Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00032
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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T' Ir



Proceediu-gs of the Legiilative Council.
Tuesday, 3rr A.4uguf, 18SO -Pursuant to nlr'niurn.
ment the House met.
Prerent-His Honor Josi-h Ro., ('hicf Justie"
The Honorable A. J. Vu-.;C.,
C Wm. H. a,,sling.
,Jarr,". "I T, imirb..ha5,
Eugenius H. rvcv,
.o.o', l lE..rv'y.
James Ttcker, Rci. ,ini.,
G. S. Turke.r,
R, E. h.scr, ',ol. S3cy.
The three followi,N11 Bilr v-r' .irongti up f-*m
th.- House of Assembly an.rd reve'ranl:, ev; a :rrst
A Bill entitled *- n .ct tc oauthori'e Ith.:: O"e-
sears of the Poor to nold L -ind ifad other Porperty
for the use of the Parisb,"
A Bill cani'led An Act to provide f.r tie -
demption of Ih Snfiuo.'' Bank Debenture?,"
A Bill entitled '" .\an A&c to cotinnw th !'O i'wie
Health Act, 1S634."
The Hot-. R E Web.icr ramoe'.]d tl-At h. sIll
entitled "An Act i previ:l" temporar,; cl.nica i .
distance in th,' Seeri:arvy' Offie,--" bi ni .I ren-.d th-'
second time.
The Hon. G. S. T'icker moved that Ithe Bill te
read the secorndl tfi', the's afty .i montlih--.,
was affirmed.
Ayes 8. Nay 1.
Hon. G. S. '!'ucker, Hon. R. E. Websler
J. Tucater.
J, H.IHarvey,
"i E. Hariey,
J. H. Trimingham,
W. H. 0Go8li11g,
A. J. Musson,
SJosiah BR-s. ,Chielf ,usice.
Adjourned to Friday next, the 6th instant, at

Wlrittern cppresely f.r tht, Ber,,.uda Royal Ga:ttf-.
There is a great deal in method, rery miufh mr-ao
than is generally supposed. A methoch'ial po.wn,
a methodist, will get through an immen.sity ot w..-,
with wonderful ease and conmort, whereas cne of
no system is sure to it'el work oppressive and liie
generally positively burdens,'me. Method, like
most things of th. kind, is a natural gift,
whioh may be mutic. improved by education, or
which may be blnire-d by cnreless iLditierene,'
Very often a method al per-on isi not clever .-r bril-
liant, but an industri,'us ani s--temnatie alppl)iatiou
frequently more than counterbalances defi.:-ieucie'.
The one who is determined to make the best. of it,
to do the most in the way bestknowu to him with a.
sincerity of object an! an industry of puprse, is
certain to achieve pe nmanent success, if not at once.
a telling advantage. It is amazing how a habit
can be induced, how people of naturally sluggish
temperaments can be brought to think and to act,
as if the world was an active mass of matter calli",
for a judicious activity. Again, men of genius, I
men of brilliant attainments, are Irequently lost by
a sad deficiency of method. They know about this
and that, but. how to go: about it, how best to carry
it out they have not th.3 slightest, idea. The wrecks
that have happened from the want of method have
been not a few, and the opportunities, which have
beetx lost through a lack of system, would astonish
the public, if only they could be chalked up on the
Public Black Board for public monition.
There are those, who work hard who mean well,
but whose purposes of life are too unsettled to bring
their minds down to any regularity of system, who
have neither desire nor heart for order, and who,
consequently, cannot make any headway propcr-
tionate with their natural energies. They want
method. They think not what they have to do, nor
how they can best socomplish it with the greatest
rofit and ease to theroeilves, and the highest bene-
t to the world. They toil and slave very much
widZeof their purpose; and, when the whole comer.
to be reckoned up, their exhibiH is barren of worthy
results. The burden and heat of the day endured,
and for what vanity ? The methodical man i., the
reliable man, and the one whom the community at
large must regard with the greater favour and
confidence. The brilliant dashina man may be ad-
mired and achieve a momentary success, but, with-,
out' any method, there c>-.u be no lasting advantage,
no permanency of any sort or description. The pub-
lic ban and do trust the Methodist in real lifo, be-
cause he'has set before himself a goal which he has
determined on reaching, and which reach he will,
if ordinary opportunities are afforded him, to carry
out the policy of his life. An object kept steadily
in view, and at length in course systematically won,
is indeed a satisfaction of the highest character to
the man who has mapped out worthy ends and ex-
pectations, and who in his pursuit has never faltered.
It s the methodical plodder who gains the day.
The race is not to the swift nor the but le to the
strong. Victory awaits the uniformly industrious
wlo press steadily onward with the prize in direct-
The' highest aim of education is to beget and'
promote method, which is essentially an acquire-
ment, having its.origin in the domestic circle. The
great advantage'of going to school is not so much
the learning of an immensity of stuff as the gain-
ing a general intelligence, which may induce habits
of thought and methodical investigation It i not
so important to acquire a huge fuud of knowledge
and have it stored up in a confused mental store-
house, as to know how to set about investigation,
and, by a regularity of method, to keep up to ihe
standard of our dailyiexperiences. And herein lies
the great success of many teac-hers, who avoid the
steep and thorny ways, and even in the necessary
rudiments shew a pleasantness at first unsuspected,
that they instil into the miidns of their pupils the
existence of order and regularity in cvciryt!hin/*, and,
that the material and mental worl.l is best i:,.specui'd
and the lessons tur'- l to best aceouAnt by miethi.AOi-
cal investigation. There 'n teachers who heap up
subject on subject, without any er-der .-,r iut-i.rion,
but merely to satisfy thi: insatiable hi t. for cram-
ming, as if their' :bilit-'" we;,-) ht : xhiit'l by
pr:uing this policy, uand "s i th'.- '.f.
depended cu this sy.-tu. <..f ._tufinug. Many a one,,
who would otherwise, have proved valuable elements
in the body politic, has beeun spoiled in the manu-
facture by this iunjudicious .ysteru of tuition.
Train your pupils to habits of method, just letothem

hav' Z.1ifficV11-t 1i:o.wle.dge ~m n..tdto thEFU to
u:Ne n a plensaflt patli of -,earchinv out for them-I
'AI OR m1C Of the UI.ILv hidd-c-i trea.uAires -of which
i *'-arth is fall, auid you will form-0 a Solid founidatio~n
for a splendid %1ipcr-di-, i~tere. If 0--.31Eves of -juc-
-S siii c-'sreriulcntaliet.s or advontturer's are cai-celully
analyze". it. -.Tl b,) ound t~hat. thcy ent'?rel on
itheph:-i o" tII.!r stu(1iC'- cJ~t1,, mothca. w;-ileli1 had
been i'orineid in htni by lhrvnc. ov peno-al in
,n tat the.ict-ret of thvIr siivoe w acorr-
016 t-Is aei'nce to. ,~elIn the pet-li li:tt'pato wIv.-ich
,h,y I.ail dci'b~l Gl (:,71 t~ipgU. Plt? oll-ii'1who
i~in -,-y its l hia 11the e~t: i v iy uid with !Ciine
inel-- u t mnetlv.d, iA a far hbetto~rfind azt uorpro.-
uii, r -hohai thau the uil, w.ho cneati ij,'offtctu
1 .no, a- riiueh uintto.t'anduUThen ai'I, is ended. is
3dii; .t ia L ." njvL,.It reinirc*s a great
aol:l it 'kill ti) DLAU OUt. T..nk for tile pupld'tptecd
ri Ip capacitv-. no.1 so that it may contribute to tho
7ortnatiou of a desirable )Jod.Th.' c. nly 1hope of
z~tvcess lies in eiiprohcendiu-' the natural. bent of the
cliildis nmind, and lnin ton inthc urrent mos.t1
congenial to It.- Every one has a natural fac-ulty,
and the preblewm is to di~zcover whant it I Wheni
ionud. the course 1is r,-dErvd 11muIIC-fterdillr oIl l1(l.
i Fnd thie results, are likely to cr-iib'tc-to.-, reon,-.1 and
publi.-: welfare. The world i c gi-at Livye ut inU
iiuttry, anti its irahi~bitants- are so m;.rjnv vrn:11
-a D e, ndowed rith baturai ailt't sz -
III the 'cairrvirtge oil 07,the og zt* .work. TDiscnvc1~,
if popioibhe. the K4 .firviate genus;, tile prop~er-
l ie-S WhiCIL a lUit'u. .ovdu:fasbist,.ow-vd,
an'4. 1.t 0CV i'I I l "' U t 113-d i o the ljc-t i V.t4
'-'V tli- prsul--ance of ratw'thJ, wbich dI-iIr~oversia thime
for e':crytbiug anud which will. havc, everything il
it-8 titiac. By Mothod. you largely avoid the riek cof
failuio, abAthroug~hout you will save boih yonr:elf
and everyone ennneceted. with -yru an Infinity of art-
noyan'-o and trouble. Cultivate inethoetichats
iand yoa will bec-conie tlo-e allied to the cciar.3-1 of
nature, you will applreciaite more fully her
richeps, anld you a ill dvaiv from Iher ic niuoonine g m
or othvi: l)iht voill couir itutoi to tlo. welfare of un-

U. ItK. Y. Clttb 'aces.

l IGhoCII \ L L-IN G; [CUtP %iiltI 1ke
pne in the GIRC'.UVi '\I?

A K % C E, open to ott eonaers, fIr a 1)ibs erip1)
I on Pu, se, i'i take ll~ate imme-di-te!;- otter thil

Further pnrziei~'i;.: u-il n
nzett o~iw- "a 'A~.

iHave also Iaec-i arr-v t'ed joi10Iu .h n-5
October, 2nd 'Novembe~r and 7thLol'.-r
The (- otirse cor vhe loth a-tAon w %fl tic-.-
Start fr'n! -stake Iso-ji oW-fClub c~s thr-olcrl',
Headl (iAtt' U., c, ama 'l isiee't~i
onl tlh. Si ttliI iI thrown !h toiner-e !'of-
iy, ronaiod and I;cln-i IslandA, :eroiffQ17a
Stn4tare C~li intwl, leaving bothh. ho eh--'q'n'ei

pjn]~. Em'!esiat) Clow l0- i) 7th ni-VInE.
Ni. HUN,[',
.'ec rcmicy to ,;ailing C mt~e

2nd~~~ I d~C -J

r he Unde 1-s g ifld has jii st received

SilerPh r 7W 1

L Cake B .Iv'''. eelI l

These Goi ie ro ;;u irantele2 to 't.iffirst qua' -
ity, 'ind willI be feold very lchap !nrm sh
TV~RAY A. XJJ3fl&'N,
August or.' Front Ftroelt t&zChancery LUne.

I)r,. J. lBethtiugmoei,

e tueuijur of lie I nipe: ia IAcAdetj v wa 'iiic\Iuieh

( '.i~I emai b' a Ahuit tim-e here.)
O'rFFICE, .A NR1)ItV .'11[E N C c.-Church -`t.
t oraaer Couit -;:t, IHIamiltoni.
SPE' %-cI~LTY-l'ye -mdal- i:.-i,i D i~seqso St.

('ongh and A~sthma heing oftouatbu tho con-
r~vqtuf-,IeCe k hronic 'rhi oat And. Wiil- ipe

P'riv ate Meei':aine ChU21 wii, the hcest Drug.
Agust 3, 1880.
For Sale,

In' 'A m~vick t.irkii-, Cituateil oaadie naiti r.-:ad
.. -. :% V,.-A of' 0w PI resbvietri R C~hurch wt d t-,,IP
ly occupied a's a Cou-ry S tot %%ith :j it ilI

small lantily.
A pl 1to N. J. D1)A k U flLL, '.1w''etto Vale.

I ousei aid V antcd,

A3THEWORLD. Grand Picnic & Con-

Lecture on Travel by .r
/ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,, J ,,(TD-t a tTh-C f

Un'ler their Patimnage of His FlIi:.-Ant
"0" Y a. Ou ... -

Tle- 12th iustant.
.t the



a'- With the k i.I assistance of tihe B'ind,. of
the 99th (D. of E."' Regiment.
theit strong: wvaniltring from Africa, Asia,
Aushtalaia, to the South Sra. Islands -in ages


(I t~-r dic- 11I e r ? A je 4 ci' '- 'or~tzk.6
t(.rti4?eti~i ~ i'~ a .~ B..~1. .ahr
WailI be Iaei.I,(..V)

-0 1) M ER -i E T.

131h August.

Trie GrandI Vocal anti Literary

k111 hle r-.iz,.II '11 tile VIK.ljaimg

D 'oo-s open at. 7-30t p. -ii. I'erformiaucee 0

l-sT PA RT-Skotchr-8 of fthir native land (or miIat$pm
(Afriea' .mJ of theua prosenit. more ar less li- Price of Admission to Picnic and I
biltediVlWl:uiu fulzriaca. Java. Sumi.Atrnauad j.j,'l(i,
Bouii, IIo '! iai I jo ,3E1.0 'e NA t; f '.c. a1t oil the,~

giee- a truerjrlu ov)i(ilthe Piuano of' the rMoS1 At Ai-dn' PBand will be in attend imce.
fizoi,'Eflt mo 'I'I r ( ./1' 1(Jph airtd js, whi j46 he had2 T
."C'isk u It' eisito I' in I/tt h-e-JRuyid Jartlias;,i1 `A
Cairio, (hl'9qpI). 1IT, cmirpkl~ueil(I5 as !.E i~S~a .3-T, i*ui y, -I

A phaiitastiezil P.Jtpouri~s of very eurnous VI'C 1-1EF>, Jeweir), z-puecuinces, and i-: ,*
GkaegepJust Rceived.
--f IENrFY '%. JAAlII;,
2-,,.-Y)PART-Th-o Malay ini thu Pa.-zifie, or +,'I;(? F(r. --V C&hancer) 1.aaie,
Dot)Lorl xuS '1 among thIO Cainiballs ill Amo.gti 3, IS8,:
Fori-osa andl. nuvicnictbe Ex-antropophagus,
Th etr rl )- ,-Tuqewoe Illipstrat- P a itch A n

Dc~riopn a. 3' Lctue O~lll-?l(~? ~'rhe Undersigned O ffers

Tivlret-; of Aii~o to bope'. tcuri'oi at tl.h.
Oya 0o:1t~zett.& Siuititiery S-tore-L. Who-rei, 11
Plaut of fthe Hall rua-y b-h o Stii. TickctA,:alsoj 'I01 ,chocier ''H atie C a rd," fr ormi
at DOWi 011 u-v-fOllinr niL ccture. Joavi
Prices of Admis,,ioni. S ANT LING -;,3 in. x 4" in., 2) in.
Resverved eats 2.16. Srecond 1seats 1/6. Gal- x 6 in., 0- in. x 5 i fi., 2 i n. x 4I in., 3 in. x9
le,,Y Od. ii,2 in' x 1I m., 2 iii. x3iaiu.-and 14x3~
Hamilton, Ampvu.t ';3, 1880. C, n2 t~i egh
n- -FIOO)R1 N U- I1J in. x9in'. I in.. plained


D, of he -
Independent Order of Good Samaritans
and Daughters of Samaria.
Will (D.V.) take place about

25th August, 18SO.
Admission to the Day's amu.semenit 1'.
Tickets can box obtained at Hamilton, Som-
erset and St. George's. Conveyance supplied.
Mozart's Favorite Band will be in attend-
Proceeds in aid of the Philanthrophic Lodge
Building Fiun in this Town.
i For further particulars see Hand Bills.

~frw. -~ ~ --

iS e FffrOfr fOf 8 fLoas AW '* I

Intend making their first appearance before i
the Public of Hamilton on the
When the Public will have an opportunity
of once more witnessing theo Performance of
those who made such a Grand Success in Com-
bination with thel Witz Merry Mlakors.
Hamilton, July 20, 18S0.

New Clocks for Sale,
Very cheap for cash by
Cor. Ft. St. & Chancery Lane.
August 3, 1880,-3




With all Cooking Utensiils an' Stove Pipe,
At A1t euch.
't.'s.' Jul l.Nth, I880.-.Im"

Next West of the (ffie of this Paper. Will
be vacated on 30:i instant, and will b-,. ,pen to
a now '.T n.nt atL,:r that date.
llamiikon. August 3rd, 1840.-3

Und jointed
I in. x 9 n. to 12 iu., do. do.
IlTTO-lI in. x 6 in planed t. nnd g.
1 in. x 6 in., planed t. and g.
2X FT' ,i-.,

W 1 ii T "I'F.,

i lI I .,,


July 13th, 1880.


3II ;~t..

Drs,,d ii. ads -i i.,
A2 d ,ualhv --I i..
W h lii. I 'oiar

A otil

Required at H. M. Dock-
yard for Work of Chipp'.; and
Painting Floating Dock,

Wage.s 4:.. peir day,
With Quarte-rs on board Fdk.
Apply at .MATrE S-nIPWr-ur..ll'K O'Froi,.
N.B.-The v,'ntilation of "h: Choa.bei' ot
the Dock have bec:i greatly i:nproved erecfntly
by Blowing Machines tend otLer means--thus
reducing tho risk from the nature of the work
-to a miniuml.
,*aptafnl. irn-. Charge cf Nl a, eistabl i.i.ek nts.
Her Majesty's Dockyard, `
17th May. 13'80 j I

I Execitors' Notice.

A LI i~e~onsIt~~ t ~A iM lgliAisL Ulm
IN,' ar &reqwst i orw -; i cnto thViaI

mid -,,!I rusI NDEAVItE ) to 1110 1. ,State are
required to n ei'aoiyineat fliy h tc .!1
A mo.unt~s LIC-en np.,4 ill vI,,-a placed M LeI#gaI


ROBERT B 17.2-'F "R F,,

I3 h J uIy", liBO.-5

f ro raC. n oa n, 1

/M P ORT.IA'T FR '"fL J.'I'9W FI?-LbR

Quebec Etoa..Iship 3-m~ay
TIrjj NJLor trher noticote uie lroc-u~h Iroight
''fromriEril~l,nv'd to-,Bet uda will be at:3.31
pei to~ e nica mcw' t*cn. 'r ni.amurta**!t G~oos,
and 203 lor -rto., a',-hi goodi. No clasm mra
prcor~i~iiN-w Vo kk ~Cusimu IlfonusaecFXi or
Nml-en 1 .'C omul's I,'ees, 'Aillb.- Uade when
LttC (iquds come by rth'.3-' t.l oi'31'or)Narioiial

A gon L.R
litimilion, :3rd A ugust, 1880.-2

In oticC,

am directed lby he Philawhopjie. Ludge No.
5, 1. 0. of' G.Samnaritar,;, to st~to ithat Ole
P E 4 P )RAI i N C E 0F rZN h .M LOVL'l-.
TVAN CONIEDi.AN6ton fth', Ft'cni,- uithe
M'Fa N ic isin no %w-,ay Ccoiewcu-4 h !t l~r'-t.

P!O,eOti~fj,&qj T2M

Dry and Caied and o-:f E'r e.L.nt u..iltv.
Will bo ~- d at 12/ per 1000 tr Cash only
utilm U 31t iitstanl..



Per Sir Geo. F. Seymour" and H !ienry Par-
ker" trom New York.
|H .-. Barclay and l'cPrii STOUT
llhds. Bass's ALE
t.'ases SARDINIKS, i Tins Sanks. iHICK
I alt'Chests < long i T A
!rinll Ch. siq I'.uglish Breakfast l T'
Barrels Portlund CE.M' ENT. 4 bushels
1Bags OATS Bags CORN and! BRAN
Barrels FLOUR Barrels Corn MEAL
lialf Bar.els FB13EF Boxes Florida W IT'ER
Sacks Maracaibo COFV';E
Harrels Crushed SUG A .
W. i'. LLUMlER. assorted
;nr. Bales iH qY Cases Astral OIL,
&e., &c., &e.
liamilton, 24th May. 180.

Real Estate for Sale.

A LL that c,.rai, Island called D.NIEL'S
ISLAND" and all that certain Parcel of
Land called DAN I,- !,':EA.I" in Sandvs
Pari-th, which parcel o-f' Land :.ontaints s-vfun
acres more or less, together with the
l- t trelhouse and other Out. Buildings

io an approved i'tchaser 200 to 300
will be 1-,'iiium .A-i':a;e ior a term of years.
1 li P '?iises cat i.e inspecLed Fridays aid
SaIlurdays fri'n 3 to 5 o'clock.
Apply to
26th July. 1880.-3 1



A New Store
Flor Lovers of fine TEASz, COF-
FEES, pure SU[CES andI ex-
cellent Table BUTTr~r .D'.

].'I IIE' Undersigaced having opened a fir. oUG It0-
C CIRY -ITO it E solicn i-stha patrolnage OT
everybody who wishess to bay tl io neal gradea
of Coffees, Tessasand .jek'es at rea~ouable rates,
Larahie's ao'icted Fancy Bizcults, fine. Owun.%
Bneon iarii e xceilleat 'fabla Butter ; alsow-wiur-
passed Caiocinnati Sausis ge, FH07it, '-.e. I--flfo
and be convinced that there are iio 131,10s, Gods
to he found thain at
Pa~rliament Street, ne'it to hfoelmzriie 111s.Za.
Ilamluiton, May 11, I8.30.-3ri. pdi.

Georglce k'7-.U.

Im a m .1f il et au .Ie r a n d i" .1-

S ev'
am1 toiia. It'llZ, p .1 ,119 iY _'; t.il4 A N

Head eTON V 'I V*)r, rluvda.
1-lAnyio, (tr.bI.) oil8w. gaI yod

5-114s. per Auu.

;51o. 32--Vrol. LIIA.

Hof Ad e ol'oon..


.*"N ^




~. na'.. .~ '.~ *fl ~ ~Sfl2~ffTrw.

F-k' flfl~ttiaItuPEzAaUL~&cflGtS.fl

.. I

k .1' I' .' L

A "- -. -

.. ...t .

0 l ,

,,)'_.. 'fflar a i..,If' A: i..'.
aBEA.M1 U A.

Prov ed mIti; of iii. L#--i"itv, (i'd '01

.Friday, 3/li Auqud. 1%0.--'u i.:rii.t to a "!r -.r
mant tbho Hone. met.i
Prsent--) Hij Honor 3jo.If R'.:, f l',,' .'dice,

.W7 n. H. C7li 'j.

from M- 's. C r.:_'". :ii_. F. r ;_ .-..i :'.r : 'r. .. -'. "
henniary aid tor '; r ii. .:;. I.'. _. B. q''. z ,
formerly a Revc'i:ia si!:.I ..
ThPe ill asi'ilnd A-n ." I o '.- 1 j.;*f '.'ir: r".
denipion !of L v: Si ,' b.. ; ,.k D -.;. .* ,'' : .
rera tohe ieeti nd t .
''f o l1 ouF1 r -n I (it- L'o.i::QmitH n? ioi risr.n.
TP e llor.n .- -- ir. o. CJoi". ,;*- Ci e ine .i
The'i : Ino .INY IT. n4 u z Vie L.b
' rose.
The HonMdse Teflln%. .'
The Chaitrnr; rerted progLr and o.,tr;i'. d
loSi'e to sit nir.
The Pill nLi t.! A. .\ct ts r',,Lhori'.' tbc Ov r-
hseci n of Lb Po i' ; hold L ;.d :t2 ,.i:', *r"eq..ti,,
for lb !ieso of iLe fanri'," ;< w rinfi 'Le s&con'y1
The flous' went, into Committ:'.2 thc'Ceof
The Hici. Ticket in r trhe Chir..
The Commiiltee rose.
The -House rew 'm-,rr
The C1 irh.r >r-;.oiited the Pub l l'itbf U 'inuiaend-
I'lth i. Build D' .
The HIoue atldptl ih ep.rt
'The foillwirig M'fr!eii: a roat, 1i IIuror the

Actl6ig G'Yosinr on, l Cvinuamider-ijn-CLief.
Tie Actin Governor ',ha, th.e hoi:'r to liy before
tIhe o i-loorablo the iL gislaive Council a copy-. of ,
letter al.ed 23rd tJuy, I..0,;t ad lr sed to h'im y
bhe Pilot Commissioners, submitting their yearly
Th coun. e"s;!.a., with the Pubile of reitnuda un. adei.
and I t ilie 3 lh J 'u.,e, 180..
A 'iiIg ilu rtl, rhn's. iariroiton, }
5th Au'nst, 1;-,0
(No. 2S.)
E. C4. GUrI iON,
.Adi' l:h Cocci t; 1an1! Coo mOt' ,dcri'I-t<. 'i'ef.
T'P ActivI; Covr.inor hba the honor to trasiroire
to: the in'ior le rc [a.At b e (.l ..tuidne tue L.:g'.?rl - Counctil a copy of ad Lett, dated t23r Juiy,
188 a lhe'i tot.;et icr wissi o 'ner Au.ob );jt., .ter Voy,'-ryrs
for Li ltIru:nc. service for 'ihe Q.ur "re ending r-
spnct v t S3U.6 .e;r min.i-r rnd 3lt Li. creme-r. 1879.
anl i, s. Mar.i r. '1 l t .Ju .ir J 1:0.
1'ublic Dauihl:Ji s, tlo- ilton, \
5thb Anuustr, 18&0 I
Axijoarned t 1 mTlfr.'in uisi, thi 10th inTPtrnI,
nt 1n20..

A rlafi~,rf f.. t h, ,'o.-'no" -7t.- o e t o Ifoe rat o
i o l u. c 'f A ::t,'ai e T ul/
1fi iu;. -Z-' .':i w-. :t'n' ''. -' Ttur' E.t oive proli J,!:.f
for P'uzlic' \Woi L:4 ;iud L a'3iL .s as again co iii t led.
Mr. J. W, l'L-rii iti 1,hh Chair.
Th, question .lrin p.1 ut on 1i). Phenislon's au_-
ntio for paying. their' h.iaae duie o. io Tank for
foul 'lrriinaga'--ib was allic wd.
5!v 1'2, usa 11 0 .
'-. i:. P ni ctrn ,, ", to ri'und 30 to die
i'o'1'rder F:2.. iidVa ,',: i .)r cwr.s in re.'pairs to
Go.crnrnrin Vp: M*--d"i was n'gatived.
Ayes 8. Navi.
TIhe AItorncy Oeucrrl moved a grant for new
prtferinr a: L-unltie Afylum 2., and a Sbed for
rtf' tctor~r I'uient' 10'-whihh were severa!!y
ogrcrd to. .
,Mr. C. Pen -'n n'-',".,1 r! ;n:. of 3 for white-
wnfIing thle C-.Vo::'v ;ri -;e; Cottage.

'":. Ou',-i bridge moi- c1-7 hichl was affirmed.
..yes 1.4. :';::'. 8.
ii '. F :,. ,: -.: ,..,, a ft -, or ren winag
C', iir a St. C :'0,- G .l:.i .. h,- was affirmed.
Avs 14. S 3. .
Mr. C'. 'rniL:.., -n movcd a giant for Nonsuch Is-
lai d Q.'n a tii' .
Mr. F Auern mr, rv thb .t it be deferred until a
I '. !-il B.-'"i .<' n~-- '- fotre the litr.isi- which wacs
. ': e t:. I '. ..
T I:e Al i ..y n Gemn! t' rl moved a grant of 40 f.or
eating up I illar L, t-r Boxes--i;nich wa.s acreed
'The louse resumed.
'!e Cha'itinan reporited the .'solve--rm.oul
S --:3 12 9, and it .'-;as adopted andl ordered to he

i'i. Outeb, it1o e -iae notice that(, on Ihe 3i'l
i 'ading of (ie Public \Vor.'Is IR(e.oice, he will

nwrv to i.1Ce1ase I'-" gi ant (o0. ite Cau.-way
,ri!e C. o ,2 iasti..d o i '!.
Mr. 'Frasir gV,14 hot<,ice ?i m eB I. lduct.iUC uti he
vote tot I .Ci.leaarl a !, Limfuwaen ',g of he Gov-
, !zi.Cer h]oui.e !i'C'L' l!'-'1 t') "SO.
T .e 1!il I .; '' A. A t i' anr hoise ithe cou-
v- ce f ce n .s iii Town of Sr.
( orn,' '.'. re. $ ''ir n .
Thbe A t'r [" '' fl") l .., +ii 'D.1adt:iwon a o
,I Io i : w, as I (o,

AdjJ'r ,' : u ,.ior:. Q":'t..

.o. ,d :t. 'D ..- 3- -. < i '4,
;, I'c:iliou f-., ',P. ic ', .'. i.!on 0i atnt atili ;'- ic, i ,o a n :-,i !- [ i. -:2
(ori ",;,'1 '... ,[ ...... ...ix' o. f'o.'''" e i ''n::1 o r', .
, .: '. -'. .,' ,'c .r e !'.: J
S ..i o .. "ur nd i.ihe l-uii':e E'Ii.i-.-lWis ,nt-iii Act
S'7"", i i ". i2,- .i : Cc..nlLt.i. td.
aKr. J.'". it'zman in Lue Ctaiar.
:r. '. i-';l istt'o < iv C'. C.o' d ,'t 1st '- .C ..
Mr., WiU;iieon iu?-','i tuat t:o Comtaifte rije

in t.G:1.. ... ,. l to .
I,.. n ., F.

1. m '. .1 "' -
.. ; .'.;.- ... ': '. !- =" --- LV.i ',. '., ,.,

I .1 I .';t 1. ... i I L .. :I I 1 'i ii -. 1 .' .'i
A d ,, F,,

... .4. .

'. 'U -an i': .'.; d
t;, '.i :,' .' ',. "" 'c" w" ij '
no rTo, ",.,.':'C .,...A (fl m lo -.
:2. : '.. ,'. ... :... 'T; ;"t {A, : T ij -?,

:' na. N ; I oI ;. ; .-.' 3 l i,- ,.m

rO* h al m r -. re pal .* tlny L .in

(c. iar a
-t It .^'P
A .C ;- ,-, A> .' C ; .

U r 1.--',
.*' r r:/I, id ; .. 1 %,.zCA.. ?,'-r ''-

Si. -. :'
., .. ..' I. ..
t ..- ,'i [." '. cen! ; ;. .I ,

r ie .. i.A... "- .. or A!
Si C' '

o1 i t
A Cf .' c 4. ....', .

..... C '_)oi.e in .,

W nru T Q .op ? : q q ~ r c" :f ir i; .
., .- ." : "- '-:, -; ;'- ,
' I '-. i. .,'.' I .. ,. .'. ;'A., :., L .'.s!'7, .

: 'I *-- .' C "'11 i '.
*A* A t n1' t or A M' 10 r..- 1.. m.
S, C, ,

H': C IJ Q 1 7 tit !e Board o'
EV :, : :r -r ; '. ruewal.

n:. u, cr ie R;i2nt to & u. bounn ar' wall
oT 'e P :14 -u Oflh.i ..i T'i-. I cc Laive : :coved a

A' 4 .fi ,.,+o '.p1v' :,j''di r d i ';i" iQ ctan b i
c(r0Mp 'SiIi a'It nti ctii.; -d*?) -st of .25(. whcreby a
&CL'a f of aho. t 1, n b ,, .- "'"' ti !':, i, ,:!.< ,a&
a '. '..Y, aW .-fi ..-

1 1.) 2 .
'i". At,;fts:' ;' r C l hr r l-., -- a A Ae Re uive fe. ('
ai'c -- .' i :' a.- y f-..i :* .' .

W .h i'7yit a d '........ : .e.
: '*. C;:oot- 1 : a' mi

Pr'' ;w *- c % i v; W oirQ l ci;-.t ,
&U ,k. C. :-, 5 .'. ,'. rd of Pue ai
W s '" > ';t, 'f ii ",!su!' e -' t c-.-d n.1ni d i i-
exs'. e] t t .o re-" ...: ic".io c 7I "" Lc'trttu mef2 d.

IL'. 1411 c.i. CI ;n z Jur-'rf
" ;'- r''.d. : 2, :'i cn j }.:i
^ .; .. ; + t:.rl ... 'fhJ'. ." i: "
S.. . ,, ,

S r. ('o rc; -:.r:'.i a& 'I- i1''winA worIs: ..
3:'-* "'' --'i' On : r 3): a :A 5)Je acc aidO
fo t ,-r a.i t.L -" at ',. i, t en c- rt, i
[cC '.,*, tnr a .:'.x', ,: 1' .: I ".,c f- V .... -_ u of i.r
tL. C: k P i' 1 :'- u'd an V-t -id pssed by
theC>imiteO A't Qur or er- nnsi"-which was
afi "' ',ed.
Ayea 1 -- -aCs;. 2'; -"1.-'a' S C vm, F Al Coop.-
.r. : J.1 'P Dsrr:;'U, N -.' iK D I rFse", 'P A
Ouic' ''J .-., A O. -C: .'v. Pei, .r.c C ', -
istfc.a, 'fT'q .c '1 H 'ikin .T:k T J I ".r.xn'
Na. -M'.f ill, S E n '. E i-i Oc.-ct -
lin" -" '" A '" I> ''* e -, .' D .'f i '-'ou, A
%,t ,. "' S', Vt(+ ... e. J N .yii-.b .

] t <. v!i i .: r-ulC out ..C.d >I o th
pI '. "' i-.r. Z. -'- W ,sf :' .'T t .
.;' N .7 17. ,

- 1' (01'': '; I a:' ~ '7.0 r.~..'- *' *' and

'IT- ''-.. r~ '''5' 'o :.!r- r 'adia'a.'
at. 5 C '''II .15 c-'.;2 racy'' t'~r,~ wi?
alti U-- P.' l !'7~~.; -. a' -
n"' Sup. Iql~
I -' I~~~'

- '.1
- c--I 3 '~ -.

I~ --
Al.'. ~-0,: 1.0 c-C' $~'':C'.'t I-.~' e.-~; 'j;rv~
I -

T; '.'>, r, ,:.'.a i' -a ',, "qti .-,i-' 11 I' 's 1 Subli. O r-
7iN'..-'S : -

.'Ua'7:) ',- v'.'i C:.""'i' S ef,: : .-" ','I iL ;': :Lto Lo:la su-re
o, Pubiic G)io '!'* 'ot, c -;fP 0'I cc:
onarl o-i ..'kE Bill.
Ac. t-'! -v 'or-' s ** r" -. .24 with Plan.
,.. t e N.-.rth .ie s O ad.
: -_i,.t' G v,,r.--.-.".a Mi n, "' 0, No. 25. ;wi:h1 Phuit
hr ..V tAx. oS o'
F o.r ...'. \7 .-r. s .oV .
For ."'.vst !lei'iCi'C i"'.? l*I3, -
fLI. 'z u:t d ,a i .f.i. i (";,i B.ill.

G ar:-, ity i.o lr, [-',z.,rd E Iof,:v if time per-
mlt, i8 '. (-. ee r- 1$ :

A 1 I ~ It, La ..i.:', \.-5O,\;i ; '4 tons
.-.. ... J -e,
I I 1I _*';" '" l '' \ '.*. n .' n s '- 1 ; 1 ..n l i ; iD

..' .'i '. j., : .r I':l nri assorted
S -i .- A ,- ..'. .
Aug. R :,1.. cr .1 ii!, l Ja iuiain
.1 .,.1 (,, I i rin .','eI] e( wro.

Li .,," . ,-,' ,":-I ,'.,
I .-ie R. "' ; Si' n.- ..x sc,': ;/tg'a c'i P nit'.s.r .I*, 'i iiday
liiA -R Tev.., dah ',- fvri Bev... C. An.t inM. .irt.
:k n i' f i iiu l :.- 1)ei c ihh1l.?n. >.iaR A ngwini.. li:-- '- mp-I
,', Q ..-, .d ;:.:," l)in!.., ''. a l,. l pt,, iMr". Drak,? n'ld
-' i n.iA, 'r. !id M r' -. tJ.u ,St e, ,i- ;n i
.I' : "'S..talll ..l r. r e'E A;rl h r .' ".-- -,,. i1,'s ,
-. $t .t i l :" ..A i ic. t, a '-

r:'a >.1 ," '., S ;-.,il 'r .'- ,"'l a-c] ti'F,'J."-'," I:a'.:- I',nr
-2a3 5 ".' rk :--j' .v, .'r. and Xr,, c. :, Ho-i '.l-Ilg i
S; i eyX '. ai "t-" ",- W'i, ier. J l, o.t a7ind ''S'7 '. .
.''aia i-."'gt., ri-t. jn''', S. P '-V :2-a'. ..' A li. 'Ai
-I.. vin .- x, ,. I. dd -i.J ,i'h"-,:, T . .--
:. E ,,qr., r-.C. .., ..'.. Alo .L:,, U F. CE-I
tuil r ;-.; .rI,. r Tj' ;ek r, .Mf -* u' .'.oa d /ai :'vrisr't.
7 '.in" ;':: i-tI. ?Jr. n-sld r'. -'. A'. .k'.u'.e,
L u.:1b.1 '.1. .,d- v .-. ., r,
E' (A I-. -
"'. ; t .: ':, 'i. t a .r.*.... F 'l b .
) D.j: t i X, 'v. ('o..' -- .-a.L ''- )i'r .-. t't r
'.' r, L 'h u;'rn. A ubr.:v A,. w [utiU'rfine d,
i .." r ... < ,; i. Sz>rtnel- i. !:, .--2; ..',
..L i;:r tr,.cini 2:n.; 4 ihl. x.... A.C--
C' "- 'V 'S t"I ",.I -.
rt "'xn .''r,7. t I', c.-'- I iI 1, -'- i"' Noe York, I.
.~, ..' i .t
.P ... K. J;'..v, C7:i'. ,t.-,f NYw York,
ani' ~~-~1i".3' n-_ :" ', r, 'li s 9 a ni. 4A.f th, -j Si sn.-
.r ., o- n t,'!0 reuI ; ,. E. of ltie o,. i 'rssls hinl 2'2a5
: r1. I oft' an-! -, :.-;r y '.i-- t-, -'. ,7' ::,.'s.i the' .. .
t1 'ab o*i t 7 !.,si. T':e 1' (_'. .'. isv >.i;istnii.' no 7' '-
'-aen: i' jui.i :.ihu l-.;''s i' erfc',tl',' ; 'i2 t 1 ll"':,':.:-et ed .O '
'i'.. : vo'..-e .s'i e .:';] G.- .gsO .he t, W'". '". v'!un :

-io gd is. t eil e 1. 1 .._, Jw:.
..1 ?}. e. y ll. *, ihi Fl p. .+l p. l:C hU i!: F;hIii-,
i..V' -':,1 : I ', :; : .-au ,- J, l:n. N ,n ',ie i .t
'. '* '; ..I,' '''.' ;'. ,"*. :: i : ." .:'. t '^

62'! i't
.*'iai;' e -'--d-,. Liaut .4c -ix'..t;,da. ;:-.-ci!h

A- !; : *

r ea iI't t f i y \'sA'c.-1-i 1 ai.i 'b 2,
?.l .: r.a.-' s 2,"-!-', u.3>1 :i ,J ;,..... '-.i -. ..:a 1. i
.3i-': -5'.7 t ia n '.' 'i N t' .h RI '''- f..'-h --21'. p 'a:t o'
.; '. A l'i, ,. th, ..I d, O l t ,
. a '... r, .n ;. u to i ic
i, S t.r. -f : t. l. I' ig.i" xS the .-' i .: of V7x
." ,i R -, t.--t.: o. v .' *n .f- .-:- i *..:, + V. --,.
i: ': ;. t ud ': I," ; a'.,, :h'..,. ". I: it .' i ,-.. "'I
41 t." .7 ,- 6at n-, zif "'ti h, l :'cxo:-i'. :..,- ,- .;.ie

l..' :,.-. ',LU7 l F 1i'..'x a I' :, t'' Au: il e ,

".;ty1 th-? Be.'." of Work-s, br-forc th: A hniril
'" tur1:.'ns .nid thc '..-tSer 5en -.cIl C.-pk Ls, ,i'."it :;.plat a
i., pF ',rvi_-.!!:' !. j 1 ,<"tio(b ,:" !',:: North 8, -' ; l m !
^'., i.-.;l P.oint F'o" ,Oappo)ite .Iiu- !... J F.,':. tr"-,
iut i;;.rg" fr--:'. :. ;-ntiiro i pr ,iun .-. Ko Mni ,et,':.-A
ted the Filn-r Drop Poa .... Soni--hbiur.
.houl"Ol be donr- !ioa there, ih, view of the '-0r1vir.g
popularity of h t-:.auecttoliume. t at Careunce Hill.
A fe,;" more :.iard ''ils au Iitlu su-fa-'ck '.'ork
on tii, S,'L, lJ, it pa,, ,..- .atc--mntc d. T ..a hiv
l l!'.in:.- ...ud f,-r to F Lt- an- S.- eor ;. tho
rout.- is the ,.., .Lirec. f',,arom 01,rew'.e 1il. If
ioLthing can now b,-t done we s should r.dvoca:-t the
r.nanrval of' he.' Post.i Pillar to hi.. w-st. ido, of tiho

M ilc-s ais a,',pic- .. tvor!-, and i,:.e i, .btan,.ibi-.. .;o
the '. :tif of all b'..iiy craving- tis hot vcither.
?-: :--t',ppcg'e rn:. i'.e'fe- tivo ratchiue--y w.t a -,.-
rioull one to tl:e 'a'.lic, anu.l more so prit'bably to t.he
eturOp;'ii.-am prop ieftor hinm-.:lf. x'0> unIcet-'stau.d
i '.1 ,i-' chim ,y i early rally .vu r-l. '.;: tLe,
"'i 2:n ,id, ,:il ) ,t..c.oi'er c~at ti f-& Hamilt'-n "W h r:rf to
u-,, .,R-ainst stoplpage.- and to keep te pib!i-
i.:('_..'.i;" eol with t'.1-2 regiul.aitV andI; p w'.wi.-r ofj

'ho C'oorpotion of u atliitoj i .'..,ul1 tikeo imai
t t k _i ti o" O, !.," ill-
rne-dia'f :u ps (,"ep [u i!ar',-,t i ?:., U 55.ijij'Y o; tt- Il.
i''' "i;,tt:.d r.e'iiuti c ,o-.ti' o)n 1 6 th public. ra-.t u '; t
Th:'fc af ti"li' S.I Mill. The No' .L -2.t,
C ..L'-,:'a' -'.. ,s an i.'-; op nr crackk, ,ind it wui';:ld be,
,'r, ,-',.,' that th :- '
l, 5 fl L .:-' .'atV e il no "ar.k c.n-

a oi7o --A Lr the Po '-' O;,i. : b! u,.y'. P., ri'.u F:!.
a r.:e in-'ai 'ef,,r, th, i -.'i rri l'te f th'..
.,,'it.' !, S.r.a'/ "MIT WIs set'.,''l :.. '.- pn ) :-. fine'
.. Y -- .:ut-y Poun.. (.'2u>, '.ith .... ..::i- te-ai-two
iil ,.;s--, .,ix rolths- ituI .'ii-c.uc- .ae. inu -lnA ii-.
.,.w Caol with hard I'.boh .r, f',- t.':, il,-It r,",iii1" s'f
:x;i.rituou:' Lit.iqu:. -.

,, .I IN G ".... 1 .
T2i.' Frcurz. HEA? 'o.nICLD 'i Ti: B.c'-Friu.x (te1 L
(OF .}EVON "
.'*. .., Ju,/ ',,.-i't, British Bsir'qme
('.rU of De'on arvw'd frou. ;1!y o'tia Eiuctilautd,
a, 't .:,. pna.:n,' of "'7 da .-s. u:io 'c r u., ht iu :a lar,_;e
w 'hiu.-p,.iint --i ..' c-au iv t'. r p..' 'tain a;!"([ r3
t, i th:- he...:l >f i',ia- trai i' r i;: .ii ,.;i 7, Ii is
the P:'ur, r; t';:,.." ot Diat of ..1 tAi',i,;.i a:2 r..p-e.w', .. by RI-
man and ,.i,-okl ulyti'ols i '..J... It iia ihr-e.e-lourt.hs
1 !.- figu'ile, v 'i;t t :. .'coriLm;,i =i-t', .o r, i < l'\,,.
T'h robes thr flo-, loo,'a. : h.u t.:',dely *,,;iv the
fi gan .;::"Lrt.t"" *?x.d hy a buc':: :-',b,',e the kunoo, :nud
, i. ....he:- b'-:-.c th fi.ur; i? rruacated, Tut hako
a flu,.w vw .i,'e-lIikJ ,iape : :.'t -e it t'r'<- the
lis': t.t .at .. A:I rt c-ncl: I tra-til. r'.:-s aid is off., j-

A.1 -. Di British ", i;r'.lty f-.r .'.u ;:at;di uti.:. 'd
ir -':uneut of the MAi; .:ii -rt hip, C.tptiin Ga.nt will
;:.ihii' p ize mU .il i:o rtacnhe.- Exviaud. Th'.)

*; ; an a,1. l i.,ws-, -,'.. ..te in t .' t:r th ai L i

K ul a d b h .. .' ,lxii ,'1l ,;o l .'-'.;'". 4" t ro ..i' o n
p edit.c :-,r]. :.b!c i y s ..,litlii n \.'iL h. a ",' or w' :'.' .: .
\',"'. la IV I s 'A ='. mta a Ati .it-W, ty rt' .s'a''L,
; K'.Tti:e.,x;w e ;... i-:o t eu -;' 'p.t'k'aph, dint the
.i .Inc Ha. fds-I .f .- ttI nto -n/ ,i.i a itusrt Etra ," in
'yi:i'h s.'(..-'C.: 1:'-;nt ?'. i e '- i.25 ;:boi'e nli d to Vt e-'t'-s'
uo [** j-Ed. Bermuda Ronal Gz.e-tte

T" lN i,, J[J.Y. i-
1 0-,' 17 0
2 OW' t 1-8 0-0
3 .' <- 19 0"O'
4 0'.-sr 20 0 40
56 J l 1. 21 0.00
6 ,'r i 2"2 o-00
7 't- -*2;'3 0-I04
8 ::.9 21 0. (o
: 0'Oi 25 '-00
10 0a 0'I-1 2G 0i.00
11 ,1-01 *'27 A 1,
1"2 02 '-Oft
1;' 0, '75 3',.' "* P'h)
14 -. 30 072
1 4 '. .. 31 9i"
16 -
'locel 4~i6 Ins.
RPu.inif i, 3J iy, 18 '7 .... ....... .. ........ ShJ Ins.
A vI 1 J ";' I i. l : 'L; '0 1 i .,
S. ....... ......... .... ..

f i ei j71,1-- E-nt--!-
f i- .'W 5 1' S- i 1 1" w .y t EnG-
la11 _i,<' Itt led .i- Sr. -th [ hr'n .a.,. flir.,i ';,- the
hL .., W 2 : Lc ',r..,, IOe.i 1. dlia.. -She visited tbe
ti.ia,, in .T;bieb tb.: remains 01 t;,' Euipeior were
firat daposIted.

1'x :o':! iL ;,", rr, n Lt r-'r '.. i -; :.- -T ,:.? '.i-'.--
:.:il PrI ci:.. i,- .H p ..,'- at IreS "- Is ni,, s:4
o'.; 'i l'.!y!. '..t,. '* '. 'u ...;-orra r, due:: y, tC".'.
S1 i: 'aur, :i T.,|I ). p.' .

.I t t the -ti'.Ir .?
w -, xv.J!
Y C t'b, ,i A a ,,. to- ".','rro<-;- ( c:'''r' T :V." \'! :t i.elu-
.f. ,,, - I ,. "rrlei ''

S ; ti 1"' t P.'" F A. n. ? :. ,

.i.' a F o i' l t c Ldcd y
'U ie : .- l.:. '. i!.- -1 r '.t' I quiet vY
": t i .o ', fi t?:.? '..i. T i ,"' ,F-r.'- y

' oan M I ; I fiA E n k. in,:t al q
:' ; i..' '-, ". i 1
"- : ', '..-.. itic .cn',,i I..- ',;1 ;, :'-;: I".. 'e, u T'.li 'be
0'.0a 4 :' T1 S iceOe -ipillO ,v", 11 If
- 7 '- 's.. '- ity ;r'n t l' ri l" M r'. .
i"; <:l t.'T-."' T ,: ,, vO'-i < .1 r z.1 noerf.,. i :i,5

'.4's 8.e h';"b h ?.. I .. .r-,- in t : wifrc .uet ,] pich -' "-.
(^ t.:u]at'.^ire. T !,- .!:i:,]le,: r,*,"',l-, ".,:e y..ilal

t 91:. .rt ?, ... ?uct. v i'I .'k. -.ri e: o ; i
**+.n:.T.,'rs. wF-,iclih "" ?:... .'--1n '.mI, ';-o"- la, li.,bie.
T9'c : FThui''' :'i''u .. l..' i tis !:inodb I.'v' h, -y M 'r. J.
BTU I lw--in 1010d' {r', l l rid !7if "f t'n-f td of A d -

C1 [(O[.Tq. DISeOVERY OF TH..TA. 150 .IS

c '. in a I,.e i Haarri.r'. Isl- tJ. .0 the .-renv-..
Su-t.uid, ..:-uing to' W Mr. T-Ieury T D,--;'. .. t"- -k
;ao e: H(- -: C .. ', u!lf 1 .'' otfM!r 'boite of a hl-a
nf _- :..-:. :,-. w ;)':l. had. th ,"n:s mrp"' P t' 'i ,,i: it
"b-.", l.>:t:' b' u J. Mr., D- -: r C -f.' v .',.ptiptlr a I..n.-
-i1ri..zf.2 t% h. '. rr"r*, t-, t., por rer .r L.o
,e.'ctc-'.r -rt jat'ct, MI' iKean?. Dr. Pirk 1T. T:i<:;-
..." ,.-. 1 Lv th A,At .-'irr3: r' er'd i, ,
-. i., cX :l'iI? 'L....- '-iL :l: A':' -.1 ;. v-'Ic
-x., -; i, '!1 b 11'. .. *1 !..i
'' : C 'r ':'t 'i'l: i" in .'1n Ti-; .
1.04 1iit? rit--' '. 111 4 'Ie )3. 11 .1-21 l- e-Itl c t "
t;'- f. ":; [,i ', r.'. i ,ri L u-,, r ._ led t-.t t t .'=+
-.'S--.') p tixt$' : .'-: !. p1-5.' I u .-' c.Lid tx-rm t .
" i't' r:: .z < ( i i ,.? :'e? t vw i."': ;xtI "--' io'
'."*. :i. ind- -1[1 Rv" sl i ; a' ce b., ." uT .;i ,. ,' i w*'v- ,
p *', t' i he t Ii u ".-.r '. b '. p .st !:f:\-
: ... ., T i' m ;i'.-n :,< :. '_r ..L 1: : 1
Z L .N i .v :1. 1 b ..:-a til :.' -: -i he i.Y .tr' ,.'
i;. 1 mu wb'h i they v eoie t.,I ', Dr riir
I -'i' "-" [ "c''t'- ;'t'l'y fovo,',;' e i' t1-.;'- :r-r, : '].:
S ,: .. i' td- fr't._' t1 i.- '. n.t '. "A
t'e cOMuditi,, of t",e on h" *.oa..Indes t at t'i
'..'dv wam s : biil', 'i 0 yV '.a," .i' I i tor'f.. T'Pi: i.s .
V'I--- 0 Qcu' tie- for F Iru;m 1Su uoor.'t. t'c.'.ithi e ir formu
and ?ulst;t'."; .? b", the anrit'i o t. i! N'L d te
Shct. t:: ,I O rL.aiua~:- t :- of a.1 ,- .. 'lt of 1 A:' J.t J _, unt :i ne'.t.':-'.- ,e andi. f ,'r ve'-'ful] fr.-ie, re A-
S it ,ot i p, c-:'! .-e tha it l.r. T'.aek:,r' j ui.-iieua t-
C. s :ha S;."s I .1t,.I It in t. o r. t ih r.ubeet'lrhat
- Y ; Hai ", 1r.. .a:,.', l as g .ne !l ---spel i-

I' is rema'rk:be th ththe bones we''- found br-
!i .. in .h :'.)l' inoot in Cie rol---' hi'. e i ',i-1 in
'.- .i tfi .n'a is 'd i'ii:iu t dtc-..'tI .t,; a I,,l t, : etr '.
..u-r, b,'.'v, and Dr. Tu3r I .,-: '! firx. i t' i.
at' A ., .or -t hi. v i P.?U b tried by A'r' *;
ro ll qu:- ii' i hi h silt L 1 '.1 u:. r i t ou t'..,
'xt side of the land -udea nily :cce"'b -''.
The' rem,"'.',blr c -inu.'.i, u.uce in ,.'int .'f ti,..:
bK .v'ecn tl' l '' i.vli' O.n:i 'la. r':" d t10he w k .': -
i:'rr- ;r"n; i,. I; ';...ay ', C l to f 1 r-res .:tr-.2-
tiia n. a r e ,;-i',r. It w.',nb L b iLerestiM. 'o
know .n,u tih.' Mef.2i -,r.'n -- i .:-
:atni.4'd t tl. CGerge':. remai-n arrived at then
cm'n:!u;.ion thr M thi -y L ( ba:nd ? .'. a 'y I iou.l '-:
I" years. That would, m ..I :. .1 : ." ': co :i :'-i.s.
1-.3 a loa 'u,'m for t. L ,oan :.. o : 7-,.lth of i'. .-.; 7
to r'tidn, in.t. olM i_ ir fa und .siltanc, t,.
also to soo:'. e.xt,,t t1rir con 1xion a ]1 cn 's to ha:.' beeu thi cap'.-, ia'.omnuoh a'- the
A.ele-ton wasn fMYj, in a Nittug o- re:liningpmtaro
,,d tne b ihe .,1-.t.,',,l to be 'r'. a,, -on the ha:- .

Reg.ariiugii, tbe u-.:leton fc-tuid in flj:, gardIcn at
LTi-nor. '-o, St. et'orge':. -'re to in oar last
ir,', nl(,'7li na. more h.' bN en dli,.na''Ired to thrm"
2.y livi-'ht o2n rhet .,'y'd r""- ].-. b tonstn, or ':.the',
:.yithir els i ii thpo wo, pip-:e found by tb0t.
hevd. F. J. F, Lightbour,,:. wli-le .xminiuirn the
grave troI arran('e for l th ft.a:-sfr of the rermainD to
fthot'huc!'yat,. The .>onisd iu'niLshtis t.h"' folhiw-
i- r ac-'.ttIlt c:f t.h1 '?s pipes: They "-re in 'l er-
e.Ueut s.'tte o'f r.c-servatioru, are' of a very q:uair't
'a.ttc-rn. and di' un-t- look unlike omnii:- of th-e ei;at-.
basli.'r., of " TL.- bo-1ilct each of tlhes? pipes
i.-. a -out o.'.e and '< hif inch lo-'. very full at the?
bl.s?, gJ''rilual!iy diminishinu- t-.iwards the .:ert.c,
eorond whic:'h there is a very pronounced' rid.o',
and then e't'-ldejly Ic warl tLe mout'-. On
,,'c rgl'ht s.l.' of the hctr1 is ea, 'hieh ii prc.
"ib:I7 t'c trade mairk., The .'ster.n a.. 3out two and
a .half inches lou, but. han been brokter: aund the
whcie ik d.?eplv clIore1 by the red earitbh.
A. g'eutlt-iani who has had irequc-nt access to
t'ne collection of csu ,id pip-fairaeir in :n adjoining
p .ishl ',:l'.Lrea. that tlhe-se pipe.. ;:10 the fac siuile
at l.,ipj-. in thc. c llect' ":'.-$ a pattern which was in
t.i'iou betvwe.n ninety aud one hrudrer years
I i,."
IL P. nwer to rur enquiry on whatt t.Le physicians
baoId ti '-'i pilion on D h'I' oit.' thcSt" i.' llemitus
ha :,-' ir, -i.'re'd, we lha..c be-'-n it.forme1 t ',at'
t._e* :s.a.ut l' (.:. rcst's on "he fii'.d !o ,:ond .tio'n ,'f
'. ,.'s it. t'c.- lnd'"r rcc- v,'ith cI.oh el- vai' ti,,.s xu:; de .:)L I
cir ,-t-raM it ,i-" 'T ,-'.Ig- ', arrd t.-. ':If locality ac-.l
:at tue 'i' :f he s,1-"i in whir. i htiev -rre .und.

Fa'., lte Rt '. I' i;ette.
'.ho r-- e'i.I .'- Urion "'-society Ceil brat-Il
t. "ir tw :'- '-i ,.n. annivers:rr '..:- '-''"a 3-s'l.y t i-thi. -I
.E SL U:.u-.... \uiS. Th" O"l ca-.T aini M.S!n.?. '.*
',.-. ".,.. i, at.t :4. \:,rwi.:.-.. c :.hoo.I.-r ,m t,.u .it,
,. .-,1 C':. ,-:.. a.m o fn i',at ,:y, -,.Lad. re al--l;
.--:'., -'':'v i"r'.:'-. de-il i'l a.:' -s to .:, Jonm es Chut':h
,u tia;pton -:hero th.-:' *:- va.s ivin. Service, and.
;) .-r-c i p:,ireaired 1by tb- Ret.'. Bruce i.a.kay,
S tJ-'.,,-i'r P. t 'anJd1id.- ind S" us 'c. ;-intofn- -,.ie trt '-.i7
t .k 'n frt'm in re th :chl.pttIr first epiLstla' eVtI,?ral of
.St. Peter, l'cil. vc-rse: "A ,- '.'iy tu..u .sth ix-ceivid
.-* ,ift ev i .. u-,i-i1ist.r th. satI ,- ,', to 0 a-:th--,
_t o"l.. ".r .. ; ..' .ifidiut p ri. of G ov." ..
OTh:j tiL T..; 1 ,-r, p '"rfi .'-d et y the
COhu-! ht'hoii;- ,,i. mauy *n[k.ti ;n',- ext.:.ntd r.o
t'.e:n for th-eir kind fnaon'. lby th,., "-ie.'y. A-
,Allction w;' tak.m uip i_ tui ha l of tLhe 'ciet.,
After St.'rvie ;iu opn coliimi:a fc.rmed ,iand the
L"-v. Briucc iM.l!::iv walked thrn,.h, .- ccomp'-ui i(t
!i. l'rs. Pr;. idteut natd Vi'.e-Pri-,ident the cueral m
ludi, A- .~i _nt t ,r-,i:.,c1 ary a-3,d .s )v, other C.i. r- :
whilst. the Band p)lye, (iha "Nati'ral A"ihew.
The proc:esu;.ion tLen r.:-formend I.Ld p.-'.Ised .ut.-l. .
tho Li-tht. I-ious-. -r'endiuii ira -."-:" arouli ti IMa.
h'.,.'s 3.3,i ',vf'"':'- Lectu'c... '-'.,-'e :'-liver-. 4 and
e' 11',:' i tt. '.: 1 :-erei: O(fl:x.s o;a diffcrou""
ai ;. ,h. T1i r. port of t. Soeity' vear]l pro-
1 "' s wa. rt:i'' L tbc Gne: '".- tary ,--:'

ti .';162 .''l: ii : rl l i.s.brt:x, ..n -,.,' I 112 74 1, .
'iLa ualm o- oar -. d e-:sed 7.':' 7. o -t of 1n1. 1 Lit'-S
It pr'e it: ": T h. *I -, r : ,t '"t I
c ... ,-,7.1 .; .; L -. -i :'. L -'.'

". CrWiTC IL t ;l t IU ex,1 I'
a ,.l ver- .s,.tr np'!,.', i i..:-t.. ', +..- 'a .. E ntD{ rt.:.iL- iven :.; [Ie Iliefuili -| iln 1 iiu i; ).-t
withi goo'. .;uIr'"s:.,
F C, U.'r Soecreyar.y,
F' C, U. Society, Pagels,

( /,'.t,-7,.,' ',, .N d.., iI R-u Stt.)

The annual raer.- of tii. ClAth. which were refer-
-rel to in our i'sutte *)f tO.a _27(lh IJ+.. id is 'tvil," ) bc''.
oar'.',",;,'-a for 'I'h .rsTa. 2:th nit., n-. k fu
H'.ii S ':, on t- f Tiui -' wa n t
-. t i hered th!e m 'p : i.'.fl'li r,, wowi a n
-Y : 'c .--- ..-' rc.. E te n l', Pg.t -.',us,_" before
h': :wv. -embarl..-: i wns ndle& a. ihvey one, there
C',r- .-'..n .1' th"e r'ur'-,ri,;?ou frind-.s and acquaint-
O:.- o_ tile rival i::' -cw, b.. a mat tl y throng of
lookre: on.
Aift'r the vario.ite pr'-paiationis for tile comiu.
st :t-h hadlbeen, dly elec-ted. the crews drawn
to r',w .-ir t '-'.hI'- : 'r '. i.,on- ar( -h t'- s pulled leis-
':- away for ti. p':int --u in ,nd oppo-
:-it'. NC orvWiod.". 'he sit- wna oon made- and
ti (- klo-s 1;,,te k.l-t i- ..1-,,-, hu p-c.ri,;p, not Voy
f,. .-.a- i ,-- omp,'iry til! lprr t,. ." RthS llil when the
i-.ta.v b f)plia-l p)pV., ii fu..'- oi Mr-. Hunt's (.erW
t-' ;JCDI ;r.1,h:.'vy to draw cway fr-m their op-.
p'utn. n-u, a lu- S -"11 n .-rooi race by 2 lengths.
.:ee ~numbe-r .:. ,,tnwee i c-rer ,of 'M..ssrs. Godet
aa', io-per--.tmb-red in the pr-.3rammIne I and I
--.f'ilo.'ed s'.oitly rfterwa...,-'. B:1th crews weun
olf ao thie ?,p.,*(1 *..; a splkndid dlash and ke.-,.
I" ur(ck ;an nc-ck" fnoa a "Q.-)art distance, after which
the h-tipiiorit-. of crn w No. 4- became unquestioi-
,.l-.. ior their m01.,v -iwin-i 4 stroke brought them
to z:.?e front aiid ::,~,,o them the lead to the end, in
sphit of the ;allnut efforts of thVe light blues, ther-
ty v innring- the rare bv over six lengths.
O' t.v.' n-xt d'y (Satfurdayl the final race bet.
wv',l. i.,a? awnnin-:. crew of Mes.-ret. Hunt and
C'.-.per eani., off id it wias decidedly the graud
(rVL-t: nf all-an mno; pirift- i contest ha.; been eld.
&'rm wit':n.-s.w, F1 r' the- iime of the sfart to off
the t : .! ,- il1- 3hr \:id was -'.inued filst by ou6
bo,,. ,ti..u 1,,2 ti-e other At this point Mr. Coop-
er' -e ..-- w- rn-. 'e-trmiued nid plurkly efforts
. :.i ahea'). .-ir,, r Itb.ourh folloAwed very closely
b-' :i c opp-:? .-<, cottint I4ed to lead and eventually
c i. .. I' the viN inet, i, b r,. -y .n-:i'l v two lnugths.
"-h o. o t i;. Ljiz crw.a us il'h? coxswain,
IT' I.n. ,:ls i ".'o', i. t r,-eceive a cuplT witi nan appro.
p' pate 2V.5-i-'t i'm.n
-'..,.i- c it i, d i ti the voluntarv services of
t : ..-. t-'' r _f ,h e I. ',t :nt.d hr aldmirable man-
;c:zr ;.u which he eot ti, bo:'ts off is generally re-
tr.n i-eI; on.
The intei--t i, tr-,I ra.cq was mIV-Lh increased by
the Stea.rer D,-rs.ath" a:n.nrarin:, passengers
ab-out *'-., .l -r. ti-h.r,r i,,i th.- e on board
aIn f x('ellenit .iwv of the --a--- f-ov. th, sAtart to the


The Ri:..,.,, 7 H., "apt'- Y~n-.n ar-
; iv- vr. r'-t,,r' .. ,-a -n .:1 ,. or i,a I .- i,.d .,
T'bo 7' 1-. A. at. i/ .,r',, t, 3(.'0b ult.,
and n.aJl ) 'e; oi.-1, o.J F.,d sv I t! -ighti winds
prov pdn( Lr] c.r ',, "", ;s t ,r,..,, 1,aF, rr, v-.'tp id y.
W .r' .n i- _! .7r "rrar. Y n 't? fror Demera.
rn par.' r.-f the 21 rFtiv. oni) to nr att-t-tive
corresTj ,d. '--, --" M..-.-~'p f.r o 'h,- ;..-.rbalos
C.omm,:reit.: RPatns >fia tli:. of that L. l nd pp a r,'
,f 'h 20th aimo.
The Demerara pape.' .;fre tt snmo au,3den
de-',t.' s y po--on hayv t.ak,-n phce trou-ng ib,- cooi-
- I;,' -j"I, i:' l '. -p.. l, r ( !:, a ',ne C .bi'3am en
Li '*,, I' .-v a ". .-.t r 'ih sulphuric
,,',i.- A : ct i-,' ; :..:.,1 .. is b-in, bh !d.
TI, r=w .,)vern:'.-i-Ch-ief ,f the windward i.e-
nald I 1 A.I bc, Sir 1WiI'nm R)obi,:,'sn, Iate Governor
avf :- -'.. I r-,.an uI 1an't '- Heur Rulwer as before
Fft;'-'I Th, BIv:B 'riroPseemninGrI'-muae-hplevsd with
o .- ap.:,Itult'-tt, a- Sir V,'. Robinson's Gov-
"L,, -,_,'- ,:, '..- -* Ti.'ija uas ha.-, been quite a snecess.
art irn i. l9bci _I. .:f,frl.ce a" P ,ai os againstt
ir.a'Iaionrpe '-n ,Ier..uit of the prevalent" of yellow
frv f!-w he I.-1 tei- plrlc'.
'T'..e ..a ,' .,.-a.- Dertent from thV West Indies
,.d c.ri-rAl Et :.,t Uavi' wu.l -.ix,?en .tnvale.centi of
ye:._, ^'r ,.I hoet-;, tlied of the disease
dux i' !,be ns.sna~e.

R iE" 'A'iA.'?,ANTA'" INQUIRY.
T- to C('imuit{e tt[r.cinteid to report. whether her
Ma5-k i"p, shin, ': Asliraxnta" was sound, stable, and
setwrthy rvi-w-n she lef:: England for tb West
IndiesIs in" Octo-ebr, 1F79; also. whether her rigging,
,equipmrt., cffic rs, rni crrw were in all respects
eii'it'.nt aid1 u';..'1- t .-. provide for he-r safety in
tlb,. e, '-K'e i. Thiie sh w3as eimpIoy'-d, assembled
Wn Vedo-e.dp.y 8th July in the Sessions House,
West-.minatr, 'he -Commiit.: consited of Admi-
ra.- P. R..le (chuirmn), Vice.Admial (Xorge
,Gr i. tPanl.oipl,, tC.B.. ,ir. H. C. Rotbery
(ruccd Cc>mhEsi.-,'.n-r). Staff Capt. Robert Barrie
S'a', m..steu ra.l t.'at,. and Queen's harhourmas-
3'-, Ui'ihth.tx ; :*.d! -.r. Ber.,a'd Wavmouth, see-
rI-'t;iy Lloyd's Re;:ster of EriLish and Foreign
:'nippiep Mr. George P. Martin, Deputy-Judge-
Ailro,:, te of the Fleet, officiated as secretary.
Tb..c:: have tbree sittinas and the last adjourn-
--', wars to WVednezday 21A Jul!y

5? Prince Leopold and the Princes Lonise
aid s-uitessalled hoam Rimouskl, Canada, in the
-ilhia Steamer rF'oIesian, on the 31st ultimo for
Eurpe. A large number of Government and
Mi!li-arv officials witness d their departure.
T'e erm,..m.te: -ilood cu the nieties in the
rai.- :c-Ed tever-i; deg.eee e.vr 100) in the sun at
lias,' ... on t,'., t ', i.4 t. It was the holteet
fly or It.c te.e.,, .

,f,. -hkerraornet.o, for many days in succession at
tltu Drcinnion Capital indicated from 90 to 98 de.
re ". i.-. the sh,..!e.
lin ,te cas orf tba \nmerican hi gt. talava, seiz.
ed at Que'h.*o at '.he .1 iliM.- of the SOanish i.on.
sul ca! "is'ic ni of i ,n..-.; war 'n-at*iia! fior Cubn,
thp 'ai t oi id.,ir.stty .., ,leei.lad Athat there was
no yrvun,ad fOi, t.l:e dcneut!i_,n of' the vessel.
N FvFOui.LANr PISHEaR1 --.' S. Johnu, Nfld.
letter to, a lea-l"' bnusncs. fi'rm in Halifax city,
contains the ftt.ll-"wing news roPl 'i;n', to the otfher-
teE :-" Labradoir to .fishery iin the Strais very
ge:od ; centre r.t the c. -isa: iti! ling, Northiv:d
abort C'-apa -lari t,: i th e i had uo. cleared away
on the 1St'j ini'. 2. WIsterly b'-.'z- wauld soon
remuine it. unid all-'w A'< ,it men on that p-.rt of the
coast' to do Ponm-, ;.. a wor-k. Salmon are very
scarce onr> th:e, 8a i falme parts of the L'bra-
dor. Th- S-ri-t. fi.hrv aand Grosse Water Bay
catch rot yet rep,, 1.-:I,
MIr. John M. K, i-,- the. American Express
C..l'. A~pent, who d.t .ult' tro- R-4 dook. N. Y.
Wa'I :ueltencedJi (ic 1'wO y-i't".

i .rd Iipon's pri aw, ca.ia..,i, formir'y of Oriel
,Clgo] e. Oxford, .c-'uiOs Luadln fo)r Bomb-iy this
o,yanth. Fathi-r !t ,iar .clhoibe:ge Ker'r, late tf the
i-yadl N.vy, -.ud gri-t-e,)n of the late W!!liam, ,ixth
Maru:."' .-: L .,thiati, ts rL-mporarily th'- new Gover-
nor 1'4ecral', ; piritu,.i advin.r', ?ending the at'rivl
of the '.:.-'nei .
1 he le-s.h t i.ui:u-uced oi Ir. Alexander S.
Dra)-U 7:., v'i,'' f-r Iam b tum tnugiged in couuec-
ti .' t ., : !' '. t..u i.'- a expeditiei] il 'S.. itt.h Alrica.
T; .'- 1 ,.., -d of ti's Right lHon, Pu ..
e -. Al :!irL .er E, i- .'- 'Ia t, erf, Efli- l I ( Kintore,
L T' I ', ia ht ''eTC g,.. of 'cotlar.Fd
vl. S' ,t b-tipr.joid ,iSundctdy vevi-Dg in Half
ulo-'s ,tr.'e: Pie-.ailly. His Lordship hLad been
cut ,-_,r a, d'riv.7, ,ui;.d which he was suddenlyseied
with ilLues, and died It'eralUy as he was being car.
ried into the door of his house.,

,.-. -- -....:.,-.- *. -*.. iCft-


Arrival of t8Lr- l..'a : aWl1 of v-n

The R. M. Stenmii..r Aiph,', C., 'rw- 1i, v-'h
the English Mail of the 21st: 0im10o from H.n!if x:,
arrived orly on Friilv ast.
"WV' are ir ,'.b, o o Cnp' in ''*,:' "lui d i,,
fric ', t ? ,f aifa p ;" '.
DR. TAMER ~ 1is i. 1* ,)l i-'' -- -d'., 1.---- '* -
m ar enierc rn t 5o:. -t d-, i hi; --ri
well tipe i,Viciu, ni;:,:r an.d r :'.'' eid r 'fr.-be, d
ILLNEIs oF IMR. OIAD4'iC-i'.--- wi'llh be out'"-i
by our ext'acts thr.1 Mr. Gl. dlstoti- wris very .,
He hb-ad tn.ken ; ci,.!a' i f! ie l"av ag thq Ho'io? ,if
Commons on Fri,', Uthe 30t-:, in'l "was sjffprj -
from congsatiui of tbe left. u-
FROm AFvoi Nlr.TA.N --It, :' '-',tiiung l.o ie: nr
that the dtazttr rto thy BA.rir: :ps Fn An -
tan was no nea' -er w-'r ledf t.' b.-;"
by our Ias alv.c' v ,. i bhe ,r ,%a.I tri 7 ti .-'.
ral Bu'rows Lhad esa.-cfce-ded hi '.la. mn i ae -.' -
tion ef his Iroop. i .;-',:.r.

The ,lutitfi of ./i.--r Wali'. Tr'o, -- ';'?i .t Pe'r-wit
Re-Capture of the fin, and pu.,,','',;-t orthe .su
tineers bq G..n. Bai-rows oan the 17th a/.,
CANDAN.Li, July 17,-The filnwving a.e the de.
tails of the affair with the Wlaii'p mutin ou; troops er
the 14th instant :-Ou their arr;ral F OitGihk, two
things became applavlCni to General Burrn.w- e.c.
Colonel St. Juhn-firlt, that :hw river 7wa, ?o sal-
low as to be fordable at short iunt''rva, and pre@rde'.,
therefore, no difficulty to th-. ya.- :ege :.I It h fro )
anywhere: secondly, that the Wili's troops w.,-e
ready to mutiny at any time, having: been corrupted
by a veteran re.:iamntt which had nccomparied the
Wall from Cabul laes year. T'hiA r.eient, -t leaat,
If not the entire force, ii ws r.- lernrl n.'etsary to
disarm to prevent their joiinac Aynob Khan,n4 d f.,r
this purpose the Woali issued order. for the ni-h--
drawal of his force i'om the t'at t. .h< e.-_vt hlpk
After trikinrz their tents anl p:.hing their h..~ce
soon alter sunrise, hisia cva'lr' b-in pIo invre, %Ti,-u
the mutinious regiment vudde-ily v seisel the srti'lry,
consisting of six P 't-.,rtiue',. whi,. were enr e
high bank. arJ called on the 'it! or r'.,,.nt, to i,,t
in driving th.e- W ali ,hi ci vlry 9e._o- tb r.
The threat was sufficient and the cavalry anl. th' Vti
li withdrew t-),'her.' our troops
Thq mutineer-. immediate!" seized an pliitudreVP "? .
post and baggage, and be,nn to ,-eve- t> the i,1!0i.
wards along the river banl. Thi:a wa'. u"o biiT 7
o'clock. At 10 o'clock a I'ree from oLr camp uon
the west bank, four miles ab tov: that of thl mr'in-
eere, crossed ite river. In lhree-quarters i. au
hour the cavalry brought the mutiner,, to 1y,. o ud
they formed a very respectable line of some 2.' On
men along the low cliffs overoo(,kiun the lirer vai::y,,
here over two miles wide; but before he gu',s 'ard
infantry could get up they rcmov' offa ik-ile, atd
formed a second line at r gbt nrg'os to the,
with the guns next to it. 0- tile c:.-vilry appro;, 'h-
ing these opened a 9miart fie ft',r s,.e1 *?.0 miniu es.
doing, however, no ,1,nmag. to 'he brdl e, -a-
tion. At half-past I our -r -, ~ bieh ba.d b. e. J:-
layed by the difficult) of passing the chan-
nels, came into action, and in a quarter of an h. a'r
the mutineers abandoned their; gant' and dira!pe.. ,.
The cavalry iurmedi.,itely tor.. possea.sin -te
guny, when a i awart ir, wai op:-n.-l on them .T f
number of Infantry who wr- concealed amoug the
rocks and in the euirivated ground below These
were soon dislodged, 'xcipt a l'w GiaN-; th:- heid
a wall for some time. and ithe whole r-ree .,f n.i-
neers weri eefn flvin" in every direct;. '. n b'u.
d'.ninig th,. hggage The ce;7r.Iy pursued ih.-i' for
a short distance, but -e;'eri s OS o cale ,v-. w,:' to
the necessity of takiUn measure to bring "k 'he
captured guus to the .:amp., hieL was .ut ee..m-niiy
done. The n'utineer.I' los' v.;.as b-iuti 5,1P killed, of
whom 46 weie burieC" Our losn w;(t four tri'o of
the 66th Regiment 'w.aunded. The muiitint--~ti are
said to be completely, diepersr-d and :isbl'aI.r;-ed,
only a small portion, oi the Regiment wbie- i'_irs.
mutiied going offf to'.vards Herat The or' e; iI .r
fled in twos and three-: to (thir hijornee.
LONDON, A:ug. I.--'T['e '"iartili r, i ilpo.., V i. 'V .. e '
of I ndia, tlt orerplr. d i. onm Si 1 i :1 to"-1" iV th n i '4-nr.-ral
Burrrws, xith thl' rei 'u a nts oi' Ii, fi r.:, hl:.v. arr iv i ,
at Candahar. A.vooi) idini; ail ,a '.,o d(h-. Emat:,
field, and did ot ,atte!.pit )pt .-tii ir, .k< hiis trioopg !. h.l
been badly haiti!led. The? Br'i' i- t;*ll Onrcum\ r .-
only a part of the,' ore.e ih vin,:' r,.tir -d tr: L.. e ai'la!.
CAlP. TOWN, ,Iiiv "L-Tomhe- ('4',.. Part: Hucilt l-a-
been proro,;'uId. Si Barthl r Frre in a so at !, i ii"
butted the failure oi th- C'nrit lerataion pi.iev t, lh
iun.satistactory settlemcut ii! ZiInlan.', ,".r.l th1. ::.i:".r
atih ol Trannvaa!.
CALCUTTA, July 18.--The following troops of t'l
reserve division in Scinie have been ordered on ser-
vice:-F Battery, 2nd Brigade, Royal At tiller, from
Hyderabad; 2nd Battalion Ilth Foot from Hydora-
bad and Bombay; 1he 1st Madras Cavalry from
Jacobabad; the 9th Bombay Native Infantry, from
Kurrachee and Jacobabad; the 24th Native Infan.
try from Hyderabad. One hundred and seventeen
captured guns from Cabui have arrived at Rawua
Piudee, and were received by a triumphal parade ol
the whole garrison. Mugurab Shah, one of tht
Afghan State prisoners, was present as a spectato'-
under police escort.


LONDON, July 30.-It is stated that arrangement,
have been made for the despateb of four or five
thousand troops to Afghanistan from Engiknh;
within a few days. The military authoriti,-s ar
prepared to fiapply from England within the nex-
fortnight 12,090 troops of all arms. The Admir'lih]
has signified to the war department its readmess nu
provide transportation for twenty thouNat.d within:
weeks. General Sir Garnet Wolfe!ey came t(
London yesterday from the Irle of WVight, a te
hearing the news of the disaster at Candahbar he4
troopships at Portsmouth are being prepared .vil
the utmost vigour. Hundreds of men are working,
LONDON, Aug. 1.-Preinier ilisto',e wa uiia.ile i
attend Cabinet Council yNterlnVy, owing 'to coil: -ct
ing a severe coldl, which ti.-slay 'h:-, .il':.l ie! ij,lo
congestion of the Ikisc ol thi-' ll: In ..l ai ,d heri < > 4
fined to his beil. St-v-r. .i '-1 th- b .,st e(': .en; ii
aicians are in consultaticoi upon ii., aii,ad gieaa anxiety
is felt tfor his welfare. Tihe. in podlit i
circle; is intense, andl He-i Majestvy iuu Q',ien .r
quently so.eids tn s-.agt.' ot i 1n' 'ir. at te-r 'I 1 ta.i
stone's health.
MIDNIGOT'r-ThC ,loeti Sii .,tt-.ndamiceen '-rc. Glad
stone are much Ilisaliloirtedl at lth j.;itia. of tlh
lover. .Dr. Anditt Cliik will riarc :ll r eight i,
AM r. GOal ..i ,:'.-'
Rori, July 31.---TI, O.s.ervatore Rol:rtne pu0L il
oS a circ ] Ir Iand let',. i l Ca. !ii l Nin t':i.;a "<
cret:irv of q i l, tl > the v a;io,- ai nal i Nni 'o -. : r
pl' to a ci.''uinar oi lhi H. -i -.i li' ,ili'' ,:. For,.'
A tfairs,) e.rn .. r i. ,-, ih. p-. ,!l...' ;:i *-, ,!,,';",o!i
which pass'nl but v;"en ndi ',:.' V' ti' '
Cardinal tis 1-' i iit Mm i -' i ; :l i Ti" i', -
ing oH rel.,ti,,ii' viii h!.-' V:. n ;,) lu a ;due.-. ,i'
irerous fa( tsas rei;usfin the charace ;,i dou'ile ,.-ai
against ihe Vatican made by the Be'gian i Minist -
and accuses the latter ol having patty iulins.

." lt iin:.I p.'Ti'-r 'i.','i #'1 L L!. -'r' i. V.\t.lK t; r,1d
T 'i, a' r
Oftmw::::,, ;9'It! (Dvtl oft .',' mrghi';'- R i?;ldM ,'i. tile
HA .ND ill p1lYv n Vietori Park. R,,n.ili.o, o!!7.'
(Tun-Inv) r.i't o no Ithe 'Ii Au.''d, Ifrom 4"0. I'. n .i=n ., (we.ItIhor wri-1 i1i iing. '
S :. ... .. ...... ..... .. 'rti n .
j1. 'Vt '* ;'
'2 : .. .. ... . ',,/ ... ... ..... ,A l .i t .
"!. 1 .. .. .. .. ,, .' ,, ... ... 1.- ._.. ,:tJ & r.
SS c-1i '.:, / c T .'I..... Donizel.i.
7 ,-lC .. ..... . ..... .. F a is t.
".OF a, T;iE QC.i,. N,

S,. E.cti:.- :.- Lcct-o,_woon '" Travel" at the
M? l H-[', inl '!i " .n Thu-.'llay evening'
naxt, th '21' inI.<:.. -t o !-le k. rf vmir
T'l aeti- a t i a P 1. C .ze.-o" t-tionamy i ..

741 dnh murc ll"' in H!arvena from yelloIw -l,',
an ffur fro- s. n-il pot daring ,;.:. week eonin?
S.taur-.y ths "7;*' July.
OGc.ecal Grnu0t '-, refrsel the PrOc:dency of the
Armeic n "i.A ic c .i ieeesos.'anal Co., towbieKt
i." cit,1d a A;:-..: -' $25,000: par annum,
Mr. John 3iii,:. ,a .M.-Irhi of St. Jobu, N.B.,
in (,uh- 'Art. o .Nt place, received 1 en
tence of fEite.s '.ara in Dorchetner Penitenatifiy for
It is propo ,d i h4 -,r-: t'iu ei und.r (,,.' St.
Lart;inco ron; i hc PI.Celb' ai fippp)A;'.e M r-
irw -o 0srOt no V*iF csit xvill i.ei rF -oi lirunt bk-
tween Tsle Ronde onni congoevil wh.AI The sur-
vey .-. -to bo ,.-mnien.'Ad i.:; w'e-ek
Tbh town c' Y'.l. PrifitWh "olubia--the healI-
ln',i(eri of il. t- ;f. F nFlwrI/, ;v u.le-troye. by
Ir.'t c;n Ihe 27t'h AIt.
R Ti .a. :u5 P. u!.'oko P-rir. .:, ,rs ;:3r! iiin tanii. [Mus
.J-,1IN T. PTT'r. of a :i3N.
S ...7....... ,r :' m \:v ll. P-u,-t. on the ,venini' '.t
ithe.3'.J inisant "m: 'WIvFO: ',f !.r. C. A. Joneq' of .1
..... .., t S ..* i ii!. P'a et. '*., Firidl y tiHe 1l
in-'., ui o V ,:-',. r -( l* I ,-I G ,,!'n-:nr E, qr., cf' ."

._. [ *i i> l,-) ; *:,- '. *--;n ,.--I' n R lthi. ei0 .,1

D .i I.. i, .
V01111-, At e of e e mun a l i.rro-l. v.r'
.i' t D,.,', ( .''. .} ') .. .' *.!.i .
;)I,.' i': ;_ 'r. to l r; ; *.in'.:) ia, ":d \ i N-st..,

2:' e r : th leened it Ie-s ii rw,, v'siter:' :nir' ln!aiy rO-
l..tiv -1- .n, !'fri.' nr i .', rn th r i. s.,
.. ........ on le 3rd :uist, i fhi- Tnw, e the .-'.i
Ipn,:. .-M'F" Tihee .1 I.,-" r,.urn, rE-qr., o Ts lphn I Fpo-
v e-'r. nr r Tnr LfN-_. s.\Y, :-'-'d 1. vf'er-. third .'im of
'I e n i P. '_ tit a ri E iE-!* -'f ;it 'a"ay. Turi-a, I,-
..... ..., at Moun;t Fie:iFnt, Pa'r-t. on VTedneidaiy
4th A".,uMt,. in'-t.uit. C.:-'rnir",e-. Drur'Kiv. TUCKLER
I relit ,f' Benj:nain .a T .......... at (i fa, il r oina,, Berry Hiil, P:.zo t
'in h 41h ii ital t, after :a loug fnd pain:'ul ifllrp?.
FrA '.C': [ALL [ r :....., '.oun ,-,t dautehl -r of the la:t
lenr *linflou. E.,qr., ?.,. much! and dleely I Fegrfit-.
opd-n,] who, for irr 'ianv !ot' of i'inineN ain1 syn-m
*p, tiry.t w.7 re.;iw)eet'l by ..1! wlio knoew Ir.
.......... t Carrn:ny T.!l, F '-'; on tl h.' torciooin
ti ., 'T. !. JONE:, Erir.. ne!e.! (I vy u'as ii
nionths.- A trli;' jut mnri, 'an. l hisii ls re'et'- i
all who know Li.
.......... iin I'ant PNih on Thiu,'daiN !a-. 5th in-dt.
FRFDE'zci'K AI.N"ILD, :-.]ta at of ,Ceorg', Albert an'
i 'i:,ri.. to Ehirt.! i ..,,' a - '.w lk.,
.... .. : i.. : t n 'o. ( Pri;np .A lf'rpe
Terrnee, !elan. iJU i T n r.. I.z BETH.i t :lo l,,
le'.d dauilhtec of C. '' "is s'.i-., g d I1:: .veir
Thie deceaaedl vou'. 1'. wias nii h: and, lieerve''i
resrpectod by all wh,. .v I:;.
.......... isi Pfe br ParII I n Frulay last. Lt n
widlow of the late Mr I.Th'is;. TI.'Ler. re'l 10i7 ,e:'ar.
epnving one s~it- r. o'16' furiih!t.:, I6 grnnd chi dror
', .h'idJrain. ni ad 4 re.-ii-'"et- ratind clhi!
1r0-n 'Ad uian oilther frir;.uq t j ti',, r the' losa.

A ) notice /

: i '. UndI *r'ig''l Iav:ny had to leave of', b;I
d rile V (, FA M, on a r'f wt
.. .i1.. p t It ny fee. 'vill have th!e pleo:-I ''
;.>P' .- ,, lini i i C u.tomi'-rs :, ain with tilli
d! 'n l ..' '1, '.I ;ch is a rnniouiced
h'. be ith best ever tn, eii, or seen' by ian od' ,
'-. ,'nt neinc'I on Thursda, th t. In miant,
and c,.r.tluusng to _o ', w,' !o: to ;;eet vith
th Ir.vor oi' rhl 'h-l Pn' lie, ill 1e future :,s 'n
tie pa-,(.
:, SO)iA .AT? .. with best of i.lvor.,
as ,'r1il iasa 'i4" "* c; .1. ; re,(ch anid Amnieric; A
"'( N' F .' i Y' I v .. ; i .l 1.: .i h' ld.
c'.ur of Viciu i Cr ;.; ai.- F r .Uoadivna .
August 10th, -'.1 -
N. i,-- h..d'. i.i'IC'E CR F' \ fM .eot-.
at the Shortl r.t -e.

Notice !

O di'o v:'.. l th l rePis' i ln i ,
inate' occupiedA ry "', I l i i ini: i
le.o, C.ouitni.sarit s:Pay '.)r s.s i

I t r.. I ] -' '1. WIil. ,, II l i g 1 4)4f: 1 -u
1 Notice. -
t I' I l n *1 _:',-:-4. ii, a ,;'.e nhis.: T i o:-jI'^" t ,- ;,
1 fE ti Pu1iW '. c ror il lie t.i. r;t iai.r1 .:;:,
i l..: ; (,1xV, e.s e i-'d it ;w irds Iii, folr th e )pa-t
.o90 n ve2rs -.n:1 .Mo!ici n conitt inAl'c of Sa.. i(.
Doriog iit nb.s-nice ilR. PO \V i LL i;.;-
f, .'[-- will ,e i *cha:'ge SIshiena .
J, Q K F KN E V,
,"a-iuuilion' .i iogulst 10, : 0.--

oot r ISSo r, PJ'aipter.
iL Snii:.mlib1 r bcing provid-d with a rSODA
WATER M.\C' IN -, n-! is prepared 1to
simply thie !'!i-, wi-lh IV OTTi.Nii .-O 'A
N,. 2, Bu ,-h Street, '.eai I OpJ-sit.'e iedi-
JA. S. S. B. COX.
lianiito,,, ,ue-. i0, itso.

SLL A .IOU: ) dt ite li,- Lailh' Ch/.ritable
bi .,,'c i.,, must be k;,,F! to- t, l ils-
* Ir' i eun !. I.>-';;;: he ,,Iy i.e -.'a ,' r-
i, receive i -
.. '. N J: ..A WLLA-1 S,
.... ..;'y H ,cr".S'. i
ii, ii'tn .'ii. 1 I' ., 1j.. .

P ,,iil' <;r,,e, ,r" A. E, \\ DV fL3AN 3

ANomting or te Sin. C(nnouit.-
umittE'e"of fh.? AO AL, BEIARMUDA
YACHT CLUB i, i. m:st

n yi TDDT:r; l) A

Next, litt i.1 t. it .5 p.lo.
',.:y. t,-". .limhng Conn ui ttCee
9t.h A Lgu 1lSO.

!N. oI *

4 T I. Annual ?Te.tin. of the ..-.
t olion!O-< R < 1 ,i ,' 1 ,- '! I'
\a ill tnke >1 :1 T .:,li-; ,tNC i'i *" \
On THUR.;,I Y E!veningN,
12 ti i 'it-i :'i c.' -.c k P. 1\1.


rnm -


Hl'hii!tit)'; t \'\i l i 33-

GQrand .fnlnsrtResf, iva

T' F Membeisoi"f FI: d LE 1- A UIT-
S BLE UN 'T 1E: ,,YT -; i. n ), V.-
having a

1 -\t TM ? T O'i'!1O M ilN' ii..
G M .R' i '. iI I'' ,' ,

1 T1 l.he Ss, T T,

Sf O i. in o i- i
\ .: .',S(.;i' i" .; ', .c '. ii i c ,'n:! n ,-
'e .


Onion Seed!
-- w, ", r-r p S eid. -/ -l r

Tk S t( ,1 : i -'.*;i' i''- i! ~s'r;:1; 0!f X911 t i' P r'diy
fI ,-', V"Al
. l' ok i t fi.r ''. "i) O P''V '. .

. I, (. y n o
. S" .'c.'V .,ul' | i.rh." ""' o .i i f'rom (j im:.i last
f l i i i i l(.,.1l,..' ,, I :i b.,. .t v,?b a.#!* i'.t, ed
7 ed, t ,; r! '".,,,.

1, ,it I __ D^l
.'. ,,. ,, ,ui n i
d* A i. l J,

*1 '' :! i ll,..-.i, .'', r,!-.p e',rit ii .3 reer. th,- nw-
t,--i <,, .,i (; .0.' ,, 1 ,'' I, in ?-
11i} 1) ,. .. l.,c-t !-1 t 'r s i'n,., pf ast iio
Shas i: i rt- i.i i". i Ihe. it. ise of
H. K, 4. i t TH a U IIR -, '.,
S 1.xp! its- p'aortors t l \a anufaelir'-rs
of Food i'rouucta,
We-sct ll'ro:.dway, Reade ani HiudAon I treest,
New Y;irk ity.
,- .1d duri,' l ri'et: tum er' i-.*; 1I '. ilA- i?' yi ';i to
the e ,:Cc'u ir, ', r i ni .. ui 'I',.5t-1., .. lhat Ir' is
Si.ririt ".icly f-t' in; Iii.e v' *v--n a oi" t a islnai'
h, 'l! that rela-. t. i ,, P -.: l s3 (i j '.r t-

nlym O()ri rs ia,., -'t I ie 't'iited t.s hilm i ; ill
hailh't uitl.y ai 'i.p S ,. ilh,, wit '.n .I ih :,--,
* ai-., Ki,.. '.hir W ini ic-,''.' e all I. nJ. t"t.;au -'
Swhic tI:'.' ':-.'" i'! fra, I iet ': i iu -,-s-rs. Tl r-
: r ( e1 i-ble. t..lie l t') give. .\ i; ii ai..'dtier, fti mi !--
'tr w'lio srmelli, mr.v rve lilt in mutual beinefit and
,.:*i'l Ie ulpirecial, ( by
\Vih -. K F. & F. Cf. T'U ie ? .i" k i S, .,
New Yok .'i.

Al.4-nit 3., 18 .- '

By the S. S. -

olw'Vf'" from Loll-


t k ti v ''I' -",-. ." !,t'-i n ry Store,
'.P_ R :,y .R, i'' ', an. .;nr,-ui S RVI. S
I '; i r f-^ ^ >; J l t' K i ..' 0 q i.; r
i ,'. .. )' ' i ui t .y, i 7q i;'e
K4 IV' F>, '* 1 11" t le .) r

Letter' P P' 1R, bl...' :tn w.i' '-, rR.'ed and plain
Do. Do. Fo .igon, -'e-orte i clorus
D [!. EinvL!ol ,-.8 i'; lalch
o, tcial! ENVr!;LO' i-
Note PAPERIt, thite. !it' 'hi:, 'hfite aind
:led anrid plain, a.L szVe
ENVELOPES to ri-..-ih
C'ee I Law UL 180-.'
SParchment for D;'L-i,-, vith ;,i 'th iut h.' l-
S wings
Pr m. inr .'. SRib.b .'t. iPencis halid i'.iard s
Si1. Penhmolders, k, Ink ciis, Pci knives, Pa-
,,, IL filper IZ ast,,err., .i nds3n's Oves, &e ,&r.
0 0I21OOL ;OOKS.
S i ilh .i, \ug .t 3, 1 '0

S .' -i.,u a, 'p to

SS t. eor.Py'?s.
Atusisi il, I1860.-i -

J us t I e c c i v e d Notice to Stone Cutters,
Per .'lpha front i H alif:x Masons Carpenters.

2 HFa,.i:ui.n e'. n CitI IlI \GES,

S ..... very f.e yuytig

1tHip.rlor rnick.,
!1 Handsome P-NY. 14

.A/ S)

It. '* ai"rrr i(!' fr,):i ". v Y wrk.
1 I-XT'i.NSION I Top iT ri P:i !. i P .:
It l '2 Top BU'GHIS
Sett; Ca,'ri .-e a, i \. u.
Double II %RNE.*.,'E i' i, i 't.\N.- EF
Ri.iiig \ .l)imLli i.i' e L "
('a;.' -. I !, r. "'art C O l.L'.'.
.. k S I .LTA '."
Curry C i0 iii( ; i-: .- f, :

Vacnuim intoid other '. ,

W I E"I".S, SPk''I-,

J 1...
>U'!'TE;', .i *GB Bl
II i ; j ;i 'F, _
<' ""-

-- -' I 4
- I' -

ti a ., q_ -" ; 171:-,;-' v .. :-.' '

- I". L "

D 3 L l ),
S'.. J-, 1<1 ,- ,', k !, ,,;jl

*,! 'i,,(.I, w..,, . I "ir .,. i

Ci '1. 0- I-Turii;- I i -
TURN1. il'-While ;i. -'
TOMi Ai'T-Lar.!e it'.

IN A FEW p '-.,
A Supply ofAM II ? C N S2 E 1)S

. '" (,hi ". ,"
6 t-ip1rel I 11 "! Ith N; .:'se
;-all at
-1 it' : i'ere'-1
i iil!, n i 'j I A '"!, } ( -- [;
I. "" ""; A.
V r,' iA\ ''! t..>.- 7.,1. :, .' eptt'm her.

& c., .'ouie -, k A P'nir of '8 IT
tin -' --t- ..

1U..1 t. :',:-n .-. by '20 Ot '' pi inbo r r s..ti -
inr.-ti t. g.m: "it;tlil he .C;k i wl! g( ,-V'. I. t t
date, :i!d those IN ,rTii :,, .' 2 .
after thl. at;t: !, il be s. it in .1- h il
e2. 'tmii.
R H. I)UlVI;. .
';. ,, L '' 18 '.- 3t A-

IS E L-_ 1(-4 111 4 e

O -d

s Pti i3 . :'; L e- ,- T i .. A, e. ,

::are 'n in INmu iIC;'r c., hc.

Ta:, t ja Sthi-.e,-iv& : 3 to: ai '.-'i4t-:4 pli event :d. oine

DBral ir, ;nz.i. W isi n '"-' tisl ,'' .in, Co-., Z;''.
At 1-ovv Fi.*!!;"
S'rrilio, -, -. ."s'..s 9t .- '

a T Pe,, .ie,. iaI ..1 l Fhe Pj.i' ""s
S L'NIooiN da i1 CL"k t -..,t l a or .,
W:t4 ,'i.'i i.u,'iy ?':-i' :: C" ."3 ,I q,,r) i. t) "
t' i t l -b .O '_l1 F I T' .l!, .'i .4. "

i ge I-,. 1 10 l i, I 8 .- i pd.

R2LI&EDL Fi)0, ?Z0"IC0 3.,

Great prog'iesi nls hi'.,n m !tl wit,min a few
years in mauuietri;c a t I,.',l jifr.d: .i.p r rel il a -
,tnn lar.! ol quality hlj b'.-n r .is 'i th a p'in, 'ar
he oind that whlich lariiirlv oh.a' .,1w ', chiii'
that this has, to a counid-l'ra:le t.,'ent. b.,i1 due
te oui r -.ort : as the Lar.,e'i 1S.i'-:.ia..-ii.m i n alnI
Dealers in the world in this line, we csidhier at
ouri it'. r .'n.t to m n;:iIi;'cth e only PunianiJ WHOLF-
sod s goo;.', anl pack tlie. in a tildy and a "tac-
Live r'ianuti 'Ir. A!i ,OiiNC b tbr'ii.g 1o i m" Cr'O
g rttraflint,(d to be ol N ipti'.r i.r qiliity, .n'l de.t'srI
are authorized to relanl th.ic purch'c. piece in
any esse where ue~alsuers ,s.v., caui.s: e-or dissa-
tstirti)on. It is, therefore, 1, th, re esr:' oe Isoth
doakrN anl ,u '!S;Sersi t) o ,. ui:s ILJ BER'_


Au.inz. lW il, I bSO.-Otf

^.N R :.! *: :_. '-,-'. "in"

Ne.x. t Hi'. '7- '.v clo.',

t. Building St11me of
t vry L -st r .ioA i th
-ie to be place' iv. I. '-
,iu'nt for Boat tr p

o reiM rat fr
or thi' E '; ..i. 's i -" '- r.

rd.--ior o' istrcltingo
Roof. Plan and ;'picf ion k io -.vhi'h cnri
b',e seen o' .o li n.. .' -"'. .- : -ig .wd,
all mat.-i.r : t r.h I'i on 'pot.
T ,e whol'. .:.,. i.h: nih .'- : ;:' e h ;e-, t

o t s o. ,.... 7n IL l t

Vf. lan
S.l h .r- I- "- : n 1

the V s& ihs -.. '' II .

l. ( .i u ., -. '.. U ".....

Sn e'
.'1 *'. .
T ~, P A ;;..Ti ..... ...: '< -,:1


I- A.
F ... ". 1 .' ; *':',." . .. 'vi. t.'

P'L CL, B .;-.

C (. ;it ,:a .
','...-' V.-u '. *... rP.--4 b,..

-9: h' ."?nr :. n. d''

.'m j, I *..'" 4.
Nowv rci,-'.^'"'. ..' AI:1. ,r ,:$: [t, i.i,

I. X'.A1Ju.n, a .: "3 A -I :5 ,


i -. ,S ,- .
./ ... ^ I* I a,

ii .'i G u' H'1 r ;,I>ii 'Pr 'V i .Y LAt i' '.' ..

C ;'~:'e d O"t" -" .
,..=----a -a----

-ti :CIsP.4
in. .'~'-C,

AUSm Mi)??,

1i' 0 u 's? of

in. e
S- '" ''r" N ,
A .,' 5

'-. 9
A ..;r A't.
"-a ,4-'." ) ;c's --; --'. *u'' -. -m' '

E H 1. *c I ii! i e

Bri-,Oantine CCir4AL, A' i-
e vr.RA r 1 1 r Br fi ,IP.Y-
;ni.--n, .ioRf h :J' f, Tct
-t il ry, lifqi
July 31, I' 0.

--*-*- *
UN ,. I -i I 1 F 2' ti' Of.

P 'Er irir L -.. til -'.I... i I;,. ?.i rn>! ,
E H t3ract'rd. Chad 3 'di 1-F, r. a; nicr'y,
Bri'.antine '":' m'r.,"' 2.-e k'" era c:3 i S l"s,, Al.

U Nri r C I I:NI .'E i
A 'r ., "". *u *' aJ o .. L~, Ii s. 0s1
Le' i jt5,.re .: w rl it .a tan,, '- < i* ,.1 l .tVy, Iial qdO
' ', .. -et -. q- *.* *.' .' ..; .' '.or is
Sar u '. O re-.. .,' i. q, -, -,: *, Pe. rr .' i' < bi7o, sou,

.. ,".'.. .., .a '. '. 'r*isa It ,

roW, 'hs '9 .

lUNt .A(\ > C Ii D L.. 'F-
"' A ,'-",i -5 W'h.T a l lo t

-'' '. e ., *, ',e.ti rianc-s W a!-
0- f I






anss.inem t -. -- -~ - -- -- -- _____ ______ -. -_____________

l ,, ... Il ,oa R a /O.t .
OnM. ie Lti, ri"t i viou i" w t tlP.c t -c: :tioi.;.-'t.s (i
Bermuda iut0U'l ,," ig,--i'ith r!t' .; t' d 'i .- ";
boa.'d. of eOt,'-oit'o -\ ithi anu ipn.t, *Whi' 'h to
b v t'c hi-. ',o <' / 'tic .. ,. t 't .' ':; 1 i.i tih. ij -
!.;':"-,ra...'?l, d' .ti h." ,: C. *,,i ;.., r, ;aU l .'par=-
tU keo a it n- t" *,. :.'.i '.. i. -''" '* ;

-. a'* ti-.. ;yst. r1ii I ,. i ; n .'> ,.t ,_;: -;'.' .' .
' t "mp' orv E 7u U' i0'fc'> t' '.. t the
pAruts in tho habit of serud,.lir their children to
SCh-ool, and. theu, by nu.' by aL-) t.he f.y.-.cni I
wA,, i-g oodt. withi.i v. r0! ,-i..h L..,-1 ..L aIi
leave '.ihoe people l '', ,% !-z. ',:- aI ix .,,-.'1r', L.,it I do'i'.bt
if our eta' .y t ,c / i t.i.;.' s a: ':s -.i,,r.atwe in
their prospective viows i.. that. For wt! all know
that it i- ,n, duty of go'v -ri'aae t. t'. ak- or,1i-r for
tlr' .onur-ity *of life i:d pri:per'v', nmid Iho nist
eff.':cc.tal way oC reconiiiiT hih g' tis i'. pi,) i '&-
iuenis ot 'ducanionu or the coImOINu pc-o'pie. But it
woult d le f:r bettor for t.he ijainr1, if we w er) to
forsi'ko our ideas about future ,lrins a.ndI let all
unit heartily in earryiiu out the preseutL a't. To
iawakon iU the hearts of! the people a desire for the
blessings of education, ani to provide for them and
their children not the movking shadow, but the so-
lid sbd:stci.-. i arind r',ilitr of !:T.owile-gc.9 7 ol-jectsa
worth, of the supp'n t of tl ',e-:! men of all c(rceds
audofaUllpartieu. .'.-is :m 1 ,:.t hirregularity of at-
t'n',IauL- is u..n:, oAf the. worst ei'l- lwIi,'k like a dry V
rot is wastiu. the lifo of e 'o mauy of oiur schools.
If t.arnt n-rill nc;!-. t their ivw dutics. and fail to
guard rig nni1 int,lr't-i e itr.t tr,.e especially ,-cir
charge the'y n;vd t w-uad_..' if they .-ufter.
Something .. ' LA.ol-. r ec..,. and r.tiddl." p/tice
if not, thati whit, t.aj/t, thii, t, hawhii.h has the
most vi'goroui r:preenttati'e. Someb'odIy must l':adi
and rule. If tb,:hy dr, nei; who pietetnd to have the
lig'it, and have had thr. chance they wi/i who have
been kept in the back .round, and .vh,.-se sio1Ned
riqht is to help and obey.
There again is the education given the kind which
the interest of our islands require? There are :omne
people who say education is ruining us-you are
spoiling the working class by making scholars of
us all, our girls won't work; and our boys des-
pise farming and think that clerkshlip, or agencies
aro the only things that, are suited for th'emn The
lhst point to which we will draw the attention of
the public, is the invigoration of tbe world; of in.
structiou in the schooll, the people have a right to
rpo.t something more than the mre's sembl.auce of
schools: and as there has been a ehauge in the
school furniture, why not havy:' an improvement in
the text books. H, B.
Tobthof Eitur ,if lh,: Bte', i ?Be ? ,'ad Ro G, ,t. :. |.
DEAn Sn,--Permit men through the medium cf
yoar pnapr to briefly attn-wer a eummuininr'tion &ig'n
E A..k which appeared in the t/lon;it newspaper
on the 14th nit. uIn June last a Parishioner of
V'Warwick Parish very improperly wtote the Over-
seers of the Poor of Southampton Parish asking
them to take charge of the pauper Sarah James.
The Overseers of the Poor of Southampton not
wi-4ing to pmt their pariNh to any expense without,
aoth' ity-a:., was dune in a neighboring Paripsh in
th cUae of the pauper Smollett, submirttEd the
letter received to the Southampton Vestry, who de-
idetd it was not proper for them to take any notice
of that letter.
Parishioner of Warwick. not having received a
r.ply to his communication, called on a member of
the Vestry for Southampton, and desired to know
why Sarah .James, had not been removed, and was
informed that, when the Warwick Vestry and Over-,
seers of the Poor dida' the law directed, the mat.
tor would be considered by the Southampton Ves-
try. Tho Parishioner of Warwick, finding ho had
not Laken the right course then submitted the ase.e
to the Vestry of his Parish, who, having consideic-d
the question, wrote to the Vestry of the other Par-
ish to the etiect that they must take charge of
Sarah James; but the Southampton Vestry had
very good reasons for believing- they were not
chargeable with this pauper aud declined to take
her. The Warwick Vestry theu did, what the
Southampton Vestry wanLted, and fe'-lt what ought.
to be done; that is, they laid the caseo before the
Magistrates, who, upon the evidence, decided that
the last legal srt alcuin(s of Sarah James was in
Southampton Parish. The Soathampton Vestry
unhesitatingly did their duty and promptly paid the
bill against them ; and th,- writer of this was: toll
. by one f!. the .Tnsticee that the Sonthampton Ves-
try did right to dedine, un'.ler the circum-
strances, to receive tie pauper, until it was proved
she was chargeable to that, Parish. and if "A"
happein'd tfo hear any members of the Vestry of
Southampton cougratulate eachother and now wish
some one to point out where the congratulations
cc-me in. H.' certainly will uot require a pair of
Sam Wellar' double h.cxtra magnifyming micro-
scopes to see, that. th So:uthampton Vestry express-
ed themselves satisfied with what they Lad done
because they knew that in a somewhat difficult case
of Parish settlement they had acted right; and I
leave it to the Pari.hicnce,- to decide whether "A"
has acted right in feebly attemptiung in the way he
has done Ito satirize the Suorthal pton Vestry nm,
Members of Assembly. H.
To th.4e 'Edito:r of t, Royal Ga-:ette.
DEAR SIr.,-TI take this muetiod of calling the at-
teit ion ,f the public to the dan;,er arising from
what is known as crounter-prescribing," that is,
advice gilen, and often medicine issued at drug

stores and dbpe sa'ie- by unqualified persons.
Now it is more frequently the fault of certain per-
sons who, rather than call on a physician for advice
and a prescription, rush to a druggist and obtain a
irpenc-ee worth or more of this, that. or the other sy-
rup, tincture of this, &o., and pills, &c., or whatever
they or the druggist may think proper. Now it
may be to the interest of the druggist (or not) to
act'"thus; but surely when life is at stako (and
mediinc-s, like edge tools, are not to be played
with) some legal restriction should be placed on the
sale oft, uileir. pi rescribud by a regular
dotor, andl ue fully qualified. Te-se remarks are
call-d torth by a case of recent. occurrence where a
child was poisoned by (but recovered from) taking
an overdose of a commonly call, d-for medicine
(alive svrup*), which is the official Syrup S(illiae
Comp., which, in addition to the squill, contains
one grain Tartar emetic to each fluid ounce of sy-
rup-tnow Tartar emrnetic a deadly .poison). This
remedy was given under the advice of a friend, an
instance of misplaced affection. Moral-Let doc-
tore presertbe awlnd druggists dispense only what they
prescribe. M. D.
August '2, 1880.
"Compound Syrup of Squills.

TUel FASTING DOCTor.-There was no appar-
ent change in the condition oi Dr. Tanner Monday
morning. His watchers considered him more rest-
less than Sunday, but lailed tb discover any indicas,
ti:>u of an earley eollftp,,, s.nd each day their con.
fideDc0 in the alter's ability to complete his wonder-
ful undertaking become stronger. At noon the
twenty-eighth day of the faat ended. He took his
usual morning and evening drive, re turning from the
latter much exhausted. ITwice duirtg the day he
draukh at~tr, part of which his stomach rejected.
They had to bathe the Doctor with alcohbo! on
the 14th.
The dory Little Western, Captain George P.
lhomas, from Gloucester, Massf, June 12, for Lon-
daon al.aod the Sorily Islands at 10 o'clock July 26.

jieed S tte Cobnruni-
en ion between
SBe d-. &Lcdon

.,T'rp .-r ": i- ,al t. !I- sm. ils T ]ursday,
in oeahi ni m.alh.
R. P. t.T IN." & I., C t'-iaii. kivl Mer-
chants, I.,',':,h r.r, 0 .e-t'tlv ,lentiu :r( vccry e.ies-
triptiot t ti: ',) .il- for .dip ieit li y 'th 'e Stear mnt -

,ie m -Oilil --- seelr,'d fi ti 'l cl' i2 -
rnents of Brrnmud ',
I or Fi z'i:It, 'r':A.-AAn' .'lId :11 inr ormnation,
Apply to
R. P. AT-L INS & CO.,
Agent 6's e',? teamt Is, ii anui'ton.
June 5, I8SO.--12 m

P IN T E t,
PFA!?' ,- I?
PAiN'i'., 'i,.L .. NISI 9 S, GL,\ .,
pr.T'p ry i-;! T iES &,.,, ,..
Every de:'? ii !.i> a of ,Lt );l( "adl r'ady fur
J, F.. EV N .; k .:- oppor'I.iiti to tl'liik
lhi Puitllic in '. neri l t ,<: inh libL -'al p-illioii:ge
aild will ojnd c vriro. ir (:"; inl lho '*!i so in ll e
future), to pintril their I .tinlued f-,vours.
1.1 Qute.ii street, ;lat&l!ton, I
Fei>,ory 3, 1880. (
Li t.___I_-, n e..
Lime Lime !! Lime !!

Warranti.e. burn.. froni tile Pare
For -;aIl by
June 8, 1880.-tf

ie n aFOR .s*l *
F^SSar ^-S^

About 3.000 Bushels
\ cir '.it

\ arr Ited.
Delivered in Hlamilton or t.
Shilling per Iulshel.



Georlge's at one

Orders left with Mr:. Jon H. T. J.AcKsoN,
Hlamilton ; .on THOMAS ''URNER, "' Model
Farmin," Knaptoi Hiill, Smwith's; or Tio-
MA-S 'I'uR.ER, Cooper's Hill "'ilome or'iarm,"
Hlamilton Parish, will meet with prompt atten-
April 21 1880


The Undersigned solicits consign-
ments of


'sw as' 'tgy ', + *'' g "'
\.'esi 0: hi, gto'. -I i'rket, "ew "ork,
Highest rru- ket ratiR l paiii fr Pi oduce
during tiu j.- on.
Hamilton, 15th M.:;!.'!, I'




Proiccilo ra
AT 'FIlE 249S'f'

2, fl




f;0; RA FL R t iUlE8i

Can be obtained from thio
of London,
One of the longest Eatblished and WVealthies,
(lh a.'s in Croat Bfritai':. "
Through th IS!AN:lCT OFF'!CE in these
islands, a H having is .,:ectcd to the Insured-
t' the Stamp DuLyt, a very considerable item.
RISKS taken both on .EAL aiid PERSONAI,
iPlOPERTY' for 3, 6 or 192 months.
No FIES and no C..lARti.-E for Policies.

a miltoinl, September 9th, 185Ii,

jc,'.t I.i S LE.

Sn11e open l3iggy,
-, Se:atd Two.
i One slidiin 4'-I.n h r C ,A I x ,' to Seat
(-ne Jlot'nt c.; ., I ~,t o _ent '.

l;ne Esi en in Top P 'lE FtN, to rnt Two.
'".'i'.e a!,.ve :,re oii .-red :: >!" ipr c o .i;+!e
,o i., f' or ',.0i-1 ; ,d i ti .: s.
j .' y -oiet -Osie'Sct L!v;.r.yi 'tABL.'_. next
Soulh nof N',v l Cric et '.ou...
Jl;'y "27th, 19 IO.- ti .

Ice! Ice!!

lee 'U*

The Subscribers are now prepared
to Furnish.

lSas'y (Su.ida' .. .CtcpLted)
''romns their rS'tore i.n rn.abiy te.t to ai' ia- er-
SoiS who may desire i supp!.'.
To< Culstom-ers i\ I liamilton Viciniiy it
will i:e del!i'erd r.v .' ;.ri d-iiv--tl'foi, ahtlli 10
o'icoc'i till niooi- ':-a, i.ntn ' m it A.\pril.
The price iS ,: 1. 1e itny per" I" l'r I I ls.

.v i.eiiny b:if- iptniy *l'iRi,,ie 2 !!b..
i:ermnud:t \ni~,','. Ic.e "'ompar.g,
liamilton, NMarchv lth, J.'79,

is H- W --H ^ ---

I -

H E Undlersigneh:d has received
from London a first Class

SX,'it1 mnve:.hi:- iigur.'--, 'i i.s_ ',il.:i lie Zulu
i t !u ." i-' lprp redt tfo s ieiod, nt ery r-.eas.i n-
i ;i tle Jliwt Im!,; Pari'-,. C''mier: Pic-Nit .,
Tho- NiMnwi ii'r-t la.'i s 'ia .l he wonideri hil
miovCnm:!s-i of 'Ithe i-.,;l 'ire :.nosit anOi'rsiina ind
: Itinijilton. .iu', ': ,, i ::("'.


ITH E tbove W A TO H1ES for both
Sladisa and Getidhirnen *-re kept constautly
on hand by the Ujndersirned! : Any grade Mlove-
ment not in Stock Vill be i'u'.nished at ihe
rlauua'.etor's ;!3t pl ice, .'.bo, make to order
anyq st le of ('.seI? t ihi Crest, Mono;ram, &c.,,
enfr.i jod.
keinnember tle Amnericani Wvatch Ca. received
the Gold Mied .1 tL t he .I.te Par i '_ thiibitioni
Front Streeit, la. .iiltoni. (
Deer i<1, 1 8723.
C, S. V hitter,

W atchimaker, JOwaller & lMn-
g raver,
Offers for Sale Cheap,
A Choice Selection of
f8U1'4.ftellc,, (V. .oc&:. c-,.J eIDr,1 J
and Silver Plated -Ware,
And i'ersoos intendigly to purciha-e will find (by
calling at his Store,) amnpl!, room to say "I
hove at last foi-un a Chea( p.1wobhy Store "
N. B.-Parties who mhav not .'ettled their
Accounts for the paas four yk-air, .nel d not ask
or Goods ,1n Cr.'dit, but extie all the same
illvit. C ll ini. .

Rei.d. S. ret, iNext Wes 'iazette Ofice.
December !5th, 1879'
--For Rent,

Commodious and
Si uate3 'a o-'torv


tDJwellHi IHouse
'! P rvin
I l et.Par its h.
Itcecontly 'ccupiedt by ('. I-. Butterfieldl, l1-qr.,
M. I)., is for Rent I' :.r a period of 5 Months froln
1st August next.
Por further I'nrtllclair. please apply at 'he
( i{oyai {.., zelt)" ) i c,...,
)&amilit.u. J,.ul t .i,, Il _J1,

'" ,.

ith.i Streeti, West of" '' ioyal Gazeite"' Office
Ollice Hours-I-1 to NS and Ii 1.
V11!ll VIsit S'. i'or....., f'l'i -l.l and Pri-
Orders I'romptly Atre'1e.& qo.
Haa.i'An n, Octobe-r 26th, l 7d.

W!. 0 ,i- A S C ,, F .1,



C 0 0 K,

Apply at tlie ColissioSEi.'s lousc, Ireland
June 8, 18i0.


'I ,e 8/1
5 .


Small Ditto 4/2
'' 1 9d.
6 '1 5d.

,LL. LADING ,-N Charter Parties
Bills of xehai. for Dollars& Sterling
Pilot Certificates Bonds and Judgment
Seamen's Agreements Writs
Powers of Attorney
ludentures, Parish and Common, &e., &c.
Hamilton, April :!.0, 1880

tonic and refreshing adjunct to ithe ToElet and
Bath, a reviving scent and a powerful disinicetan!
For warm climate- it is invaluable.
RIMMEL'S JO:"KEY CLU, and other fra-
grant Perfumes.
g;ves the hair a beautiful gloss and imparts an
agreeable, coolness to the Ihead,
Toilet Soaps in bars or cakes.
hLuxes, barrels and packets,
,;1.1\ EL'S .AQ.UADENTINE cleans, whiten
and preserves the Leeth, relreslies the mouth, and
seevetenisthe breath.
tural Air purifier, a fragrant Powder which diffuses
the heahily and refreshing emanations of the Pine
and Eucalyptus Forests.
E. RIM EL, Perfumer by appointment to 1I. R.
H. Princess of Wales, 96, Strand, London, and 17
Boulevard des it liens, Paris.
May 27, 1879.


TonorNT, April 20, 1880.
Dr. Ctart J,,hrn :
DEAR YS, -V,'hi,' :i.:i'cd your ma.nufactory ulist
aL.'unit, I was s'riff'a frm. : fearful pairs in ithp
face and he'd-i-he piy'icians cill it neuralgia-and
when vou,' me 'o try your INDIAN
BLOOD SYRUP i ihld no faith in it but in !ced I
received :,ich a henelit from it that Ir have sinct re-
commended it to) sev'."al who were sufferirg as I
wa.i, ..rid with a gio .I rAsult, and I cannori! let this
opproriIutir; of you0 _c.:'i! visit to this city go
by wi'lhu: thanknr yisin v-rv i fel! for recoinmmend-
ing me to try the INDI \N BLOOD SYII!TP,
You,-s v.,,; rulvy,
GEO. I OVEYS, lJi>l!'r mnrch-it.,
250 Simcoe Street.

'Toar)mro, \pril 21st, 1880.
Dr. Cla,,Z Johnson :
Dear Sir.-I have hrd a pain i, the small of my
thck, also throu-:h my inng;' aid shoulders for more
baan thrue yea.ic I hare ,ivso h 'J liver complaint
and dyspep.i. I biv.' tried ,oct-jrs' and other me-
dicini., u ever received fny rolic.: unlii mv atten-
Lion was called (,. your val,.ablt, [NDIAN lBLOOD.
PURIFIEP ; .-fter its uo' time, I can sa7
that I hav- Il bitirr .inIl niire able to do miry werk
than I have for tihe last two year..
77 Rich!,monr, Siree', WeVst,
[ was Treable-! wil-i .ri' .e:i-et of th: nervous
system, I wa% atter-ded wi'h by one of the best
dor.tors in Ihis pirt of the country, bht obtained no
relief. Your INDIAN ".OOD SYRUP relieved
me at once. I really Jo oct ilhiik any one in ill-
health usii, it can fail to '-eceive gre't benefit.
.Smithfie!d. Northumbeiland Co., Ont.
SPca Jollin, Queen's Co., N.S.
Dear Sir,-I have used your evc-loest INDIAN
BLOOD SYRUP for Liver Co .i,:;t, aud have re-
ceived great lberefi 0ther -from. I an roe;Cinn<.nd it
to all 'ffer'-rtr
P., Dr),N \LD

W'E:7TPOR, L-,eods I'o., .any. ',, 1879.
fr'ir .'!r.-l hae bemn tI!h"u ir' for y<,nrsf with
Dy'pepsih and :di Ji -s'. r. .1 Ki 1l'.y C', pltilit
an.1] hive tri t ai rpeinid:.-- bh t! without
effect. I !>ecam-n very .,d ,', c.iuld not i ave my
bed. I sent to v.,,ir acont, tf'lhanl ih r, 1or0 'a bot.
tle of your INDIAN BLO'9-) SYlJUP and I tdo not
hesitate Yo ;a; lihal it '.' d tnv ile. I .K u com-
piepely cure., and fop! lik a nie-tvw -i". Last week
niy sonic .i- w taken- tick with severo linad(.cmn, *-nil a
few cloqo-'s f 'i>ar veluab'e ri.v lic;or c ir.d 11,.1

BErFUPr Brrnt Co., Onlario.
Drai :ir,-This is to cr ify thI-A after using your
INDIA 0N IBLOOD) SXYnri' for a short liar. it has
eitirely cured rme of D"y:epsia. it is all y.ou re-
commenieid it to be.

BERMrDA, June 28th, 1880.
DEAR .''ir,-This is ti6" certify that I have found
more good in your INDIAN BLOOD SYRUP than,
any Mcdicine that i l,.v e.or tliken for Dyspepsia
and Indli-estion. I would advise all that suffer from

SKelri, Br-ni CGou,t"y, Ontario
Dear S:r,-In Septetimbr. 1 865, iiy wife had been
under dac:lor'; iwtatln~lt Iwo ',rars, and .hey said
she hl' disfase. She wasv :,t lith lirme .
weak 4t' a,,Jld not staili, nl I h:1, to cairy hier
daiiy frois her bed ,o the s ove, and hack ;igdinl as
soon aas tint1 e;I nuiade. t;h3 had tie' vourn
INDIAN !JLOOF SYIIUP lint sh..r; iine whein
she b can to w i- ai,'io, ,us!. !,as ,)Vt k it her bed a
day since. It : ':'; cuie.i a iv ,. -s ci: ci andi l
... v' F _UFUS M..COMUS, JR.

Sote Agent for B -rn uda, '
VWater Street. St. Georges'

SStAN. Tide.

Srm sets.

Tu 5 27 6 41 5 011 30
We 5328 b 10 6 1. 18
Th .5 29 6 39 7 I 6
Fri 5 30 13 38 8 1 54
Sat 5 30 6 37 9 2 -i l)
.% 530 6 36 10 i3 30
Mo5 31 6 "351 1 4 18


S). Lawrence

Fat Qr. 8h23m am.

12th after Trinity

T'urE B.-Rni'JOA iU0.:'ai jAZEi'AT is published
every Tuesday I.- LDOI..L M'PMts LEE,
Printer to the 4ueeu'- l Most Excellent
No .w .o K o. i:! .i uhd i ,lin,,by itreits,

~wher bljid., Hii.d-bills, c., will be
printed at t1ho shortest notice -Agent
rat S. Georges for the Royal Gazelte,
Messrs. GEOnGE oOYLE & SON, Wes't End,
Water Street.



aI ia'sLcm I ,

.'. 1heta
C J~li,< E l 81q Dropsy,,
BiliestS, .Nr S Debilityt etc.

00 000SBottles
SSOL11; SICE 1 S'to.
'.his 6/.up possessi., Var'ie P-operti'es.
It stimi)nt* the Feslene rIn the Solvta,
food Into gricomeS A edclrea.v in setyalse
etuseis TsVnd a ondiow or' the food In the
i h tomn,-r. t e imdl.-Iasc ;' taken Immedrl.
atel, a rter lg thl rtt'waotaou of food
I t preve.ted,.
I It telK upion the J-Aer.
It actor upon the KIne.
It RerralatVic thr 1, -Cel
It Purifies the Bluod.
E Uf3ln-t the Nervoug System.
It !-re gwtestilon.
fIo lNn t'ls-5h -ngf _t bes u and InViffornte. oDil *- Old Blood a end anesnew.
It Iope.i thea p'.z-re of he siln and induce.
fealtdby Perapl-'.Slon,
It. neuL ralhizs the hereditary ti:nt, or roisol in th
iMood. which generAtc' Serotulan. Erysiielas, and all
nanunero/' kindiitea.i'fnand internal bumore.
iT horeii-e notspirit', mpi edin it manuufacture. anid
it tani h'i ttken by ih 6tC. delicate babe, or by the
I .d and et. oti w b 4eiqf .r oli'nW it ( atted t on to
I ~ta. we-~zo h eeitr r:ao h



1i 0




tUnitedi Sate's Mla il .teamners.

C -. L.N v UE.!,; N ST \W N

N .'V A I' l i sail T'nesd.lay July 13, at 9 .m.
\\'W .C(INSIN ,-ails Tuesdayv uly 97, at 6.'0
AR.IZONA -nail Tuesav A.\ig. 3, ,it :-30 p.m.
W'AiL iNG$ Halis I'uesdav .,ug0. 10, it 8 a.m.
N EVAD I s ailk Tdi.'ay u1:. 17, at 3 p.m.
WIsS'.U N0 IN sails T'nesl;y Aug. :1, at 2 p.m.
. It IZONA said's 'tce'Jay Sept. 7, at 7
"l .;Ihe b ': Ste;in'erte are. uwilt c<'pressly for
the Tr.. v, haiiv ;.' av'uirti.,ht bulk head, aund
ctari' *.perenced 4 );Ihceit, S, "r'eons aad Sitent-
;rle.-? S 'r h .- .:tori n l ri-oin-noi tilj iOns are uI.-
ssit:., .f -. y :;.. ',.,, mlai "-teamers, :iad the
:.iLre n'.in tir' .i eiMMn ailleck ope'iin- -into t.le
.Si2 ,', fi -- -'"Pi g i hat green c.?rnfort in
or'can ilavie torntiiltor aand fi-ht.
Srncking itomron-, l'.-ith Ro-..m n-d Piano on
e: el. .'team ,.'r.
ihe U, S Mali .-'t rcer Bcrinida' fror.) !Ier-
,j':t, Ihrsday-i-y-,giineral as rivea iat cw York
'i Ol. iz .t } at-ieige il' iig age can lie
tr 'ei -( ri i direler t, -; .t Liverpool Stesmer sail-
iii, .P: '.. Ldry,
i Biroiadw.*y. New York.
New York, July, i,80.

Charles A,, derson & Co,
Commission MAlerchants,
II O'ullum Street, i'. C., l.,,,|ti< .
Consi:in ielint-; olf Isla id P-rolinie and indents-
for Goods, promptly and eareluily latltended to.
June 1, I-'80,-6n!

Iobt. (L. Lee & Co.,
Cinran.isi on Ileenoiants
18 Lveacnhall street,
April !;', 1880.

Custom Hfuase entries
N SALE .1Icrw. ( H0roe u-,y3le & Sons,
St. George "'s. .iiv d ;,t tho Io'i (nazc.te',,
Sta(ionery St-,re, Ii[nmiltim, at thn following
'Iat s :

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