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<Mar. 1987-> TB
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PS (United States. Dept. of the Army)
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Preventive maintenance monthly
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PS, the preventive maintenance monthly
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PS magazine
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PS (Wash. D. C.)
Eisner, Will
United States -- Dept. of the Army
Penny and Sol Davidson Collection
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[Lexington Ky
Washington D.C
Dept. of the Army
Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., distributor
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v. : ill. ; 18 cm.


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Military supplies -- Maintenance and repair -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is an official publication of the Army, providing information for all soldiers assigned to combat and combat duties. The magazine covers issues concerning maintenance, maintenance procedures and supply problems.
From 1951 until 1971, Will Eisner illustrated and co-wrote PS. Self-descriptive in purpose, featured a mix of illustrated articles, diagrams, and comics.
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Vols. for Dec. 1990-1991 distributed to depository libraries in microfiche.
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No. 61-<74> are photocopies (positive) copyrighted by Will Eisner Productions.
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Imprint varies: Lexington, Ky., <Aug. 1978>-19 ; Redstone Arsenal, AL, <Sept. 1997->
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Not distributed to depository libraries in a physical form, Dec. 2000-
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Description based on: Issue 309 (Aug. 1978); title from cover.
General Note:
Sol Davidson Collection holds issues 36, 40, 44, 49, 85-6, 89, 108, 112, 142, 148-57, 164-71, 173-4, 177, 182-4, 186-96, 198-209.

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By Order of the Secretary of the Army:MARK A. MILLEYGeneral, United States Army Chief of StaffOfficial: MARK F. AVERILL Acting Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army1813455 PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly (ISSN 0475-2953) is published monthly by the Department of the Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898.TB 43-PS-789, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, is an official publication of the Department of the Army, providing information for all Soldiers assigned to combat and combat support units and all Soldiers with unit maintenance and supply duties. All information published has been reviewed and approved by the agency responsible for the equipment, publication or policy discussed. Application of the information is optional with the user. Masculine pronouns may refer to both genders. The use of product or company names does not constitute endorsement of those products, services or companies by the U.S. Army. The use of non-DoD hyperlinks, along with their content, does not constitute endorsement by DoD or DA. Neither DoD nor DA exercises any editorial control over, and cannot vouch for, content on non-DoD websites.M2/M3-Series Bradley, Ammo Ready Box Covers Strykers, Wheel Nut Tightening Sequence Stryker, RPM Caution Stryker Alternator Troubleshooting M1-Series Tank, Full Coverage Tarp NSNs M113-Series FOV, Exhaust Manifold Rust Prevention 3 4 5 6 7-8 8-9 COMBAT VEHICLES 2 10 TACTICAL VEHICLES Wheel Assembly Shelf Life Advice Rust Busters Tip of the Month CBRN Filter Replacement NATO Slave Cable NSNs 11 12-13 14-15 15 16 CONSTRUCTIONMEDEVAC Spare Parts Input Needed H-60A/L/M IVHMU Label Placement Use DD Form 1348-6 to Order Non-NSN Parts Unit Maintenance Aerial Recover Kit TMs 21 22-23 24-25 26 D7R II Tractor Fuse Box Corrosion D6K/D7R II Dozer, Winch Clevis Warning 120M Road Grader, Cab Air Filter Care 120M Road Grader ECM Box Check 16-17 17 18-19 19 ITAS LRU Tracking Patriot Missile System, GPS Removal HIMARS Frame Rail Check HIMARS Hatch Not a Seat HIMARS W513 Adapter Chain Replacement 36 37 38-39 40 41 AN/PVS-7, -14, ACH Mount for NVD Viewer PQAS-E External Power Containerized Kitchen Exhaust Pipe Coupling Food Sanitation Center-2 MWO Nitrile Glove NSNs 51 52 53 54-55 55 MISSILES 35 SOLDIER SUPPORT 51 AVIATION 20 No PM for Evil Villains 27-34CHESS Registration Tracking Down Manufacturers GCSS-A Language Code NCO Journals New Website HQDA Property Accountability Newsletter 57 58-59 60-61 60 60LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT 56Small Arms Advice M120A1/M121 Mortar Bipod Tips 42-43 44-45 SMALL ARMS 42NVD, Sights Lens Cleaning Tool 45 TOOLS 45SATCOM Painting MK-2551A/U Grounding Kits C4ISR, Tobyhanna Evaluation Inspection Program Adds Equipment 47 48-49 50 COMMUNICATIONS 46 You are invited to send PS your ideas for improving maintenance procedures, questions on maintenance and supply problems and questions or comments on material published in PS. Just write to: MSG Half-Mast PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly USAMC LOGSA (AMXLS-GP) Bldg. 3303 Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898Or email: address: 789 AUGUST 2018


AUG 18 1 PS 789 Over-maintenance wastes time, money and effort by replacing serviceable parts. For example, if you remove a wheel to service wheel bearings, dont replace the brake pads unless they need it. Theres no need to replace brake pads while youre there if theres nothing wrong with them. But when mechanics remove and disassemble a part, they sometimes get overzealous with maintenance. in an effort to be thorough, they anticipate when something might fail and replace perfectly good parts. Those mechanics are guilty ofover-maintenance. Preventive maintenance services (PMS) for your aircraft and preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) for your ground support equipment (AGSE) should be done by the TM and not as you see fit.Thats a no-brainer. Or suppose you have seals that arent leaking. The aircraft is in for scheduled maintenance, so shouldnt you replace em now? nope! Thats over-maintenance again. Overmaintenance wastes time, money and effort by replacing serviceable parts. General, United States Army Chief of Staff dministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army 1813455 The RIGHT Approach The best way is to always follow your TM s inspection and service intervals. Dont replace anything unless the TM requires it or the part is truly unserviceable PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly (ISSN 0475-2953) is published monthly by the Department of the Army, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898.TB 43-PS-789, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, is an official publication of the Department of the Army, providing information for all Soldiers assigned to combat and combat support units and all Soldiers with unit maintenance and supply duties. All information published has been reviewed and approved by the agency responsible for the equipment, publication or policy discussed. Application of the information is optional with the user. Masculine pronouns may refer to both genders. The use of product or company names does not constitute endorsement of those products, services or companies by the U.S. Army. The use of non-DoD hyperlinks, along with their content, does not constitute endorsement by DoD or DA. Neither DoD nor DA exercises any editorial control over, and cannot vouch for, content on non-DoD websites. PMCS Doesnt Mean You Replace or rEmove Parts just because its convenient. Only replace parts that are bad and stay AWAY from overmaintenance. HoLd Up, SoLDiers! as long as were changing one of the PC links, lets jUst take care of alL of em. yknow what? Lets replace the wipers while were at it! I like getTing the Jump on ThiNGs. M2/M3-Series Bradley, Ammo Ready Box Covers Strykers, Wheel Nut Tightening Sequence Stryker, RPM Caution Stryker Alternator Troubleshooting M1-Series Tank, Full Coverage Tarp NSNs M113-Series FOV, Exhaust Manifold Rust Prevention 3 4 5 6 7-8 8-9 COMBAT VEHICLES 2 10 TACTICAL VEHICLES Wheel Assembly Shelf Life Advice Rust Busters Tip of the Month CBRN Filter Replacement NATO Slave Cable NSNs 11 12-13 14-15 15 16 CONSTRUCTION MEDEVAC Spare Parts Input Needed H-60A/L/M IVHMU Label Placement Use DD Form 1348-6 to Order Non-NSN Parts Unit Maintenance Aerial Recover Kit TMs 21 22-23 24-25 26 D7R II Tractor Fuse Box Corrosion D6K/D7R II Dozer, Winch Clevis Warning 120M Road Grader, Cab Air Filter Care 120M Road Grader ECM Box Check 16-17 17 18-19 19 ITAS LRU Tracking Patriot Missile System, GPS Removal HIMARS Frame Rail Check HIMARS Hatch Not a Seat HIMARS W513 Adapter Chain Replacement 36 37 38-39 40 41 AN/PVS-7, -14, ACH Mount for NVD Viewer PQAS-E External Power Containerized Kitchen Exhaust Pipe Coupling Food Sanitation Center-2 MWO Nitrile Glove NSNs 51 52 53 54-55 55 MISSILES 35 SOLDIER SUPPORT 51 AVIATION 20 No PM for Evil Villains 27-34CHESS Registration Tracking Down Manufacturers GCSS-A Language Code NCO Journals New Website HQDA Property Accountability Newsletter 57 58-59 60-61 60 60LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT 56 Small Arms Advice M120A1/M121 Mortar Bipod Tips 42-43 44-45 SMALL ARMS 42 NVD, Sights Lens Cleaning Tool 45 TOOLS 45 SATCOM Painting MK-2551A/U Grounding Kits C4ISR, Tobyhanna Evaluation Inspection Program Adds Equipment 47 48-49 50 COMMUNICATIONS 46 You are invited to send PS your ideas for improving maintenance procedures, questions on maintenance and supply problems and questions or comments on material published in PS. Just write to: MSG Half-Mast PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly USAMC LOGSA (AMXLS-GP) Bldg. 3303 Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898 Or email: Internet address: ISSUE 789 AUGUST 2018 789 00-01.indd All Pages 7/16/18 10:52 AM


2 PS 789 AUG 18 3 PS 789 AUG 18 m aking sure the covers for your Bradleys AP and HE ammo ready boxes are on correctly sounds like a simple task, doesnt it? It is, but youll cause some problems if you dont do it right. If the lids aren t on just right, theyll come loose when the turret is traversed. Not only will the covers be crushed, but they can snag and rip loose cables and connectors. Its an easy mistake to make, especially when youre in a hurry. So always make sure the rounded edges of the cover t over the outside edges on both sides of the box before you close and latch it. That keeps the cover from popping open during operation. Make sure rounded edges of cover t over outside lip of box and fall open! M2/M3-Series Bradley Do It Right to Make Covers Tight Dont Tighten Nuts by the Clock! Watch Those RPMs! Troubleshooting Trouble? Big Tarp Helps Avoid Big Problems! Dont Give Manifold Rust a Chance! d o i t r i g h t t o m a k e c o v e r s t i g h t Sh-sure hope my crew put muh-my ammo covers on good and t-tight! or cover will vibrate loose 789 02s-03.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


Some crewmen tighten wheel nuts in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern.Thats a bad idea! instead, tighten those nuts in a criss-cross star pattern. That evens out the torque and keeps the nuts in place. Just make sure you tell your mechanic when you get back from the field. Hell tighten the nuts to the correct torque: 15 7 -1 7 3 lb-ft on the first go-around and 214-236 lb-ft to finish. Crewmen, sometimes you gotta replace or tighten a wheel assembly in the field. When you do, dont tighten those wheel nuts just any ol way! if you do, you could end up with stripped lugs or nuts that loosen and fall off.4 PS 789 AUG 18 5 PS 789 AUG 18 D rivers, be careful not to let your Strykers engine go above 2,900 rpm when driving crosscountry. If you do, your unit could be in for an expensive engine replacement or repair. The push rods inside your Strykers engine can bend if the rpms go too high. Thatll cause serious damage or even catastrophic engine failure! For more information, check out the -10 TM, as well as TACOM Maintenance Action Message 18-013 at: Begin here End here Tighten nuts by the numbers in criss-cross star pattern D O N T Stryker D O N T Tighten Nuts by the Clock! Stryker This could get r e e-a a -l l interesting! uh-Oh! Looks like somebody didnt tighten my wheel assembly the right way. Before driving, be sure to select D on the keypad push-button shift selector. Gear ranges 1-6 should only be manually selected when your vehicle is stopped. Always keep a close eye on the engine tachometer and make sure the engine stays at or below2,900 rpm. Making sure my RPMs dont go above 2,900 will keep my enginesafe! Ah, this is much better. it really pays to go by the numbers! Keep engine at or below 2,900 rpm 1 8 3 5 2 7 6 4 789 04-05.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


6 PS 789 AUG 18 7 PS 789 Position 1en is for 6TAGM Hawker batteries.position 2en is for 6TLFP and 6TLMF wet cell batteries. M echanics, troubleshooting a Strykers electrical problems can be tricky.Replacing the alternator if the reading on the voltmeter is out of the normal 23-28V operating range often seems the obvious choice.But be sure youre troubleshooting the right way so you dont end up replacing an alternator thats still serviceable. Theres a lot that goes into figuring out whether an alternator needs replacing. Thats why you need to troubleshoot using TM 9-2355-311-13&P on IETM EM 0269 (Sep 16). So when electrical woes have you down, troubleshoot the alternator just the way it says in the TM it takes you step-by-step through the alternator and other components like the voltage regulator, so you can pinpoint exactly where the trouble lies. The TM contains a lot of helpful info, such as making sure the voltage regulator switch is in the right position before installing the alternator. Stryker M1-Series Tanks r f Replacing your alternator oughta fix you right up! Hold on! Shouldnt you make sure my alternators bad first? Set switch on voltage regulator based on battery type Do thorough troubleshooting before replacing alternator The last thing you want is for rain, snow or dirt to get inside yourM1-series tanks. thats right! That can cause very serious damage, especially to line replaceable units (LRUs) and other expensive components. A tarp would be SO much better! yknow, I sure get tired of holding this umbrella every time it rains! its undignified! 789 06-07.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


8 PS 789 AUG 18 Use these NSN s to find the right tarp for your tank: Trouble begins when the heat shield covers retain water from rain and vehicle washing. Then the exhaust manifold develops rust over time. Eventually, the rust even eats holes and causes splits in the manifold. The heat shield covers wiLl rot from the inside out. Always inspect the exhaust manifolds for rust during annual services. The heat shields tend to hold moisture so replacing them annually is a good idea. Replacing a heat shield cover is a lot cheaper than replacing an exhaust manifold. tarp thats large enough to cover the entire tank while its parked. The tarp even provides protection for the gun tube and common remotely operated weapons station (CROWS). Keep the engine grille buttoned up with grille cover, NSN 5120-01105-0 77 9, for the M113A3, M1064A3 and M58. For the M1068A3 and M5 77A3, order a tan cover, NSN 2540-01-396-24 7 3, or a green cover, NSN 2540-01-125-9653. Just dont forget to remove the grille cover before operating the vehicle. Covering the vehicle with a tarp whenever its stored outdoors prevents a lot of corrosionrelated problems. NSN 8340-00-841-6456 brings a 12x17-ft green tarp. NSN 2540-01-330-8062 gets a 12x17-ft tan tarp. Both are listed in the -10 TMs additional authorized list (AAL). will rot heat shield and rust out manifold Water that gets on exhaust manifold heat shield M113-Series FOV NSN M1A1 M1A1 M1A2 SEPV2 M1A2 SEPV2 M1A1 SA M1A1 SA Version Green Tan Green Tan Green Tan 2540-01-568-9379 2540-01-568-9376 2540-01-663-7411 2540-01-663-7410 2590-01-666-3484 2590-01-666-3483 Color Tarp, NSN 2540-01-568-9379, large enough to cover entire tank... ...including gun tube... ...and CROWS its easy to overlook the exhaust manifolds on your M113-series FOV personnel carrier during PMCS. Try not to spray water directly onto the engine when your vehicle is at the wash rack. if the heat shield cover does get wet, run the engine at fast idle afterward. The heat generated will dry out the cover and lessen moisture buildup problems. But just a little diligence now can save you some big headaches later. Ill be back once this rain stops! You really oughta cover up my engine grille first Unless you WANT my manifold to rust! 789 08-09.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:20 PM


10 PS 789 AUG 18 11 PS 789 AUG 18 Dear Half-Mast, I read PS Magazines story about the shelf life of tires on Pages 14-16 of PS 788 (Jul 18). I understand that tires have a shelf life of five to six years (depending upon type) and continue aging even when theyre stored as tire and wheel assemblies. But what I dont understand is why FED L OG shows the shelf life code (SLC) on tire and wheel assemblies as X, meaning it has a shelf life longer than 60 months. Shouldnt the SLC of the assembly be five or six years just like the tire? SGT G.P. Dear Sergeant, The reason FED LOG codes tire and wheel assemblies as X is because theyre repairable. Expired tires can be removed, and the rims can be reused. Some units mistakenly send the entire tir e and wheel assembly to DLA Disposition Services, but this should only happen when the rim itself is no longer usable. Never discard tir e and wheel assemblies merely because the tires shelf life has expired. Instead, send them to an Army sustainment level repair facility for tire replacements. Then the tire and wheel assemblies can be put back into service. TACTICAL VEHICLES red of re ConfusIon! This tire shelf life stuff makes no sense. Why dont we junk these when the tires expire? Tires age but these rims keep on rolling with new tires! CONSTRUCTION Tired of Tire Confusion! Rustbusters Tip of the Month CBRN Filter Replacement: What to Know and Where to Go Cable Length Matters Check Fuse Box for Corrosion! Dont Hook Winch Clevis Flummoxed by Forgotten Filter? A Pox on Loose Box 789 10s-11.indd All Pages 6/14/18 5:29 PM


12 PS 789 AUG 18 Heres what to look for: Condition Codes Thats why inspections on Code B trailers are so important. if your visual and/or bore-scope inspection reveals a decline in the trailers condition, it may now be unsafe. Unauthorized mods, such as extensions on trailer frames Welded patches on frames or beams Cracks in key inspection points, such as the bulkhead, king pin, frame rails, C-channels, sling points, landing legs or trunnion perch Help for Inspections Critical Inspection Points The M8 72-series trailer has been around for more than 35 years, so its not surprising to find corrosion. What iS surprising, however, is how bad the corrosion can become when left unchecked. Corrosion if you havent heard about it, l i s t e n u p n o w! A full 77 percent of the M8 72 base, A1, A2 and A3 models were deemed unserviceable due to severe corrosion, physical damage, or defects. what about the rest of the flEet? The remaining 23 percent were assessed as serviceable with qualifications. Thats Condition Code B. End of the line for me, buddy! wont be long before I join you! Condition Code B means the trailer is serviceable for its intended purpose, but its restricted because of limited usefulness or short life expectancy. if your unit has any of these Condition Code B trailers, they now need to be inspected every two years to verify serviceability. in other words, its probably seen better days. Bulkhead King Pin Landing Legs Frame Reinforcement C-channels Frame Reinforcement C-channels(inside interior frame rails open on either end)King Pin(includes King Pin and Side Plates)Exterior Frame Rails Interior Frame Rails Frame Sling Points Trunnion Perch Trunnion Perch You may have heard about the 2016 TACOM survey that found much of the Armys M8 72series trailer fleet NMC. 789 12r-13.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:20 PM Avoid bad surprises by following the M8 72 Trailer inspection Guide. Youll find a link to the guide, as well as a B/H/P assessment in TACOM Maintenance Action message 1 7-039 : rrrfrntb A helpful video guide, Field inspection of M8 72 Trailers for Code B/H/P Classification, is also available, but only by CAC-access, at: rtrtr


14 PS 789 AUG 18 slave cables are handy when your vehicle has dead batteries that you need to get back into operation. Once a filters installed, the service life begins immediately and cant be extended. wartime service life ranges from four to 52 weeks depending on the filter type. Temperature and humidity affect service life, too. The M2A2 contains the M12A2 gas filter and M13 particulate filter. The M1A1-19 contains the M19 particulate filter. The M18A1 gas filter is used together with the M1A1-19, even though the filter is not physically located inside the M1A1-19. 6 feet 12 feet 20 feet 35 feet 50 feet Cable Length 01-390-7058 01-222-7943 01-022-6004 01-248-9555 01-310-1829 NSN 6150M98 gas particulate filter set M48A1 gas particulate filter M12A2 gas filter M13 particulate filter M19 particulate filter M23A1 gas filter M24 particulate filter HSFC M2A2 air purifier M1A1-19 precleaner and particulate filter M18A1 gas filter Filter 01-369-6533 01-363-1311 01-365-0981 00-368-6291 00-866-1825 01-363-1310 00-802-5169 01-366-6243 00-868-7906 01-026-3112 01-365-0982 NSN 4240Heres a list of different length NATO slave cables and their NSNs. Keep this list handy and you wont come up short around the motor pool: rffntrfbfNATO Slave CableCABLE LENGTH MATTERS Long or short, slave cable length matters when you need to slave start a vehicle. Heres a list of available filters and their NSNs: in a contaMiNatEd enViRonment, filters aRE oNly gOod for 487 2 hOurs! Maintaining your vehicles CBRN system is vital. Without it, your vehicle is nonmission capable, and you may be, too! Filters must be swapped out prior to deployment. Thats especially important for vehicles coming out of storage and those going to an area where a CBRN threat is possible. Just got the word were being deployed! Sure hope they remember to change our CBRN filters first! 789 14-15.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:20 PM Replace filters following the instructions in your vehicle TM and ATP 3-11.32, Multi-service Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Passive Defense (May 16). Download a copy of ATP 3-11.32 at: rfnrtbbr The M2A2 air purifier and M1A1-19 precleaner and particulate filter are covered by TM 3-4240-2 7 6-30&P. Download a copy at the LOGSA ETM website: b b For more information and to download a complete list of which filters go with each end item, check out TACOM Maintenance Information Message 18-020: r fbrbbb rf


16 PS 789 AUG 18 Open the fuse box and look for rust or corroded parts. if it looks ship-shape, your mechanic still needs to drill two 1/2-inch holes in the bottom of the box to let water out. Heres how: operators, rain and wash water are gettingtrapped inside your D 7R II tractors fuse box. Over time, the water causes rust and corrosion, not to mention electrical problems like resistance and heat issues. Components like the blower motor can stop working or short out. The engine may not even start!Turn off the vehicles ignition and battery disconnect switches. Disconnect the 70-pin connector and two cables. Remove the four mounting bolts and take off the fuse box. Place the template on the bottom of the fuse box and drill two 1/2-in holes as shown.(Note: Actual template measures 7 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches)File away any sharp edges. Reinstall the fuse box. Torque the mounting bolts to 150-159 lb-in. Reattach the 70-pin connector and torque to 53 (+/-13) lb-in. Torque the outside cable to 265 (+/-60) lb-in and the inside cable to 442 (+/-88) lb-in.1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Corroded Boxes For more details, check outTACOM Ground Precautionary Action (GPA) message 18-001: After all electrical functions are verified, email photos of the new fuse box along with a Product Status Report, the vehicles serial number, hours and location back to mr. Costley. Operators, never secure your dozers winch clevis to the rear tow pin below the winch assembly. Thats cause any movement of the winch control lever during operation will result in hydraulic pressure that damages the winch assembly. To avoid any damage, just let the winch clevis hang down over the drum. And make sure its not attached to anything. CUT OUT TO LAY OVER RELAY MOUNTING HARDWARE DRILL 1 / 2 DRAIN HOLES HERE Fuse box corroded? Replace it D7R II Tractor Check Fuse Box for C O R R O S I O N! D6K/D7R II DozersDont Hook Winch Clevis Let clevis hang... ...and dont attach to tow pin Unless you want to damage my hydraulics, let my winch clevis hang down over the drum. this rain is getting inside my fuse box. I can feel it corroding already! 789 16-17.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM if the box is damaged, send an e-mail along with a photo of the fuse box to Caterpillars Gregory Costley at: Make sure you include shipping instructions. Upon receipt, your mechanic can install the new box and gasket and torque the mounting bolts to 1 7 -18 Nm. rrf rntrtb


18 PS 789 AUG 18 g the drivers seat in your 120M road grader. Keep Filter Clean element clean by tapping it with your hand outside the cab. Dont bang it the elements sealing edge and can crush Vehicle vibration loosens the box. A loose box causes tripped fuses, hard thrown fault codes. Before the days run, open the drivers side engine access door and try be good and tight. tightened up toot-sweet. 120M Road GraderFlummoxed by Forgotten Filter?120M Road Grader A Pox on L o o s e Box Operators, make a point during PMCS to check the electronic control module (ECM) box thats located next to the 120M graders fuel/water separator. Theres no wiggle room here! Keep me nice and tight. Remove element and clean with low-pressure air ...can block air lter Commercial manual... A hh! Clean air. isnt that better? later Whats going on?I cant see a thing! Thats what happens when you block my cab air filter. For heavy dirt, clean the element with low-pressure air (30 psi or less). Then wipe down the air inlets to remove dust buildup, leaves and 789 18-19.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:20 PM


20 PS 789 AUG 18 21 PS 789 AUG 18rf echanics, the MEDE VAC headshed is building a spare parts support strategy for the interim medical mission support system (IMMSS) and the basic medical interior (BMI). To ensure all MEDE VAC units get the parts necessary to maintain their equipment, a little help is needed. PD MEDEVAC is requesting information on parts that units need to keep their systems in good working order. Do you have parts that are breaking, wearing out, corroding or in need of replacement? Form 1348-6? Let the PD MEDEVAC folks know about those parts issues, how many MEDEVAC aircraft you have and what types you support. For parts, provide the nomenclature, part number, and unit of issue. Try to quantify or forecast future demand, too. The support strategy is only for parts associated with the IMMSS and the BMI. Contact Nick Strain for all MEDEVAC equipment with support problems at (256) 313-3818 or email: rf PD MEDEVAC Needs Spare Parts Input Where Do IVHMU Labels Go? How to Get a Part Without an NSN Your TM Has All You Need for UMARK rf rf Turn in ANY ImMsS and BMI components you have on hand. the mEdeVAc headshed neEds yOur help. 789 20s-21.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


22 AUG 18 PS 789 For the H-60M, the software label should be on the battery panel, specically between the J3/J4 and J5/J6 labels. When the IVHMU is installed, this area is easily visible. The battery install labels for both the H-60A/L and H-60M go on the battery panel on top of the previously installed battery label like so: The best place to put the software label for the H-60A/L IVHMU is on the n directly behind the reective tapes top strip. This location is best because, in a fully loaded shelf inside the aircraft, its easy to see and access when labels need changing. H-60A/L/M Where Do IVHMU Labels Go? if labels are in the right place, that makes it easier for you or the next mechanic to find them when its time to change the labels. installing labels just anywhere on your integrated vehicle health management unit (IVHMU) is a bad idea,mechanics. After installing software and batteries in the IVHMU, never place the date labels over the units reflective tape. The tapes purpose is to aid in aircraft recovery efforts and should never be covered. I think we can put the labels anywhere on the IVHMU. maybe but we have to be able to see the labels when the component is in the tail cone. You CANT just put em anywhere. There is a right place! Actually, there are different places for the H-60A/L IVHMU and the H-60M IVHMU. And you put the date labels on AFTER you install the software. Not so fast, you guYs! Place date label on UH-60A/L here Place date and battery install labels here 789 22-23.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


24 PS 789 AUG 18 ALC also captures data on the demand for that item. if enough units submit a 1348-6 for that same part number, an NSN is assigned and makes its way into the TM. The system isnt working properly because units are going straight to the manufacturer to buy parts with a government credit card. That may save a little time, but if the demand history isnt captured, an NSN never gets assigned. And you end up paying what the manufacturer demands instead of a potentially lower cost negotiated by the government. now heres the GOoD NEws! and heres the bad NEws! in the best of all possible worlds, every part would have an NSN. However, its just not economically feasible. The process of assigning an NSN is very expensive, so providing an NSN for parts that are seldom needed just isnten cost effective.NSNs are generally assigned to parts that are expected to be in high demand. Occasionally those educated guesses are off. This is a familiar situation to every maintainer. And the immediate response is, Why doesnt this part have an NSN? The good news is that the system is selfcorrectingbut only if you do your part. SupplyHow to Get a Part Without an NSN Use DD Form 1348-6 to get data captured for future NSN assignment So if you need a part that doesnt have an NSN assigned, follow the procedures and submit aDD Form 1348-6. if the part is needed right away, order it directly from the manufacturer. But you should still submit the 1348-6! if a part doesnt have an Nsn, the 1348-6 WilL helP cApture usaGe data to get an nSN asSignEd. in the forms comment section, enter That gets you the part fast while still allowing the system to work for everyone. Part ordered from manufacturer. This form submitted to capture demand data. OK, but I need a part that doesnt have an NSN. What do I do? To get an NSN assigned, demand data must be captured and that only happens if you fill out aDD Form 1348-6. l i s t e n u p I loOked up an aviation part I need to complete a maintenance repair. I looked in both the TM and the manufacturers manual. There werent any NSNs. yeah, I had the sAme ProblEm. I could ONLY find part numbers and those didnt cross to NSNs in FED LOG! now what do we do?! 789 24-25.indd All Pages 6/14/18 5:29 PM order it on a DD Form 1348-6, DOD Single Line Item Requisition System Document. include the manufacturers CAGE code and part number and send it to: rf nt Once the form is submitted, your unit must arrange for payment, but the purchase order is handled by the AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC).


26 PS 789 AUG 18 Those units with the unmodified UMARK, NSN 16 7 0-01-501-8140, will continue to use TM 1-16 7 0-260-12&P (Mar 03, w/Ch 5, Aug 11) until their unit receives the modified UMARK. For Apache, Black Hawk, Kiowa Warrior, Chinook, Lakota and UAS users, the new UMARK TM has everything you need for aerial recovery. After all, the key to a successful recovery mission is to use the book and always do your before, after, and annual PMCS. Mechanics, MWO 1-16 7 0-260-50-3 modified the unit maintenance aerial recovery kit (UMARK)en for TM 1-16 7 0-261-23&P. in Jan 201 7 PD AGSE began applying MWO 1-16 7 0-260-50-3 to the current UMARK NSN, 16 7 0-01-501-8140. Once modified, the UMARK NSN changes to 16 7 0-01-2417 829. The MWO is scheduled for completion by FY 19. Until then, there will be two UMARK TMs in the field. Those units with the modified UMARK, NSN 16 7 0-01-2417 829, will use TM 1-16 7 0261-23&P (Jun 16, w/Ch 1 Nov 1 7 ). rfntbft M u h u w u h a h a h a AGSE Your TM Has All You Need for UMARK so pROCEed uNtil YoUr unit gets the Mod. have we got the mOdified UMARK yet? nO. its stilL on its waY. at last, Formula 45 is mine! M uhuwuhahaha! With this vial of Formula 45 weve stolen, Ill soon take over the world! until AlL UMARKs are modified, there will be two versions of the UMARK and TwO TMs in the field. 789 26-27.indd All Pages 6/14/18 4:38 PM Download the TM from the LOGSA LI W ETM website:


28 PS 789 AUG 18M u h u w u h a h a h a M u h u w u h a h a h a M u h u w u h a h a h a and then supersecret agent HalfMast alwaysstops you. Hell never make it past my guards. Wait What?! The maintenance manual says theres a spring under that button thats supposed to get replaced quarterly. p f f t Ill sound the alarm. w ha a t? Sure. Tell him that when he takes us into custody hes just entered the compounD. again. Not this time, Dud. Were in a state-ofthe-art V.I.L.E brand evil lair built into a volcano. Not even supersecret agent Half-Mast can stop me this time!M W a h a h a! Since its been two years since anyone has done preventive maintenance, its likely broken. M uhuwuhahaha!Muhuwuhahaha!Muhuwuhahaha! You laugh like that every time you catch a break on one of your evil schemes P R E S S Why is this not working? 789 28-29.indd All Pages 6/14/18 4:37 PM


poke poke poke poke poke poke poke j a b j a b j a b J A B J A B J A B J A B 30 PS 789 AUG 18 B-but why wasnt it properly maintained? Oh yes, I remember that now it doesnt matter. Hes headed for the floor spike room. Ill take care of him there. You fed him to the sharks. he interrupted a meeting you were having with the League of Villains. Because when the maintainer arrived to replace the spring Seriously? What now? But why? Well, what was I supposed to do? No onions means no onions. I wrote it down for him. I seem to recall you locked the maintainer in the lava room after he got your lunch order wrong. According to this maintenance manual, the ropes on the pulley system are supposed to be tightened regularly. PM stopped suddenly about a year and a half ago. poke poke 789 30-31.indd All Pages 6/14/18 4:37 PM


32 PS 789 AUG 18 The maintenance manual again?! PM wasnt done so the buzz saw room doesnt work, right? there! the buzzsaws are starting to spin! finally! somethings going my wh-why arent theylaunching!? So what horrible thing did I do to the mechanic who was supposed to work on it? Does Nothing on this cursed island work? of Course the intercom is broken, too. Guards! we have an intruder! its like they cant hear me fine. Ill speak to the guards directly. Where is Supersecret agent Half-Mast? o Of! hes right here, arresting me again. You didnt do anything to him. Hes on vacation. But his replacement tripped over a bunch of tools scattered on the floor, right into the laser grid room. Pretty important to keep your work area clean. 789 32-33.indd All Pages 6/14/18 4:37 PM


35 PS 789 AUG 18 34 PS 789 AUG 18 M u h u w u h a h a h a Tracking ITAS LRUs Dont Make GPS NMC! Frame Rail Check Hatch Not a Seat! Keeping W513 Adapter Around also featuringv Small Arms Advice from Ft Leonard Wood Dont Forget the Bipod and ToOls New Tool for Cleaning Lenses! Proper preventive maintenance is important. Next time Next time Half-Mast. if you and your team arent doing it regularly youre setting yourself and your equipment up for failure. Curses! Foiled again! M uhuwuhahaha! 789 34-35s.indd All Pages 6/14/18 4:37 PM


36 37 PS 789 PS 789 AUG 18 AUG 18 Dear Editor, The Improv ed Target Acquisition System (ITAS) is designed to allow units to exchange line replaceable unit (LRU) components in combat. If a TAS stops working, units can swap it with another and keep fighting. Virtually every component can be swapped out. But thats in combat! In non-combat situations, y ou dont want to be swapping LRUs because the ITAS is a property book and a pacing item. That means the LRUs assigned to an ITAS should stay with that ITAS. If components from different systemsor worse, different unitsget mixed up, it causes accounting problems. These problems are magnified when you send ITAS to maintenance for services. Maintenance will just send an ITAS back to the unit if they dont receive the correct components. This mix-up often happens bec ause units store several ITASs togethera cavalry unit could have as many as 12. An easy way t o maintain system accountability is to code each component for a particular ITAS with a tag, small label or spot of paint that doesnt interfere with tactical coloring. Then you can tell at a glance which components go with which ITAS. Remember, an ITAS job order must include the IT AS serial number and the numbers for its LRUs. Thats a perfect time to verify that all of that ITASs LRUs are accounted for. And dont forget any LRUs that are replaced by maintenance will be listed in the completed job order. Units need to provide that information to their property book officer. CW2 Kyle Templin Dan Guzman Ft Polk, LA Editors note: Another good idea is for units to develop a gun book for each ITAS to keep a record of all LRUs, services and maintenance. Dear Editor, It doesnt tak e much to make the Patriot launchers GPS NMC. A little too much muscle removing the two GPS cables can damage their wiring. On our last deployment, we lost six cables that way. The first mistak e Patriot crews make is trying to remove the GPS while theyre standing on the ground. That guarantees the cables will be damaged. Instead, kneel next to the GPS box on the trailer deck. Pull the GPS a few inches outside the box to give yourself more room to unscrew the cables. Then take your time unscrewing the cables. Make sure youre turning the cable by its connector, not by the cable itself. And dont force things. SGT Kenneth Hickman Ft Bragg, NC Tracking ITAS LRUs Dont Make GPS NMC! Tracking ITAS LRUs I refuse to work with any Other! thats NOT mY TripOd! Editors note: Your GPS suggestion sends Patriot crews in the right direction. Thanks. Kneel next to GPS box to remove it Patriot Missile SystemDont Make GPS NMC! this GPS sugGestion from FT BrAgG wilL kEep YouR launcher poinTed in the RigHt direCtion! 789 36-37.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:19 PM


38 PS 789 AUG 18 AUG 18 Bend Evaluation 39 PS 789 This correction will be made in the next change to TM 9-2320-450-13&P. Frame Rail Inspection Correction 2. Measure damage depth at the widest point. 1. Put a straight edge against the bottom of the frame rail. 3. Look for cracks, tears, sharp bends or attened areas that indicate metal-tometal contact. 4. Use this criteria: enunder 12mm, no restriction. en12-30mm, monitor and inspect after operations. en30-40mm, no off-road driving and contact AMCOM LAR. en41mm or greater, deadline vehicle and contact LAR for depot repair of frame rails. Check shocks after operations and replace every 2 years and spring and cab latch mounting bracket for damage or cracking Inspect bump stop HIMARS HIMARS crews, the headshed has put out this info on checking frame rail damage The HIMARS chassis TM 9-2320-45013&P in IETM EM0259 (Sep 16) has an error in Step 11 of the Weekly PMCS. This is the correct criteria for frame rail damage For any launchers with bent frame rails with damage over 30, inspect the motor mounts, bump stops, spring and cab latch mounting bracket for damage or cracking. Dont forget to perform the shock inspection like it says in the After operation PMCS in TM 9-2320-450-13&P. Replace shocks that show any signs of damage following the instructions in the TM. Make sure the front shocks have been changed within the last two years. Good shocks help prevent bent frame rails. 789 38-39.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:19 PM


40 PS 789 AUG 18 41 PS 789 AUG 18 Remember to use the hatch pin thats mounted under the hatch opening on a wire rope to lock the hatch open. The pin prevents damage to the hatch shaft and more importantly keeps the hatch from caving in your head if the spur gear or hatch shaft fails. Pull the hatch handle all the way down when opening and closing the hatch. If the handle is pulled only part way, the spline wears out sooner and causes hatch problems. W513 adapter chain break a lot? Replace it with wire rope Dear Editor, Weve had a major problem with the W513 cable adapter chain breaking on the M68A2 trainer (brainpod). If its not replaced, the adapter eventually disappears. Right now were missing roughly 75 percent of the chains in aour unit. HIMARSHatch Not a Seat! Dont sit on the HIMARS hatch! That can strip the hatch shaft spur gear, which means the hatch wont latch open. thats good to know! Im going to gEt down right now! We have two suggestions for solving this problem: 1. Next time the chain breaks, r eplace it with something stronger, like wire rope, NSN 4010-01-151-6230. There are probably other possible substitutes right in the motor pool. Or your local big box store has alternatives. 2. Keep the adapter screwed in place as much as possible. Leaving it dangling is one of the main reasons the chain breaks so often. SFC Sco tt Wood G Isaiah Richards G Thomas Morris Ft Bragg, NC Editors note: These are common sense solutions to a common problem! Thanks. HIMARS A A hey, wheres YoUr w513 cable adapter? remember when I told You its chain was brokeN? nO chain, preTty sOon no ADAPter. Pin 789 40-41.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:19 PM


42 PS 789 AUG 18 Dear Editor, From our experience keeping weapons firing at Ft Leonard Wood, we offer a few tips: For the M16 rifle/M4 carbine, units should use only cleaning kit, NSN 1005-01624-1673, which comes with a multi-purpose tool, or NSN 1005-01-653-9588, which doesnt have the tool. Both cleaning kits have cleaning rods and bore snakes. The kit with the tool costs more than $300 and the kit with no tool is just under $100. Its still far cheaper to order the items individually. Theyre listed in the back of TM 9-1005-319-10. Units should also order the team cleaning kit, NSN 1005-01-653-9567. Its a more extensive kit that can be used on most weapons. It costs around $265. Order two kits per squad. Charles Dutton Victor Jackson Christopher Wilson Rick Hallas Ft Leonard Wood, MO Dont use a nail to adjust the M16/M4 front sight. That can ruin not only the sight, but sometimes the whole barrel. Use the special tool shown in WP 0030-3 in TM 9-1005319-23P. You can order the tool for $15 with NSN 1005-01-660-5283. Write up problems you find during PMCS or in the field on a DA Form 2404 or 5988-E. Thats the only way they get fixed. Clean and lube like it says in the weapons -10 TM. We see Soldiers using ear swabs, baby wipes, brake cleaner, shaving cream and other stuff that hurts, not helps, their weapons. Many Soldiers believe the claims that these miracle lubes do a better job than CLP or other approved lubes. They dont. Make sure you have both a bore snake or flexible cleaning rod and a cleaning rod. We are seeing units who dont have cleaning kits with actual cleaning rods. A bore snake or flexible cleaning rod can do most cleaning jobs, but sometimes you need an actual cleaning rod. Of course, you also need a cleaning rod for checking for stuck rounds. Editors note: Your small arms shop is always an excellent source of advice. Thanks again! Small Arms Advice from Ft Leonard Wood LRC NO nails for mY front sighT. the only way were getting my hand guard fixed is with a 2404 or a 5988-E. So Do iT! how many times do we have to go through this? Clean and lube me JUST like the TM says. Thats ALL I nEed. bore snakes are OK, but sometimes I neEd a REaL Cleaning Rod! heres some goOd adVice from Our LRC friends at fort Leonard Wood. 789 42-43.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:19 PM


45 PS 789 AUG 18 Dear Editor, If units forge t the importance of bipod PM, their M120A1/M121 mortars wont have a leg to stand onliterally. Were seeing that happen. Weve had five bipods seize up in the last month. The big problem is that units use stuff like CLP to lube the bipods. Thats too weak. The main thing to use is G grease, NSN 9150-01-197-7689. Itll do the job. On some parts, use general purpose lubricant, NSN 9150-00-2718427. See WP 0023-4 in TM 9-1015-25010 for a list of lube points and lubes. Of Of course, mortar units should include the bipod when they do PMCS on the rest of the mortar. But they should also send the bipod along when they send the rest of the mortar in for semiannual maintenance. We have a whole parts kit, NSN 1015-01-452-9634, to replace O-rings, felt, lock nuts and spring pins. The bipod will have a new spring in its step with these new parts. One other point: Dont remove the lacing wire from any of the mortar bolts. That lacing wire keeps the bolts tight in spite of the jolts from firing. And the mortar is NMC until the lacing wire is replaced. So hands off lacing wire. CPL Alan Koechlein Ft Polk, LA Dont Forget the Bipod M120A1/M121 Mortar Dont Forget the Bipod Order it with NSN 1240-01-535-09 7 2. it costs a little less than $ 7 Excellent advice, Corporal. Thanks! Use GAA grease for most lubing hey! Dont forget me! I nEed to Go tO sUpPort, too! Im STUCk! I sure wish You GuyS had pAid AtTention to my biPod! Soldiers who use small arms sights or night vision devices or binoculars now have a new cleaning option: L e n s p e n! Lenspen is a pocket-size tool that has a cleaning device at one end and a brush at the other. it can rePlAce lens paper and cleaning solution. I think were gonna like this lenspen guy! maybe NoW Soldiersll Stop Cleaning Our Delicate Lenses With Their Shirttails! 789 44-45.indd All Pages 6/14/18 5:29 PM


46 PS 789 AUG 18 47 PS 789 AUG 18 Dear Half-Mast, Our units equipment is supposed to be painted gr een here in Europe. Do we need special paint for the satellite terminal reflectors? SGT S.H. Dear Sergeant, Field Instructions for Painting and Preserving Communications-Electronics Equipment Operators Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List) Antenna Communications, Trailer Mounted AS-4429/TSC (NSN 5985-01-422-4682) Note: SATCOM well, they did say GreEn Yeah, bud...but I dont think they meant lime green! G o Gr e n G o Gr e n w ith guidance w ith guidanceGo Gr e nwith guidance Go Green with Guidance A Sound Grounding Solution TEIP Adds Additional Equipment New NVD Viewer Mount for ACH Shoring Up PQAS-E Exhaust Coupling Can Cook! MWO OKd for FSC-2 Got You Covered 789 46s-47.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:15 PM


48 PS 789 AUG 18 A Sound Grounding Solution Questions? Contact your CECOM LAR. SWGK s currently cost $180 each in FED LOG A unit can fund 250 SWGK s for $48,000, plus $1,800 in administrative and maintenance costs for management by the BII facility. After a rotation ends, units will take the kits with them. Luckily, alternative grounding methods are available. These methods are covered in CECOMs TR-98-6, Earth Grounding and Bonding Pamphlet (Oct 98). Of the listed alternatives, the Surface Wire Grounding Kit (SWGK), MK-2551A/U, NSN 5820-01-263-1 7 60, gives NTC-bound units the best bang for the buck. The SWGK has fifteen 10-in stakes that are driven into the ground in a circular pattern around the vehicle or mobile shelter being grounded. The stakes are connected by 7 5 feet of steel cable. One option is for a unit to stock 250 SWGK kits in the BII facility at NTC. Soldiers can sign kits out as needed and turn them in at the end of the units rotation. This means equipment will be properly grounded and Soldiers protected in turn, which is an obvious safety bonus. A Sound Grounding Solution A Sound Grounding Solution Sure glad we got that SWGK, cause this dirt is rock-hard! The TMs for many generators, commo shelters, expando vans and other equipment say to use traditional grounding kits. However, units stationed at the National Training Center (NTC) at Ft. Irwin, CA, arent allowed to use standard grounding kits in the Rotational Unit Bivouac Area (RUBA). The RUBA is the command center for units rotating through NTC. Thats a real dilemma. Whats the solution? SWGK parts if the grounded system needs to be moved and set up again at a moments notice, the SWGK is quickly installed and quickly removed. only seven feet to go! Also, some desert areas have ground so hard a jackhammer couldnt penetrate it. So the SWGK might be the way to go at NTC. MK-2551A/U Grounding Kit 789 48-49.indd All Pages 6/14/18 1:19 PM


50 PS 789 AUG 18 51 PS 789 AUG 18 Good news! The Tobyhanna Evaluation Inspection Program (TEIP) has added more Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (C4ISR) equipment to its supported list. TEIP is a maintenance evaluation and inspection program that focuses on corrosion, physical condition and other factors of C4ISR equipment. TEIP can check maintenance funded program can help units reduce maintenance costs while boosting readiness rates. The newly added equipment includes: LIN S05013 LIN J05001 LIN C18291 LIN C20617 LIN S23268 LIN R17126 LIN S05002 LINs L05007 and R05016 LIN C43399 LIN J97857 To view the rest of the supported C4ISR equipment, see Pages 52-53 of PS 777 (Aug 17): For more information about TEIP contact the TEIP Program Manager, Ed Daly at DSN 848-6000, (443) 861-6000, or email: Dear Half-Mast, I have a bunch of night vision device (NVD) viewer mounts that require the old type screws and aluminum backing. The helmet posts, NSN 8470-01-144-5367, have an C of V, which means my requests keep getting rejected. Can you help? Mr. J.K. Sure glad TEIP helped us get back on track! Roger that, buddy! yes, sir. we can. The old mount has been replaced by a new version that better meets ballistic requirements for advanced combat helmet (ACh). its bracket assembly, NSN 5430-01509-146 7 comes with a self-locking hexagon nut, nsn 5310-01-466-1914, and machine screw, NSN 5305-01-5 77 -77 40. Unlike the earlier screw, the new screw is inserted from inside the helmet through the viewer mount and cover. The new nut attaches to the outside front of the helmet. instructions for installing the bracket are in WP 0016 of TM 10-84 7 0-204-10 (Aug 15 w/ch 1, feb 18 ). The new viewer mount, NSN 5855-01-610-8 7 04, adjusts vertically and comes with: a rhino horn front bracket new mounting hardware the new NVG mount is a biG imprOvemeNt in SeVeraL waYs. New bracket assembly has nut that attaches to outside of helmet Night vision device bracket Screw Self-locking nut Cleat C4ISRAN/PVS-7, -14 789 50-51.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM


52 PS 789 AUG 18 The solution is to connect to shore power or an external generator.Step-by-step procedures for PQAS-E operators on how to hook up to shore power or external generators are found in TM 10-6640-264-10 (Sep 1 7 ). Look in WP 0006, Operation Under Usual ConditionsShelter Startup Procedure. Pay close attention to the specific steps and follow all cautions in WP 0006-4. Questions? Dear Editor, Page 48 of PS 725 (Apr 13) listed an exhaust pipe coupling, NSN 4730-01486-4366, to take to the field with your containerized kitchen (CK). The coupling connects the exhaust pipe to the generators exhaust outlet to direct fumes away from the kitchen. Trouble is, that exhaust pipe coupling is only rated to handle temperatures up to 180F. Since the generator exhaust can reach temps up to 400F, that coupling can char or even catch fire! A damaged or missing coupling wont get used. With the generator exhaust so close to the cook centers intake fan, dangerous fumes get drawn inside the CK. So replace those couplers right away. Get a coupling that can handle the heat. The corrected NSN is 4730-01-665-6237. The TM only lists PN 2401751S2 and CAGE 92813 for Item 9 in Fig 4 of TM 10-7360-226-13P (Aug 01, w/Ch 4, Mar 07), so pencil in the new NSN until the TM is updated. Wesley Shaw Natick, MA Editors note: Excellent information, Mr. Shaw! Soldiers, check the coupling on your CK now. New couplings have a reddish-orange interior lining. Exhaust Coupling Can Shoring Up PQAS-E Containerized Kitchen Exhaust Coupling Can C o o k The mission can go on even if your units Petroleum Quality Analysis SystemEnhanced (PQAS-E), NSN 6640-01-54 7 -1 7 60, loses its internal generator power. Well, that does it. Generators kaput, so were NMC. Wait. I remember reading in Ps that we can hook up to an external generator or shore power. The how-to is in the TM. Damaged or missing coupler lets generator fumes inside CK Thats not lunch. its mY GenErator ExhaUst! somethings burning! Maybe I should skip lunch today. E w w New coupler has reddishorange liner Cook center intake Exhaust coupler, NSN 4730-01-665-6237 (PN 240175152) 789 52-53.indd All Pages 6/14/18 10:10 PM Note: This TM is restricted. To view it, you must log in to the Logistics information Warehouse with your CAC at: Then choose the ETM/IETM icon and search for the TM. Contact Gaines Stevens at (586) 282-5158, email: rfr or Matthew Laparl at (586) 282-8198, email: fr


54 PS 789 AUG 18 Order with theseNSNs: A ttention, 92Gs! An exception to policy was made to AR 750-10, Army Modification Program (Aug 13), that allows you to apply MWO 107 360-211-23-1 to each modern burner unit (MBU) on the food sanitation center (FSC)-2 model, NSN 7 360-1-496-2112. The FSC-2 uses the three-sink sanitation method, with an MBU located under each wash sink. The wash sink temperature is set at 110F the rinse sink at 120F and the sanitize sink at 171F. Applying the MWO to each of the sinks MBUs will regulate the water temperatures. The MWO shows you how to add a thermostatic control unit (TCU) to each MBU. This will regulate the water temperature by turning the MBU off when the water reaches 5 degrees over the set point, and turning it back on when the temperature drops. The TCU wiring harness is connected by hand to the MBU using color-coded connectors. The TCU is then installed in the FSC by plugging in connectors on the MBU wiring harness. Questions? contacT: Qty Small Medium Large X-Large Size 01-492-0176 01-492-0179 01-492-0178 01-492-0180 100 100 100 100 NSN 8415MWO OKd for FSC-2 MWO OKd for FSC-2 Gloves G o t Y o u C o v e r e d Nitrile gloves can help prevent hand contamination or injuries from some hazardous chemicals in the motor pool. Keep plenty in stock and remember to wear em, especially when youre working with petroleum, oils or lubricants. When the MWO is done, report the upgrade in the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) in LIW. FSC-2 is modied when MBU interface harness is installed internally to each MBU V3, allowing connection of an added TCU mounted to right side of each burner base TCUs installed B rr r !This water is TOO COLD! O Ww w !This water is TOO HOT! a Hh h !This water is JUST RiGHT because I applied MWO 107 360-21123-1! 789 54-55.indd All Pages 6/24/18 1:13 PM The MWO also gives instructions for adding a water reuse pump assembly (WRPA), NSN 4320-01-621-5425, to the FSC-2. The WRPA is plugged into the MBU branch cable. Units with the FSC-2 should requisition the modification kit, NSN 7 360-01-644-94 7 1, through the inventory control point A12 account. The requisition is free and PM Force Sustainment Systems will fund the shipment. Step-by-step instructions, tools, photos, and modification kit contents are listed in the MWO. Search for the MWO in LIW at: r To view a video on how to install the TCU, go to: ffn ntb For more options, visit: bb b Type nitrile gloves in the search box.


56 PS 789 AUG 18 57 PS 789 AUG 18 *Commercial off-the-shelf information technology before you can take advantage of how easy CHESS makes it to buy COTs-IT, youll need to register for an account. Youll need your CAC and this address: Follow the instructions and fill out the registration application. CHESS will send a verification email to the address you used to register. Once youve verified your account, your unit can request a quote for IT equipment or use the reverse auction or any of the other tools that CHESS provides to make buying COTS-IT easy. Questions about the registration process? Email the CHESS customer support team: Or call: (888)232-4405 You can also check out the training videos section of the CHESS website for the CHESS registration instruction video. I know its time to buy new COTS-IT* hardware and software for the unit, but Im not sure where to go to get that stuff! the Computer Hardware enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) IT E-mart is the place to go! Click Register in the upper right corner of the web page. Register for CHESS Tracking Down Manufacturers GCSS-A Speaks A Different Language The NCO Journal Has New Home Get PA Newsletter, Pronto! 789 56s-57.indd All Pages 6/14/18 10:10 PM


58 PS 789 AUG 18 The Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) location or even do a wild card search. To download FED LOG, go to the FedMall page at: Login/register for a new account. Once in FedMall, select the Tools tab, then click FED LOG Downloads to get the FED LOG les and instructions. To download FED LOG, you must be on a NIRPNet connection. TRACKING DOWNMANUFACTURERS Man, life would be a lot easier if I had acCess to A database that linked LINS to manufacturers! Need to find the manufacturer of a part? Got a company CAGE code you need decoded? Were here to point you in the right direction. Tracking down manufacturers has never been easier, thanks to CSI! CAGE Search & Inquiry makes it easy to nd companies FED LOG is another way to source company info 789 58-59.indd All Pages 6/14/18 10:10 PM


60 PS 789 AUG 18 GCSS-Army Language Bridging A5A/MRO ABF/Catalog Activity File Authorized Stockage List (ASL) Condition code Customer pickup list Requisition Wait Time (RWT)/ Customer Wait Time (CWT) Due in Due out Due in w/ shipment status Locator system Materiel manager Nomenclature (NOMEN) Overage Reparable Items Listing (ORIL) Passing action Receipt processing line item in a customer pickup list Release for issue Request for Issue RON/DON Requisitioning objectives Stockage list codes Store Vendor How materiel is funded Unit and/or SSA (RIC) Unit Identification Code (UIC) Legacy Language Confirmed transfer order with post goods issue of outbound delivery Master Data Record Materiel documents Authorized to Forecast List (ATFL) Batch The level at which materials can be identified and managed (includes Condition Code) Customer inbound delivery list Planned Delivery Time (PDT) Open PO/STO Open STO Inbound delivery Intelligent stock placement Materiel Requirements Planning (MRP) controller Materiel description Reparable/Recoverable Report (YOBUX/ZOAREP) Purchase Order (PO) Post Goods Issue/Post Goods Receipt (PGI/PGR) of Customer Inbound/Outbound Delivery PGI of Outbound Delivery Purchase Request (PR)/Stock Transport Order (STO) Soft pegging Lot size and safety stock Materiel Requirements Planning (MRP) types Putaway Source of fill Plan (AWCF 2001 or O&M 2000) Part of Force Element or combination of organizational elements plant, MRP area SSA RIC, Storage Location (SLOC) warehouse number GCSS-A Language Get PA Newsletter, Pronto! Now that the Armys PBUSE website is gone, you may be hunting for HQDA G-4s Property Accountability Monthly Newsletter. Look no more. Its still available on AKO. Youll need to sign in with your CAC. Go to: iles/16689853 Or, if you want to get it by email, request that you be added to the distribution list by emailing Danny Rogers at: The NCO Journal Has New Home The ofcial journal for noncommissioned ofcer professional development, The NCO Journal, has moved. Its now part of the Army University Press. Check out the new website at: GCSS-A Speaks A Different Language if yOuve FinAlLY got Your hands on GCSS-Army but fEel like its sPeakinG anoTher language, YoUre nOT aloNe! Open PO/STO, PDT, inbound delivery! I wish I knew what you were trying to tell me! UnTiL yOu LeArN tO sPeAk ThE lAnGuAgE oF gCsS-a, UsE tHiS hAnDy ChEaT sHeEt As A gUiDe. Some of the SUpPly terms and abbreviations arent the same in GCSS-A as theY were in the LEGACy SYsteMs. 789 60-61.indd All Pages 6/14/18 10:10 PM


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