Group Title: New era, or, Home journal.
Title: The New era, or, Home journal
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Title: The New era, or, Home journal
Alternate Title: Home journal
Physical Description: v. : ; 55 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: A.L. Spedon
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Frequency: weekly
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda -- Hamilton
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).
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Volume ID: VID00002
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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No. I-VOL. I]



A Weekly Newspaper Specially devoted to the general interests of the Inhabitants of Bermuda.

~ -

Our Colony-a United people with undivided interests.



hereby respectfully informs the Public that he has established in
She Town of Hlamilton, Bermuda, a


A Weekly Newspaper Entitled.,


To be Specially devoted to the general Inte-
rests of the Inhabitants of Bermuda.
'The Publisher will endeavour to conduct the Journal on strictly Indepen.-
dent Liberal Principles, free from any personal preju-
dices or Party Influences
fAnd thru it, with justice to all, will devote his best energies in ad-
vocating the promotion of Education, Temperance, Morality
and Religion.
Local News, and full Reports of the doings of Parliament, the
Courts. Public Meetings, Social gatherings, etc. wils! be punctually
attended to. -

Also, a synop-is of Canadian, American, BritLh
and other Foreign News,.
Agricultural and other industrial matters will receive special

And other matter carefully selected for both old and young,
T77e Colums ;of the paper will be opened !o literary Con,' ib itions
whiC n may merit a place thtw ei, ,nid also ai/ to be
used as a medium, of discussion, and ;free to any
who may desue to offer hir opinions
upon Suibjicts of gene al inte rest
to our Reade's ; but all ard-
cles of an abusive

Or of an immoral tendency shall be strictly refused

A'otlces of Bi'ths Trihiges and

Deaths inserted free.
paper Business, the Publisher feels confident that he will make
"THE NEW ERA" a good, readable, and instructive paper, and
therefore he trusts that it will be received as a welcome Messenger of
,,Intelligence, and

To many a Home and Household throughout the Islands of Bermuda.

The ,Yew Era,

Every Monday afternoon,

12 Shillings per Annum.

Paid in- advance-[at least 6 months,]

6 months 6 shillings, tingle copy 3 pence,

further particulars will be hereafter given.

Posters, Bills, Circulars,

Ca rds, and other Job Work punctually
attended to, and promptly

10'- A share of Public Patronage is respectfully Solicited.

UOice-over Mr. T. H1. Pitt's Store,

Editor and Proprietor.
Hamilton, Bermuda, September 26th 1881.
- -- .

4 Ride for Life.
Saved by a Fatal Shot.
It was a beautiful midsummer after-
noon. The s'u was shining I.nrhtly
upon one of the Lig- plains of Texas,
dotted here and there by settlers'
houses, and the glittering waters of the
jliu Gran.le.
Riding up the dusty brown road at
a slow pace was an army officer, he
rode a large sonrrel thoroughbred,
which seemed ever impatient to move
more rapiidly onward.
The ri,ler was a young man, with a
lhandsomnie sun-browned face. He had
bright grey eyeu a light mustache hid
his wcll-cit lips, and a wealth of dark
brownwu curly hair clustered around his
As hI was passing a wayside house
the owner cam-. out and bhailed him:
C,-,1ouji" h 'ul -- iun to.1!
Ti., oun-g offi rueTJ his horse,
and rode upl: to the man.
"Colonel," said the man, that
Mexican band of thieves crossed the
river this mornuint, and they mean to
be up to iiichief.".'
"Yes," said the colonial, "those
Mexica;is raiders are the plague of the
c,,untry. Have you -eeu the rascals?"
Y-" I met th,:m this morning,
when they crossee, the river, and they
told m,- thev intended to kill the
T. -.mpj'son f.u ily I.eforetleygo back ;
so I c-include.,l t.) tell yon. I thought
yonu iuight warn Thompson to get out
of thi nav."
"Why, what have they against
Oh, you know Thompson chased
two of them ariay when they were
trying to steal his horses. They have,
boasted that they intzi.l to kill every
man, woman and child in the family.'
"When do they intend to do it? '
"As they come lbalc. They have
gone down in the valley; but, from
what they said, I think they will be
back in two hours or so."
As soon as that!" said the colonel;
"then I will not have time to ride to
camp for troops."
.",No; and they may be back in an
hour; no telling.r
Well, if they may be back so soon,
I'd better be going if I wish to save
the family. G.'od-dav."
"Good-day," said the man, as the
colonel's,.horse bounded at a rapid
pace up the road.
Thompson's house was about a mi!e
and a half distant. Reaching it, the
colonel rode hastily up to the door and
"Hello, Colonel Charlie," said the
good hearted farmer, "come in and
ave a drink of iilk., and cool your-
self. It is a mighty hot day."
"No, I thank you; that band of
Mexican cut-throats have crossed the
river again, and"-
"Are they?" exclaimed the settler,
wiping the sweat from his brow.
Yes; and they have.threatened to
murder you and your family."
"And I have no mercy to expect
from tlh-em. That thief I hurt for at-
Smpltiung to steal one of my horses
was one of ihi' Lg:uii', and I suppose
they are tltii'thig fur revenge?."
"Yes, Thompson," said the colonel,
"the best thing for you to do is to
leave here as soon as possible, and go
to camp."
The settler hastened away to alarm
those within.
The family consisted of Thompson,
wife, brother and two children-a boy
and a girl. The boy was about a dozen
years of age, and the girl six.
After quickly hitting a pair of
horses to the wagon, it was soon

loaded,the Col. working as industrious-
vly as any. The children were put in it,
an.l Thonipsou's brother-in-law drove
away, leaving the rest to fill the re-
nmainng wagon.
The man had driven but a short dis-
tance, when the girl began to cry for
her doll.
'Oh, never mind your doll, I'll buy
you another,' said her uncle.
Oh, please let me go back and get
my doll," cried the child. I'll go
straight to mamma.
She cried and begged so hard, that
at last her uncle put her out and told
her to hurry straight to he. mother.
Going back she entered the house
unobserved, and sitting down on the
floor soon fell iiqleed.
It was some time after the wagon
had started that the other one was
ready. They therefore had travelled
nearly two m'ies before overtaking't.
Then the mother, putting her he'
out of the ,'agon, called to herb
-' aw'B e-IsTOb. a ''
-"b-'4 ui-nth you," said the bV. ,
"Isn't she b ith--,u?' cried Mrs.
Thompson to her brother.
No ; she is in youC wagon."
"Oh, heaven !" cried the mother,
"my child is left behli id."
fI or a moment all silent, gazing
in each others faces, till Thompson
"I fear I could not g'et back before
the bandits would be there. That
dust in the distance, I suppose, is
caused .vby the band. Perhaps they
may not injure the child ."
'" But, cried the moth,' r frantically,
they have sworn to ki U every man,
woman and child in th e house. If
they should spare her, they would
carry her off into slavery, which would
be even worse. Oh, miny child, my
'" I know not what to d,," exclaim-
ed the bewildered father.
There is but one thing that can be
done," said the young office ur. I'll ride
back, and rescue her if it. is in my
'" God bless you, colonel, God bless
you! May heaven reward you!" ex-
claimedl the mother, her yes filling
with tears as she saw the u(. ble young
fellow turn his horse and ga lop down
the road.
The colonel galloped on until he
reached the settler's house& ,. Then
riding around to the back h. i looked
in through the open window. There
lay the child ntpn the floor asleep,
grasping her doll.
Oh,' Colonel Charlie, whei 'e's my
mamma?" cried the child wL en he
awakened her.
Your mother has gone away ; but
I have come to take you to her. Now
come to the window, and I wi'l lift
you on the horse. Be quick!"
Liftinvgl her up before him. he cl. isp-
ed her firumlv about. the waist, and tI ru-
ing his horse's head, p1hlinged up he
He could plainly distinguish the
bandits now as they were moving to-
ward the house.
He hal ridden about hah" a mile
when the Mllxican band caught sight
of him. They immediately c.hang-ed
their course, not directly toward. him,
but so as to intercept hinm about mid-
way between the settler's hume an d the
Tha colonel undei stood their mrtewe-
ment, and knew thy-v had a short er
distance to ride. For a moment he
hesitated and looked Lack; but in thOt
distance he decide-,. to move forward.
for lie saw several stragglers of the
band had already reached the house.
"My horse is .aster than any of
theirs," he inutter( d, and that is my
only hope. Now, Hero," said he to

the thoroughbred, as he patted the
horse's arched neck, you have a hard
ride before you. Now, do your level
best, old boy." -
The horse seemed to understand;
for he pricked up his eis, and --.o,. :.
his head a if eager for' the rae '
Now, my little girl, jut your aniz)' ,'
about me, and hold on tight. 'si
not afraid, are you ?" .
"No; not with you, she repled? a'
she looked up into the young: fellw's
handsome face. -
The next moment the thoroighbrd
was flying at a rapid rate. Te ban-
dits saw it, and with a wild yll 'urged
their horses full speed.
Rapidly they shortened thedistsnce
between them until they were s'ot
more than a mile and a half apart.
The colonel saw it was a.critical mo-
ment. He glanced toward thq qaiPp;
he saw that the wagons had, alley ,.
arrived, and the soldiers w.e', in, .."
front of the tenttsag earlyy wa n. th,,4
race. .'' "
He grasped the little girl's wai~ t- "
hehurt he then bracing himseWlf -
ly in theitir ups, he gave 'a wiliell
at the horse. The animani srng
into the air, and the next {noa.e4t it ,
was flying over the plains at such a
rate that one misstep would have been
Each moment they came closer. to-
gether; the colonel was gaining rpid-
ly on them, but he had a much longer
distance to ride. j
The exiteneu t among the soldiers
in front of the tents grew intense as
each moment brought them closer and
closer. A deatldike silence fell upon
the iren as th ..ritical moment drew
hear. ----- -, .

peated another.
A tear stood in many an eye; for
the colonel was a favorite with them
Look I look!" cried several of the
Yes, look! When the bandits were
almost upon him, the horse suddenly
gave a splendid burst of speed wothy
of his blood. Was he running orfly-
iug? He was down on his ork, at ]ast
The next moment both parties .leap-
ed into the hollow that' lay between
them and the camp, and were loAt .to
view. .
Silently the soldier *atti .,.th.
hollow. They knew'it J .iai
of lie and deatUh, ai0a 4.
breathlessly, .thliey. aB .. 'e
The next moment .4ep..el *c"me
full in view from the" "I low -
cneer almost involantiy .bst 'om .
the men; but iL soon su3 ded, fOr it
was now the paramount mnoent. H.-
was paasug the 1lexichS'at'.about .
seventy yaids.. They raised their -
guns and mred.
Did he reel or fall,! No; he was sti'M -
iirmly seated in thd saddle.
"" tie colonel's safe," cried the inn. "
But he wa6 not,
lie was rapidly approaching a
growth ol willows near a pool-of water,
wLen suddenly a mounted Mexican
sprang rom behind him armed with a
rt:\i'Per. It looked as if he had
escaped one danger but to fall into
anuiiier. He haa no chance to defend
lilinel'f. One aim was aLout the girl,
with the other he had to grasp the
bridle; and even if he eokld use it, he
could not get at his revolver. 1f he
lad the child on the ground, before he
could deilend himself and get her again
the bantits would be upon him. So
he concluded to press onward.
The villian rushed toward him, ex-
clanumig as he raised the pistol and
took aim:
A l Autin se cants la gloria" (Boast
not till the victory i, won.) .
At that moment there was a low
report, scarcely audible for the dis-
tance, and the Mexican reeled in his
saddle and tell to the eaith.
The colonel looked a head of him, and
there, iully half a mile away, stood a
tall lIutuckiain graaping a rile which
he had just di.-chaiged.
I,%: colonel pu-hed on. and as he .
ad the oldere, the latter id :
*: I -ather guessed I letched
"es; it was a splendid
into camp. luu wiil be co
Sget t .Leil.
A coipoi al,' '"l
Kentut kmu. be
that. Didn't

THE .rE r' ERd.

year yet. Lucky phot, that: yo lgad, or isaut lat s, a inscrib- J ES A. FJELD.. PARLIAMENTAY PROCED- .te.-in iron ,nm not a few of (lhe great
i theT ii' :connedPion'with the tihe late o the Unite. INGS. ciirei..I esisail.liiinnti are al-o ,igig
few moments ore the coloHo soccurmtettoune perhaps, St.-fes-v'a i-,rn '.a Fifrliekld OQ1, The Howue met at the usmal hour i I. .ikiug. Tl i]-n ,.t Ilie eriman
tingd i idaa a .wi.ioIV ". Happ ~r while, each paper NovrrO. 1th. 1.3.' est-erd ay" pt, ti. i tS', 1 ,.1. .lr; n ,..p 'n
eer anld a dischaige trom(e bdf- of the series, as a sort of monitor His pJts, lor'mervl of New York, After sofe preliminiy business ,fit-,,,r .... i.l n ,!..-I.i. Lu; L:li, ihat .-ha
ery, .whi.ih rolled over the plains and reminds us that life is full of event- 1 id located on' small i'aim, and being had been disposed :,If, Mir Samuel C. 1ny i. N.- i k. l.,.t..n .r Phlil:h-.le
across the river imto" Mexico, anjout- full changes, and that time is alppareut- somewhat por iU euAtutau4eq, had l uterbridge moved the following Re- i. 1,. in,'. h.1,,.i' l II'itrt. negleci t
cing that the colon61l had won the lyi movinwr more rapidly onwaid than to labor ha to'- support themselves, soutiou- Reolved that the House t ni.. l.. an
race. we are either willing or ready to re- and fdilyv ,of. four ch(0lren., of whom of Assemll' of Bermuda, having learn- hill- kuon a .in"r i'ii. Th,' gr. at ob.
St: is.'- cogilize;:'0Idhewspapersapregenerally Jamlls IJ.-mat ,,th*,yons'et. 4 B. Before he ei wfithprofoundl srow the melain- t,,.il in, ti ne. :ai, ,i'BSt.-eJi .,it'
considered as a valuable treasure, andl ha.i r-ac'ie ilii s e..,ond year his father choly and plremature death of the Pre- I'r-..t-r ti.luL:.-i.'1ii.1, ii i which a1e
by those of-antiquarian tastes are pre--'di-ed whie'rr-rdue.d the family to still sil1st-itf the'United.lStatesrnf .meri- *W iU.t .dLA*W, h.=hibw pluli tier.
served as a heir-loom in the hoe- poi.rer :rcumstances. e.--.IMES A. (ARFIELr,-desires to iSZ ,Il.tindr t,, ,rev!,,:, ii1 the ade
hqln. ohtts. .. l t lie moth-:r. li;ver, was a woman express its deepi sympathy and, cimmrrce of tl,.a coiuin v.
We throw iout thtee sup est ions to "''gret energy o courage, and by felt cehdolulence th tleG'(overnmenut
our readers, testing t the "'New th-e toens, thru hbard labor aud hi- and people of the United States, and LocalR termsl
S .. .-.. Era" marbe found by some, at least. dtntrv she w:V, enabled to keep her ,epecially with Mrs. Gartield and her -
worthy of preservation, as a local famIily tget-her un-,vr the old roof and fail i he great calamity that has Or thas to ofcer
Editorial Bureau. fi3^ W'' lt a it X-171 0 Our th..ud:s to 2nd officer Mf.
dioria...-. ....- chronoe.,,.ti, ther. ; befallen them. I T. Rice of the S. S. Fl.mnborough,
TO TIME EADERS OE..THE In his 1th year Jame- left the pa- 1 The Resolution was then seconded and to Mr. E. E. C-vr, of Hamilton
.'...-. W- E 1RA. ---' -. IN MEMORIUM. reitt i hiie, i.h:-ving,.,I tainted ,mpklo- by Mr. T. Mildleton'andiunanirocusly .T*orp,-k.-..of h-t, N *fY.rb,6e.s
One year ago a voung Scotch Cana. n: a" a,''r l on *a tow,-pth on thle agreed to. ,
In the spl of 1879, for the dian named Franelis atmrae, belon- .hio Caa d rose to he k The House of Assembly was then li A a nia l iofsmpathetic res-
'osofIi ealth a' d e(in to the County of Gray, Prince o.of a d.'eam o. his a,- I summoned to -attendl Hitis Honol,the 'pect t, t4 iemori,f'i:th, late Presi-
Sof-Ontario,ame anto Bermti da' tores) il.- itti) at that time being to Iecome a Acting Governor, at the Counoil (Chat- lenat Gartfel, the flags -: thi S. 3
Irisiteed Bermuda, where I rewmaid d,. the winter. For some ti'e sailo'r onu tlh L 1l-:.,. r, when his Honor was pleased to Fl ,orI,,I',.uh 0 r iu 'mourning anud
6a few wc'dks; aid then returned to C(- prior thereto he had filed to enjoyv Tw," tuuit, i.:,Ir to his leaving hoae clo.e thse, n wittan t h m-t. Avimiri-riplav wa's
'ada, imuniisely teni.ited thereby. health, anil his physician had, at klnth ,lil, t'a.l,'?.t'-'%t ote t"i- *a very appriopriate- pe-ch. ol..servabllin" rhiiltn a .d St 'Geor-
y airing the follUokin wuiter"my old advised him to try the balny cltimt -im alA. h -1.1. al near ugA.there'.;rm A laige number of spectators were. ges, and also at kev.ralplaes tlu-qut
'.I'h reh .nBd and adhiallv became of these siuny Isles. He broalit with llaildt i tail e uppioirt ft th: fallnl. ipreselt. including several ladies, who the isltiuds, '
S rI-'e. At'length I' it ,.nei essitated him several letters of recommnen.d; H -, tl t:.,u cr iat l. ,t .thl occupied promi .t seats in-front, on ----
t.) .again I|4ve recourse to thle baluiv among which wvas one froin the Re; ,'' -i-ini4'ts. ,ich 'le h.!. I tlhe f oor of Ihe Hioue. It The lon, continued fine weath-
CiUate of.bhese .unyv Isles; and jl Mr. ataculon, sn-in-law of A r; W. Wil- 1[1i.ed up while att ding a Di.tict His Hot the President pf tite er received a cleck it week by what
o"iLnoe6r&f of 18-O, I caine here with liam 0. Duimcomube of Warwnik, Bet- ,Se l a f.w it -. of eaci ear. Council by coummiand of His Exiellen- Meteorologi;sts audweither-seersterm
nMy ,family .utoulin this.time to re- muda, to whoIm he was directed to call Ex [-ure and hai dI:.l :ip o n the cn teGo-rnor, deIluared the present the' Eiquitxial- gales. Dming the
flaiu.a longer period. po. Mr. Dunsciabe ad fi til, i "ngt b-..t. n an attack of Iever loil P.,iliment pI-n to week a vast amount if rain fell. (On
Sou staw ecame so muh ted a hgh opinion f the lotin ana'e. l. wii.- hewa.. .cined to Friday the 4th day of Novemi.rer, uesxt .Monlaw i mghtterrifict'flohes, light-
o' ate'ail to the count N, and tihe peo- 1nhfn, at once*, an in ith t-m h,.I -hlAtW .. a.l ;- T.- .l .... Th of the A.semlbly then ig eie-,...n "i a ditiice." Tue-
we ith ,hofli w'e liecit.e.acq uautedI, diately found a comfortat le and hal:,pn hapy mt, ie, eiirous o(f ui"ing I i a pra" oceeded to tin. Sessi,:, Huoiue, hen d.*ras .characterized Iv hilh ahuda
i' at e'nltimatelv decided upon estab- home. During the winte-r and until '-o'. --educatin. ad;" '-ise ii tio give the S..peech Ias fio:n ihe Chair, from the west, a .oniute,.
listhin .a peraiie'eunt r'si,.ence here. ahborutpe'fvi.lHte 61f tastJui'- h- re- h up ni islea: of the w-atrs, and in ac- by the speaker, wh also declared the cession be.ty .w.' T.e sky
S'Bitt soethitnghad to be done iiorder maii ed with them. His hall. h 1 this tlje th be h ci tt red an Uouse proioiied t.ill4he ato'e date tliruoutth week presenttd a :.o.
to'tneet flie- daily demunil. at d livel- time was cousideral.lvrestored, and Aia,--y j "the following yer. His after which the menterrs dispersed. aspect, and physical nature ai iare.
ho6d Hing eeq in the t ,uiwspApe.r he purposed returning to Canada. oC.i waere too liul]itl tu er bls -- *--- as if weepilng in roes of moulntinng.
tisfn&gsA-oraseveral years'the natural Unfortunately. however, when about, to p the regular board bills at t HEATI DISASTERS. '* During the present week however the
Sof habl'it. s4gested the itdia ready to start lie conceived the idea of ir- aii a nd s l i n. ain Durin te t- .eek of -the present wther has beeamagniticer..
p .resutramg the sanie employment .. visiting sowe of tle W est India Is- Id",k, fa-, ,s. erby, and irein ren man j uthn the ht:* was exc t elp v '. Last Sutidavh ea out, T
Several cogenial acquaimtaicesco- lauds before taking his titt departure. li own meals. H soii onunil feit th uout the tfate onf NwxYork, o'clock a large and brilialt'fteor
S .ided th -p;. and as .the The ME IEORI, a vessel belneing to ment from the carenters of the and adjoining States. The therniomn- plsel over the town- of Hauriton in
.e a3 ala-e -of a promis- Mr. Du.nncomabe, plyuig between Ber- sig ',o ad worked moe ni. nd even- -tir in tLhe th-lt tgistreL for several a southerlv direction. For several s6
ind aspect I decided polt" ting. the rnisa nud ilarl.ados was then prepar- Lgs.-ic, hel eI him to iay for his ays from 90 to 100 degree ;. and hi conds after it passed, a line of radi-
eW a-ise as soon is circumstances ng to leave for the ltterpiceCr. l tuition c. Du 1 r ome places lose as high as 104 and ancdistinctlIv marked its course,-
s v eru t. C thraerfdily embraced the oppo- auht a Ditri,.t School; anti i the 10S. I; the cities espeoialv, many A. if a m.gic cord o iUgNh
b ht t be;nining of July I re- tunity of tabig a voyage her.,no d l tms .tt e sustroks occurred. At numbers uf Had A -'d the azure areh
t'ru tb Cnada t)o niaks arrange, doubt inteding afterwards to it i Aend -a nd in this r onI -ublic w"tork,, ,..ill .and, a- nj Lt. .
inents for the ,count.i..ic" oi my paper fome of the other Islants. He r l "-. it f". --an r -S," "i' J, in- pi .s, were ir.-e,. to ui t worl-: nd a
."sMl1 bmn. frhthllihed their I re-tun- safely in ife time. and at one- leeanme nI V- lTh v ra I Il 14 a e lt' t d Tl resent iufthe New
to mda about thrfiitAof the an inmate in the household of Mr. ,, a ,-e t,, th, j.'m,'r c, f ofi- eWiien .t..nm-.,,ia,,_ .Fphel-hi-. T prsn s' o,f,. thelhi Nw,' ni,.fth, 'i,-.ine which time I Duncomle's son, wh,. reids in atus -,l "ge,,- e ta- i-,e, Sa, -h t sit of l t for hopetol ve rmed ei. reatr. Et
%ve been busily employ yed with the Pridgetowu. Hi- fet a uga eas, it a were. l o r s H. so lLg a time" L o iot -.n eperien- :,,ln s, v.-h 1- rienl t') "
'irlifaryat,,nge.-,ents for t -e att- 't ho ane, n al w.a, de,!hiltded with the pl sil tn c tf heL-s to ,.iir mh a .inr Lear. Dtark days IiId rh. -a)-ni r o -. ,1l'p ,t.iriel g as t
d* a-nmfi newspaper, to which I have place; and dfiulhbg his- he-lth imor Mii s'1ntly he was teacher e tm Nature have iLo re- lI to .ke iro esay
i th i nuame. amply improving i he de d up r in th Hiran E dthi. o.criakt, d in tl, ature hai e E-a- s, u- la-tl-n
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na mNeiLE ,ti Hosi Sennoulnd CliUo*iuni. ishI 11idnd tip c ItV n lidt ,ifl ( r \ f\-,, U lNLk p uI t1e ,- df t .ith. r The. rains of the past wel3 3
p irn his rj s n-n'ttronif- -,^ b t al df u : f.,d n t ah-.l ol.,u ,i 5, 0 heel tE,, a.d i"ib t ,. .t'- 0 ttL[ift., i t. I "ii t9ri
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*Jy ti liu1 ant-cipatio -h u niar y o n t: geaertttls- he ilehi i bil n' tb 1-h17...! i t,!-,.,L!,, ol ir.- ra- x ii,,. nilit: .L'inty two i-0 rr Ii ^
sy Tg R drTh-. i to dt aival t P' on at gitneral ly i ei, ltl i 1. anl i 1 ga4 pp*rt- u r lit l I the I.. wxcl:< tri r i eaIj d.un t- the-1B o mlib ih ai-: .-, p ptr -lflg th
Jo'u'nalit in. Deru m t. b iut with l~ic"nt lg a ver- a t lra i ie f ati 'a electedd l .:t t. .h t ic dt:. e f-;', '* .--- ,au c..i r.- .".at(ue. cu the" q L;n o ~ ite
c ihp n ih toc cilt.oate icuiel,.l ) i ,,g to this event MII '. u ih e 'r t,fir El F vt- ral DP i-: t o-, f :. .u ,tis. FO ,ESt F, IE. S. o ,,, ...
and ong-tial f.,gs. h health ,ose retung to Br .la i the Whn th cio it iCi \V.1r In r : e During the i-.rl .it. S. tsq. tbr, t p-.arto he a cefrcity
.ltcouinule to be an o a ent of tor on her ne trip, but begre outhev .as rett i t ol t-i .s o ati flares rtL-- oi pl it a d i lhl.Iir t.f in Otion 1t:'>,et i iuid, owiug .tl ,
.our lio.sebutldhi and suflici Dt. 1tro1- at e1::,. had n(rt:latt' "csad c:-, ll'lilci- whir In' ol4l '.i1 ,. I,)laees'ithruout the E.astern and middle fail.n'n i tl,- :.-1 in th,.,s- count'ivs
g o tnxe d Sli i to l tiThi rda Lu .:-iee T l.dai L ,Oi 'e, t l it- H Li ut.-.-l-n o- the d previous ..I i--I i it li. 1 .t. t P W. TNrn.- --At thic t.i..e one or
4)5 livelihnoodi, tn e Ultinilatnil cf, th a y l le- -t lvii-, v l saun-t:- nill ,,t 1,- ,:-t iirn N tiewa nit-I se ie r l two Dcl,.- itN- i). ,,l-u ,:! hi' S lvl
S : l. .i ot. ipatious will b alt ij ecam l r w e n l EliaR ment :hi.:, 1! At,:A ... on -er h,.ll was :-c :.1 t: ..y two acti i,.. ; 1.,: sL-1 ex i
,A1,tbo iStchman s thi- DtPunsoni ewith whu he al,.- fter r. l4' .. d t.'W-...n1, n aliro ale ,,li,.s eleme w E t w -
tto S oth a b h l ung ilg h-,.iihil ra,. ht On le .,f the ': (- thi -:. n .i:l, siZ cd the for the fire--iend. W hlet._es: ,r eral -ohi.c l t '
ipg inbeeP t ru i t r th e ity13 Eiilu gl, -st si il. p 'y-v i., i t he t,,n ;is c,: ,mm. nul.(letiite ', n l l -, ltr h .trugatl-e swept a .a>v y na, tli ou n f fa i -ts .t. Flan. ..g. is an
'. l ,-ad ir s al NI vears a resinat fit i t*AIph' ni0inthe.i D A t :ti? RtvIi whur:> never lltero ir ranild ig the'l w po iur,- nounced1 tn shi- teo-marryw Thuis
S'anada I.4..I l e tall it I a ,. ,ruiv e,1 to l'inl in th e after- ,een iattl. I:- thtis ;lace. ii t o:r- IN. Tho fices eventalls, xn ikidd d a y, .:-.. o' .I ,
is ei'-' er l nsitur-l or nation al ten- i". ia i .i e t et n i. .t.e o a .d 4 t ,im. uto at nnt.iy l I t u.. deastia o ine 'vih g- Nni!a ie o v-
at o h e 1 n i,. s o,:nti ba n .us itis tnir ,- .t ,.-la d i r1 i -l, u d m t i I f -l i e v er-t l i itnl s e .' I -,
,' lu qies to ero mInde my interest. i in I il 0.l to I.t t i 111 il''.tit ''avalr ,an, :llh: l-d nilth t,,wn; as they weat. l'. ,, a n. U. i. ,At tin_,, E -. Y h tl e r of rL
Ste iotmsy ith" hih" I ha ve now over e l at e .d-, r, titc, otL veli,1 hat.nilt l thnafi ,vI :t of Mill in wi rth if prp'erty- an1l mi Ds Y. O. in the. otld '- n T 'u-t t,
.D... ln ei i Nr. eI'" tee ... a H ha h h a I, t r i, bh i in h yve'.l, -l, l-e s oftlter wh, livea ha e ,e'- ij d in the tlaiP-.s The tie 4.Lnats which c ,,nil ted canny in as
-tp old sat"Lg--"t.hat n .ne e h i, l t Nth l t ..d te ,ge o i Ken air wa's c ~-t- ..arken, f.r sv- ;'llo ---tUn e, D,,u less, W euho
wemtus ,-oel ts o liiu ta t in d i -therei- ni:ih it ni thei ,:x si a,,, ani ,n'.i g h it: ol teeh- at 3.uire a aVita. t.ral ani h,,le f uili a ..cs Vere and hit S. LL
Cotwu weP% t-,iouI tfr in .ii .lo'th rMill of-1d 13- Y. C.winui.e
fiitoie, eilaitail uense, the iUle aay h nall. B"-m' th a '1sta litsul i -e-u i uing the xi-el Ia ti- tie. ,A eign of Tb S aR .BERs .-I -n ae1o Iia1
"-' H4,lict le in ..' ase- 'riis. Itias ntiet ad. coi unshel: ,, 1 :le ti.: the iRelil,:i tn ch.c rtrizeel terror pervaded the whole euntry, itlh he system of many Pubhlishera
ta'y I sc.all 4ie L,.ui to e,-ttun, aleset, E'.id hetle if. ,o his recovery hbn as a I.n 1 i 'iiiii, i ril -t iiii soldierti(, and sh se f devastation have of Weekly er both inrana-
x. n ,, e yes nerge, thrn th tto- ,ere nahe,; eut tJ,)'. zeni i 1 ed i e s- ..l th gd u nt and u- bee .el, i ever tnssed i pasL da and tie uit- ,ta, -w shall
u t o ln paer '2 a d :,.t- all e. in i he -a ri,.nly grew worse, and t. lt,- i eti .r al.l ties l t tI 'l 1.- t td 'll r- d prlr t -e -nt ". p lish 51 isnes d1iug the year, re,
ti., t i t have. tse:l l-ewt h ed:e' :-ai devir cus titrer, wa it tiI,-eld at the loe f th le d serving tm e ChriytPruas week for thi
.t den y % ent-at the county, and .i. c is e- S-.,l u r l o .ni t rs -.. '. 'o-n- -
S itn -l-,LLeat tht tttrte a lliat; hu man skill or attenlna.e ... w IauEP WHEAT HARVE .S .-Prter-S' ". I
eveita pt',p-e Cutisn atd m ol tieeal- s could a possibly, dio, wwtas done in l I be renown. t From the ,v.n mal report on Inl,- i tr'ie e I .f, ,An. li. SPEDON,
e', .e-' ,6u~,iste d half, I' th e ris -itm, an! M r. In i lis p, lihiti l duQrse w- als --a Sue- th)e ,,,,',i1 just published in France by ,Mi Hia. iilton, Septr. 2S, 1,i1..
haa_,'dth 1,:i:, -,1 .h -. ... .
SzarosN 6i'avoabl es t. lflts. -ick, 1o1 e .ul le.. (rT :u ills lie .a'.-e in the E- Iie in -. n1- ge ; .i -i ti -h T I ..
S .. .. E 1 rs,. n, e t. ,,le nut all v a.-' tv, l-, e ti ri :t ,ul..itn tart ,:t o- ,-. aI irn, I th .- v 'i-i I n i),iotris n1 E i- f ,Extraa coptesd ti ',
, .i.bailt c te Itr-pnonint "znl eh ad-- d e !he n,.hn hih i l tllN C tl 1 i"' r- "l'lit' "yieIil in .'r- i- nit .,i g'-'l w" .I -" S -t at s--..r.l Sto ,ec
o fotft o panu r e l s a~h r.dtl e I ,n l t soti i D n d i. 1 l .i lp [ i e a i t w a l a s t i.. r i.i n.dii l lbat die.f a t i v .: a l S t o
e ptUem er I 2 thh 1881.. ". of the azur:sy th L.i.,t ths t nol:.le De el at : a _, at er h h ..rillial, r returned it isr pT I r rl t gi' ..l iiAI ,,, in sHa iton and -.t. i-i. (otges ;- also
.L-. art .a-n n career was A-,! o ite.i ted ,i h ee- good i thirty, fi l-y goodin etwenly three tlite stores in every lParish thruout the
PRESERVE YOUR LOCAL PA- -itote tregiei. c ,thet re ( tii Unign. o o to tn iDge,,sw It, a edii1n ie tatwent r noth i. t.- ., Sus--a. n t e ,list h ch. ila l -c given
,. :t-PE-i :S. Hi .re -d i anIs we l equen tlV in- -- : '.tUN," a' t- tt nicn a-, t e. ,i i I- wi. i l ip i "n i.i- t... ur nex iu .- ,
.Daily t .aprs in cities ar but terry c6 ig th, ne w cem-etatrs of B'idg:- f i S t -THu..-. P'E- t f .. int i."ti ..n or sti ....rn.- ,,n
are4new-' ,'i (,-f" I' l hi it iin ] t i 'l, I i I h- io i' iie iS T "
itsne lenst 'visitlis 'their exists ne b = to eIl n. H,- die ow at the ige of 29 elr".. SIEowN -Eat I; t"areer wa -tut I > ti n ,. I, .iia.. iO f, \ nL ,%, Ni.,U iil,-is m. ti. N,]i ...N.AtE S .
ing hiut the lifetime of a day. W hen .auol l:, 1. ieIes nihi nlh i,,, 's, ann-d i it u-ge' a in _]_ aveny s.h. asf u-o h I' (,,, i-'i or ti- a t-.nt h,, nithi i a ,-,- .|i ,, ,, i .,i. i j s f,. i
hurnedly nti ced over tlmiy are art-- ,.tl ,- a n tle a tfa ,olrt n cis r. hl3.. eni lii ht' in. ai IorN crot of th lis e i.r i.. i i s 'in. o t ih a .'i.nulk tunh, .iin an fle
lesly t '-rown- asitl e to be us p-: l anf,- .i su1h-bin hlou'itattre, enith .o n ti-.i,_, u :ctn-z d ,i it'"P.i o th -. i s .... r- Pt .. .' ars ha.- t-I.i1,1, i -n'.i. L- L iihi and tfthe
.. i,-. ., l t "lw .,.-niinall %\',11 mid.sih n l I t i ,lni-r
Iti in r pl '.p-.,e. But a Local W weekly WYe I;'n.-a'in a,:.,;iuainte,'l with M r. i "v ". inl irn s at -i I s' iyiit "#nl ...I m$.s it. r.i t',r h- -l, i i-e'.'- Lie'.r-eni;, lrh lne--d n
N e w s p a p e r i uis 'e tC 8i f c lai' i s u p o n i t s C i' th nr a e l a t V in t e r w h i le 'i, i ni in s a s t t-. i a n i a i ,ati n f iL s't l v n t -o- t t g r-, u ,- i 'f l, "l ', i i In l t n. li ti e iS- i ic tl t y li e a m n t ii n ~ ii nl n t t. .h d n.1to .o'a- ntirn u -Inin us- try a comfl ih,_,l th. \-lel- tie-clit te- i wnr telw t se nu,..-:nz&'t, iiiml h Slinh-hn irmi ll ,ii'nI--mal t e l ati'i Tlt- m y of
ad~rs whi hn e -a'nd to i'elf'a nuote I W lrwui:, avt d ,,,_ vetr?- Ilu. ,_,l ni'uts- ..icrn :f h:t ,:if th, ,s't vii- l l ultiii.- l .1 th" .itid i irp t..,.tih ,,g, ',i l- anCYi lipr r'it ..,in
pstianwnt i ntence. A g'eat itrpii'in i, i ,i as a iian ,if ltanv enxcel- ton, igh rim 'ii th sl lteni In t ni l tn- i d i 9 in 1571 i expoit' into a-el (rin
of its contents ,te e sels a1hld vwith I -nt virtui-.. In .,rv' tiN _. i of t,.e i .i. i_ ..yii;ach ..tot2 c -,:n. .n. ii oi' 1ve ru, .1t 1 y 1-, h itdi- ys r .n I r t 711,,l I if' 6 1 .it-, I i -,i.: l is flen
-- the neighboiho d in which it i'. lub- i ioid he was aIt in (., an, i is "4.', tmitt p U. i mn tt. I- i" l', aver......... iitui- ra-n-rr "A-. lick- i ." n nu ." ...n.r niw ,i n ml s
. lishet, .Man-v of its Editorials ]hlive a S, in Ole 'Pre-_svterian (huuih wn s in liii n.a'sc- the law oj ji"-stice iwill*e ie mae beforee the irve-nt .1i" -i..lg iaint-. .ig,. inirt, i l Inn h.. bl .v It i Ite tie-
direct ,ealin u pon u n atei s .i,-r l'4 talca ne;er c e ,nty -n '.a', th He was .t severE- N leait ou.t. -1e will Fr three .,.in.irii ini i. nvi s .t. otherss i" titi C ni.. t.i_. hue..
Rc i e d d b. l. t go dwn t.o h-n ingletohous grave as a i civ. 1 ly tlinn M,rn .,it" E y .n. 2 to .. 1atr i c l n-. e s n.-lt-r-', il an ipg it .
tigs, Social gatherigs ; and other oc- leighnhorhoo.l, anti his deatth-d,:-lr- ",sltis wretch sen.then.c.n b the tn i "arvnt iii, rn-a.tir in twint; F c..'ttnu .'t .e
.7 cuinances formsa eaesnderamlane p.:,rtion turL ie deephl re,,retted, lint by mae ssn, bi..'o t ...c-, the-. uti., nu 4,.'$ag u.I ontu, h linni t'I, t hs an .i t,,ns h. A ng' A ith'...I ,,hwa. i
. ofaitsanteresting matter, while notice more ,o than bi Mr. I)tnscomnl.h and great an.t ihlhilottios Garfieli ri-ta.s .evenly-onie gn under-average. ()in the -igiin li,- inli, been t' ith,.iut tli suIhunalinui
fI DBr sa il Torr g a Dt T is I1i .t ait d a ha balot of hnea',,n' iight, as thu ;i),,I..h- line aii 1i bmieni ,i ,Ir onn througlih' '-di, h citueue httin, in,'nn-,,-il mniniii 'tii,-'s,
which ocur io the cmlty are als2 is indeeed a severe s4'oke oafu aliho:.tion t an ani h "tstt lkit"iar wrrit. and Plori- unit nn-'. -i ,ir.nn the ge.t-m ir~eaL 1cowur d, &in .u,,t,-I..e. .iirni.
rrecolred... Thesse.. and other local andt iu'tlneir hour of mental eutkting an an s-ts ant. glo-i, It......j1 u arcing-o -n. .r. .,ou-" [

Maec aa:l ofthirtrilruivrllrepondc jICO, GERMANY 4ND, AMERICA The DP,,ib N,.w, ,In Iladi. ,itl4,
S cal. newspaper,- a som what valual:le 'a nl.athv, i .utthat oft m any kinil w- t io ly the kia dred sym pathies of the Tle extln-i, of the AmeieanD r.l ay s '., : N it m.._ t. no adi ,, t
1W hlate e to annti elaen t,,littnIofNtho Americnti wti lll'uyV hi,& ol t" Iel e Cli r lien'0 .L JsnU 1 lt ll
u.ef 1cuiaqjibion to a household, l:,rtlaz:-rs to whom their beloved sonu i lized w ki t. m .. Mxic tda l .. o I.ndrs o t- L.1 tg i
a heyearsmove on, it even Ibe- at endeared himself, during his resi- P i rm ,mng the(,triinu hlionsersdoiut bui- catt itIul ol i L.nfii'.i'vn' le- En"Itlr,'n
,':*tBts- ore sptucoil interesting to .lunce iu Bermuda. S On Monday the 19th inst.., a r "-s in tH, cooni-tirv.. T[ ie nti lt~~on ,| o ii.o ,' i ,i i; witp'i.. ,h l'til, l re'grnt
0JMeC" JInlooling over its coins *0 somewha-t singular" wlatal accident th uSt, .irpit lrle iytt,-m h rnany ,. t.. ,.
AI "n" "g4e n14d.oflt l inta-'C*i\,i-rrnur- f e'.nt tli Ihil ,l lI,!1ta t
prisedl dispvers the record of B- Last week during the Equi- uc;iirred at the Dock Yard, Ireland tlnle i.t in v.i -toF e- .\mrial sfll- .a finyg i al 41-I .l' .int- Hi.,
nts'w c haA hniust,. if not noxii.l gals a whih-wind passed 'thru Ishand. W while in the act of placing t;r.,. Tiny ,- drenl AIni'.ritan" 'iitte'lil.n, ,'n 'iiin.iirI.Wt in .~-' w ii i hiii =H
efped frop his merpory'; the viC'ity of ,Sopufampton parish, upon a Barge,. a- 3 ton ".un destined Am.-niimn 'skill anm Amen in4i,--WaJ i-.'. 4'. .' \\ .. 'IIi .i.ev.ii.iv tl L.irda
,mg. back, with then mauat .and i Uit-iL excentri.c ervoltions carried for Fort L-aot t..n. it appearl- that the li he Gi.-iman ni .-rst ,; t M.xi.o iscui'gtM-g 4,,iida t I.l '-.; it enw.i.l in Ii i i.iI ., cont,
sraIIe associations con- 'up large 'ia-nti;ies of lighter material togal slipped Ltrom its lace, and a part lulrtnt ,, lTh '",| i l, ii l ini ioiie .ii- vih," it.., bEL' t fin. ..t lita"
-sear.,wieh can w.ver 'to a gret alttit,te, which presented a of Ir? tac'klg .ol'vung st.,l-u],y rotund l,,. (.i, tn'lin.Mvnt,!m ri. ffi h t'PIiL B
or chance e the names ,sohiewhat atia-tive and amusing ap- and struc-k oui- of th.i setien on the .s .itn -etiierly -\ste 1,n.lh fn tai.' 'n,' Two, iiuiitiaS
'r aquai-ntences, now .pearance.. ead auost instantly ll him. 'I iditry. A n avy' Limaiuis is iue lby bent to .n'bl.aun, ut 11i, ilL, ,t,


Th OP N'e Yor Vet Iai-ol i(rvr~nnito in- a ,se .1hore towhere he lnd been
El U11 O Z AN., o iic i*Ukj ey-, i, r-poiEvafroa rruovi~la short t .ime pvosy
The rrain silrplus1 in Ausi'r~a and IiRan- 'hoNelv ork tWon v1131"'i1ir ;r'ojeet Th w gr'te iskint fEto
Irarv tto~ ..r isthe 1lr turg ut''on Idhi've-tt-1 11, iti i .i~i %awt.-oI gu r. ori* ttioil-taIHutnauity are arou-4.d-tliat of
h ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I in s'jmt i u~itert eand rnuio~ersal z_;iuiAttic i-f
A rig a iiiit w M13'is~l t -.t .' Iti ehiwo' I itI-t t e. hare begpinito-)dig tfor itie re-- f 'c)i e id-t-ai. Pevn u
~ 1765 eltv atv di.pi.Aged a c.irgU at ,ti~iia or A. T U U ii ti-~~-'e~ ~* nigainag 3 M4 V U ~~1ainC -3i rnt
A rinc~i gonen ntfled 'mre than fifteptn hecti filli rt4e-I lbya" ll' *tt.-mmmolt' II ale Tetxiee'thothu h nt
in %ls~ t'ill ,I reel. Comity Cork, t p 1~olll. fit*he 8 'apelira 'Ina "'idei:1 Stat~eS, and -the cj~ivili-d world ij;
A 'terrili'e ]ill fi itti11 "19 r'tPill ut --ix to. it n''.l *-i -K luthied -Milr'tlt1's
tim vi*.t iilI he UUnt.-I S;.t";.Itrig .1 ih. Republican .ntid Demrocrat are for
ili wil itiiqg I~ii~. Viily~Aui- A NeitvYnrk .ti,.-1o;aIh other once mnutuial in fc'elitig-tbat oif sym-
ilay-. to eseape the' heat, wi~nt into' anii'u- pathetic sorrow fqr their Beloved Pre-
,At Goeu'et o. iii4lfty cufinvit tz eeap I 'K~x1, Whet"' lie' I Ii aleep, atrd lwis found sident.,
~. t.' pr~..W I iii-it 'i'vt, "til Ti' l etIa .~t iet.Fr:m all -arts of Europe mes-ates
strui.tK, I II Irge !i'tt. fltIv mnb b t".etr"'i-owinpwe Po-of, symipatlAv with 1Mrts. Garfield a-&nd
16FT D -i ie- tjI .9-r'iigr t uiu n iltk t lci h a-family-and the'AmErican people are
bdiil fit r.Ifn'I.-te-4y 8-io'vaitleli.4 -A es l twcoereOfat-co anlpouring 'in.
c~iJ) R.iIVU itu reIied r*Iti i...'1.iChre Quvtu Victoria's'Court have *gon
aid I5U iljltlli. tewert I rsi, up jdofmirtivtrinize into morning for a week.
A u' tNl 15.9-A As-in i i.; i it iS his wileoon, Is I 1 .v ; I ti' it It~ nit Who
tirlkllitit tllt.. l.t 't d i ~t.'k tpi t. iI .'',o ah Is The P i-,si d -,us'13t-c'y has been re-
J~ iii *Iut X.fcilRC I d'ilultte U litttttlaid ita ii ,id s, .-(, --ileofteli irds, Wit4.,S14ewttrt W114 The silver plate on' the Casket con- P
ri-' icl 311. tliI' ;.r i .i~l*.uii'I it[te it 1'It'rtoIt:tt't tained the foi owitig
*Three vi'v,,kr;ince itC hers were ,5 wS09 Cit t-ii1.- ulnhhillTilt: c.i.e I titit.' .Cluri'tJ rEs in IGA F LD
Paupeis in L- 4,.45&.'j of %Vii'lt il1 '.tl'j-Biitovmer19h,181
lid11"U 111111I 37 20~4 ,,t tI. -r I'Illi t If-Il'r Sa I Moto l 1i'~ll hg ..titti~q Pe -i r, t'h ai t lll ln N v m r 1 t,18 ,
li, ii~ c~' f X91,4ii9~~tr~.3(11ei. i So e.~i.I,~tr~lo.teD ied Sept. 19, 41$84
ibi!' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i giII~Zi'tI 'Y t.. Il..t lp I .I]ti, tote- 4tV)f ttliI Durinz theiit- igt of the 21st inst.,

ot tiheitiglla I bttIt l ii iti ol, Lctt'bf k- ,,of iNewfcoundlafid, occurred. 1t, is
Liltilkivu%. Ll tcIn jed illt-,yV a WhitIIvt itiuti eared, that mnuchdamlage to shipping
jiitX 11.1%T1 VieloIi..1 h. 're d whIFale ll.ri tlit, 'i,. li has been dne.
t~ill aiIorWl eotipoti a- b fstander replid~it1L,,
sirot ind iihitiliu awileuof the, ialund ,(YJ 17tdr mltiedi t.hg~No-,ri..-THE NEW ERA. or Home
1)111I~ ~ 'jei nh~owofi'~t*at uie(tehni i i 1mr ournal,- of Hautiilto n, Petrmwula, will
Doll 1,11111115l.'i0it Thailtotake on 'irin be ii~uuvd onil rtA next. 2:th
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Fewnot hi.i- -1e.. Ihin '.ii. edjetin u &fe ou .
great aveiti f 9! I tit,,-[%-Ait l~ ttte ttlf t 14 4 Ill.i'*ii.. hr i-'d iahtt Iei' iti-t I-e kept aii'tkilt
Willies of Ill..-P-. RiltiiILL al.ttiat Wat erh)oo '' 1 it-~rthiih he onttt- stt-z
Gitly t t'ivt~ilig it slight, woiunild ill I Qot P %01 ll) t' iiu Iilit' %V11,11 II' ver t' awjkon.j I i 'D to
Tie Iri at wa I aroitid C.ilitia wni Itthil Li*IFS ftitnti iby thu Initiverot~lt je1,the l inuiriti
by 11te it'Ir-t Emp r of t~I i ' Ii ii,ttl'd i ito9V~i, coi1loI t IR' LU- 11% LI [A.1G L~JN( ~
&low -.12,j B c., n a i- i a II--#ii I''R atgatinst o'it a~Of thje3- \ -l*.ti -fl At It j i lt I.1V i1. -
III, 'Fir Liii' t1116-4. It is I*1 .2.,i) lte' i. 61 vi te. crew' 1'hitO s e 'sWtit-ti)- Pu CIROF H.%L[LTUN-Ej7~IID
lie 101se 'gei:Crj jj II'op..... .1 ft% ritvtiIl elnI.ept. 20. 4Scbr.. LIlN. 0,-ni. tIoin Torks Is.
1`4 tI at 11o lup 1.51 .Iu 1-. i tto cargo t u I If-l, D iuk.-ya &c..
ttri--din't i it IIitti oirdi lurps tlite n t. 1i'h i t.-C. A. Jn-
alt Tu Ihe D mitniti -ao "It I tiula exen1i't.*d INst 24,1, S Spit .fty 'lexiio, 451'
The r 8ls if' i i~t L in-lti pt'i %6) 3ut'irn.IIYto I.t i-ij riir. -I;i t O Ii IPirLIY. hiI' .,itl- r Rihi 4 IeikN-

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Fhiltl.ienl 6-ilt I l-N8 .Ith.h' S .%II-I.& Sr~y H~i~I. o t'da
I .d- : Ikv f~oited 10. th e tI., AF,'ifAl be
1,s~ oil P.1 iL f~ill -,1 t_ tdI V I, p'.1 l-y H as ll o lfe"

lilt il.ier it '1, lS l ~d t'ul g :,r (I, I 0t1. 11t'h' AIt., 26iiII tii- 1-tn''or sdMa or. a well-
6jiud if,2E gintit t a lb t o egl 11015 ht -: i fll 11,-17:I l i .- ii.-ts RI i lot
wrillet h,- v-ievii ,13 I--rhi-..., ... 1,fii f; I .I.-e1 4t ..ije lie Ii i tl'.3..jI t, ) to Ioose tbc E .1ehlI Iil;i.% Or W in] Mi -.a ml
Y811,101 -liO OLLiI.i'h o L .' ( (.' .1.1% I.' N 1; t'Rvt't I Ti n irn.,IJ. ..N I'iiul A* I'
1 AM~~~fl VA. I lay U.011 -.t11.41 ".4.. b wty etof Li.lva it ir '.I.rii-2n 4IA
of lul 'llt.'iliri iiii~i and 300 itih.R i lt-[I,, lin g tiave.i le ,7) NIt ri A.W ulI I.E '
GitA leI li.,rp11'.1I.!IN N w nalgw nd ero.ioW
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uwiclnIt u i esknown.' tsl." cii i.t' I LISST OFUn eSENarirtt-
A girdfl2 i, t ijl6l ii a hitl ioregSiljIont Isrner, fr L sI.t. II Ajiiat. i tttu
3 iltil ci' Soefll-, oIrt amI a te .'Iltit e-l -k~hi'. av to iga ~eneily y I.A11111ccicl-l
lih i-tin riii-e ltlt-f it 1 10J 1,t t~ SieS ijJJtlU lti" drl, foio-.NeiviYork by / T I t. 111.AE.
6OtoiA t iS t It I,:Pe hi. is"ilhoet tiv i'f,hIhut' lsv yI~aejie ttradcci" ii L to.ititu tSE 0 V LT e$
.. efrsxii i t u eeyLnul f ir- br it an0i rlv Is i.". t I-I I"ti t Bi a yto. leI u t It .' 'i~r -dl u A
o~ l ld t -otII'1 6etc. .l2 te I I Is I'ud .i-'wit0a4., d-e Midett th j1' .. .1.
Geor~ijt,'~ i~tcr nly i~.ynnsold, 1: i.ert fl~rIl-opiit,tR"ive-s, plto
11riClcitsfo ihietitti.'. t i-CCA LUU.lkb O lt) Ls UIoP h 10 eiitht asn t h r he,1t t ittd i oI ei' Nv ii,; L
A'ttEtIni l'L't ul .' rhle tlla' Iitoh 1, iiigtr by, iif it i ~biy at gilL, _t f it %. (w- iii.r i 2- ,ki ,A
A ftiipi inlai. t-leillts th1' iehl.. n~ll 3,0of ,.thei~u ii ii'i I. i-R u ,27'i 0 N i, el F.t. .no It.dT .

fee sfroi~ y carri d outf t h`Iilimik 4- Lij60 ]i iifii i't nlit tl'lattruiis.ig t~m Iht~ll S-il tt .it-
"lOS~at i 11W)1hit I %,la'h'i lti~l l Iilt o ni if .-iu iitiiieii -c tihi
A iennr to fine h gu-iiwas bytIrck i'lpghtttii;g arrivtalf t uin ie -ip Miti iI tIii-IieBri i-i tIt 0 HEA AT fI VA10 S.
etit kiI~vier, ue-hn", 6 fr ht Wi it.-. Dt'snalie ete 1igranis aLce n r%%I.ti to e wiid
btuiiw~ ~ ii it itili.~ttA Imiti~t4a R~t' t N in'ulllj hid batliat' t.-,I tIll ul' ow
A girl aOti fn'indsotk f irdsh, ut! ilidert- fo., h 0 ~ iiginatt f ittitt~iy Jit ot rc'i, pC, I' tdm
hIvkll.6.1el. 6114 if II. *411111 iaik jra~v, tih atqiiNeiioogh for il t heqSpil oX. thee~d
The ~tub' A.LB WanI.his tirs up nCi ago csh il-III aMn, i.,rI ,A10,O,14H
c oi t orsitu dliv. lii'urev'iieiiry brv ue i o ,i t anCu~. tII, uv IIatI .-IEta rOF
sIii ah'r-'si. e ', V., t0ige s''to wit, ti.,'L, I ejjig t"h
ofia i n ferm.iCZ WiC ttin tie;it a crowded S I ('fit M 'it.1 Alay foetl sin..! irirtvl;' ajuf ill-ths
a11i,,al 01'githe Mail ,.riii., Fhawt'I gh. .k- Sler11itae(, r
U t ir Iiy tiltilnfeet, anti.0 titet''eV wine il V 1.1- Deo iA Di.II IL'-L

A scihiyf acilater tigilo r 5II-niigt~in- u, a Of til Prt, 4 1d lit of ti- UtI". IIl.el Stiit N, 3de- fly Goods.
3litia n itio'9114ti 1),et'-uliiv. I- Iiiitl ed ule. t 1of, ~ th-RU Mimll lin h4 t'e
obnlet',wht'r' ut:) tsh i outtf-Ime hespRb oillniztt-
5JO 8, Ot ttfi uigtt, r 'i~r~t, 11 %.ii1:1-ilg te fie h alth4 t -'ru ic tat i' a ijti- terni
ahhny Iio~C~iuib 'g-i i O li tlt I i I'tt to- in d 1,iNdhero i dlcout I h of Janilli 11.
000,110h...ipch. itenhum whi d i Ci C ;iii'si.%fillGaield were tif Uui at.-ittl. 01.1 illr~i A ~ ~ '
' ohii 't'R i'i iii'iiie itt ihe ilflil ix o vily er t %ii no tila1wt. ihhe IUB J5A I
npehd killealw iiei t forit herlitsis-' utIkt 11ai, Ati ,S( avi ndn1hs f1b-
614him1 oa th ra d,%\II w i hI%; 'it. 111A1I [rut l i"'U 18l.''.' e till') lls u n'It'd LUU Al
thi.e s -io tUgatlI.fluck ufb "ifdt~sscO grj_ obtitti eefu livai, at 5i inute ft-s last it) oly J ~iim IARcwcOA 'Li iair
~j~AF~r~, $jt. .-Di~l JNKralga1cfqr-thceH atjqi of.the ~r Ol
piuS Iv i rr.rmt,. iomieil t'ii-h 41c i, Into.,lop hdit ie ovvtato9f1to Si -' 'P th~-IAY
heeetrdylvj~ilAli'OIR'teIil.onseqttent L '"_I I ; Wtb*rwoAund, bOkTt) BI ~r`1CKS.

'holndt; C trotll k ht! '. g tile cnn-cP. 1,1,n a, I- ,' '1'h ':t 36cirC I~E~c- ostd PrI atU SLrL 1
loter founndin hIs piret Ill Al);11111t heitisdenan eniibng -,vet for jouje days Iira-' .'3,~ia te
Awn fau3*r'u'd to dlo thle r.tii uit 1,%.Itis wuiN, 'iious to his deit-h -faint hopes of his [F'ami'ion-. eptr. 27. 1881-~2
-'*Itedlw Fathier, Huijuel~, Iuriar'R uid 'reco'Vt~ry were enteirtutine. .- I r -Renewed hostilities with the Apache
COMAi, a 1,0rnto, His dahoceui-ed at Loug 1Branqh, Thtdi-u".'w-

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C 46


THE E tf ERA.i

Farm & Hous z Ehold. thoroughly into the sponge before
Sar & ous .' adding a Graham a little a time,
alf apint of butter milk contains beatilig well. Shape into loaves, andi
as much nutriment, and is as sustain- bake' an hour and a half. The oven
ing as many gallons of beer. should not be so hot as for white .i vad.
To make good starch, after you have Dingy dresses can be Ibleaeld andti
boiled it, put a small piece of butter made into something serviceal.le andl
and a teaspoonful of sugar in it and pretty. Let them Lie iwa-Lht l and
.the gloss is obtained. boilel in hot suds until all the color
rThose who fear mildew upon grape .possible is extracted, then finish the
vine will do well to dust the leaves job by scalding in lyv and wash-ng in
with sulphur now, repeatin g every suds and laying out on the .first young
week or so until the grapes begin to grass. Good prints and other articles
color. t of dress are frequently east aside be-
A ound New Hamphire fa cause they are fa,tu.d, lut they imay be
A sound New Hampshire farmer made to render gi,,d service by this
says no acre of land ever cheated' hini mole of bleatln
when he has created it with a liberal mode of ble-l llaul
hand. Cultivation and manure will To clean off the ugly scratches left
redeem a swamp or a sand bank. on paint by lighting matches upon it,
Charcoal has been discovered to be cut a sour orange, or leion hi half;
a cure for burns. By laying a piece apply the cut half to the marks, rub-
of cold charcoal on one hour, the brng for a mtoment quite lai ,i then
wound is healed. '. wash them off with a clean r-ag, dip-
te ped first, in water to moisten it, and
OATMEu.FORTEA.-Oneqquart water then in wvhitoning. Rub well with this
one and half cups oatmeal, half tea- rag, dry thoroughly, and nine times
spoonful salt; let boil for one hour out of ten ugly marks will vanish. Of
over a brisk fire, but do not burn ; set sometimes t are
back on the stove and let it cook gent- cotseeply that they cannot be eradi-
ly for another hour; serve in soup caeply that they. t be eradi
plates, with sugar and plenty of fresh T COFFEE -Frenh
m4"k. T Th MAKE GOOD Con'EE.-French
I ba- Scoth Scones put in cooks are famous for the excellence of
baking Scoth Scones put i on their cofl., which they .ak, s,
poitnd of dour, a quarter of a pound strong that oe part of e li r-
ot butter, half a small teaspoon!ful otf
salt, a quarter of a teaspoonul of soda, quires the addition of two p:ats to
saltce it to the proper strength. This
a quarter of a tespoonful of tartaric addition is made with h rt milk. The
acid. Mix with milk and roll out half rge proportion of hot milk, in the
an inch thick, cut wit a tumbler, and ae o ch wam wter gives
bake about fifteen or twenty minutes. the coffee a richness like that made by
Salt should always be put in the the addition of cream in the ordinary
last thing in any soup, stew, or fri- way. By this means auny housekeeper
cassce, when milk is used, as it is apt desirous of making good cotffe canl
to Curdle.' Oysters should never be have it without cti-ain.
boiled, but onIly scalded, as it makes
thea tugh and shrinks them all up. 9.
11 they are to be stowed heat them
hot buit don't boil them ; always have A MINISTERS DILEMMA.
the soup or gravy hot. The great danger of using slipsof
WHEAT CArEs.-TThree cups of flour,. aper to aid the memory in public
two one Indian meal, white; dissolve i .. iu l
ote small can compressed yeast in a speaking is illustrated in the case of a
cup of water; pour into a jar, add Scotch minister who had a custom of
fiur and meal; mix with luke warm writing thp heads of his discourse on
water to a stiff batter, in a warm place bitp of paper put into his Bible. Op.
to rise over night; next morning add one occasion he was explaining the
a teaspoonful of syrup, one teaspoon- second head, and, getting a little
fll salt, one teaspoonful soda; bakeme i ,
on a ibt griddle. Wam, came down with such a thurmp
SCOTCH C..-One pound of butter I upon the Bible that the ensuring slip
the same of sugar, and the same of fel over theedge of the l)ulpit uriper-
0lour, eggs, a quarter of a pound of ceived. On reaching the. end of the
citron cut up and a little lemon zest; second head he looked for the next,
mix this as psund cake; but this up bip t it could not be found; and ex-
very light, put it into five inch square claiming "Thirdly" several times, got
tinz ler! with foolseaji paper qu ewi l-deed, and could not utter
heout three parts fill, Ibake 'in a mo- q1
derate oven, ond when done stick car- another word. At tlis- po-int, while
way comfits over the top. the congregat4i Were partly symnpa-
OrL STAINS O OUT OF WHITE pLOTH. thiziug i his great distress vhile
-Make a strong solution of borax others were of an opposite mood an
water-one tablespoonful powdered old wr;, nm ro'i up, and addressed the
borax to a pint of boiling water, place minister; "If I'm no' mista'en, sir I
a cloth on a clean board or table, and S 1t .Iid eoot atli te eastwindow
rub the oil stains well, using a clean saw teo at th ast window
brqsh dipped into the solution ; if the a wp while syne."
spots are of long standing a very little
soap may be used with tlie borax wa-
ter, using ehe brush for that purpose, fltniwyOts Iteis.
then rub dry with a clean, soft bruh. The other ni a sialcriic
*' nThe other morning, a musical critic
C'.H00 ..m' Vorliplit. for foc~t(-Tlm r the^ _e A _4 .,., -l

,,u uers cem-U, I-, ... U ,mV m,,, m speaking of the vocal powers o a
blades of dinner knives in their ivory songstress, said :"We hirg u pon every
handles, consists of resin, four parts"; note!" Which shows that the singer
beeswax, one part. Fill the hole in must have great powers of execution.
handless with the cemont heut the 'Have you taken apy renmel d? '
tang of the blade, and press in. asked a physician of a sick person
Slices of a juicy lemon are used iholm he liad been culled to visit.
with brisk rubbing by the Indian "No," said the patient, "I haven't
jewelers for cleaning silver. The ar- taken any remedy but I've taken lots
t4-le: is then covered with thle slices qf doctor's stufff"
for a few hours, swilled in water, stir- I
red in hot soapsuds, and brushed, 'My dear George, where are your
washed and dried ; no waste of silver i manner's? You should always say
result from this treatment. Thank you! when anything is handed
The practice of pressing on the' to you.' 'Oh, brother, having to say
pdge of a razor in stropling soon 'thanks' every time, ma! Can't a f
rounds it. Tile pressure should be low have a season ticket?'
directed to the back which should
never be raised from the strop. If A negro in Rome, Ga., who was
you share from heel to point, of -th complaining of the hard times, declar-
razor, strop it from point to heel, but ed they were the hardest be ever
if you begin with the point in shaving, known. 'Why, said he, 'I works al4
then strop it from heel to point. day, and steals all night, an' yet I'm
Anow RooT PuprNo.-Set a plain blat ef I kin make an honest livin'.'
mold in ice; put a thin layer of clear ...
jelly athe bottoms; decormte this fan- Gentleman-I. left a lock (Af hair
eifully with "a la royaler sweet cus- here a few days ago to be litted a
ard, ornament the sides in the suiie locket.Is i t--7qh--ready? Arti-,te
manner, dipping the custar.d in jelly; -very sorry, sir; it has _p4en mislaid-
put a laver orlear jelly at tie bottom uit it's no consequence, sir; we cap
Sin the lining; fill round with jelly, easily get it matched, si !'
and when pet, remove the lining as
usual;-'tl with some firm made arrow ,
root, flavored with cherry syrup, and The Friend of Ji YS Oth.
three qt arters of an onuce of isinglass. 6,
added ; cold German sauce. Wi lia-e In piuhibe-ll 1.i-1, as lierangeti,
RMEDY FOR ER.kcu.-The Jour- l,.fln'- th- iltnk iauI s.;ill'le hi. suaid :
iat of Health" gives the following; *.'Ti-i- In.l d i- .m 1 -u i N I.i t yi i hr,,1n't
'Phete-'is scarcely any ache to which teat-id.otafrnaliugytihl.rei. 'L.dke.
children are subject sq bard to bear o1 ia'ior f woid't."
and difficult to cure as the earache. D.-.u't you rel v-ile, r vyor pilI sihoolk
But there is a remedy never known to mute., Biev .Muith ?" inl,.nruel thp p'isoi. -.
fail. Take a bit of cotton batting, put .' Doi,'t you ,e.t.m-i.lrnr buw ,. us. i at, stesa
pon it ainch of black pepper, gath- mam, h.-ga-,.ther howi t,- i,1ath unt over
-er it up and tie it, dip in sweet oil, and it. l- undl. i tilhei o I ... yst ack 'ead
'a-ert, into the ear. Put a flannel A iringe light repfit im.nito lit. lhor'a .ye s
bandage over the head to keep it warn. as ia' r.i'li-a :
It will give immediate relief. Ah fI ,vener 'oni no I So you are
-GOAHAABBEAD.-Half oup of yeast, BeV. S m .nt 'd
I ai -l ini"m I I ,,nglht .v'iaitl renainner
a pint of warm mnik or water and me. I'nr mifuil gail t. s.e ton, Jnalge. Are
notlar e mogh to make a thin batter. you wdi l"
Let kt rise over night. Stir in lhe a, Qa0"il-we'lla 1ma.nk.y-l. m" ."
mornig, hala cuqp of sugar, salt, tea- Au aw'kwirl silt tie. fil. M. "aith
-oritfl of'saplratfs dissolved in water hiaidthe loys mhtl'i.ihng, nd lie at itaigtrl
OGitahanm enough to mak ca very a iInd to halir it- e- yes. I shalaia
Sbatter. Boat all the liBgedient4 like to oll on you and tilk uver old times."

B ev.rlv Smith said the court, in a voice Our lives being like s -ile well-'jrdeled state THE WINING OF WEALTH.
r, q.ibligI tih distant exilosionof a coal t, ey are inre lik iunarehy, l inied n -il
I ca.I. "y Vitailr,. now about lo CAIl on tile .-u- t like .n re t e, W Inn
I ritrmI.lnt ti, r.- i-r.aii .,r nine lhng days." pal -a shiapel ss jumndile .fi pgoml, bad nlia1 be a perfectly legitimate pursuit.
W tI,.'..It,-at ian ld el-l ipaiiin The illifllferet. Ib uot this a'uea'1f1 stliae Wealth has great and beneficient usep,
f i. -.i o ii.v l.ibili.- l o tid. e ni. The lhig, which oghit to makt. s.-it-ille and the world would go very slowly if
at.,- i-\t ii. 'li.ey are falling down men hlinlg dosn itliri heads iiith slh.ime' money could not be accumulated is
-l.ini., i., niii d1.0>"lad. uatia n il]p. arid iaun
-.t. .nFa l iiag, li.ig pt you whniae you wise and enterprising hands; but
iiilI l ii-- f.' trim ., i,, ut '' wealth may be used to make all men
l ',ia 'tu lg,-.' IFE 1I MEXICO. near it prosperous and happy, or it'it ctl, I wirII toha-, i art iin .,e time ,ago gng of fo'-t me1, may be nused to make them poor and
.ill ..f ile w..-r. na..I a,'niiina (dawi .s I left Ililia in '.t k in the M..ia, .ialvr miserable. W hen a rich man is onl to nelIII.t l ia t alt .af.-n'i u, I.- ellitech ll" -w la- o : peter w rel. he a man is only
of ic' "aigahii-. 'ht" niier i iwi-ordi,!." ieival -tutii.g that tihe party h(ald I.eai ,it- excited by his health with the desire
S** .T.I, I -I--.l...'m thlimk e vei- knew tucked by Ino.iaas a-nid many k.lle-l. A to be richer, antd goes ot to exact
young ?" ..tunar-r-d Bevi-tly, but there was a letter from one of tlie pLarli.--s shows the larger profitsand to grind the faces of
rgia if t .au i- ,uiah.-Dar, Fee ii e ang met with, #4d it sl.sho.ld
rattle' teang. n. iI emigrant. the poor, in order that he may be
sTe,. Aet'er swas the j.ari-ricy out rook 28 superfluously rich, he becomes inhu.-
Sy .s. Our r,.ila>a.iiig etndrhl gt Alpassa, man and unchristian. The Christiah
THE PRZS$ AND THE PLOUCH. Texas, whence welaa o coaeliit, iii ilre,- use of wealth is what we need in this
Wev -:-n lasis g 13 days. But the v *I.iallv o i country and in all countries. It is not
wAs to get a coa'i. Every gang Of nni <
We envy not the iely,maln, t t left A s, in coaches for i that wealth does not give in charity.
Wi, wi,t,-r, wlie'tb.r pumpainii viAtA weeks previQuis to our arrival hadil hben .t-. It is not that wealth is not sufficiently
Turn ia hIe hil. li-i ..r' diu tia cedi by liailitaas, It was kW ,&oindrr, taxed for the support of those who are
W.'t car. I.r t )lo id marble halls, ir..ref.-re, that we hadil difficulty in .bt:bi- n reeked in health or fortune, but i s
No- y-t his lie.., of gold. jn a coach, for although livery stablemi wrecked in health or fortun but it is
We ,. all ,,.t Otn i 1 rn d-i ealt did lnoit iare i .et about the lives of the that it does not give the people
For aill iii- wialh litice' old. p party travelling, they haIl some lIttle chance to escape from poverty; that it
We are thp farvoredones of earth, regard for th-ir coaches Finally, we goKt does not share its chances with the
We l',-.a l ,,lip ..Jr each i Ua man to ran tshe rik. and he unidertook poor, and point the pathway for the
W s,,w i..,. tli ,,lhleuegrainii, to coach s through. ]i. when te caie poor toward prosperity. As a rule,
t-piltar.Iri., tlit'a"iu. to start, seven of our tuo.i were wni-stag. p
We rali i'e i-e in lh.Ia "e v .arn, They hand a.liteady hld i.elnlgh of Andi-r wealth is only brotherly toward wealth,
Afil more than thlii we to-- cani life ;" 1hey swi enough savages ,ir and the poor man feels himself cut off
W. lr.,'' 1 tllarVhrg ,iill'i.S roid, Texas a itionl desiraig to comn,.e t c.bits from sy mpathv with those who have
And gladly ford thit-, toio. with thie ,i% Idadta,,,s of Mexico. Ho* the p er of g money. e
ever, I determined to rousih it,. and ermberh
PThIL tli'r ,1li- ir' stirm aI d rain-ll d on) the mdin aiv',-.nie We were ril lrin-ed miy tre't assured of one thing,-.
elt.i de.a .'l a.Il ,rte. lie pidlis aaini ith rexolveis and rifle-. We s'art-il ititu namely, that the poor in the future
To g.t li. it hi tliy billJ i.Itr livs in our aaiti(s, and ildeerliniedl to "will insist on being recognized. If
TIe- lull-a. i--lil- h i ,le stou a t ke a deslt .ri. f11al' f,.r' our I ves in ". If t-heI are not recogrized-if they are
Ami -ri .,,.ia ,ri .r.. r .1,iii -ia'rt, safev- but though we gaf i h 11 safely, igor'ed in the road greed for wealth
To ch.r tiLr lai.L.,', r. -art. we tw traces of tie -ia ggil s .'f ihe garngs at any cost to thetm-they will make
SVe sing'tle Irnr of the Pl.,ugh, of Mnel who lrecea01-d us, At one spot, we the futiu-e a troubled and terrible one
And honor of the 'ress- -Came neross the bodies of twelve m-i, wimt for our children andt our children's
Two noble ilsnstifeita.. .rf tfil, l.,d hbeea kilted by lpdlias. We stopptled chire
Eai-li with a powAer t hli,-s.4. to bury lihem. 'They wInst have In.dei at hidreP.-'. H, IOLLLND,
Tlir hrboi.. xIt. hIv, II I,, lI-tad ge, -desprate resistance. One poorr fel ow had .* -.
Tin- tm-mill i iihuman kird; hias hands and. arms, skinned, his eyes | TOO MANY TECHNICAL 1PHRASES.
O e tillh r il et,, i.,it'ln l earl. gonged out. tIlhe.rvi.e nuitilitd. I
ie other lis ith- uid. $w,,me of tIle oihi rs lure, I bilnninIly. Oneo I like.) your sermon very much tu-day,
w~,Woman was, tile party. \Ve lid niot wirl a sjngl.- ea' itti..,' .-aid a worth*
fid hler, and snppase she was tIaken pasorto a nmiaiiher whimhadli oxPied416i
Toull Have to Stand prisoner to be sujecited to a worse fate p,.pia a pr the il.
Sthouet tn di'ah. We arit aed at the nines on pa,,Ipl a p,.lion ,af tIte satalh".
0;ae tji-'e Ienr \Yarl leeer wetthe 21stJulyI anw were put to live in a Well, a -h a-' the excepmimin 7
da tosiie Htolen ere. Ia Beher wait -long barr. 'We went tosork oi, Sainrday I as t.k u.-i t rais lrhertoor O. Wuany tech-
Poon he wentl int,, a itbarbir s)op of great night. Of)course we hl-ye tam w rk Sinduda; icial priase-.'.
toUe and r. finenlf- ifi 10 be haved, 'l'iThe the" Lord's iay is not reogiz,L". IIi 'Did ? i dilin't thimlk ofit,' wa- ia g., ul...i- lilet,- felily aho coainl y. Th.'I'll- .ican'.. w,,' W01, k l te Yog repeatedly spoke of diawing in- 3
,t, retained d ir. Beecher, wljle tie Ilra n i, 1 n ia.- are i.i1A'd to-h, mg- ; nonla (ol ta s Gaw yan
his faee i thjiatalentoal eoniversation. lie li is.a anm ta ,e',,er. ;,ere nrnn.'n' hat asre t ay
isket ,. Are 'ot g.rg to t e this a ,( ,ll tea whr.-,, i ea.ll th. plie besides l>arears'
.se.ig y?" our Novat 'eolia ganlag. we were told he 011Oh, no. Most every one, of course,
;' Oh.".' r. ] retli. J wearilyl, as fore leaving Halifax that we should get 40 "knoans tlha we meia by drawing an inter.
a nmn W ia .... ii..'t a, Ih,-a..-tk i,' lee- n e anrnahi nand our bh ard, lht on arrival
tares, I t u *t im living to > It here ,ev foanill that we hail to hoard our Y -1 *
tare. "- du",' whselv-s or starve. I need not tell vou that 'Yon are nutien. lhro lIor, as *r as
SWhy," the amazed barber Rev li'r Ward 'Bt-er hl'r lev there are no potatoes or vegetables of atny coungr. gautian wottd inai.irstadl tle |ilirase
1t lit'"'it, Beecher, of lIr, klv',. Go- ki..-l; we live ,im bread. meat and coffee, You certainly caanot be right.'.
ing 1t hectuare to-t,,'hl> ir., .i,,,-r haIll. all of the very worst (qu lity. ant board of 'I a. Now there's Mr. S,,ith'-point
Mr. Bee,'her raued up a little w th an that kiad costs 1s $3 per week. No one ing out a an jst turning the oer-
air p. antdi-- ar I it.. I.: Oh, Well," hi p thirksb of going about here without a e, ig ot a a jst tnig the erer-
a!a, f i, gig to hctrc I g IeSS 1'volver ; there are five-r 'x natn killed here 'who is quite al inllihgeant farmer. '.e
Jia tii g" every night. To live at all on naust kr-a) will overtake hifo, and I will ask hli if he
-' ( voir t icke 's a ciyil ,cinvei ini y,-r helad, a,,ii keep way c, n draw nu inference, antd I do 4lot believe
N. -' Mr. B-enhar rlpli.l. "'I hlaveno froM the rim sila;tie. tliaa he will understand mie.'
lia kL.'"' A'erri'l;ily ht,' twoininisters quicken,
I TI.e harbor ,aPnglied merrily, "'*a Iia, i**r ed their piaie,andl as thi-y 'aliae up fam thi
ha," lie shi .'-nrl. You'll lnave to' stnld THE FIRST NEWFOUNDLAND said Mr. Saaaath Iis pnator said to miian,
uip. 1. i % elir to sl 11n10 !, Se.'s 1gill -, _AY 'Brotlher ,iilll, casti 'lto Iil i an innei.
".ii two ai.lha t1.' ; V il. h1'e Ito i'l s "l RAILWAY. ter "- ar 1
uiP. The New York and Newfoundland Ilroilier Snailah, t'iliq sui,-inarily itestito-
Well, n,"w,"sd 1 Mr. DieliT-r. "jil an Railway Company formally comr- gated, loolaild at his pastor fr some fil't'-In
amr ofr ac in \,a ..., -. j .u kr mtw. that 'menced the work of railroad construc- sic s, ihit'e enirpi'l ad aBuhe ralfer
is jiint 1 i, l.k ? I Wk S i Brookln last hs.itatlngly sai s-'Wel 1supposw
, ... t, w.I,,I over ir Phnlott'chu elitrrh ton tae island. Shortly before lcalda. .TI'e got a pair of h.res llS .nl
'rw!e, to heart llw It .e,-hat i ana.g noon the first sod was ttutied under il draw ani.hinz. t i aliah Ih.-y arehr ltlaed.
and iv ,,i.,.g..ahiin l.I.tlh imlr'- 1 lid toitamand the nianaginent of aMr, Bolland, an Unli 1 shodlm,'t like, t on .i-andlay.
lupi all .I1r. ugh te serroi,.Na engineer of European reputation, and *
liatli ns h .wct nheIaV. the -ill aue, ho several squads of na.-ies are now WO,, S IIAI..
lilhtelned tl,,e"r hamgalhed at flhe ii" w to .Te ',nim thlib is Sailal Ito m ianl isn.
woultfhi to.r ni-lup"at-Mr. Bla-cher' tu-,ily engaged in grading those see- poramt indix of tie femai, chnaelr.
a-ri n i uti n-tc the sIi-rs si aild coni, tious of the road that have been pre- \\i en mills Irgu iahutails are held by
siernauTii of ti', aio.ia halria-r wliyi opt gp- bloated. The two termini of i lhrna ilogist.. i)h.v-igia'..isir, t'..- to I.o
itag lis th ran, he- lia iwaai. i"stlui o the railroad are St. John's on the n|oreaaan a,rdinrylv iatelltig. hi---li atrt
aig--tl, .it ia.t ill tha liapiiriit----d lbht4 south, and nortlih shore of Not-re Dame small thus, are r g. ,iaed l .onlautlu
I.all. sas Bprcjler. Bay on the northerly end. Concur- Accirdli,.g io a..rr.aiu auilors. who profess'
rently with the inauguration of the to i-nie I. enll h-er-r'er;, a wonian'is Iainil is
railway work in St. Johi's thflre is mnre indicative of a wowmi.'s ckhirauter
C AELESS LIV PS. reported from undoubted sources a xtentndierface ik stiehlitt r is tpara oertai
I ain afraid that hlw great niajor;t' of golhl find extraordinary promise at or of tho ill thier--as, lie former ass fal.
ir..n I..lw il. ii live's as tihey o their b. Ming's Bight, close to the very spot which exists for ainy one ho IItuiadnraaadil
iefs, t.. g., an.... -h,-. Ta y never foran iU where th New York company, at least it *o proti by CoisnrquePIily, a fi w ilms
.t, at tl hape there life i for the present, purpose terminaing aout pr-pr eo aing a a
to take, and lhe liv liave .-ver salii ealmly their line. The vein ranges from ten ,renders, u,,,.ialih mana'ied wo.m-n, or iuan
and sliragly to 'lirina.m Ir'', T'hi is is the and a half to twelve inches in breath a ini, a:oni tliat is to rule my life.' They on the surface, and widens considera- sqilare halundl iin i maina l r[hhnim Uhe said ta
play ie. part of thi. sc'-p r I-,li hs no bly asit depends. It has been found nake anol nnl g, anle Iro, ,ae.iies. TIese
a i n aa lilt-na,- h i t i et sort of aiair'l srill mIake any one Ima|-py
n.odel la cy no L..l1, There ia 'he bythe assayertoyield eighteen ounces who is tarnat,. enough to win ih'e..
narile, and Iify k u,.'k a piece ont here of pure gold to the ton of ore, and, so 'i.ey are not at all roeetatic; but they're
and threat, butp ano iri canll prrdit tie iaal fuar as explorers have ascertained, the whiat is ati.ur-ntl.oiolhly dom#s4ie1
r-.silt, E. i-u an .1ril.'i, -. tyorki~gg ana) vein preserves an unbroken continuity Wl'iei 'ijh vm rV large tlInmb. kane a
jl,,l.,,in. ani th,. diirc edl exi.teunc. o for several miles. The proposed 400 t,1 ap,.-" iif their "awli. aali geaTpll a
-airaV of us W call sto -. In iles of railroad now actually begun ,ter',. te him ie fi-s ti me he sai-m
. ar -a l? 1e r,. ,ntO the. It gll run through the whole of the principal liri ,mf his mt,.istrBs' basal.tatitiina
wide!anedrre .-,.i-o1 's. p lY, "' e ino igel metalliferous belts of the island, and runaler s-,n, I-retextor aanoln,-, har tmlala
wich utae i sto smis.-al it an Ie h'arg, let iinl wminke up his
,alet If we ure temptnie i do ti wrt.g, i is the capitalist of New York who have .nl ,i thaat 5-ua a lie betotnes.! Ha rried
ao.shlr it l aii iaob.iih,. ihuat we ..vay ecuredthisgoldencontractwith New- ian,, h,, will hae i be good boy, or
p o- 'i ', n p. 1i" foundland Government will daily dis- else wil hl th ver quit O l f a a-t isnt inrsp e > over to their extreme satisfaction,.as Ara ihif a .,iag lia liu. .ula
we ,iiy say tlIt whmhb tha ti j tr-j } iihr thate work progresses, 'that in their w a a rsmirl il.hl i A ,
for our own grin we auy l.oh-rive this per; eight mile alternate blocks along the thank his .-tnirs-for int littn'a--sh4 is
rn,, 111,l ;att'.u at ith ;,_rt-r thit. If op- whole ljo of railway they have secur- saiteuliirle t1 inm'eiielU, readily flataseal,
,Oin,,ai'y iaafai'l -u. ag y.y'' yi-id to in- ed mines of rich, rare and undoubted ea-ily .ilkei itao, or. atlk4d eit of ana-
aea.,,),a.-'. .am- r a tk e th dir road Of wealth, fromwhich the means of build- tlini, and On ,e readily qn'.re;ld. Baut
i'rilt.,a. We iny b,. gao, nl Qnur d, 0r i ng a half dozen Newfoundland rail- If hic is ,warm'ia w t,,,h oly a tq',aruli.
tii l Ianaaria itali tuia wilyo s t i'hua bii.

fix off iin li r-y p--i. ii We may heip roads such as the one contemplateded.devloiei iaumb. i,y. Iheni. sheit ii, ler
-- iay on who il" ii.s i trouai'. air strike i4 can be obtained. The work of con- a practical femrialewho wal sinind uo uon.
Hblow 1iy ir.l or ant a' 11 iv-a or 1a. aneiny. struction is -now calculated to be sense,, or she ji. a desiming emaile ; she
We .-ip lot know inilwaitwe thhill do, because brought to completion within two i.< a woman wha cannot be dupqd, Ir a
wo huta4 nO plan, no decision. Instead of i years., women who will dupe him. --...

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