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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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(;hd 'y t. h Gov .. ..... ..:: ",nt (I for -tion Services)

No. 47 "*. :::-:;*:'* TTp to 21st November, 96c,.


It was of-icially confirmed Wednesday morning that the report re-
sulting from the trioprtite survey carried out here earlier this year by
experts froL-: Britain, Canade and the ,T.S.A. is to be tabled in the House
of Repre;t -.ives.

c'. elerated Tour:ism Development

Accelerated development of a large-scle tourist industry, expan-
sion of exports in Agriculture plus a substantial inflow of private
foreign investment have been highlighted in the report, said the London
Press Service despatch. Establishment of a development agency to work
along with the Developm-ent Finance Corporration, is also recommended.

The te-m, led by Dr. G. Clayton, Director of the computer centre
at the University of Wales, w-,s asked to analyse the economy of Belize
and its growth potential and to suggestt guide lines for development over
the next five

12Z Growth Rate

The conclusions of tle t;.:. re t firmly on the belief that the
Belizean economy has an excellent chance of achieving a growth rate of
nine percent in real terms up to 1970. The economy has been expanding
at the annual rate of twelve percent in recent years, sustained by the
high levels of private investment.

Continuing, the despatch from London warned of a serious balance
of payments problem. In the light of this, future strategy must be
directed to- yards the expansion of agriculturall exports and the develop-
ment of tourism. Determined efforts would r.also have to be made to re-
duce dependence on imports of rice, vegetables, poultry and fish. But
in the long term, it was stressed, these measures will have to be
supported by a constant inflow of :foreign capital.

Overhaul Of Tax System

The exports were optimisttic that, given existing rates, the
Belizean government should be n'l.c to errn a small surplus on its re-
current bucdgt 'and mae a token .contribution to the capital budget in
the next few ye-rs. An overhaul of the tax system, according to this re-
port, could produce greatly incr~ sed r:,venues.

On the subject of tr ining, it is sugg sted that high priority
should be given to tr-inng civil servants and administrators and to
vocational and technical training. The survey team are reportedly in
favour of the establishment of an agricultural college.

How Foreign Governments Can Help

The most useful contribution which could be made by foreign
governments would be the provision of a cadre of trained agronomists,

/engineers, architects,

.- ineers a.rchitect.. tr bchric 1 ,no and t :cchrs, channelled through a de-
v. oopmint alGncy w'hiL ,u e ::..:t 1i'merily to iroct forig aid into
:private sector rlevelopment. ofi te special -in.d, of m-romotional and technical s'ervic..
and contacts required, the mi sion i.s quoted as suggesting that the age-
cy should be financed and staffed -for -t le-st three ye-rs by external
donor governments.


One of the largest, mo.:t expensive industrial undertakings in the
history of Belize stands forty feet above sea level in the Harry Jones
Channel near the reef at Turnef.,e.

It is the deep sea drili..., ri:, brought in by Shell to carry on
the search for petroleum heroe

Lost Saturda r orning :'- 's-pudding in' time and there to trigger
the operations wes the HTon Alex .oder Hunter, Minister of Natural Resour-
ces. Accompanying hi:i was the Surveyor General and a group of high"rank-
ing technic-.l personnel from Sh!.l andc the contracting companies engaged
with the se-:rch.

Self Contained Deck:

The i ain dec :," he ri, 'o;0nplete with sleeping and dining room
facilities for seventy five people, helicopter pad and a desalinization
ulant capable of tulrninr out 30b gallons of water per hour, is a 188 ft.
long by 106 ft. wide and is topped by a magnificent beacon 190 ft. above
sea level, It is embedded froi one to three feet in the sea floor on
four giant legs, each weighing 180 tons. The rig itself, 2,000 tons of
steel, was towed to Belize withl-ii[ the last month from the U.S.A.

The drilling programme initiated by Mr Hunter on S-turday is the
first active attempt to re,-ch int- the bowels of the earth, as it were,
in search of the precious blan- gold, in three and a half years. It will
also be the first Well to !b sunk outside the barrier reef, and the fir't
tangible benefit to flow from the forward looking petroleum exploration
legislation passed by government t in 1963,

Fishermen Join The So-.rch

The Minister w.-s *nart ic.larly happy to see that the project, pro-
Sr -mmed to run for .t three months at a cost of more than S500,00
a month, has provided employment alr-.-i.dy for between forty to fifty.
Belizean workers, soYme of them -lormer fishermen. They come from Bel ze
City, Orange Walk Town, Stann Creek Town, Roaring Creek and Caye Caulk- r.

Shell is cerryin! out the drilling programme under a 'Farm Out'
a.-r ement with Phillips PItroli-u!, thr Cormpany which hns the concession
"or the Turneffe area. In the venth"-t oil is discovered, the two
companies ,will split their share of the proceeds on a fifty fifty basis.
There to represent the Phillips i.nter-:.-t on Saturday was Mr Hippolito
M..rin, the lon.l Phillips representative.

G--'rded Optimism

Commnntin on hi 'spy L:.i.n in' onoeration, our correspondent re-
ported thlt the Mim tn : tsr' attitude h as been one of guarded optimism. HE:
obviously is anxious to -void :ivin: rise to a spirit of euphoria over
the concentrated efforts by Sh3-l' to Set an oil strike but, he notes at
the same time thst it is public knowledge tht the ground work for the
present series of well; has been carefully prepared and include an int.n-
sive series of seismic tests.

In the final r -lysis. he says, there is but one method of 0 -tab-
1 -shing whether pti-roleun ex:'sts in comr:mrcial quantities by rollingg.

This is : L.:oly the st-..e .::. which things now stand.


The need for unity, cohesion and co-operation once again dominated
the speeches at the Annual S,:tl';leent Day Celebrations held on November

Said Premier ( Gorge Pri"'ce in rely to the loyalty address:

"One of the most imno'-- t-.nt chanters of our national history is
being written today. We face ihrdships and problems which demand national
unity, sacrifice .nd unselfish dedication, as we move forward to Indepon-
dence. When the final pages a1r completed, I am confident thct the;,r will
show th'.t our national unity -a.d Ch-i'tian Democratic principles will be
responsible for our success."

'rom Ideal To Realit

The Belizean Carib, h.1 cobinued, show an awareness of the need
or united action. The n.r1._oienc e would be aware of the many teps govern-
:ent have b'en ta;:in.c to nie this ideal a reality. But the over-riding
consideration at all times should be purposefully to direct our efforts
tosards the assertion of our Belizean personality, to foster national uni-
ty, prosperity and happiness.

"On this Set',lement Day," he concluded, "we honour the remory of
the past and we Cxnpre s our .r"-':atitude for the tangible contributions made
through the'years by our re'_lliw 3elizeans, whose origin goes back to our
first Carib settlers. It has _always been a basic article of f.ith of our
cormunity to ac!-kowledge the contribution of all those of diverse origins
w.ho make up our Belizean people."

The week long celebrations featured a variety show, patriotic
rally and exhibitions of trdi@lional dancing. The Belizean government
was officially ren-rsented at the Punta Gorda celebrations by the Hon.
-lector Silva, Minister of Public Utilities.

November !Cth is observed as a public holiday in the Stann Creek
and Toledo districts.


'is Ex1cellency the Gov:ernor, Sir John Paul and Lady Paul left
Belize City on Wednesday.on a tour of the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

They travelled by road to Stann Creek Town, paying a visit to the
new capital site on route. In the afternoon they boarded the Patricia
for a visit to Placencia. Other calls along the way included Monkey
River Town, Barranco and Seine Tiyht villages.

They returned to Stann Creek Town briefly on Saturday to take p.-rt
in the Settlement Day Celebrations. On the return Belize City
they paid a brief visit to the Robinson Point Shipyard.


On hand to ,itc ;h .';r;a handing over of the Punta Gorda elec-
tricity system, t-. th, >n;r i",,._ :) Ful Plic Utilities were the Hon. Louis E.
.ylvestrc, thce 'cti .1. :ti.II s:.' secretary, Mr D.R.B. Gill and Messrs.
Frederick HuiLter, Cn::J;-, J'coes s.,d Clifford Graham.

The Minit--r of uJ.i. UTtilities, the Hon. Hector Silva, is Chair-
mran of the Electric ity Burd ,which now has country-wide responsibility for
thie National Elctricicy 3; Punta Gorda Town's inclusion in the
scheme means tha.t sr; ice in that municipality will now be expanded and
brought more into Il.ns ;ith the quality of service now provided in the
;iain Town Board ar-.


The call for Bclizeans tio ake Up and Work Together was re-echoed
on Wedntescay by the -Iono iab. e l o.orncn Marin as he spoke on the occasion
of ground breaking cermrionies for the new Santa Clara community centre.

The Coroz-.1 South Repror' 3er) native had high praise for the women of
c'-e village for thoi- parl' in '. !.-'king cement blocks for the centre. And he
.oted with gratitude that "he }.eiizean Government has contributed materials
for the centre. It is iiou;. p to the villagers to work together to com-
-'ete the centre i:-. *.cr-i time.

The CoI nrm;i:: Cot::; will be a ferro-concrete structure, 60 ft. by
_-0 ft.

Taking part la the -ce r :-..1 w-s the Minister of Local Government
ind the Honr, Santi.rn ico eic.d Rep res ntative for the Corozal North con-

The cdreim':,y :-ej. i th! playing of the Belizean anthem and
Sndocd with tho British ni.shui;. .iu renditions were by the San Jose brass


Twenty five .',rds for students from the smaller territories in
i;e Caribbean to esrtl;r th UTniversity of the West Indies in the 1966-67
.--?demic year Lave b:on available by the Canadian government.

The Ministry ~o f Tduc ation announced last week that three of these
.rds have been mad' > avo.ilable to Belize.

The awards are worth ll,000 Canadian a year for Science and Arts
'courses and $1,500 Canadiann. f or professional courses. The Belizean
"erinment has agreed to in-'t the difference between actual cost of main-
ining the student '; th,.W. -n, r the funds provided by Canada.

Winners of te first thr-ae ,awards are Gregorio Pott (medicine)
:id Denton Belisle .:nd PAdrc Carillo (Science). The bursaries were
w.a-rded on the basis of the most recent G.C.E. Advanced Level examina-

.F1?, T~ 77T ',." ONL, AROCT1 DAY

Po lowing the lon- :,o i:h: of quiet reporation, the ..IA BE3 LIZE
M.ORE BE.LTTIFUL csarop-ign, s-,earlh: de.. by the rTourist Board's sub commit-
tee on BEautification, went i:to high ge:-r on Friday with the country-
wide observance of the first ever National Arbour Day.

Schools, churches, civic groups and private citizens were
scheduled to plant an enti. .. 1500 orn-mental trees to mark the occa-
sion. In the rural araqs, the Social Development assisted with the dis-
tribution to Village Councils participating in the effort.

In the weekly talk, "Farming For Profit" on Wendesd-.y
night, Chief Agricultural Officer Eric King,-who is also chairman of the
-eautification Coimittee, made a forthright appeal to Belizeans, what-
over their situation, to tc a an active interest in the cleaning and
bWautification of their c-'pit::.., their towns and villages.

P-rents should help their children to understand the need to pro-
tect and preserve the plants placed in our parks and gardens and to
appreciate the joy and pleasure which flowering trees and shrubs can
afford, he said.

All Round Support

In spite of the fact thrt prs stent rqin on Friday morning
forced the Dostpon.iment of the civic tr-e planting ceremony in Belize
City, students of the Belize Teochers' College went through with their

Other schools her, in the cwpit-l rere equally undisturbed.
Before setting oF- on their Arbour Day half holiday most students were
able to witness the oplntin; of trcs and shrubs provided by the DepTrt-
ment of Agriculture.

C-uest speak :er t the .-.lize each "' College ceremony was ,'-N
R.L. Clark, Secretary of the Tourist Bord, who said that the tree plant-
ing drive w,.s more important from the point of view of civic pride than
merely p-oviding.a pleasant vista for the tourist.

Paying tribute to the 'B7utification sub committee of the
Tourist Board, Mr Clark drew attention to the long- months of quiet pre-
peration which h-.s culminated in the historic observance of the first
ever National Arbour Day, supported as it was, by Central government,
the Belize City Council and organizations like. Rotary and the Chamber of


A new contract was concluded last week between the Citrus Corn-.
,any and the Southern Christian Union.

Salient points of the accord are a wages increase of from 5%
to 7% the fixing of a basic wage, regardless of stoppages stemming from
unaviodable work stoppages and vacation pay, taking the length of service
into account.

Additional benefits are double pay for six, instead of the three
statutory special holdings; three month's h-,rdship. allowance for workers
transferred to los favrourable housin_ quarters; twelve days sick leave
annually on full pay; rations worth J$1.50 a day for recruited workers in
transit and a c-sh grant of ;50. to

S. CO.T. PRes rvattions

In a rel -.s2 i; e!d .'.7 the ..CTT. last week the union express
r-servrtion about there a.. re',,-;K:t. It further calls for appointment of a
wages Council to ;stu1ly the irdement and to make recommendations about
its contents. If, though n-.c-ssary by any or both pc.rties, further ne-
gotiations will be hold between the Company and the Union.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed from the Ministry of Labour that
steps have been taken by the Minister to constitute a new Wages Council
for the Citrus industry.

Branch Officers For Chile S*2 inar

In other trade union nerws, Genaro Baeza, Jaime Alonzo, Branch
Chairman and Organizer respectively of the Christian Workers Union
Orange Walk District Branch left Belize on November 19th for Santiago de
Chile where they will attend two seminars.

The seminars are spon.or-,od and conducted by the Latin American
Institute of Social St)uies andC1 th Latin American Confereration of
Christian Trade Unions.

Subjects of special interest include aspects of trade Union or-
ganization and the participation of the peasant farmer movement in land
reform programmes.

During the absence of the Branch officers, the Union will be
administered by its national President, Mr Rae Lightburn and Mr Nicholas


In honour of the visiting Governor of Rotary- District 424, Seflor
Eduardo Lenhoff, a gala. dinn, r w.s iven by local Rotarians at the Fort
George Hotel on Friday night.

The Belize Rotary rClub coms under the jurisdiction of District

Delivering the address of welcome the immediate post president
of the Belize Rotary Club p-id tribute to the visiting Governor for his
valuable counsel; advice, inspirations and encouragement.

To-sts were proposed to the Queen, the Rotary Club of Guatemala,
to the ladies and to Rotary International. Among the distinguished
guests for the evening was Prenier George Price.

Sefior Lenhoff, who resides in Guatemala, left the country the
following day.


To.inmark the seventh anniversary of the founding of the Young
People's Discussion Circle, the Group organized a series of special
events which provided, an exposition of the objectives for which it was
brought into being.

On November 11th was a big occasion for the Circle as a panel of
inspired speakers debated the proposall "That this country is not the end
of the world but the gateway to paradise." The moot for the debate was

/inspired by a quip

inspired by a quip by the well known 'English author Aldous Huxley in his
book "Beyond The Mcxique Bay" wThich he wrote following a visit to Belize
in the e-rly IP30's.

The best speech of the evening was delivered by Therese Belisle
in which she lauded the racial and cultural harmony which exists in
Belize. Miss Belisle w-s also very optimistic about the possibilities
for economic advance.

Other speakers were W'ilfredo Guerrero, Milton Arana, Alexander
n-nnett, Norris Hall and Mrs Elaine Middleton. Guiding the discussions
'.'as Mr Ho-race Young, chairman for the evening.


THE 1967 NATIONATL FESTIVAL OF ART-S is to he hdld from April l7th to 29th.

Announcing this last week, a Festival spokesman said throe new
challenge cups have been received one from Mr W. Allsopp, former U.N.
iMrine Biologist; Messrs. W.J. ,Hbet and Sons Limited and the Hofius
'iT.I-dware Company Limited.

Stann Creek Town on Tur-~day with three cases on the Calendar.

ARTHUR MIGUEL LAST WEFEK won the MeriOa Championship races for cyclists.

The news wals received by telegram from Paul Kirkconnel, President
of the Belize Cycle Association who was visiting Merida in connection
with the competition.

represent Belize at the Fourth Conference of the International Caribbean
Aeronautical Organization.

The conference will be in session from November 22nd to December

;RS M'RIA1 SAMOS, P.U.P. member of the San Ignacio Town Board died in
-elize City on Friday morning. Burial services were held in San Ignacio.

The Minister of Local Government, the Hon. Albert Cattouse, has
.--xpressed sorrow at the death of Councillor Samos. No bye election will
be held as new Town Board elections are due to be held in December,

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