Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00105
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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e. 51.-Vol. LV. ST.T iT SUr P vIAS .AVJTQUAf. 2Si. per Ann

H1milton, erees'wda, 7"ue'scdy, december 19, 188..

F1.r te /,/II i, Go'r .
I .
Dear sacred shrine staudl still awhile my steed),
W lnil,.i with tuiovre'e.l heal I" :.-.:re .it';z.-,
On this old i church, grown very old indee,.l,
A.lad reminder of the byg'.:,u: days.
When our forefathers worshipped li this .pot
Their ashes rest airoiniiid this hall.:iwecl pil',
G.)n? on before, my love, oun- u,.t ftur. ir,
We hope 'Vilii met l.\iiu,--iu thlI mauUwhill
We lov, to think of then, and f...llow on,
The path in which thy trodl alou-c lirt's way,s
The honoureid dead that heaveuwaril have gone,
In this we tru-t,-to an et.trual day.
Dear h:illow.K: spot here the lov,d pastor sle-psi
Thbe vall-ed fri,:-nd, aunld ,isteir, blroth-er too;
And orne mi t dear be.ide, -the lone heart wi.-ps
Its silent t.eas :i lhn 1, 1t ., adi.Lieu,
For from th,. altar st.:-ps by -ileut tonrb,
Wti heliar the pastor'. voiie in teaidr tone
All ye who trust in GI:r. shall surely ,iome [g'oue,
To that blet huine, wh.:-re the loved ones havo?
Smile not my friend, whoever you may be, [pray,
Nur deem my words too:, ha-kney'd, must nme
That ljvuing' band of Christinus dwells with me,
Diives all discordant fcclings hence away.
The dear old Church that our forefathers loved--
Can I say aught( of the !-Tho' some nmay blame
That I express-my heart is not removed
But still continues true,-to thee the same.
A. S.
Flatts, Deer. 6, 1SS2.

LONDON .ec. 8.-The fire which broke out last
night in the premises of Foster, Porter & Co.,
wholesale hoiers, on 'W .] .1 eet, was the igratet
that has occurred in Loudon since the celebrated
Tooley street t fire. The lIss is estimated at upward
of 3,000,t..iuo. The .-,ite blo.k between Londoui
Wall, Philip lane, Aidle street and W'oo.) .treet.
except the warehouses on the. iorn.-r.( of Lond a,
Wall, buas.bceu destroyed Ti'':fire is now.-ub.lued,
but the remainder of thI:. ilu:-k is -till in dng-er.
It is believed that ei'ziuh l, -ous w'ce iujrir-J,
some of them seriously. Feter. Porter & C',. i is-
stated, had a sto'k of sil g'..,jde .alon e.stimnat.l
to be worth AX'u.1,0ii. Ti,t. S.'alv.e Coi ps ::.-r'
ed in saving a la-rge amount of goo s. Th.e waiT.-.
of the warehouses burneu ou Wod stree-t :,ud
Philip lane ft.-l into the roadway with a cra4M like
that of thunder, filling the streets, with 'buruin,'
debris. At tenu o'clock this moiuing the egin"es
were still pouring inLuiense' voluiies of water on,
the ruin. fote buined area i-s over two :,cres.
Oue fireman is mis.-iuzr. It is b,-lieved that he w..,s
overwhelmed by d;.l.,ris i:n tlive ,;ir f.,ur h,.uS, s
fell on Wood streett at a quarter b fore seven
o'clock this miorniunl. At a hue hoar to-uilht the
ruins were still smoulde, iu/, and strean,,; from
twenty hydraunts were being poured upon them.
Eight hundred persons have been thr..wun out of
employment by the fire.

The Po.tmaster-Geueral has just announced an
auction sale of articles which have Ibeeni a.cumnu-
lating in the dead letter ..firee. This alt.v: ill I.e
hid in Wla4hingtou, lieginniig on iMonday, ie.:. 1.
The listt of ,rti,..-. to I..e dI-liupose- ot~ -x :..linily
large, their rn.r:- enumi. ratio i0..'ui.yin. 1i p.-2:.
of a closely piiunt-.d at'Tlo-eii. T.:-. v.aritty tf
thingsoflerfd Ifor s:,:, ik, tf i.our-:, :xc'-,lin'ly
great, the aniticles ,ioinprisiug aliii-t everythius.
save food that is uf.edeil to siulpli thle -.,nt- uf
man even in thi-- are 1f 'reit n,:'i-s. Judiling.
from the many things in th- _i-tal,.,i'. whil.h ar,.
adapted to the u1,. of w..- and hand ildr-u, ir would
seem th thatthe. two la:--- have fated sli.,i.dlyl
ill, aid have im:le thanu their iquita.ll .har.:.- of
bad lu:k. A few of thu :artli:- s,.l *owu in the
catalogue are bau-s, tidi-es, dr..- l..tteilu., t.atle ,
switches, c>c'r.ets,, kirts, wi-, set-. of falie tetth,
bathing dres.,e-, liver and. other "'pads" awl pl:t.'.
ters, galvanui. 1.tteriep, icumbs antd ..iuishe., (hro-
mos, miloslpe, l pes, photogiaplhs, s-ale-. trus-'e,
caps, clothes-washers, bathing ti.bht-, cliaieal ther-
mometers, shoe' and sto.kiungs, pie-cuttte-rs, pillow
shams, sheet mu-ie, pipe-s, caues,, coats, vest-, trou-
sers, smoking-evapsd irk-lanuterns, jewelry, -:atihs,
shirt bosoms, harnes.-stiimiing, xylophoune, elownus
caps, the 1.5 puzzle," t...bae,io, coins, unutilated
and other bank notes, and books of all kindk, from
Testaments and devotional treatises to Loomis's
Trigonomuetry," dietionarie, uovels.&, e-. Somein
very pertiluut though tritesiu-r-tions which pro--
face the catalogue are worthy of a wider publiiity
than their pre-eucue there is likely to produce.
Among them is the statement that the law permits
the sender of anymailable letter or parc:-I to write
his name on the envelope or wrapped r. If this sim-
ple precaution had been observed, at. least 90 per
cent. of the articles about to ie .exposed for sale
would have been returned to their owners, provided
they were'willing to pay the return postage. Only
sueh. articles as are paid for at letter rates at the
time of mailing are returned free if not delivered.-
.trw Yoik Tits, Xor. 27.

Near Cette, on the Mediten'rraneaa coast of Fran.e,
has b1en dug up a bottle, in whikh was in,-lu-ed a
curious parchment. At its head appc.rcd th.e
French iuniperil arms, wcile below wa. au inv,:nto:ry
of the cont ents of a certain casket that was intrust-
ed, on Sept. 4, 1570, to M. L.uis Barsols, lby or-
der of the Empres- Enaene, for traUtter t, tile
Comtesse de Mo(tijo It Madrid."' Arin.n' the
articles named in the iniiCintory were pie,._- of jew-
elry presented to the Exprc-r,. b1y thIe Q(iie:u ot
England, .the ,_f Rhas-ia, th.- King ..r
Italy, and the Vice',.y *f Egy;'t, besi l'-- ulan ,it
b,ij)O,l)lif. in notes of the fianik of Fraime, the
total value being about '.,.,iiij ,f.t It is s.iidl th.t
persons wh., have studied thIs my.ste'rious d..0 unmi.nt
declare their belief in its authenuti-:ity, but how it
found its way t.:i this spot otn the',
to i.,e dun'-: up 1-2 years afterward, no .une -'i,,,,. ;
so ready : t: xpl.inn.

Xmas & New Year Card,
At the "Royal Gazette" Stationery Stoie.

ASf0 Al jyesiq 'P-

r|fH E Members of the above namenie
So'ity int,:ud, D.V., to Celebrate thiir 30th
Auni versa ry

De:e:.mbr 2tth, (St. Stepheu's Day.)
They are t: nmet at th. Warwi,.k
tens' Club Roomn at 9j o'lock, a.nm., and pdr..i-e,.
theu,- iu ord:-r to Sr. PAUL'S C'-rU.r, Pao.r, wheie
lth-re will b,. DIVINE: Sa.VIR'E at 11 o'clock, a in. I
The Menmber-, are r qite-.sted tor b:i punctual in their'
attn:-ulan-e and to e, r in mind that thurt, will 1.u a.
C...llectin.:. at tlhe- cou' !u .:.n ..if thl. S.rvi:-


The Undersigned

avI ng. just. Arrived by Schoon t
ALTA," from Halifax, N. .,
With a few fine Farm


Box .faterial.-Lumber.

The Schooner Kit Carson" has arrived
from Bangor and has on board the Un-

IT V** Ioila


25,00) Tomato Box

Off-rs th.m for ':tl. 75,000 57 Tuch LATHS
Among the Hoi are Two BLOOD THorses, 33,0010 FeEt White 'ine LUMBER,
viz., ** M:i:-..,lia" and ** Lady Duffus." 5.o,000 SHIN(GLES SPARSL
with p.',liree-s. Box Material wiill be ready for delivery
A. C. HARVEY. to-morrow, Wednesday.
Ilth December, 1s52. .S'. S. IL\GHIt12 .
l .-. .. .. th December, 1882.

By Orler, I .l-t11 tL y ..llll t, Vl
PatDeerth, -twi NEW YEAR, CARDS.
'etDecrh_____________ A Great V.riety at the ioy 'I (1 .z..'te Sta-L

ET A Speciality!
There will be an Entertaitilent at
S 0t. PSIG-e's hco :i(H.ih, Faincy Chiina W are
On T UESDAT Evening, Zon er iReid and Queen Street, Hamilton,
Deember-26th, Oct 13 1..82. )
Whlr ere there will e e U-n useful naud Fan-y AR-' -r'- -
TICLES for s.le. I |hel l OY o ll
Doors it 7 luc!-k, p.m. Adi issicin 6,d.
The M Fz.irt F.ivourit B.ind will be iu attud- Has Releivedl vitliHll tile last two)
an e. \V, k
Procerids iu aidl of o, -.;nud S .i.-ty. o
y or .. 50 Cases CLOTHINGC
un r .Ca, -s.

1I~i~1 I LI i-i> ii. S '1

PuL,-y., D,., r. I I th, s2.--twi,:e

E. T, Jones,
Corner otQi(ie..n il :1 iil,.. S
iH..- Jl.JI' I/.'"'IE'VED,
fr-iin Lo'-ilon via Ne-w Yorl
GEN ?S a] i' vouts real
Do. Do. Fa-lt and Tw,,:ed IAT
Do. I'o. CAPS
Hntmiltou, November 7. 1.J'12.

- l BCr t l .- l! t
S ;noi i,.nply I t, supiplyiy l:ie r c
kinds of'

Vonf ecljo0ep
at Ii(ces nevEc r I el re itord i l ii tie-,
(' .l ,,f ,1 -,. L ,, ., .. .,

pmle I1 gU.
(:'.d l I i ,, r.iu l .. r t l i id.l y :
o ,t : Is'

Detc- l.. n r 5, INN2.


W-ill Offer for Sale on arrival
the Schr. "A..T. 1," I n ru 'IALIPF X, (ex-
pictedi to arrive ini a few days) at hlie
very lowest Prices for c.'ash,
A (Consinimeiit of
500 BU. Heavy Black OATi
0 0 B t5 na', Pt 1 0 F,.
S a. ,, I, I C P.
Onion BOX MA.T'ERIA ] .
Tomato Box ENDS and LATHS,
D1runs CODFIsH.


-SAI1L. D. lR1OBlNSO.,. \
SIr,,, t ritre Est.
i ni. i l ll a ? ili \'i. i44 >- -

I |1 .- I- I,- L I. J. /III U u
C lsiti ti ll, in all thie new shapes. lade..- Al eutire new Stu,.,k of
> 'i sl .. s l ofh t l: t e Sirsent ashion, v;z : -. t. ... V,
S'levit, S .-tc li ani W e\' t, CI 1 n1 '
l:1.111 P1aIs, L itsr 1 1d V.stS ;ll.l a :n;lit I '-,- ,W '-
'" .,op rising g Golong. Conigou, Japan,) and
i, ...,tr, .t y' .- S 3 I ,l Black au,]d G re uu, put upll in
trc .. tp.e, lit let t xi.. , in p half pnl air tight tins
A -;I),celit!itL for this S1,;11. consishini^ in PrepareI1 CO1 ; 'IE in fins.

, .Beav er, M1dlton,, C'hieviot, West of Englanm., iptes and JCOFFer's l'caE in
Scokth, FI:tnc Tv,.-eI, Pilots Nap in d "oltela illd JobbfCrs Tea ai Colle
1- na.,'U t h Fl hintliig .)verc,,iats, ic to"ui l'san,
At. lrie:s tihai can not bie ,lualld in HLan- :32:3 Pe ;l Street, New York.
ilto n. AgeNnt,
In Stock about .'),01) Pair of Pants W. H. W TIN(_NGTtON,
Priced from :3,fj to t 21 '. Reid Sti'eet, Hlamilton
.- .. 1 'I ,j -,. .. ,... 1 ..... .. ... .

)il.l' is
i.v l, all


i. Is$ i, .I
s, isi.;-

, l'inl v
Ii 'i, Il ril

At Mi;YER'-
(',..ufl tionery Store-s, H imiltoin.

I It
1- .4 ,, sitilatedi at the1
S\\esl t.I of the ( tUusew.:) R ,u.1,!. d ;ih
'i., ; ..i :, Iched, ouit:.iiniig a, Si' Po. lit
A lB LE im _o. 1 ,,!i1l i,,n. A .I 1 i'v -3l t i- t, r
f'rolI St. Ge,.,il ,, ..-s til.e do..r.
A rare lich. ncl folr a go lod {iUSinc--za.
HiY. C, OU EN'EliiRI_ D(jG.'
DI-criher 4I, ct'2.

Sterling .Silver Jewelry.
ALL the latest Novelties and designs in
A Sol.i Silver Jewelry, such as Bracelets
and Bangles, (in great variety). Nook Chaius
and Lockets, Brooches and Ear R'ings. Bar
Pins, SeIarf Pins. Finger kings, .-leeve' Buttons
and Studs, Vest Chains, Thimbles, &c.,

(Abbout the 6hI of Aovewnbor nex.rt)
A a ,F1, to look after a
i,- iur and Trap.
p 1, .I Ithe ice rt lh:s i'ap-r.
Hlanil-'oh Octo' r l .13 ., I : -'.



Fruit !!

Just Ar1ivcd .o "' I :'-inIci,"

Fresh i eaches

(J3 a 1'


1J. I. 'IIOuPS.,N,

S. ptember 25, 18.-.

Queen St eei.

It is well known that the Emuporiuin
gives better value for money lthat In\- othlier
huAse in the tir'Ace.
J. H. ROB3N'ONr & CO.,
Tho c'lotliers. l
lamilton, Di ei- eebr .5, 18S2.-:3

Hanilto1 Hotel.

0G 0- ~-1. 9", PROPRIET..OR,
IFornerlv of tl;O T'rettont HU,,usel
an i :t. u.T.l-..; ot:-1. Bosro;.

Recently Rectived from LONDON,
(-';.,s s "2 1 i.,z-n each)
C !. %: | St. l':uii o .,"
I 5 M d ',"
I "i'.5 Julien."
Bilu-ld iiy the w-li k ivnwn Frni of Cla:ol It.
p rierr i, t. WI.\\' .lIA l & ('1., \\in 1i -.I
clianii., L.iilIhn, .rie n uiow iered fo r 8 at
re.,.-..u.- !il Iate, 'li
l"ruct 'tiee', Ilainilti n.
"oveail-hr 13, l.S2.

For Sale,
_5 150 JjARRELS Early Rose PU-
LO J TATOES-specially select-
ed for Seed,
200 Barrels Best Table POTATOES

150 Barrels Fish GUANO
*50 Bags Southern FERTILIZER i
Aid a few Bottles of ONION SEED which
S will be sold from this date at 4, per bot-
tie to Cash Customers.
m t i l TT ) TT l i T n [

I 380 OL.I 1 l 11(- 15 LH( -.TlI E
I':ot will bie toll Cha:-p to close

a Cou-ign-'

- .it'pec-i a (,.1 ,.P. "ol ptli y attenlied to.
November 21, 1.562.

Don't Forget
IT is wl-i worth i: visit to CIiLD'S .Tc\v,. 'l
Store to sice the slut, ti i.1 assal tit n-t -t
Gold and Silv'r ,J. rv,-lrv, S'oli.d Silvel Plt ,
W .,ire in n.lhi-, vari-ty, C'lolks. O i : 'i a n
:',Iy .las,s &,. At this EH't-al.,liiishen .t th, y
are always pla.:tsed i s!ho.- t .heir Go,.,i-',
whetiher y";: ,urchai,- or not.

Just Opened
E c.y Artic.l!es This,
Birthday, Xmns and New Year CARDS
Corner of Queen and Reid Sts.
Hamilton, Nov. 28, 1-S2.

Having r.-iurued by the Orinoco" will re.-nioe
his I'rofessioii I)a ties at his ()lice uvtr
the ,1ledi lni Hall.
Ilaniiltt u, Septeinlier 26, 188!.


T 11 1" VFTrEIN.AlltY' IUI'1l';-' ton-
dueled jointly bhy us from January Iit,
1H32, to d.te, is hereby discOhtintied, and all
Amounts DUE ior i'rolessioinil Services up to
Septr. 3'ihi, la-s2, are r.quested t, bhe PAIl) Dto
I'tlIEODOHE )OU I'E-.lIIIll);rE, and all
A mount., Irimi Jcir. I, I
D. V. '.,
II. V. i
lI i, milton, Octolier 25, 1 -'2.


.-t. ,U ',." ,, );e." -, 1'. .. _-_- H OUSE on Union -treet in
-_ 2__-__-___-_ __- ___- this Town, conveniently situated to Prospect
A I /tlOO a-r ,ne an, nest adjoining the Residc Ue of the lat,'
-- Possession given on first of January.
Must bo reliable and competent. For further particulars please apply at the
Liberal wages. ILv.Lm. ;azL.1,-- Office or to)
Apply at tie Bishop's Lodge, between 12 JOILj T. STOA'E,
aIl'I D 2 c,'l-iock, p.m. Devonshire.
HamiiltonD, December 11, 1882, December 9, 1832.


T RITING De.ks, Japan.,se Cabinets, I ho-
togralhic Albums and Fritnits, Statuary
Uild Vases, .Jewel Boxes, C--lnlulid Comb, tind
Brushes in Cas,-'s, Porttoinies, Gent's fitted
Diresing Cases, silver anul Piarl Card Cases,
Toilet .-ets. Music Boxes, Aniroids with and
with out C'Jo ks, lHorn and Olive Wood Ink
Stands, Ac.
Go to iCallL'S and see them.

One Hundred Dollars
!?VfIAi- f).
I r Ft E alov,: SIn l will be paid for
( suichi iuaforla-ti',n as sill cinivict Ihe I'er-
in or l'ers.,ii whole i : Sunaniav Ni-aii lst, w ,lit
n bo..rd th Y achIi "/ZP.IAY," anud nmaiiei-
)usly cut a id d-s' roycl her .ail and Ma tl and
Stole the tniidd-r.
I rainilion, October 9, 184:2.

Meyer's Cough


A sK for Meyer's Cough Drops.
Millions hiAV'e been anl Villi ns will I et
lie curedof Cong',s, CInlds anni 'ore a 'liroas.
You try them, as ihey are t Chep and giol. I 'd
pter Ib.
Novenher 5, 18"2.--3 o.


We intend dispatching suitable
VESSELS fiiI- BERU1,DA Sailing.
from HALIFAX as follows:
Novr. 11, 182. Deer. 3, 1882
, Janv. 6, 18:3. Feby. I, 1,83
SMarch -3d, 1:!S. April '1, 1S:i
If -oitflicient inducement offers will dispatch
Vessels afterward.
All Goods carrild at Low Rates of Freight,
and payable in Bermuda.
Fur further information apply to JOHN S.
DARRELL, Esq.. Agent at St. Grorges, or
W. T. JAMEC, Esq., Agent, 'at lifuiltoun,
J. B. NEILY & CO'.,
:.hipping and Commission Merchants,
Nova ScoUia.
October, 182'J.


For H. M. Troops and
Navy, BermuItL.

r TENDERS for supply uf FRE-H
r MEAT for the above Services for Three
(3) Years, from 1st March, IS9 :, will be re-
ceived by the Senior Commissariat Officer at
Hamilton, Bermuda, till Noon, on tlhe
2nd January, 1883.
Forms of Tender and all information can
b}, obtained from the Senior Commrissariat
Officer at Hamilton.
Attenittion is invited to the new terms of
Contract whereby arrangements can be malde
to terminate the Coutract in Eighteen Months
or to carry it on for 3 years certain without
option of termination on either sid..
Tenders to libe in duplicate, marked on En.
velope "Tender for Fresh Meat."
Senior Commissariat Officer...
Commissariat Office,
Hamilton, Bermuda,
25th November, 1882.-,5

"Long Island Brewery"


Fresh Supply recently receir-
ed from their above Brew%.ry in Caslts of
16 Gallons auch.
Beer Shops as well as Canteens can be f'ti-
ri.ishe-l the above at a low figure by
Front Street, Hamilton.
Oct. nid, ls.2.

St. Geortoe's LHotel,
St. George'.";, Bet'IiLd.,
I' op ietor.
N.B.-The BEER SHOP under the Hote fteiog
Marki't S'piiare i:t no couinection wilh the same.
Decentler 4. I s:2.-3 ll.





r ., .


WEEKLY IIEPORT OF THE WEATHER at The General Election. Fur theoil?O,t:C,:te.
Gi6lb's Hill Light Station at Bermuda. between the SIDE ISSUES.
1,'th and 17th Deoember 184'2: height above The Colony is in the throes of a General Ele-t ion, Ma. ErTon.-Iu an attie of considerable
i e l'eine 246 feet at base, where the le- and that one, if we may judge from what we s len tt andlaborolby ? n.-onf'u -t, in.: theca.le,
giter is kept, .and hear, of no ordinary interest. Never probably ogthd labor y hfd r ti tw
have the canvassers been more assiduous, th.Iaudi- oif :th Nov., h made amost other thinu' t wo
dtIi ni-re numni-rous, or thee*.nte t re k'en. r spe p. if every ordained nite not
a .e AOu ionun t .srlo harl, If seem at first' tieht t N atItl alike 1.y ranti out ,'f the Public treasury
"- T. 4j cl General Remeirks. a.couut forallIthi. rIf .- wl, r.t at tihe iL slit e he w i '.t rt ', t.t' ,, ',. iso.
7whchl.vetirrd upalltbi citmet, it 1n2t 'oed. Thatw mon ,ey .rliisi.3not
Sansweredlthat, however impornitt th-v r.iv I.e, they .n1,t T, d at 1. 'ini .' yft, r r bt'e, s o' t f the Tre.
*- ? i= ^ i - "*;'t 'dii 'd y "'"' .3 b:' Cl1t(- q' ':'ut tt'h Tre,-<.
Stirro certairnlv not uulerou. ,Wo hear .f"C Coet- "f. ..
.. i --- tir Iuil Lib,-ral,'' l,'.t it is i only in v:very p th of D r. a writer
"* ,- ,i^ .17 [,.i..;:.-,-,.,.^ Thi.k, C -loudy a d exceptio,,-l e -es that u,:h t,1ritIS can 1," ,,f,,rui- d" li.:i I/t o ety ^y. ton-
-. :*:* ,- .3 Fie e 1,-l nopli..,in to. the parties now strui glin...- f.) nt.i T n ..rnst. r. tt. .i p rt'etlry a nl 1i-v. .l on-
S Fin lit the p,.ll. In not a few instm,.A ,tt-,:.- Ll:- --L .' r ith tl-, -.t. **_ l -.. _i
i V, 11', i"'," all. r,. th.-e nho o 'ppo*ed the Ballot and th.- Exei,:-i;:' U.1 ilur-trti f-,. n pr.i.,l In tie '. ,t
:: w '!.i '3 w :'; o l'.azv [iiiirrn y rtf tlo ir,., trid otlh cr m aure us'u- lv ,i l .-n- l.0 '-d D ,.:r. Ilrth N -.,u ,, if.r i, t aJn tIl .. ,it
S i ,' ", der i il,, t tnig itleI with th. pi ,:.iple9 whi.h arre lc,!d *, ,l ru 'l., nL -at, ut lan .w *i -' I. e '1 et t _. r :t rtal-
S -! F r., :.'eea I eIed, as regardsthulatter subi.,-t, it i ,raln.:,- ,iil * 1 i' r t di t i- r" '
JOSEPHUS PEI-IN'lIIEF. to d,.uv that oth b patie's -eh in to reLaid it 1rith 111 ht-Ll -l tht t it; A -- I- [ .I% I"-
_-- _--'_.. _,: __..... -co.:,lu.e if ,:t with a, to,,al!h,-tilitv; ,i-,r ha th, ie v,-, A *t truth, when tr e.-: wel,:' ilnib: pla,,,lith'Lt
". '' ...( l, ~ any l, .lie rx.rt :n f or. i,,,u iu f ,i-n i vonioiur ., r[ i- in hi. : ll ..-Ii'inout l lu't .
'* ^ ; 1 f it. At all event-(, no purely political qu.ti,, is o ti,.2'.th! ultim.. Bat it ir's anin.ini to l, hu ld,
.: .* -*.-" -. .. staked on the re.ult of the present Ele-tion, nor slogc.
will anV',lectiou turn on any su,.h question. 1. He a,sks 'if in luiiling. ('aa.i way .5 : .n
. Apit from th fI so'itil anl pers.-nal muistions e el,? (i1'l'loyed na ver'erl' alt 141 e,: .-h, aud 9 men
Hfi oiltnn Drce bPr I 9, 19, 82. whichdi nlinv e involved in t ih.choie ofM,-:nil,.r, 'f ls o .er, t 4e., would, I it uo 0t.ofar, a.ure
--- -- _--- the new Ass:-mbly, the only iasue of real int he wrrll tlat i*n it e-tii atiton .:.nie were' infe-riori
CUST0m3 E -TIT are uniqulestionally,- the- attempt to get the C'hur,:h *:' :tl,:-r- The an-.aver t'., thi,. i, that if tle, .m' n,:
CUSTOM HOTSE-HAMILTON. Yards thrown open to Mini-ters of all se.-.tious of . -r1tee'. u.s of Inii, ,inl 9 l n .-that ain9-
Decomber IS-S. S Delta, Cro,,ell, Halifax Gov- the Chnr, the endeavour to atl lish thea r!iious t lled uponit o p,om tion .. third thl ,k .:of
erinent Storeis and gods fur Mer-h'ts. whih have o loug bhn held by th Cht. the hAn the 5 ad,,r,: wr, not eutitld to reteiveoue
Mail 'teniier Orinoco.,,'. Ncev York ; Mails third of th-eir remiiuu--ratiou.
and merch izeto r:,tt x. Now we do not know that it is a misfortune that -2. H telh us that "a tax aplproplri-ite to a
,Deer 13 -Brig CIEAE., k ol there is an absolute quiescenoer, n allpurely politi: l p-:i-. l,.ct is no,t-i xat all, if derived tfr.m Gen-
Deero j-Brigt Aifrtd, un-'. Nw York; ol iue3. It hews at lest that the people. are coU- eral R,-enir.." W ill he kiudlly iutform wh.jt a
iron junk, en'pty 1 r.,r ua. tented and do not feel the pres.ureof any grievaucr G, it,. Reveu,- is for, if not to be applied to
Schtr. Kt C ls,,n. 'fthidy, FHrnalina, with ianythiu-g like severity. 'At .' ot,'jeetI;
16-.-Fbr. Alta, Buche, Halifax, N.S. The religious questions raised, though not in But No,.n,onforni.t inhas made another ,ranl di(,-
In the Mail Steamer Ori;n'cu from New York n themselves unimp:rtant, rally have -enu force sorelyy, and I think it will I:,:e well for the Bishops
Sunday :-Rev. P.%' aIh.hD.D., Mr. and Mrs. John into their pres.'-nt prominence by the manner in in the Episopl (Church to s,.e to it. He asserts
N. B. Middleton an.l iaid, Mr. and Mrs J. H. which those who ar," impatient of'the existing shtte th .t, "If a Pubiili.' Otfhier
Walsh and son, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Reid, Mr. rf things have raised tad discussed these subjects 1. 1. -eive a -aliny from ann Episcopal Governmmut.
and Mrs. f. M. Hurd d nd Miss Hurd, Captain The bhitterss ard Mrs. W. R. Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. upon the Legislature and institution, of the Colony 3. Is sustained by an Episcopal Paper i-.ave the
Pitt, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. MeCuindy and child, Mr. have, in fact, been, to a very gTreat, extent, the mark!)
and Mrs C ollver. Mrs. F. Penist(,n and child. M'rs. causes of the present excitement. 4. Is. see during e vice in an Epis.copal Church,
Spragg and child. Mrr. T. Rawlllr-, ehild and It is,however, not to be wondered at that the peo- that t ',',:,e he is a Churcihman."
tuits, the Misses Kate Gilbert, E. VauValkenhburr, ple o.f this Colouv have been deeply stirred on th, What lie aims to prove by this line of s)ophi-trt
A. P. GilletteIE. M. Gillette, F. C. Uillette, Kate subject of these attacks, a well as strongly moved isN that because a late Cbief Junti.:e re.ivcd from
Keith, Carrie Foster, Maria Davis, P. Brown, by the manner and tone of them. the C ...lona liary' of t7i), he is a Clrmr.hinmao
Mary S. Warner, Eliza Littenfield and Nc.llv Gray, The grants in aid of religious teaching con,.- This i ,' on f N,'.'u:ufrrni-t's Ht.,,1; ta' f:n,:ts in
Messrs. A. S. Warner, Gea. Smith, Geo. Lee, J. K. meneed in the earliest an, have continued to the tIhe "line thlt lie ime:s- to f-ielt on oll summer."
Pollock and son, C. F. Crane, E. M..Cooper, Henry latest period of our history. Au old Act of 10., Upon this theory I fear lt- will have to tithlt a trood
J. Zuill, M.M. Terry, Win. Abbott, and A. A. Kitt- has the following preamble :- imauv ummers. TtVes, rnay b c-alled- by h -.oue as
rie.small matters, but "straws hw how the wind
bridge. Ca Mrs. Grace, Miss W. C. Came Wmor as uh a it is a general duty incumbent lo," nd these prove the char, of the logio
2 al ,M rs. Grace, M iss W (C.Camero ,W a ut maniestahon all men to manifest an humble and pious sub.- in the
Daniels and Z. Daniels, and 5 in Steerage. "mission to all those ordinances, institutions, andi hntela yrinth bt gaspilonfornuast at ngs b ndeis
In the Della from Halifax, Captain Hire, Brigt. "sacred worship uhich by lDivine authority and delth He seems to e wenll upin AnttersentHitor his
r Montrose," Mr. Oland. Junr. command are enjiued, and that with apartic.ular ut he might as well have gone back t, the days of
The Steamer Dell.a, Captain Seth W. Crowell, and spe.:ial referen.-e to public sacred solemnities
from Hatlifax, with 600 tons Government Stores and as that which administers and the better JULIUS C ESAR.
743 packages of'Merchandize, arrived at the Royal establishment of the more private and retired ex- Deer. 13, ls-82.
Naval Yard on Stmday morning last. The D/lta ercises of piety : now to the intent, Reliwitn
left Halifax on Tuesday minrning last in a heavy (the firmest basis and foundation of human society) Tu the Edt>r of the RT.l 'atett/.
snow-storm. The latter part of passage stormy. "may be encouraged, and to the cnd honest
The Government stores brought by the Irltea, endeavours may be used for the better suppres- DEAR Srn.-Would you allow me a small space
were taken out to Halifax by the hired transport ",ion of impiety and vice." in your "column of .-orrm-p|ndcn-ee" this week.
ITi, /.iam Bur'ketit. In other words, the same sent inients run through I u-ver like to find f:iult without oce'ai.u, but I
The R. M Steamer Alpha, hence at Halifax at 3 all our earlier legislation and if the people wener. do tLink it time that the (Corpr,ration of this Town
a.m. on yesterday week-had a tormy passage. allyare notfanniliarwith th.expret sios.ithemelve4. should look after the repairing of the Street rut.-
The United tate team Surveying vessel Blake they at least lihave innlib.e' with their ninthers' nir North nandi South-connieurn-ing from Mr. S.
The United State Steam Surveying vessel Bae milk the traditions and principles whi( h thI de- D. 'Robin r.n'. Bakery and as far as the Sheet rn.-
Lt. Comdr. W. H. Brown, arrived from New clarations embody. In this se.nse a great majority nin E. and W. near Mr. Thomas Butte-rfield's
Y,,rk u Thursday last. and left for Nassau, N P.. of our people are undoubtedlyCon:ervative, and for Livery Stables. For more than two years this
yesterday. Soundings were taken between New Yorkour own part we cannot hesit:ate to .av the main- Street has been out of or.le-r, and is worse now than
and Bermuda and will be continued to Nassau. tenance of religious teaching through the churirhe eva r, and so much so ind':ed that after a rain
The Allan Steamrhip Per,,r'ia',wlhile entering the is a nimatter well worthy of the foi-terint care of the shower, it is imnpc Mo.rsey on the morning of the 5th, weather thick, Legislature and the coustituen .i.:s. It isnc.t neces- there without the water covering the tops of their
collide.l with a teamermr of the Clan line. The Pe- scary to contend, nor do we maintain, that in ill Iso)ts. No doubt if there was a Hotel in that
""s-..iu cut dotWn to the water's edge arraidsbip's,was countries, or under anllU irium tanes, g-rants to the vi':iuity, the Street- would bIe kept in orler, as
b-niched on Crisbyv .-a.'h, and aft.rwards floated, clergy ae L.-es-ar3 or expr-edit-Lit. But we aro with suih Streets I na,:,t the grTCatest pains are
The P'.,er,'i was the stetnu-hip thr.t cun,:...unter,:d well aware that in somne ,.. th. C-olonies, whi,. ta.ken. Trusting the C.-.rpor'tiun will take isone
,, ire flor-s in attemnttiui. to r..a:'. QuA.'-Lr ltAt were similarly situated with ourrrelve',, thile 'oliti,-n noti-e of this.
Spring :,and was detained several days. of the-e grants has been attended with mii.:-.t disai.'- I remain,, respectfully,
troius consequences to the- community:'. Bn;ased, 'WATER RA T.
t=" Tnhe 15lth Comp.-auy. R-.., a! Enin'eer-, Ama- as the rants now are in Bermuda, on a ,r liu(:iple of Deer. 15th, 1882.
t-.:.-r- D r-iaitli,.- <'ul will -.iv a1 pi rtformn'.l at the absolute eiq tality, we cannot ,dmit t:h t ianty bodly
'T t I. v -e .' t',.J..,p.'-t. .in .:- u ui-rn of Fritiay of Christiaus hasany justc.ause of ei:muhlnaiut daVaillnst
:i .- :ri.- a t, the :'2'1 .. 'il '-ird inut. The them. nor do we believe that any con deiral.,, Q,:-.-- 2 '? The Roy'l Et'.in i-r T''hostries-al- r ulv r.
.. v. ill i'n eil -n i h i rd inst., ti,:n of the churches in this Colony d-..-s ,- ri:.i-ly 1 tis neent see Suppil v o- et.
f.i- t., .. 1 .ui,:'n ;' e ,o tL.-.' -. iUng" it B.,'iz nud object to them The people of Bermud'i, e 1--
Ilr~-.lI. !nm-I. We inpu the ,'"lub A'nIl have bura- lieve, wish tliem to be continued. It is entirely -
per 'h..t:.-.... For ple>t- o,..e.' ',iv,.-tisemuent. frt wn-i'/hi-, t that the agitation against them h.-,in A. S Pll pi ini,'lfit 0O SIeX 'oI-
--- -------- come; and if that atitatiou at this moment is sri- umns -iccomprini(-- Ihis it'n of th f 'zt-'i'* :"
if-.'. Gailwo-v. thie MW- ; O::llw',y and Lieuten- ously reactintr against those who raised it, they it ertain the re,iort of ti "-.-. iir oj thp o vr ni
.L I. 0i '.ii.-y, 3itth rievn(nt i'E-I-t Lane:t- have themselves to thank for it. Parishes i. hearing 'n 'h' G' n3 -
i:. ,., ithe f-rally otf our ,I-,h rLe--pepft,..l Governor, We do not know that outside of these questions tinrs-and the fi-t rrnin of :w.- : 11' '.
i-"oxpected to arrive fi'trou Halifax, in the Royal the constituen,:iesare divided on any politk iI topic. spoecl. Prorngali.;n .,' Ihli Impm ill Pn,''.
Mail Steamer diue Ou Fridrni next. But if any one were to cionrlude from this that lam.ortant Renriot relative ti o i he Transi t-. -,,
------------- the present Election is really a matter of no politi- a1 seen from Bermn 'a and sll pr ....-* *
FORaKT LAKI Icp COMPArr: "-On reference to cal cousequlence, he would be greatly inistake:'n. orl : Fires at. Kinmirn' Janlmiea i h,. .-*la!..,"
oar ad%.'tiiinrir cohuirn` to.,i.-" it will be noticed The electors are exercising a valuable and iinp'n- in the United Stn(-,s a.nd End ,n- n, rriv 0.. -
that the property of the 'r- ..-r Lake Ice Cornm- tant trust and privilege, and the maintenance, as oco," &c.: the next.' a lrt, nth .,ztm: B-r, -ritn
p&ny" I hs changed owners!hi., tnd that the pre- well as the credit, of the institutions of the country, Pocket Almanack, List ao liers, &c, &,
sent Pr'.prietor, W'in. T. J. r.i--. Esqr., will con- political and religious, depends to augreat extent on
tinue to supply the public 'A i.. thit article in the the fidelity and the intelligence with which they
silme rnmatnr ani d orP tie sr.." ola established dis,-harge that trust. As long as the As..end1ly BIRTH, ait Hill CottIge,. St. Geor,-e's Parish, ,,n
term,--itatf p'riv "y p ..:nd'i .s heretofore, shall be composed of a faithful and intelligent hAly the 17th inst., the Wirr ,of Mr. George D. Boyle.
.. ... .. of men so long will the institutions which are dear- of a Sow.
DE -TRUCTION r1q" I ''RLIC PROPERTY est to:, the people be maintained and resp,:tl. The ......, at Iarl-i, New York, on .2nd instant,
BY FIRE. reservation of those institutions i thl hands the WIFr of F. W. Arnim,, of a SoN.
BY IE. of tine ele.tora. Let them slhow at thie polsi how
The Hospital Putuiding at thIe Quarantine Station, they valui them.
Darreoll's Islaud, with all its contents, was destroyed ________ ______ DIED. in Southampton Parikh, on the 14th inst.,
by fire on the morning of Wednesday last. The fire ALECt.A HEILEN, Wif ':.f John ". Hill, in the *22lnd
wasfirst seeu from the mainland at about I o'clock.' New Light( on English History anid year of her age i-avinar mother, sister and many
The building was of two storeys,-35 ft. by 15 ft., Bermuda Taxation. relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
tho walls were of stone; 'as calculated to accom- --._--.._=_____._ _
modate II persons. Every particle of the wood- It would ,e the variest waste of time to discuss
work hlas been destroyed, as well as thie bedding, the puerile arguments adduced last week by ,..- ,. N anted Jimmeediately
furniture, culinary utensils, &c., and the walls so Cunrbrin.t iu support of his unfounded.l risertion
cracked by the heat that they a.te useless, and will that from 1012 to 16.39, that is to say during the A R"spectlble Girl aS BSO.S' '-
prubably fall by the first heavy gust of wind that reigns of James I and Charles I, t/s Chirr', nf E,,,/- t m-aid, must be able to give a good
may strike them. There was a small shed room of land tic-,,..t an pi'.'pi 'h Ch.rch. No') School boy .
about 4 feet SiUare entering from the t,:-hen, it is in our common schools, who has read any elemen- ref-renee.
B'ill intact. There wasno resident person in charge tary History of England, would be exciie.-o for Apply to
of the building, and there was no other building on making such blunder. The whole history of the MRS. STEWART,
the island. Thie oigin of the fire cannot be ac- C'iril War, the Commonwealth, andthe Restoration, Belle Vale, Spanish Point,
counted for. The house was occasionally used by disprove it. To quote history to refute it would
picnicing parties. It is said that a sail boat was ,e like quoting Cocker to prove that 2 and 2 make 4. Between 9 nnld 2 p.m.
seen on the north side of the island early on the Notles.feebleo is the attempt to "explain the sinm- Deer. 18.1, lS'2.-1
morning of Wednesday,. ple principle in ordinary political economy" that
"a specific tax levied fora specific purpose is alto- 1) to Gi:A::*'s ifr X nas and Nen
The President's Message to Congress. gether different from general revenue collected \'ar t\ I1D. -1
--- to carry on the Governme:nt." Where does the_______________
On December 4t.h. President Arthur sent his General Revenue come from if not from taxation ?
second Annual Message to Congress. In view of Where does the specific tax come from if not from FOI Sal e
tlhe large surplus avenue and the increasing pros- taxation ? tAnd if both come from the same source, i ,
teritv of the country, he urges the abolition of all namely taxation, how in this connection can they A few Birrels of Choice Table

internal taxes, save those on spirits, a reduction of be said to be altogether different ? What specitiI n .
postage from 3 cents to 2 cents, an enlargement of taxes are raised for specific pui'poses in Bermuda ? *n I.
the Free Listsoas to include within it the numerous And, once more, if the money for religious grants 1. 2,, ', .
articles which yield inconsiderable revenue, and a is not raised by taxation how is it raised J. T. DARRELL & CO.
simplification of the complex and inconsistent sihe-
dnle.of duties upon certain manufactures, particu- IHamilton, October 30th, 185s2.
larlythoseof cottons, iron and steel, and asubstan. Just Reed. and for Sale -
tial reduction of the duties on these articles, and .
upon sugar, molasses, silk and woolen goods. A Prine Lot of (;ARNiLT Red

The Army -and Xl'wy Gazette of Nov. 25 says.-
The gunner borne pa the books of tie flagship
on the North-Aerican station fr tortorpedo duties
Mr. James Watsou-has deserted, and, it is be-
lieved, has entered the service of the United States
of America, taking with him certain confidentiMJl
documents relating to British torpedos and the
to-rpedo service. -
SSeveralvtssels arrived at Chicago, Ill., on Dlc'r.
8, with their crews badly frotl.itten. Two ve.-sels
came iutou barbour c.onilete ly uuv-r-ed with i-e,
ci'e,va nearly perished, hands, fect and ear. being

A llHorses, Carriages and
aCarts for Hire.
For P ti:.i j T he iirder-igned having a fit oui in the lovee
AND, I.ine-C'arri 'ge Coiil'f.rtahle, hi r.e< ,ri. I -'.id
NiV'i iv t 1st( dy, reI:pecifuily sai;alti's .1a h:are uo
A Prime Lot of OATS. i'ri Iorrge.
HARVEY. Near the victory, I'ugel.
Detr. 16, 1882. i July 24, 1882.-6 m


By Public Auction,
In front of the Stores of the Undersigned,
At 1 o'clock, p.m.,
On Thursday n Ix ,
The 21st instant,
:300 MS Heavy Black OATS
25 Parrels Family FLOURT
10t B-DiT'1ls Garnet Sec-d POTATOES
50 Barrels assorted Table POTA.TOES
15ut.! Red Fire BIRICKS
i Ot Jamaica Sweet ORANGES
1001) Lbs. Jamaica Green GINGER
1U00 Beriuda CASAVA, in quantities to
snif. plurchnsels
3'0) BIs. Kerosene OIL
10 Does Ginger SNAPS
10 Boxes Extra Soda BISCUITS
5 Half Chests Oolon.c TEA
5 Els. Cru-hed SUGARll
5 Bls. Grocery SUGAR
2 Caddies Black TOBACCO
10 Tins Family L.\RD
1 Mattress 1 Mirror
1 Refrigerator
Glassware and Crockery
2 Harnesses
1 Side Bar BUGGY
2 cMilch COWS
I Good Draught DONKEY
And many other Goods that will appear
at the Sale.
The following Goods damaged by sea water
on board the Brig Harry Blackwood" on
a voyage from London to this Port, and on
survey recommended to be sldd on account
I of Underwriters or whom it may' concern.
S(Triangle J .)
3 Tables 1 Looking Glass
1 Roll Oil CLOTH
1 Carpet
t inWmoend B uIO
S Diamond B C I to 5
1 5 Bales Rope
2 Half Chests TEA
STVri r/ i l ri">- o e-nF

1. f. .IA iL KA l .i C .
Hamilton, December 18, 1882.

Auction Sale.


On Thursday next,
At 11-30 a.m.,
Under the Fastern Shed,
5,000 BRICKS
500 Bundles Tomato LATIlIS
J.t t ai rived I y Schoouer Alia" and must
ie sold to close a consiginmenlt.

Hamilton, December 18, 1582.

mas erequisites.

Thie Utiiiersigne l expects to receive
P'r .S.S. AIP;!A," flnm Halifax duo
Friiliay, .2rnd iirst'nit,
G(ime and Poultry dressed.
Pai riidge%,
Itabbitt, &e.., &c.

Sow Receiving per S.S. Orinoco"
from N-.vew York,
Malaga' Grapes,
FI!ori 11 Oranges,
Choice Apples,
I':vapo)ratedtI Apples (so-retiling new,)

From London :
N Full Assrnrtmsnt of JA1 and JE l. 1',
llnlle FPit'l. ITS, 80i111',
I'andied PEEL-Orange, I.eoiion, Ci:ron, &c.,
&c., &e.

In Stock :
IUS Choice Gilt Edge HBITTE I, from
best C'irml-erland, N.S., Dairies,
ll1lf Ches's PEnglish reakta;t and Ooleug TE
S- 1/4 to 2/3 per !b.,
C'O"FF-':.E-ra.isted' and grouird-lId. to 1/4
pr Ib.,
-.C'NN I.) GGI ODS in variety,
ri-es- M ILK, maiufctred in 'air,. Swvitzer-
land, from 'Pure (h at's Milk,
V-ett L indon r R il IN'.
I' % "N IP.M, CANR; lT',I, ONION,
All at lowest Ca(th Rates.
41 and 42 Fr-int St.
IlI nilior, Dec. 18, 83'.--'im 3p

At Gazette Station-ry Store, front London,
A further snpt ly of
" SUNBEAM" an i Ii o'hei Seri.'s of

Cheap Reading.
A Lot of PASTE EB iARD, suitable for mount-
ing Pictures.


Pari-h ;' 1 i e t lit th
On Friday next, 22nd,
From i I A,11. to 1 !.I.
l-'o" ihe purpose or (-'RA \TING L ,': .Er-ci to
Pe il :-!' jir lions IiiiU ors I1 ,iA :.1 s IA ai -h.I
M. A. M. FRITH, J.P.,
r'.'mbri.k Pnrilh, )
IS'th 'c!. s.

forn in Classes.

OFFER instruction in tlie higher
SBranches of English, French, German,
Music, singing Drawing' and Painting.
The Classes will hbegin at "COURTFIELD,"
near Salt Kettle Ferry, PAGET', instead of
at "' Greenfield, Somerset.
Somerset, Dec. 15th, 18s2.-1

From London,
Per Harry Blackwood' and S.
S. Orinoco.l
a I NOLtUTM," 3.4, 4-1, 6-4,
"C(CO .A\T'TI\."
lI.dia M -1PINCG, Fancy Patterns.
Cocoa arndi Fancy M V\Tr' nd F.UGS,
c(;na, Tfea, :.d Coffe Cl P." an, SAUCEF.-,
F',oer POITS and IS !tK TS,
malll rGlad V \I:.ES and Bankeis,
China Toilet Sets,
A snrill lo.,i fine Gold and Silver.I] EWELIR Y,
silver Ilated SPOONS', F' 'KK, &c.,
Nickel pl;altd Dish! COV F.S,
Quepn Anne Tea TR A YVS,
Parlor Coal VAE.s, Cash BOXES,
Knife Til AY.', P'late Baskets,
F\ugar Boxes, Brushes and Baskets in variety
Hamilton, Dee. ISth, IS.2.-l'
For a fine assortment of
Christmas PRESENTS
And other GOODS
too numerous to mention,
Call at the : tore of
Re;dStreet, near Royal Gazette" Printing
December 18th, 18S.-1

S1are.St Unke

W J &Ik S,
THE Subscriber is pr-epared to
deliver N I'UR'.1I. ICE ih.icOgh..ut the
\V,',t-r Motiihs rand in future on lSIMILAR
'i'l-', i l .*- anud in saine niiunier :as, and
trirsi; l, I strict ailLtelnilo! -.nid prmipt deliveries to
-eeiine Ior himself' a .co!liirnnrce an. increase of
the pntru.ri-nge hbestwed! rn the libove C company.
Ice i on-.e tpen at all hour- throtngh the day
frnin '-u'nri-e unill S nns'nt.
Orders l'eft .at the fee I'ous-, Eant broadway,
jr at tihe Olice iif thhe Unlnercsigned, 41 & 4.2
I"ront Stleel, %ill lie promptly tilled.
W. T. J.31ES.
Hamilton, December 16th, 18:2,.

il'T I h, lisiI[III- I C I lK .' 4 for .-ale at IrAN-
THAM'S are magnificen.,-I

Notice. Notice.

F you want A Barrel of Good
r L 0 U MR, go to
It is' the Best and Cheapest in Bermuda.
Try it-you will never regret it.
Nos. 3, 5 and 7 Queen St.,
December 18, 1882.-4
SSILVER Watches from 60/ to 7. Gold
Watches from 5 to 20. at Child's. All

Receiving per Orinoco,
FR 0.11 L ONDO.N,
S \ Ioyval G.iz'te" Staii.inery Store,
k few Tins of that -ell-lnown
SHorse Condition POWDER.
I la ilion, Sept. 27, IS-,?.

Notice tolmporters from
New York.

The Fine Brigantine

YOUNG, Master,
Is now on her way to New York, and will
sail thence on her return to Bermuda on or
about Tuesday, 2nd January, 1883.
Freight will be taken at the rate of 40
cents per dry barrel.
Orders for goods should be sent by steam-
er Orinoco" ou Thursday next, 21st inst.
Engagement List for freight per' Alfred'
open at Office of Undersigned.
Freight iesp ct fully solicited.
Hamilton, 19th December, 1882.-1

Colonist once


1 1



For Sale By Auction,
On the Premises,
2.Sth December, instant, at Noon,
Or. should that day be unfavorable, on the
following WEDNESDAY, at. Noon,
Under a Power of Sale contained in a Mort-

f The HOUTJSE andlot,

of LAND,
at the Corner of Church M.treet and Burnalby
treeee, in Hamilton, at present in the occupa-
tion of Mr. Jon lIooA.N.
The House is commodious and strongly
built, having been erected by the owner for
bis own use. There is an excelf-unt TANK.
with a full supply of Water. The Preniis, ,
are very well situated either for residence, or
for business, or for both combined. They may
be viewed with Mr. Roo..N's permission.
Conditions of Sale will be made known atf
the Auction.
The -purchase will havo to be completed
within one month from the auction.
Title believed to be unexceptionable.
Hamilton, 16th December, 18S2.-2 3p

For Sale by Auction,


Notice. i

of the S'i,,,,W's i''f4, School request a
MEETING of the TRUSTEES at 7 p.m.,
Sed(lnesday 27th De-
For the purpose of receiving the ACCOUNTS
for the Year, and for taking into consideration
some measures that may further the progress
of the School siit i.-'ntlv to. admit of its being
us.l for School purposes.
The Committee take this opportunity of in-
viting others int-rested in the .welfare of the
School to attend also
Building Conmmittee.
Smiths Parish, Den. 19, 1"S2.-once pd.
Gazette" only.

The Undersio-ned
Has just received from New York an as-
sortment of
Ho some Arfic'les
Suitable for Christmas and New Year
Presents, such us
Berry Dishes, Cake Baskets, Butter Dishes,
Fruit Dishes, Goblets, Cups, Napkin fRings,
Spoons, Forks, &c.

The 3.0th December, instant at noon, Gold Ear Rings, and Brooches, Lockets,
Or should that day be unfavorable on the fol- Neck Chains,
lowing Wednesday at noon. And many other Articles which we will be
T HREE Eligible Lots of Lnnd in pleased to show whether you wish to buy
- Somerset, near the Lock-Up, and the, tr not.
publicroad running to Mangrovo Bay, namely : HENRY A. JAMES,
1. A lot immediately South of' Corner Front Street and Chan-
the Lock-Up, fronting on the road running to .ery Lnne.
Mangrove Bay and containing about 0a. i December 18, 1882.--2
9. r. 19 p.
2. A lot fronting on the same' Vr aWlted
road, and measuring about 160 feet on the.
North, and about 170 on the South. i ALL the Pceof Fiti olrmu .t ohes au- Lhiln's
3. A lot East of Lot No. 2, with Rich sets of Jeweliy
a COTTAGE on it, measuring about 260 feet Beautiful Br:at-lets and Bangles
on the North, and about 2565 on the South. Bar Pius
Lots No. 2 and 3 are bounded on the North Lockets and Neck chains
by a reputed Tribe Road. The measurement of Sleeve Button and Studs
these Lots is approximate only and subject to Finger Rings, with Diamonl., Iubli-s, Tur-
future correction. They will be staked out qiuois, Emueraldi.. anl Pearl getting,
for the purposes of the sale. Charuam and -eals with Masoni,' an.l Foresters
The purchase will have to be completed and Udl-Fellows devices.
within one month from the Auction. The con- f Hamilton, December IS, I8.2.-3
editions of -ale will be made known at the
Auction. Xmas Presents to the
Tit!e believed to be unexceptionable. Publ.
Auctioneer. SP ECIAL SA, LI.S DAYS
Somerset, 16th December, 1S$2.-2 3pg. 2 1 1 '.
___z M r ^ B T0 74 -

lV n-f'lnoi

CIOSillo- at 7 clock p. in..

INi UJ lIlU'. o I
I am Instructed by the ror hristinasWeA only.
laviig pur, haned Lie o uid,-rntiiiliinedr (r ooids
Executors of the Mortgagiee to offer for on advanige'ous ter., they il bh oflfr-
Sale, I'rices r-ich below those pri-vi.usly "sked, viz.,
A LL that PARCEL OF LAND in War- r e l r m- .
wick Parish, belonging to Mr. John 111 i1 ednes.ay (To-mo1 -
F. Williams, containing or estimated to rowv) 20thl Deceumber,
contain SEVEN ACRES be the same more or All (J,iod inh ie Bok anl sta o i, .y i -, .,-.i
less, bounded on the North by the sea ; on I NIu-ie, ilcvil.inr XrLas aail Nei \'ear'.
the South by land lately held with the par-; Card- (t deleirout.)
eel now being described but now in the: 1 THU DA 21s./ Dec.,
possession of Mary Ann Treco ; on the ; T Push
East by land in occupation of Thomas iAli ood9 ii i :th er, Wo, d Plush,
Tucker, formerly known as Pitman's and i bllbui, riiatcll-., FrWmok, rrke
Parker's, and on the West partly by a Pub- el.t Basktts, &c.
lic Cioss Road and partly by land of Alex- O PFR1DA 22d De&.
ander J.*Frith, together with the large rt 'otRerv apatlee Go ods Terra I (l'ts,
D ')v llei ff OI S C2hi,,;h, Cls, Cutlery, &e.
a.- 11O SA TURDA Y-23'1rd .DDe.,
and the Outbuildings thereon erected. last )ay,
The Property is intersected near the sea as a
by the Public North Shore Road. Toyf Games, Chinese Lanterns, aid remainder
The property will be sold if a reasonable of ain -.v rods.
offer is obtained. 05Fl Parties likely to require any of the above
oREIer JALI) Articles would 'lo well to mako ius ofr those
REGI2qLD GR?.ir. special Days.
Hamilton, 18th December, 1882.-1 ( 2: j Joods otherwi,-e than those laid if for
sp, Cil days may also be purch used ,t any time,
FOR THE but at the usual selling prices.'
Christmas Season! ., NELLlES.
Toys, Albums, Magic Lanterns, Card Cases, Hamilton, Deer. 19t.h, 1-32.-ouceo
Pin Cushions, Memo. Books, Ink Stands, China U r el
Vases, Playing Cards, Xmas. Books, Baskets, e U nd(lersl ue(
Tubs, I'ails, Bowls, Table Mats.
PRIN'l'T.-Printed Calicoes, Japan-Figured Has just received from London v'a New
Calicoes, loise-y, Wove and Cotton Shirts York,
Neck T'es, Collars, White and Brown Cottons An additional supply of
Asso, ted Fancy oods.
Christmas and New-Year Cards.
Praong's Prize ( yards. Suitable for the present season, comprising
These Goods have been carefully o'ectel in Ladies' and Children's Plush and Felt
New York, and are Now for Sa'e at the -~tore H.\TS
of DRESS GOODS in Merinos
i H. WVatlinglon, French Serge
Near Royal Gozette Office. Da Beiges
Hamilton, December 5, lhS2. A handsome assortment of Feathers andt

!!! Christmas Cards I

The Subscriber
I lHas just receive, d a supply of
CIsai st T a S- I.A ta oiE
which he intends Ito .ell :,t very low p ites, aild
will give 10 per 1en. tiiiscoui it (.ii li Cn.l hpui-
chases of5s. aind over.
-ll & 417 Front St.,
Hamiiltou, Berinud:.
Deer, 18, 1582.-once

December 18th, 1-S2Y -I


Good News! Good News!

Just i:eceived per "-ORUfJNOCO,
FIGi DATE NUT-, &c., &e.
and many other go',.d things for Christmas.
If you wish a Merry Season, Call at
No. 10 & 12 Queen Street,
Hamilton, Dec. 17, 1882.-1*


p.[IE REV. S. E. KNIGHT will
.i deliver a .C'I. IiE in the
0.0 iFELL!,Vi'W' IIALL, IHAMITN, 1'',
On Thursday the 21st
Subject---' The Origiin of the Na-
lions of Ithe World.''
A!) all..- I' '. -- st iile ,- rel eats, 1, i; 2n.d
Re-erved 1... ; I!ack Se.its ri5'.
S'iil-trel h.lf pra e.
The f r, ce.e < :,re I> lie dev,..ed lto procuring
?thi 'ol rI'qui'i'ie-..
lDoo7is open at 7 p.m.
L.-rit- n .tu to om lmence at 7a :0 ~i'i ncilually
TICKEi.Tl'. to be li-e!l ti iho Sioe of J. H. T
.JACK-OS, Egqr.; an ;.t tihe- Door on ile l'ven.i
ing ol Lecture.
vivvr i{t..i N.. N .
flamiliu.,n, Dec. 15th, 18-42.
Other papers please onpy.

Love, Purity and Truth

3. Grand annual ENTER T.dI.N
\Vill be given at .liOe nO FEID l I)IV.S' HALL,
fH-i ilito on lihe
26th and 27th instant,
There will be Rni assortment of Lseful nii
Fancy irf TICL('.i a mind fEV'I;ESIlIiMENi'!.
'I'th "- .**c;ial ;Entertain. I ent will be mnude the
o10-lt iin ert.-tinoig ol' tie se'sim;,
oons opin atii '3 P.M.
ALL'HISI- N, !17d.
The .'lexaiindrit a BIiid will be in ant, njance.


D)eember iiL, IP8s2.

New York -lail Steamer.


Hill Leave the Port of Hamilton
for Aeiw Fork,
At 2 p.m.,
'21t lDerceumber, 1i82.
To le ve thence for return on '2Sth December.
Freight, Parcels ard Specie on Freight, will
be treeived until (i- p.m. -20th December.
Psenier .~!itae will bo removedalt 130 p.mii
Istl Dtember.
I lamilton, l ermuda, 19th December, '1882.

Th e

Col,.uniit ("py / oje.'


Undersigned has just received

From En-l and and America per .'... 'Orinoco.
ni .u'ge a-ortmnent of excellent

Christmuas GROCERIES,
lit part of
-U-" Smoked BEEF, Ox TONGUES
SBE E F, !'(1 R K, M \ CK I.Rli EL,
Sou-ed Pig TONGUES and FEET'',
I 't ITS anod CIan orf (reeu Ti3IURTLE,
Flah CHO1- Di[Ell, Laambl 'IONG;UES,.
tC:L LM', Roast and Corned BEEF,
1 Puck-, Chirkei,, Mutlou, Turkey,
l,\Alf. AGi', Pe.sand hieai- aind lakel Bean.

Notice. POTATO-ES.
In aid of the YouNo MEN'S READING INSTI- i-ein and ine,
TUIE will be held at. the TOWN HALL, BtBUPTEhI,
ST. GEORGE, on lzed
Tuesday & W wednesday, ',,h,: :,.,,
J u Fimn lv f.ivr.rtid
26th and 27th Instant. COFFP:S.
DOORS open at 12 M. Cocoa & i ilk,
A d:.-lighstful time is anticipated, D.V.. and A sile, ti i of li
Frit-nd:ls hem the ,Jiifflkrtt Parishes airein\it,d I tIN(F, in
to gathei-r ar.unli ain lend theiraid. &.,
Articles, useful in variety, and REFRESH-
TjENT- of the be-st kind to suit the -3 ason,
will be oii hatanl, and a BAND of MUSIC to Sil
thber thio Visitors while enjoying themselves,
will bt- in a ttenldaince.
ADMIissoN-For Adults-at tlhe Dour, 6.,. I -lass a
Children, half pice'.
Rt. Geoi get's, Dec. I5th0, 182.

Entertainments. .Al cheap

'HIIERE will be Three ENTERTAIN-
MENTS held in the Basement Room Deer. 18, 1.S2.'

On t.e lrve, inegs f the
28th and 29th of this
Ilonth i'nd Aew Year's Even-

The fir.t evening the Exercises wi;l consist
of JuYle Sia.s, 1ia onues and Recilatnionss. S
thn nIh" 'ecouril eveimig; there will be an Or-
ell, i''t, in 'vwhli li there will b
ecoinlh.d a nvni'hr of lMu-ical Ins:rumnents.
Alls i, \ocal ,liiHilui -. Ld, -cittai nis.
A c-hoice selection of Musiec has been ohtai ned
fir Ihe cea-sion,
Oun the third evening there will be rendered a
-4ielt ,;i ntt:ta'" in lirc-, parls, entitled
" lanit-, or tie '.:aptility in1! IRisL.,ratinn of
lie J, \s," ext-undinig Ilroughi a oeriol ,f seventy
Proceedls in aid of B. MI. E. Church.
Th'e Alexauinhi,ia" Band wili b- pi.seiit

each evening.
SEAsON r'iCKt.T.-f eseiv, dd,
Nihlits 3/6.-One Night 1/6
Onreseri.,d Sea's Is Children G!l.
'['iCKeI-' carn be had at .\lr. J.
JAcKso.N's Store, Itlailntu, where -i


It T.
PIr. o i

.-A :D ACK.;I{EL,
inds i i Tins and ilottles,
I AI'1.'E;- FLOU't,
.A t 'GG 1{ 1% % 1 \s,
P.1I;TON, FlGS;. il Boxes-,
tirs in Boxes,
SIICE.-' of all ki:d,,
J \M-, TI' A..,
nely flavorel BIY:'UIT4,
Yrup, NU r:, ofall irds-,
&c., &c.
1l has on hand
A Nice Lot of
nd White Stone
p f.or C',sh.
East Broad way,

For Sale.


'With :CA'.L[' b. rn 1hih lsa'at.
Price i15.
Apply to
2nd I. I. hides,
Pr.'pect (Camp.
Deer. 18, lI20.
SUPERIOR CARDSI best English Cards for
Sale af Ga.RANTAns.-I


confidently- recommended to the Public as
an unfailing remedy for wounds of every de-
scription; a certain remedy for ulcerated le ,,
ourns, se-alds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic
eruptions, and pimples on the face, sore and
..1 ,,,c- ..l d...! ..- ...1 .. .. .1-

the seating cmI tlie seen. IJUIa Utl.L .eyes, s UI- I _it s Lo Ur'r as.s, piles.
,ors opei dt 7 o'cilok. It also entirely removes the foul smell arising
ers to c7 a from C cancer.
exercises o o ene at 8 .,'clock. Sold in pots, 13d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6 ., 11s.
Hla.Miilto, Dec. 18, 1882. and 2C-s. each ; and his
___ __- -----1--VLM------T1 P1 1J .2 1
RIMN1 IEL'S CHOI- E 0F RPERFU- rr.c..r urvTc- iraoPe L.ts o
M E tlY Proveil by more than sixty yeats' experience
,IM IEL'S TOILET VINEG \R, a pleasant to be one of the best medicines for purifyingp
Ia. tonic and reitehiung adjunct o li i ToileIand the blood and assisting Nature in heropera-
biath, a reviv'iii, ..-ieni atid a itow.,iful diin(ectant. tions. They form a mild and superior family
For wi','ni iii ,'d' .s,-ii isvalubl. u taperent, which iumay be taken at. all tite.
Hlt %,IiEL.. CL. LLi.Bt,.lE LAVENDER without confinement or change of diet.
I- 1IEL'.' TfIEBLE DITILLED EAU DE 1Sold in Boxes at 13.d., 28 9d., 4s. Ld., us.
C'OLO..Nio land 22s. ealich.
illit'IEL'L*-N (IH(l PROVED FLORIDA Pi-pared only by 3EACR & BARNICOTT
W 'A-F.l1D. Bridgeport, Dorset, ngland, anud sold by all
111 -a ;I.'. .JOi'KEVY CLU'B 'and other fra. Medicine Vendors.
gra l i'eirliine-..
RIl'.iLL'." LI. ; JVIL'E anid GLYCERINE A small Lot of
Iv.s t- l ir I n ir i he riifull oss. an id ipait an
agre-b ,n coolie.1, t)o lie lit and.i Xmas and New Year
AL'.10NIi, LLE" i CC1., COAL-I'., and the, ON SALE
lN i; .iL'S VLLVElI'ar, VIOLET, RIC, At the 'Ro\ai C-azetie" Stationery Store.
RO;_-.;-LEAF oni.-r TOILET POWDERS, in Hamilton, Dec. 4th, 18o2.-3pg tt
io)'r h,irt'la :iid paikc-H. k -- ....--- .... .---
Ill, LEL' \U DEN'tiN, cl ooaks for ( r tnwhieas? nd
s',id pr-.e-rieCihe ,eeih. relteshes the imomth, and i -P .tf .dt La a 1dl
v'ri- e w thii e brenlh. e.Aew Year Presents.
turil' Air Itprihier.fraurant Powder whichh diffuses A Carefully selected lot of
thealyp a ri. g e io f liOOK suitable) for CChristmas
E. Il \ i L, Per'lin,ier b) appoinimn-i to H.R. iand New 'Yer 1'resents have been re-
H. Princes ofI \\'ales,96, Siraiid, London and 17 ceived at the ROYAL G.iZi.TTE" S'TA-
bouleuara des ltdlienis, Paris. 'tI) iN ERY STORE.
lMay 29, 1,77. Hamilton, Dec. 4th, 1882.-3pg tf

Colonial Secretary's Ofice,
1Sth December, 188'2.
His Excelleuny Liu-t.-enl. T. L. GALLUWEY,
R.E., Governor, has received information froni the
Ribht Honourable the Earl of Kimberly, He- M1a-
ie&-iy NPrinripal Secretary of State for the CulonieF,
that Her Nlajesty will not :be, advised to ex.r..ise
Her power of disallowan.o in respect of the fA.lo.w-
ing Acts of the Lesgisl-ture of Bermuda pas;do
during the last Session.
No. .--'' An Att to pr.-vile- for St'am Cominmuni-
cation between th-ee Islands and London in
the Crop Season of 13S3."
No. 10.-" Au Act to amendl the Court. Act, 187N.".
No. 13.-"Au A:ct to aamend and continued the
"Schools Act, 187k."
No. 14.-An Ac-. to provide a Steam Ferry bet ween
the Salt Kettle and the Town of Hamilton."
By Command,

Notice to Importers by
Mail Steamnars,

Receiver Generals Office,
4iT DEC EMBER, 1882.
[MPORTERTS by Steamships car-
rying Her Majesty's Mails are hereby in-.
formed that the tenth section of the Revenue
COllection Act of 1.61, which prescribed the
conditions respecting the removal of Goods
imported by such ships and the penalties for
not conforming thereto, has been repealed by
'he Act passel during the present Session of
the Legis-lature to amend the Revenue Col-
lection Acts," and the following provisions
have been substituted therefore: that is to say-
"Every Importer or Consignee or 'other
person to whom any such Goods shall be de-
livered before entry of the same and the pay-
ment of the duties thereon, shall make due
entry thereof and pay all duties thereon, with-
in FIVE days after the entry of the importing
ship and in default thereof shall forfeit the
sum of FrVE pounds."
If any such Goods being of a perishable
nature shall not be cleared forthwith, or not
being of a perishable nature shall not be clear-
ed, and all charges of duty, removal, Ware.
house rent and storage, be not paid within
thirty days after the entry of the importing
%hip. such Gools may be sold, and the
produce thereof paid in discharge of duties
and charges and the overplun, if any, to the
Proprietor of the Goods on his application for
the same."
If at any time the Receiver General or As-
sistant Receiver Goneral shall have occasion
to collect or enforce the duties on any goods
whi.-h have been imported, but not duly enter-
ed within the time allowed by Law for that
purpose, he shall value such goods. for all
purposes of duty at the highest current value
of soods of the like description in these Is-'
lands, or at such value as he shall coihsider
equivalent to the highest current value in
these Islands, and the value so fixed shall be
deemed to be, for all purposes- of duty, the
true value of such Goods until the contrary be
shewn by the Importer or Proprietor thereof
t) the satisfaction of the Receiver General or
Assistant Receiver General."
The penalty imposed.l for not entering Goods
within the time allowed by Law for that pur-
pose may be suIed for and recovered by the
Receiver General or Assi-tant Receiver General
before any two Justices of the Peace.
Receiver Generul.
N.B.-From and after the 1st of January,
14Q3, the practice of notifying defaulting Im-
.)ortirs of their neglect to comply with the
provisions of the Revenue Acts will be diicou-
Dec. 5, 12, 19, "'6.


Complete Sets
(comprising POLES and NETS)
Regulation BALLS
Our usual Supply of

December'18, 1882.-1"

> P





Go to Child's for Holiday Goods.



fln~wmyrsz -~ A~SWSr-Tr&TUL~tW'!r ~ e~rts~rn~~ -~..Fin!t

The Liverpool & London
ance Compaity.
HE U rigite d having been appoint, ed
T Agents iiu fot'rth,:! above Com-
p.ilMy one ot the leading Oirices in Ureat z Bi-
t;,in ai m !4 tf -ltj. year stan lin',' tito prel..:ir..-l to
offer protteti,l against FRLE at lMod'rale
Th Annuimal Relort of this Coiprlany sub-
tuitt,:d at the la-st Gener il Met-tin.' in Liver,
pool in May, shewing Dividenud the-n de:-l,redl-
with many other interes-ting tatistic.s, the
Underi-signedi will bhe. llc-ased to show to any
one who IUmy apply to them1- at thi-ir Offi'e.
Hamilton, Bermuila, l o.
4th August, 1ss2. 1

B er m u d a I c e.
Made from Pure Rain Water.

Can be Vsed under all eircnisantnetSs i'on: thiilie.
danger attendin-! all imported Iee, which in
nost cases affect the system ir. i ,I same man-
u-r as a chan.,e in drinking. uater.
The Subceriber is now prep iretI t' iurish lee
at Depot, BUirn:i:by -reel, Irorm ( .m.. dai's ,
and delivered ijn liamilion aind Viciiut fi<.tu .i
a.m. to 12 o'clocek-Sunda.s exeelited.
Price IHalf Penn) per pound.
This being : ihun.- aidustry I respectfully ask
a continuance of the Public patronage.
Hamilton, May 15, 18'-2.

iiverrpool. qauementiou'n,, London,
and New York.
The STEAMSHIPS of this line comprises
TWELVE of the largest steamers (belonging
to ine Companiy) in tlhe Atlantic service le-av-
ing the port of N.-w' York. They are built en-
tirely ot iron and steel. except the merely de-
corative arts. are divided into water-tight
and fire pioof complartmenits, andl provided
with everything calculated to add to their
safety, and to the -r'-ufort and convenience or
passengers. The saloons and staterooms (aft
on thw main deck) ire u- nust;lly lar.c-., light,
and ainy. Ih:-. tab-e and general appl:int-
menits.complare favourably with thc-best hotel
in England.
One c.f thcse steamers will .sail from New
York every Satrdiy,. for Qu.-enstv-i,'n and
Liverpool, and wei-kly for Londo ,n direct, from
New Pier 3i North River. Rates of passage
in currency:-To Queenstown and Liverpool.
.'.,) to ?376. To London direct (Vi,:toria D ,:ck.s
S50 to O(. ; exS-ur.-sion ti.-.ket s S ,,, c:iurrinT.y ;
Steorage- piasag-e _*?i, currency. For I furtht-r
particulars al.j-ly to the Company's
Nos. 611, 71 and 73 Broa.lway, New York.
New York, January 27, 18.S2

Board & Lodginog.

IISS BRUCE, Private Board and
L d, L dling York 1r,-et, \\ e-l 1 lid, -tI.
OcGtber 2s, 1?q,2.

Real Estate in Hamilton

The Latest Styles. East End G R 0 C E RB Y: J. M.1 McNeill & Co.

SThe Larest toek
ma 0,

In the T'.vn for

J. A. McNEIL & CO.,
i4 Front Street, 6 i
;ll anwi Winter Stoc;k
SBrioad Cloth. Dot .Skin
Tweeds, Tweeds, Twee( ds

In Suits of One Pattern each.
Particulatlv call the attt:nti.ain of the Public
[ to the Unprc redente.:. As-.irtmuent of the va-
i'us designs
Gents l Hose Silk Li.-le Thread
Lanmbss Wool
SM tiino ;i and C.,tfon in [ ll.kel. Untii ched,
Plain and St ile l
Sik Satin Linni a ndl Ci.tfon
All Colouris aw .l Sha.l 1-. hite anl1 BHi ~-:.
Silk anid Satin Bri-a, t-.1
Linen ald C'otton H i 'ierchief, Embi der
I >-, aand Hi-umtel-St-itclih.
SGenats ToTuri-.t," Lawn 'T,-nn;,. C i..ket,
: Oxforl," ,Ii-att Lis:ar il l-.."
SiI'RTS in White. Stripea1 and- a.-.orted
Colors (ipel feet fitting.)
i -Gents W white Dress Shirts
Bosom 3 Ply Lineu.


A s Mui i
u r"-s -n L n-,-

- pniU:_ no -fmtoosil jo .3ltlzutN, sno! IP\
Richar'1so1% 2201) Fine Linen ani1d
Utica Non-Pa reil MU SLIN
Hats f.'aps Lawn T-.iis- C.p ian ail
:,t.' ott F lt
Car,-_an .,,:yt M.ade 'r;vwcc
Pants Suits
Rubber Cords and Legc,.ings

Scarf Pius
Shirt Siuis
Hair Brushes
Shawl St raps
Featlihr Dusters

Clothes aiil Hatl .

C('ufi Cuttons
Collars Buttons
Com bs
Whisp Brooms

Merino. Lamb- Wooll and Cotton
And malny other Articls suitable for Gents
Toilet, too nuaiierous to mientionI
Ladies, Children's and. Misses Hosi-
Silk Lisle Thread Lambs Wool
Mtiinao ;nd Cotton in While Unbleached
S Plain, Colors Faniy, Clocked, Stiiped
and tialf and Hal" "
An assortment or LADIES WEAlkR

Parish fr> suitable for thie present and coning :eason.
S.llsll 101 lWie. hitifnd nlUnll-..:he-d CoIrrONS ,33 inch.-,
u i,1-, --d.,. 4d1.. >d., d 7., ,d., .. 9d., l:ir
,. D welling yard.
I", Doubl-Width -heetingWhite and ITnblea.:hel
,ly -.. T __ c2 __S'J Pillow Ca.e Mttiln 5-44 wide, pi-r yv-il.

And Parcel of .L ,a V a I, con- Fall and Winter Prints.
taking Three Acres, Two Rods and Ten Dress Pattern- and by the Yard 3d., 4d., Id,
Perches, movie or less, in Hamilton Parish. r Part. F, nt ly
Bounded Easterly by Lands of the Widow of per .yr'l. Fast 'ol___rs
the late Anthony -amuel Trott. S'outherly.
on the Sea. Westi-rly, by Lanus of Robert Quilts, Blankets anld C ounterpanes
Peniston, and Northerly on a Pond or Salt W\hie an1I Assorted Colors in Woolen and
Water Lake. commonly known ts -- North s Cottocn.
Pond." The Land is intersected by the newv, __
Military Road. which runs quite near th., Notios in (re-:at Variet.
Dwellinug louse. P ice moderate. in
14th August. I A2. And A,,rticles pertaining to. that Delartinent.
1 \\ [iite Goods a Speciaity.
i l Tonmels 'lash Lonsdale 'amnbric
White %A issue, e. L
-- Anud a General Assortment oft
Watchmlnaker and Jeweller. 18 Years ex- B -


Watches, Clocks and Jewellery
C leaned and repaired.
(-, E'very description of repairing done.
Queenu S-,treet, Hamilton, 1 3 months
October. 10th, 1662. )


For Sale or Hire.
k Superior Horse Donkey perlect-
ly Harmless and Quiet.
With a new style
Carriagoe and Harness.
The same would suit a Lady or Invalid.
Terms Moderate.
Please apply to
Hamilton, September 5, Lo82.

iamilton, October 10, I..
S Prcctt io I iin again,4 '. '.
AT THlE Mi.?'T 31i IA.'l' ; -
Can be oblained 'r.)m thea
io L lodon,
SOne of the longest Established and Weallie.t
Offices iu Great. Britain.
SThirgh the BRIANCIa OFFIJE in these
IL.,am a Savin, is effected to the Insured
o( the .Staump ully, a very considerable item.
RI i.It, taken both on i.EAL and PERbONAL
SP0.W.r 3 I Y l : i 3, 6 or 1 2 moutlli,
.. I;-:E.S and no CHiAKiGE !or 'iticies.
iH ini;,:..-, -epteiber 9th, lt56.
S-ILL'S Jewary .tore i- Hieadt quarters
i,., Wilthit Vatchns in go' or silver
I cases.

and1 PROVISlCN Store.

HE [B U iuler-igned "begs to iinfroin
t the Pablic that he has Opened a Store
':st Eas;t the Oi'l1::ince t'i-,-;. Frontt '-treeL
v L .-r.i:- L :. ill .;.,' i on l,:n-l a tiIll IiI1-ply o f
Provisions & G roceries ,
on Wh...:leale, :al vaiys t th.- Low\'s Pri-.s tot
CA-H Viz..
Bis. F. F. FLOUR. Do. MEAL,
Fine :a ind Corse
Ditto Pilot BREAD Bli's ('OLiN
Ed .s OAT' 3aId 3I BI -,id] -L;
Dhitto B.RAN Ditto RICE
Tins LA.1D Boxes CANDLES
Tubs lU i'"TEI t reas rPAn
IIjs. Sel I- C'A:.r':.oA 1:NETS,
Do. Eating DO. BlIs. APPLES L
P:ws Potatoe MANURE. :e.. &-c.. &e.
Persons intendi-i.ii? tf) Puirc-lse will do w.ll
fo.: ('cil the -" Ea.-t End Grocery anli
-':i Stoire,' where- they will 1ind as s..od t ital-
iFy for Lower Piee-s thai any elsti:. ill the i
AI tnuilhtt. Nj .vemiN et -2 1 ..- t.

E.' ( 0 IP- N

m j'm.. n' l.S.-riIer-s ',. i 'ol I e.ftully iifoinm
'1 I 1% p I.
ti-- it:r p, .f ,.i i 'it r oII n C ai' I-'It
S',r i f., : :. ln .i.1 u sf.;- in ,ih: :. an .. te le: ,, F i
:ih, |..r I t "li.-. ,IIIn |,,r Ko u,,,'.
\\'e w I.ep (, y ( h'n'l ni th- New
Ite Htlai. -. F:It i .a',,,.i, a -i|'[ly ol I1('.
thilruit'rh ,u ilily year t,'- h"- i-- i--a t' C t our I -w -
liners a ho may requi-iiie fce itluriniz wiinter
,y vpromupt attention tn our custoiimert, and
stlict i ltt-,1t ion to our I 1 ine- s, w'e hope 10 re
eive .a *- v .f tlie Publicii p tri.v;i.,
-ee a.-li'.--re.l daily ( ',hrzi Sn e\ee;.te,) ina
rHaniiltni ari l viiitii
N. Li.- l: i i ( '.i;;' ro, n i'm 7 .m. to
3'2,)1 pi. ni. 1'.,l N11, 1 1nndai s x MceCIt ej., when il
S ill bei (f[ r q ..,; i s I- '.
/'o BD i t.ii, riu, l/, i,'h:.-n
J -, 1 .'-.- 2 .

L "' V,, & LV_ .- .. t i..

1- lIZON \ Ti, .-..' l i',e.. 5, at -:i0 p..n.
18 > I5 .g Nt 12, zas t. i 3...i.
-' C' ) -.!, -' ". 1I :,t Noon
,.i\.i,' S *-;. a 5-3ua m.
t.y I'1.. 44:' J.2i. y. 2, 11-1 0 a.nm.
ARIZOV\' \ 9 .[ i. .,t 5-flO: t.
AHlY.S'-INI -- t-, at I i).1-0 !.I .
'J'lthoi h e a rt~~ -- are ibl't e\lpre.-sl Ior
t'V Trade, aiV' five ',liii ti.!,t I t kl .,:l.l t,, :-.d
c iir e**.ut er. -l":.It 2 :J,' 1 lth erm -C .,,,eoai ,'s,] st-.-.'" -
."-." ie ...-, !. ,,'2 i ... h" .i re ;i,.-
, ,rp ,,,l ," 'V l l ,.I .. ,,,! 1 t
100 M 1 1 I-j.lei n' :r ir
:n'.-c.iln l ;v ..'i, ;'- rf i ." ,i; .. :.. 1 ,' / .
._ m!ill i r : n i ;! .'1 .1 .'i.i o ol i
.I h I 'r.
T h '. -3 .' aii .: ,--LL.: rin c '" frtim
e -,-,...- .,ar d.iy-, .,-. 'ir s auri t .i -
.t urk r. <; ..C ca C c
lie trai- r. d ii .j h: i., er',, : al ;ii er
saili._ r .t d \ .i

6.t Front Street, 6G5
A re ready to take Orders forGent s

W hite Dress Shirts,
i. i'..- n t ,-in .ndr Fi G'u raii ,ted.

A I -,:0,
A Lai-e -';ortlment of

All ,if the liltest designs.
Cl-_? "aunpli- c.f iios,irns, o, l1:- rd.
.i P l .ert n. e to fit pii ly to
;im illo.', .\u?.gi]-st "I), 18Y-2. *


having been convicted before us on the
4th day of December instant, of having
through igni,)ance, n-gligenee or carelessn-es
run the S.. '." Or)inoco." ('aptain FRAIAER,
a,'iotmd when coming throu- h the Natrrows
otf St. George's on the 19th day of November
last, was ad-ju.dlged not to be entitled to any
Pi.,tage, to totfeit the sum of Six Ponds,
and to ha.:-' his Liecnse suspended for foir
months from the said 4thb day of December in.
.M'ayor qf Ha milto,

Hamilton, Dec. 9th, .essor.


The SSmitheri Business
., / ,, .-
E TUORMERLY eartied on in TlIIilfon by
E 1.a c.ll i e a ..e i.i ,f the- Tr.ile to F F.- VOS MER will in future becon-
a e .', r ie h Sth, .-,.-.. ,F, IV. FOSSJMER and G. TV.
f1 7 OUA0G.
With their extensive knowledge of the busi-
ness, the obsti vance of punctunality, and with
la the very lies' prep-ira'i.:0 iie have ever se.( a gPamantee of satisfaction generally, espect-
-. 11i-d tfr -cIel ninig a 'li p... i -,i n Fully solicits a shareieot the3 Public Patroin ge.
- r P :latILed \'aire, t Uh I.kl t lafed W ;-re j3
1 'I"' s,"," ;I.s F. W. YOSSMER & CO.
i:r.-. r I '1:u o%, .,oliI >.i: '\r \ ,'are, \ Hamilton, October 2nd. 18?2.
N'iktlel or "-ilv r i 1- .l r.iin-. p I V T T 4I
z ,l ,>.i t-,i-. 1411'z.rv h,,,F ai,;]., ..I k i A iO A-D-
f a :r,y s u t-dle -.ti n'.eme up,:, ii. i,.l ,1 iiilli.nt -
-..lih i, rit irtel wiLiu nt iiijur ci th mr- i tl-m
anil I, liii ]ii,,.r. !i l :' .eI .,her, ,,i,et; el LjID EIS 4- GEU NTLEJIJEA
Il-!i'. ii Stlov,-. Ih s i.i-tr. ti .-e.lor, !. 1-Y Vi-itiig [er nudail:i an be Con lIortably Accom.
he-:i" will ,et, :t ao its Iurneo r "' zmod;lcdi on i e .sonable iTelns by
l. l:tn..- So prpiil.:i-r ias it. liecoe, tilt it Applying to
ik iF.'. I l., rfeo.a;i.-sd :"'tiaul.r,. or ahe Stove il W.y s. PENISTON,
t,.,de I'r thi., puirpos-e. -
It i-.s al-solulely Inee from naie ,4Lit ur hilier JACRViALLE," hIJA ILTON PAiiSH.
injurious-. u abstnce0e. S' ea Bathing and Bonting among other
It is i prepartion of genuine u.eiit na:d uhe- nttraclions.
once mtued leconie me it nirticle -of daily family December 11, 1882.
at-e and -sales a:re -peated !'rire 25c per Iboin
tle. For S:le everywhere. 1 U 0 0 O FF E E

i. & TI E & C). Exery-body wants it, but very few get it
Tm ...I .1. -.,...,. .o .. ,geut. because iimost people do not kna)ov how to

q o r 1' .e. 1i ,) r r .- .I

,Tui-t .' thing, fw a Nice Holiday
Te 0 1 nd OrOamenlal.
Bz iti-h ak with Ni,-kle Silver Mfountings :
'li c, '3..wls, I'.. Pit b.her., I-e Pail<. Ink
St nii-. 'Ulas .o1 ?.I s, Biscu. it Boxes.
('ast,:is ; Bitter. P-.,kle & M:irm:il,-: Dihes ;
SS l.,i ,;, .i'us, Fo.irk .Z Butt-i Kunives, &C.
SU_- C'aill ait C'HILD'S anl .,-e themi.

Ai ,ittres ?fllaking' and

E Tid:ler'.;Ig1,:i1 is;'l
at Ilea,,nzuIl- Eates.
I?5 Satisfaction guaranteed.
Se/ll 2i-;t/lle.
October 25, IP2.

.. ,

S L F C' T R. A T I V ,E S

T -1 1 "''l

r , -a.yU, -.c.w VYourk. Dr'. Bryan's Eleclric Bells.
New York, Nujv..miill," 16, 1.3 .,-2.
Nev o, Nuv t. r 6, 1 -FOR THE CURE OF-

1' l O Chronic N,-rr u; Disce-es, Nar,-nurrou Jbilily, Phy-
O-..-. .Z iu ;i,a1 oarion, Brain Tioubler, Parolysis
(C'omlitis-. ito., ei'trca i.. -, iSpinal C.mnplaimis, Luag Iisorders, Iupo.- ney W
311d 1A S ; AL o hf fi I-'? I"'- I lin, spepa, Rheumtis Church St
18 L"--adenifll It-aduchet, Female (Complaints, Prematurte De- hSe- tei
AND L AT .l lIet, cay, etc Septemb
A4 ]\' I.I[,-)N E, N .0 .
I'ers, ral att-e': ioin give,, tio ,I.-sig t;r.ii t en T HIS wo(,derlul discovery in the applieition of :, "
ernatii Il-I 4'iOi)UC i-, ani the tilling .ol,' Ber- Electiicity enables the sufferer to give scien- 2 .
mi.-Jiii orders. L
m _li I ... orers. -P '.ie .ttentioa to his own case in accordance wiilh s -
V*il i x.'s I-v. T'he kbil,t ads by aid of Ithe hent g
1illi111 -a es ,1110 Jeney n, ,., ;-litr, of the body and evolve unlinuous | .
A, U C T I 0 JA E L currents that inluse the system with the vitalizing --
elemnnt until the diseeH is overcume, and a re- 19 T1 7
shippie,- :mill Coniiioi Aelt, nf,.t'ii ph..-,e e-tablishd. 0- o We?
*"". ,'" T 'he Electro-Magnetic Current, as evolve by Dr- 1h 7
S' \ilI.T')iN, BE 110 l. i. B, yvan' appliai'ces,strengthens the nervous system 2'- Fri 7
ri'lo.mplb t t-tnL iiit given i oc'-i.i ittici. li s. give force to the brain and digestive function, re- 3 Sa
"- tore 11 t, or impaired power ol l.iody or mind ~ ~7
A.-uici. W nesl.ys am,l "dr -. wbehtie amis!u, Itrom acts of impruseuce,,,i.-kness )c .ks
- -- -- .1 w "en e. F

H lri .O e -l lllusmi 'arur.tutts,giin,-iall paiculr.., seat 1'. i:a
on rpiil.. .irn u Ordrs, received through any re- mcYr l3
spousibilt I.- .nl- iion h-.use, and in ordering send im teL
o' C-. e measure rount li, e waist and slate thenalure .u! ibe '[ bjest)
A nt.ntity of the above warrant- complain, aud a tnitble af, pliat.e ,wil le to in
,dL Hard Stoune, f,.,r ;ale at ('oiln-:s ozder.* .' r- : Nr..wes
FARM, .oIouthampton, West. ELE .'.'I IC APPLIANCE (CO..
Arramn.-,-tn'-i mats itv be mLid-e for delivery at 1-". I 1TH T., N'V l ui.h, I0.. \. Wlefre

the Kiln or at any part of the Icland on appli-
c-ati.:u t:,'
'., -W. PE W iT"-HE RE -. I
September 2, 1882.-6ms

H HILD ean supply you with a reliable Clock
from 1 to 5, All Warranted

St. Geo

select cof-ee, or it is spoiled ini the roast-
ing or making. To obviatsee the difficul-
ties has been our study. Thurber's pack-
age ,co,)ft t. are .'eleeted by an expert who
understand the art of blending various
flavors. They are roasted in the most
perfect manner (it is impossible to roast
well in small quantities,), then put in
pound packages ( I th'e ban, not ground, .)
bearing our signature as a guarantee of
genumuene-ss, and ea,.hL package contains the
Thurber recipe for making good Coffee. We
pael:t we kind-, Thurb-e-r's "- o. :J-1," strong
and pluiig-en ; 'rhuirb-er's "No. 11," mild
and rich. One or the other will suit every
taste. They have the three great points,
yti,.', ijtt,'i'f_, Joiiit.l audittii rteasot(Ule
r"i.- J- v, lrit, Gruoer J'.r Thurl'tr's.
I,,,4-. ll tt}'r in pulinl, pI/o.ka'e, No. -i3l"
or No. -ii.' Do not be put off with any
other kind-your own palate will tell you
what is bet.
Where persons desire it, we also furnish
the '" Ilhi" Coffee-pot, the simplest, best
and cheapest coffee-pot in existence.
Grocer-, who sell our Coffee keep them.
Ask for d.:-seriptivo circular.
Respect tully, &c.,
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO..
Imported s, Whole.ul, Grocers and Coffee
l oasteis. New York.
P.S.- 's the largest dealers iii food pro-
ducts in the worlil, we consider it our in-
terest to manufacture only pure and
whbolesomte yoodsuan.- pack i hem in.a tidy
andl .satiini.:tory manner. All goods
hb.ia;ing our name fare guaranteed to be
cf superior r quality, plie uia whole.isome,
and dealers are authoised to Iefutnd the
purcha.-e price in any case where custom-
ers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is
therefore to the interest of both dealers
and consumers to use Thurbrs' brtiittl,.

s, Carriages
,arts for Hire.


eet, Hamilton,
er 9th, 1,5S2. J
-iAt.:'.--)EC Fl E, l ER, 1 8 2.

c 'de. bMARKS.

4 5s 91 2 42
4 59 10 3 30Ember days, 20,22,
4 59 11 14 18 St. Thomas L[2
5 0 12 15 6 English Mail via
5 1 13 15 54 [Halifax due
5 '2 14 6 4'2 41h in Adveon
5 '2t15 7 30 CHRISTMAS DA

ull Moon 24 day I h 221m A.M.
,iUDA horAL 1 aZE' iis i> at;is! ed
Iesdiay, b) DONALD ';iTPl. I.EE,
to the Queen's Most -F.cellteit

or ''-rnerof Reid and Burnaby Sltrits
lanks, Hand-bills, &c., will be
at the shortest notice.-Agents
rses 10r the Royal Gazelle, M1essrs.
* bOYLE & SON, Wept Eqd,, at(.;

| .


Supplement to Bermuda Royal Gazette, Hamilton, December 19, 1882.

Additional particulars from Kingston were received
tlere yesterday by several houses in the West India
trade. The fire originated in the vats of the Excel-
sior Soap Works, at West and Port Royal streets.
and communicated with the rum distilleries and
adjoining warehouses. Thence it was blown across
Port Royal street to Harbor street, and crept east-
ward along the wharves, sparing only those ol the
Atlas Steamship Company. It extended more than
a mile along the harbor. The ston-e and brick ware.
houses, where the food supplies were stored, were
destroyed, as well as the numerous small shops that
were occupied by the Jews. The Colonial Banking
Building, an offshoot of the Bank of Eugland. was
in the line ot the fire, but it was solidly built, and
was supposed to be fire-proof. The fire burned into
the heart of the city, going up Church street and
spreading right and left. The houses of the 56,000
negroes were sandwiched in between the shops of the
Jews and smaller tradesmen. They were of wood,
and must then have been burned like'straw. The peo-
ple fled toward Upper Park Camp, where the Govw-
ernment buildings stand They saved nothing Tihe
comparatively few brick stores burnedJ ,t readily sh
the wooden structures. The houses o (the wealthier
people were in the upper part of the city, and were
not touched.

Election Notice.

PURSUANT to lHer Majesty's Writ of this
"*- date, the duly qualified FREEHOLD-
ERS of Warwick Parish are required to meet
ROO \1,
On. SA TURDAY next,
The i(:th instant,
At Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon,
For the purpose of Electing FOUR able'and
sufficient Persons to serve as Members for the
said Parish in the General Assembly of these
And if such election be not determined on
the view, but a POLL be demanded, the said
meeting will adjourn at I o'clock in the after-
noon to eleven o'clock in the forenoon of

The 19th instant.
For the purpose of POLLING VOTES by Bal-
lot, and the election will close at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon of that day.
Given under my band this eleventh day of
December, 1','2.
Returning Officer

Election Notice.

this date. the du'y qualified FREEHOLDER'
of SuIthiiiuPj'lr PJi.l,' are requestedto meet
In the said Parish,

On Saturday Next,
The 16th Instant,
At eleveu o'clock in the Forenoon,
For the purpo-.. of electing FOUR
Persons to serve a Me-mbers for the said Pa-
rish, in the G.'neril A-.,ss'.:mubly of these Islands.
Andl if iueh election be not d.terrmini:d on
view, but a POLL be denainded, the taid
meeting will adjourn n: one :'clock in the af-
ternoon, t ,,levyn o'c ock in the torenoeon of
Tuesday, The 19th inst.,
For the purpose of POLLING VOTES. and
the election will l.:lse at. Four o'co.:k in the
afternoon of that dlay.
Given under imy h-ind thi- eleventh day of
December, I 1,:2.
Returning Ofice-r.

.LlectionT Notice.

]PURST~NT to a Writ issued
NOR of tlhi dat:.,the du!y qualifietl FREEHOLD
ERS of Piithi, Pui-h wne require I to icet
pA T 'r" E ,s D tr 0 N -!"'. -
The a lieicu.e of the Late R. H. Sp"encer,

On Saturday Next,
The lthi in-t:nIt,
At Eleven o'clu'ok in tlh forenoon,
For the ot eliu inri FOUR(
able and uti' :iant Per,.ou- to <..-ye ai Member-'
for the sail Parih in tlie GO.eral A-nembly o..f
these Ibland<.
Ant if such ,l.? view, but a POLL be dem'iandel. the said Meeting
will adjoiru at one o'cl.:.ek in the afternoon to
eleven o'clock iu the forenuon of -..
Tuesday, the 19th inst.,
For the of POLLING VuTES 1.Ly Ballot,
and the elect inu ill clo-e at tour o'clock in the
at'ternoon of that d iy.
Given under my haund this elevr-uth day of De-
cember, 18S2.
Returning Ot.her

The weather was very severe in the United From the United States and Europe.
States and Canada on the 8th instant. At Winne-
peg the thermometer stood at 30 degrees below ze- The Mail Steamer Or#,,oeo, Capt. Fraser, arrived
ro, and at Bismark, D. T., it was 37 below zero. at her wharf in this Town at 2 p.m. of Sunday
At Petersburg, Va., the thermometer was lower by having left her pier in New York on Thursday .at
23 degrees than at any time last winter. Several 3-5i p.m., discharged pilot 5-30 p.m. Thursday
persons havebeeu frozen to death. a clear frosty day in New York, with low barometer.
Report from St. John, Newfoundland, the same Experienced light north wind till well south of the
day Sth December, says there is a heavy gale of Stream on Saturday morning, when wind shifted
southerly wind blowing siuce midnight. The to south with heavy sea.- Barometer at 8 a.m. and
weather iswarm. The Barometer reads at 29-30 6 p.m. reading 29-45 and falling to 29 during the
and the Thermometer 48 degrees Fahrenheit. afternoon, wind backing twice round theo ship.
The cattle are still grazing here on the green Saturday night and Sunday morning ship hove to
fields, and thefarmers are every day ploughing the for a short time, sighted Bermuda S-45 a.m. Sunday,
land." having had no observation since noon of Friday.
In England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland on the The Orinc.eo brought 60 passengers, cattle and sheep
Sth a heavy storm prevailed, and the fall of snow in good order, and a large general cargo.
was greater than during the whole of last winter. We are indebted to Captain Fraser, Mr. Purser
In some places in England the drifts were fifteen Dupont, and other friends for New York, Philadel.
feet deep Business at some points supended- phia and Quebec papers of the very latest dates.
tr.ius delayed or blocked. In London the snow The f,,rtuightILvnews hudLet is unusually large
was ac,:.umpauied by a violent gale of hail, sleet, a iortant. tews w ue et it unusually large
rain, thunder and lightning. There were several and imPortant. The weather in the Western States
vessels wreekoi on the coast of England during the' hoh s r a so
prvessels wreeke on th oast of Ega.d during the and low temperature. In New York it was varia-
rel of storble-suow .elting to, and followed by. rain with
... oecc.i,.mnal have bracing clear frosty days. In
otice Eu ,- ud th,-re h ave been heavy suow falls, inter-
Srupting railway traffic.
SThe Imperial P.irliarment was prorogued on Sat-
To tbe Freeholde'rs Of the Parish of urday, the 2nud instant, till the 15th February next.
PAGET. The Duke of Ediubur'h has beenupromiotedo
the rank of Viee-Admiral.
The T.? ., sys that "after Chriitmas Lord
J NDE R and by virtue of a Writ Derbv will enter the Cabiue-t. alonc with SirCharles
issued from Hik Exelloncy, Lieut.-"'en Dilk-, new Under Seoretarv, Forei-.,n affairs while
eral TROMAS LIONEL JOHN GALLWEY, Mi. Childers will be transferred from the War
Governor and of these 'Ofi)- to the Excheqiter."
Islands, bearing late l Ith Dee.omber, 182, Lali BlIn.: die.l at Cannue on th, 7th instant.
the duly qualified FREEHOLDERS of the Th, Freu.h Seunat.-1:37 toS7-voted 10,000 francs
said of Paget are required and con- for th.. epe-nses of the funeral, wlu:ch took place
manded to be suinimoiied and meet together L Par'a-.
To elect FOUl able) and sufficient Princes Louise and the Mfarqtiu ot L'-orn'e re-
ToPlect FOUR O)I ald Sfi tuiirn,-d in H. M.S. ,.iyi; to Sain Franisco on the
PERSONS to serve as Members in the 10th in.taut, aud ad after rating a few days il take
General Assembly of these Inlands. the S:uthleiTn route ba.-k.
These are therefore to notify the said Free- ry Arabi "achlia, iav;i pleaded guilty to the
holders, that barge of Rebellion, he a'l] -hi< immediate adherents
were on the 3r 3 instant sentenced to be exiled for
o3 f S 'j S ,"*' ( life. They are to be sent. to Ceyk-ln.
Will be hl.d.. The Mo-,t Reverend Dr' TarT, Arehbishop of
AT T E 271 .-. S02'0, Canteibury-born in Edinburgh, De-:-r "2'2, ISlI,
Sdied at his country seat, Addingtou Park, on the
i til sdll Parishn n,;ar tlie Parish outskirts of Croydon. 7-1. a.m. on Sunday the 3rd
Chullch, December. He pi-qed away quietly and appa-
rentIl without suffering and in the 1.'reence of his
.LAthree dau thehter:and his son-in-law, Canon Knollys
On MVNDAY te andDr. Carp-?nter.
18th December instant, TJhe Bi-ship of Winchl-eter (Dr. Harold Browne),
Frot II o'eloek in lthe Forenoon to I o'clock Wiunte 73,pow in his 72 ear'hasdelin-
in the Afternoon, ed the Arebhbishopric of Canterbury, owing to his
For the piurose of receiving the advancedage.
NOMINATIONS then and there offered, Sir Allen died suddenly at Edinburgh on
and if such nominations shall exceed th- the 9t1h n stant of gout in the stotuach, in his 73rd
number of places to be filled, the POLL- year. The niews was received it Montreal aud
ING of VOTES will. counuence at the same tbrouih.,'ut Canada with pr,'.uui d;orrow. The de-
IN o T wl eceased was the promoter andf chief owner of the Allen
1iace oi lime of Steamships started in 185-2 and was iden-
W ednesdayy the 20th De- 9if.edwithany. i.lndstutrie throughout the Dc-ainaion
member instant,
At i a o'clock in the Forenoon, and continue .The los lbv the floods in the Pheniih district
till 4 o'clock in the Afternoon of the same day will amount to a million of mark. The King of
till 4 o'cloh-k in the Afteirnouon of the -,lne day, -,ava ii ha4 given 4,.,,cu0 mar-s to assist the desti.
when tho Election w-ill finally close. tute.'a to h deti
ALEXANDER J. FlTITH, J.P., The floo, in the Seine di-trit have proved ,eri-
Returing Officer oN. The French Govetnment has asked the Cham-
Reui' uin ODier, bPIerZ f0or1a graL t 0of ',n million of francs tfor the ic-
Sor Pagetas. lief o4f the sufl'vrz- in the inundated ditri;t.s.
War.wick, I Ith December, 18.82.
---- --- The latest Englikh mall at New York on .Monday
s. arivd r **" Gecri:itie, Nov. 30ith.

To the Freeholdiers of the Parish of

INDER and by virtue of a Writ
- i.-.-dl flroin Hi- E.kll-nev. !ieut.-Geu-
Goveinri and Co:mnnlder-in-Chief of these
Island, -b:ar'inri dclate l ith D member. IS.182,
the duly qualitieil FREEHOLDERS of the
,aid. Pari.-h of Devon,-hire are required andl
.Icomnanide'd to be ulilLtoned and to meet to-
To elect FOUR able aind sufficient
PERSONS to -,rive as Meh.iubeis in the
G',-neral As-',-imbly of thee I--land-l..
Thele are therefore to notify the said Free-
holders, that
7V 3.7 eETo #a"G
Will be held
ItT T =S0 SH0= C0W00.-3 ,Z
In the said Parish near the Old

On M OND Ythe
1.'th Dece-mber instant,
From l11 o'clock in the For-enoon to I o'clock
in the Afternoon,
For the purpose 2 Of receiving the
NOMINATIONS th:n anil there offleted-
aund it such Noi.hinationl .-hall exceed the
number of laces to be filled, the POLL,
ING of VOTES will commence at the same
place on
Wednesday the 20th De-
cember instant,
At 11 ol'c-lolk in the Forenoon, and continue
till 4 o'clock in the Afternoon of the same day,
when the Election will finally close.
Returning Officer for
Devoushire Parish.
Pembroke Parish, .
11th December, I.-82.


With each pair of


Bought of Gwyer and Dempsie,

A large assortment of Ladies Fine Dress Boots on hand,

No. 1 Front Street, Hamilton,
West of Queen.

December 18th, 1882.--2 pd

Royal Enoineers.

THE.! TRE HO Y L, Prospect.

By thlo kind )ipermiiss.inu, and nnder the dis-
t'm-uishbed ,atrona,. -,of His Excellency
Lieut.-Gene-iAl T. L. J. GALLWEY, H.E.,
GoV:,Iii.)ur of Bermuda,
Colonel F. E. Cox, CX.:.E.,
Lieuit.-Coloner,l F. C. C. Cr.,TON, R.I.R., and
Offlei-,t and Livlies of the Garrison.
The 15th Company Roy-
al Engineers
aes ci a c : a c C hb,
Will [.-ive a Perfosmane in the ab:,ove Theatre
on the Evenings of
FrF iay d $aturf1ay,
The *'"nd, and 23rd December, 18.2.
Th-, Perfoilmanc will comiluence with the
laughabl-" Fare:'-, in one Act, by T. J. W.L-
LIAM:., Esq., entitled

To follow with the original Drama, in one Act,
by J. M. MotuxN, E.-q., entitled

To o:,,cnlude with the lipopular Farce, in one
act, by T. E. WILIS, Esq.., entitled
The Captain's not A-Miss.

Cv kini permission of Lient.-Col. CROFTON
and Otfi.-ers, the STRING BAND of the Royal
Iri-,h L;itl-s, under the Conductorship of Mr.
R. BnowN, will perf-or Choice elections
during the Evening.
DOOlRS open at 7-15 p.m.
Cormnm~nce at 7-45. Carriages may be ordered
at I1I .nm.-
Reserved Seats 2.- See.u Seats 1/- Gal-
lery 61d.
TICKETS may be obtained from the Gen-
eral Manager, Assistant Manager, the Libra-
rian of the Royal Irish Rifles, also at Station-
ery Store adjoining -" Royal Gazette" Office,
and at Doors of Theatre on Evenings of Per-
President. Captain J. B. LINDSELL, R.E.
General Manager, Company Sergt.-MajorW.
Assistant Manager, Sergeant J. BODLE, R.E.
December 18th, 1882.
NOTE.-A -special trip of the Moondyne" on
Saturday the 2..rd instant, leaving Ireland
Island at 5.4,5 p.m. ; Boaz at 6 p.m. for
Ilainilton, returning half an hour after the
conclusion of the Performance.
Fare-Single or Return, 1/-

Supple ent to Berinuda ]?o~yal qazette, flamilt n, Deceon-ber 1-9.1~

OF M3vaxaKns, ro eEnvErC ns Gran.'riA. ASSEMBLY,

[The names of theGidailtes in Ital;ic were not
in the late House.] .. '
P'irymnoxs.-Anueeting the Electors of this Par-
ish. took place at, the -Court House. in this Town, on.
Fridy for the purpose'-of Electing Four duly
.qalifaed Freehbolters of-said Parish toserve af Re.
pEeseatarives hi the General Assembly of these-Is- Worshipful R, J. P. Damiettl, Returning
.Oficer-when.the following' Candidates- -wre pre-
sente :- '
C tal-t'.Iei :. Pivpcs-.l awil seconit d y.
Samu-el Alesauder Masters...... D. E. Seou,
SW. E. Talbot.
Thotuas Fowle Jauncey Tucker.. Henry Darrell,
D.' E Seon.
Charles C'hisholm Keaue........C G.' Gosling,
Josi. T. Darrell.
'"Br.,..\- /, Erm.-as .Iiiek ........O. B. Inghani,
G.O. Whitney.
fT'illnatia H, ,'ry Thea.s Joe.l...... Richard Eve,
R. H Duerden.
Je,, ,inl. HBi, it!................W N. Pitt,
A. R. Thompson.
Alsrani.ler lMureay Oudney...... Eb. Bell,.
Jer. Harnett.
A Puli h.aing bee'-u demanded in adjoiiranniment
took -il i':. to Monday, yeaterda-y,, the ISth in.t.;
at.11 o.')lu..k, when a Poll toik pla.c, and whii-h, at,
its close at 4 p.m., stood as follows :-
The f..ll..-.iug was the it.ate of the Poll when
el rn,-d :-
R. A. I.- 1. r .. ... r,3 Wmi. Hvy.Tho'.Joell..67
T. T. ':Kiir- ..... 1 iI ,J-remiaihl Haruett.... 1)
Ch:li l s J'. eaue... 110 Alex. M. Ouidne. ....662
B. E. Di. n-ion .... 5.
'.f ..-r-. ?,-rs, Tucki.r, IKeiui:, auid Joell were
.::. "i "d ':[ul-y elected.

."-in i' -.-A inme,-tiun. of Electors for thii. Parish
for ~ i:a.- piurpo-e as ab:,ve, took pla:e at the School
-,,ut-e ou Friday last-the irr.-hitiful John
F-.:.l.l, I;eturningOffire-r--wheu ith following Can-
did .ite: w'-r pro[,o,-tdand s,-,:.onde, l :-
.V ...' !., .s... .. 1. f If,,.. ..........Jo. FT. Harvey,
Ed.w. Crawley.
Th.::ai-: Dicku:inson Middletoun.... Jos. H. Harrey,
Win. Olive.
-Hen:-y Hunt Gilb.rt.............Thlio. W. Hunt,
Bei. Dairrill.
G. ....y rr, :., I;. ........... Fr-el. C. Young,
H,-ury l'-ti-urle.
Joni F.:-wl.- Brrow.............T... .T iv,. Hunt,
John M"vker.
Ji .: :- .. .,. ........ W R Perce.,hiii-f,
Win. 11. Trott.
S . .-................ J IhL. M ackey,
G,1 r':'_e t (le ti,.
i .. ..i'y.................... n ..n-, '. tis,
Eihw. ('rawle: y.
I IH I int......... .. G. \i'. i ., ,iu .l ..l 2 .
I. H 'ilb,:-t ...... i, G. W Youu, .. ... .
J. F. Br i. .... '. : T. )D MW idJ 1 !let .- : 1 2 t
El1. C'raiit ey, ......... .j ; .Jo iu M -I.v:-?y ... ... 1.3
Tf. '4" Hriant Oilbrt Gt:"rrW,- ta in:'.-wh:y wetre
I ::1 e.l d ily el-.. e..

F .-. r.u.-rI T..'.- I,:.:!in; of El i-t..,r-. t Sc.uth-
ampt,:ni H l" i 1 _.,tii l y 1,. t- i rl,- ', ,rt id .ful.
J hl.i, F.,',v o, ]-:rt rnin- OC r-v i, ; he i- ,ll.>\ in "
C ..:, '. : e, '* .-f i, 1, -._l a1 .1 -,.., .. !. :.1. l :- I

E :.:-... L'': ti r Fra. if .. ...... i ll. C'';...per,

Ftri.i MI i,:ry (r'oi. r ........ R F: r,
F .i- ?L,, t- -.

M .--... T. r-; uor.
GW illi, "i St.,w. M .i.-t i.r- ......... ( '. ip r,
R. D. Fra_ ;.
'tSam' l C.roft'. Ir; i.... .. .. .. . rli ,.1,
F. M. (':,,,:.r.
6',..A J ,? '. J 'fi .i, ....... ... Orvi!,: -" .,." "r,
A- l.,1, -. V. :]imth.
Gc.t, ti ,,', ".... n. .. .. 1. r w In.-.i t 1,
J.,- 1.1. W. H-.II1.
S i .l!,;' S ...ti ....... .. l.M -tl. F m ith,
Adolp. V. Stiih.
A.i .ul nr 1 t '' i- i i" t 'liv Tue-dt., th,. :;'th in-t..inl
at l-' :, : -h. u P,.1 ill l 1,op-,: .u, 1 : ad be r
i".il .. <: !! I -.:i.., ,- .m .- day, ;lat wbi-hl
hiur. it will 1- i il!y ,.i..,sid.

.\i.s ,_ --L tin.' ,t t!t P ri'.h \e:trv H run. '
Soth -'2iltr."y it li-the 'I '...r!-hikfil, 'N. Dill.
pIi t 1 u a Ii. CS['-I. ;-tilir:U tip-n f i..ll.wi_. C:u,.idlate--
wdrY, \r'lp ..t ',ill i tii..uded:-
W H,.u y "IIt.u.'. hia .........Tu "V In haliu,,
L iniI :- .:"-i're
. ii '!r.** ..,' JA e .. C.. ...... Inchini,
H II. .'h, .rl,.
W illiam Jair:. F .'a. i- Ftith.... t. tari i, D:, r> I l,
W i-,. N .-iHn:.1.
Th.:nma.-J... i n W .i-:u .......... W in. ,:,,. Frith,
Fr. .i. i-. V '.a d.
Y '. l.a 1 1..J. :, ,, arrr,.ll,
J u V" I;%:1 i ,111.
Al.ex nI ,ti:r Juhiu Fi thl.......... D u, u ..- .- ,
1. f ,t i .- D 'r ,
7li,!,.../ / A .................. F1..1 p. W ;rl
AIH..,i T .,rv. il.
A'l..urne,1 t,:, thi- d.-w iTu. adnv, the I9th must i
,t 11 o'clhfck wh. : h, a Poll will .... -,pen,:,d "and he
o.,ntUliun-d ,:,l, u till 4 l,.m. ,:,ft',? d.,v, it iil!!
I.: li, nily c!...ed..

P.\,,rET .-- I,:<:.t!it :,t th,:- ( Ullt l.l' :-'..l, ...l H ,:,u -*.
y:-e t.-rJ..\y. .,t 11 ',-l i :-- !,, .. r-i'i[,ful A l* xani.i le r
J. "rliih, I --in nii -.- Oi_-'_],. .-l whn u the f,,.,wiin_"
Caudi.Lae'-L[ l i: t.r :.["...e l and s,: lcd :-
Sain ..i- l1 Sl.i l:,! Ii-: i.n.Ii.. .. i inai J. ;?, i!mith,

.Aul.r:y J..hi Ho.!.-.: ,n........ .. Ii. y..J. H irs,:u,
..min l. .. Smith.

V,'. II. ,"Tl,,I|u.n"-.
.DI,.., i 1i ;.n, ,//.' ............... W H D :rrell,,
H. J. Hinuou..
Oi ,nt,.di T"i".',' r .-l. ,',', ',.,,i ........5 9 ; :r.y,
T. F.,J. Tt':.,: r.
C, a' i -'1.. 0,.;... lG1 I'il un ............ E H arver.
H. G. Hnutt.
Meetin, a~lloiurnei to "We'lhe-.1 l 't.:'-rorr:.wi
the 20th in-tnut, at 11 :' opened .1nd!. o tbotinned open till 4 p.m. ut .--sun
day, wbh,.u it will be fitnlly closed..

DI)rvo,:i-n.EL--M.etiun_ at (h.:- Sch...ol H:omre yes
terday at 11 .I'Ilhk--thr.- Worshipful Morris A M
Frith, Returuig- the following
didatc-s wi: re p't o'loseild and ,econded :
Rielharid .JenuingiPenitan Dunrrell. John T. Stone,
Ed. T. Godfrey.
Th(.,ui-3 Newbold Dill...... Hy. J. Watlitgton,
Win. Cox.
Richard Tynes ...............J.nies A. Couyer:
Jollh Skinner.
Ienoy J'vi.h lr' /ti /y/onf .......E. A. Znill,
J. A. C',nversi.
Wi/ lai,o.i Hnt mr Jnes ............J. W. Smith,
S. (;. Adam.u .
Math,;Id c1I'e.y ...............J. 1J Stuoni,
S. G. Adams.
Meeting adjourned to nexL (to-tuor
row) .t]he 20th -instant, at 11 o'clock, when a Po
will be opened. and be continued open till 4 p.m
of same day when it will be finally closed.

Sxtrns.-Meetiug of Electors at Verdmont o
Saturday last--the Wor-shipful C. G. Gosling, Re-

turning --Officer-when--the -folldWing' OandiJates
were proposed audiseconded .-_
ki~h i i ~oTrdetIistou .... Thideus Trott,

EdwbiWertZn ill .............. Ia6rlev T'votv,t
7erm W.; -R.": eiiiston.
-John Willim era..... John. Skiaidet',
I C-- Peniiizoa:
.Clarence Peniston.............. J. W. Peiaruian,

Thriwag,, Heber Otavrblrttdqt....... Stafford N. Joell,
Wm,-A. Ta-vlor.
-Aq74.,'A'.s fid/cbrv~lie ............BI. B7u.A. NvilliaruI,
S. .N4-.JoI.
John Newbold Smith.......... Nat. J. Daric-Il,
B. A. Wiflinars.
Nathaniel Joseph Darrell......... Joihn-S.-Darz'elI,
J. N. -Smith.
Adjourned to this .iy (Tueqday. the VL'th iu~tuut
at I I oelock, when a' -Poll will be topenpii and hbo
clydtinued opeu t-ul 4 p.m. of sifiie dav, whi~n it will
finuily Close.

lf~tL'ro.-M i-tn2 Tit t h. y.I.11':uii o~.i.rl~-11
the Wonr.hipfu-l11'V. H Wilkinu-.ri, i. 'IirniiIua ()li-
cr-r-tw h~u the following CauitilI.Ltv- .~pnqliu...-d
anid ieeoudsd
Fire. r.- -ict, K. /'y (JuleI/irol:...... J1. I'Vilkinwuu,

J.,,' it.sI D iart11...........J VSl.ivi.iu

Thaddeins Anhrey Outcrbridlg. W. .X W N. No:uthi,

SarritieCiCirne-lius Outterbridg'l. XV. XVNr. N.North,

rhii-aas W~~ood Mercer.......... 11. H. Peiui.toin,
F.Ki. Outmribidgec.
J~,Jq(v: Ontrhiitly.. d................ J. L~. P.-arilna,
M. ,J. 1B.Div.
Itft. ting adjourned to. ~,irii
tl 2't~h instant, wbh-u a Pt.-l I'will I~op-at .ifI I
a.m. and -..J eontian.,e open till 4 p. rl. v.hrn it will
fnually etuse.

ST. GEOnoES.-M~eeting (of Eleori -.i..r atill Town
.Hail, on Saturday la~t~-the 'Wo.t~hip-fil XW. T.

wasxer& .ropmqui-d and s:~li.
William H leui~v Wilklu.:)n .....Alt. B. Hay wart1,

i.~.~ti iugH:~v~in........ J.t.. A. tii,
WV. C. Hyland,
R.Ii., -, Jr v t Tfc ... .I ... "Inl. (Ai. Helsudi,
Jn 4. A. At %v.. ..,, .
Willi~au Chrirtoph..!' IlYtaud. .. fly. 11. tilb-rt,
F. C. Ji.a~...'
Tt',,.-,',11.' T; ,1J...............4 .J. Rlb. hari~oi,

'P. t. lii B i-c iihrll,

At ji-onu'.I t,,thi ..vTu,-;Jlei'jy, tl.w intl. ini,..
at .~lak, whein a P,.1ill rth- qi i.a ~tvl u.-
WUC .j..-atill -1 PAU- Ow.-'1:i1 3-i d iv t -i -.-l II,.h li-Ar

.Ln:EiowDec. 1,]'2. 1'2. ?Pvi-lifimeiit wallB pro.
ro.igi''d to~-day ti~ill the 151b (.1 Ft-hriary. Th,?io
1' reiiv5. ~lUtejighi ki. i i-.f~ t ii te Hnnse
iii .~'urnols ~hel he p~iI-.~ toinbk plqc,..

IArvLaprts AND GaINTLEMEN-1 re-ontinim o t

1,roo-,editia in F.-hi ail, did nvis ri.ilr ill .b..
er~lon-'iif~t-~it u Frii.-h v.rriihi, *,- riot

(.jL quett~yher. I- no' ~~h~o e'i ry ~-- ral I ii eliz.
lit I t,-' tlealintzshohettla i tIA two' coutitries 'f l o-
oiyatiorv'. in E.v~, bojh rnarvl and ilrtiojArv, 11-hien
Wl~ire lworO nlettid i. it h eii.:bl .ervv and:iud 1.1.i yin Fi I

iil i-rile. I lahe llhi.-i n.r..artitjintf '14 plnoin i~n
cei-rI Div gra.ticuil, "~~ h tie it .r,;~ii ~ :r l
trurce'. .4 which ny I n-ian aini~v suipp.-i'iW a dikrfrl
oinict..'d parlt. P.,. itecenlt eetifl iq Lv;,e h un
hiai wy ob illgig rvzard iti) i rti- IT O.4. JI' -11.h
rti~t. '. 1llea rie, -.- 1d I diite ia soch a in- 10c.'~
-ili e ~teits"~'taid c.,ai-
F.. dai~e the priVi tedQe vhieh h, i ii11eel
nequiitJ rma. i. a~~ia itIe~~ ;rti. iiadr',
1. rud..FIl 1-e11op tn oft .Ifteri 11.4it Itiit ri bij a n d ;rrIIq-'Ili n-,
mensimrewbih meh. ~gtelid tharvi r-1 Iipztnrb'itbg lb -tr..n-
qi~llity of litie E:-. 11,.. 1, ialiilent fthat m in i
and thle re~iilt iofinr ei iiicil vii' cinitie..nnilw.
ver: to the appr. iv A of Ithe Powier-4 i.%3 'sinl their
~~rlrelali.aiton- th at intere.ew-,Z regiorl.
Alter a'ir~~-'iiWui.a r,;hf ria- it-. in!h_
ig' i .ter poiti .)nof the K inid'a~n the' Ptodue ,'i [tit

aint. The trade hit .; i-i li]t.idrlt-ly ;elktti e. Tht-
gro~wth o I,@th arii, aw.rr Ish-v en s-ihli
fir a d.5d 1) v a Pwmi- l!ind'inirrc-,!t Pi it) behi' ta

of tI... rec.-pt.i rit In-i -iur. xeahli-.l.:' 1l-,011diiuies tm in-
t i-iieali~ iqi .:c s T11) '- rit I relfid II z.ili

hiz, ivinfe-z I Lhi-VO tI-i.. t!Po -ird wali ],-ep 11'ml

il, Di~bln, and there it, a .1.i~i. Iit i5ill 1i iit -ii;.i

we ent ol my Empire
During tlh.. i-esiou ot the Hoile ot 'oinulons ti
Sdiay a letter frIm (G,-neral Sir Garuet Wolieley wn
r,-ad. acknu\ln-(ging na hbehali til the army the vo
of tihakris pased by Parliament tor its services .

P-OST OFFICEE, 1-IAMILTON, 1i1h Dee., V'6S2.

Benjr j [en J.B. %i Vni B -tk1, ei~rlc hAn.
J.-4. B Brown, ~E7,,,Sechr Pianiilin," Fran-
'coJ G.ui,.;L se4, haunl; F (Qreg~eer. Aiutoi If il.
1-1, A Joa., *..i* F Liglitbourn. Jo~e (I,-, Ludu-
vico, C aroflna Lundell, Scbr "1Lillia," 11auuminn
J Luiz, Imjuopl MrchaiI, Win IMUlldrky, Wmin 1
Rc-bin'aon, A htuni.J de R ez-indei, i~lot R-ichari.son,
Ed word .S Smithb, A nna Stewart, X 61mm'.'asi, P;mr'
J SmiLb, J Smihb, E'Iizib~tb Tron, Edmwtrd %Viegg-
u'ono, It E Web~e~r.
P08rt OFFICE, ST. GEORGE, 11,4b Dec., 1882.
Jo De.ilia, W H igi LtLbourn, F 6 4mith.


Monday upxt heinr,.C-hrist.;na.1ay-7a holidziy-
the fneiinn~rf hi"
bbi WvIesdneiy fle2'-th bi~tani. >W 0w1l&1d.-,ih
ur'i~d v'erfi~hiug'rien&' ho.- infen a vailinzg then.
. elvespf 4t2it- i:;Liie'to Ben ntar Ir

The I-ate period. to which ,the~ast, sa-siddt of the
Lez-,iF.lotitre was continti-d, zand otlhr'r 'caus 3 a
prevc-rtteJ tho completion of the P-)Aet Affiin..tuAk at
Vi~e period we have hitherto been aeciz-t'nned twiIiibu
it. We will endeavour however toIny it beV~,Ne the
pui1l-ii, with as ]it Re further delay ans p-xibl6- We
would thank those friends whbo have hitlhertu usled
it as an adlv~rti~in-medium. ak woll a:V4.ither- i Yli
desire t,.,. do qo, to forward their. favouri at ii9 elrly
ad~ite- ~pai.he


It ii with great s'atitf'i'ti:i i tli.;t wi? ii i r- t.) a.-
-..ina e th. 'n te ..,th ,omp,4- 0 th lit,.,n f'rat
EU-laul to' obo.rvi thlW- .i- O ,:t n. -- -'., he.
9L 'Q' dia:, w ho-.:-. c i* .! it D ,.ri I u ,,i...:i i.-.le..d
,-,ne wees a;-- Th.: o ruin- .,f D-... r. 6 j.wi.ted
a; 1! illantly ar it wa. i, -ibl.- to il.-ire n I l-
tl,,-'h o -ig"ng- I nd. drinv the day iht: ,.ifJ
th- w.i k '-imore 1-r l-, the-y 7 :.r,-- un t ?.li,,.-t to
mar the result -obtained. To tha.' tri.)uoni.-rn the im-
p.-irtaut part .-i the transitis rlthhe viuniu-: rnii. the
en'l rnly ,anl both thee:- were.n s.-a nLdi'r rit, ILI-
stauceiS suifficrently favtr oiial'.-. It uiiv .nre
.,Sme f ot .ur rea'ler-. to know t' .t rh- r,:. .'.t I r
of the Imtln.uel"li-'ifint O, the tr. i-i r.T.:. 'h ;, -i-.s
wias only -.ixt-in s.o u.l- c i.ler :ha it .A.-mi ally
:0;:.,:i rre-d and ine.: the lMAiuN-t r-.h.iin- .. J Ai
to allow :.f 1its motiiu with wI N emntooA.? t t [ a n's
lii b |,. :.Me tin -1) 'r.'3t .-is 1 ..-,i ..l ..,f ar.: it .i-iil
b,. <-u tli t t the pproiri ni titii l;a a,:l.i ti 1.1t wi-i4
rvry ,.. .-e- iuiweelOl. Or w mn y pllt it 1.1te p, ni ily
by "lviul.- th-it n .iil as theti tdiliu ter .: ':-.f i is
whnli-u ,Iui the-- .'i dis it wv.- 1-77 part of
th it di.,-i:eter ilitmut finom the Siu', li;il .t the
,i.,.-uO t it w ,- expe..'ted to, i i, in ,i:-n t ri t- .s t it.
As the plini of tihe.-re observati..unS liha. b:-.1- ..-- i, a:-
iiupn 1iy 'an iul,-riuitionual (-'oufer,_-nce heldl in PaIr.
it im pro)l:al.le that a -impili ir .'oufer-niv:- will ie hAld
s...oiun Ate the return of tihe varioi expe,.liai:'n.- to
Eu:l.A u, t ..;.'t-?trm iu_. ion th.- iu- tbi.1 b:lv whi.-i the
r10n3tA W'i taine-1in variui !.--t of th,:o w.-,.ri an.l
1by th. expedition of ' i ition, rut ;,- imilo
to -ivre tIhie mnot ..iti fa, tory oft' t1.. dis-
tu:te i-,f tihe sunu fl'ra the earth whi:.-h i, the aim
,:.f thra4e ob.ivi vations. This .:.f ..,r-:.impli.:-. delay
ani 1,eyond tl,. th.- fa-. t tit the l D reniuIn * vati.iis
will I... ;iu n iaport.inut fv:t.-.r in the- fiA i ri:..-ulb
obtained very little 'aill b,:- knbiyi i)y thef- -eiieral
pui.blih faor .. '*,i : conci-lor'il-e .
It ins peribhal.s of greaterr eail iim to
ku.:.w th~t thit i at p').-i'i'.:i .:.1t il...' H ill
h'i~ be. n a'curatly d,'tirmiu-i-d byv the expae-ditionu
lud that wi'hil, th l:- uI'-itudle i In I .enu c.':.uniined
:i- being inufi: Lntly ex t : the l:ti .h in: !v.w
fi..,u.l -"oJmU i.i in .: io '!..\-iin thi Pr Der-
uni.a stretch: : -i alm,-,t half ,a iilu e .- im :.'- iunti the
s.-utht-iern 'it than vis f.:.rni:-rly b-lieve.1, ou I we
,'inu,.t h.I.. lj. r .ttiun th't the -xp,-diti.., l .tl r.e-
inained IIere lumg" enouiih to dt&t.rmninu th. l po-ition.
of :Pu' lizhth,:.u _-: at St. D Avi.'? ... it liW d.:.e l tha,
of 'Gil..,b Hills.

Thle Now- 1ork i-i,-rnil" .:t iiot.'ij? r,.ii-r-ic,,a
-p.ite(-lC from niany stations on the ol.l'- t r .v.iti.ain,
.:. ft w Oriy ...f wli, h we r n.' i lin.l .pv.e fi.r. "The
phl numenou -...i er.d wiithini iniuate or two of
tihe ,. dil-iled tin). aud alth.Ji lh all iov.i the Tihi-
te.J Atui:: tl.' r .Ioiph. ?ri.: c-oi.ititi i. u r e -i: ftr in' i a
.: iill f. r:Ai le, int "rfe-ri-i' in the g~ t. ii.u -
ber i:f t ca..e.i- ithi ni orb.iv rati.)u of on e or two of
th-- r. ntr r- he- r ~ilts- ou t!e a-- v .-' w-ill b ie ]iihly Pnrt.-...- r Fii,-ly fr.:,j WV.W-,i, -,. .i re--
pti;.- all f:,ur.f th :itita:t I .ily ,:i..:-rir>d
with lii. ;w. ty--ixth iu.:-l e.' ivt .-;, N., ilra
bhl-io,. I t o'r -J r.l ti .-ix in hel i ..l .i t1 .sn' lyin' l, pio er
of rwo uiiih -d times beini uied. Pruof ..'or Youing-
i' .m ~Pri :.. t.:-N,[, N jT., .: p.:.,lt !! f'l .' ." t.,:ts
a-kil fu r.rriiy :el.serve.-,l: ; olu hnii red ni.-i .-i-itry-
ei it!is taken, nistly s.,',:l.-it. ,:mre af-
f 'te-Ld Iy ,l,.u.!s. C -'-iiup eplere ihi.- ul .- ,:-, ii,' ,.i i i -
is. -tA- .:.'f the. pl.,r by b.otlh Fibli auLid d,-ile r t pI OrNt.' a'a ...-li-hein -L .uine-. iiu..- of w ir-r r-p...inr
i- IAi.i.' v i :,..l ,esor:e (.the-r unknown il'hu t:. Pro-
f :,s i;.,' C'.,1: _,,bi1 i ...1!.;-, N ,:o v ,r.!!:, i ports
*it i ., rth .*'in H b lir b n -, in :
., u ti 'iin.:gh the.- !.is. .At ':. -4 tle eeil.g
b,-,'-ti,_ -! ,J,li_..'l ;-..'.' i, a 1 i i .i.l,- ,r, i .i .in-- is,: o f
"'.-i r"'. laidirly -e,;. i n... i-I io_' th --in 's I.tii nt
limb. The fir-t couti.itb h I <.i.: e rri:! niir? th iu a
miiinue eU- li, -. At v- l1-.3 o thi' p..c-tio.j 'ii nuis.
di,.*' r,*'t in t) l' s u rb- sI. :-u -iir1 i..i i 1l Ib,- I "* o
iL. ietJ o.f li':i r whi..'h Qr "-24-1. L it Wil-. hutl
L.'b- tiifully il enu. ,Sc.- n l ..S .iC it.-r not 1:, 1 i '- 1 *-,-1
The ii.-,:f V ua, w -.i r-i:. iilif.-ri. ly tli.-i,: but
ti r.; wv,- -. i l p.att: --I. .If vr a li '.t ..v.r it,
n,'- u o" hl[l1; i 'ird O it 1 n. ;r0 A b. t 2-t p rli all
the i- t -ifter --? .i t .-:i s o:"'l'-. tie Ipo-ln i Iua ior
E 'r-r:-j li mb, -pp-,are-d nm i Ji k da r k,i, i th..--' futcn-
ti. r .i u ,, t !ht >di-.e. Ti_ ird ..t.., wi ,10.._rved
w .- :1 it *-.5-'-1i T hr-.-, ivi n,,,.4- li r t- i la
i,.. e. ii at i Ihi k e oi-r' at i!! .anl ;.;-.i I ..,uItl
ve'y p. re. Foiiiurth ,-.r i,.r i.., -.. tr.tin a.t well
*.-u :-1 4 1. I. A t th i D .:!. l I- m ,.. Ai, Iy,
u1., ,,h, vat;: of :;..i, rid.i ',: it.-. ,v -- ,,hit iu.:. 1, tihe
pl IMet W' .U.,i;{.iou,:lly s,.,-n WLa1 wi.. lu huld, Q". p-
,'.,1 rn ,- ',.1uU w a, ,..S u J i. I. f '-' li- i 't rr .iiug"
the pI n-et :--i ..lte b" the pi tuie .it r,. At
i hia .! lp i s the fi .-n e.lMt-.a-. wei' e -.1i.. :a.- fula '.,li-
t Wiu-:-thi.: Pirh o:'tn. ln, irlt uf tie li.teb . li
t ? .- l i r i, ii 1ir .ii. by aij : ,t i i'i-n -i .
T : '.obn -rv ahnit..u ;i tli .\tlle-h:-:uLy O J-..-b rv iiajry
we-r, t -.tiJ t, ,.s b otnly ie !.ti illy ,r t'l l ia
,nii-ilrulin i 'in i- th[the tium o i c.:L t.t. Pr..l'. i' oi 'ait the
(01..ei vtt.i'-y U. iver,-ir v of V.t' i., .-'i -e.--tlly
h i' i- 1n l th :' > -x.':l.ti-..ii o" ,-ib". r .irliJn-.b ouf j tiha
first f t:rniu l c 'aiiiir t wh i ri rhes k' wn.i. ,?.,vere- d
With lene ,.lo' At I. -Jcii Ki -y.-, Fl-. i i I, I.l50
I[in et :r.iph iA':reitaken w'iiht .iry I'! t< i l thirty
Wnirib wai et l.Pl iall grsrn .1. tI'. rl ir-t ('Ail~ t of
'.in..i with !i e '. u Pnr ,bi t bb r th,- iuter r-.u i.i of
I nu ir.:w f >t' ,.! The ,ah, r, were w ill'
,,i.'-\f P. t -'i,, 'ti' -l.. in h ir.u.- if th: --Tr.w,-
rio -brrl i-v ary, rp r It.. w ith..r ia i.'ii C u -i d ene-
r:illy 1loa,.ly. No .,,taUtCt .,hsI-rved at
W ,.,r.Ist,.1 otr Tijrit'>. ON, ; an. Kihrl t on,
wj biteru.d al m i t.-,_ ,_-xterin:l .bw,:er' .1. y ..!bec
n,:, :..,nt t -t- .:,l-, ?t \,.,]. L ilon i, E u .1 iu..1, .,tr'ily.
w thI, r filie buit. raiy bec.nd o or-er'-a-t aud :t e
mhi',v f 11 Nw-eiuleril- tlie tr.tunply iuci-ille. Ate
.rri.mwi h i, :r'lt,.l' .. A ,t Pott? i h ,b ,' '..-

Cor-k irinuoit plainly visible. At Peu iun trniu-s-i
.-.en f',!i two ,:,urs, othir pl.t,.'w iu E.u l;l.tud n.. ob-
.rv'i tio f-r,, At tir Pari,(ry,-l..I _'l.,iid
ordered l el'.'.-.e', the 're:'l prep nrati,.us niaJu ,at
.idi-id bati we:ithe-r prev,:ut.-d. Fsiv.n.abt. ,:,btr-
\liits were made atI Durbau aind Cape Town in
u8,>utti Africa. At Pnrk AC.tup, ne:lr Ksiu.ton, .Ja-
;m.dei the obierrvatifhs were a great sit'i.N-se. At
lu..n:rdrl, Veuun a,;i sNua the suti disWe' for nearly
a hoinir At Halitix, N. S., aind Charlottetown,
P. I., helry riu aud overeas't -ky. At St.
.h',hj, Newfouidland. weather nupreed-nteodly
.i-ie, Traisit w'Ud easily diseerued. At San Francie-
,,) ,..-e.-.ialy f-ivorabl., weather. A.t the City ,.,f
Mrt, i,-:.) ao -atisf.ictory obh.-rviui,,ns. At. Puebt,
tlth Frnch ...eienririo commission miit wvih entire
succes.. At Melbourne, Au.,tralia, successful ob-
servations, 3.3 photographs. Queenslaud and Syd-
ney not sac-.cessful. Observations in New Zea-
l.ind, TuomAnia and New S.uth Wales successful.
At Potsdami sati-faitory observations and photo-
g r a p h s '

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