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ices, as clime home to wives'iaglhis. fouud time teuliif te to a I row eatlief than usual in gtiu tInv'Ii.n 1! in the of thehuliday. Her band:> you I -
J artldpate pleasures j .
ho are themselves orer- couudrraSU extent, the brijjjit! .faculUr -[ which partake pnation, t fur i-,! .. The as usual, offered but if you will not be, by heaven I, i I ,'.
gitbjring her and
e1ried. of bis mind kn d l powered u hew8 vra/: Iottp"ripose way tn the fl.Ms lOt; and He approached f,you shall be none other-. ," and as he -

'. ur mucli ir44I1 neo mi .true | : I when 7 'B pissed ; ea was \n take place in a argtt meantr tier his har\d. She hesitated a moJ siii this,be lifted the fremb'ing' girl.- -
,1Iusbandif! where hadperfcrted
: Ii.n wonderful nature
your yourTtSlhln'k g'entat' which from' coeaiam epee ', withma jnnticmc .y pr'.nr"- < meat, and her fce was crimsoned ith fi?m the ground and placed"her,upon' .. ,
for thecoo.
of ,ese things Do ci! e W'I\.pt.iu erierijeiioitd/ b..ath! 4 i.. rera: ., the iii..ece t.emutro w arran fetrieuti *t.erribfcrrasHnwa.but; finally turning the blink of the- precipice" where the taft

[ot say that the story suits M r1]fill l artion be| ti inrd to. po si-i itido ,.Ut. I hive a weN Ie' sy to you I ventencts and enjuymeni J festive occasions her beaut+fa'efea to bit with an at.'.' bteat movement oa his part would .

and- oadmirabJ1 Look narfrlf f r,kborr'neJiarrU iu 'poi-i., in private,'ui' .M" 'ire tree .asar.le.e. J Jill in.a far more grand and surt- *mpt to smile M: shook her heat 'I.MH her into die abyts belo ''"li.s.! ..
1 Ie- the hand of art .
into own !|intelligence and was Cbnf < "*\ :,t'I ... abte manner than Tte color Mktefrtly AWfront. her cheek were amulet Ji the bi!he.i : '"A-1
your savings& I :p.rloas .
I Inokinl up to bj- tlnrbom >a t"HMkf. e '.xwr, ''.k+ eou'J! 'ppsi Riby! p rflJt'1h. Jhe Ball] '
w doings at hone: and ice if] t't' ie .. H* HLJiiSiMJi! ? !Y.! l+ell. r .pJ itchy'and'his frame trembled ;. .
he tojourned, M brireK 'r MPrriur winch any 4Bff tit rtletr.: J.- ..: Koo ,>hJch watery tAr ea. wU-M'io -Bf: : -. '
does n't suit you in more I in tiw-jajppeH; : wbicb b.. indeed and tt'a .1., atlsan. ..., rig"'t I ry appropriate jur the pttrpose fur ffs i the ,T..ieia. naa Miai.wratli; 1We ....itoa .

s" i one particular. urn4, Hu siptyauon* Were noble an'I sod orer,'. isetrteptr l Fltretie. "; which r"w.\ d. On the occasion an(eetweapba ieve her.Jkari I Wow, Florefie," raidltelnchoked: "

.1 '-Daily Crescent elevatingirt tend'oe J1 and his .'. then turned arsl strode hastily' away and huky. aecenf, '' will youibv. ,

.. Cpune nt .life; ,wal markd Old .by a And wliyjretfej atYreldi k ant U, Flo-. pf these annual atbering a grand \ without. Ioo4i-t eitfeer to the right or mile V .. & -
line of the tnOkt rigid .lifd a the .
actclrrop x I.n. among was quick
I i "Neverl s
THE ELEPHANT. 8*.id3rt and inlwfrhy.: Th " whirhspeak" I .P; .... Mf"". 1 wssDl d I caverns, at shine and glitter '. rcspons. .
The tragical event at thetDRgrrirt turn Mettraieh, weea )"' Hun*t' fi(titrt'Iiet' '' tail a1.ti..JMtt''Io" .'whilst a bat d of uric. .gives zest to followed by a piercwg scream, thatpenetrated' :! +

resulting in the g.riab weltfc and ll bilitl' Though whirh'|. linear fr( 1"P"HI: and ask. the mirth aud ga et? of the happy aiaenihlies. Floret'e ttH upon her seat and throof for remotest pan . ':' ''d -

lh of poor Kelly has made':I"ge.tb:etic. an I t we_b.l coromsnB 'fin r".h rl.k. ,*'*.f which I
fphant tic chief, ding in appei tDOs,.1a .tad a hauttwi. .trOIi .............I.*. J these dai.cers i their piclur.tIq e I a. )rio shut cwt (ro.. her rblnd'the ,,throngh the datkncw rf the . ;:

linn of nits of b 'trine aM inner that .rie. .. I i4 you 'In<< tell mill t costumes : grocps Sitting here and,tTeateoing' wad: fa-now. tpok which abyss into tHe srteam beneath. ,
bi1adrlphia(n says the City tirely) dritrtw.'wbatvrrr I p'ra.iutt, } ef. tbit' but 1 u.r t L there 'amid the' feeding columns,;Hemie, bad Jest flv" i It r. Near The aext'inateat the hand of Lafont I'

m A morning or two after feet bit oob"Qr.. of'littks tin ealcu.'heat:. ,0--, ;, tom" our break..jiovera; stealing awU -In the soft and until BOW had she Hrft her real tkuatloq. had clenched the ne c uft Mi ieriHe ) t.. -

s terrible occurrence 'l.ti-d to {Inspire Flu 1' eyes were blacklandflhvriiir. g" Never .rie's Ja't! wp "
the dar- .: tender Biooolightjlf some crystal"'I ( uaIM Bow W." con* iiadheard: witbFlorette fa.
ad sinister er' .w La s.t in a Laftflor I
Dneabach took and jk, "ont1. tsidered Ja tet-I4t curse of and h4esJrd to tar .eoi'Jat. :
him lain 'Of:1r d| and the sly est, the half told how con* a
i .
beiirathj lhru -r. Jae grove;
...ion'A. be4 (reM l f '
, rang fur U pf i .. taleVid the laugh alike Im1' t.ifhl l a iw- itlii'bred !.arct.. in time to catch a|*mce cf Mr I nn
e pnrpnse of rarity fringed'lilt. ''He *M 10m" .tldily "'--i"kr" Mc,. ,... at.y r meijwakenipg a. \' J' ,; .*.* ,
hg his j Ih eoioei of the labyria-t it ndhad et..'s< u t'lke' : SHW to nit nnitIttC t+1eprveii'oer4. 1 1
ounce, ruttde b y' earl the.inatet ef Flvretlc, not with let:9M ....RY : t ; f t f -
.. 1" jt' .... .- ;t .. 1" I It : "" : 1' ,]# .. .. . "' * I
1 t : 4
\ a.
.. .
'. -.' q ." .. . i. ... I r ...-'Ct.. f. ; .
: ., "
4V .; "' ,. III .
.. .' ... ; Vt .
.. 'r,. "., ..- I .
., .. ', 4 ..
... : t .'Jit .
.. Ca '. f1 .,r l!:.. .. 'I1w . .. .3" *., 1: +,
> 1> .. *
.. .
; ...,... .. .. ... -'" ;. .,!t'I ; q i .
.. 't'. . i V1 ****'
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.. I :1: .
... s I : -4- ... 1 ,
ill. : .
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-. ..etff.1. .. T' .
"' "'rtf'- a e 9f

*...*.:'**litl ; i H ** .-

f' ., *.". .TI... ,: ; : .. Y t f fI
: I r' ,. .

.- 1'.. .,.. V "A', ;.0 .. I:I ,
it ... : .8 -:
: 1 : ) ; : .,.
lr ;
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., ,. p 1 .-a" f l5 Jal

to. J .-,... ..... ::

r ....,.- . _
4I g I-' --....' .. : 1


"ti; .. ,

i .' ,\ .. .... ,."'t""t :&. .<...'fi, -:I"".....J;i'o."h
.. 4, .. I.
..,.:....,. rl_ .., I . .,
.. .... ... I Ie. ,.
,,' I. -' -. .t ". ", .
. . oj ... ., 'f. .."t '. .. /Z .
F J' 10 ti
t .. I '.. ... . I. ". II ,.4 .' .., '
: :' '. ... J1 '. '.i ... !. . .. "
.:. ". .
.. I t. -
. ; _
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"' i.f '
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.. .. "
J" IIS.. l". &I
,., -.. .-_ ', '' ",':,: ''i I Isl 1", C 1" ... ......,.., ,. ,s y'
',. .. I. : .. I . ,._ ...It... : ,. '-," I!' '" ..- _,
#: .
.. : I.. .. '4 ,
\ e ... t. .. .. ..1. ." I ., :" ;J.I-... .. ; ,: . r :.

.. I .. t- .-' I!. 4 "- .c... '. .. ... 1i'J.1'i":' .. .;; .( ., ........ -'.' ;: .. .. .

4 .. 'd. ' 7"Y. 'tf"1" T"1.. I! i 1.-...'''.'.. .r....... :, if..r . .. .- .. "
"j.r .. . w. 11 ;. .. : .. I
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.. '11 '
1. . : -', -.l. '' : -
,: "'. : ... .. "
'" .' 4' I If' ...'.r .... ,tnjMin"1*** $ntTfenfjmn'rf** ,

"! .l .Villain !-"-:-ho shouted madly, Snyvv; .. felt', to the idepth I'''. _of about tine 1 vost m"\ Dun) ifc have ;ono'far !iris:;; to tfonfirnfthepircumstancebut ''WHOLESALE .pUCESd(JUKIIEST

1 ;/. inat bate you done 1"' inch, on the23d of I j f.bruary. in the towards estal', filing tLc', Pos what was their astonisbmeht -'I .

J;. \ WHat have I done 1'echoed.. ifcnrie vicinity of the Clear Fork of the Bra. slbili\? of suc\ frailly: eto ploy. when, at break'of day, ; XEW-ORJLEANS.. April 1 1W3., J|t

'1 in an;:idiotic: tune.Aye : zos The Democrat, says, that two ing ( :cianis\', :u> a imvi.s\1 ofdcstr they repaired to the tower they, -==>ICI &:eiQlC:=-- i
<' qt: ': hat have Y4j. done .' he| l 1 fusible found this\ dead all .
} ,> I or three frotijf' Highis, which QcYtrove >j.nj; w ,. J'u* I prisoner anu ':

,, r \".onunne d.hicknees'butI:. as le.rtt 11 h sank upon);jaiely had in Atistin I have done con*, h.u.iu: .: crap> ''us- pl-i! 'rd in his! limbs. mangled. In order' t to t ARllCLES.Ky" Frnm To I A nTirT rf<5 pl t :

\ ; need not ask nor I :Hi l ttcd! t V) th.e'f discover the cause of so' terrible A'orotorts : -
I al t"raL1. i ,jntr--1' early crops andi watc: :t:>> r.h. I I Bale Inpr perJC 71-2 tt:
..1 I need you read for mery ; your lime| .. .. I; action of <" hundred and. a death,they deposited in j NoitKtrn* .. '. .. Tar . . ..perbbHi ; Z 2.o
I' r jlru Hi cIlia j \ { I kBrtnd, t\avyp.l00..e 300 300 Pitch . .
comes 1 1
has ;i -: tZ' te
I 4 r
'I The words passed ti' lips, and,Uie|j Tvxw Legi a. : l.tture bate :lit.Ji twcnr:, p;>ir.a.Inche .) ',dat.s: a+;:rihb, the'game place several pieced i Pilot+. . . -1001.0 :; Rosfn . "', 1/ ,. ?0t

nextinsiabl Horie Me SpinWurp-n' ? p gall 42 C
rr !llwiiffai.YcHow 21 23 t tBricksbake
| Varmsabnght. .
of 31CO
; t! headlong down the abyU The peasantry -,f"r the O'"Ivston lj>utrict: to rungn.1 the [fiLosphor-il' action were two Jay's, thirty-six serpi'nt"'were { p. 1000f 300 600 \\V'**, IvnseedrjergaH I 3J09.

i who bad by this iime gathercJI \Vhatdo-sihis .fi n'1 liber ud at tttc-f) 1 rPSP; 'itive! found dead in the same f English, Fire . go"., I .Fr basket 1'jj bottles .500 5 fJi'Z

I around, $ogd aghasi aIi the story 1 J "- pole:, but +nrn/P> '. ) the n.) ture place. c I\\Donirt.tfer cro-s I O lire casks ] ergab. Ito "
1 > .
l I . '
utter 760 Sperm 'Vinter
1 I Englisi | .. iu.I .
i I lI I went from rnpulh to .nouih ;but their,:Capture and Df'ltr *:tlonl of Guatemala of lilt', .1!, they rcnnlteu I French Wine n.100 700 .! Tall . ft; .1'

'J' vympaihicd were allc citeiiia Lafonfs. by the Ihdeau6Ilte' and important in C1 A 'n r &v The : IC5" Murder.uer:Baltimore. -On ,flro* . { p. lOOJE 60 41ti I i 1 Sumrhef . 110 : .

fitvor. The ;ircuimlance:* connected We Iran-'ate' fr m the Veri: Cruz weit-klt 1n tiJi ,d! vv.s re41' the5tith "ttt hiViBtiek th""r N..1 I Coffee, Rk> . t . G&8, 7 tV hale| rtfirjed . Sirvaaa
J ;' Fnro [ fr.g" ? 1.4 :UJ- Lan oft . J . .
with the affair invested* tory with Arc'o Ins;of the 4c il I inst this follow' duct ,; two lit" theft l ---irlcrirr "lid r .Jo
"y { alld :.J hill: :tilts (frotu ..httnott'.1 I i tr .: Tanners' j't"t i: Of '
the coloring of truth, audit was bclujtcye \ which it rccciveCThe I . r It'fl"n"t. , .., .F I! Ca.u . ,
log impotent Ito trial I, -, )" I ril t lttadil d fJ. r.r..J ya 11 .r. r-
,l lt"
... Jp'
.4- .. '
i lievedb1 \I, thoU2h : i sayp hia I ".\< ; j r.wrs: . 1 .. lls ?' 'Ln' ay 1 Z 1.; 7 (hl OIe t. er tot! !

..,,,..... ale "n-cumpcull1, o .sed; 1Ct'ti: u J'. zmtirdWdtl 'J.J'3. ',.;.-. ifI'U. .. Jt.
"i 4 J time .. ( l '. iC dto Gctmaa asp; \l4I .' W j rtnW ,
: I.
1 safety frMn the law In flight, which be McCall,I fihbri i;; Scotlam;, 'a nnmtd1. __ NlI. .". 9 T. rml.2 .. %! .
, te, I i '' ,
n !: S "iv .u nJP' ..
r ,
Wilir: Th-- w..I! rVf
kifr' ,
; did, and en'isted: in the army of his, from the Belize, ( bat j British If'U''<<: 'nuuncisthal 1 :r rsligl w B C'JPr'T, Hraxers Jn t.? r"t''a _
Honduras. ., I st 'rrre r'ct! it to' b"oivji. <:..1' ., hart he N 1. country | I ) an the In litter ; ,ios. oichcouli I (
r l..j\t) \\ l
: ;
The story is told id the present. dians have taken 1 c tines of Guaie- inmuie* after bring etn iu an iltter-' SpermeW"'nedford 30 33 Prime iB. perbt i :.j 7'

da> by the peasantry of the vicinity, male (the capital! the' country) and i iliacalur be ca: h. dt< inl ,'I I IJ! view (with Shacfl The murderer JS'antucLet .10 I Beef. r 1 .. 450 5

1, lu'!,9 experinentg, must not arrested the 10 12 Cargo . r < .
whenever the nnual during Jay.
and holiday destroylie .. the beautiful was I
pub be ,jhfessed Adamantine. . Z; 26 Dried : per.tifr 51.
comes round, aid the ,! < raider it probable Steanna.. . V
.1' iroupg merry works of the tint: named. city ,- i Tongue-,1- itn 7m- .....
makers in the that this oficmo- Philadelphia, March S3, 8 P. I ; pet.C Funk bear
gather cavern, they McCall J trpdc M Cordage per b4 I lQ
ad that the
I I 1 pass the'bridge in silence, and not un Capt. inhabitants ving calculi, inaj-lake the place I A most horrid raurdeV wjis blanida. . . 16 11 lcsS . '. 9
of the Belize we i| greatly alarmed II Tarred; American 11 I 111-.. \1.0. ? 850 ,,62'II
usually cast a stealthy glance over the as they were m l of the two opera onsatPresent perpetrated last night on t Russia .u. . . Prime .b.
precipice abd drop a tear to the mem neniarily expecting I in use. Tho editors of the Fourth :above Arch street, The'i l Crnllwl..perbbl 2 22j PO. . ..' 1

ory ortbe sweet maid,w'hose only fail an attack ,me is said; of Cam Annals) de Chjhic" subjoin to house of Radamacher Birman 'I coal Canuel per ton Hog rtwt d Pert 3 a
j poachy.Cipt.. I It '' W e"tern .per bbl 00. BacoD.JIa 3. 1d.t S' .
: COQUETTE.Vridgrporl
I imgwastbatofbeinga. -- j__ Jhis paper an enervation, that bookseller, was entered and' I Cider.Nnrthentp.! bbl 300 800.I( dl), can ;';eJ .: ., 7 11
Ct. 1811 t nitrate of potaas, dissolved in himclfalid wife were found inthei 1 Corb; ltrot p. 1000 1,0 .9.w Sid" . . 3 U
FROM Q ERETARO I i IDIle.t"Russia 1 p. bolt'U 00 2000( Shoulde e 21 ::;: '
I in regard to n from Quer taro i the water, renders the decomposition I ( bedroom this morning,' Engll'tl! . .. 1200 1600 Lard + 5 I::

1 ffi and the l's' i t of haidcompact phos- horribly" cut and mutilated 11 Ravens . i. 700 900 Butler. GOt i; 21
rcpotte in San .
0 Am'Jo.2al0p.yd 31' ltiestern . ,' .
----------, -- ..; -- I'Luis and Guada atara: we copy the r!P hates, as easy ss that of the The! latter has died of the severe D ties, per ton V Cheese AI enter U i1 I

I"UDLISUED by-F. PI$'-D.'lt k Co. foHo\\' ing paragr )h from the Monitor (porous kind. ?:hey also sat- ] injuries sustained and 1 Logwood, campeac21 00 a 00 Pine Ap eSt } .
1;1 ti OFFICE ON GOVEENENt RTEEKT, U Querltaro, rcpt 121&19.19.Therumors | isfied th l1Jsel ref that the viscus I the former yet survives though Dumin 1300 U 00 P.natoe per Lt. 1 1 b1
Fu3ticTampico. ::10 1500 OUiUOi . .. 611
} og
: 'rue rtBLtc alI : '
1{ ., ......, ",..,- ,'..... ,. -, -l" ...........-..,..., ,' , .11 the revolution in;: is not injured dtrmgthe action entirely speechless. No clue l Indic;'. t per C 3i 1 5 Porter. Lond 0 p. t't.I f 2I 2'1;
.I PENSACOLA : San Luis and Gu laxara are extremely -i jof'! the pile,"" -H I j jI has jyet been ascertained whereon Jadder. " . I. .u I la Nodhent per d 9

I" rE.s-V.fl; 4 .JraiL, 181S. l | \ogue. The I letters assure{' E;gJ . . per bbIi 800 900 ItoriernAt . 910Floor
I -' .I -- that Paredesl! stands j I' - -'r'rI t tI to designatc he perpetrators per bbl t i. R.ce CaF\llit a par 'U-2. C
us absoute'y: a-I Injunoiis tfectsofChloroform. of this horrid crime., r Ohio, &c. supetfine '5'2.i 530 .SpiIY CbS per .qo iIlllioi. :
The result of the Elttition held at t lone iu ban:) Luis,'and that the neutrality At of 3& .1I'S3oord. ;Jj2'') :; 00 Cluee . ..'. Z

I the City Hall on :Monday the 3d of observed c by, the Santanisti has!\'i a meeting the I -,- St. Louis, City . 5ji: 600( Ginger, f"d e . ,.t7.l : >!
Surgical:I Sorie.)' of Ireland I Ah'I', conscience:: /-Our readers doubtless Sour. . . ' 31871. 400 Gtuu.d a' . = rlJ
r April 1548, for Mayor and Aldermen completely Jcnjojuhed Lis monarchi.;''Mr. Stapleton stated that he hear iu mind the facts of the murder bathers per' 23 2S 'utmegi. . . j [fl I
k I, II as follows :_ I cal plots. In G a atuara revolution I Ha.r..ttd per tierce 710 771 Pepper . -. 61.1 I:
I may at any Urn break out. Today I: had lately tried chloroform in pf Matthews near St Louis by Fish. Cod. per boy I[ 1121.: Pimento .. 10 U
i Ii 1fAYOR.CII.tfLCSl'NR..: I armistice some cases in Jcrvn street his >brother in law Bald\\ in. Whenthe Mackerel N;)1 p.Lbl S 900 Sugar La ler..c
w is! published in this
I fat' 1'\02. Gi 700 IniliuCit. .%. . 2111''
Onc :er was first imprisoned, somefew ?
: city by Gen. ombardl )i. The du- ,Hospital han n-as put into I .laok NO 3.. . 550 5i:;:; On Plants iou;. 31. 'f
.{LD ER.U E.V. content produced,:'y the 16th article I la[i sound cep!: but awoke in, I 'weeks since, be was a fine Urrrin; . per boa t50 'G5 Havana ti'Yhile . 7 11
is'i : Theh in?, robust young man. Le is now a Fruit Almonds;: . .
profound aqd' universal. [ about a r ,ru.t iftur-vards and YellurSoOseell )
O. M. AVERV.ALEXANDER article rcfered I' 'maniac and emaciated and feebe. . per.. 12 13 Bro' .1' .. f I-1 a
(makes the of'
McVO duty ,exprcssei Iimwlf: > having: that;those who knew him before his lIanldbell . . Loaf. BU Q k fUI 12RaisinsMR
r- ANTONIO COLLINSFRANCIS each of the con rat ng ta: disperse >i |been conscious of "- .ervtl'ingIthatwas' would not now p. box 170 1 SO Lu anal i a 81. sA
Doiri'. any bodies: of armed men asscrab'edin o incarceration recog --JI St L. .. . I Clarified; 7 UC
.. I j ; uc te him.: xvhile apparently rise him. He: does not speak to anyone . . . San:

_." A. W..Nle tSON;;, i any', part.. ,J.of the Republic, .t r t r nsck u:<.: he saidinched and his head is constantly bowed Prunes t ; , . 1 Livpl I f ''' 125 1 3

.' 1\I" "" f or. liDK ho.liJjgo .\he I't, he i iasldeii Figs. Drurz}..' perL I3 : ffirk' a I.tOnt. I Fa'
halt \, .:f'( l1" down, fearii tejook.yp! a* m- .
.. ..... r crn'lmenlEh. i "" I. ...-- V- .2Q. .. I1
land ut ht11llllllnl.jI L
IIy' ,
J yiT } so'resist lO.l" \ eblat 1 '
Cre: <}r I ... to Gr ges ::;; 1001'Li frttts !II.,re. lID 1)3)
; : "" TilE eo..f.1I11UTIl-1"hc Amerit I or ,r''e*;' "i IV ition of!hl+} Grain Webat p. %h. tf11I 10 Slitpdrr re. ued pent: 8 1
f By the foil\ylng- would appear!I '__ __ Oats. . . .j. 27 3-1 cr e. . :.
1 '
ship, Rome ariirfM at New Or that insurrection; had already commenced feeling. r pupil of Com,tn ar.: pe bbl 'j7d EO Boo;,, perl.shelled : ,
t I leans, from JIa re, and landed herpassengers : I i the bo pi. .,' 1 i 't day or NEW ESTADLISHXEN'TI -. p. nsh ,30 41 Northern ExL" No I 6 ,
I I Beans. . perbbl 175 300 No 1" . . ; 41- !I
tbeOileanuin. There i 1 two ago, : w sT.. Mrssrs. Gonzalez Co. have opened anew
: merry
t+ says: ,'.tan: Louis: Potiiii, March 1 .- Gunpowder a I No . .. 31
Here 6cvcny of them-whose advetAHchate I l during tw: ction; ,,0-day he Billiard Saloon on Palafox street Comtl1uo. per keg 3,0, Spirit! per alhJD
already heralded a brother! \\ apt here in a state of alarm clout] agaju tri J I t l and was put to between, Gotcrment and Intendentiain Sporting . ' '6 Brandy batifpag, 1J: S
: the insurreciion of Sierra ,Oe rda, Manuel in i a: style of elegance unequalled by Glass, p., box of O't' B,,"d .a rx', l qtr f
sleep twojcovercd tinutcs but
hood yf ist. who d .ignettling I re- Amp.riran 8 x'10. .
r.ommu led 13 ZOO
Romero here with two hunJrtd establishment of the kind in the Awe ieau' . 30 2
Rif I 1 n. i iiuili'S any 10 x t2. 200 250 UinHu+
on ,Ucd r. They wear more, l nd.:. 1'10 US
men for Hioveid 4 similar uniform, ao fu ai respect but I do hot believe he was..tie to!j': V t r laughing tors will insure them an extensive pa- I1tm;,. Western p tin) Rum 'J males I I:1-:; !
ar.d hats the being of I I in :a ',1', < .it! u anner. \Valer-rcJUed. New* Ea !
t oats ; ((rennet it nlito ha ,I i and. :3' J
suppress as ; t> marched wthin ronage. <
and Dew-rotted. . . nooo 1 00 New Orteans.
black vcht-t the Utter of white wool soon i 1-( \ \!tint convulsions 3J a
the lost few with I Hacked .
I days' the corps t . Whiskey Rectiried 17'1. I
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were serviceable. They made a triumphant : ; ail .l.o leave for Mlltoti and Hren pig. pertor 3000 00 Commo ,{ . 31, t
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their armji extended arounetch d from this city: and the party of 100;' wa on, :i i at one da>'. notice, to be at the service' of 'loop . . per.f: a 6 61-2 Cunpow r. . . .tJ: I

$Ptt. < other's uccks. men which left here to attack: them rise i to 1CV L."r. "maiued in i I pick Terms OH.k, fishing liberaL or For other further fitcasure iuforraailoo panir*. Sheet..5. SI-2 Hymn . . !:'O I t'
__ Nail! Rod . . : '
L. this unccrt->'' ,?talc tor about:'.pplY' to 5 61.2 Young iii'a. , 15
1 Texas audtbe' IndanCountry i ,-I Itit countermarched( a s soon as they heard two hours, u. then expressed P. DELANDE & Castings American ,l,3 4 Hyson nn rte,!. a r -10 3
I I C. rl DAR.: Lumhn-. ,
yard prices
Austin L Pared was coming to this place. IJoJ1cho g ; . .. ro I
itjltd in the Democrat of the a wish to lW'p t -Und'-r: the tensacoli, March 7, tS.tol Bd. pm w p.91 fl ;i 00 000 WiJY-f. 'f

t 6tb i instant, that Alajor\ Coffee: paymaster - I -- ---- operations iii; 4>ie Chh''orrm': -vc"uw' . 1000 Hi 00 lUadei pe J gallor : 00 1Cypress.

U." F.: A.. tp4 I 4 armed in Austin GALVAN.ISM -We take the I there was a complete -loss pf LEGAL NOTICES. -Starespe :erl'. .X. '1700 1000 2100 ai00 Trneri! 1m F tali.,i' .a.. s. '. 45 S 115 J

with funds to pair 'oft"tht tanging following from HaiiLmg's Ab muscular pow':-r, except dur/inc/ : I w 0 b d c.z5 0000: Sici Y sllade.ra. . J ,

companies on the frontier. Part are I tract of Medical 1 .sctencesJater ,- the convulsionsDublin 11fed- 1 I Administrator's Notice, French butts, 300 H 00 Malaga Sweet. . 50i 3>I>
' : I W oheading 2100 S00 . 501
: ;['iar'h to be piJ in Austin and the ', uary Hum )cr, for 1848, pre cal Press. \TOTICE w hereby glees to ill persons in !'tad $ig. .pct.I00L 360 375 Port Drr..1. a t. . r 4.)1+ Sl-

-'I in Ian= Antoiiio. ?Major, Neighbors,. that the lion J. D. --- -- IN lertiitd, that six months from and alterihe Bar .t. . perot 41-1 41-2 Clam, Bord p, ca"' 150\\
Sutherland in his ledica1Thef due hereof I shall. the Administrator Sheet t . . . t 6 61.2 petcasr.; 300
I .. Indian Agent, arrtrfd{ in Austin on HORRIBLI; D"ATII. ..Wetawing of(] MIGUEL: UUIGLES. deceased present LimelVesttrn p bbl blarsei e tet ea... j 50

\, the 13th mutant,: from the Indian !, p 'csenlcd to the pro translate tK f '.: ,,: from a my accounts and vouchers for 5n.l set Thon8.5too. . . IA Cafalu i1 I. pert ;100
'fessoM' of the Pennsylvania) tlenwnt, to the Honorable :(ha Judge .f Pro- Camden t. 110 120 per pile 30
"a coun'.r)" He inform the eJiioi ott the French p ;,ei bjte (for the County of E.cainba, and ask Mowu. per gallon Cbampggne= d" 6 0)
IUni\'ersit p.
Democrat' that hisI position I was not so, t' when hccradaatcd.jin l I A banditt: ruu !1:1 "A cf eight,I la be d J ba"ed.' In lbe City .. . . 15 21 1YHl, M hfr..per. lt tJ

dangerous as had been represented.rh .!- 1812.p oposed.o- disolve the persons,. !.:< "t 1' 1 iv ,I' I | JOS., _QUIOLES,. 90 Plantation n..,._ 161 43-4 I 171.2- -.....,. AmerIcan",. ' .p. l ik 10
_.- ,,"cnun>rine jrtta wirtnrrNToT: ba. xrK a bq-Cavatums'. durith-i Ii a '!tillage I- }'inu 1 tTi:' W; ";.tr; 6 ; j ,

I I I: minute Jescriplion appealeduur : '
L.ti'two ,
who brothers Veiii' "
Camancjhea, IA near : '\ 15 )o tate l- )5
; _____
killed io time since. one of medical] journal 1 I'VTOTICE w herd given to all persons in- 1 -
j an encounter; snroe to trans pm ,. els where, jl terestcd,that.tmoeth.Irum a4 after QUIGLES I i
I witb Gillet'a between some ten c r twelve )cars ago.- I the date hereof I shall ail the Administrator Shire and I'aroilT Croc
,f CpL ; company, they werr: ::111 a djingeorjband *rj Stprf.PtUfoz "L. Dtl'Jt..itr .
;i: y ,' the Nutces .nd Rio GratJdE'15 Pennsylvania:\! Inquirer.Mr. i iI anuthechitorious i I t\t1 .) ) no .of accounts MARIA and dUIGLES.i vouchers for deceased final settlement present *t opoo'lt Peaucota.* to the Market. Hb.. 'sad Ilan Drc.aG :

i t .., 1F;1 'bo5 'e, ,and wished to kill Major Nand I Orioli, one of the for f.. cnt-lty, rind the&iinatbns' the Honnnbletho'JuJge of Probate for "t, 1.- ra-- ( --pr..Ite tho .-i....
i I'' I lha. Count j of Esctaibia,,tad,i&; p e dir C. P.
John who iu most distinguished philosophern number i KNAPP "M'UBT.
I, McLcnnon, were H t "'a he charged. '
in tor his brotbeI with whom Italy is honored had : ,,JOS. QUIGLES.Administrator. Drj Goods and Grocttjr Stonr, r ti'air G. ..'erJt
i"j company, rtrenge I r !j I comp't ,!I. 1+as cpnfined I Palaru it. opposite the SqUAre.I -Corn or btarcdnoa. a,)' 0......

,1 but was preter.tet+ by lie fJoas, a says Beccpierel. proposes to in' an old t 'tPt which, i bad I PenaacoU Jan. 5 29 0. i84S.-1 -! .r -

.I friendly bai-J uf Cumanclief. Major N, use Galvanism for the solutionof been uninh') t I rROiretime: t> 1 R KRETZ, Jo3. n.t LL..tD.l.ll.ol .

finally succeeded |fn'mating a peace! the human I calculus] : DJ:Hall 1 Towntds++ : the sentinel l OTICE l All persons indebted'; to the estate Tailor the & Sfx.. Uaker
Pali Tut
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with 'Ibcjn:* He also says that during of Norwich conceived the same who was rte< : tower, hay il JUANA PAL 8IJ, deceased, anrequired Moot, .--

I bis trip be saw parts ol' nil t'i' ,'id'ea. )Mr.JJou.r(gtoldisaolvttd es do
'. ,tribes a nil found them all l disjosed ,' : a calculus l out of the afferwards reportedul to present the same within the*time preacnb- CommuaoaMercbant, ) &at and Skie Male,
ed br law, otherwise this,notice will bo plead Falafoi it, oppose tile Sqor. BO GafcrnnMot(,
be/ricodly./ .. The small-pox prevails i body; weighing one gramme, to antliarif S. in bar *f tMr. reeo,,". '
lot considerable extent among so*a'. perfectly, in twenty four hours Little importance was attach '. PJLIX11QNIPAY.' E. C. PARKHC8T. O. H. AVERT

cfal of tile wads. )f CaDlilucbt'l.I by Gahaniwa. But MM. Pref. to it, and they wutcd till morn Pensacola Mae''">*.f 7lb. l841O-w Executor.. Dry Good atom I, &>>JiA gi UmJertiltf
j.' ; ;- West.of the Na., ;Yard, WarrlDr1oD-aL Zara jou rind Tarsl+w 'tI

: .H I I \
i .. r !i' rata '
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--- : ;. - :. 1 -I- - _,. J.... _I__ .
= 1 EXTRAIT D'UNE CURR2SFON' .. iaraIssnt'y4." r .%t*faitf,8urJ iJ'rir:" la'. c r:1"ee: : ProPos-d'amouf deal.rbqctfroIia ---------------U La jean: fihiseut; .rlir d'icouter: lea' ,[I queues academies auraicni peu d'ana--

TKlffiWpENSACOLA, "* DAiC. do fleuvfe ISaintJean 4-.. principal Snt I 1 1a te mystfincuxtiensse 1.1 golanteries de Richelieu et dy rt- coo stets!rieul a "nopposer!

PtFI':- '(- ). J. (.1 o. I Brick Perry de la marine desE. UMONTEVIDEO .. rcBibouchure du lac. Mais n6'as f! tiennent ehtre' cea tntra' ui pondre, mais eHe sut bien loi dire cans f Eh bien tant mieux pour vans; .-:.
I I"f I I
d6cembre1847r '
rl'D.JI '
El( FACE 22, comma atl'Mexique.bien plus ql 'auI brent t moin. de tant de Jranes que sa mere 1'entendit: depcchons.I .

._ ,mE. 1UiE-tipVEET. L 8 Nous somme arrivcna Montevideo exique mflme! cette lulte,- si eHe alice lugubres et sanglans.! .. -- Monsieur le due, su".iI1e-tes,1; I Un moment encore; Je ne roe* .. . .

L 6.c -- I le 16 de ce mots venant de Rio- t feellemeni, sera cclle du 'pot ads Quel changement, mon fieuLaso'itude (I i L e'le chevalier sofltparle I jsuispas! IrompQ sur le s-ijot reel de R, . :_ :, ,

: Janeiro, aprs un voyage do ncufjours. terre centre le pot do for, les CentreAiflcricainsneferont quo rerap1isan t tlliit bas. I's' vont se battre, cHst'querelle.que-vous! ra'avez cherch .p; .

....liD I. 4w" I *** Les o ill r1c ts, l l'6quipage: I' quo fourmr un toisle sombre genie ducardinrfrt, "'"r. Richelieu, n' tah qo le prtoue; 'tit .. : -

de la tout le monde so porte bien. Les ptxto t dc plus aux cnvahisscments peupt e d'aimablcs .:ompagnon.fLe "'ranqnilli ez.voOSt mon enfant, veritable motif it faul le trouvpr Jaa.

\ tUflWlU C..rrier Jo affaires commencent a prendre une de l' ngleterre.I. mouvement, I'igitation, loremplace brtI.. ant repnt Richelieu avec bontJusqu' la rivalite qui nous divUe, ;' .
iianeRevuedf rn tournure cnUquc Lc general Ori- '! le ;rrpritAthenaTs I A cwilinv.r.. '
le calme terri e 'hJ.. ate.. ce jour vous savez .
I be commandaut! Buenos Ayres I. formidable demeure. I' es jalete ca'me' "c( tranquille : I
. i LA RICHELIEU :s rafI -iRH"NGEIC i-. I .
< an"> cKtquc I c*t a une iaible distance de la yUle CUIOTTEJE encombrenl lei coursle rIH} .Ij Iaf.' ratio service du chevalier"I'empcchail I ;

'-.IP de pourvoir par i la teto d'uoe armee de 12 (XX) horn-I I fem d'iropatience, j j l'Jut des .t 4e se rencontrer.avec son ,rival Mais . ---- I I It.

,. ..iH'edutriie' a lal mes avec des ordes de Rosasd'aua.1 I Q aUe JOuu apres ,la stene: que fanfares. I ,dent de quitter Versailles! ,,," et,il 1 \ ;- .. H, I IiL9LV r

"' _" Amencains quit aprd- :quer la placeS '11 obeit 6 ces ordres" nou| tenons de! raf'enter, line. fault: L'alIe de l ia mort cnlu;:. tiffs, un est account a Rueit pour? provoquer i' ; 1

It1IoL:. te! Ia ia ( I
oil ire ww> niainVU., qu'iI n y a que lea ptemicrsnty's! : te,' iou- 4, yojt taos ces homtnc. .:r. Allons! allons! votre petite tfite u. s. 'r

.:. Ilc" 1 via"t-n., vub 1 i' 4"<*> i j b- 'fl.: ,,1 e" poUr la d fenu e, v .." .. ,f ''' .r .. Maro-11 to s *..-_ m-'"'1"'ns. toutesces fetnincspardetrnent '' .tt.'L' bnt la campagne; Je connais Id motif i

fcuca dr .",' ; '-w taia ont ddba qi1.' t';ut out "' : de leur il si futule [1 il [ \AML
t: ,: i ia l'WItq-ue :ue; di&i .. .; :1f. aurx pperm. rt*. querelle est qu! I :

r: 1:1 icr.<< tjoomaut i. raria sii, j...-oe-,,,,:.. longues' dc :S2' quj ont f.r i ; *om l' rt.44I,: '.:.!ii . 1' dtlf11; ,doroynume, onpeut en "re c t i ">ticflr1c ,i v uiment iI ne fall nit pas trois Jourg From PENSACOLo to )JlontL: ;: -

#.iaJ -." c-.n. .....a&D. ... "' ra.II .-'t'MtMMea(:l4,: i. "es sur I le p..a.1< atten- A :'$ $t 'F ,.. ( a h t.. $ Versailles, q j if L6 X\ d rtUpncc, puur'e! calmer Tun et "I'au- Tl;:s line' t is necked withTritybUift new C .4r-' l' j I"

Al/iI"olfl'4In:,. .'I e..4t jiar > r- r".t ;.,.... ,**H *jBrtiafc4>U JUci,W..l.f 'Vj., 'L-' .' slJ l
'- I L fran<'sts Ont de 'pi,i line la i$ ." ([ r good Inn lI"tJI&II'; ', : ,
escadre dans lu i\'ii"'re, et si Ufibgient 'd Ricttr.lu1J. n _sftiourte ttf p, nel,Franro pane roi do la nc"'!<' _asai .. .r--iTrrnm-tTuri," .mi, ...u....... '.: .__._. [: a
null du 15 coutant 10 vol- pits a' '. A J a'rive'e du marqu; d :i Aube< pu entendre leurs parojesj etje' . Pensacftld I
;' la bile illui ron,ualt! far : J H at I f I' L sve J njrit 5 o'clock P: M.jDfSce I. .. ,

U1. qU! lai-art part* d'une baudebeaUrtup > prenJre sera Impossible de ce genre; iaussi se promettait-il de I Ri"heieu: donne le '?igdaaui pique riins: :: !s' : a t Mesn Gonzalez &'G *reue. Dot etc ar- de la carder, parce quo les Enfant dit Richelieu Tintcr- - '
pus'! OUP Revanche eclatantc! et defairc urs.Uoebrllantefanfare. en . I ,
Fran ai-t mettroui bun ordre. Du prend un: lobile daily; at 3 v'dlock 1. M .. '. .
oil. arm* Jo loulespieces. $ y cla. .1ussit
u r.rnpapt.
?'tj au I1IVne'll ch6rcment epier au lib rateur Office at Mansion Home I _
che-chaiciii i peneirer dans moms ce sont l la les pretision ; la chasse ..t Le 'cbal montrait
i s I avail e ouverte. mar se plus ras-
des Genois ie triompbo qu'il
uioiaM e de St Paul, pour la Les Anglais resteront probablemenl -\iendradoncpas* urm"rt' \ :
t"j.|.,'1.r |i.'c%'ctt fin dunn .a. la police I. neutres, quoiqu'il circulc on rapport obtenu. |I la alors M. de Marcieu. ilnninuer I'inqnictude de lajeune fille; J. HALl," Co. Propr*.: I .: .... _

au,1 m 'I,," m par le sac tam: qui ma la pa'r le quel Oubi urait enroye dire au II oubliait du chevalier.ncore: mains provocation Dans ce moment, un cht "i lain commodore de des ? ,
o,".et' branle. I anglais prendro ; fond de fain, apparait ai; 'lin "!ur t:*.re de Iag n6rosit du comte etde ---- : I'.
: souvenir des sesnombreux duels .
du 16 public la proela- mcsures pour-la protection des &ujeUbntanuiqups Le la route se dirigeant vcrs Ie :bateau. )J.l haincdo Kh ruel pour son rival' KEOGHT: \ .
L. II-: I/or la confianpe qu'il nourrissait en son ,
jusqu'i ce qu'ii$ ait pns la jct V last avait-il -
n de Raphael Car"'a {.rrsiduit En deux minu'esil a francht t5t.ict., pris PCS precautions I
: : I heureuse
adresse agealent une
't a -.. t>jbliquc de GuatemalaDaty.. \'. \ qu'ensuitc it y pourroierail lui., ceite pr6 i7enccrntre. Pcu g n reur qui i lui roste encore, a pan o, et ,Is'arr i 'I'l 1'avenir, Cejour seul loi inspi- ROMANA STREET, t" I i'_ .'
I lissue.
"e ; ''IdiialitU) Carrera auDoncr : m mc. . te, cou vert d' curae, au Viel.. flu II 1 1 encore des craintes. between Palafox and Baylen. .1
sa nature,) ''e comte resseutait en
/. a ail! eulU! de donoer sadem s. Le commodore anglars lui an rail!,:icctte circonstance, unejoie cruelle: alidee la cour. : Voyons repriNil en souriant, puis- Hrptvf tfully informs! the Ladies wPensacola .

ji 1. r<: de *e retuer atec. sa farniller repondu qu,il etait, fach' d'a\oir & s'y 1 de dcbarrasser le chemin de Un cri joyeux accueil le rrta-da- (jrclocfteva'ierendepit[ de l'at llega- that she has mrr.r.n.d the r" [f. _

man ia suitcii. opposer us4uI. ce qu il eut recu des I take, qui n'est autre notc cadet lion de vote mere vous est Cher a ce MILLINERY USISES .
\s rratigsr! qy'a amours de I'ob&taclc" qui Ie gSnait. > que '
., ,. d\J\ clergf. du u"e'MmeD1. et ordres de la part de son goutftrnemenl. >,I ?s de Bretagne. j I point, surmontez, 'a son intention Ia in its various branches,' I

..ran J itombre de chuyens influ- Le port offre Un coup dccil I Aprds avoir salu galamrnint les repugnance que lecomte TOUS inpire; anti will be thankful;' for any fatfor b,'stowed ; j-r : l .

. <, eM I decide a sar'n6er sa cum bien gah II sty trouve beaucoup dc II j L'lmpr Jdent murrnurait-il, que dames chang un lendrc regird avec Appelez-le prds de vous et metier- upon her. Shf has acquired i , ..

-, i .*. pf r .)noelle au bieo public, en I navires marchandu Strangers ; quel.. :qsese d darir mon rival et en appeler AthcnaTs et excuse de son rdard au- vous pour lui en f-ais d.amabihte. thorough knowledge] or'h.. JUt of making ) i, . //-1

!11 i uai.l a ,iCrop'ir te$ p nib es deV I ques uns sont am ricains. ;jaux armes ]>ourterminer cette que- pres de R iche'ieu.le chevaltr porte ,I Ah! mon Dieu! s' cria AthdnaB, STRAW BONNPT5 in Enrop. arid .

I "' : >a pkee ; II n', a pasS'indice apparent que reUc II ne ine connait donc pas.! Ics yeux a droite et u gauchq paraUsanl dont la figure! sc couvrit d'une. paleur bas carried ort the buy.npss in Eng.. .1' ;, ..... '

une arm e assiegcanlo soil dans Ie :i Ces mots icque'raienl une fi oifica.I chercher quelqu'un.Lo . I mort lle. land and Ireland and in he cities of fl !
) rj-id. nuteau qui
; p' fl : journal
.I lion terrible amos la bouche d'un co-mte .I Eh bicnl done de si terrible New York, Charleston, and St. AMousime .
environs except Iachcrt6de latiande de Marcieu s'etai: qu'a
,I a Pueba, dil !Ie bruit rappro.chc -
] IP que !homme cus.i adroit qu Ie comte. and from the rery.l fiberal pi- ; :
; est de 33 sou la livre, et Iejauires < de lui. II le salu hauten-nt une pareille proposition : .
cette ville I'lntention '
; : j tl(! Pendai t t6ut (la matinee, son impatience ,I I II est perdu monsieur due il estperdu1 ronage upon in *.
! ':(' :-1-r.a: : Anna en quittant ie Mexico eomrstibe en propurtion.- futviye de ne point apercetoirrncore : son nom. Le chevalier se jclourneaussitdt I place sh ft flatters hersdf! ,ihat ,he bas

t < .j i ajt Il'r eiab ir sa residence a Vene Toule la viandc c&t apponcu par Ie! Ie chevalier Mais cclui-ci, alw.iv given geiifral !'ati!fiction. .

...a }Jr dc .oii teatnhIeg I n ral RM-Grande. J I il ne ignorait pas ne finissait son Ah 'c'est vou, 'comte cit-il. Qui perdu.1 Jene vous comprends! 'lthe latest and most approve.! I j
Les Frau aii ont bloqu lc del FASHIONS era re uUrlr r.ceivedfra'a -
!I. --i I prt'babaient: de vojagercnM port I service qu'ft dix heures Force lui fut Moi memo, que dcscsperais prcsque pas
4 Buenos-Ayres arec un ceil ouvert Le comte va le tuir c'est sur. the Northern and Eastern chics1 _
Xngletrne etj d'avoir
en rhonneur de vbir
M : done de ronger son frein en attendant vous au-
*y Ion le mmv journa1, Pa edes au. t I autre ferm, c'et.1 i dire qu'i s vous J le moment lui deviit lui livrcrsa vie-jourd'huj. Ath nais, de grace expllquez. c. >Straw Bonnets cleaned \tnd aito :

raii le de fa 'IBi! *cnl entree mais qui ne vous laUwnt vow ded any! ,ttyle. Silk Donell1M4f.:
; UiU i u f tor point ire time. II[ Laissct-moi vous dire cue cette
,, San LUM Potosi. : pas sortir avcc une carpaison. La Voyez monsieur le due ce cavalier to order.Jan.. .
jr : <:Mfre a L'irasctbU batailleur mit 4 prufitce crainte tait bien fonJ e. Le S.
1 detree( eause'e!' a- Buenos-Ayres par I qui galope l la-bas i vofre, droite dana 3. 2tf ,
I. V fait < j"-
'birr at:res a\o-r re wor- retard. service do S. M. m a reteui A Ve'r.sallIes -4 _
le b DeUS est ire grande & cause d**, la direction de Saint.G nnain1 eh - IALLNEMALL&DIIF I- r
i Ir i tance des firurhainrs eleci 1'avons dit tait .
nip SaUngue, nous au! jusqu'a ce moment Uoe! foisj j .
I arriimtilation des peaux: et da suif.r bien c'.est le comte_....,El le chevalier i
''m dm; !It' di"tpcl ffd 'ral r' i >tnaoJe f\\ bien allildo<< l que son! p c: Cciaauag lib e je devaif m'empresser de me' \ _
>st pourquoi Ie gouvcrnemenl de Ohvolcz<< so rses traces -- .Jlf"- .
fortemcut rectraza an, permit pendant 1 invitation
., rendrc a du mafcchal due, .
tei de e4eu paWice,- ;Riwnn -Ajres a permfs qu"llkfusentie '0 c.efbrfo b do Kht ruel dexercepa et. me voici. jai le pressentiment qu'Anatole va DRYGQOQS.' 'I ..

Y r VI : II 1444 dot fJnu aVOIiS f'1u!' t i ie* pour celpoh. \ .. .-' .,.. -__*l.-_' rte-conte; se poncho. a l**>tTt' llM'',succomber sous--.,.lescouMteson.... ri-. ;.. GROCEKI.. ,- -- [W.. S& *
arlt"| dan.sopr""rec Trs ,adalent I'appel d \aJ. ::
i aiiooitctf! rntre le Xlcarauc et 'qui chevalier. t' l. i7 4wm _
Dan moment I'aboiement t
: ce ,
la- t'I itrrprendra: dediicu e, en. Richelieu L'ampbitryoo Jut memo
1'Ag1eterre. Tout a I heure pendant,ique lachasss _.- : --- - t _
I bruit des et
! tr'a' q I-tnn. Ce eeba.utr h11 1 ne rut paa dpargn, et Ie cClebre cui.. absorbera 1'attenti" lio tout: teie drschiens. tiompes Theundemgnedbastn4sa. '.' i. .. 1I.

4 <- cfp_ir UI, deticouragi'iinrnigra- DUJ nouvcllcs ie Saint-Jean de Ni-: i sinicr q&iEavah: amen de Genes set.'a le monde nous nous rejorntbons airextremite \ I lea cris da'rrienail des piqueurs d'etre annon l lanci.;aicnl Aussitcat que- f Dry Goods, Groceries Wlnw, tie. a.

'f: 1"t-f"nne; et iI'*t.blir la tole- caraaga nous apprennenlque de gra. it dc prCtxte 1 llus d'une tnardantepigramtn4 du pare; pros > found |I' un cavaliers tie heat qualtj Imtflrftnved, li| .i a:fc .tWholfiilc 'S i

l 4nren main-re dr rvUgton ll an- & Saint I IGermaiD. amazones et patient and Retail, it the Iowe,l price, .
\'es Dements; ont signa Ic mois de que cotoicleientierqui menca dans les .
lort noirresudfs-le Iresd'OrUabiI jan* icr dan* ces paragcs. J..e due ccueillait les traits"malinsd" I I rau galop cl se disperseut All Orders for the arxite CUk t will V I i ipllt

I ruI I,-sd.;.dnrfnt- que Sana. Anna On sail dfjA qoe te? consul angltn 1>1. de 'I areicuavectnmytenieuXsoorire. J'y serai, pondit Kheruil, Aba.sse. voix i bois.- Comment due vous pousscriezla up iflhs thtitest runi-r r.. 4YMA11D.Ptnsaeolt i f j

I 'en'ion, da f..ineotcr. s'll pent tine avail notifies au, autonics c I I
I galanteriojusqu'A pilferer:ieplaisir : 2t D*c. 1817.
fu .:::lOn c;.mtrc le goaTernem ricaiu, $s Tintentiou d'oc up ntre-aI116.1' I' On e s d qu'i! av'ai sea raisons pour Cello foi ;f te liens It lu ne :: de iotre conversation A ce'ui de la __ _ .

**.* : ''de Saint-Jean': an nom du roi des menager eom'e el qu11 Ie laissaitQ cchapperas j. is r.iwnur te comte I l chasse demanda en minaudant la NEWQOODSf _

Ir V/rtf AixrrLsenible crainque Mosquites. En ciTet Je le' janner .aMX I son also jOUit du succCs de sea bans en se separant ,tic *. .n r,.nl. de Monluc S

U1' |Ic Trailr ne era pas raufief heures_du matin le steamer Vixen i mots- J pens e quo I'a enirl'u Mais deja j I n* r drti.' le ctgpai' du marquise_ Vous m excuserez, madame de One prlee for Coodsnd no deviation.WINTERCLOTHINGS. .j

>*r fc! Con,". meJ foaln. parce que, quitta tc rivage Mosquite, nyant a son i' it une' vengeance cer depart les eg'l i :' iniazonis, s'ap-I., ne pas m riter eel ..logo r pondit i .

I'll rf journal.! Almonte. Bostamppte bord M. Walker, consul d'Angleterore tame part _
I -Lrld3rS. sc
bro h6tes
; I puyant au I t: 'lll < Richeiieu! maisje me dois a me n. F. MAGEE hi'juft edved a i&rge _
Fap, et q ''qOf'S atrs ptrsonnages et U jeune tot mocquite.' monarque 1 Tout 'cnthant & droit et A sont fiancees a c.w-va'' .JI> "\ Icar-I Et sea yeux pondant & ceux d'At- 'elected dock of Dry and Fancy Good '
n!!wns sc toM. declares fain ant de qulnzr," a seize ans dont I f 1H quoibets et les ral'eries"' I '
conue sa raI : I gauche l 6 *es ont reu le-i Jamemoins h nais: i for thif fiJun, to which! be inritt the ttet-'

\l lraTlon., j John But s'est fait le maire du palais.A I !M. de Marcieune ue'gligeait pas ses jeunes ou plus p udenln',uutenlles I Cpmptez sur mol luidiTent-i1s., uonorthepdtitic. '

R'fvnua. pnb t'e ft Puebla.tanreenereem huit heures; !le navira entrait dan Ic intents d' mour, inconTenietis d'une c urs" : apide Piquant alots ) cheval il >Ie Jan a Pent cola 27 Dte.MEDICINES. 1941' .

\' IM membra dn Cnnprds port de Saint Jean ddbarquait gnevingfaine Aiuidi it galanl aupres do la mar travels la forfit.: I a la poursuite du comic de Mar- :

vat ne oni'pas eneir i hut jwMe.-' dhommes et amenait Icpaviltion quisfl, iI e ail aux petits pour Ce sonl; la ramu t-hessc I cicuI ,

I <'t loima1 e' o-> !iMgnon,, Fiddle le cadet de .H j ,.. 4
I a sa promessc
'ajmedi tet nrfdit & !se l"'en< a sa place 1 lea coleurs de S. Mmos- !I bilitfset mentions '& obtenir uno dont Vauloo ni(,n- iaiss' .t i .j i char. s'etailhAtA: vers le lieu du ! F -

Nit it !etr Hf et rejMf IPS Etals.M.nw : quile H. Walker declara slots aat parole dVjucorageme nt. manl portrait, ia I!.,ude I i' .cha'e d' BMagne & I
frnnt adarl 1 emenl la ted mmandant et de Maissi! ; marquise riait volontiers, rendez-vous. Le comte. le vil partir I.
p conqu ( port au receveur I : Bouffiers, yenta /urrir' ,!rdaiin pour .
des sailljiss, fpiritu01es du comte. si: MaLi pour ne pas veillet lea soupcons -: lisEjjkuMwif
tout 'le Jean .
Mexique ;;Ila d'U ne que Saint ri'apparten- I se consoler 'do on % :3fe''t ''aP' l _
La tradnrtinn dn di cour de Mr. ,ait plu a 1-Am riquecentrale con-, elk se montrail touch e des sea 'pre"vcnances -i quanta duchess .!e Jiany, dont 1 Ie it demeura quelques en.i. S

fahclm et de 1 ialettrp de M PoinvlL ,pequenceMies releva de Icons' fon. delicates, il n'en tail pas ncm rappolle l ls plm beau yeuinoirsct !core avec Its chall8HUnli Lorsqu'i'crntqueson .
absence passerait' [ 8t'I" _
fifn-e dan* lea tolonnes de la Reforms ctiuns et no'\ma pour lea remplncer de m mei Mllede Monluc. i iI les srercs m'>>teri'u es' di! "

.I des aulorit a, n.n pas' mosquites, bien Lea yeiix d'Alh6nais restaient char- Parc- u.Cc'f, la xiconu'sse' diPitrr< 'I ue, ou du moins'qu'on ne re*: WARRAAtED ORNUINC. !, ,.

entendu, mais angv f,t"s, I accablante rien Feu dame du pVlais !fa i tichrsse de marqnerait pas la coincidence desouCluignetnent
AidHrte Am.ncamsqai nont daosI I g6s d une langueur, ne !' avcc cel'ii du chevalier! Dr. J. tJ1A1IiU1 t
I Townaje, les Meticain, ont faitnrterlatenutire Le Jendemain. Ie \"r.en reparUt et parvnait i chasscr le nuage qui pesait Luynes. dante d honnrcr' do \U'feine: .
: .
les choses reslerenl dans.'t> state 70 front la pr siden de Mi de volte des In- sur son ;
detis jusqu'au9. Mais ce jour-la arriv rpntquatre chesse d'Antm la corrtesfce dc R6my,,I Los decxrivaux'ne tard rent pas d supply of _
prisde Cnernareca.icamxox Anatole de Kh ruel travail point
I setmu'errCuni.
bAtimcnU venant Granada et Mme de M" nt.uibtn, do Rupel- i MOFFATTS celebrated IMt PIN,. S
Ltt de IlBt4 leurft plaiidlenc encore paiu, elloutesles galantcrie chevalier avail attache ton cheva! and Pbtndr mUn-: ..
: months chaciin par 12ou 15 hommes monde, de BO'1'I.dl.>, 'ioetr.Pea .
PDIarnremrntdts que gar.. avoir ,d ,du comte., ne valaient pas pout cia unt.n4rn.rgaij & un arbre. Je comb en fit autanl Dr. IIIBBARD'S ftily 'lll*; and
Je le ., Apr s barqu6 'enr cargahon que la fanfare a rct: fut:qttipa- Selrn 55 _
.prn. tit d-s! CJnereta-o' recondition f dooKevalier P A la main il I Is'aanca
pills iI mit p6e et
lea equipage du capitatneflaa la fois Dr. GORDON'S fW'r PIl/6z *.J .
( b'Htaivat
Jatii"ment a
et caya'-wt
aux du TaLe; hKserent >Ie pavilion centra am tican i ,I Cependanti&iCq'4pagCi: me, sea '' f* \ vera KLf rod qui avit d6ja PETER'S -P/tfnaid LEE'S ItU.. _
Qbe1ltu chasse cow nt FCepepdutii "
un d'enn.u'C seutienoeui \ of .. _
s'empardrent de la douane et atr t&- e daient rapidementfur la route dc :a! a\ait d galne; : AUaAfresn.8Upply, he : Fmrrlll1.JltdlriAl. .. ... ,
One Itonnenr du Afeiique a M venttqua ic 61"fu ac itU.- 1 which sclla at the *zrt" -
''rent dikendans R ueil. A cheque 'instant U en arrival Chevalier( ; Je n'ai point S
leI Anglais quits exp le tUda wleTait Mt ratififl. I lea 1'intSrieur. Le 16 le Vise revtent de noUveaU dana cette,habitation prin: capar .mflrqlt amend de temoins C6tta.precaution Drug Store,?alafoc: Slreet, Pel18aCcld. '

R 11d se re\'olte.onL D'au'res lea couletirs *. le cardinal d. Richelieu! son arrived m'a semb'e inutile; etje voia que c'e- j
*n et voyant qua fios ci re que .e CALENDAR
toct-aire. d c'arent avoir U plus: embellir. II avait eu avec iui i>n a&rfnj. long entrelien. tail aussi i votre pena e puisqueje vous
le Commandant i
q.ites Inieqtt abattues plul fOR OP.Wflhl S
rranis eoafianre dani!. la sate: e et Le dc ne |uitla son inter. trouve soul _
i ; _
** d clara qu'il conidcraif eel Depui long-tems I'ltri ftrtme da RnuTernement de ocuteur que pour 3 rapprucher du I Gentil hommesloii3. deux nous
Pelll actecomme erie declaration" de gtMre. chateau: h'offrait puts cct aspect a us. .

Ie TraitA T Pena. mblent esp rer' que iEn con queuce il partit lesolr irtrnc |tere et sbmbre que lui avail imprint ca'rosse 'ol so tr('!ufait la marquise avoDs pour t moin notro honneur ei DAY OF. TIJi: WE'lt'. DAT. ._
te.. u..ta KCOX an pafa, I ILe : de Mocluc et sa title, q\'P. venail et notre haine rspondil Kh 'ruel. A). - -
Di pour aler chercher des renforts a la Eon anciea pose eUr commo un relict. Sunday 2 I Q 16 3trMoidiy
;"" i affi-me qu'P n'tst pas I de jeter de son cot ua regard sup., Ions comte en garde ; Lu lien est pro. '
Jamalque. de a 10 17 24 .
'l'Ii Jaraota ait Cl\6 bless
a i 2acnatipan.Qoelqne -I VoltA done une goem- nou, 1'8 d6." la joie 61egante des, pliant. /pine. nous ne serons pas interrompus, Tuuday 411, 18 25.. .
Un instant! observa M. de Mar-
ph4'as ba:tales de I
*.. jaurnani le clare sur ''e continent americajnenirela hotea du marechal achdyi la Irans-, ,...Apr, s quelques V.dnesday 5 12 1 l92G
; primal cachaft
I tit 6chang"ea rije la marquise cieu dont IA resaentiment se S
wet la I formation dea haul qui fureot there i p 'se I
Jftpolr, que loin tie pertnet- race pagtiole race ng'o- Thursday 6 13 20 27n;
Ire iSarnt red I utable ateul'Oncu.eaeet.OflTtt'', et le mar chal, celui- .Be presenia a ,sous un remarquable sangfroid et "II,., r
Le d clan son -
Anna de quitter RPd. saxonne. Nicaragua qu'itest 7 14 21
6Iqoe.en on parlt I la portid'e oppo.a ouie trouvail A* une exquiso polites&e; Voua aavez Friday, 213 \
Ie mettra decide i aonlenir la futte et dfrcti.vement '
CfUDC de haut. jogeroent poor de Ipr stanct chaise moUt OUeitiM; I* ou icgnai l th DaI.. quo je poss&k ft. fe... ed mon eMFiae-, el Sar.Jy, 1 8 15 22'29' 1'\: 5p
: trahho -. .. ps.ratilade r '> -. ,:' .. .... :
I "
h.: '" -4' 'jtlI' ,
t {
.., St I ... I H'' .

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... I 'I \ I ., J S
j 1' ., II I ..
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i -._ : 4-_ ....... . ... I "- -" ,

j-<" : .... " ;- . .. ,- : :;;J.--.A..., -
"t.'f'... .. ::.>> . .. .
"' -.-": ...,.. :- .. !:--r. # '
\J "" !' 1\ .. .ri't.1 .I ., . I t
.t J; '_. ,v it.- .' .. .C' .,.. '.i.. ... .. f #,
., ._ '-. J. : I ( \ :, i ,.- ..h 4 : . -
,>#',, "" :fr.t"t;, >. ';.-4.' \' .. . .
.- '. ., "y:'..";;.:a,:.. "' ; 1r.'., 't' .: J ;. C. e .' fi- ........ 1 .ttt. ,a. I ',,'.' ....;. . I""
.. .. y II"' .
i' e. .. : . .1'J., . : :.. .. . I"J J
'... ', .. .
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"f. r I' "
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I :' ... .. r ,: ;. :,:: 'u. .1'. ... ,...:.... . : ...
J. ,
r __ ',. . . ... ... A;: .t<1 .,.1"' ..'" ... ... fI''" .. ,. ,
'. ."'" of ,..... -.. ., .... .. ,. "'\,. ,.-# .
. .'" ..
\ 1. ..
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.. . I. ,, .' .. .t:

. ".. ,, :. I. :. -- : l ; -' : ; :+::. .. I ." .. >, /. >: .:. :. ,, '{ ;:. . : \ 1 t 4

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-. .j q. ... .'." r. '. . .. -. -
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--- w-titLR i_ : ,., t 7 .. .. undenif ned bat Jt..
J I. r'EL, will ng pota.eI
niPf P.bI 7.91
DAT.OF 11H; WUI' i D.n.. i, N Yr It dl be'its.. _
a \ LITERARY JOURTO f7M. \\J hat'of each of .. .1t4 rsl'hto
r A ) sad
H SotwltYt ''A\, '.9 tt3 ,23 I
.. fOt'dar: 3 Hf 17 24 < .

- "T r.J \ -t 1 1 18 !i .;. :L :: PUILISHED. Ethv TUESDAY. MOBHIN. IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH, I ..STEiLlaBlfenwrtlJtbeOcliberMmo.A IAGNJ..CIEiT'. '
lk edneadt : BW = J i
} r 6 ll: 19 2GPhut'eda ;.
. { oOOOo .: -- > '
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f t ,. 6 J 13.20 2iF ...: ...
:ndap, .: Z ( 21 ',.a r \ > I I the Koonderoth.6rJL( to the U S1dovntrd :

l Situt a It I I. \ 8 115 2: 2') ; !i PB03PECTUS.-. Each nombcjr w>T 1) e&\,'rk ,.."
gel printed 04 lapenortpaper .

i ALL HEM-ALL GOOD !111t ! At .n time' when the desire for information is. 80 generally Dans ccs temps, ou Ic l6sir de s'instruire de plus en ANNUM b Atiltftll ,tTPT b. n..t;at"ndoledl*"*.*,*E DOlLAt',.

.I l mini 'c.a ted among the people en'ry i there,' and particularly plus se manifesto parmi les peuplea en g6ne"ral, ct en particu-I THE ,CHPfpEJ''I. .J.IQ.f

I BUY GOODS.) i ) among those of tbis new..Coiititiont; whch the l love licr 1 :1tmi ceux de ce nouveiu Continent; ou l' mour United St2t t, the.. Order tbne t .er pubtilf>>... '..

J GROCERIESVlNES., &. of LjteraUre, ,the Arts and; riierjccs, Polities, Commerce- nes lectures (principe g6n ral d'instruction) augmentc sans'!f' tNch orew''l;flrotber I be.c take\ ,Rltltkrf a ..

fbrwn. ofTh f.t
: r.'7s.'.DI.f 6t. extcnsiv& mans of promulgatii i, tf "'- thought that the de marcher frout avec ells dahs la diffUSion Ere I rrrAn tObeertberre::; ,pernn(too('r ft I'cfmf ..... II

.onderttpied hat j *t opened; s new Store 1 publication jof a new journal will & I! st means of contn-! des connaissances n Litt6rituTeBeauX'\rt3PoHtique,,,'tilled_ill to the .lath.eop, .bL', fJ )U.-ill..,. "

.f Dry Gftodi, Grocer;lf'it! Wine, etc of outing our mite toward the ut4.titt i :his noble cbjcct. Industrie, Coromerfce nousntogscm quela owblication d'un s tie 'to.iJ1"rot..nI aeq'. ,
ale beat quality\ lately ''recfited, to safe at t .. Ss*** --<:':;( \ .... blots'vr| four f'f I tt (bo stifctes!* or* 1"1_. and hreety ..,
a. I 11'bdnafaiad ItM..s. : .t --t.- : II lJJ.fT1O! \ public Ic9"moyCTJ8 J d'atten ?eti noble but. collected! ores h "Qf 1 as aS
i Orders for above;Ankles will lJliih ; the French and ibYt .mni&l .
All the
I journal) urged us top!
dnsirant /
,Un bTsnd nombre de nos tinis. avectrdPur le sue Add.,M, (pr'1' patd
at the ab nut n>n t. ) th to ) I
pat vp towhich-\V 'acct. :i a view enlarge -
P; AY.MARD.2Drc . English languages, ( ctrl: N: dc ct'tfe ffuillc, ti "vs OIlt i consul' I# dP pubIT-u! tJtro Journal CLARK: \T.: BRYJA.f, Psb&so ....
its circulation and usefului! \ I hat clusa of persons I
t'ctacea? :lSt7: en Anglais et en Fran ais; nous avons accede a leur v ccu Mf .Y Y.
wno understand both 1anblJage \i the present time -- -- .
I --
pourplusieursraisons: ; d'abord lui donner plus de circuatlonetaggrandirsoncercled'Influenceaupres --
r. .. NEW GOODS. I the French language has become an r ,pal branch in a good pour rsosf ICTPS or THE E ray T0tm"pclitut
__.._........_..... I it is used in almost des personnes, .........."t ... 1D,
and well finished education innsmue .4
one price for Good.,,and no.deviation. I quj parlent les deux langues, ou l'une ou 1'autre parce quelahu THEWESTtiRXCOfr i
bc"aus'J pleasure to
every count y on earth, and L us
Francaisecntremaintcnentdans touteeducatton distingue
WINTER CLOTHINGS.B. ;: I perceive |gue TINE;Vr.
et en cst une branche essentielle; parce qu' elle se parle A {ovthV'1I/Jinily L ttdrip
)\CEK ha ;juci rreeived] understand and the Beautiful l language of J'"PJ Or..
F & large izens to practice lite. AYn/nJ
dais| tous les points du Globe, etsurtout parce que nuns avonsvuavec grit I .,. .
.elected tock of Dry .pd: Fancy Good.; France religion. .
for ttua aetwn, to bich be invitra the alien- I plaisir quo depuis quclque} le gout pour cette i. N I

.. non of the public 1 It is our intention' to entertain our eaders as best we can 6tUde s' est manifesto parmi nos concitoyen*, et que deja une WlLLlASl tDlTED T. T BT O\IPSOt.: :

JTent cola 27 Dee. t31i'MEDICINES I [without interfering the politics of th day-in which we intend cKJsse s' est form 'e suus un professcur habile et capable d'ensei -, Assisted 61 7T, /e 7/jrei Maud Major.

- to take no part. All well writt i communications will tier dans sa perfection 1 1'idiome d6 la belle France: notre'I I font, of Pineville. -

fi t} l '1 be inserted without comment-merely relating the facts in Journal leur en faciliter racqiusitfon, et' les fdmiliarisera a* THE WE31]:'RtVCO XTI.'H"T: u....

I I ! 1 I!order to keep pace with the current events of the day. veyt( ses phrases et elocutions quelque fois diflSciles. I,to .IM .,,'|.j?.UgL alike. of ob m**' ,teatacdanl paper eV p,)' i M

Notre intention etant simplement d'entretenir nos lecteurs .and IdS tmiM-pljanitjr ov i i aril will find | tiea. frontrratnlatr
Literatur the Arts Commerce Industry, a
I lecture instructs embrasser I nnrj!-elr-9 IMI 'xi""Ig. t Is to .t.
: lDFfE fPill !i place in "our columns. pal- une sans aucune opinion i before our Sub nber ib |Protect Grr lit ]
pojitique, notre Journal sera ouvert a" toutes sortes de com-I third Volume, btrb we! enter upon vilevers ,

A.ND i 1 I In discharging the duties of our Station t we will endeavor mtnications# ; nous noun absliendronS de faire aucuji common*!::: prn"pwt pm pi/T\IV intros. It J t I 4 a.been.. ulnni tin i,1rontnmd it.C .

.I' mm; 1 :I to consult nc t only our own but the irtcrests of our patrons, {tairc sur lei acted du govcrncment, rapportant purement les ,"i)!T> of the prop for hi| thmsb ,>nitmm to L.
: li! Jli i hi. rraJertrtth, a f J "''I f Jlubial i, i iif
\ARR\ATCD and the public, generallyYe will eldt! 'aver with.all our ability faijs, afin de tenir nos lecteurs au courant des nouvelles.! :jer 1 ry way aropiaMe r c'nr !.ern ..n&r

- ,- to advance and improve the system of public education ; ;La Litle'ratureet les Beaux-Arts feront partie de notre Uitlitbir new. k e h... ,n. .,11'II-d 'e, 'va,..
I the tutors .
I|per d .Ni.41d I.i '' .
Dr. J. BBOSNAHAM and for that purpose' we will keep a regular correspondence Journal: 1 Industrie et le Commerce trouveront aussi place tier .r frttn.Ttf.. if;+ lie :i' ift .I! .q ai.t.r...rt.tQrafeIYpe"1

; with the most celebrated American aid; European journalists. dans nos col mnt's. arr.fjrei", ,fl. 'a.1. rbtsabattt.0 .r.,.
I much KI v,,*'Hhftavral rob ,, .
has received n tau t.
just a freshsupply !En entrant dans 1'exerciccde notre profession, guides non pub!....::..ns itt day: prrl
.'t- oMOFFATt'Scelcbtated .The NEtrhiAL will be published every Tuesday on good paper seulement des rues pecuniaires roais k? ddsir ar-!to rest hi* chi'n* tn P.1.,iin t rfo.\. "r :S,""., _
Life Pills, with fair type; and,will be edited and t revised by a gentleman pas par mn*>c njrr."LJi, ?f hit u-imu I H. ..*
end fMfmic Blttrrll. deht de coop rer de toutes nos forces a' la propagation des iMffadiljr opposed ".HI ail q Ie abi 11. b* p..
Dr. HIEBARD'S r fi.tttKi i rrtrnr of di :Uf.I! g !Iritn.at0154dentrron.n.arttnr
Dr. CORDONS Family PIllIlPETER"S .' I a' i'embfllissement de l' difice social, anus nous proposona I 'n..1 Afro6tt/a
and LEE'S'rIllAlso d'cntretenirune les t Hta aid Aern>tii''ra Uba die r"nairj tt
Fill correspondencedirecte avec meilleursJ'ournalis'es -
TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION.For | tB a frpsn supply of Fami''p.Irdi-I dAm6rique et d'Europe, et d'envoycr a nos abonn per. lOHKIIirut. the Pyr'.tt' Muralttf III
r-irer.which bo se 1 Is at lh f nur:!eat pr+r- I i Lof'iett fainotfrn k
s t.for C*.*. -.
Drug Store tlafox: Street. Pensacola. For 8il month, 2, 00$ Payable *n adcance. Le NEUTRAL parailra: tous les Mardi in folio de grandeur: twin, the a-rotklm oral |..e tJ .
whi'e oataettbrrbaiaii, bJi hat
Air. KEOGH. J! ordinaire i imprim6: sur bontpapierjlsera redigo: et cornge par f i..tappr1)bsf"'Id' him: n"'iiif.

..:.. .. .. .- Y. ..-- -1" -iker, krt will katt the priority of inserting a-.Bjjinoss: errfj. ritei'h h-dH b ilirtettreyfiiunifrus: OBt; promis'Ieur cooperation, I:i cQItt\.ed, "aliotie 1'1', IKfftI4f paW,.
... ......... ,riff month, 'c' "" "" I the 'V Urn C.IJI''I! to bee: I. psprtd
;. j l' t ,. .. EET ,vtr. t- 1 1" CONDITIONS D'ABONNEMENT. ;its rears winch M dots.eJ t. II.I!' :'(lCX1"
t .' i \ anA Soo bern rairrr.t* n.J trg (.1")11" Se _
w tfp 1a BayLtn.i' T PRICE OF INSET. IONS. 00 '!i f't1I !hi., Wbt1e! the gd i' K j. neK'kt.i&ha
,i'' .. IRnp<
rnsnrola.thai die In* commenced the Advertisements will be inserted at( $1,00 per square of t Pour six. mois i/n j;, nnr \"feu L ty al+a.l.dtee iutrrr ta of leer.rrriee .
MILUNCBY' 'BUSINESS twelve lines for the first,. and Fifty Cjnts for. each subsequent j\. a. Tout Suitrivteur pour tine annie aura Je Jroit f nslrer f Adresaerf j jla .4.,1". the fr'tint;* 01) .h"4.o beeemp t.

in Us Carious branches, insertion. t ff"' Pro/essaM, tt de ion Commerce, ratio pour fix mats. I|differ with boa in out'irno

ud will be thankful for any favor brl' I ", -

towed upon her. She has acquired a Advertisements will be published i h the language desired, PRIX DES. VERTISS' 1ENTS. : rQIt TUL. NEW EAR

(borough knowledge of'hert of making and if in{ both; a discount of 25 percent t will be made. ,. C Pour la premiere Insertion, ?"t. 00''I'' ftaltrr We ourieif hare',m.that d*. ample me .'a', !t mcrrnc the to!t,.,,sirs d

StKAtv BONNET in Europe, and t Lc earth de aouze lignes, < the Cenfn nt slilj i d..... ttng has: carried nn the business in England A very liberal discount will be' roa'de' to yearly or semi. ( unites suivantes, , &o ....p> of the readies p"tltle".

and Ireland and in the CIUA. ofNew ; Poetical Dcpartmcct.Ponltnetit .. Tle: wens
York, Cbirlron: and St. Au. yearly advcrirlscrs.Pensacola. Les publications se feront dins la langue demandee; et les, altnutnher., rnngg Itt"P .

;uslio, and from the very liberal pat. i P ersonnes qui feront pub ier leurs avertissements dans les;Lat eoninbet.ra!r tit'tn.. anst! ;"' i'ubrp.

.< Ttnagp tw,rw..d upon her in the abnvrl Dec. 6th, 187 deux lan uet.." nuront druit at tore. dimmution! de 25 pour cent t I eta tend of e'theta*day charm. "h.'fI"to tai tt*.w r.'n UIIJ\S. wt: e euawto

} lace fclfc fl ters herself that she has Une deduction raisonnble sera faite pour les insertions. 3rhekltany.-rPartrcrtar'! ,!e..., x:J ir.,

ilwiy* ptVfn ?weal att$.fictton. PINDAR it Co.' Publishers. annuclles ou mestralcs. j bestowed upo t >b t"depart.n. .of DI\r piperin
The latrt, and most approved iI D.aMe..ion.f, a'npts rra. rc.'$. .. aba)

r A-.Hin\R arc reu'arlf tees-ivied l from -..' .. ., --. ._'- .n -. ---- . .. --- -- --, ----- ----- -- -- _. ______._n_____. I be able andtnstrthr'itc fttrt'rhb our rn.'fr.rr....ra Wlt'J r:'rchw
mg I r rpo1ltloal
he Northern anti Eistrentitie-st :
t 0_ Straw Upm*dt! deantd'anj ale --,. ._.__-c.---- --- --. .---.-- ----- .. .---. ___.____ I wed'bearrrkel l"tel"- or.t9ee.ff'n"-tn'1I+: We t .hUff.:1:it to*'

't1"M t'd to any ttytt Silk Bonitlt made JOS. Q.UIGLCM.Shifs peer+tt 10 m a, ,,ce Ibis ,.eat if fr t'tty, of Ife tc.t.
I.crItr. pP m. M\XI3IOP.deRIOBOO. .ftt'nII.ftu r>r..)i -lIt| t>r to gilt t
ipd Family Crocerj Storfl. PItaL&Ia! ( b Q Jutticeuf the P racy, and Nulary Public. "erlLlJ ".ut.r .il i ?ponam 91I' icilreiarh "
Jan 8, 2lf Patifoi tt, orp*lie 10 eke Market Hou.e Office at the City Hall.WALKER > vents t1 rtiorr .. nowv tlnts. actin
Pen M col 1a. ._-.._ =--. as [1ar7 .]CI R7. tte_Yr '=-.cJ.-:3j:: : : _ !pt>t.htieel' bud es, alwat' 111".111.111, I.
t : ri NDW ARRANGCMCNT. fill anjrtrjtng Irk t :a pa train%wForeign
OTerment Street,opposite the Public Square, Penaacola l .
C. P. KNAPP. . Agent fin tl-lms, at Washington.Office I and: D>m itltil!'; Vew, -Oa
+. Thy Goods. and Grocery Stor, AT THE .Nb.ttto I afljfd as hi mrviinh f jci .lira ftf
on Goterment *t. I o91a ring the latent Fore nd DomwUNiw
A p.1aro.l.{ tt, guiltsKRET the Squire. J.qIIlGLE.---' I .." pr.eattortrader ,
J :
I,, :a comprrbet and, w II .
!t Public AuciioX: r.B. uinmarjr of b'a't. .r.r rToTnt .
U. S. I
Taylor, I PaiarOt t-
i Pa1 fot sits the eqiure. L
orro We need only ..J that die|epart '' t t DAfllY! I MAIL.', 4 'JCIncUL. tH' COASTING MANIFESTS.. ..JA )IAGEE, tned to their I'dtfi.I.OI'' anti j en'*rUtan>rtt
BLANKS HANDBILLS Auctioneer Commitsioa Merchant t. will Mn'ieue ander me m nJp meat eItt
Commuiiod Merchant, aer'emplt.hed and b'eoll'd .t, Kato Ilsta-
!' t YAY-BILLS, bell, whnae BC't'ful.nd art
Pa1dol a, Apposite the Sqore (, vpnehtl' 1 pm
1 I
This line with Cot bee
it aUckdd new .
I already rendrmd tbV*'i Conintat
r e'r
I TS t, I & &. F. de .LA RUA.
(Tray bout ) good four hrae teams, ..nd.iI'alJ E. C.PARKHUST, decided fetanU wilh .or ladJI!mdetl. .

.\. and aecoiupdatmj dnrrra. Dry Ooodi store CloihingSiote, and Public Auctioneer Major Pones will eol\tin.ra. peisiJ. s"
Printed Palajbt..,, t at opposite the Fquaiw, the IlinnpTvo PtoI"1I nrM, i .hitt! M arndtator
to order,with the tatmost promtltude and to the aatlafactlon
y .p-f_
Leave Pensacda daily! at 5 o'clock P. M. WtfIt oT the Navy Yard, 'Varrillgt ; "' *
11. F to a ran*?' wtdoot" &Aduif
Office alMf 'ra Gunial &Gorn6.W "' .. .i1" ...... ..... S.. ...._, 11 wl....,.flirerth* O...e'WHfc"... 'i trIe. ,. ''. DAVIDSON, taste of the flit..! fa.tidioa. .I e"..
"' '...;.,.n rtJt K4 t t1! :..' .
1.. t.IdOtd.r{ .it+'lagrtatnext Mi Auctioneer and Commmion, Merchant Juvenile Departmfnt'UCti. wit
Batbftr and n+i D'ctser.
0/Sre/ at Mansion house ------ r-,. c- S' o.e.. at the Went pate of the Na y y..p. I be rid to "'-. ueTenwnt and in'tnactiol"
Palafoi !t, oppnte| the juare. he Imlff peoplai' bj tb*juditU a.elauoatiruitlhle


)i J. HALL Co. Prorr*.. JOS.Family RUBY G'.Nwry,, Armore'I and Black Smrth, etc Familjr Grocery Store. Dry Goods Store, Letter from lYaahlafrti. n-.*.p all||
Corner of lutendenfia aid Palafai Pallfot cnrnpnnd..nt baa been "s< d to keepd
Be at between
CornnofRart.luna an' OO'l\lmfnt.! loot. at Govennent % Intemfrnt
Peru eol4.1 Jfarci 1819. .. .--. .tad.r.ftheCoatitsent tb' ruu}ghly mfWaMJ
JOS. BALLADA.. 1'. & at ROCHE, *. R. BROOKS, ; Dr. BROSNAII4M, of iUtoqurtante.ovemeete -, .WubJlp):
do"". theeuka of CU"X.T.
H NEW ESTABLISHMENT.Mrssrs. Boot fc Shoe Maker keryjBajlen Dry Goods Siore,' .
TERMS: TWO dollar. i:pa1able" ? ai
Gonwlet k Co. have opened a i on GoT'rment al. at, oorier of Gevrrment and Zaragoxa. pal ior.t. between GoTennea aDd.fntfnd. vane*, Three ropier or 1 year. ; or I cofj3yeara
Billiard Salooo on Palafu.x; street I \I 95. Seven ramie lor,I'jear fll;
Hew and Inlendentlata V R. MONTOIT, LAFAYF ROnERTSOJf, J..,-JERBIStfX Pi CONZALES A. O, Twelve topic* for 1 year, Sri,
$ t bfetween Ooverment unequalled by * BOot and Shoo Maker, Reading|v>ro, and Cofle HOOT, Dry Gboda, Hardwsrt, & |>rot err,. .L( : **Billiard, Room, A hdf ral di rnnnt: will be allowed ta fWitater

v; a I jl>? of elegapce : k on Go f n "ent at, PalafoxUoppoaite he Square, Corner of Qorermeot.. & Patafot st, Pal i st, between Govement d'fIcteadrttiIIENRYHYEH w bo will do u.dUll Motto act $
kind in (hoi
of the _
any eitabliahotent apeau for tile UontiBeul.AllComiminmtmnitn.
city. The populantyof proprietors ,0. Mi i AVERY .. JOB. LLINI do ec. ) '%!, ; .F.BOBE'Dry f( k* adtlreat4\ Cf*.*

will Inure them an extensive pa.! Boildjng* Undertaker, Fanej.TBt and Shoe Maker. 800 *and &rotUJ Store, i\ Dry Goods store, pied( ),) to, Editor '\ trniCi>.|ita oW
I ; On Intendona f the Gotermeel >u tb Stuart. a I!TaLJbJ ik Iatead otia 1 ',Baltii110f. M .
treat .
renege t ...z.'ou..aod'Tar.rna. .... "' : "t'. ,. at' .,ofpcaite '. ,tffta. .J". ,' \ forest..(| ,, ,
.f" f. -. t :. . l .. 1
.. 1 .
.. s.t"
>f .
# . I t. .- " '; .
..., .. ;
.. .... "!" \ '" .
,: . ;;:&!I' i eY < :
"C J. < 'f . .... .. ... '.'t "
... .
,, oi: 'r' -
I .
.. .."" "
-- I I ".

,''e.. .It.i-,.,.!.,.tA"i,.'', ,,,, to .... It .. lo." : 11 .... .
s Iii' .' \" .. .
.. ., ... J of ." i- . .
1 .. i .
...."f... .,'. .* ...' 1 t

.. tt
Iff w. t
.. '" .. : :; . . ... .... _.
4 2. .
#. 1" . ... .. .... jr 4
; .; iI' . ; ,. .
; 4t
.S. ,, a- -\ : f' : ;
.. .; .
II ... 'Ii- . . '
' .
) '
e1b ._ j, : ..... .., "
: . r.1.
.. a .' 'T.t "-I f '.).,t.-. ' I F

; 4t # .. 111w

s :i's .,A 3-

Group Title: neutral.
Title: The neutral
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 Material Information
Title: The neutral
Uniform Title: neutral
Neutral (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: F. Pindar & Co
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Publication Date: April 4, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subject: French -- Florida -- Newspapers   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Language: In English and French.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began with Dec. 28, 1847 issue.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1848.
General Note: "A weekly literary family journal."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 8 (Feb. 15, 1848).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076102
Volume ID: VID00009
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn83025640
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Full Text
"'< ;.;;-- ..on. ; t '. ''' ;, ,
--. '
.. 'r 'tj'
or' .. tt .i r. .... 'a .- '1f'10--4-F f11 -:
\;<:. .'-.... ,,' . "", -'t. ..'.".. ...... ,;,;.. ,.... .."." .'... ......
.. "'j :- :.f. a- . .. ay'l
f' ::. a- sr .
\. . .- w.:. .-. N .. .
"" '
: ,: "' ... .. ".. '" l' J.. ..or .... ", .
; : )' ., Jo ..
: II''! ...... . :. \. : ,, : "' . -
.. .. : / a '
.,"- T'-*-" '', "'"....".,,., .-._ .1L.. ........ .. . ., ....., .,. .: :',,- '" : .. -

,{',, ..t.. .,- ..-. .<4tt 4. ' .",-.," .... -..' ..:. .:ia."fiJ ..... ',,-jf.oj': .'W .N .,..- .. .41."... '. .,./'\ .
:; "t 1... .( .. '. : .. ( t : '
. . ; .1..1. .
: ,
q .; .. .. } "I."J' "'lIl":" "f( ': { I.
wi j "' 'r ) f' 'f'I""' '' ..... r.. +. 'tti &.-t! .t'.. _. ....,.. ..-- II it --
r: {-'fa. -: : ... ... :.... '..t '. .. .. 5A 2.. .. .! ; ..
\ ... -
.. %
., ...... ,. "l.
tt/ .... I., ,
: r .- -'Y. 4.. : t
.. . tilt .
f) ..q .
r-.1: ... &., . ; -4 ;. '. -- .. t.. .. .. I
'.. .- .
_. ..... -i I : : ; : : : .. .:",: .. 'it. .' .. . . ... i .
.1. f : .. .. : .' :
=::: ... -
f: : .
. '
DUTIES OF HUSBAND.: : tr i .... u.- --- .. e I.It
I t w
t'n' -. [has?Sot k no win j Lb iapetaoaii ai?* *. : ,-: I.
\ capital', ..
a %
following .L" r
The (the
much-needed rrHng of T1'4 ..., : ate paid but little attention'*,the Veanipu.w .

J.Dd .. .' with which; be presaMJfc...,, .
from a ".
apilGtlate We extract .. salt SLe knew thaw i e :o-H Pr her* ,...

sketch by T. S. Arthur: - 'I'" -' '. ... toaVell &0.I I held I hk soil l* thin .* J.
any .
in book oil &ft ; : short ot a pbUvr I .t- t
Everywhere, : jr ? :L'k rieMettenleh retowL ToHeV .

domestic, ecohomyla tales, - ... ..._.J ; she had neverenle dined y l I'

newspaper paragraphs; is ;jAL IN PCs, B 'UL t1I a.lOtO-4.VlGII..LNT. 1111 1WW 'tbi:1.1: : \\1 't nfALL 1fD 10& had even au affectionate thought* She I or. I -#' =

essays conversation do -.".......". 1'''' __ I oowDefused bill hand, and ia *u 1 "
current ... 4 *. .
and in she had I
Yott1ME.I. raVA< LA. TC_ I II' rou.e4 bin reveoefui .'
and reiterated APni4 (, frtb -f .... ., .
iterated .x. '" >
we bur I oJ .1 __ __--' .-.-. ......- pa-K o eitb >she or JLafoatrou t '-1'

the lesson of a woman's in duties her y 3 Jndrr thrudl i ef pikes, Lncea ttMi4iflf iHiiieh., be aek.ow 1M. C It trUly bel' : t.41 i .- I-t I'..1.0'CI"",.. Taw gnat chamber be the tSciim tff th eke r t4 cauou; i '' .

tq her husband and / IB l self'aidaro wkbi'U.r' irlaMr. ttle ....W I even addreear"t ape,' e!t; b and the which! from, bfe known cbairacier. I Iwo
aid pitch-Wit*, f ijffbrts : grand eatraace was brit iaatly -
bocseh old. She must bare fir*ii" briret! btehei. i.r. sail i.srwok.d Lt+ten :". \\Ut x r' 1t1J ''d.bbtlelll" eta dreadful l Hd ''
to subdue him. The E kbfaft tf ........... hand meet' .. ,, lighted. top A ariC m'rteyellow i'
studys Jut 1 at t. ; ,,ssl f 'ryou ?oki.ig D....r.. These -
thi ,
artof p1e + her lord as appeared to be ill ate and His .. ......''for; Pleww.u 1rMtlybpte .ty b'Uzd 11 j H light. tkafe4+ with a tfvery P rap d# tbtotf her hind afldbanraiafC : . .

the o the sought to attract: the attention My ait+t' o aaei lamadr I su: j tt' .. .. '! I r.. .r ,t,Ie hoe, faded a away Mao ate darks***, 1- ...... : .
il he ] tears for Lead
were ?
as ..
etll'iala fact .. Ct .aWgat6TO4iai> I ate .Ji.Ia ee of ttoleft '
; Pt' t .
pf Driesbacb T ip "J1' '" : :
,by gently 6 1I.j I' tbrlir .between :
.ost carious, exacting tyrant .f .. etKe_ feut _! t.e: II ,! It / awed mat. A tanao* fosir' gay oa her ue.r eyev 1" .: ., .... <
him with his trunk \ IJI :
a 1iIII ;
aa4 dowa ber
i io the world. And, verily ins '"ItJ"I, \... I 'it1 at a .tttQeawto ; roUJof now. > :. '

II w. 'b I tsm Dinting to 1 ...... ':..,. .. a slid,"araft o* HHJ atone floor at beta :: .l "... ..J:
ii ... , .
J. -r: ,, ,I', \ :r- ._+ .,1" :4:' .: "
-- :
in ntiOitt iwiDed! ..eM ke r IM*..., and shear wiped .hu eye -
eipeclto be perfect in i. 'fiioietnat.d :. ,' -. 'f: T:: >M r. .'. nand -
it notice.Driesbach's Thi.a need re.I9. .tars. ttterarlr "And wr J : h the .. f s toofcea forth ofon tjie pay alllembIap.1topiec' ':' -. .
avid eteryth i na. particular by hr koka.. '.. .rP-raIlC._ "Iahnlist .1. 7)J .., ....1' chattier tars a poileceungate fttk relief lit behol 'to
c sj"'e' is made for the curiosity wd on Mont fca4 knowa ad toYed Flo in the a':t)' a.4 .owe A nator*} bridge : I .
\oauownce inspection be discoveretllt bad retie from he) iufancy and thoapb the 'Enik .., , I ing Lafont. But be was nowhere tube
her 1 I \ tnIt; amootb .,...beirlr wtrida at the boU
iU-1ieatili conse9uentupon for the ;run a large splinter white;! world called.}er a toqlf'KtM loved not do tn.:: tOm of a dark'a.4 yaw ".g abyss, teen. Both he and Horie were 11_ I!
atP'tii1 duties nor her the He knew that ,,, absent No did FIftrette notice ;y. .,
t pine into his foot Pincers none ell fondly. !Iamf tr !'2-, II d 1audAOetr, rolled wM aM rapid stream the sooner r.. - l wearying'and alljcBgrosstng j ,:she povae&seij a want' ad affectionate: (Iccunsid* :Jutiu r '''i4t mv I'vi" a which the fat, than bercfeculos1 the- '. .
; nature of the cares i were procured and the piece heart no amiable dupotiuon and. a I i hate lo >3 i .TI, *i'tl! '.IHdrnlly -: a sound from the rveei g of fjTerfahglWw. that they had worn fo ''

attendant thereon. But who!;extracted, at :which the Joy or'the :docnrsiic and loving nature and he too, rloreie, tnft I nerd nOt 1,broke upon Ac ear ia a dull heavyand a; few moments, and her lips quivered l ,

talks of the bus-! mOD6tcr knew no bounds looked upon jtinrcoqurtishneta: at the tell you 30 now, foiit i would be but. monotonous roar. emotion A painful &ought \ 1with
trntr s and he repeatedly thanked.BVcu of a childish caprice which she a repetition( of whi I bare so often :, Florette attendad by her brother
baud duties! Who teaches had suffep-dlio' cling to her after she told you before tkave sought your!was among the first to make her ap*1 flashed upon her mind end pressing ,..

h1m lessens of forbearance, pa-j{1 Driesbachin br.onlr way that I had. passed tie' bound of childhood, hand again and agaa-" I pearance, bat early! as the was, both. her band to her acting brtfwrshe arose e. . I

I and kmd consideration an elephant can thank any one. j and! allowed j-Ot. govern her course: of ** And, have I eyr rt-fised your I Lafont and Henrte bad anticipated her.j and let the apattmrat.. She bad -., -
cnt'C 'It is curious ;that ho IS Conduct to a' client than she FloreittJ! W I Consciom what she : .
,y. orrrtasked wife ? L4tle quit :greater said somr 7 bastitrJ in a'%nd were a ready la the Bait Room.I started, Inrdly .
ofh was hemlf a ware nf. tremulous. and 1i0tsWh denedl of J,afont. She i .
iwith I in search
this the world friendly now She received the congratulations of: was doing, .:
M sand o" score; Priesbacb'j The a H nail L nucoat day way 'I Ball Room into the .
p ap- tone. as.eed of the '
for I' out ..
although .jsix each with smile and passed on.- P
row ID. and hundreds go down i j prcMcbioj, ijli which tin peasants at* ** No hare j rcr refused! me- a with rapid atepand. ... l
I you hill of entrance a
tuthepie years before their songht repeatedly to kill him.|temblrd for jdaufiin and gainy, and Had you( dune an, could have reid .'i'I If they had before at tath"pa.5Set'by.--U . j "1
j coHtinue tbeir merrymaking not out I know their tate that day, they were I.glanced: hastily I :
limp and no one dreams that From he Cfape/ ) craved your refusal submitted to it, the barrio J oa. She had parsed near
through the f hue day bin also! the but to hare aflVfled 50 long tri stir' mbre firm ia such determination, r 1.
Hshands are accessoriesthe my lions scarce i 4
: ,
the eati nce-wiy
tHE auccrrdmg night It wia a custom with, and that th no prospect of when the l lovely maiden made ber through
the 'r death. But it is Cyan ths.mi and which had bewitching I. ly touching he grouyd as she went, 1
among itue long my Suspense bring D1 ugl.t to a termination !appearance, dressed io ber most .
'J NIt, in maternal duties "ATEDDQUETTE hens practised, that when. raaideoon is what I can io 'longer 'f manner, and"winning smile.i when her progress was the*feed by _

, lane hrs the cause of the wife's ALS. the occiatinu:!of these annual gather. t bate hOW determined that b"lr.-I'l I Her appearance was i indeed p'easlng. Hear ie, who sprang* out before her ,

13t: :..... t' and drooping form RI trigs danced three timrs with one pro ruw ahull: decide mytite. If you them I:and many were' the passing remarks;.Trorn" behind the many; raVe prrjeetioca. ,p

B YFtnatrra LdvdrdAj Stit.1' % it was publick'y, considered as a band forbree times and .
butt ? ver task of her accept my I of flattery that were made io regard fat .
pecuiar nvatrimoDu! | rng.gjnent.. This circumstance J thus make a public acknowledgment: Floiette;" said he io a stern ccnjtmabdingvoieuhe .
: 's'"I..n! She is worked *; ;-r \\":it b-auli e idually be ame mOM im I of yo ir intention ant preference" my I to her, eery one of was sized her by- ..:

a ::r th1rd"r! than a slave ful Beehs-Diet iriiprat 1, "the "belie of d't'J pbiUnt until,n was looked upuu a? luppinm will be cojipiete. but if you I caught up by either one or the other!''the shall rue this day. .,, "" -
nice, and thej ide 01| the fjrojfjwhich of the featurrs 'I ,of the rivals, and served to fix morefirmly hand you
tripji of
Too p ont prominent I shall l home immedlttely
:a tae :uon( fieM. often,] reject me, tare my -, moat bitterly You and". .
tnouutaiu 'ilIal" th* e..llt"d than theirdetermiatttbb:, stud hat toot '. ... -
, the occasion!! Many made a public and that ftf 'er. la the ever - .
b.s' rr and eamstrcss for her borne. Tiller great beauty of a'cknowledgtmeiit of their preferences excitement and) 'luinull of ,the army. I I The dance proceeded aodt the day Lafoat Artois bare plann-d tcgetfc'emy tt'...? ;

i i.:. <* tin children, and SUe furor sal failure WItS added a pr std ro,ajjertienU at this lime, and in will bury all thought of the past, and ,was wanhrg. Lat had already rrjectioi! ofyimr hand t.-day, in ;

it >er r.dtt.t] of her household i posy sit; 'm nq-T, i.htch, though" dt-ed. it was;i rare that th.y were otb. there forjjff you." danced twice with Y:oreUe. and Heat the' most public manner p' asible. .. .

ia esi 's She I will bend orer-her ctaaractf"ftZa'\ to | some eitt'nt, b/ adrree'.1 i-rwue In,4,.. At the approachinggatiirring "Uh, no, Laf';m, pu surely would,, rle was eagerly watching for w of that he mi-bl enjoy a .meanlyguipedabridge . : ''i. 'I

,eedf'! plait after night in' freedom and ppeniirsa, was, L pont determined that not I f rg- t"lOP. \vlien you baveaonllm{ portunity: to offer .IM land a avcoM utter hit etrl.aapb f ,

from with Il snfficieuty f mudt'lt ahJ uttaslocoing his Cite ihoudbf) made kuotrn lien told me :bat you would' love rue forever time. opportwfey came, he' approached r .. Ilia aM to,. Dtiesr a1Uwerettt1 F ,,I
rua.fcr :fft-rrng lassitude f M i"y"uiitadf with a charm rio also' uf the determiua :
was GIBe .nobialoh. -
and with her light laugh ringing her, offBrd .hw head wa oreulla..Iy.1Afont rkcow t

6t1'tr"r!; !' i band sits enjoy-t at once .winning km BlncU'CHb the iwa.As in bile r.., sue ynmtcBK: } up ber pa'a: accepted acid le Hr forth, A(*>rtt..e .,iialtatiioa t iAtcg and to JUu : ,: 4 '.,,,, .
te :: t.IS.lumc. by hii-arri .'l at an ar Rhea star rf tie dtt! drw ihw young :and trippui gaily away towards the! j fur ref past e\1'" .
% a
11.-t b--ruts shot bra hoist, moA tW '' antiou I terminal1! ee sje
w ere lf aawkkiitg
jot ;rmn I th.. ills liisduU fraeat tty ptr- houses 1 t
dfr\.n' aee6"ts e"'Tt"' in 'ewttr b" umr nri '.\-w' t.4J 11
tng: , rp i' 1.;: r =. .
{ oil bet nd, her stren*;'b I to!, ,y .l the stm. . -, L I'.iL D' 1 Ib ,bet ..n.' i. sesee-a ,

f :cfe' : !Lli..hlbo.fthal. be!ji> tut in the camel brt'Att.- tl&rteuiaivt'tediatgk 1 : aiet... q: .ptYi&t'lvrt' ti feelings fhariaf to BSffc* -cite ire Thm: tiliheTatear- .

ifc ::1""". .111' order. to afford I, nad s s a1n and agars been sought awl! washer wunt, at early dawn, and af. ylt.( 'She the hove wow away ant evening bat I II rdthe NMtMM atieam at tht ,

i ft "c ",i-sisla; ice iin.d i i her .tf.euod a. &hen bisirgeJbuti ier Hastily nxkinf her rustic !toilet fleeted much upnii et rn]1 I dosed. iround.Lafont . esttaaee. .j' t -
rrcj ".1 i to nu fur}o1a. Mtiijihro bruits took up the kitcbra pail from itsu. conduct and the tbable
aUr p growing faveriA and exa-I t
art'I I ; \ IL ihimsand .wa'nls ofj, ilfd tniiogjlj. for the auurttnert' ual p!ace. ...J. with It tripprd lighilytbiowgb nhoiild shr thus p.u'L She and .. Why then continued Uenh .1 -

,t"t"0' : and household. If \ t Fl"rrUe ..o..t!4 b\it 1 Kik upou chili I 'the : irilen| .if !irif blithely' that I.afoni prized tit! fnrdt(> bifihlylo ted left the BU Room strolled I'' trembling with rage ** did not Lafoat II f

> en at: any extra tasks to ,po1l1f"S: with rtor. Uui wI| ewer .a .h" went,'! J.. thediirrctuen of a lit* M*.Tt what wa* nn jbe. or to threaten forth alone to cant I is riai ig feel. oATer his hand and so tel it bo understood -

11a I.:era extra exertion]i' tier Wad or wire .(oagltr. t e moan&ainj; fill, whiehdivhed down unmeaningly. HH ,induct lonanh in sinaolitudn and mediUitwi. He i if it was your intention to accept ,

tm-.H1Y or. any thing !afJ"pf'BtS in .riou.n'1. the moss jjrpwti> nick, in tfce'rear of her hud ever been manly and gnerciua proceeded to the bridge over the him 10teadofl i leaving as he did! J
;> oukr. the husband is the: lae 'r, she *i uKJj the bumble dwelling -wh're she lived and halting be .
upon and when beau ht in contrast stream at the entrance 'after having leoV iron forth twice tithe '
l ne w o( should perform or i Uugh!! at tbrir rnsusaptrna, d allr.i iirrmrJ After fillinf her pail she furor d to with that: of her owa towards him leaned against the shady site of ooeof f '"

1 1r eke: L.rm.: not the .wife fore thrji' cutiUiiurJ wnoingS; and.|I' retrace her stj-pn as gaily as she hid tlh.iwf'd her at once'! .b'rrror.. which the rude columns, where he dance r tkal\L v .
u *j due inW simple and bewitching come, wh,.ii iibrr asloniihan-tit and] she]I I "'' 1 have never told Lafont J
\is superior strength. jrt : *he frgrrti. d and ,rcpertrd'of, as woud: not be subject to annoyanceorobservation j jI '
band in
that his marriage
of arUt-jtsfn-ss. LaJT 'n..he stood would accept : I
m rniuntr! surptise nt directly) had afar done brf.irr", while'! alone, and the i
\ B hear a great deal about the wooer though,piqunj ml his tf-suc I iu her path.1; 1 Without attcm|<
I e husband coming home,!Ce4. could not bicome otl'rn4rtl avid conceal her! j rstunuhihrot. and with U pmriicular. But l let regrets, and I 1 land gave himself up whol'y con1 do or not you have no right to ques-' i ,

e./tied L fmra his start, his r!O6ly Towi-d be morn finuly to win I a smile tiC bf, jnritchinjr! Inrhnest ply restilrea were always ;a'ike' f-rgotten- dieting and painfull) confused thought. tion. The eatise> of his 'leafing the '

l'.t -rom. his. office or lr lrO Hr .t all hazard j jug upon .ber ("'IDtenlnce. the axe the moment thai the e/es/ "f an adm'" Hen rie closely watched the movements BalLRoom when he, did, you roust ..
limit rolled and alt hereuiiori claimd% j I of Lafont and sooner was
Thus and no "
array Crowd i it
is wirkshop; and the wife is .. .. I ring: wet* cast upon her learn from himself: ; I [now not.
I have two. nail& becomedi'! c tjf.ajtnJ : Lafont, why how you she lost nil power of r-ason ur si-lf his tack turdned the Ball Room than i !'Do7ourefosemybendFloreuel"u :

spe-ledly} enjoined to regard an j Oisbearteoed at thrir fr-qn 'atrfpuUiiioi .' Bt"U.11", ... ,* command} iu the e'yarclesf' s 'ci.{y he resu'ved to offer his hand for a I do.- f fAndwillaceeptof .

ar im on this acconnr and to I| anl abandooe.! the field.- ** I u.. gireg. yon no cans -The sun\ made Disappearance on third dance, to FloretteI j f Lafoal'sl-:
roride and The twit, howf'rt'rt Ihnnh laugh'da for alarm. Fl, trrUe, for sach was teruinlj 1 .
cmnfort, quietude : from I .. he muttered I
; dt I.rt"nl'with the morning of the grtat hu'iday I iii am rejected, ,'I have not said it. .
1 at usual l. e+h'a'vettheir r.spetier not intention wad "':'
far him at home. Thisall ray iu couch i the east and s* sha I be when rival I'
pose it ,
in golden ip ; to bimelf, my I love him 'r *
limile But
.ultf-w..rl U'I..d still perstterrJ K half and a half look ofiJ" I I you .
w.-Jl cnpngh, and she their rnoVavnrs 10 win the band of I.I"Drt, i walked ap the heajpns i In grandeur is not present to etuiingly; .wit U I have never denied it. 7 .

ildd3so: as far as lies in Fu One. .'afoot 'Artois was *. Out !it itet:, '10. early that I did.and beauty, with m pa'hway unobstructed ness my rejection. To be refused u And you intend in troth, to beg j"

power._ But we doubt if like +erw1r., a rant and in l Bum nut f*poet t*..i., .. $t OIM stirring for by a sing oud. AH nature ihe hand vf one so far below me,,.comff bis brides You tram "an ..

stnawrmen come home over- bit tlrcum..un d. an I tbwtiitb c<<'01. an huui tmorr."Dt. ; was bright in joyous oh this would be "efficiently mortifying with-''avers will avail ynrf nothfr|" for I 1 '

earied with toil to their!pilled i .{I to earn h-sj!tiring by Ctrnsunt To-m+Trdw\ ;: you VMOV i ill our annual .glorious'May morning, and both the nut the additional sting of having will not be foiled in ray purpose. 1 ,

Iud severe p+il, b, ba
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