through July 23. Taw bookmobile 'j.
Alex and Marjorie at the east side of the Marco Island Dennis Doxsee has been 'Long Hair' will make stops during n thuk nuaiw syrup ever Practice Is limited toPs
mesh ,
diced piiwuppleii
Lodge will have to be out of the Inn. The entrance Is under spending this past week In Fort Girls June on the following dates thinly. Add ion1 eleven of
For i
Young 'chintl'YHouri
Lodge Dock by the first of the big beautiful polnctana tree Myers with his grandparents June Imntokalre School .IIII'-f"ea.ty.d .Iner nod are*.
July, but It Is still uncertain that is in bloom. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Doxsee. WASHINGTON (AP) Be. 11 sail 12 (noun)., lunch, over vanilla 'lie itam If yoU
whether they will keep the Lodgeor Any persons desiring bro- Mrs. Dwight Doxsee enter cause. White louse females set 12-1 |pan. ... downtown Irnmo- UilmtilviU. candied |inri (nr ( by appointment Midway 2 7255
not U It will have to Be chures on Old Marco tallied with a Stanley party fashion trends, It'. aide to pre kalee, 1-3 jvn. the prewrveil variety. *....* In
Village Tuesday. 26, at her home. diet that many yming Ainert' hut walft hrlmv, 1I1t""n.
raised and the land built up them May June 10 Goodland 1030- .. I
may get by writing to hair" ,
can glrla will
underneath the level of the First Florida Estate Guests Included Lois Howard go --. -- -
Realty before
Emllle Howard Pat Hunt Itmg.President
other raised Mary ,
propeny. Mart Inc. 3560 9th
St.. North Mildred Addison loraine Addison Johnnon's dmigh.
Marjorie and Alex have been Naples, Florida, 33940. Eva Pearl Victors Lucille ten, Lynda flirt and lAid
managing the Lodge since 1950 Dames, will have teen reFpinuslide.
This past weekend was a busy Thompson,Luella Doxsee
and have operated the dock for They showed up Frldjy
one here at the Island. A lot and Dot Cameron. the Inaugural meeting i uf
a number of
years. of people were here enjoying the Mrs Lucille Thompson and "Young Cltlrena for Johnson" For Sale
The pumping Dredge has fin* fishing over the Memorial Day son Keith, Mrs. Eyvonne, Dox- wearing upuwppt hairdos.Shrinerss .
Ished the first canal toward weekend All motels were busy see and daughter Cindy. end _
where 'the old Rimes house and they are looking forward to Mrs. Kris Doxsee and child- 1J yr '
stood and the second canal a good snook season ren Dennis and Debbie attended WINE'
Is going toward where the RIchard .
Ralph Elkins has returned to a birthday party Saturday
Addison Sr. house was his duties as clerk In the post given for Ricky Addison at (Continued from pane: 1))
and will (from
come out across Goodland.
office after a two-week vaca
which was followed by a "Mull--
Annie Howard's house. The Gene Elklns gunners mate
tion. tern least" al In the "1
1111111I >ij
dredge is expected to have six 3rd class, left Thursday to return .
lop, also served by Sheriff Id-n
more weeks of dredging. Captain Lou Tarbert caughta to Puerto Rico after spend dry and Mayor Turner 1
It gives us a very sad feeling 16-pound snook Wednesday Ing two weeks with his family While their husbands ate flllh o !pi Ir
that cannot be described and also caught one Thurs- Mrs Annie Howard "has re- Friday night 450 of their wives

were entertJlnml at a buffet aup
per at the Naples| Death Club t
(Mel and enjoyed a style Chow f

I Case of Missing Forehead given was by Nale by|Mrs. shopii.Lynn flallcyi Narration

Orchids, elxtrln .....lIdnr.. and

panic to cover the forehead with girl certificate were awarded
aa prizes for a bingo session
curia that you would think bareness which fnllovnd.

above the brows was a Yesterday l morning more than llsle
F'arP shameful aln. 500 women attended the breakfast
You might also think that al the Heard Club and heard
modestly halr-dretsed foreheadsIn greetings! from Mra, Jane Lang
of TamiM wife of Ficypt Tern
a fashion of partially
pie's potentate. Nearly 200 women
bared bosoms Is a paradot. look advantage of the op 01
But this Is not paradoxical portunlty to visit Caribbean Oar "J R
\.: It Is proportionate, contends dens while their hmbanda it, ,
Kenneth Battelle.who as the for tended the drill coml"'tltlon.Bpen .
cer D. Allemlorf was chairman'>f PLA MOR APARTMENTS
f met First Lady' couturier put the committee In charge of the
A the whole world of women In women's activities

bouffant hairdo And an Indira A Hawaiianluau, was prepared
tlon that Ms Influent U still for 2,000 nobles and their guests\ 433 3rd Avt. South
at the Naples Reach Club last
strong Is this current bang rage
night which wulolllJW.dbyddnr.
"With the necklines dropping lug al the Death Club with music *
and bosoms. peeking out, there by two band. Here'l an unusual Investment opportunity
must be more aoftnest with the Carl Clemmer, president rd the
hair....Sllrk, donexip hair front Naples Shrine Club, with J.W Here's an unusual Investment opportunity with a choice of two possibfe

and back with bare clothes looks Dyches, past president! aa ro combinations 4 one bedroom apartments and 2 overnight motel units
chairman, were In charge of the
hard." 3 bedroom 3 bedroom 3 bath home. Three Cr1ij:
local arrangements Bobby Hicks or one apartments plus a ?

With or without the.. bosom of Egypt Temple, Tampa Wit these apartments are completely 'furnished Ideally located within a few
covered up however, Kenneth the ceremonial offker.Presidents .
blocks beaches schools and hospital. Each of the r
I believes\ bangs are romantic.And of downtown shopping, ,

this being Leap Year, Like three 1 bedroom units will bring In as much as $125 per week during the., t.t;;

well... To Joke About height of the season A real money maker, this property can be purchased,, b =.
Everybody knows that bangs are
for little girls. And halrbows Their Wives, Too for $10,000' down Rental from the units will more than make the mortgage ?': .

-- are, too. But when. do you draw NEW YORK AP) Fretldontlal payments and provide you with a home or additional Income if you .

PRETTY TOON'C MISS the line first ladle are no dlf. choose not to live in one of the units Stop in or give us a call on this crier .ft I
BANGS AND A BOW FOR A vever," assert Kenneth. ferent from other wives in at
Hair .;yl. U by Kenneth Battelle. a trend ...tt.r.By "'1'011 can have bangs If you're last pee way Their nmtband, ,:.
Pine to Joke about them. '
70. Bang draw attention to the I

JEAN SPRAIN' WILSONAP eyes-but they must be down to former President brr> S. prof
Newtfeoture Writs the .)'.brow or they don't mean Truman, designated bv President
Johnson to be lie representative '
'j MEW YORK (AW-Baags, bangs, banes. Settle bangs' fringe a thing." with Mrs. Johnson at ,;' .
skimpy banp, shaggy banp .t""IJ bangs and thick, The trend to framing tine eye the funeral of King Paul of Bill Loach
9; lasurtaDt Bangs all tile -J down to blaclI-tr1npd oft.-tllat' the with hair i U one reason why beta Greece, later met Johnson at
certain that women will pay the New York World's Fair

style now' tile doWt\btat. and tile ""'""t". more and more attention to making Johnson shook hands wash
U u to u
TIle dowtts..q .
up their eyes, and why, in. Truman and peeked Mrs Truman
Cost as Marie AAtotnttl.the on. 'Y' bJ IItr I'&mou..ldeHO.ene.raad dad, more of them will tryto on the cheek' REALTOR
.. N i y draws ova Truman writing on M\ .a
high forehead .m- todaJ" bane bnutlee appear' i fake eye lashes, First 80 Tears," In the fetur. ."
n.I pAuis.d by imp.rioua ladies at be bllllded III both But !tin. Aa. for bow, the Kennedy family day tvonlnc Post, said /h> remarked 651 5th AVER SO. PHONE Ml 2-6151 : 1,
earls sham dop tlleJ ma"".",.fad ladle proved that grown up to Johnson
: lathery "eoltftne eartalll bnntlally Airtanoualy myst.Halt. ... glrla look \charming ttitie,too. "Theraj rent many met l'd< .iP"aPaI :11
IIId upwtrd, It I let kiss my wife," I
without And like Kenneth believes ,
rtouly Say obC visa bangs, a ct
"There aren't many rd !t go h
thing ; -; & J
at mion. I
not In blttv
etfme mo.t. cues mau Wy to Greece with mine," J'J1' ;"\
o blinded III So frantic llldeed II tIe but In big beautiful one*. replied. .;
Veronica Lan VU "

i ++
.,r t:


t 1 f t

::1 .... ,

between you'n'meBob .{! .' '" .. 1i. .. 8 Burleson Under 4 Wins MinutesIn ,

., \ ,'", 'it ,..
Richardson to Quit \1' t Compton

't ) + / COMPTON, Calif. (AP) A-

{ Baseball for the Church .cIA! record eight runners, led to the
,_;t !.'!, tape by Dyrol Burleson, cracked
BV MURRAY OLDERMAN ., the once-fabled four minutes In
I Sports Editor J. r the mile Friday night, and unheralded .
Newspaper Enterprise Ann. Bob Schul broke the

... i ( ,, American record In winning the . . . . . . . .
NEW YORKNEAThis( ) is the kind of guy Bobby 3,000-meter run at the Compton

IUchardson is. His big thrill last year with the New York f.ip Invitational Track Meet
Yankees b Mickey Mantle on a Saturday Schul, from Miami Universityof 8 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Sunday, Jane 7, U.4l.i7
was supplied
) Ohio, defeated New Zealand's
afternoon in Minneapolis t. aUr distance runner, Bill BaUlie
"Can I," asked Mickej go to church with you in the '. In 13:38.0, with Balllie well be. reports
morning?" hind at 11:40.0. ; Tv) grayson
Baseball is about to pas out of the pattern of Bobby's life. Schul and Balllie staged a
In the timetable set up by the second baseman of the Yankees ., thrilling duel on the final lap, '1
he will quit the gam' within two years. "jf with the veteran Balllie unableto Buddy Edelen Is Happy
"By then he said "I should have something else"Something gain any ground '
else is a et urch-eonnected Job which will 1<, The mile again turned into a l c In Long-Distance RunsBY

pay him from $6,000 to H.OOO a year or, as he admits" +,. battle between Burleson and
"about a fifth of what I get for playing baseball It youthful Tom O'Hara of Chlca- HARRY GRAYSON

should be In Sumter, S.C., because thats where he'sfrom a go's Loyola University with Newspaper Enterprise Ann ,
and where he has his home paid for. "I.rt'" Burleson, from Oregon, winning
"I'm no crusader," stressed Bobby, "but I found out thatif In 3574. O'Hara's time was NEW YORKNEARack( ) in 190 B.C.. the Greek

you take a stand early, people respect you for It. I notice v 3:57.1. army sent a soldier named Pheidippides on a 22-mile

the guys try to keep from using profanity when they'rearound 1. : The next six finishers were jaunt from the Plains of Marathon to Athens so he could
me"Around/ clocked In this order the Persians
tell the about the victory over
continued "I have no trouble. --no populace
second base he Archie San Romani, 3:57.8;
Kubek Yankee shortstop! doesn't use profanity either VAULTER Morgan Groth, 3:57.9 Jim Being a good soldier Pheidippides didn't hesitate. lie
Tony ( FLYING I Bob N.utillng *f Ohl* State Isn't' up In the steeds nor ; arrived in Athens deliveredhis
lack of vocabulary Grelle 3:58.5 Bob 3:58.9 crossed hills, fields and streams, ,
Profanity to me Indicates i ; Day, ;
It h* toirlng through the .Ie)'. H. shown In an almoit vertical camera angle attar lar- dead.
"Maybe it's not good, but I find I'm able to hold things Cary Welslger, 3:58.9 and Jim message of "We conquer, then promptly dropped
in." leg the bar at 14 feet I Inch.* In polo vault event ot Big 10 track moot In Evanston, III. Ryun, the Wichita, Kan., high "Probably wasn't doing his 130 miles a week, is Buddy.
e school Junior, 3:59.0. Edelen's reaction.
Bobby made a missionary trip for the Texas Baptist Church Narvaez Gets British Amateur Ryun thus became the first Edelen doesn't qualify as an expert In Greek history,
to Japan and Formosa last winter. When he is traveling with Naples Golfers schoolboy ever to break the but he Is the best of the modern American marathon runners

the Yankees, he works on his correspondence course from Lucky Decision Play ThreatenedBy four-minute barrier. and has lived in England the past four years, where he
Moody Bible College and catches up on "Christian authorsI A year ago the Compton mile acquired an accent and some wonderfully dry humor.
think I should read." He pay his own way to speak to Over BizzarroNEW Play Today At Caddy Chrisis had a record six runners under Edelen, who runs 130 miles a week, Including a nine-mile
youth groups ('II many as 10,000 at one gathering) in LexIngton four minutes, which went down round trip dally to 3 his teaching job, became the first memberof
ask him. YORK (AP) FrankieNarvaex' CANTON, England (APA record for the once-magic track team with his In
Ky., Washington, D.C., or wherever they Palm River ClubThe as a the 1964 American Olympic victory
streak has Increased crisis blew
church. He winning caddy up during number in one race.
Bobby also pays one-tenth of his salary to the the AAU marathon."I .
serves on the boards of the Christian Service Brigade, the to 14 but even the NewYorker's Greater Naples Golf As. practice for the British Amateur Ron Larrleu, another dark wouldn't have been here, you know, lilt hadn't been
church-sponsored Brookland Plantation on Edlsto Island most ardent rooter soctatlon will hold Its regular Golf Championship Friday with 1', horse from the Los Angeles for the people in my home town," Edelen said. "The kids
has to admit he's a long most of the "ayera lugging
S.C., the Grace Church of New York and the Fellowship of from being ready to take way on monthly outing today thts time their own carts around the G an., 5,000-meter Track Club,run finished and the third 17-in year the, there had car washes, dances and basketball games" to raise.
Christian Athletes.At to for the qualifying run.
money bring me over
at the Palm River Golf and
Carlos Or. ton lay-out.
lightweight champion
the same time, he is a magnificent baseball player in handful of addle.were old high school sensation, Gerry Edelen is from Sioux Falls, S.D. He went to the Universityof
liz Club. The Only a 1
his athletic prime at the age of 28 In his eighth full season Country starting Llndgren of Spokane, Wash., Minnesota and after graduation became a dignified nomad
available and It doubt
Narvaez, the aeventh-ranking time has been set at 8 sjn., was '
with the most successful team In history, and no one shoves contender ful the situation would Improve fourth. with a pair of track shoes and a B.A. in history.
him around, though he's only 5.0. lightweight lucky to gain a majority decision was. and It will be a "shotgun"start much for the opening round Larrltu was timed In 13:43.0, "I wanted to make the 1960 Olympic team as a 10,000
Eli Grba who used to pitch for the Lot Angeles Angels, over bouncy Johnny Bizzar a spokesman announ Monday. and Lindgren in 13:44.0.: of meter man," the personable 26-year-old: said. "But I couldn'tqualify
once plunked him in the ribs with a fast ball. Grba had cede Dale 44.year.old for, The American record over here in our trials.
of Morey,
ro, a pesky type fighter from Kldd
been his buddy on the Yanks As Bobby trotted down to first Erie, Pa., at Madison Square The newly organized assoc mer American Walker Cupper In 13:43.8 this meet was June set by 2 Bruce 1962. "My coach, Fred Wilt, suggested I look for a qualifyingrace
base, he stopped and yelled at Crba "Hey, you big Serbian, Garden Friday night They're latton has staged two previous of High Point, N.C., pulled his in Finland so I took his advice. I was broke then, as I
I ought to punch you right In the nose." virtually set for a return bout tournaments at Big Cypress own cart cart and said: have been many times since, so I worked my way over on a
The threat startled umpire Ed Runge at first base at the Garden July 17 or 24. Golf and Country Club, and to* "We don't know what Is going State Finnish freighter. '
When Bobby reached the bag, Runge, chirped, "Hey, "I should have thrown more day's activity will mark the be* to happen. I'm told that holiday League "When I got there, I couldn't find a qualifying race openso
Bobby, that nose Is big enough for both of us. Let's go uppercuts," walled Johnny after ginning of a monthly series to workers get more money selling I was stuck without funds again. I put an advertisment'lnthe
get him." Facetiously, of course. losing by a shade In his Garden be held the first Sunday of each ice cream than caddylng. Head Worried Helsinki papers to teach conversational English. I had
Bobby has never been thrown out of a baseball game in and television debut as a main month. "But I'm not grumbling. U I many replies and stayed there from August to November.
his major league career, nor has he been in a fight. lie is eventer. Participants In today's out. don't get a caddy, then I guess Then I took a Russian passenger ship to England."I .
proud of the loyalties baseball Inspires. If he had thrown as many Ing will play a foursome low I'll just have to caddy tor my., Over Attendance stayed with a friend for three weeks and I liked Englandso

earlier in the fight as he did In ball with handicaps applying, a.!!. I've never done it bedoreIn LAKELAND (AP-The Florida much I decided to stay, My friend, Derek Cole, helped me
Track and the last two rounds he would big championship but
Turkey Raiser'sSon Field Federation din Bob Abbott chairman a State League expand get a teaching position.
blot championship meet have romped off with a decision tourney there's always a first time." next season, but may President Edelen teaches history and English at the King John Secondary .
Breaks Pole lie climbed a fourth of an over the 2.1 favorite announced. Morey, winner of the North George MacDonald Is concerned School near Westcllffe-on-Sea, Essex, England, and
Inch higher than the pending Bizzarro, the No. 2 contender and South this year, leads a 35. about this season's attendance. the thin 138-pounder Is a familiar sight on the roads to school.
Vault Record world record of 17.:% by John In the 130 pound Junior.lightweight Annual Paul Bell man American entry In the The Milwaukee Braves have "I've never been late to class either," he said.
Pe-nnell 1903.llansen division, elected to fightat field of about 210. "I started to develop as a long-distance runner when I set
to and
applied own operate a
HOUSTON (AP- Fred Han.Mn long range and he had the Tourney June 9 At Frank Strafacl, from Miami,
brushed the bar Fri. club next season at West Palm foot on English soil. They have quite a bit of distance run
mm of a Texas turkey His.
squat little Puerto Rican battler who Is playing In his ninth Brit
day night, but It stayed aa Beach, MacDonald said. Houston ning and it s very competitive"Edelen i
er, roared down a wet up Naples Beach ClubThe
runway chasing him for most of the 10 ish Amateur, said the caddy
holds the world record for the marathon with a
'I'lday night, and using! "Ubfre he watched from the foam rube U Interested in establishing
rounds. situation seemed desperate."I
!glass pole, vaulted higher (than her pit. He started at 15 feet Referee annual Paul Bell tourna. a farm team at Cocoa. 2:12,28 clocking over the standard course of 26 miles and
Petey Della, by 5 3 2 had one yesterday and paid
niiy mini til lilMory and cleared that on his first try. and Judge Leo Birnbaum ment for the Beach Club women 1 I him about $6 dollars," he said. But two more teams wouldn'tbe 385 yards. That's an average of 5.07 minutes per mile, whichisn't
by -
The yimng man from Cucro, Then, he cleared the bar on 5.4.1, voted for Narvaez. Judge will start on Tuesday, June 9., "He wanted $10. Today he had enough, he said Friday. bad for "a runner who says "I'm virtually devoid of
Tex., catapulted 17 feet, one every second effort at U.7, 16.I Johnny Dun had It a draw This Is a 36.hole net (hand' made a better deal and so I'm "I think most directors around natural speed.
incli on MM. ninth try at the U.S. I 11/:1 t and 16.ClI.' giving each five rounds and, cap) tourney to be played on two'I without a caddy." the league feel a ten-team "I got where I am through bloody hard work," he said.

five points. The AP card hud It,'consecutive Tuesdays. _Strafaci 'named Morey and league would only expand operasting
Following the golf event ot'1 expenses, to if these two Miami Kicks Six
even, 11,11.Narvaez'. | Jack Penrose of Philadelphia as
i) NO FINER HOMESITEIn 9 will 1 towns were admitted I think you
record now Is 20.M. Tuesday, June a meeting the American most likely toe
weighed his foe, 135 to 132'/2 be held of all members of,th upset the home-grown players. could look for us to find two Grid Players Out
more to make it a 12 team
Beach Club Women's Golf As -
pounds A crowd of about 2,000 Michael Lunt, English winner MIAMI (AP) Six football
the central Naplta area than the 150 by 100 law the televised bout. relation to elect two delegate 1 of the title last year, Is defend. league players have been asked to
The league could then be divided
and two alternates to the boar 1
Ing Ms crown over the par 38.
from the Universityof
Into eastern and western withdraw
feet of lovely lot the northeast of of the Southwest League Sit 1 35-71 Ganton course.
on corner Miami, President Henry King
RACES teams of 10 players will tx I divisions. MacDonald said this
would lower traveling costs and Stanford said Friday.
selected to be In the tournament
First Street, South, and Third Avenue. Just a .. increase rivalry for the all.stir The six are among 11 students
MIAMI Fl (AP-Tho South In September In addition to tlx 1 Big Cypress
Ocean and playoff He men. charged with Honor Code viola.
ern Racing Conferencehat Naples Beach Club the partlelpat games.
block from the beach. $9,500; terms. lions, Stanford said. "Eleven
tloned and Sanford
Leesburg as
hated the following tailing log clubs aret Fort Myers C.C.,,, Women Planning
were charged, two were exoner.
schedule for 1965: possible additions
Cypress Cape Coral, Le'high
Feb. S, St, Petersburg to Acres and Port Charlotte,. Summer Events Attendance this season Is on. ated. Nine were asked to withdraw

AD MILLER ASSOCIATESREALTORS Venice, Fla.; Feb 13, St, Petersburg Tuesday, June 2nd, saw 24 4' of ly fair, MacDonald said. "including six football
to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; players out, but due to the rah Members the Big Cypress St. Petersburg is leading with players.
Feb 26, Miami to Cat Cay, only the first nine holes carded J I Woman's Golf Association had about 1,000 fans a game. Lake. Stanford declined to Identify
March 6, Lipton Cup, Miami; were used In determining the 1011, a "coffee" Thursday, June 4, land Is last with about 200. the students or comment on with reports
March I, Miami-Naasau race and net scores for the comblnec d I to make plans for golf events "Lakeland isn't drawing," they were charged
March 12, Nassau Cup Race, classes. First for the Rain "up. MacDonald said If things don't cheating on exams. Head foot
prize went t o i summer.
305 Fifth Avenue, South MI 2-2124 ball coach Charlie Tate and Ath.
Ruhamaa. get better I don't see how the
Mrs. S.W. McCune for her 34,, set the appelcart, according letic Director Andy Custafson
The schedule lion. month Second place was won by Mrs,, to Mrs. Evelyn Cook, spokes club "can be back again next had no comment. ,

later than usual Wilbur Eckard. (35)). There wai I man for the group, and the golf year.MacDonald said, "That's one Under NCAA regulations, ath. 9'w
a three tie for
way third low nel
with tournament had to be cancel thing we've got to decide beforewe letes suspended from one school
Mrs Homer Dixon Mrs
think about adding clubs. must sit out two years of rest
Fred Haynes and Mrs led.Next
er all scoring 36. John Beck Thursday, June 11, will Can we count on the eight we dency before being eligible at
be the first of the nine hole have this year?" another school.

THE Uh7VER511Y Pa.(AP- tournaments for the summer
Penn State football coach Rip season and It will be a blind '

Englt and Frank Patrick, one of partner tournament.On PLAY BETTER GOLFBy ,,
hia aidea. will visit the Far East Saturday,July 4,the ladles ;
this. aummer for one week football will hold a mixed best-ball-
BU. G clinics at Honolulu, Okinawa, foursomc. This will be the Tommy Armour

Japan and Korea. first of series of Invitational -
I I ,.. cocked the
= Wrists at top
T tournaments to which members Cocking the Wrists
of other clubs will be In* 4! I

\ vltcd. Members of the Beach THERE are differ. .
i, Club will be Invited to the July Q of opinion
I 4 event Breakfast will be about cocking the wrists early in

I served at 9 a.m. A charge the backswing or starting the back-

r Offers The of $3,00 will Include breakfastand I J swing ;"in one PJece" and cocking .

I the entrance! fee and there the wrists later. Do whatever works ..;'J
f yrr' will be a $2.00 green fee. best for you. The important thingis ..'- '

BEST FACILITIESI I Those: Interested In playing the fully cocked units al tht top RUNNER-Buddy EdelenIsa

should call the club by Thurs of the backswing. Then come down schoolmaster who likes to
36>C... u.wt.. day, July 2, at Ml 26692. \ with the hands ahead of the club- be in the company of "the
I I fLRICKSEN head and uncock the wrists just as world's most durable leg I
FISHERMAN. Flying bridge| In men." He teaches in
SECOND fROM OUTSIDE late as you possibly can. your Englandto
dual controla. Finding chair BALTIMORE (AP) Northern / downswing pull the butt of the club ( be close to European
Sleep 3. Galley, head. 22SIIP marathon events.
Dancer Is th. second Preakneaa toward the ball with your left hand
Fireball Grey marine. 300 winner (foaled outside the United until you instinctively feel you've
w GOLFING- hours. Monel tanka. Many n. Statca, "War' Cloud winner of a got to sling your right hand NEW YORK (AP) In three
Ira.. Bet offer. May trade divinon of the Preakneaa in / into the shot. full years of riding in the United
Demonstration today. Phone 1911ua\ born in England. States, Panamanian jockey:
I 18 Hole ChampionshipGolf MI 23937. Northern Dancer w.. foaled in f \\-._)K A leas br The Chlcwo Trihun ftiulio Baeia's mount. have
Canada earned S5.021.535. Has mourn
Course in Excellent I have won 591 aces in that period.
When he began riding her in
Condition o 1960 Baeta won only eight
.lake* races but the following
The With Personal Service -
Agency year his mounts took down 14
atakea, including the Belmont

SWIMMING- I IA FLY v- NAPLES Stierluck and Lawrence, Realization with

The 24-year-old rider
dependable agency, rxpootlbl MIAMI
A.A.U. Size Pool 75 Ft. for protecting you, your paid Fred W. Hooper "00,()(j() to
family, horn and budiMteiftlntt release him from a riding con4 -

by 40 Ft. by 30 ft. ol 1 leva through every incurable e planned threat pro- New Year Round Daily Schedule I tract.

ram of protection gturantead
FamilyIemberships: Available by eompaniw ol onqueitionod Naples To Miami

financial: itreagth. 7.45 A.M. 11:30 A.M. 3.45 PM.: ?

Miami To Naples

HOMESITES- 9.00AM.: 2.15PM. 500; P.M. I LUFF GMC INC.

""UlUIII lac, 'nllKtloal. aad RtMrvalloM to say poiat IB th* world Trucks Parts
? For living in truly Country Club
Atmosphere 652 Sill A.ean 3webrbea. TEMPORARY
2.5141 Naples Airport Contour S Miami' AirportMI

Citr'TWket attic Naplva Travel Agtaty ... 4 O -. 421 Ninth St., N.


...-- "'- -_. ._--- .,

''i1 I- ., \ .iii! >\
'" .. '

I "ti


Adolf HltlFi had, nII,i ; "ihg, ,,
Eisenhower Had Alternate states from two tor 'omm.na
arc PtaM Marshal Gerri von
INsOrtmlt. iMnder ,Ir, West
eft tHMpe, aid a strong f<,' "<
.. drA wt : ,..i. W...,} ..t Announcement For D-Dav aM.M be k. in reserve, t heN
MvMI > whatever i Taint the' A
.. tied. niag appeared
Mtv "ISKMI to attacks* Mill I
1g1e11 Marshal ,
'W t fa ''I a
Ii I ?. 'iRht D. F.1lflnhClWI'I's plans time and ,tu a was! based upon' Rameele army irrour or
the bent '
the Invasion of Fiance SOi mint mutinn nvalUbks" IHIIifIH In the invasion d'P
Included The troops, the .ur, and the''
.1'11 i ago yesterday aniii wantsa MM. reserve fo.O, n
,< ,.nut. announcement, for .one Wavy did all that hr.vI'rand I nleibeN4y Wind the lIt>a i i 1'9
1.eIIII.r, ,' dawotlon to dots i-ntiII . If an\
bNM e he oared a IPHI
'\slur I landings In the Ctor. I Name. 01 fault attaches to the ,
... .. tore would be un PCaere >' '
"'IItli.I/ Is mine aloneBlumenmn ."
Havre area have failed loi
'rt- to a menaced nonit due tt
111 i 18t1 III 4 1'101'rClClthold and writes that u num .AMeet .r .....-.
ive withdrawn the troop." :her nl tiling could lit'.. defexttd Melee hadnt decided wiC)" .:j,
rime supreme Allied com the Invasion I p4Mi to aetwpt when the lai '!':a{
'could have continued and .'omplicated
i ,ire', iwnctled announcemeflt
i h, wrote the night before then I the amphibious .landing
T4 ,ck and earned In hi* wallet 'of the IlO! ,000 troops the first 24
ii" .d i hlstorir dill 'I hours and impost, airborne cajieia. Icebox Thief
't MOM furthci. If thai hid happened .
: The Allied force landed, ham
nil' 'red through German tn, :I" the "t ros.Channel at Gets Cold CashLAS
)"'II i <** and hogan the pasts to the I lark would have tamtrieitKI." YEARS, Nev TAP ALas
The Oerman ISth Arm,
I? <'h. Voas housewife told police
:'sironajaiai in iMsialeim Bsii fli e,
The ArwMis
macarlne, a tWof raided her l< ('box and
h11 Elsenhower, roalltlng hew was deployed for anti tnva-iton
got away with $1,600 in ,rid
"mat could he a NormandyIu -It* at the wrong place, thanks cah.
1 ding In face of. huge. Ger |t to a deci4lva> plan of the Al, Mrs. Stella Norton sii"1.I .
mm force Mid array of localwona /- 'I Ilea."Had day a neighbor had siiccowed
rote out the text nf a the Germans moved the putting money In an envelope in
lltth Army to Ttormamft tnxteMl
?niniunlqiie in which he would her refrigerator
'of keeping In Hie Pas-de,Ca.I. .
r> 'ae accented respnnafblllh" for The theory n would be vale
tau ('to the north and at the
from fire there and, basher.,
'I narrowest part of the English
article-"Could The (Mr thieves never look In refrtge, a*
''Channel!) for in invasion that
m 1111 Have Won? s written tors for monoj
I never tame, that might well
t Martin civilian
Blumenson, i
The catch They! get hungry
1 have won rite battle! of t1R
4 historian, In the Army's OfftreKI though.Sunday ,
the Chief. of Military' History Wuraenwin writes
B :IK ludcs a phntogrtphtc" corn
Of Klsenhower handwritten :," June T. 1H4\ COILIER COUNTY NEWS 9

ml'mn. with a few words'
'i ratohed out bv the general' as
he phrased the announcement' PIANO INSTRUCTION

he might have to use. After the Certified. Member MTNA t PMTNARfflnnrrs
opening sentence concerning ..I to Collage. Preparatory I 1
la:lure and withdrawal ot fort Downtown Studio
.. et Fteenhower .'rot ft : Ann Wtlmcr Phone MI 24197


AERIAL VIEW of the attractive Ridge LAbs section of Naples lookinp -

northwest toward the Gulf Center is South Lake encircled by ClubApartment 1
Feuds Rage As Vets Palm Circle, To the right extreme is North Lake and circling it is The Harbour r

1-1Old Bougainvillea Road. To the f& upper left is Alligator Lake. Ridge

Lakes is one of many excellent residential areas which have sprungup "" "

in Naples ( McGrath photo) I. a L22L P

-Anniversary .

real building are the name MlilT where. vital supplies were landed I Should Have t. raP I
Carefree living I. ens og the fleeat. t
OMAHA DI At'!II AP1! 011 I I.Idlers Con 0m.lrli. Br.Hll.'om .: soldiers, sailors and airmen lie also dented he had been .
..,. joined h, Manage Satur. mil ,lor nl UK Miit'i i a an assault missing in the Normandy critical of the British for holding Fired MacArthur and mot luiirlnti Cp apartments<< _
day; lu their fallen: wartime rmiu I 1111'' os (Ill D {):J" led the U.S. invasion out in front of Caen, II) tog !I. Ntplrik E lra larva sparlmeiit
rules on the 20th .Him VIM "'IT>' of delegitioii. He was joined In a similar ceremony' Friday MdMlcoMMry had kept. the pres Earlier Truman overlooking fmming tool) and. tar-
the ralRlitiest Invasion in his' I h) the ,'churnun 01 the U.S. British veteran with med-it Cure. on the strategic city, NEW YORK (AM .Former des pall. Exceptional' furnlnkiiira.
tor'. Joint ChieU ol Stilt' Gen. Maxwell pinned on their rlrlllaji trees AS Et..rl1.wf'd theAn.ricee President Harry S. Truman to ''',lOt --
They gathered! on the silent 1). Taylor, who parachuted stood licit by slot In UM raM graves at Saint day defended his removal of
Normandy beat.. where on Into Nornund) with him 101>t with school <.hlldr..n, MUM awl UcrMlAir Mer, he saidt Con Douglas Mac Arthur as Far
| this 11.1) Iwo ihMjtlu ago Iwfiu" Airborne Division on invasion generals and admirals .Ml MI chat| hope Hurt w@ will never East commander In Ind WESLEY G. r
the fliul assault on the !l ollll'fn' day la 1944.Hundreds. form at the British cvmrtonr at *at i hive,. to nee such scenes said he should have taken the EARLLRYI
..In'. ol other American Douvres la [ph vra...... M ..... These people gave us action two tears sooner. ,
But even though tile dill ol tut- British and Canadian veterans! They sane hymns, rectt.4 the a HMM, and they bought' timetor Truman writing in the Saturday t. DOWN! IN'G Registered Real Estate Broker ,
tlc! las lung sloe a died town, D.n*>' revisited tint old lat Lords Prayer and stand stlffl M, so that "e can do better Evening Post on 10M,. First
oM imtrweiMes raged\ uhsllaIgl tlocround on their Oft Some at attention as the anthems of titan we have !fore." 80 Years," said that two rein ASSOCIATES
) .is ever.Britain were joined in the pilgrimage' France, Canada, the United )Montgnmer television, remarks before the dismissal the late Incorporate '
'* field Mirxlul, Vieaunt b>' their wives and children. States and Britain were pitted.The Mated criticism from general had approved an action Rufua B. Burnham
Montfomor "sillcil l his The wandon-d over the 'touches ordeal of D,Day wasWvidlv _spaiers and listeners In of the Japanese Diet which :an Realtors
old <'ommander.liii-l, Gen. and hedgfrowed fields, tnlnf to recalled to American lei, Britain Some listeners called contrary to poll t laid down In Erwin Q. Downing,
the British Broadcasting 701 Stk Are. 8*. Arrosa from First National ...k
families evislon
1wicht D. Frcwdlmrer.uprcmetlhed recollect for their per audiences Friday Ittpt Washington.erron ,
inmmimk'r, !in Furojie sunal memo tes of the treat but, by Flsenhower in a 90 minute to check If they had heard correttlv. PHONE MI J-J17I

.lunar World Wn II. tie.The Interview. with Walter Cnonklteol > Reads Th* NEWS
On.1 British >'nmflu m off will reremoBien were the Columbia" BroadraMingI Montgomery said the Norman ,.---- -- -
eler"M trN iewshlnCgr7rl8r "1'1<1 Frldp'' rttiehyuv "I +',stem. TW .Interview .wa'fllmei .''d* 1tYtatu tf. tail British intl
; Tr ,I' Deg *'f oi Gold Juno and Sword' last Aufwsl!' in Britain Slid; lift iucch'ecked because of
,tu thai FlMMihower ever real b' lies ending, with a mill and on the Normandlx'I'a.' first-class teamwork on the partof
11) understmKt HIP strategy, << tin |parade ol the old Allies and Eisenhower described In in all forces engaged-nrlflsh. WG t::
NIP Nornumh inipilim.. Ik- hit works display" a( Herman 11 mate detail the ke\! actions of Canadian and American '
i'fiiifil lii me to .(ret. tin- whole VIIIII"lUr.M"r. the battle. Montgomery has crisis tied fLOODC'oi1"enlalCS
thing nmd'llt'd ii|>. The program Saturday conren Ik' also told of his derision to Elsenhower's wartime role In ,
I Elst, >ulICwl'rlulIlI\ < Iv ignored titled on the America. area go ahead with the Invasion on his 1958 memoirs and In a sub !
tl Ii,' rem' I sits \ -I the IlIrllll'll.S.. pielhkUlt'a and Hit villas' of Sainte Mere of precarious weather and emphaslwd Eisenhower never, replied pub
firm In Gfttyrtmrff! Pi.: !!:lId rullsf, on which U.S. paratroorMS ; that the landing wax a llcly, although he was known to
I I senhow,', soup hive, no torn dt> 'en.ted. In tin biggest ,ill team OUT, .it Ion. have resented tile remarks
moat i-siult atLniitud| up to then. He admitted with a smile that TIll two men dined with other
Amerlian UntUh, French, Hit dav> 11l'j.nlllh a simple ho had prepared) a statement In British wartime -omnunder In
Canadian, Delgiiii mil, Nur\\'P 11\1'1111'11.11' Sl'IV" ,it S.JlnlL.lu advance accepting hl.lmtn apparent joviality In London HEAVY RUBBER BACKED
gnu oltii I il\ pat in simple i erenniiiit" it lookup Omaha Ik'ich. "...111'1'1'IS41 ,.er lend tribute to the Lord Tecliter, who was deputy
Kin |k>llltS llOIIP the HIV, '.IM.H1.HIM. < U.S. dead air Inn led., Fn British loot iniicelMnc in irtlli supreme commander under RAYON & CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON
sunset on the! .'ill ol ,i memo i fat harbor at Arrom.inrhes Eisenhower and now Is marshalof
the Royal Air Force, ap

pea broadcast red earlier Frltla on )tha night same BBC and CARPET AT A PRICE ANYONE CAN AFFORD !II

complained that the program
I inclined to give a prectnmillolnthBritish ) ,r 1 t w +ya a\w y ....T
version of the Invasion.
After hearing Monleomen< 's
remarks at his home later Ted.
e dot aaldi
This outburst Is a Itiful i: example
or a man s second 'Mid

: w+ tek fi "" 4

fJPJlS, I ,

4 r::

bias Off I 100N Continuous Fllamont
100% Sp.ca-Dyed
"Gay Litrtia" mar not Solution-Dyed Rayon Nylon in boautiful moll pat

kindle any fires i I. you, Continuous filament Nylon
but Palls was .knew aaLutrtia Full 1/8- Robber lacking tern. Heavy sponge rubber
Full 1/8 Rubber Backing
at/o'tt1 until the alith srMfrnth Sacking
rrnliiry Note per sq yj $2.50
rayd. $4.95
to President Johnson, Jet. 9' x 12' room $ 3000& tax P par sq. yd. $4.95
Person retired from off"if* 9' x 12' room $ 59.40 4 tax
In case of financial puncture get a 20 grand I I. debt Actor 12' x 15' room $ 5000. tax 9'x 12' room $59404 tax
William lloldrs I. said le 12' Ie 15' room $ 99.00 4 tax
be the first to wear the 12' Ie 18' room $ 60004 tax 12' Ie 15' room $ 99.00 4 tax

BANK RATE LOAN aquarfd-off. pocket hand. 12' x 18' room $118.80 & taxi
krrrhlrfa 15' x 24' room $100.004 tax 12' x 18'room $118.80 tax
and kr
i 15' x 24'room $198.00 4, tax
It Ihu.I'1 "That' the way I 15' 24' room $198.00 tax
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tlm.. |o Innocent bell.

BANK OF leg aouli, by bones(-look. Rangel SAght Charge for Installation
THE NAPLES leg psrvtyora of f ...

hood. That ... of ,ealulal.
)I. too coitly for
Growing Rita !lIIaplu asyoM to Invent In. la the

r andii real state ,..',* latrrfitH .
.._!:- Collier County Is too costly Ut I. C1apLe} ;JLoor e0l1er

.- d since Hit advise buy you. Ikal. are and. Ira provide l19

*.I.*.. Call MI t-471 for
I rooiultalloa with VIVI.
AN OGC Realtor, 124Fiftk DEPENDABILITY"t t

Arts*. ftoolh, at 24054Ii'
Memrtr Federal Dtpeilt 'Intvroce Cerp eI year "OY.ti.ce. .r

-, JUT ---

M. 1

q ::1i!. .. .. ..

f .

10 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Sunday, June 7, 1964
THE BIG BEND In Naples The Trail (US 41) Spy Charges Fly In Russia

Shopping Around By Rolfe curves at the Four Corners (bottom) swinging ,

north to Fort Myers and east to Miami. Four-lan-

VILLAGE BOOK STORE Ing of the Trail through all of Naples is expectedto Political Crisis Indicated

be completed within two years. Clean, smartly .. -- -
designed stores and molds are evident in this By WILLIAM L. RYAN menace and the need for rlgU
air view by Tom McGrath. AP Special Correspondent lance among the citizenry it
It's that has been I reflection of unusual
_- a safe assumption
spying goes on regularly <*> circumstances on the home
I IUEJ1'IIiai both sides of the world, but front
It was true when Stalin
na". ass whenever the Soviet army brass WM
make a big noise about It cooking new scheme for nee
there's usually more behind the purges\ 1H and ltS2. It Rat
fuss than meet the t,.. true Jut before Onorgt )f. Ma.
Red Star, Journal of the Bo. leidtov was fired as p..ter. It
vial armed forces, Is begtawtngt was true Jut before the 20thCommiMM
make the familiar noises party rjngreM, :it
again Past experience ndleatas which KhrMhcn-, destroyed the1tntm
that when. the fenrrals are In* Is- .
volved In this sort of thing. tt was true twice\in l !37 flrst
0 r reflects strata In the Stet before Khrwhchev beat off an
; power structure.! ei; mpt to depose him In the

} 1.... Idd Ingredients for trjuW. are celebrated "anti-party group"
plentiful It coul be that the episode, and again Just before
approaching Phuwduwn in the Khrushchev disgraced and ban.
world r-..omunlrt camp on the islied the World War U hero,
issue of how best to get on with Marshal Georgl Zhukov.
L L Red expansion Is making the The moM recent spy scare and
Soviet brass restive. There's vigilance campaign was Just
W n been a good deal of itchiness about a year ago The Soviet t
leaders military had been shaken by the
ti r'r among the military any. I
+ IgP"rs way, for a variety of reasons, case of Oleg Penkovsky, a for.mer
: f
M the least of which concerns colonel and an official of

..... division of opinion on mudera sensitive scientific agency, who I
war strategy.In was shot for passing rocket se. ,
,4 addition, this Is a U.s. crets to the West
presidential year. In view of the Only two weeks later, at the fl
variety of pressures on Premier height of the vigilance campaign
'Here't a nice book of puzzles and game for the Khrushchev, It might be considered Red Star announced in a curl
television fan. It'* called 'What to do Until the a rood time for a new ously off-hand way a change In i!
Repairman Comet'l" move on the International stage the Soviet high command. A
to prove to world communism Khrushchev man, Marshal Ser
that the Kremlin is truly Interested gel S. Blryuzov, had been elevated

Why pay extra to live on the beach? in hastening the world revo. from commander of
lullon. rocket forces to chief of the gen.
Red Star complains that West. eral! Matt
alan1.anda ern diplomats, particularly At about the same time last
J t .4 Americans, are always poking year, the Italian Communist
around looking for secrets. This newspaper L'Unlta reported In a
Condominium Apartmentswith was in response to U.S. charges Moscow dispatch that Khrushchev
'ttv! made public a month ago, that was "living in a delicate
2 bedrooms and 2 baths
t traveling U.s. Embassy person. political moment' and was fac.
offer all the fine features of apartment living nel had been drugged. The Interesting ing "grave problems."
is not that thereis The grave problems remain.
and, finest feature of all costs only ; : objection thing to these charges, Perhaps another delicate political .

$13,500 complete but that the military newspaper : moment is bothering

with maintenance estimated as low as Jumped Into the act so force Khrushchev.
$25 month. fully.
a Throughout the postwar years, More Indus livt in Arizona
These low, low prices are possible because you when Soviet military organs than in any other state about

will own the land, which is not beachfront whipped up a storm about a spy 82.000.11111 l t count.

priced, but Is still in the


all Moorings golf and beach privileges. Of June We SingRare
To learn about the included costly extras

like central airconditioning and heat -

wall-to-wall carpetingcome
in today and June, Traditionally The Month Of Starry
r :
ask the men at Imperial l Eyed Brides And Dewy Eyed Graduates .

: 'l This I h The Period When Many People Enter

Upon Wholly New Phases Of Their Uves .

ancient St Augustine the na meat of a biracial committee; If You Are Looking For A New And Happy Way
lalt.' Trained NonViolent Army tion's oldest city dropping of civil rights charges Of Naples Life, You Can Find It In One Of The
"The city has an opportunityto against demonstrators; employ.
Homes Or Offered By AD MILLER
do something before demonstrations meat! of Negroes without regardto Apartments I

w..u .._... ..U.-II _e.II resume" said King, race. ASSOCIATES Or, If You Prefer To Build,
Ready For Oldest City King who came here from Atlanta to The city commission Friday Upon One Of The Choice Homesites In Our
confer with Negroes. revoked two ordinances attack. J
Tf IMPERIAL PROPERTIES "When we resume demons, !r a1 ed by the Negroes. One placed a Extensive Listings Anyway, Come June Or
II I 1'1 I M.ST.irtln AUGUSTINE Luther (AP)-Dr. Christian Thu director LeaderfchtpConferencccommands uf the Southern 1 tlons, probably early next week, curfew on juveniles alter 9 p.m., January, AD MILLER ASSOCIATES Are The PeopleTo
King he '
says "
It will be on a massive scale, and the other prohibited downtown
a nonviolent of says he may summon (hit See.
army army said King. He said 35 persons parking between 9 p.m.
wtiltcs and Negroes trained and from over the South next week
MI 2.2128 from Savannah, Ga., were the and 5 a.m.Mayor .
289 Ninth St., So. to to St for massive
tine.waiting come Angus against racial discrimination demonstrations 1 first arrivals for next week's1n Joseph A. Shelley said A LOVELY RESIDENCE in Royal Harbor ii thin.

.. .- -.-..- --; protest. the ordinances were unneces. waterfront home upon a beautifully landscaped lot on
Violence flared during street sary while peace prevailed. Boniti Lane. Practically new, it offer two bedrooms,
marches, but a truce was to pre. lie also said he was opposedto
two baths, a large drriiing room, living room and
vail t h 11 weekend. Negroes a biracial committee and thai
pledged a ban on demonstrations the city has no power to compel dining combination electric kitchen with stove, refrigerator .
I until U. S. District Judge! Integration of privately owned and garbage displosal reverie cycle air conditioning .
Bryan Simpson of Jacksonville; facilities. He granted that Ne. and heating and a two car rau,.. Draperiesand
rules on their request for an InJunction should have the to
2 groes right carpeti, lantern and room dividers are Included!,
against emergency apply for city jobs. lie said he
and the TV cable hai been paid for the year 126,950,
measures taken by St. Augustine planned to go on vacation for a
officials Simpson promised a week. with nah above a mortgage of $17,100.

3 ruling next week. Negroes also have asked
King read to a news conference Judge Simpson to revoke a police UNUSUAL FURNISHED HOME, art en an attrictireljr .
a letter from the St. Augus ban on downtown demon.
maintained lot on Flrit Avenue North. Thereare
tine chapter of his organization rations at night, Invoked after
two bedroom., two baths, a convertible and ipicioui -
--' specifying what the Negroes 'white youths attacked newsmen
J ...'r ylA. ... raa. J.t want: and photographers while Negroes living room, dining room, porch electric kitchen
z'-tl Desegregation of hotels and I marched. and two car carport. The entire living area la centrally
.. r .. restaurants within 30 days; em. air conditioned and the bedrooms have electric space
ployment of five Negro firemen World War 11'. aftermath and
a heiteri. Also on the premise U a one bedroom efficiency
four more Negro policemen United Nations agreement gave guest house. Priced! at UZ, OO.
(there now Is one); employmentof the United States trusteeship
...... three Negro city office work. over the 80,980 inhabitants of
:... ".( era within 90 days; establish. 1 Micronesia in the Pacific HANDSOME TWO BEDROOM UPSTAIRS
APARTMENT for sale in Surfiide one of Naplei

--mot: choice cooperative buildings, right on the Gulf of

Metico Carpeti, dripea and large refrigerator are
I -- 'l' included In the purchase price.

; .J .
'-;" ... ---oJ-

IP IN SEA GATE you'll find that one of the

finer residence U the two bedroom home on Starfish

Avenue. lit it you'll find a ipacioui living room, dia-
lag room, well equipped kitchen, two bathe and a

r sizable porch, all gracing a finely maintained lot that

I. completely .....II.d. 122,500 and may be purchased

completely furnished for mother $1,000, with a boat

Hundred of milns of and motor IncludedEXCEPTIONALLY.
: plerted! kayo and Were bsfia at your

own pnval..anchortrut pension. foe until.boat owmrs''
Q gl SPACIOUS HOrSE on Jackson .
Every spacious hoiMil r dimity on ths vitas. Avenue In East Napl... Completely furnished, the

fully M..u.d..nd served by city uN.I_ house, of CBS and wood construction contain two

\ generously proportioned bedroom, plus a Urge living
Royal Hurhnr M within Naples city limit,
Your room, dining room screened patio and front porch
just 6 minulM from cwn..r-ol.toW1'l. shopping
.4.r.. and a three cir carport. An added! attraction Is a 15
For lot Harbor l't by 30 foot fenced-in! swimming pool ('as be your.
b every purchewr Royal will build a landjifdurk Garden I l t i l l t
... rr..* of charge Or if you prefer.contnbul. for $1>.91S, Including a mortgage of approximately

the' Mine amount toward the construction of a slip $8,500.
6 big reasons why Too Big For Your Lot?

HOllWelttelNpnMlfromU.40010'19.kl! (D_ FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT I. central .
s wide range to suit your individual lure and nods' location at Second Avenue South, and Fifth Street.
,. .... ....
t Hill h.p" "', yaw thculd tM use
so many people The east half of a well built duplex it has two bed-
This pnnw boytruftlloc.llOn offers you an opportunity for .,,01 ,....' h.mNi/.e In Ilex 11 "H" .nd T 11 reams two baths, living room with dining area and
s sound inwrtment today :Ihtl will he worth far more tomorrow
PINS IIDCI IXTINJION TtwM sr. .....iflc.IIY electric kitchen. Reverse cycle air conditioning and

are buying in Drive out and see Royal Harbor-Uks U.S. 41 and renal ,., .lh. ........., horticulturist Y.ur twbblMd heating are among the other desirable features.

turn south on Sandpiper Strwt Telephone inquiries ywe "H will "joty| rii*provision .! *. FINS
Call Alan Fotur Can. Mgr.,or Ernie Blodrett
....1" .
Midway 2.4748-or your favonl. teal Estate Broker. AdId4nlatt4 Waee1
Writ N pliant ... full, 4t..b

4J ft meniaqe mamrasoM .*- $ Ave.a South l et4 i

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Sunday, June 7, 1,.4





\ .. i' : /',


., are authoritative answers

by the Veterans AdminIStration
to questions from former -

servicemen and their fa-

lllidwUAf"\ mlliest

; Q -- My disability Compe.'isatton -

1. was reduced when my

daughter who had graduated

from high school became 13

Wr - years of ago a short time ago.

She now plans to enter train-

Ing as a beautician. Will my
Announcements Wanted Mile Personal Sal. 49-Houses For Rent Houses For 61 Income
14-Help 26- 38-Autos For 57- Sale Property compensation be reinstated to

PIAZA BEAUTY SALON Truck dnvr wanted for rout ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS' Prlct tacond ear. 1962 Renault LAKE PARK J bedroom 2. ,iIftIfErflO AHOliNi 4 bsJ 'Home and Incom 2 bedroom the former amount?

wor '11 dalivar and watirconditi Man or women wi'h drinking' Dauphma 4 door. 141100 bath home. unfurmthed, Contact room I b.III blchonl beauty CIa plus I room efficiency, AYes.. Additional amounts
1621 E. T.mieml TI,| ,oningeor k. Contact My. probltmt' Atk for help, by cell May b. aim *ftr I 30 P M. at : Lucille OlttDEWEY This vary lars_ and .. .cloua East of golf court 110200
UIdw' .y3BoatsMotors ttttl aDD. L P. a... MI I.U'. ing MI I4J5I Visitors cOd.lIy, 413 Palm Circle Naplat' Call home has living room family, good trmt Bill Loach Rtal for dependents are paid to veterans -

6IJUtS.I..m.n welcomed. Mett,ngt in First Ml 22611 6I1M POLLY room with full brick elevated Sir 151 Ith Ave S.. Ml I IS15I. 50
tar GMt Trucks. LuifGMC lip.." Church Annei on Ith fireplace, tlidina' : .1... door, to 1I1.1t receiving percent or
Atces. lth T.II. and 1962 ThunderbirdHardtop R a REALTY Lucas kitchen, with, all -5.Conlrally .
Inc 421 SIN St NTamairur Si It Ans Wary patio located andadioming more disability compensation.This .
'I.catan. "/1,5t fro 1I.hl.t' 10 PM H. Power window.. teat*. Ftc cuttom built cabinet disposal laundry
includes children
SPECIAL tory air conditioning, Low mil, *. Corner of Itt Ava Uo. A dithwather. range Recreation ttore building wilt. over 18
agt Ml 24104 etltr I PM Tamiaml, Trail,' room could b. uted ot f fth income Marlowe and Sock and under 21 who are attending
19 ft. fiberglass "Crosby"runaboul. 16-Help Available 4/Jltf hot b.tll.Otlc. Nooltort. 413 SIts Avo So Ml
36-Wanted To BuyW"'NTED MI I U56. bedroom adiomlng
2 9221 3/ltft school. You should
twin could alto be uted a* notify your
40 HP 1 bedroom 2 bath n.;
M kicara ot *ldrly polo mall bedroom Carpeting In Illander' Apartmtnlt Class to VA regional office when
.NInh home .. your
with Florida Room.
Johnson motor with only my horn. WV I tfctlonlt USED TV ANTENNA CALL 40-Autos Repairs Parts furnithed, Including Completely TV Iovlnl srua. 1"110 III b.d. betch and shopping, Owner III
Spring 511,4Ai1TTafiar room wine and ..,vlu area good' terms Mtrlowe and BackRealtort daughter returns to school and
15 hri. since new. 2 18 Ml I 29431 4/7 and automat,e wather. 1 block
'T1ii. r.t.r.d from hotpittl Far adult ,Idetl, Fully oddd. *IH loIs with 413 Ith Ave So Ml obtain the necessary forms and
gal. ga* tanks, all controls U S' Navy Vatican 20 activt Words Don'tMean LOOK HEREI for nurte .nd teacher Ml Dtvd driveway. double car, 2 S22I I/I tttf
.r'l :
duty Whit. ,l.c. 2.8931 nort Jutt I* veart old' Price' Instructions.
etc. 4 wheel "Rocket" trail. ironic ttchmcitn hctnt.d by 141011 CARIBBEAN REALTY.
Q -- Is a peacetime veteran
er complete package U S Virm Itltndt' Govern A Thing Wondering RIsers to go O'nu and two btdroom hoult "VI N Trail MI 0 5155. 62-Business PropertyTrail
want at 'ctncin 0 and plumb. furn thd City, wtttr. ",., 1/7.thi.tf eligible for vocational training
$1,895. See at 1650 Murex ic Ch *f Engmr on Cabl: TV Th. difference you pay will With your car problem? Trail, and school Thrtt to !
Intlallition Fild' Superintend' aurprise you. Check with, u. Choose from Reitonable ,.1.. TIt-b.droom. Two. bath Can Frontage. $20 a front by the Veterans Administration
Drive, or call Bill Tucker, ant Conttruct Chif Ens,,. today and tt*. We'r. not fool. Factory Fimth Paint Jobt From |5| to |tt per mo Ml I..lIy h..I.d Garage N..r foot Belwttn Nipie and Marco ?
.., Tolil Proc*.tm| Plant Wracks Rebuilt 24009. H W Wilkins 1117.11 .cllool end shopping' $11.00. Island Turnoff Collitr' Co
Midway 2.4295 Excellent D.snaro locuta Naplet with In.1 Tuntup. On. btdroom furn, lb..1, I.m. 6I1.1t Real hI.'.. Ml 21919. Open A Yes, provided that a
surTRADE family Av..b'' for interview II thed or ull.'un.h.d David C. Jones Realtor Sunday 611.w. which
houte was suffered In
Room 311 Howard Johnton Mo. Front sod gnmtnt" Call after 4 disability

OR SELL BOAT 1.1. Napl.t. CIa Btt ,*,.,. CORVAIR. AT mom RS.H*.WSW 2 dr. Sack.tassli. Motor' Overhaul' P M Ml 2 Sole 1/11 tlnithed 951 SIts Ave So MI 13152Houte the service prevents or inter-

ncl. */S.tt 4 D,.. AT PS. Trantmnton, rebuiltLubrication o 1 '. td- Iovi. Targe' ram. Waterfront Property
10' Critbank ',ber.'... covEliclramalic FORD Galane I block' tram beach) Call i feres with his former vocation.
bling farm house with small
arid. head 1.,11 n Ran wsw ,
canyon Johnson MolonGood hp JOBS WANTED 62 Ml 24071. l/ltf orange grove 113100 Bill' Waterfront hom.. CHS I bad See the nearest VA office for
Brake* Loach Realtor 151 SIN Ave roemt 2 bitht built In range
condition ont o..n. MI BY STUDENTS BUICK tpecial, Csnv. VS. AT, Polnh t W. 50-Rooms For I. Ml 21151 "UI end oven Central, heal 114.900. details.Q .
Z 42M after I m 6f4 u Rent
p RtH PS WSWCADILLAS Termt 12700 down 1100 -- I wiU be
61 Don look any furtherStl New three b.d, om--I'; ; bath month Ill, Loach, Rtaltor per*M discharged

H.|h School i"rl,. .*. U dll,... 4 dr. ht. Large room with private bath Central' heat and air conditionIng lift 'v.. I Ml 21151 1/161 from service soon. ASS veteran
5-Business Oppt. any type tummcr employment Chevrolet Inc for lady Clot. to bttch and Mooln,.. |:4,,750. 611.31
phon. MI I SI2Ityp AT. PB PS PW. PSeat A/C Ingram shopping center. Call befor David C. Jones, Realtor will I be entitled to a pension

Mom and butmett for Ml,.: High' Seool boy au. 16 di.air. Cadillac RtH WSW Cp.. D. Villt fully 130 lIlt St. N. MI 21105Nioltl noon/ or evening. Ml 2 4531. 151 5lh Ave So Ml '..3151I 65-Gen. Real Estate ?
Butintt in rae of home in .. Any
aummar .mploym.nl. Fl.. -- --
A -- Pension benefits
ttprit building, Scrific for work Cttl,., .p.ro.nu, oqu'ppedIMPERIAL. bedroom, I bath. Florid are

caSh or 'Itrat dn piymtntBox Sill' FolHrtt. Phone Ml 2 41Stnior 71. crown, I dr. ht, room. Year around air" condltioning 1172 Jewtl' Ion Avtnu. Wittr available to veterans who are
1 in A J Colhtr CountyNwt AT. PS. FB. PW. RiM 41-Trucks e Tractors 51-Wanted To Rent Near beach and downtown front .teewell centrel' hail and
girl d tirt tummeploymvnt em' totally and disabled -
S/31.IfTEXACO WSW Ntplat $?2.000. Bill, .Ir. 2 bdrmt 2 bath, porch permanently
Shorthand and typo AT
I :- ing E princed, Stophanis' RtH RAMBLER A/C amer Wagon N... GMC Truck Immedlttdelivery WANTED, I BEDROOM UN. S Loach.. Ml 1 Realtor 5151. lit Ith S/351 Ave garage $I''SO. Moving. mutt not due to their military
INC. Hall Phone WV 2 3141 Itr* I'S" pickup FURNISHED HOUSE, CLOSE tell service and who can meet certain
V I and 4000 eerie heevy duty.Far : IN. YEAR' ROUND BEGIN NORTH NAPLES
For liat*. now undr contlruction s-a'I---;; d a.r.an 0 typi RAMBLER 4 dr. Sdn 'I1 Std the bett buy In truck hiul RING SEPT 1ST WRITE usa Mandarin Rd. .1 bdrmt. Income and estate limi
ullrimodirn ttilion atMoonnat employment for lummir, Ph. Shift, Overdrive A/C, 'lug tee LUFF GMC. 421 PIN BOX coo CORAL GABLES 34. ,2 bedroom I bath Florida 2 bitht. centrel heel and air.
living room Com tations. also have
room large They must
Shoppipg' Cntr N* Ml 15960 RIM St N. Temponry location' fLA. porch. carport' Attume mort
. 53,543bdrms '..., turmthed. 100 5 131'ot.
plt Paid triinin. program and S.snt.rld., ,"" .umme, ..m.ploym.nt. DODGE Wigon V I. AT Heater t7..II. All thit. for only II100 gig No closing cottt II.500 00 had at least 90 days of active
finncil *,ntanceuvstabli.., Prefer New Point, unlur. Wilttopi. to >ldn fit,400. Moving mutt toll
For inlormition on th,. v.luabla can typ buy Ml 2419052Real II.... VIVIAN OGG REALTOR service, any part of which was
Irtnchit, annum I Don Ab clerical'Mil work 3(91 Claudia, CombtPhone IS 44-Mobile Homes 124 SIts Av.. So. Ml 2 4741Attociatet 141 Hit St No. I bel,,,,.., I served in wartime and their

.,n.lhlhuco.. Inc.. P. OBoi FORD 100 I dr. teden V S. AT .till. fireplace. carport, good
Estate Wanted O.n lu"'und' /alpha' Hayre .... 112.IM. discharge must be other than
tINS Ft Mytrt. Phono ED 64 H. S |rdute det ret turn PS Ran 30 llumlnum trailer and laloutied .Inl.
74I ?. mer mploymint to help, with IS Florida room IWO 00 dishonorable.
coil.,. enpentet. Experienced .* complete See anytime, Lot II. Have 12.500 00 caIN need S JIdrin.2 both home. lIir from 450 thiS Ant So Aqualana. 2
TEXACO INC.For Hat trentporution, Rick, Arick. FORD. I DrS Std (h,ft. Capri Trudar, P.h. bedroom houte well of Trail beech, Centre) hotting end air bdrm. 2 baths. central. heel a -- -- --
Phone 2 2111 Ran 64.51triarwdb Ml I 2M33. 1/3.lot condo Mtrlowo and Beck Real' air. ..,.... waterfront |3I.100
I.... h,ft) potent,.l 3 Say CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 D,. tort. 413 Ith Av*. So Ml 11221
; ; ;fo
Cob.n. ;iC
Station now In optrttion in Rib' School boy d.nra..ay HT AT Rll. PB, PS. 1/lthtf 171* hilt St No I bdrm.. .11laPIC
ol employment .port I orr.nlara.ha Nco 10.uton. 2 b.th. IEII
typ. tummer A/C large porch, gar heel .11
Napln fnineiil, Paid Training an,Mine Programand avail., Alt 1 IS Phon Eric Steele Ml V MI I 4UI 0' Illt2. 4-Trade or Sell The 'billbuy In VenderbiTtBeach i i and ",r. 117500 1100 00 dn
Oil or
0' .4111Typn. 1 bedroom wal.rfronthoms II III 00 mo with ten and Ins
abl. For information contact' CHEVROLET I Dr Sdn V... ,
TRADE FOR LOT Large i III,500 Will trede Your P HA. No cloung com.
Don Abrnthy Txco Inc.. and Shorthand liP'" ltd Trt' RAH bedroom 2 bath home priced term. 0 H. LUFF R... .R E.
P. O Box lit*. Ft Myrt. .nu. Oil'". Job to' aumm.r OOO1IC 2 Dr NT AT RtH 45-Trailers For Rent at 111.100. Mortgioe payment Broker. 421* Ith St N. 1/341 1270 Uth It No. I bdrmt. : "' .
Phone ED 14122.. I/I tf and po.bly .11. Chins 10041 PS PB 551 per mo Want city i lot 2 baths, ISOO l 00 dn MOVE 1- J

0 696 54PLYMOUTH. Trailer, $' a week with, TV CARIBBEAN REALTY, 17SO N: RIGHT IN No qualifying' ,
'64 H S graduate detiret clerical Wagon VI R sin a week Ip.... J5 S wttk Trail) Ml I 2I1M 58-lo.s For SaleWaterfront 1107 I .00 month with tax and In*: ___ _
7 Dogs e Cats e Pets work lor tummer to help" Rock Creek Trailer, Park 4/21 ths.U.55Stores.
Std Shift I dr
Pam.... V. Hi
A f rtnr if Mtilicin,
29 Block f
Typing Royal Harbor
pay colliio *>ptntet DODGE t dr hi PS PS AT 4/2IH Lots ,
P.lton.M overlooking; Your Lvcil SI. :. .1 l xirty, and lit.AuociMion .
GUINEA PIGS 1200 HAM. aid .IIo.lh.nd. Jo Ann R bay teewtll CoatIS -
Office Vanrlerbllt Beach Ettatet .500. l'luridu bfnilivi .
Mlt I 15956 e 11950
48-Aptt. For Rent Lot I I. block ,
L unit 2
IUI */>.31
H'II"' .11001 graduats wants uf'tic. A/C WIW Sto,. building, On US 41. Lot I Slick J. unit I Lot 14 l 17th Ava So Aqua DRUG STANDARDS HIGH

,ob. po"e"nt '" typoi OLDER MODELS Furmthed. apt for rent 111 per $70,100. His 21.050 a... ft 40ft. 19.900 cash for both lot. Phone lane Vraftrfront, coat |7ioO: :

12-Help Wanted 'end thorthand Phon 2 4 its 93 Chrydar' NY 4 dr.. AT week 'Inquire at 1401 Creech Trail frontage Apartment I, write Don Holland 740 121 Sacrifice 11250 Drugs are produced' untliiUiKlnnl

Want a baby tiling job. i day RtH, PS Fluid Ovine Rd. 4/31H In /ear. Bill Loach Rtaltor, Avenue. Treature Ulend. Fla of ami'
a .wtet or pirttlm Vivian 90 Chry.ltr' Win, 4 d,.. AT II" Sib ...v... I.. MI" 2 6151. Phone 1107154 Lot 11. Benyen Blvd Huts' lot purity unis'formity
Honot hard working, mn orwomn Rot, Ml 2MS1 PS RAH Fluid Drive Efficiencies. Day Week er .613.11 1/24 201Moor.ngt overlooking' Gulf Sacrifice, at in trcngth, and must

Study yiarriufld H.II'S, hooTGr.dwin part CHRYSLER Month. IRIS MOTEL) Ml' M on 'R"tT'aDrive 15150. Iw reliable: These atandanlire :
work tirvmi th. public S dywk tim mploymnt for eummorOlfic 2230? or Ml 2IIH .' 57 Houses For Sale ".000. Termt |l 1.100 VINCE CONBOY *n furred by laws .nd manufacturer

110.000 to, $I5.000 ptryr *. babytiltmg, sic Contact PLYMOUTH INC. Owner tar.. furmthed ill. down t year on b.ltnct Bill, muHt live up to
pottibl H gl> committion .t MI 2 3612 ciency Air cond. StonacraftAptt Laach Rllllo. IS' bItt Av. SIP tIlt Av. poh..y
paid vacation Apply Naplt Would hkt work ol any kind 2MO N. Trail, Ml t S59I Ml 2 4IIS or MI 2.2>92. Three bedroom .c.n'" I lanai I. MI 6111. 61UI Ph. MI 25145 them Yet even the most Innoruoui .
M.morul' G.rd.nt. Inc _
month to h.lp and lov.ly landscaping, .nelo..d drug may carry thnpntrnttahly
through tummar 2 bedroom lurnithed tl clonei PORT
,. Illth Av .. N ROYAL
Vndrbilt 0 Lot22
with 'udy cyclons fsscs ara Otl I
tin I of college No a GET THE KEY TO A HOME of producing an
anc.ns. yr apt pelt or children Ml lean Drive Far ,
Nplt. Fl.. Ml Ohio /IOth. ;l Volume Moans 2 3JI7 or Ml l.i919. 4/ltf among many I..tu..* of thi,* Write O ) Sale or Trade HOMES not last houe. but unlesirshhi. reaction in a certain
Nerbert 2UO
1 bedroom homo city, water Post
on ,
'" home Th kind thl need
woula like 10 nOva I aummallob. I bdrm turn Tiv. ; : Road. DarianCninn' individual
rm apt Prl and ..w., In Lake Park Only only your family to them
13-Help Want. Female ,working,I hv In hid *pnnc* at Lower vale ant, kltchtn prlv Coupl 13.150.. Term available, Call M,. .II.rpl.-I duplti l loIs near and maks Sham mb:COw The um nf a life.aaving drug
a carystor
aro .... The FACT that we are a volume arlady_ prof Ml 2 U2I 6/4.51 owner. Ml 2 4921 baton* 500 Sea Gate School You have ta frindly hvn of phytical comfort .
clark Would b* ml d in : il m cnlrulat rink There ia
Smor b..uloc.n, for buiy thop dealer main that you PM make money on thete 'lots and tpintual, bl t*. May
chntl,Ii Mutt b* .>. working at twitch,kitchen board work.asaatsal cant beet our ,,,co.. Sabal Shores ApU. PRIVATE SALE All for 14.500. Q. H LUFF. w* help you:W' making your in general In danger from

ptritnctd In h,h ttylin R.ply Cathi Hollman or Ml 2 4471 13 Furlane 2 dr, 119 YEAR ROUND LIVING NO BROKERS R.. R. E. Broker. 421 Ith St HOME the rrnctmn of a nf..lpd drug
Bo 1731 A' c/0 CC N.wti 13 Falcon Fut 4 dr 1399 Modtrn one bedroom and efficiency Own. mutt tell three bedroom N. II..., than there U from the diM 8M.
62 Galaxie tOO 4 d,. 1695 Aplt furnithed TV Lot 3 b.draoms. I 116 baths.
SLenujlul'hel'' anted 12 Reniult 4 dr 195 labia In Monthly or 2 bath home In THE MOORINGS nttr school in city Hit Srookside 11'.000I A physician who prescribes a
year heal and and water |3.000. Reel
Central airconditioning .w.
Capaiile of doing all around 20-Cemetery lots t2 Econolme pickup, 1395 round Ml 2.44M. Kelly P,. and drug muni have ....ranee that
II Falcon 2 dr. '95 Ava carpeting throughout good term* Bill LoanS Reellor badrooms. 2 balks,
61 Ford Wagon *1395 rece -s/Mf tictpl 2 b.d,oom.. Complete 151 SIN Ave.. I. Ml I sill Diona, 'v. Ill.100 the drug In prrrliw'ly what it
office work ahott .
imluilinic I CEMETERY LOT-4 tpct23Mnc. II!,ItCwtuin U to be.
1295 kitchen Including ditpotaland aupijowd
II Chtv It pickup I bdrm furnithed. aptt Near
hand For Interview call MI IN DEHS.NAPLES$500. MEMORIAL MI 2 4i4.45,1i OAR 60 Ford 4 dr. 995 beach and thopping Weekly' dithwather, Nice, acreened lands (area lot. Flne.tlocetion I lI.doom. .lbalh Standard of purity and
10 Corvair 4 dr. 795 monthly' or year around Mid porch. paved drlvewey aodded 15000 Owner Midway Coconut Grove 113.>00BY
2.5102. Moorings Office. 59 Ford Wagon 195 aay 2J04I). l/lllf !lawn Phon Ml 24104 after 2 5194 6111.101| | strength are established at

2829 N. Tamlami Trail 17 Marc 4 dr 395al..mmc -vr-. |M Sloe| 1 P-M-' / tfrjsn APPOINTMENT PLEASE!: convention of phyticiani,

For Sale Tom Fum I 6Cr,.. arts, Effieiert, 'Atr-- GORDON DRIVE So* Naplet South and Model l lHamos phnrmiirintd, and other ncifntlnta .
IIUI $ Dick Donelton .. comoltttly fur Lsrge 100' a 55' lot. 55,500
Lauren c. TV Air Coiid 74S 4th Lovly colttg on duplayAitoclatet. Stnmlanliml drugs otat'et'ptM
E.p.r,.nt.d w>,!,... .! Andy Poele Elton Devdton Ave So Ml 2 4JI2, 55.11Furnahad mthtd for only $' 000. Located
Pt Brbtcu Ml 12991 Apply 14 rack Coca Cola Vendo v. Blue will, bring your choice on a high, lot nicely, landuapad UNUSUAL large 10 a 211' lot thcrapputic value arc
altar 3 pm. bittS ritty Machin' practically 'Id. to you. Clll Ml 25154 I btdroom eparTment In Coquina SandtSO Lucille Out Virgil, MircumBob railed ortlriul drug and arelnt.nl
Save 1100 cath China COLLIER COUNTY MOTORS Huge living ,room kitchan 2 btdroom and 1 bath nlct Jaoi.rDEWEY
in the U S. I'harma
icr.lar y. typing. thorthnd way 23621 / .HCutlom Your Friendly FORDMERCURY and bath Ml I SaIl 'IOU' kitchtn large living ,room 150' lot In Ridge Laket

and torn boohli>.p ni O H 12 pc Rattan ..1 in _I COMET ..Osalir>> '. wimming pool, and patio. A'... |5.000 good ttrmt POLLY CXI- .
Luff. Rl I Etlt*. 421 9th SINo eluding double chaite, end ta. 49-Houses For Rent tcreened in. Biauttful landtcao VIVIAN OGG REALTOR The Aral $imue of (the pharmacopeia

6/1,51! bltt. occational chirt. .r... FOR SALE ed lot near the beech for only S24 Ith Av. So Ml I 24741Attoclaltt REALTY wan published in

SECRETARY WANTED PER rug other itemt Suitabl, torlarge 121.900. Let ut how this t* you 1820 and ten
MANENT POSITION. PLEAS Florida room made to 1957 Ford Wagon, factory today D.n Bur.mnd.Ipha' Hoyri I Corner of Itt Av*. Uo. 4 every yean
ANT WORKING CONDITIONS ., ,in Manila new con. RENTALShOUSE: l'l.Irl.l Tmiml, Trail. after that a reviMvi inaua kept

CALL MI 0 iSJI fOR AP diton, 1/5000. Ml I 23937. air good body, 1 bedroom. 24 bath large IIv Ml I 2 435*. it up to date Since 1940 it

UII 531.51'N'TTiJE. and transmission in. ,room nice' kitchen, with 59-Acreage TRADE "{)"'TtLL baa been Issued every five

BABYSITTER w.nt.d for I. COLLECTOR C'i.PIAStRIDEA engine APARTMENTS built I saaplia.c.s. lore. Tampa Area. 70 large woodtd y,,''''. 1 he object of the pharmaoopein .

yar old djughl.r 01 wC'rhin5, ST PETERS need work. $100. See FURNISHED, UNFURNISHED scr.sn ad porch ovorlookine the DISTRESS" Own5nsods lots overlooking' Tampa Bay itate the nlitun 1 U

mol II., for tummr month .U RG. PHONE 34JU32. YI"'''. SEASON leke: near hopping lusts end on.yl 10 .erll 1650 lot.1 Will, trade for property I In Col to gelert from among *ubUn -
Prfr rtponibl* mothr with at 643 12th Ave. So. after beech nice londieneod lot all price Collar. Counlt Rill Estat. II., er Lee Co. Collier County
duhlrt. ( ) bout 11 y* rt old: J. W DYCHES REALTOR th.t for only III.SCO. 13919 Op.n Sundays Real Ettale Ml 2 305. Open . which poMtrM mediri
Phoni MI 'J60Z aftar I pm.IIUt 24-Mics. For Rent 5 p.m. 5/20 ..MI Sundevt 611.w. nal power. those mibtttanm
T 0' the abool Call
ossuan y
_ */y. i. HHi 1144 3d 'T 503hf VIVIAN OGG REALTOR, l4 For trails, or hom..,.. over with utility moat fully entabliHfimi -
Want p,.,.,i own baby IrantporUtion sill., any all but to LEAN do with u. Blue like' paw.Luttre.0 Rent.uy ] Rtmbler Convert,bit'-Good MI 1.241' SIN Ani So Phone Ml 24741Attociatet I acre Scads 2H, acre .- I acre 67-Apartments For Sal. and bent ttnaermtoodand ,

Ml 24220. tltctrc thampooer II. NtpitFurnilur ban.portatOIt.' Ch..p. MIdway tractt with" electricity and to form, from them prepa
115.3t nuII.'If. Company 1/7 2 5522. S/iL5! RENTALS Dan lu.lund 1.lph. H'y"I o.d. 0'''., bl' .e..... t.c. rations and composition in

I bdrm furnithtd houtt 'on $20 dn UO per ma and up '",n.h.d dupl. II..' silo hell. which thfir $power* may be eirrtml .
2 bedroom furnithtd horn. yttr'a I.... w,Ih opt,on to buy. Collier Counly Reel Eslats. MI On. bedroom each tide III.100.
Ntr Set Gate School 1100 00 }6I monthly' applied to reduc 2 3919 Open Sundayt term available Bill, Loech to the greatest advantage

Ion of purchete pr ce of Ii.500Accet ,IIll1wt II. Realtor, 151 Hh Ave I. Ml Drug *o listed are tented
2 bedroom furnithed ..pI.lIea to bay, c ty wtttr TV H acre rtacl* U 00 dn and 2 1111. If3.lt pharmacologically$ phynologi-
M 00 cable RUTH ANDERSON .RE as 00 per mo no 'nt....'. DM -5-
BROKER, Oppotit film' River One mile, from Golden Gate FOR SALE rally, toiicnloglcally! they
Who Can Do It ? 2 btdroom unlurnnhtd apt Trtiltr Ct Ml 2 7454 or M, City Collier County Real Et hopping Apartment, canter n.*,. th confuting* bttch and of are drNTidable I Deiptte.: all
I 3841. !/>
ttova and ref 17.
M tote Ml 23919 Open Sunday 4 unit. I completely '..,n..h.d. thi. such a reputable pain reliever

WE NEED RENTAL LISTINGS ii t" air condlIoned"Ind.BUT thi natprinklmg 2/l lfwtht and the other pertly furnished ai aspirin can produce

thrtt btdroom t/item hoult ban two* ig.4 .co. on 'Imnkaiao NJ. Priced to sell, good lrm Call an umlftiradle reaction in
SEE CARIBBEAN' Ct.. 17500 cash Your chance for a VIVIAN 000, REALTOR forappointment Individual
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NEWS Sundry, Juno T, 1964
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1 Jftl Green Stamps Old VJIfeNATURE

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2 12-os. pkgs. 98c GAL :

irn w Juno I*. 1M I .

ooixI = PWa I 1:I : : By Ann LaButHIo Bowel ,

19- x't)( (j(1oo
S M head The best animal book to hit are one; for the caribou feeds
the wolf, but it Is the wolf who
; the market In years In Mowat'r"sever
J" Green Cry Wolf." Written by a keeps the caribou strong. "
I .4lk tut CM***. bearded biologist who spent an
Otie.Ir I NEW BLUE HALO J Arctic Bummer studying one wolf NONETHELESS .
giont sire stampJ family, it blow many of our fa. Realizing this basic truth, it
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Qr vorlte superstitions and pre.
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irn W4 Jv. Judlrps about wolves "straight control program and bountiesare
to-hell.!' And It'. time! Too still endorsed by both the
many animals have been per. Canadian and VS. Wildlife Ser.
., p sLf3sr secuted and bountled to extinctIon vices Research has proven that
t B1s 5O150 only to find out they were bounties are ineffective when It
basically harmless and necessary comes to controlling undesired
In the scheme of things. animals. The money used for
J" Green Stamp According to the publishers, bounties would do better in 1m
I ....iIIll CM,M eiifvntiu*.*. *O Atlantlc.LHtle, Brown, Mr. Mo proving habitats for wildlife Pre.
BETTY CROCKER BUTTERMILK 5-DAY DEODORANT PADS g wat "unraveled the complex tac dator control operates beston
special areas where
tics of wolves on a hunt; Investigated
30-ct. jar 69c plus taxJg species are being establish
the male rituals of mark. game
(LIMIT 4)) I ...ir.. W.4, Jv... I*. It4 >,nH Ing off the "family boundaries;" ed. Also, on public hunting
I oooooooooooooooooo'BISCUITS tested, by trying It himself, the grounds, game farms and shoot.
nutritious value of the wolf's sum. Ing preserves which are utilized
rra1eMa.sscu /. mer diet mice. He observedthe intensively. Otherwise it Is most
S hospital meted out to vUlt. ly a wasted procedure.This .
50mwmso lug wolves and learned how cubs is part of the message
are reared and educated. lie Author Mowat tries to give us in
><=> Jft Green found that the wolf Is an adept his "Never Cry Wolf." Apart
dairy specials, 4* .. LYSOL FOAM CLEANER impressive lover." exciting and Informative *
: Bordens Tasty : PJ reading, his book Is a cry
14-os. sire 89c HE WAS SURPRISEDAll In the dark for wolves(and other
rig CREAM CHEESE r:1; anr.. w w. Jun. 1a lea t this he discovered as an animals ) that man despises and
Sc employee of the Canadian Wild persecutes We need more books
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life Service at his lonesome camp by scientifically grounded
1 on the Keewatin Barrens. Sent wlrters v:ho still retain a large
8 ox.pkg. 33c there to determine the gravity share of compassion and courage.
50 mwms 0 of wolf predation on caribou, This Is a "must" on your sum.
those migratory deer of the north mer vacation reading list
J"; Green Stamps* lands, he has astonished both
flhtllOCMOMOriMtdlOMoll' the Service and the reading pub.
t : a frozen foods WISHBON lie with his results. Not only
;I are the barren ground wolves In. Fail In EffortsTo
Southland Whole 8-01. bot. 39c telllgent and affectionate,but they
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i'iT.W"*" Jun. 10.
STRAWBERRIES I S. oooooooooooooooooo riMipimJ lately' no hostility towards humans. End StrikeIn
In fact, Farley Mowat
sounds as If he rather fell In love
with this canine family over the MichiganLANSING

BREAKFAST CLUB 3 160,. $1 !50 ,1l.raAm50 1 course of his study. Mich. (AP)> The wolves sustain themselves
George W. Roqiney tried In
J" Green throughout the summer with .
Stamps early hours Saturday to push negotiators
I ...iIIl._,.. ...Io ....f. c mice, occasional fish, ground toward a settlement of
Chase & Sanborn Instant Coffee squirrels and even a rare (and the protracted Essex Wire Corp.
Stouffer stupid) duck. In the fall, when strike.
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MILK CORN SOUFFLE .... : ::" /uns 10. M' wintering grounds, the President James B. Carey of
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cal. In the words of the Eskimo, ney's offices at the capitol.
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tall why the caribou and the wolf fluent lal part.
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CalendarMONDAY Hlllsdale, where more than 800
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