Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00022
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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No.-22.-vol. LXL PTE21% WVAS Lz.1Js pl'QA~s

...........z..If.- if Ow Ito a i- -- -- -----c-- --,--if- -11i-__,__"I'__I______________________________mC__9

[From the Royal Gazette E-tra of Tuesday last. 1
Colonin I PiarlisaumeBnt.

At half-past 12 o'clock this day, His Excc.ll'-ncy
Major-General SIR R. M. LA.FFAN, K.C.M.G., R.E.,
Governor and Conimani.ler-iu.Chief, ani
by Lady and Miss Laffan, and attended by Liout.
Carpenter, A. D. C., eame down to the Counuiil
Chamber for the purpose of opening the Colouial
At the entrance to the Public Buildings His Ex.
oellency was received by a Guard of Honor from
the 99th Regt., under command of Captain Cotton,
with Lieuts. Johnson and Payne-the latter bear.
ing the Queen's Colors-and as he rode up the
,Guard presented arms, whilst the Band of the
Regiment played the National Anthem.
On entering'the Council Chamber His Excellen-
cy was received by the President and Members of
Her tajesty's Council. Among those present we
noticed Capt. Moresby, R.N., Capt. Supt. Royal
Naval Establishments, Mrs. Rees, Mrs. E. Ilarvey,
Mrs. James Tucker, Mrs. G. S. Tucker and the
Misses Tucker, Hon. J. H. Darrell, C.M.G., and the
Misses Darrell, Col. Vigors, 1.19th Regt., Colonel
Walker, 99th Regt., Captain D. L. Brain, Brigade
Major, Depy. Surgeon General O'Leary, P.M.O.,
Commy. Genl. J. H. Randall and Mrs. Randall,
Capt. Pilleau, R.E., Capt. Moir, 99th Regt., Lieuts.
Von Donop and Nichols, R.E., Capt. and Mrs. and
the Misses Davis, Capt. S. H. Winter, Revd. J. F.
B. L. Lough, Ecclesiastical Commissary, Rev. Mark
James, Rev. Dr. Hollingsworth and the Misses
Hollingsworth, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Holt., Mr. and
Mrs. R. D. Darrell and Miss Darrell, Dr. and Mrs.
Tucker, Mrs. T. D. Middleton, Dr. Hinson, Mr.
Reginald Gray, Mr. T. S. Reid, the Misses Gray,
the Misses Gilbert, Mrs. C. C. Keene, Mrs. W. C.
Hyland, the Misses Outerbridge, Mr. MeLane,
Miss Jones, the Misses Masters, the Misses Bu-
chanan, &c., &c., &e.
The Provost Marshal-Genoral having been di-
rected by His Excellency the Governor to request
the attendance at the Council Chamber of the
House -of Assembly -the Members of that Honor-
able hfouse-headed by their Speaker, the HoTn.
Samuel Iughami-were soon in attendance,
when His Excellency delivered, in a clear aud im-
pressive manner, the following
Mr. President and Honrlile Geutuf lemeif t e
Legislative Council;
Mr. Speaker and Gentlehe, of th: H,,,.,,..l/
House of A..einbly ;
In opening this Session of Parlia-ment
I am glad to be able to congratulate you
upon the auspicious change which has tae-n
place within the last few months in
the circumstances of the Colony. At the
beginning of tho present. Season gra-wve
fears were very widely entertained that
this year's crops might prove deficient-
and that there might consequently be great
distress among the po&-er classes of ,iur
population. But I am happy to tell Vou
that those fears leave. not been realized"
-the crops of 1880 are turning out up-
on the whole, as abundant as those of
1879, and they are realizing better prices.
Some of the earlier produce suffered, it is
true, from blight, caused apparently by a
brief interval of unusually cold and stormy
weather, but the genial temperature and
long continued dry season which followed,
brought on all the, main crops to a sound
and early maturity, and they have been
gathEered and for the most. part shipped in
excellent condition. The declared value of
the agricultural produce shipped up to the
0th of the present month was 56,783,
whereas the declared value of the produce
shipped up to the corresponding date last
year was only 41,490. It is true that there
does not now remain in the Colony so much
produce to be shipped as there remained at
the same date iast year; but, nevertheless,
from thl best information I have been able
to procure, I have every reason to antici-
pate that the total value of the agricul-
tural produce shipped this year from Ber-
muda will considerably exceed that of the
produce shipped last year.
I hope this improvement will be con-
tinued, and that every succeeding year the
agriculturists of Bermuda will increase their
annual returns by bringing new land un-
der cultivation, and by rendering their old
fieds more productive through an improved
system of husbandry. The demand for the

reduce of this favored Colony will, proba-
SI for many years to come, prove far in
advance of anything we are likely to sup-
ply. The causes which led during the last
two years to a temporary check to that
demand, and to *a consequent slight falling
off in prices, have now, for the most. part,
entirely passed away. The industrious
classes who make up so large a proIportion
of the population of the great towns of the
United States, and who have always hi-
therto, so long as they could afford it, been
the best customers for our Island produce,
have now almost entirely recovered from the
temporary distress which accompanied the
long continued depression of commerce and
suspension of manufacture that followed tihe
collapse of the period of inflation and over-
trading which came to an end in the: year

I S77. Trade is: now ,reviving ftlroughouti the;' A Qtuaranttine Paill fiIami' in t}'s !'pSiit,
'-tatis:- vast number, of men in the East -..n hill b.e laid before yI t byt, the Atta ney
States-deprived of their previous occupations Gt.-nier', and I f-tl sure it will recei'-e o\.Iur
by the temporary suspension of commerce and most, 'airefull
manufacture--went. oft in 1877 and :_'7.' t, i)ur iunr-,an: l' o.P 1 Acts 'are also ab,',it
open out new fields of wheat. production in t)o expire e and, it i- most d.:-irable that in
the rich lands of the far West: Agric-ultu e the new Legi.s-lti.,n the'y should b1e ,.ons'-
-of a kind which has added inmmns-ily to Iidated into, sin'-le Act-, which shoumldl
the wealth of America without in any way 1be so framed, as to atfor'1t a :,saie I,-'ie aitnd l
competing with our own special Islantid p-ro- authority a,;s to pr inciiples -,' as- tS mode(
dncticions--has been -reantlyv extended, nd i th,,r of pr'-ieedul.i;., 'alie vr it .cmaes nect:ess.ry
increasing grain crops of the Waest,-in .Stat._.. to t.akc up 10.1A fr public : purposes. TheI
have found ready markets at. remni,-.-rative r''enut Coloniil: I.a-gi:_-.ition on this subject
pricd-.s in Enghlndl and France, and indeed in il in a uiost. c-.iitfus'd aund uinsatisfac-tory state,-
most European countries, and thle 1iooId of owing probably t. thle matterr never having
wealth thus pouring into the 'United Sit'',-,s been systemalti.- ally dleadlt with--and it .ets
is giving a powerful impetus to com'nere.-, expedient therefore that yoiu should no,.v
and causing a general r evival of prosperity in 1pass a w.-ll consideredred and comprehen-ive
every branch of industry and trade:. Un- m ,asurie that. l;iV take the, pLc,_ of the
der these circumstances I think we are rnu-mrous cxisfirig, Acts. An excellent ex-
justified in anticipating thar o',:r many years ample of a ,measure '.ill lbe found in
to come we shall find along the East- the Inmperial Land C'lau,,-s Comsolidati'in
ern seaboard of America excellent markets. Ac-,
for any quantity of agricultural proliuce we The Boardl of Works Act expires this
may be able to ship to them. year as do, also the Acts No. 17 of 1861,
I am desired by the Right. Honorai!blen No. 20 of 1'-65 and No. '25 ofa 1871 rela-
the Secretary of State for the Colonie:s to ting to Iiiini.ition, .nd No. :3, of 1.47"I
invite your attention to the expedliney of re lting to tw-,.i-h Immingrant.s, as well uas
carrying out some improvements which have Act No. 21 of I-7S.'I, which constitutes a
been suggested by the Board of Trade in Board of Agiic-ultur.-. I wish very st-rongly
England to the provisions of two of our to commend to your careful consideration
local Acts-namely, Act 27 of 187k, pro- wheth-er it will not gire'tly facilitate thel
vidhig for the relief of distressed BermudIa progress of piblib business and materially
Seamen abroad-and Act 2 of 18SS, pro- 1 promot'- the jpubib interest. to consolidate
hiding for the holding of inquiries as to these three Boards thI Boa rd of Public
wrecks and casualties. Workls--the Board of Imnnmgration-aind the:
As regards the Act providing for the Boar'd of Agricuiltu.e, into one Boardi-andl
relief of distressed Bermuda Seamen abroad, to p:ly the fr rah attend;'nce as
the Board of Tiade suggests that the re- is done now in h ll,.s.- ,of the Audit Board.
lietf afforded under certain specified (-ircum- I have no doubft, wirht.ever yself. th,:t sueh
stances to distressed seamen belonging to a mePsure would be conducive to the in-
Bermuda, should be extended under sinilnr terests of thi, Cil.ny,
circumstances to all seamen s,-trving on boairl I halive on:. rW.i tO. exp-ress to you '
Bermudian ships- defining sueh ships to smhy great rteg'r-'t thi the two HIoui-s.- of
be-vessels registered in Bermud'ta, andl 1ein. Patrlianent eitIve noti hith-itto- been hiIa t .11
the bona fide property of owners resi'li.i.' agree a'a s to th.u m,.inner int whi'.'hn lri,.t-il i
in Bermuda, and being engaged at the time ti lt,-Wnt ,:. ,'- mayI .t ,t',k',r.d iln the Ci.:',ia l
t.he, samtea nii became distressed, in a voyaig Secretary's Ofot'-.. so, a is to .-nur.- the i-pi t 1,lt
that had either begun ori was to terrninat.- :m.l regular 'reor'dillig of Wills ad,1 D-.s. :.
at these Islands: and it is further s.u-,ges- I have more the in ,i.,ne pointed out to v,.:u
ed that the operation of this Act shiou!d hbow itilmportant it i:, to tlhe public int,.r.--si.
not be confined 'to seamen tbecomini, dis- Iof the Clony thatthhie- bul: iness. of the Co-
tressed abroa.., but should be extended t, lonial 'eritt y's OfflIe sIhoilld be con.:luc.-t.--
seamen becoming distressed in the Unit,:,] in an eff,.etive manner. I feel sure, tl;'.t y't!iI
Kingdlom or in any of our Colonies. will agree with tr,- in thinking- th:'t ili.-.
With re--spect to the Act ploviinhg fo,- Public sli-ould no lonrg.-- .r.- ,b t..l t;
the holding of InquitieFr as to Wri-a:k4 an.l th," sei-iolus inconvenience I.,f hA-vini g toa wait
Casualties the Board of T-raie .'smg-e>st:.- r an unreason.lW.,1, tii.Ie b.-for.- WVill ,and D,.,s s
that.-with a view to assimilate Col":onialt ( reaord-.1, 1 l I t-rust, t!i-fr,
t-:, Imperial Legislation-pow1ers of in- that' your two rTouses ,m.-y, dhrt'in; r thil p1i'--
qi'iry and of dealing with Certific-ates should. *.at '-ssio-n, iL,...'.: t.:, pass som,:. p, ti':d :
not be confined to eases where vessels uhav measure by wli'-h "th <-l.rie:-l -stabli ii'u n
been lost or seriously injured, but should of tlh-. Col.:onial e- i.-try',"s Ortt.(_ r..y a L.
lie extended to case,. iln which vessels have j 1-'aed upon .,. s-.tsit,.i-try ftootLi'-.
liteen stranded, or met with casualties with- I have received a l.-tter from His HOP-i:--
o(-it sustaining material damage. :n t d the tlhe Chief Justi:e, r-equ stin. me to 1:,-i .:
Board of Tralie al:o points out that the oulee more before the Leogis.latiure th, sub.
hniperial Merchant Shipping A..t equi',s j.e of" th inllT-.tcy -i.f th.e salary .t-
that the original evidence and relpqlt of tachid to !is Iii..h othn'e,-with i vi':-.' t,
the Marine Court. and not mIe:.ely a -or-v its baying ama.--nite,-.
thereof, should be forwarded to the Bo;,r: 1- His Hi-onor .:.-.,i..s tie tlat thi.e luongeI
of Trade, as a copy would bL:- useless in ll. resides h'P-.- ith ile or.- hI finl- that tl-
the event of the production of thle o.,isinn- sal ,y he reei'.s i-, quit,- in.:-,am,.-u-i';,te
al being required, in connection with. sub,- th the irportu1;-_e o'f tli.,- positi.)n he Iold.-.
sequni-t proceedings in Englandl. --,il li 10ioint.s out that hi- salary 0as i':i.f
The improvements to our local Ais'-,- *sti ,.. is ':u at v-lwu1' I, tha tiat -it.. h .
tion thus suggested l by the expl.riene. ,,f S 2i01-.iat,, i e, ..e ,-ia, .ndl t -i) a \,.il
the Board of Trade-,:, are so an ti l t t it 1
so easy to carry out., that I an su,' t :t ,.,.in ( ,.f .Justi,-'., an1
they wiU comment d themselves t.i your L-'I) a *. ih:., it h salary which th,-
jutdgment. The Attorney Gene.ral 'will Chi:.t Jsti,'e ia -irmt.if -a uit d fturnerly to
lay before you short Bills, which he has mrece-v'. -
prepared for carrying these views into (,-tet. It .anllilAt ,' ,io en, t,) atta,-h :ian
m -- h of" ehlin te-n. .i -.' ,,a l tao nVv ('i-ll, y tia flinl that
There are a great number of Acts ilt l of his ,,fn. i hos beel n .d.,l
which are shortly about to expire andl tIts s- 1ary at l3i 'tha bost of living 'if
concerning which fresh legislation will now i ell kn own, I:s be.n i .iae- sing., Ifear
be requi-ed. that the effect of paying inadequate salaries
Among these are the Quarantine Acts, to Public Officers of high legal attainments,
which should be consolidated and simplified., my be to lead th:a-t to look elsewher- fior
We are at present sufferin- somewhat from that, reasonable incre.TsL to t leir inches
over legislation on the subject of Quaran- which they cannot hope- to obtain m heie, un,
tine. It seems to have been the aim of that the result, may b.- that thie Office of:
the framers of the present Acts to pro- Chief Justice of B.r-nu.lht imay come. to be
vide by specific legislation for every vari- looked upon merely as a sui;ll te.nporarty alp-
ety of circumstance that they could ima- pointment, to be held until something better. I
gine as likely to arise in connection with offers; and as frequent changes in the plr-'-
Quarantine, and to define in each case son of a ChitIf Justice must undoubtedly b,
every power, and every restriction, and every a misfortune to any Colony, I reeomaaaendl v, 't
precaution-and- as no human foresight very strongly to mak- some rasonable a,. 'a
can foretell the infinite variety of cneicumn- edition to th,- present sala-ry.
stances with which the authorities charged Among the Acts passed last year the
with the arduous responsibility of proti:-t- Audit Actl has beenI found to w'rk most,
ing the Public Health may be called upo:,n satisfactorily, and has monfetrril g, benat--
to deal-the result of too closely defining fits upon tl.- conunummnity by s.eCurting a propt.
and circumscribing thle powers and the and effetive examination and a prompt and
duties, of those authorities must necessarily satisfactory settlement of all public accounts.
be to create some embarrassment and dittli- The Post Office Acts have proved mot. ,
culty in the execution of an important sticeesst'ful. and undem r their o-peration tlhe
public trust, whenever a case arises which Postal Ser'vice is br-ing o-radlually improved,
has not been provided for by this nmint-- and thie returns to the Publice Treasury have
utely detailed legislation. I commend to been very greatly i,< leased,.

your careful consideration the qu,-stin Tte. Education Act has not yet been
whether, in frauiing a new Quarantine brL-ought into full operation, as we have been
law, you should not refrain from at- imnable as yet, to obtain the services of a.
tempting to del by specific legislation competent person to fill permanently the
with every possible future case-an,] whethvvr office of Inspector of Shools. The gentle-
it would not be wiser to rest satisfied with man who lias consented to per-iform tempo-
legislating on a few of the main points urarilNy the 'duties of that appointment is utn-
connected with Quarantine, and I roviding a.le io giv,- his wlhoi- time to the Public
for "everything else by enlarging the povi.-r-s servis.-,, -.nd though hI-e is both able andl
entrusted to the Governor and Coiuniil -- z'-alouis, and c-; rries on the existing system
so as to enable them to frame rule-s and with l ,consilt-rablie s.eI,"ess andl introduces
regulations on the subject of Qimar':in tn-:ny II ol'it.Cii..iios atl iIplcovements which
which shall have the force of law--and to h:i.,- hein sanl.-ti,nledl by the Board of Edu-
empower them to adopt all ieasiir,-:.~ ad ,i io-- .,till thire iust n,-eessarily be manly
perform all Acts wLich they ijay t on-'l.t -r i i'ati.'.is i .'te.l wi mt, te "i, ;ian -u.-- -nt
necessary for preventing the inttri.tIucti-:, it S. Lol..h u. i. tthi steps to be taken f."r
or the spread -.f contageous tl -,,a:--_ a.Ir their imptrov.-uv .' n;m t.:] ei' ,onsi., i- m of which
for promoting the comfort and welfare ao:f must necessarily be detr-i.ed till th-- OltiHee
individuals whom it may be necessary to of School Inspector is held by a perianal-nt
subject to the restrictions of Quarantine. occupant.

Neverthel-ss during th i pt:,st quarter t'r
thU- nIui bII r of P lupils :,tttviiing t Ile
"-'chools u1d,.-r the supervision of the Botard
R. li somewhat increasl-d --nitvithitandin RRequired at HI. M. Dock-
that some in'-.'iihient S..hoi-,o' h-in'' h1e.n struck
toff he Borf.,,. list Tv.o p, ..,.ii-n.: wy va 'dt for Work of Chipping and
-.:talishl, hools il::,i thetselvi,.; i Painting Floatinrg Dock,
und,:.r th,- L,.i r' '. ,l.,rvision I. '- there io -
1jpli).1tiois f'-i i I.adl1 inn fIrf 1o nt ot I- Schools I
---which ar now bing ,.;o.idi .d by the A B R
orrd. The prnio- 1:. i '-h}.!- '.h,. .r,' W 4 er d
!,ld. in ,a 'n instan.:..4. ages14 s* ldv ay,
need of imprvemnt-Lt' n i-, i,.ped. hat. With Quarters on board JHulk.
the niue liberal :-,alu :.f pviay.ent. ~ whicb Apply at MASTER SHIPWRIOHIT's OFFuIc.
v.-ill obtain under the n,.w Schools Act, may N.B.-The ventilation of the Chambe. ot4 the prol.ietors of th':: ;.:hool- to the Dock have been greatly improved recently
,rovid' b.-ttet- :-acani,..,.lati,.n for their pn- by Blowing Machines and other iieans-thwv
:il-. Tit E..aird oif E'lucation intends to reducing the risk from the nature of the work
.uiply a lrge proportion' n of the School -to a minimum.
fitmm-tsn, '-nl st.l,s are no.w beiit, taken to J. MORESBY
p r o .u r e tb .. m. A ] t :, t i,;h e r a s m un : p r,- -. OY ,
r a Ibn bidA g ..ould riu1onibl -Captain-in- Charge of NavaJ Ettlablimeas.a
0s-_.n ,MraoablyHerMajesty's Dockyard, m
have been expected, und.e-r xisting .'ircum- H 17th May, 188s 0. 3 m
stances, in the gener. I iUpaIoI:cinMent of oury, 1
The A of tL-- Public: Gaol in tla- Town of ILanil-
1on re0 main .still, t, .-,'me e-t,-.nt, in abuy-
an.e, in- to tain le-:l litfculti:s nerwanted for a Gold
which ,,ve be,.-n .t vitl, in ,ol:,ta iing A. \Vi, d ite
pos.s-on .,i the nlLce.sry extent of lan.d. "" e
-Sou,_ l,- oprietors ar. unable t, n ake a Enamelled Order ori MEDIL.
valid co:,veyaP.e- till ,ii f- of Iibt-ir i number I.
att-iains his majority. whi. .h will nor b.e for O,, one Side,
som- in mths v'l_.- In -lhr thee ll.h Viris, 'rawni.
Lannd is 1,,, I1 b Trust,.s. who, h.I no ()n the Rever-e,
pouw:r to sl, .A11 zn. t t,.i. ltter diffi- Lud. M. ins. 1603.
culty a spi-ial A,.t f Pa trhinie-t will b: .Apply t :
req1iri,'i. I sh;;l ,',,n,,,imict- te i.ll the par- MORRIS A. M. FRITH
ti:-ulars to yoi in ia M[.'-, andil I trust Police Omfe.
to, yvn: pec to find a way to n tobvi- llamilton, M.y 25. 1880.
a te th, di.iltie(:s whii,.-h stand in the way .. ..__
of thl i'e:t-tion ot this very important Act.1 ti
3 ',. ,ql .<1.,r ,' ,,d ", .f th ti ,, rable O c .

A R.t-u'n. "pr,' .1--:ed y the Honorible L l.. P,.sons INIEBTED to the Underained
the .,:ivr r.:. will 1,,. li 1,for,, ; Ire equested to Settle their kCCOUNTS
tho s ,i n. e r i d exp oli- in a ll. ian, or before 15th Juue, next. All ..
iure of th,_. C'l '',, t ti, t elv, months C- UNTiS remaining UnseLtled after that dAte,
1'ling 31st Mv'ichi lat.-and deltail.-d esti-. will be pinced in Leganl hands for Collectioa.
inlt,-s. will iso be laidi before, you, shw- 'THOS. H. PITT
i1. the prl.a bl, i.-eieFipts and the stiiat- I 3 West Front Sroet.
-I ,.xpendituri,. tor the year ,:i. hn.,n. the Iiamilton. 241th May, 1880.
:_',.th J1ni :., 1 :5:,1. Tlhe e doctinneiits, which .
have been prepad i with great car', ill, .
trust.. ,prov'_ useful -.0 iIl U:A to you in 0
,ia ing p ol vi-io,', f,,r thoe r'.i-luii'efiints o i
the, Publi, ;e -vij.v,. t 1 'lE You v-ilil observe that the estii.ate. l Cl.OSl: IIIS BIUSINFESS at the end of
S.len.lfitu'e ot the, comin, y-ar X, next Month. and begs all his DE'1BTOIS to
ti, sutm .-.. t d:,n as the prolabl., rc.e-ipts pay their respective Amounts due him by tha
by ab,.ut. ,I01) but in the estimate of ex- above date, in order to save Legal expenses.
p.:.n,-itue, Lv -i i:luded a sumn of 2000, in- Any Amounts due by him will he paid oa
. cte.l bly ,lesiu, ,tf your Honorable House demand.
'.- lprvidin.g inprovi-d Quarantine ticom- ad.
lijodation at. Nonsu_.-h Island, and of that .1 l. JO.NES.
sum-ev,'en if the work weru b,,gun early :1May 24th, 1880.-2
in the year and prosLcuted. with all due
diligence-it is not pr'obabl,.- th:-i. ino,:e thiftn
one half would ba;.t-eonl- paybl!.- in the yorar N ilO e
1 .8S1, and t t v hi-t :,-,;,:_. ,ii jlrght
therefore be tf-lv r,- ced N ,- ,'o "'-
to 1,0n(. th, tihm.,c exp.nditur'- ow' Heceiving from Halifax ex
i also includ.l 1 stui,i of .)'.,, proposed Schooner *' St. Vincent,"
t,, be takt-.n for contin,,g nci,:.- i-, .onn.:-
ne itakerun for c~ontitiaenc 1 0W-C-1 50 Bs. Very Superior Early Rose
ti.)n with Qu.rantin,--to provide., for th, 50 s Superior arly Ro
1 i-ssible nisfortunl.- of tan outbr,.-'k I: Y,.1-
.w Ft.,'. Of this. till ini s t h., PO TA TO E S,
tiatf or '.rv s all ,orti,'n only -ili ) rr-
.. w ii,,.i IHfo,?,r I,/, ,, ,, A Very Superior Doubl'e
Lz,,-/. .,i .', ,u.,,,; ,ii | A 1 No 1
,-,, I',, lkGr a ,,,, G. ,I,., ,,,n t H,,,,,r .le i* A R-
HI",.,,' j,, AJ.,,,iuly ; But little used. Will be sold very low for Cash.
I hiave- r-e.?ived permission, from the B. W. WALKER & CO.
right Honorable the Secretary of State for Hamilton, May 24, 1880.
the Colonies, to take l.ave of absence fron -
Iermud:a for a period o':f six months -- and T l M 0
I propose very soon to take my departure m, B SEq
for England. On my departune C olonel
Gor]d .n, whv) .'ominunisii the Corps of Roy- C< rier of l:eid and Queen Strs., Hamilten,
al Enginier.-, in tbis C',honvy, will dssule .5i
the duties uf Acting Gov.-inor, and to fa- Has RIeceived per Bermuda,
cilitate his doi:'g so, he has already, by From London, via New York,
a Warrant under the Royal Sign Manual, .- AIHA 8 Grass CLOTH
b-een appointed a M1unber of the Conraeil. Turk,'y !'.ed COTTON
During th- thiee years that I have admin- Gent's Brown and White Cotton IUnder PANTS
istered the Government of this Colony I i and VESTS
have b.on actuat>-l by one desire :nly--that GeVt's White and Merino Under PANTS and
of promoting the welfare andi happiness of V E'SIS
this people, and 1 feel sure that the same Gent's r -own Drill P \NTS
spirit will guitie ani go,-eri the actions ot Gent's whitet e Drill P ANTS and JACKET.S
my temporary sw.1-.-ssor. o Ross' Brown and White Drill PANTS
I now commend you, Gentlemen, to the M, 'i Colored Linen SHIRTS
Guidance of Divine Providence. I hope that Head, Bundle and Pocket HANDKERCHIEFS
alluring the P[:rliam..itary session winch is __
now be-giminin- you:- ldeliberi:tions will be AND
marked bi)v th sani spirit of Wisdom and '
Mo.Ierm tion of Mutual Conciliation and of Now Receiving per Seymour direct,

Hati-monty--vwhich I have observed to char- G '"N'l'S' BLACK Sil.K
.leturis oe your ,r lings sin-,e the first mo- ,
m,_nt I e-a ,,,e ,,a,.,'n y,-,u-an, I trust that,
with the Bles-ing ,of GO-, th.r measures you E
ao,10pt may c,:.ndume to the prosperity and
conitentiment orf th-e community whose inter- Gent's Rush and Straw HATS
_.ists ar-. con:tiIe to vodir care. lHoys' Rush and Straw IIATS
___Infant's Pique 110H DS, &c.
After tl' ,a'flny wS -,,nclued His Ex- Gent's Silk, Zanella and White Cotton UM-
'.-l ucy the G,:,ve,.Ear etertain:ed at Lunch, at i R, E I. L.
Ia.:mnt La,ngtn. ti..' M,.' aer t of at LM. Conu- L:ulie's Silk, 2:mnilla and White Cotton UM-
eil, t!i. Mr-il,.-s -,f the IIonorable House of B: 'EL L .<
Ss!e.imbly, witi: t!. (aic-rs of the Army and Gent's and Boys Black .lpncca JACKETS
h V .1'"COL)Niiii, 'l L( [ W A'
...... ..... i R\ lHUM .and L \VI -\lI-'l WV \T'ER
Oak W ied A I .I N AN
<:o( n ,,, v,+ o,, ro,,

Z ..-., JA.A-11, -w -I 10 .1 ~ V ml~
chuoice..' eleei-o-auof -SO PERFU1~l~"LMERtY,
&C &C.
May 186h, IE$lJ.

I -a in,1 I :-Ian'n, IIItil te 1 -,n i, Halimilton~.
%fi plysaSl. '6a (Tz-t''IIlC-


i s i-:


_- b *.,:*: ..:..-. S-' .A. S?-W-.; tt.-rVi---` t r*'- .-ae. rsittzl 3. ;` a fl % -

,.ilb-' lai!l LisIlt Station :it flht iiuili. Ijetweint tilie
i'.h .3n i .ith Ilai 1 '*, : i i- i ll, ., t' -Hi" -wi "
,h, I i ,,,L i >1,.,'r I. k ,! 'l,;, !,,'i,'.) i ; I' ,l'] t,

[ '26',11. I ", 7 1i. ...,..
Dat" ' a-= C,,~r.lL:)pt..


I" t;c' 4. 17" 70 l:Js':i- i i". in1
'-5: N7\-' 71 'J i' I-Pl JFine
-1 -!, III,- .,(71...Li
SN 72 71 _' 7 2e i'N_ l ii.ti la:iz
2 7 *:7 7 71 ma'aI i ,- 3'>.3 n i. lmazv
t', \v NNV 1 "4 3 .'r'3 it si'l.llld I. -' iy
:2E<'i Es 7 i 7,3 :3i's ,'iF ii,'- dry

ifi 4 -t -,
...-.i. ..- -:.JO.S ,i tU KI 1YFo

:= i;d ...i T u t C-,

He,,amilonL, JIune 1., iSSO.

Emis:a'.1 1ioQi.E- -! ';l 1 LT N.
M.-Ni '.'5--,.S-'hm'r. LoTr"! Ma'.,., .Waltst, D.-'mmmr'mr ; rumil
aind si'ar to J.'hni F. t,', ri.r','A',.'.,
31--'aitSteamer Muri!r G. ilt.ail, 'Nec'.' Yo:rk ; tis,, 'ort-
ed bcargoi.-A,,i-uts Tritt &' CU'.
Norwegian Barmqm I nudstiei L-.irsen. art)iitt .bl ->
tons coal., amd tt t,-ins f.,r i-i. MI. ci,',Vi-.itiieta .
CLEA 1: '--'..
M a -;G- Mai l A-.l atim"r t' trn-iml'i, iilsi'il-. Nt-c: 'ii .;
'.l5:33 i Lt l ib i 4 i.,xes iti tit ....-.. 1.'.I.-1,2 1-,.,"-- i aitI I
-his. onions, A3.,221i l ..:- s -lnt 5nd c: at50 t, :m: 2o.?s 2
Sboxes beets. 7 i-ak-, ohil metil.
Scl r. Itenryv PFarker, (t'0iliins, i'Tew) .'- .,'7. O h -':s
t in n "- ptistv2,'-" 2.
May 27-PR. I. .Steamer Alipha, Cr.ow'ell, Ja'ua ,a"
mails and %V. T. prciin'e.
May 24-Scihr' Hound, Leseaur, Gebarra; n.msorttd
27-R. M. Steamer Alphlan, Cr:uvell, MCiIifax ltini:
inward cun fr,:' t',mu Janmaian,, -Ilt 't boxo-. ani l 21
c erattes trnmatoe., 51 Libxes 7 bIk. ;t-il 2 li5sketi
ohr'6ts, .3 bil. ]uiit:toes, anml 6 b6in UK" -ianaLa.iit.
PAS'! NCi:! .\i- I:IVh D.
'In tlie Steimi,-r M ,ii.l ion ,-..Uiii,;' last fr'_-i New
Yoi' .-Plkv'. Dr. Fog_.o' and ?iMr F ,i-.-,o anill r..
IT. Ezekiel. J,:,.''imI AtihA erlt'n, C'. Packwi:.d, '. ?.I.
Ganlt and two ii li to S''m,4.
P.iS "i'.-3'i-L i l A1LI[.[
In the .Mail S ii r L' ..,/,, t i li'.udav l att for
Nerw York :-C. Iltil St t.l -s,, R.A., [ '.. t' ... t .. i mis-
MIgry -.t.ikes and, Mitr -'m<'--ri. ri:s owi ill?;my
Stike. anutI tvo ,ern'. iit i o. Li din ',itti.'l. 1; A., ID "-
p itv-C'minniiiksnr,' :iml Mr-s. Fr'eelurt!,. ai!. the _,Mliises
riM-'t II,'t' M'h-ulth atii l L-'i[i. a Fro? ,,'l r :ir-. 'Sam .ge',
Mrsi. toutluina i nI.1 iur'., ,ie '. ai l 'i "uri. .Joii A .X. F 'riim,
Messt.. Arthlur Yoinm W, 1 '$ Ol, K :'a,. .iy. y 'ttm. li Pitt,
Peter Vant NIt. IF. Iv. Vanu l-tv-air. Alired li,',
Frith, Miss luin.ll;trn nma il Ev-elyi, tmnm:.ii:mifl, (-'n'-
tLii.-i t e B er ail! Lucker ,cI!'m I.--2 ,/ (" t/Ch t jtl .a
A. Williams, E1-jjamin Sumihi.-,'i.,,,,/,' John .Sith.
-rIAcA-, owa Peter, Joajuim Verida". 'V i. l.illi'u.
..In tle.R. M. Steamnier .-11'.1o May 27 from Jnmaica.,
Mr. anui Mrs. J. Trc o-s- rtaudl 4 cliidrema for i-. M.,
Dolv,,ird l.--H',,c-. ;.,w Halit,', Msr-. Macleani,, ;Ali
a1; -l -ig s M M a I-lolt, ',Ir '. [-'smn i e,. 1is, 1Dami,.l.,li,
Mib Louika G. Mlinm'. Mrs. Wttils jutl J l- i itl'ti 'Sr, Ni's,
C.ii'fiwalt Le.'h miadltW Sg-'-ult'Itr, eI v. W i:2 ii m ah d.iii .'!,,
G. -'aiiio-'ll Esqir'.. T'c. aiidl irs 'l ox nil 2
ciliih r,:,n.--S car-. / (',i,,. ,.er,._.'.t, [ ii'n, iul t', anid :3
> mildnren.- i77,.'./ ('tlass. iiao.epl [,l pkini .
'the .Baril.Uo Ei:a B'i,,S left. l;rtCuda min lilt May
arrived at New Y.rk on rk thi and wout'll probably lave
fir Bermudai oa 31--t Ma.y.
Th.M 3"tG//iot G,,, left N-ew York :for L mcnrslua on. the
22ni ultiimo.
ThIe Jessi, left Lminl mm for lerm iuda Ainy 11.

'Th UITpited States Training Slip Porisao(!h,
3rW rate, 1125 tos, Sailing' Sit'pI, It grus, Comn-
iA "i-rA. S liuyler Crowniushield1, froiIm Hamp)-
tgu Roads, Va., aucelrcd ia ti.? (Cihanu,:l oppo.-ite
MbtLtust'LauntoU, c-u FiiJ'tv l...t. She lft i" n i-
t_,n Ro:ads on tLhE I:,th ltin.o for ti.-,e I.'.iua.,
and proceeds heunee, in of her ciuii:-e, to
Fayl, AzUores, thence to Halifax and down the
coast ip a few days.
.('ominander A. Silhu. ler Crowuinslhield, Co(i-
mandin g'.
Lieuts. Albert S. Suim'w, Exeintive Ofir-.t' Al-
bfel. Ross, Na.vigator : J. R. Setfriilgt, E. H. Taunt.
Masters A. H. Cobba Nathan Sargent 1'. F. Ni-
chols,:n ; Eusiu, L. NV. Piei,-ueyer : *rud-Lietat.,
St it L.-,atq-U.S.M.C.-:-Surg'ci.n, R. A. ;
Asst.-Pavx., A, K. Miihlr': Chaplain, .luha B.
Vau Met'jr-.B -aiwa~iiu, A. Miluun; Guuuer, P. H.
Cross ,irptenter, Theomas MleGl:>ne: 'ailuilmat-r,
Charles H. Jones; Pay Clerk, George H. Grendht.
The PorT.mouth has IS Officmrs, $85, Meu, 157
Boys at'd 2'6 Mrrinesi2.5tl in all on board.
Oa.Sat walay Q.aptalu CrowninshieId called l un
th!6overior wlio pail a on b.t,attl y -iterday
afte0popm,,audou leaving wam-as .?l.lttc-.withli e'veit-
te,',, nus f'riut the .-hip.

HOT WEATHER IN NE't" YORK.-"l'he Thermio.
frrer N&w York City on the *2'Mb ultimo ruged
from S.ito 94, and -on the '6th from 80 ic
94. 9.itffBoutoan bn 25th. tnt1 26th the Thermo.
meter rangEd from 96 to 101. tithe number .ul

dfAghs from sunstroke and excessive heat in Ncw
iork was very Irge. Vast number of persons of
mdAns w&er-- having the City in search of cooler re-
gions. ,
[\Ve have hal it petty hlot in Bermud.a uiurin
the past te i dJays but our thermometerr do uol
qjome near the range of those of our Western sea-
board fiendss]
T-t.'T .h a gian Steamsbifp Helei',t, at. New Yorl
on '-J thI ultliio, i, i.t.ris hait on 12 St iSl LIt. l. ,hi..
gl r,', t r.i, .uil- :i Iii 4 Lt, QH- i1 1
n h \' ,'c o i, at '. 11 ,-- .I ,.- ii t." I' L ope- m a!'. i n .:-",'. ;
p xi i;'r, lI:, e' --t i ,, i ',\'C.ii,'i iI1 , am A rcnic I ,' im irl ;,Il !' ctili't 'l,.n, i'ttrtal.,i'
arn aze i lcio -: .i, '-ial y n 1;t tie t i .eel .i ..-i:
or' -hbe crew\. '",;e t, m ',.rt' es i .i-e.. d hi W 0.'
W l.5 <2'flli!lf, i-i IC, t* itA- '. Im "1- b-m-'-' m it .
s it m bo"m' ii t'a". .-!' '' ,-! s '1l an n .ii,- a -u'" _. ll '._t i i i t
W II, A. t)iO 1
liq!Lion fi --ii. i w.i. Vi-ible Lil Lhl- IPA..o is~
th'e mystery was explained.- 'Then r'hr iit I: ol vessels e Aet s u tiOtisilliiill u iloutiailanOS A
ice, g ot tb em puLure *hite, ob.heis cros-el in
manu 'irhec-fw1, b Uroladl stripes ul tf u,". So1ue ,:
flren42!llte 2i,-feei high and l1)i0) le., long. Tx.:r
i're ''i'''. t e'! bethi, i extending for many ..,il\-S
The sea bIr,.ke against ht'liqi, v I oiciiig tri.mrt.i- ,.
Sf.,!ty i j lit '' e i ) acclvi'.ie e iht -hir ie-i. tlt
rays of the sun h;>,Ii mint.lieI tie uipj r I- '.1ti1 c
rm ia"y of tienli in't) t1me ;ilo:-.L f, :,-i; l L..q)l-. i"ti
imaginary like' sw-s of crTqs, c.litl'- t;iu' cil-t!'
9oulrl be traedi iI I lhi,.e 1pii. more t0)1o1.ed 1m) h
linea i f heat. .t teauit ot1 watet.r in Pie.u.'CI
cascileiS )vetifie flo'vig djown itint the sea, nuIi t
huge, nmajeslic masses seemed to be moving lIowl
to itbe southiealt."

ORDNAN-LE Sroi-; DE.PiT.\lTEN'i .-As.t.-' I. Li
A i ti. r Ii i t l ii ii A. o'k i lt 0 m .- a;.;.
lA jt. -CI <>, i i _, _i t r I. ..i i l L ill'i I .i ;._1,, h
- v l l.'ti.,r ..*r,. h Yir L l. W h- ft'll In u l, Lir l r i ,
l .'u '.L 'm ih sl l h I +] .,. w ill
-Dv.- (,nvi.-Genermaiil W. L. Prniti,.. has rvLireJ whi
-, "t .-........ ..1: ut' t-.'iInart ssarv tiT-,ntr' !. aflltr

O a S : i'_ru< v :n,' I i,, '2-',Ih M .Ii,', l.,t:.i;,: thI.';, i:m.-,',
nI Ct^ 1 :r ^- ;- h..ii.- IT-; f- ;^-I if m ,t it- Sipu l 5* ttj.y-
: 'l vt",, ,,h : '' .l v :- l ; .. .. t ,S i .,,,
I-.. '.& -- : l.'* :.- .i ; ,I .i.. i

:U.;,n w 'Mv- NO.;,--
a r i 2 -' t'K i -. 0 t i" 'Ui .' hih' ot
t;L, R R ;I0-,"-. l "E 1. s .1 ..1 _' -- ',t I'-" V... -

iV :i r ;.f [ -'.',i .;i ,'iA ,. Ij- '.i'i,1 ti"' ilh'l.,'1 1 O V 'W MoL' -
,.: 1!' .' .'- -.; ;' "1... :i -s E ,: .: -OO *i ~ H !
E :.c,:.]!: -.'-'3 ^i-:' .",.'vr. ,,( :i : ',,t,,->ii~ r! i':'._ 1:,y - g,.y a ,'l .l,.
,")iss L'-t!m.t i. i ,,, .l,: -,., nis.L. b i -n t'._: \ ,-:.-t" l o to
t' v ii i.., r. C. v-,i- -'...-, \ th. :- ..,,ti' -. .:,..-, >'t i '
I; i. i. '. I I ; i '. -CI i U'_' A i 1 i l 2

VA:- awn.-'it!ti I qtu'M;-rw A V nI i Nt-i' n ta:AtS. I r:
a t n.ud r 1, --., 1i,tl ,"-'i n;-it :'- io. rhi-', thi

til 1 ,,. \i ,. i ,I .t.. -1 O I... i r n. 'l -'
did 't 4-1 t 1 71 0 At.i c '. I' .,,.- 00 i-;' i"' v" '*t M '.0i 1;'. -
Th sIE.t h .' i 'ititt. A .; '.' .._.i '.' S!' hO. -,I (Ci .:P.' .I l'-. .,

On Mon,,a,.',-, l.0r ii r y :2'I.'_ -LV *, '1 i,-" ti- 'n' .- iVt.U c ";Ii',-I'
','hi,.;! iti,. ,. ,'t:' e.:' y of tr n ,; .oi: t;;. ft ..,lcur p irt-'
,,-o.?.. t'ir,-,.i-;!h. 'T'!,!,, nii'ishi,:,.S liuT_ \.';-r ,.';:ii L:.irm-
S ;u: l 1 -. ,. i : -:' iu ,- viv i --. o it l t a '.
y.niifS l''l t'wol. "u, poiQ) I N a'. lum: t .-o .'l'.-
A..(l'i.a. ii', '..-.i lrcL tt-? 'I.U1 .1. `' f -- it-> It t

s ,t- :-~~f (uCI ,., .F'~ii -i .-'l ]'in '!-- rn -
thi-eit' --b:. r i,.:k, a;u i.. 'is i ti.'.-'.1,.
I101u tme iv. .i- it .m H I .'-S _,i. i" t tilhe t ;,-.;.'.. :,i' -
n a-tniit,,; i i.: -t < .l-..i.j .'ii .an :. : ".I .t _'o)v ',n .. t
[T t,'l.-:. .\f .:>i' m .- i ,:, '-i .,,..,.' i-i' I V 1 ( 1.'i : e T i .-. -
iby, ..i '-l"i:. i --t '. Ti is 1- ji
Cru re A ni..hiXb1f ,.fo ,1% K p ;. "," -.otnu "Ph-a n ._d
(.' ov,^ ii.-.ii'!!1 ...f i: .. T ,.". ,,,* ,':. : *i.. ....'\\ C -_,-
',-. fir.c fi. a1t,: ii: .iiP ,r 1. tI "- it 1 '.- i 't.. I-
t i es m t'r -m -nt > f ih :'r': L- 0 t!,,? 3m .'.[,, 1i '1 P'.irlit.mi,!?n]. '',.:-
S.n... oi-f he.\.t l,.ailit'iru e."V,,p; an I. p ',a-, nocnt"-Q, i',..-

Pt r -ith. .i4 ti-his. A -, S ll

llt,,'t y ttili'iv ilir." t the P... ai linr Cri; mp.2q If tt.-. C',
I.A- t t m cc' i-.-iO(,' i'" tint- y ,, -. L.i..
TH}EDE' I L kL'FML H1 I A ,'MiAL _ND MION ( OM XT..5 F,-
S'EIVT.:1 !l- ?i-2 :!ITE D.
On M oul ,nulay, ,[:iy :.-iyb., a'i,1,1ict'r_ _.. :-ii1ie ILO
th:- .uit-l I' c't-i Hi,. it-r "j li,'t f-:m r f-3 ,'- i- ppniut-
rii, tt' if r ni:.i-Arer's -b r r the PHi i.l iiR.i i -
trade a .lL I t' t i
0',.,_l, i,- 'ti'.. l a ti t 'i t .., : 'rI.t' 1I.'.. ) o uvc tll p -, tcA-:nn t!,a,' V'ipr Es i ,ri- M Lpwi.t., Pt-. I
d,.n, ,:,f the:. Fanr er:m ;* ; l a-.-.h uic..' ;- ,
A C':t-lw dl, Al.-i. -ent I ,e tI' ... j F ...-,'i ':ii, t e ,. 1
.-,e .,. ..'-'IfA -,m .' V f iv~l.p '' -rv r
Ki 11:-t ,alt f. inpaen Mi (t har- i'ctlpi-a a blre o 'l i.-Ot
1 iL vti:-.1 .* "I.It c 1 i1't' ei'o'i Ta .1:1i' i "- u i- .. look- ,.'
i iq'n as i!ni:.aativii o of th1'- t',. tM h t !he ]. ,"W Q. ..'" -' il
1e i-p d. ibua. tmt. Ou thi.2- s2 '.i uPr"" i'n .. o

c.o l p mm" cl',I -t ;" el m'l t [''ii l t.i. .ai'tC of i, -o, aml_ d 1 ii',.!
,a d nu Is!,l e -th it his lm rhftha- Lid loan,: ,. ,' .tedp hi

c's pm-f Altail,***. ant'!r -ti&UtIt it biL'ipT i -iil? ]at't S c.'nit t '1t; i
tA t..' I: lU.- l ] im 't iiul -tlt ci". '-' '" th o : :' ti-" ii!.in eit:-t- i.ite ii '.'.-.; '. t, .; )! '" ;: t ii t;t,.t H i-hL' -)ro.
POOY O*:* f,:,r this, p l :,T: .di.-. h .:1.ii. ..--i" _..- ,.l ,_ .. b.. ^.
pi-:-l, -i f.- a n o ro-,.. irt-'_J, to til? .n'y'. T -=ft tat T: ':

:.. met) m l",- ;'i~ ti u. 1p7r .4 O Ic-a.. lit-'.U''
.hi.,'.i .'.in!)!," t i t :t'."iat .l 'a ,:,' rt-s R -i.l tm :"
pam'. a- c an.nitonut in L .,.d :-ml.wilt n'ut'; '.lri... :7;',,u'

p itmiit-ta I him cot r.'r ~ i it' -l
ie4.0 A n ;.u:inl:i!ly.t at ,.i -i u iL ,u, iu ot e :. V foL'!
,-t:t' fri.m 'i.i to t.'i.l Th. Now-T York wit l-r-A

1-iti'tc-'1 it QW'Jt' e otr-n ua LmAn-t'. Symp.iT7y in fel

It':4L f r the im ti'cst afli 111.1-.' ilA 1 :-al- I fL-P' p I'i
iltp l' ..)ip !: Lor tle : l t,.f o l_.?. tc;-.t d, : ;i .
thie s A ut' n lum'ni, K n; .. ;'.pn!,ed t o i .e1,'. I
in. tLo opin 2ont D&Mi'n co'i" it Nluh W .

A''M ,:h' in is.,t.." Wa ,- sm : ''Lxr Lt- ti' .otht .' r ..1t'-L t (.-. i
tr o thai, : i,.tln .r. G-"a th a _t I t-i1' ,:,ri ep i,_ t i:
it mn o fl t lgm-' hr t ime L.: l 0 i,, i. f lV5..7:. I .rIei
cave yir '. i, i n'.,a -eu e t, *.11 thie '-n&p and pu
"Ids Anw in a upmejww-pen-p---:", po.'iMi- tG-da U.I
S, .- e'-,iii 'il,' -t, i- tle W i _ueii.-,:-ni ht ei w" tihe t yt.r
that Mr. Go- wen wou t !-mvttI': ,,,v: !;.:! able to :(tlm ;?,
r i. Ase ticl'ao r ,em_, ofi t 'WK-,baMy w i ll.u. .r,.
tl'-.,i t i.. (',ll au aut' hol is:.o i:,,w..1 t, l.. %i -)i';," o!t th.
Mitinig1'0 de-' m-But' the xgis prcoduci's. J 16
(-*.iljA r arktt-', a mii e>rlt]' 1' t On- prk :e of io n a .-td li'

I)')t 1tl'! otf l .i 'v-' timiti l a"lter I'di c a inI/I
at ready tImrate ethetimj rin-bt -hiave d wliil.ipatd thi
espn.'tatirati-ii, ang I .' 1itr abo s pt 0 e a i-' i-, t 1 -" l
aell thi coal ;,o- itn '-,bra ki the.. rai. : utiimi col::
TWOM6l~~':t*;^ on3 ou*itpt 3"An**p 1 J!ILa% M&~ t0 mli
t'.'- ~ ~ -L-i --l -U L^..*-" -- T y. ...- ..i i .... l ',' -l 7 s ?.- '

Saimiie tiua, loot vear, 1,,' 167cq',:156. Ord.wtiretod ..r_
W e,.c1: in ,iLit:, dpati t e.u oP hier ratr., w- ih..'b the.,c ..'I'
pabk-d s cannot afford, an'id wili noI ma~kc.'. T:.'- -ii
1xi-.'tion in- that the tow'l lrm.&' &H b; errinaled iit,
q 'th at iou.I i. Itwe wmiy l'e v 1,c:,-tl .iu ai le ti i .L... :,[L
r:L,,,tlt" t,:-,inei'..- ,u tollei.-. b,:nd:-_', : i~ai.t.,:.<-.:, n,:
i],? .,.t r i. o t hna e attoth rI.ifolie,. i.ti.ti,. w .-.'-?, o!*xpth,

the' Autunin u. ndU1
.no Ati io' e It.. iut- th,-date .1n tl.ltHIL -':,, -a, tun ,,fe i!
(_,.st lno l.rk: ',", ,i r,:-ett-n th ,. u ri,:e.i of2 Iiy''t ii_, :,d t..ii
oalre d large.-.t eui.aftem e-" '. deb -t r;.- ha e i.-. ry.,l. i.int0 fih
eo pe. ai'e :,,e.,^ tatd ,ril: tri']' s!iipOU.t the --h *r::".i:t ,-?'!
A.I1 a!_,-;, co l .,,time il;.?. T her t'i'r ". TI ou e t,:'o tfnu thi
.i'1 A s .hi ,ici l-;'l t: .,_i t,_e t c-,u peag0.. ri., ille ^ tia.2 ;l*.:. an. I L-~r, r ";.! 7.' -i, u torc :. aed i h -!,
backp .i aprthipath.,ulo{ pi,:,w,-ir rthc.~i rd.-.,wn- he i.-_,,i
. aui-s> cbuuothew-- atern rnd winel n,- 1.n:k,; coal iur
pa:t i i.-.'e that. the t ol i riad,-i,, will i 1:,: -' behnt.
i ';u,, t hati:ns. iirjf to be s .tate, s th p.utti its''. .f,.c-n,,-
h. r-f t ,.iilt ers-ow -.-:imth oiii.!' br akii,:i t e.n. piute
thi. ,k t. t--n-

S THE DERBY.-The 101 renewal of Lie Dir\
f Stake. was run aL Epsonm on the 2m.'tb ultimo. T]
.weather was Glue. rThere was arn -utirr'llOUp
plage ou the Dorimts and thi.? O Graid Sland at
Bo:ses w ere.-crowded 'ith b tn riia-irl r_,nibibaje
t ladle. an-' g.-i leniovu.
N intioen of Ihe ?-0 horses ou ithe course went
the po-i for h.lie greit 'i.:nlt. TP D ake o0! \Vc-,
nitmosiei's cli. c. Bend (Or, 1. Mri. C. B:wst.'i
k O' erm he i ;oil, A2d ;nW" .;;il Pt liSc otl yktll's c
- C. Mi'> 'r'i. The :;iLc ot lIhe rac wa.i; '2'4t.

Si'Il E .lit," ILf _t,- .,al i a,',-itt" lma.- t.i Lb:tiu
) ._ 1 .n- i.l,'-ts .,' ,:...'t -.riu, '_.:ly, t en- 1-i.:y l itnl '.i d
:..O klui* -.-It ti.,l ', Thiui t -'.I. y I-ai) :.hthii-r-'d fL..
i-,:.r ..-.itU'tl i, ia thi.4 Pari..h, tinL fine-t :-p< t--. n

and illAt? i, 1OSta
q \ and ; of l w 't.r- eviO- r i(1-. fi, :li1V ei'.,iil
" ,,t ,ii-!,,:-. ,.,t' n ,-'iy [.',,c-.. 'r ti.,: ,,,.,^ Li'-ie M ,i
- rm v-. -i rh t..d' 1,i la potULt-' au'.l i-l.- inet: il ticc1tu
t, reI,.'e anti:l in Imu-td i It .-spvsttctiv "-t tVIect luXt-
' an. l .. f.-'t 1, iu,-line.' ":W i I Ia. o stil dlh-lm.tI:ti:' ai:.1 ,cl-
i ,:iou-i iun iavttr. '-'t_ potatoes wer- ,, a new sj
a :i aud of 'i. !a:r'.=-'e i.'oe auil ofi raf : fl ue l i.vur.
e A i;j.iL' CIIniLD Foi'Mm.--It 'will I,,: .th-n bla an o:
, Id. % i, .,ti,. in -..rt t.i in ai.i thn'. r t-lit .t i ti' t s ti,-, ,

,i l i:st j '-',- ?v OaI t --1.. i, -- i, ''i rit t' W i i.ol. E u.>
it t-..V Gvv, r. l r-t ., a f li:t t 'idtti:.,riI .. 'ilt y l .Il
Wf till i.:l, 0tii :ii n lJ C ,I' ; ovi ti.ini ot 'ht ;i-, :'ii''.0r ,tin'.''!
S t ,i, is Crue. ..l L i.,i ,.,' r ..n ly L i .'.l .. ..i
I 'ilihJ \vh.^''i t unii.. inl Lir, iit,-r' i,, t. rj v,-re.'i ;.',mii,,r
'" thr, E 1' sir'i,,," ,:,t" ,,._1.,!'-',--t I. :,,1i11,, ,,it ,Jr t-l,oii! "iT u,
t: iL ,., l..tq ,.",- t. .i -'t Lhr't t}, r ~ t.) ,,ir i l9n i',.iv'tr, !tc-i
"+ w ill l,:..i.I l, lh, i' +e, I 'ii :3r~ ,olt th,., !; .,,11 v>;'i.'.- nIw l
'-' Ilisr criiL l nurfier.

v'e tme i!'.,i t.'. Imm lmI"n th it ,o ,iil. ie aim t i.ii im-- pe'-r-
j.t-tn ,t.>i-, of thIe tlS'oft .,t' 1s.,tiiitr. f-,1ii thl', Yar ,-i tIl ,i
-.,1l,,iir G-(1'tnial, ou ;'a iL!,rhi Ai-,arl, la-,t week, lha- lenm
ii -t.. 'a; ret. t-tnr inith- i-, LI,-.i .-' .tinem l'mA t ..).'1
i th u ,Ii L:I- li l- llit i)' P ,i'-_, _', -;,, ,., i
' ,.LIn i-' l .,I i ," *., i',, _' *, ,i ,. ',, ,. r."~ ,, -.

,",il- \- i 2i4il m;i-'. lt.H i{ l 4, ,'' i. A I' l c-it- .l, ;,;" t :.-
t.-id r ti' LiAn 01i oa1' in time,'toUt' Gove, .Nt,:A,

Ti!.) Srp -,.1 of Hi., Es .:lEe'.t',v lainr-Geueral SiC.
R. ,.. L tfnrau. X- .; .C' ., I'-E. t the op uil)'. ,:,t
I li.e O',:!.eitil F:1.t11lih.i.'i t -u. T :'.'--l ',V last, is a n: _.ti
exha .di vt-id':.-'iumii!t. It i- K _L-.r-rvd tha.t tlhe crop,
I tii,_ pr,,-t ;',-.'-.t- ." w hi,..,' "-' ', i.. '. .l h:,. 1 dve t ,'i.--
.A ni '. nt Y fl -' "Iii l .0 r' :-. ''1 bl e p.:',-L' h oi er& .i? t 'i "--:t At e!iii-lnI Tfar.-- is 'ln 'i-
''c? ;:l--f ..:! nl,.,1? i." l o hl ? I U r g: lirye Un K .'. !'
of Arty wlhi':!, Wiil -xpii':e thi., yar, aml sut .':--
\ t;,, .', vm:hii h bt, ii ,:i i ,o L i, vv :' c n ,.tvkii tt; ,'i.,h .

,ite, in con'"qn -c. 71 Thli 11 .i of Tiad' t -'tSi
umi' l a IV-.G,, K'o2,lu. hu. ,,, ic .. t d i'P or:e, t !'ii-i
A-; T **.I i : ,^-,,.'I ;.l O I !i .- 1i, tl.'-2 v:''
SWi M !i. r .Uo W Wii.e-l!. and 'M-Wtf ... '* '*
%Umn ?WWY~~1 P
u it-lL,' pu,.." i :,, t .i .. :- .' t a. 1' :' -

il to ,".-, :p,-Lit i ,. i ( '.- 'lb: L u tiC.'

| P\,:r ^* _.- -'.i;r; o, a .. R,'. 6\\ } 1 F k 1 i -k 10 0i -1
,to, u-l i t i ;t-_t-:t .. i'il 'i ,i *

i A (.rt I r'i.I '-..- .f:, i'.. II i -' i ,-tfih 'li bi. l ,i.'i.-

h; ihaut'-\ p -.ri.: 2) miii,. *"M I: t~; -j. T n;E rai'
j m id i p r L i~ n i.; ii-i, v i.i idtjjt Vtt?; 'tl i tl @ Ezi F li i
n~l 07 OK _...._1 j

.).... W H O ink r? ,. W l Wiith N P'UMO'F6' 1A-I'- L''i l,-'li
co.*ut-tA- i~i it 1"ii.) iH i-M E ':;3N on3t-an vi- s inn' 'a a 'sa t"..'u

Sitw 'i d".' im nt iNA: i :i w" -'. n 'Th,.ii'. l'
bli-t'.iLE-l Iii is in bY.* 21'ntir*-i 'I 'it ? jtmt l^.I."a-.*
s fuir TO. iiij nlt ; 01 xi 0 .-a TR'a M:Wt L ;--
tua w, a .0py t-u.i...! of' ou-r c.-_.tive ",i-.da.:.u

j r;'wo tile Th c 71014S.
,_ hi'.t, f' i!, 1. i 2t-- m -i A". t '/ C-i. pt. (,. well,
t '' T i ... n r-'.W r --.a.. l:'1 .-,'1t. in i' i_.;li f,1'.,,i
.Jamaica,-tW. Li nmiii"i nt '- -cin-a i rtil>81.-' M Y ' tile
\;K W =011 :ii" i L.:.t v;(r.'l I 'I.uOW.. :in'l Deai'r1ma
O.ipt. 'Novel.- H v.... plti. Y-: :.'- pt ma our ithnu .oks r
.I s of .TA J-m' w' a p, i 'i :t i.t ai :u'. .o L ins,.th'ant.
His E--, -li ti' -"y .Sir A .. .... 1-V1lJ,-L.I
f ioqtl 'iniouon 'e t1- l1Wth i AVt Lot *:t.a waki to le-
S.YIIc li.i' t'' .:-;ani't t it .h-,i':d'l that a fi'utlivt-r
i n.up. i- i.-oijt' -iil,. p tto.- in th-, h'. -.-! t nou o:'f 'it ...-
.i a.e, *.I i t! i < ri e hu. v'h i. l, s.. 'r ith an
l l tlii. C-i,-'.'- -i ii>: 1 ., f!t j--t ij Iin t l t ',f ,eL'.
pl t
* P;!;;i iiui tiCe' T ,1,- i. w,
G,. tt a stm'CL-m h. i Sb I e.L-:e: .'r. 'cc- tin., iour ti'a:
S trifr toe wnt-o. .'ft. Dii'.. k. .i w'it:-,v r > - in iit tl -. pm io'w ,h.;: In T ire wti, .,w-
even, '' a-:i W' ...'. ....1- .; '... tinr -id to
have oc r, ,irc c teii ;t-.A A'iun ,' h.. 1h M n,-''y sr t>l's

1 ill d ic.-'..-1!!:
iln 1'' tI4 aMal '!a n s it- I cin k-1t-u C-tC'ilof

I. i, T, La-"' M1.. By t1 pmr, r' r-.; p ', j. ltiur i'f, a,:, ,',t 1- -
1.i. '.V I i i-'i7n.' ut l_.f. ,h- A f tn tI-
ULflil-'i c F m-i on ntih K y. It '*I t':*.*-a tn h'
t 2'1- 1 : 1:[ *C:" "i. C .1ii L..t'_" tit:.-t mt 'oi tl 1:- -le t -
'ter t.i :I chicrl- '.4' sn _.:- or to t ao 1:- inafih-
fromi -- no;nC t K iW:o u 1d ia'A I -*I'.1 tis i 4 >! A 5s
v- r I ti 'tl .li' lii -i) I-i t 'tiV O -il Vxili li t:
_fh- c-i ,-- f .!:m ,_ a riiir t'.--p ,. ,i h -.' ... , '.
J'-,' .'th 1 .. nth il ,,t :. "'' .

<''u. pi : rll' (' ti !l ti,.n)- day,
Wit ithl h is l.' nim N-' iitl'z niid that',
S Ou .: a Y:. 1-1. 0 la.t,.:Iay,.

Tel I;t v -i e- 'ut pi
[] y -'Al i~'V m ]' r- \\\ L i.-.. .'. *i t' ; i '. ,Lu,, ^ I l, ; r, i .t
.. v i .2 "'!' "; l 'i i u -"l

- -I-.'i Ii. 'i'.: i,,i-

On! I ran, 4,1ll .-1: 1113'n
;. to rppiio *t I ''o '! -m '.i.' .. ft-
ii n.a
it-. i tH"! :.po!+? : ', o- ,Ti~l. -Icj ':-:li r ii'd r:l,qw e ,h w

^. Be'-^vi; r' ku v.Ili? pci'.1stire.
V, i c '.s< to me nVm he.' ; led,
sFair, w. ith_, ex-h'.ks ii' ... i-edO
C h .':, o. IM '..t I. l ',o,_ lo-,.e 11-1, Cupid. s-ih ,id'
I, it, 1 !-.t ,..YL ,inc ,
"W"l- I WAL:'! vLeI hunrj myT NW:A1,

i Qh-, ,: ,-,.;; t,-.t i W O N 1
F i ..l in: A! ,)n t i.. i', '. t "

C'o.jou,.:ir, '-C ti. ti e. fIi:. I r::.ipt,
E '-,:,r._;,-,.l ^ii ; l,,vi:.,.: ,:' ,,h i .l ae,?,.!',t
',ii)tlm iu" tl.l,--.-'.v':'" :.h-' swept-
I w ill lii.',"t fi:,a ';'..t itl,.,e."
V.ho ]:,ibw.-,, is liii. tl;ii',.,i.,,? SC l't T
:-halil t,-iLo. Lue ofit i'm-c wept
For it at V.'. r i. ,It,.,: I'-! .hrpt
('tlpi.l Un'ei ad rts mi,'-

Ship '" B',Ik,.aina ."


I ;A e-1.' ~ F-;-U 2 V iE.B '" *;-V i-t t'1 I)', -,C
-u, 4 4i 5 ).fl;"' V / "" .'!, i'.7 t ** illoii,"r"""
at lie' h V- af ir .;hi-' 'I'i ni .t, 5 !.'.I., on Silu'lar ahst
It;:-vitln lit I .'e- York '."Q I ie 'f'.rimoon of thieA Ipre-
viol F T[ho Iin .7.
V, qi,:i i tv,'l to 'a 'pt. 'l Gilf1 il, Mi'. Pui'ier
r.ic:,'-li. nr,.a ,2'. Hom.e, i. Ste .i'.rt1, For fil.As ,
New Ycm k !pupe.i of '!b h'.7..
S- .'?,! 'F. Du-lti'.;if' ) r, .. I-,,I .'-:i n R. 1 34.
G-NF.r.AL GRANT FOR PRE.'IDENT.-'hbei' .'rc m!ll
to lir no, dohbt h-. lhbat Germi-ln (G'-aint wllI le
the da:oico o itlhih ('ieago Co..ireition, to serve
third Lrtrm in mhe Pre'hleutial 'hnin'.
The following uemoraudum has beeu ncommunio
cated to the Pres'..s by the I?;ecietary of the Admiiralty
-'' Littl._' hope is now entertaimnd at. the Admiralt3
that li A'.i-itdina is still afloat, and a full and s,-tacch
ing inquiry will shortly be held wvith the oIbject (A
;,,,eCitaiui m whether the shiip wlis by her build, rii
amid eqluipmil'!nt. iucliludipg thie officers and tet v', i
Ial respects fitted tar the serriee lim which i he wa'
ietnim.'y.'-d It. -eem' r..in_ e ,i' t Hnt-it-rP ge that
Sti'ui! 4 liih>p b.ui'l bL tIl-d ouit alu t :aeint th.:; e
i iti l .irw'i ) i':,ltir'y b:'.-iuti bee;i previitsi' mace t
i < ,-, J[6),-_ -,hi ..a t bv hei build, ri-
alud eq' piti -'it, .iin,'in li'( i? i ;r1 cr 'ow, iu a
r oe efic-. fit I t' f r t.!-.. "e'i,:e ,in w.-hich shl wi 's [r t
h-i1] e^ilnl't. ..".. liiTi' a" e.!Viiit'leuii'_lim'lthl) niar h
ried,,.. -itl ins rj n ,vii rim.' l.-t lt v .l' ot hl' t' a i
lhim i'ft,.t (,t i t I."',,irt' uhatt traiuint'-ship, suijplpt
u i Lestd ..- it i iy Ih i ,.,i'.Jb- i tu pi etr..c the steal
liri-'! .. ,.' 21 ,ca.f t 1 ,ia r. t. inii -+ l ii '!,_i'' ordiiary o ,
mei. Th1 linU'ilu.ouciuie t..f theitm dmniwinathiin
thm AdMpiralty t)o -mihpy ''i intl! 'e anI ti-finiml-sh'il
ves.-,,-'I ausilliarv .:t:eatmi-power has bee
lec'i'.ed with mnie ziat'-iactiao bh _'? ublit', 'whos
coufideinee in inld,-.rn reau:aiEiii does inot, appear i
lie very giteat. But't wha can ;i.-I'etica! s-eawanbh
avail, vhieu ;,m i-; i:a-:ifi,- Ito1 l 1ih- thioreticeal t ui.
of selt-\viillcd eittinoaue t. o ioicil ls? T hat 'ali:.'.ti
.. rI'n'lh m; i.'-i a yiou :...w-o ii-U l 0 lit- m vill deniy. 3i
a! what ai.-u i.I] s !,hi)), l.-heolu his ieiCoiiitidir |;
it.iO',ms a t i.. ih e? r t' i .:im- tnuv t L :i. th _- A it /,-(, t i i i.i
'.-.I ut;1 taet l.-,I t.,. ? It. .lt ivn o .it .7 e Li' k u .,.i
I but. it 1.i nIs lit-v helewt iiitm t[a -'--i;t,-tin .--ri ii
a pli-ed officially tw the tAliia:ilky to have the .-1t
j,/t',"- sp!-t:r,; i'r.ICd3 "u.itiid'iii'; the ve sel to 1
ls,-rh!.qt.-, o i'crn :,!.-t.- H .H'- :;;,, ",p li.,d to hi..a -e piu,
ti' romdyomctls.- : 1" 1- "r s' ft ,i. ae .~rif
cvlt. to ins heve ;il.). hip ,'i ai'l ii "' At he-i li
pii., hLi,, r', i --et ini tf ., ..:,ii r'.-h' ioa ( I(. ti A'
for !, 'I.ll 1'!-" ,-i i : -,'- i ':-i, rui.-e B7 t. 0 l c
t e, ,f, -.,:r;..^i, *... **._' ...t; .- \ t:<- -i h .i,_.,iU-.! : \..,u
l, e th u hie i 1 t '.' :, ,' IrL'-..,fi .t, i] a.._;. -. A
; r { ..r m e ir i, \ :.- ih '*"* ''* -id i -! s t<
er-a !v ;et' ,id f. :-i yi.iOiit .he I ,i-_i'it' e tn iiit. iht:, ai
Vi $Sel ri-a ried it'e s ,i,'1" ,oie a 4-.i gu C.i h ugal, and it.
.-- .. ...... ,.1 ., -, ,].i j iijl iill 1*h 'in

be forlced aifal tht-r titor iviim-', au-i ait 'r
tXt' em p-IL[ '., rtl :I( j *i!!. 13 v -''' i!.
- rt I- i : i' ll ri "- .1;,irl'tik Il
ai '. ? -' 'u r ., -* fe ., ;-p i !' iA illaA.a tii: ^
i:w q li,-? .":';,...,. .,* P' :. '.'r i1. ;,n T- !', ;ii. iiuiii", .i' "--^ ii

go.:; .- ..\'', ; :1,.. '.. L !' t 'k i."','. S!." s "'n'a 'lit'[ ? i'" '
QL.1. "i)AW[!,1-1.

I. *- < .> *ir p.. ;,- 7 < i i !:-' ~ S n ^ -
-. *,'i ._ ". % ."elv ,:. 'b ,. ,-.,"- ,' "itc. f, i 112 --, a; i ;/ i wit
O D '.' -,_'; i ,.^ ,;s '." '.:'r:. p. ;t i t n 'h :7 c t" A 1-i-
i,.' ** ,\'; ; !." .... --. i .'".:/ ,'v, ....-L. ---*i vin (i ~
i^^i~ ~ *J- 'j i i n; ?i v OIir L i _..: ,tl-'^ Br_, ii, t'.,, ,,
i ^ *,*; 1*' -V i, ,"- ,r:f r.' -.L',/, t .

... : e'lit Tr'eaty.
L K i ? r.Ii" .B,':i.'i. ''- *1 t i ? ^t:''; -;j),'-,d(i,_i i-
-*. 'i;_,'ti,,.j!fi;i, '.,:,p.') t.. in-si -i B .-.- w'A',, co r, t
..,t r ,, 2 t:io ...i.i ,i .-' a(l( .ii ,i 4 i< lii'e,'.? t Ol.i-
.,,;'* th B ~t!ki !' via, b.' r !Lrn tb.' te. ,,I)

ti W',ta '- 'i i h nl
]iititiim t1. t Alli ,., 'T, A .t.f il -illi '-f w T!*', ,.:-

A.,iI W rA~ ''fl~s IIbi
i_+~ii ~ ,')c -U.':_,.i ",* I, '.f .ii]-I,, .' .i t] ! P :,ic, 7 ym uas-
tic ':?;,'tii.. ."liii. ;,. :'Ladr 'illagni;.".", u~d !b,'igyu.,l>
oi a!! Oa tioailities.
C o,.c;t'f';AnrNoPL'-. ,y .6-.-- li. t-bnl dk, imr-
'0 c iU Fi ii rk n 11.tiLON f
T '..qlV. r,: l t i,. :; *... .. r, ,_ t 'oi ;;l ? F'v^V l t)2ll--! l ." ,Jt*
';:",, t- 136t'_, L... v,-r- 1 on tii_, ; 1e,." I h a.

I?,?.:k- i i,:,i ,', ^ E) i''r:,s P !it.: t.:l.'1 .:j h ip', 1 .
: .* : P- 1 '?.;^*"il..! t:I *,}; .'l*yil T I h'lie1 Sl.'.i,,i, Co ^.
I-Xo -,"":L ^ r- iC [, .!h P'iir'iawiut- Op ;--,i .
't -i.'. "'',:. .' .= .41 -'iIa1 'P, f2l ai _I, .i't es l.'4i'(.I y
l .i'. t c,, 2!d'*-t: ff". i" K ,f,.p:'_.ntin 7 f,,r,.'i;_'. a -
l.iir- it ,w-: tie iniji, lye tuik-u h' a tliendl, poi;iv'w,
.- d i ;. p ,)r o v ,' 1 I -t b ,r .- m 'n Y > 'rc ir .i i d ii ,, I t .,iy j 'im s -
ifitisi ihe hini;- i t;,!?: leniumr i!'. ^itih;.il ieF' I'rviil1-
ILW, t.e I ;e?.s '.- 'i *i, ,: ib.? tr.?v... 1 -i Ber!m ,ill I b. re-
u,.,'ed It ,.; !,..-. :, ,,,_,t -.t tlih.ti it ,,; i! bh' p.,) \-
b;3,. r-. 9i -'C7 .. i1- ,. it'+,'N-t, ('t w .i. i0 the tO, ritOl'y
rx-,ra ,!* i, ,,j :i.t;! ,t"^i .t' .. It '; .':! ''.',)*-i,]~'0jK '.it
iii e (Ht n,]'i '.r r-,i- t:.'.:',' tlh? ir'ech ",t+e-.ii' s iu tc-
c, i' IL.t w',.il!F rho 'tr.olt.
LON aoN, :.I-v "? --Ti ?- .,i-.., "fr ,',tpjth s;,ty';
W t Iritve -,:, i -.'..' i"f *,l j : .i., tlh rit.ative so:, rce a
d ciu-io. i,:t ctr ,-, t, ir :.'.eiu' of ijt' Ahbatnian di:-
tliCii, .y, em b,-n.l j.:." .,4 'v: hA ->7r'. .' .iOIi '.'i belier t, tim
Ie ,''4 f'" I '.,.- t '':, 2.:l ja velim ii: t r'e'veetin g tih,
..,.-.t ,C1eiir, !., ; i Tlhe :r'w4-tiLi, rut. tate tb.?
Li:f i ii ite ,,...3,r !i, '. H .,,, tioi tlei a'i it -i4 hi ol
it'w'..L ti le u!. ^. i:"' 9 i" 1i 4' P '1- ,.1., '. a'-il '- iv 1/" '
'.fli.", -is '.: 'i/ *i he Pr -, <...e, w:,t retard this
ui.'-,',ah.y L t B 'i:"b C'bi.tet mi'ht re joice,
ib tZi'. cal'nv ._' ri-i,.V it hal fl ':.. i iinothei Baiuitu
)'".Pi;) t' to at h; "..-',o ,',*.. tii,_taii t"'1,ii."
PA i.O s, T::." L.. At,, .',., .: . itl ,'d4 tin. j 'v., i':" ..) t: j inthe:d <:' F:dlr uio:leotir-
,-."'. i.' L-sia 1';ii,'-' P., ?,U in e-'tla r '. t ih, G reek
h 'Oli-ler ,.K.IOu.
I eADi'iLb, :-,. :5 ---iu te lie (' i:' .e i' t Dr-[.tiea
Hlit' 'i*iai'^t- N... ri^Le:";* '.or the- l'-uinsula! Tyfl:;
n opted.
I % "(, au iyall il-h

tt a iS, -i r .- '- ,l,= r ,'rT.-a t bi JF'; (.'"-' I...t
,i'.' lib: %'.'.'% '', ?,i, 1;. r t i, ,'vi. ,ti uc kn l tte
P I t .. -- ...', .t Orl.rff b;.'' riitk-a Prd'..ti-
v.o '; G -err. .. i. i,'4':!.-. lw i.,_ bh-,t b.: -.'.j-1 ,,,i 'niitc.-
by ti, ('at hi, '.X''ic': i; I' *?- "ii .."r c',irdil rel.hitiu. .
Ila reD ... tI:'d?], ,.?...!I

-e -.. ',.. 2ii:tL' .!,.! R ti- '. 'r i'3 Idhit r (-. r.-
expri'ts,,ed ?'_' l. iLiri" t.i at .-..e'iug R ;t:.'. r p 'r'Seentoed
ih'y ti .ii 1,. Ai- ;;t w\'1, h'ul vi: ;;. Lb illh .WLvi,' fatthy
lniid tood-will.
.. .. itB,.? 1,,,1'r

LONDON, May 2..-- _i .i :.isu,.r_"ie! rA i'a tihe
l a'i',, ii :-,, .e T, ,. ]' ._. l i'o ,_lp _-r+, a, ;i generic t ii; t ,
d,._-.m -. t ,! t,,_ ,ig;' ii i lij..uiadlhilfl. N_ -__iti;i itns ,il't
1':i! w .-.i' (', ,". -., ik-n .> ij'.' c'.c ipau,
i'. Ii ii-'? -1 .1 iUei' i_,t *'I -ife u 'f .
LONDON t.,.!O -, 7.--S.[. iir '.;1 ti -r Miuin r,'r
L .,vwoli w e'r .. t,: .'. E :'; m-' .-.'s i1 the' '.specii_ t r,'ii'u
i,:L'c -t o ru e', c .1 41' I'':,n :-? oi "t Va'e.ti .
Th -, iitc'.-r2 ii)' ki m ril, i':t h It ri u -V en Ire*.-,Iat

A Pl' :i ..' 2 *.' ie1, ... tb:' .j,:? Jf R ix. 'f,-t'
i 1i'.i fi'.?'- w -i"t. .i .fe i ", t ,tetr.i halvlin;;
li .'La'meed u t ,'ime .-c. a ..t .

.1 [-.,/i'. of '.,T'/p;U.-: e/,OC:C..'-i--- './,,, ,., ir-, t.rt h
*M*T, IETEftABl'.aG, PJ".i' :"J -T !.C yy<:'.r. trial a:'!
iribit;,,r .. '.. ,- t: vt ,_..: A .'.',4.,r the pub'!ic pr,,-
(' ."0 ".1 v -j -i''. i:' i); !'-', i 1 1 t- m itt arti.i
ieinliii,' lU c- Ut-.u the voUrt.-rs _-.i Hi 3V-3i.I rtim i-,,Vini '..r', 'htu the Prs -
',Ilent : en t,'ace:-'1 ... T ichnel,.ff aiud .q*'ai.utroff ti be, ha ig-
ed; Dr. Weins.w- :o '"o .. t C(c't..-2.lhavi;, t-; ,9 ve4:rs' hard labor ; EPrduikoff te
6 Vy'a&i.-' hard'1 !i-".,r, ,i.l Lowent'mlJ t,) 10 yearns h[ti d
Ih bur. Of t-It lvaai:r-n pmit,,mers, three wei'e semit.'n-
eed ti, _5 vean,.' harrd labo'r. The w'o4'.ieui MNalhiow-
n I

'kit aitd I!tinaoti ...-... iianihrd to rTobolsk. '1I't
r nt._,ij ,-;:: ) hl'f rai "i j t' { t Gi" nerd IL-n-1 i M I'i.
I..:;. ii, C '! i .. if rhe ?.j."i t .tie m 'n E xe iti'.' C.:, imr-i',uit
![,...! (',.'- : .i'in n ii' .?';-
LONDON, Mo,' 2.3.---A c,-rreip:-bjdeitt at Cronstadi
f- ,%. "T r "[he na .-.i'. i. Ru .in111I umei,-1 t-w r ii
C Chines iwa.ters is ctmifd7leted to be.,] pressing tlia
SB --.-sel ,.v e' b i.. em- t.G- i -t A lexan'ria, o ll lmei
way ihou: to,, r'efit- v.'wli. insteft,, iiay. a hf'resh .r'e.
r'j, It. t miiee ier h,' e :h,,",." am.1,,i i'e ui.r'i with it.."
SRe;tter's telegiami from 5;t. Petersburg states tha
Berdinlkffwas sentenield t,, 15 years' hard labor ii
lbh mines, instead ,'i 8 rears as before reported
tll P AI:iqb

Four v.jiiman we,'-e -:eif.teiced ul Ilo'a-i r Kaledki
o na ta15, Nstiinsea. ', aud "Witauie',va to -1 yearly
e har'd labor ,".t I;- Gor-i''uxmeun factor.-, an M&.alimo'
a skid. to b'? sun cot V,0exle.













.- i_'sitfi i lhi../'f ,io/te on tie Suid-iect-M, l /l tolerance
the oit5 sE.'//-'lll,'d f 'he Dhipule.
BERLIN. May 26.- On the '20th of Aprii Prince
Eiminrck seat i. ciufidentinI. dispatchW to the Ger-
mau A_.ihn-'ad,':. at Vinnta, rewarking ou the retro-
grc:.sii of the tte'g iitimati-iig that it wvas diue to the ea.mily overwrought
ei'xs'ciatin, of tbea .'l.tlilc prelati ; thromali their
flOty; aequttiitanemt with thep real -ituatiou it affairs.
The Prs.-iil.M 'i G',)'erviaimnt on!h intended to disarini,
not de,-'.')1,' w-ipow- tey could comivmand by legis-
Ittliot Th-n i,_titthli oft the Piussi miainM tiry on
the -i th oi March c,.,it.,as!au-tesl sirioiu,- ul.-'dification
"t the aIav la m'.'. iu'.,.,ibh as the G(Jovernidt a.a-i-
i.A in the li' l.l'r." s of poace, p 'ow. er" to' h.-:im u frtom
C-ito;>i-t!,( [i '._i'i At die prn ,eut, on the O c tricy.
ti- h .iuam'imt is conpoie ld, .,-Fr gtlem-i cim p'l1!,'ll,
t 2rcy r therm oui A.;min'i iiii v. i:-xpreh1?eil bl
M!".,i.,Opnio J.LobiJ i ,1K: t,) what- wo0M' ha leaJ ngon
a chimtne. of Gom:t'0:nim>e The Go-ernumeati hmd i-
icady bade c,)siit-:hrab)le coneeoi-siouts, whereas the
Pop, had oni;' given uneetaiu theoretieal iuntimation.
\vhvhi ate iw;t leg,.llybinuding. The di.sp..tch proceeds
t.o t11 ilmio. bhe ico 'titiit -d ,",p;.:Lo1itiosm oa the ('m ii
Part;. ii':-ai I -ingle w.vordj tom thu Pai pt,>i nBis-
hbops' t-,u l t,3r?--aimatte the -.m;it'iri l ihali .uce of thl
Cath,,iC at ii^:zt .'nria v ritd m rit-:.-i ih od wit) tlht- :nuciai-
is:;-. The t.hitol-m "1'iihm, "''alxg' of tihe PrintiUn:ci.. t,.
.var'd %.4' Aajb..s.s.t.-r rl;,;w-ved \\hat a dJitamc.e sitii
,' te.' IN^ Ch, m dhtt' in i Nu, 'iU.i ",? Irol', a ,,,o /'/ g '',.';
. Ia irti. er r,:-:,pect5, b! >;.,% e .i, rt-,ptur.* o ,.'t
;'o<.atmii:i. Its ui-d a.r stirlW e no iipreA,,'t m e n.ti] thei
.. _u,- T h -' P o ,,tii'ie \'i,.-' .lu.+;.- aibi,: l,,r th,
f no, ph "T'he/ Pope %vat'. 1,-r t
Wi:ai;, nifii thn' ,mnaiT'fliot s -_ it e t'iei-gy. Im
o;LC C, '-a it.. the (W'a-.ik cl'it;- y ha-i unot bW il t.hi 'W'A,.it
S t l it-ti l h tlt.1. tii.] t(!'--t. t .r t m ah... i i- lm -i ('. !ai mii itlih ; i.i

Oe.i -4:ial L.:.-di-r. mc^ *i fa lU)mn f
i m c, .h ;. '; .;, / !.i '.' 'A.c.t !.. _'I *!.'
maht-cu lo i t-'''At 4 CL in: thn i -. a! ; b h ai i'..a !am 'c

P'aM'i 'l. )pra ic,-,, f '. i endurmbim .ors v u "01tut"
T. hati-. i' L itint-rl! l itleram L i x '. t- o: i h- t :.:
'anid be cbtaiued.

91i',,. Sports were ihuMl,''u Monday, 21t h instaut,
at ('ounvict Bay, St. (leorge'., aud the day being
fine auni bri.lir, the Royal Engineer Yard (kindly
lent for the ''.c.iiur by thi Comunia'.i.lij0ia Royal
Eunincer') was well filled with spectators s all
p:.rt. ,of tl- Ilan,-. The shil) in "rilW-rbour
were .1ll dr,:s.',':l, and the pretty little Harbour it-
self wv,'s crowded with small craft of all -lescrip-
ti,:ns, wxii--h. u h % i hI- di-jl blut.' of ihe water and
lrii --ht Sa.-,arl''t n-iifa-iHriis oif the soldiers ou the,:hore,
uat,-, up :a pic-ture w'hiiit really had to be seen to
be b-iiev' Th. T-I? Pro-rammen was a; good one and,
thanks t) tit h ierwtti cexerti.,us of the Committee,
was go:t t1-ir,,u'h qui,-kly ,uid wiLhIout a single mis-
hap. Th,: r...,iiu;" d :,.' .lippeared to attract the
most att- niti..Iu, n lld. the o'o-up .lt.- of some boats, in
th ir an.xi..-ty t. se-e, sho a-edI a want of consideration
fo' th,'. s ft t',I, ,:, ti1'' irn ilers, wihilch was most ro-
i'ru:l"..-nuble T'lie Oh'im--'-.?' Tub Race and Greasy
P,,e .,-erybody lion' laughing, aud Mrs.
:,toikc's presented the P, izes with a few kind words
to each wiuunner.
1. --Openi 13 ;.t Rao::,, <';:..r:. 1 XIXth Regiment -
5 eutri>'. ., -T; It- F,-: ; !,[,e ['if'/7 Duck -2nd.
SaileilC tiir.'! mw O 'c.,r 'i f the RPo:i'reu i; and
w o:n it i ,t', ;,.0i .. f V i. ,- ;V F ,.,, i .
_.--o"roe ,...' i",ur-6'",r Race, lkht Iali Bnattn.
). Left' "-itnI. Lrfr Half L "ttaiion kept
thI? lead -ill thi'.w h andl wonc easily.
3- F.,_iir-.)'i.r 0i' P:,' .':.-i- b i-l A 'rillerv, Royal
l is m XIX.T. i. 0. O.) Reet. Won
bv fihE. !;I th nt1:.R-y2d
he2"1 X I "l .: I-n. tl.s. R,,'yal Artillery 2nd.
-l .-Dini-i:.-T;-- St. George's St.ake,.-5 entries
Foant 1st ; 17/',ll Di.k 2nd.
5.-Comi:)i-iy Foiiur-Oar Gig'.. Ist Heat, B Co. 1st
2nd H -n. C Co. 4st : .3rd IHeat, E Co. 1.t; finfl
Heat, E Co. I -, B. C.:.. '2nd. WVou easily by E
Co., w.? i'l .xel I y Lieut. Macartntey.
I 6.-Op-,n SwimUII'iung Pa,:--, Quarter Mile.-15 en.
tries. "4ali'pr ,ceNatty, PR.E., 1st; Pvt. Potter,
i t'tthiRe-t:., 2n.i P'vt. Longharst, 9i9th Regt., 3rd.
iWon i spl' U.:ai.l style by Sapper McNatty.
S7.-OFi-,ers' Four-Oar Gig Race.--3 entries. No,
1.-t ; No. 3 .2nd. The three boats reached the
trurniuL buoy together; here No. 1, which was
;ibout a l-:igtli behind, tried to round the flag
iusile an ;i fouled, and a fine race home ensued
',et.'.a Nos. 3 aud 2, the latter winning by
aboutIt 1 ft t.
0.-Swinrniu"' Race. 3 men per Company.-O Co.
t : A C.)n,1d.
.0.-c ao,_-, 600 yards.d lS entries. JPvt.
R. r-eoiV.n1 l.-.; Pvt. I, osendale 2ad ; Pvt. Joyce

11.-Offictrs' fub Race.-(9 entries. Major Hand-
ley. XIXtI,, it-; Licut, Tyler, R.E.. 2nd; Lieut.
SH'iuleock, '.th Roegt., 3rd. A good deal of
fo!ili':-: ocur,'c'I, and the ITapire himself being
unud:r water ii)',t of the time, his decision wns
at hull,
12.--;:...k I[int.-Dii.c, Corporal Evans, C Co.
li'h <:..:s-, f':iAr-o.'r gig (without rudder).
1 3.-- e!a y Pole.

Pi,' Es' 0'" BER.LUDA PRODUCE in the New
York Marikel i, y27:
Potatoesa :'50 (' $5'OO.
Onions 2"12A.
Toiiatocs :3,!) cent to. 50" cents, dulI.

WL-n thle UI. '-A. Training Ship "Portsmouth"
was ; 'in :- t,:weil up) the North "Sidle on Friday
la:st, au Iri-ihuina who did'ut know any better, re-
marked, that it w\i a ve.sivl-withI coal for theDock-
yard. Rath'.r em.,n .iAtibli' fuel for 11I. M3.'Navy.

Pairti'.ularly beautiful just now throughout these
f.laand-i the grand display of Oleanders of all shades
.)if cdoiurs. Painted, as they appear, they would Le
r].i..le>red in Londun au art of extravaganza.

An order was rec,;ved! at Portnsouth ou Monday,
dir.cttigu the B,',chai>e, Captaiu Lord Charles
-catt, to b? prepared for further sea service within
i mouth. Itk i expected that Prince George will
tako another .!n'in inl her, as far as Australia aud
other distmnt stati'ubs.

I A Supp)lement of five col-
LuiS .ltcc-oij i lres this is.ue of the Gazette.'
It (eonitlint ti,, i proceeliii gs of the Legislative
Cuinc il -for Fri'lyty list, anli thelproceelings of
the FIHo, rall',!, Ho:i:.- of A..seniimbly on 2sth
and :';lt ultivuo, The la:t,.-:--t Eurouean News
by the i.iiril." so'ue Contributions-and
l:,Irti.-ul rs of aDn Accidelnt ili St, George-'s
Harlbour. ,

DIED, at Mani'rovill,, h Pget. on Thursdlav,27tlh
May, t;. I .RARt.T r_('ArflJa4-O, the btloveiId Wife of
lion. S. t'. l g-haia, in tlit ytih year o? lior age.
.......... at Blv-rly, Pat, i. on 27thl ultirno, EDMUND
DARRr.LL, inf'hntt, son of TholAam J. and Eva B. Wad-
sii, ag. ........., at St. George's on '29th May, SUSAN ANN,
the beloveil wife of Jacob C. Smith, aged 71 years;
leaving husband. fuinr children, ten grand children, two
great grand children and friends to mnourn their loss.

SIeceived per Muriel."

Choice Lot of the well-known ,

Chciunceti SiA US4AGA67
also, the Celebratcd Vanilla, (Ginger\Vafera a'd
oli,.r C r:;ckers, at .. .
H. G. RlEC'HT.
fn;iiilton, Jiro Ist, IS80O.-.1 pd









respectable White GtRL
L. svisl;hi; a i, g et to KEngland would be
t, lad t, inak-'- :iitaugeieniLs ivWith a Lady 'going
Licre in i'- ; iu.c ily or Lady's illeid or Nurse.
P'ie iso apply at tile Royal Gazette" Otficc.
ilauinii ,1, Jm, -t, 1880.--1

.11 the Hoyal Gazette Stationery
I)' ,he :SA. S. MUUII, 1"''
Siewv C(opies of the Union Squre
Al- "n h'n i, iru:bers of the Seaside and
Fiin-'..-n .j',lu 're'1y, Johi n Camneron's Po-
; ii'nr Novel'-, &.c.
i .;:',iit~in,, 5 s ii'. i, 1. 8SO.

i"{)bt. A. Lee & Oo.,
1 ..: : -" ,-^^ r i-' hitt

IS o e-.. 'Cih:n l :-treut,
Apil iA", s&.k0,




C\ (T(SrTi(.N !t TT,;,

Bermuda Victualling

B. WV. IWa'lkeri & (b.,
At. Her Majesty's Vietualling Yard,

This Day. Tuesday,
lst June, at No i,--Viz :
BISCUIT 1189 Lb.-.
CHOCOLATE. Ordinary, 41 Lhs.
CHOCOLATE. Soluble, 48 Lb.. PEAS 80 Lhs.
RAISINS 109 Lbs.
Preserved POTATO 1(:0 Lb,.
FLOUR 148 Lbs. Biscuit DUSr 1078 LbR.
Cook's FAT 388 Lbs.
DRILL 9 Yds. MITTS 6 Pnirr
BOOTS 3 Pairs HATS 3 No.
1 SOFA, 30 Yards CARPET, &c., &c.,. Worn


14 Feet,
1 Boat JOLLY, 10 Feet-
Naval Storekeeper.
June 1, 1880.
Immediately after the above Sale.
The Private Property of a Gentlemamn who hab left
the IslinIds,
%, CROCKERY, &c.
Cooling UTENSILS Watering POTS
MATTING 4 Sets Toilet WARE
c., &c., &c.
Govt. Auctioneers.
Hamilton, June 1, 1880.-2 3p




About the Middle of June
At Cedar Park, Prospect,
(Back of Military Hospital,)
The whole of the
S-Hotisehold Furniture
Andt Etfects,
Belonging to
S" 4r geo.s ., -ijor H#ai- ,
Consisting of:-
Drawing, Diniug and Bed Room
GLASS, &c., &c.
Date and further particulars will be Al-
27th May, 1880.-1

For IHent,

The Large Garden,
With Curriag:e tHouse andl'Stabhl-, attached to
my House, in Reid .-treet. Immedi-ite 'os-
sep.-'iomm given.

For further I'aiticilars apply to
A.. C.


. lay i31, 1880.-3 3p)

hv Notice.

JEVE have received instructions frnm ,11I{.
KERIt tSK to i request all Parties wlio
may be INDEIBTEI11 to him hiere, to make
payment of their res 'ective Accountsi with us.
Hamilton, May 17, 1880.--ap

Exchange on New York.

Drafts at sighl on A. BEj.VE TT
4. CO.,

Apply to


April 19, 1880.-3p If.

SA Large Young and Powerful Bay

Perfectly Sound and one of the be-t Plough
Horses in these Islands.
Lately Imported from New Y>.orkc; Sold on
account of Illn:-s of the O vner.
2.5 Front Struet, Hamilton.
May 31st, 1880.-I

() F NEWT1 ,A V. NTD
I~~~~ T~N. ri

TIW *1. .j

To- rnoi~ro Ay',~Vi 11C d

TR GE 01 -4MAJOi> A,
Tho -ohvoIc. oi i. i''e I'.hlo TI('U;EH-OLD

["I prm mm1 '1 T eautajf '.
D Te 7ELF Ea-.(iQhAiR:-
GLA5- A"Vne'mi.'11" 1101 ef L'IMP:
Bedroom W. ~ARE 'hidmit. \_.rAPFE
Sp~inim BED .1MA_-TTLE'-Eq (H-air. &.e.)
1,VARDROBE 'Va'!h A?%T 1) .
Kitceliu UTENZ.ILS &-c-, &C., &C*.

-4 ucti',meer.
St. Coorv.,'.., June 1. 1 :--3.


]3 yP IT PcL .ITCTJ10N,
Sale P (-sitr*'-W t ivo_1,1t c)I I e ,ve
Under I n,4 muez- s r~on. ~ mt ho Pv pm-ioto r,

Ai Idoek

That [)e-.i~rald'-' anmVmmlucmlle oE -ate

Situated on- tho line-' h-twee-u Dr mmshivie and Suiith's.

Dndliiuo HOLTSE,&.
WVith 1s Xi Ce- -ot V!mjdbl..4 LAND)
13. \. AA LKEB &cUt..

IFFvLpe ,AIk

Apply 1

5,.., 'eta y

JY;lI1'T 0 GU.1101V"' IS L.' t)
0 1 Vl. il", r

Dui ng, iil 'mm iir he omi'i-i'

wsxillI havC 'let l, h e b rn ie .", 'cc'm-i ~
the MON~A.
'rho UIeiool innt un rklm~ie~ ill t in ('MAW antii m

j TI. I )-%x I -;" 14"(1

'loti i h ~ S.

INotice to ~armier's 411d

Ow)~ner-s of

TIhe Undersign~ed NvilI he prepared
to foiwamrd I .tIm.iaignmeniz sol'[3E Z ?.l U I
Pl10DUCE' to
MYessrs. M. P. Z CaIS& GO.,
9.5 BA x(1,AY \ -R F-.1% kI N'E, W Y('T) 1!lK,
A ndl wvII aLIS0 iVpa111ullCa'sh lt at. s fuer Prod uco
throU2 bou~t. 1h10.Seasoii.
GOLD) I)IF PS onl New Y4.,rk may 1leehad
doringig he RSeasemm
THO0S. J. \V A DS N.
lHamilton, March L12~, I'S0. -..41e U

FOiVt" jj 8.9,7%'
BY 1_'H1E U N 1) E 11 1G NI Eb
A few ilirrek ef

I e0 mdtI175 '1%st.

[iaiiim' J. -lT -. I ) Am

Ianith e i'on vi fl4,fhH40
r. r

I ommi'ssai lat imi'(l~ing,5.

Y T 13, BL 1' A, VJTT N 1N

:-I-1 Y*4 n!

2 5B q ) ,011 OTTEIR,

J;.T-i .- i

II DOMv 11 1 IT, r.% !iHr)
.1 "1. 'atoILOILf

I A i -,;A l B i:, k*lF' '

PiE Aple C'ALE,,E

W D inzeii aPIM )WDEU

2 Bc.xosGJn(3ni-

PC.1 A K .E 1-Z ...i m-,.' 1 1' i-IL
56, f ii" -dl'z
2.'\. Tinsh &(..

5),iAll.--r A 1 i *1.v.l IL mt. 1''mow or latel

-4 *. U y 31 i4-

IS "'1 .01'11

Mr~t h h~. 4 of ,, -., Parish~
Ww~, L VW pun-Q TofJMLDDleTn.,

ofri i lthe r v&0 or.a02-vimc ofthe at
!I)- hELoNa~



,~! choice Li t I it-,Quarteir IBale.'., ex

jy'Iil lie sicud b1-m.' tor C.4"'1

. pj)l) tIl



a t 1 "1l
i i A ^.0

'I Oomrt-Lierv %%ilth .'ug el l sum p 11i i erG!OD'I
IspeeciaiIll' .,e re.'led for tIis traW k%
L () C KW P &I S:,ING HA 1NI
ti a'"Ih n,-lay IlS .-..3, 31

T1O R, -f 11L 1-DI N- E C P.

N w a k! r'' F a -ii, k i e r ) ed,

Con or a 4,il 1e ~tInst.,

I oi; Ak 0 1 --it) ; ipm *'r A T 4.. m

Coeilknjit''Cop j) d :'iu sell.! 111 It) J. II. TI. &.

id i ~ dC~i~oi -f IeIQ
Board (--)f Pi'lillic \Vorks.

* --Ad
I !, ;. E.

T' T-i i J
!:.+' V ;," ', S i ; "

At 3 e~j\


'~' .- -..
... I -
-.. I.- -.

.-~ i

/0o leav te licthec' fo P -ReturnU on
ThI. it *.sdauy It..) tLI .,,aU

.emm,.-l I! d 1; :! ..'72 .. d J I .

COV. -'o.,

' I .


TO Bi han 1 rI.1 uFm'F, If) VP

i-,~i,'1 ~ -,~L LJ A-
K. Cl. j

PI mme -r11(-17- Fl~~e Ae

ej ~

1o I nbo lnV- hit -- k'; :n i~l IShWe 1 fi- I ftT

At Bco-c-z,, TtLT1 ~TST Jii
-4,"..*.* 4 ie. e t 4

Ael. BETSiY BAK11EI-i..

Pm'o0raUnm m JmS Zand Tic~ket~sfor thle- Prosp ec
Performnammosto b -UIe iobltaiined l~t thle? Re yi
Gazette'' Stationery fStor-. v, hc-r.- Plans of thi
Theatre wav be see-_n.
Tickets fort-the B:-'.u, Pe~rfoimmm1,1mmc. -to b-!ob.01
itaimmuel at. tlil Royal FEngitit-eies Reereatiol
Ro'.omu, Boaz.
Dro'ss Circle 3, oi.-s i-vt: :'14-its 1,6 ; Pit. I/

Doors opumm at 7-30. Pe:rfurmniammct at.S, o'clocli

H~amilt-on, 25th May, Ibt'.

Quebec Steamiship

I' i' /'j 7 10)

11 b)11 [? 1'1411S -I_

I 'M

w 1 13! D
(tITj FIED) AE C'IILE'Y .:. nlinie
at-. ~fle- J ;-~ ii,' 2 i~~tshtL
i.-* i "llA s'Ii.

W ill I.,,. 'l t.-:all P-!`- mm ee h-msoni fill-
to thc De-.
tLeI-1;l 'i l IHai (.OU id'ilr, m I .~ or Per-
1:SW. h de.e ht) bo-ay nthe water.



NPt iceI

t~i. Ai~ih~ 2 it~. IsIARC(ENEI:_L OF

Fur thie Pur-ohas-' c,

t cll M .'J~.:-. C)H n1 JK Ol t. tile ORD-


F-1i\ ~ ED E I U '' f~iv Buili-a

-h.. I v T I I 'T -a~ a i-ld.
*~ ~ ~~~~-l C t 1 itSeil:t'- ei ne at (IiLERIEt

at m d n, 1:r ~~s ~

CIst l' ~ t-

Co)~~miue m,-wssol' : J1 a rihace ntI pd,

99C EP




CIT UICE i.3her-b' at th1 tie, -ession
IN of the l'm1i i-i atieti of ''a ta 43 Victoria,
180 an) -y A*vt waspas oLel mandi :m-demmtetoom dime.
NO. lail p1, I5 0,eiinimginHise namie or the
to) the QU1oThC -SUE M- U0l f 1-
P AN Y."
T'he ( onif)lpmh\' wilhmereafiter bhe lokynnoi s thu

SOPm CO(MIPANY," 1''--mma t~- 1:s~i 1i telif t au meve
'-1 f i le ., h l 8 .w 1iI!v i l .I
of W' LW IC W ; sb 14W UL--AI

C oloniist't" r.Ily 1re, t em- I 'iiit-s ,iId p
L'ROT'i & tOX.

1 \ .1N .''~c mliI Of L!.,, ill-i-rease in our
-iim:(-ii.~01' ~~.~m 'Cl '.*'C-A,'ork Since
din. -Qeinou of 1':-.74,.w I-- it nt.-Lce~--,ry to give
"i t k.e, z5i t % a. re ime m cd k, gin''-a t, personal
LitMliUiII 01 i-en I'10 A LiPui-It.; tilBermuda
i'M.dure fQ,:V--v w r 011-011g,11oem. us, but
w~ithoumt, heir;.. y si i ;Ii-,.r Ili%, net proceeds
nil-i'm Imi~d to our 4 Pidicr a:ivL.- -4v Vorl4, which will
be vo to time \cw Y, 0, ~fi~~Sfor Sale,
WVhenm neeu-.Ma, i '*c 09 e(ir ~pc eit-returu for
ay 4ywn hipmeitit no!l be i imsiwoI vt theexpense of
the Owneir, ite listedd, -.ndl owners will clearly
tinei!,r'ratnd that al! tho dmi;u~grs tr ansport are
lormie by thmeru.
H fi lklilt.011, B e rm u l o 3 0 th J u nem i 3 p
Alanh u' i23, 180.

Post Office, H aiinit. a. 29h \ V I 880.
George krni,;ironi ,;, e.-I'h ,L-tura A rn-a
z.mromig, .bun AmntEm LmmoX Ieard IBeanm,
EdWard 11mmrehi, V H Fizimb31 iBuLtorfi-3ilt,
T 13 [3lraehtbd, Elhzabnt. CosI (C..als.n, 'r s
C hipel, Sophia (oi, .hj--.-F',!e- t2 it h, 'r Da.
vies, Lucretia LXdrreI, Fmcom -mi r: r .1 rr-l, Ni rs.
Duiiein, Chi rles Eku'Iand e3- ; r e ~Wirn B
Finley, %V J Fuhlmir', %V 11 G: ~i, W.eie Gilbert,
'rheosI-laywa ni, lul h -i P '2' 1m 0ione, \V
llaywird,.Shy ''11 J-r; .:,"1 h %V Judiel, Au-
erumus JWe'-, EMizaJonr- A -.S; hen .,NI s NM
K1.Y, =1 F Lii' m*.FL!. ., F.,icled Lynch
Jose M innce L WIT1, ja Itijap -.Iedusae"
Enmily Onterbrieijn, 'dlah~ ,iw hteNNiI GOUnter-
Sarqmie P Y"'r 1, l j .' ~ IA .I-eiA Sinithi,
S T Sliiiinoni'.7 ) vi'l ho -.IISarah
Siiienn-, Mi:-MW r ~ --- lert
SpeisnMnce.JiSivs 'm VE'1lt'., V n... T" -n .- cSmith,
me rV nI.I T.L'r~.. .. l..l. ,-

Henry CrILAtL L, V~.j ~-l .%tdi",T OF

F euip '. in iiv rN e i. ,6 .ol i.m.;. caro of~
Geoue 1iI A"Iilley, AI. lA.tii- .y,) 1-I C'Wil-

N, G





Proceedins ofali!e BIonioritbe Lb e-
islaitlve CouIncil.
Tuesday, 25th Ma., ls.RO.-Pursiinnt In the Pro-
clamation of His Exe.Icn.:v Ma.jor-General Sni R.
M. L.AFFAN, K.C.M.., P.E., Governor ind (.'om-
mander-in-i, &., ., & c., bearing (late the
15th day o! May, instant, for the attendance of the
Members of the Legislative Council, as well as of
the Representatives in Colonial Parliament, for the
despatch of Public Business-the House met.
Present--His Honor Josiah Rees, Chief Justice
The Honorable Augustus J. Musson,
Vm. H. Gosling,
Eugenius Harvey,
Joseph H. Harvey,
James Tucker, Recr. Genl.,
O0. S. Tucker,
ed R. E. Webster, Col. Secy.,
Colonel E. C. Gordon, C.R.E.
Ordered, that the following Message be sent to
His Excellency the Governore same to be de-
livered by the Hon. R. E. Webster
May it please Your Excellency ;
I am directed by Mr. President and Gentlemen.
of the Legislative Council to acquaint Your Excel-
lency that their House has met.
Council Chamber, 2.5th May, 1880.
His Excellency the Governor returned the fol-
lowing Message:-
(No. 1.)
Governor and Commander-in. Chief,
The Governor has the honor to inform the Hon-
orable the Legislative Council that he will open the
Colonial Parliament this day at 12-30 o'clock.
Government House, Mount Langton,
25th May, 1880. }
At half-past twelve o'clock His Excellency en-
tered the Council Chamber, and the House of As-
sembly having, by His Excellency's command, been
summoned, and the Speaker and House of As-
sembly being in attendance accordingly, His Excel-
lency was pleased to open the Session with the fol-
lowing Speech:-
[For Speech see 1st page of this Gazette.]
His Excellency then retired.
The House of Assembly withdrew.
The Speech being read from the Chair it was
ordered that the Hon. James Tucker and the Hon.
R. E. Webster be a Committee to prepare an Ad-
dress in reply to the Speech-the same to be laid
before the Council at its next Meeting.
Adjourned to Friday next, the 28th instant, at


Abstract of ihe Proceedings of tIhe B'norable
House of Assembly.
Tuesday, 25/A May, 18SO.-Pursuant to the Pro-
Clanmation of His Excellency SIR ROBERT MICHAEL
LAFFAN, K.C.M.G., Governor and
Chiel-the several members of the House assembled
this day.
Mr. Dill and Mr. Fowle waited upon His Ex.
cellency the Governor to acquaint him of the meet-
ing of the House, who, being returned, reported
that His Excellency had been pleased to send the
following Message:-
(No. 1.)
Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
The Governor has the honor to inform the IIon-
orable House of Assembly that he will open the
Colonial Parliament this day at 12-30 o'clock.
Government House, Mount Langton,
25th May, 1880. 1
The Provost Marshal General delivered a Mes-
sage from His Excellency the Governor desiring
the attendance of the House at the Council Cham-
ber, whereupon His Honor the Speaker and the
Members of the House waited upon His Excellency,
when he was pleased to open the Session with a
Speech to the Legislative Council and Houseot As-
sembly, a copy of which had been furnished to the
Speaker. On the return of the House His Honor
read the same from the Chair, as follows:-
[For Speech see 1st page of this Gazette.]
Ordered, that (he Attorney General, Mr. Cooper,
and Mr. Harvey be a Committee to prepare an ad-
dress in reply to the Speech of His Excellency the
Governor at the opening of the present Session.
Ordered, that Mr. R. J. P. Darrell, Mr. Cooper,
Mr. Fraser, Mr. Tynes and Mr. N.J. Darrell, be a
Committee to examine and report upon Quarterly
Ordered, that Mr. R. J. P. Darrell, Mr. Harvey
and Mr. Cooper be a Committee to enquire and re-
port what Acts have recently expired or are about
to, expire and that the Committee be requested to
report the titles of the original Acts as well as of
any amending Acts.
* Ordered, that Mr. R. J. P. Darrell, Mr. Dill,
Mr. Cooper, Mr. Tucker and Mr. Tynes be a Com-
mittee to examine the Accounts of the Public Trea-

Ordered, that Mr. R. J. P. Darrell, Mr. Tynes
sanid Mr. Tucker be a Committee to examine and
report upon the Accounts of the Post Office De-
Ordered, on motion of the Attorney General that
a desk be placed near the Speaker's chair, in a place
to be appointed by His Honor the Speaker, for the
tie of any persons who may desire to report the
Ordered, on motion of Mr. N. J. Darrell that the
Receiver General be requested to lay before the
House the Public Books of Account.
A Return from the Secretary's Office of the Elec-
tion of Alexander Murray Oudney, Esqr., a mem-
"ber of the Assembly for the Parish of Pembroke in
the room of John Harnett, Esqr., deceased.
Mr. Oudney being in attendance took the usual
Official Opths and his seat in the House.
Mr. R. J. P. Darrell presented Lists of Accounts
passed by the Committee to the 31st day of March
Ordered, on motion of Mr. R. J. P. Darrell, that
the following Message be sent to His Excellency
the Governor.
Ala / it Please Your Excdlency ;
We are directed by the House of Assembly to re-
quest that Your Excellency will be pleased to di-
rect an advertisement to be inserted in the Gazettes
for the Public Creditors to render their Accounts
to the Clerk of H. M. Council, on or before the Oth
dny of June next, made up to the :31st day of May
The Attorney General introduced a Bill to regu-
late the Sale of Wine, Spirits and Malt Liquor-
which was read a first time.
The Attorney General introduced a Bill to pro-
vide for the relief of Bermuda Seamen falling into
distress abroad-which was read a first time.
Mr. R. J. P. Darrell introduced a Bill of Supply
and Approprimtion-wbich was read a first time.
Mr. Tynes presented a Report on the Accounts
of the Post Office Department.
Adjourned to Friday next.


J S T R kC1, E J 1E V ,
Per ,ir G" ,F. i'\ ," a d ry Par -
Io,.r" I 'rm 4c. ,York,
ll ) S. I;r'l'iy .an :d :'r'.i, i T I'
Mid'h,-. IasL's ALE
C as o l .- TJ in s :a- ks !it.;C
HI alf Ches.t: ( )olong TE A
ialaf Chests 1 ,ng-ili !re:-akf:ast T :A
Barrels Poithind CEi1iE1NT. 1 bushels
Plags OATS Pags CORN nnd BRAN
D1arrels FIA)UR I.arrels Corn MEAL
Half Barrels B.i-EF Boxes Florida WATER
:'acks .1racaibo ((!PFEl' E
i-- LrJ CruclJ :UGA Rt
W P. LU li',E .'.... '3
Qrr. Bales | I Y Cases Astral OIL01
&., &C., &C.
Hamilton, 24th May, 1880.

For Rent,
In the Town of Hamilton,
L bishoops Lodfge,
The Lodge is ncatly Flurnished.
For Rent and other Particulars, apply to
Police Office.
May 24th, it80.-3

,,ga Y
,_ .1. W 'q

A Graduated Co legian, who has
been Teaching for 15 years, is to cmnt-
mence PiTIVATE LlESSON.- on the Violin
and Harp, an.) in the Greek, Latin, French and
Italian Languages.
Particulars may be had at the O'lice of the
SRoyal Gazette."
May 25, 1880.

Portland Cement.

By the Sir Geo. F. Seymour
From London,
50 Casks 4 Bushels each
For Sale at 16s. per Cask
In lots of not ft'ver than 5 CisSks, taken from
wharf; IS,' per Cank, if stored.
IIanilt:nu, ISth .'iay, 180.-3


A New Store
For Lovers of fine TEAS, COF-
FEES, pure SPICES and ex-
cellent Table BUTTER,
T I E Undei sigiied having opened a fine G" 1 0-
CERY ST'ORE solicits the patronage of
everybody who wishes to buIy the finest grades
of Coffees. Teas and Spices at reasonable rates,
Larabie's selected Fancy Biscnitb, tine I iams,
liacon and excellent Table Butter; also unsur-
passed Cincinnati Sausage, Flour, &c. Come
and be convinced that there are no finer Goods
to lie found than at.
Parliament Street, next to Mlbotrno liotse.
Hamilton, May II, 1880.-3m. pd.

From London,

Diagonals & Trow-

Tailor, Queen Stree.
Hamilton, May IS, JS0.-tf
For Sale,
A Full Sized English Billiard

T,,- 3 B ,

In good order. Enquire at the R,eid Street le-
freshment House, West.
Hamilton, May 17, 1880.-3

For S 'ale,
Received by late Arrivals,
1 JH AN11SO ME Extension Top
1 Family CARRI \GE
1 I'on IPH.ETO ,
Sets very -.'uperior Carriage HARNESS
Bu., y i'.A R N lSS Doluble H \RN ESS
A L.)O,
Wagon and Cart HA.RNESSES
IIA LT IER aInd I {UGS, &-c.
2 Extra (3 Pomniel) -1 I) ".-'AI)DDLES
1 McClellan" SADDLIO
Men's arid iy., Riding SAi)DLES
Riding and Drivin, W llIPS, B iIDiiL'S, &c.
Carriage WHEELS and -i.l FiTS

.... Bay Mare,
In Foal,
1 very superior Farm H.ORSE
I Bay HORSE, stylish driver

155 1 Cow & Calf.
Reid Street.
Iamilton, May 17ili, I880.-3

For Sale.

Valuable Heal Estate in
Warwick Parish.

Situated near the Parish Clhurchl, with 2

Will be sold in 1 Lot, or divided in 2 or more
Lots if necessary.
Thisis a very desirable Property, the Land be-
ing under good cultivation and very productive.
A portion of the pnurr-ms-- money can remain
on Bond and M nrtgire,
Forfunther partietlaTs, &c., apply to
Reid sr.. tfamiltoni.
May 17, 1881).

No others need apply.

Jilso Wanted, a, iPP R _ENTICE.
Queen Street.
Hamilton, May 18, 1880.-tf

Dressiaker & l Milliner.

MISS ANN SMITH takes this
opportunity of than]-ing her Lady 'a-
trons for tHie liberal patronage they have ex-
tended toward her, and begs to inform them
that she has removed her place of Business to
the Stores under
The Photograph Gallery of Mr.
North-East Corner of Church and Burnaby
Streets, where all Orders will be thankfully
received and strictly attended to.
HATS and BONNETS made and trimmed at
Shortest notice.
Hamilton, May 4, 1880.

Wanted an A pprentice.

A Young and active White Boy
OabLout I' years of age, to learn the BA.K-
ING TiiADE. None need apply unless he is
willing to be an Indentured Apprentice for the
Term of three ye:ri or more.
For further particulars please apply at the
Royal Gazette," Office.
Hamilton, May 18, 1880.-3



The Undersigned offers to Sell
his Entire
S T OCK-in- T R.IDE,
As they now stand at. Nos. 3 & 5 Queen Street.
Fur further pa'rtk-iculars apply to the Under-
signed inanediately.
Hamilton, May 4th, 183(0.*


Refri oerator,
FO i S LE,
From 119 New Bond, [London, in good
order; ,an be had at a Bargain. Well adapted
for anr Otficers Moss, Canteen, or an Hlotel.

A Self-Acting Turning LATHE,
quite new, lately imported 1fiom Kngl ind, a
Rare Chance to Jewellers 'ind Machinists.
Information afforded on application to tha
SRoyal Gazette" Olice.
13th1 A'pril, 1880.

You' l never Forgive Yourself if
you don't Read This !


'[he Needham Cabinetto!!
'N these unrivalled Musical lustruments all
SlMusic, Sacied and Secular, past rind pre
sent, can be performed without any knowledge of
I1i music being required oa the part of th!:e perforiiier.
A clil d miay handle them ani perform tlie most
intricate Operatic A;r, or lthe simplest melody,
with an exactnsaiss that c:)anot be excelled by
Professors of ratii, fur they never marke incor-
rect time or false Aiot(s. I'liese Instruments
astonish lihe people by the excellence of the
music, the Ieatuty of design. simplicity of action,
durability and chearpness, which places within

the reach of all, miiuch pleasure at small cost.
The tirst meniioned is equal to an orchestra of
four pieces. The second is dlu Ile the size and
power of the first, andtr ill furnish dancu music
that cautiot be equalled. Tunes of your own
choice furnished with every Instrument. Get
one and have an inexhaustible source of amuse-
rilni,. Glet one a.inl you'll never regret it.
others, too numerous to mention here, at aston-
ishingly ly ow prices.
Or'ilers promptly forwvarded by thie Sole Agent
for Ber:nitla,
No. I Metropolitan Hotel, Hamilton.
April 20th, 1880.


A ',l'Pesons desiion-. of Shipping PRO-
'I. McEvoy & Son,
Of Washington .i.rket, New York,
Are hereby informed that
T. I. PITT, Esqr., Front Street,
Will take charge of and forward their Consign-
ments to that firm.
St. George-s, 6th April, 1880.

7ToFarmers and Others.
'I'l Und isined I1 p,,repared to rec,>;ive nd
hliip, b" every opportunity, C(osiginments
IessPas. Da.ta'm-I & Co.,
New York,
Who will secure te highest Marl:et ratp;,
Prompt .\<'count Sales .iand Setleme~it nuar-
%. T. IN!f ..,
FPiont. Street.
Ilnamilton, 'b uI~y I 0, 1880(


TPhe Undersigned solicits consign-
ments of


S West Washingtun MIarket, New York.
Highest mnirket rates will .L paid i'or Produce
during the Searson.
HIamilton, 15th March, iSSO.--tf

R, W. award & Co.,

(P. 0(). Box: 3709,)
Consign-miots ., os- PODIC IC solicited to
above Addre& ;, and Prop,. Sales vill be re-
turned. hIl:ij -t .\l1ar!k> late, p'~aii for Prodniee
during, ih, .s,.tason,
F) D. S. AISH,
3! Fiont Street.
Hamilton, March 2%, I:,0.-tf
To Farmers and Shippers of

er tun a ,)roabutcc
I AVING( had several j ears experi,.-ncre in this
I. line of > IIitt.iaest, ; ,' eire ,-, continue in
the same diiuri ii he c,: ning Croep Season, and
respectfully solicit any c.;nsignments you may
forward u t:i'.is market I will endeavour to
realize the highest market prices, render Sales
and R{emittances promptly.
$:' m T os. l*. Pitt,
Of iamilton, iermuda,
Will attend to ree.ivinz and invoicing all con-
signinents fto me, .,n will give :.1 information
necessary fir benefit, of Shippers.

I remain youi'?, I eC.,
1I. F. JU)GE,
flessS9'. O'Co 2it0o9 Jsed e,
42 & 43 Vesey Street,
New York,
April 13, 1IS0.-Lft'

Outerbridge Bros..,
Importing and Forivarding Com-
mission .Merchants,
Agent- for
lMessrs. miller &. Spencer,
9 NE.w Yot'K.
Consignnmentts of P'i.'ODUCE solicited ior
this well-known reliable Firm. Due at entiou
given to all Shipments, and Accoutnt Sales and
Returns prompt ly rend .red.
For any further inl',,riuation, Stencil Plates,
&c., please apply to 0. I' ROS., Ilamilton.
March 15, IS80.-trf





It being acknowledged to be the finest ICE
CII E .'\ ever ma1le, and for those convenience of
my Customers will put it up ii Fancy Boxesof
half pint, pint and qiiairt. Warranted to keep
hard as a1 rock.'
Also lor sale by the Plate at my Establish.
Cool SOI W\V.\TIR all flavor, on draught.
As well as a full stock of Fresh CONFEC-
TIONERY always on hand.
East Broadway.
April 0th, i3S -3o

'/he Sun IfMutual Life
Insurance Company,
Subcrib;.d Capir!, Hal'a .Million Dollars.

THE P U ,Jeis.ined has been ap-
pointed G ENE .. L .-A Gt:"NT for this
first (1,.. Comp-i y in he-.c Islands.
LiE :,n,,i nd-uod -in!t Policies granted at
lowveist rai' :: ioum 'atibie with perfect security..
March 9th, 180.--3i

For Sale,
A Fine Toned Upright

SWalnut-wood case, and made expressly to suit
the climate.
For terms, &c., please apply at the I'' oyal
Gazette" Office.
Hamilton, iMarch W&, 1880.

i ibout


e! Lime!! Lime I!

3,000 Bushels good


Delivered in Hamiltora or St. George's at one
Shilling per Bushel.
Orders left with MR. JOHN H. T. JACIsoN,
[aImiltotn; JOHN THOMAS 'T URNER, 1Mbdel.
Fai," Kn.aptoni IiiI, Smith's Parish; or Tuo-
MI.As Tuj.~t:n, I',.oper's Hill IHome Farm,"
I!amilt,o Parish, will meet with prompt'atten-
April 27, IS80.


T'he Upstairs Rooms
Of the lIouqe Corner Front and Queen Streets
of this Town. Apply to
lJamiii n, 2 (th April, 1880.
.xcleosg.e ost *.Yew Ifork.

R. ':V, Iayward & Co.
F. D. S. NASH,
31 Front Street.
Ilamilton, 1-iarch 29, ij 8 .--tl


ILce!! Ice!!!

The Subscribers are notw prepared
to Furnish

1)ai!y (Sundays excepted)
From their Store in Burnaby Street to any per.
son who may desire a supply.
To Customers in iHamilton and Vicinity it
will be delivered by Cart daily-from about 10
o'clock till noon-commencing on 1st April.
The price is one penny per pound for 12 Ibs.
and upwards.
A penny half-penny under 12 Ibs.
Bermuda Artificial Ice Company.
Hamilton, March 24th, 1879.

Dundonald Street, Hamilton.
Terms, Moderate.

JL.D.iN'ICK.-JUNE, 1880.

SS. R Tide. REMAhItS.

r s. sets.

STu 4 58 6 5823 1 54
2 Ve 4 58 6 524 2 42
3 TI'l 4 58 6 .5925 3 30
4 Fri4 53 7 0o26 4 18
a Sat4 58 7 02 u 6 6
6 & 4 58 7 0 23 5 54 2nd after Trinity
S7 o 4 58 7 0 0 7 30
riiE BRMUDA uoYaL. GAZETTE is published
ev:.rv Tuesday by DONALD M'PHEE LEE,
Printer to thie Queen's Most Excellent
North-west Corner of Reid and Barnaby Streets,
i ,al ilto ,,
I:... BIi!'', Iland-bills, &c., will be
|printed at their s.oriest notice.-Agents,
at St. Georces ibr. the Royal GazelLe,
Mlesdrs. GEonRG BOYLE & SON, West End,
Water Street.



Supplement to the Bermuda Royal Gazette, Hamilton, Tuesday, June 1st, 1880.

e Lu~ua

For the Ro:il Gazat;l.

The Aquatic h port s giveuby the 19th (P.W. 0.)
lieginieit in the H'ribour of St.. Georgy's on Mon-
day last, '21i inst. wa; the means of one of the
nic..t s.':c st,'ul d. :-turt enjoyed by the good
people ', this Town, f,, .marne time pas.t.
This Ilegimeut :.. iful. ,.l.-termined to make them-
selves very jod-iy i-ra.u...I'. us. I am not at All ,old.
and I L.'.,.e to: ret' ih..-O --ollection of the .!.:- ure
I enjoyel- i u Mu.i.y l .i. fur many years- e a :.
The :'ianveL-iicrno. winr well ce..'n.eiv I .. l very
ably ;: rimi out hy. the, Co. n itt:e, ,-..r.!-in;r of
Major H mal-ley, (C':ptAiinM. Munuro :c.d Ed-.:. Quar-
ter-Ma,.t,?r H-0:,!hi -,l-'2 .rm, Lietz.-. F,:aron. f'i .ndow,
Ch:uin v ''i a .,. o'-k, i;l "'!b-C'o) UinIt'. Qr.-
M a .ter [ -i,, A. :'.a *'.' .... --.-t. O .. an u.] D :, -,,
all w ork,.-, well, :,: very ener'_- i,: x. iti.:''- r-,i t
have len m .le to ic.n.l towards ,uj su.i-essful a.
issue. Ti 'he ,PM-'wr1. m,r:ir !r,-o : I.,,efore' many ,of
us roe Wra.n our :.-.: ti-e -hip, in ha.rb.urm' we'le
astir with th :ir 1-.iui tin::'. e,- oratiun from -tern t:
stern then v.iAn fla'-stail-s alog a shore, a.;
well also a- th,- y:.-Lt.- ownedd ,vy '-ei-s aund
others, LA.i all .,: i-heir li:"lidriy --lthiinz. The
C/,,'n, : .t A :- t. .v:1,' .i:'t .-ad muoir-.. ff the
T Pier. i. fr ,i i t'. .-,i .- -f which, Ly tl.- kind
pernmisi. .n *:.f .:- PFibi o t_ i-.', I r-i. permitt',di
to view thW .', ,'..:, Ic ,. ".'i it after oI .
the day n.a's c :' io;-:, t!..e wind lighlt. and from the
N F. Al' il,'i.iU the- :!.:'I.:,--. over C'onvi-..t Bay wi-re
peopi, f e-very- !.i.,.lii the gav i,.:l'u's .:.f the
ladies ii, u iPCi ,nz: relie--edi 1 lv i1~- variu.n-
coloure, 'l .l ihes' of thl.ic' military friends. Tlie
-Wharf at C'ouvii-t Bay waris rIe-tv i f'jr tl.? oith-:-,'s
of the Rej-ileJui ,n ,i 1 ;i .3it f'ri diL .; ani, ais I- -azed
the e.ire I ,-m t .. :-!ie,:t o the T 'Tier, liad pre-
wently I s..w the B:tan Iof tihe 1'th roar.-.i into tlie
Yard ani take up a, pliti,_n near tlie Pi'nr; l.t just
at this mmUent my ,gaziugI 'wa-s iontrrupted by a
polite int 'ti t h"tii io h' n. the m sp..rts wi-e about to,
comminenc'-, m'dy ,'.: In 'on the O .wI,-l w.- V'.v iuih,
requi:,.l. I w.i; .avinire when a gunu fird, aud
looking up.' I s-7 a rl lw:v -"in-, aun, aw:ay t,., n.y
left sein.i. .n ld! -iml- ot..-, t.W .i gitti un.:i-r way
and Otherwi..:- ?ori; n ver' y li,'t:-y, :ll ,of whi. i,
told Im 'htt t.- :, i t t',:- div h",d .';'rn ea ...d
in earo :. .i-l.i i; '. the f..ices if tthe oiA .:'.r.-.'
in thie i. t, a.- ;. '',' of f t,-r c.:1- t e .t.1 CO-
boat, t!.: .-.i t in-d toi wi ::i l : rn-
take 110int it. I f.,."'..1 them up the h.iar',our ini
mny pnut -it a n' .1 i :-'tui' .:!, n 'nl wa.-v honored
w ith .: :- p .-iti -' t,: 1-,e th !e Vtr. t. Fi--t 'v:1ut
the I .- .V' u ,. *.., -i.-d and -'ai-d i1' Lieut.
FH ander--,:., itrh lSpo:tti-p:o, 1.~--- cr-- : 4im .
2s. t.i i.. i'er: r n t 'foli:,we. : l he i'!/!
.Duc'k, Qu .-. i- at .ir .t-iil m. ('-stainu M.;lle4
and L ieut. J .,. :,, ._r w ; ,u.- !'-- t ','ite R'. ,
w iti, L i- -ut. ,!-u.1 : tl" -- Fh../ i n,., _.lte-!t.
C'haui ,- ..i .1 H! .: qi. '' aud til:. i .''d.a 'nL pt, ii-. Tu .
I d 'uat kii. .w v. !ia r ',v .: ie'ul.,t_,.1 the Lt..,r!iu :-. ,.,f
th- It ..t. t-,! 1,!t :.,--,-F-..iiup ta-e lii.l of t!h F .. ,
a d tl -rh. .. ,- v. \,,- hau'.led, I ..Lould
think .. s i -..! 1 a mal.h h -11l -- it
to at th.e' A'. .t. .,,:-., .r 'ph -a .1::.- I,71/
D ,c '-'!,i : ..+ 'Lrb, l.ttetr ii. :.! .- --: t } i.v.
thl.:. a:n: e -:" e ;'n. th,.. ,f the Fi:. t ; they,
how,:ver, .,il .I t ol i .'- I iaight well, an':l w .A, th
fir-t !.: "n t .' k,.l,,,::. 'Fr.:,n m y .po-sit,,a I
cou; ., re' *i.',7"i ti, l - .1' Lb. k t-i the'
Start-b .t, for tl ,'I.; iWa- twv-i.'. t, win,]watl
and oun-.e :, l.-ew,u.i ';pin -r .', re h,:,i.-e rery
sharp a:.>'-1 -,auni-I'i!:e, the i' r, .iu..k l:a- l u,.x but
hi-r p:'a'id ,'f '--' i- ,' .in equnl to tht of (l!h-
F t'',i tm t L .:, .:,'- iin ld i' r jus-t I'',ore i :. :-
iun. the uit-ibi it, ati.l '.un id-ied t':,t. .but the il f i
D .;,lt,.; ca w r. :t l,:.r,'., aft-.-' her, t'.-) ',v,.-,I by tLh-e ,'.14e
i ,i 1... '. i h, [ al-i'kstau.:tiu tlie c.xi:elk-nt
ia; anoa2'..-n .' ; 1 -. e 'rv, could '. su",'..? .d in et-
tin~ al.:-ad. I ni::le oft for the -take-b._.t, rea:-h-
ing' it uit in liae? to see the F nm ri:und llalue.
A guu w:'.; '-.'-1, while, d'- lrnd he.r the winner uof
tl'e "h.'-," "-u Ie ii D.r, u.i de, exl,t,
aun alu 'i .r aiu l". '1n! i T ini .,f th.: -ei...i i
p rize : the LM ."1'.. .. v'.' .- u i: i.- thi ,. tl I; ,/.'"
R (, n. u .D e I J. h1d r i ...h a
I no,-w fM udA,'.U rh'? u ti!,. h-,' i in-r, e:i:_t-
in,-'. Th: B.i: '. p1: via :-wvet anid d! l:l'- tful

T. h.%( I'. % ai'c- h -iu-'S oi
Four- R "e .:l :.P il..-t Km ueil-

as r hout i- : h-i -:. I L. i *U.?Ii 't .in --t .i .
the tm un wh i th v. v <:re 'Ii'.ve.n, 1i,. uru
doubt th .i r i t r .ilf i *- 1iVt'!-;!-ih r c' t'.-..n n ...i ..
other doon.i I ct onijii let yriu l ir, hiri t I :'. .
tualin .,.w. Evvy alcii teued to t ai.I tniiTiy
Ias we.u g at bet 1 i l ; w :h .i'.i i-ly r ti i ij Li na u itn
deli- .iir. i .- i a I : i tz .

pa n i t. t w 'itt r ri i .1 *.' '' ,'i ',

o U 'e a-', S'.,i 1 t ..' !, ', i t, .-: i ly i :.-,: 1 Ul :
thi ', t, i i, Iit.: rimIe. t t w.i" the g'- r .ie 1. .' \ i i f I
vt r':. ui .l-. k t. ee t :i-o i'. t'' le, I was i, -. :li -t:-
Lack .,o.; :, : i- 'y.' i!e p ,e!et -e,: t. p i-.- : p. .I -'
frie "d bd 1.:'t ,ep u i .-e,... oi,,- ,u -. ,e-,r up l [',!-
m en tlg .: r.,ix 'e w:. ,", 1, l.,: .v' r.i.. :',. ';-r- co-i, i
"ence> .l :- p :. ...:',_ e a! ,i; tre '"le. A e lhm ,ii tmu "
hu, g at tv .e.1, -!i;h w::.5 .ud t..' -- .u n
of moue ... !id t. rea'h :h .i b ,a. the t,:.k. M a' ,

ward q.j..nie strig hu. fi..r i\ to k. .
t h ii .-. ,t ..-, :u t h t i Or ... ,_lp r-1 ...,, -
tor re -ei'" \':< ti!. u ,- : l ,, ,nid r vo ion- t 'r'. s: ; th,:u
sport "[ t.- ;.tio .: i. l". .- Uh,, ret ch. ed ti> i ...-i r .. n ,.i m :

u until :t i b y tr e ,:', t u. ,:-.I ip i -. -. the
grease, r,,l '.'.ith the hel p of s:iu ni a ,i,
Greteivy, a- th'- e : !-..l hi di .h.:-1 the pi .i:jnt,
secr..,.'ed th.:' pot. t b t twi, n-i r. i. .e he, l,,,wev,-r,
received, t.o :'iP iz" 1 1;1 i 1 ft(rwardl ] r:',tl thle lla i.:-
of Mi-. .t es, whl. hail. kini-lly ,:..,isented to pre-
,,ent the priz. s t.:, il ?e -e< .--t' l ..>, tiLi t.:.; .
Th.:l dn y' pir' w:rv;i- l-.roui liht to a '.-.. lby "- Turn-
bling Turtl,.. Pi.:eadilly I'eu-'uin," Bounding
Buck," "' ShivN-.-i i in- v'-rk," I',.p,,fl -," ** Ally
Slofer," 'lippl r,-r Di_ k,' C iumbliu Gr.r:.Uper"
and "Jounah," Wv-hu A tnA-ted in tubl- aud other -'mazll
craft ; noun-. pp --. r,-n: to come in first, but "' ie.i-
dilly Pengu'iu" wo"uMI.l. I think, have come inu fir.-t.
had not J.oual'" .-eut him to the bottom to have a
look at thl-e i wl..l.-'.." As it wai. I saw uo Iul.u
arrive, but all .t,eeieitl mixedi.- up a ,.t ..itrugIt i' u:
and s.cramblini in the v-e'.ner, idi: th'. lud. ,in.4* .
and hu ,mocuau.ii- 'haff fr'.:imi the y tan.';.r'.;-. '!ii:,
m y ,:av t ,nd ,, au.-I I ..-ui t \i.:i, I i c.1.- .,iL l di-eaimt
t. George't.-, .,[.iy 27t.hi, 1","

George A. oSafor',
D .L," \X, N. c.,
11 aliit rer and lienier int
MARBl.i .A: 0 POIjSnF.i.) ; \GN[TI'I.

lead ST" 'N .-, F N-i', ', Chilrch TAB LET
Basin 'TOP1', &e. &c.
Any design u ut to order. No charge foi ordi-
nary liiseriptiois.
Persons forwardinf! iu ders, or wishing any
information, please apply to
Agent for Bermuda,
42 Front St.
Hamilton, Octr. Gih, 1879.-1 y


The Return Match played at St. George's on
Friday. May 21st, and after an exciting" Match re-
sulted in a victory for the 1911h Regt. by 22 runs.
Liri.uts. Fearo-,I Kennedy rindd F't. Knowle- played
well f.r thl:- 19thb, adj.' Gooiaclu and Wilson were
well on the spot- with the ball. For the Royal En-
. ri. C tpt-iu Her -ag'e batt-. i' grodl style and
Cortpl. M~ .ii pl:uy ed a c-ireful iunings. Lieut.
W good's 1: .wli'- w.-, a.-. usual vel y effective.'

Ist hIinngs.
Lt.-C.-1 P Viro : s,6.Wood (i
Capt. J. II. E&-.: a, .h. 'o..o.t :
Prt. Knowle.-. Martin, b.
W <,od 0,
Lt. E. C. K-'.unedy,. 1., 17

Lt. T. A. Ftarou. c. :::,.. .
1 .la-rtiu ti

Pvt. Wilsoc,ce.B.ites, b.Wo--,d 1
Lt. A. De S. 11ado,-, ,.6r-
tin ,"
Pvt., b Marnii_ I

Pvt. P-att, .ou, u1.t o- t l_ 3

Pv-t. Collius, b. Wood 1
Lt. M;m.rtney. ,, out

Total .-5

2nd Innings.
1. Martin 1
b. Wood 15

b. Wood 12
. H,-.neage, b.
Wood 6

c. Martin, h.
Mobl:bs 20
run out 12

e. ,'.ite-, .. "W ood 0
c. THencage, b.
'. ood i)
c Yn Denop, b.
Mobbs 0
not out 5
1 !,.., b Wood 0
Ext ra. 10

Total 81

T-OYAL IN'.m JL..-I. .

1st h initi.!$.
Lt. C. K. Wood, b. Wilonu 7T
Capt. F. W'. Hen:ea.;.e, c.
Fe-rom., .Wil--ou- 1.-
Lt. TorG-e-r, c. :and b.
,-,ou i
I 'cor~pl. t1 ii in, 6. ie-
Lt. P'. G. Yon Duup, c. ani
b. G-oo,.l,:-,n ,
L t. F..T ht...., ps ,,, .. G- -_.., :i,-i ,.
,':i -, E G ;^.,ib, ., G o.:.. .u l

C'oipi. P-ame-, a '-. a':-'.:- i
L'o'rpl. G( t a r..:i.:'. it ii
Corpl. Bea-ti-:, /. ',i ilson 0
Extra- 16

:.'.,' Ivlnings.
b. Wilson

c. aud b. W\ilsou 7

/ Good :.c.e r
i.h Eden

Si.:ol IU;
t. i'ilson
/. ":,-: ,:re
*. I-Oo" "L'
i.b.w., b. Eln.u
ti;: out i
E l..


I t.)

1 L t. tJ'J 3 ,Il.t ,.'k 3
--------- -n.o -----
A AW .. ....N r, Vh. 1 1
of rL,- p-"tLr' O'. I .. .
i th -- nii t. '.f I .. a v- i:: .r. .'J: .', 1 iI'' ,:. t ,Ut.
S i- hL o a ,. i .'. -m., ". vi-
1 de tl in s t i' r
th -. E l -, i i ;jJ-l -.. i t \ '.- ''- .:
i 4- .. .' [ u
l'e !l V x'. S;. -.'. T n:; .. ', ..;_ r ;e (tr i .
B o:t '.; -. i -i r i .'y ;-'.: .- .". "- , .in,..
re.,.uvd n Yo,- .L.-: In'ii ur.a J [ i L,.i- --.. Tui .k-
er, Oge.!p .i 3ei ; y K. r I t.- r in 11u1 in d i

vea.r fx ::n-t 1 G Li '- : .i li ---
liar ha.i l.l ln iu- he; -i u n' :!,"n '.- .n.
der. h in)i.', .. i :.. ; I, h.'n ;... t i
an oar whiic,. i. aid-' hirl'.. 1 .i.r L y i'i u'_pop'.-iuL-
hi ui el.'f r1u.l h :- ; ;, r,'ih.. 'h. a ,.- ...ii.. '-"e '. "r
,co...mpanied by ove of the Orduancme Island
C-tuar.h iu Wii bo..: t..,'.-, 5 L ni.. i J,. i-,l ,
ho m ato e awl .. ti1'. .-u. i io 1 .i F,;_ .:
S i.o,:,aI- i ..,: I- h.- I.t'1i i I '; -I' i.'. ti.,,r t
beloun irg t, .i ...-..-1. T h .r *- i s t o-,- ti`'a,: tl. il
in taking "l the rc..ui to the oli,- .'tatio tlh,.
m ost couv,_.u'.- p -- ..- *.'..- [ .-.. r,,1odi. A.M.i
a..a 11murr ) L A..t no .e iu s-
i.u;_e ,.v o y :;v ii ,'.b :..,-.-....: ; ,. iif..', in w\ hi,:l!
th ', -,,.'e ........t -., ... i 1. -ton t i -
-.. 7 ..-, : .. ; ,._....' -. .. o : J .
M Is T -r : -. l 1 : u .i -.: i-.u sL t it till
i i ...... f.L. I, -'-' .a -.. :,, ,-:I': s I p -

i I : a 0 f -w.W v .! i.. i -1 t .W 1 1-l tion
,of t ,e .- r- .. ,... i -- :-.11 ,: ,.' i .r th
,. :.i.k C -- ..- ..... .'.I ri..- in h : t, -. u.-I w hi:' i
,.ause':l W- re'. vue t':' ..- ,ibtfa. Tle removal
of thes.:. ,t.-..t t.-,...:i;., -ym!,t,.,s i, ih r.iuz. however, been
accomplih.d.l it wva-- ,i ._u ,--.d in: er Me.-ic:al At-
tu d u.i ,:,i.t L ;.T '.I -, ti; t ., w i :.i *_ a o(',-:,r.
M ist. i n t i K i1 'o u o tot
the ,l It I. t : .. r i: r- .f that
:-l.e \ -i.-: .i ,' u i .. ,.:, i:;-,^.:-- ",'it". he ', fo,:, a
haIe. T u .f .i. ... U. .i

'...n' ie, ha1 ,_;f
I .,- .I ; .- '. ". L i ti .
a i"' i .. .. SA L. o" '_.-1, -. 1 b wV '

-TI j.D.71. o; '

... ;.

,O1fers [",r :Ta/ Chca

A (.;h ice i: !:.- ., i

I Vid Silver Plated Ff"Iareq
'i i ,i ,: <. !.nd i pu rc ha- ._ i! i 1 ,'
S r.llin, .' ,! *I'- re,) ai.-phI r,) !.i ;W., u :,\' "
.I S".- ', .. I -i ',', : ,. -lr

.r GW I (, on i' i .o t n.i to i. l i th i,,
i iiv'ii i o !,. {"

R.eid S'r L t "4 u G-5lire.

Q .r ^ I ,", ,*" 1 ^
M~~lfc^^,^-- ,l rs r

S HE ubove % \ TC H ES for Iboth
Ladies and Gentlemlen are kept constantly
on h knd !yv the UUn-iersii-ned: Any. ra'rde '%ove-
merient not in Stock will be furnished at the
'MlInnufator's list pi'ice. Also, make i. order
anyi style of Case vwith Crest, iMonograin, &c.,
Remember the American Watch Co. received
the Gold Medal at the late Paris Exhibition.

Front Street, Hamilton,
Deer 16, 187. u*o.

Lo.vDo-, May 20.-Parliament met to-day. The
Queen'.-, .-.peech says that the Peace Preservation
Act in Ireland will expire on the l-t of June and
will nuot 1-e renewed. The question of the suflici-
ency of th,e acm.t f..or the mitigation of the distress
in Ir,:laud is under consideration. A ballot act, a
bill t,, pr.oteot teuaun., against injury from gnrounu
gamen, and a bill for the extension of the borough
franrh-li:- to Ire.laid will be submitted to Prlia-
meLt The -.-u,,npl:d.te fulfillment of tilt- proviion-i),
of the Ti'-aty if Berliu i- regarded. .is rfsental for
the vi-ol-an .e of furItherl coiplications in the East.
I:. ti. I-I,,u..- of Corni -a- notic,.e was given of it
Lill for th-'m of ejectment- in Irelaud.
Mir. Parn,'.ll ,nud his immediat.- followers .sit on
the Opp .-ition eunches, Mr. Shav.- nd other- onn
thi Governm-ent side.
Sir Sta.,fford Northeote, in their debate on the i.d-
dre.-.,. dwlt upon the heavy re.-poasibility of allow-
ing the Peace Preservatiou Act, to lapse and ear-
nestly Loped the result would justify the step.
Genet-:ily. he approved the spirit of the speech,
although he criti,:i-,.-d of its detail.-. In c...n-
,:lusion hei- said that if it was f.,itind that the (Go-'-
crinume'-t'. i'.tiu w '! likely to be su.'h a the Op:apo-
.itio:-n .. 'll -0..ientiously support, they would
ien..-mr that .-iipport.
Mr. O'C'ou,.ir Pow'.er moved an amendment to the
addre- that thel position of the occupiers of the
land in Ireland de,-serves immediate attention in
ir, their leg-iti:natv claims may be satisfied.
Mir. (Gladstone urged Mr. P.,ower not to pre;s a
pron.-.ition that did not affect the principle raised
1lv the .iddres-. Regarding Sir Stafford Northeote's
-remlulls. Mr. '.laklstone said the Government were
fully as true to the principles they had enunciated
r-epet inug the foreign policy when iu oplpo.itiou .a:
the late Goverunmvnt iould be. Many held that
apart n lt',m on- ,, or two qluestious arising ouit of tlhe
Treat v:of Br-iin, that dociiament had promulgated
many valu :ble provisions. Mr. Goschen wouldI
receive p-cvi-r' iusttu.:t ions, and if the effect of his
iai.t.-ion was to .etar up thti mnis-.pprehension ent .r-
tnine-d by Tuirkley regarding the Government, the
result wou:l -be worthy of attainment The G-ov-
ernimn'ut. Mr. Glaid-tone .-aid, viewe.1 the (Gri-ek
au M1..ntenegrin que..t ions as pressing. It was
i.l-.iil ,e to di.-abn:p the minds -.f the Turkish
p.- '-it- ,t the notion that England had :;u'ch a
special, .s.epirate inter,-.'t in the maintenance f
Turkey. It was also desirable to remove fromH the
mind ,of the Porte the ide-i that England war dis.
po:-ed to t ic-pa-a.s upon their rights in Asia. All
th:it the Gover-nint desired, he said, was to ..'.:-
the -:bli,-ation of Turk-v- faithfully fulfilled. They
Shad no .de-.ite to ret'lce ch.:- iinits of Turkish terri-
tory in a;.i- dire..tio). Rfei-- ,l.U Ind.lian finances,
lie wv.-'uld iot. iu tji- p I.sert satte of the iu:.Otio0n,
into the *ei .i-.i ief Cvernment was obliged
to accept the aoaezati;-_ of Transvaal as an
a'.crmplihi:e'.! f-.vt. The G.ioernmerit thought the
,'.ireur st -,. e, -.1. nuot ju.-.ti'y the 'ienewal of cthe
?uoerion aI:.t i ll rlint-l.n:.
MA l c Fo i-er. chief "s:.r,-.t.-.v- for Ireland, pointed-
o'tt that it wv.-, im cl-.-1.i-I :t;It this period of tihe
S.',si,' n to ateirpi:, to le1-gisl e io so lar'.e .i question
S was rai..:1 ,y Mr. Po' -:ri'. ,aimeut-dmen-ft. 1' e
I -ish meml-ers might, h:iw.',-vr, rely up:n the- Go'.'-
.,.' ,.t-'t e .:2si. 'eri ,: .(he m a -.-r with the git' e -t':-It
_- 1 ible ce.r-'. X.egard-li '.. lh,:. i mei'cion act Ihe ap-
iv:-.1 to tt-_e priest.- '.indi. p '.'! cf Ireland to refrain
t.Y:. ';act.s, wvhethe-r il the riatuir'. -..f the part pro-
.. '.c -io's 0cr otherwise, whi,..b ,i7,ht result in evil
- '..i. ences, and !i -r:! to a r -.--,r to coereiv,-
l :i.-e res. ,
1ir. Sh.iw. luemh fur <.' k .:-ity urged that
th:' c'nditiou of the poo.r wi"s very lir,:.hing.
h .harf-. :: Ste.wain Pasi a mir--- the nUec-sity
n>.. Url! '-'-,. the ue,:.;..-,ity
for the te-up-r:.iy sursp'uen.,-i. of the right of evic--

3[:'. Poj-w,-C'" n-ieudment was then rejected by a
-. i, 47, aid-; the im.tlin f Ior an

I t. t :.-'e of Lord.-, in Ih- i itIe O t,-
......' ".', _, E E e. -..- ,l,,hSl ...:',i, Lst,.- ied theo.
-,-": it.: 0 -.:.- -o;p!tel v tlv o fulfill th .-
-' 11.Un tr-'.ti H': a'd i,: won ll lik- to o.tin
sol.i inr-. 'i action ri t.tir'ilotu- rh.- p.i wei' of Mi.,
.'. i:'ien, i_ ,1 '.vih' l ,-,o k; w v vi, It w,"s n _n t b:)'-
.m'iriU 'I.ii1 T-i.ii e l' e. tr:-he i xv
I i n ml r .. .. .-n- t i n Si iit tn aer'-i.n t
t hr k:. [ ,.-i e i-: i '.,Li. r it:--,I.'i,,ort, whilv b' e w -
I a 'rerLvU.. t.
Lo:rd i Cuille s.ii.1 the Govtrianut had;0 ib!-
i i.'.", l,: '.'" o i';, u A ,"t in Ihe th.e p-opl '
,.ait n'-i-i.','r H -ir app ae i l. ,He ,ou:ld,: noat : ,--i~
c- lI itn- thr eP ,tioin ., :._..-ri-i .'- A l'-' at i- a t.
that "r ., :'.. i -',, '.. *.!:,im.- L ti .? ; ,.!'vi- '.,,: nL ,.liid p..-
., ad.: ,:', -:u!l :. til ? e .r -, j. 1 ,: ti..n fr t!,.-

iut, ihe ay.- 2-1'. -,e .i :- sh.-''t i ea, l-,0. -- ti,.

th,:, L',:. 'iu .. ,[v *'!.i..i: ', i' A u-tia L :. -ver,' mn :.--
,, ain.. ',i.. .m 't it l t- n --.' The i- t -
]^o, *^*in t ..'"4 .. ... :-- ,]itions (,::'o te G ie,.k .,i,.I

e1 ', u,. r t,: i the Power., pr, p,-t; e au ideuti._ n't :-

at u E Irt ''*n 'I r- tn ;irr '.- 'i'-u .; i T .
Power. i,;,.. , illy re-..i lo, d H .: ,: pl.. :*ij,1. ;iu, .i
that th. r,:, ia. ,., : r ,i.h ti,-,!. between n th. B :ellin
r.i .nt-' profe.-i :[;-. ..i late '-"veiieit.
The a it --.-.. wa the:. r.'ieel to.
LO.ow, M_:y _2.- The" '.','.; it.". le.t.1.r t'lhi
morLuini .-av-' the. e e,:,nld h al.,r l. li."iv, ,,e,-i a
iil .,...' c:.m mu .-r.:--.nient of th-. : -.,...i..,u 'n.a l of the
u.:r. 'Iiuist<.:';;l 'ei in tkl:!U w-'. pte-ented by ye,-
ter,.l..y _...lebat..-. in tlhe tw.:, ioi:u:.-s.
THE I .HI Ii Er-' i '- P'PO- IrI,::.:.

Lo::,'r. .y '" .-- Ihe Iri-h M :., ;!nber-: of I'ar-
lia ,.n:- i I.. I-z ,1 .; nu ,' i ..-t 'l.. aii.. .. id, -..! y a
vot'.' of I t ait a bo:ily on the Opposition
be n,..l,,:...


*. -
- i'-i ~
-' ~- I, -'
--s -~ ~ .4,ki '-.1
m~-.rUC' ~

DF.tLA :; 1 '

P \h 'P"K il'': 'y "- ,"1-

- ''-, -Ti..

i. -
J S ['. ." -' ,; ; I i ,] rt l. i 'y 1i, h Iin k
Ithe. P public l ,,r .. r ',.'-r li .< l l .itroi -. ,,
aind %\ ill e .l, I' 1ir ( i i, !.* i t so in the
tutut re), ( ,nri, tieir co lI i. !- 'avours.
14 Q(iu n-'e : t ret., :!ini!;.n, )
F'ebri:iry t, o. -_ ,

P. OflCC i -, Flb a
AT T'i iE :: 'i RAT: iE t1 ` I'-F
Can he -iIaii ed fro:, thi
1H:," XN \ / I- I I ... ,
.,/ Lono' .

One of ihe lon:3. -,t lEsuzbliihe.! and \Vealthie,
Office iin -'reat Britain.
Through the i itk -NCiI OFFIC' in these
IslaiIds, a Saving is effected to the Insuredi
of the Stamp Duly, a very considerable item.
RISKS taken b )th on IFAL and PERSONALt
P'iOPERTY for 3, 6 or 12 months.
No FEES and no C'IARGE Itor Policies.

tl. milton, September Jth, 185I .


Reported Failure of the Scheme for a Joint Note of the
Porte-Germany's Pos:tion-A Confere.ce pro-
posed to Settle the Greek Question.
LONDON, May 25.-A Berlin correspondent aserts
that the propnIal to present an identical note to the
Porte ha, fiol.n through, thie ~ssent of all the. signa-
tory power- not having been obtained.
Another B,.-rlin despatch -,avy' :-" Germnany has
wihi !rawn her ohjrctions to a -'onb: rence of re-presen-
tativhe nf the signatory powers of the Berlin treaty
ir Berli.n. hut stipulat-e tl'it a definite progrannifle
shall hi framnr-d here thie ci-"n'--rnce is enlled. The
plwc.-r- i"..' now niileed that i'the !use of f.,rce -halla
li.', r,i'.- netc-,-ar,' in Turkey-'. all lthe powers cihll com-
hinoe for common action."
lieuter's Ti--lo'ramt C'.:opr':i:y inhs the following
froit Berlin : Intelli-renee hnh. been r-ceived here
frorn- P-ark to the effect that Prance ha' lpri.p'i.-ed
thar the Internati.inal ('on mr-'i-io', which w'-. tco deal
with the ri.etctitietin of tl.-e Grek frontier !e a'ban-
doi.o l, and, inust.-ad, that a supplementary conf;Itrence
of the power.-, meet iit)riic:itely to settle e the que.-tion, ;
al-..', thit Enclndl anl -omne of ithe ohier jpow ers
hiveo already -i','s'I-I.ntued to thii prop:,oi-.l, andil tie iA--ent
o! ti0e remainder i contl'dol. e-;, expected."

Sir Willi,,, Harcour! E!.f. /, .r: D t.n-Bie a'er Trca.f -Prop:.,'-trd .c.r'edialio, in %'Sith
An, ric'i.
LONDON. ManY 2"'th.-Sir W'illiam Harcourt Si.c-
retarv of Statc 'ir tie Hoiriu D.p-irtim-nt, \!ho wa"s
ef:at-. bti ti e C",--'-vrv iv.t- c iiv:Lite--M r. H i 'l
;nt ill' !, io c iuln !.:,ire ihat con.stiuinev ior-
re-el-,. in to Pirli.,ient, alter 1, iin or iee ;n the
M.lini tl ias been elected for Derby with,,it oppo-
In th,. I'ou-,' o! ('o!rimon. to-day, Sir Clharleh
Dilfe, Ulider Scret'ta'y fnr Fcre-iQn A;flirs, in r"-lv
t Sir Henry otfl, o tiled tlat the Governlmetntk i
not t conmunur.ication withil.e .United I ite.'S upo.r
ihe qn.- tioni of tlhe air'o'-ntioui of the i.'I t,:li-
unlwer treaty.
Mr. (Gladlurone announce- that the Gove'?rn:..nt
expects within a short time to receive the an~w'ers ,of
cet'taiin pow -r, vwho have lb:it-n i 'iie'l to iparltiip.te
in the prop,. i-ed concert action wv.ith re'_inri.l to the
i'- ii. t;.-:;. ii i': m thu..-j u C-civi i, M r. (,,,,-
Scheii, i. -l'tr.tin-,n will hb.- coni l-vte.i, a-id tw ill pr0o-
b;idlv iy [pr !e'n p a4 'h I'- ,
i'.1 r. ih,.- to s li.tion, re'e imin,., tthe Bri.iaiau- Il
i'J '. t,', a 'lefc.'t e-ni hii tive, :iv ii.. .. t ,! t ,'.
M ( lal-r, one -t.r -i th.t ;-iir J:u'i(ile F r_-r- i,' ,
not boeen r,.:- I hi:'i iro1 .)iI lh 1-.f'1:' '.,t- ? },
e*ni; ':, inll ai ri'.i-h :i -e:he;.e oi d ,,ul nil n' -.
action which rini;.r h ,- ivI,.-o a t;. cli.h r :-.
Far! G r.'.nvill!' r..ceivi-,i to- !any t tcli For-iil It.
a i,o jt, i lii ri i l l' rl Onil fli" "i"i "
ot !i(dlitiou by tih :. '. ir i-h 1,iv rrilh,,lit I,, i''"1:;'
('hili an, P. ru E-u i Gr. ilr l ,i e larei llh-.r r.e -
1ip 5(:er report':,rs couli n.ort h!ie ilrn;tted to the int, r-
view, a '4 ih.: iubji,' w,,ii-l !e i, .-.:"',- .I in I': .,rii i-.
A p.';v\ate ri port -tai-- that C, ,rl t irinvill, t,.i rn.:-
i'al ia:-,entt .ry deput.-lioii th- he- w .ou.i.,, ;I a i r-
Ille opi-, rt nii lv ,,ft'er:.,i, -?..?)liiatolli betwiee l, the '','tlib An,..ria.n I- l li .c:i't-.
(G .-n l Sil.- ( ir,-'n t \ ,lI'.,lev .alp' 'I'rl. rri v 'i_ a v-
F.:iltih to-'-l;y froip-i southh Alriea.
[.o:,,:,., ?.(av .` ; Th,., Prst stat,.- tk .-'t .:ir l'it v
fi'oit\, Mir. i'o'.ler, an .:,r. Il'D ,ai'.:; li ii ,'.- ;',_c. in..
anl:i!!;ioui letter- fr'n;i; p,;r.onn threatening to ;inlr-
,er th-eni (for th-- l ilthe h.,ve t:.i;a un in op 'y ,' :; thl
:*1.ip i-- on oi C' l.3; r .h e i J ',.. iiau ,l! ill th, "''".. .

O.1o.-;,fO. to the a Inm "sion uf Mr. Br dihtu,,'i to th ,
,li .: ,.,f C.t t,)/n.-S- r D .rrle Frere',s l, i t-i t' in
LONDON. ?[' M.-Th'n Po-.t thi. ".:,.'n- i. state
thait sev.-e';,i m,;:bor-: ol t1, H_.r--(.> Can ~;o lns V,'hi'
have hi.lherto ..u, portei th, '.,v.. -. :... nt in th!, at-
,, !lili i'Il:;i barv._ ie,. m .',^ i."to toeilt.")t9 t .- r,,mif -
,.ion ,.'t S r, B r.,,d s' t,;f b t,- hi. :',?;it b!.'- re i' ed
:;ti.'i t I'eprese-nlati u-itr m i eii" cl.ri nstitn !.iits i inst
the n lvi. ty o U c.>ilten.- .-.ii,; in r iy w o- the
1i,;al C," ?l'M B r: la --r th, .. '. Ti,
it i- ,. .
t '. ', a (, !,; t.. i i tI.- u.' -I .- i-o ia li
,.'rt:tti'.-'] Ta u 1. ll ',, ,. i :!. a': i-.idtnm'.'*-. ] Stir- h ,-
i.-e i th.- ? , ,' .u .':' i 'i-l- ;t., ,a o I Ir. Br tl-
i ., ,' ;Y.' .:,i .;i t 'iig n1,._ o:P h :

.i I -'. c' ,_r ;'!;.:,; .., f i-e [- r e. ti. i j ''e..., it. ,
rTh : -'..: .*: : A .' ~ Ci i- ,,'j: u i u, '.:-
.,it~il .; -; i thl? :',fiji-.'- -.i:! -i.l. ,, ou -, T-r b.'"' -u t,,. _-
, '!i .'. -m ttr! i.'.. '. -.. '- r ,'-i i.. : hb n," niilt-il'-
, -'. -!-,,t'. 'ih" m .. I i' l, \vu i ,' i priv;i' .'
-i -' t '- '.-'m th,-" o lii'.1 th:Ir iir B'ih r1'i 'F rer''
, 'i.lii, e' it' -o. t 'L '," ':' l. '.'.. ro '
iri a::'' i"ut. ,,,, t '':". ..;.- kull.-ioi i'd,..;jiied i,\ Ih o

d utu p -ied itih, Ft '.e lb
e i,;c it wer i-Ctot' i'_ Te u." Tiie 7'711(s
-,).. ?.;- : Ii w c oh et,-u[i' ,; hir de oelf atio ml d

.\ P '?. ;1. 1 0 1 n -..,. e i I ou -_1 I
i. t in..;i( ,u h ih a1'a. I i J. 7i 'o. nil. G TI'!lr .i.

AIanethaiui down. ui .ll h i on harl i
right" .s .written o'.n teheFt hnd cimotirrn a
tdi (e ..) h. nd i:' i th, r eisitii. ii! .. r : te nLi,'s riplo )t io t.h ,

h t.- ui i y th* i.: -th i. ft.ii r-", d i ti e rin, x-
hip t: h r 1 hi-.'u dir.. Ft. -; t e I f 'ia l i r
a ti)i- e r "fie :d. i mti- neit r .tco il-io e

w-il b.r.- eail- .n-e, ei e dii ed, .t hat trti, ing
b e u w e ath t, l .

I I ..: .r' ,.1'. Lr ] .f :th .'orialsith Iot 1 I t nid,

co klo ii p,,i ,; dUit -. eii-:-r he G iume cit '.ii
...'v ilh ;.' ) ti., h t < r ;isu>,- Liir t'no i l ,it..

that th-,e iu ori-al re .-'i. .: i B-ar tle Frore will
11dt b.e p iti woia. t Egn i t al il
. b ispab nt, mbei K..bul h, ai ace w {-, ., '-
,Ofi Nl D hut tr ytworth a7. i'. : :Dnu :'..?rte ,-^ ii,.flr

,1f the? hI3a:; be a um e Aibdurrahnma)
Kh.,n I- the British Mii4...,n Ab;hNrr-bh,u %%i ,h"-hi
t,, c, s.un t th:? ebielq h..! r.: d hi.d.,{;.
A di path tiom 1 *,i.g.!:.. :i sa!I y. : "** Thi-re ale di:-
iin an<:,.e.< in UTpper Btir:njh ,eio-.? to, .,ir t'rni'ti, .
O .'.i '-L:1i1 t en -. 1 ,,' vi "
'i, -,Lw ers. <.;,le -. Ii t'.' i.. i ,i .: i,..,
iier a light. T he G.:-.:v.';, s :ias kil ,, .r ieL i;-
.' ,, m Lte, !,fe iri :! :r.thai t. 0 :n : e ,<-: -;> [ir,:-7-,
,.L boti i,.ef. h iloa r.. rtL, ..;:r nii. E llr lr..'.e .. ":
C.-'.'?]?i _i,"h to our ter'riOq \. T h:.^-,'- ,r- .li ..,,- :..,-
day o .A i ," -,:-at pitched b;,l lie, in which ib ibi.:.t -
genta were victoriou.-. Tile Burnese Emb,-
remauins. Ite allo.wa-ee- h.-s been so,_:.;[e

A Dubliu paper report.- i bat there bl.ic!,_ien pi. ked
up o:n the 'Lore at Dalkey a pieca oit del 9 in. ,
1N in.. on which \ as writr,-n in pencil, H. M. ".
Ataianta goiug dowu with all haud (oa boair, in
latitude 4S-60.-(Signed)'J. Steward." The word
- right" was written on the left hand corner ij a
dilereut hanud from the rest o(t the iu8cription.
To supply the place of the A.4talanta as' a trainiugc
ship, the Admiralty have directed the frigate Necy-
caitle to be refitted immediately. Her steam-power
will be retained, it having been decided that training
ships iu future haball have auxiliary steam-power to
be used in rough weather.
A propos of the trials of the Nordenfeldt and
Hotchkieess gn, it is noteworthy that the specimen
of the former which burst on board the ,Vortharapton,
and was on its way to England in the Atalanta,' will
probably never be seen again.


Proceedi s of lhe S Io ior':able Leg-
i-si1'i've Co1nciil.

Friday, 28t0i .?ry, 1SRO.-Pursuant to adjourn-
ment the House met.
Prcsent--Hi H-',no:r .osiah Rees. Chief Justice,
Pr,;-.,'- -n! ;
The Honoralb!, Aug,'sus .7. Musson,
WVm. H. Gosling,
Eugenius Harvey,
ames Tucker, Recr. Genl.,
0. S. Tucker,
R, E. Webster,Crol. Secy.,
Colonel E. C. Gordon, C.R.E.
The Hon, R. RE. Webst-r from tiFe Committee ap-
pointed to prepare. an Address in reply to the
Speech of Hie Excellency the Governor on the
opening of the Session. .prcsen.ed a Draft thereof.
Tbe House went into Committee thereon.
The Hon. W. H. Gosliung in the Chair.
The ilouse re-sumied.
Th-e hairm,3,a ireorttcd the Draft. of the Address
without ariedriie-;. .,ichi was adopted and or-
dered to he pnaros:erl.
Ordered, 'hat tL-' following Message be sent to
His Excellencv I ,, Governor-the same to be de-
liv:ed by the Hon. R. E. Webster:-
ilay it pleiise Your Ereellicau ;
I am directed by !bC; Liahti"-e Council to in-
form Your E:crlli'cy that thle Council. having an
A d,!es to pr-s:., ,-,. ie to luoo when it will be
conv i:enit :o Y-- E'.,.,2 .'e to receive the
Council Chamber, 2Sth May, 1:S0.
.\Adjune'd to Tuesday ,,: xt, th, 1s t June, a

,1 .y .W "i
Ii7 T; I VV -Zi U 13 A

AL4yr1tc o f' P11,,'o"v'dq..;" of' f/be ..iHonoale

Frida, 2 )2SL If., iS.0.--' is Honor the Speaker
.hF.inn. ve,.''n e r,- the ,-., ~ that. in con,?equence
of a family :,ff;licti. i -ublc- :o attoEnd. On mo-
fi.n r. M1i F a. r ('i bFy .M r. V. .1J. Frith.)
(under Rule 2) --T1 H.i.e :,,ijn-.,rned to Monday

.V?.!.. 1 c31c. .Vc! LI'5 r.- TLe At torney General
from tb.- fC>'.mitter -.pi'r-.fal T prep3!e an Ad-
lrres in rel) -. F,,' S:-ch o if i-i. E ,:ellency
tbr- Go( ernor r.t i,\ .'r.nTo of t.h o pre.1e nt, S-'sion,
pre n'e'l a drat. r iaf '! a, a .i cn his motion the
1-',o er-, .t in.i, i airaiice :, c tbh ;-hhole
Hou- lo ;n:.n mP. ;
r J p.-:' ;: th. bair
.c' ri.. r Z-. I c1Gkon idered

T'.' .'h ,,r, r i, ted Ihe A.,.1res w it bout
a- -. )- ..- t. t !.',j it *,-. acc .lin.Iy V a' opted.
H0.s Ex'd tllen. thei i ,.. h:,_- ... o. :
M.f. PR ea,' Your 1 *:.,,'1,' !,.- ;
1 ,'1 l'e fi ,.,". ,'.- be [.b.Ho sic ''f A s2,'e, 'bv to
". 'l.r1 .-i.' E l'h. that, borir'r ,-.Y:d^i a, s
,o p ,1.':, "., H '-i!^; ,:esire. i', b." ini', r; e.l w ',_n
S : eYou:- .;e to r.--ei've
the r,.,.m ,t,
,'r ',, .:. I e *lh, ;. ,', a. hbe carried by the
Atijtnrm"; G"'.'" -. ". 1 M'*, 7ii CO P'nis n.
T1:` [ P Ei 2 P-.' .U. .LI w-re 1 ,i- 1 h .re
.A -'.-' ... ,1 -.i E "."'! ln G;. 'h ov' ror :
(yNr. 2,)
R. L.. F'.FAN,

G ru,,,,", .' :.. .... '.. -. "2 ,f
"Th., G--,error h :'. b ---r 'o inform i th Hon-
S or-t ::,r will r,'cei e.? their
S.1 --, r. l his ron 'W ed'e;dav, the

i.''. :,,:- -:-r'- r le a Bill to ,inend
h-' \'> '. u... A-', l 'O')--whic'. wa' ;ea 1 a
fi r it r.t ..
1 -"- Bill to con -
i:.: r i.t 1 ''o ,".! :: \,: iti lp., t A :i A ct
i ', ; ;: ,. 'r. er ?e tion S hels
S t'-..- .-. n on -whi- h
.-;; ':> ; *9 1 .d 1 t .' r,

T h-i .' i iiu ,.,\. .'- t. ir,;a t ,>-o : 'e. F rtihte r
a.L:.'vi! ,ti L, b, ,.i! :. I ,) it. dee-l-- ni.g


.'l .. ILI
S .

'4 t' -' .I l "' a- 0 a p.m.
.F ; *_j '. :, .

S. .. ; i

e%"pre-"sh- or
t .,. v ." "-... lkh .

S. a e : eamers. n :l ..
:, .' d 4'n 0 p.m.i u

Sn'" _.'hat re at onifort in
'V n e e i.... Le c ,l:lia and ighi.

V nL ; .: IyI I i i y 2,too and Pin a.n

The I, 'U -ai! tBa r ? nr:nuda'froc: i er-
n Oda, s nnrsda general) rirvesat New Yirk
c'i *1lcV<.rv., .'s l a'e n m baggag-e caii lw,
trtferd direct to the Liverpool Steamer sail-
i1r next day.
29B roa dway, New York.
New York, May 13, 1880.
New York, May 13, 1880.

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