Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00067
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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How t ohni Bull Local Lolndon. CONVENTIONAL FORMS OF ECCLESIAi- *
,., TICAL STRUCTURES. tice Notice. NO NOTICE Notce
,.A Pamwphet Publishede ,,, l.on.!..n in the J.uimner of " Tci l TrTthe Edinburgh Architectural A.s-, 8
S. lhe ia,'e o D,,h,.'m ,eiati", Mr. Wlliui Hiy wtsh called It for his T r.J ND ,1 LL PeiS .N iA -
A little brochure,Aignificantly bound.ina tri--cw|i!e-or ap ntith anventi. *ml PA e shEaalberaes a1 W. 1o, : TT va r7SN A. i- -inst il-e Estatet [i ll'l+. l)'f! 'i'*!l'i Aoa .- A Iin-t ilia Estata cor the lte.]I l:i
..h l ,Lr do r ,.. ',- I ti Hr. Hri, Ie..,n by referrinfg to the ytemalie Bermuda grown. Of day's.notice to be given. N. On the lth of oeptembeu r an Electie Tele- | ou ns1 arte r4a Eo reeder c
b' e Channel Tumiel." Alter .on,_ milr,,n, it .-ruiltine.s which unidl ih .ncm inl church buiit- For Sale by rp Oie co in n d with a special estab-
..ays:-- .. '^r< i,, thel, we, 1<. and the rehithru ihfleWidce under : lishlornt for exchanging, signals with vessels o0 before \St dty of Jlfarc,
.. avlln _1Qnor eoe31tdyt
On the evening of a bright dny in May there, at- .wh -ariu-..,'ruelural det' ouiventiisil- CHAS. T. CONYERS, *pa inm at sea will be opened at. r ;/., at the | e si .
."rited v the lCh Iuinel Tunn. at bDoeri' r a r nm- '. I1, trace the s tl.lii W lk IiI,,)lCsm rcf it 'NO. W est F r t en tran t,. Gotte, bur-
'r 61 Ft ,h dlidaymakers.'The Allhid Brothi the- w ;al-t ,Ib h,. e hof ia HamfiltO Februar, 2,th, 1 2.--1 i on fo. Tffi. siu ato,140 te ,re-twar ,and all Persons IN1)ERTEU to th i
of%,0e ;b the .a1i 'fmity Lo,*.1es, t, the_ Fi ,.e-,a,,I." ,;I th. ato r, ...
n.letE u h lr alr 'iirl' al it"1'hEnS ihL,'h chaei. A Delicious Cup of ^ i t,;s^,. t .i,,", 1 dis- ESTELLE L. NA
't h e b o 'li d a .% m a k ,- r t b r ihr h T h :. y h il d er g ,gil iz b e -h -c h w h i c l +u ee e & d, d t b h e l in ~ l e elr a mb e r e J ., tl f r o i n u n r i s e t o s u n s ez t ... d r l l .
evervwlere, the Lard Wardnm ad ill ,h ,, lber h,,- eiurch il Sc .. lt i e atl tiuted t, tht ioluene ,t 'T Th,- ige .lliTg to ships ai -t a will be carried Sourhamppton, Feby. 27tli, 182.
on exohi'%" 1ey lntn of flags a d ts)anoe).
tWll were crowded to ex he. u : but u,,body thomu ht Rnlan ethri ad p acte wi bc.n to db. o -cli lby ensof and istan
nnr'tT^m E nerine ain1ccpe (ha- sg, I codngt h rtiles laid- down in the 9 ^., pn T
hn thin ft I hlit. fr there i.ha been d.eve ral "in; a ,,tio- in ,i ., ab-ua t ".,r ,11 .1:,ter the ar.,,E Undersigied laviiig acL,-pted the ZIP-. si- als avordi to th. rllVE state.of Siam uel -. -
'?. on a rr ,l', i t, it itrun h ril' St< (_lhub .._ the ilaud ipllying olue pointment as SOLE AGENT for Bermu- 44 International "Cooun-nr-ial Codne.of Signals." Estrte 0f aael A. Hna-s
felonm.eon a ,Q,,-ie vthal -walhl . i- ao, it hiL- 'ril hutlSt. i-vi' i .I") ...the" "W tla'u"d' T ft-Crauwilit o roUesth
iilli't e- of a hiiilar kind. bt.ef 're It w kni- cliall :ofl litual ,'; il 'n<.:i or i,,,atiru a da. for tbho Sale of TEAS for the W ith re.r to tle rais-. nt to ve s, the 1.
thloulgh not specially. n.-,i at ti l- time, bit,,'* i. o n in tle iilic._. h r:e m?,r be ;.' ll in the ilie '?. erred' to h b a Clt eruhes are toi <"o 'rv"- : ) q ., tliat.j~ust' at tht~ t i sF =0iI(I m q p at a <.ul o Fi.. l r i nm,.. l ex l-,i| li O1 1:- Thel t,,,1..h r,,.x'ust tIT not o l th., h UNDERSIGNED EXECUTO Soft the
a t I l i -i tl l'r uh ,I d't ,,J i.,-l hli f, a t Si 1 ( -, r-1t i h l i o 1 4. I : ih f;t ,x 'n a? r e V I .l t S g 'i v o n ot, r O n ll y t 'h o r : E U D R I N E X C T R o h
amiy e,,Iri- pNro e ,e rirrii, ,ut a .aer;e,., peace I n- h a rli' i,oBnrre, in the neigh' rhood,-t Auilen....b,,J inai c. uieb &IsDal ient.11l -.- that alth l- CoC ll)I y, v ,l, its offit ,iall number (i. ,. signal ll.tttters in hereby, in pursuance of the Tfuteo Act, 1876,
troubled albo t %%hlul thw Ftenchi did -.t!eie, wen, Elf-,. I-hv xilibiied ,lI at'Le'd did-,'ieue- li'n itho dl~la-r- th 6 ie no i- h t al.P ron a
-trotiHd about ai t.. ... F, en;, t e lihhd I r. E i." rrI. ir wer I ,t I_ t iiE i Whihh wll c-nable hih to place Teas into t!, the Cole List) s well as th. por to which the give notice that all. PersonL having CLs Hqi
t X ir iin troll ?,t -' 1 r .h a t k p. t in ^ .ir v y tl :a n r M arket fa- silb-, so low that every Fan"il' hi ybe0lo "". agaist, the aboveestate are required to render
fitioviuder~ia ind hing ab,:,i ih-_ ih ht ,,f Fraln I -- In,., :'1' .'th qn),Wit' i ,ht"har, ,ln v ,pre Li,,t lit'l14.q- n f r e;f r sl o l w t a, c 'l)' Fa il seo,;a.gainst the a hovo e .sthte ara requir.d t r n e
ace the.Egyptinp. with an iet l lorc, .ul n 'h ,du i. a ,,e a l t i-)tic miht ,-jOy a -art of tli,. great Iixurly. .o. The l r.u hal either be written in their Accountl ,
[o1t hasilen to e.nferortainiec,wes;n- upon v:,ri..,i: r ., h:au,. l,,r,., i t.. 1,- ,:,.,.n i, tl.. Jihpartite A J. I r D O the ,wi -ih l:n.n uag, or becomposed o n corn- O o r beore Saturdayl the 8th
great Freiueh ltnilcial e ni;uie. and t ir u.ore. church three di.lict intri l d.^i.i,_, e,.rrep.,!d-. A .J. I D O binatih, on letters. In the ease only the t
ovr, tali. t Tripo linaVreU' ,-,m li., ,,ice be,-n in- 'Ing t, threlit, l H..',nil reqiir,:t]o>ur l--h, ...-r'al"r i,,, .t. Georg'e's, 2l.-t March, i'[8 2.- tt follov-ing 1 consonants of the alp abh t., viz : 5 pr [ J.exl :
nexe4 to Tuiis, haid b.:. a matr ot oile eCon the cli.- ad tl. \ nuiily, -aL. ,' rar;uiU prr B. D. F. G. H. J. K. L. M. N. P. Q. R. d that the Ex.-cutors will then roceedto
tion between the gvvernnentn of Lto!lnL, and Part; "I the V 1nehn el. Iib I 1.. .. He r.,tvi'l-vil III fhe I".0 11011JIM-0il h the Estate ofing regard t .s I;oh
-but these were limattr- ,hhe diplnaneywvo ld ....;He .r l i, he ,,t R il 'tri,, ch.rehes o on Salt. A. J. R. .i h.aml not hisl ,.mr, than four letter e; aonl h at b w nothallftgerw ar
..ertnitnlyltnith o er: nobody lteihril l i,.-rio lh ',t- ,,,I, hn e twprni, ,i :ial: .!pe ,_ ,r a h 0l. naut ofn thisn lnor t n hill-be co siere'; aI li n t h, y "ha v t he hen too
*. hi e bu *. if :t" i ila PI\T c.Hg in i 1r ll' lfnclu ft-ia. r ikril to t : li et */ 1t im ^A* -- -t "-r je ll --- -e r -h p wi atf th l '-u*L ofl| *vb ch th IIIl lo then have no** I
,'iui ,or when..bter oi, by au h r or t twt' ti ie t' ll nt- y t! ; i e iter ret the s l b for re their .I IPersons INDEBIED fo the a std te are re-
,i'esisier .awbiclmibt'l,;ve bpni l. with ,al .p I, u(o .i r.:.tli b n ,i ir.-i, -l iation in the above mentoned kind of queued to settle their rtshe. -ive aconit b
'app oe ft er m iti.a drw i p- tihroi, e Admiihtr ii.r. tw i, '3nn .,f .a!e- .. r.- .. l .. .-.-.. -- .- ; i a n h r u st o ld b. .ade, e above date.t'
'ud.e' ut wor" thb t t"h" w.i .,lJ be h..,shv :"h e al,r ['.,ti. ..i.,,_ inc ; .- m i .. ,h ',..hiu .ein O p en ,A R ...... t ,%,. al i al t'..1 -b t en1tone^ "i n ,w_.,i t Accounts are to be read ied to, and settle b
y the u g, <11 ,,I' oilr in hii.I!, It." Merl m ih ^,d r,,h t- fIr hoi il 1 ," i u: .. -" -' ,- fa l,.rn-.hiti.;.n. K with the Une1ci',ned. GC'O KBURi HAR B "
-nL ural. Datr t ha.t -ishltsl,.!,t tnu ,r.i.,ll y .It 0,1 tt to 1i'e us1..r' fr; lr. ... *' ". ', "' ; by ...... it H .x, N.S., (J,," The .l,. t ... message. by signal lettera S ...
not.a liee,.' e sE on. 1oi- trou!ls in I ,: ...i 1 8 '1"to 0-*b .dl ti e rl -- ii l !.^ ,,. II i. t New, One "-, i th:n,. will. in th le ru l, be.e:iloulted It the fo1 lowinh EUG.NIU M IARVEY,
i u ed ,. rnni vtwo cm a d t i i o lh' h r .l iui-fi1,T '+O C.H RYt ,llett, i.'air in ittl e ', l *;' ; l ...,.,:l,. t .1il'-'r "i--l! ir i nr i r 0 v E, E

ri bie ,-^ n. r ith,.wn ,. I J, ,', ., n :" :u .... t .. ,n ." i-r. hI..r,, I .lt-' ^r-7? M"''' n^,, mK, tin for ,i ill 1 iru 50 Gr. for an M W S. BARR. h
qibut hAe g.' an, friendly Fr^,.h neie ier, and fin" :"*V Th, b,-! w In l.l will on adver ry, j A L I ING L S unnal orw is Paget, Gil March, 1,1t. s
l i r i p f it t.. ... ts O nl t, i rit i S 'b ~- ii iVI ti ii lt I ll ~ tl tli 'il l -; r i *" i ,. ,, ,, i' IIu"O '-, 'lr ,.: i,' l Il t,'l*'t: IiSI ,*hn ------------------------_ "'
y ." ,l ,t "h ,, baen rl i, I. ll l....wl, e f1 t orJ. M De ., i th for i go theu ag through the ;

;* THE SElZURE. f e" i.. te w the C e n, g^ pp, < forge8, I- nrv 2 !, I ^-2. ;, tel.:--raph will be charged according to the NOTICE O. J.
The elochk had ouly jult ,rl" ick uiii hi L f ul tiib troop- in their lI t w r by i.ialii. I' i ----hablishe. taiifof rates for inland anhi foreign *- r __ i,-
-on a 0ii,1ddo? these tourh tu i.,ht have Ibe eu bur-. j (io ,, and -ri-iuiijs Iit tI hir i i ,,n nl,". -, ,'v l k'ii tof-.l.grapli>" oro- resp.>'lau>.,'.._ T T .r ,- e.
ryinr- awards the tunnel s'. n.. wh,ile e,, t .u, arr, ,^ i,,,:t ,, ,r A ila ^rr ,,n.r .u',. < ^',? .the Flrnrh ptfefiler x.,r.., mitily hi~ii l l,.:.rhoina 1 ;b'. e-,]^i i t.. nli e (ir rtl ry a i.-il ai ii~i ,-k -*i ',!'7 /r a; eil ,=" a- jI It ;' "" eiid o rl-- n s '- tt e s l* b h '....~m -*---t tte S A't U >
bthe r o rn'< bt l lt ,1 s lir i ii v;irel W a .ound 1 i of ,- c. tlVo nt1 'iv ,U-,li; tu n ..." r If- l lewt, l t'.om & n Ue-t' aunt Le l -nhf lN,, lo 6 -e
"a -Ff-a sefl~l? ud' .-'hor or i(*, ,fi.l;'bar ii A ciurc-.h, it.] I'njldli,, l.rt,..r, air- t rr_=a'h rt -.'<, f, T "' ^ ,,*,',. TT, S .. -r- ,, f + -, ,,,, -,=,,, ..v ^ 'a l' t-e L m 'g ^ l '~ o
;a pily d rL w th e a attention it a .ry ,=v. T h ,l r a t,1 t ,, i. b t'u. I- th, u tl_,-i .,i a ud |> i n w ".i d ..". '- b t e i e. -\. e o n. o r b efo re th e- "
to ,i t b a d a ll ait a p ,p e a ie d u tit h., Iarm h a l f W e ll e, ih e? v- l.i .. II i. A P .ri d iv n e i a ,n l r 'o a d '. A v e \ i i- .1 -! 4,V ..u%:l l3,.. .. iw! l bt 1 IVlsth a b le .by ih .ply h o is t- .i .. d .. "
been given and the p,,lie wl Id ,..'i d,,wi i, to e ., ,,i, i,,_ ,,,:,t R,,n,,.i Cub i,:'. ir w,, ing th- w*!>i ,n with t,-ird, t. ngu,,ingsignal, _)th A PiIL n eX ',
the lliinel n-.nth : Id thmlen, t. ilanmt coIt inuiRal .1 pitR th,. ,,-ril .l,,,tui ba > a!l tJe he t 1:u -;;" .u e. th--ir ,i-iTl n -,r in th -_.e Lis: to to
par y of st 1dier',, badi beI t ...-nt. \V i.b e..i it all :Ch1 '1h r i u i.;. Iad hm, ; h t, il .. i, nl l,. Inf e '1 a h1>v ,:, tl,,-.,- th -l .p-, e r ,,po h,.,:1 t: b y te:l,-g i lap h to .' fter wl: i'h u n l ate s ll aif c oun ts rem gaining u n-o rt
mean? OO lytl is,lhattlhel,uript., -e i,rapi elye- c, ii- .' y. .-.. A rin "r-'bl.'eriain rl h ichlli i, the lfuture, proei i.-, h aii ,l [i,, ,i.OVc w,-il 1, o ,. .i V'i I.?:': ..w; ;'i, hhil R '':'v ,,.ev l]. whi, b l,:-tt,:-r or p."a uenles,. i sfactoraly arranged for, willon.
eiing themse-ll eis. behind tbe ':!i:\.i;, ih r'.il :[ the ,:; Mp'. [lay ip.i '_r..J ;s lr, iing a l>',.'.u c., ci,.n-s uare fHrr.,, ;iln nii,|I he al a.l linin c re-slt t t r. r ,.' I," t.']-Zltl l, h:,!l li .v,:iou ly ap lied to the trbi,,e .,\ :e,., ll .al hands lor collection. jt
:mouth of the lIItnel. n :latid eiitingtr,.ti-e hs ul qml i l ci nver'tintit he- i p,.,,- p r ,,i,: .,I .i .,,d p....l |i!e-i>rl-. id.-> Jhll_.ri... ; -*i nd l ead i I is | | ,.;i'. p-io 1.,1 i ^ ."h .i i ,l iii..l. r,-vurns i hi-+ M arc,, ,S...
n rot c.1 nW l r lt h.aK. (,1 t h u :'V I t 1 1 1vtiive b,.! 1:ir.i o I pi i ll fli o t tie- r .l '1 Wil *~.1t 6t *r A t T t A *
0 Wre eD t hi. g,:,ol eur lf-t now t,_, att:,.-k the ,ian..,-1 (.uu m uni,.,, ab,,e ht th,,'r lbe n a ,n ,le Iotty l_-." .t -r l. .,oi]l ., e rms obi,iui d 'i i AlA

'er, ri t ur e il o.r 1bt tlhe* l.., c.,t llhe tunnel iu ro,,,m elevated h s t-ii ^,Lj e .^ ua hito the clburelh I~l TGAL[E.^ ] ^'vb a m'. ea. u .i~addi sed will onlyhavetog -A -;- LL a^U y H
la tir b nde n d th i B couh ,ih,,hl i.t f,l e lhr .i u i. -a, wi,.e ateh hn l iu view t w lhe.l ,',a, I .- i ,1.r ctlhie [. h12 th,- ..,ri- / v" ,. a r ., a. l',-e f,-ar tIhfIi l5 transm isa.i,,n _-, s S -AS T SI
httitr noc,:e would be able alt.w.' rdl to dislodge H .ly I ":muuniou, ,md It otber lim..e might be (. ce at .Stoie of l J. Low.,s. :,y t..lgr:.(ph .- wir, and such e.xpense- a-s the T
rthim. But the tahrk wa, iit, by aty mi tbe c l.;, d by curtu,. ud wlic wni e te rpre aion, M h 21, 12.-2 mons. wrdi. of th- mesag to it address fro T 1 %N HO E L
.i-y J Vob it had l .fike.. It win fighg t tim, anid th? A >entatiii ve uAi ler r,.oui of ht-e ,Scripti ; the i- t nea i l telegra.h-oolice 'may involve. ..
,.nD, biden behui, eatih and rEilany truekl ce.uM d,,us filld \ith situned gl];,a, nd tuh wall decorat- lZ- P T S a,, ,- a 2 After tb .i-ti d lishme.nt of th.- Electric- BER,M U A tA,
;D(t be s,.on. In ruiii lie muiikcttry ratl-,l ini tu .di- ed with 0 ,ulptul e ;iand ptaiutiug iu li, be-t ti'ylno a, T leg aph O"ffie the Optical Telo'raph at, Agert forI
S.reelion nt the tunnel, the delnders of the tr,.n.ier art H. viu. already giTeni, u lull i:,pe to the gla -ALF .hes's of Oohng '':.-- bet in the J" no l.. .. 7T
opere adelv undhr tII sheller and it an impregnable a licir' be did uut sce on what ,rin. iple we cau 4 Couiti y h Au n 30th *1, 1 t' Ll/tl.O7n ._r'); Water,
. eiti.on. Arlilhle.y muwt be brougbt u)p ad the exclude the painter and sculptur. Good FLOU S *
iel, tat wa clear; tie tr wa w.o. .a, Royal Board of Telegaphll. SARATOGA SPRINGS..
i rg$venl.' But the- artiffery wal, inerective, aud it was . .s I '" i \N rum. u1'!';4 R 4t. In Pints per dozen, or Cases (4 dozen each.)
a" tw found that the electric wire provided f,,r blow- GrNERA FirJouN PORrIn.-The ashiugton *" ", c-"" ..-.-< ....... I Fla iih Iehnrar 14 I88.--tr"88
In a up Ibe tuime.l nud the a vparaitus for u"i r-ing it Stir ,,as tnat tlie P Iesidaent and Cl ab dinTet have de- .'A i U iruar 14, 188 .-tt .
Iad alr been ieid and cut ; the tuunel miiuthu u'st 'idd-,lt,., rnuinte Geucral Fitz John Purter lo o .h B ,CON -, A. Really Good n
S ela n had- .liand -.ti Teleral irs v. ..:y nB7 c.olo,.,. of infantry, w i wa sG !f- 0 1e T
w-Wro. forthwith despatehd to London and the Dover -. rank iu the r,+ular arrmy wlou ca.,hirevl. The 1. L. l\Ei, N i Y] '"" "g l l
, ai ong led up io t, fight. It numbered, however,. it min-atiji will .a'rry with it i ,removal of the dis- ... e" h S T1 edS !B
.n : cf.a iv m ure thran the invader., and thes' had the | im powed, and it. is e-tia,.ted about 3 Doors \\' e-" o l '1 ;l (. t. l. '" ., W &
:-i^mmeil,;s alvtage of being undercover. There wai ;15,,00 bIck pay. iamlltt M rh 14, 1.2. o uFR U ALE, The Undersionled has just Received
:rhay an E lish olderr who bit the dust that night. 'aN KNox LYrlE of \\'orchesr tedral, left be Made by COLLArtD and COLLA D. I aver
Sb IN lO- DON. New York f...r Eug land ou the 17th ultimo. A -' i B a I
Letitnot be upposed that in London tba0e n -0ov- p`4a al or1 Fifth ave u. ii in u1ato a U b i s c r l r I > PBially adapted lo the Climate. ," W te "
:ermnment on tetting iiformatioii of wh,.t wa tranl- bu <.l:* "**ed h1"m subtan \ly l,,s own ,.oniuioua9 ..'-> i ^ J Recently entire-ly re-butle. by M\R. BOUCHER.9 1 yv -1L t4 ly 9 B
s; r i at Dn at riDaer wo supine- o the cotrary, it i '",' t .' "r "L ,"bui"di, 1r e ive, ti'1n Zn lll il S. "; 25 ro London, via Ne York; especially S -
, lted with prai wortL May energy. The s 'i-let'ry W r. it. t l t S t Orinco" via New oi c -% lected tor this C,"..limate.i B
-Wr.,+ h. -recepti.u ol the wife o" t "e'in t r r\i N o Io Property of a Gentleman leaving Bermuda. l T thi s T? l V 88
b Muiter whean the tilarlin, new arrival, oal,,d ... A very d..-ttrctive fire oc.. wlt Hiavrhill, ) 3( I Is. Mrls the -t imIu l w;,As to ruIah up l o is ro e u to de- M t 1 uli o, w en ir i ost il be n w a B. Jill(..) N.' -a.tore, Talor j 0c..Tn13',l- Draper, Reid Street. B
ind ,what iC; all ,l. -,I am wholly at a I,," to [all w"olly or imn edi dtely con,.,en d wirl, toe.3ho J D b s. H llt ,M O LA 'h.- corner of Queen and Ieid -treetr a iilton, )er. 20lh, 18 1. r
Ikt ow," was the reply. d" ,eeld t that this evniriffh th i manuf1.turer-, w-.Ie buried. The property de ,Which will be sold Chea'", from the Wharf.
t~e~nli Aubthsadorddid certnin'yay to nip thalg hii ., trIycd is e 1:imat,.l at fully $2,: :f,,nJc,-IJ- sur'd ENT Y A. \ [SMr ITi Al., a Good Eight Keyed lt N. B.-An A PPRENTICE,
?-gbvern,.niit tit-wed ,uir pr,.teP, with "ezard lo) Evnt frl,':7.-S-':'.' whb,h 5"3.,ni and upwa,'ds w,:ro h .tl.,i K, .- A. ,.Ml i. ,, ,,,., B r JN .B.--An A PR ENTfc S1ICE,
i(imp:re seriously lIan he willedll, ad th-It hp i ,ru-tled tu.surd i Ec-lilh ,,rr e. T r w te b ;3 ho, an ,, t1ach 14, 1 2. to t Taioring Busines, W anted,
t wi n situation m itabt l notl become e ttr uIed B t. But I i,:,,,.-%--k and leath, r Iirm lebdt in the town. -il------ fo H H;,
.ikii lo be jnS kitg." -' .llil.,,I?" roar-d, the. W r Fi, E ln-ir]i C'r.i n,1 ..i-. i,.aV-tiIu a Ruolph, were Arr- 0r -" i ( T -rri-.TN M. L.' v tL_,L O. With i'receptors. and Music, aud an Excellent B e]' md B'pi o d
,Mri-ister. "Do you know tlit th,, Fret, b hve 4 t-.t.-,1 ;.t N,,w York ou the 2"2,lnd uhl-,,,), eha,'e.' br ": t' 1- o .i .i 'hLJ L
;e& e through tbe tunou.-laud taken D.iver si'n) c L iilid-wo iha.Purr .r..f the Steim .br ** ut i u rIi,"-a of te New tij tj n (104, 1,i"'dn suitl ol A V \ OAI W ER .
..ihl, .ree hour.ago?" To sry -at both themi Yotk and Cubh.u t Mail SteI. ,hdshij Contl Muv, with ; (L.OT'.. 1 rch.--l :n! 6 I'rot .Iree Iamilton, *21-t Marrh 1 S2.
aias were thende istrucik hardlyt desr tes their con-. taking gurpowder on board that ship contrary to --
A, on But they a oted -the one leliavni the company law; and were ield iu bail for xd:nuination at '04 11i -SN !1i)l.L & CO.1 h11e 10g-te l a lT E. B1 JO ES'
. 'ediately audd .rivinrro-d to e.kfore s"'In iit'h. A" ; t i:- ervic< oIf kir Clas Culer n L,' 1 e .
H .. lil "' 11.. 1 ar.'1'!"1121 %'ll Ih r 11 JI4 t l e. "n II IB i ad ,olll:nd t e r i tA 1

ioa from the Freneh Ambassador, whom he REWARD FOR g.ALLANTY. -Tbe 3o.rd of Trade tier,-65 and .J Front ..reet. Corner Of Queen and iReid Street.
W er e pentig o d no t a ,t, dd d ofot tull t.l I fterl l mer. etal.rL o t C n .i..n..i.e t 1..r...D A R F S I M M O N S I a n i..lebr tH ist -q ..
ai froima Dover announced v hat th l French forci e e .. i m"u .u "%. ;tvo i lie to Ca ,ll Und .Lline hiiir Lar.. e MJEACHANT TAILO-1 O NB
arehndibeen iereVed tto an army cou rps and was GA eto e. ilins lEu,',n btul.- IRespectih dly informs the Public tha. hn hP aA 1
. ili tuge 7ury ho"ea l ut wat eia br'o1 r;Fatly i -' i srTin0 who" assisted iunto 'A at a n, a ,r ,, .-t Opened a The Undersigned Ia, tust S received
|,t u the var ou t dptac lieflt, i a rll .. fr anm ltfl hob'- ,, _. rA ..a..%%d t' wo u ld.e .- : re. Hamilton, Novrc h .. ], S l.-tf 1 -z o I t,) i a r 0 HL H O
.-parg te country 11ld to -attac D--er w hs .culy pubi.h... .1 ... it- T lr ing Estabhlshment er s s. CO,
rfy, wo,' i ". u o lf i aIJi, .he'. must b_ 9u,11 .. ,n,'^ -? J/* I < ie ]- i i/ ,ri j-o /i i oi ii-l u
jer givteni aor a c n Icentation nipou arious p,-ints. Emi.rtitu to C.ape Llony rou Gri- t Pritai is "* llS nOehl \q l, Al'nd r rit E A
,' ider n hadgohne aad ould n id at h e retaken o' e ,'t' **lq d m "s*l r1u %i the retdr-,- ho, ouly l d.o, ,, r l.A. e,. ., S.. -.ino o o s hr- ol n tr ,T -.E. Eq _rIc-Smo e B ,F O n TT R .B
et. d tho whole ,,allable army n,u~t I.. oou. P. 1,:.3 -.,n.mmt.ut,, foh .^n 1.. it. u,nL,: .a w.. ,..; J; '; 0' ^^ I ] -... l0< oJFot .-tee OTA OkES -, ONIO B:, BOFaS
i0trated on th Surey' Hillf tll it was ready to 1-1 e l t wiat 1,,e.1. Th,. .,4,1 ,.,u .tI ,tlo -t K \ F,-h .f e Guarantees to give satisfaction, and solicitA geo POTE ..S APN O ET S E-
. u xi-en .,rtl,. ,or ,;-r theueut raAlway., *2,.l..> artt.-,is., i ? a share of the Public patronae- Ca e M EATS APPL ES
ree. ...... _. -' .atddl ,,.ti..,- nt,,7.Y* riM:.ulturi ta,, au "- A1 l. \0 \ ......ked l Ii. P e upll Gd sa BISCUITS &C .
. **. sh----ie ra.its tor the C'ae Mount.d Rifnu. The f_ imrned rigi F ai \Tl > Iie d A new supply oa,, Goods always on hand. O' B
r.olt.e St-Cut .D'Orgay, in re aidulturi took )ut iththem in. al au ,,,t FE, I Ln.i T.I>N;U ;S .Hamilton,' February 21, 188.--3m paid. JOHN BARRITT.
hking" op a beauty-speck ,:,n the t oa eek of lady ,,g:re-:at' otf-,, ,,32. ior a little over i!ou. for ea.h 'a SAU. 1G 8 rile.i HA\I IM ._ '__.. ..._____ __.___ Hamilton, February 27, -.182. B
FT -. ..-)'- ,-,R -_--R IN,- S.

.th. .pton .qmparedit to, .one a' r se-leaf. 0 W %au or child. U 1 AW ET .
he om t s. fa ftei, b.- d h r T LF TRE..--Profe. r J. ut't artt,.le .i fa '1f ,! ,mo 11, !-'T.e R ya : rd BE F Oi BRI O I' I ,. 0D 1' Vi. *
tlnp;." ^woan thatt l," rtxejoined( the Count, d ou TeGufSrea'm oa#dh the ',-ull,"in 1 1.,',*.* '+, FOI Tta.e, nT I" J" ul -- ant tl B-U
Ov en it was ma deo4t.".." t e'Io tnSctp ,o"'wic Iith fr the, cu ent inoiur; th 'r Il. \ an e. I .* 1P o f l B B
"" '\ ,"' '-- c ". -,,pl n pret or o .' "h- si' tp)A I .'q l'.-\al;Ctiv~JT '. ,^ PowwefuIBay .-. -- Bi* B
;.Ra eg iN.L'., C'Ait/-r:.3 ay there are inthis city .formatiaiu o.f any number cnl a. ross the r><>l, *'' ST 1' ;. Ciua A'-*'l ^1^Q ^ CSSOK~ &li IIOUSEMfl! AID
11.%N.D ni; V ,41

o nd-.. t he.rofeucalyitu' treeS, all of which i t ,hmu.--so far as their iul eu W a on thi Gulf I'..onUiT. ,i ki,.nd .. :'. i
-naubwriy ftD'aly. Thhe irowtr of this tree is ra- I StHtam may go -He ay the Swork rowin hand will .. .. I "1 li N'l an N -. "Good Character iua dispensabl. .
ai ..d.oan-e hi.h w 're ,et.putin 173 ary now Lav.o nO, -,,.e efle6i ou' teudinmutte of north-weit n 4t C ianneJ .,iEA I'S, a:,.. AL... A,: T .B'U i' ., Fit John. v t n f wIReally o o
ei ht"light asi jches in diameter. Iu ap. "- Europe thau the emptyiA of tapolful of boil. JOl R y to IT.UT.HUaEYs, A.D.C., Mount Apply to MweS. STE w t,-Bellevale, Spa-
-iro feothbwe tree greatly resemble the commoa g water into the Aretfo Oe would have Langto.. hPoi. *-

Ila iltnJany. 31st, 18 2
ilptar. ':- ait~ing~- the annual temperature in Gelau." lailto, ny. 31st, 1 March 13, 1882. Mj arch 15th, 188 "-
i'. ., -- .i'" ', ."' -." H ,"








F r, t.',; R...y-d G,.etth.
LaWn LIrrA.iX i-hi: < ito take, the earliest oppor-
tuii -v -.i rtunmirnL-" h.-.r nio-t sincere timnkak to a L
tiih.-se whii -he i-tiii -.a mu':h sympathy with h.:r
.and h r sma in t'i? rit; trials that have befal!ein
thei'n. It hi- e.utfort'-l the-n to know that fli-
,.arts of .idl l-i"es -elt for then.
LanY' LA'FAN" also wishes to orf--r her thanks t..
.:hose kind frie-nds who sent flowers and wre.ath:.
-'in .:ros'e, to lay in th- g'nve o her dear huib.tul ;
'nd to the Baudmnr-tLr rand Band of the R..iyi
-.'i-h Rifles for the r km.-ln8s and- trouble in lw,:tna.
-u expressly.for the see-asno Beethoveu's Ftueral
-ie tr'uAi- thiat in a fe'w da's sh0 may bo abl O,'-
-in wet' the many kind letters sk-hohas received.

K.C.H.G., R.E.,
Governor -and C'om antuder-in-C-'le!
In and over the eBermudas or
Somer4' lslands.

A.t Sunrie on PWeues,'iiy morning., the enciig:m
at-Mount. Langton Signal Statioru, half mast hi-mh.
made known to the Public, who indeed were no:-
unprepart-d for such an event, that Sm RoiEi;
-,His LAST. At 1l-50 a.m., life was ertin:t. A lit'.
-whic-h the devotion of his Wife and Son, had stiv-
en tb prolong, aided by th- best Medical attontia:.
.and the assidious service of the hous-hold' was tih:.
brought to a close, to the regret of the 'omnnunit'
whosl prayers asci:end,?d to the, throne of the Msajc.--
ty oh 1-igh, that such an actively usft'ul life uni.';L'
be still further conserved for the benefit of the Im
peial service. Nothintz that could have be-n don..
was left undone-nay the patient had even gu.n-
beyoud tihe expectations of his Physicians, h-l ral -
lied at times (and given promise of at least a partii '
recovery. Hope was buoyed up, a hardly frain.
antl a determined will did battle wihb an impaiu '
constitution,'but the fortune was not to turn prop lti-
ously. Audi so the cart.tin falls on a life most indu, -
triously spent, aud spent,we I.eliove, in a cmnscien-
tious conviction ot its course of rectitude, We hav.
lost the best Governor we ever had." was a coin-
mop remark. '"Not an old rman, but worked out a.
sixty as miuh ats many at eig-hty, Ly his nasidinoi-
applicationu to .ofcitalduty wa, another expressiou
f opinion. With Lady Laflan aud her Son, Lieut.
H.D. Lattan, R.E the people of Bermuda will
earnestly sympathize.
On the 1st Au-gust last year, His Excellency,
accompanied by Lady Laflan, sailed in H.M.S.
Orontes" for Portsmouth, in the hope of recruit-
ing his impaired health, They proceeded to the
Continent and returned to London with a bad symp-
toni superseded only by a worse. By advice it wua
consideredd most 'prudent to return to Bermudb,
being ou the whole as fA.ionurablb, a "Wiuter cliniat.
as eoulal be tound for him Crossing to New Yor'-
in the S.S. Wisconsiu,'" they enc'ouutered the se-
vere we:.ther which prevailed on the Atlantic dur-
ing lait October. His Ex,-ell-eney returned to Ber-
mnuda in the 'S. S. '-Orioco" on Sunday the 6th
November in rTcEcally i pe.ired health, owing in a
measure to the- hard w.veatlir experienced at sea.
As little Public bu.4inesa 'S possible was subrubmitto6,
to him,. to etrmit :if hi- having all possible quiet
-On Colonel Gordon'.i ret amn from New York, Deer.,
'4th, trhe Command of the forces. w-as handed over to
him, aind on theb .th March, the same Officer, by
reqfeit,. beoiun-, Actinx Governor, to allow of
ihe. Colonial Public business being expedited. In
temums of Her M-,jer.ty's Le-tters Patent, Colonel BE.
0. A. Gordon, R.E., the Senior Military Officer,
*ontinue-s to adiiinister the Government.
Several Council meetings were held at Mount
Langton, iQ which His Excellency participate:&,
which tent'ed to brighten the hopes which were
entertained of his recovery. The niews, however, ot
ni daughter's death in In-ia-the wife of Captain,
F. Carpenter, his form-er popular Private Secretary
and A D.C.,-whoase nuptials w -re celebrated at
Qover,'mniment House, -Mount Lanyt.i-n, on the 12tl
Nfar last, with great ec/tt-sen.aibly affected his
spirits. His Excellency's last public act w.a the
eop rigp of the S. ssion of the Colonial Legislaturi
"oo the 27th May last. The Flags, some draped
with rape, at. Admiralty House, at the Brigade
Office, at -the Bishop's Lodge, at the various Con-
sular and many private residences, at our Mer-chants'
Warehouses, at the Hotels, at the Dockyard, nd u
on shipping wevreedi:iplayed at h.alf mast as marks o.
respect to the memory of th--leparted.
At 2 pm., on- We-inesday.i Her Mtjesty's Counci
assembled in thdir Chamber at the Colonial Build-
ihg,'and late in .the afternoon the following was is-
sued wvihl reference to the ol.equioes appointed t(to
take pl6hL i'rom Mount Langton on Thursday after-
noon at 2 o'clock :-

-... '' v. .

2-ud March, 188la.
The Publie are hereby intoriantd that His Ex.
cellen-y Licutesnto, Generl -ia Rous'er Micl:aEL.
LArrAN. R.E., K. C. hi G.. Governor and Com-
manderrin-ohi.f rf the-se- Ileod. expired at te,
minutes to one o''-lonk tha msrninw.
The funeral will take p aceo at Pr-uebroke Churcal
to-mnorrow thia 23rd ii,.'maut, the leaving
Mount Langton at two p. in.
The f-Illowin'. order will be obs.rved :
Benefited Clerpy.
Foreign Consuls.
Myors of St. Geores awul Haimilton.
Clerks of Himise of A6-oubtly miud Legislative
G'oucil. Colonial Surveyor.
Solicitor Attorney General.
House of Assembly.
S .,Legislativeo Council.
Chief Justice.
-' Administrator of the Government.
Rector of Pembroke.
Senior Military Chaplain.
SBishop of NewfouMndland and Bermuda.

District Paymaster,

Senior Commissariat,
Principal Medioal -
-Officer Conuanningu
-,0 Cptain-in-Obhatge

Principal Medical
Officer R.N.,
Senior Ordnance
Store Offier,
Officer Commnanding
R. I. Rifles,
Captain H.M.S.
Admiral Command-

.- *. RUhatives and Friends.
Soldiers, Salors -and .f0arines.
Officers Naval and Military,
Juniors first.
By Comn, rc of His Honon ITU OFiozan Ad.
mniuitrinns the --overnment.
acting loioial Secretary.

From 2 to 4 p.m., oa Wednesdaymq.4 from noon
:.. -. ;_ '

co 1 p.m., on Thirsdaiy, hte rein:iiun, were lyimgin
states in the Drawing Roon at Mount Langton--at
,h- --North end f it, oppo-,.it.: the p-.rtraits of the
Princte and Princess o-' Wal.-s, presented by their
Royal Highner'es t-, Sir R. M. Latfan in I' 76.
ir Robe':rt wa.s tall and slunoler in p-rso with lonn.
mu.l narr>.v featu-re, and in d-ath. di,-st.:-d as much
as possible of it- grimnues, he peacefully anmi quite
'itar.trally rt.posed. Dr>i- -'-,, in th'- unifoui.- of a with the -..-coratiton of the order of
St. Michael and St. Georige oun his, his head
-xr,.-ath-I1 with gorge-ous white lilies, our late Gov-
-.-rnor cahluly reelinedi with an ensign ac-ros his -
.met St-ulio iint li.:ht gle.mned through thie -hutt,-r
'.ttice to thrw ., pal-- oi-t on the lifel.--s frmei-.
iTh-e :-'nt-i u.:- lokeI l I id, fa; if life h.1 butt
..-ra lu.,llv,r.,e'1: away, and. the en-l had ol-e wit';
out n a '.V-re 1 :.I rulson. I Here. wi,-ro His E.t. el-
lency bha extended rminy a <-ordlial wi-loiome, he
a nr-'w e-en a lifele.-i pi-:ture, the- frni in.-...-l
'vitoa)'iOt the '.-it il eu-.rgy, the mere .a',ado')w of the
all sould m-au !
During Weednesday and Thursdmay over 5')i0. per-
.,t ,:aa.i- to, see the body of the lath G.-vern-ir
iv-iu r in tat.te in the romui in which ho died, sur-
rountle,.1 with --hi.-:o white flower.n the last tribute
af r'spe.t f'rc-t his people. His f-.ttures bore that
a -,,:riibnly iea.i:eful expression which is given
'rly t h- thoe who have pa-sed tho buuudrn of thin
r..,'ileimee lifi.- a ud are at rc-,t foir evur.
It wa: inl ted a solenin sight. Every one of
5h i. i):th of lifo to tile old man who3c white hair
c.--t.:,kta that lj ha.i nalretiily completed hit
ire..-.or anlu ti-n, we:,t awvay deeply iI-a
n-eiAd with thb- s'l:murnuty of the soeia.:..

Caut-e of Dealh.
The imitieli-te tt:c. ust-'" :a Deaitlh of our thte
'-'ini.rtcl GiCove-rnor was Dr..epsiy aYMimroMtAritc e
_Di.-..- uof te hi eatrt, :inl deranemimt'n oft ti-e di-
.',:-st iv ,.irgau-h, in,'tedu nti diubz, bIy o ', /.i audl
otit ;t-nt aipplic.tion t') mnti tal w.- rk abroad and in
h his Cl.)ny.

The Fuerual.
The short di:taur.-" rin, n Mi.tnt Latnrton to the
Pornbrole Chliurh Yr-n. aVias .i:in-ewhat against the
)l.unling uf ,In limp-.-itmu ,',, im;e3si,,n, but the bott
.-;aj ni.idi of c-verVytlhii,. an .I thn airan'...ctUmelnt, were
',. p.-tritLt :as thp li7 tt4.l time- at dispib o permitted.
there being doubtless a minor points iuadvher-
,rint- v'ev.'lo il'-l. Tiw d y lt V u, I erl.:uc-I- alI t
far from proiusing', arid abut -noon a v.ry gentle
I-mt:ill fll, auli -.,e- h, i- i-r mil-omlt 3-2i p.m but ,l-
.,et-ther the a a.:th-i. wasi f:v-,ur-ltd an.- p.-rna it'.-i
f tie whole- pro-ii .iiia ii't:i- 'if i rran :':-':,. nt 1. ,ein-',.ar-
ri i out iu it-t entir-tV The I! iv wasL.-,:le \- I .14 a
general holiday. The walls of the Churn:h Yard,
-iiir lst e..ery where by tro'.ps-, wv-rn, bla-k \ritl
.i.,,!.a riling their et tii-e l,-.n:thI. Tie ailjoiniu-i
properties of W.:.o'llinm- and the Halls were dnu-e.
iy pF.'kel with people anxious to gain oven tihe-
-light-.t view of the eorteg-e as it pm,-,seI down hill.
The atteu,'in.e- of ,-iviliaus was linitel ow-ing to:
the want of spa-., e, arri:'e., being nr-ee-sarily ex-
cluded, and the approeche.s to Mounit Langtou lie-
i;,g -l..-iel shortly after one o',:lo,:k. rihe arnraoge-
air-uts in-iUated. abov%-, made known on the previ-
ous day. were generally adhered to, the B,-ne-
ficed Clergy and the foreignC.utsuls were present.
rhe- drive from Government HOL-ue to the Entran,.t-
;..ite was lined by a of the R. I. R., il,
qtuing, who rc-sted on their armri reversed whil-
the Body passed. The carrying party was sup-
.li,:-d by the Royal Artillery. The Pall Be.irer-
reteivced the Bodly at Government I-H.Iuse, where
-he Civil Fun-.tionari.-: joined, the Military part of
the procession farming up outside the gates. Thev
E,-cirt eons;.t---. of 3 Battalions, each 25u strong,
with the full complement of Offit-ors, and was drawn
u-p) 'in i.. at 1-'5 P. M., f.-ting the entranu:e to,
.oveirunmut -Houe. On the ,:.ght Blue Ja.:k,-t-
kiully l.-ut for the o..-'asi-on, ; re: itr-Ry,.i Akr-
riller. an.lI Royal Engine-t-r, torming one Battal-
ion ; */'t--R. I. Rifl-s. Tho whol, was .'inuanud-
-1 byi Col,n.:-I Macdounell, R. E. All amount-
.,-l OOi,,-r. c wer,:- omu toot, exseit the Otffier
N iIi'iu.- th t thii t Brigmt-Je Majer.
'n) th,- h'.-y .-:ea'.-ing Mouut Laugton piuntua lly at
2 p.m. i.len..ted from th,;" Mofunt Lanunt'-u
Station by the hoisting i '-2 bills ou the N. E. y-ird
sani) innute gul-, .sovvluteu.n iu numrrb:-r, weru tir Jd
at St. G.-orge'' by th,:H Royal Artilley, a un, byv or-
hler o f th, Vi.e Aindmiral, a similar nuiuli.r w.-r.-
ir,.-d at the ;:ite tino from Irelan- I-an-l. TtI
Paiud 'f th-e Royal Irish Rifles in the first iLntanc:
ro. it, pojiti-n :t Mount Luvi,-in, ii
struck ,ip, on the body leaving the House, a favour-
ited,-ad niar.h of the late Mrs. C.arpent-r, render.-:-di a
thie sp:c iLd rejqu,.dt of L d y Latina. When th..- c.-ftin
r.:-- -liil the Gate. the Band stopped playing, turn-
ing sharply to the Left inside the Gates, anu tormi-
ing ujp..a tle- No-rth SiduI of the grave. A.- the,
pronx-e-sion passed th- ,.-,nu cast visage of the troops,

leaning on their reversed anus, presented a .si-le-mn
tsp.-t, b-ia.r a marked silent token of gric-f. The
Roy:;d Endin:,.rs and Royal Artillery entered the
yar,linin u the g-ouud South and West of the grave.
rhe Lord Bishop of Newfoundlland and Bermuda,
the Re,-tor of, and the Senior Garrimon
Chaplain read the Burial Service of the Chur<,h of
As the procession entered the Chlurch, under the
Tower I.-y the West Dior, the org-'n pealed forth
a solennu dirge. At the cionclusion of the Servie
thi. Ily"n ", Thy il l,, dot," w-ias ,ung, atnd the
Procession p:ss,.d out by the Southl Transept door,
cud p-roceeded to thi- Vault fa,-iug the We-t eu-
trance Gate where the Processio:.n entered. The
BIlu.- Jam.k,.-ts" ou thi right of the gate, the Royal
lri,h Rifles .u the klft, took up position along the
road under th.- Churchyard wal, facing Eu-t. Ai-
ter the interment (of the body a salute of 17 guns
was fired by tlhe R.:-yal Artillery from three poun-
il,-rs placed ia Clareneiic: Hill Ro-id rincin- the Chur.-ch
tiYard iate, pau-es being m.-ideu atte:r tile i.;th, 1lth
an-i 17th roun.i,, during which the *' Ponmt ot
War" wai plcy,-.- by the Druims and FiLf-s.
The whole of the proceedings, ciarac.terized by
the. grcr test order an.l solemnity, we.:, carried out
'.,y thode-- iutrustedl with them in strict 'c,'.rd-in.--
with orders. Th-j Steanner '" St. George" bro-iit i
a lirgo number of lieole.; frort St. Geori--e's. Tht:
concourse of cam-riages from all parts of the Ilhmind
into Hamilton was very large, manyb-beinv-de-drou-i-
of -eeing the last token of retard to the memory of
our departed Governor.

Place of Sepulture.
If I should die in Bermuda bury me there by
Bishop Fe-il.l remarked Sir Robert as one day hue
p-'s'-i the Parish Church of Penabrol.e, St. John's.
Aun isoce-les trianmelo bet ween th:- West Gate and the-

Tower is the spot where the Right R'-v. Edward
F-ild, D.D., Bkhop of Newfoundland and the
Church in Bermuda, is inte-rred under a rich Peter-
head Grauiteo slab, fringed with g[asC relieved by
white lilies and roses, and edged with two noblet-
sago palms, and the gorgeous Barbados Pride"'
Tree. The ponderous square tower of the Church
ribs close by, the walls of the sacred building, in
form a Greek Cross with an Apsidal finish East-
ward, are hera and there entwined with climbing,
roses, while the near stone fences of the yard are
lined by an attractive hedge. In the valley, ahinoit
immediately below Mount Lang-ton, placidly lies
the Peabrok- Parish Churchyard, which good taste
has of late much improved in the matter of trees
and shrubs. No more beautiful place or more fre-
quently visited cetn'.tery could have been selected
in all Bermuda. On Wedluesday an excavatibu
was made a little to the Westward of the Bishop
Feild Vault, and the construction of A suitabl-,
Vault commenced late that afternoon to give effect.
to the espresso' wishes of our deceased Governor.

-Colonial Service' iu n ermuda.
On the loth Auugut, l.77, Sir R. M. Latain be-
an his ofrii.ial ,:.i-e, -r in B-rinmua, in sutices-ion to
Sir J. H. Lefroy wh- li-o buiii--tratiion terminated
on thle 10th May, the int.rimn Acting Governor
wingg Colonel W. L. M-rrison, R.E. Sir Robert
continued to .-i'-.haruce the a,-tive duties of his Of-
tice till the liath June, lS-.i, when he proceeded to
Enl-iand on six mon.,uths leave, returning, however,
btef,r.i its expiration on the 14th Septezmber, 1SS0.
On th- l1- August, 151, he again procee--ed to
England, returning on the 6th November, traus-
0actinc but Ittlte business, from that date till I.',,!.
l.-,,rd,-,i'n'ou assuming for the third time the duties '-f
:-tin-: Goven..-r 'nO the 4th 3.iarch. Of Sir R. -M.
Latfaun's great ibiliti,-s few will any
doubt, what-ever didt',renues of opinion may exist on
the merits of his adminiistratiou, which at the pre-
sent mon:eint it would, be somewhat difficult to ex-
..' ry ,idI jiitly -ir:tiniu.-. It is well to hear the
n:in hiue-,! If, iau-1, in a notice of this d-escriptiou, we
have no induile-.,uct to biy, in repruducing His Ex.
c.llency's. own language in the conclusion of hist
ai-d.ress at the opening of the Colonial Parliament
on the 25th May, ISb1):-
Jr. Presaile-t ia,/ Hfnr'able Oentlmeien iof the Le-
gQ,'a:;u- CiimO.Cil ;
"' Mr. Spiker e"tawl Gri.tlenien ,f i'the Hl'wurable Hrmfen
uf js't.i'ib/i ;
"I have re,:t-ived permission, fromm the Riglit Hon-
orable the Secretary of State for the Colonies, to
take leave of taben:-e fro-a Bermuda for a perid of
six months :-:ind I propose very soon to take my
departure for England. (Oa my departure Colonel
Gorl -, nhwionommanils the C'rps of R-oyal Engin-
eers in this (oilony, will as-ume the duties of Actin,.
Governor, an-I to facilitate his doing ou, he has al-
re:a..y, .by a Warrant under the Royal Si.n Manual,
been .i;'ppuinted a Memlier of tihe TDrn'i :
a thr. rr,.- *,,ea.r1' I ,,we,' ,vid ;ni her.-il t/he Gc re t -
,ial-."t it, i,-, ,'fi-,!ity I a tre / ten fir n 'a bl / /.yby nc deali

t/,I pr,,I'ct, 'it1 1 .1 ; s,' Si hai !//at- ,, r 4pir't Vui
.,,.l .-naaI i,'. 't ,ith i it' l diif r ,mit -, ,,y., 'tr a'-cr'c '-or.
"I now commend you, Gentlemen, to the Guid-
int--- of Divine Provid.ence. I hope that during
the Parlianmenta-ry Session which is .w beginning
your deliberati-,ns will lie marked hby the same
spirit of Wisdomr and Mod.-ration-of Mutual C-'u-
ciliatiio and of Hannouny-whiclt I have i:l.s4erved
to chlra.:ti'ris., your pro-a:diunLs ie the tirst
monieut I vtme among you--an-d I trust that, with
th- -of G00,, th,.- reAt-.itaes you adupt may
conduce to .he pro-.perity and conte-ntment of the
-*-:inmmuuity whos-.- interest, rre- ..:ti-led to your
over-nior Lef'roy h.idl dissolve.l the Assembly,
but fouuit the zerurnu as unsuu.tif:m:tory as ever to
his p 71.-y. The As5,:nibly were den, iro.,us of cou-
trolihung th.: New York sulidizeiel .sticmir, which
the:- Coun--il z'-g.Ardedi i an inv'sioiUn of their right-.
The Hon. Henry Fowler, as Rceiver Geueral, re-
fused to comply with au order of the A.-.-inatly to
appear before a Sele-i-t C',iuieittet with his Books
wt Acitount, '...usid-ring that au Esx.-cutive offiecr
can only hb cutrulled by the Goveinor, iu which
view Co.hloel M-ris.-on oin:id,-:d. The first taek,
which wnas prei-euited t-i Gove-iur Lanttan, was the
re:-on,-iling the then existing dtfferen,-ea between
the Couniil and the A,-.eaul'ly, and th placing of
the New York Mail St.--itnship C'outract upon a sat-
i.:t--iory' basis, A-..twul un-ler iustrucAtiuns, Govern-
Ir Latfau proposed an ac'.-epti:d ciimproiimiis, the es-
tablishin-c of a Board of Publi-.: Works, taking over
the duties of th-e Bitrd of Roads and having the
manag-emui-ut of the- New York Mail ASte;sti il.ip, the
mrnubers tio be selected from botlh Houes Lby the
-'.-overnor, to be Chairman yr ,lici-i. The (Gordian
Knot was thus ut for the time being. Mr. Fuw-
i:-i- wan trai-ferred- to British H--nluras, and the
rirht uOf the House of As-.iinbly to the us-e of offici-
al record was allowed. A new contract was cou-
lude I with the Qu,-be,. Steamn-hip Company and
tho Board of Works hive exercised a judiious
supervision over it. Thus, matters iof considerable
didiculty were uvcrc.imie, aiil G,-;vern:-ir Liitffn en-
:yel ;n auii .unit if .rcnstigec- as a natural conse-
quence. He addre-ed hir-ellf largely to the As-
sembIy und- en-i,-avu -.1 t-) ke1-1m them in a,.-eord
xith thie C.iuncil. Sa.ine thoueight th't the:- C:uLI-il
a'j,,t not been treated with proper dignity, and other
that the .A-t.inbly w.-re too rmnch pamnpered. Gov-
rrnor Laffan, having etltccted .a important :oncord
-t w:C-i-en the two branchli-,s of thu Leg:i-lture, iand
Tix u hlia-I! ,xlih rie ai'. as a mrim-ter of tlie Io.m e .,f
iiao,,.,n, pr,:i>'ce::le? ti usa tht- influence he had thu-
htt.iindr ic a 6o-crirn' reforras, whid-h his ex-imiuation

if 1,.-il pra, tice shewe-i him to be r--,luisite. The
G.-verunir of Bi: rmuida is re-juired to sign miaoui eywar-
rauLt, Sir R-o- rt decline-l to oimtiunue th-i practice
icithout lhavigr first audited the acCants. He- rip-
pointed an Au.litor tor the.:kall demnaud.ion thePubli-..
Treasury previous to payment, and prevailed on theI
Assembly to establi-h an Audit Botrd. of three
memliers to continue the work. The House of As-
sembly have a staudiung Committee to examine the
Public Accounts -verry Quarter zfir p,payrnul, au-i
this Committee still e-arry on their work, notwith-
standing the existence of the Au-lit Board, who
previously kforew te paya,t of the claims g-o over
the same ground. The Assembly, jealous of any
seeming infringement of their rights,. are unwilling
to have their financial coutrl of public affairs di-
minished. The Custom of the. House of Azsemblv
has been to prepare their own Estimates through
one of their members. Governor Laftau thought
this not thiioroug-hly satisfactory. He c-alled on the
Receiver Genernal t i prep.ire regular Estinates of
Revenue r an-l Expendit, mr.- which were submitted to
the H:iuse of As.-embly, wchohowever have preferred
to follow their ..old routine, though doubtless guided
in some n:a:sure 1,y the Executive Estim.tter. A
very len'tluy dilspmatih of Governi" Latiln to the
Clonial Otice wa., the result of the diversity of
opinion and practi,.-c between th" Govi-ruor and the
House ,.f A-cm!al-lly o'u Fin:an.-iaml ,auestious, which
am.ty bc ,.:i aid--re' talmot ia the ,.lose of his oil-cial
c ,-if the Hou-s: oA A3sail.>!y that the Public Debt had
tot been reduced aR [.pro-i-jed for in their pri., .i'i.a
E/',,itt e*, .nd that the Le.-,Misl.tive i .',un-il had re-
fEase tc conu'ur in any p-aitivo l,'isltlion r-gard-
ins it.
Governor L ifau set himself to reform the Postal, and with that object stcuri..- the ser-
vi,.i-s of an Inspector from the Imp,-riLul Post Otllic-e.
The result h'is been the in,tmjtratioiut of an improved
service, which has proiluced a revenue of consider-
able amiouut to the C-olnly. On Sir Robert repre-
seating to the Imperial Governtent, that Bermuda
p',id her own subsidy in maintaining m regular ser-
vice with New York moist, important concessions
were ntmade, at thIe expense of the Imperial Depart-
munts, toi which the la.-se' inerc-as' in our Postal

receipts is in no small degree due.
An unproved measure on education became law
through his urging it with much force, and is now
worl-inn to more alvantag- throu'lh mild
prevailing in tie covering bodies. Governor Lif-
fan recommended to the House of Assemably the
-)onIolidation of sever-al public boards in one Board
of Public Works, whose members should be paid for
their services. But the Assembly preferred conti-
nuing the old Boards, and so renewed lapsing.bills.
Governor Latffn applied himself to our local af-
fairs with a patient industry somewhat remark-
able in a military man. He did not content
hiram-;elf with spending two. -hours a week at
the Public Buildings to transact businej, and-
attending, as inclination and leisure afforded, to
other matt-r.s of State at Government House.
But, ,1day after day, he was to be found at the Pub-
Lie Buildings always engai-ted at something' over
and above mere roiitine, ever making heavy requi-
sitions on all Governnent officials. Ho had the
ability to investigate an I draw ciinclu-ious, and the

ingenuity to contrive, and the lperse-vera'-ce to m.a-
ture new plans. Coufiding very much in the a:cu-
racy of his ,own natural judgment, it was his prac-
tice to endeavour ly all maueanu t., impress on others
his own will, which pr-rhap- u.-.casionally made hiru
more of an advocate., than an mnubiassed jude.?. He
could, too, at times appre-iate a d-t.eramiued oippo-
sition. When the Assembly were urged to pa.- a
bill, having a retrospective fir,. e in tlh-icas of the
stranded vessel **North C.u-olina," and when they
j udi. iously refused cornplian.:e by st r.auglinga t he ni.ea.
sure in Coiuim ittee, Governor Laffan, thlouch disa-
gre.-ing, expressed hi., admiration of their:,oncieu-
tions objections. His physical ailment at tinim(-in.
flutueed his temper, whi.:h some-what weakened hie
influenc-e: and yet he could control himself witl
admirable coolness, and listen with the most exem-
plary patience. By no i means hasty in judorm' nt
and so expert in diseusion that, by tentativ-e ro-
cees,,?. he would frequ-:utly le,&d you to thiuk his
decisions were likely to go inu a direction quite op-
posite to your opinion of their t.-ndeney, h,.- woul I
unwittingly to you draw out your views. In Gov-
ernor Latfan were combined two qualities too rare-
ly found in combination, a th-,roughne.-ss of otffl ial
routine, and a full personal knowledge of practi:-al
work. These qualities, addled to hia promptness of
decisionn when it was called f.,r, as in the case .if the
Quarantine Laws, rendered himnt an etticient adiin-
istrator. Iu a larger field than our local affairs
present, ho would have rien to emiuenc-e iandi 'ar-
ried out rmany salutary acts. We have heard him
splceu of as ian able General Officer ; and, if fault
were found, it was rather in the direction of his te-u-
deny to r-duce almost everything to writing, an'.
to us great an official system as pmossiblo. Wheu tlh-
9&.th Reimenut received their c.)untermauwl(.d ordErr
to proceed to the Cape in p! it.- of the West Indies,
Lieut.-General Lafain rern.irke:.., tint, were he ai
younger man in health, lihe wu!.i- himself lhane
'-one with them 1i lo-.alities f-unmiliar to him in hi,.-
early daybf tservi-.o in the Royal Engin-ir,. O)fr.i-
ried'infformation, having good natural dis'-rimina-
tion, and having seen a long t.-rnm i. f service. an
possessei o:f good conversati-.:.ual powers, h, c',oul."
ontortain those with whom lie ic.u-et in ointa'
Beyond his otficial sphere- h-e -lid not misx muc--h
swith the people, his icloe atl.-.-uti,,n to the dutiI o".
his offi-e hardly atfordiL, hiu the l.-i'iirc, ev,.u it
he had the inc,.linatiou. IuG.-,veroirLefroyChoich-
-den had mret au n':riv- trien-I and sym'p. tbizr. in
the unsettled con-dition of thinia- which ftollowtvd on
the demise of Bishop Feilhd. ,Whieu the Crown
would not appoiut .a Bi-luop). aind when the Legis--
lature he-sitated to :'..--ird to the. C'lur..h, as a tody,
necessary e-:'porate ptow,.-rs t..) --I-t a Bi..hop, an a i-
tation for the di.-establislnmrent of the Chur-h i';,
set in foot to sectire a solution ,.If the dittic.:ult pro-
ble-m, which did u.'t io.umnen. it,':lf to G..,vernor
Latffan. The Bill incorp.:.ratinu, the- Synod by th,
Leqi-lature was by iti text therefore renerve.l for
the Royal Ass,-ut. When thie Syri.,d was forie..
and when its chief buini-ss was trans.ii-tOl in 1!.n-
uimou-ly requesting the Birhip i..f'l
to continue Bermuda under his Episcop.d -.h:.rg-e as
Bishop Feild had previously done, ai.l when thet
Right Rev. Dr. Jones wa-, pleased to graci-_,usly ac-
code to that requ-:-st, Governor Latfanu expr.:sed
himselff gratified with the resolution of the whole
a-ritation. If Governor Laffau did not actively aid
the settlement of Church diffi,-ulties, he perhap-, by
a ne-iiAtivo course, secured a sort of Conservative so-
lution more in keeping with general sentiment
than any otht.-r h -ould /i.e be, *j.
Gove-ruorLattan fouud our political atmosphere in
a perturbed condition, he restored it to a moderate
state of equilibrium by expedients, which shatt-r,..-d
no constitutional principles, at.-l leaves to his sue-
.:-essor a more settled order of things tha-in has pre-
vailed for year. The machinery use-.m.iy be chanT-
ed, the diffic-ulties whi.:h im[pendled may be in the
:.ourse 'of e vents forgotten, but the .-ricr and ,a5:A.d,.
which Governor Latlau iutrodu,'ei with adroitness,
will certainly shew themselves in anuy future ar-
rangements in'd dispositiou of our Public ahairs.

Military and General Services.
Th? Colonial Office liHt furnishes the following
record of Sir Robert Michael Litfan's servii-es.
R.E, K.C.M G. -Lieutenant Royal Enr_,iners
Iav. IS37 ; served ou the frontier f the Cape of
Goo.di Hiope and in Kaffirland from 1439 to 1841.
ind constructed one of the frontier forts called the
fan,-azana Port ; served at Cape Town, fro:,m 1 Ito
14-13: early in 184.-, while a.-tin" as temporary
,.oiumn.indi' royal en;niueer of CapeTowu. wai .- ne
.f? the o.ui-il of war surnrmoned -by the Govemror
Nmijor-General Sir Georfe Napier. K.C.B., to de-
liberate upon the measures. to be taken to relieve a
Brit;-h for,:e undkr Colonel S'mith. C.B., then he-
sieged by a strong body of eamigrnut Beers under
their chief Pretoriuo. and organized the engineer-
ing portion of the expedition under Colonel now
General Sir Josiah Cloet-e, K.C.B., which drove
back the Boers and relieved the beseiged garrison ;
in 1S43 went on to the Iland of Mauritiu.. where
he .served till 1847 : in 1847 was appointed Corn-
manding royal engineer of the B.elfat difstrit, in
Ireland, and later iu the same year was appointed
inspector of railways to the board of trade, whi'li
appointment heheld until 1S52:; in '8.521 was seut
by the in-spetor-genural of fortifications, Sir John
Burgoyne. G.C B., to inspect anl re-port upon theb
lefen'-es of Antwerp and the fortifi-'-itionsof Paris:
in IS53 was appointed coumman.ling royal engin.:-'er
of the Lond'on district; and in IS.i5 was s:-nt by the
Duke of N.-w,.astle, secretary of state for wiar, on a
ntildoeutial mission to Paris with G'unr.ral Sir Wil.-
liam Knollyis,G.C.B., and Cormuniiqsirv'-O-nuor.l Sir
G'eorge Maclean. K C.B., to report upon the orcan-
izttion of the Frenc'h Ministter, de la Guerre,"
and on his return to Ensrland was appointed de-
nuty-inspector general of fortifications at the War
Offi.e : in 1862 went as comntundinu royal en',in-
'er to Ifalta, where h- serve.i fur five year-, during
,vhi,.h the armament of that fortress was entirely
rein..idelled: in 19'5 was -ent on a confideutial
missiou to Ceylou to report upon the defenses and
strength of the garrison of that Colony, and on his
way home was ordered to) inspect and report on the
work then in progress for the construction of the
Suez Canal ; in 1I,6i was appointed conuraudinug
r.:,yal engineer at Aldershot, where he servedfor tive
years, till 1871, during whic-h time he was employed
ou several special services, one of which tas a omt-
mission to inquire and report upon the condition of
the finue arts in Ireland ; in 1S72 went as command-
ing royal en-zineer to Gibraltar, where he served
till 1s77, when he was appointed governor and
nommander-in-chief of the Bermuda or Somers Is-

General Reference from the Pulpit.

In almost all of our Pulpits on Sunday last some
.'efer-.n:i wa~ made to th-e event. We insert a
few nbecossarily brief notes, which will serve to con-
vey some idea of the nature of the able sermons de-
On Sunday last THE BISHOP preaching at .omorr-
aet Church paid a feeling tribute to the memory of
the late Governor. He spoke of Death as the great
Teacher near to evary one, and frorn whom none
escape. All had heard it-all in some way or
other had listened to it. Death had again and
again come into every house: again and again
spoken its word of warning, and that word was,
" Thou also shalt die; dust thou art and unto dust
shalt thou return."
During the past week that Teacher had bec-n
making himself heard throughout this Colony. We
had lately committed to the grave, with all the cee-
r-rmoaial befitting his high station, the mortal re-
mains of the Governo6rof those Islands. This was

apartments; widely developed our educational syr.-
t-'rn, and has left behind him many evidenc-es of
his wisdom and energy.
We all know the sad story of the closing scenes
of his life; how his last days on earth were darken-
ed by the shadow of a groht grief; -how he gradu.
ally weakened, abandoned all hope and prepared to
We tender our sincere and respectful sympathy
to his Family, and offer up fqr them unto "the
God of all comfort" our earnest prayer that He
may console and sustain them in their bereave-
We all, the high and the low, th rich nd tlhe
poor, must die, and we all, whatever our condition,
must depend for salvation, not upon our earthly
riches, rank or power, but solely upon the merits of
the ever Blessed Redeemer, in whom we must tr-tw
with a faith bringing forth the fruit of goad works.
Doing our duty humbly andi faithfully in that sta-
tion in which our lot is cast, serving Gon in fore
and obedience, and believing in the Lord JeaiUs
Christ. let us Ktrive so to live with the Holy Spirit's
help as to be always prepared to die. '

S Oi. .. -,-

--.3 -

- S

an event which eon:erned T ut all, not merely because
he was the Representative of the Queen, and as such more or les known to us all,but alo because the
nmnae 0f Sir Robert Laffan would always be remein-
bored as that of perhaps the ablest Governor who
had presided over the C('un,-ils Of Beiuanda. Tu
the to k of Government he brought all the powers
of a brilliant intellect, varied experience, and great
firmueis- of purpjie. Every subject which came
before himu he thlrro:ughly rnmast'red In his atten-
ti'-n to det.-ilt, which many would have left to sub-
ordiu'tes, he never spared himself when the inter-
ests of the C'.louy '.ouild thereby be promoted.
There could be. little doubt that, humanly speaking,
hi. health h id bie-n inipaired and his life sh,.rtrn. :j
'-y the with whii.h he hadl ap-
plied himn.- If ti the attuir. of State. FOi many
months h had battled with disease, and the
ty which he had displayed haden,,ur:,ged thohope
that he would yet be e-rnabled to return to his post.
But it had been otherwise ordered. His race was.
run, his warfare was ac-omnplished.

At St. Paul's Church, Paget, on Sunday morning
last-in the course of his sermon on the text '" Be
'hou faithful unto death and I will give thee a
'rowu of life," (Rev. II. 10), the Ray. J. Luxtty
Louo'a made the following allusion to the death
of the Governor:
r The subject upoun which I am speaking to
vou, to-day, fuiithfalness, diligence in what we un-
*lertike, pericverance in thle path of duty, leads me,
Is is due, to make reference to that event, of so
nu1-h importance to this community, which has
.",curred during the past werk,-the removal by
leatli of him who for four years and a half has so
-ffi.ieuntly discharged the offi-e of Governor of
thesee falands:-and. especially, to allude to the
lufty character for fidelity and industry in the ful-
ilin,-at of the duties of his responsible position,
wli'-hi marked l,i in thim e imanion of those who
.,'4- brought it.) moast lose official intercourse
with him.
I believe that f,.r many years past, he has been
.electel] to fill public stations of high tru.t, whlih
e.m'1re,1' thd. poses-. ion and exercise of those qual-
.tie: iions whi,-h h, seemed to have in an unusual
legr'e, tht faculty of calm deliberation, sound
-d::ment, 1.-A;r ca.:ip.aity for work, patience in
x-.'i-tin.r what he undi:rook, and gzeat adiminis.
trative ability.
H is re-,c,, in .,'ne iustan,.es, bef.:,re the expira-
tion of the time for which he was appointed, only
.. be entrusted with a higher and more important
.ffi'-'. was a sutlic.ieut tesiinouny to the skill and
faithfulness, which h- had evinced.
We reunminber well, how from the first day of
ius arrival iu this Colony to take the reins of gov.
erument, it was manifest to all that he possessed,
to a remarkable extent, the powers which were
likf-ly to m-ik hira a tuc:es,-ful administrator.
And subsequent events have proved the correctness
o)f tho-e anticipationsi-. %
It is not too muih to say that the late Governor
had the interests of the Culony over which lie wa's
app inted deeply at heart.. It was the subjBt c1
frequent, remark how unwearied he was in his.ath-
ruri..,n to hii public duties, and how muth of his
time was daily devoted to them. We know how
carefully le coun'ilered each minute detail in every
iase whic-h was brought before him ; how much he
has done to improve and render more efficient each
department of the Public service; and, if I am
rightlt iufformed, he has, by his advice, and by his
care in having the lawa exactly carried out, added
to the revenue of the country.
This is scarcely the time or the place to dwell
upon topics of this nature, except .so far as they
erve to illustrate the great lessou which I am de-
-,irnas of imprensiug upou you to-day -the lesion
r'lelity, and ,teadfast perseverance in the pith
of duty.
He, whose death we are now lamenting, set a
noble example in this respect to all who knew and
)ilbm-rved hirm. He worked. He was diligent. He
put the talents which God gave him (and they
were many and great,) to a good use. He em-.
ploved the opportunities which his exalted iffie-
affourded him for tie benefit of those whose atdvau-
tag- lie was expected to consult And he will be
remembered as a f i,-nd and benefactor to the Colo-
ny, as one who did good service here, and as an
able and faithful Governor."

The following is the substanco of what was said
,,inu Th subject. of the late Governor's death in the
'h'ir. hes of Smithm and Hamilton by the REvD. G.
For the second time in the history of Bermuda a
Governor has died an.1 been buried amon, us. On
FTliursday lat we laid Governor Liffan to rest by
the side of Bishop Feild. The two Heads of the
Churc-h in Berrmudi, the Civil and the Spiritual,
sleep t,,etlher the sleep of death in the Churchyard
of Pembroke to awaken together, let us hope, unto
the Rsurzection of the Just.
Th. Funeral on Thursday last was as grand.
so,,hl-nn and impressive a Ceremony as the resources
of our Islands could make it, and it was well that
it should be so. In these days, when in one por-
tion of the British Dominions reckless and mis-
2ruided men are endeavouring to defy the Law,
and when an attempt-unsuccessful, thank GOD !-
has been made upon the life of our gracious and
dearly loved Queen, it, in well for us to show all due
re'sp t and reverence for those in authority over
us. and etsp-.ei ally for him who is Her Majesty's
R'-presentative. If we would be true Christi'ns
en' cion-imstent remembers of the Church of the
Prince of Peace, if we value our own happiness an.
w-ell-!- :. and would preserve our country safe
an-l prosperous for our children and our children's
children, let us he loyal and law-abiding ourselves.
and teach our children to be so. But we were on
Thursday last mnanife-ting our respect, not only for
the Repr,,-ntative of the Queen, but also for the
man. Suffering and death, the pains and inifirmi-
ties of our common humanity, always appeal to us
very strongly: but in the case of our late Gover.
nor his sufferings were bravely borne during a
great part, if not all, of his administration of our
Government; and it was iu the midst of suffering
and in spite of suffering, that he struo'gled manful-
ly to do his duty. And that he fulfilled the duties
,-f his high office well, we must all bear witness.
He brought here an experience larger and mots
varied than usual; he possessed a strong, clear,
active intellect and great administrative abilities,
and he labored constantly to improve in every'
nay the conduct of our public affairs. He intro-
duced greater order and method into several de-

:'- ," ,,:



In S't. Petrs' Ch-irch, St. Georges, on Sunday
morning the REVD. F. J. F. Lmiorsouax, in his.
sermon, taking for his text, Psalm 39. 6. Behold
rhou hast made my days as it were a spin long
and my age is even as othinm in respect of Thee.
and verily every map living is altogether vanity."
After enlarging upon the-e words and showing
that there is no subject so often or so finely alluded'
to in the Bible as the mortality of man and ur.
truth which we are more ready to acknowledge.
the Revd. Gentleman went on to siy, that beh
could not allow this day to pass without makinsu
some allusion to the lingering illness and death of
hini for whom our prayers have been offered in,
this Church, in common with every other Criurch
in Bermuda, Sunday after Sunday, for the last four
years--hence the subject of my discourse think
morning. For years we have prayed for our latc
'Governor, and what we prayed for was that Gort
would "enlighten him with Ilis grace, preservF
him'.by His providence and encompass him by Hi.,
favour," and we ought always to pray for tho*e
placed in authority over us and such prayers ought
to be heart prayers too, for who need the prayers of
others more than they ? We know but little of the
trials which such persona have to endure, and con-
sequently we ought to view with a'generoussym.
pathy the difficulties with which they are ofter.
surrounded, and our first impluse should be to at-
tribute right motives to their actions. In our own
humbler,position in life, in the government of orm
C. H own families we know how haid it is to deal oui
even-handed justice, and we know how exceedingly
difficult it must often be in more enlarged sphere:
to do this, and to decide between conflicting opin-
ions and diverse interests, and though I am not
sufficiently informed to dilate in any way upon the
servieds of our late Governor, for this no doubt will
be done by more competent persons throucli anoth-
er and more appropriate source, yet L feel that it i6
m'y duty to make this the occasion of impressini-
upoft you all more deeply what every day's experi-
nca teaches us, what all nature animate and in.
inimate-continually inforces ; namely, the frailnes-
-'f all earthly things and the uncertainty of out
I think, however, that we must all bear witness-
to the Governor's love forfair-dealing and a desire'
!0 perform his dut;' with stuict impartiality. If I
.ay be allowed to say so, erectness seemed to be at
least a very prominent feature of bhis character, and
this wa what he appeared to expect of all those
under him. One could not but be impressed witha
feeling of this sort. who had ever accompanied hitm.
whilst visiting the schools in which he took a very
lively and warm interest, one must then have seen
how kindly lie eudeavoured to impress upon th-
teachers as well as pupils the importance of really,
t uderstandiug what was learned, and how by ex-
amnples and illustrations he made himself thorough -
Sl understood by the children, and this in a Tmannem
Shich showed that he was no ordinary scholar ; for
figure n rd illustrations seemed to rise up before
'hi niitad as if they were mere pictures looked at by
the bodily eye. And it is a pleasant thing to re-
riember that the last time hlie was in this parish the
Governor occupied the seat of a humble teacher and
gare valuable instruction to children of the poor.
But what of the deep learning, what of the success-
ful soldier, the trusted servant, the keen politician !
After many weary days and nights of suffering, all
is nbw gone! and yet not all gone It is true there
is.but otie end for rich and poor, for high nud low,
for dethlris the world's great leveler, yet each in
hi turn leaves his mark upon the world he has left.
And with these things before us, let us lift up our
eyes to Eleaven, apd 'pray the good Lord ".-o teach
us to number our days that we may apply our
hearts unto wisdom," and may the Almighty and
Everlasting GoD, who, by adding to our lives, con-
t in4 s3 all us to repentance each day ; may lie
gLad! &bCIt'.*6iy a etlifsly and inu time prep-ire
ourselves for another life, and may He in His gieat
mercy open 'our eyes, that we may see and turu
from' 6r manifold' ins and failings before the day
of O race is.past and the night cometh when no
man can work
The Rnvri. Manic JAnts, Rector of Pembroke,
delivered an appropriate dis.course.- at the Paiu/h
C lhreh, from Job xxnxrv, 15, All flesh shall perish
together, and man shall turn again uuto dust."
Hardly a day passes.even in this small community
without death snatching a victim and establishing
the truth of the text. Death is the inevitable
destiny of all flesh, all flesh, and, while pausing with revr-
ence over a grav,, "we must not allow ourselves to
grow roprbid. Regarding that great change as the
passage toanother and a purer,bhigher life, let us seek
here to o'occupy ourselves with the things of this
world which are deserving of our care and study,
that we may the better be fitted for our transition
whenever it may come.
The Governor's vault way tastefully adorned on
Sunday with a floral cross..
At the conclusion of the Evening Service at
Trinity Church, when the REVD. DR. MORRELL, Of
New tork, preached, the Organist rendered the
Dead March in Sautl" on the organ.
In the Mil;:ta; (,'hpel at Boa:, on Sunday morn-
ing, the Rev. EDWAnRD L. PENnr, D. D., R. N.,
acting Chaplain to the Forces, selected for his text
Eccles. xn. 7, "The spiritt shall return unto God
r ho goa it," and after dwelling upon the general
subject referred to His Excellency's decease in
something lhke the followinar terms: "You know
why it. is that I addre,.s you this day rentarks of
this character. Within a month, two out of our
small community have been called away from us,
but, a an old H=eathen poet has it," Pale Death i-
hpartiar walks his mound, he knocks at cottage gate,
hand palace portal," and sLuee we last met in this
place, the Governor and Ordinary of these Islandl
has obeyed the same summons. It availed him not
That he was placed at the headoall all of us, that he
had won. honour and rank by his own hand and
head, and had deserved well of his countr-. These
things vanish as a morning dream, when from the
secret, throne, where sits the Govirnor of all the
world, is heard the sentence of the Text, "The
Spirit shall return to Goo, who gave it." It was
Sitting that the useful distinctious of time should
follow him t,, the tomb: if they deepen the inpres.
sigos of authority d(luring life, they become still
.mqre touching instructors in death. Man by a
oat just and noble instinct of respect venerates
he body for the soul and honours the temple
r [ though the GOD has fled."
T' he Ohaplain concluded by a celebration of the
E H'py Gommunion.

During Mass at St. Edward's Ct/hole CAmreh on
Sunday morning, the REv. Dn. W4LSH spoke as
follows regarding the Governor's death:-
A few dayq, since, although not unexpectedly,
the Kingt f Terrors came into our midst, to claim
as his 'i3tim our respected Governor. During his
hlog and pain ., illness, the sympathy of the com-
,mntvwpa_ extended both to. himself and to.hia.
now .' wiowedLady. Nor was he forgotten in the
prayers of this congregation. The long and dis-
tinguihed services of the late Sir Robert Laffan,
inoT4di~ghis successful government of these Is-
lalds', would afford, no doubt, ample matter for
comment. The people, however, always keen to
the claims of departed worth, have already assign-
:ed' h .a.a high place amongst the many representa-
tives, at various times, of HerMajesty in Bermuda.
No wrs of mine could add to the esteem inrwhich
were he4d both the .effioient manner and recognized
a,bility' withwhich he discharged the duties of his
sesponiblhb poMtion.' May his' successors be al-
:ways asa igihsrmt in eating for the 'interests of this'

In St. Andrea's Chareci, in this town, on the after.
noun of Sunday, the Revo. J. A. MtcKrcs, in the
course of his sermon from the text, '* I ga the way
of all the earth ; he thou atronr therefore, and-shew
hyvself a mnu"-I. Kings 2, 22--remarked as iol-
? t Early on Wednesday morn.
ing of last week the Governor ,f these Islands died.
We know, that, at Government House, during the
past few months, a once strong man has been bat-
fling with disease and suffering. The struggle has
endEd in the quiet of death. On Thursday last our
citizens were admitted to the apartment wherao ne
lay like a warrior taking his rest," and there they
looked, for thie lit time. upon the still features of
?ir Robert Michiael L.itfin. In his death this
country has lo-t an able Governor. The reform
wrought by him in educational matters would alone
Ibe sutfici.-nt to make his administration memora-
bl,-. He has ended .inu honorable and distinguished
.arcer. He has indeed gone the way of all the
earth, but the record of his life speaks to such as
.vounl have strength of character, firmness, courage,
'nanlinet.s. To the young man seeking those steps
which lead to higher rank, greater houour, in-
'reased usefulness, the record of the lile we now
lamieut ssys, Be thou strong therefore, and shew
thyself a man." Oar late Governor was buried
with the honours due bi-s rank. The greatcon-
,'ouree of people gave evidence that the event was
considered one of no ordinary interest. At the
hour of burial, we heard the roar of distant guns
ind the dealening sound 'tf those that were near.
There was grandeur in the display of perfectly dis.
.iplined men in th. ir brilliant uniforms. Thire
vasa voi te in the martial music that called upon
'he sleeping sentinels of the soul to wake and
weep. But death stained the glory of the day and
ill its pomp was mocked by the words -' earth to
-arth, ashes to aq-hei, dust to dust." Let us pray
-arnestly this iight for those who mourn becutte
if this bereavetnemit : more eipeoia.lly for one who
rill henceforth think ,.' D-rmud a as '-the land
where her dead husband sleeps." Let us commend
ier to the Saviour, down whose humane cheeks the
hot tear- were wont to flow. Ho will draw near to
'ouch with tho tenderness of Got, lie will speak
in gentle words, and grant sympathy that i- tu,:-,
ind deep, and coimfortingu, for through whatever
liery trial }his people pass there is with them one
like unto the -;on of GOD.
At Warwick Presibyterian Ch',rch, on Sabbath
evening, the REvD. MRi. WALLACE took for his text
the woids, "Reuder therefore unto C.esar the
things which aeo Cesar's. and unto GOD n the thin
that are Go/'s." lie tt-Atd h, t during the
week the inhabitants of Bermuda had been called
ro the melancholy duty of taking a part in the
burial of their late lanmented Governor, Sir Robert
%lich:el Laffan, N&u. That uoble niau was iu a
sense their L'.esar. He was the representative of
our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria. He loft in
their midst a doubly bereaved widow, sois and
daughter. They owed it to their departed Cremar
to render to them their deep sympathies and oiler
for them their prayers. iuey, ait a congregation,
owed to his- memory a recognition of thie deep in-
tetest which, not luug ago, he manifested in bIhalf
of some; of their own members, amid trials and sur-
rows. The Press piumised to lay before the public
& record uf the care..'rof the- deceas..d. He, lit.Aelf,
was a coumpa-.itive str:mger. lie took refuge be-
hind these facts to preserve silence on u aid career,
which sileune he would break to say only that they
would agree with him, ho believe, in the opinion
that His lamented Excellency came to the-se Ilands
it a criti-:al season in their Colouial history, and
proved himself equal to the occasion, leaving monu.
meats behind him, the best of which was not the
"Quarantiue policy or the Oinoco, but that which
rose above them and others -the conviction in the
hearts of 'the inhaitants that he was one of the
best Governors they had ever had. lie ku.-:w no-
thing, except the vibration of rumor, of tiie re-
ligious views of late Sir Robert Michael Laffan, but
tie did know that lie died here the representative of
Her Majesty, and they were a Christian A.sezubly,
.td sentiments of disloyalty t'o civil rulers w-re
broad in th- world. Here wai a call to0 c.-,i.idtr
their rel ttions tJ th.zir civil rulers. I here was a
ten-leney, iu somen quarters, to associate u'
and diasdyalty. He repudiated the idea of such au
association and claimed that dissent and 1-iyaity are
not antagonistic-intelligent loyalty meant iutelli-
gent ideas of tlhe" elation of Church an'- State. The
Church was entirely indepeudeut of the tat.'-, till,
at his conversion, Constantine miati to the Bishop-,
"' You are the Bishops of the internal alluairs of the
Church,and I am the Bishop ',f its external affairs."
This was ac-.pted. It resulted, tlir.nglh c,".'ulitt,
in the supremacy of the Church, and that in mudeirn
England, France, Germany, and Itl.y-anul the
"Prisoner of the Vaticau." *
The Rev. J. TROTTER at the Evening Service at
St. PI'ud's B. E. Ch,,rch, St. George's, from Job vii,
As the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away;
so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up
no rh,, re."
He shall return no more to his house, neither shrill
hiR place know him any more."
The recent death aud burial of Governor Laffan.
is fruitfuil of practical instruction, which we all
ought to gather carefully up. The chief difficulty
is to classify and harmonize our ideas on the sombre
events. Ast hreedays ago I intently watched that la'ec
and Iril/iai/ procession which with measured space
followed his dead budy to the place otl apulchre, my
mind firmly anchored itself on the Oriental words
of Jobjust read, which seemed as if they had been
written for the occasion. As that fleecy cloud dis-
solved and vanished, which was passing over his new
grave while the beautiful service bor the dead was
being read, even so our late Governor passed away
into the tomb, and thus disappeared troi human
vision never to be seen again on the earth-his place
.in the Church, iu the Setnate house, in the Army, in
his own country, and in this land of strangers, shall
kuow bin no more. While our own hearts are
touched aud our syuipathies are excited by the re-
moval of the beloved Governor ol our beautiful Is-
lands, let UB extract a few lie lessons fromt it I,,r
our own individual advantage.

The REVD. J. H. BUCKNan, B. M. E., in his ad-
dress to his congregation at Crawl on Sutday
evening, taking for his text, Dett., 34. 7:-" And
Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when
tio died."

Observing that History in all ages had been
called upon to record alike the death of the good,
the great and the wise: Death, the common level.
ler of all mankind, has entered the stately palace,
the gaudy mansion, as well as the humble cottage
of the peasant, and with his irou grasp, laid heo/i
of his ictimns without rtbspeet to persons, rank or
position. He spoke of Moses as a great man of
Isreal, who ha4;ullen, &Arc
Then referrl'g to the late Governor he said that'
a great man has fallen in Bermuda, of the certain-
t.y of death and of the solemn trust that it will soon
come to all of us; we are again reminded in the
death of his Excellency. At 12-50 on last Wedues--
day morning the Angel of Death entered His Ex-
cellency's chamber, regardless of weeping friends
around his bedside, and with his icy hand touched
him, and with a gasp his spirit left, the house of
clay, in which it had lived for sixty years, and spied
away, we trust to the Heavenly Canaau. He then
added, so far as I have learned, he was a man of,
sterling qualities; a loyal subject, a good soldier,
an efficient Govt-rnor. kind and courteous to all,
and who, by his untiring; efforts and perseverance ;

hi4 honesty integrity and mauliness, won for if,
himlseb' the various title which he bore, and the
hivh position of Governor of the Bermnudas : theo
duties of this hig.h position. he faithfully continuedd
to diachar-e till within a fe w days of his death, when
like the Governuor of Israel, he olomuly co permitted
his charge to another. GOD in his allwise providence t0
permitted him to see ol. age, riand then lik; a
ripe shook of coru he was gathered. Oh' may
the GOD of all consolation -enabli' the mourning re-
latives and friends, to bear submissively the sad
stroke, and say '" Thy will be d.'ne."

ig This number of the Royal Ga.tte, owving, to
the space occupied by the "Notices of our late Gov-
ernor, will be a:e:mipanuied lby a 6p.'ei.i' .S'p/s,.;
containing the late-st News awl New Advertise-

Postponed Sale!

aHE Sale of the following Personal Effects,
of .;eo late Captain JEREMIAH PEN-
ISTON, advertised to take place on the Pre
mis:-;, in Ilamilton Parish, on THURSDAY"
the -':id instant, was
Unavoidably Postponed

The 28/h Instant, when it will Commence
at 1 P. 3M.,
Consisting in part as follows :

I Secretary I Wardrobe

I Weather Glass 1 Iifle 1 SAFE

Tubs Buckets Saws Planes
And a large Collection of other useful .Articles
too numerous to mention.

All the Right, Title and Interest of the Late
Captain Jeremiah W,'. Peniston in a Patch of
uow under cultivation.
-'+. gThe well-known Horse

"J A C K,"
I Box Cart I Dra3 1 Wagon
Harnesses 1 COW I BOAT
1 Very Superior Ladie's Riding SADDLE
I Gent's hiding SADDLE
I Riding BRIDLE 1 Wheelbarrow
Lot of MANURE, &c., &c.
By Order of the Administrator,
Hamilton, Parish, March 2l, 1S8.2.

To-morrow, Wednesday,

29th Inst., ti AOOn&,
I will sAll by Aiuction at my Auc-
tion R1.1001oom, Queen Street,

A Stock of Stationery,
"pAPER, Letter, Note, Marble and Mourn
ENVELOPES, Assorted and Mourning
BOOKS, Drawing, Copy, Picture, and Ac-
CARDS, Scripture, Arithmetical
BRUSHES, Paint, Dusting, &c.
TOY-, Dinner and Tea .-ets, Books, i.lates,
&c., &c.
PENS, PENCILS, Pen Holders.
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine
And Sundry Miscellaneous Articles.
Queen Street, Hamilton,
28th March, 18-2.' J

1 WTlW 702.94

S ceive amI forward .iipments of Pioluev
to the abuse firm as usuil. iPackages must be
marked ,viih the Initials of the Christian Name
and full Sunanme of the Owner, anld with the
ahipping Niinher.
Our ..lestaun tlii. Seaso;i is Mn. GEOlGEE
CAm pILL, or washinrlton arket.
March 20, 1882.-3 3p

Just Received,
At "Royal Gazette" Stationery
Store, a few Copies of

History of England.

For Sale,
By order of the Mortgagee,
Valuable REAL ESTATE in the Town of

The Undersigned is instructed to of- ?
IV.L'. fer for sale the HOUSE and Lot of -'
LAND, at the Corner of the 4th Longitudinal k2
Street and Uniont Street, late in the occupation t
of Mn. EDWARD JoSEPH iSMIfiH, deceased. '
The Lot, hasa frontage on the 4th Longitu-
dinal Street of 70 feet, and on Union Street of
1-50 feet or thereabouts.
TENDERS for this Property will be receiv-
ed by the Undersigned up to noon of

Wednesday, the 29th
MARCH, instant,
Persons intending to tender are requested to
notice the postponement from the 2Ind to the
29th Instant, of the time of opening tenders.
The Undersigned does not bind himself to
accept the highest or any Tender
Hamilton, 20th March, I!S2.-2 d3p


By Public Auction,
Will be Sold, at 12 o'clock, on

31st Instant,
On upper Floor of MELBOURNE
IIOU.'F, corner of I'., and I ltunn ial.lI
directs, belonging to at t ( leran about ito
leave the Colony ; the follow ing articles of
Good, Uefuil and Well-kept Furni-
ture, &A., Viz.:
In Hall.
1 ANGING L.,\i, I Rocking CH.IR
-*- 1H I SETTrEE
I Madeira CHAIR 2 Caone CMhliRsi
lI A TTING Door IOi,O; Ks.

Sitting Room.
1 T iLE-'Marble TQp 1 COUCHII
S1 IBreakfalst "r BL!
I ,-id, DITTO., both old cedar
2 Rocking CIIAlIlS ti Cane fatl Cil.IRS
I Mantle ..HEI.F and VALVlES
2 Hearth IRUt('.

Dining Iloom.
1 SUPl iOllt l-:Extensiont Dinii,. TI \IBl
I Mahogany SI DE it) f), enclosed,
I IilT'Elt. Lot GIASWAIt E
1IlINtA and DElLI'il
Table and llangilng L.AMP.4
lislh COVEItS 'iRA YS 1 1OOKS(
MAP liermnuda, i'N,\AL S.

Bed Room, Ao. 1.
1 SUPERliud liedroom .l.l'I, c-.nsi-ti
eo :--
1 lE l)STEALD Set of { A VWI.:iRS
MIRI I tl.t ;Vash STAN.ND, enclosed
Towel IOlt Si',
,-maul TA BLE and :3 Cane Seat CH-AINS
i l'atunt Sut Bed SPilIN(U
I "upr.ii.l 'lair il.Vi'Trl 1i-S
.a:'ge lostliito NETl' Dressing T.. -~BI'
I Large .MillOt)R
Lot Bedruom CRO"-KERItY.

ied Room, A'o. 2.
1 .-DSTEAD I ?e1t.'.PhlNGS
S1 Iluir MA.TT'RE.S
I Wash ST.\ N LD, enclosed
Bedroom UtOCKE II Dressing 'rT
g: Caue Seat CIt4IitS Foot S OO]

Bed Room No. 3.
I Dreasing TABLE
2 Cane Seat CHA IR S
I Clothes B.\SKI;T'', &e., &c.

-~ I


Back Lobby.
1 IAT SAFE Oil IOVE with
Kettles, I'aans, Saucepans & Oven
I Bath TU1, witlh liid, lock and s.rap as Valise
fur journeying
Lot lied CLO I'llINO TA IIIL.E

i ood working order
KitcheUI U l'ENi\ll,
And a Lot of other Useful Articles.
ilamilton, M.irch 28, 1882.--tice 3p.


r BE SUBSCRIBER hereby No-
-L tfies nall Pisons INDFR'.TI-i' to him
that he will require a sdttlemnit in full or a sa-
tisl'fctory arrangement f theiir respeetlvu a-
On or before the 15th Day of April Nex;t
those Iho neglect altteiding to this. Dni, dor
will receive a further ihtimatiou fiom a legal
Warwick, March 20, 1882.--2 Jp.

Wanted a ?Sober MAN
That thorou'bhly undeiaand4 the eare or
,rses. i .i

January 2, 188?.

Apply at this Otlice,

N Notice.
THE Auction Salel of PIS11. GUA-
SNO ad 'Alatoril for ')NON IiOXE.,
advertii,:d to be sold on Thursday last, 23rd
inst., under the !lig -hed
WIas Unavoidably Postpoued,

On Thursday Next,
30;JO inst. At 1"2 o'clock., .I.
Hamilton, March 27, 18-2.

Notice to Public Credit-

Colonial Secretary's Office,
.5"rTH MAIIca, 1852.
L L Persons having DEU!AND"-5 agninst":the
Pibli T'reiasttry for services or supplies
lmhich are authorised by Law and which have
heretofore beeii paid by the i'ublic Treasury
in virLtbe or suiel legal authority, are hereby
require! to render their respective Accotiits-
in duplicate-duly viruched and certified and
made up to the 31st day of this present Laionth
of March, to THAE CLERK of Iler M:jest)'s
On or before the 8th, day of pril

rThe Co.nmmniitee of the G.NEBA. ASItMLt,
appointed under the authority oif the Act entitled
Au Act to provide f'o the quarterly Auditing
aoll payment of the claims t'f certain rPutlie
Creditors"-are herely required to ineet Ie-
tween the 8th miid 1l3di days of it.e slid month of
April, and the Conmmilen of the LEGasIATIVtI
COU.CIL, bttweeu ithe 8th and 16tIh day oiC the
sanite munth t,, .uditi1 anil piass such ccounte.
Salaries of l'utlic llicers and Aninuilantd are
:tot atilt'ted bU t'nts .otice.
By Hlis tionor's Command,
Acting Colonial sertary.

The Estate of His Excel-
lency Lieut.-General .

R.E., K.C.M.G.,
Late Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
W, Persons having CLAIMS at,-
a against this gEstate are requested to for-
ward their ac... ..... ,u the ExECUTRux, under
I cover to the undersigned,
On or Ibfore the 13th April exlt.
Hamilton, 2824h Matmch, 182.3.3 .... ..


t TENDERS will be re-
ceived for the purchase of the
on the .-,ruth side of Warwick Parish, lately
occupiAl by Miss C. H. ArDA.s, decieased.
Tenders for the above Propert- will be re-
ceived by the undersigned on or before
5t1h of J1p'il vA ext.
Not bound to accept the highest or any
Hamilton, March 4th, 1882.--2 Sp. I ltp,

IWilliam James Heney,
Shipping and Commnission Agent,
Queen Street,


liI. IMUl)A.

Prompt attention given to Consignments.

Ayy" section Wednesdays and lridays.

Lime! Lime! !



Deliverable at iny 8'art of the Island between
Hamilton and S'. G:orgo at OUNE Sil1LI.IN
per Bushel, under Iwemay-five liushel.. Oer
25 specl il arrangemients man:y be Ilmde on appli-
cali'l: to
,t8niiuha Parish.
,larch .2, 18+2.

jAtJ&'71T;n0 <.C14AIDI8 S.
-i i

PRANG'S Celebrated' Easter and
3zITzDa7 OAP0,
Chromos, &c., Just Recelve.
An Assortment of Dry and Fancy OOps,
LA.M.'S, Burners, &c.

The non explosive Kerosene Stoves.
5, 7 and 9, Church Strt ,"Weiet,-
Opposite Me.-hanles' Hall'
'Hamilton, Maroh 18, 138,2.-3 pd.

From London,
At the Royal Gazette" Stationery Stiar,
A a further supply of LAWYERS, AC-
COUNT, blue RUI.i-J and PLAIN, white and
blue FOO.SCAP, LETTER and.1OTE I'p,
rulpd and plaint, white and blue,c., .
ttt.i .
., .- ,,


2M air

flflL~ -

'Vt 2t3 t'

-- 4.,




a. : *_ -


Gi' t 1 lI id)uiseasesFe'oer ,'.
gh Arane te thesamlct-
S l" ti st11, J1dopssV
S a 1 ea r t Di.east'
BiloIsuE'sr& Aero'vous Debility, tc..
T opnste ths o23sY KNOWN to Man I
00 Bottles
"" "' gOLD (.LD --NCE 1'.
A' p,''t) rsc'sses ried P/'e1perli'es.
U lmLtaaite tihei Pyialine In thbe S liva,
w' ('hi r.nre6Ei ihc Siat't'h nd Sigtirf uf' abe
iooil lu(i ilyne,~e A tlnieein-'rmey in Ptvallno
eInuL-, Wilt and s .Oiif dD" 'he food iln thc
htatL.a7n5b t" '1. me ll atl.Y nfit- ea eitiog the i 'eutiltlloni oI 'l'od
It n-rrie upon ilie Lri inv.
S '.:Wll- n upou the ItUn
rn, qillt iin the Bowrvels.
t.. tnfilt'( Ibv Blood.
1r. i;leCti r t le Neri aou i Sysltenm.
F' i'a'ammmni&-'Sige'itlon.
o,''. i tU'> ,'u b _i-rvluem antl rinvlnlroratem.
z u'm.'tri- o l'dhe !ibd flniod and miLkeu mmWO.
it opeun-. he pomtei o 1the ski. and induces
kfeitllAIy Per' pirailon.
It noutr tlie-n tho i tueditaryL lain't. r t"'ina in thi.
MiOa,. nlicti g'oneriitid ,.',riila. Lr .ci.imi, and aJIll
Uipnuer of bkin d .- -6, r,n!d I (r riatl h ultnr.,ri,.
lha r? re p ritbih ,mp!:,.d I it ,nii, a n inufa.i'.. anh
it ( an I.- A ta n bi lie iI '. l .i t..-, b .or ih-.v ,
tNId b i9id eb i e, I j I tN: u N YI i
DEAR SIE,-.J ihave 1 eiId you INDIAN BLO()I
SYRUP with great satisfaction and relief. I havt
bat-n.afflicted with catarth for a long lime, conul,'
tet no relief, until commiercedl using there, BLO01
SYRUP. I waa aboul to giva i tip bWernuse imme.
iliately after taking it iale m nilizzv anil feel baillv.
'in consulninm a jI .'iic't wow inilbrnimed h't i
,-a.jspd by tht. ta liciipm r.sloriny mny ihrniprrtr'l
Cirtulalin i andqt Bcln'- H eaIi ih dii 'a'| ini't er ir., Dn
ntn'irm;e, aust-ilv Plhe drIoppniga of ithe
maelPr. I invrnnlh'v found., that this dizzy
fDlphin a anon p-isspd away, iny oni-rvvus ivsealeni vtn.
tranqiilized, and tlie poison renIoveil b)
tia nmieicine. I h'tve beeat entirely cured by your
invaluaLle renm',Iv.
Respectfully yours,
No. 319 West I0oi aSt., N w York City.

SIR,-r ovii, my icIliniinOv tYvil ilei rI- lo the
brpfici.i re.ulia of yotir ItLOOlD PU rIFIER ; imy
..iievy- \iv,.r ou'o wof.rdir, anmI npe result rheu-
,iltis' ir IIIv fith kn,.i, i 'iint AwoIIon iti ice ih.
i o l natural inI ,irrv pilil'it1. a bh i|l, o' o lhl,. lar%'
siz- modi a rierfeet'i (iur.'. i will also ) in v liges.
'ian has ,tiinlioved ro thli' I can eat anything wi thin
No. 19 Beacli-.t., New York Cily.

No. 151 PERRv-ST., NEw YoRK CTY.
DEAR Si,--' Your juNly eNel lhrai-d INDI ,N
BLOOD ,y RIJP hIis ,ntdirriy tr c Il ,ne' of 5ncl
llea-l.tch a,.I Dyp.pp'a, -a I II' year' i oaiihn .
It alieo cured nmy chidl of 'cirleL IF'evor, a3ni ni.
wife uf F't-manle comnp'-i.'s.
Iaeo Dahlman, Bull's- Hlead, 24-h -i., (.)f Dah;.
nian Bro aiier. deilerni iiin liari sicek), cured o'
Dyspepsia and Indigestion of many years' .tanding.
HeFriry I)ablnanM, ofl' lii s. e firr., cured of Smrt
Thruat aiid Iiudiesiii), iter i,,ving Ibeen create.'
by physicians without hbnteicial etit'c.

F'ia,-Yor INDIAN BLOOD .SYRUP has cufeiu
,f. eenlirely of the dia, rn..s in wiay hiad, and reliev, ii
every difficult y of my bowels. I mut say tht -it
is the est ine ine thaye any pei son can take foe
tick headaclt'.
.RtP.i-,.r Ij y-.ei, ia (r-o.,n whI t li sull',i'r,"? for liv'
y3 ,r' ,) \s, ',tl, 'i1" h ,filt,,-li u. lI.
A ltna' ,d,.l.a e- police ,|, st''.nn'clh in a i-
uligps' IoiI--tenai-l'y r.i,,-vm.%'n ili,. of iho-e di.i're.s-
- g \ ,n,J 'ar i \p,.i, I'y ,yl p'l jict after fa'i,,'t--
aSlJI I'l',Oulh II dI Itn-I Cdit''Il i-re: mriunal ,i]zznifi'.,
It qinckly dlnsuppe-i.rd iJ I,\ cO,,iiluiii!,g ,_; uwe
* My ,tLirt-Oltio ii now a altit.i-.t pa rfei, and I lIee grtat-
ly' bera.frit it.
Yuurs, \V\I. A. PIJICtMAN,
No. 3:33 West 32nd at., New York City.

Naw YORK, Feb., 3 1880.
C. Jolinson, M.D.
"OA) 1if SI,--I ;ake pleasure in r-conamend1ing
jyour INlI\N BLOOD .YJIUP 5s Cr41114 ady for Dynii|.)psa. My wivi, his been a sult'.r,
er from trcnndjcI dysumaplnic at nlaks ol'tlin was'
"enate nanLr" for over 5 y.eirs.- During soch artackp
'd-qath wiuld atlqtml t'n a relief' to h'er. She wva,

:prescnbh d. lor. ty s-veral di.lclus without =el'ec'.
Npthin, 'gave her relief until 4he ,oblained a botil<
6J; your INDIAN .1LOOD SYRUP. Its elltcis
-were wonderful andl she is now n;iirply cured. It
.ia. medicine thai, no household should he without.
No 261 West Houseren-St., City.
BERtMUD., June 28ih, 1880.
DEAR Str,-T'his is to certify thit I hve found
more good in your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP tin-rn
S ily Medicine that I have ever 'taknn for Dy.pP'p.,i.i
aild Indigealion. I would advise all thail -ut'er frurm
mLLt01) aYli.UP;

Sole :Agent ror Ber|iida,
S\V,..tea r'.nt-ft, St. Georges.

; .. ,-

-. ,
0t9.; .. 1 '. W

.4 ]>' t. n.: u ': r th, ir -i ,'.,-: th,_ iil. t,' the In
_i 1 ~.. I IA -t 1:. Il'..L : ,L I ,ltI l -, -. P'.r th-.ii
liberal P-Lti:ona,:.,- u; nig the past part. ,of thni
Si .i'.. r; !. ,. rVi i !. --, !iir h T' i, t in eceln l.]\
.a Vl dluil. n t') [tl i ,t'.uk ot
| L i' P" -" '')
j by te l ti ft o(Jpticiaus in liondon,i. DALL-
MEYOR :nd! RIOS'-,) air -prl'-.:air:d to fitfer t:.
S hl, 'iul.ili: .' b-tt,-r hl: ,s 0f wvoik thai ha.-
hli-thertu b.e:n d,_,re itn Ber :uda. '
Sil hi rtirae nndl stuly is given to theChemii
S t.'I *f'.-i't'., I:.?.e. u!t'i lightiItng of our t lportl aits,
c,-is,.,. ni'u.ntl p l'utd ein.- fint,. a;rtilite effects.-
51Li,. Bin il .ii|,. Yacht.- C'utdooril Groups.
& c.. &,:.
Jl41 ,i se a C .7 Z", C; I I T 0"
Ph, tg,;i.i, (_':'.'re-S I.e Viit:-., Cabinet and
la e'. .,i.'-' :l:- t ..ho-rtest notice ; ;lar o-n-
I::.,1! li ,iz.- i n INDIA INK, OIL CO-
.:, (' .'ON. anl WATERl COLORS.
Fbst '. i New ; v .ik Ci'.y enpl,:-y'vd for
the above ..xv!:,r .. w,. I.:.
-'l A..- of' 0,.- a. ltaken ut re.u d p ices.
PI.S.-- lli.-e'-i,.-' thatt J. F. DARIRELL
Sh..l :, FIT;'-T'' 'LAs..; PRIZE MEDAL f-,i
ho :l" it o '. s, [l lultls i ial E: .ibiit n of I -,"2 an.1
tv. .ntvy y'-ur, pr..:tii.,-. t',-': 'ti -r with the ex-
Ier 1i.e-': f,' t 'hiis ; .n. wI1.n) h'us just m'illne -d
Sii" i, .'.li' ei!, :1i1' vn 'uo hba operate- in somar
,> the Fh'. t a ,-,ie. i,-- h -,',...., :.I(-- (h tr111 pro-.
ihdue' FiYD.4T 'LL '.:_S PH'Yl OORAPH.S ; we
be \ fui tli-ir to -t:'t-.e that our i ii.-.-'arr, at
.; 'e.0-o tl.h rates ; there may b- v.w rk ,1o..-. for
l.-s, but we ask that quality bh-e i7vi- the i]re-

1F FrTo- 4 --,3 F, l at 1

." .' f T

Alrble & (+ranitc

aiPAX, Nova Scoia,

P{, OPP.z3TO,.-
every style.
P'ermiuda Orders solicited. Saiisiiu' ..n "ia-.
W. T. JAM11ES,
412 i'ruiat .,
Agent i:m B Jerwad:.
Hamilton, Oct 11, 1881.-6 mouths.

Potatoes Potatoes !

Superior Table
O -rI' A rMi' I ,,,

ALL PER<)\NS lh.vinug '(. ms
w,.,innt thl,. Etat, o.f the late. FFRED.
1T C'KPAI-NTIN ur': r.-qui-st'ed to r'-ndler
''-ir .Ac:onitts to the Undei.rsigned
in, ,'.: il l Pe--.ons I;NTEETED to: the above Es-
at'. ie ii- ':.- t. i t. I ti.' uL.1ke I':yriymnt by same
.E.. clt/rs.
lHamnilton, .;thl March, I'P':2.

G 0 0 D 11F ,
Everybody wa nt it, but very ftew get it,
beca,:ie most lpepl.:. ':1o not klno.t how to
s'-l.-':t coli-'., or it is spoiled in tlie r'oa.-t-
in. or makiing. To obviate t hes:.-diicttul.
ties has been our study. Thuirbi.r's ipack-
agoe o-.ffeeis ar, seltcitel hy an expert who
understand the art of blend.inug various
flavors. They aret roasted ini the most
perfect manner (it is impossible to roast
we ll in small qtituititi: 1, then lput in
pound packAiges ( a ,'i bI ,, .., ,/.., r /.,J )
betriln i otir signature as a guatr:ant-e iOf
1*. ntiinni tes.,, an'd each p 'ctka.'.':e-o'nt,,ins tlh-
Thillrl recipe for makinggoiod Coffe.o. We
I' iek t wo kinds. Thurbl.t's o. :3-,'" str'n
:anil piing,-nt ; Thurber's No. 4,"'' mill:
anl 1 i.h1. One or tlIeotrr will suir i-very
t.,i- Thy ri-have thlie three greit points,
p" i'. A .f ,r /,," ,tli. (,, I rte,-"i l
ri, I* '1 t, il ,"i / i. ,Illp ., ,',.. pl. "4""
,.r A.. '.'" Do not b- put off with any
other kinl-your own palate will tell you
what i-: best.
Where p' sons de:'ire it. we also furnish
thle -- I',i" Cotff_--pit, thle simplest, best.
tunrl 'lhe-a .,est .,' c .e-lpot it .xist,:ll.,:.
Gioer.s who s,-ll our Coiff:. keep thlit-u.
Ask for' descipritive circular.
RP ,pectfully, &e.,
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Impoit tr,,', 0o'ers and ( t'o'fee
Roasters, New Y'.,rl:.
P.S.-- s thlie lnre..t dealers in f[oil ipro-
ducts in the wonil!, we considWler it OLr iln-
terest. to mlanuf:aetitre only pure an].
v.holesomec gois anid. pack themn in a tidy
amnd satistaetory mnuin- r. All vo'uls-
be,-aring ori n.awte aie gtL iaraniteeld to be
of superior quality, jp, i it ,,aw/ i'i. n,
aln'l dealers are uthirisedl to refund thle
purcha-:e price in aRny Ieae w.heri- 'custom- -
ers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is
t!,eret,,':e to th" inte,-'.t of both ,l ,ale s
nn.el conilinert to u. : /'/-/, ,.' uri, al,.

For Rent.

.'-.-I I ,an ed ai :tr ,' ,. .r v n.eI ,iatiioii -
,,il \ I -, ir w 1] ;. ;) 11 l lit nry
.u K .h .,.. 1' 1t. .,n. l -r o i ivr-,i-.i i ,i. 1-

JELi t i. !':.r. Ai., pJi'1C.
rhe undersigned has always rn i WILLIS
hia .in full supply ot T'A.BLt O E P 'ai ; ,., 'N,
ii qjualhty in- ierior to any i;i ri.- kit, ..r, :i 1 ,i tt.
prior, s no delay couipetition. .. ...: .- t.
S 1PI'.4IAL Rit&TE- to AJnnv .,d N,
CANTEi',CS and .MESSE6. N .-i
4 l tr 2an Sir.i -. 1 .FT( iI N
fUamiltni Otobe.1r 1.ION L L

School Books.
Full Sup1ply of the above as
used in the public schools.
Just received at the Royal Gazetite" Stati-
onery Depositary.
IJanuary 1 J8'2.

Robt. G. Lee & Co.,
Conillissio" o l eltlcl it lf,
18 Leadeuhlll Street,
A 11 1.-oVrlZ

.tpr'1, :,
+..' .-' .[li;,' ; *

.,r V i,- I.t P ,rk .


Unite,! Sltles .joil *'lea iers.

A i. ; -; a J i .- .. ..
[i." \\' NEI-V YOLK

. Wt i%, -.

I\I.SKA 'r
q -.V %) \
A p*i IZ-N '.
A3\'.-S-INI \
kV'a i"->S1N
\I.'. '-1.KA


edity, ,larch '2 itl
" "', ut
' Ap>ril 4, at
.' I I, : tl
" l.'25 at
-- ?, !lt

G-30 n.m.
1 'II I p.m.
5-0) p.,.
I I -:30 :i.1i .
5 110 p rn.
11'30 o r.,i.


S LL)NIIA Y Uy I NG 2" May -', at -I'in) p.m. E j{'1I M i I.|{CI,'I,tD.V.'., Re.idenco, llair-
LON DON, i.... i4 IZIZi)N \ 9J, at I 10 Ia n.m. J un p'arisl.
Personal attention given to Couin .ilnmelits of '; f h-i, .b ,r aie hiuil' e pi-sly 'l v __u
lermnuda P KODUCGE and the fillir..g of lier-n r i,. '[rtni live ive waite i.'lit bulklhe,., audl 'ilI visit St. .eor 's Profedi,,ntilyon i'ues-
I ludi tl orders. .., rv ,er e, ltficers, -u;eormand .Situ,,- ,a s-- ,hi -e t (. Spurlin I"sqr's.
April ;4 1 81 r.ile e- Iii n ,i'. ,ii di. tioLnjaii i n-;:l nii l'ill e'iit 'ii,_C e l oil Pr'i-. _
r.~ -.i' v a.. -' t0!,ic .. e:ur,, ,A ', ,-l',-i d I ali m iln .o.. lan lry 2, Is 2.
S;ta l I ,o ar -, ,h I ni 'i .."? ie e slili ll I t i, ... p
,, I r. 9ui,,wi that gre it wn.,,if-,rt ile :e. TO,'e o.s' a
1, p c/'c! ;i;fl ii a a 1 i. .h1.
S.Lin i ,. :,',o'h ,ath Ruoom anild Piamn n .t' j. ..
JCI",,: t1Jr tef ii i AL.LED
.. .1.
... v.l', Lenti.r.Llv airriv.- ..-i ."gr >$ F -
rk . d i ',' | :, I' s c nti.lntly recoimendTd to the I'ublic as
T' e.. ", L'aT~Mp,. o t'ho i tu ping ri- me, ly for of every des-
LiTiVerpool, Qh ueelair o 'l a, Loidi saili ,nIt 1 ..). .. pi.. ; ,:ertai remey for u elated le -s.
-ndIFIYNIL'uM'.&Ul 1 lIL ints. stalls, bruis-es, chilbla.iu., scorbutic
SPAN LVeA HorL LAND31, 0 ,. rtipti,.is, and'1 pimpl.s o the face. sore and

to one Company) in the Atlantic sen vice lav- P ISaiJB-E t I a S ing the port of New York. They areKbuilt ex- A Full Weiglit, Pure Coudensed S I C e tvie Yeson bL%.
tirely of iron amnd steel, except I the Imerely de I j\,ilk. e Proverd by more than sixty years' experience
corative parts, are divided nto water-Ytight r h o be one of the best rned.k ls for purifying
and fire proofpotsompartents, and provided E a a thebloodandassistig Nature i her opera-
with everthin calculated to a to this li their i d I'"ure, e li, cd'" 2' 2ions. They ormn a mild and superior famCOy i
safety, and to the comfort and coveniuog of tin, andranl..d Auw:dleJ or t, which may be taken at all times
passengers. The saloons and st.,.roinos iall v- o PPlftel1 retiv. Iii (15 l)'n' >tif Wi withlout con,inem'.'t or c aige of diet.
on the main deck) are unusually la rge, r light "e l to le *''U \l int rIui ure iCo densed aver. -old in Boxes at l 1id., 2s ild., ts. 3d., 11
anti airy. Ton table and ge r nd steelppot- except the rly'. Proved* n er c and -2s. expe
ents coratie pare favourably with tho bet hotels r 'el. r ici il e of thi best Pp d BEAC ne BARNpuriOTT,
in England. EBnn' rtab ii n tI' repre Donlyb Bgl & BoRNIbO
and fire proofthese steamers will sail fom New i t un.'r ai- c ',,ir.d mnh ,,. B-tport, Do ine and sold by all
York every Saturday, for Queunstowi a.d l-i^ t hat3 ai t. ,1 .',i .,,al 1 I lie trade. Jaunua' 17, ,Medici nd
Liverpool, and weekly for London dir.-t, frot thin ,,r iiur*-,- ti-.z. .'L-,-n thoa as iaN ri-
New Pier 39 North River. Rates of pass e'ge ''"n tl'*-c-, -in .an',-. en, ill orf
incurrency: -To Queestowfort and Livetipu, of ;. K. & T ail Hh may be taken at all
.500 to $71. To London direct (Victoria Docks) .le agentsnts, New York.
$50 to #60; excursion tickets iwo, curlen 'y; -* -- ------ BALLS and STUMPS1
paSteerage pas. Tage saloon, .currency. For fiinrtht'allP i n (5)1 r, ir, o withoLt onfinen,..nt or c alg of diet. i

partiaulars ay. ply table Ca eanpay's Ott, Acc untle ;U, Ik3.. e Selling at R22s.DUCED RATES
Nos. 69, 1T and 73 Broadway, New York. .r re -,,t,,yof 'l above riceive, i per at the Royal Gazette Stationery StoreT
~' W ill J al RSTr '1w t2 **Dsrniia;id" fros London an d by all
S. itj i 1 t 1 1 a, y .1 i,,.- i" tonIry Store. (Some B.A S half priCg)
New York, Januar 27,12River Rates of a uit, Feby 1.- 1452. Hamiltoni, March 182.

New York, Janua~ry 27, 1 S82. I la-ia~~ton, Foby3, 1401, 1832. Hamilton, Marech ., 18S2.


' 17 IFrontt Street,


rp -: UtL'indier .t-, t t s ju, t 'pci.-I a iichoice
Se- ;tluh.'tiun, ol' Engli '' t ., nd .' mlll'rie C

.,r Xnia lleceived hv ti Mail Staiu-rer
Orhinve. -'
Consisting impart tof:-
i 0R oft1 Ro .it !LI'EF 'IUT i'ON"
C' II I"KN i)tUl-'K .;0)v 4
I,,, uch 'rO t' LliV': Potl d IIl \ 1 I
BEEF and TONGUiE '1'ins of SALMON
L' h''I'Sl'?.S (iV;S I'i7I S Iren'l I'iK P
I ,'I.NS C('O ItN ;n Il \SI'AR. 1,(j'1
lh..tLth- oIf ,sorted PI,'K- S-;
Red C\itB \(;i".: andI .sX \1UI 1'
',rnilei 1 8,:'.- Fin \'iun. HIist:il' I'. falll linds
S411- II' \\'WlieI .,fi B-..wn F'l. URl
|esis o'C,()CO \ a %id I i.K
ti;'!"E'. n'.it MN lI.K
'l:-l,'i'()L.'l', IlhiK try's COCOA
F.i,,: ":;n1 i| ..L[ \ ,* 1"
mi r.,.- hn l d ,turii '" ,' "."'l'' i. )nl.wg 'I'E \
\ I'M i-; L .il!i, E. f. ( N\1l-.\l.,
1FL .X 1 :I':) Li...e1,-J Ft. ,L
l.T ll .f : V i t l !' .. (t .ill ,r\'o,'
Si ,!,tt... ,,f Ph e Filll i'4 (Ei d.J SH] RR['.I'
l 1 \. I-, N (' ; .-\ .1.1I ,' I 1. 11^
I;1l. ONS Cf I! i'- .iS I'Ll. '

I ,Nit"ItI ,,FS, &e., &c.
'ins f I -' U I in -.Iinp

|*TI; \',AIl 1Y .Al'i.L2." & -\.IC)I'S

I) \\1 ot iall 1-'l. , IUIJ I' i'l;- LARI I
*: ICr;: 'i'.,.tle LT L-ILII-. S t
Ilam -.AUS. lGE
S ,.z H i,, tlli f I' s. :, ,. i.! ,i -
,( -1:I'.-' V iN[,LI &'., &1c.
Condensed 11I LK
1!'-i 1 r \ D (i',.,v '. ,'- N '
1. I.,i i., a-.,r' .,Il F l.1% n l an .)live ll,
'l- I't; i ,i i B llmle-)
F.DA1 E6OS. D \'1: i1 k ISINS
I'' i' l'i':ICG-' .MAIil).\''<, i ln iad out of shIl-1
i \ ,-: 'l.O \'i .
u ..r r''e-'.t eo I G IN ; ,{ ; ;
oi' )' \ i' r.\ I't )!-:: T (J..U I;.-
0r.-4 CO RN b R AN
&. ., &e., &c.
.0-OHA.' !' I RITT,
'::s Bru-,a.l .iy m nd] Vi. tlurit Street'.
Hl in il'l .-e.-: tv r 19. .- 1.

For Rent,
That deiruble Resili--..: in Paget Parish


The Metropolitan Hotel,
Que-n Street, I-Hauilron. with Coach House,
Stblbe<. &,*.

Chale-l y Lane. H-namilton.
Gth February, lr'?-].-ttf

S 11nted,
:3 to 4.000 W1 ,ilit, of

pply at '' Royal GIzette" ( ffice.
I '.,r.:-h 21. 1";2.

Cook Wanted.
| o 0oo .'07v o-. ns aZ- :IT.
SIip ly -it uoyali Gaze' e 'Ifice.
li 'anilt-in, .N-arrh t, I.RS2.

|Bermuda Veterinary In-

r'i r-':ODOrt ) OU[ RlT ; ,:IDG1', I).V.q., Re-
s i.'-.i -i h- 1 I n ,ll i tr,.


28 u'u

1 eSa



ris. sets.
-_- 1
5 51 6 17
5 49 6 18
5 48 6. 18
b 45 6 19
5 41 6 20
5 44 6 Q0O
5 4-12 6 20

Iide. REMARkS.

-- --I ---
2 42 Jamaica Mail due.
.3 30 Princes AlbertVictor
4I '1 [anrd oeorgp.a.,
BermiaidaT S:I
5 65
5 54
6 4! Palm Sunday.
7 3Q*FI.Mn.lh27m P. x

*(C'oUr or ASSIZE, Easter Term.

li'. BERRMunA HOAL GaZETTR As published
'4veery Tuesday by DoMALD M'PHEr ILEr,
Printer to the Queen's .lMof. Excellent.
1 ujesty,
,North.west Corner of Reid and Burnaby.Streets'
S.. Hamilton,
\'ere Blanks, ifand-billq, &c., will be
prinred at the shortest notice.-'Agentsa
St. Georges for ihe RloyalGsIle, lMessrs.
GEORGE Bor LEk .SON, West End; WVater




,- .t

11 M l


J. H. Robinson & Co.,
Agenls for Pilehsis. F. ALLEN & SONS, man-
uatutre rs of

C r if c r t o v r -r),,
Citrate of Maguesia, Chocolate and'
P.,tronis.d by fli; luipprial Mijesty the Shah of
Pern-ia, rind Il. IR. l. the Prir.ce olf ale4.
\\' recommInend Dealers in Confectionery to
puiclhe nof our \;;euts in Brriniiudia, who cm-
.stantly keep a large assortment of our goods,
*u.d :ii present hia%'- in stock 284- cwt. (of assort-
ed Confectimery in a varitly of 73 kinds, at
unly 9( pir lb.
l Messrs. F. .\LL4N & SONS supplies ma.
chin-ry, &e., fr tlihe Manufacture (cf Confec-
:tioiery' %ithm all the latest m ,-dern impiov,-nenti
Shery also er.,pl-.y dtlU men d-uly at the Steam
,A'orks, \lile i t'.ni roul, I'an.,l ltoa.1, L nmdon.
are .11anulacturers' Agents.
Il uinii on, F,)hrun.iy 14, 18S.'.-:3 n

He,' Maj-t,/y's Dockyard.

Required for Floating Dock.
.Wage. 41 per day. with quarters on board.
Captain-ii-Charge of Naval Estab-
th Deceinber, 1SS2.


THE Undersigned takes this op-
l- .ortunity to thank the Merehants of
Berniuda for the very liberal response which
dlurini the past year they have given his Card
Wvhieh was first published in this Journal last.
December and which has resulted in a largely
inc-reased trade with this Island. He would
also express the hope that the intercourse so
iAupiciously begun may be doubled this com-
itg year, and that every Inhabitant of Hernu-
d.h uay be. given an opportunity to test the
sipprinr ,alith/y of .all articles put up thunder
Thmibers' brands which cover goods that ar-
*'1 ,',,,i,' l to,) bh i" a": rndl t/,,cirol jnt,, aud of
iiich dealers are authorised to refund the
purchase price where consumers have cause
for dissatistfaioni. ie. would again remind the
AMe'rchaint of B.irujuda that he is also practi-
eally familiar with the wants of the Island in
all that relates to Food Products and Groce-
riCes gr"1 er.Illy.
Any orders that may be entrusted to him
will 6b. faithfully and promptly filled, with th(
iissiiranelle. that the-y will receive all the awlvan-
tages which the special facilities the Messrs.
Thurber & Co., enable then to give asimporter.s
with Br.an1ch i houses at London, England, and
B'.,rldeaux, Franc,', and as foreign Manufac-
tures "ith Factories at, iIordeaux, Marmande,
an.ul N:Lt. s, France, in additou to the large
Factories which they own and operate in the
iUnitd:l states \ trial order, no maatter how
small, may result in mutual benefit and will
be appreciated by
With T. K. and F. IB. THURBER & CO.,
Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers of and
Dealers in Food Products,
\rest Broadway, Read and Hudson Streets,
New Yoik City..
P. 0. Box-3482.
New York. London. Bordeaux.

For Sale.

j A House and Lot,
In the Town o/ iHamilton,
For Particulars please apply to
tl.iilon,. Norr. '9. '881.

K ynur (ruo.?r \. K. WHYL.AND'S

For Sale,
At ** Royal Gazette" Stationery Store,
fendrie's Petroleum Patent Soaps.

./L Li.CK.- MAIi-CH, APRIL, 1882.

Royal Gazette.




K.C.M.G2I., RE.

ThiM di:tin."-i--h, 0fit -er, wh, -I lon d au -rctive
public : .:e-r wva- toeriinated Iby hi- dI.:-th at Mouut
Lil.t."tcn '.u lWedlne-dtav imiruingu- l.-t the 2.-iud iu-t.,
in th-,- rlt y,,ar of hi a%-e, eutered the C_,rp-, .,-f
Roval Euniuneer- iu 1S37 iand -,o afte--'virai,.was
sent on frontier srirv-e t,.. South Aftri.-, where he-
aquired nu ini itima.ite ku...wl.tde of th. chi writer
u1.l h.ibit-, .,f tlhe people there. f
While yet a Li,:uteu t aud a..ttinu t-empt-lIprarily in
.:,ui n.ud ,:f!,umennt .of the Enliin-'uers
at Ci, lr..wu hie w-as onue,-f tihe u.,'..u il ,f War
-umnio,,nete Iy the Governtor Sir i-,-,jr", Napier to
concert ni-1.ure- f.:.r the r.:lief it r'.:,i.-l .'Smith aued
tli, gairrikou of f'il, then l..'- .ly b .-leaii-ered 1-,
the B,.:,er, u ..l:-r th.: Dut..h lD.aler, IPret.-aiii". It
dev,.,lved upon Li-uteua-it Litff.tu to or:ani-e the
en.iu-erin' .rrmran-t:uveut-, .,f th,- _xpe-litiVu, whlii.i
'iu:--.:-::.-I 1 i-u relit:.-ing the Briti-h ki rriisoiu.
Frtin the C-pe L .itt wa- sent to
Miauritiun ii, hr.-, he- s,-rve..l till 1,17. obtl.t.aiing his
:oii.aiy there. In th .:*iily pir't .tf 1',17 i he wa-
alp lintoei t'. *niumanuiun"r- r..y:I,-er at Btelfa-t,
and at tlit- i:l:.e-- of t1- he.. ac.-ic pt-eil the
p, of lu.p.I.tor i:,f R illwayn t- the Bo.ard ,,f
Tranle, whii.h ihe rt.-inel iu the Autumn of 1552,
when hi- wai- -:-ut by the Iump-.p-t,,r--ueral of Ft.,r-
titieation-s. Sir J..Iihu Bur-v..yue; (G.C.B., to iunpei:t
nud report uiiiin thle l4.-t'-us:-s of Autwerp and the-
f,:,rtifi, iti,:,ns. ,.,f Paris.
In 155.1 li3 e wi- app,,iut.-.1 Ci',oImm.utilint- Royal
Ei-niut.:rof the-li- L.:u.u n distrii:t, anu1 in IS5"5 hie- wa-.
.,int l.v the Dukt-. of Ne.wca tl,-. Sect.etnry of St ite
f,-.r W.-.r, o ouIt oiufi-leitial mi.nji.-in to Pari-i with
G. La.i l Siir Williarn Ku,_,ll.-., 4.'. .B.. atnd Comuiuis- -(..u. uiral Sir (et-r.'IN.r- Mai.le in, K.C.B.. to report
upoin the ,,rga.ui.itiun ,of tihe Frent-.h Mliui-tre de
a (Gue-rre.
Oun hi- reti.rn t En-l i-il lie- waz appo:intutl D.eputy
. Inu-eitr Giner.nI of F-Furtiiti., ti.n-, at the War Of-
fi..- and durin the trying.' priti:1 .-f thle (Crimec-an
\ar Ii.:. worke--d early anu lIte in that del:pnrtineunt of
-tat,, f.-arle- .fr rl'p, usil.,ility, I.ut -ui:illy re-..rdle.s
of iiiu-tef. FIr n- iw -eenr tI have been laid th.-e
mee.-. ,if k.di-e-.e whi,-h ,i .' hi life '-mui-whalt a
t.:il.-oinu-e one. Braiu fever set inu al fur --oi e
nin.uths he I ty pt in tihe I--le of WiLrht. with
litti.- h.,lep -.t re-..very. In the Sutlh ..t Fr.niit-e
anud in ,:u.i.- .. far reait,,med hii- tre-nU'th
n-. to lIe able- at the -nl of two,, yewIi tto join hi,.
CoIp Is agaiu.
It!n i- .: iiut ( l aIa liu't 'it ail Enu ineer
to i.altai, whi.y-i-- he -tnrvid for tie y:'ir-, dlittint '
wl-i.h thi:t rn,- .-ft t ,i f that f.if.t, V- w. -, (-utirlnl
In 15 5 h-i -e f .- is ei t ..,n n r p .:i i l ni.- i -i.,u t.,-
C.'-ylLau inl.l i-, ily lt- st hi. life tri.,it juuI.'Ii fte-
\v:-r a.nd dy-1i: ter,.'1 it- -tei> iu 1perti,.-rit-
,oU.e 'of lus .luty. On hi-, w.Iy h.tLu.-, I1-tler
iu-trueti,.-lis fr.,1, the War Olffi.e, .i- 11i-ited .tu,l
rep..rte.l ,ou th.e Sl-ez '..iu, h. l, t r-uinu_ his iu-
veg-tia ti.u-~ ini .'' thit- m ,i.,t :u-.i b 'ir. t' ll-
-ta:u.:c-, M. de Lei---:p-l-wiitli wilo- i lie. t'hen te.-
el wriii friendshmip-,ttard iuag hin every aid aLn
f...:ility in hi- work. It luiy Inabe .ld th at : few
ii', iftter\v .alrd th.:- ret ru e.i t -, Egypt 1.,y s,, l
int it Itiu tt- 1i pre,-,.-nt at thet o ipeu i.r--of thie .' m .tl,
a.u ait tlit,- h I-ppy vent of hii- -:a.ld frie-ud', marriage.
Iu l1i.. h ws p,..t:d t.- Alder-.h:.t as- C-'inlu,.td-
inii Royal Eutl iu,:i-r. It ii, n,.,t perlhap- g-euerally
kn-,wu, .but rill 1I.-' well rv-ifm.berrord by the few
wA ,.i served utader thim, that at Allershot Colonel
L it -in a t.itir-ted u, sintall leput ithiou as. a ta trate'-i-t-
in t i.:- i,:-l' eu i-.n ti e ue-t- pai,.t;ied at that la rgo
t-indin-' nl:p. :u.1 although denil hi. i-At=
ni t.h iu 'iit'Cien, it days to -, ative -,'ervi:e:- ,his t.i-.
I.-ut- :at tlih-- W.-ri Ofic.te makuighi. de,:teutio,,u at homie
--ii e l utih t, thie a th.ii ritieh o i th-rtl i- i, -oii
I : .-:u to .: :i ve tha-t t,.- would have mad.l-e .1u. -
:e. -~ t i r, .! ii'e -i:, ienarl .- i.-. re lar -i he
woild .d-t pre.:-im iuit.- tly hir.ive d.e at tit, bar.
In J.auurv- It 72 lie iva- moved to Gibraltar as
Co,,mn.,.iu-.-.' Eugiu:-r, ail, after five vyetrr
at th-i.t st ti,.-,L, .u-l at a period which twa- felt by,
n i-uy t. I,,= a :iiti- il ..,u. iu the .politt'd hi-torv ,.,
ET-rLui.-, he w- i-le, -.ti a)y Himr M, je-ty- t'ti till
Ie .:.f,.e .' -vrt .:.v, riir Co 1nt nder-i-Cohief of
theh-- i,-liuds.
At thi.t -tine tim' e ,-. a: ,re:ited a Knizht Comin-
II Iu.11-r.,f the order of St. Mi. hael and St. George,
-inl vdinu1-:d to bIe a Bri.-adier 'Geueral for tihe
.olulu-ind of the troops.
At various period-l during his -ervic-e lie hts been
employed o -,pia! :anud -,..ufi.leutial missions re-
.,,i ing the pre.eue of ;u ahle and experieu:edd
mnilit.iry Eugiueer, his siele,:.tiou f.:,r these eu:liquiries
,h,.,i.riu the hi-h >:-,iination in whi,:ch his n apa.ity
aud ,li.-retiou were held by the Govern'tneut. Hiis
intimate knowledge of the Freuch lauguaae has
been- of great valte in ,omnie of the.:- .'outide-utial
This ue-e.-sarily brief aud imruperfe't ,.ketoh will
suffice to show what an a,.tive anud varied career our
late Goveruor had pasled throue'h before attaining
to the high office of a Colonial Governor.

It cannot he doubted that th-e elc-tiou of Colonel
Latlaut in '177 to admiuimter thie Government of
Bermnd.i, indie-tred th,- timatioun in which his
politic--l oigaeity atnd admini-trative ability were
hold byI Hr Maje.-ty'- governmenten, alld no l ue
but will adrnait that the widomof thle -elction:,u h Ia
- been filly borne t:,ut by thit- re-ilt.
Onei f .it" r ,,.nt.:. r.irie,:-, In'." -p.ok ,n of him a;
'. ne of tlihe b,,t Gove-rnuors-i B mIu.11 lhas ever hsd."'
We doubt whether th, .1.I-t and l.e-I t informed in-
habit mt of tlhet-,i-- isnd.1 .-'i- tu m inyo any Governor
who has urpi-&se Sir IR...ert Litffu in politi-al
sagniity, fertility of -r-'ePIlI',.. ietlit il _-r.p, un tir-
inUr indlu-try, or ,votinu t,.. tlie w-elfare of the pe)o-
ple .ianinitted to his hart'e.
His c pai,:ity laut re-li-h feor wwrk were very re-
Imirkal-ie. and tlih-:- dry ,nv a trueue det-ik!s of
ttli-ial tatisti,tic- whicli furni- h th., only key to n muy
politi- ,l amd so.i.d pr,.,lt-m-,, anuI wlhu h are repul-
Sir,: t.:, m--St men aud e--p -i:ially to mo.)t military
othtr-, lihad a poitive attraction for hi.- eolnpre-
hous-ive iuttelle:t. Mo-rii-over Go..vernor Laftim po-4-
e,-.:.1 a r-..u-irkably r:-ttutiv<- and well stored
ruetu.:.Iy: anul hi-vinu in the .i-iur- of a larLe ex-
p-rienIe an.d :lo-,- --.-r.ition, of mi,-n and Inmauue.,
in inimy rauks a.til many lann-, gained. a de,-p
know d.e of tlie worl.L he hi id at niqired a highly
ca.mnuil iand toler.ut -pirit, ,1 ,1 .ittain(d toi: that
juditi-il teuper.ii.l i-ell-,wuen-. of judgmenl-t whiehl
gave iti- )h-erv.itiou.- .mnl le,-i-ionm- an air of intui-
tiou wt-ll rememl:,ered 1- y nil who icamni: ill cuinta-t
with him.
It i- t iu iir ilt-nttio:un. u,_,r wiuld t'im and sp.a'e
at pre-meut adiit of our pi-reseting- any critic al his-
tory, or even iinmai.ry, o:f Hi-, Ex,-ell:nt-y'- admin-
istr:atiou of th.i- tovernmn it of Berniuda.
There wa.s no .tr.ith rli d-ep.irtiellnt of tlihe Coob.
nial goverumreut which dil experience. the beue-
fit .,f hi- pr-u,.tratinfL -ve and ai-,iduoi.- care.
It i- w,-Il kniot-n wirh wi-hat -tri:tues-s Il e-,nfor:ed.
the alplli,:iti:.u o:f th, The ('.,lo -
nial filunu. i-l sy-term i- e,-e-itcially iilebted to hi-
iulitry nui d ability f.,r s-ever.i usn-ful reform%-,
whi,.h only li' iin utfmelvy ,,-ath h'iis preventteod front
1117inU c.irried ..ut to their lhkitimuate ind uatiral
re'Cilts. PerllapS nuo department has been so much
Sene-fiteld 1,-y hli- .U rvi-iu .I- the Poct Offlce, both
a;s re' rid', etti.-i,-u.-y alnd ri-v-nuite.
Sir R.b. .rt L.,fii -.tne rime ret-pr:s nt-:- the
DOr.oaerIlh ': Si. Iv.-- in th,- H'O: af ('ommo in
the .':i ,-rvativeiutei'.-t, .m il tfhi, i-x-
pl:rit.e,.-, thu- ,--.tiuied, ..-.\t liiii peculiar advant'e.:s
iu d-alin witl tit th.C titio anud p.-lil..ipl.l ofrtht--e
,!lad.T T.I tl at'- .i,-titutisu lit. w v.riilv:in.isin-
cer,-ly atti.-he,,, -alth,:,n_. unot 1,lin.l to th.:- n.' e.iity
-of -,:,mr pi.,hti.: a1 u.l ti. al ri f:rn ii-a m. i ki i, it mrore.
Il.-rfe.-t in d, tiils.
A l..:.t.:,.- menti.:.n,-d1. ';r Ro!. rt L it ,u'- r n, 'er
hi,. bI-u cln.u.l-.i l 1.i y ill-he..lth. bi- dt-vtion to
In.uint-- iu thie Cria-in ,ii ,it theiIl- W _-)Otite
l.viiu. lrt.if,.i unilv w,:tk,: 1 a i..ri t.'i lv -tr u
Eveu in tlh...- :- .rly lay- hi- -tiliu.n. lie had
wa.Tin-.'-I tiht lhi- heart v.- Uo -t str,u.n--, aud1 al.
thunulh ,..--ur-l Iby l mh -edili,.a aidvi.-r in Lonidon ut -'.iu.i li-teat? exit.-l., he ,-eme.1 tu., those.,.l .int ever t,. I.,e quit,- well.
A vi-it to Furopie la-t S'Iuiter. duringg \ wliih he
wa- iijui,:i....,u-ly a-hi-...,- to, Iave to iu u ex-e.rc--, I-,d thi- helped for b-un-fit.ial
iflu.:eu-.e ,-u hi- he',lth, u.l lhe returned to B,.rmu-
di in a we.iker tlinu ever. Tlhe r.i-.n- ,:,f
;,,'.-r i.: Ih-e rt di,.:.-.- h irlly 1.,,-tore -llu p,.te,:f.e were
n...w f.r the ir-t tine di-tiuntly rei-eo 'ui-el. With
flui:t I tini-, -treu..n't, I.uit within '--,eat tenacity of life,
th- iuvalid -fti'..':ll ou., ii tldt .nue ope th- it he
li,-hit 1.- yet -pA.Q'-d to return t". live o:r die with
hi- f~ mily in EuA-lnid.
While xpeL:,nt.titio wi .till in the I,.-lanu.e, the
crn-hin, new fr.- m luilit ..h.e ,.,f hi dm.ihter'-, aind. fr.,im t,1i- time ti !.,vem,

andl tlhe vit, p..i.,w a .r .lrau .lidly gi\e wa:y. Hi-
-,uiteifrinu.-- were in tis--e Li-at ild.i- ati-ti.ated 1by itr-
':.,ti:.:, anud he ink into hi-, tiud -leep'erhot tly aftIer
iniduii-iht ou thie i,.-i'nuini"- :o.f thlie 22u.1 Ma[.lh.
Sinl.- week-- -- .-t':f.r the *n-id u-une th-- ,Tov.iruor
.-Mid he now wi-h.ed aud l,:',.ed to he at reIt, :ud
to, l..1id in tih: iv--"ly Clutrhivard at,
amn-i thi. peopl :i of B.:tm-nitd who.-.: welfare hli
hi... -,. ni.:l, at li-t, .,udl for whom:n he had 1.lor-
u-d dtriun_- tet. lai t tin- y-.w-s ,f his life. Thi- la-t
wi-lih h-- Ihe.n w- inttilt :nu-l he- hIi .,ten la-id in'thel
quiet r,..-fiu..1 i,.,:- he l.,u-'e.1 for.
On Thur-,.liy l.-t. with all the poump oud cir-
c.umt ru.-e Iof aund .i-ie ceriemn.)ni:il, and
armiid-t -u.ih a i.,.uiir-e of people as neever b.:fore
h-il, I .,een ir.- u,';-ht toeretlier in the-e Iland-, hi-a body
wa- .-tillittetl to tihe eirth.
Sir t Laiti an wa. m-i-irried in 182 to Emma,
dauzi-"hter of W. Nor-w:,rtlihy. Esqr.. who, with
f,"r s.u- ,thne ti-l.-t in the ('liurh, thie second in
the lu.lia- u Civil SL-rvi-e, audl tli- third in the Royal
Euznin,-r-. 1n-I ,liru-'hL-r, O.irvive,- hilm.
There it. not a ihe rt in Bertllitda that' doe. not
; -ymiathize with L.idy Liffau and her fuamilv in
their wid here:avemeint, and aming, the dead "that
arc m.,uruedIl here the-re i- nine that will hbe b-tter
'rtemembered a nt more deeply regretted hy thite pl-o.
ple o:,f Bermuda thin -


~p~netto. the OI 1,erilida -Royal -GazetteTe sdaY., 28th,. March4.-,

Gibbs' Hill Light Station qt Bermuda, between the,
19th and "2tih larcjs1882, eight above the sea where
the Register ;s kefpt, being 246 feet.

1882. .
Noon 5
l1o26( yw
21 w
22 sw

.%.5 sW
So N

8-s. *
"- Gereral Remarks.

q. ca
61 09 .,", 0i. i Fine
67 29.9.p)'.'O'' ino., hazy
5.j .,.966,0-12l .'loudy "
.'< 30,o10- ',i F.' ine
61 19.95010"10 .-0 qualiy
C6 30.2?0 tIll Fine

=, --. T -- -'~
Htmillon, Jarch. 28, 1882.

March 27-Barque William Wilson, Laiidlaw, Lon-
don ; goods for me-rchants and government
Stores.--:Agent, T. F. J. Tucker.
Mail Steam-r Orinoco, Fraser, New York ; Mails
and general cargo.-Agents, Trott & Cox.
March 21-Bark G. F. Kemp, Lateakamp, Phila.
delphia ; inward cargo.
22-'Schr-Amas B, Delouchy, Halifax ; assorted

In the'Mail Steamer Orin:oei yesterday from New
York : Mr. and Mrs. Douglasn and two children,
Mr and Mrs. D. H. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Resrshaw, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Burdi'ck, Mes-rs.
W. I. Halsev, J. H. Crane, S. S. Ineham., Jr.,
Chas. Hall, L. H. Shepard. .1. E. Dve% F. Plant.
W. C. Hull. C. F. Whitney, W.J. DeWitt, F. Ho.-
bart, F. B. Noyes, W. C Baird, David Jub. Se, o.f
Cahis :-Miss'Sarah Smith and Thomas Berry.
Captain Laidlaw, of the Bark l{'illiam Jl'ilson. left
the ,ondon Docks on 3rd January and the Downs on
19th, arrived here on Saturday nlat. *Capfain L. re-
ports bgh', winds and calmis the entire passage and
until within 5J miles of these Islands, when a severt-
"North-wmt gale camn on and dr.-ve him 151" miles off.
On the 15th instant was within range of the Islands.
but wus again driven off. On the 21lst, at midnight,
paged a vessel bottom up, judged her to be 4 or 500
The Royal Mail Steamer Btla from Jamaica will
probably be here to-morrow evening or Thursday
By telegram to New York, Sir- G. F. Sy'mieir
left London for Bermuda on 22nd inst.
The Graf,'rk was up at Liverpool for Ber-
muda on 11th iinst.
HI.M.S. Nortlaiptyei went into dock on 25th
H.M.S. W'ye hence at Portsmouth 7th instant.
THALr., Capt. Church, flagship of Rear-Admiral
Salmon, V.C., C.B., upon her return from the Cape
with the Boadicea's officers and crew, will be
utilized for the conveyance to the North American
and West Indies station of Viee-Admiral the Hon.
F. A. C. Foley and staff with a new crew for the
Northampton. flagship upon that station. Sir
Leopold M'Clintock. K.T., F.R.S., aud the reliev-
ed complement will return to England by the
Thalia.-- stern Doi ly M, i~,,r'y.
A Cash Box, made of tin, about 15 inches onng. 5
wide, and 2j deep, wasi brought to our Offlee, on Wed-
nesday, having been found, buried, a few days before,
about two feet in the earth, on their lands, in Panlet
Parish, of Rufus Hatch. Esqr., by onome of the laboiur-
era employed in exe.aating there. The two end boxes
of tray with hinged covers, were empty. The centre
small division, with sliding cover. contained a lock of
human hair, 8 inches long, a small gold locket, and a silver coin, 10 reals, of 1854 It is the general
belief that this box was placed there by some thief.
ignorant of there being a thirdcomparlnment. The bx
has been somewhat crushed, a pick-axe mark on one
side. and a portion of the bottom, immediately under
the hair, had rusted through.

March 15th, 1882.
D. McPHus LEE, Esqr.,
DEAR SIR.-We have to inform you that in conse-
q uence of .the high differential duty at Porto Rico, in
favor of goods imported under Spanish.Flag, and the
consequent lack of freight hence to Portn Rico. for ves-
sels under other flag, the Quebec Steamship Co. are
compelled to withdraw their boats from the Porto Rico
trade. We cannot believe that the laws will long be
permitted to remain as at present, and trust that the
Quebec S. S. Co. may at no distant day be enabled to
place their steamers again on the route, upon equal
terms with any other flag.
Thanking you for the support you have always ac-
corded to the steamers for which we are agents.
We are, yours truly,

Sg Afttr the first April tho afternoon Mails will
be dispatched at 4 o'clock and received at 6 o'clock.
T 'Evening Service at Trinity Church in this
Town will conmnence at 7-30 p.m.
Prices of Bermuda Produce in, the New York
Market on the 2tth instant,
Onions,............... $2-75 to 3-25
Potatoes, Rose.........d-00 to $7-00
Potatoes, Garnet...... $9-00
Beets................ $150
Tomatoes...............4-10 to ,~70.

An Inquisitio was held at the Lunatic Asylum,-
Devonshire Parish on the *7th inst., before Chas.
0. Keane, Esq., Coroner, on yiew of the body of
Mrs, Ellen Brown, who had, been. a patient in the
Asylum for the past ten years. The deceased was
the WiA of a Sergeant of the Ist Bat. XX Regt.,
P native 'of Lihneriek, and was 70 years of age.

Potatoes from Havana are the Novelty of the
Waihington Market this Season -nilitating against
0h0e Bermuda Early Rose, which generally havebeen.
undersized, ixndueing another appeal to growers,
packers, buyers and shippers, to see that every kind
of Berinuda Produce shall go forward from this
date free from small or defective admixtures.

Report front the flooded diitriets in the Western
States, America, ar9. encouraging,. The waters
are subjidiag Apd the mo~t urgent distress has been
relieve "
TherNeW Oomet,,only 160,000,000, miles distant'
approaches the earth at therate of 2,000,000 miles
a day, but is expected to switch off when still
o80,0tjQ00 mAles away.
The Russiart, elebratibbs of the Birthday of the
Emperor William ofl Geirinany areinterpreted as evi-
dence that there,is wt>eause of strife between, the
tw o a lep .. : .'. .. . '.,
:: '- ,. -: I,.',, l i

2TT,30 North 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dear Sir :-For over five years I have been bald
on the top of my head. I recently bought one of
your Dr. Scott's EHair Brushes, and to my great as-
tonishment, after using it only four or five times
the hair came out on this bald spot right thick.
Accept my best thanks.
Diamond Merchant,
These testimonials came to us unsolicited, and
we get such every day. Pamphlets mailed free.
This remarkable Brush has met with great success,
and is warranted to cure Nervous or Bilious Head.
achies in tire to sdien minutes, cure Neuratglaand
Rheumatism in two to five minutes, and to quickly
stop falling hair and baldness. All dealers are
authoriz't to return in price if not as repre-
sented. A Beautiful, Pure Bristle Brush, Price
Wallack's Theatre Buildiur, 842 Bror0away,X .Y.
For sale at all Drug and Fancy Stores.
You can order it through any wholesale or im-
porling house iu your neighborhood, or in New
Y-)rk. Wo cannot Send it by mail,:as it exceeds
theu limit allowed by the U. ,'Post Ofice

. I

"Tlie li.lilop of Nerwfoundland anid
Ou the Snuday ef.,reL:.,st His Lordship preached
in the in,rn'iig sit Trinitv churchh taking his text
front St. Like xn 62 :--' And Peter weutt out and
The character of St. Peter was closelyy examined.
When be be.'-an to compare himslf with others,
andi tio o,,eve hi4 own suppo,.:-d superiority, then
it was that he ,betravedli, wa x kue--, which carried
him away fro:,m Ch'iist'in the hour of trial. It
would lee impo-,il.le to portray the look with which
the Lord reg.iartll Peter. While it pier, ed to the
heart it alo gave encouragement for the depressed
spirit to ri l fronl its *dMpths of auguiih, and to
'ling to the thin:'< of life with greater tenacity
than ever. This t.S Peter was a loving cor-
rection which made him great, and so good men fall
and so ,-ooi. men rire aginu.
On Sunday last His Lrd'hip preached in the
morning at: St. Ann's, Southampton, and in the
evening at St. Jannes's, Sandys.
During the weck the following Contlinutions
were held:-l
St. Mary'3, Warwick, on Monday.
St. M:ik's, Smiths, on Tuesday.
St. Paul's, Page t, on Wednesday.
St. Johu's, Pembroke, on Thursday.
On th-. previ.u-, Weduo,-lny at Christ' Church.

ligrThr-re is to '-e a nietingof the Pat-ishionersof
Pembroke Pari-lh tt thIe Towi HIull, Hamilton, on
Thursday i-ne.t the 3,.th iust at 12 o'clock, noon;
for the uiirpose of drawing Jurors for said Parish
to serve at the Easter Term of the Court of General
A.size now current.
At Devonshire this Tuesday morning 9oo'clook.
At Paget's thi tuesday morning 10 30 o'clock.
At Wai wick thi- Tuesday in:nruing 10, meetings
will be held for a similar purpose.

4I-r The Pulpit of the WeslEyan Church in Ham-
iltonu was o'f- up:i.l la-t Sunday by Revd. J. W.
Prestwood, A.B., ,f Bail.y's Bay, the Pa,4tor'the
Revd. A. W. Nicolson having' I.een laid by,- from
active work for several we,k-4, (lwinu' to iutliposit-
ion, which be-au l...-efe his arrival hlere in O.:-tober
last. Ho has Ieen rec,.overiua' so rapidly that strong
hopes arc cuntertaind ot hi-: early return to pulpit
(From,' a r,',', 1..,,d ,,.)
A very pl'.:saut in'.tin was htll in the Masonic
Lodge at fr,:l:d l Island. ou.n Thursday Eveniing, the
Itith Mnarch, I1-2. They met for tlhie pur-
pose of rmitkiu;n a pre-entaititn of a Souvenir toMrs.
Nash, thr,.-ug-h the meditun of her father, George
F. Newtou, Es,.lr., a, a tokneu of respect and esteem.
They as.-eriled ac t .9 p. nm., when they found every
thing beautifudly arranged, and after a few lively
strains of music, Mr. W. E. Warder explained the
purport of the assembling. and reediung the receipts
and expenditures, &c., for the articles, and also a
conmnunication trout the Captain-in-Charge re-
gretting his being unable to attend the meeting,
wh,-n the articles were duly covered, Mr.
W. Cana was requested to introduce Mr.
Newton, which h being done, he was court.
ou-ly received, and Mr. Warder delivering a
near address sthe sentiments funding an en-
thusiastic ectho in the mieeting'i, the presenta-
tion 1eing made, anmidst vociferous aeclamations,
which consiste-d of a most beautifully chased Elec-
tro Nickel Silver Casket, &c., one large Centre
Fruit aul Flow,r Stand, anu1 two sminaller ones, as
side ornamiuets tihe whole being most elaborately
nfini.:,1,l: an in-:ription being exquisitely eu'raved
on the c.-ntr? 1.iee. t, by Silber a& Flemming, of Woodl
Street, L:.ui-u, who are dee,:-rving of the warmest,
thanks, and great credit for the materly way in
whi.:h the articleA ,-re- i:,mIpl-eted. They were
forwarded by R. G. Lee. Esqr., of London, with
the greatest possible despatch. Mr. Newton, on
receiving the present, made a very telling and
hea rt-felt spee-lit. which wa warmly received; after
which three good hearty chcebrs were given tor Mr.
and Mrs. Newton, and another for their beloved
daughter, when the never-tiring strains of Aitdl
L.,, j S,,, wr-re lustily joined in by all present. A
vote of. thanks Ibeing then accorded to R. G. Lee,
Esqr., for the prompt manner in forwarding the
articles, an4 for his vw-ry kindly presenting dona-
tin towards the same." After a little further cou-
versation, the meeting was dissolved, everyone
feeling happy at what had been done, and every
thing being eo very -uuccessful, not a jar occur-
,ing to mar the proceeding-.

SR-imarkable LOttr


The Speaker of the House,
February 12, 1881. f
For the first time in my life I am induced to
give a testimonial. Noticing in some paper an
advertisement of Dr. Scot's Electric Hauir rush,
I sent $3.00 for one and flud it indeed a remark-
able brush. My wife has for years suffered with
headaches. The brush cures them at once.
Several friends have used it for headaches, and
it has never failed. My wife was also getting pre-
maturely bald, but the brush has entirely stopped
the falling hair and started a new growth. I use
it to remove dandruff, and It works like a charm.
Five times the col would not buy nmy brush if J
could not. replace it. To-day I bought of
McAlmont, Druggist of this place, two brushes to
send to friends who hare rried mine and requested
me to buy for them. Col. Ponder, Mayor of Wal-
nut Ridge, was attacked by a severe case of sick
headache while at my house. He was very sick.
My wife proposed to try the brush, which he finally
consented to do, with no fath in it, however. In
three minutes be said be never felt better in his
Uife, and directed me to send him a brush. I have
authorized McAlmont,the druggist, to use my name
in recommending It. Yours truly,
Speaker of the House ot Represen tavea.
Little Rock, Ark.
Mr. Thornburgh Is also Grand High Priest, Royal
Arch Mason, and past Grand Master of Masons of
Arkana. LITTLE ROCK, April 5, 1881.
To the Public:
Having been troubled by letters asking If the
above Is genuine, I hereby declare It to be strictly
true. It. was given voluntarily,.without sollcita-
tiqn, atnd this is my answer to all inquirers.


On Thursday next,
301h instant, at 12 *. 'clork, M.,

10 Cases TINWARE,
Con,:-1 in ,f a large assirlmient of the most
Useful kinds,
Amongst which will be found:
Raking PANS Pie PAN.-; ;R\TEUS
Kerosene OIl., Cans 2 and -4 Quaris
Coffee and. Tea POTS anud C NISTERS
Retailers' SCOOPS.
A N),
Reams Note PAPER Envelopes
Memorandum BOOKS SL ITES
L,-ad Pencils Unamniers 1latchets
.awvs Bread Knives Thormormet 6iU and 30 Feet I clothes LINFkS.
50 Superior New York HAMS.

1 CARRIAGE, to Seat 4,
1 Good

1 Bermuda Cow,
And a lot of other Goods that will aipem.r rt
the Sale..
Hamilton, March 2S, 1S82.

The Property of the late Governior,
(Most of which c.nii be had iniiie-diat, 1)0

AN Open BAROUCHE-English
A for. -seatted BROU (U II \l-English Iuitl,- o0(eing for hlo weather,
-3 The well known Charger
SPerfectly tr;iined for "'addle, and
S Mingle arid I)Doble Ilarness,
A Pair of Bay Carriage Horses,
'I he hand v % RI' HOT E Gunner."
A light .i-ring CA.RT,
\ Set. of ilver-rimttited double HAlINEtSS,
con;ti.lle, nearly new,
An old Set of ilver-nmounite l ARNESS,
A Single *-et of brass-uounttted 1A RN ESS,
A heavv ::'ei otf C.rt1 iIARN ESS,
2 Muich COWS, 1 SOW,
ever tlioroughhired Spanish FOW\LS,
Netw.fiiundland DOGS,
Gentl nouin's and Ladies' SADDLES and BRI-
1.)LE.' i *good order.
Apply to the. Steward and Coach-
man ut io.unit Ltiuton, after NI-:XT THiS t.-
DA Y, between the liours of 9 a. in.a ud 2 p.m.

Alter N rXT MOQNDAY there w~il 'also: be
ready fir Plivate -ale a quantity of GL-\S
and I'.lt IC'liE'iY anid a 1 fdew small article ol
FUl Ui' U '
March 28, 1.S2,

At Roy1 .G e eStti iy~pre.
A -t 5-*--*

Fronim the rifeiil laies and Europe.
The Mail Steamer Orinoco, Captain Fraser, ar.
rived !at the Grassy Bay Anchorage at, 6 o'clock
yesterday morning, aud came into port as soon asd
the tide answered. -
The O. went on the Slip in New York on Tues-
day the 21st, came oil on Thursday and left on Fri-
day at Noon.
We are indebted to Capt. Fraser, Purser Dupont,
and other friends for late New York papers of Fri-
day last.
The Imperial Parliament is to adjourn on 4th April,
to reassemble on the 13th.
The Czar sent a congratulatory message to the
Emperor William couched in very friendly lan-.
The Russian Jewish Commission had ordered all
Hebrews to quit the rural districts. The Czar re-
fuses to confirm' the order on account of the hard.'
ships it would entail.
Stringent restrictions will be inposed by Spain
on the privileges of the Governor General of Cuba.
.Lesueur, wvho foully apiaulted M. Perivier in'
Paris, has been sentenced with six months imprison-
Colonel Burmaby on 23rd instant, crossed the
English Channel in a balloon, starting from Dover.
In the House of Lords a bill making the belief in
God a requisite before any member of Parliament
can takehis seat was opposed by the Earl of Shaftes-
bury, who moved the previous question. The mo-
tion was agreed to.
An annuity of 10,000 for Prince Leopold and a
pension of 6.000 yearly for hi- widow in the event
of his death have been voted by the House of Com-
Moiod) ,d Sankey have been requested to spend
a year in London in evangelical work.

ATHLETIC SPORTS.-We have been requested
to inform the friends and patrons of the above named
School and the public generally, that the fifth annual
athletic meeting will tahe place at TUCKER'S FIELD
kindly placed at tLe disposal of the School by the
owner. T. J. Fowle Tucker Eaqr., M.C P.,) on
THURSDAY APRIL 1ITH, cominiencing at 11 A M
Besides the usual School competitions there will be
'I wo FLAT RACES for hopvs attending other Schools:
RACE of Ifo0 yards, forGentlenmen amateurs. Entries
for other than school races will be received by Mr.
Clay on the ground on the day if the sports. The,
School Steeple Chases will take place over the
usuni course in Mount Langton Marsh, on TUESDAYI
APRIL IJTH, the first race being Started at 3 P.M
Visifors and friends are crdially invited to attend on
both days.

('na voidably P 0 TPI O ED.


Apply early to
March 7th, liS2.-b ice .;p...


eps, Buachu, Mandrake and Dandelloes.. .
"The Oldest, Best, most Renowned,
'and Valuable Medicines in the World, .
'and in addition contains -l' h'e best "
'and most effective curativepropertidea. I T
'of all other bitters being te.gratest .
'Liver Regulator, BLOOD PUtF-, ",
'ERand liftand -helthrestohng age i ". ."
'on earth." '. f i 'I -* .*.-' i -
They Give -New Li..and Vigeor to Wth ,,'
Aged and-Iirm. ,
"To Clergymen, 'Lawyers,..Liteary .
'Men, Ladies, and all those whose sed- ..
entryy employment, case irregua- r ,- "
'ties of the Blood, Sfomacdh, Bowels, 6r "
%Kidneys, or who require an :Appetiie., .
*Tonic,, and mild Stitiulant, thes! Bi i.,- .. ,'
*ters are invaluable; bing lighl c ,' ",. .
'tive, tonic, and stimulating,- w iW out) '' rl
being intoxicating." i 7 -
"No matter what ybuir'felin~i or -
"symptems are, or.whtaitthedie ;pr-,. ,;.
"Ailment is, 'use Ho. te ',t .'-; .. : ,
'wait until you are Lic, Iut f u only '
'feel bad or miserable, useth l' .
'at -nce. It may sa.e.y' Ef- .- .'4,.
'dredshave bjen savedbylbodt i" 4 F41
'a tUillug coat.' -. -
Ask yoir Druggist or Pliysi)lan. ."
"Do not suffer 1,'ourself or let ypurr. -
'friends suffer, buf use and ug .
'toeuse Hop Bitters'-'- ,
Remember, Hoi "Bitters .'iio vi.l ..... .
'drugged drunken ndstrum tbut tlie '
purests and best Medictpe ever made;.',.
i s .- . .. .. t ., ,
.. G =;. .. ,..v .. :, i04 :; ''-



* a- -. .2
,. C

New York .'" a ret earner.


Will leave the Port o6f 1lamilton,
At 4-p m.,
3lth March, IS.2,
To leave New York for return on 6th April
Freight, Specie on Freight, and Parcels, will be
received until 6 p.m., Wednesday 29th March..
Bills of Lading will be -igned unn il 10 a.m.,
30th March.
I'assenger Stage will be removed at 3*30 p.
m., 30ih March. Passengers are requested to
have their Return Tickets endorsed by'the un-
Notice is given that Receipts must be written,
dated and pre;enied to the Purser lor signature
in order for signinig-llarrels Potatoes, Bloxes
Potaloes, Onions, Tomatoes, Beets, on separate
pieces of paper,-throughout the Season,
A giants.
Ilamilton, lermuda, 2'Ih March, 188'2,-1
Colonist copy once.


T ItK a ove well known Steamship is to leave
New York for B.'r',.uda

On the 30th Instant,
And to leave hence for return' on
the 6th April.
The Shipments from Bermuida having been
eommenced so much earlier thin usu' and
freightiig pnssibilitiis lienm, f.'vourable, the-a-
bove name.1 Steamer lhis beiin placed on the l!ne,
by the Quehre Sea-rslip C'oGpnwy who sojkiit
exorfion in her favour by the shi(pping.commn-
nity generally. ,
on D II f the., Qi,,,' .S',c'., ,.h/e Cog
Hamilton, Bermuda, 28th March, 1882.

Pembroke Grammar School


Mt. Langton Marsh, Tuesday, April
11Ith. at 3 p.m.

Tucker's Field, Thursday April.
13th, at. 11 tm. *l
Seey. and Treas.
tiamilton, March 2q, 1S2.-3

For Sale,
A. LL that certain DWELLING
ji I.AND thereto belonging, containing
A:J-r'. Two Acres or thereabouts, situate at
or near the Flailtts. Bo.ii.decd Northerly, by.
land of Aggeus Outerbridle; Easterly,. by the.,
parcel of land hereinafter described ; SviiVerily
and Ifsltarly, by l nd of Eliza Dalzell Wil-
liams, and by land of the heirs or devises of '
John Gibbons, deceased..
And, also, all that certain PARCEL or SLP
OF LAND situate at or near the Flatts,'mnea-.
suring in length from .Vorth to South Five'
Hundred and Sixty-one Feet, on the Eastern
side thereof, of which Two Hundred and Three-
Feet run a course South by East, Easterly, and,
the remaining Three ilandred and Fifty-eight
Feet run a course South, South East, and mea-
suring in width on the Northern boundary.
there f Ten Feet and seven In'ches, or there-
abouts; bounded 'tlslet ly by land of the heils
or deviiees of Augustus Penitton, deceased, by
the Parcel of Land above described, and by
land now or late of the heirs or devisees of
John Gibbons, deceased; Easterly, by limdof;
the heirs or devisees of ugustus Veniston, de-
ceased; .-S'.otrly, by the Public Road on the
Flatts Hill, and *,ortherhi by the Public Road
running through the Flatts Village. Nearly
,sll the Land is arable. Price low. Owner
anxious t.o sell.


Supplement to the Bermuda Royiat Gazette, Tuesday, 28thl Marht 2

SA.,w:itN. i,- A BERMUDIAN."
MI. ELIT.nm.--rOur c.'re[po(ndent over the signa-.
Ature A Rertn.ui ,l" has again come before the
"pullic, stiniug toi're a few mold shots at onir
licples St-ame5,'But of a rimch milder type, as it
in plainly to be seen that our people throughout
the county have come to a full determination to
-be tirited -i, a peolpl for ouce,'in this great' inder-
taking, and have oir.PeopliSteamer. Our writer
seems to. be I-bo inug uudet a fale idea, as he
think energy is required on our- part, to use the
greatfsoopA of cotfidence that we are receiving!
firom the people. lie says instead of indulging so'
freely in newspaper writing, why not come forward
at once and call a public meeting. Our most en
ergetic friends, the St..Georgiani, are alive to tleir
coutitry's interest, nud are calling at the pitch of
theit voices, ftor public meeliugs to be held at on:-e,
while our people have rt-eam up Our writer says
he knows our great failure, ouCe ouiir people stop,
it .takes considerable excitement to get them started.
again. VWe are watching that point, too, and after
.you read. my suggestion, our people will agree with
me. In the fi.,t place, you are aware that several
attempts have been made iu the colony to form a
steam-company among our people, but failed; even
when ouir pe.'lle's prospeeit where far better than
they now are. but in those times, we owned loti of
sailing vessels, that had to be used, and our people
did not appreciate steam as they should have d'ne,
and-while we were at variance over the matter,
stiangers, seeing the' golden opportunity, .ame in
.and accumulated fortunes. Ourpeople seeing this,
became aroused, knowing that this is likely to be
the last time of asking- to-get our Pol'ples Steiianer.
and as it will soon be time to call for auot.'r grant
for a subsidy for New York M4il Service, n:ud
should the stranger be awarded it fur another term
of years, our people may as well down tools and
#vethem the country, for we are ouly working
tor otbeis. And as the future prosperity of our
country greatly depends upon the gieat action that
our people are now about T) take, we must be cau-
fibu.s, lest we l6&e ground in public coufideuce. If
we were to call public mcetings through the couu-
rry at the present time, what would it amount to
It wold nilar get the people excited, aul do no
good, na we have nothing oft importan-e to show
thornm, and very few farmers could tell you how
many share they could take rat present, as they
have sold no crops. But as we should wish this to
be a general succe.?, we must look before we leap.
We have written to some of the largest and bast
ship builders in Europe, and one in AUerica, which
we have heard from, and on the lqth April, by thLt
& .S. Olinoco," we fully expect to hear from onr
agents in London all particulars, a,-companying
estimates with draft of the kind of ship that.wo re-
quire--from different builders. A public meeting
will'be called a few days after the receipt of the
requisite information : no time shall be lost. Tie
requisite notice will be found in that week's
G:elte, also handbills will be placed throughout
the country, so that everyone shall have a full op-
.portitil y ot knowing the day appointed for the Our object is to have a full meet-
ing4oAlbat we may have on that day a good start.
In the first place to propose and decide on suitable
rules; theu to get as many share-holders as possi-
ble ; and for then to elect the number of director,
required and other officers; certain Jhys would
al0o be fixed to hold meetings through the country
for the purpose. -of gettinL otherr share-hulders.
After raising the number of Mhares, to the amount of
one-half the value of the ship, the Board of lDi-
rectors would thhou borequired to wait on our tHon-
orable House of Assembly, for the purpose of get-
tin,7ra charter for the Peoples Steamer; theli to
ask for a five yeai,' gr:att of h very liberal sub-
,idy, I tliink w- can re.-kou on a lair aLount to
beF paid.. A, .'5;,010 a yoaLr was rated to if-rior
I..".tI, surely t.lit'vy ill n.t treat us aniy w..rV ,-, as
v.e have to gt vry expensive and a.ife boa.ts. anu.
wilh the riot mrodiiu iminprovemenut%, itf t:luired
I do not think o01l pei}pIl)' would ,.bje. t h) p j.: one
pm.r cent. moile on inportati..n-, for the advMLuta-ge
of having our own boat, as this mouey wutuld uiuly
lik-ly be I.haTgiunghands, but with I,?e i. f. S. 1 o ,
all goes out of the c'iuntry. Anoilher important
ahttet is, we, would ] not be allowed to draw any
premium until we get another boat built. As soomu
art we wereina neais for half the amount fur
another boat, 'm.e-sotd]d be ordered at onieC, of the
name size, and b6in' a.fiue, large boat, iho would
always commat I:.- freights for any parn; we
could always c.... :.'hen required, and would
bh making an opening for.our youug men giowiug
up. It i expected the some share-holders will
own boeth boats and no other share-hoJders be
aIHowed to corna in after the company is made up.
This should be strictly the rule if" so or4 people
had better not lose sight of this golden opportunity,
and J4Ve every dollar they can scrape, to invest for
themselves, their wives and children-every parent
ought to strive to take omei share at leatc for each
child, beside those for himself-in a few years it
would reach to a nice little income. No share-
hweldei- would receive any dividend until both boats
were paid for. Shares to be 10, oneu half the sumn
td be paid promptly on the day appointed. I hear
a great many have said they will sell thtir cattle,
irathe'r ,fhtan not become a hare-holder ; 'there is
nthiug like it. It is generally supposed thar iu
ldur weeks' time, our farmers, as well as merchant,
ad oltLers, will be in receipt of a little extra
money, as the end of April is supposed to be the
harvest time. While we hav a few days to spare,
you had better give mat.eia full coueideratiou and
talk to your friend- ou the subject. You should
piAk out your ver best men to be directors, and
Eaeh share-hold-r will ba allowed oun vote only in
the appiutmuient of a director.
Our .wri' r ailso' if'.rms'us that the Gulf. Ports
company in taking such a lively interest in the.
welfare oft our people, went 10to a great expense
in renting Pier 47, and fltxiungit i up with shedb, &e.
&o, foro'arr special'benefit, aud as we sewm f ter-
mined tio harbor own boat ~o shouTld do wei tu
appoint the G. P. Co. for our Agmn; (hen tlh-y
might be hiddeed tb reQt us the P1?'for.ft,80 per
year; that" vioild be very obligiug on their part.
I hardly kaow-.what they can tako us to be; ,urely
they must think we are void of coinmuor. ,se., Iu
the first-prfe&'Pier 47'ii'a'lo'ig way 'iir tr6tWf t...o
far to land-otqr.rodrice,anud take in our American
goods; it Costs evey shiper ards more ,a*tage,
vied ,*6ta* ;,the ,only, benttit. .is in takiugdu' goods
from Englan'ralk.theseSteanmets'lland close' by; but
that is a ambll i'ttem compared Witfh oud' rhoduce.
Our agents, who iver they praeliaiblWe.44ay h,',ough t
to be seletegllgt.earlyas possible, and .theybould
strive and get a landing s near as possible to

Washington. -Matket wheme most oouir business
is centered. .
We all I~6bWthat th*e G." P. Co. makes a large
profit off of-htir k'ier, as.they have boats of other
lines rutnielrAt -thtge'i they al.)o -have a 'great
mauy othee -Bb t *'toning there. On rh'o tikle I
thiuk they mhlioa large profit, on thts.speculaltion-
that loOks tqoB stijff-formour. Poiqpl.. With-regard
to makiug *ta w...Ageatlsas..agested; that
looks too s.,tvfor ua PbThl&ti-i,,ds -o n6.r pro-
duce buLiir i. 5:i'. a":Mer'riail, d.epi you a
price for okeits, uid u you refuse tunlJt himu
have them tUetLWlt 6a x you t., let him A;' them
for you, and if you 3ield to his offers ;'u n.,t liu-
vaniibly retedir, nA "A0ze, bti. gnu, 1.h- offered 1tib. This'W..latiIl qiel be outr ..i-
with the steamer,; for fiter't~kihg the tirwa.I fr.:,i
them to i n e them our Astu- l is ratlhr b -y,.ud
calculation. With regard to tur pie-et St-eaitier s
Agents in Bernicada, our Peo.- r nn.:.t : peak t,,,u'
highly of thiinf'AA trhde uV'd t eL.t iLiL;.eans u of
bringing this trade up to what it now is; using

strict punctuality, and more regularity here tlha
even in 'ew'York. I trust that we will be favored
with them f'nrour Agents; -they mu'at be waited oni
and asked if they would become Agents for our
People's Steamer, if elected.
I tol. ond of the firm the other day that I hope to
See our P,-ople's flag flying on their staff before
f another year rolled rouud. I never inteuded ma-
king the piece so lenwthv. wearyiug out your lead-
erv, but that is oneu of my weak points, when I get
writing, most especially ou this topic, I li-.irdly
know wheu to stop. I t u-'t you v, ii xcu -T .me,
knowing this is all for our own country's intIreit.
Truiting (A Bermudian) will bo fully sati-~ied :,n
the il.ive point, I would be glal to hear from him'
on any new su'ga stions that might arise to him ori
to any other Bermudian relative to the People's:

S1t the Crawtl Dry Good Store,
from London via Aew York,

uitfible for the coming Seasou. Coisistiug in
part of:
L ADIE'.-; Drp.s lA I'EllI \L,
FEAT'i'IIIs RI III)S 1 &ic &c., &e.
Men's Furnishing Goods.

Boots and Sihoes, Crockery,
Gla$. dre', Toys, l liols, o& ., io., &,I .

27li M.rceh, 1S42.-3 )lime


YORK a choice assortment of

:; W I

Please call and examine.

Hamilton, March 27, 1 .SS2.-3' Q.acc.: et.


Kerosene and Astral Oil,
j- or Nale
Hamilton, Miarch *.S, s18.i .-2

For- Sale,
By order of'th 1.: Mort igage.
A Ll, thii certain L) I E LL L YG
S HOl.'E "i(i LOT (iF L. ND
J *: t'r Id i 1 l 'i Io li t -.-
i i i ,,',i I- ,' /. i .i,,- i'. ni 1i,
Wii i) L f sihl !.d ,t ofl I- i.i c..clii i

-t'.i l ( h! i I I i,' ,A; ; o '. .r ', Itr'
I. ,l l ,t I l.. r 1 l 1 ll l i, l';t .I >.. I ; [
. ,'V' hl i,3 i.L'i .. i.l Vi',;.l ; ,o thlI a i d
k,,s..rq I, I..,ds f r ii *, 1 ,, j:.Iw i ie'nil-'1! ,,
,S.,'1 li\ inda,. i 9' i 'il, 1 i tL.:li 1.,r,1 ,
If iiie ali.l e I'remii r, n,, ..h .Jiiiii:; ihe u ?k, ic -y t ill iej oti'-ld t'-.r s:ale at
i ulbice AUlM ''hii.
Apply to
j7Th March, say2.-onee

*:- The COT I GEI next the
i'y-i. iResidence of 'Charles Thiel, Esqr.. in
$liis Town,.
iiinLdiate p.,esi'-,n give,
Apply to
OIamilton, 27th March, 1882.--2 3p

Ui a
rj 1 LrEb ti fur iienrly a oentiir-y past, is of the I
y', b'. t E.gaL .h Liuu jl ctJtil. For its
j5 a1k'i &.& I -.41--t ix l .rr.e I bida btamned
N' i 4j-" PI-,' Ii -,'Ini. i'.IL.Irr Lundun,
S\ I I A I h Ia .. Ir ia .
SOnly Gold TreiaI1, Paris, 1878,
'Two Silver &,.ias and "First
)r, ':.-e. of.e'rit," Mdelbourne, 1881.
,.' r *n FRt'", ft ii.-'iA!4 IF, YLAt-GYLANO,
-:: .'in'TS e ?:Pi'aiAi, J2CK f OLUB, E[SS.
', PNl;Uil ;, ; V2 A, 1iOllt, JASllN, WOOo
i r I'' I'I. 060D HEGAL BU511QUET,
S I-.u ..itbu lrodour ,, 1 ti fle quality 6nly.
L *,,;i"ii',S FLORIDA WATER,
I i. :ust PI'damn:- diatUled from the
S ch,)ieest Egotica.-
S a .. y ri i.--h ':., "'' ih which stimulates the
rik, 'l a h.. il thr y -!i...n1 ant promotes the
gth...t. ( fr the h air.
a powetfut Pcdfinft, diaHlle4, from the.flnet l
ga.rnew and iliI.popyeiala rTolet -acoompabi-
meO t, and moisr rrrebhing Perfume lor the t
Handlit chlef.. .
and other Specialitis snd general artic le
of Perlfiamery may be c-bitained of all dealers
throughout the World-, and of the
24 Old 01Bond Street, London, W.
Price List free on application. '-
NOTICOE .-Purnltaersare fiufloned to avofd -
court.XteiLS by observing that each article is
Ibelled mth ihe firm's Traae Magk, a Wkite
.a.,e" ona ".(iESleBn'Lyrre -17

To Importers Iron


A J. 14 years,
Will lie -eslpafch'l- firo N
fuor tils Port., on1

XWeduesday, 12th
Support respectfully solicit
Orders for Good -may m be sent *.)
t irinoo" 'o r.i 30)h

i New Notice to Mariners

Hip -J =7J;: : -
2-..447 1
f v t4th- .Mareh,-.18 S
e rA TERS of .Vessels, Pilot., Mariners,
Boatimen and others concerned, are
few York hereby informe-d that .rsunut -to art Act of
i Parliatu-_nt passe'1'in 1..i7S au e pntiftll Nb. 5,
an Act to outboriise the War Diepartine~ft to
A Carry on Warlike Experiments on the Coasts
l'l-. otof th,-se Islanls, the Ciminianding R. E. and
d. the and niuttic'iit." hITs'd% rde-,iw'it
e e. occupy from .
.er Sleamer
The Ist JT/)Hl, 2 "il t1&3 l"
I rT i x r .* ^ i



AgeulA in New York. Agent.
411 Iro:dway.
Humilton, Bermuda, 27th March, 18932.
Hli'.r .M ll A li;t"
aOM~ El'1' ISI, NDSS
By iH; oihnor Colonel E. C. GOR-
DON, fH. E., Addntitasrator
f the G.,vernpntrl of/' tes. Is-
lands, '-.Y., *c., S-c.
1V IIEit-:..\.- DANIEI. ASTWFOOD has
rayedd for ,\diiinii.Aration o'i: tlie Estate
of EI)DW 'tRi FKIL!) A,'T.'OtMID, late of
Waiwicri Parisl in these Islands, Master Mari-
ner, decea.-td.
This is thlerefior t give iiotic,, lai ift aiiy
PvrsonI or Persnis ceati shew any just Cause t bhy
the aiid \dmin;straliion shliuld nt, b,1 granted
unii;o the sid D \i ['L AS I'W'OOD, lie, she,
or ihey, are to file his, her, or their Caveat in
wriiin-', in the Secrerar y's Oice of thee Is
lands within Fifteen days from tho publication
Iereol, otlierwise the said A\dminiistraiion will
Ue grated accordingly.
Acting Colonial Secretary.
, ;e.,l it hie Soeretary's (tffirc,
hi- 27th day of M aich, I :,

For Rent.
t' The Dwtllin aud Stores,
SI Threo Doors V11est of (jzqtte" Of-
fice. Premise- can Ie inspecte.I on
'atl erioni of \ K')N ES1).\Y and T UI USDAY
''enits :i :de on -application 10
Mar.ih 2?th, IPS..-Ifr

Yellow rver and all Malarial 'Diseases,
General Debility and Prostration
ital, $500,000) have purchased the secret formula
and all rights to manufature and ElU Dr. D'Unger's
the acknowledged preventive ami only cure for
l.llow Fever, also all Malarial Fevers. Debilliy,
and General VOalraiion of theo Muscular and
Nt-rvous Systems. This wonderfid preparation is
not a nostrumI nor ye a patent medicine, b1tl a
St'IENTIFIC R EMI'D, rully endorsed and now
used by the leading physicians in the TUnied
Slates orA.neriea, as well asil England, Ireland,
?rolland, Australia.e. T&. e Chicago Cinchona
Company mjanufaetureg and t-Ils it for the sole
purpose of extending ii u efrhlIe.' throughout
lie habituble globe, and wno for the purp-ae or
making tuoney out rofi. 2's Eeery bottle war-
routed todo its work. Full directions accompany
it. Good for ian Woman aIDd Child-frree from ail
dater. IL is mnauutaciured in tll It strength and
ipuity,under theimmediatesupervsion of the world-
kuoown scentist. Dr. D'Unger, 1. diwcoverer,wbo
is engagRd by the Company. Price. $15 per bottle.
If yoir druggistl does uot have A ou hand, send the
money ciret, to 1
SI Clark Street, Chicago. Ills., U. S. A.
P. S.-rThil is he aI..c w-,rJr itd I rdl 1 jcdl,' Ihat l rr, )rkn~b .-r,,d
,r Ah:holiim, and whbh ha. o .Lur l eI d i.bihtlstia
aiCS of .Mauu.nad snrope.
Great progress ,has been an le within :a ILLW.
yeairs iti nianllutii'h ritg "'Io6,1 -protltlctV,-anfilie
standard it t liyit hai-olen raii-eIl -o a" point im
beyorna thi A hicdniorna.rly obtainn. We'.laiia.
that thii has, to a considerable exteur, b':een due
to our elort.s ; a thie Largest-.1tar.ulacturers and
Dealers in he .world in this line, we eqns-iler'it
our interest to manaiufacture only PllEdDnl wqoiht-
soME goods, and pack them in a tliy and attrac-
tive manner. All goods bearing orW naname are
guaranteed to'be ot suiperiur qitrlity, and dealers
ar, authorized to retundl ih purchasee prico in
anvY cae where eustorners have 'cause for dissa-
tisiaction. It is, therefore, to the interest of both
d(Ialeis and co'surnersa to use THURBER'S
If. K. & F. B. THURBlR & CO.,
Iiiportert, Manulfaetrors and Dealers. in all
varietS oft Food ProdIuct,
P.S.-Our goodq.are for sale by most Orocers
and11 l will get them il rejitestcil to do so.-6m.

The writer s pace on te Somerset side .j. the
nl-ps Channel, betveei EofiL FoitMMMua- iifr
Hill, for the purpose of praettiing the'iein Tor-
pedo i:'xp.l)rents, and Vessels. Mand. Boats
coming within this water space will b-Iliibfie
to ('comie into collision with sbiunkenh obstruie-
ti-ns. 'I he water .-pace thus ocutipieR l will be
marke-l by '-" ed Buoys" at either extremity,
anl all parties are warned against.entering
upon the reseTrveil -;ipae.
Li.-CLo. R. E.E
for C. .BE.
Prospect, 24th March, 1882.
"Colonist" .!,leao .e)py once.

ror ten, .

North ot' Victoria Park.
Possession given 1-5th Aptil next.
Apyly to
S-12 Front Street,.
Hamilton, 27th March, 18&2.--2 3)p.

*i'Prtlecliosi against F i.
Can be obtained from the
of London, '
')ne of tho longest Established and
Offices in Gieat Britain.
Through the HRIANCH OFFICE i, the-.
[slands, a -'Saving is effected to the li ured
rf the Stamp Duly, a very considerable item.'
i ISKS taken boili on ; EAL a;,d Pa ptsg4L
PROIP.RTY fir 3, 6 or 1-. nmoLjh!.
No FEES and no CHA iLG.B Ior ':,iici. .
N. A. .BU TTE F1 'LD
.-t./^nt -
nHa-ilton;, Septewtl er 9th, 1-3';.
-'- -
1- 'if .. i..-.
S- "

.; .. u ,r ,-m .a m i l s .

$Noma Pa- a2 o 'an le 29, '.b e w

anyE. C3. t tyg

cf th e the, Bhu .ha r b -Sd nl ~to ,

q pttinthe any 4n.t ',
aiiy ED-ha e of iu, tabiity. s

warc and Hudson Canal Co., in the suppleoerptary

SSurpu.. .. .

P.. 0. Anaa, alge.4J$ yea -. .- P ) f

MARRIED, at roo N. t
i;*t.,. at th residonce.of' theB--ac z their, Tuap.
J.; ,Ou "Rnr _,go ts44-.6f..pi a,,
Miss F. J. SOPER.

N, ,. pI
FCa -1es M. I T I 0 .C pp ...op'-r, I

too, Josep-h- rey doniesGoe me'doM re- S Mar-
ti\, 'e Kuira Nde-tana from a moit ollable so, .Schr
tAe speciall ofiil iuqtiryat Quebec iutg the causes

E'melis of thet lva, CBhama" has reitaIlted nS ab
qiJoutthinn the Ob'r, Jt ay.egleci;, and.the Sh'f] T

Switb,re andJ W mion Canal Co, L R smith, Richuppar
Peter i lat, iu the secotd last-lTT e, .aitr the
UNCAIMED Lt Sa ViTERS IN "28jd- irars:, .tC-

..I E iP. -EORG M c I .
GMroEDno, Jubf I harloo W oe, B -.trk },g.
J.Wm OJAR TaR'bot, Joseph W Vaillts a, ,

'Wr Jas TaLbot, Joseph W Vallis.

fl~ 1b~rii

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