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Title: Leeward Islands gazette
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Publication Date: 1872-
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Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: 1- , 1872-
General Note: Two pages per frame.
General Note: Supplements, issued with some numbers, contain departmental reports, Meteorological registers, ordinances, statutory rules and orders, etc., of Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, and the British Virgin Islands.
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THubRiShbe2 bMAY 1.9lut 5oor2t.o2,


N notices.

Empire Day Movement.

(Non-party. Non-sectarian


A message from the President
V.C., P.C., G.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O.

PLE," said His Late Majesty King
GEORGE VI, in a broadcast message to
you last Christmas Day. Indeed, it is
this special aptitude for friendliness
and Socratic respect for the opinion of
others that has knit together into so
unique a partnership, the British Com-
monwealth and Empire.

Mistakes and misunderstandings
there have been; but these have never
done more than temporarily obscure
the ideals for which so many have
struggled--with bravery and devo-
tion, with sincerity of purpose.

Today we stand on the threshold of
a new ELIZABETHAN era. Let us
rightly draw inspiration from the
proud sixteenth century whence
sprang the seed of Empire: but let us
also renew our faith in the principles
of social harmony and fellow-feeling
which brought the seed to flower;
and, resolve, moreover, by word and
deed, to proffer the same good-will to
those people beyond our gates who
have espoused another way of life.

And now a special message for you, rerospe
young people, who are so accustomed In co
to take for granted the friendship that Excelle:
exists between the peoples of our Bill, bu
many races. That is all to the good: new le
but do not forget those we call Bill. tho
foreigners, many of whom find their retrospe
way into our lands to visit us, or live of duty.
with us. Here they are best able to
see for themselves the true meaning The Sec
which lies behind our celebration of An
Empire Day. Your honesty, courage 21st
and kindliness towards them will help
to overcome those ugly misunder- 47/00090.
standings which keep nations apart.


Legislative Council.

In exercise of the powers vested in
him by section 33 (2) of the Antigua
Constitution and Elections Ordinance,
1951 (No. 10/1951) His Excellency
the Governor does not assent to the
Bill passed by the Legislative Council
on the 27th day of July, 1950 enti-
tled an Ordinance to amend further
the Tobacco Ordinance, 1939."

By His Excellency's Command,

Colonial Secretary.
21st May, 1952.


foregoing Bill which was
by the Antigua Legislative
Son the 27th July, 1950, had as
ct a reduction of the rate of
1 locally manufactured tobacco
r to assist a local industry and
erred to the Secretary of State
horization of the Governor's
The Secretary of State noted
e manufacturer will still be
o pay duty at the present high
i tobacco manufactured up to
e when the Bill is assented to
vised that if a reduced rate
prior to the assent to the Bill
ended, the Bill should include
nt and be given the necessary
active operation.

sequence of this advice, His
ncy has refused assent to the
it it is proposed to introduce
gislation in the terms of this
tugh containing a clause giving
active effect to a reduced rate

May, 1952.

My best wishes to you all--young It is notified for general informa-
and old-for happiness and, above all, tion that the Traffic Commissioner
for your continued endeavour in our has, with the approval of the Admin-
ultimate purpose of world peace. istrator, appointed Supt. A. A. M.
HILL to be a Licensing and Examining
GOWRIE. Officer under Section 4 (2) of the

Vehicles and Road Traffic Ordinance
No. 5 of 1946.

By Order,

Clerk to the Administrator.
Administrator's Office,
St. John's,
16th May, 1952.
Ref. No. A. 47/6.

No. 52.

Appointments and transfers, etc..
in the public service, with effect frni
the dates stated, are published for
general iniormation:-

ARTHURTON, Miss N. E. R., to be
Junior Clerk, Post Office, Mont-
serrat. Feb. 23

M.E. 275.
ADAMS, S., Uncertificated Teacher,
Education Department, Antigua, to
be Certificated Teacher Class II,
Education Deparbment, Antigua.
Jan. 1

BRAMBLE, Miss D., to be temporary
Certificated Teacher, Class II,
Education Department, Montserrat.
April 1
M.E. 316.
DEFREITAS, H., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Education Department, Anti-
gua, to be Certificated Teacher
Class II, Education Department,
Antigua. Jan. 1

DEFRRITAS, M., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Education Department, Anti-
gua, to be Certificated Teacher, Class
II, Education Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1

FARQUHAR, D., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Education Department, Anti-
gua, to be Certificated Teacher Class
II, Education Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1

FERRANCE, E., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Education Department, Anti-
gua, to be Certificated Teacher Class
II, Education Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1

FRANCIS, A., Uncertificated Teacher,
Education Department, Antigua, to
be Certificated Teacher Class II,
Education Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1

- -- -I--

3~8~70 F

No. 23.


GORDON, S., Uncertificated Teacher,
Ednuca;tion Department, Antigua, to
be Certificated Teacher, Class II,
E'lucation Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1
B ENRY, B., Uncertificated Teacher,
Education Dep rtament, Antigua, to
be Certificated Teacher, Education
D'-partment, Antigua. Jan. 1

JOSHUA, Miss J., to be Uncertificated
Teacher, Education Department,
Antigca. Jon. 1

KNIGHT, Miss B., to be Uncertificated
Teacher, Education Department,
Antigua. Feb. 18

KNIGHT, Miss B., Uncertificated
Teacher, Education Department,
Antigua, to be Certificated Teacher
Class II, Education Department,
Antigua. Jan. 1

LIMERICK, Miss S., Uncertiticated
Teacher, Education Department,
Antigna, to be Certificated Teacher
Class II, Education Department,
Antigua. Feb. 18

LOOBY, H., Uncertificated Teacher,
Education Department, Antigua. to
be Certificated Teacher Class II,
Education Department. Antigua.
Jan. 1

MARGETSON. Dr. N. J. L., M.B.E.,
Surgeon Specialist (Resident Medi-
cal Superintendent) Holberton
Hospital, Antigua, to act as Senior
Medical Officer, Antigna, in con-
junction with his substantive
duties. May 7

MASON, H. O., to le Junior Clerk,
Commissioner's Office, Montserrat.
March 25
M.E. 284.

PIGOTT, Miss D., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Eldcation D)epartment, Anti-
gu.l, to 1be Certificited Teacher Class
II, Educatifon Department, Antigua.
Jan. 1
RICHARDS, Miss C., Uncertificated
Teacher, Education Departmn-nt,
Antigua, to hbe Certificated Teacher
Class II, Education Department,
Antigna. Jan. 1

ROYER, Mrs. J., Uncertificated Teach-
er, Antigua, to be Certificated
Te-acher Class II, Education Depart-
ment, Antigua. Jan. I

WARNER. Miss I., Uncertificated
T-;chelr, Education Department,
Antigua. to he Certificated Teacher
Class II, Education Department,
A ntigua. Jan. 1

Senior Medical Officer of Health,
Antigua, resigned appointment.
April 25

WILSON, Miss V., Un ce r t i fi cat e d
Teacher, Education Department,
Antigua, to be Certificated T7eacher
Class II, Education Department,
Antigua. Jan. 1

No. 53.


'The Secretary of State for the
Colonies has informed the Governor
that the power of disallowance will
not be exercised in respect of the
undermentioned Ordinance:-


No. 7 of 1951 "The Supplemen-
tary Appropriation (1950) Ordinance,
Ref. No. 17/00156.
No. 54.

The following Bills which are to be
introduced in the Legislative Council
of Antigua, are circulated with this
Gazette and form part thereof:-

"T h e Industrial Development
Ordinance, 1952."

"The Antigua Constitution and
Elections (Amendment) Ordinance,
1952 "

Statement of Currency Note
Circulation in the British
Caribbean Territories (East-
ern Group) on 1st May,

Average Circulation during March,

Br. Caribbean Notes $35,841,039
Gov't Currency Notes $7,200,118


British Caribbean Nc

Trinidad & Tobago
British Guiana
Leeward and
Windward Islands

Total Br. Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago
Government Note
Barbados Government
Note Circulation
Br. Guiana Government
Note Circulation

Total Government
Note Circulation

Total circulation on
1. 5. 52.

L. S.
Executive Co;
British Cur
The British Caribbean
Currency Board.
Treasury Chambers,
Port of Spain.
Trinidad. B.
Ref. No. 24/00027.

Application for Tat-'ralization
as a British Subject.

Notice is here by given that
Street, Ply imoutnh, Montserrat, is
applying to the Cov(er:'': fr natural-
ization, and that any person who
knows any reason why naturalization
should not be granted, should send a
written and signed statement of the
facts to the Colonial Secretary of the
Leeward Islands.

Acting C'onuinissioner,

Notice is her-tby given that a copy
of the list of the original Assessments
of the City Rate for 1952 to which
objections have been taken and altera-
tions made thereto by the City Com-
missioners has this day been posted up
on the outer door of the Treasury and
may be seen at the City Commis-
sioners' Office.

Notice is also hereby given that all
amounts due for City Rate for the
year 1952 must be paid into the
Treasury by the 31st day of August,

City Clerk.

City Commissioners' Office,
20th May, 1952.


The Inspector of Weights and
otes: Measures shall attend for the purpose
S of examining, weighing and stamping
S17,571,200 Weights and Measures and Weighing
... 4,751,00 Instruments at the following times
... 9,011,000 a places:-
(1) At the Police Station, Parham,
5,333,700 on Tuesday the 3rd June, from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
.... .;,;.,;i;.11,1 (2) At the Police Station, W illikies,
Son Friday tlie 6th June, from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m.
(3) At the Police Station, Bolans, on
S3,993,523 Tuesday the 10th June, from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m.
470,857 (4) At the Police Station, All
t Saints, on Thursday the i2th June,
... 1,887,012 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
S (5) In the City of St. John's at the
Police Station on every day except
... 6,351,392 Saturdays and Sundays during the
16th, 17th. 18th, 19th and 20th June,
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
43,018,292 Provided th:;t should any of the
--- ays prescribed above for the In-
SPENE, spector's attendance at Par ham. Willi-
mmissier, kies, B(alans and All Saints fall on a
ribbean Bank Holiday, the Inspector shall
.,, Rndr a attend on the following day instead.

Inspector of Weights & Measures.

Police Headquarters,
2nd May, 1952.


[ 22 1 ) -, '-') 2



Applications are invited for two
posts of Agriculturdl Assistant in
St. Lucia for a period of two
years. The salary and allowances
are payable Irom Colonial Develop-
ment and Welfare Scheme D.1735
as follows:-

1 Senior Agricultural Assistant
700 per annmnm.

1 Junior Agricultural Assistant
600 per annum.
(These posts are both non-

Cost of living allowance 80 p.a.

Transportation and subsistence at
approved rates
Senior at Roseoau
Accommo- 70 p.a.
dati ,n Junior at Dlennery
6) p.a.

Passages for tle officer and wife
will )e piul on Aiist ,,.
nent and on dhe compleoioin if
the two year i-ngigemtent.

2. The m ,iii -liutits (oi the ,i>fice,'rs
will be to increase s ugar production
by advising peasants in up to date
methods of iunprovinlg sugar cane
cultivation. 1'revi, on experience in
sugar cultiv:.tini is ther-fore essential.

3. It is ail.o iroilpsed that a C0;ne
Farmers Association be formed in the
closest co-operation with the Sugar
Factories management and that a
revo lviig fund for tre purchase of
fertisilers will be initially adminis-
tered by them.

4. The senior officer will be
required to live in the Roseau-Cul
de Sac area and the junior officer
in the Dennery area.

5. The officers will work with the
Sugar Agronomist to the Develop-
ment and Welfare Organisation and
will be in charge under his direction

of all sugar cane experimental work
plipivd bi tle Agronomist for all
the sugar growing areas.

;. Aplicatio'-s which should show
tie nrvi nn exierilnce and qualifica-
tions oi the applicant should be
addressed to the Administrator,
St. Lucia, and must be received
before 10th May.
Government Office,
St. Lucia.
!th April, 1952.
Ref. No. A.C. 13/89.

Central Experiment Station,
1948. 1949. 1950. 1951. 1952
Jan. 2'82 1-50 5641 3'60 2"41
Feb. "57 2'07 2'52 1"88 1"60
Mar. 1"89 5'52 1'58 1"09 1'62
Apr. '59 3'54 2"44 2'16 3"14.
May 17 1"14 1'81 -12 7"78 2-43
7-01 14'44 12-07 16"51 11"20



Order mada by the Competent Authority for the Presidency of Antigua under Regulation 50
of the Defence Regulations, 1939, as affected by the Supplies and Services (Transitional
Powers) Act, 1945, the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) (Colonies, etc.)
Order in Council, 1946, (Imperial) the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) Order,
1946, and the Supplies and Services (Continuance) Order, 1951 (Imperial).

No. 7 of 1952.
Defence Regulations 1939.

1. Citation. This Order may be cited as the Control of Aviation Spirit Order, 1952.

2. Interpretation. In this Order aviation spirit" means light hydrocarbon oil having
an octane nvinber higher than 80 as determined by the motor method of test relating thereto set out in
"standard methoIts for testing petroleum and its products (Eleventh Edition 1951) published by the
Institute of .'etroleum b-ing method IP 44/51 (tentative).

3 Restriction on Supply or Acquisition. No person shall supply to or acquire
from any ot erp pirsi any y aviation spirit for -use in civil aviation if the total quantity of aviation spirit
supplied by iuin to or acquired by him from tlhat person during the period of operation of this Order
exceeds or ,vould therelb exceed 65% of the total quantity of aviation spirit supplied by him to or
acquired by hin from !hat person during the month of April 1952.

4. Exemption. Nothing in this Order shall apply to the supply or acquisition of aviation
(a) in psI'sua.nce of a licence granted by the Competent Authority authorising the
sul!ply there'
(b) to or by a manufacturer of aircraft for test flying;
(c) by importation into the Presidency; or
(d) in the case of aviation spirit outside the Presidency of Antigua by delivery there-
of .utsile Ithe s;id Presidency.

5. Duration. This Order shall cease to have effect on the llth day of June, 1952.

Dated this 20th day of May, 1952.

A administrator.
('ompelent Authonrity.

_ _I

22jIT, -1 ')]

Leeward Islands.




(a) Special Funds
St. John's Savings Bank
Sugar Industry
Custodian Enemy Property
Administrator, Unrepresented Estates
Fine Funds, Govt. Institutions
Development & Welfare Schemes

(b) General

$ C.






* r'


Grant-in-Aid, Hurricane Rehousing
Remittances in Transit
Sinking Funds

$ c.






Treasurer's Cash Account
Crown Agents
Joint Colonial Fund

Other Presidencies, Leeward Islands

Ad vances-
Other Colonial Governments
Imperial Departments
Antigua Electricity Board
Personal Advances
Purchase, Coolidge Air Base
Boat Construction Loans
Small Farmers' Board
Central Experiment Station
Sundry Accounts
Imprest Advances

Investments, (Special Funds)

Trustees Sinking Funds

Excess of Liabilities

I _ $



16th May, 1952.

Post Office ... 5462.00
Supply Officer ... 79722.49
To Secure Duties ... 3655.23
Registrar & Provost Marshal ... 7884.92
Escheator General ... 1124.92
Loans under D. 57 ... 14398.66
Burnt Canes Committee ... 924.37
Land Settlement & Development Board i 28728.51
Village Councils ... 4134.80
Hurricane Relief (Voluntary Donations) 14627.09
Magistrates' Deposits ... 927.08
Receiver of Wrecks ... 844.54
Erection of Baldwin Houses ... 1200.00
Insurance Government Buildings ... 9000.00
Housing Officer ... 2222.61
Sundry ... 3044.88



I __- _-- i







- -_ --- ----I-P -^----II~--~--_ ____~ll-C

-~-ra--- IZ-


Industrial Development.


No. of 1952.
An _Ordinance to provide for the establishment of
a Board for securing the industrial develop-
ment of the Presidency, to define the powers
of the said Board, and for purposes connected
with the matters aforesaid.

BE IT ORDAINED by the Governor and
Legislative Council of Antigua as follows:-

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the short Title.
Industrial Development Ordinance, 1952.
2. In this Ordinance, unless the context Interpreta-
otherwise requires- tion.
Administrator" means the Administrator of
the Presidency;
"Board" means the Industrial Development
Board established under section 3 of this
Treasurer" means the officer for the time
being performing the duties.of Treasurer
of the Presidency.
3. (1) There shall be established in accord- Establish-
ance with this Orditiance a Board to be called the ent of In-
"Industrial Development Board which shall be a Development
body corporate with perpetual succession and Board,
common seal.

18. 7f?

No. of, 1952.


ANTIGUA. 2 Industrial Development. No.

(2) The common seal of the Board shall be
authenticated by the signatures of the, chairman
and the secretary of the Board and shall be judi-
cially noticed.
(3) The Board shall have the power to make
contracts and to sue and be sued in their corporate
(4) All deeds and other documents required
to be executed by the Board shall be sealed with
the common seal of the Board and signed by the
chairman of the Board and countersigned by the
secretary of the Board.
Constitution' 4. (1) The Board shall consist of as many
of the Board. members as the Governor in Council may deter-
mine and shall hold office during the pleasure of
the Governor in Council:
Provided that every member of the Board
shall automatically vacate his office after he has
held it for two years but ,shall be eligible for re-
(2) The Governor shall appoint from among
the members of the Board a chairman who, shall
preside at all meetings of the Board but in his
absence the members present shall elect one of
their number.to be chairman of the meeting.
(3) A member shall vacate his office if he-
(a) resigns in writing addressed to the
(b) departs from the Presidency without
the leave of the Board or remains out of the
Presidency after the expiration of his leave;
(c) fails, without reasonable excuse (the
sufficiency whereof shall be determined by the
Board) to attend three consecutive meetings
of the Board.
(4) The Administrator may at any time
appoint some person to be a member of the Board-
(a) for the unexpired period of office of
any member who shall die or vacate his office;

of 1.952.~

No. of 1952. Industrial Development. 3

(b) for the period of any leave granted
to a member of the Board.

(5) Where the chairman is absent from the
Presidency or on leave, the Administrator may
appoint another member to be chairman for the
time being.

(6) The powers of the Board shall not be
affected by any vacancy in the membership thereof.

5. (1) The Board may employ- Appointments
of offers and
(a) an executive officer;
(b) a secretary;
(c) an accountant; and
(d) engineers, officers, inspectors, and
such clerks, workmen and labourers as may be
and fix the salaries or wages to be paid to them.
(2) The Board may suspend or dismiss any
such officer or person.
(3) The Board may require any officer or
servant to give security to their satisfaction for the
due execution of his duties.
6. It shall be lawful for the Board to pro- Establishment
vide for the establishment and maintenance of of provident
a provident fund.or pensions scheme for the benefit fund, etc.
of the officers and servants of the Board and for
that purpose to make such arrangements as the
Board may deem necessary.
7. Decisions of the Board may be taken at Decisions of
meetings or, in cases in which the chairman shall so the Board.
direct, by the recording of the opinions of members
on papers circulated among them:
Provided that where papers are circulated-
(a) the chairman may direct that the
papers shall not be circulated to any member
who through interest, illness, absence from
the Presidency or otherwise, is, in the opinion
of the chairman incapacitated from voting on
such papers; and


ANTIGU'A. 4 Industrial Development. No.

(b) a decision shall not be acted upon
unless it is unanimous.
Meetings of 8. (1) The chairman or any two other
the Board. members of the Board may at any time call a meet-
ing of the Board.

(2) The quorum of the Board at any meeting
shall be three.
(3) All acts of the Board and all questions
coming or arising for the decision of the Board shall
be decided by a majority of the votes of the mem-
bers present, and when the votes are equal, the
chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

(4) Minutes of each meeting shall be kept in
proper form by the Secretary of the Board and
shall be confirmed by the chairman at the next
ensuing meeting and a copy of such minutes shall
as soon as practicable thereafter be forwarded to the
Power of the 9. (1) Subject to the provisions of this
board tond Ordinance, the Board may acquire, hold, mortgage
dispose of and dispose of any property real and personal:
Provided that no purchase, sale or disposition
of any land by the Board shall be made without the
approval of the Governor.
(2) If the Board is unable to acquire by agree-
ment and on reasonable terms any land which they
consider it necessary to acquire for the purposes of
this Ordinance, the.Board shall report the fact to
the Governor in. Council and, if the Board so
requests, the Governor in Council may, if he thinks
fit, take the necessary steps to acquire such land
compulsorily under the provisions of the Land
11/1914. Acquisition Act, 1944.
Duties and 10. (1) The Board shall be charged with the
powers of the duty of securing the investigation, formulation and
Board. z*\
carrying out of projects authorized by the Governor
in Council, for developing the resources of the
Presidency with a view to the expansion of pro-
duction therein of raw materials or for other
industrial or trade development therein.

of 1952.

No. of j 952. Industrial Development.

(2) The Board shall have .power, for the pur-
poses of the discharge of their duty under subsection
(1) of this section, to carry on all activities the
carrying on whereof appears to them to be requisite,
advantageous or convenient for or in connection
with the discharge of their said duty, including the
processing and manufacturing of products from
locally produced and imported raw materials and
the marketing of such products.

11. It shall be lawful for the Board, with the Power to
approval of the Governor in Council, to delegate to delegate.
any person or body of persons, as their agents, any
of the powers and duties conferred on them by this
Ordinance in relation to the carrying out of any
project authorised under section 10 of this Ordi-

12. (1) The Governor may, with the appro- Advances and
val by resolution of the Legislative Council, place repayment of
S.I advances.
at the disposal of the Board such funds as may be
necessary for carrying out their duties under this
Ordinance, either out of the proceeds of loans raised
for the purpose or out of the general revenue of the
Presidency. The repayment of such funds by the
Board shall be made out of the revenue derived
from their business under this Ordinance by pay-
ments to the Treasurer of such amounts, at such
rates of interest and at such times as shall be
specified in the resolution.
(2) Pending the raising of any such loans, it
shall be lawful for the Governor by warrant under
his hand to authorise the Treasurei to make
advances to the Board in such sums and on such
terms and conditions as he may think fit for the
purposes authorised by this Ordinance.
(3) The Board may, with the approval of the
Governor in Council, borrow such sum or sums of
money as the Board think proper for defraying
the expenses incurred in the conduct of their busi-
ness under this Ordinance and the Board may enter
into arrangements with any bank with which the
Board may have a current account to overdraw
their account to such extent as may be approved as


AN~tIGuA. 6 industrial Development. No. of 1952.
Funds of the 13. (1) The funds of the Board shall
Board. consist of-

(a) such sums as may be placed at the
disposal of the Board under section 12 of this
(b) such snms as may accrue to the Board
from the conduct of their business under this
(c) such sums as may be granted to or
acquired by the Board with the approval of the
Governor in Council from any other source.
(2) The funds of the Board shall be applied
(a) the payment of rates, taxes and in-
surance premiums;
(b) the payment of all expenses, includ-
ing the remuneration, salaries and wages of
the officers and servants of the Board;
(c) the payment of all other expenses
incurred by the Board in the exercise of their
powers and in the conduct of their business
under this Ordinance;
(d) the payment of interest on loans and
advances and the. repayment of any such loans
and advances;
(e) the creation of a reserve fund up to
such limit as the Governor in Council may
(3) It shall be lawful for the Board, with the
approval of the Governor in Council, to invest at
interest any surplus funds of the Board.

Accounting. 14. (1) The Board shall cause to be kept
proper books and accounts and other records in
relation to their business inr such form as may be
approved by the Government Auditor or such
other Auditor as may be appointed by the Gover-
nor in Council.
(2) Separate accounts shall be kept in respect
of each project undertaken by the Board.

No. of 1952. Industrial Development.

(3) All moneys of the Board accruing from
their business under this Ordinance shall be.paid to
the credit of the Board into a current or savings
account at such bank or banks as may be appointed
by resolution of the Board, and such moneys shall
be paid into such bank from day to day.
(4) Cheques against any banking account shall
Be signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the
Chairman of the Board or such other member of the
Board appointed for the purpose by resolution of
the Board, a copy of which shall be certified by the
Chairman and forwarded to the bank concerned.

15. (1) All accounts kept by the Board shall Audit of
be audited annually by the Government Auditor or Accounts.
such other Auditor as may be appointed by the
Governor in Council.
(2) Such Auditor shall have the right of
inspection of such accounts at all reasonable times
S and the Board shall afford all necessary facilities to
the Auditor and when required by him to do so
produce to him all books and documents in their
possession or control.
(3) The Auditor's fees, if any, and any
expenses of the Audit shall be paid by the Board.
16. (1) The Board shall, on or before the Annual
30th day of April in each year, furnish to the Report.
Governor in Council a report upon their work dur-
ing the year ending the 31st day of December last
preceding, including-
(a) a balance sheet and a complete state-
ment of revenue and expenditure, duly
audited; and
(b) the report of the Auditor.
(2) Every report furnished under subsection
(1) of this section shall be laid before the Legislative
17. No personal liability shall attach to any No personal
member of the Board in respect of anything done iabit to em-
or suffered in good faith under the provisions of bers of Board.
this Ordinance, and any sums of money,.damages or


ANTIGrA. 8 Industrial Developmen't. No.

costs which may be recovered against them or any
of them for anything done or suffered as aforesaid
shall be paid out of the funds of the Board.


Passed the Legislative Council this


Clerk of the Council.

The object of this Bill is to provide for the
establishment of a statutory Board charged with the
powers of operating industries for the economic
development of the Presidency.

Crown Attorney.

Printed at the Government Printing Offie. Leewurd Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.

Price 10 cents.


of 1952.

No. of 1952., Antigua Constitution and Elections



of 1952.

An Ordinance to amend the Antigua Constitution
and Elections Ordinance, 1951.

BE IT ORDAINED by the Governor and
Legislative Council of Antigua as follows:-
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the short title.
Antigua Constitution and Elections (Amendment)
Ordinance, 1952, and shall be read and construed
as one with the Antigua Constitution and Elections
Ordinance, 1951 (hereinafter called the Principal 1ol195l.

2. Section 4 of the Principal Ordinance is
hereby amended by the substitution of the word
"official" for the word "ex-officio" appearing
3. Section 5 of the Principal Ordinance is
hereby repealed and replaced by the following:-

"5. (1) The official members of the
Council shall be such persons holding office
in the public service as may be appointed by
office or by name by the Governor by Instru-
ment under the Public Seal of the Presidency.
(2) The Governor shall forthwith report
to Her Majesty through a Secretary of State
every appointment made under this section."


Amendment of
beotion 4 of the

Section 5 of
the Principal
Ordinance re-
pealed and
Official Mem-

ANTIGUA. 2 Antigua Constitution and Elections No. of 1952.

Section 8 of 4. Section 8 of the Principal Ordinande is
the Principal hereby repealed and replaced by the following:--
Ordinance re-
pealed and
"Precedence 8. After the Administrator, the official
members. members of the Council shall take precedence
as Her Majesty may specially assign, and in
default thereof-
Firstly, the official members according to
the priority of the Instrlments appoint-
ing them to be members or if appointed
by the same Instrument, according to the
order in which they are named therein;

Secondly, persons temporarily appointed
under section 16 of this Ordinance to
fill vacancies in the number of persons
sitting in the Council as official members
in such order as the Governor may

5. Section 16 of the Principal Ordinance is
hereby amended by the substitution of the word
" official for the word ex-officio wherever
that word appears therein.
6. Section 20 of the Principal Ordinance is
hereby amendedby the substitution of the word
"official for the word ex-officio" appearing

7. The amendments specified in the second
column of the Schedule to this Ordinance, being
amendments of a minor nature, shall be made to
the sections and to the Forms contained in the
Second Schedule of the Puincipal Ordinance, set
out in the first column thereof.


Passed the Legislative
of 195'2.

Council this

Clerk of the Council,

Amendment of
section 16 of
the Principal

of section 20 of
the Principal

Minor amend-


No. of 1952. Antigua Constitution and Elections 3 ANTIGUA.

Sections or

Section 40

Section 54

Section 58

Section 69

Section 77

Form No. 11

Form No. 12


The words and figure or Part IV shall be insert-
ed immediately after the figure III" wherever
that figure appears.
The word be shall be inserted between the word
may and the word Necessary in line 9 of
subsection (3).
The last sentence in subsection (3) shall be deleted.

The following shall be substituted for subsection
(4) If any poll clerk dies or becomes in-
capable of performing his duties during the
taking of the poll, the presiding officer shall
forthwith appoint some other person to act as
poll clerk."
The following shall be added as subsection (5)-
"(5) Every appointment made under sub-
section (3) or subsection (4) of this section shall
be immediately reported to the Supervisor of
Elections by the person making the appoint-

For the words "his assistants" appearing, in sub-
section (1) substitute the following:--
"the Supervisor of Elections, the Returning
Officer of the electoral district, the polling
For the words returning officer" appearing in
paragraph (a) of subsection (2) substitute the
words presiding officer ".
For the words polling divisions and Polling
Divisions appearing in the said Form the words
polling stations" and Polling Stations" shall
respectively be substituted.
The words "the polling division of................in "
shall be inserted between the words registering
officer of afid the words the electoral district ".

ANTIGUA. 4 Antigua Constitution and Elections No. of 1952


The object of this Bill is to amend the Antigua Constitution
and Elections Ordinance 1951 as follows:
,(a) to create official" members instead of "ex-officio"
members and to leave the Governor free to select the per-
sons to be appointed as official members.
(b) to effect amendments consequential on the change
mentioned in (a) above.
(c) to effect minor amendments set out in the
Schedule to the Bill.
B. F. DIAs,
Acting Crown Attorney.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. B.AOKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.

A. 47176- -5.6'2.

(P~rioe 6 cents.J

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