Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00065
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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A- "... ........ ...*.V....' 2.4,.. 's..


No. ll.-Vol. LV. STATE SUPER VZAS A WTIQUAS. 24s. per Ann

IHamiltonID, Berne.reda, Tuesiday, PiMarech 14, 188 2, .
I [ -

I've the Gia zeltc Fion,' aI`'rol ,V' fl,'t J.wi.rri v4(unz',,'I'u lERY, N oti
DEAR Ms. EPIro,-I am glad to hear that the NEW SOUTH WALES-SIR HENRY O C
cry throughout the country is that we must have PARKES.'S ADDRESS TO THE CHAiH-
a.ur "Itople'-, Stea.e,'." I believe that nine-tentlhs BER OF COMMERCE.
of the country are in its favour. I am glid to find Chabr of Co ere hld a spial t-Fr h St i
that our St. George's friends are alive to the neceis- Tha Chamber of Commer.e held special meet-
sity, and out will tiad they will note b behind in aon the li5th i -t., to tlten to an address by Sir P -rrnula ,grown. On.
lighter whfeu th,. shares arce bein' taken up. They l.enmy Paikes, Piiwo Mlinister ot' Now South V,.le Fiji Sale by
are commencing in time to recaonmiueud st firm in 'I'he Pr-ident, Mr. Sa.muel D. Babcock, intro, i,-ied C" l .
New York, as Ageuts,and I think they h-ave made i the Speaker with a brief complimLentary sp)eeh. A
good choice. I hope our People will generally think Sir Henry Parkeq thanked th.. Chamb- for the I
so; they inform us that there is pleniy of in-uey to consiplinient )pud1 hin iu asking hial to deliver an JHamilt,un, IFbtinary 2St
buy one, on hand, waitin- for a call, and they are ".'dre, He .aiI .
anuxioustosee our "PublibeFri:ud" come to the.fronut. The Ai.str:,li tn group include.- ix sepa- ate colo- F O
I do not with to con,:eal myself from the People al- nies, ea,:h with disinct:; GOuverurnts. t lie mairn- .
though I happcu to lbei a Berraudiau, autl uot a laud of Aut-tralia i divided into five colonies--New .S
stranger, as strangers are mostly preferred by our .-'oth v al'a, Victoria and Qu-enslrand. Thee
people. But I can assure my Friends that' I at three colonies cover an area of 1,0. :31 square
not acting otherwise than faithfully. A Captain, a miles. Then ,:ome South Aurtral.a, 11'e-ter Au u.-
stranger, informed me aday or two ago, that he was truli-, and ain-os the straits from the main laud 9 jOplenl CL
speaking to a merchant in Hamilton concerning th Tasmania. Years ago our sugar prodi.t was our i .
tteamei. He replied, "Oh, yes, I believe we are1 principal industry, but now, it you all know. i i. Built by J. '. )e o
going to have one, ;ind that ought to have been vol. Some the riuet wheat lannds in the wetld New, One
''ears ago; but our folk- will take six years to talk ire to-ba found in New South Wales. tfh p astu rc Pt ice Mo.ideit e. Te
bout it. befoic it is aceomnpli-ihed." "I can as,ure Ia nd ai e also maduificeur. Oue imauu I kow uVuasi AL
you that every necessary inquiries are being' made 300,010i horued caIttle and 1,25ju,t..Ii t.aeep. 'I eu t .,tLal
,abroad to hfd 4 ;tprr-ki-ely what suceh a bort, number of sheep in New South Wal:s is about Ut,-
as we require, Ceat be built for. A erlchant in "i'',0i) at the present moment. The export, of F George., Febru ir
London has been written to to certain from the wool in 15SI wasl 15,'75'.b:2 pounl.s, o(if the value -- -
different Builders in Scotland, Belfat, i Irelandl,i and oft ,645,000 The world's production of wool T' aI 1
other places, ibo staud hi&h, the prahable l price f in 1S79 wa.t l,l .,i,,77,fi,.u jpouud.s of which tLe
a first class bo.t, such a one as would ruith un. W,.e United Sitatis produced 2,,tIJ.i,i.,i, pound,. The
have already gotten the opinion of some of our beht. whole of Australia's product wa. :J."2,001ti,,iO.,. Be- -rHE Undersigned h
sea Captain' as to what alteration should eo an im., sides sheep avte r,SS'),u0.. l heivadi of horned cat. selection of ENG
provement on tihe present Bout, as there is always te : also, 395,98!8 horses.
room for improvement, thlumulh she is of the first \'e are anxious to be better I:nivon to Anterica. TWEEDS,
elass. I might me-ntion the alterations that have Some years ago we tjok our paitt in establishiug PLAIDS
. been suggested: that of from 12 to 24 inches lighter the Pacific Mail Steamship Line, to which New
draft, aind front 4 to i ft. wider, providing it will South Wales pays a subsidy of 10,000. Our trade
not impede her p.pred. al-o the cost of more powerful with America is constantly increa-iug and the total
engines. Furnace to I:e fitted for burning An- value of our imports and exports were last yenr Reid Street. West
thracite coal, as it would be cheaper and give 29,t75,239. No duties have ever been levied fr m ,
mote steamn; so that she shliould run at the rate of purposes of protection. Such a policy has never amilton, March i, I
14 knots in ordinary weather. Also to lE pro- beon attempted, and every port is open to the trade --- .--------
vided with two compartments adapted with com- of the world. Kerosene is taxed, I think, sixpence, ("1ASTO t.S, Saleers,
pressed air for carrying about 50 tons of Freih but there are only a few such exceptions. Vie- aie \\'orn may hi
Beef. The same rooms could be fitted with ,-hifting toria, however, is not a free trade colony. The by sending them to II
shelves for carrying back our Fruits, Herbs, &e., other Australian colonies have no tarfff system. Will Iteplhite then t at
as well as small vegetables. I think compressed air New South Wales is certainly the most prosperous February 28, 18-2 -
will be much better than Ice, particularly for our of them all and ranks above Victoria. We have I'r
,atia'terris, as we could put air on as required, and gold, iron, tin, coal, kerosene, sulphur, &e. 'We
which I believe will become a large paying crop sent to the Sydney mint in ISSi., 16,06:u ounces of
after a little while. I only -wish our people had an gold. Our New Castle coal is largely consumed in
opportunity, at the present time, as I believe a good California and is highly esteemed by steamship
experiment could be tried, as my enterprising friend lines. A Collo1 '
Mr. Kemp, has a great quantity coning into town Lastly, I would like to say that we desire car- i >
every day for sale. A few days ago I ha.l the op- neatly to foster commerce with the Unitej.l Sat,.- .' with 6.T A er
portunity of seeing a large quantity brought to If we knew more about one another I am crtiu "t k' Lanuton. I
town in.chip .baskAts for ale. They looked that an important trade would spring up. AscLeap Ist of Apri." next.
4setAfw"haurany-thwt-i-ad ever seen either in Eng- steam communication is constantly improving. the For particulars
land or America, and I have heard a great many mere obstacle of distance is less and l..-a : i bar to
express the same opinion. our communic-ation. If any merchants desire fur- MO ORI
\Vhile I amnow writing, Mr. Kemp come- in and other information in details as to products and the Hamilton, March 4, 18S
shows me a telegramt that he got from St. George-s prospects of trade I shall bh happy to do the beat -
yesterday, asking him to send ten quart-s of straw- in my power to asis-t them.
berries to a person there, and hoe did, and for which Sir Heniy was listened to with the greatest at- b ei -;e
he got 3'.- a quart; how is that for high." I am tentiou, and on the cou.-lhusion uf his address was A o( l (
in hopes after we get the People's Steamer uuder heartily applauded lC OOoo Ol
way, and nicely titted for caTrrying fruit, we will Oin motion of Colonel F. A. Coukling the thanks
open up a very extensive business. I cannot see of the Chamber neto tunlered to the speaker and Apply at the O
why we should not, as our Berries are firmer than the meeting adjoin u-il. Maroh '3. 1Si2.
the'American andI better flavored. If we do not
commence strangers will come and show us how to INSIDE THE PYRAMIDS
do it, as they generally do. INN o. RAI 1
1 hear a great many intend taking shares in the An interesting piece ot news for Egyptologists
People's Boat for their children. I think it would and the public generally has just been c ..atributed 'lie Ulldel'sigline'
be a very good investment: you will all have tune to the .Joa,,.,,ri ,h IRhit& ;, front Bdre'hyu, by M.
now to get your money ready, as the Public meeting trabril Chame'. Thatgentleon isnowtravel- Pet S
is not. likely to be called for several weeks, when ing iu Eg-pt with M. Ma-per', th,- dire..tur of the IT A MS BA
all Estimrates will be ready to lay before the People Egyptian Mueutm, who has det,2rianted on open- .1. Smoked B13 Ef
from different Ship Builders, and with full par- iug all the pyramids that have uot ye.t been ex-POTATOE
ticulars. I hope they will think it over, and be plored, and cu turth-er searching those that. are not I POTATOES ON
ready to take up all the shares in a few days. I do thoroughly known. Amniong the pyramids situated Ciael nle MEATS
dot; think it will be open awveek before the list on the border- of the Lybion iDee.ert i- that of Mey- BISCUITS &c.,
will be complete-for every youngg lad that can raise doun, said to be the uI)ost my.sterous of all. It atp-
5 will put it in to receive 10 in a little while. I pears that its entrance hlai never been Jdicovered.
find a great many think that we cannot get out Ibrthim P.acha evnu nd:-avoried to '.rttc-t .1 larea.h Hamiltou, February
people to agree long enough to get this started, and in its walls with ,,rtillery, in the hope f tiluliug a -
say that we are such a peculiar raceof beings; if tr.aiir- c...u. i.cled thereiu. It is- to this pyraiidtl that a
so, let us have one rule at least, to the eftl-ect if Mf. Masteru i-. now devotinx hii attunti,,u. By re- 01a iU6
any Shareholder was not satisfied with the man- muovng somei uf the ground. ou the uorth side of thec
agement of the vessel, he could come beiore- the artifi..alt mound which .-urrounds the pyramid he 011 nioC
Directors in the Town and make his complaint h'ts ui-ed-dl in tuuioveriug all the poiut-i whtre n (
known, and if not satisfied with the Directors de- openiug nmi'hLtI be revealed, aud thi', result ha.-,
cision, he would be compelled to sell out to any of rlthwn that his cal,:-ulatins were well ftoutded.
the other shareholders in 24 hours, or the Directors Thirteen days of activee l.bojur, with skilledv work. \J
should have the power to buy in for the benefit of men, have.- utti:ed tur the .li-:overy of a se.-rot I -
the whole of the shareholders generally. I think was believed to be nudiuscov>-r.alde. The tiupltlhte (Lately ow
this i6 all that would be necessary, and I suppose spades of the fe-llahs have expo-ed to view thi- open- The same being iu n
that after a while we would have a People's Bank, inug which is situated nearly at the top of' the airtiti- or use, has been reee
further to inv,.,t their children's money, &c. cial mound. On entering the pyramid the vi titoru Apply
We have written to. obtain the rules of some passes through a corridor, admirably tcoinattucted,
Steam Ship' Company. I hope'our Farmers will which takes him about forty yards in a gentle de- I
get good returns for their crops, and that our St. cline, as is the case in the- great GSizeh pyramid. Hamilton, February
Georgians will be prosperous in their line, so we Here for the moment, he is stopped by the debris, ailton, February
will have no detention I would be glad to hear of which is being rapidly cleared away. M. Maspero
any new suggestion. has already found two sacred insri.ptions, in the -,-.a
A PUBLIC FRIEND. style of the Twentieth Dynasty, givingthe names of F o
two scribes who had visited the pyra.aid.
HKmozex AT Hox0,-How useless our lives seem Hopes are entertained that noi one uay have set
to us sometimes! How we long for an opportunity foot in it since, and that it may be found to be in- AD WEL
to perform some groat action!~ We become tired of tact. "But." concludes 31. Gabriel Charmes, j,: l-uated uea
the daily routine of home-life, and imagine we whatever happens, the opening ol the Meydoum iitg 3 lIed Iloons,
weuld be far other scenes. We think of pyramid will still unravel one of those mysteries it am, Kitchen, Ta'.k
life's great, battle-field, and wish, to be heroes,, but which has for so many centuries hung over nucient
have we not in the.sacred precincts of home many Egypt, and which one, by oue are yielding to the For further l'arnietl
chapnos for heroism ? The daily acts of self-denial efforts of inodren science. WI]
for the good of a loved one, the gentle word of The late Mariette Bey, in one of his works, said Prk
soothing for another's trouble, the care for the sick, that this pyramid was called by the Arabs, Haram n il *rh 1
may all seem as nothing ;'yet who can tell the good el Katdab-the False-Pyramid-as they believed it Hanmlton, Feb 2Sth, I
they accomplish r. Our slightest word may have an to be nothing but a huge rock shaped as a pyramid. A 'A
influence over another for good or evil. If some This tradition may have helped to preserve it from G-.A A
one of that dear home circle can look back in after molestation. *
years, and, as they tenderly utter our name, say, -. I OP
." ': words and-e'xample prepared me for a life of
usafulneaw-eto her owe m present happiness, model of the stau of the late Earl of Beaconsfeld, AM ILT
we may well say, I have not ed in vain, subscribed for by his enthusiastic admirers in Liv- BE
It is said that Lord Erskine, throughout the first erpool, has been on view at the studio of the artist ,El
halof one-ofhih-BpeeMhes, mistook the side which Mr. C. B. Burch, A.R.A. The noble Earl is re- -
he was retained to defend, and when apprised of presented in the dress uniform of a Labinet Minis- Hfathorn o
his blander by the horror stricken looks of his ter, with flowing draperyof a peer's robe carelessly SRT
client, przopqded composedly to overthrow all his thrown over his shoulders. The statue will be cast SARATO
own arguments, alleging that he thought it as well in bronze, and will be ten feet in height. At tho In Pints per dozen, o
to.state his adversary's cease in order to refute it. foot will be inscribed the motto "Peace with oa- lian,iltoin, February
This ato is told of Belva Lockwood, the female our," whilst on the side will be placed the olive
lawyer of Washington. A witty fellow was once branch symbolic of Peace and the wreath of Hoc.or.
her opposing counsel, and when he desired to refer The frieze, or top of the pedestal-which, by the VAi
to the H6n. Belva, was perplexed. He could not way willbe of granite and 12 feet in height-will
say My botherr" as he did when speaking of the be the national emblems of the Rose, the. hamrock, M E
lawyers of his 6wn sex. Fe did not like to say and the Thistle. The total cost of the estate will A
mty ister* out-of respect'to that expression. He be'2,2uu, and it will, itis said, be honoured'with a
-aused a'smie by retfrring to Belva as "my sister- pight between the statues of t!. Queen and Prince Apply al
in-law," but Ehe certainly looked daggers at him. Uonsort in St. George's Hall Liverpool -S." Must be well

INO otie. "I


p. eTRE Undersigned, contemplating a change
rawberrie OS, in the business at th'ir BRANCHR HOUSE
day'sotice to be in SOMERSET, request all persons Inde 'ted to
Sday's notice to be giv., that Establishntent to settle their ACCOUNTS,
CON YE T RS, on or before the
*r. CO Yr s, 6th APRIL next
No; 9 West Front t'reet. Tth I IL iext,
th, lS,'s2.-I ni after which date all ai,:ounts remaining un-
paid, unless satisfactorily arranged tor, will
'' e pilaee. in lga!n hands for collection.

Ie., Ilalifax, N.S., One
Scmr,.nd l iiJd.
I ..7..

Somerset, 1th March, ISS'2.

ALL PERSO'-k) having- Clabin
against the Estate of the lat, FRED
ERICK PAINTIN are requested to reandkr

W! ~ I Ttheir Accounts to the Un
E-A1' ING LISP On or before 15th
Agent for J. M DeWolfe.
ry Ai, 1. -e82. and all Persons INDEUl
-- --- -- tate are requested to mial
0)r 110 date.

as lust received a choice
LIS.H and SCOTCR Hamilton, Oth March, 18S2.

I", ^d .-I Just Rec


ED to the above Es-'
le Payment by same



'Estate of Samuel A. liar-
vevy-Esq;--deeease'd.- '
T Will of the late SA.MUEL A. [IARVy, Esq.,
hereby, in pursuance of the Tru.t'ao Act., 1876.
give notice that all Persons having CLAIAIS
against the above estate ere required to.render
their Accounts -
On or before Saturday the Slh
pril e.vt; ;
and that the. E.xecufors will then proceed to
s-ttle the Estate, hhbving regar-d to such
claims only as they shall then have'rf6fice of,
and that they will not at'ftrtards be'liable for
Claims of which thuy' aall uo, then have no-
All Persons INDEBTED to the Estate are re-
quesfed to' settle their respective accounts by
the above, date. .
*Accounts ara to be rendered to, aijn'ettled
with, the .Und.r_-jgned G.,Ci.K BURN '&Rivt X.
WM. S. BARR. .
Paget, tth. March, 182.

A rLL Pesonsl havlling CLA -MS a-

INE COATING I S. I / i ,'tr,-. mhe r.state (fi the lale cLf'rTO
B SW N FrOnJ Yew 'ork per S.S. Orinoo, NAs areequeted to renJ;r their Ae-
W ANl I' Fesh Sully of c.tiits to tie .' .
t Zyal Office.IAMS BACON Sto,,keA elEF On or beJore 81st day of- arch
82--.2 L Corned BEEF and Ox Ti'NfUES E, 'El
- ( /Soused Pisr PEE r Lunch TONGUES eiS
, Fe rks and Spoons that' Iham SAUS.5AGE Potted IAM anmi all Persons INDEiBTED to the said Estate
ie uade .is (Goodfas New 'I'ONGUtES and, BEEF BI"TTER are rqueiSied to inike payimetit hy that d te.
moderate cost. MEAl. CO RN BR O TS Adnrarix.
-, 'DA''ES 'C.iNaud Pea-NUTS So'thimpton,, Fely. 27th, 183 .
-a L*-- SO\P STA.(C;.I I .' I-.
RIENT I l~'CUIT.- ofall-kinda J A.'
SCainned MEAl'S, &,-., &c. f L IY.
:es uS- Land, near Mount liamiltoni, .1 a-ry. 31sr, IS.-..
Po'ssssistuit given on the- *.r 4 rc
3 aI A o ,t-ce,0Af, ,rrira n,
apply to '' EG to offer theirli scere thanks to t f In-
RIS A. M. FIRITH. I 1 habitants of Bermiuda awl others, for their
S. -` t'imsI_ LL piesons are hereby forbid TRESPASS-' liberal Patronage during the iast part of their
2.-3 1mtilt-s ,, ING on the LAND iow in my occupancy, Photograph., practice, and having recently
aid b-longing to the Estate of the late Ina.le: addition to their stock of
1 : as', NICHOLU:S HAYWARD, as the LAW will L E N E S
l b rigidlyv tfored against any person so of-
le i servant. esin. by the first Opticias in London, (DALL-
D-n IE Dr T''\Vi MEYOR. and RUS.,) are prepared to offer to
lice of this Paper. DANTIEL Hs'' f A iD. the Public a bettor class of work ,than has
Tucker's Town, 22nd Feby., 18S2...-.3 hitherto been done in Bermuda.
r .Much time afnd study is given to theChemi.
S* \ees Tweeds c ,al effects, pose, and lighting of our poi-traits,
fiCe, ec consequently producing find artistic effects.-
T weeds Ships, Buildings, Yachts, Outdoor Groups,
Shas just. received .,; .
. "Orinoco," The Uidersigned has just Heceivedi OSg** PSst A'S OIZ;tP,
CON C er< hSEire 'euY ron o3 I Photographs, Cartes de Visite; -Cabinet-and
.F BUTTER V V larger siz-s taken at shortest notice'; also en-
ON CHEEE Lonn viae York eei large to life size in INDIA INK, 'OIL 'CO-
APPLE1.S lted fOr thisClimate. LORS, CRAYON, and WATER < OLORS.
APPLES acted o this Cliate. First Artists in New York Gity baiployed for
&.'. JAMES RAY, the above enlarged work.
JOHN BARR ITT. 'I ailor andi Draper, Reid Streert. Club.i of five or more taken at redicead prices.
27, 18.2. ai .ilont, Dee. 20th, 181S. P.S.-Please notice that J. F. DARRELL
) o tr N. I.-Aln APPRENT lICE Photographs,Industrial Exhibition of I-1-2 and
tteoro1 i reg it twenty years practice, together with the ex-
o tate tehe lipelorng Usies. Watcd. lerience of hio Sun, who has .just returned
e.The Yacrht'oius. S-. r fr.mAmerica,.and. who has operated in somni
The Yacht of the First Galleries there, eniat-les tlieinto pro-
IT, A House and Lot beg further to state that our. prices are kept at
SA e a, reasonable rates ; there.utay be work,erdqe for
ned by Lt. Wood, R.E., lit the Town ol/ flamilton, less, bit we ask that qualify bo given the pre-
staunuh order, and ready SALE. 6ference., ,.
ntlv cleaned. FOR SALE. 61F ronttreet, Hailton,.yeby.,.7th,182.
3 e For Particulars please apply to .- o ...t" "
14, 1882.-tf Hamilton, Novr.29, 1881. '


r Crdar Avenue, contain-
Drawin! Room, I)ining
, and oiher conveniences.
ars, please apply to
Villh, Near Victoria Park.

;ent for
uri/} Water,
r Cases (4 dozen each.)
14, 1882.-if


t this Offic-e.


Corner of Queen and Reid Street.
Hamilton, Feby. 21st, 1882.

Bermuda Veterinary In-
sidence, Hamilton,
E. RII)D M5EItCER, D.V.S,,, Residence, llam-
iltou Iarish. ...
Will visit St. George's Professionally on Tues.
days-Office at (. Spurling, L:sqr's.
Will-visit S-ouerset on Frid:.i ..
Reid St., Hamiltou, January 2, 1IS2.

For Rent,

A Cottage,
'In the Town of Hamilton.
Immediate Possession given.
; Apply to .

Hamilton, Jany. 14, 1'82.

-Resp6etTfidly informs the Public that 1.t has
p. ,Ppene _.-
Tailorig Estahbish6int
Over the Store of Alexander J. Prith, Esr.,
:No.'3;9. Front street. "
Guarantees to give.satlsiahctidn, i 't cits
a share of the Pubtli patronag. :'' .
Q A new supply' uodo a a and.
Hamilton, February 21, 1t,
For Rei,
That desirabTh aesideiic- jd Paget Parish

Th e Alet rpoptnt4I pel,
Queen Street, Hamilton, with Coach House,
". -*', ."Staib'tiesa ~nei;a.2 P- ato
Apply to '
; S $aw ..
: Chancery Lane, fIanilton.
Qth February, 1882.-tf : "

i wire Re be A
46 ,i.d 47 Front .itraer.
February 28, 1882,-3

i.. -~






* I



wr riTm



I. -A ,
W trrrr.Rv DflP~m ,u ba'rtsm 'nR-L ,9X' Tim GCSA twsrt, Te c.rAf.% Wts'i~ttC

tUn~t u.e.u*


rbKii-"t -in-,tant: sqqarn les, ap, .Crown Lands masy be. had at 4 -"d-- ermuda, and out few Bermudiaun. anve ever boent
SPotatQe4 $6 tQ$7 anacre. 7A useful Aghiclturdaf Appendix is added. Tu Anwr.---86th ePI.-papt. .art hWis pass- employed o this line in any capacity.
-0-tom :- 23 schools are receiving Goverumnit aid, the total .ed the finallexa'mJiikonfor p'ometfon to-,e fak the action taken tothwart the wishes of the mn-
'Tomatoes 75, to $1 cost in 1880 was $7,182,o number of scholars S2 of Major. ority of the Corporation, and to oppo.-e thae will of
Beets 1.7to $2 average daily attendance ,30, verag number of th is oded on he people h regard to e Steamers' shd, show
days the soool were ope, 20 appAinatetto the taff Qf. Lieuth-Ger. the Hon. -that personalinterest an the. maintenahet:-of rini-
BEz .ft i.t, tTHE ONDON L. Smtl, C.B., atit pee.- deoti-,m are .nioe thoughtS of tbah the pt rile
+-r"MA T *- __ good.. W~shesu-ther-dr we owe to flis tebee.'-om-
The 15th Company R. E., gave a Quadrille par- A Statling Reeapitilation of OIttJoe.-LONDON, pany, any thanks,. or5to the agent, ,any' g'atitut.e;
Memof Sales, Prolifo Potatoes ex .' Sir Geprge ty on Tu'esday- 7th March, at Theatre Royal Pios- March 3.-In 'the House of Commous this evening nud ought-we not,. insteatg'tlsterlhg up a foreign
.,SLZo9 i* (t Y. 1882,- pertbbl. pect. The Theatre-was' very ta tily deoraIted-a Bhroi Rd-nry De W'orms, in moving tba't the Gov- cempany;,to hive:a-stainer of. ur-own,,who.<'tex-
special feature in the decorations being two domes ernment nlu a.mneais"'iof using its gi'od offices with penditure would be made iu .Beuiudal whore crew
. e-,.. .- -' .-r**'**-ro: made with pendants, with chandeliers hanging in the Czar to prevent a recurrence of the outrages 'woulh*iko.,shippedin Bermuda, -and which would
An XIaniatioan w held in Paget's Parish on the -the centre of each and one between each dome. upon Jews in Russia, said that 201 wqmen h.-d been not arunerezly Jas aiyphon toc-rBt.veyo' -.urpluh
8th instant, by Charles C. Keane, Eaq., Coroner, Sapper Goulding p ilnuarked atteintiou to the re- violated, 56 Jews killed and 7v0 wounded, 20,000 reveutue, and'all the profits of thle -hip'to tbet*po,:k-
Oeas$Wy$fhe.body pf Edward Hard, late Corpor. freshument table,; wriiih- a- is' usual, was placed up- pers -us rendred htnes"w and property to. 1hi ets of-uafufreign compiny.'. .
all ey Ehgine't-whose body was found float. on the stage,. Sappe-,H. Smith w4e the .-..C., who value of 16.000,00r .wreckhd.- Mr.. Gladstone ii, Shroubli it ,te tiund hcessaryr, whid b I v-ry nuichi
i. ,tte wasteL near Wpood's Hole. North side of carried oit hhi duit.oi's v-ry punrleus.y. The the intervention ,o a foreign government would be doubt, to., 'ant. xia.-.r aeli-idy thnou at ptrelent;
"Paget, on tLP morvit ut, r.-t. day. An open dancing was k.ept up to the music o' the strin.-: certain to causo a string reacliou, not merely a- e 1 ouidd I ut'axnu.-ourselve- for oui-selve,'and.
verdict of L'outd Dtt, ii.'d" was'rerurnud.-'The 1b-d of the Royal Iri-h iRifte's lnd At .one, of iniOng those who committed the outrages, hut a Ivu not- u's we-have!l.- .doiin. for i companyy, who
deg^as.d, a neLive c-f Ep.,l.u, 36 yeams of .-e, the 8thi the strains of the national ienthem drew to ;thise'iho were verEte toanything like aun.n.io6n w.ullnm:in,4.lize all the-profits tu.4'spt-i4 with ut.:
was bu'ie4 at the. Cimetary at Prospect, with'full a close one of the most succeas&'l gatherings of the; eo,thiPr'ational independence. BaroulDe Worm, '-nothing. a. .' .
Milla H'oor. :- seasono. e j then withdrew iWeresolutions. FANCIES AND FACTSa

*r .d

L ba 't. J1 b flA at*Lm ',a.K a EL *, -v "" ''- 'i- SJ-" r ..*ir w .**.*SiJ j.*ian -t^- s ou M a.. ORB1t IEUg it- nlut, al I *nil lt na- .
Gibbs' Bill Ligh ~Sfon at Pernluda.betw'aieA4he, .ftni paini- tli?he lst few diay, 1.ut tkhe slptims .
5thlandl2th Marc 2, height ahoveTth seawfiere .6f eardithdrop y e.i.time 'with little abat..-m:ut and Half. t-hri.,uh rh- Tourit*t'.S Se.ion Sts quiito On Friday lnt an interuiin'ia,.e for ,.. -.,,
thie Regiterr keptpt-ing 246 feet. -. aue ausi'ty-as to any hope oteat'ly (,,uvalese:. opp,:,tue to -...: littl.:.-,t it,.:hirater, to iu- yn. ht. of teh- R. B. Y oflub C,:iame ott oYt. -otlr ...1
.- ~at-'- ~ ------ dulte S iOiea-whiat in inti. ip ot it r-in iinid- r, '* Beriiin'l.t CoT -.:-" in tl0 i ."; Soi.n d1.
Date Bislh0op of New uOlllmIunlBl and pud to give exprei--ion tP, a few ,-u:neral idea-. The There were -ix entii.-, and a- the God..i..--, ,t
M'eh. T: t? Her 6 niaBla. '.oriapuri-on with year give a re-turn 1 iiu..Ii ij War and S-:i':-ne.-, in a t-w coat of aarinour, .iwas toi
Sf ur th u :-. Lt Fbruary d do little .11 t .. ech :petit..r
18H2. L, r i p s a Teneral.ryen(larki. n ril s-eour-r a n r ut l Mr(nih w- -h:, t, ,hroni,:l- frenqueut r.,int and hi.h fully prepared wilth th. iententiu of mnikini:. go,, 1
1892.- n S q-eneral nemirks. iSunday e n last waj basei l ju thi Paral,le ,:, vinii h ,t ntiu r-i.hel wh,, th, i ea t n f i ig
S u D a fL' windsr whihr endered1 Ll ..tinlvery unctrtu tinlt for th'e Trown of L-marl.
Noon, i -: I Dives and La; I us, St. LUke;- xi. :i1. ands.-.d.
Noo 5 Sl he ail unt him, If tv l 1 n.f r .-.ud s-.ldlon plea..tut. To .u-.h visitors Thie -take 1o,itp w,-re lie-li al'ouit n,,,n, ,ue
s complained of the weather alul who put on a mud,.r the Li.-ht Hoiu-e and the oth r, the L--.apr
-Ma.'-6 -w- 462 60 .30 00 0-02 Fibse an nethe pph neither will btey pier-aad.ed;, amount oft John Bull'-, air of dis-:con- 'goal, iff tlh- new Se.ti,,:nu, H.m.,. .,u Ir,.,id I--
7 w 467 65 30.030 0'00 Fine, hazy though one Pri' ii olm te ? deaid. t nt -t. viI there wi-ilaldNw..wild retoit and, on- laud, th.e wind about S.,uth.
SN 462 61 .3010017 Fine Hero La r U l t-',le- 1 thei with the statement that the weather w- SoSmeilittle .1.1,v to:,k plf. inu gttit.- the i,.-it
4. Nl 4 60 599 3"-.3100'00 Fine submii-sion. r)ivf-- in hi-, hlxtu'i,'-us iiituit E~a&ri-11-tin-n ving V- hLt!tili"gaitea Atle.- a- l-t 4-t.tdurin wli--h, ina l
10 1 665 63 30.150 0-00 Finee, cloud, hazy had ttikken ni pains t t: u.-linit hin,-ih with the lntthrl w.,itg v.,t lnut the ,i.-i con tine pran d- alteu.,sle fr the t.ahrt. duritat whih, iu- a s atll,
11 aw 667 64 '29.920 C00 Thiick, cloudy world lie lived in that Iv light e..-. :omei- of i !-ut hard weahntr ou the Ameriua- u ,:outieiut, aund s e wind veered li.-htv to th iesItwa'i, but at
12 3 361 60 30 030 0"3 Fine burdens. By a cimeunpeunsatitg jutite ea. h hab., a,- dtIa Thu Wintl was ttuiveraly a enere oeu, 1,parau.:, La B-.. V'ill,.- was cr ier.d uv inu at
JH) EP.I-ATW PERINC'HIEl. signedtohimr hisrespor:tivepoirtion. Dive-' wish for a.,Vn Bermuda onl, a ae iopcrs 1aIta,_.o_,,trius' Lr Bl,. s ,,u l ,
his brethren saike may have .,,en houn.--,t unor.h Brm"ru. Butri (hMhip, w*:ti in fot.her hr- e i dutacg rinur.e by a nudine," "i a-, u-hlei-," Elw-
and it may b.t uaint,wa the hi,'t ,,rs of I him miserabhl 'But ii t hti ll'hiitr-i-there i
' tbe -1 Id att r w,:re e-e.ral d.lii. u nt-rval., whe .v.Im and rr.rd" aund "'Minervi,," the jui,,rity-of thtil, -4 to think if g'ood.i.a I, t he ,werle.s to a varralth with their inv-iting attra;tin-., were so -tanding away to the E , iu hop'- of fUilingZ
a y v -s at woled Bi-e,-being tle prohetsay u.nuy right lp,,t-_ iu tiht picture. Ev-n iiimraudi- 'i e1t-ther w" tr," while twh:t, E-mrpll" boldly t..l ,I
----be taken as the wholee Bile, h bei g thn the ,i atelt' ufter [a (e-.sation of you c.'uld walk out ,the We.istin ,'ups, ii-.ra'-tviu\' the r'..uh,'er .ea for
Hat ilton, iMarch t/ 14, 1882. of Scripture, so tht the words may be ou-trued, i and hardly -loil your bb:o.ts, quite in outrast with the advnouitae th,:- thf,:i..1 tide and tlte i-.han..e. of
they receive l not the Bible, a irl u -resturre-- many other popular "Winte-r R-orts, when inud or a further jurip of the -. w er:. t-ie-rity hlioev,el-
tion will not cn'iv le- tIe -in. Even thute -u r.- hlu'h ,unkl,- d.:.)p but to., frequently takt:.s the -:hine 1.., ,-.<.i.i ,1,,/ with a ,I, uken 1,o ..-t.,y and lo.-1 ,,f
CUSTOM HOUSE-i-IAMILTON. 'tion of Christ did not c,'-,vita.-'i nltun at on e iul the- oit if kid,. S,:.v,:.r.,l w,i-re ti, ,i,.l inni.hi tt hi.-here a,- i-de,-t 1,!.:l:--po.,r ,.omtp-usati,,n .n,.l, .
CUSTO HOUSE LTO. disciples were divided in ol)iion. It is the 'gr -. of tliIt thof Sh'B:.r d.rtl t..hal no,..t h-.,tu:- reaeizein to thiemn day.
March 8-Sphr. David Smith, Fernandina, Gor which t. u'ie t ti r ti ith s .tu earthly Par.lisi. ons.what in krc-pin with Tl.he litthl- 'Bell-" funded :lou illbut!vy, lut
Florida; onion box material, to Trott, & Cox. ur comply et Bil- swe h:av. ti- t l revtin their piv-oni--ptios, at all ev,:.nts it wia, nu iii- in uchs we.-thier, when; all had .-ii i ,ni n,-t of
9-Norwegian tarque. A. 0. Vinji. Larsen Cardif oto It stii.t i i h i the l h e purien,d tI.-i t t h, h-Cardif, OD to man. It is.u' nufit it h.rhi-"he, p.,.. ani
4,0 tns patent fuel, for Government. given us to learn the trnth ot it- riclhs. Take thi iut-, an to in the l la, ,,' ml i-,.. ats, tli whe near or n't, r, I, 1 .' ,it i., t he
13--tail -teaimer Orinoeo, Fraoer. New YorK ; Mails simple rule aw 3our eXperi,:I.i, of iaspitotion of th nrepi',lea' i-f te t in'u bs1m 't till i faur f Un 1a u ll th e hotly tar-
and'geueral cargo.-Awent. Trott & Cox. Bible,-for wsliere no rxact liu's ate le Inid dolNa you ,-ida a a \i,.r -,ti' n.. Te li-t sti the .,, Dn hie- th. '" [ntav,.-
CLEARED may find yourself in a v.ry dittiult imaze ialout in- lst L, wh hf thrl he -ha- st lil ai ed i t
March .-Sehr. Rebecca, -Spaulding, Fernandina, Flor- aspiration. Whenever .a thought ,.oin,.s houne to d,,wed i'" by ithe 1ttIy.y rtr'pe':t, whi.-h a d lown tihn- Dai, tl,- .. 1.-f.-,re leIudind t ihe il-
ida. you through readingCor hearing read the Bible that i.ndered a little less ri.lan-holy b' the pri-noue- ward ilark. L: Bi: Viile who then thetd
CUSTOM HOUSE-ST. GEOR3ES. opens tip to your heart s-:me Heaveuly itah q ic"',- ent that thle a welthe, a -,iabnormal. eOut experi- from the o:,utet to -a-e hi:rIk g:sr f:.,ir fluitura- ,-xhi-
ENTERED make it y,'ur own, it i9 Cor.'s c-,oituini,.mtion to en'es so far thin- year are clet,?.'rful, stauding ,,ut in bitioun -aud -- EmeraMi" tolhlwing -hortly alter,
March 10-Italian Barqu (uniseppe Mazzine, Pramil; your soul, and, as far a-s y,"it ae-"- !',..S m, i1rn,",, it is bld reli.f Urnitsutal fredimi fftron train and wind, In the Irun down the power if0 Minerva" wna,
from New York bound to Penang, with petroleum; the inspiration vou have- found in His \ ird. By mark- the ontrat. D: f unchou led suni-hine particular rly noticeabl.e, L she te tdivly flew al. '
in distress.-Agent, John S. Darrell. B voluntary pr ietful ex. lirnationas, etk to l.gial arith b- r limited, rl i tolarl theal td-.l h.-Al
11-French Barque Raoul et Madeleine. Maniae, Hayti ; more of the lihiht whi,-h has been shed on you. to t'gthin the we' d fr.. and to is. te itoward-, all the ol l'.-i ..ti.)t- N-lin.l her,.- tim
called for Medital aid.-Agents, W.C. Ilyland & Co. And so in couiitre 'hrll the inim..e of wor., be trn>ii. til dt,-mtipu t.e wit k.n.S d tli e thnd -o i pani-ns, all airt. or tih ntry i r de. ply l>ea..i ti;-
CLEARED i formed into th uta of r-.liti doop spit.,. urely life unler uh ,.he,:.riug increasing' g-.l,, although ,n tr s,,:ty ,., ..:,,t.i
March 11-French Barque t aoul el, Madeline, Manic, His Lord d4hip hil 'd Oil fir-t if hi-u s-eries of Ps- et'si "o t n .e ot hei a thin pleasant. Tot e- foit pri.htly set her piniker below.
Haire; inward earg.o. ro alCo excIursioir.t especially the weather we hwves o In the final turn to wiudwia.1 tl,,. Mintr:t"
oprman Barque Louise Scheller, Klo;king, Penang rochial Confirinati,.un on T': sd.iy aftern.,oua at St. inn-hi eujoy-ed- aimtu-t hi.s-i pr'-tld ,:,r'.t bon. Not went h-sir ,, -a' w eiiin'. the dr',,ug ._al;- -n'l
Oprman Barque Louise Scheller, Klocking, Penana ame' Parish Church, Somerset. too ht o.y. itrt hvde pr-rid a boon. Not went h..r own 0 at,- rejon, -in-i th.e itrhnut a-i,. Th.
and Singapore ; inward cargo. too hot to dettr th.e pedestrian, or the equestriau, ruu-ih w.ter bein c-r.-,ttl" in her f..i-v Tlih
18a-Liberian Ship, Criterion, Allen, New York ; in- Confirmatio n hld at St. Ann's Churh and s t ...ently wrr to render c'irri'iae drive, a Dttles" o-erhaul-d nd p ed tlie -' Utdin-,'
carWdego, SouI h p uAt a Confirmationl ld n h H ot i.t-' oir a boat sail, enjoyable; lIth t-he weather while the. latter we- f...ll,.w.l :-.t a ire-pec-tftl di-
PASSoutENGERS. Lordship then Shop y nist g a- th by Rd D. :nl l acldnery of 't eation have been in a,:- tan,:e by the Eeti..,ll.," the. r,:.ten -ea- on think
PSos Lordship the Bishop, -isted by th esd .r, 'ind surely iudi-etnents i-uoo'h exi,-t.:'-' to c.i-aion t. ,-in t fitin ,uiiithl.- fir the-0 i .'
In the Mail Steamer Or;noco from New York yes- Mackay, Rector, and Revd. R. 0. Yar'ley. Aliu- tempt ali lthe lrttttiriun t-dael .ui n h e t entht ,ouinia-tit of this o .,..
terday:-Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Hatch, infant, two Ister of Holy TriUity Chureb, H-[itltoi,-t-itl.t explorer. L-s,t Thir-day wa- ahbost f.mltl,-s, as la th end the amt:t.-ur va,.ht-.i.u ,,f wsh,,mi the
sona-and three servants, Mr. and Mrs. 0. N. Bart- persons received that holy rit.. perfect a d:Iy a-s it wt hoiibl, to present tr hu- r-ep- ti"ve c rews wet, t n'tir el ,c.p... l, f,nu,
lett, Captain and Mrs. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. --[ man af.'eprin.e, though, loibtl:.s th-re w-r? a a'iIn i fl.- n- f th.- Cli
Ennis, Mr. andMrs. 11. L. Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. O The Service at St. Mark's C'hureh, Snmith &fewwho could thave smuggehtebd iu'e inprovenent He., thorougi.-l- h'-n.-h,:i ,d f'lorn lhok inu,
W. H. Gleiny, Mr. and Mrs. C Smith and child, Parish, on edneday next wiU b:. at in it. For many peoplel, when they go fro,,m ho,,me-, decl l'in, that they hal ,p nt ait.-l f,' ,. i .,r-i-,.'
Mr.- andMrs. C. Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. S. Hussey, at 7-30 p.m. instead of -1-30. hI,,,e very fastidious aud are hard to please. No- Subjoined i- the time t .,1..
Mrs. J. K. Weddle and two children, Mrs. and -- thin', however ry od it may ehau.]e to ,., ut the Sit ii i t time t.
Miss Bedford, Mrs. L. Westbrook, Mrs. Greeue, The LrdBihop f Newfoudlad and Ber- it might e better. An foraWintr Reort a B. Y. C. TD E OF l MARCH,
Mrs. W. K. Greene, Mrs. H. Marcellus, Mrs. M. muda will hold Confirrations in St. Mark's, .'at many think that it ought to be. like a r,..ig TIE TABLE
O'Connor, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Atklns, Snuith's. on Tuesday the 21-it inst., at 4 p.m. and h-ouse at a' stli:ad high temperature without wiud TIME TABLE
Miss Weddle, Miss Gray, Miss Woodruff, Miss K. also in Holy Trinity, Hatmilton Parish, on Thursday to ruffle orrain t.o. tain ny delicate article of dre.s,! tart. I lst d. Le-w'd Finisuh.
A. Nicholls, Miss J. A. Hill, Miss F. Goodrich, the 30th inst., at the same hour. But ur-h m grievi,t'i moniotony of climi:te -loe- u,,t .- -.-- -
Mis H. R. Crowell,Miss White, Miss 3. L. Bell, -------- exist, for everywhere the iatttiispherie undulations XH. M. S. H. M. S. HI. M. S. T. M. S.
Miss Kate Kelly, Dr. Boutwell, Cap. J. B. Olsten, \v e hiar, much pl,-asure in giving iusertion roll on in a continue variety, nd their is withal -r Bi/,'. a ..i 1 10 i.s.wt ha-
Measrs. B. W Wathington, James Gale, C. G. to the following- paragraph, ehronieling the a'-ces- the-, glorious vallety and the great uencertaiuty whic-h i" -.'........ 1 .- :711 F 1i 2 231m :0 3 22 0
oshp Jr, S. 'White, D. Bedford, James Slater, sion of MR. JouN Sr.TwaTr as (nic orFTHE CLN, contribute so nut,-:h to the spice of life. If ,.i .tl-...... 1 10 47 1 .57 3 6 2 30 12 3 21 0
Johl K Warnook, T. B. Bradford, and R. S. which wij be received with mutch satisfaLtiou ted at any of theo fat' famed resorts 0iof the Medit..r- ".'a....... 1-3 2 2 '2 -2 2 3 353 27 0
Gilleapie. 2nd calia --Mfr. and Mrs. George Smith, by his friends and relativesin Bermuda. r.-tean, vour limits are muit-ih Wm Lightbourn, Captain Jourdon and two mates, THE STrEWa:TS or APPeN.-The death is announ- vour freedorau mtuh r'.etrleted. Beyond a certainn
and 12 in Steerage. ced, at Edinburgh on the 23rd January 19.82, of bounudsry you meat te cutting ourreuts nf wind INSPECTION WANTED.
Tha' Grdf Bisnnark, was loading at Liverpool, G. Charles Stewart, Esq., representative of the :.,)'using throigh thel miiountain gaps to tide level, DEan MR. LEE,-I wa-., applied to this morniin'
SB., fkr B6rnuda, Peby. 25. Siewarts of Lorn, Appin, and Ardsliel at the age while the strips of lanl. at thie mountain base by the by two Portugue-.e Planters to take ,-teps to lpre-
.Royal ail Steamer Beta, hence at Halifax 4th of 79 The etates, which were all forfeited after sea shore, are narrow ea-ou2-h to prescribe a bound- vent two other-s ,f the ntae- nation from ,'i nlIina'
distant the '45, were in part restored to Ardshiel in 17S2 darv to your holiday w.mderig. After raiu you forward a lot of -onion th it they had 1pull-
Saud were supposed, until lately, to be strictly en-' wiill thei"e- enjoy int lly wlialk-., which -ve-vtl4l laV-A 1, to ,/, f,,r tih l'St-..tir:-. this week. I w.i. iu-
The Sto. A..gie, Captain Darrell, leave to- tailed. The Ard.l-,iel estate was, however, -old, of -it' -hldue1ill not .1.tar th4n -til-.-e to. d'y, xhitle fotned that one of the parties hiil a patch of onius
morrow for Barbadoes and Demerara, to return., during the lifetitue of the late poss-,orand so hs on the nounitaiu litow you. ,'u e .spy rid,--,s of sun,,w ,-tll' bli.hted, that th.-. -:o:lk an-d leav.., e-.
ark, i -ark iBarsa cleared at New York on 8th in- passed from the family. By this death the chief- from" your .tan!l-point iby the -.hor-.. inc. Renown- qutit. lecay-.l, ud for fet:r titit the roIot should
ait.ant andwould probably leave on 9th, weather tainship of the clan, and representation of the ed as the shor,:-,tf the Mediter-an, ul.:anare, andmu.Ihi o the stame, thin' hlad pulle-d ths-i all up. th. re
It it'mittiang'. farily--which united. in Ard-shJil on the death in s'nL-,'ht afttr ..u a..,.ount ot their a.,--ii to tlit to the bine vry little applar..anue .:.f i btlb foruin-., th.-
Bark Sir eorge F., Srymour, commenced loading 1762, of Du'"rald. tenth and ltst Baron of Appin, 'reat ,'entre.- of Eurolp-:n po-puhltion, y- t the eli- pl-;ut re.ira1blin a nian's thutal,, tl, e t t-. -izr-e :dll
'at-London on 23rd ultimo and would probably leave who had sold the Appin e.-tate in 17bt.5-pi's to inate i-s quit-e fi:kle, it not minute --, thin that of the way down.
abotit the lSth inst. John Stewart. Esquire, barniste9'-at-law, of Lin- Bermutilda. wh,-r: the in':-anu of i.-reatioun ar- more I was al,, informed that nany of tlhi-. lot were
The French Barque Raoul et Madetaekm, Captain colu's Inn, eldest soa cof Duuan Stewart, late abundant. Th. bot fan-ilities ottiered Iv-,re ie un- pull.:,. :n .5,,,/. ., anu. that ton two other fart-i.-,
Maniac-treported in our last as having arrived at Attorney-General of Bermuda, and great-grindson excell.-d. The sin:osities of the liu'.nd latii in- P,,rtuguei- were -eeun buail', engaged in picking'
Mun.rry's Anchorage from Hayti, with the Cap- of Duncan:m t-twart. sixth of Aidshiel, to whom the n',erabmh a uI beantifullly s-haped water basins, Tomatoe-, duringii the (qtii-t atteruaon houiir. of our.
tain ill of small-pox-left yesterday for Havro her restoration was made in 17Q2. Where the tints c :f the ea, in evter changing of th,:. m,,st l...etsi wS.,h,.,i'.. o,ie otif th-e i.-,nyu
original port of destination, the Captian havg briglhtlness of co :ou, complete a pi,:ture, unequdled with which we hve .en lately bl,-,-ed.
original port of destination, the Captian havingir h.ts i had OnL o [iisteu-
pa*sed through the disease most satisfactorily, and any part _f the glo e. Ai f.r dnivt they Of ,' oure. I had u, authority to prevut the tta..i
no other case appearing. We have every reason to The Reid obolik'" within the enclosure ot the 'e many anul .upti',,tint, owin.- to tl,:he oonot'r,.- i,,-.n pulhd, aund torw.ard.:1 to HAnIilton, a,- a
believe that through the vigilance of the Health Public Buildings requires a doinr Lip The letter- tion of the h'.i, twi-tId ;a bh.ut. it is here su-I- i,o.1 d arti-:le, ,ut I l.tave it to your reader.-, to -.v,
Officer,Dr. Butterfield, and thegreateautionobserv- ing of the inscription should be 'oloured t- be de,.- tennled y3" inl.tud wateri, ther,:-by the mighlity e in if, at.ttr su.:h na ilpli, ttion, f'-oin stuch a ciiuirt.-r,
by the Agents, Messrs. W. Hyland & Co., and taell legible, and the several joint.-iu thie miastour rollin on and breaking in fo:ni on the carrierr rlef. there is aiin further doul t of the :-rteat nesld of ai
others haring-necessary business with the Raonl #t should be carefully raked out and point,:d. And here and thr,- too a little land l),.-k tndeceiv- Public Insp.ctr for th,- early produce.
Madeleine, there is not the least apprehension of her1 -----P- ----- | your alrnl-ing out on a-1 r piuua le if the A, this ca.e i thu- brought publicly to the notice
hvig left any of ,he poison of that fearful disease ALMANAC OF BRITISH HONDURAS. thi ,.', a h1u-tril A.tli of in tip.:,iity in ot they will, -u t- int, H-.uiilton, I siner. tl
'hna theein hi uemmda. T he Captain, though ie The Hon. He-ry- Fowler, Colonial Seeretary, has CoutineutC. t l fAnor walkiian-;.. -o n tc-u.ii'ideftuheu n t ,sten if PtiVte tl pe,-ti,:t, anl do. thait
had the dese,,e in a mild form, was at one time kitly sdnt Is a coy of the above, conipiled in the ntuaerots ye -patlus and r amtalble aL the ks liest tep l of tI.t h ant of the New ,k
fearfully covercdl with pustules, there is no reason .ColoalSemt.eta' Uflit atd printed at the Gay- anI the ro giu of o-a In -hin-t, to the over i., tLarket. It thi, o10 uft le a sh out of tle New York
to auBpof t ateh wrll be the least marked by it. etmient, Office Be iz.. LThe prol.- Tis ar-lit- Nate to te i Ith-Ai ri-ne in tl t i le s1c- h- -t ti not nii
Thereseews toWbe little doubt that his being vac.- anlent oneane Beliuo Thfilt pro-';ofht tiii m:fi.e t- ot atue, to tdie hir't .,ee-ier d ter hittil.y rt-ir-.- in thle -,udh we sho1ll ,l e nuio ,ette-r off this ye-r thliu
oin.atfil, thoiigh not quite early enough to prevent able one and cltuuut fall to pro1, V, oft ltt:.h ?rie atiou, Bermuda 'dts iu.! 'a,..tabe ,ttrati.,,n, aud ll-t, as the peple mn..y rely on this, th.,t uo 1 .)tt r
the dheise, hd a meliorating endenoy r bothln the Cololyn ith' t ar,:idi \ s h t ri i i -le ll w t, I- wh,,t adthe l.t!"t, het',:, hay i-hoto pt-urLst.,
tendhe. r- the Colony', Statistit- l and Meteol. -,gin -11 TbleTIs, ,I0lete it-, .-o)ci:l requireiiient tiu.will supply as the thce iri,.an P,'lile will ',-u g r,-'w tired ,,f p,-vinu
The Italian Barque ?Gimiseppe .fa:2ie, Captain with a list of its Ofii,.er., ('Court-, PuJi,: Institu- ui,-n-<.ym' of the ( ,e slhows itsl-f. Th.--I.L-tunnl for ip ou,',mine-y for ai bnad artiel. .tud .'o s ithout tour
Pte-h, from N5ewYork bound to Penang, laden with tions, Duties, Pilota-e, Licenses, :c. There are two houe,t furnishi.l ot.-r ipartiAlly ,. i in,.rea-siu', andi earlh ve-.rt:l.,lnes ,ilt a.'ceter, raithr thi.t n i.ei, annually
petroleum, arrived at St. Georges on Thursdaylast. Volunteer Rifle Corp., armed with theSuidler Rifle, in co:.urse of tinw will follow pl:-Ice for p publicc re- victtiliii-d. Yours truily,n
The Captain reports having on the previous Sun- raised under Ordinance No. 3-1S77. Mr. Fowler creation ncording to the dem'tu.l wl,.hb inu-,reased CLARENCE PENISTON.
day encountered a heavy gale of wind which caused being Major of the Belize Corps. A Cotra,-:-t has travel will c-ill upt. Meanwhile vicito s will find Smiths P-riIh, 13th IMa'-r, IS,,2.
the G. M., to leak badly.-Agent, J. S. Darrell. been concluded betwer-n the Colonial Goverunent their sojourn her.-, in the natural beauties ,-f th-e
The Norwegian Barkl "A. U. Vinji," Larseer, and Captain Leitch for a fortuightly mail service plah:e and iu the healthy atm.-sphiere, condu:ive to
frim-d'ardiff, via Falmouth, with coals for H. M between New Orleans-and Belize (fare to) N-sw York improved health and strenithi on returning to their T, /,. Edl,/. /,al.. R .,'nt/ Gina/tle
SNaval Yard, arrived in Grassy Bay on Thursday thence by rail $93 with Sleepin. Car, le.,-rin th home avoatio, aul wil have little or no cause to "
lasat, former Wednesdavs 2 P.Mr., arriving' 6 A.M. Mon. reu-ret a few dwd- idly -a.ent by the et ,ide in full DEi. Sia,-Your correspondent tacts and tan'
l..-- days, returning from Belize 4 P.M. Thursday. The enjoyment ot treh Atlautic- I.r'eer-.. Ati,..nn our 'Its mts ien ined to pose trhe i Queber Co- h.
P NTI steamers "'City of Dallas" rud Wandlerer," oa- viztors this sa-on we are plea-ed to u,:ti,"..oe plb cto of Bermuda n. t!
PRODUCE INTELLIGENCE FROM NEW gaged in the service, proceed to Lirin'stone, Omoa familiar face., those who, It ing --pl alvantges Bermuda Agets" as the particular an i active
YORK. and Puerto Cartez, in Houinduras, to collect fruit and from th, W\inter vi-,it, have, either at interval< pa ticipant- in their l*m lnthropae- intentions.
.Oe of the.leading firms in the Washington Mar- return to Belize in t.en days. A tmonthiy line of regul,,rlv, repeated themn. Thie l..u'y nuerclhant dis- Tw e ate ,bee ComBpany have done their work
kt.ftihnisheathefollowing information:- steamers to Philadelphia, to New York, and every c,'mi.odve'd fronm hi-u e.'nro-iing plursits, the over- ofl n atly,' wh Blnt uaia mon t thebed
SFrim praseatfoutlook the Early Rose will not do five weeks via Jmnaica and Nassau to London ,by wo-rked clerymnaun,, .lawyer, or pulitician, f our atas who would not submit to be bullied
much better; remainder of.this season. The very -Scruttoh Sous & Co.'s new steamers. There aro se'. the lady and .'-entlm.iin ,,f retired liaisure-, hI ie niall or cajole-d ; who tre" to our intere-t.' would not ac:-
la:-ge recei-its of European "Champions" are sell- veralFruit Comnpanies. ThieBiitishHonduranas.5,0.'i paid u 'a visit, aundi in pointin.g- t)o -w.n kain- familiar csept a Bahamal. or a (.auirti, andl whlio would have
ing at moderate figures. capital; Tho Belize, $5,oi capital: he hMulize, .countenances who has,te hJtoui.zedl Berruul.,i -e..asou th tus t e-y eof the u-ontrhaut couenpli-d with.
Tbe,, appIy.oof Tomatwa from other;ioints it $15,000 capital ; The Manatee, F1,,i capital. The after season, we.are caldling attention to the bet *It v sry c-s' with in Oiinoa c' t' feget the
Jilyt up ,tbdetnahad 750 ( 90c.' Average Annual Export of M'ahouanv is tliee mil- ce.titicate'we Cau piodute in fa. or of Be.unda as r-ies or (f litnta, and to liud] the Agents for,.
The shipment of Beets on 2nd. Feby. was 135 lio.nfeet, $40 to.-50 per 1,00g fe-t'et;' qf logwood a Winfer Resort. Perht>s this -eitn we, cannot itte-mling to tha requirements of thl: public .ly
boxes, on 1.t&,Fely. 209 boxes, on 2nd March 450 li,000"tona,-$10 to $15 a tou. The rnniiffauturoof heap up record of Butter Flvenj:.,'nents owing to p'miising" a tlhurd steam,-r during crop season,
boxes. d ugar is earited on in various-parts of the Colony, special circum.tances, but what ni t,t:P.,.it ? Mauv without noting, that this -0omise was made to -*p-
Young Beets are new coming in from the South, 19 mills-ard worked by steam aid-3U.h' c.ittle, and chme here for a .re-t rnil ",iI.-tc-, and th-inK- they venBt other mner'-hants froit doing the same tlung,
,ad if BpArtuda cotiaues increapingbhershipments there are 39 stills in connection with thie Estatts:, aie wedded to the pll.ce-, .li--.,ie at its own intFiusins: and to sec-urmt- mire e-inpletely thie monopoly of thei
-*t; tH 'ride of the "lkat three trips prices will rule A coffee plantation on a large tcalk has been -tart- tnerits;- the more certainly they will be itiiioseilo by caTing 'trade of Bern(irautcla. r o n
mrnch.lower. .. ed in the Westurn District tand 30,)000 tree have being here. The change froma the North rn part The l Qocbte<- otu fe'g ha e dans our on sit
Native Onionw of fine quality are in abundance been planted out during ISs!. The nurabr.r of of the Amrican .Coutin.nt is truly a strikin,- L and pocketed our treight ind p'as-'age i ney ,with
and prices low. Tht pries ,f new Stoek wcill depend Cecoanutsexported in 180 wa l,623.381 avdrs-i.ig. at this seasonn, we have uo reason to doubt li le isresibe"hasy aound by rigid bcknomy, as-
tsaldelraty, on qmualty of first arrivals. ing $1$ to $20 thousand ; 37. to o50 cents a buun.h imayi continue as saint'rious to it., tlohie, as it has al- lttle as rossihle has found its wary b-ack to ier-
-- for Bananas, and 75 cents to $1 per lu0 for Plan. ready proved itself, so tar,-to the b.eneftt of evenT- iuda, for outside of port i charges, the miisney paid
*" Pltofi-S 'rBEMUARODGmE' NEaW rKMA- tain3. The area of the Colonu is estimated at 6.500 bodv. to A-gents and Stevedores is about all that is left in

The success and popalatity of postal savings
banks in G.ieat Britain are, weighty conieideritions
in favor of the establishment of4these institutions
in this country. The B itish banks, receive deposits
as small as oneo-shilling and pay two and a half per
cent interest. Every deposit-begius to drawy iuter.
est at the first-of the mdontli-Efter it- i4made,-and ac.
-crued interest'isiad'ded'atthd end of ithl year." About
two years :dgo'the governineht tried thi.eiperient
of receiving as a stilling deposii tw_ve1y-penny
postage stamps stuck on a slip -phlpe'r;' -Thi'pro-
vision -met a widely felt want,- aid ,has beobme one
,of the most popular'airdustf4ul!-featires of th" sys-
tem. Aunother- convenient 'arrangetihfrit -'i3l hat
which enables' a person who -bahM dep,'sitfed ioney
,in one bank to'draw- from ahy-bank in-the'"Uited
Kingdom., The-great- popiiiaiity of these itititu-
,tion'ts i'show] by'ttho fatt'tlia't lrhugh 'they-have
been in operation only ttseeity'.eea i;'be tmth bear of
banks has ine-reased to si.4hou.Nahd ,-wLife fih6 an-
nu'ihdeposits h-ave risert-td dAeAYIj"three 'at i4ihalf
.f*illiofis *it umber:'an4" fify .v ilhon dollars in
amqunt. The,'euitberof pfiope ac'cotnit'iA-eages
about...itdro- :unllons ,yea&tlyk da thtib itiA gate
amouin ~4..IpositeA.eA4s-2al hubidrad sixty
1aillin dq.lai. a. -.WhilatApa poadeipilstal
savisgts.b.npsra- is .o enicourgitulieii adtf!Wdtmstimy
among the p.eaple. by afforduiag *WiestI*-ihoitoni
vepient and:,sacuhe .,eans4a re-i.tviuorter,Stiings,
:the minnaacoetntioL the.mnt ,as,habeenu4wmoney
gain aq.i. tish gov ieba AitosiBdg:to a

"1T + --a
Wizp iet the
kpu npt pro-


; .'" : :.," ,"=,_' ,
.* .*.. -. : ..:
: -:
.. .: ..7-,,, .,
:7 /: .', .3: 1-'
i-i- -, ,....

, "-.

!a- -* < Mi -l tronit,.Europe and America.
,Th ?M'il Stt,,.er Orinoco, Capt. Fraser, aun.hor-
,.d at Gr.T.y' iL t .t :-i 't n., ye-terdiy--the tide
n..'t ilutin.'- hei-r ih dhUi',:tly int) poit. Sh1i
:1 ilte- int'. poart at no.u.
Tl.e Orinoco left New York at her usual hour ou
Th riii driy butl wal co ipell.-l! t.: .in-.hor in thi:- lower
Boy in ionelue':-.e of tdtiuSe and did iiot leave
th.-rb. till 1 p. in. ,f Frid.ay.
W e are inl.:,tel tO L.'.taiiul -r.iti, 'i i, i Mr.
Piar';r D' tfpit l r N w' ,',i.rf d pa, of th.; '.th
inst int
.', ". --- ..,..t- -"
Alictipt on ilie Life of He1,r Ti jclty.
A i..'t daitardly attempt wt.,, on tihe 2nd inst.,
im.1-le i.n the life ,of our nuir-h 1elove.1 Qu~.u, the
tull parti.-nlu, i:of whihli will be- found in another
4'.llmhn1u of this i-s'Ie. It. seeIa B th.t H-r Majesty
ki-l l'-eil Ihilin'g a drawing roam at Bu iikinahami
Pal ,., uand, 1:-4 4sntrriuither eOrflgethe Wind-
.'*ri~~-r:'N."t.i- b)dr-"' u the (_astk, shie was
t-Lird ,it Iby a mnan in tlh- t.r.wd. There was fortit-
wit-Ily no one iujure-. The ialn who tired the
shit was uniie'liiately appihheuded : he gave his
na:ne n, R,:oleri.:-k MacLniu. He is unii-ersally in
Eu..iiid ,elieii'-vel to 1..e ins.ute. W .:e truly rejoiie
ut Her Maj.sty's es,ralpe. The ihot it .ieem.i was
hir.: i1itI1 the ,: a 'ii.e was ih mi;tio:u the bull.-t
wj tfoutdl in tl'-1- ,ird of thr- railwiv statlinu.
r1-:-lithi:.'S ',:,)u ratulating' tl.e Q e-'u On. Ii:T
e -. I,? l, e-r i.:.en re.,eived front the United Stat:-s
a.ild Canada aii froin all the Europei-an Guveru.
I, ':" ut-.
Th,. universally i-xpreiss iudi-tsitiou
at the ttteiiipt.

LONDON, Marceh e.-The electio-n at Nortbamp
tin to-Jday to fill the vacancy ia the Flouse of Comn-
moui caused by the unseatiw2 oft Mr. Bradlaugh
again resulted in his reuira. iMr. Bradlaugh receiv-
edi 3 79S votes and Mr. (.'R1 bitt 3,63.57. ,
STihe H,,i.- to permit Binalsugh to takp the ,ath, having: pre.
vioniiy re"-j-ceti-l a ed hby Air. Gladtorni, that legislation should be had
perminiing affiruation:, and that Mr.Bradlaugh bould
await ils jiatsage.
Le!,and.-Loroov, IMarch 4.-Mr. For.cter, Chief
Secretary tor Ireland, has retiu'nel to Dublin.
A laige oirganizetd c-rowd of people booted hint at
the Gort Depot as the train passed by last evening.
Ha, -!, an ex-sus.poect, has been arrested for sLuppos.
ed connection with the demountration.
LoNrioN, March 7.-.MIr. Forster visited Talla.
more, County King.,, ye.steday, and addressed a
crowd from the, hutel window. He said he had
comwe ti: the disturbed di-ttiits to see for himself
whither the report- of outrages were correct. He
announced that the suspects would be relea.a.-d as
soon as the outrages ceased.
Dr. Lamison, now on trial charged for poisoning
Lhis brother-in-law, pleads not guilty.
Itn the House of Lords a bill introduced by the
Earl of Reede'dale excluding athe-its from both
Houes of Parli. meant, was read fur its first time
Thbe British trade returns show that during the
month of February British imports. had decreased
compared with the same month in last year, by
3 .110,io11), and tlihe exports had inereased2,100,000.
Five perion;s have been arrested in Brussels
charged with being concerned in the Hatton (ar.
den Post Offi.-e jewelry robbery.
'Mississprin FLooiS.-From figures presented to
the W'arDepartment it would appear that the num-
ber of pri-r.uis left destitute bythe Mis-issippl River
fl.odl-is u.arly fifty thousaud. All hope oft'saving
Holena from the i:,ver-flow is now abandoned.
The United States 'Supreme Court has decided in
the Sunarc:ease" thai tbi6dutiable qnalily ofiugans
is to be determinedlivy their actual color' and not
by their .--.ehaiine strength as ascertained by
obemical tests.

LONDON, March 3.-'lhe Queen's monument to
the late Litrd Beaconefield hbs just been erected in
Hucheaden Church. It bears the foliowiug in.
Pe iption:
a"This memorial is placed gratel.fl and
aflectionate sovereign and friend,.
Kings love him that speaketh'right."
Threatened A.4rrest of.1rish Hemabers-S-ene in the
house of C'on,,o.os.-LONDON,. March 3.-In the
Hiu-e ol (ol usim 1n this evening :there was a con-
siderab!l. .,icue in consequence uf Mr. Johusou,
Attoruey-Giueral. fur Ireland, virtually admitting
tlthat a t wariatt tuoder th e Coercion not existed a-
.gaiutlI Mr. Arthur OCounor, Home- Rule member
ot the House f,.ir Queeu's county. Mr. O'ConnoIr
moved an ndjuirument. He inquired with what
offeuce he "as charged. Mr. T. HI. Healy, mea.
ber lor Wexford Borough, who. believed a .similar
warrant, existed against himself, seconded Mr.
O'Conuor's motion.
Mr Philin Callan (Liberal) membert for Louth.


eudeavored to exact a pledge from the Gbvern.
ment not to cause -the arrest of members visiting
their constituents Mr. Gladstone refused tograut
sucL immunity or gite any turtlier information. Mr.
0 Connor finally withdrew has motion,' saying that
bp knew thair the warrant ebutainred the'utteliy tru-
Iui'nded charge ot treasonable practices. IHe defied
the Governmint.ur- to t v hia in Euglaud.


a -".JL g- I III-^ -. .......... ...... ..... ... -.. .......

Fr...n' I7,, ;,r ',, ,/dr, M,,w. '- 2 LIST OF GUESTS AT HAMILTON HOTEL,
ROTTEN SHIPS Eins., Mrs. Toue ..... Co.r, N. H.
AGENTS OF ThE QUEBEC STEAMSHIP COMPANY ON llrillllryh.l Mris. Chlas. SI iturt Spring, N. Y.
-LEGISLATIVE ACTION. -, [. Ml-. ....... Buttalo, N,.Y.
's" NEW YoRK, Feb. 26, 18.9. C('lark, J. C............ Kingston, aada
TO TnH EDITOR OF THE HERALD:- ar.'- Mingst, ........m
Although agents at this port of the Quebec Steaon- D,. Mi1- J3. ..... Sko.liegn, e.
ship Clmpafiy we bad not intended to reply tl:i auy ) Plm er.' C. G ........ Boston, M ass.
oi the statements of private parties whichc h have ap. M'errtt. D. s. Ki N...
pkared in the newspapers concerning the steamship D r .... j N.w York City.
Bahama, but as your editorial of to-day indirectly k, N. J
accepts thie statements otl Mr McKay, published y By ,1Nr 1a ,."'.......... Nwrk N J
you a few da, ago., we beg to slate that if Mr. Smith. Mrs. St. Alans, Vt.
McKay is a builder ol iron steamships he inuot hare Si. r -G S
known his statements regardi, the Bahama aid Gorge, E. P ....
S Murie Ito be untrue. D,. Mrs. E. P...... West Fv,irhn, Vt.
All the steaners of the Quebee Steamship Cow- ,. Mir s L. A .....
pany at. this port have been frequently surveyed by eardslev Gn A .....
PS ato. A t: Da,.rhi.h-Newark, N. J.
Mr. Jamei D. Leary, surveyor for Lloyds. thl high- D S.. & d .hr Nwark
et.riu'hority tfie be had at thi piaortflor the stive yi.g n L&daig-ht.:-r
of British shipping. D. Mr.i J. L..... New Jersey.-
A. EMILIUS.OUTERBBIDGE & Co., Agents. Cowidrey, Mz-.. J. iT....
MR. LEARY'S STATEMENT. Aiteuul, Elw ......... New York City.
Mr. Jame1) D. Learr was visited yesterday by a l Ivrtvd, S. 1,., Jr. '
telrald reporter in relation to the above letter. He Bruen, Dr. E. T... Piladlphi, a.
smid that, fe had isurvered the Bahama both BDo.: ,Mr,...... Brokly, N, Y.
and afterndhe came inta the hands ol Outerbridge & Shntheri, M rs. Robert
Co., Mid considered her seaworihy. She was a fi'rt Do. Mi- ......... Nlw York City.
class vessel lor her age, having been built ili 1Il. DI M I N, k C
When Outerbridge & Co got lier they strengthened H '. i .......****
her, so that, although staunch lhen she? cnaui into is, ........... Bostou, as.
their hands, they made her still more Ps bhy the over- M.'hl, Ii',. ....... j
hauling they gave her. Iron steamships were like Do., i.. E .....i Chi. ago, Ill.
human beings II they were well taken care ,ot they (hurl., Mi T. J o
would be serviceable for a much longer time lihau Whitloci ....... '
twenty years. The newspaper reports about the rhitl,,, rk, B. A..... .
sea hearing apart the deck of the steamer he e.:.u.- -, Mi. B..
idered iucorrect, and her lossJ, in hi opinion, \f. AIh.,'. Edw,. D n'.
nue 'to the shifting (af her cargo. A brand new ve.- A in. Edw. i.. .....
sel might have heen list under similar circumstances. N"i. N -....... New York ( 'ty*
It was not at all iincounmlniti ,.r vessels making their M,rrNil Joe G ...... "
first. voyage to be dawiaged and be obliged to return Smith Cl(r2.. H..
to the port from thieh they sailed. He had Cur. ""wit '.r F.. .
eyed over one thousand vesiels, built woodstrtnm- ,D. Wal t,: r F J..
n-rs himself, and had for years been familiar with (': r ,-, r. l......
iron steamibips. There vere imauy vessel hiAw Do. Afi'.r. L '
sailing from this port which were of greater age' Do. Miss MryL. Brooklyn.
than the Bahama and considered seaworthy. In Pli., Mrs. rt "
regard to the Muriel he said she was a new veesel Pli:-olt' MInh .
and nothing could be -aid against her. Sh -'ldon, M F......
The reporter akshed Mr. Lear if the B:ahamn was L. ....** ** Tewkesbu, t ss.
on the British Lloyd's record. Mr. Leary sai'.J that "N .Mr ('......... ass
dhe was not. The-re were two kinds'of vesel. 'rnie, Dn'. C. .. v
classed and nr..-clasted. The former were rated D,:. is S. D.. New York.
with tlhe British Llo3ds, the latter were not. He Reed, 'V. ............
said that the only record of the vessel's fitness or HutchI, .t ufus ........*
unfitness would be found among his own books. As '" Mrs. :3 Servts.
a rule he entered the result of his survey of a vessel r -
on the books, but sometimes, when in a hurry and ,. Rufus .. New York.
when a vetssel'was about to sail, hlie simply turuished Gray N iss..o. .
it wftih a certificate. r M iss............
SWoodruff, Miss........
SRaGISTERED AT LLOYDS. Geo. W. Bartlett....... Fransco, Cal
He referred the reporter to Captain Shaw. who Do. Mrs..... LSan Francsoo, Cal.
hIad the books in c1artce. The Captain found two let.- Guimn, Mrs. W. K......N
ters relating to the Babhama. One of these was Mara:.ellus, MI. H.....
dated March 11, 18&9, mid addressed to Mes'rs. ouinu, Mrs. K. R. ....... A~aterdam, N. Y.
Outerbridge & Co. It stateA that at their request hlie Bell, Mi-t S. Louiste....
visited the Bahama, found her damaged by an acei- Warni,:k, Johu K ... J
dent, made reeommnendation1s aid conclude's by say- RaUndiolph ..........Bston, Mas.
ing that when these are complied with she will be Do. Mis. A..... Boston, Mas.
as strong as she was previous to theaccideut. The Smith, Mr. ...........
other letter is dated'July 9 1879, addressed to Do. Mr,. anu child.
the same firm, and reports that the sheer and shape (Gliey, Mr. ....,,.. .
S i of the-yeskel were good, the bottom in' good condi- Do. Mrs. .......... Nw York.
--.t'iou, well scraped and painted with two coats of red Burwell, Mr. .......
.leadl.paint, and -the general condition ot the bull and Bi'shop, C. J., Jr....... J
.eiiuttiiuets good. The.-e are the only records %thieh H'i-y, Mrs". W. H.....
could be found. Captain bhsw said that uon-classed Do, Frederick ......
vessels were not recorded with Ihe British Lloyds. Slata..r, James .......... Nw Yor
They were in many instances American vesa.els O'Cuner, Mi,. ... Ne ur
but veiiels of other nationalities were amniaig the Coungdon, H. L........
'number. He showed the reporter the record of Do. Mr.-. ...... Englewood, N. J.
American Lloyds for 186&2. The name of the Ba- Cco:iper, Mrs. Gee. H. Brooklyn, N. Y,
hatma is entered on it. From the entry it would White, J. H ......... I, ,
appear the ;essel was li.,ked at in November, 1881, .D.. Mrs S. E....... i Caojohatrie, N. Y.
but she ia given no rating. This. Captain bhaw said, '
indicated that theinspecwlrs did not care to pans an URGENT, Comdre. Brown, at Jamaica. The ser-
opinion on her He considered the no rating of the of a leadfling man of shipwrights, -15 ship-
vessel as rather against her. wrights and three skilled lab.,urnrs be-ing required
"Messrs. Outerbridge & Co., however, say that the at Bermruda. for a period of about 15 weeks for the
Bahama was registered with the British Lloyds in p puf-ei of makinv good the defe.-ts of the Urgent,
P462, rating- then No. 1. The reana she was not the Admiriialty hive e.lled for the amues of eaudi-
rated with them since was because, from .186-2 to the dates. to t.. forwarded from Port-anouth Yard.-
time of her loss, she did not return to Englund. A.X imi .n.Liry ,:;tt., FRib,'.. .2. .
regardM the non:classification ini the American "
Lloyd's, they say that it is not the cutitomof ownu-rs 1'W!.UL rSTREEr.-Stocks,..,utinued to be depressed,
of British vessels to have them rated here and. that and were made for the wh.ale lit. The
the firm did uot consider it at all necessary to depart decline was attributable, however, more to the cir-
*. from the custom in the case of the Balihama. They culantion ,ofv wild and unfounded reports, dtruiment.
also deny that the Bphama waxt built.for bloclkde al to prices, than toiua real deplcsion, iu hitnal
,- .i'unnetr.but say that 'she was originially built for ser- vf\.ilu. Nevertheless there was ai .general sagging
Since in the Mediterranean Sea and had to be a staunch anud although closing quotation rnll.ed somienwhat
vessel to sail in such rough water. F prices at th.- finish were considerably below the
be-t ones of the day.-ANr.w 'Ii," ,I I,,,/, 9, if(-C)h 9.
War between Austria and Russia cannot be far
distant. Had Englanl adhered to the declara.- X@ A Supplement of Six Col-
tions made jointly with France to the Khedive of
Egypt, British and Fiench troops would now been umIt contain aies the is issue of the "Gazette"pt on
their way to occupy the Valley of the Nile. This It contains the iarnticulars of the attempt on
was exactly what Prince Bismarck wanted to bring the Life of the Queeu on the 3rd inst., four
.about, as England's action would have been au- coulrnunications, and Agricultural proceedings
ficient pretext for Austria to advance into the Bal- for Mulnth of April, &c.
kan Peninsula. Russia would have grasped the
opportunity to again send her army south of the BIRtV at Luuenubiru, N.S., Fe bruary 3rd the
Danube; and file these two Powers were quar'- Wife of tlie Rsvd. FREDERICK SKINNER, of a SON.
relying over the possession of the '".Sick Mau's" ter- iB -- -..,_t
ritory in Europe, Prince Bismarck would have DIED, at Ieland Island on the 10th inst, in the
quietly munesed the German proviacca of both '
Austria and Russia. This rectification of the fourth year of is age, RosE DEMPSTsa, the beloved
map of Europe" was long sinue planned in Berlin, D M. L rasr
the first step towards giving it practical effect hayv- ......, m Pembroke Parish on 2ud inst., Arro,'
ing beoei taken in 1861. Englaud's withdrawal I HE-.ALY INo.uar, the eldest and beloved son of Ma-
from.the Egyptian scheme may have retarded, but ry Jane and Edward P. Ingham, aged 19 years and
will not prevent the denouement. The real question se1venrt mouths, leaving a uniqber of relatives and
for-~ l.GhuB4ta..naawerJr,-.whethea strong'asd friends to nioun their IOss.
united Protestant.German Empire, in alliance srith --.- .
Engla4a, would iot'be a more certain guarantee Ac 1)1 k
for the future peace of Europe than the present .A CCOUIL i OOkt.
state of affairs on the Continent.-. rmy and Naty
a:ette, Feb. 11. A 'try large supply of tlle above received per
,. ." -. .1 *S. Courland" from Londoni anu'l for
A _. .... .. ... ... sale at the troyal:Gaztte" Stationery Store.
ahu~cw~u s sparui eJameir d

A uunotice wih hasua appeared ian the laritevepord.-
nunyblatt concerning the' fish torpedo has attract-
.. mwaattention in Germany. -*' Denmark," -ays
the writer, "has gRade great progress in thib sys-
tem of warfare ;,.he possesses at the prqe.t-i'no.
ment not only the 'best torpedo-boats, but Lthe best
.,seienUfic 'arrRanEeenitsa tor launching fei -.tbrp;.
."doea,agaimstt the. Pnemy. It must be ebpedially
noted that. in o'e .of 'war,.though Denmark fleet
is very insignificant, she would yet be able, by the
use of ffsh-torpidoes, to virtually close the entrance
to the Baltic; and besides this the Datie possess
islands is the. neighkoprhpod .of: the great German
Naval station, Kie, 'which are ne
*trftitrGleh N Eay, espeotHq in conneiuou with
Stwis iuhgect. The.writer f-atlhbF stY4&s thata eii-
,gqlapd.thas..'be.9aqe, an arimportant.'. aval station
asinacte tF inptpoduotipof.the.fi6shittorppdo, as tor--
.. 6%to.bats armed with thi. weapon .d.fspttohiud
from Heligoland y.,uld ib able to close the mouti,
of theElbe.- ,". *': i -
*, .:. -'a ,* .. .\ ., -.'. ,''
HALuxrax, March .-He'avy lee als off New-
ftP4la, Adntfiue't od 6i a lt sa to or t-o
.t e r ... .. h ti. ,, -.,
C- oee drinkers. houldYr in
i, atothii ooludi.n aded t^U 'ofee. .- ':

Hamilton, Feby., 14l-h, 1882.


By Public \Vendue,
To-morrow, Wednesday,
15th inst., at I o'clock,
Consisting i. part of :
M[EN'S CLOTHING, of every description

Do. 'OR'-'ETS
Do. Black Straw HATS
A Miscellaneous collection of Domestic Goods.
Hamilton, March 14th, 1S$2.

By Public Auction,
At 12 o'clock, M.,

On Thursday next,
16th instant.
10 tLS. Grocery SUGAR
0 B 2s0 Kits Labrador HERRINGS
10 Boxes TIN, suitable for covering Shel
1 Root'fs
12 Bls. Corn MEAL
50 Gross Comb MATCHES
10 Boxes Crown sOAP'
5 Tubs Navy GREESE
1,000 Hardl Red BRICKS
1 Box Fancy PIPES
5 Hhds. PALE ALE
5 Half Chests Oolong TEA, shipped contrary
to ord6r ex .!-teamship Courlaud"
2 Bls. Paint OIL
1 Package Washing SODA
A Lot of Goods from a Retail Store
1 Cask Waste OIL ex Lighthouse
1 Dinner SET 1 Breakfast SET
2 Dozen Garden'FORKS
'2 Dozen Potato HI IES
'2 Dozen Garden SPADES
2 Dozen HOVELS
I Good Work

The only one left of the Prince Edward's Is-
land Lot,
1 Good Bermuda C1OW,
I Good Comfortable CARRIAGE
Hamilton, March 13, 182.

E .- T It C. f3 i .

PRANG'S 'elehrated Easter and
31P.T l$D 7 OA..DS,
Clii'aroios, &c., .Just Received,
An Assortment of Dry.and Fancy OOOD",
LAMPS,] Burunrs, &c.
The non11011 explosive erosene Stoves.
5, 7 and 9, Church Street, West,
Opposite Mechanuic' Hall.
Hamilton, March 13, 18b2.-3 pd.

On approved Mortgage Securities.
Apply to
Hamiltbn, 11th March, Is2.-l 4p. pd.

The Subscriber

Has received from Antigta. per' S.
S Orinoco" via New York,
30 Bls. Muscovadlo SUIGAR New
20 BIs. Bright MOLASSES Crop.
Which will be sold Cheap, from the Wharf,
Ilamilton, March 14, 188g.

New York .Mail Stefamer.


Will leave the Port of/ Hamilton,
At 7 a.m.,
7H UR S D eY,
16th March, 18I,2,
To leave Grassy laiy for Now York as .oon as
the Mails, to be desp-it.-:hpd from Ilamilton at I
p. wn., shall reach the Steamer.
The "' Orincc..' is to leave New York on the
23rd Murch for return.
Passengers are respectfully requested to be
on board at 6.45 a.m., 16th iMarch. Breakfast
will be served ni board.
Freight, Parcels, and :pecieon Freight, will be
received until 6 p.m., 15it March.
Bills of ILading will be signed 10 a.m.,
160h March.
Sipppris arc rnqit"htl h "oltIe fIth. rsct-
iti' rt, :.i ;,ts wa /l I,,r,',diyiil by tie Pure r fur
.B-'rr, is P:'twto., ., L'o..'e.i Onions, Be6s, aind
(V,.q T i,,,n oes, uaild ,i st be jpre Iiifl reilh f,,r
hids iiiafir,, fduly lijob and in order,
out ltf O'rop Stws..
Ilamilton, Ilermuda, 1Ith M:arcli, 182,-I.-
Colonist copy once.


A Meeting of the

On FRIDAY next,
17th Instant.
# fthe C'Oftrt #ousHe,
At 11 o'clock, by direction of the JUDGE.
Hamilton, March 131h,'18-2. Registrar.


About 7,000 feet of

Wanted at Irelahnd'Isiland.
TENDERS -wvill be received by theoUnder-
S signed until
Saturday, the 25th inst,
Front parties willing to supply the same.
The Stone must be of the best quality.
The Undersigned does not bind himself to
accept the lowest or any Tender.
F-urther particulars may be obtained by ap-
plying to
East Pagets.
March 14, 1882.

For Sale,
J ALF Chests of Oolung 'Tl. A-best ii the
IIs. Good FLOUl
Do. I)o. MEAL
Bas IIFL.\N .Drums FI"H
B O90N &, .
3 Doors \Vest of Royal (Jazette" Office-
Hamilton, NMarch 14, 1882.

Pitch Pine Lumber.

PH E undermentioned handsomely
- assorted CARLGO, per llehevca," from
Jacksouvi.le, consisting of

3 by 6 2. by 5 4 by 6 4 by 5
2 by 5 3 by 4 2 by 6 2 by 5
2by4 2by3 1 by3 2by12
l-by 12 5 by8 5 by 9 -5 by5
.2; by 7 3 by 7 4 by 4 2 by 8

I by 6 and Ij by 6 Dressed G. and, T.
1 by 12 and 1j by 12 Dressed plain jointed
Is otlerel for .ale for Caph only.
Hamilton, March 7, 1882.-2 3p.

Whittakers' Almanack For Sale, i 00. -W4
- 1882, PmRCE is. wer-ful Bay P500 on Bond aswc
'At Royal G'izette" stationery Store. = : Mortgage, -.,
ll ; On Property in this Town.
a iot luiauu g OrulerS 1 '4Ii.TT.'HUSSEY, a.'ADiC.-, Mount Application to be Laide to S. BREoWLOW
PRICE-ONE SHILLING. March Jr,- 4I42 Hamilton, Mra'ch 1,4, $82,.-"
On Sale at "Royal Gazette" Stationery Store. ... "
., an..dA f1. Fo SOl e' Bo Os. a"
-F O I WJDAo g and A ful4 N of the above as
F Per S S. O-, t,, ,l.,nA us&finthe:p ablit .._- .4
-At t e'. G Att a J to received athe"oal etti-'
A.a further supply oft LAWYERS, AU- Thre doors Wes.of" Gazette" Oiliye .y ,l.i. .. _.
COUNT, blue RUk ED and PLAIN, white and Pre ises cat be insp'. til on atternoons-o 'o1 uu L e -t.i s '
lu FO CAP, LETER and NOTE Paper, ses can be nspay a-e Thursday. after of
bruledA a d plain, .w te dEERbluiaOT&c,, ,c.1aethd, n si K E -e o -it.i j'" 's
ieue, *- lan h (& u .0.V c r6rids made known on application to '...
At- R at"qry p re,
'A yor .of (cer V.,. E. WVHVL'i, S J. C. KEENEY. I At 1 toyid0i t 'St.tio..ry. 4re,
SUAF. March l3th, 18826-1 i Hendrie's Petirtum f Pateft ',So.s

a -'

By biodetr of fheMIrtgagee,
Valhable REALt ESTATE .:in 'mtb Town of

-T-- The Undersigned is instructed to of*
r.A:1-oer for ~ the HOUSE and Lot of
LAND,at :the Crine, of the,4th Longitudinal
Street and Union Str6t, late -the occupation
of Ma. EDWARD 3osEri SMltpeceasid.
'the Lot bhas frontage on the4: th Longitu-
Idinal Streetbf ob feet;- and on'U-.ion Street of
150 feet or thereabouts.
TENDERS fbr this Property will be receiv-
ed by the Undersigned up to-noon of
Wednesday, the 22nd
MAURCH, instant,
when the highest, if approved, wil.ibe accepted.
Hamilton, 11th March, ISS2.-2 3p

By Order of the Mortgagee.

U A A Cottage,
TENDERS for the COTTAGE and Parcel of
LAND on the North Shore of Harrington
Sound, now in the occupation of: MB. PrTia
J. .SMITH, will be received by the :underoigued
up to noon of
the 22nd MARCH, instant,
when the highest, if approved, will be accept-
The LAND is bounded on the E t by land
now or late of Aggeus Outerbridge, and on the
lEast by land now of late of Elizabeth Burchall
West. and there is a 10 feet road running from
the M3uin Road to the Land offered for Sale.
Hamilton, 1Ith March, 1882.-2 $p

TENDERS will be re-
iSt ceived for the purchase of the
on the month h side of Warwick Parish, lately
occupied by Miss C. H. ADAM,, deceased.
Tenders for the above Property will be re-
ceived by the undersigned on or before
5th of April Jext.
Not bound to accept the highest or any

Hamilton, March 4th, 1883.--2 3p. I ltsp.


Of about 550 tons Register,
To conv-ey from these Islands to Constantino-
ple, the Cargo of the Italian Barque Emilie
Figila," Captain Nicolani; put into this
Port in distress, consisting of: ;
19,832 Boxes of Refined PETRO-
And 100 Bairels RUM. 1
TENDERS for the above will be Rqoeived
at My Office, on or before 12 o'clock,
the 17th instant.
St. George's, March 11, 1882.

A Really Goo4,

Specially adapted to the Climate.
Recently entirely re-buffed by MR. BouvOa.
Price 25.
Property of a Gentleman leaving Berniiaa.
Will be on view at E. B., J'OI'8 $t'- re,
corner of Queen and Reid. Street .
Haminilton, I4'th Iareh, 8i"..t -

Wanted-, .
,, - ,


Good character i le.
Apply to MR$. S.TEWART. ellevale, Spa-
Sih Point ... ,
Maroh 15th, 1882..

A us tiRoeived,
SAt. "Roal Gaiette" iStM.euv
Store; a few Ca$s'oT
History of .igl..' ':

?lIa'HAmr MNXsllb,1888.
J\p dq4- Aqp;rq Frances AAduon, M_0a.0

Jose bolodo, k f -
HDopbr, 0 8igei aR'Nabes; 4A.i #WH-
terBi&a;.'Schr "D A-SWil"a.F -..
Brlg"'Hbma'nitb," ,miAi, & ::tla
Smith1 Jo, To.lmau, Lucy Trot,. G .
liarqiire Wn 'WiVlson," GoJ B White. -
UNCLAIMED.L .EI TI3,I LT, .T 0 'E. .-,--
'F T G "OftG,' M"a 3, i8 : "32.
eiaiCaieCiae e Di ,.:), Bnig A S Il" 1)' -
R.rr (,Tucdir's,,Towu). Jfha Cirti e. W t'JA- ,'> "", ."
Wm ide Talbots BDuque WiUi a Wil'." -
_*.* ..''*-**^ -- "'

-~' ,. .. "-.' S . :,, ,L ._'',: L2

* -




ri ***., 'a :'a~'.aJi''.v. ..a-n 4

.iW'.aa~ ': W-" .'. WNW .

,R91 ,IRK

:. -l.a ;


h ebo- tY NOWN to anI

S 3 -,00 Bottles

This. S/ruj) .po '-yoreirts Tdfied fPnoti'es.
.. w WaS

ft Pkn I h PP{.P t ,!spep.s. Ia. Live,

ab eh !a'hj rre le ,.t seash es 'erer ol*
S.In 1.iifi ..,c-e A defie Ji Ptiela n.

.ttoniiK-h. Is' I- B < i .,ken Immed!
r I l'. iea,'t Diseao e
B iosn.ess, eDebility, etc

rtt: 2soj .e ] l T';n-v. iurh'em.
61 Z 31E 11fYi WW tmodXlimwan
S:i LD SiNC Ate1.0
S. b' tonrelsa mie -Starch rind Nuger or th
fnd ui eiin-lohi. e .l dreiicIlie ," ill Pls alin,
S, iiTdse wind mind %oiii'i o !Itie urood i n th,
t''i lu' cati E'I'st1'ijtt oft' fl ed
ii i '.;r.i' A l r'n the Lii'er. i
t 'n 6 il'. tl ,O.i I jie i i;. hil -, r
S '. 4 ,odand i. ta, i t,ihe n eli .

lr Prt Ie',-t haveuBI]s your INDI.\N tL.
,r tx ''iI ihe N&'i'"v n .nt S tem.,

YR wih e hi-factionouand relief. I t
1!i I n'P the; lowt-t u'" the akiu.uad n edU+.
e t-n afflicrAt. -, -,:.ih tit.ry fnt. r -.long m tc
T,3' .i rel .. r, Until C aom i-sen il .l.r l. o- 1.
It aP : tLmr, b w iab mout iv .. it up i'. r 1cu e
et' d an a i tablal, c I i, ,. # ,|.-1.'s.i i .i iforne.. .ia i t

-4 36o :' eicine r;tri'riB-my, inpPri
(-'A ltRAll CUI:ED.

Si 1h S.-i-i have uedrp you IDIor heN BL
tern afflicted" witahAl fsuh foor a long ltimi. ;c
'l no reliz-d, until [I commiencarr uap i hi n remov.I
.e IYnrinP.. I w veabout to gien it up ly cue bin
dia, lv after akin it made nme dizzy a: eet, ba
t ,-llii. 311a h-si)ian wai., l forn ed lk
-".as ,nu.'- by ulh. medicine r stori'ii :my imper
eit'ilrj l io "l d dit;in_, on hi, 'liseast d master i.,
S-l .Ii i. a a o' I d A ro )1 pi of athe e\IL
ma;I'ur. I imvarialuvT f iund. however, that hii. dl
traniqjilized, eni fhe-p antartal poistn remove,
tIhe rediemn&. I have berm entirely cuJed by y
S lanvai.tabl reimdy.
pc t cfure. ly youra sA y d

No. 3 19 l .\: 1 ch-t., N,.w York C
.I. Si t,- Y or a Ju.l c%li riih .dure IN I
.e 'ici,.,uiis A&your OILOOl) PURIFIERI
... 'u of< p;d,t; em.i tie reu$t was rh
. .- o' ,.m uir3f'. v-r p nil. a b,',ilt. f the Is
sBLOD a arleet cure. I will ay o sc y Iy .of
iean is illre aiv'd y so thai I cm 'ea anything ni

SNa'aNo. 19 lh.'ch- s i., (of Dk
.. n Br' Nor r dilc s Pin r.,Nrs w You Ciurpi
Du.n Sam,-- Yo'o, j.utly cel lra. d INDIl
BLOQD p1,lfUlP his ntir,.lv cur' d nine of .
eadycp ani n y-ipjI ..siia. i o v years' stand1
*I a.0,o ur


"- .U' '* / l T : i-j.T._ F
l-aa -ta-dinan, Bull's t Idl, '.2th et., (of D.
Dy fpe i:i oao In ,in s inn qo.( mn) years' srndi
'l-lepInry Da i4hnan, el .i saue firi., cured of t
.-.-Thnoat and Indigesiur,. titer having been ire
b? plysici res walri *in'b t, ic ial c-l'ec.t.

$as N,. 9Ql .Ir tihUs-.d-.r., ('
ia e ly of L h r ;sin n, .rai -, and ref i
every diliculry o! imy- [owel-. '"I must say 'ihh
is the lt)st mikir4c that any peioni ci take
rick fea-lachu.

.^..DE.Ra Pyi,-!- usep your INDIAN ULODtl ';
UI' .(Or l q,.e..(ia. (fruoiii incll 1 ulf'rrld for
' "yers,) w'itifl 'i' |h ;p|.i s rr, ulfts.
A few doses ,1 ictd n.y t't )i u cli in a condui ,
diges' !o.!-' hhriuhy 'irlie.ine mii of ,ho- ifs'r.
i'png-prinirt' peuri.uL ;hby dy iej,|'(ics i'it ., dii'l
and .1 lough ,it a. ii(lI uausedJ otc.isioi..i dizzir
It qun ry ,4 o,.pm.rl,,r'ny moi',uimng itl ,
My 'ii oni) is now alJot perfect, ar.d I feel gr

~' ,. No, a.West 341id-asl., New York C,


rp 1 *.1indeisigaiid hil, jut oprewnJ a choice
L. P lcti,,n ol'f on, lilai and A.,t riemn

i-1, Xmas, Rece-ivI. bylv lt i lil St -anier
SCon,,istillr in part or.:-
Ti's ..f tRoast BEF 1 M 1 'UPTON
CHi I 'K- N II'CK ( ;OO.i0
li,'bh TON(;IT -'. Potled !I 1.\1
BEEF and TONGUE 'l'!iis of MAL1A)N
Io lt,.-s or assortedd PICKLI'.S4
If.d C.A \1111%f andl SAUC.ES
Coine.lmiellF.FinTin. lSIS I' Il'' ofa'J kinids
Si1I \ it. Whiii andl B -wn FLOU)It
esains ofr OCO.A and M1I LK
S Epps Ci('COLATE''
S (;ren noi li turnt ('O)F FEI': Oolonig ''i.A
S 0 ''M E, I, (dl.1! EAL COR NML.,AI,
FI. X .4I-:D Lie.-:ed 11EAL.
lbill-s ol'f YRUP-IJ''. or'all tl:tora
S 3RuIles of' Pe FRUIIT.- GOOSERi'.1I:S
CHdEIIt IIES, &c., &c.
Tins of IRUITS., in Syyrup
" STiItK \:-B' It RY .APPlI.-; & I' iCOTS
i J.AI:S of all Flavors BLI F'1ER LARD
I IC.E ',ltie .' \LT CI LESE.
Ilami SAU.< S\(E
4 ,.z. I'.ottl.. S;.E.nce IEMON
\"-'F'R ) V L N\I NILL %, &e., &e.
S ionodensed ., M LK
S 'i".\ I'- it;- \% [I>, PowdJfred)
"'. l! i,!.,, a-F.,,r.., Fl.i\ir' O live O il,
l I'.l II; l i0,i Bitt!e-,)
i Ft.,I tL'/USS F i \'T II ,S1NS
IU R l\TS FI(GS S'ltIl:S
Nl1'T il IG S AL L!ONiDS, in and out of sihed
Jlob Jarn fl'PreseredG.J I1NGER S.A(U
,va f.A 1(ICA 10 l'AiTO( TL'RNI. 'S
)OD &c., &e., &Ce.
it it East Broadlway and Vieturi Struets.
frhet Hf'milton, december 1. 98R'1.
umy ------
:'v Potatoes Potatoes !
I l'y
,,our Superior Table



Everybody w:tntsit, but very .few get it,
because onist people do not kno v how to
s,.e-lct eoffl'e, or it. is spoiled in the roast-
ing or-making. To obviate these ditficnl-
tios has b.en"t .our study. Thurber's pack-
age coffee.q are selected by an expert who
understands the art of blending various
ilavors. Th.ey aire roasted in the most
perfect manner (it is impossible to roast
well in small quantities), then put in
pound pack ges (i, (the bohn, nof rr irjr d,)
hearing our signature as a. guarantee of
penuineness, and each packagecontains the
Thurberrecipe for making good Coffee. We
packtwoe kinds.Thurber's" No. 34." strong
and pungent ; Thurber's No. 41," mild
andl rich. One or tho other will auit every
taste. They have the three great points
u ool q9 'iti ,li., 'st qiatla i .i, r"l'-. ''iit' i
,', -. -.A' q" !.ir c ,t'. or 7 T ,'l, era's
'ritoa '-,'l Coe- hI'l ;/ I )' /'p11/ /,'k e,", No. 34"
,xr w: Yo. 41." Do not be put off with any
other kind-your own palate will tell you
what is best.
Where persons desire it. we also furnish
the Ii." Coffee-pot, the simplest, best
anwl clhap>ist eoffe-pot. in existence.
Gro'c'errs who sell our Coffeet keep them.l
Ask for d-i.criptive circular.
* R,:.S]:,ttfullv. &c.,
S H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO..
Importers, W. '1-sale Grocers and Coffee
Roa.sters, New York.
P.S.-As the largest dealers in food pro-
ducts in the world, we consider it ouri in-
terest to manufacture only pure and
wholesome goods and pack Ihem in a tidy
and satisfactory manner. All ,,ods
bearing our name are gunarante,-d to bre
of superior quality, pure (aid wtiho.-e.-iOe.
and dealers are authorized to refund the
purchase price in any case where custom-
ers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is
therpfort' to th, interest of both dealers
and consumers to use Tl>r ioer's. lroii,..

is confidently recommended to the I'ublic as
an unfailing remedy for wounds of every des-
cription ; a certain remedy for ulcerated lers,
burns, scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic
eruptions, and pimples on the face. sore and
inflamed eyes, sore heads, sore breasts, piles.
It also entirely removes the foul smell arising
from ''"ancer.
Sold in pots, 131d., 2s. 9d., 4-Is. 'id., 11s.,
and 22s. each ; and his
Proved by more than sixty years' experience
to be one of the best mniedicines for purifying

The .nesgne has always on the blood aud assisting Nature in her opera-
The .undersigned has always on tions. They forin a mild and superior family
lihan-idaull supply rot TABDLE POTl41TlOES, aperient, which may be tak.-n at all times
in quality '-uperior to aty ia. market, and at without confinement or cluinge of diet.
pi ic, s todefy competition. :.Sold in Boxea; at 1343 d., 2s 4d. -Is. Gd., 11s
P'C'IAL it Tmr. to Arimmy and Navy and 2'2s. each.
CANTEENS arid 31iE'..E.-. Prepared only by BEACt- & BARNICOTT,
W. JAM ES I Bridport, Dorset, England, and suld by all
t i Medicine Vendors.
Il ..., i,... I..m 42 Front Street. January 17, 1882.-6 ni

- am ton, cto er
1, .

,-* *
Niled Sta.' s Vaal Steamers,

47 Front Street,

J. H. Robinson & Co.,
Ag-nts for Messis. F. ALLI.EN & SON-, man-
utacturers of

CALLIN AT QUEN.TOWN Citrate of 'Magnesia, Chocolate and

WI'CONSIN Tuesday, Jamny., 24, at 9-1100 a.m.
N i'; %,D.\ 31, at :3'- p.m.
AB\"' INI.1 Februry 7, at 7-30 i.iu.
Ah 1'Z7N \ II, at 204,0 p.m.
'\VY. IlN] 21, at 8110 a.nm.
\l'I'<:ONSIN 2H, at 2 3) p in.
NI-. V-\1)A '' Marchl 7, at 6-31) a.m.
B '.Y-INIA i" I, at 12-30(p.-n.
A.L \I'K "' 21, at (630 n.rm.
i'ho:ibove Steamers are built expressly fur
the Tradle, havo tiv'e watertight bulkheads, and
carry.experieuced Ollicers, 'Surgeons and Sten -
nrdei-ses. T'lheieSalooi Aceconmodations are nu-
sirpiiis.wd !by iny Allaniiic Srteamnnrs, and I'ie
State Iloomt atr, on iuatmi deck Opeoing intio the
,.alot,'i th-.i seetLinig that great.comfort hi
oicai tavul, perfect vntilution and /light.
sminok'ig ioomw, Bath Room and Piano on
eah -tealer.
The U. S .Mail .1e7auier )rinoco" froni
er ,.*du,'fihursdavyi, gefierally arrivesat New
York on ilonidays, and P.tsengrirs' baggage cair
*tr.i4ioertred direct' to the Liverpool Steamer
sailing next day.
WI rI_ ..AMis& G .C. flTONM

S.'- 'L Nr Yoi, Feb., 3 188 Ageant,
C. Jol.ns,,n, M.D.' 29 Broadway, New Yuor
DEAR Siaf,.- I take phl'asurs in rpo' kYAding New York, Jany. 12, 1.882.
yeIr-"'T"-N''I1'LfOUD7Y'rP"^, an invaluable --- --
remedy l- wl bkeen a sufer. i-
o, r.' ... ","i" a'"a.k;i oftlhe, atoast C 0ML aI, alk Jf lt5IJh.
.yqu ari. eprC 'fr ori.e ",j, -5 .- 'J B' ring such atacks -
death would almnpst .-e -,. her. She wal uvaiuT AN nLONtI uS
pr' ir d' d" Or hby rAt1r i je ot, Wil out effect. -V a n
.Nonhingfi ihf jeatiiie btiaed a bottle Agreements for Landlord and
'o .tur ,,l.-iNN .LiOOD SYRUP. *I)sE effects
wer tfid, 't.he. k -noAlrir Iyduledt. It, l-Teuant,
is a nieciiej' hat ino hou l huld should be without IN STOCK
.'.... .. C A- At "Royal Gazette" Stationery S'ore.
S. oub l., City. Handlton, Dece. 'Vth, 1861.
i "'' .u..* B- Bra' a,' Jtrie 2fill,880, -
D""* 14 isl.p 'cuilyf, that" lelo d: I 'V OP Ifunlled
"fbeA .inyopr INDSIA' OL6.0D SY-' P,n'. ,- -
-^'y i ealicei tlK ip h ave a vr taken fr Dyspp..i, I A POWERFUL DRAFT
"'a' d ti'1'vebioJ.a"I -uidlUatvtse all that suffer from.-- _

S L': .....A" .- s"' v valuablee ;",r-TFrm Work, Hoisting, &e.
le-, '; ert' fo ,.teriuruda, ". *FA ,_.-
.- .J1( N.. A. FO~X, 'AIpply at thb-" Royal Gazette" Office.
'. & re. irrSt. tgret 1aitonq, .y. 28,. 1.88.-3 :
q t :

Patronised hy His ltiperi-il Mijesty lli Shla; of'
Persia, arnd I-I. It. '1. lhe I'rinrce ofl' \V'e.
\Ve recommend Dealeis in Counfeeltinery to
puielihae of our Ageats in Ber,,ud I, whi c-ni-
stl:aitlV keep a large nssoinmeiint or' our goois,
and at present have in stock 24t-I ct. .iof asso-t-
ed Conflctiionery in a v.iritly of 73 kinds, at
only 9dJ.-per lb.
Mies.-rs. F. ALL \N &. .ON supplies m.Ia.
chinery, &c., fo.r tVie Manufacture f (Confec-
tionery with all the l:iest modern improv--ments
They also erull ,y 00) men d uly at the Ste nou
worksks Mile EnI It oad, Caina.l ituad, Lond.on.
are Alanufncturers' Age.ats.
Ilatmilon, February 14, ISS .--3'n

A Full- Weight, Pure Condensed
%VE oflor, under the above brand, a full
weight, pure, iiaiural milk, condensed by
evaporation, and granul:lted sugaradded in order
1o perfectly presaive. Five (5)i) parl of watelor
added to one of milk will reduce it to. the aver.
ag standard of'Orango County.milk. Every ean
is warrailed. There can be no better Condensed
.Alilk.lhn i The Peail, but it will be sold on the
principle that louw. prices couhbir.ed with good
yu'lity and honuesi wight, corummand the trade.
Price per s.~,gjq i ase 4"S- 16-Oz. c:ns is 1$
Price per single base, 48 8-oz. cans, is $3.-75.
lII.K. & P. B. THURBER & CO.,
M ole Agents, New York.
,. .VA'O. Q o.A.O..-.lAM.

Marble & Granite
W AllT."iAW 1Twa ScotAia

will be Cgiven, as to the whereabouts of JOHNr
PHILLIPS, who lft Lonmdon on ISth Novem-
ber. 17ti.-Apply to Messrs. ItRee,L Lovell
Ian.d-Reed, solicitors, I Guild.-Ill Chamber.4,
February 27. 1882.

0 to JOHN M. McNEILL & CO.,
if you want u Good Fitting suit of
CLrOTilES.-i5 and 66 Front Street.
I -
STOlIN iM. McNEILL & CO., have Engagel
J the Services of a First Class Cutter ani
I Fitter.-65 and 66 Front Street.
I TOHN ;M. McNEILL & CO., invite the Puhb-
lie to Call and Examiniue their Lirgo As-
I snrtment of Fine Suitines antd Pantd SLunl-
65 and 66l Fromnt leet.
Hamilton, Novr. 2., 18l1.-tf
t -
For Renilt.

In Queen Street,
Adjoining the Urnderigeuod's Dry ani. Fancy
(Goo.t E.tablishmu-nt recently occiipiel by
MII. J. W. BEEK i., tor Rent.
Ii rnmm.iiate Possossion can b- given.
For Parti'.-ulrs please apply to
H'Iamiiton,Jany. 3 19t, 1862.


!Vanted a Sober I4 AN
Thlat tI!horoughly undersond3 the e e u ,f
Apply 't this i ?.
Jnuuiry2, 1882.

Liverpool, Qticeiimtown'i, Londoni
and New York.




ERIN, FrnANrCE., rfliEECE. .
The STEAMSHIPS of this line comprise
TWELVE of the largest stearmei-rs (belonging
to one Company) in the Atlantic service leav-
ing the port of New York. They are built ex-
tirely of iron and steel, except the merely de-
corative parts, are divided into water-tight
and fire proof compartments, and provided
with everything calculated to add to their
safety, and to the comfort and convenience of
passengers. The saloons and staterooms (all
on the main deck) nre unusually large, light
and atiy. The table and general appoint-
ments compare favourably with the best hotels
in England.
One of these steamers will sail from Newi
York every Saturday, for Queenstown and
Liverpool, and weekly for London direct, from
New Pier 39 North River. Rates of passage
in currency:'-To Queenstown and Liverpool,
s:if> to $70. To London direct (Victoria. Docks)
$ $30O; excursion tickets $100, currency ;
Steerage passage $26, currency. For further
particulars apply to the Company's Ofi'es,
Nos. 69, 71 and 73 Broadway. New York.
New York, January 27, 1882.


T HE Undersigned takes this op-,
portunity to thank the Merchants of
Bermuda for the very liberal response which
during the past year they have given his Card
-which was tirst published in this Journal last
December and which has resulted in a largely
increased trade with this Island. He would
also express the hope that the intercourse so
auspiciously begun may be doubled this com-
ing year, and that every Inhabitant of liermu-
da may be given an opportunity to test the
itner or quality' of all articles put up under
Thurbers' brands which cover goods that are
jttar'ute.u to be purt and wholteso';e, and of
wlich dealers are authorised to refund 'the
purchase price 'where consumers have cause
for dissatisfaciou. He would again remindl the
Metchalnts of Bermuda that he is also practi-
cally familiar with the wants of the Island in
all that relates to Food Products and Groce-
ries generally.
Any orders that may be eLitrustedto him
will be faithfully and promptly filled, with.the
assurance that they will receive all the advan-
tages which the special facilities the .Messrs.
Thurber & Cq., enable themte givp'abi importers
with Branih IousI.Ss it London, Engliand, and
Bordeaux, France, and as foreign Maunifac-
tures ,,ith Factories at Bordeaux, Marmande,
and Nantes, France, in. addition to the large
Factories which they own and: operate in the
United. states. A trial order, no matter how
small, may result in mutual benefit and twill
be appreciated by '
With H. , and PF... T iUTIBER & CO.,
Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers.of and
Dealers in Food Products,
West' Broadway, Read :and sudsbu Streets,
New' York City.
P. ',O. Box- J4s2.
New York. Lohdon. Bordeaux.

SGEOEGS A*. SAFOAD, Rpbt. G. Lpe & Co.,
P; o.P :3TOT. : (O nmisstin 31lercluiai- ,
every style. 18 Leadenhall Street, '
Berrouda Orders solicited. Satisiuaciou gua- AND AT LLOYDS,'
. ranteed. : LONDON', E.C.
W \V. T, JAMES, Personal sittf4ntion'giveg' to Co0ii'nmgiita of
42 Froni St., Bermuda PRODUCE and the filling of Ber-
S. Agent for Bermuda. mudian oiduis. .
hamilton, Oct 11, 1881.--6 months, April 30, I 881.

iler -aqcjsf'b/s Dookyard.

Required for Floatifg Dock.
Wages -I/ per day, with quartors'[on board
Captain-in-Charge of Naval Estab-
6th December, 1881.

iEnquire at the Office of this Paper.
: Hamilton, Ilecember20.1881.

Cricket Bats,

at the "Royal Gazette" Stationery Store.
(Some BA TS half price)
Hamilton, March 8, 1SS2.

Great proress. has been made withinn a lew
years in manufacturing food products, and the
standard of quality has been raised to i point far
beyond that which formerly obtained. We claim
that th;i has, to a considerable extent, been due
to our efforts; as the Largest Mar.afacturers and
Dealers i theo world in this line, we.consider it
our interest to pianulaeture only PURE and IVHOLE-
POME gooild, and pack them in a tidy ')nil attrac-
tive manner. All guod3 bearing. nuAi name are
guaranteed to be 91 superior quahly, and dealers ,
are authorized to refund the purel.-ae price in
any case here customers-have enuse for dlissa-
tsifaction. It i., therefore, to the interest of both
dealer_ and con.numers to use THURBER'S
HI-. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Importers, Manufactureri and Dealers in all
* varieties of Food Products,
P.S.-Our goods are for sale. by mest Grocers
and all will get them i requested todo so.-6m.

Protleelion aglinust F[iR.E
Can be obtained from th '
of London,
One of the longest Established and Wealthiest -
Otfics in G(reat Britain.
Through, the ,lll AN.1il OFFICE in these
slatnds, a Saving is effected to the Insured
of the .tunmai Daly, a very (on-siderable item.
It l.:-KS taken both on IREAL amd PERSONAL
PR )OPF.II'lY for 3, 6 or '12 monihi.
No FEES and no CHAiGE for Policies.

Hamilion, September 9th, 1856.

e idt.

RIM 11EL'S TOILET VI.NEU.AR,.sa pleasan
ionic amnd ieeshing adji e Toct lu ihe Toilet and
Haith, a reviving bcent and a powerful disinluctaiut
For warm climaLes it is inva-luable.
R1I.MEL'S JOCKFV CLUB .and other fra.
grail PerfutnQs.
RIAI EL'S LIME JUICE and GLYCERINE the hiir'a beutifu) ,louse and. izp.pitA. an
agreeable coolines, o i lieiea .. --
Toilet Soupa in bars or cakes.
boxes, barrel and packers. '
RL.IMi EL'S AQUADENTINE, clea'%', wivlitenu
and preserves the teeth, refreslhes ihe mouth, and
sweetenathe breath.
tural Air purifier, a fragrant Powder whichh diffuses
mie healthy and refreshing emanautaions ol' thie Pine
and Eucalyptus Forests.
E. RIl 1 I1 L, P 'rf'inmer by appointmint-to 11. R
H. Prinuces of Wales, 96, Sirand, London, and 17
Boulevard des haliens, Paris.
May 29, 1.877.

K your Irucer for A. .k.- WHYLAND'S
', L l- M : '

,L.JIN4CK.- MiARC 182.





V 6 .
1. .,8 ta, =]. : ;tt *"'" "r
r'u 6 8 6 .82f 3 3 S n
We 6 6 [ I,4 S, ,"f
P I & ..: *'8S. .Patrick-Sag.
hit6 5 6 9 28 6 .5t4 r6lflof
at 56 5 9-9 64, jd2n' 3& di'nt 'e
U 6 3 6 10 0 7m 0 i t,
>o:6 ,I. i. ir ; "
.,.NwMoldy -~ A :.*v

T .DB BiHMU DA ,.Ki Al.-r ,AZATT&-j...ed
TuiB, Muq4 -ip rAtbaltr izbm hed
every Tuesday by DoI.Amo' MfPat 0 ,t.,
Printer to the Quien*'s MbLbEi-~Qelent
Majesty, ," -
'AT HIS8 O i`46 : :,
North.west,Cornarof Raid and Burnaby Ntreets,
Hamil.topt .. si.-o
WhVrafl hluaoka Hand.rbilll "&a.'4,"fti .be.
printed at the shortest notice.-A"gents.
St. Georges for te wial/avqae 4 Tjessra.
,* t-oioie.' BE3 A, Ot EnWde. r. W .

- 4 4' -'

,^ '.-".

. .' :,-,'? : ."
- i-
-ii -, 4!!



.ui pplement to the BeFmud'a Royald Gazee, Thide l4th Mjiwh,'S488


INO. -
W:':nton, March 2-Ee'ening.-4As t'Queen was
enteiig her carriage this evening a man in the
station yard deliberately firEd a pistol at her. The
man, who was a iiisrable looking object, was im-
mediatr-ly seized by several policemen and-taken to
the Windsor Police .Station. No one was hurt.
The miscreant givts Lib, name as Roderick MacLean.
He was with difficulty rescued from the crowd.
The Queen arrived at Windsor at 5.2.5 P.M. She
had been in London since Tuesday, where she gave
a drawing reom on Wednesday in honor of the
Princess Helena of Waldeck, who is to marry
SPrince Leopoldl.
LoNloN, March 2-8 P.M.-There was a lare
-crowd (of spectators awaiting the Quebn's arrival
at Windsor. The Queeg walked- across the plat-
form of the railway station to her carriage which
was waiting to take her to the Castle. John Brown
had already anceinded to behind the carriage
when a man standing at the entrance to the station
yard among a number of spectators pointed a pistol
at the carriage and fired. To judge from the re-
port the pistol was not heavily loaded. The Queen
who was probably not aware what had happened-
was immediately driven to the Castle, but before
she passed the man had bet.n -cized by the Super-
intendent of the Borough Police, who was standing
near by. He was also violntly seized by the
crowd, and w..s io,'y rescued from them when
three 'or four pj:-li-mreu came to the Superin-
tendeont' as-istrioe. The pistol was captured
by one of the crowd. MacLean who was mise-
rably clad, wa tr.ken into High street and thence
conveyed tQ the t'olice Station in a cab. He is
said to. be an inhabitant of Southsea. The gen-
eral opinion is that the act was the result of lun-
As soon as the Queen arrived at the Castle she
ordered an equerry to proceed to the depot to in-
quire if any one had been hurt.. The report of the
pistol was sharp, but not loud. MacLean apparent-
ly intended firing again, when the revolver, which
seemed to be a 'new one, was knocked from his hand
by a bystander and handed to the police. Eton
scholars were prominent in the attempt to lynch
MacLean. The Right Hon. Sir Henry F. Ponson-
iby the Queen's Secretary, proceeded to the Police
Station, and, after obtaining all the information
possible, telegraphed to Mr. Gladstone the facts of
the assault. It is understood the Queen has not
sustained any shock.
Sir William V. Harcourt., replying to an inquiry
from Sir Stafiord North--ote, stated that the man
MacLean, who shot at the Queen this afternoon,
was a clerk by occupation and a native of London.
He added that the Queen was not alarmed at the
LowND(-, March 3.-MacLean is 27 years old.
He states that be is a grocer's assistant. The doc-
tors pronounce him sane. MacLean says that hun-
ger actuated the crime.
LONDom, March S.-The would-be assassin of the
Queen, MacLean, has been identified as a man
who, last summer, frequented the vicinity of Wind-
sow Caetle and acted in a suspicious manner.
Low.,ON, March 4.-In consequence of the ex-
pr-'ssionti oS the British and foreign press at her e.c-
epr- from the attenmpr on her life, it is expected
tLa'. the Queen will cause a proc lamation to be is-
ntied returning thanks for the sympathy manifested
for her.
A soltitor has been retained by the fridtds of
MacLean to defend him at his forthcoming trial.
Acc.:rJ)iig to MaicLean's own account lie has a sis-
tar married to Mr. Harris, lessee of the Drury
I.aao Trc-atre.
The railway truck off which the bullet from Mac-
.Leann' pistol glanted has been examined by an ex-
pert. It appears that the shot, as far as elevation
6 -:.olicerned, was fired in a line with the Queen't,
It im reported thai MacLean bears himself cheer-
fully and aings in his cell. The British press ex-
prees-s much gratification at the manifestation of
feeling by the American papers and people of all
shades of politics, which fulfils the anticipations
expressed here in the first comments on the at.
tempt upon the Queen's life. The almost univer.
sal opinion in England is that MacLean is a luna-
tic. General Sir Fredetick Ponsonby replied to
Minister. Lowell's personal telegram as follows:
The Queen is much touched by your congratula-
tions, and desires to express her sincere thanks."
Th Empress of Austria will % isitr Windsor on Mon-
day. personally congratulate the Queen.
LoNt-ON, March 5.-Theie were special prayers
anml thanksgiving services in nearly all the chur-
'i.:.and chnpeIs of, England to-day with reference
o. tbhe Qieen's escape from the attempt upon her
The Preso Assoeliation understands that the
Que-u was in un way so much affected by any
o --.sago .as by that from President Arthur.
The Rdicar:l j.ouruas uon the Continent generally
,depi-or the attempt on the Queen's life. A few of
the more extreme type express apprehension that
it wi!! be turned to account as an argument iu ta-
vi-. of reactioUu.
WASHI, GTON, March 3 -In response to a diR-
patch received t,-day from Minister Lowell, &B-
nouneing the attack- on the Queen and stating.that
he had ofler=d his congratulations on her eatape.
Secretary Freliug!muyse sent the following dis-
, pat.:h :
Lowell, Mintler, Lordon ;
The Preside cougratulate Her Majesty on having been providea-
.'ally protected ;-'m tIle assassin. Remembering'
Ihe sympathy f Her Majesty and the British people
in our recent uationual bereavement, the feeling of
indignation and thanlkhlneis for the Qneen's safety'
,i deep and universal.
LoNrON, March 6.-General Sir Frederick Pon-
unby. the Queen's private secretary, writing ton
Lha.dth instant, onu receipt of Secretary Freling-
Shuysen's telegram expressing the pleasure of the
President and people of the United States at the
escape of thie Queen, say.<:
DEAt Mn. LOWELL- I received your telegram
today, and gave it to the Queen, who was very
much touched by the kind feeling shown. I felt
that the expression ot one nation to another was

too important for me to answer, and therefore gav.E,
it to Lurd Granville with the Queen's Request that
b he would convey her most hearty thanks for this
The following is Earl G ranville's note :
a MY DEAR M'R. LOWrELL: I have just receive4-
a message from the Queen desiring me to convey
-her Majesty's acknowledgements for the congratu-
S, nations you offered on behalf of the President anfd-
S'people of the United' State-. and to. express her
S'hearty thanks fur-the kind feeling manifested t&q
ward her Majest.y.
Your-s very sincerely, .
'MacLean, the would-be assassin -of the Quee.
-' was quietly removed on-Saturday to 'the Readiu
jail. The solicitor of his family writes that he
possesses certificates of the. eminent. physicians
Maudsley and Godrich, of th existaneeof maet
; aberration in the prisoner of long fading, And
a' that he has no hsi!ation in saying that their will

be._o.diffir'ulty inu establishing the fact of his in-
spi ty. .He adds that it is true that the prisoner"
i e same person who attempted to wreck a
r3al*Wy train in in S71, and that he was formerly
co c ned in the Wells Asylum, but that it is untrue
th; two doctors of Windsor had declared him
san e .. i '-
Both Louses to-day adopted'tongratulatioit to
the Queen on her escape.

To the Editor of the Royal Gazelle.
DEAR SIR,-In reply to your Correspondent
Wetward," I beg to say that it can be satisfac-
toril..'proved that Bessy Albuoy, who lived and
diedin smiths, not in Hamilton Parish, must have
been at least one hundred years old. There is no
record of her birth or Baptism, and, as with many
pe-rsons in her station, we can arrive at a know-
ledge of lhor age only by comparing it with the
known age of some one else.
Bessie was a slave in the family of Mr. John
Albutfy, and in her youth it was her duty to attend
her Master's eldest daughter to school. The school
was at the Flatts, about a mile from Mr. Albuoy's
house. This was told me by Bessie, and is also
corroborated by two sisters of the young lady al-
luded to, who are still alive. Bessie's young Mis-
tress lived to be very old, and died in Antigua two
years ago at the great age of 95. There can be no
doutt-about her age. Now if Bessie was only three
years qlder than this lady, she must have been at
her dtath in this year one hundred years old. But
it tnnaot be supposed that she would have been en-
trusfapd with the care of a child for such a distance
frofimhome, unless she had been .several-say six or
e-ight-years older, old enough to be trustworthy;
especially when we remember that servants, both
young and old, were abundant in those days. This
wou make her at the time of her death 103 o6 105.
Incoufirmati,mn of the above I will add that Bessie
has often luld me that in rainy weather it was her
practice to cat ry her young Mistress in her arms
over the wet partsof the road, which were. I fancy,
at that time neither few nor far between." JH-er
owfi expression in speaking of this was:-"I was a
stout gal, nose grown up, and used to carry young
Missis nearly all the way." The "young Missis"
going so far to school, must have been six or eight
years old, and if Bessie was able to carry her over
c(onsiderci ble portion-. of a mileof road, she must, even
if large and strong for her age, have been twelvi- or
foiirteen at the time.
She must therefore have been six or eight years
older than her young mistress, and at the time of
her death at least one hundred-in all probability
103 or 105-how much older, if any, cannot be
precisely ascertainpd. I have. -I think, put .,the
tiguresat the minimum.
There'is no reason to doubt the correctness of
Bessie'l recollections. She was ai good truthful wo-
man, and never attempted to make capital out of her
age. She retained her intellect clear and strong up
to a few days before her death, and eight.yearsago
she ,could be seen at Harris' Bay carrying heavy
bags of seta weed on her back.
May not skepticism on the subject of longevity be
earn-ied too far? I have two Paiishiouers who'will
be ninety this year, and one who is 96. Is there
anything in the number 100 that makes it impos-
sible to reach it or pass beyond it. Many reach
three score and ten ;" a smaller number four
score." a still smaller number "-fouir score and ten:"
why may not a few, favoured by peculiar circunm-
stances, become centenarians."
I am, Dear Sir,
Yours very faithfully,
The Rectory, Flatts, March 8, 1S82.
For tZe R,.yael Ga:elte.
MR. EDITro,--Your correspondent. Publi.p
Friend," doubtless is honest in a.stuning that cog.-
uomnen, and writes accordingly, but I believe he
commits imny errors in trying to put his steam
ma.chin-try in motion, and if the public should yield
to his suggetion-., I tear tht hoe will in the end
prove himself to have been anything but a friend to
them. In your issue of the 21st. ult., he burnishes
uip the gross earnings of the pivcr-nt line of Steam-
era between this Island and New York, so that
they glisten b,'.-atifully, but he fails to take us be-
hind the scenes to the "Mint" to see how much
gold comes out shorn of the dross! Forhimself (and
perhaps a few of lds friends) lie is satisfied it is
sufficient to induce us to get up a People's Steam-
er," and then for..ooth jumps to the conclusion that
if the pres-nt line is doing a profitable business, the
People's Line will do the same. Here I must. also
join issue with him, and express mybumble opinion
that if under the working of the Quebec Co.'s"
Steamers the farmers have been atof 'ruined, under
the People's Line" they will be 'a-hlr-lh ruined !
Steamers should be owned only where there are all
the appliances for working them economically; and
surely we have none in this Colony. Then with a
single ,boat what are we to do in an emergency?
anI with s-teamers there are more th:iu with sailing
vessels, not perhaps always of a scrioiun character,
yet occ.:.ioning delay. In New York there are
plenty of resources, in Bermuda none No mere
Agent there i oul.l do iwht a Company located there
could do. A Company must have back bone to fur-
nish mean. upon ai sudden call. In the event of an
accident heavy Bonds may be required ere the ship
could leave :..,rt-instance the collision of the
i"Cnima" :' Halifax, when damages were laid
ae'aiu-t hb:r for one hundred anal twenty thousand
ii-ilhar-, requiring bonds to ,arry the case through
the Courts of double the amount, say two hundred
and forty thoei-mind dollars Would the Farmers,
and the Pe>ple's Steanmer Co. be prepared to re-
spond after co-insultatimn Y but how could they be
consulted by an Agent in season to prevent delay?
Of cour-e in the multiplicity of shipping, accidents
would be more likely to occur in that quarter than
in ours : but let us des.-end from extreme cases that '
may be t-'ermed merely problematical, and see what
a mer? agent cunld do if somze simple accident should
occur that may cause delay only, what could he do
to supply the ship's plai'. to keep up the regular
communication, and have a ship on the berth for
cargo and passengers, -uch as onions and invalid?
But I need uot go further ou these heods. I do not
behlir-ve that a company in Bermuda would remain
long enough in unity anrid cohesion to make moneu.
Where c.uld you possibly get a Hoard of Directors
of sutficienit experiemne, ability and-nerve to cairy
i:n such au adventure to the satisfaction of nume-
roubns stockholders, inany of whor& nmust necessarily
he meu of -comparat.ively humble ae4ns, and who
wouhl require all their means in Qieir Agricultural
pursuits? Upon the fir-t business
would begin to taks)rings, ant-othier tonnagebe
appealed to. In the..are of a foireig'line, freight

imust be paidl prom-npJy. but, ivoulththis le likely-t4
be done- with a Peopple. Line, wheAr-the econsig-s ,
would he largely shai-bholders, and thereforefeel u-
titled to accommodation when ndi convenient r.',t
have no-doubt that through good management, geid
fortune, c-xptrienc:-e,,.:and econony-.the Quebec Co,
have made money, anud I m nlt say i think they des
ser\v tdo iso, for they have frid-toTmuaet our de-
mands in i- -ry partietlhir,' but ift they have wisly'
so ordered their maove-n-p. as to be now mak4. g
more than we think t f;ugfht to exact- from"j,
let us i-Vcuunesrifi tl .r ean. a modeMate e J
tent, say by requiriun'he*i'to reduce their frei-blsr ,
and by i miting -thc(i saubhsjd b 000 or MA0Ib0i,fer
such BTts as..they dow.;'fiiis.h. Afte' stan" tJat.
I have 4o p0,ecuniar i.ierest. ldieto, O direcr-
this. C',q pauy, I wo(jd a ri'dls al m-u eoointiy -)t
to be guided by the airleiiyor issue oe' the t
inst., oP-r" Flact-s Fadm h--Vfi oh emiruaees eva
point, aid is'thQ best thin t-yet -seen po
the subject. A BERMUDIAN.

protected by a ahrger subsidy is the probability thit
there would be some -opp,,sition by' the r,-'ent
Compaur. I-have been informed rltht :the..fiiitdd
fight for the B1on&e arti t'1jr'to run he'r off the: .track.
This go.-s to sh6w ui-thht the bone is worth -fipht-
in-, for, and iis.-also -n'argnment in favotir of:4itt-
ing the sha red at a low rate a nd .,,give th, po:i --
an Interest. i -
That a -tejrpmgr *,l.beelfiientlyk aud:eeonismi-
calvy mannedalIyleemntas .I a-m.proud'to eay is
indisputable, iibut that-She nit be 'so madwkil-.even
at higher wai 4wo6il1'ro *ibly eist i6'the
brain of Fag:y, '.I canait.quite.Csee-th qobgi of
his~argumaeut that we get about Half thU present
subsidy bark intb.Pos'thbReven x';"' he mrht as
trudv say we ges tihewhole-oifitm baek ii 'th-'"rev nue
froil breadituts.' H--6 thinksA,;"fhe'iBr4n INv.
ernfient are to be braoiight, n e i.:inA4 obl,-
nltne, to the aRlpb_$e $,%'hj'.toImrvidethePeo-
ple's Steamer,,'. rtdpari.& .eaens ah. evtersling
deb, of gratit ie. ;Aio*ltrei'an ,y is:-,.,i'9tt
/ie called on to contribute to the Cunard"su sidy.

Ma. Enmroa,-I noticed-in yofir last issue that a
writer over the signature of '! Faptls :. Fancyr,"
has exerted his brain in giving quite a lengthy epis-
tie .in praise of the Gulf Port Steai;.. ra-and
irilch I think it on very weak founnIanion-and in
striving to bamboozle the people odt of the idea of
getting established our Peph's .*.'.tnrr. That/he
cannot properly do, fdr our people areo determined to
carry, it through. I- was told by several of ou-
leading -Merchants in Town that this writer had
done rather more to help oua,* ruIse than to weaken
it. There is one thing certain, he is no Bermudian,
or if so, surely he has lost all love and respect for
his country, as proved when be would sooner en-
courage strangers to come and drain our ,o*intry,
than to sce our People have a Stenmer of their own.
Before going any further I will give him some
.friendly advice : do not strive to injure the Public
interest in the People's Steamer, for you maty find
out some day, not far distant, that you are in the
wrong box ; for our poor farmers who are striving
hard to get this up, would not give this writer a
very warm reception if he was known :. be might not
get off as well as the lady who wrote again-t our
country in the "Ladie's Pictorial." Thei writer
goes on to say that we are advocating the owning
and managing of a Steamer or Steamers between
New York anAd Bermuda, by Bt rmudians them-
selves. I should like to know whi has a greater
right, if we tan furnish as fine a hbut, and do the
work satisfactorily, than Bermudiians. It is our
money that is running the present steamer, and why
not make an attempt and strive to keep our country
fropn falling through while webhave it in our poier.
This attempt has been tried several times, but in a
ditterent way, and failed; and our People have al-
most given up in despair; but by strong persuasion,
in showing therm the great necessity of having a
People's Steamer, which would he the salvation of
our country-and which no souunl thinking peron
can deny. Our children will have ease to thank
us in years to come. My sincere opinion is, if you
fail in this attempt, we may as well ive:- up tho
dip, and let strangers come on board adl tak..' sole
charge. The writer says, the most giratifiyin:- thing
in the whole correspondtence is the fact that if
the actual necessity existed, Bermudians would
readily come forward and provide the required
steamship. So he seems to speak like one that can-
command considerable means, and he means to say
that he does not consider we are Berrmudians, as we
have not got T/,,as.w,,dt like himself, and perhaps he
has great interest in the stranger and might
not get as much out of the Pe-ople''s Steamer-and
perhaps he is not farout Hesa)s too that our writ-
ings tickle popular fancy, and almost per-uade a
credulous public. I should think that our people
are able to judge for themselves, they are not blind
to the Financial condition of the country: he says:
-' Let us sift the fa-ts." I think our Public have
gone through with them pretty well to their costs-
both facts and defects. Indeed the Gulf Port
Company's defects have been pretty well shown up
here of late by the American Government a ac-
cused of keeping rotten eoiastine- sfttamers. I notice
in-a correspondent that a gentleman by the name
of N. McKay in Philadelphia, who is a gre it Steam
Ship Builder, says he wrote to. Washington 14
months ago and reported this company of running
some of those rotten boats, but being underPBr:tish
colors, they could not prevent them. We tave
great cause to be thankful to our present Governor
for using his authority in having both th' ( C1,ua
an-Id ahtnma closely examined, anddi-dkmisse'i.'a not
fit for the work, otherwise they inii-At ha'v gone
down with a larger numuber'of soulsounb.-.ard, h -,tithey
remained in this trade. Our people w..ulJd not have
been allowed even, if they were ini:lined, to run
s3m.b cheap Boats on this line, as ai .stran-
gers have done it. It ennt be denui.1, bt tht6
great credit is duie to the prv--ent Ai-onts in BTr-
mu<'-1, as asiug th eir grevte-.t energy ini brinr ing the
trade up to whit it is: -they have left nostone un-
turned in striving to give every one satilatni..n.
It would take too large a space to au-w-,r :ill thp
questioin-. that are put forwar..l. I will nmrely an-
swer a few anod leave the reminder to be answered
by a better writer. With regard to furni-hin- three
stei-auerm tjds season, I think there will be enough
of them by what I can learn, and I amiu afraid if
you do not open n:-w markets this se-i-on ta, which
we can send some of our white onions, we will be
rather in a bad way ; because we know th. New
Yorkers do not like them -o well as red, andi this
year we have two-thirds of our crop white; last sea-
son the market'ein wrote you word not to senult.Iher
so fist, and begged of you to keep them ba.ik all
you could, they could not get any price for them,
and this year we are to have twice the number of
steamers running to the same pirt. I cinuot see
theii object in s.-o doing.
If we had only our old fashioned red onion in
good order, so that they would bear shipping, we
would-be safe; but it is a hard thing to persuade
the Americans that the white onion is of B.-rmu-
dian growth, they call them Souihern.Ouion n. This
writer says also, if we have our People'-s Staraer,
the Colony might not be allowed the -,ame benefit
from the Postal Revenue as we now have. I can
hardly thiilnk the Governumerit would tak,: th.:--
against us. It is not expc-ete~d that we -h..all call.on
our Colony to give security for the Ste.m,.r If we
pay one-half, the insurance on the N-hip will -.itisfy
tht. Builders; and perhaps our tax-p'ay ..-r wYould
nit mind even paying a little more if it -hi,.uld be
required, so h.ung as they had the People.'- St,-.mer.
As I ooniider that this letter concerns all of our
Pe'.pl,., I "leave th field. to n'.lre tal.ut,:d v, rit. r,
I have written this on m behalf if u:rit" Pr.,:ij>:-'s
Steamer. ,
To t/,- EE i '.r o," 0,::t"e.
Sia,--In your las-t issie a corre.ponlent gies a
rather leuzthy i .*i,i-,.tr, if "Fa>.ts & F;an-:."
The latter preponderates. Of the few ft.,', ito use
his own words, the most gratifying matter in the
whole curt~zpoudhnce is the frct that .r.... Ber-
mudians guld ',:,nm firTwrd. and pri:,vide the re-
quired Steams-hip."'' If it is corre-ct that we have
built up one-tottering company who stf't,:-l with
two or thr.erffoaring i.-uifflns of t'he Bah.ini iliss,
wlhy, I would ask, cannot Be..uda build up a S.
S. Company of its own. Thetgist; of your corres-
pondent's arguments 'seems'to be'lgrtins-' the idea
of askiug a larger subsidy than is-being paidat the
present time,- in start the enterpriHe. This
I do not consider unreasonable, but it doe- n'.: fol-
low that because they ask 5,000 or 6,n)00 that the
Legislature will granthtall that Is asked. .This is
only ad.iptingan okldodge which has always work-
ed well whenever the ILegwplature has'had stearnmup.
Another rc-ason why tlertople's Steamer should be

gupplement( to the BMu Rfl oyal Tyuesdal 14t, hMah T dt88.

Fr'(-.n tA Iti,.-net,fa Pocket .Alrtnanlck ailidiad
* *.,-.'. i/lrertor S, I18-2.
Agpri'.-A.'rovroot.-This is the bestfi ronth for
plbsib il n.- it.
I../-f'.ias"o n -ehojuld ;wIa n-,"1 pla.d1-A fdir fodder
i.. -dob.:k. in sp ire land. -
GGine-r' Corn -The &t- ecds would be .Soswn in beds
f.r tran-plauting, or in drills, for a.,'rAp. very.thin.
TI, it lk *.-i, than Cthinna a) ,Ir-t..ine, ,a> tit will give
3 o," 4 g,.,,d ,'rope a ye Or, aud will stand 2',fr 3 years
it hepr ceidrtn an u n mianrel. All ki-nd&..of cattle eat
it gr.ediy, anl there- is not that risk .of .giving it .
to them green -, with. the augar cane. -
China Saugr Ciane- i very g-id if you- cannot
ge't Guinu-i, rtoru: but thr, ltter-ig tmtinh'the better.
Cattfl will f it, thief ,.tn re:.lily,. but it is not safe
for fo-l withjiit Itrst. iltin, it in trie sun for a
day or t.o. Poultry art very partiAl to the seed.
Guinea Grass.--Transplart round t'he borders.
Mifu.h safer to plant after pgoo.] rain iu' June.
Peas.--PI tut Bird-ev- foqr f.tilder or manure 3"fept
apart eac-h way. M-rrtoirx-t Peasdo very well plant-
ed this murthli iu,:1 plt.e.s. Black Wax and
other' -i s- week B.-in- probably give a. better crop
planted ttis m.-.nth tb in at any ot.bher time and may
be planted a- l.ite ias May I')th.
.Ou.'--Plant all -paret, vroun'-l for fodder or
mature. Plant cuttin, shrubs.
Irish Potatoe's---haild not bh taken up until
the stalk is dead, as the growth continues 'till that
tithe. About the mi ldle of this month the -early
plauntel ones will be fit to taike up. Great care
ehoalul be taken nuo tj l.o t lthern lay in the sun, as it
injures tlr flivour and ,*au-ns them .to rot. Pick
them up in baskets not bags.
Onidos.-Cl -an and loose them for the last time :
be cara.ful torermo-ve all wced.i or :any thing that
will shirae the crop, as it will prevent their heading
protjerly. Iave box,-s all made and ready. Oniro
hoxi-l, iliod hlb 24' inhltes long, I1 inches wide and 7
iaehies deep. This is tli'e best 5ize and shape,; each
wvill hold 50 p,.unds- of onions. Be care-ul with
your onious both in the pulling and picking. The
Ne'v York Marketrt-.n find mith fault;,; they throw
all the blame about ales o.n the neglect of the
..Steet Potatoles.-Fiuish planting this month.
Plant in gtaOnd ri-ch soil to eunsure strong and early
slips. Stiweed answer.- very well as a manure
for then-, but whale gra's is better.
Turnips.-A few White fGlob-, White Dutch- or
Red Top cait b" sown in want. land and will yield
a-good crop if the weather should prove faroui'ible. w-d- ur slips among the Irish
Potatoes while. growiu;_ ; wheu the potatoes are
taken up ytu 1have a c:,p of young vines in a for-
wtird IT 1't: a part of the o'dl vinc left growing and
cared lur will give the earli. -- puinmpkins.
Amierican O.'ive.-P'lant .-onie wild or American
Olive for hetdge or orniiental trees. Seed may be
obtaniud in BtP-rnand-'.
Melons.-E.rly Melous iiring guod prices in New
York. Much is the best time to start the seed.
Fta;rt ines.--Cteunmhers and Melons may be
planted uuv. Th-se rowing -be cleaned and
:1.little .soot or ashes -trewn around them while th
dew iz on. e
T,..n a'.-es Let th,:- -iuu got to them as much as
oli l:- to rtip-u thtli fruit. Th:. fruit must not be
too it; .r- -hip. Tihcy muut be turning rel at the
flower- enl. B,.,xe, should be 14 inches long, 9
inchec-- 'ila. anI1 5 inche.- deep. Sort the fruit so
that all would !l: of one c lor in eich box ; it will
pay f,.,' the :riible. Wrap ea-.h tornatoe separate-
ly in p.tpe;-r ud pa,.k tight so that it will not be
possible for themi to shake in the box. Tomatoes I
should never Le packed in any other crates than the
usual tomnttoe crate before de-scribed.
, at- --- ---


C- .- '
d6n a-a' -1 --


Hops, Buchu, .Mandrake and Dandelion.
The Oldest, Best, rimost Renomvned,
'and Valuable Medicines in the W\orld,
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'Liver Regulator, BLOOD PURIFI-
SER and life and health restoring agent
Son earth."
They Give Nes Life and Vigor to the
Aged and Infirm. -
"To Clergymen, Lawyet-s, Literary
'Men, Ladies, and .31 those whose sed-
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*ties of the Blood, Stomach, Bowels, or
'Kidhey', or who require an Appetizer,
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Ask your Druggist or PhyMeian.
Do nct suffer yourself or let your -
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S'to use'H-.p Bitters."
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'drngged drirnken nstfrum, but the
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*and o perEron pr farnily should be with.
out it.-.

-" *,1 ." a .a" r

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S. t..-. .-.
->rh,'.ta-- for nr;i-fay a -nt-.flt'j "., la ,._,t the*

4 : '; \, -' '.,-,+ F':i. 4.-l ," PV.L. r.i l. '-
.' ],u '', rr. I .rV.t ,xPA 1 I u -- 11 C .'ti, S,..
I ..nce .';:AIl, P ri ts .

.-I, I ria'" .'i-A l. iF.lti. 1;ti h ,
t Y *TS. > :. *C)PA n nd r-Lss? t hs -

... L. t:, r itAS Jhmih, ';5r.
ETHUL.. '. V:, E ;SSl ..t LE
* ,. p' e a t l oJA t.. i ie ar at-.

eu.. t. ..h- '.ir',.hine','iilill1 from. thw e
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t -' ;"W r,'-,_ .i. h V" .t,,i'.hi. lit .ul.tat ttha -
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I 'i tI hl i t I.
a hi- :a ., In.i-U pc'-n- ad-I Tyitl-t .r 'f-r pani- "
t ient~. ri,1 L,..tIt- r t.htn, r in as P icrf'nie to, ha" *h
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Sr manufacturers
24, Old Bond Street, London, W. 1
Price List fre a on application.
Nl OT1rSE -Pur-haser-T are cautiomed N avoid
co.interfrltts by ohr'rlng that each a' ,le is
taieted h athl:- irma ftari e Mlark, &' Wbitc
aon a" Golden Lyre "

Suttdii.ver l.* -' t,.l in -n* i l ,.lut titi ;, ins-,: rt
a heatitifiil i 1-. tih plue r a- 1 ot 1.:.lttr .

Remarkable Lettor


The Speaker of the MHoue.
230 North -'th St., Philadelphia, Pta.
D)ear Sir:-For ,.er fiverear', I have een bliad
i u the top t'f my bead. I recently bought t..neof
your Dr. scott'- zHir. Brushez, my great as-
tounihineunr, anf;r using it oily ftjur or tive times
tt.- hair came iut, on thi-; 1.ald spot right thick.
At-e, lmy .bes-t thnnks..
S. ZwiOndn rT.
Diamnund Mercha-nt.

These testimonial. came .t ous unsolilite-. rind
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auth,,riozet to 1trn the price if not asrpre-
seutrtl. A Beauijul, Pure Bristle Brush, Plrice
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Wallack's Theatre Building, 842 BrOadWay, N.Y.
For sale at all Drug and Fancy Stores.
You can order It through tiny wholesale or Im-
porting house in your netchborhood, or in New
York. We caminnt send i t.y mall, as It exceeds
the limit allowed by the U. S. Post Offlet
February 12, 1881. (
For the first little In myllfe I am induced to
give a testimonial.. Noticing in some paper an
advertisement .of .Dlr. Seotte' Electric Hair.Biush,
I sent $3.0) one and findl it indeed a remark-
able brush. My wife has for years suffered sith
headaches. The brush cure them at once.
Several friends have uaed it for headache., and
it ha- never falk.I. My wife was also petting pre-
maturely bald, bat the brush hai -enrtrely :t.:ppel
the falling hair and started 1 ne nw growhl. Ia-tte
it to remove dani1ruff. and it works like a charm.
Five times the t.o.t would notl bty ty ,brush if I
rould not replace It. To-day- I bought of
MeAlmont. Oirtlglst of this place, two brushesto
send to friends v.h- have tried mine and requested
me to buy for (hem. Cul. Ponder, Mayor of Wal-
nut Ridge, was attacked by a severe case of sick
bh-idac.he while at nim house He was very sick.
Mv wife proposo'dl to try the brush, which he finally
counentM l to do, with no faith in it., however. in
three minutes he said he never felt better n his
life, and direr-red tme to send him a brush. I have
authorized McAIlm.un,the druggist, to u.e my name
in retormmending it. Yours truly.
Speaker of the H.:.use of Representatives.
Li. Ri-chk, Ark.
Mr. Thombnbrgh is als- Grand High Priest, Royal
Arch Mason, and past Grana Master of Masons of
LDITLE RBoe, April 5, 1881.
Tu thc Publie:
Having been troubled by letters asking if the
above is genuine, I hereby declare It to-be trffi(tII
truie. It was given voluntarily, without solicita-
tion, Und this Is my answer to all inquirers:

Plant a tomatoe plant iu each bill of your me
and squash vine- to the buss.






.*f ..r
- -

a- *'

$e~t :~'


.~ ~
N~'~ '~'~'~
'I- ~a

.t~ ~tIt1 -r
"'- a-i-
tN.. ~~t2t4

i~ C~''v~\
b- I
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Netv,,uatt Systerm. This wonderfult'preparatttUt to
t a it.atruii nor et a patent, m.ded cine, (uta, .
t'lE' Fl REMEDY, rfully.endorsed andww .
wctd .v the leading physieibti in the- tiVted
States borAmefrlca,'as well isiu England, Iflalald,-
Scotland, Australia,-&c. The Chicago Cliehois .
Company manufactures anad sells it for 'heaole
purpose or extending Its uierulneqs throughout
the hbiltable globe, and not for the pbirpose'-
mad-na neoty onl Iofil. i Every bottle ia--
ras-i , do Ito rork. Full dliertions aectmpanl -
it (,l.ifor.-Maih, Woman and Ciild-free from a
aticer.' ILis'ma6ufactiured in all its strebgth anid
,tio ity.-inde-r t iei-medlja sujerrision ofthe world- . :aicl0tit. Dr. D'Unger, it djiscoverer.wo ""
i-s -.,:,red ibvthPCompanv. Prle,$15 perbottle.
If ,.-,r ldruggtdoes ntL have it on band, send the
me". (..'Hir -AGO CINCHON.A-,COMPANY, ,
81Clark Street, Chicago.-lls.,V. S. A.
r 1 -T i 'l ith e,- r-ndetl'l raea.-lrtbt care, [nrubkernnne
c.r nAi. t. .r' 1., l "lhi,'h af i,..a.tni .Lea'lhamed.i landiicMnc till6
i- wvl A\m ti' anrl Eur,-pe.

it ; : '. .. ,' 'nt,a t itt,-ilh th.tit ,:qrih:-l farm ,.
ing it :. -,.-' ithei d i inger.- to hurmanlife, although
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frn'm a.- ..It fo',' -t',l i-ii ts l.ird. : n T the dis-
trirt ', V' r t-i. \' 1 i%,'. Cip- i'l6mn,l -ilatne weeks
ago, '. waV .. ri.tilly icke l [... !- lth'iy.. :,u 08-
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