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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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,H 3 E I Z EE

PubliKshed by the Government Inforation Sev .es
L Blize: .City

No 7 ::; ::-:::' Up To 714th February" 1965b


38 Candidatesd 1 Seat so

An announcement last keek froi the Supervisor of Elections,
Mr,. S.E Eulse. said that the following persons were
contest the General Elections for membership of the House ofI
Representatives of the national Assembly to be held on 1st March

The eBli z Dist-ict

In Lthe BElize District Freetownr Division George P riee
Politician and. Tharine Gexaine RudoDn Secretary; for te Albert
Division Freder-ick Daniel Wesby, Valuator andd Philip Stanley
Goldson Managing Directori for the -ort (George Division.- Alexander
Albe'rt -unier- Politician d eln .. .len Ethel Tayloi Politician, for theL
Collet Divrsin Albert E dward Cattouse Politician and ED.wad d
Dugal Flowers Clerk; In the Mesopotamia DivisioDn Carl Lidbex'
Bernard R'ogers and Colville Lolbert Young- in the Pick'stock Division -
Gwendolino 1 Marguerite Liz arraga and Jaime t.',Juel IStainefl ,11s in. t
Seli-z-e RuralD iorth Division FredericCk Hopkins Hunte.r, L i':,.,i and
Edwin Lloyd ir an Pitts5 FaI erX the Belize Rural South Division.-
Louis Sidney Sylvestre, Politician, and Phillip Leopold Gilleti,

CT O-roza-l Dist r.Dic t

In the Coxozal District, for the Corozal NrthL Division -
Feiipe Santiago Ricalde, Politician, an.d Gualbe rto Gernu..-s Marti nez
Sxo, Saloon Keeper~ and forX the Corozal South Division Florencio
Julian Mar-in2 Teacher' and Isidro Casteheda Tradero ...

Ong evM-l._ s9t ict ..

In the Orange Walk District, for the North Division
Elite Oemr Urbina, C]lerk Felipe Eloy Escalante, Faxrmer and Victor
Orellana Building .Contractori for the Orange Lalk South Division -
uadalup e Do P ch, Teacher, Eriindo Leiva ShoDeaker, and Juan BlanCco

Cavo 3Di stri c,

Candidates in the Cayo District are for the Cay, .rth
Division Hector David Silva, Politician and TeoddciC Och.a, Trader;
for the Cayo South LDivision- Santiago AlbertDo Perdomo1 Poli..ician, an.,
Pedro Guerra iMena5 Chauffeur .

I79 JO
.i oFd i

L, S tnnLf c C:" 2ct. c -

In the Stann Creek District fo the Stan Creek Town
Division Allan Ed,..r.nd Ar... hurs. usine1 s Manager_ an..d Alber"t Joseph
Alzu Clerk; in the .Stann Ceek Rural Division Dav:id Lawrence
Y d A 'UG.LUS .C_. .I. .
M.cKoy and Augustus Manuel ull .

Toledl DistDict

!Nominat ..ions in the TLoledo Distri.ct were as 'follows -
Toledo North Division. S"m.el .'V rnon Jr and Edwin James Mor-ey s
and in the Toledo Sou h Division Charles. Marltine z Jr and Chale-es
Le vi ie st by .

Nominations opened at 10 o-clock on Friday rning and
closed-Iat l1L00 p.mvL uK L
c .U-O 5 I id.tlL.

In all ;3 nominations were received. for the 18 seats in
the house of Rapre sen a- iv-..

SElection Day has been fixed for 1ist March 1965.

TC I TT-,I Mh1 -1 T-
f ` I e 1 Z "-' _. L 4.:,_

Estate .and6. Pioduce Co.panys sawrmill in Belize City oanday night '
government expressed deep co .:cern the following day for the _Belizean
workers wh. may be displace

P LemiCer George p- L ice visited. the scene of the fire on
Tuesday morning and was show a ou.nd. the burnt out mi_1 and boiler
of f ice by GneraLllanage ike, .Her e

oncer r *
S. '2 .,'
SThe Premier expressed regret over the disaster and 'deep
concern for the welfare of workers. He asked Mr Hore to doLevery-

The Minister of Industry the Ho A.Ao Hunter also
held talks with M76o H0re and offered governments full co-operation f
lso that the mill could be quickly restored and the workers re- .
employe d.

The inistrv als wanted to seeI what could cLoe done to
keep the men a Lo l on ca .' c

Flo thi-s.pat the Minister of Internal Affairs- the Hon
CoL-B. Rogers had high praise fo-- the efficient naner in which
the Fire Brigade, pjsvent(ed the fire fro':m spreading tothe nearby
lumber yard-and.a iing houses despite a late call... ..

e co]m..nded the Police Force for the good wo xk they did
tin maintaining -idd M o Ro ge rs w as able o se e f or himself h ow
these two bodies which are under his Ministry, can respond in ana
emergency" : @ @ O ,.
...Y. d
*.Inte-v ,,iewed by a .adio Btlizi. reporter 10 C e. o said
company's opeirtions at Gallon Jug would, not be affected by the

/u. .Lsna Lo

d isaster,. But n .st0ps coulC be taken to clear the debris until the

K.L Hox said a director of the parent companyI the
GIlick sten G Iup, would be arriving shortly to deCcide what is to

Ls Estil ted
OL UJk t 4- j L i0.

ie anwhrle it was estimated h that the damage is in
region of >OO,000. Mr. iJe added that it was fo1itunate that

lumbe. stocI export of lum

will not be i ediately affected

The monthly progress repot issued by the Publ ork
Department for the month of Janary revealed an impNessive pattern
of achieve 1nt6o Piers were co' leted at San Pedro (A borg'is Caye)

The South side ire station eadyeen put to good use
and iOprovements to the security of the Post Office were also.
n _.1 c .'.0 ,...

completed. As a result of the latter pA ject additional l space is
Snowoi available on the rst aend seconDd floors of Passlow *uildin ..

Other works in progress include the Baron Bliss in transit
lounge at tIe. Beliz.e International Airport 50 comple.ted; the Public
Health Laboratory on the Princess Maigare.t Dr ive 70,^ completed; the.
river dtfezse project in Stann Creek Town' )% completed .and the

Sebastian'Br idge is completed .. the L ake Independenc.e area 99
of the streets are completed andi a further t 'ad construction programme

streets in thce Queens Squar-e have been put in

Orange Wall Ton.s main. street is 50:;, c)pieted and so is

On the or the rn ighwayC stabili ation, held up for weeks
due to inclement Cueather continued and the reconistruction of .theL
LIa nk..

ulov-r dAl lrm th3 Crd ty ie ta ID at le wk is Kt Che Laltf wo
Iil 3 drc des hv-. bc' e t work iurirg th m .nth K.
I_) .LI t, I I.: It cid i C l sp:- ce is

I, ri
P -1 i c C- e HIua i. st i M. J- C -

R11' 1 d -D .- ..

-C t. the -

-'f .... rth st e t S,, trd 1,_ m- c,1nst. : ict on ..progr

sEe C -, s h t I u iu C-hs Inave be pu- -no
u .z~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~ :.h -,,Ot;Zr -g r- tb ]iain -e_ a,.z e

January in Stann C.eek. Tow; at the Big Crek Channel and .he..
mou ith of the BelizeC River at Haulover Blidgec
t 13 z 011 T 3 Lau O \ .. .I-

TEN r"FOI "TUD-I g, 1 .CO

10 young Belizeans left the country recently to comencef
Studies in Agriculture and FIore story .in Mexic3. o.
.. .

/, -..
./ i'CQ

.>.....hlarshis were eried the Belizean Gover..enty ,;
che Mexican Gove / .m:2en d.ur ing the Ministerial Tour of Me.i.c lastI
year lead by Pr-mier George Price. .

C L f l he stuLent 1 will do a 2 year cou ~se in A.griculture
at the School o- ;.x icl9.ture "Herman. s IscobarI in CDiudad.
Juarc-z, Mexic They are Eulul:o Car i Li1o Ka Or.ange Walk T' ,.
se Zunig f an aci D Hersc of Co ,ozal Tn Artu
Chavar ia of Cique frena in the Toledo Di:tictL and Alvar' Bautista
Li1om Sarn I.nnacio ,

TheK 5 o thers xill undertake a 3 yea D course in Forestry
c he national Sch cfor Forest uards and ame gardens at Uruaan
Those doing the Forestry Course a-e, Luciano -sa of ,
Orange Walk Town, E.r;:it Bradley of San Ignacio, Francisco Ouetzal
SE0V 1-UinBY T I a'' c.-,c
... u ne ..a a i .t Oa ras S .. WaL D st i : ..u da il. ..,L o oJf7
of "aiu e in tD -he C C .z Di s ico

L-TL- .r. Lii

i:ong the i,:uy vis itors o see the PLremier last week..were.

ISR K..,i GQKRON 3.119 1,_ e::o,-inist. r of IndustLies of hSe Republic
., Costa Ricao

S .. .a, :n was on his way bac to Costa L Rica and stopped
OD.LI ior a glimpse of elize a'. its people he said he was hnnsely
i-pressed the .friendlines s anLd bospitality of Beli meanss and_(
pleased wilh the clint, of tranquility and peace w..icn is so
as axrent o

It was his hope, he remarked, that Belize will soon be
Iparticipa2)ing actively i the Centrail ..erican Com:n I.a"rket and that
we are successful in heac>ia. ouj. goal. of self-de ter isltion, which
I us Beli ans is Independence..

lOBERT 6.. JiLTO of 1Kell]y Stree.t, Esli3e City,

i- Hamili.n left tj.e country in 1ugust 1962, on an AID
Scholarship ior t-aining in Machine Shop operations and holding. He CspenC some tLie at Colorado State University pursuing a course
The Premier wished Mr amilton every success.

jD. A.E3 M. PERE --SCHOFELD, CIief Medical Officero
Lii ,A el soA. I. -oC,: ISa!I 1 Co]. oz-d 2: .

IL Dr Pez just-L bac fro" m 6 .Iinths overseas .leave had a
general discussion on medical service. s especially the, newly ins tcituted.
visits to vi llages >y medical officers " ... 7-ve D/ ):. Perez took a 2 month post-g- graduate
courseu a; ne Barranqaer institute of Ophalmology in Barc.lonaI
-pain, where he was educated an_ _ead fo. his doctor's degree


- 5 -

Dr Perez is t-e first z elizean, head of the Medical
Services o

M.e G.Cdo S.J L- visiting official of arclay's Ba.nk

He was accomOaniedby the resident manager irt i*Dberts5

Mr o Self told the Premier that he had vi sit d this
country abouJt 11 years ago-. ow he said' he could se many changes o

The re is much development going on" he said0 Once the
plans for the new capital get under way Barclay's Bank.will be

Located near tse Majcstic Cinema at the spot formerly
known asth Mastic Yad the lot has beenavd b theCity
Council and specially laid out to facilitate motorists

Signs on both ends of the lot remLind drivers thatit-is
intended for cars only. tSeparate facilities for trucks were provided
earlier at the eindexeulla Plazac

The Majestic lot is being offered-as the alternative for
parking along Queen Street from its junction with North Front Street
to thDaly- Street junction now that it is proposed to convert this
,busy taffi: artery into a no-parsking area w

Mean-hile the LChief Traffic Officer has issued a call to
car owners who normally station their cars along Queen StreetC to
make use of" the new Parking Lot whichK> he says9 is intended for
fUpersons ..who pak iitheir csars fo r long hours dur ing office hours .for
example ; l or while attending theI cinema

Anothd. s er recent move designed to acilitate otorists in

The propDosal to put into effect the no-parking rulet alon
the section of Queen street already referred to comes up for a
decision in the nea future. -The Police Comnmissioner in h-is
capacity as Motor Vehlicles Licensing and Road Traffic Authority9. is

by this move o


On Monday tie police 're-ported that one-Euterio Ku was
shot in August ine Rtidge by Police Constable Bwowden, Office-n i.r
charge of the village police station_ during an encounter between
the police officer and Ku.

Ku had ben attending a T feu.t a .in the. village ear-lier in7


the dayo

:Ku.had bee 4i arrested by PlCK Bowden on a carg
disorderly cn.uct .and. release d afterwards on p police bail a.CftSr his
wife and fa the r came for him at the station.
SFollowing the incident_ Ku was the Belize City

e x t r a c t e d o ... '.d Le... ,

Police investigations are continuing

L NEW SUB LIERIRY- was opened by Police SergeantL Oscar
WdllinUton deputiiing for the District CommissionerD Mr21 Ray Locke2
Di. February 7th.

Sele ase from tDIe Ministry o ..f 'Education says tIhis newl
sub library brings t.o 63 tbe numberr of service points set up in the
c ount ry .

Annual General Meeting last Wednesday at its IFeetown Road head-
quarters in Belize City

.. Guest speaker for the occasion was S SmIi Pt.hh Principal
Secretary. y at the Ministry of Labour who stressed the importance of
organized groups and the impact they can have in community dJevelop-
ment o

The new officers are Mrs, amily Ewen as Presidenta-
President Mrs Clia Young Ttasurer and Mrs Gwen illett T

Recording Secretary. L.

2 1ICAN RYPORTIRS fror M1exico City 2.. eor Jorge Clemente
Barretto .Editor of the Magazine ",:'.tijciai GraficoD. and Senor J.

S' days here lat w'eek gathering materials for a special report on
LthiIs country

TheLi visit was motivate by1 I the oodwill tour of MexicoD
by Pie& u Geouige Pice his party last ye ar

DR JM. LISTON CrMdG Medi0cal Advisor toU the ritain1's
Ministry of Oveseas Developnt spent 4 days touring the country
a 13c .L .in
I a t.D- 2-,,3C1L;.I .Ic a .. D ..,

last we eko

The purpose of his visit was to discuss problems on the
spot with Be liz:.Dan medical authority ie s

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