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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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SOCT 5 i95 5

Publishd by te t Infomation Sbv .vicesV *

Beli City

N 36 Li00:-. ****^ Up to 6th 8eptembrb2 1965,


The ceIeba i. ns continued on Mo nday night ith a g : a
open air variety show, biD adc ast ve Radio Belize live and diect
fxom the Memoiial Park

SOn ne-s th sho \;ae te Pimiex t.h Hon
Geoige *CPaice the iKnisteLK f, Local Gove xernic theLL Hion Albert a
Cattouse, Senato- Jaes Meighan and an audience of thousandsD

SFeatu e d .aIt ists included. CloudinoK Coleman'
(from theL island of Benque Viejo del Caen) George McKesey: Los

Succtz D

"The Voice of Belize" Contest another musical Dextavagan-
za, was held befo r a buiLpei audieLcncDe on .Tuesday night

The fifth ajo ever.iin the cele th contest
was under( the1patKonagQKof theK inistel of Public Woxks, the Honh
Hecto- Silva,
C dpii f Ln 0;

The w r o the t xize in the mae divisi on wa
M1. -Rodwell Cadle, with his ieadition of "Walk Away"j

Second Pxize in the s me d division went to MI Anthony
Richards, who also sang "Walk Away"o
/,_p .

Miss Janice 1-icGiego- took second placebo with "One Hundred
Pounds of Clay"

EaI lie a: .ssage fviom the piemi r wa.s KLad It zsaid
0 z tz ~L ud Pa t j,; tt ..... ,,;L~e ;3 foxui r. Cfr .3_,cft 1n P,'cn_ l a o z t a o
i'jSS ~~ii @ }.iO,s..3-,, t- i s tcTi~ pi c w t O Q Hu-d

.t "-.
C.'~ ~ ~ ~ .T= i~
-:t~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~' ,0 ss .' f,:. ~ a ,, ..

-"My Fellow Belizeans -

nThe .tional Day and the National Day Celeba tions present
Belizeans with a.L oll-c-i Be ize.ans aie called upon to stand up
and be counted

'"We stand n the past but we lI-Dk to the future a
bettCLI future fox an independent Belize iKn C'kntcal A1r ica"

The judges 9fo- the Voice of Belizc Contest wene Miss
GloDia Mlzais andi MI o Jack Lsli.o .. .....

W. ...5

''C~Du C' 32.9117lk

OJ;Li> -3i i Lo> v 1 j cLa nP L.< AL t ]: i ~th~

P.11nc Ran .~d 1; C~ ~ i i 3 3 h:11, k.w z"i: L".I1\ 1-1 z---,cb LIin Cs.K). 3.i-

V LC...a '2L! p W. L i I i : L L x m71m -11L Di-s

ri 03 6-i d i a" a (Lsj J1'z n r-_

IwasI j alc it.> L ax .o.h: L 1.J~. z i 9 ul lA 21./D 1 L a

LL3 :3 1 It, y 1: ly .L.21Jz3I d "I2 'D Iu I.-L DI L2,.

AL hal 1L)" 1! 4all ,In' -nPd oL .-d i.

i:i7- 2 9.LL9r a d s
t kv f. :j a: s 't, s c-,31 1

'-',-and Wci II LsV Li 133 1 ds.

111; cbU l3... 0 1.uild l 1 O

TI K L~ ~~t. ht1 S-`1 J-I 37 .l U IL JIC.

t t .2~..,. u' 2y

'IL.. L 9l: ~ V~j2 33.~-'C)V>~, ;

/ o ,, oL ok

Slife and l.e an. hope and j y,
5,, The sun I:e, A :new dayo Th past is present' and
the pI sent futu o .The earth b .nat up..hold..s the land.
S" "1-" not buried but wounded
Lie Belizekn atziot s
.... 1 In "t bkc, .lI;-
Not b--es an axid p-lan that once beca-, alive.
They a0e alive. theii spirit mi-"s the Bolizea-n i' an
They call frth the nvew Belize' ..
-"Filst in ed. ssa then in thundering call
SV I Belieans: unitc 3 bild Dui natiCn.

The '.- Peez: Reve Iatin Avila 2f the Rab n C.atholic
Church, and ARe. Challes Gff 2f the M th dist L hu ch Palso t.1k pa% t
in thr se vic.

Lithe Ld Mayl of Belize. City, MIl FIa0 Westby, and th. deputy Lord
May01t of Belize City Mli Anthony lighano

,Pisent foA th- cui .any 're Senator ;scaEla.s V squez and
James Mighan, members of: th City Council, :ambs s. of the diplomatic
th a:Ss vib

Fxidy? ciatiat l Fai was. followed ain catuiday, by the
most tath taking. spectacle'. o :iwhels -v staged iL this county
as members of the I ; id Police Acr .batic- Tem accompanied by twenty
unifxomed membeis of the Yucatan Band1 ce Guerta peDfoxed befoCe a
standing-x Iom-aoly audience atu, the MCC grounds

On thei wayT to Belize City9 by Ioad,: the guests .ex.
ent stained to lunch at the' Police Tiaining Schooli

During the course of the lunch j the Ministex 2f Intxnal
Affairs toasted the Piesident pf the united States of Mexico, and
Inspect Tomas M1ndebubo InspcetiX-GUnet-al of the Yucatan Police-
tasted the Quen and the P.emie..

EefOire theL MCC show got undwBy the- visitors- in ceLLe-
monial uniform which included fixed bayonets. paraded th iugh the
stJeet.s if Belize City to advertise the nights ip oi1nce

A flag raising c lemony began sahitly after the arrival
of the GoveniX .

iT t- thC Me,.xican Flag vas xaised by the Mican Consul
for Belize, Licenciado Rein..C-ld Co Gald"".-n ..Fanc uing which the
Mexican Anthem was played by the M1xican Banda de Guezxai

The Blizean 3 e and. 9hite t-213 was theLd n -aised by Pie-,
mieI G-o1ge Pdie C followed by the playing of the elizean Anthem
by thc Police Band,

Then the Union~ 'Jack was aised by CommissioniAl f Police
Biuce Taylo n as the BEitish Anthem was played by the Polic'e Band


oth, activiti..s ab.uL to witness b ought ha tBeli eans once
mo..e the vex lepening cnfid.nce with. .ic th..e development. t of
our long histxy of dlins. s twn ..-::ico and Belize is taking.

In ouL. wn s.all way Lw1 a yet. seUt an a i-ple to asom

disc..d and dissent i-on amon the a ld s p- ,ple h c ont i.u.e d
.,Re l 1y Jig, S,- n c S .s A. i a S ce t a. y t: -. :he G. ,ov. a Inod of

fli.ndship an.Cd p Ue >.ungng the po ple... of theo woid ave basic fo1
Lhe suC vival of hu>ankino

It That s the ason why HonouLible Pet ident of then

Nation claimed his cinty is ,ady to e e.nd its hand in a ges-
......_Lt -J .1 0i S .CL J..l..L
of the wov lod andL that f Aicndship must be m11e close and 'a'm to
the pe sple of ou: ne ighbouo ing coIu to ies Seh i> Asia as.sewted.,

Si Stll Pmi Pie the of Inte inl
Affai xs and ealth the no CLBo ges formally sh k hands with

membeArs of the BandI de Gue xa aL thL acrobatic Ltea m smartly d? e1ssed
i1n C012.mcnial unifor21 pa1aded in "V" fo r't:.tion a mt corized salute
to the dignitaiie s of Bliz and M'.cico,

A up inflate db b cons be a ing the .olou of thec
Hexican and e. lize an Flags I ex .'. Ielu I ;cd a nd1 this was. 1o o1 ved by a
scora of blue aI'd white pigeo ns1 sct flee to the cheeGsi of the great
O'i d" i: -y- i -. .' -. !''i a *
.- .; li" 0 act the v itos sa ibu to the
3elizean aspiration ftor ind peno.1.LnceL a u

Si Twe. nta y-nine thrill ng items 'wee p eented in a gruelling
test of skill sheex :pluck an.d msptely ovlc giant motorcycles w.ight-

Ih, _n.. CIs

SV The _: final eng age int be..t fo. e le takingg h. c. Lount.-y on 9
Sunday was' to pay.,.. t. i ot-. -i'Be i1,. Gan pat7t3 ....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ( 'r S, -A fL L :.x 2ci ;:: aj~ ,: s ..L ibu, L:;i _
zo<;~~~~~~~~ EL L (:{]! tpi oL. ii ]j")L ,!. iC

r. P~. y ... iii ... .. .."V...."-
L -Jc .. h :i _i !Jii-irS ".,mZ0 !;. L i. s -o ~
.... ... g}:in t
i'O S -' r _..L <:l i~ ]Ii_ : .. t e [']] 7 .. I.,i. IIIO i_ ; r : V D J.- LL t! IL211Z Cy C! S T -i
-v fit -A.rccl s wh

Seo. To .. Mendiburo0 assisted by the Mexicani Consul
LI.e noi.a...o .aid.. Cal deU o..n.-x anc an. S' xt. Pxo SolisL Asna. laid
a, blue and. white w eath on *the monument at the Mvmoxial Pax k

a nd f o L .{ d. a ua of h o ou. in b: i _. iant s...ns ..i. e 1 l
11111( ......! -.. ..i. '. nT ,. -.0 i." '.}L : 7.1i" ao. 1. 21 )_ : U ..LI L... ]; ,i.).j~t :;L~ SL.'i ]...,

/ e CA

v- 0

1And in a statement to the andRadio afte-r the short
ceremony: Inspector. Indibux expressed joy at having hlad the oppr-
tunity of visiting ou bX othex county of BelizeC1

IL. TT I. L. -- "t

Sun-ay was National ThIanksgiving_ Day throughout Lelizeo

Premier Geoge Price. joined the congregation of Saint
Jossephs Church in Cinde.lla TDW fi a Highi Mass in the LmDYning

At 7:15 pom :. be attLded cthe device at the Chuich of the
Assemblies Df G_ d ain FieetJwn La-iDI.B Zi3,Lze City,

Th. Pastoi f tLhe Chuach is t.he .eveaxInd Milus' Wliht. .-.

S... Ho .Albeit Cat. tusei insist e f c Lcal GoDvexnment and
SoCial DevelIpment attended divine services at the St. J hn 's
Cathdxalat 9:00 a.mor

And in the evening he .-nt to the Salvati-n Army Chuxch
in. Cemetery R.ado Ot.0hs Ministe xs sf Government attended Baptist ,
Me ths dist P"resbytcri. n and Anglican Chur ches


.... Hundreds f people in lands as far apart as Japan and
Pitcairn Island were maLc aware that Belizeans were celebatiLng their
National Day on September 10th through thie ftorts of the Amateur-
Radio Opexators AssociatiSnS

Ope ratin fm headq" uarters at Constitution Park in Belizc
City last Saturday evening the operators made some 500 contacts :over
a twer-inty-four hoLul peiodo

iAnd In Th. Di iScts

In the Stain Creek Dist ict the National Day CJomm1itte.e
staged its singing contest 1os adults n Wednesday night

Present for the occ sion were the Deputy Mayor of Stann
Creek Town Nvi Fiancis Castillso the Distxict Officex Mriv, Walter
Bx own annd 'many BelizeanSo .

Int. the Mal. action fi st prize went to MIx Augustine
Paulins who xendere. d "A Momeint Like This". Mr. K.elvin Lin singing
"Pr isnsor of Lovev" came in second.

In thi Female .division s Miss Bell irancisco took first
place with 'IT Remembex" and. Miss Auxalia Espat placed second with

S;.MalIile village beauties throughout the country were
being selected to bearx the title of honoux until next Septnembei o
Selected were Miss Ind.-pendence Village Elvixa Cablal.

C31c" L'.~LastC F id y2 the a27tli. of August 'twp C villages in the Stann11
National Day

Mcnu. l Milanda, D
G ...e... .... a. :'-M, l c by r .v, Paul Vincent p.ast in

ta ge of th; Bapt0st Mis .si in t-ihis c un Iy

L 2 Th2 -callrs w2.e1 Re~ yand 'M s Allan Fr.i4 s n ad Paster
and Mrs, WilliaLd P.cdjusall and:1 v3 and. Ms, N.TT Dillngei: cf Llght
Mf the Valley Church 18.!ilesi fn the Sta1n9C-rik Vlley Road,

h'me lie ,-o He "sake f" the. c,'dial and friendly ann:,i Belize ans
Himself a Calif :i.ian, Re., _r iesen t.lekd that' o ur citrus. seems
much healthier than Califnin cit

Ml : P. ic' .thank d.. .he Missi'ne ies SI the past; xal, *
educational aEd social lll:k a-ich the have done in thist couily a
TbReceived by tiPe aFs:Emie last week M/ PalheR d ,atke

that Belize City ... today is -.uch b4.ighte than he l.emembes .. 11 in .
1954, Many f he ne building ae quite impressive and the streets
.ae also be tt. .
Lhome to live and. support you, S... because w know that with a humble,

efficient andhnt lade ike youelize will attain greatness inS
:ir -~ 0>1>1 ...31 -"> .~ ,- 1- ( A i I L3U2 1 4
mu chIifh a I .th -i': tI.h .r. Bali 91 CI,-.,- C1.12 X .

cthe manne II havCe &vIisiLjLd it all "'my life,... ''J'
.Thus spoke I: nry He it lex s he presented a wSitten

statement the Pmie n atday
..d 1 s1. C. 1 'sv h t.'. H -

f C t a ft I.Vt ,:cI : ]j.1 .. y .u I ) vL ,tIirh g a-c.22 illt
that sz I -CXiu .. CI.a 1, oL 1 y .n

"'.: .. R ),, i.,: !, jJ ]31 0 D .-J yU

M ... H..itle ] Belizesan who has been away f x-2 f x3Ly-siLx
yCe a.x-s was copani d.. by his wife A e. lia 4 thei -, iz .. ,u.L- 43ia, who
4s a 7 SoA. -citizen. 1 d M'~L Placid- yuso,, a nea2 r. elative

7 -

a i i:- =. '- '. f ..i. and i:o th h f 1i 5 childK:en

n wsic ? ..,- dD .td P i -- Pric, with a r.c twin
H. ic she n : _self g,.ew -n h.i .m at mile 2 on the Nithern
s-T: u, t, b I "7-

in th C0 ntVa7. ale^ z C ty 7 ye:1. s i l nd h s btn living
whicl hin t, : e 1iLtiLt nr -r Iki70c by ,overits fnd 'xL n i
... ,.u s f-, '0- I. ... ... ... : -

..., a Bal.zen suTt whi i' no .i in'Los

S8studieso wfr Lx ishyd Ms; j nlin eve.y success ilv hn

s.1 Lcnowh ds zhpIplLt CSP nsu.i
b f

to s.f the o pz ..eign-emb ss

yea^ s DuKintiml he haknPom9Chn]yGard. p ve
'J.; cli l R'LO g ..isi j T a, 'cw l.s Pioconsul, his sponsib1idLI s .n L
.t,, .. siisas i acLOvice an assistance tl o Col mmo a h

S--lizeans who coe into distress wile passing..--- .h ""xico
.D-C-- C S v .4.

-_ 06Q ,--
n ow Dh~.n~ s 'iE c h : 'LIC fl V -oN ni o
s .-.dies.. -h.. .. "-"-"n6ws .a "o-ul9 4my pyO o,.IQ ,

.0_lizcL! ns h a I j 1- l1 .... --.-I

-. : ,~

AC_ -.... a.oKdical Student attending the Univesity of
C a

f 1 Mi,".acDoald a young Br iton t old it.t Piemitex dtis vas the
o op.oun hi- as haLd. of visiting a -developing nation" He was
v-y omuch le,- asted in politiCs a-d w.ilc he could not fo-rm1 any defi-
nt. ipes: 4 h s he has seen hee .he nevclthiLess found

./ o 0 o There

Je 1- T!,A1s 'w3. 1 v- .:. .. wAy .- .. ..
. .... s In 7-^! f.u l .e al^.- o: sible( i .

the ,om:3 :f Belize f.. ui ounuly

S0' 1 2..1. ., 1 1-:" f the staLe of Delawa- in tae ed. States
....f.,c-. ac.o.pane. by is s.n-in-la, M ). D .R. DunstUin .and MI.
R oWo dw.ards, boLt, if *ihe H,: uc les subsidia-y he.,,

The senator was on a pivate visit o

LIC ,.1 i i~.-l' _!,. ... )l, I.iai ,c g- in Yul Lyan ,f
he, Mexican Institute 2f .i^al 11 c rit y

.e a ac...pani.d by his eife C S UDr a Anra EugeniLa de
Gaxcia 1(anco1 ) o ih s a cn::cnc:ti pi anist a.d D:clDI Guilleria Gonzalez
-aliu, a bl. o1: c,.-in,-law w.-. hails from lioidae

Li'anciad.D Gaicia SCneho is a *zmb.} > f the'iC Lcan
specoi.i.LKsts in "ost blanched; :1 f d1 've 1j p:.,..nt planninL +,He h-as assul3ed
.the Pl.1e 1i LhaL thc facilities 2 f Tthe -rgania 1 in will be ai.t g-ver1
en.ts L, d disposal s:nd a cqst fo assis anc bIe Ui:ihcj.,iing,

The ,-" ist ,r ,f La, b u the H:u,-able D .L. cKj returnedd .
uDo Belize Cit. y n .iday afte a b rief visit tLo th.e United States of

Duing his: stay ab.:od, the Ministe had discussions with
vari.Lus .Oganiation s aut K.ates .conne cted with his pDi'ftlio,

1Lc. cy r. Fled '-,6tby led his fellow Ci'ity Fathes in. a
m1nilte s silent player as the Council (et last Tuesday f3 its ..gular
monthly h.-ti, ngi ihe silenc' was i.n n...-:o of. the Deputy M"iy'irs
bthe wh died recently

.iThe meeti ng th n went on t. discuss a seventeen point

Consul in this cu.:.ynty, 1f the fist stage Lf the new bands'tad donat- -
ed by the :BelieLan L .e se CITo..Lity.o He. also reported the crle-
.-. ., : $ CD-.i~ti ~t,;r k@ S..S m :t x mc% b c:. "':ojL -

tionLof tIhe filling in. 3f. pal of the: LDId Ridge C.,me ry

n m l The w jik s p iALal .: up to Sep t ur nbeL 28 th was a- pp ved un-
..... .The in...-ing als.o -adc ap ,. i .t.._nt, t:; fill two vacant
posts Chief St, Fo.e n and En "n .['.. aItael of thc.e Swing
i idge.


MI._ Stua.t Sioons winner of a Shell-Sto Johns Schola_ -
ship to Rockhu .stL Colige K.ansas City Mi:sou.,' left Belize City on
September "the He will ai a fou. yea'. degree curse 'in-_ Spanish and
Hiis y with a view. to ..attai. hi.hai.. qualif.. ications as a teacher,
J. 01 C,.
to cntie. his teachi c .IC at- St, Johi s College whe he has
been teaching .fox tie last ten ye ax'- ....

S,01-9I.s19 l L. I.. ..
S. i Rckha.t .as oviding a faew tuition
schola .ship_ Fth. be I sus,_ L that Shell B oi. Ltd., should endow a
schola.ship tto povide "10 files, lodginL books, ana sunday ex-
penses to the exLent 'f sixteen huno.ed Uited oates Dollas p1el
nLum -V. (3 5.Y .< .

RV. ..iV... HO iE U 9 .... 9_ I2 0 01 TLY AS FOlLL+N LO DY

ofLl! .^TV b'L iJ9LU
Mx Antonio Espat, Owner anrd s Mnager o.f a Beliza n Film in
land clea1ing 1t:L.be0D and honey >a.keting, .lst Premier with attractive s--ples o. his define, table honey.

th2The honey D in contains s Ostly fom the.
Orange Wal.- D i t -ict i

It is defined and pioc1essed at t.he Iefinexy in7 Qoee.n
Steetl' Belize Cityr-

.. ... C '-.anting on, the product, i o "spat said- *- ,We badly .
think it will be necessary to seek a plo-tective -/ariff on ou.: honey
'We, aie convicted tha't o p-eople are already zeognizing the be 'fits
of buying Belizean pioductsts

The Belizeen honey lel.dhes the Belizea_ conm"r., at almost
h a i f th e p x ice of the"' i ipo ; .te d ,e quiv a len t o .
.Congatulating Ml^ -o^pat, the PFt le; exp' s e d hope that
Belize .hs will soon disc- i c a m.o;_ o:_1 mol Of :the h, alth. .giving pfo-
petiles f honey ana tha.t the production and aaeikting of national
h._ne y w .ll be ne fit as a re.ult.

>L-.L I.l.1'i'k"1- TOSLJ" <- ,_: "<'L, I dL J caL te d and >. a c.a0 ed

On b.nd to ... ifo.rm the dedication ceremony was the Revexend
C L deonai Ca.tyh SupIclifzirL of the Honduias Dist.ict of the
Methodist Churcho

. 10

2 1 l j
1L 2 j-1 C",
.. .. s ,_ the -' ipany v ry A, :nj ,jye ... thei. nine

e excellent t ainin. f> aciliie s .Jffe e d

-This .s. the gis "f a -lease issued last week as C]
Company, Fi-st Battali-mn''the Kings Sc.3pshire Lig.h.t' Infant y xeturn-

of Wales) und.G:... De- ick Bo...n. an ived. hexle on Thur sday, Sept-
SThe Rg i. nt ha: s se Kenya and Ug anaa have been..

*the people he2re vey f->iendly a.ndadded 1that no- exe had he found
people s! c. 1 dit i 2 .. ..
1 .. 1 *

'srt n h ,; s <-: g o put, i Dul 1... l sport,.uring th.i. say
x l A They willd a on-ye a c se in Public

!f Sept'. .. I .rmbe, c i 3> (P. "
j ..

MA. R.. Locke. ALting Ad ..inist..ative Office: G.ade.1.. and former.

District Offic Cay, MX. EL. Acs.ta Administative Assistant.

1The offices left the cuny L Mondayo

CLJ.- JO :lDPL Staff a e in t dical De tet eft the unt y
S" rsiau y si S_ p ; nbe 2nd t attend a ne ear c oui se inJ Public...

He alth :Ru sing ^ the Wesat inae s cha-)ol jf Public He alth in- Jamaica
l' gani.. ..ti.hs .. .
c. 7& K..... J.,

0UL R, Ll K. 2- .A, Fl a. s Ed.P Alpuel-c. -IH o( ..L .. acke tt

andK J.HP I..tular .ave (i l ft tKhe ca Un ty -I Kde I .I .tini n A "
1 1
StL ic ck aI-'1. Fl ., 19
cF' t- Li --

"y L .7

c V I 7-" St C- J Ul ....
Dui-u ,1) Jo -U

The c'st Kf t9 e C.ux s of tKaining f. 1. low s and
Al.uche is bei- rt fm natio--al Tunds The th ,iwo studeJ.nts cam..e.9
und.ex the Canadian Technical Assistance p ,-a:"

MX a F.b eXrS wh- is twenty five ya. xs old e nte xed_ the

/PubliC s .o 0 0 0 0


'- 11

Public SeivLice aj a Temp: hay Cl ik: on Ap2il 7thI 1961 )4 a became
a Suirve y Te chniic an n June 15th, 1951

DJ i.ELISiU, the e il knwn ,L an A L ;t lI ft f ol th Unite d

the. Noi se y School f A t in L cndoI

B..,e 1 C lea ving X. A slo calld ..n the pie:ii wno
wi she d hin God' s ped and ev, y SUC C_..S with his ,tu.i, so

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