Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00068
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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w .. .A : A .'5:4. & '. 'A % "tt U te

A1 1.

o. it-Vol-. LV. STATE SU RR AS AN lQU .as. ,..

on er d, uesda, pril 4, 188 .
Fr6 om.".. .'Br da-,From the e'' York Time, March 22. T
... n. ... ai n TTr Qnit.^ I .(.. _. ,.

+ om t^ ^^A ^ac882. From ,YGEorR Te Varch22 OR D ARLTIS. ; Pembroke .Grammar SchoolR E. n
Me .-A- r oot.-Finish planting. This is a There are %f b tent European prepat-us T e Pop y o t -at Governor- ATH tLETIC S POR S,--
very good mouth for it iu new red soil, dried ibntat foods. beginning with that of NESTLE, V A Undeie ied. cof .ag
Onions-shlould b6 kept very clean from weeds. md at least twice as many Amerion. all of which (Most of, which cani be ha] iminediatelv) i nde siged. contiia CHange
care should be taken to pull thero up s soon as the irofes to furnish a complete nutrition for the infant N Oen BAROUCHE- Enr E i $TiE C3 O .Z in OEthebustallWt their BRANCH HOUSE
stalJfalls, as they will not keep long if allowed to during the first fewmonths fits existence wiile A 1 bnglsh. in SOMERSET, request all lerso istdeSto
stand in the ground. et the ove of tarch into detrin and bt Mt. Linton arsh T esday A ilthat nttosttheirACCOUTS,
Irish Potatoey.-They will be generally ripe ans is beyond the capacity of the untrained digestive f our- o.enitd FOrhG wh e,-'nlisi itilt,-i ., t on orbfore the T- "I -
should be take up, but not exposed to the sun. function. The examiaetiou of these with the mi. ick opening fur ox weather, 1. t p. I, A T
They sibould be out of the ground at least lon croscope, assismed by uch simple tests as iodine, 'lih well known Charger t A
enough to get thyroupghly dry : and if one or two which turns starch cells blue, and gluten (or albumi- s Ii A LI 1 ," IT after w1hi ln data Tl &C f re- ul .a qg-u n
weeks elapse bfore- they are shipped they will be n foI graninles yellow, hfs engaged the careful at- r,.dl aid, Is acof dri
less liable t6 rot. Before bein packed they should teution of Dr. EPHRAIM CUTTER, of Cambridu-e, !'Ietly ied for ad, and Tuckers Field, Thursdv A Pril Ihd nles sptlsfforly aed frprclwll
all be carefully picked over the sound ones will and his results will startle most mothers who ae Sinle ad Do l nes, be p ed legal ha s collect n.
kepp apy reasonable length of time. More care relied upon the extravagant pretenses ser forth in A Pajir of Bay Carritago-e Horses, J. o e. 1TRIcIh,. IS- S
must be taken in pirkinle and packing them than is' the circulars of manilniturers. ELIZA McDo- The handy C A.T 11RISE Gunner" CH RLES E Somerset, 6th Mareb, 1SS-2.
usuity-'practised if you ivish them to bring their NovGlI, who preceded DR. CUTTER in this field, Al n l uinnIst hir A.f. An r-S
full value in distant markets. has been in a measure di-credited; but it appears w i bTint n NEE Railo Secy. a-nd Treas. tate o A 1 t -
that her assertion-thnt the starch, so far from be- Se of slvr mounted double NESS, arnilon, March 182.-3 E
ut udi e rnd. f se ha th ing transformed into dextrine, was not sufficiently, I co ete, nearly new,ES o
youn lemons, or ede orange tees. Keep wa- altered t render the recognition of its source diffi- An old et of -ilier-nomp-Icd IlARNENSS ts SHIP vey Es, e-se
ter to the r.oots and amp the buds or grat in dry cult. ti bther from wheat, rye, corn, or barley-was A Single et of brahs-mounted iA IN ESSt, IE UNDERSIGNED EXECUTOR of -h.
weather. Keep your trees lean aind healthy, aon strictly true, and that these spretedtituus foodasaidihe, y e nt o,'CrINS-- I :Ot, -TLtoI, nEL.& .YS-
In worm weather put mulch, leaves, grass or straw. w itbout exception, nearly va lueleds for dietetic p- .~ C .O t i here, u'urd ti a-
aeound thiroot. poses. All of them consist o hae,! fu .y M 1> -o ber -ye, i "n Pur.unc o t7 t 1.,
wate-may be sown th.i month and next as green either alone or mixed with sugar, milk, or salts. Ju Sever .I lorouL hbred Spjtiisi FO) 'L m o ll give notice that all Persons Al'
food for cpt le, or may *be turned in as manure, ome casei, the baking has been very inadequately *i Newfmudlail DOGS,, N. ew 'ork for 1 rsuda t e ir Accounts a u ei
thereby lnproving the land. performed, and the Doctor found one that cousisted Genlen' arid Ladies' DILE and BRI- their Accounts
Peas.-Plaut a few o irdeyve in the Irish potato merely of wheat and oats whope starch cells were tL.s.. in good ordw. Oin th s0 l Iita t On or before -N .
ground for an early crop, fodder, or manure for Api' lately in their natural condition The gener- i R L, o re ti a .tC 8, th
alips. in a s ln idal result of DR. CUTTER's examiniation fiay be l h to h e teiUwrd aud oacl- .Ad to leave lience fr r ot ext' "
Pamsuins. -Plant slin r an d, stated in brief ts rwrm as follows. There wasn scarce- .ne ael tLouaI t La.teon, alier N I: TIHU j -I t, th A p0ri atd ttl the E e -
iofb e&c. n si p l oe -d oed l a onl ly a single onse of the so-called iulant foods that DA Y, between the- hours of 9 a. il. nd 2 i.m. thi e :tho A pril. oe i e ahe E eutrs will h P vroeeed .o
tof hl the, siotis 8 ail yield as good aft crop ad contained a entity wof gluten s large- n that eon- T In shipit oonl basthe I o RiEttPersonts INDETED 'p i p ae rp Het
athe seed and an -should be nsore a T is to a ah N 12e e cavor by elihe shiin pnan- b a tha t l nt'tei s e !te nts

Teeta y frisa c toio throw il de bt n rsof wen E whea t gruel s superior to n of Independent Ordea quoitityr i GLASS a cox, th ICAim of whc te3'dy e sOtPli

Sris t Poh atoes.-Put down all the slips and tan price ai a serve and brain food aud-a great fee t *' ap re '"te'ben tihe tiyI Co.n 1C aimorsg edoG.CofarPIAtsjn
pringotatoes are taken upobain others will soon cogve a food med or ricet. So all through the list. ome- .' vOO bRII-R taN S. HImilto-, B- rI, -sth ,.rch, ssj i EI El IpHs AY
the ground d. September. Plt them ridges, as thet enden trce of gluten was prespeuee mor te requet-pe- . ble Q ebe an p who -oiit A s B IARVEY,
mdo better theridgesr for slips rt. the slips one ly at all. one cset parts in every 1ta11c 2118)2.S fe v tihab LodIn, -T o-i.i .7- te. .o- e TMWD. S. BARE. t ..'. stte r
foGuinea Corn and 10gar oCane-sf gluteuould be th wa exepiohtc salts in co ectio with gluten, .it generally. th e abov datae. ... .
planted in all spre C lana ; they grow in any nin off and te ajity gwre abe valuable, oce for *at Aonts are to e:t red It. t
outd morefruit. Dut them over with a little ootm throplc pre starches sod at, an exorb- In IepL d e O r '- tr with-E the Undersigned, G. C-- R r
sp or aines while the obtain; they Careful ta foodtroemedy for rickets. Soa atll through the list Some- t u OK a h assouent of rid
cropa i ems m n aPlt them in ridges, as they tumest a trace of gluten was p 'esent;efequiht e Mof FANCY COA;IGSw .' f

do better th greats feet i apart t be slips one ly no re at oall. In one eae here were 9t pats of chbLoIe 7rUr rO Q-rDe AM
oot, r starch to 10 of gluten ; but this was exceptional.No
er spob rle, te.. le vsines a s yieand o the mnajoriy wee lei valuable, oun f. 1. ae._T"OWSERINGS.c e -f
THE CHANE T run and nip off ounce, than ordinary wheat flour. Conidering the Of St. George's, ihnten D,) orin aS Dre M
the ir tips, haf mile of the Shakespeare Cliff, Nod and tificate, nill eot e teu dohe i Tiu. suitable Addresses will be deliverNEW by MeCt- fNT l -, eL t

f2 leading, of the Channel Tunoel experimental ---------- bers of thee Order. Frs- ne frkI L> DO SS JUSATm REiCi. fl Dc &
bor efingsh s t. Dust thbeen c ompl ver withr a little soot s Peri-plit ant hropic YPn s _j hsjjt s ,stm t 1 l tO\ hc o rn u
tire absence os water, and everything i favorable. came from, originally It hi been found, ppi- throughout the Islands tire tordilly invite to a F reh Stly of Men. r rising a. '
No. she's eadig at Abott's Cliff, Bwhichareful to destroy them sulyen, iin part r the wild. r. take ertin the cermonies of the dayFANCY 'ON S ked iF
preset abaed this fullof water, although they Chun wll be fore t 11 s rnof DR. CUTTER is on I T n ALO, .

trcould be easily pumped out if it were required. A thipelpio, Sir W. J. Hooker saya it i common li. sets t ri ut- *s
gith eardtoa eaNo. 3nui sancft, ais being tartlpraiso, where ittgrows ab'pantly ou the A Clletion will be taken up tor the beneat our f Lunch TONGU.S ooth sU a Ld Shoes, Grok y,
,at-the Eastern End fof theShakespeare Celiff Tuben and hill enner the sea. notice of u these of the Lodge. l AU te Gswre, Toys, Notions, &
nel on the South Eastre Ralway, the work ies ng t of South AmerDa it appear s to be ia t home 4 ud it ia T UU '. s d BE IT aE '
a.pndtgreVssigaquite se-stifactorily, th e water inter- a noteworthy fato ra thact Mr.ohes om furthers d at a n tertainmet willbe givenat the Town wltt th1 nle..- FLUUm aIGE 7 18Ti..

storing very rescue infant both in the hrumid forqtsa of te Chines o fn n the D Evening. R oor open at 7 o'clock. D IrEA- C'O-N BI fj tr TS 27 March, 18 2.-3 times ;
T HE C HAANNE TNNEL TUN.-General Loetrd Celms Arhipelat fii thgh uivioig ea -trwld ChiiinOtlSok Rev. F. J. F. Lzgat hu. Rf A'[t PD'reAN Mni A'n E.-T-

.Worm,, were present on Saturday night at a pre. gnouthsaot a tretch. Itiatothe col-ist< whrm HI.CUIT.S ofall kindd .
wieh RoyalArenal. Lord Chelmsford, ia testify that Eml:,ui i edebteh~e fUr potatoes. Harriot, dance. Tuo iEAT, &,- &*. tSe TF l
fropea a means of national defense, referred to a unt of hi travels, m ht y erL GARDIER JOH iTT.. GLOVES AE ,
heading, of the Channel sem Tunnel experiment w tas possible be regarded as the earliemto t table, ry. Made b COLLAD a O D.
Sto become a danger, to be at all events an ThU Poe m.-Nori wud knows wvalure thue t ie iter Ltre ee all aC n, to & c-,h te

O h ei hir J Aine Su as ey ruGn 're a l T Mune.tha odnar wetr cl.. PC E theG. Of't Me r ce's 0 intend 1 SD.'.rIna T h e S u b scrib er Recen Tly etr.ely r1-bu. er M ..Bt^.g-^
Chtireabsetunnel w thther, and ever layth few dayvorable came fro, riand walk- SEItT.- e under tand that Mesrs. etzler ar ghot the Ians tire ordiicey invited to I e .iy of

Noedhalfa ile through it Abfrom Dover, ad the unn oe of Greaty Mariborough trees, ny ar by of them o f r. take 1acet i the eA-rtie onie. Property othe day. GeAtlema leavia.
e did not preetabandned to his fumlldof water, a t prospect f Darwin fHer i-Majesty, preparing found it wild in a completes -- Poio Will be onfts[ew'oSmt Or -. J(N
%aWt irt htanger dtoNo. shft which is beinarrow chan collection of the musical compositis, th A llon will be taken for the beet od Orinoco" via New orBoots ald S es,
neterminating wiof th aShakespeare Cliffd not to suandhillrs eRoyal Hine, thI Prince Cort, ere nd Astral Oilof the Lodge. ote A Glassware, oys, Notio t
him diffaoult of defence or destruction. Hae an- thlewole being produced under the upervii of 3 l. lllo SU rA New | -
nel on held ear Lodon Railway, the workutumn, is n.whicht of South me firt apiea was to bat this collection is II I ONU Wi tl d be.E F G W W :
tol uiter body atwould probably, take part, and should be por t n oul b given. at the r own Li II.F
ri tnat tv retary ofndState ithepded shortly makig on its hav ing been repr -set sd t hter Mjety Hamilton. Mareh2i, 1 i.-2 I HENRY A. SMITH.With Preceptors and Music, and and, .
-T Ctee. L TNNE-Generaland universal iunereat, both at home u 0 Entertaiment to somence at 6f- D A' -3 iAN nV Pea-' LT..Ai ..e

T- ord H General TU -Sir John Ad E, and Barion Fenry eatins abroad, wa raciouins assent to such publiclto r was at di 1/ hsrn-h a r Hamilton, 21stPlarchl 183 ,
gTl, wei present of gentlemeurda night at a pre outhe s one a tred i. It is to the collecto will uortly be 11CUO l akineds
Channel T_.e.orkse wh.,,fromd Shakespeare Clio' f on iued at the price ofoneguea.- .-..,- PALFeas ess a of oon TA-best in the i to JOlN M. McNatELL & CO.,
sensation of prizes tio the Rifl e Volunteers at Wt aHE U etdersigned'havA accepted the ap- N i a if yot want aCGoodUITu- suiX o
in willbetraverseda Lord he tunelsford, ilumina testify- Counthat lopiion of the Cu uel potatoes.OLE AGENTHarriot, arce. Canne- d AFLOU ., OT Fr

thei lec r e light.i E Th Ue Central unews i ena. bave been w th giveien. He coa teuds, sayo a da for th. Sale of TEAS for the tn, D 0M. 1a 1' 1 .5-3
bled to statppebaitiao o the vtntion of thee vorn- dispatch to Loud ith t- crlhiu a th eo T l, woter, L an RN D,, I (N iBlyD MlTEl Aer ,, "
take evideas rof istioauishedeiftarf menf and to either country on thi ae mae of iuvaion. Oun e yL d,'heATH ANwi U GARD INE R SHOULDERS I eJeTTervcOlR SrAL,-:,As
Others an rel tion to the roosed Channel tunnel or two irou-cled torts at the mouth, itroag enough H Jmalo J l O ier.-6.and 66 FronAtD rel't. D.

Thec dmi es tobenapDointe at aneary day, tojresist all ordinary siege guns, would be sufficieut, & c"V"" 1-iv',, c. ... ,' '. ,
and t b it bjiot wi be fully inquired into to. reader it impassable. He thinks theIEuglish Which will enable him to place Teas into this .J C. KE ENE Y O .JO McNEli-b nv) heB u-
before Parliamentary powers -are granted for the Goverument ought by treaty to reserve to itself the Market for sale, so low that every Family Doors \ of" l ic toO'a id C.xainae tlhi La rp As
construction of atupnel between; this courpand fullest control over the tunnel. "I should not like might enjoy a part of this great luxury. Ha Doours nVest of 1 ,yal -azette" t: n of ( i e Suiting. a. ,a ff-
F x1i%.. ia pGoaHrllsfthe'Ptke'f Cam- to be in the tunnel," he is reported as saying, "nor t -ine .. -- B--
br i~ dedlya veS'tb the tunnel, and it-is risk the lives of miy troops by leading them through A. J. RICHARDSON. -,- l't. o-
likel e.wi give his,vie.w -on the matter be- it. In fact, I should not dream ,of attempting an St. George's, 2lst March, 1882.-tf B.' .tIMU I, Alias Hamilton, Novr., 1. .18 A
fore -hWth fte." On Ttiesday Sir CharlesElliee invasion through such a tunnel. You might as well SO lER.S' ISL %NDS i- '
personally, Inel l t t Chatnel-Tutieolworks near tAll.of invading Epgland through the door of my N.B.-A few Caddies 5 and 10 lbs. each now Bu His Honor Colonel E. C. GOR-' e ,e :. T.d
Do with the object of setting forth his viewst library _______ on Sale. A. J. R. DON, I. E., dminstmrtor ..- :-edst.'" "<'1 A:
T C A E L" T m.....Ap r w a s s s o n T h e s e r v i c e s r e n d e r e d b y S i r S a m u e l R o w e K C Ac O" -
onda an t with Sir rnet oley ., i settling the difulties 'with the Ashan- lJam es A Jud ge, 4 4, Thersigtl a^sDEfeb,4a ldhan- tees without having recourse to a second expensive '.BT- LBUf ERAI DAI IEL ASTWiOO s" e ., ''' -
oI b e..a. ....b. wahlaearemt i asioed, kely. to eon Merchabe, e ERdA .DANIELASTWOOD hos ere'l o'ooiedr
mel 'LJe endraIf oat. an. out opposed w ar i a u likl f a n prayed for Administration on the Estate .
_l a eintti U Lse t~ &ithe n', 'Oubb tant Colony [Deanerar']: and in the event Of GOV- of EDW AR I)LD .A O( -'Ol l a
oiw. iJtes *aniArey t ultquin. oiyand ernor Kortright's resignation, it was expected in 46 and 48 Broad Ave., Washington Mfarket. Warwick Parishl in these Iland; a Msetr ari- ., -
f r &san,he tlr ney d a ny Govern- England that Sir Samuel would be his succor. -- ner, deceead-. o .. l ondon iWa NeT, .
meant o mould thin not ,' --- --- IHE UNDERSIGNED will re- This is therefore to give niotic, that i.. '
of rialngthe liv 0ftwo thouI ad men to secure A attempt was' made at night ewweeksago P present as usual -he above well known Person or Persouscau ahew ,ay junsit Cause why -
theonoloit.It is believed that the incendiaries scaled the wall, firm, and will be at all times ready to receive tesai A tihrAid D. -sh I ould io. be gte -.. re'
.,. v ..- entered the court, and forced open the door. For, and forward.any Produce, whichh may be sent to o the aid file AIS th[WOD ba .in ,t ., ''
At Pau, ii France .reen ly died. Col.A olphls tunately, the fire died out. for want of material. his care. Prompt Sales and quick returns gina- or thy, .re to file is, r fice o f thei :at lis- -, -.
W'..J.. A~oLtohe-ngit b h rmy,.wholiadserved 'When the keeper discovered the smoldering fire, ranteed. riing, t cre y O r,
in the ~tern oa sign o 1854-5, and command- .he altar carpet, a chair, and some flowers only had Highest IMarket rates will be obtained. lands within Fifieen days from the publication to the '
edt,_-t -o(%Gua tad itebattIe bl Bala- )een consumed. It was proposed in the Chamber h ereof, otherwise the sald Ad minitra uo w Will tai toin Busfr6n .. .
klah lffBs6- olt part in tbe sfege ot'Sebastdpol. about the same time by a Radical Deputy that the JAMES G.ALE, be granted accordingly. i:- .
a-ervni in, the. Oritna be obtained the medal Chapel should be demolished. He said it cast a Office at Slots qf C. T. Conyes. JAMES T-Tr1U fD -.AS T g. _7 .t;
Kt,-ee claspaj thaeTaurkish medal, the-fifth cfaes perpetual slur on the memory of the first Revolu- Hamilton, March 21, 1882.-2 months. A. -. .A i.. -- a. Ua
o r. -r('of.t0 Meigdieiepd the brevet rank .o tion, which buried the -bodies of Louis XVI and .. q .4 -A A. 'l aColzaett Smp v 'At -
M -orU -e was reied mq _^o,.:atta the ipilow. Marie Antoiuntte on the site whish the chapel oc- A SK your Grocer for A. E. WHY.LAND'S Dated at the Secretary's Office,? A oyalI Gazette Station~ery Store.
,g year w muried. 'upid. SOAP. this 27th day of March, 1882. I Hamilton, March 20th,i '..
." .. . '. "' . "" ... '-' '-.
;, .. *" '' "". -
. .,:.. -, ..:.r. + : % .. .
'. . : -- ; v ,, ; : -
4,A A. {t A -' .A ," t- M


t-Iihs' Hill Light Statson i Bermuda. l.etween the
26th March and '2d A prnil832, height above the.aea
wlhra 'thi iegi',iL'ii kept, beinck 246 feet.

I'.1 21

Ap. I


s w

I t
General Remarks.
o .5
-. -- --
3) 3'0 i-(00" Fine
30.14io COaN Fine
v'.:06 )'0 ) Cloudy, Ihazy
3u.07'0,0'2 Fine
:.9.9)' 0-710 Fine, cloudy
:30.*.CO 0-(k)l Fine
30.260,0-0X Fine -

_ | i I. ..

Ha ilton, .pril 4, 1 8S2.

April 1--Sehr. Meteor, Dunscombe, Baibaldo-'s;
sugar and molasses. -Agent, Thos J. Wadson.
S3-Sehr.E. Goodw;n, Griffin, Halifax, N.S.; onion
box material, &c., to J. H. T. Jackson.
March 30-Mail Steamer Orinoco, Fraser, New
York; 376 bls. and 3 boxes potatoes, 6,3527 boxes
onions, 6,186 boxes and 4 crates. tomatoes, 24
boxes cauliflower, 6 half bha. arrowroot, 1 box
strawberries, 4 b s. and 2 boxes marine specimens,
1 fish pot.
March 31-Royal Mail Steamer Beta, Shaw, Ja-
maica; Mails and cargo.-Agent, Jos. M. Hay-
Marh 31-,,Royal Mail Steamer Beta, Shaw,
L Halifax; Mails and cargo.
Norwegian Bark A. 0. Vinge, Larsen, North

In the Mail Steamer Or;bcre) on Thursday lamt for
eov York:-Captain and Mrs. Leach, Mr. and
s. A. Ra4dolph, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ernis, Mr. and
Mrs. James Hilisborough andMasterHillsborough,
Master O. Hillsborough, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. George
and child, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Marshall, Mr. and
Mra. G: A. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. F. Huissey,
Captain and Mrs. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. David
Bedford, Mrs. J. H. Weddle and child, Mrs. Me-
Nishk Mrs. W. K. Greene. Mrs. H. MarcallUaa, Mr.
S Bownlow T. Gray and Miss GrAy, Miss Woodruff,
Mis-i Goodrich, Miss L. Westbrook, Miss E. T.
Bedfprd, Mass G. Brine, Miass Emma Bennett, Miss
Weddle, MilJ K, A. NiehoUlls, 'Miss Gordon, Cap.
tifn. A. oPetrson, Captain Rinseld, Messrs. J. C.
Whilington, W. C. Baird, G. N. Bartlett, R. 11H.
MoCreery, 'S. Benedict, C. H. Smith, P. C. Allen,
F. Luckenback, J. H. Watlington, E. F. Darrell,
J. Hilton. William Gordon, E. T. Whiting, -
XMeul], Charles Hull and T. W. ,Sheppard.-2#ad
Cabin, Mrs. Lyons, Miss Neigle, William Pugh, M.
Pascal, Ananx4yln, William Carr, Mrs. Corr, W.
Carr, Jr., ary Carr, Mrs. Burns, John Wer.-
Ske-ag, .~fulto Pybleta, Oscar Johnson, Simon
Calao, 'Michael Coughlin and J. Slammer.
In the list of Passengers arrived by the Orino o
last week, the name of Mrs. E. Gilbert was most
unaccountab'lv omittad-_

.-.M- VK, ru. u. iI. licrnason, MrsJ. D. Dick-
inson, 2 children and nurse. -
In R. M. Steamer Beta for Halifax :-s'recof
Oabiw.- rs. Win. Sibley, Mrs E. H. McGregor,
Mr. James Park.-pr otraet,-Mr. Harios an.
two children.
W There was a Steamer signaled in the North.
west for about half an hour before sun-set last
evening, supposed to be the "Bermuda," from
New York, due yesterday.

Nava. APPourLniNxr.-Commodore Edward
White to the Urgent," vice Brown.
Sub.;Lt. A. Lu.a- to Firebrand," viceTavlor.
Boatswain A. Johnston to Urgent," vice WVar.

Pembroke Parish Services.

WPedheday, 11 a. in.
Good Frnday, 11 a n.
Tuesday, 10 a. m., Matins and Ante Communion.
6 p. m., Evening Prayer.
Wednesday, 5 p. m., Evening Prnyer.
hAursady, 8 a. m., Holy Communion.
6 p. m., Evening Prayer.
GoodFriday, 2-3 p. in., special Service.
7-30 p. in., Evening Prayer and Ser-
Preacher, TME BISHOP.
Setvrday, 10 a. m., Matins ard Ante Communion.
6 p. m., Evening Prayer.
Zsnn DAr. ,
Parish Church, 11 a.m.
fr'ai' Church, 8 a.'m., Holy Communion.
4 p. m., Evening Prayer.
7*30 p. m., do. do. and Sermon.
Preacher, Tna BISHOP.

2 1A Editor of the Royal Gazette.
Dais Sin,-Allow, please, a Subscriber to ask a
wrioui question for sake of Public Informatlon.
Why should the Ministers of a Church which'
eahes that men should pray with their head uin-
covetred put extraordinary hats on at funeral and
e them on during the prayers ?
S-4th April, 1882.

F tr Me Royal Gaztte.
Asa tourta. ho hlaasa een all the sights and is
now about to-retuip hoine, I wish to give my bro-
ther pilgrims the 1iepeft., of shy experience and
therefore advise nb- 6n6 to 16ave the Bermudas
before he has driven to Somefiet. This-im the most
Pifeqtwp0dbbeaautiful drive that the islands af-
for Oa. amrig at Somerset, you are driven to
Mrs. Swan's house, where you wll enjoy a dinner,
which i.,prsqte.-a fitt cli at ,to a most delight.
ful mourns. -You 'ill find' Mrs. Swan a very
ageable ~4 intelligeu woman, who understands
the art of gettmg up a good dinner to perfection ;
an art thatthe visitor will have learned to appreci.
ate now, i hbzee did before. Send her word, by
mail, e bw'gaph, that you are coming the day be-
for~i 1dti; sad yotir dinner will be waiting. Af-
ter dia you will have time to drive through
.Somerset; thus obtaining ad superb view of the
ocean shdip 4 oe6e side and the Bay on the other *
cross the terry; visit the Dock Yard and view the
wonderful skating Dock, then return to Hamilton
by sursef, or better yet, by moonlightr-happy in
the fig tlat-this hs;bee a well-spent day.

n ,, as afiis---sDd Julian Irwin
Wilkinson, Thomas Furlbert; John Henry Outer.
Smiths-John Thompson Peuitt.n, William Isaac
Smith, William Andrew Tavlor, Adolphus Sndmith,
Mortimer Outerbridge, Thaddeus Trott.
Dev'.,,hi,',--Joseph Edward Stowe, Thomas Thad-
deus Robinson, Henry James Cox, Richard James
Jenuings, Clarkson Ty)ne, Nathaniel Vesev.
tmb-,'.e- SSamuel Cantrn, Samuel David R-obin-
son, Timothy Kerriek, George Eve, John Somier
Masters, John Henry Thomas Jackson.
Pa.e:-Joseph Darrell, John McRonald, Francis
John Eve Hinson, James Moore, Henry Arthur
James, Thomas Driver Muisan.
War-'ick-Enok Matsou Frith. William Thaddeus
Raynor, Arthur Wallace Frith, George Morris
DeShield, Joseph Smith Cooper, Eusebius John
' Lightbourn.
Soult/ampton -William James Vickers, Joseph Tho-
mas Darzell, George Bean Fubler, William Mal.
lory Mahoney, Robert Richard Munroe, Thomas
S(ndys*-Joseph Norman Harvey, Thomas Soy-
more, IsraelWilson, John Simons, John MaoKKy,
Robert Henry Young.

LAxrAN, K.C.M.G., R.E.-We have to thank the
M-seais. J. F. Darrell & Son, Photographers, Front
Street, Hamilton, for two copies of a very ex-
cellent Photograph of our late Governor,-one for
our album and the other to be placed on view in
our Stationedry Store, and whichwo have gladly

The date of Dr. Lamson's execution in London,
for killing, by poison, his brother-in-law, Percy
.Malcolm John, was to take place this day, Tues-
day, 4th April.

A.T Unzox: oF Lonox.-The premiunin plates
for the current year, have, by some unaccountable
mistake, but juqt reached Bermuda. They can be
een at the Stationery Store of the -Royal Gazette."
Th y comprise five pictures, by Mr. Frith, R. A
which depicts in the most realistic manner the ad-
ventures of the hero from the carousal of the col-
lege-room to the bitter "end" in the bare garret of
the London Lodging House, a veritable"Rake's Pro-
gres" drawn with the hand of a modern HOGARTU
full of the vigour without the coarseness and license
of the old master.

The Commarittee of ungres whicb is auditing
the expenses connected with General Garfield's ill-
nees, has determined to allow the physicians and
nurses the following amounts: Dr Bliss, 25,000
dollars; Dr. Agnew, 16,000 dollars; Dr. Hamilton,
16,000 dollars; Dr. Reyburn, T0,000 dollars; Dr.
Boyutou, 10,000"dullars; Mrs. Edson, 6,000 dollars;
Mr. Crump, Steward of the White House, is allow.
ecd 3,00u dollars; and the other persons employed
at the White House are to receive two months'
extra pay. Surgeon-General Barnes is to be pro.
ioted to be Major-Geueral on the. retired list.
Surgeon Woodward is to be promoted to the rank
of Lieutenant. Colonel. The Committee also grant
Mrs. Garfield the remainder of the President's
salary for the current year.-British Medical Jour.
nal, Mafch 4, 1882.
The gas suddenly went out all over of
Kingston, Ontario, on Saturday night. A perform-
ance of "Patieunce was beipg given in the Opera-
bouRe at the time. The management, as soou as
they recovered from their astonishment, lighted up
the stage with candles and. lamps, and the players
oent through with the reet of the opera with lighted
4unl in their ha nds

Sr- We are requested to state that MIns. Ga-
DON, will be "AT HOME" on Fridays, the 14th and
28th April, from 4 to 6'30, when she will be happy
to ree':ive her friends at "Clifton."


SaD AP.IL, 1882.
The usual service was held at Trinity Church at
11 a. m., His Lordship-the Bishop reading the les-
sons, and the Rev. Mark Jame- conducting the
rest of the Service, and preaching, lius text being
Job vi. v. 17.
His Honor the Chief Justice and the Hlons. Eu-
genius Harvey and James H. Triiningham, aa-i.t-
ant Justices, several .members of the Bar, and a
considerable number of Jurors and other. attended
the service.
The Court assembled for business shortly after
twelve o'clock, and the names of the Jurors aud
Constables having been called over, the Grand
Jury were empanelled and sworn, Mr. George
Spurling being chosen foreman.
His Honor the Chief Juitti.e in his charge to the
Grand Jury referred in detail to the case. of the two
Mates of the Abby Bacon," who fought, or at-
tempted to fight, a duel at St. George's in Decem-
her last. His Honor said that unfortunat,-ly many
of the witnesses had left Bunmuda bin.:e the ci.s:
was before the Magistrates, but that a separate In-
dictment would be preferred against u vuh of the
offenders and each would be xainitied as a witnn.-s
against the other, but lie reminded them that it
'would be their duty to warn these men that in Liv-
ing their eideuce they were uot. btund to say .aty-
thing to criminate themselves, and if they on oath
refused to answer on the ground that their an-
swers might teid to criminate them the questions
should not be pressed. His Honor also remind..1d
the Grand Jury that it was no part of their duty to
try in detail the eases which camine before them, libut
aa soon as a p:'nae, fcir oase was made out it would
become their duty to find a true bill.
The Grand Jury then retired. A few minutes
afterwards Mr. E. W. Wolff returnedinto Court, and
said that he had been called on the Grand Jury
and sworn, but that his name was not one of the
seventeen on the Foreman'a list. It was then as-
certained that his name had been called but had
not been taken down by the Prothonotary or the
Marshal. The Court decided that, as the law re-
quired tha I the first seventeen called and not t x-
eused or disqualified should serve -s the Grand
Jury, Mr Wolff must serve, and the Juror last
called m out bo withdrawn.
The Grand Jury found a true Bill against Charles
Henry Hilgrove Robinson for an assault occtasion-
ing actual bodily harm, who, being arraigned,
pleaded "Not Guilty." He was tried and found
'Guilty." The prisoner was remanded until to-
mtirrow mornJnug.
The Grand Jury found true Bills against Florence
Louira Jan.e Williams for wounding with feloniousri
intent, and against Edlwin Thomas Tucker for
A Bill against Arthur Wellesley Car.! for felo-
nious assault on a girl under twelve years was laid
before the Grand Jury but was found No Bill.
The Court was adjourned at 6 p. m. until 10 a.
m. this (Tuesday) morning.

List of' Jurors
Returned to S Src in the Coaurt oj Greral Jeire,
St. Grorye-John Burgess, George Spurling, Tho-
mas Burt Hayward, Charles 'omner, Augustus
SPnI.I n iomas ins LJa .TNli.n Irwin

"mrixarKe-tr-beio-f-ike o0 Jamaica official man. -______ ... ." ... .
agement, going so far as to address the Secretary o The members of the crew of the Norwegian bark
State on certain grievances. It has been interesting Sii., at Boston detract somewhat from the size of
to observe how they hae clung to liberty of acti te telegrapLic story about. their sailing through 50
and in their appeals they have certainly had the miles ot dead codfish, but the truth. if their present
sympathies ofJamaicas.story be true, is startling enough. They say that
The inhabitants of these small Islands petitioned they sailed through 10 or 12 miles of floating deal]
so tar back as 1848 for a release from connection fish, the fish being of large size, and visible on both
with the Bahamas, on account of conflicting in- sides of the ship as far as the eye could reach. Au
ereits," but they do not seem to be ally easier attempt was made to catch one of then with at
under the present system wh'ch joins thew to Js- boat-hook, but the vessel was oaiiiuu so last that it
wmal.. It was but lately that when the Divorce proved impossible to do so. These mariners have
Law was introduced in the 'urks Island Legisla- no theory to account for this fish fatality, but say
live Board, the local wish was that it could effect a they never saw or heard of the like before.
divorce between Jamaica and the Dependency. he s
However, it seems likely that this wish will not be The expenses return of the successful candidate
gratified, and it is possible that the flying visit of for North Durham, Sir George Elliot, has just been
bir Authony Musgrave tuay do something to soothe published; it shows a total of 7,161. The ex.
animosities and remove the bitterness. pensesof be Liberal candidate, Mr. James Laing,
We believe that the commercial affairs of the were ';,.57u.
Turks and Caicos group are not in a very flourish- The authorize-d manuafactory of playing cards in
ing condition, but the public finances have improved St. Petersburg is stated to produce 24,00 packets
uuder the present Commissioner, Mr. Llewelyn, per day. Estimating the working days of the year
who found a deficit and has now, it is stated, bout at 3'.0 this gives a total of 7,200.00 packs as the
;2,000 in hand Efforts are being made to send annual consumption of this article in Russia.
something beyond saltlront the group, in the way ofe The lity Lauds committee have accepted the
fibres, sponge, &c., but little has yet been done in offer of the Greek Company now working the
increasing the export. Direct steam communica- ancient quarries of Arble in the island of Paros,
tiou, uhen fully established, may weud the broken to provide a block of marble for the bust of Mr.
fortunes of that remote, small, but interesting por- I Gladstone by Mr. Wooluer, which is to be placed
tion of this Colony and the Empire.--J,/aai', in the Guildhall.
Gleaner,[ March 16.
J er, __ Ma/ 16. A Paris journal states that Russia would regard
any encroachment on Montenegrin territory by Aus.
No SvUa-LIonT.-From Buff Bay, Jamaica, Mr. tria as a coa bI/lhi.
Bancroft Espeut,writes: "The weather herebas been The Spanish Minister of the Coluies has intro.
moat peculiar for some months. No sun-light. duced in the Cortes a bill regulating the extraordi-
The percentage of cloud and cloudy days, is I am ducd r n te ortes a bill regulating the extraordi-
sure, very far above the average; and the effect of ,ary powers of the Governors General.
this absence of sun-light is most injurious to .agr- A great rainfall is reported from Cineinati, caus-
culturistc. The canea especially will not ripen and ing the Ohio to rise 15 leet Railroads were sub.
the bananas remain inu eatu quo, and taken four merged, bridges swept away and other damage of
timt.s as long to mature ah we know them to have grave consequences inflicted. The great influx of
done in sunny weather. Worse than this too is wathr into the Mississippi it is feared may produce
the marvellous prevalence of a fungoid growth- i disastrous results and destroy many more of the
evidently a V'upnodiumn -if not C. eilre very closely levees which are reported to be insecure.
allied to it. The Canes, ruava trees, Rose Apples,I ...
Guinea and other grasses, Lime and Orange trees, i A Al EU L'S C, H 010 E P E i F U
and, indeed almost all vegetation is affected by it. E I Y
Some of the leaves are as black as if they had been M : lE Y
smeared with shoe-blacking. This fugus is avert- '311M 1IEL'S TOILET VINEGAR, a pleasant
ing the growth of all vegetation remarkably, and, SL Eidic and refreshing adjunct to the Toiletand
causes me great anxiety iu respect to Canes. There Bath,.a reviving scent and a powerful disinfectant.
is almo a lot of another fungus-what Ikncw not but For warm climates it is invaluable.
ii viable only in the Mycelium stage which is affect. RlIMMEL'S CELEBRATED LAVENDER-
ing the Bananas all along the coast. It does not WATER.
appear badly on lauds in the interior, and prevails RIM MIEL'S TREBLE DISTILLED EAIJ DE
worse than those with marl or chalk subsoil. Add- COLOGNE.
ed to these terrible pests in the fungus line, we are RIIMMIEL'S MUCH IMPROVED FLORIDA
smotheied with the green Aphis which infests all WATER.
stages of canes frow the youngest plant or sprouts RIMMEIE'S JOCKEY CLUB and other fra.
to the ripe cane-or rather to the aged cane-for grant Perfumes.
ripe canes we are without from want of sunshine. RIMMAiEL'S LIM.E JUICE anid GLYCERINE
I have been here twelve years now and have never gives the hair a beautiful loss and raipWa tl an
seen anLting to approach t.he present visitation of agreeable coolness to the lead.
the Apbis; and this Cqpuodium is altogher a new | RIMMEL'S PURE WlItTE GLYCERINE
infliction; there are patches of it on the road lead- SOAP TILIA, BROWN WINDSOR, HONEY,
ing from Buff Bay to Cedar Valley where the Gua. ALMOND, LETTUCE, UO.\L-TAR, and the-
va and other bushes look asif they had been dust- Toilet'i oaps in bars or cakes.
ed with soot, and the color of the vegetation is en. RIMMEL'S VELNETINE, VIOLET, RICE,
tirely concealed by thisdense black coating. There RO'E-LEAF and other TOILET I'.OWDERS,in
can be no doubt that the fungus, and probably the boxes, barrels and packets..
Aphis too, are due to the damp, heavy, clouded; RIIMMEL'S AQUADENTINE, cleans, whitens
state of the weather. The Rainuail has not guaged and preserves the teeth, refreshes the mouth, and
uuch, but it has resulted front. continuous driazels. Iweetensith breath.
We have not had a good doWuapour once, only nasty RIlM MEL'S AROMATIC OZONIZ E, orNa-
drizzels, just the wealtec for fungi and insect life. tural Air purifier, a fragrant Powder. wltch diffuses
I -shall be glad to hear if this Capuodsujn has ap- the healthy and refreshing emanations of the Pine
feared in other districts and whether the large via- and Eucalyptus Fore-ss.
station of Aphis is confined to this eastern coast. E. RI A 11f.L, Perl'funer byappinitment to if. R
With the "tlyrebuum of the Banana I am still ex. H. Princess ol' Wales, 96, Strand, London, and 17
pet imenpg nhad will wite you further.--Jamaia Boulevard-des Iaienas, Paris,'
UdrW March 24. I May 29, 1877.

On Sunday last th,- (hur, h people of St. George THE STEAMER CANIMA."
were highly fu ored and extremely gratified in Tn t/oi Edht, r 1,f ti't Ito ft.. ,Io,'ng C/,,-',niele.
haviutig tith: presence of THs Bisno, and the Rev. ,
Mr. Moir.RELL ,it New York, whio ac-tel as Chaplain SiR :-A few days ago you copied an article from
to his Lord.-hip. At the Mo auiug .-.erriie, Mr. the V. Y. elridt speakiLng of the teamer ('n,,,,i as
Morroll pitched: the di.outise was of a high an old blockade runner,as haviugbeen condemned in
order-delivered with inch feeling and eloquence Bermuda, as being unbeaworthy, etc., all of which
-and listened to with marked attention. rhoi is untrue.
Di1hop preached at the Par:,,:- Setvi,.e in the Gar-. The Ca,,,Mut was built by Todt & McGregor, of
r.--ou Church. In the afternoon he confirmed, at IGlagow, for the Langland's of that place, for the
the Pari-h Chur,.h, thirty-.even candidates. His 1 British coasting trade, in which she was employed
Lord-hip spoke to the young people with gre.t until 1S73 when she was sold to parties in theWeit
fervor, and eu.leavourd to impress upon them and Indies, where she ran for a short time and then
the larI-e number of persons who witnessed the went to New York. Then she was bought by th:-
(etiemouv, the signifiauce and .ehinuity of the Co,- i Quel.-e Company from Mr. Grace, now Mayor of
casi.:.u. "A.d, notwith.tan,lin, thle heavy work the that city. A few weeks after, the first ow'uer of.
Bish,,p had ou that day, itnuediately after the Con. feared th. Companyuv profit of 6,01.1) stg. on their
firnmation, 6? che.i fully hastened to the l.ed-.ide of purchase. This ship, with others of the line, had
a dving woman, who expressed a wish that the been regularly inspected by the Underwrit(.rs of
Bi-hop w,..uld come to) give her his-blessin-: before New York, and risks are taken at th- lowestt rates.
she depart'-d this life. The friends of the sutfering Without hesitation we say that the Canina is
woman hesitated to a.k this favor, but they soon stro.:uger than any ship near her tonnage that en-
fiund to their joy that the Bishop was only too ters this port. She is in a thoroughly good, sea-
ready to minister to the attlic:ted At the Eveniug worthy condition, well found, well fitted and
Servitcethe Rev. F. Darnell read the first portion equipped, well commanded and offered. At the
and the Rector coueluded the prayers. The Bishop renluest of the Halifax Unleiwriters, Capt. D.
preached an able and well pointed sermon from Hunter, Port Warden, and Alex. McDonald, engi-
1 Peter in. If"., sewing that the Almighty n-ver Ueer at Cunard's, surveyed her, and they report as
intended for us to be miserable here, that we ueed f oll]ow:
nt.,t be ni.erable, that w- ought to love life"-' TVe, the undersigned, having beon requested by
th. w.iy to it i to '* seek pace and ensue it"-first the Halif.x Uuderwriters to hold survey on the S...
to seek peacm' with God, then with ourselves. aud (tm.i, of Bermuda, of the-burlthen of 7:33 tons, D.
with all rn asn an ahnost natural sequen,-e Thle O. Davies, master, do hereby r-port, that we the's
Churoh was so crowded that persons who could day proceeded alongside andl on bo.,rduf the above.
not obtain .eats reported to the Vestry Room ,uld naui-d veel, now lying at \\,Vod's wharf, and
wiunlow. The order aniu apparent good feeling ou up-nu examination found the chains, ancLors, spar.,
the .art Of the culoe egation at the.- service-[ were boal anlu g,.Ln-ral outfit in go:od icnditioun.
very ob-ervalle-all i-r-ousde,iiiug to do honor to Upon exatination in the holl, we found that
their chief minist-r, aund to deport themselves w ith thete are four water-t.-hIt bulkheads and a ooHliion
becoming revert nime in the House of Got,. bulkhead, all ruling up to the maindeek; also a
___________ ______ water-tight ccomp.iartmniut, enclosing the stuffing Lox
Prei en ies we understand, rept- I for ,crew shaft We examined the cement in the
Preliminary enquitieo, we understand, respect- bottom, of the various holds and engine room, and
ing a suitable Steamship to carry onions hene to ot in of the various hlds a enginTh e omplti, anle
London, were not encouraging. The descriptions fund it ll in good condition. The platiug, angle
of Steamships usually open for charter are of a ir,-u flames, beams, stringers awn de:k ties are all
class nit adapted for our trade. The Med tera- e r.4 heavy and in a good state of preservation.,
claf nrut adpted eor our trade. The Mediterr r- The augle'irou frames of the spar deck are bracket-
nean fruit traders would bet answer our purpose ed to the main deck beams in a suubstn tial manner,
but their owners would not take them out of their and the decks are in good condition.
regular line, except at fancy prices altogether out A py of the certifi-ate of the Government In-
of thequestion. Small steamers have lately be sptr f team vel at Quebec marked A) i
doing pretty well. A steamship of 864 tons nett, reuto of stam essnnlst eec (marked Aexd.
capable of carrying about l,.v0 boxes onions, en- uo tEn ed t.e aforesaid S.S.
gaged in bringing ore from Spain, in a voyage of We d, therefore cetudaify that touch, aforesaid .-S.
C2 d (,,,ia, of Bermuda, is.staunrth, strong and sea-
'i days-12 days steaming-has grossed 1,175.worthy, and in a fit and proper condition to load a
At the recent agricultural parish meetings, some rthy, ad in a fit erchandize proper ceted upon any
exception was taken to the proposed rate of fright cargo of gd upon any
to London, on onions, viz., I1 3 per box. It willbe i vo a e .
seen from the above th:tt, if Msers. Trottt & Cox Given ander our hand and the eal of the f ourte
had contracted with our planters at, that price, the Warden at Halifax, Nova Scotia, this fourteenth
freight earned would not have covered the chart, r. day of Mar-, AD., 18.2.
But not only in the rates were diffi.-tdlties eu,,:un- (Si.-.
tered. The terms of charter did uot allow the DAID Hu.rzn,
shippers and consignees a reasonable number of Port Wrde
lay days to handle the cargo with advantageMION TEAMBOAT INECTION OT TE.
We have no doubt, if our farmers had respndeil DOMINION STAMBOAT INSPECfION' 0ERTICATE.
and arranged with Messrs. Trott & Cox, that they I, Joseph Sanmson, do certify that the S. S. Ca,,i-
would have carried out their rugagements, evenI at -,ai is in all respects stauuch, seaworthy and in good
personal loss, but *e should have regretted tht-r condition for navigation ; that her envines, m-
encountering a business loss in an adventure un- chinery, purmps and boilers are sufficient and suit-
dertaken for the general public advantage. This able to be employed in the carriage of freight, a.nd
year's experience will, we tust, prove valuable no more than sixty passengers, and that the boilers
another season. | of such stenmer can cirry with safety from fifty to
Ssixty pound" per square inch, and no more, and I
TRIP TO TURKS' ISLAND. further certify that tle equipment of the vessel
A TRIP TO TURKS' ISLAND. throughout, including three wooden boats, one
The Governor has gone on a trip to our little de- metallic one wooden life boats, ninety life pre-
pendency of Turks' Inland, which has now been di. iervers, twenty-five buckets, six axes, ten lanterns,
rectly under the Jamaica Government esice 1874, and other things, is in conformity with the pro-
although for at least 25 years previous to that time visioCns of the law.
the affairs of the Turks and Caicos Islands were iSigned) Jos. SAkson,
administered subject to the superintendence of the Govenmi ent Inspector of Steam Vessels.
Governors of Jam aTica. __-_ ...-^ n 30th 1:

MW A Supplement of Eight col-
umns accompanies this issie of the Gazette. It
contains the West India news by the Beta; Ten
communications addressed lt the Editpr on
various subjects, and a large number. of adver,
tising favours.

Just Received
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History of Engnmd.

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Agreements ,:Xr .P .i


At "Royal Gazette" Stationey Strq.
Hamilton, life. 20th, 1881. .' t: '','A ,

Avery. large supply of l(e'aborettecerev w re
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*". .'-.- "- '.;.':-.".-' (,".*-. "'';'1,- .-
"-..: ,-* .*:..- %- 4";,.\,";%, .-.*&-:.*^ ^ ,

T. AprI. 3, 1S82.
Eames, Mrs.............Concord, N.H.
Hillsburr, Mrs. Chas. I Saat .
and 3 children........ Saratoga Spg. N.Y.
Cl Mrs. C........... Kingston, Canada.
M. Mrs. i } New York Ciy.
Cbu, Chas. M....
Miss Julia L Sko-wbegan, Me.
Plummer, C. G. C..... Boston, Mass.
Smith, Mrs.Geo.GregorVy ,
Van Norden, Mrs. Chase. Albans, Vt.
C hauncey, Mrs. Danl. ..
Miss Florence [
Mary L. Brooklyn
."lace, Mrs. H. C ......
(iheldon, Miss Florence.. ..
Browning, Mrs. A. B...)
Mias Amy..
Allin, Mr. E. D ..... New ork.
Mrs. *" .. York.
McNeil, J. G........I..
*Whitlock, B. ME........ J
Benediit, S. .......... Brooklyn
George, E. P..........
Mrs. E. P. ..... West Fairlee, Vt.,
Miss Leua .. ..| .
Crumbie, Dr. C. M ....
Miss S. D..... New Yok City.
.%orrill, Rev C. W. ( Nw Yok City.
Smith, Clarence H ....
Churib, Mrs. I, J......Conn.
Marshall, Mr. Geo. E.. hicago, Ill.
Mrs. .. '
Bartlett, Geo. N. ...... S ', ,
SMrs. Geo. N... sancPau(.isoo, pa.
Greene, Mrs. W. K.... Amsterdam .Y,
Marcellus, Mrs. H. ...
Randolph, A ........
Mrs. A .....
Bishop, C. J.. Esq..... Boston, Mass.
Gltuny Mr. W. H..
M Mrs. "-.') Buffalo, N..
Davis, R. H. .......... Saratoga Spgs, N.Y.
Brokaw, Isaac ......... Newark, N.J.
Burwell, Dr. Geo....... Buffalo, N.Y.
Hussy, Mrs. W. H. ...Orange, N.J.
Frederick .... Orange, N.J.
Smith, Chas. H. .......
M" rs. C. H. ..... Broo N.Y
Miss Nellie..... Broo ..
Cooper, Mrs. Geo. H. ..
Congdon, H. L .........En lewood, N. J.
Mrs. H. L... neood, N. J.
Morgan,Capt. E. D. Jr. ;
Store, Miss. New York City.
Brown, Dr. F. T ...
$aiQp, WV. B. ........ Boston, Mass
C(urfis Nathauial ..... EBosl s.
DeWitt, Wim G. F.....
Crane, J. H. ........... ,York City
Nov, Fred. B ......or Cty
Baird, W. C .........
Halsey, M. W. ......... Elizabeth, N. .
Whiting, Chas. F. -
Hull, W. C .......... Orange, N. J.
Hall, Chas. ........
Shepard, D. ........ Bridgeport, Conn.
Duncan, D. H.......... ) Haif,N.S.
M" rs. C. H. .a..
Burdick, E. T. ...... Newport, R.I.,
Mrs. E. T..... j
Mailliard, A............ San Francisco, Call.
Stokes, Capt. ....... t, C
H rs & Mai a. : ito0 nada,
Artend, Edw........... New York.

S Mrs. R. '''.
Master M. .Boston, Mans.
Frank .......)
Cowdry, Mrs. J. T. ... New York

BIRTH, in Paget's West, on the 27th March,
1882, the WVJFE of Mr. C. T. Holland, of a SON. -
... ... in this Town on Sundlay morning, 2nd
inust., M.r. SAXL. D. ROBINSON, ot a DAvninvT1.

DIED, at Belmont, Warwicak, oa the Suth March,
.Mas. S. D. McEWEN, aged 72 years. c

Ber-munla Produce for New York market, ship.
ped per Mail .teamer Or,,,ro, on Thursday last:-
375 bris. potatoe,, 6,527 boxes onions, 6,186 boxes
tomatoes, 4Vs8 boxes beets, and 24 boxes cauliflower.

r" Parties who were disappointed in getting
copies of the last Ga:e:tt, containing the obituary
notice of General Sir R. M. Laffan, can obtain
them at the Ga-ette Stationery Office, a small extra
edition having been printed.

FAIry LAND is GonE-or rather it is understood
to have passed from Bermudian ownership., This
favorite place for moon-light excursions has, I have
reason to believe, been purchased by General Hast-
ings, of the United States Army. Q.



- l ... m I M

- ~ r,~42


On Thursday next,
6 h instiat, at 1-2 t 'clock, M.,
,1 UPISi IOR New Yok 11 41MS
-50 0 4 Half iChests Oolon TEA Between I
20 :Cases TIN, suitable tor covering Shed Roofs (Callii
10 Bores Family SOAP Frm
4 Brls Jamaica GING P .I, in fine, order Fro011
9 Camp IPeckirng CH AIRS Instant, and
A large Lot of assorted TINWARE ed to make
3 Hhds Fuglish .LE viz. :-
A lot of New lLl-Ns L
A Lot of DRY GOODS Aa.RRVs-lt
5 Half Boxes Gold Leaf TOB WCO rEArV-9- 4
A Lottof HFI1MEiS and iiATCiIET'; Callinga
25-..Reams NOTE LA1'A'E, Ruled On Mondt
Ho-rse BliUSHIKS Clothes LINES Vo,',,ly.e ,
Hand. SAW? 2 and '6 inches. at 10-30
5 K,.s HiElItlING', ,"ingle Fa
Aid-imany other that will appear at th 1. Second.
For furtht
sale. TEY on boa
-. W. WALKER & CO.,
Auctioueert, auit ,,
HawilHon, April 3, 18,V.


The COTIAGGE next the
it na Residence of r'harles Thiel, Esqr., in
his Town.
Immediate possession given,
Apply to
Hamlaton, 27th March, 1882.-2 Sp

For Rent,

: North of Victoria Park.
SPossession given 15th April next.
Apply to
S. A W. T. JAM ES,
42 Front Street.
"taiuiltoh, 27th March, 1882.--2 :p.


miner Arrangement.
Aud Despatch"
HEamilton and Ireland Island,
ug at Boaz and Somerset.)
1 Wednesday, 5th
until further notice, it is intend-
3 rounds trips daily, as follows,
u., 11-15 a.m.. 3-30) p.m.*
a.m., 1'00 p.m., 44.5 p.m.
IRELAND ISLAND.* 1'315 p.m.., 4-20 ) p.m.
0 a.m., 11-45 a.m., 4-10 p.iu.
t Boaz weather permittiung.
ay. Wednesday and ,aturday the
-ill leave Publie Wharf, Somerset,
. for Hamilton (dlireect.)
re to or from Hamilton-I-t class,
class 6,1. Round tl ip ticket 1/'6.
er iu'or -atiiin apply to MR. RII-
ird c teacher -ir to
-. 1. INGHAM, JR.
th Aprdl, I- 2.
-IT S041 f

Philantrophic Lodge
No. 5,
Take great pleasure in informing the Public
that they have chartered the- new and elegent
[,r F rEAMER
and the I.'ISPATCH"
to couvey their Members and Passengers to
13th April, Instant; Hamilton at o'clock, calling at Wharf, Somerset, at 8&-.0 thenco to
leave for St. Georges at 8-4.5. On return Trip
to leave St. Georges at 5-30. Tickets 1'6 o- :'ih
way. V'ounl trip 3/.
i tickets can be obtained at MR. J. H. ROBIN-
8.SN's at thle Ein)riatn, and MR A. II. HIOBIN-
SON'S Boot tnuaw Shoe Store. Hamilton. and from

.1 PI.Mw.O, by Broadwood, has Mt. J. H. MAYOR, .-omerset, and from the
been bolted for the climate.-P'rice 50. Counnittee on the Boat on TtlURSDAY the
The well-known hunter anrd N. J. BASCOME,
Charger BENJ. J. \ WILLIA.MS,
l' ',Knight of St. George," rto, April 4, I .-ommittee.
S PRICL .35. --
Apply to the STEWARD and COACHMAN. Colonist" copy twice.
AMount La, nto. -The .Estate of His Excel-

le lly Lieut.-General
Merchandise Broker and Manufac- R.E., K.C.M.G.,
turers' A gent, Late Governor and Comuanlder-in-Chietf,

l121 Chambers Ntreet,
P.O. Box 2726.
a"r Special attention paid to
feraiuda shipments.
Now Yor+i, M~rch 22nd, 1 82.-tf


Wanted Immediately,
AIply to


HamiJlton., April 3, 1882.


APPLY at once to
Hamilton Bakery
Hamilton, 3rd April, 1882.-1


S Apply at once to

A LL Persons having' CLAIMS a-
. against this Estate are requested to for-
wv.d their ac-ounts to the BXEC.uTrIx, under
c.,ver to the undei signed,
On or before the 13th April Nixt.
Hamilton, 28th March, 16S2,-3 3p.



The Hamilton Amateur ROYAL IRISHRIFLES
Dramatic Club ffnaaer 100rinealic club,
Will Perform-on the Evenings of .- g a
The 24th and 25th April, 18,2, PROSPECT
Gilbert's Comedy (in 3 Acts), entitled By kind permission of Lieut.-Colonel F. R. C.
'as 0 CROFTON, Commanding 2nd Battalion
-t- 1On Saturldav 105tl,
The Performance will conc'ude ou the first. 5
evening with Beecher's Farce entitled MONDAY 17TH,
In the Wrong House, And. TUESDAY, 18th April, 1882.
or, No. 6, Duke Street.. ---o--
mhT f n -*. --- 1

Te ormrteri-.tices wilU commnt-nceeacb evenir
And on the second Evening with Morton's with the delightful Far-, in ct, by J.
Farce entitled B. BUCLsroNE, Esq., entitled
0 L[N A J diP BAIi1 A a S tD %9
By kind permission of Colonel Crofton the
Band of the Royal Irish Rifles will perform To ho f followed y Sergt.-Bnu-'er W. F.
each evening CHEESM N':., who,: wil sing some of the
Den.e at Performance to corn- Latest and JNewresi London ('otI
Reserved Seats 2,6. Gallery 1, SoIIgs,
Tickets to be obtained at the Royal Ga- for titles of which see Small Progi ammes.
zette" Stationery Store, w.hore a Plan of the -
Seats may be seen on and after Monday the After which will be performed the high.
10th instant. popular Drama, in 2 Acts, by H. T.
Hamilton, April 4, 182. CRAVEN Esqr., entitled


i24 TENDERS will be re-
r ceived for the purchase of the
on the south h ,i,.e of Warwick Parish, lately
occupied by Miss C. H. ADAMS, deceased.
Tenders for the above Property will be re-
ceived by the undersigned on or before
5th of 3pril A'ext.
Not bound to accept the highest or any
Hamilton, March 4tb, 182.--2 Sp. 1 Istp.



A good selection of Millinery and

Suitable for the Coming Season.
April 3, 182.-2

R. E. COOHRAN & Co.,
96 Park Place, New Y6rk.
Persons wishing to -Ship
To a reliable and strictly Commission House
can'lo so by applying to the Undersigned,
who will render any a-sistanco needed.
Piompt sales and remittanceLs made.
Hamilton, April I, 18S2.-2mn

.Valuable Real Estate in the own By the Steamer Be"rwuda." ex-
J Hamnlilton. pected to-day,
THEE INiPE-IGN -: P insir2ne- P C 1 P L It 11 i
ed to ofltr lor S.le the DWELI.IN;
0 iOUs at,,d TWO o.IT.S O
I.AND i)t the OCorner of the st. K tU,4'24.
Lon.ii:',dinal re-t annl Urijn r Street, opposite Colored, Black and* 'hi e.
ithe Reie-ntee of Air. John Daley Colored, black and hite.
S'I liee I,,is aIdjoin each other .and ine;sure 50 -VW. S. DARRELL.
feet hy 160 feet each, and are bourded'on il.e lanilton, April 4, 1882.
North by the 3th Longitudinal Street. ailou, April 4, 182._____________
TENLERS or the abive Pr.perty will be T 4-
reccived by the Undersigried L im e im e.
SUp to 5 p. m,. of FRIDAY, 14th Aplril Lime !
The Undersigned does not bidI himself" to
accept the highest or any Tender. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS
Hlamiltho, 3rd April, 1882.-2 3p. IFOR SALE,
A flre ChI -e Deliverable at ainy p:irtof tlie Island between
A Rare Chance. Hamilton and St. Georye at ONE SHILLING
per Bushel, undur tweaty-five Bushel-. Over
52 n oii l a rn te nt- bi li n 1 nfi li-




By kind permission of Lt.-Colonel F. R. C.
CROFTON and OFFICERS of the Battalion the
STRING BmN'D, under the conduotorship of Mr.
R. Brown, will perform each evening,
Reserved Seats 2/.; Front Seats 1/.; Gallery 6d.
Doors open at 7-":i. To commence at 8.
Carriages at 11.
Reserved Seat Tickets may be obtained at
the Offixers' Mess, Royal Irish Rifles, Prospect,
and at' the Stationerv '-tore adjoining the
R"loyal Gazette" Office.
President, Captain E. G. Seiby-Smith; Ma-
nager, Sergt. P. Ferry; Stage Manager, An'r.
Sergt. J. Mason; Trea,arer, Paymaster Sergt.
H. -Morey.

For Sale,

SALL that c,-rtain DWELLING
I to IlAND thereto belonging, containing
4 ''wo Acres or thereabouts, situate at
or near the Fhaits. Bounded NorlherlYq, by
land of A-ggeus Outerbridge ; EteSrl, by the
parcel of land her,.-iriftf.'r described ; S-,dherlhj
and- iV'e-srly, by 1-nd of Eliza Daiz-ll Wif-
liaims, andi _y ltu,- of- thbe-heirs or devisees of
John Gibbons, deceased.
And, also, all that certain PARCEL or SLIP
OF L ND situate at. or near the F,'tils, mea-
suring in length from North to South Five
IHundred and Sixty-one Feet-, on the Eastern
side thereof, of which Two Hundred and Thiee
Feet run a course Soit h .by Ea-fd, Eusterly, and
the remaining Threet hundred and Fifty-eight
Feet run a course SH.uth, Sitlh East, ant mea-
suring in width on the Northern boundary
thereof Ten Feet and (eve-n Inches, or there-
abouts; bounded lt,.terl, by land of the heirs
or devisees of %ugust's I'eni-ton. deceased,-] by
the f'are-l of Land above described, and by
land now or late of the h -irs or devisroes of
John Gibbons, d. c-eased ; Emt&.rly, by 1 ud of
the heirs or drevisees of -ugustus 'rpniston, de-o.
ceased ; tathferlq, by the Public Road on the
Flatts Hill, and onrtherly by the Public Road
running through the Flatts Village. Nearly
all the Land is arable. Price low. Owner
anxious to sell.
Apply early to
March 27th, I182.-t ice Jp.

A Very Choice assortment of
April 4th, 1882,-1

From Life.

EastEud Hamilton. u A very' SUPERIOR PAIR of I4i) ..p...i a .. ....u ,Lii y ue ,,,tau u, o'npp- rlululUiJ-lslAr-Hi t ls xcelien-
April 4th, 1882.-oncep. IORSES, I JOo N THOMAS TURNER, cy the Late Governor,

Found, B \Y,) about 14j hands high, March, 28, 1482. ts Paris Sir R bert M Laf-
A F'Aand re Aewfound- oldfor o t.fault, thi Owli. .ing to leaveav fan,
1. .dfluSvl .Ie wIuIICL- the Islands in a-few- weeks. f i
land TOrfa-r Apply t "Rdoyal Gazette" -fice. I ar i b aa 0 o To be obtained at the Photographic Gallery of
Swi r f its weeaouts on April 3, 1882. To Return Direct. J. F. DARRELL & SON.
P pwDr will, h-Ear of its Swhereabouts on ALSO
aptiiatidn at this Office. AO,
Thi advertisement must be paid-for by the William Jahies Heney, . T he Shr.. Some Pictures of the Funeral.
.. T 1 E O Ra-f, t April3,1882.
Hamilop, April Shipping and Commission Agent, I- 4. 1tQ .1 V%
Shipping. Agent. r .... ..... U.uNSCUu..EM, t-- DUNSOUMS A FRITH-
.-.:,-...,O.,1 fj Queen Street, CuBE UN..
... .IAJWti O j HAMILTON, BERMUDA. Will Sail for above Port, N "W 0 ,
---- 'l!" i 'd Prompt ittebin given o Consiignteuts. T e E. w
nB r) Aucuo- wit THE UNDERSIGNED will re-
l Ac.onWednedays and r day. t raq, .ceive a.d forward S himents of .Pro.JA'
-'" Rhres. e'omto the above firmpassuil. --akaqges aUast be
figg and HaArness. notice. And will take Freight, ouror back, at tom arke i the Initils of th Chistian Nme
aryRt anes full Surname of the Ouher, anid with the
An Persoi desirous of having the above fdr Wanted a Sober 31 A N Engagement List open at the Office of the shipping Number. ..... .
thq keep for afewontis can, on applyingat That thoroughly understands the care of Undsrsigned. r ..alesmaif this Season is iR. (;Eoao:
.this Oceb, obtain the Ower's name abd ad- Horse. TH'OS. J. WADSON, C'AMP"EL,, 9of%' iihingtou 1'iarket,
dena. .1': .- Apply at this Offic-.. A ett. J. FREDK. SMITS;.
HaiMlton, April 4th, 1882. january 1882. [i m illon, April 3rd, 1882.--1 -Maen h 20, 1882.-3 Sp

[E TABLE Mechanics' Hall,

0 WING to the demise of His Excelleicy
Lieutenant-General SIR ROBERT MlcI.flA
L.FtaN, K.C.M.G., R.E., Governor and Com-
manuier-in-Chief of Bermuda on the 22nd
of March instant, the -Govern-ient of these
Islands has. by virtue.of Her MajOst)4L6tters
Patent constituting the Offliie of1Governor,
devolved on
Colonel the
KIoiiorable E. C. A. GORDON, C.R.E.,
the Senior Military Officer in Command of
Iler Mtjesty's Regular Trbops -in these Is-
lands, as ADMINISTRATOR or TaLE OpVl.AN-
.By fhe Hnir's Cn'uimand, .
I C ttq. ulo.,.al Si cre'ta ./,

K fOti

ien Ito NL1Pn

24th March, '1-8S2.
SA-TERS of Vessels, Pilots, Mariners,
Boatmen and others cepnerned, are
hereby informed that pursuaut to an Act of
P.irliament passed in 1 S71 and entitled No. 3,
an Act to- authorise the War Department to
carry on Warlike Experiments on the Coasts
of these Islands, the Comumanding R. E.'aad
the Officers and men under his orders, will
occupy from
The 181 st Jpril, '82 till the ,Jst
August, '82,
The wator space on the ,omerset side of the
.ships Channel, between Long Point and Scour
Hill, for -the purpose of practising therein-1Tor-
pedo Experi ,ents, and Vessels and Boats
coming within this water space will be-liable
to come into collision with aunken -obstric-
tins. The water space thus occupied will 'be-
marked by ted Buoys" at either extremity,
and all parties are warned against entering
upon the reserved space.
o--,^-,,-!. on.1 *\,", -,ia.

e.l pso t .l "LU, -- arcl l, L D. ....-
Henry fffien & C.
107, PA.4 S P: 0., N. "T.
THE UNDERSIGNEIl will represent the a-
bove Firi this Season, a wld ell be tall
times ready to receive and forward cppjgn
ments of Prbduce."- Highai' Markqft ltea will-
be obtained. y r .. ... -
Vill also purchase Produce for ti .Caub
throughout ith asaon. .- -. .


1 1

Office at Sttoto. T. co( y.iiRn
faMnilton, Aprl 4th', 18882-.,4 .
F. CE ffAMIlI TrON, lst -A.pli.,i : ;
,F.-G -Atkine, MaBiW~lBiAjeu, TTA.iman .
Burdick, Jose S de Bettenaurt, E T Browp, Jainme :
Baiu, soaep4i de Coala, aniel Dickinsop, Mit Dal-
kuet, .Geqrge Edward, P7i YlerA i-AjGgO.A .. _
abui Qo ei,, M.r.14r, & si z t1-

Viihard; b Ines,- -Sip 'R.rW1ff,' .
Brig" nw aiit.'e CSmit,.- .id
Fir mith,/ A Stith, L. RSmith 1M" Stilt -" -. -' ".:,
a, I-mith, Rlgs J1 Sim.pomi1 ,Heip p1i r,,r,,
Peter WiliBamsdii Wda:'_ "- "' ".. ,. .
UNOlj4LflEl-)4WN TUEP P03 ?oip
FILt t gOS E'S, April 3,88. '. o, ~'.
WIljabm .'- jii Af l muaiI," B ,rk" ,! ; ;
Hett, Sigi, l "Je John Charlgis W J-n -- ,;,.-;'
,.: -. -
S" Rib''-! a' 081a
Su .-' 1 -
S- ,I. .=_ -'_ .'- F-.'.. a.

.. .-:. 'Y "f- T '

BERMUDA, Ai -:;it:
[L.S.MV.] 1y 'His H.uor Colonl E. 'C.
E. (.ordo n ous O fWO rR., Admii-
... .. '.r"ofih G, fh neat and
Colonel, R.E],.. c A, ainistratdr. otcr the ''rAridm'-' Sot' e

R iVroc1ani.atni.t
IVIW EREAS the Copiamndiug lR.yal En.
gineer has notified -ihb, the A'dministra-
tor and Coumiauder--inutief, thlftthe New
Road authorised by th4e Prospect Road Act
IS) to beo uade alon',or.near-the Eastern
bouuidary of t,h'eWar -'Departmenl.4Lands at
Prospect 1ill is comp]6etev; Mid th ioard of
i'ublic Works hlis no tfiU-fto-me thli'the Road
which by the' Act the said Boa itwas au-
thorised to raake is" comnpleted, which two
Roads together forming 6fi RbadhrhWf to be
called, in iipursuanme oT the said 't,'tbi'"New
Prospecf Hill Road.," I do. hereby isae this
my Provlamationi; in putrsuance ot the sgad Act
and do hereby appoint and affix tep. Thirty
first day of March instant as.the dayfrp~oi and
I after which the Old White Hill Road shall be
c]t)'ed and the New Prospect fill Roid open-
ed for Public use, as provided by the said Act,
from and after which date the. New. Prospect
Hill Road shall be and remain dedicated to
Vublie use as n Public Road, -a;nd il rights of
way or reputed rights of :w4y over .pr' along
the Road called in the said Act the Old White
Hill Road, and other public rights ii.tlhe said
iast meution-.d road, sh_1a ei tinguisled and
forever cease.
Given under my Hand' and the
Great Seal of these Islands
this Thirty First day Qf
March, A.D., 18822, and in
the 45th- year o0Her Majes.
ty's Reign.
By His Honor's Command,
Acting Colonial Secretary,


-M. i .l ,. .", .,
: . :: *:!:-': .: :
.. . _; .





8 m ,


th6DtapnaeaI sFevar(*
tRrb andSju ur r b
Ateicie, Dosi

ItPuise h = 0u;meateDsen
Bqo6atoessgeerousDbUU cv

Aft fh~eond hW6 Pth SOrcOlhsinand Sugauorth

auSs inia d Sou ,.qr qu .irtd e Cocdin tem
paea A 'r 't n D A I. Iur'l ITake, gmedi

DIaS SIR,-I have used your INDIAN BLOOD
SYRUP with great satisfaction and relief. I have
been afflicted with catarrh for a long tim,. could
.t-,.0 relief, until I commenced using the BLOOD
I'RYRTP. I was about to give it up because imme-
diately after taking it made me dizzy and feel hadly,
buntonrjonsulting a fph ician was informed that it
,-Ws arO "i.. medicine restoring my imperfect
*- .J -. '',,; on the 'Jiseased matter in my
,.esi. *i ... .. by the droppings of theC eNarih
nultter. I invariably found, however, that this dizzy
il -- -.---. uam w




.-k a




ly be




PHOTG0 APHIC GALLERY. 47 Frout Street,


3, 03arrclt au-ntb lon,
BEG to offer their sincere thanks to the In- Bermuda and others, for their
liberal Patrotage during the pdst part of their
Photograplhic practice, aud having: recently
made addition to their stock of
by the first Opticians in London, (DALL-
MEYOR and ROSS,) are prepared to offer to
the Public a better class of work than has
hitherto been done in Bermuda.
Much time and study is given to theChemi-
cal effects, pose, and lighting of our portraits,
conseque-ntly produeing.find artistic effects.-
Ships, Buildings, Yachts, Outdoor Groups,
&c., &c.
Photographs, Cartes de Visite, Cabinet and
larger sizes taken at shortest notice; also en-
larged to life size in INDIA INK, OIL CO-
* First, Artists in New York City employed for
t' he above enlarged work.
Clubs of five or more taken at reduced prices.
P.S.-Please notice that J. F. DARRELL
Photographs, Industrial Exhibition of IS72 and
twenty years practice, together with the ex-
perience of his Son, who has just returned
from America, and who has operated in some
of the First Galleries there, ena.-les them to pro-
beg further to state that our prices are kept at
reasonable rates ; there may be work done for
less, but we ask that quality be given the pre-
61 Front Street, Hamilton, Feby. 7th, 1S82.

5* NO 0JE.

Respectfully informs the Public that he has
Opened a
Tailoring Establishment
Over the Store of Alexander J. Frith, Esqr.,
No. 39, Front Street.
Guarantees to give satisfaction, and solicits
a share of the Public patronage.
c A new supply of Goods always on hand.
Hamilton, February 21, 188J.-3m paid.

IIg.soonuuI pssedU way, my rCIV'JUs sysiitem wa
quiised, and the catarrhal poison removed by IN O B I
medicine. 1 have been entirely cured by your 0'T* S
aluable remey, -j .-. TBLE P.APK AN Z G130 AL
S, respectfully yours, | T r OxT N A.
No. 319 Wet 10th al., New York City. On the 15th of September an Electric Tele-
__ graph Office combined with a special estab-
EUMATISM AND KIDNEY COMPLAINT. lishment for exchanging signals "ith vessels
Ia,-I give my testimony with pleasure to the passing at sea will be opened at Vings at the
eficialrerults of your BLOOD PURIFIER; my enrauce to Gottenburg
iswerk out of order, 'and the result was rheu- This Office is situated 140 meters westward
ism an my right knee, joint swollen twice the from the T'iniga Beacon.
of natural and very painful, a boil e of the large Telegrams will there be received and dis-
made a perfect cure. I will also siy my diges- patched daily from sunrise to sunset.
has improved so that I can eat anything within The signalling to ships at sea will be carried
.h. on exclusively by means of flags and distance
P. F. MARRON, signals according to the rules laid down in the
No. 19 Beach-st., New York City. IIfteruational "Commercial Code of Signals."
-- i With regard to telegrams sent to vessels, the
SICK HEADACHE AND DYSPEPSIA. following rules are to be observed:
No. 151 PERRY-ST., NEw YORK CITY. 1:0. The address must give, not only the
orilinary indications, but also the name of the
EA a .St,-Your justly celebrated INDIAN vessel, its official number (i. e. signal letters in
dS aYRIdP has entirely ur ed me of Sick the Code List) as well as the port to which the
daclhe and Dyspepsia, ot 10 years' standing ship belongs
Ilmo curd my child of Scarlet Fever, and my 2:o. The telegram shal either be written in
>P Female conrplaiYs, 1 the Swedish language or be composed of com-
GEORGE H. REYNOLD)S. binations of letters. In the latter case only the
a-- following iS- consonants of the alp .abet, viz :
sac Dahlman, Bull's Herd, 2.1th st., (of Dah'" B. C!. D. F. G. 1F. J. K. L. XI. N. P. Q. R. S.
I Brother, deals im he.-., cur. ed ,, T. V. and W. may be u.ed; each combination
nry [ahlr ndi..,eo, o l hny ry.mai Ifan.lina. -.hall not contain more thau four letters ; a
eat and Iinlli.eiation. .iter having be,,en tre,,ted telegram of this description will be considered
hysiciais wiith,.ut 'b ntefial ff,'c. as if it were ciphered.
Telegrams coming from ships will, a' the
.CONSTIPAFION WII'll HEAD \11E. request of the sender, be forwarded to their
No. -99 %EST OUSTON.-T iry. destination -n the above mentioned kind of
rn,-Your IN 9IAN BLOOD SYRUP aO cure. cipher; in case no sueh request should be made,
t,--lYourIN dIAN BLOOD SYRUP, la elcud the dispatch will be forwarded in Swedish
litlrely uflh. disirtrs in my head, aud reliev. d translation.
difficult 'of mny bow.l,. I mus say th,t it
I bet medicine, tlat any person can take for The charge for messages by signal letters
headae i ay peon can taker will, in the rule, be calculated at the following
S-a) for signalling : 1 krona 50 6re for any
DYSPEPSIA. number of words ;
CAR StR,-[ used your INDIAN BLOOD SYe b) the forwardingofthe message through the
'o'lor.Jympelsia (from which I suflfred for liv- telegraph will tie charged according to the
'f) Wi'lthe hdpliiest results. established tiariffof rats for inland and foreign
b dAe. stolach in a condition to telegraphic correspondane'.
at foJd--thfeb'freliev'iii' me ofihose distress- The whole amounu, .f both these posts is to
paine(ipe'ikt.ild by dyspetpiics after'eating- be paid: for telegrams sent to vessels by the
lglohbgh "it at first cedid' occasional dizziness sender, a ,d for dispatches e ,wing from vessels
quickly dsaap.peir d 'n rny coniLinuing its uge. by the receiver.
tigestion is now almost perfect and I leel graot- Passing vessels will be abl', by simply hoist-
tod. I.". ing the ensign with their dist-nguishing signal,
.. Yours, .-WAi. A. PIERMAN, i. e. their official number in the Code List, to
No.'?33d W st32id st., New Yoik City. have their passage reported by telegraph to
EW o, F any person within Sweden,. who, by letter .or
lohnir Ml)b., '3 telegram, shall have previously applied to the
J oc,, office fr such purpose, at the same time giving
i ta, I 'take pleasure in rcoommendina his address.
*r*ttIA'N iBLOOv bSYRUP as an invaluable In suoh cases no charge will at present be
edy ]or Dysiia.p.. My wife has been a sufler- made for the signalling, and the person to
Snatre for oedive7' yd a. htDliacks'of fthle lnc whom a message is addressed will only haveto
Snrefld.alostr .et d. rliAl *to, .her. Site wa pay the ordinary charge for the transmission
rrtdr-foi -by sevra ,ctors without effect by telegraphic wire and such expense.; as the
ig b6ave he,.raelifuntil he' obtained a boult forwarding of the message to its address from
uur INDI -N ,ULOOD ,SYRUP. Its effects the nearest telegraph-office may involve.
,dluid-hiM now-entirely cuied, it After the establishment of the Electric-
eii jcipge that,. ano household should be without. Telegraph Office, .the Optical Telegraph at
.,, : YOUNG, Ving; will no longer be used.
io.26klWest .Houseted-Sr.,'City. Stockholm August 30th 1i881.
.. 28. -.s TThe Royal Board of Telegraphs.

, 'B 9 BRMUDA, June 28th, 1,880.
-. DAt-Sa,-This. i tie certify that I 'have fouhi
or.0go6d in your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP thari
My'Uldiin'e ths.OI h'aie 'evr taken for Dypepia !
ad IBgle*t,,n". 1 would adii'e alil that suffer rumi
,'b '-- .' AML. 1G. ADAMS.
S" Se Agent ror,.Bermnuda,

Wt. W StreSt, t. Georgsu.


Consisting in part of:-
Tins of Roast BEEF MUTTON
Lunch TONGUES Potted HAM
Bottles of Assorted PICKLES
Corned BEF'.Fin Tins BISCUITS of all kinds
SlIGA R, White and Brown FLOUR
Tins of i CO \ ard I ILK
'OFFE'- aid MILK
Green and Burnt f 'IFFRE Oolong TIA
Bottles of S.YRUPS, of all flavors
CHERRIES, &c., &c.
Tins of FRUITS, in Syrup
JAMS of all Flavors BU i'TER LARD
6 oz. Bottles of Essence LEMON
Condensed MILK
TARTARIC-AC'ID, (Powdered)
Hair OIL, assorted Flavors Fine Olive Oil.
CURRIE (in Bottles)
NUTMEGS ALMONDS, in and out of shell
Jars of Preserved GINGER SAGO
&e., &c., &c.
East Broadway and Victoria Streets.
Harillon, December 19, 1881.

Liverpool, Queeinslow, London
and New York.
The STEAMSHIPS of this line comprise
TWELVE of the largest steamers (belonging
to one Company) in the Atlantic service leav-
ing the port of New York. They are built ex-
tirely of iron and steel, except the merely de.
corative parts, are divided into water-tight
and fire proof compartments, and provided
with everything calculated to add to their
safety, and to the comfort and convenience of
passengers. The saloons and staterooms (all
on'the main deck) are unusually large, light
and airy. 1'he table and general appoint.
ments compare favourably with the best hotels
in England.
One of these steamers will sail from New
York every Saturday, for Queenstown and
Liverpool, and weekly for London,direct, from
New Pier 39 North River. Rates of passage
in currency: -To Queenstown and Liverpool,
Sau to $20. To London direct (Victoria Docks)
S5$0 to $b0 ; excursion tickets Sr00, currency ;
Steerage passage *26, currency. For .further
particulars apply, to the Company's Offices,
Nos. 69, 71 and 73 Broadway, New York.
New York, January 27, 1882.

For Rent,

4t. ,'- That desirable Residence'in Paget Parish

For Sale. iALSO,

A House and Lot, Tie Metropolitan Hotel,
In the Town Of/. Hamilton, Queen Street, Hamilton, with Coach House,
FOR SALE. Stables, &c.

For Particulars please apply to
Hamilto,. Novr, 29, ,1881. .

AM., ,S. HUNT,
Chancery Lane, Hamilton.
6th February, 1882.-tf

A LL: PERSONS having 'Claims
against the Estate, ofr the .late FRED-
ERICK PAINTIN are requested to render
their Accounts to the Undersignedl
On :or 'before, 15th\ lpril ensuing,
and all Persons INDtBTED to the above Es-
tate are requested to make PNiyment by same

Hamilton, 6th March, 18

%.q 9

0. .


J. H. Robinson & Co.,
Agg'nls for Messrs. F. ALLEN & SONS, man-
t ltacturers 6f

Citrate of Magnesia, Chocolate and
Patronised by. His Imperial Majesty the Shah of
Persia, and H. H. RI. he-Prince of \Valei.
We recoinmetnd Dealers in Confectionery to
purchase of our Agents in Bermuda, who con-
statitly keep a large assortment of our goods,
and at present have in stock 284 cwt. of assort-
ed Confectionery in.a variety of 73 kinds, at
only 9d per lb.
Messrs. F. ALLAN &. :ONS supplies ma-.
chinery, &e., for the Mannfacture f Confee-
tionery with all the latest modern improve ments
They also empl.iy 800 imen d-uly at. the :teaii
Works, Mile End Road, C'anni koad, London.
are.Manulactut ers' Agents.
Hiamilton, February 14, 18S2.--3n


p-LHE Undersigned has just opeund a choice
Selection of English and American

For Xmas, Received by the Mail Steamer

HAMILTON HOTEL, Uid ates lail Stears.

Agent for
Hathorn Spring Water,
In Pints per dozen, or Cases (4 dozen each.).
Hamilton, February 14, ISS2.-tf
For Sale,

Built by J. M. DeWolfe, Halifax, N.S., One
New, One Second Hand.
Price Moderate. Terms accommodating.
,\gent for J. M DeWVolfe.
::t. Georges, February 21, I' S2.

For Rent.

.* t usated near Cedar Ivenue, contain-
ing 3 BId Rooms,, Drawing Ruom, Dining
Riom, Kitchen, Tank, and oiher.conveniieucies
For further Particilars, .please apply to
Park Villa, Near Viutoria Park.
Hamilton, Feb. 28th, 1882.*-tf.

N.t ice.
The Undersigned has just received
Per S. S. "Orinoco,"'
BISCUITS &c., '&c.
Hamilton, February 27, 1882.


Good OChractet'indispen~able.
Apply to MR". STEWART, "Bellevalt, Spa-
ohih-Priot". -
March 16th, 1882..

Bermuda Veterinary -,I-


ALASKA Tuesday, PMarch 21, at" 6-30 a.m.
NEVADA 28, at 1-00 p.m.
ARIZON1 ", April 4, at 5-00 p.m.
ABYSSINIA I!; at. .1:'30ata;.
WISCONSIN 18,-at 5.00 p.m.
AL SKA 25, at I 1I0 a.1n.
WVYOMING May 2, at 4-00-pim.
ARIZONA 9, at 10-0OU a.m.
SThe above Steamers are built expressly for
the Tfade, have five waitertihtfbulk'ehids, and
carry experienced' hqers, Strgeons and Sten-
ardesses. Theial-ootoAccomnumodationsare un-
surpassed by ariy...tla-m.ic Steamers, and the
Stae Rooms are oil ,iuaiide.k,,qigi-o the
Salbon' thus seitihg tha't- g-d tnort in
oeean travel, perfiel ventilation and light.
Smoking Room Baqth .Roomnd Piano on
each Steamer. .,..... .
The U. S. Mail Steamer 9.Orinoeo" from
Bernuuda, Thtrsdaysa generally arrives at New
York on Mondays, alid'l Pa'sengers' baggage cqu
be transferred direct to thi .Li.verpool'Steatier
sailing next day. -
9 Broadway;,y, -yo k.
New York, Matehf, 182 ',


3 to 4,000 Weitght.of' ;'
Apply at "R oyal Gazette" Of4
arch 21, 182 81

firm'ary., .us BERMUDA.A
REID ST.RE .f, jA -,WLL TOg. :.
sidenee,- Hamilton. .I -" '' HH O 4
IE. REID MECER,.D.V,S.,'Residence, Ham- North.we tCornCefpid.and
ilton Parish. I'" .'.- -,e .J i
"-- ,"T- -. ? ,, *,..i -'
Will visit St. Georg's Professio hilly i rue-
days-Office at G. Spurling, EsqVr's.. g." tor/ r .
Will visit Somerset onuFridays. GEORGE BOYLE. So,N, W
Reid St., Hamilto, Janhuary 2,l.1 : Street. r,

I Op


T. .E Uidei e : ea ta'-' t'+ op-
P portiity to tlianktL iererjf(tt.of -
Bermuda.n for t'he. : iirat. rspos .'- Aich
during the past year they have gyven his Card
which was first publihedhi thiss frournal last
December and which has re ulten alagey
increased trade .with thiss d. -slan. X6 eld .
also express: the hope .that the- -intercourse so
auspiciously begun,dbied tis gm-
ing year, andthat every Inhabiatant of ermu-
da may be given an opportunity to t~ea the
supprior- .qualiy of all articles; put. up uder
Thurlers' brands 1i9ich cover goods that'are
guaranteed to be pure and .iiqihsofme, arid of
which dealers are authorised; to "'rifuitd the
purchase price ~l'ire coissuadr s Bfve c&use
for dissatisfaction. He would again remind the
Merchants oflBeinluda that he i SAl'dpracti-
cally familiar with the wants of'the'fliand in
all that related to Food Produhcfs nud -',"r6cu
ries generally. '
Any orders that may be efitrusted'to-lim
will be faithfully and promptly filled, withi.the
assurance that they will receive all the ad'an-
tages which the special facilities the *Messrs.
Th urber & Co., enable them to.give as-impoiters
I with Branch Ihouses at London, Engla~id, and
Bordeaux, France,. and, as foreign Manufac-
tures--,ith Factorieisat 'iordea u, Marmande,
and Nante-s, France, in addition to the large
Factories which they o4wn and -operateor :ih 'the
United states, trial order, no matter how
small, may result in mutual benefit and will
be appreciated by
With H. K. and F. BI. THURBER CO.,'
Exporters, Importers, Manufactuire'rs of and
Dealers in Food Products,' '
West Broadway, Read- and Kludson Streets,
New York City.
P. O. Box 3482.
New York. torid6n. BbOleaui.

Her Majesty's Dockyard.

Required for Floatifing Dock.
Wages 4/ per day, wiflf quarters on board
Apply at MASTER SmHIPWjRo HT' O ,FFq.

Everybody wants it, but very few get it,
because most people do not know how to
select coffee, or it is spoiled in the roast-
ing or making. To obviate these difficul-
ties has been our study. Thurber's pack-
age coffees are selected by an expert who
understands the art of blending various
flavors. They are roasted in the- most
perfect.manner (it is impossible to roast
well in small quantities), then put .in
pound packages (in fth bean, not ground,j
bearing our signature as a guarantee of
genuineness, and each package containsthe
Thurber recipe for making good Coffee. We
packtwo kinds,Thurber's No. 34," strong
and pungent; Thurber's "No. 4i1," mild
and rich. One or the other will suit every
taste. They have the three great points,
good quality, honest quantity, reasonable
price. JAsk your Grucrr for Thurb.r's
roasted Coffee in pound packages, No. 34"
or No. 41." Do not be put off with any
other kind-your own palate will tell you
what is best.
Where persons desire it, we also.furnish
the Ideal" Coffee-pot, the simplest, best
and cheapest coffee-pot in existence.
Grocers who sell our Coffee keep them.
Ask for descriptive circular.
Respectfully, &c.,
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO..
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and coffee
Roasters, New York.
P.S.-As the largest dealers in food pro-
ducts in the world, we consider it our in-
terest to manufacture only pure and
wholesome goods and pack them in a tidy
and satisfactory manner. All goods
bearing our name are guaranteed to be
of superior quality, pure and wholesome,
and dealers are authorised ti refund the
purchase price in any case where custom-
ers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is
therefore to the interest of both dealers
and'cousumers to use Thurbers' brands.


Captain-in-Charge' of Naval Estab-
6th-December, 1882. -

Supplement to the Bermitda Royal Gazette, Hamilton, April 4th 1882
U,: -11 -1_ 9 Hf' 'o AI~ 7Y *"

Fv.r Rh .'...,t G&- ,:- .'.N
Dm M31n. LrE.-f it St Ge..rge's a few days
a0o and noticed that their Ship Season has nearly
passed away.-TTheir Corporation She'1 is just com--
pleted : it is quite an imipronneutt l.o the Irp.par-
rtuce of the,: Squ:ire, and is a very reditable
piece of work. The is foriim-d of ,.onero-te
instead of bltrioks-3 lwich doul.btle-.s is better anulI
cheaper. Thle entrance to.the g,:..-d ol.1 Town is
b hing widt-u-d and the rouble '-ath,-ted th. refrom is
bAing'wu-ed in fillinug- in the Corporation whart.
A- much time is lost after the arrival f the Mail
from New York before the St. Georgeans get their
letter, they si-tg-,it thit the letter fuor that Townu
le placed in a separate [bi in New York anul
l:nled iat the E.ast End by Pilot bos.t before the-
Steamer enters the Channel, thereby ,aring at
leact S hotle in the delivery uf the Mail there.
PaoNTS.-Rufus H.itch, Esq., it giving -tnpl ly-
merit t:. a large; ntnil.-r of ienW in elt aring iLi new-
ly purchased liud and prelparinf a site for thi man-
sion whi,:h he intends erectinW. thereon. The intend-
ed site ij a most admirable one. Mr. H. slho-ws a great
desire to ad-vatue the interest of the Bera-jinu. I
uuderstaud he inteuds bri-inlug hi., Steatmi Yacht
down her,. in June
SMTrns PAm-H1.-I uoti'-- that the walls of the
New School Ho..use ar.' built up, the. wall plat.--,anu
rafters ou; but work seen to hi av.' comec to a stand-
still. I hnpe they will lose no time in covering it
in, a 'olercviso another storm in.i.- wreck it as be-.
TowN or H irn-rora.--1 li-pe imy Puili.- fri-enI.
will not forget to piay th. Me't'. Diri-ell'o ph,,t,.-
grytph e,'ihment i n-it. anl ,at.taiu .e of our
Iat,? much e1.t1e-ed i .Govtr. r 's Phot,._'r.iih.- T he-y
will alio give y'u on,. of your own fo'r .'nmll to3n-
Stilk O]".I,.s.-I underst.,'.l ihid. ia .ior -aid to
contain onions, c.:ne a.'cidletut.illy open :tt the .-hed
on Wednesday last, iu the ,l tut.r, of which th:I'-
nothing but -t a-lk-i; as no one n-i uld pur. hae, tihe
owner had to ship them hi.uL-.'-f. I h.:.p- th .. bx.:
will ibe returnu,;d to lum New Y. .rL, aun- that
he %will be saddledl with double treight f.,r hi- ti:sh.
It is such deceptious ne this that sp.uil our inarket.
One wood luspector would soon put a .,t.p t.) suuh
-ile transactions.
F,,,iirr 3Vct,"y.-The Southampton people have
inaugemrated a new t-heii,.-: t he Fainu.-r...f that Pa ri i
have clubbed together and app.,inted a member to
transact the business of the sale-, : e, of the-ir p,',.-
diuce. Should the Agen-t not obtain hli:-r.- a res:'u.n-
ble price, he is authorized to ship thI.-m. It is said
that 0o for this -cheme works to:, the farmers intetr-
est i't reference to -.ome lots by last boal.

Marble & Granite

IIA LI.A A'ova Scotia


every style.
Bermuda Orders so-icited. Sa't faction gua-
42 Front St.,
Agent for Bermuda.
Hamilton, Oct 11, 1661.-6 ni.nths.

A Full Weight, Pure Condensed
W E offer, under the above li.and, a full
weight, pure, natural mill-;, condensed by
evaporation, and granulated st,;ar added in ordei
to perfectly preserve. Five (5) parts of water
added toone of milk will reduce it to the aver.-
ago standard oT'range County milk. Every caui
is warranted. There can he no better Coudensen
Milk than The Peatl, but it will be sold on the
principle that' low p.ire. comnihired with good
quality and honest witght, comijand the irade.
Price p,.r -vinglo '..St. 4-1 1I-oz1 CilS is I,$
Price per single case, 4 8-oz. c.ns, i- $'3 75.
H. K. & F. B. THUlRBEI & CU.,
Sole Agents, New York.

Great progress has been made within a lew
years in manufacturing food products, and the
standard of quality has been raised-to a point far
beyond rhat which formerly obtained. We claim
that this has, to a considerable.extent, been due
to our efforts; as thie Larges-t :lar.u:acturers and
Dealers in the world in thi- line, we consider it
our interest to manuulactur- unly PrE and o Ho, E-
sonsu goods, asl ptack tilinii in a tidy and attrac-
tive manner. All goods bearing our name are
guaranteed to be ol superior quality, anJ dealers
are authorized to refundI tle purclaae pricee in
any case where customers Irave cauce hor dissa-
tisfaction. It is, thereiore,to the interest ol boilh
dealers, and consumers to use THURBER'S
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Importers, Manulacturers and Dealers in all
varieties of Food Products,

Da. .O3ESP.TS'

is confidently recommended to the Iublic as
an unfailing remedy for wounds of every des-
cription; a certain remedy for ulcerated lez-
burns, .scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic

eruptions, and pimples on the face, sore and
inflamed eyes, sorbb Teads, sore breasts, piles.
It also entirely removes the foil smell arising
from C4ncer.
Sold in-pots, 13d., 2s. d.,- 4s. 6d., 11s.,
and 22s. each; and his .
PILu aA ..ivtN r-scUtOPiHUL.E OR0
Proved by more than sixty years' experietice:
to be ote of the best medicines for purifying
the blood aind asPis'ting Naititre in her opera-.
tions. Thy form a .iA- andd superior family
aperient, which: mayk be taken at all times.
without cynainemeut. or change ofrdibt. ,
i old in, Bjx'bsda-t 124d., 2s 9d., 4-s. Gd.,4 11s
and 22s. each. '
Prlepsred only by'BEAC, & B4RNIGCOTT,
Bridptrt-, Dorset, ngland, aivi sold by all
J ar Medicine 1, drs.
J uarl. 17, 188.-6 m ?: ." + -



late President of the National Phar.
maceutical Association of the United
States, says:
"Brown's Iroft Bitters has a
heavy sale, is conceded to be a fine
tonic; the character of the manu.
facturers is a voucher for its purity
and medicinal excellence."

President Baltimore Pharmaceutical
Colklge, says:
"I indorse It as a fine medicine,
reliable as a strengthening tonic,.
free from alcoholic poisons ic

D., Professor of Pharmacy, Balti.
gre Pharmaceutical College, says:
"Brown's Iron Bitters is, a sar
and reliable medicine, posit.veiy
free from alcoholic poisons, and can
be recommended as a toiic lor u-.
among those ho oppic.c alh.c-hl."

Secretary Baltimore College of Ilh: i
macy, says:
"I indorse it as an excellent
medicine, a good dige-:['-6- a-eni,
and a noan-inLuxicarat in these ful!e.t

one of Baltimore's oldest and
reliable physicians, says)
"All who have used ii prau'e i[s
standard virtues, and tic uci
known characterof the hot:e v b1-:.
makes it is a sufficient af,.rtr--
of its being all that is lainri-., f r
they are men who c.oulJ -.t i .... ;,.
duced to offer anythir, ti-e lit. :
reliable medicin; fr publ.: .-C."

A Druggist Cured.
Boonsboro, Md., Oct. T., :: .
Gentlemen: Erown'A. r..n L
ters cured me or a -bad a'.... oc
Indigestion and iullne; in r'.: n.
ach. Having tetied i, I i.r. ....
urein recommendir, it it0 V,,y c i:.
tomers, and am glad to :.y ...
entire satisfaction to a,11 "
GEO. 1W. HOFF-IAAN, LDrutgi:L.

Ask'your Druggist for BRowN'S
IRON BITTERS, and take no other,-
One trial will convince you that ic
is just what you need.


Protection against FIRt
Can be obtained from the
o/ London,
One of the long'e-t I:stablished and Wealthies
Otficesin Great Britain.
Through the BRi NCH OFFICE in these
Islands, a Saving is effected to the Insured
of the Stanmp Datq, a very considerableitem.
ISK'.4 taken tloth oen 1,EAL ,id IPERSONAL
P1.; "E [ir'r' for 3, ( or 12 monulh.
No FE'-,- and no CIAR;IE lor Polilfies.
N. t. ,E RFiFL. ,,
Hamiliov, Septe-nlr h, i.c56.


AJT E, 11. JOA E S'
Corner of Queen and Heid Street.
Hamilton, Feby. 21st, 1882.

Potatoes! Potatoes !

Superior Table

The undersigned has always on
hand a full simply ol TABLE POTATOES,
in quality sutperior to any in market, and at
police to defy competition.
aP.Ci'AL R.\'rTE. to Army and Navy
42 Front Street.
lainmilton, October 3, 1881.

For Rent.
SThe Dwelling and Stores,
r$a1i Three Door-, Westof Gazette" Of-
':ce. Promises can. be inspected. q
utte.rnood-, of WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY
Tertns Ltade-known O-i application to
Ma ch 2sth; B.-tf .

Mn. LEE,-How about the Steam-boat for the
Salt Kettle Ferry ? The ilca of -uhi a thing seems
to have died out. ..Js the Legislativ p'gaut of 15u
not :;uffiient to ind.uee the nudert ilij'g ? Supp',:,e
the two ferries were brought under one head and
the Legislaturo in duced to grant 400 for the
purpose. Would that be an inducemenet i Two
cedar launcles, of the style of tho-e in use at the
Royal Naval Yard, with imported machinery, would
be all that would be required. P.-rhalps the ..aune
owners as our Peoples Steamer might have a go in,
as it would be just the idea. And the steamer
might bring out the machinery. Having a small
wharf out on Washington's Point, with an irou
crane to lift the boilers, &c., in and out of the boat
when requisite, and with a machine .shop attached,
where machinery of other des:ripiions, in use
throughout the country could be -epaired, wle e
sonmeof our young men could learu a profitable
business and acquire some knowledge- of machine
work, could pas oan until they were capable of
holding an appointment on board oue of the large
ships belonging to the -arne company.
II .


-- "V ,
aC3 a-



y ; -* ,*



I ; .-

5- -a







L I-i



Enquire at illh Office of this Paper.
Hiuiltoi,, Leceimbeir 20. 18 ,' ,

School Books.
A. fuL sIuply of6, the above as
used in tho public schooi..
Just receivediat tba-,?r5*lSeatet Stti;
bo'8ryfepdsitary. a ... -

7To :i/,: E'. it ,e fluRval Gzi.l/c.
DEAr SmR,-I regret to inform you that the.
prac'ti e of ri-ing al different times during the ser-
vicets iu the C'huichlis which hais hitherto princi-
pally be:-n confined to Trinjity (Church) has extend-
ed to ( ur Patikh ( hurihi L, and that on last Sun-
day morning, much to the surprise of some of the
congr.-gatiou of St. Patil's Chureb, Paget, some 18
or .0 of its members rose and remained standing,
while thel alms were being collected. This is quite
an innoration in this quiet little Parish, and dis-
turbe I the rest of the congregation who remained
quell/v ,eatedi I believe most, if not all of those
who thus rose wee I,,dies; (and we know too sadly
from experience in dear old England and abroad)
that tlime ate the persons which the Priests choose
as their most p,:weriiful emis-saries. I need hardly
add thit thbe-, innovations are causing di-sensiouns
in our Stry midt. The very fact therefore that
by our taking pirt inu these forms (which surely
are un..t e-sentiiali c:lues such bitter .strife should
be lutlh.ieut reason fur our refusing to do so. Let,
us calmly and cart fully counider the-e matters-
look whither they are tending--so that we may
take our stand, and remain consistent Membces of ti s
Churtnk f England in the Parish of
Bermuda, 30th Mlar:h, 1SS2.

"If you are suffer .ingfrom in .)r health
'rr languishing on a L-Id o wi .,kas,
'lake cheer, ior
Hop Billters will cure you.
"TIf yCn ar.- simply .al :. il y:u feel
'%eak and dispiritcd, siUihoi clearly
'*kno,. inag shy,
ifop B:ters will Revive you.
"If dyo arena minister, and h'- e over-
'ta3 ed )..-ur-el i tiLh y..-ur piast-.ral du-
'tien, or a -Lciher, w.-rn out Liith care
aud work,
Hop Bllters will Restore you.
"If you are a man of busine- C.r la-
'borer weakeried bLy th- strain ol y,'.ur
'every-day duties, c.r a man of leneCS,
toiling o er your midnight v..:rk,
Hop Bittersa vill Srenglhen you.
"If you are suffering frin over eating
'or drnk;r,;, any iriditcreii n or i;ssipa-
Stion, or are yourig; and growiirg two iast,
'asis often the case-,
Hop Bitters vill Relleie you.,
"If v,-u are in thie w:rrksh- p, on the
'firr, at the desk, an\,.here, and feel
t(hat your y tel n ice.Je- cl- an t.-, i.fn-
'int, or .timulaung, t, lth.:.u iat -.xicat-
Hop Bitters i whlalt you need.
"If you are c-ld, and your bl..d th;n
'and imp.ur, puili.e feeble, y)c-ur netivs
'un-teady, aid IuAr faculLies s. ng,
Hlop Bitters ill gise you new Lilfe and
'igor. I
"HOP BITTERS is an elegant, heal-
'ihy. and rrefreshing flamvcing fcr si..k
'r.:.-.m drinks, impure water, etc., ren-
.. .ri harmless, and sweeteninp
he auutih, and cleansing the stornach.?


00 --









r- -

------------------------- 4.-

eA r TOrk Trib-*ue, M.urch 22.
The official records of the Jeannette.expedition,
which have been sent to-the Navy Departmnwnt, co.n, "
lain definite information in regard -to the .position -
of the vessel when.- .he was: crushed .in -the ikce. -
Entering the pack in, the vicinity of Herald Island-- .
approximately in latitude 71 deg, longitude .178
ileg. we-t-she drilted in a northw.eterly direction,
during Iwenty-.-ue months until -she Went- to pieces
o, June 12. lu l, in latitude 77 dek, 15 miu., Jo0gi-
tude 155 dleg. east. This line ofi drift lay.entirely
out-ide the limits of previous exploration, aud
the Setn- of the wreck is the elopst .approach to
the Pole that bhas ever been made between Cape
Cbelvuskiu. the njorthecumo-t point ofthe -eastern
continent, and McCliuitock*' wintering place .on -
Prince Patrick Island in the North-American Poiar
Archipelago., lu Simith's a,,ound andthe Bar.eutz
Sea many explorers havri gone much further north,
and during the year preceding the sailing 6f.;the
Jeantette, the Vega in rounding Caie, Chelyu.ikin
had reached latitude 77 deg.-36 win., while an ordi-
nary sailing vessel, the Nordland, had-disaver.ed
Ensaipeteu Island, in latitude 77 deg. 31 min..,,mid.
way I,-ttoeen that headland and the northornmost:
point cl Ni.vaia Zomblia.
Two i-.ands had been discovered. during the
mon-th which )eecededl the wreck ; but the most, im-
portanit geographical,result cl the expedition
follow thit. catastrophe. This was the..disc'oery.if
a largee W'and (t uuknt,.wn extent-a discovery uiade,
as we contended several weeks ago- it have -
hren, in the course' of the retreat to the L eua deii. .
Benuett Island was reached in lalituid. 76 dig. 38
luiu., longitude 150 de. 3J min on July "29,. anl"
its eaiiit was gkitted for seven days. as Lieuteuaint
De Lri's orderss to the bout's crwas. wsre issued
ou Augu-,t 5 from the isla:id in la iiudt76 ilde. 1 3
mill lI.ungtude 148 Jes al in. fhii iTlaul muWt,
therelur,-, be lai ger thiin anny ,, ti heNew Siberian
group, of which it is utidouibedly the northernuinri'f
meumi'er. Its existrnen, has been sUpected ever
sine-. the discove-ry of th), e iNslauds Iu 1810 the
Ru-iIan iirrevyors, liedeustrroi and Sa ni'kov. bd-" .
liteved tha-t from the crests of Neir? Siberia the3'had -
caught a glimpse of bhli.,h miniiiitaiun lying to thli
north and e'it. precit-ly where the Jo'anuutte's meun
have actually I-ioud it.: Duri,'g that season anu, the
two iillowing years they made repeated aiteripts t '
reach that utiik',.ow, cwa:.t, but Ai;hlout success 0a.

their dtog slec'ijez ,v>-r,: iavriably titip:)edI by open
waiter. fu Iil 4 Sanuii:ori was again c,",nfident that
be h d dt-c'ri.l high lirandi in the uorith-at wlibi! he
was exploring Fad-.ljer Islaid, but wuhen h i'undlerl
toik t,', eriis the i,:e h-. \was compe-led to turn back
a shliot diataune fr,.m the shAre Lieuteant Aujou
renewed in 18-3 ihe at enapt to petietrate by sledges
to the lands whiich wl r' supposed to exist in that;
quart-er but thia ice :and leads of open watr again
blocked the wa). The Jeaunett'ds men have stum-
bled aer,-ss thia island in their retreat from the
wree'lk and have t-'~ic-d its cout (far enough tojuantily
the luferenices whilih e Runsian surveyors htomed
iu regard to its extent from living dimly discerned
its headlandits hrom poiuts l view so widely separated.
The lint, itl drift through a previously unknown
sea, and the discovery of Bennett' Iland, with the
two rsaller islauds iear the seem of the wreck, are
the substantial results of the' Jeannette expedition.
T'he specific information derived from it will be ot'
slight value as the photographic collections and
scientific data have been lost and the officers whoi)
survive will hare ouly the ship's log book, wherewith
to reqfIrtish their memories of the voyage. The gen-
eral direction of the polar current from Wrangell
Island northward. tIhe movement of the pack-Num-
mer and winter, the thickness of sea ice'a -,,ng dis-
tan'e from the mainland, and the peculiaritienrot
tida! action at Bennett Island, may be partially 'illt-
trated by the records which either Melville or Dau-
enh,,wer can compile of the voyage This itfutrma-
tin' however, will be too general and tooinaceurate .
to be of perumaneutseitentific value. At. the most, it
will serve ti throw a side light upon new theories
which may be entertained respecting the depth of
permanent ice and the distribution of land- and water
in Ihe neighhirhid.--of the Pule, B'ain.N)ordins- .
kjold may find that hij conjecture that the sea
scarcely anyh-iroe pi-rmauently Ireeze&s over where
it. is of any considerable depth and tir frou land is 0
confirmed: and Lieutenant Huvgaard may be en-
e..uraged by the hydrographie-re"ilts ol the expedi. a
tiu. to begin his search tor the narrow sound which, .
as hu plroltes-ea to believe, -)arates the- Frauz-Josel
c,'ntint, t rim'a an undiscovered Arctic continent
north rI \Wraugell Island,1 which stretchels across the
Pole until it communicates with the Arctic regions -.
ot the Atlantic.

Cricket L1h,

at the Royal Gazette" Stationery Store...
(Some BA TS' half pricey- )
Hamilton, March b, 18S2.

Fromn Lond0on,
At the oysal Gazette" Stationery Store,
a i. further supply of LAWYERS, AC-
COUNT, blue RULED and P.AIN, white and
blue FO OISCAP, LETTER and: NOTE Paper,
i led aud plain, white, and blue, &c., &c.

l~ .',:.. ^ a .fc^& --,Sa.r. '_ 3' '.. J

-- -' .- '-
A.. f '. _- .._- ,,
/^ N''=" '" '' .''

o '^

. : I

tiei e Roii ", Al rt, Aii-ii -1t-,3, s:
~Sug$Emen to.the eAd- .- y C ttte 4thytS
.; -_ .. .... ... .'. ,...., .. .. ...._ . *.--+ .. ... + .. ., +++. .... .... ,,..... +,+., = .....,..* .-*-.*.*

From-the RWest ftlhtes, Demerawa, &c.
The Royal Matl' Steamier 1Bti, Captain -Shaw,
from Jaiiiieca arrived 'aL St: George's on Friday
last, and left on uaternoon.6f .same for Halifaxda.
Captaiin.Shaw will please ancept' our thanks for
Jamaica papers. .We have by this opportunity 're-
ceived eachaAg6iisfeii some of theother Island's and
JAAtcA:'--His'Excellenety the Governor. Sir An-
thonv MtAirgrave, w-ith the IonoidAble E-.. Walker,
returned -to JamaiVa' in H. M. S. Trnilds on tihe'
23r.1d ltimo froth Tuiks' Islands, where he had been
on a visit.
Captain Edward White 1-1872) has been appoint-
ed Coni.in6d'ore at Jamaica 'ice Brown invilided.
Captain'White at oae time c'ommanudet the Troop.
ship 'HuiVn'ea '' .
Labourera for the Panama Canal re still leaving
Jamafd'ihi large uinubers'; .some few were return-
ing diseatisfied
Labo rers are'also !aaving Jamhica for the Tam-
pico Brinch of the-Mexican Central Railway be-
tween Tampiec4'and, 8antotia'Potosi, which is being
built by New 'EWi-mard Capitalits. The Mexican
press'strongl protet 'against' the introduc-tion of
aegro laborr for th"wdi'k as they have abundance
of native labour.
Bef6een thi'Wachd-18th of Fobrua~y, 65' sugar,
estates' hve been burned in Cuba, and more than
one htmd-id' besides have bten set on fh;e. The
value'of the pl-operty destroyed is eatimtated at $5
or $6,ObO000). -
The MttatI and PDR CAys thousa/h Britishl
possessions have but now been made a dependence
of Jamaeict, fteretofore'the Governor au-i Courts
of Jamatica'had4 no p6wer to d&il with complaints
reaching them from ierona workin" ou tho Cays.
Tho United States at one time asserted claim to the
Pedro Cay".
The fist installment of Niclel Coins has been
forwarded from England via Jamaica to Turks'
Island for circulation there.
DE=PM.A,.-The papers from this Colony are
filled with reports.of the enquiry into t.heaffaira of
the late Administrator General, M1r. Henry Watson,
who bold Office from 1864 till early in last year,
when, some irregulariti-e were discovered in his
account; a privatee inquiry was instituted _b
the Executive and Mr. Wadson was suspended
from. Office. Mr. W. immediately proceeded to
Englaid and died soon after, lauding there. The
Combined Court of British Guiana soon after met,
and a, resolutiba -passed to the effect that the
Secretary of State. be requested to appoint a Conm-
nirsia.of Inquiry, consisting of gentlemen inde-
pend4pt of the colony. and that their vestigatiou
ahoiuld be public. The Secretary of State appoint-
ed in accordancee with the request of Combined
OoLuu, And 4t the expense of the Colony, Messrs.
Probyn and Cunningham, an arccoauniuat and
a barris'tr, .to institutee the investigation. On
their arrival L .the .Colony from London
it was ax"etai'ned that their inquiry should
not be public. ,. A public meeting was immediately
conveped,.,,and ., solutions passed in depreca'-
tion of LoraKimberley's action apd requesting the
Lieut.-Gojernor, Young, to forward these resolutions
to His Laqpldhip, .which the. Lieut.-Governor did.
After soe little delay, consequent on tho inter-
ruptipn.,n tihe telegraph communication, and the,
investigation had gone on in private.for several
days, 'te Qqmni.,iooners announced that they had
been,ted with discretionary powers, .that the ia-
vestigation.woiuld thenceforth .be open, and that the
previous proceedings would be furnished to the
press as speedily as possible. It seems there is a
deficiency of funds. in the Departmr-nt amount-
ing to 25,000, This amount seems to be bupple-
menfed' by several unms of comparatively small
amounts wljich Mr. Wadausn had belonging to poor
persons and not satisfactorily accounted for.
DEmnEt A.---The Barbados papers by the. Meteor
says the investigation into the working of the Ad-
ministrator G 'neral's Oflice, under the supervision
of Mr.'Wadsou. had been brought to a close, but the
result. not given.. .
The Acting' Adm&inistrator-General, Mr. Haw-
tayne, on the.affairs of Insolvents, Messrs.. Trotter
and Halliday, late. Auctioneers and -Commission
Merchants, peaks in atrongand censurable language.
These people comtnmeinxed business about 3 years
-0o with a loud flourish of,trumpats, with a capital
of $1,800. Of the.debts due by them $13,6f13 are
due to 23 creditors for nett proceeds of Auetion
Sales 'of goods, principally household furniture.
In the time the firm laated, the junior partner drew
from-$21,00 to $25,000 at the rate of about. (S,000
per year. The inquiry had not been brought to a
close.... -. ..
The last Census Return gives the population of
British Guiana as 252,183, and the population of
the City of Georgetown at 47.175.
There is a project.on.fA..--l.i fr lighting,' tlie Suez
Cantl,-wilh.the l'Elo6trL , thid't t.i41a 1 y
pass through it at night, instead of coming to' an
anchor as at present.

A'rri.--Smalt-pox is aid to be deerotsirng in
Port-au-Pinide-- attribut."1 to the copio.ri showc,.
of rain whitsh has".:'.ee2e, t'l.irdruLt Vi .it. p .:. prevailV-:d. The rav--e.Iv uau-:. bhvt' sua'..
puto has cast a g'klo-ia ovea t-. -t-e al.-'it overot
house han to motrn the loss -o1 on or mn:,-re of it-.
fam ily. .. .
The mn,' -talitt- of children ias ..-tn 1mrma 30 to 3."
'sy e"ji* 'd the ->' .1
.* r, ',. -.:,..,' h' s .: in.'rE 1. \. P'.,rt-de
P."' a s C is. ht : t. be:'riur'niim-''_"a. o't were'. fat
ihit' < ii6' t, ilita' ii.hiung.
-" It '. uT '.'-.ila Lu ," bh'.y :.'-,':'rionkat,
"..h'.. .V p es,'pt, of, .',Ib:uat:t.le' i".t'er '*;ere
i,,aa':.' I v, m cphePAl.:,. It is al.. as l trun e that the-
Pas,'dfeTinotiirT;T Mimintii irt ''"nsypirin! agtin -it
him and then."
SA.MASA BAYv.--The U. S. War steamer ...'/iaun
haa not failed to pay that visit to Samana B&y
which it appears ia now part of the duty of .every.'
vessel on the U. S. Atlantic and West IridituV
Sqnuadrcrm. We begin to suspe.-t that the U. 8.
Navy will soon have a co.aling etation on th.Bay-,
Sinstead of at Ohiriqu.i, The following bit; vi nes:
i.. not witho'st interest: "The Navy Departsmebt:
is in receipt of a lengthy report, accompaniedl by
.ch.its. &e., from Commander Biidm-mn., rohA-,.
minding the United States -sto:mnship IIJ.S"th,,2%
ri-im a detail the results of his surrvey of Sanida'
Bay as far as conducted. I-fe reports that sine.
..his last letter he has reiivred ofcial notificatio'hf of
the consent of .the Santo Douiugoa- gorertimnt ti.
' .th' :' se.eutlon of the surtvey."-J-t-mcha;m Despi'/l,
. M di'A 04. '

-SPavTwGioanSas AT PORT ROrAo- JhAs. Au, a
EKiagstoias.s sho'dl make a trip to th' riew fo t-.-
Sfiications t Port Royal. Tle. works a're all w'tu F
advaftued, the t-iasonry being finishem.4anu-d th1 e raij
laid' dow indde eaoh gin eham.ber, $ 'ie gti
ararrae aLe iso ppoxition'. Fivr guns of h'evy
calibre ill .be- niounted some- day.' The battery
tadtsant beyond all the other works at P6rt,T,:ayal
andbomnaPadik-tke hnavigatle approach' to thliea.H
-boir.' Fw 9f the other.fortni 'iorEs t PitR.y
-reio.faiy. ukp, a"d their shAt would rake bui'b 'now,. seecupiqd.a~s residfknces sand n agarnls,
t1 9JaoarTs i I.ugaein 'rw'rin# aliithm
the. outr bac:h o Por-PR..',l and d-ipatin
S.. it.'cro .dthe-r.ew fortiliesC:as." a3 i,.Ech' eorncjhs
' .t.l n 'm:u4oAd 15',) I,a:.'a per day.:-j.,a;,'

- r.,..4

.-' A ] "'o'oyal G:v,:'".t" Statiou.,- :'tr em ,
Ithiari tttrQ'letIn PatiiP ihjb

S/,.' r ..i., ,.uy l Ga:ed,i..
Ma. EiTron,-I.h Ive frequently eail-d public. at,
.tenti.:a-to tIe above. aid trio1 to'pursu-de 't.ine of
our ('.,pitali-ts t,. shrow our Farmeao tlh leal, as it
would take 1.-othltihme and me.aus to gt-t. it pr,.-perly
started, and our Fdrmnlr-i, have 't- either the one
or the other to exii-timnierit on; but no heed h.lti
bee, p:dad, as td .-'tri:tly :, go y otr BerrmitI.; 'n
uil, l.,-,.r',,ur will do 'ard tl.thAt daly 't-:Idou
'utoi.s.) I am glad to inform our People thitt a bI:-
ginning has been made by Mr. Kemp : lie hs.i been
persuaded to make a shipment of SM alwtte'rries by
the Steamer "O)in)oco," on Thursday list, it is not
quite a fair trial as the" berries were .'atliher'ed uu
Wednesday morni.hg instead of Thursday afternoon,
at the Boat did tnot leave until I o'clock ; so they
were gathered 24 hours too soon; if they k-'ep we
need not have any fear iin future. There is a Gen-
tieman gu: ly this Boat who intends placing.
them into )good hands for a trial; we cannot ex-
pect to get high prices no.w, be'.-'ause they are com--
ing in from Florida ; but of course the quality
or flavor *cannot c.mpare- with oiu' fruit. Our
P'u-.ple are looking forwYard with bright expecta-
tions for the etming ytgar ISS3, .bringing with it
new representatives 'r..ouf r country ; su..-h People
we hbip': will p."y moore attention to our Agricul-
ture interest, our voters should strictly look o.ut for
thie-e kind of represeuf.ativ,.s, anid throw a'lI party
feeling a side, and .let us have the right i men
in their pla'.--s thi4. time, if possible. Oar farming
inite-:st will I on this t'lectioa, as we
most have ouri Publie Garden and Aseri.ultur' Ma.y
F,-'., like the good olden time', why not, sureml
they ari- now-neuded more than ever. As we intenI
having our Peopn''s Steamer, a f:ist.' Boiat ,mr 14
knuots at least, pl.i'ing' us within 4S heoas ru'i of
Anueri.-:, and hl'iug large r..,any lair tight :.,m-
partm.:-uts for the purpose af -anrryinu th-.r mi.o't .li-li-
aatt F,w. t ..' 'tleel'.'., and deliver iu:' them inequ-id-
ly order 'as wheu takln on board.i For' in-
stanu.:e uppose we get this fast, we could l l-
her lea e h=-re :on Friday aft'-rnoonu -av 3 o'.:!.,.k
"ivin--. our People all the f,'reinoon t,, gather rtait,
&e., o-, allowing the Boat two hours to tak,- on
Board the trcit, the air compartmeuts beint' thi'u
at on. e closed, thesp rooinm could'b hi kept at any
ne-es-ary tompcraturP : the tempirAture could be
ascert ined b,y an In.Uicator attt.:-hed to the
partitaent and coull be re.-ulated Iy the off .r of
the wat.-l: and on arriving at New York. quite
early on M.n'day morning. t.h- market-men ,u...ill
be on the lookout, and hav,- their w.agous in I.-xli-
ness to takl away our fruit- aud choice ve,-ge tiles
at on,:e to their customers. I b,-lieve the fruit, e-.,
would be eve0n'frehei"-l1.'oing than when tak-t-. 'on
board, and would conaamLf v,-ry high price-. It
would not be lik:' fruit taken up in na Ice IHouse,
and frozen, as in' that ca.e it Ios. -s its color and
flavor, and cannot be kept any tirimi. Strawb>:rries
have been s,-llinmg this winter in New York fri'tm $1
to $5 per quarry while Mr. Kerap has been es,lngu
them here at 3' per quart, as he did not like t,'risl
shipping, having no convenience. L-et us ee.up
and before outsiders cirae in to show aus
Let us have ou"r Boat as early as possiblee with .all
modern conveniences. Mr. Kemp has only 21., rood's
feteced in but intends to go in heavy next season';
hi'i field looks very encouraging" and must pay
handsomely. I called to 'a it vestet'd.y, 'I
noticed he had over 500 eaulli-flower'plants ini the
same enclosure. I never saw any in Awn-riea look-
ing better, a great number seemed to have large
heads that would weigLh at least 4 lbs., they would
sell readily in Aumeriea front 30 to 50 ets ea-.h,. if
we.only had means of t.-irrying them there fish:
why not some of our people follow Mr. K. rop'ls
step, and start in time, raising Strawberri~s-. e.;
&c., so as to be ready for our new couvevan.-e .. 1
am corTe.iponding with s,:'ie of the large'it St:iw-
berry gr'j.irers in Ameri.-a. I have re.-eived some
Plants s-nt for a trial, whi,-.h have been given, to
good parties and I hope tu hear of a good re.i'dt],
I have also received C'atal:.gues showing the differ
eunt kiud- that -,,uld likely suit our climate ; it is
thought the kind of berry that grows best in the
soithiern States would do wvll heie. It is th,,iit
by. many of our People that the kind that does bp;J
in Bermuda is the same kind, highly recommreuded
in the ,.-atalogue and named the Chares Dowuingi
It .ays : From being a favourite of the arden
this splendid berry is winning its way to the fronu
ratLk as a market berry; and a happy thing it Will
be!for the consuaier when it takes the pla-ce of the
Wifaee,. A bed of this kind, if given good care, i'wfl
la it' five years." I think this kind ought to be usel
by our People, but particular attention shoiIldbi.
pm1n in inipot tmin from the iT'ht People. If Planterr
h'.' ul ,'e.4i i-1. t et -onme and by I-.avi'iI.
o'.-:" *tf t'e t ,v6 l -Ro '-,z2 ." 0"'ol..., they wi.'at
ib '?elivrp.1 in B-r'ma.-11 at the s no. priv'a s 's
.a Ap. eri,.'a, g1 per 100. *_,,
-I~-" -- --. A

P i l y; ; ze. te >flice.
: .. ton, .' :', isu..


celebrated forearly a century past, is of the
very beat Eglish, manufacture. *For Jit
purity ,iad excellence it has obtained
.ine Prize. Medals, Ilncluding London,
Vipnna, Philastephia, ..
o1 told I'eedal, 'Paris, 1 ,
I*.er of Merit elbourni. 1881.
.OtitE,.1u.ui MEDAL iODUUET,
Bd other odlars, of the Anost quality omi-.

is strongly recommealde, being were lasting
'sand fragrant than the.Genmnan kinds.


So-ietrated for Io. Bnyyea, ooantauao be
madeaa ."rootof It is r.agm Perfuned,
a 'd will be found v Z'I rarblo in .
i a aw aMd indispensable Toilet',accompanu.
ment, and most refreshing Perfume for the
an i oLbtr'SeeialUt-ad gnrral article of
'eraPfuberiin y be obtained o( alI dade.o
throughout the World, a d .p the mana
24, Old Bond Street, Londoi, W.
Prilae Isr Free on AppJlIaton.
oa U CAUTXQH.-Trc<* rate cau4fl 4
fabflleq Hlh the flan'a Trade MaU a ,,"hila
.u1-- E', OoL tyreI' a 1

To t1ic Edt,: qf .lih ,yal ;p .tte.
ME. ErrroR,-I fear that "Public FriRud."' has
so mui:h Steam on the brain" that, if he goes, on.
he will soon blow up. Inu fa:t I think liis recom-
mendati.:i that '" nuo prendurn tdividund I suppose,
hb, means; bke drawn until we wet. another boat
built," is equivalent to the burA.tidn' of she .t1'.5
boiler: and that his reemitouendation t' iticreLise
the p-resenr. taritt oce per ceit to:' r.die a subsidy of
J,000 a year for 5 years' is equivalent t' the
Iar-linug of a .s .- b.. iler: and that not. being
enough, hlu remarks in'thi, .(",.m,.: of to-day that.
"our fa.irmu-rs are ne.aly in a t~ate- of b.,ankrupty"'
will burst the /i'rd; always piesumiu;x to car-.
ry so much ttcam as will mn.e .th Peple Boat.
go as fast aa he doe%, three b..iler& will. be.needed.'
The notice to call public m.etidng' do,.i not seem to
meet a very ready resp.,nse, o'win',. dubtkless,' to
"'waiting for orders" that h4 ip-ak's of;' He
states .alIso in that article in th1. f p,,: that
"when our people coil.] Adtr a' raise the
required means than at present, seyt'al attemrupts
were made by our people to'get a steahiin.r olu'selves,
but every attempt failed'--to'say the least this is
very ene-ouraginu, and therefore we have tomne to
the full determination to wdnuf' a Pa opTe't ~t'ifl i
er," say "a 14 knot boat,/
sage in 4i hours." And he thiuks thii, t...gether
with a reduction oif lias'awge money, Vwaould hrinr to
us more summ-r than wint.r visitors, because all
our bathing places are s.o w:-ll shaded by cedars."
And yet after all his uua rous l'., he tells us,
Sit we were to call pt li s t.
throngh the Country it "ott
excited., and do no goodi, as y : IV't
portnmte to shew thu'' '".A kAul' M.Eetx w'z
be called in a few davs after thert-' .:eijt t thte re--
qui-ste information expe-f i'te, *Ir: Oi ''i.V'o. ",,
10th April, of whi.'h eterV'ue- ii'r dthl'k.,tiW't.i V '
GairetIt and Hand Bill-'ttlJi' p.a.e "tli'biighitWde
Country. o) that on layv we it -y have a. god
start. No sh..treholdber w-.;dld, ,enei\ .itali.-dhend
till b., lboata .e pai't for., ,O.u .. Agent ,oua-it'.t'o
be selec-ted as early asp.p-sibles R"."b'A/"? 'Grt
Supulrnments March 21st a'i''i f.. '
ThLis ahit sugLe'ti,Pu about tu.e a -.,"' is wll -put
in, because it will take tim- tt do at M f eybn ws,,
consider that there narto 4 eh, r tfh .-.'0 n 1'AD .
dian Hr, in New kVoWi Tidomy.-^-5aer rl
put. in their clainai, aud ha.e then .iipio.,4PkFil-
by their friends ia-, Dir,.-toro, iAk i* r,-.two
of whno ia e haIl edahidy had uchJ epline 4if' fi
management of St.tam'.n. 'ift-r Ay!tv'"pfi
should coauider thit her.:- aue at -evenCUtJpe-
tent men in the Col..'u' 'to' tak ..,Acm dhsfiq.n JthL-.
seven for Mates berth'; nad. stil a liat : ,eom:ia4
of our young men who .hidVuld share. the IPI .sei'W
pay. It 1h i.- been well sugL.--te,- th...t at, .the js-xt
general election we should be guid.-.a ,i....y."''>
by the [bearing of the views of th:- C..udid:it t'.'t
the. People's. Steamer." I might enuthffm-dit6l"
few other things, but I think tl.e pre<, diiis &.d -
ent for the prest-t, for the grave retleetion of.
March 29th, 1882.

Fo tie tRoyal Gettlie.
DEAR MT.EDITOR,-Could nlt something be devis-
ed is. substitution for the horrid steari s-remai tion
in use by our steamers which is s)o startlinga-to both,.
man and b,-ast. On Thursday last wLh, w:Litig i
the Front street of Hamilton for my family, a 'iNri
pief.iug whistle from the new Mail boat, so stitl.d
mny horse, that had it not been that-I had there'f
in niy hand and speaking;' kindly to the animal' woi
knew my voice. a similar ae:cident, ptbap's'6fla
more serious nature than that wlLi-.h o-.'iurre'fb'I .
a like :au-,e somi' twelve mi:nths since, might l are
Pray give this a place in your Gazet'f6;l"'i1"

Robt. G. Lee & Co
'Om)ission'~ o e 1 'ehilann:.
18 Leadenhall-Street .
LONDON., C.. ,
P.ers-,,al attention given to Consignments of
Bei'nuda PIlODUCI and the filling of Ber-
mudi i, orders.
lril .X0, I.8 .. ., .. -. ... .. .


A Remarkable Electric Wonder

S February 12, 1881.
For the first time in ay life .I am induced to
give a testmlonlal., -otioing In some paper an
adveriseinent of Dr. Scotsb' Electric Hair Brush,
I sent, 3.00 fto r one and find S'able brusu. My wife has for years suffered with
'hea.laches. The brush cu'es them at once.
Several mrends have ubed it for headaches, and
It has never failed. My wife was also getting pre-
'maturely bald, but the brush has entirely stopped
tume fallng hair anl started a new growth. lu.e
It to remove dandruff, and it works like a charm.
'Five times the co(0 would not buy my brush 11 I
c.t,.ll not, replace it. To-day I bought of
'M.Almout. Druggist ot thi~ place, two brushes to
send to friends who have tled nlnu and requestaled
me to buy for them. gol. Ponder; Mdpyor of Wal-
nut Ridge, was attacked by a severe of sick
headache while at, my house He was very sick.
My wild proposed to try the brush, which he finally
consented to do, with no faith in It, however. In
three minutes he said ho never felt betterin hll
life, and directed me to send him a brushb.' liave
authorized MeAlimout,thedruggist, tousemyname
in recommending It. Yours truly,....
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
'Littlle Rock, A ik.
Mr. Thoirnburgti i also Grind HlghPrtles; B6ya1
Arch Mason, and past Grand Master of Masons ol
A rk a n s as
LITTLi ROCK, April 5, 1881.
To the Public:
Having been troubled by letters asking If the
above Is genuine, I hereby declare itto'be stritly
true. It, was given voluntarily without solicits.
tlou, and this is my answer to all Inquirers.

230 North eth St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dear ir:--For over flve- yarsb have- ben bald,
on the top iof my held. I "recently bought 6ne of
your Dr. Scott' Hair Bruslhe, anLd 6 m great as-
lomshmeut, after using it onlyfoutorr.flvef tlmes
the hair came out qn this baldspot tight thick.
Accept mIy best tanks.
Djamond Merchant.
SThese testimonials came to us unsolicited, and
we get such every day. Pamphlets mailed free.
ThIs remarkable Brush has metwltt grsI; s
and Is warranted to cure Nerv6us or B'iTIoue'lead-
aches In ve't tt-e t sr -eir 'a-
Rheumsatisnm in t oflyqinies',,o qulckly
stop falling har..ndbatl4is. 11 o.'lr aware
avtplorif d no T fir'tpce (f 0ore r re-
i, ., A,, Beaut"ul, py, Brbtle rush, Prtce


Wrira^eat 'Al'Ir DArRs IN
You cau order it boih w l wholese orlm-
poj'taR o e~ borhood, or in New
to UYB s maU, as It exceeds

R' F,,'e R ,'l',Ga:i '
'1 AoFTi'abL'Ef ro .Nitt: Yoans MARKET BESIEs
O AN .P TATOE. .. ..-
Mrf.. E'ITrop,-I ha'nve' ge-ierally' helrd- that a
ch'a ~- was good s;.:imetuin- < Ir wish--our people
wo uld onl thinI-k -o, iu 'he farm'in'g line, anid dt,
us gTi..w', -':methinm- ise besieside rnious sand potatoo~ -..
I.hive'ofteu ituin-Vled our p-eople thlit. ie muat:
mak' a u-re:tUt'in"'te in our pliltindn; iaf we wladd-
wi-sh t. ain.ike a coitor'T.b1 h-ing here, which', we -
:.Ij do if otr Farntrmt wruldl oul-'.cotlie together .-.'' :i
iandt .ri Club ? in eah 'Par- -th" -as'they have done
in, Si uthirapt'..,u : theVy Ite ntiide. a very'oodcoom- .
mentu,'men.1t and they have iytve 'ry best wishess that
th,; ,nmovemeut miL-.:ht .otiune to improv"e,-until
th',ef get their views fully r .rried out, and I -trust.
the other Pari-lh-.s 'ill 'follow suit at onc.e.- 'Ap.
point their Agent in town, to ship or sell theirPrco-'
d4ua. This has worked .vei y well for this" Boat..
I oilly wish we -ould induce them st.rijtly not to
plaidt any white onion-,, as it. can plainly'be see. -'
they are ruLniiWi ourMirke.. -Wehayveriocompe- ..
titiAi, "wliy should we persist, in planting our seed
two;'n:.uths earlier than is aa-tually needed. -We
are -'dining the character of our fanning interest
A'itd, a-s well as ,utrs.-es. Inu the first" place. o'r
aiou Seed importers, write their agents strle(ly
to this poiut. i'f .you do not et mti ui seed it Be'rtn, .
da. s1 tu.:ula date, I cannot" s11 "it.; thet' hlupApetsl
strive t. .et it -hippe:l ais e-.rly ak,'le: eduse-'
quetly they ue ,I.h._i-.: to -' the seJedbeoie "
s,i.Ut,:i rip':,-'aid to lry it by tartiLii..ial heat to '
:jah it of husks. I have. heeun tld that the white
ed take, long,-r t.i ipen tthiu the r-d, but as it liks
'bbe iu on.- s.lipm en-it, it h.ts to l.:.,s 'thtloi;-'h a prliob
cessot h,.at, which i8 tih:,ught, in a measure, duis-
Stroyr the seed : fur ..'ttn when it .:om're.s up it- looks
-well; but heiun-, w tk it 'o.,u disappears. Why
'rit5 plant all r'-d see'l, auu not e aIli.:'r than Niovera,.
1He', so as to give thie -:~, 1 plrper time to il ea.
-We.-would then have inu onions like we used. to,
have aund they would keep to b1- shipped to any'.
parf of the w.orld. We -h.ouild uolt ip onion before.. .
the '15th Aptil, as they are not &.-quired before that. o
titae, as it is too :ol)d tur4 very f,:Vw will stall them;
more esper.ially "wh'u'the.y hire to.' Tai hili prices'
'for nothing l ti.alks: th-y imn rely bei' ,~ b( r
J'a ~,', to ,l tph iu a store, as iL a few days it maybe ,-,
ov,. red with leave., and when ou"r ,ood stock
4cles along we -t little or nothing, as this
old box of stalks is ',n hand t:, show itu ; we ought
to know as well as the marketamen, who will.tell'
yout if y:un could ounly b.- inuduce..l t. plapt at the
,riLht time g.-ood red feed .l ad] .iy on-.alTf. the
'-quatity, you w:ull be :ert ,in t.o 'get more than
ti4.te the amoaut of nimoaey, and Lsave'.the extr.
ilaottir aon.l pk. kages and g-uno '.,inor sarin.% wuia l '
be Ua lrge .profit ,of. iimhif.' and the .'onuni.-ion
Merchant would only .have hilf of the handling and
get. over twi.e the ro.ney; l: e able to tell and be 'a
better class of.,t people. N.)w we have so mutnvi they
bei':rme a drtum' in the m.iiL ket. and a poor article,
-resulting from egrl planting. Th6 plaster i /
'fo~;,ro i': tsll thein'ta any price, and very often to
liad,pur..hasers. The onlrdy people that.ets the pro-
tifs,;ni'e the nmec."hants. They get paid for twice the
quantity of material than is actually needed. In
that way our farmers are kept continually in bond-
age:; on the other hand, if we would only plant
oneihal f the quantity at the right time, 'we would
always get from 6 to 8,,.clear of expenses. Then
why should we espenil our labor and time merely
to-enri':h others: for iuntance, in America, when
fiit., such as strawbei ries, which I have known'i."
when they become a glut in the City, 14 car load. -
at one time have been thrown into the river, not .
allowed to come into market, so as to keep up t],4 5-1
price: ; the price then goes up double, as they wi.S.
be ih demand : that pays the shipper for what wal
thrqwn away, and we would be better off to do the
same if we have over 200,000 boxes, a- that is quite
salfdticient, and if the 'mar'ketumen.only khiew-this t!ey-q.~,tH
itgl.1 Let uno more, the ptice would always be-good,
our country being small it 'could be nicely r-ggvlIa-
ted,, and our faarm'mrs wiuld s-n..u 1t.giu toshow their
bright smiling fa,.es. It only requires a club in -
each Parish with strict iules, so to fegulatetthbiti A
for planting and the quantity. ,We have plenty of
other vegetables that we c'-ould plant that would
pay.uis, equally as well, such aa, Bert; Cqiutow,'f "-
ere,:Black.Eye Peas, Comnmon Round eas, Dwar'f '
Peas let these be shipped in the pod : also ,cab.
'bi;ge, as we can have the latter' in Deo.'ernber, a' '
many other things could be rised'as well.' '
-, W.; O.Y~ t
Yellow Fever and all MalarialDi4ases,'
General Debility and 'Priobtratio
Ital, $500,000) have purchased the secret-forl. ,
and all rights to manufactureand sell Dr. D' Uer'" '
the acknowledged preventlie,andnlieie for
Yellow Fever, also all Malaral. Fe'ers, Debility,.
and Ueneral Prostration of t me ,Mucualar -an -4
Nervous Systems. This wonderful 1mtilj$s.R
not a nostrum nor yet a seat medicine, buta
SCIENTIFIC RiMED fully ep.orsed anti wp
used by 'the leading pbiiclana in the Utitd6 '
Slates of America, as well asin England Irelandd,'
Scotland, Australia, &c. TheChicao Cinchons.
Company manufactures and sells it ifor the qlo
purpose of extending Its usefulness throughout
the habitable globe, and not for the purpose 6'
making money outfit. g'-,Eveiy -bottlrwkr-. -
ranted to do Iw work. Full directions acgiwpaBW .,
It. Good for Man, Woman anc Child-f-'ee fromll .
danger. It is manufactured In all ts statength' ant'
Siirlty,under tbeimmedlate supervision of theWorlda *...
known selentist,..Dr. D'Onger, its. dlsCeoverer,.wlog. ;
is engaged by the Company. Price. $15 per.botzle,
If your druggist does not have it on hand, *aen4 te .
m o ney alre et, to '-.. .. L. .
8lClalrkStreet, Chcago, I1l,., U. B., :
P. 5.-ThaI ii the samc woadarfdl nr.edr til ha t ouarp DninhD abkla;, -'.. ..
or A lcohollm, *aid which baa.0 nu ohslhedtheb. ydl yel ad asa ilie
,hdas ot Amcri nand aromp..

I .. i
^-'-wm .,,s






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