t. rate family; board. If desired; phone ,
fi it AND 1* MAIN' STREET SM WE IT BAT STREET.A. S23L S n. aeaalR&.0.. m. mornSEBR1NG electric/ light, $3,000 street, near river

C. t_ WATCH INftPCCTCmtV. FOR RENT-Furnished front rooms, connecting pringfie4.LotsLaura & BOYD each part cash.
up or down stairs; modern con and

,VWrite'for' our 120 page catalogue' of Diamonds, Watches venience. Sri Nswnan. corna)
,and-Jewery. Laura street ,,. holea'location.v. 1.XOO ,
FOR RENT-Furnished room., 'adjoin
I ing bath; southern'exposure; comforta- Laura street corner! ,j baggaln.ic 1._ --- between Main and $1,000 each ; easy '

Lie;' light and airy with private famUy4 Silver street south 'ef -hth,..f IJOO ,PRINGFIELD.R..ld.nce. Laura .
all to modern Wlnosor Improvementi, Aragon and' ; convenient Dtl- Walnut .1..1.e. neaJr/.Hlath.. !;.,.. iTOO ., ranging In 'price' from . terms.

Specials See P 3. vat l Hotels best restaurants and boarding Boulevard, fancy :::4Q u ?' lot. 11,600.00 to,111,000.00. .
Other ge 110_ Call at No: ell West Duval 140x115 ,, on piveFstrtets' : .
; .
Building lots full else from 11.000.00
.. .treet. "
most prominent :corner:*.t.,1 \\ to 15,000.00., &. CHRISTIE

'tf'. . I I4: +:++ roRaius.; FOR RENT-Two furntmi' room. III All above tare .a tvoi,: south aRITERIDs.
fine 'locality. 1111 Main street, near front ', &**. ,' PYAL-BFCHritCH" BOlUUrO,

\ snout ..NOTIOZ.Adreitlsesieate. F''.r Othe< peeiaJe See tint Pete First HubbaM St.. near-Klnlh'barraln! { SCO, Residences., ranging In" price from I r .
i .
: ,; .tYarrgae e ELEGANT fumlhed room.; modern Eighth street two ; ., 13,000.00 to 110.000.00. i .
o'' t... wade .v arss .r) thla .as FOR SALE!-Pour or ova\ thousand bud conveniences m Wait Monro. 72U01 facing South. 1aMr Building tote, full alia. from 1100.00to F R !"
.. ctarr A woao. It SALE
j te ora t-colored praised brick tU a thousand; .ilot. IT.tOO.DO. JOSEPH'RDUNN?
t .... a ...aa..er L.est1aP cost (M; also aome heavy Umber. Apply FOR RENT: -Two good alts connecting \ ie
. '.h.rgai-.ti BUM BURBRIOQE!:, building site, corner CITY PROPER. '
.. .. rooms, furnished" ; .large closet bath. Several choice lots in
#1 'W sMneeed. ,ta the advertisesseaC Vain, and Ashley. Electric lights Call between 1 and I H. S. :Residences, ranging In prloa from fl RFALLSTATL. Soc Riverside!
: /' p. m.. tot West Monroe.V ,DENNY M.OOO.OO to 125.000.00.Building INvtSTMtHnWhat on terms. includes
This i
t i', SALE-rtne ,,,, easy .
FOR horse, 5 years, TM West : '. S Teral"ver -
t"; )vi.i .,'.*:ThessaSSsaaa.put.. MI1s atones et all'.:;;-":-: d' Monroe' street.. FOR :RBNT-Tc': gentlemen.' nlcely. furnlahed P..o.. 18.. ,",. "s.! ...taatr.M, 113.600.00.! lots. full sine' from '4.100.00to a choice river front lota.
. .. Theto '. --- room. UO Ent Monroe.NICELY
> ..... will fee rva e *
__, ....m st fee. g__ b ta. FOR'. BALE-Vienna chairs, and tables; Money to l lend on" city real es-. Homea. and Investment property, In Sec us for prices.
almost new. Can. the rALSTAFF..orHANNB furnished room opposite Windsor all parts of the city 'and suburbs, and Are. You PayIng -
u- BIWB Hotel 112 month all convenIsncea. tate. on terms to ault buyer. '
per |
Adse lea seaU i.. (>ts aslepe' | | Ut Julia street. < NEORICN"[ 'REAL( (ESTATE AGENCII

ee.etse be > t..taut FOR BALJ&-Bargain.. Square piano In Properties for'aaJa itnd rent. Always Ready to Show Property. Out tor f Rent ?
: e.ee m.t late .* 1 a ele |i ran'\ 'excellent condition just been overhauled ,, ..,
' ..e..lve..rert. _II..US .. or willing ta exchange for ally lot THE /* v Pro. Wee 111 w. tsrgrk ..e.I .
;, and pay dlfferenoo; sea this bargain at '
44. HHTll4IIIH ones. Hl$ Silver st eet. city. M-lm Stnet. t{ fife.,,.., LKaallfi..a. As Much as $2S.OO

A BAHOAJN-Party- expecting to leave ... I

;iSg: ;S; g HELP: WANTED. city lots In In best the spring part of will South sell Jacksonville several fine Q g Just Finished a Month ? ::; :: ::

HO down IT.M per month t per cent Wm.
"i. 'WAKTCD-Press feeder. J., ..' Holes Interest. Address SOUTH BIDS, ears Knauer I REALTYGO( n
.. .
4JJNOSWOBTH. printer, 190 West Bay Metropolis. One of the ooeieit, bash arranged
> '' sitreet. l and belt built UOUMI Why not use the $25 each month

WAKTKH-CooK at h West lit.... FOR and driver Sound.BALm-D.ppl.and saddler FRANCIS., city gray broke WO horse Talleyrand,, fearless good v.J 'Real. ..EstateRents In St.bprlngfleld.Seven rooms 421 East and Fifth bath. to apply on a home I. Hero is

avenue, tO: Lot 48 ft. by 203ft., your opportunity to reform, 'J' Jrg BOUND
: "iUtp: ...... .. and;Loans Home and ground( mplct,. A two-story 5-room house for '
, -,-- - RETURN! TICKET for sale to-Chicago:: ; TORE
/ COHEN BROS. i lady's at big discount! good to December It la pleasure to show this, 2500. By ''paying $700 cash

;atp01 Utytli 1 DRY 00008 HOUCE.WAwrgrIYoung . nth'' Address. TJCKJ T. this office.: 1 43 West Adam*. Piltou right'and eny t rma. and $25 monthly it's your home,

dr) to do hopping forijsssnwksr. INCUBATOR and brooder" ; good aa new! brown; Realty* .Co.3B And it's all right) location ,is
"POD. .
Ml cheap; quick. Metropolis.
I BeaJty. bul dln.. Boom Phone .1 f83r.k v
1 : < at.!: BAY TRStSTT. good, the lot ia largeand', thesurroundings
BAldB-Two bones, reliable
FOR gentle
IW AN J' :CJ-tTperlenoed: white night "4L.Mv.1 111dg .TSkpk.N 155.j . couldnot
edge of city and In. best condition. HAMN18 BROS. be Jbet. ,
IwmcUviuu 141' siwralll I of. t - - '
141;' 1' d3'abighthpQPt ia.eaJl4'Jv0q .. .... ... -ter. t4
Zelrphnne' (NBW matting, li'eenu, or |t" per roll; ,, -" ', _
AN'J' 'I'-Ume. "boVi;' \ and i sscond-hand furniture I and stoves cheap. 4There .r.1..'( .I\'iI\ : &<-i': : : (i Ff';',"',d j.\oI p;, Y-.you ..-.".11.1"..v..1h. !tit'" n'adl: f'!n.:-." 1' ':..t l ll 7. :;,ATke
. '
Ween. at BHtTTAM-B. 134 Bridge . "t r O5EIE A.DURR
ry MirfrtM' a 'good hand. Apply' I ," m '. ; '. '; ,
1"'Id >lID" BBM/BUKBRIIX1E, UII'Lau..r. Ir.1eS'. e1a.e '
1 .. . 1. FOR 1ALm-Itnabl. blackV mare Wed sdldlag.
- suitable for lady to drive: also pkaetoa WIU buy one'''of the nlce.t homes t
I. end new harness, Box 13, South: Jacksonville. In' Blverslde, Four flata ceotrally )ooat.4ientlre1t ;
U5 Oak.1' atreetBrick .
WANTEDMALE. I modern elegantly flnIsked.
$HELP: ...:--- bouse,modern'In every re* All rented. Insured for
_.. FOR SALB-Mortar barrows WILUAHIVERS ,! are, many kinds.of cooks.. spent Very'easy terms. K'yeapa.l con.>.. 1 410,90.. Progress 'hai! been'our; watch,
'lNTED-\t ones"; expert. malt
sjorrapheiwith-general an loft mce and aawHU1I :----, -OS Julia, atreet. I Some are good and come are; bad. R. ,J. MAQILL word, and always shall be. .Toil" e

ettpsrinaioul; of good war-: FOR 8ALB-Fln white sand BEtfBURBRIDOK Only good ones will apply l lot of real 1.ltak offered'here ii of '
eel giver references and Wary.xpeotadDos !:, northwest. oornsr 'blab\ \V1 -
; It you place a small Want Ad. 7" : 'can
Ml City and Ashley. MAtlNFACTCRIMO SITB1S.. the' highest'grade that be
.ANnD-.l.t once, olerk- for fancy gro' NEW Iron bide and springs 1SO to HM plb00i 'f t ,-55.10* magnincent found: "'
BENT-HOUSES. pieceAt'prop/ -
,. eery trade; aute re .ttp.Mtdi; no cigarette Benin. wanted at !- beautiful 1 .lot' In R1v.rsId! A b.nd.omeresideao. ,tb'lOutb..elt erty on the B. A. L. tracks, north of the We hare'an elegant 8-room

BUSINES8. can Metropolis.man FOR ,RENT-Now bt-room boom.northwest \ on Park Street, between Flak corner ot Oak and city tracks and ,close ISO feet In, containing deep at a 471 bargain feeton hone on Laura street, completely
ANTJID-Iood cook; .small fun-. ; modern corner Albert Improvements.and Talleyrandiwenuo Apply and! Poet Gllmor. ,..t..l.. e price furnished. The furniture II1:this ,'
ttyl| experleneed no .East Bay .. .. DR. M. RK1CHARD. UU Albert street Also another tract, road, 110.
for oike StedaU See Heat or ta Alain streetFOR feet on' railroad, tor $2,000. house .cost more than 1 ,$1,800.00,

-TANTEXk-Porter Whlta'ai, 110 Main These properties are so well located and is all The
.....t. Call and see me, corner Bridge WANTED-Tou to phone MM for wood; BI Bight-room house, on Esst for manufpolurlnd Inter..l. that they (practically new.,
.*** KolII' strait.YOUR lot, Fifth and Hubbard,
--- nan West U7L line corner -
Forsyth street; phone .
ED. \ lt* MY. J. B..HOLL1NOB- for II.150.I1.040 than fC, OO.OO.
OMTH, prntw,190 Weet Bay. 1 oil heater to towtck or repair; all of Phone 999. Established/ ) each, buys two choice lots
kinds. I'ELUCRIN.., No' ,,14 Brld,.. ,ONE Highway new, and four-room Palm. cottage Inquire corner Ell West < :1891 111 W. FonythSt.PREWITTE TlxSOI. Springfield. We,are authorized to sell this ;

tls0' man AS atenognpher and g e a- BayFOR a lovely Riverside home, hose, ''lot' and furniture for
1 oraoe siaalatantt pfcwpeuls good If I BOTTLBaWWanted. to buy all kinds of 1 S :: O"t, on comer lot In choice location. .
1afa. ( IT' Address Box M& Give bottles. rage and sacks'highest;; prloes I RENT!: -Nine-room house; modern $6, OO.OO.; i iAnyone
Sese.ea.AN'r91DSa.n. paid. JACKSONVILLE'PAPER AND and comfortable Immediate (1,500 for a lot on Hogan street
; possession.If
BOTTLE CO. SM West BaT.I. wishing a modern home
I desired. Apply M: Oak strait River* e &' AHERN close In.
to learn barber trade; I. aide. fH f I ",600 for an elegant corner lot, In:':.every' respect and' ready to
the well known Moler .System of Collocated ANTBD-T"e or three furnished or !108x105 burnt dlptrlcU J .
In tw.nt74W0'leading unfurnished rooms for clairvoyant and FOR. RENT: -Six-room! bouse, all modern- \ rAIJ rt't art, 'SOS DTAL-VrCHVHCB SKtlUllXCI.PIMM ''walk into, would do well to see
,'offer eteady practice, careful Inruetlona .palmist r mutt be In bualneuaction.. Improvements. (01 Eat Bscond street. 1'1tUmfOIfT'tiAGla tree. .
tool*, etai few weeks com- Address PALMIST caje Metropolis. TIHetit LANDS us; in reference to this place

Nal lop 'wate.' paid) write iieajreit FOR RENT-Nine-room. two-story cottage ORAROI010VLL w. have a. lot clone In suitable for
..ah.*' MOUUt BARBER COIXEQE, WAMTED-Teams to haul boards and ; modern' Improvements. Apply at '( ST. I colored cottages, that w. will sell away SIMMONSSHAYLORCOMPANY
anta. Oa., or New Orleans l.Bt. framing from our mill on Talleyrandavonue MT East I'nkin Street.MISOELLANL"OU5.. IS1m" down below the market prloe.I .
te the city. Telephone lse: E. '-
MIIBOEirLANZ00S. H. VR1EZB:, nisnsger' ; ; aTBO-Nice cottage. home lot lOOxKI.Riverside. | Lot on the Boulevard. A Beraala.I.O8O Phone H30. 16 Laura, St.,
S > .
-- -Peep lot In Springfield. ,
SALESMAN experlanoed.;; desires position w..ww.-w', .wwwwwwr.ww.ww 1IIIIOO--Colonial dwelling" east: rent. 'IMO-Corner lot In Springfield, I '
Oeorg Oa.. a. .. F local cr traveling flrsl-elsss references. Urge lot, Sprlngfleld. IHxlOS. This lot Is south of Third
u".,. IT mil. from JaokeanvUle Addrssj rw,'' Bex m. Jacksonville FBMALET II FEMALhl.box: Postomce PILLS;Bon.t.I..r-OI. ...,BOO-Fine" 10-room residence paved street, and the. best. bargaU on our 15 EAST fOROTH ,$TlET. WE: BAVZ FOA SHORTTIMZ
tain| per
town 1 monthsI
ftbern oolanyi year . __ street, burnt district. 1I.t.
I' about WO. population i bolding up -- rlel lot. pared street Beautiful realdence on corner lot In PROPERTY: ,FOR
.Aldlyi wa need a physician badly I Itve WANTED-To buy buggy horse. A. OSTEOPATHY. s6s05-Fullrsth.U: / burnt district; 10 large roams Will BALE: 'l'JUT'vru.r"PAYBJTWDK "
good drug store; will be pleased CHEATHAM. 310 West Fortyth. street... ...1on\ very attractive terms.
handle on conslfament shipments of -- : : 13 AND 14 PER

UU ohanUVJUllHT',and ".._bl... ,C, 8. STAR, WANTKIVacant for storage purposes space: front, U or orrear U "feet orbullillng DR.U Mutual C. D.' STRCBLE.Life building.: 'O.t.OP4th.' Room BAR ROOM Peepe-ly Everywhere.E1TATB! I Suburban Snaps OENT: ON THE TOTAL XV.VESTMENT. ,

close In. STORAGE. car .... C. THIS OPPOR.

CLUB:' elevator* CO.,work gsnsra a eleonpalrlng. spa.lit -. tropolls. t PERSONAL.FEMALET Bridge street, good stand) M KAUFMANRRAi For Sale-.ONE: HUNDRED 10ACEE TUNTTY. WONT' LAST

M West Adaroa tsjephone 11M. VtANTEIv-Se""nd.II"4iNITED maker c LONG
:: FEMALE: BILLS; safe; cer-' money sy .
ORUCER> CO., foot. Liberty street.WANTBI TRACTSipoated Hon.
: on
_.... Creste. pork and. the tale: II per box. Po toti<-i Box Oil .
dill msata tor Thanksgiving.any >-For caah. two-atory house, al terms. In W Bar, Vrslalra. those O/p C
olaest crier creek at $25 &crt., W. ; tVairlntfon & Co.
time.' at II. PRIOR .. not per ,
ether onp | all modern Improvementai RESTAURANT-
"The Real Bay St: best Nine-room house on Main street) fIn.n.ll'hboboodi 1
UTS UARXCT W West ..Forsythphune two thousand (U.FM dollars. In ; .
I 171Bt good Belghborhood, ; state number houseand .Estate stared on the Bay; low price.> These, properties are just northof 1M .Wee rcnrli Street, seem U. t
street. ; Springfield preferred, TIDD I. 4 rOI lot on East Duvsl Bt T
I Oobblel Oobblel Turkey! 3tOU'$&. M.IropoUaWANTgfMoving Afan. FINE HOrCLS-Fine locations. Nine-room house on Third street lot Jacksonville; being less than
,1 Tarkeyt. Big turkeys Uttle IJxldt. Will risks term 'BAHOAIir.f
..? large turkeya and dread tur : packing, storage; rheeie SSTT HOMES and Vacant .Lots all Jut on llofsn St. A bargain I two miles from pity; and adjacentto Y-r Rest t. TamseU
'i nothing I but fat tul-keye. at U. experlennd men FLORIDA MOVING /0100; : : Lr Mle-llaues) Deal| t room, lot
if .* 6N' UARK T.M Westat i AND BTORAOK CO.,. L'nlon and Davis; New T-room houle,.SprlnsAeld. block over the city. r Psrk lots oar In line Long. Branch .ea rPkonlx. County Shell Road. Wil7l feet front 5a UaJ*. .(,
J\ I phone 471F'S phone II. ; nI-P.m.nt"" 111 per meatb.
and a hs.U from Msln street every.thing
) TIMBER LANDS in tracts from Five lots on 8U .Johns avenue, SouthJacksonvitls
Lend in CHAS. E. BCI.1al
to .. .
Your time to order your Thanhsturkey. Up to. .
ctng 1L PRIOR COM M rORRENT.: I, from 6,000 to 50000acres. .. MSap ta ..*- tIM
assarItbl, phone 4W. pr seesKk.We Male KrMb
FOR RBNT-Blore Wx(l, .,,1...<114 for Sums to Suit. S
have attractive InvaitmentpropoilUoe Estate Co.Aird D. L
sn Myers Real WHITEHOU5E
_1N01 bought. sold and sear.real grocery purpose; rent til p.r month; .
ktUldlngs atoved WIU guaxaaitea. corner .Louisianaand Carolina streets.Bee nit Mogen ,. !'... o"'l, ... Liberal did AiL
TOUT HOfhUNS. tat kial Tea THOMAS LOEBER,!; !: Ml Palmetto N1 WElT roal"TIl IT.Pbae The Real Estate Man _. ... f3rrel&: .....* H. ..... A
ejalre* SI3M '. treadle thle.We -
Ilr.i strait II. 11IM Call pee M a4 IIS Mass sueee.
-' en. D'.a-Upebnrer ........ CARROLL & SHINE We : gross rev and lasilly tu, t|
have something good on Spearing
1\INT-BIN't and dwelling _blne4.I '
d i CLAIRVOYANT >alf acre of ground two blocks from street, near the new street car eitca.sloa. & Wigs Ofllee 1514.-.rb w-Heap' .wt. The"Pcople's
city limit. PQ Kvergren avenue. Apply i IPM1aUT1riW. Outfitter
AU III t)!l8QN. Aslro.Clalrvoyantl' KM East Tblrd. Small\ ,,' At. SOJM-ftns .*l toe beat boues laSpringfield. PI .... S5.."..
lml t. Herklnier block Mo.' >M SIT Vocal ..|l.|m... S House. of s rooms BARGAIN !.
Way \blocks\ east ofstreet. ....I\CNT-o..oou... etoves, -ell stoves, MOON S RLl'M BIII.DINO.' l-ll kilo select ",el.i l l> llrlt0t d.
4 Iulaltoolfic readlnis dallywnday. eta rsXLEHIN rUHNITURB fjl X.rms.A t
: U cenw and. It OMoara I FOR SALE I.,...- pile BUvsr street re-.ldeaea. One Week'OrJr.Ktat .
after W a. .... Open evenings ua.II FOR ROt-NT-Omcee: !. n. pow Realty 1 rooms and bath. OiUy Met and attractive 6-room WOOD
.'.lu,k. Ai.l. MYirriCHIM OF building coraer Foreyth and Newaaaatreeta SI Joseph's Academy Fine residence in heart of cash rHslr.dggeiO .
rm AKVKALEU.: I .will sueoewtui.ls 1- are now ready; south sad eat -A lull lot on the Boulevard. house in burnt district}
"" on love. oourtehliy frontai .elevator, heat light and Janitorservice. city. Twelve rooms (baths, close in.. This U the Smelt oat neighborhood. 13,000. '$food .tUG Per Load.M. .
.I IvOrrva. .health, 1".1_ Imam Apply M HCALX* TITLE AtiUTRVS JeepenuM. Sta: closets well finished |ek Doors let the other allow
large :
re. apeculaUons and transactions. . ofpTkknds ?*. get it.5,145A cash, balance to suit.T.UsM Don, 7B7 East Adams strut
: tell whom you will marry| modern conveniences, furnace / lull sorest let .n Lau, 100r5' w. wNytb St TeltpboneslM and 180P.WANTED .
Kile to'era' swrtel. and fanvllyMMILLJIK. OAgOLlJ STOVES, oil .stoves; la feel, stress fronting east a feeauty.Terms .
...... of stove, we repair them. toot .OARDm41 LED DAV SCHOOL heat, good neighbor- It desired.gj -
j."lJ.U: ., Nrtdpa hood. Price $14,000. .0g-A Mala street house ot I rooms..Modtra !
UsUlul'.va' u dellgsUully si I. ,_ l-rooa eettage. treat.L50
i Ibis J. M. CROMERDealer ..... ......_r. N MlvereMe.
MUsIO LZ8ONa, OFFICE: for real la Koe r. ., Trade building sated .. IPPIDUOSl4. eee et the mosteeutir east.residence' .. rid
CHAS. $. SMITH, secretary.FOH >U suevtbs e< the CIt, et Jack of I some 11 I Rr.blre ... weed, ..If Me.1b. ..M aplan.
L.w.A heldkng cerate -- .. .oavUle, aa4 eBers IU pupil ."...,'...>. Other Specials 'au" ev.ryllsg ........ I )louga sad crssssd Frsmloorleg ."= weai.. n.ke vlads.t fnspsa
aM diploma> le miul*. eipert4 RKKT< tore ea northwest coraer roitualtf ler a ........k sad .redae4ediwaUea. lema Ing. SJdliisr. gad C.In.g'eed. pq e4s d teed
4 teacbir. wlj give t ptaaa lea- Florida avenue and Argyle street wets' Will spas. KOI....,. Sewnker .. .....taJ Chap. Work.. Call *r pave. .wa. Campbell's Wood Yard
at hat home. No. Its Ksst rourtklUurs five roams upeUJn. Apply te SCHU- ITU. I ; :' .
i ( at yard and skep.
.L seodh salWwW4Uy.ef iaslroc0us sea be MAN aue and. MANQCLS Odvem.l tbraer FlMld av*. Apply l* -MOTHER eetua tefUm SUPERIOR See Page; 3, MUdir II l.SMT.. SIGNS Tw.4stk ... hds **. .f,M II''. 'I UM sll..*./ Aveiae, rkeae Litt. pve



S r.

_ ..
;: ..

C. , ,
: .

Want Department GYMK NfwAr r > i a '

Continued, From Page Two.' VERJJPINCIn.ftres.tog [ (15J: RBay: C 15 E. BayHOLIDAY

'9't, ,

WANTD-4oom and hr4. In good location .. FOR fiXLE-Up-to-date ateam laundry I.I. I. kicfog Event at ,

,by couple with two Children,I. procreaalv Florida town (2.100 populai .
BUSINESS, can Metropoll tlon), doing good town and agency Baseball OPENING SALE
bualneea. which Is on Increase.: best located 6ronpds. .
H. PRIOR *: BON8, M. Went Foraytltreet 0 town In State for working out-

,liberal wishes patrjmag to ,thank during the publIc Thanksgiving fortheir Address of-town trad Box 171' Owner. Jacksonville.wishes. to,retIre. The 8 season of Christmas is almost upon us. e Already Good Cheer and Enthusiasm are gathering: force and working into the blood ",

week also Jo beg pardon 0 f THREE RIDERS THROWN of men, women afid children. Christmas How much that word does mean to children-it'hat visions of delight it brings! After

those that w* had to turn down.fhe rush not FOR ed SALE-One large (.. range; eleva,' all i is said and done, what_ is there, in all the,world, so intensely worth its price as tie making. a e ild's life happy. That thought
being able to wait upon them oven.. at a aacrince. Apply to FLORIDA -
being larger than expected but w* art, FURNITURE! CO,, corner Cedar FORTUNATELY, HOWEVER and ;the! Christmas season brings us toTOYS
now able to furnish all the nice cut 0 r and Forsyth street.

meat, poultry. egg*. etc. Call phone, WERE INJURED.A : .
_ 47*. FOR SALE-Attractive house Laura ::0' TOYS TOYS !
treet. below value, ":!&G. JOHN l. ' .

WANTED-Poaltlon. with experienced reference. AddreeiTTPEWRITKR. ladytenographer M'DONNELU, 90 Main.: Novel Entertainment Under the Management 'Everybody will agree with us that Santa Claus has been good to the Kress stores when'you see the complete assortment of beautiful -

t care Mi-tropoll FOR BALE-A large elegant book case. toys we have assembled from all parts of the world. Shrewd buying by the thousand dozens and upwards makes it possible for .
I hand carvedcoat: silo; can he seen In of Archdeacon Goodwin for .
office ot-River View Hotel T. ORIF.FITII you to buy. a dollar value toy for 25 at Kress1. .

HELP WANTED.: ta RlveraMe avenue. the Benept of 8t Andrews Episcopal Bring all. the children-your own and your neighbor's ',

Church, In East Jacksonville.
.NTED-T..o white mn or women a* FOR IIALE--Hol'M "huPI corner Fo.

traveler: a, bonified til to 120 guarantee per week'on andpenaee Alary ex.. -eat and_Magnolia__. .treet. J A Gymkhana was given yesterday. afternoon Santa Claus' Toy, House-KRESS'-Saturday, December 1st

three to work this city MS to KO per; FOR BALB-Shetland pony, t yean old: ; 'In the baseball park In Spring '
month. Call room 1. Ill ,Wept Adam, bay mare, weight about 6M pound.: field and the sports on horseback ,wen. advance of which will
4t0 1 >. m, to U m. gentle and suitable for children. 800 greatly enjoyed by a number of specta Holiday Opening is an showing complete linos give joy to the little boys and girl, and be a benefit to

r Talleyrand avenueMUSIC.. tors. The Gymkhs.iawas. given for the the early buying 'parents. We get the crush later without telling you of this wonderful opportunity. We arrange'thi., opening for
benefit of St. Andrew' '
Episcopal *
I SELF: ; W ARTD-l4.&L1: Church. Archdeacon Goodwin the act ,your personal comfort. .
: ing rector of the church waa master of Kr. Is the ideal gift-store for.everybody-ideal in point of economy and value giving.

WANTED-Good.. soda water boy: only a a ceremonies number. of and gentlemen he wa. ably-assisted. br'' IT'SAT: KRESS' if it's something for father or mother, a knick-nack for brother or sister, a piece! of jewelry for sweethearts or

VRUO rood worker CO.WANTKDB0. need apply. DONALD MRS.and pip T. DEN organ BY, teacher 3635 Main of street music;,phonre piano. ,. The first event on the program wa a wives, and r rou'll be surprised'at what you get for your'moneyc That'a the best part of It-a dollar goes as far at Kress' as $5.00
tilting tournament
*. at rings. The elsewhere.

to go errandi andde ring on *pole were, and suspended the rldera.frorh. with trees lances arm Everybody eats Candy' at Christmas. Kress' Candy is Pure,. Ihch{ Wholesome and always Fresh. We sell tons of it in Decem. '

liver package; muat have wheel. F,, MEDIOAL.FOMALET endeavored to secure a. many .. possible ber in our 60 stores at 10 cents and 20 cents per pound. ,

W.Foriyta DENNIS street*. BON corner Clay and There wa won were by eight Mr." Edwin entries.Sudlow The victory the, We are enthusiastic about this Holiday display; because it is enthusiasm that makes 'the children happy, just the same as enthusiasm C

.. FEMALK; PILLS; safe: cartain -
has built Kress business. '
------ the magnificent
; 11 per box. Fostofllce Box 691. prli beinga silver napkin ring Next up '

WANTEleveral vicinity.;under as,Jacksonville to prepare '(men or. next 01 came mom-"Slicing were impended the lemon."from In thIs the event cros One .I last word-shop early.! It means better selection,.less, worry and no'crowdingGen ,- ,

railway mall clerk examination, good FOR RENT-FLATS.. arme and riding at full speed the horse-
\. prospects Tit Interstate Bid*.i Cedar men"' showed their skill with a sword In '

Rapid., la. _____ hOE RENT-Lower flat III Clay street, tempting to cut: ,Dodge the lemon In this lln Carl Tisch China, finest German; ChiWhite Statuary Sale-Figures/ 14 inches! higH.
event Eugene D. the
WANTEDJI1ve white .boya with 8 .' Apply K West Duval. proved mo.texpert. Included in
L and wn awarded. the prize., ahunling 'a decoration our twenty beautiful models
wheeia. POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO. 'in: beautiful bought
cap. The third event w** more na, '
-- ---- --- FOR RENT-Furnlshrd!: flat central; con: are sacred figures Venice de Milo school
8) 'WANTED-Two good .ho.m.ker..t venlem. $30. JOHN J. MDONNELL. mM.ln. ,
the race being four time around the especially for this sale each - 25c and
Ml rUverslde avenue.WANTE1 girl placques
once ound*. Th. entries were Messrs, Ker- boy etc., each -' JOe

neon. Dodge Sudlow and Bedle,. AtIcr '
buachler>;-Tallor good wage, at once Call, and at on.Ml rood Rlveralde I 70R RENT-ROOMS. three false starts the riders were ..otten -- 0;, On :Sale. Saturday 9 A. M : On Sale Saturday P. M.'

avenue off In a bunch. and the race was on ,
I In earnest For' three times around theneld '
-- TWO large newly papered room*, furI I Dodge crossed the wire first. but on
WANTED-Two ft.IIt-clu. .n.r.. loe fluted, for "WATCH KRESS' WINDOWS"SANTA
housekeeping;, on tile firs 1 lbe fourth trip Kerrlson'a horse picked
welt Ad..m.. '
floor. 72:!* West Monroe.
i I up and down the stretch the horses
of addrena. FOR RENT-Two .tame, with Dodge slightly In the lead :
ANTED-.nUem.n good or three unfumlshei CLAUS DAY SATURDAY DEC. 1
Just before the wire was reached Kern.ton's
'to solicit advertlaementa for our magaalne rooms, light housekeeping. Ml Wes ; ,
J. P. CO., Melropolla. Duyal. e horse gained a few ln"he and won .
__ 1 by a none, The prize, a handsome silver

FOR RENT-Nicely, furnished room H. cup was awarded to Pro, Jt Davenport
gentleman, low price to permanent I l Kerrlnon, owner and rider. Next wa .

party. No. 621 Main .treet. flat, 1. the ladles' saddle race, twice around the .t..f'. .. . ... .. .. ] man from his heart forgive hue fellow port. This new bureau nt marine Intelligence \- Great. OatkerlBgr .< P7t..I.... tfUBuffalo. j ,
WANTED once whit errand girl Held. The entries were Miss, Olady -a man. la a aide line of the Massle Wireless ,_ ,.11
with wheeU Apply 4M Duval building TO LET-Furnished room. 82 Eaet For. Bland Miss. Petting and Mia Vlckera DEATHS AND BURIATJ3. So powerfully, ,was the truth presented Telegraph Company. Th station will N.... Y..' Nov. M-Upward ftiboft ,:
The ladle made the circle buowing : : ;
oJ syth street, flat 1 that many covenanted then", and thereto have direct telegraph communication with
GIRL wanted for cooking and general to the horaea fouling, the race wa old and .todaya Jackaonvllle and the dully arrival and departure persona were preaetv: at the PythUn; ,
_. . .t. .J. . .. . .. . .. wipe out wore begin
!housework. K Hogan atraet.WANTEDA FURNISHED room*, modern convenlence : ., ordered run .pln. On the second trIal life void of cftenaa toward God and' of vessel will be reported to Jubilee which took place In the Conven-" .:

*. K4: Julia Street, opposite Wind.. an accident occurred which put an end Ira Dlana/'Canova, widow'of' th*'lab. man a* far a* In them 'lie*. A great work! the main office In New York and then lion, Hall her to-night. Member, from
bright comely and Intelll or Hot.l. to the race. 'Aa\the 1.011. were comIng Hon. QeorgV' P. Canova, of Sanderson: wa. don at this meeting Famine were distributed to the various subscribers. of an orth of the Stales and from Canada,
gent colored girl to act *. maid In reception , around the, field for the first time, Miss reunited broken bonds friendship re-' the service over the States.SATISFIED. .
room Apply Immedlateyl to, Fettlng'a hqrae stumbled and threw, the Baker county Fla died at 7 o'clock yea doted and It la known that some Whose end Mexico attended.\ It wa offlcli &"

Madam Hudion, room B ,and 0, Herklmer BOARDING. rider who fortunately cleared her too terser mOrnlnc.aaecl 10 years. Blue I Iaurvlved I. hatred for each other almost bordered on stated that the order wss founded .'
'block, -No. IM East BlY stresL Befkrences from the stirrup and wee not hurt. Mia by a family of twelve children bloodshed were reconciled.' Today will 1964 by Juatu Henry Rathbcn In Wash' ,
required.WANTEDWhite. BOARDERS WANTED-Oood: accommodatlon Vlckera, who was leading In the race, nine eon and three daughter, who were see hundreds of quarrel patched.un, hand De a nuff toe eat an' wear Ington, D. C., and ha now a' men*""
turned, to see what had happened and,I in at her bedside' with the exception of Itf*. words and confidence will 'be hip of KO.OOO.
; 14 a week; meal: .,. E, BrIdge .. recalled Dee a short while free frum care
... when the
chambermaid West in Inatant lost control of her h" and W. P. Ward of Douglass 0. restored 1n the heart of msoywhoyee'terday
Street.WANEDBoarder. iho. too fell but also clear of the end came.. 'A special train brought" the Des some one yo' lot toe share. "
.were at enmity No one can estlmste Finest Ohrlrtmai Candies l in
torae. Miss Felling's horae waa running body and family and the family physicianDr. I '. Daf. la llvtn'. ,
In prIvate the worth 'of this onE *ervlc* to '
family; I and of, its fee N. W, Fr.nct.'to this city this morn. city at Ley'i 417 Wait Bay
ANTED-Woman to wash dlshe*. 10 eWe" reuo"abl... 10 Weal Beaver. wl bout rider one the olty, of JacksonvIlle . ,
AdamL .. truck Mia Vickers before phe could rl... log .at 9 ,1I'clock. Jacksonville relative The services continue to' draw. large Des a place toe sleep at niyhtDes COO 'kind 20o, 20o kind 10a,
-- .- BOARDINO-Jf you wl.h flret-.ass prl Mlaa Vlckera was :-picked 'up and carried met the party at the onion elation and crowds of people. notwithstanding'manyother some Men's toet.: *.t yq', whit ,.
to-morrow December
WANTED-Young- lady.. attendant to a spot near thi-randatand.' wherelaa accompanied the Immediate ..relative and a 11\
vat board IS and up, meaJa, KM. Cal thlnga going on to attract jatten- plookln' tow'ds de llrhtDat'i -
a 'dental parlora. Apply In peraon Sunday THE ELLSWICK D1 Main street, )( Fettlng, .of SI.'nuk.'* Hospital and friend to Evergreen Cemetery where the tlon., ', llvln1.
U a. m., M Weat building.WANTRD.A 'phon* 284.Flnley's a physician who was present gave her Interment took place In the family lot be. There will be a special service to-night ft '
attention. She. complained cf ride her husband.. The pallbearer. were *
necessary but ''no services on Saturday, On Sundayafternoon : Overcoats
C. BOJB $6.00
woman for 'coOkIng and W..NTED-Board..re.. ic ...111 luea.s. her back being Injured. end .. soon as von of the. deaceaaed: P. and B. Canova, at I oclock It la planned ,to KIND : .
hueework up .t.lr. '>141 Weet Church..0A1LY'MARKETS ".00. SOS Main .tr..t. possible she was placed In an automobIle Edward.. lf.,**>aeph JV.George W.,- Wll- have a big temperance meeting to which FOR 'r
.. CWIOVK Mr. \ She-;'lf :you klesme I shall' bream. for
and T1\CImI..R. ,
nd carried _to. St. Luke Hospital, Hum .H.,', the publla I* cordially Invited i jhe 3.98 ON CREDIT i ;
Canova.had.always enjoyed perfect health help" ;
where site la engaged aa a,nurse. preaching servIces Sunday morning and i
dutle place him directly In touch The sports were then retained, and the until about eight. month ago. She was night are expected bring out the bea He-"Your father I AT ,
.1'' ) :, WIth.very department of the system, I Ila ItI. ext, number on 'the program wee the attended _by the beet phyalolan and attendance. A large.number of heaters _'Oh" no; th*' other" -111'1.. it', ./I/UBIN, 'I'h., Clothl.r'UtStalra. $
pnwumed by local railroad 1 officialsthat Oretna Green race nil was an amuang Lralned iiurse during her Illness, but the Christmas "
have been provided, and the tent will be you know and 3m not 19 East Bay Btt"t ,
he will be the temporary. head of the I. feature, and gneatlyenioyed by thespectotore. ind cam -suddenly. yeaterday morning. reasonably comfortable .!( the weather tlngy.. ".
line. She was the owner of extenalv proper. '
: ,
The following quofaf/oiH/ l turns'', colder.
were It, la said that there will b* no special The couplesaa paired ; ..w.re: 'Mr. tie In Jackaonvllle. and also In Daker ,
furnished/ The Metropolis 'fc-rfir br meeting of the directors held for the purpose udWw and Mlaa Fettlng.; Mr. Dodge and county, : The children who survive hr ,
I the brokerage/ firm of? S. P. Holmes of naming the new president and ..' Bland. Mr. Bedley and Muss Miller. are Mrs. WI P. Ward of Douglass. Oa, h"
that It may be several4 month. before soy The Irate father ...... Impersonated by formerly of thIs city; .Miss Adeline and! "
6 Co.: _ _ _ such action'! taken Many railroad men Mr. J. D )Kerrteon. MIss Kitty Cmnova of Sanderaoni; Paul 0 BRIEFS, I of
tiEW In Jacksonville believe that Mr. Flnley From the far aide of tne, III'Id'the cou a Canova,, of Starkej; Senator B. B. Can- Only a Few Days More :
YORK STOC1 QUOTATION will succeed Mr. Spencer. pies would< slant and ride up to the table ova of Sanderson: J.' F. Canova of Lake ;
WlP. Sflt&IIGL 'UI. :::r Mr. Flnley'i railroad experience dates where they were supposed to sign the City; O. W..' W. R-, T. R.. A. C.. A. B. The nchooncr Zacheus Sherman entered
f. ", from UI7S, when he started his career .. marriage. register Upon the couples and O N. Canova, all of Sanderson. Soc to-day from Hew York with 1OW toneA
0 stenographer to the vie president of the that table directly In front of: waa a aletei-ln-law of Mra. W. W. Baya a
caching cigar. that sells twice"J-Benalor.
Am. Bugar. .. . ..1344jltchlson / 184 (
New Oilcans. Jackson and Great Northern he grandstand 'Papa" Kerrlaon. wouldstart and 14... Addle Warrook of this city. The New York C1othinCompany's
. 103i The achooner Zacheus Sherman "entered
.... 138Jiffl 1081 Road. II* became nationally prominent In pursuit. Ehe was a moat estimable lady and her '
A'11al.! Copper. 112j| 118 In railroad circles a* the chairmanof Only one of the couples. Mr. Budlow and relatives have the sincere sympathy of to-day from New York'with 1,00 tons"bfyoal.

.. ..... . 80 1179'' SO the Trne-MIourl Traffic Association MI. Petting, succeeded In eluding the their many frUnde. and the entire com. ,
Ert.\.1) 4. 4I! tit' at Kansas City which Ui.1 he held during father," each of the other couplea being munlty In title bereavement. Clerk *: Th British schooner Prosper .\' < )
L. & N..I.. 146 146 146N. ; 3SS9 and 1890. From HOG to 1101 he was ought at the "altar." Moulton Company funeral director, had port from New York to-day ..

4 ." York 0.0..18:1: 182 1811 IkIf chairman of the Western Passenger Association THF1 VICTORIA CROSS RACE. charge of the tucenstarraltienlante.. cargo.Th .' I1 Sale by'' th'B. :
where he attracted the attention schooner Elisabeth T. Doyle entered ,
I'onn.y1vao1s..l38l !B8t 188 138 the Vleorla
The lent event of the day waa and 4
"of President Jamea J.. Hill, of the Jan Q. Blackman, aged. 10 year from N J with
port Carteret, ., l.a
tit. Paul 183
. ISle L838 : 182k: Cross race, the scene supposed to ben the Wlndl Hotel this .'
Great Northern Railway who made the month died at
of fertiliser.Th .
U. B. Stoel pfd.KXJ 1Ol&& 1041 104k former general traffic manager of hi. Booth Africa during the Boer W... morning .t 8:11 otk., Mr. Blackman : ,tf..B. .
V.:8 Bteel com. 47> 4T1 47i f 47httf line in 189%. where Mr. Flnley remained The Boera were encamped behind a was a sister of Mra C. ;B. Smith" of the schooner Thorn Wlnsmore entered.
ereba, In front bf which were lying a lot port from Philadelphia to-day with tU
YOil( COTDitfu tion until of 1813.commissioner when h* accepted of the theposi Southern. (It dummy figure to represent the bodies Wlndl aha hal Hotel.spent. the Jackaonvllle pass two, 'with)'10&1'II.whom She'" ton of ...oal.Teelerd.y, ;

0 ' mu DI' i !rm r. States Passenger Association. On Oed of wounded and dead British Midler. w..* a native of New' York State but afternoon the houses at 2M ,8.
The object. of the race for the partlcl- B & B C
boor 1, IKK. AI r. Fin I.y waa appointed whose home for many year wa In West Eighth street and 163 Albert street B. Salvage Comp
1.nu.r.1O&O" 10.59 Ion 10.H8: I third vIne president of the Southern Ball. pants' supposed thbodies to of be the British dead and aoldlera wound., toeacue Cleveland. 0.. alsO In Ravenna. 0.. In .were slightly damaged by lire. ;

Maroh. .. ., ,10011 10.78 10.68 10.84 way. In May. IKS*, he returned. to the ed while the Boera opened and kept up .which citIes she had a large circle of Rev Robert J. Bateman, of Baltimore,
1I1a)'. .. ,.. . 10.80 10.89 10.74 10.Tel Hill line*, at Bt. Paul but In September constant fire on them To dismount friends to mourn her ION. Her remaInswill Md.. the Quaker evangelist will close
II 0. for Interment .
of that same year, rejoined the Southerna b* sent to'Cleveland his revival aervlce at the City Mission ,t,
'July... .\ . .10.88 lOOt 10,8J: 1083 pick up a body and remount with the family lot on Woodland ave-
ncond Vie, president.Mr. In the this week.
Duournber. .. .1088&0.47108810144It.elmatel body. was no ....y matter. with the rifles 'I ,
.. her husband and d&ughter are
Finley has the reputation of ?? whom .
b of the enemy firing at close range and ; r.r.iDlnctot;; .Charles. A. Dr. Nolan practice lImIted to eye sen )
. an aggressive, thoroughly modern railroad buried. ,
: R l.ta T -M rr ". the horse plunging and rearing, not being of the COM and throat. M W. Adam
i of the hlpmBnt
and has behind him record. Clark baa charge
Houston 11.000 to 17.000 vs. 11,165 man a accustomed to such close firing. Th New York Clothing Company 'at -1- ,
of servlc In the traffic ..e &rtm nt. which to Cleveland
last year; New Orleans 7,000 to t.OOO \ The following graphic account of this body ,; . lit West Bay street are offering Immense .
va. 7.0M laat yeari OalVMton 10,009 to ha.**...been. of great benefit to him In latety ,r exciting event wa lent to. The Metropolis The funeral ervica over the body of ) bargains for the next. four d.YL Of the largest stock of clothing ever under one roof in J

by an eye-wttneaa: Infant daughter Mr. and Mr* See advertisement In to- _ _ _ NEW BUILDINGS. During the night of the Bib, a strong George loss. the Ooff. took place at 10:10: o'clock All new member that have Joined"' the sonville, will, be at an end. Take advantage while it 11": .

body of Boers hud succeeded M taking up front the residence at Ml Newnan street, Ited Hardens are earnestly. requested to ,
W'HOl JCCEEOS[[ Prniii.'were Is.uedto4lay to personi, a position themselves near Ladyamlth and mounted. They had a Long entrenched iev. .Father Mahr,officiating. The floral attend the business meeting*thl* .evening Have space only to mention a 'few prices.

for erection of houses to-day aa. follows Colonel offering were many and beautiful among at I:10 o'clock. or the devotional meeting .
ma. 'Tom. Perceivingth* dodger.
C Ruckman three one-story eDit....., Qoodwln., then In charof the Hrltishpost hem being a handsome bunch of Sunday' Morning, at 8:00: o'clock, in'the '
corner of Odeata and Spearing streets the emblem of purity. The many friend. club rouiTsat the First,Baptist Church, '
Jacob Blum a two-story dwelling. on I entrwichmer.1 ordered an attack The attack upon the was enemy'sI mod of the sad parent extend. their sympathy The'r"'Cui.r monthly meeting of theJacksonville f
SAMUELSPECHa' Fourth afreet. between Walnut and Ionia to tram In thIs bereavement. Clark 41: Bar Association will\ be held .
[ of the 59th, but the .
streets early Boer position In the afternoon was too strong to be taken, Moulton Company, had charg of the funeral on Saturday, December Itb Insteadrn ..r 281 Men's Suits, broken sizes, at $2.SS'to $4.98 ; worth: doubt .L

John L. Harrison one-story cottage on I After gallant chacce. ; the British were arrangement Saturday, December lat because of '
a e 119 )len I Suits Scotch Tweedi at 15.89 worth 1500. ii"
Third street near VanBuren street forced to retreat Thl1 they did In good received by Th M- the fact that such latter date almost ,

drder. leaving several of their comrades A telegram this morning waa from Syracu, ri'. Immediately precede tho December rule 98 Men's Suits, Castiimere, at $7.98 ; worth 1500. 4'j\
The Duke of Marlborough very ropoll
n day. George Cooper Otbbi secretary
wounded the field. The
W. W. Holey Seems (tbe anslou. cf to the live house.up to the marital tradition dead sun wn or Bearingth*upon.korlaon when a vol.ualeef Y./announcIng of Mra. the Mary death MoAullUe In that city after yee1.l'd.y .n- Mrs Katie Cox,. an aged whit woman 132 :MeD'. Suits, sizes 33, 34 and, 35, at $5.98j; worth .1 .00", If

Politicians, tIlts actors, sro frequently Budlow.party Corporal consisting Dodge of and Sergeant Franc. Major IIndprtv.t. Illness. of several of mo'fjh.\. Mrs." McAulKte.ndI McAuliFewan and .dlstreased was found over on not the being alrset able last to night findtwo 84 Men's Suit., Brown Meltons, at $7.89 ; worth 1500. 4 Ji ,
Loflcal l Choice. stronger at.. the rehearsal than at -theperfornuanc. Kerrlaon. mad a gallant dash to the a alater of Crow' ley and ; alstera she came from deal-water to 61 101 1en' Suits,. Imported Tweeds, at $U8; worth $18.00.4()( ,
recover. their wounded comrades. Cloning well known visit. The police took charge of the woman -
-- the lead-rwept space uninjured they Mis. Margerlt.her or l.c"aonvtlle Riley a and found lodging for her during 163 Men's' Suits Back Thibet, at $9.38; worth 1800. $5. ,

: IS .IN ACTIVE TOUCH. THIS DRUGGIST'S cooUy wounded demounted mel threw and him seizIng across his each saddle a tenopaoJ,A REFORMED: CROOK. I. the Mra.night.Kate Cox, an old '.and afflicted 102 )fen'" Suits, Silk and Wool mixed, at $11.96; worth $20.{

4 and carried him Into Kerrlaon the British.....llnea. whit ,woman' supposed to' Uv. In Clearwater .- 28 Men's. Light Color :Melton Overcoats, at $1.28; worth
The of Private perhaps Will
ease '
EXPERIENCE Ford of Army, was taken In charge by the polio
MR. PINUCT IS SECOND VICE PPKB1DENT have a the charmed more remarkable life which no h. Boer seeming bullet to Capt. Speak at Woodmen' JisJL yesterday afternoon .and, sent to the 62 Men's Black Beaver' Overcoats, long cut, at $9.98: :: w4

AND LIVES IN WASHINGTON. ...Mid I.t.s.... Jarkoonrltl* Pl. *. could reach Having succeeded In plso- Ford-;of Cleveland. 0..' I I. clothes County about Hospital.noon to-day In searching|K> was; found her 2200.
Ing his man across bl* horn h* was by Capt. Fred meetings. at 19 Ien'. Gray Melton Overcoats $ .76; worth $12.50.S
special her
week conducting on person
Mr. C. C. B.tt., L prominent. druggist reason", of an old wound, unable to remount this
,It I. tIre O.ncsl! Impression Among Hall- of Jacksonville\ ,.1.., wrlleil, "I until after dragging his. horse under the salvation Army Hall. H. .Bridge.. In the United State Court to-day a I OJ.;'(
have sold '(inst. the cod liver preparation . the concentrated fire of the whole treet Captain Ford ba Indeed. wonerful motion wa filed to amend the sentenceIn
road Men That Mr. flalejhWUI Assume without, oil, for the past three Iloer entrenchment, be succeeded by the tory to tell Twenty year agoi.e the case of the United State vs. Helen :
,. was converted In tb. Salvation Army Wllm.-......,- Boarman has
years, and II ha. g-lven perfect satla- aid of a friendly boulder In remountinghi Judge
tn of !'reeIa.... of th. Southern H was a wallknownambler 3,000 Pairs Men's Trousers at 98o to $3.68 worth H'
Dulls faction. ,, chttrg, and speedily reached lb. Brit- t Cleveland.: been expected her from Louisiana for ; 1.75 to I
'I now us. Vlnol In family and l.h II..... Th on, regrettable. thing wa : and all-round bad nan. Ha had several! daye to act tn several cases but
Railway, at, Least I Tsmpofarlljr. can highly recommend It.my It I* alway that such a gallant act should have been served a number of terms In prison. Oo up to the present b* has not arrived, 39 Down Men's Fancy Venti, at 78o to $1.88; worth $2 to't&CBoys' ;:

W. W. nnlay eecond vlo. president", of a pleasure to recprumend a medicine In vain Th surgeon'Into whose hands and hear'blm.: The It bU West of Forsyth the Woodmen street. A graceful tribute was paid to-day by Overcoat at half-price. l

",. Suutnwn Hallway chtof eaeoutlv the I have found to b* first-class." h* resigned his charge pronounced him, of the World. at for Saturday "'..It.wh.re General Manager K PI'. of the Clyd Line,
The renson'Vlnol I* *o fait dead. The last gallant act 10 be recordedaa has, bean engaged to the late President Spencer, of the
pOOrer with .adQuoorl.r. at Washlni- superseding 4
life Men's and
Captain Ford will loll his story - 800 Dozen Boys Hats at riveaway'prICf. ;
of the Boer col- ..
lon, IX C., will probably assume the dIP ; and superior to old-fhlond the spirited capture the of this ( Southern Railway, who was killed. In a
II.. of the late Fresldent Spencer's ot- cod liver ooW. emulsions: I I* became rn by Mr..ei.ot Major Budlow. who, un. To defray, th'* email esptnse sum of M cent train wreck yeaterday Orders cant from y
n.,. until the latter' iucosor h4 botn It contain alt of the medicinal" body dar a baptum of grape and ranlster.oongreav charged meeting You should'not mla hearing Mr. Eger to put the flag on all the Clyd
aptwmtsd.lil. building\ elements of cod: liver. oil .dually rockets and shells brougltt them Ia and steamships. at halfmaat until the day of
"Bar Room to Pulpit,
A. B. Andrew'*, wha I is located at taken from fresh cods' livers. with ...f..., Into lbs British line tItle Mory. criminal.PItEACIIED the funeral f
lulsl.**. N. C.., la Soil: vlo president ofIh all of the useless and nauseating oil Upon conclusion" lawfully of the Qymkhana rare by I many yeora __ Julius Bird a negro working Jo Elton Your Last Opportunity to Bart Money.
rwl. hul du. to the fan that Mr. eliminated and tonla .iron added .h* prIsm war TO BIO CROWI, Dennett of Pilot Town. was drowned tnth rIA;
.0 : Rca J. E. Merrill who had a few ,
Vlnol make pure, rich, red blood. Bt. John river yesterday afternoon
It 1. delicious to take. and the weakest cheese words of praise for ach Doing between<< pilot Town and Mar port. Mr. if
tb* Evangelist
pleased with Ih. R.v. J. B. Culpepp r,
All wwr greatly entertainment
NOTICE.A :. stomach can retain.A .: but general regret was fell Work With Revival.Rev. iMnnelt bad been over to' export and '
aperlal meeting el Ih. alotkholdvr,. I a 'body-builder and strength ere- should b marred by the accidentJo was returning about 4 clock In his "boat
It *
c in* llarwnod I.l .uJ. and Improvrnxnl .tor for old people, weak. women. dell- that Ulsa ,..-..- John B. Culpepper. preached what to Pilot Town. Vibes about half way B. & B B. Salvage Compai
('on'".., of Flurlila.. for eonalderatlon. of cats children, after alckneaa, ana. far allpulmonary Report from ... Lu...'. Hospital are b. ternMd. a .'Gru..It..." sermon last across the river Bird Mood up In the.I
.... sal* wf all of eke |"n>p''1'11.* of said diseases Vlnol. I I. recommended 10 the effect that Miss Vlrkers. I I. comfortabl \- might at the goM. lent In Riverside center of the boat. H* had ben drink.In
t tin...,, aod the Iransaotlun of aunh oth-' | by aver tICS 4f the leading. ; *. *nd. that her Injuries. are not of from the text. "lf I regard Iniquity lam *- while it Mcyport. and wee .unsteady.
i k, BUSUI*.* M may properly. ouai before druggists of the L'nlled Stales. your a serious nature.Blot heart the Lord will not hear m*." on his feet When. the boil gave a
I ihu meeting, will b* held al lbs Branch money bark If It doss not 4* all w* There were scores of persons preen who al "bt lurch M tipped 'over backward

"rtI.,. of the Mimpany, at the offlc 8 of t. claim for It. C C. Bells*. druggist. Ohiistmaa Baxaar' Store felt that b* wa .Indeed getting! at tim root and fell overboard, CF NEW YORK
It, llutihvU. A: Cw,, at No,: *x*> It.d WIOJ''. ,Not*._While w* are sole agent for ot lbs matter I In aa far as they Individ la view of the fact that tin and after
.. lii the .n" Hiat and cutely uf New Vlao In Jacksonville, It I I. sow for sal.hlh 1A1' (11 Watt Bar tmt. After all were concerned ,Tb necessity of January lot coaatwt veeeels will not be
\otk on th* lath day vt Ltumnbnr. !*->*. : l wdlog drug eye'* |'n nearlyvlry two dayi' elostnc for pUctntm. having the bean cleansed from all malice i.ulrd to enter '(nd lar at the cu,*
P0 I | 0'.."", p. ... tewn; and. city I Is the country, ass III will .wee very clearly *u' ***d. torn .house the burii of marine 'Intelligent 3151-WZ8T: BAY 0TRECT-415
kV: S, TallHV S,"f.larr.Nev Look -for the YUol agency In your tufts .stock spins to-morrow D*-, It Cal shewn that there la no hope fororgtveoee *. a MW concern' of New York' City,

M, iwl ,.... omnbtr lit of *tn* again ..D..*.* ymterdir, established a nation at May>



Pt "

j ; ' ,. ,0 ,, ',

.."........, '

: i. '
.lFe. f F'T
'._ 4 rn f t

{ '

WllENIERIiiNI Great Reduction Sale of Garments'

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Time at Castle ,.. '1 . Skirts of Panama
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Hall, Last, Night. ""'I' Black, heavy Skirts rustling, made' full taffeta.Walking aide "F- :,. . (! n jr'.i t. t :n: ) III riis. f ; In the black, nobby, blue mannish ofr brown gray; some' mix in:

pleated styles, deep hem, .tight ,
1 in
tures the largest assortment
URGE CROWD WAS PRESENT fitting around hips, all sizes ;

""j .... ,l regular $15 value; DO' POPULAR DRY GOODS HOUSE this city at anything like out

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I t MUSICAL,PROGRAM HEARD. some are finished with stitched,
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H was heartily ap.
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ot the time when knight-
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>i upon*. There the friendship were" also of Damon remarks and by PythU
.f{,WllUairi Wllllanflt.:: C. West.Sabring and a recitation by for Cold Days Just at the!! heart of the season at the end of season prices. Buy $UO Krimmer Coats $4 95 Girls' Krimmer Coats, )hi sizes 3 to 6 Sa.turday.. . . . .. -$ .

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bet BoW was rendered In a very wt ; fur with natural claw*.
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clan. Mr. Charles Boot, In his bass solo, ,.,
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e7.JO; Saturday .) : of Extraordinary i Interest dressy
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program for the evening* ren- ... Set
1Theo ruffle .. .l
with ;
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} was a* follows: ) '. .Ie.ell' muff and .boa; each. :' '$8.tO Beautiful Tourist Costa!, made of broadcloth'covert, mixtures, med with lace insertion and. set
"' Added. ofDastrplano weloom*. Women's knitted ,Petticoats i in Meat. turfeck? Scarf 'of 'BaumMarten '' cheeks and plaids made with combination velvet collar full box in lace medallions I collar and
satin Child' ; :
> With Wind and Tide'L '" blended mlb, Blue 'Js'ox Bet, beautifully ,
:*.' floe AUdress'Dr,_Walter. 8 Russell ored border 'each/. . . tjUw50c .aaturday't'i: ,, ;;. Jr boa: ; .aoh.t..,, ,,io $ 1 a Coat in the lot worthlesa than $17.50)) all.. . . $1 10,00 saturdYsleeves , ;.. ... $4.

BJ* solo "Th Armorer's Bong" (Di.svtn .- ,
i), Mr Charles Boot .ern I

Recitation Comb ong., by Ed.:Eugene!:.William.Field. O. E..Mu-. II .. . .... .. .... . .. .... : Justice Howell: today- and were held for-- modern _..nl.n..e.- "but It'.' "
.. ". I I Ladies't j 8 Beiutiful! I'' MiUinery ', .. : ,e .... .., trial In the Criminal .Court! more."-\Vashlngton star I .
Italon. "Robert Emm.I' Defence," HE FELT THEPUBLIC [ : >REAL ESTAT+ 'SALZS. GRAND JURY TO obe
:thin.bash mil- O'Donovanm
C:. W..t'loUn Cheaper oa Cols VALUE RKCEIV1D. Row seems to the'II'Vt'"I
,. \ .oo. IIr. H. N. elemaker. linen ill them for.; at ....... .t..t.. . . .. . .. .. International office holder.A :
fo""t. .nests the Pine of-Main*" To-day: In the office of the/ Vunty"clerk "It "colt more to live thin It did yanto wven-Jneh snake taken from a :
olfe',' Ml. Mabel Boole.Characterletlo "Rubin, The Clothier's"UpSlain. were" filed for record 41.... a* follow: ," said the man who complolna."Tee. stomach. Doe" heredity apply

sketch original, Dr. i. PULSEInheritance ., l3E&:: .Bay: St. San Pablo and Diego Beach Company to [ ." answered the man who enjoys bootit I
John H Pitt and Joseph U Knight, for BEjECALLEOWill
1tecl 1 dlon, '"The' Briarwood Pip,". II- II lot 1 and I, of section B, township .

.,. d.rf r.Aao'Rooso south range a eau. containing, mitely PI,900.OOII. year Indeed, the revenu Th ',seme!' property' ', wa eold ,by John H.
,"Ohria_ 4>penin r tomolrorr Ik likely to be rather'more;.than. fen PlWnd! '..wlf and J.I, ;JCBfefit 1 to Robert

f tbE. L. ttf ruratahljig' rjom. ,. ,v eltat'ois f .ao! thin In several Hhat"ftmooht European:\. : countries' -an ,lnheVltanoj - Ronba Robertt for r'/4900.1 and fyri, wlfa V o*th** *".A"Florida :Not )Iee t.( Though Ua111 SPECIAL' : :NOTICE !.: .

C ,n1w..n1ar.ti': :tJ 0' .1 lax. found to work admirably: By the advocate ' for p 1. lot J, In Motion tl; lot 14. In section Christmas. '
of clerk hu After
'days, an army. } of' th* proposition In this country Bi lot 1 and .,' in vectlpn "\. all In For1 the convenience of our, customers and the general
arranging tor the. big 1 open. It I* believed l. be 'a' solution to many townihlph 4 south rang 17 but, excepta public ,we will keep our store.. "open frouCuow until Xmas. from '
e economic and social problem.. President tract of 1 acre..In lot X, containing In c '
,_ ,, L Roosevelt\ .... Indicated hi* InUntlon to all M acres. 'i .', 7:30 ,in the morning until 9 o'clock every evening. Glad to 'a.
HE WILL RECOMMEND IT , of the law with Henry Robinson fact wife 4o J. JUDGE CALL. SO DECIDES '
1 rfNkTLVANta' mEI.1.UOlOr.. advocate the: enactment C. ,; open an account with everybody., :Weekly' or monthly pay. ,
all of the personal and official fore at hi* Baker for IMO. lot 210. In block tt Oakland .
command. city. Baker and wife, tor BOO, transferred ments. t '
OJsae i laDe y Aster Prevlaa a M1

',..,.., >i1; rae.aeshl .O.*.. OPPOSITION TO,, MEASURE % WILL $9,000, stock of splendid Christmas mentiCompany.the property I subject the Union to a Invest-mort- JVRV. I' ,TO IfiyEiTIOATB' THB The,, Underselling. Cash or 'Credit Clothiers 'to Men, 'Wo; .D,
.burg.-1'1I-. NgV-H.-The dver'ieaclosid COMB, :FROM: THE REPUBLICANS. bargains at Ley's '417 West gaa- for, 11,000. KILLING Or LIXCTB JOHNSON.' Boys and Girls."
'"I 11' In this Stele te-day, D. J. Kellum and wife to Carl Notion .
tomorrow for no. the east of lot t In 13.FalrfleM. .
Bay street Doors open halt block i.
t dperte4 on.the istli. baa been very :---

[*,Mh'ti*fuj...J6M Last bConiy jrr w Q Ihr deer** huntsmen were kill.: Believed That'Bill Will 'Be Introduo.d In December 1st._ Joseph Harold ltokf. Flynn:; lot Nand TM .....*.Oecamd !. th* Clly ....t "
Amlunt '
74 In ot
"I |' ar, tboyghlt ha 'been computed to 1 Ck. .lo....... block THE CLOTHIER
-, ar* more deer In the Slit. than Both the. House. and the Senate: CarryOut Fight far wltrwela-ht m conalderatlon not plated M4MdayTk Hatter ef C:*.rtCMl4ered RUBIN
P. ErnUe: and wife to C. M );taufman:
years, previously, about the same the President ldea-Th Tax Will San Francisco. Nov M.-In* lI.hl to a for lid, part of lot 4, In section t, township Tale F..rBera by J.4a* ,
l' tisttr* In Clinton Center,
I finish for the welterweight champlon- .. _
wooded,and'th Pike' counties, which. am \ Probably I tTldld'\ 'pr.Ooo.ooI;, a'T r"i shIp of the world between: Mike ("Twin: *> I, James south raruj W. Plckett tl .1.and wife to T. J, CalL Upifi/ri' / ; 12 East Bay SIred, .- Opposite Kress lOe'Start.
"nnlmat* were shy mid
Eunlvan. and Jo Thoma* take* place
Hawking for tiOO, 40 acre of land In section I _
lo get at, and Inthe. ecntral p.rtl1.t. Washington, Nov' M.-In- forthcom. end has attraeud large The Circuit Court opened his mornIng -
her tonight tt, 1 south JIi t.
where Inf nnnital tothe Congress, trwnahlp rang *** t
of menace
acre number of sporting men *H p.nac.t until :Mon.
from \ Alee letter patent Incorporating the : but anon recessed again
I have been cleared Preildent Rooeevelt .11take\ strong
$ timber and
will at .
Th weight u .
the ("ountr Florida Peat Fuel! and Construction Company > It that the confutation -
: SOW covered with shrub, careful around In favor or a Federal! inheritancetax day. was expected
Inawa* n_,. Th excellent H* already., baa Indicated> his newt 146 pound and all\match arrangamcnt* belnscar In can-- with a capital\ of IM.OOO. Th objectof case, of tho State of Florida
line thrown around dr. and the on the sub/ ct, In the statement of his .faction with the u the company I...to'mine deal In and agilnit the National Transportation
Bttoti Imposed upon the bunters ar poIUoa road last print In .hi. now. vied out by what I* known' a* the Fight handle! prat and other fuel and byproduct and Terminal Company would come up \
table* nor. the great Increase. of deer leaflets 'muck-rske ....eob.' at the lying Trust and to sell the same, etc. The stockholders the Btata'i attorney wa. not ready to
I" of the cornerstone of the odlce building are Robert Raneon W. A. MaoWilliam proceed This |I. a matter wherein a
''It THE
la U''r. ol ce .. of the House .t Repreertatlve. attract. 0, of and J. C. R. Fostar.MUNICrPAf. number of barrel of spirits ot turpentine .
log wide attention. It I* well known that were attached ,and adulterated, .
Fkatlf.l Lea* Island.. ; JO, Th
Uverpool l. England. Nov. : new
.....: the president preeented the subject of luiInheritanc Cotton exchange, erected at a, : COURT. though marked -pur I a'plrlt"
ref U I, Nov. :JO.-P'.nn. here tax In that addreiiy Tiustalnlnheavy. tome from thedlprecl.llone purpose of feeling the publlo pulse on the '. large and representative gatheringof A Lane Number of Thanksgiving Day DeCaily and Violet Gardner, was Ul-
of foxes which have Queatlon. He did pot can formally to English merchant and manufacturersby Offender Up for Trial; mle e4 on motion of ...Ialntta.A i '
multiplied during the past few recommend to Congress the enactment of his royal highness Prints Oeorg. of preclpe. for diimlual wa alao
I The f.nn.n hao formed a hunt. hClfllaUo"l levylnt such a tax unless It Wai. '''Twentyoee Thanksgiving Dy oRend- fled la One aumplt c..o' ot the '
It' arid to-day are scouring the wa reasonably certain loosest with the lore faced the "Blr Judge this morningIn Brldfeport Organ- Company v.. J, A.
f with da :tt, wood by portmn' clubs, comment on that phase of hi. address were adjuitted as follows.-; CRIMINAL MATTKRaJudge .
*1 members shoot. th* same bird was comprehensive\ .and. for the moat. Jam*. Menendc and six guest were t
and -prevent other from shooting. part, favorable. H. ha. discussed the I4 AT THB HOTELS. | enjoying a game of poker In a house on Cult *ald. today that no more ,
I "nt-'or the Increase' of th* antII matter with many line' he "announced Duvet street, between Washington ,and criminal e...*e. would b* tried before
his own lJ.ph" concrete re.ult .... . .. .. .. . . .. .. ... Catherine streets, yesterday afternoon Christmas In the Circuit Court. lie will ''
f ; .' of the conference, being. that he will Mr J. J. Fltacerald and .ire. of when Policeman, P Lord espied them and reconvene the grand Jury after Chrlit- ,.THE WANT DEPARTMENT
I DOLLS 1 1 DOLLS II ommnd the inoctmint of a mell.ur.whloh arrived In this\ city lust night, "pul) d" the crowd The evidence wasrot mae to Inveilla-ate the murder Wedne
will enable the government to Tampa Hotel.IJr sufficient to convict the defendants, day of Lisle Johnson, killed by Joe
(Doll Counter at' ]!I. L. Ley's, profit to the extent of a graduated tax on and lire gruesti" xt4h* Windsor and they were dlneharged.Adalbert . Walton and any other ours that may of The' Metropolis
the paaalnc ot.fortune from on. .person andMr*. O C. artly" of Pitta- Hall and John Uobley well crur duringth* next three w ek*. costs you only
tot Bay street TremendonB to other burg, wo pending ft Cow day at the arrested while endeavoring. to "clean out"a hammer Wright,'alia. Wllll Wright ,
ant;,' ,Opens to-morrow. REPUBLICAN OPPOsIT10N Windsor Hotel restaurant at oho foot of Ocean ..treel.II will Uo b. fried again If certain evidence
I" It I I. quit likely the question may b. Mr, and Mrs J. A. Illckman, t. N.wYok all wa* fined ll<) ,and ,Mobley wa discharged d *lrd 1 1s' eeoured. Wright one-cent-a-word a day to use I it. -
1tNesv.' Rsse.ied: Tex*" projected Into the' approMhlac,, lesion uf cr, among the tenant srrjvals at jury failed to agree upon a VerdictWednesday. :"I ,
' Congress.: althoucn'lt' I h thought\ to be the Windier\ Hotel.Mr. Will Smith, for twine the keeper. of a H* killed Oscar. Gainer oil' ,
Tex.. NOT. n-The MaS-o Jess Improbable that .definite action will betake 0. R.' Rhode a prominent business ambling house. w..s lined '11. M. Allen September Tin, There discounts. "
rtrn, oho wa sentenced t 10 death. at a short session on a subject] otto man of ApaUohlcola.: Fla: I* stopping and James Johnson were fined no for being The case, of Grant Fleming I* yet to are oo, _
e BX R. Scott on October 1Itu., for gnu Importance. On this matter ason at lbs Windsor. Hotel Inmate of the houneU be disposed of. He killed Leater Ukr
r of Matt. flock on th* night some other the President ha .ad Pollard and Carrie Washington, arrested on September n. 1901. and escaped *r- i t.
the nrrlvala at the .Windsor ,
sober. sih, wee eieouted her thU hanged the Democrat are likely to stand Amone. : late. Wmhburn for lighting,'twro aoh-1tnd I*. ret H* we. recently found at Trilby,
Bine* his conviction' the con.man with him practically to a man. The oppo. Held are Kr. Stanley Robert Balky was assessed l&" for obftructlnn Kla? and brought her and placed" InJoll '\
and wife of Minneapolis.: Mian. "
. .
baa shown great ocher. Itlon to the proportion will come lot the street.Oootge >
{far* his exeuutlvt made h *tatInf *- the meet part" from till tank of the Rapuhllcana. Mr. T. J. Bird and Mr. Nathna O William and William tall were All parties connected -with the murdersare
,. thal h* wa 1..IIOCInt.GUllI. Many Republlcnd I II Hill of Chicago. III., are making I Ih.lrh..dquAnen each fined W tot being drunk. Dennis .negro,
men however, are'committed to Conrr-the at the' Windsor Hutel.Mr Parder, arrested. for fut and "rckl..s* CHANCERT MATTERS For securing help, getting a situation, ,

t. C. Rlrr and Miss Gladys driving- forfeited M by not appearing. Joe Judge Call, In chambers/ granted to i ,
its adoption, not only a* a proper mangy Rlgg. (Nf Chattanooga. Tcnn. are ID the Cox and Harry Odum were eaih load K Frank Tucker a divorce from Joeephln
Nov -The MOtMO In. of increasing. the national rvu. ., but city for a few days and'ar* guests at the for .being drunk: Tucker. Tucker tralllled that he had selling a house or supplying '
aleck cffsred by the New York a*' some meaaarr of control which 'It I* Windsor HoUu All are colored" except: Itencndex.THANKSGIVING way Bided In this county, and that li.* ,any
[-rtd to ha elukhoJei-! par, urged th* lovernment ought lo exerclnu. tlr D, J. CTOUM and wife, of Ameter.oejn. wa. married In Jackaonvlll to the defendant

,17_ ubMribed Issued for to the Uy, purpn Th new of over vt fortunes.CONTROL18 :v "N.Ir.. are flopping .at the Wind-: DINNER o* January 1. UN, and. they lived kind of want the Want Department -

Ike.. expense ;In ounnerUun with PROHA HUE.Th tor Southern Express Company .Messenger* together until October 1104, when his
terminal President's reoommendvtlon. will be Themselves. will left him and went to West Palm
r city Enjoy
followed Immediately by the Intraductlun JOB WALm )-ADMITS OV1LT. I Beach to live and refused to' return, '
In, bulb the Senate and the ,HOUM ofRepreeenlatlve Yesterday at TIII'f Cde a delightful though complainant cay be begged her of The Metropolis has no
deed Dose 'Not Deny Killing Usil do I I ,
of bill to carry his ( Negro collation) was served to the messengers "t *o
into leglalatlv effect. It I I. regarded! all 'john Wednesday the Southern kxpre. Ccmrany running W. P, Smith wu appointed guardian I
probable" that a unrest, similar' to that Into Jackonvlll oa the .verloua line pending lull of Row and Ruth Reason, superior :
over the proposed income tat.mearure, Yrterdy *ft.n>=Juetl fro.IIII'*rraigned -. complimentary.. to beet. by Mr W. k.Halle minor defendant In the foreclosure oft I 'I""
will be rreclpltated: : but that It even I- Joe' Walton lUa Jot Dunn, to superintendent of the SouthernKxpree mortgage suit of A. M, Trwllllger, oft i .
tally: will be adopted' by Congress nobody Comaany In, thl. city Coverswer St. John county, agalnit Joseph. ...It....... '!,
who has aounded the opinion of the legt la anwr tit. e caarg* of wilfully 11I11..1' for and the rick, her husband" and the two minor, .
prepared tweaty-Ave
the quetlun. seriously doubt (leg LssIe.canon e(01o..4on) above named ot Louisville, I
latHs an! Kf
tour' ,
DELICIOUS appeal the day lat' chafed. In th. .... : boys aasomblod at tn* appointed
dunk a tax strongly. to people
py the coroner and a* elated by member ef Ih* par"th.y ,
yesterday morning
and their repreaentatlve. In Concfr*. dared' surd on soliedul, Un..." NEGROES: HAKE TROUBLE '
It will enable the government to Jury,
because \ when asked If h* w.nte4'Io. Everyone present enwyed tI...meal, ; ;; THE WANT DEPARTMENT '
vales eaelly a part at leaet. of (he real The pr\aolI.r.) U.1ra".I..t".nl Polloeman Scarborough Disarms Two eta _
stood and **l4iJudg I IIIUI.4 and desire lo cxpres their thank to
eume which will tie neceeaary to carry louocee a il" :rI. Pullout J..it Night,
who ably
oa which *. the woman! ye*. I so .p..nll
the enormou project
her '......, ah*, dldn't treat m* the Souther Kxprew company No: of-
already ha entered The oppoeltloa to Bo---NI;; of The is read
U will earn principally frontnpreMnUUve rlghf" 1 ,tidal I I. bM In higher esteem by his cmploree Two negroei. Willie, Hrowncreated Metropolis by I
the proportion Halle, and U lose a disturbance at a ours fMtlval
of the hl-hly protected I.. This I* ail tkeosro'guild My In hi* thj Mr. never II
QA1 ..u.l.,41. heir friend busses they. behalf. Cud h* seemed reconciled to the an opportunity tv. favor them. when I la lib In a hail In Oakland laet "1'11.4 w"*
a maintainthat the* w.niine.t Might to terrlblfat. that stares him, In'Ih* fan, lo.astodoas.I landed' In Jail.Polrcamss more people than other one i
raise II* revenue pr* e
and Thankaflvln, } Day will com aeitl. the trouble. and tbs two muelerted
the exception Of, the lawrnal lain action .f the grand Jury
PA HEALTHrUL the wltn.**** who twtlftea before again In tu 'do up' the 011I uf. but the '
totw o from cueioin du- Although roust '
whWkr aa*
DCSSCKT ea tlea.' Oven .eerg> the high pjvttctioBlat the e roner'* Jury were .prevent none. laUr 'uocded In disarming. the two. .er of advertising that we know'' ;
> DAINTY there are many advocate ef anInaeHuae war lo aa-sJn give thtr Issttmony Recently trouble wse threatened. betwven aecrve ot their putol While thus en.gaged .
howvr -t: I ,,, andth Bob. Brown tried lo. Ukej, -.
and lhaywtll'al1ttd' for of in* dafe.dant's' pica tl>. painter and 4Wcortvr '
VANILLA 0 aura. tax.*.notwlthevandtnc tag lie fart thai snauuty. / water painter. Savannah, U*. Tit* borough. platol. away, but another of.aver about. Try it az? see. J' a i iy
It Ift\IInl.'to..rII _.n ultimate. reductionrf men. wanted SOS gad. cUe elght-nixir. day arrived\ just In the nick of Urn and t
11*** Hivie*. tartlf cites It has teen' estlnWW Th be* that took Iwfuc M Vice IT*.. : Iron pecvmber 1st Th *irporr| .."t dealt the nea-ro a blew with his club ,
*hi.l let tatvAlba |*ls* that Duck a l law vai..llr''W\ .... ,rtM4 Idem ralrbank too.a'i reached tl e aum- treat. en* belts by granting them' tight.. which _tied him.Th ,
I fad txrtt, *U Uiw the-government a 'revenue' oC 4;/ruXl- nut of the North Pole. ,I bow irt tt'l\ .ftodve July 1. 1M, Iwo men wen given a hearing. byj (1TH1 -'- -

fti e MpQ

'" .

J'' \ r ,r? ra% pro, t9J.v

,,,,,, ,. ,- ._ --.... ,, .. ,,,

--- '-. .l'.l"I" : .'>\.,....,..,'''' ''< :'' (-..<. :I ... ,. ". ., ";: ..'.... ... . ...". '. . ,
.Ir.'t.\. J'.ioo' ( < OJ"--.. ., .

l AN INVENTI N' .1 .. "" 'I'"




Appliance (to Prevent Railroad

Wrecks in Future. WhatYonPay

[ What you want is good cigars':

You are not looking so much to

save a cent br two a smoke. But J. T. A1jI>REWB. OF MONTGOMERY, ;

if you can save a cent or two and
For beer- usually-will buy
I common
The Incorporator. Who Are Prominent

stz11 get the' best cigars, it's. just like Men, of Montgomery Have Great Faith' I.

finding money to do it In the Eltlcacy at the Invention, and Schlitz beer, if you/ask for it The purity ', .

Put tp' 1100000 to Put It on the Market 't.. i't'" }, "

We recognize the difference -A company with 1100000 capital haa ..itw than i .: '.
filed papera of Incorporation In the office costs you nothing', yet costs us more ,

ot the probate judge of Montgomerycounty. I , .
between making cigars to be sm kedand' Alabama and the Secretary of !
State of Alabama, and propoeea to manufacture *
and aell a aafety appliance for .. half the cost of our brewing. .---. -W "
making' cigars to sell. railroad train., Invented by Jamea T. "
which dealgned "
: Andrew of Montgomery la . ., .
to prevent aJI damage of every "i' ,
kind and character to peraon"* of property ., .
resulting from the derailment ot

I: railroad Should can the Invention or tralna.prove practical, aaMr Purity healthfulness freedom

fo.Ii Andrew declarea. It will. railroad means , 'N
wreeka, In nearly all Instance, ,,11be\ .
kind and character to peraona or property '
will be reduced to a very amall pet de'a '
cent of what It ,now laTho ; from germs. If mcans'; beer filtered. .:.. ?
.s/Ze-5t' name of the company. organlaedwith
.Mr Andrew aa preatdent' la The ,

Andrew" The Railroad authoriaed Safety capital Appliance ateck Com-la sterili ed. It means beer .
\ ny'
.;represent the policy of giving Improved values at lower '1100000 divided Into eharea of 1100 each an aged ,

.. cost through our new scientific methods of manufacture. the corporation will begin bualneaa with .
i ,
the total atook paid In Associated with .
The best quality that can be produced and sold for 6c.equabjthejwerage .- the Inventor In thla enterprise are about aged until it : ,
aeventy: -five of Montgomery a' leading : cannot cause biliousness. : if
8 for25c.!
,cigar. oltlaena who hold aubacrtptlona varying !
from 1100 to |300 each All ot the Ineorporatora *. i
are from Montgomery. county. : : : Th,1; : : ,
except E, W. Menefee, of Penaacola, :. :
: .
Of the total ateck. Mr, Andrew haaHO .: .
Merit Mirk (000 for which he puta In hla Inven. Askjordhe'Bre'U'eryEolllmg.' . .,. ' ti
tlon. rOeaOng all personal privilege .. ,
SoldWvC Who and right ,thereto. Common! beer' ts: sometimes substittttfd. for Schlitz.' Schlitz' ]

< GivegoodValues. or"The locomotive device",.' aJd when Mr placed Andrew on, a"la car a To avoid being imposed upon, see thattJie cork or,crown branded, uccrmeans, : :l

preventive ot any damage to property or '. '. '
Dealers) life when any wheel of a train .la thrown .r
from the track In other worda. It la Impoulble -
for a train. running Into an open
witch or being derailed from a broken : " ;, :,,1 , ,\ 1
rail or apraad track or broken journal
or ajcle,' a looao wheel or a broken flange : ;1
laawa* HoMet dear Vatoea on a wheel to result In any damage to'you/:;/ 1;., .
...... .. -. whatsoever. l
: -
I .
American Cigar .Company If any of the foregoing acoldenta nap> 'JJ'
pen to. a train the dwlc. automatically ', . "v,Ii.
.IUIII/N"'" takea the place of the dlamembered part : I .
of tha train and automatically Beta tM
i. .
air brake to all other, portlone of the ''
train, thereby bringing the train to a full f
atop t"The
device conalati oC quarter wheeli Phone 268' ', I. r
placed on each aide ot each wheel and: '
Wl ,
Robt. Simmt ,
they are awung to a journal,which trans- }
fen the lift directly: vnder the axle ana '824 XV. Bay St.:"JacksonvilleWhy
"The tint car being" equipped with thli j
device, la now under conatruatlon In At v
PLANT FOR TOE MONTH OF OCT. 1906 I lanta; at the plant of the Georgia Cat l'B ; ; '
Company, Thla car will -completed In Th" eep. : -j'

I about demoDatratlona, alx weeka will, or two be imade month around, and: e . ;

Kaart .f the Cltf Electrto lt M M *. f..r:it* Mea practical teat U i I. the company a Intention
. I, I to manufacture the working parti That Made Milwa'ft kp ; Fa'm'o.j
From co .r ll.1..nIO. ...... .,..... .-...,.:_.- .. ...' ;, 4 ..'14..1111, and cell ao tha aell rtghta direct to to ralrroada. rallroada to,uae and them alacto ,:
From pubTlo rvlc. ?... ...... ......, _..;. ...'.... ....;. (07 It "A great practical 'Wchanln

From rotoUaneoue ,*.,,.. .... , ., "... ......... .. . ... U _nave !loonea_ many into tma h device ana ,have I ___u. .__ ___.--------' --.. _. -4;
------ -.-----
----- -
Total ordinary revenue .,...> ...... ...... .. ....... 11(130 U! pronounced It a perfect working aucceaa." Attend llOmerou.. euchre;.. parties.:. MODERN < 3AUE8.
F om depoalte ...... u.... .. .... ... .... ..... .. ...... Hi INVENTOR 19 PRACTICAL.Jamea When there ue notblnt elae, to tnend '
: T. Andrew. Inventor of the do- m WAS' the ''Billy did you lvu little Hither! .,*onieof
Tolai't.celpt. ...... .. .... .. ....' .......* ....... UIlOC J5 via: received a thorough mechanical Wake nelchbora at t ahoea or I o'clock In the morn- your candor* ,
Cash on hand October 1, 1901 ....., .. ...... ... .. ..... .' 11."T II 1 1t training with the Weatcrn Railway of 'Inr and up llaten to gaa\p\ about the neighbore '.Teeaum *ui we' playedi' the. 'waa. "thop
Alabama. and later occupied aeveral po.l.tlen. ..ar'l.. and I .w"a hi. iruet."'
t Total ....... _..... ..'..... :,".... \...... ..... ... I8SMI17EXPENDITURES. of Importance with, the Plant Bye- Sew on 'hla own buttona and'mend .htaclothing :-
. .
< tem He haa been hard at work on thlaaafety r:1 .
appliance for a number of :yeara r HENPCK[ O .h. < -
of tha
And here are a few tlilnge
Superintendence and office ........ ..:... ...... ....... I 1091 1 and aecured a patent July M, IBMpontauurte wouldn't let him do< I TheChristm
Reet when he waa tired, s.EdiUOD : :
Power Station Expenie_ ft...... .
Read the
Balarle\.* ...... ,...... ...... ,t.... ..... ........ ......11.HI 11 3. W Fouta poatmaater at Rlverton, In public newpaperaBin without making fun of ,
Fuel . .'.... .i.\ -k. ........ .......* ...J.... *V""' 4-2* .* la., nearly loat tie lit* end waa cobbed him. .
supplle* and repair* '...... ...... ,<'..... .,,...,.. .... Inspection and :Maintenance of Line and Service-' which aayat, "For It yeara I had of carfare one way to work ,

Inspector ,...., ...... ,..... .......? ...'.... ........ I <:< It chronic liver opmplalnt. which led to Go out unlrae ah* followed him ,
Trimmer* ... .. .... 11Unemen auch a .aever case of jaundice that for Divorce. Take a 'drink union aha Hood outeldeof
i -
.:.::: :::::1. :::.:. : :: .. :':: ; : .1 :: IT* 01. even my finger nalla turned yellow I the aaloonAttend \ .

Lamp repairer ..... ......, ,....oj '..,.<. .. ....... ........ II II when 'my doctor preaorlbed Electrlo lodge meetlnga, unleaa. ahe atoodtuard fOR THE YEAR' :1909 f .
Other,ihop labor ......, ..... ....... .............. .....k- 10T 10 Bitter*, which cured, me and have kept :, at'the door 'delicfoi
feed ".r. and hire Of teama ..".. ...... ....... ....., MB II me well for eleven I yeara* Sure cure ''HIS' TALE OF WOE ,Talk to women friend.. without 'canIng .Will, be publlahed.. :on, the IIMiI To find more .
Purchaie of horeee t..... ....... ...... .....< ...... ...... 400 00 for blllouaneaa, neuralgia, weakneaa Insinuating, glancea at him, Danube. *, aad wtll be .e.- '
Lamp auppllea ....... > ... J'* and all atomaoh<< liver kidney amd blad Have peace unlena h. did houaework. Bread than t.
Line. luppllei :,:::: :::::: ;:::: :::::: : ::: H :t. Itif 10 der derangementa. X wonderful'tonic.At I Laugh at the table) (on theae occaalonahla ten out for t. e roader, aodI
Ml.cellan.au_ all druggUte. lOo.. aFERNANDJNA FORCED TO }V ASH,DISHES AND ATTEND face itould be lapped). .. eiaeclally. !.. tll. ad..r.lUcr. .. '

Jacksonville Electrlo; Company for current.., ............... (10 It Shave tnlce a werk. boca u.. he might it !J. 'deatcnod make .Puckhaber'sBread Ii'
IJabillty. iniuranbe ,,..... ....... .....,. ....... ....... HI ItBundrlea SHIPPING- 'I EUCHRE PARTIES be attractive to other Wo"'n.Mro. 'thla .UaVi*. the Cllol..o..< '.11. (,Hi
..... .. .. .. ..... .. Mulholland, In her aiuwer madea
.,, ,, .. : .. ,: . ,. ... . 10. TO- 79 II Large Exportation of Lumber and Croaa- general dental of tha ihargoa, .declaring Moet Ia ,
Total operating expefne' ...... ...,... *.., .. ',.. ..... 111(61 II tl.4 Prom There to November I In .Hie! Prayer to tha Court for a Severance he frequently came. home drunk and . o( aaleiue oC . I
:Refund of ,I.pD.lte.! .,,,.. ?.,.. ....... ......... .. .. ... Ill toKxtenatoni Clearance at the Fernandlna beat her On' ereral occaalona ha waa *o The .:Metropolli mat ha*. overbeen Or be doomed tojwppolntmten. '
custom Intoxicated aha had ,
of. tha Nuptial,Knot U. Enumerated to take oft hla ahoea 'you'll
and ImprovementPltljag -- hou e for the Aral twenty-eight daya of (he Hid. printed.Notice. 'bl-; '
and material aettlng new machinery. .. .......| Til 1$ November anow a circumstance never All the Thing* ilia Wife Made No drclelon haa been reachedContractors' j .. ,!';...*
Labor aettlng new machinery ...... ... ...... (II 44 before noted, and that la that the foreign t
Account new awlteb. board ... .\.I..: .;:::: :,. U 01 ahlpmenta ot lumber were allchtly In u. 'film Do. --
Account hop .equipment ,....,.- ,.....,. ....h... ....... IK 14 ceaa of the coaitwlae. Coaatwlie thlpmenta Bonds a ipeoi<y.
Freight on pole* ....... ....... ..i... ..... .. ....... .01 Ten 1.m,000 feet: foreign J,8IiII'IX. To prove he waa henpecked Robert 3. Phone No. 87*. :.mes & Faxon.The. ., ; '
('ro..arm. ....,.. ....... ?,.,.,. .. .. ... .... ... ....... }41 II Thla preaenta a light total of I,WO,812 feet 'Mulholtand of Homeaiend Pa., ,whg laaulnc I .. Notice I I. .ier. ..l>r given thai, I, C, M.
Copper wire ....,,. ,,.... .. ,., ,. ........ ... ... .... .., ao 11 of aawn lumber But the ahlpment 011 hie wife (or divorce. In PitlBbura-. New South .Walea Tramway Km Carroll aa odmlnutraior lOt ,the eatat elMattle *&
Tranaformari ,.,. ,. ...;.. ...... ....... ...... .....>. 711 OSMctera eroaatlea.' all coaatwl*, numbered lltA6ft' ..v. tpatlmon, 'hi. ""eok I't'prdllli the I nlon haa forward B. Cnrlliil*.'drcemwd. will apply to
.v.... .. .. .. ...r ,..... ....... ....... .,, .... ..9 ISAooount and equalled 4.MO.MO feet making a total 'unpleasant dutle\ he *ay* M* wife com- lln ployea. uf lt gile .anrra to : ,uoard a lengthy the County JJtltfe of limn\ County, I.'lor-
nwoll houee ....,. ...... ....... ........ ...... T 10 ot lumber and crotlea ot Uillil pelted him to .nrrform and the thing *hnotildn .ulnted to Inqtilie Into .Mam. the eiMiullve ap-- Ida. .li. mohth from tie dale hereof tot
Buntfrlaa ..... ..,,, ... .... ...... ....... ...... ... ... .J 14- SI7IM feetThere 't let him do: for ten year*. that I oHlcrra being eutlnfted with, the pre. mf final' waa alo Chipped from Fernandlna covered eighty-five. tjptwrltten pagan., a..ur.nNth.t the mrmbera of IhiIward will present my flnnl account for apt
Total Mpendtturei ... . ,..,,,, ...... ...... ...... Ill.IX 11 aaya the Star ttMl! round barrel'* He (charge cruelty, will be impartialTilTs provaL ,r C, II. CARROLL
Cull on liana ()e1.ber'S. not .,.,. ,,....'...., .. ...... inn tl of room, ''ISO eaaka. of turpentine T.6114 Her* are aome of the' :thing*, lie kajR, Admlnl.trtor K!: tale of ,Maine K Carllle -
........ '...... ... .. Cafe 37 Wait Bay the *. IWrt,
Total . ... .....01 ........ Ill,IM 17 ton dl.lie*. Augurt _
Several more clearance are expected BirUb floor.*. most popular in the city, .---
before the month end. Including the S.100 .'- Hlarken' tha Hove, Kol'ce, ,
.000 feet of lumbar on the eteumer I.u- Cook mo.t of the meal*. ,Jeup ctnnplulna Of darkJ erreeta. .. In
chana and other large cargoea. which Hang" out the clothe* to dry tlher reepeota .th* wuya of Jeaup artrlirht Notice J* hereby given that I will not
wtll probably: Inrreaaa the lumoer figure Ma Ik to Ea.t Pliuburg to work. and eiemplaryHighestof be reponlbla: for any debt, 'created, Say Pop do
TOYS to 11.000.001I feet for the monthThetVu -- Mra'B. ydere's
----- --- - by Mr* Aunle' Armstrong HArntetrong

.No C.e \ ,, and *j Ji* J>*.a ro, authority anything on earl

Talking. you oant ka( Ilerbta* for YYYJ{ to ".reate'any,oliUgatlona/ my nam*. ] counteract dsit smell?
the liver 'The gr.ate.t ... it. H: .
regulator .rIOn.red ytHMaTHOXU.McGarrel
TI __ .
to aulterlof humanity. If you I Nopef 'less it ws.
I Fine China .uller from liver complaint, if you are
billeue and fretful. It a your liver and Senator cigar. tJNotice.
Ilerblne will put It to It* proper High.GradesSnowdrift
Cut GlassLeather: A dition. A poaltlv cure for conatlpatlon. : ConipoSlone -
I' bUlouaneaa.I dyipepala a d all 111*
due to a torpid liver. Try a botm aad .
Goods you will never ue anything el**. Soldby
Thumaa Clarke, :Main and "nr.yu>, ,Company Kotlce 1* htny given that utioireiing
T of Hi* atockholdera of thai
'CT MISTAli Buvliig* lUnk of Jaikaonvllle, *T(
Books and Bibles TVRKET OOBBLER.Mltah !: .
pnralion arganlaed under the la*
: Turkey Gobbler-you la nighty fat I I.Hogless II TliB, McCirrel[ rompo.Hono tal* of rtnrldaj will h* h ld at I In
>l offlre* 4>T lh*> cnrptintlen Illugnn
Xmas Cards I and aay, lak Coml\>Riir .wuli. .. t,) giv! notion *nj ftonylh trx.ta. In'of
You** atuck wenler etart
up you
a '
reuioc'ud kconvllU, Uuval ,
Oght.Eut that tll"1> .hut tbrlr Ju County n.r

Calendars Etc. remember. die-no bird he ever flew work to their largi',.un.w q'lar.' I oclmk* nl p Inrrnalng m Deoemher the capita M tl ,ljpurpue ,

aa lilghDai leu. Tliirt iuh and r* I rltrecta r auld l nk to ririy Thnuind ]
he dldn *om* \lme have U 1KO M trt'YVNt,
O on realo nj Ar Iln-j
Gobble. .gobWa. gobble all you want to UALKtR II TKVKNM, You can be satisfied in price mlaten bird. .lncJ bt. Johni Terminal llailwtr*. r I*. 1**,
After while we'U gobble you all right. Tim City Onit, Bllllt''" .' K*.
Gobble, gobM*. gobble> but
N bird\ SewBo remember no chitige, lltKut B.; *tr*..(. Notioo to Creditor ,*

high be dldnt como Urn have
R to teen and Diftr.but
ANCE'S . aNollo
V Work Phone, 1083Offle l hereby given that '

E TKEIB: WINDOWS BATURDA.Y. Pbont, 1340, 01* IM.IM* and dlairlnuuiee aiL
Lard aor* luting claim* or mi d*
Ih* eirtale of Vtk 7 Oull.n*. i
E Th flneit aMortount of ChriilIUM will prewnt than la Ih* kn.iwuim
Cor. Jjura and Sfj.
foriffft ---- and aeculor of Ike
a&d Bolidsj (txxli will bethown and iaiamnt of frank T. Cul*

by tht B. L. LeI Fnrnliblaf rYj (/ --l *M| at the Wind** lloul, la I Iof
Wed IJJJJJ[ [ [ I Jaekanvlll*> rkk, TiitklB two I
omp&D1.17 BaI'tn.' .
DOLLSR from date hrof or tu4
...... uncter u.a. Oowemment INpeottonTHII80UTHII. MOMIberr.d
S next B turd 7, DtxMmber To >If! n Mm.'OON'T fl '

Mt nacI1 for tht blf .nln Ihtlr .. cono. OIL CO"PANYI I RAr\u; n ITArirnf RLANCH1WIMHEKI.V
op "' 41 'I. 10' "I' ...,. , W fUUjtxit
dooR will be clMf4 to-morrow I All O.tl"" j A* Kieruirix aad Executor (>

.. afUrnoon and Prldaj. rank T fultea* (UceaaeO,
,I '-- - -

' ..



>9'I,. t.

if' I

'7 ,..--- '11111 ,: L I

rr, adi; Face Powder 1

e'r/1J/M. ItT Bon Remalni and Tlvty until, A Fjne, Line of Holiday Furnishings Is Now Ready

fled by a newly
CBAJLT KXOmn UITDAT) discovered pro
".... cess. Harmless as
XTUXaV OA1t1ftN.............r.r..r..rrr..r.rerrreer........... t1MM water. Prventa

vnm .. ..,..............................r......rr.rrr.r.r tlMNaa Yar/te el return of aiacoloration ..
i l .. (In
green botr.* only).
Buy one tto peck
itiictirrwi' *ovERT>SIRt ago and money.
umft will be refunded It you are not entirely
Dag* tta --. M The Mab.I1r. fr .epeerasti satisfied Tints White Flesh; pink,
*4 Oar. Tfcvoea :-..:.. 1 Maw hi KM* Ya.* ..* 0'1..... byVota Brunette. By leadingdruglsts' or y

:=.0;: =::::: : mall. Prepared by NATIONAL TOILETCO
a Ili 0 : (a****! AtMB. Aissy.aw Paris. TY... .
.. >.* (MagM ..e .iIl.... I Year ....... IIMN or- ?

.. Orr (ta ,afr' >...I.. I ... .,...., Obsaaoe ....... VIIi .
.. ... ,_........M .
' fi Oaav' MS V.NS .-.. ......... .....
Th e ijgrtuMteur ntlM bb/y
. a
I.OO prvef.

OPII01"BS' reTOMALnFnln, 2" XCMM M n'

: :DI: DIN sClothing.Department.. .

;k TilE HETBOMUS I talMto| Is No. Ml East ,foriyth Street a


Average Daily Swonv Circulation 9407CRJPTURH '

1II Clothing Specials for Saturday Selling

'. I J

'. 4' '

r... QUOTATION rw Y1Ql ,

Friday November loth! Better li IHoUl! with the fear ot Jehovah, than treat $16.50 $16.50

f', treasure and troubl. therewith, ProVerb. xv, 18. '


S,1,; Yesterday, in Florida wa a most' delightful .unn, day, and thousand
'1- enjoyed. It to a gratifying degree. Some of those (persons vlslUng the State .

k; ,aid It wee th. .prettleet Thanksgiving-' they ever saw. Blue ikies"and

\ '/:.. ., atmosphere/ U.t't.h.' kind t
Ins Days" said a Massachusetts man at the Windsor Hotel yesterday "ar to-morrow wfl offer an Overcoat This is an offering of our swellest!

\' usually disagreeable: from the weather, heavy, murky and most too cold to b. or Cravanette Coat at $16.50 that can Suits, worth $20.00 for $16.60. They

:. outdoors. not be duplicated anywhere in the city. are of the newest end most fashionableThe

'It' ; Teiterday thousands turned out and enjoyed< themselves In forests and. In $ Cravanettea are absolutely guaranteed styles of. this season. 'Wo place them

:'Ii gunning aid riding- It was Indeed a happy day and It, within Itself, was' suffl' by the manufacturers and by us on sale for to-morrow only at this special

: .lent to causa mankind to give thanks It Tor nothing more. to be waterproof. These Coats are this in price, so you had better choose )'OUfseuon's'
1 The entire month November has been a most deUehttul'on. In weather
li swellest styles.. Christmas Suit hero to-morrow.
? condition's, and those. visiting; the State from Northern sections are. loud In The. .. .*.s4la oeedlantr..

,fa! praise *f our climate. Colorado .California\ cannot compare with it. .... *..... .......errOa.I a -.. teblIeog ule ..... 'Just come in*and try one on. You STETSON and IMPERIAL . Guaranteed to fee all wooland shrunk
a.a iiasiar
ill *
./ > The:Metropolis sincerely hopes cltlsme and visitors enjoyed the day
lbs ..*. ra.tk.d fee.egelatty don't have it. before made
hand; the turkey. dinner. Prosperity h.' en.bl..d. all to have JuetOuch Tbanks atm-s. Main peer rttel** chest tobuy up.

4: giving- dinner as 'they desired and we believe. they did have them. .lad t* th. ..!... HATS

'I ,

r, TOWARD THE RISING SUN. Editor WANTS ot the HOLIDAY'ABOLISHED.Kick;Column: We ire.. Agents for Stein-Bloch Co.'s Smart Clothesbe

1 have passed many" holiday and I have
f.; The present Indication. ar* that the city of Jacksonville will\ (row'a great never. yet seen. wherein they were a benefit

'4| deal more rapidly In the next five year than in the'past five year. It you want to people or country. devotd Holidays try e
always more or Jesa to liquor
J| to;know something. about the prosperity of this ally a* I It I I. today, compared drinking. dangerous Boorta and gluttony.
t and their ..ubanlionmentwouIC1. f believe:
'{'wfth ave years ago, go and look up the records of,th* bank five year. ago aol result In good. Call me a crank, If you noxmlselons on that account, and the. 3. Voorhee. Jetties Abbott Elmer An- Marietta Grammar School were glad In OFFENSIVE:

/look at them to-day. Ask any man' in the hardware business. or the. builders wish but give me proof iof the beneficial names should be had It a dos n calls bed dermn W. Ashley and wife Miss C. bright/ songs and happy thoughts as they ta.lt"tr; '
effect of holiday I am mire It will .not\ to to made, W.-iton 8 Webb how deceased Mansfield Miss Smith, Miss L. Broman, gathered In gladsome grouping "10 give "What\ you that plpeT"..
1 i building! trade.: any arohltectj: any contractor, and they will all Ring the ssmj be found hi mangled hands and acanwlaces was the beat directory man 1 I Mrs. 8. A, Porter, F. Lundy and wife thanks to Almighty God for the prosperity "Oh. you wouldnt car to imok. this
."1,'wIt and tell the same tort of difficulty In supplying. the demand for *lthe caused by toy pistol and other ever saw, as his directories of Jackson- Mr. aiding. Miss Dootey, W. Lundy! which ells our land with, plenty.." old pip*." "
-j paln-lnfiteting devices. !' Again, l' say, \.na: attcRt Me. used personal effort telephone and wife. Miss B. M. Deyoe Uncle Daly, The program was as follows"Let -
;1"}labor Or material The town U humming, and W* believe\ Is.building on a .olld .bollsh all holidAY., or transform them and postal cards to secure names. Miss Lundy A. Marshall. lI'. Falrhead, the Slewed Sunshine In," school. "No, but I'd Ilk* to buy |It and throwIt .
/ Into beneficial Influences. and Juet before. closing would advertise W Oladlng, James Donlgan Miss A. The; Lord s layer, school. away.,"-Washington Herald \ t''
.,"foundation A gentleman, 'told us recently. that he did more Business. In the JOHN DOE that ir hit cnmp':.... bAd failed to reach Lundy Miss 0. Lundy. M. I. Lundy W. Scripture reading, Prof. Vincent.
'"month .of October, 1106 than In October, November and December, 1804 end anyone In city or suburbs for them to) Lundy, William Lundy? F W. Frlablt Bringing In the. Sheaves. ," ..,hool. HXFRHIBNCBl! . gRTTLBg ALL PAIRT
WOMEN "vs. WAGES.< drip him a pcMal curd giving' necssary and wife A. J, etetsoa and wife. W. aWestoott President proclamation MIll Cecelia QVM.STIOMg.
.January. loop W* may have ststed this fact before, but It I* an Illustration of Editor of the Kick 'Column:' data, Mr Vbb told me he .often received snfl wife, F. Eayrs, Mr.. J, Nolan. W, B. MoCluney I Crystal Sprints,
Bw houiei, at new' people and of advancement A correspondent women In competition liundreds. of such cacti A little Heath, M. Morgan, Annie Clark U. Har.rls "1 Need Thee. :Every\!: Hour" school.. Miss, painted his house one coat ot another E '
says better binding of the new directory than and wife Mary Cavanagh Mary Con Governor Broward'p proclamation Mr. paint 10 gallon I coat
jft Perhap. the most potent factor in .bringingabout these result are the In business with men have a ten. tho last ixa *caill also be appreciatedBUSINESS I nor, Us*)* Blake Jennie W. Allen.' 1.1IIle \-I Francis Altman : Devoe. pure I gallons, [Pure 'n..no b*
deny to reduce wages and unfit ouch MAN Jones BhesmnMary "Dot Song. grades 1.end .1
Mary 'I
Mary Regan,
towspspers of th. While The hss J! thin rOil know.)
city. Metropolis large
state circulation It girls for household duties This Is a misake MoOregory Mrs. Ludden. Molll\ "tCeep a, MTatoh Over Your Words"grade

'.i il'dl/tlnctlvgya; 'Jacksonville newspaper, published In the interest of the j>eo. Tb..re many girls situated. like .THE LAwT DELAY. O'Connell. Alice Nellson. Hilda Lawrenoe I t, A dls&aich tote) f autmnobi'e plimnlnf
myselt- have a steady position( at verygood James Mann Sarah Polan. Cell Bonner, "The Twenty-third Psalm.;" grade t; .
Editor of the Kick Column! I through snow and I... But the fact Is,
isle'cf the city ot Jaok.onvtlle.\ The result Is that pratt)' much everybody In salary, I have always made It a 0. O. Frenkel. P. Funk ,W. E. Wilson "Childhood's Bo"" .":grades 1 and l' must reckle.111.1'4' In the countryknows
the'/ city Jacksonville. takes It It. therefore become practice to put a certain amount aside Men shrug their: shoulder* and speakof and wife, W Bonnan W, Morgan, National( hymn, "America," the
and their
an ideal advertisingmedium. t"ool. too much to get in way,
each week In bank. I know any number the "law's delays' with an Indifference : Llssle J.r.. Jennie Larkln.; Mrs. Al| "Our Country" .grades t and .
There I t. no.way that you can reach. the thouslnd. so quickly* by aetropolis : ot young men who earn as much a. I do born of contempt and despair Austin MI. A. Nlbba. Mary L. Lynch, :"Dixie": school. ,r'Thankulivitig
Yet. they cant' save They Is not that a sinister predicament for ,
ad. any money Cath Devlin Nellie Douglas, Mlsa W, Offerings .and ,Quotations
live up to all they earn. Yet those same any community, any State, any tuition Bowes, O L. Jones. L. Dow, J. ..''''''*, ," grades 7. S and a' '
men when they get married' expect 'a A pat Instance Is th.a..Unea case ..tVAldo. colt, O D. ,. M. E. fihaffield. "God Be With You Till ,W* Meet Because We Manufacture1Our
It', wife to dream neatly *et a good table for ..... .Two men and two boys afteran I : Mrs. A,'rt'tO-r; : J, r, Ooodlng, A 1t.chool.\ '
c' f.(r AN IMPORTANT MEETING.Jacksonville . hem' and save besides. -it she cannot exhaustive and Impartial hearing, E. \V. Bmlth and wife Miles Haggerty The association* of nchocl life ar*'pleas 'OWn Goods and
do that they. call her xtravagant.. or say have been given them to establish their 1 Thorns McCarty, Mark Eldrldge, >. R.: enL Progresnton Is the watchword. Whej-e
she doean't know how to msnage. Innocence. They have failed, signally to Maynard B H. Mix A. M. Plo ett,; H, ail did .<, well It would be Invidious to
.. should b* well, represented In the National River, and HarborCdetroa MISS M.' F.\ do so. '* I Gould, D. linear Tom Leonard W. P. 1 panlofllsrlse.. No school! of our'common! 'Own Twenty Stores . 1
to fa* held Washington month the Ith '- Technicalities, quibbles I of the moattraneparent I wealth. has orderly. roll of pupil..
next on and 7th. The matter : Conroy J. W. Felllter, L. F. PelllterL, a more Therefore/ 'ord to .eU
TilE OIRLS MEN LIKE. sort, have decayed the applications I i : : Miss Jessie. Oelirer' one of our bent girls Ne.pan
the Improvement-of-ot the waterway, I I. a moat Important ore,'not only'for ] A Allen, E.: $ Tounga Ous Lane, O L. .
Editor of the. Kick Column; of u.lloe. While lawyers pave Wheeler, O. Langerford H. Burn., Chas, of the senior clsss, takes charge of the
orlda. but for the country at large, and a great deal of Interest h.. alreadyn I and the dot ourFine
bandied the crossing of T Dervenger. I. M. Fowling, R. F, Bherl- Whit House school Monday Miss Mary Ladles' and Misses"
1 think
the majority$ of men no
manifested In the coming congress. At the last oongreee there were toO attention. to a girl .housekeeping I proolency ting ot I'., Justice has waited and ...Jt-I clan J. D. Augustaded, H. K. Menu John Whlttakv, another worthy, senior.. 1s IIcl.
legates present. but It I I"expected that there will be an attendance of upward What care they It a girl knows ed, and waited-valnly-for Its vaunted' W. Doe and .wife, O. Manela and 1100 delegates at the coming meetingj how to cook or not? They only begin to i vindication. MI. H. D. Foots, Mist L. M. Fate, our school Miss B_ilRh Peterson I. valuable cheaper on. C r.e 4 1! 1 thin cash
I. wonder that have wearied as leader ot school\ .
a songsHav
It men
any J. Fred Rivers, A. D. Brown
t j varlou cities and town. on the waterway of Virginia, south Carolina think of these thing after marriage i of the laws futility Manchester stores> charge for lame < ; J. Donvarr F
F. Qlbney, Karesawskl
Before, It 1 Is simply th* manner In whichmakea noticed how
ter.uingand "
th C.rollos. Georgia and Florida have lawyers who take advantage of la "RUBIN The Clothier,
been ached to send delegates and by .he herself attractive I have In The I. Marckowlts, O. Frank, A. E Thayer .
Dfttil, effort much good may be accomplished for all. and as many cities In our mind a pretty sweet" amiable girt of very loophole to prolong the. live ot F' Miller; W. Ness, R. Wedenherf, J. entertaining the advertisements a newspaper Up-dtidr.. 12 1 Eait. Bay St.
their client. or advance a civil cause are are? They furnish very good read--
Cooper, F. Ketch D. B* Mosely J Sohl,
bout :S3, employed a .t.no..pher.who II
ant are sending delegates devolves
upon to move promptly can cook better than a large numer not to be censured They. are" dischargingtheir U Mackey H Clothur, W, Bagandon Inc. 11e
I the matter set an example to eur,.I.I.r State and occupy a prominent place > ot married women She I* afro very duty according to their lights.'The and twenty-nine steerag -- --4 .
th* proceedings of this N.tlon..1Iv". Harbor real-weakness. Is In the law Itself
t and Congrsss, handy with a needle make her own ,
't,-.No pity in-. the South has Hperlenced more benefit then Jacksonville ha* tats and dresses Is very neat and paroular and In permits Its admlnlstratlon-a there. Intolerable. wcakneeethat and In- MARI EITA'S ':THANKSOIVINd. .

bin ta. past decade from Improvement of river and harbor' In our . also very pleasant and entsrtalnng. delays ,
short Still this girl never. ha a gentleman .. terminable Marietta Grammar School\ Premt an TQ
r\ has been completely transformed'from one of small Importance to one of friend. From this we can see" how Of Interest In thta connection Is the Interesting Program ot Sxerclsei!: ..

Commercial value. The vessel drawing over twelve. feet of water which much young. men care whether a girl can fallowing ringing their appeal recent. session of the Georgia In Car-
Baptists, at b-d"awllf'd
cs bad a monopoly of the Import and export business, are now .surrenderingBOM ook or not O E R. tersvllle Ga., to their more than :tS.OUO. Th&nksfrlxlng. and .bright. on the homes beautifullyclear that cluster .

arawlngtwenty teeth; and all by securing government all In Improving DON'TS FOR MARRYING MEN. members In this State-. In and around the beautiful hamlet of '

.; et' Johns river, The above meeting will. ask the United Stale,Congress I'd tor of tics Kick Column i iI .ranger Make the Amend law the better law and Give make It more It Marietta In Duval -Dttnt The pupils of ATLANTA.Southern

1 an appropriation of W.000,000 a, year for ten years.10 cam out the work dun.t Intend to follow Punch's advice promptness and more

tllnsd.fey the River and Harbor Congress, Not only Inland wsterwsy are i":Don't1"\ [ )>on th* marriage que.Uon-but Justice and more certainty In: .mlt"o4.-enforcement How Good Food may :
ft ... the will go one better and advice men toenembor.the Astonslh the murderer and "
fe. onl4r at congre OB tile following! 1 Don marry rapist by Its quickness, and Its certainty. ,I' Turn to Poison. .
t. In relation to Southern rivers and barbers. .
In fact muoh .
work will b* a girl with whom you are lea than a 1( the law will protect! the Innocent and
,. out, for Congressional action at the ....Ion beginning, Monday meat.preeldent year acquainted,vet.. Don:'t marry a girl In .States\ the Innocent and good . VIA
: who doe not and respect' her: par lnoall States will protect the law,
,nts. .. font marry the girl who stirs hTat Is the volution Amend the law, I ECAYIin l dlgeiHon, you know, .
=; Roosevelt's ho ontme.il wltk one hand and with the let us cease to gull ourselves wllh
new spelling meeting with much opposition. The Or
when It take In th
other trip to turn the leavee of a fash- the mockery that w. are "enforcing' Ill I 110)) even place *
t; to kick I I. the Howe committee on appropriations.I t stomach.
Ion journal 4. Don't marry a ..Ir'o\ GOOD CITIZEN. J Railway
rat,t aupport a* well as she used! to sup -.. I, Food decayed |In the body '
port herself t. And. brat ot all don'lm.rr FILES CURED l.f g TO .4 DAT;
Florida Mld-Wlntsr Fair at Tampa I.I now a thing of th* ;rpast. Th )' when there Is hot mutual .love-a I'rO O1ST1MAT: ts aauantwt:: to curt earcaw after being eaten is gg dangerous to health'
lit* thereof are yet to com, and may all not Indulge. the hope that they willroil wife should be your "pal" and comrade of Ilohlns.' Bllna, filMdlag a IYotrudinnjib. as food decayed before being eaten. 1
all your joys and sorrow J I in | to 14 dare w owner rtfimHea. WyHB
lit ought
and to .
and tile
permanent Tampa atat Food nourlshe* or peUoni\ Just IOcord- Jacksonville T:45 in. arrive Atlanta 6:80
to know-I'm 27, and solitary I Leave : p. ; : a. m.
:+f1: p, C I* ; !: FORTRESS OB'.JdA8ADA. log la how long II rwnalna In Iha Bowel .
stay in LOCAL SLEEPER' till 7:55: &. m.. For Sleeping Oar
It j
'T'he Tavare Herald. tare thee unless there I. a ,radical change In the view I COMPILING 4 DIHECTORT. "Along the .h..7i'h. Dead Bea there uncl1reslad. reservation phone 743JAMES, \
1"\ of the trust*. of the Internal Improvement fund ot Florida., ,within : Editor of the Kick Column! are still to be ..en'lon. rows and numrroua the> e e I
Incloiiuree of which marked
I"nest two year they will be out In the cold hunting new jobs Those, men compiling matter for a new c..m'of\ the Roman.atone during their .1.... t'Mac' 01h, Dlfeitlon _lira In the r

) city directory, should endeavor to Improve against Mssada. The approach to the thirty feet pi'. Intestine. I FREEMAN
0" the previous editions "Issued her, a* fortress. howeier, from the east Is so ,
jaekeonvllle wss the lint Florida ely to greet end the last to say goed-bye ame* that should hav!* been printed. steep that no besieging army could attack They are lined with g tot ef little

b Vice President, but Tampa nominated him for Prsldsnt Tempt Is hard herein were not One of the men employed It from that direction On the west thereel mouths, that ug eel Dl.estlvs Juice Into gist P.... Agent, 108 W; Bay St., Jacksonville-
on a former city directory told m* gradual ascent to within a ,
at. for MnsaUon, cigar and .ntbll.I..m.-P.lleaoola journal Jacksonvillet hat the omissions were often csuMd by short a mere distance of the fort...... Th. last the Food eaten. 'I' ,
Uft.. All com hers. I failure to find people at home or at their part. of the, ascent however was e,. The Initutlmi are allo lined with minion
I place ot buslnM, and not having time oeedlngly steep so that without enor of little suction that draw the NuW. j J>. _
10 call the second time Ther should moue I.bor U would have been Impossible pump, !!! !: e
for .an enemy to false their engines of men! Irom Food. gg U passes them la going

BTS OF U. 8. CITIES war so as to have their missiles mach the lhrouh. i

BUYStoves ortlflcstlon( Added to these natural artvantage -, But, '\IIhellla( Bowsl-Muscle are weak
Is the difficulty of obtaining Carpets
water for a besieging army, the only the Food move too alowly lo stimulate!! !!.!!! I IfaU'
r abundant supply within reach hiring atEngedl the tulip Caatrio Mouth and \fliers I II no
{ EXCEED fifteen miles to the north
$1,600,000,000 flow or too little flow ol DijMtlve! Jules, ,
on the shore. of the Dead flea. As all
the region surrounding. Maaada Is barren to chg* the! food Into nourishment j Stock Arriving Dally at 27 West Forsyth Street e

w Stoves desert the Importance ot this location Then the (oof decay. In the Bowels,
I. for a fortress of refuge was arty reefs'
nl.-FNd..rlcll. BWright, In Recordsof and the little notion pump draw Poison
>re Than Half of the '
Entire" Population Will the Past !C.lllor.tlonIoc1.t,. from th* decayed. Food Into the blood In- RUGS. CARPETS I

;. Soon* Llvo In Municipalities. ALL KINDS''' ..1rta __.. Fate .IaN. lead of the Nutrition- they should have -urdal', Dad, .ee..le. ,.

',:,. Tk Oil> .........* Greece Test.. Ctilll Tom drawn. H'",... wu...
'I, ., I* afire ow aiaUtrla Cad kvlUU us Ik* er.tea. .- gasyroa V-tve
'I. . grid h, all ..atara tar It rears frtw,, 1sma. f | \ TslwtoOlarK TarMMrilagralas..

at atatlstlcal studies In the therefor, becoming" one ot city governWent. FROM .___________c_____ ICOMIKO the ...-. aid -
report of IHK.. U North di. I ." i TO FLORIDA.Cl Now, Cascaret: contala grig comWnttion ............ .ae4se. Ia Na/N
of the census bureau, shows that Th director advocate, the taking of a of dru,. thai SllmuUlss {these n.11 eel
gi 4*>t ot chloe of the United Clul.IIwnnl.1 census ot &Cri<'ultIlN. >'* Line P..IOIIIDII. to Arrive From Musoi, el the Bowsls and latMtlne. Just ,..I.. t. all
nulnlng mur than tout Inhabt. Tb report roiton Bond & Rours Coe ..
\.n reIOHS ha Nee ka foryear uno.
: New York T -Day, a Cold Balh Eierels. stimuli
M Ic erane of R..1a.uee or that It hoe the greatest dfslr a> a or open-air M tb* largest R.g dealer New Patt.ee. h
1 Uian that ot the owmblnad debt of the bureau to bring I Ita aystem of reporting .. due tei .'!..aq Msn.Caacaral la the elty. TbM Peasee eteek Werk U ..eJI. /,
The Clyde Uric steamer Arapahoe la
nWtuaal and (lat* gotywmeala to 0M' hlghaat pu.e1W. degree of \Ihersfor act irks E *re|", | cot .*aly larger b.V better -.J' ? -r
the cotiali, srhuul districts and II It continue*! In port to-day from New York with the t JI.:. .
Our 1 el vll dlvlsiums." '.,.,..r. oaa ba a* quMtUm that the HARDWAREWHOLESALE fallowing passmgen. ); They produce th. game soot oINalural l

car adds: rnulvlng reports loan beworth R. ICon and wife. W, Smith and family thai a Sit Mile walk In the country! VCIDOW'PRADCi: .
H par rent of the people Of the many sallltoBi of dollar to the cotton Huts. E. Wood. Jam** Fox Ma Man.gla. .. Lull All coUrs. Kolkln 1
I..t.e r.alwllee.eat. ysed.
i ft ami and ever. and In a lee of ap.otelera't Tboma McKensla. Mia B Miller, Mice lad ffvCt. Japan Crag .a. Coooa.ta .
ivr **.hal( at the people will Mrtolor North nvommeiid the *uu>4. AND RETAIL II. M. Mllar Mr*. Moraa, Mica William The Van Pocket: Cacart: Bog Uwri4 >g* ....II el Carpet Palierp -
these eltleo.or$ Inept at mar rigid taw to enable OMSU Misa E. II. William C. E. Horse and Clark wilt k.V" Veil" Mailing MNOUtOWtlalald
prokIete eett-gowwmwl Is. oBrto Mouro Information.tk wife. Mr. C A. Mohan J. C. Church .by al PrufC11 w Tan Cent*. gews... riala ..i4 Pribted t

10 West Bay Street and wife, Mr*. I>. W. Maralta. All**) M*. Be cure you fl the pmuin*! "mad orbbr
ralta B. I. Miller and wife. Lama ilo andnrreraold
JACattOITIUJa rt-. .... ... the Storlmr Remedy
can Fanny RIco" Mary 811'" Mamy
t MIw1'yawbos '-Se K Fsrreli; K.: M. Armstrong, Mr, Arm In bulk, f
strong r. lahewootf, H. t. 1'sddJt. a. e ,CC.- 7M
e. a wt % Me ,W, ilokoU, a. .. U.|dUa* aU w'-W, "


1 ,
... t d.n

s"f ,
r ill Zite;
# '1
MN '
... .., _ '. 0' lLl fe', r

,1 -


...... '"' ,tl'.t: \ J f
',} ;1 ;r' ,". !
1'1 ""'
.,t.'.',i J':: ..... ( >"

!' THI Kv-injo wirraopsit .. FRIDAT, NOVEMBER 90, iao& ,

. -TE

Jan Jones. Elisabeth" Fleming Alen ,

Buck me a, Myra L'Kngle, Irene Boron.
Anna Champlaln Gertrude ('hllmpl.llI.i .
Minnie Meyer. Besnte Porter, Mabel Cum. Cooper's MedicinesIn
r isoc E"vl i hue' Thlery i of Newark, N. 1.1 i and

Miss Johnson. .Roma Oa.;I A("..,.*! JDenham .
Bird. Arthur O Cummer Tom DRE\'S
ParinG. D. H. DolgsH. E. James, Mar Great Demand

tow Barnetl l.. A. Mitchell!, F. %s'. Long /
I Camlll L'! .Ie, Heber Weller. BayardKhtelds \

delightful 1 little upper after the Tacht I eyden., M.rnes. Bug!: <*r* Dads..
Club, Ian night .t their pretty apartment Paul R. Wigs, R. P. DanieL Pr.. Fit.- Th* remarkable demand for the I am glad of the opportunity to tell the

Tb. .. Editor e.a fc* on Hopn street, for their debutent" *rM King. William Burhrldire. Oeorg New Discovery. medicines with whicht publlo what these wonderful medt- SOWn! or THE BEST BOOKS STATIOVERT ,'OseAlso
daughter. Mis. Claire Strlngfellow The, Weldon Addison W. Palmer. Thomas N. rinse have don for I'll" My suffering $OC1.tt.
- ..**....* at Tb* ]M4tll* .* table decoratlona were In yellow chrysanthemums Palmer Elmo Thames, George W T. Cooper: ha been having such for the past fifteen year ha. been TUB TIBOrtJn WHO
- t..1 **... rrrtf 4r ...... a.rn.Ulf.rn. Those whoenjoyed' the delicious Thumesr ii',. Julian Harlrldge, Ted 'car0 wonderful mice** In the C\U" o' Itemch more than I can deacrlb foe duringall Our nw ktock 'has' arrived,

T.le.k*.. H.. Ml.AnsjeMenaeBt course supper were ,the Me_..' roll H. 1<:. Harkl a Anna Ra-harda Gertrude Champlaln i Major Huger, Dr. Henry Bacon "r. and other diseases seems well cia,. My appetite w.. very Uvregular
.( -.etts May Coachman and Claire Stringfellow. Kirk or Washington! Mr. ButtE of to Inorea* vry day. His .visit In Sometime I could not get "TVhlt h"a.c1'Lllolf..I.bl.. shape. and dealraH

will .>.. .. rrrrlrr* at *.Tvr <>.. and 101....... H. K James. I). H. Dolg,' Brunswclk; Mr. Adalr of Virginia) Mr. New Orleans for the pant few peeks enough to et and at
Ik* t..l.f h.>**. g.rh eft.. WIIII.m $bridge and L. A Mitchell H Pace, of RalHrh, N. a, Dr. D* Csadenc ha created a sensation In the South very Bight of food would make m* .Doubloon..rhl.ot. and Arnold .
and 8 P. Holme the like of which hat never beenktiown.i sick. I have suffered greatly from STYlISH !
... .... I. B.nnU. IlOaVt1G
raleJtle Some of the worn wer* especially to get
DINNER BEFORE: THE YACHT CLUB. gown constipation I did not eeem BrebOrdsra Announcement
writlBB. addressed tk. ltrKeltr. pretty. well known I at., was Trine* MarltaPercy
I His remedle are In this any strength from what '
Mr. and Mr. Walter K Hall entertained Visiting I Cards
MI. Olsdys Hall wa charming In a and the famou the slightest ssw'lion :
ectlon. of the country always tired and
at dinner taut evening at their
horn, the before the mon pleated" whit radium silk mad cure. which they have effected In Bt. would war m* cut completely.It neo will\ b* ,11" ear and

Tacht pretty Club danc on The Boulevard de.orslions were round length for danclmr. the baby Waist. Ixmla. Milwaukee.. St Paul, Mlnneapo.II ws a great .effort for Ins to attend "Sir Nlgel"-. Conan Dote prom.ULu4. "TV* Invlt to

of American Beauty rose The place trimmed *'lth Irish crochet lace and car and other larg cities. of the Central to my duties. 1 we very nervous The Doctor*.-Ralph Connor call or 'rit. for sample*.fi
LINE. rylng an arm bouquet of American well I
TUB card were dainty green bow knot.. The beauty Western State are well remem and at night could not reel
t'm never quite prepared to aay guests who went on to the Tscht Club afterward. rose bered. The retail Where Phyllis draws the line; Included Miss Thlery Mis. Alone Miss Lydia Ban- wore a most becomIng hate never known any medIcines for tired a* when I went to bed. There

That place I. very. apt to strsy. Buckman Mine Hello, from Cermden, B. gown of pal, heliotrope chiffon cloth, which' there was uch 5 COnstant demand were few day that 1 did not have a' 45 47 49 West Bay Sfreef.Iteawrt .,
with blue and carried
pat accessories would
Where Phyllis draw the line. C.; MIns Olsdys Hails, Major Huger Attorney and the continuedreport* of dreadful hadach and time ,
Last season ah*. began It where General Ellis, ot Tallahassee Parma violet. roarvelouii cures that are being pubiished have queer, Miss LiSle dark'. mown was of eon are a topic of unU for Urn that I had Catarrh and doctored
The big comb nestled In her h&ir.And Metiers. Heber Well.,. Addlson< .W. Palmer everywhere a
whit Rllk made In empire style, her iHlp relief Nothing .
down from vernal. Interest. for It. but
right .straight. wiy up and T, T. Elmore.THANKSOIVINO -- -- -
red and whit carnations In her
there.My per Tile newspaper' of Nw Orleans are I could do seemed to benefit me,
Phylll draw the line.Dam DINNER 'A SUCCESS. pretty. fair' hair till printing lntrrtw with those and when I began. to hear of the wonderful ,
Miss Elisabeth Archibald wa a dainty WhOM case are not extraordinary success Cooper was having with ef tk. e*.dltln *f

Fashion come* along to tell The Thanksgiving dinner given at Red figure. In a princess. gown. of nile green and a* IbIs, the last week of> Cooper his medicines In th* treatment of THE: NATIONAL flANK OF JACKSONVILLE
Men Hall, In South Jacksonville yesterday de rhlne. exquisitely smocked and
Whw Phyllis draw the line; crepe visit draw to a elo**. the excitement case similar to mine 1 began usinghi
by the ladle' o. the Methodist adorned with handwork ]MONDAY NOVKMBER I***.
Sh. eat a most bewitching .p.11- seems to tiav lnord rather thaa medicine 1
And Phyllis draw her line. Church was a most plenaant <<><<&llon. Mis Claire Brrtrgfcllow: wan lovely I 11'1 abated After I had taken his New Discov, e.wed .Rerl .< Ik* c.ne.( eke Cm*****
Hundred of gueil were present and enjoyed a short prlnoess of> lavender sUb
This year, from tip of tilted no** gown One caN la particular that has attracted art nudlclM only a Jew daya a horrible LtABILITTKB. ,
.> To where her pretty modish toe one of the best dinner ever givenon and lace. < epecll attention during th. tapeworm of enormous .!*. R.c.a cad IEIOtC1. & ( ;...... ...I SOv.rdrelis
.la .
the south side. Tbs menu wa elaborate Miss My Cbachmeui wore whit ..1I1r.m.d. ot Mr. Leon and then I ..
that tavbtiiquler system .
Peep forth beneath her dainty clothes, the decoration appropriate and with the double skirt th. pact few day I I. passed from my tu. ... .. 4,615 ... .. ..
1014 Burgundy itreet rw' knew what had bean causing m* all divided prolta .
My Phyllis. draw lie line. V. I. Sends < per .. sti.eea so ... .
the seine. elerant. I bodice trimmed. with applique, and car.ned Orleans who had< been alck for fifteen this trouble From that time I Im. .t_. *.. ..4... fl" n.I... ....... .
: carnations.Miss and had doctored for various proved rapidly, and now feel.. well and .spal4 .
IN HONOR OF MRS. F REEL8.Mr. THE year Seskisg M* .. Ol. e ..
JEWISH WOMEN'S: LEAGUE.A Elton! Rile won. an effective "0"1'1or .
result There I will gladly sloe any .
dlieaae* without ws a strong again Rent .stale ISfa .
.. John. N. C, Stockton |b entertain. red chiffon cloth over> taffeta .nd .. .. .. .. ..
whist and dance will be I.
given on thestoning bright twinkle the man' eye and Information I ean t* any one who IbepSSit5 ...
Ag with an Informal tea th|. afternoon of December 12th at the Phoenix .Uppers .nd glove to match. a radiant smile: : 0'1\ face ash* greet.Cd suffering a* I waa". D.cisc ..V.. .Traa, .. .1'..
..t her handsome home on Riverside avenue Club room> by the Jewish, WomenLeague '. Miss Ruby Moor ".. very pretty In a his Interviewer the other day, The sale of Coopers medicine InJacksonville .. .. fn .
In honor ot her cousin, Mra. J. M.Freel : lovely of pink flowered be.k.. .
for the benefit of the tempi prlncesse gown r.
which seemed to beepeak anythingbut << has been phenomsnai.and .
teak v* .. .. ...
*. .Ilk. the bolero trimmed In dainty whit I 11
Ticket for ibis occasion will be cent poor health "I shall be pleasedto at Leak K4NeU' drug 501W.whrs ,
There will b* three attractive prince to lace, and worn with pink glove. ," he said isanswer the remedies are cold In thl "' .
,OYSTER SUPPER.Th Miss Eleanor Caasidey wore en extremely state my experience ... ..54tpe .. . ..
be competed for. Th commute. In to a request \"for my 1'... oily It I* said that some very remarkabl .a .... .. . ..t.
: ladle of St. Stephen'* Episcopal ciarg lire Mra. H. Eicon 101... J. Freld pretty and .becoming toilette of has been a most. remarkabl* one, and cure have been reported.. .
Church wlU .erv* oysters on Wednesdaytvtnlng Mr.. M Endei.CHORAL. pale straw-colored etilffoniclothMis .
December Ith. at the rectory, Anna Richard was stunning In the -
1011 Wt Monroe street. There will b* a CLUB POSTPONED "beautiful gown of whit radium silk and ,

musical program and sate of> fancy article On account of the Culpepper meeting hi chiffon cloth which she had wrn 18 TO THE '
maid of tenor at her cousin. Mr.. Jack PUBL'C
*. Riverside, there will b no W do banking Commercial
practice of a r..uta
Wednesday evening
Brown' wedding on .
FRO'TH1II; the Choral Club of> the First MethodistChurch Miss Jane Jones was a plcturs In a THE MISIERYSIILJJSOLVEB[ Savings accounts paying lni r.st on Saving denoIU at the r*t* I
THANKS tonightSERVICES whit chiffon princes. gown trimmed In FOUR per clot per annum. Interest compounded<< quarterly, wb.ll II sac
tiny roM ruches of pink. Commercial department otters the same advaataf that ot the
The Woman' Relief Aa1..UolI' T"r TEMPLE Mini BtirbHdge wore An empire gownof Nation! ballt.with equal Mtsguerd for the protection of yur fosede.We '
wishes to thank all who so generously i To-night, 'at service I at the pale green chiffon with touches of i. Certificates of Deposit bearing Interest at the .
helped them to fill banket for the needy i Temple at half past seven oclock, Dr. liver goose and lace Mr*. Xancaite of per csnt per annum. Interest payable every Ur** nioatk '

especially school children for their donation Jacob will lecture on ''HY1>()craY.! The was very hindsom In pal pink silk, with
nearly fined 191 baskets. Th publlo U Invited and large congregation whit laCe. entre-deui.. 'PEOPLES BANK AND TRUST

following schools gv bountifully: Mlu i iJlIC 1 I. hoped for. Mr. HfI&Tlovel\ brunette. wore COMPANY
S 1 >Obl'. Kindergarten, :Miss heliotrope crepe de chine Mrs. William BOABD. OF TRADB BVILOCfQ. MAIM. .

KIn..rgrtn, Miss Baileys somervlll..1 TO PLAN-WiNTER WORK. Pruden Smith wore a charming linger .
. ,. .. . .
School. th - --5
ten the Springfield lace silk and Mrs: --'---------- -- -- '- -- ---- -
The young ladle of> Mr.. George Xirk'sSund&y gown with over pink -
School the LaVllla School school clan will meet on Saturday Cromwell Olbbona striking beauty was Concerning Woman Who
Knowlton prlvat sobool at Mrs. enhanced by her handsome evening gown
afternoon at three o'clock with Miss
.Bpratt'a, .- 1 Hallle Ley 215 East Dnval street. This of pink silk .
Those who> helped fill and deliver basket I. the regular business and social mll.t. Leaped from Iroquois. 4 Per Cent Interest

wars: Mr*. W. A. Macduff MI. lag. and as plans for the winter's work A CHARMINO YOUNG COUPLE HERE. All

Bomervllle, Mr. Ltvy, Mrs Charles ar* to b*
Bpratt. Mrs. John Murphy,Mlaa Mra., Mabel John.Oretber. member wjll b* present. a oharmlnyoung couple from Covlm Th. best, form of Investment I. a saving! ..account with ibis bank.
Ml' Chapman
ton, V... who have ben pending their A DRUMMER'S LETTER. '
Cummer, Ml*. Edith "' ''ITJ'. Mis Mabel A DISTINGUISHED CHURCHMAN. honeymoon In Florida, spent ,....t.rd.y Styles Money 1 I. available when needed, and. I p.f cent Interest. compoude4quarterly.

LookMt Mis Mary' Clark Mra OeOrgvVartllili Archdeacon Goodwin with ex-Oov.. and Mrs. Francis P. FlemIng .i Try the saving habit and you will nee ear. to break It.
I Mr Will Mis. Chu.Tucker. an Episcopalchurchman
their to their home in the
on way No accounts too small to receive wvfeont
and Mra. of rare gift, who has beenililing courteous
Mr. Hobart Item ] '
Old Dominion. I JlLtEVES: BTB MOT Mill MOFFAT I1'J
Arch McMillan. Thank are .n/loo"d tit \ the pulpit at the St. Andrew'sEpiscopal All I

)(r, W. K. Halle for wagon, alsO to Mr. Church. for seversl month LOCKHARTWuART.Th I ,GEORGETOWN S. C. CITIZENS' BANK OF JACKSONVILLE
Reynolds, of the McMumy: Transfer past ha returned to Creen Cove
110m. Charles Clifford -
list of donations will b* Spring. Archdeacon GoodWIn'ha. mad of Mr. and .
Company. 4 Street -
hundred of, Stuart In Springfield was the seen Bridge. Strt
given with the monthly report. warm personal friend In afternoon Leathers Cr. By
tills city, who regret his departure, of a very pretty wedding yesterday H. W. Meore, of Haiti*****, S7 Miss
CJCLEBJU.TJDD"Ti;cm FORTIETH when their second daughter. Katie
S THANKSGIVING KINDERGARTEN Ella wa united In marriage to Mr. .....t T4d Bias Ik*. Wa aBet Nan*, -
ANNIVERSARY. Jam s Cain Lockhart. house, which: PRICE .
Capt..n4 Mra. W. O: Cooper ol- EXERCISES was beautifully with palm IvetlctUm Fall t* ....t..1
." bunted \their fortieth anniversary onThanksgiving I The Thanksgiving program renderedon ferns, white chrysanthemums and carnations $ I Wyetb ConoverATrORSWVnAT'LW.
Day at their horn by afamily Wednesday morning at the Rant wee crowded with relative an.i.ifrl.nd. i flat Tfcla Theory.Mary I Do you wear W L. Douglas' George I:1v4I: Theater

reunion and dlnn.r. 1n which Jacksonville! Kindergarten was unusually of this popular> young couple. : }...0 BhoesT It not,
and their famlUi hiurestlnr The program ct the exerclsea Promptly at the appointed hour. half Moffat, otherwise known a*
their * and was us follow. 4 Miss Amalla Hausman played wes you "
wa pent past
A happy day < suli.
Joined friend unit in wishing the captain Prayer. 'W* Thank Thee, HeavenlyFather" Lohengrin. bridal chorus ss the bride the Clyde steamer Iroquols laat Sunday i trial, because they are the dIe csssuIllsOal .l5. T 1. ;... .
many of and morning. near Jacksonville, and about .1.W. Csmmarla ,, N*>r.
and his wit many more happy entered on the arm her father best *ho>"* for .
Mornlnjr greeting "Good Morning to the back parlor where they whose: Identity much mystery prevail, I I. "J4uoe .
proceeded to the thu by Nixon .
... price, rry Musi
7.* aid tit b* a nurse by profession, and Imm.rm'n. ,
Tout O, How Do Tou Dot were met by the groom Here amid a i tale. H and .)
t our ,
A JACKSONVILLE WOMAN IN Song-, "Swing tho Shining felckle." bower of fern and beautiful whit chrysanthemum bell Island near Georgetown. B. C., I I. sells more 'men m.ke II.(0 No"U
of the the place that,she I* said to have SIMPAl
Song -Thsr.kedvlng Visit" *. Rev. Mahon, pastor shoes than any othermanufacturer
GEORGIA' Finger ploy Little Squirrel Living Main Street Baptist Church,, spoke> tb. from to Charleston before her 001'1I.1 In th. Company sod Chorwi .f Sixty,
Mr. X; vi.Oocltr 7:; formorly Carrie There," beautiful. and Impremlve word that trip to Jacksonville.' S.
Hsrds. of Jacksonville but who now i*. Song, "Our Squirrel" made .them man and *11" Immediatelyafter This Information 1 ie contained In the following i world. .taO.\,
side in Covlngton Qa. I. one of the SongSaw. Ship a'Boillng.- the ceremony" an Informal reception communication received from HW JENNING. Th* '" ,. ..Uad..

prominent olub women of that Bute anu A grout quantity of. good things to eat, wa .held the happy couple leaving Moore a traveling man addressed to 5 Jor &SthmL 1 ..
the press of Georgia speak, In much were put Into a large box by the lIttle, on the t o'clock train for a trip down Chief ol Polio Boyle of Charleston, a' LAW America' .L tee
"ral.. ot hw' "bendable clInch. In the D. .pupIN and sent to charltabla women for the east _at. Tb serving table wasespecially mailed at Chester S. C. Th letter reed aw7ORsv William C. Weln!.a* Simon, 1.1

I* A. R*. U. P. C. and Women Club olr. distribution among the poor pretty,* with the bride cake a* follow*: w. AY 1eJjdiag D. Sullivan aa Uo**. The rettlmt U

DIM. Mr*. Godfrey, recently attended Pennies to the amount of tIE w.rl I .. the centerplee. with Quantities ct Cheater B. C., November IT, 19M ST. cur- ... I .. and best Ir.lfe oJioru o* tk* road.
the conference of the 'Daughter ef lived for a donation to tr* blind babies.. beautiful white carnation White i.UO Dear Bin. I see by to-day paper thata '
Amrloan Revolution In Columbia and A .sunshine bouquet of roses wa* cent. ribbon and emllax were festooned from lady named Miss Mary MoRatt.. w.. PrOcess ? . tlM, .!. re*, M*. 4
tha meeting ot the D.u..lrot the to Bt Luke Hospital with the kinder-. th* chandelier to the table and the ef. drowned at or near your city. The paper Mtlee, ,.S**. \
Confdracy at Aniericu..IbOLh. of t.n'o love and cheer. feat was very pretty Indeed Th* punchbowl duo states that she registered a. Ml* A. Practical udle' Tailor Scat on .sale td.r..
the*. meeting .h* wa* a leader ana<< After many interesting game the children . was presided over by hire..C. C. Browning I am writing tills, hoping thatIt -
mad hr preswno felt on the floor" of returned to the tabie) and enjoyed Stuart Mis Llll Keller and Mia Mary will clear up her Identity I wa In and Habit Maker. BfRKANK'l ALL-IVJBW ,;
.tn_ galhrltig bier enthusiasm and an apple and nut.. Th table) was deco Ivan Sluart. assisted. at varlou times by Georgetwon lest Tueeday end met thla .along B .tr. ) ;
hr talents ooromanded atxention and at rllt"CIVlth hoave..* of rice. wheat and young friend of the brld. The ring In lady at that place She told m* that eke. the hopping die Mr. ltotbst.in, pratlca.l l ncTtntm.luadar
nil: times carried great weight.* autumn leavsj." Good.bye* were then the oaks fell to )(I.. Duals Lewis a sister bad been down to Belle Island below lId .presented a livelier appearanceand : tillor and babtt.meksr. has : Mail*** *i'Dee
She also represented on. the fib. of this aid. and thus closed a very happy and of Mra Stuart Georgtown to nurse an oTa lady. She trade will b* stilt better this weak: cted is this clip' having CHAMOB. 'OFPICTURBO. ..
month her horn town at the .nnual Uiaukful morning. The bride always a pretty girl never aid that she had been cent down there and will continue to grow heavier everyday a suite of room., 15, 11 atid .t. CMJ'LETI /
oanvsiMlon ef the Georgia Fdrtlott looked< lovelier than on this the mom.n- from an agency at Charleston but after with th* approach of the great giftpresenting In UIC Blum buldlll", M. .!
L Club In Maoon, mtA waa an TIlE YACHT CLUB DANCE. tens occasion of her life. She was* going there and finding U so lonely, she estlvsL stein Is an andskilled --
flmporWl; t' lactor In U. oellbratlon.. gowned In tier handaoma traveling gownof decided' 1o go back to Charleston She The .hoppll which I I. now 0 I* thai 15,51eV taller I and guaras- M4day and 'Paesday" DsssseherSaedd
Mr.. Godfrey' mother soil. other .- Ill* Thanksgiving dance at the Yacht gray broadcloth, with hat and accessories also told me> abs wa* from New York City of wi.people, who having observed the. t..,evary ...rm.nt In b. perufeat ,,
"...\ still ....14. $Iu- Jackaonvlll COO Club. aiways the first formal dance In to match. The suit was of the and hd been In Charleston about ten opening of Christmas r. ar losing 111 workmanship and I t THB
they are all }t .tly proud> of her popu.. Jacksonville, each season, wa never. moresuccessful pretty pony jacket style, and was won day. when she was sent down to Bell no lIons In plckLP.V.1 on thcounter ;. ONCBT PIUATKItlUcnday

lent, and prominence and AM. achievement or brilliant nen last night. with a dainty lingerie waist. Island I Sh* also said real horn wa* a4 show CU and M. ROTHSTEINP Evening. Tui aday; ,Watl
organisation of Titedance" wa given In the auditoriumof << The glfta were and beautiful :, She the best of bargain It la thl the
in the various wedding many In Missouri I Did not town striking n. XV iatury.rworallty ,1.l
Iwhloh .h* 1. &1\ aetlv. member. They the Windsor Hotel, a room that I I. peculiarly and testified to the love and meem also said that ah* had a boarding place la early bird which catcher vh* worm, and; 1' w. Fereylk .. .1... .1... ,

[flbct" to having hr called a Georgiawoman. \ adapted for the purpose. its In which these two popular young people Charleston. It this lIttle Information will this |I. the principle which bold. also lathe "..i' sad a... BVBMTMAIirTuoday .
done. FlorId1 splendid floor and octagonal shape making held Mr. Lockhart .... lived In tu'sde. '
a* 1 L. *o frequently are be of> 1.1I"\ to you, I hop th\t you Christmas shopping People Zvs1a1
: protests. *galn.t having Oeorgi&claim It an Ideal ball room. The new offlner thl. city all her life and la loved by all will let Ins know. Address No. 103 Com who com first bav pick of the counter
such a charmli.g daughter of the Yacht Club had arranged all detail who know her and her friends will b* emma street.. Baltimore MdVry asS lat shoppsrs have to take what THEMIROIANT
of the evening, and are to be congratulated pleaded to learn that she will continue respectfully H. W. MOORE. I* left. : THE WEATHER.

| mANKBGIVINO sERVICES IN NEW Inn otncur, on this the pleasure-hie occasion to maSs Jacksonville her horn Mr Major Boyle turned over the letter to The shopping has **t In a little hesvlecthan OF VEN/CE/
year are Lockhart I* a. popular young businessman : usual I. said, but noting the general .
Post that
SCHOOL. Evening It
Commodore, Cromwell Olbbo l.. of this city and haa a host of the Charleston I the In tk* EllMbthai0, Uajtaar.Prtaw .
Th. Bdgewood Chri.tlan Sunday .ohool, Vic commodore D H Dolg might be printed and further exploit the prosperity of the country, aor 11) 1J I ISTATION.
which I. a mission work and branch of Captain, IL E. James. friends who will congratulate him on matter of> the 'Identity of the woman, In have been Mocked for a lively trade, .R SIJO, ft, ,.rM*.

line First" Christian Church of J.ckonIvlll Hncretary, R. P. Daniel!, Jr, winning *o charming wife the hope that the mystery attending the the demand of trad are being l.t. I. Beat go BB sale l Saturday I m.
a.rvlce. InItnrtr Christmas shopping generally atari lu .
held their Thankagtvln Tweaeurer, A. W. Palmer. OM may be cleared. up. j.jJ j. -
new building at the corn, of Governing committee, J. pennant Bird, NONN&-JlJRNST There la only on. employment agency real amst about a month before the I w... MaltM Ifkjkt,.
Icagewoud and Highway a..*nu**. In th. Arthur Q Cummer C W Tucker, Court- Miss Mary Ernst of Savannah was In Char'"ton whIch I I. llcaned to do festival but for a wesk or ten day th* ., .

IwMUrn part. of the city '*''"' "', .Th land Buckman." T. M. Palmer. .< united In marriage to Mr. Philip Nonne bllll_. and this la the bureau ot C. F. trade .been growing dally In Jackonvlll _ _ _ _ Dsessebsg .

|nitlr community In which the oh.'b U The Arat halt of the svsnlng was d.> of Jacksonville on last Sunday at the Von Santon. H* was an this afternoon *. .. ISLE OP SPICE
II'" turned out amf brought their koted to a card dance. Inspiring music Presbyterian preona In the former and asked about the woman. H* elated .......
ak.ts filled with. good thing of all >*lug fufnlshed by the Windsor Orchesrs. city. Mr and. Mra. Nona are now In that h* bad not signed the mysterious Tr/ Ttn'i &, 37 Wert B"7. ; ::: : : f o.tOtl L rODVOTION.
Tb.jy .
or anywherepis 1{
ndY-&od enjoyed 'dinner toethr. and after the dellolou supper had Jacksonville. stranger' for Georgetown .. . .. Tw Seessry
,. : was spent. In alnglng and recdtlngnd : been enjoyed the cotillion wee gracefully, H* said that In th*.past few week NEW FLORIDA CORPORATIONS.. ............... J*",.
the playing of some beautiful ..ul..r bit. by the commodore, Cromwell Gibbons PERSONAL h* had not signed a nurse at all nor had Nw peags Esse .
musloi rendered by Prof. Smith withIs dancing with his beautiful wife. An tip*. GOSSIP.; be sent a whit man. or woman to George.tome. Lttn Patent by the' Secretary COs bi ... .se If HIT TCMB; TABLE
. .
guitar. band rlsJly charming feature of last ntgttt. of of J. Wssk.During pto, wee...,............... . Is5sconis. Uttl SON
Rv J. T. Boon w.. pr"t and Since ... the presence of many of ibisneseun's Mra. J. 0. TaInts .ton. Ma..0is FHeraon'* pharmacy maintain a reels- .......... .,......... .0koiesi of Nlo.r... t::2 p.M,
and tender talk at the In the city for Cbs winter on visit try for nurse, the nurses slgnlner when f .......... 54 Uncle l.m'. .41" ... ., p.
av* a touching ..!'Via... debutante who with their to bar on. Mr Ed Tauter. .Mr*. Taint they go .
lose of *h. Thanksgiving spantanlnty and enthusiasm and pretty, ... __.....-,,-. f .05bOetatO. 2,
Itlab was njoyd by all.VAI4ILY fresh young races, were not only .nJo,. .r I* stopping at Mra Wai-rocks: on employment upon the service of their Stat has l. patent Incor .. ................... Tire Broom ellkWlbu..}'; .
.> I". thmaelve to the utmost, but addedKrwtly Main street lime and this register. generally patron- pUf the following new Florida con- You and I........;........,.p.M

D1NNKH PARTTMr. to ihepieaenr. ,* of lbs older people and Mra. )t.r. 11'11. have mad lard by the whit nurses of the city only. 0. 5.1 Lee..,.,... .............. ..Se uO Peggy Brady ........] : pie.
MaJ. of ot Qoo-Ooo
.. John II. lImber entertained >reent. Iocs not contain the name Browningor The Donald Drug Company Jacksonville ,. .........)f..................[.. .i 55.esooeh. ..,..4..M..t.il p.m.
jid .. Sit iwenlng at Among the Locus and<< members of the many friend during previous visits toiack.osville Moffat; It show no assignment of a with capital stock of *00 : Edward .,.... ,., ............ .. 55 PHe (1M.
family part at dinner have decided,. after visItingseveral R. W Ditto Ti55li10C501 t105
,Ittlr attraetlv lUversUK sconce home .lub In aitendanr last night at lbs openit Southern title la quest. ot> a nun therefore to Georgetown.It appeara that the traveling O'DoI4 p.let, .,.,. ...... ,. ....., .,I 55 .. ,I.... o It.
done of 4he Florida Yacht .
Mrs. J, M. Freels. of Club' tuurr.
kin Baker eluter. winter residence that Jacksonville !
pre.casts e-ant com* Company, of
rnurt have run 'up .
R.k season ot lEemmci Commodore and nan
brother, p .reDol WEATHER CONDITIONS.
n.l St. Lout and hi* greater attractions than any other> the missing woman or of '
Mhar ;
party I
DuncanBak.r, being InJa&aonvlll )1.*. Cromwell Gibbons tOov and Mr. Len 'p 1.0 _.. .
and Mr pIsa. that they have and they smpact It he did, the woman did not tell him McLsod. president
: In "rsnrls I'. Fleming. Mr. and Mr*. George 4. J'i of barometrlo .
many5Cr. > bin
nnlitlma A strong area .
for early In January for r.the I n Cntos. of .11. late Marshall
com a tb
Pay. the sours M. POWBJI. Mr aol Mr. tttlllam J. Bryan to the truth. and tt. mystery attending B. UarrUon. secretary and treasurer the f ul third of Field hueceUed
|Vmlly. on Thanksgllvng abl 10 enjoy' the dy In.ether. Mr and Mr. I'. I). ",...Ide,, Mr. and tons month stay. While. her* they novmnt of the drowned peee.eg.r, Th Madlaon Southern Railway "In' the ..u.giving oupl.generally fair weather I, A.l.o..while. Fdd'ry..
wu will be with Mr. and Mr Walter k.. whom ties Charleston evening Pact lie* m Jfarkionvlll; O..ntry. 'rlbu *
Mr and ...... ".ker1* gu*... wr. Mra Cowtland Ruckman. Dr and Mrs.Nornlan headquarter i over the Atlantic coast and the. Mast I luuu .5405 by 1IO.O.
ben Mot.fatt
Ball shows t* Its"* probably Mary 50000, John W. president r-
M. tock. ..lof.
Harriet M. Itevile. Col. and Mra. W. MToumer second
Mra. : Gulf State A
and Mlddl .
Ira. T. P. Imhlna. Mra. Col. and Mrs, John H. )Maxwell has yet to b* dennltely rieared up. W. P. Smith. Mcrstsry i ', "bl.h"_ Paul In h win to b.,.11 1 trusted
.Her, ,Mrs J. M. Frl. Mr and Mis LentIls Johnson;; ; of Rom. Oa. I II Th. Tallahassee . .: dominates the Northwest trim th .4,,pl.
and hire. Illlam
Mr. P. Smith Mr andMrs
s.IU Hoanorough. W. dater endniece. Moraan V. Ore.., N,. and Mrs. A. the gut of her '|nol* and hi* wife.Dr., CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.. TaUahane with .to. lua ta the Paclfla coast. \.IWM. the W Iud Mt for division imengMer
Duncan and AcCuse Baker and Western 1 employee bee been .
and Mra. Undy "obn .11.1. apportioned
|. a lI&J1rl4a. Mr. and Mra. Charles W. hinge; Thomas H. Lloyd prlc..t.i It.r so.'sidIng
.. The Store Are Fulicit Good and Buy. and trMa- of 1m. nrrgy. oupJln. I* lbs lime spent In
Tucker Mr* David Mitchell "' .. Charles rhoma II. Bond 1f
RBKNLKAF: *t CROSBY CUP. Owing I* the Illne** of hsr sister. Mr... .cnt I the Northern Lake RID and othe Ifr. .Fi.Id'e this fund I,|
Mr. and Waldo Now In J&ckonvliil.Christmas
W, Bprall' Mr n. ("um.m. IrtI << Jf T..... the ;
Ifh*"fll'Ot' IOu lf contest ef toil season ...., Mr and Mr*. Balnbrtdc Rlchsrdsnn. Watson M. "' ,on. Mra I. Olover .Win- u..r.T. Lean County"Tobaoxo Company near the western .* have ., The names of
I indicated In
at the Florid ter will leave Sunday far hot o In Richmond stork Influence of which I I hee mc.* nt gives Ot. Richard Mayer.
cc finished y.li.5y Gen, and Mra Edward Andu'soaMr. Is nowle.s than a month ._. capital of
Club when Mr. B. T. 8 ow'i won Va. and remain until aTter ChrUlMrs. be 'l.b. wb V. rain .In Traua ,S l/oilna. 4 I t driver, was given .0.
and Mr rranrl P Fleming. tr, ot!. a fact which need nut stated for ..o: G. .011. president cloudiness eoal-
I giving
Jom .... Thomas In the. first eeiht aadIr. Mr*. Van Minder Shield Miss' Celia ... the Informstlen of observe of trade at r. secretary .. tre *urr. 10" rlslnff .
Frank O, Oroover won from Mr. A. Holme. Mrs. rhomas V. Denham, Mra.CVtorg ted shower and lem.r.tur. TW'aC&fL H
Try .
V, I the Orenlt Crosby vlalllng Wink frUoda In Sanueta. Fla. Th weather la this Ic will con.Uuue .
final for Iii'.. Boone IVtlnel. lbs Misses Gladys There ia thing which a lawyer peddles fair to-nlghtl Increasing
r- Halle. Lydia Hair.*. Udle (Clark ElleeRllea '" on .tur.
Claire itr1n f.Uow, Mar Ov-scti- Mr. T. 1:. 1101'-;:;;. et Charleston I* cloudiness rI.ll t.mpr.ture. Have you read the ads to-day1* M,.
t"PICRFTr."Tii.. YAChT cLUB.p. man. Kllasbelh\ Archltiald. Ruby hto..re.Ri.snnr visiting. Mr. and Mr*. A. W, Peters, 01 and a mother-in-law ghes away ropollsT pay to rand .Ikem.You .

sed hire H L. Stringf.n..w ..*. a CaaetiWn K.._a BiiVbria*. No. UU Wesl Mooro tirMt.Mr. Order your Ic OI from TU1only. : I y

Mack Bradley and wife of 'Vnimlagton. ..'.... Phonei .848 13
N. c.. &I'll. the city ip- ay, but :
. < : . THAT? ADVICE! FAlTUFl.'LNr.SI RBWABDED.Marehall .
will leave for their bom this *vnin. < V Can Save
Field ManUel Four Hundred
general oBoes $4 Ih* Atlantic Cbat Line .
and thIs to his Brat visit to JacksonvIlle and Fifty Thousand Dollar

CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $500,000.00 la Sec. ,..... I.m.- fmn.-rnaaaa-er of 1h. star $3.0 t$5.0

Rise Xathryn Moor* Mt lass night for
j- - DI"IECTO" her horns In Columbia. 8 C, fur a de.hyhlful lam neither a nor a mother-in-laa, DR. El H. ARMSTRONG On your Suit; or Over

visit ta Jacksonville.. Mlu Moor*
A. ae5es5. Lo .. "I" .... .. ..._ wa on. of Mra. Jack Brown bridesmaids 5 but lie best adolct that I can gioe b to 'p* 'int coat if you buy it on

J_ I'. s.scnsk.a, r, w. tOeC.. ... M.WI o.. at the weddiMT. last Wdj>**day, you CREDIT
Si. S.s." 0' .. 45. ..... .'. "' ..._11. Alt r>., J'"O at
J. A. 'ps.lscd1 B. r. ...at...... II. I.. (MdSjSd, t>r. Baker sad Mr: Duncan' Heft eat good bread made of and dl.r.

.sa. lb sMrr, .. Y. ........... C. t.. Dca... lost night fee >*..lr ham m Ch *1.tAa, oj .'dei'*. (Ilaa.s "ROBIN T THE E ctO '
I,, loenseis.. FiesM *daesee .1.' J. IprCreh. H. C.. after spending th* day with rslsUvwi (round and fl fUfi'S"VlEUJr.

ii. Il mees.i U. Ms P'iie, 4. .. Vsarsd. .*... 14. ".
4esW, *a T-- I'. Deehees.a . AH rrpir no l .. J E..ll
al. ,pla 10'1. _
SCo t Lunch TUl !,Oaf. V ry flat. LUR.Tit uI.t

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>"i/. >' ',*

*" ES

'4.J t

r Baffe .Co Co. .
/ roy - -

'1 :--- \


,114 116 WEST BAY STREET i
,AND, e t .

a' TELEPHONE: 50. I 5' ,


J I \ : -

I ? IJ t '.:1


... II


eW ''CI.


: /e R .o oU G LASs.. "' 1

;;:r"t..7'1 football ram, In whir b between! the Penniylvanla and Cornell -,
Jacksonville M defeated by the famouBavannati s football elevens on Franklin field Phil- I.
) eleven was undoubtedly on a delphla, 'yesterday, came to an end and We will. never begin to approach perfect
of the moat unlntereetlnr pigskin exh without either aide being able to scar. health until we. recline that linen(
tt bilious that the. lovers of the came I'. The finish of the contest with. Penney! 'Is not misfortune alone, but a aelt-lnl1lct--
that ettr bav..v.r been forced to wit,. vanJa fltrhtlng desperately to ward on de- ed' O
.wrong. We recognise this clearly nNr r
i DM feat was aa eenaatlonal a piece of 'foo -
enough dipsomania. We can trace
When the end, which mud bar look d I ball play ... baa been seen on the-Re
pleasant to the Jacksonville :'1.'..., w.,s and Blue gridiron In a long time. F6 consumption contracted.or pneumonia We know to a that coldeareleeely
t reached .the ecore wa. M iy 0 In favor 01 r the last time,. ...the. teams plunged into 1
smallpox the>plagues and Infectious-f
the, defenders of the blue and whiter' each ,other the time keepeer'a whist due -'.
core are to uncleanllness of
There, was. one, and only one, ehlnln r announced the ,.n4. of the.game. Everyone or aurroundinguAnd' eo .on.Enlightened .' person, 1 M.
light from a'fO<>lbail standpoint In' thJaekaonvlll e, believed Cornell had won. but when science 1* relentlessly A,,- 111 / .
line-up This Referee Corbin and Edward hf
partlcula r. Umpire Ins responsibility for all our
i+ tar'' wee none other than "Pee WeForayth finally aeparated the struggling players .mail or serious upon ourselves.almentar
-demean fame who l'pl.Y. I they found a Cornell man hugging the honest \
Any physician whose practice I.
full-back.! Had not been bull the line of Ia
Forayth guard a foot short of victory. largely among the Idle rich will tell you
Inc the goat on the defenelv work, th I that the most dleeaae.
common he encou
i1 Savannah tease ...ould..doUbU... hay, Seven thousand people .aw Carllsle.defeat tare Is neurasthenia,' an aliment brought
piled up a higher score: Virginia-at .Norfolk yesterday by at I on by evil power of mind over n.rvee.
Btols at right end and Chappie .1: .core of 18 to 17. A missed goal prevened Hypochondria, which breed. In Idleness .
left also did clever playing'at times. Virginia tying the ecore. Virgin. aa malaria breeds In stagnant pool..
r On short kick Blole received tbe made first touchown a blocked
a I the on atrophies the nerve and rota the bod,..
oval'anll made a run of sixty yards.,, kick and three line ruehea. Her other< The common tendency to magnify .mall .
1 which. wae the Invest vain made by scores were made by Johnson and Hona ailments, In order to excite sympathy or

rtt Jacksonville durlni the tune. her In. run. of eight :yard because. the mind ,ls'given nothing el...
THje. came started shortly after I I The Indiana scored through Mount to dwell upon, cause these ailments In
o'clock Ca.pt Appleyard, of Jacksonville Pleasant and Little Boy by hammering time to become real anti serious. .' .
'! winning. the to., and when the referee the line In two Inatancea and a fifty ,

blew his whistle. for hostilities to begin yard run. Little Boy acorod twice. ; .. IT, WAS M-KINLET.!: .
there were fully S.OM people In the Bole alao did Jobnwn.Atl'Blrminghamyeaterday, c
10. Dear Mrs there I aomewhatof .
ton'atreet Incloiure e e e Gray-As *
Butler kicked off Fonytn reeetvtnctheball. the Unlver a controversy between a friend andmy..lt "

The stocky player advance .Ity I eleven defeated 'the University'oTennessee about this question: What was" HAIR TONIC
the name. ot the Pre ld.nt of the United 'e.xa.U. 93"
the pigskin four yard., and when tackled 61 to 0. '
States eight will
be paaaed It to Kennedy. e e e years ago you. kindly' 1
The latter player fumbled. the oval, but ,The Clemson College football eleven give ua your-opinion-and oblige, -
again rained poeaeeealon of It." J'oraytbtnan had no trouble' In .defeating the team xxX.
tip at and dubbed
mad a short kick to the left Chap from tlle Oeorl'la. School ot Technology William McKinley wa President of.the Inthese.days when youth Is the moving factor -when man has made his'mark thirty-five |s ? w

pie,'falling on the ball for a rain ct thin In Atlanta 'yesterday, winning by thacor United State eight year ago. "hag been at forty } when business houses pension the man we used to call middle aged: ," rather than allow hia
tytftve :yarda, of 10 to C.i .
With the exception of the run by Plot.s . *": MANAGEMENT:OF,, BT..,. LUKE'S. lagging: : influence intrude uponthe modern commercial rush-a.bald head is'a serious handicap. '

later In the guns .Jacksonville. few, >The football'gam t' Richmond yea Dear Mrs. ,i Gray-Please allow apace 1 In a'woman-it is fatal.
more ..aln. of any; consequence. tarday between the Agricultural. and MechanlciU'fcollojre your'IOlu.ble column for an Inquirer. In. the social world it is equally, bad for a man, while for

After Bavannah, secured< the-bell theyadvanced >of:North Carolina. I anVirginia' iVIll some one publish In replY' \\1ow B.uke's :Fe\people? can .afford a bald head. Even'those who can-thosewho are fixed socially, financially and matrimonially . ,
l" It with apparent ease.Rdsslter Polytechnic, Institute was won -. Hospital Is managed and who I.
the Artier boys,'Cornwell and by the latter by,tb.,acor. of 6 to 0.i the physician In charge. 'o. F, r have no wish ,to do so. But afford it or not, thousands of us are bald, either partially or wholly.

huey made ,, Brat down ,almoet every .0" The lIe&4'ph1ll0l8ll'1.'; t>r.' Jameg, Llvngston. 1 whether through undue mental effort, sickness, dandruff ,
What baldness whether inherited
caused tendency
tlme'the ball was parted to'them.Durlrs Juat before the second half of the RolIn the an ; "
management writ
; the last few; minute, ,of ,the *. College-Btetaon, University: football to Mrs. ..l'HD president'of the or'other scalp'disease-makes- no :differei ce. What.we want is HAIR. 1!
West led, Walt were put game Sat, 'DeLand'y..t.rdayBt.t.on\ ' -
game association.
million havo been
ti Into the fay scored-a-safety. which 1 gave them the .. Millions of dollars have been spent, in vain efforts to giw hair on bald heads. Other spent

Y The Jaokmnvnie'team.was'we"'=reatl'r victory'-Rollit.a" 'could not make her, die AT NTALAM! :8T.. in an1' effort to restore faded hair to tits natural shade and still others to banish dandruff. And tin dandruH, a
.. br the Bavannan people and-the day lama andkicked.Oautler; blocking the gray:

3 paaaed off moat pleasantly.' The.wiather punt Then-'came a fumble, and before Dear what Mr.place Gray-Will la the largest you.:plese'tellme Savannah declined: to disappear; hair 'refused' to'grow; lost tints .of brown, blonde and auburn failed to. return.
could be corrected the Irreparable
Lieut.wai Ideal.Ball. of the Unlveralty of 4 Florl- the'error damage had been done,, and.Btetaon da, Atlanta, 0..., and which, his the All this, however, Is of,the'past.' Failures have give place to success. A real hair tonic has at last been found.

'd da; officiated,! of Fort aa Boreven,referee,',,served while ag' tdeut.Btlcner urn'plre. had s n'l*;safety Rollins.to' her Rollins. tredlt.punted Coors:out Btet to most for people.tired And feelings please when'rising a-Jve'm a In remedy the- REXALL, "G3" HAIR TONIC is a positive cure for all hair and scalp .troubles- It is not sticky or gummy,., will '

I Held; and here the ball remained morning feel like I haven't been to bed : clean agreeable and pleasant to pea
.' center of the atalt ''READER. snot thicken on hair, does not become rancid, has 'no disagreeable\bdor. It-is
Tai teami lined UP aa followe: see-..wtn back and forth -be. ta',
Jacksonville-Frase, center llurlburt twain the teams until the final half had Atlanta much larger and baa a' far mNETY.THRXB sent nthailatto 1
e andi Pope right' guard; Aford.] right jnded. It was a-splendid,,game, splendid- greater number .Inhabitants than Bavannah.1 Remember that dandruff: U proof THE STORY OF ' '
N93" of tile remedr and d .,
tackle; Blola right-end: Appleyard,-left Iy fought out, and splendidly ..won anoboth You are probably' bilious; tabs REXALL. HAIR TONIC posillvs that microbe! at* at work on report raft *
guard; Zlllott. left tackle; Chappie left teama deserve the highest credit some liver medicine. the'roots of hair. Then !Is the REXALL 93" HAIR TONIC.Befor tall* ot th./ splendid ffect/ la Mct\'

end; Bhlmmlne and Drawdy, right halfback for their work. .._ __uh_ Cum. all c.... of JanJnjf,fatting your Individual cat*, .
I I-Kennedy.: left half bank: Forsyth.full .i NO COMPARISON. .. time to buy a bottle of RIXALL 93" _" S
Mr, irritation tf tAn ore/,, kqldHtsj, We therefore selected"NINETY
,bask) Sweeney, quarter bark. BIO OPENING, SATURDAY Dear Mrs army-How many place of HAIK .TONIC and begin treatment.Don't ![eta
.. ,frtmturi fating, scanty frtwtt end placing REXAt.t "gel" IIRE$ HAIR TONIC the
flavannah-All. center Po" and CbrlL buslnen has Butler 'Bros.. and where III' bald. M
Beehiy, right guard; Munroe and A tremendous 'stock of et. are they? How does their volume of bus!- ') aJI thoM annoying affection of_the wait un are TONIC on 'th market we, readied ham cf this preparation,' which'W* i

right tackle Sullivan and Bhuey NlL7lor'l mal goods will be exposed for ness compare to Chas, B. RouaeT To scalp which. sciential have found ,that w* .had a formula xcptonal! believe to bo the beet Could
end:;, Black and Morgan left ; deed a bet, .left to The Metropolis.' any
Palmer and Mutchwackert/le't. & .; gala by the 'E.: L. Ley Furnishing ,J.1H. D. to' be due to the presence of mlR8An.Y ADDS TO BEAUTY." value, and yet-we determined to give eth.f name be so significant of merit a+'

BmnJh. left end) J. 'Artley. 'right half Company ,next Saturday, Deoem. 'Butler Bros, have seven stores In .th. crobe*. REXALL "93* HAU TONIC "1 can most highly) recommend II. thorough trial before bare I s W. Artley and Roaetter, left half South. Charles. B.' Rouse'. business I I. It Recall W* thereI .
baok'i Cornwell. full back I Butler quarter ber lit. To complete arrangement "'d.r I'A"'It.i"'V"lli"'iIA'' II'; .lexall si! Hait. Tonic a* the best u a resulli more encouraging t
only represented In thU section by .an ?
beck.Te.tNdarsfootbatl. for the opening their doom occasional traveling man and there 1. I 'errtaby;: upplyln a nutritive food of preparations for the preservation for. wrote to one hundred drnggisl In buying RlXALL "93",lIMa '

a e e resulted will be closed to the public to: .therefore no comparison between them element upon which the injured hairs of the hair and the pro'motlon' of hi In u finny cities a.klnglhe tame of TONIC you;take, no chances; what.ever. .

follow: rarnea aa morrow afternoon and Saturday 1NEXCUSABLT-, JEALOUS. maT feed and rogain ,health ,and healthy) growth It' not only pre. one customer wbo. lu/far.d from & K' after a trial you'an not

hlgshvWe-Vanderbilt. SO; Bewanee, tAil lerves the hair and atop It from dbue of the hair and .calp. To
At to strength by rlrosring .1t1'I mere than satisfied w* will promptly"ah'nrgtdraisg I
Deer Mrs. I t.1.
Gray- am engaged a
O. WEAIVm HAS A' PULL.If -, j.ir i failing but It gives It a gloss and .ach of then cuatom. w. Sect "
lAr It :
man ten years' my' senior.: He live. In : I.IIM" gndcheedullyteluadyo.rmoaey: ,
t t.At Agricultural Janimon-Unlwrsit7 and Mechanical Hleilaalppl College, wealth doe. not'btlng'reaped. how one part of the country and I In another aulallll"'U" to'restore the color by "eetl1u which greatly adds tll Ile thr.. bottles 01 tb.,laalr toolo and. 1"
H* was to see meltwo. month ago to u.. ,
(' does :It happen that John D. Rockefeler. make all arrangements for our marriage Anlrlyand enabling calloiiashrytbrAnr dr.uIn, asked th.m to try report SOLD oNhr"Ai OUR STOIB., ?tIt
Newe-Blchmond College,
At Newport Jr.'* Bible-class orations are the only and did. Th day he left I went -to the to draw It. own coloring matter her upon It. "
U; William and Mary. 0.At to the hair if aha desire to keep t
AahevlUe'N. C.-Blrgham .Bthool, nee printed In. thedNewlYork papars.and train depot'ha to see had'him an off.occasion After to boarding step back the from the pigment glandt In the scalp hair in the best condition." Tm RuvLT I Five reported no LARGE BOTTLE, 60 CENTS. .
hey are prlll..d I'ceularIY1Phll&d.lpblaRecord.
Id; Mar)'vllIJolle; .e. IT.At'AtlantarClemeon College. 101; Georgia . I to' .p.ek'to me; when lie came back J a. Itir.NadyA -Mo..}. C HALL, Palmyra; }f.'Y. answer two reported adversely and 1\AD.\ ORDRS!! PUn.
I was. standing very eloee to another man i .
0. 1 1Till'
off Technology
Brhool l'aDcBket talking. Fori' th.t simple offense he
Xmas :Boxes '
RLohmobe-Ylrltnla Polytechnic Instltuta. and .
At : ; wrote. me after reaching home to.pall themarriage'oP \ '
IAorloultgralan of'North Carolina, "e.. MechanicalCollege Chocolates and J Bon Bong., H* has not written ma \: C. C. BETTES Druggist ",i
.Inc What do advise to do? :
At.Ly0Ohburg.Vs-DavJd.on, 1; Virginia 2 5c to $10. Order now and avoid you me ANXIOUS.You. i ", ,

Military 'Institute. a rash .
At Baatpni Fa.-Fayettevllle, MiDickinson. ; are fortunate In. being released t

.'..' (I M5TTUTB! THEOLOar. trqm a man III 1.tonablV Jealous.CHILDREWa'COATA . The 3fetBttt Store .
At ..Marmttai o.-M.rleUa, U; OhloUslyeralty. l

0. "I don't >e* why you can't r>. a Rood : . .,.. f-:
At wkahtngtod-Georgetown.. 1'1| Dear Mr*. Gray-Will. you please, let ;
O./irge ..WashingtonUnlvenilty..' ( little ilrl" Nellie, said her! mother me what IItyl..I. ,to be used I In cblldren'acoats n __
Well replied Nettle solemnly, "I'm
Wa.htngton-Howaed'Unlversily, 11: the| winter, and what IUnGOC hatwould
Vnrvernlty of'Raadgh'I.At i Ju.t a* food aa God mad m*, *o what be right for little boy who I.I le
Shaw .are you going[ to do.about. Itf-Cblcnero my this winter, and must be worked br anxpert /Ul not change the oolor. Before applying -
Pftt.bllr.--W..m Vnlvereltynt year. old? The way to make a whit I '
else look badly. Tile U brush the furniture perfectly tree
they very !
Pennsylvania, Cj Penniyjvanla State .h lit waist, pleas. A MOTHER.For .
N.w"A mertcan beauty and the tea rose will bebe from duet
Collrgei. \ i' CHEAP PIANO the children the niweet end pretest .1 most popular think. VISIT RINtOPEN :
Loul. t. Louis University THE SKATING
At\Bt. It; thing In coat I* the scarlet cloth CLEANING A BIRO CAGE.
Iowa Unlverelty, eLl I. a worthless r>loe of furniture after They are mad either long or short; and Wi i'HltR FEET.!) I tell
BUFFERS Dear Mrs. kindly
It Qray-WIll you
AtKansas City-Vnlveralty' of Kanaaa, a fewyearn'' use. destroy a love .
children of all
tl; ttnlvereltyorMissouri, ft for real musW and educate and fosters lar.ace worn by collar ages They 'Dear Mrs.. o-iIt-1 putter tn much with m* what will clean. ., br.., bird cagethat 'oj'I
trimmed.with and cuffs
At, Uncom-Nabraaka.; Clnoln-. a rai-tlme musical public. The black velvet and the h.t most< worn with of m y feet -and I'would be grateful If you lias-turned black M. U. .
Weaver Piano' stand for all that I. I la the black. glossy sailor. Make Will tell me how to care fur them In away Wash In hot suds, then ;coat with. A '
rAt'A.hev1lle'N. C.-A.h.vlle team Ml: noble .and dignified In piano tnueaDon't the hem i waist with. three. plaits on the shoulder ! that will enable me to be round 011Ih.m paste x>f sifted wood ashes and kerosene I DAILY
Cherokee ,Indian f. buy a cheap1' piano It roll canfTord plain fold< In front and long sleeves wllruut 10 much JleonmfMt.A and leave ,.It on for Bum !hour Hub
T ( .. to buy a Weaver with cuBa.TO! HOU8B WORKER.Ton this OR with soft flannel and clean with
With the. ball within one foot of the P. O. Miller. Co., sole .,.nI.., 411 "lll find massage a treat benef.t red pomade and kerosene, pollshlnir with.
horn team'* line the annual game West Bay street.Jacksonville.. WRAP A LACK! GOWN. to your feet and you had better try for a chamois skin. If the brat be a greenishblurk. 2:30 TO 5:00: P. M. f
weseev wr s time using a little cold cream surli as U ., Int th* first washing be with hot
Dear Mrs. Gray-I have rcejved many tad on the hands Then you had. better vtnecar mnd.salt,.after which apply the ,
U valuable hlnta from'your columns. Will usa airy nliht an aramatlo foot bath Jot.I.
tell me le there kind of TO 10:00 O'CLOCKI.
you kindly any made a* follows: Dried mint. 1 ounoui 7:30
powder to put a whit net gown away Into dried *e.... 1 ounce ailed anlll1oa. t F.."rt..sle _".- :.
k..pit white? F. R. I' (uncoil: juniper berlee, H. pound; rosemary When'I was. a druggist at IJvoela
There I.I no powder to my knowledgewhich leavca. 1 pound Boll for II> minutes Mo.,' write T. J. Dwyr, now of Grayvllle *- i
the World's' Table you can.Ule for that purpoe In. five quarts of water.. Us s part ,Mo."tbr vof my outomerwcrepermanently
Spread Wnp:the' gown In.blue I tissue paper and of this With' an equal' utnount of. waim .cured of consumptionbyDr.
put It away.In attox; carefully to protect .t* and immerse the feet In It fur. to .' Kill's New Discovery and are well I
it from the duet' .The color of.lh.'' paper 0-loutea'before: "otIrl.... Tills hath used and slronf .to-day. One wa trying t* I. Grunlfial's Full Brass Band Every Night" 1
in apt-to' preserve the color ar. keep It l"INI..k.. .. and a warm water bath sell bis property and move to ArtllOn..j ,
along every line of longitude from from turning yellow. Be careful that It v.ri rl'.ht with the massage and cream but after wing New Discovery
I. a cool but not damp place.,. Toe much very moinlnsT will keep the feet In prime time he found It unnecessary to Co so, f
III North to South parallel of eat or dampneee will often change lb.tint condition for any amount: of work which' retard Dr.-Klnl. New. Ulsoovery a* the
; every of actor tare. _ nay be asked <>f them. most wonderful medicine la existence"
from Surest, couch and cold cure and throat ,
latitude East to West pile '
I ; ILK 'WAIST FOR"COAT SUIT.Klndlyi ., A orLED RAINCOAT. and" lung Dealer.1 Guaranteed by all

thereon the foods' of' dime and tell merit a 'PCnal-Nik- waist Dear Mrs c.'r.y-I have. a, raincoat t druggists.., Ho and, |1.0*. Trial.bottle,
a every would ha.rm<>nlae ,"lta .a dark green coat which 1* badly ...lIed.'aleo arotU.I.. Could Inset '
ult. In using the egg shampoo Is Ii neosaary you advise me how I could clean It, aet HOLIDAY PRINTI'NG'If :
to us* soap aim? ,.. B. le nol worth. sending tothe, cl ..n.I Tb.Ar..rt""lI lhdaration of Mwlulanatlalma .

Th garnet silk will be-all.Ngbt, but r'e7 ''. to havC been. the fret labor organ.laatlon'ln have holiday printing to issue, and yet
the felted gintea 10 advocate you
ilneeda ream, white or ecru tinted cloth ar el.lIkwill 81305.. the coat with a mlxtur of /gualparts .
look better for evening wear. -Theark of alcohol| and ether. wlthth4 ad' the...munlrlpal OWiI.r.fllp tit public 111111.tI. want it gotten up in good style and

plaM with green predominating dRies of a lahlMftOonful household bring if to ua.Vith unexcelled
will be a lultabl liquid promptly,
very combination tore .mmonla, to.a pinl-oltlw
: rr I* Msj ns ei labor
suit facilities full' complement of skilled
1. using the egg shampoo nothing 'ulseis MAP 'TBKK'BARK, Why your baby -.ho1l14- k' Ihla and a ,

BiscUitlii liiwill required. The ecg take the place' oC D.N *. Gray. Can you tell m* fretful during the night Worm are and a large assortment of printing stock, we
the cause of tbln. sickly babies It 1*
"> tee bark" can beu..t the best service
whether. 'or not *oP natural rt a healthy baby should be are .prepared to give you
In e
: ' with success wae0ICgM Nbo and sleep welt It'your baby does
CENTER PIECE; skint : rat and at prices consistent with first-class work.I
serge not' retain lia'food. lan't< experiment
Dear Mrs. G.-I went to nuke a "noler 11 may be'uNd.. for cleaning Wuolen' with patio cures and. other media*,
them all !in the elements )
surpass piece and for Christmas gift for a uffa ot all klnda, but try a bottle of While Cream Vef.ntlfuge INDUSTRIAL RECORD COif NewnsnIn:
friend I would be very grateful If ..ta.NUNNALLY'S .

I which make a perfect world-food. ..beet oil win shape give to m make. come It. had idea what what.Dowersmbralder t* (h*- C'.A.N1NG A RIAR st'i'r.Dear baby have., and color:you end win laugh soon a* It see ehouli year .

by Tier as Clark, Main and forA '
10 ." alM'tl.t. I think I sot nth .1... 0ft7-Woul e
eft h Just Pr skUfull la embroidery< and 1 thank ma in oust. way you wwld rises a parlor .)'Ur.
a tit"'. you In advance for pool help aunt It la taneolrr.. or "rep." somecall ,
and It has' grows a mult of successful tests of mo.
c.I moutvrt proof< Would YOU
prfrn at pn..*at oeem .a be Clog, to CleaII .. a.i to mines on* braarh pf Ih* child labor ..ll FINE CANDIES
L or led Oval shaped anti plac**. and In brighi.n'. apt*, .R"C! may be .1\ lt..te4.. MCCCIVCD DAILY AT .
act the same shape .. being used rosy
NATIONAL BISCUrf COMPAQ tt r plat dallte The border. must be I can think of II"IIIn.bet..r than equal
I Ia mfcie of leal feel* eraltopa la while aad perle of alcohol and ..r,.... mixed with. Do you know Till makes the O'DONALD DRUG CO.FLOOR'STA'INS .

i a very iltretlUe ahapt Scallop I* ib* shoot four lableepoonfule. Bob hook composed of Stet urve*. ._Ia to each, pint, .f the "'I.Itrl Roles ar* used jujr.alas tfffUff* S corn" bis V ***** Wf* the IIi'"* \b. SQth T If7 a a

1 I---

aS ,ti r. tie y" "tit *5" r ,,r -tv. k ry r.., ,, '. L" M

).eket t4.6 ,,. .t.7aA;' r .r7vs' aloe a +wyir tv! {3k4)r'' ,E,4Y"1iFV,


wp.l..KlWnoe,,{"" ,A '*' 3 ir1A 1',I+Y p4:,
i \ ** *** **

}" I
err t

: .



OH. the farm was bright Thanksflrln; morn AND here and there was the Jersey stock.' THE big home barn was 1 place of toy / \H. the pantry shelrewer* 'loaded down {,
It* ttclu of hay and shock of corn sheep and horse*-old Prt.neelndJ. k- the romping girl and climbing boy, With dainty cake*.that wer* rich and brqwn. y'
It. pumpkin heap In the rambling shed, The turkey and geese and awkward calf. With beams and mows, and ladder to mount. With apple j>le. and pumpkin and MInce 1y

And It. applet brown and green and red _-l And the goat that mad the children laugh ..t Horses and oxen and sheep to count. And jellies and lams and preserved qulftc*, ...
And In the> cellar its winter *tor* A pair of mule that a friend had sent J:.- Hunting of nest of sly old hens, Cranberry sauce and puddings and rtaei;

In bin. that were filled nd running o'er : Out to, the farm on experiment f a! Tunneling hay and fashioning dens. The dessert dishes that look so nice.- _"**; ir;
I' With ill the things that I farm could keep, 1-': Pigeon and fowl and a guinea pig L C Helping the men to do up the 'chore. Vegetables, breads ,and bonbon sweet e
In barrel and bin and goodly heap -t'- Dogs that were small and dogs that were bid. ' Shutting the windows and locking the ,door*, A great brown turkey 'al'ld plate 'of meats --
Hung to the rafter and hid away- U Chicken* that' were whlte'and black and fray j ? tatting some work come In with the play- Sauce fixed In the d.lntlest'way- ***

Oh the farm -Wa. a pleasant place to *tyl Oh, the farm, war a pleasant lght that day I Oh, the farm 'wa'a pleasant place to stay I Oh. 'rw*,. a glorious sight' that 'day -

e OUT'back of the house the orchard stood, ; O'H, the farm wa bright Thanksgiving morn 1
came the brook and the chestnut wood The un shone clear on the hay and corn; I
The old aw mill where the children, play.The The guest came early with laugh 'and shout, ,
fodder barn with' It* pll s otbay-: k / .>f'' s And the boy and girl scattered about I '

Th. walnut troy. andthe cranberry bog, wJ ."., 7, Seeking the pct.'they had known before, y a
The woodchuck hole and the barking dog, : t\':" y. Climbing through window Instead of door. Mkt ..
Th wintergreen and the robber' cave, -. y Racing from barn to' corncrlb: or mill. i$1.

(Wherein,who entered wa counted brave), *"" Shouting and laughing with glee, until n
The ,skating pond 'with 'It* fringe of bay- .."\ _c The dinner horn soundest. Oh. 1 ray '
,r Oh the farm wa a Jolly plce, to stay ..::::!,.. ", ( t ., pleasant upon the farm that day!




.i .
.. :
I The aged woman1 herewith, pictured
now an turns** ef ,a workhouse pear
London, haa a very sad history Tile C ,- '
I ,
ty-flve years ago then, known as Mlsi

'1.Z': :>! ,:' I ; : tt'tfJ' : uss liapgt
.. .,, .t -dii..t.f! ''''''' ;
T .
I j

4 4I " .... ," ,
[ f i)

. "


I + IIljhllyill l I ItMry
I -

: :t II e I 1 a ''IitgnI I T tr r V

o' f

>x Gray, *b* war one of the moat 1
beautiful and popular stage celebrities
. .1. In Great Britain. At that time Mis The electric wag-on In the cat belong to the EK. Andrew* Ambulance association
1 Grey was the rival of Emily Boldene,the of Glasgow and ta arranged: moat admirably.- prevent vibration the
0 8rI.boult. queen, and public opinion. body Is inaulatod fronvthe.,chnsels by rubber pad*. The Interior. contains .a.
r was divided a* to their' merit* 'heatingapparatus and Is provMtd with a ,complete! surgical equipment
-- ---- -


.ii 'Tbe int.rpa'llilns young motoria' herewith pictured an aged ..reapeotlvelylive 6
u ADd three. They are the children. or M. Valontie. who bum their tin, cat
sod who follows them 1>1a bicycle when they take their daily airing in the Boil j
I da Boulocn. Th, miniature automobile travels al a ep..d atabout, urn l lmile.
ID Lour


iLlr The out shows an unatnkable Dowager Nathalie o{ Berth Is,
vented by M. Jack Focketyn of the royal ladle .Europe. who
werp. The apparatus, which not achieved much publicity Bh
adjusted In a few ...I>nd.. Is mother of the murdered Alex-

w + II c ''ii t tY

Altbouch the cut seems to picture a number ot upright poles. decorated with 5 5fi 5r 5t
man skulls. It Is only ,' reproduction from a photograph of com dried stalks
4 seed pods of the garden flower known a* snapdragon, a variety ot the
au.> Antirrhinum, commonla Europe and America. It require only a slight n ttt
crf of the Imagination ta convert this lnno ent freak ?t nature into a varyteeuv. Y YThe lr f fr
and grewwma reminder, J
1 t 9 ,


I rg9r /

1 \ 1 I

cut furnishes an excellent esample ot the typical; Jluestan hamlet and shows the poverty and primitive* r
,, n... that are eo characteristic ot these scattered'settlements on the Wl'MtltMl_ plain. The Inhabitants ot
these villages are stink In the deepest Ignorance and have no conception of what Is going on In the outside world. .
It I* a tact that many of them do not know that the war with Japan Is over and It Is even asse/ted that some
i ic. of them do not know that.there baa teen a war. Dill w and since the conspiracy.which
Jt has compartment In his assassination she has
( TOPREVENT :finking water food, a rope .a living out of the OOUlltl')'. Bit
A, NEW .INVENTION SEASICKNESS. EXCEPTIONAL RUSSIAN PEASANTThe nd. an Incandescent light It )/",, been visiting' friends la
peculiarity about the Itusnlsn wo pounds, and Its buoyancy Is Lord ,and Lady Clifford: .el
peasant herewith pictured; U that be 00 pounds : .
know how to read la the present. 1"A
disturbed condition of the empire alaaal '

\ r.I

: I

a I r pr I

e -
Ug rut U from a pantograph taken after the great Callfornlan earthy
.. la thai tremendous ....0110 dUturbanc, the culoaeal .tatll" lit the
list Aga* ls at Wand ptaafurd. Jr. unlveraliy was throw front Its pad.I .
I With such Nrr that U enelrated the cement paring In the vianner shown The picture shows 1111 Invention which a young engineer. Otte fkhllck.Islms . woo can read Is recanted by The Arm bold that the acquired ever the aversgsAmerican
n1 picture.I The earthquake was a very serious matter bribe university, will prevent aeaalckae. ** by counteracting any tendency a .hlp ha to the authorities with more or leas eus< youth U Illustrated by tI show. how ........U ta played
the all of the statue Inspired' an Irreverent. aid< witty undergradual to NIL Tlie device .la In the form of a specially' constructed turbine which Is plu oa. Th country u being flooded on board the schuolshlp Hsratora. Ihe diamond Is contracted neeeosrlly -
". thai the\ great scientist ate 'Irnitr\ In 'the concrete than ta the at- Iliad on the vessel'. bottom U baa be... tested on a lorpedi boot and aeera* aith revolutionary papers and inv. these bright pupils at : to tau.." as uiucb 'QJI/r+
L- I. rive mat with success. phlets.lariat I Q anent a* It the deck' were a .,Jlap
, -- ---- __ _
- - , __ --'-
_,9 HERE AND THERE. 1 In diameter, and the Umber" Is equal laDiuet I* 160 feet high and was erected In ..... piece ever found weighs elgbleva :ran tree 11 bkrh covers nearly < period on recordnamely- ,-6v*'
,'e*.een 19 beef oak. It .. designed lo imitate Ueiroee abr pounds valued at IIO.OOS, u u acres.. ".
Ion of *ter make stwyt I*,***, tern* are found to be more' er leas; oao I take the rat. the armadillo. I Increases' bey.U. now la the Herat museum In Uarlln. A glaae eye can rarely be worn ."I'.lIl1'ht" rnlle of Ute fW
4 of Steel pvn. '"e side. { with bane.e of human population.IMetal I ii estimated' eenUM InKncland Slate
that every; ta a form ol clay, and marble a than a year for the ,"rt.". \ .. .er* cut add twenty
k winch fselb ". It heid upright 1"be Brut London theater to be lighted'with order oars noel\ Issued In this full* &a srerage oj lorly-nve torn of chalk. Income. ruugheaed a.4 Irritate lakes.
b* wet. to be }>.r(!cily quI oa gas was the Lyceum, tn 100$ country ea Jan, 4. .1IIL About ....... teeth yearly, There are aUtjr.el.-bt tunnels oa the lids.In. mi.- '
I IU"t a.
.Airgander rau
1 aides, the *<..1\ aivldlng e. ctlyenur : tree groin principally la! ... wan ueed thai year The ehores) of the Baltlo are the canal of treat Britain.On ,tltl'Ixird' Bramploa ..n "" i i roll* In I mloute von el t-l<
b In fb r feather UM Tb trunk run to eight feet! Tn Scott at Bdlaburgd vorsf ,
| i moauBXkV principal pirce of amberv The one ot the flow Island I* a ban- .Olnalt' convicted" ol lift my to at Amsterdam.THE ,

a A, 1' -Mxh* ',' API; i'a Y. a++eA

-J .

S *


-- -

\ PURIFIES T I lion and marry to me?the Will man I.be who Inn I.,,paying. semi, .tten.bu*'.

ne.. this WIOtIT aa law -Will I ever b! Clyde Steams/lip/ ; j
S S. S wenlthy'. VlflOIMA: ,

THE BLOODAs You will not remain where, you are, arid T .
o o will tint n,arry the man you mention Yo '
will rollo* the name buelnene a* Jell wltvr 7IAifORIA ,./
every part of the body la dependent on the blood for nourishment .,but In another sphere of action. Yo ,

.; nd strength, It i is necessary that this vital fluid be kept free from germs mil neter be ,wealthy, you part wlnoney Ir
: too.eaalty. for curb a thing to be
Impurities and poisons. As long M remains tinconUminatcJ we are fortified !

ag intt disease and health is assured j but any humor or impurity acts IKMislble'o'": II '

Injuriously on the system and affects tho general health or culminates in K"'Dear For Infants and Childran.' ;

tome special blood disease. Pustular eruptions*, pimples) rashes and the Madam* :

different skin affections show that the blood is in a feverish and diseased I nm a female born In! Florida, No- 1

condition result of too much acid the of irritating ember 59 18S7 When will I be ma. Kind You Have ,
as a or presence some tied? Will I travel much0.. K." TIt: ,1

humor. Sores and Ulcers are the result of morbid: unhealthy) natter in the YoM will not marry until after November ,

p blood and Rheumatism: Catarrh Scrofula Contagious Blood Poison, etc, 110! ?. You ahould have taken up the _________ _
ire all deep-seated blood diseases that continue to grow worse as long as the opportunity that offered, the pant YearCh.neee , 0 "0 Always Bought

-. .Impurity or poison remains in the circulation. Some persons are born with to travel extensively will pre-
AVreetable freparationCor
p ID hereditary taint in the blood and we see the, effect manifested in various lent during- J 1907-08-- 'sflailngnithxdandReu1althgthesMmSdSaNlDoSvthc /

,; ways The skin has a pallid waxy appearance the eyes are weak, glandsin WILl HER HUSBAND ACCLMU- ( ( Bears theSignature c
the neck often enlarged and usually the body is act ally developed or LATE. '

strong because it has always been fed on weak, impure blood. In all blood Dear: ,Madam Hudxor: '

troubles S. S. S. has proved itself a perfect remedy. It goes down into the My husband ...... born In South CaroUna. NEW YORK CHARLESTON
?? circulation and removes all poisons, humors, waste or foreign matter and October 14 1868 Will he be uccra.... -'- anJ: FLORIDA] LINESThe

makes this stream of life pure aud health-sustaining. Nothing reaches fut In business and ,will we accumulate Promotes Digestion. heerfi .. .
much? SARA. -
I% inherited blood troubles like S. S. S.j it removes every particle of taint Your hunbund Immediate buslne ness and Contains neither Magnificent Steamships of This Line Are Appointed to Sa.i1a

purifies Snd, strengthens the weak, deteriorated blood, supplies it with the prOHpecta are fair. but let him look to Optum. forpliine nor}fu 'a1. of Frtt.. rjollows[ Calling Charleston. ] S. C, Both Ways

healthful properties it needs and establishes the foundation for good health. his reputation It la threatened. You' :NOTXARCOTICrarjjeSEAmtrS: rl ...
>r k HIT, CkarT.Tt. aVdVe'wllrla.
husband 'II accumulate.HE :. _ _ _TKAMK. .
Rheumatism, Catarrh Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers Skin Diseases, Contagious w never.. . -...- "

Blood Poison and!\ all blood diseases and disorders are cured permanently GOES WITH ANOTHER. Friday Saturdny. He,'. 15. at J::00 PW ...ARAPAHOE... VI'. n"dk-.:. Nov. SI. at 1*:00 am

,, y S. S. S. It is made entirely of rootA,'herb. and barks. and is the King Dear Madnm Hudson Tue.day.' Rev 14ev.: .1: M JJ::::: pm: ...HURON..P'clday. Nov. II, at 10:OH am
)tall blood purifiers/1: Book the blood and medical advice desired -'" Wedne. J? J pm COMANCHB.: Sunday Nov It. at 10:DO ami
on born In Florida April d.y. Nov
any Am a.female 1. 'Ji. :.saS: :Jl. at :00 pm ..1ROQUOIS. Mond V. tdsv' at 10 01
)ent free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, CA. 1887 Am dnperately In love with a mo Friday. Nov: JJ at iuS: ..APACHK, '. ::.w'ednesday. Nov. ll 1 at 10;: am ant' ,
but tie goe wlfh another; will\ I ever win th.&tdeApafecIRemeircrConctlpa In I Batllrd.y_ Noll' ll. IJI: pm '.ALUONQUIN. 'Frida). No" 10. at 10:00 am
I Nil love Doe he care for me'"CLOVBRDALE'VILLA. .." I ?"aaday. Noll' :00 pm ..'ARAPAIIOB. Snnday, Dee. 1. at 10 00
I am
mother ot a big family, end my life la M ." 11i edneaday, Nov. III. 150 -
;. pm .HURON. . .Monday boo. hAS
full of trouble that some I think tdoy, ldov.: : :: ; : :: aa
tlrrie You will\ not'11'In .the young man. love ho. 1.09 pitt .COMANC0I--.Wednesday. 3. S : 10:50am;:
that death would, be welcome JANE I this year Salurda. 0..,. 1. at boo: pm.Iltogtj'iTs... S'rhday, Ip. 1. at 100 am
Tou certainly hate hnd more than you e UseFor Tueaday. 10_ t. at I::00 Pm...APACIImo, .. .. Snndsy, 10.0. I. at 10101, a.m
fchare of trouble the pnat year, but wIth! l.EA.RNINGA;TRADE ; Wedneehey. D.a. e. al' :Oil ...At.OONQUIN Monda)'. 1)1'' I&.t tlOO: ani
the opening of WIT Kill come .better 41""" *. Friday Eie'o .1, at 8:05: ..pn..ARAPA100E.. Wednesday, I'm. blat 11.50 boo
. Your hiuhand will return, aa he hap before Dear woo Madam born May HudsonI 8. 1888 Alarytma: At non.Sour Stomach.Di&rrhocfl Salurd". 0..,. al'OO: pm..bttTRON. . . Friday If!(<. 10. at toOO: sin
but dlffrrenl and better Influrnrpjmill Worms.ConvulsionyFeverIah- 'l'ueodll. ,I10cllIatlQtpm.nCOOiANCHN.RnnJay: : I'eo lI.al toOO ant
I trying to t earns trade sill
LiiI oe lilm. and he nil percent am ; Over W.dae.da D.a. 11. at 3:05: pIfl..IROQU ..
operating upon I make ? Should change po.l. ness MIl Loss or SIBEP. MnhdllY, 1)1'0. ii. at 10:00 am
riot "BU. IOU ao much trouble In the Hon.? aucceu' I.. FAP R. Friday. 0.: 14, at 8:50: pm..APACH1I:. . ...'Vpdne.d....", 18cc. bOat to.o sin
future ?Facsimile ofxnw'vonK Saturday, Da. U. e1(5: pm..l.GONQUIN... I'rtdey Uoo. U.at 10:00 anTue''I \
e e Keep, on, trying and you will *ucceed. ) Sujnalurt \). Doc.lI.atlOdpm.iARAPAlloto..si.nduy: Iec.3.stlO00arq'1
It WilY SO MUCH SICKNE8ST though I fear you will be forced by ctrrumetancro 4j4g- ; Friday. Dee. U, .1.:00: PIII..rolIANCHI: ..Wednesday. lion U. .ltOoo am8ahlrd
flea' M'dam Hudion: to change poalttona. Thirty YearsCASTO ,. Dee. 12. at '.00 pot. .IOUR0V. ''.' Tlday, Deo. U..t 10:00 am
I was born In New York City. October Tueodny. .0U.. al 11:00: n.n..AI'ACI1I..... Sunday D"o. 35. at 10:00: ant
I PERFECTLY HAPPY. wednesday, D_ aS 3:5* . V...
26. ir*. WIll I rejoin:' ray health. ? Why II\\, : pl1l..IROQUOIIL. Monday' U. at 10:00: .m'
ao much elcknen li pant two yen.'s' WillI Dexr Madam: Priday. Iee..ZIatlOOlm.ARAPAttOit: :. Wednesday J.n., IaLbluitsnu
j1RDRMffi11HUDSON marry the man to whom .I cm now engaged .1 Was born In Alabama, .July' n! 18&i Saturd.y DOC. 09. at 1:00: pm ;AIA3ONQUI1f..Frida,. Jeo 4, at 10:00: .nn
(female)1 Was married April f, 1W6! : am '
M. Ot '3ack.onvIIl.1o Ne", Yorlt, dlr."L ,
perfectly happy; what ha* the future In RIA ,
no reason for your .h'lno l doTInc
store for me? 'R. I.
I rothlni evil In Immeillat
future.lventustly ece : your
peent pod Immediate will your health future;' you nhculd. receive 'a-pretieiit ofn.oneyi Prelgkt, 'Service SeIne'.. Jarkaeatllle, Boetoa and" Provideae* aid" all Easier"

a* conetltutlonally you you reeft-T are' afong with I mill take a Journey and youimneral C .....-...- aesesee aree- Polala, CaUlsia: at Ckarlealoa Botk Maya, "f
affair' will all progrea iHtlafac FREIGHT ONLrr \.
excellent recuperative powers. No op4iortunltte '
J j; I' tortl '. .
for marriage thla ) .
jenrMEJI. . .m loath Hide ..... Foal t'atberiaa .tt. .

: ;, "RI- MJ.RRIAOEAND. ..' THEY HAVE BROKEV OFF. ; lewu Mkarf, Boatoa.Wednesday .. ', IITIC: .!&R. ".........11I. ,

Dear M".I..nHu<1lOn: Dear Madam Hudmn Nov. .tt .. ...... .. ..IIKATAIIDIN .. .. ... .... "'...dll..d.. )', No" It"
I I am young lady: bo-i In Plorldo, I am a female born December 1. 1WS I. Friday Not. S3 .. ....... ... .. ,CHIPPEWA . ........ . Thuredoy Nov U.
ClRIRVOYAN.[ July 23, 1F88. Will I marry'tha ycor or Will I marry the one I love We have Child'SiPleated Dress., r ; ;? Friday. No\ tu .3\.f,. .. lOVONDAOA . e-.."i.- .. . F'ridsy, 1)00. I.
I / next? Shall t become rich litter rruir-' Broken up now. Dee be care for me; did ; thi. Saturday Dec. ( ,; . ... ... .. . !.ICHIFPK'W;; . ......." L4turday, U.... II
rinse? Hove I a male friend who I I. In- I ie ever lovo'me? YIOIJ&T Dark>lu .mAltnlr U"repre.e' '... In "How's your Cycle Saturday Deo. USaturda . .. .IONONDAOAfCIUPPEWA .. ... Saturday Den. II'
L terented In me at present I fear you v'lll not make up with thounir smart design which is made Over a fitted )', LIon S] : ; .:;::'1.::::: : : ::: ::t.:.i.: *ia'urday: oIJ
.condition will not Improve Inlnc ..
HERK'IHERint. < BROVm EYES ) man a* The closing U effected lintntbiy -- ------ 1 --.t
i a. time a.wrLL'SHE on.- .1 on ,the, left side .under the pleat'.nd the I II -- "VlS Drllnn'l..k ||Vln Charl !' ton.
( Tou Trill : bpforo Juno WOTl; will : .
marry kilt pleated skirt ll attached to the waist, I -- "- -- --- --- --
be com'ortabl)' .Hunted and the fortunate MARRY AGAIN a. belt of-the material or of leather being 1
bo who l Interected I IUdvmfll1 for ml to Largest CLYDE ST. JOHNS RIVER LINE. ;
; BL'OCK iW j man will tho one > Dear Madam Hudson' \ worn. The full bishop sleeve' la gathered .

: In you now. t woo born February. IKi.. Am.1 S Stoe.ilAatomoblle BK1MKUX: JACKSUNMLIU: AM: ) *A:>t'Oltl>. "

AN ANXIOUS DAUGHTER widow: hall t marry again Would It he $leppl g at Palatka. Aslor. Bereaford. (Del.and)* sad lateratedlatej.|....laga ii
'. svlah. t* raU atteatlra t* 'Ike Sad. well to 'marry alhle gentleman .th.I'" I Sundrlnt, .. Lu-' a. Joka It I.....
w taat, all ._..., MOST BEH LIMITED Dear Madam Hudion: with me, or toy alngle? I brkant:: Non tJuld: OilS Taretlutd.Llnanea -
4 ). 'w_. .'.. ward, .",.:..1.. ., Ute My father was born January 18. 1K3ll Will. SORROW I Oildoap, Cylinder) Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" and, "FRZD'K: DE BABY"! I
... there any change In hI. h>
.< klHk.Unit You wilt not marry In the Immediate OiL
r .all as.aina.. r.eIy.a saesedtag" '-1. h.[ be iruccmaful In the buolnss he baa foture. hut will evrntuaJly You will not' Ot. ftleit, h r A.e appointed to asII a. follows: Leave Jacksonville, dully except Saturday, at I II
) jla. answer a trill he nt t. ...- lint entered marry tie gentlcmvi, ! who t I. now paying Try W. jjiji, :JO p m. Returning leave saaford, dally exiept sundaya,, at I:io a. 01 .
tena wltk tk vale.1N8tWJCXONa. ANOTHER DAUGHTER, I ef l Goods' K/jHH/ . . __ _ _
attention to you
Your father win have a hard c time'of It e e I '"iXumpCfeli. 'lOI' Jn| '..1"'......, I' R_
FOB AJUUNO until after .till next birthday. Ho .....1.. WILL THEY.AIAVAY8 BE HAPPY / t Hkttl k fat Htrlt lte.ddsWi., .ICIfIC l'I.R. I l'4.ela baaa..:"

QUESTION. have to sIdes unuauallyrd: to teak. a 'Hudnnt ef/ sad Slit/? eave 'i:.0 pm ......... ...... a. .oav IIII ... ..... . . .. IiTIve-J tl.e.ve
GIve year,' month day ot montu anaplaoa .u,ceo.: of his new buelneaa. hour I Madam born In Ctieeterfleld county Jun. :45 I'm ......... .. . .... palotka .. ....... . ...... Leave I:00 pmt

,,, to b* auujt of birth la thli and da.Ua MX. It aa k tu* *Important.truth oftk EXPECTS MONEY,-BOMB 711M. !!3d:wa I am S year old. but husband really I and don}I :::: 1 1)9 am :t'B::::::; ::: ,;:'e, ro Aatom. tDrb..sod... .))' ..':...'.;:::,: ::::.Leave Leave 1:10 tno:;: ]bm>nil<

answer depend upon It. know the year. Will my Jno..A..Cqnningham.M..onlo Arrive 1:(0 .::..... SAnford .. .;.. .. .-.. ..., Uea\* tlOalnl:
Ask only question' relating tolyounaU. Pear 1 am Matfd-n a female HLdeoni. born, February S, 1843 In alway live happily togther U. JAm Arrlv' 10:00: .. . . Enterpriae ,.. .. . .. . .. ...|.Leave 10:00 aie.I
the afrrld icTioallng" wae neglected
,Writ plainly b* brief ana to point, your
alolU l oommunJcaUoui by a number. Initial Eicytand.Itt I live In Jnckwnvllle all or you did not attend, the arithmetic claa f Tinpl raaaeacet and Tleket Oflloe, US We.t Bay itre.t ..........W.. ,"',
ur a nan. my II f. or go North I expoct rioneyeonio with regularity, If. knowing you are 1 15! '
I A4dreu kll letter to Th Metropolis time Will I receive lit E: H ear* old you cannot figure the year of : : : '
; trM.IRONMQNOER. ,JR,: A. O .. A. tit Weat. .Bay Street Jtokeonvllle, rta.W. .
ear. of Madam Hudsou.Answers You ,reed not live In Jacksonville much I>Irth, You were born June 23 URL You O COOPGR' JR., rrtlght: Agent '. 0. P. LOVKLL. guperlntendent I
: HICKS' \
to quesuon will be publl._ loner. wIthout. ,01i.wish to a* money "lll not continue to live happily with Foot of Hogan Street.' faokaonvllla.: Fla. .
daily. Any communication not ".iiwtl4. ,..TllUccme to you before your next birthday your huaband but It will be your'l.ult. i\ 0 .
U will; be u..r.tood&I the 'ii<*ry I. . A long. journey offer during 1IK)7) rot hi.. Another, II.* .flntel'ed your life : CAJNEIAhONACH8 A. C HAO. RTY..O., .m., P, A., New..Tork, CLTDK MILNE:, a J\ A- New,Tori |
St tuch a character that aa anew*' U linIKMdbla '"'- and you are tempted;-,bewarcle ,. tUBO. O. laGER, V. P. *. O. ... ,

I TUB YEAR 1907.3rar , iI: General Offlcea, Tier .t. North River Br.aol1..0 BroaJwty Hew Tar"THE .

1 U ui.ao.wer. tozOul"; 4ueatlond oo Madum, Hud8 n: SUGGESTIONS ojad. --- ...' ,-
1 I am a 'I\'ldow.r. born In Columbia, }i-ar Madam Hudson! ,
> tbl LOlunw
plea B Immediauly.hav* 1>&&I"ao.a..ps1I., Tt. anw 'r will Fla. September 14, 1871. Will I be DUOceeeful I wa born In Hawklnivllle; ,,:. No- NEW TRAVELERS' KOTEX'U. ;.
In :ate! new business "cmbpr 6. 11183 mule). Am I leaking n .
contemp '
avpoor) la due com U: an < aswer U my Trial hide He AlanftfcreiFRANK Mr. HAlfCOCK Pr* rk. .ef Jaekeeavllle, rla ,.
1\ isoi? Can I hop for a accord mar. UCCPS. of the buatnem I am new In? ,:
pcaslul rIses? HOPEFUL.. What euggcetlor would TOU make The hotel baa been newly decorated remodeled and refurnlahed. ConJ

ft that Udair caunot Hudiin Bo "aaaweiwl receive because mcry querle Ill.1I Your buclnesa venture will' bo a *uoceea - ENERGETIC. 0. MILLER & cC: Ttnlent and noseS dealrabl coons. la the city. Excellent table and r..oaallla'

*;:. ot tb. wetter to Bl>* biaS part aa' you, are aurroumled by Mbra- You will make a auocai of your buslneaa 111'A, prettily shaped cuff' ,.and a narrowturnOver rate .
ot O\o.I iBformatloa a. let torCh In In. lon* that will aid you III everythIng but I mtteiit you guard carefully collar glvaji a dainty fInish tohe 41* Weal Bay street.Seying .
truotlon for Que.CJon against bring cheated and awlndled and .. Oiihmere ,'serge'?chain and.
do ;
'To com communication an nswr I* you 4 positIvely have nothing to do with. ,any. any ; the p11db 'r'cIiocka,thiit are how ZZZ: :%;, WINDSOR HOTELI

Imnrialbli la lb... eolumna Marriage I I. for jou. 1C yoJ e.lre.n&L'J'JI. thing that savors "" .
.. ';.... do not .4k /oollih autlon or AND CHANGES. e e e ate all.suitable to'the dorpiolment. The I Machines :E::E: .
.. relating to mi-tier you know Dear Madam.. SUCCESS Hudaon: WATCHED ON THE; STREET. medium }Ue will reqitie.four!' \ jarde of ('RANK T. CDJ.LKN1' :: Ow.er cad .......1...
86-lncU malarial "
I .
C'bo'n. lb. JIlT.Central
Iaalc.m Hudaini lime and tt. space 1 am .It nmlo, married and wee born Dear Madam Hudson Child* ple ,:tod drc... .No. : 5636: Slice for Jacksonville's and Best Year-Round Hotel ]
in ,..!* paper *,. both too valoab U Marei :n, 1*& Pleoa tell m/:' .future aio I am a female born March 35, If5< In t. 6. 4, 7, S and S yeuri, l and Florida's Largest ,
l health, |ucc M and cisanSel.w.. Florida. Why um I watched on the st09etmd
consider r'u.k: auerlaa. Hotel BY TB B MONTH OR HBAION..
C. C. C. elsenhrr. .o closely by tbe oppoalteex The above pattern will be tent by'man.

"HE: HAS AII.MSNT. I sri nothing .erlou< a* regiirde healthhough ? Will I marry? Have I met my Tiua-' p051mg. paid en receipt of 10 centa. altO
fhrre may be allsht alLknea; .and.ferbc? "TOMML'Your he number of the pattain the .1,. wanted Charlotte It. ... Aimatlno.Rate .
Par Md.ftnIudeoru but jpnaral bud nauscoucrus wilt flret question wa prompted by the and your name and address. by THU *:' It.00 .and up; apeclil. ratal to .. .RATBi...
I am a wldrn, LoIn In Bt Johns county ) BATTERN DEPART I famllle*-and by the week) hot and cold
be pou sid change you make unud. atural ilmllowneM, ot your nature combined METROPOLIS ARAGON HOTEL
Floildu. Ua, 1, hevo ullnitiit. '
October 11I1. o on -
itUh. a.uperabundanc ot conceIt KENT. batha; three minute walk to all i $L50to$4PrDay.AmerIcaP1aaJACOCSONYILI.S.
Cull you te I me whnt It I.? \\ tint 1'I.d. !ned approuatlveneaa. Vl.lt a phrenologist Sand'II cent' when I* In store for mo? kARZEE. abUt and B HERNANDEZ.
Illrtl FUTURE end hnve' a chart of your hud made. oa. patttrn. for Instance a H. M. OfCKAL PrepHeter.DUVAL
Your oinatltJtlon I I. n"turallyllrOnlr.", und me If'approbatlvenev I I. not abnor- .1., pattern In one picture and be auie -- FLA.;
li.il you have' : a .eoullur ullment affcct- Pear Mudum Huileon: In tally: dsvelovod. You thould cultivate and write name and addreu plainly. and
Inc your >gen..railve orgnn. Kino; Indl- I was burn December U 1U7 tenlale.lnd W.yn.bdunty. .elt-.o.tm." and learn to, be consistent the Dumber of the, pa.'.m.. lIlt tbe tlM. FRESH "JACKIOHTIU FLA. '
rettly hart lioftrt and bl.uldor. Ther. North Carolina. I am a and conHdent You will marry three Moat centrally located Complete I III
are no .event of a very niuiked or Inter- will you please teU "lmt the OUt. Ilm.a. but have rot yet mot Mia man Drolks Frera Apa-eaAlrllla OYSTERS HOTEL modern a pnalntetntag"Superb J
KimYou u\lIter
: :
Mllng net. ur. In your life In tho bear fuur ,- 807 haa for me? who will make you happy and contented Decrease in the same ratio:that th* use =: ouialn lh* yalround. .
.. will"probably marry m W7 You e e of Dr,Xing'* New Life,PHI. Increase .
nil! trairl and all affalie ot lit. slit be LITTLE GIRL. dlLa..r'ano1"' bring .
HER. They aave you from kipped Opea aad 'U "AUCIS JJENBOLT. tl\\'or.blo. Dear :Mndam Hudnn* quick anil, palnlea release from constipation Centrally located. American pia

I ttriir Mallunl meR&!.. Wy lit lie girt was born Friday Fcb- and the hid growing out or ItBtnength .. ,A\VADOR,. ........1.;.. P1.. WESTMOOE/aND! HOTEL II and ttIO per day Five mil uta
My biotlitr v.loa born September IS, 1091 U 1118 rusTy 24 ISiS Lake W
in Klurld. W hat kind of a Ufa "lll\ hekrtl Dear Muilnm JlU" oI.I ell me her talent and which one to giveS .. us*. Guaranteed.' by all druggists. . -I alas; A. ... WAI.KBH ...*.....*r, cara pass the door. WeeNayp, !,
?' What biiHlnnim should he fullcw? I sac bmn 'In North Cnrnllna June t. epeclnl itudy U 111 .hi alway live Innckronvllle Ho. Try them. .........w., ": Cidar (treat*. '
AUCK BKNDOLT"Your 1004. (Male N\hat has the future form ? ANXIOUS MOTHER. 0

brother will bo a thinker and rensr ? What kind, at n girl, will 1 marryf Educate your daughter; a. a trained The Fr 'nch employ,,,,' lIahli". 'sri r..- UNDER[ EW .MANAGEMENT[ { -
JONAH. live In Jack- eently adopted:" la baaed uroO"-an' oqutlIvlnlon I'' II E Forytb St. next to City Hall. N.
.;ivi.>: Kill.. develop Irduatry and a goiidmentiy un.he: whit not alwayi |
wml can make hll n.elf a very From, now, to next May >your future Ion vUl.. IlClw..n employer. ""d..ml'lo'l.11 WINDLE I and nodern In' all appointment beat'l
UrnS ul menilxr of smlrtyfur Till be full of opposition alirt flosnotaliroubtea. e e eUK tf .the pecuniary' eoniwqiienwe or *)HJrcldent Formerly NICK AREND HOTEL II CO day American Planlouie in Jaclllle .,

a business. ho aliot,Id auoclutehiKIIIIf : : After that I monlh much better Ifl ENOAOHD.3c ._., \ European!: plan on. pereon, 7e4 to'
.. dirertltinp.: '.......:. and Fll..ea..r Beet per day Clean, cool, airy room Sped
kith printing ur berk ..st.b purer.* 111 nil :Mm*. Hudaon "' .er BIMITB Pr.*.et.I...
il, linrnts, or In wuik of a idmllnr rhar- You aliould rauiry, a girl of aoniwttnty..ur Ion,' a male born In North Georgia Alma,. Was *lrk .a D.......... C. weekly'.unsmer rate. Free bu. front trot,
ftlvr lie would ..1.0nat.. u good t0outreader o"n nature Take a liitro-pecth Mar n in. I am In 10v<;'el.o engaged When a. "' .D..a)'. hey alwayi wuIck Pam aa ..-......... ficeraIii.
,'h'w. nnd >un will know the girl' when Mil 1 miry and be happy afterwards? . -troubled with e rough that bated WUn. nklKklea |traa.lre.AioicJianla .!
ou lee her: to win you happIness, her CHARLES"You all winter_"'but would you think I If Lunutt tram U I
AM TRAVEL. shoalS full between May ill:! h. ahould any he never was sIck alnte The EVERETT HOTE
HEALTH .lrllid.it
> sIll marry. but tiapplnese after rehound Such .'cl "k noon to I' ..1.... fipeolajMeal .
Dear Mme. llunsoni sod June JM of any year ,n.rrLqra.wlII depend largely on how well using Bullard.. Syrup Order.at aU hour .
I "'m a fomali, burn grptmibcr W IMA you control your .'...lIe... dl...tlMId and a man eil>tMr Bowling Alleys Pool Kto: '.
J. C'Vlark. Denver. Cob wrlteaFor
1-K3TION3 :
In 'r,8.c'sses., Health bidMiat, are A FEW than eabl. nature. BaiebaJl Matlre when lean I. JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
tie iiraopecl Cur the futurelll Ivwr Dear Madam lluilxoni I e e eUK '"" cou.h'years I'that waa would troubled sat with all a .ut of town. mtrally |M ate" Tkerwaafcly repaired. *.d i.a..a,... Kewty. feral.
sod ere
b* strong: acrln? Will I travel? Kindly an.wrr a few qiieetloii HAS hUT ONE FAULT, wlnl.r'j .1.. Go l. IIAIOIS ia5aaaru
MAItariUTB. i huge... 1 am \ femalo. .tutu In Vlrt'Inln. This: cough,l't too In a con'dlttun. I JOE GILLET, Mlna er.r g.e.asaa
re.mtn, where 1 am p:.,"r "ladam' Hudson: I I tried Ballard HomeboundSyrup
Tour heilth wIll. Imp-co during: UOI Muy "?. I tOll, Hill J lama femula born In Raleigh N. C., and have not had a. sick" day I THE SOUTHERN FUEL and SUPPLY CO:

theure, vviy alrong protmtlllllr of October T. W! The man I love haa but nee. ThaLa what It did (or'me.. Bold _FOR ,

travel I for Ito entire-coming, year I IINTltIHI1TJll Do Not Dose the Stomach on be.happy fault> :If we we are marry. engaged? I export and will to w go* Ill! Thoma Clarke. -' auntie I i.f. 20 YEARS ,. Coal and Building Mat rI81. p

: ) IN HER JltflBANUII away on, silt 1 return NKLLIE. .iHneflta w 're paid to.the I1lI1uunt, I We Have Iteea 4alkraHle, Blark.si.ilk sad ..... Deal, AMae. pa rtl.a4 Oemeal, AaKII RaUall

Bl'OCEBS. "an ('.1..?.. ky ...... klar My..el.. You certainly ahould .b* hippy If your or $113,043.15 and Ceath lanelta of f .SKy 0 ..&Jttl"A ..JMU.I: plaster, ptaater P..l", Hair, lire art'.. aad Clay, l,..ft *m A. MaMliPelBl. .
'' and b the Irrternntlunal >>rUillon, of Ma- .,.... ..
Dear Mndnm Hiidenn* Intended" baa but 'on fault you ': rwl llegaa rfMkecaitKING'S ,
Oaaraalre ,
1'w.. born In riorlda. F.hr lary tl. 1ST. ..14 I'sdcr love him .* you should It will tak a ilnlata In the pioa l 0 tl l yvur MONUMENTS .. .
Doe my hurbind love ma and .will.w. The 'only ailentino\ and common slice nod bll of money to keep. you -content- 'I iIIU. -
1rl<'h' Uy hu.l>and la atui.;rlna| .rIr.C. *. way. to treat catarrh of 51.. nose antS l .... lUuuali Cl you will demand luxurttridalntr CHEAP HE1TII 1> OOQD. <-LEAK, DKIHABLIO " .KAT" POtLYR
plln VII he sort ,at Itt throat la by! a local application. that food art'1 expenelv*' flnerr. You f I DIM MAW LOCATION. i : HEADSTONES. MARKET
HUU13! In 1'S.' will kill Hi* ratarrhnl .....",.. sill take. your journey and, will' return 'HRKB .!... 4-rom calls... !. ... ..... oJ."
My nueband was born .InyI. tm. I Ordinary .tommjli, do'lng la wore but! remain but a abort time. .. .r... .a *o.* bard ...., !*. ; VtMOIHIAI.8: ANO ltlGYAtt. ,
Your huaband la true In lila aftwtloneI Ilian unl.... Taking medklne Into the tllra mm mint will real. very I : \\t\ tU.tCW'C. l'IIOIUII II" $01 aniuim
fear you will never be rich In lbs m..d.1 llonmch to cure catarrh, of tie head For Surety Bonds of all forms, Ka. *>aakle .. r'vliabls' wklt I..t..1 ., 5 MIRTABI) ytMt .1I1'ITa.
ceo SCt'O'5ltlltiCi the term .ran have no gvwd effrrt. and often to Junes A Faxon, Phone Ala. aten. ....... wllk lirlag .._.. VaSRSL JacuUtWt.,
Tour huaunnd would make a lucceaaful: If.... to lertou derangement of the !iDply ease Invites, rkra* !. posoy aba i r
SlId caperS lelrgraph' operator.. dlgeetlve organ. R74. will carry ...u clerk >..a.. AdHrraaUMAWkR
By breathing lI"om.1111'$ .. or four : M, .Hy.Durlnc ",
t.irough the .neat pocket \ -- .---- I
TUB PAT OF BIRTH. ifFeer llmr. dally '
Inhaler that oontea with every ouint l ISO rniy-thm new or. rlau. OPEN
Madam Hudeanl ... Unilond: rejiatered
lie medicated. healing air | neiratelo lion. In : under the
I sea bnrn In thla city Bcptfnbor; 11J the maet remote part "t the no.. rade union act and. _i.itj three ol..a"-I
*W\ Can you te s m* the d.rt What and lunga. eearclie' out and 1..lIon. d'.I'.... eor "ad r..I.lr

vr. my 1.10"1'1 I. !. ,D, I "throat III." alI calarrhal irerma and aoothee ceJ: JrJ,

Vu\i "..-. Ix-rn on Ralvrday. You Slid heat any Irritation la li. mucoua and Nov Tat
In,\e g.,i>d owumenlul, tne'lurta aid membrane, \ Stop at; Mac'a for Choice Wine Shooting quail turkey begins ,

el merit "f llyomel a* a cure for raUrrn J.- C
PhWItTJU: tiER KVBIUNDDe I I. shown by lu* guaraatjr. he Busch Beer on draught. Oysters display' the most complete! line of hunting Cloth.
.r hIsdasolludsan, with every llyomel ouldt. that Eat Puaeril Direct anaai
lire* & 'tyl. 108 1 Bay itre t ,
I ... born III low. January JJ. 1AT MytuolMl.d lb. money wIlt be refunded UsIo.e the '- F.inbPA.er ing; Guns Ammunition, etc, ever thowu in th!$ |
descrIed KM imwilm I aatlefactloit ; :
By 10. treatment gltea Th nMnafouienl uf the Chtcata and
l:a>'e bad IrouUla all. my life thirty yvara A compute llrom'l ouiat, oonalallng onhweMrrn liaf itnni.d tta>' I bwn married to him be drluka t<* or a peikei inhaler a bottle of Hyvmel' raph oporetore it that .r.i.m an In-' ...tll,
I rM. will ke vr rvlumt I .'0\ Stir tad a medicine 4POI'''*''. ....1.. but al.1 cceauei4 fe pr im nth, III art... .'rrp", .........."1.. P1. , I'\ '
Sal,". bottleS of Jiron'." If needed., a* -- i'

enta.. Your drugglel give kl. r.r- UNION BAVINQS BANK :;OlAtulit 10ltlP1rIlG. LIfTER &' BRYAN

DR. M. SOUWELLEForaierly M>na| guarantee la refund ike _., Oraet hh..o'u4 Pxeyik. ate. The S. B. Hubbard Company|

ef Ik. Uondea and ParllI II llyomel doe nut relieve .. thai yeu Kkea w. ache mea asS wonea coailder I WHh irUndxl f.oetltthr'O. 'a full nomplamrnt an....... 'rod IbMkaJreaaijM
llaapliala run no 0isat< all In buying: ibl. retable > Ik at .klll d labor.end a brie eeaortmenl w.ksoai ,
pleea..* ef the Throat Heart ... remedy, natter of ja\lag w* feel of Mark. *. an pref'aro4 to do lout. BHIUOB 'T, .
kt w* un fulBlled tie highest I
. 32 44 West Street.i5jg1'
will refund t'-' per.1ses prwirptlf aid at >rtee. faeeuaeaTlUe, rla.llieia to Bay
u Ida,
1.unit, ale. Pl......* or Ik. HlooJ .sad C C Belle money at a kavlaga SisaL 1ft* It... fkrlntliil | ton.elsient
Kvemel Uilaitore ever WIll bilta-arteal serb. ."er* receive preaia. _
Kiivoue rettm a Dpeolalty.O inyoa Burekaalag 1.01 .....iu>ra V II\ ** -
III We.. Ae.ea. ..*.... la Iu'or4ao 'VUk Ik akoVa, i iND"rRJ4w IIpoRD CO. tone. .. 0d POse. 1eJa. I
Cac Uaui tr a I a, aa. .. I p. a*. should. H aet pIV* eallafaetlea. '1 to ata-rs. City Depositor/ Bay and )I...... .. __ PAT ADNtldIrI.


t ,
, : (
*)) ; ':j ::, 'rp44ir' 'i .1 'r-,1 .'t. ?"Vi:8 .

wuvJS' W.C'Y *. r s.glJ j.S 'ap'p, 'r... 'rt c' f

6 p i YA eA /."$ ,("r'r


e --
--- -

Main street A. M. E. Church VCIwlo
Main street A. M. K:: Minion and the Florida East Coast Railway.
barbecue were lartely attended yeate. WOMEN .
day afternoon. The, Masonlo. ccremontr
FREE were conducted by Cone of Solomon "UIIII CARD WOO eP, w ktr: FBCT: tcmmmcH i*. ,....
Lodsre No. lIt" D. D. Powell worshlpfma ,
Who sutrlnr with, Noreen.p LINE RAILWAY
/ ..tr. A large number of 11...... from are I ,. t 11 (A.V MATEO 1I..NC'i.fIo.1'naI' .
Other lodge wore premnU Music w. trata nad Rxhaeielleo, Stet Head. 'ltAM LINy 'iDaI1r! I DMl1. te'n7inalrl b.: ,' :"
fjrnlehed by the Enterprise Cornet .f a*., r e t 1LenMll,.. ". r linen" I era --- I bt I 0 rot
""' 11.I.v.. /Ps > *V4\ ve |IL.... Pont!: pKMIka. ..fcrl I Stal .fvlopj I DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE FROM JACKSONVILLE
Band.Tho. male ''''''.Il+: J I':1: :: / 4_!11.... MM ,.... ;I". .Aj ISNJHH .<.. .
poor In many part of the city : NAIL l0MItt.' ScM Ar.b .IL.. i tun I''pa Ill| tltmrft ltd e1rW/5 _
A POSTAL were abundantly remembered with goodhlnta imee.r. .' t Cpf f :.. eRweae ....L.l B ..... 1 vr; .." 1 vv IA?.. au Yom

to eat ypaterday from the dinner ;I I .rest. .t. ''ced Kid.e :tn/: iI' 1M''It.i kn.Iiartar
that word served at ML Z'on Church. Ct Bladder It ? '*%' ., ..'l'\teao1n.t1.1! OM t n. I r 1 ta.llWp.li.fBkftarE' 9'OA; 1*, M.. **rnandloa. Brunswick. Savannah, Columbia Richmond VII. v.nft I.UU P' II*'
wett.A..t.lrve 51e4 B t'oa mlngton. Raleigh. Norfolk, Petersburg!
Paul Chfreh Bethel Church )It" elate J "-nail.! I II
wa.a .and I l i >tvv,. VI ri '*.: ..:tfl e Mil: R.M't1enBal" / >:.. Washington. Baltimore Philadelphia, New York and
: : ;
Church Central Baptist Chore' 0..".. ..... Nal t : .. w'Jpehe1r ,; eel, 5 .
. FROMYOU Day Bprfrur Church, Bt. John' Baptls blee, Lancerraaea I _'M InnIA.\\ ..; Mhad g.3fl ? wet \ 444plll 4 .M|.<1.lltelLv.x.''L W.... Lak."*Rmrrwrll.t. vlI :.:\ ;:'f eastern Washington polnta Pullman Solid tra.ns Drawing between Room Jacksonville Buffet: siefntr end

.Church and Control'C. X. K. Church . '. . .: V" / ri>ltl l ILv:, Or***:"tj.::.p-nj :lee between. Tampa Jacksonville and New Tork. Cafe
ttephi U- Pe( aN
*>% <> i
Ah entertainment. w01 l>e liven at the and otherSpecial _r Dining; Car service.

'And We Will Send Free to Prove home street,of Brooklyn Mr. "Dan on Philip nest.2fonday.nlh No 1O Price Chronic and Die'race. *1iMw ,t: fe.etatton r'..,,B to It tabs wm en afn ftIntermediate \lMCw1l TITURILI a !RANGE -M'11' 7:50: P. U. '" ln"I :.I"I'I Bavannah. Columbia, Wlln.ct"""' "I. Uminrton. ".

la aaslBt the pastor of Bi. Jpnea A. M. ., shouldconsult anIlan : Norfolk Rlohmend
That it Is the Most Effective off h"' IoI. Washing-ton. ; New Teitt and
B. Church !In his .raparationa for thconference. .us.Over JIIIII'IIIIL. Baltimore. Philadelphia
"'" ""' ,L...... T1'u"lI. .....t..1t:1\ :: : :: all point between Jack.oivm .
Ail attend east north. Solid trains
twentyyears' and
External for Rheuitiatlc are .I 'ited to ,' )lTr'etne'fl eel tw, rmM/iM eelS Sweet (.qnl ItilAe..., -- M....
Care '
n.'Choral Society if Cookman Instl. e.> Parlor. rer!. Tram. pnpeye. oeaehe.eeI -t: and Washington.. with Pullman Buffet Blp
lute will their annual musical IEbeneier !. parlenea hlht prw' '1 !Trl.oevma ere between Jacksonville and New york. c
Pains and Aches a Large give wp igeor* between r..""".. trCIIrUTSAI' aulfCll ;
),I. B. Church to-nlsht. All faiilte blares .... M- R. p u tatlonflrmly and 111..i. iArINPv U WllJ- 1 Le burg. Plant K>)fl B U.city.
elaborate and xuirefuliy prepared 'pro' l hhmllkm.atttsl esteb11pAe'J :.: :..''' ... Mia"" ... ... ... = 10:00: A.tBAVA . Tampa and: Mantes river points.; Soolid train "' ." .

-BOTTLE OFAAD.S train will be reftaerM. under the direction I..IIIL'... ... II. LMr M .....u.......... xee..ta.P .' ..... between Jacksonville: and Tampa Buffet Parlor Can i
Lt Straight, ]eat -
Prof. Grant.11
Arthur ere .
It, Imi rtlmate, A h'De1t.Ait.lryi\ t en rUkTKA BRAWC8. P.nrl\: r .rr.ub.lty .. between Jacksonville and Tampa.IB'fin
Invited to attend Ticket ef admlselo : .. -uet .
.... ....
will coot II cents each. practice No / iw r.'.:":.. wM < b.iii i 444 g P U Oeala, lburr Orlando, Tampa and Manatee river T.nn I y
j j
Dr. J. A. Baker spent Thinketlvln take methods h =1 : ::1 p =In\: \ < r.\t'w.l:1\ :::::: 1 Pe>;atka i ::: I StolU, -\) Day In Banford where b* went on a CONSULTATION and EXAMI n. A 'InU\ 11,. > s ahtee ........t., 1 "M t >V !!> villa and TampaTatlahaenel. .
NATION Is FREE. Men'a Diseases Bun I 8ua I |r. MAYFOAT UKANCU.:
hunt with Dr. George )I. Brewer, fccousin. el -
also treated and cured. Many cases JylMivlDany *K't. hriylw4opu ; River Junction. Pnaeola" Mobile New
IK I U T KING GF PAIN curable by our home treatment plan.If .I n M I i S.UJ A. Orleans and all points; west Pullman Buffet Sleepers ''*u >
The Comanche Club will gclv one of you can't call .write for examination r CIO> lln 'IMI / ere .r............... J.akae.'ll. .. ........Ae ... --... between Jacksonville and .New. Orleans
I. the best dance of the eaon In Odd blank and Interesting liter : 11II"1" 111oo'' lie eta\ .r............ eaalA Jirkw.nNlh" :........Ae// llaft." I... ....... I

Fellows' Temple: on next Monday itilgh ature. Call If possible as personal t aPhd; ::1 :Yp : :::''t;:::::::::::::: Alhnrta' 'Mork";: :: :A.r : =: : . ::::::: J-flfl U Lake City< Montloello.I Tallahassee.: Peneaeela. Pull' tit.tit is
LiNiMEN1JCoiiMent The ExceUlor. Orchestra will furnish the examination le always advised. DR.. | Ma f lorMls -1"r..J..,, r rtr......'.".'.".7''lVrl 1 W IH w M r iTbMe > ... .. e.UU r. Ht man Buffet Sleepers between Jacksonville and PeasaIV..3U. ft. at,
nuslo and the price of a4mla lcm will bK < HATHAWAY CO.. Suite 5tT National time tablM show the Umi at'wklga nTns to ezpMUt M arrtn aNyen cols. p '
oanta Anderson and Jamison, com Bank Building, Bavannah. Qa.laTtWUnillT. froy the s.r.rei euulow eat tbiantvel er (..sitSi s* hr "'BIIIt-:* 'I* Bst Baru.
mlttee.Those. nor *OM ta* t* ry bold 4tt4I r. pita tes at* aay aiiar *r "saeeiiiiisI erwy OalnnvIlU Archer .wiUlcton. '
,, thai It wffl do for'Ton: who,witnessed the turkey and .I.,Connection, midi at.Miami with P. O. 8. B. 'Co. ateamers, sailing cn 2:40: P. u. BIMeeWd\ ,.. Xarly..i.aa. : A.; U,

what. it baa don for other, and that jooee rhae at Lincoln Park yesterday I Wtdnesday.. and Saturdays for Key West and Havana at 11:10 P. m. o
to taw It II I to praise It, u doe the had lot. of fun. I ORLANDO NOTES.Orlando 1'e NrMi pari.v r' tee eM eln.idp r.eerne1e.a appir M an noose tl 5:40: P. N. Fern.ad III&. .- 15:45: A ,,1.
"1'Wt the following grateful letter:- Mr,. and Mr*. Bond ef the Vondom I U* SODIIHUT. or telV bSirra, CMrTloka< Ant. Bl w. Sey .u. t. laoksoavai/ n. ;

muscular rbeumatimn I *trf- cafe, are making a tin. reputation a. rsrvatlonv
achedule and Car
fend to the extent that even to control caterer for special parties.All FUNov..JO.-Theose who at. For- attest Bleeping Phone ft*. atClty'Tioket: ,, 'OMoaTWest .
the pen held in my right band waaimpoealble are Invited" to Mt. Olive Primitive tended the Btate "Fair at Tampa from 181
Atlantic .. C. BOTMTO1; Jit, Aa.lrel Gevepea M5eag.r Aateat. ,LTkaee.eu.; pls..
at time. On one ouch day Baptist Churoh tonight to .!leer t>r. this city wore Mlu Maggie ),I. Peterson Coast Line.CtTBDVLB

|,I-first I used Minard'a Liniment.,, No, Martin and Roy 0.' B. Moors two dl*- Mrs Sammie Savace, lire. Chain
IndoiMmen could come from a worse tlna-Jlshod ministers of that. faith who WIlllamB, Mrs. Mottle Shingle Dr. J: R

offerer or more grateful heart than are on a visit to Florida.Mr. : Riven, H.v. J..Grant and daughter and KFFBCTITB1 NOVEMBER IB, 14)*.' Southern

y niin*. Q. W.'DVyi, Cambridge, Mae" : Q. W. Pressley, partner In the A.' M, Uawklnsi They all enjoyed the NOTICE=These arrivals, and t'departures, as well as connections with other Railway1

f ::Clear.Wo. and too Atdmftwt lumber manufacturing business With trip, eompHMlftf aceglvtn,a. Information, but arrival and connection ar* not guar
le Mr. J. H. Blodft-ett. received an injury A. W. Dowd.ll visited Jacksonvlll anteed. rcNo d"N.
Thor free ante IH...."""' ..11'.1.111I-: i \ talcum Amii. i*, laea. .
as In one of hi..ankloa. not long alnoa. uU this rick on business.Mr. r
Wet,,'r.Co.4o. ........10._.MesaAmong he I* now In the Brwtr Hoepltal for .' Moses.Grooms, Jr.. l."bolns eon.pilment.d u Ne, o.u orth'ana tNo W Nor a.I e. Piper joie L-prleetng sob.Ue dew* yuMUfcX sly u iefa.et.e art an CM sweats.
dt hhoirni 1 P I IOp I ., a v11 e ? rip eu v.. .rile i
special treatment.Mr. on the neat appearance*' 11.111,I / iiV ..,. Ar.. K' ..Lre. 1 wl a np U Sa Mon W .,. Le Irtill. Two V 1a1huN ITJMLv uL r o, a .. i A'6'i F-t ..Y ,
.' Osorts"A.-JcVson'wtU'leav: : for *after-h&rhte It repainted. I aP it w Ar..,,, J.op ..,..L. 1 rasp w p 1 er..... Time .....t w4W Jutuonvlllea T W>
Bt. Aufustlne to-morrow to resume h. There was recently born to Mr. and / Its U MD Ar., &.atn.h ..Le. 1 sue lop M. M., ., ne .....hoNUlop Jaw. : : M IW L w t1 se : ,eM kI N :.w
MrN: Green a baby' girl. It sna toe Its Ar. Charlatn .Le. Me Ca .,... ...., Aleau '...Le. 0Sp Rwmr\ ..la Rr re U hta M a r// '" as line ,
then post In one of the popular hotel In c..tell t up ,,.,.. Ia. Ar., Rlrkeoal ,yv 1 5.1 lip...,.. IIMA,., Cbatwnooea..Lr Np let* Ar
for the w'nter. H* own. nom good mother ax* doingwell. II I5. ..... w Art. Wakloton .L. d us. I a, .,.... 1 Spice.,,. Na.hrllla I wl 4 '\
property In Bt. Auguitlne, a. well a. At a recent election In Prudence Ledge, er.. ,.,. .. ]runner.L.. a Ss. 11 ...,.. 1 rp e,.,, Aae..llr ....I; wC OmMbore ,.. ..M R. G W Qp Ar
No. M r. .* A. UM the following officers w ...,i, Tip Ar Phlladelphla Le U 1 ule. .,,.., / u., Chla.e ,. .Lv 0 Wp *r l
here la Jacksonville.AuIn. were elected: J. A. Colyer W. M.; D. 1 w .,,.,,. 1 wp M., ew Tri k .,Le. 1 Up / na .. ,. T Ma we..,.. K Louse ..,.Lr / 05 AT .E.

yavrbetter known as "Billy" J, 1>. \*. 8. XV..l) H. Israel, J. W..I W Via a 1 t R. No liNodi Ne.N VIA IAxPORD flOe M No. No.rKY. Ar
n GOLORED PEOPLE Murray, I. eerlouldy ill at No. 124 Eat J. Uaxey, secretary) D Thomas, treosuror. / t Sp a v. W. lie Ar : : t /ep ? ;
; l .
: Union .treat. Hit friend are eked .to. Jupiter and Prulencp.Lods" ]/ Yp J Ypl1 leeAr G. C, eprl..a Lr o Ile Ar 1e.
; _o uM[ 'nice ly e.D ii:: I Ar . ....::I"\kn. u w u We ,
11 4 Arse. Le.
call.Mr. hold a joint eloctlon on the fifth of De 1 rp Lr J 1. AII jop p 11 Mp Ar ? Ar WM PYitA u a. ....P, R. I ea I w M 1 1." ::..Pa '
George Coleman will leave'lOOn tot ember IT lop Ar WiYekan { Sala I ldp .,' Up V Ara, VoIced ,., v ..... 1 IIl Ar Now Tork ..P, A. K. ll / w '

:BalnbrMje, Oa., where Ite will aasurt I In A. H.' Hawkins has accepted' of the 401.Ar Velduna Lvl d le. I lip l roe 1 Np SPAT ly 'eia r Tifi ) lop o Re, 3e-"Now Tank .M yeetp ge.,..," Ohl Ii ? Mooed Y ,. ,.
Here and' Elsewhere.
the oi aalatlea of the lodge .of G
*. tens here,. He: Is strongly In favor of 4s. Ar B''sham Lv / lap . '1 0 Sp It lop Ar.. lek..d ,.L, Mop I w U Me Port Tameh JaekeoBVlllete Vlerlte Now IMriud.Pullmm Tic U ." 11fo}: w '
A pretty and quiet marriage took piece all moves that will write tho race for 1 Lp Ar Nukvllle Lv 1 dial.. .... 0lOx 11 cop lb Ar.,. Tanpo ....Le. t Cep 1 w U w De11I No. mirln aa Room/ aiMeliia Gait M Detrol ., .a .,..
"- 1 tea Ar Rvearlll. Lr l lea ...,.,. T w U icy MP Ar., l't. Tampa ,.Lv up I / w .M.atL lop .,,,..
all that will\ unite tha rdoe for Nw Trek IMnlnTUB Cr
I Jills Huulsh II:.. BsJlard I* a favorite la at the. residence of Bev. H. C. William. moves work / w Ar. Chian tC 1 cop .. ..,. i I ,....., V r..., w ..,.L. J.aleea.IlNr > r Nw o : .. lbYr ( IleTtnaek
wide Olrol of friend In the city. Street No. 11.. Madison street last Wednesday rood purpoees. He bin on 0 Ar t. le r i 41 1t u. ,,.,," S rip Ar Purr O.eda Lv Cup p wen LAND or nn KT." IN* atFla lyt o4 ,.., ,.
i) manner, modest end poed or real evening Mr. Adam C. Jewel and Mr.. nl* return from'' Port Tampa City .next U ...,.., U lop Ari.._ Myon ..Le. I li ? I HeT he Y atnh m .,,. A ;
ioompu.hratmts. .he''r admired and Julia Duncan war the couple R.... .Wl. weeL' iMrs. d Cied nail Le. 11 Oop .: No.Ii No, 5l 0i .arril Saute Noel o.le No.Ii . ,yeek.eylui,. ...,...? ...Be. Rre 1wn r L Ye :: ..h il a ::.

oved by all who know hen MJss Ballud Ham performed the Ceremony. Th future Charlotte\ Jackson hu bone to lie La oa ray At lap 1 pl I llpl loll u a.dl ,At :::::: sAt j Aia.w..M
eft for Tampa last Wednesday home of the couple will be at, No 0 orr.town; 8. C. Frlenda wlllh,1101" a.uooeeiul / Ira Ar.. Mobile .Le 1 MP it wP la b, e 1 .,, lkaldwe ...Le. 0. be. AstovlIU, N. O.. ......K Ef Mareu at : r
Anderson .:r.m.{ 141 LouMana ..treet.Bev. : trip. 111 Ap it. Orlad'LV / Rs. slop U RP B Mpil) wjA. Eke Haller .Le. !ep ten. I w AT Hot ai>rlneN, O..I..;....* Er Nis Ar Y. iee Mi
and 11 lop rp111 srlAr W'r'ta hp Lv I tip O' w Kwwille. Teaa.....Ii
Ar fir
'Sone. of ,
: Rev. H. B. DaCoster t
J* were united la matrimony laalVdnedy I. I* Hutson, palter of Mt. Cao WXtT AND ''HAVANA.Iwv t1 cep 11 eeptAr Run.t1'e. I. Lv d 1p Ri 4 d ia Ar Lamella. Kr...... Kr V'
delivered 'a la Rev, J N. 8"-< ..' KCT .. . ., Bpa S ii Ark ..::.::::
| evenlnr by Her. 8. A. WU. mel Baptist Church, had Ml*, r. lecture , nemsn *.Port Tampa BunTussilsys a.?. a Op.. ... .ArN.wk Aiaokw, W /TIM re. .... Ar Ostieuie. Xo....... RAr e1ne ;
Mr.AMenon 1 engaged In bust.i Barn,of the Florida Baptist Academy. church)) lVa and TbursdarsU At .t My .I i/0p O ..... oTV? / W *
funs. Mrs. 'M. Mumford continues 111. She war.,,,, Ar, Wnnvu Loll .,.,.,. 16 No. II-"Th* Florida Umfted, dally
.i on Florida stank with him at hi* Thnsk-tvln service yet :4 p. a >' 'T w No. I 1 top Ar..., Gala .,..L, 11o NoS Ns. Ke. M-Dally Pumnaa Rose art Solid -vestibule train.. Uireugb da*
I.i a. enter of Mrs. Clara :Ma)' Friend DetMer
I Mrs. L.. B.' :Reed grand worth counsel- terday. Bbl 'rendered some good must hope she may soon bo well attain.Mrs. MANATEe RR'Z8.' 4' '"., b, n. ,., .r loll etas II Buffrt llapt.g Car between Jea.elll. as{ ooeobe, Bleeping Car Jacksonville t*
br ef.4h Order Lklanthe1a The Mrvlce I were especially coed The a 'tarpon ,opt p ClmlrniU, Cincinnati. '
Independent of ., fiheldonl Oloater. daughter of Boar hem Tampa dally i 1 o.aeWt uplAr pge rI
painfully Injured In a wreck on the collection for the poor was tilt .and alx Mr. M. Duncan, deceased1."I Is atlU In the BuY at Via a nand 1' Wu rll Wte bwru.r flrlaa'dY IOy Also through Pullman JaekacnvllU t<

Ltlantle Ooeat Lin Railway recently, out a dinner wee served.ATURDiAT'B .! city: cettmathe affairs of the. estate I Ishape. In SIiOyyyMNy mrno CAR avnviciHROUOH ON Colorado Bprlngs via Atlanta Blrmlecban.

bout four mdle from the cityM .the, Calaath: are aafced to ta.It..notloa. IA1. the Royal Benefit Boqlety that her feth port Tampa. Dlalaar Car keiive Jaekeeavlll led New Yertu TkraaarkMMhea Dining oar earvlo

1 Rev! 8. A. William., pastor of Mt. Zion To-morrow at lit World avenue then are policy will be paid. betwee Jeckaeavlll*''aad' vreshlafftea. Trala W aad SB, PvlUuaa ARRIVAL AT JACIUOKTILUQ.

p uren.. went to Mbnttoello this morningVisit will be a epeclal sale of fine holiday mil.' The public U notified by A. :M. Haw Beget ale*pn. ketwcea JackiMvllle cad Itrw Yerk. .
Fran N w Tork, Wuhltufton. Na Ne M. "Wt hlucton sad rl rWl i Uiolixl"...,?.,.,
the Florida Annual Conference hoary ladle', miss**' and chHdren'. hat tine '".lIt for Jupiter and Prudenc Tralea M sea M, e "d te Naakvtllo, with Pullaiaa Rel*t tleeper Vetweem From Nom York. WuhlntMi *u.Me it, "WariiliurMa cM FlortAa UprM*".,.,.,... TSJ'l&
t'Ig In BMSkm. thereahir'Joa.ph"Itubb. .. a palalty. The _n'* latest .styloimd Hall, that that hail Upstairs and down JaekaoavlUe ee4'Ckle..e eel dl. Leata,Jkreaaih eearh fc. w.. JaelueeivllU adNeakvUle. Pram ClMlrnitl, Astwrlllt ete.-Ni at ''Ihnhle.tne l and FM**, United..?,.?...., t tPa.
I and Mini Irene V cholc.*t' material. A treat redudlloon can be rented any night except Mondayand Tralaie M sad BB tkreach palhaaa aievyera, Jackwavlllei via, Matgeaitiy From CMoxro, Clpoloqjtl, Attama, ete.-Nfc ;14. "TVifloa Limits' ,

nl Icy were Jetoed In wedlock last ....n. each hat sold. Mr*. V A.'Dar".... .,e I Wednesday "I.lit.,' by applying to le *t. L >IM ,olalapCar.acrvlo* a la cane.Tralae .. Jesse, Dletrleti. Pa.e egw Aged tea Wee. Bay pa., Awtneavtllc, ft*.
at the Rome of the !bride'. mother him or leaving their application with T. ten aad tic, Pallaiaa BaCet gorier Care between Jackaewvllle aad pert H. HARDW1CK. P. T. U._W. lL TATLtIM. G. P. A. Q. >I.ALLnN.A. ft V
rr* Nary Bartley, at PoUeburg? Rev. FLORIDA ANNUAL' CONFERENCE.Interestbif !: Chaatl'George "Williams, or at"n,. W, Tampa. Tralaa IM cad M, pallmaa Brep.r.'between Jaekaoavlllv, phi Tape
I Jackson offlclatlng. The marriage" took JebwMtt'e etorot vth eel rt. Myera. Tratae IT Cal U. Pallaaa Basic* aleepere kelweea Jackmavtlle CHRISTOPHER
luce .at I o'clock In the presence of e 8eslon Betnc Held to' MOB: .! 'tdeh atea who attended"the Prlirl. cad *. Patenbllrr.-uTralm. BB eel ee, PavUasaa BaCet Care ke wa Jaokxa.vllle \V. H. ,
Irg* anemtolajt of relative and friends, : tlosllo by Bishop Tanner. live 'XaptlsfAseocla.non, In D.Land,, .t eel Bt. Petcrebara
14rt" couple received .a' great many which Rev. Gurley. la .moderator : renrn For reservations and )Infprmatloo, apply to agent Atlantic Chant Una, or Produce and Commission Merchant
nts. Mr. A. J Green wa the groom'. The Florida conference: ; of the A..M.: XChurelw d home delighted with the mating. write ,

.t man and Miss Lucy Berths win now In *eton. In Montlcello! R."., Edwards carried nqe delegates. with. FRANK O. B01T.8TON; nUfrlct Pa aeaar Jigtmi, m Wn S., Street, 14 B. stay B*.!!*, JMkeesvttt*. Sin I en i
wmaid' Many of the white friend* of Bishop B. T. Tanner prondln-. held .a hlnv '._ i i' W. D. STARK, TravellaPeseeacre* Aircat, Jaekeeavllle.W ooulganpete eelleltea. famaal a.tta\u sad klaTaeMjUtttra *ktalaeV ,
e Doupl come down to Potuburg la a speolal memorial meeting. ,-...., aft Mrs-hOunoan memben. of?.MC\, Olive ,J. CRAIG, paaef MS* Traaae Maaacer. T. C. WBITI1, ,a. Paaaeae.r Aar at. remitted came Isp acid Telephone UN. rleeav7k
ptha launch to witness the wedding. ernoon. In memory' of the late Mr*. BallnJame .. A. M. B. Church and an aged and !'t..Paot" __Bstieaassi Natliasl Hamk ef taikseenin
) Highland Tenths Realty,Loan andr .. 'Tbl'service we* led by, Bev.Lavett r. eltlsen I here. Is yet 111. Friends --- -- -;--- --- ------- -- --- ----- -- ---
I Company will hold corporation *. assisted by. Rev, .'1'. Moore' hope she. may soon recover. '0. S. A F.
leetlnr tonight In the office of (Attorney The eulogy was a rich One, petting forth Ry
1 U Pureell. Now U> WrJ Bay street. An the ChrtMlan qualities of the deceased Columbia MoMURRAY & BAKERCera
|.m ws are reaneeted to attend. Dr. A, rood woman. Sae W....'. Me...1e>aT*> vEnfltib .
Bmlrh.. 'pie tent; Dr. J. A.. Bake, The sessions of in* rnf1sreece are very I II K. most remarkable language. iUWANPIBB' RIVER ROO TE.. Charlotte sag sal Liberty ptier.W. .

oretry, .> Interring. Much, bualneea I* Ming don of OPERATETIES FAMOIII' finest 1111' _
It bal dome peculiarities an .' can chow the of Vthloln Ht.llu Robs, .a.

urab h- member wilt not forget ef Mt.that Eton next A. Sunday M. X. 1 Bishop by the Tanner ministers 1.* and well the pleased delegates vocabolory and! OIXIB. J..m/mt Danville kite, Whips eta, in the State, ana w* eaa eonvlnc you our prime are

the day for a aped*! rally for,dollarwiey. report from the churchesrhe otbel'll of the poorest and moat barren BOOK 'BOTTOM. DROP W AND'tRJf VI ..rolUl.TOO

mine meetings held each night are t( IIM, sepnrote words for minute dlstlnctloni Parlor Chair) Cat oa MaT.leg Trala. Richmond BUT. f
lit: and Vre. H. A. Baker, at No, lilt largely attended by the people of the "and itnglc ':word that bar fMoMURRAYAE F
rt Aihlsy Erect thank th* 'friend Hy. The discourse delivered are of a .n..... Sleeper. Palatka ail Val- .
high order and very beneficial. The onferenoe many r I oteanlnx Many examples of le 4JJ .*.t Bay Street.DRAUGHON'SS's.
Not wave them punk a pleasant surprise Atleata;. trala.Train .
devta ta oa .
Norfolk .
visited Meullnrltlta be found In the
t Monday" night, and for all act of I t. being by many dlstlnrulshed ", oth ( can
1 dnes shown to Mr, Baker In bl* In. \ mlnlcter. from other part of the Dialect; Dlctloaary, an Eagllsh publlcation. SCIIIDVLJI!: : IN EFFECT!: JJJNI! t 1001u

e'. I* yt very 111 But. Georgia."end el"wll.r.) ,. farmer' boy Snows bow soov lI aTrDAr. "Desbay yeemor.lkRakkesldngteTBBLa
.fwho I Every ; Washington' FREE --
|Dr. 0"..,.. Dentist .eor. Brldg. and to the word I lamb ew and Valdosta .....:::. ::.l.:;:;: SO COallt top ;e pane." l/will aaNoa .qn a teas alh.en ea. 4 tl1Y.
DruaBtore..* NEW COURT ,xOROANIZ D." f i lies ab..p. Ar. TlllOD .......................IU. Malin: Ills mu't1 .C4as a.bJlbde m ./ MD rwrL.rtact '" ,
f boy sta, ever Imperial ran but bow many of them would bible Ar Cordele ..............;...... 1 501, 1 tic Baltimore YAu10TaD t .
rh* Florida Baptist Academy I*' nowAittlfully Mr* Jennie T. Prosier; . M. A. M. oitarah : to define the words tag. tapbOC.t.tupae Lit; Cordele ........... ......... I lOp 140:& ,

Illuminated with 'leetrlclty, II Court No. L Btular Heroine o( tap-yeld and *li tooth, Ar. Maoon: ............(.....,.... %lip 1168r. y '
|d the faculty and students ar hsppy.htral Jericho club Mr*. Battle Nobles, or the ,\ Auguste ..........1.......... IJbp 11l/p PhiladelphiaNew _
love fat. will be held In MtChuroh same eonrt. ably aalstd by Dr. John It. Bath of which Bxea the "air or the sex Ar. Columbu. ..\,........'....... I lip a ItsAr

n, tonight and continued Bcott O, V, V.i and hi* deputy, Mr*. A.: of abep1 For osampl. a tupbo,11a Atlanta ,....,............... a OUp 11011 '
rough the forenoon of n.xt'Bunday., 11:. Epps In ortanlslnt and setting up i\ young tern before the Bnt ahesj,. Ar.. Jlnnlllcba: ...".......... I ". ObnAr. 'York I 800000.00 capital h; S8Collegoalo.l St.it'ai.17,et.rl' IUooeN.

{re. Reese entertained Mr*. A. I. WII. new Court of the Heroines of Jericho .t On the other band, take the word )4empbl. ..............f.l. ... Imp POSITIONS *"** noii-vi i lirARNP 'kra K tBYMAIL'dalnr.d"ayeppere.twU'nkr.oe
In, M her horn on West Ashley drool Seymour Hsll yesterday afternoon. This AI' Chaltanooc.. ................ mc1Hp Wi-tttaaeoatreatgiven. JbrI l :::,p i ,
Isterdajr afternoon.InvlUlion court will be known a* the Court of BU rack. Aa used by people In one part Ar. Nashville .................;.. .. 80a / MpAt. BostonSouthern : orwrtla 1 ; : IM! Euv ....
Tonne' and 1* composed of coma .of the of England or another It may mean a LOiti.VUIe n. H tOp too Jet -. raulrbotl, ]1'reoI4eo t&v>, lM*, 18.lltooUoaOUABAKTlcartoTJACKBONVILLH

1, IlrtAefH.are out for Jr. the marrUte of moat prominent people of.our city It J* neck of tn\mou.M& bone of a dead Ar.: CinatnnatI I ':::::. .:::::::::.. top' f fA. rSte 4. West. Bay, Telephone 'l{'l. C) l_MkU, Atlaata,,, Meal.Mry .
tan. The topple nI..i.l: := whlaperod around at low breath that ithsrhanksfl'iliujr hotel, a blow a, chirp pain> 'a kitchen .; It. Lour .,...................I 20p '. IV..III., M>.ii>lil., l.lnle Rx-k, Dal!.., .t. Uwle, etc. I
heroine preaaM were Ar. '-"hI..O. ......,............. ..... 1 IDa
'v; N. I.; to spend their honeymoon handed out to the newly made In a sensible Brcplae, part qf a band loam, a reach: Railway

will remalp lao months.k and feeling manner.Among . (ba a river a ford a pathway a rat, a arrlv' Jacksonville from above

sermon delivered' by Rev.;J, ]c. lA. those who successfully rode the (1'In hedge a Bring cloud,to poor oflIqnor points 1:40: am.. and 1:10 p. m. HAL8EMAWOODGOGE l I MillManuf&Cturen L
Mt. Zion Churoh yesterday st the "William goat" were Lawyer W. H. The Dixie Flyer carries mrouc'h Pullman meal u..,
*nkglvlng service wsa a clr and Thompson and wife Mesdame: Cordl* to atack. Theta are the unuaualmeaatnr Bleeping Car. between. Jacksonville

ifu) prasent'llon\ of fsots on the re. foCullum and Emma Johnson and I il of duty end Right All who war among Those amllated'nn Meadame* A. tomnon.-Youth'* Companion. 1:00.p.: in. dally via A C. 1. and
tUNtUi\ t enough to be present to hr B. Young Willie I Jonea Sarah B. ScottAtlanta Tlftoo. Direct 'oonn.ollona for all points "Nt* York 10'' floridi.Expreu" Lath, Uonldings, Turning and Band Sawing Door and Window

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*bnc* Ml** Dotl Roytr. look I smog till world' coin, baring no apply to O 8. F. Ticket OOlce "Visbingtonindfloridilimiter .

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he Jest. love facet for this confvrenr. . U4IO'GeIItul Instructor In voc.1! peace, which ta worth :2 cent mon. ,ItU I; W. JAN1BOM. J. H. RAriTEHV, rl6l a. m.
It at Bt. Pul M K. Church will: music, .lll be united In marriage to Miss eke of tb* handlost of coin, being C. P. aaa T. A., 01.'. p... Aceat.Phone carry Boarding Sale and Livery Stable.
|held tn-nlrhi..I'aAt.. mrmnvni are earn.Byskd M. A. 1:. Jackson' teacher of mono end 'll.C Both ". dinar and ,

to attend and pay all claim an arcompllshed pl nlr. en the Bib ofleoember about aa aiuall a* a silver piece can B. ,BHODKI.. 0. P. A. v through ilpeper to New York, and Otmttt eare le pines kisisis pet .. eat havtjte ea ......._ willMARCU

|be vnor end Iquare: up' with the stew pelt Ttils wa the announce *oov ulently b*. Being 1 lean In she and day coaches to Washlnrton. t.eueee.. ....... bas .* aaarae asTaede I..what we glee *elkrr.w ...... Terse
do All omrtir. of the etnirvh era **pe mat made last' evening. In the narlore ofhe welgbt taaa the nickel wblcb .la worth For rate. er'reservation' call on .-...... .

1p ehel to attend to-night, a* the Florid Baptist Academy, where a .alf half aa mufo. It I II vastly more or writ .
+- "
lydg win glv* out love' feast ticket number of the personal frktnda of the two
.4'C1I..r* only who are tn good stand.Til noted musicians had com upon tnvttalloa 4ivDleat to keep and board. and that Southern JAMCS: rBKKMAIT; / '.n","""' ''
entertelned la It U becoming einordlnartljr Railway DI... Pa**, Agent Jacksonville. Fla.eenilder .' ,. 'I.-
pastor Rv. A. J llennelt. will and were being pleaaantly a one reason why '

Ivor two. ..sermon text Sunday fur the wliut they thought wr only Theekagttlog scarce la spit of the CONANT U- U. HOPJUN: I* W. WALTKK,

I'Ial) benrnt of the members Day jnuamenU act that more dime are now turned : Round Trip President Vie President lee. and Tree
IkV. J. Gardner Roe Is to b* cone et. Both Mrs -Weofward and MUM' Jackson i
|;;d'fr the excellent ilatrorm meeting ere held IIIhe hlghmt esteem at the out of the mint than ever before In I MARCUS CONANT COMPANY,

In hip church last vnlng.. Th ad. cademy, end all ever the oil)'. This an* tllll country' hIstory, There U a rag EXCURSION.RATES 'in..r.. ......'.....) ,
.. ounevment party wee the gift o f Miss bank and of these
delivered by the pmker were for <<1ml *, come *
lr.*tltig and Inspiring. ...." 'Artkufllraat I. A Blocker, principal of the corraldepartment. I ncbaalcal contrivaact are so pretty, UNDERTAKERS.
Mis Kartha M M. Whit. Mta and It. arnne-emeut and df- that From Jack.onvlll 9I w .. pwwpO N.nel. daa.a..ltlb_Piti iTMepk.w spa
*o togvaloo and ao alluring they .
Ihrtxigtiout unlnue'
|ids Qrant end Mr. Cyrue Pattereo, mellon were 4. :.. > . . __ ._
luiwl valuable' mu.lo.l .*.."' ...s.lhel novel. The announcement came so ceni force people to lace dunce who have 8estLino! to Washingtonand --

,.|h*< Mia., ''I, hlp".I\(1 had<< any. inlet i .ly la the form of a genuine .urarl**. .. earthly ccaalon 'to do *o.-Nw ( J irk)
l*T t" nlll many were disposed to receive It asa zolt Will. Point East. I CHA5. A. 'CLARK, (Inc. James E .
j...... Conavatulatlona canoe feat. ."dIoolb .
le platform sen-Ice at Mt. Mnrlah A. Mr. Woodward and Mis. Jackson. revived 'emit* Ark. en sale final Olnctin ut EBttlBin.'sVdBW. l "''rll'. Drag SiortDruggists/
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Church .t at. Paul 1 A. kU K. the good word of eheer from B'asty day*. I
|rrh and al the Central daptlil Irt.lId.. evincing: _.101.1. embarrass I I I/wrgri .... Jai.esedU PTtip..e II
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j the 811. war greatly snjrred. lt.frldnmanle were' parsed, all tartaknr Epileptic, $VY1IYYiiaiulon> .1. Nov.SO dilto I Tclesrapkll cmiii genhe yn.ptpt.etlaeh /
Ma/a hltphon
I* *loe.unaddress** were delivered.! bacilli, and many a time did the I ,. ,... 1301. Ul)

I* young people of Bl. Philip's Kpl. "roepertl"e couple hv to wince under 9 .
II I Church are preprrlng le give, a JI'- and "' ..-.. whleriered and elker. Terrible ANIrtle For Information recording rl.* to ---- - '- '- --- --

>Put drama, with line churui rhea wla Mpreaetd by the frtende ..rmhl d ttber point apply to T. K. 'cCaIJ.c:. !'.
tt Sidney Woodward was ban In Oeorgi' md- T. A.I| Jam** Frmaa. t>. P, A, --.... JACkSOI 19ONDEpiAKlC9 c,
I* Phlltlhe* rla.e nf Bethel rsntl.t1fh and ha sung nearly. around the gob.Trained *, There le Bsethtaanorw frlghtful'lit a O.fnoo TU Jacksonville F... ICE:
happy home than to have one of Its iwOT OaN.
tied a good audlonM at their hi the New Bagland Cmarveirv Sp1 wow
.. embera ustanlly. deed with a dread1 1C. Cor. Adamml Lurt
.''''._ ef "The Peak ilut.r- loot I, anil In Iwo nf tie great r ns rva.iiarl r <
'' attack ef Epilepsy er rilL The F.ORThanbtivlnr *he( !he'1oawullmon'LO! PrlBfc First! Clin SI"JJJ.
4e lI i of 1.Vropr /ii'tn'trI. ...aay .rat ful letter from sues bo....., Imoulli E. W. ROelt\5coN
tweer.l.w.. eserele. At t1.g1I11sw1p .... .s well a* the foreiiHMt peepl ef.merkia. afar IB. use f yeurkorl. your hop,,. factory D. ... COOPeit. Mgr

. Jackaonvllt knows whet he erkable remedy for Ibis dread all. Oysters, Game or store mcde'doekledllegwpd' ; for C..ear Ue ."..rm.rlr Lwvl JI; liakieMm! ,

has don ben for popular" and ex"'1uetv* !neat teellfy te lee real l merit of this the eaarer Same New muse wbll H ,. mereee .'..-. ..*

m...... Mfr Jsckon I* a aallv ..f Brnude .. ,.....r..,.... Fish, Turtle, Etc efa ell ,*e ro\\'" lading thl*. Bae u* about. In.suranc .... .. -- -, -
S totted and a avadual of Q":**.'( It I* a meritorious article cad 1. soldaAdence.
and ... .. .... bidaUV'elk.
: that ratee preleelloa before'lbe W. Clerk, hat I. .11- Sep gss
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Charles H. Anderson Fish
Mlle.esrf I.p.- Mluraltun, making I exrellent pnvr morphia er .p>late* and CLARK 6 MOULTON CO. Q eC ei ,.irM0::
Ill e_, 1\ ...*. oa the lUino, It I* a matter et Cubic ..ually tBcaclous. for youc and old and Oyster Co. H. C. HARE &, CO. ..tl
-writ e.WWfMYp VI pride to Jiks, ..avlll* te have the mar.Uf here ....*. Mall vrder curd by tke I ... kw N. awe.

.: of lit. *** two iIRed (*"' .. wIlMa KNlal CO........ Waklatan u C. 4 rheapeel. fflccs. Quick Delivery.Try Tke Uuraree. Vtre leeataaee A4r>e y U UNDERTAKERSBea'kUla .. ....
n I carte a SnTLL .ut lis wrvlcee are a "II.A.lie whole ere' Belt*' Ittarraacr, nay eat Laura ua ......... lllalUl1' 0. ,........

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.. v' :rtht t t ,



I': 'r 0 I AMUSEMENTS._ JI I Our Specialty is Correct ALFRED& cogs BENJWN" ,. .

Meridian (Mlm) ( lar. 'reviewingth I la well told. full comedy situation and next day t aw another regiment at "a
munlcal novelty Simple Simon" brilliant dialogue, while the mualo la I nearby town ,thrnand] there..decide Suits and Overcoats.HUCKETT
which come to the Duval Theater to. tuneful Ingle and orlgtnnl with nothing that I would write the much-needed' .
tile hi, Saturday night and Saturday matl- reminiscent. about It Many of the rang march.1" went home and for two day I
nag royal have ,fceeome popular and they hove already worked and the.reqult.waa\ The Spin Clothes For All Occasions
''Tao good audience. one at the matinee reached the hand organ stage In of "H March.' Bo that the soldier boysthemeelees
the other (nut evening, witnessed for the larger' cltle*. are retponnlbln for thin melody
the Ant time 1n Meridian a presentation The company '. large well balanced and to the tune. oCh..bleh'I'bope he will
of Simple Simon Simple the newapapnr. made up:of-popular comedian and comediennes often march. '. , *
cartoon estravaganaa that ha* been quite while the chorus In one or the
popular. elate the liMIt performance largest shy musical o-ganliatlon ever COMPLIES WITH PASS LAW
judging from the applnune the play Tcelved *- carried, and 1* composed of young and ,
It made hit Meridian,' pretty women .whose work I I" character-" 'M1..onrl. KMafl" Pod Texan Ot" Out Designed and Made by Houses of Note -
'l. "Mr. Kelp, : Simple Blmon I the TIN lied by vim and ginger that I I. positively. New Contract With Publlahere.All
lane pent and prank artist and hla chum, refreshing and can only com from the' '
Mono. aj Interpreted by Mr Jerry D. Sn|. abundant uplrlt of the Doting The iitagemnnigwnent but one'of the; St Louie line have '
llvan. are practically the whole] how; J* excellent There I I. nevera conceiledpcntrteta made with publisher
that la the fanny end of It The large second from the. rise of thaImtaln In to eschar-re tranoportatlim for advcrtl Thoroughly Equipped With Mens-Wear Specialties
numher or prety alrln who compose the the Unit act to the Angle of the aeennd Ing Th. exception) I I. tho Missouri Kana -
chorus furnish come nt tha entertainment. when there\ I I. not nomothlna- doing that and Texas which has a new form of h
The..certbry and costumes are duo pleasing either please the eye, ear or rlelbllltle contract prepared by General Passenger
The company la an aggregation of peo St. Oeorg after consultation I with
Sent are on .!. now., Price. are hue plewhose name are well known to the Agent. :. deportment of the road and be-
{ II 78 and 50 cent: matinee. chergenl: Oreheatra. theater.gclnc puhllo. and< I* composed of Ins advtned. that It compile with the
71 cent; balcony, 50 cent. inch plnyerg a* ladle Leigh, W J McOraa .Uw In .every particular :
Blanche llolt John Mylle' Minnie It la a. follow: The owner or pnbllrh Suits.OUR tlN Overcoats.
The Ben Oreet Player wilt be tttn In Chambaler. Jack Leslie, B ulah Hamilton cr of the paper, !cailne.,. or other ad. ...
"Everyman: ," Monday and Tuesday mat-] Hairy Griffith, Mary Orth, F. Cha vertuilnc" !! medium' party to title contract, ,

of business Suits are in top-notch of popularity and an immense'

clientele'testify to the Correctness\ Sack Suits that are tailored a

with a view to pleasing particular and stylish dressers as well, as reducing -

+ exorbitant pnc<:s. '

We are'showing the late fabrics, including Black Unfinished Worsted.

t ? Sack 'Suits "

q -* f f + l 1''r

vi lv I. t i t % e a From $12.50 to $25.00. ,

CARHlRT Full Dress Suits. Overcoats. '

s'c s'b &GO'SUncommon Our stylish, perfect'fitting Full Dress We i ,carry ,either, Alfred Benjamin t"

'Clothes. Suits are excellent'value.' .. We prefer Hackett, Carhart's, (Overcoats, Top .:

illustrating their worth with a Icily on", Coats or Rain Coats iq larges and, wellDiE' '

and invite the attention of prospective' tmade
I.j I.-
buyers to these garments ,
From $10.00 <

, Price $35.00. 10 $35.00: '_

__ .a,

Furnishings.Underwear J Hat ,

Shirts Etc. We agents for ''Hats in >
Hosiery Dunlap -

Derbies Silk Operas or Soft Hats and ''
In**. and In the 'Merchant of Venice" Deagon, Grace Mulr Bert "talnwrlgbland t Kill, during the life of this agreement, Everything a man requires for everypccasion .
Tuesday. nlgltt." In'connection with 'th< other, whenever traveling travel l over the liner ,also carry a large line of Stetson, e'
company and *he: pkvy the following announcement e. of the Mluourl Kunaaa and Texas Rail in nice assortment at '
will be of Interest. : Novelty I t. promled at the Duval The, way Com|,anv, and route the member of reasonaCrofut and Knapp Hats.
During the season of 1W6-4, In addition her when Henry W. Savage offer aa hl I II* family and his employer over ltd
to appearing Inl the leading theatara. thtlien Ant attraction ,of the lesson shortly. line. *o far a* ho reasonably ran, fare ble prices. Derbies $3.00 to $6.00''' '
Greet Plavera acted at Princeton, Harry Bulger In "Th. Man From Now." and accommodation being equal or better '
Vale, Dartmouth, Oberlln I Rutgers. Con- a new tnualcal fantaiy by John Kendrick and he shall have the right to call Our Glove Stock is Operas' $7.50 ml 10.00 :
verse. Btlort Queen" (Canada). Butler. Bang, Vincent Bryan and Mauel Klein upon the railway company for inch ticket complete ,
tlelmont and,Mount< Holyoke Col.."*, the Tlis Man From Now wm conitructed *. mllenge, or other paivenger transportation Silk $ .OO.JCI"d ,$9.00 4
Unlverittie of Pennsylvania. Toronto, for laughing: ptarpoce prinmrllv and It tifulfilling a* may be required from timeto with Fowne's and Adler's famous ,
Vermont VJrgtnl Wet Virginia. Ten I lie million In life to the utmoU time for the exclusive UM of the 'publlsher. ; / oto'herm.ake
tiewee, the Sooth Kentucky, Indiana. Th them: J* extremely :novel' for 'In a hi* Immediate family and employee l Gloves. ,,1I.IargeJ/n .. # ;.
IlUnol.Missouri'Michigan and the Wet. atlrtcaj way Mr. Bangs I* treating of directly connected therewith. to the
Point Military: Academy During the topic a* they may be anticipated one value of lhesuron. amount of this 'contract Q
summer cpnn'air' play were alpo given thoui&nd year from now. Mr Bulger Tie tra-iaportntlon.to be charged '
at Oxford pambrjdge, Carlabrook Castle, ha I a moat congenial role and he I.I Bur- for at full tariff raise-any balance that 239 West F'-
bhaUworth Hall and ,the Crystal Palace, rounded by a upporllng eaat of unusual may be found to exist at the expiration II' Craig Bros.: Cofapany. J : "
t London, coder excellence' Including Sallle Fliher, Helen of title coivtrnct to be settled for by either Bay St. Block.;
Performance* wen given the Hale, Hattie Anold.Luc, Tonge. Marie I arty in caib' ,
tuaplceor with co-operation of the Keller,' Walter Lawrence Edward Mar List of pcr*.,n* for whom transportation
New York City Department of Education, tlndal, Phil Branson. K; H O'Connor may be deelred and In what manner I
the. Baton School Committee. the Ptillalelphla and a beauty chorus of .Ixt" connected with the publication mac be ,
.,,Teacher. *' .Auoelallon. New York The production la I filled with .*ong. "Ith furnished by the publisher to the general .
people. Inrtltote, New York Educational *' popular variety, and the eoenlo and [.lunrngor ..,ent of the railway company of th* nation to have been reached only '
Alliance Brooklyn, Institute of Art* and roetum."equipmentIs in keeping with ,at the time of signing this agreement : within the put ten ,year Where BiTw.
tclence, Toronto Teacher"' Ap.ootaUon I he high standard of excellence, alwayn The publisher ot the above-named pa- THEINCttEOFSOUTfSttTH: f The figures of the census bureau show BETTES' PHARMACY
Plttvburf Art Booley and the Cincinnati: maintained by Mr Savage. tar or periodical. ,must also render to the that the increase of the wealth of the and Laura Me.t.1, .
University SettlementIn * e railway company monthly itatement eleven! leceislon State from 1870 to Hot I Our Stock is the most varied 'and complete In tho Soutlu;* ".
previous ,*e to Oxford and! Cambridge (twenty: conetfutlv of "Th which Chef '.-the big new niunlcal Ir cb..* ot dlxrlny readli g or local nolloes The Increase In wealth of the eleven Our Service ia the best that constant effort and expense can
years), Harvard Columbia, Wailealey. comedy will be seen. at the Duval inserted. the rat per line or Inch secession States, In four year*-from 1800to ni
Vassar, jBryn Mawr, Leland SUn- Theater .hoNI,. tella\ an Interesting tcy and the total amount for the month 1904-it** 6llrlotto0O-more thin the .
lord, Brown, Oroton and Bt Paul of how,he cam to write "'Tna Bplrlt 7o aggregate of their wealth In 1879 cv''op.n day and night Most ..."hod'.d..h..?, Do goal i J
Bohool and the Universities of California, March" which 1 I. becoming n> famou a* Fob Y8. Texts bag contributed enormously to I
Nevada Wlnoonaln and Washington,, any of the Bouna two-.tap&. Mr. Jerome the aggregate of Southern progress' In
11.111.1. f"l MondaynljhtWIil' be,on ails I* a thorough Airerlcan.. both In iplitt i For the purpose of completing 1870 Its wealth wa I1WOCWOOO. the llgurm
bext Saturday; al.1, p m, ,*. t.q and Intent. Mr. Jerome herpened to be arrangement for big opening of per capita being I1H. In 1880, It was
In' a" town In' 1111noIs day when th. Tea Billion Dollars
one j More Than U3,000,0(0,' per capita KU. Ten year ,
'B 'C. tlrmu.lo l company nome regiment. was'' pawing through on their .Christmas goods'Saturday; ; later It was a2.lo.\.OOO.. The next decade DIAMONDS!
will i preeent' fha'plquant musical mixture"The parade with a big military, band preceding December the E. L. Ley Fur- \ added 1217! ,000.too. rhe present remarkable HOLIDAY:
; lS7O.
lute. of Spice.".at the Duval Theater. / It. "'Thft'IIand ptaytd different national Sind rate of prnaref I.I beet known In tho
matinee .and night.i December 6th, with air 'of AmerUvt I noticed" wild nishlng Company; will close their statement that the wealth of the Slat In W* bllva that w* can eon- ]
precisely' the ", m.' eMtll' and' elaboratecenlo "" Mr:'Jerome. In :: :t"Ifft it l"that there doors tomorrow afternoon and 1904 wa 13!.KM.w .000-an, Incrcaa In four vine any uopr.Judlod person
and coatume<< inVeitltur* wtitchwer wa not a tune . band which '*ar* of $614000000 thai It 1* worth their wage to
a 'featur* of the three mbntha".olld h.d"the leant. martial iplrlt to It. I Friday; ) Diamond here.
nui *t the Majeetlf! Theater'NewlYorkClty" thought to myself,' what a great opportunity .....:..,_.--:...-___. GREAT PROGRESS MADE. THE) INCREASE MADE; purchase The mounting their of Dla"olld.a Suggestions]
which\bee but-recently: ben completed for a fine military march, to theIr Th Woodlre and.Metal Iutheia'. In- 'T'h. Increase In the wealth of the an Important matter, and w* not
+e '. .1 of which the' soldier boy rould swing ernatlonal Union ha* changed tin rule Southern. States from 1810 to 1904 wm. the have 'large selection but
There: .i 'many :,...""na" that will *"- Ihenuielt.* along The need. of a proper. t. ennhlt wood Inthera tll accept n lower figure tepretentlng millions- only mount the a toni In any, way
fount, for thc'aucceu "Th* ;11* of Hplc*" march number became deeper and deeper ate of ...ae... while learning. metal. lath- I BOMB: INTERESTING FIGURES Alta Virginia. r8; North Carolina, K2: SouthCarolina dulnd.w* thus ring or pin
I h A I 'tit. .to M I .td'1' Id .d ..'. e Inn, Nt Florida 9MTennessee ;
ba aehlered nt air.' ry w n Ih I 677'Oexgla ; Individual char-
\ \ : ': : ':: '::' : : = :':'-=--= =_.:: ____ ,_ _.__ ___ FURNltHED BY CBVSUS BUREAU. i .. 001, Alabama, T 4. Mlsilialpptm actor nay have which an in. ordinary mounting Electric Figures ,a ,
< Araanun. G84 Tens., '
I : Louisiana 7wl; ; lack .
2.577 The InortHo In Ten slums was lower than ar* Desk Lamp
-, ... ..... 1 he Marvel of the"bol.. Grand Story,of I nearly half a million: dollars I more than. to Our b* price found are elstwher la 1)\.. I
the wealth of the entire eleven mesa.pion
American Enterprise I. tlla''Recovery wag Stat* In 18701h moodS of fln. ."aUtoR. I We Arc ,Showing
Tell show' much Lard''your moot uniting exhibit of the census !
grocer of the South prom tbt Effocts of the I I. that of Oklahoma and the Indian Territory New 'and Attractivc -
I uon to be admitted to the Union, ,
Civil War pod the ,l I.terheocof Sojthrrn, Staid a* J. RILES CO, Line.Creenleaf .' Kwkdn
sells' and will tell how tho Stall of Oklahoma The first wealth .
we you The compilation of the e..nau. buronu ot I statistics taken of the two Terrltorlea JBWBLBIU,

wealth. ,st dl tk. 'ot the Inltod State, waa In '1809' when the development Of tho J_.k.i.Ttlle, via .
with the detail by States, aa well a. thllgure rew country had already well commenced
much is in i iM' of the grand aggregate, present The wealth of the two together
indigestion *, was hen Un8,,<,nOOOD In ter years their
all and each a splendid. Inspiration. of .
fur combined Increase yea MCI3.CIO.OOO. Foureara oountry trow* In *ptl* of politician It
If national and ot State prideTh ;. later 1004-th* grand, total' was It- will not do for a Republican tariff ad"ore':8&a + }
progress' and prosperity of the C1603SOMThere! care thai the secession State*
M' the
neighborhood. li no material In these flgun forth *l under Republican adminlitratloni -
I Lulled Bute as compared to other coun- .*ltiang. of any politician This land law*, .becaua* lira I>*mo'
.irks are familiar Iheinva of universal cystic politician' period
tI.rJ'J: :
but there striking featureof t0 antI Bop, claim
comment la a between )
'Lard"is made from hog-fat and is bound will surely supplant lard for shortening tills progress hoae algnlflcanr the that under Demorratla admlnlatratum
alien world loaf scarcely. understand; and each of Utt tleven aecoealon
to be greasy and indigestible-sometimes and frying purposes wherever its virtues which I* hut meagerly appredatcd even El rta4 increased Its wealth more than
by our own proul It la I In what hna j Its.. per cent,
absolutely unhealthy There isn't an are known. Give your poor stomach a been achl<.red In that part Of the republic '1'10. mill vel of th. whole grand story
; which In the trials of t the nation has *uffired of American. progre I I. th* reoov.ry ot
ounce of hog-fat in Cottolent., Its basis is chance: -divorce: yourself from' lardy and I the heaviest burdens of It* vlclial- the South. It I* Indeed a theme for nag pv
Cottolent tudns. That part I* what w* call the llonal! congratulatlcn and rttolotng.To .
just refined Cotton seed oil which is use H,,"lhIxit -
healthful. Cottoltne is made & u* lake the eleven Southern Stale, I .,......".. !
thoroughly digestible and by cleanly, hygienic, I which seceded. In imn-61-\lrglnU" North To' your bone aa wall .* to 8ur..U.
South "*rollna, Tennessee, '
Carolina :
sanitary process, which insures its purity Georgia, norlilu. Alalwma, MladxlpplArkansa You ned not *unr from pain or any ,
hors nd not ufr Trya ,& l
The stomach of the average American It b;'moreover, healthful, because its chief Cnnlemiilnie*.. I..oulslana. what and they Texaa hive ......eum.1.lIlIheel sort bottl-your, of Ilallard. Saw LlDlminC, ,.. ,

bas been subjected to lard-soaked food for ingredient is ahealthful product It will aid t Civilttr alnea. and lr.1J see five how year they after bare th trluniphed .. It cures all. Ho.pain writs.!J. "M.. hav Jtobefts.Bakn.Asld n4 Crosby Co.|

years simply because people have not rather than retard digestion. The house uf adnr..I\I.over. .a It long I. an all-embracing advancement train over Stone MountainCorn your to k* llnlmint tits bat' I for bar ta vr year u*.and d for And mea II

known the dangers of the "lard habit wife who pays any attention to hygienic I otyt.clea history of with any umple no vlrtW' In any parallel land.In the Whiskey{ : is the or Main bean.anu"Pbrnlt4 gold by' TJimoi: Clark: 41 Wai gtar .....*. '

Cottoltnt is BO much superior to lard, both cooking will use When (he.** eleven Southern State same thatyourgran' ,
emerged from the war. line blllton and a On thousand iwllrh tmdrr employedIn
as loathe palatability of the food it produces Cottolcne in place halt of wealth In lavi had disappeared father, drank forty Chicago a big peroenU-. of other whom work*r. WOMAN CURIOS1TT.Mother .,
Mora than seven hundred million of cripple and ltiPpacltal<
and its healthful qualities, that it of lard every time. other property tied been wept away. And years ago, aided his completed th. rg.nl&atlun tl a union*recently. -"Johnnl=i: am adngttiw
to enter upon a Iondark '
they were
period of deM amid demolition The proLM digestion 'and acted you for *llppm ..R'and; < fotngmaddl .ve/

COTTOLENE WM granted a GRAND PRIZE ((61g U.tpoMibl of recovery wu neeesaaruy long A M**>*ial*> .1 0.1. nod pee what tk. foity saemank.gieinf'dlnnmG"
aaddeit tonic. Kept'him
and painful Th. hour
drawn out as a not bring a* much hpplna laMr .'
award outer fat the Could
) all cooking at
over but
for Houlhern pride wa Appomattos of Caroline Wl,, ..
*. Lucia Wlla a* Johnnie Out, momnwr, they bad IC
I Louisiana cooked of SoMtnern manhood was ptt.heat /-' in perfect ,
Purchaa and food
recent Exposition, Id* star did on. Uo boa GI'Bucklcn* Arnica nloa dliixr" '
with COTTOLENE anotW GRAND PRIZE. .rt'E.when lee thlr, said abet; 'Human beloved virtu leader,should Hub- health. To-day it talv, when 'It compUUly cured a rua- S hat did they have?' _
her leI which fcad torturedigr
'HeeM "......e a heA eI Ja0 ..... n.ijati ..,.", be equal lo hums wealth..calamity of the eleven will do the same' for II |rar. Or.aiwt aitll .ptl
6.r ",.. Ie .,.... Th. atgreval boiler ( I'll", wound and wren Il.
It-Po i '"( ," *f f m Southern Slau 11I.Mo. was l&UIMtM. o J Jt GtlMBIIiGEit[
.4r.. n. ft X.f.dre.ui si osuty. CAft.g.. In leAve years after till x ar -iheiricgreaatu you because it is an at all 4."e.I.1& ,
C wealth was but UCuaUOM.
A NEW VEATU.R.Ep-Tg1. MIMA alMkU ta*> a. Ala pail U IW The future. for KIN were based upon .. ,absolutely pure corn Tn' mariallty rtoord Included. In Ib* Refracting.
ta .WaVtr.*li .*j4 wa.l..ai.( Inflated currency. and dodmllrul bne- last quarterly report ill 111. 'Amalgam'
It -a1ae.y..M TlVtraa* aturtUn *4 dYwltwllaNature's MUra 4 la* nrth' aa the *til.tlrUn* do. Ibe "..aJtbt whiskey. 1' sled Aim LlalKMi "I Hire. and Kkoutim Optician.
.-.,. ... w IWro .... .... >f time .Ut** wa UJM: ,OUJjOW. of M.I .':S.UI. .- Itidlwar Kmploye. showed that pncthinlof
.... I M,. than the year bet,,",tile war. Nothing new about it. the tuliMts.See *ntn: Bitty death wr /u* Iv Over fatly yarCactiMl tk.or.ti.al

I'LIUUI).or RW3JVKnrTh < tuber Mi>*rUn ie *orralljieilv
of artual re wefy free III. At a good places. : 5105, I i>y pr.l> r I Issas.) Mr*|
Gift from the Sunny South edicts* of the war from purrupt .uu ',UJ.nOlllpCI Upar CiJ Dlttllttri Till for catering,'ya.ee aad fealties r.p1wN'aad
air4. A large aMrlial of
ruM revWMinKtHio ,lwy ,lepiw ATLANTA Every partdifferent.. Phone
: as Mad al U U ,
:": y".a and ouonou* a_ k.. .loss .... ,...e..a.e a *.I ,1134<< or 64$. Slogan itra.

t.lr s .,' ,d +> '' ,, ? w ttt','t t, Ie" "+ 70 t'..+,: 'tJtryd'b; ba s s lead' w 1.1't t ?r ,,,',o' .l1 ''

." "c" ''''
; '
: )

: : :: '
t' '
f Hews: of""Ih. fP', WBATRKR FORECAST.JaHtawrllle : .
/ IVor/d
e. -
; [ : '. .aad HHallyt Fal*'**" ,

[[ i" t.B1. tAssociated t t I I alaht aad Btardy| NM.MdtrrirdO.
pO t.ri Haht t* fmk :' ,
Press r t ,1 + Mnlw.m traprat IW tahahaiaiatrmperatar
,, a 44.
: .1,

r 'VOLUME 20.. NO. 180.: ':JAOKpNVILLE' FLORIDA, ,J'RIDA v ER SO, 1906. . Out of City So; in'City, So. .

.- -. H ,. 1"" . ,

The. One-Cent-a-Word, Advertisements. for To-Morrow's Metrnlis( Ought to Be Brought in as Early as Possible,

. S



; .

; [ I 'PIECE ]OF NEWS, ;(

j .t'.
..,... a : ri. =- : _. >

r, '' C, D. Mallox Failed .to' Notify -/ Z'TrrrN / I Official Report Filed by Government , "

43 / Brother Operator ? I 1 : t Engineers._

: (.


'IT It roLL ""BXPaUlNBlD .BT'THXIA 0 I t I f .rTERESTr: PtGt1R81'THAT AILS .

A ',)i01rTABT1/UPraallfTpmlollT.: tss j CA18R. farts COMMENT, llf. CtTT'.<

+ ni Il':

tl .

r r .' '' a+......'........,o* tlbe 1O Y.L .... How the Depth **' *rfte* MM .BeeauBtradlly

Train, Bat,H. DM Wt Hav* Theme t* lavrea*** at Dta>rattle 'Pelrl

r jhhnatba: aerrtble) Cataarrepb. .la In : >. of Ik* RlTr kr.the Approprtejat

, 1al '. ::4.: l l *** tee ltlvere.set'Barker J
;Vlr. ,* Yeeterday.tynohborg. : ; : : ,

t Va;' Nov ):-The frightfulaccident I Th followingoflknai.report fromgovernment 'h'

t'' yeotardajr morning near Law JiII..rI.rpe;, ha. been,'

fen, on J the Southern Railway; in whlotrrealdant r.o.lv..tl1.l0&I"4 f'1'ri\40I-.n4 'Is"
tJ Samuel Bpenoer and hie'party tI (( of Interrat from.\ 'tha fet that' Ntenement Ie'to
1 $ t oat their'live\ *, I* declared by a Boutin ; of the Bt' John\ river at mean
.Railway official\ to be duo to tb. / '
1 low water Actors tint after Improvement
block rulea being dtregarddby O
telegraph f were ;
made by th*
jct Operator C D. Maltox. Ift charge ofth / ,
night track-at the block elation;at :
Rangoon, lour mUee north, of the eoeoeot ? 0 0 govneltll'a
J th* wreck, and tie. flrat,'elation\north 0 ,. ., r : $ a f
k ;
of Lawyer
D AU* nt General Superintendent'R.1t A. 1 t Point; on River.I ,

Coaohman, of the.oom.pallY. thl morning '"' ;4 '_ 4 ,1).m
frV gav*} out thefollowing tatomant to arepresentative'of "
t; ft, th* Aewotated Preaa.which y \ e > )
M *xplln. folly the _oauae of tbetroubloi :. .; '. . 1 ; : a sI r ;; ,

Investigation'w x> far mad. Of the aod .. . Bar at lnlranoen.u.... lot II :r\\
dent devoop.liu fact that Operator Mat- Ward Bank cheat ,...*. ,.?? w 7d
1 tog o A 1eAtrain, No. n Into the Mile Point Shoal ..,,.-....,;-',. ,'n 54 .
..i k''blook, ,an*! dUregardlng tula. ..' tolled to 41 / White hell ahoal ,.;;?, u '
.notify-. the operator at Lawyer of thla ''i j Fultonnhoal .....f-:::::;::?::..' II ;:: \4.:
*fact.,.When the flnt aoetloo of train IT .( 'V t1A1 / E Clapboard creek ahoal ..?..,... ]g ""i 11\ j_
approached ,Rangoon, Operator Mattox Brown. 'cr *k shoal .....,...,...' 11 M ;
a at Lawyer*,"found the block on IItkTh15 ,,: Bt Charles creek cboal ........ u
.jraa. given by 'operator at lawyer*, < 0 New Bertn'0h'dyel ,, who did net know It had. gone in upon . Dame'* ahoal. ",.<..i.,..,,. II If
,'tbo block., No n brok down at south _ Brill html .,..>?.:.?.'.......... M It
,and of the curve' an4 ..' oon a* the Vs' r 'v / Dunn'a creek shoal. ',.J........,. u tt I. "
.',,;:: train topped" the flagman ran ( t- protect hen train, and w* can .QI" Trout' creek chest ............... ]. '11) !.;
:.ot: learn the flagman 4a11P:4',about .d ''''''In.lolI'.lIo&1 ......:..........' a so'' .

fI.t. .... JOG ,arde-........ No, It wig'la view on't4 OTHER: INFORMATION. !.
Sta! ourv. Dngmeer McKinney sew tOe $ t ;
Bank ahoal to B.TW bung d f..s..4.' .
f.f 'f:atgn.l.ed applied the emergency braka to M feet
At -
1 but did not hav timeto leave tl* aat J Jwb ti rx t. r aJ .< mean towwater.Dame's i
.. ... ",: f'la t I t st .. PolatoeOah;+tbrougb chat
.. rat s rL a .
\ -'l
... \ Mi KM foes feid ., |* eow'J15tngtaed.d. 3>
a6 1M'4 se 4'hr.r.; .-," ...,. teat wide,'-HUV.C'.v>. A ,,,... ",fc ;,.{, -%,,'.',

;.. .... ii-

,,;}- :\ :the. OPERATOR'trip wa!,.,.taken MATTOXA 'aboard' kpenoef'tMu DI8APPBAE- R8.tl for. MRS.. I ONG !OR I"fr 1E'{ $) :1.tSEINS"t CRffr'SIGHllti E ; A;' BECK. {-' ': : j :.e,. ,,' ,t- pith widened to m,feet.wlthla. the, next few"

fuller Investigation will be mad .* : mnnt"I... tiA'f
r ipaedlly M po.aibie.The company baa a 1 i Ore :(hoal* la now::1(1C1( feet wide.. 'x
number of men aoourlnc the country. In !{ OCAPITt1lL CHARGE OF PERJURY and will be deepened 00't1 feet and] f: ,
the hope of locating Operator Matte [. W . r' widened \0 8W fee-U within In. next. few. 'r
but up to a late hour thl forenoon they J : ppl month. '\i
have been ,able to- aaoertaln abeolutelyjiothlng .. ., .\ol ....tv. .Ji._ ,. No work yet at Arlington chat<< but will rR
aiwUk # *'
*> < *" : '
aa to hi* whereabouts ,. . t b* dredged to 14 feet depth end widened } t
t. .. 1- to KO feet within I the next few menthe .. '
., SOCIAL. HOUOAC ION COMORICM.M President's: Daughter!1 < Demonstrating 'Fair Opens cf the greatest seaports on the Atlantic' +
ff Btglo* II. Aaaaal Bla I. Be.. ,to White:House. at a Preliminary, Hearing.Another Remember' this\ prediction. :i:
T-Day. . .. -- \
'- A $Tlipj4 Ibis\. Afternoon.. -. MARK TWAIN II Tt TO-DAY. ;0<
'Boaton, M...., Nov W-Th* Social ,Bd* '' '-
ucatlonal Congre oommancod It* annual' Washington Nov .-When air*."Nicholas walking: 'aulUf!which'ah*' wag compelled chapter: wits; finished ''In' the ing thnt KreeMll struck Mm wbil hWM Noted H........ Receive Coavral- .!**' "..&

., eraalon In the 1emgnt'Pimple her Into lomrwcrth returned' to Wuhlngton to adopt In lieu of evening gown during I ; CBM'of ':S:% A,.Beck, a' young bartender .atthet.lephone. forenoon, whenltlMr Swat a ''arge"at- : her 'campaigningtouK'r when Mr.' Long- lbau.d., ; ; Beck .wa Krewoll wltnM and denied 4
with In givingellogod
4 I : from: New England, where ..be'.n4 her ? ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY perjury th itatement of three other ....U.ne ;
tendanc of prominent educator from all worth wa .ttU pl..1a Onetanatl re1elwllon .New Tcrk. Nov. ax::Mark Twain .lli /1
part of the Mat.* In attendance. ")!::411. .ba"4.I1U.. bean VI.IU.-* week, .. Until their home In Elgtit! anlh tola"* teaUmony' In atoase'ettth ,'tat.' _* that Krwnell truck the drat blow, prince of American, humorUta, I I. r..r...IV'| *.. '
cation for Cltlmhahlp. waa the (Ubjeotpoken and brought auven trunk, which contain Street la. ready; for them, Mr and Mr*. M-aJnat-Trenk' .KfeeealircharBodTwlth **. When Kroaaoll herring woo ftnlahed, Ing tne early congratl\:latlnna nf hi. '.
on by :f>...ld."t Eliot of Harvard com cf her llnkem' This 4* 'b. Long-worth win .remain. at eb.r'While, j-f14Sl; s THIS' cur nulling_C.' C",Wooteo,.whan,he:wa* arralgnod John t>..iDon.tt, attorney; for 'Wooten. friend film all parts of the. Continent .
N asked the to consider t'1. 780MIAEa tlI' demanded the arroct of Beck on the t
congrei It children name Mr. Long-worth applied to her House. 1 tl"a'lIln,'lorws; preliminary And abroad to-dny on tilt occuCnn' of die *
at present were getting, the kind off charge of.'jur7. The warrant agalnat
Of;CRAROB or THB .BOOTHS.it i it Mventy-nnt I Irthday, Ml, Clemen
education that would enable them In mature trial:before Juetlce. Howell the defendant charge him with willfully !. -11
. : t a. 1 yaare haw been only melln ln m,
year to give th* right Support to : ,,On. October' .rtrta,hurt: Punk1Creesen knowingly; and falecly iwearlngthat tbetr' wonderful ahock nt
'rb. be the IDA TARBELL YEARNS ; the Wooten) did drat 1 : ;,
the Stale Mate, Mid. ha* wa given a hearing by Justice .Farrl* deponent hair hsa'bentgray then nvnral decode,
power to would I demand that A Maclcat: Will.B* AttractiveJFeev .trlk* KreaaelU and aim that an. B. J. "n4 Ines \
... ; : III We
any tount0hsnca'are
'CII :n-c: { grew .
the C.Woot-
. on theeegtImeuitlng'C! : .
to eba'
the accomplishthl I Burk wee not preeeat In S plans only the marks of < ,ilinlen* nhkerviullqn ,
end be given to children. Governor tern Thlo 1D "aa-ID"' "" He..*- Sib bartender for Wit F\ 8eobau At, Into when .the Brat blow wa etruck, but or perhaps of Inward i Uuiiilitir' The 'fo"!,,

Quill and )lr. ,O. It Martin; wcrelary of :.TO GQ ON :JUES1'-AG keeper la Jaek..nWethb..ld.PsT'aVint : hearing the testimony howd that Kreeeell came In afterward, aald statements be- year Ant' him' after a* widely varied, ai're :\i
the Maaaachuaett Board of Bduoallou and Book catered Beeba .. ator and Inc ImtteHal to acid cause then and tbere. an a nun mould have. a cltlm'n nt
spoke on the cam cubject." The other t. Ties ratr,' had a row-with..Woolen. .over-eoma mIl on trial' and *wh) b.la.1.** and un hew York and thl*,',. orabaMy" his per \
quaaflon for dtwuailon are 'Tt>. School 1.l" ''r. UBJentandlngabout the of the true. He
i / rule n anent abiding piers I I. domlellrd III''
,, a* a. Social Organisation' "The School A,buay acen. wa prntd thl mornIng Bartender1.Union I and a'' Bartender 8.'k', b.1.u\ fixed I.b.. um of toe nt these rtgnlfleil. hen 'ninn/iloni la
nnl U'I. Family' and 'Commercial Education : : Woman in Boeba, : Saloon, whichKrewell for trial In the Icwer Firth ., In JI l of
Leadlng.Role..l the I Club building on Union Olin *' Moo tor hi* appearance : av."" < lit the
," The congreM will ill until Saturday She Is Fascinated -Wltiijthe atalD ,' atreat, near Haug. by :the I. alleged to have torn down Criminal.,Court. Th bond wee furnlahd \Vanhlngtnn Arch, which hnld ,tl',11"11"
afternoon. 1 ; I hunt and man of getting- the laat exhibit sad demolished. A fight ensued between The.4at. 10I1.JI\ woo rep-oaontod. by (nine'\ the enooa-hmenie of ,ofo\ ""114.
,4 Capital vs: I tabor.Ml . and< p"ttIJIIlllt the flnlahlng decoration well and Wooton, th*. Inti..' ollllm- Maj. J. ,B, Maxwell Inge and the nolna' of butlnen Sheet*. ak
}ROUGH RIDKR,COMrUMBNTBD' ,,, . of the Domontratlon Fair, which will; a ,,4etnrmlnaton| that erne ,r
Roovelt :....rw. .. I wilt open thl*' afternoon at 4 o'clock and for then. nddid reenact Mr ':1<1I'.lOn. .l
tl f'ye.ldaa/ Aeeelale cemradal ' .0stts'pley eontlnu through this week amt until I woo born In Florida, )In. tie I In suet re* 14v
,. Klce rederalWaahlngton P..IINnu ** Ha Tarbell. the RookaTeller "and Blilrler Roeamor. to Mr.' Byroa: Thureday: night of next week, opening REV. R. J. 'BATEMAN'SLABOR covering1 from his annual attack nf prom ,
BteM&idQU Xomeil, may Uka., (* the, Ready Money Ryder. I think Shirley every day and night. I t'tltl. but utatri he I I. enjoying c_|>ltalliralth ,,
NoP".ltl.nt Hooae- Roeamore, ia great __ 1 .Ilk. .the
Thai I fair I is under the of' 1 .
tag*, th* >>* ibimy of br 1'1&1'1h' management
volt tales announced the appointment ol way:aha Nee after chat great klot'.1 s.
leading rule In "Th Lion and the MOUM" a... .. .,.. a&rIk. .... Mr*._ Our R. Pride, Mrs J. o. Baaaent I' '
John Mollbenny of Loulalajia, to nu th. Bh* **,* horn yUma and Mrs John B Fran, and required JfI Net-tTlt'ALL MlfBl'M.Neted .
Civil .. It.1*.aWOBd rfttl sad J any NEARING END
vacancy on the Barvlce Commlaalonauaed now being under conalderatlon. ,part am Information can be obtained from :
by UM pronwtlon ef A'W Cooley, It Mia Tarbell rlgna a oontraot to appear aura I oOMM ptayi.lt." > them at: th*'offlo* booth In the club building C*.llalU. .. C . to be aaalatanl attorney general of tbapepartmant in the Klein play ah* will receive J 147: will,take.rpr.: on' that proportion, or at tha Mouse phone .....*., .N t
Tarbell, Mr. Harrla.- 'I
of Mr '
Mcllhennywee alary of Htuo a week t .
s Althoug thae ladle hav It In. charge. Rs'
a member of tbe regiment of RoughRW.re Mia Tarbell w** an' Intareated epec- ..stvei-roa-a-conlraot. two weak .very. ,number of the club I I. equally Intereotod New Yoik, )fo"'M..._ C .Viuidur.tilt .: ct'
of which prwldent Rooaevelt of "The -.the lrkfbf (alary', *v_ paid ea
woo I.tor at aeveral performanee This Preacher Has Much In
to intake the fair of value t 0 Accomplished and F. W, Bourne have contributed r .
colonel., during the. Bpanlih-Amerlcan Won and the M.u.. at the park The otrea;l1'1, ;': ( la Ibo play. an{ theirnuraerou patron This evening al toward I II.. aid of *n endowment cf MOO. 7
War Uellhenny 1 I. a Democrat and hi. atrr. Uoeton. Meeting Henry B. Hauls um. 1:11: o'oluck there will l b* an Informalmuidoaho Rescue: Mission Work. ((00 required for the new nautical. muxuni, wee'hlrh
make the board Democratic aha "I win think,H old Ml* Tarbell
appointment a after performanoe of the play remitrked qva .rrangdby.te.i, K. II Mot !. DriArfMMd la IM *rMM.d In IhIBcliy 4'
one, Ooinmlealoner Black a lac being In ealoking way: "1 ahouldIIkt "and let youknaw within month"laally
(F. 0.' Millar1 piano- booth). and( Mrs. A. ; The fu0 cniuunt "t the endowmenthu
of that political faith . B. Vane C1Awl.... Bate.), to which th. nearly wen lulieorllwil, but an uddUtionul
-" OR.AT' FIOOON-SHOW. be developed. :Hut ctnrag elevator public U cordiallylrvltd. The Rev, Rob J. Bateman., of national In the Springfield Melhodlat Church Dr run will be required for the pur.
," IITIXT,' '" will .have to b* erected at th* end Children ar* reaueeted to enjoy th. fair repute In rescue. mlwlon work, repreeent I Batsmen ha. cpoken In a number of the clue.. of chart. model. .'0., fur the mu,, >
'" A' Lute Dlglay Sa a... ae .......... rf th. retiroat. .llftfte\ but the added In.euranc :an to-morrow. afternoon ,from I to I 'la..t.IUI.nOll. at Jackeonvllle I prominent cburohe of the city. to Ihepleasure Paulo. The committee to-day; announce Oaeafted ", ..U. Calla a. the Ulk- CaLoxhiand *'aad toraga hate. will be ndfast o'clock, a* thoe under fourteen (lo will log the and edification of all, He I I. mleerncat that preparation* were nearly complete 3
..., -' by.the. peal dooreaa la freight. rale*, It [not be admitted at.onyj other time unlea who ha been at work In the city Impressive epeaker. thoroughly and that the Invtllutlun would He pl i4 Jon
Cat,, Nov.-OOo of thelargtl I* predicted 'that the .Tout. If found aantlcealil accompanied'by their parent. Children "acme week. organlalng and aetabllahlngtb acquainted with every phaee and detaUot the came footing aa. the Metropulllia.
Norfolk Va.. Nov .-M.n from the. ahowa, ever held la the Weat *. ,,01.Mull.. headlea, late. will not,be served from tb* booth, out work of rescue mlaalon *o .uoc'...- his lubject. Ills sal I and oonaecratodontbuelaam Museum of Art and the Anwrluan Mil-.. 08
cruleer TCuwa.. *.. and Waahlngton declare sue pigeon opened here ytaurddy, ."",ItOO. undrr amount bf'.,..mo'd. tIM. Weston States of Juetlc to th* odvirtlaer. a* the free fully, will deliver Ale lent .441....... 'Inthla are Infcctlou and Ole ern.et own of Natural IIIMory, and be controlled .
that the aO .*d "nmtlnf on the the auaplc** ef the CaUforola PigeonVuclely of AmerU-a a* well a.* that of .Canada.The . ,eamirie are for distribution to th. bouaekepr city on Sunday appeal go atralght to on*'. heart 1 by a *ocl' .ly, lbs city pyln only f'o
Trnneaeee. oocuned while the rulaer 1 woe There are tluiuaaod of axhlbltafrom Canadian Norths.. '). building. a line of JackaonvllleTh In tha morning' at the 11 clock *er. Those who have not llatened to him, on for the building on park ground. Ihe
being coaled on the Itthmu' for the return from .tra.Prtnoi Albert branch and, UM fair will In the thl.. the great burning of 'Jil. .cla-a olxwrw.tury ,,
all fart of ,h. W...... State and I adululon to the I I. entirely vie. l>r Balemaa preach purpoa Inellluttun will have a III at
trip homeward. and li dt during the quit .a number trees New. Vork and Canadian Padn and Grand Trunk anrounoe free and the, public will find It,a pteaoaat Snyder Memorial Methodlet Eplacopal' life, cannot afford to ml* thla opportunity wlilrli sill l be at lie, acrvlue. of She
' trip on account of alleged poor ration UoatonalUHbl. diver cup will b.award.d that. .hr Intend. building. branch. ..and profitable place In which. to pea (Church and In th* evening he will epeek publla two or three nlghla a week. and a ,
All I la declared to be theTennewaee -
now quiet on .
llae*la the aprlngMra '
Th* aubl"ct of equeb'nltlngsa an hourThe , i iiMulleal) museum cunlelnltie moilila el all
confined for Thou ether In olr.n.the.brig.. There are being wa a buelnev I* receiving;. eonMrabeattention following .......m..t' of, chairmenof OKLAHOMA DAMN 'DISAPPKAKINUTa All Pleaded Quilty.Chlcagu I etliilng type of ve ie elgnil: d vlij,
< FwaiW t* d. and ,
and been mad: Instruments hlalorln yours 1
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'1 ? aTTH, W1 M'>Xi ry, It', .; } ; ,tr 4, ? ?., 1,. M, ,,I ;,, i rXa' 't"td., .y ,, ,
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I.j 4 Wants ''I RenE: sale LMiscellaneous, Real Estate Dealers


. ,.

wislk & ChristieREAL

::6 ,Don't Buy a Diamond I I r- Otke lavelale ... Heal Pag. WM., BURBRIDGE

IIMALL! furnished. apartment for nous*. r f
Keeping; choice loo&Uon. V01S Riversideavenue. Real Estate. ESTATE.
I '
Before Seeing'Ours FOIL CHAUCMM

CORNER Adam and Julia streets two REN1
I unfurnl\ .h d room to dent Two full lot In Riverside!" In best Eight-room house In the
Look elsewhere, but give UI a chance to figure with you neighborhood, fronting 100 feet on
FOR IUJNT-J.: private family, large FOR RLaeldr' awnne and rUllnlnlf throntD burnt district $7,000.Nos. REAL
before ,making a purchase. Our stock is complete in every furnished room, connecting with to Onk, street. Cheapest property. left ,
I bath, suluble for one or two ladles; In, this, locality atProperty 1713 ,
handle fine white atones whichwe 1109 f711 and .
,respect, and we only perfect! housekeeping allowed. Aptly!: tar Lois in LaVilla best ,

import in large paper lots, thereby saying you the middle Lawn location, everywhere' Fifteen anito 1115 Hubbard street; 110
renting W.ForsythSt.
I man's profit ONE furnished room suitable tor one or $200 per, cent Inveatment five rooms bath and
two ladle*, with privilege of to '$500
r young ; one fourth rOR BALE ,
board.: Apply 13* Weet Church atrreLRENTNeatlJ electric light; nice little Trlephoae dN.i. .
cash, balance 6 per II.009.01 mertgag bearing T per cant
?4 r furnished front room, Klaat tent. and maturing, In two years at homes ; 2,000 each, ..

d Foriyth. : MJay.e. cash.

I FOR for 1Tho Furnished.;rooms best 'I location suitable, Bainbridge Richardson Office 125 Laura. Nos. 302 308 and 3J4f Three lots in ,

-p4 near Bay street) references requiredAddree .I a
Phone 2 BU.w.
+ A rr __ ,1IT. WElT rOBSTTR ST. .
P. W, B can Metropolis. East Second street t; Riverside, paved

'. FOR RENT-Furnished front room private seven rooms bath and
family; board It desired; phoneKSL. K ..mralJlr&.0.. L 1Mt"llJo ,
I ,iAMD. u MAIN' STREET.' .. TOEST BAT STREET.A. Lots L electric/ ; light, $3,000 street near river ,

.C. .. WATCH INSPECTOR FOR RENT-Furnished front rooms, connecting . SEBRING & BOYD each, part cash. '
down stairs modern con.renlence.
up or ; and
t Write for our 120 page catalogue of Diamonds; Watches ,421 Newnan Laura itreet. Una corner ,.,..a.11ae/ SIB Dya1-V.ckrek Bid*. Fk*>.e> UBS. Lot 521x80 Union street on car line ;

.Jewery. Laura street choice location.Iura .... IaN r,
and Furnished ,
i FOR foams adjoining
bath; southern exposure; oomfoitabl atreet, ,CCrneri; bargain.Silver ..",. 1.... between Main and. $1,000 each ; easy
i ; light and airy" ; with private family atreet. .outh 0l'JlI..lltb".1.Walnut' : ,- SPRINGFIELD.Residences Laura
. all' JODvenlent $2,500.CHRISTIE I ,
; mavenmprowmerte; ,
to Windsor Aragon and Du- street, near Ninth.Boulevert. ..;.;. TeaSpringfield ranging In price from . 1 terms
f.r.- Other Specials See Page 3. val Hotel beet restaurant and boardIng .. fancy double lot, IJ.IOOOO to 111.00000. 4
r house Call at Me. ill West Dv.alstrut U'xllS ea two paved atreeti; Building iota, full else from. 11.000.00 ,

IS/" . mot prominent corner ...?.. S.B4W to 11,00000. & CHRISTIE (:J
11 II FM'Ntii'e'FMei'N'w: ' 1 rot' 8AU>aIM : :FOR RENT: -Two fumnnied room In All'above- have east or couth .... ,
; ana locaUt)'. 1111 Main ftreet, neat front DYAL-UPCHURCH; BUILDING,
; ,. ;. Hems>!; I FIn4 -- ..
Hubbutt'et ranging tn price from -
Otker ttrol.l. .**) X .xt Party near Ninth; bargain. SOO ;
eap NN. |l.000.00 Co' 110,0000.
t8a..leN Alra* I XLEOANX-: : furniahed rooms; modes ElehthayerL two \leep Iota
.l' ; ; everela a* sa.ra tale *... FOR aA ..A.-Four or fkr thonaand bud convenience. 4M West Monroe 73x101 facing south, cb..... 1SSOH. Building-! Iota fall alas! trotg60D.00 FOR SAL'EI"!
,* ....-tea tar OH. csnrT A woao, ,I colored preiaed Drink, HI a thouaandicoet to |7, 00,00. 5i JOSEPH RDUNN: I r
"+' eM |. MTU, .ek laaevtlM.BPEOIAL I tM.: alto. aome haTy timber Apply FOR RfeUT: -Two good .... "oonneotlnjrooms
:'b ; Muse MrwN....Ivrrtbr.rrbt' BJCN'' BURBRIIXI&! building. alte corner rumlabed;. large cloaet bath, CITY PROPER. Several choice lots:in
NdNaN1. w IN. .._U- t/ala and. Aal eT. | eleotrlc IIc'>I& Call ,between 1 and I I Residences, ranging la prloe from II Rr.AL CSTATt AMBINVESTMENTS Riverside
:i. -: =- p. ra., W4 West Monroe., S. DENNY.. (6,000.00 to itt.ooooo. t on easy terras. This include
FOR.ALE-. Dona. 1 7"f.. WentMoaroe I ) SOT-
:,f t j I Tke-'-eeB*.eee et ra11' iwneve |.I' ,etrNt. FOR RENT: -To r..ntl.men, 'nicely far Porn Ml ... ,..|.. *treet. Building lot, full alie,from a ,500OO eral 'ver'/
wtt choice
haaaahr ttealae /11,6D0,00 rjver; front .
,;\ ;. .=::.. Tketo '.' Dished rooms. 120 East Monroe.NICELT 4 \
i llala with ke 'OR BALE! Vienna ebalra and table; Home and Inveetment property, In 'S
: r" i >"aaetM. will, at .be aim ba | almoat new." Call. at tie FALeTAFr.. a furnished. room opposite WtnlSe.ot.a'3 Money ,to lead on city real es-- all parts of the city and uburb, and 'What Are*You PayIng tor pr'ces.! r
''M' ... ... HAN N.III BROS. all on to lult buyer.
or sor IU per month i conven tats I' .t.rm.
\ Alwatlerrrnle br AY ...... ESTATE
;l t Julia itreet BENIN REAL AGENCf r

4:).l" > etlre-.. 'set...latekaai. .N eyeepNrfp 1 e-sleek t* FOR SALE! )rondltloo-Bargain., Juat Bauare been overhaul piano Inexcellent -Properties. for sale and,rent Always Ready to Show Property Out for Rent ? .

i, 1 N...lee pnNr du.ItMtlaY'i ed,.or willing to exchange (or city lot THE AltCniBALD i rr.r. flax au iv. roroytA Ir .
... ...-.t.., aad pay difference; aee thl bargain al CO CALL AND SEE US.

,1 t: ..i. ,ono 1(11 'IITOI't...city.A .. '. tyQ 13 tales. .Ittw4. p..*.. lfra.Wm. As Mucb'as $25.00a

BAROAIN-Farty expecting to lean '
city In the spring will sell eeveral day Month ? :: :: ::
; xiIae WANTED lot In best part ot South Jacksonville. lust Finished .P.Pt

MO down,. '7.110 per month, /per cent Knauer-
1 it .WANTCD-Prrn: feeder. Ji 8. JlOx..rj .- Interest.. Address SOUTH BIDE:, can 0 r PI I mrr n ,
UNUHWORTH/, prUWer IM .Weal'' Bay Metro poll*. .One of the cosiest, bait> arranged '
; and bets built houei Why not use the $25 each monthto rlp
'' FOR BALE! -Dapple gray hone ..0044r1v.r -
In Springfield. 421 l'ut! Fifth''
; ,
w.WANTCIaCook >t t west Stale. and saddle, city broke fearlee Real estate St. Seven room and bath. apply on a home Here is + r. J.
and found. FRANCIS, 800 Talleyrandavenue.
'. ? Lot 48 ft., by, 303 tt.' your opportunity to reformA -- BOUND r

''IigLP'WANTED-YIMALL., 4 Rents_ and Loans Howe'and ground complete. two-story 'S- house for : ry l >< .
,., ......"....-.....--- -' RETURN TICKET for ale to Chicago; room TO E
: COHKM BROB.1:' .lady' at.big discount; good to December It!Is pleasure to show this 2500. By paying $700 cash
) ;
:I.At.F8fcAptJt8 HfVcltArt... want Da HOUBB.! Wh Addreea TICKET ,thl office. .743 ,West"Adams. Prices right and, ewy terms and $25 monthly it's your !home. ",= Y'"" AMEAD J',

foiWANra.l'KTperl INCUBATOR and brooder) good aa new) "' Brown Co. and it'I"&ll! right location is ? '
(1V1 Realty
: rE1'-Yount
:t ( ,
183. '
; .JI'I"O Room t1L cheap) quick. 'POD. Itetropolla.NEW ", \ Phone;f r ,%
d'ri.m4ke4' __ ., 't. ; : .3B C. BAY TMCCT. good, the lot is.large, and the ,.

a" ,'( "; : t cd white olfbl oIt1. FOR 1I.A.Lm-'J'w.Ia' tMa IIDII4.IU Donrn.HANNI tmtla!rulaDlrsad BROIL .I ,rift Beival BUaV- VelCBhOM 1MB.. surroundings..could ,not",be.bet '} ,. t"rt' ,'

4'' wnr.lmWtY1oF.rawtplh Jo I"ot '- 2. J ., ,_ . :' : '. *" ", ,,.
aJLIa1 Sr V, :; j \".' ter. ::: ,
Telephone j8/r matting. _u.r IT.M per ron; .' a/t 6A
.,: OIIWaboYltarRttttaeWllrodYrIO _..,,-hamS furniture and aterea obeapatBR1TTA01'e ,,t I k' .'. 3 ?
J AdaYlJf sa'Bridge atreet ., . r ,
,Wrlpra .9o*'haiKt' J.rpl, btt".n ---I "S iOfEPER'DUxN. ,. ,.
'lk'1'Luridir: ,to! ONyagW;,: ...AR1D0 t; FOR- ULBI- IUOI\.ble. blank mare ST.WWitt 'U.IIM 1- The Wee Balldla 1 i stt

...C lultabla for lady *o drive; alp phaeton, 6\17'on*.,of the nicest homea

:: and fieif.har>,eaa, ,.Box U, South Jaek-; prr In Rivet-aide.. Kl Oaknet, Four .flat. centrally located, ; "'T 1 +,
'tUIJt' -
modern, Unladed.
WAMTEP=-MALE.WANTED .' wdrWa : entirely elegantly
Stick house, modern In . .
"'--.J every re- All rented Insured for ,
i };/ sisnographer FOR SAbE-Mortar barrow' '. WILLIAM. There .are many .kind! of cooks. spent Very, easy. terms; I year Income Jl.iW.00. Progress has been our watok- ;/
." -At,once,' an'expert male IVERS, SU Julia ttreet. 'bad I R., J., MAC ILL
; svlthgeneral oflle: and eawVjiilU 1 Borne are ..004..n4 aome are ; word,,and.aJway ehallba, Thin

{\I\ experlenoe; ;, out ;of oltJrtoad;! waggive F' 'i\"ii iit----bi;; ;-.4. BEN ,:Only good 'one will .apply I lot of real citato offend hen .ii.of t '
N; reference aad alary expected. BURBRIUOE northwett comer Main -' 1
pox *" Cty'VArfTLDAt* ? It you plant;' a small Whit :Ad, the"highest firad" that cab be ry
and Aahley._ __ __ - 1 rOR SALB-MACHFACTCHIfia SITES.I ,, ? !

".\ onoei' clerk for fancy gray NEW Iron bad and iprlnga. aUG to HM, ros aiirr-HouaEa.: QIIMe ,I8IM have a. magnificent I piece of- prop found.' '

/ nsxpeoted.cry tndrr'atau, no cigarette referenoeo fend and wantod salariiV at BR1TTAN8' A 'beautiful lot. In JUn Ida A .h.n4aom. realdenae a shy rtr on the 8. A. L. track, north of the 'We ,have an elegant 8-room

il1 BV61NE88, car Metropoll. : i FOR -New abt.room i bou.e.north..l on' 'Fark street, between risk ut..t oorn.r ot Oak. and ally track and close let fet.In containing deep,. at a. 4T1 bargain futon house on >Lanra street, completely r

\u ;*wUiTE.T "od* 'man cook; .mall Imlly WANTED. I modern comer Albert improvements and Tnlleyrandnvenuo Xppl and Post Gilmore ,rereets, Arles Jurntah.tL; ,The furniture in' thli, ,c'

\) ..1 ) tperlenoed, HO,,.feast Bay raw other Sg.ciala. Be. Meat ...... I Or DR.Ul M M'ln..b'ttot.RE1 CHARD. s.m. l Albert itreot ret Also on another railroad tract for 11,600.on earn.road 130 house '
:.;> "'ANTItD-portor: at White' 110 Ualrtreet These properties are *o well located and U all prMtdoally 'rani The ,,
\ WANTED-You to phone MM for wood for manufsoturlng Interests that, they .
,: Call and see m. 'corner Brldgi FOR RENT-Eight-room house, on E'ut
,, and Monroe. I. H. WHITE. mill wood U delivered. Yard foot New- Adams treet. 118. FLOYD TORBERT, FRAZIER & RERErON .Real.Estate tannot fall to attract developer houe cannot be rebuilt for leas ,
ntutreet.. A fine lot corner Fifth and Hubbard,
- - M West Forayth. street; phone 171. -
: ;j.WOnTII. fJ LUNQS. I .. ror II.ISO.II : than $4,000.00. ,

{' '.; printer, L90,Wet Bay.'WANTEDwiiite .. YOUR,kind oil, ELLERItf.heater to roerlck., No. U or IIrl4,repair,..; all ONE Highway! new,and tour-Palm.room cottage Inquire-corner tit Wei of Phone, ;999. s .Wfjfce
and general ---. r for a lovely Riverside home, house lot and 'I .
.YOU 0 man a* 'teno..ph.r. Bay r furniton for, +
aii elPce .** ><*nt.: Rtorpepb food ,Ifaailifactory. r BOTTLES: Wanuo, to 11011' all klnda of, room, on eorper lot In choice looa- : -
and ....,k.,-highest price. ooOO.i:
.' Addrea Box tw. dive bottles rag FOR RENT-Nine-room house, modern Lion $ ,
teferencea.WANTEDMen. paid. JACKSONVILLE PAPER AND. and comfortable I Immediate possessionIf ".600 for a lot on Hogan ttreet. :1
__ BOTTUS co., W Wen Bay. )1' desired Apply; K Oak street Riverside. :' ff if PREWITTE & AHERN doern.. Anyone wishing t modem home, t

to l *rn burter trado, ,, |l BOO for an. elegant corner lot in every respect and readr to
the well' known Molar, Byttera of Ool- WANTED-Two or three furnished or '. lOtxias, burnt district.
!sort looated In 1..nIS'.t..O leading unfurnished roam for clairvoyant ..ndpalml.U I' FOR ItBNT-lIla-rnom': house; all modern, R:4L: 69'rA'it; KM DTALuroavmcaPhe .v..xu I!walk into, would clo""well to' Meus
mutt be In builneai section.Address .INVtS'11fLm-/fQ/fTOA4E4 .. **. '
careful Intruotlnnt
,, ateady praotlc
Oder ;
cltlea Improvement 101 Ba"t Becond atreet I
1 ( tool eta; few week com. PALMIST .car* Metropoll. I IWANTEDTe.m. LANDS.ORWOCOTOVES. !in reference to t.hIJ'p1&oe..
11 ; FOR R1.NT-Nine-room, twtr-rtory cal'-, w.' b.".'a lot close ID ultl"le for .r i ,
bnnrh. t6OLbat'HARIiERACOGLCGlfl( : ,, : to htul board and fate: modem Improvements Apply alan IS WEST roMvni 3r,, colorsd ccttag, that. w* will sell away. SIMMONSSHAYLORCOMPANY -
AtI.nta.' 0.. or New ""J.*""'.J. framing from our mill on Talleyrand i East nion ."**'. Meat Nea. down below'Ithr'' market prloe.Ix H
t avenue to the city, Telephone ldD 1C.! '
H. VRlBfn, manager, 1 WT 0-Nice'cot! Uge horn*. lot IdOrllS, >t on the'Boulevard. A ......... Phone;1'30. HLau ,a St.
MISOEIJlANKOUaWANTEDat. ..,...-... .,. .--y. -..I MIBCELtAnOU8. Riverside gleo.-Deep lot In Springfield, ?
-,.,... .- BALt-SMAN; expertanoed, desire po.N { clonl.1 dwelling. east front, e1ea0--Corner lot In Bprlngfleld. ,1 -
I. aroma Oa., a lion, local or traveling.flrtt-claia: teferences + lays ot, BDrlntdeld.pROVFlnr 101x105. This lot Is south ot Third - |
IIr. .
1 J':ck on\ : : f'EldAI.ET' MALFt F1LLB) Nlrash, residence; paved street and ... ... EAST FORSYTH STREET.
1 Railway n mllaa from Addreu "W, Box T7I, Jack 10-roou the be.it on our 15 WE ,
taint '110' box Postomce: Box Ml I : HAVE TOR >8RORTTIME '< b
town true I month burnt dlrtrlctpatoDFull ,
northern colony 11011 vIII. ; ____._ treet IlrtBe.ytlful J
old i about (UO population) bulldln up -, hale lot, paved. .itreet realdene on corner lot In : PROPERTY TOR
rapidly) we need a. phyalolan badly, \VANTRD-To buy' buggy horse. ACHE < I OSTEOPATH burnt district. burnt,district; 10 large rooms Will BALE> :' THAT WILL PAT
have good drug tore, will be pleeMiito ATM AM. 110 West Forsyth street J ,., . .,w. ,...,..y..MpR ads. | on very attractive terms .
to Handle on consignment abl amenta olfrulia t '. BETWEEN 13 AND 14 PERCENT
and "'.,otabl... C,, 0. UTAH. WANTEU-Varant space' 11 or 15 feet '.U.Mutual Ct. T. 8TRCBLE Life building Osteopaih.. Room BAR ROOM'Bridge 1 eeNrlr Bverywkere.C. Suburban Snaps ON THE TOTAL IN. + e
t;; ;merchant fur storage purposes front or reer o|. '
-' building, close In 8TORAUE care M '' -
A. WKIOHT fcUU: *. CO? .* 7areiectrio Iropolla.Vt PERSONAL.t street, good stand, M. KAUFM'AN WONT .LAJBT
reWlrhutm i l elevator workr. ape ...- .-.w- .. ..-..r r.. r-. .-- + For Bale-ONE HUNDRED 10.
clalty. *> Weat ''Adant*. telephone Hit ANTEI>-&\ -hud aaw. VNITED moneymaker C sy LONG.
OROCKHY CO. tix t Mherty etreet.VANTKUfor I KM A LET FEMALB" PILLS, sate urtalc RE A I, ESTATE:, located
tl box. Po.t""n> Box tot! -
: per
its TUr5Krr8."Thlui u*. freeh..work' and thichulueet terms. IS} It. Bay, t-.. of all meet lor lunkglvDtt \ cash, two-story house at creek at $25 acre. W. C, WarrIngton & Co. '
other lime, al II. fKlOR AaON'e all modern t..pronm..le, not per r',
; 'cor any oral! Real RESTAURAHT-}Bay St. best Nlne-room bouse on strset One
; MARKET, act W'eat ruriyttmre over (two thoueand U.FM) dollar. In neighborhood; low 1 prloe.40x101 .. These properties are just north IM We 4 rercylk. -" a.aaa U. 1
U phone 'tl'OOUBLKI good neighborhood; elate number hauNand stand on the Bay.
.-.-.. ..... street, Springfield, inferred.HOUPE . riD DffTh' lot on East purl lit Term J
-" aobtilel OaHblel' Turkey 1 1A :, Metropolis //1." FINE HOTELS-Fine<< locations. Nlne-room 1 hours on Third itreet. Jot of Jaoktonv111being, leu than r
lurkeyl. I Turkeyl I Big turkey. *. UitU TlxJOl. Will nk term .ABOAnr.Pay .
1 turkey, Urge turktyi and dreu..d Iwr- \\ANTED-Movlng.: packing. atorageiexnertenred rhn.e J1111. HOMES and Vacant Lots all Lot 10x101 on iiogan Bt, A bargain two miles from city and adjacent Tear Real <. Taemell
men. FLORIDA MOVING ra Sale-+-Housi: new) S rooms; !let
pNltlltoehutlUN'a NAItKCTyAaaR'gl: AND BTORAOK CO., Vntoa and Dans. ; New: T-room house, Bprlngfteld'' blockand over the city; Phrnnlx Tblrty-elx/ auk lot car* In 11..Long.. Branch, near to Oounty Shell Road. 1x11full) froiUi on Nate SU

''f' Fur>thi v'1"' V7Kuw *-, phone U. :1I a halt from Wain street) .everything Ina-r.m."t. 110 per month.
from Five lot..oll 8t: John
--- TIMBER LANDS tracts avenues South '
to Lend in CHAS E.
ro 'a your Ume to order your Thank. -I up to datA, fIlM easb, ValaaMass Jacksonville. Money
*. ION M.I roB' RENT: from 6,000 to 50,000 acres. Heal lIIot..., Memey l> lammJM + t
Ivultronllht ppoailltlR ... Mealh.XV ..... f,- .
-...-! -- FOR R :.NT-Bton qxq splrndld for Go. Sums to Suit.
' hsre an attractive In".tm..1propoalUolI Myers Real Estate D. L WIIITEIIOUSEThe
delivereaiull .
UItAIN0/ Doucbt. autd aa' grocery purpose; rent III per month;
, elw ing' moved+ wtia guaranie corner Louisiana and Carolina streets on Hogan itreet. Day. .... Liberal Credit to
y \ARNOUT KOVKC::0. Ids UaUk tetplume See THOMAS LOE8CR. !: 701 Palmetto IIIa'JlT ronSVTU ST.V Real Estate Man le*. L. Oe n. Wall .. Ma*, A AIL
l > DM treet. salsa Ihbee aaadle |hla.We rfc.ne ire. IJ"Aird' CU _. ors M N iM Alma wept
____, I r... wwrRCNTstns h.vs ..,. .. Iu Dral..UwsNl 1N11tty. SHINE Ira will .re.e y''M &a, faatUf tat ||
eomeming good on Spearing
-. CLAIRVOYANT' ... half acre of and ground.dwellingcombined t..o...block. from atrNL near the new street ear extenelon. & Wiggs Osa-eis. ISte. 1'aewea alettary. aJtrluaurlliLU. CAHROLLj& fh'e'Peop.Vs Outfitters
tlty limit on kwergreen .ou. Apply
ail MA1UM UCDBOK, Ailro-Clalrveyanl l t: U... East Third Small but AlMOOM ...pq...tne yl We a:1I':: horaee ItsaprlattlylS laYaa Ilwea ,
l>1- SIT baival BU laa> of 0
( and ralrauw tlerkltuer btoik 8l'ILDtpl0.r toatus BARGAIN !
+ pad. Nay (......1. two block eM ol t t 1t FOR HCNT: -O oUns .1..... oil aorta I .Lt... I 11 luV .select MJgUUotbooa.. r ,
i Main * and aY+aay, .> rent and '1. Onc FOR SALE I | *-A *a* BUver street re;Ideaea
horn, after W r. m.. OIMII evening u a<'I' |X>R RK-NT-omoes la me new Really earl '"* and balk. OaJr ,LNaa,010A Nest and attractive 6-roora WOOD
Ill I arltHk AU MTHTKRIKa: OlUrK Duadtng.. aoraer Koieirth and Newaaaatreeis St Joseph's Academy Fine residence In heart of i reaulred.
} ... 4uly M reedy full lot oo tke Bculsvard. in burnt diattlctgood
RlfiN KA1.KU.: : | will -- are now ;11:1:1I'i"' baths louse J
: city. Twelve close in. Tkl la the aaeet $1.20 Pr Load.
a4vtM loo *M "'va.ur'.bll'o mesh freatai etevator keek .... .... rooms oar n@ighborboah. $3,000, $1,000
.. n. left ixia I let tke elbes
? 'rlau, itlvorce. hwlth'buatwea" laweulia. "",.... Apply ,* RKALTIT TITUS ANi.' large closets well finished eliew
ipMiulaltuM. and. -traaeacnuii el.: TRUe" *><, get IL 1 ash: !balance sint. U. Corn, 767 :Eat Adanu strwt.T .
lb all kind; tell shoal you will marry;,I- modern conveniences, furnace .1oIM-A. full corner let *a Lauraatreel. tnMpb .tKOt W, rerert a. l.phons 100 and
eellle lover u>>jrreU aad famili y OASuLIMb STO\'UU. oil iloveat' ,la (..",. I ". fronting. east; a beauljr.Terma 1806.r, ,.
,rraMn, any kind of.61666, we irpalr Vbem. too, BOABOIRO AWB DAY SCHOOL. heat good neighbor- It dealred. r
,fKLLCrUN a, II WrWte. hood. Price $14,000. paM A Mala itroet kouae of 4 rooata.aa -WANTED I
TaN ustllutVu U etellgaUuiiy slUaaled ,>_Modererooa ee'.Uge f roe is
MUSIC LEBaONa.. erner f. real U Boara of Trade kuU4- U uprUgBeld, ono ot Ue. ...*l lbeeullful I aal. J. M. CROMER ......... wetrawn la ItlrenNr aynIlrerklYr
... -. .-. ,.r- CHAB, H. VaUTK. eecreiary.fOH . auburb of the City et Jack.. gJ1MnrlArtee tt i roams. let yr rr.ea. ray Mratly ark wr
ktlsl LtUA\ MUILLAK. aWJwgtni rep _trot .+...'f' aoavlUe. &.. .ar.... It* .pvpUa every op.l Other SpecialsSee 10x1111 ever>til: 1111' madera.r Wales la 'Movgk and pressed ",..m. par, .*llv'r*. ...**.el ike.. r/.err, '
g ler aad I ltuJ: t. >n* . land .<*.* *< a4Campbell's
;\ te tad 4lyliMua la myna' aipeaved RtWT-atott em nerthweei eonierrtorlda ituol al twrWt, *I4 give pt.uWn : avenue and Anyto ,t..II, Will...a alooAejr, ,..*- .*....".. gbep Work laJJ 01 paver IM Wood Yard
o hal; routr : ". .In. Apply M aCUlK i umber tTOk > A',
el her home. Me. IN I II" room 3.. j N 'art. *kp.rweUlk
;r rtfaap/. V, faun wtlelaYOrayd*4 tnetrvelioa ova w.I MAX a/t4* MAMOKLa Odeaaa.\ eonwr flerUa eve.Bue .I:' lr I trqtWTNti1*reep.etna .*rtli'CRR7d< Page [ HOTT,J&, 16 taWSI. ... ,. SIGNS I" ka4 tutu H. rt*.e Ala I. Ua1 M4tIwaJ Awrar. awn 160.ti

,.r ,


'+ f r2t,. ., ,. .. ,,rwtta:: ' 11-1 .Y Ydd f
'J-' t ? + N" 'e w { } ++eld'7. Ylr n + Wir a r 'ate n +

I I IiiiIii iIiiI



I Want! Department GYM KANA WAS : 91'

: Continued J From .Page Two. VERYJIITINC[ (15 E. Bay) . L'5E.' Bay I

WANTED. :FOB BALE 5-11t" DfStmtST'OR5H.OLIDA (5 :.
Interesting Racing Event at
WANTED-Room ant f board. In good location FOR SALE-UP.lo-d.te *l am laundry In

by ,couple with two children. progressive Florida town Z.KW popul
o. BUSINESS car Metropolis tlon), doing rood town and atone. Baseball Grounds. Y OPENING SALEThe
business, which I* on increase; best I Icated 10- ,
H. nUOR'sx"8ONB' 80 s West Forsyth town In Stats for working out. ,

street wishes to thank the public Thanksgiving for. of-town trade. Owner wlshr* to .rctlr. season of Christmas is almost upon us. Already Good Cheer and Enthusiasm are gathering force and working: into the blood
their HberaJ patronage during Address Box
week; also, to beg pardon of 171 Jacksonville. I THREE RIDERS THROWN of men, women and children. Christmas 1 How much that word doe. mean to children-what visions of delight it brings) After

those that we had to turn down not FOR SALE-On* .lart* (as rant; .I.vllt. all is said and done, what is there, in all the world, so intensely worth its price as the making of a child :life happy That;thou ht
being able to wait upon them the rush *d ovens, ht a .."rine.. Apply to FLORIDA .
being larger than expected but w. ate FURNITURE!; co., corner Cedar FORTUNATELY HOWEVER, NONE! and the Christmas season brings us toTOYS: '
now able to furnish all the nice cut of and Forsyth .Ir.et. I a '

meat. poultry, eggs. etc. Call phone I WERE INJURED. I .
4T.. FOR BAMS-Attractive loOm\ Laura. . TOYS TOYS !' : ,
.tr* t. below value, *'.:ao.! JOHN JM i : ,

.. WANTED stenographer-Petition, with by referenco experienced Addre.lady. 'DONNELU SI Main. A Novel Entertainment Under the .Man* Everybody will agree with us that Santa Clans has been good ,to the Kress stores when you see thecomplete assortment of bead '

0 TYPEWRITER, care Metropolis. FOR SALE-'A tare elegant book e.... tiful toys we have assembled from all parts of the world. Shrewd buying by the thousand dozens and upwards makes it possible for I
hand carved, cent 1150; ran b* _nottoe 'In ailment of Archdeacon Goodwin for
dollar value for' 25o at' Kress'
of River View Hotel T. ORIF. you to buy a toy ,

HELP WANTED. FITH, ZZ Riverside avenue the Benefit of St. Andrew'* Episcopal Bring all the children:-your own and your neighbor's

Church\ In Eait; Jacksonville.
WANTEtt-Two whit men or women ..I FOR ..ALE--Ho. ch.pl corner For.eat -

travelers. flS 'to S20 per week and expense end 0650011. streets A Oymkhana wa gIven yeaterdty. afternoon Santa Claus' Toy Hous.e-KRfSS'-Saturday December 1st
*; <* bonlfled guarantee on salary: ' '" ,
; .
; : In the baseball
FOR SAL.R-Shetlend t 01 park In Springfleld
three) to work this city MB to MO per pony year. ;

month. Call room 1. *U West, Adams bay gentle mare and weight sullsble. about for children.0W pound.100: really, and enjoyed the sport by a on number horseback at Bpecta-were. This Holiday Opening is an advance showing of complete ]lines .whjeh will give joy to ,the little boys and girls, and be a benefit to'th'e '

4tolp. m..stnllm. Talleyrand) .venue. tore. The Gymkhana was glvtn! for the early buying parents. We' get the crush later without, telling you of this wonderful opportunity. We, arrange this, opening fot 'i"
beneBt of St. Andrew' Episcopal '
HELP MALK. Church. Archdeacon Ooodwln. the actIng your personal comfort. .

JW.urrED- MTJSIO.MR8 rector of the. church ..... master of Kress' is the ideal gift-store for everybody-ideal in point of economy'and value giving.. :

WANTED-Oood oda water boy only a a ceremonlea number ,of and gentlemen.he was ably assisted by IT '8 AT KRESS if its something for father or mother, a knick-nack for brother or sister, a piece,of jewelry''for sweethearts or

good worker need apply O'DONALD and. T. DENBT, teacher 1(35 of.mu.lo.llabll The flrit event. on the program ..... a wives, and you'll be surprised at what you get for your money. 'That's the best part of it-a dollar goes aa far at Kress' as $5,00
pipe organ Main street' ) phone '
tilling tournament at the ring Th elsewhere. .
1'* rln.. ........ ....ft......... ........ ..._.. n_
WANTW-ldor ta. go errands and de. -- on pole ..foiF: :: ,, with :lance. I Everybody eats Candy at Christmas. Kress' Candy is Pure, Itteh, Wholesome and always Fresh: ; 'We sell tons of it in .December I

liver packages; must hav wheel. F. MEDIOAL.: : endeavored aa many a poasiHe. in our 60 stores at 10 cents and 20 cents per pound, -

W. DENNIS '*V 8ON comer Clay andForayth There were eight.. entries The victory We enthusiastic about this display because it enthusiasm that makes the
streets. : waa won by Mr. Edwin Sudlow thprlie are Holiday children'happ, just the same as enthusiasm '

S.' --- KOMALET lain; 11 per FEMALE box. Postofflo PILL8;Box aafe 601.: csr- being a silver. napkin rlnc. Next I has built up the magnificent Kress business. I

v WANTED vicinity -under Several J8 Jacksonville to prepare. for men nexl or Otto lemons:. ".were.Icln. suspended the lemon."from In thla the even croaarma One last,word-shop early. It.means better selection, less worry and no crowding. '

railway mall clerk examinations; good FOR B.ENT-I'LA. and riding at full\ apeed.. the hone

prospect TSS Interstate Bldg- Cedar ,.- ... men ,showed their aklll with a sword In

Rapid, la. >OR RENT-Lower flat 918 Clay (tree attempting to cut the 'lemon. In tItle Genuine:Carl Tlsch China: finest German Chi.White Statuary Sa/c/ Figures 14 inches! high.
event Eugene D. Dodge proved the moat
WANTED. Flv whit boy. with <20. Apply K:* West Duval. Included in beautiful
,. expert, and waa awarded the prlie a our twenty models
wheels POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO. -- ----- na in 'beautiful decoration bought ,
_.... _____h ___" FOR" RENT-Furnlahed flat central; convenient .hunting.xoltln.rldln.cap. The. third race event for gentlementhe was more-. a are sacred figures. Venice *de Milo school
WANTED: -Two good shoemakers, at I $10 JOHN J, DONNELL 10 ,
Main. race being four time around the especially for this sale.cach .. 25c
cnoe Riverside avenue. boy'and girl placques etc each lOc
grounds. The entries were Messrs. KerIron. -
Dodge, Sudlow and Sedley, Ater .
\"ANTEIJ-'r.llor.buschleri good wage at once. CU'I and on.Ml good Klv- :FOR EENT-ROOMa three false startS the riders were gotten On Sale': Saturday 9 A.% M.: On Sale Saturday 3 P. ,M. '
oil In a bunch, and the race was on ,
.14. avenue.WANTEDA
In earnest. For three tlmea around the '
-- TWO large l newly papered room, fur field Dodge crossed. the wire first but on
C WANTED-Two ftr.t-cl.. w.lter., 101 nlshed for housekeeping,, on the itratfloor the fourth\ trip Kerrlson's hone picked "WATCH KRESS" WINDOWs"SANTA
West Aetam.. 72* West Monroe.FOR ,
up and down the stretch the horse '

addresito came, ,with Dodge slightly In ',. the leJuat .< .
gentleman of good RENT-Two or threeunfurulahed DAY
before the wire waa reached Kerron DEC.; 1
solicit advertlsementa for our inaga.aloe rooms light housekeepIng Ml Wes ,
J. P. CO., Metropolis. touva.1. horse! gained a few Inches and woby
a no... The prlie a handsome alive'
; "" -- awarded to Prof. J. Davenport
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished room to cup waa '
jLP' WANTED-FEMALE., gentleman; low price to permanentparty. K.rrloon. owner and rider Next wahe .- -- "

0 No. ta Main atreet ltatL Held lad I..' saddle race'were twice around the ... .. .. .. .. .4t. .. . .. ...I man 'from hi. heart forgive hi. fellow I port. This new bureau of marina Intelll. OreaOalkerlig 4t P1.I..., ."f.'
entries Miss
The Glady
WANTED-At once whit errand girl 4 man. cone I* a aid* line of the Maasl WIreless P.JS
I with wheel. Apply toe Duval building. TO LBT-Furnlshed room. 12 EaM For- Bland, Mine Fettlng" and Mine Vlckeri. DEATHS AND BURIALS.Mra. < So powerfully was the'.truth presented Telegraph Company. The station will 'Buffalo, N. Y.. Nov. 1UI"Warc of,
syth stfeet, flat .. The ladle made tOm clrole twice but : :, that many covenanted. then and then hav. direct telegraph communication with 4 \,
WO 'p..en.
persona were at the ,
,'1 OIRL wanted for cooking and general owing t hou.ework. 220 Hogan atreet. FURNISHED roonw modern conven. ordered run again. the second trial a life void of -offense toward God amman perturs of vessels will be reported to which took place In th* Convtn-(.,
fences\ Ki:! Julia\ street opposite.Wind. an accident, occurred, which put an end. , Diana Canoes widow'at the, UU I a* far aa In them llea A great work the main office In New York and then lion Halt here, to-night. Members from? '
-WANTED-A7 bright comely; and Intellr sot Hotel. to the race. 'A* the ladles were coming wag don. at this meeting Families wen distributed th* various aubacrlber" of all carts of the State and, from '!
:: I Hon. George P. Canova, of'SandrrsonBsJcer ,, Canada)
gent colored girl to act a* maid In reception around the field for the first lime Miss reunited, broken bonds of friendship restored the service over the State.,
rooms. Apply Imaiedlateyl to Fettlng'a horse stumbled and threw thnJer county Flo, died'at 1 o'clock. ye*,, and It (. known that some whose ant" Mexico attended It was oBlclnllr> ) OP
Madame Hudson -room S and (, Herkl- BOARDING. who fortunately. clearedh foot terday morning, aged K ,..... She II I hatred for eAch other almost bordered or SATISFIED stated that the order ..... founded In1M4 :
mer block, No. IM Eat Bay street. Reterences from the stirrup and .... not hurt. Ml*. survived\ by a family of twelve children': bloodshed were reconciled. To-day wll by Justus Henry Rathbene In "\VshIngton. :
Vickers.'who was leading In the race. nine ion and three daughter, who wen : Des butt: toe es.7wesr. .
a required. vWANTEDWhite BOARDERS WAFTEDGood '. see hundred of quarrel patched up, hard a D. C., and has now a. member-
turned to tee what had Happened, and In at her bedside, with the exception of Mr, .
t recalled and confidence will bt .hlp a lIG .ooo. I
words De
dation; M a week; meals W Kt: Bride a short while free frum cr
chambermaid N* West street an Instant lost control of her horn and W. P. Ward of Douglass, 0. ., when th:I restored In the heart ot many who ':yesterday -
Adam. v- sho too, felt. but also clear of the end came. A special rain brought the Were at enmity. No one can estimate -Des some one yo' lot toe share. Finest Chriitmu Candies In the (.
_. -._-( ,, WANED-Boarde. In hors, MI. Felling's horse wa running body and family and th family physician, the worth of thIs one eervlaetu Daf a llvln',
WANTED-Woman: to wTsh fllshea, 106 I'M.Ion.ble. 2t West B eaver private. .familY; wl bout It* rider, and .one of lIe
W..tAdam. ' .truck MI. TickerS before oh* could rise. Inc at 9 o'clock. Jacksonville relatival, The services. continue todraw' Jam .De. a place toe sleep at night. < kind 20o, 20. kind lOo Bale Jf
Mice Vleker was picked up and carried' met the party at the union station sad
HOARDING you with ilrst-elsss prl crowd of people,' notwithstanding, Del some frlen'a toe treat yo' whit
4 WANTED-Young/ lady .. .tin'tit In vat board,'tf and up; meals, U.60 c.11 to a spot near the grandstand where ,accompanied the Immediate. relative where an.friend the: other. thing going. .on to' attract: alien Dea 'a look In'.tow'ds 'do 11.1ItD.t' -, begins- _to-taorrow, December. . Ut.A'K lBos'
Cemetery -- ----
; denial In Miss Petting, of St. Luke's Hospital and to Evergreen "
parlor person Sunday TUB EL.LSW1CK. 901 Weet physician who wa present gave her I Interment took plat In the family lot M a
11 a. fn. buildingDAifcYAIARKETS phone itlt a There will be a special aervlo to-night,
..U.nlloh.Sh.*.complained .('1her I tide her husband.\ Ill pallbearer wr.
necessary but no services Saturday.* On Sundayafternoon IUND---: $6.00
on $
m Overcoats
ceaed P. and K. Canova, ;
WANTED-A woman fol'l cookIng end WANTBD-Boardora. .f weak mess.. back being injured LIId aa soon aa ton of the d at I oclock It la planned to ,
hou..ork till .1.ln. XU Wbt Churrh. $3.00. SOC M.ln street possible she wa* placed In automobile. \ I Edward!: E..' Joseph .r... Qorg W., W4Ill have a big' temperance meeting to Whichthe.publIo FOR t4
; .nd carried--r-- to, Bt. Luke Hospital I Iwhere lam 'R., and. :Thoma* "-. .Canova_ .; :Mr*.. I* 'cprdlally! Invited.! cite Sh."U you klsa m* I shall scream ,for $ ,98 ON CREDIT .'
Canova two always enjoyra pp"'" m..nq help" ,
ah* li engaged a a nurse. preaching Mrvlce Sunday morning and f
Flnley''* duties place him directly la touchwith The sporta were then rekumed,, and th* Untll'about eight mol1o2J.'..
) ; every department of the system ItIs ext number 01the program was the attended by the best physicians and attanda.loI, A larg*.number ot 'h . presumed by local railroad officialsthat Gretna Green race. This was an ants.I .- trained r.une during her Illness, but the have. been provided, And the tent will be .you- know, and I'm not Up-8 aln: 12 East: Bay Str.t.
: ,.:.,..;- he will be the temporary head of th Inc feature and greatly enjoyed by. the end ,cam nudlenly yesterday mornIng. reasonably _(ortabl. If the ,weather stingy. ." '
line*. talon.The She wa the owner of extensive prppertle .
t'- a The following : quotiliont 'wen It I 1' said that theta will'be\' no special I .pec couple, as paired off were: Mr. In Jacksonville, and also In Baker turn. colder.'

furnished/ The Metropolis fo-dav by meeting of the directors. held. for the purpose .. Sudlow and Miss Felting Mr. Dodge and county. The children who survive her

I The/ broktragt firm of S, P. Hilmes/ of naming the new president and I MI.. Bland,' Mr. Bed I.., and Miss Miller are Rca: W, P. Ward uf Douglass, Ga., ,
\ ... that It \yniy be several months before any Th Irate father WILl Impersonated. by formerly of this city; Mia Adeline\ amt -
6 Co.: ouch action I. t.ken. Canova, of Sanderson; I'aiB. BRIErS '
Many railroad men I Mr. J. D. Kerrtson.From Mill Kitty
In Jacksonville believe' that ,Mr Flnley the far side of Hie Held the eou Canova, of Stark; Senator E.: J:. Can .Only a, ,Few Days'More of
NFW YORK STOCK' QUOTATION l will succeed Mr. Spencer 0 Ins would start and ride up to the table, ova of Sanderson, J. F. Oanovs, of Lake .
Mr. Flnley ralkoad' experience. date, where they were supposed to sign the City; O W., W. R., T. R.. A. C., A. Band The ochooner Zacheua Shorten entered
NAME IPEft IIGL lft.e t ::::1
.' from U7I when. he started. hi. career, as I jurrlajre reglater Upon th. coupJreaching O. N. Canova all of Smndereon. She to-day from New York with 1,080 ton
Am g.r---:136'i: : stenographer to the vice president. of th I that table directly In front ot wa a sIster-ln-Utw of Mrs. W. W. Bayi A that sails twlo-"J-Senator."
9I1J It* 184 New Orlean.. Jackson and Great. Northern .. he grandstand, "Papa" Kerrlson would and Mrs. Addle Warrock. of'' this city. cigar The New' York
,Atchlaon..1031 J03J 108| and her The schooner Zacheua Sherman entered Clothing
Road. H* became. nationally prominent .. tart In pursuit. Eh* was a most estimable lady :.
Amah Copper.M. .. 112, 1111< 1I2| 118 In railroad circle. as the chairman, Only one of the couple. Mr. Sudlow and relative have the 'sincere sympathy of to-day from New York with Onto tone o.coa.l. ,

R. T. .. ... .. 80 sn] 78f BOI03 of the Trans-Mlvourt Traffic Association I Miss Felting, succeeded In eluding thefather their many friends, and. the entire com .
Erie; . ._ .... . . u 4. 411' 441C at K avis. City, which lola I he held during ," each of the other couple; being munlty\ In thla beravmnt. Clark A: The British schooner Prospersl entered.
S L.&N..I. 148" 148" 148isj 188 and into From 1900 to 1901 he wss I au.ht.t the "altar" Moulton Company, funeral director bad port from New York to-day without '

2.ev r York Jon 182 : mi laiPennsylvania. Chairman of the Western Passenger. Assoclatlnn THF. VICTORIA CROSS 'RACE. change of the funeral.arrangements. t'''0. Company's s' Sale by the
where. he attracted. the attention .. The schooner Elisabeth T. Doyle entered .
.. 1R!) ) I88J' US 188 The last event of the day was the VioI and 4
Cf President. Jamea J, Hill, of th I Jan Q. Blackman aged 10 years port from Carteret.. N. J., with 1,000
81. Paul . .. . 1S8J J83J 183 182 torI. Cross race, the scene supposed to ben the Wlndl Hotel title -
Great Northern Railway who mad th month. died at, .
I of fertiliser.The
U. !H.! Steel 1011 1041 104 Africa during the Boer War. ton
pr'd.lOt) former general tramo manager, of hla I South morning at ILl o'clock.! Mr. BI.ckm.1IWILl
U. tl. Steel: com. 4T| 47J 47t 47 line In 1893 where Mr Flnley remained. I Th* Boers were encamped 'behind I a a .sister ot'Mr.. C. B. SmIth of the schooner Thomas Wlnsmor -entered
scrubs, In-front of which were lying a lot whom port from Philadelphia. I to-day with 174
.. NEW Yilt! ( coUtU: until of 1W6.commissioner when he accepted of the the Southern\ po.l.Uon ; ..f dummy figure to represent the bodies Wlndle she baa 3Iot.I.-spent the past two :years Bh. tons of coal.Yesterday. J. '

om ilia LfJanuarr. T. States Passenger. ot wounded and dead British soldiershe native of New York Stale bu afternoon the houses at M
Association On October -- was a
,.; I, 1886.\ Mr. Flnley was appointed i :object of the race for the pe.rtlc.lants -. whose horn for many. year was In West Eighth street and 1434 Albert street B. &: B. Salvage CompanyOF

..,,:lO.iO-w. 917i i third Vic president of the Southern Rail, the supposed bodies to of be the British dead and soldier wounded toesoue aveland 0., also In Ravenna 0., \In were slightly, damaged.by. fire.

Jdarob..... ..10.69 10.78 10.68 J0.64 way. In' May, ISM he returned to th.: while the Boer* opened and kapt up which, cltle. sh had a. large circle otfriend Rev Robert J. Bateman of Baltimore :
\ Hill lines, at 81. Paul, but In Septemberof to mourn her toe, Her remains Md., the Quaker. evangelist, will clou!
), .. .. . 10.80 10.89 10,74 10.70
Jay. .,. II constant fire on them. Tc: dismount. Cleveland. ,0. for
I July.,. . . . iaS8 10.00 10.BJ: 10.S3 that iwcond saine vice year president, rejoined. the Southerna I. ell up a body and remount with the ment will be In sent the f.mlly to lot on Woodland, Inl.r.1 avenue thIs hi. revival week.. !' service, at the City Mission

Doosnober it) 81 10.47 10.3 10... body, wag no easy matter with the rifles
i. her husband and daughter are
---- Mr. Flnley h. th* Deputation of being ot tha enemy firing at close range and where Charle AClark Dr. Nolan praotloe limited to *y.. *a.Me NEW YORK
tJ.tI...*. n.rrl.t* TD-M.new. 'n\ aggressive. thoroughly modern rail- he horse plunging and roaring not being burled Funeral, Director of the t: and threat, H W. Asian.
of the shipment
road and has behind him has charge
man a record
Houston 11,000 to 1T.OOO WI. 11,1(1 accustomed to such close firing, The New York Clothing Company, at I
lust year; New urleani, 7.000 10 1,004 of service In the tramo Department which The following graphic account of this body to CI.v.l.n4., . 115 West Bay* street are offering immense '

vs. 7.034 lust year: qslveaton 90,000 to ha..er. *been. of gnat. benefit to him. In later excitIng event wa sent to The MetropolIs. Th funeral services oveV the body of bargain for the next four\ day Of the largest stock of clothing ever under on; roof in Jack.' ,

11,000. > "y. an eye-wltneu! mel the Infant daughter of Mr. and Mra. Be. advertisement, In:to-d.)"'. paper
NEW BUILDINGS. During the night' of the 38th a strong George, Ooff. took place at 10:*> o'clock All new members that have Joined th* honville, will be at an end. Take advantage while it lasts.
body of Boer hud succeeded" In taking up ta Newruin .tree!
from the residence at lied Baruca are earnestly requested\ to
: a position near Ladysmlth They had en. Maher offlclatlng Wi* flora attend 'byelnss meeting this evening Have to mention few prices.
I' HUTEJCCEEDS[ [ Permits were i.uedto-day to person ranched themselves and mounted a Long Rev. Father th* apacf nly a
and b..utlfu among ayclock\or, devotional meeting
for erection of homes to-day. follows: offering wr many |. t 8:10: the
the. Colon.1Good..ln.
Tom. Perceiving danger. ct lIlt... .
C Buckman ,three one-story cottages then In ch..... of the British' them being a handsome bunch manyVrtend.of . ..' i Bunday/mornlny, at 0:41: o. 'nek. In the
emblem of purity. club_ m..t.. First Baptist Church.
corner of Oden and Bpearlng street the .
ordered an attack upon the enemy s .
Jacob Blum, a two-atorydw.iiing, po.t. the Md parents extend their mpaj1 of the
on rtrenchmer.ts. The attack waa madeearly Th* regular manthly mealing .
Fourth street, between Walnut and Ionia to them In this bereavement... Clark) A Jacksonville Bar Aasoolatloft will be held
SAMUELSPENCERC [ [ In the afternoon of the lath, but the
Company hadrbarge. of the fu.\ 281 Men's Suits broken sizes at $2.38 to $4.08 worth double.]
Moulton .
streets Boer position .... too strong to be token, on. Baturdsy, Deoember .h, Instead'-uf ;
John I. Harrison one-story cottage on gallant charge th* British were neral. arrangement tn Saturday.. December 1st, txcause of
fur a 119 Men's Suits Scotch Tweed* at $ .8e worth $15.00.
Third street near YanBuren street orned to retreat. Thjs the did In good I 'The Me- the fact that such latter date almost .
received by
C Ird..r. leaving several of their comrade. A telegram. momlrr was from' Syracuse., N. immedIately. precedes the December rule 08 Men's\ Suits, Caesiraerc, at $7.98worth; 1500.
.rh4 Duke cf Marlborough seams very wounded the field. Th* lropoll. thIs day, George Couper Olbbs, secretary
W. Seems he anxious to live up to the marital tradl- dead or upon T.. announcing the 4..th'ln that city ye* 132 Men's Suits sizes 33 34 and 35 af$4B8' worth 1500. '
Finley ( son wu nearlng the horl""nn. when a vol.ntesr Mrs. Mary McAulllf., after an Mr. Katie Cox an aged whit. woman ;
ct the hoiis. lerdoy Of
lions party consisting, of Sergeant. Major Mrs, McAullff was found on the street last night "
of several months. 84 :Men's Suits Brown Meltons at f'l.8worth $15.00.
Politicians, Ilk* actors'are illness ; ,
frequentlystronger SodIum, Corporals Dodg and Fran and hVof Mr. Tnoma. McAullff. and distressed over not being able to And ,
Logical Choice. performanceTHIS at the rehearsal than at the Private KerHson. mad a gallant. dash toeoover sod was the III .ister m of Mrs. John Crowley and vo lster.* ... cam from Clearwater to 61 )Ien 'a'Suits", Imported Tweeds, at $L38'worth; 1800.
their wounded comrades. Cross RlI. '. a well knownsusnograiher visit The police took charge of the woman -
---- log th* I."d.PIunInjured.\ they Miss Margerlte of Jacksonville) and, found lodging for her during 163 Men's Suits, Back Thibets, at $9,38;r'worh 1800.

i IS 'IN ACTlVti:: TOUCH. DRUGGIST'SEXPERIENCE. coolly demounted.threw sod him seising across his each sadand a- tile night 102 Men's Suits, Silk and Wool inlx'ed, at $11.96; worth 20.00
CROOK. .. .n4-
; :1u acri".4: : A,REFORMED Mrs. Kate Co.. .. old afflicted
him Into. th" British lines. whit' ,woman supposed to, ira In Clearwaier 28 Men '. Light Color Melton Overcoat, at $7.28; worth $16
The res* of Private Kerrtaon waa pr of Salivation Army.. Will taken In charge by the nolle' ,
UK FJNLKT IS SECOND VICE!: PRKSI. I h.pa the more remarkable he seeming tolave Capt. Speak Ford at Woodmen's: halL yesterdsy, wa afternoon and ,cent to 62 Men's Black Beaver Overcoats, ]long cut at $IUS; worth. '
a charmed life, which no Boer bulleteulil .
PENT!: AND LIVE i.v WA8iII1.i0TOfIt SamU later*. .*. JacknavlU Pe**>l*. .' ,.""h. Having succeeded. In playIng ;; '0. I I. County .Huepltal In searching $22.00.
Ford 'of Cleveland lathe* about\ noon to-day IN wa
him' horse he. 11'.., by Capt.. Fred ' th.1
his acroa* ,
man weak conducting special, maetings at on her person.In 19 lena Gray Melton Overcoats, at $ .78; worth $12,50
enable to his
Mr. C. C. Unites, a prominent drug- r"son of an old wound. re- "
Is the Osnsral linimssloii' Among Rail list of Jacksonville, Kin., writes: "1 mount until after dragging hIs hor*. un.er tho Salvation Army Hall.Indeed. 11. BrIdge. the't'nlta'd States Court to-day
has wonertul
bays sold VincI, the cod liver p re parstluu the concentrated firs of the whole tnoi. CaptaIn Ford a motion1 wo filed to amend the senlenc I -.
0 road .Un That Mr. Plnlvy Will Assume without\ oil. fur the past three Poet entrenchment h* succeeded by the atory to tell. Twenty year ago In the case of the United States vs. Heln .
h. ..... roav.tied l In the Salvation Army Wllman-Pot Judge. Boatman has'' '
boulder In remounting
years, and It has given perfect slis.farlium aId of a friendly '
the Uullrs cf rreritlcnt ot I Iho $Boutb.\ ila charge, and speedily rest-tied the Brush .( Clev.ls.i4. H* wee a well-known been expected her from LouIsiana for 3OOOTairs) Men's Trousers, aTDSifto $3.68; worth 1.75 to $6.50

tin |UII"..ay, at LoaM Twuporarlly.W CM"1 highly now use recommend\'InoIn') It.n.,It family U always and. that line such. a Th gallant.one regrettable art should lists thing been wa served ambler a and number all-round of term bad In man.prison H* had Oo up several. to>> the day present to act"he In has several not arrived.esses, but 39 Dozen Men's Fancy Vents, at 78o to $1.33; worth $2 to $.3.BOYII' .

W riillvy. wrond vkw prcsldrnt of I a pleaaur lo recommend a medial III vein. The suraeon Into>> whu.> hand cod hear him. Th K haU West of h'or.ythstrsal.the Woodmen A graceful tribute wa. paid to-day by I Overcoats at half-price. "
"l>.. !Buuliivrn lll.". flilof ..1I""lIlIve" IJist 1 h... found! to b* nrsiclass"To h. -,..1.""** his charge pronounced him of the World.engaged for Saturday night General Manager Eger. of the Clyde Line :

t>Rli>*r. wllb headquarters at Waallln.- reaaoti.'imoi, I. to feat sup.rsrd.it'g d..d. The last gallant aol of|o the toe Boer recorded col baa bn Captain Ford will tell his lit. stoy to the .UO* President Spencer, of the 800 Dozen Men's and Boys' lists at give-away prices.
and so far superior lo old-fsshloned Wee the spirited capture ware Southern Railway, who wa killed In a
lun. U. C., will pnAMMy assume Ih* dull .... defray. th. expanse of this spe-
,rod liver oil and so1 bll Ia rweItt Uajor .ud""' who. tin.dee I 1" To train wreck yesterday Order jn. from
vs of th. lal' 1".11' 0wnrr| ofHM emulsion I* berau. the small sum ,of ID .....t.
'until the Letters \Ir'h" Well,, It vunlainu. .U at the nisdirinsi. bud,. e baptism of gr 1.lrd.. eanlster.eonreave :nod ebargMi.mMlng.. You should not stieS hearing Mr, Eger to put th* Digs on all the Clyde.
and brought I.
&PPdflted. tuildiitg pimita Of co4 lIver oil ado' rockets Boom to Pulpit" ad steamships. at bolfmost until the day of
... Into the British 1t.poa line*. I this story. "Bar
VI.1. A a Andr***. who I I. lurat lUI.lsli.: N. c., I* 1t.11.... prssld.nt of .u 0' Ii.. ussiesu and ltausclisg oil > conclusion vtaoefullr of the ymkhen,...*..t"*"4 rare byCr I many yours a Julius Bird. a negro wonktng'io Elton Your Last Opportunity to Bar Money, 4B.

'. Ihii ......... ',ut. dii ta the furl. that Mr. .IInlll.t.d antI to"lo iron added I h*.prlsM,J. K wr Merrill, who had a few willhoscn BIO ,CROWD. Dennetts, of,Pile" Town wss drowned In

Ylnoi maae.* puce, rico. red blast word of praise for .."II. -- the Sl. John river yesterday aft.rnootihaIweaul
II I. delicious ta Isle and Ih* weakest (' Kvang... DoIng Town nd Mavporl MrDennett .
Culpnp6h. t, PUot *
greatly pied with lbs *.nI I Rev J. B.
NOTICE.A .'"",,"cb can retain.A All were had been over to Mayport and
..-.a. meeting of Ih*. stockholders *'* body-builder and strength coo.slot that twt lnmat.It should but be general marred by regret the wu accident felt O..toWDlII With HI1..l.Rev. ass returning about 4 o'clock In his boat

of Ibo liarwnxl land said lmnrovmnlCVnipany > for old p.*f l., weak. Women, dell- 10 Mba, t'IekeraR.pods John B. ('0-1' preached what to Pilot Town. When about half way [B.t & B. Salvage Company f

of riurldn. for ronsUsrstlon" of call (hlldren after sloksee anj for all from lit. Luke'a Hoapltal are I I II. trro4 a Xrub-Ho serums last I across :he river Bird stood up In Ih*
ulmanary> ..,.......* Vlnol I I. Ih boat. He7 had been, drinkIn. -
rcomnB cwnlsr
the sal uf all ft ... |ini|>.rUs. of said to tIe effect Ih.I11I1I.*.. (a earnarubl I night at th* g*'P.l tent In Riverside .1
... ..*d by over. |.... *f .the lesJIngJrugglsls I .'. while at N.P.Ort and was unateadyon
company. and the lr sct!"w nt "surd oth- *. and that .bar Injuries *<* not of I Ia tarn the text, "It f regard Iniquity lany
Cr.1111......* a. may !properly com b fur. CI III* t'nlled Slates Yourmoney .erioua ...'ure. IB1 I. heart the Lard wilt not bMS IDa." hi. f.." When th* boat gave a
I lbs niMPtlnc, will b* h4d ..t la. Winch 'hOn .H I in doe nOt aa all w* ,_ ,r tMT wr scores of ...- prss.nt who. I'Ilit lurch be tipped Over backward
'. nii-" of th. eompaa! *t the ames of J.l .llIln\ far It (' I" Hettea, drogglsi.Nna.Wbtie : lsT Christmas Baiaar Start I ItA'l ell that .h* was indeed g-Ung a* tint root '* l II.| llubWII. .A l".... 01 No. M Itroadwojr.lit . w. are pole agents far at |h. matter 'In *. far a* thy IndlvMu- la view of the tact that on and alter
city, stal. and eouulr of N v .Isi III ,1..11111. II I. aow for sale 417 West BT,,",. ,After :ally;| ..*r* ooacorMd The aecesalty ofbating .January bat eoastwls weasels will not be '

yolk, on th* LAth dsy of wsnUr, !: ? .t UI, I..e. dvg ulurs 411 nearly two day* eloslncfor placing imtuns i I tile heart elana4 frass all malice I InquIred' to, emu Md rIser at th* ".,..
..t 1 v'elock. p. iu.K. every Iowa a..4 cIty 'a the couolr,. led IU will wee v.rr cleanly stressed. I tam bouse the bureau of marine 315-WEST: BATI nUET-3U
S. TtmtT, *rcr lrrK look for Ibe. VIaGI ....c, I.- r.llrI'W" *; stock, opens to-morrow, De- ;i It warn shows that then>e I* .. hop for I gene. a new concern, of New York City, .

;\I\. M, IM. ,o.mbsr11t i | I''orgtrstM of SIM against O.d, unlM j,........, etblls4 a eUtttNi at May. r
a'- I" ..


hv-,. ' Z r '
0 '
: i " o, 'Rii d, "p' :

N i f k ,+'}k -, r A t' S J7i


_._ w
i "1' ,

THE T E mmI AL Great Reduction Sale of Garments


: --AT

$$15 'Taffeta Skirts $$10 Beautiful Tailored Separate

Enjoyable Time, at. Castle New Pleated Styles: Skirts of Panama "

,,7 "Hall last ;Night..' : Black heavy Skirts rustling maderfullrside taffetaWalking ; . '. (fioljrnPOPULAR T.ns. In black, blue or brown j some in ..

the ..bb.h mix
p.W..I", .. deep hem, .tight ,' .

; LARGE CROWt WAS PRESENT fitting around hips aU'gizesj;, I tures; the largest assortment in

n} ,r.--.. ., regular $15 value; $1 0 00 DRY GOODS HOUSE this city at anything' like out

for Saturday only a low pnce. Strictly up-to-date
models-pleat IInd'tUlkeJ.-
r ,L'MUSICAL, PROGRAM[ HEARD some are finished with stitched
Boys' Caps .
f.j SeturdayBoys' : straps and covered buttons ; y

r Refreshments.: Were Served' and an! Even- all inner Reams are bound, e
Boys' patent leather Tarn 0'Shun
"ing Spent That Will Long.B* Remember t and the skirts hang beautifully
ter Caps, each .. . . -.BOo<>

: ", *]wt',by TboM Present-Special Features boy*' golf red College Caps, made There is not a better a1d.rto be

pa. That Marked the Occasion of stitched red ,cloth and', velvet Double Breasted Suits Cravanette Coats had anywhere for lees than

|,\ Th. enterulnment given by the Knights each . . ... <... . . 600 $7.60<>. We mark

:>>ion.f*PytbtM of ,th* last moat night enjoyable at Castl. vent Hall.of the... Boys' corduroy Auto Caps in. tan, Intended to Be Bold for $8 00; Saturday: $2.39 186 in Thii Lot, Values $1505 to $1960, at $1075 these at . . . . $4,98

::' **aaon,'-,The nail wa tastefully decorated . each . . . . It.. .. . .C 7Bo These Suits are made of handsome fabrics in desirable, neat mix Full length Cravanette Coats, in tourist, semi-fitting and shaped .

+ Beside and there member wa a larg of the crowd order pres.enU mil Blue serge Tam Caps with pon- tuna also in plaids; thoroughly well tailored and altogether of models, made of best quality rain-proof materials; coat and full Taffeta Silk Waists at $3,98

friend had been front for small boys, sleeves notched collar and collarless effects colors light
their famlllee numerous pon higher found in stjles t
a character than usually boyeycloth- tf O O
1II.ltecfJ..d were present to snars 1M each .. ... . . . . . ,51,00 Q gray, tan, Oxford and olive. These are sample coats and Black, fancy and plain taffeta
hospitality of ft secret society that 1* one ing around this price j sues 7 to 16 years ;Saturday, *p uwStylish ?
flourishing In the South.Th Auto of leather are positively the beat offer ever made Saturday -
'" .ef the most Caps patent ; $1 0 75 Waists, open back, short sleeve ;
address of welcome who I we deliveredby on each .t . . ... . . .BOo .. . . . .. .. "r . .. . . . ...i..t", ala
tt'' James Douglas always fancy plaid :,taffeta silk
'.. gush occasion an Interesting'and enthuJaatlo Black and tan leather Yachting Suits $17.50 'Waillts front long sleeve

participant H* wee heartily app Caps each . . . . . .. Oc open ; ,
plauded.for hi* clever effortMUSICAL I Sale of Girls' Tourist Coats : made' :with large pleats. but

R4 FEATURES: A Saving of $1000 ton trimmed, worth. .

:-Mmpoeeit.The I:Mohan-urn of Miss May Temple Lee R. Orchestra E. Smith' ,, $6.50 Taffeta Petticoats $3.95 Short hip lengths, also box, Eton blouse and pony coat model ) ,and RaincoatsiO $5.00; Saturday. . $3.98 .

J H., Hutoberaon O Rust and A. KahA I some richly trimmed with braid and velvet} made of broads $ .00 Tourist Coat $6.BO--For girls from 8 to 16 years, also for .

,*,i tanderedeeverat preatly'enJoyed.re.election C. J. Bollnger which were and Made of excellent quality black cloth cheviot and mixtures; jackets are lined with satin or small sized women. They are full length Cqats, made of fancy '

Mts Orac. Drew In a duct, performedwith rustling taffeta, good! wideridrta plaids or checks, with inlaid collar of velvet, full box back, $5 Covert a Coats at $1 .98
taffeta skirts full box side or cluster pleated 17 Cfl ,
rare ability circular i 1 ruffled flounce -
f,"' , double-breasted and large patch pockets regular 1 'CC Cfl
The Principal address of thvenlniwa These Suits are worth $10.00 more' than we ask p.UU| ,
wa given by Walter 8, Russell chAncel. with dust ruffle of percaline; $1000 Coats at .r" ., . . . . . > . . . .,. . . : $ About 50 tan 'Covert Coats,. hip
.a, let oontmftnder of Monteflor Lodge HI.IuemsattaWere could not be bought regularly length tight fitting
$800 EainooaU $6.96-Oirla' Raincoats, in tan, castor and olue, style,
ot the time when knighthood I
,/ was! In flower at Syracuse? Greece. for less thai $650 ; $ 95 Sale of Furs in a variety of styles. They are handsome garments, well double.breasted, coat sleeve:

1|ever, 41' years ago, laying great stress Saturday, Y . .. .1'1 .tailored, and will answer for dress as well a. every QC and notched collar, Italian lining
tbe'frlendshlp of Damon and Pyth .
1;vp.n lass There 'were also remarks by Oen. Beginning to-morrow will inaugurate a big' saleof Furs day; Saturday . *. . . . .,.r..t..c. . $Uwu small sizes)

.fWllluwtiJ William, H. West Sebrlng and a recitation b) Warm Petticoats ,for Cold Days Just ,at the heart of the! season at the end of season prices Buy $6 DO Krimmer coati $4.95-Girls' Krimmer Coats, (in sizes 3 to 6 Saturday .. .'. .1. ., $1.98| .

f;' Th talk of Dr 3. Calm was highly your Christmas Fun now. years, trimmed! with silk cords) colon gray, red and ,

,,' musing a* well a. the character song' White outing Petticoats, excellent blue great value . . .' .. . . . $4.95
0 T of *. by Miss Me- finished with'embroid :IabelU To* Doubl :Fur Boa New, Novelty Mink Scarfi, double ) Ie. .e. r.: $$8,50 Net Walsfs$4198$
quality ;
zf.I1:1 nI.s" : \
ibel t ; a very sweet flniihad with t..I1.1 $10 00 fur. with claw, .
voice and th* violin solo I by >Mr H N end ruffle in pink;, ,{ 4 nn ,each ..... ,,. .'pl.. beautifully eolorednl leach \A '
{%: tttemaker showed him ft finished imiatpf : or blues each< .v 4 ''' plUUWomen's I Bloh Brown Baum Marten Cecil .tut.U.t, .. i $15.( (/ A Sale I of Women's Coats Ij1k Lined,.Medallion wen
In solo, !
clan Mr Cbarlee' -
t.4. IIl' :
L".howed I hi I* rang pod I vole to short outing flannelPetticoats f Children"' beautiful Angora Fur
fJ'UV AVaistn for after
IUOI Saturday ..alai of Interest pointy dressy ,
"great advantage After the program blue and .e.I*, ,muif .sid boar. 1w.;{ finished. light refreshment were ; lIt pink' Eleclrlo 8..18t.olll. finished with each . ..v'n'.I\' . noon or evening wear, made of "-
i ejervedThejiprogram/ gray apes; nished '50c oord !and ta*it l: *T CAeach Child ;:. .: $17. 0 and $18 75 Coats at $10.00Be&ptiful fine net, silk lined, ,joke 1rm| ,-
for the evening a* reaSerei rliffi . .... J.. WMeat Krlmmsr Bet,
with . .. .. 4-- i.
; was a* follow) i : \t.. mutt, and "oal.MClIa. $ .5!/ Tourist Coats, made of broadcloth, covert, mixtures, med with I lace insertion and set t

J'AddreM vpiano of ,welcomeDut ..with.* Wind and Tide" Women's knitted' Petticoats 'in" Marten Fnr.Neck blended Scarf'mink.*'Baum eatla Child Blu* Fox Set checks and plaids ; made with combination velvet collar, full box Sn lace medallions, collar and,

:rl'('Hewitt. Mr C. J. Bollnger, and Miss gray ; ; ; ; i
Grace'prewAddress. ored b l7.50) : 1 ; |

.'i Writer B BusselLBsss "
solo, "Th* Armorer Song (De- .
Xtmrsl, Mr. Charles Boot. ,
:\ ..
: Com to 'song. Ed Williams I .
Recitation/ by Eugene Field, O. E." Mu- =- "," ". .,! ,' '. Justice Howell to-day and war held for modern convenience: '"but It* 'worthmareWahingta .
/ tastes\Buutlful r I Millinery trial In the Criminal Court f .BtaA
terui.Recitation.?'Robert Emmet Defens*." HE FELT THEmm t, 'UAti : & ] B TO
;W Ci Wit Cheaper on CntlU than.cuD.mU- VALUE RKCfclVID., Donovan Ro.... seems to be the great .1
:a / VloOn t solo, Mr. H. N- Sltmaker liner sell them tor.al/) ; : 'r .. ..f.t. . . .. .t; International office bolder 1
song. Beneath the Fine* of Maine To-day In the office of the:, 'It oo.t* more to llv* than It did yeahego A seven-Inoh snake taken from ft hove
i.RolfeMiss! [ Mabel Boot*. : "Rubin The Clothler's"Up.'s.ta mere filed for record deed ft* .. ." ,said the man who, complain tomach: Doe heredity apply the, 4;;
T**." answered the man who enjoy bootT
Charftotritl ktch: original Dr JCahno 19 Esit Bay Bt. l'l last Pablo and Diego Beach ,
: < John H. Pitt and Joseph L.
Recitation. 'Th 'Brlarwood l'lpe." se.i : I ImaI.b"$3I.OOO.OOO tl. lot 1 and I, of Motion M. .
} south, rang 17 sail, containing
t l jrar; Indeed, the revs Th*.seme property was cold by
lam:. cnuiat opening to-morrow cube. I is likely to\!be rather mor..than less ""fr.o, t, 3. J.Knlg t, .NOTICEl"

{[i of the:.&r:4: Ley: Fu f, ; 'Com; Aorf .Roosevelt 1. t i : Favors :, an ban In several that'imeahti Burupean. *coumrte i **K'.'.i rn' -' I II Raneon Robert } .$p v in Vt. ; Though ,Un SPECIAL... :

JII2l1lt.1T Wpet'lBy'ratteet:*tlor'two'rdays'w'aruiy :\ ( (* v >-, herltaao* tMIW: lvld ana"lt'Il""boen'' Peat 'Fuel an4"'Conitraohorar, : , "T1
"Inheritance' Tat I found .lo,work'admirably_ f.Bythe advocates I II for,.Hn'.. in .sectlosilllot; a.
"; of.;elerktvhaianmnglng " of the proposition In this countryIt ; lion Nl: lot I end J. In Motion : For. the convenience of: our 'tustometl, ; and the general'ublio

+ for the big open. I I* believed: td be 'a' solution to many I township! 4 south, 'rang* 17 '.. we will keep our,store from now until Xmas from J
JDr. economic and social problems' President a tract of S acre. In lot 1, open .
Roosevelt has Indicated hi* intention to ; all M acre* 7.30 in the morning until 9-o clock every 'evening*' Had to

it t 'DBKH INAsON.oner HE 'WILL RECOMMEND IT. advocate the enactment of the tew ,with Henry4 bll eclll'.aDd' wife DECIDES open an,, account with everybodymenU. .. Weekly or;monthly pays
nUVWIYLVAMlA1 1 all of the personal and official fore at his Baker,Itr.1'e' I lot MO,' 'In block 1...
;:\> r .t : '
command land, and wife for
i/T/ Pr vl. a Meet
I gT.
t' + 0... OPPOSITION T I' MBASURB! WILL erred the property, to the VIII THE Cash Credit ,Clothiers to Meat Women
l, $5,000 took of splendid Christ ment Company Sold subject to "Th Underselling, or\ ,'

,J! JUrrlsburg'" "NOT"M-Th. deer *ea- COMB FROM THE REPUBLICANS, mai bargain at Ley': 417 West gage D J for. ::=, andRife c 'to JOHNSON. I Boy. and Girls" ,

sea ,-which. cHwed', Ifijthls: mate today<< , Bay street Doors open tomorrow for 110 ,the east half ot i lot t, In .. .. .
Shaving opened on th* lath' ha* been veryauooe.IRll' F.h1t.hLloeeph .
: Lest year 900 deer were killed lit. '
with,the loss of only three huntsmen Believed That Bill:Will I Be Introduced In December Harold to J J: / file City Lw>t .'

1.) ( Title'. r ?though-41 has been 'computedthere Both the House and the Senate to CarryOut fight far weHerwelgbt .... ..... .. and consideration 7t In block not 11 stated Oakland ...* ef Ce_rt RUBIN THE 'CLOTHIER'Opposlfi !
: are more deer In the State thanjfor J
P. L'Enple hod'wlfe to C. M : _
',, 100 years previously about ere same ,the rreafdent Ide -The Tar Will San Frsnclsco Nov 10.-The flayvk to afinish for no, pen of lot 4. In section t, .eo* ky Judge
a number have fallen In Clinton Center e
welterweight championship
*'".' Lromjng, and.' PI..IeO\lnll.. which are Probablr Tl14 W.HO,NOA, T'.... of for the world the between Mike ("Twin) a James south, rang W. Plokett n east.and' wife .Vptttlrt, 12 East SlY 51rett, Krcia'>.Oe Store. '
.well wooded, the animals were shy and Eulllvan and Joe Thomas takes place .
' i hard to get at, and In the ontralrparl Washington Nov M.-In hi* forthcomng and ha attracted a Hawkins for tiOO. 40 acre of thl morn-
't: et th* Mat where thousand of acre \ .nnnual. manoae to the Congress, her tonight 1ar1'1 tion trwDshlp 1 couth, range. : .
number ot sporting men from an Ala letter patent ....... ...iII until Mon
,//.flt( land have been cleared ot timber and President Roosevelt will lake strong The weight will ..
of the country
:* aft now, covered. with shrub, careful ground In favor of a Federal Inheritance all arrangements In eontectlon Florida Peat Fuel and Cc> that the conCh
", talking waa necessary. the excellent lax. H* already ha Indicated hi* view. 15 pound and I I parry with a capital of WO.000, & of Florida c
with the match are being oar ..
I protection thrown around' deer and !lee pa th* eubjeot. In the ntatvment ot hupoaltlon I known the Fight of the company I. to mine, Transportation ,
rled out by what a*
11 restrictions Imposed upon th* hunters orssooountsbie made lat prlng In his nowfamous 1 handle peat and other fuel and would com up 1
-, ) for the great Increat. ot deerIC ,"mwk.rake.pe.c h"a at the laying Trust ucts and to Mil the same etc not ready to
the Stst. ot the cornerstone of the oleo buildingof :: I holder an Robert Hanson" W : : wherein e
Opsalag ef IJvreel Cettea ISnekuge William and I. C. R. Fotr THE WANT DEPARTMENTof
\);! the House of Repre etetlvee, ettreotIng | of turpen :
Face .1e.U" ea Lag .I.... wide aMentlon It I* well known that Liverpool England; 10:-Th. new" I ILI..rpool adulterated
,), ... the President presented the subject. ot anInbentanc at a'' MUNICIPAL COURT .pint.." .
Cotton Exchange erected
< Flushing" ; I* t., Nov. i!k-Farmer* here tax In that addr*** for the cost of 1C.000.000. was opened today before A Large Number-of- ...... Dix v*. Manuel 1 The Metropolis is p' a business 4
sustaining heavy loves from' the purpose of feeling the publlo pulse on the large and representative gatheringof wa dle- ,
fat deprdatlone.of fox** which have queMlon H*did not car formnlly to English\ merchants and manufsoturersby I Offenders Up for Trial. & .
greatly\ multiplied during the pat few recommend to Congress the epectment of his royal highness, Prince George of ; ***. wa also
f\ farmer' "bas formed ahunt legislation levying such a tax unless It Wale. Twenty-on Thanksgiving'; case of the getter
;, legarcparty and today arc icourlng the wa r** onably certain to meet with the era faced the .Big Judge' this ,. ..*, 3. X
"+ wood with dog.. It I. Mid that the Wes approval of the American people.' The .I In the Municipal Court, and '
.. .. .... .. . .. . .. ..
I log of th* wood by portmn club, comment Von that phase of his address were adjusted as follow; .
.:: who** member* shoot the Isms bird wa comprhnalv.' and for the meet : HOTELS. *: James Msnende and six 1 ,
f.only and prevent other from hooting part favorable. H* haD dlcued. the AT THE enjoying* a game of poker In a that no more
tease aojcunt: for the Inurel.e of th* knl- matter with many people since he announced : Duval street, between b* tried before '
I hi. own view, the concrete re- :..... . . .. . . ... . . :' Catherine' streets, yesterday tied'B Court; H. will

l suit of the conference being that he will Mr. 3. J. ntifferald. and wife. ofTampa when Policeman P. Lord espied after Christ. THE WANT DEPARTMENT
>DOLLS! DOLLS'II 1 1 DOLLS'lIti recommend th* enactment of a mwlyurewhich arrived In this city last nightand .' pulled the crowd. The Wedna
will enable the government to not sufficient to ooavtot the I killed Joe
i B** Doll Counter at J:. 1;;.' Ley'f, prong to the extent of ft graduated tax on are guest. at the Windsor, Hotel ilt..1 and they wen discharged : ; ::: oases br msy of The Metropolis costs '
\ Ur. and Mr O C Hartley of .. only
tine pawing of fortune* from one person Adalbert Hall and John "" w.ek. you
ft\41T Wed Bar: Itret\ Trtm,ndotfik lo other burg. are ipendlMt! a tow' 'lays .' the arre.ttl while endeavoring to Willie Wright ., .t

'. ...ortment< Op4jns to-morrow. nnruBLicAN OPPOSITION Windsor Hoist a restaurant the foot of O If'cerU4n ...1. 1
-'- It I* quit likely the question tII&Ib.* Mr and Mrs. J A. Hlckman of New. Hall wee fined aid and WoWey l Wright one-cent-a-word a day-to 'use it. t
Negro Rxer i .. I. Ywe n-ojeeted Into the ..ppro.ohln.'un of Tk are smug the reoont arrival at charged a verdict
1" 3ongre' although It ,.. thought to be the Windsor Holol. Mill Smith, for being Mi. Oscar,Gainer. on
, Waoc. Tex.. Nov ;-The negro, JSSMnMhlngtt Improbable that definite action will betaken Mr. 0. It. Rhode, a prominent buds! gambling house, wa fined 111. There ,
:'1! n. who was MiiUnoedta death at ft short Mwlon on a abject of nee* man of ApalaeMool. Fl*., I I. stopping and James Johnson were fined !. yet to are no c acounts. ".
A. by Judge C. X Cecil on October mb, fo& >o great'Importance. On this. ravlter a* at the Windsor Hotel. Ins Inmates of the hours. Lester Baker \
,,s tb. murder of Matt Block on the right on some other the President ha* "advaneed the let arrival at the Windsor ,L Pollard and Carrie .. and _pod ar-
if;ct Bepteniber sth, wa encoded here thismorning the Democrat are llkeljr'to stud Aoione. Hotel are lit' Stanley Wub burn rested for fightingwere each found at ,Trilby .
7' Blno hi. oonvlctlon the contemned Robert Bailey wa* assessed .
with him practically to a man Th oppo- Minn : and placed la .
and of Mlnneepoll
;$: fiwn Asa show I'I'Nt'n..... Itlon to the proposition will o..m". for wlfa truotln*: the treet
r\ oed .before his eieuutlon. l md I state, the moat part, from tile tank of the :Republican Mr, T 3. Bird and Mr. Nathan O. George William and William I the murder J
Hint declaring that he wa Innocent. *. Many Republican Ongreeenen. Hill of Chicago.' 111, are making their each fined H for being drunk
however. ant.oomrrltted te tte pro- headquarter at the Windsor Hotel Pads, arrested for feat and & For securing help, getting a situation
N.' Ti Co" ..... Sleek ...**v4b.*\ posed Inherltence livx, end will advocate Mr. L. C. Rig*. and Miss ,GledyeRiggs driving forfeited it hgr not ....... ,
Its adoption not only ai n proper meansof of Chattanooga Tenn., are In the Cox and Henry Odum wire *. granted to
., New Tcrk, No-.r.:: : .,. P..... In .Increasing. the national revenue, but city for a few day and ar* guests at the for being drunk. from Josephine selling a house or supplying
,tread Meek. tffered by the New" York a* some measure of control which It isurged ,Windsor HotU All are colored except ) :: I that he had at-1 I > any
' Otfttral toad to Its. *tocknu!Jr* at. and that he
, par the government ought 19 eMrcl Ur. D, 1. Crous and wife, of Amster- to the de
wcs fully gubeoribed 'o-oy. Th! hew ever vest fortune*. N. Y., arc topping at the Windsor THANKoorviera
lock wa Issued, for the purpose of tern and they lived :I kind of want the Want Department *
meeting the eipena In conaectlon. with I Southern JI:1I"-Company not, when hi*
I'lb.. ww elf' terminal The Preatdent recommendation will be Enjoy Themselvea.Testsrday to Weal Palm
followed' Immediately by the Introduction I lOll WALTON ADMIT* QUILT \ ** to return
II" both .the Senate and the Hones or! tor..ro' Net'Deny at Till-*-Csf ft b* 'begged her of The Metropolis has no
Killing ]Into .
Heprnltlv of bill t. carry hie Idea Doe oollaUon wa served to the _
11 140 Ieg1lallv effect .U I* regarded a* ,Johnson Wedoeeday, the Southern'Etpcesa Company guardian,
that contest similar to that Kaweon.
prebahl a Ruth
tote Jncksonrlll I* on th* v
I over the proposed Income tax measurewiU Yeslerdsjr a/ternoon Justice Newell are oumpllmentary. to' them by forecloeure, of iw_. 4 .
: be peclplUted. but hat It event- ralgaed Joe Walton,:alia* Jo puns" to lUlls, superintendent of die Terwllllger, of .
ally will\ be adopted by Congree* nobody .Company, In this vii Joseph rilspat.
ef Exprees
wbo hi. bounded the opinion of the I.p newer tb charge wilfully' murdering .the two mInor.
aton on th. queetum seriously doubts.Such Ussl Johnson cKotored( on Wednesday were prepared. for1 .lIlr. V. ., Kr.
In verdlot''es-. boy assembled at the
a lag appeal. wrongly. to The people 1 lat a* charged the
morning by the oars and a* seated by :Member of
dered yesterday ,
and their representatives In ('OIIeflowellM : !' TROUBLE
It will enable the government 4o .neri JuryThe "lhy started OB schedule iin-.e .
when. asked U b wanted Bveryone' preeenl enjoyed & THE WANT DEPARTMENTof r
raise easily a paft. at least, *f the great prisoner ; ;; tMurmi Two at
fylul stood and sort and desire to their
ace. which will b* necessary to carry to lo make a elalemMt up I apses I
tilUft sucreea lbs enormoue project on which Judge I killed the woman yes, I superintendent, who. eo ably Night. .
.k alretdy ha. entered. 1 he eppoetuoa Mhe killed" her, 'oaus* des didn't treat me the Seuthera:&...*** Company b William Brewn' ', The Metropolis is, read by
prukice-ltlo; will com principally fromr.preealktl'ea right.vTill. final |* held to higher esteem '
of tile highly protected Uduetrte . .I is all the negro would M y In his ploy** than Mr Hail, and be a negra festival.
UDAR *M their friends beoaiwa they behalf, and lie seemed. 'reconciled" te lbs ea opportunity. le favor<< them w night and were
maintain that te gnvemment ought to terrible tat that stares him In tlla face power 4*> do *a, | more people than'any other one
reuse It* rvue practically entirely VN sltea waa remanded t"* Jail to await In* AU. pre- voted 4h ecndua wa .*:led In ,
with Ilk eiceptton of the talent! late action of the grand fury and hope Thanksgiving Per >> the two men e
A HEALTHFUL rn whMnr sad aot> ...-from *atom dule Although Ih* wltnesse who tevtlfled be- again sees, oMoer. but the '
DESSERT *. Br causal tw III..'.,0'.1..*. fens the eoroner1 Jury ... present, (ton. .. the two set of advertising that we know
...-..there are many adoetaiea.. ot *Ji i were celled spa I* agaW give their. toettmow ......u, trouble wa I...*. While tow M
......theses. ese asd.lbe.wlll Map4 for a. ._n' of ..>.,*X..ida>t* tween tile painter And to take >a*. J.
' CVANILUO sure ft tax, *...WHh ftBdlng the.Carl that 1u11g. the maser painter at MsvaniMlt. but another' ..t. about Try it aurt
towird uluwat* reductioni4 MB wanted. S'.18 and Uv eiaht | nick of lime and > see.T .
j Ice Cr... .W semi ejla.le It equlM tariff rate' It %baa ba eettnwtrdtkat I'r The' bee '" looIL ,."....In VIM .....-j I from December 1st. Th .or....." with hi. club. .
} RMStsskk. M eaMeUuMsa, N4F ,aaeh_ft. aMT J' v* twiU fli .i' sad |", '"".T" *...*.. the gov *at.e9 :'tareW,:at eppat ., of.lb* hon ,jPos, *. how 1h45&&R.1IPr'eJur I. ; a hearing by j -

I .

Sass,."" Ita.n+, !qti ;dt ,l'LM r9."r''w"e, *eI'' i"r" ro ,' 4'c 1e .

: 4 } <". ....\, .' ,? : ,"'i'i {I, "
'! y, 1 YL





f. Appliance
ti .

II J.oo road Wrecks in Future r

What 'you 'want is good cigars }

You are not looking so much to

save a cent or two a smoke. But J. T. AND WtX or MONTGOMERY 6ggir ,e.a,. ,s. nt.r.Nll ,


if you can save a cent or two and '
For common beer usually-will uy'Schlitz
The Incorpomtora Who Are ProminentMen ,
:to still get the best cigars, it's just like :
of Montgomery. Have Great FaithIn

finding money to 'do it. r the Efficacy of the Invention. and beer, tif\ you ask for it.. The :: purity

Put Ip 1100000 to Put It on the Market' ( .. . .

We the difference A company with tlOQOOO capital h.. costs '
recognize it
died papera of Incorporation the office costs you; nothing, yet us -'mqr
of the probate judge of Montgomerycounty .' ,
between making cigars to smoked and the Secretary of .' i ' .. t
Suit of and to manufacture .
propose : "
and Mil. a safety appliance for calf the cost of our 'brewin : .o' ..' ;
and making cigars to sell. railroad trMa. Invented by James T. "" ., :
Andrew. of Montgomery. which I* designed .' :
to prevent all damage of every 1.

; kind and character, to person of property r' r ,, ., l 1J,.
reaultlna from the derailment- of tl

11m1L railroad Should car the Invention or train prove practical. aa t Purity 'means healthfulnessfreedom;; ,ofrom''germs ;:
Mr: Andrew declare. It will railroad : :
will be I . .
wrecka, In nearly all Inatancea I
L "G' e.'o kind and character to peraon or property : ... : ; : i l ,:, 1 '
will be reduced to a very email percent
I. It : clean beer filtered'and \t
of what It now laThe ,means a 1
; V/n11if S.lZe name of the company organisedwith ,
{ Mr Andrew aa president la The :: ;. r4
Andrew Railroad llafety'Appllance Cofti .
The authorled! capital atock la izedIt' ; : .
pany steri means beer
represent: the policy of giving improved values at lower 1106000, divided Into aharea of 1100 each \ an aged :
the corporation will begin buatneaa with .
;cost through our new scientific methods of manufacture.
i .
the total stork paid In. Associated with : r '

',Th best quality that can be produced and sold for 6c.- the seventy-rive. Inventor m of this Montgomery enterprise .are leading about : aged .until it cannot :cause biliousness. : l :: 1

cq s_the_average 8 for 25c.,cigar. cltlMna. who hold subscrIptions varying '
from 1100 to WOO,eachAU of the incorporators : . .: .iI,. ,
are from Montgomery county "

xoept E. W. Menefee. of Penaaoola . "That is wKat .
Of the total stock Mr Andrew II.
>Merit Mark ISO.000 for which he puts In hla Imen. Ask for.the :Brewery Botthng. ,: j..4... ". j\1h

Sottffy4i Who and lion right releasing thereto.The all. personal privileges Common beer" is ,sometimes substituted for Schlitz: ' \ ' Schlitz' ",beer. i : i l
Givegoodlvalues or locomotive device;" mid when Mr placed Andrew on a"la car a To avoid, being imposed.upon,'see that Hie'cork or crown is branded. ..,. . . .. ..,;.
preventive of any damage to property or \ .. :';,\. ..> J ;
Deal life when any,wheel of a train la thrown '
rsl'r) > ,
from the tnuk) In other word.. It la impossible .::. .. ':"m'e a ri:s .., 19
r for a train running Into an open : .. : I j
awltoh or being derailed from a broken
rail or spread track or broken journalor I tj ;,
axle. a loose wheel i. or a broken flange
ga.l r,Sloan flair.Tatty .( on a wheel to result In any damagewhaUo .' to you. ; J'i
evert, II : '\'i! ;L

""l. ,
American Cigar Company "If lIAr; of the foregoing accident h.p.I J :' ,. It
pen to a train the device automatically : ;
XaaYfaotur.r Ilr takes the place of the dlamembered part : '
of the train and automatically\ the :
.y : t.J t.
air brake to all other portions of the ;:
train, thereby bringing the train to a full ,
atop.The device conalet of quarter' wheels Phone 268 '
1 I placed on e.chlIId. of each wheel and . ',' ,
1 "R Robt'.W.Slmmt: 8.
they are swung to a journal which trana-.
for the lift directly under the sib ana . ''; {'
82*. W. Bay St:,Jacksonville: t ,
I ;
flint car being.equipped wIth this. : *,
device, I I. now under, construction In Atlanta ,.,, .ttit .
PLANT FOR TDE MONTH OF OCT. 1906 at the'plant at the Georgia Car :
'. .
Company. This car will completed. In \ :!
r about six week. or two month, ...n4demonlltratl ., I : : i .
n. will be mad around ,
MontgoraaryAfter "
..*.rt ef tae City El....trl. M."t Pleat for the "..CII of Oclehtr, I***. this device .la given' a thoroughly MilwaukeeFamouiV
practical, teat. It la the company In
.; *SC1CIPTB. : ,, ...\ . '. :,t tendon to manufacture the working part. That Made i ; :
. , ,t.' \I't, . and nil'direct :
r.otAc.mm.r01a1Nrvks ,{.r.'..,'..J.. _.... ..."...: .<,...* *.*. '- H.IIT l: to cell ao the right to to railroad rstirnads'aod to them.also :
.....11I publlo aervlo .,... ....,.. h..... ...... ...... ....,4 101 *J. "A treat practical mechanic ue :
From mJ.c.II.lIl1Ou. ...... ....... ...... .....r. .....\.t 16 77 have looked many Into this device, and have + .
Total ordinary. revenues ...... ....... ...... ........ 'Ill.lit S5 pronounced It a perfect working uccea*."; Attend 'num..roue .euchre partlea-r I MODERN GAMES."Billy
!j. from /deposit ...... ....r.., ...i.. ....... ....... ...... H4 00 INVENTOR 18 PRACTICAU '' When there was nplhing.else to mend
James,T,' Andrew, Inventor'of the de. ,
HUBBY' WAS did you glop 11We Rather someof
Total reoelpta ...... ......, r.y ...............? Ill.104 II vice, received a thorough I,, the Wake nelcltbor at't ahoea 1 o'olock'in the mornIng .I your candy r'
Qisb on band October 1. 1901 ...... ....... ....rr ...... tT.SST H I training with the. Western, Railway; of' and up Helen to gomlp! about the neighbors "1o..u"; but we. pl.y..tf.b. wu thq!
Alabama, and later occupied several pout '" panel, and I w.1b.' tMlllt"
'Total r..."... .....,. .arr... ''H..... .....,, ... ..., 111(41 IT tlona of Importance with the Plant Bye- Sew::on 'lila own button and mend lira
tem. II* has been hard at work on this i s
EXPENDITURES.' safety appliance for a number of }eara, flPECkED[ olothlnK : she i .
I And here are a few of the thlnca
. : 'Superintendence and office ........ A........ ,..... ...... I 1031 78 and Mowed. a patent July t6, 1906FevtMater .. uldn't let him do: The Christmas Edition'
r Heat when he was tired
Power Station Expenses a...... Read the .
lalarlea ...... ...... ..,... ...r.. trr.r. ...,r..r ......|im 11 a TV rout, \ at Rlverton, In'Jubllc newspapers.Sing without making| fun of

fuel .... 1p;: .ij.:..,:::::..,::.::.:::::. '.::':::.:.,::::::,. 4m>'41 MSupplUi 60-- i(10 6T j of la*all nearly comfort I lost, :according f'd to was hla robbed letter, Why W. J. )lutbollaod"p.. him Spend more! thnn M cent In two week. .of tho Metropolisll '

Inspection and Maintenance of Lln., and Servlcea which aaya "For 10 :r..,.' I hdchronlo outnlde of carfare one way to work. .. .

. < In.p.ct.r..1 .r.... ........ ........ ........ ........t 121 II liver complaint which led to Go out nnleaa ahe followed him. .
i Trimmer '.1.< .... ...... ...... ....... ....t,. ....... ...., ttl CO such a H.Torv 'c..>. of Jaundice mat plied for Divorce Take.a drink unless she ..od outside -
Linemen ..1... ,.,... ........ ........ .....r.r .......10 171 01 vn mr finger nail turned yellow. 'of the aaloonAttend .
Lamp repairer .,/LM..rr..rr.. >.., ... .: 61 I* i fFe. when my doctor prescribed Electric p lodge meeting unions she stood FOR THE YEAR ,.1908
Other loop labor ,..... ..arr. ::::.. :...;. ::.:. ioT 50 Bitter, which cured m* and hays kept gaud at the door. '
.... car and hlr of t.am..r..r..{ ,.U.. ...'... 1'S II m* well for eleven yeara." Sure our HIS TALE OF WOe, Talk to women. friend'' without 'caat Will ba published on the slue To, find more dolicioui' *1
Perch.1.otOOr.a..r..4.a.. .. '4 ) 00I4tmp for blllounaa. neuralgia, weakness hog; insinuating clanrea" at him
. aupplle ...... ...... .red... ......r..f..Y. ...... ........ 101 10 and all stomach, liver kidney and Made : Have peace unless he did homework I .f o-.lIor, and will b. .111.; Bread thanPuckhaher's'f
,Lin aupplle ...''... ,..... .,.,... ...... ...... ........ Ill 14- 104510 d.r derangement A wonderful tonic Laugh at the table (on then occanlona. ten outlet, tee. reader. sad
MI.cellapeou.t At all cruccl't 5Oa. FORCED: TO WASH, DISHES AND ATTEND his face would be dapped). i act MOeetally fee t... a...,. '

JackaonTlll Kleotrlo Company tor current...........,."., lit Tlliability rERNANDINAtrr EUCHRE PARTIESIn Shave twice a week. becauae be might tine. I' II designed t.o make
Iniuranc* ....... .r..N. .r.. .... 'a'wed.'' ....... HI TlBundrlea 8HIPPING. ". attractive. to other women I this i..u. the CJ.t, 0.M.5 eft,
t,.ed.l.w..eded..r..eded.. .. ed.ede at TO-, ,170 11 ExPM't..UolI-t'i.umber..nd Croe*. Mr general* Mulholland denial of In the her chare answer? deolar-msdea Istenatlsg I .... Mat Bread

Total op..llnc'.xp.n.; ...... f V' ..... ,.,,..,. .,...,... Ill,III II tied From There In November. Otis Prayer to the Court,for a Se..r- InK I he frequently came home drunk andbeat .,....trt.... or, any Issue ofYbe
,Refund of depoalla ...... .. ...... ..... Ill to.ztnalon her. On several ocoaatona he waa no Welr polla that hie ever
.rr = yrred .I' Clearances" at the Fernandlna customhouse all 00 of the Nuptial Knot He Enumerated Intoxicated she.had.to take oft his shoes. printed Or you'll t>e doomed to diappolntmtet )'
> been
) ,,
and ImprovementPltUnc for the flrat twafy-elght'days of she ...ld.
and. material .aettlna n..m.ohln.ty..............| Ttl II November show a ,olnoumatenc never All the Thine file Wlf* Made No jidlalon has been reiched, I ,
labor ........ ... .,..... I I'Contracton' }
eettlnc n.w machinery: .... In. baton noted and that I* that the foreign ,
Account nw switch board .......,,.. ........,* ......... 11.. shipment of lumber. were allchtly In ex. Him D Aooount ahop equipment ..r..r .,...,,, .......; ....... Ill 70 cee of the ccaatwlM'. Coaatwlaa ahlp- Bonds a specialty. a I
rrelght on polea ,..ed,. ......,. ....... ........ ........ 4 01 manta mss XWI.000 feet foreign. 1.119t.kU. To prove he Wall henpecked Robert JMulholland. Phone No. 874. arms* 1 &; Paxoa. Notice. /a
'r0..rm. ,,.*.. ....... ....... ....... ....... .,..... 141 II This presents a light total of a.no.IU feet of Homeetead Pa., who' la r. Notice li aereby'51v.n that I. C H, .
('opp.rwlr.. ..... ....... ......; ..._ ... .. .. .. administrator
r .. ito 11 of sawn lumber But the shipment 01croutle suing his wife fOf dlvorc, !In Pltrsburc. The New Soutb Wale.'Trsmway Employee !: Carroll aa of the estate of '
lA' Tranefortnera .,',,..... .7,4. oi .. all coastwise.. numbered 111,066slid gay* testimony this week regarding! tieunpleasant Union her forwarded Maltle E. Carlliile doceaaed will apply (0
:Meter ... ... ...... ...... ....... ........ ...... It] II equalled 4.MO.100 feet making a total duties. h* ")I. Ma wife com list of 1U grievance, to the a board lengthy the County Judge or Uuval Uounty. b'loryIda
Account new oihouse ......< ...... ...... ........ ...... T 10 of lumber and eroastl of 1,121.112 palled hint to perform and th* things abe pointed to Inquire Into name, the exact ape. *lx months from the date hereof form
Bundrlee\ . ..... ...... ...... ...... ,..... ....... ....ed. II U1.17' ct feet wouldn let him do for ten year. that live officers being aatlafled with the premier ? final discharge aa Admlnletrator, and ; : ;
Then waa also shipped from Fernandlna. covered elghty-dve' typewritten page that the members of the will present my Una. account for "
Tetal *x *,.4ltur.e .,<',, ...... ...... ...... ...... 111.111 II aye the Btar, Stffil round barrel H. oh.rnl. cruelty !O.rd11 a aaaurance b* Impartial.TiU's . prove:, 'ti H I.'P' 1flr-rG ,
Caeh *a,hand October II. UU ...... ...ed. ...../ eded. 1141711 of rosin t TCO eaak ft turpentine, T.*M Hera are some of the hinge. lie salty. Administrator Fatal* of klatU K!:; Car- II I.' '
ton of phosphate and 100. bale of cotton she forced him to; do: Hale deemed J. "Y
Total ....r.. ....... .....ed ....... ....... "...... Til.141 17c Waali dlahea.Scrub Cafe, 27 West Bay, the August Jl), 1001. ,.,.',;, :
. ..<<
Several more clearance. are expected floors.Illaoken most popular in the city. --- ....... ,
before the month end, Including. the leoo the atove. Notice. .
,goo feet of lumber on. the steamer Luohana took moat of the meal.' Jeaup complain. .of dark streets. Ill 1..ii
other, '' the clothe Notice |I. hereby: given th.11 will| no'tb. .
and large' cargoes which llane out to dry ether Irpapecta th way of Jeaup are ,
win: probably: Inorma the lumber figure Walk to East Pltutturf work ht""t'1" exemplary.Highest . reaponalble for any debt* created Say Pap do spopetrzdere
to 11.,000.HOD feet for th* month = by.Mra. ''Ann.I Armstrong 'or Mra. E.: It you ,

PTOVSsT ,---There- ** Ke> CM Armstrong: and, she her no aulhorlly. anything on earth' to*"

Talking the liver, you The cast great*bt*! regulator H.rblas ever for oy >>:e>>>>>>>>>>>:e>:e>>>:e>>>: to treat any obllcaUona!:. M AH.MSTRONOMcCarrel In my name. counteract dat smell?, art;

.Ir.recl to .uff.ring humanity If you >-c ._, :.: Nope, less it was a. J' '
i suffer from liver complaint if you are
bilious and fretful. It. your Uvr and of Grades 'I Senator'cigar. II:
Her bin* will put It In Its propr oendltlon. High t
Cut Glass A A poaltlv our for. oonstlpatlpn. CompoStpHe ,r4 ?
I blllouan. dyspepsia and all 111. .
des to a torpid liver. Try a bottle aadyou Notioo. ;' ,
Leather Goods : will never us* anything eta.. Sold
l-rAJl-* -* AJ JUlKrKrUUUUUULX) Notlu I* Mrby flvn that a spatial'ml.ting <
aaj )
.. by Tbuma Clarke, Main >nr yu>, Company
T of th* stockholders of the tnlusi" e.
Books and Bibles MITAH TURKKT UOBBLGR.Mlatah Ravings Bank of Jacksonville. FIs.. a sun
\ i I portion orcanlaed vndnr the Iowa of IB*) yI
Turkey Gobbler; .you 1* mighty fat 'Th MoCarrel Compo8tono I I 1 Blate of riorlda will IM told at the' gip. '
T CardsCalendars I I oral I onV** el the cori>orutn,''corner fUocao
Xmos and aaaay.Touse Oonipanf; wish to givtHollo i ;
I stuck lak. and rorarlh *VMta.' In the Cllf
I furht. up yon waaur part. > that thcj have, "moria'tht'I, of Jacksonville, l>uval Count. rkirlda. *|
Snowdrifta I. clock p m. December: 11. Ir*. far the t,
Etc. But. nroeniber dl*-oo bird h* ever flew works to their lingo Plow quir
purpose of Inrreaelnc the capital elodl l>(
IotIlO" Itlctk ;- / ten Thirteenth and Tearlatreeu said "bank D didn't com time hav to light
U : IN!). M eTPVFNI: Pnok' q6L
O on teatojrd:: : Air Leos, I 't
Gobble, gobble, l gubbl .U you want to WALKER n. ITIVICNII!: aahl.r. '
You can satisfied in price miatah phd and 81.John.Terminal KaiJwafiThe Nov.nlnr H, 1**, ,jII
After while we'U gobble you all rightCtobble CIt, Oflin, Itullder Exchinge ..

N bird. gobble flew gobble, but remember no, rtl Kgit: Bar meet. II Notice to Creditors-, L)as

R ANCaE'S Bo light high be dldnt. some Mm I bay t* 'I -a frV Jl-EJLJULJUCJllLXJLyjUCJUOCXXXXX AJOo.. tuetaud: : piftribute) t.
World Phone 1083 I
Nollr la fcerxty given that th* orwlltura 1
E SEE THEIR WINDOWS BATUR- Office Phone, '1340. .koines. vat dlatniivlM. eel. all per V
Lard 1KJ111 havlac claims| or "....nllo ....In..
DAY, Ih* fatal vt YttW Ti ulltn.. .dM-s.d.
E 'Cor. laurj and Fonjfh Sf* ,Th. flntit. utortmcot of Ohriit-, > I will present Chem In Ih* .un4nrl,n4. a* R,
*i ouini and kruior lit the last will I
DIM and Holld will be
7 goods I -- .ltd tMlanwnt, or 'rrank T. Cullen, d*.
ihowa by the E:. L. L.T rurniih- V ' /(} l raed at Ih* Windsor 1/M .I. in IN*,Lily. ,'it
r ( :
tag Company Wed Bar street .a.JlJlJlJlaJl at Jcnkansivllla, Kl*., nlnin two DOLLSR date ... .QrilZAKKTH
fronj lwr''' or l am* ho }
next B&tnrdaj, December lit. To i Made UfttIw u.a. Cnemment Inq.otl.n p" ',".)0." "'..". 6rol"" I Stirred,

i get ready for the bid opening their TNI OUTHKHM.. COTTON OIL COMPANY j ','101.11:1: DON'T &CRATCI BLAKCflK: CCLLKN.V/ +
N'.L.' ,h. n. ..' '" rI WIMHEKLY W tLLLKNa.
: doon will be cloud tomorrow. .Al I All 0..1'. ',., J A* Ciecutru and Ks.rulnr of Will *f
... 15 ,
afteraooa and Friday Frank T ullwiawJ l erpas.d

J l ___ .. _ 1------ .-------,. r .

.Kkrti' *" l- yr: .6 't.. v; .,q "lv + 1

ler ,:'ttta r3 e .e "rw' Y\ r- 4 n


Jf'' THE METROPOLIS I Nadine Face Powder I .


PQmta.Mmm. n' Soft Remain and Velvet tint A Fine Line of Holiday Furnishings Is Now Ready

CARTER & RUSSELL PUBLlSHINtt washed off. Pur
lied by a newt r
sl 1DAXLT lACtlPTWTtLlaJI tlAnmATJ discovered' pro. r
esse. Harmleeewato. lie
aV CAtkls. .,.....t.>.......?...............h.-....... III."" I i' ....' Preven[e ctD

*>UFU0 JU *M7ffn .. (In
green bores only>.

.,H,,,, Buy one do pack.
r: jiwcwtwiumXn ADVERlSINQ . *g* and money

.0. . tit am .., ..... / M :no- r......... Y ............ satisfied will be refunded. Tints 1C-White you are.. Flesh not entirely Fin, -,.

... CameMjDeyy' ,.... )rw4se M mew 'reotI w f.....s br r Brunette By leering drugirlati or

Cerasb, o.,=:::::: 4.mr I. ttN.rrpatal AdvwdstimrAtaey. maiL frtfrnrft by NATIONAL!' TOILET.
I Co., Part, ..
.(..I. cage (..r7 *i%... .... Tsa1i ddeewy Mi. TwrIi T* *v.

-. Oa1I (IIi eaar/...... Nan O.+mt. asaspdewey ale"

o.e...., 4M* 1'.. ........ M II. ..,.... ..+.. ...... bwra

'Th. *')4rta *l4wK lttlM eMIl lfTELEPHONES ....
$ LAOMY..r.

rl j; : BVw!Mw A/I/t1/1a + :: r Men's
: :
wr> oRU aoa Clothing Department

tai.. I CM Mt

TBE HETBOPOLH Julldlaj Is N" 9-.n tot frriytl. Brut I

,>' h WILY PRESENT TWO BIGClothing -

:AWage Daily Sworn Circolation 9407; I I ,

Specials for Saturday Selling '

( I krIt
/ 'a '

CRIPTURB QUOTATION.Friday 1 c 4 i .; F

s November. loth- Better le 1t't.l14 with the fear of Jehovah than .teat $16.50 $16.50SUITS

N, //reaaurs and trouble therewith.' Proverb. :xr, 14 0 I ,


b Testerday. in Florid was a meet dellghtfu.1. sunny' day, and thousand

II enjoyed It to a gratifying degree. Borne of thoie persons visiting the Btat OVERCOATSFor ,

saldwas the prettiest Thanksgiving Day they ever aa... Blue skies and

erlp atmosphere. Just th* kind (to make humanity feel mod "Our Thankr1rIn '

In* X>aye," etld a Massachusetts 'man at the Wlhd.or Hotel :yesterday, "ar. tomorrow offer an Overcoat This is an' offering of our swellest

0rl usually disagreeable from the weather; heavy, murky and meet too cold to b. or Cravanette Coat at"$16.50 that can Suits worth $:::0,00 for $16.50. They

4 utdoori"Teeterday I not duplicated anywhere in the city ( are of the newest and most fashionable

thouiande turned out and enjoyed them..lve. In forests and I In Tire Cravanettes are absolutely guaranteed styles of this.season. We place them
gunning and riding It wee Indeed a happy day and It, within lte.lf, was sum K1.Th .
the manufacturers and sale for this
by by ua ,on to-morrow only at special
dent to mankind to thanke If for nothing more
coupe five
Y to be waterproof. These Coats are this price so had better choose
weather you your
The entire month of November has been a mod delightful one In

''condition any those visitingthe (State from Northern Motion ., are loud I In *> M*.i.....llsj .dianf aaNsa season's, swellest styles. Christmas Suit here to-morrow.

praise. of our>" climate. Colorado and California cannot compare with It. eM read.ra as w dolo .... ..
suu te> .-MF..ua. pbuMMp Just come in and try one on. You STETSON and IMPERIAL Guaranteed to be all wool and shrunk
The Metropoll. elncerely hope. all eltlxen and visitor enjoyed the day
le use toe rek.4 fee ..*... and the turkey dinner prosperity. bas enabled all to have juet Such Thanks. ....- Halt grew -..... skn buy UP.

v tiring dinner* ai .they desire, and we believe they did have them. sad < till ..!. HATS \ /


Editor of the Kick Column Agents Co.'s

I have passed many holiday and I have
The present indication are that the city of Jacksonville will\ crow a great never yet seen. wherein they were a benefit It

deal more rapidly In the heat five year than In the past five year If you want to people or country. Holidays' are >
alwaya more or less devoid to liquor .
to know something about the prosperity of thl. city a* It I.I to-day, compared drinking, dangerous sports and gluttony
and their abandonment would. 'I believe,
"r with five year ago, go and look up the record of the bank flv* year: ago and result In good Call me a crank If you be no emlsalo- on that account, and the J. Voorhee; Jams Abbott. timer Anderson Marietta Grammar Bohool were glad In OFFENSIVE.

c' look' at them today Ask any'man In the hardware bualnea or the :builder' wish but give me proof of the beneflcl ames ahould bII had It a down' calls had w, Aehley' and Itt. Mis CMansfield ; bright songs and happy thoughts they
effects' of holiday. I am aura It will not to te ninloV.iion, B Webb now de- < Mia Smith, Braman: gathered In gladeom, grouping "10 give "\\ hat'11\ you take tor that piper .
building trades: any architect; any contractor and thl,1II all dreg; the lam be found In mangled hands and scared eaKit, was the beat directory' man I Mr. S. A, Porter, F. Lundy and wife, thanks to Almighty God| for the prospers "Oh, you wouldnt canto amok this
Song and tell th. same story of difficulty !In supplying tile demand for either faces, caused by toy platola and other ver nw.. as hi* directories of Jaokson- lira Gliding' Mica Dooley W. Lundy Ity which, fill. our land with plenty" old pip."
paln-lnfllctlng device' Again I lay. ,.II e attest He used. personal effort' telephone and wife Mla B M Deyoe, Ltsxle Daly. .The program wee se follow:
-I labor. or material The town te humming, and w. believe I I. building on a mould ebollah all holidays or transform them and postal cards to secure. names, Min Lundy' A. Marshall. F. Falrhead "Let the Blemrd Sunshine In." .echooU "No. but Td Ilk to buy It and throw '...

t; foundation. A gentleman told u* recentlythat 'he did more bualnea In the Into beneficial Influence and just before closing would advertise W. Qladlng, James Donlpn, 'Mia A. The Lord'. Prayer school It away"-Wa.hlnlf'ollterald..
JOHN DOE. thqt If Mi cempiees! had failed to reach Lundy Mla a. Lundy. M. I. Lundy' W Scripture reading. Prof Vincent
1, month of October 1104. than In October November arid December.. Hot, and an)ono i In: city: or auburbs tor ed.,1' to Lundy William Lundy F. W. Frlabll Bringing In the Sheaves" school. mXPEaIJl'CII::. IKTTLKI: ALL PAINT'
WOMEN VS. >WAGES him n ppMiil<< curd, giving noossaryatn. and wife, A. J. eteraon and wife, W. UWMtcott President* proclnmatlon, MIN Cecelia QVBITIOKI.W. .
January: 1806 We may have stated. this fact before, but, It I. an Illustration of Nolan
Editor of the Kick Column! . Mr Webb told me he often re- and wife F. Eayr. Mr J.. 8. McCluney// Crystal Bprlnga.Miss. .
lundreda-of such card*. A little Heath M. Morgan Annie Clark U. H... ''I Need Thee. Every Your" school
,new houses of new people and of advancement A In elvpd l, ., painted hla house one coat ot aa
correspondent say women competition
better binding ot the new directory than rim and .wife Mary Cavanagb Mary Connor Governor Broward proclamation Mr. .
Perhaps the most potent factor In bringing about these results are the1I1..pap" In business with men have a ten. Blake W. Annie Francis Altman. other pun paint 10 gallons I one coat .
l the last tine would/ algid be appreciated Llssle > Jennie. Allen Devoe 1 gallon (Pure paint can be .
reduce unlit INch .
to and
deny wages "
!ii of the city. While The Metropolis ha* a large Btat cireulation.it girl for household dutle This Is a ml*- 'BUSINESS MAN Mary Jones, McOregory.Mary ,epn.Mr*. Mary Ludden.Bheeman."0111.O.ColI'nell. Dot"Keep Song a .Watch grades Over I find Tour I 'Word," thin, you know.)

tr I Jr distinctively,a Jacksonville newspaper, published In the Interest of the peo take., There are many girl situated THE LAW'S: DELAY: j Alice Nallnon Hilda Lawrence, grade 4. A dlsbHich tc'Is I i It ..Ulltnohl'uj1luhl'ln.tbronaII .
I I have a steady poBltlon at very "Th Twenty-third Psalm," I.
James Mann, Sarah Polam, Call Bonner, grad
pie of the city of Jacksonville. 'Th result I 1. that It Editor: ot the Kick Column: mow and Ice But the fact I I..
pretty much everybody In good salary I have always mkd a O. O. Frenkel.'P.' Funk. .W. B. Wilson "Clillflhcod'a. ' Song." grade I and 4.
,i, the city of Jacksonville take It.. and U. therefore, become an Ideal advertising practice to.put a certain amount aside Men shrug their shoulders and apeak and wife, I. W* Bonnao W, Morgar National' hymn America.. ." echool. I know the moat too recklea much to bllsaarJ get In In their the way country
each week in bank. I know any numb ot the "law delaye"with'in, indifference Uitle Hamler. Jennie Larkln, Mr*. A;j "Our Country" gradvat and L '
t fiitdlum. "Ther* I I. no way that you can reach th* thousands Bo quickly a* by a of young men who earn a* much a* I do. born of contempt and denpalrI Miss A. Mary L. Lynch, >-W le" echpl."Thankeglving .
Metropolis ad. let they cant' save any money They not that a aln 'ter predicament for Cath//rt& .I.IbIloDo *. Miss W.I Offering and Quotations
k vn-up to all they l'trn.f;;: those same any community, any State any nation Bowen a, L. Jones L. Dow, '.1. P. ," grades 1. I and"Ood V. I
,irr when they ; expect a A pat Instance I.I the Bawling case at oott. O. D. Terrene. Mrs. M. B.: :r.:1;: Be With You Till We MeetAgain Because We Manufacture
wife to dress neatly set a good table for Valdosta. Two men and two boys after acid' Mre A. Denton J. F. Ooodlng. ," echool.
AN IMPORTANT ME TINQ.. f them and save besides If the cannotdo .n exhaustive and Impartial' hearing.' E. W, Smith and wife Mllee Haggerty, The asiocuulonB' of ..honlIt.! are pl.... Our Goods I and "
that they call her. extravagant or say have been given them to establishtheir Thomas McCarty, Mark Eldrtdge A. R. ant. Progression I. the watchword Where
represented 1n she. doein't know how to manage nnocenre They have failed signally, 10do Maynard. B. H. Mix. A. M. Plckett, K all did ao well It would" he Invidious topartloielariae.
Jacksonville should well the
ke National River and Harbor MISS M. F, BO, I Gould a. Hagar Tom Leonard, ,W. P. No school ot our commonwealth Own Twenty Stores .
Technicalities, quibble of the moat Conroy, J. W.'Pelllter. L. F.: Pelllter. L has a more orderly roll of pupils Therefore we can tfford to 111
ratter., THE GIRLS MEN tIKE. nnepartnt sort have delayed the applications -, A. Allen E fi Young", GUI Laner, J. IiWheelor Mla Jeeal Geiger, one ot our best girl '- '" , . .
Editor ot the Kick Column: of Justice While lawyer haveandled : O: Langerford, II. Burns, Chaa. of the senior class. token charge/ of the
Florida, but for th* country at large, and a great of Interest oarFine
ha alreadyBeen
deft t think the majority, of men pay no the crossing of t and the doing Dervenger, I. M. Fowling. R.' p. Bherl- White House school Monday Miss\ Mary Ladles' and Misses'Cloaks
s manlfeeted In the coming congress. At the lut'eon..re... there were lop attention to a girls housekeeping of 1''*, Justice has waited and waltd. dan J. D. AuguiUded' H. K. Mea. John Whlttakerv worthy senior, I I. actIng r e .
delriate. present but It I II expected that there will b* an attendance of upward n hat,care they It a girl know .. and wdtvainly.-for It. vaunted W, Due and wife O. Manela and wife *. a valuable"IIAtIt\1t'1t i tencher'ef
.tit 1 ODD delegates at till earning meeting how to cook or net? They only begin to Indication. Miss, If D, Fools. MlM L. M. Foote: our school. Miss Reulfth Peterson IB valuable cheaper on C f i I I' than cash
If It any wonder that men have wearied j J. Manchester Fred Rivers. A. D. Brown, as a leader of school songs .
The various cities and town think of then thing after marriage ; M
tilt cache ,
on waterway of Virginia, South Carolina, law' futility :itoreicharg! goods
ot the _
Before It le .Imply the In which A F, Olbney J. Donvarr, P. Karesawskl,
North> Carolina, Oeorgla. and Florida have been asked to lend delegates and by .h. mak** herself attractive.manner I have In The lawyers who tak* advantage" of U Marckowlta, O. Frank, A. II:. Thayer, Have you noticed .how Interesting and "RUBIN, The Olothl.r,".
united efforts much rood may b* accomplished for all, and a* many cities In our .mind a pretty sweat amiable girl or every loophole to prolong the live of B. Miller W, Nose R. Wedenheff' J, entertaining the advertisement. In a newa-. Up-fltalri. 13 EM Bay fit.
.about heir clients or advance a civil cause are Cooper. F: Hatch, D, S. Moeely. J. kohl, paper .re? They furnsh,very good readIng .! .
It employed
adjacent State art sending delegatss It devolve* lpn n.rla. to move promptly ae a stenographer censured They are discharging .
not to ,
who L. Mackey\ H. Clothur W..Hagrndorand
) I.. the matter, act an enampl to cur sister States and canfook better than a large number according to their lights" .
occupy a prominent piece of married women. She IB also very theIr duty, twenty-nine MeeregeTHANKSOIVINd -.---'-- ,---. . --
in the proceeding of rhea National River and Harbor Congress. handy' with a needle, make her own ,The real weakness. I* In the law Itself.

No city In .th* south ha experienced more benefit than Jacksonville bas hat. and o'Ire.' .... It very neat and par and In It* administration these Intolerable weaknesshat and In- KARJI TTA'B .
within the past decade from improvement ot river and Hauler, also Very pleaaant and entertaining permit -
.h.rt. our terminable delay. Orammar School
Still, thin girl never ha* a gentleman Marietta Preoenle aq TOEATLANTA
pojj. \lime been completely transformed from one of email Importance one of friend. From this we ran see how Of Interest In this connection la the Interesting Program of Exercises.Tlsankmrivtng .

treat commercial value The veesel drawing ever twlv feet *f water, which much young men care whether a girl can following ringing\ appeal of the Georgia. .
recent session In Carerstllle.
tut at their D-4awn.d
:, one had a monopoly of the Import ant export buslnesi, are now surrendering cook or not. O. K, R,' tap Oa., to their more than 3,000 clear and: bright the home beautifully that clueer .
on -
to those drawing twenty feet and'aH fcy securing government .1411 : member In thl State:
a fit improving DON'Ti FOR MARRYING MEN! In and around the beautiful hamlet of
ro the Bt. ,,John rlvr. The above meeting will aak tile. United Btatee Congress Pflllor' ot the Klik Column stronger Make .the Amend law the better law'.and dive make It more It Marietta, In Duval Bounty. The pupils of

b fur an appropriation *( lit.000,000 a year for ten/year to'carry out th* work I don't Intend to follow Punch' advlro romptnen. and more wisdom and more -.

v outlined by the River'and. Harbor Coigree Not only Inland waterway are ("Don'I)I"J on the marriage queetlon-but Judea and more certainty In It* own en. How Good Food may'

j4 to,be con.h'er'4 at the congrsss on the 4th and ilk pro., but many other *ubJ I will so one better and. advise men to orcement Aetonilh the murderer andraplat
.ct* In relation to Southern river and harbor.. In faot, much work will b retremuor tilt following: I. Don't marry by its qulckneee I and Its certainty 1 i I I Turn to Poison.
> girl\ with whom you are lese than a If the law will protect the innocent and .
laid out for Congressional action at the session beglnnlnr Monday neit rear acquainted v.I. Dont: marry a girl l good IP all Rtatea, the Innocent and food -VIASouthern "
t0 who does not and respect her pawcnla In all State will protect the law, .
Ike a, lion marry the girl .who, stir* hTat Is the solution Amend the law. I ECAY It not dlteellon you know
President Roosevelt I I. Ihd oatmeal with one band and with the to gull 'ourselves with ,
nw spelllti meeting with much opposition Th Or let u* cease
other. tiles to turn the leave ot are "etsforcint" It! )) even when II. lake plea In tilt
5'' last to kick I I' th* House committee on appropriation a fashIon the mockery that we
Journal 4. I>cn.t marry a girl you OOOD CITIZmN. I. atomaoh. I
I car.'t kupporfa. well *. she used to support -"'- Food doxd. In the body
herself .. And. best of all, don't PILE CVHKD M S TO 14 DAYS ,
The Florida Mid-Winter Fair at' Tampa I ii now a thing of the ....t. The marry where there 1 I. not mutual love a IS gueniileed toetire see after bin( uten I I. u dangerous' to health

roults,! thereof are yt to com, and mar all not indulge the hop that they will wife should be your "pa''" and. comradein _PJU8O o( Ilchlu O1NTHHNT. Blind. 11l.1", or Protruding M 7(cod decayedvbefor being talen. I ,
to good and permanent. to Tampa and, the state. ( all your joy and sorrows I oag.. 'Has In t te M Oars or mow nfuixtxl. Me ,t
tM ( \ to know, -I'm IT, and. aolitary! Food. nourish or tIso.n.e. lust eooordtng Jacksonville 7:45: p. m.; arrive Atlanta 6:30: a. m.
pC TIB FORTRM8 OF HA8ADA. to how It remains In the Bowtla
t, lone
7' I BUy LOCAL 8LEEPER till 7:58: a. m. Tor Blteplng Oar
The Tavern Herald **y* that unless Uiere I I. a radical change In the views COMPILING IHKECTORT "Along the shoe of the Dead Sea there undigested. ruination
01 some of the trustees of the Internal row and r phone .
? Improvement fund of Florida wlthliIh Editor of the Kick Columns are still to b* seen long numer-j e
neat two they will b cut In the oils Incloauree nf atone which I marked. the I
year cold hunting new '
Job. In he
Those man compiling matter for a newoily amp of the Roman during their aleg Moil of the Dlfillon ooouri\

dltectorr..houlcl endeavor to Improve against lIua a. The approach to theortrea thirty feet of (Inteallne I FREEMAN
In 'issued here, asRams however from th* alit le Ml
Jacksonville was the lint Florida oily to great and the last to say goodbye that o. :ouI'lh: been printed steep that*, no besieging. army could attack Thy are lined with 'MI of llttl .

to th Vie Preeldentbut Tampa nominated him.(or Prealdent. Tamp I.I hard .herein were not. On* 'of the men employed It from that direction\ On the west there mouth, that aqu gt! Dtfeitlr Juices Into Diit. P...., Agent, 108 W,'Bay Bt, Jacksonville.
to beat for ..... on a former city directory told me gradual accent to within a
it .Uon. cigar and enUuelaam,-Fensaoola Journal Jaokionvlll eta more the Food dates "
that the omission were often caused. by of th* fortress The .I last
abort distance
never gels left All com her. a i failure t* find people at borne or at their part of the ascent however: wae ex.)I Th Insteatlne' ire also Und with minion! i

S I Discs of bualner.. and not havingtlm* eedlngly eteep so that without enor.I I suction 'thai .draw the ulna a
little ,
:I" fall the second' time. There should It would have been Impossible pump I
tor moue.n labor enemy to rauw their engine of tnenjl' from Food. ..It pUMlhm In going

! DEBTS OF U. S. CITIES war *o a* to have their missiles reach the I, through.But j i

BUYSioves ortlRcatlon. Added t* these natural obtaining ad1 1 1' when the (Bowtt-MiuelM. Wl weak
vantages I le the difficulty of Carpets
1 water for beeleglng army, the Only the Food move top !!fowl.!l 14 stlmulal

EXCEED $ bund ant supply within reach being at> the UtU Caatrto Mouth lad there If no
$1,600,000,000 mile to the north
Bngedl, some fifteen
.. Dow or log Ijijle flow ol Dljettlv Juice,
Alt the shores of the Deed A..II. '
the region surrounding alaaada I* barren to chant the. food Into nourlihmint, I Fall Stock Arriving Dally at 27 West Street.If

Stoves eaert for a fortress the Importance of refuge of wa thl early* location coal:. I Then, the food decay tn the Bowelt, 1

More Than Half of the Entire nl.ed.. "-.retertck B. Wright In Records and the hale cuotion pump draw Potion 4
Population Will '
of the Pt Exploration Society.BlaUutai from the decayed Food Into the blood, In- RUGS CARPETS'm.gdad

i Soon Live In Municipalities. ALL KINDS pmae Blaoi, lied of the Nutrlilon they should msdr ........

1. .g=. \ toV drawn. ".11'... Wiles
\ h ow eatmmaaWq. ... ..au.cllM "''' haV'1 ..,.... YelveteValves.
Mw ...14.., all dniwr for r ,*ara, JTU. w r e
A Mite ttf BtatUHIeal studlee In the d reMOOln",,, one 0' oily .ourla. FROM ..... 1 TapeesAqmoseeis
nnul report el l>r, a N. U Hurt' dl.I :meat" Now, Ca e&r,tl eonuln DM only!! sae lagreiseilupeaees ..
4 motor of the census bureau Shows that Tb. director advocate the taking of 4 COMING TO riX>RlDA./ blnallon of drug that stimukles the** seek ... usaseStairs .

I the .aggregeie debt of oMIr of the fnlted quinquennial cenaue of agnoultur.' IJne ;: to-Arrlv From Muscle of the Bowels and Intestine juala t I. aM
44 Dye Paeeergere Due .
Mates oontalnlmr mot than low InhsbtA The report **ya eonoernlng cotton re. Bond&Boura Co. e a
ntsu in .*_ .e II.*......*. IIr port that It ha been the greeteet desire s hew Tork To-Day. ;4: Cold Bath or opn-lr EitralM. itlnv clark baa bees k.e_....far... I Oredaey.ara
the largest Rug
"greater than ItuU of UM oumMned debt at the
bureau ta It. '
bring system of reporting Han.Caaouit .
a k, v( the national slid Dtal governments t. tk* klgteet! poeelbte. decree of The Clyde Une steamer Arapehoe I* dues ilia lea a.Lazy la, the elty. n. ___a'i sleek week DenopMaKt
and ui tile eountlea, sckool ltrlU and .8101....,.. It rmMlnueiThen port' to-day from New York, with |hoj therefore aol Ilk' I!"'011I. ealF lat.., bek Mtter Se. PsesspthywOTDOW

vther. minor dvll .lvllau. *." MA b* no question that the HARDWARE'WHOLESALE following penpralI I They produo the Mm sort el Natural U
The ..lret result that a oountry pfanmeMATriwea
tin 14, H per rant of the peopta .( the many million of dollar to the ..,l o*
Will B. Wood. Jarae Kex. Ma Man. ..
Vnlted 'later ....."...) Uk. slUes having ai planter br protecting the market from ny gia, Ml** F Doolcy. N. Alvord and wife, would produce without any Inju/loug Chemical IplWlnkoLbib.I rollul.used.Ckf.L Notblaget

+ ::+inulUun of AM an4 OPW, and In 4 Un aaeault Of *p*..ttOfa.MDtreoto rllo.... "aK........ Mla n. Miller Miss erfeet lillpiII" Crn sad C_.. .
ll rdre seer oe..Wf,01 tnej **vo4e win Kortk recommend the "aot. ANO RETAIL 1 II. M. Ullr, Mre Moran. Idler Williams. Th Vest Pocket Claoaril Boa |I.oU !aria eteek Sf Car.t PaU.,.... C
teetile In HUM c4tte*. meat ft law enable ....
rigid to census ..... K M. WUIkama C. E tlorfe and Clerk .ua have peer Mattieg.awed. .0..11.. r
The rr*..*em of eeIt-vnunet .In, ortcer la secure Infervuttlon. B .
site, .n. C. A, Morrieo J. C. Church by & Prllrcll- Tj CnniB .alald, J'I6Ia sad 1'ilutadCLA
10 West Bay Street. sad wife, Mr*. D. W, Maralta, Alle M*. sore yo' get lbs renulne' & made eery '"
C ,.It*. H. S. Miller. ant wife. Lena Ho. and
lh. Remedy Company

:tt tf .L.-r 11 4ACKBOWTIUJB'.-... II.ft--' n.ry Foray. K.Rv-hardaoii.k, Armstrong.Mary,Biu-ae.Mre Arm-MeVarrell. 'by ewer told staring In bulk. Ev ry tablet tamped R K'S LarteJI Dultr ''II floor Cower't: ,Ii the State

: :: strong, F lAkewood,, H. .., riddlt. Q. 'ccc." '*>
,. . i. w. ItgbMa O. K, Uopaln tad


v't "re
4' e t


; ; 7

- TE vrnieG 8TB07DLI8, TODAY, OWUSB. 90, lOot I
' '

Jibe Ion.... Elisabeth Fleming Aim n.Buckmafl. .

tErra l/Enxle. Irene Bacon. '
Anna, Champlaln. Gertrude Champlaln.
Minnie Meyer Bessie Porter, Mabel Cum.. Cooper's MedicinesIn

SOCiETVII mer. Mis Thle-ry of Newark N. J, and

Miss Johiison of Rome Os, M.....*. J.Denham .
Bird Arthur O. Cummer, Tom DRE\'S
i Permit, D. H Drtg. H. K.' James, lie Great Demand

____ low Barnett L. A. Mitchell 0'.- W, loot
, - Camilla L'Bngle Heber Welter, Buyani
delightful little supper after the Tachi Shields Ijeydeti Haynea. Eugere Dod<<'I, -- -.

: r Club taut. night at their. pretty apartmeni Paul' R Wltr '". R. p. Daniel. Jr, Fit.. The .remarkable demand for th.. r am glad of the opportunity to tell the I
on Horan. atreet, for their debutant gerald Kiog-A'llfsm Barbrldara, "'Ot'OrpW New Discovery-medicine with whirl' I public what these wonderful medicine 50mm or TBE BEST BKI tTtrPfRTriT Fleet
Tk 'Sawlstjr BdMm mat bersebe daughter, Mia Claire Strlngfellow.. The ldoll. Addison W. Palmer Thomas klPalmer have don for mi My sufferingtor son vi. { ?
L. :F. Cooler bee been having luck AlfD THE PBSOrUB ORQI .OElC
fitleriel baa been ".011
al Tk Medr.p.IIi table decoration were 'In yellow chryanthemuma '- Elmo 'J'tIanwo. George W the past .rtee year

re mia .every 4.r. frs* I a.m. . Tho e who enjoyed. the deIlclou Thames Jr. Jullnn Hnrtrldge. Ted Carroll wonderful success in the ear of Stomach more than I can courae lupppf were the Me.r*. H. K. 'ttsrkiehoimer I T. T. Elmer* and Xldary trmiWea.. Catarrh all that tint I have seldom had a It and tnrhirtea all the dainty tint*.
t. Tele.k S I 1. ss Anna Rloharda, Gertrude Champlaln i Major Iluger Dr Henry Bacon. Mr.. Rheumatism end other. diseases seems I well day. My appetite) .wee very In-
Asm! ._..t. .( aae4Mla*c* May Coachman and Claire. fitrlngfellow. Kirk or Washington; Mr. Butts olBrunswclk to Increase every day. His visit in regular Boraetlntea I could not get Fang"-Jack London fsIlIsilibie shapes .... .

,..11.*f ke i4lv.a .< cay tlsM and Me_ H; JS. James. D.: H. Dolg, ; Mr, Adalr, of Virginia.; MrH. New Orleaoe for the post few weeks enougti to eat and at other time the "Doubloons"-Phllpott* and Arnolj alma.Orera.
I tele.k.e.. Bark fmanalcatlfla William Burbrldga and 1.. A. Mitchell. .Pace, ot Raleigh N. C.; Dr. Da Car has crested a sennatkm J> the South, vary sight. of food would make in.* '
ever drnce and S P. Holme th. Ilk* of which baa never bee a : 11<1l. I have soldered greatly from Bennett. I "!B I T"G
a*..t he .a.e !. DINNER BEFORE? THE T YACHT CLli!. Some ot the gowns worn were e.ped\ t1j known.Hi constipation. I dvd rot em to pt .. tee AC
11 wrltlaw, addnoa t. the .-'efT1e.1I Mr. and Mr. Walter K. Halle, entertained pretty.MMGladys. . remedies lire wen" known In thli cay strength from what I at*, was* wPfc. MarltaPre Breb- s'tunceeneitts 'end Visiting Cards
| Halle was ehikrmlrig In section of the country and the famous always. tired. and tt* slightest oxer
list at tbeipretty la.
.r. at dinner evening
sun ,pleated. white radium silk, mad earn which they hare effected In M, tine would weat m* Slit completely."' will toe eemte4 with c.1 awl
before the
the Boulevard
home on round length for dancing the baby waist for me to at-1' "Sir Nigel"-A. Conan Doyl to .
Yacht Club dance. The decoration were Lout Milwaukee, 8U Paul, )linneebliaaod ,It wa* a great effort rcmptltu4l> Wi Invite ju
trimmed with Irish crochet tao and earning other largo cities of the Central tend to dut_ I woe very nervous '
or American Beauty ronca The placi Connor. edt SC writ lampl
an arm bouquet of American beaut wet rest well I Jtor"-R'pll to "
TUB LINE. card dainty bow knot The Western State are well remembered and at right rooM
were green
1 irt never quite prepared to .., rue.t. who went on to the Yacht Club afterward roues. The retail druggist* say they: would waite up In the morning feelIng
Miss Lydia Parrs most becoming
wore a hava never known any medicine for cc tired a* when 1 went to bed. Titers
draw the line Men
Where Phyllis ; Included HIM Thlery :
gown of pale, heliotrope cllITOft cloth ..which, there wee such a constant demand wer few daya: that 1 did not have a 45 47 49 West Sfrecf.Re
That. place Uf very apt tu stray Buckman. Mia Halle from Camden, a with pl blue accessories and carried said the I continued report ol treadful headache and time would Bay .
draw the line.
Where Phylll C.: Miss Gladys Hall. Major Huger, Attorney 'Parma violets.Miss thought
marvelous cure that are feeing publlihed have queer dlsxy spell I
Last PUt ah* began It where General Ellla of Tallahaea, and
Udle Clark's
of sot)
Th. big comb nestled In tier hair Addlaoa W. Palm. 1fO'Wwu everywhere ere a topic of universal fore. time that I bad Catarrh and doc-
Meear Heber Welter whIte silk. made In empire style her sItilens without relief.
) It. but
Interest for
And right straight down from way up ar and T. T. Elm carnation's t..r Not -- -
red and whit 'In her "
=: of New Orleans do
there, ., The newspapers art ml m "Mft m.nd
draw line. DINNER pretty fair "hair. Mill\ printing Intenrlew with ttioMwhoa wh. began ber wonderful
thf Mis Elisabeth Archibald was a dsintilgure with .
cane are moat extraordinary, success Cooper wee* having ot the c..elll. (
The ThanlugtYlng dinner given ..t Red I In a prlnee..en of nile ......nc..pe the treatment .f
Dam. Fashion eome along to tell and a* this, the last week of Cooperivisit his In THE: NATIONAL BANK OF
Men' Hall In South Jacksonville> yeterday *- deehlne.. exquisitely smocked and draw. to a "rInse" the excitement eases ml to seine I began using JACKSONVILL
When Phyllisdraw the line; by. the ladle o, the Methodlat adorned with handwork. Increased MONDAY .OV..Ea P ,
teem to bar rather than hIs
She casts a moat bewitching spall- Church was a moat. pleasant occasion.Hundred Miss Claire Strlngfellow! was lovely Ina abated -. takes Wa New DI.f CuMtBs4 Vi sa .a >. Cesspv.tler a... CaiT'neyvLiAmrrniB.
And Phylll draw her line. of were present and enJoyed short princesse gown of lavender silt
guests hor
few dare a .
One case In particular that ha attracted medicine only a
from of tilted .Rtns.
C This year. tip nose ..t.Ih. beet dinner ever given and I.ce. sue
on especial attention during lb.pa.t tapeworm of enormous lace. sag . 'Csplssl 5 esOenedettta
To where her modish. toss .. .. .1. .
pretty the couth aide. The menu wa elaborate Ml** May Coachman wore white silk. I .
on .. system and then ....
*Peep forth Phylll beneath draw her the dainty line. clothes, I th* .decoration appropriate and, made with the new double skirt the few. .,day MM I*Burgundy that of Mr.street Leon New I.bttsquiene passed knew what from bad my beB causing me all .V.' *. iids nt ;:::::: HUM 4..ea Mtil. := ':::::: -:.
My :
the acrvlc. elegantI I bodice trimmed with applique' and carried Orleans who had been sick' for fifteen this tl'Oubl. From that tin I improved 't" a.4 .. .*** A ......... ScBaskisa

IN HONOR orw.: FRBELSv carnattiona. year and .had doctored for varloua rapidly and now feel well and H._...... .,- ..,., ... 4' '
THE JEWISH: WOMEN'S LEAGUE.A Miss Ells Riles wore an. effective! gown dIseases without reault. There wee a I".t 1,1 gladly. gtv Reel estate .. ........ .
"Mr*. John N. C. stockton\ entertainIng will be th of red chiffon cloth over taffeta. and cite who .. .
whlat and dance given on bright twinkle Ih the man' eye and any I Dee V. I. 1tossItopeelts ... .
It..rtn . "1"
with aa Informal tea this afternooi evening of December 12th at the Phanlx slipper end gloves to match. a radiant smile on his face a* he greeted I was." .. .., ... ... ,
at bar handsome home on Rlveralde avnue .. Club room by the JewIsh Women* Miss Ruby Moore was very pretty In a his Interviewer the other day, The .I. of Cpr'* medicine to Des.fnsa beaks ....... 1 :. 4

In honor of her counln :Mr*. J. M league for the benefit of the temple. lovely princess gown of pink flowered which seemed to bespeak anything Jacksonville ha Jlhebom.b.l !* va-alta .. ... r.
--- ,. .
Tree!*. Ticket for this occasion will be 25 cent. silk; th* bolero trimmed In dainty .hlteI..e. but poor health "I hall be pleaaed and at Lk McNeil' .to. c.. In.

There will be three attractive prliea to and worn with pink glove to elate my experience," h* ald. in ,where the renwUe are acid to &bi '. ....
Miss Eleanor Cossldey wore an extremely o ... 't'eeuI : t ..
The .
be competed for. committee In answer to a request .t!>1" my elM oUT It I* ald that some wry re- .
ladle of St. Stephen' Epleoopa large" are Mr*. H. Elton, ttn. J. Field pretty and becoming. cloth toilette olpej baa been a most remarkable one, and i markabl curea have been reported I .
Church will erve oyitera on Wedneada; Mr*.. M Endel.CHORAL I. straw-colored cWfTon ,
In the
Richard stunning
Miss Anna was
venlnr, Deoember 6th at th. rectory1DU ,
..... CLCB POSTPONED. .beautiful gown of white radium silk and
welt Moan There will be i imualoal '
chdflon cloth; which she had worn U
*prograni and sale of fancy arWcle On account of the Culpe per meeting mRlyenld. maid of boner at her cousin's, 1\11'I. JackBrown's TO THE PUBUC

.. there wilt be no practice of wedding\ Wednesday evening. Wa do a regular banking Iu.l Cn..1 fca4

the Choral Club-.of the First MethodIst, Him" Jan Jones was a picture In TIIEMYSIRYSTILLUNSOLVEE[ Saving accounts paying; Saving dpoaiti .* a '
THANKS FROM THE WOMAN'SRELIEF. per cent per annum. ooinpose,4 quarterly
Church .tonightSERVICES whit chiffon prlnceaae gown trimmed In r II.nt .w"o
U department offer >* sam advaataw t... MM ti
tiny me" ruche of pink.
THE TEMPLE National banbe with equal safeguard for tha protaotton et ,
Tb. Woman' Relief AMoolatloi? AT Hiss\ Burbrldge wore an empire gown 'S teem f
wishes ta thank all who *o ganeroual])' To-night, at the regular' aervtce'at,th.* of pal green chiffon ,with touches of W* Issue Tin Certl *,.of l>epolt .II latereat,At tl ..

helped them to till banket" for the needy; Temple at half put seven o'clock' Dr. silver\ gAuxe and lace. "1'.. Lancaster. ; of FOUR per cent p.1 annum Interact pay every three .

eapeolally. school children, for their donation Jacobs will lecture on "Hypocrliy." Th was very handsome In pal pink silk with PEOPLES BANK AND TRUST COMPANY

nearly filled 191 buket Th< public la Invited and a large congregation white lac entre-deux. ,
following schools give bountllnlly: -Ml.. I II hoped for. Mr*. Keggte a lovely brunette won* BOARD THAPK STsU
JacoM'l! Kindergarten Mia Somervllle'i. heliotrope ones de chine "Mt-s. William StAtHOftj a1llo .

KInO............ Mia. Bailey Klndergar TO PLAN WINTER WORK. Pruden Smith wore a charming, lingerie .
tan the Bprlngfteld School the GrammaBehoof gown with lace over pink silk and Mr, ,PC -- -
The young ladies of :un. Oeorg KlrV!: *
l. the LaVilla School and Mi.no.wtonI .i. Sunday school dun will meet. on Saturday Cromwell Gibbons striking beauty wai Coacernio Woman Who
: private achool at Mr enhanced by her handsome evening gown '
afternoon at three o'clock with. Mist
BpraU'a.Thoaa. Halll hey, 215 East Duval ctreet. Tt)|* otpink: ..11k.A .
fill and deliver ba. from 4 Per Cent InterestTh
who //helped 1 I. the regular business and social meeting Leaped Iroqoois.
bet* ".1"11 :Mr.. W. Ar. UaedufC, bIll. and a. plan for the winter's woVk CHARMING YOUNG COUPLE! HERE All -
Somerville. Mr*. Llnr Mm. Charier and his bride,
are to b* dlaouaied it I* hoped that each Rev George Floyd Rogers
Spratt Mr*. John Murphy Mr. Johi member will bo present a charming young couple from Coving form of Investment I* a savings account ...|Ut ,tale beAk,
C Orether, Miss Chapman :Mia MabeCummer ton Va.t who have been. spending their A DRUMMER'S LETTER.
:Miss Edith Merry MM MabeLookett Stifles Money I* available when and S per cent Inlereat. companndadquarterly. ii
A DISTINGUISHED CHURCHMAN. honeymoon In Florida, spent yesterday; .
Miss Mary Clark Mr. Oeorgi. with .,,-GoV. and Mr: *. Francis P. Fleming Try the caving and you will never car* te '1.I ,
Parkhlll' Mra. Will Frailer Mr.. 'ChaaTucker. Archdeacon Goodwin, an Episcopal on their way to their home .In the No account too imali receive courteou woJeome.CITIZENS' . '
Mr. Hobart Hare and Mr. churchman of rare gift who has been Old Dominion. BELIEVES HB MKT HUB MOFFAT IN '
Arch McMillan. Thank are tendered tll filling the pulpit at the 81., Andrew' All : *
Mr. W. K. Hails for wagon. .1.010 MrKeynolda. Episcopal Church for several month lOCKHART-BTUART. GBORGKTOWir, ,8. CoB JACKSONVILlE
'!'ranafComp.ny. peat. baa returned to Creen Cove
of the McMurray Charles
.. Th Hat of donation w ll b< Spring Archdeacon Ooodwln. has mad The Stuart horn,of In'M1'.d Springfield Mr*.was the seen Clifford '* 4 Bridge Street, .> .,
Cr. B Stt
with the monthly report. hundred of warm personal friend In Leathers
glveiij afternoon
this city, who regret hIs departure.THANKSarVINO of very pretty wedding yesterday W. Moore, of Baltimore, |ar* Mia ., -
Katie ; -
when their second daughter; -
mIR -
CELEBRATED FORTIETH" KINDERGARTEN Ella was united In marriage to Mr. Ma ToM Hlsa She Was a Nurse,, -
ANNIVERSARY.Capt .- James Cain. Lockhart;. The house which PRICE
EXERCISES. decorated with palmsrerns. But iBveotitratl Fall to BabalaatlaU .
and Mr*. W O. Cooper cele was beautifully $ .50'
annlveraary 01Thankaglvlrg The Thank glvlnf program renderedon white chrysanthemums and car George Wyeth Conover
bitted their I Diva1'
I Day at their home by Wednesday morning at the East nation.WII crowded with relative and This TIoeI"",.. Do TOO wear Trf. 1 Dong- Theater '

Jacksonville Kindergarten. wa unusually 'friends of this popular young couple. Bhoest If
family reunion and dinner. In whlol otherwise known ,III' ".1 IOt
Mary Moltat at
Interesting. The c t the st the appointed hour half- ,
program < exercise
faml Promptly .
and their
and daughter ibauUl give .
their sons Amelia Browning, who .... drowned from you 'IJw.
.. .
wee a follows .. Miss Amalla Hauaman pl.'edLohen..ln.
111 joined. A happy day wa pent fhank Thee Ii..ve.yI'.lbe. past bridal as the bride th* Clydo !steamer Iroquol last tBunday Ulal. ,beoausa ar* the 1.. 5.eerday MattieeVslsseeeelslrlPpOdaT
frlenda unite in wlhlng the cap Prayer, "We ,chorus tla.1 .>. OaMoU4M4lW. ai .I' '
minT wife more tiapp;, \ .." entered on the arm of her. father and morning near Jacksonville and about *h04>. ,0ICe (o' ; 1.'
tin and his many much I* .t
nhoaa Identity mystery prevail
MornIng greeting, "Good Morning to proceeded to the back parlor where they price; this I proved ky NI"lIn ZImmerman'. Marry Mccl. 2
**"*. Tout I O How Do You Do?" were met by tb."OOm.. Her .amid a laid to b* a nurse by profession and our aalea. H* lall... and cei .

JACKBONVILLB WQMAN IN Bong 'Swing tho Shining Sickle." bower ot fern and beautiful white': chrysanthemums. bell Island, near ; Iotnk, S. C C., la ..11. more" man's .(0hos NGv.lJ'.
A theMain ,he place that she la said e cam
Song, Thanksgiving Vlalt Rev. Motion palorof than any othsrmanufacturer .
OEOROIA. PIncer ploy, LIttle Squirrel" Living Street. Baptist Church spoke' th root' to ctiartaMon before} her eventful II the CClln:,a"'Chorus of .rit, ,
"Mr. P." W: Oodfry formorlr CarrltHardee There." "beautiful and Impresslv words that trip to Jacksonville. world. 'S JENNINGS. l

of Jaokionvlll but who now re- Bong, ."Our Squirrel" made them man..andwife.. Immediately Thlr aide* In Coviniton. aa. ,I* on. ot ttu. Song ..8..... a Ship a-Bnlllns" after tha ceremony an informal reception owing communication) received from ILW. V'h.tut.

prominent club women of that State anu A great quantity <'f good thing to eat was held the happy .,couple leaving Moore a traveling man. addressed to i ( .'lr ,

the press of Georgia speak, In mud were put Into a large. box by the little aa the t o'clock train for a trip down Chief of Police. Boyle, of Aiarleaton, Jo14Lsthmid gdfJrV A* i Amrice's yonisgeet tO dancer.WiliiaetC.Welp I
e nralM. of her laudable effort hi- the D. puplti end cent to charltabta women for th* east coast. The serving table wo nailed at Cheater 8. C. ,The loiter readste ta I IA

A t, K., U. P. C. and Women Club oil distribution emong the poor. especially pretty with the bride oak follow: w_ SAY pyaI.vsr bsIl aso b Sullivain as Msee. Tie ".:: t'
clei Mr. Godfrey; recently attended Pennies to the amount ot II.a were t* the centerpiece with ,quantities of Cheater, 8. C., November ft. lOot Si 1' cad best .yaIne4 chortle pa the
,the *onfren Iu of the DaURhter of -th4 cried fur a donation to tie blind> bablea. bel"Utulwhlt. carnationa. WhIte satin Dear BlraM *e* by to-day's paper that : ,4i
American Revolution In Columbia vid A "sunshine'1 bouquet ot rose was sent ribbon and smllaxwere. festooned from TL lady. named pOles Mary Moffatt, weeirownet .. Wtgbt, ,... pee, ,

the meetlDg crII.. Daughter of th to Bt. Luke Hospital with the kinder th* chandelier to the daMe, and the effect at or near your city. The paper Ladies' Tailor pie, .

Confederacy at Amerlcu At both ol ten'o Jove and cheer. sac very pretty indeed. The punch Iso tatei that ah* registered. a* Miss A. Practical __" C all to-day.'

thass m "tlnga she t-o: leader' 'ana After many Interesting game the chil jowl was presided: over by Mr*. C. C. Browning. I am writing this, hoping that -
a mad her prsSflce th* floor1, ol dron. returned to the table and enjoyed Btuart. Miss Lllla: Kellar, and idles Maryvee It will clear up her Identity. I was In and Habit Maker. alfKAIK"$ AtL1IW MOVING

the** gathering Her .nthu.I..m l and an oppl and nut*. The table wa decorated [ Btuart assisted at various times by Gleorgetwon last Tuesday and met this ( .along BJ' street. '
her talents commanded attention and al with sheaves of rice wheat and sun. friends of the bride. Th ring In lady at that place. She told me that she For the the shopping dis Mr.Rothsteln. practical ladle* rIOVfl. 4;

nil time. carried great welghv. autumn leavaj Oood-byo were then the cake fell to Miss Dosle,. Lewis, h sister }had .been. down to Belle land. below to ha presented a livelier appearance tailor and habit-maker, has located Seeday. 1"-' sad ,.flee. L
She also represented on the fth ot toil said and thus closed. a very happy and of Mrs. Stuart Seorgtcmn, to nurse an old lady. She trade will be still better this weak In title city having Jaaaed or -
month her horn town at the annual. thankful. morning. The bride always a pretty girl, never laid that abs had been sent down there i and will continue to grow heavier everyday a' .u.t.-ot room. If, IT and It. COMPLCIANOI.

convention ot the Georgia Federation ol looked lovelier than on .thli the momentous rom an agency at Charleston but after with the approach of the great ..If.pre.mUn. In the Blul building. Mr. Roth-, PICISc' ,

Woman Club. In Macon. ai.4 Will antmpo'laltt Oceanian of her life. r She was rolng there and finding 4 so lonely. nha festival. stein an experienced and
d.llberatlon TIlE TACHT CLUB DANOB. handsome traveling town hopping which I* now U that killed ladles tailor and guarantee Meedey eta .
factor In lie ,owned In her deoldoHto\ go back to Charleston She i T. O .r n.
AIrs, Godfrey' mother and other relative The Thankjtglvtng' dance at th* Tacht it gray broadcloth with hat and acces ilso told m* cbS wss from New Yolk City of people who having e.e.d theposting very garment ta be perfect I' .

till reside 'In Jacksonville ana Club, alay ttue first formal dittOSin lories to match. The sob ..... of the tnd had been In Charleston about ten. I of Christmas coe.. 10Ina In workmanship and fit. MElt : Ptitpiss
they ar all justly proud of her 'popu- Jacksonville. eacb seaiun, ".. never more jretty pony jacket style and wee worn oya, when all* wee sent down'to Bell no tlm In paclll tbO. 01te 'HI 8"fl ,
larlty and prominence and her achlment *\*- successful or brilliant f than last night tub f. dainty. lingerie waist. aland. Sits also said her,real home was ; monIes show c*** M. ROTHSTEIN. Monday Ev'.lnc. Tuesday Mcii. 4

In the various organl.atlon of Th danoa wa* given In the auditoriumof The wedding gifts were many and beautiful In MltaouH. Did not pay what town. She striking the beat ,of bargains. It I.the Blank BU. n..the xv cbtnluoym.rettty ploy. .t
which she I I. en active member. They the Windsor Hotel a room that 1 I. pe. and testified to the love and esteem leo said that she had boarding place In al bird which c.tb.the worm, and HT W. ScriptS t. "
.to having hr called a Qeorgla culiarlyadapted for the purpose It* In which these two popular young peopleire Charleston." If this llttl Information will la the ) ,bold also In BASU ..VI I" Phea .. .lna.I"

cJect woman: a* I. *o frennently done florid splendid floor and octagonal shape making held Mr. Lockhart has lived In be of any uae to you I hop thit you th* Christmas shopping trade. People U..41'.I".nlll
., protean again*! having Qeoralacl.lm It an Ideal ball room. The new officer tie city all her life, ana< is loved by ..11who will let n".* know. Address No. 102 Com who com drat have pick, of the Gunt.
such a charmll.g daughter or the Yacht Club had arranged all detail know her and her friends will be .....roe street Baltimore. MJ, ers and late shopper have to tabs whatI THE MERCHANT

""' ot the evening, and ar* to be congratulated leased to learn that she will continue Very respectfully, II. W MOORE.Major I.I left. THE WEATHER5jii -

THANKSGIVING SERVICES IN NEW on the pleaiurabla occasion, to make Jacksonville her home. Mr.ockhart Boyle turned over the letter to The shopping ha* set to a lithe heavier OF VENICE
Ihe officer thIs year are: 1 Ie a popular young business Bvenlng Pod that It than usual. It Is said but noting the gon
BCHOOU.The Sunday achool. (Commodore Cromwell Olbbon. nan of this city and has a boot of he be printed and further exploit the .ral prosperity of the country the ston. In Else Ielebeth.1 M..I.I'.

Edgewood Christian woik and branch ot Vice commodore, D. H. Po'lg, friends' who will congratulate him on :tight of the identity of the woman. In have been stocked for a lively: trade, and PrIer. SIASI r The, ui it
which I la a mission Captain, II. K. Junes.Secretary irlnnlng 10 charming >a ..wlf. tatter attending the the demand of trade a being met. I. goOsasle I ,
ot Jaekon- that the mystery a.Wedsysdiy
Church ho bop nATION" 1.1
the Flrat Christian R. P. Daniel. Jr. shopping _. starts II. J.II J. .ur..1 .
,' In .. cleared CIIrlm.
yUle held their ThanksgIving *er lce* Tweasurer, A. W. Palmer.Governing . may be up. .11
at the corner 01 NONNIIEIINST.bliss : There I II only one employment agency real earnest about a before the .1'I i sad "
their new committee J. Danhojn Bird, which la llcenxd to do festival, but tireS a week or ten. day the ..1 1.1. "kt ,
Kdgewood and Highway avenue, In the Arthur O Cummer C. W. Tuckar, Court- Mary Ernst, of Savannah wa In Char.eston. I the bureau of C. F.Von trad* has growing dally In Jtckwavlll _ _ _ _ .,.. I. i
western part of the city, yedlerday: Th land Buckman T. M.: P m.r.. united In marriage to Mr. Philip Nonn, >ualne4 and *. \e ........ ............ ..',,
entire community In which the church lalouated The fir at half of the evening wa devoted ot Jacksonville on list Sunday at the Bantenr M* waa seen this afternoon .. ,.*...,. ISLE OF SPICE
and brought their In the former .nd aaked about ihs woman H* stated .
turned out PreiToytertsn parsonage
to a card da no*, Inspiring musicbeing
a t".*kel* 'filled with good thing of all furnished by the ,Wind nor Orchestra Ity. Mr. and Mr. Nonn are now In hat h* hd not signed the mysteriousranger anywhere Try Till'i Cafe, 2 W.rt Bay. ':::::. '::f: -: II ORUiN.L ".ODIIOI.

kind end enjoyed dinner together. Th And after the dullcloua supper had lackaonvtlls, for Georgetown or .................. Ireerry Sew 4.
oily ow.. ipent In storing anti netting l>en enjoyed the cotililon wna gracefully el.*. H. said that In the pelt few week. Nt FLORIDA CORPORATIONS.Letters .................... ...... Row '

and the 1 playing. of some beautiful guitar I vil by the commodore, Cromwell Olbbona, PERSONAL GOSSIP. h..h.oI not cloned a liars.' at all nor hade :::.::: '.:: : 5eage 145w I._

mul; rendered by Prof Smith with dancing with 1.15 beautiful wife. An esp* .w sect a whit man or woman to OeorgeFrlerwn'i Patent Iud by the Secretaryof .. .... ...._......'.... .45 Sii.e SONG HIT TIMId 'A
tOWIl. wea,_.. .. .... ..,.,_,,..,,... :etooth. LI
band dally charming feature of last This Week LIttle
bin guitar nlgM Mr*. 1. D, Talnter, of -.wn. Mas, ; pharmacy maintain a r.*.1.. Itt .... .. ' 64ioldo. WIld of Nltob.... Il: ,
Rev J. T. Boon waa present and dona wa the prraenc of many of this ta In the city for the winter on a visit for nurse. the nil....* signing when .....;i.I!..I... I............... . UntIe am'. Marines..;;; ito .r '
**v* a touching and tender *talk at the ,season' debutante.. who, with Ihelrpontanl.t to t her ion. Mr, Ed Tainter. Mr*. Talntir try case and again registering During the ,we.kthe Secretary of t.e OCpaU .. ... ............' 55 sesneTush. Star .f Fete ...... .. 5.21, p.m
ot lbs Tliankaglvlng ..ryl.,.*. and enthusiasm and pretty, hey go en a ... . .... ............... Is 54ierfon. The .
Clot stopping at Mr*. Warrocks. on servIce of their has Issued latter patent IncorwraUng ii Stick Wlteb..llIG:
by BlU bosh fscsa, wer. not only u for employment, upon the tate ..".....,,............. .tom p.m
C enjoyed enjoyrg
which wee young bIn street. flm.I and this reglt'., generally pulronaed th* following .Florida con ?6lit. _ lektietslpt.is. yo0 .lId 1..1.: p.
themselves to the utmost but added ., .,... .. ::::. :;: E P...)' . .
of :: : ,
FAMILY DINNER: PARTY.Mr Itl'C"Ltly. to the pleasure of the older peopleprewnt M&J. and Mr. Niger, who have made doea by not the contain"",11. the nurses name. the of Browning city 'onl). cerns.Tb*. Donald Drug Company of Jackionvllie hi iIPnei..N..5 Ixmu. ,:. ..:;:..:; : .. tI: Br.e ., ......10.1.::.'p.m.m.,

: and Mr. John D. Baker entertaineda any friend during previous visIts to Moffatt: It show no aaalgnment of aure stock of t*.000; Ed- lavaiuab...,..... ., .., .I. '

'tlialr family attractive party at Rlveralde dinner hut avenue evening home.Mi. at. club!Among In attendee. the gii. ..ls l lilt and night member at the of open.the locksonvllle. Southern. hive cities decided In after quest visitingeversl of 'a or n' therefor to Oeorgetown.It appear. that the.traveling _1I'a4,. O'Jnld.1I'11 c.plt tr..Wr.prasldentl; R. W, Ditto, |Csnhis pfc ton ,.::::',,_.:,.,.::.,.,:.:::;:::..,.,.:. t r sea Filers, ,I 1..fl,' P a. l.tl 4.

ttr.' Mr. J. M. Freel.. of ng divni-'of the Florida Yacht Club'lneon that Jacksonville **
'. Baker tinier residence presnls nan mUst hat run up agtlnct com The Company
n.rrllb'WcL .
ted: St. U>ul*. and hIs brother, 11. B. of lerOy, were, CommoOur and greater attractions, than any other her party than the missing woman II'If rplt.1 of llM.OWi WEATHER CONDITIONS.A ,
..,. 1h....,." Baker, being In tin. Cromwell Olbbons ..-Oov. and Mrs.Franols and they ... --
hiker aM iloc* that thy have seen h. dId. the woman did not tall Mmh >cone A. president; WIlliam T baronv
fur the hilt time. In manybeers P. Flaming, Mr. end Mrs. George In January for WcL. rather strong area or high In Chicago of the late Field has. '
d Jackennvlll wet t 0 com .early athree h truth and the mystery attending the B. and treasurer third of ).1&1
.1,.. J. cast
M. FvwmlU Mr and William Bryan
on Thankagllvng Day, the entire months' stay. While her they of the drowned passenger Madison Southern withleadquartara 'trio preesur occupies rscrelved KO.DOO. while secrMary.
runmnt Th
family wa able to enjoy the day together Mr. and hire V. D. Caaaldey. Mr. end .rill b* with Mr. and Mr. Walter K ..hum the Charleston Evening Post has In J Riway.; capital the country, giving .....r.U.fair WMth. Arthur A, Jonea. received. IIQOOU of thf
N,.. Courtland ullkmlUl. Dr. and Mrs.'isrinat Atlantic the East
Mr. Baker' 111- were : .r over the fund ni aside by millionaire marlihant '
Mr. and lalli.Visa. bars probably bean Mary Mef- John W West, president -
tO tock MOM; )
M. Hegel 1 Col. end Mrs, W. M.Toumer : ..nd Middle Gulf fcUate, A second "hl"h"omlnatM
Mra Harriet M. :: tb' In hit will b* given trusted
Slmkln 19
cteard I .
T. $ be definitely and 4.
"Ire. Col and tics. John 8. Maxwell, : : ret M up.CHFUBTMAI w.( P. Smith, secretary tIUU'' the Northwest tram the !*. &
Frel, Mr. and Mra employ
Maker, Mr*. J, M. Letitia Joknson. of Home. O*., IItb. The Tallahassee Hardware Company,
II:. and Mra William I f. Smith, Mr. and irtai to th* Paclfla coast. lielwoen The Wuotoa toed left tOr '
XM.: Baker anilMr Ih division th
tIt.. RMborougD. gueet of her uncle and his wife, Pr !BKOPPINO.h lit I Tallahassee, with capital stock of Ulo
and Argue Baker, Mr*. Morian V. dress Mr. and Mr*. A. EasteVn silt Wsstent 'highs" leaser tmulwy ha bn a ,,
.*. Duncan O Hartrldge Mr. and M... Chaise W. .lId Mrf Llndaey Johnson. anil '10,0 Thomas II. Lloyd,' pr.ldenl. .'1...." of some nergy, ,one occupyinghe fording to th. length ot tInts spent.0.la v
"' Store Are Futlof,00ods Buyer H. Bond secretary and 1.lreI' -
mtEPNl.EAt: 'ROlny C1.JP. Tucker. 14... David Mitchell. Mrs. Charle Owfiujf t( the m.f her slater, lOre Tho", Northern lake. region and the other Mr,.Flelils servIce. etc; In this fund Mtmployea to
a W Suralt, Mr, and Mr*, Wahla R.' Cum.nec. . Now In Jacksonville. lev the wetrn bonier af Texas, Ih.Innu.I' hav shared, Th. ol
.. name
Mr Clover Win.
this M. Wr"' *
tlrOIt golf O<'I"t. of aeaaoa Vstson Th. Leon Oounty Tobacco Company
lbs Mr. and Mr. Balnbrldg Richard of which I* Indlcutod the'
these wr not out
he Anlahed yesterday at the Florida' on, o.n, and Mr. Edward Anderson t.r will leave. Sunday for hoto In Rich CfcrlMmaa 14' now lea than a month of T.I."lb capital stock 0 'sin .'' In Tens and M',j.t"n./ Tb.. 4 driver, was given liven MMO. Rlh.re Wa "

'*t>\'.ntry Club, when Mr. B. F. Bowen won<< ,(r. and 101... Franri F ".,ftln,. Jr., 1I\Obd. Vs. and remain until attar ChristMr afr, a fact which need not b* stated for ; O.. p..lde. Ak ..I".." 1 Ii giving cloudiness, scaterd !
m Mr Thomas IB the tint eight and MI'I. Van Wlndef Shield, ),(1.* Sallie -.. .h* Information of.observer of trade al secretary_and shower and rising tam-wratur
Frank I'. Groover won from Mr. A. loimOe Mr. 'rh."".. I*. IVnham. Mra.Icorg the Northern border of mat* Tlll'i Ct!.. Try U and con.
(\...krell., Jr, In the second el,M. In < D l.snes.s.er of (Thsttannosildrs. ; *. K.: K.: Griffith ft Riverside. I* lose weather In this section will.con.. b
::; ;;; The
Uncle for the drenlat Crosby no..*n IMilnel, the Misses Gladys ,citing' with friends In Sarasota, Fla.Mr There thing which a lawyer) peddles mus fslr to-night Saturday Increasingloudlniasi vc.Hav. _ .,

lute, Lydia Barn. 1.1011.l Clark, Ell.. i
T. K:, Hogan7 of Charleston. I* I rl.II, leper.tll. reed the ads .
---' Rile, (Clalr Btrlngfollow. May O.ch- 'U In'to.dl' Me.tropolis
t-l'KH AI'1RTII& YACHT CI.VBIt man, FJItahelh' Archibald. Ruby Moore, 'tailing Mr. and Mr. A, W, I-etera, CltNo. and a mother-tn-lau gfocs away Ice from Till J P,&reed .

and Mr*. B. 1.. HI'rln.f..lI..w. acre a Rleannr esseiten'l Roberta. RurlMHd-ni, 1111 West Monroe street. Order your Ore --
Phones 848 or :
Mr. Mack Bradley and wIfe. cf wfl.nlngton. la.

. N. c.. are In the city to-day but : '. > ,
. 5 ../ill issue for their ham this evening i'. ., THAT* ADVICE FAI1iFUMOIM &WJ.Jl & You Can Save
ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILlE :r. Beadier is a velued the > -
THE ,iacrai atone of the Atliodic aa\: .. ..11.hal.101'* Mestriet Four Hundred
tnd thIs I is hi* first visit lo JacksonvIlle .ne fltF Thousand

CAPITAL AND 5\jRPLUS $500.000.00OIRECTOR. III I dye years.Mlaa /. Wmfiann. manarer of the etor $3.0 t$5.0

Xathryn sfonr* I left Us night for On'your Suit or Oveiv 4$
.- .>*r home In Columbia, *X C. after' .d*. lam neither lawyer nor a mother-in-law, )Rs C. H. ARMSTRONG ,

krhlful. visit to Jrkonrtll Miss Moonraa if it
coat buy
4. peest. I.. Mef4eII. .. ... 1. lace one of Mrs. Jerk Brown's trldea- but the best advice that I can give you is to Vp.oIaIiod t you on

0 10 T. IIle.eek5. r. w. IIep.. ,. M. Goebesena aids at the wedding last Wednesday. All Ej., Nervous CREDIT at

\t. II. ._...... ... u. tesle w. C. Pewetha. bread and chronle tilaordn.
A. (....rwct. ..' pu .......... It. .. CwvIatCap D,. Babe and Mr Duaran Baker 1.ttl..t eat good made ofgoodjlouraursPATA.PSCO '' > '

45.. U. ....... t.. \'. ("' ........ S. 5". Itolte.. night for their home In CKarl-xrton. Olaeeee 'WIN THE ClOIHIERTUpBulrt [
IhswaIa$. raalI LOsses1 J. : t prCsrrh, II. C.. after spendIng the day Wish\ ..II.- ,ground sod flu 4 ,

: ii. pene.h. U. 14. I1e .1. : Lw.re4dw .."epebere, i4 md lok'l 13 geI 1157 li.I' '

a: W'. ...... ?bee. P. lIsahss. I'I' ,.placed. Al repaIr "ork
554 Lunch TiU't Oaf. V ry flat. u . > .TRIT

0 ,


2i. ,' ,,

s . Kynrk; i ,
yw F. ,
f v."t ,
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,ra'yY.o''yt'i y ,

> *, _
* t7




{ '8alf .' Con oy' Co. I .

II *'!

I t

114 AND- 116 WEST BAY STREET t j JS 4s

''ry :TELEPHONE 80.t >t I.
J ; .. ,I



e .


' .

,' .


t # BY i '0 0 $ \ \

rw. R JDOOGLTASS.Yesterday # 1 -
._ .
U_ 4At a'

"* football tame, (n which between the Pennsylvania and Cornell
Jacksonville wu defeated by the famous football eleven* on Franklin Held Phlladelphla f' 4 ,1 r
Savannah. eleven wa undoubtedly one' yesterday: came to 'an end and ''We will never. begin to approach per-
of the moet uninteresting ptoskln! exbbltlons without either aide' being able to.'_.... tbathealth'untll. we rea8relhat Illness : 4I
'' that the lover of the game In The finish of the contest with Pennsylvania Is not misfortune alonbut a self.Inflicted c
that ally here ever been forced to wl lighting desperately. to Ward off defeat (
ado wrong W1 recognise thus clearly f
was as sensational a piece of football
When the end.. which must have looted play as.has been seen on the. Red enough' In dipsomania. HVe can trace
wry pleasant. tothe Jac..lOnvm.I.laT.. ..., wereached and Blue trldlron In a long time For consumption or pneumonia to a coldcarel..ly
; the leOn we W .. 0 In favor of the last time, as the teams plunged Into contracted "We know that .
!1 this defenders of the blue and white each ether. the time keepeers whistle smallpox,' the plagues and Infectious fevers I .

There wa one, and only on.. shining announced,the end of the rame Everyone or'. are due to, uncleanllnees of person. >
light from a football standpoint In the believed Cornell had won, but when surroundings And so on
Enlightened science, 1 U relentlessly. AsUi -
Jacksonville line-up. This particular Referee Corbin and Umpire Edwards
"t' star wu none other than "Pee WeeForeyth finally separated the struggling players responsibility for all our ailments,
Ys of Clemeon fame. who' playedfullback. they found' a Cornell man hugging the small, or serious. upon ourselves.Any .
Had Forsyth not been guardIng bell'a.foot short of the Jin*,.Cf.vlctor.., hone*' physician whose practice Is r
1 largely among the Idle. rich will tell
the coal on the defensive ,work the e you
,Savannah .team would doubtlea tiav Seven thousand that the most common disease. he encounter
people saw Carlisle defeat .
neurasthenia. ,. an ailment brought
piled up a higher core, Virginia at Norfolk yesterday. b/ a
on by evil of'mind', .
y, Blola,. at right end, ,and Chappie alen.i score of IS to 17. A missed goat prevented power over nerves
Hypochondria, which breeds In.. -
agar also did clever playing at times. Virginia tying the score Virginia Idleness .
a* malaria. breed In .
On a short kick. Slots received the made the first touchown on a blocked stagnant poolsatrophies ,
oval and made a run of sixty yards. kick and three line rushes Her other The the nerve.'and rot the body, ._ ,
1 which wee the longest. gain made by cores were made by Johnson and Konaker ailment common tendency to magnify email '6. NI1111U' \'\
order to welt .
sympathy or t, ,
'u, J. onvllle durlnr the ixme. In runs of sight yardsThe .
s The started shortly after I because the mind I* grven' nothing else. l l r
game Indian scored through Mount 1
to dwell
o'oloek, Capt Appleyard of Jacksonville. Pleasant. and Little Boy by, hammeringthe time to become upon cause real tad these ailments, In -!(/, en
A winning the toss, and when the referee line In two Instances and a 11ft 1'-' serious.IT I II
blew. hi whistle for hostilities to begin : .
yard run. U'tle Boy scored twice, IT WAS
there were fully 1000 people In the .Boa.F also did Johnson, '
ton .1..1 loelo.u.a. see Dear Mrs. 'Gray-As there Is,eomewha "
,y.n Butler' kicked; off:, Forsytli receiving ...t. Blrmlnrhenuyesterday; ; the TJnlverslty of a controversy between a friend end "
thetbalL The stocky pU-yer advancedth I 'eleven* defeated thlf"Vnl'llll'llltr' myself about this question What '-we.
7 pigskin. tout yards, and when tackled) I Tennessee 61 'to 0. the name of the President tit the United 93" HAIBTo.NIO.
l fcs passed It to Kennedy. 1 e State eight years ago will you kindly];
The latter player fumbled the oval but: ,The,Clemson 'Cli : football eleven give .us your opinion and oblige r
_ .again gained jxisseesslon of' It. Forsyth I haul, no..trouble In defeating.? the ,,team XXX.:
G o then mad. a short kick to the left, Chap., from the r Oeo..ia. School 'of ,Technologyn WUUam McKinley we,Presldert of the ''In ,these"day8 when youth Is the moving factor-when man has mado his mark at thirty-five and 'Is dubbed ft"has
L gale> falling on the ball for a gala of thlr- Atlanta j yasterdaywlnning' by the United Slates eight year ago "middle "
,ty-flve yard score of 10'to t. '. I ....!..- been" at forty,,; when business houses pension the man we used to call aged, rather than allow his

tN With the exception of the run by Blots. ,I. 'The'foottaf'game\ w. i MANAGEMENT OF 8T"LUKES, lagging Influence to intrude upon the modern commercial rusha bald head is a serious handicap. .
later In the ram, Jacksonville made few, :at Richmond .yeserday Dear Mrs. 'Gray--Please allow apace In .
1 more gains of any': consequence.- between the Agricultural and Mechanical your valuable column for an.(..Inquirer .' hJttheaocial; world it is equally bad for a man, 'while for a woman-!it is fatal. ,
x After Savannah secured;the i bell they I Cpller Of 'North ,Carolina an* Will some one publish" in reply, how Bt. fixed
socially financially and'matrimonially
: can afford -those who arc
hose who
;i dvanned. It with apparent MUM.Riisstter Virginia'tPolytechnic, Institute,was ,won Luke. Hospital Is managed'and Who, I I. Few people : a bald. head. Even can- .
the Artier 110)'.,'Cornwell and by the latter by the': ""of I to 0.e .. the physician In'charge O, FTh -have! iio wish to dc) so. But afford .it or not, thousands of 'us'arc bald either partially or wholly,
huey made ant down almost\.v.ry
Jt. Just 'b headkphysician.I; :Dr James ,Llv What caused'baldnesswhether Inherited whether through pndue mental effort, sickness, dandru "
.Urn the ball wen pused to''themDurlrg fore th* second half of the Rolune.CollegeBletemtrunlveroity Ingston. As to'' the management,' write an tendency ;
I .. .
th* last few minutesof the football
.? gam, Stay<< ,' West ,aIl4Walt.re putTh.JaoklDnYlI1."team' ram at DeLand yesterday Stetson association.to Mre3'H."Durkee. . "president. the or -other scalp 'disease- makes' tlo difference. Whatwe want is HAIR.

f Into' th* gam*.' scored a* af ty,;which rave them tb.vlctorr. ..:!. Millions of dollars have been spent In vain efforts to grow hair on''' bald heads. Other millions havo been spent
J waswell'treated .
not-make her distance
Rollins could '
ed by MIST Savannah people and, haiday. and kicked Oautler blocklnr tits ATLANTA 18 LARGEST i ta an effort' to restore faded gray hair to its ,natural shade, and still others to ,banish! dandrutt And stnhandrufl,
4.E passed off most pleasantly. 'The wsath- punt. Then'cama'a fumble, and; before Dear Mrs Gray-Will ;you'please. tel and'auburn'' faded to return. ,
.r. was Ideal, ,,-' heierror could,be corrected .the Irreparable me what place Is the largest: Savannah declined: to'disappear; hair refused _to grow lost'tints of brown,:blonde

w w Llsut.: Ball of the Vnlveraity'of"Florida 'damage had been done and Stetson Ga.most. or Atlanta. Oa. and. which' has the .All :this however, is of.the, past. Failures have give place to success. A real hair tonic has at last been found:' '' .
'officiated +referee while 'XJeutBtlgner people And pleas give me a remedy '
a* had a safety to her/credit Ceoret' Stetson
,' of Fort Screvsn:!served as.;umpire I, Rollins. 0.',.,Rollins punted out"to for tired feelings when rising in the REXALL "93" HAIR TONIC is a positive cure for all hair and scalp troubles. It 1 is not sticky: gummy, wffl
.' of.the. field, and here the ball"remained morning: 1 feel like l.Jiaven been to bpd and
t The team llnsd up U rollover \ sea-sawing b.ck'4 forth betWeen at\all. ,, REAbER. I not thicken: 'on hair1 does not become rancid, has no disagreeable odor. 'It .is clean, agreeable pleasant to use. ;i

Jac' eonvUle-Truee. centerl HurlburtandS. the teams until the final halt had Atknta Is much larger, and has.a' far '
t Pope, right guard;, Attord. right. ended. It was a splendid game, splendidly greater number. of Inhabitant than Sa.vannah. : n A ,Remember that dandruff I I. proof THE STOW OFREXALL"93".HAIR .WNfiTY-THREB .sent anthuslastle.
d tackle; Blola. ,, right end. ] Applcyard. left fought out and splendidly. won, ana Yon' are probably bilious; take. .REXALL'S'i HtIR"TO'' N'IC' positive that microbes are-at work on 'report ot the remedy and gave de",
4i guard:. Elliott left tackle: Chappie, left. both tams deservethe highest credit some liver medicine. TONIC.laUe' the splendid effect In' each
f end) Bhlmmln and. Drawdy, right half or'their/ work. --- Caret; all aeseot itadr*.f.fattingktir < the root of your hair Then Is the .
back I Kennedy left half back, Fonyth-, NO COMPARISON limo to buy a bottle of RsXAtl "93"t{ cast.W .
f? .full back Sweeney, quarter.back. BIG OPENING SATURDAY, Dear Mrs. GraY-How many. places o( Irntrnn'.f fir let If, taljmtt, HAIR TONIC and begin treatment.Don't therefor sclsctsd- NINETY.THREE" : .,
Savannah-All' center Powers nod kualnee* ha Butler. Bros., and where ,1"OI.n.ft.'i't'.I! ""t.r.'rrt1lVand. Before. placing RtXAtt.' "93" HAIR HAIR TONIC 'M the 'f
.**l y.' right gusrdi: Munro and Naylor A tremendous stock of Christ- are they How.doe their volume of bust all those anno)'Ing affections of the,. wait until you are bald. TONIC 'on tile market w*' realized of this '
right tackle; Sullivan and Bhuey. right ness to Ch... B. T name preparation, which into
will be exposed for compare Rouse To
mat goods
sndht; Blank and :Morgan left guard, defile .a bet ,left. to ,Th* Metropolis Gulp>>. which scientist. have found that.we h.da formula of exceptional, bellvto be the best, Could pn*
Palmer and Hutchwackert. left tackle: : sal by ,the Z>. L. Ley Furnishing <, .J. U B I be due, to the presence of ml- ",ORBATLY ADDS TO BEAUTY," value,and yet ...a determined to give othersite fc, 9 rignlBcant of merit/ ,

tt Smith|t'., W.left'endl Artley and J. ArtJ.Bosslter). right left half halfback Company next Saturday, December Butler" Bro. hare seven stores In thetouth. croW )RIXAI "9J! HAI TONIC "I'can .moat highly! .recommend It a thorough trial before w* offered Ay t.st hive be.n more eir lrerfrrafigAairlr'rdiililcigtirpci Any

ci lit. To'complete nt ange- Charles Rouses business Is It as a R xeil preparation. Wth.r.- "
full back Butler '
{ baoki Cornwell ; qua. only represented. In.this' section ,bysaaoccasional Recall 93"HairTonicathebed ruU, mOil mcollrf!In, s
o ter4b.ck.<* see meats for the opening their doors traveling man and there. f I' ,t,4i Yau'ppl.\'II1.a\ nutritive: food of preparations for tie preservation '\. wrote lo one hundred druggists JB buying( RtxAtt "93" HAIS "d

t, t Yesterday, football fame. resulted as will be .closed to the public tomorrow therefore. no comparison between them. elementripon. whlcb the Injured} halri: of the hair and the promotion of Its In ie many cities asking the name,of -TONIC you Rake no chances what

follows, afternoon and Saturday, INEXCUSABLY JEALOUS, .may ,f ed and regain' ; health and healthy gronth. It not only 'preone, Customer who suffered from a Jvtr. If alter'a trial you ar* net

. I. At-.*. Naahvllle-V.nolorbllt* K, Bewanee, WEALTHFALTH: HAS A. PULL I Dear Mrs,'Ony-I am Si'; engaged!to a ,trancth, by ,tk"n *g She *ctf sad. ..erva tfc* hair and stops It from dlM!:s. o/ the hair and scalp. To .?,.,, than Mlrfed w, win promptlyehrsfirwisj \

At J.ckIOll-Unlv..lty of ){I.II..lppl.r..tCTIOUltllr.1 mart ten. year my senior, He llveion In fir lair /riccIeI. It Wling. but U give. It a gloss and each ef theia customers w* sent and refund ,
"""""'T TOM moss ybeauty. .
'' 'sweeineewhfch -
and' Machanlcal College. If wealth does npt; :bring I respect' how part of th* country and I In another, Mslst nature to restore the color,by greatly adds to III three bottles. of the hair tonlo and -.,.u.- .,.. t
H* was to see me two month. to should .
ago oneIti1ed
done It.tappen that, John t>. Ro kefelI.r. ,*, : W .. enabling. Every askedto trr end make our JI.n. "Por
all for
arrangement marriage SOLD ONLY AT WU ITOR
At Newport News-Richmond College, lairkt Retail 93' Hair Tonic. a dreuing .
&l Jr, Bible-class oratlona.re the only ,
and did. Th he left 1 went
day to the lUTHE
II: William and Mary 0. > , !" coloring matt.rfrom ,to the hair If she deetren to keep her upon.
At., Aehevllle. N. -Blngham School, nee printed In the'New York "per..nd depot to see him off After boarding the .fhepigmentgland.kt thescalp LARGE BOTTLE 60 CENTS.
rain he had ;hair In tb* best condition, RucLTt Five reported no .
10: Maryvllle college: 17At they are printed regularly. T-Philadelphiatocord. an occasion to step beckto .
i 'Atlanta;=Clemeon'Collaae, W.: GeorgiaSchoolof'Technology. : pk to me; when he came back I /I l+ rerJ. dyal'Mc- J. C. HALL, Palmyra, N ', answer, two reported adverse!* and NIL ORDERS FILLED.
0. was standing very close to another manalklng ..
Baskets Xmas . For' th.t' simple offense" he \ ; I. ..- '
J\lohmond-Vlrclnla Polytechnic In. Fancy and Boxeiill's , '.'If< ; ;
i1 tltite| II'I Agricultural and Mechanical Chocolates ,and Bon Bons wrote, me after reaching home to call the i1'1" {i C
College of North. Carolina marriage off H* has ; not written. tns '. : f ., Ca C BETTES Druggist
:t I AuLynchburg.-Davidson. I, Virginia 2 So to $10. Order now and avoid since. What. do you advise 'me to dot. 'k'; : ., ; I .-

Military Institute, 11.'' the rush.: 'ANxloVS.. '
la I At ;Raston, Pa.-Tayettevllle, M. .Toil are ,fortunate In being released \t.: : > '''8 l
,' Dckinson'kr' /., . NETTIES! THEpUXlY from, a man'.so., unreasonably Jealous 'J .q. ;. ; .: The Store

At1M.rtetth! Of-MerleUa. U, Ohio CmWRm ....' :" ,. ';: :'f' .", '
Il 7alvrslty WashlnrlonMleoreatown% 0. "r don't ace why you rant he a rood COATS ,, '.' ., ., ." I ,
j At U, '. Dear ,Mrs. OraytWlllYOU pleasetell
little girl, Nettle, said >. er mother. J"
*.' ,
Oellta' W..htneto".Unlv'ru1II1. ,
me what style'Is to be used In children a
ii ''At Washington_Howard University,-11haw1Jnlveraly ; Well. replied Nettle; ..ol.nol'rm, coat this winter;and what kind, of hat VJ
Just a* good las God made me so what I
.. of Raleigh; ('
t At', PltUburg-Western, Universityof ire you going lo do 'about, It f-Chicago, would.y..r.be olds right Th for way my to little make boy.who whit IsI : this winter; and must btI worked by an will not chance' the color. Before. 'applyInr .

( Pennsylvania, Ot;: Pennsylvania Slat News shirtwaist, please, A MOTHER., expert,: else they kick very badly The It brush the furniture .perfectly. free
American beauty and the tea rcse will bath from dust
Collets 0 ;- .
t A CIIHAP PIANO For the children the newsstand. pret most I think.
At St Louls-gt, foulsVnlveraltyllhIowa popular '
I Heel thing In coals Is lhe'.cerlet. clothThey VISIT THE SKATING RINK
Vnlverslty 0. '" 10 a worthless piece of furniture after CLEANING A BIRD CAGE
ar* mad either song or short and SUITERS WITH HER TEST,
t.w' It
t AtXanaa'City-Uevanltyof'Xanas, a year us* destroy a love are worn by children of all Dear Mrs, Oray-WIII you kindly tell ,
I; tTnlverslty ot Missouri,, t, : for real music and educates and fosters trimmed with collar and ages They Dear Mil O-y-I. suffer si much with me what wlll clean a. brats bird cote '
Al" Uncoln-Nebraaka,, Ur 'Clnclnoatl. a rar-ttme musical' public.. Tb.W..v.r' are black velvet and the hat most worn cuds with of my feet and I would be grateful. If you that ha* turned black? *> M U..
'v 0t Plans stand for all that I.nobl. will tell how to for them In
them Is the black. glossy sailor Make me care away Wash ill hot suds, ben coat with 4
; At Ashavlll K -Ashsvlll team M; .* 'and dlrnlfled In piano music.on the waist with three plaits on the shoal that will enable me to be around on paste of sifted wood ashts and keroseneand OPEN DAILY
,,Indian 0. t a cheap piano If them without much discomfort.
=" Cherokee buy 'you nn"ord dsr. plain fold In front and long sleeve lo leave It 'on for some hours Rub .
ess 14 bUy a Weaver.F with tugs A IIOtSB WORKER, this oft,Kith soft flannel and clean with .t
i With, the ball within one foot of the ; 0. Miller A ('0.. sole .tents "Ill Tall will find massage a great bencft. red pomade and kerosene polishing with %'

r betel team'o line the annual game West say street, .r..n"III.. TO WRAP A LACK!:, GOWN. to your feet and pus had better try Cur a chamois, akin. ,If the bran be a greenish 2:30 TO 5:00 P. M. t
t -wsetweeme eeete- time using a little cold cream ouch. ss U black. let the first washing. be with hot : ,
Dear :Mrs. Grayed have rcelved '
manyalviable ised on the hands Then you had betteruse vinegar dud ell after which apply tho
f hints from your column.. Will night aromatla Tout buth .
every an past
I you kindly tell me Is there any kind. ofpowd.r tnsde .. follows) Dried mint. 1.ouho*; I 730.rO 10:00. O'CLOCK
to put a white net town Into .
away dried vtte. 1 ounce dried n rlliaK t pere.aae. 0_ ._
ke/tp' It ,"white F R. tune: juniper berries? H, pound!: rose When I was is druggist at Livonia,
There, I* no powder tllflY ,knowledge mary laves 1 pounds Boll foe W minutes Mo, write T. J. Dwyer, now of Oray- I
Spread the World's Tables which. you can use for that nurpar In five quarts of water. Use *. part vllle Mo, 'thre Of my customer were
Wrap the Own In blue tuuue paper and of, this with' sn gaud amnSQt of warm permanently-eured or '
put It away In a box carefully to protect water and Immerse the feet In .It for .e I> King New '
s It from the'dust The color the paper nlnur**aefor,* retiring This bath used and strong to-day. On oon.ulllpllol111'1 111'1 I Brunlhal's-' .Full'Bras's
I I.. apt to'preserve the .ooton or ,keep It twice a week. and a warm water bath ...11II.* property and Band' Every Night
( along! every line of I longitude from from,turning :yellow, B* careful that It lorry night with the manage and cream but after using New .
I.I a cool I but not damp place Too much, In
every moinlnr wlll keep feet prime time h* 'found 1C unnooessary to to Cob I
III North'im\ coCo work ?hkh regard Dst K mar's Nr Oloov'ry a* the
tint of. eel or I.ce. may be asked it them.A moat wonderful medicine I I is exletene"

latitude from East to.West; pile ',iLk W IS1'.fmt; COAT'SUIT. ,,' Surest sough and cold cure and throat .
8OU.ED'.U,t end lun. healer Guaranteed by. all Y
thereon the foods of 1 every'clime and Kindly toll ,nwclf: 'a garnet istlk,wslsl Dear Mrs, ttrsv.t hays raincoat druggists, Ito and |UG. Trial bottle f
would harmonise with a dark green coat which; 1 Is badly\ at lied 4lso spotted, Could free '
suit. la using th* egg shampoo I I. II neossary you advise m* how I could'rleas It a. HOLIDAY PRINTING
1 to use soap also} F. B. It I I. not worth senrtlri' to tb* d...an.rrsT The Ar.'erlcsn Kedt-rstloo of MuslcUt.claim .
The garnet silk' will b* .all right but 'I'. to have been the rest labor organ.Isatlon .
f Uneeda cram. whit or ecru tinted cloth or silk open Ih* coat, Uh a mlstur. of equal In the I'nttrd Cute to .','OC.I. If you have holiday printing! ,to issue, and

will look better for evening wear The partial dcoltol 1 ,-.'*lb r. with the addition the municipal ownership public HUH want it gotten up in style and
dark plaids with grA predominating, One.
of a Ublosponnful of household With
will, be a very suitable, combination for ammonia to pint of lUti. llisld promptly, bring it to UI, unexcelled
r the stilt. Tom I. Xe ..- '
In using the egg shampoo nothing elM lOA TRi' BAIIK Why your baby should be thin and facilities, a full complement of skilled labor,

Biscuitwfll .la the required. The egg Uk the plea of Deer Mr*. ll.'OU tell me ,fretful durlnr thin; the sickly night babies' lllII.I* and a large assortment of printing stock, we
the cause of *
y ID'PoC'C.'O"E usi heftier ri.. >/'Itll or succea not ''soap In .tree W4.Mi bark'. .... cn h..n be' natural that a healthy baby" should b* are, prepared to ,give you the best service p
PIECE'Der : fat and sleep well If your baby doe*
E. M and with first-class work.
I ,serge sWHt" f nci retain Us food, don experiment at prices consistent
Mrs Ora-I want i* make a /
surpass than.aD in the elements t..r plef'/ for a ChrlMmaa gift for aMend It met be us d for nearing. weuienetuffa with colic cure* and other medicine. '
end I would be very. grat,'rul U of all klnda.CLtAMNQ- but try a bottle of White'. Cram Vas INDUSTRIAL RECORD CO. Ly and
which make a perfect'worldfood.G& ( boo win glvs m* earn idea vtutt la the PARLOR mifuge and you will| coca ... your Newnan Itroot
beat shape to make H. and what flowers SUIT, baby have color and laugh a* It should
t* embroider upon It. I think I am relit.r par Mrs. Qrar-Vloulil you pleas ll| skid by 1 h' .as Clark. MaJa and rorA .

In dust ekUfuH. la embroider. and 1 bank I ui. m what wu you world" mesa a parlor 11'tie.: "
.a tight. you in amend for yonhelp.! suit! U I I. .retry, or "r.p." some -
h Ji moittur A NEBULBWOafANTil !: 1'.11.1. It I* figured l and It na.' frown a fsull of siueaaSu! teals of _
proof tKitkaxt.NATJOKM preference at present cram I* be dingy, Would ,you kindly tell .m* If .rhsnlcal. 1 pickers In site INmnaylfsnla oual I f
for the oral ebaped actor pleee and In hen Ia., ..ny wr' to "!_" It e 81 to mines one branch t'l the child .labor aril NUNNALLY'S FINE CANDIES

act the aame shape. la being need. soti* ,trWn. upl ", a.. K. M'C.I may be ttUnlnatsd._ RECEIVED DAILY AT
BISCUIT COMPANY 4 fcr; plate d.>tU.*. Th e border must b* cn' think or nothing better than equlvart '
tic al mad o* eat mate *pll .p* la while *ada ot alcohol and ether, mls.d with Do you know Till makes the'nrt O'DONALD DRUG CO.
vety altrartlv ahapi scallop la the lotr UMeopooaful of Itouaoholdemnanla. sod
I l Sell hook. composed of lltilf curves about to each pint of th1\ ntl.""-. Chocolates Bon Born in Ity ni Jails SU (CM.
KDM en tuff fluff* than jrtWnj tin ,Trr eorar' err I* trait lit* the II\\,..... ib. both fry 9. bole: 1 t'Av




_'c H ,w+ tjdAik, ,i ,, ''t i- ,-7', yhu+t acv .. -c- + .n4 'net F'lt', ,''VP .r, 0 ,F rvlk'. 's r' ..h 'r f U

yiit ,

1"i arA' ''tt"




f N(

..... I QI ...
.1. tON
tn. farm wt bright Thanksgiving morn, AND here and there wa the Jersey stock.. THE big home barn wa a ,place of joy' OH the pantry shelve* were loaded down
With It* stack, of hay and shock of corn sheep and horse*-old Prince and Jock- the romping girl and climbing boy. dainty cake that were rich and brown.
It* pumpkin heaps In the rambling hcd. The turkey and gees and awkward calf. With beam and mow and ladder to mount. With apple, pie and pumpkin and mince, '

And It* apple brown and green and red. And the goat that made the children laugh hr+ Horses and eKen and sheep to tount.' And lellle and Jam and preserved quince

And In 'the cellar its winter store! A pair of mule that a friend had sent ,;2 ,Huntingof neat of ly old h..., Cranberry saute and puddings and rice, .:
| 4 In bin that were Oiled nd running oar' Out to the farm on experiment. ? Tunneling hay and fashioning den. The dessert dish* that look *o- nice.1- :

With all the thin,*' that I farm could keep Pigeon and fowl and a guinea pi,. Helping the men to do up the ehdres.Shutting Vegetables bread and bonbon tweet.' r
In barrel ind bin and goodly heap,.' Dog that were smsll ''and dog* that, were big. ', the 'window and locking the door. A great brown turkey'and plate of meat **"

Hunt to the rafter and hid awayChicken.* that were whit and black, and grayOn ,. Lifting-some work come .In ,with v the--play a Sauces lied in the daintiest way- -"

Oh the farm wi a pleasant place) to eta i the farnvwa pleasant lght that ',d171 ..J ,.... a s Oh the farm wa a ,pleasant place 16 stays Oh, 'twa a glorious1 ,lght that day r "JT"


OUT back of the house the orchard stood ti OH, the farm waa bright Thanksgiving morns l
cam the brook and the cheitnut wood Kur t The sun shone clear on the hay and corn;'

The old aw mill where the children, play. : / ,The guests aura early with laugh and shout.
The todd.r.barn with It! ,pU.* of hay k 7' And the boy and girls scattered about
The walnut'lrote' and ''the cranberry bog y :' Seeking the pets they had known before.

The woodehucji hole and the barking 'dogThe "< ..'; Climbing through window Instead of door, ,e w r i

wintergreen and the robber cave, 4- Racing from barn to corncrib or mill.

(Wherein who entered 'wat counted brave: ), *,' k: Shouting and laughing with glee, until 'sr

Th_*katlng pond ,with ,It* fringe of bay- _1i I, The dinner horn sounded. Oh. I *ay .

Oh the farm wa a, Jolly place to stay| ........!,. / ? 'Twa pleasant upon the farm that day !




.. .
'. '. I I ,[
it 1 The aged woman herewith pictured
now an> Inmate of a wprkhou nearLondon
ha a very Bad history. Thirtyfive ,
t year ago thel) known. Mill

: ;'r ,'Jt., .,; "
\ .
,." > .,
4I 1I 1--, iThe

I, t ha

nM dt: rr, \
8tlNll 'tl"y r N ilt '

rt. I

( ,
/ 'r/MM ,

1 .
,., l

7 rr+, v
.7 Lennox: Orey, .he wtt mi of the most l ..
/ beautiful and popular stag celebrities
In Great Britain. At ..that tlmr Mill Th electric wagon In the cat belong* t tai the BU Andrew's Ambulance auoclatlon tY
11 Orgy wa*Jh* rival of Emily Boldenath of Glasgow and'I arranged( Jnont admirably.- To.prevent vibration the rr. Y
., : . opera bourte queen,' and!) publlo 'opinion,, body Is lnuated| from the ch ala,by rubber pad. The' Interior contain a.
wa divided into ,their manta hatinj jappatatut and I'provided, with..: a complete, surgical equipmentA I
r" ,_ __ ,__ . ,


,' enlctprlilnayoung motoritU herawUh pictured ur* aged'ienpctlvly
ova and three They are the children of M. Valentlewho, built their tiny oar
aDd who follow. them on a bicycle when the,.W. their dally alrln.,tn the Bola
"," '. : d. Boulogne Th. miniature automobile* travel at a apeed of about urn
mil, an hour. < -

.. out snows an unslnkab] suit Invented Queen Dowa Natball. of Bervla I*
1 / by M. Jack Focketyn of Antwerp on. of the royal ladle' o{ $:urop. who
The, apparatus, ,which may b. have not achieved much publicity. She
IIIII I a/ N r n n II / 11ll I II Ie adjusted la a few second, la like a li the mother of the, murdered'-' Atx-

I rM

c) c -
4. I II

I Although the cut Hems to picture a number of upright pole* decorated with
bum an skull, It I I. only a reproduction from a photograph of some drl.d (talk* t' t / r
.. and seed pod of the garden flower known a* anapdragon'a variety of the II p
enu Antirrhinum, common Europe/\ and America. It require. only a alight l
jffort of the Imagination to convert this Innocent freak of nature Into a very Iu't

luggoatlv\ and, grawsoro reminder, ,

g I
y r
Aar + /


f ., 1 1d I I d qua



The out furuUhe aa excellent .example, of'lha typical Ruulan hamlet and show the poverty and prlhiltlve-
... flue that are so oharacterlitla' the** scattered aettlementa on th. areat trelea plain 'I'll. lohabltantj of
1/1/AANN/11AANNI thea vlllace are auok In the d* pct ignorance and have no conception of what 1* going on In th. ouuid world.
It II a, fact that many of them do nol know that &he war with Japan I t. over, and It Is ..... a*.erted that some
of them da not, know that there ba teen a.w.r.- under, and sine the conspiracy which
,. I : .. _..-- --,. ,- ---- pillow. It ha* compartment for reeulltd In hi. aslnatlonih hat
e: 1I I PREVtNT> drinking water food, a rop. a knit ban living out of,tbe country Kb k'
I I ; SEASICKNESS. and an Inl'and..rent light It weigh ha* recently been vuttlng frl,nil* la M
I It The peculiarity about the Ruwlan two pound., and It* buoyancy I* about England? Lord and Lady Clifford 01
peasant. herewith pictured I* that h* DO pound Chudlela-b.: tI t
(I I II know. how to read. In the present
disturbed condition of the empire a1rwasit "-

1. l 4 \ I I 1 1q !

a '

e tl \ ..to


; !P { ;: J\

a SI rJ
c i 't

. a r ,

I r \ r t11r


j 4
Th cut la from a photograph lakes> aver the great Callfornlan earth'uak
*. la that tremendou ".l.mlo dlalurbaare th* ooloaaal atalu 'of the
rlenUal' '.... at Utland !Bunfurd, Jr.. unlvanlur was Brown from its pe4en -
,al wills suvh (uro lha iilctur. The earUtquaka ... a very Mrtuu mailer for the unlveralty, claim* will prevent *....,ka.. by countractlnv any tendency a ship ha* to lb. authentic wlta more or le.. *u.> jplrtoo. youth la Ululraed' 'by Ibe cut, which (bow* hew baseball I.I averageInerlcan played ,
but the fall uf ih* ataiu liuplred an Irreverent and wittytmoargrad'ttal. to rolL Th darks I* la th* form of a specially cmwtructd turbine which I. Th country U being flooded i in board th* *cholihlp Naraliva Although, : the diamond I.I nlraald B**> ,41
oboe that th. great scleatlct rat "Hrmer la the _.... tnaat la the ab< fixed oa the ray I'. bottom, U ha ba lted on a lorped boat and scams silk revolutionary peper. and pm.'' MMtrily. than brighji pupil of Uncle Ram. man.,e extract, ,a* much enjoy.nnt .
tract" r to tar a..i wun tucc***. pblit 11 u If th* deck were a veil appointed fluid. ,
- .
-- -
-- --

t' HERE AND THERE. f la diameter. and th. timber J* * .mol rapscts to bl oat .1* 4l iid to $mltats'Malaa. aV.b t*.a pounds rained at ..*.tot. U.* *. minute. 5'
A ton Ill, tat ",,1(.. about 10,000 *tin* ar found Ie b* nor or !_> *a Uk th. rat th*> armadJUo tncraa* ,.. now In UM !Royal museum la lierlln.State A (la** eye ran rarely" fa*' worn more I Ot the lahty-lht' mil.. of the puts. 9racial
urea ..t .IHII"'DI. uses clde, with Ineraaae of hotnaa population. It I. aaUmalad thai every dealM laEnflaad U a form of clay and marbl a than a year for the eurfar gradually *Uty.*l wereui and
An otlrl"b '''''llIn, oft' bald 111'1'1..1.. Tha Brat toadon theater to b* U .ted order twenty
| * will ... ....., 10 be ....rl.wUIl'lIa. a mlia pea was Sb.Lyv.unt. In lit*. Jaa.: I. I MI. About,!**. lh yearly.Th There era kUty-elf tuanel oa th. II.... Oa Jan I. I.... yutitndtr > 1
both. ..,...... Ibe oat dlVloIlft' II enetl71 Th teak Ire Brow principally |a kM war a4 thai shor of von *ucnln ,
year. ** the Baltic age are th* canal of Great Urttala.Oa mill! ,Lord PrarnMon *fottnr.4'a eluttd a mug In f mlnut.* tl }-| a
J" Il ,II. pnuq a. Otb.r 'Iben 1M Burma, Th trwaka run) to algbt f.*4> The Scott monumeal al Xdlnbvrgn ortds prlaelpej source of amber, Tb. ore of th* How bland I* g ban woman convicted of bigamy ", second at AlnOittgahy: 1n


d +',f. t5 i ti l hrnt r' S ryY ear .. k'1

............ r

-- V V V
- \\

. "

'1r"'I'1' '' ';,N'':.'. : .

. to THE KVZHINa METROPOLIS, AYNOVJMB1'lR;; : 30, i90ft ,

-- -
I I end marry the man who Is paying- utters, I '

> PURIFIES thin to Inn? Will 1 be in th* ""me bud"

levee this winter as last Will I e'er III I Clyde Steamship
wealthy* VlitOIMA - Company.
S S S --- .
You will rot remain wh,'r. you are, snf
0 THE will not arry the man you mention Yo
o will follow lie.*.me business as last winter .

every part of the body is dependent on the blood for nourishment but In another sphere of action Yo

and strength, it is necessary that this vital fluid be kf.pt free from germs, '-will' he tr be wealthy I you pert witvoney CASTO RIA
/ too easily for such a thing to III
impurities end petitions As long ai it remains! vmcontaminated tre are for V aatMbIo- '

tlficd egainrt disease; and heath! is assured; but any liumor or impurity acts -'

injuriously on the system and affects the general health, or culminates id O. K." For Infants and Children.

some special blood disease.i Pustular eruptions, pimples, rashes and thedifferent I>nr Madam: __

skin affections show that the blood is in a feverish, and diseased I am female, born In Florida Nov ..

condition result of too acid the of eome irritating, mber\29, 18S7 When will I be mat, The Kind You Have .
as a much or presence ned WIll 1 travel 'ntucht 'O. K." V-j ..

humor. Sores and Llccrs: are the result of morbid, 'unhealthy matter in the You wilt not marry until after Novem'ber. '

blood, and Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison etc, 1007. You .hould have taken .p Ib ____ __

are all deep-seated blood diseases that continue to grow worse as long as the opportunity that i-tIered ths puot yell.Chan" ', V "V' Always Bought

4mpunt or poison remains in the circulation. Some persons are born with ... to travel eXlen.lvely wIll pro
an hereditary taint in the blood and we eee the effect manifested in various sent durIng 1M-OS.
ways. The skin has a pallid, waxy appearance the eyes are weak glands rwtLL HER HUSBAJTO ACCUMULATE the Stomachs wdBowls of Bears the
in the neck often enlarged and usually the body is net fully developed or hng VI

strong:, K-cause it has a\\"'ova' been fed on weak impure blood. In all blood Dear Madam V Huosoi:tMy

troubles S. S. S. has proved itsel, a perfect remedy. It goes down into the husband was born In South Card NEW YORK

circulation and removes all poisons, hamors waste or foreign matter and Una, October 14. VK6 Will h* be luccess --'-- Signature CHARLESTON anJ'f".LOillD.LINES; '

makes this stream of life pure and health-sustaining., Nothing reaches much ful In business and will we accumulat SARAYour I Promotes, Digestion.ChrerfiiF- The Magnificent

inherited blood troubles like S. S. S.l: it removes every particle of taint, husbnnd, Immediate buslnearrospecis ;V nessand Rest.Contains milter of Steamships of This Line Are Appointed to Ball: uw

purifies and strengthens tile weak, deteriorated blood, supplies it with the are fanbut ,let him look U I Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.KOTUAnCOTIC. lerkCaUto* &t Charleston, S. 0, Both Ways

healthful properties it needs and establishes the foundation for good health. his reputation: It Is threatened. You:V From au, Neler . Pram Jse&seavIlle tee
Rheumatism Catarrh Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers Skin Diseases Contagious husband. w'11 never. .accumulate." -'''- 1 i,, HI":, STRAltER.: tbarleoleo .... 111.,.. ."....

Blood Poison and all blood diseases and disorders are cured permanently Friday Nov II, IIH::00 pm .. RAP HOE,: -
HE GOES WITH ANOTHFR WedneadaNor., Il. a-tllOim
S. S. S. It is made entirely of roots herbs and barks and is the "'IUJrSlNl1 I'IIrail Saturday. Nov ? sti:oe pm .
by> King; Dear Madnm Hudson! TiiBidsy, Nov:J o: : :.HURON.'riday.V Nov U. at 1 :00am'
pi all blood purifiers. Book on the blood and medical advice desired .t.- at J:oo pm ..Coc.tANcItE.::Sunday Nov: 15. at la OS am
1 :
any Am a female born In Florida, April :f:.. Wednesday, Nov li, at :oopm ,,.lnoquous.
lent free. THE SWIFT SPCCIftG CO., ATLANTA GA. 1887 Am desperately In love with abut man V .....,._. Friday, Nov: is, at t;CO pm :.APACHE,1;:::.Monday W ednvaday, ,Nov. is. at 10;0 amNov.
he goes with another will t ever wit L ......,. .. I I Saturday. Nov' 14. at I:00) pm ..A1.GONQIVJIW. .Friday. $. at 10 oo am
Ms lovet .Does ho care for metCLOVERDA1.E i -' V n Tuesday,, No. it 1. at ItO: pm .."ARAI'AHOE. Nov 80..110,00.m
tnirher of a big family end life Is Sunday Dec LaS 10:00: moo,
my *"c t VILLA. : Wednesday, Nor. IS, at 1'00 pm ,.ltUIION..ulonilay'
full of trouble that some time 1 think Friday. No,. Jeo..t I'to a.m
I You will not -v In lbs young man lovthis 10.t 1:00: pm ..COMA CIIII:. W ednesdayFfldsy Dee
that death would be welcome JANE Saturday, Dee I at It:00 am
I year I. at 1:00: pn'. ,IROQ1TOIS, ... ...
!>.., 'T,
at 10:00 aml
. U TuesdayW .
You certainly hat had more th.n'rouror S B UtI\ 4. at 1:00 I'm..oAPAC"HF:. I Sunda)', ><>O.t 10,no amrwe.
Share trouble the peat year but with IEAItNrNG A TRADE A ednesday, P.O. l at N Pm..A1JJONQy5 Monday
perfect Remedy forConsbpa- J; 10 at 10:04 i altO
tM openlrg of ION will come better times Friday Dec. : : :
I" SJpmpec. :
Dear Madam Hudson1 tloh.Sour Sro..h.DiaJ1't1OeaWorms.CoIMI16IOns.feverish ednesday Uce, It at 10 oo am
Your husband will return ss he has befrre Saturday, at : pm . . V
was born May a ISIS, In Alabama" Alpresent Friday DIIl\o'U. at 10:00 *mn
but different and better tnfluencen Tuesday, 1>M. 11.at I:00 ,
pnnajhtAH'Il .
tam' to learn willI Sunday <>a, II, at 10
trylna a trado :110 am
; :
will b I ;.ilm and h will I II ForThirty 0 Wednesday, Dec, 12. at 1:00 .
operating upon make success? Should I change positions ness find Loss or J.I1tp.! verL IROQUOIS . Monday, lOre, It at 10:00 am
rot eaui you so much trouble In thefuture. V : Friday, De. H. at 3:00: I'm..APACHIJ.! "'..dno.d. tec,
r FAPER. V V ", la, at sect: ) em
V PeeShrrfl.'Sgnaiure Ot.: Saturday Dec.It.at5:0OpmAti3" NQu $.. Friday, 1ee, U. ,
.t 10,1)0) an o V
0 . Keep nflVtryIrsnd you will 'succeed. Tuesday, Deo. IS. at I:00 pn. .ARAPAHOE. ,, Sunday, tie : .
'4V WHY SO MUCH SICKNESS V hough t fear you will be forced V by ctrumstnncea Years Friday. Dec H, at S:00 pnl..COMANCHE.V"ljnOld..). D..c!>, tt n, et at 10:00 loco:: coo n.n

I Deal, MJdnm Hurt-on: to change. .positions :t-EwY il.V Saturday toot 32. at I 00 XX on ..H1j. .,.. .. Frtda-y I'eo, 18, al lOtlt: urn
t wee' born In New York ,City October Tuesday Dec. JB. at II:90 n'n.,'APACHE .... ,BUild.,.,. Deo. SO, at I11eO: am
I !8, 18K. WIll J resaln my health Whyso PERFECTLY HAPPY 'Wedo..da,. Dec. 86. at t:00 pm. ,1RO UO18. .,. Monday, ro. II at 10'00) am
l' roach, sickness In past two yearn: WillI Detr Madam: L Friday.* .Deo. It. at S:00pm. ARAPAHOE .V edne.day.. Jan. tat 10:00) am
rJ M O (female). Was marHed April 9. 19W; am to New' York, direct.
'w 1't perfectly happy) what has the future\ In CASTDRIA I
;" I see no reason for your lclncon. duriir ? R: L. V
tore for me
the (past two tears but do for the CLYDE NEW: ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN LINES
I see rothlnjf evil In your Immediate !
lj' /11 HUO SON future
font nd Immediate
I V p Eventually li you will rejra.-t' your health future;' you' shculd receive present of . Freight Serrl..* B.-...*... JaokMnUI. B...._ sad Proi'ldesj... sad nil Icaatvra,
I Ag const Itutlonnlly you aro st-ong with money; wIll take ft Journey. and yourcpn..ral V 5S 555d5U5S5_ _vasa_ Folds, CsJllKB mt Oiarleafna Salk Maya.rRClQUT .. V

'ii excellent recuperative powers No opportunities affairs.will allprogress. sntlsfaciorlly ,- : UXLt.
for marring this year. V .- -
. V From ...im II" S'rem Fast ('atberlas sereal.
.... .
; MARRIAO'E TND MEN THEY HAVE BROKE IFF, V V I LW5.Wharf, Be.'o." 'TRA MRR. ,'Jsrksusvllie,
'R % Dear Ms dam Hudson I -------.--- ---,----. Wednesday
V ..
Dear Madam Hudson: 'V' Nov'.t1 .. ...... .. .IIICA'IAIIDIN .0,0.11." Wednesday, Nov.51
: ANT 1 am a young lady bo-l In FloilS.T. I am a female born December 1.: 1899 Frldey. No. 21 . .. ..;......... 'CHIPPEWA. .. .. ... .... Tliiursiiy, Roy II
July 23 IS8S.V\ 111 I marry th:s year or Will I marry the one I lo\e* We have"rok..o ChiId'sjeat' d,1Dress.: : I Fhiday. NO\l. 80 .... .It. ;......... IIONONDAGA ... ........ .. h'riday, lbeo. I
h,7 L t neat' Shall I become rich after mar.r up now Does he care for me: did Dock Cycle/ ?"" Saturday. Deo. 8 ;:" .. ....., CHEPI'EWAV; .,4 .. .. ...... (SitturtIly 1"1. IS,
he ever love met VIOLET. blue mohair 'i's"ropreoenie&In this :"How's Your
Saturday Dec. .
I III/, HERKIMER3JLQtK- .In soT Have In' me I at a male present" BROWN friend t who EYES I. Intereated jounj t fear man you as will conditions not make will up .With not' Improve the- mart lining.deslgnwhicb-Ismsd'over The 010..ln..18, effeoted Invisibly\, fitted, Ssturdayrte: : :;. :V ; :: ::::;::::, ICHII''Ela'A(INONDAGA ::::: : ::I ::::: .pliturday alaturdsy: : lien Ioo,, h

;: as time goes on. on the'left side under the pleat and You Trill befrra Juno ISO will V
marry ; e ,pleated skirt Is attached'to the waist. - V
it eomfritablv situated, and th* fortunate w ILT; SUB MARRY AOAIN? a belt.or the material'or'of InKhet. being iad R'IV'R
j man will bo tho on* who 1> Intersated Dear Madam Hudson: WIR- 'Tbe;full.bishop. ,sleeve la.fathered V gadqjj3fllj lit flu .Large.' CLYDE' ST. JOHNS 'LINE. ,

In you now .. 4 18 Am .t'

V ANXIOUS )DAUGHTER. widow* shall I,maj-ry again Would 4t r* Sto f las;. ait ...lat.... Alter, Bmetord sad lajlermedlai jssdtags e.
ll "'1." t.call' .tteatuti ... Ikr favt well to,,marry the gentleman mat Jails Automobile Sundrlni, Tires Lu. St JeSus Ju.....
'**>.! nil jii. tweBty.Sev words ncnsiirc, t..., father, wan born January U. 1853 SORROW ere. "
iluid.LlnsfleU'liltioap Steamers and ?&ED' DE BARY'
V V.tii I.: there any ohange In his t: et Will Cyllndsr
Vt at .t blr"" You will not marry .'tn the Immediate ,Oij.
.....1_ reertved. .......dlnr. tklsItialt he he successful In the tunings* 'he has future; hut will evrntuollr YOU will not L....eTrjUi.Prlcti .>.?. Are a"polnt.d to sail a. follows: Leave ............11I.. daily uc.l>t S.turd.'a, at
? Quilt
tk* simmers will b. out .. esuR Jmt'entered V marry the gemlemin' who Is now paying ':10 m. ReturnIng. leave Sasford. dully exCept Suodaye. '
.t S:80' ,
p. .
: 11s..c"
t tm wltk id. nil. V.NOTHER DAUGHTER attention .to you C, Goo" HIt ,,,,,/. . . \ ,
INSlia'CTlONS FOB ASKING lour father wIll hate a hard time of It . nmpltCt 1 ."lli jt 100.... II V ... IV atesd" '

|I. QUESTIONS. until after hk next birthday. Ho "11 WILI THEY :ALWAYS BE HAPPYt tI'iof /. is. W.iSI,' . Read '.'W..."i 1 SChEDULE. I monk basad. 'Utwri

. Oh. ystr V, month, duy i ut monia taut 5.10005 hive to uf Htrlv his* unusuallya new buslnesj to make a rir I was Madsm born In Hudson Chesterfield. county, June V CittniStiU.Jno. Leave 1:45: pnl pm j:::::, : ::ii.:os...Jsck.'ile j'aIatk ..::::::::::::::::.lbesv I r::::

to plat lie. ax ot ut LlrUi la th nud s dntua sex. It aa la mo lingartaBi nut'. clIk EXPECTS 'MONEY-SOME- !! TIME 23d know: I tti-am) year.28 years Will old my but husband really I and Suet tIwars Leave Leave 1:00 anll::::::::::::.V jj.....to.tbtlL( :; . )".:,',.,',':::::::..Leers..ai8:10:;ut pin pm:

answer CI'|. l.d. upon It 10 ... .. Sanford .... .. .. ., .
[Dear ilaill a Hldcotf live happll togthert n JAm Cunningham Arrlv. : aml.I..I.! . .. Lea-vs h:30, amArrl.'ItOI ,
Writ Ask only piatnoi Questions b.! Lrlut ctlatius aaa to to Hi roun.1t.* point.Un 1 nn a tamale., tarn February I, 1843, In afrpld your schooling wss neglected ): ) .. .. Enter rl..e .... . . .. .. .. Lfa-510'Od5m: )

,.V oomniunluailons ,by a umlx.r, Icl.lal.vt England Will I me In Jacksonville al or you did not nttend the arlthmetla class Maaonlo Temple,, .
.. < Ticket ORes '. ......
Vt a naiu I my Ills or go North I expect. money with reeularlty If knowing you are 15 G ral .-sy. siB lat .t Bay Jaekeoavllle. 4Ie1I&IRONMONGIIR

;, A'ldius ..11 1 loIters to Th. WetropolU..' Porno. IS"!.... Will I receive Itt E. H., -ears old you'rannot figure the yeafs i ilrth of 7i'Pl :W..7 \
V ca.. uf Jacksonville much JR.'A. ] Bay Street, Jsoksonvlll*. Via.W. .
iiuilftm HudwuliikkCju I V You reed not llv In You were born Juno % U81. You '
': / to iU siu/iu nil! b. p-b'jihea longer, without ,';you "wish '0. aa money will not continue to live\ happily with I a COOPffiB.; JR.. mutt A.*nt. a P..LOVEL4 Buperlatndat.
dMly Any oomiuauiuutJou' inx ...toCStwUI & Will rrjne to you bofore'your next birth 'our hunband but.It will b* your fault Foot of llogan Street, Jacksonville, rla.A .

V bo w.utilatuuII..'" tile "'.51Y IsCf d..". .A long Journey offers! during. 1907 ,'otlIe..' Another has nterd your V life : NE C BAOERTT.'.' O. ;K. P. A., New York CLTDB MILNB, Q )'. JL, New Tprk
4 fuch cbaraoter that an aU..f Is 1m(4(4l'jl
tempted-be ware I V :
and ar*
you TBBO. O. BQCR. T. P. O. M.Qtntral .
*. THlf 1007.
I BUCKlBSnONBwr V WICAPu: Offices. 1'ier'II, North Itl""'... Branch, ge1oroa5wyi3bewTrh.THENEWTRAVELERS' : .
Tf the teswtrs tu ycui 4uci:lom no I Jnir 'Madam Hudson: ( ,J3o;. .- 4. _
II'" Immediately apfnir lu thlt. column [ am a widower, born. In V Columbia, Madam 33ud'ont ... ES
le.os have pntleiic Tl o ... twel. win El*.: Hcpteinber-\ 14.'171 Will l' be BUO- 1 was/born In Hawklnsvllle, Ga.. Koembrr _. : KOT=J. :
cessful lit my conwmp'atefi! < taw business ,' 4, 18SS' (fmitle) Am I making a
aipoor' ( 14: Sue oourr It aa inuner laaiajarr1 '
1'.lbla In 190T! Curt I hope for a ."",or.d n1llr. urcess of the buslnens I am now hI IL W. HANCOCK Pr..rle..r, JaekMavllI, rla.Th .

Iludtin rauelver. inc-iy qurte VV I rl41l1e1. ', )HOPEFUL, What .suggestlops. would! you mb.T .. "V, hotel ha* been newly decorated remodeled' and refurnished Con

ta>it .annut .... du..,*ei, 01 tlw Mrttei' to sK* ionic |iurt as you' are rounded by vibrations wi:: make a success of jour buiPM In a'prettily shaped cuff, snd', a. narrow & rat**.. V
el tho .Ulorniktlon a* scl lorth in ';Insiruotioii that 'will aid ,you, In everything, but I suggest you guard carefully turn-o\ collar. frlv..* dnlnty finish In .il html flay .twee. V .
t.i9ftliig ( .l n& do. V V calnst r-flng cheated and swindled and the neck <:Cashmere, serge, chilli and
.I. Te sow* Smmunlcstona;: \ HU answer I I. you posItIvely luvve nothing to do wIth any.Ulng any of the plaid or checks cllllt are now V Sewing ;:::'ib:
Imp?satii! In *htl. column i Marriage I.ft>r-i; yoj tS slrorEAL.ni that I"yor.lt partnership so fashlunabla and the tunable fcibrlcd WINDSOR HOTEL,
11ii.ro 61 tot ink 'oul'-h questions or CHANGES. V are ell-suitable to,1li development, Themedium Machines b'eErbaagerIses .
,i U'.ue,4tJnl t I" IA.1ior. you know : BVOCE83 V *'WAT'HED Use will:require four yards'of **, ..*
FRANK rlt. .
Dear Mndam Hudson: V T. CVLI.ENS, Owaet sad Ptf> r.acksonvllle's

elloJt.Usm liudi >n'* time and tl.. .sjmo I am a mnlo, married and was bornhiaroo.tl.UtO ]Dear; II.'dam Hudson 38-Inch(Child material pleated dress. No.MX V,'Sls.es..for 'un.Central .
tell future n. March 25 Ice, In and Florida's Largest and Best Year-Round Hotel
Pleas my female born V V.
3 'lot '. anb,. > I sm a f
i. III"<"r *ro bollj tuo \* jconjld.r 4. 5. ,So 7. ( and I years
puhSilK to health *ucc<1.* and changusW. Florida Hhy nm I watched on the street
Guarl *
V -> d. C. : Hotel -AU.81' TH B MONTH OH SEASON.
-' C end ctsewhnre so clonely. by th. opposite The above pattern will b* sent by man SPECIAL 05V
KAS AN All.MENT. t see nothing se-lous a* retru-ds health 'exT' WIll 1 marry? }lsvol met my ""I.1.lInfltobfo' pottsg paid en receipt of 10 cent, WItS ,

pour Midim Iludaon: though here may be stlsht .slcknessibat. ...; ,TOMMY," the number of th* pattein the sis, wantd I Ckarlotta RI. St. Anan. ,Will the and ufldress. by THa Batest U.II) ) and special. rates tll ...RATES,..
43 1'nm a wldcw born In St Jo>ms countyJiorlilu ) ivneral V business success Your first question was prompted by end yotlr'namo up ,
.311 be poor and changes you make UnildotRod. natural shaUownees of your nature. 'comilnod METROPOLIS PATTERN .DEPARTMENT : families.. and by the week: hot and cold ARAGON HOTELJACKSONYILLB '
October 1S5") I hc\e nn allit '
VV of conceit baths, three minifies .Walk to all i Per
superabundant t tSOtt
.. t, Call you le:I m* whnt It 1st A\ hat with ( V V M Day.AmtrIcsn Plan.
is '. ,- md spprobatlveness. Visit s phrenologistnd Bend 8 rents'when then,I I..mot than points Df Interest.II '
In rture far mot lVARZE1t.Your .
tiER FUTURE.!! have a chnrt of your head mada, on. pot crll. For Instance" ,a skirl and HERNANDEZ.
cinattitlon; I t In; naturally' itroni and aee If approbatlveness" Is not abnor- waist pattern In one plotur. end be silt. FLA. R. V. OIUtAL' PropristertIi
tit yoi hnve u I laiullar iillinunt uffariInr ='llIr.)4,40nl' Hudanri: pOut developed You' thnuld cultivate sad writ sums and address plainly and .
our froneriitlva organs. clso InJI- I was born December. 1SOT In Wayne ,.self-esterm.... ahd laarn to be consistent the, number the pt>t.rn, e/lth\ tIe sis*. ,FRESH JAOKSONTILLII "

,tV am really no heuit events heart if' a very anit worked blillur.or There Inter and county will. North you please'Carolina.tell, I what urn a KIT the fondle'(yeatIWJ Y. times.nd ,cojifldent but have You rot .ytt will\V met,marry tOts three man D'e.u,,.'...... AvtteadlelH O U V AL HOTEL modern Meat Cfntrally appointments ooatd., maintaining' CompUt ,In a, V

lute fuime
tMtUnsj Autui4 In your IIo( Ih tho iieur fu- ,You who will make you happy and contented, Decrease In" th* same ratio that I.be us. OYSTERSSkips auperb ovlsla ant service the tear
? ti.ra.k You wIll probrtbly) marry In 190T II 0 of Dr King New Life, Fills Increases. found.WESTMORE'AND .'
,rill travel, und al) affairs of )life will beta HER! UTTLK GuILt save from datjger,," bring __
V They you
.k :; ; .. .
; sad .
AL1CB! HENHOL1." ,orat I". HJdsoarMy anilipalnles release from conitlpatlon . o* I" the Shell.S.
pear Madam quIck Centrally looated. American plan,
l per Mn\ .turn: little) girl was born Friday Fcb- and the Ills growing out of It : rla. .HOTELMJIf. It and It 60 p.r day Five minute
r.:" bnither v.'ns born September It lent, Ills FUTURE. reset :24 laB. I..akeclr, TI,. Please Strength> and vigor always follow" theIr SALVADOR., reraaadlaa. from any wharf or depot AH slre.t'
4 in KlorlUaMit kind of a Ir.: -" 11h.* Dear MJdam llud-ocl ell me her talents and which one to gIve .use. Guaranteed. 11.11 druggists.. cars th
te KCdTMi t bust ".. should h* follow.. V I was' born' In North Carolina, June (. a supilul. study. Will ih>. always II veinacksomlllet lie, -Try them. A. WALKHH ........**> Cedar pass.str.*la.* door., wt Bay endJ.eslia
lull the future for _. ., flu.
"AL1CK BtNlJOI.l ilM. fMalo) What ANX1QUS MOTHFR V
thinker met What kind of a air I ,'111 marry? trained Th French employers liability act. rnrently m
Tour brother will bo a and rea- Educate your daughter a* a HER[ t [ MANAGEMENT[ [
s4l.iOr.) will develop dtistry nnd a Coed morsel she will not always. live In Jnckonvllle adopted Is boetd V atom an equal 1 II B. Porsyth '1., nut to City Hall Nsw
( memory nnd can make lilrioclf irryun Prom now to next May your future V division,between" employr end emplojetlcf .1111 modern In all appointments best |l It
V: .riil 'pienitwr of society vlll lie full of opposition and financial' . I th. pecuniary consequent.cf V evi>r>' formerly NICK MENDS HOTEL WI I N O. LE ...(0 day Am.rlcan plan House in; Jaok.on-

KIT. a business ho should a&soclut* roubles.. After that month much better HE UI! ENOA a 1'JD.' accident._ __----.L.-: iAlways .. : \fill. European plan, on* person, Uo to It
V hi him'If *lth printing' or book cstubuliilimont success In all\ directions )ear Mme. lIudsotil'V : Wrabu>... 'as 4 pflaasiet MeeiPaa per day, Clean cool, airy rooms Speolal
or In walk of a' nlmljir' vharautrr You should merry a slrl of somewhat I om a male. born In North Georgia' V was sick, f us ON..... O. .. SMITH, Ft*******. V weekly summer rates. Free bus from trains.

VV II* would also make u rood itvut. your ,own natur. Tak a Intronpectlv May 0. 1R8 I am In lore, also engaged When, a' man '**X*.h* always wil *eie A......*.-...*k> Been _

....llIlor. view and you will know the girl wheiou Will I mory and be hippy afterward? sick-troubled with a cough tjiat lasted Flue Wfaea, WfcUklre. Bra.Jlre.slentinnu' .-
l >' so* hart to win you happiness. her V CHARLES" all winter-what would. you tblnk... it;
tlEAt.TIl'AND TRAVEL.t blrthdit. should fall between May atd aft. he should say h. V never. was sick since Luaca from 11 The EVERETT HOTEL
I You will marry. but happln*** r clock nooa to I m. Special
.ar t.1 hl4\. Hudson: and June r..d uf any year marring will depend largely. on. how well using Ballard. Hor'hOi.Iru1/ Such Meal Orders at all hours.Bowllns .

1 nm a fomuln! born September St, l&M' you control your restless, dissatisfied and man exists AlUys Pool 111&I
A Mr. J. a Clark Denver Data., -/a-ltet ;
In Tannnssie Health tndhat metha JACKSONVILLE.
changeable nature Baseball )isli"e wk.n lean I.out FLA.Centrally ,
I "For y.ara' t was troubled wlthla' sever
jicta fur (Its future Will Modem Hurtnon-
1evtr .
rt "rl1 bq strong arrlnt Will t travel Kindly answer 0f.w questions. and * cough that would last al.l 'winter 9t town. |**at*.. 'asreegkl7 repair*4 *.4 I<*M.*t*.. Jf...ly ftirsjsk**

1>tARGICIUTm.YOllr bilge, I am -\ ,......1.. born In Mr|;lnlMay .. HE HAS lOUT ONE!: FAVt't.PAr This cough lft"ra* in a miserable condition JOE (CILLET Manager. 111....*** al.. V O. H. ITASOH, Ma.aat*..

'- 7. IS1J Will I remain where 1 am Madam Hudson I fried Ballard Horehound
honlth will' h" -('\. dvrlnf 11JO'I.'rh'r. I am II female, born In Raleigh N. C., Syrup ..ed.hsve not had f sick, day SOUTHERN''
% Ore very strong probs.1'Illtk-s ot \ October T. JW, Th nwn I love has but tiny. That what It did fir m*. Bold .'OB THE FUEL and SUPPLY CO.
travel" tar his entire coining year. Stomach faulti w. ar*, engaged and will web : Clarke V ,'
Do Not Dose the rifle byfi'homas \
i1:1JlCS1IAND'S hcppr It w* marry! I expert. to go -, ( 20 YEARS Coal and Building Material. ,

N1'J:11"81'i'JD!: l \: away ...on. will I return T NICLLJK.; I,Strll h nfllts-w,.ro pulO to'th* amuunt w. Stars Obese *a...!, A.llll* Hard ,'

: BCCCKHO, (.eir* Catarrh by, Br...lkl.sj Hys>..... You certainly. should! n- ITYd your of 'HULOoSM and Ceath fnit-ltn of '/II.3r. SIARVWAbOI00OIiO'V Well rtaatr, rUMr ran, Hair, Fir BHrk sad clay, Ln_*. 4 sfartto
JJear Mitdum Hwlsoni "I' I.a..r 0jarsjl., Intended boa.but faul you by the International: A..o i I .tI. born In Florida Ii-.brsry SI 1K1 love him aa you should It wlU tak In the" pdst .Ii.cal l your. MONUMENTS V
lines my liuitmnd luv m< and Kill w. The only sclvntino and comkion" seem. good bit of money to ketp you oont nlfA ' 'I V JlUHEADSTONES- V V V ""- I
'V IM rich My huatwnit la stui.ltic tvlrt *;. WilY to trt catarrh of the nose and thouch, a* ynu will demand luxuries CHEAP SHEETS! III! WOOD>> ri.a-'*, DB- S '. ;EAT' t- .'orLTRY,
,'. pIt'| VII bu work at lit <' throat I I.I, a local' application that dainty food and expenslv: finery.; You IR4BIK Sl.IMB4V! LO0TSOIV.' V .

3 IILUU) .EYrSMy : will kill. the catarrhal c>rm*. oVili: take yuur journey ana will return.hut TIIHEB.' aloe __. e.f(>srr* I. ... ''''lOle U.., MARKETMHOUOIAIB

h husband was born V :t.t.r lit, IKTilinir Ordln.r lll.oIII..b. dosIng I. worse remain but a short,time. V .....(...<, .. a"0** bard rona, iwo Ails HUT*II,
\" husliaul' In true In his aftootloit I than useit's*. Taking modli'la ,Into'the ..... MlUs (rm rn l.r| Kill real '.rrrHMMbl \ ttO.'II.elIi CL. PIIOIUI II" toft BHIIKin ST. 0
1 four you will never lie rich In tho $nxj.rrVi .. .touuuti. to rileS catarrh of t.su: ,head For Surety Bonds of sJl V forms tej rrllabl mitts <....!.. t "ICGKTA..V.I. P3(0(15 KHII1S,_

V acMvplmu-e. ft the term tao .hSOI iso 5130(1 557001. Cr15 often to limes A Faxon. Pbons AU ele. _.,. wUk UrUr seems, r f.all, ",utAlIlI.' J .
leur, husband would make a uccsaful lead to **rlou* doransemi-nt. of th. apply. same l_ll*., rk.a.. <. party .tk. r ,
and UI"'tt| ll<>grph: oprativ dla*. lve orians ".74- will carry till sleek goods. AdtlmaPBAW
1 Uy brvatjilns I ; Hfotn*! thre or fourllmx 'KHM,HI'f' .
: THK DAY OF ItlRTlt, '.t dally: IlirouSh IllS neat pocket --.--
1,1o.1.r, lust cumrs with every outfit. During 1M .nt'.II..O. new ormnlsn.lions OPEN SEASON
: ", ..I.lIl KudiuntI
Par It. "I"d i...led. 1I..It". sir penetrates In Uncland mistered Under the
burn In till city. &''>irmb.r 1C
-.4 I ass loth. most ,.m,,"* .part ft lit. no** trade union art and w.>'..|it).threo orinn.lutluns .
1KB: Can you I* >. m. Ih* day t WOsI
V4 seiirlin dissolved had 1st ration
throat and luncs. out and tr tt can-
ar* nil tal.nt .
soothes reI.4.
kill all caUrrhul rm
'it YOU *.ra lx>rn on Hut III'1Iajyou 1 and Mala irritation the mucousmombran f::: .
Cf h"vIKH) vnlni'.rrll. Ins/lml &1.io *. Stop at Mae's for Choice Wines ; .: ,p For Shooting quail: and. turkey begins Nov. lt
"t sliuuld' deal. In the products of the *.rih. wonderfu ,
Yuur ruall t.ltlt la the *-
| merit lit Ityoiuel. a* a cur t.r"ti. Liquors and. Qig&ry. V Anheuser-,. Jo C. HOLMES 'COMPANY 1906. In our big show window, you Will find on

1)1'KRTIIIY!\ IIEU. 1Il'.n \NI), ,rrh I I. shown by tu* cuarani*. -*. Busch Beer ondraujht. Oyster
3ter M.laiu, "1111..1I Ivrs wild every llynmrl outflu that styli. 109 East Bay street.Th ., Funeral Oir -' I was tern In low*. January r, 1001. UyliuslHitiil lbs nionry will b* refunded unl.... ills my 1 6un Ammunition shown
dvsKilnl m* tlmuntlis aso I rratmrnl 5iVCIV sejllsfarllun. tad F.nbalner.. etcMiJver this

;: lava' Ud lruulj|"-.,ll iuy IK" *, thirty tear A wnipltt, Hjpoo flM'"l. conilstlnce Korthwekltrn. msnatenwnt has franlid of the Chko to lbs tele.rrai and.: UA.V. lbs -., (.uiU.J..tl.** ;e (sja city Prices cheerfully( djff
V ...VII I bests lUnrrtaMl tu tilm., .h. drluki tot a packet. intslf. S bottle of ||y..m'lnd : Wyth.SIT .
h optrators 'tf mat system as Increase \
ft ...-...l nlll\ .li.. vrr rturnf I em III. a, nirSlrlti dNl>p..r.. met*, but II. o< IS per minltk.tiOUDAY BrMsn ,Hrrrt, Awdamjefmi.risjBRYAH
extra bullieS ef 1I.m.l. If n.*ded. It -

rent You lrualt .1.l ..s his r.... UNION SAvntaa BANK, I'HlinNO. -CiET
; DR. M. SOUV1ELLEn ; {
usraote'C is t.tu.4 lb. 'V
eseal moneyIf I
terser II.... 554 Weosyo& ...
,- >rn..rly. of th* London and Part tI7U.IsI| dal aol rltv" *. us that your i 5WItes With rpiea4id'fa0'ltIiin:| i**ri>U romr>l;{ The S. ,B. Hubbard Company
otaka aa' .
we ... .
/, Hospitals.ptsel a, 110 risk. at all I* ....yl". tkl* aidey tile lIIatt.r enos D' Isolag wusees. w. feel went of Kllld labor, and e i..cie assortnenl ........ Dee.ele. Iced _....;....... I

I ,. ... .OC tb. ""rota&, JleaM ..4 llaal remedy. ef slock w* are prepared to do 110'. .550
have talOtIa4Ike BaUXiB'STrto;
1' l.una also lJI...... .f Ik* VIooJ sad C. Cl 'tt.* arlll ""* ".. la.. ",Oft.p) n'J (hot Sf we a pvings Ia-uk. W hlghosi. put.pose 1
K.rvo" System. a 'p.clltoa ". anyoa. piirchailns I iSmel l at I I,.,. depositors with .:: eves w'lh' hlsh' -laM work.NDI'aralAL ard..* reln. ,..... _
1: ...> Sit wt A"*M Strt, store. IB Ooer.taselifi the .ab IIRCOJIO CO.. --- ... ..- ..... /

V CkSV. a*. should U aot alTo satlsfacttoa.. i n to 1\11. 01\1 tpolltor). Pf,and \/,1.1*,. *trt. |. .7- HT }fll! V -r _VVI

: .: 1

'. 9


lff ,, i. /

V' (V kV ? V fVflJl'!ti

. j; :
,t ;i


----' .

Main Street A. M. F.. Church Mlvrifl .
Main Street A. M. E Mission and the Florida East Coast 'Rail SEABOARDAIR
.barbecue werelargely attended fester. :
FREE day afternoon, The Masonic ceremonU WOMENWho ; I
were conducted toy Bone. of 8olomo vows CAD wo. *"t DI er necr BBSPTSMBYKR: : i" 1....

Ledge No. I..... I,. D. Powell worehlpfimurt Bultrrlnj with KmammHtnlm ; ":' SAX MATBO BRANCHIHvi LINE RAILWAY
.. ar.i N "
rA large number of Masons from : 1 It es
other lodges were present. Mode wifjrnlshed seC. Klkaaitlra, Slrk' '!!*..- : ::: :1 : ntirBaAes.AoIso. lr\\ r\:1Y1n.\ ,.
by the Enterprise Cornet 1a.bes. ,We.I f' .A
Band I muleVmk- ''I' _,...... 1It. . ,..., . t .... I KM I HT.V[ *seBarsSa. rt I MUlHrair fie .
In 0111. ....''n ", ,,1. _, ... | moesor.Nl'i 1'4.. Art I Kalpl ...
The part ell, tat.1 a III :
poor many :
POSTAL1R0M .me, India- Ur. ..... .... ., fiJ HP.OftA .
were abundantly remembered with good Kibeesfa ..II".'}:......._." .....t .. v. W I
ties at : LJAn: JA'iope5 AMRITB .JU'IUO"'Ltt. .
things to eat yesterday from fie "..nn.,. eeC ; 1 : : :: ) OB CTTTBIIAWCIL
that wer* served at Mt'Zon: Church, 8Paul II iadCero I' ...... ....'t... .. ".,M..t..1' ... .. I J ..L'"rt.w"'T 9'OD: 1. II. *> 'ln"R' Bruaswlo:: Savannah, Columbia.: Wll-) JOO: p, nitR '
r ( Norfolk Petersburg Richmond.Washington. .
::::: : \0- .. r:11'" !'ell, l'a" >ertp mBttBIl | ,
Church Bethel' Church MtCai- WarnS a ad : lt.hlr
re,..., ..1 / t1mort'lIlIad6lpble... Nw York and,
mel Day! Church Spring Church.Central 8t Baptist Johns Church BaptIst, : fi.riee'rSU Itl_ ._......-. "1"1...,'I =_....1.:'w_: -t.,1... ...:.l""' .' '..',1' :: ....11. ...' ... .. ......-.t ;:: eastern point Solid trn btwn Jacksonville, andWaahingjo ,J

: YOU Check and Central
An entertainment will be'glven"'at the and otherI ....,11 _I lor 0.;.. ,.._ .!!!....-.!!' Dining' Car Tampa Berries. Jacksonville end New

horn of Mrs. Dan Philips, No.,74* Price Special and 'l'n'VtTlUoII .....HCR._ _
I And We Will Send rree Prbve Die- rcove ni.. *s.m. inv lit will ner, at ir "ernndlna. Bmniwlck (I."n.... Columbia TTITtmlinrt I U .1
to Chronic II ,
street, Brooklyn, on .next Monday nigh J'SO'
1 to assist the pastor of Bt. Jtmei A. JoI. eases, should fnt,rma,,,lata, stations" tit ta*. on and ....!,t..,.I"-.J;1 1t:1Y': ' IY'at' 'I .... Raleigh": Petersburg, Norfolk. Richmond ". "''' "* .*,* l

That It !I. the Most Effective E. ,l.tllrcha\ hi* ,preparation tor the 4I eon.ultU *. ,. Mr ppseroters t e.P.TRO 5 .rrc.z Washington Baltimore, Philadelphia Nw I oik aad 4

Rheumatic conference All are Invited to attend ,Over twenty .'ehve ,. sn5 55, p .r'Ce. .nA Bnof J*.>.pll..1 l.rial."' ,,1...r.....,.., TI'vn1'1I t..iiConnertlong .........t'n\' \ :.:I : ... all points east and north. Solid train between Jack ,

External J Cure for The Choral; Society if Cookman Instl year ex Parlor *''tf.J. ,TtjMnt M and meeoeahea .. eoTivlll and ". ..1IInrto... with Pullman Buffet Sleeper 1
bttweea Jaclsonvlll and Tork.
Pains and Aches a Large lute will give their annual musical III LUTti7B'LTLL pirionce.SsMbkriesatbl.&lil. and Ienfreo stecetheg. cam va.tra. ,... fl1T'l" ItIIRItTLUt SKOWOF.esoellie ,..{ ::: New "
Ebnier M. E. Church to-nleht. An R ep U tatlon aa. ....... "" ....f'" 10:00 i U W'aldo" Gainesville I Ocata. L** plant K-Jfj: p U
\ elaborate and carefully prepared program liui.'KP.s.Li1th. firmly estab- ;r1-' .. se.' : city, Tamp and Manalbetivar ::r.t.a; ;: ice). "
BO1TLEOFIMINARbS1 will be rendered, under the dlro 1 I h istraight. -_. :..::. :.. .. ::..:.: between Jacksonville and Tampa. Buffet Parlor Care

lion of Prof. Arthur R. Grant. Alt are eefhdSpIuIed.si.&klwdsf 1 Ie' BBaF.MATfQst between Jacksonville\ an* Tampa.Of1 _
Invited to attend. Ticket of admlssloi .Itlm..te \ ,
wilt coot 11 cents each. IiiOltis. practice No 10'Ofl P U ** teesburg, Orlando, Tampa and Manets rtvr J.flfl I u '
: :
meth nO.fit *. .
fake 5 btwa Jckon.
Dr. 3, A. Baker spent ThanksgIvIng : points Pullman Buffet 81pr
Day In Banford where h* went on i a oat CONStTLTATION and EXAMINATION elIte|] and Tampa. ,
bunt with Dr. George 'J,[. Brewer, hicousin. U FREE! Sten'a DletaneshIco ? SRANCdI D.dIrj I I '
treated and cured Many c.... OVX'IPliIiiI9tetlOpEvhIi | 'Tallahaa, River Junction, pvniamla. Mobil I KwOr J.Jfl aj 'u
KING OF PAINLINIMENT curable by our nome treatment planIf a.ua: MJnfl U. loan, and all print;; wt Pullman Buffet aieepsr "* '. *"
The Comanche Club will give one of you can't call write for examination ", ,,,.,, .... .., JankanneOl An I I b lwen Jacksonville and Njw Orleans -
the best dances" of the season In Odd blank and Interesting literature ,? ) : L 'z,110r11 !1 I Imt10v i . . ',j

Feilows' Tempi on next Monday night. Call K r..lt>lepersonal' aubeji es.t..L.,:.,.,. AtInneto s.a ...........Al Iif} ax SBnIli P ii Lake City Montteello. Tallahasse Panaaeola.. Pullman -'efeUI u .
: The Excelsior Orchestra will furnish the. examnan", .IC gIways .dvl..... DR. tax lot Ar.. .....-., vdL Bai'0.et ....... Snub Ba 4 5P '. .. ....0 a.UU. rO.sn < 5 Buffst Sleeper: : btwn :Jacksonville and P a'acola. :* &; Us 1
r-.uslo. r.nd the price of ..dmleolo.Ut b.a HATHAWAY CO.. Suite 681 National Tb.ss tim. (shim shoe tO. Urn. U wa-h t aM S.c.m ,, '1
cento. Anderson and Jamison com iron non momni etadesitbet tbstr b me *
Bank Building, Savannah da.ORI.AITDO atoirol C C S.pert. M *
.*., the mwpesg hold 4tmts m.cu.itbl. tw say data? S OSj eses.mnese enisj < "I1** Waldo, .Oalnesvlll Arohw. WlUlstoa, Swly: : .
in. ft I
,Confident that It will do for you Those who wltnesssd< the turkey and niad* 'at Miami with P. & O B. a Co. temr. sailing onWtdnsdayt Pi II. ,Bird, Cedar Key. .. "* .- . A, .H, 1,1
what it has done for others, and that goone chas at Lincoln Park :yesterda; CI and Saturdays for Key West and Havana at 11:15: p. m. }

to use It to to- pralM It, H doc the had Iota of fun. 4-- NOTEOC I Tw.tich.tea 5aer. aiee M etsae.sese emeomotme. errOr is ICy evenS ci 50.'t: () II. erilmIl4In. I:450Lv.:
I j jau
wrft r of the following grateful letter i i"With Mr. and Mrs. Bond of the Vondomi II the sss ***,, or to P. 14., niprte city Tlak*t dense us w. Bar gtieii Jeckveavflie Pte .

muscular; rneumatMtn I suffered car., are making a fee reputation a>.
schedules and Car reservations eat tt
For Sleeping City Ticket, OSta >
to the extent that even to control caterer for/specIal parties. Orlando Fki, Nov.:.30;-Theosa who attended : West Bay street Phon It*. Jl ;

''tlle pen held in my right hand wee All..... Invited to Mt. Olive PrIiIitIeBaptIst the State Ib'airat Tampa from Atlantic Coast .. Co 55OTI.STOIC. .... A.t 08.1 .._'....-. ,5.ekeasille., i'1s1: .
Txttitxwsible at time 'trn'd Church, to-night to hear, Dr. fill city wore: Miss MaggIe M., Pete
ftnrt ued Hinard'a No Martin and Rav. O. S. Mooro two d..- .on,:Miss Bammle Savage Mrs. Chain I '
':iiidonenMat eou'4' com from a won tlngj'shod! ministers of that faith \'1ho.r < Wll'lamo. Mrs Ilottle'Bhlncries. Dr. J. R, 1

illTcrar' or more grateful heart than, on a visit to Florida. River:, Rev J. Grant and dcuffhter ant i : : MOTKMBER IB 1***. Southern

mln*. 0. W. D'V3's, Cambridge, Mass." :Mr. a. 'W. Pressley partner In .lIe< A. )(. UawklDl. They all" enjoyed tk., NQf1CE..Thie.sarrirs1e"and4epartura,. ; ;: as well a* connections with other Railway ;

'Large bottles Ho. and Wo. At draggiits lumber manufacturing business wit trip. ( ::ntieS"11';***'."W*" fr ''njormiulon< But arrlvil. and connotl are not guar'NcOtb
; aM C..roi sums Mr. 'J. H. Blodirett received an Injury A. Wi Dowdeni visited JacksonvIlle. .
R1I'II'IDCI'n1D Arnii. i* ...
Jdrtrf...." .kettle write MlDard'sllnltsnt In on. of lila ankle not long since, ClAd his Week on BusinessMr I
M Tg(:n.,Hn.f......D.b..... ....... h* 1* now In the Brwtr Hospital tea Moses Croomi, Jr.. Is bolnc com auSitnet. INolsINn41l4c.l1 NaOa Dial. Viper BasIn. Not.I "N. R.'Stuosi.g .Snla.de.aes p.555I55.4 aely es Iaoreasuia see are me
pllnented on the neat appenrancof hit I O35p S S I toat.,. Ja.okmu-.iIi. .*o I eos4 I Ispi i ho I ip Lv.. &cOoa.tlis ,.d.ci I Ba usscseissye.
special treatment 30 sop 5 0..At Warrn.L... 4 15..I t lii. tO Np Ar..,, Wr4setse ....Lvl lix Vae.ihui. Tedne ixat, Nc.I4N..iS 4at
home,' after having It repainted.There II lap tOp 11 lix Ar..... ,.Lv . .. I sx d L3oohenadto '
Mr. George A. Jackson wIll leave for J.mp .o t Baill Sal 4 Op 1 Se At. . TaO. ..Le I aix w, ,a..e-.wiri .
St. $ to his was recently bomb Mr. and I11.. I lip 12 lOb. lr Oxesonan .1.v t Its 5 51 I Se C Os Ar..... Macea ,,.,. i-C It Sta
Augustine to-morrow resume Mrai 4.. Green a baby I'lrl.) It and tbl a ....,, 0 top Ar. Chorhoton .Lv 0 Coal I BalM..... Atlxata .....i.e C Si' ' 0
post In one of the pupulor hotel In,tha I sop .,.,,,. lax Ar.. Itlehoord .Lc C ted I U. Ar., CoStixeO.m it, I 551'.u
Among the city for the w'nter. Ha own Dome good mother are doing well. sop..,,.,.. I i's. An, ,Wmititco' .L t suet I sap as.... pbaeaou,. ....h.v 50aI : :::::::::: .'::.::: ; ; ..:: 'I I ::::: ;
property\ Bt. Augustine, a. well a<. At a recent election In Prudence Lodge: lax .,..., II 155 Ar Oxutims, .L+ I hal S 15.1..1.. Ar... korceellis ..Ic OxI Sr Oroensbs, ...............5.. fly II 0514 50p 0 llxltoa. Ii. ,,,,_, ..: h, .
No. H F: *. A. M., the following. oroceniwere I 4 lie..to. nip Ar PhIlad.iphis lp Ii 10.111 lualAr..., ChIme. ,....Lv C 55. sv Dxn'ilb. se lap I 55* hOp Ar Coat !
her In Jacksonville." I elected: J. A, Colyer, W. Mol I tJ. 7 10. I BPIA, Now Took Lv I Sp[ SxAr... 8u I.oela ...Le P efp '

Rufus Weaver better known as "Billy' Dallas. S. W.I; H. Israel, J W.,: \\, Via eseetjowory eeC B. & B. ?toUIi.o55N.( $1 tA SANTORD Me slING SiNs ir Lyoohburs ..... r -E W a ,,
COLORED PEOPLE Murray, Is seriously LIt\ at No. 824 POet D. Thomas treat. Ar CkanMIMn-lll* .
J. Maxey, secretary ,. 'TB !
: fly. 5 "p1 1 rdjTBajL .iaoiocomlll. A I itaJ I$ \
Union street. hue friend are asked, to< Prudence 'Ix wlhoJd 5 5 Ar WMhlnstoa ............Ba y Bal P !'P heJa1] ,..
barer Jupiter and >dges UI'l C ISplil O55Ar 0 C. aprlao LT lIst C 151 Sc'
aall. 1(0 so All Train. bait_-Ito ae Nc-Ii .. Pslxtka ..I.v I ISa 5 5 1451 Ar Baltimore ....P. ItS. 55.41 Lt cisulasout. 0 .,,. I
a Joint election on the STth of tit 01tp4 liaiU 50e1At. I5p ..,::*: & ::.,, ,, fN. \
1'Az I finLand ,,.Lv ,.,, Ii Left .ir.h.kOisSP
Mr George Coleman will leave soon for: cember. a' 15 W I. S Sa 0 ii list is'
liere Balnbrldge. Oa., where he will assist. In A. H. Hawkins has accepted of thoommlsslon .I UAC Vt.4.utx Lv 4Iix Stop i1iitwTFbplA, dRy Jet. I., I lust $ l7 .. N-"15.. terk end Fieri** 10as ....M.ano4 ts .,,, '.J
'and Elsewhere. of Good .., 1 sIx Au' Thocovilbn I.e I Hal l lip I Sal 5 Pal I lop Ar.,, Sanford ,..Ii, a Ba 11 I Sow OS .,
organisation of the lodge work for the Ooou Sam.tnna \- .. I illy Pullm** Bnwtnc lleees Mepls & Qe.asaul p ..,,,.a. .
a tax Al' Montg'O,7 i ; 45p1 S 155 t lOx I we I IlIAc.,, Orlando .Li I 51 15 Ox lap S"
Templar *, here. He I. strongly In favor 01 hi sinlAn D'm'aiiani Del t 501,1....... 5 luxl S St t aiolAr,. Lakotiad ,.L.v II ISP I lb Six Pert.Tuts' and JaokaenvtlleM SMite New Uoltad.1 Teem.Ne. n3c4x, 0 .,..,. ... om .
w tat : .
A pretty and quiet marriage took plane all moves that will write tho race tOI llaper) NautollI. Lvi ........ ? IipIM.,., Tampa .,..i.e eotp SNail lixIIixAi' belly SnIlma.- WsehliHrtoa Drawla Saint aheotaS e as Dotcail. Mi.i :-:
..... ; ti
F.vwmille Pt. .1. SO. ike
I.dI $ BaI IttapjAr. Tampa ibp
.,.IlI.'E.u1ah! E. Ballard I Is a favorite In at the residence of ,Rev Hi C. William all moves' that will unite the race fo 0 BatAr. Chloxqo . saSonrills te New Yet* tbt n ci..e. 0 ;:: -
work .LJ __ ,.,,. i'hip Ar.,., Surten ...L 5 alp ..,., (asI
| *a wide,olrol. of friend In th*> olt?. Bwel No. 1168 :Madison street last Wednetds rood purposes H..III bgln on (tolAr SO. L..l. I.. a 45k. b 4op *0. Peeba torda .I., C thresh TIt5 LAND OP INS aU. sea lA5it .......
\111 manner modeet aad po**,,***d of reel evening Mr. Adam C. James and Mrs. his return-from Port Tampa City nexweek TTfTr Louisoilln 3." a Ba.e Sep a,.. Pt. My.re I.r a (hi'. I en.I : .t
sdoompushroents, she Is admired and Julia Duncan were the couple Rev. Wll lOxiAr CIncInnatI Lv Ii sop rtC.INo. 11040551 ,jala.coilI, heal. pto.uINckJde 55 I.. JeoSseecule Fox ....... ..,.5a. Sot 1 Ar etLosts.r't'z. i
fl lon.4 by all who know her: Kiss Ballardleft llama performed the ceremony, The tot 11... Charlotte Jackson hat gone t. 11 IS. LV Moots' rj Ar OoliuBMs. a O..n..a "..msa'e'
| for Tampa last Wdndy night, turn horn of the couple will be at No. Qeergetown 8. .C. FrIends wluh hersuccessful a 4 1 Ar.. Mob'KET AT Asbnllls, N, O **.
Mil LouMana street. trip. 5 lop Ar ii. OiIetOS'LV a me S IN. II lapi a Itt It 5SxAr. lAke Satier .1.., t 1(0 t Sal 5 las AT Met aptlocs, X O... : =. i
Mr Richard .Apdvraon and Mis* Annie Rev., H.B DaCoster. of Jacksonvllli. I. 1'o 01 hal 5 Mill Oxide Wti.t.n Sp I.e 4 mp t i&l i loxNteF Ar Kmwrtii*, rmIfifffiiKsrj ; : :
(l. : Rev 1. L.hfutaoa.. of bit um.1 ,
I.. Jonee wr united la matrimony hat pastor WSWIMAJTO HAVANA.Bteamers t
delivered, lecture In Rev. J. N. Steheechureh. .
a j:4 : ; .
had Miss F. M.
'.Wednesday evening. by Rev B' A.WII-. Baptlat Church leave Port Tamp* Bun'
llama. Mr. Andsnoa it engaged In bust Barn*, of the Florid Baptist Academy. '111. 8hIs Oars, Tuee with him at his Thanskgtvlng service\ yma. Wrap U. Mumford continues p. a. cli ( O.aia ,..t..4 40pN.hOI lisa '
4 tux* o* Florida avsnu rrlend lIOxIN. tapAe. V-PalIy Pallaiaa Brawloc HMM and Solid Ttl>nlf trala< arna/h 4a. f
''f "Mrs.'L. B'Reed grand worthy counsel., terdoy; Bh* rendered, some good music. .The boos.a sister she may of< Mrs.avon Clara bo well Mayes.aoaln.: MXMATKB RIVER. 'a'. , , ., .,toU eta1uIfyf Butrx cIsnienati.BMvuig Cw bMwwa JaolssavUI* sad ooaoh**, Bleeping Car Jacksoaein* MClaotnnaU. ,
The servIces especially
"i lor of .tie. Independent Order of Calanlhs were Mrs.; Bheldonla Gloster daughter ..r Boats leaTe TanM tallr *xorptBundays .e.aaotlaItM *rPaOomprn :j
'wss painfully Injured In a wrack on the oollectloa for the poor waa t',H and. Bin at T *> a, nt and I kTralM > Also throogh PvOman JaeksotivtU t :
aerved.SATiDAS Mr. M. Duncaj\" deceased. Is still In tho '-.e c Ba ., .
Xtlantlo Coast Lin out a dinner wa --- ppringu. vl* Atlaata.. Blr.ttaorpbt .
i Railway recently city, getting the attain ,of the estate,In -- OS
',about four i,4lee from th. city. )MnroMrif SPECIAL BALE!: shape She I. assured by the agent "I B* Sad ei. PsiUss BlMpen, between New Yrk, aefcusMvUI and lixcaLLL2a aad XausU city.Dtnteg .

the Caaaai are asked to tak notloe.Rv the ,Royal Benefit Society that, her.father's pM Tasap Dipt** par botwe'en Jaeka* UU ad Hew TrkTkrevck ear aarrto ,
6.A. William, pastor of'loft. Zion To-morrow at 111 riorlda avenue there policy will be.paid... peaches between Jaekeaani. aid WeahIsgOa. States en sad U, PuIbeea AJUUYALB AT IACTtaOWVHJJa -i-I ::
I tr f Church ,went to Montkwllo this morning will be a pedal' asia of fIne holiday mil The public Is notified by A. M Hawtins. beget Blepn, pe w**>i Ja.kaa.nbla sad Hew Yerk.TralM ,!'
\\\o,: visit the Florida Annual ConferenceMnt lnry, ladle, misses' and hJldran.. hat .) agsnt for" Jupiter and Prudence B4 -*M SB,- wella 1*. NsekvUle, with PeJIeaaa M.i.t BlM m* b**kewm I'i.I
I I. In cession there. The ha test style Hall that that h..lI. upstairs and down Jeekeesythi. cad Ofclo B cad Bt. IvMle, hmh easeS *>c wa JaeiMvtl LeeBasivible. on... Cianlaaacl. As0.eOs.-5ea S. "Wefieitea aM P0.44, ted.t..l m en.Pos. .
,, 'llfr., Joseph Btubb and Wee Irene 'V, a rnd specialty.choicest material.**ason A great redudllon can be rented any night except Monday TTIBS Be *.d sv, ihrMBm Paibeas leayer,*, JoelwMVIU Tta. Meat.goes.ry CoInage, Ci.PeattAuiants. .ts-Jea 14. '7isdia L4.ikd" ....... ...,. ........I I iSi vMs.

Hartley 11'...* joined" In wedlock lat even.. on saoh hAt sold. Mrs, Y..A. Barker and Wednesday nights by applying to t* B<. heals Dislag Car **rvle* a la carte. f-rvmam, DiBtHvt p.s..r AateM, 1B West Ray it, Jarkr ea"ls, 515.
leg at the home of th*> brides mother him;or leaving their application with' T. Trails SB mm* 8O, FvdlBin Baght Parler car* ketwem JscluvmvtlLe so d pert a. H. MAliPWICK. f.T. ._ WLTATLOM.PA.Q.RlL. , .C. .
Mrs Henry, Bartley, at Pottsburg Rev FLORIDA ANNUAL CONFERENCE.L. ; Cheats, qeorg William-on afJedifftfi D., TV Tseapa. Tnita Ba aad SB, Pmluouus Blepn **tw*.* Jackeewllle, pK ape
. *> IT saC S* Pullsoasi BiieTvt Bl*.rr* between JekivlU
a Jackson offlcileUng.. Th man-lag took .' Utorej. jv mad at MyefTral *
I?1JOI/ l-. at I o'clock In the p......_ of'. InUrMtlnf Session Being H.4a\ \ MOB The delegates: Who-atteiuidd ha'PilmiUve mmt ee* pet.rab.ig.x Tntos S* ama 40, PmUisBi beret care b.Sws.a Jaokjera111 \V. H. CHRISTOPH :

J.... amemblag* of relatives' and friends, tleello by Bishop Tanner, Baptist Association In IpeLand.., o! asS Bt PtrbvB'*
and the couple received" a great. many which Rev. Ourley Is .moderator,. returned For reservations,and Information,- applyto. kgent Atlantic COast LJn*. or Produce and Commission Merchant1oeNaaarets.atSceosth51ite.
resents. Mr A, J. Green wa the groom' Th. Florida,'conference of the At ''. E. home delighted with the meeting wilts {ff
Mat man and Miss Lucy Hartley w.. Church. now -"session., -Montloello. Rev, Edwards carried, five delegate wIth VliANIC C* BOYo I F.brl4.....*.& 'Many of th*whit* friend. of Bishop B. T. Tanner presiding, held a ,him 1.-- tMr W. D. BTAKK. TrtUeg Feameger Sweet, Jaekeo.TtU*. Ooailme.etd Puenasal k Uwtle* *va* hibest irises' abtataVMoMULRRAY
1 'the couple ram o.. rasssstgli Agast. B tmng rat.U aaaes day Bold. Tlpboaa lMaHatlSsisl > 1metes.

.paptha launch to witness the wedding, moon. In memory of the late Mr, Saline A. M. B, Church and an,aged and re- __. -=------.c,. .___'"" =-= .... bees. of Ja.we ? J 'l
Th. HIghland. Height Realty, Lean and Jam**. This eorvlc.'wes led by: R.vvravstte sported eltlsen here, Is yet I1U Friend'
Trust Company will hold corporation .. assisted by It,,,. T. Meorcr hop abe may ooa recover. / O. '.
meeting to-night. In the offloa of Attorney\ The eulogy wa a rich one, setting forth S.&FRy.ITWABBEE .
I. U Pnroall No. !*> West Bay street. All the Christian quaJltte of the deceased Columbia & BAKER
members,,, are requested to attend. Dr.:A good woman. I ,,..W. Smith,' "president! ;. Dr, J. A. Baker The eiloni of th* oonfrno ar VerjntersMlng '. BogUsh! U a. mOlt remtrkabl Un : RIVER ROTJTB, Charlotte Career Bay sod Liberty Btf. .*t*> t

secretary Much business Is being don ( *(.. It bn iom peculiarities of an OPBHATE THE TAMOCB a ,We can show th. finest lln. *( Vehloloa. Bernet., Lap inches, Bla.. f
'The members Of Mt Zion A.. M. E. by the ministers and the delegate and itrordluarllv rich 1 vocabulary ajuotbtttj DIX.. FLTKBj TBAIK Sets: Whips *t Church 11'11n..t\ forget that next Sunday Bishop Tanner I* well pleased with the Danville

, I t.,th. -day. for a apMtal rally ,for.dollar reports from the church of the poorest nod not barrel ROCK 80'M'01ICoo.OaOPl1IdD.1IIII I VI BxrOBJB.TOTf S 1
money. The msss meetings held each. night arelargely *:onfn, irperst words for minute dl*- Purist Ckalr Coo Ca ........ TroIa. BUT, )

anil Mrs. K. A. Baker, *t No. JIM attended by the people of the iiwtl ai end stogIe ,word that lint .' Richmond MoMURRAY & BAKER'
vr.i city Th dluourses delIvered are of Pvllsaam .! . Palatka, sad Val
Ashley street, think the friend high order: and very beneficIaL The con many meullJfa. Many: examples ol .. tralm. l I'*l U eia meet Bar ......
who Five them curb a pleasant surprls In the Carte 4* AtUata Btarht Norfolk
ferwto I* blnr. visited by mny dletln- both pocullirltles can U found
tint Mondy night' and fnr all act ot
klndnr's shown to Mr, Baker,In hi. 111. ul.hed ministers from other parts of, the. Dialect Dictionary, aIL Bnjllsh pobllntlon. SCHEDULE IN PFNECT: JUNIQ I, ten.7iikiunvUle -

Hew-who Is let 'ery 111 It.t. GeorgIa and slsswhsrs. Krerr f rmer'* boy knows bow : 'Valdueta ....:::::::::::::::I h hJ/ lop 113Ar. Washington SENT FREE tt"" "' ;.m '" =- *': .ll

Dr.) Onl.)'. Den'lst. cer. Bridge and NEW COURT OROAMWOa to BM the words lamb, cheep .e BBC Ar Tlttoo ......................... tunp LJ CI.Ar & __ tW Dnuhot CoIls... hi ir U-1 IC. Uioi'lJtwMeM's. ***)* isat 1
Ashley st., over Imperial Druar Btora.* ram, bat bow many ad thom would1b. ,Cord"l.) ......................leu" 1 a i BaltimorePhiladelphia PEBZOR 11II4 COPYMiGUSIZO sssthadn --.II| .,*.imia florthaa V"I, .
\II 1'''* riorldii Baptist Aoademy I I. now Mrs Jsnnl ,. Fraaler, M.. A. 'Si. ot able! t.'dfla. the word Uf.. tupbigtaaMr Lv.Ccrdcjs t IMp Ills
beautifully Illuminated with electrIcIty, I' Sarah Court, No. 1, Reenter Hrolh of tap-sec, tnp-yeld and *lx tenth Ar: ,Macon, ::..:: ::::::;::::: 4 Re I CIa! '
and the faculty and studsnt .re happy J.rleho".114 Mr*. Settle NoM*, of ,the .. lIp 1 lIp DRAUGHONJS'eBUOOOOaOOoapttaJi I
General lov*-fst will be held In Mt. San.. court ably assisted by Dr. John R, each of,wbleb tEN the age or the MX Ar Ar: AugustA Cublumbl0' :::::::::::::..::::.I ott, t in.Ar i !

lion Church' to-night' and continued. i Scott, O V. P., and hi I' deputy, Mrs, A.R. of a ah"pT For examples top-boa; I.a li Atlants .....................S GOp T lOa .
thmvigu the forenoon of next Sunday : Bpps:' In organising: and setting up t roust ram bfora tile ant abaarlBfOB A.r. 1I1mlluham ............... ... U 11611 New York ; M Colleges If Stated) 17 years ooeIi, -

Mrs. Rees entertained Mr. A L Wll.Ham's new Court of the Herein of Jericho at tile other band take ib. word Ar. Memphis .................... Clap
West "' )'1IIeur'* Hall rtrdy afternoon. This A.r. Cba.Uanooa ............... 1 hIp : posmoNS = 'BYVA1I: 4
her Ire.ipeeterdey .I
at horn Ashley BostonSouthern
afternoon.Invitation on. court will be known a* the Court ot Bt rack. Ai used by. peopl none part Ar.: Nashville .................... I tap' =:- WriIe llEARN .. ,
John, and I* cmpod of *om* of themost ot BUkclaad or another It nay nan aBack Ar. uiJVUIe ................... 110& I IAr. '':" ..et ..
are out for the marriage of peopl.'of our city It I* ..................1 T CIaAr.'St. '
prominent of mnttoB lbS bone of a dd ., Cinoillo.ll JACKBONVILUn, 41 .West Bay, Telsphon, u... Otewblo, AOaala, M*.U ,
Mr William llrldgss. Jr, and Mis Helen whIspered around at low brath that tilt Louis ....................S T au.AI' ., ) -* J *
Uttl Reek
Brnan. Th* couplet will to Jsrnyf bone a blow, a sharp pala a kitchen I sawery, lmeabv5ila, Memphis, ,
: : go Thanksgiving. heroine prn(* ware .' CHosen ..................... 110&
City, N. J.. to siwnd their lionsymoon, landed out to the newly mad In a aen- Inpleee; part of a band loom, a reach Railway, '

T. and wlll.rem two months. sible.and feeling tnsnner Ia a rim a ford a pathway, a.nrt. a Tra.nt.;; ..*. Jacksonville from above :

The .Vrmon delivered by Rev. J. 1:. tA.A Arnontho** who ubosMfuny rod the ftp tam bade a dying cloud,to poor e( point l.4t a. m. and 1:11: p. m.; [fllfti! }[ Ma: k
In hit Zion Church yesterday at the "William goat'wrt I Lawyer W_ H.hompson tile nnasoalnaamtec Th DIals flyer carries through Pun. Bad u-
Iqtwr to atack. These are .
T:: u"'n::: services wee a clssr knd and wlf. Mdain CordliloCullum man Sleeping Car* between Jackaonvlll
'. of facts on the relatlnn and' Kmnta Johnson and *, and there ar others more and Bt Louis I and Chicago: leaving Jacksonville Maaufaoturtn aid EetaJI Dealers Dressed Lumber 4
,of duty" and rlsrhu.' All who wr affiliated M. daoi*. A. via ,
mong those are suDOa.-Toutb'* Companion I;00 p. m. dally A. C. L. an4
frndnat' .m>uith to be present to hesrhim B. Young Willie Jons*. BanA, B. Boott Tlfton. Direct connections for all point New Yerk In'j florldl [Express" Lath. Moulding Turning and Band Bawinf Door .and Window:

were txnentedA. Atlanta Nobl**.' Anna K. SeouL Bhnma ..1.Dlx .I . Wt and Northwest. O. 0. ft F. local I'rame',8ton and.Offloa Fixture etc Mill Office Kinth and Ionia,
and Miss Marlon Williams. Rfrh- ...Dt_ Jacksonville ;,. ...
William district manager of tlla deeper run between and Leave .. .YUI. BieS a. ke., 4'
Union Mutual' Aid Assoolstlon. with nfflo manIa were eared and use court closed That Mat and Sable little cola, tt* Macon 00 hIS: I p. m. train. Pasngr JPhona 806. .

I at ts'Land Is kept very busy. Sick elatmf 'o mt, text Thursday afternoon. llni*, baa bad a1 moat naful bikory.A can) remain la sloeper at Macon untIl I:JO -.

,\ ,- ly acts pl eon'
his shone Miss bile I Royaler, look ajboof tile world'a coin, havIng no apply: O. & F. Ticket Offlo.
aftsr .".1... Mr. SIdney Wd04"4, the famed tenor nearer *<]Ulval ot than the Xocltab aIxpence. not W. By or to the understated i ; CUAT ABO ADAMS nuwrt. .
The list lov feast fee this eonfertnr sInger and suorwsful Instructor m vocal watch la worth S cents moss. It Jp W. jAMtioif t H. BArmmr, 1 .1' '=gOd p. so

year at m. Paul A. M E. Church win muslo. m lll\ be unIted In majrleg to MUt iI one of the btndlwt of tObIt. being C r. and TA.. Dlt. Paew,'....... Boarding Sale and Livery Stable. 7
p.. ".,,, t..nlllht. All members ar* earn M. A. JX, Jsokson twchaf of musle' and Phon Ul.. Both train carry dlnsrs ,and ,
..II, asked to attend.and pay all claim 1111 aooompltsh\ planlat on the BIb ofMeml about a* small a* a silver piece can C B. RHODES. O. P.. .. through sleepers to Ms w-Tork. and Qonotset .**. ** u+m i.... pet la *jt vtiarv a* ...... **>p.an_ willUettMte.
ff lit veer Itll.t square up with the stwrI > >*r nit This wa the announe- rooT olotly be. Being\ lea In .... andWeight I, day,coaches .Washington. TIIe..ut.....* .. slat w* B.r* *. ew a****. ......
ard. All nRlcer uf the church are esperlallv meet mad Isst ersnlng In ted parlor of thee tile nick)" which, U worth For 'stas or .reesrvatlon call on S

a.k.-1 tn 4tnd to-nlghl. a.' the the Florid Baptist Aedmy, where a nly half a* a\\Jell.,It, la vaatly \mar or writ
feast tickets umber of th personal friends of the two
lwrd will gIve nut lev JAMES
to member only. who are In rood stsnd- noted miMlctaa had coma upon Invitation onTMUmt to keep and hoard"and that Southern FIIEBHAW, rv1JInU.sopwscl'Ofla.
Ire, Ttio p* lnr, Rev. A. J, Benneu. will end war being pleasantly entertaIned In leone. rosen why It .U becoming exracfdJnartty -, Railway Dlst. Pas*. Agsnt,' Jaoksonvlll.. ria.t -

deliver ten sermons next Bunday for the what they thought. wr* only Thakg1 acarc In aplto of the MARCUB COMAMT. U. iii. UOFJUMB, U W. WALTKR. '

special I .benefit IIf the nwmbvr. ng flay anumnt tact that more dimes are now formed Kound'THpEXCURSION: '....14..... Vta President. ..... and Traa
Rom I I. to be '& Both Mr. Woodward and Mia Jacksoa '
Rev, J Usrdnvr ongiwlaied
for the *xiH Unt iilsttnrm mootinghild ate bald la the highest Mm at tie out of, tile mInts tbaa omen before In MARCUS CON ANT COMPANY

In his churrh last ."""In... Th,* addelivered academy, and an vr the 01.,.. This .". 1M ..,tIT. IIlato.,. Thor* la a rag RATESProm tlnoorporaiea.1 l
*-_. 1 by the speakers wore noun *innt party was tb* aiR of Miss 1 tot ""dloM bank," and issue of these
0 '....reell". and Inspiring. Pmf Arthur a. A. Blocker, principal of th. Mrmalr mechanical ceatriraju are so pretty, UNDERTAKERS,
tired Mis Rsrtha M )I. Whit MIss >aHm*.u and III rvangmut and dircttoa Jaokeonvlll. as .... ressmeSc.sevmows. .......- ....
and *o sliming that they ,
(' Pattl'fMa wr 4hrou ti* t unique and a* lacaatoM ..
Florid Orant end Mr. )1ru. ,
r*>.*rd vojuabl mueleAl ..rvl..... novel. T .* *nne>uaemnt seine en eorastcly 'ore* people to aav dImes who have B..t Line to- Washington -- ...,..---- -

: Wh I* tnt kald "t have not had anyturkey : la th* form of a gssxiln* surprise, a. earthly occasion to> do' *o. *Jw )
," until many were diseoead to recedes It asa XotkUalLEpileptic. and Point fast. ClfA5. A. CLARK, (OnCe (James aKir1 .
Joke CoiurratuhUlona em* fast, and
The platform services at Mt. Moriah A. 'both Mr. Woodward and Win. Jerkson r*. Hot springs, Ark. ci sale fiMftl. Dlrtctm IB< UAeliiTt. ICI,*', Drug Store. I '
K. r. Church al Bt Paul A. M. R.: r 4vd tile good word of pies, 'from < $$38.40 4&11" limit andy!: by.
Church and *l the Central Baptist Mends,' evincing eon1draAI .", benue. b.. w. ....... w JeUls1 ... '
('h"...... lust night were well attended. of Ussieo and return Druggist.Ml I It.
mrnit Fits ; .... IB*. Op*. aT sod a4at,
m\ ibm exvrrltes .... greatly enjoyedBfitie Rrrhmat war served. all rartak.hw .. $$61.65 I ea sal No". tl to .T*..BTB".. **.**. BBla *.*a>pt>
eloquent l address. gene" delivered.Tli . hrt1ly, and many a dove did the inclusive; limit SO data -Sc ..-J Miln. Itlephont f fJL

yung people| CIt Bt. J' l1tp'. Ept: '*- ..ir.pcth* ,roMpl have to wince under -
, a rvpal. Church are preparing to give. a Ih** and thru*!*, .h1epen4 and Mhsr A Terrible AfBte1lvTher For InformaUon rstvdlng. rat** t*
beautiful\ 4..m.Itb Ins chorus **!'*- wise .apr'sassst br tb. friends ._bled, sHhr' polatsappI? to T. K. UoCall" C, p.
tkms.th. Waodsrard wa bore ra OMrgta and T. XI James lYeemaa, i>,- p, P JACKSONVIUl ONDfIUII G C ci1I J.s.
:4: I* nothing nor rightful, la ahappy Via. 1bEesE5
Phllath. Cl*.* of Bethel Baptist sung iwaHy atoned ,(he globe.Trsdtmd too* 7U '
k* the Nw Kngland. Cbnsrvaory home than to have on* of It* BOT tttOImvr
Oburfh had a good audlnuw *.t Ulrperformance .....,... seised dread HVW I f.CSf..A4uas1Li1L
of ''Tb peek Bioters" lest *nd 1ft Iw. .f ,,,", great ,onvs. instantly with a .
ht attack *f 'EplUr' or Vita. Tb.meer . FORThankzglvftig asldr tf. loss'would Flrtl Clan $
IIl.cb\. - l""a.t".t : men to i liuiubli Prtet .tljjj.
,,( OpMB nubility with his sU>*- grateful leitsr from-ouch hone, W. ROPItgm.UNStPei'merly
The e........t"Mt* u".t tk. its. as well a* tie foremost people of after the us* ot Kllslr Koalas, the rs- you ,If "your l ome., your'shop, 'fctoryrt I D.E.COOPZRMgr.

OMrfci..* JackaoavUI know what. a* narkabl" remedy fur this dread atl Oysters, Game .tor.' made :an* kindling wood for ... . lJeni." S. 1I..Io'h8".

ML* don. hr for poavilar and aeluslv Bent testify t.. the real merit of this' the sager damss. >Slow> msaiu wbll U .. asaa 5lre", 55.am ...
..'*'". Miss Jackson. 1* a halve of be,. ..,.,."' "0.. Fish, Turtle, Etc j j s j rou'r readIng 1111. Be. us about |I".] -- - - -
\\.1. WIiSLe.'S mode Island, and a gradual .< Q_'* tt I I. a meritorious article sad I* sold I'
.. 0011.... To hr carefully promoted< Ktsr.alng ra a guarantee plaa thai deserves you' liter turanc, rates and protection titter the 0'*. W.;nrh, Pies H.,B. .-..... M.,. 'fI' ,.", /a',1t'I '

: unSIIIP err bee been added a superior 00.11..."*. It coins"Ins tea alvohol, CtI: tr* .0ln. roll 'round. I aaaahiui'ahOUlO.
musical *du...tMn, making .sc..lliil .rn.. c& o.. morphia or oplal* and l* harks", H. Anderson Fish MOULTON CO. @I af T5SU'.. lIdS.
'l'S' r*** F : : Se ."' .
ii. pride t Jacksonvlll' la hv the mar. PrIce tIM. Mall rders filled by ,tile :' : ... /
:: rto r* of these te gifted p.opU, shoes. K..t. Conpajiy, Wasblrgton.. u.' c. I Deepest fries Q..I. I>*llrry.' orM".1 UNDERTAKERS' ... I'."
k & ..-na iubU' servIces\ ar* a,beosSl U tba whale. ... B.USSI'barmscjr, liar sail Laura Try' u*. rteeMsklla J fir-III' K 1e"4..
_ _ _ 1
_ _
Mat*, .I..U4ItiYW" ria. 11151 pee ...... So... L an BUM*. 1- .... P.. ,..- .... IAVUIa.. ?lasa'aF. Jaehao0rla' ... ".". i''C.

' f h


: ,J! "",<\1//: ..... .. . ''''''''''40, ,' '. ,. I .



I., fl1AMUSEMENTSL&I] I II''Our Specialty is. Correct HLFEE9 BENJ/M'N' / ,

=.J & GO'S ;

The Meridian (Mini.) Star, reviewing in well 0< comedy ltuatloiw and next day t law. ""another 'regiment it a 1
the musical novelty '"Simple Simon," t'II.r: lu while 1 the rauelo I le nearby town 1 'then and there decided
which come to the Duval -meater' tonlirht tuneful tingly and orlglnnl. with nothing that I would write' the much-needed 1 Suits and Overcoats..
Saturday nlglit and Saturday ma ti reminiscent about It. Many of the tongs march. I Mnt homo and for two dupe I
nee rape: have .I>eeom. popular, and they have already worked aniflh result woe the The Spirit Clothes For All Occasions
"Two good audience' one af the matinee reached the hand organ stage In of 're March.', So.that the soldi* boy +
i the other lint evening wftneseed for the larger dtlm. ihemeelven' are responsible for thie melody -
the firm time In Meridian a presentation The company la 1rr> well balanced and to the tun otwhich, I hope he will
of 'Simple Simon Simple.' tie newspaper made lip of popular comedian* and comedienne often march"
cartoon *travgn *. that has been quite *, while the chorus I. onof the
popular vino the Ylret .-fonn.n .. largest cop musical organisation. ever COMPLIES WITH PASS LAW.
Judging, from the apptaus the play received carried, and I composed" ot young and
It made a hit In Meridian i pretty women, ;rhoee. work I* characterliert Mlmoor Kan.... rnA Texee. loll Out Designed arid Made by Houses of Note
"Mr, Welt, u Simple Simon the .vlllaire : by vim and ringer that I I. poaltlvelyrefreshing New Contract With Publlahere.All
pest and prank attlut and hli chum, I and can only come from the a -
MOM "aa Interpreted by Mr Jerry D. 8ulllvan. abundant eptrit of the younic. The stage but one of the St. bouts line have
/, :_ are practically I I the whole show; management la excellent There I. nevera eoncelled ccntricta made with publisher
that l I. ,the funny' end of It The 'large. second from the rise of the curtain In to exrhsj-ge traiMipor-tatlnn tor advcrtlInr. *-, Thoroughly Equipped With Men's-Wear Specialties '
number of prety girls who .ompom the the drat act to the finale of the second The exception I* the Mliwourl, Kan
choru furnish some of the entertainment. when. then .la not Romethlnednlno that Fan and Texna, which han a new form of r,
The scenery and costume. are atm pleahic. .- either plcniws the eye, ear or risibilities. contract'' prepared by General! PaiMneerAgent
." The company la an sjroregatlon of people St. George after consultation with
prate ftre on sale now. Price are II.M, whoa name are well known to the the legal deportment of the teed nod he-
$1. n and M cent: matinee chargve Or. theater-grins public and I* compound of Ing advised that It compile with the .
oheetra, 78 cents; balcony' M cent. such player. a. Leslie Leigh, W J. MoOr law In every particular.
.**,. Blanch Holt John Mylle Minnie It I* a* follow: The owner or puhllshvrtlnc -
,Th Ben Oreet. '1'1..... Will be eeen. In Chambalrr,. Jack Lenlle. Beulah Hamilton u'of the paper, maeesine" or other ad- Suits.OUR LINEOvercoats.
"Everyman" Monday and Tuesday mat- Harry Qrimtn.. Maty Orth. P. Chan medium party to Ihl contract. .

of business Suits are in the top-notch of popularity and an immense

clientele 'testify to the Correctness of Sack Suits .that are tailored

with a view to pleasing particular and stylish dressers as well as reducing -

exorbitant prices. C r '

4 YifOe ,artua'f t ,q.1 "$ ..N 1 .
ce+ Ap .

y We are'showing the late fabrics, Including Black Unfinished Worsted t

Sack Suits v

i II(

From '$12.50 ,to $25 00.

i, 1, / ci.4r: .

; ;; I

r lf'l.i q r x M t :+ HACKETT, CARHJRF Full Dress Suits. Overccats.

& GO'S' Our stylish, perfect.fitting Full Dress We carry either Alfred Benjanwi'iUncommon

tNya; t aCw" .L ti e vsIlrbg !t Clothes. Suits are excellent! value. We prefer or HackettCarhart's OvercoatsTop'

; k illustrating their worth with a "try on" ,
t "'r< Coats or Ram! Coats' in'Iarge and -well I
and invite the attention of prospective

;mrr made. assortments, r
'. buyers to garments. Fromj$10.00
Price $35.00. .10'$35.00 ,


y ,, Furnishings. Hats.Underwear

t c t'y'fY : s jd i:: .

Shirts Hosiery Etc. We for Dunlap ':Hato ,

is bide, and In the "Merchint of Venic1!I Deagon Grace .Wulr, Bert Walnwrlghl I will, duringthe life of this agreement, Everything a man requires for everyoccasion Derbies, Silk Operas or Soft Hats,;.and : k

Tuesday bight In connection with Hit, and.other whenever traveling, travel over the linn also a large line of Stetson.
li 'company end th* play the following an. a I of the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway in nice assortment carry . ;
pouncements will be of Interest: Novelty-I. prom I."" at the Duval Theater Company end rout the irembtrs of at reasonsCrofut and Knapp Hats.
1 During1 the season of l 06Inaddition when Henry W. Savage offers a* his I Ma family and hi. employe over it. A q
to appearing In the 1 leading lheulere, th< first attraction of the season, shortly, line, *o far aa he reasonably can,' fares. ble prices. Derbies' '53,00106.00 '
Ben Greet Flayers acted -at Princeton Harry Bulger I In "The Man 'From Now," and accommodation being equal or bet- a
Yale, Dartmouth, Oberlln Rutgen, Converse a new musical' fantasy by John Ken Beloit Quo....'* Canada, Butler Bangs, Vincent Bryan and Planet Klein. upon the railway company for such tickets Our Glove Stock Is complete
t Belmont and Mount Hojyok} Colleges, th*I '"Th Man From Now" was constructedfor mileage, or other paseenger Iran.po..Uon .- Silk 15.00; anrf.ROO
: 'Universities of Pennsylvania, Toronto : \laughing purpose primarily and It-1 as may be required from tire ,with Fowne's and Adler's famous '
.Vermont Virginia, W.*t Virginia Ten. Its mission: In life. to the utmost to'tlire for the exclusive UM of the publisher of.other
raise., the South. Kentucky Indiana. Th* theme I.I extremely novel,'.for In a his Immediate family and employ Gloves. A large line makes. ;
f Illinois, Missouri Mlchlxnn and the Woat satirical way, Mr, Bang Is. treating of e* directly connected, therewith, to the .4', .
Point Military Academy During. th et4 toplc' *a they may b* anticipated one value of th* prose amount of thur contract '
ummcr cpen ulr play were also given' thousand years from now Mr. Bulger V. tnmportatlon to be charged
.t Oxford, Cambridge, Carlsbrook Cnstle, hue .' mon congenial: role: and he'''Is surrounded for 0.1 full tariff: rJtea-any ba 1e.nce'that 239 West' ,
Chatswortb. Hall and the, Crystal Palace, by a supporting cute of unusualeerellcnre may be found to exist at the expiration'' I Craig Bros; Company.Everett JI'
4 London, Including Sallie Fisher Helen of this com, met to' be settled for.by either, 11; .' 'Bay St.: I
f Performances were given under the kale, Mettle'Arnold" Lucy Tong Marie I.krty In cash. t
usplcor, with cdntiperatlnn of..the Keller., ,Walter Lawrence, Edward: Man Lid of pers>>n* for wham traniporta- ,
( New York City Department 9f Education, tlndale" Pill Branson ... H. O'Connorand lion may be desired and In what mannertonnnctud
: the Boston School Committee.; the Phlla a beauty chorus of sixty.Th with the publication must b* "
tlelphla) Teacher. AMO'I.Uon. New York production I* filled with.on.* of forakh.oby the publisher to the generalliajisengor -
People' Institute, N.w- York Educational the popular variety., and the scenlo and agent of the railway Companyat of the question to have been retailed only

h fjclenc uUllunc-, Toronto Brooklyn Toucher liwtltut' of Association.Art. and I the costume high equipment stsndiird of I I..excellence m keeping' alwayn with the publlRher time of signing of.the above-namedpa.this agreement.Th liiffiSEI f; [ 0 f fSOUJWS within Th* Attire the" past of ton the year census. buraeu show BETTES'' 'PHARMACY 'Wh.re ear', ,1. !

'tU.bu.Art UnlversltTSettlement.Becky .and the Cincinnati maintained' by Mr. SavageRena e per or periodical. must also render to therailway that the IncrewM of the wealth ot the pndLaura. M. t. !t

t In previous year vl.lta'' have been paid Jerome* composer, of the mualc nhowlng company In detail the monthly mimlwr statements of line or, eleven., In secession round number State, 110120000000.from 1870 to UMwtta Our Stock'is the most varied and complete-In th.' Soutjuv,t '.i iDIAMONDS

lti to Oxford and Cnmhrldfn (twenty con-. of f'T1t. Royal Chef," the 61 a new musical liche of dl l rlay, reading or local no- The Increase In wealth of the eleven Our Service is the best that conatant, effort *nd 'expense c Its ;:
;''r Mutlve years). Harvard Columbia. Weilesley comedy, which will b* seen the Duval Urea Inserted the rate per line or Inch eoesslon Btate In four year.from 1BOO '
Vaiissr, Bryn Mawr ''JLelund Stanford Theater shortly, tells an Interesting. storyof end the total amount for the month. WEALTH C to 1_" 12.333OOO.OOO-mo. thorn the give.. < ,
4.f 'Brown, Oroton and St. Paula how'he cam to writ '"Tne Spirit '70March ; aggregate of their wealth In 1870. I Open day and night Most everybody trade here no"Ou' '1
? Schools and th. Universities of California / which I* becoming as famous as CLOSES FOR TWO DAYS. Texas baa contributed enormou.ly to "
Nevada, Wisconsin and Wa.hingtoa.SealsJgr any or the Bousa two-steps. Mr. Jerome "
)Monday ntrhtwlll" bean ads.1.ttnt I. a thorough American both In spirit For the 'purpose of completing ----'!' the 1870 Its.SKgrrat wealth of Southern progress. In rlfit
wa 1159.000.000. the ngurecper
Ii : n qrd.v.t.m. :. ant In a'town Intent. In Mr.'Jerams JlllnoH'one'day:happened whrn"to the b* arrangement*;for a big opening of More Than Ten BilliOauDa1. capita bring '1M. In 18W. It was. -

/, n. 0. Whjtney'g big musical l company home'reglmrit was pasrlng through oi| their CbxistmM goods Saturday $1'21I,000.0per' capita 1611. Ten year '
later It wa t2.106.000. The neat decade
will. the piquant musical muture paradeiwlth a big miutury band .d-
praent< prc
December 1st the E. h0L1 IQA'Y"'Sngg'estions
L Fur added 1217,000,000., The remarkablerate
"Tha lets of 8pl".1 the Duval Theater tref It I band piayed ditferen'' cc.tienal Ley lars Since '1SIO. present ,
Dermnbertth.rtwlth al.i.hf': Amerlea I .I acid nishing-Company will close their ,. : of progress I I. best known In the .
Eiv pngluelypehel.ma: : : : statement that the wealth of the State In W* bellev that w caD con- ?
castoi and elaboraterdcomm.'tnveetltdre' Mr. and 1104 n.A3e.OOO.OOG-< increase In tour unprejudiced personthat
oenlo' whichwerea' wa* not n'' tune played by the bind which wa vine any
t feattir n( the three mlint b.''.01111 had' the 'least martini spirit to* It 'I Friday. year* of I6U.OUO.000. It I I. worth t their while to
run elctha'.jto.Uc Theater' N...' Tork thought lo.myself; what!* great opportunityfor : GREAT PROGRESS MADE. THE INCREASE: MADE. purchase their Diamonds hen. I I.
f whthhh.e'but'nceOt4y; : been'com* ,a fin* military t march,, ,to th* i \Vpod7"wir\ *,and Metal Lather1 Inlernatlotial The Increase In' the wealth of the Tb mounting of Pla-mond and not ; ,
f fired. ; air of which the soldier bays could swing Union has chaj+Red lta .Theca ureimany'r' j ..son that wilt ''ao- themselves alongy The n.ed of a proper to enable wood lather to ascent a lower llgure representing. millions, only have a largo sanction" \.
count form th< auere.s "Theleie. bf Bploe" march pumber became. deeper and deeper rat of wage. while learning metal IftthInc. SOME: INTEHB8TINO! FIGURES: AUE.: Virginia, 878; North Carolina, K2; South we mount the stones In any wayd
lit aohleredj In the flrit place I : the story Inculcated!' In my 'mind, and when- the I Carolina 5TJ: Georgia-t0; Florida, 361Tennesan ; .lred;; thus your ring or pin. \ 4
Individual char.aot.r
-. ., "_. : FURNISHED ,BY CEUSUS BUREAU. ). HM; Alabama, TM; Mississippi, mar ,have which the n ordinary mouat. Electric Figures and
481; Loulrlana 7M-Arkansas: (84\ ; Texa, ,
2.177. The Increase in Texse done was lore lack. lower than are Desk Lamps.
Our prlct
!r ne* Marvel of the'Whole Grand Story of nearly' half a million dollar more thenwas to b* found ,.lsewltan la Diamonds -
the wealth of the enlire'eleven .Mention
AJnertcip Entorprla I* the Recovery Bute In 1870.Th of. Sloe quality.. We Arc Showing '
Tell 'us how much Lard ; mon amuilng exhibit of the o 'nu* aNew ,
< Our
; ;, grocer of the South'"fVom) Ibo Effeclayol the Is that of Oklahoma and the Indian Teriltory and Attract
Coon to be admitted to the Union ; .
.Uvll War rind the ilsterhrod of Southern SUte a* R. J. RILES CO. rive Line.
f. sells and will tell howmuch the Stab of Oklahoma. The first wealth ,
we bureau oC
you : The oompllatlon of th* census statistic taken of the two Territories .JBWBLBRf
wealth *(&tlatlca of the United Btatea, eras I In 1"0, wlun the duvelopment of the JaekeeavWi i
"Ith tae detail by Melee. t* well aa the cow country-had alroady well com

!: S indigestion is in. agun.of. the grand attregxte; ,pr.a..nu menoed.then The 00) .010.000.wealth of In the ten two year. togothewas thel.

for all and each a splendid Inspiration of combined......... yea 11(00,00.) Four country growsn spit it politician It
P patlonal and of Btal pride, year Inter. -1904-the grand total was It,- will not do for a Republican tariff: advo-
. the neighborhood. The prograia 'and prosperity of tire CW.OSi.OU.! car to say that the secession StalesIstntid
There U no miterlal In these flguiwi forth under
United 8tat. U coiiiparnd' to other soma most because Demo r w'Greenleaf'
ad>*utage of any politician. Thl and law, the
rle* are familiar theme of universal
) the period
"T polltlolan pointing
comment; but there IB a striking featureof between Itto and MO. ::. juatly claim
Lard is suite from hqg-fat and,is bound will surelysupplant lard for shortening this progress whoa algnlfloanc. the that under Democratic administration
alien world may scarcely understand nndwlitch laws each of the eleven _Ion
r I
to ta greasy and. tible-some mes and frying purposes wherever its virtues la but mecgorl/.appreclatod. even Bata: had lncre*.rf lie wealth more than
} by our* own peopl It I I. In what ha.* ,
w absolutely unhealthy,. There isn't an are known. Give your poor'stomach a >en achieved In that v part of the republic lie per muvet centThe bf the whole grand story

: chance-divorce which In the trials of the nation h... .ut- of American pro.,... I 18 the recovery of
from lard and .
ounce of hog-fat in Coiiolcnt. Its basis is yourself r..*red the heaviest burden of II* vlvlsaluilia. \- the South It I* Indeed; a them fur national
't1 use Co/ olltl That part I.. what w* call the congmtuUtlcn and rejoicing.Be .
d Cotton seed oil which Mouth ,
thoroughly made let us take the eleven Southern Stale I gohntable.To .
and healthful.CollolnlllS by a cleanly hygienic /
z digestible Milch seceded In Jwyret-Virginia. NorthCarolina 1
Tennessee. your bor** M well M to you..elLYou
Soul k, Carolina
sanitary process, which insures its purity Qeorcla. FloridaAlabama. Ulsslulppl, ..*.4 not unr from pales of any '

The stomach of the average American It is, moreover,'healthful, because its chief: Arlcanaa. Louisiana what and they. Tesaa.Contemplate have. Bcc' ppllihed > I I a.o.t-ou.bottle ft horse BaJlard'a need not Bnow.ulr.nlm8llt.It Try. &

f has been subjected to lard-soaked.food for ingredientisahealthfulproduct.. .It will aid sine 1ITB, flv* year after the. nurse all pain J. k( Roberta. S4h i
(Tlvll War. and see bow they hava- !; years'' simply because people have not rather than retard digestion. The house. I over, a lone .lIo8mb."III" train Stone Mountain our liniment for ten year* and And It Crosby Co.,
ii' of adverslllea.' It U an advaneqinapt) over to b* the tt I have ever, u4 for manor
known the dangers of the "lard abit." wife who In the bias" told ky &'t'm.a: Clark.
visible parallel
pays any attention to hygienic obstacles history of with any people no In any land.When Corn Whiskey' is the lain .Crib rortrtb.On Weal Sep Cheat.

Cottolmt is Jo much superior to lard, both cooking' will use I these eleven Buuthern Metes came thntyourgrm' CwolaA
t emerged from the war one bllllun and a thousand'switch tender* employedIn
as to the palatability of the food it proColonI' in place bait of wealth In .lav.. had dlai ;
thin wren hundred million of cripple end | wevecitsted. for other work, r'eLVlualrraMother"JoAnne.
ducts: and ,its healthful qualities, that it of lard every time. othVr property had been swept away, And years ago, .aided hIs completed the jrgjnliatlon e( a union r.. ,I.am'lrolng 7
they war to enter upon a tone, dark _U,. lo whip
t I period of debt amid desolation. Th process digestion and .actedas -- you fur 'sllppl'.., off aail going over toirwddl
COTTOLENE WM crated a GRAND PRIZE (hlfh..t of recovery wee ne *warUy long .A __...a. of Geld 1. srd..*f.*,what the Jon* .d.forThankoglvlnal

) poMibU award) over all other cooking: fats at the drawn Mr .Southern out aid. pride painful.wl Tf ApporaaltoK.. i4deit hour but a tonic. ..Kept'hlin Could not bring a* muck happiness la dinner" ,, o

recent LoubUna Purchue Expedition, and food cookeS the.star ol Vouthirn maqhixxl wee brightest in per fee t Mrs. Lusts WUk of Caroline, .Wls., at Johnnie.."Iful", mummer, they had Much I Ia
when theirlnwl lielnved adiir l Rub. 414! one loo bog ef UuckUn's Araloa nice dli nr.
with COTTOLENE u>otb r tiRAND PRIZE ere U tee said: "Hutnen Virtue should health To.day' Salve, why" It oompUuly cured a ru.DIA.aore .- "What,did they 'hevaT'J.
en her leg wiles bad tortured
"He.. HaIJ." g.MeA .1 .0. .A.1. rw4e. eI1lJ a b..r Til. anregat 10 human wealth calamity"ft the eleven will do< the same for'' her II' y ar*. Greatest *atl.eptlo
55 b M. It J** healer vl pile*. wouoO aod SOM.. Il.
e3rnCAys Bout hern Bute In ION wa* GUM BINGER[B
...-. rag J 1Z . J.
In IWv peen after the war-theli1 you because it 'it an at all druggist t
... but 1t. *,.II.WII.. .
egsrewto .l ll *
"a A MEW FEATURE-TV. .t .....fcl Ism awe .U fra7ti
pele w. pall Tha figure for IIN wen based upnfl mnIrflAle absolutely pure porn Tb murlallly noord Included In the Refracting Jig.
UM ...si. .! .......COTTOLEN& -* .**. .*l wh4.a.es *] ,curreocri and deducting.. one- rut ..qu.te.ly.rep lrt of the Amalgam "
It aim ........ .1..... ........ .. .....-w.{ .&en( ad taegreI. I fifth, a* th. MailaHrlana; 4o. the wealth whiikey. aul AowcuUl/in. of 'treet.end Kl citliMltoJIaay c';
ht lab M ash.. tdl. ..1.Nature's ot tho* flat** wu tXIM.us. ....u9 (Ie- thee the ffr before the we,. Nothing new about i it, atl.. .entire, sixty d..*lb* were du*. tuuberwUMUi Over f.rg'I.are lbortll u4

I'LRIOP OF HKOOVIBRTTh : all ,ractl.'l *s >*rl.n .. prratlag >,
p..rtod sf actual recovery from the At good places. /|**llv* .,.. br t"l'*> t....*. llr.k.*)
Gift froth Sunny South ..Ia.of the war. from corrupt Btateru PaU.-hompaoa UHf Cd DltUllirt See Till catering '* M* *.d >M4 *.4 gee
\ >*.;during r*B. itntpa, frynneelv ATLANTA Every party dtlrlDt. rhODe |:.tfd. A I-t: :: >*i>l .f !*. ) 4t i
S. I taaallo* and caurnwu eels: I* !*a frame* baad. .l UM old ."..., 4 .i! ,
i* ......... kv Uuw who lave BMdi ..ti.a. 1134 or 643, }uge. ftfw* j

tf "

g na

w ,
sew, w n 4 '.tN tT1, alv.1
eSri .,,e a,, irA.u 7 .

Title: The Miami metropolis
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Title: The Miami metropolis
Uniform Title: Miami metropolis
Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: 12 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: East Coast Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.
Miami Fla
Publication Date: November 30, 1906
Frequency: weekly (published on friday)
Subject: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
General Note: Editor: Walter S. Graham.
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:" .f.. . '. ''H<'''' } l.'c < ''' '' \''' '" ; ; i it : ,' ... .. : .. '.' '. /i'''' I'. ",,', .
I' ",\!,, ..
,News of f the .World '..;...;; ,. : .*' "-1JsAsvin '"

-"TJ.'I..6.t.\ aad VsHr Fr: t*. t
: i BY : : m'lj'\.e i? Blckt Bed ... Holej* 1l.p.NAssociated /1. ,
[ alerei llsjkl" 1* frevk Bertkeeet wtade. ,

Press y Maxli Mwlterot.ro m te K* sjmtf. m. sslalaseoiVOLUME t

.. .
20 NO. 130 JACKONVTLLE, fL r,.NOVEMBER 30. 1906. . ,Out of Cttjr, Gel; In;OJ'11 3o. 'f,


j L The ,One-Cent-a-Word' Advertisements for To-Morrow: :polls Ought to Be Brought( in as Early as Possible


., 1


4 / : K.. .. .. .

INTO. THE BLOCK '' t1 i r '.. ,' t I Ie PIECE. OF NEWS'1'-'

NN }; '


C D. Mallox Failed to Notify Official Report Filed. by COT* ;


Brother Operator. I . eminent Engineers. r

fTTni ., j' ,-


.--". .


Raw: thl... *jfc water' Rae 'Deess
A FlaarmaB R. Bark ef the III-F.... \
I '1 Steadily"*...*.*.. at :DNrt..***.'
TlBM teKrevrat
i TralB, Bed He Did Net Have Hi
P'' ''i + tl I IUp = 1 :
Class ( tbs Hirer tt.
the Horrible Cetaetroeha; IB p ky A*>fBttejJatiea :

Mrarlela Yeaterday.Lynchburf l lll/ 1J,1, wtii4W far 1I\h-eft. a>*'Hartem, ;t*
i* >
Va< Nov ID.-The frightful 'The following,official' report from the'*,

accident yeaterday mornlnc near Law government englnepning400rpe .ha* ,beep,

yor on the Bouthern Railway' In which received by .the Board oC OVede,, and .1* i"
Preildcnt Bamuel Spencer and bla party of Intervit from the .fact that .It U .a,'-
lag their I live I *, la declared .by a South I )0 statement of the fit.'John river at mesa
offlclal to be due to the
rn Hallway ( low.water before and ."..t'.lmp..v.m.
block telegraph rule being dl.relarded were mad 1 by th1
by Operator C. D Mattox In charge of : ry
it the night track at the blocli tatlon alItantoon e ; !
four mile. north of the sane Pvernmontl'l" '
i '
cf the wreck; and the ,Ir.t atatlon north M'

I of Law.r..IM.tant.. .J:-.;.
,\ General Superintendent E. A. Polnti o*. Rlv ; '.
Coachman of the thl* I j 'I 1if
company morning
IllY' out the following atatement to a I It
"e repreientatlv of the A.*odated Preuwhloh !A tj tjBar J '

i' explain* fully l the' cauie of Ih."lnY..U..Uon .'
troubl. !
so far made of the .ocl- at. entrance,,v.,,...... .,, --l
dent develop the tact that Operator Mat ., I Ward' Bank '.hoal ,, ,:... M j ='
tax at Rangoon let train .No U Into the c' Mile Point shoal tu.t..r.'U 'H ,
,block' dlaregardlnr rule.. tailed to ,. :t rl r'Mi / Iw rj' White shell shoal <:?::,?.:,.:.,,;,11 1
notify the operator at lawyer of thl I Pulton shoal\ ..........:..... ., II ='J
fact. When the ftrit aeotioa of train nIIPprollOlI. 1I :Taj board creek anal ......leer U 'N
.... 'Rangoon} Operator Mattox I Vs It'i,4,1 Brown's creek shoal .........;.. u 24",
at Lawyer.;found the Mock on.$T. This .t .1 ,y I ( St Charle creek ahoal ._..,.' u' u',.
1 wry given by the operator at Lawyer. e Aj a I Ii A New. Benin shoal ...........?,.a. If ZHam +
t who did not know .U had gone in upon t rae i /* Point ihoal '.............' n MBrtU '
the block No. 33 broke down at touth I 'a shoal .....;?... ....??,,, u :;JJ '
Du.nweek sham :..., ... U :
end of the curve and a* won' U the s ? ? 'ft
train topped the Bagman ran back to ;1U7"'lJ Drumneend I'OIlIt1 ......., tt>> _:
protect hi. train and a* tar aa we can Trout ork shoal tv,-...< .J J It p '
Arlington shod ',.. .... : : ;
learn' the Ragman had*proaed.dEaboutI ." T. .k; , tj JVOTHaTR .
s (00 yard, when No. (I wa In.view on : .r I INl'ORAtATtON.r(*

th*. curve Engineer McKlnney saw the Ward Bank aped 1
.. r i pow being d
signet and applied. the emergency. brake. I to M fet at mean lew water'.
l 1',' ,
but did not have tlm. to leave hi. seat .lt '
14. Denve1., Point shoal. '
. e Ah through a cite
before the collision took.plao* : '
uo feet -wide la
now being:
Identification wa* made thl* morning of ... ; '
J:, ,
> .' the negro killed" ant burned beyond: reo- J"" . Dunntcreekudwai'thrtaunt. | eAunnel/ f

.. .. fee*' mr1de....wlll .b* increased within\
: ,,
; .
) '
neat,two month. to tat fet, *t
L: .N1; :Oniromend Point sheet N 'work
Ihlp' trip, v I,-; ".-',v,. A.;.".-'if JT TTT.,,'. + "+ ,! .-'u'SLJNKERS" .' ,I : : *:bat win b* ,deepemid!to*. M feat i iye II
cf', :
OPEfAROtt'MATTOI'AIBAFPEAtBBA ' I" "7 ; . : 'Saijf M witwn .th* east
fuller Investigation will be.mad a* : Et '
ti ipeedlly at poaalbl. The company h.. a : Trout creek'chassis t* inow 100 feet <
lumber of men aoourlng the country In TO .GAPITAtresident'S ? I : .c PERJURYWelUKnown and will be dee e.u.d''to M feet '

.. !put Ibe up hops to.a of lute. locating hour this Operator forenoon Mattox they h ; 'WOM NS ci'IjDemoastratipg month widened" 'to MO feet within the next i( .

have been able to ascertain absolutely No work ret at ArUosrton shoal bUt'
lothlng aa .to hla whereabout .b* dredged to M feet depth and wldi
to fro. ft within the next few ease ..
aOCIAI EDUCATION (COWORBf! ,Daughter Brings Her. _CincinnatiCampaigning I Young. Man' Held for'Giving False Th. city of JaoksooTtll will yt b* <
I'1 .
r p- ; Fair Opens of the .......t searnrte en the Ala

t: Be.lBa It. A.... ....1.... la Bee- Clothes to White House., [ Testimony. at a'PraIIn'hlaryyHearing. Remember toil prediction.MAMK ." ,

lea TeUayBoaton '
"' ', ; : .There, This Afternoon.: . .. 'TWAIW in n,TO-DATi'Rated \
MUM:. Nuv, JO-The Social Ed- I '
ucallanal. Congrea commenced ice annual Washington, Vov W.When Mr. NlehOla walking t aulta I which, *h*' wa ompelled 4 Another chapter ,.wA,.finhhed ,In the log thnt Kro,Mll .truck Mm while hw Banserisl tleewlvee -

union In the Trvmcnt Temple" her* thl t.ontl'o'Orth'r.turnel1 (to Waehlngton. to adopt In lieu of evening gown* during case of;E. A.' Beck, a young bartender *. at the telephone ..... FrB Frieada.
't 'farvnoon. when there wa a large attendance her "cwnpa..nlltour.! : ." when Mrv Long- charged. with' perjury In giving alleged Beck wa Kr eell'. wltneee and denied r[t';
of prominent educator from all from New England' where she and her worth was slumping In Cincinnati for reelection 'AN ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY.: the statement of three other wttneasr New Tern, Na IO.-Kark Vwuln.'
purt of the Bttttt In atlcnUnco "Education husband have been visiting.' thl*t week, Until their- home In Klghteenthstreet false ,teetlmony In a caee. of the Buteogalnit that Kreaaell atruck the first blow prince of American hunuiriata, la nong

for Cltl..nolalp"| wee the cubical I the brought aeveh trunks,. which contain la. ready for them, Mr. and Mrs 1 fo Frank,kree..ll;charpod with aanulilng .- When Kreaeoll herring wa finished, the hearty congratt.tattoo.* of:
oaken on by rmklent. Eliot of Harvard some of her allnkar." This I I. thename Longworth will'remain' at th*" 'Whit. PROMIRHNT LADiEs OF TBIi CITY ,C.; C. Wooten,when b wa arraigned John lii ,Ik.tgettLttorney for Wooten. Friend ficm all part* ot the Contln.
He Baked the vongreaa. to conilder If,ohIUdrcn Mr.. Longworth applied to her House ..\ I this morning tort a preliminarytrial : demanded the arrest of Beck on the and abroad today on the oocaalon ef I Iwventy
at preaent! were getting the kind of IN'CIIAROB OF THBI BOOTHS charge of perjury Th. warrant against -flnt birthday. Mi CVemtn
education that would enable. them In mutur before Justice Howell, thai defendant : only meJlowJng
.i 4. '
e year. to give the right support tQ 'j. On October, nth, laat Frank ?Kreuellwa knowingly and falsely iwearlm ..rr-'I1 The: wonderful, i
the Btate. The 8tHte. he said. ha. the IDA TARBELL YEARNS . I given a hearing by Justice Farris that the doponert (Wooten) did Bret hair ho been gray the** savant d<
power to demand. and would demand thai A MBl.ale. .Mill. Be ae Altroetlv.F.e. strike Kreaaell and also that one E..J. end any :In** In Ms grave coat -
the education neoeiaary to .accompli P'" L I on 'the charge: of esoeultlng C.. Co Woot Bark waa not present In Beeba. place ..re'only the mark of qat.llota ota
title end be given to children, Governor .1.tere 'vTkla Bvealaa--fDvery' s....-: en,, bartender for W. F Beoba, At this when tho drat blow was atruck but Ion or perhap of Inward Isngliterrear '
r Oullcl and Mr Q It Martin secrelaryofthe GQ'O'N cam In afterwarda, salt atetementl be ._
'TO : THE STAGE kropmia Jeckeeavlll hearing the leatlmony sho.ed.lhst Kre find him after a* widely vart
Maaaachuantl Doard of Rduintlou, akaald. Far a Inc TnoterlnJ. to said cause then and then
cell and Beck entered Beeka a,ator* and life aa a man could' have, a aJUaen'
.IIk. on the acme. aubject The ether trial and being'ftils* and un
VUI4t Title Fair had row with-'Wooten over aom* mla on New York. and this. .* probably I III*
Queatlou for dlaou..lon are "Th. Bihooa < ucJeratandlng about th*' ",IUI' of the truer I anent abiding plan. Ma .b) domlolld, ,j
a dociiil OrgMnlaatlon." 'The Schoonn4 1- -.. .. A busy scene wa presented thla mornIng .' Bartendur Union and a' Bartender* hleck'e'. ball .wa* fixed In the sum of one of tlios dignified old mansion! .,
Jie.k Family 1 and "Commercial Edu.railm .. the Woman Club building on U"lonp\ In Bcebae .1&1001I. .which MOO for his appearance for trial In tb. kwer Firth avenue in sight. of ) ,(
v ,. lh congVea* will lit until 8atUrday She Is Fascinated 'Wlthithe,.Leading Robin. luut: Dt val street, neat Main by the Krenaell' I* alleged,I to' have torn down Criminal Court The bond'wa. furnish Washington Arch, which hold thHrigolna <
afternoon.ItOlGII hustle and rush of getting in the last end demolished A fight ensued between, ed The defejduit. wa repontd by I the encroa-ihimnla inga ostoq

4 Capital vp.. tabor.Mis hlblt, and putting up tine finishing d_ KrMsell end _Wooten the letter olnlm- _Mai).J..8,_Maxwell and the noise of i usinsas'
RIDER QOMPLIMRNTCOIT !tion ef th. Demonstration. .. 'X-j . -- with a grim Uirmlnaton| that
will open thla eftariuuln >f 1 M'..1rM<.. : for them added rurpect. Mr
.eU.et Reoeevelt Appolet. ve..... i V continue; : through title week and-'until wa born In Florida Mo Tl. la tual
t' 1e.1I lee Federal loallleB.Waahlnglon . Ida Tarbell. th*' Rockefeller and! to play Shirley Roaamora. to Mr ;Byron i Thursday night of next. week, opening REV. R. J. gATEMAN'SLABOR covering horn his annul attaok of I

s Standard 011 Nemesla, may take to thlitage Heady Money Ryder t think. Shirley *very day and night. cMtls, but elates h* la *noylnghealth ,.
Nuv Preildent Hooee- Kossmor I.I ..re..tl'o'Oma.. I Ilk*'the
hr playing the The I* under the of .
the of management
jtoMlbllity aha after that Or- i l
vest today announced the appulnimvnt ol way got great king o( .
John of leading role In 'The Uon and the )Mods ,. She to strike horn Mrs, Pride, Mrs. J, 6 Beaaenand. U''
Mcllbenny txiulalana to flu the Ansnce ** every Mr. John a Franc and any Required WBW. ... ,,
vacancy on the Civil Service Oommlaalurau now being under oonsldetutlon time It I* a wonderful pert and I am NEARING END _
*.d by the promotion tf A. W. Conl ylo If Mlu Tarbell aka a contract !to appear aural. could play It,'' them"at Information the omc booth can be In the obtained club buildIng from. Mated CaellelUU CealribBt II''.
be avalatant attorney general of the In the Klein play she will. receive a "I will lake you up on" that proposition at the bouaephones. Thad,
Department of Juntlce Mr Mclthennywa salary of U tug. a week.Mla "Miss Tarbell." replied Mr. Harrl ''t t Althoug or theae ladle hav. .It.In charge 1 '-i
f a member of the regiment of It mgliMrtara. Tarbell we* an Interested spectator will give you contract for two weeki '
member of the club I equally Intereated New York Nov M.-Mer o..V
of which Trenldent Hwaeveli .... of at the highest aulary" ever paid an very ,
at several performances to make the fair of value to This Preacher Has Accomplished Much In MR and F. W. Uourn have ,aoeitrl
olunel during the 8p11I1I.h.Am..I..nW.r. Lhin. and the Mouse" at the Park The. 'c,..... You oaa appear.. In the play anytime their. numerous patrons. This evening at toward the aid of aa .nd.nC.of
.lIh.noy. U a I>emocrat, and hi. Htfrlaafter wlah" '
Boston :Meeting Henry B. :you
till clock. there will ,, be an Inform Rescue Mission Work.The tad required fur the new nautical mu
appointment tnakm the board a Demo- a performance of the play' aha remarked e{ will think It over acid Mis. Tarbell ,_). .
; musicals. arranged by E. H. Mote which la proposed to b* erected in.
CommlMlnner Black .1. "I like and Kt kn."y'wllhln a month'easily
ratio on* holug In a inking way: should you .
(F O Miller piano booth). and Mrs.iA ally The full amount of this and
of that political faith
B. Vane (Ludden A-. Bates), to. .which, : the I has nearly been autiacrlbid. but i till
1 r MUTINY.It QRBAT PIGEON BHOW b* developed. Plugs alorete elevators public 'I lb cordially' Invited. it.v. Rob J. Bateman. of national In the Springfield Mllh04'I.t Chu ob. DrBataman tlonal sum will .b* required for the
y A e will haw to be erected at the end Children are recjuaeted enjoy the fair repute In rescue mission1 work, represent boa spoken In a number of the chase ef chart, model. eta., for,ts '-
A Large: Display. Ik "Mad. la OakUad,, rf tilt railroad lliea, but the added I.- on to-morrow afternoons from > to I ,I. Ministerial Alliance of Jookson.villa I .prominent church of the city t..* the um. Th oommlttee. .to.day' asthat
Oorarrod Mklle Valla ea tile lath..ea. I Ing tb*
ratea will be offset ..
Cl- urenc and storage o'tllooll. a* thoee under "fourteen (I'> will pleasure and edification of all, He II. preparation were
ly' the "r.,it d""oreaa* In freight rate...Jtla not be admitted at any other tin. ninlees I ,who has been at work lathe city earnest Impressive speaker, thoroughly and that the Institution ::1 bon -
-- predicted that tie mule. If found serviceable .. weeks organising and establishing. acquainted with every phase and detail the Metr
Va. Nov:; : Oakland Cal. NovM-On of thclargt accompanied by their parenta. Children cm* the cam footing*
lie.-Men from the '
trularr Tinneewe and Maihligton d.. pigeon shows ever held In the West will cveivliially handle a large will not be served front the booth.. out I the work of rescue mission so successfully ,, of his subject Ilia se...l and consecrated Museum of Art and the Americas
was opentdher. ytaterdiy afternoon under > amount of trI rf th.t Western' Bute* of 'Justice to the advertlaera, a* the free . will deliver his last addresses In enthusiasm are Infectious and hi* earn Hum of Natural Mlotory" and'b
clan that th alleged 'lnutln
ooeurred* while the rruleer, on .thtrenaeee .*. the .auspice of the California Plgvon"witty of ,Amerha as well .as that of Canada, sample are for distribution. to the /houee- I title city on Sunday, I I eat appeal go straight to ones heart. trolled. by a society. the city Bay IIIC.
Th Canadian Northern I* building a line at the U clock ser Those who have not listened to him on
coaled on the lathmua for the There are thousands .'f exhibits keeper of Jacksonville In the morning fur the building on park ground
bring trip homeward anj not during thea return from all part' of the Western State and Irom-1hePitn'e! Alb.rt"branok'and the! The, admission to ih*,fair I I. entirely vice.. D,. Bateman will preach In the thl*,, the great burning purpose of his Institution will hue a nret-cl* e
trip on nroount of alleged poor ratlona. ault* a number from New York and Canadian Pacino ,and Grand ,Trunk an free, and th public will find jt a pleaaaot Snyder Memorial Methodist Kplacopalhurch. life, cannot afford ta miss title opportunity tarry which .111 b* at the servto" ,
All la now declared to. be quiet on the lluaton > aluftbl* silver, cup will be ounce that they Intend: building. -branchIlnrohn"tlie'sprtnk. and profitable pine In which' to pas and In the evening be will, speak public two or three. "nlo-hu\ a week,
Tenaewee Th.... In tile brig are .beingconfined awarded, The subject ot squab) raising an hour .- nautical museum containing model
for other .,Iren.... There war. cc a business I I. receiving. oonsIJtretln Th following. assignment of chairmen OKLAHOMA OAMB UlfAPPBAIIINO. All Pleaded Gsllir.Chicago eacgog l type of rescue almal 4<
Bute and at fkl< ** Pads ,I* Oetnte-Ue. I of booths has been made nautical Instrumeate'end hlnlorlK
? no trouble among the men on the W..hInrt attention of pronent In title' '
on. the show there I* a larg* display of thelamoua : I Luddno *V Bat*. Mr*. Arthur Vance,. .Tke Ileaere Report. That It I* V.'? I Nov M.:Albert'Young. formerpreildnit'of which will attract the public mild '
__ 4 Callforn Runt Hen Croanc Chicago, Nov .)t.-The, Rev Mr Chase. R. U Knight. Mrs. ; W YI -... ( Union and additional value. .
owing to being unable. to raise-In full Hall Paper Company-Mr Rutherford searee.Muskosee. / theTs.imeisra" , i a ,:;4
FlftB IK.ALTOO1A" PA. three,other men f on trial wilb"rDelll\II''
ATTHACTS ATTolNTIOM.Quebeet the amount necesaarr" IV build ,a new I Florida" .Electho CO..pan'-M. 1'. NEW COMMaftDKIl, ,".
It Iteelreya ri...rly te the. ABMMIBI *f4)Bartera4 ,\ ,- church and physical. aMlty! to visit all Hod.... Okla.' Nov. W-Bo fast are P Bhea, International president of the
a MlMlem. TIL. Propaa d RI. I. IC...... by Had.banMDay par pariahun.r. today pea'tool. Tttley Tea-Mr J. D anther ,ralrt chicken, quail wild geese. duck Teamscer Union, on a charge pf eon Ckae" *** la the heads ef Ik*
a .., ; In dd.rence '1n.tJ'lf.: : the Van Prman> Compaay-Mrs, A. Thomp; and turkey disappearing In Oklahoma splracy. connected with the teamster' II'.' .... Vs.Uq. { ;
.It""" ... Pa, Nov..W-Th* opera houaa, trustees of Ma church He, 1. only 10 bat In a few seasons unless sum pro- strike of IM, entered plea of gullly. := ;1
AxhUIInc hardware don, Nov: W.-The proprasd. new year old and collected .....000 towards the son.Klngan Co.-Mr*. B. 'P. 'A 1111Plllabury l"'tlon.l.' offered. the Htat will be decoded London Nov 10.:The Army and
t HMvk .. ..:.* =m.rt etore and tb* rout t* Kurutx va Hudson iy I I. attracting new 'cl't.rdI' fund but 'he I .tn_... Flour-Mr*. C. Benedict of all kind. of game, In and out \Veelera, Ttasker Kv**gels laaetM of to-day announce. the If,'
b Mountain Supply Company general considerable attention la the thought he wa slow In g ttlng In tb* National Blacult Company-Mra. 'JI, OF ..f season all kinds" of game la ruthleaaly tag chance mount. offlcer of high
stun, tuaether with nine dwelling and Canadian Northwest BtwuM Hi,. prupoecd ether M. o*' neceeaary. and oatraclsed JlHMnl. tiled. and no attempt I I. ever made to Washington Nor n,-A prominent statistician In the navy, wliloh will be mad la.
(hire bant In Oallltaen. If*., were burned'. route be worked It will' be the mean Mm. It boo been admitted that Mr O Miller-Mr. E. If Mote. nforc* I he game laws. The ruthless despoilment who will shortly. .issue a Hal*. Admiral Sir bay Hart IhiMnqutt.miiut'r .f
4\ there. ).*.1.....*'. The loe I* OO.OI*. if bringing CaieuU lo miles. nearer t..* (low was aa able. prejchtr and. .actlr I Park Company-Mr" F. Chrl...... of are streams, fluids and for. meat on the subject oompute thai( (hetimber .In-chlet. of the Noah An
I. Europe and by th. arlng" or price will atlnlater. < (,th*church. quaker Oat*-Mr*. Pye MU has cloned a number of sportsmen. In end VV..t Indian equadran. will .IM
\' Natural, Food Compaay-Mr. Bng11ah. the State I* demand a rigid enforcementof sanding at present .la Washington oonimandrr-1nchlef, at l'arl.moutn :
,.......-. 0..*.*. A ..is Dead, live the farmer of Metrn Canada
-- practical lonirol of tb* Crete tnarketa. of re. ........1 .-tee ,...., Van Camp Pecking Company-Mra. T, the game law. and plan are now be.. Idaho Oregon and Montana I I. worthseveral Admiral 'U>rd fbarlM= Ooreifard r
for, the protection of the of duller. The' .Ir...hJrf f the
Philadelphia Nov: -Tmpt. Edmund: Ibo A. Carroll .lot formulated billion timberland mender >' Medlt
rlerkely. of Atlanta, general peal. .f ikeaboard r the must ,....1, lieooinM "..tn.ynn.s..liel. '
e Air Una, died at th* hoapttal lOveraBuiut tot rhartet fur |in... loHudeoa Soar Civil. Service examiners: are holdIng Upton. Tea Mr. O. L. Km.. east Utat Legislature will speedily. eaact, Important. forest area In the world. Th eniel l fleotl I Vice Admiral Mir
bar yeeurday a* th.reault of an opera. Hr fmst Vsrtnv palata In th* an a.ULtnlttu'km.Ui. the ........ buildIng RuBiford Baking Powder-Mrs.N. C. into *"._ amount of fir spruce and yellow pin lacalculated C. tour,.lurd eommlMioner of 't
u1 lUtaj" performed thre w*.k> ago II. sac Interior. Caned and eon of them hire IC-dayat.ppii.wat. for the position naanboldt.aixmaM. ---. to b* 'JItI09QOO feet mlriliy, will .bewmie comander4dluwar .
W pews. old are now being built from th" Couth and of laboratory. aeslatani. qualified Drug tnpany-Mr*. ,H. U. o*.. d CaXte. Eaeba.astlJrrnpn0L : ean aquadrBR) Vice
.....:.. \\ eat. An eaomwu treat *f country win' la.ofrttr*, for. **rvk. Jo. the bureau of Buck man. sKotia. > Nov--: ;:. A UaaS,5S ..11.1... "lr Alwrtnn <1 Curaun How. scuf
...... Prlueeh M.eepe, be lapped by Ike** jl..., cad nulwlih.steading .1 .tandarda at a alrr. of Sloth the fact that th* aeaanej IB comber Mh <.... will be a* lamination Cummerrohea Vales .bo waa areompanled. by IberrlcCMS Albany Nov M-Plan were received ram onminandur of ,the AtUntto. ;
New Tack N.-' M-Tea: ....__.. ea- Hey only lade from July I.t.\.e 'Or c for an ".badtuurlnln dry land Mrtculture 's-Mr BW' Resale, today opened the new eotu>i\ l-4ay for the new >tat*. JCduitUlunBuilding and Roar Admiral, r C It, It
aped true the Queen Nimt/ Jail M lat the *>..nr rallread haul will .1"1 for the Department of Agriculture if. MT, tires Company-Mr change Lire, a handsome building ,Justoompletsd whloh are to U. erected In title earring In the MwUlerraneaB. .Heel
a.1 e Lag. lto4 City to-day. ,tttch Inducement-" that a-aoary ..... at a atanr of HJMnt George Waraea at a coat of eUW.. city at a rest of ".-.. mad commander U the .new (tome i
c t j


rvd p


; ftuj.SmFm&&AAJte'C t
jL&i- u.. ,a ,,.+ JM + e.1


S* A .StF' <.. -tGVY.l wh r.zq W'P ,

"..., "'. ; -

I Wants Rents" : Sale :M cella! I.1Jus Real Estate Dealers


l4 c TOR: UNT41'OOMS. F t1 t RENTS LOANS '
c'FqR .,.'
'Christie & ChristieREAL

bji Don't Buy a Diamond i t tI I Fee Other: Specials. ..'Fes Bait P>c*> WM. BURBRIDGEReal

Ac I I SMALL keeping furnished; choice. I lot apartment talon.. 101*for Riverside houa Estate.. ESTATE.

c Before Seeing: Ours I avenue CHAS A. C CHfATOAM

'CORNER Adams aiyi" Julia streets two RENFORT '
| unfurnished rooms to rent 1 Two full loll Ih Riverside. Ilk beet Elght-room house in the
we Look, elsewhere, but give us a chance to figure with.yon it. neighborhood.. fronting 100 feet on I
FOR RENT-In private family large I Riverside avenue and running1 through burnt district $7,000.
before making purchase. Our stock is complete in left ESTATE
a every i furnished" room .connecting with .LEI te Oak street Cheapest property
respect, and we only handle fine, white, perfect stoned, which I I bath. suitable for one or Iwo ladles; ; In till locality at Nose 1109, flU, 11i3 and
housekeeping allowed. Apply 1m Lois in LaVjila {4,.000 1
; e
t we import in large paper lots, thereby saving you the middle Laura 1115 Hubbard'' street;
rent inzlocaAn Property. everywhere Fltteea and( 110 W.
'% man's pro t. ONE furnl.hld room. suitable for one at ; $200 10 per cent Investment. five rooms, bath and
two young ladles", with privilege olboard. to $500; o fourth FOR' SALE
Apply ;tS West Church atl'llLRENTNlal1turnlhe4 electric, / light; nice little lrheao gar.
cash, ,balanW'Q percent ".000.00 mortgage* bearing ,T par "Mnt
rl t ... (front r om,.JW and maturing. In two years, at homes; $2,000 each, .

I' ._ I 10. ,East Forsyth. ...'IM..... part cash. .

:fft- FOR RENT-Furnished" rooms, suitablefor Three lots 'In
Bainbridge Richardson Office 125 lAura.
light housekeeping: test location; , Nos. 302, 308 and 314
near Bay Mreet; references required" -
Address p W. B.:. care Metropolis tiTWHIT roMtfra ST. Phone 1845.W. East Second street Riverside '
; paved
n ,
: )
FOR RSST! -Furnished front room pri-
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