The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
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Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
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federal government publication ( marcgt )
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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4 117
Oublished by Q40horiry.
r- ON
VOL. 11. THU RSD kY, wrii JUNE, 19,57. N o.
AT Samuel, Miss G., Vssisttuit 1'elet-lhone PAYMENTS AGRE T
1'N 0 t i, e IS,
ator, to be Telephono Opera- TUR
Oper, Y
tor, Aiitigua. May I
Sowerby, F., P.O. (T 1. to he Chief The Secretary of 'State has iwtifiad
It is not fie(i for gcnenil iriforination this Gov(-rnment that the, Turkish
that tit(.! Governor has un(lor the Iwo- Petty Officer, Ahigistrate's Oflice, Central Bank will sfiortly be taking Visions ol' '-,eciion (; of the Harbour Antigua. J1114f, I stei),,, un(lor tit" terrn,4 of the Angloand Ro t(fstolil Oniilmlw Ttirkish Agreement ,r JaDuary 176,
1)""ll Stevens, Mrs. 0., District
h) appoint Nif, R. IL 1955, to ifientifv (h'las owilli, to
Wite, Afe(lieal. to he. Sulft Nurse, I
Master Fienties Institute, exporter-; in (ie )Pnlt nt territories of
dill-io" t 10, lhselwe oil leove of tile the United Kiii"(141M. It is therefore
little I I
substaliti"o llokler of t1w police. rp(Ineste(i that tiny porterr in AntiNo. A.C 13 65-11. gtlD to WhOln is lillo a Till-kish. commercial (ieht shoill(i sublylit (If-tails of
, ;t. Johw. the (letit, ,tri-e%rs of payAnt qll(l. No. 63. mont, to tile A(ittlini"Aratorq Office,
27/h Xall, N.7)7. Tile Governor hts (Iiis -lav heen St. John's, Anti-im. riot lttt.(i- than
I 'Mth julle, 1957.
pleased to tissont to the ii, (Jernioji-
N o. 6 2. toned Or(linanv ,;:- A(fininistrator's Offic,-.
Antigua, St. John's,
Appoininwols. transferki, etc., in No. 4 of 19,57, Tho Reijstration 28th May 1. .57
tho plibli:, (,rOce, with effect from of ITnit(-(i k iljjy(joljl ]-)atHlt the &i.t-q stail,-,I. ir- imblisheii foi- R,, f. N,. 'UP. 7 7) 7 1),
gell"r;tj (Atnen(Jnient) Or(hiumci-, 1. f
M:tY '!9
Ret. No. 47100507 _,, otico is h,-rti)v oiv to lll jwr, ons
Beazer, S. E., 1).0, ci 111, Barbu&l,
1W :,I No. (; of 1957 -Tli St lm'o Act havill- olail l to ol v pil \,Ihle froln f'iIllf-w illielit) onlillallc-. 1 "157 for Colill :1!oi ",sl ill re 14toct
Blackett, A. W., i lar y Scii, ol Mk\- 2")
Assi,, ulnt (( rafl(mt! ) ( oll f ll1;1f(-r t1los" Courts
ilk 1-f. No. 47luo5os
nppoiiJilielit. Apt% 1,5 proi, to 31,r 1905 if) (+tinj
tich li olli(" wl or holon. Oth Jlolt
fleming, P., (-1hief 1'ettv Mal- N 6 4 1957. Any sulos uiwl iwotl on tids
01lico, to he i smlitallv (fiite will ll-, ctv(iltv t to
J11sp Ior (1. 1, Central R)ar(l of Tile foliowin(l '-,ktttitorv Rule an4l
flealih, Aiitil ,un. I Or(leriscircultite(l wi h t1lis Gazette C. Straughn Husbands,
aii(l forins part thereof Jbi.q .,drate.
George, Mrs. E., 1)istri t Nuvs( / milwifo, to be Clin:,(- Nunse, klo(fical, Alollsery(ll. P4. No. j tAnt;Z-ua. June I I [ of 19.57. ** IYookin-lation
&ted I-st June. iieclaring t
Jarvis, S. C., Junior (11ork, A(iniinis- Close Season for Cotton, TRAIFFIC NOTICE.
tiali(,o, to he Senior (Aerk, Afiigi
tnito',s Dept., Anti-im. Jml. I Prirc crill,'Z Att(,titiun is to Rule
of St:iLutor v Uiil.l- mi(j onier, 1946,
King, IV. A. T., .1(inior cler! t(, hk No. 72*2. whicil, re 0 4 11's rolj"\ S: -Senior (Ilerk, Treasury, Antigmi. Notice is here])\, Jveri timi: ;t copy
Kiy 13 of tile list of the origimil a,4sessments. "PASSAGE OF FIRE BRIGADE
of tit(, Citv Hate for 1951 to whieli
Knowles, J., Certifi(-itte,1 Elt-Iniontary objections have been tol,en and alter- He Aw,11, wk Hit,, approach of any
School Assi., tttiit Cl. 11, to ho Certi- nations ma(le thereto by tit(-. Celitrtil engim, or (, Iwr of a Fire ficate(l. Eleniei&iry llead Boant of Health lia, thi,4 (Itty been Brigtt 4 pro,,opiihig, to w troin a tire.
Teaclwr (T 11, P'(1tication posted ill) oil the oitt ,r (loor of the or smsjwotet! lin-, (Irw, it!) close to the
Aliti"'lla. Apr. I Treasur v ail(l 111,1Y 1w Slen A the 1(,ft_11i'lTA of t1le 1(m(l m)d Stoll,
Central Board of Ifttilth 0111ce. leavitill tho centre, (4 tbe road clear
Massiah. Miss E., riwertit c ite(i reach- for t1lo of smch oligille ol,
er, to J)e (_!( rtificotfd Flenienttiry Notice is also hereby givoij that ill other opp iratus, an(l It() two motor
School Assistant. (1. 111, E(lucation the anjounts for City Rate for the vehicles sholl stmid alwe ist."
Dept., Antigno. Apr. I year 1957 ninst he pai(l into the
Treasury lly 31st August, 19, 17. 2. Drivers of motor velilk-les failMatthew, Miss N., to Iw Junior ("lerk, ing to colliply with tit(' ahove will her
(11,1,140111S, 1,,xcis( ute. Apr. I A. X AlEADE, prosectitel.
secretary, Cetdral Bottrd ofHealth. A. A. M. HILL,
Reid, J., Stu(iont Sariitm-y Inspector, Ti-aftir Commis. ioner.
to be Sanitary Iiispector Cl. 11, Cenh-al Board of 11calth Olflin,,
CelAtrA Hoar(l of fh,, alth. Antigua. Antigita. 3rd June, 1957.
Jan -1 20th May, 195-. Rof. No, 36100008
7 9,01

its IEF, A y FiG I'll MON'PSE1Mk-V1' A'-\ k, X
-1) N'11'61N ISLA-NDS GAZI,"I'TE. [June,
Y-_,' N T I G U A. Statement of Carrency Note for illitiniiiating, heating, pcwer,
Circulation in the British burning, lul)ricalin-, outing, greasThe Registration of United Kingdom Caribbean Territories (East- in-, teawerinvi quenching,,, slltsliing
Patents Act, I 25. ern Gronp) on lot Blay!l and 11ii-diing. qnd all tfie officer goods
NOTICE I'S J]1j',M,:PY G1V,,,:N 19,15 7. in tile clas.q.
The Applielnts, (dairn tli:tt O)ey that CHELTON WOP[TF ) LIMIT- during March. 1,ot
ED elf M:Arh)Nv I lts, d *.11(, Said Trade MiLl k ill
of 111, ai(l goods the
Englanl llvp kjopli ,d for registration fir,, C.,krihbean Cur- date of tlik-irsaid Appiie ttion.
in Antigymi 4 Kilwdo-tyi htt -nt,
j, cney Notes 59.P.18.450.00 Ally [)ers,,ii inay vvitldn fliree
No. 750,7i'7 dated Ole 19th day of 1)e1nolletized Gov't.
April, and isstpA on th 5th'day 111olitfis frow il)H date of' Ote first
Notos appearanoo of' (his Adv,-ftiso-inont, ixt
of F -hrivir 1.'57 mid 1!ltv, filed at t1l" trq quft. ffoidser)(11 (old Vii ,qin
t1le Rk:"JS1-aCq Oflice a Court C o' o-v2 (), f. 18. 0 0 1, ,Hwjse, St. Antigm).'a com- 81 nd, Nazotir, give notice ill duplicato, di., Tnode ALtrk,, office, yole ,- (,I, p" J Hlo and fit% Cai-ibbean Currency Notes ill Antiitia, oi' oj)po Jtion to registration
4 to i Coniptroller eircillAion ()It 1st May, h),57: of tilt- said T noie Mak.
tli- Uni' d Kill-ioln. $
pat -llt fl ll ) xticnl:-rn T1 itl;41,141 & Tol)it'yo 1.00 Cf",Cfl, 0. kyaox,
of thiri lpl-ttl"'lt v,-:11! lw to Liarb tdos ... 7,158,625.00 1;i IvXlrffr ol, 71 adp Jhfrks.
Puhlie l!t tfl- (,Ilioe at Dritisil 6kiialla I(;,:2W,6-14.00
an v tilll h"tveen ilke lwilrs of, 9.00 Gronada _'o,670,100-00
A.Ill, : lld il_ O ",!I'i. oil davs '."t. Villcol-,t )01. ,460.00 TIA 1, V 'JA RKS 01"'FICE,
t \vh -!" lJotn's -Ilt.
e Xe, 1) t PIA IOUTH, MONT811;IMAT,
WiH Jj. 1,4615,400.00
1 nol ,n. 27r I i _' 1; 1 v, 1 '15 7.
... 2:1 0 0. 0 0
1 T I
Aiiv ii1i;tY vyidhin tNvo PA N Y 1 N
nlolll: ls dAte oi Otis idvel- )f 1-0
to tlle ii."istntr Now Yorl "l:tte
of Ojil fo a ("ertifi- atiixl) of one.
,at of N, nv of tll ("turvency Notes ... 15.00 Trado MA?k Of tli- ff-HOWd i A of illg:Ole k)", oppl,"latiOll
to fl)f- Gov't.
No, oi k,Aa r Aill g 1. 0 0
D---o iz-l fir.
ii, y ltox. N
")8.00 1 :14
!V. F) H; rlyidos
-7l it s
13 8. 00
47, *jj .t jS to S;t ,: J)Cjroj(_nM
Total 41, nloklelized and Ill-I'ducts (I 1'etrol"11111, Vitli (or
Goirt Honso. 1,
Gove-nment Noteq -Xid-lit, itittlixtures ofotlier inAilrials
llo:tti po- ver, lmrn, Lf.
"I'llkaj, circtilatioll o.t)
temj)( Hng, (plendiiw,,,
19 5 7 ... C 3,,5 0 9 2. 0 0
Statement showing British Caiibbean Coin 1 St MQ,-, A
anii all t1j,, otilel, '('00ds in
Circulafio n in the British Caribbean -- Ole cja ,.
Territorks (F-wern Group) on lit
hlay 1957.
(+t:m tli tt tIvv
":IiJ 111;:Jli irk
Cil'Otlhtioyi dnrinv Olt ,Cncy of 111" _"o()fk 11 don! t1p,
ditt-ch, 11 57 3, 0 "1 0 I 1 1) (10
(11, fb is Ull t, hilt it, i-l tIlk-ir , 111-ii;s'l? Ct ,)-IVean (hwre!iov1 T".wrd, intontioll ii, "llcil
T(0)1 4o 1 t1j(. f
!"adi)s 2_)5,00
IF Glti ,ma ,'4,22;i.00
13 Trin idwy, 1 ). Tf A i ollav "Nilfiin tikrf-e
Gv-nada 37.700.00 Ref, No, 24/oOOS -, 11101ilks Ole dat" of lit(, lirst
St. Villcont, 90,500.00 "le A(k
St. I'lloia 1 11 5, 1 50.00
lloolninio:!a 94,050.00 1, A D : A k U I
nt igni a 114.000.00 A NTI G i A, 2,St I i Al:ty, 195 (-,ato, it, I 1 ,o Trio o Mark's OWoe. MontSt. Nitts 101.600.00 )F to rl gjstraiioll of
Montsorriit 21.650.00 S 0 (" 0 N t' M 0 1111, 0 T 1, C(l) A f P 'A N V, *
Proof Sets 1,870.00 INC.. of 150 -12nd Stroot, New tfj(, suid Tvwk Afill.k.
York, U.S.A,, liavo apj)H( d for
I I 0. C. 11AMUS,
tr ltiojl of oll, Trade Nfitrk Consisting 0/' Tvw)e ),Mrks.
of tile follo vill-L. SPLNCE,
EN ,otitive Coninii,;sion-r RAINFALL FIGTTT'-..- 7 -3
fit-. Current Board rtuieut.
A,,7g ricillu .eal Depa,
British Giribbean Currency lioard, Month .53. 1954. 195). 195fl. OW
J.011utry i !4:; :3.04 2.1 G 5.! 5 3.16
Treasury bombersrs, Fl.b. i.o'2 2,45 68 1.23 2,29
Mar. CO Eos 83 1 10 .40
Port of Spain, April 2,06 49 1.75 U-3 2.54
ALly L."It o 3 Kl 281 2.58 t.19
Trinidad. in Ckvss 47 tim! i,-; to sa.y: fletroleum To I A Jime. 12
and prodn(-t- of' petrol*, nm, with or 12.11
Ref. No. 24/00079. without adinixt.tives of other materials 10,89 8.23 14.31 9.5FL,

dune 6, 15571 THE AN 111GUA, -awasinava wh) VIRGIN ISLA_" D,-s
TRADE MARK'S OFFICE, I At the Rlae Qntio.n Und"Pla To jn ?win LKA &Wes of %
frorn IROO ann. u) U0 niu. on Wed- Merctandle Wrinv (W er, and to TonTOLA, nesdq 3rd July be (!!iairinc.,.n !t ioi Exaininars for the, i,, u e, of _'O asters'
BRITISH VIR( [N iSLANDH, Prnvidwl that any nf the ilays pro- (ertifieales of Captaincy.
scribed above he a Bank Holiday,
Wilby. 1951 Inspection of Weights and lneasmiros
will bri carried out Me AdEwNg day. (q) To be Supei visor of 04--rtified
THE F-0t[WENT COIPANY of Filots, of Wharvee and of :Naviga350, Afaiison Avenue, Now York, S. B. Hull, tion Lights.
&Q, of New Jersey, U.".,,_, has Inspretoe of Woights of.- Afeasures.
applied for registration of no J.'rade Salary:
Mark consistio, of tb- rolli,,ving:- llolve Ifeadquarter.4, Tiv, salary is in tin eale lr2380 x
4nQua. IN)--$3,480 por ruinuna Qts a pay
31st 11ay, 1957. addition of 20% of ittlary.
rtjf. No. A. 821'1. Afflowances
Tho following allowances are payApplications un hereby invited abl():-"r o m 9 uiWbQ ImUlUd persons for (W Wkwna Allowancy.. $120
appAntumont so tin post 4 Port per annum. in Class 42 dint in to say: su Ownces WHem; St. VincenL parlJoulars of (b) Porsonal Fees not exceeding used as food or v, ingredients in food. which are as follows:- $720 per annuni.
(i?) ',' tii sistonce Allowance in
The ApQsuas dahia G" they Appointment: aoeowditn o with local
havo us-(! ai-I Tr r ,- :ark in
ruspecL of rVe W 7onds 0", 35 YFArm rh- post is at lor"ent nonTensionjWkwe the able, but steps are lwh!g Won to ntit provided,
doc!ai-o it poiisionable. The officer
will be "ubjecL w the Colonial Ri!gu- Pa"ages:
A ny pprny NAP- hr- labong. Iowa! We& Orolms and K4 MW elm 1 -n n i to St. VinInonths F-1 'V dak Of rha Wt Fhm"Qd and Store Rai", and to all
aNwwwwr t4 the Adve"K nwnt Q ordi ),jjjces lind """ "W 0, oM ;% W wUe and
thc AitI4 ,nm4. _, Ioon=iwt un in force so far ms &,- Are applicable. child, Ki will hw ri children
Isboids jVU Wh' 'a dupli- J'ho carries with it the should iw loyhT IS Y-00 Of age,
con at the 4- i MW W Too l1lodity to tranefor to any imst of unwanied. and Qvzvlent on the
how of oq tion of Whydt"t Is Wthin the Wind- officer.
thy mod '501, rk' wan! Hands. Leave anif Leave Pauages.
of _"4qj*'S% cludykatims: at
th,, rate of 4 5 foir caoii completed
C j,,jpppps ,,yt possess a, Ed, period of 12 niomhs rasidnA sexvhe; WEWHTS AND MIL.ASURES. inate lkntowlodgf of, and experience *81101) ]Pa%-o' i a'!" "u ill ul "I"Al Ill) to 180,
h4 the W es of fIrt OflReer. Prefer- daysThe 1nq"vt F Wights atul Alea- ence way loe. given to tim holder of a Lsave No N, y xvill be granted in turns shhl! the 1"nTosu of ahtees or Also! Carlificate. acconlance with local ropulations.
weigItts o;o! 7'' Moi \%""ighing Duties: T A kal IU tendon:
't tiles
awl JAMT&: 1% Wwr Wd! he r lyhod 1 1104H ,A, ; ttrnfion ay.d niedi1, At th 00- Kahat 0rhain, 1") 1V bp in chmge of the 'in" are lot PMOVIV.
fmnn 10jW P J. Fo 1.00 P.M. Oil ytnont and Navigation of Taxation:
Wrlday l7th Wp- and In ent fdiso-rvancf of
.,?(of liogulation".". A 11 0(11_11(Tnnt -nt officers are liable
At iW KAxe mWor VIlikkn, tu twation Qoulenactfroun i= aan. to UO pan. mi (1) % porfor-m the duties and YllentS.
TwwNy 1ST Jone. have tb pow'-' of a Port officer,
and to 1W su4j 1 U, th- iTspnow AqW5whmwgKhWfW1 pwUmilms, 3. At the 1410" ShHort AR Wnts 1005-W of 0. -o unlor th- Quar- nf 1-ld expehom 10MO xnL 0) W nuL n Wd- awbm' Omham 11111)'loniod by two
lawny 1%h Jun,. To vkil : ll Ali'ps anclioring he 1dresse"i to
Chie[ -'' -r' "mry' V 'Tiwd-'\'aid Is4, At 0- Kdio, Modou Bohns in pi't, from any port, r jdace Gr-n', Am' "And -'ltoui(l reack
fromn 1100 nal, to UO pin. on (WW" th- (WW"O'. hint not 'k or than he 30th June,
Thmnloy2MAJune. W) Owbe Tdgwnwnwr of slips 1957.
5. At the fvl& '-' Uttion ::. John's for tounng(- Acbmioi actor's s Q(fice.
froat 10.00 ""In to 4.00 pin. on Atoll- 8L AW&
day 2tth, ru-nday 25th, VVYInesday Q) a'a- 20H, May. 1957
2l'oh, Thursdmv 27Hq and FrAlay vynqhinv 1 0 -A i4suct W pinsmiger
280 June. lVences. Re"", Nn A'C' Ill
Pointed at t i Govornmen, Printinz 011icii, Antigua, Lwoird Islands, I;y E_ M. Muizl.iAN ;wa rmwint Printer-By -Authority.

1957, No. 11.
In exercise of the powers vested in the Governor in Council by section 3 of the Cotton Protection Ordinance, 1922 (so. 1 of 1922), as amended by the Cotton Protection (Amendmnent) Ordinance, 1926 (No. 1 of 1926), I, AwrnuR Fit NcIS DAWKINs, Administrator of the said Colony, by and with the advice of the Executive Council of the said Colony, do by this my Proclamation declare that the period from the 16th day of June, 1957, to the 15th day of September, 1957, both days inclusive, shall be a close season within the meaning of the said Ordinance for the whole of the Colony of Montserrat (except the Planting Date Experimental Plots under G(overnment control, to which this Proclamation shall not apply).
And all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the said Colony and all others whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to give their ready obedience accordingly.
(GIV \EN at the Administrator's 01fice, Jontserrat,
this 1st day of June, 1957, and in the sixth
year of Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Govornment Printing Offico. Antigna, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN. Government Printer.-By Authority.
47/00073-500-657. [Price 3 cents.]