very carefully. By so doing, we hat come up with one easy solution. 18 II Just H start. After ail It i<
I they will be able to vote more intelli- for on May 5. He Is advocating national not necessary to keep age at 18
( law to make it compul- any more than national dept
gory to keep teen gen In limit hus been kept constant or
EVEI- school until they arc 18 years of Social Security tax rates
Rt with, of course, federal i ee.
I i This Is Mental Health Week t REPOJ ,, tax age money This limit could be rained until
sae eventually reached age 65,
Now of course, one of the when they could then leave
I biggest contributing factors token school for Social Security
In due
mental illness was to help the patient get well again.It ate unemployment 000
Twenty years aqo to the labor practice supported Of foui'HP. there ,is another
I considered almost hopeless It is heart. keeps our community on its toes by the Oepartment of Labor. solution long advocated by nil'Uon'

ening to know that this picture has now working for the best and latest treatment The majority 000 of the nation'lpeople ,Independent 000 businessmen.

I changed.The and for a special program for r1 make their living at Thl&llfI I to pass. the legislation

mental of today mentally ill children. tome calling that require kill nationally putting unions underantitrust
average patient t In a certain craft. Thin means law and for St additional -
has an excellent chance of getting betterin During Mental Health Week, April ..... '.' ,",,, .--.. learning that craft while, oik- Mates to join the present

only a matter of months. For this we 26-May 2, Collier Countians are urgedto ... i'" ... .. ,-, ing as an q.C.prenticc.. IV law*In. Thee pausing. measures right to would work

can thank research, and we can thank join with the local Mental Health As- Hut throughout the nation then break the present monopoly .

Mental Health organizations sociation in providing these important there In now a ylem wherebythe unions have In deriding
many GEMS OF THOUGHT raft union In order to who IIIlIIlun. trade, and who
throughout the nation that have bean er?d helpful services to those unfortunateswho The World TodayBy keep' the supply of craftsmen In I will not. This rould be better I

and supporting research. so badly need them. abort supply, either severely than sweeping the teen agers
promoting MARLOWE
JAMES limit, or bar altogether., theItt under the carpet.
Collier County is fortunate in havingone Only those who have undergone the Associated P.... Nws Analyst TOMORROWThat N..I. YMrrrtl*4 ItMRmtnl R''t"' !

of the best and most progressive strange and trying ordeal of finding thata to-morrow starts from to

Mental Health Associations In the state member of the family, or a loved one, WASHINGTON (AP)-One of fight in Congress it finally day and U one day beyond It, FUNNY BUSINESS

and perhaps even the nation. is mentally ill and in need of help can the the healthiest cold war has recent diminished signs that a lost wheat-to Russia.against selling even robes the hues future with hope'srainbow .-." rlY'. ',.- ., .,W'<< ,.....,..-.r'. ....

The local association provides many fully appreciate the efforts of our Mental bit Is the dollar sign. Secretary of State Dean Rusk -Mary Baker Eddy : n

personal services to patients and their Health Association. However, it takes Businessmen here and elsewhere ran head-on into this attitude 't ", ehI \ .

relatives. It brings friendship, personal only a modicum of imagination to visualize show a developing desire last month In telling Congress Often do the spiritsOf : ..
for a buck, even 1! It means there should be more flexibility
items and gifts to the patients in mental how welcome this aid would be if trading with Communists.It in trade with the Reds. the great events eventi, stride on before

hospitals. It keeps relatives in touch with such an unfortunate illness should showed up Wednesday at He takes this line and it's And in today already walks to- } ,
the annual meeting of the VJS. the Johnson administration line
him (or her) and guides them on ways strike YOUR home. Chamber of Commerce, one of -that the United States should morrow.

I the most non.prOoCommunlst or. pick and choose between Communist -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

ganlzatlons In the country. nations on trade.
About BO per cent of the businessmen This is the reasoning: That Every tomorrow has two han
there voted for In. trade with certain Communist dles. We can take hold of it
creased trade In nonstrateglc countries may encourage them with the handle of anxiety or
I I others, : Y ITEMS CLIPPED FROM OTHER PUBLICATIONS goods with Russia and her European to show more Independence of the handle of faith.

satellites Moscow. Henry Ward Beecher
.Ei"A Some even wanted trade with But he wants a tight boycott
.err :.
lABEL READS CO.NrTSION three countries totally embargoed which American allies are ignoring I am not afraid of tomorrow,
Physiilan* give the rest of UII I by this government: Red in dealing with Fidel for I have seen yesterday and
a hard lime about leaving pill China, North Korea, North Viet Castro' Cuba. 1 love
round for the kids to eat, andthey're Nam. There was no vote on this. For this reason In this case: today.William Allen WbiteThinking
rllhBut) the doctors acv" Why this surge, and It has The tougher the economic
nol entirely homefree. heiauK been growing, to trade with ttie squeeze tm Castro the less sue.
they give the drucclnl ln.lrun Communist world? Speakers jx. cewful communism la Cuba will tomorrow's thoughts
tins for label that become. i In plained in dollars and cents: ; be and the more he will have to today Is one kind of future We.

time meaningless.Say : If American businessmen are depend on Moscow which is Christopher Morley e
for example )mj have aheadaihe prevented from selling to the helping to ball him out at a cost
There In. in the home, Reds, the trade will go to businessmen to Russia of about $1 million a that
husband can't miss anything on
no aspirin, and the drugstoresre In other Western countries "My just
closed. You go to the medicine which have fewer restric. reasoning gets a little PET DOCTOR at the beach!

cabinet and drag out a hoi- T lions puzzling, since Rusk wants to Iy A.W. MelUr, 0.V.M.
lie of tablets\ that reads: "One The British, just as anxiousfor make some Red countries less THE CORRECT LABEL STRIKES HOME
every three hours." the money, give their motivation dependent on Moscow but Cuba
One every three hour for a little more philosophical more so.
what The label Is dated 1960. twist: But the businessmen at the UNNOTICED

and you don't remember what "A fat Communist is a little meeting Wednesday, while 9(
ailed you In 1960. less belligerent than a lean wanting more trade with the
You grab for another vial and one." Reds, voted against giving them I tI
It reads: "Take one after mesh Exports to Communist countries long-term credits.
if neded.,11, you sure need' s now by Western Europeand If there are no long-term j
something but wondering whether Japan are running at about American credits this In the end NUGGW SQE
this Is It or not makes your $3 billion a year. may put American business.
headache worse West Germany leads the list men behind the eight ball any. EXPEoFtL
Ynu finally seize fait in your with Britain and France next way in dealing with the Com.
hands and swallow a couple of -but mostly because of exportsto munists. rtFED y''
lapxules from a onlainer Mini's Communist East Germany.The For instance, the British are ':
labeled 'One every hour until United States is at the bot. considering long-term credits.So .
Kmd 11 ion I III relieved." "Hi, mom-hi, dad thought ft waS about time fo torn of the list. the Russians, being business. TAXPAYER
You learn the (following dlllA'n. let you bow how much fun I'm bavin' down hire I in Most of the AllIes'Jrade with men, too, will naturally shop i 4 a
tie a tciiicdin' uin.fi' siiHiiNih 1 Florida during spring motionAtchUen/" the Red nations has been in ma. where It'. to their advantage.At a
II ruled the hrnrlHihf.. A>hcville chlnery and otber nonstrateglc the same time Secretary of
CIII".... (Kan.) t goods r Commerce Luther Hodges has Q. I had X-rays taken of my

IIOW ABOUT THIS? But there has long been a feel. said he thinks this country is miniature poadle. Could the X-

Son. Muskle ot Main hus n ing In this country that selling; "moving toward a more normal rays have mod hrttnUMri.
anything to Communists simply trade relationship" with Soviet
rommlttre which hm been In'dulging M. Rudmcli. Lyons Fall, New YorkA
strengthens communism. Russia and her European sat
Some Kind Of A Nut. iNolf In A review of soculled A classic example was the elutes.r' ft ll pottibU, of count, for' X.

From the motivational-roscarch federal !crunln-ln-ultl to roy lo mat.. animal, at wtllaipnplt, ll
people's reports '
IItall.'l and l local cnmniunlllei. .,.,iI.If uid loony great wltnt.Ha.. ON 1" )
it seems that nobody does anything for the obvious Another word for erants-in-aid nAKC AL Ar1o tvtr, rtto normal opaiur to "'. roy
reason. Take their latest study, undoubtedly the nut I Is hand-outs. The total) now runs K" :] N C l I % 9 I RiC 3 T when lolling on X.roypcture itioimallthai
$10 billion I year. I
Hlvnit R
AREnA th.re Ii liKlo dangor. H It f
tiest ever undertaken. A New England firm has become wry t e
The. Munkie croup disttibutodriueslionnnlres TOR C V ll IQI Important to rtalut, hot if a pregnant paFDITURE .
concerned the fact that nut sales have .t'Rtttiti' H. 1I.h.1I1, hit
over ,
to stale county f .Au.lloq 'for "'.
C n 1 1 T 1 ,_ .. "Umolo ii raytd any rtaion
failed to keep up with population, growths Since municipal and school official, I \nellll" :n.Iht\'II.1hle stair, ur T C A C ,SA roy, may duct the unborn puppiti If Akp\ERS'

the firm is a nut firm, it is concerned, stockhol el'- nut plan what professor they,think designed about to find thin i t\.r..! lb: IJnll I .,i hlc S I o e D 3 0 uordmayy you know a dog or cat Ii pregnant,thnbt FENDS
,lll I Iraui o n EiR c O'Mtn' A n DAshur lure to till your vdorlnonan W h* d
wise. Responding quickly to this crisis, it ordered a2year .hroortiinK' proRrnm.! Nub nt accordingly, wthonya, "roy
mild, ,19.lunlu'ou' DUG LUnA R l A can
the the senator TAXPAVER
motivation study. The reason why people aren'tbuying iinwer troalmtnt Th, Flurotcop vat once
wan that the government oughtto motet lad I" A R A R A T R I G O R p..fMI4a.r.
nuts has now been found, and it is a lulu. Itisn't tighten up on thin standing.But II Hrl..lrll\. it I "' 1.1111ll s ERiE I M E w n I T C widely vied to III thlldr.nr' shoe, but

that people don't like nuts, or that they're on a mmilter.tdrf IHIified : \J\.n'' jl\: whn the dungrt of Ihit practice won
the r i U. CIlIllp4tIr' H ullhu ll," DETER MOLAR mad known, H was liminold' Vtrf.nanani ,. '
diet have dentures It the class the IIn.lArl'l nrrording. to 9 UcOeJU 0"nJ l9OJIJ L7-
loose is
or system. suit H 11.1111U SOLUTION Of YtSUROAT PUZZll too, hav. don owoy with 01
"oithndnx sliilen.
Different nuts have different status (or at least what It "neo.lrnditlnnnli," Sturetep j7 t'u much Fluroicopy ai possible, and use
Ighlers. I III G.crdoltl 39 t.fllu.ol .j .he lute -Good II, .' X.ray, 01 Iml* 01 pombl, So sin for
M the
consumers think they do and people are afraid of "pmgmatle co-operatl\c Merftiil "II hdhes Quten.... .
rents !tar dog hat bn wpoitd an tin.wtually
(I eating out of their class. The project director explained t ." and "new nab"na1iete. III 1.lcll'II"I "I I."p 5, Ir orIXKV.N lang tim* la gray ., FluroKopy I

"Everybody (thinks he's) good enough for HllVV HlxHll tttat'f4egln :llllInll",1 U login : 7 b June bug the potubility of hr becoming Collier County News
the nrrulurn pimlon
,: king 1 ( 1111 ci.'et
"I .1\11 ,
peanuts, but few consider tht-mselu-s good enough for 1'1' Hunk he hat overli,mkert. "I'i sputa std! H hnull" lit' ,l Lure apply 8 Thorough. llrll It unliklyCOLLIER Naples Chamber of Commerce

cashews." It appears from poll results that cashew and nilnmil/eil Hie nw"t 'mii'| itnnlHdHin ll, I.r kng t: 4' t ,oubh I nlh char ire \ :
( in thin niHiiei The luxIMivern ,ll, ('lIlerll 4h lutungnuk .ulcr 9 flake .wlxa
almond eaters look dc *'n their lorgnettes' at peanuts hr"ddn
munchers as "square, plebeian and dull," and peanut The l \w\ei| |twit up nil the 1 J of '7rr i0'' r a" Iu Slightest -Publithtr
(fans respond by regarding them as a bunch of snobbish money The federal government 1 S,hue A oudm THOMAS HAVER. Associate Editor, The following Naples rosidtnti
[ fancy-nut-nibbling fat cats. tiken thin ('H'h to \\'. hlnllnn.: II ; ''Z 'JI. MARSHALL WYATT, Ady M.n.."
IT Ihhh"
then doles it hack to the state t i ALBERT OPOLKA. Mtch. lupt. NAME _
Almost everything else has teen turned into a and local I Kovernments which I. /is I. IC I'' IbJImtgwgr DAVID HERMANSON Clrc. D.r.ctorMRS.

burning social question and perhaps it was inevita- the same Uxpa>'ei'. already attsupportinp. LOUISE' DAUB Off But when It doles "/a I' :1 l'l 13 Erleur PETER 1HUTTS. emoted, Mr
ble that the same thing should happen) to the unfortunate out these "granta-In-rid" to Sara Publnr. duly. exec pt Mondy FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONSi

decline in nut sales The nut firm has become states ('Ie. the \\'aohlnlll: ho.reaucraey 11 /J 0 I'IS !ti tonilla I cal site the nd Collar%,$,erday."':in t'h'b': ('Imoon: "' Co by,. (Us. separate trittt .( pop.r If needed)
so worked up about its findings that it has begunto to take 110 own out a exlensen comtniii- la 11l 17 I'urhutzF Inc.. Ml Flu T"'II, 1J940, Avnu Mill. addre.o P., Mpin. OTtltphon <,
near trey
( fear for the durability of the mixed marriage (of which lie MI" llInlial. J' 1% Ildsr wrirt Boo 'UJ1. Mldwiy IZIOfor nil

(a peanut muncher and a cashew nibbler), It is work- The rewilt I Is thai 1 the r"jt''I 19.herlist Jatkswt dprlmnt ,

ing toward the goal of a classless society and a classless or service financed by the $10 ", Jl JJ J' 10 1 ndhllti Subscription' RateseY
Mil ion a year" urtunlly mst the .. ,bl In
11 Swtll c ., or mat, po y *
nut counter by issuing a new mixture, part Jl JIJ9 apdnIli
peanuts taxiwyers much nioit limn if .. J' .: dvnc.
cashews. However there is other slnynl I Itooie end V.15 / Spnlet On. car tit Si* Month. $/so.
one the
[ part explanation money li. I.y .., I4n parmLodpIplt? Thr. Month tl.7>. -
for the poor sales of cashews, relative to mate Kparmslv used liv the 1t4 Member ol Th* A.oclld Pr...,
... lilt IP Cut Out And Mail To:
cal official With M nxnelealhlle which it annual .ecluuvly to |Ih.
'peanuts. It is low in sociological import, but it might altenlkm to DMUx- 47 ; Of 3 / 4S IN SyuullYrllas in. for ..", .bllC'C'OII ol *,ll loot Naples Chamber of Commerce
Lis *' it
lens pnnlxl in Iwo p'p
'have saved the nut researchers two years' work It is (wvrrv, {'imtn w"lloln'l1".1 l 4t- ';: 47 Ii ,her will *. ill AP news ditpAlchrtri 1700 North Tamiaml Troll
item piHgtii'illr rr.ryw'mhv.ledrl.th.t >- ., .. .ll.r Mtlw
WIII'I'V d tvtoiMl cH w
In > a.
simply that cashews cost more. The Dallas (Tex.) 44 1 bse r, 'land, .. Floridaat4
Jil "'
Olt. N"I"
unil vn.liMcniiliis Pmt Naples
.....,. .
M.mll. I'u' ".t it ", .. ..... ttndr Act al M...Ii i in'
Morning News. | ( n


-- .... - - - - - - -.... -
I t J

\. \ !" .. .: .. .' _r: Thursday, April 30, 1W C0LLIER COUNTY NEWS 5

Florida Products Week ', '

Naples congratulated the company "for
Tips I OnBoating British-Built resisting Yankee Imperialist

\ \ S' Flotilla, I Buses To Reach pressure" against selling buses
Extends 2

Through May 1,1 t '. ."',. ( USCGA Cuba In June to Castro.

TALLAHASSEE, April 24..Sev. tor widespread use of Florid I MIAMI, Pla, (AP-The first Buser AssignedTo
eral thousand grocery store and agricultural products In school
Random notes from members Guard approved life devices of 450 British-built buses will
other establishments are saving Special
pro mot. cafeteria lunches andpreparatk.nof DutyFred
of Nal'les for reach Cuba In June, Havana
Ing "Florida Products Week" Flotilla 93 of the U.S. each passenger?
similar menus In home econo.
through May 2Development Com. mica classes. .J Coast Guart Auxiliary Did you know that common radio said today. Buser, son of Mr. and
Did \ou know that a buoyant courtesy on the part of The buses-plus quantities of
mission Chaii man.Dlrector Wendell The 1963 Legislature many Mrs. George Buser, 3184 Areca
gave 1m. <('ushii'ii Is used bj' slipping the boatmen has saved untold ac.ddents spare parts-were ordered to and
Jarrard said to "Observance of 'Florida Pro. petus by of product*pro. left irm through one of the loops from happening, while shore up Cuba's rickety public da State> University, has been
ducts Week' Is part of a broad gram resolution passage calling a concurrent and ilea right leg through the simple carelessness is the major transportation system. They assigned summertime duties
on governmerutal other' this for left cause of accidents represent an $11.5.mllllon! deal
program to show the reverse ? with the Pan-American space
world the pro.
and in. .. haii icrs.) Did you know that boat between the Fidel Castro roVe
your at
diversity and quality of gram Cape KennedyA
goodswe dividual to "specify and
and encour. \ T a wearer then holds the may now be stopped and boardedfor eminent and Leyland Motors
produce to
their use within the State encourage" age the use of products which .'usM.. I ag,iinst his cheat with a Infractions or for Inspectionby Corp. of England.The graduate of Naples Hljh
rard declared. Jar. stimulate expanded employment 6 FIGHTAR1fi bridled arm, keeping the other the U.S. Coast Guard, by broadcast, monitored In School, class of 19G3, Buser Is
within the state of Florida." Miami, said labor unions rep. majoring In engineering science
"The third annual Florida arm id both legs free for swim the Florida Conservation Depart.
dustrles Exposition, which Just In. mine; Do you know that there ment, and by the boarding teamsof resenting Leyland employes, at Florida State.rhere' .
concluding an extremely success. James Longmire MUiT be aboard your boat Coast the newly created Florida
ful showing today In Orlando Boating Council?
,was Rlr
an excellent showcase for the Stood Guard At Did you know that both the
state's numerous and varied man. Florida ForestersTo City of Naples Police Depart. Nothing Lib It In Naples .
ufactured products," he explain.ed. MacArthur Bier ment and Collier County Sheriff's
"And Florida Products Week, James R. Longmire, aviation Meet May 7.8 Department now have patrol
In addition to emphasizing this electrician's mate second class, / boats? And that If ALLof us
particular story, will show the USCC, son of Mr.and Mrs.JamesR. Amedcas'1 At Daytona BeachThe were Just a little more cour. "VSlageGjreen

high quality and quantity ot agrl. Longshore of Route 2, Naples, Florida Chapter, south teous and a little more care. :
cultural commodities producedIn was a member of a U.S. CoastGuard CRIPPLERSENATOR there probably would be a
Florida." security cordon standing eastern section, of the Societyof lot less need for these manv
American Foresters will hold
The Commission Is dlstrlbut. guard April 9 the of precautionary mtuwyrws and
as body
GEORGE A. SMATHERS (right! ) conS Its spring convention at Daytona functions "WHERE THE GOOD LIFE IS EVEN BETTER"
log more than 40,000 posters General of the Army, DouglasMacArthur
gratulates Jerry Walsh of The Arthritis And Rheumatism Beach, May 7.8.
emphasizing the "Buy Florida was brought to Pen.
Forest Land Taxation is the
First" theme of the observanceto nsylvanla Station to leave New Foundation on being named "Handicapped Registration ForIindergarten A New Community of Cooperative
theme of the 2 Jay meeting A
grocery stores throughout the York City for the final time. The Year"
American Of by President Johnson. technical program has been sche. At Garden Apartments for Adults
state. Price cards and window The Coast Guard the
Award ceremonies took place in Washington at duled, moderated by Frank A.
banners also are with being the distributed.same message pay four tribute other to armed the hero services of three to noon today (April 30)), Walsh a promising( young Albert of Jacksonville, forest Trinity On May 1 Only-Prices Start at $7,200
athlete before he stricken with rheumatoid counsel for the Florida Forestry
Another aspect of the plan calls world conflicts. was Registration for Trinity Kin.
Thousands of mourners paid arthritis, overcame his handicap through( a combination Association dergarten school for September
their last respects to General of proper medical care and plain old. Include Portions of the program will will start May 1 and all parentsare
presentations "For.
MacArthur while he lay In state fashioned courage and tenacity. Walsh now travels est Land Taxation" by on Gordon welcome to visit classes be. INSPECT THE MODEL ONE BED.

Ml Btli.:0ufShowroonY; : In New York. many thousand miles a year for The Arthritisand D. Lewis, U.S Forest Service, tween 9 a.m. and noon any week ROOM AND TWO BEDROOM
All the men of this security Rheumatism Foundation in crusade against Asheville day during May and bring pros
Soon cordon are assigned to the CoastGuard N.C.I; "ComptrollerViews pectlve members of next year'sclass APARTMENTS ON TWELFTH AV
who cheat arthritis sufferers of Assessment" by J.N.
promoters $250 Ay. .
Air SaltonBrooklynNY. cocks, Director of Assessment ENUE, SOUTH, AND FIFTH STREET
This Is the primary air stationof 000,000 a year through misrepresented productsand All children In order to enter
Standards Division,Jacksonville; WEEKDAYS 10 A.M. TO S P.M. -
the Third Coast Guard District treatments. Kindergarten in September must
"A County. Assessor's View.point"
------ be SUNDAY 1 TO S P.M.
Barracuda covering the search and rescue five years old by December
by bran Cobb, Levy
scenes in the Atlantic from Con. joys a $12 million yearly vol County tax assessor"The County 31 to be eligible for the first
nectlcut to Delaware.A Hollywood Most Commissioner and Taxation"; by grade the following year,accord.
graduate of Georgia Mill. ume.The Ing to Mrs. Ralph Carson Trbu
pen business and his oth. David C. Adkins, executive Dlr. ,
tary Academy at College Park, Cruel Town In er enterprises occupy only a actor of the Duval County Tax. Ity teacher. /ld War1ei /t44ft4iee4
Longmire entered the serviceIn part of his day. During most of payers Association Application blanks for the 1964.
PlymouthChry August 1958. 63 class are now In the
ready of.
every afternoon and evening he A Chapter business session Is Realtor
World Of Talent can be found at the flee of Trlnlty.by.the.Cove
the Lindy Opera slated for the morning of May 8.
I he ruler of Ligiah most House, a onetime film theaterat SAF Chapter membership tot. Church. Further Information may SALES REPRESENTATIVES
important city-ttate of indent HOLLYWOOD (AP)-"This Is Wilshire and Labrea whichhe als 419 foresters throughout the be obtained by calling Mrs Car. 305 5th Ave, South MI 22124OR
Sumer, wis overthrown 36 centuries the cruelest town In the worldof converted to a musical show state son at Ml 2-5635.!
1 r.Plym uth
ala in favor or a new king talent. Hollywood's full of tal case for $160,000.The Headquarters for the conven.
2111 N, tamiawl Trill who promised to reduce taxes ented people, but hardly anyone opera house produces a lion will l>e the Castaway Beach BE A 'FRIEND'TO SEE YOUR NAPLES BROKER
and dismiss the tallilenti.ELECT will give them a chance to show healthy deficit, which bothers Motel, Daytona Beach YOUR LIBRARY
what they can do." him not a whit. ---- -
Sidney Linden spoke from One of his greatest pleasures
harsh experience. Thirty Is the holding of auditions for
ago he was a baritone with rare new talent to be presented at v v y. .." ".' .....V" ..... "'
promise A staff singer for the opera house. In this regard
CBS, his radio program fol. he stressed "new" and not necessarily *

WILLIAM G. lowed difference that of between a pop crooner.them The was Said "young.her "Most" auditions MORE E CIIR for LESS MONEY' !

.more than singing style; Linden place all the emphasis on young
CROWLEYCOUNTY earned $15 vs. Blng Crosby's talent, and I think that Is un. t
$500. fortunate. Producers think that
PROSECUTOR The young baritone studied anyone past the age of 34 Is not I111ik __
ji with great teachers who pre. suitable for singing Jobs. But
Democratic Primary May 5, 1964 dlcted a brilliant career. But there are many singers In their
t success is a singer eluded him. late 30s and 40s who have mag.
CAPABLE Instead, he became a pen-mak nlflcent voices and deserve a During Our End Of Month Sale
ing millionaire, and now Is 1m. chance to be heard."
IMPARTIAL presarlo of a concert hall designed .
EFFICIENT heartless to Hollywood expose talent overlooks.whom Teenagers Knife Going On All This Week-End !

(Paid Politic.I Ad Linden is president of the Woman To DeathIn
Lindy Pen Co., which he start.
ed as a one.man operation 19 Harlem StoreNEW
ba years and which
ago now en.
: r was knifed YORK to (death AP-A and woman her Hero's Just A Sample of the Terrific Valuesi1j

husband critically stabbed by
one of eight teenagers who In.
vaded the couple's secondhand
clothing store In Harlem
WE'REBIOWiNG t t Wednesday

The eight, described as Ne.
gross ranging In age from about I
l 14 to 19, disappeared Into the
late afternoon crowd on busy 1962 J961
West 125th Street Just off Fifth

Avenue. Buick Invicta : Rambler Ambassador
Maglt Sugar, 43! of Woodside, 1 '
Queens, was killed by a single

; thrust In dirk.the heart with a dou.bldred 17 WAGON WAGON

Her husband, Frank, !50, Bucket full Auto air
teats, power, sir tr.nl", P.S., condi
wrested the knife from the kill.
er, but npt before he had been conditioned. See this onel! tioned, P.W., P.B., W/W, Radio

S OUR OWN stabbed six times VV.. $2795 NOW & Heater Wa $1595 NOW

Police said the stabblngs were e
apparently "senseless." U rob.
bery was the youths' motive,
they failed. There was no cash $2595 : $1395
register In the store and Sugar's

HORNI I wallet was not taken. t

Sugar was taken to Harlem

Hospital in critical condition, .' .. ire
but was reported to have Improved x,
after blood transfusions.E3 .

'Ac -

-.e.S "



! 1960 t 1960


You Buy Or Sell 4 Dr. Hardtop. 2 Dr. Hardtop

ReElectED Loaded) One owner, excellent Auto trans, R i H, W/W Ex.

YourNAPLES Condition. W.t $1845 ire sharp! Was $1495.NOW .


TO I HI $1645 : $1295WOOD


COMPLETE SATISFACTIONThe JU law Graduate and f m tSpoclol

Ambient la

Service Is Better U. S. Attorney

24 Yon of law endFublU

When You Deal "og"HI" Srvk

tired far Fair and
With Your Favorite RealtorNAPLESONTHEGULF Impartial logulat! 2640

Now toning ai CHoirmanW
Florida Public Urilitie.; NAPLES U.S. 41

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Venice, Fla.



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,6 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Thursday, April SO, 19M'Perky Bonnets for Young Misses

tj'.cl8< ONr W/J//


People often ask why their A social security number was
children are not turning out to never known to stop gully erosion -
be sturdy and self-contained, or fringe benefit to over-
why Juvenile delinquency Is on come pollution or an unem-
the rise, why 537 of our youth ployment check to put out a
CANDIDATE FOR in being rejected for mill forest fire, or a coffee breakto
tary duty? Improve game and fish ha-
For one thing our children bitat. Only by careful husbandry -
COMMISSIONERDistrict have no set duties home which of the natural resources can safarlhat
COUNTY must be executed by the clock these social privileges continueto TAFFETA BERET, with an ov
Is of white pique and completely of dotted swiss| mat hide
and come before looking at cushion the shock of dire Uy r'l
T.V.. and which take muscle. want.' The benefits of our Na- packable. Perfect for activewilted| hairdo at summerpartUs
No. 1 They are smothered with all tion's fabulous wealth are dependent sports, and jaunty with cottons.
the so-caned welfare advan on and begin directlywith
tages. Irresponsible fun and raw resources. iiai
Idle time are at the core of On Sept. 12. 1961, the Senate _
the present problem.One Issued a report to establish -
way to build physical a Youth Conservation : c :cry
fitness and overcome juvenile Corps and Youth Public Ser
delinquency Is to stop importing vice Program. The bill was tR
labor from the south of the favorably reported out with
torder and start putting ourown amendments. Affiliates of the
M 1 kids to work in the bean National Wildlife Federation
and sugar beet fields. They have already endorsed the general -
would develop muscles, possibly idea of the Youth Corps
some humility, a sense Revival of this camp Idea has Y
of value and sleep well nights. two objectives: Rehabilitate
They wouldn't have time for certain segments of the na- :
hot-rod accidents. tion's youth; and accelerate and
ri bring into clearer focus a national -
A FAVORS CORPS conservation ;
r'j program. 1
j The Idea of a Youth Conservation When the nation's soil has
Corps, modeled after the eroded away to the sea, when THIS CAP of rafla straw,trimmed SAUCY visor cap of white rata
old CCC camps, Is actually a its waters have been polluted with multl-coord! cartwheels straw, with navy accents, Is Just
M L4! better method of overcoming the beyond the point of human con- Is Just the thing to pull on at the the ticket for riding In a con. I
t? created too much soft other when
( mess by sumption or uses, beach to avoid sun-damaged hair vertlble under the summer sun
living. forest fires have wrecked their .
This mixture of work and havoc on vast areas, and when vtous theory has been that the
play would give young people mineral deposits are goneIsthat Asteroid May collisions of many asteroids
better attitudes on the playing the time to train Ameri- were Involved. !
field and In the forests If they can youth In conservation principles Hit Earth In Asteroids, or minor planets,
have outdoor work and accept Concern of human and are believed' to ranber In the
r'I responsibility. Also they natural resouw** go hand In thousands. Most of them are In
belt between the orbits of
take something back to their hand. There will be no USA Distant Future a
Mars and Jupiter, although
Jobs and the school room from without the basic
resources. WASHINGTON (AP) The some are in orbits closer to the
} their hours of recreation. The survival of the nation depends earth might be hit by an asteroid earth.
A CCC camp may be a far on how well they are a kind of plp-squeak Anders said his calculations
cry from a liberal arts course managed. (Reprinted from Conservation planet-at some time In the far suggest that fragments from
R 4r nit to boys and girls raisedIn News) future, a University of Chicago the collisions strayed out of the
a concrete jungle, certainty scientist said today. He madeno regular asteroidal belt with the
the opportunities for out- DEATHSCHICAGO attempt to assess the result.ADVENTUREMINDED help of perturbations from the
door work--where blisters become Dr. Edward Anders suggest planet Mars and then went
(AP) Morton D. ad the possibility, almost off. earthward as meteorites.
callouses, where there Zabel, 62, literary critic, editor handedly while talking about
la association with others of and professor of English at the something else. It was when he was describ.
I like age but from different regions University of Chicago since 1947, In a report prepared for the ing this concept that he pointedout
,with supervls Ion by com died Tuesday. 101st annual meeting of the National that eight presumably un.
petent professionals and food SALAMANCA, Spain (AP) Academy of Sciences, broken asteroids actually cross
which will take the wrinkles Msgr. Francisco Barbado Vie Jo, Anders said new calculations the earth's orbit._
out of underfed stomachs-all 71, Roman Catholic bishop of suggest that the meteorites that He remarked; "Most of them
are Ingredients which will produce Salamanca and grand chancel. strike the earth are remnants appear to be stray members of
better citizenship In a fair lor of the Pontifical UniversityIn of a few asteroids which coll Id. the asteroid belt that are likelyto
of the enrollees. Salamanca, died Wednesdayof ed with other asteroids up to collide with the earth at
heart failure. millions of years ago. One pre. some future time."

I -..... .. I i. I
. . . . .f. ...(. .1.' ,. .1. .

"For Fair and Representative Government" .. .I


r ?
Dear Friend : .
... .
.c I
First I want to apologize if I haven't been able to meet .

you personally. I have tried but because of the large ..

area to be covered and population growth I have in all I

probability missed of and must therefore substitute -
:' many you '
.4 this letter to present to you my reasons for seek- :

; ing your support. I 11. : ,
::\ .
I am a candidate for County' Commissioner District No.1 ., .'4>
(Pil Pol. Adv) .
subject to the May 5th Democratic Primary. I humbly ask .

your support for I believe I can give you a fair impartial I

,', and representative administration which I do not feel we .. "" ,0:*, >" ., f ","':t a. :. 44j I
t ..
have had for the past four years in District No.1. Although ,, t -I.>! .' > H' j.; > M
... f! .
I may not be from your district it is by law mandatory that rJ

each Commissioner be elected county-wide. It is therefore /itl1/it/ I

expedient that you give careful consideration to your choice. I pledge myself to be objective regarding ALL the ) B

needs of our county school board rather than representing I

I promise you if elected that I will visit every precinctin only a particular district or individual. I

< my district at least once a month to find out what your I am willing to devote my energies and time to the I

problems are as I feel every citizen has a right to expect r establishment of policies and regulations that will leave I

from the Commissioner of his respective district. I further the actual details of administration to the county administrative a

promise you that I will not be a party to any scheme of s staff. I have NO OTHER BUSINESS TO .

spending your tax dollar on major projects without first RUN. .

taking it to you .the people for the people pay the bills. I I recognize that the county board acts as a unit and I am willing to carry through with '

E majority decisions made by the board, whether they agree with my personal thinking or not. I
I am a business man with 19 of experience in Collier
years I
I have the intestinal fortitude to stick to educationally-sound decisions and I will riot be
County a taxpayer and know something of the taxpayer's
; swayed by any pressure group or private individuals.It I
is not the duty of the board to run the schools but it IS its duty to see that the schools

are efficiently managed. As our family picture, above, shows. I am not retired and I
I am independent and if elected will owe allegiance to no
probably never will be. I am a mother and a housewife with the money and the time thatit
individual clique or pressure groups but a duty to all. takes to devote to these duties. A native of Florida I was educated in Florida public

schools and the University of Miami. Our

In conclusion thank you for your consideration and let me children are in the elementary and junior

urge you to VOTE. high schools of Naples. I ask for your 7t.dv & ....
confidence and your vote as a candidate :?
for the Board of Public Instruction in Dis-
Sincerely .
trict 2. I will serve you well. EMOlEE BARRETT, School Board Dist 2 .

c4 C J .




Paid Pol. Adv. by Cecil E. Drake, Campaign Committee L f( i t :
j' tdt
JLl: Howell Treasurer '1 ''..' .. it:.. .11.1 4..It", ( ,..'! I

,.:r ;:, "I"i. Jt; .I. ...'" .
::' ,. .

--- -- --- -

-' ,I: '" . ,- .-- .' .
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1, 1 t J


'o'''- \ (.. ..: ,

Racing Fans Pouring into Baseball

Louisville For Derby Day RoundupBy

LOUISVILLE. Ky. (AP-Cal. mil use, who wm Tuesday's JIM BECKER

!Ifornla which In years past has ]Derby Trial In a fertete, was Associated Press Sports Writer SPORTS
said he had
seen many of Its fine thorough*4 expected to top a list of 13 def. Tony Clonlnger
balls 11
breds eating du.t-or mud-at :I Inlte starter named today to P been throwing curve a

the finish of the Kentucky Derby run la Saturday IIZ'.OOOoadde night to Willie Stareell-ax> Wit. . . . . . . . . .
Is making a big move to I id IVi-KU Derby. Two other lie probably wouldn't be looking

monopolize the classic for 3. ,colts were> considered possibil MFIRST for aargell another one said Clonlnger had Thursday, April 30, nit COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 7

year-olds. tiles
been throwing him curve balls
This Yllr'.sbort.prteed Those slated for cure to op
Hill Rise Is from Hill Rise Northern M all night- o he was looking for
lie, George pose are
A. Pope Jr.'s El Peco Ranch, 'Dancer Quadrangle, Mr. Brick, another Willie one.was right Tony curved Let Other People Talk
located near Madera Calif. Two I the Scoundrel, Roman Brother, ,
him, Willie rapped I single to
years ago Pope's Decidedly won Dandy K.. Mr Moonlight, WU
with two out In the seventh
the Derby. Last year Candy Bad, Istikoodah, Prince Davelle, right
Spots, from the California 1Ia. Royal Shack and Extra Swear bid Inning for and a no-hltter.ruined Clonlnger't I Just Play Ball Mays

ble of Rex Ellsworth, was the The owners of Clem Pac and
big favorite but finished third. I:1e'i A Gem also were expectedto But Clonlnger a 23-yeirold
put up the $250 it took to pass right-hander who got a $100,000 CHICAGO (AP) Can Willie the crown to Richie Ashburn on
through! the entry box today bonus from the Milwaukee Mays become the National the last day of the season.
Favor Nicklaus, and then decide later 'whether -- Braves and was expected to League's first .400 hitter In 34 Dark elaborated on the problems .

to start. TRACK TEAM at Naples Junior High lines up for team picture. start paying dividends this year years? Mays faces which the Giant

Palmer Today In The race will be televised Panther runners won two dual meets lost one. and were rained out of went on to pitch a one4iliter With the season only 11 games pUot claims the old time
from left Carlos and a 1.0 victory over the Pitts old, Wondrous Willie Is batting bitting stars did not encounter.
Las Vegas MeetLAS from 4 pjn. to 5 p.m. EST, scheduled meet at Fort Myers Wednesday Front row,
over CBS. Post time for the Hartford Reggie Lord. Bob Todd, Jim burgh Pirates. .488 and they can't seem to get "The gloves may be bigger
VEGAS, Nev. (AP-Jack Derby Is 4:30. Alfonso, Ricky Spicer. Wayne Steve Bo- That evened Clonlnger's rec. him out. and the bats lighter today but
Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.led Kill Rise, with eight straight Steinback ; second row Mark Finger Nick Pedro Tom Morgan ord on the year at 11. The loss But his own San Francisco unquestionably the pitchers are

off as the big name goLfers wins, win be out to add more mer Dennie Roome, Bill Spencer Steve Steele ; back row Coach Glen Stanley was to Houston's Ken Johnson Giant manager Al Dark, said better and the all-around competition .

In the $65,000 Tournament of prestige to West Coast racing Carter Bryan, Chip Murray, John Dahlin George Frye Keith Orschell. who later went on to pitch his today odds are Insurmountablefor stiffer" said Dark.

Champions today. But In the and Is expected to go off a (NEWS photo) no.Attter-and lose Mays to become the loop' "The hitter today faces a

risky business of this came, much'! .stronger. favorite than I'd rather pitch a one-hltter first .400 batter since Dill Ter. rival staff of as many as eight
I nothing Is certain and no one Is Candy Spots.swaps and win;: ," said Clonlnger. n'. .401 In 1930.National. good pitchers. It used to be a

a cinch. Decidedly and Mor. Takes In other National League ac. The reason? club had three or four startersand
Power hitting Nicklaus won rich ar.. the only California 17 Naples RunnersTo Capelle lion, the Los Angeles Dodgerswon "Willie Is Just too brilliant an the relief pitchers were

here a year ago and Palmer In breda In 10 years to wla the his their fourth straight game, all-around player" said Dark. afterthoughts coming In whena
1962. And three weeks ago Pal. torte race. But there Is every Low Gross In 1-2 over Houston, the San Fran. "When you play 162 games like game was blown.

mer broke out of ale net h y Indication thai this average Is Cisco Giants dumped the Chlca. Mays does-fielding like he does "Now you face a bear-dow
slump to win the famed Masters going ssU go Cubs 4.0 and the St. Louis running like he does, and hustl. good pitcher every inning"
for an unprecedented fourth The up;w.atnt"Utal.d''a bag Compete FridayIn Beach Club Play Cardinals edged the New York ing like he does-It Is hamanly
Mete 44 In innings The Phil.
Impossible for him to hit .400.
time.The factor .la.tH fir*. jewel of the
pair are co-favorites. Tr&lerCr.>. Itth fell much of Thlny-four players took adelphls at Cincinnati game "A .400 hitter has to concen. State
But In the 16 major tournaments Wednesdsr but did not have, ser part In ycsterdsy's weekly outing was rained out. taste on hitting Willie concen. Florida

played this year, there tonal; 'afc.ct;?:on the track. The Class A Battle of the Beach Club Men's In the American League Dal. trates on everything."Furthermore .
been 16 different winners tlmore defeated Boston 4-2 as If WUlle
have long-rang.taheots| ,calls for a Coif Association, shooting for only LeagueBy
Counting the final three tour. -- -- Wes Stock won his 10th straightIn hit .230 he'd still be the great
UHl before.Der Fredrickson. 220- low and low net honors.
mwtvswiittire tine, Wally gross
Seventeen Naples High School relief for the Orioles IbnDemeter' "
neys of 1963, the siring stretchesto est ball player around.
three classes
+ dash Lamarttne and Bob Competition was THE
19, with as many different Racing* fibs Mgaa' pouring runners plan to compete Fri yard lOth-lnnlng home run Mays, who will be) 33 on May Daytona Beach 7 2 .778 -
winners. afternoon and night In the gave Detroit a 5-4 triumph over 8, refused to discuss the possl.
later Louisville. today and officials day Koch.Mile S 4 .5J4: 2
Half- In Class A Ira Capelle won Tampa
to Tom Bernard Kansas City and Los Angeleswhipped
Such a series according at Churchill Downs predict district Class A track meetat bUlty of Joining the legendary St. S 4 .358 2
PGA historian Doc Glffln, Is on. A remrtt crowd for the Der Lockhart Stadium In Fort mile, Earnshaw, Paul Felsch, low gross honors with om, and Washington 5-1 as Dob circle of ,400 hitters Lakeland Petersburg S 3 .500 2V.

matched In professional golf by U the" ,weather ir good. Re. Lauderdale. Erie Steele. 440-yard dash Harry Slortag. with 72, coppedthe Lee and Bob I Dullba combinedfor "I'm not saying anything/ but Orlando I7 .125 5Vi

records. girdles of, the weather at Coaches are trying to work Walter Ritchie Randy Harris, low net prize.In a three-hitter. The Chicago not anything" Mays comment Sarasota 1 .123 5V.
were set Class B the low at New York and Cleveland at ed after his and two sin.
Twenty-nlne players least the traditional DO.000 are out a transportation problem Storter. Shot put Gene Moss, gross triple Wednesday's Results
tee off over the 7,073 Irv Sherwood with Minnesota games were rained gles In five trips helped squelch
to today expected, to witness the race. that If not corrected,mayslde- Ritchie, Steve Clark. Discus winner was Lakeland 5, Miami 4
yard, par 3636.72 Desert Inn line, because of Moss. Earnshaw, Ritchie, Bl, Dave Clapp was low net out.Victim the Chicago Cubs 4.0 Wednes. St. Petersburg 8, Orlando 3
Weather some Eagles of Clonlnger's one-hit.
Country Club course. Clark. Broad jump, Earnshaw winner with 68. day."Let Daytona Beach 3, Sarasota 2
forecasts called for sunny skies. Giardello Rivero lack of s ride.Naples honors ter was Bob Veale, who threwa other people talk," said
in Class C low
and Koch. gross Tampa at Fort ppd
will enter six-hitter for the Pirates
notable not "Me
Among the other con. anyone Mays. I Just play baseballand
tenders were V. S. Open champion Sign,For Rematch In two events-high Jump Sprint medley relay, Fred- were won by A.A. Anderson Felipe Alou singled the only take my hits when I can get rain.
rickson Koch Jackie Kline, with 95. There was a three- Milwaukee In the Thursday's GamesDaytona
Julius Boros, British Open and pole vault. From one to run across them
champion Bob Charles from 'ctiv 1. ND (U) Mid. four Eagles will compete In and Treadwell. 880-relay, Lamarttne way tie for low net honors, third. Mays never got off to a better Beach at Sarasota
dnwefgbt'. mmpj n. Joey Glar. with Frank Blair. Fred WU- Don Nnttahal-t ftf Houston. Orlando at Et. Petersburg
New Zealand and Gary Playerof ) the other 13 events. Koch Fredrickson, start even when he won the Lakeland at Miami
South Africa. dellq and Juan Rocky)") RIvero Klliie. Mile relay Alan Foster. lard and Fred Habermannturn who had a no-hltter last year, league title with .343 In 1954 or

Another solid challenger was 'signed Wednesday for. a 10. High hurdles, Rodney Earn- Woodruff Harris Ritchie. ing in identical scores of 74. flirted with another one against hit .347 In 1958 when he yieldedBasebJlll Tampa at Fort Lauderdale (2)

Bill Casper Jr. He was a threat roundtjwoWUr, rematch at shaw Richard Woodruff Billy The district meet could lead Beach Club Pro Paul Den the Dodgers-and It looked fora
last year until forced out after 'Cleveland'IMeM J May U.n. Bryan. .Low hurdles, Bryan, continuing his series of tips while as If he might dupUcat.John.on' .
Gainesville and the
.. PINwW be) televised to a trip to effort. AI. standings I
nine holes in the final round bya Treadwell Rex Starter losing
Lee for high handicap players tour-
hand Injury. He was also nationally by ABC: W! 10 p.m., state track meet Naples runners though he had not allowed a hit,
dash Bruce Lamar- shots
second to Palmer here In 1962. 'ES?. 100-yard do well Friday. Ing the course, suggests Nottebart trailed 1.0 with two LeagueW. American League
the left side of the
favoring out In the seventh. L. Pct Q.D. W. 1.. Pct..G.B.
fairway on the 545 yard par- Then rookie John Werhas Philadelphia 8 S .800 Cleveland 8 3 (23 -

IS, hole 15. The dog leg hampers broke It up with a single Wer. San Francisco 8 3 .727 1/4 Minnesota 7 3 .583 -

a player down the right has batted In three runs on the Milwaukee II IS .619 ll6t. Detroit 7 8 .583 -

"o ,., : Abollt. side in reaching the green and night Another rookie, Nick Will. Louis II 8 .971 I Chicago 9 4 .958 Vi
: of an out- bite, pitched the victory a five Baltimore 6 9 ..549i
;. -.t" .t"f'! 'III';: """ presents a danger PittsburghCincinnati 7 8 .538 IVi
U hitter, lie the latest New York 4 4 .500 1
was Dodger
t r ""J. I Il'R of-bounds shot In that direc 8 8 .500 3
tion. Trees and rough also face to step In and take up the slack Houston 8 9 ,400 4th Los Angeles 6 7 .402 I'/fc

the golfer: attempting tocome In left by Injuries to Sandy Koufa Los Angeles 8 'a' .400 4V. Washington 6 8 .429 2
: from the right. and Johnny Podres. Chicago 4 '7 .364 4'i Boston 9 7 .417 2
Ilnhnll On the The Dodgers, who lined their New York Z 10 .117 7Wednesday's Kansas City 3 6 .333 2V.
thlrdshottothegreen.Bell .
season mark to 8.9, now have Results Wednesday's Results
) GAOO-I advises a shot placed well allowed only three runs In their San Francisco 4, Chicago 0 Baltimore 4, Boston 2
\\)1 up to avoid the roll in front last tour
games Milwaukee 1, Pittsburgh 0 Detroit 8, Kansas City 4, 10
ti of the green. There are traps Los Angeles '7, Houston SEt. Innings

/ = Mt/ r on both the right and left protecting Liston Wants Louis 4, New York 3, 11 Los Angeles 9, Washington 1

1 I the green against the Innings Chicago at New York, rain

tt careless player.In Rematch With Thlla. at Cincinnati rain Cleveland at Minnesota, rain

a golfing tip for the week Today's Games Today's Games
Dell advises that a mixed foursome Cassius Clay San Francisco at Chicago Chicago at New York

N allow the men to shoot DENVER (AP) Alternately Los Angeles at Houston N Detroit at Kansas City

(/1 THE GOLF COURSE first. The ladles tee is always smiling and bitter, dethroned Philadelphia at Cincinnati, N Only Cleveland at scheduled Minnesota
Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
heavyweight champion Sonny
in front of the tees for
It 'We are most appreciative of the acceptance of the men, and the maneuver will Llston told a sports fan meeting Only games scheduledFriday's

., course by our Naples neighbors. Approximately 100 not only speed up the game, titled Wednesday to a he return felt he fight was with en. Chicago at Houston Games N Friday's at Kansas GamesMinnesota City. N

,. .'d'" t ,of you have signed up for summer playing privileges. but act as a sefety measure. champion Casslus Clay. New York at Cincinnati, N Los Angeles at Chicago, N
"Sometimes the ladles are Phlladophla at Milwaukee N Cleveland at Baltimore N
The summer season lasts until Dec. 15th 1961. 'It not, he added, "then any
careless In returning to a safe other challenger should fight me Pittsburgh at St. Louis, N Washington at New York, N
area when shooting first and the before he Is allowed to fight San Francisco at Los An. Only games scheduled

'' danger of bad shot Is always Clay." gales, N

I Family $75.00 Single - $60.00 present" he warns

AMATEURS SET Naples Little League
; t :<., '': ', Daily Green Fees 3,00 NEW YORK (AP) Sites for'' .

the nest three USDA Women's

'. .. Electric Cart Rental 5,00 Amateur golf championships have Hot As Kiwanis
been determined. This year's Pitching
event will be held et the Prairie ,

"\;; Electric Caddy Cart Rental 1.50 Dunes Country Club, Hutchinson,

Kan., Au,. 17-22.
{ Next yew the women will play Holland Teams Win

/ "i Our Members and Guests find the Course In their tournament at the Lakewood Salley
County Club, Denver Colo. In

**'irf. "' ''' Excellent Playing Condition 1966 the amateur will be held at ford doubted and came in on
In the first In
Ducky Flowers and Bill Inning,
the S wick ley Heights! Golf Club, Mark Allen's single Hartford
Tucker the second, twice In the third,
Sewlckley. Pa. gave strong
pitch the sixth and
performances last night three times In the fourth, and doubled again

THESWIMMING Kiwanis and Holland SaUey to six times In the fifth Inning. scored on an error Outsideof
those three hits,
't'r Little League victories. Standard Oil got Its first run
free of Stan
N Flowers was In control all In the fourth, when Gary Han- kept the bases
i POOLWe RE-ELECT dard Oil runners.
Kiwanis took
the way as care
Joe Cratton singled and scored
of Jaycees 6-1, In the opener.
Floyd Patterson the first run for H-S. He
have been given the "Green FRANK Tucker struck out 12 Standard
hit another single In the second
/ Light" on our plans by the State of Oil batters as Holland Salley Thinks His Future to drive In Tucker with
k e.. turned a close Into a 13-
Florida and construction HAS SCHAUBYour game the run that made It 2-0, David
Still Lies AheadNEW
2 romp In the second game.
and Bill Raybum singled
BEEN STARTED Our contract Barley
Standard Oil hopes to rebound YORK (AP) Floyd and scored In the third Tucker
calls completion by June 1st 61. against Exchange at 5:15: Patterson has a plan for the future. drove In two runs with a sin

'5c Friday on the Uttle League diamond Contrary to the opinion of
In the fourth. Ray Bus
at Gambler Park. Hol- some people, he thinks his future
M FAMILY FEE. $50.00Must land Salley tangles with Trail still la ahead of him. Barley, and Raybum singled
r In the big fifth.
Cleaners In the 7:IS second con "If I beat Eddie Machen (JulyS
at Stockholm) 1 am going to Of the nine Holland Saltey

be Either A Social test.Kiwanis scored three runs In try to get Cas.lus ClaY" the hits, all singles Barley had
I world heavyweight and Cratton and
; former three, Ray-
w' r' Member Member the third Inning to provide plenty said. "1 feel I may
\ ,49 ,. or a Golfing champion burn two ,each. Ed Frank,
of cushion for Flowers yes get the chance After that, If I Steve Alander, and Allen work-

:2.C'Annual Social Member Fee $25.00 terday. Two errors, a walk am victorious, I want to fight ed on the mound for the losers,

and Lee Daniels' two-run double Sonny Llston. Then I shall retire and combined for 11 strikeouts.
t .,. 1 were the Ingredients. Ducky provided 1 don't get
ABOUT OUR REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Walker singled In the fifth to knocked out In the first round. ONE-TEE GOLF COURSE

f (; begin a two-run uprising that "I would have retired after NEW YORK AP) M. Richard
the lead 5-0. my second fight with Llston In
lengthened to Spei.er an electronic engineer,
Las Vegas if 1 had made a bet.
Flowers had a no-hitter until never played golf in his life hut
ter When got
BIG CYPRESS GOLF & Mark tlennlng singled In knocked showing.out in the first round now he builds i I one-Ke golf
for In the ... And If you've a lot
COUNTRY CLUB the fifth Jaycees. again I had to remain In bos.Ing. cOIIr. got
Our lot area is .named Gifl Cypress Golf sixth Don Hunter doubled and ." of money and room in your basement
around the bases on that's where you can erect
and Country Club EtUtcs. HOLE IN Olve Patterson and Machen were at
70 lots were offered for'aajc! Feb. 1st. 1964. THE WALL two Infield outs to ruin the Kiwanis a midtown restaurant Wednes. Speiser's Actually Speller's "course"
+ GOLF C US pitcher's shutout. Flowers day to sign contracts for their
have been lOW sad mire ere In various indoor driving
Twenty FRANKSCHAUB waited two and struck out 12-round match at 43OGO.seat U an rang except
stages of negotiation. Three homes are ne.rint Eolna Stadium, a Stockholm that color slides In front of the

completion and more are" betas;.$...... ,. Goodlette Roo4 seven. football field. Edwin Ahlqulst net chow holes from even golf

On May 15th, 1M4, then -WW be 'a U'/fr f410. 9.162 ERRORS HURTKiwanis and Al Bolan, the copromoters, courses from various puts of the

Increase In prices. We suggest TW ,Wt ew u.s," I only had two hits, talked of apo.slbleW50.000sell world. The screen is 11 feet from

property and if you like wfcat yOq see".- tot iawrs3 wos .e eunaS I second terms but Jaycees were hurt by fielding out, Bolan said he was negotiating the Aa tee each shot Is hit, color pictures .
with John Vrba of Los An.
the -
wane led
that to 0pposition"
HOWARD CARRIS oar sales maanrYea rasa I tee your lapses Hunter and ales, head of Fourth Network, of fairway, trap and

may with to move op te Confer Cli.* living STATE ATTORNEY runs. to fly the films back from Stock. greens are shown on the screen
Mlka Watkins shared pitching All need Is 400 feet
o eerco holm for a 10 p.m. showing on you squire
"raid 'oIltIC" 0\4'1.) duties for Jaycees. U.s. television the same night, of space, an imagination .and
Holland Salley scored once a Sunday ".000.

.. "
: (


B COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Thursday,_April 30, 19U Troop 212 during the year ed Junior troop 276 planning D.C.. and the Appalachian Trail
I I I meetings for their overnight, both of which take place during -

Few Changes In A dally bag limit of 70 panflsh t : Ctrl Scout NotesBY Betty Decker and Karen Hub and helped In teaching outdoor the summer Screening for
will be In effect In Dade, Mon. A zen, Seniors of Troop 241, at- skills to the troop as they camp applicants will take place at
Rules For Fresh roe, Broward and Collier Counties tended the final meeting and ed at Camp Tlmberford April Camp Hon! Hanta June 8th and
These counties do not have camp-out of Leaders in Train- 23rd. and 24th. AUSenlorsare 9th.
Water Fishing a bag limit on panflsh at the present MRS. E. W. TDfSERLAKK Ing (LIT) at Warm Mineral busily engaged in making applications I I I
time. A minimum size of Publicity, 2.4763Leaden' Springs April 26th and 26th. for special council Seniors win serve refresh-
TALLAHASSEE Florida'sfreah ( 12 Inches will apply to bus being Before leaving for this camp- events such as the Rock- ments at the Pet Show, Suite
water fishermen will find taken In Putnam County. The
f out, the same Seniors attend- wood camp near Washington day May 2nd.
the 1884-83 basic regulations and size limit was enacted as an aid borhoodTSsoclatlon meeting In
bag limits for fresh water fish In determining the effect of ex. 9 -. meeting was
essentially the cam u the cur. perlmental stocking of six Inch the Scout House: Monday, March as part of their public -- ---
Your dealer
rent regulations, with a few local > bass In the St. Johns River by April 27, with attendance from relations work. They have assisted Merc
exceptions. The new rules, the Bass Capital :.-,-ortimen all troops except Mrs. Vance's In the libraries and as
regulations, and bag limits were Association. Brownie troop and the Carver teaching aides have worked invites to
established at a meeting of the Aldrich said In order to realizethe School Brownies and with the handicapped and assisted you

Came and Fresh Water Commls- full recreational value of fNIGHT ,::>':: Junlor don at Tallahassee, April 24, fresh water nah.theCommlsslon \> are collecting
Camp applications were received jects. Presently, they
and will become effective July will allow the taking of rough fish, j A :; {:' and one week added to the and classifying shells gamprethe
1, according to A.D. Aldrich, other than catfish, by means of \ .. time limit for registration A and marine life to send to a
director. gigs and bow and arrows during ..fjfj.. \: 'r,...t..1... .$....
.C. : with slides and rural school in Indiana as requested -
The dally bag limit for freshwater daylight hours. Jjlil''. ..'c'. .;....!..... .r..' special program
c :!!! Seniors have helpedIn
", Iii>! "C talks by Senior Scouts will be .
fish remains at 10 black ;!!. : rc...:
bass, 35 panflsh, 15 pickereland Andorra is a country covering 'f. .1, \..'\;.: ". ,.t:".... held at the Scout House, Monday all camping trips of other fuel economyof
30 white bass. Total possession 191 square miles in the eastern i'" ;. """ }, May 4, at 7:30 p.m. An troops, teaching outdoor skills powHEAR
Pyrenees between
limit Is two days' bag. France Soim and opportunity for regtstrattonwillbe at each event. a Merc
4' given to those who have not Troop 316, meeting at North
fi turned In their forms as yet, Naples Area Association build-
'. ':: but this will be the last chanceto ing have adopted a continuing with any
FLY --- NAPLES < ., 'i' register for Camp Timber- project of weeding the grounds

ford Day Camp, July 13-lTth. around the building as a form
I MIAMI I SIGHT-The I AU girls and parents are urgedto of thanks for the use of the competitor'soutboard
section of the EmpireState
upper with attend this Day Camp meet- building for their troop meet- I'
New Building ing In order to learn.. what the
Year Round Daily Schedule Ings.Troop
sections are
lights a. the tower program Is like. 124, Cadettes, have
Naples To Miami Illumlntttd for the opening' of I I assisted with youngertroops as
the New York World's Fair Troops reported on their Service program aides all year, ]have of similar
7i45AM. 11:30 A.M. 3.45 PM.: projects as follows helped with planning and car- iIi

Miami To Naples' Charles DeGaulle Troop 212, Juniors, made rying out overnight campoutswith horsepowerFuel t
toys for the Immokalee Mi Junior troops, gave a
9.00A.M.: 2.15P.M. 5:00: P.M. Leaves Hospital grant Nursery, and posters for Christmas party for the Car-

Connection and RtwrTitlona to say point U the world PARIS (AP) President the Humane Society Pet Show ver Day Nursery, helped as a
Charles de Gaulle left Cochin Troop 241Senlorshaveact- teen-age group with the Can-

NAPLES AIRLINES Hospital today after prostate ed as program aides to Junior cer drive, and are assisting
gland surgery two weeks ago. and Brownie all Humane Society's Pet Show economy It engineeredInto
troops duringthe
Naples Airport Concourse I Miami Airport De Gaulle was seated In a every Mercury outboard.
NE limousine beside Mrs de Gaulle.A year, offering much helpto event on May 2nd. The small-bore, ahort-ttroKe
MI J-J4J4 44111 crowd applauded as De the leaders. Seniors pre Troop 211, Juniors, made design lion. of the reasonswe
City Ticket office Naples Travel Agency 4 Cone Gaulle left! the Left Dank sented a program at the NeighIT'S Girl Scout cookie posters and can do it.The .
entertained Brownie
troops small I cylinder! In a Mere
during the year as a part of are more efficient: In convertIng -

TRADE 'N' TRAVEL TIME AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'SSporl Junior the Brownies bridging troops who in will June.program fly-up for to than other fuel the Into ontboardi.big cylinders useful Harmful energy foundIn

pre-igmtion I i it minimized because
Troop 276, Juniors, workedon the combustion: is more r
Pet Show posters, and helped easily controlled I In the small
with the toy project for cylinders. Not so In "big-
the bore" outboirdi. Merc's \
Migrant Nursery.
; THIS Power-Dome combustion
Troop 315, Brownies, made chambers boost the power
a wall paper mats for the Wo and further reduce fuel
,fir man's Club luncheon in Febru- consumption.Mercs .

r ary. tolerate e greater de-
I I I Iree of spark advance which
The Service Team and Community II i necessary for maximum
are proud of the service fuel efficiency at cruising
speeds. This makes Merc'sfuel
all troops have contri-
.w. economy linkage more
buted during this year of Scouting effective than those on com
r4 f 1 activity. petitors' "blg-bore" out-
< ( I I eFinancial boards. et carburetors
dc balance j Intake
reports were distributed manifold Improve fuel economy
to each leader to be even more by metering
made out for the yearly report out the exact amount of fuel
t jIh due by June 1st. Formsare an engine needs at my speed.

e .. to be returned to Mrs. Mercury's lower unit design
,1 E.W. Tlmberlake. The last and Jet.Prop exhaust reduce
Leaders' meeting of the year underwater drag, giving
p will be May 25th, 7:30 p.m. you more efficient power at
i d ; ; at the Scout House. the prop. You get maximum
; mileage from every drop of
I I *
fuel that you use.
It was agreed to have a joint
t t': 4 \. Fly-up for all Brownies Mercs will consistently give
( :. ceremony you more miles per gallon and
? going Into Junior troops more miles per hour than
third grade Brownies will be competitors' outboard. Your
7 welcomed into Junior troops by Merc dealer likes to compare
/ the fourth Merc's economy with! other
graders at a special -
outboards. See him soon. See
meeting May 23, Saturday, how you can get more RUN for
at 10:30 a.m.Swimmers. your money with Mercury. .
I e I 100. 85. 65, 50, 35. 20. 9.8.
A 6 and 3.9 hp outboards and
please note I
ASK MerCruiser Stern Drives. .
There will be classes In
110 hp gasoline; 60 I ;
grades of swimming during the and t&3d .a )?
c summer vacation for Scouts of

4, all ages Watch the paper for
w announcement of time and place
to register.
I *

Troop 124, at their meetingon

Monday, April 27, reports
parctlslng whipping their ropes, \
and discussed a special activity ANY l\
for their Scolal Dependa-

bility Cahllenge. Senior Aides
Karen Hultzen and Betty Decker

were present. Senior Aide Pam
Coe has been working with

I Seek More FundsTo

1 lf : r A Aid Orphans Of

; wuI Thresher Victims LOCAL


__ Louis C. Wyman, R.N.H., appealed
today for additional con.
trlbutlons to the fund to edu.
.4 :_ __ cate the 194 children of the men
__ who lost their lives In the nu.
clear submarine Thresher on
Au April 10, 1963.
f n + In a speech prepared for the

I House, Wyman said he could
':. I not understand how the nation
I could contribute $60,000 to the MERC

if widow of Lee Harvey Oswald,
accused of assassinating Pres.
Ident John F. Kennedy, and at
Sport Coupe mudrln nhorr. ( owl rv! Stint Ray, ''*''If 11 A \J i'hi... I 1 Ia, the same time contribute less

than $1,000 tor each of the chU.

5 different ways to make a big splash dren after"Today the of the,tragic more Thresher loss than of victims the a year sub.

marine Thresher," he said,
uithout going ovciboard, on price 'the people of the United Sates
and tome foreign countries OWNER
have contributed Just over

the boat iniide'et nicely sized fin handling-plus wide $140,000 to the Thresher Memorial .
It', get-the-cottage-ready time. 1'ut- -in-the- rash Fund for the education of

water time. Baseball time. Trade 'N' Travel Time at choice of engines. the 194 children left fatherless;.
your Chevrolet dealer's. Time to get out of that winterEven the thrifty Chiv11| now has hill-futtring

time rut, into one of Chevrolet' five great power. And the unique Corvair offers ew:

highway performers. extra power that accents its road-hugging It'll B.lnOU"

Now it's easy to go on vacation first ..,'/t', .,"I rear engine tt action.While Corvette sp aks

class-without paying a first-class price. for itself-in a throaty sports car tone:: 'Showroom. 'SOOM, .

In a luxury Jet-smooth Chevrolet, for mADE'N'TRAVEL Yes, right now is new car time. T.\.T The AHNEW

example. This beauty rivals just about any Time. Time to get the most fun from a new

car in styling, performance and comfort. TIME car. To get a great trade on your old ;ne. I MERC BOO

Or try a totally new type of travel in the To get a big choice at your Chev ,>Iet BarracudaPlymouth BO hp/Four Cylind.rlO1ERCURY

youthfully styled Chevelle. Lots of room roe w enwi HIGHWAY nHFOHMCM dealer's. Come on in1!


_.....n......... ............ N P


ChryslerPlprwutliZ sILVER ANNIVtMAftV HUT

......_c..w .ratwle
....-.W Tares, e.a..Mwcn -



t I''

f I

Meet The
Candidates ThumUy" April 30, 1961 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 9I

1 5 Men Competing For Commission, District 5W.H."PETE"

been on the priority list for icHere's 3. -HOSPITAL AD..Yes, I
many years. But I think that
feel 1 the Naples Community Hos
r our Road Planning Board work' pital needs financial assistance

Ing perhaps with similar Board from the but It
County being a
from Broward What We Asked
County might private Institution, the State
come up with the answer. It
Statutes prohibit such contribution
would not make good sense to
build this road at the present Commission Candidates 4. COUNTY HOSPITAL ..
time unless we were assured PR
I would not favor the construction t
that Broward County would do
of a County Hospital at
I likewise and the two ((2)) roads
1. this time since It would
would be connected. To dead Do you have any iptolflo augg.atldne for Improving the only
t I dnlnlttratlv function of the oounty Watch could 1'.111in greater duplicate the services now offered
a road In the middle of a oonomy or effloUEoyT by the Naples Community
swamp to me would not be a Hospital

wise maneuver 8* would you In favor a long rang, Miter plan for secondary rOleSoon.tl'lAoUon 5. ELECTIONS-No, I do
7. TRAIL FOUR-LANIXJ" county not favor the election of Com

Yes. We have already sent resolutions 3. slnot Naples coanunlty HospiUl serve. ale residents of the missioners by District vote

to the Road Department county, onetime at considerable financial lost, do you favor the only. A commissioner acts

L to that effect. And at the county giving the hospital financial as.iatsno. to all collier Countlan as one of five In conducting ,

I ," i.wl", I't :. present time I think we have lilY share In these louse Instead of leaving them principally to all the business of all the County
,: residents of the Naplai
;} t of areaf
M.UIfI!" ..,r. most rlght-of-way needed and should be responsibleto

DOUB for four-lanlng No. 41 from >4. m the answer to HO< 3 li negative, do you favor the county all the citizens. It Is a

County line to County line. building\ iti own hospital to oar* for the aged, the poor and the Commissioner's duty to fan!

8. PORT FACILITIESYesI migrant* liarize himself with all the _

Doub would. At one time we thought needs and plans of the county EWELL F. MOORE
that 5. Do you favor the proposal that county commissioners be eluted
we might finance
our before his
sugar. casting vote In favor
Sy district voters only, rather than by all voter in the county at It
1. COUNTY EFF1C1CNCY1 -- through the Port Authority. now done, or against any measure Moore

Yes. Have a County Purchasing At that time I asked the Boardof coming before the board.

. Agent. I believe that would County Commissioners toset 6. if the Suprao Court should rule against the bond liu forconstruction 8. TOLL ROAD ..I I can see I
the the ball jolling and activate the of the KPl-Fort Iudrdal toll road could you favor no useful need for a road to 1. COUNTY EFFICIENCYI -
give County greater buying County Port Authority This reviling plan for building a road from Naples Airport to stat Road 89 Highway 29 at the time believe when I am electedto
power and more efficiency. (iverglades-lamokalte: romi) which was discussed by county Commission present the Board of County Com
This should save $10,000 to was never acted on. This can *i far back a* 19S9r should the Supreme Court rule
missioners of County
be done two (2)) ways The against the Naples-Fort Lauderdale -
$12,000 per year. Our population
it would become of
five County Commiss loners 7. DO favor continuation one my
Increase for the next can you of effort for earliest possible toll road.
10 years Is projected at 140 act as Port Authority Board four-laning of the Taalaol Spell (U.S. 41)) troll county line to county 7. TRAIL FOUH-LANING" first duties to study the eco
linef and of
000 to 150,000. This could Members, or the Governor can The need Is acute and I most nomy efficiency our

mean a savings of 50 to 75 appoint 5 members one from 8. would you favor requesting appointment by the Governor of flv* certainly would favor four-Ian- County.2. SECONDARY ROADS

thousand dollars per year at each district. This would be a nn to the Collier County port Authority to actively start planning Ing U.S. Highway 41 within our Yes

that time. good thing to get started. It for utilisation of th. port faellltlei recently mad available at county. .
2. SECONDARY ROADS- could be a big help In the future Everglade and Naples through dredging operations 8. PORT FACILITIES--No, 3 AM I 4. HOSPITAL -
I would that the Board of
development of our coun I can see no need for
Yes. I think we should set 9. Do you fl the county now hat oonnltmant for sufficient property present County Commissioners should

up a Road planning Board con.sistlng ty. to provide enough public beaches and perks to met our need for thetor..blt activating the Collier County negotiate plans with the Naples
of one member from future? Port Authority. The Legislature
For Public Beaches maybe. In Its last session, enacted Community Hospital
W each district, similar to our
tl Board For the Interior of the County 10. should the county Intensify It* effort to attract Industry a State Port Authority whereby they could handle all

County Planning to evaluate
No. Lake Trafford could and agriculture to the county Law which would be more workable county cases without loss until
all roads and make recommendations .
such time the
be made Into a campers para. should the need for such as County
to the Doard as to dise. Deep Lake Is small but 11. Do you feel the county government should attempt to provide could build their own hospital
their need and the Board of water to oonmunltlei needing it now or in the future service arise. 5. ELECTIONS: I would I
Its natural beauty Is unsurpas 9. PUBLIC BnACIIES-.Yes.
County Commissioners should sed. Tarpon Lake In the eastern still believe In abiding by the
I think present commitmentsfor
work very closely with this of the Is best candidate, or because YOU State Constitution.
pan county a marvel public beaches
meet the
Road Planning Board Emphasis the who asked 6. TOLL ..
were ROAD
to see, abounds In fish and only one foreseeable needs when acquired Yes. '
should be put on Immediate for his vote because 7. TRAIL FOUR
wild life. shouldbe or your -LANING--
Arrangements and same should be developed
needs first. Long range planning made to land these ,i name happened to be first, second Yes.
acquire on funds
as are available.
should take Into consideration lakes. or third on the ballot, or 8. PORT FACILITIES ..

the future development of 10. INDUSTRY-Yes. I represent any other number of reasons 10.should INDUSTRY always put.TIle forth County every I feel the Board of County Com T'N f

eastern part of the county. the County Commissioners that a person gives as a reason missioners working In hare
.. r effort to attract any industry
for with the of
voting people Collier
on the mony
County Agriculture that would boost the economy
County does this to a certain .
Advisory Committee. I 8. TOLL ROAD I am for of our County would be well qua
extent now as money is paid have worked with building roads where there Is area. lified to appoint these five men.
for some welfare patients very closely 11. WATER--I do not favor
a present need. 9. PUBLIC BEACHES -No.
our County Agent and other the .
sometimes several a week. I members of this Committee In 7. TRAIL FOUR-LAN1NG- county government providing we do not have enough beaclfacilities
water to
do not think that a hospitaltax I any community
I am In favor of better. .
to mill any
trying secure a
Sugar should other reasonable
district would be the any
answer ment of our primary roads 10. INDUSTRYYes.H. .
for the Immokalee area. We
means available Should It
to this problem as that In Collier Coun WATERAs
particularly soon as
hope that our efforts will
be to enter the water
would put a double burden on bear fruit. I am that ty. necessary the Port Authority Is activated -
proposing business, financing shouldbe
the people of Naples. Perhapsthe .. the
8. PORT FACILITIES Board of County Commissioners
we set a Industrial
up County done through a Water District
Kerr-Mills bill would help I think the will have the authority -
same or -
Park near Naples and to JI person persons
try 10 as to confine the
alleviate this problem some who active in cost to Into this
get good clean Industry to move to those benefited.PHILADELPHIA. go matter I
what. If that does not work .
this ing these port facilities shouldbe
to area. wr,
flieh SbiW! Dre ,' '
kittd'ofarra'igement 11. WATER-NO i think '1\ active in their utilization,
will have to be made later .
on. ; not necessarily acting as an
the County should lend all the ,
4. COUNTY IIOSPIT AL. assistance It can to help these f __ appointive authority. FRED EDENFIELD Scranton Sees Trouble For
NO. I do not favor the County communities get water, but not R.E. BLACK- 9. PUBLIC BEACHES-I do

building Its own hospitalat to the point where the taxpayers not feel that the county has Edenfield

the present time Hospitalsand are liable for this service. enough commitments for pro.

politics. do not mix too I would favor the county Port Black party, but neither do I feel Pennsv Democrats In Fall

good. Too costly.At Authority In these that we should rush headlong 1. COUNTY EFFICIENCY..
supplying -
the present time we have facilities. This way the tax 1. COUNTY EFFICIENCYOne Into any purchases without No, I have no PeCli1cg.- CAP- With all but 19 of the .Ial.',

I; only seven ((7) elderly patients payers are not liable. suggestion: Elect Bob careful study and consideration. gestions for Improving the administrative Pennsylvania Guv. William W. 9,201 precinct reported unoffl.

staying at various homes The Black County Commissioner, 10. INDUSTRY-Yes. functions of the Scranton, taking note of Tuesday's daily, Mill Dial led Musman.

' County pays pan of this bill District 5. 11. WATER When and If County. The State Statutes set primary election In his no-434,020 to 450,560.

their Social Security or old age 2. SECONDARY ROADS .. the majority of the people In forth the powers, duties, and state, predict trouble for Dem.

assistance pays the balance. I believe roads should be built Collier County feel there Is a the methods of administering ocrats in. Pennsylvania nextNovember.

Everybody who Is poor Is not where definite need, I will be for It.
there Is a present need same
H* said "It\ I* quit clear"the Bills To Bar
an Indigent, and most people I believe that a long range I would rather It be on a 2. SECONDARY ROADS. Democratic party "is 1 broketo
want to pay their own way franchise basis with the county Yes I favor
master plan can be used u a master plan pieces" In'Pennsylvania./
(we must help them to think an excuse to build roads In to receive a percentage of for secondary road construction added that President Johnson

this way). Astorthe migrantsif some places that would benefit the profits, than to have It a In the county for a period will have "a hard time In his GOP Lose In

they work, let them, or make only a few if they happento county operated business. of 5 years In advance. own party" In Pennsylvania

them pay their own way. The coincide with long range plan. next November because of an
Federal Government has been "Internecine fight of major
working on the migrant problemfor 3. HOSPITAL AID-1 do proportion" MississippiJACKSON

50 years and has not come not believe In any lump sum Rocky Says LBJ's War On ._ The. governor, at a, news con..
up with an answer yet. It lerenc wean.aoay, eau r.peat.ed
would be hard for the financial assistance or even that he I I. not a candidate forth Miss, (APThemove
County assistance based on millage, Republican presidential to stamp out Republican.
to find that same answer. I am In favor of county assistance Poverty Is Long Overdue nomination, despite the write-in lam In Mississippi with new

5. ELECTIONS-NO, i think to persons unable to vote f.more than 220,000 vote. election laws looked like another

that your Board County Commissioners pay hospital bills. This ability -a state recur.ne receveo.Ile loat cause today.
should be voted on to be determined by responsible BECKLEY, W.Va. (AP) to deal with West Virginia' said the vote did not change The 22 Mil backed by Coy
county wide. You have county Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller: endorsed problem a* "a first order of his stand "one Iota" Paul John ion, which passed the

wide problems to deal with and persons. the Johnson administra business" lie based his prediction of State Senate, ran Into *ur.prlslngly .
From the financial statements tion's war on poverty In the Ape "What happened?" the .
this could make a difference. governor Democratic trouble In November strong opposition In
I have seen the hospital palachlan area today, but complained asked. "Virtually nothing. the nous.
You could also find on the close race between
the yourself operates with a very small percentage It was long overdue. Despite these campaign promises State Supreme Court Justice After two straight setback In
position where the minority C.L. CARPENTER of losses from non "It seem that the Interest of no effective over-all programto Michael A. Musmanno and Gen. House Votes, Rep. Roy Strlck. That
could rule the
majority. payment of bills, and I am sure the Democrats In the future of spur economic growth In the vleve Dial, state secretary of land, floor manager of the pack.
6. TOLL ROAD-I 1 think that some of these losses are West Virginia reaches Us peak region was Initiated." Internal affair, for the Dumo.- ace of bills, showed little hop

that would take us back to question Carpenter from persons that are able to when a national election 1 I. lost "But now," he continued, "In Credo nomination for U.S. Sen. for future victory< Pleases .

No. 2. Plans would not at hand," the New York gover. the election year of 1964, the at*. Mill Blatt I is holding a dim The revolt against Johnson'

have to be revised as this has pay.When any business Is operated nor asserted. Democratic administration hat lead. The outcome will have to elel lion bill was signaled Tu... For
1. COUNTY EFFICIENCY-: While supporting the basic finally come up with a plan." wait the counting of 10 day when a key bill
nn.. in.. Income. ... hull narrlv... sumo wa* writ
--- -- ---- goal of the
NO. antipoverty plan 000 absentee ballot early In bark to committee for further
FAA Doubts Home on contributions It would seem now pending In Rock.
2. SECONDARY ROADS Congress, May. study IndustryAnd
that It should practice givinga efeller said It Youthful ImageTo
Caused Yes. Providing plan Is flexible was importantthat Scranton expressed surpriseat Key bill In the package
Damage little the stales
enough to take care of too. with the "play a full role Be GOP Aim At his write-In total, which would fore the *tai*'* budding
4. COUNTY HOSPITAL" federal government so GOP to
By Sonic Booms faster topped a previous male high of measure up to major
growing areas.
I am not in favor of a county a* to prevent the program from Party Convention 183,073 votes recorded by the party standards In organization
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. 3. HOSPITAL AID -No. hospital because we get Into becoming football of celf-per late President John F. Kennedy and operation Individuals

(AP) Some damage in lest 4. COUNTY HOSPITAL a business that would be petuatlng. Washington bureausracaea. WASHINGTON (cAP) Kaput In 1960.> Al I present, the GOP couldn't

home has been found since the Yes. controlled by persons not having )licans plan to pul.youlh and The governor said h* guessed muse the grade.

Federal Aviation Agency beganits 5. ELECTIONS"By district a background In that type The governor commented In aspeech vlg>,r on dlspla) for the televl. his total might reach 40,000; his The party made its first serl.ou Printing

sonic-boom program here, only. of I have for a luncheon rally slot audience who watch their wife, Mary, guessed 17,000. bid for the governorship !In
but a spokesman said it is not 8. TOLL ROAD-NO. been management.with never II* shifted his campaign forth natl"nal presidential nominating The governor will go to the the last election, astounding
Impressed either the
believed that the trouble was 7. TRAIL FOUR-UMNO- Republican presidentialnominaron CUll ,entlon In San Francisco. Republican National ConventionIn Democrat by drawing almost a Division!
caused:: by faster-than-sound air. Yes. efficiency or economy of to West Virginia at.r 'A,..11* they are thus pepping San Francisco In July with third of the vote. The proposed

planes. 8. PORT FACILITIES-Yes. government operated business. winding up a lhre.day tour up the part image, leader 62 of the .Ial.'. 64 delegate election laws were he reaction
In a report to the FAA 5. ELECTIONS I am of the Wt Coast Wednesday The key
9. PUBLIC BEACHES very hope to avoid intraparty controvert pledged to him a* a favorite bill referred back to
Wednesday, two firms said they much In favor of district voting last night by selecting a slat ofHotllgtit on. committee would set these
found cracked wall mirrors, an Should the commitments we now not only for the County Commissioner Earlier In the day, h* dellv performer satlsfac. Second only to Scranton'a standard: btNtUJS
extended crack In wood trim have be concluded, they would red another harp attack on total Half the
but also for the tor to all faction was the write-in vote for precinct In a county
and tome missing grout. Four meet our needs for approximately School Board Member. ( have Sen Barry Goldwater, his only Sen. Thurston B. Morton of Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge must stag precinct convention

houses are used as tests. ten years. always felt that the people who ojponent. in the California pri. KB i icky, former GOP national who polled almost 80,000 votes. before a county convention Is

The report said the damagewas 10. INDUSTRY. By all live with and know a mary.In ihijrman under former Presl. His showing- was more than valid.

minor and was not believeddue means, especially) : Industry. are the best Judge of his character person a television interviewWednesday dent Dwight D. Elaenhver, has double that of Richard M. MX. Thirty of the state's 52 coun.
to sonic booms. 11. WATER..Some communities and his the governor saId beci selected as permanentriatrman on, former vice president, and ties must stage valid county
FAA has been conducting the should be provided with ability. Goldwatr "certainly isn't a Re.publican" ;: to wield the gavel dur.Sen. Barry Goldwatr, Arlwna convention before a elate con.
sonlc>boom program sine Feb. water now, but by a private There Is very little that can when his vote art Ing the convention. Republican. The only two delegates ventlon I* valid

3 to test reaction of people and concern not the be said for a vote that Is gain. compared with position In theGOP's Morton, 56, tall, handsome and elected by Republican lath The other key bill would fore Ml. 2-2107

property> to the noise and vibration county govern ed because you gave a man 1860 platform.Rockefeller a polished performer on the state not pledged to Scranton all candidate to run In primary

created by the aircraft.GM's ment. your card, or because after cited GoldwaUr clatOrm.' Is the oldest of the a* a favorite son ar* Gold. elections, even If unopposed,
hearing you talk for three minutes votes against civil rtghtlglla- three star performer. water men. and primary winner would
to the highest level of any corporation he decided you are the lion, the limited nuclear-test But it was the battle by Mis hare to draw at least 10 percent
Profits At In history. 'ban treaty, federal aid to high. 71! e other expected to be Nlectrd Blatt against the Democraticorganisation of all votes cast In both ASK FOR:
The figures exceeded cy tar r education and medical care by the Republican Ma. which attracted the party primaries to be eligible
Highest Point In FROM LITTLESPARKS. for the blond Committeeat John Watfcu
the second-ranked money-maker needy aged Arrangement moat Interest In the state for the general election ballot.
American Telephone & Telegraph In today' speech Rockefeller Its meeting tier late in May Incumbent Sen. Hugh R. Or

Company HistoryNEW Co.. CJL: dealt exclusively: with econom. Include Gov. Mark O. Hatfleldof Scott, Republican, had no trou.
YORK (AP) Booming CM sales Increased to$4,786,. 1C problem of West Virginia and Oregon as temporary chair.isle winning renomlnatlon, RENEW YOUR r r [ AI OpolkaCALL

automobile sale boosted Gener. 000,000, a 15-per cent gala over .W GIANT FOREST the .rt of the Appalachianarea. .man and stat Chairman Robe.rt soundly defeating W. Henry man LICENSE I.
A. of Minnesota a*
al Motors (;orp.', profits In the $4,147,000,000 In the 1963 last Porijth Macfarland, a fellow Phlladel. DURING
Rockefeller conventlo-, Hatfleld I I' THE NEWS FOR
FIRES GROWl! said a Democratic keynoter
first three month of this year quarter. phlan, by a margin of almost
campaign promise of 1160 was 41 arxl i orsythe 42. 6.I. wan MONTH fW lUJiUWR: STAMPSI


0 ., ." . o. if). ,0
0 0 .
1 ,

10 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Thursday, April 80, 196.Ii composslbles of life since neithercan even widely' known personages.We .
possibly exist IftheotherhasUs havenf as yet produced a Brocket Found AdventureIn Probes Of UFOs
being also. Washington, a Lee or a Lincoln
-. There are so many things I and It may possibly be we never Show No ThreatTo
ADVENTURES want to do and so little is my shall, for men of that caliber are,
time for the doing that I am Indeed, few and far between.
Ii Ir r"" IN SOLITUDE sometimes threatened with futll. Nor is our region one where 3,500 Miles Before Mast U.S. SecurityWASHINGTON
Ity and some degree of frustration great battles have been lost and
n? ROB ROY OZMER of a sort. won. Still, history of that sort Is (AP) The
i i The hermit of the Ten Thousand Islands quite well defined as an Inaccur. Thlrty-flve hundred miles In 31 Air Fore has Investigated more
DIGGING JOBS ate and biased account of wari- days on a 34-foot sloop, than 8,000 reported unidentified
One As a single example! Someol 1| which were needless, and caused "Fortune", Is the trip Just com. I flying object In 18 year "and
of the horrors of "her.mltUnC" who stays busy Is never lonely my readers may recall that I avery m by kings" who were scoundrels Dieted by Doug Brackett of w has yet to discover any tvt.
u the ceaseless and even if alone for a long, long much Interested the pion.
''and fought by soldiers-.who" Naples. dence that UFO's represent a
almost Invariable Inquiries:. time. Anyone who stays occup. eer .. and pre-ploneer historyof fools! He made the trip from Honolulu J Ii' threat" to U.S. security.
"Don't you get awful!, lone. led either gainfully, or other this region. Here, on what has The story of our particular re. Hawaii, to San Diego,Calif., It also said today that probes
some away out here? NI/< me around > wise (as Is usual In my case), been most aptly called the "Last glon Is one dealing with the with Dave Goffeney of San Diego, : of such sightings back to 1947
no shows, no TV.. and Is happy I and how on earth Frontier", we have a long and struggles of Man against Nature. captain and owner of the sloop, h have failed to turn up any .vl.
things Ilk. that I" ran a happy person be lonesome deeply Interesting background. It These struggles, a portion of retired machinists mate anl sal. dence that UFOs are "alien In.
It Is one of the facts of life miserable, bored or blue? is not a region rich In the history which are still being waged,have lor of the South Seas for the past terplanelary space vehicles un.
which to should, It seems, be known (Busyness and the blues are, of the sort which deals wit!ibeen go Ing on and on for many cen six years. der some form of Intelligent con.
all and sundry. That Is he quite definitely, two of the In. great (?) and famous (7)) men 01'turles when we recall both the Twice they were becalmed for trol."

Spanish and American whites as six and eight hours and on those This report was furnished to
well as the Calusa Indians.,which occasions they motor.salled. The Associated Press as the Air
were supplanted upon their vol. Much of the time they experienced 4 Force looked Into a new epl
untary evacuation, by the Semln. head winds which necessitated demlc of strange sightings In
oles. This conflict Is always of tacklnc and lengthened the trip the skies over New Mexico.
great Interest. The Image of man by several hundred miles, Brae One of the Air Force's leading
I against the sea and man against kett reports. A civilian consultants on UFO's
\ brute nature.. which If often "redof Five days before their arrival has gone to Socorro, N.M., to
kk'tS. tooth and claw," carries all in San Diego they were awakenedat Investigate the latest reports.He .
\ the essentials of high drama, 4 a-m. by great vibration In Is Dr. J. Allen Hynek, direct
b\\\\\\\\\\ highlighted quite frequently by the boat. Investigation revealed tor of the Dearborn Observatoryat
the overtones of the most starkof that a cable to the mast had -- -,-- Northwestern University.The .
tragedies, death and destruc. snapped releasing the Jib which latest report on "Project
becalmed at
tlon for the Happy Warrior lacing was ripped to pieces by the wind. was bluebook," the congressionally
odds too many and too great. Fortunately they had a smaller sea about 1,000 miles from Honolulu for about ordered Air Force study of unidentified .
cod Having first arrived In this Jib and staysail, Brackett said, six hours. An advantage the sailors had which old flying objects, extends
s'"k yl+ T ao J )y1 ari region In 1919, and having madeIt which they used to complete the time sailors lacked was a gasoline motor which through 1965.
my home for several years trip. The tricky Job of hoisting kept the craft going. It shows that over that 16.year I
.. the skipper up to the top of the
during the 'twenties way span, 7.7 per cent of the 8,128
back >In those days when there mast to re-rig the sails was a"precarlou. reported cases remain unidentified. .
wan no such place as "Collier ." experience, he re- .
County" .. I have been able to ports. The Air Force Is not conceding
harvest a considerable amountof Asked his lasting impression of T" that there Is anything sinister
historical data pertaining to the trip, he mentioned the albatross about these unexplained
w the coastal area from Marco to that followed the ship for rti sightings. It Just says, In effect,
Cape Sable, far south of Collier craps, the schools of porpoisesthat they can't be correlated with
1tS County. aunt to frolic and play around known .
usF oew any objects or phenomena
vote SCHECK the boat as It moved 'r.J
through the vastness of the blue
PUTTING IT DOWN 1Jrf' It was stressed that a "grert
COUnty One of the projects which Is Pacific; the"gorgeous"sunrisesand .J majority of the unidentified
J Collier p currently keeping me occupied sunsets; the seeming near. .","" cases occurred during the first
.SSH\f. ness of the stars at night and !f ; "
quite ungalnfully, of course ; five years of the project be.
( \. Is making a permanent recordof the thrill of making the landfall" It,. fore analysis techniques were
at the end of the
S these notes, many of which are voyage sharpened.Last .
"filed away" only in my memory.At Brackett Is a 1960 graduate of r. year there were 382 UFO
I ,
the moment I am trying to Naples High School and has spent l reports and only 15 we still list.
file much of this highly varied material the past six months in Honolulu. ed as unidentified.
on one of those large scale These Included "two objects i
aerlil-survey charts Issued by described as an ear of corn anda j
the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Sur. Viet Poverty banana (which) performed a ;
vey. On this map I am entering series of maneuvers near Van.
i the points of any considerable dalla, Ohio" last Sept. IS.
erect, with key-numbers which Wars MessedUp Others Involved "an unusual
refer to the detailed factual material observation of four pink
which I have been able to wheels" moving west over New
Barry Says
accumulate NOT A CANDIDATE for Swamp Buggy King, Jersey, an object that exploded I
I understand our local Hlstor. Doug Brackett with the hirsute is Into a ball of fire near St. Gal.
lea Society has begun the pre. LOS ANGELES (AP) Sen. en, Switzerland, a recurring
paratlon of a complete historicalmap Barry Goldwater, 1n a hurried shown coming up out of the after cabin on the series of flashes near Warren.
THESE of the entire county and I campaign stopover before flying "Fortune" before the sloop docked at San Diego, vllle, HI., and the like.
shall, of course, otter my data to Washington, D.C., says he 35 days after leaving Honolulu. Air Force sleuths decided that
LOW to them so they may Include any feels the United States Is trulyat one woman who turned In a
NEW part of it which they see fit. Its war-both In South Viet Nam UFO report actually had seen
i naturally, a rather slow pro. and against poverty. And, he "Santa Claus of the government pots, and stopping some ship, spots before her eyes.
cess since I do not have a great adds, he doesn't like the John handout." ping," Goldwater added. "This
amount of written and classified son administration's handling of Goldwater seeking the Republican means threatening or actually
t< i RATES notes to draw from but, given a either battle. presidential nomina. Interdicting the supply routes
bit of time, I can at least hope The Arizona Republican said tion, wound up Ms one day from Red China, Laos, and NY Fair Chief
f the material will be found of Wednesday the United States Southern California campaign Cambodia."
1 ctiv; April |, J964'IOCAI some value to the Society as faces "slow defeat" In South. in Los Angeles County with a Goldwater said North VietNam Has Operation

: eeeet RATES I. c e'i well as to the general public.So east Asia unless a more ag. Republican rally in San Fernan.do rice crops could be destroyed .' NEW YORK (AP) Robert
far I have ben able to gresslve strategy Is employed, Valley Wednesday night. as well as the opium Moses of the World's
''i I 1.,2 : secure one of the several large leading to the cutting off of Goldwater said his tougher crop "upon which North VietNam Fair, has undergone surgery for
,1nu'.n. sheets covering the stretch of Communist supplies and the strategy In Viet Nam would not bases a good part .of its
: par . 1ST country between Marco and the destruction of rice and opium Involve bombing Vietnamese, or foreign exchange." a condition.nonmalignant His condition prostate Is gland reported .
) ; 3 or 4 CeneotutlreS Cape. After all, the Great White crops In North Viet Nam. Vietnamese cities. He did not say whether he excellent.
51"1' p., tine" lilt Father in Washington In his no. As for the President's war on tIn could mean messing up recommended the use of U.S.
:".. bat efforts to keep down Inflation poverty, Goldwater called it a some roads, hitting some de. forces In this action. It Pays To Advertise
/I'." ', pot Ilno Id/ has lately Increased the
20 Coneautlro price by hundred per cent- up
Ineertlans' pot /Ilno 1tw to a buck-and-a-half Incidental.
. lyre and If I'm able to Invest even
. . : the price of one sheet every

w month or so I'll be doing very
well, thank you ma'aml I sup OWING I IAnother
pose I shouldn't ,grumble however .
since the Coast and Geo.
detlc Survey hasn't done as bad
as the Postal Department which

upped the price of a penny pos. Milestone for nd Inter
Naples !
; tal by four hundred per cent a Countyl10,000th1
during the same period!
The first sheet I was able to
get covering the area from Good-
land to Tiger Key and Fakahat.
chee Bay has been used to show r
the location of several historical
sites and I will secure a second
sheet by the time I have the
first one completed.I .
am making a special effortto
show the locations of the many
\\t Calusa Indian vlllage-sltes and
their various types of mounds
which are very numermia.
throughout the Ten Thousand: Islands MAKES 80,000th
Country far I have re.
cord ed 17 and.slnce the actual exist .
lax ance of some of even this small
i number has never been recordedso
far as I can learn It Is pos. FOR INTER-COUNTY SYSTEMA
k+ slble that some of these will be of
help to the archeologists of the

future.Yes. many are the things I sparkling white key telephone with appropriate inscription has been

v long to do and short Is the time installed In the office of the Mayor of Naples to mark the 10,000th telephonein

t 44c tcr asking the doing and still they keep the Naples Midway Exchange. It also marks the 80,000th telephone for

I "Gee, golly-goshl Don't you Intcr-County's service Iust\, K/e months after the 75.000tlInstallation. ,

get awfully lonesome away out and only nineteen months after 1he 65,000th telephone was Installed In

%1 here?" the Collier County Court House.

5 Se11 Jey1e Girl Scout


Oda 1 ,1+at tat t ae rti FridayMrs. ERVICE b

G at o t yea Robert Wldgery, executive OUR ONLY PRODUCT INTIR '
of Suncoist
t ,1 Qac 1, a uer ** Scout Council, will be guest Ill/0000=
speaker at the Annual Girl Scout rut ors
Recognition Dinner to hi held Service of the telecommunications system presently provided

this Friday, May 1, at 1 p.m. by the Inter-County Telephone System has grown
In the First Methodist Church
Punta Gorda. "Girl Scouting, a from one that was simple and unsophisticated into a

Promise In Action" will t be th- highly complex and polished one. Most things that psr- /

topic of her speech. mit good service and the day-to-day Improvements are
This dinner Is held annuallyfor
the purpose honoring adults not, in themselves, dramatic. They are the results that

2-21 and Graduating Senior Girl come from attention to many little things little things

0- Scouts.Mrs. Wldgery has been ac. that help to keep telephones in good working order, that Dl yj for

'' o tlve In Scouting for 17 )Iura and help to constantly make conversation clearer and speed pnnY @

Ask For tlve has Director held the of position SuncoastCouncil o! Execu. calls on their way without delay by people who have D tJelt ti.J. Q/n 7'h3 tCZ f e
C for over 10 years. In !063 she a sincere and genuine desire to give good service and. ,

IASSIFIED I was chosen Adult International continually try to make it betterINTERCOUNTY
Visitor to New Zealand, has
been a camp director, and a Girl
DEPARTMENT Scout troop leader. In additionto

Girl Scouting, Mrs1dery TELEPHONE SYSTEM
Is active In the American Red
Cross, Cerebral Palsy Assocla.tlon .
and the American Camping

,I. r 'r llw 'v.cwr _an-v .

4 ,

"'"':"'. Th.rfKJay. April SO. 1W COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 11


/011 RESOLUTION f>*titin, -of 4.FROM r'V ':I ':' DI"O:: ;
WHEREAS upon th* ;t':5L '

oa1SCLASSIFIED qd1tq/t q/lqlhltIl.J Roger. d..L. ,
m.n0ed Plat of Collier City, a* ; v\ GIANT FOREST By CYNTHIA LOWRY CoUlnfwood described as "Uie

recorded ,n Plat Book I. Pi|. II. AP Televlslon.Radlo Writer aloof Imperious, monarcM.al!

Pubic Record the following' o! Collier public:: CountyFlorida or pot. *FIRES GROWl! NEW YORK (AP) The hi. figure forever In a storm of con.

vale ttreett plecot boulevard end tory of Charles de Gaulle since troverey but whose passionate

road That ,1I.y.part of or eiMment Shore Drive: lying the fall of Trance at the outset love of country has never been

bt,,,*en Lot 11 Block 2 md Lot of World War n, said CBS cor. questioned."
I. Block II It Pr the Amended PUBLIC NOTICE respondent Charles Colllnewood Ed Sullivan Isn't the only 1m.
MART Plot ol Coli.., City" as ."' ."
m Plat Book I ....* II ol the IN CIRCUIT COURT Wednesday night Is "all mixedup porter of offbeat English quar.tets. .

Pubic" Record of Collier County TWELFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT In the history of modern Red Skelton will have "The

Flor d. Mid P. COLLIER COUNTY France" Snobs" on his Tuesday night
tit WHEREAS.,0" th* Board ubtequnt of County Commit STATE CHANCERYNo OF FLORIDAIN Thus "CBS Reports' .. firs of CBS show four 17.year.olds

tionen publ,thed in the Collier 201 two hourJonj programs dedicaU who stomp and harmonize at.

County Niw 5 newtoaper of gen LOIS CLARKE REINBOLD of the life tired In 17th century clothes In.
soul circulation in Collier County Plaintiff, ed to an examination
"' jLdO7i J'c91 \o'oS Florida a Notie of Public Hearing \IIWILLIAM and character of the presidentof eluding powdered wigs.
autoS \ said .tI.o", a certified copy olta
keJ' on,d Not'ce bun. attached hereto it A. REINBOLD Defendant France spent almost as much Recommended tonight: "That

Enhbt, .A". and NOTICE OF SUIT time on the nation's recent Ms Was The Week That Was,"

WHEREAS. at the date md Public hour THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO: tory as It did on the man. There NBC, 9:30.10 (Eastern Standard
teid Notc. 0
tpecited in WILLIAM A. REINBOLD not time left In Time) topical revue with
Hear.ng wet held' and no object ont General Delivery Just was much
were pretented and heard. now M.ami. Florida which to die very duet caustic treatment of the week's

'"VE 17.RESOLVED by the Board You are hereby notified that a Too much ground had to be headlines.
suit hit been filed against, you In
1 Offered
48-Apti. For Rent 57-Houiei For Sale ol Count Committioner* et Collier the above entitled Ceuso end your covered a world war In which

County Florida I at follow: hereby required to some upon De Gaulle now 73, led the Free

PLAZA BEAUTY SALON ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 2 bad room turn,>hd eticiencyept MOORINGS DELIGHT I That.lbs tcontinuet, Boer hereby Clo.vecatetabandont .. andrnnov'rcss plaintiff'attorney p whose name andaddrttt .French forces his return to Florida Citrus

1821 1:. T.m/.ml) Trill j, M.n. Womso witS, doinkins, No pet or children Ml I II Three bedroom 2 bath can disclaims, any right appear hereon. your writ.
Mldweyj M72 Rroblim*. writ P. 0 I. 14 3317 or Ml I 2 598) 4/111 tral, heat end air conditioning md PubloO 0' tan detentet. if any to the bill of head the government, political
.nd anyvlsr.st Got
01 lOs County
Open m051ingsvury Furn.thed apt lor rant. ItS C.rp.tn., throughout ancupt i ibadroomt 2 th.n, 10 the following, did complaint in said suit" copy of whit bickering and early retirement
Friday n'ght I a m.. First per Complete kitchen In. it delivered to you herewith, ** erbetor
!:!?.ts-Molor. Acttt. Biptitt Church Ann. If week Rd. Inquire et 1405 Creech clud,ng disposal ond dithwtthr cat'ions: of Shore Drivs lying Mop HAD. 19(4 only to return to government In Insurance
4/l ifurn That pari
Nc. creened porch Paveddriveway Herein ful,' not or decre pre confsnso another treat emergency.
STAMPS that m.kl between Lot 11 Block
YACHT BROKERAGE good impnttion' Any tutOn thed I bedroom apart todded lawn lend 1. Block .11at will be entered egmt, you The hour had too much back WASHINGTON (AP- Indem.
men!. Huge living room k,tchen leaped Phone Ml 24104 after ,., for the rlif prayed' m the bill of
Cay tervict, Collitr, County Amended Plat ol CoIl
Complete N.ple* Llitlngt Nw. end bath Ml 2 mi 2/15.11 5PM 4/2011 per the Book I. Page complint grounding and rehashing of attics totaling $4,657,529 were
Fin Inboard' .Boat* From; JO'Bob tl Cty, recorded In Plot The nalur of laid, Suit, btlng lorDivorce well-known
Modern I bodroornunTi64sd ol Collier events for even the to Florida citrus
Martin MI 2 311 2 bedroom home 17100 with 51 ol the Public Record paid growersby
Iunk.lm'h, Chrl C.ftSPEC1AI Sale' APARTMENT with, com term COIN Ave Naple Park Counly Florida and that laid land WITNESS my hand end the Keel casual student of foreign affairs, the Federal Crop Insurance
plate kitchen Near beech end Ml State County'
SEA WALLS thoppng 395 "tit Av*. So Ml I 2S440 4'lt.4t I or does .not 1erel con hi.ghwiTALLAHASSEE inuiv!a ol said Court at Naplet this 7th and too skimpy a fill-in for those Corporation because of losses

19 ft. fiberglasi CONCRETE WOOD ROCK .2 mi 4/21 IfFUIKISHED I ...,,"' I both homo ISO' from COLLIER; COUNTY BOARD day 01 April MARGARET AD IM T. SCOTT who had forgotten If they ever resulting from a freeze In De.

"Crosby"runabout Foundation Piles -- beech Centrol heeling end sir OF COMMISSIONERS Clerk Circuit CourtCLEItK" knew, of De Gaulle's long and cember 1962.
I condo Merlowe
twin 40 end Beck Reel BY DEWEY POLLY
H.P. EFFICIENCYTWIN tor*. 413 lIlt AVI. So Ml 2 1221 Chairman, ( SEAL MAGILL stormy career as savior of The General Accounting Office
Johnson motors with only Docks-Mooring Whips I/I.th.tf ATTEST'M..t By INEZ
France. said In
BEDS MEDIUM SIZED Deputy Clerk today, a report. to Con.

15 hrs. since new. 2 18 SAGEN Automatic ABBOTTRadio LIVING ROOM. PATIO ON T Scott MURPHY C. COMBS Still, It was a brave attempt gress covering Its audit of the
j gal. gas tanks, all control. OVERLOOKS THE WATER NAPLES TV CABLE BAY 58-Lots For Sale 30 1964 SIll Attorney N.pi.*. Fla for plaintiff, to reduce to a few minutes sub. corporation that the Indemnities

etc. 4 wheel "Rocket" trailer Radio Road PRIVATE DOCK FOR BOAT Wooded lot near Shadowlawn April I II. 23 30 IIM totS Jerts about which shelves of paid on citrus were a

ING 4 FISHINQ Ml 24117 School city water available, FLORIDA booki have been and are being major factor contributing to thecorporatlon'a
complete package IM4I 14353 24475VICS 4/21.5t NOTICE Call No ceo
Easy' ttrmt, Cell Ml 26192 or NOTICE It hereby given that theTrutteet Charter No 14770 written. And It may help Amerl. net loss of$6.2 mil.
$1,895. See at 1650 Murex FoBS TIDE AI'TS.Mod.r. "5 you bok.r of the 'Interne! Improvement REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE cans to understand better what lion from In.uranceTIeratlonl
SHOE REPAIR Com PORT ROYAL Lut22. Fund of the State of Florida in FIRST NATIONAL BANK .
Drive G.l
or \ Bill Tucker Shoe Service .. furmthed tfliciencietend '
plate Dyeing undlafiflilhifti In fiscal 1903.
: leon Drvt For Sale or Trade meat ng in lbs Board Room ol the OF NAPLESIN year
Midway 2.4295 Excellent Naple I2S Soft Ave., So. Kelly I Rd.bedroom .pll.0 4/21. mo.IfSABAL Wrote Q J Herbert. 2120 Pott1nditlr Governor's Office. Capitol, Building, THE STATE OF FLORIDA AT
B\ul Rood O..n Cons cheduled lor 10 00 A M. (E IT ) THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON PUBLIC NOTICI CALL TilE NEWS FOR
\ kHOMttt A*>T1 .ai l Lois' on Radio Road on May 12th. "... will connder APRIL 15 164 PUBLISHED IN
36-Wanted To Buy IEIIc"c", eve,itable Kelly' Rd >. Mi E ol Airport toned CI application, made by Jib, Corporalion RESPONSE TO CALL MADE BY rom SALE RUBBER STAMPS
end Arec Ave Ml 24455 P. O Bon 1537 Naplet Florida COMPTROLLER OF 'ME CURRENCY '_ .
7-Dogi Cst PehMnl.tu Thi Collier County Board el Public
00 t }BO 12.500 with termtr ; : -
1,21.11 SECTION
for 'purchase el the following detcr UNDER 1211 Instruction will receive bit en May
WOULD LIKE TO BUY A > bed lend to.wit, U S REVISED: STATUTES. II UM until 1: JO P M for the tale Wont the bent
,* French Poodlei. 7 GOOD 7H HP. OUTBOARD a i Aero LoIs 50 > 150' File 1477.II 253 12 ASSETS YOU
*..k.. AKC. Silver, mile' .. MOTOR: AT A REASONABLE Furnished I bdrm. opt Adultl I47S .lit 00 dn btl/ SID p.r mo. All of that parcal of tovare,gnty I Caih balance! with el lbs following, deecrlbed sqoipmanl.sawol for your mobil
used school buse0:
Black female. ED 12312. Ft PRICE SEE GLENN TURNERAT snip MI 2 2655 or 2.ln9 DICk Hill
Broker land I in Townthip II other benkt end ceih .
3HItEfficl.nlus I School But #U loll OUC eha* hoin watrrfront
M '.,*. COLLIER COUNTY tznE: .
) VM stFrtneh NEWS 01!,ce el the Hilhoute C*. South Rang t. Collier County llama M process ol tit with eiuf fire Body Motor

Pood I 'ftmal. AKCI Ml 24303 Florid. 'lying between Meander collection 1171211 IA 170771121 Fair I londillonI : BEAUTIFULLAKE
11.t..d. month. old cool l lbleck 38-Autos For Sal. Month, IRIS. Day MOTEL. week. or 3I3tfstto59Acreage Llntt at turvtyad' blJ.. A. Hender t. United llatat. Gov..r..m.nt I School Bui #!14. 1ISI\ OMC c loos.oil .
( MI
Houiebroken MI t Uil 22302 or MI 11155 ) ton, February 21th to March 17. obll..llonl.direet with, Blue Bird Body MotorA KELLY
1171 md it epproved by LoRoy D and banal lend Junk
4/J0.31 # r0779l7i condition
IN EVERY WAY Owner' large furnnhed ellictency '.11. luv.yo 0 isa's I. .NonsyborI Net of any r*. I School Bun Itll .tOSS. Inlorn
EVERY DAY Air condo StonecraftApt I 17 1171 md on file In the Survey. tervet) J.171.741.71. with Body
17-rUlp Wsnred *. Ml 24155 or MI 1-1111 ll>t ecret on Immokal, Rd. ort General Office, Telia I....... I Obligitlont' of Statet fonil Motor chtMii iso'2IIII32I Wayne Pair' condl.:
You're teler If you sited torrunt. 1.'u..IO".d; 17500 Cash Your chence for 'Iorod. sucsptini that portion' 1)1 and political tubdivltiont '
.pl. tlon
your next Uaed Car from our good Inveitmtnt CARIBBEAN In the Last Half (Elk) of the North Net of .
( my r*
HELP WANT ED I "drm. TWin Lsh.s. Th... b Inspected *l
195 Or.n.ada butet *
Cook stock of top quality Splc ..ndIp.n" Blvd REALTY 3750 N. Treil Mid. soil Q uartu. INEI4): 01 said Section '.'v..) 454.130 45 mey ShidowliwnAvenue
open pit oup E.p'd 4/26.11 the School Sos Oarage,
3 0150.
guaranteed Uaed Cart.Corns way 4/21 thi tfH .
9 more particularly deicnbed by 4. Other bondt notet
hort order cook Bid
Wailr.it Florid
and E: Noplo.
dihwehr, In In and tee for yourtelf -I I bdrm furmthed *pt*. hour .ve acriaaa lull tOO ft. No or ginel field, soles of aforemen and debenture* (In. ill
Aply I b mide or
pirion (2 Buick, Invicta, Wagon etch end thoppmi Weekly of Goldtn Gate Ettatet and ". turvty a* follow: Begin, eluding $500.000 00 ... may on mop
Bif Wha.l Rait 105th Avt 4Trull I'h. Bid mull bo
boson luted Obeys
4/2051 Bucket ...,.. loaded 2795 00 monthly or yr arnund Mid 1322 ft E of Slate Rd lit et the Southwett Corner of cantles of Federal the K.? Term
U Chev Bel Airs VS AT way 2 3041. 3/ll.tl Will, trada for houta Write ,d Suction I md run North ilong ...ncl.. md corpora midi In writing ipoclfylni
.net but number ol III* unit See LAKE
owner POlo. 432. Brandon Fie : Watt boundary line of said' Section lion not guarantead
AND FEMALETool ( Buick, Le Sebre 4 dr. t30It65Gets i 9. a dittence ol 40 chemt to Meendor by US ) Net of myrmrvet you ore bidding on and the imountol
49-Houies For RentI bid Add*.. ill bid to
mektr rapair and m.n. HT AT PS. R4H 179500 Corner lilt) to Point of Beginning ) SOO.000 00 your
bound ol tmall die, end com II Ambettedor Wagon i thence North 10* East a d''.. I. L oansan 4 discounts, Collur County Board el :bli"ou'::: Itrukrr ('oopG.n.LUFF
molds.El.ctrosics fact PS PBRM I bdrm. furn drtem houte ttruction School Bus Bid
air lance
prexion Real Eltlt.N'eI of 10 chelnt: thence North Net ol my ,. mutt b
Florid and *
159500 Each room has gleu tllding, 73' Eett a dittmca ol II I chemethence ..rv..1 I.413 122 14 Itouu Naplet. .
T.chnc.nt lor II Oldt 4 dr AT, PS doors leading, to larf. tcreened i North 41Eett. a disfoncs I Fluid met 111..4.I rtctiv.d, on or bolor 5:30: p mMy
producton, Cod nap1ple wok.M.lnt.n.nce PB RAH 1695 00 porch. Lovely bath with tunkan corner lot approximately, II KM Krf. lOcal Futile: llrukrrSl
I block from Rock Creek : of 17 cheint; thence South 31' Eatta ID Other ....,* 30 411 13
(1 Rambler American til, tub. N sums w See Gate Weter available This City dittance of I chain, ; thence South /./WO REYNOLDS .*...r| |lC. K: lIce ('u.

man Must know wagon AT Fact air" IllS 00 School Ml 23ISI 4/22tf lolne for the low, low lot of I i. I.7' Wett a dittence of I cheme' : 11. TOTAL ASSETS i' .020.'i 4'3 Superintendent School 421 01.h St. NIL
price Collier County .
'eetronlo' II Val"ant V 200
r.p.'n. !EdTm
wagonPS : "houte furn.thed. Tita thence South 20 tail a distance LIABILITIES al2l
PB AT 1295 00 I. bdrm houte furmthed, Cell of 14 chains, ; thence South 4f 12 Oemend doposils! of Apr 23.30Mop 1. 114 t'rmnr MI 2.1271

Tool room foremen 60 Rambler Super Ml 2 3091 after I: IS pm. Royal Harbor Sea Walled lot East. a dutanc, of II chain; thence .n.'u.I.-- n"'n.' .. --
.'d.. .,r SOS 00 3/51 tf 10' X U5' $1.000. North If 30 Eett a ditlence, of .hip*: and; corpora.
Girls for alcctronic, iiiemblmEnclot 60 Buick L* Sabre I dr Large 2 bdrm furnished 10 chums; thence North 54' Etta lion I.ISO.112 24II '

reiume end state so.p.ct.d HDTP. PS PB AT 149100 with city, water Near Shadow home See Naplet South and Model dutanc of 10 chain, ; thence Tim and living d*. Expert
60 Lincoln 4 dr HDTP Home North If Eett a distance of II potitt of Individual
lawn School MI 25727. on Diply
to box 1737 A I 4/2151
telery Comp equip w lact airI "Wdmombsr la rent, lIyor chain, ; thane North dislano. of partnerihlpt. and corKritlont .
4/2|.If owner above .vg. I79S 00 RENTALS all'I contact ) 12 chains; thence North 15* Eattdutanr. 2.004.431II
50 rlt Pioneer Wagon a of 7 chains, to MtenderCorner 14. of United CARPET CLEANING
Want. FemaU PS R 4 H 109100 1 bdrm. 2 bath home. unfurnlihed Lucille Otto Leah Brown ((201 on the Ettl Boundary Status Government $IN.224 02
13-Help 19 Crown Imperial 4 dr I blk from SON Ave. Virgil Marcum, Bob Jttger LI,. of said, Section I; thence North II. Decent, of Itetee
HO TP. *.cl. cond 1121 per mo. long th* Eett Boundary Lin of and political tubdivlon SERVICE
Women to do dht houtework I owner 129100 DEWEY POLLY Said Section I. a Cittanc of 14 .' Ml.731 M
end cook I meal 3 hour daily, 19 Pont, Cony 2 bdrm furnished '
ee home near chain' to Meender Corner (211: 17 Certified, and olliC.'.
'or t hour 1 doysowo.k. AT PS, :'nI"n.'J 5055 00 Sea Gate school Availabls, May REALTYCorner thence South 71* Wett 5 dittmc check. etc 12.233 41 .
0.. Ph... M> t 4104 alter i p.m. II 51 Ford drRMH '. 1100 per mot or IT) c-hiint, tltonc1 South II- Watt, 11 TOTAL DEPOSITS 145" -"

Wanted Full time tecretery tllck 49500SI of lot Av*. N 0. 4 0 defence of 10 chars, thane South CALL
with Mpenence In typing Mini, Plymouth Savoy 2 dr bdrm furnished apt N. Na Tamiaml Trill 415' Weel a dietenc, of 12 chamt; (a) Total demand d*.
bookkeeping, end dictation, t wagon VI stick, MS 00 plot 190 p.r mo MI 24351 thence South 41 Wool a d,ttence of posill, USUOI
day week with $300 p.r month SI Plymouth 4 4,. 10 chain; thence Wool a 01stancaof -
darting salary for qoaliliadperton RAH stick 49500 Many other rental 1172 Jtw.l Bon Avenue Wits. I chums, ; thence North 31* Ctt (bl) Total time mdtvinCt EAGLE CARPET Co.
Submit complete rowme 51 Cadillac, 4 dr AT CARIBBEAN REALTY. front ***wll, central I heat end a distance, of II chamt; them dpoil, 241243121
to P 0. Box 72i Naplet PS. PB P teat. 3750 N. Treil. Ml 2.I15S. .ir.. 2 IIdr"' ... 2 baths. porch North I* Wett a dittanca, of I
Fie. 4/21.51 fact air 74S 00 ....... 111.150. Moving. mutt chains; thane North 12* West. a 3$. 'ed.r.1 funds par.chasod .
..11. detanc, of 10 chain: thence North 10.000 00
Efficient, woman wanted for re WOOD CHRYSLER 54-Trade Sell 51" Went. a dlttanc of 10 chain: 2.3457
ponnbl tecrettrlal I poition or 1651 Mandarin Rd.. 2 bdrmt. thence South ..' Wett. a dittance 23 TOTAL ".. Liberty
Mutt b* killed at typing, end PLYMOUTH, INC. 2 both. central I deal and tlr. of II chains; thence South 45' West LIABILITIES I 424'949 H
filing, end heve thorthand or TRADE FOR LOT Large I porch. Mourns mort.lags. .e dietenco of 14 cheln; thence CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Coral Fla.
equivalent, Good salary Tor I. 2640 N T..II MI 2.6551 bedroom 2 bath home proud No cerport clonic.: costs. $5,500 00 South 12' Wett a dlltmc. of II10 21 Common lock Cape ,
or Ilk day week Including Saturdayt 196Z ThunderbordH.rdlop. R i at 511.500. Mortgage payment dn. 010.400. Movlnl. must ..11. chain to Meander Corner (22) onhe value per there Sir 00
Pert time, to begin. lull H. Po..r wndow. ."'.. I'.c. 157 per mo Want city' lot Want Line of said No there eulhonied FOR FREE ESTIMATE
time, ,lion, later Apply CARIBBEAN REALTY, 3750 N rho."n.rlou ,
pot tory air condtoonnl. Low mils.ags 14} Ith It No I bdrm I Section I; along said) 39000
Or..r Naplos Ch.mb.r 01Comm.rc. MI 2 4104 uSsr I P.M. Trail' Ml 2 0155. beth firaplace. urpo,'. good Weal Boundary of Section I e di,*. No thtret unlttued
4/21 II 4/OS II 4/21 thitf55Stores ,invettment |I2.IM. lanai of 10 I chem to Point of ... Non.
inning, ; EXCEPT the portion with No. there oulttlndIng .
Wanted ladiet well acquainted
Silo 450 tOlls Ass So Aquelane. I
the Eett Moll (EH> of North.
In the community, for lull n i 31000 35000000
471 10th AVE. SOUTH Offic.OlfCI
bdrm I betht centre! heat a
or part time work. Mutt have 4/29,31 Ill mail Quarter (NEil) of said See 27 Surplus I 11500000 AUtflMAT
waterfront. 500
ute ol cer Write Coo 1737 A I. -.u. lion I. Contiming, 10122 acre*. 71 Undivided: profit, M:151 4* TOR.O
AIR COND 1961 DODGE. VI No 9. 2nd story' Belch 171 llth St No. I bdrm. more or ,let* -
OuflII.CoOla 00' fur law oil,.. AUTOMATIC. POWER STEERING Building, III 50 p.r Mo 1170 3rd 2 baths. (erg* porch ,gar heat and will contlder objection thereto JO TOTAL CAPITAL
fir."not requIred. MI 2 4200. MAY TAKE TRADE. SEE St So Welkin A Birkau 60J end air "'.500. 1100 00 dn Oblsclionn to the popoled sale o. ACCOUNTS 19115140II
: AT S3I 10th AVE. SO AFTER 5th Av*, So Ml I 2 51411. sIlo 00 mo with' tan and In*. lId land should b. submitted to -

I PM'T6t 4/19 tlO'fce -- FHA NO Closing, cottt. he Chief Engineer Trueteee of lbs TOTAL SPRINKLER SYSTEM

1 4 wneeF drive Jeep Black ''nt.n.1 Improvement Fund Elliot LIABILITIES AND
14-rUlp Wsntdjd M.U ussats. aluminum covered Space. II a It" For 1270 hIlt St No. I bdrmt. Building Tallahaiiee. Florida prior CAPITAL'

bumper thpole, holder. tur Rant at 145 par It'o:; CoastColony 2 baths. |l.SOO 00 dn MOVE to the date flrtt bov* mentioned ACCOUNTS 10.020.104 31
Dredge crewmen levermen rap top with white, canvas. The Bidg 365 Ave *o RIGHT IN No qualifying II The I rsstuelraourv* the right to NOTE SET IT. FORGET IT
welch eng,naara. mate*. deck famous Tomcat II. II.WO. Call 1107.00 month with tax ind In*: decline t* meke tale cf jny nr ill 3?. Tim certificotot of
hands end thoremen Apply at MI 22165 or Ml 22177 of said, land The .el.. .. and when deposit, outttendine 209 OM 17I
J. B. Freter 4 Son. Inc. Marco 4/25 ilI9S1 57-House. For Sale Lot 25 Block I. Royal Harbor maCs shall b* tubiect, to lbs Tru. I I. George f. Powell J,.. VicePrendent Tike a p.rm..ntvltotlon
liland_4/29.jtGenerel overlooking bay taewlll Cost t..* r**.rvin. unto thomtlv 71% of the ibov ".mod bank
I Main tunuocs Man El Mercury Hardloo Stick 11500 tecntic '6950. of th. Bhotoheto mlntralt md met do h.rohy dsclars 1501 this rsportof from
Shill with overdrive 1175 MI all md 10% of the petroleum then condition, i. true and corr.ct 10Ih.
perienced In painting ApplyIn 2 6277 4/30.51 13 out of IS of our retirement Lot 14 17th Av. So Aqu. watering your
parson Memtenance, DiptNaplet on or th croon dir. Purchaser le r*. l 5051 01 my bnowlsdgs and ba
hornet sold on Mich'gan Av* lane. waterfront. coat |7.500, .
Community Hotpital, quired to pay for or furnith documantary 1.1,
Only 2 remaining et 111.470 In. Sacrifice 16250 lawn.
4/19.t lot. cren .I tax atamp for In. Inatrw GEORGE E POWELL J'WI.
eluding landtceped
40-Autoi Rep.irl. Parts ed porch air" condo tee thetehome Lot 33 Banyan Blvd Hub, lot wont of conveyance 055 und..n.d, d''cto at
bolo,. buying any retirement overlooking Gulf Sacrifice, it IY ORDER of the Trutttet of th* I..t tOw corrletn.1I 01 this, roportof
15-5.1,1 Help Wanted ntornal Fund of gondition, deel.,. II
home CARIBBEAN $5950. lmprovmnt the and Ih.1 TORO AUTOMATI CALL:
LOOK HEREI I REALTY 3750 N. Trul MI Slat of Florida has b uen.a.m.d by on aid 10

MALE OR FEMALE 2 1155. 4'lthttf VINCE CONBOY FARRIS BRYANT the bast 01 our bnowl.dgs .nd belief Lowers your water bill. _ _ _
GovernorAttett is true and corrsct
MUST BE LICENSED Wondering where to go .11 SIN Aol Parkway : HUGH .REMEItMAN Increases your property completely underground i
With your car problem? NICE RETIREMENT HOME Ph. MI 55745oo W R. KIDD ROY E INOR..ME valueSaves
REAL ESTATEBE Brand new 2 bdrm CBS on .. Chief EngineerTruttee L TURNER _ 5
Factory Finish Punt Job Trail Terrace, $10950 CARtS ;:: I. I. Fund Direclorn S the work of watsrlng i

YOUR OWN BOSS Wreck RebuiltTuniupi SEAN REALTY, 3750 N Tr.I.,I IMl r Apr. I. II, 23 30 etll April 10. 1964 1534 Helps build beautiful j.-"
21155 4/1 the tf '
Front and alignment
Ends unsightly drought
I .dm.. 2 bath CBS milk,
Motor Overhaul 1.1. ocr..n.d porch. DouSIsgorasO CHICK and DOUBLE CHICK spots tailored U your specific needs

'ALL MI :-J35't! :! !l l27 Transmission, rebuilt, paved tlrov.welI* PoliticalCandidates S Gives more leisure time '
'/ II LubricationSrahun, lott completely todded in 10,.

E.p. Sale man or woman No new rente Gardent Whitaker, This end I I. Nicholas a brand DUNBARS fu'Pf'UsIC3In MEt ESTIMATES. We will be glad to check your property

Age limit (10' .000 10 IIS' .000 Polish t Wax home Complete' 122.'00 CA. or lend.UI a sketch of your lar.dtcape for eitlmate.Mwufeelimd .
Y..' pottibl. Serving, public Don look my furthtrS RISBEAN REALTY 3'50 N
Apply Naple Memorial' Oar ** Trail MI 2 OIlS. 4/9 tht tf by MeM 0- Men*.In*.. 0 aueemery*l TOflO Menufectunm Cer*.
dent, Venderbilt Drive 4 Illth -, Brand newt All metal
All advrrtUrmrnU
10 II 00 A M political $
t Inc.
Ave Naplet : Ingram Chevrolet
4/2I.3t Burn Proof Plastic Top Desk SpriRkliio
bdrm 2 both houte Me roomovurtoohisi lot Sunday's NEKS must be
130 PIll St. N. Ml 2 IllS
lawn end STAHLMAN
2\-C.m.tery Lots Naala Fl*. lake Enpantive lerge'lendtcapng Including In the newipaper office by K('8INE8S MACHINE HA LEU. REPAIR System
palm' citru tropical Friday, not later than 4 p.m.

mile, piece lot Neplet Memonal 41-Trucks Tractors tern treat well and shrubs to well Sprinkler carpeting ty in* For weekday publication ad. AND RENTALS FREE. PROMPT P. 0 Box 091 Naples, Florida

Garden. |200. M,. aVenTreuren living' room drepont NewHotpomt vrrtlunr copy muit be placed 75 J Sib "'.,. *--. DELIVERY ftPRVKE M| I.itll
5IJ* S. W. 25th II. Itbl International I Zion heevy wether, Call Ml 2.3422
....mI.. 4/21.31 duty cab end chassis II2M refrigerator by 4 p.m. the day prior to
and deeplreeie Laundry room
---- ------ -
LUFF CMC INC 421 Ith St ctntrel I heat Complete privecy' iniertwn. This is an absolut.

23-Misc. For Sal. Ha Naplet 4/11 ZI.IO without, itolet on. Sea this, fins deadline and It Is cnerslly

j property CARIBBEAN. before REALTY you, mu N. to the advantage of the advertlier -

MAP Machinery a Equip. Trail, MI OIlS 4/12 IhlHtiOOOO to place the Ad at
City County Topo
XEROX Copyine InttentlyCAPLES home for only 111 100' early at possible 10 that full VOTE FOR and REELECTWILLIAM
BLUEPRINTING GROCERY STORE well built I bedroom. 2 bath.evprett .. attention be to each
111 Ith Ave So Ml 22152 EQUIPMENTEverything 4 ..,,. urge cIOl" Larlo can given
3/IUf you need for 0 peneiled living, room aijvertiiement.

....utolul custom wood kitchencebmelt ft grocery' Muttmin or Sundry Dairy tloreII Dis. lay rim,rig room. kitchen and hall It la a state advertiitnr law
14 ensess.0. low priced Cite 10 ft. Morton Meet Cote Stove end new refngeretor wether included that all political advertiilng H."PETE"
immediate delivery Ml I ft Warren Meet Cot _
Mil Screened porch on IrontC.po" be paid in advance uilnf the
2 3/IBtf S ft. Sivig Frfn C**. .
'H 0. AssaIl tram with, 4X1 fit' Hill' W.lkBo.. 14'* *.d. Deep and well lerge end wortthop pump for on triplicate( check forms ss authorised .

train lay out 1H2 Allttet Band Saw National OrinoerToledo tornkling, town 10 X 117 lot under Florida statuUi. .
Cruiter, motor tcooter. Good Tondenier 30"Meat
Owner hut been trantfarred up
condition, 7M 4th Av*. S. Ml Block 2 Toledo Scale Special positioning of
Aaw Root Beer slate end wish, .. family' te come
2 8220 _4/30 ItLoveetblu HIM delivered Mechinecomplete live with him. Can bo een et Ad. will not be sold and all DOUB

*. brand new THE HILMOUSC CO. any time by calline your fav Ad. will be *inn the same
|M. At Women Club Thrift Dick Hill onto realtor or sItar 4PM careful
Shop 4303 Radio Rd Ml 14303. and weekend by |u.t driving
of Diane Ave end
h corner .
13th St N. White houte trimmed

24-Mics. For Rent 44-Mobile Homes in aque_ '1)0 ItBEACHrrtuNI WTW County Commissioner from District No.5

SUPERsIuW. *ur. suIt The!' Tr.iIer witS sakana iso .... Mt.SlUt.NCEON '
100 of whit tend beech ,
for rent Nice ,i -
Plus Luttr for cleaning rolls ..,_. 24UI so 2.271'. 3 bdrm. 2 both gareie CBS EXPERIENCED
,. .
end uphol. ", Rent electriehempooer 1Z7.1f with crened in pool end pati
$I. Naple Furniture Just reduced to 111.'M unfurnitned DEPENDABLE
Co. 4/30 Tni* it a wonderful buyin .
45-Trailers Far Rent a tcerce Hem Map w* how COURTEOUS
pita' this property today CA.RIIIIAN .

Trailer' II ewess. wills, TVIII REALTY J750 N HARD WORKER :
o week Space 15 a week !wul. MI 2 "U 4/2315011 if"-.
flTAN *$ Trailer' Perk 1l
Creek JkiJ'
4nr" room 2garag batS Florida room. I HUMHLY SOLICIT YOUR SUPPORT ;
lfJl Located on eeaweiiedcanel '
I Class for ,
P&.a end well cered

I CALL THE NEWS FOR Price at III $00. Owner ona. 1 Paid "ohtlC.1 A........... .
REALTY 175 N. T'e I. Ml
2 1151 4/20.thotf Aa'IOIf I



.' "..... .. ...-, '., .............
I i

12 COLLIER COUNTY NEWS Thur da1, April 80, 1961
Read the Want Ads



Everything FOR RENT the Fisherman needs.

I 1964 Fibre l s$ Boats 1964 Johnson Motors

Opens Here Today i Fishing Tackle and Bait (Live Shrimp)

Fishing Guide for Full or Half Day Parties.

The Eighth Annual All-fci 1 rlne both days on the practice green
Golf Tournament, spons< I d,I l h j near the clubhouse. Tomorrowthe Waterfront Efficiency Apartments

the Naples Shrine Clu' gets players will be shooting for Isles of Capri Fishing Lodge
under way today at the M\"ach additional honors In a hole.ln.onecontest
Club In A. on hole number seven.
bout ,135 two.man golfers will team b plaj,' shoot, At 4 p.m., Friday, a driving con. 1sYlr 7 Mi. So. of T _miimi Trail Phone Ml l 2-5704

Ing for both low cross and low test will be held at the first tee.
net honors in today's affair. There Is also a tournament for .
Tomorrow the Shrlners will the 40 visiting ladles. This 36.
play the first round of 36. hole event will be held at The HAYDONBURNS
hole tournament. Prizes will be Moorings Golf and Country Club.
awarded for low gross and low The first round will be shot to P
net champions,TheCallowa> sys. day. Scores reported by the lad.
tern of scoring will be used for ice will be posted on the score.
players without established tun board near the 18th tee at the
dicaps. Bench Club. The famous golf

Putting contests will be held,.tournament scorer, Harry El- ,. ForGovernor
more, will handle the scoreboard .
for both the ladies and of The

Traffic Deaths the Shrlners. VISITING SI.RINET.S here for the Eighth Annual Van Earl ( chairman .
A cocktail party Is scheduledfor Bezey ; Hodges ; Daniel Cleaver, State of Florida
Hit New Peak the Shrlners and ladles at All-Shrine Golf Tournament at the Beach Club of Finance Committee ; Glen Baer general

For 9 Months 6:30: this evening At 2 p.m., get a lousing welcome from local Shriners. Innovations chairman of the tourney ; Call Clemmer. presidentof Build with Burns
a fashion show was scheduledwith included a Rolf, cart draped in a Shrine Shrine Club; and Jack Young, chairman of the Proven
CHICAGO (AP-The Nation'straffic Lynn Bailey acting as com banner and hiding the driver to puzzle onlookers. Entertainment Committee The tournament starts Progress"The

months deaths this In the totaled first 9,900 three, mentator. Models were from the ( lie maneuvered by a set of mirrors). Shriners, today. (McGrath photo) most qualified I
year leading shops In Naples. Tomor.
from left assisting with the tournament Ed
a record high for the period and row from 2 to 5 there will be a ______._ __,._____ __M._ __..___ are. _. *1 man for the position"Paid
16 per cent above the corresponding card party with table prizes. ....''jj; ''"''' '\' "..
period In 19C3.!)) Saturday two boat trips are "'"' \ '- """ ,, ... ( Politic! Adv)
The National Safety Council scheduled for the visitors. One r r 3'wM CeaseFireOn

said Wednesday that March, trip Is scheduled from 9 a.m.
with 3,420 highway fatalities, to 12 noon, and second from 1 '4 CARPET RIOT
was the 27th month in the last to 4 p.m.
29 to show an Increase In traffic The event concludes Saturday CyprusIs
deaths. An Increase In deaths evening with a banquet at 7:30 Reg. DuPont 501.N
over last March was reportedIn o.clock. Prizes will be awarded an
39 states. followed by darning BrokenNICOSIA Reg. 8.95

Sq. Yd

U.S. Again Asks BritainTo + 1G a. Mortar shelling, Cyprus by Greek(AP-Cypriots NOW ONLYDon't $588

I ringing: St. Hilarion Castle
today broke the cease-firt pro.
claimed by their government

Quit Trade With Cuba 1 r 4 only The 13 United hours Nations before announcedseven Forget We Give

WASHINGTON (AP) Top Malaysia over territorial claims R4WIfka mortar shells were fired
U.S. officials are understood to pressed by Indonesia. in 15 minutes at the Turkish
have urged anew In private Duller Is understood to be Cypriot stronghold In the Ky.
talks here this week that Britain pleased by the support Britain renla Mountains, resuming an With Every Order
revise its policy of trade with has received from the United offensive the Greek Cypriotshave
Cuba and support the U.S. ere Stales In its efforts to preservethe ILFa waged with the professed Call Us Collect Liberty 2-3457

fort to deny vitally needed in. territorial Integrity of Ma. aim of clearing Turkish Cypriot For FREE Estimates
dust rial and transportation laysia. 1 gunposts from the Nicosia.
equipment to the Castro govern Top U.S. officials by contrast Kyrenia highway and vantage
ment. are known to be displeased by F i points overlooking Greek vil EAGLE CARPET Co.
Secretary of State Dean Rusk Britain's Cuban trade policy eKti lages.
has held a series of discussionson which they regard as a break. There was no Immediate re.
world problems with British Ing of the barrier of economic port of damage to the castle.
Foreign Secretary R. A. Butler. Isolation from non-Communlst Serving Lee Charlotte and Collier County
President Johnson had a confer. trade which the United Slates Everyone Reads The NEWS "" CAPE
ence with Butler Wednesday. has been working to build
Officials have confirmed that around Cuba.
Cuban Issues were raised In the The British counterargumentto
Rusk-Butler talks. The White the U.S. boycott policy Is that '
House only said that the foreign the boycott Is not really effec Ato5jyi$
secretary and the President dls live, that the United States
cussed matters of mutual Inter trades with various Communist r MEEF SrpUR e E ON cjRAjMts

est countries Including the Soviet A COMBO of talented musicians are nil tuned-up to entertain the visiting
Butler has been In Washing. Union, and that Britain tradl. KNo "AW'SAVE 55CON NEWEST EASY-CARE
Shriners here for the Eighth Annual Mi-Shrine Golf Tournament underway
ton for a conference of the Cen. tlonally trades with all countries
tral Treaty Organization which regardless of political consider. at the Beach Club. From left ( wigs and wags) they are ; Dave Jones,
ended Wednesday. He Is going atlons. Faber !Hair and A. P. Ayers. (McGrath photo)

on to Japan and the Philippines Britain made a deal with the .. kWi
for talks seeking some way to Castro government last January --- -
avoid a serious crisis between to sell Cuba 450 buses and spare I _
Indonesia and Brltlsluu4 ELECT
MIf 7t. f-

Auto Industry DreamsOf FRED EDENFIELD) ImP n' 1n9s1 (;ranff-OK


8-Million-Car Yearthe 4erMef for k FOR STUDENTS AND MEN

NEW YORK ({AP-The autu 691,079 cars built In April County CommissionerDISTRICT

mobile Industry Is dreaming of 19C3. Sale
Nine of Ford's IS 2.44Iv'
ait eight-million car year In assembly 5I
1004. plants were on overtime.
Thinking In Detroit is that This heavy production pace I SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE and REGULARLY 2.99A
this dream might turn to may be at least partly due to SUPPORT MAY 5th
reality. apprehension that a crippling .
This optimism Is based on strike could develop when labor' A Cotton Broadcloth Shirt-Joe

the booming sales pate that is contracts expire this summerbut (Paid, political Advertisement) Adjustable tide-tabe trim fit
of the
none motor
running ahead of last year, companieshas
said su, Hi-boy collar, cheat pocket
when 1.7 million cars were soldIn t
the United States. : Automatic washable, keepe fit

Unless there should lx s long Popular vertical stripe a S-M-L
strike this summer It Is virtually *

ring assured up Its that third the successive Industrywill IT'S A "FLOOR" ALARMER 1 Cotton with Datran polyester knit

I Pullover 3 button-front
seven.mllllonilus| year In 1904. style,
That has never been done be. WE NEED THE ROOM ON OUR SHOWROOM FLOOR FOR NEW MERCHANDISE \ Italian-style collar
fore. In the past, sales have i WashhangwarTan.white.blue

other.One of the most optimistic. I( 1:...uM..ea. _wow '11.f' AT THESE PRICES Yerawu ... .....- I B, : Men's SN.Ight-Tep Swngloil. .1.99
statements to come out of Detroit u..osre. N/rot
so U It'. USED TV'S $10.8 fOITAILI
Is from George Russell, .. .
t. 11.0,01 _
executive vice president of .oo
::: NO ALARMIr TV i UM Now I
FALSE M got so
General Motors Corp. ,.-gtn0l.1 ....., .. 10.S._
.. ....
"Based on the sales perform. .. IP' . 1
rOO .. /
$4' u TV .11 $7'tS 0s551C
In the model to date -
ance ,
: ;; ; Free Bud Vases
l.oL.r Yunnteul urn nt.T *u
and assuming that general bust .oo gA11S / DENIM SURFERS $-T R E T C-N a =__ .._
ness continues to be favorable, TUNIR AMP M m now |141| - X
Inx -"Yow.oV .e1 To The Ladies, ...., 1.-
there Is every reason to expect TO FIT YOUR EVERY MOVE ,
KIT 11.1ne .ow$4100
Industry sales of some eight $ $
million 1964 passenger cars, In. C Cotton-nylon, .aid* tips ,
eluding imports, and about 1.4 per, 6.button or fly front Sale 2.97
million trucks," Russell said. Navy, under whit
Through last week the do. .MW8tol
mestic Industry had turned out C
2,790,850 cars this year, again ../ PenMen Svnglaii., norr.w panarama. .. 1.00 ) '
of 8.8 per cent over the 2,565,. -i0Th ..-
072 assembled In the like pe E11III
ry r
riod a year ago.Expectations .
production would be the great FISHER STEREO AWRf
est In history for the month. 'MMKI I NOW $660,, 1 JAMAICA SHORT SETS
Output was estimated at 78',. USHER STEREO DM { iol OnuP Record
000 units, up 13 per cent from Sri ;'ID JO ..:NOW $342 p Sanforiied tailored \
Records Cabinet shirts, shorts; 7-14 Sale I I 67 a
FISHER, STEREO P2R' $318 Color 11'-1.' ) Sid. or back upperi' .
DUll NO THIS Sid tabs; pocket
PILOT S1REO-404 TV 4 ZS $14.95 REGULARLY 1.99 .

i It'll Be In Our R', ilfa0NON'P 467 SAUl Clrli' Wraparound Swnglanti ..n

Showroom Sootit 119 no NOW $298 449.95 OIANCO PM

PILOT STEREO XKC 1000 RICE Multiplexer'N ; CUNTS-OWN I'Sli ,
The All NEW Rrit 119 SO.NOW 5159

BarracudaPlymouth t '.nil 95 NOW $415 Rubb.radeeg.ycolor.; Sale 9 44WANTMORt'OR
STEREO-SK 1(1R' *.
;_ .
Kin H995 NOW 1y.ca aa r

Rrr rs (SNOW
.Ki" Pfcow Ml 24622

Chry IerPlyjnoutHtii. 742
: N Timumi Tulf Nail
5th AVI., So. MI 24340i

- - -- - Jt- --

The daily news
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l 10Jl

} !an d.


Weather Outlook nARY Ot high Low II

1r o ..... p.m. e.m. p,m.
Partly I cloudy through Friday, G Apr. 30 2:34 111: 7:22 8:25 ,

iritttrrd .ho...,., Low tonight 70 Q11) Mar I 3:18 H49 7:50: '::08 l'

to 7S high Friday 85 to 90. V.rl- t ollier r :J May 2 4:15 2:26: 8:21: 10:01: \

5 able to mostly 15 mile south winds.and louthwtit o nt d 7 May 1 S$4 lice9:17 11:10:

hour for Naples
I. Add one Bay
t, +, \) Bridge on the Trail

Add one hour for Mirro

Around luno 4th Will Tell The Story

,.. Final Set

r Th'eWor Hearing


sador MOSCOW Foy D.AP-U.s.Kohler and Ambas.Soviet

First Deputy Premier Anastts For Conboy Vs CityFinal

1.party Mikoyan argument got into Wednesday a cocktail

night about American recon.

naissance flights over Cuba. .
"There was no meeting of
minds," Kohler told newsmen hearing In the Vince and the appellate court upheld lawyer Walter Condon, representing -

, after the exchange, describedby ,.r Conboy-Clty of Naples land con- this decision. Conboy, IntroducedInto
witnesses as amiable but tracts lawsuit will be June 4 Conboy brought suit In the the court record an agreed

firm. The conversation took at 10 t.m., It was decided this latter part of 1962, claiming statement of facts, drawn up
place at a Japanese Embassy morning. that land In the subdivisions between Condon and City Attorney -

reception. Setting of the date followed covered by the submerged land David Sptngler and Tax
Mikoyan brought the subject
up a hearing In which Circuit Judge contracts was under-assessed Assessor Bert Plnkston regarding
of continued U2 flights over
Cuba, reiterating the Soviet con. Archie Odom denied t motion on the tax roll. The City the August 1962 tax equalization -
tention that the overflights were by the City and other defendants agreed In the contracts to as- hearing. Condon also
Illegal under international law. for a summary JudgmentIn seas lots In Port Royal, The read from minutes of Council -

Kohler repealed President i the cue Earlier Hi the Moorings, and Royal Harborfor meetings In 1953, when the

Johnson's view that the United a year, the judge denied a similar a specified time, or until first submerged land contract
States had the right to continuethe motion brought by the most of the land was sold. ordinance was discussed and

flights because Cuban other side.Before These contracts provided tax approved.
Prime Minister Fidel Castro the final hearing before benefits for the developers In
had refused on.ilte inspection to The attorney also quoted
the Judge June 4, attorneys recognition of the developers'
confirm withdrawal of Soviet County Tax Assessor Sam Cold-
for and the defendants expenditure of In
missiles in October 18C2. Conboy money log, who said he has assessedthe
win get together and converting submerged or three land"
stipulate a set of facts. Then swampy land Into high ground. "submerged
subdivisions at -
rates averaging
the Judge will rule for or Conboy said the resultant tax
MOSCOW (AP-Red stream t $3.500 to $5,000 an acre
the of the benefits to developers were unfair -
against legality
ers decorated Moscow today in for the last two years TbeCity'
preparation for May Day, the -I-- "submerged land" contracts, to other taxpayers, and he assessment of the same
Communist celebration that some as many as 10 years challenged the authority of the
big "
PUTTING IT nr'l FLY the two models at leftm't old. between the and three City In entering Into the contracts land Is "substantially less,
stems from a strike In Chicago. Sales City
Children Realty Condon noted but In almost all
Women ,
Soviet tanks and rockets will \\( KO to either the Naples Junior and Up subdivision developers. He/ asks the court to
rumble through Red Square Senior Ilijdi Schools next fall. The new dress code In all probability, the Judge's Invalidate the entire City tax other respects, the City and

Friday while Premier Khru. Killed In Viet adopted by each school rules out shorts dangling Over Last Year decision will be appealed to the roll.At County tax rolls ire IdenticaL

shchev and visiting Algerian shirt tails, fancy hail-do's. The models, non Ros- district appeals court, whichever this morning's hearing, Judge Odom looked at the
President Ahmed Ben Bella oiulahl and llaibam Esnterly, may have overdoneit MLS side "loses" June4. "I'msure fat case file which has built
CommunistsSAIGON Figures SayThe
watch will from be atop the anniversary Lenin's tomb.It of. By a bit but Stanley Boynton and Ellen Whitsitt, someone will appeal It," up in the nearly two years since

a strike in 1886 that led toblcxxl. smilitu'ly looking on, model the type of school Multiple Listing realtors Judge Odom remarked this Immokalee Man the suit was filed, and obser-

shed in the streets of Chicago. AP Communist, South Viet Nam dress the new code is striving for. (NEWS photo) appear to be on the way to arecordsmashlng morning.CLASS Picks Peculiar ved that, despite the size of
Beginning in France in 1889, ( ) guerrillas year with reported SUIT the file, "this whole thing
killed six women and five chil. sales for the month of Last the Place To bolls down to whether the City
May Day has been celebratedby dren in a bloody ambush in cen. year I ruling by Sleep
Socialists and Communists tral Viet Nam last weekend, Sheen Asks April reaching $2,103,246, and far Judge on i legal point In the can enter Into the contracts or
around the world as the day of American sources reported to. Bishop ahead of last year's record case was appealed to the district Adelson Padllla, 45, of Im. not."
the first time the has
workers' solidarity. day. Twenty.one women were passed the $2 million group mark In court. The Judge ruled mokalee, picked a peculiar place
for a nap last night In Immoka.
wounded.A that Conboy was entitled to represent *

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP- moving three-truck from An Khe convoy to the spe.was Freedom To PrayWASHINGTON one retary Haven month., In Hammer announcing, executive the April sea payers himself In Naples and as other a class tax, the lee.roadway In the first which place was so It was muddy on Civic Group

The Communist-controlled navigation clal forces camp of Plel Ta sales record grouped sales as and laden with water that "water
and dockworkers union Nangle in Dlnh Dlnh Province melons were floating around" In Backs
will boycott all American ships when It was stopped by heavy (AP) R n., might not be able to have writ. follows and Acreage condominium, $235,995 apart.; six Delinquent Tax: the puddles the second place,'l CountyOn
unless the U.S. 7th Fleet with. fire. coops he chose a spot about two feet
machine-gun man Catholic Bishop Fulton J. ten into the Constitution "article .
draws from the Irnltjn ('IrIan", Traveling in the trucks wre Shesn and Gov. George C. Wallace .>,,124 of the Soviet constitution, ments$189M5 and 82 lots; 31 at hou.$8U031 $1,<13,246., Sale On May 25 from the rear wheels of a tractor Beach ParkThe

the Communist party newspaper a few Vietnamese special forces of Alabama separately accused .>, which allows freedom for In; a summary of sales b y trailer.
Harlan Rakyat said today. men, the two Americans and the Supreme Court todayof antireligious propaganda, but participating realtors In Multiple Public notice of the annual Shortly before IO30 p.m. Earl board of directors of
The union urged President about 40 women and children. bypassing the country's elect. not freedom of religious propa. Listing since Its Inception county tax certificate sale scheduled Mitchell McLaney, a produce the Naples Civic Association
Sukarno's government to take The Viet Cong rushed thq ve. cd representatives by banning ganda." Hammer quoted the following; for Monday, May 25r will truck driver for the H.C Neel meeting at the Beach Club Hotel -
over all American firms in In. hides, brandishing! pistols and official prayer in public schools. Sheen was asked to elaborateon Acreage, $5,079,766; 130 apart. appear for the first in to. Company of Montgomery, Ala.
donesla if the boycott threat knives. A Vietnamese of ; morrow's Issue of the NEWS. Wednesday voted unani
sergeant Sheen, auxiliary bishop his reference to a "myth"as ments nine motels came out from a nearby res.
dues ni4 forte U.S. warships out major, his wife and two chil. New York, told the (House Ju. the basis of the Supreme 933 houses; $18,762 ., The delinquent tax list,prepar. taurant where he had been hav. mously to endorse the County
of the Indian Ocean, which Su. dren were slain In the front seat dietary Committee the Supreme Court's decision."I 439$563,000; lots 27, ed by County Tax Collector A.P. Ing his supper and got In the Commissioner's resolution of
karno has renamed the Indonesian of the lead truck.Passengers Court ruling is based on a myth, was referring to the 'wallof commercial; 3,339 firms, $20,925,183$1,507,600; Ayers, will appear In four Issuesof cab of the truck. lie first start. April 14 In favor of acquiringthe

Ocean. in the backs of the and "a judicial body has become separation" between church and miscellaneous,sales, $693$, the NEWS,beginning tomorrow ed the motor and let It Idle fora beach front property south
trucks cowered as the guerrillas a legislative body." and state," he said. "It has no 000, for a total of $51,385,893. and again on May 8, 15 and 22. few minutes and then backedup of Wiggins Pus for use by
leaped among them, demandingto Wallace said, "We are being historical foundation. It was The May 25th sale will startat unaware of Padllla'a rest. the county as a public park.
know who they were. manipulated by the courts in a just a phrase written by Thorn noon on the steps of the court. Ing place, and backed over him.
MIAMI (AP) Julia Trujillo gigantic Socialistic pattern in as Jefferson In a letter to a house In the East Naples govern. called who The purchase of the beach
Molina mother of assassinated Deadline Today which the federal judiciary Baptist group In Danbury, Greater Naples ment center. Bids will be for the summoned State police an ambulance were and the property Is to be voted uponIn

Dominican dictator Rafael Tru. amends the Constitution." Conn." Fishing Tourney amount of taxes due plug the cost Injured man was brought to Na- the May 5th referendum. The
jillo, died today at the age of For ContributionsTo Wallace, who has fought the If such a step as prohibitionof of the sale and advertising. pies Community Hospital In a association's endorsement. also
100. court on Issues of racial segre. school prayer can be taken, Opens May 17th Property owevers have a per. Richard A. Plttman ambulance called on the County Commission -
Mrs. Trujillo Molina had lived Aid Candidates gatton\ said its- prayer decisionis Sheen said. other liberties may lod of two years to redeem the where it was found that he had to seek "every possible
in Miami since her son was shot a "decree as sweeping and be suppressed by a minority Greater Naples' fourth annual certificates sold at the public suffered a broken thigh ton. private, state and federal
to death March 30, 1961, after ClrcuitCferk Marga rest ScOtt as deadly as any ever Issued by group attacking through the fishing tournament will start at sale. If the certificates are not source of aid for both the
more than a quarter century as has announced that toddy Is: the any dictatorial power on the courts. midnight on Sunday, May 17' redeemed In that period of time The accident was Investigated acquisition
the Dominican Republic's strongman. last day on which candidatesmay face of this earth." "While I fear for a country more than two weeks earlier then the Clerk of the Circuit by Officers Ed Crawford and and development of
receive campaign contrl "It Is part of the deliberate which outlaws i irayers In than least season's opening tour. Court will hold a second sale, Robert Melin who reported this property so that costs to
-_ buttons "Vo= candidate design to subordinate the Amer. schools," he said, "I fear still ney. The derby will run through at which time the property It. Padllla had apparently been Collier County taxpayers will
may lean people, their faith, their more for a people who surren. July 5.Although. elf will be up for sale drinking prior to the accident. be held to a minimum"
contributions than.
AP- receive less
Germany :
customs and religious traditions der control their law.mak.ing .
over of
90 cent
per anglers -
Nazi SS Hermann five the -
Former Sgt. preceding primary
days .
to a godless state, Wallace bodies. who the 1964 season will + ..
open *
22 "
Blache today was which Is Mrs Doc'or
Tuesday, .9rwonr
Wallace said Congress must be after snook David Pfa/f p
lit for the .
times to life prison said.Bishop Pa.
; said. r
Sheen said that the share resix>nstblllty for what he vice-president of the Cham. ,
of Polish
wartime massacre This Is state-wide law governing words "In God We Trust," now described as excesses of judicial ber of Commerce, reminds fish 31 30 I ,\
Jews. the campaign, contributionsand on the seal of the United States, power. In a pointed, though un. rmen that the tournament offers PROPOSED ,' -E'
The sentence was highest +
applies to local candidates "the perfect prayer" for specified reference to pending -
German are prizes In nearly a dozen other ; '
t ,
Imposed by a war e
ever Blache for county offices.Final school. civil rights legislation, he rltl. categories.Pfaff MAPLE + i 0 l le
crimes court. was com.
pre-election reports of Sheen told the committee the sized "those members who ENAPLES /5'w7' t r
of at Tarnow
mander a ghetto said that the "fishing hot
campaign contributions and expenditures Catholli Church does not want today sponsor legislation Which .... >
Poland.He 4.
In eastern stove league" Is already specu. ... 4 t + \/C
established union of church takes power from the people
was found guilty on 41 are due Monday an latlng about what oddities this sal
and state in this country and lodges it in an autocratic
counts of murder and on more noon. Post-election] reports are year's tourney will produce. The t + F t + + +'
"No Catholic wants such an central government /
than 4,000 counts of complicityIn due within 15 days following the establishment he said "We And Wallace said senators 1063 tournament which ran Gordon i
murder. primary, It was announced.- want the first Amendment We must share responsibility for through August 11, attracted ang. Pose h + + ,4 1t tJoknsPon
lers from many sections of the
want the Constitution preserved, confirming the appointment. to
nation and produced not only + t + + 4 s4
t + +
and especially this First Amend. the Supreme Court of "persons 36 31
some lunker snook but a sail. 36 31 1
n 36
#c,7 ment saying there shall be no HUequlpped in law, and who ad.
fish at Naples Pier, a species
establishment of religion" mlttedl possess no 1141"1.11 competeiue l I 1.
N found as a rule only In Atlantic 6 ,
But he said that if the to adjudicate the Con.
Coast waters. + \ + + 4Me + + + +
a fe Supreme Court Is allowed to say stitution.; f
there is "freedom not to pray, "We will stand ui I for God! Tournament boundaries,caier. % + + / +
without saying there Is freedom We will stand up for America! gorier, judges and prizes, will t 1t + +

td' pra ," the question arises Wallace declared< at the end ui be announced at a future dale, ; .4,
: whether some minority group a long review of ourt de''islor Pfaff said.
htlPoAbnt + + 't t +
50t j"0 )t tt

r + + Royol HflmgFkeca

Yv 31 $OI N I 31
Kice Island Beach Sold
; 9 p Marco 6 onto I 6 PA Y 1
Pose a
t" t tJ
,. .' s,

M o Study Road Feasibility

l wd 4totem'e
A.L. Dougherty, originally his son Allen, and brothers further engineering studies to o

from Chicago, III., has purchased ,'.J. and J.C., are visiting the bring the Island to Its best usage Co+om'e
beachfront property on ',lest Coast now to Initiate engineering In keeping with the surrounding d

( d a ra I Klce Island, located Just across studies of their real community." N v t m bbdd1iN
Caxambas Pass from Marco estate purchases, Baker said. Baker said he was not authorized

Island, for $390,000, accord- The studies will be made to comment further on .
Ing to a Fort Myers realtor with a view to possible construction plans of the Doughertys, but he > Go//! oY

who handled the transaction. of a road to the Is* Intimated the Klce Is land transaction a A4'b

: According to Fort Myers land. Baker told The News. was the first of several ) ea S

4 realtor Tom Baker, Dougherty Baker quoted Dougherty as real estate purchases by \
purchased the property from follows; "When the study Is the Doughertys. He said additional Cope 1

Julius Whetstone, Manchester completed will continue with Information will be disseminated Romano

Conn., In whose name a In the near future.

purchase money mortgage far A second mortgage for $19, \
RESIDENTS OF EAST and North Naples agree $237,400 was Iliad The deed A i FROM LITTLE 500 was recorded yesterdayto
that you can't beat City of Naples water. This was recorded yesterday, Baker Thomas H. Baker of Fort NEWEST: ': DEVELOPMENT in the Marco Island area was revealed yesterday

outlying resident, and many others. replenish their said 1lSPARKS.. Myers. ith the announcement of the purchase of beach front property oKiev

supplies of drinking water by coming into town Dougherty, who heads i heavy The Island property extends Inland). indicated above with ano\v pointing to shaded portion, aero
and filling up at the ball park City has extended construction firm that has -r//:\ GIANT FOREST from Caxambas Pass to Blind flan' (rnxnmlm |'HM. Th pl'Optl'trl"ulJouKht by A. U Dougherty, he

water service to parts of East Naples and will built major roads and alrbases tt'TIRES Pass, and Includes considerable diiixtiiK' ( thm: Inn II\M" "r from Chita)!". III. Studies are being made \\1 I

install a line to North Naples soon (NEWS photo) In man) parts of the world GROW! beach frontage. 1 "' ? 1.1' i I"" i, "--iiction of .I i road to the island.kU01SIH .

II .
"' ,


z 0111HR ( 01'M rT NEWS Thursday April 80, 19$4 about to do, and take preventive What They're Saying
-- action."

the filibuster was "a waste of Holland quoted the point In
" Holland Odham time and Is tearing this country question this wayt
, apart." "Whenever any person has The Governor's RaceBy

Lock Horns On Odham said ''5en. Holland Is engaged or there are reasonable
doing a real disservice to this grounds to believe that any person .
country and Florida by preach. is about to engage in any THE ASSOCIATED PRESS paigning by !he six candidates
Civil Rightst Ing the gospel of second class act or practice prohibited (discrimination Candidates for governor of for the Democratic nomination I
cltlwnshlp for Negroes on this or segregation), a Florida pushed ever harder for consisted of attacking each oth
\\ TilE ASSOCIATED FREES; civil rights Issue." civil action for preventive relief votes today as the first primaryrace ere ,
h| essiird L. Holland ai Oil! ain, who seeks H"Hand' defeat the bill::1-C grantingthe The senator said the attorney Most outlined their platform son of West Palm Beach, Son
Democratic Senile set. locked power totalitarian planks In their appearances before John Mathews of Jacksonville
to nis' again( today on III' merits practices as 'thought control.' could not do all this himself. the voters, but I couple and Rep. Fred Karl of Volusia
01 tl l". "ivll rights mi Holland cited a portion of the "He would have to name agents fired away at rivals. County exchanged verbal punch.
Cell din told part w"Ih"r, he bUt as giving the attorney general -to decide what we are thinking, Sen. Scott Kelly of Lakeland, es. Mostly it was Dickinson fir.
1:. I for ,i speedy end I't' IIII'I tllU carte blanche to "read our just as the Communists and the In vote-heavy Miami, promisedto log back at the other two.
bllst"l' a :din si the I bill Ilr said minds, decide what we may be Nazis put 'thought police' over complete the construction of He said that Mathews might

-.----- -..- their own people and captive- nations Interstate Highway 95 down the face trouble because of his "vot
," Holland said.Clergymen east coast "no matter what ing for the auto tag Increaseand
agreements the administration the retention of retail milk

TIME OU11from (of Cov Farrts Bryant) may price fixing."
; In have made" to holders of turnpike And Dickinson accused Karl
extension bonds. of mlsrepreentlng his views on

Time Consuming L1 Kelly said that he would go to Interstate 95 highway construe.
Nashville Urge court If necessary to break the lion He said Karl had suggest
with agreements and clear the way ed he didn't want to extend the
I for building the superhighway. road when actually he did.

Racial Peace -- --- ..- _. ,. .. --' The construction of this road Karl, In an answering tele
.0 No Vac System *) has been a major point In the gram, told Dickinson that he
'b __ NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP- COMMUNITY: CENTER unmtiaction! piojfieaM in Cambier Park as woik- governorship campaigns and was glad the West Palm Beach
:. ,uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiimniiiiiiii l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l t
unload lumbn\ TOII'c'/'illll them steel structural units still
> an
__ Four Nashville clergymen have men over several other candidates have candidate wanted to be on record
-. Issued a strqngly Worded appealfor wrapped in heavy papei Building should be readfoi use early in the taken similar stands. in support of its early com
AQUA POOL by racial peace and equality summer. (NEWS photo) Rep. Fred Karl of Volusla pletlon.
Chuck Wood and a Negro leader has called County, campaigning at St. Pet. Mathews said that Dickinson's
UNIVERSALGUNITE I for the Eouth's "long hot sum. ersburg, spelled out in detail "comic strip advertising makes
Gen Mgr. mer of discontent" to begin what he called the differences Florida the laughing stock of the

INC. here. Escapees Find It Doesn't PayTwo between his candidacy and that nation. He said he was '
MI 2-7078 The developments came as of Sen. John Mathews of Jack. alarmed "to see how a serious
FINANCING AVAILABLE student demonstrators preparedto sonville. matter like the selection of a

go into the streets again( to. of the three prisoners ces will run consecutively, the ly caused the judge to be somewhat Mathews told Gainesville- governor for a great state Is

day to protest segregation Police who escaped from the county judge ruled. lenient In fixing the lengthof group that his only promise In treated at the mental level of '
officers arrested 76 demonstrators jail April 18, and were recaptUred The :defendants! were repre sentences. the campaign was to use all his children."

a 000 O 1; Wednesday, hauling after a 13-hour s'ented by I ulilic Defender John was continuedfor talents to bring Florida good Mayor Robert King High of
most of them aboard patrol Arraignment
government. Miami, meanwhile, continued to
search were sentenced this Emerson who pointed out
We are pleased to wagons when they again prostrated "bizarre circumstances"( Mallary Elsperman,37whohas Mayor Robert King High of seek support on his promise to
0 themselves In a major morning by Circuit Judge sur- been charged with escape Miami listed Improved educa. advocate a $1.25 per hour min.
;o announce thoroughfare and tied up Ira Archie Odom. rounding the earlier escape and from the Deep Lake prison Lion, more Industry and establishment imum wage for workers. He
tic Larry Levi Robertson 29, the breaking and entering camp The defendant has an of a public advocate as said there were many parts of
.! to her many friends and customers Mayor Beverly Briley met and Richard Novell Arvo, 22, These cfrcu liunoes apparent- appeal pending on a case InEs- three vital needs of the state. the state where workers receive

with Negro leaders for 2'/4' hours each received three sentences 'cambla County, for which he Much of the closing-days: cam. low wages because they are not
o that the well-known a Wednesday night. Both sides adding up to five years in the Hijackers Get probably will obtain a new trial engaged in Interstate commerceand
called the meeting "helpful." state prison. Their partner In with conviction be not covered by the federal
previous to
On one side there were renewed the Three Tons OfSilver LBJ minimum wage.
URSULA NASHis escape jail, David set aside To Accept
charges of police brutal- Family income Is less than$50
Eugene Escue, 17, was not arraigned
Bullion judge appointed Emerson .
0 On the other there
ity. were
a week in one third of the state'scounties
now associated with Hodges, HairStylist this morning. Proofof defend the
to Elsperman on
charges that some students are CHICAGO (AP) Three rob. Some ChangesIn he said.
In the Kwik Chek their announced notification of his parents escape charge
Shopping abandoning bars hijacked a truck loaded Mayor Haydon Burns of Jack.
Center Phone Ml 5457 policy of nonviolence. regarding this charge has not with nearly three tOilS of silver In a case heard yesterday sonvllle advocated using retired
O O "If you'll go ahead and make come through yet bullion valued at $75,000 to fore County Judge Richard M. Rights Bill persons In the state's drive for

the arrests without clubbing the For their April 18 escape. $100,000 Wednesday. Stanley, Richard Arnold was new Industry. On the lower East
children, we'll be satisfied,"one Robertson and Arvo each got The truck driver, Salvatore found guilty of petit larcenyand dent WASHINGTON CAP) Presl. Coast, he said that retired per.
Johnson will
Negro minister told a police official Lavalle, CO, who was held ordered accept some sons would be available to help
one year In prison A little cap. to pay $300 fine changes in the civil bill
04tJR after one of many confer tive by the rubbers for rights persuade firms to move to Flor.
0 IIODGES later this morning, they decided nearly or spend 90 days In jail. as lone as the Senate produces
two hours, was within a few Ida, whether the firms were in
four religious leaders- to change not guilty pleason blocks from his destinationwhen enforceable legislation;Sen. Hubert Chicago, Detroit or New York.
Negro Protestant minister, a an earlier escape and a he was met by the hijack. Southern AirwaysGets H. Humphrey said today. Burns also said that he asgov.

STYLIST 0 white Protestant minister, a breaklng-and-enterlng charge. era on the South$ide. Humphrey, assistant Senate ernor would seek review of the
O Panama City Democratic leader who Is floor
our other location Jewish rabbi and a Catholic Judge Odom accepted their The 75 bars of silver were to trimester system of operation
: priest-said in their statementthat have manager for the measure, said
delivered to of state universities.
Naples Shopping Center, In the blame for the snowballIng new pleas of guilty and sentenced oi the National Lead Cat* plant The To Memphis Route Johnson prefers the House- Scott Kelly said that some of
each one to one In WASHINGTON AP-The Civil passed bill as it stands. But
racial conflict must be ( ,
the Moorings Phone Ml 2-6227 silver had been. shipped from his opponents were "running on
0 shared prison for the earlier escape Aeronautics Board Wednes. he added, the President is not
O O uQ O O U.r. the U.S. Metals Banning Co., a me, too" platform. Some of
day awarded Southern against amendments
that do
for not
and three years breaking C jrterot, N.J. Airwaysa their campaign planks lifted
and with Intent new route between Panama weaken lbHumphrey
to com
entering F oppo.
mit a misdemeanor Senten- nifty truck. City, Fla., and Memphis, Tenn., told this to a reporter sltlon to the sales tax on groceries .
tor a tliree.year period. as the Senate headed
and medlclno. repeal of automobile
-into its 44th day of debate. The -- ""
tag increase and ;.
P 1"vL ms 'j \1(3 civil rights leaders apparentlyare to civil rights legislation
-' determined to move to shutoff
SHd, l t I '. v. debate next week on a pend. Kelly said.
21' In Daytona Beach, he said
I i It leg compromise jury trial that if the other candidates "are
amendment unless Southern .
.t going to be my followers they
H to fixed
:. ; for voting agree on It. a ought to run for the Legislature
w so they could help me with my
YES: There is a Humphrey, apparently more program in 1965."
optimistic than some other sup.
ii? MAY WHITE SALK at CATTLE'S ..... ,' r.r. porters of the bill, doubts It will'
',' be necessary to file a cloture Title
Company w(
petition to break down South
'k featured will be
: .. .
"I" ern
;rt' r''... .. .' <:"I.jI', j.. ; i "If we have to file, we'll file of Naples

.., .'w. it on Monday," the Mlnnesotan ABSTRACTS ESCROWS
Cu,1 end pretty IUIIII11..I' bc.dMpl'pa'IA completely! drip dry .from $1.,95 b said "We have the votes for do. Peppard Bid?.
rl1I .t ( .. ;: ture. I doubt if we'll have totile. MI 2-(059 .
I + e (uitom made oil over" quilted| l liidnpieads from $31,SOMiutfx r nr ." 651 Fifth Ave", So.
S. r"t Cloture Is the Senate's pro.
: ... al
both eels monoif lammed in two colon six pl",.? sets, starting at $1595 r ,j"Ifr cedure for choking off a flllbus. W. L ,e 0
'J ter. To invoke it requires two- N.pl.e,
wA \V,miMittu Supncali! ihffta and caitu both plain and monogrammed at a thirds of the senators on hand, Parts,

-.,iv'ng if $21 1.00 per" dozen sheets, or 67 if all 100 are present. I
,,,(f.*>,,; Sen. Richard B. Russell, [). I
\.11 duttli during May even if you are not interested In a WHITE SALE Ga., chief strategist for South. Pros.QUALIFIED

it i "uol I plait! to biow!!, Our number Is !MI 2.4791.BARLEY'S ern opponents of the bill, report.ed .
after a caucus Wednesdaythat
they declined to agree on a
.iiMI.mi i J UJ__ _._ time for voting on the jury trial
Sponsored by Democratic
Leader Mike Mansfield of Mon.

SPRING tana and Republican Leader Everett .
M. Dirksen of Illinois as a
'1-- substitute for a proposal by Sen.

Herman E. Talmadge, D.Gi., it
t HELPING HAND M-) \\ 1I11a1l\I i T. Ian 1: it I h, (inside Chairman, poses would provide jury trials in all

a rI with Ishie Taus who 1 1.11'.1, i' I nui i I lc' UK,' -11. |II| I ;a'j1I"i | '> .!uid donated them to criminal contempt citations that
involved sentences of than
the Cancer Crusade! i I l 110' ,III .a 1'.1.,11 1 to tl1. I hlg i r".t
The highest donor \M,>/lud to rentals IIlIOII\11l0llS.> i hit' attendas William Russell told reporters and

R, Tracy and the thud was Holland Salle\, Tin plaques were on display at then Informed Dirksen that the

Kepp's Men's Stoic /and at the Bank of M,ipl.,s on the day of the Cancer Southerners did not rule out a x

I thon. ( McGrath photo) vote next week, but salJ "we
are not going to make any commitments .
now." Dirksen had insisted '
on some word from the "He is well qualified for

Dixie forces Wednesday his new petition, and his
Walk To The Beach
Easy .1 Immediately afterward Dirk. many fri nds will wish him

I sen and Mansfield conferred well ai he rises the governmental
and Dirksen announced "It
_,_ _..._ .. would / ladder
appear that our only out
QUANTITIES ,t 'f' is a cloture petition." PANAMA CITY HERALD
..--.. _.

alt:: f Ga, AP) f-,* th MKP James WATTORNEY
ml time in hiatus Gc,>rjiaatiern
p! have produced nh'Tl' liar
-' a ton of tobacco T er am
;ALL BRUSHES The Crop Reporting; Serv? ,
Univemuy of
"" tjfnrn says
PAINT aww ra '.
wW ir nen parsed the me-Ion an
40c I ir mark in 196J with a yield ,Jl. GENERAL
PAILS 20 % Off M id s.1 I,003 pounds 50J pounds aho\ 'Pond' Pollilcol .AdvOsement POicI
for .
'hr I soil net for teas, Clmp"ln Fund
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.th.'' ,.,' if. '
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Wh,te 4 Colon! Interior' 4 [>terlor _._ ,
-- dependable ,
95e Ql Se SMS 71e coney retpone-
.''" ..'. Ibl. far protecting you, your
This ideally Iccatcd home 160 Third reasonable family, horn and buniMH
on St No priced to very pint every insurable threat
d t. to be in such a good I* .twn, It if completely furnished and hat a Urge of lose through a planned pre

OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINT White o... $3 eyq95 Florida room, The low down payment plus smell monthly payment makeit by cram compenie of protection of unquestioned fuerenteed

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y........ '

- ----- -- -- -- - --- -

1_ ,.iuess.tipipJL.tirti. pwww

i, 1\
.., P'I .


Joseph Garland had a coffee -. .w_.@

s -L As \ / I ')I) I brunch ter-in-law in honor Pat. Attending of her daugh were: ;. New Oxygen System Installed

JVaplcs ra'/l Mrs. Ralph Brydon, Miss Edna .

Myers, Mrs.DanCleaver.Mrs. .; :.,
@ Q"J'lJa"J"tdt Harry LIner, Mrs.George Los- At Naples
ler, Mrs. Walter Phillips Mrs. Community HospitalA

Jjeacli Lloyd Carr, Mrs. Percy Rhea-

ume, Mrs.Harold Hutpteu,Mrs. constant supply of life- tolaml said, a reserve cylinder The Important medical gas Is

William DeyErmand and Mrs. saving oxygen Is assured patients system then would automatically used in the treatment of pneu
By Nary A. Foster MI 2 3361
J. Robert
Snypp. On Saturday at Naples Community be put In operation monia,hean lt1ments,bronchi.
evening the senlorGarlands en- Hospital, with the installation tin, asthma and other resplra
The regular monthly meetIng They arise early and go fish-
tertained at dinner all the doc-
conditions. It Is mixed
of the Naples Park of a 6 ,OOO cubic foot Bertolami At tory
Area tors and Richard Polrer. Dr.
ing.The with other in the administration
capacity liquid oxygen conver- gases
Association win be held to- doctors all have spent and Mrs. Theodore Garland and
night at 7:30 In the their time with Joseph ter as the latest move In thehospital's of anesthesia and
building on along children left on Wednesday of Hospital Meet Is vital to special -
103rd Avenue. Do come and Garland, father or Dr.Ted Garland this week for their home in : expansion program.The postoperative
new unit, replacing oxygen Joseph G. Bertolami admin care. It also is a lite-
meet the candidates In with
who will deep sea fishing Ohio after wonderful
be In the May 5th Primary. the men hoping to bring in some Dayton vacation.Mr. a 1f supplied In cylinders, was latrator of thr Naples Community giver to many newborn babies,
and Incubators often
is are
installed by National Cylinder Hospital, In Jacksonville wherehe sup-
The final card party of the tarpon that they can have mount and Mrs. William Halll
Is with
attending the SoutheasternHospital plied
Gas Corporation oxygen accordingto
season given by the associa- ed for their offices as a me- of Vanderbilt Drive receiveed .
cy and provides the hos- Conference, now In session Bertolaml.
tion was held last Saturday mento of their Florida fish word of the marriage of Mrs. and continuing through Fri.
night-not too large a turnout ing vacation. Hallicy's niece Miss Lorraine uniform pital with gaseous oxygen at day May I 1. This Is the 27th an. Naples Community Hospital
but that was to be expec- Plowman to James Lees In pressure by convening nual assembly of the conference presently has 62-bed capacity.
ted at this time of year Win- WELL, I'LL BE .. Hawthorne, NJ. Mrs. Leesis liquid oxygen delivered In which is being held in the Jack. An additional 118-bed wing Is
ner of the door prize was Mrs. Last week Dr. Garland and the daughter of Mrs.Hallicy's mobile delivery units. The oxy sonville Civic Auditorium. Mrs planned to undergo construc-
Dan Cleaver, and winner of his 4-year-old son Brian were brother, Clifford Plowman. gen then Is supplied directlyto Bertolami accompanied her mis. tion in December 1964. Ber

the prize of the evening was out In the lagoon off Vanderbilt Mrs. Lees is a school teacher patient's rooms operating band to the meeting.Representing tolaml said the new wing also

Ed. Halllcy. Beach, when Dr. Ted saidto while the groom is employed emergency rooms and other the Naples Community will be equipped with NCG oxy-
Important areas of the hospital AuxilUry.Mrs.E.P.Ever.hard
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gar- little Brian, "Here hold this by the Ford Motor Co. They and Mrs Michael Chanceare gen outlets and secondary
land of Seabreeze Ave.. Van- line while Daddy checks his will make their home In New through a special NCG-de also attending the conference equipment.
derbllt Beach, have had as gas tank and hold on tight fora Jersey.Mrs. signed "life line a concealed

guests for 10 days their daugh large fish may take the bait Herbert Hooper and E A S YON EYE Art work has com to the aId of pipeline which makes the gas Cheerful Losers'I i
ter-in-law, Mrs. Theodore and pull you In," children Chris and Rlcharo, blood donors In Spokane, Wash Paintings are hung on cell as readily available as electricity I COLLIER COUNTY NEWS 3

Garland, and grandchildren. Brian did just that holdingon left Sunday by plane from MIami leg 'In view of the donors to keep their attention diverttd throughout the build- Charm School Ends
Brian and Joanne of Dayton, for dear life, when lo and for their home in Leavlt- ing. The pipeline was Instal- Thursday April SO, 1984

Ohio. Their son, Dr. Theo- behold a large fish did take town, Pa. They spent the past (Wednesday) for their home In Living Costs Up led earlier With Hair Styling
dore Garland,with Doctors Glen the bait, and Daddy had to haulIt three weeks at the home of Tafton Pa. "The newequlpmentwlllsave Naples' "Charm School"spon-
Slcklnger, Tomulyss Moody, In. It was an 18 pound snook Mrs. Hooper's parents Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Tenth Of Per Cent considerably on oxygen costs sored by the Cheerful Losers
Donald GlantonandMr.RichardPairer and one that Dr. Garland can and Mrs. Warren J.D. Geary, Foster of 94th Avenue are proudto and will eliminate; the need Club concluded Its final six. .fIILUFF
all have been stayingat have mounted for his office. on 104th Avenue. Mr. and announce the birth of their In Month Of March to exchange cylinders" said weeks course of the season Mon
the Tides On 10 10th a little boy Joseph Bertolami, administrator day night at the Naples Federal
Motel In Naples. Friday at a.m. Mrs. Mrs. Geary left yesterday grandchild WASHINGTON (AP) Living
born on April 21st to their son costs Inched up one-tenth of 1 of the hospital. He added Savings and Loan Association
and wife cent in March that the converter can provideup building tit the Four Corners.A GMC INC.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron- per as prices
1 PleaseThat Meat and Potatoes Man ald Foster, in Carmel N.Y. rose for virtually all consumer to 3,000 cubic feet of gaseous demonstration of current Trucks Parts
; Little Chris Ronald weighed Items except food, the government oxygen every hour. hair styles and plus hair a problems talk on hairstyling I -Service -

In at 10 pounds 11 ounces. reported today. An emergency alarm system given by water Wills of Wills I TEMPORARY
Lower food
prices were otto.et has been installed which wouldbe
Hair Fashions ,
by higher costs of housing, following the LOCATION
activated if the supply from
STILL AILING meeting. The "Charm School"
Sorry to report that the con and other basic care, It.ms.transportation bringing the convener should fall below ha* "iHIII under the direction of] 421 Ninth St., N.
dition of Carl Meridith the the consumer price index to normal. In such a case Ber- Mrs. Lillian Murph.....

father of Mrs. Harold Miller, 1077. asra.Elect- --
remains the same. He Is still This means that it now costs TB And Health
on the critical list. His birthday $10.77 to buy goods that cost $10
was yesterday --74 years in the 195759 base period.A Committee OKs

old.Also, Martin Tropf of 99th man said Labor costs Department could be spokes.expect. By-Laws, BudgetA WAlTER R.

ill ed to go up again for April, but meeting of the Executive
Avenue is still a man
fb very '
he added "there Is not the
Committee of the Collier County CONDONQualified
and confined to bed.
slightest Indication of serl
any Tuberculosis and HealthA..Oodation
Mrs. Paul E, Fitsch of Gulf ous inflation."
was held last night at the
Shore Drive was one of the The spokesman Deputy Com home of Mrs. Thelma Cold.
seven ladles of St. Leo's Guild missIoner Robert J. Myers of Mr. Sara Jones of Immoka.lee .
.' of Bonita Springs who attendedthe the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the newly elected presidentof
e Miami Diocesan Council said relatively stable prices during the association, presided. In
,*e Y we Convention of Catholic Women a general business upturn the business session, the by. a Background

It was held at the Dupont Plaza provided "a very reassuringperformance. laws and the budget were app ,: ""
Former Law Officer
." roved. Chairman of valous
Hotel In Miami. The speeches com.
'FTsFa't / tM r mlttees were appointed and the
e of the Most Rev. Coleman F,
Carroll, the Bishop of Miami, Wants SpecialU.S. appointees will be announced at Education
the regular May meeting, a
were described as very beau- Shakespeare spokesman sold. 1 Graduate of
tiful and most inspiring.Mr. Those attending the executive y ? Miami Police Academy
and Mrs. William Hal Postage Stamp committee meeting were Mrs.
4 llcy of Vanderbilt Drive had a A Robert T. Demon, Mrs. CharlesJ. r Univ. of Miami

very pleasant surprise on Sat- posal WASHINGTON that the special CAP) -postage pro. Copley, Mrs. Wesley R. Ros.ter Univ. of Fla. (Law)

urday of last week when an stamp commemorating William Mrs. Thelma Cold, Mrs.
old friend came to call Mr. Shakespeare's 400th birthday Sara Jones, Mrs. Henry Hoffman l .1r. Experienced

and Mrs. H.W. Van Winkle] of first be put on sale in Stratford and Mrs. Robert A. Grit __ _' ..

Paterson, NJ., old friends and Conn., was made today by Sen. fl*. _________ YOUR PROSECUTING In Civil and
OL.J( SIIIONU:I) GUonNISS) I? Home-cooked [potatoes mashed with
I neighbors of Betty and Bill Thomas J. Dodd D-Conn. Criminal law
butter and milk and flavored with onion times [parsley or baconBy and a former associate ofBetty's In a letter to Postmaster Gen No two-inch cooki* sMlir in ATTORNEY
he house and he
recipe you ire
oral John A. Gronouskl Dodd
in the BldeAWeeClubor
Boiling water potatoes as above Cook 2 tablespoons using call for one? Save .in-
CECIL said the also marks
BROWNSTONE anniversary
3 teaspoons salt of minced onion in the the Y.W.C.A. In Paterson ounce on from fruit-juice frozen 1 Paid Politic! Adv.rtl.tm.nl
Associated Press Food Editor the 10th of Stratford's
.( 1 '4 cup butter or margarine loft butter until the onion is trans It was many years since they American Festival."Dedicated concentrate and ue Ihil' I
TIIIS IS the moment any cook Mot milk parent and add to mashed potatoes had seen one another, so they to offering the
can plcunc a man: !there' plenty 1.4 teaspoon white pepper before adding hot milk and had lots to talk about in a short
works of this great artist to the
heefaround.. Production of !that Peel ,
potatoei[ cut into cross pepper.
American is
favorite food i ill netting record wise halved, With, Chives time.With public, Stratford
cut each half intoquarter or Portl.yi Pre the summer weather the most fitting location.
Good beef deserves home- *. Boil potatoes in a covered pare Old-Fashioned Mashed Potatoes upon us, and more and more _
cooked mashed [potatoes Because saucepan with! I inch of stir in 2 tablespoons to the beach, be 105th Avenue leave this week
the lute spring crop of boiling. water and the salt until minced fresh chives or parsley. careful for their home in Montlcello
walking in the sand
long white [potatoes i. here you tender, drain if necessary. Put With, Bacon Cook 3 strips of Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
with bare feet. Those
may want to ue them in the following drained openers
potatoes through a ricer bacon drain and crumble
; reserve Helvle also of 105th Avenue
from the beer and
recipe for real olj-faah- tap-top soft
or mush until smooth beat 2
; in tablespoon[ of the bacon
ioned creamy, fluffy [podatmescooked butter Gradually beat in enoughhot fat and add to mashed potatoes drink cans are all over the leave for their home In Hay-
perfectly milk lo make fluffy. Best in prepared as above along with 2 beach. They are like knives wood Wise
pepper. Serve at ome Make 8 tablespoons of butler instead of they are so sharp They stick Until next week say a prayer -
OLO.F ASI 110""" ED M ISI LED servings the 1 14 cup. Add the hot milk right up In the sand so be for those who are Ill, and
POTATOES and pepper, then stir in !the careful and wear beach shoes. may the Good Lord watch over
2 I 1'2 pound medium, [potatoc With, Onion: Conk. and mash rumbled bacon Mr, and Mrs. Earl Craig of all of you and keep you well



Friends and Neighbors of Collier CountyI'm J




Is Your 4


Garden I''

i.4ar: ,!M Too Big For Your Lot?

: y your friendly Candidatefor

Before this happen, you should ee the one acre

and larger r ome..tei In Blocks "H" and "''Z" of

PINE RIDGE EXTENSION. TheM arc specifically

District 5 toned for the amateur horticulturist. .Your hobbles

and your pets will enjoy| the) provisions of the PINE

RIDGE EXTENSION agricultural lonln .





Created by Collier Development Corp.


Trail Phone MI 2-2131
110 Tamiami





l ., .
.. ,
.. a '. ." -

UP IN SMOKE! ':WKSln": '. .9)1.A]:: : ) "
R 0elUer t'ff.s.. (.\;: ': :,OS'C";; 'M" : a 'Il"\\, eAr '. 5\1'1\

bt feoast Nt\US (I'fIY'CER ;;) ,: (h (w: lqIjJ' : i! lj .

Y I/;; 5'C'A E .....- I .' opportunity fur youth to work

FRIDAY, APRIL 3D, 1964 : '- ," . all an apprenllie
; L ,..) \ f! : ..' the 11 .J''k 'I .
t' ,>. \10''' I l
11.- k.-i'in-, t s 'it IINIII th
: Ai".11."' i ''sin' '
1.' 'J-. '. : ,.-...;,; _--"-.k :: ..} to KO sifter tin clt II',i I-"I, ,i, "ii-i \-1'"''"111118" U" "J!
And Them CarefullyThe '. '
Read Study ,.. llftlCi- 'W""I'"l. .r Phis i h Ou',,uth "ltd it.'Ill
,. :.:" <: : sight unfit I tin 1,1' thin, i ni p lu. engage in *omr! I itf
,. ..... tfj \ :: I works mmll.il t the
and effectively in upcoming .. :: lf > pubic
series of gently irltUal f '
News is publishing a h ".. But despite I the this I old CCr camps of the 30's
and by candidates for "primary., ; ; taken bv home maker* of aoo
questions answers does not endorse or : ." -' lactic;: thinprinciple I I The theory her teem to be
County Commission and School Board This newspaper :" I""' ". i of that If you get the unemployed
recommend candidates for local offices. MI aw..ptnlIhln. )11t. teen alters out of sight Home-
seats. the that local residentsin --- .:. out of where In the mountain, per-
The material is being published in We are opinion _- r tight under r hip they will Joel In time dl..
the public interest to enable county vot many cases know the candidates as ;:; he carpet in appear Obviously' If they to up
instances, perhaps .j I beeomIat I to the mountain a* unHkllled,
well do in some
about as
learn much as possible the Idea down
ers to as quite when they finally come
better. o I In government mounttln they will
the attitudes and thinking of the various from the
r ctrcleo.Unemployed
is be unckllled. Or perhaps
and series 'O still
The answer "; =
candidates on a number of subjects that question p :i the feeling I* they Mill all fall

i will have considerable bearing on the published with a view toward acquaint. ... ..'.. teen ogees w H....., sleep' a* did Rip Van Winkle
with the back. ".,,"W; are a probc when finally awake
ing newcomers to the area ,.. ..' 'ti,'a'I''a Ides now and
future of our school system and county .t ';. Irm. Heine, the they will all be. eligible for
administration.We grounds and platforms of the candidates ," ;'": i''rJ seem to be to Sweep them under .soi..Ul hfi urlty.ho .
will : 1 the carpel. 0. ,
urge readers to study and con It is sincerely hoped that readers 000 1 ixiliapK, S'rretayV, 'i.

I sider both the questions and answers find the series helpful in making up No lc'" M personage thou Wtl" han the best idea nauiming "
believe their minds as to whom they should vote ..