Group Title: WomaNews : Gainesville's Feminist Newspaper.
Title: WomaNews : Gainesville's Feminist Newspaper. May 1975.
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Title: WomaNews : Gainesville's Feminist Newspaper. May 1975.
Uniform Title: WomaNews : Gainesville's Feminist Newspaper.
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publisher: Women Unlimited, Inc
Publication Date: May 1975
Spatial Coverage: Florida -- Alachua County -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of publication )
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HI! We are looking for a title for our newsletter.
So we are having a contest to select a title.
If you have an idea, please submit it to the Editors by May 28th
at Women Unlimited.

Published by Women Unlimited, Inc.

Gainesville, Florida 115 South Main May 16, 1975


There has been serious talk of a woman's center in
Gainesville for over six years. Small groups of women have
looked into the possibilities in the past, and have accomplished
important ground work. But problems of locating and
financing have, until now, prevented such a center from
becoming a reality.
In February of this year another such group was
exploring possibilities when space became available at a very
reasonable rate and in a good location. At the same time, an
individual community woman gave a significant contribution
for this endeavor.
The core of women who organized Women Unlimited,
Inc. decided early that some structure was essential in order
to make necessary decisions and to facilitate desired activities.
However, they also wanted to avoid the problems and power-
struggles which develop in traditional organizations. The
structure which has emerged is young and flexible.
At present, decisions about major issues and Center
policy are made by consensus of all eight members of the
Steering Committee. These eight women represent the six
basic working committees of the Center Finance,
Communications, Services, Programs, Environment and
Womanstore and an ad hoc committee which is developing
an advisory board.
Membership on the working committees is open to all
interested community women. Steering Committee meetings
are open to all and meet each Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Special
task forces and sub-committees are being formed by women
with particular interests and expertise.


The budget and a system of accounting have been the
pre-occupation of the Finance Committee during the first
seven weeks of the Center's life.
A fund raising drive is commencing this month since
setting up the Center was far more expensive than anticipated.


Relying on donations and volunteer labor to create the
kind of environment which will be both comfortable and
exciting, the Environment Committee is asking for any help.
Items needed are curtains, posters and pictures, a large
rug (9' x 20'), table lamps, small comfortable lounge chairs,
and good straight-back chairs.
Also needed are bulletin boards, library books,
subscriptions and poster boards.


In an attempt to provide interesting, entertaining and
educational non-sexist programs, workshops and seminars,
the Program Committee is working on a showing of films,
a guitar class, a photography class, a program on women in the
medical profession and a program on women in history.
The purposes of these programs, workshops, and
seminars is to broaden women's perspectives and capabilities.




While we are gratified by the moral support Women
Unlimited has received, we need your financial support as well.
Funds are needed to support the programs and services
of the free center, including funds for:

A job discrimination fund to pay filing fees, court
reporters' fees, and other costs, excluding attorney's fees.
Newsletter production to comment on and to keep
women informed of current events at the center and
in the community.
Non-sexist children's literature, feminist literature, and
women's arts and crafts to be sold in the Womanstore.
A wide variety of feminist literature for the library to
supplement that already donated with current writings
and to make information available to those who cannot
afford to buy the books.
Health care literature to be distributed free.
Maintenance of the center including rent, telephone,
and other utility bills.
The eventual staffing of the center by salaried women.

Please take time to fill out the enclosed pledge card.
You may make a one time donation or a monthly, quarterly,
or yearly pledge. If you can give only a small amount,
don't be embarrassed to do so. Those small amounts add up.
If you are not in a position to make a donation or pledge now,
you may have friends or co-workers who are and perhaps
could approach them and explain the need.
Many people have given generously of their time, effort
'nd money in order to keep the center open.


This newsletter is published by Women Unlimited's
Communications staff.
Co-editors: Carole Martin and Kayanna Pace

Womanstore is opening in June! An integral part of
Women Unlimited, it will carry feminist literature, non-sexist
children's books, and woman-made arts and crafts for sale
on consignment.
Articles for sale should be submitted by calling the
Center or dropping by. Suggestions for items to be included
will be appreciated.


Women Unlimited will provide counselors on a walk in,
phone in or referral basis or by appointment.
An attempt will be made to avoid duplication of area
services. However, counseling will be available to any woman
in need.
Women are encouraged to seek out the counseling
center. Payment for the service will be negotiable on an
individual basis.


Programs in center staffing and referral information
are currently in progress through the Services Committee.
Aimed at recognizing and meeting the on-going needs
of Gainesville women, the committee will be staffing the
center during the days and in the evenings.
Referral information on all subjects of interest to
women will be offered in such areas as employment, medical,
legal, and general public services such as mechanics.

The following is a list of contacts for committees:

Services: Linda Bassham
Programs: Donna Burnell
Communications: Janis Mara
Womanstore: Kathy Ross and
Finance: Elaine Hayes
Environment: Rosalee Miller

Paula Rosenblatt

Women Unlimited is open Monday thru Thursday
from 1 4 p.m. and on Monday nights from 6 9 p.m.
Call 376-3456.


Every now and then a book of social significance emerges from the shadows of Mother America. Once again a woman has
come forth with the guts to confront the reality and plight of Womanhood.
Jill Johnston, in Lesbian Nation, comes forth from the depth of apathy and unawareness to the height of a very bold
political consciousness of Lesbianism as a Feminist Solution. For those who find this shocking as well as extreme, let us put
aside our social taboos, unlock our consciousness and open ourselves to Ms. Johnston's scriptures.
She deals with her psychological, emotional and physical metamorphosis in the feminist awareness.
Ms. Johnston emerges in the boldest shining armor. "Do you know what I mean when I say I am a human being first,
a woman second and a Lesbian by preference?" It is written with concrete honesty, spastic dialogue and poetical reverie.
Its foundation is soluable and it drips through the heart, soul and mind of every woman who has experienced dehumanization
when she does not fit into the male dominated society. Ms. Johnston emerges with a very special kind of courage.
The book is an important social documentary, a glowing revelation that shines upon the plight of the Feminist Movement.


Jill Johnston, columnist for the Village Voice and one
of the nation's most outspoken Lesbian Feminists, will speak
May 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Plaza of the Americas at the
University of Florida.
Ms. Johnston is the author of Marmalade Me, Gullible's
Travels, and Lesbian Nation.
The speech is sponsored by UF Student Government.



Women Unlimited was the subject of the April meeting
of the National Organization of Women.
Rosalee Miller and Paula Rosenblatt talked about the
Women's Center's herstory, goals, services and programs.
New faces were recruited for the committees at the


Mother's Day
Fund-Raising Meeting
Ex-Offender Meeting
N.O.W. Board Meeting
Womanstore Committee
Women Unlimited Steering Committee
Women Unlimited Programs Committee
I.W.Y. Film Festival
Alachua County Woman's Political Caucus
State N.O.W. Council
Guerilla Theatre Meeting
Lisa Stewart Women Unlimited
N.O.W. Assertiveness Training
Monthly Meeting
Gainesville Women's Softball Tournament
Women Unlimited newsletter info. due
Gainesville Women for Equal Rights
Feminist Discussion Group

Women Unlimited

J. W. Reitz Union, UF
Women Unlimited
Women Unlimited
Women Unlimited
UF Campus
Brookwood Terr.
Boca Raton
Women Unlimited
WRUF Am Radio

G-128 McCarty Hall
Northeast Field
Women Unlimited
Grtr. Bethel A.M.E.
Women Unlimited
Women Unlimited

May 11

May 12
May 13

May 14
May 15-17
May 15
May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20

May 24-26
May 26
May 28
May 30
June 4


7:30 p.m

7:30 p.m
10:00 p.m

7:30 p.m



by Mary Crimi


This being a feminist gets to be a pretty lonely business. The realization that this really isn't child's play
hit home a few weeks ago when a sister, Joanna, called from Mississippi.

In college, Joanna and I were part of a small group of liberals and as such, we perceived ourselves to be
misfits. We took confort that the rest of society was more screwed up than we were. We refused to date bigots
and, in those days, we spent a lot of time in the dorm.

Now Joanna is married and, so she told me, happy REALLY. In the course of our conversation
I confided that, alas, the American dream fell through for me, and I had become a hapless statistic: divorced.
We covered all the high spots and then I heard it: "Sal, I can't believe you changed your daughter's name.
Now people will believe she's a little bastard!"

Had Edna Saffy joined the John Birch Society, I wouldn't have been more floored!

I laughed, "Well, what did we ever care about what people thought anyway?" But afterwards I wasn't
laughing. Joanna was serious and social approval had become vital to her.

In the course of our conversation, Joanna referred to herself as "dumb" and unable to do anything right.
I felt she was saying "I feel lacking in self worth; I no longer approve of myself." And because she was being
judgemental of herself, she was judging other people.

As feminists, we all have experienced a role conflict with society. Somewhere in the process, we inevitably
became isolated and alienated from various segments of society.

Consequently we have learned to function and survive without optimal social support. We must now deal
with the fact that not all men and women with whom we had close relationships prior to "stepping off the cliff
of patriarchy" can lend their support now.

As feminists, perhaps, we would do well to remember that the "Other Side" is where most of us were
before we got to where we are now.

As Mary Daly puts it, "The survival of social deviants is through bonding. And this bonding is Sisterhood."

To strengthen. this bond is to insure our own survival.

Women Unlimited BULK POSTAGE
115 S. Main Street PAID
Gainesville, FL 32601 U.S. Post Office
Gainesville, FL 32601

Sallie Ann Harrison

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