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Group Title: Wit and wisdom well worth reading : containing The Greenies at home
Title: Wit and wisdom well worth reading
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Title: Wit and wisdom well worth reading containing The Greenies at home
Alternate Title: August flower and German syrup illustrated ; free
Physical Description: 32 p. : ill. ; 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Green, G.G., Firm, Woodbury, N.J
Green, George Gill, 1842-1925 ( Publisher )
Cox, Palmer, 1840-1924
Publisher: G.G. Green
Place of Publication: Woodbury N.J
Publication Date: c1890
Subject: Patent medicines -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Sick -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Industries -- Juvenile literature -- Woodbury (N.J.)   ( lcsh )
Book printed as advertisements -- 1890   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1890
Genre: Book printed as advertisements.   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New Jersey -- Woodbury
Statement of Responsibility: by Palmer Cox.
General Note: Advertisement for Green's patent medicines, with promotional statements and testimonials interspersed and on endpapers.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00078663
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
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Dyspepsia Aunust Flower Torpid Liver
Pain in the Side Heartburn.
Headache CURES IT. Heart Palpitation
Nausea Constipation
Vomiting 75 Cts. a Bottle. False Diarrhiea
Dizziness Clouded Urine
Bitter Taste Nervousness
Coated Tongue one sote reall th r Loss of Sleep
Raising of Wind IBroken Health

ough Geman Syrup Tonsilitis
Feverish Cold G Laryngitis
Sore Throat CURES IT. Croup
Ulcerated Throat Whooping Cough
Hoarseness 75 Cts. a Bottle. Pleurisy
Cold in Head Bronchitis
Swollen Glands Three Doses Make a Asthma
Pneumonia Mending. Hemorrhage
The Grippe Consumption


DO YOU EVER HAVE Ague Conqueror
Malaria CURES IT.
Chills and Fever
Dumb Ague Large Size, Sl.O0
Ague Cake small sie,... .50
Breakbone Fever To be Depended on.

Intermittent Fever
Low Fever
Bilious Trouble
Aching of Bones
Worn-out Feeling

A copy of this book will be mailed free to any one sending their name and address to
G. G. GREEN, WOODBURY, N. J., U. 8. A.


Well Worth Reading.


mnies at BL



2 Boschee's German Syrup

"There hlie goes!"
"Who?" "Theman who
Q says I don't need to read
this book. What do I
want of medicines? I'm
as sound as a dollar!
Reckon I'll throw the
durned thing-" Hold
on! Not so fast, my friend.
S Wegrantyou are healthy,
vigorous,exuberant now!
But how long will you be so? Perhaps years, perhaps not a day.
Twenty-four hours can easily bring a cold, a nasty chill, an undigested
supper. Then there will be need of what this book says. What is good
farming, good carpentering, good store-keeping? Knowing what to
do when the time comes. What is good doctoring? The same thing.
The quickness, cheapness and completeness of a cure depend upon
how soon you take the remedy after you have felt the first symptoms.
SIR:-There are many common cough cures sold, but there is but
one great Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Pneumonia Remedy
Boschee'S What is it? A cure all? No, sir-emphatically, no,
sir No single combination of drugs on earth can
German Syrup cure everything, as we are well aware. We know
of Tar and that such claims are often made by men moro
Wild herry. anxious to get rich than to be honest. But there
y are frauds in every business. We have never
found our particular work hampered or disturbed by them in the
least. A bad doctor never hurts a good one. He helps him. So
BOScHEE'S GEIMAN SYRUP is not a cure-all. But for any disease or
trouble in the Throat and Lungs, it is miraculous. Why we speak so
confidently and use such strong terms, we will show you before we
are through.
SIR:-We earnestly ask that you read the statements in this book, and
credit them justly as the honest words of honorable men and women.
The Only Real In reference to your BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP,
Remledy for "it performs almost miraculous cures. There was
"a young lady living in this vicinity who had
Consumption. "gone to Columbus to attend school, and returned
"home about six weeks ago pronounced by the
"best physicians of Columbus a consumptive and incurable. The
"doctors here said the same, and she concluded she must die. I per-
"suaded her, however, to try BosC EE's GERMAN SYRUP, and after
"one bottle she felt so much better that she continued to use the medi-
"cine. After using folr bottles she was perfectly cured and was able
"to return to school, with many thanks for the wonderful recovery."

Heals Consumptive Lungs.

At early morn, like creatures wise,
With willing hands the Greenies rise
To fit themselves as best they may
For all the duties of the day.
They wash their faces, comb their hair,
And fix their garments on with care;
Some coupling fast the hook and eye,
To buttons more their hands apply,
While here and there still others rush
To use the whisp or blacking-brush.

4 Boschee's German Syrup

The majority of well-read physicians now believe that Con-
A Gern gumption is a germ disease. In other words, instead of being
Disease, in the constitution itself, it is caused by innumerable small
creatures living in the lungs, that have no business there,
and eating them away as caterpillars do the leaves of trees. The
phlegm that is coughed up is those parts of the lungs which they have
gnawed off and destroyed. These little bacilli, as the germs are called,
are too small to be seen with the naked eye ; but they are very much
alive just the same, and enter the body in our food, in the air we
breathe, and through the pores of the skin. Thence they get into
the blood, and finally arrive at the lungs, where they fasten and
increase with frightful rapidity.
S!R:-A person with an inherited tendency to Consumption would
never develop the disease if he could be absolutely protected against
infection with the-consumptive germ; but, once infected, the germs
multiply and produce the disease.-DR. AUSTIN FLINT, London, Eng.
We 0nquer There is both danger and hope in the above. Danger,
SnIque because we are liable to inhale the germs from the
Co0IlmUm tiOn. breath of a consumptive patient, in the dust of rooms,
or in infected neighborhoods, or swallow them in the
milk or meat of a consumptive cow. But there is hope-more hope
than danger. The constitution can be fortified and made germ-proof.
No matter how many we eat or breathe then, they will not stay or harm
us. Good blood, good digestion, good tissue, do this. For this special
purpose AUGUST FLOWER is intended. Where the germs are working
and thriving, even in bad Consumption, it will build up and gain
against them right along. Then GERMAN SYRUP comes in, loosens
them, kills them, expels them, heals the places they leave; and the two
so nourish and soothe that, in a magically short time, consumptives
become healthy, germ-proof, and well.
SIR:-GREEN'S AUGUST FLOWER makes healthy blood and a
vigorous body. BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP cleanses, soothes, and
strengthens the tissues and surfaces of the Throat and Lungs. The
two are an absolute safeguard against the consumptive germ.
or1itic( Here is something from Mr. FRANK A. HALE, pro-
Hereditary prietor of the De Witt House, Lewiston, and the
C011SoUmtion 11 ontine Hotel, Brunswick, Me. He says that he has
lost a father and several brothers and sisters from
Pulmonary Consumption, and is himself very frequently troubled
with colds. He often coughs enough to make him sick at the stomach.
Whenever he has taken a cold of this kind he uses BOSCHEE'S GERMAN
SYRUP, and it cures him every time. Here is a man who knows the
full danger of lung troubles, and would therefore be most particular
as to the medicine he used. What is his opinion. Listen! "I use
"nothing but BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP, and have advised, I pre-
" sume, more than a hundred different persons to take it. They agree
" with me that it is the best cough syrup in the market."

Saves Young People from Decline. b

Now off to school the Greenies go
To learn the rules that people -
know ;
So they through figure, speech, or
In best society may shine.

7. r _

SIR:-Persons are most liable to Consumption from fifteen to
thirty. Watch every cough, every chill, every sign of failing in the
younger members of the family. Give GERMAN SYRUP at once. It
will save them. Cheap cough medicines are of no good here.
An Episcopal EUFAULA, ALA.: My son has been badly afflicted
Rector, "with a fearful and threatening cough for several
"months; and, after trying several prescriptions
"from physicians which failed to relieve him, he has been perfectly
"restored by the use of two bottles of BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP.
"I can recommend it without hesitation." A chronic, deep-seated
cough like this is as severe a test as a remedy can be subjected to. It
is for these long-standing cases that BosCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP is
made a specialty.

Boschee's German Syrup

Will you be warned? This is no cheating catch, but a
Pneumonia. protest against the foolish indifference that put a dear
friend of yours under the ground last year. Beware
of Pneumonia at all times, but especially in the Spring. Be as alert as
you would in a fever-stricken district. It hovers in the bleak winds.
Lies in ambush in the thawing slush. Haunts every draught and
chill. Seizes you when you forget your overcoat and rubbers.
Promptness and GERMAN SYRUP stamp it out as one does glowing
embers. How shall you recognize it? Below is its picture:

At times upon excursions grand
They sally forth, a happy band,
:- Some pleasant verdant fields to find,
To hold their games of various kind.

Pneumonia Comes-
With chattering teeth, chill, shivers;
With early and high fever also;
With sharp, stabbing spasms;
With pain under the nipple;
With soreness of chest and body;
With difficulty of coughing and breath-
With weakness, languor, low spirits;
With insidiousness, danger, and death.
Pneumonia Goes-
With quickness, certainty, and ease;
With sound, solid recovery following;
With little of expense or suspense;-
When GERMAN SYRUP is used.

I- .

For Pneumonia and The Grippe. 7

A Phof her' "Some time since I had a very severe attack
A Photographer's of Pneumonia, which rapidly developed into
Pneumonia. "what the physicians pronounced a hopeless
"case. At this critical stage the doctor recom-
"mended the trial of BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP, which caused an
"immediate improvement, and ultimately, by the use of less than two
bottles, restored me to health."-SAMUEL SCHEETZ,
of Chandler & Scheetz, Artistic Photographers, 828
Arch Street, Philadelphia.
SIR:-A bottle of good medicine will be found in the
home of every sensible man. Annoying Coughs, Fever-
ish Colds, Sore Throats, and Pneumonia Symptoms,
frequent a family most. For these there is no better
and more economical medicine than GERMAN SYRUP.
The number of Pneumonia cases on our lists that have
The been successfully treated is beyond our count. There
Pneumonia is no room to print them. One or two, and-our word
for the others, must be sufficient. There is no occasion
Cure. for more. There is truth enough everywhere about
our medicines to keep our Laboratory rushing day and
night. Mr. ALBERT HARTLEY, Of Hudson, N. C., in February, was
taken with Pneumonia. His brother had just died from it. When
he found his doctor could not rally him he took one bottle of GERMAN
SYRUP, and came out sound and well. Mr. B. S. GARDINER, clerk with
Druggist J. E. Barr, Aurora, Texas, prevented a bad attack of Pneu-
monia last October by taking GERMAN SYRUP in time. Now, though
Mr. Gardiner was in the drug business and had physicians' prescrip-
tions, ready-made syrups, and his own knowledge to help him, he ran
no risks, but went to what the whole profession recognize as the best
remedy for dangerous lung diseases-BoscHEE's GERMAN SYRUP.,
SIR:-The Grippe was a bad thing.-Did you have it?-Many died
from it.-But vastly more yet will die from the effects of it.-For
months and years it leaves the system dangerously liable to sudden
Pneumonia and other diseases, even when apparently feeling well,
If ever you feel chilled or liable to cold, with danger ahead, you can
take GERMAN SYRUP and unhesitatingly depend upon it to ward off
attacks resulting from The Grippe.
My family and myself have been cured of The Grippe
The Grippe "by your medicines-GERMAN SYRUP and AUeusT
in the FLOWER. They give full satisfaction, and are just
what they are recommended to be. I think them the
Family. "best sold for this disease that is going about and killing
"so many people. It can be easily prevented and cured
"by the use of your GERMAN SYRUP and AUGUST FLOWER, as we
"have done. For the benefit of others I write this, and you are at
"liberty to use it."-H. C. HALOOMB, Commerce, Texas, Feb, 14,1890.

8 Boschee's German Syrup

At the Fully one-half of our customers are mothers who use
At t BoscHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP among their children. There
Cradle- are reasons for this. A medicine to be successful with
the little folks must have peculiar and grateful qualities
Side. in addition to its sterling curative virtues. GERMAN SYRUP
possesses these, being, though pleasant, not a mere baby-
soother or yell-subduer, but a treatment for the worst sudden and
terrible foes of childhood-whooping cough, croup, diphtheria, and all
the inflammations and dangerous aggravations of their delicate throats
and lungs.
SIR:-It is an excellent medicine for children, the best I have
ever used for Coughs, Colds, and Croup.-Mrs. WILLIAM STARK,
12 Spruce Street, Toronto, Canada.
For children a medicine should be absolutely reliable.
A True A mother must be able to pin her faith to it as to her
Family Bible. It must contain nothing violent, uncertain, or
dangerous. It must be standard in material and manu-
Medioine. facture. It must be plain and simple to administer; easy
and pleasant to take. The child must like it. It must
be prompt in action, giving immediate relief, as children's troubles
come quick, grow fast, and end fatally or otherwise in a very short
time. It must not only relieve quick, but bring them round quick,
as children chafe and fret and spoil their constitutions under long
confinement. It must do its work with moderate doses. A large
quantity of medicine in a' child is not desirable. It must not interfere
with the child's spirits, appetite, or general health. Finally, it must
be economical, giving the best and most lasting service at the most
reasonable price. These things suit old folks as well as young folks,
and make BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP the favorite family medicine.
SIR:-Your children are liable to Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats,
Croup, Whooping Cough, Inflammation of the Lungs, Consumption,
and other Throat and Lung Diseases. Children die of these wholesale,
yet prompt treatment would have saved most of them. GERMAN
SYRUP is a pleasant, quick, certain children's medicine. Keep it.
A Presby CLEVES, OHIo: "At night I have often been awakened
terian "by a croupy cough from one of my children, and it
"has been but a moment's work to rise and admin-
Pastor. "ister a few doses of BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP,
"and to experience no further trouble. For eight
"years it has been, and still continues to be with myself and family,
"a staple remedy. Wherever I have gone I have spoken in praise
"of it. At the persuasion of druggists, who did not happen to have
"BosCHEE's on hand, I have sometimes tried other cough compounds,
"but none of them proved as effective or econc .ical as the lbrmer."

Is a Favorite with the Children. 9

Some days away to ocean shore
They haste to sail or ply the oar,
And venture out
upon the wave
TAK SC 'E' As free from fear
TANK ~ /P as sailors brave,
/ AF AR And try the hook
CO/6s CO'LDs C & COUAPTI/OI or ready spear
I R'E NS U//6T fOW- At hungry fishes
fOR' Dft G 2S/ HDITION 0 swimming near.
foRlyBLAEh INV/GE5fTIO &g,

ck/l~a 670,941Z~

L '- -~ -- ~^^ ~ I
We have selected two or three lines here from letters freshly
Croup. received from parents who have given GERMAN SYRUP to
their children in the emergencies of Croup:
"I give it to my children when troubled with Croup, and never
saw any preparation act like it."-ED. L. WILLITS, dealer in Dry
Goods, Alma, Neb.
"It has no equal with my children for Croup and bad Colds."-
AMos FINcH, Tax Collector for Wise Co., Decatur, Texas.
"I have depended upon it in attacks of Croup with my little
daughter, and find it an invaluable remedy."-Mrs. JAS. W. KiuK,
Daughters' College, Harrodsburg, Ky.

10 Boschee's German Syrup

That Old Tro i Bronchitis, Asthma, Laryngitis, Tonsili.
That Old Trouble in tis, and other names too many and long
Your Throat and Lungs. to mention, are diseases of the Throat
or Lungs. Generally they are chronic,
troublesome, growing, and considered incurable. Very few phy-
sicians do more than attempt to make their endurance easy, and
you look in vain among the advertised prepared remedies for any-
thing for their relief that is reliable and worthy of your attention.
BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP is the one world-wide, successful specialty
for these. We assert with the utmost sincerity that it will cure com-
plaints of this kind, and the use of one bottle will convince any suf-
ferer that it possesses the virtue that makes complete recovery a near
and certain thing.
SIR:-BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP is a Specialist's prescription
for long-standing and baffling diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
Asthma. MI H.: I have had the Asthma badly ever since I came
"out of the army, and though I have been in the drug
business for fifteen years, and have tried nearly everything on the
"market, nothing has given me the slightest relief until a few months
"ago, when I consented to try BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP, and I am
"now glad to acknowledge the great good it has done me. I am greatly
"relieved during the day, and at night can go to sleep without the least
"trouble. I do not hesitate to recommend your goods to any one
"afflicted with Asthma." Can anybody with Asthma, after reading
this honest letter, refrain from trying GERMAN SYRUP.
0 SIR:-I believe in quality as well as quantity,
and consequently indorse GERMAN SYRUP. This
is the only recommendation I ever gave a proprietary
medicine, but without doubt BOSCHEE'S GERMAN
SYRUP is the greatest medicine I have ever used.-
A. M. CRAIG, Publisher of the Dispatch, Hope, Kan.
Out of the long files of cases we have cured by our
Bronchitis, remedies and methods we select this one as show-
ing what is being done in an ordinary, unpretentious
way every day in the year. C. M. McKELLIPS, PHOTOGRAPIIER,
CONNEESVILrLE, IND.: "I send you this testimonial unsolicited. I am
"usually troubled with bronchial affection and lung difficulty, and
"on this took a severe cold which settled on my lungs. I went to a
* physician who prescribed, but I received no apparent relief. I also
"tried several well-known preparations, but to no purpose. A friend
"recommended BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP. I took it reluctantly,
"when, to my surprise, it afforded me the much-needed relief from
' the spasmodic cough. I continued to use it with GREEN'S AUGUST
' FLOWER, according to directions. The cure was permanent, and I
"firmly believe your GERMAN SYRUP saved my life."

Price 75 Cents.-Saves Doctor's Bills. 11

A Doa Some people call in the
SDollar doctor for everything. \>
A Visit. This is nonsense. By t(P
reading and thinking Fo y, Sp
you can often save your hard-earned o tUq-f P
money. If your family are troubled 'O'
in the Throat or Chest, go to the store O NS D4
and buy a bottle of GERMAN SYRUP. !ON
It cures these troubles without tx-
pensive doctor's visits. -u/s
SYRUP you have the full benefit of a /VhN I s P T
marvelous prescription without a D ES./O.'0
marvelous doctor's bill. /LOEp/
A Baptist BELLEVUE, TEXAS: "I ..
Preacher. "take pleasure in rec- O 0vQ
"ommending your Bos- Ag '
'CHEE's GERMAN SYRUP to all, as I '
"have used it myself and also in my \
"family, and I have never tried any-
Sthing that was equal to it. I think Before the sun has
"it is the best coO gh syrup made, and showed his face,
"use no other." This is another ex- On Independence day they
pression from the large number of race
ministers who use our preparations ji, To flagpoles standing in the
and recommend them to their congre- square,
gations. Backed by such friends and % And give their banners to
customers, there is no room left for the air.
wonder at their immense sale, and There, streaming out both
firm, unshaken success. far and free,
The letters shine that all
Se / may see.

12 Boschee's German Syrup

Five Years. GRAPHIC STORY.-" I have been ill about five years,
"have had the best medical advice, and spent a great
"deal in various remedies. My worst symptom was bleeding. After
"three months' treatment by the doctor I was taken ill with severe
hemorrhages, and, in spite of everything he could do, repeated attacks
"continued for six weeks, until they became of daily occurrence. The
"doctor then stated my case hopeless. He had used every styptic-
"to stop bleeding-he knew of, and could do no more. I could get no
"sleep from the bleeding, and was so weak as to be scarcely able to
whisper my wants. Ice was used throughout. At this stage I
"decided to try BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP.

SIR:-Throat Consumption, Slow, Wasting Consumption, and
Rapid Hemorrhage Consumption, are relieved and cured by BOS-
CHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP. Proven by testimony.
I took the first dose in some doubt. This resulted in a
One Dose "few hours' easy sleep. There was no further hemor-
makes a "rhage till next day, when I had a slight attack which
Stopped almost immediately. By the third day all trace
Mending. of blood had disappeared, and I had recovered much
"strength. The fourth day I sat up in bed and ate my
"dinner-the first solid food for two months. Since that time I have
"gradually gotten better, and am now able to move about the house.
"My death was daily expected, and my recovery has been a great
"surprise to my friends and the doctor. There can be no doubt about
"the effect of the SYRUP, as I had an attack just previous to its use, and,
"as recommended by the doctor, had taken a mixture of ergotta in
"vain. The only relief was after the first dose of GERMAN SYRUP."
SIR:-So far as I know, pure air and tar are the only agents to
hope much from in Consumption.-Dr. CHAUVEAU, President of the
International Tuberculosis Congress, Paris, 1888. Pure air can be
had almost anywhere, and BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP contains
the purest and truest remedial Tar in the world, being distilled and
prepared by processes known to us alone.
This is what BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP will cost you. A
75 Cts. most reasonable price for such an article. It is valued by
those who use it not in dollars and cents, but in healing,
health, life. Measured by these it is priceless. A million times
seventy-five cents would not buy from you your life. Yet often it is
not worth a moment's purchase. Deadly disease hangs on it like a
mortgage. You are resourceless, helpless. Then this wonder-worker
steps in, pays the debt to Nature, stamps out every trace of the dis-
aster, and restores to you your heritage free, unincumbered, vigorous,
and sunny, as in days of old.

Stops Hemorrhage p Blood Spitting. 13
1iihi' Ii114.il II 1i LI!
-iiiLli' 'JI I At office-work their skill they show;
i 'Some keep type-writers on the go,
In heavy books more hide their face,
While others run from place to place;
SThus cheerfully they spend the day,
S, And never fail to draw their pay.

14 Boschee's German Syrup ,

Those who have not used BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP
A Throat for some severe and chronic trouble of the Throat and
and Lung Lungs can hardly appreciate what a truly wonderful
medicine it is. The delicious sensations of healing, eas-
Specialty.' ing, clearing, strength-gathering, and recovering, are
unknown joys. For GERMAN SYRUP we do not ask easy
cases. Sugar and water may soothe a throat or stop a tickling-
for a while., This is as far as the ordinary cough medicine goes.
BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP is a discovery, a great Throat and Lung
specialty. Where for years there have been sensitiveness, pain,
coughing, spitting, hemorrhage, voice failure, weakness, slipping
down hill-where doctors and medicine and advice have been followed
and swallowed to the gulf of despair-where there is the sickening
conviction that all is over and the end is inevitable-there we place
GERMAN SYRUP. It cures always. You're alive man yet if you take it!
SIR:-GERMAN SYRUP saved the life of my wife, and she is quite
well to-day.-A. D. LANE, Druggist, Montpelier, Vt.
Coughs, the opinion of a man who keeps a drug store, sells all
Sore Throat, medicines, comes in direct contact with the patients
and their families, and knows better than any one else
Roarseness, how remedies sell, and what true merit they have.
Diphtheria, He hears all the failures and suc-
cesses, and can therefore judge. "I
Voice Gone. "know of no medicine for Coughs,
"Sore Throat, or Hoarseness, that has
"done such effective work in my family as BOSCHEE'S
GERMAN SYRUP. It will invariably cure, as I know
"from experience. I also believe it is a great pro-
ventive against diphtheria, if used in time. It is a
"most effective remedy in cases of sleeplessness caused
"by severe coughs, giving almost instant relief. Your
"remedies give general satisfaction, and those who have used them
Sbuy again. Last winter a lady called at my store, who was suffer-
"ing from a very severe cold. She could hardly
talk, and I told her about GERMAN SYnur, and
"that a few doses would give relief; but she had
"no confidence in patent medicines. I told her to
take a bottle, and if the results were not satisfactory
"I would make no charge for it. A few days
"after she called and paid for it, saying she would
"never be without it in future, as a few doses had
"given her great relief."
SIR:-I shall certainly place the GERMAN SYRUP and AUGUST
FLOWER wherever I can, not for personal reasons alone, but because
of their intrinsic value, of which I have for years been convinced.-
D. LORRIAUX, Druggist, Ottawa, ill.

For Chronic Trouble in Throat or Lungs. 15

We are now at the end of our space for BOSCHEE'S
P. S. G-ERMAN SYRUP. We could have said much more had
we the room, but we expect to come again. What we
have said has been honest and square. This house is big,
professional, world-famous, and has no need to deviate one
hair's breadth from the truth. Our preparations sell on
their record; and their fame and good name are far more
influential than this book can possibly be. But we have
issued it to let you know what we are still doing, and to
impress upon the minds of those not yet converted to the truth that
BOscHEE's GERMAN SYRUP is something for the Throat and Lungs
unlike everything else, that it has an unparalleled history of success,
and that until you have used it you have neither tried the great
remedy for your complaint nor given yourself a fair chance for health.
One parting word: Pronounce no trouble of Throat or Lung incurable
until you have tried BOSCHEE'S GERMAN SYRUP. If you do, you
shut your eyes to the fairest hope that ever dawned on man.

SIR:-Finally-it has been proven-BOSCHEE'S GER-
MAN SYRUP-is no common Cough Cure-but a remark-
able Specific-reliable and successful-in the treatment
of Consumption-and all difficult and dangerous Throat
S and Lung Troubles.-Physicians prescribe it.-Druggists
recommend it-all classes use it-and when you need it-
try it-and don't be talked out of it.-Sold everywhere.-
Price, 75 Cts.
We have here culled some sentences from our letter-
Tho files showing how world-wide is the use of GERMAN
World Over. SYRUP, and in what various and deep-seated cases it is
successful. No common cough cure could do this work.
PHILIP PICKETTS, it an "Dreadful Cough on the Lungs-
Topeka Springs. JaUSas cured me."
F. E. HUSH, 1 NeT k Attack of Lung Trouble-com-
Adrian. If W 10 pletely cured."
JOHN B. GOODHUE, Texas Severe Cough, thought would turn
Beaumont. X into Pneumonia-cured."
JOHN PAUL I-IHLER, M Mr f" Weak Lungs and Consumption-
Wardsville. iS iSOuri cured by two bottles."
A. E. NEAL, Arkansas "Six months'Cold,borderingonCon-
Searcy. Aka s sumption-now entirely well."
W. D. PONDER, 1Al "Cured my little child, two years
Bynum's Station. JAlabama old, of Congestion of the Lungs."
GUIL. THIBAULT, n" Severe attack of Bronchitis-com-
315 St. Joseph St., Quebec.f lebec plete relief."
C. B. STICKNEY, Ontario f "Great sufferer for years from Asth-
Picton. Oaio ma -now in excellent health."
W. H. BAILEY, 1A lia "Suffered severely from Pleurisy-
Gundagai, N. S. W. W. -8U .ia C GERMAN SYRUP cured me."

16 For Dyspepsia and Biliousness

S This is the-query perpetually on your little boy's lips.
Wlat. iS And he is no worse than the bigger, older, balder-
It For? headed boys. Life is an interrogation point. What
is it for?" we continually cry from the cradle to the
grave. So with this little introductory sermon we turn and ask:
What is AUGUST FLOWER FOR?" As easily answered as asked: It
is for Dyspepsia. It is a special remedy for the Stomach and Liver.
Nothing more than this; but this, brimful. We believe. AUGusT
FLOWER cures Dyspepsia. We know it will. We have reasons for
knowing it. Twenty years ago it started in a small country town.
To-day it has an honored place in every city and country store, pos-
sesses one of the largest manufacturing plants in the country, and sells
everywhere. Why is this? The reason is as simple as a child's thought.
It is honest, does one thing, and does it right along-it cures Dyspepsia.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He feels that he is a sick man-Head,
Heart, Stomach, Liver, and Bowels, all in bad shape, and a source of
pain and woe.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
Mr. Geo0 e MASON Co., KY., doing a large business, and enjoying
W. Dye. the respect and confidence of all his neighbors. He is
a gentleman fifty-six years of age, has been married
thirty-two years, and has a family of two children. We give these
particulars to impress upon you the fact that Mr. Dye, and- all the
others whose statements appear in this book, are no chattering
children, who talk for the sake of hearing themselves, but are
Respectable, trustworthy people, heads of
S families, accustomed to controlling all their
Sections with a proper, business-like deliber-
1 action and discretion. What such persons say
is worthy of the consideration 'of any one.
SThey speak what they know about, and it is
just possible that they have solved the prob-
lem that you have painfully striven over
for a long while. Mr. Dye writes us under
'Ls --k., date of February 2d, 1889, as follows:
HOW DOES HE FEEL?-Ha feels a headache, generally dull
and constant, but sometimes violent and excrutiating.-AUGUST
FLOWER the remedy.

Gained "I used your AvousT FLOWER for Loss of Vitality and Gen-
"eral Debility. After taking two bottles I gained in flesh
69 Ibs, "until I weighed 215 lbs. My ordinary weight was about
"146 lbs. I have sold more of your AUGUST FLOWER since
"I have been in business than any other medicine I ever kept. Mn.
" PETER ZINVILLE, OF ROBERTSON Co., KY., says he was made a new
'"man by the useof AuvusT PLOWER recommended by me. I have
"hundreds tell me that AUGUST FLOWER has done them more good
"than any other medicine they ever took."

Use Green's August Flower.

I r
.- ', ,, ,-, -,,i ,i^ -- ,

LaIn the composing room some stand
To set the type with nimble hand;
Or at the printing presses find
A task that occupies their mind;
SWhile others pack the books with care
To send to people everywhere.

18 For Sick Headache and Vomiting

Fo d If you are one of the few funny people who have an
Forged idea that we sit in our office and write testimonials by
Testimonials. the yard-in other words, deliberately forge them-
and then throw them into a hat and take them to the
printer to be put in our books-why you don't know what you are
talking about-that's all. Or if you think that the people who write
them are poor; ignorant creatures, who for a dollar or a hot meal will
say anything we ask them to, why you are mistaken again-that's all.
The Rev. James Mitchell, the Rev. J. C. Davis, the Rev. J. Q. Burnett,
the Rev. S. W. Stubbs, Mrs. T. W. Kirk, Mr. Alonzo Sleeper, and all
the other people mentioned in this book are reliable, respectable men
and women, living at the addresses given them, and may be reached
any day with a two-cent stamp. To invent testimonials and tell
untruths in this way is both immoral and criminal; and for us to do it
would be also silly, unnecessary, and unbusiness-like, seeing that we
are daily in receipt of genuine letters like the following:
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He feels his eyes bulge from his head, his
sight grow dim, black spots appear.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
A Proll t KENT Co., DEL., and lives at Dover, the county seat
Off0cial. and capital of the State. The office of Sheriff is always
one of importance and responsibility, and in this case
is doubly so, being held at the seat of the State government, where the
Shoulder is brought into increased prominence, and his name and word
carry weight and influence from one end of the peninsula to the other.
The endorsement of men in positions like this is particularly valuable,
as they would ponder long and weigh well whatever
statement they might make for publication, and assure
.9 themselves that it contained nothing they might after-
wards be ashamed of, or were not prepared to substan-
tiate and stand up to at any time. The Sheriff says:
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He feels a hard, grip-
pi.g, acid lump at times somewhere in the throat.-
AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
0Food o0ms Up. :"I have used your AUGusT FLOWER for several
d Cmes Up. "years in my family and for my own use, and
Sourness. "found it does me more good than any other
"remedy. I have been troubled with what I call
"Sick Headache. A pain comes in the back part of my head first, and
"then soon a general headache until I become sick and vomit. At
': times, too, I have a fullness after eating, a pressure after eating at the
"pit of the stomach, and sourness, when food seems to rise up in my
"throat and mouth. When I feel this coming on if I take a little
" AUGUST FLOWER it relieves me, and is the best remedy I have ever
"taken for it. For this reason I use it and recommend it to others as
"a good remedy for Dyspepsia and stomach troubles,"

Take Green's August Flower. 19

-/ The wisest Greenies through
S the day
Within the Laboratory stay,
From choicest root and herb
and flower
SExtracting a// their wondrous
pWh ower,
Which they by processes pro-
In found
In famous medicines compound

Our medicines are original, our methods new, our care unceasing, our chemists
thorough, our ingredients the pick of the market, our success complete.

20 For that Horrid Stomach Feeling

MR. LORENZO F. SLEEPER is very well known to the
LorenZO citizens of Appleton, Me., and the neighborhood. He
F. Sleeper; was married there thirty years ago, and has lived
among them with his six children ever since. His
Appleton, Me. reputation for veracity, integrity, and sound common
sense is unquestioned, and the circumstances he now
relates are familiar to every one in that place, and have so firmly estab-
lished the merits of our medicines in their convictions as to lead to
their general use in all the homes in the community. He says:
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He vomits everything he eats; then, in
a few minutes, feels the horrid distress coming on, and has to eat and
suffer again.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
S"I am fifty-three years of age, five feet eleven
Ris Dyspepsia "inches in height, and of good, tough, stout con-
Story. "stitution. When sick my weight was 165 lbs.,
Sbut since my recovery it has gone up to 200 lbs.
"Eight years ago I was taken sick, and suffered as no one but a
"dyspeptic can." A great many will know what that means.
"I employed three of our best doctors, and received no benefit. They
"told me that I had heart, kidney,'and liver trouble. At the end of a
"year I found the doctors to be making no headway and myself
"growing worse all the time.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? After trying three doctors for a year, and
growing worse all the time, he tries a little of our medicine, completely
recovers, and can now eat anything.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
s Pork and "So I went to reading myself, and made up my
Eats Pork an "mind that it was Dyspepsia that was the matter
Beans Now. "with me." A very, very sensible conclusion,
that it would pay lots of others to come to. "I
"began taking AUGUST FLOWER. At that time I was a great
"sufferer. Everything I ate distressed me so that I had to throw
"it up. Then in a few moments that horrid distress would come on
"and I would have to eat and suffer again. I took a
"little of your medicine, and felt so well right away that ,4
SI went to eating pork and beans and anything that came
"along. After taking a little more AUGUST FLOWER my
"Dyspepsia disappeared, and since that time I have never
"had the first sign of it. I can eat anything without the
"least fear of distress. I am ready to testify under oath
"that if it had not been for AUGUST FLOWER I should
"have died before this. I wish all that are afflicted with
"that terrible disease or the troubles caused by it to try
'AUGUST FLOWER, as I am satisfied there is no medicine equal to it.
"My wife says: Tell Dr. Green his AUGUST FLOWER saved my hus-
"band's life.'"
HOW DOES HE FEEL ? The reader feels like trying it, too.

Take Green's Ai

At times the Greenies pleasure take
In sporting on the glassy lake;
Some row, some swim at rapid rate,
While others fling their tempting bait.

gust Flower. 2

~~ .

In twenty-five acres of 1
medicines have their


Csrif r .r ~~. r r;
r~r.~lrr1! r
Y~IY9. ~-;iBil I -II-

22 After Irregular or Fast Eating

MOSES T. WILLIAMS is a sturdy Virginian, living with his
A Mlai wife and family at Colvin Run, Fairfax Co., Va. He stands
Carrier. six feet in his stockings, has a strong constitution, and now
enjoys excellent health. Years ago he was engaged in car-
rying the mails through some of the roughest and wildest parts of the
State. During that time he was 'exposed to all weathers, and had
necessarily very irregular habits, going without food sometimes for
long periods, and then eating again at midnight and the most unseason-
able hours. As every other man does who plays the same game with
Nature, he had to pay the penalty.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? Work presses, and he has to eat at any
time and any where, hastily bolting all kinds of bad food and cooking.
-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
n A t One afternoon in August, 1883, things came to a climax.
One Auglst He had not been feeling well for some time, but gave
Afternoon. it little attention until that day, when, on eating a piece
of cheese, he suddenly became so sick that he thought
he would never reach home. From that time his troubles com-
menced. Doctor after doctor was tried, remedy after remedy-down to
within two years ago-but no relief, no improvement. He grew worse
all the time. For six months nothing stayed on his stomach. His
food came back as soon as eaten. Milk, when swal-
Milk Curdled. lowed, came back within a minute; curdled hard by
the acids in the stomach. To use his own words:
"It did seem like nature to-spit up my food at all times of the day."
What food did stay in him passed through him undigested. His
bowels were irregular and costive, and he passed sometimes large
numbers of thread worms in a day. The disease deranged all parts of
the body. He had pains in the loins, 3hest, shoulders, and running
through the limbs, his heart was affected, his ears filled with buzzing
and roaring, and black spots danced continually before his eyes. .
HOW DOES HE FEEL? Buzzing and roaring in the ears, black
spots before the eyes, running pains in the loins, chest, and shoulders.
All from Dyspepsia.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
0_ T ~At this stage he took AuarsT FLOWER, and in a short
Celvin Ruim time was completely relieved. He sums up his experi-
Unanimous. ence thus: It is the best medicine that can be had and
"cheap. I induced Mr. Moxley, our merchant at Colvin
"Run, to try a bottle, and he then sent for a box. I have advised
"several others to try it, and they say the same thing." Mr. Williams
has regained his health, and is now sturdy enough to stand without
discomfort the fatigue and exposure of the duties of night watchman of
the coal pits near Colvin Run. We have also heard from Mr. W. A.
Moxley, general merchant at Colvin Run, who states that he is
now using AUGUST FLOWER, and is deriving great benefit from it and
selling it largely. These are men well known in that locality, and the
facts may easily be corroborated by inquiry there

Use Green's August Flower. 23

S \ In summer days they often meet
S' / Upon the lawn with music sweet;
4 ,On sport exciting some are bent,
Or on refreshments in the tent;
While others sweet companions find
And ties of love or friendship bind.

In vacation, change of climate, food or water bring on Stomach and Bowel
Troubles. Take AUGUST FLOWER in your valise.

24 For Palpitation of the Heart

Heart This is a subject upon which we need a good deal of enlight-
enment. We have grown up to regard the heart as a very
Disease. important thing-the driver of the whole system-and know
that when it stops, life stops. We have also learned that it
is subject to many and peculiar diseases, all of which are difficult to
treat and some impossible to cure. This is very true and very serious.
But nine times out of ten you and the doctors call it
Nothing but heart disease when the heart is as sound as a dollar, and
Dyspepsia it is the stomach that is wrong. The sudden pain, the
suspending, the palpitating, the tumbling, the flutter-
ing pulse, the drawn sensation, the sense of pressure, distress, stifling,
are the surest signs of dyspepsia, and will completely dis-
c appear if that is corrected. We are justified in saying,
from the experience of the last twenty years, that AUGUST
SFLOWER will entirely relieve and restore to soundness
ninety per cent. of the victims of so-called heart trouble.
Have you ever thought of that? Here isan illustration:
HOW DOES HE FEEL? Head and neck full of blood;
arteries bursting; pulses irregular, rapid, and loud; heart
beating violently.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.

Eight Doctors Mrs. SARAH J. Cox is a widowed lady, living with
g her four children at Defiance, Ohio. On February
Mistake. 25th, 1889, she wrote us, making the following re-
markable statement: "There was scarcely anything
"I didn't go through in the five years that I was sick. Eight doctors
"treated me for Heart Disease, and one for Rheuma-
"tism, but none did me any good. They all said I
could not live." Remember, mind you, that this lady
lives in a large city, where she could command the
best medical service. She goes on to say:
HOW DOES HE FEEL? Strange dropping, turn-
bling, contracting, drawn sensations at the heart,
fluttering of the pulse, swimming and gone sensations
that take the breath, and make him feel the end has
come.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.

Drowsiness, "Before the spells came on me I could hardly
keep awake, I was so drowsy. Then one pain
Running Pains, "after another would take me and go all over me.
"My limbs would swell so that at times you
Swelling Limbs, "couldn't tell where my joints were. It would
"sometimes, again, commence in my joints and
Smothering, "then settle in my stomach; and, when it worked
"that way, I would almost smother. I could
Stomach Distress, "not speak aloud, and everything that I took
"into my stomach seemed to distress me. Sleep
Speech Gone. "left me, and everything worried me so."

Take Green's August Flower. 25

Ringing Noises, "Then there were such noises in my-
Rigig Nis, head all the time; and there was a cloud
Clouded Sight. "that rested over my eyes till my eye- ,s.
"sight became so dim that I was afraid I
The Heart would go blind. My heart would seem
Stops Beating, "to stop beating, then flutter, and then
op, "seem to drop down, and at such times
Flutters, "I would get so weak that I couldn't
"move. The doctors, nine in number,
Drops.Down. "pronounced it heart disease, but one
Utter Weakness. "said it was rheumatism of the stomach.
SI had taken all kinds of medicine that did me no
"good, until I got hold of one of the leaves of your book through a
"neighbor who had brought me something to eat.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He has a headache, generally dull and
constant, but sometimes violent and excrutiating, with pain in the
eyes, miserable sensations in the stomach, and a greasy skin.-
AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
I sent and got GREEN'S AUGUST FLOWER. When
Now Healthy I commenced I could take only ten drops at a
And Strong. time, I was so weak. I took the bottle and began
"to mend right away. My color, which was a
"yellow-green, disappeared, and instead of being so weak that I
"couldn't hold my head up I am to-day stout, hearty, and strong,
"and enjoy the best of health. All this has come about through your
"medicine, for which I feel truly thankful. AUGUST FLOWER has
"saved my life and given me my health to-day."
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He is troubled with Chronic Constipa-
tion, perhaps varied with a false, irritating Diarrhoea; his bowels are
painful and strangely agitated and distended; his stools are peculiar
in color and foul smelling, and he frequently passes worms and par-
ticles of undigested food.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
The conclusion to be drawn from this story is inevit-
IS your able. If you think you have heart disease, doubt it.
Heart Disease No matter what friends or doctors tell you. You can
see how easy it is to err. Heart complications are
-Bosh ? deceiving things. So before you consign yourself to
the joy-killing conviction that you are the subject of
that awful, irrevocable, panther-footed disease, give
yourself a fair, square showing. Cheer up I Doubt it!
Nine to one it is dyspepsia, stomach trouble, and, if
so, easily cured. Follow Mrs. Cox's example. Try
AUGUST FLOWER. It has cured more heart troubles /
than we can number, and unless we are greatly mis-
taken, a little medicine and a little time will find you
healthy, hearty, and happy, with a heart beating as
sound and steady as the piston of a steam engine, .--

26 For Rousing a Sli


And when the nights grow long and chill,
And winter whistles o'er the hill,
They sometimes deck each room and hall,
And hold a merry, social ball;
Where, till the sun the east has found.
They move through dances square and round.

Indigestion and a bad liver make a man too sour and sick for company. AUGUST
FLOWER will brighten him and righten him.

Stimulate with August Flower. 27

CANTON, OHIO, said, in a recent address: "The State
Talks on "demands certain evidences concerning the teacher's
"mental abilities and moral character, but I desire to
Teachers' "say that the most indispensable possessions of a
Digestions. teacher of youth are good health and a cheerful dis-
'position. Is he well?-with all that implies for weal or
"woe to his little kingdom! Did he enjoy quiet communion with
"Nature's sweet restorer? Has he had a good breakfast? and, upon
consideration, is he glad he ate it? Or has he dyspepsia, or insomnia,
or malaria, or an aching void in the cerebral cavity that the world
can never fill? If the applicant for a certificate does not know how
"to extract square root, he can learn; if he offends the minor morali-
ties by smoking cigars and using an occasional o'er-emphatic word,
he can quit it; but if he is dyspeptic and gloomy and cross, and carries
a frown on his brow to match the frown in his disposition, from such
"may the Turk, the comet, or the good Board of Education deliver us!"
HOW DOES HE FEEL? As all other professional or business
men who lead sedentary, confined lives. Indigestion, Torpid Liver,
Constipation, Headache, Piles, &c.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
ANew York PLACE, ELMIRA, N. Y., writing, says: "This
School Mistress. spring, while away from home teaching my first
term in a country school, I was perfectly wretched
with that human agony, Dyspepsia. I had been homesick ever since
"leaving, for it was my first experience in being away for so long a
"time; but, when suffering from Dyspepsia, I became more homesick
and wretched than before. After dieting for two weeks,
and getting no better, a friend wrote me, suggesting that
"I take AUGusT FLOWER. The very next day I pur-
chased a bottle. It was a beautiful June day, but I had
"been suffering dreadfully, and in the evening was par-
"ticularly sick and blue. I am delighted to say, however,
"that the AUGUST FLOWER I took helped me very much
"indeed, so that now I have quite recovered from my
"horrid indisposition and the morbid state caused by it."
No teacher can maintain the clear head, cool nerves, even temper, and
hopeful disposition, so absolutely necessary to success, unless he has
a good digestion. The nature of his life makes this difficult to pre-
serve, but AUGUST FLOWER will insure it all the year round.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? Irritable, dull, despondent, hesitating-
Dyspeptic. Many a brilliant writer, orator, teacher, financier, and
business general, has been spoiled thus. To make the most of gifts
and opportunities there must be a good digestion, healthy organs,
clean blood, unclouded brain, steady nerves, vigorous will, iron con-
stitution-and then follows glorious success. But good digestion
comes first. For this-use AUGUST FLOWER.

Green's Ague Conqueror

If he eats inferior or improper food, he upsets his diges-
Does that tion. If he eats bad cooking, he does it. If he eats in a
Man Eat ? hurry, he does it. If he doesn't chew his food, he does it.
If he doesn't take exercise, he does it. If he loses sleep,
he does it. If his business worries him, he does it.. Any of these
things give a man Dyspepsia. If he neglects to attend to it then it
becomes chronic, every part of his body feels it, and he is at his wit's
end to know which to doctor first.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He feels he has Dyspepsia through
living as described above.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
Here is Mr. JESSE BARKER, a newspaper man in Hum-
A Bilious boldt, Kan., who has been afflicted with Biliousness and
Printer. Constipation for fifteen years. He takes AUGUST FLOWER
after experimenting around with a good many things, and
finds its effects wonderful. He is relieved of the disagreeable stomach
pains he has been troubled with so long, his bowels move freely and
regularly, his skin loses its yellow cast, and his headaches disappear.
He says he has a new lease on life, and would like every bilious, con-
stipated citizen to do as he has done.
HOW DOES HE FEEL ? He is bilious like Mr. Barker. He feels
bad, he tastes bad, he sleeps bad, he aches bad, he thinks bad; Now,
to feel like Barker does-good.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
Tale ^, JOHN QUIBELL is the friend of JOHN GILBERT. They
Tle both live at Holt, York Co., Ont., Can. John Gilbert
Two Friends. has been sick and cured, and John Quibell is so de-
lighted that he writes to tell us about it. In fact, we
had something to do with it. Mr. Gilbert's trouble was an inactive
liver and kidneys. He grew horribly emaciated and as yellow as
parchment. For a long time he struggled on, finding no help in any-
thing and given up to die. Then came AUGUST FLOWER. He took it.
The effect has been magical, for he has been restored to perfect health,
to the great astonishment and happiness of his family and friends. It
is needless to add that AUGUST FLOWER sells well at Holt, York Co.,
Ont., Can.
HOW DOES HE FEEL? He feels curious to know if it will stir
up his own sluggish liver and throw off his own biliousness as it did
John Gilbert's. It certainly will.-AUGUST FLOWER the remedy.
Uone Every case must come to an end. This has. The evidence
OnO t0 is in, the pleas made, and it remains but to charge the jury
tle Jury and let them retire for their verdict. You are the jury.
We have no law for your observance but the law of Com-
mon Sense. No caution for your actions but that you be honest ano
unprejudiced. No instructions for your guidance but that you follow
the evidence. What is it? This, that AUGUST FLOWER, GERMA]
SYRUP, AGUE CONQUEROR -care what they are recommended for in
every case. This proven, what will your verdict be? "Try 'em, too!"

Breaks Chills and Fever. 29
As Christmas time comes 'round apace
A smile sit" on each Greeri-e'- face -
i jlil ,' ThI' n ar- ti- libl .: ,' mjn' .; tlriiiJ
I ,; I th i urkey r..'I, ord cranb-r r red.
' ll .'l l ; I I I i l ::i, r j t u' rel/ h en;
Si 1 ."'. V m' A, ni '..' bh duti,. rc
i od Sold *.'h d I 'Irl purr:h ther-.

S'i "- k' ",, 1 i' t!l~-~i

^ =-,_. ^ 1,i t- ',
-" '11

's ,, .. '-- ,.a' -- '".
+iW j,=1. /- ?;.--- <-,' -.. ',.",=.,

Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, and other good things, upset you now.
They ought not to. Tako LUCTUSTi F'LOWE'S-0C t aytiing.

Ague Conqueror Cleanses

Drivs Out Did you ever live in a chill country-where the people
rives u burn and shake all day-where intermittent and remit-
hmills tent fevers, break-bone fevers, bilious fevers, enlarged
livers and spleens, take all the life out of the people and
Forever. all the energy out of the community? Did you ever
know of any cured? No! They live on quinine and
are daily dosed with the most violent, poisonous drugs. What result?
A temporary relief-that's all. No chills are cured, no health regained.
The malaria stays in the system, and, on top of it, all the evil habits
and deadly effects of the poisons taken as medicines. Now, then, in
the face of all this failure, we deliberately say: GREEN'S
AGUE CONQUEROR cures Chills. It breaks them without
harm. It breaks them permanently. It contains no
poison. In itself it is harmless. It will not do five
hundred things; but it will break Chills, make a man
feel "tip-top," and fortify him for living safely in a
malarial country. Try; experiment; buy. There is but
one medicine that can drive Malaria out forever, and
HOW DOES HE FEEL? If there is a real cure for Chills he wants
to know it. Here it is: "We have sold dozens of your AGUE CON-
QUEROR this fall and winter. It gives perfect satisfaction, making a
permanent cure of Chills."-A. W. LOYD & CO., Boydton, Va.
Wherb PACKING CO., living at Nutley, N. J., writes: I was taken
Qu1linile very ill with vomiting, and for a long time had no appetite
and could not create any desire to eat. This was followed
Failed. "by severe chills and fever. I took quinine and Dover
"powders without any relief. Afterward I commenced
using GREEN'S AGUE CONQUEROR and it gave me immediate relief,
"and I have been free from any symptoms of the kind ever since.
"I have never enjoyed better health in my life than at present."
QUEROR with the most satisfactory results for Malaria and Fever
and Ague."-J. C. MORGAN, Parkdale, Ont., Can.
Malaria 0 Than you think. If a man shakes-shakes enough
Malaria Foos to make his eyes rattle-then it's plain enough. He
You Oftener has Chills and Fever, and doctors for it. But there
are other things not so plain. These mortals who
are played out-malaise, as the French aptly say-which just means
" feeling bad all over." Not sick abed, but head not just right, and
stomach and liver and kidneys and bowels and blood the same way-
all not just right. What do they call it? Spring fever, hot weather, the
water, overwork, confinement, change of season, constitutional weak-
ness, anything but what it really is-Malaria. It is worse than the
Chills and Fever, both because of its worse effects on the sy'em, and
also because it misleads folks, and thus prevents a cure.

The System of Malarial Poison.

And when the sun sinks in the west
The Greenies seek their bed of rest;
Some quiet lie, a peaceful crowd,
While others romp or snore aloud;
But slumber deep soon shuts each eye
Until the break of day draws nigh.

82 Malaria Poisons all Men.

Tonics, Appetizers, Cordials, Malts, Blood Purifiers, and
Say to the Spring Medicines, for weakness, loss of appetite, used-up
Run-down tired feelings, and a general run-down condition, are not
what you want. They may be very good-we do not
Man question it-but they do not hit the mark. Your trouble
is Malaria. They are for something else. What you need
is a medicine to counteract and drive out this poisonous vegetable
fungus that is lodged in you everywhere. AGUE CONQUEROR will do
this. A little of it will do it. For people living in places afflicted with
these peculiar troubles AGUE CONQUEROR is essential in the home. It
will brace the whole family up, clean their systems, clear their heads,
freshen their blood, enliven their livers, and make them feel just splen-
did all the season through. They can do two days' work in one with it.
HOW DOES HE FEEL ? All broken up. He does not know why.
Malaria Poison from the soil.-AGUE CONQUEROR is the medicine.
Agle Anecdotes. If you are fair-minded, and interested in knowing
Show to get rid of Malaria, three letters will con-
vince you thoroughly. If you are bigoted, prejudiced, or indifferent,
three hundred will not.
IN THE SPRING when everything is sappy and moist Malaria fills
the air, causing what we call Spring Fever.
A Lost Chill. Two months since Mr. CHEATHAM BOREN, ofArling-
ton, took a chill in my drug store. On the following
"day he bought the AGUE CONQUEROR, took three doses, missed his
"chill, and hasn't had one since."-P.Q. REED,Druggist,Arlington,Ky.
NEW LAND, high or low, is soaked through with Malaria.
Dumb Ague Down. Three years ago I was taken with the fever,
"and after recovering I was taken with Dumb
Ague, and tried doctor after doctor; but they failed to do me any
permanent good. After taking one bottle of AGUE CONQUEROR I
"was entirely cured."-H. G. JOHNSON, Monroe City, Mo.
ALL DAMPNESS, changeable temperature, hot weather, and
night air, give people Malaria.
Virginia Fevers Go. "I have been selling AGUE CONQUEROR for
About three years, and can say that I have
"not yet known of a case of Fever and Ague that has not yielded to
"its wonderful curative powers. I have heard of stubborn cases out
"of my neighborhood, and have sent them a bottle, always with the
" same result-a cure."-A. T. MEARS, Mearsville, Va.
NEVER FORGET.-One thousand and one miserable feelings, that
we cannot well account for, are brought on by this Malaria. It's the
least understood thing going.-AGUE CONQUEROR is the medicine.
The Price Of our preparations: AUGUST FLOWER, 75 cents. GERMAN
SYRUP, 75 cents. AGUE CONQUEROR, large size, $1.00;
small size, 50 cents.

Caution I to our uzi'omerz.

LL good and useful things have their fraudulent imitations,
all useful invenuoun and discoveries have thetr worthless
substitutes, and many dangerous frauds live off Lhetr ances-
tors' reputation, o.r by aduopLung the cloak of some moral and
creditable profusion, such la temperau,:e or religion. Boschee's
German Syrup and Green's August Flower, beiug among th.:
c!dest and best established preparations known, ai!o have their
parasites in the way of worthless substitutes and imitators tn ing to
impose on the sick. \Ve take this method of iarni',i our cus-
toners to keep on their -uard if they wish the ee'-u:'.e Green's
August Flower, or Boschee's German Syrup introduced in
1S61, which has the name, L. M GREEN \\ooJl.ur-, N. J.,"
blown on each bottle, and printed on each wrapper and labeL
Some medical and pharmaceut,.. al boLks and papers haveseecial
tines published what they claim are the recip-e of Boschee's
German Syrup and Green's August Flower. \\' here pro
nounce them not onl\ decidedly al-e, but libelous-clah elated to:
deceive the people, physicians and druggists. Some competentt
druggists or persot.- no doubt, have attempted to make up these
prescriptions and sell them for the same as our medicines. Some
of tlicsl papers and books are exteusi.erly Fpatronized b:, drugists,,
and should be more rei~lble. \e denounce all published recipes
purporting to be the August Flower or German Syrup, that v.
have seen, to be U.dcd.,'yr ..'.se. not only in r.:-card to quantity of
ingredients, but in the kind of ingredients used, and if conutined
we shall in future publicly expose the uames of such publications
Beware of medicines otfered to Tou by druggists purporting to
be made under the same recipe as Boschee's German Syrup or
Green's August Flower. Such statements are false.
Also medicine offered you under imnilar name', such as Ger-
man 2hxir," "Dr. German Syrup." German Cough Syrup,"
"Prairie Flov.er." Mlay Flov.er." &c. Some drug.;its have tried
to induce customers to take other preparations, claiming they were as
good-simplvy b cause they made a larger proft:; use only Boschee's
German Syrup and Green's August Flower, the Origiuaj
Preparations, which have the name of L M. GREEN, Woodbury,
N. J.." on every wrapper and label, also blown in each bottle.
REWARD.-A Liberal rev.ard mill be paid to any person noufy-
ing me of any, such infringements. Inforniant's name will not be
used. No druggist who desires a good name should countenance
a remedy that does not go before the public on its own merits, and
itsl ca *I l.0lllt'. ________________________
G. G. GREEN, Sole Manuf'r,

. . . .

"'-' W ,Ot
I W1,
Aw 4


ill ifill s 8,UIR T1,
rf P'

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