existing between 'i
t no ap aJc. read and write KngUek. TetInformation ; location, FLARIDAFUANITUIuR With handsome atone fencing Uled
to UORt'lnNQ'OrFJCIR Willet Oroover and Joseph 8 Cloud i In than s boo,0a
apply COMPANY. Cedar-For- roof*- taut every modem oonveeii.nca. $ .
I : II York atreaL weal ..*..., ytht telephone 160EpUITB doing hudnete aa the Jaektonvllle Phone 999. Established H m. Iff .. Theee houses are praetloallyareproof
). teak Ca.tor 10* West ForayU, atreet, Broom Manufacturing Com .ny. .U dieaolved W.ForfythSt.PREWITTE no painting or repairs for We art authortied to 'leU thU .1
,. iMkwavula Fla. I II' made to order) thb latt itylae Whet Oroover continuing the ages. and offer the warmest dwelling hones lot '
under and ,
bounds same name aaumlng eooleet In for 1
and flu: cleaning *nd prHg neatlydon is winter" and summer aver
WANTKlMen to larn barber trade; I *., V. B. COLTER.. c ,114- :Brlilnitreet all llabllltlee JOSEPH S.' I built In thla oily Price .for Immediate 4G, OO.OO.
the well known Molar system of Col. CLOUD, WILLET GIlOOVER. Novem pats ,. $4,000. t
|.gea, looted In lwesty-two',1.sding ---- -- her 13. 1004. : & balanced Anyone wishing % modern homein L
1 ;.etUea, ofler ateady pradlce. careful In* WANTED-To rent, permanently. In the cub small
atructlone, ool.. 0.1) I.., weeka coot.r suburbs of Jacksonville, convenient to monthly paymenta. for a prettyroom every'respect and ready to
top wash paid, write nearest attest car or' hard road. -small cottage, REAl ESTATE MENOR aes DYAr.-I1Pa1I1I1CM ieutaiinsa. cottage on Hubbard. atreet. walk into would do well to set
branch: .fHrntIDcr ,
MOLXB BARBER COLLEGE, with large yard. .luttabl for raising Phase U...
q Atlanta. O.., or New Orl ane; LaNOTIOB. poultry. AddrtH FoMofllce,, Box SH ni in reference to this place
l'' "'-- olty W* have a lot close 'n'', suitable for ';

::4' '- OTHERS. colored ooU...., that w* will ..11."" SIMMONSSHAYLORCOMPANY
WANTEP-MO people renting home tu dawn below,the market price.
see m' about buying your" own home :
-! WB REPAIR: any old stove J'Oma, roe tees per month than you "pay rent t have' lees rxplrlng. July_ It, llftl, IJ'OaCUI'CK, ....LJI.J'la. Lot on the Boulevard A Bargain. Phone, ''130. 16 Laura St.
\ V t haves no. trouble to look at It. VEL.LrRio's : glon*-Deep lot in Bptingdold.StIsieCorner _
"\ ... STANDARD : KMTATE LOAN for store II feet wide by 101 feet long plec of Bay street frontage at t
14 DrId
CO., Washington D.. C., or D T lot In Springfield ,
at No" IS1-B < West street, that I
; Bay low Tbla will
a very prlc property 106105 This lot
IXK'ailTHY special agent, Room SI! 1 I. outti' ot Third "
MIsCEtl..A.HZOt18.> The Baldwin, Jack.onvii4." Fla. am paying 1109 per month rent I 'will Increase'In value at least, It per cent treat,, and In* best bargain on our 15 EAST FOROTN STREET WE HAVE rOR SHORT ,
---- ----* rent a* now. or will divide Into two per year, WlU null. whole or part. list..
WANTED-Yoll to phone ueo Mor wood. 'tons I will pay 10 per oent. commie- One-thlyd cash, balano at I per csntBAR Beautiful reldenc on corner lot In TIME!: PROPERTY:: JOB
"EMALKT 'eafet car .
) .
mill wood $1 delivered. Yard foot New.nan burnt district, 10 large room Will SALE: THAT
: lent II per'boit. PoetoHloe Boa. wl. Ion for reponlbl tenant for full .ell on WILL PAY
,I' --,,- --.__._.. street.'" ': term SUbj.ot0/ approval ot owner very pH.rI"attractive terms BETWEEN: !: : IS AND 14 PEE

ij OSTEOPATHY.: WANTED-Four: or flve unfurnished 41' building ROOM -Everywhere.- -- Suburban Snaps IJ'ot CENT ON THE TOTAL IN. .
room. for housekeeping, couth of ,Jlo.
gan'. rhtek .'.1. prl *. D. M, curs GUV SECORD fridge VESTMENT.: THIS OPPOB.TUNITV y
good stand C.
"or PK. C. D. BTRUB-,L: 6eteopth. Room pf Metropolla.WANTEDHovlng.. street, M. KAUFMAN WONT LAST
I. U Mutual Ure buildingPERSONAL.' HUNDRED
maker Bale ONE : 10. '
l packing, atorage; II... ISO.1U.lS4.lSe W. rrytk St.TIDD I money c sy REAL ESTATE, LONG
xperlmred men FLORIDA .MOVING ACRE: TRACTS located on Mon
erms.ESTJlURANTBay, ,
AND STORAGE: CO., Union and Davle) IM W Bay, t'Mtalre Pk*.* SM

t, rCMAUDT rBMALK PiI Al: ..fe: "ri phone at : "The Rill/ St.; best Nlne-roonl, house on Main .tr"LI| Poe oriel creek,' at $25 per acre W. C. ,Harrington. & Co.,

k i I I"I" rr b".. tH>.m"nc'' Boo Out TORRENT.to. : Estate stand on the Bay neighborhood low prlc. These properties are just north >M Wee* r>rer<. ...... Resss 1L /
4>xl08: lot oil Hoot Ouval'.L T.r.....

J". MEDICAL. FOR RICNT-Ouolbta "Ov,,, 011 atom. }fan.I'It. ." FINE f/OrCLS-Fine/ locations. Nine-room house on Third stress, lot of' Jacksonville, being less than

. fEU-CKlN rUKNITURE CXX Pbes. .". U.'O.VIII nake-tenn BARGAIN
t. iVMAGLT TKUAUB PtLL$. fL..rMIlOZJ.LAJfEOUI. I HOMES:and Vacant Lots .all Lot lOjlOS:I Oil logn 8k A bargain wo miles from city, and adjacent .'.r Tear ...< /s rewraelf
.' Iain I II per box. foelomc* Boa FOR RE>IT-ORIce. In ewe new Realty ... T.room house, Bprlngfleld, block the Thirty-six lot In Long Branch, nsiir r.. gale-Houae. II'W'| I rams, lot
.. over city. Road
. building eurner Fonyta and Bassos Phonla Park oar lint to County Shell lOGan feel fronla on Mala. SL
1. treeia, are now readyl south end east and a half from Main .Lr..tl| every. i ,i1aa-Payments up per month
TIMBER LANDS in fromfrom Five lot St c
John .
,t -.. ... 'fronut. *Apply lfvtor i l;. heat REALTY light TITUt*nd Janitorervloi AMITRVS thing Up to 01*. SM rash, balaavea tracts Jacksonville on avenue, South Money td- Lend- in CHXUk BELL. r

' r"- Muss, IT mile from Jacksonville. .... /_.

Borthrn colony) town 1 year I months : STOVkS: oil etovee; In fact W* bar. an atUartlv Investment. Myers Real} Estate CO. D. E. .WII1TEIIOU5EThe Sums to Suit. ..."..'-3- I
Ij it old; about Ml population! building' up any kind of tare, w* repair them to.rEI.LERRN' . -t
props> lUon .
on carat
rawidlyt we need a pbyelclan badlyikav ' llogan ualy r.
f. : $, It BrldgaOFFICE
gaud drug store, will b* pleaaed ..In. siMe t* aa...le ikU.. j jW pl e waisT Phase' roHsJctt..... ST.Aird Real Estate Man 0carrell.. Walla. .. ...1_ A Uberal Credit. to AIL
handle aonlgnnnt eblpnunis of V.
to un
for rent In loans of Trad* building .
call; I and see M M IM M4 Itf .
4J. .trolls. and vegetaWta. C. S. !TAR. Clue H. SMITH eeoretaxy. have something good ..a Spearing SI* Dyat'Cawkwrvk Dun.u.. CARROLL SHINE We will dress you and family too*wfhe
---... -roil RCNT-Sture-: on nortbweM corner- : stress near the new .,....t car ...llll. & Wlggs 0 let XS1I.--PbMH ......; 14er. w..1&,
''H HIUIII'<< t.JAJ *. CO. oeusra2.l.o- prltISUr11IIJAeaAOaOne '
nurlda avenue and A with 1.lon. OutfH.ers
. Small,
it! trio rep*>Hng, elevatvr sulk a spei iv. reoma vtutalr*. r'k:: but At wl tae treat bone u ,
rutty, W Meal Adama telvphou* 11**. IAN *. MANUttU, earner florkla *re. I, noon a BUM \'U.hl..O. SIT Demi BMlldlB. Spring. Hell H.u.. of row.. BARGAIN! IM .al. .......
> ..
5t.. and OrteeeaMUSIO, f II led ** *tt .I..ltgrlloo4.'aum& .
VRKina.. chtcaena. frea pork and the' .
. Ohokestof all meal* fur Thanaeglvlng; FOR SALE I ...*..-A one Uver Street r*'Idene*. One Week Only r
or ."II'olh.r HUM, a\l U FKIOA A. LESSONS. I some and balk OaJy ||.|a| WOOD
t. BUNT MAKHtr, M West rweythlr St. Joseph's Academy Fine residence in heart of cub r'II"I0:1 ,*". Neat and attractive Broom

I IJ' "ti ""..... ttlOQIJLEI MIN LULA M M11XAN, holding eartiOcat ainrr-n- lot : the Boulevard. house in burnt district; good
Twelve baths "" : :
and dipUwaa la muele e.pfl. city rooms, ... tbl I* the noel .M 'l- Per load.
.. ... !
. .
j..4 Ot>bt>I le|Wbel.t 'Turkeyl ...*.. aa lea..b<.r, wl4 give .plus IMo n* large closets well finished left 1MB't l Oat U* .U,>*r lellow neighborhood. 3000. $1,000ash _
,' Turkey) TAuaeyl Dig turkey Uttl tone at bet bom. No. IM Past rourtbetreel. get It balance to suit M. Oort ,'7D7 Eat Adams street
, l.re and .dr..**d lur let
t turkey llo-* Inetructloa cea be modern conveniences fur. pales-A full comer .a Laura
.,. II.,,: uulhlng. ulItl't turkiy ., 1C *rr nae4 ..tl.r. PRIOR IIUN'I' WARKKT, M. West SVOAXDCIO AMD DAT SCHOOL.Thla nace heat good neighbor. Term. U desired :
: rvrrti, pbuq f t pNa-A Mala street hoops ef f moat -WANTED
REPAIRING AND UaUUIV u hood. Price $14,000. ,.. .. e
delightfully *l" gase: .Nodera oUg. froaia
it w. yauf tln. la order yuTir TNiYn;, ; au A.I1fr11tfG. shed U KprUifSel*. Me *i the mat e.atp5.3.0.A 15 M. CROMER 00...lr nnww>r* I. .1..,*<4* *>4
" gluing tuiaey. >l, ritlOR' 4 ION MWl Veautlful suburbs of the, City *4 Jerk.NsvWe rl */e* of : lot ...-" for w..4. nag *...,., "II N
r' 1'9) .b.; phone mWugbt. sad .aer* It* pvplla every op.rtUBlty Other SpecialsSee milt ... t:4 Dealer' la Rough and Orl4. fi'.>i. .......r.. .... .f Ik* tted_ fur ,
aKPAIJ&INiJ aid r*,al"tlag wages* for a thrugh eat re. plaeA
I' a4luaallaa. : Easy term lead.Campbell's .
; ; and I.5d eisssesd
: neerlBg Celllag
sM Siding .oIua.ral
ut'.IIN<18 NII .*.tuW sad rrUge*| rubber veaiele tired Will pa Mends,, alpeupMr lag, : per
t ed erttk nrl-la *.... Work.. CU .r pease seat Wood Yard
alee bvlldtng e o gwraateekAUNOUT lwt prloe* poMlbl* fr ,fUa.
, IO* UM IM/ Mai* Tk werk. CHArUAN( CARBUAOSI FAC Apply lee pne.seUe t* I Page 3. I 'eWk. .... yard. sad ......> t ,
\y ....+2+11.k't TORY Mate and (:'Ia........ TUB BtOTUKR SVTXRIOm.s non Jit, SIGNS! ; T.&nIr ... s-.1. e. M... gala I IA I &,:lee Maawa, Ives P- If. yy.


t 1 t

.S y...., h lii"'r";:; ;:. ,t ff.t / .. .,;i 'Ii"- 1" :..t';:' f '}';p..f1. .... .!,.,.. .. "'....1;;. 'f.,, J' }dM4.t .. a.lwv" , ....rbfR{ .r1't. '


; TTOB Bvxirmo KTTTUF feu* THTJMD, HoviKMa 39, 1006. fi


goes the end to the et December Qreenlenf, *when V Crosby Mr. store Port WOODMEN OF TUE WORLD ,.

at Palm Beach for the winter seaso
I Among the numerous and handsome

socIErd presents. received by Mr. and :Mr. Fort.
was a chest. of flat table service from

a the substantial oreenleaf check* Crosby from employee tile flrm and by WILL INITIATE APPLICANTS DRE\.S

whom Mr Fort I ie highly esteemed.

Ma' loveliest\ young ladle, on her '1UI:88-ANDERSON.: ,

I Own "diamond,* mad a "at1 hit and The first large church wedding; flC the Quite a Number to Be Shown the Mysteries
; Th* .*eletT II.U': *.* a "home run.0 season in Ooal wm that of Mr. Mart toara or ThIt ..1' BOOKS ."."'01T"1
Mt- On hi* return t. Macon W,. U.tm John Roe. and Mis. Mary patlllo And.. .
r.4r1.a *t Ths "Me1rp11* :will b* of This Popular Order.By AftD TRH 0 JOnAt' ra"ElrDE "
aocornpaztleiiby..Jeibrld..!. ton, which waa aolemnlted at the FirstPresbyteilas Po'L ,
*.... res. _ry I7 *- I ".
., Church
yesterday evenIng. Our fait ha
i t* 1 P. m, 'Tele*....* ... * Jl'AWILYUtmroN: at I o'clock Rer. Thomas Hay. of QameVIII e tVMOTD THBMI"Whit f.. .WI &, I..t. ,
and Include all tint
dainty *,
I Mr. Duncan Baleen. and Dr. BakerrharlMiton *, performing the ceremnn,. The +
Ammm.trmr 1. *1 tmrHIg* or
I!. c.rMv.d to-day to church wa decorated In a color scheme By request of C.'toDC Mills, consul com-i These special guides. tie well accjualned t" faehlonsbl shape and .I.bl."Dublon.Jht.t' *
will .. M _I...e4 at a a7y tl.*> Thanksgiving| with their mother npand Mrs. of pink and white The wedslieg march of "' No t. Woodmen with all. the crooKs and turns in Ills FC.ck Lndol. slie*.

** th. t....k*... ....* Harriet M. Baker. Mr. and Mr, Ro.bor. I was played by Mia M. B. Wan_",. of the World a special meeting ot king and tedious Journey, and are tYaC and Ar-

...leal!*** M.M **> ..... '. neigh entertained the united family .t and there were a number of attendan the tamp It called for Friday evening at and faithful guide *o that we feel, that hold BennettPrlncf '&XGU.\DO.
It no'Dck ehsrji for the of .the entlr will nrlv ssfely l and 1"\'Ltt
pnrpo party
dinner to- r, Tho e Mr. Rons' best man wo Mr. Fred T. In-j
rri<..>r, addressed t. Ill p.elet7. Mra. II. M. Baker. Mr participating and Mn. John were P. Lewis of Virginia Mr. B. C Wlsh or and acting upon any I on time, unle** com untoward clrcum- ** M rlt*"Percy Bn'-. for l9vttatlona. :.

1:011': .... : I I Baker. Mr*, J. M. Freel, W.... Ang n I Cornell wss the groomsman. and Mess. new .r'lcallone that may be presented. ]!stance of 4he element should caus tin- ttituneeRoMland Visiting caAr
Baker Mr. Duncan Baker and Dr. Bake John Stevens of Jacksonville C. I. An. Acconltr to the latest forecast; r. our' usual darkn*** In crowing tIle Jungl... lIe ...1 b* executed with ar "
demon. of Holder; Stephen Jewett and wise men the following wandering band'' or a* ha* been the caee. asia of those a. "'Sir Nigel". -A. Conan Boyle. promptitude W. Invlr peel to ,
UNITARIAN SOCIAL TO-N1OHT. Thomas H Harris were the ushers. M .. will arrive at the border ot our greatfotesl fut tropical storm should break upon the
3 WAS IT EVER THCSfH At the residence of Hon. and Mrs. aifttm camp. of Rnanok, Va,, the ana entreat us to show W'I* weary sojourners while In the depth ot "The Doctor"-Ralph Connor. call of writ* :for sample.
llo, I* that lh* lady I?. Fletcher this D bride's only sinter was l1Iatl'OlOC bonoI' mysteries of oar woodland I retreat: -I the mighty forest that must be trvri
Who baa charg of octal! lIe w.T of the Unitarian evening the member and Miss Elisabeth Adam*, of Lynchburg tee D. BumeyTho*. 'V. Oventreet In order to reach the goal of perfectwoodcraft. -
t Well I hav a marriage Hem congregation and their Va, waa maid Wftonor, the bride I W DuBo, John P. Stewart, W. : I
I would like for you to. ore friend. will enjoy ,* Thanksgiving soclal. maid were Miss Valets 1>ottr. Mr. C. Parrlsh, H. J. Oannon C. E. Beach Friday evening November Join, w.. 45, 47, 49 West: Bay Strttf,
U Anderson Milt Ethel: Robinson and r.8, Hammond. 1:1 selected on account of to-night beIngThanksgiving i
Ar you readyT 'J'b.nr: bar yon : flies Sara Harris. Immediately. after the 'lh pioneers known a* tile Day which will afford Ihe,
1'1.... b* oarefU what you Ufl FAIR. ceremony a reception wa* tendered to the Ouuids, under the leadership pf expected strangers otis more opportunity
Tk, It down Juit .. t UU 1C- Th* long anticipated Demonstrating bridal pAitr add The rIMI\e and. moat Forbes, will meet them and act a* to render thank before trying the un. -- -- -- '
Rave It worded mat that war Ftlr Open for the week to-morrow sthi Intimate friends at the home of Mr. and of honor ubC"f.I reach the Inner con-i' known mysterlee of this craft I

Woman's: Club and will beth Mr. Robert Ixx-kbrlilg Anderson .n fine, where are encamped: .I . W. W. ANDERSON. Clerk. ..
Csodtoi.o .f
Flnt, w 'Q tak. til* dacortilon event cf the elor.tur: day 01 South Third Mreet Mr. and Mr. Roes .r or lle
Most: superb J'y. ever seen- this and of all next week. Those who left on the early morning train for a THE NATIONAL RANK OF
They were all In whIte and yellow! have never visited One ef' these fairs Northern wedding trip, and will b* atmen ,# MONDAY, $
No-I bellev 'twas pink and g.fl'e' can have no Idea of the Interest MRS. THAW'S MOTHER. JOn J
and until the lit, when they will be at horn Ox<44 Revert .f .... C.rp.neT.
value of them. To those who haft attended It 9 North Main treet- r ctMI.
And the brides dr*.*-oh. I wl.b you the other. given during the lust IIOVaC. LIABIUTIZL "

Could hav. en that lovely gown.It two yean at the Nub no encourssemmt PETTUS-BMITli: ::: L.e sad .. ., ie Capital ...,..... I ..

waa, I forgot. what kind of fabrlo,. to visit this fair I. needed, for nothing A Overdraft ,.m. ,,.... .CC 14rl.e .......... .
quiet BE A
pretty wedding solemnli WILL WITNESSMrs.
And WM trimmed all up and\ down.Thr could keep them away. was t. S. BMd .t .*...... .. r.aivuded .re.<* ... at'.te.
yesterday evening at g o'clock in the '
and da. .. IltVVMKl eeSsaklag
. a"t. ....
wr twelve of mor attendant!. BOWJttii: iOOER' Church at Sanford .hft Miss . Pl"t. aepaid
i Alice. May Bmll1dan..hter of Mrs Alice .0. .t . ..
I can't tell who tMy Wlr. .
you Mate ReeerT far .tS.
4 But 1 bllev mm art his oouala The wedding lest evening at the 101, Smith ....* united In marriage to M,. \ Da* twins IT. .._. Depealta .. t.. ... -
C And the nit ar kin to her. Church of the Good Shepherd ot Mice Walter H. Peters by Rev. Father FoTh . ... ... ...
Holman Will Tell What She Knows ire
Carotin Rug-ri. second daughter: of Mr bride Wa becomingly ,attired In a .tress."....... I. '
All the lot wer* In Cupid.- and Mr*. Charles Buxton Rogers and gray traveling suit with hat to match. ... ,
l .
1 No-I belter. 'twa. turtl 4"... Mr. Jack Dickinson Bowers, eon ot After a wedding breakfast served at the About the Shooting. c. wades ..._ ,. .
And the brld*'* bouquet wan lilies Jude Byron Bowev, of Balnbrldg Ga., home of the bride's mother Mr. and loll'll '
Or-ome flower that sh* love whioh was one of the most beautiful and Peter left on tile noon train for Tamp. .t&1 .........\,iilesrn.,0.t.I i ,..s.s.i.IUUJI a.
brilliant In the annals of Jacksonville St. Petersburg and points south. The
tb.m' has lived lit Plttsburg, 1'.., Nov. a.-That Mrs. had the kindliest feelings for Mr. Whit
And th. d.ar old man who Joined society, wa fully described In last evenIng's charming bride Sanford ever
Wt, 10 fatnarly and kind Metropolis. After the ceremony abeautiful since' she wee a child She 1s pretty. Charles J, Holman, mother ot' Evelyn H. helped ,her even after her daufht

I have known bun line my; chlldhoo! reception wia given at the residence bright and very much of a favorite.. Mr. Nesbltt Thaw. I*'making prepai..atlons togo became Mr*. Thaw and, a* she his .
But bl* name bee Hipped my mind. ot the bride' parents, on River- Peters I I. railroad engineer on the At. many letters from Mr. White, the prom. TO THE ,/ .
1 where liintio Coast Line Railway and stand to New 'York City an -a witness In cutlon has been anxious to get her a* aWltn. PUBLiC ?
nude Mr. and Jack
Well I bettor that''. all I think oOh avenue Baker received .,, In the mechanical d the t..I.ot. her eon-ln-law. Harry Kendall .... The defense ha* also tried to W* do a regular banking bu.ln* tt.r*..'>
t quite forgot the 'lng- Dickinson of the hundreds of the congratulation TheprettII' : ;;;: tl'oW the railroad world, Tyoung :; Thaw for the murder of Mr. Stan get her to help Thaw but whether aba I Caring accounts, paying Interest on Baring ..pa.11 u. 0"'

Bay It eoet si* hundred 1I01l.r'l) bride Vos nevor guests lovelier couple have many friends who ford White, has been 'asserted by has forgotten the many Indignities. h* FOUR per cent per annum. Interest ;

Now lye told youevarythlng. than when young flushed and smiling In herbridal Rlsh them a long and happy life. tier friends. heaped upon her and I I. willing to forgive Commercial 1 department offer the aaro:' --r.r :;
National bank, with
equal safeguard
Several week after the shooting on the 1* not known.If :
of whit satin and tulle
robe. ,
YACHT CLUB TO-N1O1IT. lilies of th and OKbEN WOLFF.. Madison Square Roof Garden Mr. Hol by any chance Mr. Holman doe W* laiu Tin Certlfloai of : :
crowned with valley,
Th* liMIt Yacht Club of the season will with her arm full of the same fragrant Mis' Emma Wolff' and Mr. Samuel H man said" that under. no circumstance not go to New York, her deposition will of FOUR per cent per annum Interest payabl *"1 omt I 11

tak place to-night at the Windsor Hotel blossoms' mingled with bride roses and Oreeo were quietly married at the First would she go to New York to testify *t be taken here. It 1* known that she PEOPLES ''BANK AND TRUST COMPANY
and will mark the formal cleaning! of standing between her mother and her Christian Chnrch, last evening at (:M b,. till trial but It I* now believed that she wants to shun the notoriety of appa ,

the gay social canaan In .JacksonvlllTh husband .graciously. received the sincere the pastor. Rev J. T. Boons, In the pre.. has changed her mind, and that her testimony log on the witness stand and that she BOARD O* TMADB BVILDIPO4) MATJI iIUPTIntereSt'. '
." Thanksgiving Yacht Club dance I IM I.. good wishes ot her trlen.... cnc of relatives and Intln'ate friend will be heard. would prefer to have her testimony taktn
rule the first Important society Mr. and Mrs Roger were first In the The laid) wit prettily and becoming Whether Mrs. Holmaa will b* a witness her and read to the Jury. Whichever .

event of the winter but this year two I I receiving, line and then stood the bride dresn-d In arty silk. There. Were no at- for the prosecution or the defense slOe has won her convent. to testlfapparently
large weddings. Mr*. Tallaferro'" recep- and groom and the wedding attendants. tend"nta. Mr. Green I Ie a prosperou f.I not known Both before and after ha* Induced her to become a
time for Mr. Fairbanks and Mia Hall', The entire\ lower floor had been thrown young merchant of this city, inhere the the marriage of Thaw to her daughter wltnea even against her Inclination and '

debut party have all preceded It, so l'f"I.t I open, and wss ablaxe with 1 electrlo lights ,wunc,coupl will reside. Mr*. Holmes felt bitter toward her son- thy Indications are that she will be 114
octal activity: early In the eaon. p'" and the light from many candles. The In-law. and It I I. known that she always New York when the trial begin 4 Per Cent

..... an untunially gay winter. The decorations were very handsome White\ PERSONAL GOSSIP. '
Yaoht Club' U, however the lint dance chrysanthemums and rose were used "

end* If ....,. anticipated with peculiar. In great profusion. The dining table wa Mr*. F. 'V. jVssett. Mrs K S. Jenlso THE GREAT-FIRE 'SALE AND The best form tnvastssent'Is a savings' acceuht wlt'* thl* tank.Money .

pleasure and tntermt. Th Windsor Hotel adorned, with a centerpiece of whit. and little daughter Orate have Just r*. 1* available o when needed, and r-pf c.t ,.t. eomMJB44quarterly.
Orchestra will\ furnish muelo for the chrysanthemums in a larro silver lo40.log turned to the city from f week's vIsK .t ,.
dancing, whisk will b* tot the flrit hl cup and lighted by silver candlebra Coron.d3. .where they were the guests ofr. I Try the saving habit and you will -ncrtr .to. .I.tt-

ot the vnlnsT t>y card and later acotil- entwined with plumosa and tulle, the and Mr*. Herbert C. Longstreet.Mr N* accounts too ama to rclr oourteou. weloome.CITIZENS' .
lion. led by the new oommo ore. M,. earn Idea being gracefully carried out ASTONISHINGLY LOW PRICES

Cromwell GHbbona, with all the electrcttlr thronshout the D. 1.. Quinn'. many friend will: DANK OF JACKSONVILLE
honM. regret. to learn of her serious Illness It .
'THB DOMINO DANCE. Serving at the table at different' time her home, 131 West Adam street '
The Domino dance to be riven by the were Mr. George H. Richard., Mr.. th 4 Bridge Street, -. Cor. Bay Street :

f Oermanta Cliib to Its member Thanksgiving George L. Drv. Mrs. oGOrI8 H. Powell M;. George R. Williams, of Calumbuda ., Be at Horn's To-Mor-ow and You Will Save

night promises to be one of the Mr*. 'J. D. Farther L'Bn-: ., I* In the city visiting his daughter .. | __
k largest attended and meet popular of all Bin and ?!re..B ti.'rli. Stockton who and her husband. Mr and: Mr*. John HWalton Considerable
th* ''.' (Iran were" assisted by MID Joanna Roger at 221 West Union street Mr.: Money.quently .
h Dooular ::, 'rJUn.lV: : Th ..Jrtb I: ..A .....*....*> nf Tm.f> vhuna- frlonds. At William will return home to-morrow.
working hard It a grand euooeesandr the ;;ort&bl"; ) pi oat ono and of .king back with him hi. daughter Mien COMMERCIAL \

asks ttOal'i-s * b* costumed the dining, room HJ J. Hedrlck Mrs. oA.M. Mattle Williams, who has been visItIng The J. D. Horn Company I* closed thl ar selling goods at prices *o low ..THE l BANK...

r .After tile unmasking delicious rafreeh Ives and Mr.: Clarence Maxwelserved. her sister for a month. Miss Mettle Is a afternoon to'allow It. of employe that lbs rreatsst rush la the history of ,
l"'.. menu will b. ......e4. TIle ontortalnmen On tha Inclosed re.-... plosta. theM lovely girl and her depsjrture. Is much regretted army Jacksonville' take place every day. ,

it\! .will be .for member and their 1 famine* punch bowl placed, std there Mr. John Mrs .noes.Mrs.. by her relatives and acquaint- to opened observeThanksgiving to-morrow morning Day.at It* o will'clock b*. Hundreds are .buying seasonable'good Th. largest and leading Stat Bank In .a1oa.ta I*

I, F only. A. II. King *. Cay McCall Wise,110",4., AMtlng *--i whan there will again be a ml.htnh at prices that have never bn heard ,of conducted In aa old fashioned *tr1ctly .0f..nt" D-

LADIES' SOCIAL: SESSION.Th .Ball" and the Mr receiving. Grace B.party were" Mrs i plle,,& Loveaod leer 0n-tn-law. for tile bargain-offered' the people. .1 before Th people are given the opportunity .r anol U *ubj ot t regular .umll.tol I)tie .
of saving much and thy
Mr. Edward.will return to H.nd.rlOn.vlle The fire sale that for several disys psathis money
local lodge of Etka-wlll have a *.- Joanna PO. Rogers! Mr M. are embracing It.
been conducted at th* J. D. Horn
clal to-night'to which the ladle of Jack R. E. Mitchell of ... nlChnrd"1 on S turd.- '
Mrs. : .
Emily Company Store I* the. biggest. bargain ,Don't' forget to b* on hand 'e&I'l, tomorrow a' and Savings Accounts, SoUeitti'H
.re' Mica
beautiful club and
onvlllo 1""ltl4. 1'he O. 1! Hodgson magnificent ar' Mr.. Edwin O. Weed and Mine Margin- vent that has ever taken place In Plorla. and mak your selection Thousand Individual
Muse at the corner of Adam and Laura Up on tie third (l"or the placed I Weed returned on Tuesday from Augusta This progressive concern I I. deelrousf of dollar worth ot good are goIng \
treeu will be beautifully decorated. A ,.ay of wedding presants were there to. ROBINSOI Pnil.aaL I. 'SIt.UARD. CliMr.
musical o"a. Mrs Miss Weed expects to return getting rid of all the good damaged at a aacrlflo and they are just what
will, admired by every
pcfally prepared program and were In l'I.y because ot the Illnep of her sister by smoke, water and Are and' conse the people want '
b* carried out.' The ladle will thus be Jock Bower will begin housekeeping : -
to how their home which was her husband illss Gertrude '
given an opportunity see tllO new
,". hunband and gentlemen friend enjoy woddlne! gift to her. with everything any ;'" their '.
Vr.. ,1I"d Mrs John D. fcaker and
club 11(4. could wish to make her horn WORLD ASKS FOR U. S.
gurnte, Mrs JM Freds and Miss Sara
Mr Bower left las '
Mr and *
LINEN SHOWER. beautiful.their wedding Journey to Mex fays, returned yesterday from a dellght- A MURDERESS George Wycth Conover,(
nIght on tul round trip up the St. John on.the
will bo .at home '
The Misses Tucker will glv a linen ice and California. and descent" City.Celectlons 'I
hower at their at t motive home corner, tier January 1st >In Balnbrlu;e, On. 'WOOD tf{

of Park and Goodwin atreeti, on Saturday of the Ladles': Friday Mus AND PRODUCTSExports "T-'W

afternoon. December lit, from 4 tot JOHNSON-NEWSOM. rile to-morrow' afternoon will be from : .!. ***... P14w.. fIB
.' o'clock In honor of Mlra Carrie Chap- Mini Martha Drucllla Nwsom and Fldello Beethoven). After the program IS PARDONED[ .t<1
pell whom marriage to Rev. John Lawton Mr. David Frank Johnson were quietlylurried Prof. Abel will direct the chorus work.
Moon wilt b* emnl"d! on Thur- the of a few \ '
In presence
day December Sib, at the Rlvereld.htothodlet friends 'at the Riverside M.tbodl.tChu""l1 11I1".. W. P. Webster let. this piercing of Lumber"and Furniture Grow 33 .

Church. last at I o'clock by thepaator for a few weeks' .tlelt to Dayton ,

.. KANDKER.CIIIEF1 SHOWER I bee number, nev. R.of friend H. Barnett In this The city bride and Mr. and bIn. L. C. tarts have spent Per Cent. In Nine Months. She Chopped Six Children W. JENNINGS Ir

Ml. Carrie Lwl Ch noell will b* the _-.*. .---.. ah* i> vnown. for her amiabledisposition 405' ..... raw- dens- vl.IUnlr. frlonda In .
guest bf i honor at a handkerchief showei I --;; ; -nd- the' ha'rmthat Is ellar.act.rl.tlo ftrksonvllle on' their 1 way to Baltimore: $

to be given Tuesday; afternoon December I of southern girl. She I I. a which I I. to b*. their permanent home, "Practically the whole world I* asklrtgfor rllor)', Tin years ago the total value or (to Pieces. "
American wood and It* products. I export of this class wan M.OOO.OOO. A* taw. Jut
Ith from 4 to f o'olook by Mr W.II. native of thl State and a highly toompllshed .
; tk.ntA. who I II the bureau of statistics of the Department Th of the
Howell, at her home. U01 Oak street daughter of Mr. and Mr. Mica Roper. of say bijllc export are classed u
Wllllston Fla. .uent of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan "Bower at of Commerce and Labor In astatement boards deals plank, Joist and scantling ".'
D. P. Newsom, of Issued In Washington. I of which the I"..
CARD OF THANKS.Th excellent the Wlnd.or Motel" fn tWi BowerROB.erg just ecpartatlon wa slued
The groom I. sn the youngman Purltan wedding last night, I* a striking Export of ibis character" have Increased at more than $ ).ooo.ooo. Including I8.T78,. A MOTHER'S AWFUL DEED. \
Sacred Heart BenevolentSociety a descendant of early blonde and has been a suet bello during M per cent during the nbC MO worth to the United Kingdom.
return their sincere thank to the Metropolis famllle of the New England Stales, her visit to Jacksonville. month ot the present. year over last year. Th. pent sliest Item In the total of I
and Tlmea-Unlon toptiivertlalng Coming from Westneld Vt., whare h* During this nIne months the valu of export of wood and its manufacturer I I.I I. 'Practlc'' Ldles' 'TaUor'1
and the kind friend who so generously born and reared he entered the total Istalaed IT 8 BELIEVED SHE WAS INSANE '
was these exports was |OoO.OOO. This furniture I of which 06I,403) worth was
contributed and patronised them on Wednesday mploy of the 8. B. Hubbard HardwareCompany Try TiU'i .fifcfe, 27 Wilt Bay. to K1.MO.OM by adding shipmentsfrom exported In 1M, compared WIth .. and :Make.
at the cake ..I.. Th. handsom three year ago. and 1* now a. Amtrlcan ports to eontlngnous ter- In if&tt.those AT 1'IWI OP CR.tWI. .
rake donated b,. Mr. 'Dodge wa won valued employ of this large, flrm. HIGH-CLASS OOWM.Mm Mr. Rothstsla practIcal *.'

ty" Mrs Wilkinson, who held chance U; Fudger has Just opened her who are Interested In the taller Md .bl.m.le. .I w

No. M. )'ORTHENIMIICKBON.Yesterday pew parlor, at Ill-Ill Realty build. Irg of the South look upon this movementa upbulld. The Woman Ha Now kcov.rd Her catedl In this 1."la. ; *. \

afternoon at I o'clock", at ng, corner of Forsyth and Newnan SECOND[ PARTY of '" ,,em. Important and absolutely a *oll* of .m.,I and ,: .
THANKSGIVING! DONATION. the resident of It?. and Mr*. Ralph streets, with Importation of high.claas vItal to tile welfare. of that section uf Reason' 80 Go". Guild, of Msssachu In the B, Mr. Motk
The LaVllla Kindergarten Mother' Payne', Itl Monroe street.. Ml.. .Mil. Gowns and a One line of doesardorseta. Hi. country.MR. stein I a. experienced and
Club sent a complete baby' outfit to the clred Emily Hendrlckaon. daughter olr Tb. Qoaaard Coriet-which Ishe ..tl Ha Given Her Her Liberty killed ladles' tailor and ..al' I
Children' Home BooI.t,. There. are three tof and Mra. H M. Hndrlckon. of I only I corset to use with a Prlncesse SARGENT V.'OIlK. tea. every garment to k*
little bable b cared for at th* rooklyn. N. 1'., was united In mar- own-ha. no other agent In the State OF IMMICRANIS "Mr. Sargent. conimlMlone- ,",ml..". Agln-Story of Her Crime. Cect In workmanship and at/ r
potency. /and :reh"O'm* to the society I to Mr Thomas Coward Port for- Mme Fudged while In New Tork .... & tlon. '* In the Hawaiian Islands, lie bean
In great need of clothing The Children'sHorn age of Pendleton. N. J., but now a cured a number cf sxcluslv models, tone there to meet a party of 100 Immigrants According, to a dispatch t the NewYork M. ROTH..E.N
wish ., ..... their many0 to deelgn for fn m the Canary Islands and the World from Maa,
Society to ,1' appreciation esldent of Jacksonvn and a valued and I* _prepared gown WOI..t..r. Oo. lit W.
of Ihle beautiful Thanksgiving ttach of the Ornlf-Croby Corn- the mot .fastidious' tt. lultabl furall Aaore. whor* to arrive bit Honolulu by Guild has ..rnted a to *. . ti
the Itrltlsh *t..mer Buverta on November Nsrsmore who been * it
donation and for the spirit of the meeting any.Th.ceremony. occasion Mm. Fudger make a Elisabeth A. u ".
that prompted' the gift. was performed In the apect<y of trousseaux and debutant \ JMh Their advent, like that of the .n Inmate of the Worcester Insan Hos .
preaaies of a few Intlmat friend hiPr ooaturaee and 1* pleased to girl sugstlons It( Yi1I Reach CbarleslOD( j j.De in BelgIans. at Charleston, I* mnaldvred or plt.1 .1"0 March, 1101. when she chopped .r

KINDEROARTEN OFFERING. Van Winder Shields. the rector of .;< and advice a* to correct, styles .upm-ne Important. to the Hawaiian to .piece* lIe six children at her home ..tCol b So great been the it t
Islands, aed.tis" < President hns taken so llln. i.
On. of the pleasant Thanksgiving features lit. John' Th. house had been pimply In women' .r.... Phone 1140.IIICAOO .. mber. much Inti rest in the m,Uer that he Instructed brook. Springs, and then at"mptl ibis compasy,.a.:1"

of yesterday was. the offering by but artistically decorated for the aces :Mr Bnrgent. to go all the wartee the Ii quiferlug extensIvely. baa employed I
at sure.1g.
Naramor we
th* little 0.... ot the III"er.hl" Kindergarten on. chryianthenfum. being used In (' MANn rAITolFvLrtArccll. : to Honolulu ta bid them welcome. In Mr Insan 8h tm. commit- larVe aumbar ef axtersnlnaie lint''r'
for the Salvation Army. Each ot great profusion their spicy fragrancend hi* name and to noourgj the official of and .. w. rodent.. offering 'h a loyalty of I ;.
the little kindergartener brought apreMmt beauty adding an especial charm to ..... Ktkel J el* IIM4 loyally by HerSwtkart. the** Island In their forts to secure. ted for'life.Recently H. M. Qulmby superln- cent. for .amibe Calba.e \>

of Mm fclud and each offeringwaa the ....n.. The brld. a very attractIvewoman. A NEW TEST OF THE LAW. shell eettler They are. holesotne people, of D. hospital reported to th* has off.rsd to pay 00 sesta more, Olt
rl..CIOI4In\ a basset which, \ wa fairlyoverflowing .' won a becoming wedding ;::::::::4 all farmer with fsmllles, carefully. *olecUd that Mr. had re-
when' all had been deposited. gown ot whit llk crepe d" chin and Chicago Nov. year age todayamuel -- and a* an Inducement. for them II covered her reason, NUlore. a paronal Quit a number of Boat**. Ma**.. labor,
thereIn Out. McMurtry In charge of carried' an arm bouqyet of 'whit I N. Hotthelaer was amssjst on acharge have their homes In the Cannrtee. and .rt. union deluded utraloM permitting. ;
the local corel of the Salvation Arm,. rhrysanthemuma.. Her only attendant preferred against him I by **) un- ROBLEM WHICH V'NITED STATES Aaor.* site Territortl gotfmment ha* ofrrd . visit and talk with for her. b.Gov.mor 4> IIUc*l" of Jlousloos la Ibs'; i

wa. gr.aIly.pleaeel at the generosity" or was Mr.. Ralph Payne, who was mairon 1.1. Simon Strau., who I* preel. jent DrIh. AUTHORITJEB MelT SOLVE. them tract of land free of cost la.ul "rd.r h. reesse. union v
I the children and pays that the offerings: In private banking Arm of 8, W. Straus ,.n.
of honor end ,looked charming Ihey canie from a slmllsr cllmale; they:
will do much good among the needy, to fashion and worn with a teque to A ('0.. ot having obtained from the flrm sea aocosKHned to the intlvtlon or auger Mrs. .N..mor says she know nOlh.. .
whelp they will be dlslriuuted. Ilk, her dowerk also white isr.sn.themuma. a sum of tM.: M by a *>*tm ot hckting. tnd other tropical crops and are in. log of ..h& happened all year. ago sieptlng .

.. ." At that lime Iloffhelner wa* Many ot Then Soi'lhcrn' Imm'f' rants Art reeled. to make. useful and ralubl. clitwn the .uthoil. hire tOIl
: :W.0 ngaged to a young lady named Ethel ir. She I* a . woman
MR. J ROBS Mr Foci was attended by Mr. Norman > It I* that the
U IIU"a Graves a* best m... After the Jacobs, and the marring wa to take Men Wboe Are Weil-t.ca sad Who spirit s* well:1 ':1.t ;r..fl-e'. Immlgr In the prim of life, and Intends t leave
piece on the del ot the forn>*r'. arrest the hospital as soon as shs finds pl.c
reached Macon ..,. theTelegraph dainty refreshment were lion art'baa been obeyed In securing
New ha ,
ceremony her* were numerou delay la oonnee- Bring money Enough!: 1,, Purchase Good to live, Dr.. Qulmby told the Governor
of that. rlt,. that Mr J. served before Mr. and Mr. Forf-lrt them. No prlvu Individual no ootpnretioft entirely gulHI.es of
lon with Hoflhelner's trial and It wa that sue wee any
Ito.. Helm\ of Macon and Mis. Vile for their honeymoon trip down thePast or srsoclsllon ha. bad any hand In,
sot until recently he w** arraigned and But Small Farm crime end wee driven to her sot by pciasipo. >
the but the movement hoe bon
hewer, or IMFunlak Springe, Fla,. coast Mrs. Port golngwsyown matter .'
after a lengthened hearing wa tested
0 would become husband and wit entice was of navy blue voila over "not guilty" by the Jury and discharged "'A ROtbr r steamship load of Immigrant. u-anaged by Territorial nrftaUl whose. Mrs. Niramor who leadtmi'an
have been paid from the Territorial hu.bln.
tlin during the winter. affela mad Iq mart Coat and skirtaehlon offhelner, and his Bane then announced\ train Meujlum and Oermeny to Chart.** ripen treasury. Every, loiter, circular, earning ill a out of era-

Title announcement will b* a very and worn" with a taluS tom Ib.t their marriage would. take place onsams Ion, S. CI I I. stout to sail from linemen.slid .nd other written sad printed' metier baa ioymnt: 'u two month In th. winter
| aeant surprise to the friend of Mr. ateh. k the date but a year later and to- .nd the woman and her children
teo 01thl smlooery of Havallin Terrtlory. .ul.red
to "what the
wilt b interning see
Holm In th* title of the South Atlenllol.eagu Th brld only arrived In Jackson.yule day the wedding look place. At the It vcrsly from raid I and lack of
aulborltls do PM< for by public cc required
are going to
*. I..t FrIday on the Arapaho fromher tIme of hi. arrest llorfhlnr w.. poesi1551 immluralk ...... lbe oVerseer of she poor assisted :
bv Ik Immigration
bout 14. A* e a. etated a few dais *gn. *
Brooklyn home, and lisa beast the
Rues has teen with the Marcn team .
of the Twentieth Century Soap Csmpan wall, and prou'breil
.,, who landed Ihtta "Arotber of slm'lar tmmttrai4ssis tIer a ".10
MO itt were on |I' .
Of Mr*. Ralph Payne during her =
and tilled himeatf'lntOtupular
Iwu luasunt guest ?, and It has been continued sine, of NovimUr ar* here In violation of I npeclsd *t .. from Oesea In a loymenl HU .. who. mind had
Ce eurunan. diamond, And .1.'. 3d,. and Mrs. Port after a short .f the .
cy IInd.r the seIne lloffhelner :Maacturlng art end contract bur few wees.. These nowennur* save been hecoap sPecIal. accused him pr .p. '
the l Immigration
iiw h* baa developed Into a good wedding trip, will b* with Mrs. Me.elty. Company lIe now Intends lace because Ihey w-.. persuaded lom picked. up la Northern Italy e.hr may 1,1" his money on other women.Tb .
"Ie".r." havIng esught ene of Flare at II Rst Duval street until to devote ..1I.ta energies in mother, with .
_ \' expanding << by th rlTer ot unlawful Inducwtnwnit. te round en. ef th* most Intelligent and mad an ale .trul
- the company, and a portion of them paid tlielrpauag Indiwtrtnu populations 'n the world, end each uf 'cblldrra. on the ld. ,
"rtlH.ra espeeteS from' thuAsore I In tb* order of their s, Shebran
"'th money advanced' t. theft byh tIMe the
Chicago Federation of Labor, through oomnrIssloner of Immigration of the and, Canarl*'* bur to lake the with Rebel,: year 0 age. who**
.4 its vxwnitlv commute, took a slap al State of South Carolina. Many ml them, liar, of Aslalla. upon the llawnllanllanlatlois. body she l placed a Nest Wsl-
The Florida National BankOF t"e Carpenter' futon In its debt. witS ,owv**>, ar* well-lo-do. torn of thins I.r. I year eld wss "111. and hi. bodyplaced

the woodworker when It adneited. a re** to.' v* ntobey ._b lo buy email forma, l oa her last born, tn, sister,
-JACKSONVILLE utlon adrnontehlng alllll..... labor to a" moat of bm had tntak full *f good Dak4 ggertlesia <. reelect 0..*. Th* mother lay beelde ...'young.t -'
beep lavMat freement enticed lnt lathing and laundered line, Th* ratlt chlMna and cut their tbr.t. TH
WITH A CAMTAfc O/ri-r-r--/ . wIth employer 'hfploed were tt C claaa much superior In Blase. ".IIe. B D.,"No". .-Actl".. In eimiidreo wr killed In four I

MILLION OLLARS ntalugenr education and materIal <|ualftcaojun rapertkm with CaL L era..tc>.... Oov. poems.Mrs. ,'i-
HALF DR E. H. RMSTRONG : to th. ordinary ImanlgruuA senor of South Dakota" cengraaemae. Jaralr was acquitted o( mur- IN BRED OF BKLFITher ,

AND DEPOSITS 0r OVER **con 1.oIanII NO In umb-w. and aimllar rUee.i of flea' C. W, Berried and other pi' >nlnnt TWO MIILLON DOLLARS ) Is expeoted at CKarlaMim hi th* ttild-. . the lastS Dakot Gain and rtshProtective t
All N
C Er. adcAe
.r* .
I of tterembM 4h.r are unUttfulmkrrani Aeeoetettna ". *t .reseat .. MMkral ovemt. a <1ly

DirnUrHJTEO A MONO- anal chtonl dlsordr I *. If b.J ewe bar ben v lo ....*. la fnmlag law for the protect"Icnft peai way t gel ')a tnuua with :)It'll .'

DEPOSITORS *. Ulits* intel by Mr Watsoft, the (tat* commlaner same ... _ala to the .ta..... Th 4a. LaM City. U. Nov.This t.WI has .1.( ,
FOUR THOUSAND tMlaiwl flt 'o wh ruble .**4 kKUglt ./r
Itro . of immigration, In wTerlng HMnduc elation which has only receally bnfortned. a M 10Ioomb and. I
IiQUCS. torn VIWNEMI FOUR FEU: CENT COMPOUNDEDQUAMTKMLV .... soil broken me.u tAt coma and If they *r. tu wilt ask t erlalalur* to pane .at.. Ad. !. TOss etrvcolU, y* Tl'I '
ON B.ATtNGB ACCOUNTS. tn**>. rplMxt All repair wort.. be east back upon arrtval, they ought santa further gam the I. tad aJsota Creak Inundated the un".r."n"j IW. J.

II LAURA TltCCT.: b* aUowed tAt **JL Oa lbs *tb>*r haM *nfT tine gtUaT low hreatees tertou .. **. l ., >*t .e waokly. IJ

0 ''I
4 ,
.. '. .


'4 n4 '( "' : .1'0\\ , ' . \ .. .........L \' :". I "'. "i
-: : ;\t .. ,
'v 'ite.c p- ;; ""',' ."'" \ " .t. 1.mH'I/,""f .,J i. \ .




I or alike are habitually .
constipated. It slays its A AQUATICI EVENTS

\ victim?by thousands, although Will Be Great
Friday Bargain Day
;. some other name goes into the a

*p death certificate Drugs will not AT JAMfSTOWN

'cure. daily. .

5peeiatCenter/ Items In Some Grand Values /In


\ Yacht Races for the Great Dress' Goods


1," : Exposition. G'e

',4j and Silks

':'.-f(,' INTEREST OF EMPEROR.' Aisle

:which is of laxative . ,
|y a nature. N FANCY SILKS-Louisines
\" MANT. NOTED SPORTS WHO .ARE PLAID RIBBONS..... Fancy and Taffetas in a choice no-

1J, 10 cents a package ',ALSO ENTHUSIASTIC. Scotch Plaid Silk Ribbons; lection of new' designs for to I

large assortment of *)C Fine Shoes morrow's
for ..!. by all Qrooor* selling:; aery
't Featureof'the' colors, 4% in, wide, .. JuBABY fine quality' for the .
Another : Occasion 39c
' RIBBON--Satin Baby price > . . . ,. , .
;Will .B.* th*:Collective Exhibits by Ribbon, all colors; special v PLAID SILKS There nothing
mVORE[E IS THE CitiesComprising and Combining, :Their 10-yard bolts 1 Dc. newer on the market for

/ tor . . . .
" a swell shirt waist We ha\'
ft Various, Manufacture and Municipal : : For to-morrow we another fine lot of Women's Lace and Button e
I WOMEN'S BELTS-Silk Belts, reduced our line of 85 cent

Atlr.ctlone." black white ,and. Dresden Shoes in kid and patent leather. These are $3.00: values, made; in extension and 98 cent Plaid

; .POOPERBEMEDY Emperor Norfolk' i,William:Va., Nov and x 28.Sir-Th' Thomas* Interest Lip-of silver effects
ton In th )'aohtl'&olne to be held at the 25c'
value .. lotThis is'strict1, cash
I..i r a 'and solid colon suit. i
Jamestown Exposition. U: 8. A., la 190T. ,
; 'I In addition to the enthusiasm of the STOCK COLLAR Fancy embroidered sale and able! for suit!*, waists andchildren's

,; /Bappy and Unhappy; Barrlajcs American' making th.m..I",1II those races, an go event far long toward wash Stock .Collars $1 98 starts promptly at, $1 98 dresses, 38 inches

; to be remembered In the annals ot yacht large assortment to '8' O'CLOCKWomen's tudcj l extra value

Discussed ingThe choose from j 29o at . . .. . . . . OUC
1 exposition la to be held .beside the 21
historic water* of, Hampton Road" a values . . . .c t.', I C CLOTH--This beautiful all- r \

wide with the sheet Road.of tidewater at Portsmouth comparable, the Firth only LONG GLOVES=Long suede Fur Trimmed Juliets in Black, Brown and Red, the $1.50 wool cloth in 'chiffon weight, ,

BY REV. ANNA ,H. SHAW. of Clyde. the Riviera Kiel or the Sea ofMarmo. finish lisle thread Gloves, ,, Kind for 98c. comes in all shades, 46 inches '4j
rl' ...' Then I* at thl spot plentyof black, brown, tan ftn wide., We offer them *JCn '
for the beat yachting results,
;! $1
yet. the wlna rarely. It aver. reaches the and gray) special | .UU special for Frid/iy./ k f JU
'NOTED: WOMAN SUFFRAGIST TELLS magnitude of a storm beneath the sunny WOMEN'S HOSE-Plam PRICE ON PLAID\ SUITINGS- We'have
:: skies and. languorous tephr of the region ,
OP' THB EXISTING EVILS. black cotton Stockings,, high a small lot
w ." 'The spot I I. pregnant with historic significance. . spliced heel and ''double Plaid Suitings '46 inches
!11.. ., t Since the birth of the American ,
soles stainless dyes Blankets and Comforts wide our regular. $1
IH. Disapproves, of, the Experimental Republic I this neighborhood has been ; 15c ; 8ge
the center ot the nation. life I around special .,; . . . .1. qualit.for.Friday... .
which have revolved all dts'Itruggleu toward .
Plan and Propose to Unmarry Many ,
aT freedom and advancement In learnIng
:'l :
:f .Condition ExlaUng'A1t Over the Land birthplace occupies to-day of George Not Washington far away I* the th* Previous to the Holiday Rush We Close Out Blankets' and Comforts at the Following Low PricesBED

greatest of all Americana. and a little
:'fIf a Rev Anna Howard Shaw, r-esldent et farther away 1* the hem In which he .
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n, who com. Urn ago suggested femlln and those of other nationalities\ olive Comforts filled with Comforts, ,filled with best ''cotton, kets, Bilk bound, a good, warm I Blankets; a Rood heavy quality; a
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i,'MM.decided, and views her opinion oa subjects of trial of Importanoe -. town In ISO? that the exposition has BED COMFORTS-Large! size stitched BED COMFORTS-Large size down 10.4 BLANKETS-White wool Blan 11.' BLANKETS-"White Nevada all

advocated ),ft.. marI'jtrlaawi been planned. Every stage of the nation Comforts,. dark colors, same on both Comforts of mercerized kets soft and colored wool '
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't American have arranged at a BED' COMJFORTS-rExtra size mlk BED COMFORTS Exti fine ,11. BLANKETS White wool Blankets ...' BLANKETS
i Mt I 1. wicked.'' she said I to a reporter meeting held In New York In July that a doyn -Genuine California
,.;of;th* Bun 'to think of marrying/ aa an the race shall be. tailed according ito oboe Comforts, two kinds ''zephyr Comforts, all-silk covers with njus1m -' extra site and quality; the kind Blankets ; 'everyone knows what that

./experiment. Consider the demoralisation'Jtne'chango th* rule adopted. at the Atlantic Coast or interlining same on that usually Sell at $$500 means $15.00 quality
spe ,
> would make. It the trial Conference In, January IBM Canada ticked stitched 00 $4 50
Kmust b* made. Jet It be before marriage and the United' State have been divided . . . . $2. both sides ," . ,. . $12.50 special at . p' . . at . . .. to . . .. . $13.50:
't. M'loh' harm Is don by marrying after 'Into eleven districts, for the purposes
acquaintance of a week or a month. ,of the regatta, and a committee

7,Of(a loge course at: aII':1I41.,a lImUlUlltma.: real fall each composed of them of one known representative aa the regatta from Madras Waists Walking' Skirts Stylish Suits
'", Jove and not merely passion. they will committee. will have entire charge of
.\__ ,aaUIIII.. to wait a year or so to beteetee the races to be held next year, !
'. better acquainted The International championship race. $1.23 Friday'Speclal'$4.98' : $16.98 '
for for tor
Friday Special
"' "Th conditions of ;marriage an all In which several.Europeen yachtsmen Special Friday
.'feVM, lit my opinion. If the number otJ an exported to take part, will be runes
"J marriage wen decnaaed by four: or by the beaU of the "P" class,.consisting Colored Waists of heavy white madras, front made Women's and :Misses'' Walking Skirts in the' latest Women's stylish Suits in box coat styles also the

L five time, men and women would b. betit of thirty-footer*. pleated styles, made of. novety suiting in gray plaids Bon-Ton style with velvet collar and cuffs, strapped I ,,
This rating was, decided upon by members _
ter and civilisation I would advance, and tueke/Frencls back
i we would all b* happier of the regatta committee. In orderto with four large Dust fancy turnand stripes, also Panamas, in black, navy. gray .and seams and extra, full skirt; in mixed ,grays and light "J

q,'.* MRS. SHAW PLAN. foreign provide yachts.for a large, representation. of pver collar. new style sleeve I brown. and dark colon.DON'T ...::

"I 'wish I tOO unmarry; two-third ofthe It la probable that boat of this .mall
people know she laid emphatlSj sis. Inasmuch aa they may ba carried '
v :,O4.ll/,","educate them for five yean and amore the Atlantic lashed to the deck ofateamen FORGET The Saturday' Night 'Sale in the Carpet Room at 8.'o/ lock. Manufacturers' sample pieces of
each other
them t
}.;." than marry again will be largely representedTh ..
By that time they would have learnedp. H.mptonAIad.* Yaoht Club, Nottingham Curtains all 'qualities some pieces 50x50 'inches for sash or half' curtains othersare
bat marriage' la a vocation a real profeaaloa whose .roomy, comfortable house U oruy ; ;

1 85', tend Into. It because I* not aomethlng one 'ta attracted to be en-bytthe.woenatle a when few the hundred.races,will yard take from place thee will,. /apot be 18x50 inches,. for .transoms' or side l lights; some better quality pieces, 18x30, 'for: front door side lights; ftp each

fluffy bat or by the man the host of the visiting yachtsman ,

t'marrying rood look should' Th.be.only hems-bulldlnt'ted:real purpoee.-of' Exposition A striking I* feature the I collective of the exhibit Jamestown uy for cash only, none exchanged :.. .,.,. . _.. .. . . . : . . . .I . . . . . . . .',_. .., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,

th* rearing o.f: children Now Just eeeftiow cities, comprising and combining their
all who desln; to take up'a manufactures and municipal attractionThe
i profession must study .for years beforefthey'an plan li'meeting with reneral approval -
competent to put their know a number of the larger.cltlea hay adjustment la the most Important that
ff edge. Into practice TOT acnool teacher,, lag aecured I.rea..... for a display U being considered by the Congressmenwho Stylish Coal for Young GirlThe
,for .medicine, for law) for everything' on and many smaller places ore falling Into READJUSTMENfl[ already are appearing In town They
""'"earth, an man end women educated except : line.; The economy and simplicity of the frankly. aay that President Roosevelt war, \ jaunty and ;tiervtceablo;: covert cloth ,
.., for marriage. They real Into' mat plan appeal to every community that the dominant Issue In the late campaign Jacket promises to continue In favor In* VISIT THE SKATING RINK
,rlmony without a consideration of all It I has attraction to offer to settlers and and that without him the Republican definitely and will, be much worn during
M Involve desirable locations for manufacturinglant party would have been whipped out of the coming season This one 1 I. In hiplength
APPROVES OF DIVORCES > !. It appeal to' local pride and to OF ARIFF Its boils. They are Inclined therefore
'Do approve of divorces? Most de* I hose mwufacturera: who desire to extend THE to let the President blue the way, and ,
iolded.yl l It I:Is more wicked (or- a man their business or the territory they follow him without, outward sUtn' of disapproval OPEN DAILY
K.,'(and woman to live together, hating and I desire to cover They ar. much concerned ,.:
'despising each other, than for them to Different trade organisation are alto however aa to the action the Preaidenl 'f
4' contemplating selective exhibit of the take and It I. well assured
.separate' Imagine the nature of a child I may pretty .
highest production of their members, that, even U :Mr. Roosevelt should advocate \
Is It
110. under such circumstances }
the being similar to that whereby It Will Be Proposed to the he will meet 2:30
'\I surprlslnff that w. .nave *o many mur* II plan tariff readjustment TO 5:00: P. M. ,
P Scram- ? loturea!. of artists are selected bi comnltte with strong opposition In both branchesof 1
: ; for exhibit In' the salons, of .
} Suppose, for Instance, thit child CongressSpeaker
Paris By thla mean only the beat anhown. Next Congress.. Cannon II expected In Wash' "
1rI'O'". up In a household ef such misery 7:30 TO 10:00 O'CLOCK ;
1 and unhapplnasa, Th and I lotion at least a week before Congress
< oorsa and Ih1 woman h.Jdlstbad divorced The President and United 'Btatea Commlsslonera "',' convenes and will confer with, the President
account of public opinion or are especially I anxious to as to the program of the forthcoming
on I
:;n. :craJudlSo 'I'ha child boar th* brunt of hare the highest and best products of PROBABLY NEXT SPRINO. session. It Is not expected thit. th*
i?, the unhapplnas It I* tossed front father stir factorial, shown to the thousands of. tarIT| question will b* precipitated! seriously "
to mother praised by e... abused bytthi foreigners" who are coming! to the expoItlon at the approaching session, a*, In
which will Include toe greateet the circumstances' the appropriation bills
atat of unrest '
l fv<*' end other with, the In s>discontent constant ot fcls! parents naval and military display the world has. {RESIDENT ROOSEVELT: 18 BERIOU8LT and routine business will'occupy practl Gninthal's Full Brass Band 'Every Nightone
? example. Now. ever seen ally all of Ithe available time It Is quit
ft :always baton him a* an CONSIDERING MEASURE.
certain, however. thai president" Roo.Celt
f'-\ what eort of a, man will he bet Would
vlt'net be a thouoand tlmea btar If the Ordo- Ice ,,Cream from Till will Indicate, either directly or Indlreotly. .
r an regardng tariff revuUon.3Bo -
and remedied It. M all mistake but a Representative An Much Interested a* -
; mistaken. marriage can b* remedied CRIME. pattern. For Instance a skirt and
[/'. 'De you believe In marriage after dl. CALLS (to the Action the President Will Take. Lunch, TiU'i Cafe, Very fine. waist pattern In on. picture, and be suis
J twneY, and writ name and address plainly and Duval Theater
Btllwell. of the Mexico and Orient Bay \
.'Tee, I do. Why should a mans Strong) Opposition to' the Chief Executive LEFT A 900W. the number. ef the patient with the auuv r
It .Btrke* at the Poople. .
t whole! life be polled because on wo '
J' nan I I. not what she ihoiAd hive been" 8UW.iif; the Kansas City, 'I. Expected. Another Infant Left on the PI,... of Do you know Till makes the Thanday, HatlMo ..* Make'
t Dont you think however that If divorce President Washington Nov.. !--Tariff nvtsloa, JTaekman. Horn. finest Chocolate and Bon Bom in Kevenber. a*.
) : :wen su easily gotten .eoclety' Mexico and rebating Orient Railway, any of the or aa President. Roosevelt prefer to A year, ajo Thankagrlvtng J. T.'Jaok- ;5690 ? box The Jra\orlte Oorniati Dialect '
? South
would, become entirely 'mu.tM p" rollo term It. tariff r.aclJu.tm.nl"wlUbe ran. of Tampa .war ._kOnM by the the Try a Comedian
_1 Wall ot course that oonslderad 0 the crimes I In the whole category Congress,:
I Ito," sold I*. Shaw, "There must , the rebating crime \\c the moat u.Just. <. probably proposed within formally a few months to There, equalling, of an Infant, which had been Th Collery Employs;;; .;; IVdnratlun In G.14ee"YelalJgleger.
'J, t. certain cause that will'w&l'1'ant' dl- Rebetlns strikes nt the .peopleatthe I la authority for the statement that; placed upon his front platy by someone the northern districts of New' South! 7
1'\01'01.' Even then people will lie and fountain head of the rlths dcloeated the President himself. who left a not attached Jackman to lie t&k.rare. gee.mentor Wales' decided, by 11.. votis to 1.::KT, jn AL.. H. WILSON
After railroad The hired assaaaln ..alljultm.otl requesting Mr. to ,
to the ct the
tchem to secure their purpose average itiate the movement for la favor of canceling the registration '
f.; all It divorcee wen not so Alfnoult to of old may be p:ctund o* a white- of, the tariff In a specie! meeeage. to the of It. Mr. Jackman looked after taken It organisation under. the arbitration act (MFTIIIn !:
secure. It would not make so much material robed saint ejmpared. to the -rcbalen Congress. It I I. regarded a* likely, however for several months whent I a New Play of PlcluresqueBwluerland. :
} difference A bad woman will always Rebating la a crime for which no punishment .that thus message. will be sent to 111 and died. Have you read this ads In to-day ,Me.IronollsT . ,.
(e be bad Divorce will not change la too severe I would like to use Con.rath.. ... th.n0 On last eunday'nlght, say the TampaTribune It \nays to read. them
the Incoming Th "MBTB: IM TUB AIPS"The
human package and la eemi-ftttln.
her, If she I* good and seeks esbaratlonas the nbatar get twenty year*-)'.., fifty body .and that the message he found another __ ._ '"
the present and -- - -
}, of keeping her own self.re- year*..In the penitentiary"Have in about the same place a the former piece la In rr-ultlon coat style : Best "Wilson Play" Ever '
a mean extraordinary
delivered at aa
I will be one. Thin time a boy war left. Instead rolling collar of brown) velvet finished br I'rodueed.Man.S' .
t1 be mad wicked by
'Tr ''divorce peel ens The will pun not and Ih* Impure will. you read t sde'In to-day iievtro ._Ion ot the, Congress to be convened of a girl Mr. Jackman staled to a Hat braid. affords stylish neck completion 1.lIt of the Author, Sid.n I
next springIt Tribune reporter that he would see to but It preferred the collar may be ,
bold th. same ratio *. formerly polls? revisionists that y R. Ellla
.11 tariff a
la urged by .
Trlbun . Cheviot serge
L said its rearing but asked that the of the mater!*! Kersey. ,
W New, don't, < mleundentand of me.divorce I Isentirely Jmtt apply **"*.t. failure on the pert of the Republican to elate for him that he I* In excellent fetII and broadcloth are all aultabl* for reproduction Scenes of Jnt..tlTI. )
Dr. Chew My advocacy take definitely the tariff question In : Mwlti. ..rland Valley
; : up himself and doe not think any I ne- For a girl' bf Is year two
1 the trial marries
I different from W'uh. the next eighteen month wlll.leopardluthe for the providing ot foundling of 44-Inch material ,will be re the Rugged Peak of
:.1 Idea When I sax: I approve of divorce. Beattle. Nov. aTheBute euccoe of the party In the election'I ceealty exists e'Infect yards. the Alp. the Mountain.
,: I mean It only .> a solution of an utrfowtome Board of Control having been able to secure ha had Ih *tub children at his home. quiredMisses' .
of let Th* President also asks that next Coat No. 1610-8.... for IS, U ear's i Horn, the Icy
condition that could not possibly a supply of lute for the making of Two I Jackmaa bile .
Jert In mlhd for a long time years', llj e..v. so. and the Great
the factory at the pen' be accompanied; by a and IT yean.Th
way" bag.n
be remedied In any:! other grain ago It was hla purpose to discus* Ih* |-4nowstorm.
lentiarythe farmer. In thus extent Stale of will tariff quMtlin In a special. meeeag '''and I 1-- ...... ._ pett.m be sent by man new ..... eel Yodels.
the overt
In euterto
There of Indecision this season ,
comes a moment well known that. a* pnpared at
risen It la postage o* receipt ot W eent wlta My llsavrn. Is In Yc ur Kye*." .
the life at many a man, when he 1I000.n.t o.* The price of Jute has from hla thelatement bso
fret annual meeeage contained the alae wasted *' .
Olb- .
-Cardinal f the pallet n 1
the Lullaby, |
"Wilsons "lwisu. Moun.tain
Md. Nov
know whether to write .If* Insurance or IIT to tan a bale and cannot be pro- that he would announce his Baltimore THIiBwrBSkVM
'q. ><..erioan _literal ur rued even at that price. >.!.... on he tariff In a subsequent menseat bone and other high, dignitaries. ...ot dth the and..,your. .._r Ta_name.OATTKIIM and address. DEPART by: I Klrd ..Yodel1'__'"L__'Hongs_' of OldFatherland __
--- --- ----
a --- ." rW e.reeaes "
Catholic cnurcn were present r I..n. .
Prior to the publication of the Cethedialh.re o.M&NT. .,
1 J v "
Icatlon at the new, Catholic and "Tb' SniUelbank
Bfllmtt. -1'. octets bola a message txtoauae,of that the statement pressure. war... .lIm''Ied'J'' In....'. _____ Send us ant" when there Is more thai I Prk'ea. 'I.... .1..., rile! ...ta....

t.Bilbg+ "1'It.nll'p.U"" ," 1-ast 'I.40 ,Tea
Mlllv E'drcs&xaS Resident again had the ... < J sad go on gals at. r p. m. Wed-
i In mind lie conferred with the leaden DinnerRATHSKELLER neaday. .,
\ and the House Hewas Thanksgiving
In both the Senate -
her ,
of life. Bee.ail.gusttatr
1- advised. that It wee an Inopportune ...,... ...
alt bet the aff.rte sari that Issue Congrese, ..aday, Nlakl, MOT. M.
b dkMU U *oejr. of Joy to time to project on .

:y 1 eUoffeir .iMlAent to the ordeal makes its anticipation one of the particularly propoeed aa railroad It was evident rat. ', legleuuion then! that. .**.a.a Ikea Suit, If y.. .... RCn.ssK'Ai.iNaW picrinri.KVERTTIIlNa MOVIKU ,

I"k 1t1ttbW' prlgd b the ..J, gtad.dy v hkb relieve women of the gnat would arouse much antagonism and ran- t

;, pain end .....,.r .. ..t.erDlty. till hour which i II dreaded a* wwmeV .urn* a great deal of (law", Speaker CaaDon. "- aw at. I* **e .. NOTICE Or APPLICATION TO SELL : NEW.' :

:f .nntC trial ia ... .al, ..de palates., bat all the danger i U avoided' war. on the* of determining lb. ataaeheet factor.ta.A4"patte.In the equaJIon. . Else, rwt.1, halt hell TYrtle. a 1. .ih.k.lle. **"** Almond. UJCORS WINES: AND BEER
* tT its 0*.. Tans wb* was this remedy an no longer delpoDdeDC" : He bluntly! told the President that Broiled Spanish Mackerel,'' Sauce Tartar, 'Tone Julian Whereas, Henry W. Von Dohlea ha* -
and other dUtreuirj conditions arvwcoaw. It, he wanted to get hla railroad raten..aurd BluOed Olive* flod with the Board of County Commiteloceefs Notice
,"7 gloomy| ..m......*, CMIMM Hill fickle .elDurk of lineal County, Florida his
the Houee he would
i mad for the coming ... sad the I through Opeeeum. an Cullae ?* a la MarlngoOolden to sell liquors, Th creditor. distributee. and all per.sons .
'i the *y.t.. .ready bees to abandon, for the time al least 4 BHcee California Troll./ al l plication fur permit
Mfioo* accieUBto .*> Mmm. to the critical its'" Idea* regarding a readjustment of Prime Ribs of Beef au jars Wines aid and Hart and In Kialj Election; any Wtlrlrt vltlaeH n.of the eeut having* of claim beak ut 1. demand huh ,... deceased against

a hoar ... 1the' r.. >f Motbr1PrlMeJ. '. the tariff demanded schedules thla la ennceeelaa other words a* the therpceber Turkey Stuffed. Cranberry Baue Suckling pig, Bluffed with CbeslnuU of such. !eliKtlun. county, dlirtrlot may show ..-.., are ......"y "<>tIlled and. required to |.re- '
eIIk.. .. Balad Waldorf BaledAeparagvie . flalms, or douanil aralnst 'al' a ''It..rtIa. it* weight io gold Moiher'srrleixi pried of hie aupnort of the rat e.aauraIt Caullnower In Cream If any there IM. at the meelMig of the ant their '
Tlpe the undergned eetolnlatrepwithin
Itht to
} who. Uv o.ed it. $0.oopf rI1 was Important that tae cats bill should Hire Harts board la be held CM Wednesday. the .
; ,Iy.saay the '. Steamed of IhKomber neat why tuc jwrtultnould two yearn' fromM dale, H.
without apeakeT f
fcwttl IC dmg Bte>.... Book cootalninfnkbl be port passed It Is end doubtful If lr could bare bee sup. Plum Pudding. Brandy Bauc.* l emon Pie nol lie granted. lit the seine will .be banedHIU4AM ,
Mince Pta L. Bl'TTAdmlnlstralar.'.
wCltw I' U CAJU10ET.
InfermatUa tl Utrt to all womoo
puttee Ihrourb Ongreaa. American and Swiss .
t' Edam ot County LvmiuU
Leek w the Hoard i
< > seat to soy addraet ors a po*'.ppUeadoe .. MOST 1MI-ORTANT PROBLEM. LuoTe*. a la Retkakejler 4unr uvJ. Cloudy, KlMa./ ] October 21. WM.Rich. .

4 .--a--.uM 00l. AUa. .. az j"I

\ 1

re- J .... <'

t,.k +,r4a e'V,,, ; .I d S- .{ ri7A'' f'Y9" . , Y. r f tr, 'b"' M1 ,.A,41 +"li .,,.'8 ,' /I' ':." .." t. ., '!r'vc, ,,, r e, de. a/A'r ,nn "eJe

=. 7.r .. .. -, \;' -
: 'T ''OJ ; t. ; h' -



General Debility I sell Ing It prove new?profitable Will my' ? Jacksonville Have I legal hoi ta.-- Are You Tired, Nervous A- FACT- I
cot' Shan I marry this yrt Slave S WILL :
Day In and day oat there It that reeling I originality or,.am I wholly IEMETRIf8.From ImltAtln'. and Sleepless ? ABOUT THE "BLUESHWhat Clyde Steamship Company
Of weakness that makes a barUen of ItM Nervousness and sleepleMtws<< are usually the "Blue **
It known *
Food does not strengthen. planetary, aspect and position due to the fact that' the nerve are
that met In your nativity. I am not suprised .. not fed on properly>> nourishing Mood It MMom occasIoned: by actual exist
Bleep! does not refr* h.
that you have made "ducks andrakes' ih,T are ttarvetl ncrvrs. Dr. Pierre's WAIT ON CUESTSNovel but la the
It l It, herd to do, bird to bear what of your Inheritance: Indeed I Golden Medical 1 Discovery maJca pure lac external

hoald! be Msr,-vitality I. on UM ebb, and "should have been more aurprtsed If you rleh Wood, and thereby the nerves are great naajortt) wf CUM by o dUr1ere4 ..
,tb whole system eaBers.' had not. At birth you had Venus Md properly' nonrlnhed and all the organs of UYER. '
For thli condition take Jupiter In close conjunction In the Sign the body are run as smoothly aa machinery I .
of Scorpio which aspect, taken alon.. which runs In oil. In this war you This IS APACrwhfck l'I

Hood's Sarsaparilla show >ou to be very fond of II'''.. and feel clean, strong and 'lI'I'nuot.8-yol1 are may be dwnoaetra <"
pleasures and will and much th"r""lI. toned np and Invigorated, and you are Plan for Thanksgiving -
It TlUllcei the blood and gives vigor and Taking thin ss a foundation and addIng good for a whole lot of physical or mental t4 by trylBj coare

ton to Ml the orgkni and function. I' the Influence of the planet In Bcorplo we work. Best of all, the strength and In- -
And It Increase. your parSons. and sppe coSIne In vitality and health are lotting. i Dinner.
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of alcohol the i
composed holding drag
your affections It *lm gives a forward A REMARKABLE STORY.FISK ,
solution. This alcohol shrinks np t.hered .
nes In :your manner toward. women ansomewhst' !
*, and In the long run
weaken moral *enmYou OI'T: :
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through them. decreased. Dr. Plorce'a Golden MedicalDiscovery mind. They brio-health and....tI .
You will find trouble In courtship! and MD., TRAINED ANIMALS.
contains no alcohoL )Every; .
marriage; disappointment In love. delay. bottle of It bears upon Its wrapper The! Ity to the 1 ocI". NEW YORK CHARLESTON and FLORIDA LINES

In marriage. and disagreement and e.l- Badgt Honnty, In a full list of all Its ,
ouiiy.Tour. several For the druggist to It Took Him Two Tearsto Do It He TAKE The
10, nature Is too extravagant; too offer u"n' he claims Is'just as ---. Magnificent Steamships of Thla LIne Are Appointed Sail u

free of expenditure. and you seem. to have good* Is to Insult your intelligence! Plan Buceeded at La.t-What'ill* Gue.t..t TO. Followi Oalllmr at Charleston S. 0. Both
no opportunity to save. Add to all this Every Ingredient entering Into the ...... New Ways.
the Influence of the Sun' and Moon. both world-famed; "Golden Medical Discovery" Their Thanksgiving Dinner ToMorrow "I'll never, go '";;t with Mabel Fly I'Ior3elcarthRIvr* Y.rk,. Frea Jeekonev5ll. I'M'
of which wer In Aquarius at birth and has the unanimous approval and endorsement "In." aTRALElt, ?: I5a5eS7UWYSr.
w* hav more testimony showing of the leading" medical I authorities\ .Will See Friday. '
you *
I What did she dor No". 1t, sh 1tC: ..ARA
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of all the several' pchooinof practice Ko Wedn.sde.y. NO. U. al leon am
to be a good fellow worldly, .If.r..lI.nt, Saturdey
original and well disposed; too popular Other medicine sold through: druggists for It haa taken Putt Goodyear, of British- "She... repeat* 'over'all the sign' on th. Tuesday.' Nov.Nov.: 1 II?: : leO Leo:; : ::.HORON..Friday, Noy: II, at 15:00 am
like has I aundey. No, )$,*t *O.Stam -
and having too acquaintances foyour purposes town Md, two year to train hi. pettqul..I. Wedn.sday
many The "Golden 1.rcDIO"e:01: "Well the'll make. you a good wife N.v.U. at 1"0 pm ..1ROQUO.a..Jilond.. No.,. 1I..t 10Oesl
.own good This I. but a glance .t only produces all the good effects to be . ., but hi. effort are now repaid "How *oT" Friday. NO..I.t 1:00: I'm ..APACIOE . . .'b'.edD..da, Ifoc. U. al 10:00 am r
your horoscope the testimony not being obtained from the use of Golden Seal and on 'I.bank..I..ln. Day h. will treat "8h.. bee all the. signs" Saturlay Nov, tt .t 1:00: pm ...ALGONQUIN..1"I'Id.y.. tier. .o..t 10:00 .m
nearly all taken. or weighed. or judged; I. Tuasday< N..v.. 11..t 1:00: ..-
root In all stomach, liver l and bowel hi. friend to a surprise.Gathering Sunday. Den. 1..110:00.m
JJIOD.SON'W1JRVOYRN but enough .has been shown to give you biliousness Wednesday. Nov. n..t leG: pm ..H'DRON..Monday .
troubles I as In dyspepsia, ,constipation ha.lt. Dee .. .t leis ase -
an Idea of your true 'nature and the nlceratlon of stomach and -a hunlied or more of P'rljay.\ Nov. II. at I-Ic: I'm ..COMANCHEWednes.4ay. D_ I .t 100: .m

scope and exactness 01'astrological caeulatlon bowels and kindred ailment, but the Cray iqulml, Mr. Goodyear taught them ; Saturday. D.... lat1SOpmIRotJot: .... .'niday. D.... TatltOissm: 'I'

and knowledgeAnswering Golden Seal root used In Its eoaponndIng -. to ro to the wood and pick up nuta, I IeaJT1'lner TUMd.y. D.. 4, at 3:00: pm.-APACIIE. . ttundy. lIen I. it 10:00.m:
your. question will My that Is greatly enhanced In lie curative. action McCarrel t CompoSt Wednesday: Doo. I..t.::00 pmALNQtiiN Monday Dee. 10, .t 1O:0'.m: '
them to rl home
.his I. a remarkably good time for you by other Ingredient such as Stone Feiday. ISso I. at I::00 pm..ARAPAHOE.. "t'edne.dey, I).... U..t 10:00: soS
to dispose of property In New Took Bloodroot On to-morrow nIght at a dinner his Satur'dsy. bee. .a..t'::00
your root Illicit Cherryberk, Mandrak I pm..HURON. . . 3l'rltay I'teolSstlSOlast -
n good financial vibrations surroum root and chemically pure triple- guests win notice. a amall board running Tuesday. Dec. 1 1. at 1:01: pm.-COMANCHlII..Slln.t.,.. I'eo. u..t 10:00.m
you; your Jackionvll Investment' Should refined glycerine. from a window to a nut bowl. The host. oo Company Wednesday Ite 11, at I::00 pm..IROQUOIS.... Mond". Dee IT, at 10:00.'"
also prove fortunste.. The Common Sense Medical Adviser will give one. knock on rile table with his Friday. Den U. at let: pmAPACIIR.'Wednesds-y. })ec. lOst 10:00: anI
You have legal talent and I Is free In of Knife. A .<|ulrr l will hop down the plank Saturday Dec. ii
an opportu sent paper covers on receipt .ALSJONQLJIN.. Friday, lieu 11
nit, to marry will present Itself this year SI one-cent stamps to py'h' eoetof mailing and drop a chestnut In the bowl. Two The MeCirrel Cpmpo- Stone Tuoulay. Dec.: is: : n::nt::APtAPAtOg, ..Stinday. lien.: II: :H:::gg ant cut

You ar. extremely.: original, this beIng only. For 81 stamps the cloth-bound rope will bring a Kjulrrel with a walnut; Friday. Deolt, at tOt: pm.'oMANcuEwpdnsaday. D_ heat 1O:00.m:
your. most pronounced characteristic. volume will be sent Address Dr. B. V. three knork a .".:lIberk. Company wish to ,81\1\\ notloe Saturday n.c U..t '::00 pm .HURON. ''o' 1t'rldsy. 1)ac, 21. at IOOO.m:
- Pierce, Buffalo N, 'r. Finally a grave old squIrrel will take Tuesday, Ilee 1I.t 11:00 n'lI..
that they have removed their : .APACH&:.... Sunday. Dee. .0..1 leso: ant tI.
CAN SHE BRJI1AX'JfE'R HUSBAND OF' Dr. Pierce Pleasant Pellets cure constipation hIs place and crock the hole winding up Wetle.day. Deo. IC at 0:00: JIm. .1ROQUOIS. . ,' btonday. Dt'o.lI..t 10:00:
DRINKING-ENTIRELY, biliousness and headache. the performance by brushing oft the works to their largo new quarter Friday. 15.0. 1I..t 1:05: m..ARAPAHOBl. Wedteeday. ,Jan 2..t 10:00.m: cnn

goiK: j Dear Madam Hudaon- - - ., crumb withhI. thick brushy tall *, Thirteenth and Pearl Saturday. D.o. 1I..t 1:00: pm .ALGONQUIN''.Friday' J.II. 4. atlOOl: am'Jacksonvitle

j I was born June II. int. In Florida. Cant EXPERIENCE BTTIES: ALL PAINT streets on fceabo.ird Air Line to New TorkdTfllC .
: break my hustiand of drinking, entlreyT attain great heights In your' callingVour ,
wisa, te *afl attaatia* t. the (aaha will I be auccessful In future? Will sermon should be strong, full 01 QUESTIONS. and St. John.Terminal RaIlways. CLYDE NEW ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN -
all '...*..>. MOT BB UM1TBOnty I get well? CHERRT word picturse; enniatlon irF If used bedenunciation. -. W. B. McCluney Crystal Sprlni-i, The City Office Build.ru' Exchange h LINES,

.. -*T* trevaa, .....r.h'. .Sda the Influence. around show that : Too will attend schooi Ml..., painted' his house one. coat of another 111 Last Bay FreIght 1I..ae. !5.5w.... ............n""., a.n eeC 2're.-t..... aed all tBaataraKrern '
......... should be able to Influence you husbanstrongly you 'any longer and will not teach again Jt pure paint 10 gallons, one coat street. rotate, failles at rkarlrUe Salk May.
All .--I 1**.I.S 1 _.*** .. sass for your would b* a very good Idea for you tCl Devoe ( jallons I JPure paint can b* _BliGHT OMLT.
good this If hasent
..K aM _* will fc. let t. *eafetthtfta Iourhu.band'. birth year date you I could ,take up the atudy of medicine and you thin, you know> Works Phone 1083. "__

__ ..... bays bn, more definite. Tour future :can" then minister to the bodily aa well aontk Bid. Prose. Feed (;II,....... steeet. .
u the spiritual welfare of your flock DEMAND SAFER B ILD =''WS. Lewis Wharf .
.. IX8'1'JWOTIONI FOB ABEINOouxanoNo. will be'mor* successful and you will. get Office Phone, 1340.'How's m.Wednesday. ITJIIAIHI Jack.aevtll.t f

I .. w.U. . HOPES WE WILL LIVE TO BB A Concrete Coilpaeiand Similar Accldenl'la ; Nov. II ... . . .... |IIILATAHPINu| .. Wednesday, No,. 94 U
1 t' Oare rear, wata,. day al nnth and Friday iOn,. tl ..... .. . .i: .. HippEVVA -:: :::: .,:: Th.r.rfav' SJcc <
F saae aj htrth sad Ma. It to ImportaaU I AN INVALID FOR YEARS.Dear Dear Madam GREAT Hudson. PALMIST.: Other- CIU.. . -... FridayNov.; i. ::'-:.-::':iNON'D: :: : ::::::;;:;::.:.-Friday: :>;.: T

be .tola Urn troth atIk Mdam Hudm Itturdsy. Des I....... . .. .. /l'HIPPEWA .... .. . \
MM in oataa a* : Am a male, born August T, Sill 1 In Mew York Nov. if.-Architect! and 't.;. $eturley. lIen, 11
Mam* 4aBea upoa St.A I was born In Germany November 17. Florida. What has the future for ? builder her are taking warning from '" Saturday, her It ..... .. . .. .,. IONONDAGA .. ....., .. . Saturday. I.ee n
anSi e-Stsm relating to rovrMlt.HTM W! (female Hav* been an Invalid for What profearton should I adopt WillI me many recent accMenti caund by Tour Cycle? Saturday Dpc. SI .. .:.. . ... ... ICIUPFICWA ....... s ...., 1I.lurda. n...U -
plainly fca brief aaa to the taintIga ; years pleas tell me. If I will*ver get concrete building Leader A
b* In debt at any time of my lire? Hop- ng '
trmrv-fM'--. >7 e aumber Initial any better Will I go horn to live again? 'Vla BrulI.wlck lYle Char..to'
eater construction
movement for .
tug :you will live to be a great palmist, I "OIJ'P'-I .
aaMeaa ------- ---- -------- - - - -
ge .
J. W. K
mending that New Tork. --- -- -
an Utten to Tbs Metropeu. Tour,trouble 1 I. chronlo and I fear you am your friend MAO. which I. about to be revised CLYDE ST. JOHNS RIVER LINE.IIET'JCEN
.. gM .g Madam 11"-. *. Tour Immediate future I I. dark a tIme .
will never entirely recover. An opportunity when circumstances will be tain inch atrlngent provisions as pee- Liadquartus (lot 11l1'(
Aaa 'CusitSees win V* pukttsb against you. Llrelsl
will oft., within ten months, for vent. the erection of flimsy structures or .
en?. A y oammunlnaMnn a** anaweradM Adopt a proteuion'where. can u.e
via ba aadmr.oM that the ary lae you to return horn". strong' magnetic gift.to advantac. this type. tTh Stack i// .. .t I'altks. i.tur. 1I..fo. (D.'....). aad l.t.n.eoIlat. La..".. ..eat
debris of the. Long Beach Cftllfornla Job.. RI".r.
a caaraoMc ttet aa answer le,Uo"tt Tou moat positively will be 'In debmany
= FROM HOMEDear hotel disaster had not been cleared
AWAY Automobile tiundries Tirai Lu
times lIfe ,
during your and I judgeyou
:Madam Hudson; ar. at thl* time. Tour compliment 1. away before this week RorhMter colapa brioauto Non tlulU Oil, l'ere- Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" and "FRED.1t DB BAity"r.
( the hJO.u.u'. dot I born occurred, adding three 10 the grow
eagware wi October IMS In Florida (female doubtful
lather of character
a aa w* had 1JuidLinaeodlI1doap
ImnMdlatsty aapear l_ |tda oolumn.ylsai ). Am away find home: will I go thought that w* were "some of a palm ng death list and a boson to the roll ofaruiou.ly Cylinder appointed, to call a follows: Lea" ........."m., deity\: exOIOpt Saturdays. at -

fear .pMJ_ 'The _... wlil ho... for Christmas? Am In love with a 1st", but poa..bly we are mistaken and Injured. chargeable to. falling Ut Prices Lmtil I 1:10: p. m. Returning I."e. ........ daily .x".pt Sundays .t 10: a. mu. .ba.tk

a pp Ia 'u* mure .K an eiaaweg. I* young man. ,'does h* return It? "NO 23." wilt have to wait and live In hope of becoming concrete buildings, In the Rochester dl*- Trr Qn11l1 baea... I .5 14eej'. .' '.;;
l Seeds
alter, a. In so many of Its predecessors, Hlfhtik . .
f From what I tan see. you will go home on* In the future; but we thank Read dew.. I sChEDULE N..ek honed.
Madam Hodacn: reelT quart ho only explanation forthcoming 1 I. that, Creli. | Jilt f
DMT 1WTrltmft
that aaimnt be --. ....uss ell( Ui* for> the Christmas' holiday the You maypossibly you for your W.II.&I'e Ishlng e Just the same.a when the supporting woodwork was removed 425 WiMl to fbi Ih , r.;; iiTpm . ...... . . . Jaci'sonvllle .. .......... .. IiR-L1h-d-; ;ii; \ '*

.at..the at tnfcnnattoa eg the wHur a*to sat gins lord Mia la ,part"la- You should mitrry bYe miring given the ronlng day of vear the WILL, THEY BEPAR 'J'm. hflr own, wall weight and,.floor although crashed a month down had of Cell ..If Stilt.Jno. Leave Leave Sul 5rt: am putt :'::::::::;.:-,,::l.t,..-'..Palstka-Astor ,.::::::,'::::.:::: : :: Leave Leave t: pm pit 'ti

truoUona tar Asking QueaUon,1, month of birth and I could hav given Dear Madimliudeon' : been allowed for th concrete to harden.On i.eave . ...... .. Bore.rora ID.LaDd) ... .. .t.. . Le.. 1:00: pin e,
T. aome imin iinlriall isi an aaanrwr I* you a ,more satisfactory answer. I was, born In North Carolina April I t, the heel of the Rochester disarte Arrive 1'O.m I. .. ...... .. .., .... Sanford .. ...... .. .. s ..... Leave Sill-am 'l lArrius
liBiMUbla IB 1fca ookgmna.Fieaa 1M', Wednesday. Wlll,"y wits and I eve It Is remmebered that the leading englnerlng A. 10:00 .n, . . ... . . ... d. Ent.rprise: .. .. ... . . . . Leave ICRS: am .
eparaut Will I marry again ,
do Dot ask teaIUIIsane or authority of thl city was recent ,
these rmatta to matter TIll ,know WILL. A SUBSCRIBER. I ly Quoted aa asking: ''"Ar these. concrete Maeonlo Garal Passenger aad Ticket 0...., ItM West Hay. .itseet. ........."UI..
.ahovt. Dear Uadam Hudson-. : If you were born on the day of the building an .engineering. mIMe T.mpl. '' -
Maeam feudaoa's tint and tke apao I ama female, born May M' 1S78 In month and year given, you were born Ar the engineer and architects: and enn. V. IKONMONOffiR, JR., A.' op. A, III West Bay Btrt' Jackionvtll. Fla.
te mi passe *r* both too valuai $0ooaaidar Florida. Should I tak. the !journey I am Friday not Wedneaday.. If you two i'actor. ,who are putting them. up. buildIng W. 0. COO .JUt, tucli quselaa. thinking of next month Will I he remembered eparate, It.will b* your doing, not''Clur wisely and safely for themselves. adfor HICKS ot Hogan Street, JatksoclllePie.,

In a will? ANXIOUS wife*, and because another has entered the owners, ; or may they look back i UAQEItTT Q 1C. A. Nw Tork. CLTDB'MILNE F. '
fr A. ( : 1\ a A New
"AN .:RO T." 'Tou should take the liropoied journey Jour' lire with" whom you have become .ime,day and be filled with sorrow' .. and : CAPU DINE ,
oar 1ladua HllIIIoDI I next month It will be to your advsntage. nfituated Tou like women their company -; regret t tttnus* of the destruction of lire ?UEO. d. EOKH V. P. 4 O. M.

I WM torn Vrtrarr 4. UA ta O or>1a.TVtikt It 1* very possible that you Kill b* remembered i and society and began young to and property?" One or two accidents Ilk. General O(floes, Flu, K, North RUsr. Branch.. Ill broadway New Tork.

.... UM tMCur: toe nut Po to*' by a bequest. a. planetary: configuration how your Inclination, u at 17 year hat at Rochester would not have shaken CUBES ---- --- --.--'----- .----*--- --- .'--- --------------a'.*
Ctrl I toil, IOT. at blrthpolnts that way. of ag you had an experteno and againat faith In reinforced concrete construction ;
BMfAM HOW BOT.t e 1 H, and many other .Ia..... Women. i but like collapse have occurred with AEACS THE NEW TRAVELERS' 'k
A POSITION OR BUSINESS FOR HIMSELF have been and will continue to be late that advocate of .
4 Tour tutor* t*>trlctii aa tar a* financial your such regularity of r Trial Mnsls AltaUre B. W. HAIfOOCK, rre.rllOter. JaakMavlUe, pie
other ma.Ura 1 beieSiat undoing;, ba at the present time. hla form of construction an now placid ,
pxupxK m Snag >> w.d.
.... ..
The hotel ba. been newly .or.t. rmdled and tefurnlahed. Con
Dar Madam" Hudson: on the defensIve.anwts "
TOO. bat these ar for you ando
abnuM t k4 lull a4v.>t.... 'ot alr ''I am a ma)., born In Cleveland. O, August HER DAUOHTBB TREATS HER WITh FRANK:0. MILLER'& CO.. TSDlent and matt desIrable r.011I. la ObesIty. Ixoellent table and r.aaa l I..-,

pportoaiUMi ;lour |... )OVM you ?. Ittl. Will I succeed In business for CONTEMPT, FOR IT. tie West beg ........ ra '" -
.. b. oocrtmt.'KMa . myself, or .bou5l I accept Oh. poeittofl ISm *)ear Madam Hudson' There, are many things In tile. cata- -
. now offeredf UIJFrLF.R.Accept I was born May 23.: ISM ta Florid My logos of the. Weaver PIano that are Sewing :E: :: x\. '

C CHANa tile position offered, It will b* daughter, who has always been a loving, worth knowing before you purchase a WINDSOR HOTELRAIfK

KaOanx eafsat at this time.. daughter and companion has for the., piano of any make. This cataloguewill Machines ::; :::"**
< I ant a f m J s, born ta dconrla. NnrcmInr past year treated m* with the greatest b* sent free on application. Ask .
L 137$. Whet dagwsaC?, Will 1naJcali PORN. IN NEIUIASKA. contempt; will she marry, the man who for It. rha. 1:111: r.Central . CUU.BNi ow... aJicksonvllle't .. ..re.........
ctjanf*'! SVU1 I ramaln ta this. Dear Mm. Hudson: I. th* cause of It *HT MOTHER. WEAVER ORGAN PIANO CO.

rttyl J. '1'. N. I was born .In Nebraska, August !,. Marriage condition surround your Manufacturers, York Pa, and Florida's Largest and Best. Ytar-Round Hotel.

you, |r.. born Bvna&r Ort "ohanc- ISM (female). Will I be successful In daughter at this tlma I judge she will I .... O. Miller A Co. sole agents, HIW..t Hotel!
to your lift and you irlU not remain business, and will I marry lOon? marry the man and so. allow you someface Bay atreeI..lackionVlIle.An . SPECIAL KATES .1' TH E MONTH OR SEASON] ;;.
W. C N. ot mind.
;" t2tIaoltsi.I Ckarlatt ft, St. .Aaawella. ,
. ,Tour bud,.,,, euooea will be good allthrough ultimatum has been. turned. by the '
Rates: f J 00 and tip; special rat. to
Kormna :AND DAUQHTEH.t officials of the Burlington .Railroad warn. .. RATE....
will also have the
UOt> you op- > famlile. and by the week bet and oold
O.A..TC Xt X.A._ ;
Madam UwknaiJ ortunlty to marry weli1durlngthe, same log tea employe not to join labor unions, baths; three minute walk to all ARAGON HOTEL
and notifying them that any of them . $2IOts $4 Per Diy American Plat !
WM ben Jun tt. 1MT. Xlodlr tell mew wrlod. ; point Of Intirot ,
see az; found belt o.ln. to a union would bn di* ,
my('''. and wtMt beat to dot Do IIpWI&It ; II. E. HERNAf''OEZoFltJ !
The Central Labor Union of
ItowJ or .*U tDfiumo* nurround m. T.. A PLUMBERS. CHANCE. Omaha charged, 'Neb, threatens to take action ''' 'ONT1u.&. r..... B. H. O-HKAL rras>rl4**.,
....... Dear Madam1 Hudaon .
K-Uothar' was born Kay It, ISM. ull I wan born In Florida, January S, 'ISM. Subject: to' government- -'approval the on the matter *1IOY'STERS -
nn, phase. at bsr toaltb tt you can un- Bar proposition' from a IInt-ol_ -- - .JACKeONWUJD. FLA.
a i
New Wale
: Mouth Hallway Commisakon. CHEAP RKlfTS' IH' GOOD. CXHAW DEIRABLB Nest centrally located. Complete l. t
gee ml* Havana la tha plumb-
your l..IJer'to to
go ..r* promised the various railway and DUVAL HOTEL
modern appolnUncnti,
Yoor future I. not particularly bright log business, what would you adviser I IVBVRBAN LOCATION. maintaining a
employe union. "that ,
ramway they
.. .. aulslns aad<< servIce the
loknaae around yes and: aimoyanoea also spaak Spanish lluenll,., CUBA. provide" 10000 pound annually toward a THHHR ale. 4-room << I. year ,
desire for a chang whlon should anbarka, aa .ad SacS raaa. not a"" strong b* mad at pnaant.. Go, by all mean, a* this I I. th. period uperannnatloa fui'dIT .lira MM ........ wilt .rent. vary .kl...*d O... aad la she ....u.

Taw >nohee baaltli will not Improve ot! your uooeea, ess rraaaaabla ,t. rvHabl. whit .....t.. C.atr.lI, looat.... Amsrlesn ,plae.
smuct before nsi t April then you will OF THE GOSPEL. Cas* ad Paaaasaala aa .--. Ala* .... h Me..with llrtag iwewe, .. IALTADOR, ...n....... Fla.iiNQR WESTMOREIANDHOTEI .. '1101 U." p.r d.'. Flv. minute*
as* a Chang Cur. tit* better. ROM A MINISTER We do not know of a sln.ls Instance MU* lacaltoa, eh. .s*. I. i yaity wbe[ from any wharf or dspst All *trt
. Dear Madam Hudson where a sough or cold resulted In pnea. will carry small stock: .- AddraaaPRAWBn stJsshseavflle are psa, tb* door. West Bay *ae
MOVHT nvOOC AN E8TATB. I was born In South Carolina, February: mooSe or consumption when Foleysloney M, .Hy.Th ... *. A.. J. WALKBH. F aair > Cedar streets.
'IDear Madam itudsosni, U. 111. Am a minister of the' Gospel, 'and Tar bad bn taken. it : Fla.

I am a fernaJa, bore' Oa., have bn a tactir, will I-auoceed a* a cur*. eoughs. and cold perfectly, so do Victorian (Australia) Fmplryers'. [ 1 NEV[ MANAGEMENT[ [ -

September T. last. ul'I get ::: money mlcMer. ? Should I attend school any' 1I0ltak. ohanees .with .m. unknownpreparatIon Federation aiinourcei ihut. It lute been H. J'orltb St., neit t. City Halt New 'i"
from the astaUT WUI'; marry nestS longer? Will I teach again? Should ,1 wblob may contain opiates. and .la still absolutely opposed to the fix- ffm .n4 modern 1 In all appointment best II I*
year.r W. S. a 8. take a tour. In medicine? NO.' P. which cause qpnstlpatlen eondltion tnt of wages and hour. of lefor by act Formerly NICK'ARENO J H U I I N OLE\ ".It d'A..rlean Flan Hous* la; Jackson.

TOII..m. receive the .nxuny from th* Tou can uccd a* a minister a* your hat retards recovery from a aold. Ask C'f Parliament, but' W'II.11h.*.choice of and Seen *aa* vHlfc Buropaan plea on* person II* to II
very magnetic. full of sympathy and foe Foley1. Honey and ,Tar and refuse "two evils" was presented. they accepted! Welakangep I'U-- '-*" "
but will havea P" '
ta* a* sooo aa expected, .. Ipecial
*very: fortamte offer cf marrlag* rent good Your at emotions,bearing; the ar strong burden; you of other ar* Imaginative I any lubstltut .<<...4. All deaUra II.' wage aibltraclon. boards In law preference. to tomulsory .. .*...-DraaskI.yea -... Male.p's. O. SMITK, ris.rle 4 aa weekly'eu'r: :*. ; 'l.o.m frsra traiaa.

gal. S. and sensational yet gentle, kind A reda illon In the hour of labor In the .. Wi.... Wklaklea, MravdlM.AlaretuuH .

THB FLANET THAT RULES: HI! .DE and submissive" You possess a deep un.der.'n. rubber artorla' of ProvIdence R. I.. hnt.een Stop at Ma 's for Choice "Winoi, ". *' &.''111.0I.;,' Iron II :
'TINY. and a* you awaken and unfold : granted. Tb. unploy will work *clock BOOB te I ... aa. Special The EVERETT HOTEL
Hudson and your character grow more co.... nine, hour a day1 inataad ot ten hours, .Liquors and, Olnn Anheuser. Meal Order at all beura,
0 raJa &Jn tI ding and trustful you should b* able to without reduction In pay About 10,000 Busch Beer on'ormsht. Oriteri ttcwUng Allef*. Foot Kt*
"ant" a male and wms born February are atfictsd.flanths .
persons BabaU. Matinee wbea taa la
I. -. What planat rule my .destiny any ityle. 105 kit Bay.itrett. eat at &0_ laeatad.JACKSONVILLE.. FLA.
and what aar waa I I>om. Will 1 beaucoeeiti4 OUT OF SORrS. real AppSdIeIiIe Omtrally "..... **wlr ........4
la my presort buatnau? Decra.s In the seIne ratio that the useof Th. mtmbers: of the Order of Railway JOE: QUIT: 'Mlaatet.0. L.eaS.a ..... S. 14. MASON III...*....
T. D. the Great Northern Rail
Taiseraphera on I
Dr Klnr* New Uf Plus Increase
Uranua, tha oooult rule your ra.l* Rat Really lIeS: Are OK a Meet way have been. given an advance of H
from dancer and
They ears bringQuick
Bssaluj.' and you were pI.\ . I la SeaS al Car. aad you painless release from con per month making their minimum sal- F _.- THE SOUTHERN FUEL and SUPPLYCi.1-1

Tour tutOrs twain*** will be moderately. : Th people who actually are most In pupation and the 111* growing out ot It all MD Th* advano was mad volun- -"ft 20' YEARS
and piacae.ths opwator of thaiytm I and
Meesa .ttd. nesS ot kind words and roedfral fr..tDI.1 Strength end vIgor always follow, !taslrs tartly Building Material.'
.. .
. on the earn footing thus onlb. w. Rav lisa ,
"** ILL HEAUHLtttft ale not those who *r* really sick, \ *. Uuaranteed by al) druirltta. Northern PactMo. a ...&!. &ll'Ua&JlIIMONUMfNTS ..........., UakMaltk a.4 *_ Osal Allaa Partial Osmat AarHOe Hart '
but Just "out of' sorts" SIc Try them. .i e '; I Wall Ftaaear, FlaMag paStes __, Ftra Me* asS .,Icy. IMansa* A III....... iiP.1.1.
: Madam IIudKml The old-tlni energy, fore,' strength ; Wont Baajaa strait, Jasfcjsavllk. pnssTharikgIvIng
I am a fsmaH born October I. last and happy spirits are lacking; the ph). Action haa been taken by manufacturersnd For Surety Bondi of all form, ,, .
Tleaa* tell. tOm what oaiawa, my Ill health, dial. and menial "power. are flagging. .large employers of labor at laukion.llss. to Janet A Paxon. Phone to _u- -- -

and will I ever 1 b>>* strung. .end well? Ih.re I Is poor appetlt and they cannot .. to secure adequate labor supply for 8ftr . ', V HEADSTOHESJ. Turkey. .
EDITH W. get the good out ot the food they _I. In the manufacturing Industries of Jackson -
Tour kidney and stomach are cut of i iln* esses out of ten this results. dlrect-' to .ut>>plant the; worthless eh... of negro ; )sket'titt KING'S MARKET

order whloh 1 Ia cwistltiuional and will. always .. I' hum. a weakened, tomtrb and no labor hoC employedAlways ntertalnlng)Hav you She noticed advrtlnmnl how Inlerestlng a II..and..-I : ttt.'.CUrIC" ......t II" Wkaleeale aad Medalspee BrMgs. *......
Iraubl but by "her treatment equate Ml-v-na to re- '\t
C give you aoma furnish good TIMKKVI AND GKKSB MutATe I'OJlLT"T.KOIIITA..C.., KUU MOD ?.
health ore irngth and health Was' ....11. r.per are! They very r* penal ll> ng you can Improve your -
greatly. Whan I Us nerves and muscles are weak When a man says h* alwaya was ____ _____ 'I I JiltS". JachoesoSi.e .
s . If there I. ilespleaaness, Irrltablllly, and rk-troubled wlUa a cough that laated > .
HAS $lib hill IIIcn 1IL8DANDTO UK.* sparks before (lie span. when the head all winter-what. would yu think If Hav. yur.ad t unread M ads In them.to-day Meropollst -

l>ear Madam Hudsoat sch.s and there I I. a dull pain In thebark h. should say It* nv.r was. sick sine > It pays

I am a wld November 93. 1 .n,1 h.e a mat DI' second hoo.ba'llt Ito Ime* lI.u_. th. use of 11I1-1>-11. slow Mr. J.) C. Clark IXaver. ColoM wrllaei
be)? IMfORTANT aol, tablet for a few day will make a For years I w.. troubled with a 54'core
wend of Improvement and continued use cough that would last all winter
You will ...ntu.n, marry" but not during
fur a reasonable lime will restart perf..t Thu cough U't m. In a miserable con- "

' Loll the YOU earning het,. rot year.yet You meC think Ih. you man b.'e.r.'u ..ThI.blotll.health. ace not mere digestive: Stile Syrup and I hav tried not Ballard bad* a Horebounj sick day ; : For Shooting quail and turkey begins Nov. lit,

will nuiny, s a s (hey abeoluitly strengthen all the organs nee. That' what It did for me. Bold 1906. In our big show window you will find on
that lhr I I. good C COMPANY
un of oIl.U.n..o appa- I by>> Thorn Clark*. eTli HOLMES
HAS iniiurATFi 'I.'IIIITA 'T'ALI'ATltJooIuSf
bile. perfect dlgllon. and strung nerves, fuotTal Director display the most complete! line of Hunting Cloth
.hen they are usdA IVmlaloii. Trade and I.bor Con
;Jvar Madam H....... .boa of Ml-o-na stomach tablets Guns Ammunition shown in '
tart .ns*, vf Canada, racntly held at Vanouver. u4 Eolulaen. ing, etc., ever thi,
burn In N.w
Ant a Rial, Jrey, January ; I. Bold for M rent by your druggist. II. C., In dlaouaslna tb* pollUca.1terat
I*, .1X1' *. I hue .It.*.., dlsatpstedn with aa about! guarantee that they willuccnaful .* of the wage. .........., adopted a War. U. _.r La4f Ciau.naker j. fke city. Prices cheerfully given. '
"rly all my aulwiantial. patrimouyHhnuM be III curing digestion and raoriag eoluiUin which provide for entering In. .....tIL.rr

I held my Nsw York pnipoity or 'health: ar th* money slit' b* is.funditi. t. polItics, as a dlstlnotlv labor party 1 Psidse sereed. ,,__...fIe. ....
Ask yur druggist to show you --

DR. M. 50UWEUE lbs llbtl guarantee. .h* glv* with' every' .OLIDAT PRlhTINQ. : UNION SAVnfOS BANK GETER 6 BRUNPM
S a>"ant boa of Vll-a-na, ,
Car Maaaa aad r isylk au.in The S. B. Hubbard
...,...,1, eX th* Load... "4 Carl Mlona.' nature curs! for dyapepalad Wlib urtendld faclUtl, a full _pl.. tusk asS Company
llespltals.r all stomach tu'Pubi.a. I* sold by O.Itrlle meet ef killed labor, and a larg aaaortent Wtl w* casa women consider p14r.IerI ... c..a-..

sa.*. at th. Throat. lisa,* ..n. {'. wlta th. und.rstsndlog that .. of slack we are prepared to do hoi.ay -1 the matter fulfills of Saving tb we feel PM ..UK!* BT. v j jFta.
.. when purchased at thslr "' priming promptly anti at that w* bv highest ,tor. ja.ctllen a 5 a 4 4.yesa 32 10 44 West Bay StreeL
tune*, .. l'l*.* ef Site Uluaj ... lb. price price roe.Olil.0 .. Saving Bank. X ka .
|.4rvaul eyslss w *|<.clalty.oai ..or.. will...> irtunderf M reiiuesiotild < win hlch-claae work. pose | a with. ever ..... .,... .-. ...... aS
*.t lit w, .eet AeaiM eti.M.tXM . U (all' tel tie elI that I* claimed tNDlNTKIAL. K&CORD CO. J l.eee .poeltore en. I ...- 55 ..-- sees.t 1

Uear* tr_ I .. av te 4 a. H, ,car It. J lljr sod Xewnaa ......,.. }l to Start. City Depoiltoffv; I, t l. ....H1.

5 as



%,. .
O. Y'tl' :" : -
':i r:0: Ldi ,t. ',

.. (' ,.,,, ',' ' ,, .- -- -.' ; ,

'Mt S ? vi } fait, lac s' 't" rjr ? T ( T 5 y w w f . a $" +h atF"t1 ; ns ..,qf.
8V: lY 4 's' THE i KVuifiHt--amoroLM> HroBSDAYwol 11 .x' { ,! 5 ? } ..c..1, + 1n'N' c,+i 0 s ry

Penman." mipporttxl lw* ie. Barnett
f. when he acted In London and gar. Sir
Henry Irving' eon, H. B. Irving. BOW In WilL L ERECT A
this. country hi. first opportunity to play
THE WORLD'S GREATEST CREDIT CLOTHIERS leading part when a member. of the Ben Every Well-Dressed WomanLooks
Greet Company. The company appear
at the Duval Theater nut Monday andTuesday
tfeeember M and 'th, Monday HUNDRED HOUSESA
night and Tuesday matinee In "Every. for style in her shoes. And the thousands of women
man," and Tuesday night. In The Merchant .
of Venice" Scats go on sale Saturday who wear Regals are never disappointedbeeanseV'omen'a '
4 1pm. .
'.ti see Kegals are copie.t\ after the bet
Fun of the fact and furious kind Is th*
[ 4@NeJ I dominating lenient
man'*. cartoon musical.. extravagansa.
"Simple Simon Simple' which will biseen in liar here and abroad six weeks
at the Ju"a.Tbtar\ tomorrow and Wajcross, "

Saturday night and Saturday matinee. I II after thcjf are designed.A .
Th* character of the extravagance are I .
among the funniest to be found In the I for fit=Jet'a figure it out I
cartoon page of our blggeet Sunday GENERAL QILCIIRIST'S PLAN
newspapers. ., Simon Simple and hi* col- A hatf-aize variation is one-
red chum. Wo.., being the most prom-
Id.nt. The absurd solide. ot (hoes lova- 1 sixth tit an inch-but a Regal
The Best.Clothing for ble scamp. bar been mad the basis ot WELL KNOWN RESIDENT OF PUNTA
the plot and the real fun ot the piersrevolve. qu&rter.mt variation is only
about them. Aseoolatd with Simon OOKDA WILL SPEND 1100000

i and Mope will be fern Han Spiegel.. one-iwelfth of an inch. Ask any
"berger, the funny German delle..t..nm.n.

Men Women 4 Children >. Tony the Ogo, whose fruit cart lethe ,The ulldlnlr.'Will Be of ArtlflcuU) Btone, I bootmaker what a fine distinotion -
scene ot many a lusty scrimmageIwatem. ;
". the cop, whose miserable exlst- Brlak and Wood-Such an Invtitmenl that makes in .hoo-Rtting.
sore Is made more unbearable by th*
persecutions of the rascally" boy, old Will B. of Great B nent to Our Neighboring He'll tell you it means twice
: impress fact Mammy Johnslng who look upon her
; 41 one upon your /spring Moae. a* the one bt thing In Town.Gen. AS close! a fitting..And )'0\\'Il
i the world, and half a score ot other cartoon -
Lbetfer cash store sells
no you any personages all having a direct bearIng Albert W, Oilchrl.C Punta know tht'Qhy Women',
on the tory of the pl 1.ce, rHu"Mc.lty, Oorda, announce that he will construct
clothing or quotes you prices simple Simon Simple" I Ia far and away one hundred duelling houses In Ollchrlit Regals are so smooth,
lower than this store. ahead of any piece of like nature e"er Park In the southern end of Haycros.
any presented to the public Borne dozen or Go, a* lOOn as plane and contract. for \ shapely and perfect

F' No what want to more of New York beat known composers the work can be made.
matter price 1 fitting.
you pay, have contributed to the ecore the Quite a number of artificial atone anti GREIG ,,

well supply with thoroughly good result being a musical composite of genuine frame dwelling have already been conit -
: you
merit. Among the big song hits. rue led In Ollchrlst Park and that subdivision
i y and in the be Mose" which la nearest to the new At- $4e00
clothing us most may mentioned pickaninny
; you may pay
lantlo Coaiit 14ne la
"Dear Old College Day," 'June." "81mle shops already begin $$3,50 AND
'} convenient y. We make the terms to > Simon Simple." "Ma Southern Oriole" nlng.to tlon turn. Into popular residence a<.- A faithful dupll- .
Shine, Shine Bhlne" cat of she of this
iT suit your purse. Wllllsm C. Whelp Jerry Sullivan be The constructed one hundred by dwelling General Qilchrllt which are will. to eason t newest $$4 00
Franklyn Farnum Wetly Clark MacgleBaxter. Parisian .
cent In the neighborhood or HOC!.000,, Kyle
Our two factories are producing the Bessie Browning and Kate Clem- says Mad Gt Finest
the Herald There will be
1 man will\ be seen In the principal role. 'Maycrou I'at.nt'Loalher.. e
structure made from all classes of material
4 .. newest styles. Beat are on sale Quarter Slretl I
v / :0-. including artificial. atone Georgia'pine
and brick
I Allen .McPhatl., manager for "Royal call TWO'afr-al.: .t the III Regal .taree are
General Qltchrlst eoitlmies.: to etrle.lrely"
f Men's SoilsMen's Women's Suits "hef here.next" U. In Friday the city and Saturday HI. company Mr.play Me'hall Punta Gorda, Fit., hl. home but he la EI..C el these la .e .1..1.. .tlltrl..t. or 0..1. New.women Perk. I-,
. doing much gd for Wayd-oss, and Msdoclslon
Women's CoalsWomen's I* personal l friend. of ManagerBurbrldge to construct one hundred dwsilIng Send for Style Book''
i' OverctatsMen's Mail
: Orders
Royal Chef I. a big musical Promptly Filld.
rf \ house*.there will\ do much to relievethe : 'V
show, and la the last musical
II'p h' 1' FunWomen's congestion which ha been 1i In ezletlore -
HalsMen's lon booked at the Duval ..urao-I
I for several month. In that Georgiatown.
r. Skirts after the holidays
a i .
Shoes --


fey, SuitsBoys' Shoes O' laterrret .t. Hie;a.n. of F1er.ids. *' Association Gives Thl Reason I REGAL.LrIXJ

Overcoats Misses' Sails for Delay In Freight Shipment.

It ha been. 1..7 on good! ..uthorltTIbK"th. I
..l{ { member of the New York State The American Shipper Association

All Women's' and Misses' Suits are fi have Canned,> Atlantic practically Goods mates Packers adopted Packers Association the. Association following and Muted hr.no'. handle liwueo.that. the a Otto>pamphlet reason buslncs the In offered ra'Iroad which I II It can beciuie I.I- C $c{X@rn] : lrlXJ&lr Iffrn\ :

form of guaranty under the national they cannot keep their care mot
being sold at a Great Reduction. pure food law This guaranty waradopted ng. It I I. .nld a freight car I I. actually
moving about ono-fourth ot the time It
at the meeting of the Western
reach It. deitlntvtlon, and that
taken to
Prckers Canned Goods Association In
Cclcogo.' on the 18th of November last. ho other three.fourth to consumed In THE Boyt
The guaranty. read.: T7siting for *n.;Inca at dlvlnlon and Juno- Company

The undersigned does, hereby warrant Ion points.The association. I* exercised over thhrett SALES AGENT. r
114 MAIN '
Farley 4 Galin and guarantee. that all food product and of the Central freight Assooh STREET,
articles of food hereafter sold by the undersigned lion to cut oft the prlvllcr ot stopping
to --=--- of ,
5t freight cart In transit on the ground
hall comply with the provision of the hat It I I. inofrat The association purpose r -- -
national pure food law at passed by act asking Controls to pus a reclpn.
ot Congress, June So, UM, entitled as follows bill.
sal demurrage AT 61
I' and 113 West St. UPSTAIRS : '
111 Bay
UPSTAIRS "An act for preventing the manufacture Cs.adlaa H"pries._'. t
sale or transportation of adulterated r
or mlsbranded poisonous or deleterious Ottawa Nov .Vlncleur Maygar, a r
foods, drugs, medicines, liquors BUT
who sentenced to death CANNOT GET HER
Hungarian wa
and for regulating. traffic therein and (or
other purposes.. for the murder of James Campbell, a farmer
of FrobMher, for whom he weewolking
The above guarantee to apply only togoods
and with whom he had a dispute
sold under packers' labels. or buy-
e-a' label. with name and location. ot over wages term. has of been reprieved and for She Takes His $1.000 and Then
packer on face of label slit\ undergo a Imprisonment Insists That
Department of Justice recently
hie The
yl .Date Signed-), -. received a large committee of Hun- He Give Farm Mother.' .
I garlana accompanied by the Hungarian .
Location -< -
N. B.-This guarantee conforms tn the consul Mr. Freyeselben. of Toronto, wh

r I IALSEMENTILA' : I' national pure food, law and baa "been Today begged wa clemency the date for nt their for Uaygar countryman.execution Perry Okla., Nov. !: ..'Capt. George rlurwd\ ttmt t.* must first buy the MenArdiinn -

adopted for use by the Weot.rn P.ekI. : V. CordelL a wealthy farmer, St, yenra farm. which "u to lm\s cost
era Canned Goeda" Association In convention K..K(>. .
but the raised
1 1'MI.t old owner hi. price
assembled November II, 1906In paid Rosa Colon a f/lrl of II. H.Odd)
With Vardaman a* Qovernor. the people to Homo;!, mid Cordell .rrusi to.pay the
the report of the Western meetingIt are wondering why Mississippi should to marry him and promised to buy her. advanced ftgurai.
wa stated that this form of contract have two Thanksgiving this year mother an adjacent farm after the cere- Meanwhile\ III* bride. on*.fourth hit I
dialect comedian, "The Bnltmlebank" Price for to-night far the entire tot, who do clever
clever Oenruut
' some we* prepared with the view of covering Joan', which took place on last Thurs Rte. Is playing with her companions *t
. Golden-Voiced Blnger Al. 11. Wilson will are1fo,11andt0cna. work throughout the entire performance: the question of jobbers' labels.. The day eveilng. > horn. Mr*. Colorl denle she sold. herdaughter
appear at the DuvaJ\ Theater this afternoon .e. .r form of guarantproposed; by the jobbers Toung Mrs Cordeil receive the HOM but says the captain mum '.\
1 and to-night In a new play of plo- B. C. Whitney! company of over half The Ben Greet. Player, who are nowengaged overlooked the Important question and gave It to her mother hut refused com up to hi. agreement before hi 'OILII
tureaque gwlUerland "Met* In the Alp." a hundred people will be een at the on a Southern tour with distil of buyer' Intxtls, and for title reason the The 'Christmas Edition to go home with her husband. She do- have his wifeAlthough _
'1 tils new play of Wilson I* from the Duval Theater, matinee and night, December guldhed .ucee" ..s, recently I gave a private Parkers refused to take It Into consider
k pen of Sidney R DI UI.. who Is the author 6th, In the musical extravngania. performance of the fifteenth ""nturymor.llty ation. An official of the New York State
"f many successful plays, and who provided The Isle of Bplce. This production play Everyman," before Cardinal Canned Good Packers' Association .ays:
' Mr. Wilson with "The Prince of come from the Fait and 1)'*' created a Gibbons at the Cathedral SchoolIn Member of the various association THE BROOKLYN BRIDGEIS
Tatters" 'Th Watch on the Rhine" and name for Itself throughout that motion Baltimore. HI. .eminence the highest will'! not guarantee any goods packed. ender .of The Metropolis.
"Th. German Gipsy" three play that of the country. It I I. s&ld that this ex- dignitary of the CathoUc Church In Amen.ire. huy.-r.' labels, unless the name orthe
assisted greatly In asourlng (or 101,. WII- travagansa caused a njtlon In Chicago I .. whs very enthusiastic over the pN I packer appears on the label. Can- e
son the title of "the most clever ot all when It ran for 221 night It was rormanra. whloh also deeply Impressed unit In this de-
tu.are prac'tcally a
ti German comedian." Mr mils has plaoed then taken to Boston'where at the Globe Edward Everett Hale and scored ot other I clclcm and It seems to us thc-t the whole 1 TO BE REBUILT
t' the locals of "Met In th* Alp" In Theater It delighted musk loving audience prominent clergy boll of the Protestant! question ultimately will result In restricting FOR THE YEAR 1906/ ,
Southern Bwltserlsnd and the Swiss Alp., for four solid months, and thento and Catholla denomination Ben Greet Ittholo and
the use of buyers' give
: end the scene* of the play depict some New York City at the Majenlo Theater couples a position all hi. own In the the parker a chance to make a reputation Will b* published on the IBth
4' Of the grandest ace..ry In that far-famed It quickly established Itself as a dramatlo world, and hI. company I* famous on his products.". .( Dewmber, and will k* gotten -
country I of snow and Ire prim favorite among the metropolitan for It. unique performances This out let the ruder, lad Experts Say Double-Decking Its Feasible '
Al (I., or rather "Met*" Wilson, asM theater-goer, remaining at that playhouse Is their fifth consecutive tour of America .
I I. bettor known ta lb. public ha rap. for three months Absolute novelty and the entire. autumn will be spentIn Copper Kl r la Texas act especially roe tee .*>,>. Plan to Operate Six-Car Trains.After .
'. Idly forged to the front as an actor of I* claimed for the construction, of thl.mu.I..1 the South the Southern tour starting (leer. It I I. designed' to make
IIouEton, Tex Nov a.-Col W C.Oro..n. .
delightful German methods, and I I. ,, and the chorus number with of and
A now comedy performance "Everyman" ., the copper king. accompaniedby this Isaut the Ckleet e, ronld..reit the worthy cuorawnr of ha are said to b* marvel of stare Invention "The Merchant ot Venice" at the Univer.
great J. K. Kmmett He bar a rlih. high The musical number are of te singable ally of Vlr&'l n I.. Charlottesvllle. where a number ot'Eaetern capitalists. Is at Meet Imttnmttmf, the Heel Mayor MoClellans oonforenc of /definite plans were virtually

baritone Voice that for purity and aweetIMM whletleable. kind and there I I. no these distinguished. English player received 1 t.present lntereted visiting In Chihuahua the mine. In Col.which Green h* yaMtrtel of any: aloe of expert engineers on terminal plan forth agreed upon Mayor MaClellan and hi* .
I. unsioelled. ()tming the action of ; doubt but what the moat catchy of them a royal welcome. Mr. Greet I I. The Mtropoll that ha* ever last advisers said 'they were unshlc to die.
who bar also visited EI Paso I I. travelingIn Brooklyn Bridge on Tu..y.T ,
the play h. will rpnder the following will b* heard on the street. long after an Englishman and sums of hi* earliest close them Just yet Th.y..1II, probably
i beautiful ong.* and yodel: "My Heaven the ngagmn JI.... Among the moat store experience, was gained when a hi new private car "Verde. recently been printed say the New World, It become I b* reed* public within the nut three
Pullman ;
I* In Your lDy..." Wilson. lullaby," I attractive feature of "The ale of Bplce'I member of Mary Anderaon company turned out by the Company at known that the bridge will have to bedoubledecked days, Tlir were prrsen.1 lit the mayor.
cost of IS.000. which I I. sold to b theIIn..at
".wls* Mountain Bird Yod...." 'Bong of I I. a poney ballet, aomposed of twelve llt- during her appearances In London. He a In existence. before It will ever b* able ) conference Bridge Commissioner I .nn.
Old Fatherland" "Whistling Bre a." and the rlrls not weighing over 1.000 Bound wa. also In the original cast of "Jim. the adequately to accommodate the eon Corporation Counsel tCllleon, lCnl.no. .
ous tramo; now upon It. lremend'I, ... William H. Ilurr William Barclay
The mayor consequently believe Parsons, Ira ItoUormloO, F.Nlchulls .
I.I no reason In putting up' a ch.r'l C. M Ingrrsull and C. O. Sea.lurlment .
terminal loop *t the Manhattan men, the latter three ot the bridge d.-
which will\ know to be lorn down and' None ot the B. R. T. official
rebuilt a* soon a* the bridge I. double' ww prea......
decked The engineer lave Informed the mayor
It t* expected a* a result. Df the eon. that the stress on the anchor bus I I.
ztnW= 1lsw fereno that plan will b* put through only a third of their capaolty and that
t t 1 1 pp ytr n r, ,Ryt within six month for the. opi ration of' the douhl..trat'kln. ot lit. atruutur I I.
six car tral is over the bridge. on a forty entirely feasible. It Is not Intended that ,
nec-s.cond headway, and this. It I I. believed the double-trucking of the bridge will be

t t rcat al r k v will greatly relieve the crush and begun until after tin. Mnnhatun Bridge
the mayor. hope Is that within a fur Is nnlshed Then he llrooklyn Bridge
permanent relief will b* It hand will l he reconstructed

. _,
---- -- - - po -- -

Th sum of llltKOD kroner (W A0))'" Striking eat pentll"* at rail RIVf. Mass
? upended for strike. benefits end aid "I have waited limit demand for the rtu.wlchop ;; I
l xiycoiteil, union men during the last . octipllng Instead a. alunlny half\
pearl by the colds ot BwKjen\ Irollday.and .n increase In wa*;.. e

---- --'-

a t e t k rw .e., tl" .i t 1 '


34 .
'h e k t'1 '}leam/vc.t rI
k '

. wt i" I I Fine China T

t t, x SIWLt p 1, 4y t ,
}1 R.rtuw iii
tear +., Cut Glass ( A
1 C3t3LL I P t

t wAy 'if C Leather Goods


ecu Books and Bibles T

'4 I' ,, 1 t t+tia'
w T
Xmas Cards I

Calendars Etc.
tr1. rt ,

a U p 0R

You can be satisfied in price


J 1 ifeer ,
rk 1 t yw'1 k

t E Core lIu,,' and Fors/lh $t.


S k Ali} P1C4tL8tRGtR.hTtpI C,


i.eee M ..Iipl. IIe.aLTs.Memw.a .ls c....viag aIN Daval Tbaeept

\. .



t' l ', :viii"t.r., } ; 6y,1 r r-y, 1 y s ktns
,r' i''cn +
Oil''i ,
S,$ rrt flf Md'9 } f + rV ak 4rit.I

1\ .. '11, .." ;;<. ilJi" ." """' """' ''''''''''' '''''''''''""' ..",. '" ,..".,. ""

+ p, u' i td t !O8 \.
THE 14"rL"ilNlilElTBO'4LIS( THURSDAY,'TTOVEMBZIt) 39,1906.>; "j
._ -- -

I Florida East Coast Railway.'

Among the Our Expert Medical MethodsThe SEABOARD :

run HARD .. f'f. tw KV" rvcr: ncrrcnBini: it, s*.*x

most skillful, and!! aclentlfio. modern science affords can be dep.h/ed. ,. f ,. III 1At" MATEO BaA AIR LINE RAILWAY
.e,'' In.fry atAT-t tLtxaj ... .. '
COLORED PEOPLE[ pen 1e cur ,Nervewa Ehe: ..._ me Debility flat rhalltrj, .>erl.e .... ,.... t.... .. _;;", .. frxitrirol"t _"i'i<: MI''''''- ,., tb:191 -"".- {

Bleed pales. *.rV-ter.., > ervx tie., _ark. ......, Heart liven, Throat JW .. r**'Hr' .... Ai.-.. .PI. 1 rte a .... "I'" IL... rt .......In ..a!] .ef DOUBLE DAILY SERVICe FROM JACKSONVILLE/ :
..p. Aweealut0o' .TAa enrl I i t'I e'a.li.. .. Ira ..,.. :Je. A
-1 IS.
sad lt Trenklea. Skis SMeeaaea, Catarrh, Pllea, 25 H, .: tots "" ,..* .icj i BJ 1 tv K I 1..ltA ............. a... Ar ..
rtsteita *bow .4I. ., All Vrleary Heerdera, Die I ;S:::n I :1-; ""'- .** *..t' i : i-M :_ 1 'r3 1 va'A' >_ *... M.I", ...,.j< { fvaM ICKsOtITlLIJI.a

Here and Elsewhere. ** Pvllr te Mevea set pedal. Dleeaera ef h sots 1 gyp Mn7n; I/rv Ixn.mesa!cam '-}:. : en.lad, : :: oRANnw em aRANCfl; .. I uun 4CKiflrv.Tlt.IB> ARRtTfJ **

=: I;nr' ...'t..... .."_no ....t:.. ...., A err I I t ,'** 1. II. Ftrnaadina, Brunswick. Savannah Columbia WII' 1'0m: p t Ii.I' T
M i rwn:. _. 0.- _...''''' f -' "" 'I'd" 17!na. tnlngton Raleigh. Norfolk, Petersburg, Richmond
9 We hero been located In Savannah a large number ;:* : :, 11t! ,,r.---I":: : : : Me ,... I la> .....' Weaning/ton.: Baltimore Philadelphia New York and .1
al AgaYy,
The Sunday schools, are, ell beginning e f yeara and bar* aatabllohed. at-reputation and praa- p''I" _A...... Tthm. ....:,naCal, : :: i:; ,: xeti:; .l.e'H-S."..:Wj I i rift ,I[ eautern point. Solid t...** between Jacksonville. and.] '
atfnaa t.l Washington Pullman' Drawing Room Bu Set steeper.between
to prepare for 'b.r., Chr/"* exercisesMr. lice which believe la to 'th... ... .. on* .i* C
: I w* aecond 110.a onustry. i 1 oIna'.hr{' o-Me ft-- m4iTRlIRILIA II' Tamr-a. Jacksonville and New. Tor*. Cafe t,
Robert Powell and Mis EsiMl | OranjrW I
W No '
conduct: straight legitimate practice. Dining Cnlr: Servtc v'
Owens were united In marriage at No allN'fL
us West Union street on' last Mondayevening. fake "no-eure-no-pay offers, misleading statemeata .05ldv n.. 5 end II' won eta.. fl' I i 7:50: P. U Frrnnndlna. Crunuwlck. Savannah: Columbia, ",n. 6:55x1; U ?1
deceptive* propositions, false promises, eta, P t.pmeRtnt..Petbus ta take en and. "I"': 'Rlehmon" *
Rev H. O, Reed offlcletlng. lw.aentthIrenwe plretn,. Itahl i |,h peterebvr. Nertolk. I
Attorney John Wallace, well known to MAde We name but one fee. email and reasonable Ia1 ...,., -hAythq. ,. :: ;.. We.hingtn. rtelKmp-re, Phtlodotnhta.' ,, N." Tmk and tall
In the Interests which cover* the con* ef everything nectesary! -medicine OMoMe =.A.. pe .... ...'t.. ",._..tot '. nldr'M'' ii'ii'r I pointv .t coil iteirth KollA traNin between Jaok-v .
the whole publln' la kept busy -. are p.w''+ ....!1IJ\aj" .:. .:..1.'tl!. .
*, professional services and electrical l ,
of hi* client. use of Ariz Qat'e. 1'I'&t" n end It. eeaelro roS-: wmvltlVaiMnirtan.) with Pnllman Bnffet' Sleep.en ..'
equipment when necessary, positively. no unexpectedcharge 'If;" helwetj. larkvonrlli and New Tr-rk. .
than Vaster J. H. Dlrkerson left last for '-medicines, or anything. CONSULTATION ant 11nFeP eocrnM. earn between ,..... ,...;.1. INMa teean 1HIAWCM.eew11. :ltvve; s18'GO ,t..
l ,
yesterday West Florida on an official AND EXAMINATION 1 Ii FREE. Consult aid lilted. rbsuN"- .. ,... 1 y w I''riOalnetvllliv nail' ". '''butl. Orlande Plant 5:' 0 p., . .
I. ....llwl&T L S us at ... ....... . : M, at, .
tour among his lodge ortce. It you are curable we can cure you Hundreds ." .-. ... '., ..-.... :trln!IIIt I I'; ritv.: Tampa amt Mnfiat'e rlvrr pnlnti Solid ,..tn' ,,
The ateward of Mt. Mortnh A. U E.: lataMd U WlanML of lettera of ladoreemeat, on Hie, from cured patlrnta. : '"'''''' : :- I i betwern Jnckwnvllle sad Tumra. Duffel Parlor Cora tt M ,'

Church will hold a special raly on next' hhetlllaVMr. If you can't poaelbly call writ for examination PA..Th I t. I tat tt t i' between Jevkaonvllte and Tmmi.a
u ,, IIritSIhIMiyDaw .
Sunday Each member I. asked to contribute uLi_: ii. LIr blank. Many lane curable by ear ham treatment pi 11 __ fHbit'eilelTMI.'lnlN I I < -

lit cents to aselst the stewards. In ...... Ja" ....lei medicalamphlalAnee.CDR\IZATNAadvisod. Tire / ::1 WN' I ion Ile rill., (::;''L.:-.M'"w.-:: Tape; t ::T\Wq :::A'I Ida ....m=r 0 ek'LaY : i 10:(in p. U M. Pcala.: f "Pullman,: OrlnndP Buffet, Slcepfr Tampa nprint between ilahate. Jackaou* rprer r fnn(fUU *1 e "l'
making .a good report. Rev R. T.Oerdn IooUtI&. WAT A CO, NN adj't .y! ...IA.} ...... fh,_ M peli'ta, n.....,In1Ra11 W'11. IIJ { : xllle and Tampa 4.\\\\
.-ator.A IOT. National' mob Building Savannah, Oa.Ma pea eo
MIA: se.robiMlh
apodal call! for dollar money will be eH' \_,.\DaJI7 .. IDaJ"" \ l O-ftK i u '.llshaseee.. Junction' Pensacola.. Moth I.. New T.Jft MtAti
made at Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church on n lit I11MLrtt .v3 *, Mi 'rrntis) and! all pints wRlrer ..L Pullman Rufiet fileepern *.*1' P! '" ,

next Bunchy.Club ;hl .... .' aeu ".r..rw.n.''' Io-k..h'I.' ,'u r Rcalif "rT t... .'. ttnwrrn. Jtclsanrtlle and .New (Orreans. '.\

No I will give an entertainment' ;. Andenon. making. It a nines atudyucreedlng the city ongtit to remembr-r that Washington 1 avhf Mt'w r w l.dllb 5 rm -,11, :::::::::::::. Snmk Sable; 'R s,+eNIY."e..N.. :::::::. ',5m. 1P: ::N. '
In Vsua-hfs Hall en next Monday 1I1.,1It' well, and on the evening. oft street Jo. thoroughfare and r* w 1 a rqI u : ._........... ..tl.....R'phn'm .. .......h...Art ... ; .- f-nfl D U Lithe City) Montlcello. lallahaasee Pensacola. Pull Ifi.rn'l U lV'! .A
for the benefit of 8t. John. Baptist/ Kh .01 December ha and Prof. Hiked. that there are ladle. who must be .Awplu. \Ih' 'or.. M.IAr..."_NN. N.- ..... ....2:0.. ..."""L epnitem .,. ..; *V UU Tt m, 'i-nn tiutrrt Sleepers between Jackaonr0le end PensaIV,9U\ Mi SJ,: '\ ijcola.
Church The price of admission will be will\ give some selection on It. In Mt respected when passing This delegation elm. raw ewers ik. ten, .i.i ne l r : ira.rls : wen -> H>fV
ia cent, end all are Invited. Mien E- Lion Church which. ,will be mlaelonarjerenlnc also acted that a atop ahoudbe put to fin a. Newel tllmlr.a bon err etw..l :t dp..ela aace la.. NNa. d"m /ace.. e.Y '* *i
eeN the .. . t.yW..1. ......
rote wear w alii
.Saar IttW "
: nraraasConnertlona r. .
tells. E. 'Yanght. chairman. then.COOKMAN'S. tha opening of the skating rink on Granada ,U6. ftark, TVnldo I ailiusvllU Archer. 1'1111.tElar4"\ tft::3D 'i

At St. Jame.. A. M. E. Church on I streets on Bundaya. It 1s bad enough made at Miami with P. *, O B. B '('0. atanmera railing enlonmianr 2:40: Pi Hi WM. Cedar Key. 1.1. '1'.

teat Btmasy the pastor will call the roll ANNUAL MUSICAL, to bars tb* bar rooms. pool room and Wednesdays and Saturday. for Ner Wilt an"'U..t 11:1e.: .. mVw .

.f member for dollar money,. All members : gambling dena open their back door on wcb.fa parks m aw.Nns ear no eeaenae er.e.atn..a npeb la cue se- 't 5:40: P M. -- artendlna -- . 1:45:: 'i i.i
The Choral Society of Cookman Initl.Iota' the Sabbath Now to allow 1h!. noisy net or sU.. rt n>|l-nx Cut Ttdn <. 1w w, ICN lM,_ l r Ir.. rni. |Pin .
ar* asked to be present at eachaervlo .
win air.-their annual muddle, tomorrow boisterous wide,
place on Sunday
open r.-
and answer to. their names Toy for .cbedult ana/ Slopping f>r reservstlons. ran at city 'rictist'oSfo. '
evening at I:W o'clock la Kben.aer Those who hare any moral courage muM .
paying up t .. have :B! Went Bay street phone !.*. t
Church. Many preparation step ant and try to prevent some. .of theee !
The graduate that will b* In tb. claaaat been made and the entertainment wit I evil.. Atlantic Coast Line a. C. DOTHTOX JAN AmUtaat ftraenl ,"" ._ ..p.A"' *. JeeNaev111r. Fin ''

th* Tal Collar entertainment that be Ia' the nlrheat aenea- a treat of the What are oar churches and lodges Aotautf .. ._ -- -- __ .'- l
win T.* given In Odd Fellows'.Tempi* on --. Our prayer meetings and lodge ,
the (th of December ere Mr.: and Mrs. The Cookman Orobeatra will be Introduced meeting are Ilka eo much Bounding
Bryant Mr.; and )fr.. Tucker. H. Canty, for the drat time. MV.\ Cyrua Pat bras Let m wake up and atop some otheee tCREOn.R EFFCCTIVB OTE11BER 15, tees. Southern '

Joseph Robinson, Cyprus Patt.C., teas will give some of hie beet vlollraelaotkma. avluj that the entire race do not all NO'tlCF-Tbw rHrJs and departure, a* well ace connection with other : Railway., :

H. Anderson, Miss. Rosa Hills, Mlea CanPte ,, Tcketa, at U ceote each, will go down for the evil of a, few, cempanlee, are given aa Information, but arrivals and connections are net guarantee
C. Cutton' Mlsa. Delay Edwards. be on *a1. at the door and all are' In. *. I'IFP'RC'I"tTJD'ArJlI.. '.. lets, '- II..t)
Mien Anent hU........ Mis lethal OiliMlee riled.Prof.. _
Mme No M o p No p on an .L No M, s uu o U o I 1.>late Ire II...... :--e14A R . \ .'.;
and V published
Mis ;Willis Alexander Arthur.. B Grant will] direct The : -yt.llOTT'r.1! schedule fauna jMily as lafmnailsa led\ ate set ruamcnS'

Bryant opening number win be Vincent1 fetnaUeboruav CASTOR IA N l mot Lv A. wm aat.unvU1 Jr I tlp : molt.:;! ;:: Jac :=. :: r II led e 'I"u t nnbud .ulna N. \_. ,f'o..1. l "' ':!I.'ltOoD! 'oI'Io1W'1. .. ...M ; ,

Th. Comanoh) .,Club will glva a lend. ."Merry June. The 'eeI.hrat.d .t1, !.v alasaoli.u ..._..a;: Nib ieat: :M r .ehwortllr, Ia..N..., 40P ...._ ,
In Odd Fellow1 Temple on next Hon- rtiorua.' : 'Innejoatua. ," from "Sabat Ma Ica I w U Yp Ae,. a..ane.h .1 I Ile 1 J / =A.::::. .=: :.::.:t '\,' = .... Jemp .....................,... tl7 U a'p ua ......... ..,.. )17'r .... ";
terM. win be rendered Miss FlortdiOrant :For Intuit &"4 dilldrw.Ill I Y0.1..I H At. Charm..... r Ala ....... ..." 1Ia,......." ..................... II ''' J -;:t .. ........."..... ..... itS' t loa .Nt 1\\
", night.. Moale will be furnished by by t .1p l,.,,.. /tan A,., Rloknn.d ,. v t ua .rp ...,-. tea i tLi:: := ::::t:1:\ ar t -f' M1 Iy '- u .Nsw
she Exoelslor Orchestra. Anderson and choraa. AH other number for Kiel YH Han Always Bought II era ....... 1 WaNle.ta t arc I .... J ar t-'J": :.NA.w..N: :: :::: :::: rJ : Aratatu. lea ..:::::::::.w: : N ::::
Jamison, _mlt.... the evening are of high grade and will to 10 0.1'.p ImlAr.. L'&teu..Lc I tie I. .I: ; .=. t:11: :; .r Gwtwnnmb... .:N.NN........ 1' Ari.ii&h.. tie ;........:....,.. II,. ..:.... 't
wall rendered.FLORIDA ..,. it HplA, Phtadsipkla to U 1 U lea .:,., malt I ::;.. ..::: b Pea.Ill r styNT .m' ._" Tenenn ........, 1 ,. t
Mr. R. R. Robinson has been etrenueusly Baanth* A ", f oea ..,. I A,., New Tack ..L. 1 mg. I M ....-. 1 eAytt..,. alts LovL ::Lrt A. "1.hm. S'a::: ;: ',. 1:::: ". : icy N......... i. rap ..:. t x.::v.
engaged his business enterprlaa Ar.ftm-lBBa.il: oLv :
,. the Atlantlo on great and Pactfle Street ANNUAL CONFERENCE BlcDaWNor (. Via MaNgsmery, sad 0. i R. A'e.ItN..M1Ne.M vLC aANPORD Ne pia pjteo.ct ..N t tf.vletle.rllhN"NN; :::::::::.ea: II Ilia 1 Claulnruil. o :::::.U."':' : :::.:.. ll I yk
117 e rw'' t I Nevi I..t t ) + et eloo.M Aj jeae.l.l..7.. ...,'" tea...,. .
Rail"' .,. Surety and Mining Company, W..hlnr'l9. ..............110. 1\)' "" .. ,
and has sold bond. to the amount oftatOO Blahop ,Tanner M_HU Mlnl.ter and Ail ralr b ..Mite.. U la pp M I e My111 llplll m..lAr w1An..y Q h G leua kWlap...Le L /{ I)M 1.Ivy // W m, A. Swum ...........,.1'. '" It. 11 Is II" Lv OlticlanatL O N.NI.jKa: U a i' ...,ry .#

leaving only ILM to be soldwhen Chareh Worker to M Dtl e11o. Editor Walter son has discovered In Y/ aDI Af. Wayaw Jaok'eUle Lr Aril t Imp Site .. Iltj 1 D'Ar... D.La ...Lr ....... 11 111; :, New wml Took PhlluN: .. ....::::::.1: 0.: :- 1 fP 11N r Ira Ar."China.Os ,,'tLl'O"::.,>. .. UMSle. :.::.. +t

the proprtle negotiated for by Anj";:: Mississippi a poet whom ha calls 'The u Yandwl. Val 1 tlp t 1W I.ev I gplAr Ur iti "alp Na"New York aad J'lert toil company will be paid for In full.St. The Florida Conference of the Mississippi Kipling". This new guiluspraJees ajar 'fhom'rllle Cal 1 sop 1 elal ( 1 WI ArN p.ntbre ',,.LrI IApI I 1 Wa .....,.... ]) kneglnr cat ...r Cvnalnnan. O ......CX. It AD.Ar . ...... )
M I'
Mo. 14M. Or..4tlnlt.4.0I' African Methodist Kpuvoopal Chunk.. eel5'wy Lr t C Ica 1py I *n' e Slale "" and ,. "' .. r- Ar T._ U ..... ............ ..._ I Imstea
Andrea Lodge. Kentucky" whisky to the .klc/ *: 11 w. Ar i'm'.Me d mg. ..N-. 1 aW 1 cap { bell'Lulcnd ..!,rle m., T emll wt Tun' JanaIrhalnetonteen.S ." N..N. '1.
convened In Bethel In Monti- Na (Y 17 U'Nt.' Ar Us "'I l. .........
Church MM
., ef Odd Fellow will\ glee ..., ... ....LO A Mlll MaI ? f (
<< Where, however \It will hardly pate mua- mp t NagariUn I-e 1 as N 5 slatl ten I SNIS+ 1'.15I* e'D = : j
pulhna Recta CVIe.
cello, ell Tuesday rooming laat. WittBlKhop tar Ar Lracwvlkl Lr I eoa .,.,,,, 1 mall! Op 1 tWlar.. Pt. l ampa t mD vl'cl 1 wa aI1I 1kaMtw .tl1Neiof lat. v 1".lhl"'l. .......... Irl"Olar etp ..._4-
a musical entertainment Odd FetiowaTemple B. 'T, Tanner prealdliur. Th .:.:.. __ : 1m Ar. Cm se L- ,.... retanHll." a N.y..I\; > At '- ..........D.I. .. r w
to-night. to which the public. is 1 usual rellgtou\ aarvjoea were held. ,. on- -- / st. soh .... Il ....x. S belAe l'hma tledc eq..N,. A s.a1Ar Tferauh 'THE LAND OF TUB SYT" (NoM .. Lv 1"t' IJwka.
Invited. Mule ..UI.bOt furnished by th* 0. B. .......* ........ After. 4 Tear U .... U M.. R Y Lr ......, 1lncT !i I
Excelalor' Orchestra and the price of admission ., eluding.. with the, The_enl of by 'thlLord the a B. Burhans, of Carlisle Center N. fmlAr r 7.HOacV ulevl I. r r 11 E:: _Nell PI o. em lea nNM1- u N. el Ne 1 INo.YIl 1\... "lie, .,. ..............- ter =I... Ar it. E: ia. a* :...:?:.;::1 i iAr :: : :--t: "
.. aermoa
,, will b l6 cent 0. W. Smith, Supper T. writes About tour Iwrote I aavannak, Oa .,......,.......Vo. HT Aiuilateii, ......... .., I ._ 11 "
bl.hop was expoeltlon of the last re- : years ago 1N Lr ante arY At l owl ttlh 'M ImImT31 d. ...... Alala. .r '
an Id1L MmW Ar Columbia. 8. do. Hr I Ar BI..I.,... ....,..... Rr ..._
..chairman enema; of the, "Do thla'ln remembrancnof you staling Uint .I had been entirely Uh Ar.. YNIle "l wr1 1 wen Ar.,, mewl. 1. ill 1 raw A* X o N rtlta, N. .::..::.Na. RrAr Ba Ar Yen,.... .,...,....Frtoes a '.... j ,
Fidelity Lodge.t K*. M, F. A. M.. Me." Tile discourse 1 by' the able and cured ef n severe l kidney troubleby 176p A, N. Orharu Lr ha I Lyl U M g wptll atalAr. Lake B tMr .1 Lv|, t Ierl| I M.e. I kve aYLT Mot a>rln-a, N..ttN........... Ho. MrAt : ArK_ neM Ciyaa ........Ffless 1/ .".. :s..;
11 Kp] I i>|U haAr V ta tm Bpr. tfiili 11"U K-Msn-tUe, Tnaa.-; : .........rXk: : Kv : I
will\ meet In Seymour1 H.II.on nextMonday aged bUhan was flalabad aanldet a ..howor taking lea than two bottles of WELT AND RATAYA. M.V! HIMII spite Bura1'1 Uk W 4 U. f I in .it.._* i* Leaisviua JI..........!............... KrAt 1 M i :'P.. a '''::':::::::::::::: :::- h'" .
asked Foleya Kidney CurL It atlralystopped ... 1 MpL.lA) 1-vf. Me ,
' .
night. The member are of teen that fall from many ayea. :The. Steamer. INV. Tort Tanpn 5.. ......, t aml_. It U ta. *....,............. .ex-vR* .. ,
.. j
to attend. The ensue t election' of rt.0reblpf1d prwldlng elder aaalated. tn the a4mloJotrat. the brick dust ..dlmen!. aapain dare Tue.d.ra cued TkurNW. u 1 eMN 1 ... 1 I.Ar.,. tie Mswfcany4v, .n.e .IVllMai /r c1_M*q. 0..Q.
ficers win 'take place. lame Wll .... of the eaermenl". and aymptoma of kidney diseaselaappeare4. II,. 1 m. I tn.|Na. /1Itlp| |Ar..,. 3o.la ,...Lvj I sap|N.B[ iW M-D.Ib Pull..... Dneing a- end Solid Teitlbvl tltl''. tMeuli.pr .'
master. I After a good otd-tlm haadihaklng thtoonferenoa < I ant glad. to aay that 2 MANATLC RIVER. ,. M i -' I-* .,"a .aI DaiirliJ 4ea Puget aiMpiat. Car i... _. Jaeusaelac sad coaches Blesplra Carp Jaokaorllle ts ,
: have never had a return of of those i i..u, f. A'' : '&
any .sateau
Tnanksgrrrrur aerrlon cam'i.. held 'Ia I organlnd by alectlaa Rev. a. Ilan we Tae.pa ally cc rlwy.tl a .ruler laoean .1111 rl apt sop e daeiaasiL; 'F !
..'Luke. .. Baptist. Church this afternoon 8. Slplbx ecretaryt I Bv. H. E. Daniel.recording .*. sjmptoms during tha four yearn thai /undoI at Tie a. u. ate L .w ..lM v"a'5e.n .en, $ Alee Through Pellataa JaoksoavlU H
and'to-hlght A1I Invited. secretary; Rev.. .., W. Orant have elapsed, and I am evidently curedto lu. Colorado Br'lifs via Atlanta, Rlrjmmgkam

M.: M. Klxon I the an popular Bridge sheetStreet atatletlcal aaeretary and Rev. It. B. say* Kidney cured and Cure heartily to any recommendFcley one auffer.Ing i SI ud i iTrahsa eVS. Pvllssaa aleeavere, between New'TWty Jaek.avllle a.dpart EXCatJANy: ALL i:' Snft': ,. UYICII.OIt Memabla: : aad JCjanaa. .CTtVDining *.:.{<(

I rarvlng One dln- Brook D. D., Rev. W. 'F. Thompao Jaekeeavllle pad New Yerk.. Tkreva ear aervtca. .
restauranteur, from,kidney or bladder trouble. All I raaapsb Dlalag Car b tweea: 1t
Run of turkey and other aubetantlal to and Rev." C W. WhUfleld. .reporter dealers, a mcbe. between Jeekasavllt. dad Waaalawto.. Trsw as dad 55, 5 Umaetag.t AKitrrata AT JAOKVONVUJUBIN Tom. '
lila boarder to-day. H* Is catering for 'The bishop> aaaouaeed. the appointment Ileper., alweea Jse..s.vlll. red Ifew beck, I

.veral families also and all are pleased of tIM etandlng committee after t le broken. Tate. N sad Ii, solid 10 N..brple, wins P.YMa Regee Sleeg.rs, bawaaJ.ekeoarCU. == Mew w Iwo Tark, WaaMBatea.Wa kl> eU.-Ne tee: Me *H.aakinrtea 1: *-#.ehWnee ate aa4 rtMtea Flense. LipJiW"ussrV..n N..S.;.?. ,ey
record rMa.
The >
with Uia good thing ha la gtlvng thank. which the conference "decided' to hold g and; Fifteen panengere : aad CblesiS eel el Let., through .a b shwas J.ek.aM'N and no., Clael..na.L A..Mrll < "''G._.. M ""Vaialarw' "* a... FMIila. Umfu.....,.>...., 111' 1t'1'bi
Th. InturdemimlnatlonrJ Woman's'Re man meeting each education evening and'In the kindred intereatof ty the on train MM crew Chicago, a few Pullman Alton Sedated porter Nashville. Trele. SI sal 5., eheeegk Tullman ut.apeea Jaraaoavi le via. Meet'gamery FTMB <)-.., Olafle-iaTi., Attanta ON.-Ho. It., 'Vim1a Unthaa* ,,..t...,(.,.y.,..,,... Bit .11.,.1

JI.A..U,. <>ll la earring dinners ta the mlMtor.1.,The ,conference, uaanlmcuilypetitioned end a police squad captured Ions tram Ce St. Lode.' Diuhg Car emir. a la ednr. ,...'rreewum, TMatrtat FaeasaareeAareeit, Iwo w.W.." fey *.* *"' **'''' ra.'
poor today M Mt Zion Church uhjnoti to deliver tb.T..nk..vlnlf robbtr.' Teals. h .d M Twllms. Mef5t parl.r pre betwe.. Jerk..ardll. 551 pert a. H. UAROWKiK. P. T. U. W. U U.Q.l"O'.A_ '. A :. ..: .$
Bishop Tanner r
: : -I.j
amusing drams, Temp. 'Traf5i p sad 5. fellma sleeper. be/wa a Jack.s..0ll. pert Temps ,
"Tha Peak Slstera an "

will be rendered In,unlnteotkmal Bethel I-aptlst. nlataJte Church ; M. .W.lermon.Rev. Wynn and Rev Jame : jrewtsaaetee ptak e* ant eat Ft.e6'Myer.I'Herebere.Tsalsa Tnlas pr sad is DI.and Pella.aw dl, Patlma a.t.t Re.I 51arp.ee C.rs believes belweea J..kseetlle Jaek.w- W. IS. CHRISTOPHtLfl:
thls..vsalnt. By Jtl'n'rton
Hogan ave_the marline for the conferSore. fl, TT. Foiita/jKiatmaster al ; PMerebeurc. I.
rule cad St.
this drama was announced, In this paper I The oret days aeaalon ended la. nearly tact hi* life and -was robbedof '
and Information, apply to agents
reservation Atlantlo
Invited:-to to aitsnd take place to-night: last. night The price All are of i pleaaantly.HANDSOME! ., all comfort, 'according-'. Pile' letter, writ For Coast Una or Produce and Commission Merchant;; ,)$
which aayar "lot to yeara I hadchronla.
drma FRANK O. BorUTOif District PaaaemgvT Agent, lee v-M trey ltm, 'lee .MeN BfiUe. rle. ?
Admlaaton will b 1f cent The Y Day itsee ,
SCHOOL :SCtLDINO.Wt II vsr complain Which led
will be rendered by. the young tadlc" oflb. uct a .severe of.Jaundice: that to W. D STAR it, Travail Paaaea*** Aareat, JeekueavCUs.Iv. Ioaalgnmeate aeltalted., YrnoaM. atlaitUea a4 Wksel! prtow *btalaVAetiunu +
PhlUttaea el.... Brooklyn Patron Appreciate the even> finger call turned yellow, J. C.AIGJ Paaa.ger Traaie BtaMereei. hd O. WMITB, Oeaw Paaaea er A**. ) remitted came ..f ..... ....1'11.' .* MM \ ;- t

The 'girl at the Boylan Horn and wbea1'my doctor prescribed Electric .. aafgeaeal -.-.... Beak .( "............. _-jIVIo .. .
of the Bohool Board. my -- -- -
Work _. .-..-., -....-.
pf their --
School war Oxford: cap U part cured roe and have kept
uniform. 'fhe two-atory modern 'echool, bufldlng :1t..b'r: ; eleven year" Sure our Q. S. &:F. Ry, :

Mr. B W. Robinson the wet known which when completed will have aocom for blllousnsn neuralgia weakneasaad Columbia & BAKCR ; a
and successful retail los dealer has hada nodatlon for nearly,-, III. hundred pu- all stomach liver, Kidney and bladaer MURRAY.

haadaoma marble tomb erected at the pile la on Pleaeant .t '....t. not quit one derangantenta A wondarful, tonic. SCWAHffKB RIVER ROVTB/ Craver Bay Sad Ub4y gtreela.Ve f
head ..f Ms former partner; the late C. a block from Highway avenue. 'The At all, druggist (BO. 5 Charlotte :
L Davis. In PUVB!) Cemetery, school I* right tn th. heart of a densely OPERATES THE FAMOCSDIX1Q \ can show the finest line of Vehlclns. nerae. Lap Robs, B1aqt !

' < A duple i ''phonograph concert' will be populated Battlement" of It*, patron and From new.novel-!"A dark'oloud'ath tLYBR TRAIN.' Danville ".t.. Whip., eta., In the state and w* can convince. you our prices are J.1';

given In Midway A. M E. Church next with.a little\ grading of the grounds and .... on her brown. In freestng silence MOCK BOTTOM. DROP IH AND SON VS BMBFORB YOU .tU&I
Monday night by J E. La*. Jr. for the other work It cut be made all that I* 01..- she left him. lie knows enough now to \'. .ad'...
benefit of that church. < The recorda aired or needed It..la a two-atory wood. apply for a Job with the weather bureau. parlor. Chair Car. I. Moralaa. ; Trala.Patatka Richmond '

played are' all first I.... and all will en structure ,and the workmanship .-..- ..... Faila*us Sleeperdoata sad Tali MoMURRAV. & BAKER. ,
enjoy them. The 1>rlca of admission will throughout I I. good and the material the ..There N. (TeeTalklaar. 4ol U tl mote Bay (Ireet, r'
be M ,cents and all are Invited. Rev.. C.pi belt. Far ventilation. heat light and yon want bat Herblaa teethe to Atlaata ei txht train. Norfolk

'Bu....... pastor.Contractor .- water .everything U excellent arrange liver. The greatest regulator ever 8CHIIIJOt.Ji: IN JoIfJI'MU'1; JUoIJI; ; shut 1 1l
Purcell! la making *x> ment. altered to humanity if'
/ J. suffering
reliant progroaa on lho- build I... of th. When the' 'school term opened lat October stet from liver complaint. If you you are v: LValdosa as sonvl ,:le...N:::,:;.wpU:: : :I lea I IJ:pAr Washington I SENT FREE XraOpener"nkweautlel0Drsg6.ur llwUlcoavtBoe, |r xenMbs.,.n>< .iban B< aeeT,,th.ra a oaa".'nUl U UX!,l ,

raw dormitory. for the Florida i Baptist '' thl* building wen not nearly bilious aced fretful It. your liver, and ) >CoUtMs: Tar their! SU- "'to ""' ,
Ttftofl ............... ... ... U :Rypl515Ar I r hfn can. pwtbao'th5.
t Aeadamy H* will leave this building fin. enough completed for the teacher to been Herblae will put: It 'Us It* proper conitlon. Ar.. Cordele ."....N.r.......... 1 Wp 1 ,liked aarller than 0..npected. their work, and on thl* account the A positive, cure for constipation Cordele .. .........S lOp 14th
pubtla I* cordially invited to attend pupil had to watt until lt week before blllouanass, dyspepsia and all till ...NN..N.DI' Oils

the spatial aunt .ervice.5 lAura Street they could begin. .They came with a- due to a torpid' Try a bottle and Ar.Ar. Macon AUllu.ta .....................C Ap l lap PhiladelphiaNew DRAUGHON'S'eBWO,000 s' '
Presbyterian Church next Sunday night rush,. Indloatliur: their )Y over esteem yea: will never us* anything ; .. Bold Ar. Columbus' N.N..N.N..., I pp a tlaAr. ;
their new building I which I 1. turnlihMwith TUoutaa. Clarke. Meth, and i>ryin.Waco .
at 1J clock. Atlanta .......... ...... lOUp 'lOt'
All\ the member of the choir of Laura modem .school dote. indeed of Ar. 15ln\1&DIrhaM ........:....... I Ma u IAn York .00 capital; SSCopegoe1r.1SIsted; 111ear1' .QooetI, v'POSITIONSCY .
Street Presbyterian Church' are asked lee having M alt on straight hack .btnche automeblle area cheap. .. sewIng . M.'pbJo .....N..N..N. "..... 11161'' aPBYMktL '
for special rehsareal to-morrow In the building whir they have In pelt machines, fur H a week (Inatnllmen CIMu.noo. .N............ I 08a 1161'' .n"nm=ro ,
Ar. .
meet alibi at 1 o'clock sharp, Mr.. M. U H.I. yew found It *o hard to get any kind l plan) you can run or your friend everyday Ar.'Naenvllls' .....N..I.N.,.? I iSiiI d alp' BostonSouthern f::';! skgPmaOralbelt ; ::" :' l ILEARN .oo4A eaU n' \
of. comfort or convenience out of In the week. outevUle .....N..N.N.11 iOp 110t> \' .r ,9I
orgBniat. Ar.
lard, Principal R. B, Hill and hi* four a.. ... ..... 'lOai OSl.mbla'AllateIM.5I.4gamrry. :
dentist, haa moved *ls Ar. Clnclnn.tI ..NN. top JACKSONVIUJC, 41 West Bay Telephone 1(11., P ;..
Dr. Anderean from Phcsnlx. block to corner of aletanta have about two hundred puel SEE! THEIR>!: WINDOWS 8ATTJR. Ar. St t. p. JN. rep' 1 :: \ Naehvllle, MenapHla 4ltle Reek, Dei lea, g/. Levin, ete.
number :
C In altandanoa now and the i,, : ::::::::::: : .
Dridie and Church street upstairs. oonMantly In........... with the pro. DAY. Railway

THE PASTOR: SURPRISED.Th . pat of a .large leorea.e after the Christ-. The finest auortment of Christ- Tralna arrive. Jacksonville. from aboveSolnata.ill. MlnlM&nufacuren

|plea holiday mat and Holiday good will'be and1:16p.m.: HALSEMA PLANING
neat In appeetsece.bright MN
The pupil are terries wtrough Puil- Wen
mantbera.anl. Church friends, undsr of Laura. the ant cheerful, and pith thfelr joy. shown by the E. L. Ley Furnish" man 1'bs Bleeping Dixie flyer Car between Jacksonvilleand .

auapleaa Street. prebytrlan o "" "., Home. Mission Society,>of over having a good artiool* building and wlu'a Zing! Oomp uiy, 17 West Bay street, Bt Louie and Chloago, leaving Jacksonville and Retail Ddn in Rough and Dressed Lumber; t ;

which Mr*. Charles Rev. E.U Qarvln B. Kllerson.Is. prealdenC led.- com pride better for the work proper on their are 'c-f part whateverM l next Saturday, Deoember lit. To Mfton. I Direct:W( p m.conneotiona dally, via for A C.all L polnta&041 'faVotk mi Mil. Express"Jack Lath, Mouldings, Turning and Band Sawing, Door and Window; ;

Buster..preeented with a "...4aom. W KngU h tojheif: charge. claaeet' ret ready for the big opening their West and Northwest- 0.'ffl. A B. local :frames, Store and Offloa Fixtvrei: Etc Mil Offloi Ninth. and Ionia. i:
.. They hive a piano and the run between Jacksonvlll and Jack**/Ule .iM sa.
ThanksaHvIng present.Rev will be Sleeper
doors cloud
a tomorrow
w.lktn.111 a and Phone 306. .
to mule white peeing in. train. Passengerscan
march I: p. e
hlghlr appreciates this Alston on . .. ._q
Kllereun very '
thank all who ..r* eoncernad and to the 'chapel! axercleea the two afternoon and Friday remain In deeper. at Maoon until 1M:
and heartily

gilt In It. thrown large ''room.Into on one the by eastern" mean ltd of slidingpartitions. being They are ii denting i out quiet Justice to In n.For m. full Information*,'sleeping car reservation ""WisJJi lgIooaodflorl4alfflodfLeer. ? ( PARRAMORE-OLDHAM CO.'S HORSE'' HOTEL ,

MEETINO. Ktchelbefger plays th* the Tea.., oourt.. The true!. hang 'II,. *, apply" to O. S. V. :Ticket OSIce '
J CENTRAL' piano and lives 1 lesacna to uth of the a little,, \but there*. rope enough to go Ml W. Day street or to tee undersigned'a. ... Jaokaanvllle TiM COHNt:: .CLAY; AND ADAMS TM&aTS. \,
platform meeting pupil a* dalr.. Eyery effort to being around w. e-AMigos, J. M. RArrTKHirO g. aa .
A ,mot mlratlng Central. Raptlet Churchlonighl made alto to teach tome of the Induetrtea P aad T. A0..... Pan* A.*B.. Boarding Sale and Livery Stable

Will ba .held All In are moat eordially. Invited\ In thl* school and Principal Hill I I. ..Contractor' Bonds a .ipeoialty. Phone (El. Both trains. carry. diner. and :,

t* attend, 'by Rev.' J. Gartner Rosa, Ih* keeping. lh. matter. under the .trtotetjT Phone No. 87*% :U1U Paxon.Hav C.: B. RIIODF.S. G.; P. A. through sleepers to New Tork andday g...._ can la gives keree rait /. _.r ......, *a tbear. arreareeee vrtllI. L
care. ft coaches to Washington ..l4te, The ka lie aai*.et na>rda ta what. we'tfve M sea aa***. VetBas'
PVnort: addressee will U delivered) For rate or ,reservatloni. call. on .-.- y y1"UNENAI
:you read the ads In to-day' lie or write
Rev J. P. Patterson. Rae U a Ellereon. HOTM. t I IBt IropoUat It pay to rend. them -
C Attorney I. L. Purcall.! Judge Jam. -.yoVUTffE Southern JAME FREEMAN, : e1tRpfTOge; ....... ;
Dean Dr. A. W Smith Prof. N. VI. Collier .lL.it..AlSuat i'l Her*"yea read the ad. in to-day UeIropollst Railway plst; l ':Pass. Agent, Jackaeovlll.Its. _
W. I. Lewie Judge J. H. Ballot andI ........lIn.. ,
Q UOPK1NS.President UW. WAkTKR.:
W. Jenkma. In Una with other cities. At a MAHCUS CONANT.
la falling
Choice mania will be furnished by Prof. meeting held!! by soma of the leading. : Mound' TripEXCURSION Vlo ,President' .... and Tree. It

Fugene F, Mlksll .....,t. Arthur a Greet.Prof. man of the rlty a Colored Business CONANT COMPANY ,
W. A. Adams MIN. Earth; M. U league war organised with the following .!i MARCUS ,

White, ana the choir of Central. Baptist offlcerai W A. Fleming president!I,. RATESFrom .1 l"lwut 1..ated.UNDERTAKERS..,

Cbur.h.J Rev. C. S. 11.nl.l.'k'. president; PhillipMoneon r '
...,,.t.111 J. W I..... tree*.
RARE Nl'SC"AL Ti\iTr.iEz.rr\ : teen. Jackaonvllls. r I' W Tampb Slna*. Jssmiaitn Pie, aT.1aaaar N 8.

Onset of director, : D. M. Pappy Jams. __ _, _.
The Organ. Chime, one '' of thoa* rare Jullii W. S. ""101.. a Kern and B.: v1101'P Best Lena to Washington p- J

musical., Inatnmwnt, that I I. seen *o' ** L. An"......... Matter of great .Importance / and Point East: CHAS A. CLARK"Unc.) (James E. Kirk
dam thai they oan wall be classed for the betterment, of car people ,

emoeg the eurlaitiC, I. t" Ibe poe..eetea were 4'.0.' .... chef which arrangements AOQ 4nHo* "I"1*. Ark-, ale Direct u. EllbalrllrlJ KIT.' Start.Druggist.
.1 "e. Chas U. Andersen. t"...... were affected for the celebration of **."*'' "ro't' lnur nays Fiuril ,,, Dnij .

terprlelng Bridge street nh and oyster emancipation Day January I, IOT The I a>4M W, rwyb Sa, '..........., .... I '

dealer. secretary wen requested to. .notify each e of Haitiao ana 'rcitlrn; :1M. Open eViy aced alaat.TletrrhU .
Till Instrument wen shipped to' Mr. ,,"un104\ ;* and soolety In the city $$61'65C'1I *" * sale Not. *> I. I phase N'er* -It. prompt
Andersen last Saturday, boxed up and and. county t* and at least three del. i ...1\0Iu.I"1; limn U .*,.. .' lUOf Kiln. u//.** ill 191
when ha received\ the, question, at one gates to a general meeting 16 be held N'p alteaueahIE .
1 roe*, how we lie guliui' to lava. It 1111' on Monday. evening December. a. low, at Fcr Info.mamen regarding rales |* h ---I ...-". -

yanked put Me for ueetProf the office of Rv. C. .. Dantels. on BrtdM other points apply' to T K. UoCall C f. .

J"r: Mlkell wen tolled: In, street for the purpoo. at ..m."In.lIt.. and T. A.|-James FreerasKw. P. A. : .+ t II JACKSOj YlLLf VNDU J AKU; C)
.e a4 although\ tie had never handled' Mi. ble arrangements. and a program. for she TABIH Phone li. *. le'tsonvUK. re.. . I i ICE:
ef theee mMrwntmte helots. he went to celebration. e.>f the day- II la earn.Mily I ..
proper Can atrord good blab If you buy It .here: NOT OOI BIT NOW
work and eooo had all parte adjusted and bused. thai all the eburc'.Dd far

...... at MW. tll plarTfce \lodgea will see ta I It that such proper I All because the our prices. are so moderate ; 'FORThanksghJipg'01atcrs s ronUIr. what th* lose would mean to frlt Full CUu $r/in./ Ee
Inetrumeal le "beautlfvl (a leak\ hitmber. will be appointed, who have theInlereet We.Inc4I.w.uIJ I
upon and lie m..N le man enrepturtn of the tar at heart, that proper. : Slim'We / you |If your. borne,, your shop, factory D. E. COOP,,,, Mgr, .

\ .".. ._ will be Inert fw the aelebrattnn. soil\ la absolutely freak and the / % Game, ot store mad line. kindling wood fur ....... Las.t. .1'.1'1. .mule d 11..1. t 4rTU

I and also hope that every a.* very beet of H* kind: Butter fish i Turtle the eager tames Now nieana while II I : C. urLa siren. i'h'.er ...
who laws lha good of liberty. will show Weak Fish, Salmon Halibut. Porglraef. Fish, Etc. esS ere yours. rssdlog thla. Bee us about Inlurartc I .- -- .- -
: ,oa..U he can aeake ., variety ta phone from, J
jM.i.WHIUQW'S by
; his appreciation
grand -- list ralea' and protection, before' the .*.,W Ctark Free. It. .. Mal**>, SVg*. par peer kMnete
w .,i 1M.. snIP t A Delegation a from the Temperance So.cMy : drR/ ; and Lake Are anglne roll ',.."nll. 1 eke bur .4i"iSi .
Charles H. Anderson Fish it Ikvwa Mat*
mailed an Mayor 110," retjueatlnffthat MOULTON CO. Q' "
1fi .s Ih* law b* atrletly blamed anNVaahlagtan f and Oyster Co. H. C. HARE A CO. Ktdaey.
street, preventing the oho Worth Fish Company '11';' ... .- "!

struvllnaef. the aldewalk. add the profane 't1ot1.. Quick .we laesiraaee . .# .*,'
'Cheapest Delivery.FhM The J.erg.N F Ag a y ..) UNDERTAKERS
T t IIS cMurTtj A fs*>mJL I and atiecea .language used!! both by t .* _.Mal stand peso Oawns S.. Try lea n-t.. .- N. VMVMAB.UlTUIa ..

mae and lewd women To* oaTttara *>f Me.es dl e.M1a/Ta'J5.ben.Nhge p_ lily 1M Hattie ....... p sal 1a'u 5U a. aj Main S.. "... g.4 t-MfaMuy, Jaa>*a'lU., rira /

le 1 rtiI

1 ,pt's'

.t d" ,+ w ,. i ki ?fr1+ 1A I. ,,
a ,.; ' ,, .r 'e71 Aiq
fk q ;
dx t r I lft Ay'r + "ta t




tl ...
At :.i.t:1i: p. m. Burn agreed' to take 011
r objectionable bandsIt **.
was an Inflated flannel affair thai
covered, the lower portion of the abdo' Doivt Tru.
., men. Th .men then took their pl_.
Lf and the fight began.
: The last roifnd of the fight, the twentieth i
was.a* follows: To '
'' Burn attempted to strike with hit I/xro-K
A left arm and Jeffries used all his strengtt i
to force> them apart from a clinch. Hli
43 43t : efforts sufficed to keep them apart but .
a. short time. Burns vent his left to the __ ___
,. head a* they broke. Burns appeared. ,
somewhat lens vigorous and weakened, eo.uipVo: rs'e'ff'w'lth1'1* thnc" "' failure by neglecting lice opportunity to
when O'Brien planted a bard left to the '
e jaw. In. clinch that followed Burnt j
head nemed. to wobble and h. was not BUSINESS EDUCATION
so vicious. H. 'clung fully twenty seconds I
to avoid punishment and Jeffrlei Me you the young man er woman that business men are looking for to fill
need his shoulder to push Burns away their positions of responsibility and trust Ar. you bound to succeed Make
The entire house was standing. jrii'lJSiS' ,fJJK" tart hen! : W. make. our ,uC<'es..ur.. w. kelp. 1
\ After the baseball season closed, someone 10, you. .-a thorough, practical buelnese training and then
I Ira not known to the Savannah people a..laung you to a plnce where you can apply It Send for catalogue, ooureea.
,d, 1 sent sarcastic postal cards back to Savannah : eta, or, better still 1, come yourself. \

some of which were' very ugly C tW
1. and now the savannah. owners come to
the front and say they believe Matthews MASSEY

Y I iponnlnle for that unsportsmanlike ,
play. The savannah people charge that
Matthews wu sore when he left that
t city, owing to the fact that the patronsof BUSINESS
the game there did not make a hero COLLEGE
out of him. Matthews won the pennant
for Savannah, 'tis true but he could not ./r
have done so bad h. not bad the best material Corner
In the league. Master Bnlldini Main and Monroe Streets, w Jacksoartlle. Fla.

The Savannah owners. gave Mm full authority
and he spent the money for them

Although the official figures as to attend r t t'A
Work-! ance throughout the league show that
Savannah led all other cities the owners
M> the club there say they lost money.

Saving Buck's' Range in Your Kitchen class they That statement C paid ball.Southern Is sufficient League to salaries prove that for" It!tone Imperative between that author they and should'publisher hold make rerular Where "-

communication "Th. Divine Fire BETTES' PHARMACY Bar
No manager ha yet been selected to ,
Ai result of for th. /to from tics s ofBenryHolt. New and Laura
handle the Colts next ...aeon but ite a offering a prier pre "- Meet.
: certain that It will not be Matthews. best original definition of "A York City. Our Stock is the most varied and.complete in the South"Our I

i for Thirty Days' Free Trial. II ,:: :, manage It has the bean Montgomery said that Matthews club next would season came several Into years possession ago London of Frlend'1 TROUBLES ,IN HENS. Service is the best that constant e@ort'and: expense can

but this report Has never. been con- all parts of the world. From Dear Mrs' Gray-Will Borne ,of you give.
\ firmed. following were selected ss the moat reader ,Interested In, poultry tell m. ,
and Most
Open day night.
see. striking Th first was awarded the what alls my hens Theyhav. brownor everybody trades here.. Do you!
This Range has a large white enameled Bob Spade who has been drafted by prise: black lumps-the else of -large pea'
Manager Billy Smith for Atlanta, finish The l'lret. person who com. In when on their heads, near the beaks or over'
a hot blast fire-back a fuel-saving ed third In hitting In the South Atlanticagu. the whole world has gone out. the ye{ What Is It, and what can 1 I' .
oven .. A bank of credit on which we can do for It? It started with one pullet and Cure for Rheumatism -

fire enameled The batting. Ih the South Atlantic wasa draw supplies of confidence, counsel. Is spreading through the entire flock I
1" box a non-warping top an little light last mason, due, many peo- sympathy help and love. B. n. H. I GRIFFITH'S Compound MitteN/
pie 1 thought tb the very excellent: pltch- One who combines for you silk the Your hens have some disease of the HOLIDAY
:t lined reservoir and many other .improvements log stag that nearly every dub had for pleasures" and benefits of society and (lands Further than thl. I can tell you of_ Giuiic. Stllliagla, Eta

there were some mighty good men doing solitude.A nothing, :More experienced poultry rale
j not found in other Ranges. the twirling about that time. Jekel whose luster the strong sold era rosy come to your help Meanwhile Relief tmmMUWJ flng'lit '
There was not . man who finished .. ot poverty and misfortune cannot dIm. quarantine the diseased row I.. from Pafn jM Bl blood' < and

In order thatyou; may be thoroughly good as .MO In the entire league. when It On. who multiplies love, divides grle The provoking cause Is, probably,' the after first Rtgalt. : suggestionsr
I Inviolable
whose honesty
came to. pasting the ball square on the and unsanitary condition of their quarter
.. One who loves the truth and you, and well or second Ing the .
of its merits will in 110. ? Their house* should b a dry clean
convinced we 'put one irkburn.. who Was with Macon and will tell the truth In spite ot you. provided with crushed oyster shells or dose. Acts l yH Hj Uver ni d;
Jacksonville, led the league In hitting, .The triple alliance of the three gnat other calcareous substances and pure ; '
your kitchen' on 30 days free trial. and lacked just one point of making the power*-love: sympathy and help.A water Study to feed them with a by Pud KtdneThe .

? coveted MO. Next to him came fabric, ot watch which beats true for all tim reasonablevariety of foods', not forge spy Rellaale latermal Heesedy ElectricFigures'/ / and
Savannah with ,190 and then Bob Spade, and never "rune down" ting that they must miss the green. stuff I ,
( who flnlihed with .28* to his credit That A permanent fortification when on* have eaten all summer. fee RREVMATIIM! MBVMAIX2L4.
I. pretty good for a pitcher when other affairs are In a state of .1.... they SCIATICA GOUT a.d LUMBAGO. I Desk Lamps.
Special Terms.during'this sale, only, men all around him who had been hitting One who to himself Is true, and, therefore REGARDING INVITATIONS. Mot*.-This Bpeclfio Remedy has
? strong before were not able to do so,good. must be so to yoti. been advertised In the Medical Journals .]
kt f $3 cash, $l a week Spade next to Dearer and Rucker, .was A Balancing pole to him who walk Dear Mrs Gray-Since the death ot and used In private practice for We Are Showing

p Let us send you one 155 l cash, $3 a month h.ager leader Smith among did a the neat pitcher pleoexof, and luan-work across The link the In tight life rope. long of chain life. that bear ,' brother our father and my our sister mother with lives me. with My sis the a over to justify It years us, and in making we have the ample assertion proof I New. and Attract

5 when' he-got him the greatest strain.A tor Is now to be married Should that this preparation will relieve or .tive
to-day. Walker, who has also been drafted by harbor of refuge from the. storm invitations rend In my mother s name or cur IS per cent of the cases Indicated. Line.Greenleaf .

Atlnta. did not make as good a show- waves of adversity. 111 mine? If It be a church wedding wh Doe ]put DlatwtH'' la. ft* MM>.. ASterd. .
ng at the bat as did Spade, and got a One who considers my need before my should attend her at the altar, or shoul ftalet Bleep aad Create. a o4As t
percentage of .1M at hitting out of thirty dservlngsTh. she go In unattended! V.' M. ..lt*. '

hree games played. jewel that, shines brightest In the If the bride Is to go to church from JackMBVlllc, Flew DIatri...... De *4,
darkness) } your house. the Invitations should b. TUB OROOVKlt-rnDWAltT DRUG 00.
; Fancy Baskets and Xmas Boxes A stimulant to the nobler side of our made out In your name and. your bus Wkleal. Dragclata,

RhodesFutcliCollinsFurniture TUl'i Chocolatei] and Bon Bons nature band.. Her orother Is the. proper person And for rat by retail druggists gnrally. -
r A volume of sympathy bound In cloth. to attend her up the church aisle and .
25o to $10. Order now and avoid A diamond In the ring of acquaintance to give her away at the altar. Should Send for Free Descriptive Circular to

the rullh.ft A star of hope In the cloud of.adver- he object to do this you may walk. wit Griffith Rheumatic Cur Co..*Bole Man
Ity. her as matron of honor,' or' she may u. ufactureref Third avenue, corner
Company On truer to m. than I am to myself; her bridesmaid.MAKING ; ,
attended Eleventh: street. New T.rk.
by N. Y.
.. .* .. .. .. .. .. .. .s. Friendship, one soul In two bodies.
Insurance against misanthropy. "WAX.:
308, '310 312 and 314 Main Street. : AT THE HOTELS. : A link of gold In th. chain of life. Dear Mrs. Gray-1. Will you kindly!
d One who understands our silence.
good recipe
columns a
t ..... .. . .. .. .. .,. .. .... The essence of pure devotion. give through"your"" for hardwood floors?
or making Our
r Miss Miriam Donaldson, one of Bainbridge The sunsblne of calamity.A :. I should like also It <**.ou can give me "Special"Coffee

G.-'., moat charming' young second right hand. some idea, when I could see plans and

adles. Is spending a few days at the expensed for building a bvngstbw. .
Windsor.B. RED VELVET ,OOWN. B. E. P.

.. F. Board and Joseph N. Delllngerf Dear Mr. Gray-Will you pleas tel 1. Melt halt a pound of .beeswax and 25c
v Washington D C., are late arrival a.lthe ne bow to make a dress 1 Oke the Incloned add to It a Quart ot turpentine which t
+t Windsor. ample In a becoming way? I.m lire has been made. more than blood warm
feet one Inch In height dark hair and standing In an outer vessel of boning &
IX Anderson and wife, New Orleans. by ,
arrived In this city last night and are chin. bust thirty-five blue eyes, age g,5.! water for fifteen minutes'clo.ely cov
guest at the Windsor. What. style of bat wilt go with eamefMERCEDES ered. Mix well, stir In half a cupful ot Per Pound.Wiikison
fit a ,Id. set the ve....1 .
J, T. Garrett and J: M. Wilkes of Mew mmonla, on Co.
Into the pot Crosby
Fork, are registered at the Windsor. You will Sod'a gown of the rich redtlvet ontalnlng. the mixture back
extremely becoming to you All or' boiling water, and at the
Mrs. D. L. Oaulden. of DoLand.. Is hot while you are usng -
the velvet Is so heavy a perfectly pl.lnlI.ht the range to keep
pending. Thanksgiving at th. Windsor. fitting princess suggests Itself as It., Rub Into th. floor with old flannel ... Wes Ray. ltre.

t Among the late arrivals at the Wlndso being a good model. Hove It made with and polish with a bit of carpeting-!brus- rte ;

i fre 8. D. Baxter and wit, of Augusta, a plain panel down the center front outlining eels, if youhave It. ..-- '
{ i Oa.Mr. with a broad fancy braid. This LAn, architect In Jacksonville will
l and Mrs E. 0. Ootjen. of Savannah. could be continued around the bottom I Itprefarred. give a specification tor. building a bung-
arrived In Jacksonville last night and .'.nel should go ,over the ..houl.ra .10', Expert Repairing
will .pend a few days at Me Windsor.Mr . and down the back to the waist line. '

: BY and Mrs.\ J. R. Sdmundson.: of VIII. It will be a mistake to overturn such a BIG OPENING SATURDAY.
handsome material, so I should just add & W* are r..po"I.ta" "Watch,
Rica, Gar are guests ot the Windsor. Spiller ?
W R .DOUG LA5S. of Hon A tremendous stock of Christ. Clock and Jewelry
, .. j Mrs. J. V D.Un.ot New York City..Istopping a I small square chemisette yoke repairing,
ot baby Irish the braid Gem 8.tUn. ..modelto. jewelry
a at the Windsor. Ivory lace say load goods will be exposed for
sides of the lace; but nonlsh -fin faoteverything.of this nature
,..The Jacksonville ''football team under ."If the crowd will com out ... outlining the
just L.
tale the E. Ley Furnishing that ,
the lower edge, ju.t cut the pat. aftreUcla; repair de.
the chaperunage of ,W. D. Vlnsant. Ji., will do the rest" said Capt. Artlsy last OA.RTOY %,A.. at partment I. .
manager left last night In a special Pulls night and there was an air of confidence aasbe ]Id 1kto/ liii Matra Boqt4BleaM' tern sleeves of the lace will, be that medium will be puffs sufficient taken ,iqmpany next Saturday, December fANCY GROCERIES W* never charge- .peeted.to for eiamlnlng do.

man sleeper. via the A. (!. L.. fur Bavanah In bis manner lie trimmed band., email turn 1st To complete arrange- and reporting 'th*, condition of
1I where the team will play this afternoon Th* new stand has been completed It into braid
the ten matching the yoke for opening their doors Watches or Jewels; so pleas feel
of menu the
r back cuffs :
against the famous blue and white la the .finest stand ever erected on the II r Bey StreetPHOTOGRAPHS free .. run la and
4 Of the Georgia city Th. locals hope for local gridiron. having. 'low seats. Theseare elng added.You find this a most becoming grill.be closed to the public to. 327 Watch or the setting have ot a, your
a tie game, and that was the result predicted ; not crowded together but there Is a Chicago German Hod Carrier and should and Saturday. or Inspected ring
with morrow afternoon a pin whenever
In keeping
by Cu n. Appleyard y..t.rtll1y.1 wide area In front of each seat. Th. Building Laborers' Union, No. I.,he. just I model, and a pretty Jlk.. you t
would be all white or com-
Hi* team 1 I. by no means a* strong as Informer spectator will not ,b* worried a* Is usualIn completed a labor tempi in thnt city] four dn. ,
tl years and, a Bavasnuh'victory. WIOB ex/e s. with-his neighbors kneeor opting in all tloo,000. and paid for entirely bind with red.-Whlt.beaVer folded and Spend. .tleallea |. lull. ...._
would. not be a .urprl.e't' 'any'one. ,' elbow. The seats are spacious and from the union'. treasjry. draped Into Scotch bonnet shape wouldbe want and
tacksohvlll* sound and .relI11t a few feet distant pretty, a bunch of whit leathers being We you tp come

lI'h.lI, the two elevens line up ,at the from the edge of the neld Tics New ..... Fang, ... Drag L..... caught with red. velvet.A look our stock over; We may

Bollon street park this afternoon, the Five hundred were reserved yesterday W. are pleased to announce thai
,,J item: representing Savannah will' out1 and today, exclusive of the 300 which FoIl". Honey and Tar for coughs,. SOUR, KROUT SUPPER.: have something you want for : R. }. RILES COe
weigh' lhe3ack.onvllleoontlngent by sev., have been spoken' for by the Jacksonville olds and lung trouble Is not affectedly Dear Mr.. Gray-I wish to have a sour Of HlphesfQualltr
noel pound. Th. only weight ,with the.' management. for the Jay root..... These" the national pun> food and drug kraut supper.. What could t have be- Xmas. JBWBLBM,
local eleven I* at center and the t..o' will be reserved when the Jaye arrive. a. law a* It contains no opiates or other de mashed potatoes? I want everything I "' Jaefcmvllte, rta.so .
guard France, who will play ...ot.r.1 ther. I. to the nice. DOROTHY. ;
11'. some uncertainty as number armful drugs, and w. recommend it very D. A. Cooked Son EJbt
; weighs 160, while Capt. Appleyard and and Manager Vlnsant decided It as a safe remedy,, fon children and Haw brown bread or Oermnn rye
jy Ilurlbort,, the two guards will each would not be expedient for him to take dulls. All dealers bread. Cut It nicely In thin slices. Have !!Jw..T1ken,
weigh consldnraula over th.' Xo mark, the reaponrtblllty ot paying for the rat dill pickles, ..II...... Swiss cheese & Opticians STYLES
'The tackles are not heavy inn but both I srvatlona.; Then Is little doubt.that me.whole A strike has taken place. among the pretsels. Tod should add some kind of Jewelers .t Nip t.
fo, ot them Elliott and Alfurd! have played of, the new .and will b* renrvtd Ipeirakors. of SI Cloud, in 'he Jursrrance. a Dutch appK oak to complete th. super
; the game, and are onto all of It. trick.c .. to-morrow. Out of tot l population ol tnd make It a perfect .ucr.... Serve 124 W. Bay Street; DIAMONCrBRACfLTS
.""e. t"l1.11I line up as follows ,The local man going with the team 11,000: no fewer 1Ie.. I.COO of the Inhabit, offee, of course, with German cookies of busy
", Vrasee, center; Hurlbert right guard; were West, Hurlburt Dr..d,., Elliott.: ant sre employed In plpemaklng.rwtnat. 0. apple strudel or the oak mentioned (Next to Southern Ex. Office).. To suit the convenience the
Alford or Stoy. right tw.kls; HI oil or ...Alford 1'1'...., Appleyard. Mien. Chap- \ people w* will make sitting by

Veil, right endi 1 Appleyard (captain), ""U. Foreyth. B......'. Bhlmmlns.. Mlsaewrtau above.Ohl.. should b. Inviting and pleasing light of our Violet Bay the EleotrU week
left guard; Elliott or Pope left tackle, Blots, Btoy, Wolll Allbrltton.. Lamp. every evening In
Chappie or Drawdj, left end. Wolts, ;* ,: e When I was a druggist, at LJvonla to your guests.DATS. from 7:Jto /. W* do not photograph
.quarterback t Bhlmmlns., rlsht half Loa Angeles. Cal., Nov. t-Phlladl- Mo, writs.. T. J. Dwyer, now ot Graysvilla. children at night, but for
tvt wevney.. left half'i>r.j-th, fullback phla'Jack Brlen and Tommy Burns ofIx Mo. "thre of my. customer w.rprmahntly < OF FASTING kno..1 eBread grown-ups th. electric process has
A la.elIumber nf th.I..1 football >. Angeles. to-night fought twenty tor- cured of consumption by Dear Mrs, Gray-I would like to many advantages over daylight.
4 :"nihiiilttnts. accompanied the tam, The rift rounds before the Pari lie! Athletic Dr. King'. New Discovery, and are well why the day of fasting and prayer obrved .I There. is no longer an excuse for U DIAMOND
aboard the and strong to-4. 00. was trying t. .. by Mm. denomination of Chris- Sunday appointments
player renmlned car until Club to a draw. When the end cam1 It
cell bl. property and more to Arlaone called "ember days"-or. In 0th.cc To i Introduce and popularise this I
tbl naming su as to get a good night found the two men In the center of tics Baas are JEWELRY'e
'Tfst? The Bavannah Nws, of ) esterdayld : ring engaged In a lerrlAo struggle. Th but otter u.lnl' New Diacovery a short words. what relation 'doe the word method' w* will make a special
: whole upper. part of their bodies was covered time he found It "nneo..ry to Co I ember" bY* to the observance price ot one h.lf- tb*-usual rat for

wAnd now rome. the famed Forsythe with blood: While Jeffrie held up most regard wooderfui Dr, King'.medlain.New I DI.eovery In eattenoe.wurea as the AN INQUIRER. a short Urn oa sittings mad evenIngs. Our 11 ook
hss oast tila' lu| with the the ot both from word slgfylng .
who rwently glove fighter a shout of cough and cold cure and throat Ember": I I. derived a never be'or was
;1 Jailuonvlll'' l.am, and ..*ye the Jays will disapproval went up from the Burn admirers lung II..I.r. Guarexteed a circuit a cdurn. a periodical MOORE BROS
end an'rlltr.I.te.
wallop' the Blue. and White 'tram 'tomorrow who believed their man had won.Hu.n. . Ito and .... lIy return. For example. "Leniences. )'mllren" -: M large or soeompUt
II Trial
bottle I Ilum US Wl Stay i "* .
y .t 'rnlKlt\ who fought like a bulldog from tree. meant the. vernal equlnox-ihe. re
l He played with and voaohed the I'nl- the beginning to the end, was always on of spring. So the word "ember," *, L Iui

vanity of Florida team which. Played Ih. aggreaalve crowding hi* opponent to The labor. demand for plantation work n..r'uae4 now In thl. sense unless compounded ihow you andIntereit 1
avamialt" early lute seasun. Ue bas the rapes. and .freqMently\ rushing 'him In Hawaii has bun a rapidly growingne with other words, means simply Administration Citation

;, >told the Jacksonville team thai he know about. the ring almost In flight the number ..f pl .tb*' weak spots\ In the Bavannah." line-up The fighting practically from the first of ember by lice church state
avlng rl'.en from 34. U In Van la Km IDhe polntment day 10 Court of County Judge, of Florida -
t 'grad Is coarhlng them aocordlngly. This, round to the last was Interesting o'Brln I year 1M.The. I. of great antiquity, and they are Invariable tfuval Coullty-Jal.t. of Carl FJnkl .
gee.nling la the Florida Tlmea-l'nlcin. '. footwork however was fast and In their periodical recurrence.That ,
i Hut. fapt ...."' 1.' has strengthened clever and Ma, ducking saved him time a the came has any connection, ....lIhthe reaches the soft spotof deceased, by the Judge of Mid
'y some of tha''ally.d. "... .k' spots'"-not and again from severe punishment. I. M. ashes with which same sects, oro.fltelr Court.
by the substitution of outsiders but by Burns. however'lended many stiff blowson Why your baby should b* thin and foreh.da oa Ash Wdnsdy la a heart because it is 1) ,J @ d
.. .
t 'hiding the men and praotlting hard O'Brien'C fare and had. the latter fretful during the Bight. Worm are your Whereas. Jlarry Dnny baa applied . .
F .nd ", ..,,11.'a wk spot\ may b* found Dose bleeding and his right eye laid openIn the cause ot thin, sickly babies It I I. vulgar error.THREK. to the palate as wellas to this Court for Letters of Admlnlstra a
w to .b* sun aitol when he and his coconsptnuor the early rounds of the fight. Burns natural that a .healthy baby should be QUE8TIONB AN'W :nen.: pleasure Uoa un the astute of Carl nnkel. des '
this tat and deep well If your baby dee and hunger eased. late Of said County of DuvallThew ;
ooin." way too was severely punished about the strength giving lea Wt
Mr Or.-<'&o any of your thrf, asp MM .****.
and ads
Chapell. whose pltolilng arm,. Il was hey, his nose Ming bloodied and hi. left not retain It* food. don | experimentwith Dear are r* to cue
thought, would preclude his partlclillon \ *- aye Closed 'cello cure and other medicine reader Inform me what I "' 1dO withcet.up satisfying. Try it. oni.h all and singular the kindred and .
i In the gam. I* ulaylng right end When O'IIrl..nd Burn entered the but try a bottle of White's Cream vr> that 1 bard mad too not? Also. creditor, of said deceased to be and appear -
t ''AI' will come up with the Jackwuvllle' ring te-oi.ht for their Aghl for the heavyweight mUll'., and you will soon see your what lo use lo clean leather chair' and before this Court on or before theM The Great Headache. CurtBromoPepsin
,leant He and Hob Kennedy' corn .... championship\ a delay of flltern baby here color l and laugh aa It ..keula'Wad ermine fur B. : day of December, A. U.. UM and lie
' Mot far three days .a aa. hunting. trip, minute ensued while the mn disputedover by Thra* Clark" Main and rorytb. 1. Blew tomato, down lo a smooth Puckhaber's'Bread ejection. If 'any they have to the :
n and this M to the report that they bad a belt worn by turns Then Burn e puree, *nd add to the .peppery eom- ranting of Letter of Admin =:I Ion on
said eatst*. otherwise the will be
quit the squad. i objected l 10 O'Brien'. bandaged elbow pound. .
y Chines resident al Panama, are strenuously I. Clean lh4ather. with neatefoot en granted to cod Harry I. IJenny or to slob .....wr. r/*
lit posing the Introduction of coolie ? some other 01 person or persons,
x ..bbtng It In faithfully Lt it soak t.for. '
I IX. labor. civ Ib* ground that the climatic day before using the furniture Witness my name as County Judge of Headache
rendition ar* such that a heavy death 1 Drench the fur with pun alcohol the county aforesaid Ihle the Ttb day of CURES Nervousness
sate I. sura to follow November A. 1>. ltd*, Insomnia a
have beaten out the dust ,

,r [We Paint Houses !Iw Till'/cafe., T'r11'd b/ eon- .boraela when Whit' It you talcum I I. till It wet will dredge hold reaching with all the the Every Woman (November Seal] Hoi.Th IL lountyfJudge/ -On ,th. Spot.lo .,

viDced. root of each hair Put Into covered hocand k hlMmsu*M*HmM YweeMltA.e.yLh, I Opiates. Absolutdy"Narmkss'
leave It for a week The. beat and "
-"'- MAtVU MbkBrg eprsy ,
: rush out the powder dduu.t leer Gad and SOL
fM W hfycoo ribstMe
CLOSES rOB TWO DA VB. M creditor and alt
1.. Balfe.- 'Conroy Co. per. Pew Ml ky ISellM> faars.y,
.. AN AUTHOR ADDRESS sons having clulnis ur drwnds.NainetIM
sera IMy w a- aka'M
Tor the pnrpoM of ooatpleUnarranffmcnti estate of He-beora. C. Burrows, deeeaard -
Dear Mr*. One-Would U b* possible i
hereby .UH d and required.
are ri
for % biff opening of And out hew I could reahMIM e.ew a..
for lo
rO IXKIU.V THK "'AD COMPANY. to present their claims or dsmendsagainst
r their Ohrlftmai goo ds Saturday May giacUlr.. tb* author of "Tb.Dlvtne { said .* .., 1 eR tL
Fir, by latter If. would I
at JarkwavllM.. ria withIn
*. ,
114 AND 116 WEST BAY STREET December lit, the E. L. Ley Fur be very much obliged ta 'yml for t.lJIn. a tw* year from she del hereof or the : it ,
wvYwi ewM a' r low : i
niihiaff Company will GlOM their g .., J. C ... / raw come will be tierred e !- ertie/ M Beak ap.
Ice TELEPHONE 80. Write to hr In ran ft hr Bubltahm.Tfcl r PIIcAltD: ., .
doon to-morrow afternoon
and Fes pele Ie .........1..
by she
Is I cfeuing P.r eels Lk A McNeil
usually con and way way by pru Adeduttre.td. 11 W.eq
I Friday. M M :. Bustxer1. tU- tola, Meal cedes x4tBlt4.i Mwember t, 14. '..., -

? to


iS" i ,
-ttht 'dci v s, F. r I !" -,. ,, vase' r I't'
yfi lg ci fe i f ,rw ,' -r y py .4

Title: The Miami metropolis
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Title: The Miami metropolis
Uniform Title: Miami metropolis
Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: 12 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: East Coast Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.
Miami Fla
Publication Date: November 29, 1906
Frequency: weekly (published on friday)
Subject: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
General Note: Editor: Walter S. Graham.
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#,..' + .... "'' " ": ," ,' "
.. '':' 1 " 1' -

':''l I 1 Vewsof'i : 'the;. Yorld'J: : ;

'3 6r'J. I' .lr1Op"1O'I' Jaek.aaHtle' ... .1ooI.1t1" hlY t..
.4b' ." ......"." ....... ..rt.t

I Assaciafed a Press ;'i'r R4da. t

\\. I M
VOLUAiD: ZO. NO, 129. JJ1OONVILL'L, THUxBDAY, NOVEMBEx 29,1906. '. Oat or Oity Go: in Oily. 9ai

i 1

The .People of Jacksonville i Certainly Have Great Cause f for,! giving for the Most Prosperous Year in the History of the CityP'R'ESID'ENT \'*',


: :' KILLED' I A

;1. 1 S' EV/ NCER IS '7 1

I*' HIS BODY IAS BURNED < : :, : .Cl.! Tha nks. ,' THE PAY CELEBRATED !

.. ,


... f I r.z



I I ,

ryl ,Raar- ad Collision O"ursI i I .y M Tbe City Shows Gratiloda f<'

Near Lynchbnrj. i ; ,t ;1 , for Manifold> 'Clcssln S, .4! .


fi + t ,
\ J

Hid DISREGARDED THB I'IB..OF THI '. I'' y t A HAir-iioiiDiv nivKnr tiv Mo/..l

OP 'TUBRervlcea MSftnUl'fT1.
BLOCK g*'TBMrrealdeat i

+ ., i
t\ '
' Mere Held ,I. Varle
s>,Mct aadVarty of Biotin /
I .
Wer*.la HI* Privaf Car *< lad *fTrala i + CkvirkMb' a.J 4 They. "er* tJtrare* > {.
oK0- \
Wklck+ Waa B.mmt for ", ....k,1, I Atlendrd Hlo. eeit Bermamael and.od,f

earl I'", and W'kick W'a* D*. ll..... td Aw trend. ... Featurea.W.lth N,$r

Rlclimord. Va., Nov. :M,In a rear-end I' ,a general :,ueren.III.n' of 'com*-:',

colllilon, which ooourrel on to*, Southern t mcrclul operation, Jacksonville |'I.te' ...ri'
0 : <1r> day observing ThaakaRlrlnt.For ;. *
Railway, tk0'tY-Aw tall** from Chatham t Iy
Va.,1 ibis -"1nontIn.." President Bamue \ + "v"1"' day*' past turkey' ha,.
Spencer of tb* Southern-Raliway, waa 1 \\ been In.demand 'and the lupnljr rdrr
th Jellied veetl-
'_ baud train. No. 17!',Rom WaalUnston toNew been equal to th* occasion .Most of,Ml
Orl *D*> ran Into paaiencer train 1 +( 1 'M the business house 1".4.t, noon, aitd' 'j

Mo. "WaaMnjrton to Jaokwnvlll lilt 1 score .of builne office and aonbertorea ':
Uit acoount thY. train wu burnlnc. 7/ ,11 ,
J did not open tor business during a
Wrecker. wr ant to th* BOOO*
.AN OTFICIAti ACCOUNT the cntlr day: t.
W..blrKto4 Nov. :!Prealdent SamueBpenoer 'banks closed and Ih* eourla' Inj.operative .

of; the Bouttaern Railway; ,+wae ? I it waa a dull forenoon, but:}
f ', killed thla morning in a wreck: wfclck> ,occurred It wa* 'on* ot contentment Th ahup. i ,
at Lawyer, eleven maw mouth of e't- ; + ,f I pr were busy In the household look-t'
"?. ynohburt Bvnil member of the party r t Ins after the dinner I but Choy will e*',
who wr In Prealdent Bpanoer'a.car are I . 1J on Bay stool tomorrow n* u.uAL. ,>H 6
reported to b* aerkwaiy Injurad At the r SERVICES IN TUB CHURCHES ij J
funeral clBce of th* uUlera"c "Railway iu *1, The .ervlce* hold In varlou C'huroh"-:
a |h* following MMement wa laevwdi '( .4 f I,
t " J t, d'r were largely attended and trey. wetalrwort "
art Southern RaUwar paaaencer train No. Impressive. Jackconvlll, ha\* (i '
S U, left vVaahlncton kut nl-ht for Jaokonylll t r
much to b. thankful for. and Ih* po"

,*.M Owlnc.:11I a. to m,the at.Lawyer'V.f concerted hoUdajrtrafflo on ." ." /.-. r a "" v plrnn'nat: nta: forgetful ot tASmanIJaW"bla ,. :I 1tCTh j, ,

portion *C the road protected by the' I' ''t i ...
;i union rvtc In, till oltr proper; <,
block ayitem I ih' train wa oppd (oralldit t
W t wert -held IB the Union CongtpgntloniUChurohi r'
to \ ,
repair a coupling Faaaenser .t' '
A \N'I' and word largely attended. Rev' $
train, No. 17-wa tollowln
\ ,. a"t Yt ... f?Rw*>Pnrl h, pastor of the Snydsf J]
helot .lvn a clear block ran Into thartarX , 'rte', t y Cy, er k. .
/ No. V reeuIUn* In tb* ..*pu>ua 11/ ,;;>'>J< ,"I. "-7r.f. ,,t ,3 i ,. ."r'. . 'Y'" "''!+-- -+. )laroOaW _rChank.. preschel ,ltt; alp
...wjteckv.. Vnr.parent advig Uirtlnat the ,rl Jtl" ,..1!.+.r:. r'",.--..... 1 goat ThaeYarivlnt aermot{- and !herd
ttJ31s were arbor feature ot decided IntararAD |
eoUUIon wM poadbly UM rcllSeno '
ol U* operator :alleair JNo. ITto 1 1,' WHARTON-B SERVICES.: !: ,";'

pu the Mock TYMUIant Spncer l4'o t j . .i.... ," .' A. large crowd gsthtna at III'* Flrei";.j\!
a party of lrlatda'wen In, the offlotr't w .}t H ) :1. : Paptlsl: church, whoa Dr, II M. Wkah
tM at the rear of.No, l& I' .' tlnti 'Z 't '"' :' :- : ton, a ,noted* evangelist preached i ,'
8PIINCl! R'.' BOOT BURNEDr 0 : : :;.;;. { 11 .. ;,,: ;'IAJ'1 ; p(:;" powerful ..rmon. 'l>!,. Wharton. I* one;,'ti

Lynohburg, V*.,. Not President of in* most powerful and mgn.tia.I
Spenceri! 'bodY waa.hMttwd beyond *trot- pulpit' orator that bee ever been tgr"t i :(
nltlcxn Philip Bchurler, ol Nw York of : DUV Jacksonville. HI* command of elo%,*

wa Mr, Bpnor Mr WpnW party. 'was special Jio train killed: ,dlsrislcher u-,1& MAGNIFICENT C"Ug{;H .. .. CWTliF'IJs T H AC ,,COUNTY WINS of quest apt, foceful Illustrations language fa ,point hla Mleouonf out hla a''!

D. W. Davli. of Alexandria, and ,,. moral, make him very .effective ,(
Engineer Torry. and Hr. ,,Spencer private plead of the gospel. When'' b*- lelb'/
_larr, Mr. Marrlll On man not -: one of his pathetic little stories I to\v,..,
jrt' Identlted. wa also killed. Bight n- DEDICATED AT RICHMOND SO .HONORS AT STATE FAIR adorn some truth h* I Id tryst to bring'jhome
roes w.n Injured, ona probably fatally. S E to. hi* hearer ther I la usually Jj
r.'r..le.ne'tWnara privat coach was ," rAn acarcely I a dry We In hi* Budlnnc, C'd
enUrely burned. Tba partr\ ,wu on a c, When h* wlihe' to b* anfarlaliUnf' '
'a hunting trip South, h* awn aa suocensfully keep Ms hsar.Nl:
.'J'ha'w.vY *ngln, *. of t>* train plowed' Impressive RellglousEvent'Occurs at the It-Gets Prize for Industries I ;and All Diplomas era In high spirits *. he pun In tear. KtTh
Into. the prlvata car or Praildant Bpencer, congregation of tha JEuat: JackfJ
In which ha and till luau wen auppoaed Virginia\Capital To-Day..' WiJ T/Delapofle: i : flas:Eicit t In the "Brown day" aonvllla prmbytrrlnn Church. Flril''+ ..
to'hitv* been sleeping. Immediately the Procession; Methodist Church sod First Prsiby..".
private oar ciwight Ero. Tha wrackag r ; terlan church held Thanksgiving .sriH
war piled around the engine an though r ; ; ": .. I ia ld ealare vleea at t the Flrt Presbyterian Ohurce.f'f"corner
: placed" them by human tianda to oonsum Richmond Va.. 'Noil,' tl, :'yVtth dedicatory eoll and. that mayor 'of Richmond and. T : f, :'Tampa Nov. it.-Duval county val county exhibit I I. jubilant. In consequence Oc ln and Monroe stests, at: ";
It ,,Every portion of th.. woodwork on oeramonle participated-In* by moot prominent laymen, who-wars .. .. "
th* tint Industrial pHs ot tM of th* 'luoceaa achieved Thla I I. 10:to this morning The sorvlces war' i tha wigtnn w.a burned. and tha monatarmnrhlna the moat dUtlntulebeMllo prel alnd apeolal leal In the cathedral, . . diplomat and blua rlbboni the last day of the fair and I b the biggest brief and wr conducted by Rv. J,' p./,: ''j
stand there tom and twlatad, ,itea'In thin I country, dig' CaOiedral ottha admlnlon (o which wai atrlctly. br'tn- ROBBER Drit In Dine ant appearance In capture.j day yet It I b an eloquent tributeto ....y. parent of the First Msthonlst ;ftChurch !
and will have to ba turned down an erabankment Sacred Heart th*' fltt vof! *M>. and "vitation., HELD FOR. POLICE, day procell.Ion to-deY. President Brown, the moving: spirit I I Ithll of rattled by Or, Boggi and R.T.,' :
at It la lleel.... It waa under Mra, Thonw F: 1I.lclh'too.. Itiplac The church I* a m..l1lftceot..e41f1c. .rrw '-"' White: ., who ha* had. charts of falr Paul F: Brown. ,'j;
the IcMwmotlva that tha burned body of *' 'on* of' th*' ireVtl ftu I of Italian Renaliunc architecture, occupying : '
Proridentllpenar waa found It la evident tlon :f.It* kind 1 In th ,1 t'i':: State a plctureaqu and command \ SERVICES IN DPRINOFIE4D.'ha .f."
that Mr' Sixnoer mope Insanity kltled The oeeanoolea, betlgglqR :wltla the In*; location. emoraclni/ an entire blockIn M" DIOLAPOR77hRr4D'OI/< and 4ld: nN auRa being I burned, conaccraUon 'at 1 oolookithl morn In. I th*. heart of a faahlonabl part of MAW .I'lTTIIv,OFFICER ."- A. C. :i. FREIGHT CONDITIONS Springfield united In a T |
SKETCH OV HIS CAREER.New and followed at 11 Dy bypontifical f hith: Richmond and facing a park. .. with Ito ;' ,t 'CAME.rlsMrr ., service at 11 o'oloe"L In th* ..Ptl".II.lf11I.lbodl.l ;,
York. N ov. M.-Bmul I "tp e oar, maaa attracted B lars crowd to Richmond acrei of, tau and tree Within"th* I Church Bpnclal' I mualo moat 'ffurnished
lireiffienl of tha' Southern Railway, lived Mr;'and Mr*. R't1l1-e.me'rrom building art five altar and two by the Bsptlst obolr. Rev,.MC
In Washington, but hla' bunlneea headquarter New York. Not onll'.wer. .Cardinallbbona'Apo chapel The cathedral waa ant contemplated IB:..T !rti ai.ir. .M'ka'Give* IN SATISFACTORY SHAPE W. Whit, of Btsrke |>.*.ollee! thf:-
were In thin city. Ha war ona .tollo Delegate Falconlo byiMonalgnor MoOllly 'Con sermon und was aaslaled. by Rv, Nat,
of the moat prominent railroad men In and m.ny archblahopa .,,4. blahopa tad.ratrbf.hop of Richmond la IMS'Tha : .; H CM4rr r Yni. ..",sH. . hon' the pastor of the Main Street 1JIi''t1
the United Btatea,. and for nearly. twenty from all parta of th* United BUteaoniplcuoua oo entot. waa laid June 4, Wl, \ tot I CAurah.The. .
yen had .been at tha head of many" but State .,,4'cltr official I by the lata .Father Conway of th* hglka/q JN'rNela/eab' Another i.?. .tl: Kplncopa; ) and Catholic Churoh!;M'
... were Oovern. .wan- Jeeult Order. nine held their usual Thanklglvlns
treat railroad .nt ",+rl. At Hie time, then 1""ludln. HfJl*> a.1! ... OBlpers ;
> Arrest HI_ .
I 'of AIr death. In. addition to the Southern Superintendent Spencer of 'This Road Gives services 0 .
Hallway. ha waa president and director Three; time within ih.. past tew'd4i ..
In It* Alabama Oreat Southern Railroad BaY KI.lLEDJVUlLE' the residence, of .W Out Information.BuperlnUndent rORK'T HBbgRVATI0NCerrrero /. +.
FLORIDA (} ; T Delkport, 1121Hubbanl :
Company, the Cincinnati Mew Orleani. : I -
and Paelno Railway Company. the OorK street hss been .n'end by N III .. ..... t. AI' ai. :1,
!a 'Bouthrnt and Florida Hallway Com thieve and small amount* of IWwla,. Y
".n.nd.lh. Mobile and Ohio Hallway ', stolen 8penar, ;. of the A' C U,|I(, "It I* rate to ay Me. have not forty f:\
Company. He wan des a director of the PROTECTING HIS MOTHER Mr DaUport In apeklng.cf; th* preamt freight condlltlon loaded car which, have .been. on handover fan r Nor. !/. Aa appesJ
t'Centra Railroad er, Oeorgla the Chicago. I of *uch rlilU grew by tired unwelcome,of th* frequency JIara . of the A.: C U yard. In thl* city?'i/' wren d.,... which !I. far below normal will .! m.Ae OOtoC IM' oral Contron for !i iapproDnatbne ;
.t Milwaukee\ and Bt Paul (the Northern ; at his howe. and dtrmlnd c aid to-0s ""., that trots exaggeratlonawer at thla won. of tAe year. VA have with which b carry! ea'a'lhr
ranlflt Company and nther corporations ______-______ '. t I th* lookout for the robber when to b* on *',circulated over the l tun lion' Ih.tl I Iat ([about an avenge of BO freight can enter 1 work of raatontlon; and fur the brl.f0ter ;
of tha 1U.HInior ""w they '' ," raid Mr, Bpencer Jacksonville day, *o ,..
air Bpanoar moor president Dome again H. mow awakened. laat l b ,trap every you pro''IIOIt "I lhr forty rearvea lIa ..
and Ohio Railway Company In U-7 A Brutal and Drunken Father's Crime-at I by bearing some on* moving. around In our road Jiu had some \little trouble with .readily tee that moo have the altuatlonmell lAt Ban 8IImarelino/ 41"1'1010/ Frof T. H.;
the haw all In hand Thar I I. of
litter apolnted poaltkin no tie-up
and In tIDal and war receiver the house and Immediately the ahltohmepbut Luken0. "' auprrvlaor'
for the Richmond and Danville Going Into ono of got tha Op to Investtgate. been filled and freight train are moving freight on any of the road running Into Rernardlno :4 8nn'uabrlel' 0"S:: : '
Knitted Company and for the East Tan Sneads r stair room there h* overhauled the down/Intruder !In and, out of tha city with refululty.J 1,Jackionvlll at preeenl. and the A, C I* or ,too opinion that If lw work of ......"
and nsonrls. KslHray CompanymMnt fewer loaded car! In our with Ita preaent. facilities can I.... car*
pee*** before h* bad time to There are now fon.t/nR/ II c.rrled out, tho watKehada '
: fence war born In Columbue, Sr. I negro .....covered. with a revolver get out. Th and yarda today than ever before at thla Ma.j'!of WO more loaded cur than. they have will be .h.4.d by. tow."' ". lrNr. Dre.fraarylnt ;,;
t'' DII, in tlltT. nod was educated' ". the.Unl- Vnead, Fli Nov. I(.-. Thorn Yon heart and In the right breast H* lMacut kept at bay until an officer could"* ruM mom of the year. at preeent" the ruin wales whlrq tall' Qutlnf
ttrilt' nf ruiorfln and Virginia.. In left wa fatally tabbed at Comfort' near Mr*. Yon an ugly lath. on lba face. Ironed, lha wlntK aeaaoq ;and ": morlnr ell dn.tar .
he miTried' M'n IxitMM Vlvtan Pennineat th* blade penetrating ,IQs cheek and Policeman Ttpton! waa pop fft'un4. and w* uruuin In /iiv ten Bernardino w.""1C'
Cotumbul, Oaiuio , her. Tu..day night' by hi* father, Hlg- putting her Ion..... Illgdon. Yen wa took the prisoner' In charge. At th* police MARRIAGE LICENSE RECORDS tar shed which I Ie a serlou matter all:
BCWY-KR WAS, don .A. Yon Th. aanlor Yon who had Immediately arreated and carried. to elation th* negro gave the name of Ood present to the Inhabllanta .!;
New York. ,,Nov. -Philip Bchuylor. been drinking, was. beating hi* wife klsrUana.Thomaa. fray Younuuu. and aay* that h. live .t
via vat I,\la Ufa In tho'!: wreck, wu a when the eon Interfered.Th TOn died tbli morning. )lr.. la !Garb ...*.,. Tbe prisoner 1* not over OaUKCTS TO CANADIAN' CATTI4. 1
member of 6:.. of( the olJ'"t and beat father drew hi* knife and Ton la related to some of the but (amIllsa II years of age,. Ha admlttMeenurlnr
.known faiulllfl Of- New York, being. a tabbed th* young man luat under the in Jackson 'MUnITICHYM UM house and lmplloUd, Jo* Mclnloch. BEATEN THIS MONTH rtBd tMBt I w.. Tbeea lHe4!-t
pnnndacn; -'O Oen, Bohuylvr at Revolutionary a negro boy about U year of era as an Tker. rrr., t
Var fame, and a. grandnuhvwft Ira'UL 31 IICTIIIIO'JIEt.o., II NAD.Ptrl.r.'o accomplice Mclntosh waa arrwted by.
HamiltonMn \ Detective Crawford and DeputBherlfl/ 1/:::
Alexander Dublin Nov, At a public meeting':
Sflhuyler waa bom In ,i1g1. and RrNy .. tNrhl Rlrrr tad Herberf111 I'I Nayer ;;; lie II.. fahI1o14aN Frank ,Jones at a pool room In LaVIIU. In th* )Rotunda_ to.night, Mr Field, ', ,-.-
nr.tlMlod. front the atlenl Ho nchool' of I. Cratrrea. III' ._......... Melntoeh. Nye that h* live on Wt For* Already Up to Noon To-Day Nlnety-Elght M, P.i prfsMIng resolutions wer adopud h'
llrtvarAUnlvonltY. sad of to* JUnlverllv ytn *t..*t, nf Brtdg, and has only obtollng to ,Ih*. Joe. liaonrtstlon off
nf Herlln and. Maid with distinction \\wblngtoo. Nov. a-There waa a special Baa ' -NO.,. been here a few d-ya. Md..nl** taking Canadian cattl :Into Ort Vrlliln ahl '
with Army of the 1'ulomaa dMrlns: tha meeting ot th. river and. harbor committee t/-UayorBchmlti any part In th* robbery! of th* Uekpwl.pou.e. Licenses Have Been-is.sued, ) Ireland, a* K ,would. have, a Q/as: row ti
Plvll W1II'. lie waa dirwiar of the lo-day, _lied by Repreaentatlv , who eut short hi* European sfT_ oo the "RI.II fsrnirre ta the wutli .
New. Tork Life Innuranti and TruitCimpany Burten,.for In* purpose of deckling, theplaalM trio to hasten heme to iron th. chars No property WU obtained thl Urn by wet of IreUad It wa* |mlnt4 out 'i|Land
',, proposed new bill. should ,aka of extortion and graft In offlc. owwhich Ih* tnlscrwMit, as'b did not have tint T Alaop. Jn. Ih*' clerk In the Mr AU. ..p ray* Ih* beat record ford thst Ih* firmer who brad nettle .ne'
banilsalig IB I legislation. Th h* wU IndlcUd by tb. treadJuryduruR enough .to get anything befor' being !
CpanNn..FNaherla rcpcrtod .So forthcoming oom- not much month previously made. woo thl* nwnlh" th* small graslsrs would curter. whlklfIk
\U> lha wreck. He la Dad of thaforeoux milts decided. to make a determined attempt hla absence. wu warmly caught. Junto Howell taw Youmsns a county: judg.: here. did -u. a yar ago. mown ninety six, were scored only persons robewould Uenefll bf
*! xltlaena of, Htltlnor*. and waauna to report lha bill to th* House .before welcomed on hi* unval ., midnight. beating to...., and held him Ai Ian: ball about keeping open bona today, but bewaa H. also mold that lie had noticed that Ih* free. Importation would b* the ash t
ot Ida! founder of the train exportth ell".t..... II ta *n>*ctd liar MMmeasur last altar In hla speech Bchmll* aaldh for trial In the Criminal Court. Ill* pal exceedingly, all..IoU. to have Ih* bM April.> June and November were the ban lure who look *4cled f.rm.. II,. w..
,r .nnrn of UUI lark pf ttaltlmora, will carry. __.M ar Mu.OM.oMchiefly had been maligned by th* "worst Mclntoah will b* given s> bearing. thinYltKaoea record made lob month In tb* hlwory nr month In Duval county' for marry D. Daily, **tai* ummls.lonrr" and Big. ; '
ant ha4 axlenalva bualneap itereata\ la . I* authorisation It I Ia announced **l of .wpapr that awe cursed a of tb* ofttc for l\MuiOll marrtag llcenaea ing. and May th. poorest.Bo lolm Colomb. M. P., a/* Interesting 11I'1D tae [>uth. riaher. war oae ot Preeldent that a river and harbor rongrea will ell)'."'and that th* attack mono against H* mold at noon ninety-eight bad been laued far this. month license hav ben MIYM. In Ih* matter.
tnenrora &rt". 'b* held here at Ik* beginning of Congress union taboo, lie declared It might yet A FATAL.BIPLOSI9,... *,. and ha knew another wa* oomingnd Issued to 41 white and M colorsd roupto
A Mr, ,Retfmo. .4 la eJee. reported to ba which I Ie expected I* give' an ..- b* neceeesry. to form a vigilance com- b. wanted on* more by lo-morvow IB November. Ik*. ft word Issued to CUNBIT/Olrt n.OHIO*. ..
nilontnaand I* prottaMy flank T. Rod "putty to demand that International Iraprovmnt route Tw.Nyh.r KDlad ny Nutty a Hn.dM . night to reach Ih* one hundred mark whiles and t* to colored. coupleeW JItNl
nond a member of the bn>.k""nuia Arm b* give/ mndderaUoa qul- I.,.... b tterawy, .-.--,- ... t'rroa vellgard. ""' by w U.r* ;;
..f ......01.. Redwood. Ha left JUKI, I ly with awe needs. requiring approprtatloa "**..WaMf .*H4aNw OraywA ..... lew6 lid .a CrDrrlr r
more o* the wrwkeil IrmJa \last nlrht for IB Ibis _loa of Gongrae. Tht ) Dortmund. Oar_.", Nor ||._ Tk* O'tlrur ud D-efc sad. Ueea
Nonb Catolma.Na movement ha* nlway haw shelved byH4u York NovN! slnr* th* Twenty.four killed, ktaety-eu danvertoualy I Tallabaeae. Via, Nuv, 9,..M. Nlkula. 't
i ... 3BX-AU. arrangemenHare Astoria" Ora. Nov.V.rr 1)
Nov large Hot'k
,,, : .... .,e...,. ** olden until all big appropriation frees ot IM bss a larger quantity o? wounded And .om* lightly Inured LA '" % aumana, formerly M Inlet er of Airlcul' +}
A *%*..l Of ta. raet.Tampa. wan eut of the way: so tk* river FkorMlan November. rang*. .bB diepo4 by *" eiplorton' w the Roburltactory ; complete... fur Ih* twenty-round ron ot wild duck and gsaw *r* twilling along .ur* and. no. Imperial Af rkull ural AI{* 'R 11
i and barbor later**!* had to take what rswB *- of her. HUB. thla month IpwanU Bear Anaea laat.alike TAe Ira fur a t>un. of iaoM between Phlla, the ramps and trlbwarle* of Ih. Cnlum. I larha for Germany In Iko irnlu<] .
.. Fie. ? Nov, M-V.r,. lute lakeaat *''. Bo while Ik* navy bill has .bacarrying of toter,-eve carkxulB hv* bNw cold ua eiploelun occurred at 1:11 orJock. An delphla Jack O'BrIa. and Tommy tuna tala rtvoor. Tw atmb.r. fhb year toy fKNeeMr I baa railed Bumbete: of aerlliHia of Ihl* y;
*p nlek w are moot reads 'lathe I H..__*yar after ,.-... river to data and than i. *UU a very active hour earlier Ik* Sr* kad broke. out ta Th oonuat take. platy to-Blght In the thai Of ay Dnrluw tIIWI e.r rlmu 'rule Inveilvatlnc lha a>4l 1. ecru. mxliiid :r
yi vtcmlty :rt;: Jiey. In keariy all and harbor bill ....* ba kept dowat amend tar tb. fruit. California arangeear the 'factory wklc. la part of the pavilion of ibe Paclna/ Atklotkt. Club. ( O.lne to the 111ll4n. ofba breMtot"noon I of farming and fruit and rwk crow ;
ruitr Ik* ....te averaae D*,an vmmda.The l>... > or ...uu,.u*. It. pn>f otsnr mnhig. very alow and bv eat yet Krvpp at.bll.hmat The( Era brlc. Hralght Qobury rule will govern 'hi fowl an In aWaad/4 I/In*. M Kaumana, who 1s I a noted It ',
Bh I M ot fair rue and. food. auaJltylit dtrml Ia" tltal" will loa ru* flooded th* ........ W In past sinus.th ado waa obllied to rellr* beoauee of oar oont"U A Urge number of eportlligmen plump oondllloB and will And a """ 'Dert. I* preparing an vnburat, reV( >rl aIh > \i'
lhklyalY" h \ir. rc. *-Uy w "post had.1 through Ihl MMUW aa tAo prUatl-arv. result helot. that lie Ptorkt fruit tN dansr .f *..IMIMKtchborlB> from all part ol lAo country will ........... A vary lamb number at .,.,n.."j'' acrlcultwral ftvndlllun of Florid lot F'
J,# a.t.JIl trek ..rk M UM UU U coBiplet I' tad g trade raid M Iroai H U.H 4 bos. ICPYpp rutori wtta NylUr daau Rad. wiUKM ,U* lIb- I[lUtwtiM* ar* bslof Issued. I the UermaB vvvnuneul, ,

i a'e M,


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nts Rents : sale : ,MiscelianeQfJsReal Estate Dealers J


I -..


t it Don't Buy a Diamond for. other. Special- s. Best Pap WM. BURBRIDGE Christie t Si ChristieREAL ......

SMALL furnUhed anartment;: for bouw
.'r' keeping choice location. Ml* Riverside Real Estate.Two t'
Before Seeing Ours avenue. ESTATE.
t quits. A.. CHATHAM{
to CORNER Adam and Julia tri! two
ai unfurnlahed. rooms,to rent. -- full lot In Riverside, In bl E1ght house in the
Look elsewhere, but give us a chance to figure with you neighborhood fronting 100 feet on -room

i before' snaking 'a purchase. Our stock la complete in every TO THREE ROOMS furnished FOR SALELots Riverside avenue and running'through! burnt district, $7,000. '
: complete for housekeeping reasonable.n to Oak Street Cheapest. property left ESTATE
t respect, and we only handle fine, white, perfect atones, which I Weit Monroe. In thus locality at Nos. 1109 1111 1113
4 we import in large paper lots, thereby saving you the n dille. FOR RENT-In. private family-lame in LaVUi Jbest! S4.00040 ..

\' nan's profit. .- I furnished room' connecting. with renting IOCaHOR 200 Property everywhere ,.In..II' and, 1715 Hubbard street; 110 W For
1 1I r bath autubl for one. or two ladle: 10 per cent. Investment five bath yth St.
rooms and
housekeeping allowed. Apply 1B7 to $500 oDe !
Laura, 1
I electric light nice little
cash balance ; Telephaa. see
.000 00
5 mortgage bearing t par cen'
FOR RENT-Furnlahea rooms. adjoining per
bath; southern .exposure' cent. and maturing In two years, at homes ; $2,000 each, -
blot) light and airy) with ...ne.... cash. .

,'I ray venient: all to modem.'winaeorArsgon\. ootntort"l Bainbridge RichardsonSpringfieldffits' \ Office/ 125 Lura. part Three lots in '

val Hotels,. best !restaurants r1TT'rarm' Nos. 302 308 and 314
'6 I' lag bouaea. t.u.t: No. all Weet Duvaltreet. fly WRIT FO7u : : : .' Phone 135.: ,

. -....... East Second street I; Riverside, paved '

FOR J\ENT-Two'furnnbed room I.. seven rooms bath and
it AMD IS MAIN .TR_ IIT. BM WEST BAY STREET. fine. 10<:1111')'. Ull Main etreet near w. ... l11H ... ..o, w. ItOTDe ,
I First electric street
light $3,000 near river
e ROOMS-Larg* furnlhd and. unfurnished SEBRING & BOYD each part cash.
Write-for our' 120 page Catalogue. of Diamonds, Watches room, centrally located: houa. Laura l and '
afreet. ?
'" .and,Jewery. 1 South keeping. Newnan.allowed, reaionabl price. I ....ur.IIt'.t.! one choice corner loeatoqe.lea; |' \,sis, .o sift Dr; oI.V...hw..h Bit* ne* ins.SPRINGFIELD. Lot 521x80, Union street, on car line} )

ELEGANT-: fumlihed 1'00",1; modern' Laura itreet. corner; bargain.Bllvr .".. l..oo between Main and $1,000 each ; easy 1;

Street south ef H1ghth..tt itooTOO .
' convenience 481 Wet Monroe
\ ;Walnut sorest, near *" *;.;.... Laura, $2,500.CHRISTIE ; I
|% :Other'Specials See Page 3. i FOR RENT-Trio good IM eonneotln Boulevard, fancy dOllbJ; {j'iot.pared Residences, ranting In price from terms. ,
: room, furnlihed large clot, bath, II.BOO.00 to 111.000.00, .
"m.eitH ec__..____'__________ I electric light" Call between I. AndI 1lOxl$5Ion I twmoat :itreeUcoraer1' : Building lot., full alia.trom 'L10.00to ..
F p. ra., lOt Went. Monroe. promtnen NjrjR 1,110O 15.000.00. & CHRISTIE
II III+.+.I 1111111 rOB SALE. All above bare ....,'or i toutb 1 :\
.01\ RENT: -To gentlemen, nicely fur- trout RITERIIDE.Residences ,
l SPECIAL NOTICE. I nlihed room.. 120 East Monroe.FOR . I'.4 DTAL-VPCHCRCH BVILDINO 'I
Fie Other Sa-*tolaSee) best PM. Hubbard Bt., near NlnlohLpIII fed ,, ranging in pried from
Tel Mneita elI
CLaciIN Ae
_I. .*. vmt ow new iM psa.It'l FOR BALK-Four 'or fin thousand .bull RENT-On* very large front roomfacing Eighth attest t.o.'It4\ ::lot. .|t.000.00'to| 0,000 00. <<

"l i ..-*! **T O9TSI CKWT A WORD, colored pr jed bride lltia thousand. : unfurnished couth. tX on West pleas Union, furnished or 72&10., facing .Ollt" acn.',.,, I. M Building lots, full .1..,.from 1100.0 SAllEJ wt
.' ........ : FOR
wall te aVmsiee, .Nb' coat tJ*; alo some heavy timber Appl '" $7,000.00 iJOSEPIfOUNNWhat .
J we..amt/N..d BEN BURBRIDGE, building sits, corner ,
Plow .a NICELY furnished room' uppoelt Windsor A crrr ii
J' 'ea.--. Ia tIM Nv..tMe.urns. 1/aln and Aahley. Hotel. Ill per month i all con ranlencea. DENY -PROPER. Several t
130 Julia atreet ,. H. S.. Residences, ranging In price -from II *LA ,IITATL eweINVCSTI1LNTi choice lots in Rlverdcla ,
\ FOR BALII-VI.nna chalra and tableaJmoat : H..000,00 to US.000.00.
j. ._t.4 N. Kf4 I."'"saN F new Call at the PAIJSTArror '".,. on ealY'terml.. This included :
I..v.vtI *ft 1'1oo.. ... Iota, full -.Ut.OO SOT-
(t : HAXNJB 8&)" s01 .... .t.... Building alae from I
will 1. .e puelee Tb 4e to 111,100,oo. eral! very choice river front lots.
h.es.a wlU sal .. gWea ts b. B D. WERE, Wauclmia. Fla., RealEatat Home and
Money to lend property> III
' .*.' Timber and graslnr-laud.- :. ALL .wtio voted the Socialist tlcfet at .on. CByredes.tale all part. Of.the city and luburb, anon Are' You Pay Sec us for prices. '
1t Altwtlsar..t.S.t.b ls Ifp.N.. peclaltyf' orange grove*, truck land the last election and. all Socialists who : ; terms to suit buyer
.' *t <'W and town lOlL did not, vote, or are not voter*, are
: lemon[ I K REAL
.',1' .Nestv..*...*.Pr t .Me N.*.. t.1. etewt 1. wleelt... b RETURN, TICKET for,sale to Chicago: to asked get to together send. their that address we may distribute W* want Properties for:ni ;' aid rent. Always Beady to Show Property. lag Out for Rent ?. EST ATf, AGENCI..PII /,

t'' B. a1es.r.4P lady at big dtacount I good to Deoem Socialistic HtenUnre. Write or call onT TRill'ARCHIBALD HlULTT,CXk. n I IN. us w. r.nm ... .;
boo 6th. .Addre TICKET, thl offlc CALL AND SEE US. 1 .
HICKLINO Secretary. US Wilt U Male Street 7ilt '. .
; .fet Monroe streetrob _: .4.. ltlrp lAs Much as S25vOO .
INCUBATOR and brooder good aa newt .
leap| quick. "POD." Metropolis
:.'/' .. HELP: WANTED. RZNT-'MOt EL. Just a Month ? :: :: : .'
1OR: **L1-.Two borW genuse . FinishedOne

I; WANTED-Flrsl-class oook. O1 West and ID lout .wdluea JLUlNa "BR08. r..-'other specials ... Pat r._ Wm. Knuer H0PEINS REALTY Co..w.

i..*_. Duval streetWANTEDCoot NEW mattmg, U cent, or ria per tolleoond'band : FOR RENT-Now, -eight-voont house, (- of the ooattit, bit arranged I n

N.:"' i ir at I We.t s..,.. at BIUTTANS furniture, Ul Bridge and stoves.treet.cheap, northwest corner Albert and Talleyrand and belt built home Why not use the $25 each month J
: avenue,' modern Improvement Apply Real. Estate In Springfield. 421 Bait Fifth *
,. to apply on a hornet tHere .Is i .
FOR SALE:-City, South JacluwnvUl OR. K RB1CHARD, H6Albert street S Seven rooms and bath.. J.
\HELP WANT1tDYEMALE.b1trANTEDColord !: and country property; ales nlo farm. Or C. Main atreot. Lot 48 ft, bj 20a 1&. your opportunity to reformA a,

: -nure*. -Apply 22-Eaat tMego, a. M. BCRUOOa FOR RENTeixT hoyee.all/ modernImprovementa. Rents :andiiansvs: I House and ground complttt! yfII two-story 5-room house for r, BOUNOh

"r. ;Third etre.t'rlALE8LAD168 FOR BALE-Bird dog, !Better Apply. 7. 101 Bt Second Street \ I Is pleasure to show.Ibis. ': $2,500. By paying (700 cash
West flood Street +
; ; wanted COEfZN 'BR08.' FOR 'RENT-Mlne-room, two-etory oot 745, Westerns.: . Prime right and eny Urma and $25 monthly it'a your home, V.J AHEAD
;1. POPULAR DRY POOPS HOUBB FOR SALB-Reaaonable. black mar. tag*;,modarn Improvementa, Apply aK7 ;rl
aultabl for lady to drive alto phaeton Bait Union street. : ; Brown Realty Co. and it'. all right; location i ts
Phonet83o\o .
s? WANTED Younr girl to do shopping for and new harn.e. Box N South Jack "
atn-H,iker Realty building, Room IU.BAIKSL.ADV aonvllle. ONE, new' 4-room oottage. corner Highway -. Jim E. BAVSTKCaCr. good-the lot is large, and.the .,
if" ) :... : and Palm Inquire (12 Wilt Bay, 41* Omni Brig.' Tefepk**. ..... surroundings could not be bet
J ,, WH t.,d' for Jackaonvllle; FOR BAtE-Mortar barrow WILLIAM ..
'" .' . ... ,
;, goM),'watea, &4 Rlvenld. avenue.WANTKD 1VERS IU Julia .U'... FOR RENT1-Seven-room house, Blathstreet I'' \ 'J _ter. '
1/1-' near Bllver.. H. o. HOPKINS.
-Experienced white night FOR BALE-Fin* whit and, BEN Phone. M7. ,. -
'F 'watrhniun rot- .....mlll on edge ot oltjr. BURBRIDOE, northwest corner' Main, eTm11 JOSEPH: It. BPS' ,
-' Talepnona UN and Ah My.RBAU S1SMO
n. west
)\ Will buy one of the nloeet homes
\wANryLWma( boys bright honeet and E8TATE-U you want Umberland In Four flat, centrally boated M
10 ...rlt.' a good hand, Apply,between *,, tawmlll or turpentine; an orange MADAM rMUDSON, Aitro-Clalrvoyant at..enI4" 115 Oak, street entirely modern, elegantly flnIshed. i r
4 II Mid. 1 to BEN BURDRIDOK, IX grove, where tt'wont freeae and Palmist Herklmer block, Mo U Brick house modtl'tl'In every reapeot. All rented Insured for
Lunn street.HELP. writ. B. D WEBS: "Wauchula.! J''' Eat Bay atreet. .two blocks east" >ol Very eay term' /'years. Income, .n.MO.08. Progress. bu been our w tch. .;
..--- Main atreet. Scientific reading dally R. J. MAQILL
*If. WANTED-MALE.'WANTED :. FOR BALK-400Oto feet rough and dreeiteJlumber and Sunday. 60 cools and $L Office .,. word and,ilwaya shaJl be. ,This
from 410 to IM, Lorn attest .houre after 10 a. m. Open evenlnga. until 6 lot of real estate offered here it of
and Railroad avenue; phone S33S. 8. O. I o'clock ALL MTBTER1E8 OF
" -Reliable man for yard andho0..wcrk. COLLEEN.: UFir REVEALED I will uooea.fully the highest 'fT de that
.', Do' Not caa.be ,
Northeaat corner Forsjrth
I advise you pn Jove, courtship, mar QISOI t-- ;
and. Washington. NEW Iron bed and (.pln.50. to MM.at : rlage, divorce. health business law- .eauAr / found.
A" BRITTAN aulta. tpeeuhitloni. and tranaaotlona of A beautiful Jot'In p. Read' This We
Riverside, bar
elegant 8-room
'WANTKD-Rellable and eofflpetent aaleeM all kinds tell whom you will marry; handsome .14.00. II the
man or firm to pelt coda fountain AdCr. settle lover quarrel and family on Park Street between FI.k laleae you want to secure a level: house Laura
L" WANTED. southwest corner ot .O.k and' '' on street
... 'I for sale oompl.tel1'furnJahd
WALRUS MFCI. CO, Deoatur, troubles b.m. have two houses jut
IlL 1 1I. and Poet Gilmore )"I" boat ot oompo atone aa leveattt. stress The furniture in tali
WANTED-To buy house with large lot near lath The boueee Lava seven .
WANTED tor U ax arms. at>le-ba M4, In. South Jackaonvllle| cheap for oaib, NOTICE. room b.lb""m. oloteta In' each home colt, more than $1,600.00
Unmarried men,' between lies of n sue REX. Metropolis. room eleotrlu llghta and gOt. broad
t K. eltlaeni of United Btataa. of goee* x ilaiiaa' fronting south, elegant 'atone. and U all practically new TL
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