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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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'3 T, TT 33

Published 'by the Gover.nment Infor ti on Service
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No. 43 ******* p to 24th October, 196C,


Even bi-partisan sub cor.:mittees have b,'en set up under the new
Standing Orders adopted recently by the House of Representatives. This
wa.s announced following a meeting g of the House on 'riday.

Under the new procedure ev':ry bill which comes before the House
in the future ;will be referred to one of the.-e co,_mmittees unless the
House decides otherwise;

The intention'is to give .embers rmor ti:,e to study Bills so that
they can be sure that the best inter- st of the people is served by what-
ever legislative measures are adopted by the House.

The sub committees are:

Public Accounts Ways Means
Economic Development Public Utilities
Health, E'rucstion ;- Welr are internal Affairs & Labour
Constitution T orenign A-~-"';irs Standing Orders
Privileges regulationss
The House Comrnitt ne

Committee membership varies between five and eightt Representa-

Presented for its -irst reading by, the minister of Na.tural Re-
sources was the Rural Land Utilization Amendment Bill.


A Bill for the se tion the h te Corozal and Orange Walk divi-
sions of the Cne Tarmers Mnage;ne:nt and Harvesting Committees is to be
introduced shortly by the Minister of Natural ".sources.

A statement by a Ministry spo,-ksman last w:,-ek said everything
possible is being done to embody certain proposals from the Orange Walk
Branch of the Cane Farmers' Associ-tion in the projected reorganization
of the sugar industry.

December Target

On Wednesday a party of cane farmers from the Orange Walk district
staged an orderly demonstration through the streets of,Belize City in
support of their divorce petition.

They were led by Mateo Ayuso and Wilfredo Coral.. Following the
demonstration a delegation was received by the Minister.

/It has since

'<- tl: '

It h-s since been confirmed that very strenuous efforts have been
set in train to nrocees the proposedd at:mendments before the end of the


Four Bills, including amendments to the Constitution and Local
Government .ordinances which re-define the role of public officers in
politics, were passed by the Senate on Tuesday.

On the Constitution Amendment Bill Senator M4:ighan, leader of
Government business, called attention to the f-act that, previous to the
1963 Ordinance public officers were disqualified from membership of the
Cabinet, the House of Representatives or the Senate,

This is good parliamentary practise, he said, and we can note its
operation in many'of the world's stable democratic countries.

Another Bill approved at last Tuesday's session was a Bill for an
amendment to the Supreme Court of Judicature ordinance. All four Bills
were passed without a dissenting vote.


A Community Workshop Project for IIHTttL-ville Village was official-
ly launched by the Minister of Social Developiesnt on Friday night.

Co-operating-in tlhe effort .r,- the Belizean government, CARE and
the Red Cross.

Fifteen sewing machines have been provided by CARE. A number of
ladies have been organized into sewing group which, it is hoped, will be
able to produce ready-made clothing of a su"fir..iently high standard to be
attractive to the local market.


The objective, the Minister explained, is to supplement family
income for Hattie-ville residents. And he urged the group to take good
care of the facilities which are being placed .t their disposal.

The Minister, the Hon. Albert Cattouse said government is very
grateful to CARE and the Red Cross for their valuable assistance.'


Opening Chamber of Commerce Week in ? radio broadcast on Sunday,
the Hon. A.A. Hunter, Minister of Commerce .nd Trade declared:

"It is important at this of the country's emergence to inde-
enndent nationhood, that we mobilise all our m..anpower and financial re-
sources in order to achieve speedily the development required so as to be
able to sustain a meaningful independent status in the shortest possible

The Belizean Government, he went on, is working very closely with
the Chamber of Commerce and look forward to continued cooperation in the

/future with an

future with an even Ereater sense of partnership, not me .-.lY ttwJrcn
Government and the Chamber, but on a b-'oader plane, between the ,-rivate
and public sectors of the co.i unity.

Parochial Attit-i'_.e Abandone,:

,Mr Hunter said the Chamber had discorded its previous parochial
limitations of serving only its members' interests and has now adopted
a more forward looking and altruistic approach. This is evident from
its inter-sts in and influence on matters of national and international

Gov-rnment appl.aud this enlightened attitude. There is no
doubt thot the talent and ex-erience.of the Chamber could be of immense
value in assisting Government in its rogramnme for economic, social and
political development.

Strong Sunport

Speaking in support of the Chamber's membership advice, r
Hunter said he believes that all who are engaged in commerce, industry,
agriculture and related fields should give their fullest su-port to the
Chamber of Commarce.

He thinks it is the duty of all businessmen, to register as
member of the Chamber. Much more can be achieved through a repreenta-
tive and united body th.-n by individual efforts.

Guest of H-onour during thi: Week will be the Internationl1
Coordinator of the Chamber ':o Coii~ri ce of the Americas, Mr Frank
Gatterri. He is expected to .rorive in Belize next Thursday.


The Financial S 3ce--try, under provisions of Section 4 of the
Sugar (Special Funds Variation of P-te and Propositions) is to pay a
contribution of $2 per ton to the Sugar Labour Fund.

The Order was connt-',.ned in Statutory Instrurient '.o. 62 of 1966,
by authority of the Honourable Minister of Nartural Pesources and Tr,.de
on October 12th.


Premi r George Price sDO'-e last we'-k about the highly valued
human and commercial ties 'rhic link the people, of Belize and their
Commonwealth no.:ihbours in Jamaica.

The comment was made on Saturday morning as he received Mr
Basil Buck, trpvelling rejresent.ti.e of the Caribb'-n Cement Comipany,
who spent throe d.ys here coll acting information in connection with
bids for the :new capital -oi ect.

Consumption o:" cement he e in 196: is estimated at just under
10,000 tons with Jamaica supplying more th-n a third of the con.-ercial
intake and half of government purch-se by special arrangement.

Mr Buck, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, estimates that
next year our demand will exceed 15,000 tons. The increase is calcula-
ted on estimates of the a:..unt of cement to be used on the opening

/phase of the

phase of the new -p--.tal project and extension of the runway at the
Belize Int--Tntionrl airport,

A Happy Welcome

Preni-r George Price -.s cit d Jar'-ica's cement sales to 'elize
as yet another instance of r-.itally beneficial betweenn two friend-
ly Commonwealth C.ribbean countries. Accepting a memento from the
Caribbean Cement Company's representative, Mr Price a.=sured him of a
happy welcome to Belize whenever his travels bring him to our shores.

This is Mr Buck's second visit to Belize. He was accompanied
on his visit to the Premier by Mr Charles Passailaigue, Managing Direc-
tor of the Hofius Hardware Co -any.


TACA INTE". NTIONATL Airlines has been granted permission to
operate a seventy four sweater Jet BAC 111 aircraft between Belize,
Mexico, the TT. 3.A. and Penama.

Making the announco'.ent Chinf Civil Aviation Officer Leopold
Balderamos drew attention to the work now underway aimed at improving
the runway at the Belize International Airport.

"A Definite Incentive"

Commenting,: on the a ",:,ounceaent, a spc''sman of the Tourist
Board said the inadequacy of air transport between Belize and the
United States of America is one of the greatest factors inhibiting the
growth of the tourist industry in Belize.

Meanwhile, the Man'::,-'r of the Belize Global Travel Service,
agents for TACA I: 1.-'lNTfTOiAL, expressed gratitude to Government for
the efforts it h's been iwiakinV; to complete the runway at the Belize
International Airport before December 15th when the TACA Jet service
will go into op:era-.tion.

Improvement of the rumr.ry, said the Tourist Board official, is
a definite incentive for further imr-ovement.

pr,11ic i Ttil Lt ie: M'in:ister, the Sonoura-ble Hector Silva, accom-
i~i ..o r ', the S3.- -rintlendent of the Belize Electricity Board, paid a
visit to Punta Gorda Town last week to select a site for the new
electricity generating plant.

The Belize Electricity Board will soon be assuming responsibili-
ty for Punta Gorda's electricity supply. The Board now has similar
responsibility for all t': oth.r district capitals.


International Credit Union Day celebrations on Thursday were
highlighted by a banquet at the Fort George Hotel sponsored by the
Credit Union Loague.

/Guest speakers

Guest speakers were F-thor Robert Raszkowski of the SocietyT of
Jesus, Mr J.L. Blac'stt and the Hon. Philip C-oldson.

F:-ther Raszkowski sno :-e about the brotherhood and fellowship
of the Credit Union movement.

Reviewing the development of the credit union ide, from the
days of Frederick Raiffeison through its introduction to Belize by
Father Marion Ganey, Father Raszkowski pointed out that Belize has
had a part to play in the international growth of the Credit Union

The poor desperately ned methods of self-help that will lift
them out of economic distress while preserving their human dignity
and self-respect. This is what the Credit union movement offers.

Better Living In Any Language

"As long .s faith and loyalty exist, the Credit Union Movement
will grow and cover the r"ce of the certh reaching down and lifting up
the poor the broken and the dispondent, setting their feet firmly on
the path of better living-- better living in any language," he declared.

The Honourable PhiliD Goldson said the Credit Union movement
provides a world in which dreams are made a reality.

He looked forward, he said, to the cday when the Credit Union
will extend its services so as to provide capital necessary for the es-
tablishment of small industries.

The Premier' s Proclamation
For his Dart Mr laecl stt described the Credit Union movement as
one generating unity of action and collective interest a sane forward
looking movement, which puts a man on his own feet and allows a woman
to realize her ambition.

He was proud that our Credit Union League had asked the Pre-
mier to issue a Credit UTnion Day Proclamation. This, he said, estab-
lished practise in other parts of the world.

He -nid tribute to the officers of the league and to F-ther
Ganey the --tho-r of the IMovement in Belize urging Credit Unionists at
the same time, to carry the good message of the Credit Union movement
to his neighbour.

League Pr iidcent, Inspector Fred Gill, called, for an end to
conservative policies and the inauguration of a new era of membership

This year's awards for outstanding service to the movement w ent
to Mr Ivan Hall and Mrs Carolina Burns of San Ignacio.

C.U. Activities In The Districts

Week long celebrations in honour of the movement began on
October 16th with a radio broadcast by the Minister with government
responsibility for Credit Union.

Membership drive 'spot meetings' were held in Belize City and -
there were special radio programmes with several credit union leaders
taking part.

/In Stann Creek

In St.Cnn Creek Town n on "hursd-y afternoon a, foat':rin.
a hundred children with the symbolic Credit nTion umbrella waIrs held.
And on Friday ni: ht, the Endefl.vouJ Credit TTnion played host to oth-'r
credit unions in the Town.

Meanwhile i-j Orange ,nE.l': Toiwn on Tuesday the Honourrble Elito
Urbina and Reverend Father cundo ,rnstillo were guest speakers at a
public meeting in connection ,ith the International Credit Union

Both speakers spoke of the role of the credit union movement
in Orange Walkr Town and urged :,embers to take full advan-age of the
s-rvices of the movement in raisin their standard of living. Their
credit union, th,:y were bold, could play a vital role in the economy
of the country,

The Honourable Repre'cnte.tive spoke highly of the officers of
La Immaculada Credit Union,

In the of the Crd: .t Union celebrations Holy Redeemer
Credit Union Limibtd, alre-y 'h: 1 s,:i;st in the country, bunched its
assets to over $1,000,C00.

Last Anril it i,,rs reunited that H.R.C.U. ranked with the
Jamaica Credit Union as the ir.r3 et in the entire Caribbean.

The Holy Redecner Credt Union records show that some $940,701
have been loaned to members. Itsreserve fund now stands at $53,598.


Mr Ortan Clp.rJe has 't.ben elected president of the recently
formed Trade Tnion Congress.

Other of 'ice b. ,;-ver are r Lionel Clark, Vice President; A.
Rosales, General Secretary, '. Parahiam, Assistant Secretary and Mrs L.
Locke, Treasurer,

Following their U reet:i~ ;, last Friday plans for a two week seminar
wt'ru r i '-LlSOd

This should ta;r:e l ce under the direction of the Postal, Tele-
graph and Telephone Intern.', from October 28th to November 12th.


A bumper touri.:'t season, even surpassing last year's record
bookings, was foreshadowed by the return to Belize recently of two of
the co iatry's biggehi t sport fishing ope"--itors Vic Barothy and Bill
Haerr who acquired the P.rothy lodges ?t Li'' le Caye Bokel earlier this

Barothy and Haerr report heavy bookings for th ir ca.mns and in
both organizations a big drive is now underway to expand existing

/Three new buildings

Thr- e now buildings ar: nerTing completion for Bill Haorr at
Little Bokol and new f-l t o, bo-' :s is being thrown in to ta.:e
care of Haerr's co :itment.. An Vic Barothy has informed the
Tourist Board th-t he is -i:. di. a new -u::t house at his Bcliz
River camp. e wil- also e st.c:in :- lrrge tents to relieve
the congestion at hi:s f:cm.

Among t'oe bi, .a :C-; ,td t o visit the BErothy establishLmhnt
this yeCr are Ted T:iliias, rt.:tired hero of the St. Louis Cardinals
and Henry Sha 'espeare, one of the`st distributors of sports
fishing and golfing equipment it in the United States of America.

The peak tourist season f'or this country begins around the
end of October and continue until March. Tast year it estimated
that foreign tourists spent about a million and a half dollars in this

Chief Scout Sir John Paul, declared Boy Seout Week open in a
radio broadcast en S'.nday.

Sir John said the scout :,,->-ent's aim is to help make good
citizens, and produce :en of into;rity who are self disciplined and
self-rieiant. Possessing these ch,-acteristics, he went on, they can
help to servn the co(:-unity in which they live.

There are over 1,000;000 scouts throughout the commonwealth.
To these must be :ried po sil.' soIee 3,000,000 more in foreign
countries. Scoutin g, he emh sized, holds no bar in terms of race or
creed or colour,

HfI'- in this country -c hvi. some six hundred scouts and cubs.
iHe hoped IthKt oeonlo would be seeing a great de-l of them in the course
of Scout week.

Th- scout .ove: nt h)is aic ady achieved many things, he de-
clred. On the national I.vl scout le-ders ae trying to do their
best in the service of youth and to rendor valuable service to the

Sir John anpon-led to the public to support the fund raising
drive generously.

LIBORIO AYUSO, Tr asurer of Chr-nmbr of Commerce and campaign Man.ager
for the present meib orship drive, was well received on Thursday when
he addressed the Commerce Class at St John's College.

The students agreed to help with the drive.

ST.ANT CT-'77 DISTPICT'S 7 RM RSt DAY will be held on April 30th next

Village --pr:sentatives, meeting on iWednesday, re-elected this
year Show Cormmittee en bloc, The Stann Creek district orga nizers, likc
their Western District count,,eparts next month, arr, going to stage a
two-day event.

. I .

3E.TErAL TT.LGS .in -the Corozal district I"st week took the 1-'a.d aloo
with Co--ozal Town, in sendin~n.: r~e.lie sup Ulies to victims of hurrican-,
I'nez along the 1'-cxic,-n Gulf c -. st,

GULF AMERICA COMP" NTY -which : -oin. i.n or l.rr! scr-le banana produc-
tion in the Sibun :r ., h:.s hbeen r'.nited q development concession.

The company has until A,'.tiust, 1967 to establish 500 acres of

A GR DEN\T COMPETTION is being; heldc in the coroz-.l District in December
under the u.spicies of the Co:cozal District Branch of the Department
of Agriculture.

CARE is nmai:ing a substantial contribution through provision of
seeds fertilizer and insecticides.

LANDING PRBT'TIGE Ai:D A BOOT to .an or;;nizini Co:i.:ittoe, rmembrrs of the
Festival of Arts trravelled to 3S .nn Creek town on Saturday to hold dis-
cussions with the Stann Cro1 :roup.

The aim is to orginizo a s.,ri:s of district Festivals, starting
with the St. Creek: district _-.din; up to the National Festival which
is stage here in clizc Ct' y.

THE OPANGE W'YLK DItT ICT TUIT 0:. the Catholic Educational Associ-tion
held its annual Spclling Bc., ;t on Thursda.y night.

Marie Potit nr::;oret( tihe winner with Crmrita Gonzalez in second

Guest sp-.-:.r ,r t c l ic :,tl; o Trhiina.

' D1 N0 T f.' .r i.n.ji-ecr in a I.-mnchin incident at the Robinson
Point shipy.,-.rl. Anohc'r cnsnr ;nIly was TLloyd Tradcley who, suffered from
an electric shock.

The condition of bot!: :,'..n wr.:; reported( to be satisfactory follow-
ing tre-tment at the hos;it-l1.

.E BODY O" FORTY-SIX YR OLD LORAI7E P"Y3, shopkeeper of the C-orneic
of Collet Canal an.&d': C ter'ry 'od discovered by her common law mate
David Montero on Sunday.

There was a r-ovolvcr beside the body. Police investigations are

59.65% 0' T TrE T T7.CT who sat he firs;t Pupil teacherst examination this
year were : u cm -;ful. Result:: in other divisions: Second Pupil
teachers' 40.83, Second Cl ,.s 50.7/, First Class 52.2%.

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