Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00066
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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Wo. 3l2.-Vol. LV. .STATE SUPER AS ANTIXQWAS. aper An

fans illo Berssmuda, Teday, 9 March 2 1, 88. .

From the W Iw orik Hlerald, February' 4. them in the breast o(t y cn t, and two of the three a
SSiX DAYS 'ON A URAFT. were washed out. The third one I ate on the first 1 T he S L pel 1 Dl
day. but it was very small and did not do much to "
A Seaman Foundi on a Piece of the TWreek of thi satisfy my appetite. It was all I had to eat. for six -as received f'rol Antigl-a per S.
-Bahama. days. The ,ea grew calmer and I kept a clase Ionk- inoo" viN York,
out tor a sail, but saw no more that dar. At uight inoo" via New ior
Another life has come brick from tilh wrecked Bn .I put the two doors together for a bed and pulled 3( Bis. Mtiscovadol [SUGA R New
haua,-and a supplement-.ofthe ,most ih"illing nature my oilenat over my face and slept. I was so tir,?,l { Bi- K \ 0 rT k.'E Crop.
has been added to the tale of that terrible disaiter. that I could not help sleepit. I was glad to se lS. Bright 4 .
which appeared in tlie HERALD mrary. That account was happily incorrect in one I should surely fill in with sonie vessel. I saw onihly vtE A. SM ITTl.
paticular-the name of Napoleon Methiurin, a sea- one that diy, a bark, aii so far off that th fe,:iod .
nau, must be marked ofl' the list. of the lost. Of the not possibly see me. I slept as before, and thri-ugh Hamillon, March 14, 1882.
thirty-tliree souls o .board it may be remembered all of Mon-day's watch I saw no sail at all. I felt ------- -------------
only hirteeu.-iereLicked up in a boat by the Brit' i',elf growing xweak and my limbs getting stiff. INotice oti
FhipGlenmora,. twelve hours alter the wreck. N, My huutirer and thirst were terrible. I think they 1 tie oN: ut S'i ce.
one of the fortiuncte thirteen, nor ot the Queheb were harder to bear the third day than any other.
Steamship Compa'ny, to whom the vessel belonged Tuesday and Wednesday went by 'so slowly that I rs i
nor of fhe manty sympathetic readers of the tale seemed to live a venr in each ,f then On each -Fre St"f w!)errp esp
dared hope for any additional preservation of life day I aw one sail,'blut like that ol Sunday they were
The steamship went down early on the morning of too far away to give me eveu hope." Bermuda, grown. On-:. d a's notice to be given.
Saturday, the. Ith inst., in latitude 3'2 dog. and lon THE LAST DAY. For -Sale by
gitide 72 deg. 50 min. One week ao this morning When Thursday ene I -e almost used up. I CH AS. ( CON YE [.S, I
the brig Pearl, of New Haven. iu ln1titu.e. 3-2 (1-- ..- C Nid t.a mvsat th ship must fnd nie u I bit rew so YERS,
25 min. and'longitude 73 deg. ]i2min. about twenty- stiff that I teared I dut lt6die. Itoo f e No 9 West Front street.
fise mileti.prom the S-ene of the wreck, picked ;itp "
fe mles from the e of th w picked u en y ioiut ad look r asil, and f.ll asep itonFebruary th, 2.-
tie seaman Methurin, who had been flatinlg oil eral times while I wa slauding. A strr of nub- .
piece of the Bahama's-forecastle f,,r-six The ne-s was comiia'sover me.n m-
Pearl, commaidd by CapinBrigtmanWar was cot ve e.nd I moved ar,:,d a For ]' e,
Pearl, 'commaiadd by Captain Brightinan, wasfrom little too drive it off. The deck was about filteent f--et T'
Trinidad. with cargo ofrsut,,ar consigned to hg, ,bout ten leet wide t -ne end and six feet I TALFt'1ohess of oAwliTL -best ii the;
D. Trowbridge & Co. She weas d,,ked at the -i,le at" the other, 6o tialat I could uat- nmo'e around (''matty
Pierrepont stores, Brooklyn. yestry afternoon. much. Toward night I s another barque head- Good FLOUR
wlerb a reporter found iiethurin-aon ar d and ing in my direction. I picked up some couraei, DoI Do. MiA L .
listened to a desca-iptioniofhisi miraculous ,ecape but the vessel o )afed me three or i four ildle Ba.:s BR AN Drums l,;-4 "
from the sea. He is tot ly built man ofabout ay nd I was left oae other ight ol therat S
thirty-five years, and save f.,r a certain lislessess A ani ws loref a t o fe otahe and okn t gh at H A T I O 0 D E IS
of manner which now and then intrude itself nuon A rain storm came on fortunately,tand I ca ugh CON
Se some water in uy coat anal drank it. It war nat B A uON &e,
hs ou i he ad oa. h e o much, but it relieved me for the while The vater .N E Y,
through which he'bad- passed. He said he was of had been Tough ever sioce the first-day. As I laid 1 "C N R 17
mixed French and English parentage, and thao he down the thought caMe over me ll haf I should be 3 Dodrso Weut of" o Royal Gazello" Office-
joithe ld,.he Bah ea at Qo ebec three month ago. washed off the ralt during th-, night or that I should lami lto March 14, 18 2.
The s callorsof the Pearl also stood around to hear die from wea'knes Strange' faibrie cain ue i t my 0
his story; whbh they had doubtless heard any times head.Ithoight I heardd ther ice .of tha e crew un- .
abefot -but which possessed avstrongfaseiuatiou tor derneaththe rafit an.idsomelime the etypoke to e. 52 A iF A R Nl A '
fhem still. It'ran a. follows :- "Was there soe f the i forecastle underneath i *.
I LEFT ON BOARD. this piece of decking?" the reporter asked.
"Ofcourse I need not tellyou aFnything about the "No, no," said iethuriun, it was all up here," fi I risPIJ-fS A*1
storm That ledito the wreck, for I have seen a copy tapping his forehead with one hand and looking' at H AT TL T Ur H O i
of the HERAID this morning with a full account af his interlocutor as though he were miles away trom I. )
it.. I -waT very glad to leave r that the mates boat himu. Then he turned this vacant stare .upon the E.R i 1U ,.
was found. I had thought that possible, I was the Water and continued:-a" I heard the mate, as plain. F Ri l A. S
onlytone save. When it became necessary to leave .ly a6 yot. can hear me, call to me tfroml under the dit for
the ship I helped the skipper to launch the first boar raft, ,Star up there until six o'clock and then c,-m.-- .n '- ,
and theyacalldto me:to get. into it; but I did nltor down,' and I answered, Ay,. ay, sir.' I supp,...e I .ti f O)'i JW C/ (
the boat was too tull..alrendy. Then we launched fell asleep. afterward, for I know that it was loa I SAR\TO(A SPRINGS.
another boat that the mate. Robert;Ross,.aud twelve past daylight whe I wA,,ke onu the next dy, that iao ,
others got into. I was standing on the rail of the Fridaty. I wa keeping a lookout as well as.3 I c 1.1 Pi, ts per doz--a, or C -s s (-i4 d-ical eah.)
steamer.and.-th ,nate-teld--mentojamp'. he boat.; The sails of hio p cane in sight anig thiA time tlhey I 'ma i F'ehrnlr- -4 i',.'.
but there were two others oni the deck unth me and eame nearer and nearer until I knew that I was
I kuew it. I jumped that they would to') and we saved."
should swamp the boat. The two ot hers were the CRAZY WITH THIRST. O1r lt
second cook, whom we called Felix, and the porter, Here Mlethbuiriu stopped and one of the sailors of
named Bikner. Thile boat went off leaving us three the Pearl took iup the ltale. It was hall-past nine I
on board, and I only caught sight of it twice after- o'clock," he said. The captain sent a boat to him J '' _
ward. There was a heavy sea, which threatened at and we got him on board as fast as %%e could, fr hel
any moment to sweep us overboa-d.Aand the stern of looked so weak that % thought he wauld die.H 9 OC R RIAG ES
the steamer was commeneing to sink. The Bahama never aost Pconsaesr;asuA E tSanrh -l H ,neI.t omni. I

lay on her beam ends, with the water reaching al-
most to her hatches. The first boat, launched with
sixteen men in it, had capsized and two sailors man-
aged to swiu 1-1,: tn. the steamer. These were two
Swedes, one known to mp only as Charley and the
other as Charley Smith, They were so exhausted
that when we pulled them on board they fell to'the
deck. As I lifted Charley Smith from the water he
said in a whisper almost, God bless you.' We
could do nothing for them after that. I asked my
companions what we should do, but they didn't an-
swer me, and then I proposed that we should try to
get something loose to make a float. We tried to
wrench off some doors, but there was no time, and
then I attempted to loosen a ladder that was fast to
the stanchionsa. I got one end loose, but before I
could loosen the other I saw the water coming and
called to the two Swedes to get up. One of them
did so, and then in an instant everything seemed to
go from under me. It may have been ten minutes
alter the last boat started off before the ship sank."
Methurin stopped in a dazed wny when he reached
this part of the story, and the reporter recalled him i
by asking what next happened "It seemed like
weeks that I was under water," he said and as I
came to the surface I heard a noise like the sound ol
ever so many cannons, and saw a piece of timber
that looked like a mast way up in the air. After
the rumbling bad stopped this timber came down
with a huge splash. I thiuk that the hailer must
have exploded. The sea was covered with floating
pieces of the ship, and T clutched the first that came
lu my way-a narrow plank that I could not stand
on. I left it to swim to the gaug plank, and the
orter, Bikner, the only one of my companions that
saw after the wreck, was making for it too. He
got there before I did and cried wheu I tried to get
on the plank, "Are you going to drown me ?" I
answered, I have nothing else to stand on and we
-shall all be drowned anyhow." Then I got on the
p lank, and in a moment a big wave struck us aind
ikner was washed off. I clung to the plank for
about twenty minutes, when I saw a piece of the
forecastle deck and thought if I could get on that I
should be safe for a time. I had my oil clothes on
and heavy boots and-could hardly way to
the forecastle. When I reached it I had to lie flat
down upon it and rest for a,few minutes. I then
heard the voice of the porter, but. could not make
out what he said. Where are you?" I called, but
'be'did not reply. "Are yon alive?" I called again,
and got the answer faintly, Yes." I neither'saw
him nor heard his voice. after that. Two doors were
floating near me and I managed to get them up on,
the piece of decking, and I held on to them though
the waves several times nearly swept the doors offa
and me with them. I set the doors up on edge to 4
act as a kind of sail to carry me away from the
other pieces of the wreck that I was afraid of col-
liding with."'
I had -not been on the.forecastle more than a
quarter of ain hour," he went on, when I saw a
bark and mny heart grew strong, for I thought I
should saved.- She was nqt more than two
miles off and I could see a man on the yards and a
man at the wheel. I held myjumper up to attract
attention, but they never saw it, and the bark passed
slowly by me, and out of aight I did not give up
even then ; in fact, there was no time while on the
forecastle that I did, not believe I should be saved."
""Had you nothing toqat whatever?"
"I had picked up three biscuits while in the wa-
ter that were tied together with a thread. I stuck

u E- -.. ----.-. u.L IgaUt
of a bucket of water oil deck and went for it
we could stop him. He put his face right in the
water, but the cook took the bucket away and got
some hot coffee instead. He drank four bowls of it
as I never saw a man drink before. He must hive i
taken as much as two quarts. After that he grew
stronger hour by hoar, and now you see he doesn't
look Ilike a starving man, does he ?"
The listening crew answered in the negative, and
expressed their wonder at Methurin's endurance.
"Have you any idea that the porter or the others
may have been picked up ?" asked the reporter.
The hero of so much misfortune replied, I d0,n't
think it is possible. I believe that the two Swedes

Built I.,- J. ,1. l)e'.Vol'e, .- il'fx, N.S., On
New, neini-.'- .e.,i.l H .i
Price Molod-ratt-. Terais '
AvLent for J. NM De\Vo'ef-.
St. Godrges, Fehbruiry 21, 1 '2.


0' 1", 2. AU I



Notice. Estate of S.m ue. A. Har-
-- vey,Ei' deceased .-
S. t ...*- -- ." ", .? =-. ...e ..a ? ;+ ,
About 7,000 feet of -TRE.UNNDERSIGNEDEXT UTORS of the
A u 1,0ill of the late St.UEL A. HARVEY, Esq.,
rr| | \ hereby, in purs.uanceof- tI.he Trastee Ai6t, 13876,
Iaq i 'give notice that all Persons thaving"-'LATIM
Saainst the above estate are required'to render
Wanted at Ireland Island. their AIlcounts .nd. ,
0-a orbefore Saturday theS1bth
TENDERS will be received by the Under- IOt O before Sat-r.y ,the. h
S signed until april ea' '
and that the Exiccutcrs will ihen proceed to
Saturday, the 25th inst. tle u ill h
Otlu tJ-, th 5 i 1.. s,ttle the Estate,. having regard to' such
From parties willing to supply the same. claims only as they shall then have notice of,
Thb Stone must be of the best quality. anl that twhihey will not afterwardhen hbeablefor
The Undersignied does not bind himself to ti h t sha ot the e
accept the lowest or any Teuder. All Persons INDEBTE the Estate are re-
Further particulars may be obtained by ap- All Persons INDEBTED to the Estate are re-
plyling to ted to sttle theirrespective accointsiby
EO G ^ J E T/\Tthe above date.
GEO1hG E IR. JONES, Accounts are to be rendered tb, kn4iettled
East Pagets, with the Unde reigned, G. OpiKbcA*ld'[Ag Yr.
March 14, 1882. EdNIT ,
--. C. ,HARVEY; -
OiVotC P WM. S. BARR.-
St C. Paget, 6th Mareh, 1882.

The Undersigned has just received
Per S. S. "Orinoco,"
(C'.mnnp, I -1 .'Ts A Ppr. I

...i.............. .... ... oji,-'u F/ sc u some
BISCUIT &c, &. On or before 31t da of
JOHN BA.RRITT. *,eun o
Ham.ilton, February 27, I s2. -and -all Personte IN D -TI to thi sAi-Estite
40n to JOHTN-f. McNEILL & T CO. are r eque'ted to make'payment by-tad'il-.t '
f 0 to JOHN M. McNEILL & CO., f E S TE L A (Si .
Sif you want a Good Fitting suit of' ESTELLE L. N.S
JCLOTrIE .-(53 and 66 Fromit lreei. p Ad Ati-froat B.
__ Sou'hampton, Peby. 27th1i1882. -..l.

Notice.:, .
ALL Persons having-'CLAIMS a-
ainit the E tate-f the late .CLtp-ToT
HAING' NASH are requested to e4 then44 Ac-


A LL PERSONS- having 6-aim
g !ai' the Estate of .the-ate-RED-
ERICK PAINTIN are requested tobirnd-r
their Accounts-to- the Undersigned "
On or before 15lh .pril ensuing,
and'all Persons INDEBTED to the above Es-.
tatc are requested to make Payment by sani

T)IIN M. ilcNEILL & CO., have '. g ge
the ,ervic's of a First Class CutLer ana
ltiLei.-.65 and 66 Front .Street.
TO )i M. 'Ic''llN .i. Yc C ., invite thli P'u!.
[lit: to C l0' 11 n .x mine their lir'.a i
lrune'lft Cut ft 1 ,4 u;ti:i.vs an u. P ani Iit
:5 it J i;I : 4 ,l'f : i i <-lf .
Hauilton, Nuvr. v I, 1631.-tf .


Apply at this Office.
.r Must be well recommended.
f .'fV'. LLR ', Si:vered-or Gilt, Old l'i ite-
W' :re ;icio'-atei by li. A GRA NTrIAM
S,ainJd 47 r'r'.-at :-'trcet.
I''etru.,ry 2 ', 8 "2.-- 3

W i nted.

Good Character indispensable.
z 0' IXiTT T I" D 1 11 --I Q

and tlie secondeook were drowned at once, aud that Apply to V K'U ,LvWAtL, DelUevaue, Spa- SOAP STARCH
the porter was swept into the water after hailg .jP .ovvrlIl U On.! nish Poiut. BISCUITS ofaill kinds
m e." I'h-C R
SAlethurin then started fir the office of the Quebec EG to offer their sincere thank-s to the In- MIach 15th, 1582. ItAIS[ S CURRANTS
Steamship Conmpany, in MorriA street, this city. His habitants of Berinuila and others, for their Cauned MEATS, &e., &'.
evidence will b,, important at the investigation into liberal Patronage during the past part of thei., OL ale, JQHFfA BARRiTT.
the loss of the Bahama. which begins to-day at the PhotographIc practice, ant having recently I Iamilt,:,n, Jay. 31st, 1882.
office of the British Cousul. made addition to their stock of Powerful Bay heil..oO R w f uB.
In tho North American Magazine for March, by the fist Optiias ndon. DALL- 4
Senator Edwards expresses widih ad-irable clear- [EYOR and RO.S,) are prepared to of,. to A Conortale COTT I
ness and god sne the views hi,.h ot i- the Public a better class of work tn Apply to LTEUT. HSSEY, A.D.C., Mount A Com rtale C TT
regard'"'hithttobeen lo ne i1 witha Lnt.w 61 Acres -of Land, near .Mo0tn
caus hold regarding the conduct of 'uiteau's trial. bitheito ben lone inBriiudasIorIa Langron. Jnn .iPof Lans, nenu Month
Finue and imprisonment being the only punishment ch tie and St udlgive to theLChei- a 13, 2ngon Possessiongiven on the
tor contemptof court, what, he asks, w uuld become iuch1 tiue April study i given toi theChemi. tarch 13, 1..82.
of a trial, it thi prisoner in a capital case sere .enu cal effects, pose, and lighting of our port aits, r.r 1s t of April next.
tended to imprisonment for contempt ? Postpone- consequently producing finl artistic effcts.- \Twee6(ds8 eeds or particulars apply to
ment would be inevitable, and would not motjt pri- Ships, Buildings, Yachts, Outlouor Groups,' i RRIS A. M. FRIT'.
souers npply themselves with per-istent diligenee &c., &c. Tweeds Mar4 A. t m .As.
to misconduct ita order to delay the greater con- .-v --- Hamilton, March 4, 1882.-.3 time's
deimnation i "On one side," he says, "are the great T he Undersigned has -j received
and fundamental securities of life and liberty for Photographs, Cartes de Yisite, Cabinet and e Undersigne s jus receive
all men and all classes. On the otLer, are the' con larger sizes taken at shortest notice ; also en- a d'rv hoi'e .co o' Robt. G Lee & ou.
venience and importance ofdecency, order and dig- large to life size in INDIA INK. OIL C'O- W1O 4W [$t 1 -.oi 1 cae., ..,
uity in the administration of justice. In such cases LORS, CRAYON, and WATER COLORS. I Con .
as we have in view, one or the otherof these mut First Artists in New York City employed for ['rot, London, via New York ; especially k'e- And 1NSURANCE BROKERS,
give way Which, on the whole, should it bt, F It the above enlarged work. lecied for this Climate.18L dp.t. ,
seems to us that the path-of safety lies in holding Clubs of five or more taken at reduced prices. J AdodTrl Lri.Ye1%d, '.l
fa..t to the first." Re admits that "possibly a corn- P..-Please notice that J. F. DJAMESa IdAYt O'N .N .
,nitment to solitary confinement during a recess, as holds a FIRST CLASS PRIZE MEDAR L forTA AT l. e,...
punishment if sane, and as discipline if not sane, holds a FIRST CLASS PRIZE MEDAL for anonailor-)ec. 20, Draper, Reid Street n' Oent DO i I6 ..i t
might be lawful," but the morehe reflected upon the Photographs, Industrial Exhibition of 1762 and .umi'ton, eec. 20, 18 1. Personal attention en to'oibret tiiof
subject the lem disposed would he be to condemn the twenty years practice, together with the ex- -- Berinuda 'PRODU and -the fil f Br
failureoromiissionsof the Judge tocause theprison- perience of his Son, who has just returned I N.B.-An APPRENTICE, )mudian orderillg
er "to be either chained, whipped, gagged, or re- from Aumerica, and who has operated in some to the Tailoring Businesa, Wanted. Apri0w 881. '
moved from the presence of the jury and witness- of the First Galleries there, enables them to pro-
es. But on another point Senator Edmunds is duce FIRST CLASS PHO I'OGRAPH ; wue Potatoes Potatoes tbr f t .'
more positive and offers a criticism w5ich will beg further to state that our prices are kept at
strike many persons as sound and well deserved. reasonable rates ; there may be work done for ..
He says: 1 S T bl.
,He says: ul i h. cop e leso, but we ask that quality be given the pre- Superior Table .O S E,- .'
"That it was fully within the competence of the fereuoe. "%Xri A r t 1 T A ner.W-L CedNI r &Iv-.os1 l. A
Court in this late case, as it is in all other cases, to 61troneSteetHait 12 O T A T O E Se,,o
oo absoteedeorum ith dueo th er- 61 Front Street, Hamilton, Feby. 7th, PT A .TE S. aCr edar
conpellr absolute decorum in the conduct of the per' -____3.._Bd,___ioo__s, D__dWin__,__o__,_,__,
sons attending the trial, is beyond all question, Sale To udersined as alwag 3, od oos, Drdin m,e IIn.
and we think it is to be regretted that this was not r l e T e For further Pnar-linlrgt .pler~co. e "ie e
done to a greater degree than appears to have been a o Iti O i I hand full supply ol TA BLE POT.l'I'OES, For further p
the case. If after a reasonable warning, the court in quality superior to any in marker, and a W.1DLS WAS ,dv'
had made one or two examples of persons guilty of O l 1nod'?1rate terns, prics to defy competition. Park Vill TIq, Vid .ft Pik!
disorderly or indecorous behavior, by seuteciug The Yacht SPECI ALit-IAESLto Army and Navy P.rk"Viil, N-.2Viti 8t
them to proper imprisonment for contempt, all de- CANTEENS and M 1ESSE an avy Ham'lten,'Feb. 28t -, 1 ",.
monstrations on the part of the audience would f I I R 1
doubtless have ceased, and the public would have T JA MES, ] TI -.
been taught the valuable lesson that courts of jus- --rn, "V reS l B m 4
tice are not theatres, where the acting is to be ap- Moiuplete (Lately owned by Lt. Xood, R.E., 4 FrontSiret.
plauded or condemned, as it may strike the various The same being in staiuch order, and ready tlamilton, October 3, 1881.
tempers of the beholders." for use, has been recently cleane-l. -
--- --Apply to FO1 4aleT E. 1:
ExperimeRlal Ph/ilosophy.--Trying to borrow an .A..Stion orer-$oo. e,0.
umbrella. Moral philosophy: refusing to lend HENRY T. DYER. At Royal gazette" tainerytre, L. Cor le-o aaiW
it. H Hamilton, February 14, 1882.-tt Hendrie's Petroleum Patent Soaps' Hamilton, Feby. 21st, 1882,

Just Received,
From .New York per S.S. S.rinoo
A Freshly supplyy of
Corned BEEF arid Ox TONGUES'
Soused Pifs FEET Lunch TONGUES
DATsI' PECAN and Pea-'. UTS


- Ii--~
-- it
- I aL'-'.~ -


~ -
-4-, ~V

4t %-,,.e4,.



Hamilton, Gtb March, 18,1



WEEKLY REPO #l% -Tt lEA f Ev f
C;ihbs' Hill Lislit *'gtati at Raibuda. between the'
12th and 19th treh avhetrh above thlaea whitre
lie ,Isegiter 'V 14t, elin' '.., tppt..
... .
0', .
1-' a e i.neral Remnef"*ks.
0 E M o I
.a.r... ." ---. 1
Mo I 4 6()5 9 i.o ,)i tormv
ff -1 VW .,6 .75 ,'-43 01. squally
1.. .- l n.,%VI5 -,r, 1.17 B/in,,, cold
I .SE 1.5- 7 ,i ,O f'li F in cold
.,...., v. -4.' 6.1G 6i ...19.1 0112' -quallyv
N- 75 < .7 '5*: ,' -i n ll c:,!d
P1 w 3, 62 61 I'9.7"0 0-i 05 Very Atormy,

-" .. .

IaIiI. ...are~ 21, 18S2.

March'i '-;'team Launeh. 'loondyne, Lesseur, New
Yori ; balHi. t, .S. :. ITnham.
20--lali tu "tea. er 'rloro, lusl ica. )'Iecnina ; friil,
boiudl L-> Newi York.-.A "nts, J. T'1 Conyers & Co.
"Maembh 5-ehr Maggie, Larr,-ll Barliadoes ; 5) b!Is.
potatoes. 3 5 cedar poritA, 4 empty molasies hhds., 7
ea-ea and l cask wine.
Mail Steamer Urrnoeo, Fra4er. New York ; 117 bls.
nud 2 boxes potatoes, 1,2.5 boxes oni'rn,?. 1,969 box a
tomatoes, 47PT b.xrs b eli, 1 box spinach, -.' kegs
S arruwruol, 4 c-i"e&- runj
1. l.-aarquc Eliat Hars. Idotlis, New York.
20-Italian Peloro, M:ulie.i Nowv York.
March 16-Barque Ehza Barss, Hollis, New Yoik ;
cattle, hay, &c., to Trott and Cox.
18-R---. M. Steamer Beta, Shaw, Halifax : Mailm
and assorted cargo to J. M Hayward, Ageut.
Barkentine.Nora, Leavitt, Cape Coast Castle ; iu
'distress ;' 373 casks and 321 bUi. paln oil andu
20,472 pounds guim copal.-Ayents, W. C, Hy-
land & Co.
March 17-Barque Kate CLosby, Coming, St. John,
N.B. ;
18-R, M. Steamer Beta, "Shaw, Jamaica; Muil.s
an.lbaosorbed cargo.
er S. S. Orinoco, on Thursday last for New
Tbrk:-Mr. and Mra. S. D. Colie,"Dr. and Mrs.
E. T. Bruen, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ludlum, Mr. amd
/,Xr14O, A. Beardsley. Mrs. R. Struthers, Missi
Belle Struthers, Mr. O.Conner, Mr.. K. R. Grenu,
Miss Hogg, Miss Reid, Miss Emma Willard, Miss
SN;, Beardley, Miss Louise Bell. Dr. W. Gray,
Captain Bain, Messrs. J. K. Warwick, Georger
Thompson,. G. A. Beardsley, Jr., M. F. Smith, D.
Chauniy, James Slater, H. W. Masou, T. H.enry
,Carter. A.. Switchell, F. Plant, J. Strahn, J. L.
Husted.-Steerayo--Oswald Davedson, Tiraothy,. James Vatindler and 16 Seamen.
By the Mail Steamer Beta on Saturday last froun
Halifax :-Mr.' J. Dic.kinson, Miss Walker, Reed.
Mr. McArthur for Kingstun, Jamaica.-F.r Ja.-
miiac .-'I'wo Royal Harines for H M,S. Con.'.t
"and "Fvingo at Port. Royal.

.T4% Barkentina .Vora, Capt. ,. Leavitt, from the
Coasr oft A'frioa. bound to lborton, with palm oil and
umI c 'pil, anchored in Five Fathom Hole on Satur-
ay last, leaking badly and with lois of sail< and riIg-
gin'. pars sprung, &a. Immediately on anelhnriuV
with 45 faithoi chain out, it parted, and the econrl
anchor was it.hen let gon. but the rinse' or the anr hor
broke and the %essel wais drifting to .ea. when the Iug
Britannia took her in tow and brought her into the
harbor ofa t. Gerges, where she wa-. safely moored.-
Agents, W. C. Hyland & I'o.
The Italian Steimer Prloro, Caplaiui Mustica, Irom
eiain. vii Oibrotar. bound to New YorK, laden with
fruil,aneh ted in Grassy l;a., yesterday, with damage
to ruddirh'nad. Capaina ,'M., reports having" exper.
lencei ver, stormy weather during the whole pasa.4e.
On .-aturday morning last, when three degrees W eit-
ward o iernmuda. during a very heavy .torm. he was
washed' ovorb,.ard. .nt was rortun t-ly, with tih assis-
taneo iiri aortie of hie crow. rescued from a watery grave.
I'he j.,. will pruc,ud on her vo.,,ge as soon as her re-
I-airs are efeoted ; which will be in a day or two. .lihe
left Gi,braltar on the 6th inst., and has eight Cabin
pasbengera.-A.gents, J. T. Darrell & Co.
was moored off l.e Cardiff Coal Depot," near Pitts
Bam. du-in th' heavv North Wester ou sunday moru-
inr I't hlikvi'.cr Iithli arieliors ldown-draggedJ to within
Sables length of the Paget's hore-whcli is an exceed-
i '1,i: ..d ,ipe with iiol'i-wa.-r cle," to tIhe slort--
and but for ti.'h, inely assistance ot Mr. J. F. Srith,
wiA', ,L .,luitieer C rewv (of six men in runiji g a warp to
tihr W,-iterni' Warpin. baoy, duubtle.s the ship wuutd
have been a total wreck.
The Mail Steamer Newfvundland, from flalifax
arrived alt,It. .lohu's on the 1.2th instant, after a p ,ss-
ae ,,f 9 da.s, ha ing r,een detained by the ice on Othe
oaitl. The ice was iit only packed cloet lothe '.lihore
but extndepl aus fir aouth as lat. 43 u and lung. 5l s.
Vesselabound from.England to New York had to run
1 u mioe,-a ulth of their usual course to avoid it.
There were some large bergs aieon- the flow.
R. M. Steamer Beta arrived at St. George's at 11
a.m., on Saturday last ; discharged cargo (1050
packages) and leit at.5 p.m., for Jamaica.
The Schooner Alexndraz, of and from Halifax,
N.S., out 8 days, bound to the West Indies, was
spoken off the East End of .-thee Islanols on the
14th instant by Branch Pilot J. S. Miunir.. All
well, *Desired to be reported.
Th'iBarque'Willi'am Wdilson, whiel left London for
Aermuda on thd 30thi December with a general cargo,
uas not yetmade.her appearance.

Letters received at .Joyd's from Chill, report the
arrival of.the Bark Abbie Carver" at Valparaiso,
on December 12th, from HongKong. On Septern-
her ltli, inLat. 43-N., Long. 113E., the wat.:-h,on
deck.saw a .snall black speck on tihe water, aud
Captain Carver immediately tacked and rau down
for it. It proved to be a boat containing the Cap-
tain, his son, and eleven men, the crew of a Japa-
nese fishing vessel. Their vessel had been blown '
out to saea and capsized in a storm, and they had
been in the Doate fifreet days. when the "'Abbie

Carver" feUllin with them. For ten days they had o
eaten nothing but coir rope boiled in salt water. t]
This .made from, the fuzz that grows on the p
iiiWde of the cocoanut shell. When rescued the n
fishermen had a fire in their boat and a large pot 1
on the' fire with rope boiling in it. The men were
n an exhausted condition when taken on board the T1
Bark. Medicine and nourislunent were admiuis- .s
tered to Ithem, and they subsequently regqine.l
their st-rengt1. Captain Carver took the men to
Vlpaaiso from which place. they will be sent a
home.' They belong to the Island of Nipou, in V
Japan.--Zan.dQ. Ws. l/y, Despateh.

The second steamer. f: the Brazilian line arrived
at1 n Pa the 13th instant, with C

%II ''-y Parkes, premier of New South Wales,
left New York topEurpe in the steamer Germanic
on the 11th inesm. A large number of merchants and tl
otthenan-sembled on the dock to see him ofi. p

-" We regret to h.1e to itite that THE G(oVE
N 'on nmub:h worse, and ,anuuOt be. epei-tel t., li
,mor,: th-'u a few day lounger.

Arr'i'r al of Admiral hM -.'limteoetek.

EI.M.S. .orl tj,, ni, beirin, the F!Ian of Vic
Admital Sir F. L. McCelinto k, Kt., F.1;.S., Cot
-man.iler-in-Chief on tliai Statiou, Captain Drat
oaud. arrived early ou Friday morning last, frc
Port Royal, Jam inie-:. whi:h place she left on t
morning of the llthiu.manut.-All well ou boat
The health of the Island was good In Kin
ston with its 40,1.101), outl, the mortality in Februa
did notexceed 6,3, while for the eocrc-pondiug pel
od in IS'l there were as many as 1'.;7 deaths int
Capt. Kennedy of H.M.S..Dre,i, savy the .Jan.
ca Gleaner" of the !)th iut., hoisted his flag yc
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock ais Actiug Comnimdoi
and received the customary salute. Captaiu Ke
nedy 1 pripularon this Station. Ou the 1th inst I
birthday, a Penny Rading Entoitalme.unt w
provided ou board the Duridl at sea, to celebrate t
occasion, aud at, its close, the men assembled ga&
him three hearty cheers.-us well they might.
The large number of field labotuers leaving J
maila for Panama to work ou the Canal, i 4 cuhit
some apprehension at that Island-over 2,111.0 ha
already left-a batoh of 326 left on Sth inst., inao
vessel. Can this be wondered at when the labou
er in Jamaica gets but Ii per cday, whilst theo
working at the canul gets 5 per day and a place
aleep in.
Hundreds of mea" says the Dispitch of Oth ins
are g iug away from the Island. \Vry few a
coming back as yet. IlI some respe's their abenu
isan adv.aitaio,. King.atou l'uniteatiaryfor iustan.,
conutins 150 fewer maile c.iiniualds th.u it did l.i
year. But. the'ivant'ies are enor.iuls, 4,t v
have before stated frequently. A Lew dis-'-.i
tage is now to be consid,:-red. Many of the mni
have goue away leaving wives or "Lhouiek,:pers
with large families, destitute an.i pl up.-ri.-e
The-se women and children are coming ou the P,
rises for relief, and we fear that the Island geunel
ally will b- put. to eoui.ilerablk trouble autn cost a
hi.-i core, e-F.peially as .1 now drain of mncu to Me!
ico has begun.
TpzNIDAD.-The Carnival has passed off quietly
this year.
ANTIOUA.-A shock of Earthquake was felt o
this Iland on the 5th ultimo, equal in severity t
that of IS-i3.
DEME.UiA..-Auother young Englishman, wh
had been about a year in the House of Booker Bro!
& Co., has.died of yellow fever.
BAAR.anos.-Monday, the '20th February, wa
observed in Barbados as a day of General Thanks
giving for the" cessation of the epidemic fever.
The Public health of the Island is now good.
Mr. Reeves, the new Attorney General of Bat
bades, was onme Reporter on the local *' Globe
newspaper and later its Editor. He afterward
was called to the English Bar in 1ISG3, and then te
turned to Barbados. In 1576 he was appointed,
8o!i':itor-General, which post he occupied only
short time, being compelled to resign, in order tha
he might, offer an independent opposition to Mr
Hounessy's Government iu its attempt to fore
Coufederation. This gained Mr. Reeves the well
merited confidence and respect of his countrymen
and he will luon be remembered for this noble at:
of patriotism.
ST. TaomA-s.-Further advices from Porto Ric'(
state that the Royal Mail steamer Tiber," wai
thrown on a reef while entering the harbour, thi
wind was blowing fieshi and the tide unusually low
P'ass-eun-ers and 'petir: saved and their greater por.
tiun of tier cargo will be ultimately secured. l'hi
vessel will beconre a total wreIek,

Trhe Adamirsal's C'rulse il uhe VWe%

Wo have been kindly fiv'or'ed with the following:
The .V .,t/.j'',, a'.rcotapauied by th.e Ii, iand,
.F:,,.'ma., lft B:lmiudIa on the 27th D,;c.eiuber aiut'
arrived at Antigna on the 3rd Januarty. Froan
hi'r, reinfor..el by the r. jt'.I, the Squadron \ijit-
ed St. Kitts, MutserT'rat, DoILinica, arri-iniu al'vs on I ith ,Jainury. Thuncv visiti' U;Gr. -
nada (where the Fi, he hi,aint arrived on 2uth Jnny.,
St. Vin-'-eit anu.l St. Luci. a where the .F/,A ,,.;...* :'r.
rived ou ')th Jany.,i TL.: .d.-i and F.r'd,. I./ wer,:
lett bIe-hid Iher. aiul thlie A.kUNiO,/ ,./.., F -. '.. ,and
F,', *.' prou-e-.:-ddl to C(olon, prin-ip illy t'i l:tr
loue --Whilst at this pl.,.e the Rnilw.,y
Co. very placed a train at the dkispos'-i
of the Admiral anid any of lis Oth iler who nmiht
wish to take, rut acco.3 th.? I thnuts to vi-it Panu-
fiimi, wid.h wa.s taken advaunt.ige of by ,oune 5J0 oi
60 otfi.:ers. The work ou the M. DeLe.ssip's C.-anal
had uio:t yet een coLamernu.ed, but a portion. of tihe
plant hand arrived, and atl,, labor ris v'er e eiug iiu-
)ortod eveir' week.
From Colon thi ,Squaidron pro,.eed.-d lf.r Jaiioaiia,
A here it arrived on the 1Sthl February. (In the
!7th the Fleet cou-,istiu- ot' .,,',.,,,,.:'., Ii.i ,l,
7r,.(' ,.,, G ,',-ic.'; F^' .'i. ,r, I'l/.. .; ,', F ,'. l /.,*/..r., and
fn.','e.s:-S .hrips iu al!-procecded to -s:a for a
.-ruike, returning to Port Ry:al oi the- 7th M.i'-.h,i
and theY -.. i' ,', '. .." leavirni there on the 10th al-
rived at Bermuda on th, 17th, atter a fine w'Ather'
Captain Keunedy of the D,'d, lihas been aippoiut-
el at.tag Comoino:,ore at Jamtiita, Vie Browu-
Invalid.eid. Lieutenant KIngu Hall, bee,.,min"r n,.titni
C'.,inmauder ot the Dnidi.
Li-.tutenaut Poe, ofV, X ,s .,tJ.', lihaving been pro-
mtot-d tu the rauk ot Conumi'uidr, Lieut.n-ut Kel-
lhat has j',iued in hi. place.
Sub-Licut. C. E. Mnuro, went to: Englaud in tldi
WTT, and Naval Cadet, Goo:l:enough and Brue-u
joiunel the ..,, "/:'.in,.:e at Janmaica.

St. Palrick's Day,.
Friday last, the annuuivcrary of Irelanl'a tiitular
Saint, wa. a stornmy day-high winds aud rain with
hilly atmosphere. Tho .-hamroek was con.spi,:n-
on-i in the coat. aud lits ot' itiany--particiularlyv
among our mlilitary friend. In the eveuing. the.
Oticemrs 'of the Royail Iri-h Riles, at Pros.,e:-et C.iiup,
nutertainued a number of their friends' at Dinner.
Si'ergt.-Bu,_ler, R.I.R., in his uin.t l
i-it anl hnmotur style, eutertainued in the evening'
severall of his frieuds and adaih'ers, with someC Comit.c
oug. and Recitationa.

CrlcKEr.-The niatch arranged for the 17th was,
)u aeount of untavorable weather, postplor-d to)
hlie ISth, when two very interesting ui.te'hes t.:..k
)la,:e--.oue at Prolpe:t between the 9th and l.t b
2,oanpauii Royal En'-ineers, the latter wiinning by
'eve-ral raus. The second match was at Boaz, bet-
veen the 4th and -l20th Companies, Royal Enine.ers.
This was a very Aosely onuttetd g me, which r-
ulted in favour of the -th Company.
MusErrBY INSTRUCTION.-We under.-ttu.I that
IIout the 1st of next month iAprili the 20th C(om-
tany Royal Engineer-i will go froia Pio'.pec.-t to
Warwick Camp to undeig'o a course of Mu:,ketry
.lub intend giving a Quadrille Party at the Thea-
re Royal to-mortrow evenin-.

HAIL SToRMis.-H ivy Had Storms piased over
he Bermudas on the eveniniD of One
articularly heavy, over Prospect at l11'30.

.jj 1&'iEALC'rrroT-1.9. M,7-A tO fiuik.- known to
li Frc.-iils, that .13 will he- '"At H i v-I. ,in''
ul-lav the T-th inl-; i.; tl'; 1-: 1. Cu lud c an11..ll&

Tli.jr1 will h n)ii-.n i-,:t of Ot,:Pi- ,rinuk-.tIfui.11,t I iS

11", infolriui,.-olitht tit--' A1nuu. I U..u'i~ral 1Mzt -
im; t tA 'ur,-ASrv will bc. Ii~d1..l i-pth.I-,.,
pirt ure .-f Hi, L-:vrhliip the i.. ihup ft ic-u em
fu.,r.-Lutd' u11.--r:hp ti-.-w to the li:'':tir o t th'ir;
iv'.-pe.ti ye P rh.t. an r-arly % tt1

STlI-. C.-anirk"tt' 'u fi' th.? Pa ri-h of P1-nu-
Au,, triltakt,-vi:.:-..otit. the Pat i dh Ch ruh ,on
Thitlbav ne.xt., ti .-2-' t in-t., at -4 1)iw.

fly telegram fiomiE. C. Jaekson, EEoqr., pu-npeu-
roev hience tu Loud-) by thoSeamtoner ('aur-vind, to
his father, nientious~hi 3 an ira! on the 1A4 instant,
whic.-h gives a pas-aap of I1I days.

qif thePctit k h 1I-Mgit 1c, ItILLUk the1
"Himintoun tim Dr~iiuatio Club'' f-r tht-it
kitnld d'wnti io--f 45tv bet eit 1 tomwit id the erort iu1
of the :-Newv&.l
Hamiltomn, AMar.-h-2')th, l~2

Cr-We Icainu -mthi plea-;tirp.that, IMni. ELDON
HAJA'rm,.)u --oftthe Hon. .J. H-. Harveyv, pas.-rl hii
~ ioh~itiu I ~'pt'mtb~, I ;ittthe fItovil ..--
It -:. "Pt v, .1"~.. t '~i~?.of Edpubui-%, anm

[..ft Liv,:i pO1io a ;w: 'lr U1-ie 1,m a 111e.aa -i

LONDON, March 14.-A uipplemettut of the "Ga-
zette" sKy.. the Qtien hfq. written Sir Wim. Hamr-, Secretary ,f 4`tate tfr the H .ail Departmuent,
that Ahe wi-lies befltre bhe leaves Eugliand to expremFs
from her heart hnw very deeply . the outbtuirst of enlthuiasi'ic loyalty, a ff'-tiion aild de-
vo,,tioIn wieh the painihil event ,l the 'u.l inst., call-
ed Iorth fri'om all lassiee, and ll ptirt of her vaet
empire, as well as by the universal sympathy evinctud
by the sovereigi and lpe,:pl.e ofl foreign ntious. The
Queeu cannot suLffilieitly express how deeply she is
gratified by these denumin.,tratim:n. She wishes to
convey to all, from the higlie,, t the hiumblest, her
warme st and moist heart'f!t thanks. IShe saiy- it has
ever been her greatest object to do all bhe can for
her subjects; to uphold the honor and glory otf her
dear country as wei!l as to promote the prosperity and
happiues; ofr those over whial .sb has i eigud so .
long. The Queen thanks GOD that He spared her
beloved child i'ho is her constant auil dev,,te.l cow-
panioL, and thoie wh)o iurm with her in th'i moieout
of danger as well as hlei'rklt. .She pray ue' will coi-
tiinue to protect her for her people's tcAke as He hasn
hitherto so visibly pruotectel her.

NOVA So"I \ ICE.-Aia inu.1 use Iief HOI'.., is le-
i-re, t.:m.l at. Rocky L ko by a Plilah.Iplhi:n firtn

-M-,-r-..Aii',.l, Whhe-.r, au.1 ut-e,_.. TIhe uihl- other news, &c., &c.
hi is !o0 f. .-t loni 1:;0 feet iIe 1aind -ot fet hi.ihi 1oth n tc. .
aud is :-il.a..ilueltel t h-. :l 30,00(o tol- of ie. TIe "-' '
sp,.:iaLtor.:i t'eaiu-" a .i.,rit Upply, u the Hitlou BIRTH, at St Georges, on the 15th inst., the
and-1 other rivci iu th.e United St 'te,, have m:,me Wire of Si.u-eou.TlnFes Fitzrerald Brodlie, A.M.D.,
to Nov. S:-...ti,. to le *ue of a fll ppiply tur their of a Sor-
'i1d eti-'totiiirT- as well a; for any -w one's. --
-- fMARRIED, at South Pickenham, on the 15th
VENNOR'S PROPHECY FOR MARCH. Fel.y., by thi. Rev. H. God,1l, assisted by the
TnE STOr'.MY WEATHER PR.ONO-TTICATED.--MON- RevB. P. .. Gooth, C tpt. G. ., BARr-E, A.P.D.,
TREAL, Marh ] .-I w,.uld w iIr New York and the 2nl, B mtti,,n the WhLh Ret., to Lyru FAntY,
cuntrikmous saboird al-., 1tIe HMiidlle r-ae-, po.-i- "only ';hild, of the Rvd. N. NCamipbell, Rector
bly Newfoiu.Il md ain, thi Mtfritimue Prin,.-, of 4: lth Pik-- ha-t, Nfolk, Eng-lind.
the approach of a storain i,ciriod theo th and 19th h 'et -
htf the vre.,, ,ou th,- ,'.- l .. W ith..I NETED, Arlhe.1, Paiet, :, th lust ". g

ul LLmV1 ., Inumm-.p dl.. i. n- 1 LIE, tA
Sand (.ii.etal Ste skiip C.:,mp iy. lightwiud at the former, and wiud, -now an., rtin- I., rt, t..iuth d:iuhlrer of th- lte Du-r -- -----"--fi at the l ter. -ENE.Y Gr.E ',, -*t* .tit, E' for U-.-r.l yn.i Attorney Gcenemral
The nw t Lunh Moo t tlis iND -Ti .-T us of t f ...... at St. Ge-res, on Moulay, the 13th
The new :At,:twa Yi- :,u Luny -," Iint ati nIDE- N.--t? :i-euof th 1 l, i, ,- i inst., EiZ. Ptc4rTor, Idest ,au1htPr of tho late
P.-t fr,,m N1 .w Y.iknu Tlmhrdv lt, i, iut.-,1, nmay be taken to r,.,ult fro,:m ftt'tienutive lPro,,-h C. H. Pi,-kthln, E-, l.-[Pl monti, E'-lad, Pa-
,. uu.ler-tlud, to teiee the Di,-.,t,:h" in the .:,iamiuui,.ate,l .,ftir ev.rv me-m l :lhu ot .4 oH. so o as pet- E.-[ilmoutl -:lp.d, -
m.,il anud P- .errvie I.twe.n,,n, Ire- -l' oe.1l 4t b .e A au til.ti, ut ....... in Pelroke Parih, on 12th instant,
i n.aI aril ]'iz I-Ilant. lie l,:,,ke.1 f,.,r, th-tt, t;-hii.i at,..,inhog or killiuI' th ,- NATcrnE'ZL HAYMwAn, aze,. 76 "-ar-, elde-t, sou of
Hr dinm- n.' at aS fo:ll ws :- fein-ent, will bel ] l',-, t tlt -ymteu an we thiN late .Mr. Ni:holaI , d of St. George's
Length fr.:-mu for p.llt 1 tii to atir 11p11art fiuil it in gly,,arinu., hi.:1i was fist lentmiiond in Purih, lnini- a wMow, t4 ,. ildreu, 'ramd I il-
L O tifMI'l 1up:7tr ..,................... ..72 ft. ,Oun:tin wi th. i .Li-.e,,i abu ut ,ibl trcn m rtn th,, dr,-t. one -brother, idlntllnuao1onu oth.r relatives
aiL I.,e-alth to outt-d.:, plank .......... 13 ft ,in. 'i-,bl I, myDo,-tuir Sv -du,.v ini.-e' arid WIan.-,ul 3[itm'- int l tifrU l t),.- t,, ii.,irtlhi'-, ,llarture.
D ,pth .f Hid................ .. ... ft. ium. ll, in a jiut arti,-le in Ti, La..,..', whie uin it ui ......, t th ( Connni triat Oflce', Q starters
,hie unw Ieing ,paiuted, &,. a,1l villl r-ut,,r was ree:mmree in C -. c -. of fl tuleu,.. naciditv, Dz., n the I7th iut., Rosa as, of Halifa
iponm her w.:.,k in the.:.-urse of a. few d.yvs-. and pyr:-i.-. Gly, einm is n:t only an autiseptic or a 21 years: deeply eogretted.
TI, ..-.Mo:oud.yue" is,e--tion.ily i l ,,:,ne -r i'n..ut killer a-.r tal., 1: to take, hi.ut alapaleeart to-
lo.:tt m..l ic.-x-dinly well mt.ipted for her intd- posess the singular quality of passing through the
ed work. The follin is oy of Let Loig froi directive o-rgaus inuchan'ged. '
New York:- A of lvyerinui mixed in half a wine glass N 1 i .
RI.. Mal, 11I, lSi.-At 10 p.m. HIih- full of water iS to be swallowed with or imuediate- A M
lauld Light bore 1.v iom*pmss N.W.. dist-ntu 20 ly after ea.h meal, until the tunemiy take to flight,
miles, from whiih I take departure, wind and Awhichl in au ordinary cr.ia- will be front oue to two 5MT =TN07 OF vr ITGA.
weather proving favor.ile helpedd iny cour-e S. E. day-s, and iu au oltin ,te one perhaps a fortuight. On he 15th of Septmber an lec tr Te
my S. for B.rrniinla : at rmi.lui'ht Bar. 301o.i: wind Sm...-.r ort later, unl.-s th.- pr.:Ji-posing e.:nites areele-
Lacking to the S.W. and S.S.W. Batr. fllin',' reimovcd, another att t,:k will follow, and the gly- graph Office combined with a special estab-
very gradually. At S :m ii. wind bt,iug abnii:,t, -t-riu will have to be>,i r-ieutl.. lishment for exchanging signals with vessels
oh- a1 took iu all sail ; the dayv ends blowi. -tr.:,g' in passing at sea will be opened at VTitga at the
trimu S.S.W. No ol.. .LErv.tiou. \ en'rance to Gottenrburg.
o/:, .7, 12th.-Blowin strong front S.S.W.,L I I RIFLES. This Office is situated 140 meters westward
Bar. 2v-'-5. At -1 p.1i. the wv.ell .'ettiu-g hiig-h -t-:.t t.If -ruatsof th bove, protehe-.tJ to from the Yw B'acn.
:.-ils to ste idy her, wind still iurea-ing, the bol.t arm. -h ou Tues yv lat for the purpo:e of ain Telegramis will there be received and dis-
ruuniu lpertf.-.tly s1e, hippian nuo water at -all throu.'-h their anuua'l ,:ou--.e of revolver pr.atice, patched daily from sunrise to sunset.
and the ar. had then fallen Iralually to 2-'.". whih..-usi t -ts at iring. twelve rnud'e eah-h at a The stalling to ships at sea will be carried
No obervati,,. si-- ta ret, at 30 y rd,: pitan:e. The day was gi ips a sea e carried
0 ..'. ,,.-The wil molerated for a small iut r- : nld i :l wt autl the wind mlew very strknn from on exclusively by means of flaigs and distance

vt of and spring r u from N., ad l the bre;e the North, whim-.h madl.e it very uuple-asut tfr signals according to the rules laid down in the
iu.:r.-amin very- rapidly and .-r"vthiuIo loo ting fitiu'. International '"Connmmercial Code of Signals."
very bad with a heavy -w,.Vll from S.W. ul winil The full.:i-iug are the si:ores luiiide:- With i'e-ard to telegI'ms sent. to vses, the.
.uand s-well frontm N., but. lthe b,,t behavLd obly. No ,-r.t.-Bu. ,I-r C' .2n following rules are to be observed:
oservatiou. ; t.- -Cud.. 1:o. Th,-. address must give, not only the
the, ,'.-W eatheri he saie. At 2 p p.m.fearig ,ad S.r.-t. -McP.tild,. 21 ordinary indications, but also the name of the
that. I light ruu the l uat tooIri lI roul, itEr P. M. SeiLt. Mtorey : s vessel, its offleiil number (i, e. signal letters in
to ad lai, to till 4 pal., iUd t riie her for au'thl M,'t. Nughtim. Sr.'t.M Tor 1'2 the Code List) .s well as the port to which the
had Lf hoiu, at v.. olied to brig t t, aain. 0 R. Serat. Hull > ship belongs
ollervatiou. --- 2:o. The telegram shall either be written in
i ,-...s,,,t.-mte weather, -he running like a T'ot.n ........ 10." Points. the Swedish language or be composed of com-
dutk. Night coinming on an 1 d:-k, thougEht best to ------------- binationsof letters. In the latter case only the .
heave her to a'iin_ ifroim i, p.m. till 2') al- UNITED STATES.-.I Submotred Co,wt'. following IS consonants of the alphabet, viz
though the Bar. hil ri-.-n t., 2"t10. The day -uds NEw YORK, March 11 -A Memphis dezpateh states B. C. D. F. G. H. J. K. L. M. N. P. Q. R. S.
blowiLn. strn, m,iaul- weather 'le:a. Lat. by Ob-er- that the while coinutry from Cairo t, Vickhburg its T. V. and W. may be used; each combination
vatic,.u 34-25, Lug. i7-2-.. suihnmered, and thouisads of uegroes are living aud shall not. contain more than four letters ; a
T, ,,ia-,. -Weather looking better, Bar. rising doing their cooking on tlhe roofs :of their ca.,bius, telegram of this description will be considered
gradually to 2' ),,. ,t all allay and iamd., th: b, est NEW ORLEANS, March 1-2.-There is nothing new as if it were ciphered.
of u.r way he I Uin til It a1ni. Saw the x, xpl0,1-u from the levees. The river to-day show," ih,! high. Telegraws coring from ships will, at the
ofma se the Lin t te d front drlight of -rvery on 11 lesteeord O:f the se-; ao, but is now la'l . request of the sender, be forwarded .to their
on bo:ir.l, amud dli. not ren-ui re rnu obs-ervation and. ,iul el l ery the F/oois.--MEMPHIS, March destination in the above mentioned kind of
at .-30.t p.m. amiiedd in Hdniton l1arb.ur, i.n I 13.-The overflow ii not ouly causing death and cipher; in case no such request should be made,
at 33 ..arili itou ldesrution to people below, but at this writi
cn as-ure you that a Daromiet,.r was unver lser Memphs iru cun to people below, but at, this with th the dispatch wil be forwarded in Swedish
SCat:ed J. F. LEssEUa jOffWOul0111UlliI With th3 ei
.J.F. (outt-ide world by rueanis iof her through lines ,of rail- translation. f b
We ar inbte to the Honra SamelI.- roads also being submerged. The charge for messalcuaed by signal letters
lihaia, and to Captain Lessac-urain1 Eng-Luier Rile-, ,I Rom ,'es/ie .I I/iYla c d C';iii,a-,OMAH,, rate : '
of the l't. mmer I.'...-,1 for N.v- Yiork papers of Maroh 13.-The militia were atnoyied last evening a) for signalling : 1 krona 50 re for any
the evuin;.-of the!. 1Ithin't. by nen iand boys, who threw bricks at the oticers I nuber o words any
n:ud hit several. A squad ol soldiers finally charged | tuer or wo f s
CHARGE PF THE HEA\Y BRI the crowd, riud several of the assailants were m.e- I i the forwardiugofthemessage throughthe
THE CIHARGE OF THE HEAVY BRD- verely wounded by hbyonets. One ol th-i wounded telegraph will he charged according to the
I -eh has died from his injuries. established tariff of rates for inland and foreign
Iuthi SuLpleeut:Ty sheet which accomipani: ET telegraphic correspondanc-.
tbhi i, nVue i t T,v:. w ill lbefound.l .a N.--w (E CETRAL AMERICA. The whole amount .f both these posts is to
Pro,n by The nu" ,-, .Lier the aH-ove c.1ti, ,::pie An EARruase3 DEsTa.)ys Foun Town. be pld : for telegrams sont to vessels by the
tru mi the N e : ,.,,k t : ", /. T he t .,',/ in h la i ng :. _n.,
this Last PoeimI lv T.-iutvon" in its couimini PANALMA, Marh 3.-futelligeuce has just leached ;e.til:r. a .1 for dispatches coming fruit vessels
a.ys '--"-Thr,:iui.;th tie- con' of the ,. i....,'. Lere of an appalling e:tthlqu.ik- in L'osta Ri,;.a. by the receiver.
we publish this week the poemi whiJi Alredl Teu- Four Townshave been de-.troyed-Alijuela. Saura- Passing vessels will be able, bysitply hoist-
rysun has de-l;-- n:d to ac:e.:,miuoany his Chige n if mnn, Greeia and Heridio In alone sever- iug the elnisin with their distinguishing signal,
the Litghit Brig'de '" Th eve-int he om.ininai:-iorates al thoutan]d live:- wete lost. Th-. left alive are i. e. their official number in the Code Lit, to Ilina waited for it poet. Its i-un.:.ei:ti.-u was homeless hLave their passage reported by telegraph to
-o ld., it ie s o inexpli:cai.11, thit a --pi-iu i THEr CANAL QUrE`Irxo.-NEW YORE, M'areh 11.- any person within Sweden, who, by 'letter or
-o tald,'l ht almt,-.yIs s, u rieniilM it. Sir J,.ii:-s Pre-ideut Arthur and ScrietaryofStateFreliuhnv- telegranu, shall have previously applied to the
S-,.irktt and lii, three hundr.l tr. -p:r., Euuii,kil- sen nIit sharing Garfield's views on the subject of office f,,r such purpose, at the same time giving
leuS and SNjt.i Grevs, uiu therm-elve.s .:,ppie.d to Panama, inu his message at the opening of the Cool- his address.
three thousand Russian horse. Sir .Jiue, with an umbia t.ougres Pre.sideut Nunez referred to the In such cases no charge will it tr'esent be
aide-de-canmp, orderly andi trumpeter, ro.le up the ef.lirtsof establish a sole American pro- made for the signal lg ll a th peI s11 be
hill where the enetiy hUad hI.lted, t..,ught hii, war tec.torate over the Panama canal, and says such a tiade for the signallig, and the person to
through, then fought his wy lba,-k, aLi,:l Wa, i pr,:-ternioun was never before put forward. Presi. whom a message is addressed wil only haveto
time to i)le..l o efeetire a ehuirge that th. Rut-si~ati dent Nunez hoped that the Ameiican Government pay the ordinary charge for the transmission
surgede, and wavered, :indl re-led, up the hill, up would not insist upon Blaiue's idea. by telegraphic wire and such expenses as the
the ill, utip the hrill, out of the tield, over thie ibrow forwarding of the message to its address from
and away." Tenuyun,'s poem h.isi u.;:i orf the HALIFAX SUGAR REFINERY. the nearest telegraph-office-may involve,
old: ciavlry ri.n'.. Its mietre is .skilfully varied to 'After the establishment of the Electric-
describe te. tittunes of the comniat:-uts, g-i-opng y Thefirat AnnualMeetiung heat Halifax on Feby, Tlegraph Office, the Optical Telegraph at
in da.tyls, charging in aual)hpts, j:iring, in spoun- 14th, was not a satisfar-t-.ry one to the Stock- Vinga will no longer'be used.
dees. But it hlis nut the diretnet.s of its lpreiL-te-e.- holders. The Directors, having lost confidence in Stockholn) August 30th 1881.
Cor. It is not as siimple, as lit.-i, as dramatic. It both the Mauager and Se-.retary, hadl dispensed tokhol ngu th 1881.
is plainly au imiitatiou, and, as -ui.h, foredoomued with their services. The plan~ of the Refinery were The Royal Board of Telegraphs,
a failure. examined and approved by Mr. John S. Donner, 4t.
-- one of the most exp)erien:edl refiners in the ITnitcd

BROWN'S IRON BITTERS.-It is within more than usu-
al pleasure that we c-.ll the attention of our reai--rs to
llthis very valuable remed-ly, whii-.h is now alv-ertized in
our columns fur the fiti time Our Correspindents in
the United Slates in sendiot- this order fur advertisinff
speak in the highest terms ol'thA standing ani reliability
of the manufaetnreri-the Brown Cheriiient Co., of Bal-
timore, Md,, U.S at.d at (lthe sinie tLit, ine state that thie
iredieilnia thrown'ss Iron Hitters) lam not only a large
sal-., but hias a natiotmal relpitati..-n as a reputable care
for th diseases for wlii,:h it is recommended, i. e. Dvls-
pepuia, Itiliges l:,u, Weakne-s. Malaria, f3miale cowm-
plaints, &o. Corning to iUs ith such high recomrurn-
datiouns trou its own country our pliople can accept
Brown's Iriai Bitters as a valiati-le addition to our list
of reliable remedies, wiit confidence.

CHICAGO, March 14.-Some malicious econudrels
on unidary nightly, eut the rubber tubes conectiug
with the air brakes on 86 cai-s in the yards of Chi-
eago Milwaukee and St. Pauli and Chicago, Alton
and Burlington Railways.

SStates; whose cousin was made Manager with the t
verbal understan-lin' that the Comp-iny would have W a "t e d,
the benefit of Mr. John S. Donur's professiual -
e-perience, which the Board never re.'eived. Seve- b, S,/!!4 iLL Dlvr S .
ral bretkdown-,, o.curred. to th, maddiuerv, causing, '
oral hierablne dey anud exl e tse. Thea refinery c i A second hand one preferred.
reported now in good ord-."r, se-ondu to nune on the Refer to the Office of this Paper. -
coutineut. Thie paid up capital, $3510,000 is much Hamilton, March 21, 18S-2.-1 -,-
lesi- than the- cost of the works, and the indebted-
ne,.s chiefly to the Merchaut's Bank,is $455,0.5i'.50, T r
against wii>;h the-t.ouk ofsugaron hand is valuedat E'ASTE R CA. R
$3.35,770-40). Among the s,.-henes of relief tender- .- '
ed the most favi)tu-.bly euntert.ined was the asking At R.oyal Gazette :tatlonery -Store.
of the Merrchant's Bank to make their loanu $200,- i, mi.lton, March h20 I 2, '"
00o, leaving a working capital of $,7(i,(ti0, permit- on, ch th .
tiu' of' th(e innt, liatte resting of ,peratioun and r7" -
the mattuing of a plan to repav thiiloan a rapidly 1l,'
as possible. The ne-w Board'we-re e-pin-iwervd to
act in the matter according to, their jiult-ement. We 0 0 '0' '"
truttst that enter'prie m'ay h) nimauagedmi iththat l i'-.,l va, .,-' t-p-' -"
success which at the outset was reasonably looked p: py ..-^ t .
forward to, Hamuilton, March 2Jet, t182.- ...- .

-- in -~

A Meteor, of unuitsual brilliancy, was seeu l.y 'a
number of persons a-biut 7 o',-lo:k on Sunday evEn-
iunz Lat. It o.tmpl.ared iu a N.orth Enets direction
.amd pa.1:.l away tb the South W1'st.

It will b. no:,ti'-el by our Advertizing Colulumn'
that the 'Viel,.tte.' is advertised to leave
New York for th-ce Ilanid; on the 12th April ; and
will, we under jud, run l.:,.twee- these Islndeand
Nlw Yuork diu'ing the crop ,easi-on.

Coffee drinker?-should read the advertisement in
another coliian headed Good Ct.. -

The New York Hlerald of Sunday March 5th, was
a wonderful producti-)n-it is a sex-tuple sheet.
The number of advertisements from '2 lines to 2
column, ruus up to nearly 4,000, which it took 120
corupo.itois to get up.
E-A Su)pplemelnt of Eig'ht Col-
Uiinnl .,-coai)pauies this issue of the Ga0eife. It
-e:ntains Five Ofi'nital CoWmmunications; an
Address to Pev. Frederick -kinmier ; Abstracts
froni tho Delaware and Hudson Canal Conm-
pany ; Termiiysoni's latest Poem, "The Charge
of tl'e n\-v BRi .r-a. T ens.. T- -,,.TooA .. ....... l





We have been instructed by Cap- .s
tain JAMES ]BAIN, Agent for the Port. Publi Auction
land Unde, writers, Public Auction,
,T 0 S E L L Will be Sold, (it 12 o'clock, on,
By Public Auction, F R I D A Y
On Thursday next. 31at fusta w,

23rd inst.. at 12 o'clock, M.,
"'224 Barrels Eastern Island

230 Lbs. each,
920 Bdls. of SLATS, for
Onion Boxes, 70 Pieces in a Bundle
545 Bdls. of ENDS, for
Onion Boxes, 30 Pieces in a Bundle.
The above Goods have been damaged by
Sea-water while on a voyage from Por tland,
Maine, to this Port, and on Survey have been
recommended to be sold for Benefit of whom
it may Concern.
Hamilton, Bermuda, March 17, 1882.


On Thursday next,
23rd instant, at 1 o'clock, P.M.,
10 Cases TINWARE,
Consisting of a large assortment of the most
Useful Kinds.
Amongst which will be found:
Kerorsene OIL, Cans 2 and 4 Quarts
Coffee and Tea POTS and CANNISTERS
Retailers' SCOOPS
Reams Note PAPER Envelopes
Lead Pencils Hammers Hatchets
Savws Bread Knives Tlh-rmometers
60 and 30 Feet Clothes T T!."

.4 LSO,
1 CARRIAGE, to seat 4
1 Good

1 Bermuda COW, "
And a lot of other Goods that will appear at
the Sale.
Hamilton, March 20, 1SS2.


On upper Floor of MELBOURNE
1 I0t1-f', corner el' Parli.inament and I Itindonald
Streets, belongir.g to a (-entlernai about to
leave the Colony ; the following articles of
Good, Useful and IVell-kept Fuirni-
ture, &e., Viz.:
In Hall.
I M..deira CHAIR 2 Cn-ue Seat CHAIRS

Sitting Room.
1 ABLE--Marble Top 1 COUCHI
S 1 Breaklast TABLl
I Sid. DITI O, both old cedar
2 flocking CHA IIS C Cane Seat CHAIRS
I Mantle .HELF and VALVES
2 Hearth RUGS.

Dining Room.
1 SUPERIOR lExtension Diuin' T'\B 1B
I Mahogany SIDE 10,' RRD, enclosed
(IIINA and D'KLPti
Table and Hanigimn LI.MP.4
MAP Bermuda, SIGN '1.S,

Bed Room,, Aro. 1.
1 SNUI'ERIORI Hedroom el I', consisting
1l1 Rl I (i V, aoh .-l T.\N D, enclosed
Towel II 1S1I'.
InmalI TABLE nd :3 'ae Seat CH IIl{S
I Patent Set Bed .:Pr;'lNLS.
1 'ruparior Flair ill.ATTILE,'SS
Large Mosqlito NET Dres-ing TABLE
Lot Bedroum O ROCKERY.
Bed Room, Jo. 2.
I Wash 'IT.1 ND, enclosed
Bedroom CHOCKERY Dressing TABLE
'2 Cane Seat ClH AIRS Foot SI OOL

Bed Room .No. 3.
I- I Dressing TABLE
2 Cane Seat UH IIItS
I Clothes BSKET, &c., &c.

Back Lobby.
'-I Keitles, Pans, Saueepans & Oven
I Bath TUB, with lid, lock and strap as Vaiieo
for journeying
India 31 A I TING 1 MIRROR
I Iron Bed COT 2 1, MA''TRIESES

TENDERS will be re- Kitchen.
ceived for the purchase of the C. OKING.
on the o.ouith side of Warwick Parish, lately K ood working order
occupied by Miss C. H. ADAMS, deceased. Kitclleii U I'EN.SIL-'
Tenders for the above Property will be re- 'TA' LES BUCK E'TS B \SKErS
ceivedby the undersigned on or before And a Lot of other Uselul Articles.
5th of April A ext. B. W. WALKER & CO.,
Not bound to accept the highest or any Hamilton,, March 20, 1882.-twice 3pAuctioneers.
Tender. Hamilto, i 20, .-twie 3p.

Hamilton, March 4th, 1852.--2 3p. 1 Istp.

Postponement !

was to have taken place at the ME-
CHANICS' II ALL on 29th instant, is unavoid-
ably Postponed until further noLice.
Musical Director.
Hamilton, March 20th, 1882.-once

5 Reward

For information that will lead to the Convic-
tion of the person or persons who broke into
my Hen Coop~on the night of Tuesday, 14th,
or early morning of Wednesday, 15th March,
1882, and stole a quantity of Fowl therefrom.

Just arrivedd Jrom Halifacx,

7 Years Old, Will make a good Ilunler.
A Basket Phteton ,
To Seat Three.
For further particulars apply to
St. Georges, Bermuda, March 20, 188-2.-1

For Sale,

To Close out a Consignment,

Preliminary Notice.

The Fine Steamship

Will be Despatched from New YoIc for this
12th April.
Full partic-ldars as regards ber dates of sail-
ing, &c., will appear in the' Royal Gazette"
of the 2-th instant.
Freights resueetfidly solicited.
Hamilton, 21st March, IS8-2.

Auction Sale of

Personal Effects.

-1'0 TIfC E.


On Thursday next,
The 23rd Instant,
At 12 o'clock, M.,
On the Premises, iu Hamilton Parish. at, the
late Residence of Captain Jeremiahb W. Penis-
ton, deceased, the whole of his
Pers o :al 9 Effects,
Consisting in pa t a.s follows:


I secretaryy 1 Wardrobe

1 Weather I Rifle I S \FE

Tubs Buckets saws Planes
And a Laree Collection of other useful Articles
too numerous to mention.
All the Right, Title aud Interest of the Late
Captain Jeremiah V. Peniston in a Patch of
now under cultivation.
The well known Hlorse
"J A C K,"

1 Box Cart, 1 Dray I Wagon
Harnesses I COW I BOAT
1 Very Superior Ladie's Riding SADDLE
1 Gent's Riding .'ADDLE
I Riding BRIDLE 1 Wheelbarrow
1 PIG 1 Corn MILL
Lot of MANURE, &c., &c.
By Order oi the Administrator,
Hamilton Parish, March 21, 1882.

Boot & Shoe Store,

Door 2, ,,a!U Queen Street,

Tr SUBSCRIBER, thankful for past favi,ra
during his six years' stay in his Old Stind,
now bejs to remind his friends and the Public,
he is now
Prepared to wait upon his Custom-
ers in his New Establishment,
lie shall endeavour in the future as he has
in the past to sell the
Best Goods at the Lowest Prices.
Door 2, Queen Street.
Hamilton, March 20, 1852.-1

_r A Delicious Cup of

Sergt.-Bugler 2nd Batt. R. I. Rifles, 7 KEIS 6UNPS T THE Undersigned having accepted the ap-
Prospect.7 -KEGS MUNPOW WU T pointment as SOLE AGENT for Berma-
March 21, 1882.-1 Which will be sold at a lower figure da for the Sale of TEAS for the

Notice. f le lot is takou C.H. ROBINSON. Halifax China Tea
-. H.BROBINSONheV:eby Nwill Company,
45 Front Street, Hamilton, pany,
BE SUBSCRIBER hereby No- 21 March, 1882. n 1 Which will enable him to place Teas into'this
.- tifies all Persons INDEBTED to him 2n1Ma r__c, 2. -_- Market for sale, so low that every Family
that he will require a full or a sa- A T might enjoy a part of this great luxury.
tisfactory arrangement of their respective a- Jamees A Jdl oe, A.J. RICHARDSON.
a0n or before the 15th Day of April .e.'t; Wholesale Commission Merchant, t. George's, 21 st March, 1882.-tf
those who neglect attending to this reminder IN a= 7TOS & V-lT MiL M1.1 N.B.-A few Caddies 5 and 10 lbs. each now
will receive a further intimation from a legal -16 and 48 Broad Ave Wa.hington Market. on Sale. A. J. R.
pialtitioner. --
WM. P. NELMES. TrHE UNDER SIGNED will re- For Sale,
Warwick, March 20, 1882.-2 3p. present as usual tLe above well known ,A 52 11 T Challe te
firm, and will he at all times ready to receive A enge
a fnted, ,and forward any Produce, %thich may be sent to I _-'I CAY CNE I
W ante his care. Prompt Sales and quick returns gua-I 1) -11 U -S 9
3 to 4,000 Weight of ranteed. Fitted with patent cycle bearings, &c.
to ST Highest Market rates will be obtained. Also, aCedar Copper-fasted DINGY, about 10
Apply at "Royal Gazette" Office. Office at Stoie of 0. T. conyers. f Apply to R. D. DARRELL, Hamilton.
March 21, 1882. Hamilton, March 21, 1882.-2 months. I March 20, 1882.-l1

By Order of the Mortgagee,

A i ottage,
TENDERS for the COTTAGE and Parcel of
LAND on the North "-hore of Harrirgton
Sound, now in the occupation of MR. PErER
J. SINuTH, will be received by the undersigned
ip to noon of
the 22nd MARCH, instant,
when the highest, if q'pproved, will be accept-
The LAND is bounded on the East by land
now or lat' o.-Aggeus Outcrbridge, and on the
F,.'s by land now of late of Elizabeth Burchall
WVest. anl there is a 10 feet road ruining from
the Main Road to the Land offered for Sale.
Hamilton, 11th March, 1862.-2 3p
For Sale,
By order of the Mortgagee,
Valuable REAL ESTATE in the Town of

.-F,4 The Undersigned is instructed to of-
f'." L-r for sal, the HOUSE and Lot of
LAND. at the Cornmer of the 4th Longitudinal
Street and Union Street, late in the occupation
The Lot has a fr.ntageon the 4th Longitu-
dinal Street of 70 fet, and onIL Union Street of
150 feet or thereabouts.
TENDERS for this Property will be receiv-
ed by the Undersigned up to noon of
Wednesday, the 29th
MARCH, instant,
Persons intending to tender are requested to
notice the postponement from the 22nd to the
29th Instant. of the time of opening tenders.
The Undersigned does not bind himself to
accept the highest or any Tender.
Hamilton, 201th March, 18$2.-2 3p

Independent Order of
Good Samaritans.

The Members of" Rechab" Lodge,
No. 7, .1O.0J.S,
Of St. George's, intend (D.V.) forming a street

13th April, 1852.
The Order will proceed to St. Peter's Church
where DIVINE SERVICE will be held by the
Rev. F. J. F. Lightbourni, Rector, and fro-i
thence to the Town Hall, where Lectures and
suitable Addresses will be delivered by Mem-
bers of the Order.
-ister Lodges and sojourning Brethren
throughout the Islands are cordially invited to
take part in the ceremonies of the (lay.
Procession will be formed at 11 sharp.
A Collection will be taken up for the benefit
of the Lodge.
An Entertainment will be given at the Town
Hall ,n the Evening. I'oors open at 7 o'clock.
Entertainment to commence at 8.
Admissi n 1/. Children half price.
The ALEXA.Dr1rA BAND will be in attend
By Order,
St. George, March 20, 18?.-2

Just iReceived,
LIEBIG'S Liquid Extract Beef,
Havill's LUNG H EALER, C..od Liver OIL,
Fellows HYPOP-l )Sili'i'TlS,
Pultiess Emnul-i,,u of C'od Liver Oil,
EAR-A.PARILLA, Beef, Iron aud Wine,
Tilley's DROPS, British Oil ,
Electric OfL. \Virslow's :-'orohiag SYRUP,
Pond's EXTH l' CT,
Townsends LIN'l' NT for Neu.algia, _
Anodyne LI.I MIENT,
Payne's EXPE,'TOiANT,
PILL-L ockle's, Pritchard's. Holloway's,
Jayines, A her's, Blairs and oth,.rs,
Enos F'Ull I "'ALT'
Sedliiz PO DERIb.
45 Front Street, Hamilton, 1
March 21, 1882. 5


ceive and forward Shipments of l'roduce
to the above firm as usual. Packages must be
marked wilh the Initials or the Christian Name
and full Surname of the Owner, and with the
Shipping Nnmber.'
Our salesm.,mi this Season is M1R. GEORoU
CAMPBELL, of Washington Alarket,
March 20, 1882.-3 3p

Painter and General Dealer in
Paints, Oils, &c.,
Gives Notice, that his Shop is again Open for
the transaction of Business.
(* Iu le notice will be given on, any future
occasion when the Shop will be closed during
business hours.
Reid Street, Hamilton, ?
March 21, 1882.-1 S

Colouel, R.E., ,n.r at r-in- ef
Acting Go o.erEnor in ,i, ori *te e& I1 n e, i., *
'" C min' antder'- 4'c., U'c.
in-Chief. ;

91 trtlamnatioti.
*"THEREAS this present Coloniil Parlia-
Sment stands .prorogued to 'FRIDAY
the Twenty fourth day of March instant, I hare
thought fit further to' prorogue and ido hereby
further prorogue thj.'said Colonial Parliament
to WEDNESDAY the *3rd day of, May next,
of which as well tho Memuibers of the Le-
gislative Council af the Members of the
House of Assembly are hereby required to take
notice and to govern themselves accordingly.
Given underjrmy Hadrd Wud the
Great Seal of. these Islands
this Twentieth day of March,
A.D., 1882, and in the 45th
year of Her Majesty'u Reign
By His Honor's Command,
Actiag Colonial Secretary.

Tenders for Supplies to
the Lunatic Asylum.

20THMARCH, 1S82.
T HE Tenders of the undermentioned Persons
have been accepted by the Acting GOV-
ERNOR AND COUNCIL fortwelve months, to com.
mence on the Ist of April next.
Contract No. 1, Articles for Dieting, &ce.-MR.
Contra,:t No. 2, Furniture and Uteusila-MR. A.
Contract No. 3. Clothing and Bedding-MESSRS.
Contract No. 4, Drugs MESSRS. WAIN.
By His Honor's Command,
1 "Acting Colonial Secretary.

TENDERS for the supply of a HORSE fit
Sfor Heavy Draught, will be received' at

'24th March, 18S2,
Whern the Horses must be produced for In-
spection at 12 noon. It must be understood
that no FHorse will be accepted without at
least two days trial.
A. C. G.,
S. C. Officer.
Commissariat, Hamilton, 18/3/82.
SS&,T I S C9.s OS.'


Celebrated Easter and

Claromos, &c., Just Received.

An Assortment of Dry and Fancy GOODS,
LAMPS, Burners, &c.
The non- explosive Kerosene Stoves.
5, 7 and 9, Church Street, West,
Opposite Mechanics' Hall.
Hamilton, March 13, 1S2.-3 pd.

A Really Good

Made by COLLARD and OOLLARD.-..
Specially adapted to the Climate.
Recently entirely re-buffed by Mi. BbuozEn.
Price 25.
Property of a Gentleman leaving Bermuda.
Will be on view at E. B. JONES'S btore,
corner of Queen and Reid street.
Also, a Good Eight Keyqd ,

With Preceptors and Music, and an Excellent
Hamilton, 21st March, 1882.

FICE HAMILTON, March 20th, 1882. -
Frances Andarson, Maggie Brown, Mrs. Beeman;
Jbse S de R Brabum, Win. Brown, Jose 8 de
Bettencurte,'ET Brown, Wm.M Conyerm, Amand'a
Darrell, Augusta Ediaanulssn, A JToggo, George.
A Qomez, Manoel S Gonoalvea, Mr. Horn, Robert
Hall, Joseph T Harvey, A R Hamilton Capt.
Hooper, Mrs. 8 Martin,-MVieira NdaierIrk"J -'
F Robertson, Peter Smith, Richard- Sitihb L A
Smitb, R A Swan,J W Smitbh,J A 'SmlitgAahton .
Smith, J S Smith, Jonkthbana'Smith,'O- l "So4- '
blain,t Charleo Smith, Emilia' A do- Silva, B '
"Heman Smith Abene~zA Smith, Sbro.,.."U- : .-'
Small," Lucy.Trott, Henry T Tucker, Br '
**Win. Wilson," Peter Wiliit 'ms.
FI(E ST'. GEORSE'S, Maroi 18, 1882.
Mrsi' H Aile, W H Bully, F T Brown, Br E '"
A Smul., John Uhas W Johe W Jma Talb ..
Bark Was Woi. "
."-- ':, ..:..;.3.: :% .:.=:;:: :r.:, A;4






F --i

i' O N'S



'Heart Disease,
bil'iousess, Yerrotts Debility, etc.

S .,I,9 Bottles
I y

SOLD SI E 18o0.
This. Syrup possesses Varied Properties.
SSInulae the Ptyalne In the.Salivat
food *IDo glucose. A deficiency in -Plyalino
uses8 WindE and Sour. o(, th1, rood In the
.tomach. Ir the medicine s taken Imnmedi.
ately atrer eating the fermentation or food
is preve.ted.
It et-E upon the iver..
nit es hep pos*soos tseases, mi d nerese

It atis upon the K Uine In
ot. iea alateso the BowelS. u.1ofb
't Quiets the Nervous Syrtem.
t. I l ni o u itear 1gorate.
S ut arres ofn the Olid Eltioo and efood In Ithe
stomach. Ih. 'the medicine goitaken immedl.
ately rFaer eatkingtheime rmentatIooaf ofood
Isp oevenuted. "

It opens the po of the r. klu a d Induces
It Purifies the Blood.

fleaitly Perspiratlion.
Itr neutralizes the hereditary taint. or pi-son in lthe
blood, which generat,t .oScrofaia, Eryiipela. aral atl
irnnner of aklin disea,. arid internal humor.
here are uno t,,ritls employed ;n ,tsixinufacture,%nl
It can be taken by the nuosi dlictehre6 bahe,r bLy thb
aged and feeble, ccare t-ly bti ,.ijaircd i l titBrdiv, i.
SDtiin SiR,-I have used your INDIAN BLOt)
VRjTp wjtl great satisfaction and relief. I have
,'ftlicterd with catarrh for a long Lime, eoni
S, no relief, until I conmenced usinLs the BLOOL
SIYRUP. I wis about to give it up because imrme-
diately after-taking it made me dizzy and leei badlv
button cornultin a physician 'vaa informed Lh it it
Wase caused by th7e medicine restoring my imperfce
circulation and acting ona the di-eased miirter inr n,
stomach, caused by the dropping o ithe eito n tr
matter. I invariably found, however, tha this dizzy
feeling soon passed away, my r ervntis svtein aiTm
tranquilized, and the catarrhal poison renIovedl b
the medicine. I have been entirely cured by youm
invaluable remedy.
Respectfully yours,
No. 319 West loth st., New York City.

SIR,-I give my with pilet-urc n the
beneficial re.ulns ofyour BLOOD PURIFIER ; mi
kidriey- were out of order, and the result was theu-
matism ir, my right knee, ji-int swollen twice the
size of natural ind veiy piinfui, a boille ofthe' large
size mtde a perioct cure. I will alho say rmy diaes-
lion has improved so that I can eat anything wit bin
No. 19, New York City.

No. 151 PERRY-ST., NEwv Yo0r CI.TY.
DEAR SIR,-Your justly celtbrimd INDIAN
BLOOD S.YRUP has entirely cur.d niw ou Sick
Ilepaiache ai.d Dyspepsia, of eI years' standin..
It also cured my child of 'carlet Fever, ind my
wife uf Female complaints.
Isa ma Btoiliers, dealers in hne stock), cured ol
Dypepsia and Indigestion of many years' standing.
Henry Dahlnan, 3l the same firin, cured of Sore
Throat and Indigestion, alter having been treated
by physicians without b,-nefcial eurct.

a,i J-Your INDIAN BLOOD .iYRUP rias -ued
ht- entir-ly of lh- dis,'res in my lit-adl, iJ relieved
evty difficully o maty bowiv-. I muist say irt it
is the bst in .icnie litii any pepion ctn ofnke for
sick hesdach,'.

DER'R StuI,-- Usr your IN)L uiN isLO0ca) SY-
RdFl' or Luysl.eesid (fuora which I suhl'aerd i'r live
years,) wih ,he happiest ,usulis.
A few dose-. placed my stomach in a coidiLit.n to
digest lood--tIlteby relieving ne of those ditros-
ing painas xperieiteed by dyspeplics efLer ,-cting-
and although it atfi'rst caused occastonal dizzinea'
.it' quickly disaperi-d on my cotiuiiuing eIs use.
My dligestliot is now. almost perfect, and I lee kreat-
ly benefited.
.:,., '' .Yours, WM. A. PIE1ZMAN,

S. No. 333 WVest 32nd sc., New York City.

Nzw YoRK, Feb., 3 1880.
I'. Johnsons Mi.-D.
DEAR SIR,-I tlake'- pleasure in recommending
your IN DII.AN-BLOOD SY{UP as an invaluable
reniedyjfor Dysplepsia. My wife has hoer, a suffer-
er froun 1ieriieaF- .dy'fiepiiO, a'tack5 of *tie moat
acute (iauur, f6"r uvdtia yeats. During such attacks
death wuuld ,dmoit hi :. rfli'f to her. 8h.- was

piese.ibed 1o Lby.._s .yrjal. dvcltos without effect.
N hoiiu galve hIt leXlih f u.uil. S, obtained a i.otlhi
,f' y,.rar NDI'N 'uLOOD SYRUP. Its etff-cts
wee w.'r:nerfu, an;I he is now ,'n:ir,ly. caued. ILt
Sa medicind ta a no household should be without.
N9Q261 ,Wstl'Houseien-St., City.
S, BERMSUDA, June 28th, 1880.
DEA(t.Sai,--Thia certify itht I have found
pmoe go,od:in-yyour INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP than
i.y .Medjcin that. I have ever taken for Dyspepmia
aindIndigestiou. I would advise all that suffer from
it I .W ,.)YR.UP.,


. s1e 'gerit for Bermuda,


VWater Street, St. Georges.
*"j i ,*


THE Undler-ignpd, c-wintemplating a change
i the business at their BRANCH- HOUSE
in SOMERSET, ti,-.est all p1rscnu Inde ted to
that Establishment to settle their ACCOUNTS,
on or belorE the
6th APRIL next,
after which date all accounts remtaiuing un-
p,'id. ttunless s,,ttitactouildy ,!t''ged for. will
be -placed in legal hauls for collection.
Somerset, 6th March, 18.5-2.


il i-hE TTndepr.i.iued hasi iiust opened a choice


Respectfully informs the Public that he has
Opened a
Tailoring Establishment
Over the Store of Alexander J. Frith, Esqr.,
No. 39, Front Street.
Guarantees to give satisfaction, and solicits
a share of the Public patronage.
( A new supply of Goods always on hand.
Hamilton, Febrttary 21, IS82.-:3m paid.

SFor Rent,

I Selection of' English aind A1inericati That. desirable Residence in Paget Palish
L 1E-" Inveririe."

Fl.r Xmas, Reeeivet by 1e M li I t.i Nor A ALSO,
.oti,," Thh- Iri.l-t-,- TOTnf-1

Consisting in i' rt o:-
Tri.s o Ro:,st BEE- F BUTTON"
C11 IK'- N; DICK 00-;-E
I h.1.h TO\;U I -,.A P-l,'tId JA,1
BEEF and TONGUE 1 ins f"' .iALlMON3
LU ?ll:.'i'lTtiS 1.S'"r I'S Green i: .
B F.AN ' MC < nn,.l -.,'.' :.- .;
i.ttles of assorted PICKLEAS
. Re-iCA l-\'GE aidl A5A(1CE'4S
Ci.rnetl iri F in Tins I[,I' T *t i '.' lal iL ,ds
ASl t ,, Aii4te andI B-ow'n FLOU I.
edins ol 'OCOA and .l IIl
Grien nd BIirnt 0 (ATM E\L OEL ILMEAl, C0RN',1i'AL
FLAXS F. Li.,edel MEAL
I Bolles of. YRUP-, of all liavors
CHER I1ES, &c., &c.
Tius of FRUITS, in Syrup
JAMNi of all Flavors BU "I'EiER LARD
Ilam .-AUsW GE
A oz. otlles of E-.sence .LEMOMN
RA..SPBErLR I' VANILLA, &c., &c.
Condensed VU ILK
TAKRTARIC-\.'ID, (Powdiereld)
Hair OIL, as orteil Flavors Finci Olive Oil,
CUR I E (in Bottle,-)
NU'TLEGS AL'I0ONDI, in and outof shell
MACE c!OVi-' 4.
Ja;- <.f Pro;.ee J GiNGER SAGO0
:e., K c,, Ce.
E',st BroJlwa- y nid Victoti-' Streets.
HILmilton, 5ee-uher 19. .8 1.

Bermuda Veteriu.ary In-
sidence, liamilton.
E. REID A EIICER, D.V.S., Residence, IlIam-
ilton Parishi.

Will visit St. (George's Professionally on Fues-
days-Offlice at G. Spurring, isqr',s.
Will visit ,omerset on Frida ~..
Reid "'i., Hi-niltuu,.Ianuary 2, 10.l-2.


Everybody wants it, but very few get it,
because most people do not kno.v how to
select coffee, or it is spoiled in the roast-
ing or making. To obviate these ditiicul.
ties has been our study. Thurber's pack-
age coffees are selected by an expert who
understands the att, of lending vatious-
flavors. They are roasted in the most
perfect maimer (it is impossible to roast
%\ell in small quantities.), then put in
pound packages (in the lbtun, not Iyi,j ,j
bearing our si.gaNittre as aI guarantee of
ge nuiuvncs,, anl each packagecontains the
Tl'hurber recipe fot making good Coffee. We
pack two kinds, Thurber's No.34," strong
and pungent; Thurber's "' No. 41." mild
and rich. One or the other will suit even,
taste. They have the three great points,
good tu.lity, h,.,,td quao tily, rwu..wlble
pi'.e. A.-k your Greocr i,.fr "Tharblt'S
roasted .Cu!fte in lpuiiad pO.AtAes, "' No. 34'
or No. 41." Do not be put off with any
other kind-your own palate will tell you,
what is best.
Where persons desire it, we also furnish
the Ideal" Coffee-pot, the simplest, best
and chea pest coffee-pot in existence.
Groders who sell our Coffee keep them.
Ask for descriptive circular.
Respectfully, &c.,
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Coffee
Roasters, New York.
P.S.-As the largest dealers in food pro-
ducts in the world, we consider it our in-
terest to manufacture only pure and
wholesome goods and pack them in a tidy
andu:l satisfactory manner. All goods
bearing our name are guaranteed to be
of superior quality, pure uand w'holesome,
andl dealers ate authorised to refund the
purchase price in any case where custom-
ers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is
therefore to the interest of both dealer
and consumers to use Thurbers' brands.

Standing Orders
On fSale at "Royal Gazette" Stationery Store'

.IL .Al VA .lUI UJ1IILL, tlL J-AL.,lI
Queen Street, Hamilton, with Coach House,
Stables, &c.
Ap.-ly to
M. S. HUNT,-
Chancery Lane, Hamilton.
6th February, 18832.-tf


RtEQTJIiBD tor which a REWARD
will be given, to the whereabouts of JOHN"
PHILLIP.1. who left London on 18th Nuve m
ber, l.76ii.-A1pply to Messr,.. Reed, Lovell
and Reed, solieitor.3, I Gutildhall Chamber.,
Londo U.
February 27, 1882.

47 Front Street,

J. H. Robinson & Co.,
Agents for Messrs. F. ALLEN & SONS, uman-
ut:ucturers of

Citrate of' Maao-esia. Chocolate and

e6, MjIest/y's Dod yar.

Reqifired for Floating, Dock.
Wages -I, per day, with -quartersi on board
attflk J
Captain-in,-Charge ,of Naval Estab-
S 11U li ts.
6th December, 1881. -" ts.

P Iec ion al -ai-ust' F lRE

00Cocoas Can be oblained!from the
Patronised by His Imperial Mijesty the Shalt of P f o n
Per.-ia, and [I. IR H. Ihe 'i',ce ol' Valei. of Lonan, ,,
Werecommend Dealers in Confectionery to One ofl.he longest Established and Vealthiest
purchase of otir Ageuts ini Beraiuda, who col- Offices in Great Britain.'i '
stantly keep a .'rg o aassomineut of our good, Through the BR ANCH. OFFiCE in these
and at present halo in stock :24 c-At. ,f ass.,rt.&- Islinnls, a Saving is effedted to the hisured
ed Confectiiiery iii a vatiely of 73 kiiud, at of the Stamp Duty, a very cohsiderable-item.
oly 9d per lb. RKl IKS takeri bth ,n ilfEAL iind--PEp..NlAL
Me--rs. I'. ALLN &. --:ON suppplies ,u PR WI'l.'T f'ir 3, G> or 1r'tmoulo,b -;
chinery, &c,, for thi" tli.nm facture ..! 1 ou'.-c- N j F l i.' no'. C. A ti(ij !lai-'Polici?.
L ioi er' wilIh :ill the lt 'est ri- imiiuv ll t- lt' .F E L TIt f P
Th', I er ,ily t .li e' d i y a II t
. -. i a :, '..i 1...1 .i .. I I ..... i .. r t '" '" I.

--.....- ...- l.- lI .iUSr s, .Ie I il. In .';. H II I l. ',l ,,i,, I L, p 9 n i -r/ 'J
,- ,- -. J. OBINSON & CO.,
,.rblere & antralate tu;rers' A ,gelnt RELIABLE FOOD PxI ODU-c
-:t O KiSy f I ,-_--- -- i Great progress ias been r.made .vithlin .a lew
M ,. or a i years in manulacturing iood productand the
F or ';n d 3 standard ol quality hai been raiked to. a point llar
s-s.. '.-i.t -b, S-S.OVa SCotia, i beyond that which' loriellly obtained. W\\e caiti
i ^; K? IB ~A ^'S ,S j A ~ I-c< Lot1 T-ltt this has, to a considerable extent, lci'n due
Ai A- SW-0 Jh A House and Lot, to our efforts; as the -Largest .Mar.ulacturer and
PP ,OP .3TOP.. I lhe T o H iDealers in the world in this line, We cousider it
-the own-- lf o ./ Ia itton, our interest to manulactire bttly PURiCand iVtOLE-
MONUM11ENTS, TOI13STONES, &e., in FOR SALE. sonMEgood, and pack theui in a tidy and attrac-
ever sty, tie naler. All goods bearish our naio arb
ermda Orders olitd. aifaioFor P.riulars ple.e ly to uarauteed to be o01 superior quality, and dealers

ranted. R. D. DARRELL, EsQ. are authorized to rclund the purchase price in
TJA E, lamilto N ,,, II. any case where customers -have caue: lor lissa-
W. T. JAMES, larnilton, Novnr. 9, IS81._ tisiaction. It is, therefore, to the interest ol uth.
4-2 Fruot St., -i r i dealers and consumers to u'ei TH.URBER'S
ARent for Bermuda. il I fJ. BRANDS. .
Hamilton, Oct 11,1881.-6i months. l. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
--o -- r Importers, Manufacturers aunl Dealer'. in all
TH E P E A R THE Undersigned takes this op- varieties ot Food .Producets,
portttlity to thank the Merchants of N- NEW YOR'K.
A Full Weight, Pure Condensed Bermuda for the very liberal response which LONDON. BORDEAUX.
Md, t'uriun the past year they have given his Card P.S.-Our goods are for sale by .aMost roverss
i Tvhich was first published in this Journal last and all will get them if requested todo s6-6in.
VE ofler, under the above brand, a full December ailnd which has resulted in a largely
o weight, pure, ia tral milk, eond-nse. y increased tetral with this Island. H.e would ,
evaporatotion, and granulated sugaradded in order albo express the hope that the. intercourse so lMiMEL'S CH lOCE ,E LU U-
,o perfectly preserve. Five (5) parts of wivter auspiciously begun may be doubled this corn- M'E i, '
added to one of milk will reduce it to the avvr. ing year, and that every Inhabitant of hermut- ]) IMiiEL'S TOILET VINEGAR, a pleasant
age standard of')iange County milk. Every cau da ;. be given an opp'..wrttity to test the Il, tonic and reireshing adjunct to the Toilvi and
is warranted. There can be no better Condenseid p'riot/r uiity of all articles puLt tup under [.iath, a reviving cent and a powerful disifeotant
Milk than The Peait, but it. will be sold on the Thurbers' bra-ndls which cover goods that are For warm climates it is invaluable.
principle that low prices coniiined with good ymiur'.ten' to be purt: and ,hc'he-,wme, aun of RI lMMEL'S CELEBR.IATED LAVENDER.
quality and/ honest weight, eomiand the trade. which dealers are atuthori-ed to refund the WATER.
Price per single case 48 16-oz. cins is .i$ purchase price where conuiBtmers have cause RIMMEL'S TREBLE DISTILLED EAJU DE
Price per inigle case, 48 8-oz. c.ns, is $3*75. for dissatisfwion. He would again remind the C OLOGN UCH IAtPROVED FLORIDA
,! K. & F. B. 'tUrB-luBi & CO., Merchants of Bermuda, that he is ,~o practi- IATI:.
Sole Agents, Ne'.' Yoi,,rk. 1 cally familiar with the want-s of the Island in RIllELS JOCKRY (LU8 aid other Ira.
ole Agn, New rk.___________ _____ all that relates to Food Produts and Groce- ran Peruie' JOK. LUd ot
ities generally. RIMMILL'S LI[IE JIJL'E and GLYCERINE
Any orletrs that may Le entrusted to him gives the hair a beaLitil'l v.loss iand Ginatpatsioan
will be faithfully and promptly filled, with the agreeable coohlneis ,o the !h-ad.
G 'IO i '- assurance that they will re-eie-. all the advan- RRI-IMEL'S PURE W\VI I'E I GLYCEL;NE
'taoes which the special fa.-ilities the Mesits. SOAP TILIA, iItO\VN WVINDSOIl. t.iONEY,
T hurber& Co., enable themrtogiveasimporters ALMOND, LETTUCE, COAL-TAll, aml the,
.-- with Branch houses at London, England, and Toilet Soalp in bars or cake!.
United States Jlail Steam 8ers. Bordeaux, France, and as foreign 0Alanufac- P.IM.11EL'S VELNE 'I'NE, VIOLE, RICE
tures ith Factories at Bordeaux, Marmande, OE-LEAF ad pakother LT s.DER in
FO R e l 1 1EIPJ9 0L F and Nantes, France, in adhiton to the.large 1RIh,MIEL'S AIUADENTINE, cleans, whitens
SAT Factories which the own and operate in the and preserves the teeth, relieshes the mouth, and
CALLING A' QUEEN!TOWN, United states A trial order, no matter how zweetensthe breath.
LEAVE NE\V YORK small, may restdt in mutual benefit and will u.lAMLL'i AROt.IATIC OZONIZER, orNa-
?vI be appreciated by tural Air purtfier,a fragrant Powder which diffuses
V uALt BERT V Mlr I[C the healthy and refreshing emanaiions of th' e Pilte
-- LB T W. MlN K, and Eucalyptus Forests.
ALASKA. Tuesday, March 21, at 6-30 a.m. With H. K. and F. B. THURBER & CO., E. RIM li'L, Perauamr byappoiiitment tb II. R
NEVDA 2 ', at 1(:1 p.m. Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers of and H. Princess of \:\ !.,S9, 9Siraud, London, amid 17
ARIZON April 4, at 5*U0 p.m. Dealers in Food Products,- Boulevard des Italiens, Paris.
AB[AB 'SSINA II, at IJO...a. i ..... ,e .01 o,,ri o,,-.,-., S+,. May 29, 1,77,


" l,
" 25,,
May 2,
" 9,

5~ 00 p rm.
11-30 a.m.

'he :,b.b ve Stear era are built es'pi-3slV I.jr
the Trade, have live watertight bulkite.Il., and
:a:ry eperienced Oficer', Surgeons aihi S.tew -
.,'!tC ses. T!hI ilIooni -leeqImmi,,JStioil-, ..;i i n-
-i'ip. -d by' ar," aliulic .to.itner... 'n i,

*;-.l 5 ,. s: t..u lh t '- i -. l'-r'. t
.-inokin'. <"; .u th o.' i alnd 1 intio on
.;.-..' cteaiiicr.
\. ). t ,t,i .t- ..f.i rinoceu" frc u
1 ii.i;:, I,-..Jay., geaerally arrives at New
York an 'OllaI's, awld P&s.engers' bagageaecat
lie tr-..- 'eiredJ lir- s3 ili g.itIex.t iL.Lt .
Agent. -,
29 tHroadlway, New York.
New York, March 9, 1'62.

"TH2P PO 1 MIAN'S F1I, 17D,"
is confidently recommended to the I'nblic as
an unfailing remedy for wounds of every des.
criptiou; a certain remedy for ulcerated le.s,
burns, scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic
eruptions, and pimples on the face, sore and
inflamed eyes, sore head-?, sore breasts, piles.
It also entirely removes the foul smell arising
from Lancer.
Sold in pots, 13"d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s.,
and 22s. each ; and his
Proved by more than sixty years' experience
to be one of the best medicines for purifying
the blood and assisting Nature in her opera-
tions. They form a mild and superior family
aperient, which may be taken at all .times
without -cofinemaent or change of diet.
.?old in Boxes at 134d., 2s 9d., 4s. i3d., 11s
and 22s. each.
Prepared only by BEAC,1 & BARNICOTT,
Bridport, Dorset, England, and sold by all
Medicine Vendors.
January 17, 1882.-6 m

s T t (, JUI,. U Y I" ,,I.*,.b.1I. *l t, i i u vk U M, 'v .u u
New York City.
P. 0. Box 34-2.
New York. London. Bordeaux.
['m m v NImUM




8 -~AAN A WA-L AN r S
I-l'iqui'e tii O:, l6licte of' tht- Paper..
I T Mili 1:1I IfruulunI 4.1., 1tiber 211, I

i'veripoo1, lQaienilowix, Lonidor
akdll Nerw loik.
The STEAIMSHIPS of this line comprise
TWELVE of the largest steamers (belonging
to one Company) in the Atlantic service leav-
ing the port of New York. They are built ex-'
tirely of iron and steel, except the merely de.
corative parts, are divided into. water-tight
and fire proof compartments, and provided
with everything calculated to add to their
safety, and to the comfort and convenience of
passengers. The saloons aud staterooms (all
on the main deck) nre unusually large, light
and aity. The table and general appoint-
ments compare favourably with the best hotels
in England.
One of these steamers will sail from New
York every Saturday, for Queenstown and
Liverpool, and weekly for London direct, .from
New Pier 39 North River. Rates of passage
in currency:-To Queenstown and Liverpool,
S-50 to $70. To London direct (Victoria Docks)
$j0 to $60; excursion tickets $100, currency;
Steerage passage $I26, currency. For further
particulars apply to the Company's Offices,
Nos. G9, 71 and 73 Broadway, New York.
S- Maiager.
New York, January 27, 1882.

School Books.
A full supply of the abo
used in the public schools.
Just received at the Royal Gazette"
onery Depositary.
January 1 1882.

ve as


at the Royal Gazette Stationery S'to' e.
(Some .BA. SB haL T
Hamilton, March 8,S2 "

".iL : "C IA'RI :-,.ICH 188 ''1"

. 1

-5 --

21 T

2:3 T
24 F
25 Si
26 SA
27 M

Su t.. ide' REMARKS.

c is. sets.
--- I
u 6 0 6 12 2 9 -
e 5 58 6 12 9 4
h 5 58 6 12 4 10 42
ri 56 6 14 5 I O .- [
at b 54 6. 1:41 6 I.. i,.Q~A an .e ,-L. y
5 5 3. -6 15 I 6 h~ ,,- "tL:
Lo5 52 6 11 8 I 54." +
-First Quarter 26 day, 9hj14m.A M.-'''-

TLuE B kUDolqR*At aliW -
every Toe-da~y b~y Doxil-M! I'Hg'
Primter, to the Q~leuee's MOSt eU
ljetAT HI.S OF..'*
North.west Cor.erof Reid and.BurhabyLtfreClta,

printed aiz!thl khortei abtioe A~-Agou

SlGdi ( "Byl- ke N-1

6 r. 6 eL i,. 9-EU AV*

- :, -.
--- -

fAS S.EN-r4 E K':'.,-ST,,EAM5


-- -
a. nl'%Wdr .'.- ,!& ,-: 4 '.,? .,-- ---. ." .. -.

*. 4

..' &A-~-'~.~. ~ ~

PTTTT.T.TPi~4 1N1~'C)Th~'T&TT(VT'J ',

' -*.




jSupplemnent to he Benrm dar Royal ( zettea dhy,/arcf 21, 182.
~ Un. ._ t -td '-,- -' R o y <-. !"**--1*.'_ '*-~U w 3.*i-i- i.. ,. __________

Mn. EDITo,--I noticed in your last issue thint
!anither important signal has been made from the
stranger to the People's Steambr. I judge from
the report. of her pan,, that she is the same ship that
gave us a broadside the -week before, FAcrs &
FANcy," which was answered by '" Our People's
Steamer," and although being a strange ship on
the station, I am thankful to say she has been fully
recognized by our Public, and may she continue to
raise steam enough to force her way through this
spacious field of ice, and arrive into a more genial
climate. .
This ship sails under the name of A Bermudi-
an," which we know -he is using this name tode,:oy
our People, and as she is waiting for au answer,
we*mus.t do the best we (an, to prott..;t our Pe.,pl-.'s
Steamer. It is !ilaiu for our people to see that every
shot that bas been tired by the Strauner has innde
her consideral.,ly weaker in the es-timitioUn ,f our
Peeple:-her ammunition will doubtless be ex-
hausted by the tune the Ameri,.an Govummuent has
done condemning ill: of the I'un Steam ottins, at
they are c.alIled. The writer iitii.iat-. that I ant
using mty e...l in vnaiu, in striving to put our :Peo-
ple's Stena ci iu nimotion. I amu happy to inform him
that we are fithtr advan.i.d in -te.ani thou he is
aware of, and cau iai-e steanm to full pressure when
required: we arv c ,uly waiting for order, from
across tle vater, then you will .se- o-u-r People man
their Life Boats, and pull for the shore, as they can
ee& that tlhi i tho. uly nlt-rn:uative .f san-inug our
(country fromrl ruiu. The writer say, if the Public
yields t my ui--.V -ti.:.un, they will find out their
mistake--he might safely say it would be the pre-
servation of ,ilr -.-uintry. A few days ago I was
told by one of our wp.lthiest and most influential
merchants in the town of HIamiltou, that he con-
sidered that this vias the bent step that could be
taken to help :ouI r -ouintry, and he is a true friend
to his country. H,: -aid it would not do for this
Steamer to be, c.-Uwed 'by a few of our mui-r.hants as
that would be ... worse than the present sy.s-
tem-that we all know. He alco said, we must
have a People'iSte.iner, and rmake the shares small,
so that it will -..-orne within reach of most of our
Thie writer of the 214st says, I burui-hed up to our
People the gro-r eai nirigs of these Boats and made
them look beautiful, but I failed to take you be-
"hind the s'eue-< to the Mint. to see how much
gold icome out shorn of the dross." For myself land
perhap- some of iiy friends. here he shows his
true ieol.rrm IS eltishun--- he jiude-, all to, .,e like hinm-
self. Our Native w...uld be very well satisfied with
th. balance of -hlip', after all expeusi:
ate paid, our I.aountry wou ld wouIO .tt growt-iuu p.
I think this writer haits i'u-.use.d he- wionugfulay, as
well a-s mIy frieud-. I shouldd like to know lI., .hat
way could I mnke money out of thu Pe.-ple's S: ituer
more thnn any other ,sharchllT.r, if the rul are
carried out that ar.: lik -lyc to. h, ftr.',h .1. orsoni lhing
similar to this, viz., Dir-ector. or <,ot. ,.t L:.:.' o b
elected anuu lly ; ; h are-- t, t ti- '! 1 0.-,-i ; the list
for Sh:rI-hlolJei, t,:1 i-e oi.,l1 for t' give every onu- .a iih.nue. No: li'.,- per- in i-houl1I b':.
allowed- to' take mori-e than if iuffi cient ui.'1 -vy 1..-. ni:,t rii-A ,l ili t tat tiiir-, alr-
rangemi.r--.t- -,-ill I-. -ini- to :- t tih i !.i u.,:e required.
It is uif.TJviiy t-l .'i.iht we Will r.,i-1a I-1iu.h With
small stock holders to pay f...r ou,:-half of thei Boat,
which is all that m r.tuiruired in tIn, tir-t iutita.-'?. no
sharehold.-r to b1., alowt.l u.:-riv thi onu *.,'., that one will have i-i mor' ,,:1w,..r t!, u .io:,ther, anid
once a nyra'r the lshat,0hld,.ri, ..I la .'t n,-w m.tli.,.
Of course th--se aie ...uly ,u.g,-i.ti. .-, that might
suit. Our writ-er .ys if ite w t v -tf ni ihl I the
strange cr, we w.uil.l I... '-ihly riun it we haiv.. our
own -teuner: .J, int let :oiii potip!.-- h- ..- nc year's
trial, and I will guarantee our .t'ie-keepe's wi3ll
find. a gie.t itipruov..:!c t in thi-ii lu i'n.ill adair e
for oue-third ..f her .xp n-ue at la.,t will be spent
in our country, whithi is quit,.- an it.-n b-es.ides her
net earnius. Our St,-aiioi-r would coal in New
York, is de the : pie-ent Li-u.: : if h.-r na,:hiu.-.iy
gets iJii.. wil v.-l no, t I.e ;ll,..v 1 to ha.e it r:.-
paired at H M. Do. l..,irl, as the pre.-nut Com-
pany h.a Id cl: whyv 'h:uldl we -not hive thie -sanrt
privil-..-e in N.-w ais th,' GuIll P,,rt Co., wh,:n
they are -only -tcan-,.c- like oumi-Elves. If any pre-
ference, we shoull h iv. it as 9U per cett. of .itr
earnings ti.l-, its w >tv oiut.- Amiri,.au handl where
on the ,.ontr-aUy ih,: G il? Port C.0.'s '-:.goes away into.
the lai-kwoo,.l- of Canada And shield our Boat
come to any ni.-lh.cp, I should think the Goutle-
nr.n that a'e likl.:iv t... 1e-uir A,-ut,-, nud wlich-l are
the oll.-t estal.-li-h.lii and moat reliable Berminudt
firm in New York City. rth,.y would -il-rly I,: allit
to plac: a-B.,it :on the Line. at the shobrte;t n..ti.e
the pr.-scnt hla ,- :ten had to charter other St-aniter
or Rat Trap? as they .art called, why not our Ag.nut
be able to do the -,,me.--You even say that we have
no ba.kboun t-.. firui-hL mia.-nsif -.uddenly required ;
that remains to he proved. I think the prese-nt
Company his enough on their hands at. present to
try their backs. The writer .says we will not hol-i
together asa ,.,-nmpany lon~g enouv'h to make money.
Why, he- must put ius d.:.w to the level of -avagcs.
I dio not know what -trangrs ,can think of c fi- r.itn
his remark-s, for mur-ly we are hum.uin i.ein, r.u
nearly every ,-'umitry c:iu raise a -nt- a er o'it its owu,
beide B..Lu.a.l'.a, whi- hi is a great liitr on or ipt-i.
pie; why not all f.:.rwardl at uon..e afml onut
shoulders to the %wheel, no-d g ive it ,.ne .;,-l shove
Wv will then ful u.iu-,c-lves on a f,:,..itlug with other
countries. He has pla -dJ our Beruiiiili.ins at .t v.-rv
low grade. He says we- have .,t mne-u enough h aml.-in-:
un, that liav- e ntfici.:ut t.t0n- t t .. t i.rm a B, .1'r. ,.i
D ir ,:t.,r-. If t!l: --l-h il.l m:m il,.: ... i .. nuieU w .:
must be lookI.-, in,:,i iu y ..t' an ot beint.
able to govtii oir=tl;-,:l-. I t'.in: I. ,l people should ]
answer this (qucs>ion iu I .ilf .,t' h,.ni-e-clves'- 1,
oven says we would ut expect to p'n our ftrei.:g!
regularly, a. we ,.l,:. u0lw : that i-.,mnr. l,-. expect-.-d
And he g,.es on tn e.ty, sui.,pos.e tht hLe have
their fortune, (twhi-ch we know',, -..tposr. they caru
willing to curt:iil their charges of freight, aud tak(
'"e 500 subl-illy, for such boats as they now fur.
sh. I sii'-'.',?~t..d the above amount. a short tiuni
ince in.talI-, of payiu'-. 2,110'., but a- we- can -f:,<
plainly, that tlhe .-tran-er thinks the bone is woitI
glighting for, 'so we are determinedd to have a: go in
and chune.:- the dln. It is plainly to be seeu tha
it ih only Our People's Steamer that i-i bringing
them to the mark. Another veryimport nt feature,
to notice: The Steamer Orinoco was never inteudec
for this trade, as she draws too much water, am
has to conice in or go out at tip hiegh watter and re-
main outside until the hour of sailing, ,o that thi
passengers have to go ott in boats ; anul the stran-
gers visiting our Isle- for their health do not likm
it; the ship being some six nuilis from tbe town
We know ourselves when we part with a dea
friend, whom we might nevcr see again, we like t'
see him safely embarked, and in a safe ship will

all comforts around them, but with this boat we ar-
deprived of that pleasure, and in winter time whet
very blustery )ome lives might be lost in striving
to reach the ship-for we have rough weather in ou
Sound at times. But our intention is to have ou
Boat to draw '2 feet less water, to leave our whar
at any tide, and I firmly believe if we owned a faw
Steamer, say a 14 knot. Boat, so as to make the pas
sage in 48 hours, and to have her fitted with -all o
the modern improvements, and to have the passag
money lowered one-fourth at least, and the passed
gers well looked out for, which cannot be expected
of the Captain, as the passages being so very short
and running on dangerous coasts he cannot well b
spared from his duty ; especially in winter month
whon very often they cannot come to the table, t
give any attention to the sick invalids that requi
every attention, therefore are left to be cared'for b
theStewards, which never amounts to much, $s.,tho
ae perhaps strangers, and are only looking oi4 f
that dollar; but if the travelling was cheap, ani

good attention, with a very swift boat, I believe we
woula"-hIve as'many visitors, or perhaps more, in
summer than in winter, as our beaches on the East,
South and West parts of Bermuda are well adapted,
with beautiful Bays, for Bathing; having good
shady Cedar trees near, which would be greatly ap-
preciated by strangers; as their bathing places in
Americ-a have nothing of this sort, that I have ever
seen the bathers having to go some distance from
the beach to get under shady trees. I fear that I
have overrun my mark, but when I commence
writing on this subject, I have such a large field
open that I hardly know when to stop; and hope
that I have satisfied my friend "A Bermudian,"
taking his own heading for it, All is not (Gold
that Glistens," any more than Steam Coffins as
they are called fit to be classed as first class Pas-
seuv:-r Steamers. For further information I can
refer him to the Nautical Gazette, a Journal of
Navi-ratiou"ofNew York, February *25 1S82, which
is thought to be a very reliable Paper. The Gulfl
Port Company, that the writer speaks so highly of,
seems to occupy a great portion of this. paper.
He alludes to the remarks of Mr. Scott,
one ot the Firm, who was saved from the wreck of
the B.haima, in recounting his experience, says:
"Th.- awful knowledge that the ship was sinking
left us but two alternatives, we must either stay ou
boar.1 n.I die like rats in a trap, or take to the
boat'," indeed she was a trap." What they
should b,1 the-rce would Ie a wholesale slaughter of
those foreign -ocean tr.imps. I hope I have not
weairi-d your readers, if ao, I hope to be ex, used.

Furr ie .Rioyi r,,:e/te..
DEMAR M. L.EE,-Please to allow me space in
your next issue for a few words about the Shed
system. If I had the rule of that Shed, I would
enclose the sides and ends with one inch pine plank,
and have four or five gangways to open on the
street; at each gangway have a receiving clerk,
the agents of the ship can calculate very near to
how many boxes of onions and bbls. of potatoes
and boxes of tomatoes she will carry ; well then,
give the Clerks notice to receive so much of each
kind; when they have received that complement,
stop until it is all on board, then if the ship will
take more, receive it as it comes to the gangway;
in calculating their tomato room they must calcu-
late about how many there will be for that parti-
cular steamer and reserve room for them (as they
have always done) until three o'clock on Wednes.
da3 afternoon, then if they have not received that
quantity go ahead and take onions or potatoes-
whichever they may want. Some parties say that
.system will not work for this reason: that very
o'fren farmers bring produce in town not knowing
if they will sell or ship it; that they can still do,
but they must not put it under the shed until they
decide; when it goes under that shed it must be
marked ready for shipment, and the man who is
going to ehip it will be at the gangway and say to
the clerk here are twenty boxes of onions with
suth a mark itud here is the recipt, please sign it;
thfn the cartman will take them off and put them
where directed by the clerk, he will then draw out
and another take his place; of course there must
be a policeman there to keep order, and I believe
everything would go on like clock work. Some
cry out that the Agents could not get trustworthy
men for clerks, but that is all nonsense; of course
they do not want boy c-r.unter-jumpers, they waut
men who can carry authority; my opinion is that
the best ones to get would be good, sober men who
have been used to receiving cargoes, such as Cap-
tains and Mates of vess-lr. Ask any Captain or
Mate of a sailing vetsel in the New York trade
how he receive. the cargo, and I should like to
know which is the easier to receive, our produce in
such even packages and marked so nice and plain
that a man can tell at a glance what a cart has on,
or the cargoes of -mall packages and very illegibly
marked that are shipped from New York to Ber-
muda and the West Indies.
Yours Truly,

FR-e t.c R-oy, Ga:,.'tt. t
Mn. EDITOP.-I think it would ble mui-h more ]
profitable for the advocates of the People'-, Steamer
instead of indulging in -.o) many newspap,_.-r fancies,
to resort to some facts to prove their truth, viz.,
to call a public meeting, either in Hamilton orl'ome ,
other appropriated place, to enable ill those so dis- t
pjed to r.:-ord their names for the number of
shares they are willing to take and for which they e
will deposit the money when called upon, and t.:'
tmmniniomdate thoe at a distance, or who can- e
not attend, appoint a Cormaittee to receive applica-
tions in person or l:byletter for one or two weeks, a-
sugigested by one of your correapoudeuts, with in-
structions not to permit, any one su.bsceriber to take
more than a given unut.,eri of shares, say fifty if
10 each, lest. the wealthy purtiou of the comninuni-
tyshoid attempt to umonopolize, cas he also intimates.
'When half the amount of :o)st, of a ste,uner, s:iy
Twenty Thousand pouund-, shall have been sub--rib-
ed, with a-surance of satisfactory arrangemneuts forr
the other half (20,001.i, apply to the Legi-lature
for a ,h.uiter for the People's Steamship Com-
pany." This will be coming to the point, inostad
of having so rmuich newspaper talk, and will prove
two things, vizc., whether the p-...ple are al.e and
willing to put upl the nce-;-iy, aud whether
they <.an get the i hert.-er on tl,: uwislhei f-.r teris.
If b-oth thise are r.:-lpound-ld to in the affi rm.tive
during thi: appruoa.hiung Session, ti-hei- let them take
steps t. -ecuri the next thinu in order, whi.-h is a
god. whVIrf, a pier roU in la initatble p.irt ,.f tle
-ity of New York f,.fr the landil,-, of otur Pr,-hduce, t
-is it will take a little time to look rounl a.nd a,.-
u.ompish it, counideiing that the "Qu'.b.-.,S. S.
C'o. were coimpellkdl to paiy ev',-nteen thousaud,
two v u.ndlred dollars per annum i. 17,201>, for.-e' '
yeas in addition to the e,_ut of buil.ling a h.:-J,
for the only suitable pier that was obtainable at
that fiie," according to their C;ard to you in the-
R,,,,,.il.-..ttl of April 5, 1SSI, stating "that they
had tiiulertaken this f iewi,riii ta.-k to facilitate the
Benmrinta Prolduie interests." This i,- oue amongst
a numniler of the /i't, items iour farmers ilhtve not
thought of that will come behind the glisteuing of,
the gross e'lnings otheheir coutemuplatEd teaimeri'
Possibly if the agents of the Quebec Steame:r, should
be appointed the agents of the "' People's Steamer"
they stay let us have pier 47 at a small advance,
say for $IS,J00 per annum, and if the present
Agents here be appointed to act for the people, I
they will doubtless feel flattered thereby, and wil-
lingly accept the position if allowed to arrange the
Wharf Sheds their own way ? As there are so
many.ainxious for a beginning in this matter, and
are jealous lest "a few rich men in power" should
grasp'it all up, let us have the Public meeting as
soon sag possible that each man may be proud of

To the Editur of the Royal Gan-:tt.
DrAR Smt,-While taking my family out for a
drivewthe other day, I noticed that some of our
roads -Wre sadly in want of repair, and oneroad
in p tj4ular, where repairs had been attempted,
only r"ft it in a worse state than if it had never
been ouehed,; the repairs -(so-called) consisted in
digging the reA garth and grass from the side of the
road sad thiwing it in the ruts wherever they
Soccued. ,
Oh If. Editrif .you could have only tseer this
pieceef work, Pi'aure you would have rewarded.
it as m-aster-piL'; I .did, for it mastered bie, to
i -, -_ 2

West Eud, March -20, 1~2.

. P. P.

We feel pleasure in traudferring front the Hali"
:ax Ctielh Gaimdn..:, of 9th Felbruary, to our
oluniuis, the subjoined address, which was present-
.d Mr. Skinner pr-vimus to his leaving Lunenbuig
or Halifax:
" The following Address, acompuipuie:lby ;a putr-
f d lOiO, .-T-it. d -to te Rev. Fcedei Ik
Skinner, by tiume of the Paris.hiou.rt- of the Paiiili
,f Liuneuburg, on Saturdlay, Jan. 21st, 182.:-
LrrENx.t-, 16th -u.., 1S;2,'
P:i/.L-hi of -.t J..)lmn.
1,''iy 1 .,i S,',-We, the unler.,imm-I.d, tI.r unr-
.elve-, and on behalf of a large number of P.iri-h-
oners, and others, are desirous of giving som.:-
ang-ible token of our hearty support nud inter.--t
n your labotur and ministrations, among u-, andI of
utr extreme regret, at, your departure from thi5
Parish. You have strongly attached yolurs-if to
all of us, who sensibly feel that they are not only
losing their faithful und uncompromiinng Spirituali
guide, but their true friend, and a mos-t valuable
member of this cormnunity, one who dischargedl
he -duties of his priestly octtlie at all times with
Create promptitude and fidelity, and yet with niark-
ed kind.nriss of spirit. We therefore present you
with the accompanying purse of One Hundred andl
'even Dollar.s, as a mark of our esteem.
Yours, .-incc rely,
H. A. N. Kaulbach. Staunag,.- .Tuob., James
Kirby, C. W. F. F. Knull.bach, A. E. Dauphinee,
and many other frie'uds.
To which Mr. Skiunner made a suitable Reply.
Mr. Skinner was also pre-ented with anu aitfec-
tionate Address from his Bible-Clatss. .

Ab-rati .t 1'o iiI' r ; .Prt, ri, R ,i. f. ISS1.
T. D. M.
Coal mined and sold for their ai':t.. .3,2 tl, I96 tons
Transported for other pairtie-........ 4.50,296 "

3,661,702 "
The leased lines show satisfactory results inas-
much as they are self-sustaining, and the fact that
they now furnish a market for 750,001u tons coal
annually, which is m.ous.t titly iunreasing, is a iifli-
eik-ut- eudornement of the policy that led to their
inquisition. The profits for the past year being
26, lS2.
The financial condliti-:-n of the Company is strong,
and will doubtless lbe satibfactorl- to the Stock-
ho,lders--$:94,1,ou0 of the Bonds cf the Co., which
were purchased from time to time, have been re-
tired, and cancelled, thereby reducing the Bond-
ed debt surplus by cond-ensed Balance Sheet to
December .31st 181, $1,230,430.
The business of the year yielded a profit on the
Capital Stock of J2,1 2,463 being a fraction over
ten and one half per Cent.
All certified to by the examing Committee.

An Unsucees.sfd Party of Lynchers.-JACKSON-
VILLE, OREGON, March 13.-On aturday night
twelve masked men rode into Linkville, where H.
C. Laws, charged with murder, is in custody await-
ing examination. The officers were in Greeman's
Hotel with the ptisouer when the lynechers entered
and were ordered to-balt. The lynohera refused,
and the Deputy-Sheriff fired, wounding one of thb
party slightly The lyuchers returned the fire,
killing the Deputy-Sheriff and wounding Justice
Wright. They then left without taking Laws. The
excitement is intense.
1.he Sergeant who tried to ahool Guiteaut sentenced to
Eight Years in the Penitentidry.-WAsHr~GTOON,
Ma~4i 12.--The finding of the court-mai'tial in the
case of Sergeant. Mason, on trial lfor.attempting to
shoot Charles Guiteau, is .that he is guilty, and the
sentence pronounced is thAt fie be dishonorably die-
charged frora the service of the United. btatq- with
loss of all pay and allowances now due:or to-become
due b"m- and that be be confined at hard'labor in
suah .enitentiary. as tehge oper authdrit-i 'way di-
rec for eight years. .
otitoes'fkim Ireland andAoTd T in thNew
Yojk 'aiket, are quoted at 7(_ centserbashel.
.,, 4 '. ,.

think how anyone could call t'li sdrt of tlitif.-1fil.
repairing. Now, at the death of our late Colonial-
Surveyor (who was indeed a loss to Bermuda) I[
was told by one not a native of this Island: Oh,.
you will have to send to England for a Colonial.
Surveyor; you have. no ohe amn6ng you, who .4nder-,.
stands the work." Y/ did ntt think at tbe..time!
that this was the truth, but the samples of'roa d re-
pairing I have seen of late leads me to believe that
we have indeed no one arhoing ts who understands.
the work; I don't at all evi4ts, though I have had
to do with the repairing of roads 'in another
Although I do not know who is to be'blarted for
this nice state of things, the Board of Works or
our Colonial Surveyor, I must honestly say that it's
high time that ome imniprveiment be made on our
roads, for so bad are they getting that even our
Colonial Surveyor bimelf seems to prefer maldkin
inmot of his journeys from place to place by boat in
preference to a good jolting in a vehicle on his own
roads. I am, Yours, TAXED.

To i,.k EddEior of the Ri.,yld Gardte.
DrEA Sin,-Thib ,,7,t of a "People Steamer"
is getting very popular in our a d of the 1ldaid.
Everybody is asking the queswtiou What do you
think about the People '- Steanier -and the work-
ing men are -aying to oue another "it is a- capital
idea, we ought to have had one before, if ever its
,tarted I shall take rw. or tn, .s,hes, I believe it
will be the best tei piaiih I ever laid out, and if
anything should happen to me, it will help the old
woman to school the ouiing-ters." I Qaw in your
last issue ?ome one asks the questiou, what would
the Company do in an atie nyi-icy. Was there any
hsi.. ever started yet without ri.', attached to it. I
presume if any accident happened to the People's
Steamer" in New York the Agent for the Cormpany'
would have respectability and credit enough to pro-
cure another boat to contiuue the business--and if
the ar-cident happened at Bermuda the Company
would ,at in the. ame ia,,,ee as the Aget, of the
(Qneb, c (o,., did when the. Jer'opuiis returned with
his E,.,llvi.ty.obiad. The sanie writer also stated
that. "he did not I- ic-e .a Company in Bermuda
would remain long enough in unity and cohesion
to make: money, etc." There was a time when ,nome
p.ophl 'dd ni t ,ot. ble: there would be a CGat'Iay',
and that the 8,i t,,,." AJt would suc-ceed, and who
did believe that the co-operative stores were a hum-
bug, and that the Sheds would n.dt be thivi t, .pt,,
-but their belef,. did not Yft these. The very
.f, I that the Qiiuebehe Co. was able to give bouis for
$241,inO..00, shows plainly that our c\'ii'yi. iradee
is a 1-., iif;re it. I have even heard it said that the
Quebec Co. would ,irt,,t their fridl/,1I and run their
boat for a ,~ol/&ity of .t0l'JI) per year. There is many
a pre,'.dent to show that almost every improvement.
has had to make its way through a long period of
ueglicit, mis.oni.-ception, prejudice, and where old
;d,t -,ti were encroached upon, positive and obsti-
nate resistan,:e; an undertaking may be d-,tqled.
,,iii'itptP,11.r, 1."4'/' puoi d, and even persecuted for
a time; Ibut it' i pose-,se.- th'e. riali;ty of ,tilft, the
day will : omee when it will pl ir through all *.,ppo-
' .'on 'u.l i ;.,,,../, ill U.,i' 1 ,,' I tH;I ,.
D./., '-,,, Sir, that. this will be the ,r, with the
"People'a Steamer,"

I;ONDON; March 14.-Mans Baisk, 9fonder o.f.w
Quarterly 'Review, is dead.
The publicatiou-of "United.Irelan4" s' djSou-
tinl ed. -
Ib .Hous .of Comuo .at. eveiCng, C ere,
Secretary of State for War, in moving the a es-
tiim ai, said the cost of the army iu 1882 wou lO
1 0,.00 for13,905 menO. -
RikN. m Mlarh-.b,-1.-The.-Emmnrnr William'mnilka

AK Your Giocer for A. E. WUYLANp"

..' "


The English Mall of the 2nd March.

The-Royal Mail Steamer. Beta,. Captin. Shaw,
with the English Mail of the 2nd instant, arrived
at St. George's at 11 a.m., on, Saturday last. The
B. was detained .at; Halifax till midnight of the.
14th, the Hibernian, with theMail from.England, not
teaching there till 9 o'clock on that night.

According to intelligence from St. Petersburg,
he Czar, on receiving General Skobeleff, said: "I
um displeased with you. You, doubtless, wished
o glorify Russia. Look at the results obtained.
Before your speech Russia enjoyed a certain au-
hority in Europe. Now you see .her forsaken.
Austria is irritated and France is distant. Mr.
Mladstone has his hands tied, and the Russophobist
English party triumphs at finding a foundation on
which to base its invectives against what it regards
is the bellicose dispo.sit.ion and grasping tendencies
of Rus.-ia."
In the British House of Commons .yesterday af-
ternoon Mr. Forster, Chief Secretary for Ireland,
said he was .not aware that the Unite. States had
made any reprose'-tatini.i to the Government in
regard to the st'-pp.age .of the Irish World. The
Irish members denounced the arrest of Mr. Rourke
as merely due to spite against Mr. Egan. Mr.
Forster denied emphatically that the arrest had any
connection with the fact of his partnership with
lIr. Egan.
In consequence of a threatening letter received
by the Police Inspector w'ho arrested MacLean,
the Queen's assassin, the Windsor police have been
reinforced from London.
It is said that many members of Parliament held
an informal conference on Thursday and decided to
opp.-,se the introduction by' the Government,
throvih a private member, of a bill for the relief
)f all ;kl.tid members who object to take the oath.
Th,! Nihilist prisoners recently condemned in St.
Peterburg to be hanged will be allowed until
March 27 in which to app,-al against the death
s-utctices. It is thought, however, that the senuten-
oes will be carried out.
It is affirmed in clerical circles in Berlin that
tli,. C( i. insi-ts on m.-kinr or revision of
the Miy laws a primary coiditiou of a _ompromisa
of ainy kind.
Sir Charles Wyville Thomson, the eminent Eng.
lish scientist. is dead. He was at the head of the
famous Challenger Expedition, which explored the
depths of the Atlantic, and has written much in
regard to its results.
Paidul Louis Edouard Briudeau, an actor of the
Paris Theatre Francais, is dead. He mide his
reputation in the interpretation of Alfred de Mus-
set's comedies.
A Government Commission has been olppi.tEd
in Mexico to organize a new postal sydem, anil to
accord with the new state of aff.iirs it i4 propo,,emi
to add a Postmaster-General to the Presileut's
Cabinet. fhe Commission will closely .tudy the
United States postal system.
Mr. Dudly Edward Sauriu, Secratary of the Bri-
lish Legation at Lisbon, has been tr.niuf-rred to
WVashington, and Mr. Victor A. W. Drummond,
Secretary of the British Legaiion at Waahington,
will go to Vienna.
Notwithstanding the numerous chau'e- which
have been made in the military force ;u Ir-i_,.uJ dur-
ing the past month, the totr..l sttre-ugth :.i' all ormn'i
reiajins above the samie-viz., 30 biit li,.us of in-
fauntry, 13 batteries of artill.:ry, .svea. i.:i !i.ntl of
.vahy, thru'ee compauni- s of r,:,yal e: ; .iae,_.. ..eveu
companies of (conumi-,.-ridit au-l trau-po)tt ,,' ..i,--in
All tobout 41i,000.
The duble-turr.:tted ironclad ship Col:is is to
be laun.hled atPortsmouth thl--dayTue slay, March
Th. Lord Ch.ancellor h-is iv' U p ni-io-n for
th- .rertioun ,f the Ltatiu of th. Liate Iir. (G. Street
in tli, h'll of th.i Law Courtis.
Eur:orE&A NoTE'.- 'ti' F,-ench Ci,mJrc.'ler la -Pa-nrs, March !1.-M. Bie.'iff, :iri' of the
T,--i .tment of Accounts in the Miun.iirv of Foreinru
Adr its, will temporarily- u-eed M. D,.B"i.uieres
.i -;Fruech Comprroller-General in Egypt.
The Grecian .ilinistry RtSiy-s.-ATHENS, March 11.
-The Ministry has resigned and the King has sum-
moned M. Tricorpis to an audience fo01 the )purpose,
it is understuod, of entru-ting him with the forma-
timn of a new Mini-try.
Her:egovinia to be Pacificd.--ViENA, March 11.
-At a councili l of Austrian and Hungarian Minis-
ters to-day, Count Bylandt Rhc-dil. Minister of
War for the Empire, announuedthe e.ompleto Aius-
trian occupation of Crinos,:ie, and said he antici-
pated a speedy pacification of Herzegovina.
Spain and Cuba.-MADnri), March 13 --The Gov.
erment, has decided to give Gen. Prendergmst full
power to suspend constitutional guarantees, the
press laws and every .statute he may judge necee.-
ary if the concessions already made by r pnin in
Cuba are used by the creoles to promote autouomist
agitation. This is considered here ns a disguised
preparation for secession. The Miuister for the
ColonieA and Senor Sagosta, when tie Cuban bug-
get and tariff:reforms are presented in the Cortes,
will again deehlre that Spainis determined to re-
sist autonomy, and intends never to g,, ieyondl.the
policy of assimilation.
:NoTrn AFREICA.- A;' Italian!.-Tutns,
March 12.-The rtalian Consul-Genecl hls pr6-
tested against f'ho insecurity of liie .and pr, p. ty in
the Regency. He declares that hb will h. Id the
Bey responsible in the event of Italian I..,-ing their
lives, '
A(i.Ki'afa Declared Bey of Tiias by Insurg.t,.-
PaIs, Marca 12.--It is reported that the Tuni-ian
iasrirgents have proclaimed Ali Kilufa, their leader,
Bey of Tunis.
So6i AvRaicA.-Fiqhl with the Boers.-DURBAN
March 9.-A patty of Boers and natives with three
guns attacked Chief Montsiva, on the 21st ult. The
latter rallied and completely repulsed the attacking
party. The latter, whose losses are believed to be
heavy again advanced on the 2.5th, when they fell
intoau ambuscade and retreated, losing thirty-eight
men,.including their- commander. Chief Monsiva's
lo.-s is trifling. "
DUnaN.x, March .11.-The Volksraad, of the
Orange Free States, has refused to.allow Preiident
Briaud to accept the:Grand Gross of the Order of
St. Michael and St. George, offered him by Great
Britain for .services in connection with the settle-
meutof the Transvaal difficulty. .

I am, yotu's.

u ipp1 mneri tQ t b e Imewpmdii Royal,( zate qq~ri2, 82


S Frmn tie .ii rorrk SKeMid,'taref'4, ..

Chmr'age of tlie Heavy Brigarlde.

(By Soecil Cald De spait, to the NaewYork IAndpen..
dtnt from London.)

The charge of the gallant Three Hundred, the Hea.
vy Brigade!
Down the hill, down the hill, thousands of Rus-
Thousands of horsemen drew to the valley-and
For Scarlett and Scarlett's Three Hundred were
riding by
When the points of the Russian lances broke in
on the sky;
And he called Left wheel into line!" and they
wheeled and obeyed.
Then he looked at the host that had halted, he
knew not why,
And he turned half round, and he bade his trum-
peter sound
"To the charge !" and he rode on ahead, as he
waved his blade
To the gall tt Three Hundred, whose glory will
never die,
Follow and up the hill!"
XUp the hill, up the hill, followed the Heavy Brigade.
The trumpet, the gallop, the charge and the might
of the fight!
Down the hill, slowly, thousands of Russians
Drew to the valley, and halted at last on the height
With a wing pushed out to the left and a wing
to the right.
But Scarlett was far on ahead, and he dashed up
Through the great gray slope of mn ;
And le whirled his sabre, he held his own
Like an Englishman there and then.
And the three that were nearest him followed with
Wedged themselves in between horse and horse,
Fought for their lives in the narrow gap they had
Four amid rhousaud<: and up the hill, up the hill,
Galloped the gallant Three Hundred, 'the Heavy
I .
Fell, like a cannon shot,
Burst, like a thuJerbolt,
Crashed, like a hurricane,
Broko thr..ugh the mn-is from below,
Drove through the tnid.t ef the foe,
Plunged up and down, to and fro,
Rode flashing blow upon blow,
Brave Ernuiskilleus and Greys,
Wliiiling their sibres in circles of light;
And some n f us, all iu amaze,
Who itvre': Ll for awhile from the fight
A.Ad v.ere only standing at gaze,
Whf-n the dark muffled Russiau crowd
Folded ita winig from the left and the right
A', rolel.1 Theui arnuni.I like a c-loud-
Oh mad foc the charge and the battle were we
Wh'i.n our own goed red counts sank from sight,
Like ,., Tpr of b,,ol. in a dark gray sea;
And we lturLei to each ,other, muttering all dis- .

Lost are tih- elut Three Hundred, the Heavy
B, igade !"
But they rode, like vic-tors and lords,
T'Ihruughi the fure-s'of lnuces and swords ;
IL t,:- i.:::'t of the li cn, ian hordes
Thy r',:,i-. or thev t to,,d at bay ;
Struck witli the sword-hand and slow ;
Down with the bridle-hand drew
Th'- foe from the saddpl, and threw
Uuder foot there in the fray ;
Ranged likc a sErtrm, or stood like a rock
In tle wiavoe i .t itormiy dy ;
Till suddenly, sloctk upou shock,
Stagge;red tht. mas. fiom without ;
For our men tilh.p6d up with a cheer and a shout,
And the Ruii-inAi- s'ir.:ed, and wavered, and reeled
Up the hill, up the hill. up the hill, out of the field,
Over the .. j, .. i aw. y.
Glory to each :. t... all, and the charge that they
uadJt: .
Glory t.i all the T'hr.c HIundred, the Heavy Biigade.

Thei thiee hlmudre,] of the. Heavy Brigade who
made- tli- fa'n.:,>u charlr.i wer,, the Sncots Greys and
the s&cid sq.quetdton *.f the EnMiskil:-nsc. the re-
mainder of the Heavy Bri.a.le sul.equently dash-
ing up to t,-ir siipport. The three were Elliott,
Soarlett Miei-d-- -.aiip, wli,, had b:-eu tiding by his
side., ad the truup. .tr. and Sb,.-og, the orderly,
who had rlbel. ,''-, s t.- hiid ihin.

n ~ -n n -

As'-I) P.




will cure dyspepsia,heartburn, mala-
ria, kidney disease, liver complaint,
and other wasting diseases.

energy, etc. I a bottle.

is tlh. onl." iron preparation thi-
do-. not c>yjurthe t eeth, and will ,... i
c3L,' headache or constipation, :
other Iron pje.taxtions will. O


Ladies and all suttfferers from neu-
ralgia, hy-teria, and kindred com-
ilaints, will find it without an equal.




.0 0 0)

E, P
03 021% .1

V. IU 4) a



C, a



C3 C3

as 0 u


c t

.-a- bo
S c .O.0,
CC CS- -r *


A Remarkable Electric Wonder

February 1, 1881. 1
For the first time In my life I am Induced to
give a testlmionial. Noticing in some paper an
advertisement of Dr. Scots Electric Hatr Brush,
I sent. $3.00 for one and find It indeed a remark-
able brush. My wife has tor years suffered with
headaches. The brush cures them at once.
Several friends have uaed it for headaches, and
it has never failed. My wife was also getting pre-
maturely bald, but the brush has entirely stopped
the falling hair ans started a new growth. I use
it to remove dandrul. and it works like a charm.
Five times the coil would not buy my brush If I
could not replace It. To-day I bought of
Me'Almout. DrUigit of this place, two brushesto
send to friends who have tried mine and requested
me to buy for them. ('ol. Ponder, Mayor of Wal-
nut Ridge, was attacked by a severe case of sick
headache while atr my house. He was very sick.
My wife proposed to try the brush, which he finally
consented to do, with no faith In It, however. In
three minutes he said he never felt betterIn his
life, anid diri-cted me to send him a brush. I have
authorized McAlmont,the druggist, to use my name
in recommending It. Yours truly,
Speaker of the House of Representativea.
Littic Rock, Ark.
Mr.Thorlburgh isalsor rand High Priest, Royal
Aro-h Mason, and past Grand Master of Masons of
JTTLE ROCK, April 6, 1881.
Having been troubled hy letters asking it the
above i genuine, I her,-by declare It to be at rictily
ante. It was given voluntarily. without solicita-
tion, and this ii my answer to all inquirers.
S3O Nri th b.t St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dear Sir-Foreover flve va-ars I h-av., bar-n bald
(in the top rof ,'r% head. I recently hoajht onepof
your Dr. Sa ait's Hair Brunbesi, an 'to my create as-
tonishment. after u.aiu it only four or ves i nIes
the hair cati' out inthis hal spot right thick.
Accept limi brlsw thanks.
Disuoand Merchant.
These teotimonial, came to us unsolicited.nnd
we get such f-very day. PamPhlets mailed free.
This remarks.lie Brush has met n ith great success,
and Is warranted to cure Nervous or Bilious Head-
aches in li'v- i) even minutes. cure Neuralgia and
Raneumatim in to to given minutes, and toquickly
stop falling hTir and baldness. All dealer are
ou thorirt z lto rilurn the price if not as rcire-
senteo.1. A Beautiful, Pure Bristle Brush, PriMe

Wallack's Theatre Building, 842 Bial Cilay, N.Y.
For sale at all Drug and Fancy Stores.
You can ord':-r it through anv wholesale or Im-
porting hou-e in your neithborhood, or in New
York. We cannot send it by mall, as it exceeds
the limit allowed by the U. S. Post Office

Yellow Fever and all Malarial Diseases,
General Debility and Prostration
Ital, $S,00,000) have purchased the secret formula
and all rights to manufacture and sell Dr. D'Unger's
the acknowledged preventive and only cure for
Yellow Fever, also all Mtlalarial Fevers, Debility,
and General Prostralton of the Muscular and
Nervous Systems. This wonderful preparation is
.no a nostrum, nor yet a patent medicine, buta
SCIENTIFIC REMEDY, fully endorsed and now.
used by the leading physilcians in the United
Statesor America asweIU as in Engtand IreaInd
eotlland, Australia, dec. The Chicago bInehoa *
Company manufactures and sells it for the sole
purpose of extending Its usefulness throughout
the habitable globe, and not for the purpose s1
making money eit of it. (gI? Every bottle war.
ranted to do its work. Full directions -aompan
It. Good for Man, Woman itd Child-fIee frmna
danger. It is manufacturedn'i all Its strength OMd
pupity,undertheimmediatesupervision oftbewori-
knupw scientist, Dr. D'Unger,. its discoverer, who.
Is engaged by the Company. Price, t15 per bottle.,
If y"u6 druggist does not have it on and, send ibe
money direct to -
81 Clar Street, ChIaO BILs., U.. A.
. .P..-Tlis Ig lecuheisani(deroul remjthat b sur altBitbse
or Alcohollim, and which heasostoalbed lhemedicland ii
bedie of AmeriesaUd E rap.

Fromn London,
Per rS.S. "A-C6ukUtAI)."
At the Royal Gazette" Stationery St
a a further supply of LAWYERS, .
COUNT, blue RUL ED and P.AIN, white
uled and plain, white and blue, &c., &'c.

Custom Entries.

Agreements for Landlord and
At "Royal Gazette" Stationery Store.
Hamilton, lDec. *Oth, 1881.

Is d. S -
j.ja I

r-7~ ~
~j'~ C..
1~' ~



A! c



An American contemporary, writing of the with.
drawal of our Naval AttacLU at Wasrhington, says:
-"Captain William Arthur, who for some years
has been at Washiungton, leaves for home on Feb-
ruary 15. He will leave behind him a very large
circle of admiring friends, to whom he has endeared
himself by his most genial and courteous beariun.
Captain Arthur will be attached to the person'-il
staff of her Majesty the Queen on his return, a fit-
tibg testimonial to his real worth as a gentleman
and officer, and we wish him a long and prosperous
voyage through life, and all the honours due to his
personal worth and iprofesiioual ability." We do
not qGuite see our way to the appointmeiut in ques-


iii cc
~tz ~ fI~
* z



pI tf-* 7C l Z n f

C E z
9 V



Wanted a Sober MAN
That thoroughly understands the care of -

January 2, 1882.

Apply at this Office.







Com. Cheyne's appeal to our cousins does not
appear to find much favour in their eyes. An
American contemporary says:-" Com. Cheyne
writes us a letter in regard to raising funds to de.
fray the expenses of that enterprise. He desires
us to open a subtoe option for $40.000, that sum
being computed as half the amount necessary. We
must respectfully decline. Mr. Cheyne's scheme
strikes us as ui-tonary in the most extravagant

1" If you are suffering from poor health
'or languishing on a bed of sickness,
'take cheer, for
Hop Bitters will cure you.
"If you are simply ailing, if you feel
-weak and dispirited, without clearly
knowingg hy, -
Hop Bitter will Revive you.
"If you are a minister, and have over-
'taxed yourself with your pastoral du-
*ties, or a Mother, worn out with care
*and work,
Hop Bitters will Restore you.
If you are a man of business or la-
'b.rer r weakened by the strain of your
*every-day duties, or a man of letters,
*toiling over your midnight work,
Hop Bitlers will Strengthen you.
a"If you are suffering from over eating
'or drinking, any indiscretion or dissipa-
tio, or are young and growing too fast,
as is often the case,
Hop Bitters sill Relieve you.
If you are in the workshop, on the
*farm, at the desk, anywhere, and feel
'that your system needs cleansing, ton-
ing, or stimulating, without intozicat-
Hop Bitters ls what you need.
a If you are old, and your blood thin
Sand impure, pulse feeble, your nerves
'unsteady, and your faculties waning,
Hop Bitters will give you new Life and
e HOP BITTERS is an elegant, heal-
*thy, and refreshing flavoring for sick
'room drinks, impure water, etc., ren-
*dering them harmless, and sweetening :
Sthe mouth, and cleansing the stomach.'"

Account Books.
A veri- k1 r -..u pl, of r1 above r, ceived per
SS. -)Iourl:ind'" front Lnidon and for
kale ntl th. "' yd Gazlek'" Stationery Store.
IJ!ai,!!m, F.b)v. -ili, iS2.

Fears ar- expressed by law abiding Englishmen
that if Obio .: I '.boret~ should settle in England it
would not be ioiu before there would be an out.


celebrated for nearly a century past, is of the
very beat English manufactuare. For its
purity and excellence it has obtained
Nine Prize Medals, including London,
Vienna, Philadelphia,
Only Gold Medal, Paris, 1878,
Two Silver Medals and "First
Order of Merit," Melbourne, 1881.
and all other odours, of the finest quality only.
is strongly recommended, being more lasting
and fragrant than the German kinds.
o:lebrated for so many years, continues to be
made as heretofore It i strongly Perfumed,
and will be found very durable in use.
ATKINSENI'S WHITE ROSE TOILET VINEGAR,;apd indispensable Toilet accompani-
ment, and most refreshing Perfume for the
and other Speelallhtieand general articles of
Perfumery Way be obtained of all dealers
throughout the World, and of the mann.
24, did Bond Sitreet Loidon, W.
Price List Pree on A,40pialicao.
AtWflWN.-Turceam are cauttened to avoid
.cdunterrtet bT,oburving that each article is
labelled ilth .he arm' Trwa e Mark, a "* Whte
-Rose en a Olpn IJre..

. 41111111

-~ ;' V-~
~ -S.-- ..-~
N -e.,..s -a
= I..
.~ I
-~-. -'-V

I ..-
.~ -s-c --.: -.
--, <'~. -
- I


A -

- -'

..i 5

- I

Just Received,
At "Royal Gazette" Stationery
Store, a few Copies of

History of England.

5 1

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