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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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7 AUG 301965 E

BELIZE CITY P. 0. Box 324.

No,, 32 *:******************** Up to 'th August, 1965


In a very impressive ceremony held at t e villaGe of
Willows Bank, Premier.. George .Pri.ce officially opened a new $12,000
School-Church of the Anglican Chuich.
Mr. Price speaking to a representative-gathering of
Belizeans, said that the opening of a school is always a cause for
rejoicing, and ile paid tribute to our Belizean farmers of Willows
Bank who 'produce food for our tables and our dDomestic market.
The Premier vwnt on to say that just as Belize River
o..elh'gs to all Belizean people the affairs o0 Willows Bank on the
banks :f the BelizeRiver o any Belizean Com:iunity are of interest
and- f importance to all Belizeans. "Thus said the Prmiier, "this
ceremony is of national interest and impor;ance."l
Mr. Price also paid tribute to the Anglican Church, and
thanked its Bishop, clergy and member for the pastoral care and the
social and educational services they gave to many Bclizeans.
Premier Price iterated Govcrnment's policy on education
as is stated in the Manifesto for Btlizean PrDgiess.
Mr. Price said that our Belizean Chufch-State system has
been successful in the removal of illiteracy, and practically every
Belizean can read and write.
"The economy of Belize is mainly agricultural.and the
continued success of our educational system will rcst on how well
our Belizean youth are prepared fo' life, and how much service they
give in return to their people and to their country."
Government will do everything pDssible to encourage this
service to the people and to the country and to encourage its kindred
spirit of self-reliance and self-aid, he added.
Mr. Price said that these attitudes will help us speed
the task of nation-building to its goal of political independence,
economic -prisperity and social prgogess.
He reminded the Belizeans of Willows Bank that the patron
of their School, Saint Philip is one of the twelve apostles, who was
given -.,he rule of service.
In closing, Prcmier Price expressed the hope that the new
school of Saint Philip be the light that will ever shine blight for
our fellow Belizeans of Williows Bank.

X /........Father
97A. -aoS
/11 b / AMERIcA /

Father E.A. Sylvestre, Gencral Manager of Anglican Schools
reviewed in detail how the present structure came into being. He said
that the dreams of the Belizeans of Willows Bank became a reality
through the generosity of the Premier, the Hon. George Price and the
Minister of Education, the Hon. Mrs. Gwendolyn Lizaiiaga, who had both
consented for the construction of a school building, teachers qaartars
and vat.

The school building, which will also be used as Church,
teachers' quarters with all modern conveniences, and a vat was built at
a cost of some $12,000.


Another Trade Union Seminar was officially declared open by
the Hon. David McKoy, Minister of Labour, this week at the Bliss Insti-
tute in Belize City.

The Seminar is being attended by some twenty trade Union
leaders from all over the country.

In his address, Minister McKoy told the Trade Union Officias
that at this stage of our national development only the best was good
enough in preparing our nationals for service in every field of en-
deavour in the daily affairs of our country and in that respect, labour
stood well in the forefront.

"In Labour education, as in any o ;r sphere," M M M cKoy
went on, "we wish to give only the best as we jk-now that educated labour
means a higher productivity and national effort.

That is why, Government have taken every opportunity avail-
able to reiterate our hope and prayer that leaders who have been trained
in trade unionism will remain in the field in order to pass on what they
have learnt to their fellow members and not leave when the lure of more
lucrative employment is waved before their eyes.

The Minister of Labour, turning to aspects of labour educa-
tion which will be dealt with in the course of the seminar, said, that
the first and most important was communication.

Trade Unionists, he said, should strive to improve their
technique of communicating both to their membership and to employers in
the course of their negotiations.

"Too often," Mr. McKoy said, "he has observed Trade Unions
loose their case because they loose their heads all too quickly."

The minister advised the participants that they should con-
ciliate around the conference table and further advised tham that every
effort should be made to state the case and press for the advantage as
best as possible within the bounds of the accepted rules of debating and
argument, bearing in mind that the benefit of the worker was the main

/ 0.O.. *The


The Minist.r -of Labour then-dealt with the second aspect
of labour education which he said was public relations.

Mr. McKoy said Trade Union Leaders should try to project to
the public an image which emphasises the dignity of labour, an image
which conveys the realization that productivity and enterprise is the
result of management working hand in hand with labour.

"There has been in recent years a livening interest on the
part of management to try to see problems from labour's point, said the
Minister and went on to say that Trade Union leaders should welcome this
indication of interest and try to seek ways and G:ans of solving
together the problems which must arise from time tD time between the
two sections of industry striving from understanding of the others point
of view.

Minister McKoy then expressed the hope that all participants
have a .'eek of interesting study and profitable deliberation. The
Minister of Labour then declared the seminar officially open.


In an address last Friday night, Senator Vernon Leslie,
covering three centuries of Belizean history, declared that the high-
lights ::f our history as a people thus far is the proven ability of
Belizeans time and again, to surmount really staggering misfortunes
and then Lo go on to achieve some modest improvement in our lot.
This historical characteristic, he declared should fill us
with co.D.iage to face the.future.

Senator Leslie, Resident Tutor for the Extra Mural Depart-
ment of ti e University of the West Indies hcre w-.s speaking in Stann
Crcek Town at a public lecture in connection with a three day course in
Parliamentary Proccdure and Public Speaking for leaders in community
service organizations.
The lecturer 'who. -cvicwewe the major w .vcs Df immigration to
Belize, said the immigrants wcr all attracted by the rich opportunity
which awaited them in this open land.

Speaking about the outward thrust of the original settle-
ment of Belize, Senatox Leslie declared that the story of.the 'hallow
frontiers' of Belize and the pioneers who extended those frontiers in
search -f the valuable timber, constitutes an cpic every bit as excit-
ing as the consolidation of continental United States of America by the
early ho;mesteaders.
The Scminar-was another effort.of the Stann Creek Cultural
Group. It was supported by the Social Development Department and the
Extra-Mural Department of the University of the West Indies.

- 3



At the Village of Progresso in the Corozal District, the
Minister for Social Development, the Hon. Albert Cattouse, opened an
exhibition of handicraft produced by the National Youth Conference, and
a new playground for that- village.

Welcoming the Minister, the chairman of the Proigesso Village
Council, Mr. Cupriano Rodriguez, expressed his thanks on behalf of his
village, to Governmcnt and the delagates to the Youth Conference for
their cooperation in making the new playground a reality. Mr. RDcligucz
pledged that his village would continue to keep the playground clean.

The highlight of the evening' as the official opening of the
exhibition and the playground which had ben prepared by the villagers
and the delegates to the Youth Conference.

Addressing the youths which represented 45 groups from all
ovel the country, Mr. Cattouse said, "I have been informed that you have
worked hard'on the projects and that the work was actually done by you
under the guidance of the Supcrvisors. This is the spirit and the
desire which I hope to pass on to all Belizean youths. The spirit to
work hard, harmoniously and cooperatively and a desire to so something
for themselves and their country."

"At this stage of our country's development," continued the
Minister, "it is essential that a desire to do things for yourselves be
awakened in your minds. By doing things for yourselves, you are making
a contribution towards the development of your.cDuntry and are assisting
your Government in acheiving its goal of complete Independence quickly."

Mr. Cattouse thcen-ent on to urge the .-ouths to pass on what
they have learned at the Confercnce to othir youths in their locality.

There were baskets, mats and other arLicles from straw on


In Belize on a business visit was Mr. Stewart Cook from the
Consulting Engineers Scott and Wilson, Kirkpatrick and partners.

Mr. Cook was carrying out investigations for the improvement
and extension of the runway and apron at the Belize International Air-
port prior to a contract being made for the actual work.


Mr. Colin Geddes representative of Shell Oil Company here
presented to Father Leo Weber S.J. a cheque for the sum of $1,600 U.S.
as Shell's first annual contribution towards a joint four year Universi-
ty Scholarship.



Among those plesc t i'o the ceIemlny wra the PIemier the Hon.
George P ice, the Ministe( of Intrnal A.ffairs .ad Health, the Hon,
Lindberg Rogers, the Minister of Educhtion, Hon. Mrs. Gwendolyn Lizaria-
ga, M.B.E.
Mi. Geddes, in his address welcomed the gathering, reviewed
how the Shell-St. John's College scholarship camec about and expressed
gratitude on behalf of his company to Premier Price for directing their
attention to the training and f.rthcx education of nationals of this
C mount y.,

Mr. Geddes also expies ed giatitude to FLthel Webie for un-
dc.takiLg the selection of Mr1. Stewaxt SiLmmns, .ho will pursue a four
years c:.Lrse of t gaining, lcadirng to a bachelor's DeXrte in Arts at
Rockhu.r.t College in kansas City.


Mr. hobixt Leslie, who formerly worked as Assistant Editor
of the Belize Times, returned to the country afLer pursuing a course in
Journal-sm at the Polytechnic in London.

MI. Leslie left hec in September of last .ar under a
Commronw.alth Scholarship and was :sucocssful-in obtaining a Diploma in
Journalism from the Polytechnic.

While in =ngland, M .Leslie also took couise in Scouting
at Gilw.ll.


In Belize City last Wednesday night, members' of the Pick-
stock Electoral Division selected third rlep i sentative fol the Miss
Belize District Contest to be held at the Memorial Park on Friday August
27th. Miss Sonia Kancharam was selected.

The Aickstock Divi.rion w wns well rip-icsented and among those
presclt at the selection was the Area Representative in the House of
Representatives, the Hon. Mrs, Gwendolyn Lizalraga, M.B.L., Minister of
Education and Housing.

So far three Jthel Candidates have beeni selected to contest
for th title of M'is 3elize District. They are li-ss Julia NuiAez re-
prsxenting the United Youths Uroup; Miss Janet Sialling, representing the
United Men's Group and':Miss CGraldine- Smith ,- *-pres-saing the Belize
Times less.

The winner of Miss 3Eliz District ritle will contest the
Miss independence Contst scheduled to be held on Satuxrday, August 28th.

The National Day Celebrations, sponsored again this year by
:-.rJinnent, is expected to be thL bi;, et event in this country.

- 6


Premier Geo rg P ice Icceived two ladies nationals of the
United States 'of Mc~ico who have ben touring the Central
Count'lies ove.: the past six months.

They are SeiiDa 'Maria del Pilar Mens Vasquez and BSe-fLia Luz
Maria Cardinas Viuda Villasenoi, icsidents of Michoacan, United States
of Mexico.

SeHfiaLuz Maria Cardinas Viuda Villascil r is a teacher of
economics at Escuela Granja HogaM Melchoi Ocampo and is the niece of
Geneial Luzalo Cardinas, a foirer Pricident of Mexico.

They told the Pxmier that they had called to. s c Dongtulate him.on the' .pod work which hli was doing.

Theii impie sins of the county were favoulable, and they
con sideed that oux country has a most piomising future because it is
being lead by a man who was plepaied foi the task of leading this
country towards the fulfill.ient of the national objectives.

Both ladies alsD said that they were happy that they were
citizens of a cDuntly which ist'theC neighbou f of Belize.


Nurse Joyce Bla-ir, Registered Nurse of the iazacene Holland
Memorial Clinic in Benque Viejo del Carmen paid a courtesy call on the
Honourable Premier, Mr. George Price, accompanied by the Reverend
Elward Green of the Church of the Nazarene.

Nurse Blaii who was born in Albeltha, Canada has given some
twenty years of devoted service to this country, and she returns foi a
further foul yeal period. to continue her good wr-k at the Holland
Mc-riial Clinic.

She wa-s w:-rm in her praise of the cDopD -_tion she has always
-i,-ceived fiom Gov..rniient and DuI Medical Service and told the Pi:mier
that it was nice to be back in Belize.

The Premier in welcoming Nui se Blair back to the country
wished her every success and stated that Goveiriient, is very grateful to
the Church of the irazarene a.nd to its Clinic fol the social service and
work of charity caried Dn over the ycyers.


A release from the British Council in Belize City states that
two fare-paid Burlaries have been granted to two Belizeans.

One of the Bursaries has been granted to Miss Donaldine
Faixleathcr who will attend the University of the West Indies Seventh
SummEia. School in Dance from the 9th to 28th August. Miss Faixweather
will undergo training in the techniques of modern dancing and folk

/. ..........The

7 -

The second bursaly has been awarded to i *. D.W. Belislo a
Belizean artist.

Mi. Belisle will study a variety of *echniques in the
general field of Art, at Hoinsey College of Art, North London a major
Art College maintained by the Middlesex County Council.


The appointment of Mi. Eu 'ene F. Hcinandez as News Editor
in the :.3adcasting Department was announced lst week.

MI. Hirnandez, who is thirty foul years is a graduate of
Saint John's College and of the ,t. John's Teacheis' College and has
had training at the Univclsity of eGading in the United Kingdom.

His appointment a s N'ews L'ditl in the 1noadcasting Depart-
ment took effect from July 19th, 1965.


Mr. Kenneth Bevan if in Balize to institute a system of
Schools' Broadcast which will be designed LO f-athethhe caucational
facilities of oui counuLy.

Mr. Bevan attended the Universities of Wales and Oxford.
He has had years of experience in this field. The Radio as a media of
education ih Belize should play no small part in the future of Primaly

)~~~~~~ ~~* ****** **

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