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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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If DEC 27 966

W 7, E K 7L : E W S L E T E R 1

(Published by -he Government In:or-..ation Services.)

No. 4' *******C*** Up to 14th November, 1966

Traffic Sa''tty, c-rimb-r-.-nceD Day .and c -:." sions of gratitude to
TT.S.A. volunters serving in Beliz all. fi: 'ur" pfromio.nntly in last Fri-
dayts session o-' the 'rcuse of Re'r'eRntativcs. -->

Presented for its first re-.in7e was -ili for the amendment of
the Motor. Vehicles and ?oAd Tr -F.'ic Or'inacc ic--. -s -oferred to the
Public UTtliti;i.. Co itt -'- of the --7 o. _

1 Su il:entary e.ti:-tes :'or 1"5' tbled by the Prn-
"ier,- were sji:ilarly rf-u- prod to t' Co.L.itt.-c of Supply. And, for.the
Library Service, the Minti tr of Educ.tion subiittLt d -r ports covering the
yeRrs 19 8 to. .r 9.

"Thankl You" For Volunt- -.-_.

The f:i'-t sPe 'er on the ~sourrnmen-t .T -:s ,;lA T-ieon. S_ tiigo6
Perdoi-o,-.Repr:-. -nttive for tte C --..:-o South E.lector~l Division who rose to
exnrrs grA:ti.t'cide to .Pe ce Corps. t'r-1 's -~c CEL -.E for their part in
the construction of' a ne.,v sc oo]l for Trenal vil-'-:ge. "It is most -.ratify-
ing," he dec-.cdred, thatt the efforts of the- .cod- Belizeans of the area
h-d not been in vain."

Reiemmber The ellien

Spe" about. ? baranne Day the ;Ho. L.S. Sylvestre recalled
that many Belize-n fightinmon had l -id down th'. ir live in conflicts
ranging from the Fir'st and Second World Wors, the Ko-ea.- w-" .r to the pre-
sent fighting in Viet ra.1. They -".ied, he dclc7'~.d, in order that we..
might preserve our way of life and the institutions we hold dr'ar.

It is fitting, he s-id th t .ce T.hi-dXc7 ',.i:'ei-.;b r them with grati-
tude at this time.

The Stann Cror:'- Tovn repry. ta.tive, th-:: -on. Alln Arthurs
invited the attention o- to1 r'ouse to a rurour and he emphasized that
it w-s no tiore than. a rumi-our that the police Tr-."fic Dep't-.rtlent is
about to discontinue t.he -':sue o:" -,ssengr 'li cnses to vehicles which
nly the Stann Creek To-rn run. These reports had given rise to concern
anonp: vehicle owners who. fe.:r th: t-7. u'.,,ch a. move would--occasion them groe-t

Protection For T"he Travelli r Public

e rlyingi, the Minieter of Public Utit iltias 'said there wns no
truth whatsoever',-in these rumours,. Wh t the-Police h-.c becn insisting on
wacs the Droner senaration o" pasc~eng-rs frol :"'-ight in order to af:'ord ..
greater me-sure of o-rotection to the'tr-vel, in :. public.

And here he recalle' th'1t there ben instances in the past
which hpd given us -a tr.gic Remonstrotion of tle Iind of casualties which
can result in case of .n ac-idlt .. assengers and Ifreight are not
sep-arated by an adequate barrier.

/Returning to the

i3 -3/

Returning to the subject of U.S.A. volunteers the Hon. Fred Hunter
welcomed this contribution, referring to their help in the successful com-
pletion of the Arenal school ?s an example of the way in which the country
is benefiting from their presence.


The coming of the Carib Belizeans and their contribution to our
social, economic and educational development, has meant a lot to our
national emergence.

This is what Premier George Price told a nation wide radio
audience on Sunday as he declared a week of Carib Settlement Day festivi-
ties open.

The original Carib settlers and their offspring have made an im-
portant contribution to our national heritage. Their contribution to our
Belizean identity strengthens our firm purpose to unite and to build the
nation of Belize one people, one aim, one hope, one constitution.

Whatever good is in the idigenous culture of our diverse peoples,
that good must be ennobled and perfected for the welneing, the advance-
ment and happiness of all Belizeans. Settlement Day celebrations remind
us of our duty to the nation and the endeavours to make Belize an inde-
pendent state.

United To Build

It was on honour, he said, to have been invited to open the
Settlement Day celebrations. And he ended with these words: "No matter
what the-past has been our present determination is to unite all Belize-
ans under God the Christian Democratic nation of Belize on the
Central American mainland."

The celebrations this year mark the 143rd anniversary of the
arrival of the first Carib settlers in Belize. Saturday, 'November 19th
is the crowning day of the celebrations with the re-enactment at dawn of
the arrival of the Carib Belizean pilgrim fathers.


The Minister of Labour, the Honourable David McKoy, returned to
Belize City on Thursday after having discussions in the Northern districts
with the Immigrant Labour Committee.

The Minister was concerned with plans for the 1967 sugar cane
grinding season and the recruitment of immigrant workers.

The party also met the Manager of the Corozal Sugar Factory, Mr
J.D. Fahs with whom they discussed the 1967 Sugar crop season, housing and
other related matters. Other meetings were held with representatives rf
Taylor Woodrow, the Tower Hill Sugar Factory and workers.

.As a result of these meetings the Minister was able to announce a
new procedure for processing applications for the entry of foreign labour.
The employer must fill out a new form which must be handed in at one of
the Labour Department's Offices in Belize City, Orange Walk or Stann
Creek Towns.


The 10r Westcrn Lg.iculturl Show for the first time a two day7
affair got underway at S-n Ignac'o on Sat'. rt'ay. w th a r-cord breaking
audience in attendance.

And there to de :;o: state :overn;n.nt's su -)ort for the upsurge in
agricultural activity which the Show itself orere ents were the Premier
and the Minister of Natural Resources.

The opening ce-- nony began with the -l)aying of the Belizean anthem.
The Premier gave a short address and this wrs followed by an address by
the Minister of Natural Resources, the Hon. alexanderr Hunter, in which he
called for the formation of a Cattlemen's Association.

As the cattle industry grows and emxands, he said, there will be
need for collective planning, for collective negotiation and for collec-
tive action. At present no machinery exists for thee purposes.

Govt. Wants To Help

He saw an immediate need for formation of the suggested Cattlemen's
Association. And he warned that if cattlemen do not get together and
settle their differences in a functional and realistic manner, they would
find themselves in difficulty.

It would be dif icult for government to help with the expansion of
the industry if it does not have an authoritative and united body with
which to deal.

The Western Agricultural Show is now in its fifth year. The event
has consistently attracted the support of farrnrs from all over the dis-
trict and wholesale distributors of i frming imrpleents and chemicals have
come to regard the Show as a showcase for itn?-s intended for use on the
farm. Visitors, too, travel long distances some of them from as far
away as the Corozal district to see what new ideas or accomplishments
are on display.


Speaking on the occ-sion of the inauguration of the new visitor
facilities at Xunantunich on Saturday afternoon, the Hon Santiqgo Perdomo,
Assembly Reprev.entntive for the Cayo South Division, called on the people
of the west to provide the services, the handicraft items and the enter-
tainment which tourists visiting the site will be expecting.

The appeal was specially directed to the people of San Jose
Succotz village which is situated a mile fro. Xunantunich. Another task
with which they should concern the selves is the protection of ancient
Maya sites in the area. They should see to it, Mr Perdomo stresses, that
no person wilfully destroys or illegally removes artifacts from the area.

On the imnortan e of the site to the tourist industry, the Repre-
sentative pointed out that it is on the pathway to other exposed and
highly developed Mayan ruins across the border. This route is specially
important to those tourists with a keen interest in archaeology.

The development of Xunantunich and the programme inaugurated that
day was not an isolated move. In the first inst-nce, work on other major
sites will continue as the opportunity arises. Specifically, government
is continuing its efforts to interest recognized archaeological institu-
tions in undertaking projects in this country.

/Secondly, he points

Secondly, he ooints out, long range plans call for Xunantunich to
play a major ;?.""t in a proposed one-da:y western circle tour which will
include Central F'r;, the Mountain piner-idge and the St. Herman's Cave


Returning from a conference of regional tourism Ministers held on
November 1st and 2nd in Mliam i, the Hon A.A. Hunter, Minister responsible
for Tourism, said the ronfeence was :'stimulating and productive".

Belize, he said, :-:=s much to gain from cooperating with the
neighboring countries of the c"-,,aribbenn on a regional basis,

A resolution adopted at the meeting called for the -developed
tourist areas to lend assistance to the less experienced areas. It is
not intended to set up a new organization at this time but the conference
group will be known as the Ministers and Directors of Tourism of the
Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central America and Florida,

The follow-up action includes a survey of the area as a whole to
determine its actual potential and to ascertain if joint action is
possible and practical. In this survey use will be made of existing sur-
veys and the cooperation of tho carriers and other entities is to be

A temporary sub-comm-ittee will convene in Miami early in December
to decide on definite recommendations on the survey, including a financ-
ing formula based on .the fair. participation oi the territories concerned.

Mr Gui Govaert who is the D-rcector of the International Division
of Florida Development Coirmissj on, Ta"lahassee, Florida, has been appoint-
ed temporary coordinator of th : :nmittoe.


The Minister of Edr cation, the Honoui-r"le Mrs Lizarraga has
approved the award of Government scholarships to thirty five secondary
school level students to r rsue sixth form studies.

The scholarships, of two yea-rs duration, were awarded on the
basis of performance in the 196C G.C.E. '0" level examinations. At the
end of the two years, the scholarship holders will sit the G.C.E. "A"
level examination.

Twenty six of the students will study at Saint John's College,
ive at S:,int Mic.hael's Coll]eg, thr;! at Saint .ildais College and one at
Jo:-;ley College.

The award of the thirty five scholarships last week brings the
number of sixth form students presently on government scholarships to


Belize should be getting -t least three scholarships a year from
the University of the West Indies as a result of a block grant from the
Canadian Government.

/This was disclosed

This w--s disclosed on MIonday by Mr' .. Gill, THe ad of the
Planning TTnit and Lcting Princial Secretary, on his return to Belize
after at-ending a meeting of the TUnivesity Grant Comnittee in Jamaica.

This committee ie to do .wit the level of contribution by parti-
cipating countries and also 1ct- :in: the v.ry in rhich these contribu-
tions are allocated.

This year, the Belizean Gov,-IrnTient hb.s :-do available a sum of
$99,2000 towards the expenses of the University and the University's
teaching hospital.


Elections for the nine Cane Farming Branches held recently re-
sulted in'the election of the fo-lloing branch rep)?'senttntives:

Mr Pedro Caires, San; Mr Ign.cio Correa, Louisville; Mr
Jaime Noguerra, San Joaquin ; Mr Wil-redo corral. Orange Walk- Mr Antonio
Moh, Xaibe; Mr Simon Botes, Patcha an; Mr .'rcisso Campos, Libertad and
IMr Damiano Mendez, Douglas.

Tog:-th-r, they -'. e up .te M- nc -ei:ent Co:.,ittee of the Cane Farm-
rrs' Associ-tion.

At the fir:t meeting o tho coL itte-, Mr Pedro Campos was elected
Ch.irman. Th Vieic Ch -*r.:m..n is Ir Jai.e o .ogu'. -a and Mr Ignacio Correa
will represent the C.F.A. on the Board. .Mr N-rcisso Campos is the
alternate delegate.

Mr Antonio Ioh is the Suga r Lbour WAelf are Fund Committee represen-

A public session of the *'i-th, .duc:'-tion '-.nd 'elf-re Committee of
the 'Touse of Rem'-eTrent'-tives w-s held on Wedn.;day in the Assembly Chamber.
In the Chair w s the Hon Florencio M:-rin.

The meeting considered the St. John's College (amendment) Bill
which w-s recently introduced in the House.

Several roembers of the public, among theo teaches from various
high schools, were on hand to offer their views.


In a briSf cerpimony!o at the Police T gaining School last ,riday the
Minister of Internal A fairs, the -Te C.Io Rogers, congratulated the
latest batch of graduates on their fine showing.

He encouraged them to use their powers as policemen without fear
or favour and keep up the high sta.ndards of the force.

Attending the ceremony we-e the Chief Justice, Sir Clifford de
Lisle Innis, the Garrison Commander at Airport Camp, Cblonel Cook, Membe-
of the House of .Penresent-tives and other guests.

The Baton of Tonour for the t best all mound performance was'won by"
-ecruit Police Constable D. Pelayo.


Described -s extremelyy o:toving" wa.s th contribution of Belizean
artist George Gabb to -n exhibition entitled "Art for Faith's Sake" which
opened recently qt the Cr.e th r a. Church in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

The it- i w-s a sculn- toured h:.'-d of Ch-'- t fashioned from a
battered oil can. It w-s taken up to the exhibiLtion by former Peace
Corps volunteer Lynn .-lson who recently completed a two year assignment
here assisting with the formation of the school for retarded children.

An article in the Minneapolis Tribune gave the following back-
ground on Gabb's artistic career. "In addition to wood carving and
sculpture, he's very interested in Drama; he writes and directs his own
plays, and he's quite an actor too!"

Gabb's 'Head of Christ' was first displayed'at'an exhibition at
the ..liss Institute in Belize City this year. Commenting on the crea-
tion the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church was quoted as saying "To me, it
tells a deep and moving theological story,.. that compassion and feeling
can come right out of t' e junk.


There was immediate reaction last w'~k to an article published in
the Marquette Tribu-e and said to be the result of an interview with a
Papal Volunteer who served here year.

Disparaging rermars about morality education and health stan-
dards in Belize were contained in the article which the..Bishop said was
'scandalous' and b'sed on "patently erroneous information".

The Papal Volunteer Programme, from its inception, he declared,
has been inspired by Christian charity and brotherhood virtues expected
to be a living code for all those who offer themselves for this voluntary

Statements contained in the article in no way reflect the feel-
ings of the sponsoring a.'ncy, P'pal Volunteers presently assigned here,
nor to the-best of the Fishop's knowledge, of Papal Volunteers who have
served in this community, the Bishop said in an official release.


Professor John Figueroa, Head of the Department of Education and
Mr George Clough, Acting Director of the TT.W.'s Institute of Education
arrived from Jamaica on November 6th.

They came at the request of the Ministry of Education to advise
on the special courses being run at the Belize Teachers' College since
September this year.

The U.W.I. visitors met the Minister of Education, the Honourable
Mrs Lizarraga shortly after their arrival. L-ter, they visited the
Belize Teachers' College where they continued their discussions with the
Principal and her staff.

.In the afternoon, they visited the woodwork and Home Economics
Centres at Saint Mary's School and the Metalwork Centre at the Belize
Technical College, both of which are run by the Belize Teachers' College.

MIT Y.-1. -DAY

R{eiuemfbrnc- Day was o'b -m:i in lize on Novelber 13th and hi-L..
in B.lize City the tr:ditional :.-::.bcrance, D.ay service ws held at th:;
M norial P r:,.

Mhe service cdu,,?ctcd y: Dean Pwl _1 of the Anglican Church,
started shortly after th!e rival of His >celloncy the Governor, Sir
John Paul, and the playing of the Belizean Anthem.

Wreaths were 1~id by -is ,xccllency the Gove-rnor, Sir John Paul,
Premier .eorg e Price, the Tonour..ab Albert Cattouse, the Garrison
Commander, the Conmaniant of the Volunteer Guard, the Acting Cormissioner
of Police and I-Mayor J":!;es Loc':e, who repreented the Ex-servicemen Lp -gue.

The service w s live and direct by Radio Belize.

:S3 SONIA S 'LESTP h, s been '-rrL ed the Diploma in Primary Eduention Jf
the University, of Lonion's ITt:itute of iEducat'on.

Mrs Sylvcstre is an Assistant Te'-cher -.t Saint :Mary's In'aint
School in Bclize City.

THE .1MAN C'.T OLI'C BI P of 7-Beliz the Most reverend Ro!bert L. Hodapp,
left Belize on TTNoven r 12th to .ttelnd a conference of Roman Catholic
Bishops in Trinidad.

" -RS.. OF T;E IEWL.Y POrITED Advio ry Bo-rd1 for the Belize Technical
College are:

The Chief Educatiron COff'-Lr, C ,irir,.an; a representative of e'.ch o:'
thi major reli.gious :no in~ations r, this country; the Labour Corrmmission-Vr
the Principal of the Belize Te -c, rs' Col'sge City Councillor Hormro
Escalante w th Albert Shaamah and '"ussel Iorris representing the Belize
Chamber of Co.Imrece.

A DE.LEGATION "OM TTE 1:, 7IGE of Prg:)r. .so, Corozal district, met the
Minister of Lo-cal Government on Thursday to discuss the registration of'
their prodiucerst co-onerative.

E?'1l' TRADE TTNIOFISTS3 received c-rtitfica.tes of attendance at a Seminar
sponsored by the Bel'.ze Tnio.i Congrness, ORIT and PTTI last Thiursd,7

The Gir-st Sp'--,r for t.. evening was Crown Counsel John Avilez.

LISA ENTERPLISE LIMITED a concern which h-s undertaken the ia.nuf cturo
galvanized and wire na.:is an othl r wire products, ws granted a develon-
ment concession last woe:.

The Order mray be revol-ed if by the lCth of Lu-ust 19C7 the facto.r-
has not produced a total of 50 to as of produce. Fair w.ges and em:loyl:._
practices must be observed.


D.2' '-DTTTE SCTOL'T: IPS, north t-.ot less thin two thousand eight hundred
dollars a y'?.r hIve b0n o''i-. to students in this .country who ?.lr:.dy
hold a first -(cgr-e.

The schol."rship- "r e-in o:.fer- d bl: the Tniversity of York for
graduate work in the L .nl.,g- D. a..rt. ent.

MOTNSIEUT ER.n KI RISTO OLAJI PAJARI has been appointed Consul of Finland
in London with jurisdiction over the United Kin: dom and Overseas terri-

His 'Excellency the Go-ernor h-s accorded Monsieur Pajari pro-
visional recognition pending issue of the Exequator.

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