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Title: The Bermudian
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Title: The Bermudian
Uniform Title: Bermudian (Hamilton, Bermuda)
Physical Description: v. : ; 41-55 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Washington & Co.
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Frequency: weekly[]
semiweekly[ former ]
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda -- Hamilton
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 13, no. 37 (July 23, 1847).
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Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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'IT LI'Dif.
She -'i the
And i 0 1 a careless song,
F. .1 r her t., 1; would soon be dou e,
And il, -LY wis bright and long
h, worked at her pattern, roses*red,
%Ipl Vines but she tbought instead
%Ylit-Le Ov.- -weet bijer iii the nt.iut

And of pleasant shade whei-e the old oak

- r.. ^ *

'i .

V- R a ff,, L br C 0.



fln,_c-rq on the arm of his easy-cliair took however, Ind twit ev 11,:1. rritn-] h-l'...] to interestll-r
up a book of Arctic exploration, tbr'(,W it blamed him

11 ill' one subjeet offer
1 -1 ;":"' It". fil.- 1, 1 IIM -Ldi IIIII'd to
-twain oil the table, got up, and went, to ing oA the il I ith ec(iIJ()tJ)v. ill tl)at in-
Ile had built it for I I4 -C hotile t. 1 1!111,1,
t1p. .: I I lit I Ile
his wife's sake, but was often glad of it capf11`1,6! -. o 111.% L" -V H 1. hmlol that site lvid not g-t I,- file firA
for his own. A-ain lie seated himself, and of the book lie 1)atl left with 'tier
and smoked glooinily. i)lrtll to 60".!. -t h.I.1 11,:, 1 ilit 'ho lia(l the, b(-t of exensvs, riaii ely,
Havin- reached her bedroom, -., 'rr,. a suspicion of t! I ill-it -Cthat page site liail not'un(lerstood it
Greatorex took off tier bOnDet, and stood veloped power 1:'.L itWaY -Nt-we. lie sawAlis Mistakeand trifd
for ten minutes turning it round and witli her. poeltry. 131a -INJiltoll, with Whom
round. 1'v she I,- d it---now c.-t"J wa-; z;,-% li,r Iwill ill
gave i*iist to the wire kitem of a flo,, er, and iLlai,7-T that I j,-- %:I-; to'her, if not eqti;lly
thenspreadwider the loop of a bow. 14 her u),t v Ile til:tl lit-l."llext
She was meditating what it IZIAed Of lie loved neither 1 11 fhe elenietits but with' no
I.- rfotic-ii rather than brooding over Ili a sense as, t I G 4 He returf)ed to poetry,
i'l I %%:is lieen in bonnets. child was the v. I.N. III] I (If I I, a(I soille, of CIO v (),I, ell" WiI6
Litmt li as she called herself mother's nature, I n x% ll 1'-?h I I I- rt. I:; i- It, r I)c Nvis or seenied to be iliti i
of consonant sounds blossom bad yet a -.!I _I, -,f lt-Jnz df lot, tal15 abotit it, III(] inclined to go oil
common with Phosyfourlil. 1.,, ,, I -ted to :Ili 11:i it ill Iiis abs(nev, but fonnd tile first
her nurse Alice in "lie nursery. But -1-111" 1 sio tried inore flianenotighwithont
i%-aslo,-,tiiithcpa-esofteert-iii-iLoiict-iI n :i -11 ill it to (riVe lifio., to it. Site
,veeklY, -,Vhich had found her in a Ili(, .1. :--:1 lie W10 theiVore it gave tier ti. iiie. I
open to its influenoes, alld did IlA ev(ll-- or ver i- d,:-l I(- r(a(l -,I cliapter oW)e Bible every
look up when the chiltl entered. W I I. ,, .1 1., I
1' 1 !, t.1.1 v.- iir: (la v, 1,,tit the oniY boA s slie read With ally
sonie 1'j- dreiv off tier gloc,. the -I hi-. 'Wil .-Ill) 1f...11 rie'd were novuls of a [In-,
and with more tilt\ uotied bet 1-t. tbe ;-I I
r I It never oli:nQvd. to
Then she --ik Off 111.1' L,:]A. sill eotflixl Y(-t P01-11-i-Vc. h-A* lifill that, lie ollwht at onfe to liae nia(le
her hair and retreateJ to a I, ) r,. r Ciall t1i.o fit'. F
fli(.Il(ls of 111i's .11111-4 -of 111111"liteousliess
There a shabby upon aer i !jt:i, t AAl -;JIl to li,r for by thenill.. 11&Ll have found entrance,
little chair she took it I., di'l, I It 1 "!kJ1 1, to It l1l, ljLd to th' seated ch o,:77v. Ho'ou(,-Itt to 'oave
gently vipon the 1,.' .1, seatt-d It V- I r 041 -1' t t- I !Iv w-:IA llncf ritad with 1)er the -lw did lij its place, got a little book V. by tll(ni only could lie inake, her think, and
ad left it under theci). (14-%II-
slie lit, lone e6ql(11, he-lead I)er to better.
I I J 1.11 t, r. I it.
tier skirts, iii-I -it 111y..''401 I It is butfroflitlie V01ry 'ti-1) 111)011 Id ii,-ll
Iv to read vld t 1 1,, t a 1 Iv- one, stantis fliat, o4it call 1110ve to tile 14,exl.
ISook was w, f)i,,, ef-L tj III.' h 1 1 1 -:.1. tlicso books",there was ill-
toAlle %rin wiflla povertv- -
1 1 1 P, the tinivviso but fitsliion,
Wl"A', 1; i in ; such are J t r -.I lilt dress, V-10 palk,
oil, _11.1le all eruption here n, I 1 .10. I-W !.Ie C-S 1-1 'Y"', ell
tL 1 I PL t I'%"' r
lie body of Vie C!--, -.',I i i"', 1*11. 1'. 14 111 it lk I,-Il hilli, CotII(I sllf)w it,4e'lf ()it tlik. III-[-
dtl-btleSS, Ill ',-I! VHI Off til It !It JIA I [tit I !1:Af th; 111. obseura- ninke an Ill. I t.,t of ni-j-
ge-nerated by povert), 01 or coil W(,rj. In ;I. 'I'A' had tu.'Al-h tioti and color ill, her .1 1-!:. iwd eli'atilber.
gestion of self preserN.t, IT It is \You_ ut nr_-i-, ;zt :I i to-, II: ,.f %'t*._,I1- I1 IV!tllol)t tl)(,Le. J)er !III-ti'l
derl'ul out of wh-t sr 3 1.1 it ;.It a,., rare I LI have ".11 it f,.I' it'll 'I.L
z-1.1 fi. w `11 stick i tilt. 11
I _I 11'_
3.1, -11 L 1.10'__F T I!-'][ !I" the 111. -,r J- MN, StIrroinided With
vent back to a phrase whicli had haunt- pres-ainptuotis h-l,,. of so I, ell --,Ing and toYs Oat hilitated life.
ed her ever since first she, welit to church; so r, -hi, -ii;*.-,-- the beart -.IhO rolind of a I 'der therefore, f7lint Au-
Whoin the LORD 1OVeth, chasteileth. woman thal they should W (3 conca-ve gustu I s was at length compelled to allow
"I wish He would chasten me," she unri-ors to his own. I I il tile,'M Olat hiinself disappoin'ted. ThRt it was the
thou-1it for the bundredth time. lie would it iu-, but fault of his sel-'-confidevice made the
The small Ill lind no suspicion such was the 1, Ihiid-y vb'.",better, Hewastoomuch
that her whole life. had been I period of wonder how n Ili-, ofitllo,(, wilo have of a inan not to cherish a certidn tender-
phastening-that few children indeed been disappoined in su6li a ii attenipt ness for tier, but lie soon found to his
bad to live in stich a suilless atmosphere have been therclby a- oused to the pel- I disinay "bat it had begun to be mingled
,Is hers. e. of vil-Lat a frightful fallure their ith a shadow of contempt. Against
Alice threw d-1-.ii the newspaper, gnz- success would have been 01-1 both I-1- tli'is he sh i-_ I.-I. but with fluctiliting
ed from the iindow into die baol-yard It was bad enough thut .1il-gustus Great- success. H stol.p.- I later and Inter at
of the next house, saw nothing) bpt ;Ili orex's theories hocl craniped his own de- business, and when he came home 'I. lilt,
,:M, rly man servant brushing a garment, velopinerA; would have b.9en ten-fold niore and more of big time in the snlok-
and turned upon Sophy. '*orbe had they been operative to the fn cyroom, where 1- I lie had book-
Cc Why don't you hall-- N.,4,our J I, stiliAing ofanother souL,
0 shelves put tip. 11 lN he w ouJd
iniss ?" she said,'sharply. Lety 1VIerewethe'r was the daughter accept an invitation to dinner and ac-
The little one rose, opened the ward- of a bishop in partibzks S!ie had been company his wife, but he detested even-
robe-door wide, carried a chair to it, born tolerably iiju I-. tit. had grown up in- parties, and when Letty, who never
fetched her Jacket from the bed', Clamter- inore than tolerably priltv, and was, refused an invitationdf she could help it,
ed up oil th, (,-hair, ,,I 1. '11" far when she came to at the age of went to one, he remained at boule with
fcrw I 1 .1 to rea ly it genuine exalliple of his 1: But hi s power of rea(lino, be-
.,ell a 1 1 wnbled right, sixteen, as Aeai., el
I I I i, bottom of the wardrobe., Locke's sheet of'wliite paper as, could gan to diminisli. He became restless,
You cI I,. I,. exclairned the nurse well have fallen to the hand of such a"' and irritable. Something kept gnawing
all-rily, and 1mil I ;I '.- tier out by the arill, I IP as Greatorex would fain at his heart. There was a sore spot in
shook tier. become. it. The spot grew la:rger and and
Alice was not generally rough to her, his cons
III his suitlie had 1.),rospered--perbaps by egreesAbe centre of C10114-
but thefe were re asons tp-day. to,, easlIv. He loved the girl, or at least ness came to, be a, soreness; his cherished
PhosW crept back to her seit, pale, loved tl ie modified reflection of her in idea had been fooled ; he h;id taken
frightened, and a little hurt. Alice hunP, his owil mind ; while she, thoroughly ad- silly girl-for a woman of
,p the jacket, closed the wardrobe, aAd iniring the (I V_. ulf.%, good looks, and ae- wealth ;-a bubl
conteinplated her own preity cornplisliments of tb e nian whose atten- fair col,,Ys chased each other, for a heart-
face and neat fig-tire in the glass OpFO- t long _J] t ved her self-opinion, accorded ed crystal.
site. TRe dinner bAl rzal, him deference enough to encurage his Oil tier part, Letty too had, her grief,
There, I declare! J she cried, and vainest hopes., kfi 11- ILP-'], she knew little, which, unlike Aii-gustus, she did not keep
%yheeled round on Phosy, And your ii.i t, I M.', over the merest sux-faces of to herself, receiving in retur froi it e
hair not brushed vet, migs!' NVill you existence, she had sense enough to know than one of her friends the soothing ,is-
ever learn to do thijn,, without be-Ing that lie talked sengeto her, and foolish- surance that Augustus was only lilie all
toldit ? I shan't be plagued with you ness to put it down toher own credit, other ri:ien ; that women were but their
niich But I I I Y tier as comes whi1c) for the sense itselfr*.he cared little toys, v Iiii:li they cast away when weary
after me: I do!" or nothin,-. And Gre,,ttorex, without of them. L.etty did not see that she was
If the LoRD Would bijt chasten ine!" even knowinty what she was ; -Al J11-1.1"Wri herself making a toy of her life, or that
said the child to herself, as she rose and for, would take upon him to shape, her ku_-,-ustus -was right in, refU8iDg to play
laid down her book with a sigh: ends!-an ambition. the, Divinity never with such a costly and, delicate thin,,),.
Ukernaidseized her'illu-Jil %, by the permits to succeed, : lie who fancies him- Neither did, Augustus see that baViDg by
arm, and brushed her hair with an angry self the carver finds bimself btt the chisel, his own blujider, married a mere child,
haste, that made the child's eyes water, or indeed Derha-os, oiiIv the mallet. in the lie was I)oixlnd to deal witli her as one,

whilt? oll tile coll1l.-II-N-l'if a 111.11i silk"11 q
t!;,y ]jail lict-n tO Vvas Cal'i'lV-1
awa y by tljt:. t I till 11 st'ru I gglbd in
him I-W IIttt-Y:IIjCi.'% -A"t to, 1)(-V
k_4`iji1ojt, wasl M,:-r.%-,_and Cjv kilit-CL J;
Plav. III it, must b.-
JhAshe lja-l ho--eh used,, ti) lit-1. I.ItIlEr's
, I 111 1,: LL 1 1 1
i0lich no one could bz N I.; L-d
,with lack of sobrict.y.
she Spoke
Gus, dear, L ',you make up
youz iiiiii-I for once to go !I III,.-
LalvAslidale'sto-niorow? I --tIII
quite a-11.1111,_d Of I. I'! I
-\\,It I I,:, if t, you.
"TIm-re is another wkv of;,1vo*,1in- fliat
unpleasantness," reii-jarkv-1 her
1"You cruel creature!" returnedLi1ty,
I,1:-Iyfn1Iy- "BuL I must go till., (Aice, f6l.
pronjjs--l Holden
"You hiow, Leit v V--i- laisImn,1,
after a 11till- 11.11.1 it -.11
1110170 N--,Il tJ--iUld IIIA
lly litt .11111.-4 "IIAL Lito
hours ii such stifling rooms you are en-
11 you stay athome to-illorrow,
I wift collie home early, zoidt read toyoa
all the evening."
Cxu,,sV, thutwould be P,!1'. VIII'. 11 You.
know there is ]],A11ID8. ill the III, J
_Ij-All-l t. lip -Y SO Mulen. L)ZIL" tili-i tilue I
rdally 1111.11til't."
-11-- LZI.MiAlud into aliSt Of all ilit-
nobodies and siji-all wI k 'k
1obe therealid
see : it mi-ht hu h(--r unl,,,
Tljt .,)1-, 1.14 11 Cil-LIS quit-livil! kl a sarcas M,
Oil All-_.-ustus, lil-is. Re V,.Is kinder timix
usual the rest (A the and rc-a4
herto sleep with dic. Pro I"-
"PI_-,,3V IJ .11 U TDC1. 1;
J tood, it was an holiest misunderstanding
-which never does much hurt. either
father nor'inother to lier till they
bade her-goodilight. Neither saw the'
hungry heart-under the mask of the still
face. The father never injagined her
already fiL for the ni.-O. 11 ill `_)- she was bet-
ter without, and the wetmlother had to
,become a mother before slie could valuo
Phosy went to bed to dreani of the
Valley of Humiliation.'
(T), be continued.)

temper -mj,'Wr all circumstances. AvIiJ
all boastings a1ld.(x-i1..,,,,1,iTP'I!I-;, back-
bitiuo,, abuse, and evil vulgar
phrases and oaths in conversation ; de-
preciate no mail's qaalities, and accept
hospitalities, of the humblest killId in, a.
Varty and i-I. maimer ; avoid,
giviag offence, and if, you do offend,
lia% v) lio maDliness to applogise ; infuse,
as much elegance as possible into your
thoughts as well as, your actions ; and,
as, you avoid vulgarities, you will increase
the enjoyment of life, and grow in the
respem of others.,

-generally makes a. fool of himself by
wasting h i s mon,,ey, or, i into som6
niad :qj. culati-on. or. in ininea,
and companies tha,('are but traps for tLa
unwary,' or by losing his temper at 9"
critical moment. A woman ta
do the same thni(r throligli the"nieftnS Uf
her tongue or her I art. She talks her--
self into ti-1,1111A .1, tor she gives her
love to Sollj_. ""A creature Who,
beco.nies the bane of her llfc.,

NEss..-Wherever iii.,J6.1i love is tha
_. 7 1.7....' AV -, _,_ -4- __ _1, ___

lie had married to please I himself. His inmy days befoi-e the scouts of, wiv-mclitz Angnstus bela his peage bitterly; For
firstwife had iiAellect, educalion, and disappoiltll)ent Avere iii-tin tlien). A-ns- it was just finory in a sermon, without
beart, but little inaividtylitv-not enough r-i atime. Buttlie ImOwiti- it, that Letty*-%vas foi),(I of:
toi-efleettbeiij.11%1.ii,,'.Iiyoflierliiisband. ti-tith was eaeli,(10 flie two to -i a flimsy syllabub of
The consequence was, lie found her un- great (leal %vat, bofoi-e sacred thiugs, beaten up ivith the whisk
ii f v rv. [ i,. i He was, I. I.nJ to Ullity lv"Ls tile. 110 04 C I
I as',Qharming to LAI

stood at t1w stately loom,
And wove with, i il I i grace
Aud lier eyes grov teiider and sweet,
As she wrolight in'the Aveb apace*
f;trong mcm inounted, Avith lance and .9pear,
-1; withlimulds, and a fiilit.

[;,it she, the wbile of her lover-
!"l softly, "Hecohies
stood at th (- tireless loom,
And Avove Nvith a steady hand,
Ajid a \i*atchfiil eye oil the twain
Without, at 1)1;iy in the sand.
I Of Am n, dark colors she wrought,
Ali(] uveily a liopewas fraught;
;Some day, she thonght, nly lad will be
AiI iny boimie girlie a W,,,qle.

pne -food at t1jo dusty loom,
13"Ilt;alldkyliDkjed' and old,
Lut the sliattle She feebly pliell
1', fro- her nerveless lwd.
Ali, Avelll w hom I to wo i k for i) ow ?"
old dai-i)e aid, with sbaded brow.

.4nd she dr6pped heI7 chip on her Avrinkled

At Minn,
ANays, lilorpii)g alll Ilight
With NIT0110.11t one
0 ho \Na" Inddell froill hu'lliall
T;mglell, znd biolcn thre_ds lie,
,4i)d hi,; fiiiishe(l web was, fair to see,
T'()r lie, _. -I, .' the hope.,i that Nvere broken
ill twiki!l.
Ii)d wrotight them. iiito his web again.,

hearers, we grow ol(l," said the
.pre.acber. b'e it sunimer or be it
w 'tli u. now, autumn will soon
&2tle down ii)to \inter, that winter
-wh6io snow nielts only in the grave.
Tite wind of the world sets for tile i omb.
Soitie of us i, 'F to be swept aloijo, on
Its -V I I]. and befir it bellowiiio in
the liolloArs of earth and sky ;- but it will
1-0. a rror to the man of tremblincy
lijub and Witbered brain,-until at lemyth.
lie will 1. for the sheiter of the tomb,
to escape is, roaring and buffeting.
the man who shall then [)e able
to believe that Ohl age itself, with its
-,i I i N.-. decays and sad dceanis of Youth,
is a of the LORD, a sure sign
of I-Iis love and His fatherhood."
It %v,,s, the, first Sunday in Advent
but "the ciriwt- uin-, of flie LORD" came
into alniost every sernio that man
preached. ,
S, nself a

171, But aft Or 1, can this
kind of thing be true ?" t,(, to bit
inaii of about thirty, who satdecorously
listeDing. For maDy years be had
f 1 1 t. lie beliewd this' Ad of thing-
but of late'lity was not so sure.
Beside him sat his wife, in her new
winter bonnet, her pretty face turned,
,up towardothe preacher ; but her eyes--
nothing else-.reveiled that she was not
listening. She was much younger than
her husband-hardly twenty, indeed.
In the tipper corner of the, pew sat a
pale-faced child about five, sucking her
thun)b, and staring at the preacher,
The sernion over, they walked home
in pioximity. The husband looked
gloomil, and his eyes sought the ground.
Tlie wife looked inore smiling than
11ul, and her i-r-11v eyes went bith-
ffld thit-ber. Belliiid them walked
Cio ciiild-steadilv, with level-fronting

It was a late-built region of large,
houses and at one of
t i,,m they StOpp,Id ftlld entered. The
10(loor of ti)e di-6mg-koom w(is open, Show-
0 ing, the table laid lor t1heir Sunday din-

her. 11- gelltleinan passed on to the
111w;iry behind it, the lady went up to
her 1---lo .. -i.i, and the child a staye bi-h-

'it -11-11-1halfanhourto dinner, Mr.
Greatorex, JA Juwij, druni.m.pd, with. his,

Pills eall bo 'C. rl. ly re-
comple'Ided as a, dolliestic remedy for tile,'
ai1IIIeI1tsof;.1-,.-1:k & Condition Of People-
Y()Illlly and old, of both sews, may taka
this. Illedi6ne \vith the certinty of Jeriviti-l
from its asc, when disorder or dis-o
vase is Illaking them 11olloway's,
Pilk are unrivAled for i heir 1*11--", 11)e-
rient, anit b4nnibening properties. They
remove 11vil:, i..,l "'ll)(1 head-
ache, an(I are i.A.Y' 8erviceAle im comh-
plaints pt-Culi" r to fell-taics. !:, :I box is,
'wri ppe(l y ill b printed, iiistrtictioiis for tho!
Guidance of invaiii1s, who will reaklily under-
,,taijd froin card'uIly flI&
1)vst wav of al I It.
Aii '_.. lie, 11ollo\y.ay"
Pills will work a t110110110111 ill tl)C'
(401IS4 itutious of' tile weit1j, tU111 1141KY.OLIS,





'The Bermudian, Sat1

The Bermudian, Sat

U 0

S^ 2 ,,nux-
b -. I -

P400 -
; "+3 c

Tot the month of Dec.1876

.26 i0clw-. lt;ii Rai[iiifll for the year
u y 31A 1876-55.89 inches.
rainfall in uoto4 holrs during th

+382 inch on the 30th M,, ..
^ ^ ~ i5 ^

SThings New and Old."

TheLord is my Sl ephler,; I Shall ot I
'Tot iI : l leade the monthe beside the st1876;

l-.26 ieli-.,. tI Raitfal for the year
Whire th 3t .t.. 187pastue-55.89 inches.grows,
1rV.It,-. Rvinfali in g4 hours during the
-ra .-7,;. -382 inchWs on the 30th c[.y

"Th ings ew and Oldstream,"

The ord, Saviorpherl ; I shall noGuide
ant. He. makth me to lie down in greene."
What a lovely picture dobeside psalm the prestill
,iaters."-lPs. xxiii. 1, '2.
Slt...lh,.,, of Thy little f4ock i
Lead me to the shadowing rook,

t t.. the livig waterfect iows.mage does it
By that pure and silent stream, .
SaInthe l d from the ifto liDn beamr

giveith s i e for tha sheep,t"l Thus the gos-t
Shewspherd, aviourt is that the sheep are so
Keep me ever near Thy side."
Wheat a lovely picture does this psalm pre
e ledt to us what a perfect image does it
e restored; pe an d seil ety werethat the

ball dwevell in GoI. in house for ever, even be-o
lt is that takes ca o ) him ;.it is no earthly
shepherd but the ORD; the good Shephe day

etll say, I sefll not wantheseep." Lpfor the us'cleave -
tee love oe the infinite .oD are on his
de We naturally connect this psalmstures fromith
ami the goodpsheched ; the gaot shepherd
Sitlet u n e forced astray bys the gos-rld

Sshew us h nor suppose that the shep are so
dressed ; their past leaves Hiare greeout. and they
a1e led by still waters; their wandering sooe l
e restored ; and guilty as they were, they
Wll dwell in Goprs house for ever, even be-
aue their oshepherd, the good Shepherd,
giveth his life for the ee." s t Ius THleave
-iesse to Him. and seek our pastures from
e olet u not. be led astray by the erim world
ibeth its vanities, nor suppose that our souls
an be nourished by anany system of opinionsth
The dorinthat leavcont es unsettled-hig

STHEinds and frequent raiESS prevailing. The PAL-
new year was usherNUd in splendidly. 1877.its first

Withas has favored us with plentiful and lustyer n
lhe. Indeedth Voumwe hear both fro of theea, andew

est thanks for theater pastI favors frwe sall
r llax no effort that may conduce to their in-
'ereshts or gvatification-an with this assur-
ace we nurespectfully solicit a continuance
9f those favors and the increasing patronage
a discerning and liberal Public.
The ,o ter continuees unsettled-high
winds and frequent rains prevailing. The
w year was ushered in splendidly, its first
SATy being charming-but since then ol1 Bo-
reas ltins favored us with plentiful and lustye
blasts. tideed we hsppear both from the new
.d old world that thm, winter, so far, iha
tnen an unusually severe one.

The threatening position of Eastern affairs
Stno wayr ahated-and although the pro-
'p0sals of the Conference werP unanimously
gred to by the representative ves of tle ev-g
Iral nations, and will if acceded to by the
sorties pn, reen the outb reakof war, the
general impression appears o be that the
sltan wsill reject them, in which case, it ft
would be hardly possible to, avoi an ap-
ea.t toe 1 u with p t arms.
We are glad to learn thaft the Rev. E. w.
, nghaml son of the Hwnble. S. S. fngham.
of this Town, rec, l ed the degree of A,.M
at Oxford, on thse 7th oa.
n. M. S. Trdp.hj, Tand ar. which left

15th, after a very rough and boisterous pas-
,nge. She et ith r severe gale on the

night of the 12th, which continued until the
following morning. A dense fog then set in
-which prevented her further progress for
24 hlurs. The Regiment disembarked the
day after arrival and marched into the Cita-
Oel Barracks, preceded by the Bands of the
20th Regiment and Ist batallion 60th Rifles.
An entertainment was here provided for them
by the 60th Royal Rifles, and they were
warmly welcomed to their new station.
The 97th Regt. relieved the 60 at Halifax,
and the latter Corps sailed for England in
the Tamar, an Tuesday, the 19th ult.
The jrai1 at.-iiunnr Ar.'., which left here the
ame day arrfved in Halifax a fe iw hours be-
fore the lamar. Weather frosty, with slight
.falls of snow,--Com.
Captain Vesey and other friends will
plpase accept our thanks for New York. pa-
, rer$ of the 28th Deer.
Tuesday, 9th January.. The F'atts 3-15 p.
m. To finish at Mangroville by invitation
of the Hon. S. S. Ingham.
Pfidav, 12th January..The Race Course,
0'hehy Bay, 3 U15 u. '


European News

LoqNr",:', Dc. 19.

A prolongation of the E.i-t-ri armnis-
tice to March is probable.
A Times special from VYinnt sa, S:-A
remark made by the Czar that Rus-msia
was ready to renounce the occupation
point, provided other guarantees could
be found, has been officially communica-
ted to the various Courts. This an-
nuuiicneu- t receives additional ibport-
ance from the fact that all accounts
represent the warlike feeling decidedly
decreasing. Besides other causes tend-
ing to check the el(thun iaL:._ii there ia the
discovery of great deficiencies in military


rAay, January 6, 1877.


Tl T1 I ,s' VIEW.
The '* Tini,.'' i. lender di-cutsing the
l'Oal.s, .s I' agreement between
;i i:i tiied d Ieltunotes th4. even
sl1'4, l thl'i'e I,- c l,)Ires uf details, the main
lihn s will i Iliuilii fi.-wd.
N. Gambnetia ii I with a yester-
day in the II idg 'it .wi'uii'itt 'e, which reject-
ed by a yote of 12 ito 11 his motion that
thel (h:lniljer of Dtputies should declare
that the Senate had *-x'cchdvd its powers in
restoring 'grants wilici were strivckvt out of
the Budget by tli) toel)lti',s. A-liliough
the Budget Commiitt(i thus decided tniat
the question of the powers of the Senate
i '-it not to be ai .they nevertheless
again adopted vii i.n< grat4ts as originally
pais (semi-official) states that tlie government
i ..i, .- in u .I .... h .. .. ... ;, if ,

LONDON D ec. 28. Ilt io l lll, I Ii-il'" r e l o i i i-ItoI I1r I -
ence in the cuioi' vers y over the rights of
There is the highest authority for, the Senate.
seating that, notwithstanding the hope- f
fnl despatches recently received from TJiO'BlVS' INPIA. %
Constautinople, there is but a single It io stated thatlivU-!'r:in has beea re-
chance of peace in the East. Russia, in evived from IUlinl ,uicinig thimt tihe Hill
spite of the iu:tenf-.- ardor of her people tribe of Afret'u-.-, i!o lha:n hea.n troublesome
for war, may be obliged to yield at the lately, ar'oe becoiling mor'e iinscdent. The'
last in',it,,w., owing to her means of I frontier is gi.eial-y ,li i rtr'd, Mnd all ex-
transport being defective. She has been edition against the border tribes is consi-
taxing her resources to the utmost to dered probable.
get her army into a condition to strike THE BRITISH GDvFRiMFNr SENDING ITr MAILS
with the greatest possible suddenness FOR IuSTrAu;I.: ONLY.
and vigor, but it seems now that her .
neans gf transport are inadequate to the WASHINGTON, Dc. 26 -The Postmas-
task of providing for such a large army terGeeneral to-day received adti-es from the
as would be necessary to strike a deci- British G,'v.rnment! that British subsidies
sive blow against Turkey. to Atlantic sieamship companies expire on
A Constantinople despatch says :-" It the first of January. Accompanying this
appears certain the Porte will not reject information is an eslim ite that Great Bri-
all the proposals of the Powers, but 6oly tait hr "as 'lited dnr )lan of seletinmg the
make objections to several points. Al- fastest steamers for carrying thie .ails, and
though the Turkish war party is strong, paying them in sea postage. Schedule of
a peaceful solution is considered, possible steamers named for Janutary is
Midhat Pacha and Savfet Pacha seem sent. The Pos,nim;ster-Goneral is very
personally to favor the maintenance of miuch pleased with thie communnication.
peace. The Plenivt-tenitiaries, in order, Blritish schedule, from Southiampomn and
to meet the re.,istaimce of tie Piorte, ap- Quesan(town for meilary ; Bremen Line,
pear disposed to discuss certain details, Tuesday ; Gnion 'ednesday ; Ctnard,
provided principles are maintained. It Saturday ; Anehdor ~ine to carry maiR from
is believed in diplomatic circles that gre.enock every Su arday.
there is ground for hobathat no rupture TRIBUTE TO AMJERICAN CREDNIr,
wsill r They nTlia "l .t[7. bi et e h nf, X ll thl e t, +'-

Marquis of Salisbury and the Sultan, on,
Tuesday, appears to have produced a
favorable result."
So far there is a complete understand-
ing between the representatives of Rus-
sia and England at the Conference. The
French ambassador is very desirous that
all Plenipotentiaries to the Conference
should sign a protocol with a view to es-
tablish the fact of the unanimity which
prevailed at its meetings upon all the
points discussed.
Germany, however, refiusesjoT partici-
pate in the proposed neutral occupation,
of Bulgaria, and will not spend a thaler
to secure peace. As it is well known
that if Germany really desired peace she
would go to some trouble ,to prevent
war, this is taken as an indication that
Bismarck, for reasons of his own, would
prefer war just now.
For this reason the official opjiuon
here is that war can scarcely be averted,
and there is not doubt that the prevailing
feeling is one of extreme alarm. It is
feared that present indications point to
the plenipotentiaries ving Constanti-
nople without arriving at any satisfacto-
ry settlement 'of the difficulty.
A. despatch from, Vienra says news
has arrived from Besparabia that the
Russian army is so little fit for a long
campaign, the Grand Duke 1icholas has
telegraphed that unless he receives a,
considerable reinforcement of picke4
troops he cannot commence serious ope-
rations beyond crossing the Pruth and up quarters in, Roumania.
A correspolvdent at Belgrade telegraphs
that for several days war between Turkey
apd Russia has been considered certain
thle, and Russia is sending money to, en-
able Srvia to recommence hostilities.
A Vienna special reports that on Tues-
day, 26th Dec. 500 Russians, mostly armed
cavalry, crossed the Danube from Tlirun-
A Berlin correspondent says the Aus-
trian ambassador at Berlin, has been sum-
minonefd to Vienna by special command of
the Emppror of Atstria. It is b,,lieved
t liat Austria is about to take important re-
solutions with regard to the E.itrirni
As if to confirm the news a Vienna, des-
patch. says:-" The Emperor Fra;ncis
Joseph, M. Tesza, the Hungarian Financee
Minpjster: Count Anidrassy, the Atustrian
lMipister of War ;niid Foreign affairs, alnl
the imperialal Finmanme Minister will be pre-
sent at a CablinEt Meeting whicii is, to be
hald to-lay on the Eastern question. The
fist three came to Vienna expressly to,; at-
tend the meetings
Tlhe Post" in its leading article, sas
the excitement created Iby the first alarming
inig telgrants from tihe ]East lihns been mithi
toned down by those which followed, bht
we haye reason to beliv,e that even the
latter exaggi-rate the d(iager. The Mar-
quis of Salishlry has not departed from
his instruntiomis, which do not permit of hiss
coercing tlie Sultan in tihe mnpper lie is re-
ported to have done. The faet that theo
Conifi'reince mineets lo-day whie another
m'etling is cont.'niplited on Saturday shows
That the neigotia ioins are proceeding ami.-
cably. There never existed any intei,'it
of retailing tthe fleet 'ir breaking off diplo-
matic relations with tlie Porte, whatever
its decision oin tlh '.,'t 'is' question iinai be

i ONDON,JDec 28. q
The leader in lthe "Timesyesterdav
qoagratulhaes Aiu-rica, on her splendid
financial achievements since the conclusion
of thie rebellion and tie, elevation of \I
credit fromin a ioitioin similar to tliatf
Twrkey to one secumid oiil;' to England ami
saierior to France, f
The special corrco'tinuleimt of the "Tines"
writing from Columinba, S.C., gives details
of thle formation of a military organization
in that State cotnil~..ed largely of soldiers
of the lut wlr, (li imilaIlidel by ex-Coufe-
derate -nl' : -repptatioli aud dils-
tinguishled service. T'liis organiniZllion, Ilie
correspondent i;%ys, holds itself cou.Ntantly
in r'adi ess to obey thue orders of its offi-
cers. It is possibl!o to concentrate thoq-
sands of these nien at any given [point inii a
few hour. The abolition of the riflp clubs
by the Governor he states to have been
only nominal.

A colliery explosion in South Wales
Company's Pit, near Newport. Seven-
teen, bodies recovered. The miners, taken
out alive are seriously and some fatally
A railway collision in Belgium, Eighto
persons killed, and fifteen wounded.

Gold in New York on the 27th, receded
from 107 1-8 to 107, and closed at the first
named figni e. Money on call loaned at 7,
6, 5, and finally at-6 per cent.

The English Mail for the Uapper
It is agreeable to our feelings to kIow
that the first effort of the Intercoloaial
Railway managers in carrying the Egg-
lish mails from, Halifax has been in every
respect so complete a success. That pro-
cess has done timore than a dozen news a-
per articles to pdove the value of Halifax
as the winter port of the Dominion. The
one great and valuable fact burned into
the minds of the people of Canada is that,
vender ordinary circumstances the new
arrangements besides being one dictated
by patriotic motives, is again to the pub-
lic of Canada. All those parts of Can-
ada heretofore supplied with mipil accoum-
mod'iation r', PoJiland can, it i,(dokmon-
strated by actual experiinent, be sup-
plied fourteen hours earlier vi Halifax.
We might say that fourteen hours' sav-
ing in the minimum, for the English
mail train encountered a severe snow
stoimn, or no doubt it would have made
better time. roo great praise cannot be
accorded to Superintendent Luttrell for
the energy he has displayed in demon-
strating to the doubting ones in Qupbec
and Ontario that the thing ca, be
doe."-Palifax IR'porti'r.

OCEAN FIREWORikS.-The Victoria, from
Glasgow was riding out a heavy western
gink, about half way across the Atlantie
on tihe 18th inst., when, at 6,in the evening,,
the at ippsphlere improvised a rich display of
phophoric fireworks. B4als of glowing
red fire the size of a man's, fist danced
1nottihe yards and stays, apd as they fplj
exploded in mid air with a snapping, re-
port. They chiefly alightfd upon. thp.ends
of thevards, at intervals of a foot, though
likewise favoring the centres, and at times
the vessel had the aspect of being decorat-
ed for a first-elass festival. One of the balls
hurst, close to the nose of MW. Theodore
KInox lthe chief officee, and for a Empment
blinded him. 'The noise was like that of
a pist.) discharge. No. debris struck, the
deck awl nw smu,,ll waw created. The balls
were iii ,iliheriec Atimn inlmplable. They
ate' -ra"ll .treruners .f n galp,.- .Y.
.,%,. Icoer. 2,. -


out. Thp Austrian staff at Koniggratz
suffered, heavily, although they took
their green feathers out of their cocked
hats. Mr. Kinglake, in his, account of
the battle of the Alma, makes a good
deal out of bhese same cocks' feathers,
and describes, the superstitious fear of
the Russians caused by the apparition of
Sir George Brown, in a rage, with his
head surmounted by a cocked hat and
white plumes; but, unfortunately for
the description, the General had taken
his plumes ott. The plumes, indeed;
should be taken out if the cocked hat be
retained. A c~at of the color of that
worn by the Russians, or Austrians,
might be substituted for the blue frock
of the Staff. We need not be above
taking lessons, from the Germans in
matters of precaution. During the last
war, it was found that the black mackin-
toshes worn by officers renderedI them
visible a long way off, and shone some-
times like lookig-glasses in the sip after
a shower of raip ; and, as several officers
in these coats, were picked off, orders
were given thatthey were upt to be worn
in the presence of an enemy. A blue
coat, specially if it be relieved by a
background of scarlet, would be still
more conspicqPup.---. '. of the Wor&ld.

The Iadness of Fighting for

The Committee of the Peace Society,
in an address just issued, state that the
Crimean War caused the death of more
than a million of human beings, many of
whom perished in every conceivable
form of horror and agony. It inflicted
an amount of misery of every kind upon
the nations that was appealing and indes-
cribable, It cost in direct expenditure
340,000,000, while the indirect 'cost in
the suspension of industry, the ruin of
commerce, the unsettlement of all finan-
cial prospects, the bankruptcies, the en-
forced idleness, &c., was such as to defy
all calculation. And which of all the ob-
jects which the statesmen who made the
war hoped to accomplish have been
attained ? It did not settle the Eastern
Question, which at this moment is more
than ever threatening the peace of Eu-
rope. It did not give to Turkey the
permanent material guarantees which
were thought necessary against Russian
aggression, since the provisions intro-
duced in'o the treaty of peace for that
purpose Hlave been giv, n up, with the
common consent of all the signatory
Powers, including Turkey itself. It did
not diminish the influence of Russia in
the east of Europe, but has, on the con-
trary, largely added to it, by enabling
that State to appear as the protector and
champion of the oppressed Chuistiaui
races, while England appears as the'
friend 9f the oppressors, It did not re-
generate Turkey, seeing that since the
war it has been hastening more rapidly
to dissol'm.tiiin, as bLaiikrl't finances, a
decaying population, official corruption
and incapacity, and chronic disaffection
and anarchy throughout t!~e whole counr
try abundantly testify. It did not secure
the independence of the Ottoman empire,
as during the last twenty years the other
Powers have been more than ever med-
dling incessantly in its internal affairs,
sometimes by bombarding a town, some-
times by occupyini. a province with
armed forges, sometimes by appointing
a Coiiii;.niui to regulate its finances,
or to look Uii1, the administration of
justice, and constantly by diplomatic
dictations remonstrances, 'apd threats.
i1 id ii .it -se.-ure freedom an4. safety to
the Chriistiun .-,ubjects of the Porte, be-
cause the oppressions they endure, every
now and then breaking forth into whole-
sol acres, as at Jeddah and Damas-
W 4 bken growing more and more
until, they have culminated in
'he -rable atrocities which, have re-
cently Rled the world with horror and
indignation.. It did not conduce to the
security of our Indian empire, for it is at
least a rnool point whether the Russian
war wis not one of the proximate causes
of the Indian mutiny. What then have
we to show for all the sacrifices and suf-
ferings of that, murderous conflict ? This
and no other-That we helped to conso-
lidate aud perpetuate the Turkish domin-
ion in Europe,' aid to rivet the yoke of
Mahommedan oppression on thi necks
of the groaning millions of the
Christian subj'eets of the Porte., We
refer to these th,ngs now, not for the
sake of vaunting ourselves or upbraiding
others, but because they have a close
practical bearing upon actual events ; for
the question seems about to be put before
inig to the Epglish people-are you
spilling to repeal the policy f' 1853-4 ?
At that timely large number of our
country m-ur ere not informed as to the
real, condition of Turkey. They were
misled by representations made on high
authority as to the progress which that
country was making in civilization and
liberty. They cannot plead ignorance
any longer. And the point they may
have to decide is this-Will they comnset
that E'lish blood and treasure shall be
again poai'ed forth without stint to up-
hold the mppst execrable system of gov-
ernment vrnidr the sun-a system
doomed, as all incurably wicked. ayl cor-
rupt things are doomed, alike by the
laws of nature and the decrees of Provi-
dence, to perish from the face of the
earth. Our course at any rate is clear,
and that is to use our influence to the
utmost to prevent our country from being
dragged, or driven, or drifted, into ano-
ther Eastern war.-Peac,Society's papers.

time, says. the Army and Navy Gazettr, to
think about a new dress, for thp Staff.
An officer in a blue coat, a Cocked hat
and a ptune or tuft of feathers, mounted
on horse.back, is aboun ti~p very best
mark lhat an enemy's riflemean could pick

Winter port of Wie Dominion may now be.
pronounced a complete success. 'Tlie mail
from England by thie "Prussian" the be-
ginning of lost week reached Montreal by
thiy Intercoloniial an hour and tleme quar-
trrs before the steamer reached Portland :
there is a large saving of time, s, well as
having the Canadian mails all the way on
Canadian territory, without passing through
that ofa, other country. Nova Scotia is
now beginning to occupy her natural posi-
tion in time Confedaration.--H.dit',.r iunp,,,.
The Boston training school for nurses,
which has been in existence tliree years, is
fut filling the expectations of its founmers. Be-,
ginning with six pupils, nursing twenty-two
patie..ts in two wards of the Massachusetts
General, Hospital,, it has now twenty-five.
pupils and eight head nurses, inrsing 147
patients in eights wards. The two yeari'
course of study, which, is severe and trying,.
keeps all away but the thoroughly in earnest,
and, the school is turning out trained-nurses
who find ready employment.
Have you poached eggs .? inquired a
customer of a co] 'tred restaurant-keeper in
Mississippi.-" Yes, salh. Al our eggs is
poaclied-leastways de chickens dat laid.
'qa, is," was the reply.

Russian Invasion of Portsmouth.
For years past complaints have been
made of the universal philanthropy of
successive British Governments, who not
only publish their costly experiments in
ships, armour plates, guns, small arms,
and other offensive and defensive appli-
ances for the general benefit, of all the
world, but are specially careful to post
up foreign military and naval experts in
all such particulars as would otherwise
remain secret, and -this even while tbh
knowledge so communicated is reported
to have been withheld from our own offi-
cers. In the naval, departments of the
Great Powers, especially Russia, Prus-
sia, and the United States, there are,
charts, and specifications containing des-
criptions of our men-of-war, showing the
thickness of the armour-plating on vari-
ous parts of their hulls, and the arma-
ments they carry, and the calibre and.
power of the gus. It is not necessary
foi- Russia and other "friendly" Powers,
to have spies iA this, country to find out
our military a naval strength, for our
ge-n'e-Tos Govt-oniieli is ready to fore-
stall their investigations. But somehow
or other-spies or no,'-they seem to be.
in possessiofi of information which our.
own people lack. A curious illustration
of this, which would be amusing if it
were not so serious a matter, is reported
to have occurred at Portsmouth a day or,
two ago. It appears, according to the.
account, that number of Russian offi-
cers of high rank have been busily en-
gaged at Portsmouth in familiarising,
themselves with the work going on in the
dockyard, and wiih the system of gun-
nery instruction puassued at Eastney and'
on board the Excellent. They were gen-
erally pleased with what they saw. They
have clearly made good use of their .'p,
pprtunities, and taken more than a casual
survey of what was going on. Amongst
other things they inspected the Boadicea,
and before leaving her- requested to be
shown the new torpedo carriage. The
attendant was. not aware that the carri-
age had at the time been fitted on board,
and expressed his, doubt on the subject;,
but the Russ an officers assured him that
a carriage had been, provided, and at,
once led the way to where it was foitd.,
A company of Russian officers hkv,,, i- ,
seems, more about the details and ar-
rangement of one of our vessels than an;
Englishman employed upon it. RI,',a
happens to be the only Power in whose
relations with ourselves there is what
diplomatists call a decided "tension."
But were it Prussia or France or Ame-
rica that were preparing for war with
us, there is little doubt that naval and
military experts from those;Poweis woula
spon iuJuinuate themselves into places like
Portsm,,uth and Woolwich, and find out
all about our strength and our wtakuuess.
,-,m i. Advertised.

ROTTEN flow, LONDON.--Every day, morn-
ing aind evening, Hytdi Park is a inmost in -..
iniicint scene of p',mlp anl I show-tIle iiind-
ai iiw t iitrn-ouits, thle filnesl lorselnaii and
liorsew. men in thie worl(--thieprettiest girls,
the rosest' children, the nmo't r ispleundent
if iiot iost eleg.aint toilets. A liiost very
ifternoo'n tlh Princesz of Wales joins the
throng for a hialf-hounr's drive up aiuld (o% l\
'' the Ladies' Mile." Her equipage is t1
inple'st one, her coaelimnn is less pompous,
her footimien are less Qv;erl)owvriiig thalin,
those of many a4rich, A'ierTiniin. A moulned
pp'liCenian or tivo clear lthe %ay for lier.
butLsle ihas nognaird, anld, tiloigh' ile 1.-,I ..
popular woman in Eughliiid, her coming
.';.n:-.1 nio excitemlent only ai coi teons dof-
filig of hits by th.4 geil lemneii and welcorm-
ing smiles from tlie ladies she meets. Shb
is in black just now -r-oiie of those light in-
terinittent attacks of morning to which
royal folk are -ili,'-ct---iil slie looks s\
little pale and ,qugie tlidn. But she sits
perfectly erect aid hos anlnd smiles with
as sweet atd cordial a gi'aciousnes as in
the first season heiun she won tli, hearts of
iall this people comingias she did in good
faiih to he inotonly a .inghliter to the Queen
but to Englhind as well. The Czar's little
girl was not so wise.. Proud and pett.d
ain imperious, she found thiigs here little
suited to her taste and temper. She is
said to have fretted (e.llecially under her
subordinate position at court, andi has gone
honie dleclaring tlhat she will never, never
return to perfidious Albion. So it is pos,
sible the pour English people have looked
their last ni the dltc,'le I aind di-dain-
ful mtile Mnscoite, till such time, at least,
as she has a ni dignity to go upun as the
Princess of Sa~e-Ciu iig GoCima.--ENGLIS.

The experiment of mual:in, Halitax the


The Berimudian,
* ^ A.,

--c-. ~

Saturday,' January
A' p ,

-^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -_ __ _^ -"- *"^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

4V "' UI R C H .MrE W s .,
Eleven persons, ten of them quite young,
were public-ly admitted int, the cannimnion
of Warwick Presbyterian Church, on Sab-
baltb t*ie 31.t ult. After an appropriate ser-
mon by Rev. Mr. Layton, from Lam. 3rd
and 27th, "It is good for a man that he'
bear theyoke in his youth," the candidates
came forward, and on answering the Ques-
tions of the Formula for tlv admission of
nmem naie s, were given the right land of fel-
lowship and welcomed into the communion
of the church of CHmRST.-Com.
The Evangelical Alliance has issued,
the following programme for the week of
prayer, Jannary 7-14, 1877:
MI.,NDAV, tunary 8.--Tbhanusgiving
and confession, in the review of the past
TUESDAY, January 9.-Prayet for the
HoLy SPImIT on the Universtl Church,
Joell ii., 28 ; for its deliverance from
---error and corruption, and its iqrease of

learn.' The great authors of Elizabeth's
reign are described in several instances as
including Chaucer. Wren, Walter Scott,
Milton, Dickens, Lord Byron. '4r'of J. B.
Fojrlis,' Breton, who wrote Hieto's 1)ic-
tioiiar while S:hake it is said to have been The W'id.-, Wide
World.' Mr. Gladstone is described by
another boy as having 'gone into Central
Africa after Livingstone's death, where
he is ex.ilpning the country and teaching
the children to pray.'"
Woosung and Shanghai Railway, laing
survived political difficulties and adverse
criiicitms, was reopened tlirouglihot its en-
tire length on 24th Nov. 'Ihe difficul:v of
securing the assent of the Cl,iieine' mtlion-ri-
ties to & railway owned by El;,lkliniei, hais
1.&1n solved by the former purchasing the
enti re concern at a fair, p irce, and leaving
tlie working of it in English hands, and
giving to then the profits of the first twelve
months' working as a bonus.

reign of Geoge 1 II., where the English The 30th Instant, at Noonm
won a great victory over the Indiarn.~"
'John Cado ws thlie man that got the oonn- J. J. F IT HM
try of' India for us ; lie was a very bad Agent.
scholar ; his master could not mAku him Hnmiltoi.Dec. 2%; IS'fl.

Dty G4OD4

'A IUC'T1-0 ,

of Stock o: DRY GCjJ)S, At J. A.

TUESDAY, the .rn IsrT..
January 4, 1877, io.
S oLEN DID Styles ofaDi' L i".
GoldlW l,.'Il i' haius *c. Clianlfs,
Genilermnu n-' e~ t Chaiz'. t CIII LI'S.

400 Bls. garnet
R ed.'
Carefully Selected "- VSeeld,
Expected per Brigt. Exceliior" in a few
S. S. INGFIM & Co.
January 5, 1-77.
STOCK Larger than Eewr'! Prices'
.k lower than Ever I at' the EMPO-


Offer the Carg4 of
Pitch Pine amber
3N4v being Landed ex Brigantine
.. "Rover," -
Fiorin 'BOARDS (Dry& Cured)
planed grooved 1nd tonglied,
S .. 1 in. x6 in.
1 in. x 66in.
Phined with square edge. 1 ia. x 6 in.
n. x 2 in., 5 in. x2 in., 8 in. x 2 in.,}
3 in. x 2 in., 3 in. X 1 ,1n., suitable
for Railings.
1 in. x 12 in., 14 imn x 12 in., and 1 1
in. x 12 in.

White Pine LUMBERI--- in., I
in-, 11 in., 1j in. and 2 in,, dry, clear
and cured.
S _& INGHAM & Co.
Lany. 2, 1877.
SF your Eyesight is bad, go and let
CHILD fit you to a.pair of Gold,
Silver or Steel SPECTACLES or EYE
GLASSES, that you may see his many at-

faith, activity, holiness, andthristiana )p ntt gnutr.
charity. f
WEDNEgsAY, January 10.- yaver fo POUT OF HAMILTON.
families ; for the unconverted ; for sons -\m vEf,.
and daughters at school and college, and Jany. 3-Barqiue Eliza Barss, Vesey, New
for those abroad ; for any in sickness, York : cattle, &c., to Trott & Cox.
trouble, or temupiation, and for those SAILED.
who have been recently added to the Deer. 29-Barque Atlantic, Lanfare, New
church. York ; inward cargo from Guadaloupe.
THURSDAY, January 11.-Prayer foj 3,0-Brigt. Ellen C. Burns, Fernandina.
nations; for rulers, magistrates ancd *
statesmen,'for philanthropic and bene-. ORT OF ST. GEORGES,
violent institutions ; for a pure literature, ARTVED.
the g~pread of sound education among Der. 29-Sch1r. Jonas Smith, Standish,
the people, and the miritainance of Maine ;in di. -ren ; 7861 sugar boxshooks.
the people, atainane of -Agent *. C0. Hylawl & Co.
P Jany 1-R.1. Steamship Beta, Shaw, Hali-
FRIDAY, January 12.;-Prayer for fax; English mail of 12th Deer.. and as'
Christian missions to the Jews and Gen- sorted cargo. -Agent, J. MI. HIayward,.
tiles, Luke xxiv,, 47 ; for Sunday-sc.hools. SAILED.
and for the conversion of the world to Deer. 28-Schr. Joseph Wijde, Reed, Bos-
CRIST. ton 8229 bushels salt, pait of inward cargo.
SFTURDAY, Janfary 13.-Prayer for the 29-Steamer Alhambra, Wilson, New York ;
obs,; -ance of the Christian Sabbath; 4 cases merchandise, 2 carriages, 1 box
for t0e promotion of temperance, and gls. 48 bales oakam and 5,273 bags sugar
for the safety of those who go down ex Brigy. 1-R. eamhip Shaw; t.
Jany. -.-. Stea ship DAtir Shaw; St.
to the sea in ships-that do business W T 'nomnIas ; mhils.
gre-.Lt waters." ",
SUNE)VY, January 14.-Sermonsm: One'e ,.M.S. fB.l',, i'mn il.1ax : Mr. G.
Lord, one faith, one baptism., 9ee God DaI d.-.I, Lient. Stevenson and wife, 3-child-
and Father of all.-Ephes. iv, 5, 6. ren and nurse, Rev. Mr. Faulker, Mrs.
auilker. ind1 ;3 children. Rev. S. F. Heustis,
'_A ,M,.o lio t canip-mRti! was held i M H. M. HaIrtI Lt. Maillance, 87thregt.,
LvK l. ,dia, rvcet!y with 1ien fi I.i ,I re- Lt. Ver-,.,_'l,- 87ta oegt., Asst. Corny.
$uIlt, Calcutta, Allahabad, Cawnpore,.;e. r A. P. tou,tn,", 87th Regt..
Clalctt, *n C2N (p 2 i t3AB!N, J;oim Bottle and wife, Mrs. Dav-
'Bareilly and other plicts were r.-prnsetetd. enport, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Craidge, Mrs.
Sparks, M rs. Friend, Mrs. Chase,'T. Q. a
ihe revisers of the anrthorisedi vrioitn n, Bray, William -Hooper, Mrs. Iynes iu'd in- I
the New Testainunt met ag ,,iin recently in. fant, Mrs. White and 2 ehildrenu J: Glynn,
thi' Jeriisal'u Ch.'mbl. r. 'lThitecen me-m1r 87th Reg; P. Sullivan, 87thli Rpgt., L. Low-
,..'-s wn-ere .re-,tl, the Bishop of Glouces- ry, 87th Regt., E. B.rke, 87thlREgt., Win.-
t.-r inu l.1-. l" in "I.' chaiir T.', Me'ur1ille. 1li sA. Waddell, John White,'
t.i.p..Iv Bn, of i iy ,.ioitil, Theirt won ktihe end 8nthe El*za Barss from Now York : Mrs..
oe I'sle t A. Lrkt. .. Tt ._.
In Spain thi., Gospel is pnblieli preached r I. PASENGERS SAILE0 r
II, pain l11, M -oei plis Ipreachi d lPer Steamer Alhambra, for New York,:,
"i Madrid Ma Sei,. Sevilie, alt., and Mr. Modena, Mrs. Modena and 2 children,
it vny either ,. iti,.. and towns. 'lwre are Mx, aid Mrs. T. H. P'itt. Miss Lubin, Miss
iglity.vfiv B ble depo's and 42,.uo < bles Everest, Mr. George Lawless, R.N., Messrs.
1,(>000 New T'estaments, 50,(000! 1p, t;ion. Chas. Gooding. -L;imez C.M. Everest, Es-
of Se, iptures, 1,300,000 tracts, all printed tatano Fores, -Clayton, H. Whiting, J. L,
ith Madirid, have hIee circulated. Hutclinson, W. E. Khol, J. H. Konnel, -
lI-'i.a:l.-k, Manuel Contra, and 19 in, steeragp.
TotAl Abstinence. --
If alcohol is, as is claimed by, bper. an-d Jny. 3-Schr. Wlddomar, C-ipt.iui Parker,.
spirit-drinkers, a potent sustainer of vi- 52 days from Turks' Island, with a cargo of
talitv, its beneficent effects. would never salt, bound to New York, anchored in Five
be more clearIv manifested than when Fathom Hole in distress, has lost sails &c.
men are undergoing unusual fatigue in Previous to anchoring, the W. struck on
a temperatiu'e many degrees below zero. ea Adventure ported, to o h
The records of the recent Arctic. Expe- A Schooner was reported. to'_on the
The records of the recent Arti Expe- T rocks on the South Side of these Islands,
ditiio do not bear out this theory. The d-uring the heayy weath,.r of Thursday last.
teetotlars of long standing; some of We have been, unable to learn any further
whom were Good Templars, that is, ab- particulars, except that her cargo consists, o
stainers from their childhood, on, board salmon, andmiacerel. She was on her way
the "Alert" and "Discovery," though into port last evening.
subjected to the same labours and haid.-
ships as their companions, in every in- It6irtisl.
stance escaped scurvy, and remained m n In Devonshire Parish, on. the 23rd ultimo,
excellent health. OnB case may be the Wife of Thomas N, Dill, Esq.,-a SON.
deemed an exception but it is an excep- At Halifx, N. S., on the I0th Deer., thie
tion of a kind that proves the rule. A Wife of Wilis R. S. Wainwright, Esqr.,-a
Good Templar named Gore succumbed DAUGHTEIO
to temptation while on the sledge jour-
peys, and took to grog. After this his P R I N T' IT T N G!
appetite failed, he ceased to have refresh- -0$00,e-
ing sleep, and' he was ultimately attacked All Wo k i the above Tite
with scurvy. The evidence of Ayles, a All Work i the above Line
teetotlar of many years standing, is very DONE WITH
important. His, labours were among the X'eatness and Despatch
severest of any member of the ships' com- And at Ve Modeate Rat
panies. He was, not only out for, 110 And at ry Moderate ate
days' sledginw, but on one occasion he Q ff -, Ma 'n" (
was out no less than eighty-four days
from the ship at a time. je neither ALBUOY'S POINT, HAMILTON.
drank nor smoked ; his mpanions ij-Military Forms a ISpeciality.
drank plenty of strong grog, 4d smoked
heavily. In the result, Ayles tndiLieut. IHILD) Keeps Watch CHAINS,
Aldrich, who was next door to an, ab-. WATCHES. Call and see them.
stainer, as he diluted his rum more than,
any other member of the*expedition, 1W A N TE D .E
were the only members of the sledge party
who escaped scurvy. In conclusion, it
may be observed that the testimony of j Oc % ( 2 50
the two shilps' companies-doctors and
officers included -is unanimous against TO
the serving out of stimulants during the Iefray tlhe ExpeRa ea
day, as they emphatically state that no t pe Se
work can be done upon grog; but many OE THE
of them believe that a glass at night acts: SCHOONER
as, a recuperative agent. The idea cer- .. ,
tainly appears to, be refuted by the ex- .|
perience of the Good Templars.-London E T N T L
Graphic. Of Sydney, Cape Briton, BONNEL. Mas-
AMUSINs IIBNDERS.-The report of the ter, which Vessel arrived at this Port
London Shu.ool Board on the examination from Turks' Island.
of candidates for the Clothworker's and The amount to be secured by a
lPope's scholarshipsr'eveals many amusing Bottomry Bond.
l.inders. Hllistory was the q iagnire in TENDERS from parties willing to ad-
w, ich most of the candidates. floundered vance the same will be ,received at the
hopelessly. There were among tie answers: Store of T. M. JES, Esqr., Hamilton,.
* Sir Christopher Wren sailed all round ti.r
e world, and was a great animal painted ut
*The battle of Cressy was fought in the, S A r 1 H B A Y-,

LI T(4
Ju- A *

An eligible one fora Boarding House,
or place of Call, with four acres of
Garden and Orchard, adjoining Payn-
ter Vale the most scenic Site and re-
creative resource in the Islands.

About a stone's throw ," from
Clarence Hill, comprising Cot-
tage and Outbuildings and Five
Acres of Garden Land,. capable
of yielding hiandsoineoreturns.

And, at the western, part of
Southampton, a handsome and
with Outbuildings and Offices,
and, ample gardens,, or if desir-
ed,. Twenty-five acres of Land
adapted to the best paying
Respecting all of which en-
quire at the Office of the Royal
" Gazette."
Dec. 23, 1876.

Clocks! CO 1 oc s
Clocks H
From 18 to 5, at C IILD'S.
,B,3UY Your ('LOTHIING at the
L ADIES'and Gent lemein's Gold Finger
.I Rings, with real Stones ol Dia.iniils,
Emeralds, Tu qoik, RunIys, Garnets,
Cameo, Pr-'l, Amethyst aud 01i1%, atL
G LD;S. *

SScientific LECT U JE.
Under the Patronage of
?.7In. GeM.J. H. Ei FRO I
R.A., C.B., &c., &c.,Ac.

Will be delivered by
Of Middletown, Conn.,
In IteclIan icg'IlA LL,
Wednesday Ev 'g
The 10th Instant,
Subject, 'Coral and Coral Islands,'
Which will be illustated by Speci-
mens and by use of Black-
boards, &c.
Doors open at 7-30.
Lecture to commence at 8 o'clock,
Reserve Seats 2s.
Other Seats Is.
TICKETS to be had at the Office of
the "Royal Gazette," and at the, Door
on the evening of Lecture.
Hamilton, Jany. 5, 1 77.

Charcoal Guano.

The Under signed
Has Received the following ex
Schr. "Racer,"
SUGAR-in Barrels,
White Crystalized Vacuum Pan,
Yellow Vacuum Pan, and
Muscovado-Choice Grocery,
CHARCOAL-in Sacks,
Peruvian GCJA O--in Rags.
The above will be sold at Low Rates
for CASH.
S. S. IN .AM & Co,.
January 5, 1877.
Beware of

New York Counterfeits

Pills and Ointment.

Q PURIOUS imitations of "Holloway's
-L-l illsaid Oj nm are mnmnufactured
and sold under ihe namei ot "' i-F llowahy &
Co," by J. F. Henry, Curran & Co., Drug-
gis.s, and also by the Metro-
p.h)ltau Medi-j tcine Company of
New York.w itlih |S an assumed trade
mark tihuis- -Again one
Joseph Hay- dock of New,
York,. likewise passes off. counterfeits of his
own make under the name of "'Holloway
& Co., having for,-a trade mark a Crescent
and Serpe.t ;. McKessen & Robbins of
New Yonk are agents for the same.
These persons, the better to deceive you,
unblushingly Caution the Public in the small
books of directions affixed to their Medi-
cines, which are really the ?pu ious imita-
tions, to Bewaro of (@terfeits.
Unscrupulous Dealers obtain them at
very low prices and sell them to the Public
as my genuine Pills nd Ointmnt.
I most earnestly and respectfully appeal
to the Clergy,, to Motters of Families and
other Ladies,, and to the Public generally
of the West Indies. that they may be
pleased to denounce unsparingly these
fra Purchasers should look to the Label
on the Pots and Boxes. If the address is
not 533, Oxford Street, London, they are
the Counterfeits.
Each Pot and Box of the Genuine Me-
dicines, bears the British Government
Stamp,.with the words "hOLuowAY's PILLS
AND OINTMENT, LONDON, where alone they
are manufactured.
jgParties who may be defrauded by
Vendors selling spurious" Holloway's Pills
and Ointment," as of my genuine make,
shall on.communicating the particulars to
me, be amply remunerated, .andi their names
nucver di nulged.
LoNDoN,.Dec. 1st, 1876.-26 ins. o ft.

Xe w Goods;,
Suitable for the Season,
Just Received and now
Viz. :.,
HOSIERY and. Half,great variety
Under GARMENTS (all sorts)
Fet HATS (latest styles)
BOOTh & SHOES, &c., &c.,, &c.
Center ai .Notious,
For Christmas Presents.
Hamilton, Dec. 16, 1876.
(- OR ITAM'S Manuifactory of. Solid
. SULVER W\AR.. Fancy Pieces
in Cases f'or Presents-warranted 9'00-I10o O
tie, atC- 1LD'S-.



rlpHE SCHOOL in connection with
ASSoCIATION, will be re-opened
Oni Monday, 8th
Inst., at 9 a.m. .*
Under the management of MR. T. T!
DAVIS, assisted by MISS FOW LER,
and is confidently recommended
to the Public as being in
every respect

Persons non-members of the Associa- *
tion as well as members, wishing to semn
children, will please make application to-
the Undersigned, who is prepared to
make liberal arrangement* for Tuituin.
T re Tas. Skcho,,l (.,am ilt:,
Hamilton, January 6, 1877.4


SWholesale and. BRetail.

' Marrow fat, Round and B. Eye Peas,
Rice Barley Oatmeal
4(acked Wheat Self-Raising Buck-
wheat Samp Corn Starch
tlot Bread Butter, Fruit, Milk &
Sugar Biscuits Beef Pork
Smoked Ditto Corned Ditto
Tongues Pigs' Feet Do. Tongues,
Hams Bacon Sausages
Mackerel Cod Fish Salmon,
Sardines Oysters Lobster
Butter Lard Cheese Candles;
Matches Molasses, Brown, White,
Crushed, V. P. & Granulated
Sugars Tea
Ground Coffee Chocolate
Soap Toilet Ditto Starch
Starch Polish Buluug Washing
Soda Bread Ditto Yeast
Peaches Straw berries Raspberries.
Raisins Almhonds Currants
Figs Nuts Citron,
Kerosene Castor Oil Sweet Ditto-
Salts Senna Magnesia Creamn
Tartar Gelatine
Extracts. Vanilla, lemon, 'and Ginger
Spices of all kinds .Mustard
Curry Pepper Vinegar
Green Ginger Rope Buckets
Baskets, Axe Hxindles. Wood ".
Sears Pipes Appled
Potatoes (eating,)
Mens' and Womea's BOOTS & SHOES.
The Above Articles are of the
Best Quality,
No Auction Goods,
Deer. 22, 1876.

IW ATCHES for Boys, in gold or silver'
cases, at prices to suit all, at

Unclaimed Letters.
Mrs Alexander Adams (Warwick),,
1Mrs P Andrew (Paget), Wm Adams,
(North Side) Thos Adams, Edwardi
Burgess, Jas Butterfield, Jane H Brang--
man, G H'S Bell, Wm Bean, Sarah Jane-
Butterfield, JN Bean, Mrs Abraham,
Beek, John Campbell, Wm F Cogan,"Wi
L Dickinson, Mrs J F Darrell, Wmn F'
Dill, Joseph Darrell, ChObas Darrelli M
Dillas, Thos Darrell, john Eve, Wm 0C
Eve, Stephen Earll, W Friswell, Jane'
Gilbert, Harrington Harvey, Miss M R,
Hall, Sarah Ingraham, A W Jones, Mrs
Saml J Lotmore, James Landy, Wm IH.
Monck, E S Meade, Susan E Newman,,
Jos Wm Robinson, Elizabeth REbinson,,.
Saltus Richardson, Cecelia Roberts, Mary-
Ratterv, Jas Saltus, lichd N Swap, Clara.
Sims, Wm H Shadbolt, Joseph Henry-
Swan, Miss Elizabeth Simmons, H "
'Jmith, Arthur Sanders, J Falconer-

,Smith, Louisa A Smith, Maria Trott,
Christina Tucker, Julius Wood, Alexr'
Whitecross, E H Whitecross, Wm B
White, Geo Wares, Mrs Jane Wilson,.
'Helena Williams (Paget), Samuel G
Young, Mrs Yates (North Side.)
PostOffice, Hamilton, January 5,187',

U S; Ascott & Co., Wm Allen, John
Burgess, Alfred Burnh, J M Burgess,.
Wml Burch, B B>Bowen, ,Fied Barren,,
ZJohn Carty, M Dahl, R Fagi s, Joseph.
C Fox, William Hird; Henry Hollamby,.
Mr Hill, Ed F Ingham, Edward James,,
Jane Sominer, J Lightbourn, S Light-
botirn, Lodge 18 I 0 G T, J B Minors,.
T G Morris,,F L Matblie, John A Near--
on, Mr Nelson, E J Phillips, Capt Perry,.
Richard Ponton, Joseph Paynter, Riehdl
Smith, FJTrott, N J Tucker, Capt Wm .G;
Upton. F G Virtue, E] Virgin, Dr, IL.
Walker A. W-il.ou.


0, 1877.


0 YT

BIriIh 6,-"ade

* -'C.1'

,ce -

".,- leave, to acquaint his Cus-
St'."ii' and the 'i,11 e 1 4 .1c r l. that
S h ,e II r-.'. '' "hlewI to his

A 1 N 1)
4-", 4 >"L' b t


Consisting in part as follows :-
r.. New :. a S,
ST0HQLOL, lIalf, and Qr. Boxes' L.I..'r
.* ^ ^ ', ';"-' "
Sultaa- l .', .' for Paddings, .
1.yer FIGS, i Boxes,
1)-Do. 1)0D., 4 and 8-lb. P ,,.,cheap)
Do. I".,; in Baskets 3 lbs. each,
-.... I, .. (P1 ':' i;h ) iii small oval 7....
a3 B.,Itolh.,
DO I,'. *i .i 1!, per 10 lbs. or more,

.r, '-i PRUNi.; in Glass Bottles, 3 lbs.
"O l. Pi2h : i .> -, ,. -.iil, i
'":. I Uiw -N I, ', -r ic,

ff "" ? ... .. T, T 2-l). Tins and'5-9
i" ., best Compo ition ...r

'lrazil; Filhert-and I'ecan NUTS,
WALNUT ..'i'-i NUTS,
.t ',,I.. ALMONDS, 50 lbs. or moro, 0*
'"ONFECTIONEIRY, in 4 and 7-lb 'Tii.-4
pther OONFKOCTION -....<',,
S' e. r ,T i' ;-- iitgerSnaps, C.-

SI e, l-r ir l..d t i' r' ,,'!,.''"
r" .,...M ''' I .t ,,',I-,' ,','.
vi .i'r, L .Gil i>rtn ..r I ;. 1 S, i
S Bxes (A,'...l),
por:ihi.1 or NI c A.CS in Boxes

jPFalncy, Mixed, Poarl, Bcrinuda, &d.,
&c:, &c. ..
Powdered ii BS--Suge, Savory, Thynme
and 7,.",.-d,
r..- EA...i TS, &c.-sav Beef, Mut-
ton; Veal, &e., 'i 1 and .;ll. Tins,
'li EN and I l ;i' 21b. Tins,
u.I ?11AM, TON< ITI, .-nd BEEF,
EFN. BEEF, Liola-..'s E.xtra.-t BEEF,
W r.-N.t.liire SAUCE, iind Pinii EUJtl.
,A-lx tPINES,. and .-lb ''in-, ,r C;I-,
'live OIL,, i pilt, 1- plit, 1 pilt aidl nui:iri

Cal f.,:,t.T LL, TY in T,:,ltt.i, ,
.;i l s ; ...t.!--li, rkI t 'il Fnit,

Infanis M,1to PAll S
[fit ti ', rTr T F .

SA i round, x:ii in I -

Slo ,':i ^ ..f .. '. : f ; .. ., 3
S ', sizes,
JIapaIn 'Ta 'Trays, 18; 20, 24 inches,
itLable Knife SI ARi'EN! '., '
SI. i PU.-, :I.-- 1 Gross each.

The i :',1 A .--,tment of

HII:ilr l.... Pickled TO'N UTES,
Half. I'irl i Choice i: lTTE'R,
Sn..kid !> ", .URNIP ,
UD *. .' O0IONS.

RH milt,, ii, I ,. i .]!! !,,
S B ,-c..],i .2. '1876.- 2

SfILL be -:.-il'to any one (not the
Saiiiu.d offender) who shall give
information ..*u.' .irit (, convict the per-
son or persons '.-.-! > maliciously destroyed
several Trc _- ii t he Park in this Ti.,
Oi Sunday night l:i.:t, ;,, any accompUce
o *of such I ,l ff.-'.-r v-ii., s. i l ,l 'i --'aid i-4-
.Ii. uit u tn w ill .rl-. I' t i.. jlr", .*ut, ,!.

Ha-oilton, November 25, 1876.-2, 3p



I-a c.i- IA C -
L d:v.-ins & f'<-:till.:i ..n_, ''"

' :':it.,.,l,, H :. I:'., ( _- i : r'. _tt.

?JhN' P-I-irh HI qo aiy PWtIN
i~t hri~s -Office 5';1..-;, iihi-I'1H' i'-r,;'-
M~ho stole 'ssiliIs N 1A oM TI
PL ANTS i'al'-I'I ':~ T
(1HELL lumruS' f i heNi : 'stci

LO AD SI.--'and i'earl Cs-I (lu i't(I

CIOLD S~t-1'fdo- ll-X il s'
~J'l-'S. 'I~i-' -.45, I HIAlLE'S

S00A0 Gk1ood W S


C IA e a p '
AT Price': ; TO ST1O 2 THE "TITI.

A S,- 1, and V. i.. 1 Assortment of



J a'

S C. ,i i-,;' in part of:-
4, .IE"ICAN WS1i,-, :-;..1 B .'v. O"T-
TONS Si".-TIN: ? :,
I.)HAIRS .i'- "i)S FL 'N.
IHO:'. :" BI_ .'-T -
Door .1AT TRUNKS. ...
S S TT.IES and
SPRING 1._ S &c., &c.

f p ;-- -' "
-Latest Ft. '
-In great Variety-
0 2'.3and I FiI132 13t.
,'-To Suit E.s c -"
'&c., &c., &c.
All of which will be :'p1 n ii! in a few days
and priced very low as above; for Cash
S. W. Corner Reid and LE'irniv Sts.,
H,,ilaJtil, ,No. 71 3
r"IliE EMPORIUM is the Establish-
t". men for IParties who desire Large
Value for their money.

The Unndersigned
Just IReceived,
Per Beta" via lA1 x,
His Usual 4i1,ply ',f E li-hi and.
Scotd" "-

F "' the F[';:1, li' i he is ,ff i,':. a very
smalladvance fo h' t .'-I .
.... ;._1.'.:,. J F 1i r .
'. 13, 187 .

PER. "CANI:[,".
i\ .VAEF, TY of staple and fancy AR-
TI ,LES.:'-, TOYS, &c., (..'-"::;;,'
n part of:
Felt SKIRTS Ladies' & Children's

Fi.: y BA.i':- ET:- Picture F'.. X .,'S
SATCHELS Croquet :%" 'f f'S
D T E. P O('i :T BC''::i
1: ,i :ONS TIES, &c.
Children Tea SETS Dr '.IS,
'Pop (t N; ., CHAIRS, Tool
CHESTS, FLUT I ; ., Perfume
* BOTTLES, &c. &c., &c.

An A,-..,'- ii.u t. of
Superior BOOTS & SHOES,"
* Ladies,' Chili.lren,' and Gents,
All of which will be Sold CHEAP for
C:.sI, at the STORE upstairs,
West Front Street.

SN, O.+T PI 0E .



V& ~ Er~Pi

Adjoining Union C..' .,

n110ow open to, receive Boarders.

Ex Sir G. F.

S- AEasrt

her Supply ot


I A t, the

, oiL T8, I7
ov.18," 1", u..

Theo (As,.anL Psuri, r of the

The *1.- ,, .',st and most certain cure for
Scrofula, ,
'' iheeninhitism
Fo li_ ,, t pti Is, .
'"" 0. Sores, 'ktnd
I Ulcers.

All kinds of di~g cases or sores arising from
impure blood ind i hiiors.

In ett1''i,.i. a -V., I.-I cusre, if used a
sufficient leng th of tiune.

For Sale by all ,'-' aqid Dealers in
Medicishe. *

Imperishable Frigiance.

~.iLd~~'t'.~ -J

T ^ ]. <, '' T ?',, 1 '
,'l. u iA XO ) u.2,-si

The richest, most lasting, yet mort
dellvate of all perfumes for
ust on the

f- 1 .-
t4 //1,'. Toilet.
As therreare iiit;,i:n-' ,nd ni :'; -.i
feits, al ways ask for the Florida \';ilu r
i V '. pI j' i.. ,
SXNeiw York.

FOR 1 Ei"": ; .t [,i r. :i"U iE. AND DRUGGISTS.

,BA 'l,. i' r'ISi ':D

Guarariu c'd surely Vegetable'
Ar'e th,.- only .pill- which contain
Leptamdrin nill Podophy'iIinI.
These two p,)i; rft'l a t-I lni1 u illiLt.'
are a sutie ciare io r f11 diseases of i .' sto
niachi, liver, asn-l I Ii.V -;. headache, iindiges
tlion. dizziness, 1.,ihn in the sido or -backl

'l l,-.v. 1.v r n-,.i; n n,' r 'ripe, unless
tlhe .,.,ch ,. a ,i .'i v 'n,,1. ,i di ll,' are
i;AS.\': T) Ti.AKE. '

l'1,r -,uJ' l. v ;iI ii itS ;ints JI leil'.i s ine
Il lll h 'lI <,1 IT .. a',(

\ '.w .'. i. *.. t. D n 1), ingo and '
M ,.-i ,. ...' *I s "
FOI .',I.E'llTiEAP.
1i. IE DICK[ ON.

SVEUY- description of; JOB WVORK
ii the, above line done with neat-
ness and despatch at 'the "B U ii l 1 11
Office, Albuof's Point, Hamilton.*
Particular attention given to '. -
TARY FOJ',;!'.
Novr. 17, 1876.
Just Arrived for Cl!ristfnas
Sets Jew(lrv, Neck Cl1A INS, -a'r
TONS and STUDS, Lallies' nn(l Gent -'
Finger RINGS with Renl Stono., in d
C IA'A _1'lS. D .-ii, F ail o., ',i ll.-nid ,.
them an CH lIELD'S.

tHave row open for Iri,.i...-tiS,,
.AN .\',yT.TAT!T OF .
;,! ,LfI. !i L1 ',' '-.

Just Received via New York.
Paget' Nov 5, 176.

C OLD and SILVER English, Ameri-
1 T imu, asid + Swiss Watches, at,
('llI D'IS.
r"HE .EMPORIUM offers a Job. Lot
(- f HA.TS at I<.Id. .::tich.
G ENT.S' l I .,u Fel' II AITS f'rii : .l4

S I 1 I'E i'.." IE i) \' .1 :... i ,n--si- g
,.) of Tea Sets, Ice Pitcliers, Cake Hals-
ir- t-. Toilet S'-t- Fruit Dishes, Pickle
Dishes, C.'lI Roeivrs., Jewel Caskets,
Pl,.,..,i. Boxes, *(nil Bells, Egg ;'-leis.
Butter Dishes of the latest design, also
Rodger's (Celeh rtell Pfated Sp'.u',s. ,l k .
&c., at CHIILD;S.


0 I
'1, ,..' :; :1'

Cheapness u,, 0 Q""i"/ Comibl,.n7.

SJ. Ll-I THO(iT-.E, manufacturer-.
.A of the above ;&: t.-',. takes this op-
,,i ttunity of iinforming his-fricndis and lthe
Public generally, that having removed his
place of busin'sst'.

Albuoys Poinaty
Han.ilt.-,nJ,,: ,lji i't.i ::'jl to supply theilr
Si I il,- ii ,.ii: -,.' I.- coni ioditvy at i t
:;ic.:- wa ,ii, I- i,'...- iL.within easy reach of
adl, and i 1 '1' ,lly insui passed by any
iil,| i,. 'I into tflus I.n ,l .,t.
ihily one trild is necessary to prove that
it i.' what it is represented to be-GOOD
8+ 1A I', ;iitl cheap.
lamdlton, April 4t!hi. 1876.-12m.

l .ta '., l il 1,.

Sfri ha.

T ill UNIDllElRS G lilJ

B EGS leave to tender to the Public his
-B thanks for the Liberal Patronage of
the i i.A, and trust that by his usual close
application to business and satisfactorily
di-. liair.'inz ill Orders intrusted to him, lie
will further merit a continuance of its favors.

In Addition to Stock lie has

Jukst Rkeeived1 7

Per "Beta,"

Thi Fow6n :

D OUBLE and SingleJ Ri-lrg
,BITS-in varieiy
]iRUItS1 1S--DanIdy and ,I.,, -
.ill,.- Cl'OT'lS-(Fawn) :
All-Hogskin Riding SADDLES
Blue andi \Vhite (GIftTiS
Riding WHIPS liunting RIUGO
Fancy HA LTERS lose RING S
&c., &C., &e.
H urn ,ss l:. ti,-r i-, .,nt.
East Hamilton.
Novr. 11, 1876. Eas* amlt.
Por.-,ons having Engagei
Salt andGzaa .o,
To be delivered from Schr. iit. ,.u."
will please call for tihe sane iino .i-
J. J. FRITm,
Hanilton, Dec. 16, 1876.
k"-1 0 to) CHILD'S if you want any thin'
4- in the lno 1 of ,JEWEL[tY, PLA-
TED-WAliE, &c, ad hIe will b sure to
suit yon.

_} 'e o e B*.

r|IWO' ri,-, Gentlemen, or a .Gen-
l. tleman and his Wife or small
Family, can be accommodated with'
Board and Lodging in a private Family
in this Town. The situation is a most
pleasant one and to an fr. ; .1 '-i.-"
the terms would be accommodating.-
For particulars apply at the Office of
the Bermudian.
Nov. 11, 1876.--3
OF CoiPred Sid i,-',i, (I Ga(I Lockets
Clinsrms, &c., it lED'S.

Or nnI %T (

Ilis Usual Assortment of
('Cil:-.E MEAL CON :
LAi I 1EI-F F OAP-l--., ted
Choice O. 1... TA C ANDTIA
Cr.l-hi.d SUGAR K.- -....1, Oi
POTATOES jir'in l'AS
B. :. PEAS. W. B-IANS.'
&,.c &c., &e.
Ad ,'' ry Low for ('ash.
..., n N W.T JA i.:I
-,. ;,,i ,,,,. Nuv. 4, 1876.

The l'ill; ani Ointient ae suil at Pro-
fessor hol.iina's Establishment, 533, Ox-
folrd-stie. t, L Hidoll ; ;>lso y nearly every
resp)citahlo v i.o', .of .'-.;. s, throughout,
th.e civilizoid i 'rll ii o.xes ii! P ; .at
Is. I d., 2s. 9d..: 4s. 6d., 11.., 2.', 33s.
each. The 2s. 9d. size coiitainsthree, the
4s. 6d. size six, the I Is. size sixteen ti11
22s, size thiirty-tlirce, 'and th-, 33s. 'iftvy-two
li eis lie quantity of a It s.', .1- l ;r P ,t

,5-/.'..:.; : 'l '.,iin:llest Pot of .Oinitllt'l OlB
01tle.. f *. : '
Full p.'i,, l0i,! :. i,,,+ i i1:;:..-,1 to e ehi .
D .X 1 h l Pii ,, ; i,,I,1n I i.- iiad i : I,, lan-
-'i i.t.. ev, i in Tn1urlkh, Arabic, Armeiiiaun,
-i : ii .1ii <'h '- '. r'

,'l#] t" lmliti)1: ..a Home
.T',,niral si'VI ('',,uill,'r- I .A l '1 4 1 ... 'r ; pIo l)-
lisheT"l'enrr .; BA I IT D)AY \l..rni,.-'- t.
til- P rintalit -ltl .-,, A l. .lll..;, 's*P.ji l, l,v *
"'er'ns of hp' P frr. ..
The Yearly Subscription 0 1 ,1 '
.. O
Qiih rtorly 0 4s. 1'.
L.-'NN- subscripti(in received for a less
period t-han ine qiatrter.
n- glo'f: Alll.,,4. oft 'the, i6d.

-Rates and 1/, ', of Adr,',;, ---
1 ii' ,,i ,ii i l -,'l- I I' '. I. 1'

ov,-s 'l' mii l i -i. |ii. no'' eIr.h.

ihisrl,:.i ii, i ln l~lh.-n, and t. l i-. d t. r
accordingly. 0
jffQjj!i in-
,.'. tended for publication to be
written on one side of the 1"Vi only-and
'in -. cases to 1,- . .. by thewri-
ter's ,'.... and address.

*nonolmway's *i t meimn '"

All .Tfm.:.'"r- from i;:'['.ii-, colds," "bonchi
tis, astlina, .:ol irregular action of .the
hIeart are earnestly rIecimmended to rub
lolloway's searching Oi,'ti..: t. well oyer.
the throat, breast, and back, as the case
U -t. requiire, tvice a dlily. Invalids may'
coslfidentl y rely upon tlil' Ien fi,.i.-I" 'r t
-l'-ulitiiiz f'; thIis tressns elt ; t i i < iun-
nmeitis thelrermedy most tin.- ,..ri'thy for'
., internal gndextersua in ils irs Qf the
throat. < "

Bad. Lgs,. Bad B'a~0.s. tUh""' ,
Abscesses, Wounds, and Sores
of all kinds .
Maiy be. thoroughly 1 sc1le-d by th" aib,,l-
tion of thi iiSiho n. s ri part-, iti t *. .,.
after they h.s p been iil f,.n.- ,,:s..l %ith
warm water. Under 'the action 't, this
powerful "ntment, aided by the P.'11, thi
(iel] r.i1i. L etsi .- of the !i... will b) quieicki
y I,.'u.:'\,.i c.oll scrofulouss rs ai. .
foul sores. tloWever old or inveterate, can
thus be curd.

In Gout, Rhetnmalism, and ,Net\-
r;.-l ie Pains
This Ointment never fhi s to give relief.
The very first application lessens thp. in-
fl-.iiiniia.',,,i and ( ti iniss ies btt liea a;uid
i;in,. 'IT'li-: ,,)lhiii. Ol iitim eit, by dcpn-
ri ,g Ih':h'- blood on its route to or from
the alI:,.-t.-, p ,rts, p-r..'ui-i healthy action.
In severe or cli .;.- cises teio Pills should
always bo taken 'fns their purifying aIltera,
tive and rssiorative qa Ilitie policee tlie
whole liass, of solids and fluids in a wlhoile,-
some condition.

The Mothiers' Friend.- Skin Dis.<
eases, Ib,,e ver ,b,.-.rate inay
e .bt,.1;_;lly Cured.
Scald head, itchhl(,,lteics on the .l, a,
srofulouss so,'s I'r king,"s evil, andl tsincl
like aflections, vyiel to the inigliy po oa-r
of this tine Ofintiient, provish-d iiA be well
In)bed around theO fl'-rctled panls two or
three tinles a day and the P'll s h! takv ,,
accordi ng' to he Ie !C, .I directions.
Dropsical Swellings, Pltr:,l-i-:
t ld Stiff J(iiits.
Malny of thie worst cases of the, abv oe
disc-ise-s p);is's, eyiln when tierr ne'ans,3
bave failed. Wfeliei r lie O inalalv has
been of lonig stniniii tle Oi s'n,-s; s!ioti-1
he assisted hly lolloway's pirifyin, Pills
which asct upont iho sitmmhcli anh d ll'er
guaardisii difges' ions a aiii',st lf .i;,, !inti> tiuh t
i ~. .i ,1 u i- 1a li. tle jii restle -
ii -. ii.i lever sl ti,-nlihii' these ii' ',- _._
a1t to produlie, aI,(Id wdhichrls tIl h ir5'tlirl-
rocovery, ;n I son tint s j 'even liak(s ..'ri-
ons the slihghltst ca- .

Piles, Fistilas. aind Initerinal iin-
P ... 11 iafflic'ctd withI these dist,', '
compaiiis \.ls w iifid in thi;iii .iiindhrfl (.im -
"u o i i ..i i .. .... i rrlih f i li u;l c l of ,f-
I-.t,. i iheir i)\'n Cti'-a l wilt hout .\exjl soiiiit
their i...'., iy to> aiy om Tihe PiI., i
ill s all l dos e, gre.ii-y ,. 'he h Oe iim nt,
a l' PC, t ifN' i s' t'o l ni l rino ;i:..
SI1Boi a I P i. th
!)ot/ thQ O('on/a; ', ai I th P 0;.T-' Ib,
ftt-"d for t'h" f.' i. ca <.,:

I 1ish0 11 S,

FItes Isf Alas-

F 'lies,

Corns (sotl)
( .til l's,
('ii'i-n,'t, d &
Stiff Joints,
Siieph ni'ti sis.

G ois hl -


Se)l'l. iatl,
Sore >\ i1,ple,,
S .re Thiut

Scnr'v,- .
' it le d,



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