Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Wo. 35.-Vol. VIVz. STATE uzaiR VIAS ANTIQUAS 24i, per ABn.

Hamilton, Bermueda, Tuesday, d4ugust 30, 1881.

From the Chicago Tribune, July 7.

Following is the substance of the remarks made by
1?r. John M. Gregory to the members of the Illinois
State Board of Health, in taking his seat as President
of that body:-
Sanitary science is teaching us that much of
the sickness which afflicts our race is the result of
causes which may be avoided, or whose baleful ef-
fects may be lessened or destroyed. Out of our
own ignorant carelessness spring, too often, the
frightful diseases which invade our homes, and fill
them with sickness/sorrow and death. No modern
science is more needful or more benificent than this,
which proposes to aid men to stay the ravages of
preventable diseases, and to lessen the death rate.
Tried even by its commercial or money values, our
work is second to no other in its large public bene-
fits. To save life is to save working, wealth pro-
duoing power. To save population is to preserve
all those values which the very presence of popula-
tion reflects on the soil itself, and on all the pro-
ductions of human skill and toil. To lessen the
amount of sickness in any community, is to relieve
the laboring power of that community, by so much
of the extra burden of caring for the sick, and to
give back the sick man to his place in the ranks of
the workers. None but those who have computed
the cost of rearing and training men from infancy
to manhood, and who have taken account of the
great expenditures and losses caused by disease and
death, can tell the immense value of the services
which sanitary science may render the country.
We may almost question whether the famous ap-
plications of science in the great manufacturing and
wealth producing arts can add more to the sum
total of wealth- and well-being than the health
sciences are already doing in some communities by
their mitigation of the pain and fear of sickness,
and the conservation of life and health.
Let me enumerate some of the common causes of
sickness, which, though quite familiar to sanita-
rians, are still unrecognized by thousands of our
fellow-citizens. The enumeration will serve a valu-
able purpose, and may help to warn the unwary.
Fresh, pure air for breathing stands in the front
ranks of the conditions of life and health. And un-
fortunately this condition is the one most frequent-
ly and most fatally violated by all classes of society.
Food, drink, and exercise are required only at in-
tervals, and may, in case of need, be dispensed
with for days together; but breathing must be con.
stant, through every minute of life, by night and
day. Loaded though it be with dust and dirt, with
foul and deadly gases, with miasma and germs of
disease, the air must be received into the lungs.
Volumes have been written to prove and enforce
the truth that pure air is life and health, and that
foul air is disease and death; but still we sin, and
suffer for our sin, against this truth.
Twice within the last few weeks I have been for
an entire evening confined to rooms where a crowd-
ed company of exceptionally intelligent people re-
mained for hours, breathing over the same air, and
suffered for days afterwards from the poison in-
haled. Only a few days since I visited an Assembly
of scientific men of National reputation, who sat
for hours in a closely packed room, where the at-
mosphere reeked with the hot breaths of the listening
crowd. Go to any social gathering, and as often
in the mansion of wealth as in the cottage of the
poor, we shall find the same blind daring of the dis-
ease-gendering atmospheric poison. Days of head-
ache and of lassitude follow, and disease is engen-
dered : but the fashion and folly go on. Social clubs
and coteries crowd small club-rooms; meetings for
business or for pleasure, for instruction or for
prayer, are held daily in insufficient and ill-venti-
lated apartments; and the failing health of those
who attend these meetings is attributed to any and'
all causes but the true one.
But worst of all, the schools provided for the
education of our children continue, in spite of all
protests and all warnings, to be housed in rooms
too small for the number of pupils, and with a ven-
tilation too often a mere mockery. Thus we plant
the seeds of disease along with the seeds of know-
ledge, and fatally weaken the physical while pro.
fessing to cultivate the intellectual powers. Fre-
quently the school-house is the central and chief
agency for the spread of epidemics and contagions.
Let it be known that no school-room occupied,
as is now the custom, by the whole school, during
all the school-hour%, can be sufficiently ventilated
to make it entirely healthful. Let any physiologist
be asked to make the computation of the air needed,
and he must confirm this statement. From the mo-
ment the children are assembled the air of the
school-room begins to deteriorate ; and, since no
system of ventilation sweeps the whole body of im-
pure air out at once, the best it can do is to keep
the mixture from becoming as bad as possible.
The first rule should be to use the minimum of
confinement for each pupil. The second should be
to keep the fewest possible seated at their studies
in the same room. Every pupil that can be trust-
ed to study his lesson elsewhere should be advised
to visit the school-room at lesson times only;
and, instead of the foolish ambition to keep every
seat filled, let it be sought to have as many vacant
seats as may be possible without remitting any of
the teaching.
It is not, however, ia crowded parlors, club-
rooms, lecture halls, and schools alone that impure
air is to be feared. ln all houses bad air can be '
found. Dust and moldy damp haunt the rooms re-
served for special occasions, while those in daily
use are saturated with the breath, smoke, steam and
gases from all the household life and work. And
frequently the source of corruption is found in the
very soil which the house covers. This is especially
the case with those houses built in our prairie
towns, where without removing a foot of the soil, or
opening a foot of drainage, the house is set upon a
few low posts, and then boarded around to prevent
the cold winds getting under the floor. In the win-
ter it is not uncommon to bank it with straw or even
with barn-yard litter. The half-decayed mass be-
neath, in the dark and damp, unvisited by sun or
wind, generates poisonous gases, which are sucked
up through every crevice in the floor, and fill the
house with their deathlul influence. Such houses

are death-traps. I have known more than one fa-
mily to pine, and even perish, in such a dwelling.

Half of the ill-health of women, over that ofj
men must be charged to the indoor life, which for-t
bids them the life-giving influence of heaven's free,
pure air and sunshine.
Our houses want more windows, larger chimnies,
more transoms, more grate fires in winter, and less
poisonous furnaces. It is to the stoves within our
own bodies, fed by abundance of fresh air, that we
must look for healthfulest heat, and not so mach to
the stoves whose porous iron plates offer so little
resistance to the deadly carbonic acid gas. We
make our houses comfortable at the expense of their
healthfulness when we shut out God's sunshine and
pure air. Better, in this respect, the wind-searched
hovel of the poor man than the padded homes of
luxury and wealth.
Especially should our sleeping-rooms be made
larger, and be better ventilated. Better the open
window and the night air, often so foolishly dread-
ed, than the slow poisoning which the bad air
gives, and which leaves the sleeper to awake weak
and unrefreshed by his slumbers. No more serious
mistake is made in our house-building than that of
the small bed-chambers. Sanitary science says that
these apartments should be the largest, sunniest
and airiest of all in the house. Let them never be
on the ground floor, and let the bed be rolled at
night into the middle of the room, so that the air
may move freely around the sleepers.
The common drinking-water of thousands of fa-
milies is filled with foulness and the seeds of disease.
In the country places the wells are frequently so
shallow as to be supplied with the mere surface of
water, filled with organic matter washed from the
soil. As the summer heats and droughts diminish
the supply, the family continue to use the dregs
until no,more can be dipped from the muddy bot-
tom, and often till some, to them unaccountable
disease seizes upon several members of the family
in quick succession. In the villages the wells are
commonly placed near the kitchen door, for con-
venience sake, and the slops and washings from
the kitchen, are thrown on the ground close by, to
filter into the well with but little change in their
condition. In many other ways the drinking water
of the family is rendered impure, and typhoid fever,
or some other filth disease follows as naturally as
harvest comes from seed-sowing.
It ought to be urged with a tireless tongue, that
a plentiful supply of good, pure drinking water is
one of the first and most Important conditions of
health for man or beast. And whenever any mem-
ber of a family is seized by any form of zymotic or
filth disease, the water supply of that family ought
to come immediately under suspicion, and the most
thorough examination be instituted. Let them
make sure that the well or cistern is free from all
impurities, For a small sum a cheap filter may be
constructed which will remove nearly every im.-
purity, when the source of the water supply cannot
b3 readily cleansed or changed.

Immediate possession given,
Now being occupied by the Hamilton Metho-
dist Sabbath School. Being centrally situated
in the town, can be made suitable either for a
residence or as a Business Place.
Further information given by
Hamilton, August 22, 1881.-2

Situation Wanted
By a German middle aged Woman who can
teach English, French and German, and is a
good Dressmaker.
Good references.
Please Address E. A. No. 5, R. N. Hospital,
Ireland Island.
August 9, 1881.

To Merchants &


Who is disengaged at 4 p.m. daily, is desirous
of obtaining evening employment.
Communications to be addressed to "Clerk"
at Office of this Paper.
Hamilton, Aug. 28rd, 1881.

Bermuda Ice,



CAN be used under all circumstances without
the danger attending the use of imported
Ice, which in most cases affect the system, in the
same manner as a change of drinking water.
The subscriber is now prepared to furnish Ice
at Depot, Burnaby Street, from 6 a.m., to 6 p.m.,
daily. Sunday from 9 a. m., to 10 a.m. De-
livered in Hamilton and vicinity from 8 a.m,, to
12 o'clock, Sundays excepted.
Price Half-Penny per pound.
For the convenience of the public in case of
sickness I have made arrangements to deliver
Ice at my manufactory at any hour, day or night,
Sunday included.

UNWHOLESOME FOOD. Being a tiomo Industry respectfully asks a
I can only hint now at the ill effects of unwhole- continuance of the Public Patronage.
some, badly preserved, and badly cooked food, as THOfA S MILES.
one of the common dangers to public health. It isHOMAS ILES.
an old saying that "Many men dig their graves Hamilton, May 31st, 1881.
with their teeth;" but not so much by their glut-
tony as by the unwholesome viands which they 'IO Lease for a term of
force upon their stomachs.
Perhaps no department of hygienic science is so years.
little understood as that which concerns food. No-
where, at least, do more radical differences of j THAT Delightfully Situated MAN-
opinion prevail. Professional judgments are al- SION in Southampton, on the Great
most as much at variance as popular whims. Che- Sound, known s "Glasgow Lodge" with the
mistry, has. indeed, analyzed many of our foods, surrounding LAND, of which about ei*ht
and patient observations, in hospitals or in camps, surrounding e AND, of which about eight
have settled the nutritive values of some of them ; Acres are A AlLE ; together with a COT.
but the knowledge gained is, as yet, looked up in TAGE and STORE, and other out Buildings,
professional books and reports, and every man is well adapted for a boarding house. The main
left to be a law unto himself as to what he shall eat, Building has eleven rooms upstairs, with a corri-
how much, and when. And so the unwholesome dor the whole length, and thirteen rooms below,
feeding goes on. Tainted and disease-marked with Kitchen. A most healthy spot and conve-
meats, immature or decayed vegetables, pernicious nient for travelling by land or water, the mail
or adulterated groceries and condiments, and bad stage between Mangrove Bay (Somerset), and
Things made worse by bad cookery, are spread upon the town of Hamilton passing the gate daily up
our tables and forced upon our stomachs, till failing the town of Hamilton passing the gate daily up
appetites and disordered digestion tell of Nature's and down.ply on the Premise.
recoil from the abuses which are destroying us. Apply on the Premises.
Our schools of domestic science, cooking schools, May 17, 1881.-3m.
food collections and popular lectures, and books
on food and dietics may at length bring more W HEELWRIGHT i CAR-
light, but till then let the people be warned that W UU&
danger lurks in their feasts, and that only the RIAGE BUILDER.
most careful attention to themselves can tell them --
when their food is meat and not poison to them. FRED. J. S Wd/i',
All foods are not alike healthful to all men.
There is truth in the old saying, "One man's meat Has resumed business in Reid Street, opposite
is another man's poison." Each for himself must MR. NEWMAN'S
learn by experience what food agrees with him, Harness Making Establishment,
and what harms him. It, after eating, he feels ( Sa
headache or any pain or distress of stomach or (Down Stairs,)
bowels, let him suspect his food and seek to dis.- And respectfully solicits a share of Public Pa-
cover the offending dish. A few experiments, care- tronage.
fully made, will tell what to take and what to avoid, Hamilton, July 12, 1881.
and the instructed mind will soon control the de-
structive appetite for what has been found harmful. r l
Sanitary science is the new battle man is making For Sale,
for life and health. Having with a mightier magic
than that of the old-time wizards mastered and made About 40,000 Lbs.
slaves of the most powerful forces in Nature, he
may now put to flight the demons of dirt and dis- FEE' W O 0 D
ease-breeding filth. At last he confronts hopefully R J W 0
the terrible contagions, the pestilences which walk .
in darkness, and the destruction that wasteth at Remaining fromn our Contract Supplies.
noonday. Will be sold cheap in lots, or the whole.
Let the people be assured that much of the sick-' OUTERBRIDGE BROS.
ness from which they suffer is of their own causing, Reid Street, August 8,1881.
or from their neglect of simple precautions. Let Reid Street, August 8, 188.
them be taught that certain conditions, like those P A R L
named in this paper, are dangerous to health and JT .I .
life, and even their economy, which dreads the loss
of money, will lead them to guard against the need- A Full Weight, Pure Condensed
less sickness which so often ruins fortune as well Milk
as life. Tell it to them perpetually that bad air, Milk.
bad water, and bad food are always slow poisons, E offer, under the above brand, a full
and must ultimately cause loss of health and loss W weight, pure, natural milk, condensed by
of life, and we may hope to see the remedy corn- evaporation, and granulated sugar added in order
plete. tA no.rfetl nroeserveo Five (5) arts of water


To be delivered in Hamilton,
For which the Subscriber will pay 6/ each for
those in good condition.
Hamilton, August 22, 1881.-3

yPt J rcu V. L \ II------ --
added to one of milk will reduce it to the aver-
ago standard of Orange County milk. Every can
is warranted. There can be no better Condensed
Milk than The Pearl, but it will be sold on the
principle that low prices combined with good
quality and honest weight, command the trade.
Price per single case 48 16-oz. cans is $6.
Price per single case, 48 8-oz. cans, is $3-75.
il. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Sole Agents, New York,

The Undersigned has lately
ceived from New York per S. S.
A Consignment of First Class


Which he offers to the Public Cheap for
Hamilton, August 22, 1881.

Wines for the Season.

CLAR, ET ,r Imported annually for 23
SAUTERNE years from same House in
BURGUNDY (Sparkling)
DO Scharzburg Muscatel 1857
CHAMPAGNE (Moett & Chandon extra dry)
DO. St. Peray
DO. Swiss
DO. Saumur
DO" Vouvray
SHlERRY Fine Montilla
DO. Amontillado, 20 years in bottle
DO. MANZANILLA, 20 years in bottle
Ilamilton and St. George's
Established upwards of 50 years.
May 28th, 1881.

Office at ICE IOUSE, East Broadway.
pHE Subscribers would respectfully inform
the people of Hamilton and vicinity that
they are now prepared to attend to all Order-
or Ice in a first class manner and at the reasons
able price of Half-Penny per pound.
We will keep constantly on hand at the Ice
House of the late Captain Castner, East Broad-
way, a supply of ICE throughout the year for
the benefit of our Customers who may require
Ice during winter months.
By prompt attention to our customers and
strict attention to our business, we hope to re-
ceive a share of the Public patronage.
N.B.-ICE HOUSE open from 6 a.m. to 6
p.m. daily, Sundays excepted, when it will be
open from 7 to 8.
East Boadway, llamilton.
June 21st, 1881.-tf

By a Family residing in this Town,
a HO SE I06I4D.
Apply at Royal Gazette" Office.
August 1f, 1881.

S. J. Canton 4' Son,
Watch Repairers and Jewellers
B EG to inform the Public that they intend.
Carrying on their business in their Shop
recently occupied by the late MR. BARTHOLO-
MEW, Parliament Street, opposite the Post
shortest notice.
Gold and Silver Finger Rings and Ear Rings
made to order.
All work done by them warranted to give
Hamilton, May 21st, 1881.

Theodore Outerbridge,


D. V. S.,
Offiee and Residence Reid Street, Hamilton,
Office adjoining Army Pay Office.
Hours-8 to 10 a.m.; 3 to 6 p.m.
Will Visit St. Georges Professionally

Office at Mr. George Spurlings, Market Square.
Ilamilton, November 8, 1880.

To all who suffer from Headache.

Always on hand at the Store of
Sole Agent.
Hamilton, Feby. 7th, 1881.-tf.

Achoolt laitts.f

.1 Large Supply Received
At the ROYAL GAZETTE Stationery Store,
Jdt Low Prices.
Hamilton, June g8th, 1881,


'|HE manufacturers of .Sapolio wanted to
combine with PRIDE OF THE KITCH.
EN, but we refused and reduced prices, heno.
the bad temper manifested,

SA PLL & U8..

Fine Groceries, Grain, Provisions,
&C., &c.,
4 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.
314 and 316 Greenwich Street, 7 Old Slip.
104 Pearl Street and Havana, Cuba.
Orders for Groceries, Dry Goods and Goods
of all descriptions, respectfully solicited and will
he filled at lowest Market rates either direct or
through our Bermuda house.

Onion Seed. Onion Seed.

THE UNDERSIGNED begs to offer a very
limited quantity of TENERIFFPPE, RED
and WHITE, ONION SEED and also has se-
cured a small lot of LISBON ONION SEED
for the production of round pink Onions for
the London market.
A list of engagements open at the residence
of the undersigned, and orders left at Muear-.
TROTT & Cox's place of business, will bie in-
Prices STRICTLY CAsH-and the rate will be
the same as shall be adopted by the trade for
Teneriffe, and at 8/ per bottle for the Lisbon
Hamilton, Bermuda, August 16, 1881.-3

FI HE Undersigned respectfully directs the
attention of the MERCHANTS OF
BERMUDA to the fact that for some years past
he has been connected with the (louse of
H. K. 9 P B. Thurber & Co.,
Exporters, Importers and Manufacturers ot Food
West Broadway, Reade and Hudson Streets,
New York City,
And during that time has attended personally to
the execution of Bermuda Orders, so that he is
practically familiar with the wants of that Island
in all that relates to Food Products and Gro-
ceries generally.
Any orders that may be entrusted to him will
be faithfully and promptly filled with the assu
ance that they will receive all the advantages
which the special facilities of the Messrs. Thur-
ber enable them. to give. A trial order, no
matter how small, mar result in mutual benefit
and will be appreciated by
With H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
New York City
December 21,. 1880.-12m


Mr. W. Stanley Whitter,
(Next West of the Royal Gazette" Office)
Immediate possession given.
Apply at the Office of this Paper,
Hamilton, July 26, 1881.

Life Insurance Company

Incorporated by Act of the Dominion Parlia.
meant in 1865.
A uthorised Capital .. .. $1,000,000
Deposited with Dominion Govern- ,
meut for security of Policy. Hold- 56,000
Assets $3-04 to $1 Liability.
RELIABLE British Canadian Office, offer-
S ing the advantages of a local Wet India
Company, with the protection offered by Cana-
dian Laws, which render the Policies virtually
absolute security.
President Molson's J. M. C. DELWS DERB-
Bank. -NICas.
dent Exch. Bank.
This COMPANY is now granting to it.
West India and Bermuda Policy-holders the
privileges which it has for some time past be-
ing giving to those in Canada, which is an
unconditional Policy, and is considered to be
the most liberal in the Dominion: it allows
the assured to engage in any occunpation, or
reside in any part of the world without paying
extra; it is also indisputable on any giounda
after being admitted by the Company.
P. B. TUCKER, M.D., R. GoRatAM,
Medical Adviser, General Agent,
Bermuda. Bermuda.


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21t and28th August 1881at Bermudaht boeteen he E H Gosling, S A Harvey, J M Hayward, T D George's. at the finish, altogether making an exciting wind
where the Register kept, being 246 feet dleton, C Peniston, WR Peniston. he amounts of resident Garfield's illness come The preliminary trial before the Magistrate of up to a very interesting race.
whr te k 2Mr. Cooper moved Resolution No. 5 (as read on down to the fifty-fourth day since he was wound- The P tal be e The exac amount of the stakes but which no
Date. the 24th August.) e, and he was as low then as he could be and live. eorgessn laenka cared on board o the Britns doubt was verg large, we have been unable to aser-
Data The House resumed. His immediate and latest danger has been from barqTue 11 Con sou" at thb Red Ba k, tain.
The Chairman reported progress and obtained exhaustion of digestive power, and unless he be. o arrac In conclusion we cordially congratulate the R. B.
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JOSEPHUS PE NHIEF. Ayes.-Nay9. that the fever became alarming, wasdangerousthe accused ad on three separate and distinct oc- The Mail Steamer "Flamborough," Captain
Mr.The Hadson s moton was armed eugh It made necessa fory twohe pu is to es toe, anro- casions, made serious threats, that the first chance Whitehurst arrived at her wharf in this Town,
The House resumed. vide other channels for the pus to escape, and "he got he would throw Hans (the deceased) over soon after seven o'clock yesterday morning, having
The Chairman reported that there was not a therefoerative two o the wounds to heal and drain there "the rail." This statement, when taken into con- left her dock at New York on the afternoon of the
A j quorum present. n recuperative Toces m the processor healing. There b sideration with the meagre facts elicited by Jury 25th instant.
Adjourned to Wednesday next. nas beon a constant dread of pyomia or blood of nquest held upon the body of the deceased, We are indebted to Captain Whitehurst, Mr.
ton 0 1 1 Orders: poisoning, which means that the ps of the wond make the circumstances of the death of Hans Toe- Purser Dupont, Mr. Chief Steward Morraine, and
Hamilton, t Not considered carried over to the next meetingenter the blood vessels and taint and or- messen to have the suspicion that foul play had Mr. J. Frederick Smith, passenger, for files of
Not considered carried over to the next meeting rupt the pure blood. This danger was for some been used, and to warrant the course pursued by New York papers of the 25th instant.
BE RMUD A. CUSTOM HOUSE-HAMILTON. in a milder form which has a harder name, and toPresident
ENTEED. present noformid obstacle to recovery.The The investigation however failed to show that Garfield's health was in a very precarious state at
present formidable the accused was in any way accessory to the death the date of the "Flamborough's" leaving. We
Pdeedngs of the Honorable Legislative August 26-Whaling Schr. E. H. Hatfield, Sprague, parotid gland near the ear, the same which b- of Hans Tmessn-to the contrary that he was fullyallude to the circumstance in another column.
Council. whaling cruise; 90 b1s. sperm oil.-Agent, Thomas comes so big and painful in an attack of mumps, on continual terms of friendship and amity with
J. Wadson. i has within the last week, swollen, and this has been c a s o r up to the hour of 630 The Land Bill received the Royal Assent on the
Fridy, 2th August, 1881.-Pursant to ad- 29-Brgt. J. owland. Catharin. Friendship, Maine ; watched most anxiously as a symptom of blood p.m. of the Sunday (14th Aug.), previous to the 22nd inst.
Friday, 26the Hugust, 1881.-Pursuant to ad- 2.10 tons ice; to J. B. Stahl & Co. poisoning. The surgeons tried to disperse the pim.gofth a ys(14thsAg .)ang-,v t
ormen he House me. Mail Steamer Famboroh, Whithrst. N York; swelling, but had at last to use the lancet, and it ding of Hanson the stage, underneaththe an COMPROMISE ON THE LAND BLL.
Prwemtd-His Honor Josiah Rees, Chief Justice, mails and general cargo.-Agents, Trott & Cox. is now believed that it can be relieved without any a unay4h gust t e deceased LNON, August fv.-Tte Daiy h t he
President; CLARED great additional danger. It came owve p.m. of Sunday, 14th August, inst., the deceased, LONDoN, August 13.-The Daily News, in a lead
The Honorable A. J. Musson ocke g. Yates, Harris, Ferea additional danger. It came however most the accused, and one Gotlin, who had just come ing article, says: We trust that if the Peers per.
iW H Goson August25-Schr. Rookie E. Yates, Harris, Fernan. inopportunely. Just when the sick man's dies- from the woman Emma Elizabeth Spencer's house- sist in their amendments the Government will
James H. Triin amdina, Florida, U.S.A. tion gave out, when he rejected the simplest fluids, (were both the accused and deceased were much in abandon the Land bill,'summon Parliament inthe
g James Tcker Rimi Gehan PASNGES.when his weakened frame needed the largest sus- the habit of frequenting, and of keeping company autumn, and send a bill of larger scope to the
EJames Tucker, Reor. Gent Stea e sF tenance and his reserve of vitality was at the low- with this woman, who evidently is not one of the House of Lords."
The I R.eEWiebsAnAt eroamen .Sty.Aat toynstherMailSreamer"SFlamborou. fromb NewsYork.est ebb-justtthenthis swelling and inflammation best of characters) were seeneto go on board their Nro division wa takenaon the motion of the Earl
e Bill entitled yesterday : r. and rs. D. Robinson, Mr. Alfred of the perotia gland filled his throat with mucus vessel in company, laughing and talking. Gotlin of Pembrok in the House of Lords last night for
provide for the salaries of the Colonial Secretary E. Everdell and Miss C. E. Everdell, Miss A. Cox, and caused even greater exhaustion in ejecting it. turns in, Hans sits upon the rail forward, and the the restoration of the proviso empowering the Land
and Clerk," was read the third time and passed Miss A. Hinson, Miss B. Trimingha, Captain R. It has come to this, that the bulletins cannot speak turns in, Hans sits upon the forecastle forwa rd, and the the restoration of the proviso empoweri n the Land
and ordered to be laid before His Honor the Act N Bo and son Mr. S A. Smith anddauterused goes to the forecastle to wash himself pre- Court to refuse an application to f. Smith and daughter,
ia rrt bhe l before H Act- Messrs. James S. Eubark, M. Kenelly, K. Smith, of any great improvement and their tenor is that paratory to his going ashore again. Accused made on the part of a tenant who has caused or
lag Governor by the Hon. R. E. Webster. John McNeil, J. F. Smith, George W. West and G. the patient is no worse. In the last two days the comes on deck again, says he left the ship about suffered, his holding to be deteriorated, and in
A Resolve voting thesum of 500 for erecting an A. Nicholls.-2nd Cabin.-Mrs. A. Bell, A. L. Spedon, symptoms have been a shade better-the swelling 10 minutes after he came aboard with the de- other similar cases, because the Government saw
additional building at the Quarantine Station on William A. Dougall and Alexander Cameron. at the back of the ear has lessened, the patient isu ceased and Gotlin, and when he left Le saw de- the hopelessness of dividing against the large Tory
Nonsuch Island, accompanied by a Plan of the The Brigantine "Excelsior," Captain Mayor, in 15 once more able to retain nutritives enough to re- ceased sitting on the starboard side forward t- majority.
same, was brought up from the House of Assembly days from Demerara, arrived at Murray's anchorage on pair the daily waste, and the healing of the againstt the windlass." From this time deceased LONDON, August 14.-The Observer says: "We
and read a first time. Thursday last, where sh was placed in Quarantine of wounds progresses favorably. But some much was not seen by any one, until the following morn- understand that yesterday the Cabinet council d
Adjourned to Tueday next, the 0th instant, at observation, by the Health Officer for that District, Dr. more decided improvement is anxiously looked for, ing when he was discovered lying upon the float- cided practically to insist on the Land Bill as was
IAdjourned to Tt esday nezt, the 30th instant, at Butterfield. ier owner, W. E. Talbot. Esq.. having as it scarcely answers now for him merely to get
SButterfield Her owner, W. E. Talbot, Esq.. having as it scarcely answers now for im merely to get ing stage, immediately beneath the gangway a- finally passed by the House of'Commons, and, in
represented to His Honor the Acting Governor, the no worse. His condition is most critical, and any midships, with his face downwards. and uncon- the event of the Lords remaining obdurate, Prla
great danger to his vessels' being detained at that ex- new complication, any further inability to digest scious-it being inferred, in the absence of roof ment will be summoned again in November, when
posed anchorageat this season of the year, lie kindly or assimilate food, must in his reduced state, prove that he had laid down upon the rail of the vessel the Bill will be reintrodued ; but thembere is no dis
BERMUDA. gave permission for her removal to Grana way's Deer, fatal. that he had lad down pon thal the vessel the wl b introduced; but there is no d-
er ae swier a heet sunext east of the gangway, had fallen asleep, and position to then force on the House of Lords
S, where she came on Sundy morning, and where sbe is He shows in every way the effects of suffering then rolled off to the floating stage befneath, an pl it to the or n th Houn rds
46Afr6Ot ofit/ Proceedinqg of As Nonorable to remain till she has completed 21 days from her ddo- His voice has weakened. His mind while clear n with the ije se beneath The T ore is a stio in thn ter e
House of Assembly. parture from Demerara, which has been proclaimed to and courageous, is disposed at times to wander ing evwith the injuries which caused his death. The There is a disposition in Conservative circles to
S be an infected place. She is now under the direction evidence went to show that deceased was frequent- suggest a compromise on the Lord's amendment to
y 26th August.-The House resumed, in of Dr. P. B. Tucker, Health Officer for the Western He has longed to get away from Washington ly drunk, and was in the habit of sleeping on the Clause 19-Lord Landsdowne's amendment omit-
Committee of the whole, the consideration of the District. All on board are perfectly healthy. which has a bad name for malaria, and has fre- rail of the vessel. The evidence also shows that ting the proviso that at the expiration of existing
Governor's Message, No. 81, and the Receiver Gen- Passengers in "Excelsior" Messrs. F. A. Hinson, quently asked to be taken to his home in Ohio, or the accused was at a respectable person's house lease tenants shall be deemed tenants at the present
era Report on floan l questions. J. H. Young and others failing that to be csrried on a short trip to sea. before seven that Sunday night, and remained ordinary yearly tenancies at the rents and subject
Mr. Keane In the Chair. The Whaling Schooner E. H. Hatfield, of New ?But Guiteau's bullet has been followed twelve there, or, in company with some of the inmates un- to the conditions of their leases-to the effect that.
The question being put on Resolution No. 1 of Bedford, Captain Sprague, after a three months cruise inches from the surface and not reached yet, and ti110 o'clock, when he went on board, and during the privilege to leaseholders of ranking as present
the last day of meeting, on that subject-it was from these Islands, returned to port on Thursday last with that long open wound and the two supple- the interval of his last absence from the vessel, tenants at the expiration of their leases, shall be
affirmed. with 90 barrels of sperm oil, which she intends lo re- mentary incisions to relieve it, the physicians have three of crew returned on board, neither of whom confined to those whose leases expire within the
Ayes 17.-Mesrs. Speaker, S 0 Bell, F M Coop ship by the Mail Steamer "Flamborough" on Thurs- not ventured to move their patient. Now, howev- saw the deceased, while one of them made minute next fifteen years."
er J P Darrell, NJ Darrell, R D Fraser, A J. day next for New York. The E. H. H. was towed er, they are considering the practicability of doing search round the deck and rails of the vessel for T fauees ns this
NJ l F As rsLONDO, August 16.-In the Hou
Hodedon, W S Masters, T W Mercer, S C Outer- from sea into Hamilton by the Steam Tug Reliance.- so, when their patient's feeble and,'precarious state the deceased without finding him. How deceased evening Lord Salisbury made a statement to the
bridge,- A M Oudney, W R Peniston, J N Smith, Agent, Thomas J. Wadson. would seem to forbid it. The 'physicians may ot upon the floating stage, or when, the evidence general effect that although the opposition retained
T F Tucker, R Tynes, W Wilkinson, T J M. S. Dio for this Station, was still at Simon's know something of his reserve of strength which does not show. Throughout the whole of the in- its objections to t Lnd bill and particularly re
Wadson. Town on the 10th instant, the public do not, or they may consider the case so vestigation there was nothing in the manner or garding its provisions affecting leaseholders, and
Nays 6.-Messrs. T N Dill, S B Gray, S A Har- H. M. S. Druid has sustained some injury by strik- desperate as to make any possible chance of im- conduct of the accused to lead one to suppose hat nlth ther have t bound t support
vey, J M Hayward, T D Middleton, J W Pearman. ing a ledge of rocks, not on the Chars, in Fortune provement proper and expedient. Everything he would ever perform such a deed as that of adsough they would have had ted in maintain
Mr. Cooper moved Resolution No. 2 on that sub. Bay, recently. that has occurred in the sick room has intensified which he was accused, and his simple denial of Lord andsownepersiuld t
ject-whioh was affirmed. Royal Mail Steamer "Alpha," hence at Halifax 21st the interest and anxiety of the fifty millions of ever having threatened the life of Hans to the wo- ing his amendment on that point, hey back
Ayes 21.-Messrs. Speaker, S C Bell, F M Coop. Inst, people who watch and read thebulletins, and which nan Spencer, carries with it a far greater prob. take any action which would send the bill ack to
Pr, R J P Darrell, N J Darrell, R D Fraser, A J The T. H. A. Pitt, Captain Young, was at Demerara nevertheless are the smallest contributions to their ability of truth, than her sworn testimony that he the House of Commons, which ha emd
Hodsdon, S Masters, S A Masters, T W Mer- on the 9th instant, loading produce, information, as extended reports and interviews did; since if was clearly proved that she had danouse of
cer, T A Outerbridge, S C Outerbridge, A M Oud- Up at London for Bermuda on August 131h ; Sir G. fill the papers each day. Some of the medical ri- threatened to break his damned neck" and that down declined to press his amendment.
ney, W R Peniston, J W Pearman, T J Pearman, F Seymour to leave soon. Fedalma, to leave Septem- ticism is unfavorable, and the doctors outside the she would make him suffer for it." The House of Lords then agreed to the amend-
J N Smith, T F J Tucker, R Tynes, W H Wilkin- ber 20. sick room do not treat their brethren in attend- It is due to George Plank, after being charged ments of the House of Commons.
son, Wadson. Captain Scott of the Royal Navy, commander of the ance with much favor. Indeed, some of their corn- with such a serious crime as that of murder, that The final proceedings of the Lords on
ays .-Mesrs. T N Dill, J Fowe, SB Gray Lapwing, shot himself in consequence of an adverse ments are cruel. It seems to be conceded that the the public should know upon what grounds the principally of mutual congratulations on the satis-
E H Golin, S A Harvey, M Haywardfinding of a court of enquiry at Shanghai into the cir- liver is not wounded as was at first thought, and accusation was made and that there was not the. factory ending the difficulty.
Middleton, C Peniston. cumistances of the collision, between his ship and a Chi- the treatment based upon the assumption is held least foundation for it. .
Mr. Cooper moved Resolution No. 3 nese merchant steamer, by some to have been mistaken. It is claimed that The British Ministry Threatened-Whitebait Eaten
Mr. R. J. P. Darrell moved that the word "shak- the ball should have been removed, and that if in. Under Guard.
en" be substituted. for the word "forfeited" in the About twelve o'clock on Wednesday last a very stead of concluding that the liver was perforated, R. B. Y. C. Cruising Race. LoNnoN, August 18.-A. force of police aOcom-
third Resolation-which was agreed to. distressing accident occurred in the soda room of the doctors had examined the wound, they might According to notification published in our last panied the steamer which last evningr onveyed
Mr. J. W. Pearman moved to strike out all after Messrs. Wainwright, Goreham & Co.'s establish- have found the removal practicable and also have issue, cruising Race for Yachts belonging to the the members of theBritish Min to en

Mr. Oudney moved to insert the words "in the ploded with a fearful report, sending the fragments doubt thereby deflected from the straight course buT before time for starting p. a sn, at Greenwich, again specially emphasized the imper
opinion of the House singolarlyimprudent" be of iron and lead with tremendous force in every which made for the liver. Some pieces of bone ugh by no means stiff, breeze prevailed from ive necessity of reforming in Parliamenary pro.
substituted for the words in the Resolve after the direction. Mr. Darrell had a leg broken below were broken from the rib, and these in time barred out. S 0dure.
world sagege" the thigh and sustained slight injuries about the the eress of the pus, caused the abscess to form, Some little excitement was caused just before the Rumored American Designs on theandwich Islands
Mr. Wilkinson mored that the Committee rise, face and arms. The man was knocked down and made necessary the first incision. A fuller ex- start by the Nameless" very cleverly trying new -British and Other Naval essels Ordered Thither.
report prorss .and ask for leave to sit again- and slightly injured about the eyes by the acid aination would have discovered and taken out the cut mainsail, finding however that the old shape SAN FRANCIsd Other, Augut 19.-e Ordered Thither.
which was affirmed. contents of the machine. pieces of bone and prevented the complications re- was preferable she quickly ran alongside of the Victoria, B. C., says it is rumored that the cause
Ayes 19. Nays 8. Mr. Darrell was carried on a stretcher to Mr. ferred to. The surgeons again preferred to let the "Julia," whose mainsail was soon transferred, and which led to the quick despatch of her Majesty's
The House resumed. Gorham's house, where Drs. Artin and Keogh at- ball become imbedded in the flesh where they be- benefitting by the grace given to La Belle Ville," ship Garnet for the Sandwich Islands on Monday
The Chairman obtained leave to sit again, tended and set the broken limb. We are glad to lieve it to be, to have it grown over, or as they call the Nameless," greatlyito the credit of her crew, last arose from the fact that telegraphic information
Adjourned to Monday next. learn that he is progressing very favourably, it, encysted, there. But their unfriendly critics was refitted and brought to the stake boat in time was received that it was the intention of the United
.-, A very superior large and more modern genera- point out that a ball can only be securely encysted to be sent away in her proper place. States to gobble up Kalakaua's kingdom. It is
Monday, 29th August.-On motion of Mr Co ner tor was in the establishment, but Mr. Darrell pre- when its shape is preserved, and that in this in- For various but unavoidable reasons only five added that the flag-ship is sailing toward Honolulu
the s reumedn Committee of tewol e ferred continuing to use the smaller one, with the stance the ball having struck so strongly a bone, Yachts were brought out, these however, all looked from the South American cost, and that ships of
coMsn the Gov os message No. 31 worked of which h heasalrthe r would have ecomTbe irregular ne surface and neat and trim, the Emerald" especially attracting other naval powers have been ordered to rendezvous
and the Receiver Qeneral's Report on financial doubtfar if or ese oul ino sms ab presenly do an t iood the admiring gaze of all. there.
and Receiver Geperal's Report on financial ESCAPE FOM DEOWNI.-On Sunday otfulifthesecriticismseatpresent oany good, "La Belle Ville" was despatched some eleven Proposed New Territorial Arrangement-Disposition
Mr. Keane In the Chair. afternoon'last while a Corporal of Sappers named harsh. Whether the surgeons made a mistake I minutes or so before the Undinethelatter being of Alsace Lorraine-A New Kingdom.
Mr. Cooper moved that all after the word use- Hayes and a civilian named Thomas, were crossing not in supposing the liver to have been wounded, followed at proper, intervals, by the Nameless, LONDON, August 20.-The Baden correspondent
age" be struck out of the third Resolution and the to Boaz Island in an open boat with a sail, their it is conceded on all sides that their treatment of Dauntless and Emerald all making the best of the Standard says, a scheme has been submitted
words has incurred the disapprobation of this boat was upset and both men fell into the water. the case since its first stagehas been judiciousand of their way towards the Head of the Lane with to the German Government, providing that Alsace
House," be inserted instead. After three-fourths of an hours' submersion both as they continue, and are to continue, in charge spinnikers (when they could get them out) boomed be united with Baden, and, in conjunction with
Mr. J W Pearman with leave withdrew his men were picked up by the Rev. Dr. Walsh, who it is best not unnecessarily and.for mere opinion's on the Port side. that Grand Duchy, be erected into a new kingdom
motion of the last day of Meeting to amend that was returning from the performance of his duty sake to impair the confidence generally felt in From thls passage the course led to Setagg's of the Rhine ; Lorraine to be united with the Prus-
resolation. at Ireland Island, and safely brought to Hamilton, them A eadinp sureon of Ne r Yo when Channel, and consequently all had to gybe and set sian province of Rhineland and become part of the
Mr. Outdney with leave withdrew his proposed where they were immediately attended by Dr. Questioned on the surgeon of New York were spinnikers on the starboard side, which in course of Kingdom of Prussia. The Grand Duke of Baden
amendment to the third resolution. Arton. The Engineer had escaped in tolerably too many surgeons andsubject, said, that there were time all succeeded in doing with more or less dex. expects to become the first sovereign of the new
Mr. Cooper's proposed amendment was then good plight, but Thomas had a narrow escape. better with two than with six a t teity, and away the larger craft went in pursuit of kingdom
armed. Great credit is due to a colored man named James with fewer he might have benefitted by a "little thefleet hhow hAlleged Treachery in the Vienna Boat Race-A
Ayes 27.-Messrs. Speaker,S C Bell, F M Cooper, Richardson, on Dr. Walsh's boat, who jumped wholesome neglect," which Dr. Abernethy once gallantly, and passing through Stagg's Channel Cornell Oarsman Accused.
R J P Darrell, N J Darrell, T N Dill, R D Fraser, overboard and rescued Thomas, not only from a told an anxious mother was the best thing for her close hauled, squared away again round e thet LONDON, August 19.-Messrs, Bowers, Lewis
J Fowle, S B Gray, H H Gilbert, S A Harvey, J M watery grave, but from the jaws of a monster sick child. But of the devotion, and generally of quered buoy and mark boat off the Cambrei tht and Allen, of the Cornell U.niversity crew, state that
Hayward, A J Hodson, W S Masters, S A shark, which was seen just before in the imme- the skill, of the surgeons, in attending to their much loss of time, although it was noticeable a they have indubitable proof that J. N. D. Shinkel,
Masters, T W Mercer, T D Middleton, A M Oud- diate vicinity, and which in a few seconds would conspicuous and exacting case, there can be no some of her followers sought the advantage of an the other member of the crwsold their race with
-. ~-"4- ~2I J~.....~ ~.-J~t... -.1--,h-h h.I th eohrm brofterwslteiraeih

ney, W BR Peniston, C Peniston, J W Pearman, nave disposed of the exhausted man. The Medi- question. The Surgeon in charge is evidently one ntl mad the time and s
T J Pearman, J N Smith, T F J Tucker, R Tynes, cal report of Thomas's case yesterday morning of those hopeful men who thinkit right not todes. ru n the Dauntless" mad n both tbest time and su have personally charged him with the fact to-day
W Wilkinson, T J Wadon. was favorable, pond in feeling, or slacken in effort, so long as Nameless" the latter also here passing th "Un and say they intend o their aral i Aerica to
Nays 2.-Messrs. T A Outerbridge, S C Outer- there is a spark of life to fight for or with. He dine," the "Emerald" publish the evidence in their possession. Suspi-
bridge. AwFULLY SDDEN.-On Monday last Mrs. Henry has always assented his belief in the President's dine, thile the Emerald was pres hard ion was awakened at the moment of his pretended
Tie question being put on the 3rd Resolution as Steedleft her house at the foot of the Lane, in acar- recovery, and even in these dark days whose dan- upon the ine Island to the Western end of aint, and the suspicion ha since been amply con-
amended, it was affirmed. riage accompanied by a friend to visit somerelations ger he cannot but admit, he seeks and assists every mTuker's Island, spinnikers were carried flying firmed.
Ayes 22.-Mesrs.Speaker, S C Bell, FM Cop residing at the Crawl. having called at the house more cheering indication of possible improvement. jibs by all exept the Ers werald," she c ontenting THE GREAT ME 'HODIST CONFERENCE.
er, R J P Darrell, N J Darrell, R D Fraser, H H of Mrs. Burgess she was induced to alight and to Mrs. Garfield has also as far as she has spoken, his by ep t alshe on n H G ATM'2hO Te CN E
Gilbert, A J Hodadon, V S Masters, S A Masters, wait for a few minutes for Mrs. B., who promised expressed her conviction that her husband would herself with her two sails, and holding her own LONDON, August 22.-The Times says the Ee
T W Mercer, T D Middleton, T A Outerbridge, A to accompany her. Whilst Mrs. B. was making recover, and though intuitions like these cannot well with them. medical Methodist Conference, which is to meet in
M Oudney, W R Peniston, W J Pearman, J N preparations to do so she was called to come from prevail against the bulletins with their discour- ans Island the soutwih shores of Tucker'sad, and Mor- this ity next week, promises to be one of the mostly
Smith, T F J Tucker, R Tynes, W H Wilkinson, her chamber quickly as Mrs. Steed was taken sud- aging record of temperature, pulse, strength and tais beIauap the wn Em wald"wed aothhed aond sinte etn and importanthreligious ga rings held
N'ys 8.-Messrs. ND1)ill, J Fowle, SB ray, E thatherfriend wasin the agonies o death. ADocter that their faith may be justified, and the present except the little "Belle, and although she appeared itions of tterMethodist number over 4,000,000 actual
Gosling, S A Harvey, J M Hyward, S C Out- was sen t for, but she was past human aid and point of extreme peril be passed in safety. when p kers wereagain set on thejib-boom computed at 18000,000. Thet
erbdgeCPeniston.soepre.the "Belle" flew away heading for Pearl Island, Conference number 400, half of whom represent
Mr. Cooper moved a Resolution as No. 4, as fol. An Inquest was held on the body onthe following MASSACRE OF ErYPTIAN SOLDIERS. very discreetly keeping her larger rivals at a re- British and ContinentalMethodism and half the
low ved, tha:-moe terms, and tone in which the trn isrict, by Denis Tucker, Esq., Coroner for thet CAIeRO, August 22.-News has been received from spectful distance, churches in the United States and Canada. Its
Reseivedr Gtat t he terms, and ton e in which the Ews disease" trict, when a verdict"died from eart the Soudan of an affray between the population and From Pearl Island" the race home bemg a main objects will be todevise means for prosecuting
Receiver General% report Is couched, the views disease" was returned. C ain o s
and opialons expressed in the four concluding the soldiery, caused by the preaching of a false dead beat, produced unaccountable changes, "La h9me and foreign work so as to result in the great-
o p e i r A o i prophet. One hundred and twfcnuy Egyptian sol- Belle Ville" alone, by the indefatigable labour and eat economy and efficiency, to increase the moral
paragraphes, and thq construction of the report Boers and Caffres.-DURBAN, August 24.-There diers were killed, attention of her light crew and (not light) helms- and evangelical power of common Methodism, and
of the select Committee appointed to report on the are rumors that a general native rising is being or- men maintaining the first place to the end, while to secure the more speedy conversion o the world.
Governor's DespatbhNo. 79, are most reprehensible ganized against the Boers. Additional precautions THE ST. GOT HARD TUNNEL. the "Emerald," which passed Pearl Island some of the world.
anti tray the want of proper knowledge of our are being taken in all the larger towns. LONDON, August 20.-A Geneva dispatch to the three minutes or so before the next craft, was over- ExRAO4NARY RIrLW SooC.-B so, a
Financial System---wblch was affirmed. The Franco-Eniqli.h Commercial Treaty.-LON. Times says: The last granite ring in the windy hauled by her three smaller competitors, and these August 24.-Mr. W. C. Gregry, of the Massach-
Ayes 16.-Messrs. Speaker, F M Cooper, R J P DON, August 0.-Mr. Herbert Gladstone, address. stretch,' the treacherous part in the St. (Gothard alternately led the way for second honors until the sVietRifle Asscih,"atoWalnut Sill range today
Da l- Darrel, A J iodson, S A Mastrs, ing meeting of the electors at Leeds to-day, said tunnel, has been completed, and as the rings pre- "Undine," when opposite her sleeping berth, most "Vectoe R e atchso ati on, i at 8is a, t
A Odtefbtidge, SC Outerbridge, A M Oudney, J the Government were firmly resolved not to con- viously made show no signs of yielding it is hop-d, inhospitably turned the "Nameless" away, and made the best s on record at 800, 900, and
W i-eatman, ft J Pearman, J N Smith, T F J elude any commercial treaty with France which that the difficulty which so sorely troubled the hesitating about leaving her home quarters, allow 1000. He made 38 bull's eyes before reading, and
Tucker, R Tyncv, W -H Wilkinson, T J VNYs 9n. would be less advantageous than was the last. 0agineers has at length been overcome. d the Nameless" and "Dauntless" to slip in be. scored 224 out of a possible 226.


DEAR SIR,-In the interests of the community,
of Sellers, Buyers, Senders, Receivers, yes, and of
the Owners of this handy little Steamer will you
kindly insert this in your well-read paper. If it
-las worth while getting the Steamer, surely it is
worth while that means be devised by which the
greatest amount of benefit derivable from her pres-
ence may be obtained. Well, when it is a common
occurrence for packages to be put on board for de-
livery, and to be carried to and fro for days before
reaching the owner, many will be deterred from
using the Boat, enduring rather the inconvenience
of waiting a fixed time to the risk and uncertainty
of the Dispatch"-so-called.
It seems to me that the remedy is simple, and
equally certain do I feel that it would not only be
effective-but profitable to the Owners, and to the
Storekeepers of Hamilton who I am persuaded are
TNCERTAINTY of communication between that Town
and Boa7, Ireland, &c.
I would suggest that at each place of call, an ar.
rangement be made with some one party to receive
all parcels duly addressed, and to deliver them on
being demanded and paid for.
"By this arrangement the whole community would
be benefited. And if the owners would increase
their profits, let them take a hint from that world-
wide benefactor, the founder of our Penny Postage
system. Let them charge one Penny (or even a
half-penny) instead of three pence, and they may
rely on it the Public would avail themselves of the
rcmrI thus afforded, to an extent which would
far surpass their expectations: whereas people at
present are carefully avoiding the DrFIcuLTES oc-
casioned by the lack of "Despatch."
Yours truly,

For. the Royal Gazette.
To most men the newspaper is not only a luxury
but a necessity, and no business man should be
without it. But while all feel the necessity there
is for them to read the papers, there are too many,
who for this purpose use their neighbour s pockets
instead of their own, and on paper days, hardly is
the paper in the house, when the borrower comes
either to read or to borrow, in the one case to occu-
py valuable 'time with idle remarks, in the other to
keep, and return at his own convenience.
The Newspaper borrower is a bore at all times;
he is dishonest, for he borrows that which he never
pays; he is mean, for if it is a necessity, he should
pay for it, and not depend on his neighbour's purse
to supply his wants.
The Editor labours to supply the public with all
the news that can be gathered, sparing neither
money, nor time, to cater to their wants, depend-
ing on their patronage for support; and all who
use the news so gathered without paying for it, are
mean and contemptible. D.
The above remarks do not apply to those, whose
extreme poverty makes them dependant on their
We are very much pleased to learn that the
Building intended for a School-Room in Smith's
Parish, and which was so extensively injured by the
Hurricane of last August, is again in the hands of
workmen and we hope soon to see it completed.
DEATH OF A SEA CA'TAw.-We are sorry to no-'
tice by the" New York Journal of Commerce of the
20th inst., the sudden death 'of Captain Thomas
S. Ellis, well known and much respected in these
Island--first as the Odmmander of the New York
trading Steamer Perit" and subsequently as
agent for the Board of Underwriters for New
York. He died of heart disease on board his bark
the Sabine, at Fernandina, Florida, on the 17th
inst. He was 63 years of age. He has sailed as
commander of Steamers and sailing vessels from the
Port of New York for the last 35 years.
THE "C COMET does not look quite so large as it
did on its first appearance. It is passing rapidly
in a South West direction.
We have been favoured by friends with De-
merara papers to the 9th instant, but they contain
nothing of interest to the general reader. A Mr.
Charles McPherson, once a slave, an African by
birth, for some time time Manager of his former own-
er's Estate, Pln. "Perth", died at his residence,
Thomas-street, Georgetown, on the 6th August,
aged one hundred and 15 years.
A HUSRICANE.-We understand it was reported
at New York, that a hurricane occurred at the Is.
land of St. Thomas on the 22nd instant-the
course of which was towards the Gulf Stream and
travelling at the rate of 60 miles an hour. There
were three Barques on shore at St. Thomas.
A landslip.has occurred at the village of Tatarani
in Moldavia, during which sixty.five houses disap-
peared. No lives were lost.
To CORRESPONDENTS.-"A Listener" in our next.
BIRTH, in this Town, on 24th inst., Mrs. Rich.-
ard Wilson, of a DAuHTE*Em.-Stillborn.
....... on the 18th inst., at 30, Sidney Place,
Brooklyn, N. Y., the WIrE of Donald S. L.ILee,
Esqr., of a DAUGHTER.
7 MARRIED, in New York City, on the 24th inst.,
by the Revd. A. C. Wedekina, CAPTAIN ANDRES
ges Bermuda
DIED, in Warwick Parish on the 13th instant,
ADELINE BEAN, widow of the late Pte er Bean, aged 72
years, leaving one son, ten grandchildren and numerous
relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
........., in Hamilton Parish, on the 22nd August,
1881, JANE ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry
steed, aged 52 years and 8 months, leaving a husband,
seven ehildred and many relatives and friends to mourn
their loss.
........., in Memphis, Tenn., on 9th inst., JESSE T.
MAYNARD, leaving a widow and five children to mourn
their loss.

......... in Warwick Parish, on the 23rd inst., after a!
short but painful illness, in the 60th year of his age,
MR. STEPHEN WARD, a native of Norfolk, England;
leaving a widow, one son and six grandchildren to
mourn their loss.
........., in this Town on 25th inst., Mns. RixcaAD
WasoN, aged 26 years, leaving a husband, one son,
and numerous relatives and friends to mourn their

Owing to Whale Bay Farm not
being Sold,
It will be Let on accommodating terms to ap-
proved Farmers, if applied for at once.
For particulars apply to
Or to
St. Georges.
August 22, 1881 ,.-2 3p

Mr. Smith will Lecture at Odd-'
Fellows Hall, Hamilton,

30th instant,
Subject.-" Lights and Shadows of North
American Travels."
Tickets to be had at Mr, J. H, T. Jackson's
Admission, Reserved Seats 1/6. Others 1/.
Doors open at 7"30. Lecture to commence
at 8.
War As this will be Mr. Smith's last Lec-
ture in Bermuda no one should fail to hear
Hamilton, August, 30 1881.

The 1st odf September, at 1 o'clock, p.m.,
50 BALES best Upland HAY
10 Bls. Pilot BREAD
3 Bls. Jamaica Green GINGER
5 Bls. Family FLOUR
6 Half Chests Oolong TEA
16 Tubs New York BUTTER
1500 Jamaica Sweet ORANGES
8 Boxes COFFEE (25 Lbs. each)
5 Pieces White Cotton DRILL
20 Boxes Superior SEGARS
25 Gross Comb MATCHES
1 Lot assorted TINWARE
Tins of Corned BEEF, Ham SAUSAGE and
8 Bls. Green PEAS and White BEANS
Belonging to an Officer leaving the Island,
consisting of:
I W ALNUT Extension Dining TABLE
I Do. Side TABLE
1 Dinner SERVICE 1 Meat SAFE
1 Refrigerator
I Iron Cot and Mattress
1 Wooden Do. Do.
1 Easy CHAIR and other Chairs
2 Large Mosquito CURTAINS
Counterpanes and Pillows
Washhand STANDS and Toilet SETS
1 Pair Yacht LAMPS, with Candles
1 Set Garden TOOLS 1 Box TOOLS
1 Lot of Cooking UTENSILIg
' &c., &c, &c.

The Bay
ride or d

a The well-known
Faugh a Balla gh
Mare JESSIE, quiet to
1 Bermuda

Milch CO W,

1 Large DONKEY

3 Pairs Guinea PIGS

Hamilton, August 29, 1881.


Public Holiday! New York Mail Steamer.


In Basement Rooms of New Methodist Church
in this Town,
2nd September.
Ice Creams prepared at Mr. Meyer's Ice
Cream Factory, Cool Drinks and other re-
freshments will be amply provided.
Also, a fine selection of Fancy Articles,
Children's Clothing, &c., will be offered for
Proceeds in aid of Building Fund.
Tickets for Admission 6d. each. Children
Supper Tables laid at 6 p.m. with tea and
The Steamer "Britannia" will leave St.
Georges about 3 P.m., should sufficient in-
ducement offer-for further particulars please
apply to E. D. WOLF.
Hamilton, August 23, 1881.-2 3p

Hamilton Harbour

September 30, 1881,
Under the Patronage of His Honor the Act-
ing Governor,
&c., &c., &c.
The Stake Boat will be placed at 11*30 a.m.
First Race-Open to all comers. Dingies will
start at 12 noon.
Second Race-Open to all comers. Six oared
Third Race-Private match. Six oared Gigs.
Fourth Race-Duck Hunt.
Fifth Race-Tubs.
Sixth Race-A Spar with a Pig and a Prize
at the extreme end,
Entrance Fee for Dingies and Six oared
Gigs, 10/.
All Dingies to be entered and measured on
or before 23rd September.
For all particulars of the Regatta please ap-
ply to
Commodore of Paget Union

August 30, 1881.-I

arrival l of Onion Seed.

r'IHE UNDERSIGNED has this day receiv-
ed from Teneriffe, via New York per S.
S. Flamborough, his Lot of I El) and WHITE
ONION SEED. The quantity is very limited
and cost very much higher than ever before.
Persons who have engaged of me will please
call with the cash at once, as I will not promise
to hold any Seed after the 12th day of Septem-
ber. I have a few Bottles tor sale that are not
Will be ready for delivery on Mon-
day J.ext, the 5th day of Septr.

The Steamer
Will leave Hamilton at 1 p.m.,

let September, 1881,
For New York to leave thence for Return on
8th idem.
Freight, Parcels and Specie on Freight, willbe
received until 6 p.m. 31st August.
Passenger Stage will he removed at 30 min-
ut es past noon on 1st September.
Ii amilton, Bermuda, 30th August, 1881.
Gaztte and Colonist once.

I am Instructed to Sell,
At Public Auction,
ON THE SPOT, at 12 o'clock,

September 20th,
ALL that certain PARCEL OF LAND near
the Flatts Hill, in Smith's Parish, con-
taining one rood and fourteen perches or
thereabouts ; bounded Northerly by Land of
the Heirs or Devisees of John Outerbridge,
deceased; Easterly by Land of Eliza, the Wi-
dow of the said John Outerbridge, deceased;
Southerly by Land of the Devisees of William
Edward Zuill, deceased, and Westerly by Land
of Henry Thomas Tucker and of William A.
Hamilton, August 29th, 1881.-2 3p

THAIT well known and Eligible
Property in SMITH'S PARISH called
' Verdmont," comprising the

u Dwelling HOUSE,
Out-buildings, and about 15 Acres
of LAND, of which nearly two.
thirds are arable.
Early possession can be given to an approved
For particulars apply to
Hamilton, 29th Aug., 1881.

The Undersigned
Has received via New York, his
usual Supply of the

Red and White,
Which will be ready for Delivery
On Thursday AJext, 1st Sept.
As the quantity is limited, parties wishing a
good article, will do well to come early with
the Cash.
Hamilton, August 30th, 1881.
"Colonist" copy twice.

REAL ESTATE August 29th, 1881.- Nathaniel A. Cooper's
In Warwick Parish, N. B.-Persons who have engaged Seed of0 NION 0 ED
._____ SA. MASTERS. Esq,, Hamilton, and JOHN B. OI S EED
ZI am instructed to offer for sale, UILL, Esq., Somerset, may call for same on has arrived and will
Si tedTuesday the 6th day of September. be ready for delivery from Lhis day.

AtPublicAuction, A.PENISTON. Lists still open at MR. W. HUGHES' Store,
On the Premises, on Warwick, West, where a few more names will
HA MI O be received.
Ig Cla zzitca l a to C o m in1 A "g st30th18818
31st instant, at 12 o'clock, cit acitm I For Sale.
Tf *IJE t irToi R l dis. osed of

f A Substantial Two-Story
COTTAGE in good order, with about
half an Acre of Planting LAND; situated on
the South side of Warwick Parish. A portion
of the purchase money may remain on mort-
gage for one year, if required.
Any further particulars maybe had of W.
P. Nelmes, Esqr., or of
Hamilton, August 22nd, 1881 .-2 3p

Real Estate for Sale.
Rare Chance Jor Investment.

MR. A. M. OUDNEY will re-open
the Above ACADEMY,

the 5th September, at 9 o'clock, a.m.
Persons wishing to avail themselves of the
advantages which this School affords for the
Education of their Children, are requested to
Enter them at the commencement.
No Pupil admitted for any period less than
one term.
Hamilton, August 30th, 1881 .-2

As a whole or in lots to suit pur-

and northern portion of
the LAND (8 acres or thereabouts),
In Warwick Parish recently occupied by Mr.
For the Morgagees.
q ".k U,, ,ra- 0 I = --In-- 4.0

Red and White Onion Seed,

--I -w- W-W -W '
Southampton Parish, belonging to the The UNDERTAKING Business STEA AMEI.
!I 5 state of the late Worshipful JOSEPHi Is now carried on in the new building next f 1HE Seed might have been gathered and
D. IEvANs, deceased, known as South of the Hamilton Steam Saw Mills. Shipped to arrive by this Steamer but it
E y St by JOHN DAVIS would have been half ripe, as is plenty in the
SEv ns sBay StOPre by JOHN C. DAVIS, country at present, which may come up but die
or Property. Manager. off again, and buyers will lose their money.
Sealed offers for the purchase of the abov I N.B.-Orders promptly attended to at Hamilton, August 29th, 1881.-1
property,-consisting of a STORE, about Ten the Lowest Prices.
Acres of LAND with TIMBERi thereon,-will Hamilton, August 30th, 1881. FOr Rent
he received by the Undersigned up to A
Wednesday, 31st Atugust, Inst. Claimant W anted T
The Situation (f this Property as a BusinessTSTsa to contain personal H E C 0 TT A G E,
Stand, has no equal it the Parish, and the Ara- i A fC.HST sal to contain personal effects,
S porStand, ha no equaLand is vry product, and the Ara wth a letter in a foreign language With a small garden attached,
The Public W\Vharf at Evans's Bay, adjoins for Willim Williamson, awaits call at the Ware j Lately occupied by MRS. SLATER, and
this property. House of the Quebec Steamers.-Proof of adjacent to the Residence of CHARLES
A Plot of the Lands can be seen on applies- ownership required. THEELE, Esq., in this Town.
tion to Mr. Dickinson. TROTT & COX, Possession can be given on or after 1st
T. W IT E, Hamilton, Augnut 30th, 1881. APP LYo TO
Hamilton, 9th August, 1881.-i times 3rd p. Gazette" only. Hamilton, 28th August,l1881.

29TH AuGOUs, 1881.
THE following ACTS have been passed by
the Legislature of Bermuda during the
present Session :
No. 6. "An Act to provide a Clerk for the
Colonial Surveyor."
(In force to 31st December 1886.)
No. 7. "An Act to amend the Criminal Law
as to Indecent Assaults on Young'Persons."
(In force Indefinitely.)
No. 8. "An Act relating to certain money in
the Public Treasury arising from the Sale
of Glebe Land in Pembroke Parish."
(In force Indefinitely)
No. 9. "An Act to amend the Post Office Es-
tablishment Act 1879."
(In force to 31st December 1889.)
No. 10. "An Act to amend the Act to provide
for the Salaries of the Colonial Secretary
and his Clerk."
(In force to 31st December 1886.)
Colonial Secretary.


TENDERS will be received at the COLO-
On Saturday next,

September 3rd 1881,
From persons desirous of TENDERING for
near to, and east of the Lower PFerry.
Forms of tender and further particulars can
be had on application at the COLONIAL SUR-
VEYOR'S OFFICE any day between the
hours of 10 and 11 a.m.
THE BOARD OF WORKS do not bind
themselves to except the lowest or any tender.
Olerk to the Board of Works.
August 29, 1881.

From the 1st of Septem-
ber, 1881,
Will enter the POSTAL UNION, the rate
of Postage will then be 4d per j oz., instead of
6d as at present.
24th August, 1881.


mTHE Undersigned has received from Tene-
riffe a limited supply of ONION SEED,
which will be ready for delivery on Thursday
next, let proximo. TBaxs CA H To ALL.
Shelly Bay, 29th August, 1881.

T HE PUBLIC are hereby informed that I
asked an explanation from Messrs. Chas
P. Woodworth & Co., in regard to their ad-
vertisement in the Gazette" of 9th inst., and
that their reply to me reads we do not see
any reflection upon your honesty in our adver-
tisement, and meant none," and we repeat what
we told you, that we had done better than moat

F. D. S. NASH.
Hamilton, August 30th, 1881.-2
August 29th, 1881.

S. .4. SMITH,

Surgeon Dentist,
I IAVING returned to Bermuda by this
Steamer from New York, takes this op-
portunity of informing his numerous Patronis-
ing Friends and Public generally, that he has.
brought with him all the latest Improvements in
his Profession. Pure Nitrous Oxide adminis-
tered to every Patient.
Once, paid.


i THE undersigned PILOTS, having the con-
sent of the owners of the several contend-
ing Yachts, intend having a race in the Great
i Sound on FRIDAYINEXT, the 2nd Septeml
berYaohts to start at 2"30 p.m.
Hamilton, August 30th, 1881.

POST OFFICE, HAMILTON, 27th August, 188.
Knud Anderson, Chas Aubrey, Richard Bean.
Henry R Bean, Schr Admiral Blake," Thomas J
Bean, James V Butterfield, Edgar J Burgess, Schr
"*Golden City," Charles Cornish, John 9 Castino,
John Clarke, R Carlson, W F Davis, Joseph G
Darrell, Fraser Deshield, Henry F Frith, Antonio
J de Freitos, Augustus Guest, John J F Grant,
I Naraizo J Gacinto, B G Gilbert, Wm Hayward,
Louise Harrison, J A Holt, Brown Jones, Lilla
Joell, Albert Lambert, Joseph Lopes, Peter Mor-
ray, Mr Muit, Senor Miguel, Luis J do Mida,
John S Reynolds, B P Richardson, Frances Rob-
inson, W T Robinson, Harriet Raynor, Walker
Smith, Chas Scott, W H Simmons, Emilia A de
Silva, A W C Steele, Joseph P Silva, Benjamin,
Trott, Thomas Tucker, F M Trimioghani, Mrs
Frances Trott, DAn Virgin, Ellen Whatson, B L
FlOE ST. GEORGES, August 27, 1881.
Normon S Blanchard, Hattie E Ben,.J Carlton.
Ellena A Richardson, Beonjaio Simmons, Periqnt
T Trott.

;5utjl augusl;) 100 a --t')P Til



B E R 1 U DiA. ply to Steamships calling at these Islands prior to
--- the exemption of Coal from Import Duty-to for-
Proceedings of the Honorable Legislative ward a copy of a report dated 22nd instant, rezeir-
Council. ed from the Assistant Receiver General at St.
George giving the desired information.
Tuesday, 23rd August, 1881.-Pursuant to ad- Public Buildings, Hamilton,
journment the House met. 23rd August, 1881.
PreMt-His Honor Josiah Rees, Chief Justice, The Resolve, voting 500 for an additional
President; building at Nonsuch Quarantine, was read a thiud
The Honorable A. J. Musson, time and passed.
WinWm. H. Gosling, The Attorney General introduced a Resolve
James H. Trimingham, providing for Pilotage purposes, which was read a,
James Tucker, Rer. Goenl. first time.
R. E. Webster, Col. Secty. Adjourned to Friday next.
The Bill entitled "An Act to amend the Act to
provide for the salaries of the Colonial Secretary *'
and his Clerk," was read the second time. M r B 9. Bm ith,
The House went into Committee thereon.
The Hon. J. H. Trimingham in the Chair. DE7VON [IRE AY,
The Committee rose. BERMUDA,
The House resumed.
The Chairman reported the Bill without amend- R ESPECTFULLY informs the Public that
ment., i she is now prepared to mount hair comb-
The House adopted the Report. ings, such as Braids, Finger Puffs, Curls, &c.
The Hon. J. H. Trimingham presented a Peti- -
tion from William Monney, a discharged Soldier, ALSO,
praying for a grant of the Immigration Bonus of l having received by Ceto" from Nassau,
10, for reasons stated at length. A Choice Assortment of SH ELLS, is prepared
The following Message from His Honor the to make up CROSSES, JEWELLERY,
Aoting Governo was delivered by the Colonial BASKETS, BRIDAL WREATHS, NECK-
o. 21.] I LACES, &c.
Xo 2 GO1ON 1LO, All Orders left at Mr. Smith's Store, op-
S0*. GORDON, posite the Commissariat Department, will meet
Colonel, wi h prompt attention.
Active Governor and Commandsr-in.Chief. June 21st, 1881.-3 months.
The Acting Governor has the honor to inform the
Honorable the Legislative Council that he has re-
ceived a report from the Visiting Justices of the Gaol i
at Hamilton stating that the temporary wooden otice.
fence on the Northern side of the Gaol, temporarily
erected after the Hurricane last year,is in a very in. Y recent Instructions from the Marine
secure condition, and recommending that a stone Boards of Underwriters of New York,
wall be built in place of the wooden fence with Bosto, Phiadephia, ., I am notified that in
as little delay as possible. Boston, Philadelphia, &c., I am notified that in
The cost of rebuilding the wall in its former po- accordance with the Policies of Insurance now
sition would be 60, not including stone-as suf- issued, it is imperative that all Bills and Con-
ficient stone is available on the spot from the tracts for the repairs and expenses on Vessels
material already provided for the proposed new and Cargoes arriving at these Islands under
Gaol; but, in rebuilding this wall, the Acting i disaster must be examined and approved by me
Governor thinks it would be desirable to consider as to quantities, prices, &c., and I hereby give
whether it would not be preferable, with a view notice of the same so that all parties interested
to extend the area of the present Gaol yard, to re- thI
build it on the extreme northern boundary therein may govern themselvesaccordingly.
of the plot recently purchased from the Honble. W.C. H Y LAND,
J. H. Darrell.-The cost in this latter case would Sole Resident Agent of Underwriters
be 476, exclusive of stone. Sol Resident Agent of Underwriters
The Aoting Governor trusts the Honourable of New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
the Legislative Council will give this matter their Baltimore, New Orleans, &c.
early consideration. St. George's, Bermuda, 14th Feby., 1881.
Public Buildings, aUsmilton,
22nd August, 1881. |REMOVIAL'
AdJourned to Fridaynext, the 24th Instant, at
11*80, am. -

A.straot of tha Prooeedings of t h honorable
Houwe of Assembly.
Wednea&y, 24ah August.-Mr. N. J. Darrell
moved that the House do resolve itself into a Coin
mitee of the whole to cons1eer the Governor's
Message, No. 81, with the Receiver General's state.
ments relating to the financial 'affairs of the
Colony, .
Mr. S. A. Masters in the Chair.
After reading the message No. 31, and the Re.
oeiver General's Report
Mr. Darrell read the following Resolves:
No. 1. .
Reeiolved, that the statements of revenue ex-
hlbited by the Receiver General, framed on dates
never recognized, or adopted by the Assembly as
the beginning or end of the Fiscal Year, precludes
a fair estimation of the state of the Treasury, by
excludinC a large amount of receipts which should
have been embraced therein; while the balances in
the Chest on the 81st March 1878, 79, 80 and 81,
which be admits to be correct, fully establish the
soundness of the Report of the Select Committee of
the House.



Has removed his Office to the promises of Mrs.
B. H. Young, Reid Street, Hamilton, recently Dr. Theodore Outerbridge,V.S.
Office Hours 10 to 12-2 to 5.
Will visit St. George's professionally on Satur-
days. Office at McCallan & Co. Residence
llarrington Place, Hamilton Parish.
August 2, 1881.

Great progress has been made within a few
years in manufacturing food products, and the
standard of quality has been raised to a point far
beyond that which formerly obtained. We claim
that this has, to a considerable extent, been due
to our efforts; as the Largest Marufacturers and
Dealers in the world in this line, we consider it
our interest to manufacture only PUn z and W0LE-
SOME goods, and pack them in a tidy and attrac-
tive manner. All goods bearing our name are
guaranteed to be of superior quality, and dealers
are authorized to refund the purchase price in
No. 2. h. w p 5A4V, CtnLtb hnva Pno f di

o. 2 itsfaction. It is, therefore, to the interest of both
'Redolved, that it has been the invariable practice dealers and consumers to use TIIURBEP'S
of this House to include in its annual Estimate, BRANDS.
such portion of Treasury liabilities only, as may be
required for the current year, and to base the Esti- f H.K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
mate upon the actual state of the Treasury on the Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in all
81st March preceding; that the attempt on the part varieties of Food Products,
of the Receiver General to set aside this practice, NEW YORK.
as shewn by the statements now before this House, LONDON. BORDEAUX.
by Including the whole Treasury liabilities in one P. S.-Our goods are for sale by most Grocers,
year's expenditure, and by changing the date of and all will get them if requested to do sGrocers.-6m.
tire end of the fiscal year from the 81st March to an the f requested to do so.- .
the 80thJune, is calculated to mislead, and utterly
falls to represent the actual financial circumstances
of the Colony. I obt. LeeI C0

No. 3.
Resolved, that the Receiver General by neglect-
ing to report to the Governor, as required by law,
the ability of the Treasury to reduce the Public
Debt, on the plea that the Assembly had tailed to
provide for the total Treasury Liabilities, (while in
reality the Assembly had acted in regard to these
liabilities according to usage and as suggested by
himself, and in a mode commended by the Governor
in his despatch No. 79 of 1880 Paras. 51 and 52) and retaining in the Treasury to meet unforseen
contingenoles, the sum of 2000, (the very amount
appropriated to the reduction of the Public Debt) in
direct opposition to Law and usage; has forfeited
the confidence hitherto reposed in him by this
No. 4.
Resolved, that the terms, and tone in which the
RiEelver General's report is couched, the views
and opinions expressed In the four concluding
paragraphs, and the misconstruction of the report
orfthe select Committee appointed to report on the
Governor's Despatch No. 79, are most reprehensible
and betray not only the great arrogance of that
Oficer but also the want of proper knowledge of
our Financial System. ?

Commission lercla nts,
18 Leadenhall Street,
Personal attention given to Consignments of
Bermuda PRODUCE and the filling of Ber.
mudian orders.
April 30, 1881.


Hhds., Half Hhds., and Sixth
From the Celebrated Brewery of

-- No. 5. l essrs. OLAND
Resolved, that thl s House adhere to the mode ARMY AND NAVY
of oonduoting the monetary affairs of the Colony HALIFAX,
which has been pursued for a very long period of
years with markedsuccess, and that any attempt to Is now placed at prices to (
obstruct, or set it aside, be met by the People's defy Competi
Representatives with most determined resistance. For Sale by
Mr. Darrell then moved Resolve (No. 1.)
Alter a long debate thereon Mr. Cooper moved A. J. RICH
that the Committee rise, report progress and ask
for leave to sit again-which was affirmed. 1St. Georg
Ayes 14. Nays6.J1 8 -m
The House resumed. January 18, 1881.-3m 3p
The Chairman obtained leave to sit again.
A Message from His Honor the Acting Gov- For Sal
ernor, No. 38 (with report from Assisting Receiver
General relating to the Bonding of Coal.) "--
[No. 38.1 A l'owe
Aecing Governor and Commandr-in-Chief. B lack J
Tihe Acting Governor has the honor, with re.
fe;pnce to aMessage from the Honorable House of Will draw a ton weight; sc
Assembly dated 17th August instant-requesting own having no further se
Information as to the practice which prevailed in or havingnO further use
the Port o1 St. George as to payment of Import Apply at "Roya
Duty on, or the bonding of, Coal imported for sup- August 13, 188J.


Cash Customers to

Sole Agent,
age's, Bermuda.
P, 9d].



md for no fault, the
'or him.
l Gazette" Office.





a ao

K yspepsia, Lives,
Ague, BRheuma-
tism, Dropsy,
Hear t Disease,
Biliousness, Nervous Debility, etc.
The Best REMEDY KNOWN to Man!
S,000,000 Bottleso
SThis Syrup possesses Varied Properties.
It Stimulates the Ptyallne in the Saliva,
which converts the Starch and Sugar of the
food into glucose. A. deficiency In Ptyaline
causes Wind and Souring of' the food In the
stomach. If the medicine Is taken immedi-
ately after eating the fermentatloa of food
is prevented.
It acts upon the Liver.
It acts upon the Kidneys.
It Regulatea the Bowels.
It Purifies the Blood.
It oulets the Nervous System.
It Promotes Digestion.
It Nourishes, Strengthens and Invigorates.
Xt carries off the Old Blood and makes new.
It opens the pores of the skin and Induces
%iealthy Perspfration,
It neutralizes the hereditary taint, or poison in the
blood, which generates Scrofula, Erysipelas, and all
nanner of skin diseases and internal humors, t
There are no spirits employed in its manufacture, and
it can be taken by the most delicate babe, or by the
aged and feeble, care only being required in attention t
dirti on s.
DEAR SIR,-I have used your INDIAN BLOOD
SYRUP with great satisfaction anil relief. I have
been afflicted with catarrah for a long time, could
get no relief, until I commenced using the BLOOD
SYRUP. I was about to give it up because imme-
diately after taking it made me dizzy and feel badly,
but on consulting a physician was informed that it
was caused by the medicine restoring my imperfect
orculation and acting on the diseased matter in my
stomach, caused by the droppings of the catarrah.
matter. I invariably found, however, that this dizzy
feeling soon passed away, my nervous system was
tranquilized, and the catarrhal poison removed by
the medicine. I have been entirely cured by your
invaluable remedy.
Respectfully yours,
No. 319 West 10th st., New York City.
SIR,-I give my testimony with pleasure to the
beneficial results of your BLOOD PURIFIER; my
kidneys were out of order, and the result was rheu-
matism in my right knee, joint swollen twice the
size of natural and very painful, a bottle of the large
size made a perfect cure. I will also say my diges- r
lion has improved so that I can eat anything within
No. 19 Beach-st., New York City.

DEAR SIR, Your justly celebrated INDIAN
BLOOD SYRUP has entirely cured me of Sick
Headache and Dyspepsia, of 10 years' standing.
It also cured my child of Scarlet Fever, and my
wife of Female complaints.

Isaac Dahlman, Bull's Head, 24th st., (of Dahl.
nan Brothers, dealers in horse stock), cured of
Dyspepsia and Indigestion of ma ny years' standing.
Henry Dahlman, of the same firm, cured of Sore
Throat and Indigestion, after having been treated
by physicians without beneficial effect.
ne entirely of the distress in my head, and relieved
very difficulty of my bowels. I must say that it
s the best medicine that any person can take for
sick headache. a

RUP for Dyspepsia (from which I suffered for five
rears,) with the happiest results.
A few doses placed my stomach in a condition to
digest food-theieby relieving me of those distress-
ng pains experienced by dyspeptics after eating-
ind although it at first caused occasional dizziness
t quickly disappeared on my continuing its use.
Ty digestion is now almost perfect, and I feel great-
y benefited.
Yours, WM. A. PIERMAN,
No. 333 West 32nd st., New York City.

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 1880.
C. Johnson, M.D.,
DEAR SIR,-I take pleasure in recommending
your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP as an invaluable
remedy for Dyspepsia. My wife has been a suffer-
er from periodical dyspeptic attacks of the most
acute nature for over 5 years. During such attacks
death would almost be a relief to her. She was
prescribed for by several doctors without effect.
Nothing gave her relief until she obtained a bottle
of your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP. Its effects
were wonderful and she is now entirely cured. It
is a medicine that no household should be without.
No 261 West Housteen-St., City.

BERMUDA, June 28th, 1880.
DEAR St,--This is to certify that I have found
more good in your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP than
any Medicine that I have ever taken for Dyspepsia
and Indigestion. I would advise all that suffer from

Sole Agent

for Bermuda,
Water Street,, St. Georges.

Protection against FIRE
Can be obtained from the
of London,
One of the longest Established and Wealthiest
Offices in Great Britain.
Through the BRANCH OFFICE in these
Islands, a Saving is effected to the Insured
of the Stamv Duty, a very considerable item.
RISKS taken both on REAL and PERSONAL
PRIOPERTY for 3, 6 or 12 months.
No FEES and no CHARGE for Policies.
Hamilton, September 9th, 1856.


THE above WATCH ES for both
Ladies and Gentlemen are kept constantly
on hand by the Undersigned : Any grade Move-
ment not in Stock will be furnished at the
Manufactor's list price. Also, make to order
any style of Case with Crest, Monogram, &c.,
Remember the American Watch Co. received
the Gold Medal at the late Paris Exhibition.
Front Street, Hamilton, ?
Deer. 16, 1878. (u.o.o.


tonic and refreshing adjunct to the Toilet and
Bath, a reviving scent and a powerful disinfectant
For warm climates it is invaluable.
RIMMEL'S JOCKEY CLUB and other fra.
grant Perfumes.
gives the hair a beautiful gloss and impacts an
agreeable coolness to the head.
Toilet Soaps in bars dr cakes.
boxes, barrels and packets.
RIMMEL'S AQUADENTINE, cleans, whitens
and preserves the teeth, refreshes the mouth, and
sweetens the breath.
tural Air purifier, a fragrant Powder which diffuses
the healthy and refreshing emanations of the Pine
and Eucalyptus Forests.
E. RIMMEL, Perfumer by appointment to H. R.
HI. Princess of Wales, 96, Strand, London, and 17
Boulevard des Itlfiens, Paris.
May 27, 1879.

-~ ~. viW~'U' f lw muTu M_





(Subject to Change.)


From Liverpool.
Italy, Wed. July
England, "
Egypt, Aug.
Erin, "
Helvetia, "
Spain, "
Italy, "
England, Sept.
Egypt, "

To Liverpool.
20 Sat. Aug. 6, 2 p.m.
27 13, 7-30 a.m.
3 20, 2 p.m.
10 27, 6-30 a.m.
17 Sept. 3, 12-30 p.m.
24 10, 6-30 a.m.


From London.
The Queen,Wed.July 13
*Denmark 20
Holland, 27
Greece, Aug. 3
*France, 10
Canada, 17
The Queen. 31
*Denmark, Sept. 7
Holland, ; 11

17, 12-30 p.m.
24, 5-30 a.m.
Oct. 1, 11 a.m.

To London
Wed Aug. 3, 10*30 a.m.
10, 5 am.
17, 11 a.m.
24, 5 a.m.
S 1,9-30 a.m.
Sept. 7, 3 p.m.
21, 3 p.m.
28, 8 a.m.
Oct 5, 3 p.m.

*The Steamers France and Denmark will
not carry Passengers.
Rates of passage, to Queenstown or Liver-
pool $60 to $70.
To London direct, $50 to $60.
Excursion Tickets $110 to $120 Liverpool.
$100 to $110 London.
Steerage passage $26.
For further information apply at the Com-
pany's Offices, Nos. 69, 71 & 73 Broadway
Now York,
"P \WT T R_ T D Q r

S. VV J. U11 -I i II
New York July, 28, 1881.

A LL who wish to have their Kitchen Utensils,
Bath 'ubs, Windows, Brass Work, and
Wood Work, clean and Bright, should use the
scouring, Cleaning and Polishing Soap, PRIDE
OF THE KITCHI-EN. Ask for Pride of the
Kitchen" Soap.
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
New York, April 20, 1881. Proprietors.


ex Flanbo-

At the Royal Gazette Stationery Store,
A further Supply of the
Revised Version of t)

'New Testament,

Late Editions of the

Seaside Library.


Cricket Bats,

At First Co*t,
At Royal Gazette" Stationery Store.
Wickets, Balls and Cricket<
Hamilton, May 17th, 1881.

er Is



ris. sets. g

541 6 17 6
542 6 16 7
542 6 14 8
543 6 13 9
543 6 11 10
544 6 1011
545 6 9 12


12 18
1 6
1 54 St. Giles
2 42 Eng. Mail due.
3 o30
4 18112th after Trinity
5 6

First Qrtr. I day 7h. 43am. A.M.

every Tuesday by DONALD M'PHEE LEE,
Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent
Northwest Corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets,
where Blanks, Hand-bills, &c., will be
printed at the shortest notice.-Agents
at St. Georges for the Royal Gazette
Messrs. GEORGE BOYLE & Son, West End,
Water Street.

celebrated for nearly a century past, is of
the very best English manufacture. For Its
purity and great excellence it has obtained
the following
London, 1862. Paris, 1867. Ooglova, 167.
Lima, 1872. Vienna,1878. Philadelphia,1876.
and all other odours of the finest quality only.
is strongly recommended, being more lasting
and fragrant than the German kinds..
eolebrated&'or so many years,oontinues to be
made as heretofore It is strongly Perfumed,
and will be found very durable in use-..
a new and indispensable Toilet acoompani-
meat, and most refreshing Perfume for the
and other Specialitiesand general articles of
Perfumery may be obtained of all dealers
throughout the World, and of the manu-
24, Old Bond Street, London, W.
Price List Free on Application.
OAUTION.-f-rehaers are cautioned to avoid
counterfeita by observing that each article ia
labelled with the firm's Trade'Mark, a White
Rose" on a Golden Lyre."


,w 1L. 4






United States .Mail Steamers.

WYOMING sails Tuesday August 16, at 10 a.m.
ARIZONA sails Tuesday August 23, at 4 p.m.
WISCONSIN sails Tuesday Aug., 30, at 8 a.m.
NEVADA sails Tuesday September 6, at 3 p.m.
ABYSSINIA sails Tuesday September 13, at
9 a.m.
WYOMING sails Tuesday September 20 at 3
ARIZONA sails Tuesday, September 27, at 7
The above Steamers are built expressly for
the Trade, have five watertight bulkheads, and
carry experienced Officers, Surgeons and Stew-
ardesses. The Saloon Accommodations are un-
surpassed by any Atlantic Steamers, and the
State Rooms are on main deck opening into the
Saloon, thus securing that great comfort in
ocean travel, perfect ventilation and light.
Smoking Room, Bath Room and Piano on
each Steamer.
The U. S. Mail Steamer Flamborough" from
Bermuda, Thursdays, generally arrives at New
York on Mondays, and Passengers' baggage can
be transferred direct to the Liverpool Steamer
sailing next day.
29 Broadway, New York.
New York, July 28, 1881.


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