California, must forego their has been mart In o''i-r yrnrs.: Uro. r* itage. II |
been cvstematicalry making false re-1
I daring selling qualities with the
.+.f favorite sport until the bugle calln butler baa already j-howa himself a dead : oa doing great. be said shortly. Then ,
lrtrenew.* to the Comptroller of the Cur- j possible
exception of little
;. the torse to the post for the Drat I strong and deternin ntbx and I Im b tuf upon hi ben mad walked i l a c.-
THIs is a aerlous matter. : I ne** which Is still
15 when tt be re'!..lllOv" if Ui to his lae obeervitloo Yilbl.
rare on April nexth. a newitotropcllua may equally is brk i> j
icash j
There Is a limit to the amount of f Or pefrult has exceptionally
ceaaca will be inaugur Caked to take d..('" in the early I In act Audrey bad her "a
that a bank may loan In pro- line all along and the prospect are
sited spring or late fall leaving the richer big forgetful uf self abe !!
1 l K-rtlon to :1U resource It ".p'" : .hn.- that It will continue to be so. R.
During the season'now drawing; to summer dates to hot! other tracks the "srt. the could I
liens there Is no penalty attached If lb i-eipt of srapefruit are wed
the end mere has been a Jeartn of Reports have been m circulation making; excewlve leans but theseloans ,j no art welt it reber.rul.: but ..the I com quite liberally Ia I1Ipto
r1'= plOd iratertal among: the older horses for some time of a rompr robe that i
lights and tbe acted stlmolns.
when they are made contraryto I crowd .a --i next week.
, bat many high class three par j 1 I I u Ight be effected auliT which the law: have to b.. covered up by Juggling ( The Nerved hy the further desire to II Orange have been selling! anv- T 1

i I + Ids have provided excellent Sport n-eetlng at Saratoga: wool be cut the reports mate to the Trt".lId .-- Whirr I, her justify Basil's tld. she where" from II 50 to 12.10 for average .
whIU Ole two year olds have been i iSjulU tlown to ten days or m.durin; vhkJl "rPI
I iirv for making false reports which I henteir. At the end act toe gr de*. with some exceptkMslly -
to the and Colin. | the Empire trk would operate herein o th
4 ap average I there Is a very satisfactory jail : wars II I a house rang with and her .u I flse fruit a*
4 th* champion of his age fat above I addition to an allotrarnt of spring < brin. a It '
H.56. f
iwnsjty. pain toM
: I real was Orap frlt sld
H. The performances' of tis unheitteB or fall dates. Tb-i: Rara'Dga srfoclatlon. "ur
It It has not Ken stated at the noon generally, with the best <'
After last curtain the crowds ,
bare ak has been mldltD'l1p.te tb 011.C
r4t son of Comande >n It scggested: I
I Treasury who the guilty parties are I off th high as "50.
s made' this season one long to be re- bag and bagaga. and sparhg ,: tb restaurant were discussing her .
In the annals of the turf the Urtghtuii H<. uf but It Is ald that there are two family : be wonderful bat still lingered i iIn There has b a YM ..
BMmbered i '-.i <>r one I ; : I 0k .h c
men high In the New York financial to I mand for Y .
Charles Edward.nsn the otler Island lrackacap other playen !
wail Peter
world and the Is Jtut In .... r. T and
: government anything that showed /
', SaJvUer. and others base ; dnwn witnln I me m-tro the had gone, and only tbe ('Iol.of j up
;. the frame of mind to make a horrible I found a market. /
t added loiter to their fame sad polltan llml:. fly such Hn arrangement ; the electric lights In the ....ntP tb I
example of them Attorney Central THE o Tometoee have been of
n /
4' ed to make the season a as this the! Saratoga; association ,, i I stage Illuminated place, emphasis I| fl. ctrHK
lIelP"1 Bonaparte has said that he did tb >r' ,. but if good .vnakfhave
_. would undoubtedly be a finaavcial I l ; pug the dark thrown 1' qUIII
t,tVe c + not the virtue of fining corpora- re- aII.d. by the i sold c< .''ilv lfoweeiy'tber >
t After the racing tomorrow gsleer With lid on. the SpA
'' lion that did not care particularlyi I The i lkefJ j I Is enough oIl pr tnfk on the market =
h a Miller, the star Jockey will pock u no longer |I.' 1'lIlar tninng the I i al-out the fires when putting a :: site a Bmb and Basil were talking a, tt hoi I the price 01 the Fonda
t and lave for California. and rack track fol- Pro- J
"ta truck: sporting men of their highly respectable I I ly cut bin Mme down the dressing room tore !Irldor : don In :>erfcrd 'try' 'beet that ,
decided not to oft forth I lowers and the of t
atop days Saratoga asa
laving In jail would hve a swiftly fe"'l dently far ,n they did 8n bear her soft I t onld l be had the week wa
two week racing at Bennlnga.Miller racing center are apparently anmLered. d."I"1
effect. Therefore, It is likely l .tb I either footfalls a* she froiII iO to 12 .i0./
: will go directly to the ranch .proaCb. I
t will soon he some prn deck "I you'll marry her ,O' Egzplsnt wax r>rV fir.. and p
+ ef his new employer Thomas By tile proposed arrangement But- .up m
fl A.\\I1-1 brought that will make one or two ", @' be her." the reedy sale at and $J.SO
grumbled manager
I box
will remain ler would rile of the midsummer I e.tl 0 1
ItamsAitd thor a get a -
I : : : :::
t. heating and Bshiag. William Is of raring ..>.|..a. axd the rend prominent New York financiers I exceedingly .. : put i Cucumbers sold well a'1.'* tit

the opinion that Americas premier I aid to the Long Island track would unhappy.There and *. "Yoar objection t* her work seated to $2 5. Beast brought ".n toII

....,, rider Is track weary aad that a bv Inducement enough t* head off i I to a good deal Of grumblingIn ants my lip." said f .1 CdI cvnkl ( wax 50 'o' green aJ aroand I fO ; It

tnoarh of play will pat him Into ,, pvrbeittej opposition In that qnar- n seem to dem.n love as lh i| '
some the that Okra
F 'CbBdltlon to do the work of hla Rte r. The whole situation however ., irllef has quarters sew handed over' out way from the .I price a her being r.tal In th tots- rle' brought did IS 50 not to seem$1 P e.r

: I U California. still up) in the air, and will require P"PI b ;
PVu. I Treasury to the hinki during the wayBoabr wanted .
It k now practically certain that delicate and expert handling of said with an nn.1 Jt "tf'1lt
recent pinch. It Is claimed
money : were
iF.'I! the Empire City track will ftgur In I to be adjust-d to suit all th. warring that the North has been favored at : easy I.acbYo're. a foot no to enl I kt fl r.lb"r a I o market
I. 1 the diatrlbaUoa of dates by the Jockey I Intemts. Only on* fact stick'up the expense of the South and W.-sl. her np before some o el.. doe" I : curl.Poltc v

:.. club for tbe season of 108.Tb I like a "ore thumb and that Is I'tTts.n it I, that after some of thf'I John ',.. i "I don't agree wit you." ask Baafl''

:;a: \: success of the meeting! held at that S '""tot:'. aa the place of hold- New" York bank get enough money I'I ; the I grimly. Audrey stepped Into the cirri ,,
t th Empire track this Season was lag a successful racing meet la a' j there
t 1 In their vaults to make them feel I hide of light and''
'loo prwBovaced to be Ignored by till has-been. : I "
perfectly safe, "I do. said quietly
they refused to retpond. to the i .h >
------- -- ', with cash to the demands on I Ii :! .,. I ask your escort to ray b.l! I r

i them by their correspondent banks ; .' }: I Beamtoh In his excitement forgot '

N:!) Anniversary of Fulton and Centenary i I' la the Interior I himself and lit his cigar as tb twe Politicians

h f I I The Treasury department also refused '* pawed oat. For one a member of hto

|I to advance money that wotfld The had agreed with him.
w j i have saved many southern planters company I 'nr. Chaac* PoUrr ,
of Successful Steamboat Navigation!I l I from acrlflcicg their cotton crop in for .o If our l..t serve us correct
J the Senator .t A Pretty Bit I I ly. HO
pinch. Heyburn of Idaho Miami : .Cy. : Jol. Berst wo
a I I called at the White House thU 1(1 .tAt one of the public receptions given to all prohltttloa .Ur opp J I

.1' .. t i, week on tbe subject The President two I re White House during the dere- } last session of the leglslatsre. a"WIs
I I I told him to put any complaint that t lan ad mini*t ration an old lady who I men change their .Ia. but for ;

) I he had to make into writing and it I .r I|, .drawn up I the line that wa never "anl la probably the reason -
cf the
be Commemorated at a Meeting to be Held This I ]I ,
;t4)Win would be presented to the Secretaryof [ posh Ing Its way fow.r tn shake Johnnr &.1Iperlf a changer ( y4

r the Treasury. This he promised I I[ h.o with the preakienf wife drop- ,. heart. Myers Tropical '
2 in of Historical I
Evening Building Society
to Jo. I Br_.
I rt))IK lt' I : ,: ;: In'a i I' ped ting her to Mrs handkerchief Just She before was p. J d

The greatest naval shiw that has ".1 I C""I.. t\\ Tramwirll Yang Y e .
--- old and rheumatic to stoop down and > f
., wi- ever been seen la American waters i I The O.IYUI Sun evidently ( t'
( I | recover It and those back of her h)
3nftl..er.'a" not excepting the naval review when '' doe not much of Park Traa
'- } New York, Nov. 14- The IUd tennis! of Robert Ful- Admiral Mr. the were too latent upon getting | IncH tll.k.. .
I Dewey returned from the i t* a ( for
-r ,aaalvenory of the birth of Robert jt j tans epoch making trip on the Meant j I Philippines, will occur In Hampton rrrlve ; I the :fleeting glimpse possible of the j jBistre Slates Senate, fo:It says tie"To Cal1. athe
J north of the Whit HOIIO to notlc' ,
er Clermont Inasmuch aa U was la
.t and the centenery of the *uceaofal j 1 Reads on December Ifth. when the ,. I '| tenet of It. Park Trammel
; tohru. handkerI
: .Mng .
109 that the legislature of the the old I lady l kiss. and the rather
l t.stUeehlp ta a
about to sail for young to attempt
of steam I
i Inauguration j flat, granted him a perpetual monopoly the Pacific coast. The President 1* with' .i| chief was trampled u.flbl. I II break !Into the failed& State Sea-

:r on the Hudson In 1&*T rill I IS of the steam navigation of I going to Hampton roads to see the inn j I Just before the o lady ,cb h'> ate H
I.V .' ,I* commemorated by a public meet- j the river. This act led to the famous I fleet start. It will be the greatest here i Mrs. C.lan stepped out of her I II II 1 has been In the Florida Senate, ass '

'':'f' Jnf to be held in the new building suit of rjlbbona vs. Ogdeowhich I fighting feces that has ever assembled the : +I I place .n deftly picked up tb handkerchief '' the dun knows of nothing b* has 1
.: 1 ."t 1 .t the New York Historical Society established to. >>."'lnitloll.the freedom of the river I'' under the Amerlcar flag eighteen Fl a tk It In h dn snd done Juriag; his term In that body

battleships and half a dozen taking her own fresh one which that should warrant the people ladl

f Central west this .
eveningXteaoan&aats Mr
on Park ,
The first two Hays of the celebration -
first class cruisers besides" a number I the most dainty 1at. .milingly | ol clug such a faithful public 1
I It IwfH from I o del.t.
of the great Inventor will be d.1Ote4 to religions ob- ;< ] I servant
; of smaller vessels 1
dispatch boats handed It to the with I .tn.t Mallory with Mr
be the guetss of honor and ad- servances. falling us they doon fiatnrda :i aDd amp py ships" sweet o 1ad mine I I.n Trammtll. latter I.a good ma. ,
I "I'lea.
4 tfraaaea will be delivered by General J > and Sundae On Monday.September i The preparations for sailing are is Mr.at |I i lb. when rmrk, boot send tak It back la his way but he U aof .fd",
20 ItOI be .
there will .
rJ_ Stewart L. 'Woo4ford, Rear Admiral I almost tompKtcd now except taking I to me, will your when the I eTperlerced n ripe In occupy
l a rendetvous of American and for- j i on the dual) supplies. The work oneach I A8 Malloryueel "- TlmesUaloMRryaiM's .
Coghlaa. CopC George A. White and elgn naval vessels to welcome the !i ships as are at the navyyardsI Mr. 1 :: i|! handkerchief cam (& to her r .
t' ', Is I that of the owner,
Hhers.Th I Half Moon and Clermont, reproJoe- ,I practically done and smokelessI t"Y..I.n rt'tur Mars Strength

i I ex"rclaes are in charge of the Hone of the two famous ships, to j I powder Is being fot warded from In- I freshly I.un.r. lying o tb top o l When that great democrat the
Robert Fm'ton Maeameat Anacctatlon their places In line. The visiting: dlanHead Mr. a hf'.uurl box of ronebnda.tbat cam* J.
the rate of 50,000 + l0r.bleim Bryan, at the e ,
Y I which will erect In this city a mausoleum .. guests will disembark at the Robert trout a from the Whit Iloaa* lecture (
{louaJ a day Tbe range finding i C".1. ."'II'I".IM 0 {
sad shaft to commemorate Fulton memorial In Rlveislde lured t. ,
I << eater'gate Instruments which have all been overhauled Prlnee of Peace' m Louis 4
r.ttoa and his Invention, and will park aad the dedication of are now being Installedand Ie I I .Ward .Tw*. I recent Sunday stood S. prayed for

also cottstruct a water gate or approach that ttructure will take plact. when the fleet assembles Inside I A Manchester man whoa wile ..I (;0.1 blewlng on over one hundred

ler to the city. This gate will On succeeding: days there will be j the Virginia Cape, it will be as fit going .bc asked her t telegraphhim men who hal risen fo prayer !that
be carried oat Into deep water of I
a great parade of and
j troops they .
It Is h .
'a as possible for preparation tomake a two letting know D appeared
the Hudson river. It will be built members of patriotic orders, with | It. All of .. tb w o .1 at thv..ry .Y.his
the vessels
safe greatnessand
t 't are expected > of arrival In London. Km
ot granite and marble and will be historical I and .
allegorical floats amonster Paris l moral
to be In. the Roads No wonder
by DecI ; la a few be received fotj j,
a point of approach to the city available naval bra tb af'Dr.
in which
r << parade i I amber 6th, and the time between to this strong men tra and
I d.b.
for the largest merchant: anJ merchant and D.I! lwlu.I: j
.' war vessels of all 1 that and the 16th. will be devotedto In (kd ant: angels beheld and
W naval ,.-la.11... completed It lions will take put, tad various Deal Inspection and derived George Arrived b. safely'at The humility and faith aid nf.

.)t wlQ he a place' where the President oth"r public demontratlons. ne i INI..bratoft The President has planned furnishing to leave up fifteen minutes after e T train of that lifted ,.smp

!: c-f the United States may receiveforeign will close on Saturday |i, Washington on the evening of the tap gold I "Nl ..due at 0. b w* were de"N and influence Imetl of the noble tie alat..m.

-1i.1 dignitaries or the governor ultht. when the entire Hudson river lath and will take station on th fifteen minutes while f'1 rout Hada hld" into the suallght of

.!(, v.f tkls state or the mayor of NeV from New tork to Albany will boo !j Mayflower and review the fleet before year. perfectly lovely journey. D D,; hOor thus all the "llr.

York may receive visitors from lllamlnaled with a chain of beacon It passes out to ;.ea.Announcement Ion worry .bt m. I will get along all i luck and political oratory that bnet.ncl.la

+ I.MMcIull proper ceremonies.: This fires suit as hate never before been N. H., I right. And take good car of yourself. ; his eareer. '

is aOl feature which has been lacking sewn In any country.CHARGEn I'I ship of Be very careful about taking cold this I May the .UaUnlulaf. _
i ileaay Lrd oa t h
i In American metropolis for t' Stale : was made from the be bad weather. Be sure to hav the boon I Ion end of our eontr o multiply such '
: it I Department this week of the
years WITH URCfNY sixty I and ilred, .*. often as po1bi I men In place -PalatkATimesHerald.
appointment of David :
> The association to carry out tbirwork OK SPOONS AXI F )RK4! Jayne Hill F. .. ) t
A Remember
f I what I told about
now minister to the Netherlands ,.o your
r ha* for Its president Corae.lu.'P.ai I to .
I socks and shirts. Ito to
,-.d rbllt. The secretary is W. H.ymcber be ambassador at Berlin succeeding D forget j
' : :. and the treoserer U Richard (From Wednesday's :ally) j I Cbarlemacn* Tower. The new airbarcadoi : keep the basement door locked. Writ* T Tanrpa Tribune and the e..e ;

; J Delafleld. president of the Na-I: One Thomas Sweeting white .was ls well known in the State I serves : -1 I 1 every day. I am sure I shall have a' n\nr.\ Times serve unties on those

_ i -Uonal Park Bank of New" York. The I Ir Int ned over to the toun'y authori- '] Department where ho was atslstantiwvretary I the to lovely Urn*. So good of yon to let me r ri Isxue who wish to dlcruM th* plbltl

Suture committee Inclu.le I IsaacCnrgenhHm. t.e this morning b- the pollca toanswer under the !late John Hay. York. i go. You mail come over after m* through their

r chairman, John Jacob to the charge of ttallng'' He proved an assistant secretary of After be soon. For ever god ever sad ever "nominal rate of tee .cents a tines

Astor Samuel U demons, William two sliver spoons and two forks much more than common ablhtv. At hours yours. M.mle." ,j 111 h charnsl for II. publlcarlonof

Bayed Cutting. Edward P. Bat... hem hmld's. restaurant. Air.Schmld the same time he was liked both by tan I )1 An bur liter Mamie pained to I ally and all "orrfJndf Plat
contends that Sweetlntt look i i subordinates and his tug to the question. I serve*
uperler. He
Richard DcloJMd. William H.Fletch
receive following reply ber
th t t,. keep den the
the articles after eating breakfast was always known : "Dr" i
er Charles E. Lamb: Walter Scott as
swollen \ to word or two- not wire from ]
to l then' she really have
there, while "D
Sweeting fcayi he'' 11111. Probably a good of the I tmllac
% Oeorge J. Smith Col. H. O. H. IM- i many
them ] Iwltar.n ruined If you do.- tf car on the question ,
brought from
laud lid Cornelius Vanderbilt !!' Ms hrm The State Department people will\ haveto pap i
Andrew Carnegie, Lev Morton attlrles were found on hU pecans think a second time to realln In .I Grp.-Lnd Standard i, "111 *n .their ..f'r and tbf'mye

g tad John Jacob Astor are among I and the case will be aired and who David .layn HIn Is. was .... I M iiervlc- -Florida Tm'Unl.

probed in court One of the chief A Significant I -
the members ot the committee Interested I reason for satisfaction Prayer
hiI I
I tppeMkltfe
l In the diplomatic the -- I
IB the bulkhng of the it roc- j corps ov1 -
I WELL FILLED WITH I IAVHITK er the appointment Is that It shows "Miy the Lord help you makeBncklea's I" dee In a hra measure to abuse

'tare.Tb* Robert Fulton Monument Association I HICKORY WAGONS I, that Secretary Root Is following out of ,.. l I Arnica Salve known t of the employing d'a IMpurratlve t

+A e.. will o) o combine with the I lilt announced policy\ of promoting E'!.." ] an" writes J. G. Jenkins. of (b.p To avoid all Uangee, ,
- Siadoon-FuHon Celebration commiI I The wagon works of Joseph A. thez* toes of the corps on merit and | riven In el 111)1.) N. C. It quickly "t nw only I Kln s New Ufo PHI.

.V>. 'n arranging a great demonsiraf Dann I* now well filled with the not rolng! outside of the department i) t. ''' l I i pain out of a felon for me and cored the safe !gentle!: c.1 .11 lire;- t

lion In obnervarce of the 200th an- famous White "1"110"00.. of auj the service In search of appolnt- don. l { l b It In a wdndfIJ short tine." >i
. Mversary of the discovery<< of the al sorts and .1_. These wagons .es to the Men!! positions. When |' chlld I I t'" !>rt n' earb sores barns and malaria and jaoadke at

Hudson river bv Henry Hudson sad'' :are an excellent lot and those de- this fvstewi tots to worklne thor- ;' I wounds. JSe. at all druggUta III drt. a. 2Sc. ,

the centennial aaxlvenary of the tiring : good farm wagon one to riicMv with the consuls S5 well (and : -- -- r.
practical application of gleam to last years should atop into the 1 it ban started. ) the "iervice will offer' of |ilw t

navigation by Robert Fulton which Dann Wagon: Works and look the a career to the sort of men that It I! I

was made t.'the Hudsoa. This celbratloa stock over before purchasing "1_ I ought!!: to contain and will be much ,' Inland I I .

will bot held September 1* where. I Utter for both American diplomacyand who ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT TREESWe

, t* 2s. 11) la this city. The origlrJ trade. abroad. sue of !

plans coatemplated a great Intemotioaal Always was Sick I bold a a

1 exposition, but this ides The aim trouble that has been experienced Island I have for
hag bee abandoned aad the greater When a man say he always wannick In the Army and Navy Is day all a summer planting a good supplyof

portion of the money collected troubled with a cough that being felt aUo la the Marine Corp shake clean well and two budsin

-; will he expended for permanentSBMicmeata lasted All winter what would you la getting men to keep the corps up I I Dr. !| I grown one year

and Improvements. think If be could say-he never to Its legal: strength. A report !' I l all profitable varieties, which we sell at

The date marking the confines of was stek sine using Ballard's just submitted by Gen. Elliott chief i *
mar i
the "","ration' were chosen because boUDltS.p. Such a man Hore-I of the corps complains of the diffl-1 I I! pence j,'[ closing out nrice; We guarantee our trees

E Ot the fact that Hadron reached his Mr J. C Clark Denver culty tn reernltlnc and gives the I Isame I

.Yar pert north" IB the explorationof : write"For years I was troubled reasons for the difficulty as in I the : j, NO WHITE FLY. Send for Catalogue

the river with the half moo OB with a severe cough that would lost the other branches of the servioe. !I.'has I

September 11. !"', .nj started all winter: This rough left me IB iiamely thesuperlor wage! and advantage : t

down stream. o* his. return voyage a miserable condition. I rlej Bale In civil life ; society. ll THE WINTERrUVEN NURSERIES

cm September J*. It la not ecnalder lard' Hor-fconnd Syrup and have "

.. lea proprta.. that U* raftoa end sot had a sick Jay __. That's Postmaster General Von Meyer ha* i la his ""IXTERHA YES FLORIDAI'Arol

,mt the cekhratkB should be coupled chat It did for' ..." Sold by Biscayne then a ale HtO. fcamaa touch of I troDom *. ,

s ptta a date two years after Ut en- Drag eo. ... v character la..* order h* bas Jut 1I

J .. -I
,i$ = r eN e ,n i.a ..
t s&t de s .,yj.


RVHTT r\cm fist: mUD xgntorom rmntv. yovKvnFTt 1.1. I OT )A1ZfT1

\ I Miss Mabel Wcodworth.for several home MonJay night very much ben 1 Capt. geale. the popular conductor :, I TACHT .

.I I years connected with the millinery t-fitted by the change.Rev of the extension (tram returned: LnC G

and dress making department of the last night fro LEGAL PAPERS FILED '
ma moDt vacationspent
GrOlO7.lnIAt..r Craft JBM Iand e4 far Mr.
I Ideal dry goods store, ha aC'Ci'ptf't'la Mr and 1etoner I Ic Birmingham and otnetl J -

llofcs position In the millinery department of Olnty III. has arrived la l>arts of Alabama Mis Lennie the, James Clarke the YadautwTee .

gcrsollalllew I I of llurdlne 4' Quarterman'4 spend the 'lntT here. !Mr. Grew i' Captain' daughter, will spend" sev- Deed J. Sand et' nx to Wilson

Moreha. >Ins severed her connection contemplate- buying eral folo"- a'
tome property j weeks more In Alabama before Toon-er Fertlllie-- IJ90. Q
I with the Ideal. near town and erecting winter. I cy. X. Oll SI
a_ leturning to Miami. I Deed pr.
-Palm Oa.' 8.
__ I home I City to DenJ W of III ravel *
f'i Ilrlr:.. n. al. 15.00 t .
pt sae. 22. I, Uy! yarhumen:
Mr \V :
Stephen Bravo arrived Jtienday
I Mr and Mn. A. O. Bliss and little JO. S. R. 4* E
night from New' York City, > Deputy United Statci !Mnrthal Gore "The twra-wrew lannek GanaetCbuilt
FROM FRIDAYS DAILY) Capt.8ee.le and hU daughter Ml I a.* i I 1 non a* well a* att.achees of belt Quit Claim De- --Land Mortgage I
( for lames K. Oarke
'i I vherc* she ha* been for se".ralnlontb has recurred front a tip to the of P
} !, Lennfo Seale. have returned fromvisit a l I household arrived last night In the Hank of Florida tj F E. C. KI'"l- tytvaala. was launched this
with her husband during the north end' of the county as far a* I
u:: Mr E. \. Thomas. of Deerfleld.Is to Alabama. l"tlt'r'.lIIn8.. Stuart t-lty from Alexandria Vs.their summer any Co 1.00' pt !lee li. tp S.. R. at Baker yacht basin. Sh* to TX
Capt. Bravo will remain "uii>monlng Jurors In the
Mr. and Mn. Bits will 4! E.
- in town today on buainte I ;;;" In New York for a few weeks I'nlted State Court which convener I feet ion[, 13 feet Dean; and fo.
at once | ,
OJf'1l1e1r beautiful home
Mrs Clara sp who ha* been Warranty Dtof'd- Ed. I.. White feet )ran
;Jonzer, by which time his cure: will here next Monday morning Se..t With ,
Mr E 0 ''r.x*. of NVMe. lit, 1 spending several months with relative \f M'tedf'd.SL. Augustine Rec- < n the South Side', and spend the i rt ux to Tho J. PM'-r*.. lldtl. 20 I twnty-Bv engines. H
i te IB the city and U stopping at the and frlenJs In Michigan ha ord. I I !Mr J J Sweeney, formerly room winter hero. I acres la see. 1C. tp r 2 tl. R 43 E.CenlraetCarrie able I* finished In icabogany.wklt.

Green Tree Inn returned to Miami. clerk ii.l %--rufg to enameled. 'She sail
at tielcazar
Hotel St.u-
__ Mn. Hole and her sister. Mrs i Mrs Ailex McK''azl.. lot *. bUck wI fo P
i beach. Fla. .
I Mr. Webber, own r of the house- nutitlne. and ho will fill a similar! "ea" ,
Mr J K Dtckson. of Atlanta. Is MM. H. T. Farls and two children ; Il.n>ar. of Greenville, III., arrived j k5, n. will the .
Lust K'nn"llaw, which has been (11.| <<<'it) at the Royal J allY, the :0"- wlt
among the late arrivals at the San aft.a. vUl of some length moored up the Miami river since tugeaton, f.sn ..rr.III) the fHymd here :a few days ago and are occupying -I Warranty I>e 4Hein of Wm. .. .

f Carlo 'to Stem+ord. Conn ar* again at j: the Hall cottage on lUh street Fisher to John II. lleiidiirk H al, Mr.Clarke I
.8t spring, cute lost. hut nigh; : !a .inbl+ilne: In m/'tli. tle ho"u.> Is a well known vaeht-
1 I In.-ar Avenue C. Mrs. j tzr.O.;; sec 4. ;I1
home Hoyle andMr pt Ip S. It tl t:.
Irora the north and today went' OQ f, U1' order for oi"uii4| I 1 man "11"1DC his winter at Fain
Mr aU Mrs. A. F. Crier, of Orlando I hoard *. Banvan It will be remembered 'fortgage--Charre. : IVtrle to K.I 'I Beach and owned
tie> craft which baa been I
prepared :
Cart: Bob Denny and family havepmurned rpent winter before fast In Miacrl 7 I I \V. Palmer 1100i MimI e
In the ,
are titand are stop- | : for winter. cruising Mr W b- : Mr J.-Ti" O'l5!"-rr!'. of llo'nestad.ho the military yacht
' the San Carlo. home from a aummer'a va- and occupied the GramJlng residence' i !tIort".e--t'nnldiD Sh?>n et Ir
t | tag at loss vlll ton-.uln aboard all winter .. has been in brawn for the rut nx new bf"rp1 In the Miami t/
tb rutlon bt in Maine and other | on llth street.I '; to Go. L Gray. t uaWarranty ry
|* being joined later' by a party of I i ten or three days, returned on ihl i I I Capt. (Jrl.* Earnest, a weft k_ cr
Mr J L. Storer I I- a vt-ltor from.fkcksonvllle points in the N' W England state Deed-PUnten: Security'+I Iocs
((ut'ttE.! '''"rnu'!: train !Mr O'Berrv I la h ivIIIK I I Hank [ ulhma. will be
rff : in town end li at tl.eVr a acv collar: built on Ms plan| r I I Miss Amanda Lon Coates of Fits to Martha A. Coon 1350.. lot the G. .mietL H..u alao me.

555 c.rkoF. i Dr. and Mn. A.Ekton. who have ( FROM TUESDAYS DAILY.Mr. I hh-h when completed will ads i another ;i gerald. Ga., and Mr. Irving Hyatt j 4. Sec 33. tp 45 S.. R 41K the Iris I.

an attractive winter home on the to the increasing: nnniher o.' of Jacksonville, will be married I InFitigerald Satisfaction' of Mortgage/: O. -

Jrhn Robin: ot ClevelanJ.li 'I Boulevard have arrived from Pitu- W. C. Watfon U a business .itlrKctlve horws built at Honiesu-ai r on Sunday next and will fainter Fertilizer Co. to N m. H RFSOLCTIOM OX ti
t the CrwuTroe and for the at the leave for Brady $4..0FSatisfaction:: DK\T
among the (treats ai :01'1' present are visitor' fro.n Cutter In roan. IP! the last few months. Immediately their future
ran I.... H&n Carlo.. home In Cheater Fla. flu Coates of ;Mortgage!': N; O W. T. Loentt"t

I FROM( THVItSDAYS DAILY) I t-i>eDt the wirier here last year milt Newcomb; to Mattle A. Heyser and A. Kn Ac .
Mr aid Mn. Taft Peacock of Co- 0
There was an Interring meeting Mr. C. .\'. Wlllard returned the __ _._.. _h __ the family of her uncle Mi. G orgeDAVCE E!: Hr.ve11.000. I 0
Grove I
roaact In
pent yesterday th
r of the ladles Aid Society of tbeFirrt'M latter p rfof Jut week from Miami city with friend and shopping. Mr C. R. Hall is up from Per' (oatH.I Satisfaction: of MoriraceJohn Whereas, the hand of data h

E. Church: 4erday afternoon i ear which place he I* putting in a line on a short business trip.If I Domini to H. E. Stypnuan. 11400. I knocked at our door and

at the parsoaagn.Mr Urge crop of tom dON. He I. th* Mrs John MeEschren.!: of Fulford. I, AT IKOQfOIS I Quit claim deed; H. W. Tenaaatet : from our midst Brc. Wm. T. Keogk.aa .

Urgent truck grower la the buaineaa rnu want chickens.; HogheeCc. .1 WAS nx to Polaikl W. Tennaat for earnest worker of our tenet J4
Is (he Rued of her daughter, Mrs.StudaUll : THOROUGHLY F. JOnmI I
*. C. D. Holle ana Mr*. A. down the east coast.-DeLaad Supplement. on Avenue G. I ., 1406 Avenue D. have them. 111 I )I. 5 acre la section K, township I Where, bv hi" death thht lodgw'

VI .,-an. of OreenvUK III., *r- I,I IM" I S3: with, rang 41 east.Mortgage 'u lout a falihfal friend and brother

rived here last night and ar* gu-u E. K. Craig of New York Mr. S. T. Well, of St. Louis is at the (From Saturda,'* Dally) ; Ja*. W Porter et nx I I aaj It 1 U fit for t to only .

at "the Green Tree lr.n.ti Mr. and Mn. B. Ingranam, oChariot. f I San Carlo. I The .bo{ last evening celebrating to Dale Couety State Bank tSOO. ', our bends In grief and say Thy )
arrived la the city last night and I*
I .. N. C. arrived at the at thB1cayn the formal, opening of the Irojuol Warranty "...... J H. Tat am etux Will b Done" therefor b* It
),Ir J W. Pilling sad.ot Burlinfton Green Tree Inn last night Mr. In- ttopping Mr. H. H. \Vste'r of Jacksonville' \ betel was a brilliant success. tc John M. Burdtne and Eva P. Reroivrd.; that this lodge extend

: Colo.. antved her laft graham has bought some valuable Mr .A T. Jones. of Danla. spent it In the. city on business and isieglitered In tact It I Is declared by those Ares I Ouartermaa for $40, lot 1. i, and I t I to our dt'pre brother' grieving '

-' night- and are rjUter. at the San I/roperty at Cocoanut Grove and yesterday In the ".!i) looking aft..r' at the San Carl*. tnt one of the most delightful soda :3 of block 2. Bay: View. 'I mother .ldf'R.I brother. our

Carlo they will probably spend the entire function* ever given In Miami. I Satisfaction: of mortgage; DaJ rymnathv.. tba our charter n
business interest .
__ winter kere.Mr *_ !Mr. J A C tree of Macon, Ga., I I. Mr. and Mn. Kline and Mr. Grif County Security Co. to \\ m. ; main draped mourning for a

t Jim T. Sander -who .. 11th. er et nx for $514.50. M''I Iw-r1c.l of thlity day, though they
Attornfy !* Mr., J. G. Barrow, o! Fort Uu.ler- In the city for abort ntdy. and 1 isIcxatcd greeted then guests with gracious
absent for DeCamp, mother of Mn. E Warranty deed-A. B. who him oo **nk
f bar been ton.lgbtI OB dale h i a visitor In Miami' and Ir at ilie San Carlo. cordiality and made them f",1Ib.t Iye b We
A knalne In Ca rkrU>., t3. C.. returned C. RoraHi. and sister of Mn F.W. I the entire house was at their to Daniel r. Howell 1200; lot 12 not te with 1 to ivtara chat
at the Green Tree Inn.
flopping II IIU.
I last night. Hahn has arrived from her home In Mr Wr: F Miller arrived home onTuoedav disposal for tae time being. Th > bit 1s. Ft Ijn-derdsle. to Curt and administer vow last ,

.) : South Carolina &11.1 will spend the 'Mr. H. O. Wilder I.I visitor from nlzht:: 'rom a business trip building from cellar to garret waa a Warranty deed-Dinlel F. Howell. sad tribtte 'o him

Mr. 8. W. Akin who occupied' winter here with her danrhter anal a of several. days In Jacksonville. dazzling blaze of light, and was ..fux to Thomas M. Bryan IIJO. ;; Be It further resolved that a
Cantonment Fla. In the
f. the residence of Mrs Margaret Arnold *r date r., In oar mlaat 11..

t ( Groom during her abaenee on prevlun occasion We carry Insecticides and tuna alb)| The !tare reception hall, and Quit claim deeJ-A mo* D. Star- recording tla s

from the city baa ntno.J to 1.1. T. A. Hughes; A:: Co.. Miami. II long corridors an the second floor nrd, et tx to Ft. Dallas Laud Co.. Iktlonx I sorrow for him and o rsympathy
Wlnfleld. of Little
Mr Earnest O. Cotton has f 1.00; lot 1, bite !to for hi* skiers)
OBM ea 7tt street.Mr returned -' (0f<1I" furnished with easy chair n Miami r yT
er, was a biulnes visitor in the
from a visit ef two or three this HI"-I MU Isabrll; B Burns, who asa bright sofa pillow and handsome Quit claim deed-Mary. BiVkel! and fairly, b It further k

*. W TV Hatchett. of PaintIt'.ch. month to her former home In Iowa. morning. -- been In Asheville N. C. and point tropical plants, looked very Inviting rand hn<>

i' who hit been the peat ofMr Mn. Cotton wax aocompiulcdon In Georgia for the past fortnight i I and it wa here that rest and gale* 11.00; lot 12, and part 13. bit 101 rerolutlra be pabllshed In our city
t Mr. Wbltt beenIn
Kelly who ha and
l1. p apers a of
c *. WI'"'lilt"l ork for several her return by her aUter. Mla Now York all of the put summer leturned last night from her visit say found between daiice. S Miami.: ed the bereaved copy family.b a

Car, will leave tomorrow morning Hvarl Jenkini.who will be bar guest The floor la the large dining haP Satisfaction of Mortgage-Cuba t
returned home last -- -
t for Jacksonville.: during the winter They were met night. Money to loan on :mprovM nunxcts.Q. I bad been carefully waxed and was 1 in National; Bank to Tho*. W. Mather HAS ORDERED -HIM

hen by Mr. Cotton and left this (II. Amtden. Coeoaaat Orov hood condition for the dancen. In el ax
Mr. R. W.Rhodes. the well known G LINE OF HAW
cc Mr and Mr, J. C. McPherson, : morning forMhelr book at lain Mo- clothier la In one corner wa* stationed the BIscavne Warranty deed A. B. F rguouet IP e
and tacitly anC Mr. B. B. Duck rado. on the extension. nx to E. A. Perry 15.00; 8 1-1 -
bis Urge orange grove there. Mr. G. C. Rarc-i. of West PalmHu'h. I orchestra which a* it of- lot Mr. J. Cheatnaat. tk*
worth, Nebraska' :bare arrived Intht --- -- arrived In 'be city last night nays doe, furnished excellent mu 4. M*: 11. tp 53 *.. 41 .. 1 Aver .. D H.bbr last
(FROM MOXDATY DAILY I Warranty deed-J. H. Tatara Max I.bf't'.ln.
cttv and located the San )
are u After pending: two day la the and I II quartered' at the Green Tree I sic. Refreshing pcnch wa* wryQ. to E. A. Perry. 15.08; 1-2 lot night from "ko.rl. k*
Carla Hotel. i
M'. Inn I.od the men were supplied with clgat the ..
Schetfel Wright this
tlty left
A daughter was born last night to ; 3; fee 11. tp 51 8.. RUe. Wet part wk fw
morning on business to point Tile gull room, decorated with meet the representative of Job B.Ptetson's ..
Mr sal Mr. Reid A. Bryan andMr )lr. and Mrs. Albert Ogle festoons Warranty df'ed-I!: A. Perry et *x
i up the toad. / Mir Hoffman, who 11'\ last ...a- : of greenery, and clusters of to C. W. Dan.b hat, to place order tut '
,. h
Tom ; pt sec 11.
Bryan ram down froruFort the first
frnlt of
M.n with the Empire More ha grape the season Spring bat.
returned 51 ,
tp 3. R 41 E.hOPHOMORE .
bl Mn. 0
Lauderdale thus in Mr.Ilryaa't A. Stgkhee. of Cutler laIn I Mr.Ct.J."J
town Mr G. C. "('),. assistant general from Michigan, when she pioved a popular retort throughorthe hat (ken win f
today with friends and .ICb..
1, touring &r and soul btbe hop-
I Ia .
freight agent of the F. E. C. Railway (pent the rummer.Garden evening.The CLASSIXD11GED badwear fo men In .
guests of Mr. f. A. Barrettfoi I pin; 1 8"
is In the city for a short (fine. I I II lances on the pretty and attractive A PICTIC' s

the day.Mr Mrs.W.J.Shene of Cocoannt Grove.U cad I I. topping at the San Carlo. I I and field teed *t Hughes program numbered! twelve. 3L7LINT4'
Co. Miami. and "veiv one felt a of M R
pang regret &o1Ihomol: R
*. Anna K. "Dearborn, and her I a pleasure and oaslnea Visitor In 14 when the train of The of the Miami \
"Home. Sweet
Mr. O. H. IX
Llndenberger la In the GOOD
High School
the city today. pent a most enjoyable CS
father-la-, left yesterday tor i I city for a few day, a guest at theSan Mr. and Mr. A. B. Chlldrey, ofliJdllnoDd. Horn were sounded. day< .*t Cape Florida laM :\

Syracuse N. T. where they will I Carlo Mr. Lladenberger 1* "..', arrived here lift Among tore present last evening Ihe ontlaa Saturday. Already many of tk. 'tti' 1
Mr. L. H. waa In tie
Rhynu of )
Bridgeport shape of a
the winter. ,
spend Mr* Dearborn .
from LonUvila. Ky. light; sad are guests of the Green were: Dr. and Mn. John C. A emir' getting in their

Jauphter. Mir* Dora, U attending GOOD., Is in the city a guest of the I Tree Inn. oath,.. Dr. and Mn. William 8.Gtamllng ]loach plcnte,basket everyone Uktng a well-OUed holiday, [ood4 tk* aaort**eat gad
Iftecayne. which
arbool! and Mn moat acceptable.
Syracuse Dearburn
n Mrs J. E. Lummc and daughter Dr. and Mr*. Wbter.Ur. The kind of which pro to enlrrtndy
goes then to b< wtJi her. Seed Beons. D. R. Knight ft Bro. end Mn. John B Rellly, Mr. IMrs. trip wa mad on the .
Mr. S-he.fel Wrlrtt arrived In Ellraheth. leave In a Jay or I an launch Everglade and among those Urre. aaef1 and 'l
two for Jacksonville on a visit to W. W. Pro'It. Mr. and Xn.Eu..nft tLaa ever The .
Mr. Frank Dlmick. of Palm Beach.nun turn last night from his headqcar I In the party were: ffl'r '
Mn. Lnmains' cousin Mn. Butler. j Mr aid Mrs. L. M. Only wereamor B. Romfh. Mr. and Mn. Misses Katie rood fo buying and muff
Len in JackaonvUI McLendnn Laura iN"
,. ofenatc K. !'*. Dlmick. arrive ,
I g the arrivals on last night'strain. Illchard \. Shine, )(r. and Mrs Wm Joyner Catherine pertoaa are taking advantage *f Ik*
Ogle .
,! I* the city yesterday eomlnckere A Mr. and Mn. E. T. Town of Philadelphia They ar* from Memphis, anj W. Charles Mr. Murray D. Russell Blanche Gladys Laaetr time and a _k'ac their nnrckaa-
via ten pound on ha been born to <1'MIp.. Ruth Zelley. ,
bkrcl and
having a rery are stopping at the Green Tree Inn. Dr. Olllesrie Erloe. Mr. Glenvlll C.
Ie .
f l Mr. Mn. J. arrived In the -rty last and Hewn. is een thl .early.TRtTCL
ana B. Stndsdll. at Robert McLendon.
lerant trip. While hen !
Ie wa }
Jriwell and Mn. Ml
tie neat of W,.. and Mr W. H. their home on West Jth reet.Yn. r.lfht and are guests of the Green Kline George rick, Robert Taylor DewlU {
.f, I We Urge stock of Billie Boyd Mia Alice Saaden.MlM
Tree Inn. aMt I' carry a ; orange SOCTHWARD M _
KplUer.at their home OB 11th street.MCMir I : i I Ramsey, Raymond De.Roch: rs.Harry
boxes pineapple, MeGahey Miss
tomato eggplant, Maude Wll- GLY HCATT
: H Tr*"tan FarrU, and two Mnller. Wilson Robinson Stuart E'CI
C. T. McCrimmon left this :! cucumber: and boa crate. Hughes hard Uir* Era Yarborough Ml* I A
little buys, returned from a sum- I Hrywr Mott Yarborougk sad G. A.
Cline and Grtffltha fcav
Co. L ola
i Miami.Mr. McLenrton
a morning on a abort business trip to Ills Susie Dale W (From Daily)
met outing In Stamford Conn. the orl-y. Miasma Willie T.rl.
Issued tnvliatloT.s to a dance to ba ; Miss Aline MeGahey
Orlando. Sanford and other town Canova Miss Pearl Jen- The that
given tontht to celebrate: the formal home of Hr. FerrU' relative and Sarah Bayne chaperoned tk* ,
bear there. II Adam Corel tbe well known I kin.. Min Elisabeth hill SItu I'eneJandon. > ate tnln travel from tk late

opening of the Iroquois Hotel Tier*. I Dr. atd Mr*.-Easton have liveryman I is severely' ill at his sew MlM Agnes Lila },(r. Ch... l arty.KXTHVBI tha city I* exceedingly heavy. ,In
rrlved ,
will be a large attendaac of MlMcl'a for the winter and Police Donnrd Nets Triform* Idenea on Court street suffeitbg W. McGee. Mr. James H. Gilm.. : %"mc BOWLING I an travel 1 In dlrl from tk*

". the oensk pleasure win loving without Pope a doubtprove an J their beautiful residence are occupying on the Th* police donned their new uniform I i I with dropsy. I Mr. J H. Morrow Mr. J. Homer I PARTY UlttT XKiHTFrom north 1* Inc.r dally and a

Bonlevaid. today and present a much Im I I Mercer M'. Frederick H. Rand 4 r. trala eI. The

a :'pleasant or... proved'appearance. I I II Bradley fertUuen ar* tar beat I Tom MeGahey, Mr. John C. Grain ( -Frld.,'* Dally) I into Miami has st plkf up veryperreotialy J /i

For sale by J. E. Lummn. Mla, tL king Mr. D. S. Jon. Mr. Charles I In Ieyeaad
Mr. There
and Mrv L. T. -
Jerome T. Fatter of Miami Goodwin o: was an enthuolanl.- bowilagpatty
ar The many friend of Vr. Samuel I William. :Mr. Bea Coachman ll r.I many strange aid nw f.c even
Amhent Mara. lat a
t tlvej: In Fort Pierce. Tuesday morale are ton In the Karnent: night at he popular bowl'
city. the Green O Fttts throughout the county, will !lit J W, Galloway, of Larklns.i Burch: Mr. A. L. La&alte II" of on the ctreeU. '
to attend the annual meeting They are at ir vInn. I ; a'lej* Mt-.win Mercer: Gautler. 1
regret to know that be is quite ill >ne. of Drde county'a successful alldInrJut'tltlai Mr. C. B. Pennock Mr. George O. : Bowling a S4
of the itrckholder a pastime
of the East
at bU home en the South side. I Holies, Mr. Errl Smith Mr. Claudlitown .. aDlon&'O'1DI IROl'GHT nn GR.rEFRtTTIT .
Cattle Co. of whlrk he I I. Becretary.Tkt '> cltlxens U spending: today cur ) |eople has Cntpe to tar j .

U Mr." Feaater. tint vtatt bar Mis Susie Powell. who has been .Mal-f: In the city :attending to business Mr. Frank Scbott, Mr. WlrtCulbt'rtIc ar d beside bring fine ezrelar. i It I I Iuffords F THE KEYS
Mr. J. @D and Mr GnlBthaD.it'GHTERS
In several the guest of Mi** Ambrey Bosdckon interesting .
year and be found many nrnusent.at..tmn.g I
ha. been ( Tuecday' Dally)
engaged u salesman by FPm
5th street, returned to her homeat those
taking: the
change and alto old friend part IB
r n nFort Pierce New many OJu this morningMr. M!'. R. W. Rhodes, tbe IZth street |I I Mr. and Mr*. Grant M. Dent' Mr. OF CXJFKDKRCTE.TERTA1.K1 ri,>ort last night were: )Ilse Effl T mal'boat Adeline brought *f j

gent' furnisher. i I, RM.HInan Mr. Jesse Canfleld' and GKWIOb'SLY ) Martin MIlS Virginia Craig: Miss the ky on her last trip n

Mn. R. 8. Tmalow. of Charlea. and Mn. L E. Edward arrived Mr D. Raynor are a party from t I| Irene Jandon Ml!'s Allle Blonnt, Mr. I Ii first shipment of grapefruit *t t ,
la the Mm. Lott. mother of Dr. E. W. Stamford NY., at the i Morrow season The fruit ar* of a very .
W Va. Is today at be Green Tre city Saturday night ond Btscupi Vr W. C. Elliott. Mr.
Lett the dentist (From ,, *rte4v. !! and of An lor.
arrived in the city Hotel Wednesday Dally) i }
began Cbas. <
IBB. arriving ben last night fromVhlladeJphla ; a: once making preparation McGee, Mr. Watt Jone. Mr
,last night >nd will the winter key grove are said to be In a asotflonrihlng
spend .
and New Tort and for opening their book store for the Yesterday afternoon the Daughters Albert Jones. Mr. Walter Welch-and

will down to Coroankt Grore 8f>&. .. here with her son. They are at Rev and Mrs. Clark of Alabama I of the Confederacy Were graciously | Mr. Have*. The highest score Jurlns I and productive eoadlUoa.
go toM
r present at the Colonial Terrace. .. "rrlved here Tuesday night ea 's entertained by their t i the evening ; j I all thos .lat') devll kavnx
>rmw to look after her In. orange I I prolJenMrs. rte mad by Mia Craig .
Mr. Frederic H 'Sat- I visit to their daughter Mn. J. W. R. C. lime .t'd.' T cant*
KTVT and other property titan. Rand left I MeGahey, at the Gram- and Mr. Watt Jones i

Mr*. Trnslow U a regular winter DI da) morning on a trip west goIng Mn Stephen A. Bravo returned \\ am..r.. who baa been very ill. but I II. hog home on llth street. Mr. Y a I i I from the grove of HulL

Tikltor here, basing been comlae from hen directly to Helena, home last night fron-. New York I I. now slowly Improving. Gahcy'i own home on the Allapaltah WILL OPEN: KIXDrlUiARTKNIX : PJ. MERCVUTCROPMED

for four or live ,year Ark., to be preeent at the marriage where she went some time ago with road being a little !Inaccessible to HAHX Bl' urr ,
ct a college frltnd. Capt. Bravo who underwent a successful Order a ease or eon Jrb.k usurer 4 mom of the ladle from town Mrs, __ .i;i PCX'S DISK

Mr and Mr J. C. Balle. their __ .t-, surgical operation: there w shipped to you by the Miami Beta (Gramling: hospitably offered the use On the Itch. Mires Jnlla Nan rot Between Iln.n of and .' '

davghters. Hilda end Georgia, aDd OptPeale and Ml** Lennlf "Seale ojg Work, Mtgk-. Miami ria. --. tl her large well arranged. rooms.A will open a kindergarten schoo' othe | TodaT-WM l V.I I 'tD
the Utter who bat Mrt, E. E. Grime, a popular J.ekI large number IsMiMtBdly
ron. Kenneth arrived' Jut night : been away from were present yet first floor of the Hahn bnlld'n'x!
Miami fcr several month sonvllle drummer U transacting | "rday afternoon' and v-rll4ht ,
from visiting a -
Warrenburc Mo. and will en Avenoe
Mr. 12th
Prron: 1 I. Laseeter returned and llui ( From Thursday Dally)
the In Alabama retarnej Saturday for business In town to.lay. Mr. Grimes ful time was rpent In social co n-
spend winter here at lie Avenue last night from Jackwnvlile' where I streets making; :a reasonable: charge :
0, where they have secured Ute winter. r"- .nosent. Van Dt'mlln' t Co., of terse After live o'clock) the toes. ts | for tuition, and This moralng the planet Xef ,
a he has !y>en taking examinations the I teaching the' Utet'
cottage. Mr. Bale! la one of thne.wnen Jacksocville.Mr. past week for a steamboat master'ilicense. were biherej' Into the softly lighted I methods of kindergarten.. Mna | did non-thing It doe only e. S .t

of the famous Rldiardaon Mr. Ben 1).-... of the Boulevardhas ] dining room where an exquisite- ,j rO has bad veral Stan 1m. every one hundred "frs. I
C. O. I .. "xPf'nfC, c.-ofoej 'the Tbr _
Pratt has takencharge; > ly 'eeoratod table greeted the ye. *>in. transit
gave on the Miami river. h* aadMr returned home after' an absence! | In kindergarten work and ;intends ,
of the fishing bnrlness of Mr. H. I i, itaf a dainty dinner in several. mid saris between 7 and f
i. Hoop who I* now on the placeDaring of ercral week spent In visiting I Mr H. E. Ileirls. Instant general. coo | tn ctIlaml a thoroughly up to o'clk
Dale Miller, and wit same ar was served )fr!. MeGahey ws Tbe sun i I little '
manage i r bt'fo t
It Oil frlenJ In Pal.U.
urrhavd .
other Florida I school.
snmmKMr manager of the f. E. C. Hotel Sys' car b* found for I' \
Mr. Miller'. ably isslstod In S. 11 lock red > that um. th
towns and in Virginia. during absence on dutya entertaining b. Mn j the planet
ti m bas to !New York pr"nt at Green Tree
gone Inn
on Business.

and Mn. Oo. Kllnt. of Chlracx clerk of the criminal court. | which will detain him tjere ? T. Grambllng and Miss Vet .b..1. | as well advanced i.n the ,
limb of the snn. and 14
). are the guests of Mr. ana We tbe next three week WILL MOVE IW- a!
:are pleased to report that Ben or more.
# For Jh' flft time this monththen : A i fun *i* just leaving the sobs >
4 Mr, *. \Vm. L Roberts. at their sub Hinton who with his mother Is I JOIJY iaf\CH PARTYWF.XT T MELHOlltXB disk.L'nfortanat. i

urbanhome on the north d.', where camping at Waco .on the shore of was not a case for trial in ,Sailed. for Key Went Tt RnX.VI' T.\ I '
the >'ly owlag' to tined
municipal a .
th-y will remain for a mouth Mr Lake Fuller, U fut regaining his he court this morning. Tin ccafctlng schooner Mount !; The large saw mill I of A. P. Eds..1 .k. It wa impossible to the
Knot I I. the head of the KHnt-Ga- police report the town very quiet From Tuesday'. Dally I Co see
strength and Is his Vernon sailed vejterday afternoott I at City, will
enjoying outing. and or f'I'lf. j I I.mn b moved j en the sun disk, even though ;
solo Gompuj: wnen of many lead- Kls-lraraee \' Gatette. ; for Key West with passengi-ts: and I The launch Sallie Took a tar,,. I shortly to Melbourne whera the ,Jbaf glance .

lug theatrical companlea. Heia atprrernt I freight. of '. ha I 1'lr w- -
I party voting J't'OIeu'ld.r be. company l tractof flail It
htc. the planet'
Mr. end !Mrs. Joe BUtt have I "or. I J .
tw**ntlng flve play wrtt- Rev L. D. Lowe chaperonage' of Dr. and Mrs. W S timber I
of the M. E. I require hare .
to Leetjnrg to live. Mr. and Mn. >II :: :t.1 1.1 r a small blood spot y
tenby Mr Robert and la now her Your horns )( era! "v-I i app.r.
I lr'irrch: South will not go to the Byrd hoofs will not sink ; Grarallng. n. Harriet Revlere' and years i>n Ib. fl the era
waiting for the completion of another IUlI"Ial] conference whkh will be I were quietly married here lastFriday into the mire If you have him shod' )in. H. Porter Savage up to Ruen tOut

for wh'rh It I* said h* I. goingto lid In Tampa, before December 10 MUs nlicht Nellie; the bride being formerly .. llh mifk shoes supplied: only by I j a \ 1st a last evening, where an old l -

f a" the bugled, price yet offered !Sni wilt: remain here until then, Greer. J. A Dane Miami. ; .hlined country dance was he'd at

for a nielcdrama.HATTRnAYS. actively tn I .:.- ( the' honnltable home of and '
charge of his church.: Mr. and Mn. Frank Brown who' Judge of Style .
have Mr. Bonton Dean f i r a long time Mn. George; A. Worley.. In honor of tiw.p

FROM DAILY) Mn. W. M, Brown returned home been for some time boarcMnr: ; connected with the firm of Rotnfh | he return home of MlM May Worley. -'
with Mr Fox lath
6 on street have ; !
Saturday night from the north tented *: Hitched has atcepted a position, ,! aft< r an absence of :several! A* we'1 be out of style
a cottage Second in dye's
tlr Gec-ge' C .'one.. of Danla: isi where she spent In* pact several I on : stint, with the First National Bark of Miami month spent In the north. your

A i a visitor on bu laei I. town today. month. Mr. Brown returned with I and Ing. nil tomorrow begin bousekpej and CLtered. upon hi* new' dut- I The fuets were trea'ed royalty! a-, out of f style .n your stationery. ,{

her from Jacksonville' to which plac !M. and very. one had :a Jollv lime MnWorley The correct writing paper today to

: A von wa hot? thl morning tMr o b.> neat a few (day ago. and Mlf Wcrley served an .

*nl Mr* J. S. Rodger Lennl* Comb, who has .be<-n In I Mr. E. L.tlrady, the well known I i itroceryman abundance of 4..II,1ou.ullch: and 4

4Yq -.-- I Mr. hi..rberJ A. Pennock of Sf'PI Ja""'IOnll't'' the part several' moths'With of !Miami end Titnrrllle take., and the. party started on their Ihomeward I Eaton's

Friends of Mr. Arthur Ketlar' willrerrrt : tune is ai,,,,n1lcg a few day In the Carl! the undertsMng; f'F'.bllrhm..ntc.f and Danla, wan a passenger: on last trip about 11 20 Those''
: A O
'- bear that he remain variously 'i city, principally to be In atthendanc i last : 1I1I't. returned home rlaAtb, "..In. returning from Tltusvlll in4T
111After I at. th* meeting! of the Board of night; and will enter the em- ". where h- 'ro>nt a dav or two Mn. Montromerr. Dr and Mrs William Highland LinenThe
t Ilor ofV H. Combs ft Co undertakers
Public Instruction, of which be 1s a U-oklng after his business Interests' :, S. Cmmllng. Mn. H. Porter o

several Jars lln! ..... Mr ifk' I member.Attorney. I and emhalmcrs.FKOM there end v1ltlng his family. Savage! M,... Harriet Re"lt'r.Iu., .* F

E. Tuttle is once more on the convalescent I Alice Sanders, MUs Lillian MrGihvy. -

IHt.Mr __ and Mn. Mitchell. D. ( \nnnsn.u": : DAILY) Mr and !Mrs. Chas. L McIntosh, !Miss Effle Martin !Miss Mary size shape and texture al ,

Price are at home again after. an who srere marrle :a few months ago Alice. Martin Mite Clyde Seymour to grind and
*. A Dodd 1* the late I Mr. S GoMb, rg. of Baltimore, Is I arrived here Tn- pint tate suggest re- T
a among absence of two or three wt'eh. Mr. diy night; from flu Laura l Joiner Mba! Lula McLendon. -
In the city rflll' -red at the San Carlo costa no more to have p
arrival at the Green Tine Ian, registered Price fclag to Washlagthon on business JarksonvlIK Mr. :Mclntonh was formerly Mis 1 Lula Schutt Miss I

from New; York. and Mn. Price visiting friends connected. with a bicycle bussLures Msnde WI1Urd.! !Miss Nellie Whltcnmb. your writing paper beyond criticism

In JacksonvilleMr lap,-, but now holds a portion I' Mien Aggie: I'slna. Miss Jo4Cianccy. i
}Ira. F E. Lea and danghter ot Dr. L S. Rader ha* returned from on the F. E C.
Railway extension.R Mis Susie Dale Mis
. Pttubarg.: have. arrived In Miamiepe.d to a ten day trip up the road goinga I Price box 40cSmt's
e C. F. :Vheelock. of Plaice tar a* Jacksonville I : Mis Maude Coachman Miss per f fI
the winter.Mln Ala., is In the city with a view of O. Painters fertilizers I I. the < Blanche Phelps. Mr. Charles W Me- 'I

locating here Mr n !'elock: U a | Mr. H. Dale l-e t. Hughes A: Co Miami, sell Gee. Mr. J. Homf'rI..r., Mr J I
Miller clerk of the
Snrl Powell, of OJ... IiI Iriend of Prof. R. E. Hall', and kiemphatically criminal' mutt left this I them. H. Morrow, Vr. Walter Welch Mr.
I tpenJing few la 1 morning for
a day town with
declare list the Hugh Coachman, Mr '
glow. ; Jacksonville where he Gorge Hays,
. will
friadu" thb week. lag acivunts he has bard of Miami i the next few days on business.spend !Miss \Jele Brossier of Key We t. Mr. Robert Hill) !Mr. Tom McsheyMr.Cllfton -

1 have not U the least been sagger-1 .- will arrive in the city tonight from Mr. Cook Mr. Roddy Bookstore

:ij l Miss Cynthia Beth after a n. ated. On the other band h. la dU-J. |. Mt; a4 Mrs Robert Keealer who I New; York and will spend the winter Burdlne. Mr Brewer, Peddy. Mr.

-.w.. Ole awftk. loss returaed to trrotntrd that here a* the guest of her brotkerMr. F-trneet
there te 110Gb, lb-, hate lees U Pranyrnnt Can- Bath Mr Wade Buck I a ass
t ,X1aaI 'lor tH trlaterep .-. "-- apptdatltg i t 0 fc< loudkern. :..&.. for the JUt -.oatM.r'etvae4 .a Q. M D. oa.Browter 9th. street and family, at their far deLi, G. T. LemU. and Mr Iran Jau- J

:, .... ... 1 L 1 :E .r' # Mami, Florida ;
;JOo .,
f.b- !' 4. :: "
arr. .
-L t :.
'I- ": ... .. .k. ": ,: ...; a t'

tjV:.: t -


I PAGE RfX TWK vi.ua METRorous nun 1"'. NOVEMBER is, IBOT acnrr PAGa

to 1. ---y

Two Crack Yachts From the North A MEDICAL HINT.

Glycerin a Valwabl but Very Mush

Are Nov\ 'Enroute to East Coast The Medical' Neglected World Agtrii.thus calls srteo- .

., tine to a cry common but not fully ,

:,l With Parties Aboard For Winter appreciated In*strange of glycerin remedyIt that are the*many o little...lun knownor !>leylrtoe Telegram From e

appreciated by the [irofewl >n I I' I fb v
spite Us tbeapneMi and ..lIId..nl'.\ It bbn
I almost entirely relecatnl to the
realm of domestic medicine The gee
The steam vachtajfarer lef I o .ned bv H. B Srhuler of Chicago I crab! practitioner In whose baud. It .
Boston I last( Saturday for Titusvllle I IK en route to Miami Laat Sunday would lie of dally um In a ,variety ofways
found off Baltimore by the ,
vhe wan
1'. Fla.. and 'vr: will come to Mian.1! .. seldom u-c. It. "Santa
I pudaesttwreAfound, dlaableJ'l', It doc not t'\aIM'rlt.| nor dos It U. ,
tr. This rscbl Is the property of RoblI..r ] Claus"a
come ranrtJ 0tundergo fermentation I
ert Henkel of Detroit Mich. and it dcr rhe valve stem and then the I'I' i ,
Added mUtt of CulJ I
to a ::re ritrnrti I
left that ell"00 the :th of Otoberkt low prt'allllrf' cvllmtaft SjIpnnecting | prevents 1''I\lIalloo.\ <51y at all Bitter along Ibe coat ro? broke mhlle tj TTS&ftnaa wu I In..rt' remarkable solvtut ImiMiof ,
aboar i headed for Annapjn*, where It waa 1..f'MI.
# la congenial party
potassium loillne canine. iodide ofsulphur : .
roal She haddrifted
:: consUtlng of Robert Henkel and lntend d to take on I
of sodium and
pwtaHhlum. i
', helplessly only a few I
wife and son and Charles Curry and
tbe alkalis. SOUR of the at
hen the Apache came la
Robert ),Morton and they expect Ui
.-1 \ have a One time tuning and hunting A. line was parsed to the 4ts miD-I kallne earth. many of the neutral ,I New York October 17th 1907 r
-,e1< ir! she wan taken la salt, the vejretable acids, morphine. ,
the florid coast.
on ast
v SS ton' : f.bl' It coming by the Inland route uuinlue. lrychnliie, vvratrloe, atr.ipiut'and !'
The V> ayinrer Is a yacnt I
fC feet long and 14 feet breadth with }fro Schuler and wife and their carbolic arid are all freely IIOln11'[ i I To toe Miami Metropolis: Miami Fla. <
drawing fee' Her crew toutlt o; mi George H. Srhaler. )I In 1t1J'<"f'rlo. It has dw'Ided antlsrpiltproixrtle I
t far men New" York t* her registerThe I Nitomoh U only a year old *. In the dose of s dram at i >1 will be
y ed home port, though constructed in and wa built by. the WlUon Yacht mealtime it promptly relieve! arid It) too busy this Christmas to attend to a great many things

Boston In un i hull!.llfg To The Na'omah waa hem I of tbe stomach pyrosis and flatuleu I I ,

: The steamer houseboat :Natonxnh" '' for a e.Herable time lart spring- liver Mixed oil In and equal flavored pnn>orti with n.tincture with (ail of i I i ilunainon. down there in Miami, so I wish you tc give the presents I am sending ,

t: HEAVY f CROPS IN \A POUND PARTY I I (the method uare of. It administration with makes a brush a very Applied It acceptable relieveoryM to. 'I, you, to the most popular little girls in Miami .

Given Internally. It l" of Ken-
Ice in acne A few drop on the tongue I will be there Christmas Eve. "SANTA CLAUS"
HOMESTEAD SECTION will relieve laryngeal cough in children ,
and adult In low typboklal "oudl-

.' I lions, when the tongue and lips hartbeen
,. \ neglected until sordes have ac I
\: j i cumulated a few drop on tbe tongue I
; Many Planters Bare Tomatoes, Given u a Surprise to Rer. Ludwig afford an evident amelioration of the

.J' XgtPlants, Pepper, etc., Ready i and Family Thursday N1 ht-- I annoying An ounce mouth of glycerin, and throat and four symptom ounces. j jif

I infusion of Sauced Injected Into tbe
t ta _Several Social Features''' New be Purchased For
Ship Lamps to rectum with or without the addition Handsome Dolls and Trousseau

i of morphine will relieve rectal tcne t
t.tf lablced u4 Planned Methodist Church I mo In dysentery and allied conditkras. .

i I In assured nipple Btllle high; :y
I commend a dram of tincture liensoln. 1 A.
I added to in ounce of glycerin I and *

i; : Homeoiead. Fla. Nov 7-Mr. and Lemon ("It)'. Fla., NOT -RerE I I filtered Dropped Into the ...r. It sot
(tens hardened thAt It Is To the most little in Miami
't.-;;.. Mrs. J fi Foi of Mlam:. Have been Ludwig and family hare moved : easily syringed out cerumen It quickly so renders popular girls
1. the gnerts of Mr' and Mra J. E. I Into one of the house near e I
an Insect In the ear so helpless that it
;1 fuynolda.Mr I hotel owned by Mr Pierce : will remain quiet. till It can be reunored. -
VcLane the elderly lady The members of the Junior E| It I. a valuable aid In dlnfuluUg
f "ho started from Fort Drum !several. crth League have. rained $27 with I'. tbe taut of many offrnHlre modi. Nothing in'the world is dearer to a little girl than a doll, no matter whether a rag ..
ttionlhs ego with aa ox team. cart I which they will purchase new lamps cine and may be added to any pre

P dog. ..tr. has arrived In the Homestead : for the MttbodiBt church. I I aM'lptioo to Increase Its "budj" The I doll or a rubber one. For that reason, the Metropojis has arranged to give to the
country mlnoi an ox It having A pound rartr was gfren., to Per glyvertte of March afford an admlral

been left near Perria* for repairs i.olwlg and family Thursday night, >le vehicle with which to apply a which was a great surprise to the
1 I I gents to the eye and Ia considerablyned

\.. Mrs.Monday Otto from Froriep Brooklyn.and son N.returnled T.- family.residence The and party together met at went Dr. to Cole'the' by ophtb.lmojoct.m.Tbt'tIt' are but a few. hints front ing of ahandsome twenty inch doll, dressed in white lawn, with four extra dresses,

Mr Hen. Frcrien they spent met them the *put t Miami.month..1 there born. Rev of their Lidwlg minister met .the Arriving party at which many the practitioner more use for will this readilyevolve agentMany coat, two hats, bathing suit of blue flannel, nibber'cap and bag, kimona, completeset

y Mr Charles Plummer went up to the door; when Dr. Cole remarkedto
Miami Uednesdav meet ) the reverend gentleman. "Nov. more costly drug could be displaced of underwear, extra socks, toilet articles, such as tooth brush, comb, brush, y
If tbe doctor knew bow to use
Plummer on her return from sir. you have caned as all sinners
4" Vi feorth, wrn* the ha* spent ,11'1I'1 from the pulpit and we have com glycerin curling iron, hair-pins, sachet, hand mirror, fan and everything you can think of.
' 4umm.r la Chicago and other lore tonight to "pound" yon. air."
Mr Jack Yarborough ha taken I A most enjoyable evening was spent I AN ECONOMICAL HINT. These things are all neatly ,arranged in a handsome'trunk, three trays, lock and key
i Mr Booth place at tHe by all.The.
Itooth having been saw mill owned by the Edge 1 I I A Us Per T**. *f OM Leng Gtov. **. .
/ the .extension IIt&tlon'Wr'l Bros, will be moved next week: to Hw It Is DC**.
,; Mr. D, M. Robert baa Melbourne. FIlL The reason of the n.re" a capital way to use up the
lag spray Irrigating plant ready for removal Is that all the good timber I I'I top of long kid rIo,8. Every one
el|<*'4'atk sad baa two acre* of tomatoes I in thlt locality has been used especially ,, knows that the fingers ar* In hole Conditions of! Contest Basis of Votes ,I
planted which eaa be \n1or" around the Orange Ridge I.[i long before tbe tops show any signs of
gated a shorn while when section. While here, they have do** '
; wear Cut off the top at the wrist
*Mrea excellent butlne have used
; protection either from an sal and slit them down the seam Ion
dime or cold. deal of Dade lumber I
a treat county .
will b* surprised to see bow large I*
Mr Nxoa! na packed aad shippedthe There was another popular daaee
I the piece of leather obtained.
crop of grape fruit from Mr at the library banding last night 1. Any girl under fifteen of residing Votes will be allowed t
Cotton tree and report that the which was well attended.SOMETHING I Lay tbe piece face to face one on years age, on subscriptions I

trait *.** all well colored- sad flatDuality tbe other the and material cut out allow the biggest The long oblong in the City of Miami will be eligible'to paid .to the Metropolis on the following basis:

I Ii Me* of the oblong are for tile side \ '
Mr A T. Daval'c new' More Is enter the doll contest.
fast aearirg ('(completion" a first T of the bag aDd the short end for the 1 month?:(t5'weekal), 50c__ __ _uuu 50 votes
.,Y da** Mock of gen.rJ merchandise e top and bottom. 2. Each candidate wishing to enter the
es :win be therein soon. Lm with a piece 3 months, $1.25- --__--__________-- 1/5 votes .
t.' Messrs Win fate t Hendry have THE AVACADO PEAR appropriate coloring seeming athauo- contest for the diiU must have her name certified 6 months.Sl.5O.uu)! 400 votes ; .1
opened their commissary and are to- i ing la tbe usual fashion. The joining

t. .tag a good bnsineF. A much seeded i of the leather I* quite a feature of the to the Metropolis, by parents or friends. a year, $5.00-- -- -- --__ ___ ____ -_ 1,000 votes try;

'blacksmith'Bwctlo with show their Is place rnnnlas la coa- I bag work Place"over the and kid ore?edge" In to stoat edge white and 3. The child of any officer or employee of 1 year (in advancef$3.IO)' __ _ 1,500 votes.M r

; The grower an all busy with their Florid Agriculturist Tell of the thread on tbe outside all tbe way the Miami Printing Company will not bo eligible
F .taps sad a trip to any of their round keeping the stitches large and I For yearly subscription paid in ad-
every ,
farm t sell worth the effort
Many I even.The
Difference Between Budded Ava. very in this contest.
have tontatoe*. pepper and eggplantt'ready 1 cord to draw up the neck Is pat I Tance for persODtI who hare not been suberibt.j'
:. to ship and and la a few cede and a Seedling, and its Fa.. In In the usual ...1. a slot being made 4. No child' whose parents have not resided to'the ;
weeks heavy shipments will again for
I ers Daily Metropolis period beyond -
c beglu. Eone of Ut. farmer have I. tore as a Fruit I I permanently in the city of Miami fqr at any
begun planting oa tic 'glade while three months, the Metropolis will allow .
-others are waiting until later, least six months previous to Dec 25th, will -
bal the '!;tad_ mar become f..r-1 I 2,000 votes
ed. A I be in the contest
larg acreag of bean eligible toparticipate: i
,tee planted and this promise to : There ire few thing that will For;"every yearly subscription to the Weekly -
''M Homostsad1 bent thus .. 5. An child dropping out of the contest '
season start two people fighting; Ta npa I } Metropolis .
far. there will be 300 votes allowed. .
sooner tbra the discussion of the
Tb Pioneer 0114 held a piea- merit of aa "alligatorpear.. Those will not be allowed to pass to any other contestant -
For all job work etc. one vote will be ALLOWED -
ant and laterestlng .." ,
!5 meeting at the who like tlI.10., them pasalonI -
the votes she has received while in the
s-i4 Jtome of Mr*. 1. M. Bauer WeJne-1 I ). Those who dislike themJiaU for each 1 cent paid for to the Miami
t day afternoon. Mrs. J. E. Key-1 them worse taan don Their admirers _
.SS aolda and MU Maud Plummer were I call them avocado*, their ene- contest Pnnting Co. and for advertising, one vote will -1
enrolled -f new member, and the role call them "alligator" pear 6. ? The Miami Printing Company reserves
jrtseette. several member Without committing ourselves la the be allowed for each lOc so paid. ,
have ben absent for tllDe..pen.I.1 the amend these rules time
some premises and laving ourselves opento right.to at any or t
J.g th* rammer away, added muchpleasure aa end;eas and bitter argument make further restrictions. In each issue of the Daily and Weekly ;)
to the coratloa I
no matter which die we might Uk,
be Aa entertalameat. wa planned tc we nevertheless' are pained to see 7. The contest willj close on the night of Metropolis there will be a ballot, when properly -
CI"ea'.art. the holldayr U I that the Florida Agriculturist; bellcves -
> lhr I* nom excellent talent among that the future of the avocado December 24th. I filled out, will be good for one vote. .,,'
the members tai a rare treat ha :I will depend upon U color and not i
d lilt stored up for the people of this I uppamitlv: on any Intrinsic merit asa
eeUoa A supper will be It'neolJ. delicacy In the world of fAit We j jt.
i also the proceed to go towards !1 I. reproduce' the Agriculturist's articlefor s
. hulldinc the new chapel The So- thy benefit! of those engaged In
ciety's find were deposited la the militating the pear: t.
Fort Dvllac National Bank which 'There' almost aa much difference ..
I 1UDB OF OLD KID 0LOV totebetwcen
fact hi caused some embarrass- between a fine budded avocado
J.! .: mat and cause for Jela, la toe and seedling a* there I* betweena the bag and tbe lining by a -"
. building well grown Baldwin pple and aseedling I double line of running and a cord in Votes for Doll Contest will be issued for cash Payments at the store of:

After the meeting adjourned, de- Me are of the opinion verted. ; .
>k-Ieas refreshments were N'r't'ed0' 'that the The bag illustrated Is In navy blue. '
avocado that color when
' the ladle by the act<.* and the sell ripened to a dark; red or purple lined with bellotripe satin, but one can Burdine'|! Quarterman Jas. B. Hayes
vt. Guild appointed the tint WeJnes- I .111 be much more valued by the Imagine some very effective ones In I
day u the seat day of meeting, to trade than one that ripen and hold other colors say In tan III1e'dIlb
) ; b* at the home of Mr*. Thomas 1 Its green or pale green color This cinnamon l>rn.a or chocolate Uk or a 0. W. Maynard Miami Steam Laundry

IIIer.t' class of fruit to much more atUictlre pretty evening tag In pale colon, per I .
The :-naske party tam by Mr I Our reancn for thinking this hip a pink hde w'tb a deep cream :
sand Racket Store R. W. Rhodes .
. Mr* J. V. Bauer ThuraJar !I. the general market condition lathe lining and gold cord I
.1ht..aa..1 attended and all apple market the apple which Another UM to which the tops of
a *>reent had a very enjoyable time. appeal to the ere U generally the glove can be pot I It the making of flatIron W: M. Burdine Co : {
Many pretty and ualqa coctnmet best seller and mere sought after holder A couple of layer of the Biscayne Drug
.. .
:-.;. were arrayed on the participant*.the Take the Ben Davis. with it* rich kid backed on cater sale: by one of
dbvrnls being perfect' Danciag rory cheek. always finds a quickmarket. material tad covered with a washing
; framed a next of the program and It
baring ao distinct flavor .V' Ooacmaa brthr radered the ma yet Its magnificent coloring Mil It through which tbe beat doe not pas*. I ,, ...
ale- la the market of the world. 80 .tAddress"all
-- -- --
and Mr*. Bauer received' many we believe It will be I
with the avocado The Ctrnl rmminTbe ..
'npranlcou of happlres from the -the
one with blight high coloring .
!lIp will float but a few mo-
departing guest who found the win be the one that will besought
meat longer! Trust yourself to IDa
I'time tt had
ro creeped arouna altogether after by the consumer*.** *
too soon Mr. T. P.Brook Tampa Tribune and jump Qaiekf"le
ed come up from the extension my hat on stralghtr"Tea' communications to

>>; to attend the pvty. U the person 5OTICE TO CREDITORS Ye! But comer
.f Hto Satanic Majesty. tad many Tell aoe ant bow my life preserverset I
..Id 'hat he looked very mach like In Court of the County Judge on my back!"
the Devil His trip. It U said, had Plate of Florida
nor* than one object In re Estate of Charm .

f A Hard Debt to Pay Dade all CountvTm creditor. legatee, dlatrtbt XFW LORE Co.

1 _. and all persona hiving claim : Miami.Printing
1 ewe a df'mttt..df' that or demand iralnt said estate: (From Fridays Dally) I
. caa sever be paid off" writes G.S. Ton and each of you. are herebynotified The va'M 9aw<'. own.-J by Mr.
Clark of \estn>ld. Iowa, "for my and required to present Harry Tattle 'al conitnanled l>y
:;.00 I .rrc< *. from death by Dr. Kiajr any chime and demand which you Cape Dick Caraev arrived In pert /
{t 'New DUeovery. The omlaous dry. or el'her of you may have ajcatastthe ibis morning frog New York The
backlag' cough quit before the first estate of Charles A. Ball de- Savalo env sent north early la the
.;_' bottle wa used sad two more bottle weed late of Dade
, county. Florida summer and bat sa uavevtfiil trip 432-434 Twelfth Street Miami Florida
mad a complete cur*." Noth- to the undersigned executor or In'" Capt. Caa- Mel*'r .ndaeveral ;
lag baa ever equalled New DiaooT- aid estate, within two years fromth other winter vtUnwn heretame
try for ODvgha, coUa sad an throat date kereot- south on the Eavalo. Capt. Me- .
.ad -lac............ Ouaraateed. Dated. October SStk A. D. 1MT.Brataard tor *in at oar begla prvparlag hi. I

by all druggists, IH .sad IL .Trial T. Ban.. Executor.KaUtaof : cw' yacIJ: to Stnacvt far arty nom.miasma. -1
I t.we, rea.. ._ t sa. A, Dan '

.S. .-- -'- .- .. ...:;.. '''>'L',.,, "._ .. > ." ....... .. .. .. -.: ... '. ',-" '.:___ ilS > 1.,.,:,........,....JI')'..






By the Board ol Trade at a Large and Enthusiastic Meeting Last Night-Cigar Factory

n> Proposition Heartily Endorsed, and Resolutions Adopted to City Council Asking For

;, Better Lighted Streets and More and Better Sidewalks-Discussions Interesting

.... .
( From Friday Daily) lured bv Mr. 1.C.. Watson ting which! '* a powder and also for the '
; unanimously adopted' piecing: of It on the streets as an
Better lighting of the -ity. improved .
t .WhE'r..... J. H. Tatum and as- experiment
I sidewalk" and the Inducing oft
"/ Claf-a offer to donate two bun- Next came the better lighting!; ; o1' '
-- cigar factories to locate In or near dredlois, withIn ere miles of Miami the burin: portion of the c'tv

., 1 Miami, were the main topic of dlscusKlrn lor the pnrpoeof inducing a c.gar which was con'idtred erreedlrghbad. )
at he rec*** session the Itctriv to locate In Miami and and not at all capable of mat :i
i I Miami Board of Trade dof ,last -\\herean. These lots are to be Inn a favorable impression on ir ydN \ .a

night In the Jintng room of the Irotjuois wild for I'uO per lot and the -irorecdit tranfer arriving here at nlpht.I'pon .

liT' lctel! l. and energetic atepc arising from the tale of said ,I discussion It was leaiie!
; were begun to secure each of the lots to he paid over to acy ra inn- that the merchant of 12th street
three projectsThe fart urer who co-npUe with the con- from \rthopT-Roirfh't to the Miami ,

meeting was one of the. larg- .litlor.ii! regulating the payment ot Hardware Co., have alreaJv plannedand New Furniture I
t } cat and emhurlaiMc In the history the .proceeds therefore. be It arranged with the electric Ugh' | 1 Designs
of the Miami Board of Trade being Kesolvod That the Board of company to place eight sings of i.
attended bv fully a three-fourthi Trade of Miami heartl'y endorses fifteen lights each across 12th
membertblp. Another feature of the proportion and requests the street bttaeen the above designated *

.f the gathering was the attendance Ic members of the Board of Trade to liulnts.tbcy: to pay for the same during F
.e a holy of the DaJe County Medical subscribe as liberty aa poatibeanJrecoc II the winter months. This was! ,58 We carry in stock a complete line of new and up-to-date
l Society. 'mnu the proposlJoo Ui the gratifying information and In order

r, The discussion of the cigar factory rltlters a< a safe and practlolone." to secure a still better lighting or furniture at all times. It will pay you to take a look at our '
t: project caneflrst and resulted In the Sidewalks good bad and none at I the city. the following resolution, :

.s' teased endorsing a plan advanced all, were next considered, and after 1 prevented bv Mr. MUor Cohen wasadopted i furniture before buying elsewhere. ::: Our prices are right.
... aaj expUlced: : : by Mr. J. H. Tatura. much discussion a committee con- :
o' and associate I of Mensrs. 1. H. Tatum and
presenting himself fitting I I
15 hereae, It, Is the opinion of theBoard
and In substance that be and other. J W.Homer, were appointed to waiton
of Trade that the Illnminatio-
t. owner* of a certain large number of I council and make a request' for
or the cltystreet Is inadequate under s
lots<< near Lemon City and on the an Improvement of the tidewalki of
i I the prevent lighting system' an<1"Whereaa.The
tin* of the Miami Electric! Railway.which I the city those especially on the paved -
continuation of the T.
ft U to be extended to that I streets to be kept In food repair FRANK BUDGEHardware -
same I* sadly beyond the! numerousother
t'; territory will aell 200 Iota for 1100 ud fro of tructior.; also that progressive !improvement or *

.g l each twenty per cent to be paid walk be laid on the main streets of ore city, therefore be It
t I Monthly. said money to go Into a the city on uhlch. there are BOW BO
It........ trait fund until the sum -of forty walk' They are also to ask the "R! ht'd. That the Board of *
J' thousand dollar, or t* much thereof adaption ot an ordinance that will Trade request the city ;b'' at Is necessary I* paid In tot make It compulsory to build and the City of Miami with np to and Furniture
date ire lights In sufficient numbersto
lpdoce die' erection' of a factory crop sidewalks In repaIr. ,
t l-Mlldlng and the necemary houses Along in this MID connection supply !Its present needs." ff *

and residence attendant. In theve0v street paring ..' talked about the The meeting a* a whole and on

of a failure of the scheme glare: arising from It, Just. et.e. 'Mr. every subject discussed was ealhnia *-
to materialize the money U to be J W. Homer stated that In his I >tlc and at the close a vote of gffffffffffiffff% %8Hyffff3Hpy! %

retnrned>.to the sub crlbtrs. In travel the past summer he was favorably thank were tendered Mew Kline
J connection with the above Mr.Tatam Impressed with a certain K cGrilfith for the use of the Iro-

prooosed give. a factory site free. preparation, which, sprinkled over quols dining room and to Mr. C

; The plan wa deemed *o feasible paving doe away with the glare.ttllevet I L. Xlmanles, cigar mancfactu'er THE JURORS GIVEN
t t that the Hoard decided to promote the dusty condition<< ete.ana for a tmeron supply of fragrant /
.f i it win 'be that he had ordered a barrel of It I Kfnokcr The meeting adjourned ti"f
\ a:1'd: : : locateS 'hlpred to him here for experiment.It {I to melt next Monday night at thu

: dear factory al the above d..*lg- was the unanimous dedrion of ', Fair building at which time! the cigar r

t sated piece, the Wowing resolution the board that It, pay the expense factory project will be further FOR TERM U.S. U. Orange 6 Grapefruit Trees

}.., hearing on the same and Intro. of tnnrncrtatton of the substance.I plvanred. I

if..f An Expert From Bureau. of Soils PROCLAMATION FOR .1 S. COURTWhich I

;J to Address the Florida Farmers THANKSGIVING j Standardjlorida and Seedless Grapefruit, which are bringing (the

Will be Convened highest prices in the market. Also a fnll assortment of leading

-i) President Roosevelt Names JhnrtUy Here For First Time on Oranges, Lemons, limes and Kumquats always on ...

\...:.1.I His Assignment Here Secured. From Department of Agriculture < Nor. 28, as Date For Com 14th lust Names band: We bud on Rough lemon, Sour Orange ,1

By Hon. Frank ClarkAnnouncementHon memontinf the Time.Hoaored .

ri, ;, Brent-Bleuiogf For Thanks

>> r That there will be a term of the Orapfnlt and Urn Boots *. have Large Ifaneiiea Our Naraeriea an absolutely

li Frank Clark eongrescraaa I the Hon. 1G.. Smith, a thorough President Roosevelt has issued his "ntted State Coirt In iliami this all of which have their ad- oa tae Red Lucia of the free from what Flj aa4 M '
from this district thoughtfulof toils, who be with .* month seems very probable. in thai vantages wltea p'lanted vpoa
ever expert on can I
Homestead vela
f Country
Thanksgiving proclamation through the grand and petty j'Jr venirie oa U Be Walt* Fly U Dad
the best Irteresta of ate conMta- from November 21 until December the cf the land to which they are best .
which time ho sir secretary state naming I have been received! by the deputy high hammock land sear Fal- or St. title Counties y
-;, data after earnest endeavor 1. coring can last Thursday In Novemberthe S8th. I adapted. We especially recommend
I_ S. Martha! In thin In-
eared from the department of agriculture -! liver even or eight addresses The proclamation follows: city Soar Orange Roots ford and os alga pine laad take a. risk la buying eat.
the assignment of aa expert4from This! card Is for the purpose of i-triicllon to summon to appear In near Miami aad Lemon City.
"Once again the season of the year the Federal Court which convene for prodaelng the beat quality I tree. There U danger labrlnglag
the bureau of soil to this district advising the people of this opportunity -
Also India
s t to deliver a aerie of addresser to hear Mr. !Smith and of Invlting bas Cfme. when In accordance with on the IMh of November. W Ora gee aad we take plate I oa the River tear tree from ether see.
tin custom of our forefathers for Following Is a llct cf the grand Fort Pleroa and ara therefore I
fJ to the (.'m.ra.P correspondence with a view to are la advising oar patron
: It is the desire of Mr. Cark| to h,1vtag him speak la those localitieswCre I generation past the president appoints Jurors tw nl'l'-n.e In all who are la doubt aa to the I In poaltloa to fnrtilaa tree doss of 1M state where tab

.;-' arr.. *- lor seven or eight big meet- the farmer feel wtfflclenclnI a day aa the especial occasion J. N. MacConlgle. E. U Mi-ne. klJ of roots best adapted to best adapted to different soils dreaded peat laW generally
tag of farmers to be addressed by I to notify me of the fact and of all oar people to give praise and Lemon City D. C Bro1l!:. Cutler their PARTICULAR SOIL. anJ location
this. expert, who will be here from get up the meeting for him to ad- thanksgiving to God. I I It. A. Coachman C. M. Terrell. J 1 cU.ufb.t.e4.
," November 21 to December 1. c:,.... If tuck localities aa desireto : "During the part year we navebeen C Abern.-thy. 1. Forncll. S. WAkin ;
( ; The time ta short for preparation I bear Mr. Smith'will Indicate the : free from famine from pestlleoce *. Wilson Wenlhcrford, Miami j I'

and those who desire to secure one Mine to ire at once I will try to << from war. We are at peace A. P. Hodg**. J. Grant Fen no, a tall HB* *fPndt 'k
f 1 of these uw.tIDP'or their town give them an appointment These with all the real of mankind. Our Ralph Durd. Oelnv.. Daaiel Coo- '' Griffing's .11O.:0 Oraaaieaul
t tboilj write to the Gainesville ad- fccMresrts are highly educational and natural resonne are vet least a* grove. J. E. Wdd,. Allie Ottwell E. 1 trre*
;;, dries of Mr. Clark at once so that Instructive, and I trust the different great as those of any other nation. I N Moses West Pam; BeachWraMarshall. ; PUuita, beet adapted to leNa

'. fee con arrange the Itinerary.Following | communities will take the matter up W* believe that la Ability to develop Ft LauJ-rdal. J Price Florida, which an hilly 4waeribH
:r I communlcatloa from Immediately and through committees and take advantage of these resources Little River: J I Craig. Stanley: Pomona Nurseries

; C Hr. Clark fully xplaraa this ImportM or otherwise, will let me bear the average man of this nation I Kltiblng: Stuart : J C Von PolullI I la our large n'.a.
;, matter: | from them at once. 1 trait yon willi stand at least as bl.b; as the average Frlerllond I V Wllkenon. Crated cauloKM. mailed free A
\ Editor Metropolis have for i site thin matter the prominence In man of any: other. No whore j I W Rwlng. Cba. Wf'l.*I. Coconut i iI I
.; same time been In correspondence 1 your valuable Journal which its Importance .1... !n the whole world Is yiere curb 'I Grove I II Wholesale and Retail. Phone 129-E .pea appllcatloa.

\ wish the aecretaty of agriculture endeavoring to our farmers deserves. In an apportonlty for a free people |I Follow-in! are the petit juror
:; I to get him to asalga: aa orjer that we may have a numberof to develop U the fullest xtent, all of whom there are twenty: '
: expert from the bares of soils, department largely attended meetings for Mr. Its powers of body, of mind ard! of S M Tatum. A H Flowers. GeorgeTiaOeta. A
of agriculture to this district Smith to address. Tour respectfully, that which stands above both body B 3uton. J K Kirn. C A ;

a for the purpose of JeUvwriae ;, Fran Clark M. C,. and mind-character. Mann J W D Glrtman. C. 1. Wetael.L '
aa a number of addressee to our farmer i SeconJ Congressional District of "Much has been given n* from on I I. Dodge Miami: Walter Indium. CITY PLANT TO FURNISH UNKNOWN MAN F FISHERMAN[
1 *. Tb. secretary bkta compiled I Florida. high and much will right' be ex Jackson Peacock. E C Montgomery.Coooanut INJURED IN .
I l 11t'C1' from D* In return. Into our Crave T Plnder, Lemon
-t with my request and has assigned Galaesvllle, Fla.. NOT *.
care the ten talent have been entrusted City I H Burton. Drlray ; T A.
--- -- ; and w* are to be pardoned Feaster West Palm eBsch; N. H. LIGHTS FOR ROYAL GASOLINE IXPLOSION r''

neither If we squander and waste KradJock Ft lauderdale; W T
r Messrs Brady and Wharton! to Open them nor yet If we hide them in iuapkln Tweedell. Cutler; H S Pennock Jup
: for they must be fruitfulin Itef.
our hinds Ever throughout the The docket to he tried has not PALM HOTEL LAST NIGHT

> a First Class Grocery and Grain ages, at all times and among all peoples { been. received hereet Out it 's I Near Stvart--BelJrved to Hare

prosperity has been fraught presumed to .he a lone; one and upon I
) with danger, bud It behooves u.. tobeseech which ere several of the iieonaifnyled Been an Extension Laborer.The

: the Giver of all things that cases, require. from the F I
: Store in Town of Dania Buried Unidentified
Thriving we mat not fall Into love of ta-1 E C Railway extension 'laborer hunt ( From Monday' Dally.) Body From Friday's Dally)
d ant of luxury; that we may sot lose The rUM \VI'lam! M. Brown ant
f'! I 1 I our tense of moral responsibility I ; George n Gomph. president and Electricians of the electric light "xplo'lon of garolla occurred .

:'-Y, that w* may not forget our duty to cashier f'f''fK'C'thcoh' of the defunct I department of the F. E. C. Hotel last night on one of the gill at pow
God and to cur neighbor FI Dnllas Nstlorp) Rank, this
of System are engaged today In ton- '
n bouts of the Florida risk and
I ( From
I} 'A great democracy like city will than ) be Invest-' l Monday' Dally)
4 business venture In a neighboring i The site of the more I* the old oursdemocracy more likely nectlug up the Royal Palm Hotel Produce Co Cocoaaat Groves
t << << basal upon the principlesof i"Rtf'd! '" ihFe.f rnl !grand: inn An unknown whit man. supposed near
town which tinge with local Paulson saloon building OB the with the lines of the city plant.wblch'will I Ito one of the two oreqpants betas
orderly liberty can be perpetuated and some sition made of theeases. b? an extension laborer, was
main street of the town and the beat '
L' new I* the bfeiallttion at Danla. ot only !If tn the heart of the ordinary I' hereafter' supply the lighting of found drowned In the south) fork I mocked overboard and quit pal*-
stand in Datla. Mr. H. E. Ote
Mr.E. 1 '- citizen there dwells keersense This tribunal will the hotel during the period that it fully bruised, and the boat teak en
,.t as up-tc-date grocerystore by ..tr.t, preeent with Mr. E. UUraJy a be held In the of the St. Luci. river, near
I L Brady and Mr. Frank Wharton i iof i In his store I I. }Miami win be of righteousness; and JnstlctWe circuit court room In the CountyCourt It. op-n In the winter time. )erterday momlnc. Sturt'l a san.'barU
i I' evident gasoline leaked
should : Heretofore the Royal Palm has :
this. earnestly pray that this House. Jad1iLockt'\ p.ld.lag. -
dty i the resident manager for Brady ft The body was discovered:
but from the tank Into the bottom of tao
spirit of righteousness and lustier operated own lighting plant
For several days. tegotlatloa Wharton (as the arm will probablybrstyledl W A. Roebuck who was may grow ever greater It the heartsof since the capacity of the city plant'i occurred
have been under way for the open- and will move, with his : down the river In his launch. He re-
of 'he
I men attempted to
all of us and that souls has been ro greatly Increase It ha.been
J tug of filestore, which tau been r. fan II, to that town. Mr. Over-street : our may i pirtr-d the fart to Judge Hancock lantern. The boat .t
be inclined decided to abardon the hotel wa about It
tsrded somewhat through the report I b a nrictly. reliable young businessman evermore both toward I ;1 of Stnart who Impanreled a jury of I feet In length. i
the virtues that: tell for gentlenessand TOE NEW FIRE system. The steam heating I plant ; ;
that a Paloon woald be opened In and ha the fullest confidence I inquest consisting of Vi Klchlnr.;
ten.lerners for loving kindness and elevator. power will, however, be
the bnlUlng this tore was to o-xu of bi. employees.The Deputy Sheriff \Urtin.of West Palm
pad forbearance' 1 the hotel boilers andf'.rtaces CH.ISGERIF.L
rnpplled ty
<< one with mother
'e It learned thatthe
py was afterwards store will be kept well stockex Leach ; B. 0 Ball. W A Robock.
aloon wonld not open and that ) with staple and fancy groccrior and toward<< those no leg neeeiwarvilrtnrs ENGINE CAME i'I'I t* In the past. George Parka an. George W.Tboma BOIT COMPLETED: ,

tlecsrs. Brady sad Wharton would and ,.fertilizers and will no doubt that make our manliness: and! -- I who after viewing the' body and Und

rtart their business. enjoy a very lucrative patronage.I' qualities rugged: hardihood.for without these 1 )UnRn.I.'II.I, NOTMAMGE Inr no marks of violence, or anything ( From Saturday' Dally)
nation nor Indh Id-
: POIXCIAXA I upon the: person to by which
ual' era rise to the level of great LAST NIGHT The auxiliary 'loop Ariel, ownedby
Identification could be extablUhthl.lendered .
;: Will Be Largest Building in the State ness."Now. ,!I fl'lIo.ln- a verdict that '"le deceased Mr McGraw a winter visitor aad bi
I therefore, I. TheodoreItooeeyeit The from the National came to hi. death by di owning.The property l owner ta Miami, which Ban
; Proldeut of the I'nited | Motel Reporter, disproves the per- l.-en haul I out In tie" workshop
Ftate do set apart Thursday. the I t iiKtent rumor that Mr. H. W.f..rr1l1.I.mt'rly lead man Is described as haying the Miami Boat Work for BOOM ''f
( From Frld.} 's Dall> ) light, hall mean haven, I
: nelght
t'th da) of November aa a da) ot manager of the Royal Palm I time having a new and more power
.- general thtrkaiciTing and prayer anion The fire >''ntfi' ordered bv the I I I Hotel la to be mariner of the Roy- about S feet Ii Inches and snag in inclB i Installed and varlow

Os.f the biggest things In the l\-(>n.. feet in length by twenty-six that: dew -ecommrnd that the Board of F'nlillc Work' arrived here I i.l Polnciana Hotel. Palm Beach: 'ala. The body wa.. considerably I II.Toipo i h,ng-s; made tn her interior hasInen
building line of Florida ls now to be I feet In width. 1-eople hall cease from their dilly ,-n last nigh' I'' freight and has been || "Aa already announced Mr. llen- < 'ed when found anj was j II l rolled out of the shed and will
even la Jackson vile. It I* the build- work amt In their homes or in thf'lrrturrhM. tuba !Pd. At 1 SO: this afternoon. ] ryV :Merrill' who baa been the man- mt.-rred' at "I II 3rt. [ he latneheti In a Jay or two. The

lag for the Atlantic East Coast Terminal 1 The construction t* of the very meet Irvoutedly to thank 'lie 'cam of bin k' used on the nicer of the Royal! Palm at Miami. XrlH ,,11IH\ used by Mr. McGraw 'r
Ompaay for office and freight l hest of material sod workmanship, the Almighty for the many and rhem'cal' engine; sere taken to the Kla.. f\!r since !ta Inception, has hilts .:I'\\U ;ELM ) I end ,",nI'v for pleaur purposes
purposes opposite the paaaenger depot I and Lear the bull Jin g I* being made to great bltsing) they have receivedIn fMlht de:"ot and the new engine ,] ;tendered bill resignation: to the FlorIda I10)lEI '(Joy WEST the coring sea OD.1. .
on West Bay rtreet. heavy weight sleepers four the past and to pray that they I transferred to the lire station.! j i Rut Coast Company and will --
inches thick and boot fifteen leehe may be given; the strength; so to The engine I. a beautiful (In... of hereafter devote all of his time and I Always WM hick el
This building stretches across three : e apart bridged every five feet, and order t" lr From Friday' Dally
lives an to deserve a mnwnre size and weight and Is capable attention to the Royalton.New York
city blocks sad. two streets starting flooring two and a quarter Inwhe continuation of these blessing In of thrcwing several powerful nty. of which h* haa become the Mrs Edwin Nelson. who w-n' f. When a nun et at Jefferson street anJ extending thick. Painters brick masons carpenter the future."In streams It was with great effort sck-' proprietor by purchasing the Key West several darn ago to **.1.! sick-- troubled with a rcBgh that .,
westward to Johnson street" closing *. laborer, eta, are numerouson witness whereof I have hereunto that the team started off with the lntrekt of his late partner Mr. In the fight for prohibition In Monroe (anted all winter what wouldo.. 'J
Madison and Davis stret betweenFomyth .
the ttructnre.Th. set mv band and caused the engine, as It wan In :a slight decline liatrh. < aid Bay streets. It I I. toy .' location cf the building wipe ml of the United; States to be alli in the roast when; they staved and 'Th" management of the Royal that a very trnuou, ncht was +i lk since using HaJIard's Horwnnnnd5vrnp
be one story. The walls are of the out a former dirty spot of the city ed. ( Peal! I. Done at the city of 'u number of men standing bassist" 1'alm at Miami will be entrusted to aired there .luring the entlrtimfn ?ach a ma extols. ''i

t pretty white home-made brick aDd I Old Seattle and rookeries covered Washington this I5th day of Otober ed In starting It. JJr J. P. Greases late of the AJraiar speaking' cf the election MM S-I- Mr I r ( lark. f)o-n. r. Cole. "i
the foundations are laU for a distance the gronnd and a conglomeratedmar ITI the year of our lord. one The name "[)an Hardle" I I. lettered at St. Augustine, aa uccebsor loin otates! thai there are ret to be [ wrlri For years I was troubled a.

of seven hundred and fifty of depraved humanity Inhabited tLomand nine: hundred and seven I on the hick of the engine In to :Mr. Uerrtl. Mr Greaves hi* been heard from three precincts, nhich with a were. couch that would last
1 feet The width U flfty-oa feet. them previous to the erection of and ft the lndei_!lenre of th. honor of iru ihl' It Is the Metropolitan 1 the manager ->f the Alcaiur for tinnyseers mat put a different fie> on the return all w1nt-r Thl.inh l-f me Ia i'j
Near It U aactfcer railroad building the railroad building and It would tiled States the one hundred and tree cf engine! the manufacture mher? he ha given excellent *. Mrs. Nelson 'tatea'hat there a miserable condition I 1'n..J BaJ- ':!1
la <<.not of construction' which tao have been a good thing had the most ihlrtv- econd. of the American l..aFranceFlreEnglneCo 1 ralUfactlon. and b* I I. also well were many Irrf1ta.rltJ..II! In the voting I Urd> Hor.ho-md !Syrup' and have

near that they are practically of thy land from Bay to Adam i Signed) Theodore Roosevelt of Elmira, \. Y. It I known a* the manager: of the Orl : and that It l I" expected that the J! not had a lId Uv since Ttat'l t t
) t nee buUJIag. the latter partly two street been likewise converted Into "8'1' the President a lll be made ready at once, to be ental Hotel at Manhattan Beach election will he thron out oa a.- I I she 'f did' 'or me Sold by B sI I

stories and on* hundred and nine- baplnt'u purpose. -HUlho Root, Secretary of State." prepared for any emergency I I Coney Itland" count of aucb Irregularities. I rayne Dr'ig Co .

't :f
1 1J:

4- .

1IIi: 4i ,
t '4.fr, :\. "OJ, ''-."-', -et L c.e- o.r'.k- 's "

I i

.. ," ,

; "



f i Causes F. E. Co Ky. to Use Checks I II II I I 1 VotePLEASE

Refusing to Concede in Their Demands For Increasing Salaries of the Palm I

: Beach School Teachers-Reasons Plainly Told in CommunicationsOtherMatters I (From I CAST ONE VOTE FOR
I \tednesday Dally) : le: offered for alleviating It Th. ;

Disposed of Owing to the stringency of the, hank will receive the checks at I

I money market and the absolute Im- ',' their face value and they will pas ,
iu circulation on a par with
l'ncl'l .
posslblllt of obtaining kufflclentI
i I Santa noes. Employee of the com f
I I currency. the Folnda East Coast rID will be paid In thY form until; I

(From Wednesdays Dallyi Stleit welching! !: o! Its requests * After teveral hour discussion of I..ttsh dcfereree to It.. wlshe a* ba* and assigned fo this board Its motet: available ,
) i I issue cnrreecy In the form ofr1i.cAs I
Ike problem irirlncj: over the salariesot jcl-il Tax D'street No 1.; nor hahl .. for ularles of slid leathers for Inn I There I* pot hint to evoke alarm
teacher In Special Tax &1001listrict !" board fpm all otter quarter l alnce of the current school vear of various; denomination. :'n the fart that the money marketIs
No A\ct Palm (together!: resolved rauih dUcourtwv says the St. Augustine Record.7heeo tight and these
I. n8'\ch. to If said trustees desire this, new checks are 1 1I
the details of which were told In and nf'f"d'f''I"' annoyar.ce .. from contracts must be l....uod accordicglr I ; checks it 1 U needle to rayare roducej to relieve the In-I
the afetroK| >li. t'e.tprday afternoon then tr>i-tee By this stretch of constJeratlon I north their face value In gold The name condition prevail alt
the Board of Public IiiMrurtton 'alled "If they mill\ only confine their I and coiirte to aid trustees this ,and will be accepted .hy..bue on I the country. rnd will cans some In- t

to arrive at .any other conclusion .ct' to the !ln
except a refusal to comply with the b<' 1i.. they will save troubleto I I II1..r ra far to cover the painful and ylver f or grt-enbacits I time ax! usual wit right Item )lpa -
request of the 'Tnstee of that district rII concerrt-1. themselves Include i I Injunour Irr :ulirltles' of said Irus The Issuance<< of these chestu will tine bu lnc** In this colon will I

whkb wa framed op In the aid mare th. Ir on patron need i ilt teen m thU matter. and thus far to ,lelleve a Rltuatlor that would be be helped considerably by the new
following nI ly:: >Fj> 11 n not'r" nee*. i,I protect the teachers In that district .(brute were It not that this mean currency

TruMof Special Ta* School "So far a.* the Increased salaries, to, ,: from Injustice) and IO.B at the handi I II i

t District No I. West Palm Bach Irarhirx Is crnrerned this board re- ,; of the said trustee I I I )lr. Pinchot say. however that U I II ;
Florid m'ndi' tin said truvtetf that in June And this boar plainly warns IN I TWENTY YEARS I Is uttetfy( beyond tbe (possibility I II HATSWe're
"Gentlemen I last, this oiird appropriated U.UO old trustee against repealing said j ot the service
s am dlrecti I bv the I to meet the situationI I Ia..d
l-oar' to reply to your letter of theTltk iron corer < funds toward teacber' I :eruHiitte and charge bald i I prevent serious trouble One j
lnt. ai folnw. alarles In -; vial Tm; Dlrtrlct No trustees not again to make surreptittour i I THE TIMBER SUPPLY hope entertained U the Appalachian
l "As to parmcnt of bills from 1. and row baring under the law arrangements with teachers forest and an effort will ; I

fund cf voLr district witting rfcnUttkm -- to report in onr :tempted ettlmato. I for abrleE beyond those! specificallywsrraeted made to pruiect Ihl and promote I I ,1,1you
this board will\ studiously" 1 ford with the coucty coramisaloner by this board. and inns I the growth; there j
avoU any such Irregularity. and Ifeomnltt U unable, lawfullv, to pay from county threaten such teacben with Iou and "In twenty years the timber

-d Inftdiert-ntlr, thli board fund any further sane In thialuterert throw the work tt this board Into I I ply in the United Staffs. on coY 11IP-j prepared to show
lain willingly! correct the r-.me confcs'cn' as well as the work of ]In the United States, on Govern ment reserves and private

-B.l It U neceswary here to remind "The 'alirle/ flifd: are. oath e the Iruslecs 'htmseives at thC present rate of cutting wilt all the
lh. said. trustees that Moe and \thole rather hither than are paid \ery respectfnlh I I ment Reserve and Private Holdings ..exhausted although it li poelble new shapesof
again they hare made unwarranteltmrehas f In Mlimi for like work. Item b y "R. E HM>L. Sec" that the growth of that period

** and had blue sent for item, ihonch the number of ichol The following other buin*st was :rat Present Rate WII be may extend the arrival of the famine I'I'be fall & witerhats from J"::1

MOM to this board without approval I are "per teacher hi Miami la larger transtcttd by the beard: another Ere year." I
of tht board orf the rolJentft tban Inet Palm Beach. j The secretary was instructed to Exhausted This :announcement ass made by follow'g manufacturers

ember 'In the Itemlred estimate from .scerialr what teachers In the county Gilford Pinchot., the government I I .
TliU habit create motion and Special TAX District No. 1. only IS75wa desiie to attend the meeting of forester.who baa Jut returned from I
tend to cause the vry Irngclarltyof i allowed by the trustee for I the State Teachersotlatio: at a six nonths' Inspection trip on

which aald trnte* now complainNo teacher' salaries nom the fund I St. Petersburg from December 31 which he covered ten thousand John B. Stetson & Company: . .$.1.00 to $5.00 ...
county funds can Jnally be drawni of the district to January 1. Inclusive tervei. but Mr. Pinchot railed attention miles.

pot for purchase mad, wltjoutauthority I "". II .wtlmate by the. trust Ka The f olio v,ing appointments of I j I I to the fact that an privately Mr. Plcchnt urge that the danger No Name HatfMfg. Co . . .$J.OO to $3.50 .

from tkl boar. or loftmerrerclei placed this ffcTS a, oar dlipoeat for rhlte Kicber were made: Mrs Sadie I owned timber lands are better than it the situation should not be! Hawes Hats . -.- . . . . .$3.00
from the ff'lideat mum teacher salaries in the district, and K Ing at Comes; Miss Mary Hep- the *>vernm,nt nder-etlmated He said that the
A It-r, prerlonaly obtained I for convenlenro! order the law, Ihia bun at Hob mend and Miss Lucy reserves, :as a general i United Stall use more timber per Caldwell &.Companp..5. . .$1.00 to $2.50
\ "A to the alleged negh
ar: to pay fill aalarln to leach I total held in reserve for their owntmericencles tayne. sea. appointed teacher of the one-firth of the limber supply that every man, woman and child
.rt of that district, thU "**t. 'A reVitads i :' applied to payment of colored school at BoyatonE. Tbe forest I'rvlcc11\ ask: would be affected: He decried the I
the trn.tee* that 'in I that fa- D. V. Burr t-ndered: his resignation Congress far:: more money and the future of
statute of the tate of Florida It''' tract. moro the
kindergarten under the CO'1.ty by failure to
aa supervisor" of the protect
I. for thl. board not the trust <*. taw, be: ICI.part Af tie: school there Arch men In order to- extend the service the natural resources.About
and J. A Bethea
to u'rmllHl the aalarlea to bepaid Sine. end will push the work of reforesting ,
i this act of our ha given was appointed to fill the vacancy one-fifth of the forest area SewellsClothing ;
teacher and contract with occasion to Illegal effort to tae set* The action of Mr Pennock t In r the denuded timber land ef the country Is In government reNew
teacher for the came: that this J7S for infatr and nnwairanted. enUrfment i pointing C. V Jackson to transportI -
t board Saa promptly paid fall sal of other aalariea In that 'uplls at Rest
Jupiter at
a salary of
'arle according<< to contracts made, dlatrM. this and
ooard ha today noon I "0 per month. wa approved Similar Fashionable Fabrics For
and that for the trustee to pr1rtely kldered Its action as above ands MKlgned action taken i
was on the
an an** with temchera for lae,... the above mentioned $17 to report
of Maor Anthony that be bad
employed -
ed aalaile*. to be paid from any payment In part of the salaries ot I *'
leads of the county or of the dlatilct. the nrlnrtiial and other teacher of I' month to rark performs Rowley similar at service$75 per at11e.t Women are Now on the Market StoreOpportunity
I an act ultra Tire. altogether raid reboot from and after Jhl date Bead
Palm and T .
i illegal, I J Camp
and Injurious to theteacher
Except for
the 171
surplus In our bell to Jo
I transportation
h and to the school under hands aa above there I by wagon
their chart. but now remain at the same place, he to receive (28per
one pnaalbleway to meet the ntoLth
Th 'd "'lId" from these trustees wishes of these .
tem. and defend
for 'cotrteoo. and considerate tug the :eachen In their district I directed Upon to petition loan certain the secretary kindergarten was Many New Combinations and Wctves in Cloths For the:

treatment' come with bad grace from the damaging effect of troktee* i school material. to Mlra Julia _
from tmatrea. who hare Mun Midwinter -- -- -
aa above unwarranted promise to them, vt*.. I roc, who open a kindergarten hereon Wear-Some of ThemNew
and otherwise
endeavored to override on requisition and request from sal, the ISth .
IhU board and ttolate the law trustee 'hi board =
can subtract I
:, No other portion of ebb county ha* (rom the $5.000 toted to the needscf I hosed A few of after other which marten the board were dls- l
I audited -
*o much consideration fromtht tbat district by thl board on and .
hosed; M many f.YOn. ao moco May 8, nor, enough to cover en- I bills and approved adjourned current monthly York NOT 14- Even at this trimming an exceedingly handsome

late date many new fabrics are appearing drew 1* found

COUNCIL ORDERS A AOF SUSPENSION wc-lromed, in the market by women and who are eagerly are' I I A becoming costume. was develop

i LABOR B o R PROBLEM making additions to their wardrobefor checked ed from with chocolate light blue brown and serge over Hi I

mld-wfnier occasion; an done s rlped with green silk line. The I

t FIRE BUILDING flnda many new combinations of coot trimming was radium Bull braid In I, Knocks
CONSTRUCTION once at man's door
HAS BEENSOlVED ring and new weave in .tuere materials dark brawn dotted with yellow riJk. every ,l

It i* to te noted that thevery I' The fax collar coat was and finished cuffs and with a muff brow of THIS may be YOUR CHANCE ,

severe tailored costume depend the

) on ball the building cot of was completing$2.2
fabric for la distinction with blue velvet .
Owing to a Lack of Bond fallow and not Including the coat
r .7: of celling. partition plastering or* % I! a loop green wing and chocolate velvet I of Avenue C and Eleventh Street for

Fund 1,,Mde finishing' One of the "J
Appropriation to ruo fashionanle I
(1 Wall*.roof bang sub. Cte..U.2" -r rita for the tailored suit Is I.b-I I Ia New varieties of panama and $6500; $500 cash and bal in 3 .+

Complete it Flooring and material $150 most serviceable material tron: I I IwUb are to be found f In
all tbe latent
'..1, ., First floor finishing with rck andcement So far as One Man Is Concerned and wiry. shed the 'dust easily and dnlgna. A black and wnlte panama years at only 6 per interest
8110.Plumbing do'"ii not wrinkle It Is shown Ina wa effect'vely! trimmed j
: fU 0. He Accepts variety of pattern and color. In yellow pipings and the with

Stairway |loPnt stripe. In plaid. In checks: while was used to trim a black same twill color hair This is bound to be first class business property within )

1' :AFIEK RECEIYIKG REPORT flOO np walls, cement wash etc. No Pay for Labor One the plain of these solid good colors; shows are still a check worn: l lined with black. .silk. I a short time and will more than carry itself as the lot

It WM after' the submitting of In dull green overlaid with lines of VVhlle fabric contains two modern 5 room cottages both well rented
obee repot U aid estimate that the I leather brown fetching A green' k. grey seem to
I t BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS council decided to and blue worsted with an overplaM ing favor just at this moment,
suspend work
on black Is I
coming to the WE
fore and ALSO
the fire hall building. and also to Oaihrie. Okla.. Nor. 14- The la- of black was decoraed. with a black with It will be. used HAVE I' :tDe
of the
braid showing a bit of ted the some
top street Improvement.In bur and
problem and the conflict be.ween mot brilliant
black tone of all colon If ,1
felt hat
was trimmed with red
this connection the following employer and employed has t he Ida 1* disliked for the gown. I
lose and green foliage and blue
,/ resolution was adopted."That frees settled for all time, so far asne and, green breast. Again another a the color of contrast may be ased
t 1ht Present Condition of City Fia. the commlttremaa of pub' > Oklahoma man la concerned wonted bowed brown and blue a prominently on the hat but fashion A Nice Little Home trot

float ..s Reported Auditor lie building tare prepared a complete This man Is J. M. Hedrlck. of Tub- faint( arty and green. In a plaid It seem to hare decreed that b'ack
by pivroll covering all unpaid taws. and be 1* perhaps the onlyeron was artistically arranged and especially must be brightened In some way.An .
labor .
Enddlestoku- Session Loaf But accounts, work on fire hail up l> In the country who literally suitable for separate skirt A '
to end Including November IS. anJ I Iwhen and :actually exlats as Christ commanded blue' jacket and hat would be in idea carried over from 1 last on loth street, near Ave. D, being lot 21, block 53

C.udl Persistent properly o. k.'d that warrants his Immediate folowers to good: taste to accompany this skirt J ear la a skirt of plaid In ; South 6 room finished
be drawn In 'svor of A. H. Adams, lire. or If preferred they might be !n dark tailored finish and cut. worn cottage throughout, water.
city clerk with the instruction tc One of the principal article otlis brown jacket in plain cloth the .trtCU"1 electric light etc. Now rented for $20 per month per 1

tar the city payroll In full req.lrIn. creed Is to accept: no compensa- which matches the decisive month. Price 12000.00 only 500.00 down balance in '

(Prom Wsdnesdays Dally) all parties receiving their pay non for his labor, and to thla idea, The new broadcloths the plaid The hat will .
r to sign the payroll In the space d eahe has rtrlctly adhered since 1885 are most up this moat prominent tone anthe a three years at 6 per cent interest
Because of a lack of fund available ignated for their s snppl and pliable to all purposes of
respective signature "Everything that take place I U la trimmings will agree with the I
to -stet making They are particularly
t pnstent obligation and
accordance with the t Net colon Ours We also have a number of small homes
WIll carry It *o completion the city will of God. of weight this season, both In tea may contrast or ranging in
KMncU In session lat night decided I Mr Ftaddleston's report of Ibemn.ltIoB declare HeUrick. and with this be plain and fancy weaves. For evening hatch with the ground shade while / price from $800 up that can be bought on terms
of the lint In floret. shoe and easy
city funds always his spat should
t to suspend: work on the new Are was aa mind be refuse* or dressy weir the plain broadcloth agree I I
follow: to take with It. The I
thought for the use of a plaid always
Department morrow i sreperhap icoxt ullOoj In inch
r t .. working hour building this with afternoon the closet I Lighting city fund . UtI.1II where he will live, what he will eat a* oyster white, champalgne.shade peach necersl'Etcs thought sad caret*! If you wish to tent come in and see us. We have

f el.*. to carry the work on ,th street I I General fund . . .4.SU.U ',to cowipletkMi and then suspeadstreet I Fine and forfeiture . S.4'l0.4C' nc home business or f.mllyl 1}'<'r nr Inc cloaks them shade unfurnished.
x IIOPI't'ftlltftltl.T1 The bond of Chief of Police FB. ties, he lives among his neighbor I trimmed with heavy lace and a bite stone But it Is not in tbe heavier fabric ,

action came about after th*I Hardee with B B. Tat urn and 8. and friend* bat doe not eat tb I| i of fur are entirely distinguished In Th* softer that novelties have appeared I
h tong of the flail report of the A Blcbr a* sureties, was bread o charity Wherever there U air For the seml-drts tailored finer and more clinging .
Board of Public Works, nd a states after which= a resolution prevailed work t> do he labors with all hi b rttnm<* the fancy broa>lclotha ..r.aome..h.t material are fall of new note 1 rAi i k c

i' nt of the various bond fund as that tho President of council be : might refaslpg money compensationand. the most favored Just now design have and become color In these the colorr J..11. Tatum & Co. ;
left the the bird of the air and and :they warmer and more
s by that body by city auditor of the bond of the the :are seen In *trlp* ando brilliant\ for
foxes In the forest, trusts 1 ,lild of instance some of thofreens I
M ddlestoa. tOCCttwilli an esU city clerk and that the city clerk b* ) a subdued bat quite artistic .
I Gal to lake U" In'lined to I
nn of him. yellcwpurpl ,
Dialed rout of completing the Or- the custodian of all other bonds coloring A three piece: costume ins
"t tall bv CommU4oner" of Public The clerk Although be is now 57 year old. was lately seen !In purple stripped tar! en on a copperlsh hue and

Bulilings. Tucker, the facts develop with was the Ins'-jcted Osmewell to eoromunkate fire- I he bat mad no provision for aged with a black silk line; each panel 1 the leddedlv coldr warmed blues and purple have On the Ground Floor
believe by the
that addition
to do
lag tbat imt sufficient! funds alarm... ao would be cf the skirt was decorated with a
are ,
company and of
reddish .
apprise them to doubt the car. and protection j a ttn!!;e Some' charmingcombinations
avaIlable to design done in blank silk
4 pay present Indebted- that the soutache,
can not
make a cash the Infinite of colon
!he are to be noted
11 new aid finish the building: garment to them for the new fire Being worships with while the the coat wa fairly encrusted In the plaids and stripe... MOM ,I 317 Twelfth Street. Miami. Florida
I braid By the I
.a It was shown by the report of O. alarm nyttfm end other material at way purpl green has strip. the color of which
the .
D. Brovler the The Record has on exhibition egg plant variety and bor
+ that there are outaund- present time I i in U a rro -t lag bill against the Board of Public Much time seas pent In the dl.- the business office a stalk of tngar I' dear red are two popular' color !.., and man I h checked with pnrI ;
Work rlnn of the cane meaaurint mont 1I.&nlft""l1 this *?a>on I If"d
e anotnilng U 12.114.03 various matters and .. ; line lines mesa and A mnm I
f white the of Mr. Huddles especially that le t. It''l!! grown by William lire -
repsrt pertaining to the Ire gr*) II 1 plaided with heliotropeand .
showed the swell ard liabilities. of C department bulUIng and the report Slmms: on his truck farm a1 Mass Blue In all its varying shade I.I I aa overstrlpe of white sill so Whole salts of it for dressy wear one seamed under the arms and at '

r the Pnard of PubHc Works at Ills.. of the Bard of Put.lie Works It Creek and was brought In by W fashionable this autumn and In particular fine as to be hardly perceptible" rae_ will be In favor and especially for tbe rntre of the back, the full front
77*.IS. with the illcwlnc amounts Inc after 12 o'clock when the A. Roberts who presented the cfBcewith nary and Copenhagen' One fettas are noticeable In these combinations the three piece suit a new develop Is attached to the shallow: circular
'on hand li. tile various bond funds: meeting adjourned some fine an.pUs of turnip suit was a nary blue, self checked and one sees them used- meat of which Is shows made witha yoke and la dart filled A shawl
Mr. Roberta has been In the In silk and with It was little cape I nit end of. jacket collar
traC'1tjrTOwinc worn a large of the lace
Iktereat debenture fund ..81,622.Fire .44 often a* a fo*'nrintloa for fine lace, Is allowed to fall .
dept. bond lead .I.l'(9.Ot Coo. V*. Pig busing for the put two velvet hut In blue trimmed with net tjlte and thin chiffons sal ot :I j I,, which doe rot reach quite to the eneath the waist line Jn stole effect'The t
venrs In partnership with Mr. Slmmsn hackle feathers showing blue and waist. lln* and I* made with a fitted fat
Over" bond fuel .. S.tU.U (ten where the plaid Is decldely brilllant slve* are gathered"
Streets pal Imp fund .Z70.SI; J. T. Dvke, was suddenly aroused has made a great success. St. grev and a jllver fox set gave the veiled thus a charming effect rack Often ucb a suit ba abroadcloth band at the elbow. The under
from his sleep tbs other sight by a Johns county ha the sell; It nerd added. touch of elegance A second I li otherwise gained skirt trimmed with netter blouse wa of chiffon the front em

Total . . J15475SC fig equaling, and upon going out men to cultivate It Intelligently, ('(:.tnm showed a Copenhagen blue t, and the bodice and cape are ofvelvet I broidered diver and old rose and '

[era Overdraft . uI.nI. found that something had caught n Atfgustin Record. striped with lighter blue through Sulphnr Is one of the favorite ;S the whole suit of roars* the order: sleeves j extended below ,
sli-mpnths-oU stoat He --- which ttiip was worked a. threat of I honld be in the same color, Indeed those of the lower blouse r
&i confection ran to In
up foundation colon puffs
with his and most charm- ..
itatement lack .
ware It off but It did not *o F........ o. Melee b..ny r different materials are landed with old rose velvet and
I of ns. U and llaMtitk Mr Huddles. acare. irg! effecti for evening or ball drn be caught hold of It and found <-n frtr the name costume great silver buckle.
ton Mated In substance rocs are to ire rained! with Its ,
w that theamoiati that be had held of a large were gladly; welcomed bark use In ir<> ',I' I '.to t u"en to have the exact
available for approprtaMon cool Into connection with white lace and tullefor Chiffcn velvet will be popular for
which seemed to have Citixen popular faror and has: steadily matrb In the colon
a death at Punts
totter d Cords feasted ass 'a
eta laatcwrate and 03 the outside separate waist A tailored awelat
mMeadln: exiI the pig: Tron >.le tin home gained ground until now Its regarded .
commenc:: crown watermelons last week of this
far description
3 to u the expenditure .. decoratedwith
a- ed. Jin had hold one t f the most faMilonab e ,
of the
coon and gulf coast of Florida I* a wonderful Orn Is a color fiat machine
the different bond fads plea a prom. stitching oaly.141
arvepn. ot eovs the coon had materials, showing all the new varirtlea Th* taffetas :are as much In *vldnce -
sesed. that be had made to hold of Jl-. country anyway, and one day of ad Int-nt part In thl* :"f'&JIC)1t'1ardlob..!. tie a molt acceptable addlttont to ta*
f effarta He wanted help to stripe and plaids used In aa popular aa ever but fr
turn the vtcion It will be known
u the richest i -"Hsfly those wardrobe for
bav the Batter part green showing a traveiling
straightened eel other fabric the or t'-
most fancy waists
4 enlmal in wbt-e
loose novelty the softer
tildat want to can of Florida Right here in Franklin .!.tidal yellowish extra cold
Vet hat had tinge \ co days when
e met with retain one needs extra
those goods
for help bat the sobs serge* are showing ovorplald and mach trimming I* to no ,
ns4 that It aroused his cooatv there are far greater opporUnities t me In pr--*** style was developed warmth
was IsapoaslbU for hiss wife. who Inquired what the trouble or double check of shiny silk stripesusually need. liberty mou *eline de sole sa
.5 i t. keep n correct earnest of the dn>- for the thrifty farmer than In black faille de chine torn apple green chiffon velvet trimmed Jeaaetu V.
bnrwneata. ate was, and T. J. re.pond...J by telling ran be toad In adjoining statesanJ though other colon crepe are used dee- with silver Tllet lace The Waist
4 that
srtMt the her to sometimes used Blue orated with of the
turn the .otC IMS. which 1If'f"etll. any new laces or
Death of Fvbtit Works make o many farmers could be Induced In solid color 1 fine braid skirt was In medium sweep around
n-oe remitted tn always a fu'Orth trimmings
a dent
coon and a to:>> settle In th* county If effort which was laid broad hail of 4tucoa
wa a lace.
statesaent to
frtwnctLTncksr's wan pretty bmdlr and Is COM of the mot serviceable I The fate of the Hearst-RepnbUenas
arn.tehNaa1 bit _
ad. dtlsens. All fullne.a
by oar -Apalachlcola over the hip
Camxisioaa tl lnab % .Greenland Cor. Calpler Banner Tlssen. fabrics with the pipings of a dress Velvet is a material that will be pmocthly adjusted was ticket t* another "antrc
brighter tone and black braid for more used than ever this by tiDY tuck that Pannn should not aetWJe '
season. The overblonM and sleeves are In with nolltkn. '


;t t r ,\,.

rl C
: .
t J 16.T

+ Fd gPe i a ,t -twy- CbGkxwl7i; -,-- y ..,;;t .',

The Miami metropolis
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PAQ.ESi y ;




__ _.

c-- --

And Enthusiasm Was Shown French Lick, Ind., By Porto Ricans Present Sucha I, Of West Palm Beach Public

Y t.. -, By Conservative and Moderate CaU of Chairman Taggarton22 Resolution to American School By a School

Members iIu FederationOF

I Patron I

d i I 9Uw 4 iI),, (ill&. a i fu l j w't9' .



iivr. the Readiif of the Emper. For Holding the Next Democratic ..-...: And Ask That it be Seat President Assault Mad Without Warning u4 ,

\'netiDtTbere Was no De- Rational Convention. : -
$, en Chicago, Roos Telt--Some of the MAST Prof. Junes WU ;
, Very Painfully
Hon Though stain Party LooisYitte St. Louis {:-z.
Cincinnati .. ty Things They Want the United
lajnred CitiwM
s ': Denounced the, ;
of Students. Gathered Near the St. Patti, Milwaukee and Atlantic '' States Provide
to and
Grant Porto Act of f'
Wh wu
.0 Arrested
s.e :
a Palace / City Want the Meeting -- 2 :.-.- ?::. Rico

:;.:.. II

I -- :_ .L'7 From Thursdsy. Iaf1J"t

d k. Petersburg, Sov 14- The French Jet lei Nor 14-Chsir- : Prof. E. V.
s Norfolk.: NOT. 14- The American principal of .
' third Russian Parliament opened mu Thoraaa Tagcvt. of the Democratic -c-- -- Federation of Labor today referredto ike public school at West Palma
w this morning la I National Committee announced : eso the k
&t Tsuride palace J committee oa reaolatloaa for Beach. WM ssfcsurted la the school
I today that he had issued a call
tile presence of Premier StolyplaSB for a meeting of the executive committee early action by'and report a lengthyremlatloa builJJag at that place Tuesday BOS* u

caUaet by M Ootubell. vtee- i I at French LieNo..mb.<< /7-- providing the for Porto the Rican committee dotegatea by a home painter aimed T. 3. t
-' president of the Council of EmplrwRellglom : It.: :
tu be headed by President Compare O'Solllvaa. and very painfully ta-
At this the time and placeof
meeting :
xrvtce the
to visit PnalJcnlt 1RooaetfaU and Jared ,
the next Democratic National 4t4
411"tuc made the occasion a dls- con ate, Tv ask for relief of Porto Rico k
veetkn 11 to be discussed, hot ,w r It appears' that one of O'Sunivta'a
May of patriotic enthuslsum on the Anal.actior! taje The dike applyIng They win ask fall Amerjeaa tltltenrhlp children had bees" corrected sad t
a doubling of the
;,.. pert of the CoBserrstlve and Moderate for the convention are CMcago. annual school toad with salaries present punished by Prof. James the day e
members. The Emperor wu vlgeronsly Louisville .CtnclanaU. 8t Lets, St. A FINANCIAL before. This angered the parent
BARNYARD ECHO equal to those paid la America
cheered. The city to Past Milwaukee sad Atlantic City. u sad b. entered the
perfectly school '
J. The Turkey The old man can feed me all that he wUh.es to. bat I've got the Joke on blm In east I tight hoar work day and the enforcement sad building
Q aIeL this financial stringency keeps up* and the diet of turkey to limited.MhNtsi12tistREEf I of the Americas labor 11- without warning:! struck rot. :4
A few stbdevts gathered la the WORK SrSFKXT OK II I Jasscs a stlngleg blew la the YSfts*' ::.e
Ability the
art abolishment
.tIr' vicinity of tile palace, bat ao attempt FIRE HALL BCTLDttQ -- -- : of eoailct with some deadly\ weapon that eut .L 44
.I was made at a demonstration.Tbe oa pabllc works, u lareatlgatlon a fearful gash hi... check sad) ., ."

I I. o dlsmrdaat not was b'tbe (Prom Thursday's Dally) WILL of of the factories and Improvement tempi and knocked him to ths i. I ,'!
+ Puelsllst saembers. who remalaed te Pars ut to Instrsctlons: sal deciIOB *- 1 LIGHT THE STREETSAt law their aaaltary condition floor partly seaeeleu. O'SeBtvao.r4 '' -
a child
preventing labor
the committee room during the i of council the work on the new and the then struck his victim several mere.. *
teW-1 ore of Porto Rico
ing of the Emperor's' & I nre department! headquatters' buildIng la breaking police blows cutttag his f c*. and ".." -**
i' r entered the :,sln hall only when was sost-ended w-th the ..4, of strikes.THE legitimate trades onion him. a terrible kick lathe aid* .&. fI-

1. '- s> e4sarv to site the oath. I worklVK hours yesterday sfteraooa I ALL VOTES ECLIPSEDIN the body. ,f:4t. .

{ i, Later II. Khonyskoff ..Octobert and this morning an the laborers : YACHT CHERCB At this moment several of th* ;01!.
TO .
I ;was elected president of the I were paid up to date by Qty Clerk Own Expense From Anthony JOIX: PLEASl-RE: FLEET lady teachers entered the room... '\.0

Hoar I' Adams st the city hall, the psyrooU O'Solllvaa deviated tearing the ,
I amounting to ItvO.kl I Romfh'a to Miami THE MET. CONTEST (From Batardsya Dnyt balldlag I and riding away e* htewh ,\

. / THE SAX CARLO j' el t Prof June was ghee .e4.' 1. ..
? D1M O ROOM TO OPKX KVERTTHOfG! AT HOHESTRAD Hardware Comm The !iarcY..I yacht Cherub teal attention. tko result of tko ..- f ."' ..
HAS AX AIR OF THRIFT formerly well known la this port jury from the lick la its aid* sot .'".' ...
(Prom Th.raday'. Dally) I arrived here yesterday arternooa. being d-terolsed. > ;.
!' Tomorrow at luncheon the dialogrtom I (From Thursday's Dally HOUSEBOAT TV AGABONDIA and will It I Is salt be one of theKoval following the ssssult a etth... .

+ of the Saa Carlos Hotel win Mr. A C. Green of HoJelo arrived I Since Tuesday About 135- Palm pleasure party crafts man mf'l'ttDc wan held at whlck.j/4'.
In the city last night. and Is the coming ,iaou.. The Cbernh resolstHns were adopted souadrr '
b under the of ; 'f.J.
< opeaM management
"*llr t. DaTVI Sash ad Mr. O. P.rh' I I rpendlng the day here looking after MONTHS OF BUMPED INTO A 000 Votes Have Been ran agrond off Fourteenth street, Intnde.vonag denouncing the aaaaalt mad b?" i .

IlBBtlBctoB. who will\, la connection I baftlness Interests. fro Green la a to come Into the river O'SnlNvia. who was placed andersrrert '' .
I new arrival In Dade county only ret end was still fast this morning It la reported the dtl -.. l:
wilt Mr. Go A. Mailer, la the Polled
) rooming department give the tonrU I j| centlv locating In the Homestead JAN FIB AND MARCHWith HIT thoroughly aroused over the oaf yBIrage. ;

t trade and trareJUf public: la general valuable homestead 10 SPORTS CHIEF: BUGGY ...
the bent the market afford. la I of aerea'ofvery '
t ......ped.Kr fine grape fruit land. He ismuch AX INTIMATEf: 'o f -'
every rL
I Chief Hsrdl .
pleased with the Homestead of the flr Jepart- 1
Small has had a number of !"
,,"n' experience u Empire and Toongi hotela la Boston everything down there! has an air chleft buggy drawn by a spirited 10 Biscay Be/ West; ,,' .J .
of thrift about It that one does not l-av horse, the! same being bin pen
t the Rockmere' I.. at Marble- cadescent and Went
C ;; : Lights Each.-Dedded Monday to ..
r bay u well .. other Maaaachaaettaiceorta. pee la rther Mctlors! of the south. WELL DISTRIBUTED tonal property. Thet>.ggy U painted General Alnaader! McKonslw..kM,?

besides being with the P. Mr. Green Is a native of Alabama, This Morning and Subscribed Liberally Bottom a ararlet color all over U heavy of engineers of the a".... amen,,
eV O. S. 8. Co. for all year*. Them n' a;lug here from Monroe county and anbsUnlal sad carrloe. a EreCntluguleher. ether estimate of approptlaUoaa for .t

m ...... at the Sal: Carlos will be that *tAi*. He will return to Mo- to Fnnd-Those Interested I coast d..f...i* and kabor and 'lt *ri j j ."..

._.[ the beat la the! UU this dee by tomorrow mornings train. ; lmproT.m.aU darlnf the yoar lit* ; ,

winter, tad with Mr. HaaUaxtoB la Owned by W. J. Mellon and Went bas Eyed his estimate for ratlfleatto*' d-
Gertrude Elizabeth Dora Vow Lead
charge of the dlolng room, tile Baa STREETCAR EMPLOYEESOF tie tine actrecatlBi I1S.4C1J11 'I."
Carloa ahoald enjoy a good baataeaa SECRETARY CORTELYOU From Thursday's Dallr There to Get On and Party For Among tk. approprlatloaa wtlaatd -

.. a result of the sliest adrertUlag Twelfth street from Anthony- With Over 45,000 Votes, While la the tarn of )14 .... for baprorrmeau ... .

prod aorrlee and food giver te a Romfh's to the Miami Hardware Co. Return to Miami-b A Regular Several Others Close Jfeblad-- IB btaeayao Bay. aa4 ;f'

hotel. WAS GIVEN BIGRECEPTION store is to be Illuminated from Winter Visitor Here are LOUISVILLE OUTONA3TRIKE $119,000 fo, work OB the "' attl*.,} .... ...
-Mr. Mailer will operate the room Jsausry 1 to April 1. with eight! The Vote of Each river Tho. atlmaU arla ."* t-\
department of the hotel of which ttrtags of fifteen sixteen candle power addition to law anv[p.ad.4 '* V- ,

fee la proprietor ash win ales be latetter each Incandescent lights. In addition A sneer BOW o. hind '.' ..

poattkw to pay atteatioa to to the public lighting. The steam houseboat Vsgsbondla \ .'

his paint boataeje.Wath.axtoa. This was the unanimous decision owned by W. J. Motion, of Pitts- '
of the merchants within the abovementioned (From Thursdays D llyl SENT
district this morning burg conspicfoua In these waters -
Since Tuesday noon of this week
each and every' one of them aabreriblng the past several seasons, was :
WANT STEAMBOAT to the coat of he said sunk In the Savannah river off the there have been about 1SS.OOO votej As Result of Failure to Settle Dif.
For I
the Part He Took in
Adjusting the cast i In the Doll aadTrouswian l
lighting canvas among them being Metropolis
of Savannah
Monday by striking
Recent Financial Trouble in New made by Messrs. tailor Cohen s sunken log settling on the Contest: eclisplng by far ferences-Orer Eight Hundred fROM OMAHA TO
sad Joba Sewell.
bottom with only her smokestack any vote cast in the MetropoltaJamestown Men Will be Affected Strike
t TRAFFIC U'HOEHCOMM'N York at a Banquet Held There Each merchant occupying a store above ....ter.Th. Exposition:: Contest arcpt by
store fronts of fet
was commanded by
tw Many SpeakersNew will pay Into the lighting fund $5 I Cspt. A. T. Canova. formerly a resident the last day of the latter. ne'olea Which Begins Tonight NEW YORK ; '.

sad those occupying a greater apace of Miami, and two seasons ago \ are pretty well distributed ;
w the sara of f 10. The following ub- Royal Palm dock master and hadnone among the twenty-one contestants.
embed to the fund this morning: .
i to Savannah to meet Mr. Mellon although several changes hare been t. K
Anthonv-Romfh Co. $10. Edwards' .. .

1F and family and begin her trip Lonlsvllle. Nov. 14 The localorganisation ..
Tort Nor 14- Secretary of Book Store. fS; New Tort lonth. I made In the relative positions. the .... .
the Barber Shop $( Hill's\ Cigar Store. Gertrude Elisabeth Dorn received Amalgamated Omaha Nov. '
Treasury George' B. Cortetvou, The houseboat It appear, bad Association of Street sad Electric 14Imaan.e gash VI s
the "saviour of the business and financial IS; Cooley Homer ft; Colby's been tied up at a dock over a sunken sc immense vote, la all. about II.- Usllway Em ploy\ ceo toJay declared I I receipts of the entire Calo Pselfr. ,
L' ; Nov. 14- A d_ut Interests of New Tort."... Barber Shop $i; Burdlne A Qnarterrnsn piling and when the tide fell she 000 vot<*.Loufe Court over 10.COO, a strike against the Louisville Street i, Railway have "been sent to Hew Yerk's 1 w:

.....t steamboat traffic be put Bade S-lveu a great reception, upon his sp.earaace $10; John Sewell t Bro., settled aDd swung against the piling S.f'I'lblra 11.009; Loretta Horse Railway Co.. effective at midnight I! every day since the money strragency + ..
1be dlrettkm! of the tatentate *ommerc |. rt the tenth aaalvenarytaehewa S10; Smith's BOOK Store |S; E B. t>un<'hln* a bole In her bottom 11,000; Elisabeth Shsrplev.. 11000 tonight begsa, leaving the local head- ,*J

(!ommlaatoa will probably beMde ''' of tbe Merchants Assocla- Inuglas. 110; Whsler's Jewelry about two feet in diameter Upon an.) others from one to nine thou About 3S0 of the 1,100 employees i 1 qnsrters short f cash. The call to *," ...., f
before the Bert tlc* of New Tort today Otherspeakers Store $5; W. M. Bnrdlne. $10; Kln- This I said to have direct :
eoBgreea u discovery that the veowl was In tllstrero and. role was largely fromthe belong to the nnli-n. The strike l I. | come from Frees+ j
.S rash of the eoaTeatioa of the were IBS. W'. Wadsworth. odrome.! $5; R. U .Rhodes. fS.Plsrayne ; Cspt Canova engaged: a tug several stores which have been the result of a failure In the attempt 1 (dent Hsrrlmaa The roa.| heretofore ...
Rt.a.k.at Owner AModatloa. rUId J?.. speaker of the sssembly; Patitrk H6tel. $10; 9eweT.s Tailor and endeavored to have her towed distributing votes In connection with to settle differences. Ta I has basked Its cash la "-i"'
toe meet IB Waahlagtoe oa Dee aVer F )l Hfw... 'president of the Shop $S; Blscsyne Drag Store $S; Into shallow water, but she went the (,eantert and a number of new In o.aIia.i
won a partial>> victory
S.Beck. beard of aldermen: John W. Griggs S: L. Brady Co., $10; J. Cnlmer'eRrstasranttS Iowa before this ould be done the subscribers have been entered a strike last which AMiY.5TABOY
spring wan attended
e legWatioB. la made Be* a- counsel of the association, and the ; First National Bank crew ewsplcg with their dinnngeanj through the agency of the contest' ty much dlsoider I Tn.UOF II ITH MT ,10Y b''
y ary', according to omrlala of 110 Rev. Dr. Nehemlah Boyntoa. of th4Cltatoa 110; Joe Cheong. $S,; Black Tailoring valnable In ample time. snts. $!

ocUUoB. by' the rcliMM coav.-etltloB Avenue Cokgrecatloaa! Co.. IS: ("harl" Carroll. $S: The Vagabondia 11'11be raised and The neat count will\ be taken ou I A bicycle collision oeearredtwem be- .

r forced br the railroad. At I Churfh. Brooklva lied Cross Drug Store, $5. Isldor paired, after which the trip to Mi Saturday noon, when tu all probability a man sad a boy OB Ave..* 't; R \'
?' .' the ME tine a ckaage la the methoda Cohen $t; Worthtnirtoa'v store $S; ami will be resumed. the vote of today win be eclipsed Flag Confederacy! D. near 1 tth street this morstng ra>, h M.

of rnartae laapeetioB win be aak : W. M. Hall $S; OoocVs Pool Room Following Is the standing of the contestants whlrh :. .th were throw hesvlly t* 't .
\ ...,;
Led of comrrea CapC Jaa. A Heal British Premier Was 15; Ircouois Hotel $10; J. H. Tstsm after the count st boon to- she parcment The, man was rWlal''1 ,

_eroB.. of Plttrbarg la prestdevt o! Co., $$; Miami Furniture cay: Floated Witb ,.n the wr>n*. or left hand side of !<

the Fteamboat AiaociailoB sal Co $10; Jehu Seybold. $5; Royal FORTY USES[ CREMATED Gertrnde E. Porn . . 45.1B I he street. while the boy was OB the: k l

lading the movement for sew ."j I Pharmacy $S: J. K. Dorn, $5Rcmfh; Louise Corart . . . 41341 right: hud side! and endeavored flt 'i

tal"tt ftore $S: James Haves IS; C. D. Old ..
Glory -ith
FrankiE Fay ttiartr-n . S7.07* n r were Injured. !
I-rfler. IS.; Mural Grocery Co.. $1; IN S SALT l T Emma Lnmraus . 2.Ill .:,!>" ..
Bradley's Jury I Stricken Frank Budge $10; lade County Helen Jackson . . 2 .4 4Louise
Fnnltnre Ca. $10 Miami Hardware Prussian Lumber
; .
Mnller . 2 11.1)'4
Was Completed Today Co. 10; L. R. SUntoo, IS Elisabeth Sbarpley . . 24171Loretta IV

LAKE Horne IlomesteaJ :i.!!*A
SIX CITY I Montgomery: Nor 14- The flag Firms
Aleene Chafer . . 20.040 Today
NIKiaPAL: COURT of the Corfe-lency Roats today Jn+t I
Louise Canors- '' . 119*
WasfclBgton. NOT. It The jury Bristol, Eag., Nov. 14= Premier Hattie Shleppy . . 1SH4S aliove the! Stars and Stripes on ihe

te the ease of Iran Annie- 1C. Bradley Hears Campbell Banser m.... was (From Thursday's Dally) Nov Mary Ogle . . . 15,49Ida 1 staff over the first cspltol of the f
There were six: rases 1 ntfce municipal Salt Lake City 14 Danilg. Prnsela, Nov 14 Tb*
I Forty M. Thompson .. . 16.117 I
nested with aides Illness last
,* trial for tin murder of fair or- night this Confederacy todsy. two Inniber arms of Albreccht It
erect morning. A pairof horses were burned saj the loss ofIno.ooo I Mertlow
Grifflng. Uttle River >..72Martha 1
United States Senator Arthur9t after addressing political meeting. The Alabsma vetersns of the Con- Co. and L ,
a fighters were fined $1 and costseach sustained by the destruction Gold+ed csp qded par- .4
Hudsou . >.014
Browa, Utah, was completed toamj Altbougfe of federate army rode with the Alabama
the at-
sbsrpBSBs the two drub $1 sad costs each last night of the Redmu Vaa Thelma Yarboroigi . . S.'4f im-Dt today The lUbl'ltle! of the- ,
the opening argas. while two beads one la the sum of and Storage Co.'s warehouse. The commander of the T rand Army former are about sit hundred those.1
eondittos Lucille Thlgpla . . I.U' I
by Aaslstaat District At on parade today. The
g.a St and the other K.JO parade sad marks lad that of the latter
were forfeited warehouse was filled with rateable
Lola Rodgers . .. . 2.171
:, Tuner sssktog the preseatstloa for pfeyslcia'M have Twen smmmoaed hv the failure of the defendantsto goods and sotting was ....... Three Jessie Pratt .. . . : was witnessed by thousands. The I over a mlllljn mrks Both firms) '
;rt esenmate Heart trouble la the 1..n. Legislature sad state
the afTUctioa. appear for trial. firemen were 1*fared.a Rath McClsla ... .. .. ... ..151 ,I closed. oSces are continue sre trying business to make arrangements 14 b.

; .
.. '
S .
> .... ...,, ... ".",;:" .. .... : : ... -4;' a

-.a. i .J,;: < j .. '- .....:; ,_. ." :-. ." -:;._, ."' ..... f'_ .




-- .
--- ------ ----- -- -- --- -

t.- The Weekly Miami Metropolis : I TALLY AND PLACE CARDS.

I ""'B -- Miami new city government The Macon Oa. Sew think the T J. Hogan superintendent of A Cmi fr Hyl'l Rules F.. The Professions ( flI
1lobo Dean, 8ea Tresa, D eoeatin.Here .
B B. Tatum. President :
and thereI St. louts
stints In with fair sailing retent balloon rotes at l>arks. Jacksonville. hold that park
THE MIAMI PRINTING I every reason to hope and belief lane at least established ballooning .Hid txviutlful reniles" are among I( 'n* few *ngs.tlon* tor tb I M

'.. Six months- .-. . . .-. .-. .-$100- ---One ... ... ... .$Loo I (bat It will i>e a goad government ... a Marl lu this country Maybe I the most valuable adjunct of a { v''i'us w mian' who ..old. like. t make e
lli.t all the present laws ...11be >t. Lui It baa lon, llule more. city. H* *avsNothing : her o\I tally awl place < *nl .

ThoM paring In advance will receive .Ics for $110 inforced and that new ones sill 1 b.-v may build sir (hips and baJ- can add more 10 the val- I Sheets of l>rt.tol ln.rd of varluu

and sU month subscription fof 71 cents This- Itlrow' W induce Itt created to meet the steady grow Icons to Ire end of Kingdom come. oe of a city or a private residence tints (lit tt met in every mwelvahl ATTORNEYS AT LAW

strictly advance payments lug demand of the clt>. and they) may get the acme! down or list matter than well kept yard* bails. a nam-er of water color glklmitt

The majority of the gentlemen to p rfe
Entered at the FMtoffice at lllaml.NOKMHH. Flo w mattsr.FHIIAY constituting the new government \0 .II never: become su'!\cI..ally popular people l are row taking more pride ''o supply of narrow rhJ form lIMo WILLIAM W. ERWIN

were re-elected to office and are with the public to nuke It profitable In their premise than they did a I."ur out lt for the tally canln .

: iA j nsequentlv experienced in the dut The majority of us bare tear ago Renter who are permanent I The simplest < fhn:: .UHDM cut II tnouiiT an*eotwnot A uw insoucrrw

i lea they are to perform while the no desire to get too hit; OB the sun are taking more rare of their fancy nuape*. aura aa. stare. 0" Im. OANCOTJBaannrls

oil en as observant and. Inlelll- late of the earth or too far beiow it \yards and every flower or plant shield*. etc from cardb nl of Mane D r

BOW ABOUT IT ''TRUE DARD gent citizen, will be apt scholars, it is not *ae. On ballooning aa a_ added contribute to the value of desirable, ." A.1 decorated with anI t22W Twsfflh find

j' aud there is no need why the next sport the News says: the home j I I Irregular l I.>nler of gold n rotor Quo 1 I TO miunac Hcf.F. *

.f MAYOR WHARTON 'OF NEW? ARERISK two rears should not be years or The balloon races from St. Louis I Macy women of course art I I tallow prettih lettered O a i .ml. set

Iotd government and to havp at least e-itaUtHheJ ballooning I I
progruw Hojle rule l 1c added
taxed with household duties and jof may by way
By proclamation of Mayor M..tf'A The binert newspaper" Is not only Miami in this country Tb I I H| ATXI5Z05,
all a sport| i Imagine they hare not the time to of nVroratkn and entertalnniml B
8t. Augustine hf'ld. cleaning up unpurrbiublt->y money, but it cannot Under: the :amended or new city International Aeronautic Congress. ', I I Leave
'care for the yard. but they are are ietty..wk m.pw. Ivy
,May Wl'dnefodItbf'. result l*>ln* be bought by popular "Wll.a 1'', mistaken If they woa'd! sjstematl- r.lhlm makint a K"*l ser: thm
most ;raUfrl,?. the story of which blch I IonE form or purchase: ... consolidated with others white thogovernment will fold a meeting neat 'I tally lock after the ground around (ID O\f'r:leaves .,also at tract he. with 'pseld.wsws pees ie saavey..mg r4Iaaaiuatbe.rTitles

r i. told as follows by Thursday. : TM Is what the politician bids for. as a. whole Is lo be operated )ear The German Erbalob. the their homn they would find '''O o two four leaved ..tu lockCbonne ton Paste I* OS).*. !
different butsshah of this in recounting
on a *om what urine winner race Use u S wU Ball *s-
kecord of that city: I a diversion not only beneficial toi green car fo
because It profits personally the
heretofore wh> h.If. anything !bis E'Z1f'rlf'D.ea.; expressed
Trash was trewn along thestreets i them but they will find a great'i t foundation and make the veins .Ul alight MIAMI FJ.KIDA ,,rr
The newspaper hlcn bid forIt mi 't Increase its efficiency t1.P"fIltIOlhat! te would 1 b? back ,
nee'rrday morning: from one I deal of enjoyment by such work I In brown with ?
With this poulblllty the Metroptil in America in two year, as Amerl Ib.dll C1 O '
? end of the 'toy to tbe other and doe so for the profit It may gain- My experience: teaches me that nothing I .n Irregular eitfe glUling for autumn I I
\* bor** to lee an efficient government tans would win the cup at the next .. o JOHN S.lUlCx
evidence the It make through i b n-flu neighborhood; more
every dwtllir gave some money may patronage in active government anda contest in Germany, and then he leave a deep rrraio I I. a /f'ttf
ot complying with the mayor's request Some stultify than plant and 1I0..en. and In addition I j background shading bruwa
I It. I
newspapers food government It expect to mould cone over to contest lor I 1:1b..r
Hundred of tc 4Bs I
c. up and a touch of vivid
f their own conviction and profess ee every cfficlal. nc matter what That may have, been merely a bit e
cl : I II taints that re*'ilt, they add to the'
tens were it work by daylight an- sentiment which honest Judgment his capacity: do his full duty b> the ''c.f international politeness, but It I and I The flower t"D" without foliage bury h h. nw *teM a* Lari*. pacts ear (,!
de-1, comfort pleasure of home
lug their premise and piling the I a asauoapveaeee'Dlvaias Lade r7.oe
? chows belief balloonist I ponies. dalnle* or mm. are
trust Imposed In him It expect to the among .li Dies ea nnnnln,
I o'clock a : doe not dictate In the effort to gain I
forts on the streets By Mr. Hogan 1* right ;uat a fewminute
new. but and h <
they are pretty
that the to
see the laws of the city enforced: contests are go on refnUrly no .p I MIAMI. FLORIDl.
;, great train of wagon and cart I The honest apetlt In the yard each day
popnlaritv newspaper a they are prescribed" It expect as yacht rate do I.i ont a color .d"w imlraMy More- ,

were assembled and then dlntrlbu-1 1 prefers to be popular but It does to see gambling done away ..lth.1 I|,I 'It I I. yet too early 10' say whether will toon make a very valuable :and i over they .n not difficult to paint I

ted to tbe. various wards to haul All'i' not ark to be" so at the 'cost of Its or a persistent effort made In that any practical result will be achlev- perceptible: Improvement A bush or 'I Water rotor paper .boal b used mmaking H. P. BRA/N/SING./ /
th collections of traab be 1
flower others
some planted
away .. honest' ronitcUons as to tbe public direction: ; It expects to see the saloons ,, f'J. but ballooning ha been promoted can ;thene., A
t day long the wagons moved it *t e.4y I trimmed and hedged; a little tarry mA
gt.od. It does not rot its sail to regulated the streets and I from the class of daredevil risks But.r' It.le. ire ey eases c
processions to the dumping I' cut bed mound made o
or a or
catch every pasting breeze and sail premise more sanitary and In every I'ke bridge !Jumpers and men who lion and for tbewe .11 water color PrsBBt Attam IHsrott-
ground and by Bight fall sad moved tbe popular wave of the moment.To other manner every public condition ride over Niagara In a barrel to beie and there and *o on, would In I should uoed They should. I c i
As large as was theforce I piper b h .c I'
mountains. a short time be felt and apreciate.1
do this requires neither courage nor Improved the rank of those sport which moue doable the only being attachedto
of vehicle. It was Inadequate I and then It give one out door exercise West Palm Beach
honesty nor any great amount of Intelligence And this can be done Ue meat appeal tc adventurous amateur I a white card when for rA
aid a number of streets were not fresh air etc It m.eem I.b U !
TbKed until todav ': The weakest newspaper no reflection on the previous government : I' The tal\\ from St Louis to Asbury laborious at tint out It would soon the wing sent upwanlas If tbe butterfly P
can Jo this, and they general but Imply that there {i Park wit the longest on record and had
,I "The yards were an thoroughly 1.1 lerome a pleasure Th* Metropolis I just .llbll Though primarily
do. always room for Improvement and nothing were happened to the occupant O. YV. MAYNARD ,
; t (leaned Many, eld eyesores that I lies )lour contended" for beautiful in retches the Ideal! .
No newspaper : that it should be made And !it Is of the cars than the risk
had remained In certain places for narks and premise, and while It Is fo other uesaituuPouter .
They can no more escape lmperf.eetlop possible to make It to. Any man of being I shot by farmers: who dU- t
year were sent out of town yesterday I I, hardly possible at present U hire | designs may h m* than any other human tnstituRion. or official who refuses or falls to barged guns it them but shoataim "
Quite a umber of dtitens It Is effective ire a hackcround blackor
stiniarJiif farks. an easy matter to bate a
But tot
they can a do Ms swan duty can be remover seems to have been phenomenally
took advantage of the opportunity pretty premlre AIll\ !" Interest uge green Cut from
moral honesty and courage and or impeached In office and we looL I bad ns cone of tbe gas Lags: (mbr.
to trim their trees and got rio of live to it. The Philadelphia and a little work II I all that t Ia necensarv I some maraslne a ...ult.bl figure of
strive to I
up to se* this done There should bono were punctured."Oh f
the branches, hence: too hauling was Public the Let_us follow tae advice of proper size, such a Gibson a
LeJger expresses shirking of public trust That the other hand. the panorama a an item ef ccnslaeraLle Importance true spirit when It says: I II the travelers Mr. Hogan pretty paste It on the card
newspaper Las been the ruination sad curse of *i>resd out for far I f'hlk an
Every yard In the city la cleaner today I Tbe Indictment against newspapers vxceeled la and -0---- which ; Diut.*; .j wearing class l
many a city, with Miami not an exception. majesty yarlt'trIt.t' -1 lk "f'1 1"11 l.n{ Per" .
? than ever before. The city fromend asa I hlch gives aiost concern to the upholder I I I unrolled to the most adventurous During the week en ting Noremoer i i lima the orrllnnry amre card. Tben a I oiMHlnrt \,h _/*. ._'' .; '
whole I* bolytely clean I free U that it tends with i water color lay a few flat tone ivr apparaioamt !I.'"> esprnener'
end No.kat all of the I' of a press And in this respect the Metropo- mountain climber and Erbc-! 2. Tampa shipped a total of 7.. 3S.ri. thee.I.l frtrr
to Pear
l to drift with waves of popular nlUrcnt I lip heartily endorses the resolution loh and hU rivals were" not distracted 000 cigar This Is evidence" of tile'! without Hhaiilne let. Item b clear I .r.t
have- been cleanedthe oo.ble W :
premises : |\ g eepsie *
I* private the The newspaper which keeps cf council that any employee can : by the risks of their situation enormity of the extent to which the! "D bright with plenty of r\ andLCTh 1 Jwerly elk. eI
will streets
\ city rcoar i
crowning a splendid work.. The committees vtlent cr dodeea because Its utter- and shall be Instantly removed from I I from Its full enjoyment The cigar Industry eaa be built and; furnishes i viur trade.*.1par1 "p". o
Incel mlgnt prove unpopular Is fasrinatlins of navigation In the air ford for reflection to the ,
oTIce '
at work la the various by a majority vote of the en- people use D between Ittb sad Itth ".
effective equally as culpable a* the one which tire council In body assenbled. Live appealed to an Increasing num- of Miami Cigar factories an i i
wards moct
work aad yesterday are deserving of the highest rXf It. editorial sail to catch the Let there be no favoritism and Fir of people during the past two paying Institutions to the people of I I O. W. MAYNARD i"

praUe" rrost favorable wind 'The no partiality shown any one, and I !f'Ian.l this race will extend the any con inanity .IB which located.

f G Now what's the matter with Miami I owe man manufacturer or financier jet every official strive to do his"cry interest In It. The day of the control Let u* have cigar factories and leta .*..1.15** OrMwai* OerMaBPATENTS >

day There i a ru'e, take it for granted that ben Ian > upbullllng and In- of cloud craft so that they maybe concerted movement be made Inthat ) e
having a cleaning!
1t U certainly room for It. and we believe M newspaper of the character: ot the ler-rt cf Miami and we shall havela need for something more th.aI. direction. I 1I

qiu. are snOdentlyI Public Ledger will always Hy to the the i present one of the best governments I adventure, is almost as far away as -o-- I

u'r' I de'ense of coniiervatUm. and protect I In the history of the It ever was: but the time of pent
I trictle favoraole to clean I A CbVago< school teacher received -
public and private rights against Injustice tent experiment" In that direction has
m4 premisete... and unreason, whether em- I
I torn and !some day the experiment
qIt doing it for one day, et least How casting front toe White House or o en will triumph from Mn. Louisa. Scnnldt for not )

y stout it. Mayor WhartonTo I from th. lairs of anarchism. These I promoting the latter' daughter who I 0

----0-- wasUndent In geography: Teacher acs.eteszrtw. e.
I 22
I selfsame person however, very seldom I y p n fcr rt h tN
BY ADVERTISING you doat know It all. I guess.I
what the honest
consider newspaper I
t; LET USRAVE I IT IS PROFIT. wish It that my daughter gets dir.rw w; us ait cotiirrsiics

LIGHTS I I I the truth may be and sacrificing maintaining by telling the The store sale today that are un :ABLE fO YOU through school so she get a man. I Joan.wy.rayr.ralw.a dose ea n.syrw..rw.bw Y

influenced directly or Indirectly by
rlfbf I Never mind about the geography; awl bhfya.d end.htbitd}
Let n* have a well lighted city for i tor* advertising win not have Ita\ a very good thing to do to just promote her without. It. Why. I war.t..rM
be better
rrTime movement la that direction has There can BO guide amounted to 10 per cent of the total watch the advertising columns of my other daughter" she didn't know I I II no me wr..IW, Psis wawaewlMMd1
than that oat R 1
isx.i been started and there should be BO I a newspaper pointed badness of the day I The Metropolis In all departments.It geography and she cot a man. I I
It will time
the at
by Ledger. provoke
let up aUI electric lights shinefrom criticism, and from class It By the direct Influence of advertising Is a way both to make and to don't know geography and I lot a st>M> smru Lesion tI
.1 far Into eabR"f a Is meant the sales of article ... It ia for all aboutreography I
o every corner the money a good: thing wan GASNOWwadf
else for there It to more satisfactory I te
; will receive nothing I. danV't: )'f'II.
?' nrb, and between corners where- specifically advertised By the indirect I Metropolis for you to tell th* got a man I bate iu D
never was suck a newspaper o many one
.... J ever It Is accessary, laflnenee tf advertising: U I advertiser that you saw his adverUseraent at allhst I* this geography ..J pcu
which this was not true. It 1s In the i i desired a line of gilt or red I
:. tin-1 meant the article roU' that are | la The Metropolis ThisI good for* See that my daughter r b
time of storm and stress that such added a quarter of in Inch from the
'*c + t portaat factors .IB the development not sepclfically advertised but are I give the merchant: the Impression gets through! school"JINGLES
; a newspaper stands out strongest edge of a
'k \--1 Md enterprise of my city It not bowing its courage and commonsense displayed to the customer who are that you ar* up-to-date and have tb.r o b'kjan o 'Steew6 7.a'r' 8....' r,,
j owe
wily enliven the appearance, but drawn to the store by the advertised | modern methods of thought, and also simple .n1'f'ntil pattern msybe

:ri" ; attract attention just as much as against the frenzy and articles In the latter case. a* enhance:: the paper In Ala mind. AND JESTS.Up pt la with gad f'rt
lam of the hoar It Ia
"''t/'r1 tees the brightness, cleanliness and radlcal-I surely a* in the first the advertising I TIle merchants: spends his money amateur photographer ..1 flnd
the banker nod the buslJl
ether ooaJltto that go to make bv the merchant and the must be credited with the saleObnervact for the privilege of conversing with to Dto."Where samples ef b work much IPflte.
1 :
g e- a city Inviting and Intereslng to whti panic threatens or merchantl know that you through the columns of The are. rat going to, my prMty and fo this purpose olnc fl UPle li OfhOIttk
," r tfelton. this Is true They afcoild gain Metropolis He has a story to tell maid more appropriate thaa scenes from the

Miami can and should be better public credit Is disturbed or disaster courage from the knowledge tc you that .Is in jour own Interest Tm going to a U-ctur. fir." she Mid. summer ootlng. The bliss print papers !

L The authorities should do I 1* Imminent" strengthen their advertising cam It may be In his Interest too but "Nay": I mm' with yes my pretty' maid cards are m ... to isrjYcdur4rf
FCrlighted. mDIp
So also when aa eplJemle or a You wun I undenund IU Mr. .ear 14. .1 pta I _
.' 4, away with the small sal Inferior lacadeseent plague rnenaoe. The newspaper Is paigni to the point of matching It 1s to your Interest specially Ordinarily "\\hat \. be uhjKU my pretty maid*" tlt tbf may b printed \hot I = mI

;.. ; ? lights and replace them their store hopes and plans the advertiser sells more* hit s on 'weoia*'. rights: food sir" she difflmltv durtBK the vacation month sd _'..
a Wrr. tut la order to be a power
.. with arc tights; t!.ts especially the o good: titan!: a non-adveiilaer. :and utd way from home The ratting and MAGAZPIG !
deal with '
for good It mart honestly I -T I Bt
Mia of the city each' I can afford to !sell at cheaper price Then yon. won t marry say prrttj these ,
T (' z part say on the public. not deceive the wec.plepa WHAT IS a maid | monntizg of furnUh 1' fU I' W.

)! Meet eorrer from the river north to cos d I tlons, and not be afraidto i because. he tag: more bulk out of "It thcr'II cut out ohrjr twill." aIMo Mid much taste soil Incenolty Ask ksr thla waxrb ,
Sixth and from Boule- BITING HIM which to get hla profits When y.l I
: i to street he ipntk the teeth when the tnttl yon -La TOHCMI Hancock IB Jud** --- tint ha.d tt o

.;:t Ltsrd weet to the railroad track. read theadvertlsements Just bear In A Wise Mthr name andaddresawttbe. o"I t
Bnplessant or unpopular politically hi
,...."" 'The cost of this service would be or otherwise .*.t times It costs Wouldn't blame the East. Coast mind that the merchant Is addressIng A Characteristic; Oath."He Surely nothing WMT| or more beautiful I name address and test. fur .'f e
'.f .,-'.* Boor than paid f<<.ln the value of Railroad a bit if they went to bold a letter to you :in which he U was four day in traVellng teu ever written the Regular 3Jc. M
1. something to do ibis and, as the 'e. n.
." It up that extension work for a while telling That he will lo for Wi "J1..1 I p. {
ja. the Improvement be Cue those who It you yoa mile over the Iceberg traiuiuc of |ln"
ledger says rely on 'b.ldr t Jr.
t: ,. wf the greatest that could be aisle Those dicker on the Ext Ccast If you call at his store hAnd what was he doing In the fir th t. 1 P b UhlBg ( .
.. and ,ho ury" It to give them aid.do Mark T..n'I "Tb nlb ef my r ca rII
have been getting along so well It I the o
la Miami easy to see logic of reading north r '
not always dlwhntnate aa between children adorn them then I I. un 4 o. xwrrhatr 1'
V a. !
11- ribce Mi IHagler has been feeding the advertlaen.ents I 1'I
'' Let the Biovev>teat for better I and answering "
"Making a daub for the NewOrleans
the true honest pule -
'u3 I' public Journal milder lens for It anti they worship
them that have for-
tj lamination launched bv the Board they!! entirely them a* well

.Y i at .-t Trad rontlaiie aad let the new I which i is a permanent lastituCoa Rotten the "golden rale" Let them I --o- TimeIVmotratDepravity I her: they .I won>hii anything whichthe } J 4s 1
and radicals. and
-he JonrnnHstie ,
of her ban.l made sacrml
4 wait and want that extension for tt.b
council male It of their .
j ,.:4: k elty flied paJ'J'f"TIle example set t>vt I Jodgers md sensational caterers and s while and maybe they wl' wake I The next 'legislature of Maryland I *f lnwimt Thing They know her for th beet and truest Old Type a Blue Stem'

** cam|>*lcn organs.and yellow Journals will disfranchise the ignorant negro Bom. then ar* nights wins the hail .. )
,.1 vtnoe merchants from Anthony- ui to the fact that Henry Fltgler trepd tVy b ve et H o '. 1
all ote The HgieleUre of Florida at blanket .
ont Inelude la the term
:' Romfh's to the Miami Hardware Las I made the Ran Coast what It I b.Y. knew bee forone .
"f,. J I the p,",." but OB the whole, the .. the next session will very llkey Jo .P. h.'o lank It. Ib.1 .h
Company OB llth street. to string I Is today aud without him and his Till ,.0.. ..c.lm n..f did them a wrong ami cannot ofYorkli '
1.- Iffet sets of fifteen lights each b } newspaper! must owe its firm establishment blankrtT. blank.ty b4,ik."- wnl.
lees the shove mentioned" po:at< for every etckle that the State. I a lie nor of one: ...h neter
\ and led influence Lou Hrivblt .tf' .
those East Coart
at their own expense. Is well to: i'I meters. or anyone tbrm by an
f'Y' .
the df"1 ahllQ '1I
h to ClIlaIlU.ameralf"d." Its
"t tropolls now come to this office audI
F has the East
emulate.'V ever given n
I"' I gesture: (tare an
docs Keyed Up. .1. lyf tJm uo
foere Bet Depend upon Its excites our admiration by Its general Tomato Seed
0 Coast Railroad la the shape of land I i
: the Prne-Do think I IT. nor ever retlt.f
taktsir 1.b'
: |opnlar side of every or privileges It has been retained excellence as a newspaper In you t.I.rna lu "lmD
.* t CIGAR FACTORIES question; Mmnlr because It Is popular with inraltasble interest If we bad be late wet or dry contest In Dade proved jour health? herself with anything short o a

,; 1 .. LOGICAL ENTERPRISES The public a* a wtole, does not misjudge I a dosen: more Henry Flaglers and :I ronnty, the Metropolis arouse) tbe ruolly-it Ins nimV mj hut;e ..tn.ngen. IIP obe0e, 1-J po a r
f: The Intelligent reader may a few lens hlgb-: .trunK, empty- I admiration of the state for the ability Charlie can tv unlrrrtutu: "I t s ht treated t1.* politely and f"ldf-I fl.75, Ilpo.sd. SS." t

i The Metropolis heartily endorses disagree with a newspaper on many headed fanatics Florida would be whien It displayed In advocatingprohibitionPunta : 1 My 1 to liau a I I.:U ntlLi i I'K IMpecd > ately .al wolj Ike best sad oldest

\\01 t tb4 movement" of tbe Board of Trade question. and ..et prefer It to many he place Florida" In every sense. 1 Corda lIer..d.o .- 1'1 WTK in time land and has always rennir"l, 1aR

'af" ?.. \ to secures cigar factory or factor- j| other si a capable reliable Journal l cf the word Dannelon AdvocateWhit's of them gentle spew'1 and courteous

'''i ;' lee for MiamI. TIll matter has which can be depended upoa when. Smart Like Mad. ("Ddu all. of whatsoever dfgf.
I : biting the editor of the Ad This I* what the Orlando Heporter- to..r
been under" dlsrnsslon In form reason" roLl riot aad the .
some << topwa s Lilt:. MiM ) r.r. : .Ion a tufTf/ with 1\ bom they cb.nC to come
or other for more thaa a year. but churn the surface to a foam There vorate He mutt nave gotten up' Star call a beautiful sight the like EalllK .jur c'.. rit .hrr. : they know her fo one

'1. ao project heretofore advaaccd has o are penalties for conducting a true !! wrong and tumbled orto a settle | of which =abound all over Florida: There r.unr rich V:rta. ";.o '*... wbooe: promise. rewind
l>ush. Dut that neither here nor One of the mofct pleating pictures id" in .ht o
rtaadarl -
been so feasible sad possible as newpape but there U also
( > I punishment in gold sod always worthIts
that mad to the Boar of Trade compensating Mtlrfartlon to Its there, he U focllih or to make I' I that greets tbe eye these days are 8 11.buffet and- I Tiodr, him pil.I" face" to the uttermost i

1 by Mr J. H. Tatom and ssaoclstes. I cnndirtor who steer for tbt right I more -tnodcrste write foolish MrKUgler the many truck girilena on the outskirts Am.na. f.11nc.

yr:; at the meeting Thartdiy sight at responsible reason rev...iin It has never had any Intea of Orlando From the midst I Heard In Sunday School -- --
lion of adding up the extension { of good. fertile roll springs the vivid Pretty Por.o..
The plan 1* not only feasible. but
It that
n i' y It ls oae that csa be concluded tnccceefullv -, 0 a..rk. He has rnsh"d It from the 'I' green of thrifty vegetables that ar' TN..hf'rWln earth? .1 IIb..rtthe I I I not always esuy to secure ma

A little energy public I WHAT A FLORIDA I beginning with all possible dispatchBo destined! to delight the palate of the I trrlal for p>rtlere that I I once
I s-'lease. .
f spirit and business enterprise on the|WOMAN HAS DONE far as the "crackers' of the t'ftt'pte! In the north during zero TonrIorh'I m..m. I pretty mil luexirnKiveOne | L-
a I It the grafrni.-.New York wh has teen _
part of the cltlaf'Iof Miami U all Fart Coast waiting and wanting | weather There Is now planted over I 1 woman rblnl

That is accessary to carry It through | The Tampa Time tans tells of I he extension 1* concern* i. It I.I due i 1 100 acres in this vicinity in vege- Press. the town over fo I filirlc combining :

'4 M*. all know the advantage of manto I what a Florida woman baa Jcne: them to ay that tery few of then table." I the two qnalltlen was ilmnct de J
BuSy People
fact(ring iBdufttrie to a city and j "A Tamna man went down Into hive ever wanted tbe railroad to --0---- spatrabeu a frio. a decorator lug

:,a.J rommualty Miami Ia I woefully de- I Polk county the other day to see .1 there the mainland, they contending I When the telegraphers' strike been Moncvt AI.n human rlorka-.brlnio tl> no yoa nature wfll fak_- seated thai. she ret mot:ba canvas for

: d ftctent (B thin respect consideringthe man on business. The man lived on I that no possible benefit can bsderived The Metropolis ventured to uv I Whim' only lee sppe T lo h her sleeping. room doors awl velveteen'

many facllltie and advantage a farm irvj IP the coarse of hi* visit from the building of the, t the> newspaper which" told the IItrlkI I* keeping o'hr folks .wak. la soft reseda stiles for b library

It baa for the came Cigar factories 'tb. Tampa man ertrarUJ some In- load to Key<: Weet. But they are I era they were bound to lose was -W..hIDln star. doorwiy O II, tlfT

t 7r are among the moat logical _tf'r- i I 1 tereitlnc Information about what his generous, even though oppose*!. and '.I I. better friend to them than hose I I I The ".n.. loosely woven .n< re- J ROL1MNO A 9S.

11 price that could be operated here friend wife had done herself this .re wflllng to cencede Mr. Flagler newspapers which pretenled tot I Yachting o semhte burlap In piernce. tbnngb Baltimore. Md.

1 e The Climate and other condition year Slrce the first of January I whom they appreciate: far more thtIr"n selfish rl'.SOIll. that they I[ "Ties a very prominent member of : witch softer awl hangs much m G-rtkmen-L purchased my Duke

r4 are especially adapted to the cure last he had sold 110 dozen eggs than the editor of the Advocate ever i would win Then some of the lrI i l oar yacht club"Indeed I gracefully uf York Tomato Seed 'rora you

.and preservation of tobacco rise at an ateraee: of U cent a dozen could. the right; to continue bU I ers :denounced The Metropolis as [ : What I his official capacity It rusts V rent a yard and I la very Jute apes mv are looking S

ht j: geographical location of Miami 1* mi-kirn SCS.30. She had marketed I building: and developing and art 1 I'bf'( enenv' of labor Now, score of J- civic I win cor all| tf rrp other reds from.' ,

nell that tobacco un be Imported" 240 chickens. at in average of 31 even offering him all possible assistance 'them in every American city admit I Four gallcn*.."-New York Llf. The velveteen which I fa .lt don he you b rjo. ther Live m* uoet en-

with dispatch and convenience and cents. making IH.4t. She haj on Mr. Flagler unquestlonsblvlift hat the mouth rike lealers ind width. ran l I. ol.ta nevl In a number ('.IWt satisfaction

l.-t_ the shipping facilities arV inch u band an estimated bench of tar ben the: prin. and moat 1mKrtunt ., their socialistic: newspaper allies de. I On Thing Lacking. oft colnrluir amid while bindnonie o I.I Your very brute.

1 to guarantee quick transportation of kern numbering? 0which will brio*; factor lit the development or Hided them :Here never was a The HterBry man wr.versa, not rich coking thit It kill eerrthlcs W Miami. Fla-.

yp t the product to the market. I her t? a piece ty Thanksgiving (he Fast Cr-att of Florida: a d..vetrpment ilitnre: for the I strikers.jitj the newspapers Tale*, Maya by te peck I el.11 I 1\ thy r">inTbewe I ) .I.E.

,c Bat this Is sot all Cigar factories and ChrlMmis. or $1X0 She expects that hM hid li'* effect in al: | wMch were com I need of the Oh. he ran write m..! anything
Except, alaa. k. t rear l apptlqued
s will Increase the population I:' to add at least $2S more in eggs lots of the Mate and ...h.teyeIt" fact said so from the beginning. The I a ", PressGrim I with I.rl"r.! designs.In rwtrest. '
t d' They win bring la a class of high I rod fryers before end of the latent the Advocate article Is more strikers. however listened" to the -llapbl ro".ot",1 J. BOLGIANO & SON
alu. color sad
!' lag are irtlsUc
4 0, wage earners; a class of people whoatxwd year, fcLtiog a of 1187.7f. To of aa Insult to him. framed as It Is roseate stories sat pretended" Interviews I Plaaawr '

y "k their money In all channels of this should be added what. the rather thin a compliment given out by the loaders and Knlcker-Wall street 1* a sordid wall aa serviceable Baltimore, Md :t'

trade. One cigar factory win mean I large family had eaten, which And agMn to erecken. Tter now tbonsacds of them are suffering place

;'r oven and within a short time, aftev-j would more' than doubly caver every are all sorts. fresh and old good Poet-Tes. but It a conflation He F.ag& a C"U""r

V the first, we would have several of possible Item of cash urpensea I.C'Onllf"tlloa and bad but the editor of the Advocate --0---- "I I I

the** Industries enhancing badness, with the fowl branch of : represent himself to bv s :I Tom Johnson will\ contlnu a* wastebasket t witch ill just that t.p go Into tb. David Parker- ., .N T Notice of Final De \

a'. cad :animating trade la every man- the establishment. cracker of the mushy order.p I Mayor of Cleveland for at least ikI poewaJudge.Net who lost a foot at Gettysbargwritea"Electric I ,1

Ber. Tampa and Key West are There are many poaalbllltle la another ternHe his been Mayor Bitter have done 1.r..re (a the County Judge's C.r Dale

1Iot d and famed for their cigar Florida for women as well as for Among Republicans the follo..lllc''I fine 1101 He evidently think Like an Ant. J than any medicine i ever County. Florid

I ....at"". Why can't Miami Join met, and those who. embrace them name are considered In connection It a big: thing to be Mayor of his "earth spins astronomers rapidly alien throufk It.wp+o*; For several ,".r I bad la r* Ett of William Wagner, 4e-

{ ia with them* find both pleasure and profit Any with the nomination for President' I town and so does Theodore Bur- It .not falter In its ram stomach trouble and paid ont much | e.1 ,

Let the. public consider' this mitt woman If she will can do a great Theodore Roorevelt I William H.1 I I ton, :who endeavored to defeat him Then arc n sheet?. to molest It inoner for nedlclne to little parr Public notice 1 Is hereby given pal, '

t"p" __r. It Is one of Importance to Jl other than her domestic duties Taft, Charles W. Fairbanks. Charles Burton was Chairman of the Rivers -P .b o Cit < 18tl 1 began taking F1: on December nth. un Ue .ader>.

them There are manufacturers of I to "help along" but strange to say E Hughes Joseph 0. Cannon Philander and Harbors Committee of the Bitters. would Do take .5Jl signed will gin ili final wit

cigars reedy to mm here If the there are few willing to do .,. Sum. C. Knox. George B. Cortelyou 1 House. and one of tbe ablest and Feats l stud F.l. 1 what they have done for me Qraad the Hooorabl E. rer. eoei

proper inducement* are offered them of them d* not even do their house and Robert )(. LaFollette The {, most Influential member of Con MUnl.T only way to convince : tonic for the aged" and for female ty JuJe Dad Coaaty, FTort,

C The** tadnce eats have been mad.possible. told duties sal look after their rhD- Democratic candidate ...William frees Some other motive than the a I* to let him have his own way.RISIInsHabt i weakne Great alternative and sad ask for his final discharge a
It" BP to the people I|!I dren ard families as they should Jennings Bryan The Democraticparty desire tc be Mayor mutt have Induced I I know fool even I, body bcilder. tat of all f'I larw. i dAlaitrator of laid: estateFrederick

lo say what shall be done I I They' are womeB Ia BUM only. I* a one_man party him to run ---- that wont roavlace:-Chicago >."'I. i j 1 I by back a and druggists.weak kidneys.SOc, Guaranteed I i S .M JStsenter r uv ..

-, r .


u '_, er s wlpiatit. .
'W.-_ .
s. '- .


vjfl J

) / 7 T rAGa THE ia.ua METROPOLIS rnn>% KOTFWTICR 13, lOOT FAO race I

1 --.:, \


Why Fried Food Are Considered I I...
It' Officer ta Jacksonville Aft' A

UP WAITED fOR 10 f digsstibls. LOCATE A BIG Hot tsar
: I Why are fried food considered' Indigestible I

? Because the fat In which '
Df'terUCaboo.. and CoaaUble
tile frying la done, no matter of bow Pen Jones had a lively chano yeterJav *-

BEFORE BOARD PER CT. CHECKS thin good coating quality over that each fat may particle be. forms of food a i FACTORY HEREi John Chappel. .;1ornln,colored before they who captured ackuowle.sei Uncertainty

so fried. Now neither tbe digestive i hiiiwlf to be an escao..d coaI .
fluids of tbe mouth nor those of tbe {I vlct frcm Dad county, ays the

stomach caa act niou| fat. and so toe i !I Tlirevl tilon Law of Human Affairs .

fat incruated fond cannot be dilutedFata I Chappe) was atl'DCf"d.t Miami
Of Public Education at Which Were Paid Today byi are digested only by a certain i Was Further Discussed at a for beating ,t woman but some time '

agent known a* ..tf'a""lo.bkll) lueetM MK he rcannged >o make b&. escape .
a Their Regular Monthly i National Bank Receiver the food In tbe Intentlne R) the | Meeting of Board of : from ibe bade county chala gang I

time the stomach gets Into contact lie came here and baa b..en living s

Meeting Today McDonald with the fat enveloped food. It has fermented Trade i.u Myrtle art:'ne. ,
-and thut's ludl......tloo. I According to a negro woman hp IF the suitor were certain of the success of

| frilled tail l rent home the other night and pro-
curiieil his
menu should be cause courtship would be a dull affair.If .
scaled to adcilalsier a whipping to
i Avoided taken from, hn-t beouHe Inferior they are usually tvervbody In Ibe house and It was it were always certain that a given result
; of In
[ (From MCllda, a Dally) an I (( From Tuesday' Dally) ,! i bat whipping hUh 'ed to his capture
CAME FROM WFST ferla-afire dlneaaed' -animal, and I would follow
> In accordant with the omcial ao- second becaune.. the chemltala used topnerol The cigar factory project was esterday. a given cause human affairs
lice published in the Metropolis Saturday The negro woman grew angry and
would lack
this meat from undergoing f again taken up by the Board of zest! Happily certainty is only a
of last week by Government ; informed the pollee of his where-
PALM BEACH SCHOOL Receiver J K. McDonald, of the Ft chemical things, outside the body will Irade In recess session. held at tile abont. Yesterday morning when word-while uncertainty is a law-a condition

Dallas National: Bank that a ten perI ', act within tbe body to prevent the Fair building last night, a large the offlcer went out; to arrest him '
I cent dividend<< would be paid to all chemical change; known as digestion. number of member and prominent be aw theft coming aaJ beat ahaatyretreat. leavening all human effort. That you will '

I who called ..the bank beginning i l Meat U often denied\ to those suffer-' He. went through the wood reach .
| log" from rbt"umatJaw..u... cltlxen] being prefect. ;1,' your appointed destination oil your
I today a general line of>> creditor tbe dla- with( the ollcer: hot on JIll trial.

y And Was Bronfht About, it is Alle. rtood ready this morning to get order known a* rheumatism 1* nothing The Tatnm project was rnel..f'dlenctb. Hal rot Constable Jones been Inhis next street car ride is not a certainty. It is It
their receivers check for the small more or least than an effort of the at Mr. Tatum exMbltlng a buggy the man might have escaped

t! {ed, by Trustees Promising chi i i port of their deposit. aysteui i to get rkl of a certain poison blue print of the proposed location but the horse proved the better probable; it is likely; but the chance is always

I Systematically arranged, the re- wbkb has tern deposited at tbe Junefc{| a factory. hch en Latter Salaries Than Board celver's assistant. Mr. Riley had tithe >n of some uf tbe long bones of the I i City and embracing resides the tai captured.) H. does not Jeny being i:

dividend cht't'lI.reaJr, and aa a body i| tory site two hundred Iota for \'II-I wanted| la Miami. certain sort of advertisement of a store will

i Had Allowed I creditor came forth and presented" : Another question often asked to.Why 1 laleDel: settlo-ne.it Improvement 'I 4a offlctr baa been sent from : produce a logical and result Is
expected not
hit or her receiver' certificate a should I cad drink with my Mr Tat urn also presented aa agreement here to take Cbappet In custody.

+ corresponding receipt wa handed to' mails?" Well, mainly because dUo- which In substance was the always certain. It is probable and likely. ;
the dividendcheck
the creditor to slgn.anj
I Moo of the gastric Juice and the saliva Mime aa that proposed at a previous
passed over to Its owner. I i PERSONS SCED: But some combination or circumstances :fJ
(Prom Tuesday1 Dally) ebb a pint or more uf mater will meeting for the donation and purchase I may ,
several hundred
Up noon today
weaken their action of tile factory site. intervene to the
perhaps to such result
P All of this foretl OD'1 session .f persons had been to the bank for; The K.: E. Ropes Brings Big Suit ta De- prevent complete hoped
proposition was considered I
the Board of Public Instruction la heir proportion of the bank's payment I work decree and that tbe they may fall to Is do Indlgestina. their fair and favorable but In order to I I| Land Circuit Court for. The "element of china which enters '
regular monthly n-eetlns, was apeatIn of their account although' One of the most remarkable salts
ro more thoroughly into the details |
arriving at rotation to there to be paid.and Of course flukl other than car ; into newspaper advertising is a small it l
a a problem are many more of the. .same a committee composed ever instituted, perhaps was filed ta one.
arising la regard to the *alarlevf week will/ probably be spent la III.ia.hlDC < ter. as wine. 'beer. tea. coffee and 10IOn. Circuit 1 Court
white i Dot only dilute tbe digestive Holds, ol Messr J. W. Watson. lUdor Co- In DeLaad this week is true but it is there, as it is everywhere else
teachers la the school at dp the payment hen M. D. Russell and J. C. Keller tar the Daytona Gaxette-New The
t West Fain Beach but up to the Quit noticeable among the IndI I'j but complicate the problem by adding were appointed to Investigate plaintiff I* E. E. Rope and the defendant in life; those who look for certainty will fail
BOOB recess' hour no conclusion had dents of thli morning* hippenlnga ', ai poison to the! food. 1M
are men women
real persona ,
report with recommendation' at
x1 hvea reached I the bank wa. a man, holding; It I* idvUnble to drink freely, of the, next meeting of the board Frt- and children. The defendant sometimes to find it The merchant who ad- .

Tbe problem came op In ihe nature several hundred dollar ta check l yore water at other times than during thy night are all either resident of DaLand vertises in the MIAMI METROPOLIS I 1

of a petition from the trustee I and currency<< In has band waiting ta l meals betaiiNe the body needs every The matter of dredging and re- or person who have attended Stat

.i '1 of Special Tax School District No. I :line, to get to the window where i day at leant two quarts of water claiming Everglade land 11tbla can university. The declaration ta knows that the "Law Uncertainty" operates

0 1 r-rotfttlng to .what they claim! !- he( check were being Dais When> The body vf a man or woman of average ImrmdUte locality aDd section was the tare will not be filed until ttrI in his favor .
Ninety and Nine Times :
v Dndetpaeaeet of the leathers arriving there at last.the. man handed state contains about a barrel of wa- I then discussed, and a motion by Mr. I I December rule day so that no one ,
t .r :nD the wtfre school 1 at that place by the money in tbe window to deposit : ter. This In lieing. literally "._IDf'd" Cohen prevailed that Governor |i knows Just the nature of the action WHERE IT PENALIZES HIM ONCE.

Ike jrhool board gird In explaining )fro Rlxey] very soberly told' not of the body rate of sis or Hromatd be requested locate and i I other than It i* trespass on the ease tr

.g the ittnatton and defending the action the man that "there wa nothing dom i\ wumK, fI t.f'o; three quarts, operate one of the state dredge In and' damages In tile sum of ".000
) "
,, cof tb. board Superintendent R. fog In that line." that la hla carpacify ''| a day and so. In addition to the ....tert'OIIt.hwd this vicinity at hU earliest conven- are cl lTi .J.. Several yean ago one

E Hall. raid; : it wi .11" <
"The state la.'f'& the Board eomln' la. Is about three-quartera water) the Interest of the name aa soon asIMissib'e. old shark which Ropes claimed and
of Public Education of each county Another man apparently a stranger the { l It II I presumed that the suit a clues
) body needs about two qnarta dally. -- ----- --- -' ,
the sole right; to regulate and prescribe stool In line with a check. OB the I Mr J. W Watson offered and had I from this.Acpes! --- -
hank of Bay Biscayne, waiting to I Why are condiments mustard pep.pet i
the salaries of teachers.they 'In'Dlmoua1ao1ol'ted a resolution : gererally ba several case*
i i 10 name the amount each teacher get It cashed. A man told the "wait- I vinegar tobacco' and similar to the effect that the Board of TraJe 1 olcnmmnnlcate the court .*ket; be has been ad-

4 R to to receive, fix the period of the er" that be would be better served i i things condemned by food expert! with the Rivers and i witted to the bar and conduct his

term and add to the appropriation t at the Biscayne Bank, when looking Because, in a word. they are Irritant Harbor. Congress at W"hlll I I own' cast*. I GENERAL DIRECTORY
J oT tile around him ta surprise said: "Wai. I and excltanta. I A few
connty. ach other amount a* fering the moral support of.ot.of.1| year ago ho sued Jadge '
may be subscribed by the spsclri aura m* eff hH haint kinder quiet i I This. applies with still more force Hoard of 'trade In behalf of I| lass \. Stewart for 10,00 but the

tax Urtrirt where sacb a district like I In leer" and went over to the '. to those other stimulants, tea cosTee. "lirovement of river and harbor of declaration filed ta tile taco was orikred "-- t

<-Tlsts. preparing the salary ether bank for his cash. wine, beer and spirits All.,.. Irritants the co ictry. I stricken from the file. Rope STATE OFFICERS '
olatb !
M budget West Palm Beach I all sting the organ to frantic I In the absence of President Front I I1 appealed' to the Supreme Court and COVET OF RECORD a(;;

rt white school the Board FOR AUTUMN effort until the labor like 'last week lhat tribunal handed /
appropriated Vlee-FTesldent down
.a I SEWERS. i poor body J. C. Keller acted a*
W. I. Metcalf . . . i.
to It tile am of K.C40addlng __ 1 1Ioiefttfio tired hone spurred up a steep bUt | chairman of the meeting tad Mr. I| a decision afflrmlcg the sashes o' Oovcraor .: Naoolooa B. Browardfeerotary ,, s
Pierre .
Ir ; to the sum of $S75 a* the tllt'ft-I When It to Uldcr Cohen Judge' Jones In making the order. of State.H. Clay Crawford Braanlag .1DUcfw-
comes and I the
Way of Making; Nut Trck pastry secretary meet- '
H. Dale Miner . . . .
ittoraey General .. W. H. Ellis
te made by trustees of and Fetes. I. answer to the -..hy" to atmply act :at Its conclusion aJJonrned t,) The principal one that will benefit e. .Clerk'A

'c t trict the teachers being i Now that tocks and folds sorban ) are bad IB every' wry.. There Friday nUht at 7:30 o'clock at th. by the prvseit suit are Sherit: rreasurer ..... .... W. Y. Kaott. )
a appropria play Comptroller....... A. C. Crones
month According to this I to no health m them. Pair building. Turner and Clerk Jordan a* the UUl'.ITI COCBTAllm 1
to n, aDd the salaries axed by the Important part in the trliumlog of I I I -- fret. of these two officer will Com. of Agrtealturo. B. E. MeUa
+ board. i skirts possibly a few simple directions I to Superintendent of Public Instruction -
enough to enable thru to
hit aptxar BOW that tbe trustee u to the best method of handlingthem +I LINGERIE NECKWEAR take a alee vacation.: ... ... W. H. HoHoways.JJ I. Hoyaer. ... ... Judge f

entered Into *a agreement' wltb the I dainty additions may be welcomed .1.I NEWS NOTES FROM -- tant General .. .J.C.R.rooter Torn, ant MlamL !
a by the dressmaker. State Examiner . Inert: Amos Monday ta J..at1.;
teachers to pay them a greater sal amateur Smart Things; In Lace and Muslin; Fee Appendicitis

cry ttisn the board bad named and !I Few decorations' look more" simple than !f Bleuss. I* doe la a large masers to abas* gtat ChemUt *.. ... R. B. ROM April. Jaly and October. '

.F whl.-h win reqalre .a addition of these when finished, yet nine times A fashion that will remain throughout FORT LAUDERDALE[ of the bowel by employing drastic em..., T.UaMs..Ft.. (I I 1

1100 to t*- budget to meet. The out of tea one feels, Inclined to give upta the winter to that of wearing white purgative*. To avoid all danger, COVKTT on'ICEB&

i )- I linen collar, fronts and other accessories use only Pr. Klnr New Life Pill. STATE COMJCB8IOXS Probate Judge .-.... AD.a Jtoyarr.'.. '
loots of the teachers bat ; velop correctly unless the lsthoroughly the safe
procedure I with cash Mouse. Moat becoming gentle cleanser and tnvlgbrators. Tax Assessor . Ooo.' 0. liaise .

; Vavel uses pot sad to la the coming expeate to they the West fcavp I I understood. are these tiling, and not expensive. .Guaranteed for headache Board ot Trustees. Iat raal lavprovement Tax Collector ... Tho...J. Hardo*i'<}
It goes without saying that tod.* lillouanes malaria and jaundice atill
Hind work and real lace Iliad: The G.verncr Treaarer . .. Ooo. O. Carrie ,. .
I Palm Beach school and Farmers
are willing I must U. Oat and smooth and when play an Important In their are Busy Making Crops; druggists JSc. ,
part con- .
[" and aaxtoa to do all possible lathe Comptroller. Treasurer Coanty dark Z. T. MerrtttSherlir t.l
the skirt to fairly straight around t General . ..._ .
and Comml- Joke Irate
pretnlnes" to meet the demsadiot I ben I Which Willi r Begin to More in ..
bottom and tbe tacks to lie formed MR. mGLKRfl .of
the -tees. although they bad a HELTHGREATLY ....er of Agriealtar SipL Paklle laatraetlo .. :
s rut hra.by law to cater Into any I not very deep this ta not bard to accomplish { Two Weeks Yonnf People En. IMPROVED Board of Ednc uoa: Th. Oorer- R.B.HaaFtoh l a

', especially on children's aor. Secretary of State. Attorney and Oasoo Wards .. 'WJ H.S
contract *o far PS the amonat of .
t clothes but skirt. It I* reported that lie health of ;.. ,
a He* to concerned with tile &a1.1' grownni are apt Joyed Dance GoneraUTTOMarer and Saarintendeat I
.- to lie more or less. circular or gored Mr. Flagler to greatly improved aDd of Public Inauootkta. I cotimr COMMISSIONERS i

The board sent all op the and the tucks are usually wide, set) In I letters to oAclato and friend 1'\ .. .

leg la a discussion of the mO"-1 I I dom lens than three Inches, so It stands the city esptII.. moat hopefal Board of Pardon: Tho. Governor G.o. B. Baker ekalnaaa ...... -

4 and it to hoped will be able to to reason that the two material to be and cheerful clews la connection Secretary '"t State. Atter- R. L. Wall .. .. .... .. OJa *"

t r. satisfactory enai-lnnlon bet to far ,, caught together smb a* a tack and Fort alerdale.. Nov. 7- Mr*. R. with the extension and other developments ney General sad Commissions I C. W. MePheraos ... .. Stash

this has att bern done j i the body of the garment, cannot powlbly S. King of Danla vtalled In town that he U pro mot mg la this of Agrietilturo.CX1TKD A. Lee Allen .. .. .... Mtaaat,

A fall attendance of tbe member measure the same and that op t lex I-I l i this week the guests of relatives. section and along the east coast. A. T Carter. .. Coeoaaat Ow '

of the board Is |>rev>et. I greet precaution Is taken the """sod Mr*. T. 8.: Kennedy .wife of Dr. ir It I* highly probable that Mr Flag STATES 8K5ATORS Attsrmy R. H. Seymour ,. MUnU, tE.t
I j Kenedy, left Thursday morning for pay n extended vlalt and ..
will be porker aDd wrinkle, The .
I the mountain of Gf'\rrtS- Inspection to Miami :and the ext nilon -
| skirt should be laid Oat on the table James P. Tallaferro .Jacksoavtll BOARD OF rcBuc: rxrntrcTwx
the latter .
Rev Cecil will leave Sunday night part Of this month :
THE VEGETABLESEASON and have basting threads run through I IA for Dank, where he will hold He had planned: a visit last .* Stephen R. Mallory.' Peasaco.aTMTED
services -
I the perforations Indicating the tacks, a the coming week. bat wa forced by bnsln...* to a->.k.1 W. W. Farts, ehalrmaa ... .KUmf J ?

third basting being run through the The mane friends of Hon. P. N. Jon It for the time bell:&. STATED OOXCKJESSMEX': Herbert A. Peaaoek Wait.Pala 9pt.aJ.R.Aatkoay. -

middle. Sr. BeMIa.-i ..
Bryan will regret to know .that be R. E.: Han. elorkcmr .. ..... Mlsmh ;. \'
.t TO This applies to any woolen fabric Is quite 111. Be CharitableTo rust Bistrtct Trash Clark '

la wash goods creasing will take tile II Rev. S. W. Lawler presiding elder your home a* well a* to ycnrfelf. OalaesvtV I \ f.I 1

place of the basting thread Double of the M. E. Church South and Yoa need not infer' from second DUtrtct ... 8. M. SparkaaaTaapa. OFFICERS

tile material on this tin and ft.,. J. R. Blocker of Lemon pain of aort- bone .
closely City any yoar need I
LaaarIfoatieollo Mayor. . . .J'. H. Whartoo t
rmlrd Putrid. .W. B.
baste'the two together one-quarter assisted in the revival service hereto act suffer. Try a bottle of Balurd.Snow *
OPEN i Clerk aid Collector. .A. H. Adaas ,
lit Inch from tbe edge Now erfos I I* werk.Mr Liniment. H core all pain Manlcipal Judge..J.. C. GraaUlaTreaa.

through' tbe two baitings Bret made Oscar W. 8f'rryb1l1 arrived J. M. Robert. Bakertfleld. Mo I and Assessor. .B. B. Mlxtoai '

the akin and ao form the tack taking I home Thanday night accompanied write: "I have used your liniment STATE SENATOR Chief of Police . F. B. Hardo
care to keep the threads. of the goods' by her mother rioter-in-iaw and for ten ;year and find It to be the City Pbyekin..Wa. S. OraaUtafiCaaltary 4,

on a line-It will require considerableplaning alece. l best I have over used for maa 01 lit) Platelet Brrrard. Dad sad I lsepettor..R. B. National w

Next Week With the Pros -and. tarn with a fine thread Tbe young people enjoyed a pleasant beast." Sold by Blscaya' Drag Co. St. Lvcio. rred. ILHadaoa. Miami City Eagiaeer . E. S.-.nek 'Jt.
evening of in
gather the full line ontll It Ota tbe Barrow Ktranabaa' | Street Sept..1. D. OodsiajaI .It.*
pects Bright For a Good ooe. Baste DOW and Itbdraw tbe LACB J4SOT.strsvction. hall Friday evening of this The Democratic victories may have 1OCMBKB: HOC8B: OT !I Chief of lire Dept. .Das Hardtooocxcrunci ..

pins, sad tile tuck U ready for the m* but even then the adjunct week (the effect' of persuading the President REPRXSEXTATITE8leba : : 'f'\
i'' chine. A are BO more graceful or becoming Mr. L. P Lane'U upending the that it to hto solemn duty to I ;
rule there
and a will he more
Early Crop the sad all this wbea Imitation val or plain line meek with )fro Joe Farrow, on the decline a third term chance. W. Watsoa .. ...... Miami i.-V j'
r one tat: are treated alike beach. I
When flashed. the tat abonld he to used 1 PreeUeet . . .1. I. WI1Ma'"loaMt' '
pressed on the wrung side when 1 It Quite the fatorlt collar 1* a high their The crop farmer now are tbe all boa majority raaklnt of A Sipl..t Prayer FISH COMMISSIONERS Com'r .J. E.: Laamas '

win be that the. effect to smooth standing turnover and many are elaborately I i Streets aid Sew Com. .T N. Cutler
seen them raising large la toma- 1
t adorned with broderte anglais acreage )"y the Lord help you make J. T Detwller..New Smyrna Public Bldgs. Com'r..I C. Tucker
Tb 1 '
vegetable sklplng eaoa will I and even all around.Added and have hemstitched edge. toes. The crops will begin to move Buctlen'a Arnica Salve known tall. I. C. Rag .. ... Apalacbicjla .Sanitation 'r..1. I. WOsota
open ap la fall fore new week folds are used exclnslvely In about two w..kI.Mr. ( :
rites J. O.
.whoa tile severs 1 commission house* Just now. and to make these the gad< most without exception they are and Mrs. Reed A. Bryn and Hill. N. C. It Jenkins quickly. took of Chapel the".I RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS I Fire Dept' Com'r..1. B. Rill, : I..

ta this city will resume. bul.**.. should be laid flat a table together at the front with a bar pin JJ-I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bryan.wl< Police D-pt. Com'r..Laster Oraagor 1
upon plot pain ont of a felon for me and eo.d'tD !
Hark A WhatCom'r M. R. Kotlas '
Tb. outlook for a good .. gold or sllrer. and tile old safety :
J aaua lag a yardfrth-k diagonally access thf'm.lf'I'IaJ I and| Saturday In Miami the guests It a wdndertutly short tine." R. Hudson Burr chairman: I II ',jb

exceedingly bright, Ml crops belrcita I!' from selvage to sclvige sign l N rarely If ever seen now. Anykind ,' of their rlsttr: and family Mrs. F on earth for sore tarn and I !' . .. . ... Little RiverJ. I CITY BOARD OF TILt>>.

good eondlUoa cad 'cry prods' i Dot a line with! chalk and then proI I may he substituted but a plain A. sounds. 24c .at all' draggkt L. Morgan . . Jasper v

estimated bYe. The at acreage about tile U tomatoes that* I red to make similar lines the "length cite bar with a single Jewel In the center I' -- R. C. Dunn clerk . Madison I W. W. Front . ... PrealdosM .
same a* I to often used.
i' of tbe InteiMled fold. U these are to Barnet.T'R Offices: Tallaba-i, Fla. J. C. Keller let vio mint '
of last fait bough liter to \'U1' ,
a I The variety of linen or muslin
". rabstaotlal Increase ta that of ecg'i he doubled allowance must vf course tmall front : ::ES J. I. Wilson Id Vlco-ProoUoat
or with these
i ,, i.tants tad pepper oa* grower it CoJL be made, sail In any case allow for worn .. FEDERAL OFFICERS G. Dnaeaa Broosler . Secretary
} rnaaut Grove having forty acrrti la turnings. Ian to endless. and tiny silt ta'-I II' Isldor Cohen .. ..... Trrasoros1 /
iepers. The -jion far hose vegetabl any color are good.' From Ocklawa Iha Nurseries S Commissioner J B R-tlly Board of Governors 8. Bobo
Plata turnover collar with e : il.S Commlasloner. Fred. H.RsndJr
a. i Dean. Jobs W. Watsoo. Iiidor
to verj long beae they ar* i
ty narrow plaited ruffle are prettyand Are giving greatest satisfaction. to hundred of Miami.I !, -
among them:=-t profitable of fall. 1 TIwft' Nol- I I r oar customers in Find Coken. T. V. Mooro.coorrr .
crop* becoming for morning wear. Thereare da. They always grow ; they alwaji. bear fruit true to name of variety S. Commissioner Goy I M.-icalf I

Commission 'house reprneatatlvw. Talking, you cant beat Herblnery curs to match West Palm Heath DEMOCRATIC
from various part of the count for the liver The greatest regml- Covering lIP entire barn of a blouse I Some Satis faction, in this I I C. S. I3ISPKCTOR IMM1GR.TI01:' I OOMMrrTEB
down the trout In[ planting now, think of the future. The V Vaughn Howard . Miami
f sir* beginning to arrive IB Ute city tor ever offered to suffering ha- are so called' Jabots to proves success of jour in
I r sad touring tbe county. The rival1ry ,{ I I i inanity If you suffer' from liveru bo 'worn with thin waists. They are estment depend on the trt'ell1oD plant, Make no mistare but come to I'. "". CUSTOM: COLLECTORH. Wm. A. Filer ebalrmaa Lemoa City t
T. Ferries .. . . MiamiJ. I
to aa kea u usual and alll,, complaint If you are bilious andHe' aot suitable with plala Mouses having I Ila.tioD i George P. Ball ee e'ytteaa..Wee
Y- some aafo.ealanalt) befall ':, will put It In It* proper eoaJIUoa. tiff curs A woman who to at all Headquarters fOIl'reea r reliable Trees j F. Woodworth . Inspector Henry Styomana ..... S watt i.?
crop .all Dade coanty: grower will A f'OI'ltha rare" for constipation bll- clever .with her needle can make" those ?naranteed to arrive at destin in rood order. If they don, I P'. M Powell .. . ... Jupiter !
realise handsomely: from their passts. ofretful' I Its yoir liver aDd Herblnei frost piece .with strip of embroidery'. we replace them. No White Fly I C. 8. L.XD OFFICB I Geo. W. Potter .West Palm Beset r
.. i! <>ua_. dyu>*pMa and all 111:* due or lace left from other work and there I R. H. Rousseau e. .. Boymto

t i to a torpid liter Try a bottle 'lid'j shouts be one or more ruffle of lace Address, O. W. C ONNOR! Proprietorne Shield Warren . Receiver I W. W. Snell .. .. .... potnpa
will I John S. . .. .. Dean
onCE TO CREDITORS you never use anything else. j dowa each side. Tbe Jabot to fastened Sundy ,i
1 Sold b, Bltcirje: Drug Co. aDder Florida II S Chubb Register'Gainesville. J. F. Sash . . DeerSoM
tile collar and a day bow,either .
la Court of tke County JadgeStateof -- E. T. Klac . Fort Laaderdml .'
of nk or hand work,, maW a
Florida.In the pretty -- -- I1. W. MII lkla.. .. .... Dash
Probably It was down antoh at tile throat"
re E.tate of ,, J. Stone.DadeCoaaty. I I the Ohio by the President Bailing that maJehe SCPREMB COCRTH. I II C. D. Leffle .. . . MtoJBdCoeoaaat .
Fred'k.BealJ S.; Morse OroroC.
< ;
To all creditor, legateea. dtotrba- I Republican. victory possible laKratarkv. I ProbaDly the greatest cariosity I r. Tsylor. .. .. Chief Justice W.. Hill:. :. :.:. Buy! ral ?

? tees and an person having claims I I for miles around the bearing apple Associate Justice: J'. B. Car- E. H. Klrkmaa .. ... Cutlet :
\ or demaad against said estateToa : ::Ista te ter. W.A. Hocfcer. R. C. Coek-
; There to no BfoaMol tree In the yard of Mr. Ducro '
and each of yoa. are hereby I I Inotified rail T. M. Sbaekleford J. B. CITY EAEcrnTE COMMITTM ( ';
In Bellealr. This Ire'! has a.nmedicnHersble WtaflHd.

L i claims and and demand required to which present yoa aay or ,, fretful Why your during baby the thr-tld Bight.be chinas Worms : proportion. and U full!I I Office up itairs Cor, Av*. C and II ta M. H. F. Atklmwa .. .. . Caatnnaa.' 1

\* either of you may hav against (heestate are the causes of thin sickly bab- the year around of apples in. diff Miami. DadeAGENT Co. Flordaa SEVENTH /VDICIAL CIRCCTT ,' A. E.: Hey**. .... See"r-,**.. -:

of W. J. Shone deceased late I le* It to alters 'bat a healthy rent stage of maturity from th* John M. Brdln Fred'k 8 -$
Minor 8. Jones .. . ..J4TttuvUI I' C. .
Mono. Harry Budge.tteruy
.. CIl Dado coanty Florida to tbe aatierdgBed baby should l h. fit and deep .well.If Bower to the fan grown fell It I

tat, wltbla admlatotratrlx two yr of froG said tho*+- :roar don't baby -Joe* not retain Ita to of a read variety, aid to sweet.Bra OR LANDS Or V loha C. Jones .. .*SUU A I I V. S. PO TX."TEH 1.
fool eioeriment
with collr I
/ aDd Jstcy and .to of d.llebof *. Orlando '
a I
date ...-.or. .
a Dated October 1$. A. D. 1MT. a cures bottH and of 04 WhJU'a ItenPecI1d.Croaja.. bat Vorml.fuge favor. The tree demonstrate thai Florida East Coast Railway Co Z. T. Merritt ... ..... .. Clerk 1 Harry C Bad,. . .. Mead "
reel huff eaa be grown ben aa well Buena Vtota
t Aaa H. Sboa. Florida Coast Line Canal aLd Trans. Co.
aid ;wDl
ywi sons a** Tour other atato ta the Unloa. If I
: ay Term. Int Moaday ta March and C. S. UfB MTIXO IDYJCIS
: ..
Katatotratrtx. Eat. ot W. J. a.
baby haw color sail taagh M It boated ta the proper atanaer.aJa. .-Clear Boston and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Co. October.
4sosusL: .
....w. Sold
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