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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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E. .... 4. 4

Published by the v ient Inotin S vi ce

.... .. Bel ize City .

The S; iK )A t&a -

wd will airv' at the elie Intinatal Apt onthOc
o ,eBI t I via Mir. m ...

So s i. of t.h new c.pital citOyc L

SThe applicants i. the Eist pa.t .ei' ii th'
0 .. It .

-> o : .*. -
"o {i9lAp 2 A .t -. U" OL1 4-,-s .

4-., eJfn''.,, s4 Pau~ l ined- n -th .2I. .. ,-
h h ,. ,,
"-1A.,. ...
Til>." .. c .. ... %s r : L-:Li %' ii b a ti I > )i.. ,Z .z
"I ", _: r .. ,-",. > o-, .

,,: _L~ k .,.U. ''Y b t S ; LlV. WDI- : ; .}i _
_, ... '" +} ,s -is "" s i i :-,-iu e .. dsz,%",~rD
rr' "',,"' '.L D $ ..: '.. .' ..
,, .L .' -,C -. --... "" -;D_ ,-
f ._.. ..... _, ile .. w o p i'71-
L3 L.) j D! O'
I- l .,
,,, ,.{ ,,; 1. : t

se- vative Baptist h".: ,-ssion oc.iety.ah. is on a-visi'u ,;"J. the
l.- Lit.1 b" ,)' -'I. Is 7 ,,2 'i
Baptist Chuich he. 'as part. 'a 2 oul > f Centralj4n icaQ] 'T _

T.-e JhuLIchx Ic. > .- 1 Lice tLha-t hisU church. was
v..y satisfied with the favouable :.atitud t,, a"d ch.istianity
wvhhich is sh iwn by the Beli ean G -ove.,: .nt .

S tui
U ILeee^o f Q"*0. 1^


The .b:Otist, C.uchJ h, saidL hope- to do .:,:1e in the
field :)f d .uca ti on' .> 935

fully coimple ti, i 1the one ye a. c Dui se in Publ- .,ic 1-, ini. stf1 1 at i on
CIL Al c 4 3 t-D ..

S: .. ,. ... .. .f.ic ....G ade II.
He spe nt a ye al in :N: mc a d going the d diplomaa i. Public
mindstUation at the Univy isity of .the '.Jest diaes d

9 Received. by. the P ei: e I Tuesday. Is ille said

.Be. -I .public s x vnt s -il 3 be able t o do the c ou: se be cuse
it offezs a splendid opportunity of unei standing the p;Copi. .-
0function of a .. civil s I"vant pa t hos'e in executive.
and a.dninist'-.tive posit ions : repre entativi pa lio. ::nta0 y
g.ove x ni.ent ., k ,a

,' pa. r need mole 01 this r-ndez st a .-in, in Belize5L. he

cd v 1 ,.L
said, at th-is stage

aMISS Vl0_ET HUH:"S, a .e lize an hne. on vacCai ion f 01,1 Chic a go

Miss nu-hs left elize in 1955. She told :he P xmieI
that she had t.ied e- visit L ...o7. .:oinciad-. wih the National Day
celeb9 nations ..and tcok p -. .at In :e l r:K.ho izen9 s pa.zade. as sheC
"" do beo.1 1she q i ..7

AL. .A ix.", su1}po>:i:e f.1 9 he ] i9 L .1 -.Y nt of the move iP ni of7

the good. changes h. ch have taken place,. in the c unt xy
She had a.ttend.e d. a.L c tion at. the m.i ial. P.ak and she
was g.atifisid to see t-e big imp: ove: ;/.... nts int% .duced in the cele-
bl ations of th.e. National.Day .
""c 1 1 0 d o t .10'l V I ,' L ..a.. -

a LCotlell c hei: .appointment as FiJancial

t' o the ae MOii s tr y
U ....e exp ie e he had .ined. as ..Fina.n.ial and
Ec onomic.Advis.. to the l-nd,-ald islands and later C.npti olle"-r
of Finance and Supplies.s to ,-a i ,.* be fy ,- it. be camQe -" -ept.e d .nt

M9 o Clttizll like a n civil servant, lvays placed seivce
to elize I .d .Belize ans : "

C dl 1 I '

D I c h L Lc3sti u A II~ 9 LT~IU L .1 I L D 1 G.

L; k *

:u. ai a. s at nx s1 31,Ll O b LtLC S i u saTl

Sh_1/SS Lt iO-to s te i--in ellnck s

inOnc eJveEka SteCnta Hdu 0 ne-Jun Uhun
c.ay thi.hePl; LA u t B uf z id UVYd tJ
heGUaiDItC0uSinQi l p rLalk- S, C: P.LUL(9t D' Ues Sh w a oin
uoSy ts To aUFit ~xiq

Thywpxte htc.j ic.fon h wikbigan
in Lh~~~~i ~i~& i~Eahjr A 11d~At9 r :xsi

9~Al ~ K-Q tAC~ ~C&7& i*l7712LL1S nini0 Liit
LaPC ( -3
ad.rn hlzn I, a Fas D sccat ` a
tev&en. nThs 1'ch:dCoxeihus

Re: : r v." end C1 _nelius succe eds h t ~ Re ve ndo D onald
Tucker and will taeh paxt time 'at the Nazsene High School in.
Belize Cityo

His wife is a ReI ist .. eda wIse -who hope to qualify
as a mid-wife at the Belize City Hi hospital

The zevexend Coz(Jelius holds a Bachellsx of Aits
fo-m Oilivet College in Kankakee Illonis. He majtzed in
religion and will teach science and. mathematics at the Zas:Laene
HiI-h School he!e ,

., i.; ,, l ,--l 11 ,d ^ .IL) .-, 191 .. % :

Sc < ..: o p tacticall xe ons: L the call fox- unity> e
Sil Pete,,a tallax ,2 c

LThe newt Beli]eL Teah i s^ Coll:OgeOL a >:erger Of Saint John1 s
Teachers Tralri' r Co1leCge and thL ":aint 1 e ox ge is Txa inning College w WDas
fox i:ally *openQl on Wedne:day by tthe Ministei of Education the Hone
MxsT Lisaaga ., .

Th. ce cemony st2a1t.d Tith the singiV of the Bel2zean
Anthem by the tudet b Ody., This .:as 311o.'"eY by the apnin.Lg iaiyex
by .the Anglican bishop in this count:xy the Right Revexend Ge ald
iB LxE. .. .7 ,I .L : -t s 1 o l n (

Col. leges is ca vey L.tcor.:.ed develop ,ent, A.d 1. iefe ed, to the,
Govexrnox 2 X1r .emaon jIati3nal Day, that it was a pr acticcal re spouse
to the oall -1 unity "If the eige is important because it is a patical e-
spose to the call fo unity, it is also inpotan because it is a de-
cision by ov e to undet. a great expanded t!acE' txi:hing
p gine the Ministei ephasI ze. -

G122e: t sr l 97

e:s .'. 'Res.a'ting e I'-. : ut1 s_ ic o the gaining C of t ashe. I s3
Mrs p LiDa&:iaga saidL A. tA d eff ot is t obe c:de' ( ecGesa now
and 1970 To tain all unt:i..ned teaches in the schools c- All new
t.aci:Xs who ; ... e employed: to. take caU e of populi i-. on gi .o.- will
also be tb ainedo

- IS.The MiistC ha.1I. a few P7 D s of -avise iox -the student
b dy Al.hou. h theii y c C rm, f:: ... dif.. e t d o. .i:. t .ional c m 'unit .ies ,
they axe expected to wok in unity and f1 iedship "

The whole c ount :y will be watching youD 2ii- -E d.inL;.
Seadcly to px ofit 22o1n y D:: CeT x ii hce of workiJ2 togethO. r 3s one
pe ople she went ona.

.Following th02Ad1dr-eiss by the Mini2) s the- -ICve 212 end C /We
Cous ins Gen, al ocniae. 3f M thod.isLt Echools xe ad fx Cm the bible and.
latee he bhes djtion..was p1::2 1oun9e3 by the V1iy Reve2ena. Lea WVebeI
of the GocieLty of Je sus1 3 esiUdent fI 0 1nt JohnLs *Coll *

The singing of G od Save the Que en11 by the student body
bX ought the ce y to an ed

o I, The: Blizean Blue an. 1hite flag and the Union Jack we .e
displayed ii the hll
i d .t, -
<. .. .7' ,
]1[ i1-, k, !: ez im {, T.-: t b c.8 ,_ s s.p s,t7e z
rii o. 1.t ~v m c z .o ~ ]: i s e
sp d D s.Cio t e e .,:lt ~_: tz::L.,r .i.. .): .: :.~ o ... ',


QLL17L1 )u[i

Replset-ing the Belizean people and g.v...m-ent *in
Chetumal at the Mxic ce elebrio lst week we
,L ... T. I%
the Minister* of IInte.rnal Affairs and Health, the Hon Mho C.L.B,

Caldelitas neax Cuidad Chetumal} the Imperia 1Band of BoliCe
City and the HMaimnba "Alm,. elichfiat of San Jose Succots in the
Cayn D, t stri

Cential A: iican Countr ies celebrated the.e 15th of
epte mber as t 1hei *Natiol Ine ,:ndene. Day.

In Belize City on the 16th a large Cocktail Paxty
G- by h -
was given at the hoit Geozge Hotel by the Mexican Consul for
Belize2 Licenciado Caldelon Flanco foD:, mani.y Belizeans and other
Ce nt al Amt, lican i lends. ...... ... ..... ... ,*
ic-; a c I.


The- Minister with esponsibility for Sport the Hone
Albert Catt house delivered a serious cha rge to n ;bes" ..of the BEC
Football tea, as they called to bid ,im farewell beGfooe they left
fox Me ida2 Yucatan, to play a sie ies of ma tches v ith. the .Central
Uive sidac Monte jo team which visited Beli ze lst July,

n The captain of the t am Mxe De Fairweather> the Coach
Mr, Be Engleton as well as the manager> Mr sBetie Ellis all pro-
mised the M t .ey would uphod t. goodae f Bians

and Belize whee.yve they go and pl.ay to the best of thei ability:

In the bye election in SCan Ignacio Town last Friday
The election was brought about by the esiation fo

the Board of the Hon> Santiago,
Some .12 p rsons wen ;t to the polls.
ItS C -l e-tcti. 3 S n iri,, a F Z. -
CILha B i elections VIou G! I Gve :-ti D r

tUhY:" ELa"d C 0- -IN&: m o

OiOU- 0-LL ALe> T ,,CAT 10 0, Oh C,'iiT.ifL_ DSEVL ,i 2OP 1.NT

"! am concerned about the welfare of nationals
especially those living in my constituency .

Thu s said the Mi nister of. Local G.overnm J the Hon,
A.,. Cattouse on Tuesday night as he addresdd residents of Lake
CIL ..,sa D, -,':- ,_.:-,,Y,_

I it~lEll

DuV~01i ... ..~ I s F a7 1 CA !I in.. 7331 CuILS h13Jw..,. -i.

borths ,J, h : : onn., 3TV.3' 311 .mgu. J- 1;aK

t-L) htooo aO.I : '3~.19F.: ~ l~ .1"h1 1a!c aoIIJLve

.133 ~vili(3O T 0 >171 9 j ). 1:F. .1 > K t ..f a a11K .) OKIQC .3 0N
iLuh U..S1i-7~pdh I 3- l1 1 C7 2'sVV C23 1 10 7 03f Lc c ,. .-fot1y
UP -a i7'1r ,;lca d IIfc") A
Zia 21c-
I : SH
ar19r yLa F

0 .0 XD3....31 a Li L,. '1. 1Cl ~ .3 l Q~

1 3 :. 011L1 OT;
junc6i,:-la U~a Ah IV -.3
a -f. -r-,

.7R:1 C 11 t .c clo In
s-~. 0, .. t...3 1t. 1T.9V. i C3l .

't U t a : d t J.- 1.7.. .V) L la ;_ ~an
C-( Dnr. Ell] On 11,; J,.a 1','-C. 1) Y. ;L.. C)._ V7t

.12 K1q.i 1 3f'I :L cs 13 (s' 11i t.. :)m I b
LI.tlird.~ n -1':'~. x '5~j 39m cC 10 L0.LeuL

U 'D
T7?f3 _I. Ko _) 1 1 .l' ,1''~K ,.~: 3 1
i~ ( 5& '~C.D L L1i7 2 1* 11 L '7 32 1 7 L1.JX iJh J

op) e-) .1 01

Among wks in p:xess at the end o. f 'August were the
In-tansi.t Lounge at the BElize Int Iun.tional i.po.t the Policet

i n B e l i ze C i t y o .. .. ..

Drilling conti nues at' Roaiing C(.Nek andr installation
of a boosted. pump at Wilson St.eet- Belize City' has started.

Soil stabilization w'ork on the .olthern and Westerx.n........
Highways continues and the LordLs Ba;: Road is 80C> completed. The
Be mudi-an, Lading Lemoal V.ill.age inthe. Beli.- DistLiictL is
a ou d 90 co pleted .... .....

MIa. .h.ile T.ende s have been invited. ,fo -he .1 construc-
tion of several sugar .oads in the OLange .alk D1istDics

Both the OppoTsu.1 and the Pecsaxy wexe eCngaged in
pledging the Haulovex Cxeek and Leclaining land at the Haulovel Creek
Area in the Belioe Dist"icto


The We steKn Di4st*ict '.Agxiultural Show CoURittee held
their ninth monthly meeting on Sunday August 29th at ,San Ignaci-

Since the successful 1954 Agricultual Show the
Coaittee. his been activeCf with a view to a king thi s year show
a bigger bette, and bxightex success than evexo
Prizes ths hs yea will include t ophies ibbonsr,
certificates and useful a tides such as agicultuxa. tools, seeds
fcrtiliers books pigs and otheS axtLicles

A special fe atue of this years sho_ wi l be a
children's vegetable booth

Faxme.xs xe already p epa. ling theix live stock. ILopsQ
handicxaft and peserves f ox the show planned tJo take place on
Ilvivexbex 13th, hany commercial fin. s too, have been aippi ached to
display pI)xoducts pexItailing to agricultu-xe

>.611 AV.II.A Fa1nl Demonstrator Gl-ade 1 left Belie on F rIiday Septe'mbei
1Oth2 to attend a two y>ear course ion agricultuxe atu the Lasten
Caiobbean Fa nm Institute in Tx inidad. i

The cost of his training- is bein,'t .r"o Colonia.j

Development and Welfare Funds and from a tional funds.

AN"iO'Y I ;EIGE the Deputy Loxd ...: of elizs City has beea
elected rhitai of tn he B3elize Distx ict Visiting Committee for.
M.dica.l nstitutions,D

the Stml0i,.Yii 0i 1 ~ 1 :o acdbyL Lpts
Mi Sn

I tTux .i.L 0 7 --j P7t v~tt iy
tin vv v Pv~?t hio t~att U. h~ ur7

heldin8 VJar

"I W- ILI'** *7-.,

'* .*,,~J*

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