The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
legislation ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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Al 'i;

AN3 k~Ki

VO)L. J.


]/C~]~VJ S L ~. ~

b h by Icuthot

1 95C

(,I t ~tI 1 I j I 9,t I I iit~ i
it i B, m yr. N o titi- for gei eral
info'n itio, tho at Dr. B. Pilack lil appo+f!it ,. no im t<, be. Governolr's:
Dtlake n' i his ll iito as isen eal Otict' Aitit N.ilt vi will resieaontrit onxth 2h ad 2t1h July, 19h. ly
jfl'dic 'o/ /tI
Chit Sec/tI' I /c'
(',(, N't OF MON'lSEltHAT
Genent I (Open) Import Licence
No14/ 1o' .95.
iNo. I )!971 thItL6ti lie 19th (lay oil 13joui i ,
It it' thereby lotitfied fo)r general inf tmation that Dr. B. Pilszack will
fortake his duti as fterical Officer
-n iuitttd ait the tild of sulb-p-mgistrap iii) of 5 and will reside at Saditio ft m fllo ig further July.
pdrol D- rint
liceti o sht tI h e cottttrtd as ttuthoritsig the ittporttttiov f1 goods thle entry f ii f. prohibited or.
restritied titnder nt y tithor legislative
Genert at pren) Imp force,;t Liaenced
No. 1 of' .956.
General (Open) Implort Licence
(2) N. the addition to, the Scth day ofule Mlarchl, 1%4/, als amienlded, is hereby fur'the:r :unem~ed, as folilows:to(1) i, tieee uof sit(uti, fo of a cwing ew itefor tie frll st after the w(20)d
(im rtd" at the it of s:b-paragraph (iii) of the proviso and the
additi of the ftollowing sersurther: provis>:-
(124) Catlciutm carbide.''.
atProvided the 7t day nothing in ts1956. licence shall b~e construed as authorising the importatiof goods the Governor.
it. RI. tI IAJIRA,
entry off which is prohibited or restricted under any other legislative enatnlent at p t n "
to the Licence of the following new iter s after item (20)- ..
"(21 ) Leaf tobacco; (2-1-) Fresh apples:
(23{) Chernical fertilisers;
(2"1) Calcium carbide.".
Dated the 7th day of July, 1956,
By Order of the Governor.
6'upply O~fice'r.
Supply Office.

General (Open) Import Licence
No. 2 of 1956.
( lne al (Opei) iiort Lit nce No. ;2 of 1,951 dated dwc9t!i ,Ivo) f March.
101 moidd unsk b Od-r
1mie nded s ftlx ix l l it' + i titt i -t Ato ~ o by the adIdition o tim wrds ald chemical frotilisers after the words Fertilisers excludin sAlllhaIte of Ammtonia". antld by tkhe, deletioll of, the words ald I I t a ultf actuored after the words Toaeco, lililttfa ttured ineluding ciart~'s in tlhe Schedule to the Licence.
IDatd ithe 7th oiy (i July, I 95.
By Order of tht (Governir.
I t, '. 01 / rA,
65'upply! O{like,
l i./ Ie "i .
Notice required under section 4
of the Land Acquisition Act,
1944 (No. 11/1944).
that it appeir's to the Governor il Connoil thit the laons describd ii thie Schlediule hereto and situate at Moiteros EstIate in the Parish of Saint Mary in the slald of AlitIua are likely t ho lit'(d)d fl' purposes which inll the opinion of the oernor in CoanI il are pi)lic purpo'e, namely to erect there a Scihool, AN D) that it is necessary to i make a preliminary survey of the said hind.
SCtil EDU LE1.
A piece or parcel of lanid containinrg approximately 3 acres lf lonteros Estate itt the Parish of Saint Mary in the Island of Antigttua owned by Coleridge tJames, aiti( bounded as follows:
On the West b1)y the Puldic Eoad On the East rod North by Rigslby
Estate and
On the South by a footpath
separating it from the remaindler of Montteros Estate.
Dated the t26th day of June. 1956.
Clerk of the Council. A dministrato"s Otfice,
St. John's, A ttigua.
RIef. No. A. 46164.

Notice required under sector
of the Lan.I Acquisition At.,t
1944 (No. 1 9A1944)
NOTICE IS HEIEY (iVEN thatt it ,ap tearIs t ti- I t II G e or ii Coluncil tiat the lands desc ribed in the Schedule hereto ait(] situate at Not Grove iin the Parish of St. John in the Islmd of Anlti:ti are likely to be needed for trpose. which in the )opinion 1' the (GovertnIor inl Colltcil are pubilic pllrt) se, llm leiy to elect thereon i School, AN M th, it is ttneessary to make a npriminar y survey of tihe said kli.
S0ITEl R t
A piece o(r parcel of iart containing alpproximately 3.SM :ties of land at Nut ,'ove in thile Parish if St. Johl ilthe Itsland of A ttigua wnti by Alvn (C'aoacho ald bouided 9s fliews.<
On toe North and Eat by the
Valley Maiin Riad
On the Smtii by land of Alvan
(Caitaltol arid tt]ild formerly of
Reid and
On the West by a road.
Dated the 2tli hiAy of Jum, 1956.
Clierk' tfhe Ouocil.
Adminisa'tor's Opu)ice,
SI. John's, A usitn.
tef. A. 4s64.
No. 6.
Appintments aid tralsfkers ec., in the public service, with eff&e from the dates stated, are published for general inforiStion:
REID. G. L., Assistant Superintendent. Leeward Islands Police Force.
July 6
Xo. 7.
The following Statutory Rule and Order is circulated with this Gazette
and forms part thereof:-bfouserralt
No. 21 of 1956, The Pensiomable Otfices Order, 1956."
3 pp. Price 6 r/s.

10o ri ic n~ami, 'ifMtiVT AND GIN WSLA

No. 8.
The SecrTtry of St:te for the Colonies has inforneld the Govrnor that the pow)"r of disallowance will not b -' ex'i'ed in r 1t'ct of th utndlrmt ,tionitd Ordii:o ces:N,. 5 (f 19i, Th, Numses Registratin t (Ameumitn, u t) O(rdinance, 19Gi'"
'9 (; of10. "'Tli Antigua
Cons-itutiot it Ebetins' (Amelndment) Ordinutie, 1. "
Virgin id'. n.i.
N,. .14 of 1956, "The Siupplementary Approlpriation (1495) Ordinance, 1956.
N. (f 106,1 Tim Appr,,pviation Ordiounce, 1%6
N. 3 of 19,56 "Tiw Lal and H1ou e Tax (Amendmnet) Ordinance,
The ll Ing composition of the vari(uis lliurricane Relief Committees in the Colon y of Antigua is published for general information:-Central Committee
His IHonour the Administrator (Clhairmtn). the Chief Accountant, Assistant Administratixve Secretary (Public Wo rks and Commu nicatios), Assistant Administrative Secretary (Social Services), Rev. I L. Pa ne. 1ev. W. J. Barratt. Hon. V. C. Bird, H. O. M'urply, Esq.
Local Commnnittees.
St. (Geores Ditrict.
George IHampson, Esq., (Ch(irJnan), Rev. J. Knight, Gordan Bennett, Esq.
,St. PIter's District.
P. Yearwood, Esq., (Chairman), A. D. Edwards, Est I. (Gordon, Esq.
,t. Paul's DiLstrt.
Rev. Canon lIHowell ( chairman ) F1'. Lake, Esq., S. L. Athill, Esq., 1..,.. A.B.E.. C aries Roberts, Esq., lHea To, 'r (' ,bs Cross.
St. Our'' D)istrict.
t . Persico (C(Thlir'ttm), B. T,
Carru t, Esq.
(a) ll 11' ..J. in ,E
Josep~h i b Em',,,., Carlton Roberts, Esq., Headi Teacltet, Bolans, (I'arlield RoyT, Eq., eat Teacher. Cedar Hall.
(b) Villages of Old Road, Urings, Johntsoin's Point, etlc.
E. Sehonten, Esq., Lemuel George, Esq., Head Teacher, Old Road, D, Mackay, Esl., Teacher Johnson's Poin t.
(c) Villal#ex of &:awcolts and/,/Jhn
Alla Mayai rd, KEsq., Head Te acher, Sawoolts (hir,;wn),Miss B:eatrce Lewis, Distrit N trse, tC rist opher Jose., Esl.. 'a rles War'rue, Esq.
St. Phi!!'/s District.
Rev. H. La (Chairovud, D. She tard,EsI,, Miss Y. MA,-rtin, Hrmnan Looby, Esst., Ilead Teacher, Seatons. J. Prince, Esq., Head Teacher, Willikies, C. Michael, Esq., (Blakes), larold RoIerts, Es(., Htead Teacher, Par s.

NDS GAZET E [,Ju'y 1). 1956.

Ali aint /s District,,
Mrs. Joephine C(hm ls. Alfred
Jarnes, E.. M. Henry, Esi.. Had Teacher (( 'haiIrtan), All Sain its, Mrs. Octavia Knight.
St. /ohn'. )istricl.
(a) City of 'aint John.
Chief Health Inspector (Chatirmaon) .J. A. Vieira, Esq., D. 11. A. Me Namara, Eoq.
(h) Sou/th atn ld l's/ f St. JohnIt's
Ci( 'ty.
H1. Henry, Eso., H ead Teacher, Greenbay (htitnoa.n), H?. Mi tndes, Esq,, W. Buntin, Esq.,
(c) Noith and Eat qfI/. Johtn',
Norris White, Esq., chairmann ) Barnes, E ., L.wreicte Richards, isq., Hlead Teachelr tedr (rtove. .4c/minisf.!rur's DeaO :'i,
Anal"". '
6th JOly, 1956.
Itef,. S. 52114
ANTIGUA, 22n'd iie, 1956.
AS\tHI KASEI KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISIHA of 1, Soze-chlio, Kitakn. Osaka, Jalpan have applied for eMgist'atiMn of one Tra e Mark consistlnt of the follouwing:I L
in class 50, thit i to qay:-- ,tificial silk yarns, thre:ds and it ,'ics.
The Applicants claim that they hIve not used tht said r e Mar'k in respect- of the sdd W i's bfutoe the date of their said Application.
Any persn may within three nmonuths !ro the date of' the first appearance of this Advertisewinet in the Antiu", .|Lotls rrut and Vir" gin Island. Gze t- e notice in duplicat, at the tradee MAlarks OIffice, Antigna, of oppositioni to registration of the said ITade Mark.
Acting Registrar of Trade Jtarks.
entrri E xperirment Station

,''t .t lt
io t. I. ii
1 .62
May 3.07
uneTo 14th Jily To 14th July 0.20

ii,51. ht.
3.s3 3.32 .96

283.78 1.29 15.17 IOM)0 29.22

\NTF!I; E 22nd, a,]+ 9 1950.
h D -)iu G,) I, P) l, '.'I (N 01" A l I\ C(A .f 11i;, q bza,
New York. Stat.' ofNew ''r .. S.A. have applied for ,'Rgie'tratirin of one Trade ,arl coost -ing if th fllowig:
in class S that is to sy, talking rnachiit, records; soundi an, picture recording and reproding reords. nalgnetic tapes, wires and other deviCes Or n'aTs or ecodif and r'eprodlu ingI so tid a id id uetls.
The Applicants claim that they have used tie :said Trade Mark i respect (f the said goodis since Jlanuary 1, 1956.
Any person mnay within three have months from th. date of the first apilarace f thi, Adve"ti,,n at in th e1 ,Atua ,M[o 'rrraf lti w/ ti ;rgu 1sunds (arette, iRoleL O. BYRON.
Acting Reflistra'r of Trade Marks.
A tT-,I 22ndi Juno, 1956.
TflE BO[I)DEN (COMI'ANY of 350 Madiison Aveu., City of New York, State of N %v York, U.S.A. have appliedd for registration of one Trade Mark ca In i ting tf tIe f1 olwini:t
in class 42 that is to say, ite cream mix: milk, and milk nd dairy products.
The Applicants clait tHlat they have used the saiid 'T'tadte Mark in respect of the said go'.s for 5 ywars before the dAtn or there 401 \:pplication.
Any person may within three months from it daIte oi i hli first aptearanee of :!his Adv-rtisermnt itn ith. Antiqua, Motntwrrat and Virgin h/nd.s (azi,,", give notice it duplinte tt tht T'l'te Martks ( Office, Antigua, of opposition to registration of the said 'Trade Mark.
Acting Registrar o/ Trade Mo'rks.


1u1rricane Prec utII in 105 d
1. .t the ,ginning of the urricanc Seasn t public are advised to te peutions to safegumid their hon, mand other property in thfe evit of a stom,. Du2rintz a hurrica ne the ce ral electricity supplI will ii tUrned off, and every household somiuld thi:refore be provided with a hurrionne lantern o lash light (or preferably wi bolh) which siomld bo checked regularly aid hept in working o, d!r throughout thie hurricane season.
2. Owners rd barometers should take readings daily at 10, 4 p.m. andl 10 p.m. Any clun ge lower tian tIhe usual diurnial one of 0-10 inch should be regarded with suspicion.
3. The masters or ( genis of vessels if in doul)t sIould coinuinicate with the Harbour Master for information.
4. When warring up a house, on indication b1i d we at hier, lga'in Kwit the side facing"'
the direetin of the prevailing i Uind, which varies IfrO North \Vst o It at, h )uld the centre of a storm pass over the island there Wil i1w a short erid ofl c:f i t drin which the Northern side of the btuildiw, co0M be opened up and the Southern a d WeVtry sides closed. Very oftei there is no cin, i mnder such circus scaIces it is wise .to h v I e vrtig tecuIrely fastened.
5. The Unied St..ates \VWather Bureau at an Juman, Puerto Rico, issues regular weather reports for the Eastern ( bba; :n which are broadcast in Spanish and Einglish daily throughout the hurricane season by severndI r]di) stations in Puerto Biro. Owners of ra:dios shoulbi mA e a habit of listening to these broadcasts whik:h imay bo heard over ithe following stations at thd times and on toe freqtuencies and wavelenm',b .howi:ii
Sittio/. Frequency Daily w'eather ,'p'u i / ," :o,' rum s.
(uvwreelath,). sports.
WI PRit ,t) ,' 4 05 .m.: .
3 V m) .55 P A.
WAPA ;0 iAs 7.45 a.m.*'
(4i 1. n) 12.15 p.m.*
0xcp-t (a Sitn a y: an] 'Snliay
WKAQ .SO km .30 p.m.
(517.21 n) 12.30 a.m.
Windward I1l a n 33'35 1hs 7.10 ).m.
(8S.4 u) 10.10 p.m.
Except ":turdays
Stations \V S' i'. :. T'itam and WIVI in St. CrO ix also broadcast, the Weather Him's special hurricane warnings and advisoHie*.
AT I) Y.
Thp I olwinj P Upayed at the Hariuir Asters (Wce, (e. I i, ae Hill,
Polic, HMY d i : h Police den L d te the aippryich of dK turned
weat i r:A. .1 Jd Ha., b h.+ Iaclk square i itconit, means T'r )pical istallnce ported;
likely to a ocha slani of _Antiqua-- CAUT)ION \ D)V:\-D.
B. TWO( red flags, with black stairs in contre-Hiij li 'ANE SjiNAL!)ANGER KK1'NP ECTED;1.
Two WI TOATITNG ROCKETS will he 'ired from the Harbour Alaster's Office to
AT DAY & .TC 1 '.
A RD1 K HT ",w11l displayed at 'olife Stations, he Police will go thrnoigh St.
John's :Wd viliges r Tunding, their whist le.
Tl umm Ex'cha uges will inform sb cribers After a hurricane v rning has been
rcir'vi the a v, vill be broadcast by i'lio Antigiua (A 255 megacye es; 92.16 ,etres) at regular intervals:-9 a.m., 1 p.m, 5 p.m. and more often if. necessary.
Adminisirator' opic.,
St. JoJhn'/, n/iu .
1!! July, I K&.
A. 52/6--II.

July 10, 1956]

12 THE NTIGUA, MONTSEIRRAT AND \'IRI(N I All ,ure-s in Bits -. We t Iia4v! Dol ar.
Numb of r q portint' bank, : 4,.
Figure for end of quarter 31st Dec uber, !9.

1. Nots in circulation
)emand Nil
( Fime Nil
i Sav ins 2,22 4)86.13
3. Balances due to
( t) Other banks in Colony
(b) Banks abroad
4. Other Liabilities
Totai i abilities


4 1
il. 2 386.13.


Cash in Treasuiry Balane+s due by other banks
iin Colony
Balanees (ine fro 1)anks
abroad an d other short
Loans and Advances Investmnents
(a) Local 269,512.83 (b) Other 1,786,368.63 Othcr A ssets

1 31,,99.39 2,261,838.13

GOVERNMENT SAVINGS BANK TATISTI( LEEWARD ISLANDS All figures in British West Indian Dollars. Number of reporting banks : 4. Figures for quarter-31st March, 1956.

1. Notes in circulation
2. Deposits
(i) Demand Nil
(ii) Time Nil
(iii) Savings 2,31 1,999.04
3. Balances due to(a) Other banks in Colony
(b) Ba)nks abroad
4. Other Liabilities

Nil 1.
2,314,999.04 2.


Cash in Treasury Balnces due by other banks
in Colony
Balances due from banks
a unad and other short
c 1 k ins
Loan s and Advancs Investments
(a) Local 26i,512.83 (b) Other 1,722,858.89 Other A ssets

Total Assets

1341289.83 Nil
Nil Nil
1,992,371.72 199,776.15 2,326,437.70

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua. Leeward Islands, by EARL PIGOTT,
Acting Government Printer.-By Authority.

[Price 12 cents

Total .AVssets

Total Liabilities

1956, No. 2L
2 (1) OF THE PENSIONS ACT, 1947 (No. 12/1947).
1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the Pensionable Offices Order, 1956.
2. Pensionable Offices. The offices specified in the Schedule hereto are hereby declared to be pensionable offices within the meaning of the Pensiuons Act, 1947.
3. Revocation. The Pensionable Offices Order,
1954 (Leeward Is;lands General Governmient Statutory Rule and Order 1954 No. 56) is hereby revoked.
4. Commencement. This Order shall be deemed to have come into operation on the 1st day of July, 1956.
Governor and Chief Secretary:
Chief Secretary
Assistant Chief Secretary Administration:
Agricultural Superintendent Livestock Officer Agricultural Assistant, Grade II Agricultural Assistant, Grade III Agricultural Assistant, Grade IV Manager, Otway Settlement

Principal Auditor Auditor
Examiner of Accounts Education:
Inspector of Schools Principal, Secondary School Secondary School Assistant Certificated Teacher, Class I Certificated Teacher, Class II
Electricity, Ice and Cold Storage:
Manager, Electricity Department Head Mechanic, Cold Storage Department
Judicial and Legal:
Chief Justice Puisne Judg,. Attorney General of the Leeward Islands Crown Attorney and Magistrate
MIedical, Health and Hospital
Senior Medical Officer District Medical Officer District Health Nurse Nursing Sister (Matron) Charge Nurse Staff Nurse
Commissioner of Police Superintendent of Police Assistant Superintendent of Police
Post Oflice and 7elephones
Head Operator, Telephones Assistant Telephone Operator Head Linesman, Telephones Assistant Linesman, Telephones
Keeper of Prison Head Warder Prison Warder, Class I Prison Warder, Class 11

Public Wo ks:
Superintendent of Public Works Senior Foreman of Works Foreman of Works
Treasury, Customs and Port:
Treasurer and Postmaster Water:
Water Mechanic Assistant Water Mechanic Graded Clerical Sta6:
Senior Clerk Junior Clerk Graded Subordinate Sta#':
Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer, Class I Petty Officer, Class II


Made by the Governor in Council this 3rd day of July,
Js. H. CARROTT, Clerk of the Oouncil.
IPriated at, the Government Printing, Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands.
by EARL PI o'irT, Acting Government Printer.-By Authority.

M. 59/7-500-7.56;.

[Price 6 centsj