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Group Title: Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette.
Title: The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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Title: The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
Physical Description: 12 v. : ; 25-35 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Antigua
British Virgin Islands
Publisher: Govt. Printer.
Place of Publication: St. John's? Antigua
Frequency: weekly
completely irregular
Subject: Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda   ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat   ( lcsh )
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Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: federal government publication   ( marcgt )
legislation   ( marcgt )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
General Note: Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.
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    Montserrat, Bill: Pensions (Increase) Ordinance, 1957
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    Antigua, Statutory Rules and Orders, no. 13 of 1957: Pilots (Amendment) Rules, 1957
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    Virgin Islands, Statutory Rules and Orders, no. 14 of 1957: Proclamation dated June 26, 1957, declaring Monday the 1st day of July, 1957, a Public Holiday
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    Virgin Islands, Statutory Rules and Orders, no. 15 of 1957: Public Holidays (Opening of Shops) Order, 1957
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7 G7, ) 0 F Oi SERRATP



O published by cAuthority.

6Noti { cS
VOL. 11. TI i ) A Y, 4rn, 9 57. No. 29.

It is hereby published for ,en..'ral information that the following will be pro-
posed as an amendment to the Bill for tIh I come Ta Or()dinance, 1957, which is now
on the Order Book of the Legislative C'ouncil. The said amendment is in substitution
for that published in ;a:(ct/' No. :2; of the 30th May, 1957:-

Proposed substitution for Clause 10(2):-
Relief tc (2) (i) No:'withstanding anythinng tio t contrary contained in this Ordinance-
proprieto() oi any c se approved by the governor r in Council, in which the erection
of a hotel or of any extension to a hotel is (ommIenced after the first day
of January, 19454, and in which a licence has been granted to any person
10/ () in respect of such hotel unmlkr the HIotels .Aid Ordinance, 1952. such
person shall be exempt from income tax in respcci. of the income arising
from such hotel in eaic! ti, tr five years of assessmlnt next after the
year of assessment in which the erection or extension oIf such hotel, as
the case may be, is completed and where any part of the said income is
distitlluted as dividends to .-shareholders in any company to which a
licence as aforesaid has iii!. united, any dividend so distributed shall,
for the period af(l're.aid, be texemvpt from income tax in the hands of a
sharllniolder and tlierea after such person or shareholder shall be allowed
in each of any five of the eight years of assessment next following to
set-off against, the income as a:,foresaid arising, from such hotel one-fifth
of the capital expend iture upon such hotel or extension thereof, as the
case may be, so, however, that no such set-off he allowed in any year of
assess mnt later t l:;i tl;e thirteenth year of assessment ext after the
year of assessment li which the ereciion or the extension of such hotel,
as the case may be, is completed;

(b) in any case approved by the Governor in Council in which a licence has
be-en granted to any person under the Hlotels Aid Ordinanlce, 19.52, but
which is no(t within Ihe contemplation of paragraph (i) (a) of this
subsection. such person hall be allowed iin achi of ;1ii tnii of tlie t elve
years of assessment next after the year of :issesnmenl in which the licence
is granted to set-off a-'aiinst the income s aforesaid arising from the
hotel one-tenth of tile capital expenditure upon such hIotel, so. however,
thllt no such set-off be allowed in any year of assessment later than the
twelfth year after the yxtr of assessment in which the capital expenditure
was incurred.

(ii) Where the capital expenditure is allowed to be set off against the income
arising from a hotel, section 14 of this Ordinance shall not apply in respect of such
(iii) No loss incurred in connection with any hotel, in any year in respect of which
an allowance is granted under this section, shall be set off against profits arising from
any other trade, business or vocation carried on by the person to whom the allowance is
4,( (iv) For the purposes of this section, the question whether the erection or extension
Sof a hotel was commenced before the first day of January, 1954 shall be for determina-
/ 27. ,7


tion by the Governor in Council. The Governor in Concil shall als: ifor the purposes
of this -ect inn -determ ine on what date the erection or extension of 4 hRoel is completed.
His de.(' tn i.:i:aion ii each case shall be final.

(v) HlRlief under paragraph (i) (a) of this subsection shall not he granted o any
person unless such person-

(i) ias a!plied in writing to the Governor in Council, for approval of the
case Ibi'fre commencing the erection or extension, as the c:ise mti he,
of the hotIe; and

(b) has niotified the Governor in C(ouncil in writing of the date on la iic he
intends to coniitence the erection or extension, as the case n;may I ., of the

(vi) Where any cas-e has lben ailpro('edl by tle Governor in Counil i r the
purposes of paruagrih (i) (a) of this stubsection, lhe Governor in Council hall i:sie to
the commissionerr a certiote stating the facr of sl ci approval a'ld the dat s ii by
him as the dates on which tlhe erection or extensions, as the case mayv e,. of t hi' hotel
was commence ad anld completed.

(vii) Any person ;ittiiorised by the Governr in Council in writing so to d'. '> at
any reasonable time enter M po!n tle premises (on which a hotel ,or an \ extension o hioel
is to be, or is being, erected, for the purpose of ,obtaining such ilnfonation ais :i'i e! 'table
the Governor in Council to report to the Commissioner in accordance with tlie IeOijire-
ments of paragraph (v;) of this subsection.

(viii) The Governor in Council may bI regulations make any provision which in
his opinion is necessary or ,expedient for the better earr ing into, :' of the provisions
of this subsection.

(ix) In this subsection-

"capital e xpejndirt "' eans soah sum as W' Co( ntissioner is satisfied
has been expended on--

(a) adverti-iI publicising and pronmotig the business of the
hotel prior to the conimnencement of such business;

(b) the purchase of building materials for tle construction of
the hotel and on rf'lng;r.g such construction:

(c) the purchase of any existing hotel where-

(i) an existing hotel has been purchased;

(ii) there has been a bonaif i;d& change of owner -hip: and

(iii) tih purclhaser qualities for relief under the Hotels
Aid Ordinance, 1952, in respect of the buildings
comprising the hotel; Provid(ed that no account
shall lie taken of any sum paid in respeet of the
purchase price of the litnd on which such hotel
stands or in respect of goodwill:

(d) the purchase of articles of hotel equipment and on the
instalhltion of such articles of hotel etjiiilpment;
and for the purposes of this define iion "' articles of hotel equipment ",
buildingg materials, construct ", and hotel have the same
meanings as are respectively assigned to the said exip:,ssions in the
0/ols92. Hotels Aid Ordinance, 1951'.
Ref. No. A. 47/12--11.


Claims against Italy arising
out of the War.

In order to hastin the detTrmina-
tion of outstanding claims by nation-
als of the United Kingdomt u under
Article 78 of the Treaty of Pe'ace
with Italy, II.M. Government iln he
United Kingiom on March 29th,
1957 entered into a %1 i'.I.... II.I,, of
Tnmlerstanding with the Italian
Government. providing (iYvter "lia)
Vi :. 28TH, 1957. *

The Italian ( governmentt have
agreed to colnriunii.ate t t-ir decisionis
on all outstandinit claims alrei iy
presented to then, by March '."' .
1958. and as regal i alny further ni'w
claims which' mn:ay lb, rce-ived by
them betwVMn thO' ate Uf th' Memi,-
ranoiin ant Si.-it<'il.'-r 281h, 1957.
will coinim niicati th-ir decision ii,
writing to 11.'1. two!ve e'nivniid;ir Irm oiitiis from thie !4',e
of recijti hiy th0 Itailia! Government
of sucli cl;aiis.

If the dlcisiin oif thiI Italian
anthoiritien-i is ma absolute rejection of
the claint oni legal or' factual 'ronncls.
or a 'partial rejection on th- l' oundl ,
that noi ri-ciioin i.lln b- giv i n in the
pre(s"')t sI!t(o of ;he I o< nt:i "] or
on ot('iier rI' ( unds, GI .:', (. ovw-tImn.IIqt
may Icq .sl the Italian nutlhoritiesii
witliin six ntont]his from Itheiate of

lth- iim if pit ,ssiblt, in lh- ] ;ul t of
tlh friih d ,en1eIntalin priOveid by
tie cl;::;nant or for o the'r < d cau-e,'
an1 t i' iHi. l itim Go) ver;inm eit "ill com-
munic:.tr llo !.Mi. (Govirnm-nL their
decision 01io such ro-examiait'nii with-
in six n|ticds of the receipt by AiwtnI-
of tile r'
Th talian Gov r nnt -1t tai;ve
agreed that:

(1) Conp-iLsation av.ardhd by 1
them "ini d a;ccLI- by thV
claimant will V ptaid ithin
120 l:'.ys of' lhhe r.(e : lhy
the i talian oMilnistry or tlhe
Trua sury of T]e con pit)t'd
appt opriate i c<-CeptIulclt ti( cu-
nilt ts.

(2) Awards ioi comi)p satinn
made by tit- Aungl-Italian
(onciliation C o il n i s s i 11n
will be paidi within U0 da3s
of tithe ecedtipi by lth italian
Minister of tL,' Treasury of
the co, pl.-te,. apiro)printe
documlnel t.;.

In the notice in the Boiard of Trade
Journal of November 26th, 1949, it was
stattd that the right of claimants to present
clailoni direct to the, Italian Governmient was
not affected by the v ithdrawal of thi facili
ties provided by H.M. Gove-rnment for the
channelling of claims in respect of war dam-
-age und(r the Peace Treaty.

C(,impensation will, under Article
78 of tii- 'Treaty, be payable in lire
in Italy and will be subject to the
foreign exchange control regulations
which may be hi force in Italy from
time to time.

British property owners who have
suffered war-loss or damage in Italy
and have not yet Cclaimed collmpI Ba-
tion under Article 78 of the Treaty
and now wish to dlo so, are al is' d
that th"y must submit their claims
before aIlpt-,mber 28th, 1957 direct
to the:

tlinistcro del Tesoro,
iai;tgin ria, ('I eneral- dello State,
Ulicii> Bni Allati e N-Inici,
Via Tor Flii en/a 35,

C(lainianls woi) have alre;''Iy isub-
mlitted claims direct to thel Italian
Gov-,')iinw!' or who ni;w inun do so are invited to s'1nd two copies
of t -ir eiini t thtle Britb h iiit assy,
Viili V W ,|.-y. Via ICont It l 'ai 2ti5,
fonim mor plrplesIs of ..recolr1.

Match 28th, l95K.
in 1ns,-s where LL.M. Governlnliot
are cetisfated i tlor giioid reason tihe
claimanit i is itnahle to) ascertain t!he
loss or tiin e scflat relt or t- cinm'ile
the Intc'-sriart y slipporting do(uni l iei ta-
ion t\itii l the tinie limit laid lhowna
the tclaiBm lay be uns hiitted through
H.M. G(vetinwnt wi:h'l th time
limit in 1an inicomnip]t- siate, Vi suchl
cases thle documtlientaion or tlhe finl-
claiti must lie prese nted t rough
I.M. Government to the Italian Gov-
ernment within six months of tlie

A certificate of tle British sation-
ality of the clai nant is required fby
th, Italian authmoriti-i, ard clhinants
in the United Kingdom who have
already submitted cLiin's direct to the
Italian Goveranint without such
certificate or Vish to sulbmit Anew-

should communicate with Claims
Department, Feieign Office. 7 Carlton
Gardens. iLondon, S 1 regarding
the issue of this certificate. Claim-
ants living ousid the United King-
dilli should alply to the nearest
tritish Consul

Notes for guide on the prepara-
tion of claims can the obtained from
the above Department.
Ref. No. A. 210/23.

A certificate of Naturalisation No.
4 of 1957 dated the 181h May. 1957,
has been granted to Mr. FOUAD
ABorIlIZK of Victoria Road, Basse-
terre, St. Kitts, under the British
Nationality Act, 1948.

Chief secretary'ss 0,'o-,-,
Leeward Islands
(t Antigua.
.Ref. No. 55/00023

It is nottified fo'r i'-neral informa-
tion tl;hat, pending the issliu of Her
Ma'j,'sty's Exequatur, Mr. P. E. Ryan,
J 'r., has been accordedi- provisional
recognition as ihoarary Contlsul of the
Netherlands at Hassiet'i re, St. Chris-
topher, for St. Chris opher-Nevis,
Sombrero, Angnilla, DoIi and Virgin

Chief Secrelary's 0::
A ntii/iit.
2:m! Juiy. 1957
I t, ii)01 0

No. 72.

Appoinments, transrs. tc., in
the, public service, vith I! r tfror
the d:'l- cs stayed, are ,uiilished for
gener;Il in forlimition:-

Bladen, Miss M., Junior Clerk.
registrlr's Oi'l. .. I Antigua, resigned.
JtJuly 1
Birkett, Miss P., to be ,Junior Clerk,
Administration Antigua. April 1

Hall, R. V. L, Farlm Manager.
Agricu'itural Department. retired.
Jnly 8
Hughes, J. E.,.Junior Clerk. Magistrate's
Office to lit Senior Clerk. Audit
(Olice. Sept. 13, 1956.

Jeffrey, Miss S., W\ard Sisi:te, lhollertl
isipital. Antigua resigned.
Siiune 30
Stevens, Mrs. 0., District NUrsle/Mid-
\\ife to le Stafi Nitre, Fiennes
Institute. June 1

Walter, Miss C., to be Junior Clerk,
Ilothertoi: hospital Antigua.
April 29
No. 73.

The Secretary of State for the
('lonies has inlformeld the Governor
that the pcwer of disallowance will
not ie ex -rci'ed in respect of the
underinlw iioned Ordinantce':--


N,. 19 of 190'). "The V1:0 icles and
loild 'Trailic (Amendiment) Ordinance,
I )::' ;, ".
KRef. No.-7!1,n0ijl I 1.

ir:/in I./ands.

No. 1 of 11)57. The Supreme Court
Act (Anlendment) Ordinance. 1957".
Ref. No. 47ilI0)43j,
Chief S'pret(t-ay's, 0 :'
A ttif/uil.
27th June, 1957.

No. 74

The following Bill which is to be
introduced into the Legislative Coun-
cil of Montserrat is circulated with
this Gazette and forms part thereof:-
The Pensions ( Increase) Ordi-
nance, 1957."

July 1, 19537]


I1 follow viii: g Si:ttni lort i:ile's tmnd
Order, arle cIrcIlated wilt i ihis
(az qte and to in piart, htreX :--


No. 13 of 1957 The Pilots
(Ametio ined Lt; luS.ies. 1957.
2 pp. 1'ice 4 c'nls..

Viryin Izll iti.' s.

No. 14 of N'.., Pri>,hm:naion
datie(; June 26, 1957. declaring Mon-
day the 1st (day of July. 1957, a Public
Holiiay to connemior;ie the Consti-
tutionT of the Colony of thei Virgin
IslanIds. I pp. P'rira 3 )Wnts.

No. 15 of 1957, The Publi HIoli-

1 pp. P]ri. 3 V/s.


It is hereby notifi '-1 ftr general
information that ;m examination for
a, unnber of governn noil .Scholtrships
to th' AnitiOn:l ('Cranntii i'r S' od andi
the AntigtoI ((b ias' iti h Sclol will
be held at the St. Johnl's oys' Scthool-
room (for boys) and thI it. JIhin's
Girls' Schoolrooim (for girl,) on
'We dtsday 4th reptrom!t r, 1957.

Qualification of CandYidats.

Catdidatl s s alil l)o (Oti:,fied ,;t
take the examiint.iion wh.-
(a) will It over 9 blut less than
13 years of age on 31st D ecln-
(b) have attended a school in
the Colony for a period of three
years immediately preceding the
31st December. 1957, the last
twelve months being at a school
in Aniigua.
(c) are in need of financial
Rnasistance to elnt!r lupo :i n i D l-
,ea-' it s-co indarv school ours e.
(d) wrie BPritish' subj-iLs.

Ap,,li'ations must be niwtde to ihe
Insp ':ior of Schools not Ioter than
Thursday 15th August, 1957.

Application mi.st be accompanied
by a Birth or B3aptismal c:rtihb'ate,
certificates from Head Teach(ers of
school ceIrrt -yi:X -' ir'nlar altt-endancee
for ti't, three p-Xevious years and good
behat 'on' of' tih' c-uildid(te, anld evi-
denc- o0 th- f.. for linancitd assist-
ance i pav e ', r xgt!'idi'aiis to pay
for i'1 otni 'ry education.

Apl ictlti.;n i rinis can be obltineel
from the Insr-a'tor of SeHlools.

E amination.
(a) Arithni-tic. including Ini-
merption an:d notation, L-igth, time
weight (I' .i.-i, units) Money (En-
glish and AmericmA units), and the
the application of thie four rules to
them with simple, vul-rar and decimal

(,) (i) English Test of candidates
comprehension of a short story read
to or byt them
(c) Writing from dictation
(d) West Indian History and

Successful Candidates.

Each successful candidate is re-
qniredl to present a medical certificate
ot ugood health to the Iead Master of
of thie Alntiguai Grammar School (in
the c;s.' of b,'ys) ;ani to ihe Head-
miistresh-i of the Antigua Girls" High
School (i;i the case of girls).

Inspector of SNchoolfs.
4f. No. is2l- l.

Insurance of Government

Tl',i'tders are invited for coullprehbln-
sive iilsural l e coveriae, i.e. Fire,
Hurried no I a;ll/l-r li;artlliqu:ke on
Governiniter Il'iitiitngs in Antigua
and tBtrbl)da.

2. 1u view of the large number of
buildiit s which are to be insured all
tender'i should provide to exempt
(lovernionlt floin the usual provi-
sions of---
(") the average clause which
proviAes that claims will be tenter-
taii-'t only to the extent of the
reltiidn v which the sitame boars to
t'h lotn! vilue of thi properly in-
su'trei: and
(b) the excess clausr which pro-
vides that a deduction of 1% of
the amount insured (or .2.5 which-
ever is less) shall be without
the payment of an additional pre-

3. The contract of insurance
should provide for the deletion there-
from dntriiig its continnance of in-
sured Iuiblings which ii:ie been
li','iti i slt-U or isposedI of by (Iovern-
nt-ni, ;iW I the addition of avy build-
ing' a> for the adjnstlmin! "f the
i;'>p itt"' pr' ith u in.i such 'ash' .

4. The schedule of thI e prop Erties
to bhe insured andt lth-ir re-pective
in: iurile vll ues n;;ay I)e i lnsprted ati
th .4 ffice of th I)- Colnil]d igi'ier.,
i'lu lic W\ lorlks Dej,'trtie,!nt, St. Join's,
dilt'ilng tit' n)iior ial oitice hourli's

0. Tenders shald b" in ':-ledl

i-' (o Gov'rnint iHu!ildinhes "' ti)t
limldh ie a:dhi'r.ssed toi lMY Adnlnihs-
tIIor's Otline to reach the policee not
iii Or rin -L.O p.1m. onI Morday the
15l of July, I. '.-, .

t;. (Goverlniptelt (Idoe not bind it-
self to accept the lowest or atny

Aldminisitrt/(or's Office,
4 nti .,,,
141h June, 1957.

Ref. A. 66113 --II


Tlaw ,i ii\iX1 Te'nider' ihav e been
acneett(Id for 'lie 'ei pply of the under

tutiloas or thle pe"ild ending 31st.
Dr'ecelllbei, 12t57.

Geo. IV. B. Q- 'n & Co. Ltd.

AP. 15A2 por 13 v", tillS
Soap1 2,90pttlrr 30 1 bu4

Lake & Co. Ltd.
Do:li vered tel I'llstiturti olls)

Qwi cI wtel) t' t tin s
STi\er SoSIg soda, 1 Ier I 17i


1 i ..11.
!!d ian

Fish (dried
a' Saltedl)

WA ti 36MO

Pintck, hI a

A Salted
P1 Ittoes-


Ei l e Oil
III, :l
S i t ,P ,1

I) Ibs.

p1er o2is.

INV lim) lbms.


.- .'w- per 100 lbs.

19.'1' wer 249 INs.
27.0t per 219 Ils.

.1 per 11).

.07 per lIb.
.0..'S ier lb.

.i' per 11).
.12 per lb.

I1> (*ach
SI. aclh
2. 5 per 51b. tin

,,i 1w r anl.
M1w er gal.

James Pigott.
Butter (Table) 4.SO per 5lb. tin
1.12 ier lb.

.( Cooilng .08.
Local tti p

l>]o'iters p'2,;" p

Fat Back W..0.
(; IIn'ned '
' :d , M ,ss

er llb.
.,r lb.
Super bag 981b.
.r lb.

) per rI.. iil

I por c1ase of
-12 oz. tin;s

i'q rk, Sonts . '- i per brI. 2001b.
Pickled Meats, Mess
Pork, S`nonts .15 per lb.
Pi'ckeI'd ,i, Mess
t' ork, Scal'ps 1" *.O0 per !)br. -.ll(,t ,.
';.... -!.0 per hox 100 tin
.15 pr tin
Margaurine *:i..41: per 51b. tin
.50 per lb.

[,Tnly 4, 1957'

per 511. tin


MILK-- Fli; 'SIT

Angelo Barreto.

Leper Hlome $ .14 per -li oz. bot.
HoIspital : -''I bottles daily

Mrs. Lyda Hall

Hol,'erton HIospital--
(Balance of requiremints)
Lunatic Asylum & I:iM n Is Institute
T!c. per '2( ozs. !,4tthls delivered

Eugene Jardie.

THt spit.al S .16 pr Ii. delivered
Other lIstitutes .15 ,,,

Administrator's Q,.
A ntigua.
1.t July, '.." 7.
lef. No MWO(.416 :

Applications are invite i from suit-
ably c.1 lia'.lates for appoint-
ment to the Ip,,t if l)ir.cior of
Works, .Doilnili .:, particul;is of
which are :;'. l -'.: ':


Si, post is on tfv, po'nimanent and
p.-iionabile establillsh nt and tihe
aiV;!.iini nit v.rri w wit: it the liabil-
ity \ira i,'-t t, ;oy p(,,'k of .i-quiva-
l-nit st,tu>s \vi~hin (i't Windward Is-
lands. An a'opjintinoiit niai,. how-
evf-, be nldt', ont a temporary
i;tin-jpeti>niiii:lie c ontracti-l basis for
R pl iio d ( '3 rs i' n tih- first


The salary is in the scale of I ,10
-x25-1500 per annum.


Transport and subsistence allow-
ances art. payable in accordance with
local rIegunlttions in respect of ap-
proved travel on duty.


hle di' will be responsible for
the administration of thli Public
Works Departnmt t and for lth plan-
ning and execution of Public Works
development :;sohines- as well as the
general supervision ot all aspects of
the department's work. By virtue
of his office the oilicer is a member
of various Hoirds and Coimmittees.
Hi will also Iet required to perform
such other duties a; mayt from time
to time be assigned to him by tlie
Admin istrator.


The ,i...- r mn t be a Coorporate
Member of l.Ith Institute of ('ivil
Engineers, or liold soime (ujialification
of ciluivalent status and should have
good administrative experience and

Quarters are 1t1t. pr)viied. Should
Govr'inmtiit qutrt, T,; becomeme avail-
palie at any time "')tal won]d be
char,,''d at tiiw rait' of i0it of salary
or 5' of tiln- as;e.'-.~', l value of the
quarters, which ev-r' is less.

1'"rrt )i'ar o 1ii ) i>llllln ;ica will be
provided on first ap!iintmtin t for the
officer his wife tland chiltdr'i'. not
exci-r ing Hi', p-rsn hs in all. Chil-
aret!n to be under 18 years of age,
iitiirriTi'ed :ind depiendenlt on the
ollicir. in the case of a contract
api)intm",nt ftree return :assages will
beI p''ovided on i tht stisfaclory e'im-
plh'ion oi thet conlli'tac.

Leave & Leave Passages.

Vacation !.ave will be granted at
the rate of 43 days for each completed
period of 12 months rasidont service
and may be accuimn;l;tetl utp to a
maximum of 180 days. In the case
of a contract I:!. .:ni ,, vacation
leave wil be granted a:t the rate of
1 week for each completed period of
3 months r'ieident service: suuch leave
to be iak -) ,on tie H;Itisfactory coin-
pli tin i tihe period oif engagement.
Ile:r'e paw'e- tulr" pro, vided in accord-
ance with thl Wiundward Islands
Leave Passage Regniationis.

General Information:

The oflicer will b. liable to all
taxation iimpios.d Iy l1oal Aiactleenlts.
lie will also he subject to the Colonial
RHegiulaitions. local 0(eneral Orders,
and Financial and Stor; [rules and
sunlbidiar legislation in f,'ce for the
time being.

Applications pii'ingi full particulars
of candlidatis and accompanied by
two tt-Stiionials shouiii 1- addressed
to the C('hie Sf('ctr ar'y, Windward
Islands. (.rIt.ia and ioulI. reach
him not lat-,r than ihe ~1't July,

Ref. No. A.C. 1:'9 I


Agricultural Department,

nth 9 1 .
3'1ary 2.i t; A.15
'i) 2A5 43 6fix ;.23
r. 'i ii 'I I It)
*il 2.. 15 .49 1.75 ;.iS
y Sit 3.83 2.51 11 '5
1;th Juntte 85 1.92 si 3 27,
9512.81 S.81 17056


t t ;t, A

~ii~cr .4~~'7.5

[Ilrj(;, 17 cn~


Pensions (Increase)


No. of 1957.

An Ordinance to authorise a further increase of
pensions payable in respect of public service.
[lst January, 1956.] Commence-
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony
of Montserrat.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Pensions (Increase) Ordinance, 1957.

2. In this Ordinance- Interpretation.

"the Act of" any specified year means the
Pensions (Increase) Act of that year;
Governor" means, in the case of a pensioner
whose services were wholly under the
Government of the Colony, the officer for
the time being administering the Govern-
ment of the Colony and in all other cases
the Governor of the Leeward Islands;


N,.. of .= .

. APeiCon s OInicrrafrr;

pIrnsi. 1 means any pension payable under
the provisions of any law mentioned in
the First Schedule to this Ordinance:
Provided that the said expression
does not include any gratuity and does
not include any sum payable otherwise
than by way of periodical payments, and
accordingly the provisions of this Ordi-
nance shall not have effect with respect to
any pension which has been commuted,
and where a part of any pension has been
commuted, those provisions shall 'not
have effect with respect to that part

Increase of 8. (1) Subject to the provisions of this
pensions pay- Ordinance, any pension specified in the First
able on retire- '
ment from Schedule to this Ordinance may be increased by
service in the the Governor to the extent authorized by the
colony. Second Schedule to this Ordinance:

Provided that no increase shall be made under
this section in respect of any pension calculated on
pensionable emoluments received after the 31st day
of December, 1951.

(2) Subsections (2) and (4) of section 3 of
the Act of 1947 (which define the circumstances in
which a pension may be increased under that
section) shall apply for the purposes of this section
as if any reference in those subsections to the said
section 3 include a reference to subsection (1) of
this section; and, subject to the next following
subsection, in the application of those subsections
for the said purposes, the expression dependent ",
in relation to a pensioner, shall be construed as
meaning a person who the Governor is satisfied is
wholly or mainly supported by the pensioner and
who either has not attained the age of sixteen
years or, having attained that age, is either receiv-
ing full-time instruction at an educational establish-
ment or undergoing training for a trade, profession
or vocation in such circumstances that he is required
to devote the whole of his time to that training for
a period of not less than two years,

it IN I AERR AT, e

No of 11Y.7,

. Pensions 'Increase)

(3) Where, immediately before the first day
of January, 1956, an increase under the Act of
1947 or the Act of 1953 was payable in the case of
a pension by reason only that some person was a
dependant of the pensioner by virtue of subsection
(3) of section 3 of the Act of 1947, then, so long
as the Governor is satisfied that that person
continues to be wholly or mainly supported by the
pensioner, that person shall be deemed to be a
dependant of the pensioner for the purposes of the
application of subsection (2) of section 3 of the Act
of 1947 to increases under subsection (1) of this

Provided that-
(a) this subsection shall only apply to
a person by virtue of paragraph .(a) of
subsection (3) of section 3 of the Act of 1947
so long as that person would continue to be a
dependent of the pensioner under subsection
(2) of this section if the words from "'in
such onwards were omitted therefrom;

(b) where this subsection applies to any
person by virtue of paragraph (b), (c) or (d)
of subsection (3) of section 3 of the Act of
1947 and an increase under subsection (1) of
this section is payable in the case of a pension
by reason only that that person is deemed
under thin subsection to be a defendant of the
pensioner, the annual rate of that increase
shall he reduced in respect of any period by
the amount, if any, by which the Gpvernor is
satisfied that the total income in that period of
that person from any other source exceeds
seven hundred and forty eight dollars and
eighty cents a year.

4. (1) Where a pension is determined by Inoease in
reference to a rate of emoluments paid by a the cad
Governitient or authority other than the Govern- pensions
tnent of the Colony the governorr m.uay, in his
discretion, but .suIjeti t the provisions of iubsec-
tion (2) and subsection (3) of this section, autho-
rise the payment of an increase of such pension,

No. of 1 '.7.


(2) In exercising the discretion mentioned in
subsection (1) of this section the Governor shall
have regard to the emoluments by reference to
which the pension was computed and to any
increase of such emollments in consequence of any
general revision of salaries.

(3) Where a payment of an increase of pension
is authorised by virtue of the provisions of sub-
section (1) of this section such increase shall be
to the like extent as is authorized by subsection (1)
of section 3 of this Ordinance in the case of a
pension to which that section applies.

Extension of 5. For the purpose of an increase under
increases mn section 3 of the Act of 1947 in any pension-
der Pensions
Aot, 1947, (a) any restriction on the making of
(1011947). such an increase, or on the amount of the
increase, imposed by that Act by reference to
the income of the pensioner shall cease to have
(b) the amount of the increase shall be
that applicable if the pensioner were a married
person, whether or not he is in fact a married
(c) the upper limit of the amount of a
pension which may be increased by two
hundred and eighty-eight dollars a year shall
cease to have effect.

Extension of 6. For the purposes of an increase under the
increases un- Act of 1953 in any pension-
der Pensions
Act, 1953,
( ct19s). (a) any restriction on the making of
such an increase, or on the amount of the
increase, imposed by that Act by reference to
the income of the pensioner shall cease to
have effect;
(b) the amount of the increase shall be
that applicable if the pensioner were a married
person, whether or not he is in fact a married

No. of 1951.

Pensions (Intcrease)

M -'-T- f: f 1 4

7. (1) Subsection (3) of section 3 of the Other amend-
Act of 1947 (which defines the expression "depend- ets of Aot
of 1947 and
ant" for the purposes of that section and the Act of 1953.
Second Schedule to that Act) shall cease to have
effect, and for the purposes of the said section 3
and of section 3 of the Act of 1953 the expression
dependentt" shall have the meaning assigned
thereto by subsections (2) and (3) of section 3 of
this Ordinance, with the substitution in the said
subsection (3) for any reference to an increase
under subsection (1) of section 3 of this Ordinance
of a reference to an increase under section 3 of the
Act of 1947 or. as the case may be, of the Act of
(2) The Act of 1947 shall have effect and be
deemed always to have had effect as if for para-
graph 7 of the Second Schedule to that Act there
were substituted the following paragraph:-
7. Where a person in receipt of a
pension specified in the First Schedule to this
Act is also in receipt of another pension so
specified, both of those pensions shall be
'a.-r, rt.d and the amount which would have
been the authorized increase of a single pension
equal to that l.-.c:re,.t, if that single pension
had been a pension specified inthe said First
Schedule shall be apportioned between the
pensions in the proportions which they bear to
one another.' and the amount so apportioned
to any pension specified in the said First
Schedule shall be the authorized increase of
that pension."
8. In calculating the amount of any pension Supplement-
for the purposes of the Act of 1947 or the Act of aryprovisions.
1953, any increase for which provision is made by
section 3 of this Ordinance shall be disregarded.
9. The Acts specified in the Third Schedule Repeul,
to this< Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent
specified in the third column of that Schedule.
10. This Ordinance shall be deemed to have Commence-
come into operation on the 1st day of January, meant.


K0.o 1957.

jlon12ionls (tnscrease)

,5 3tONTSEkkai.

Passed the Legislative Council this day
of 1957.

('Cerk of the Council.


Pensions which may be increased under section 3 or
section 4 of this Ordinance.

Cap. 130. 1. A pension payable under the Pensions
Act, and any amendments thereto.

12/1917. 2. A pension payable under the Pensions
7/19e3. Act, 1947 and any amendments thereto.
S. R. & 0.
10/1951. 3. A pension payable under the Police
Pensions (Preservation of Rights) Act, 1951.

12/t191. 4. A pension payable under the Police Act,
5/1953. 1951, and any amendments thereto.

7/1931. 5. A pension payable under the Denomina-
141934. tional School Teachers Pension Ordinance, 1931,
11/1949. as amended.


No. of 1957.

Pensions (Increase)

" ofT '..;. Pensions (Increase) 7 MNo1r'TniRr,

Rate of Increase of Pensions.
1. Subject to the provisions of this Schedule, the increase
under section 3 (in this Schedule referred to as the authorizedd
increase ") in the case of a pension in respect of which such an
increase is authorised or required to be made (in this Schedule
referred to as a relevant pension") shall be ten per .cent of
the basic rate of the pension or $4S 0 a year, whichever is the

2. (1) Where a pensioner is in receipt of two or more
relevant pensions in respect of services rendered by the same
person, the authorized increases of those pensions shall not in
the aggregate exceed the amount which would represent the
authorised increase if those pensions were a single relevant
pension tt a basic rate equal to the aggregate of the basic rates
of those pensions; and where the said increase, as ascertained
apart from this paragraph, would exceed that amount, the
increase in the case of each of the pensions shall be calculated
by dividing the amount between them in proportion to the said
increases as ascertained as aforesaid.
(2) For the purposes of this paragraph, a person for
whose benefit a pension is payable shall be deemed to be in
receipt of the pension notwithstanding that it is payable to
some other person.


Short title.
The Pensions (Increase)
Act, 1947 (No. 10 of

The Pensions (Increase)
Act, 1953 (No. 20 of

Extent of Repeal,

(a) In section 2, subsection (2);
(h) In section 3, the proviso to
subsection (1), and subsection
(c) The whole of section 4;
(d) In the Second Schedule-in
paragraph 2 the words
"\ Where a pensioner is mar-
ried or has at least one
dependant then", the words
"but does not exceed $1872
a year in sub-paragraph (d),
the word "and at the end
of sub-paragraph (d), sub-
paragraph (e), and paragraphs
3, 4, 5 and 6.
(a) Subsection (2) of section 2;
(b) Subsection (2) of section 3;
(c) Subsection (2) of section 5;
(d) In the Second Schedule-in
paragraph 1 the words and
symbols "-(a) where the
pensioner is married or has at
least one dependant,", sub-
paragraph (b), in the heading
to the second column of the
Table the words where pen-
sioner is married or has at
least one dependant", the
third column of the Table,
and paragraph 3.
(e) In the Third Schedule-the
entries relating to subsection
(3) of section 3 and to section
4 of the Act of 1947.

fPensions (lo' err
Enactments repealed.

No. of 1-7,


The object of this Bill is to increase pensions in the
Colony in a manner similar to such increases in the United
Kingdom under the provisions of the United Kingdom
Pensions (Increase) Act, 1956 (4 & 5 Eliz. 2 Ch.39).

2. The Bill seeks to make provisions for-

(a) the removal of the income limits and pension
limits governing the award of increases under the
Pensions (Increase) Acts of 1947 and 1953;

(b) the abolition of the lower rates of increases
formerly payable under the above-mentioned Acts to
pensioners who are unmarried or who have no depen-
dant with the result that all pensioners will receive the
same rate of increase whether or not they are married
or have a dependant;

(c) a further increase of 10 o of basic pension,
subject to a maximum of $480 in respect of any
pension calculated on pensionable emoluments received
on or before the 31st December, 1951;

(d) the said provisions to be effective from the
1st day of January, 1956.

F. 0. C. HARRIS,
Crown Attorney,

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Govarnment Printer-By Authority.

Pensions (Inot~ease).


No. of 1957.


[Pr~ice 11 cents.]



1957, No. 13.

OF THE PILo'T ORDINANCE, 1947 (No. 15 OF 1947).

1. Short Title. These Rules may be cited as the
Pilots (Amendment) Rules, 1957, and shnll be read as one with
the Pilots RItles, 1947 (S. I. & 0. 1947, No. 14) hereinafter
called the Principal UIules.
2. Substitution of Rule 14 of the Principal
Rules. For rule 14 of the Principal Rules the following
shall be substituted:-
"1,. PILOT DUES. There shall be paid by the
master of every vessel arriving at or leaving the Colony
taking any pilot, or if not paid by him, then by the
consignee or agent of any such vessel in respect of services
rendered by such pilot, the following pilotage dues:

1. For piloting into the St. John's roadstead any

(a) drawing 8 feet of water and under .... 15.00
(h) drawing over 8 feet of water for every
additional foot or fraction thereof ... 2.25

2. For piloting from the St. John's roadstead to an
anchorage in St. John's harbour any vessel-

(a) drawing 8 feet of water and under .......15.00
\ (b) drawing over 8 feet of water for every
-additional foot or fraction thereof .. 2.25



For piloting any vessel outward from St. John's
roadstead or St. John's harbour-

(a) where such vessel did not require
inward pilotage

(b) in every other case

..... 15,00

Half the dues
for inward

Whenever a pilot is detained for more than two hours on
board a vessel whether piloting it inwards or outwards, he shall
be paid two dollars per hour for every hour beyond two hours
as detention money.
For vessels in quarantine pilots shall be paid ten dollars per
day for twenty-four hours."
Made by the Harbour Master this 4th day of June, 1957.
Acting Harbour Master.

Approved by the Governor in
June, 1957.

Council this 12th day of

Clerk of the Council.

Printed at the Government Printing Oficn, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.

1'. W. C. 70.'-.-510-6.57.

Price 4 cents.]


1957, No. 14.
PROCLAMATION dated 26th June, 1957 declaring Mon-
day the 1st day of July. 1957, a Public Holiday to
Commemorate the Constitution of the Colony of the
Virgin Islands.

W\H II': ,A S it ik provided by section 5 of the Public
Holidays Act. 195 1 (No. 19 of 1954 ), as amended, thIat it
shall et lawful for the Governor from time to time with the
advice of the Executive Council to issue a proclamation
appointing a special day or part of a dtay to be reserved as a
public !b)lid;ay throughout the Colony:
\ND) WNllHERELAS on the 1st day of July, 1956, the
Virgin Islands were constituted a separate Colony:
Administrator of the Colony of the Virgin Islands, in exercise
of the po'vers in me vested by the said Public Holidays Act.
19531, and otherwise, and with the advice of the Executive
Cofrncil of the said Colony, do hereby appoint MindIiy the
1st day of Iluly, 1957, as a special day to be reserved as a
Pu!dlic Holiday in the said (olony, under and in accordance
with t il said Publi>; Holidays Act, 1'.1i to commemorate
the coistit.ution of the Colony of the Virgin Islands and I do
by this my Proclamation command the said day to be so
reserved and kept:
AN T) all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the said
Colony and all others whom it may concern are hereby re-
quired to take due notice hereof and to govern themselves
GIVEN under my hand at the Admi1nistrator's Office
at Tortola, in th: Virgin Islands, this 26th day of
June, 1957, and in the sixth year of Her
Majesty's reign.
Prinit 1 t ti thl (o\r mll ient 1' ;,,lh Officu. Anli4'u, liewa;Ird Islaud,.
by E. ~L. LAcIMAN 1x lUovrl' 11nt Pri ntcr-By thority.
47/00-1942-500-7.57. [ Picc 3 en.ts.]



1957, No. 15.

The Public Holidays (Opening of Shops) Order, 1957 dated
June 26, 1957, made by the Governor in Council under
section 8 of the Public Holidays Act, 1954 (No. 19 of
1954), as amended.

WHI' liEAS ,b section 8 of the Public Holidays Act,
1951 (No. 19 of 1951), as amended, it is provided notwith-
standing- aiiyhiiing contained in the said Act the Governor
with the advicwx of the Executive Council, may from time to
time, by order published in the Gazette, permit any class of
shop or store specified in such order to be kept open on a
public holiday for the sale of any article in the Colony or any
part thereof during such hours and subject to such terms and
conditions as Ima be prescribed by such order:

AND WVLHERI AS the Governor with the advice of the
Executive Council is pleased to order and it is hereby ordered
:s follow':-
1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the
Public Holidays (Opening of Shops) Order, 1957.

2. Opening of Shops. All shops and stores in the
said Colony of whatever nature may be kept open on Monday
the 1st day of July, 1957, for the sale therein of any articles
up to and including the hour of 11 p.m. on the said day.

Made by the Governor in Council this 26th day of June,

Clerk of the Council.

Printed at the Govwrnment Printing Offioe. Antigua. Leaward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN. Government Plinter.--By Authority.
47/00492-500-7.b7. [Price 3 cents.]

$1 / .;)

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