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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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~ .3.),.. : .. .... : CWJ.(L

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ITI; -l c)I ~_r r.S13
by LK; K.DVIK?

171010.~~"1? byl Hj .'y ~Pt ~ c. 1 rd thU

'1~~~~ '1.L .' ,.. 13 ..)

J~~~2~~i.. Ur 3 i ( i '

Vt..1 210111 9.' ~ ~j'K ~ 9713 >Q -i I%.~U.2 'L~t V~t ILAC-'LC 1;

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13 30291 Da iLan

'ttA' o 9

IT.I 11, T1.

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'^ e ar I- xieh inland ana the7 lano sl x u ce But the y
are not inexhaCustable C must consxve. ou onx gic so"

"We un-.t put Ithe go d o. 2.lis and Belizeans .foxe D oui
se fish inte It s s he ,..-

_1o a xeat e,..nt Owe Ld tL o e.lp cf ,th peoples and
nLt ions W a g A'ta l.. ...,aV l Ad 2 .. .. 9. SLh.hv .t a DL us ...
i sach this f;'x on the ::aad t, in,-pnLance 1 and axr.e especially ga-
ful t tLhe Br tish pL0pl aa tL i: :)-,L .. .... t e u. it.c
0 2 .. .. It We-DS: .

v II
e .xte nd thea nd of f.i. n Lship. to 11 oui ni;i ho iLsDand to all fliend-

.andL Kj.paia e st:te intC ntxl i... xica.. and .o.I L U.LU,. ..cct ou,, E.-
p.. s Dnalit.y; an our 3il:., ide ..tity .. ,.

MI, P ic wnt tn to.j stLess th ULo shall p. I e :.. ve O2 "ul(
11ChJist 1iah en C Ly Lby 'k p. in o_ on hous ini oxaci byL building,

and welfa. of ouj fUllow liz.anS A

By keeping L. istia ,n De oc. acy ston a ,t ho:.. he a1guejd,
it ston active an vtal n a : ics
.. This o at L .oJ by pL.viALing btt ..Lliving conditions

.f.. oui .. .fell. E. li.a. in .th .lu al and Lth uLrban ara.... by
in. f 01. all of -.-c- e.ual ppo tuniti I s and th dignity .of .th/ M

anthem and the histic n of Belize

Th- P- .i er:. t... _xmo as ia]ti tuce to the many Belize ans
fio ti e i supp0:t of the Qational Day Fund,

In dhe a ys 1e iLip *to the 10th thULL .1.w note-

-nx. axed fox a K adult Cdi ence The big event fox cl,1--1n 0.. ofD ul s .. ;I .youth ally and tat. .. ....

,P"ice., th Minis I of I.fI. a .1 Affails t '.on. L'.ind LCa g .g. L s
LthL Mi .st. o- L...ucation t.. l inX Mxs, L e.2. r.aga..
SenrtoLs VD.I C ou"tnLy. Jaies Mi... han V. Les-lie .siaent TutO.

i .L. E.xtxa Mt:ral D ] Ci:.. i t t.he1 UJnilt i- ty tjl 2.10 .... -inaLC-s
Th. rI wei. re1 & L trie Ri .ht Lov.., 3ilS.p B .w D* K H KI ...... S i 'ch -D s
LLK K. 7.:]_ 0L N. VI.._ .97,-1 JL: l L ( C[ 2 .i .. .IJ t LL U i.,. .f.' L2 ; '. D'.lL .L
,c L
iJ.D 321 [1:17, '~ L :--U. 2. 2.1 i 1 KU ,l2


There a gxand .I. pass School aft, i school
troupe d pass the xevicwing stad beaing th coleus and thee
e gil guides, boy sut uni Rd C s the boys of the .
Princess Royal Youth Hostel and List.owe-l School. embers of the
Imperial Band the Voluntee Guad and the Boys Bigade

inThe feature address fox the evening was delivered by.
the Minister of Education, t-he Hon. M is C:Iendolyn Liza-xfaga who
said: "The. Premie, is building. this new nation on th-' soundL,
foundati o f good citizenship ". List ing. some of the attributes
of the good citizen. she said. thdLe i.. clude i respect _for authoity
and those 1 nr authority; self-_ spect .eopt fto law ani ode
and respect oi pxDopuItyof u neighbsui s r.and of the state'

The Quintana Doo Police Band undcx the direction of
Pifesso, Manu.l .apleon O1tiz ATteaga played bcfoe aD lasge.. and-
app.eciative audience including the Piemi, e and the Minister of
Natu-al ResouRces on -rMonday nigh

The3e weie selections fiom D.FoustY12 "CaCmen"' and other

During the course of the evening_ an Editoxial f1Dm the
eliz Times5 iZ'a1iig the t-'dittDa 1 K Tho >lize fxitldship2 icas
-l ,H...s e a d l --. l D II C V t > 3 1. D iii

i i sThe edition ial notedthat friendship and good relations
have existed fox 1any yv a ts bet 2n the peoples and govenmentI s of
MeD:ico and B-lize .

s -iaViva La l i-stad

with the Belizean G ove nre ntIs peission a special maEk of

atti-e included empty ifls with.fixed bayonets.

The editoDial expresod thel gratitude of BLlizeans to

pendence and expressed oux det.aination L pes. xave the vety good
relations. which exist despite the efforts of a f..w who may attempt
to destroy these good- relations
CThe last Dselection fo th evening "Zacatecas- wars de-
Sdicated t tnhe Pemi a and the people of Belize

Gr" O 0 r iliT _"i'iC CTODUPS

SHighlightig the unity and the va.ietyof .ou
culture heEitag th e sOond a:uaIl Pageant of Belize a Ethnic GI ups.-
was presented u;nde the distinguished pad t _nage of the P.em.. e on
Tue sday ni gLht 0
/ @ 9 O

11 12iL~ 1 Ini I t. lot..L' a, 't ic! v9 ..

;1 1 de 1 t, 'l i

which I:V T.~'n 2' K u -

j. 1 1J
Ltn m2a I e ; ,th

-i.. J-1 D!, 'tII~
7L -122 2 LT

d LI G j

jIIud s aQc) n d 1 J 1El D2."D1).

h 1 is D l,_Cim H 2n L 2 L.i. L. 1 a' ~2~i-

P K -_)fhj~j A -'C..
11;-ia ej 37 C 1 11H 11: 72 v9 TC C, h,>ce
o~.'~nt :i.2ji 2 V ..~ 11112i11. jay s' j:2 2) .*ta-2 < 11:

CA 32 iC 7 ~ 2?.f 2 (I.1- C 1,l1cJt-L C i --C S

a- S t 222it


2 L.. 2 92. 2 ~B.Jl.K. 1 1 2112 I~. 212 2 n1 2
WE h~. 5V 2 71. jD..K .I'i2 ..(.ILL 9.1.2. ~ 137.



IOn hand we L the lion. Santiago icl- de. %al,) the Dis
tLict OfficeL and the istr ict.'Lacation O i-cx .
Football g' I was played between CI I un Cacks of
Cox zal.T w and the. any. n Sunay SepKeIb. 5th;. Thanksgiving
services in connection with Uhe i Utional Day' K. hulct in alll theGIIC
Chui che s .

. DClK U 1 i W J > C : L ... A U .- 23 .D1 .K 5 . of E-lizeans flm O.ange '*.n tzwn and the

by the Plice Band. .

The concept began with the playing of the -lag -.n. the ,nion Jack. ^a. displayed p_.ominently.

Receive by te Pmi last week Fathe McDe tt
who acc .. panied by the evee Fathe spoke about
sD .imp2 essions he had gath.ed he- ie on. visitss to the .D2dis ticts
and fxom his contacts with Btlizians fcrom different walks of li 11
And the pjej s ca i in 1.. special ntion2 .

*-Fathe- IcDerntt mod the -fUeeLdome h pess enjoys.
heze.. put _owalid thLi point oi view with all the .. vigou at i.

Educationn' This he said3 is a Ui.velous .thing...1 L
Society of Jesus ath Zikl is

the dilecto of. the U ixK F-I nof Saint John- s C, 2lUIge

the-Liberal A s g oup and. a class of eighteen in the scene
_ _-, ..uL.--- s -, .. C A ..u ... -- ~ T ,n, C:.
U C D- ...L. T-C r- _-{ Ai> ,

-- i' 'of the school is to a e tentss 1bettu
isan ctzens The students also p .epae fo. the .v.

L Geni al Ctificate of Education. .

<- .'' P03-' "- i O*L .,,CL. S>.,2 in the R public
,of E and Belize- O ,
T- 0. i .- ... .I. .
*u a s

WLh T0, f ti >7 j-1 -C
h1 w-5E3 gald-:) .'21.. 7 lit, 1) fA.)< t i ~ 7~ 5


S(.---.C2SS' "1"1111 to

ia1 11 1 E V ] .

3L~~~~ d2 1723.:

v.. v :> >e. ti 1.i a c L,.!a

T hi 1 3.. 1 : 'A .-J i-il 0 J il AW2 1). .. 1,1 tU
21 i I A t 2. . .- d: .. 1
~~ :519ii 1) .1 di he. z 21 is, r 1 > 427

Q1~~~~~~~~c~ it 1 ,2 A : 2 ( 5 2 7 : 1( 72 1

sin c isn 7 12 :L Tin7 c L" -,c 3 x21 2 -3.2 2, U
..2.U2. .. (I .,; 3 2. :~ Ki> .t j (K ss C L 7. 2 7

12 So J a ri t 11 1. E,

The Natio nal Open Scho9Lar :hip has been awarded d to
Ge'ffley Eyyce F anksonD a pupil of Saint John's College9

The second national scholarship wert to Jorge Julian
Castillo another pupil Jf Saint John s College,.

This was a announce d f m the Minist-y of Education
last week.

These awaIrds follow the report by Gthe Geneal S ecrcta y
of the University Lf Cambiidge Local nationsios Sydnicate to the
Chief education n Office that in the oi.dei of re it .i tI'he awa d
of the schLDar.ship based on tOhe e suits of t.,. 1965 Gene>.al
Certificate of Education Eromination at Advanced Level5 Geoffrey
8/yce F,:ankson has taken filst place an J1. ge Julian Castillo
seco nd place

A fi ty-one memb3 i Papal Volun-eer has aClived in
Belize City to begin service in the C uholic .econDay Schools
th uoughout the c ountiry

Coming flm. twentyE-seven cities of the U9oS-. these
VolunteeIs represent the practical .ansre to, a call for help to
Latin -Ameican issued by the Late ope JohnL tie Tw.enty Ithid in
1960 and repeated a by th. ishops of Latin ,ae ica. in-
cludindg the Most Reveenrd R:bet Lc Hodapp, of the SociLety-
Jesus Bishop of Lhe Diocese of B. liz

Pa-pal V olunt s in thi s diocse have been : gagGd
almost exclusively as teaches in secod.' y schools the SZcep-
tions being u.-sic aLnd Physi-cal ETducation pl g atflme in the p)imay
schools of the capitalL

But this yea the poga has been expanded Among
the newl nive Ppl VolunIeis is Docto G l. ad LyQnchl a Dentist
who fo the pi esent will assist in he GD7overniJment Dental Pg 9iammec
undei th direction of the Medical Depatr."ient.

,Docto Lynch who is aco. mpanied by his wife and nine
children. plans to be hIe... fo_ thee yeas

VOL, .,RY _oE_-VIC LV 0V E R) .,S

-Eighteen member s of Volunta.:y Service Oves eas aze
slated to take assignments in vaLious fields he.e shoitly1

F7oul will be posted to the Medical Depaxtment eleven
F secondary schools thz oughou-.t the cunt and one will tach
at the Belize Tachero' College,

/ c

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