Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00047
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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mN "-Vol. =.L STATE SUIER VWAS ANTIQT"AS 28s. per Ann

larnilloon, Bermuda, Tuesday, .*ovrenber 23, SSO.


THE NEXT PRESIDENT. heard from very good authority that the gallant
The election in the United States has again gone officers of this fine regiment had sent out invitati-
in favor of the Republicasn. For the sixth timeons for as many as two huuhded guests but, aa
ty have chosen their President, and in archmany of the leading families throughout the island
net thavey will osenter witheir.Presiden, anrld in arh were unable to attend owing to recent bereave-
net they will enter with General nfreld on the ments, they were disappointed in not having the
tuWty-rst1 year of continuous Fewer in the nation- pleasure of enjoying, for the last time, the society
al] teftw t Their sucese at this and at the of those with whom they have been most intimate
pit ef~tdi, was tiot so much owing to any inher- during their stay among us_ However a good
at 4 age of tbeir position, as to the maladroit- gathering assembled at the O; ers' Mess Room on
ness e their adversaries. The democrats find it Tuesday last, and although the weather was moat
equally hard to learn and to unlearn. While the unpropitious for an evening dance yet the genial
tite ripeain-aiah'finanoial anAeonomical ques- welcome and hospitable attentions of Col. Vigors
tions should be considered; while free trade and and his Officers, made ample amends for the dis-
hard money, In which the founders of their party comforts experienced on the road. Seldom has the
believed, engage the attention of the leaders of pub. Mess Room presented a gayer appearance; the
lie opinion, the democrats avoid their considerati- walls were festooned with flags and decorated with
on or s4vocacy and cling to their old denunciations side-arms. The verandahs were carefully canvassed
of thb alms and methods of the republican party, in, to exclude the drifting rain and cold winds of
and 6lamor for change just tecaune a change to evening. Without, all was dark, cold and cheer-
anything new is batter tban the old and existing less; within, one found naught but warmth, com-
conditions they denounce. This has almost alto- fort, laughing and merry faces, brilliant uniforms
gethber been the burden of their canvass, and it was and dazzling lights. The floor, always much criti-
oupptemented by some -very acrid abuse of the re- cised at such reunions, was perfection, and the mu-
publican candidate. General Garfield had been sio carefully selected, and executed in excellent
engaged in business.transactions which his enemies time and taste, was all that could be desired. The
charged had tarnished his reputation, an aspersion supper rooms were filled with every delicacy the
which was explained away and shown to be mis- season afforded, while the elegant arrangement of
taken with better authority and more apparent the tables served to display to the best advantage
truth than could be found to support the imputa. the handsome and massive plate with which the
tion. There was no doubt of his political consis- regiment seems plentifully supplied. The dancing
tency and good faitb, and the vindictiveness with was kept up till a late hour and everything tended
which the doubtful, if notdisproved, aspersions were to make this ball one of the pleasantest affairs of
contin came to be one of the mistakes of the the kind that this popular corps has undertaken.
dem q campaign. While in Bermuda this regiment has been quarter-
Tb. Ilvasa by the Republicans was in all re- ed twice in this town and during their sojourn
apect more able and thorough than that of the among us and also among our friends in Hamilton
Demsnrats. The most accomplished orators of their they have gained the universal esteem and good
1e4 the land and everywhere explained the wishes of all, and in parting, let us hope they may
deemed at stake in the election. Their reap wealth, fame, honor and glory wherever their
a were well organized and discreetly man. duty calls them.
B made few mistakes. They had the good PUBLIO OPINION.
woi an excellent administration to refer to, as St. George's, Bermuda, Novr. 10th, 1880.
there ,Wer has been an administration more ably
and economically conducted than the present. Un- To the Editor of the Royal Gacette.
der Preesit. Hayes the country has prospered ; Diuj Mn. EDmTRo,-The position we are in to-
the trat|ib debt haebeen much red uced and refund- day as regards Steam Communication with News
ed at a great saving of interest; faith and stability York is something that deeply concerns the welfare
havebee given to the obligations of the government of this Colony, and a matter that should at once be
and the rotourees to meet them; and at a time looked into. I
when. thbeelposures and charges of corruption are About 15 years ago steam was first introduced
oo recklessly made and too readily believed, not a in our waters for the purpose of the New York
single aspersion has been heard against the admin- trade ; at that time and since the Legislature have
istration. but in all respects it is deemed unusually had to contend with the interest of that of sailing
pure. Then, again, while the character of the two vessels which have gradually given way to that of
candidates might bave.been unequal in this, that steamers, and I think even those still owning sail-
Haneock's was never attacked and Garfield's had ing vessels must see the importance of having a
to be justified and defended, there was no compari- good and efficient line of steam communication
son between the intellectual calibre and accomplish- with New York. But, Sir, what is our present
ments of the men. In all these respects General state. For the last few years the passenger traffic
Garfleld was head and aboulders above his honest has been gradually increasing, and reports say this
and gallant rival. He has been for many years the year promises a still greater advance; but if no
leader of his side in'the house of Representatives, better boat than the present, is to be on the line,
and has always maintained the first position in re, we can hardly calculate on the loss that this coun-
put atid influeane in that most prominent legisla- try will sustain, to say nothingof the damage done
tive forum of the oonatry.' He Is an excellent and to nearly every one's goods. The Board of Public
ooirineing debater, and his views on all public Works, with the limited means on hand, have, I
question ae well studied and Informed, and on believe, done all thus far to obtain efficient commu-
the whloe are solind. The republicans were there- nication, but although there can be no better pay-
fore enabled to distance the democrats altogether ing traffic to be found anywhere, we have to sub.
when in addition to the greater skill and ability of mit to this retrograde movement which must end
their speakers, they were fortified in their discus. in great loss to the Colony.
slons by the public record of their candidate, and PLANTER.
the character and achievements of the administra- November 15, &880.
tlon to which be and they belonged. Against all ....
this, vague desiie "for a change," and charges of
"imperialis'," whatever it may mean, which were J C K eene
the texts of the democratic orators, could not pre-
vail.-- Have just received from England
The democrats, nevertheless, entered on the cam- a j r oceive fro i n d
paign with great confidence. They knew that they A Choice Selection of
had the "solid South" with them and could rely J AMS JELLIES
on the one hundred and thirty eight votes of the Canned FRUITS in Syrup
States which took part against the North in the Tins of Golden SYRUP
war; they knew that New York had voted with Lime Juice CORDIAL Calf's Foot JELLY
them before and they expected from that and other Swiss Condensed MILK
of the border states in locality or in political feel- Tins of COCOA and MILK Corn FLOUR
ing, the forty-seven additional votes needed to con- T s of COFFEE nd MILK
stitute the majority of one hundred and eighty-five. Ti's o CO FEE adMILK
It wausoon known that New York with even thirty- Liebeg's Extract of BEEF Ground RICE
five votes would decide the election, that is, with Potted MEATS ISINGLASS
her votes the republican candidate would certainly Russian CAVI ARE
be elected, and with them the democratic nominee 0 ttmeal and other SOAPS
would probably win. It was in New York there- )Day and Martin's Liquid BLACKING
fore that the contest for the last few weeks has been &c., &c., &:.
most warmly conducted, and the whole State has -___.
been alive with meetings and has swarmed with And, by latest arrival from New York, a good
speakers. In the election New York went for the assortment ol
republoans and In effect decided the contest. The asomen
Southern States were selld and New Jersey alone Fresh G rocerie8.
of the Nortbern States went with them. On the
Paciflo aide the result is not yet certain, but giving --
Garf81d the states which are undoubtedly his, he DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT,
has two hundred and ten electoral voles, or twenty A Lot of Handsome PRINTS
five more than are necessary to elect, and this total AVotel De GOODS hOSIERY
is likely to be increased. It is a fortunate thing Worsted Dres GOODS OSIERY
that the majority is as large as it is. It was feared White and Unbleached COTTIONS
that the election might be close, and that the anx. TOYS or Christmas Presents, and a variety of
ious and critical conditions which attended the other Notions
last Presidental election four years ago, might --
again present themselves. But the size of the ma- A LSO,
jority prevents cavil, and there Is little doubt that A Beautiful variety of Christmas CAR DS.
Garfield and Arthur will take peaceful and unob.
structed possession of their offices next Spring. It J. C. KE ENEY,
maybe that they are entitled to the votes ot Flori- Reid St.
da and Louisiana, as the republican candidates November 15, 1880.
claimed to be in 1876, when they were returned___ _____________
against the law but it will not be necessary now to
constitute Commissions to ascertain and arbitrate Photoorraphl G allerVy.
the fact. New York, with her important contribu. a
tion of thirty-five votes to Garfield, ha.s prevented S01#99SeD l FSerry.
all such complications. It is hoped and believed ___

that the end has now been reached of the "solid W M. H. TROTT, Jr., having fitted a Gall-
South." That makes a "solid North," and thee ath bdpl
exgencies of politico in this may serve to keep alive ery at the above mentioned place, is
and aglow in their ashes, the sectional feelings of prepared to take
the war and slavery which all desire to see quench- P H O T O G R A P H I S,
ed and laid forever. Hereafter, it Is probable that
there will be more equality in the divisions of par- In all the newest Styles and respectfully solicits
ties within the States and that questions of po. the Patronage of the Public.
hloy and government, and not distinctions of secti- Old Pictures Copied, enlarged and finished in
on and' felinkg will enter into and decide the next any style. Out-of-door Views a Speciality.
election when the successors oft Garfield and Arthur November 8 1880.4
will be chosen. November 8, 1880.-4
To the Editor of the Royal Gazett. j X E I W' B 15 (0J0 K AS
Da&R M3. EDITOn,-As I feel sure that many of Suitable for Christmas and New Year Presents,
your numerous readers will be glad to hear of Lhe les-
tivities down in this part of our dear little island, I ju t received from London,
take the liberty of sending you some little account of, And on sale at the Royal Gazette stationery
what I regret must be called, the Farewell Ball Store.
of our old friends of the Princess's Own." I Himilton, Nov, 2, 1880.


2AJ-u .1-ta l's


TC)*IR -M 11Mn Th n

An Elltertaitinmeii-t! ZT" %PU34B"I"C "A`UIGCT' w

Consisting of

Will be given in the above Hall,
On Wednesday Evn'g.,
2:th instant,
Commencing at. 730 p.m.
Price of Seats 1/.
Ticket to be obtained at the Royal
Gazette" Stationery Store, where plan of tho
Hall may be seen.
Programmei in ii:'t GOrftt'.
Proceeds in aid of the fhindi of the Pein-
broke Sunday School.
Hamilton, Nov. 16th, 1880.

Table Potatoes.


Received, in

Prime Order,


At Lowest Market Price.
Special Rates to Army and Navy Canteens
and Messes.
42 Front Street.
hInmilton, November 8. 1880.

Cotne,' of Queen 4,. R4id Streets,

Is now receiving ex Sollway't
G ents White SHIRTS
(ents Oxford Stir'lrT
Youths' White SHIc1TS
And a Choice Selectia

frowl en'n:


Fanicy Articles, Toys,

Suitable for Christmaasreenats.
November 2, 1880.-3

How to get rid of your bad cold.

Goto E. A. MEYER,
As millions got cured by his celebrated COUGH
Old Fashioned MOLASSi-'S CANDV. good
for you and your children.
E. .. MEYER,
Cor. of Victolia Street & East
Broad way
Hamilton, October 19, 1880.-3mi

ALL who wish to have their
SKitchen Utensil,, Bath Tubls, Windows,
BUrss Woik and Wood Work Clean and
Should use the Scouring, Clean.
ing and Polishing

Ask for Pride of the Kitchen' Soap
Il. K. & P. B. THURBER, & CO.,

Almanack, Guide & Directory,
|S now in course of revision and preparation.
Parties who have changed their places o f
business or whose names and occupations may
have been incorrectly stated, or whose names do
not appear in the DI RECTORY, will oblige by
addressing the Ioyal Gazele" Office.
This Publication ha ving a wide circulation in
Bermuda and abroad and purchased by all Tour-
ists affords Advertizers unequalled facilities.
Application for advertising space should be made
as early as possible.
Proprietor and Publisher.
liamilton, Sept. 24, 1880.

Bermtuda Ho tel,

ater St. t. eore. ermud.
West Water St. 6St. George's, Bermuda.


Upon the Premises, in Paget Parish,

On Thursday,
The 2nd day of December, at 12 o'clock,
UInder and b.,/ 'irlue of a Writt of Execution
Issued froin the Court of General Assize at
The following Personal Effects, vizt..:-
1 Canuo Arm CHAIRl
1 Centre TABLE, (Marble Slab)
2 Parlour TABLE8
I Drawing Room LAMP
2 Flower STANDS, with Shades
2 Sofa MATS I Shell BOX
I French CLOCK


Dinner Room.

I Liquor STAND

Numerous lot of Kitchen UTENSILS, &e.

1st B6droom.

2nd Bedroom.
1 BUREAU and Looking GLASS

3rd Bedroom.
1 CRIB nd .M1 TTI{ ESS
1 TABLE and Cover and 6 CHAIRS
1 Iron Gray HORSE

A LL the Right, Title and Inter-
est of the said WILLIAM SAMUFL DoE,
in and to all that Certain MESSUAGE or
DWELLING HOULSE, Situate and being in
Pagers Parish, ifn th' Islands of Bermuda, to-
gether with all that tract or parcel of LANI) in
the said Parish, whereon the said Dwelling
House is erected ; which said tract of Land con-
tains by estimation Forty-three Acres, 29
perches, and twelve thirteenth parts of a perch,
be the same more or less, and is bounded on the
North, by the Queen's Highway ; on the South,
by the Ocean; on the East, by Lands late in
the occupation or possession of Sarah, the
Widow of William Riddle Jones, deceased, and
on the rWest, by Lands formerly of Benjamin
Basden and John Prudden, but now in the oc-
cupation of William Augustus Fisk, or however
otherwise the said Messuage or Dwelling House
together with all Houses, Outhouses, Edifices,
Buildings and Appurtenances,
ALL the Right, Title and Inter-
est of the Said WILLIAM SAMUEL DOE, in
and to all that Ceitain DvVELLING HOUSE
and tract of LAND thereto adjoining, called
" WOODSTOCK," situateaud being in Pagets
Parish in the Islands of Bermuda, containing
Eleven Acres or thereabouts (be the same more
or less), bounded Southerly, by the Ocean;
NVortherly, by the Iliihroad leading from Pagets
Parish Church towards Smiths Parish Church;
Easterly, by Land late of Daniel Raynor Prud-
don, the Elder, deceased, and Westerly, by laud
held in his lifetime by Frederick Francis Trim-
ingham, deceased, or however otherwise the
said tract of Laud expressed to be hereby grant-
ed and released, may be bounded or ought to be
described, together with all and singular other
Houses, Outhouses and Appurtenances.

Every accummodationi and attention given to ALSO,
the Comfort of Boarders and Transient Guests. A LL the Right Title and Inter-
Luncheon provided at the shortest notice. est of the Said WILLIAM SAMUEL DOE, in
September 29th, 1880.-6m iand to A LOT or PARCEL OF LAND,
Situate and being in the Parish ol Pembroke in
ASK your Grocer for A. E. Wi iY LAND'S, thelIslauds of Bermuda,containing, (exclusive of
6 UAP, ihe Alley hereinafter to be mentioned) on the

North Side, Seventy-four feet 6 inches, neng
bounded on the North, by the high road running
from the Town of Hamilton, Eastward;-on
the South, by the waters of the Lane Harbour;
on the East, by an Alley of about 60 feet in
width, and on the W est, by Land late of Wil-
liam B. i'erot, deceased, or however otherwise
the said lot of Land may he bounded or ought
to he described ; together with the TgENE-
erected, and all olide Houses, Outhoius2., &C.,
with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging.
Pro. Mar. Genl.
November 15. 1880.

Public Notice.

Tobacco Cultivation.

TURE-with a view to encouraging the
DA-has procured a Supply of the finest kind
of Tobacco Seed from Havannah, and will dis-
tribute that Seed to all applicants-and the
Board offers the following Prizes for the best
Specimen of Tobacco grown from the Seed thus
Specimens sent in to compete for the prizes
now offered, must consist of ,not less than one
found weight each, of well cured merchantable
eaf tobacco.
The Best Specimen will receivea.... 5 0 0
The two next best. will each receive 2 10 0
The next ten best Specimenteach.. 1 0 0
In all the Board will distribute 20 in prizes.
The Seed may be sown at any time between
the present time and the end of March. Sup-
plies of Seed may be obtained gratis on appUm
cation to any of the following Gentlemen,
C, H. SMITH, ESQR., Asst. Recr. Geul.,
St. Georges.
ROYAL GAZETTE Stationary Store,
Worshipful JOHN FOWLE, Sandys.
And of the Subscriber in Devonshire.
By order of the Board,
Hamilton, November 15, 1880.-4 tf.

Couser of York Street and ilarkes
Every attention given to the accommodation and
comfort of Boarders.
November 9ih, 1880. -ly


THiliE Undersignied informs tho inhabitants of
1-h Somerset Parish and the Public generally
that hie has
Removed lais ORmce
from M5r. Richard Been''s residence to his new
Building MOTE CLliTY," near Masonic
Lodge, Mlangrove DIay, where he visits Profes-
sionally every Friday.
Also, takes this opportunity of returning his
grateful thanks to those who have so kindly pat-
ronized him, and trusts that they will give him
a call at his new Ohlice, where they will see that
he has turned to account their liberal support.
W. 0. F. BASCOME, M.D.,
F. A. A.,,D. S.
Mote Criety, Somerset.
Sept. 28, 1880.

Direct A1snthly Steam Communit i
cation between


STEAMERS leave London the last Thursday
in each month.
R. P. ATKINS& CO., Commission Mer-
chants, London, execute indents for every det
cription of Goods for shipment by these Steam-
highest Market Rates secured for consign-
ments of Bermuda Produce.
For Freight, Passage, and nall Information,
Apply to
Agents for iteanere, llatmjlltQa.
June 5, 1880.-12 m

For Sale,
A Fine Harmonium,
Suitable for Church or Chapel.

Apply to
Hamilton, Sept. 2ist, 18su.





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M~l~tll~l~l~iitial al .. d 'I Ca ara .ns

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( 'roa. 1. 4n o i t : 'M *y-4
thR "pala l I- ;a {
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-E.. .- .. (. : ...4b 1'.)' "

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urg I n .! f i, i .:. o.f',' i t 1 he 9 0. i;' ; .

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bi.. a a at0. -i i 'l i ZI.' i .,. .

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g .1,241 ( I .;' ;I ,.: ii i: i,- :. ., ; 'l
I(N o 4 -,. .
iWthe Are;L N a . :.. :, .

quarantinjor ee r
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t 'i- jPii" r'i,? C lda l'7a) 4r r'!'-at "' -....'a ';h ', t
B'iij ,ii'iai '(i P : -i ,:' a ; a, r:, A I..,. ,:- i' i ., ,
expense. '(be i--';- ,ci- i ; r .a7'.:. -!(n i a-"i-'h l i r.\ rt ':.
t o't- ; I .; .,: i., ;' .. I ,.- ., ; ;

The ll i : .. ,..a 'a :( a : I, i) : ., -.P ,i"1.

at'"12 reed ri lo "."
l I p -.- %,.' p t' t IIr L', J O'

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ttsat! Ih i "- ,' : : :' a. .', i "",i 'l':'.. l ;-,* .'t
spec' to Li ;n l. t ar r .d l

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P,'i- (! a, __I,;r ,,'v,-. ; ,i ,,'' I i *' t' i .
The I :-t a: n'l a aisa u i:; 1. 'eed
il'. Obdi.Lfy .oo ., rn i' i t v r'i "Pk Q C r'.,l"
ins! ','?d(.f -,'. : Odh.-p l : t : l i o of t tr e '
( h -- -. : !l '., : ,

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The HT -,c l e n-v i.i .
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,*'i- -- r .-aT aTa -
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a : .. .. 'a- ." ( ', ; 8
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i a l ai... .- .. a '. : r.- ',- a, i -i a ,'. -- r T l l -a' i

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t" '; ur- t,,:.A "1
i?.:i. ( f a.:' i'. '. 1] a "' i.' :'r ",- I a (' .'.' a1'ar;!a"l
-l,#i e 1t,'; ,i ,.:-: o I '' aa *'i'a 'i .:a -i,, c a .! r' a.a,, 5,4"^l : ,

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,; 4 v, r.a -".l,'.;c.. on .

2, J
l, .>r. I.' : i l i,. ': > : -:,*'. ,_'a) 'a .-, Or ti ".a ..L

a'- T --- 4-4 a a
,.--..' a; :-, I. a a: i'. :. "."tl a: .,* i. ''?i F-,, 0 ,-

: T : .E :-,. f. '' .a r I ,a -!j.i ) (.- oi : L -i

; '. : ,L,. ,I- a a :,,it ";i .'.. i '.id-.
r a.i i ,' i LI "-' 2 -t..: "k1 i i:a aif lu t '
i [v.'' a C : .. .a ll1 lc i, '? I'. il.

i i t .- .. .rIta, "I i a ..'.

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T 'u" -"": a- :- al i r'l i. i. 1a

S i'-:', 'a: :' -, i hi i. '' .- r -, .U '
:".. m-', i. tL.. i- ; ,.: 2 I ,..i .,, ; ".. l -I ,1iah ?
i" 4 1 a

ir,- aSalldy Hook. I,
Si i- T I '.'l fh I a wi..

I ?.i ,- a-r :.,; ?r ,, ?_'_- ,l raa m i ''''>',w Y o-LT 0.?T
y "- f i..i ..-'*., ,*. :,; '',,2-,.t. .a a;.!:, r,., '- (:'.,C o f ,r a t
e-.: : o :..*-. f "t .... rl,,-;,, 'it: i.'. .' st (' _:: r. ta i[2

a L.. l -.1 i' a ....r3: '"-a-SiP I iOr<:. nai ml- a

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I m 5' 2 : y '.k .. : :

I12 t-:.'A ;r, '. 4 a :,..-i-a r '' ;.l .- 1 a

DrL.'.T :IrP.--- 'Ai a p coium sn :it thr-
m r". it 1v .. w i., ,-' ,-.V a W I in:,;, ,.,: tl:k_ to t a,.rk ,., t

ahe- t .:'.l l I'' '. ... .. ,. .
LI. .-. i, G. h- .-. '.' -, t .- :'t < f : ,. '

v ,, l I'r .: L ', ''. C;, '.. ..IC .' ,. :- af:'" '
i A 01j aii of
& '
I J..- i L '3 .t '. _. rL, i .; i; i':. 1". ",- '. in A,.l
'"- ,-,.a ,a'' Ci .l a- ft Ii: ^ '.. -' I a ,I 1" L a -..-t a p.i.i
I ,ia, ,U-i i,:l_,{ i1 taiC n .'. '..',_ -L.,._b ... t aI '-,- ."..a i.L
rt-. t 1.ii a ,i- 10 ra--t la '.4 jri'- tV ? I i ,au 'l nuvt
S ,. j :,.. .:,,-v: _. :. .,,_.. 'a ';, ..a.a a :. 1 .1 iL',.. ,,..-.'. f_., j-.;- ;2t

a a -
'. : a '- -- .- ( .,. ., a ,,.

I, p .. : . .' i ii,

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a zr aum:. aa
a. ., a .' .- .
t .. a < -
It 'a. .' : .i'.; .| a '_I... f.', ::! ,: ,,:L .t ,

,-V u -. -..." .'. i,,. ,:.
L'', ',,,-.U'.- ,' -, Cr Iaa

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a-at. a-a

-'---- a 4 a a
a -
'a .aa al

HI ar A-' a ~ % I II

',-. i T XiI;-
l'" .'; Vi ",' i e'I.,

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7 : -' ,.''.i', ,l,. I ,,:4,, G :, lla. t t
T'':';.r. ':a: -a.. i.r [,i..' r :"., i,,;j i
H.. a o u 'i t ,' i ae a: -mo ali spa -.e it to do
;a iti .1t 1-,.. .l .. t ,u : f, '. p a i.
. 'i t : ,-.. :
r .-.- ,- ,al-, a a ; '-' i. : 7. .1 ':i,_. a' ;! -i 4.. '
al-a '.' .., "., ,'.'i La.':: i..' : n. o 7 a", b Ci V
S' : i .-, ,,

SP i.... tha, a 'i

I i 4. I I -A' itl-' I i V a'd
i' t .)t : a :* ;+' i+ :.' a., c'_ 'i t t ti- :
i;. rI ae-v.,r 7 uil, .': i a W ..iii or -. jM .-rty oa' i:-a-. I, :

S '.i l ;.: w -. Ti7 L _L h I.I'I i' n :,l i ,-7
( 1 ,,.' _. .'- {,,a .a.,_. '- ..:, i t "i ,-,.. v Ii,:,., : alti <:.'.O
.... h 1 1 t..; a- a.,." .' i- i '. 1-. .~a i- l ii I
Sv.s v t i .- :r' for t ei t i i. k. or,-
t, \' a' e l' _'. a .; i a (." 1 .i..i- :-..A -,a i l'T ,) fic, I
i;:,"< t ,kn :tnyl hity-o:'-,.:n a -,ke.4 to ,il, .o. W h-o
l..-' th e '-.: -,ia ':aa- :. L:,,v it h,':,. -..pCnt it in rip" or
c-i il,!".2.Tl,!f: it'l" p ,' ,---i. t:i,- d paunr-''it xa'it n-.It. T ioe
par...- Ii a ,'.o !.t -1 I --1 el r- ;-a;'.? 1,.-2i'. ( he til r .:rr .-at

iL:: :i r:iirc. 'r ai i '.; 'a, ,..aa t. t: t iraib:e. '.a hir k n .
- '. i 0. :

'~ ala.
g. rg a-74~4 n:" -
a I-i
-a p. :'I.
1~ -r
a -ta%~.-a : -L l.l~ a
-.------ -
-- At I. I tli'.'12i
-~ .-- *~' a-- ''''~a~a- '-'itI -at'

_. .

F C Lra k. ii 8f S a-ia-t. N S.\V ., bent 1 si.a oppo- inel0 .
trot J H. Rit-,y dl aruis. N.Y,, in ai race oin te .a...,a..a aL oltot"rset, na Satu
Th".rnv., (LOudoin) 3on (lha ,th iut., by toair h'ugth., L-yIra, HEW'rLETrT, widow of I Ie
WTLi rfa.,e was ..', ;: siI-. E:-,-r., aged 55, yar;us.

R 0,, i* vr.
r1C. a LtL IjTE.ur a S-Q,9.
Au i.1J'+' NT:'-)- Ca r!-rTI. ,:,.i-. l BE.

T' :.0.. ,t IT '- .. T0. _ia n-rjtto ani ,I.T f:: H .,

I -, n e !.1 :1 .- : i-,u_ : in wif .1.f:s.', r'r iilu -n,.i rg.
ila ary:'i-icj- E l t;-t- .!i'ii.;:r, n ci" |,- c ir i f'r -j'u.
.. -:-ut an l I i ct ..L- Xt C ',..crt.i.. ,:... 'V -.:.a'i n i1t
e -I' -. ...! I.C ft- r
,:- ahi'. i T ;:, r, -:,: : n,'t --u i.. ta:i ,a,-' -, r.& 1 }',:. ha

i a":.i o, d .'ir.e ia. .. if : lo A.t,- 19(0, N1" i'i,
S !,.&1. t'..5y T N1,1. I2, tI6oii, uLnra .t.,. : -. i.-:. '..iU? by thlu
ti-:i.:es; C, th ' :ct, a',1 that ift !,a.iplaintifi !-.a
S ; purcmno' his itnetduy in tli C'ont and.r..ove
I vrnti 1 : i-: i .*'a h ij- \ 'i VA ng A -.ftitIle- I
*. ." a '. t l

-. : !. l i t i -: 'a
'i rf :n iu-i-t a :. :' t .':i ,'-. over w .

.'_" i .: r \ 'r i T i !.-
1' i :'.*-1 .- i,- t a iia '. 1i t"-: it to ..t rl i -
.up 'cal '.-t I-u iN, ql tia.u Withi i.?
a, n-'Liiirl a Oa: I' of' tii:- A ...t !:f J1-;5'0, N o it',
m hat th '.- i:. ,e jr,:s.i.tion of the J.f h,'-.c
I: A r T-',: w'-' -. .. -: ;r:.L,.;' (,xic'!u la ,!.
I i- 6~- 1 ;Wai.T; .,t;IC-a' nve( l- i -i;:U tM i'r
i.? pi; tif a 1d :l,:)w<. thie rc ... rn thi- rou lr!
'i' l Nthe litW i.. t n1 iLu : l ,,, i.., :ei adiAi:urnut ,-;a. il,
que'tioa ia the action,
ItcAril_:iid M ayv for ithe riliabiz if: tce A tta'rniey
,:.'-,--ri lfoar th ,i f04-,ji_'. ty.i
]0' the -.c-.- rc 1'7.. ,-w...,., .;':p tnr, trlcid at ttle e-
ruf itti g .f tMha' ('r:rt 'oI'foln a W -m n it.W taI uul
r "1 ,int iff, j inu.- Grny, ifor those l-.ft laut,
A.. .1 foraP n.:w n their ouin ld hflia. t he1 7v -
a: .. : i-, i -ht of : i c :- .,-. T he
,a i i -..,;;.. n 'a ; a- tia. A i :.rurea (.-.-
'i ,i, ,'. tL, 0 .itLhp, ... ,_:. m ed .., : us ... "ag:-ust
? li'e, ura n.: tit ad isu- l ;. JO r hl .
: (- ,i '. i: ,-. i.' th .e l n tin fLf il :- :.ld1
"- a '>1' a. I". ,i t
a Ujumn.,,0ic' 2a" ro ial ti! W A'ch noid 1t

T o" i ri.h.rd the0CWrfU n
.r nd -. j 'u'.':r -.tas Ar:u eu un i'or ih-.:
4 0 6 arct i ,..,:[ the 'r...t._ tax .d.
Fx V,. W"Ir.a:N. In F-r'-n; .-T'L;. ;V'S nn appeal
-', Oki th,- .r, I;.. d? iho Pew--? Cf t,' e Torwn c.f
a.-"v,,,n. ly 1 .;' rTo-::] t- .- Pic- )t i, a iense of Pi-

A W rit r r:': v ; .':f (i ou( tilt i": the oi lin:u-ry
: ':.. U ,Lr :: : c cf IJ E nr '- thl -o -
A -.. Ud ;- '3 f'. -. 1 ... ... rent, .. ]n ,-,i t i-,'. o Islau." ..
TVr So ,liac,.. r :. .al,il t: R? rnt p 1Rel! or', i-tu,d .
f I -i .iC: ii ,' tii__._ L *. ia? "y:a rf .
o r. .i. t n-L t J r'.nt: nd ti n :l -
."it of OErlr.- i.-.i.d aifter the p.:--ing of the Court
c a .an et A.. 1" :*,.. h.--nii.: O a .aI er the h nid
a, t,, C U eea ,il.t,.l' .e a;, : Pr al c f the .'.." 't c-f
at .a r A-. .a '-'a
TV;e At.'cr n-. al,' -. 'e :,r, Ippellan-, 1, mrrd
i ti t .h 7,'rA a ':a !,,:plv i .,. t WiM i t ,:..?
Sr,-.- ., ... : i ta : C,';urti (',an-
.:y L. i: .:.hOC ,.,- -, a:.-P lr ri:at.t tiaher,. fb ,, thin
*.;rj.4 ,'i. .i p .? ~ ,: -a tfrausfetre. bl y tie Act ofi 1.a .
A cter c in-aPer-ale dli.' (l i(T'i-ioeI fiC Chief Jta'i'e
rIntiuated tint ai' the :.attcr w.,0, ,ue 6f erfat cou-
.. 'Ciqu ,,nc. he .ould nl- j.,!'r;'n ,t,- r., C ,n t n d have tie.
Sa;Fer fulll, i n ld.
Th' W Court. waqR the: itjiouirn-:,- to ThuLr:.-i'.v n r-;
.,i'. 1 I a ,,.

Xaf,7''::tar ItiMin 'G Srn NO:!.ER.
!:. H"_,"jrr r. C -H;IFAr JTr,-'ICE i.'Ii the JI.:' I ..
1" AR E'ri', A ". i-.t ..t j' TC "- W, -- i dri j .
T .? ar ume",i- .nt: i., thI ,:', *.a of F ..j T:..s,. wi .
a -: .' i1[ ,:..
T},', Attoiue-v ut:n-raul argued that the only
; :ion tran z _' err,,\ hy th Court of CShauer.- A.'- ,
:. .. ... _l. ourt of Ge*raia' a
A i.:e iu C ,t: -v ..s that I:.ri.ed 1y -,' vCs--.,l
i- n a, /. t.'';,r ra l fa nii't wle th: the 0 .a' -

-. E or i sh: il uor : .. li,, t C,., t rof

tharity of ihi 'aroverior 'to sign many other MWrit -
a- a.'i r4- yny h' r4ofor en U issu oU. t A
i i` -. 05 ?< undlit ihr, Gr, a 8f "..
-I 1 1 f 1..C: .a a I .

b..ena 7" E:--- -'.tu i! any C'Lnn ery
T S: d Ci, hr a. ,, ,, o..f tn ..
a.' .Ia-P t Fn r at-jh. t aaj us. tl 'i f iI
Of.i_.o th..- o e u.-r to i!- nan 'y e rWrit.
.. ,-.' ia r 1 -.-- :',-i ,f. ''. h l- oIo _.I(t et 'i :i iSNU ,1 oit ,"
i l,-.. Cir:-' i unaIc',"te" ( r. i \t-,l. ': .c."\ "

'h i .o "-iiie:-fi J.r (Lf jnr1:iieet cf ahne
CL" ;.. to.; t Ae e'-t.i' Pa-t ai t.'ifg m,:-'E i: a a; C' ,au-

*'.'u.,'* o* / 'T'!, : t C .t:::r,, '.w i,- .-io.r -i :. the *,r ..

.11-" 'ht ca .'t u '1 r if thia ca:'e purporitGe to a' e
.',:',f E rr..r on2 *, n..lite-.. ',', i. ? : ,i .t .:a.t:_ e .l.; -

ift': -.";,aie i.:,..'! thua rt ,.: ("- .::r e,-: t itA f! ao th, -i
'.t .-i _-- t Jafr.a that' C"-urt in na'.t v -
a :i-'. ~',r-.. i li.- C .'sr .r,-t a '' e1:-.- 4 m .' ,,w" i,-

: .. I:f .. !i., n ill ,% : i. ,t'.' :'.-. ou t' ik fo N w
o (hi, I ,t i
'r It P":'t..t.'" pi t in." ,

'l.. i-a;t aa, 7t

('w tOaOX

'- :, v .' a -

ir'lay the l)i 20 inst,
in-.tO Chias. i-:.hlv'at

L 77
-,-,eJst. [)oeble Barrelled Oet '

ee c i I loader,
No. 12. .
Apply a t I ,yal (G.iZette' Oflice,
1r1t'Ivniherr n2' d, i;:8? a,- 1I ki pm.

For Sale, I

Just reccive'd per Briot., ,

I... -'-IE (I !Lai," froP N I hediaeC N. -B;., -:.

r.:,k.v T i rTf'

, al S,7,,. i"i.' ,, iM.-_, ciii' vhe tiaut, kiind and well

i :Good Family

2 U' -'lS'- AuitabIe for general

A !.SO, -
r'a,:,.,eLcdd by ne Halifiix Stainmer ..
,e.era P, r t.and Carriage lRo'sei.
-'.Gir street,
a. a., .-.. a .' I

ia* -a 1 i m '*' .a ta

a ." ,. + -^1. + b .. ,, L j
..., [ Q-a, 't', iicl;'io i.kii-i,' B business,

a .tijhiIIC at

R. Tj. CHILD..

fY--rI. -.1.2, f3afA''

-, o,. .....

'- ..iriva of .. Cra r CHANICS'I"T ATLL

f M. 'roop.l, 'ip "Cr .t ai vv, a u ta 1 1 n-1
g Of loif.. i .li, Witl. !..? tlU l .ivUt u d
'- ,.-.p0. on ior.l:-. .. -. A l ter tinment
:..CiA ,R ,.qiw cm uucai t-lc cor uaasl o Li.-ii ..(C ol. J" : -
-.... .-. A !:.r.-', a,,n l p ,.'' -' .. y .~ajc r' J, K. I Co itii o of
S.- Mackenzie andl \. 1 Gra ; .wpls I. .'-
. + t I l t Ch i ; ,-' F) T .avc. XI I-u L w ra-
S. t *..i ::r'n-, H.J. k..on ; Li !.Uc:n:i, W ill given in the abovo eTall
S. o : -.-r o ,m i. [-[. .7 ". 'n..i S '. ,: v .r. .
'. .: ;u.. H. If. :".: n,. T. at -P i..l, 0-1 rOw Eviino
SA l .- i; -. .1 L .-A t .r!J .iJ 1 A S 0.: H0. L .
11. .. ?. F-, H F. L ; ( 1edn,.:..Ly.) 2 th insst.,
Adjnt, ,t, C. H gar Q,'u .i'.4cr, T Ci-. r-y. Cotmenl,'Pii at, 7-30 1 p.m.
I.,th h of iI : T .T i ..- i. s 1 .'P .- U .- Priko -.f ,.a st I-
l .' *- u t-: .,f .' *.-" 1ii f ))' -li .
.,i pot 1.: rivt..' -1 .w-nl and .' S_ i> ,.hl,,' Tick... to .l. obtained a the '' Royal G ..
'-' '1.. r -7 ,. .P .; _h.' t -. m:ii *" -n F. C; .- r nd 1 4 it,'AiasS A P. TI F v and K'. D. F.?..'.i ,a --- ------
I ^' -!s '. p 4 a,,h.*c .J,? i i.; ) li. ;7 2 Bn4 ier., IP* .
.-.v '2. S pi:,i, 1 wv .zn n:Ud ; c'Li,-(-'a ,-. .-f& ttL o
I.' 7. ,.' l/ '!i, :' .. 'indor tl c. an'i : -, .E

aLi, ,t-,,( T. :. ' J..,- .T<.- t..,anr. READING *M r. Raidal.-1
t.-, lp[ .' ,e.:Lt--. oi'i,.rai., 2 Eu.l.s 7.3 DUETT (Vocal) Mi". B -rr mid Mr. Moore,"
''.*,-.,0 a,1 .. a.u t" eRECITATION Mr s. t,
t2:/, '"c., t .'-.-ajl ,:..-,...l,',er- v ,a.. e tlcpe c .orn- SON G a R
n, '.,nd cf 'ta_ F. F. t'; I .-, i-ui and ac.-mp.- LEADING Ieva.r; T A
i:. by Li,:ut.rt. H. D. Lafia ,uad W. C. it.. DUETT(Instrumnuta]' 1r. F. andM Ward.
YCV5. ; ,LUi I 5 !.5S -.. I .Cor..ora .i2 ....
,'-apperr, -- w ,:iA u : ,:d .-hlidrc.i PA RT I .
,.lEn n D, rt.. -.u..., G '- LEE
m:, n i, .hil: Ir.: ,D G Tg a ELENG The Chief Justice,
-',. '/.,, ,, -- 1 ., 1: ,' '~ .- SONG M r. 3 oo ,-
ra -, C .: (,..,,' .. ..! :1 -rrec-t.-[ (,:.- M r. M oo*, --
.' j" a- r 1 1, ,..L-a.DIINI. yr. Randa-l -
*-r v v /de Co ( 1 ),.-- e t r_. E-r-meinl .
| .-3 'r- iv -.. .i t.. 1 3. 1t', c A e -i l O,.I -r. (i-e Q i e en -
,r -," e* '' .l Oa ; r: .. a on K c oc.' r -
"..- "! ". .- -_!'a,--. .u iatt, .i Se.,rt''. P oc:cds in ,id of the fnds f tho Pom-
S C.s,: ." '"1 b'i',k i s:unda ry o- P -
./ .T. Tworf Hamilton, November 23, 18SO0.
-Mr- '- .T.,. u i., 2 ,il.1',: f .mni C r nt, -i -

J, t., t ,m, .. :. o. S -__ cftc tice.'

jr r. L. r ,ilv.A, Lid- rd ,3 a r
1ar. _. '.,o li t,,, .lil'r ;.-u fnl fm pio :7,:J-r.- L L a U "f
S, M :: TO .ir d il, -. i. im '. M ';. "
'N.,, ?d Tf .. h.. _'a J ,. _Ia;n: *m c 1.h d-r W ill be d e livere d a t
fl. Li A '/, on a I,'t r r..ud the utj ,
-t "- i i s a r -i o u .F : t !' ] '-tt l r St1 S t ,. I N T H r.o .
; h tL-,n Troo'-..--
D5r. i. t/er< 7/1h _/.na do J;//7a7 '-rnder O (
ohe co,.:ra- ,d .,: LIe-..-C_ .,I,.,-l C. Newveot rann .. y --Y ,
.-iCr ip.,i -.1J .i v ,..or .. "a iiaon an,:! Lie 0 fth In'taut
DI 1111. 1.,nf h. l a4.-"nu. r Trunipeta-rs 2. 9 Iata .
1 vrprIrrla,, 9i iUn"i. ., 7 na'm-a,, aW ,J3 1h rh'r..: Sn. '7 2 r e r,. "a '
No 1' ,!(r. 71/ Brqt'~i. oyu l Artdller, iiurn.-r SUBJECT:
S n .i F ..tla T A1 TES BY WHIOH THE COL-
: 2'1 4;,a!, a... -iu-dng and plain' on tLe Organ will be (ur--,
.-..." ,rI-- 1r.p ral, ni-.'bedby Mi-s, J. H. Buckner and Mi\ Frauices '
..e 1' t L 9'*]', \n,,r the conmman.,tl Pal-r; and a Sola by Miss Martha Parker,.
Of pt Pit ro JTr, e.: rou1e to Mi lt a, Admispion by Tie-t 1'.". Children half pri'ce..
S i 7' Proceeds in aid, of the Sabbath School Libr'al y...
1 .. .h r ,. m -'. .u r and the Building Fund of the B. M. E. Churob.
r d i L t r aI a ,,,- Door0 i T .lien at hall-past 7 o'clock.
i'. .', n, er., : r. 'r nic., r;5 -ur, uI Lecture to commence at 8.. -
S ,-r ..,.,- .'. c~luiireu. i 'ar'.3 *ro,_ Ba l rb dc-- .'.i Ham ilton, Nov. 19, 18S0. ,!
S: al' : _, B M : ',.0co12e fo r .' to ---- -- ''- -
S'.l TC-, "_. j j IC Stock iLnaies PANS at Child's.- -3
T .M .Vrg ,/'I. t for 1H1-lif:-i N' .. Fri -
d:iyr, 'ht- 'rh itftanit, with tL.. f-.lowirg TrCop -----
f mni, B-erAn.mla for t.ha r- tation:--
191T/. R'..c',:d ,in.i!c the commnud rf Li.'a.-Ctol.. (COner
P ''icgor:-. a-.A7I aice,-n.ipi3 icd j.-y M aj'r A. .M.
-i,:,..,C.' .ptir_,s A. "um, *W W .in- Vocal and Instruuletu al,
.A., ilunri', T.. (. WV. M1e('in-
ia ,-.. J.. 0 ., [ ..,. L i ,P,1. 1IF. EL R A N l L ,r '
-. .o.. -, ,. C ar cok. "aV A (-4',aua:av. A ,
,d: S. :'-.'! L- ..lit.-t .-,r.r t, T: C i1T Kei.- A-MILTON PARISH '
n* -"l-'. A. E f4S.Sen Tl.M. H. O r-.H 0. D1 Hikri i, -
M. F. I.-r.'1. A. J. C' WVad; H1r'. Fe W e d? sq r nes
Web4ter; Adjutaut, J. A. Faron; Quartermnster, --'
S.. HeT'lubna. Strcn 'tL, 9 St- Se; ie.-n- 2, 31 1st December, 1880 : -
'' _. --'r, ,- i Drun .o. C:'cr'oral-. i.J :' .- Com n iencinlg at 8 o'lock, P M "
i o. 17 ,.;' '!-"id 'hi ,dra' ,.'r ', Tkic-le of Adi nsiobn--Onre Shilling,
", i. ('ip' T- f. er ana f la.o Children half pi .. .
t ,e_- ;r ;m .a ,d, t e p .. r i : f n 1, e a ns a.1 co n ...
p'anie''1-v LE:r.t. Ln,.b'. S'trc'th, 5 Sorg-ants, GEORGE C. McMA HON,
J. T'.-am ..'- -' Co'.<-:C TA (nc er 4 ruom e. M
-. I :, 1-:a .:. -: r. liam t,,!on F r, r.h N. r 3 rd, 1880. p"
a -, .,,... a r. o

.':, I."'l. i :;,: : -5_.. Ti h.... ....... .

I O n t; ,. r ." '- H '.IT .. c o ,li e t ,' ;- ,.I N a- -- ..
i f::x ..>. J P t-.a Il.. 'i li,-:.le royal Atti,'' y,, ( ING : o the EPil OuOTY prevailing .a
-3.. ..,..-:r .,, :i rif C 1i.;: 'aValt. a, lthf- .l.t failnl 4 ,no t 'ie. ')rS s tilore will be no-H unt.
-Ccn.p--:.;. r v- l En3iLi !' i tioe .m iul of I; ^u"'.er 1 *tici eC.
...: I:Z.lii lu L.' .-aud ihe ..;:rid C.*tmp:' o^\,\l F P'7'VTER
F_ aE u, :--', 1u dll i1 e .t:h i..-u nlS of C(p'ai n ) i: r ,:...', i-
-.aill i- a, ,.:u'Ltr' ,.. ",r -:, ae t.,:- C i,.r(ja .,r.a H on. Se ,.
.' M 1. i,,, i.j ., ;:;r_.. -r t to Ejhg -;,:.l a. '?2,d N ,nvemn!er, i .:,
,,n, n !. : .- -a -.,. ',-'. ,a.- fram nHaifx ------_
,i. Ith,, (--a..r,.1,, 1. j i :1 ,. e. Iu-OR- Solid Sjvei, Neck Chains -
I a:. :i._ 7: ii ,. --. l h :-... .. : ..-. r au id -t-r Lo r: ce els, B nsgle, Ear Ringa; .
Sf.I:- toc,..- :.-'-. h' e._, Sca, f Psa and itin ,. Sleeve B'uttonuia
----------------- ------ V s, &c., SN. Co ,o Chili's,-4, .. .a
i r-

Tr n CoA N.Y Z.' -T, o 1__a za ,v. e- o IF '
cotton were exploded under the deck of the sunken
j .a^ -1 .I in Z aLl i in 're. fli -a ri wlhoui r,
on t',.e- ; r IT tJhe To' ',' 'pony, v .'l F'- i-
r :. ., ',;. a -- i s' i : the v s. an:. a
I ,:ofl-: : i. 4 1 i ;.W ..-i ''old, N1 0 'dly
W a 1 i c .I- A -a3.
d -.-.rar.:.- -i.. ?.,c- s.t .,ao:ct.
a .. '." .,t, ::.. th .at fu: er .--i:ia i,:,na w.'r,' :o -
t t t .u S- i .Ar .it i ih tt inuICl me.u.' 'f
..: ... t.. 3.a .r Vn
i '7, .. Lnii'di .::'n. !, h, ?n ii ie "_i:t,
Q-W : Qe-, 17 Q C. '"q -0". zE ., WN., of

i .. .. ".^ ^, ^,."' t ^ ^,' .r 'w .:k P :!ri o'.
.. .. ... At., ,'I ,i N ,. :, i' !. l 'Ir t .

a ': la -n [ Q -a O l

tl,, H ;: i: E s 'r. .. i .. .
ia a,:,, "" i ,i s .. F-,," -.,**"i? a,.,ilt.i 1 ,4 ftor
S t. n.. a ; ,-n .,;i l i.o r ,-l il ,hl (.... t 'i-.a to
al, ', ,. I. 1 a:,' ; I ..' '"' 1 -'Alc'tel d a m e iaei .,f
tiA A-,i .h e.h 'h ,a ii ,. '.kar.-,-.! th i ilt '.y
-. W,I'; .. ..: ..i' I A'.'t lli !1 ..,i: l i ,:,.a :m,, toeiIc
a'i.l IL. .!' II 'n"'et, ,.i it, t. O .i e. ie:t r g% utd '1(1 r th I
P',.bI,., I ,a .A .,tearly :-Iru..lan r- i d-'vot 'ht;s.
in, i r ti ;na ed a chi'ra'. .': al '-::cetional :i all the
reliprt s of i.':,"Al ie I'ii' ii. a'h .*1a.',ailedtl ::,; tii:.-:t:um
la"-. : A nrm-'.:.y t:] v. .1- I f -ri i L)I. l i ml t ; hi-i O i;
w h iia e rrow iii_ amli ly .. :'. .a've tndl he. h'. lnh
nelin.i' vo if a::etpil:'huy ihnal:t' ard ta uheir.
..... .... i; ; '. o n ''.. : ,.t h 13: ind t, M APY
LOW .' L. "ii::' ,'- 'ut!inot fr I.- i anu Sut i.' iI

.. L.. a 1 t .a sni-lnr, ....t 'r .-,', P ,,ihtt E l; .
on il -tn ,;, i:.. ,t' ..i L: T.NCj .i ._.r
v ., W C .;a _" ..

S : ..

!i '.----. ,. i -, .. i, : I..- I ,,


i.E_-- zi-at_:-L Iil i t. .,$___-- Ir..t S S -i r__illn_,- _- -- -_-l l y&arOlii-- -nt-- M t....... ....

WILL l (, ~
"t E T f i "' i' T"T"; I71'
I v L U I. '- '' i ^

At Vi,,ttilI g YIrd.
JC."_ 1

ti(li)1)'i Is-

.o-inorro:v, e cdn O-(tY,
24th iri.t AtI 1? i .
L_- '" i .LeF F:, ot _'

- o Cor,.Pi i.qi::. :.-
SPOONS G FI,, T .&" &c .
T.-Ll CILOTI i( J .
GLASWAPrE C.:.h..i T"TF.., I
&<:,, ^i,:., &"Sc.
A oti.itrine ..
TIhizuilton, N(-.!rr. 22rK., i
-." Purechaer wiil h!aA : i preprnt-d t,. pay
for mid remove their 'Goods junediat.ivy a Iter th

The IJndersig:ncl has be:;n f.Lavour-

"m M r. A
Bn Pwi it

'To-tnorrow, We eiaesday,
I Fi L-di r,'i 'r-iNr. r, I; ta.r. ,
lt l ,e !e-si!ence of ; -;.:, '."A v- A. Ri A.,
At 12 nif On I'.c'ck,
Ij'is louisehold Ziffvects,
C..mpri-;img :--
: IFA IRS TAsL E;;:-;q M..T. N(.
BEk Kif'. u.n UIT N.-L -
GLtSS ;.nd (I. Cl' :"L'"
And a reri ( di' s nn ,, ,'i-.
A 'kre,ait pal L ol' i ,ad 5 N
W. I. R.O. RTS,

\ c--:ni"r

PEhS.NS; having SOD i.-
L % PTi- TLLS r EO.M v i.ied
** l. J. P11),q or J) -. i r. ;.." ..s."i "
tre not i m .k',i e pri ,.': :rir reljd st :d W. --
turniti l eas:l-ie the utlii n.c,>i.ield a jirtictki':;Jae. 1t,-k also f!uri-iid ;;:,!.'-,', bII-i, or. cl, re h l- -F I lhil to hiim.

pitlrch li e them -,,

C-" ':' oy 3 l mes,
1V.':,. -. l ,
lan oil N4.'r-% 18)
H .2( .!!l7j..T F ,

Ait the Ro ial

Cdz: -fe. Stationet y

(Suitable for Xnmas and New 'iar Prest.ns
3)APIE KNI VES ?,V "si '-A '
Scliool SATCI I E iLL T..u CUPS
Brend KNIVES P, per K NIVES :
Pen l0'iper: Vi'nkri e. cr i .elPI
Sets Knife, PorkL;-nd S
Key Rings and C' rk :* r ', ; ;I,,'& I '.,,,
Card Cases Leti- 'i ,. 'i ..u ''
filatch Io:;e.- Brackecn ., 4c:..0
Ink P hialp, &c., in 'arui;, ('j!'!. \'u~set
Cegar C;ses P1ri'o,,Ie
Bone Tnpe fNi'etLrts CSuda. o iU r.g
&c,, &e., &e.

O"*$ Chris!in:. N.w Ya r and i irth.iday
ilamilton, Nov. 2, IM" ,

Garnet Seed :Potatoes,

SChoice G ... .... s e

Ex Brigt. C (' N..'i II!.'. '' f!', i, P. F. island,
Otcred at 7; per c;re t.ih.
J. T. DARL t 4. CO.
Hamnilion, irniunda,
Nov. 15, ,19L8.-2 gp*

J EFO1.E selecting Articles for
J-- .Christmas Pres.snts, r,. l1,.k at Child'-j
Gold aind -ilver WV'utc!eC., iia-ielti, Lockeis,
Neck Cl:ains,. Lau~ Pins, "Li U', S f 1 its,
Sceni Rings, Penci-i old .'pe.:lacte, S!eve
Butions, 'Chain,4 Sets of J.- -eii. &c &ce.



..... .. K. cc_10 ,
UOH Ths-1filT-S1Ex

h" _
T p. T i p.Tl. -. ., 't ,. O l k, .,
n^ rP.1 7 't 3 *Thcton White POG,

T U'T ,. ) FI. :

.. -e,-. : Pia<. I l h BOA DS ..

- Pi.airs T U..t S CK:-
S4 QirLt E .. .' : Blck INK -
6t L-rge Cr- -' U :-I';,- t Y; lee-t ac.h
A Lot ;' c. NOTHING

A. -..Lot: '* ,.i ( Wo0lO iS HATS
A L .t ':f ._'; ..a- i .v,> C'A'kPS
3'0 Bo:ti:8 s R.t O.;-ion dEED, Warrauted

ita e tr. 1 work

S. -",
/l 1 i. i it I ._ cf. 1 i { i .t .

i Lot ,~ e.r 'TOOL( :L


,r ,,L:-i tt'Departmeut,

A L S 9,
The Fast Sailing Yacht

A -r ER & CO.;

i.iiiiltj-, t7--.i'.,itor '-2, i i0.

,i. ,a

.. IT C I ( A -CTON
n-- - A M, ,L
The ReA:.... f ...C'aisin H. G. PILLEAtr, P E.,
N' C mte re-;..ii. ci <'. G. -o.iiih E:sqi.,
Pa.,e t,

0; J*W L h- .- J iy-X I I tex' ,
- 2,,b I,_.+ a:. i'-c (.',:helu k, MI., haarp,
" A,."e 01PositivIy tLake place !
:a dy Rin or 'Fine,
-1i.- ** Ui' I" e. A
lr : ,'L. -
,,.; vb:ch -.: b.-, found .- .
- ,P !...-IOB Eni.sth PIAINO,
S": i ic, new one O -nr ago
I Ct-, ...... ..1 GOOD CARRIAGE

,- ,, ,'-, a !l L
l-S 'i...I^ --If

4 Mont1i Old
i La-.- :;..T D-".s.--rt SET LAMPS
A L 1. t.-, .:-' C. OcKE-RY
I- LAsA t A1V B.ed;it.,i C'ROCKERY
W- ,h 7TAN Cu,- ol DRAWERS.
Tle n- i ....kt'--p Dinumi TABLE, to
S".OF9'- r'piutliTa! '-ABLES

A lot of uief.u! A ticlep t-o'.. amiunerous to particular-
1' .,, v ''.L.EE & C O.

H--7, uu..uis Au.tioneers,.
-i i;. O f -.?r ? -.
^i^W Psi ctm'1 ;,-uill] plieose b( tpropamred to pay
Ji4 kan' 1L 4:oe tcwiz God's; immediately fitter the

OnAiO.,Ive! m
.L -r lJM W

5j:' 2ior .-&-' -I an i Table
j) Aj i A m T'r 0
t aI 7ovI .il kn i(-t prices.
C t .:-i -: xmua.'ie s-a k i d-f'.. ro p1 rchahitg elske,-
-B pti.! ra'e- to A my iaid Navy Canlteens and
EE ', ..+ ,,.

af be fd,

,., T'. ,<" ORGa '.,

: -y .x
k.r I. ,

"O S o 10 F /

SA i other Priopt ny,
ie And cn!-ifi,,; in part of:-
)IL4WING i,'em Cr i IR, pirtt and
)rii ','FA I' I TT3Pi(
I l .il.vO( ? EA
S!'!. andCd -tit' CUT CIN
SYan.s.of U F.TOf in one p-ee (
new) '
P,.!: 3I ELV,.. -TOVE, &c., &c.
ila,,a& and other TA: : "
Par.i an L J i 'S 2Jc u- A'T' .

j ;:; : C an!. smaal
1ir .ATT ,- T
( ..o ...J ia '. ,i 1 i '; 3 !
E.,rtaiilo W AS : ST.',N.i
4es--illi TABL;' :- -o :in;r L SSr '-s
'A t,-r (CAN, Pantry P i; ELSS
,:LASSWV -, '
Erc:iilfaist, f'ra:!i,-, and ,.? -,c, -':L V ,-
r tle'Ft ,FE LT-F '
Set ofSA 1.1_3 and \.E IT"'-.
C ,ido. 'FOe) L Ytr'!ing .'OTS
F'lowva ')OT-, (common and ,na ..-, ,,) &e.

If not previously .lsrel of
1 Hand Sewing, 1J sIC11I>ET comn
ilei with e t erj',

.- -V
1 U.i.l.IAG l I ,olII d. ci ..t)
1 Set oft i' ,l iE : : "

Alilt .li t 'jt''ck -. i:,- UL t S.'S 0.,., I. .
WI'. ROBE -,
Si i "
t'- G'O 'rgo't., ,'. .:.. '.,>5 .
--: !- ---- ,- --I-.. .

J 7
At OcT1anco Ti arln St. GUor'c

on Frida nex
T'.,, i:,th Instntp.f

- 8,

The 'dliTuknt.-IliciIaned Arti.les.,
Old lita,, (reat Coats.',
Cpc, s for sVe, I
A consilall ua;,nti. i r OLD BEDDING
Elb .:10.tih IS .--: ., ,:42G.
A number .of Articles Tin
C'a.s, r'Dishe:,. Tin Oil B.ottle., Drunis tfor piiiut,
.and qu.,ttit. (I O' 01-1 L.spit.l Cl.tlincg.
Coai;inis-;:r'4, G(n,?uc._,l' <:.f Or.i nc-.
20th NoN'mbner, I Si.
" Colonist" ""-v on(n.l tsen-t bill to, ";lfral
Gazette" Off+i e .

,A SmaI S ouso for Thale.


(On FT DAAY .ex
46thb lu 1., at 12 o'clock.

About 80i fe.t ha:, the Publ.c Road. A Parish
Road parses th,' d or. Now pla'i( the iintcrestt on
1,96, and never without a T-i.i.ut.
A SMALL ..LAND an.t the East nd of
Harrig ,:on ..ounsd, -,t ;C ., s,.' y e ',rs .-.ue,.. It
can bo easily oriiieed- wit tLe maintjird.
Titled; guavauLeed .nl ito. ms maide kn;),vwi J4 the
fi (jd p o ntar te Dvii's H.h or
4pt''ue'ps "A'o ..:
.. M T.OTT.
November 22, If4.SF

&'W oi
]oV~',_ILI 'i'cl'

1 .1 I I'-'

-t 4'- -w-

In i' ; '. Parish,
-' Viait'" '- IL son 'one
'-c-, and on i' -t 101) ,r e -
,.}-"."'.; :,, '-' 1" L .rt. ,v nic ; p S o::2-

now or ii',. ,, _-. '.' ,.:. .',, ,,t tl": C.-:
by land ; ..,1 i .' ._,i,-r,..e JL i .i i W ,.1, and
on thu W i V -:t .. l !, 1 1 ia(te oi c ,f i C aIr d-

T .'". -,; for t he abo'--' pi- : beo i '
ed by the I .' .;.- :i ,

:t taiuday wext,
', ; I u ,I

t i W.',., .r'. ....6 1c y n

L hwy 8ve no!" .Oat I rold .hO PRO-
P PER.TY in Pacf P;rish1, ]-:nown as
STankfie is Tenit, un )le' a written
.A...:. '-Ji2 "b2.y S Months no-
tice -'.On o-r rece.' d r:.' meu .
- 7 rWILLIMS E ... DOE
k' r4'-, 2 2 n"ho''-., 1? r-, pd

f'-: A in the 1: c of t I the i6th
-Instant; A dver( : :-0 t54 (' l ()f Dr-

i r ', oe in :. a nPy in .1t
"r[). i inc i *, ck, I,
Si,. e ited

-. i;t i- n ip
-' T ... SL..D. 11

q, a C~ r':,'.i e hl, : ilt I

Cigns e < ,.:, : and h ii'Ikerci.ef o.s
lot Itn ; s. l k i'o e.: Ena:e's rQli C as s'
r .L, 1 i .i ., l i'd ; ani, .:', Ce i j stock .---
-. N t- c. *- ; T .. .--

R Br. IT DUETDEN is expecting to
A.. arrive in th-e Stcamc-t' "B ermud1a'
t1uIe b1h yesterday, .-I d will open ini ue-.
Oiat'! "on recei;, 'a Fine- cion of Elu-
li'--lau.i Arneri'-ju

4-" :.'-A7 'Lf TL-, ,,&s

.A ;'. Lsit;" oire nt of
', !.. -i O .. .i

Ccnt't Y.'iiiL;;n Tweed Soat and Hta1.
"s L C-, a':e 11(. D a .

; C '.,,',.',,', ,K77K/'*6 ''s O it,,r-
22ND NOVEMBER, 1880.
.o A, VACCINL LYMPIH has been re-
A-t ceived from Haliffx and will he dishibuted
on application at thi.t Oftice.
1 -, C,-.,ii gSc.retary.
--'r 'al -' "a .t't.. .a P 1 t_ t 'C _"_' ... .
@j I.It.-* 1.' J-sA----t' ----
.T,4 Rieeivred
By ie S, S S olw.ayjrom 1,ondoni

At the '.-e.r's N .,- tore, near Warwi'k
f :' :1.;; t..; i ;ma C church,
t- 1 T of C',i refuilly Selected

." .i,.' !. i, i, i blie found
NATN Y P!'. i' .i Jiapanese I_,LK
V V i:;:.s .-S :,IU-. A iPii,'Th
1 ;.: i LiY'i r. Cul-,r'e AL P ,ACCA.S
Flack illLL \Lq NT Ir,
P eilH}. .or T -i -; I! .' r

BL.AtAK, .. -'.. .. 1,S
-AN !. C :,-- h :.and colored
.l- i U Jt ii.;" ;'ori*i'S: Shaw ls
I d d i'I o ts
l~a~i;ett i_- '.:+ 6,i%' .," ,? i

F'eli. ainii r' 'ip,1 .I, u g- lack SILK -

SiiL [* < .. i'. ; *:L,,to N T

1 1 ,. :i s
,'v "'-in n and -ctnn N D R.' i.(.iV1 r8

C 1a J. f' -:0P"113 Needles

11c'k- C: u'M d 2 \:!! (U N IES
i .' Si.k :.( .; .- ". CAiRS ES
Lnd C sh ; *Em i.lgrej i nutleettes 'and

. dI'e lI n.t ?ij' '- 'd!t and S raw ,HllATS,

i jn'y a] y F r, ved ard Straw AT.
tt' ...s i o,, I II' lNG TWEe DS
Di v a'Ia C L)TH Oxford FRAMES
'-v rc- rr' f t .- t T ',. d L lNS',
I -1 1 Ii r t; OES, bie and brow i
(i Ca Year,!CA DS
L a:.i t -iC L i W VES.- C
I h i. .'-, ris ..." Files Illirrors

L.'.1 : er i'tu A, I .c. & .
l ai so -td nd tr ATS
?.,.'- f r CA DS

.Aso a grvt: rirry of

B4 hoes I

TM- I Op"D' ) coe- "l with great
b y n v' *'- ....- r0,' "
care by Tir. R F". ,:.a n, ..i)nself, and
will S d ti.: .:, i -'veryone t h:s War,-

o. use- .. .N ,.
a, '' 'T- s ':'..

D. t, \ .ti ,'- 4'1.\ /i': E- -.
*31: ..A ,, -,.. ,
i 1' ,, .-; .: -., v..-.. ;-uperior
Vmn-t, Fair, IC.lUii'.J t ;:.., l'.', : Bermu da
2'-II ui ^r I -t.I

'i i -t.' ,. $ -Na' N\i' -' FA TTC-
.' I- -n ''' ,- ''- N J. J T
,, i-':\" v '', ? T r E
^' rii- i:'(; : 1'- iSi Jf.,, E -,.. ', ; .... ..- ,1.R 1'

,- .
-... -__ -, --

i:FT'- hi '-,'.. ":; '-"'t." "t. r K...L, on i-:'
L 'E -> S'- -ine -,'

-1 .1-s 1! --
I..'-' ~--4 ----."~---"----,"--- ________________________________

I it ['4N ., Aill r:. c '-i-U i (A o S'aucop.'ns
'- .-' ,- .i -'t,. -. (. i ei Fry Pans, Gridirons
ii- i,. -! ;, ,:i oi.'Q; & C -.
TIN'WA E-- 'o ,!-.iers, Broad Tins, Knead-
Sin7 P-i', i and Bowls, Cook's Ladles, Tea
ioji '.ir .'.-. Pj,. T. ,.a K ettle', Fgg Slices, Keii-ie, G Cvy S.n.aiiers, Eg1 W hisks,
-.trs., '[:uti -Pa,'..e Oilters, Funnels,
FDiir, pii Fans.-, S*euc2pun?, Bread Grniers
i'aniise; ('rat-:'r.-, r Dred 'er's, -Flour
'P,.-.;' ,-r., flu; I'an-, C tn.dlisticks, &c.
G l_ A -JV,.r "' BEuttie rs, fols, Celeries
:, .i- PI ,,* ., .i]u siards, Egg Cups
( '..-'. c-i '.. ., ': aiin bugars and
"e .n.- s. 'lu. n.uicer, DPee-,.iers. "
' lonif Tea 2/, 2/6 ai.J ;3. il.

A:Id o arrive by text London

..' Ya' P U". i'l.,:'a, Toilet SOAPS,
o,. : ,. ;:A10 &e, &c.

'*:1- ',,' cir, e- : Ne X: York S iiamier, a fall up-
ply ,f

i.. N ov ,. ^ ";(i ..- 3 3p '

,, to _isn and see the most
il^ *^ !. -. ._. -'II I. V S
'fr-.-' D r -.I V a verm '
i a r; ,' > !.'ui;,i- .: t"'.. a ,- tts, pperg' nes,
-te S'", h..- .. ". :. "-.'Ip Tc'i -in Cake Hias-
- Lui -Ii [ -, I 'ii-,S '- Je ei.l Fica ket-
*,':,,!k .'.., ^ ..,;.t 7 ,..+-, ?,e *fubs, Flower
.. ..:-. -, i I y isles, TUheese
i-l -, ,- : '! ....:, .' : ',. a! n- tears, Vegetable
;;:" :. i p,, n. -. Forks, &c., &c.,
,t:,.: ,.. "'' 2 ,. ,-'lec- b. re CIiristn as.
--- ,


To Pub,.lic

BEI-11.1 1 -.kO-WI

Z7- ~iPB

Piocecdings of the Legislative Council.
Tuesday, 16thA oveber, 1880.-'a"rsuant to ad-
journment the House met.
Prsenat-His Honor Josiah Reep, Chief Justice,
The Honorable A. J. Musson,
James H. Trimingham,
Eugenius Harvey,
Joseph H. Harvey,
James Tucker, Recr. Genl.,
R. E. Webster, Col. Secy.
The following Message from His Excellency the
Governor was delivered by the Colonial Secretary :
(No. 28.)
Governor and Chief.
The Governor has the honor to layv before the
Honorable the Legislative Council a revised Plan of
the Prison which it is proposed to build in the
Town of Hamilton shewing the alterations which
seem necessary in the construction with a view to
obviating the objections to the original design
advanced by the professional authority to whom
the Secretary of State for the Colonies had referred
that original design for examination and report.
The Governor has the honor to send with the re-
vised Plan the Plan originally sanctioned and a
copy of the objections taken thereto by Capt. Owm-
maney, R.E., an Officer who had had considerable
experience In the construction of Prisons in Eng-
land and who therefore was consulted on this sub-
ject by the Secretary of State.
The Secretary of State thinks it of great impor-
tance that Captain Ommaney's suggestions should
be adopted, and the revised Plan now forwarded
has been prepared with a view to carrying those
sugge0tions into effect.
The alterations in the design and the extension
of the boundary walls will probably cause an addi-
tional expenditure of about 500 to which must
be added whatever may be the cost of the Plot of
Land and Buildings to the North of the Prison pre-
miseB proposed to be purchased from the Stewart Es-
tate and the cost of the Plot of Land to the West.
ward of the Prison premises proposed to be pur-
chased from the Lightbourn Estate.
The revised Plans will afford much more conve-
nient and much healthier accommodation for the
prisoners and for the officials of the Prison and
will probably be found to be well worth the addi-
tional cost. Against the cost of 'the additional
land may be set a saving of 30, a year now paid
for runt of the Police Office and Station which by
this purchase will become Public property.
Public Buildings, Hamilton,
15th Nov., 1880. J
The Hon. R. E. Webster presented a Petition
from the Branch Pilots of these Islands, stating the
hardships which they have to undergo when quar-
antined on Nonsuch Island and praying for some
redress of their grievances.
The Hon. J. Tucker presented a Petition from
John Henry Jackson, Importer and owner of a
Steam Saw Mill, praying for a refund of the duty
paid thereon amounting to 19 18/1.
Adjourned to Tuesday next, the 23rd instant, at

Professional Notice.

HpHE Subscriber purposing to pass a few
Months in the Island, will be pleased to
receive any of his Friends or former Patients
who may wish to consult him Professionally.
Reid Street, Hamilton, Nov. 16th, 1880.

To Let,

And about three and a half acres of Land, situ-
ated on the South aide of Warwick Parish.
Possession given on 1st January next.
Smith's Parish, Nov. 15, 1880.

A Good Plain COOK and a
IHOUSEM.AID for a small Family in
this Town-The latter is required at once.
Apply at the Gazette" Office.
November 15, 18&0.

Christmas Cards
At J. C. Keeney's.

lee! Ice!! Ice!l!

The Subscribers are now prepared
to Furnish

Daily (Sundays excepted)
From their Store in Burnaby Street to any per-
son who may desire a supply.
To Customers in Ihmnilton and Vicinity it
will be delivered by Cart daily-from about 10
o'clock till noon-commencing on 1st April.
The price is one penny per pound for 12 Ibs,
and upwards.
A penny half-penny under 12 lbs.
Bermuda Artificial lee Company.
Hamilton, March 24th, 1879.


Bermuda and JNassau, N.aP,

StllPPERS are informed that it is intended
to despatch Steamships from the (Eastern)
London Docks for the above ports as under:
8teamers. Tons. London. Dartmouth.
"Solway," 792 6th Octr. 7th Octr.
"Himalaya" 803 17th Novr. 18th Novr.
" olway" 192 22nd Dec. 23rd Deer.
R. P. JATK1 NS 4- CO.,

Foptember 30[h, 1880.-3Lu

--- --.-- --.. -.. C


hnm Dlii. o yruF


(rB. ,E .Mi.UJ .

K Dyspepsia, Liver'
Diseases'Fever ..
A gue, heuma-

The Best REMEDY NOW to tMa I '
0,000,000 Bottles]
S 8OLD SINE 1870. ., 1
This Syrup possesses Varied Properties.'%
It Stimulate@ the Ptyaftllne In the Saliva'
Which converts the Starch and Sugar of the
food Into glicose A deficiency in Ptyallane
eausea Wind and hourning of the food in the
mtomoach. Itf the medicine Is taken immedt.
ately after eatlutg th fermentattuoa of food
Is prevented.
It act-% upon the Liver.
It aets upon the Kidnes.
It .egnlate- the Bowel .
It urlles the Blood.
it Qulet the Nervoua system.
It ProNotes Dileestton.
It Nourlshes, Strengthens and Invlrorates.
It carries of the Old Blood and makes new.
It openu the pores o0 the skin and Induces
healthy Perspliratlon.
It neutralizes the hereditary taint, or poison ia the
blood, which generates Scrofula, Erysipelas, and all
manner of skin diseases and int ernal h amora.
here are noe spirits employed in itr mzanufactnro, and
it can be taken by the most, delicate bbe. or by the
aued and feoblo, carc only 'iiql rtqAiet,t i/ aOteftifI t,
TOIeONTO, April 20, 1880.
Dr. Clark John3on:
DinR Szin,-When I visited your manufactory last
autumn, I was suffering from a featful pain in the
face and head-the physicians call it neuralgia-and
when you recommended me to try your INDIAN i
BLOOD SYRUP I had no faith in it; but indeed I
received such a benefit from it that I have since re-
commended it to several who were suffering as I
was, and with a good result, and I cannot let this ,
opportunity of your second visit to this city go
by without thanking you very much for recommend
ing me to try the INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP.
Yours very truly,
GEO. LOVEYS, lumber merchant,
250 Simcoo Street.
TORONTO, April 21st, 1880."
Dr. Clark Johnson :
Dear Sir,-[ have had a pain in the small of my
back, also through my lungs and shoulders for more
than three years; I havo also hid liver complaint
and dyspepsia. I have tried doctors' and other me-
dicine, hut nevet received any relief until my atten-
tion was called to your valuable INDIAN BLOOD.
PURIFIER; after its use a short time, I can say
that I have felt better and more able to do my work
'I anI have for the last two years.
77 Richmond Street, West.
I was trouble'] wih do'tanimeieF of the nervous
system. I was attended with by one of the best
doctors in this part of the cour.try, but obtained no
relief. Your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP relieved
me at once. I really .Jo not thiink any one in ill-
health using it can fail to receive great benefit.
Smithfield, Northumberland Co Ont.

i.oit Jolhe, Queen's Co., N.S.

Dear Sir,-I have used your excellent INDIAN
BLOOD SYRUP for Iive.r Complaint, and have re-
ceived great benefit therefrom. I can recommend it
to all sufferers.

WESTPORT, Leeds Co., lairy. '.9, 1879.
Dear Sir,-1 have been suffering for years with
Dyspepsia and Indigestion and Kidney Complaint.
anl have tried a great many remedies, but without
effect. I became very bad andl could not leave my
bed. I sent to your agent, William Dier, for a bot.
llo of your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP and I do not
hesitate to say that it saved my life. I am com-
pletely cured, and feel like a new man. Lasi week
my son was taken hick with severe headache, and a
few doses of your vtiable medicine cured him.
B~eronu, Brunt Co., Ontario.
Dear Sir,-This i.s to certify tlhat after using your
INDIAN BLOuD SYRUP for a short timn it has
entirely cured me of Dyspepsia. It is all you re-
commend it to te,.
BERMUDA, June 28th, 1880.
DEAR Sta,-This is to certify that I have found
nore good in your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP than,
ny Medicine that I have ever taken for Dyspepsia
aid Indigestion. I would advise all that suffer trom
Kelvin, Brant Counuy, Ontario.
Dear Sir,-In September. 1865, roy wife had been
under doctor's treatment two years, and they said
she had heart disease. She was at that time sa
weak she could not stand, and I had to carry her
daily from her bed to the stove, and back again as
soon as the bed was made. She had used your
INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP but a short time when
she began to walk again, aid has not kept her bed a
day since. It also cuied my daughter of chills and
Sole Agent for Bermuda,
Water Street, St. Georges.


U21 ;~let1Stottis .Ma il .1ain Crs.

F' k l F L EP 71 ff 0 c)L

ARIZ, 'NA spils TUtiJ.."'ll C'.. 12, nt oon.
%VY( %-M NG isauls Ttu si .,,;Oct.. 1, at 0 a.m.
N E V.' z k sa i I : T iIr 1,(Yi va1 11I I i. I
%V IS"',I ') NS 1I N s--)i sT, isd ay N ov%. 9; a t I I n. m.
AItl lZ !-)NA i 1.3 'F u c-.1-nv NoGV. 16, D1n t -I 1-1.m
XVWYOlN( L.1;18 Tuc-'~:LE N uv. 2.', a-t I1.1'lt.~t
NEV,"\DA sais Tuosd N%. ; A'Zv 2p..m.
Thk obove Steamner-,;arce Liit cn:]r-cisk for
the Ti:tde, haiv:e ve v,,,.. e P bt.u!Iir
carry,-.xprccdUk:, rvo.'d
ardess .'i ,. lonA:c., it aqn r*i-
surma-*d 11v anyr A tla;-tic :nt.njri, itrithe
State 1ochlS 1 r8 '11 na '(-61 dtecl open iv-g i r.1 tothe
ocean a%-oi~0, pafcIv, i ra I citnaaitd! "'.g h
eachl) Kit an tLIluoi
The V. S. Xlnil Siei B I.riewurm' fi inF
muds, Ch I-. I.. d::- n, i vI-t:lyit v r I %- -,urIN --. i
On i11w~dny-;, and K ne~'~; ~ir *~LatIIC
transfel-rd direct to tho Liv.erpiool SaauuIr 8saiL
ing neitd day. W I L T .I;1( 1T

2~i ..~.dwyNew YI'mk.
New It orl.k, Sept.2,

0 in he obut~iieid irorn t~h-
P1-.'Xf 'I N.:/ E V C) P.4 Y F

Thr.)ugh thc II L'A N( It!Fi inF t cn
1slan~, aSaving is fefioted to tho insured
of the Stamp Duqi, a very considlerablJe item;.
RISKS taken both mi HIEAL aind PERS~ONAL,
I 101-E RT V fr 3, 6 o r I'-, mo n Ihe.
No PEES and no ClHlAR1G E for Policies.

ilamuilton, S.:piember 9th, 1856.


Horse, Carriage 4 Cart

THE Uindcrziign-d having -;re mn-d tguiress
at his. old Stand, Corner ',f Church aunl
Junction Stre.sE, neur lHamilton Hotel, takes
this method of thanking his friends and the pub-
lic generally for past favours, and humbly soli-
cits a continuance of same.
January 6, 1879.


November 9th, 1880.-3m.


C, h ( I (-'.

4,i a 4U vc iYt(1J(

R Ii llEL'S. TOILET VINEGAR, a pleasant
tonic and refreshing adjunct to the Tnilet and
Bath, a reviving cent and a powerful disinfectant
For warm climates it is invaluable.
RIM.1IE.L'S JOCKEY CLUB and other fra-
paint Perfumes.
gives the hair a bce;utifal gloss and impair ts an
agreeable cooliess fo ilia it ad.
ALmOND, LET I'UCE, COAL-TARl, rand other
T'o'e &oap, i. a b irs or ca!es.
;0: 1. ':-LEA.F aiw other. TOILET POWDERS, in
Iow ; s, ba,'iel: uan, pu] :le.;
RiAi EL'S AiT ADf'. NT INE clean, whitens
and piet-ivs dlie teeth, rciesheb thu nmoilth, and
sweilon" lit: b;ea i,
RliiMi L': AP.OMA''IC OZONIZER, or Na-
tural Air porifiar, a fci r,' :t Pcwvder which diffuses
the healthy and refresnsiin dmanuations of the Pine
and Euc.tlyptois Forest-.
E. RI .~l 11EL, Perrunm". ly :ppoiitmeint t if, I, I.
II. Princess \W al'es, '.3'., Straid, Londo, anitd 17
Boulevard de, lt!ien-. P -, .
M ily a!7, 1 9.

G: c:t progre, has been made within a few
ye:is in manufacturing food products, .ynd the
ctanIarnd of qualntyv has been raised to a point far
bc,o ndi that which Iornire-v obtained. \We claim
St.~t this ha.'. to a corI. lerable extent, beeA; due
in our etlort a. the Largcst Mar.'i.,etureri and
.Yialers in the wvoid in this line, w, consider it
,.'r to manufacture only PtU!E and wiiOLl-
So.,IE goods, and pnck them in a tiJv and attrac-
tire rn;anner. All good.; bearing our name are
guaeaiireed to ew oi superior quality, and dealers
ale authorized to refund the purchase li cein
any where .customers have cause for .lissa-
rifet;io. It isl therekire, to the interest oh both
ilaier :,.!' ct'tomers to ute TiHURDER'S

n;~A : LPC.Q

& F, E. T1.PIRB"R & CO.,
.Maintuactnre;i aud Dealers in Food

'W. 0. F.BAC O ME, M.i),
F.A.A. U.S.,


Robt. G. Lee & Co.,
Coumnission A!erchants
18 Leadenhall Street,
Personal attention given to Consignments of
Bermnnda PRODUCE and the filling of Ber-
mudici orders,
April 13, 1880.

By Special
Warrant to




HE Undersigned takes this Maethod of re-
turning his sincere thanks to his Patro"s
and the Publie generally for the liberal support
they have extended towards him during the past
ten years, and having replaced the SOMERS:',
by the well known Boat UNION" for the pur-
pose of carrying on his business hopes with the
assurance of punctuality and reasonable charges
to receive a continuance of their favor.
(l"1The UNION" will fly a similar Flag
to that which she carried during her Mail Ser-
The U." can be obtained for Excursion
Trips, Freighting, &c.
Hamilton, Oct. 5th, 1880.


THE above WATCHES for both
, Ladies and Gentlemen are kept constantly
on hand by the Undersigned: ; Any grade Move-
ment not in Stock will be furnished at the
Manufactor's list price. Also, make toorder
any style of Case with Crest, Monogram, &ec,
Remember the American Watch Co. received
the Gold .Medal at the late Paris Exhibition.
Front Street, 11amilton .o, oI
Deer 16, 1878.& Uoo

To Let.

Queen Street, Hamilton, with STABLES.
Apply to

Augusr:31st, 18c.0.


Charles Anderson & Co.,
Commission JMerchants,
S 11 Cullum Street, E. C., London.
Consignments of Island Produce and nladents
of Goods, promptly and carefully attended to,
June I, I880.-6m

\ Wanted,. .
1 J1 thoroughly competent
Apply at once to
The Master Attendant, H. M. Dockyard
Sept. 24, 1880.


Teas, Coffees 4* Sugars,

and American Goods,
West Front Street, Hamilton.

No. 9

October 26th, 1880.-6m

I PUTTY, BRUSHES, &c., &c.
Every description of COLOI made ready fo
J. E. EVANS takes this opportunity to thank
the Publie iu general for their liberal patronage
and will endeavour (as in the past so i. the
future), to merit their continued favours.
14 Queen Street, Hamilton,
February 3, 18$0.
LL Good Grocers keep A. E. WHYLAND'S
lA Celebrated SOAPS,


ris. sets.


24 We 6 45 4 5222 1 6 Lt.Qr.1Ob46m8P.m
25 Th 6 46 4 51 23I 154
26 Fri 6 46 4 51 24 2 42 Eng. MailUthinat.
27 Sat 6 47 4 52 25 3 30
28 6 48 4 5226 4 18 1sti Adoon
29 Mo 648 4 52 27 5 6

every Tuesday by DONALD M'Poaz LaE,
Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent

North-west Corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets,
where Blanks, Hand-bills, &.c., will be
printed at the shortest notice.-Agent
at Si. Georges for the Royal GassUe,
Messrs. GORaGE BOYLE & SON, West EUd,
Water Street.


1.11fr. E B. .Jones, aieminton.

In ordering through London Agents, purchasers should be particular
to stipulate for SUTTON'S SEEDS


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