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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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P. 0. Box 324.

** * 4~* *

Up to 8th August, 1966,


Upholding the right of self determination for the people of
Belize, is the fundamental policy of the Governnont of the United
States of Mexico.

This statement w-s ndco on Mondy, August 1st by Liconciado
Senor Juan Manuel Ramiroz, Consul for Mexico in Bolize.

Licanciado Ramir.z :-ade the declaration as he called to pay
his respects to Prenior Price before leaving for homn on long leave.

The Consul said Mexico wants for Belize only what the people
and Government want. This he understands to be the right of self-
deternination to become an independent, sovereign nation. The Go-
vernment of Mexico is prepared to help the country to achieve and
maintain these aspir-tions, said Liccnciado Ramiroz.

To Pronote Further Assistance

He would be taking a nunbor of projects with him up to Mexico
City to be presented to his Govorn;cnt in order to determine what
further steps eanr be taken to help with the development of the

The Consul was accomr-anied by the Vice Consul Scior Hunborto
Rodricuez, who will be in!e of the Consulate during his absence.
Licenciado Leopoldino Ortiz Santos, a cMxican District Judge, who was
on a visit to Belize City was also presented to the Premier.

Mr Price thanked the Consul for restating his Government's
stand on the question of self-dot-rnination for Belize. "Please con-
voy warn greetings from the government and people of Belize to your
government and people.u

Mexico's long stru :,l to assert herself as a truly indepen-
dent nation is a stru-ggle to "o admired. It was this fighting spirit
in defence of its riChts which t-o Bolizean people welcome and want
to emulate its own struggle for independence. It was heartening, he
went on, to be re-assured that Mexico will help the people of Bolizo
in its struggle to become an.independent nation.

.The Good Recounted

Noting that "there has been increasingly cordial and frater-
nal relations between the Governments of Belize and Mexico" the Pro-
nior, took advantage of the occasion to express once aghin his Go-
vernment's and the people's gr"titudc for the assistance Mexico has
givon Belize since he led a Government delegation to Mexico City in
August 1964.

1~ B. Os0 /..............It

No. 32



It w.s p intr-,e out thlt this assistance includes construction of
the $600,000 int.rna.tionra brid;: which spns the Rio Hondo, (th.e c1a-
tor is now nearin- c- ::plti-n); el c.tricity supply to the Customs h:ua-
at Sant. Elna; an ent t provide potable wat r for C .rozal T '-wn.
Technical experts in vuric'us f:l:.s t; aivise the Belizcan Governu,.:nt;
the provision of th-r;u -:hr. c-ttl., and hybrid c-rn to help in with the
deovclopnont of r.-ricultur : .n.. ti live',t -ck industry.


.T:ios Nols.:n GfAis, ll writer for the Christian Sciincc
Monitor, who paid a visit h11-.-' .rli r this yarrl has lauded the proven
ability o' 0cliz. ns -t: wr;.:,

"They w.t'r1' .icio~tly" says Mr .G. sll and, h oes on t:. r:.'lat
the intensity f. the drive h. re t accept the challn.:e of in.Ocpen>nce.

The artici .lscrios Pr .i r G r;- Price as "an intense and
oernest ynur Pri..: ~inist r."

Rcf-orrinr: t: thL s! .-a "This is i'.io Belize, Voice of the
nErir:gin. nationn ,of B.,.lizo in C' A.;.:rica, Mr Geoodsll says inodpon-
donce. is the r.ajor tho!-e v-rn:.. ,n. activities in Bolize.

InfdopCenCdncc Ideo. ATinin:L A:c-.otncc

British tr ;.itions :';n law t.r:ay wvorn the colony (country).
Yet it is virtu:al..y s elf -.rrv in;; t inint rnal affairs. And the Pri:.:
Minister dos.s all 1. can t oc:ur ..: th:. idea.- th-t the colony (country)
be crilod oeliz a:.; not 't i:h oinduras, the article cs on.

In tal-s with businL.'s :o~n, labour rs, o:uca.tors 'and others in
Belizo, the writer reports, he f'iund e-vi_-,nc th-.t there is considrrabl
acceptance of this viow.

"Without hi'.:," Oc.n busin.:oes lear is quoted as s:yin<' "I doubt
tIc would as cl.Sc; to inm. yo .e. 'as we 're." And another quotation,
this ti-i fro. a Felize.n .law:r "G!,. r : Price is the spuearh'd of the
indepondence .t, n' h, '7 -'.l 'in in' ,-ndenc,- even if he weoro the
only 'olizoan in jxisten...

RH.rloars of the Christi:n Sci.encoe i'nitor wore told that the
ruling People's Tnit.ud Party ~is the :jor political force in the nation
with a contro)llin ; positi'mn in tlh Logislature..

The Parties Rcl-tive Stry n:Th

About the 1-tional In;':cn.ln.ce Party and'its leader, Mr
Philip Goldson, the writer r ..calls th t the party lost-heavily in the
1965 elections.

Mr Goldson, he went on, des not have any where..near the follow-
inC of Mr Price.

Mr Goodsollts witd rat.e:,i.n f-turo also touched briefly on our
economic history. Wrote Mr i--.-oell, "Hist rically, Britain's role w as
one of indifference, not exploit tion. Britain aenoarc, content to let
the lur-ber industry rei1ain t:he s;.e ro son for the colony's (country's)

- 3 -

He mentiondLfishing, citrus growing, cattle raising, as poten-
tial industries. But in spite of the fact that the soil and fisheries
are as productive as anywhere in the world, these opportunities go
begging, he reports.

Sunning up, the writer forecasts that if Mr Price can win full
independence for Belize with financial stability, the new nation could
well assume a role of sone consequence in the Western Hemisphere.


In a widely publicized policy statement last week the National
Federation of Christian Trade Unions declared that it would have been
premature to comment earlier on what has now turned out to be merely
the premature impressions on :cdiation by one nan.

Having waited for the charges to be made formally in the House
of Representatives and having heard the replies of government spokes-
men, the Federation went on record as being satisfied that this was
nothing but an attempt by tho opposition to exploit the mediation
effort for party political purposes.

The Federation also cCdoDmned the outbreaks of violence and
those responsible for then. The instigators were to blame, continrod
the statement, for the resulting downward swing in economic activity
and the resulting loss of nmploynmnt to nany workers.

Danger Signals?

In a pointed co .cnt on what Was described as "two danger
signals in the national lifo", the Federation said it was in the nation-
al interest that government should conduct an inquiry into the failure
of the police to deal offactivoly with the recent disturbances and the
influence of party politics in the civil service. An impartial police
force and civil service, it declared, are two of the basic ingredients
of democracy.

At the sane tine the Fodcrntion reaffirmed its steadfast belief
in political independence for the country, peaceful economic develop-
ment, non-discrimination, and a non-political and impartial police
force and Civil Service.

The Minister of Int rnal Affairs and Health, the Honourable
Lindbergh Rogers, last Monday received Inginiero Guillermo Boquin
Velasquez, the newly appointed W.H.O. Sanitary Engineer.

Senor Boquin, replaces Mr Jose Stamp who served here for four
years. He is an officer of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, an
agency of the World Health Organization. He was introduced to the
Minister by Belizean Sanitary Engineer, Mr Dennis Gonguez.

Senor Boquin is a graduate of the National University of the
Republic of Honduras. He holds a Masters Degree in Sanitary Science
from the University of Puerto Rico and also received field training in
Planning for Health at the University of Massachusetts.
Better Health For The Nation

The Minister of Health discussed water supply and sewerage
systems with the two Engineers. Ho then went on to explain Government's


- 4 -

policy in these fields and acknowledcJed, with thanks, the very good co-op-
oration Governient has been receiving front the United Nations Internation-
al Children Emergency Fund and the World Ho-~Ith Organization in its plan
to introduce bettor health facilities in urban and rural areas.


It was noted front Govc:rn:ont House last week that the nergor of
the Colonial Office and the Co anonwoe.lth Relations Office to forn tho
new tCor:nonwealth Officet took place on Monday.

Under the nrger arranIge.ont, the former Colonial Office Depart-
nents will continue to carry their existing functions under the title of
the Dependent Torritorics Division of the Cor.ionwealth Office.

The Cornonwealth Office will have two Secretaries of State dealing
respectively with relations with the Independent Connonwealth on the one
hand and with affairs of the Dependent Territories, on the other.

Mr Frederick Lee will continue to deal with the affairs of depen-
dent territories under his existing title of Secretary of State for the
Colonies and Mr Stonohousc will reaain Parlianentary Undor-Socrotary of
State for the Colonies.


The oleventh annual Library Course cane t-, an end on Monday norn-
ing at the Technical Library.

The closing talk was delivered by the Chairnan of the National
Library Board, Miss Evadnc Hulso, who thanked the Minister and the tutors
for their contribution to the effort.

The hifghli 'ht of the closing ceremony was the presentation of Cer-
tificates by Miss Hulse.

Prizes wore awarded to Messrs A. Ranos, Fred Card and Mervin
Lanbey, for koen participation throughout the course.

Connenting on the course, the Librarian, Mr Leo Bradloy said it
was the biggest, nost rcpreosntative held to date.


A three week vacation Course on teaching techniques in Science,
Mathematics and Geography for Prinary School Teachers opened in Belize
City on Monday.

Speaking on that occasion, the Minister of Education, Mrs
Lizarraga said the Bclizeon Govw.rnnmnt is grateful to the United Kingdon
Government for having nade a five nan tari of instructors available for
the course.

She noted that the course was designed to give the participating
teachers a sound practical knowledge of modern methods of instructing
their students.

Harmony With The Environment

The intention hero, she declared, is to bring rural education into


- 5 -

harmony with the environncnt and into a closer relationship with the rol1
needs and interests of the peo ile who live in those areas.

She had observed that geography has been a neglected subject for
years, not only at the primary and secondary level, but also at the decree
loyel. It would therefore be of ut-lost benefit to the teachers to take
advantage of this practical course, she declared.

"Your Govcrnnent is lcKavin.:' no stone unturned to try to give you
the best facilities to improve yourselves as it is in your hands that the
power lies to nould the livs of our young ones," said the lady Minister.

Concluding, Mrs Lizarraga said she was thankful to the British
Council for its part in arr-n ing the course and to the Chief Education
Officer and his staff for all the hard work they have put into organizing

The Vote of thanks w-s novcd by Mr H. Burns, Principal of the
Crooked Tree Governrjont School.


A party of twelve tourists front San Salvador loft Belize City by
chartered aircraft on Saturd-y afternoon at the conclusion of an action-
packed throe day visit.

The group nic:ncbers of a Gcrn-n-Salvadorean touring club, was led
by Mrs Erica Trilln.ich, herself a veteran traveller who speaks four

Their pro'ranno here included a tour of the important archaeologi-
cal centre at Rockstone Pond, on which they were shown around by the
Chairman and Secretary of the Tourist Board, a day of island hopping anong
the cayes, and a quick trip to Xunantunich where they were able to see the
steps being taken by governi.^nt to rcady this centre for intensive use as
a major attraction.

.The Tourist Board Ar:'anres

As a special courtesy the 3B'rd yesterday arranged a lengthy
briefing session for thce by the Archaeological Connuissionor, Mr A.H.
Anderson. This took place at the BD.ron liss Institute where they were
able to see the pornancnt display of artefacts recovered front Maya ruins
in this country under governiont supervision.

It was shonping tio. for the tourists on Saturday morning as they
collected souvenirs and snall purchases for the return journey.

The tourists, who thoroughly enjoyed their stay, spoke in glowing
,terns about their pro ranno an' the hospitality with which they have been
received all around, Sono of thon hpop to return later this year,
possibly in Novenber.

Four noenbrs of the party are in the diplonntic service two en-
ployed at the British Enbassy and two at the Gornian Embassy in San


Cable and Wireless Linitod have signed a contract with Lindo
Brothers for the construction of an International Radio Station near the

/Village ............

Villagec of Ladyville on the Northern Hi-lw-y.

,The. R-dio t.:lephone anc tle:r-p-hy s-:rvice will operate b
Belizo, Ja-.'aica and MiiJ i.

Actu 1 construction is expected to be'.in in two weks' ti:e.
The service should be op:.rtiion.i in about oi hteen months.


The 196 Grind1ji Sg:son, sch?.' ulcd t; have bbon closed on July
31st has -oon extended to the enl -f Au ust.

The extension w.s rc1qui--tod by the Corozal Sugar Factory.

In his monthly rcp.,rt, Su:9,aLr .oa'rd S cretary, Scvero Pinto,
noted I.lst .wock tlh-t althou-h this yearts :rindin:; so-.son;
the extension will bhe: I.'T:r than the season last yoer, it has boorn
nor productive.

By the .nd of Au ut tLhe Jf-ct :ry will have processed s.,:e 300,000
tons of cane to --.roduco 42,000 tons of su;a-r 7,000 tons :or,.i th-,n in


Tasllcs, described as 'fr-ank:, fruitful and conclusive', were hold
between roprosentativcs of the CLhti: .r of Con'nrce and the Controll';,:. of
Customs on Wednesday.

The m1 e tin,' had beon c rll.d in an U.i'ort to find wa.ys and ..-ea-ns
of resolving problem and :.ia:und.rttndin:-s which hnd h rison since the
two parties not last in 1_;4.

The no-tin discus.-d .r -liv.:ry -ord(rs tho passing of ontrios
with special refercnc to ::r-'niTia.'ti-n of -r:"o:s of Moxican podlcrs, Lond-
ing, re-export of roods, st-:" a.d! public relations and Custons tariff


Choe.icals Lin-itcl (AirT Taxi Service) has apolioed to operator a
passenger, froiht and nail s r--viice b!tweon San Pedro AliNbhr:ris Cayo and
Belize City.

There would be scheduldC fli hts once a wock from the
Airstrip to San P'!.ro in a C,,ssno 180 five soater.

The application for h;:, op, ration of the service wEs received by
the Liconsing Auth:-rity on Au_ ur.t 2nd. Obhjction to the gr-,nt of a
licence for the proposed. s rv.ce.. if any, should reach the Liconsin!
Authority by August 14th.

H..' 0 3J ~iOrTH

His exccllncy Sir John Paul, paying his first official visit to
the North-rn districts last w. .., s-v.nit two days io.eting Representa'tives,

/Iia~yorS 0. 0 000*000 0. C

- 6


Mayors and officials in Corozal and Orange Walk towns.

On the way north Sir John'looked in on the construction site for
the new sugar factory at Tower Hill. Civic receptions in his honour were
given in Orange Walk and Corozal towns, where the governor was able to
'noct Belizoans fror. all wal.s of soci.-ty.

He also visited gov.rn:-nt odeprt-nonts, the sugar factory at
Libertad and visited the hl rdjr town of Santa Elena on the Rio Hondo.

THE LOYOLA COMMITTEE of Santa loDna, (Cay- district) continuing its drive
in support of the Church building fund, netted $1,205 front a grand

Their next effort will be dance tD be hcld on August 13th.

A spokesman of the Con-iitt-oo said today that the Cor-nittee is
confident it will soon roach the ioal of the desired amount.

A WEEKEND REPORT from Kingst-on, Ja,aica where the Co ;nonwealth Gancs arc
in progress said that Allan Anderson, a l;nbeor of the Belizoan rifle toan
had qualified for the finals.

Anderson qualified in the 303 rifle shooting event. Meanwhile,
Colin Turton was placed fifth in thi. track enot but failed to qualify
for the finals.

TWENTY-SIX VILLAGE COUNCILS were reoresented at a noting of the Belize
District Council held at Ladyville.

The conferees discussed Village Council managonont and related

SENATOR VERNON LESLIE, Chairman of the National Parks Study Group, last
week renewed his invitation to Ithe Public to submit suggestions about
areas or sites in the country which should be set aside as National

A CENTRAL COMMITTEE to foster sports in San Ignacio Town and the Cayo
District was elected last Thursday ni-:ht at a meeting presided over by
the Social Welfare 0-ficor in that district, Noel McDougal.

Monbers of the Con;-itt .; are Fathnr Martin, Carlos Harrison,
Gerald Pagett, Pedro Lizama, George Haylock, Holis Perrefotte and Alfonso

BALLOTING FOR ARGICULTTTRAL PLOTS in the Georgetown area of the Stann
Creek District was conducted on Wednesday by Senior Survcror G. Bautista
and Social Welfare Officer J. Mcndez.

/ ..............The


The CGorkotown snfttlj. nt was established by families front Spin%.
BiFht aft.:r Hat-io .in: 10 1.

Town on Monday.

Thoro wero two c.scs

of tho, Su-orono Court oponcd in Stann Cr...o

n ths calondar.

*********~~ ::*****

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