k in thl'l I 'ni all t. ago ieuTI :. "'r.n aa"... 'h, '. r'T
n'. v"ne".eiai tt them '! S.i ijnat has '.e. n 'h- Increase of n..TIE') ,. : <- ,r .t:,. Itrt-e r"r: ,1-; Going at Zero Prices

I h'r: "' .-. ant| 'hl !'emat.1 fot t'. rf'l "f t ,, I1.< h ; r :.. _.'. 't.'n 1.'
., rfes ",, mi .Icc.sfu"' nl I ..
), 'd I a tine; : .xdltelyrim | ";- t.rrl.panlr If' ': :. _
e. z hr ".\ envy-ning '!'nr1 'h aRit"! \ ;vft 'C'ent q'arrer.alt V ',-i:.. .. m

.' \I h' ..a -e taken Into 1 neid d I snl, n'-"art. and ton Tb- ra'rut'' tar" ; ;:& ,.. ..': ;; '.en.
The J* '''' nod,! II r "aiactlngv i n ot f !. 'h aam I t't.'autia I ad- '.. : .. ,r 'l.r ti.., I'" r.< 1 .; .
'..r of 9 ''I ,- -v1" rIb.. Ml'l'in wit, '", 1.' r. 'he rear 1'hePlc. .0 .". 'h. :. : _r" .
\ 't. .
meettg jmtrnedt : '-0,1' Aij i-rtrer IIn. II' ." :-




What are >ou doing ''oward qiulifjlng )i,ur.*lf to vro 'in the approachIng I I TB4< qU .!103. "ituU I aJterUe"" come to every merchant at :.a* Urn
.. B. Tatum. President S Bob Dean. Sec .Treu. '
prlBJr and, election' If )ou are n.)' crt i a* t r. j.auelegibllity to when :business t I. dull observes sn exchange

THE MIAMI PRINTING COMPANY rote It in time > ou mere making Inquiries about .1'! r .iuie an., getting; yeas He sometime, satlsBes Uimself with tbe conclusion t.ia wbll business
-- -
cnlzenship in the proper condition Is Jan h* can nest afford It.Vaea
Its BMMllh II iW ODe )e&r. . . . . .lt 0 To be a : busiaou pleas UI one mercliAa: will say
qualified vovr It I la necessary that one be reg.aterrd sod hare :bat t bot has all the business he ae da.ind another will\ say that wail butt-

tan** paying In advance will receive a years subscripUcn for II10aal his poll taxes paid for th. last two ran prececdlng! the primary election, nest It good h* will adtertls- There .Is with many merchant a mistaken

six months subscription tar 75 cntt This ts 1 a !Tlb ra': dltoourt to I due* or ia the last case for the year 1,04 and W5 It you are not registered l :tea in regard W advertising Amax who has a business should a4vrtUSV

ntrtetly ad vane* payment the law requires. that you must hare trees a resident of the State torone It continually

i jetr and of the county six months to do sea After registering When business Is slow, endeavor to liven It up. and when It doe cans

Entered at th* Poeto>ace at Miami. Florida at'MCOGd-elua> matter. you must pay > our poll taxes for the two previous years Those who up endeavor to keep it alive dome business men ssy that with their

bar become of age since the last general election are required! to register particular business the; have nothing to advertise, If not then they ought

and pay poll taxes tbe same as the newcomer Into the county Three requirements to keep their! names bot ore the public continually In a way that will attract
FRIDAY.' APRIL 11 104 apply of course only to American citizens and those not exempt attention

by age.The It you cant advertise your goods advertise your personality, and If po
county registration Look, a* well utile tax books, are now open, pie do not buy because
THE BOY WHO WORK your goods of their merit. make them buy out of
the former in the various precinct of the county, and the latter at the court
respect your pluck aad Ingenuity la placing them before the pubUo.Adrertls .
house from the hours of I to 1 and tram :2 to 6 o'clock dally The former with all the money you can spar U paya

TV Valdosta Tim**, one of the best and most original paper ta books will be open until the JOt, last, aad all persons entitled by law to

southeast Georgia preaches tbit sermon to boys and young men, that thorld register and vote !In Dade county should see that their names are placed on MAKING A NEWSPAPER PAY

be published by every paper In the State for la IU remotest parts there are the books and their poll taxes paid on or before this date

.ubjecta that It might tad should do rood: There seems to be a general misunderstanding as to when poll tales la
telling the South Carolina Press Association how to make a sews
"Do you feel young fellow, that you bare a bard time! YJUT houri are may be paid and some are ot the Impression that they are not being received A. B.
paper pay, Jordan other ad vie this
among good *, gar :
long. Tour task it hardaad the wages small The content of four weekly BOW. This is a mistake as the primary law enacted tn 103. and unchanged
Impress dllaqaats the tact that the dollar you0feajust ,,
upon they owe
pan envelop will scarcely carry you over the week. Sometimes TOIl mastwear specifies that poll taxes shall be received by tile tax assessor up to aad Including >
tad bOllor l. debt that them It the It I
to day
the second ; you expect pay very *
patdtetroa.ers or a frayed cat Tour employer expect a treat deal Saturday In the month preceedlng the day of say primary
. election. da*. Beat It Into them. Demand from them ta* snm prompt" ho*)* *.
from you. Other fellows drew well and hare plenty of money. They hare or special It other words poll taxes may be paid up to and through
just business method lad dealing the business world demands of
eoddllag father aaj mothers, while you toll .'* Jays a week to make a living."Never Saturday May S, the election being oa the l&th of that month Let them that you.
understand you employ the sam stern rigid laflxlbl bun-
It Is "
mlad. young man Ton are ahead of the boy who hat every lea' Important that you remember these facts You can register from .mesa method
IB the maaagtment of buala.. that ar employed by
try at BOB*. Tot are gutting experience that he matt get somehow later now until April !,. and you have from now until May b. In which to pay your the
great anaadal .Lae than will
earpotat.ts world sad the accounts oSt
oa. Because later poll tax. Every good citizen desires to vote aad thereby have Mad ta
aooaer or he mail flint the real battle of life hlmaett a
your subscription, honk lie worth old afor wU
dollar commaM
your paper
14 ya have the advantage. While life hat been mad easy for him heIBCEI the selection of the men to office that will represeat their Interest though admiration and wf paibUahr
who rend th win aatval-
renpect every see It. *
drill some forego the duty by neglecting to qusllfy Don't let It be
Lid dltdpllae which every llfe-eoldler must go through. Youw the nee In
i this ly b* dawn Into laser uaton with the leading badger nvsn of his community
preparing yourself. He may go la without preparation sad tall. Instance. Dade county Is growing and It U tile desire of all dUaras
| sew those of hU patrons who coursed him for lax busla** method wtd
"Work: U a great blessing Too can not see BOW, but some day you, that the total! vote of the county be polled on election day. admire him for his strict adhraac to common busln*** priadpUs-

win any that you were fortunate la your boyhood Jay because you were com- that that the populates State and It county can see the growth and appreciate the manhood The PvasacoU Jouraal commenting OB Mr. Jordno'a statement says:

petted to wtork. .eau.ou caa aotget power to do things tar by Joist
"To South Carolina
newspaper naa has told the wale seem of sews
u.... Look over the successful men you know. Get their hlttory. Nearly
paper prosperity Tom many newspaper men. particularly those of the smaller
very OB was compelled to work IB boyhood. They toughened their mute- DAILY ADVERTISING
papers have had aa Idea that because their buslaes wan small. then was
lee by hard work aid aharpeaed theirbralns by looking oat for themselves not the aecesslty for strict business method which everyone realizes most
"Work make mea. Luck usually fall. Pluck nearly always win* Tu
The Pensacols Journal one of the best dally papers la the 8tat..pr_b and do obtain in th* larger business enterprises."No .
taoceed la obstacles
anything mutt Fore
one overcome and fibre
are .t this pithy, pointed sermon on dally advertising: greater mistake hah ever ba mad.. A aaantsipwr busla*** .U
by hardships Grit la u neoeaaary la the making of a man u gumption. "The 'cumulstlre force of good advertising Is the same a* the 'cvmav just like any other business lad It must b* conducted on: tb* sass business
Hardship are sot always handicaps Often
they help Too will
are onIsntaad lathe force' of good food. principle Many nwspapr men hesitate to press taw conctlon of B

that this better la twenty years Meantime"permit one who has lived "Here and there a merchant believe a little toe much In th* fore. of small subscription soonest because they an afraid that th* subscriber win
tweaty years Lid more to advise IB this
advertising-that is. in the wrong way. He is convlced of the 'cumulative become oSeaded aad atop his paper It does not seen ta occur to Us

force of good advertising; and lie thinks that two or three good ads a that If a subscriber caa not pay a small account lie otrtaAeJy can not pnrn

A CRUSADE AOINST FILTHIt week will generate enough of this cnmalallv ore*' to run business for the\ Large one and that If ke U not noiag to pay at cal. the but thing that A

other Jays of the week on which be toes Dot advertise at all-but on which be don Is to stop bin pacer Other newspaper men. new afraid to ask for

I* gratifying to not that the matter of sanitation aDd cleaatlnes Is h* still hopes to do a good butlne : their\ advertising spas* what they think It Is worth It never seeming. to

"The rule will apply to eating with Jut the fare have occurred to them that If they can not get what It la. worth they might
becoming a much discussed question throughout the country, and especially j same as to advertl tni as well out of business
la the South aad an epidemic of clean streets and clean premise Is "No one doubt the 'cumulative force" generate! by good food in ample go
; quantities. "It Is a healthy lID of the Urn** that these Ideas axe chnaclag and
that the newspaper men generally aN learning to do attains. .in tie,
-But no one Imagine that beessjseof this ease
TMtft'da, press dispatches! told of a meeting called by the! citizens of ::, 'cumulative force'he may do that other basin
way men do. This U apparent la tau
ClaciaaaU to consider the question of street cleaning and Improvement, and without eating on one or two or three days a week. appear.nee
also that the school teachers sad children would take a had la the crusadeaIalut I I "Of coarse he could do It-an4 lire sad 'Joll,.' himself Into the beUf of the paper themselves and that fact will reader It much herder tor
the old class of t* along than It has ben
Bwsoaom get rr beIon.-
filth. Such a movement 1* commendable and If It become general! and that he was thriving very well on 'cumulative' nosxtsament.

.U panned rigorously there must necessarily be a great Improvement not only I "But yesterdays good dinner doe not do away with the desirability of OPPORUNITY IN THE STATE

ta th* sanitation. but the health of every city sad place where It prevail j; u good a meal 104.or a better one. And yesterday's good tdrerUs-

In the smaller cities tile women and children are combining In organlta- ; mat may well be followed by a bettor one today-aad a still better one C>
I : Probably nothing give a better Idea. of the tremesdao dvopm'
dote under various name, but all having a* their object perfect sanitation. morrow.
which: awaits the South that does a thorough spprecintlow of tM tact that
th* denalag of premises, planting of trees and the! Improvement of streets
only about one-third eL the tan LaaJa la tile Southern States lasprovud.
sad much etectlv work Is
being done. Th Metropolis ha frequently called! DUTY OF A NEWSPAPER
and th* farther fact that the are urjied farm laads Is but mall
.a* attention of th* dtlxena of Miami to tile necessity of the** Improvements s properUsa

sad BTfed the .*$., and cleaner condition of the dt,. Miami I* no a dirty of tile land which will some day lie reclaimed: aad mad Smile.

dt,. ta tact It t* much cleaner and far healthier than many places In the ''| Th* editor of the Plant CUy Courier while dlscsnaing the duty *t a The wealth Lid opportunity awaiting the futon syn,rnt1n* nf ffjH

Stat. but tiers .U .room for Improvement. newspaper an evidently taking th* misdeeds of BOOT snare nf the .law a* wonderful empire are equalled .ta no section of the ouatrv. eras .tn denee.

Miami I* growing; developing fatter than aay other place tn the South I j Its baa tor argument, utters this truth relatlv to thus\ object aad purpose What other section beam Into IU Up vur7 your ............

aad on that account It .la impossible for the city to keep abreast of the ad- i,I of newspapers, other than giving t\I\ ,. new*. In a city and community: af BW money from, one cmp __! A staple whisk the worth always

vancemenL Therefore It would be a most commendable act for the citizens "It baa long beea a mooted question ns to just ions far tile duty of aa ad aaj which It l. constantly using In Increasing quantlUen. Tb acgregnt -

everyone of whom have or should have the Interest la the town, to folio i editor goes la exposing tile wtongjolng of a public official. Th aewsoaper of the cotton crop mast grww nnnuaUy, and the revna frusn It moat

the example of other places aad orgaalxe a body having as its object and ,i dearly has duties other than that of merely pabUshiBt th* sews Custom tatrvas In proportlac. Aad this U bat on* Ilim.on.* Song .*..... of

note n perfectly' clean, healthy and Improved dt,.. pur |I hat made It the mouthpiece far ta* public conscience. It I* aa educator aa. tU salubrious climate aad varied tsrtlltty of soil yielding *a may different

A knc and tedious summer is. before us and w* can not be too clean: I i sputter la moral civil and material affairs sad. the mona through which, the kinds of products. 1. the aAesper pine to live for labor gwsMmly. sad aa
saber In editor disseminate his Indirlaaal .Dtaion*. mach of It. especially taU ImawdlBt part of tt. has SmhsMsstnts unUM of
person or property, and If the people will not ret together collective-1: I
ly let every one Individually make himself or herself the promise and fulfill "If a J.Iptb. mat Into whose hands It commuted the keeping of tike .. Is sure to becom..Rat the Went maautactnribc cemtnr *f th* aatlon.Th
as Interests *
It that they win do all they can: towards maintaining' clean premises" and Improving aa property of th people of the commonwealth country
sad beaull ylng their property. -I* known to b* unverthy of tile trust csm sal tied to him wasn but It raise thus things which they do rats, as wlasaC\ com, hay and

reports are being circulated the frmta. It has treat mineral wealth; It has more timber wenltk taaa say
It Is tile little things that count and the matter ot sanitation I.I one of r ardlng conduct of such officer which reSects
she least that caa be considered malattlnlng the health and aparaace of not only upon him but rpoa tile peopi whom be Is supposed to r. other section of tb* ccualry save tb* Pacific Coat, ana Wa hi almost la-

bssldea reseat is It. or Is It not witha the province of to msJu assemble beau of ta* cot of ...a1IQ.It .
a city It I* a duty you ow yourself as one of tile superior creation a newspaper public
of an Almighty Ruler Let the crusade start and it will soon become a his. short-comings If it I* knees that this sam ,judge ha* on more the

pleasure rather that a task and the result will be only too evident now anjIn oae occasion:: had to sdjuora. \hit court until lie **stU" recover fro mths effects tile legal tratrally of th\ SUM caa carry tt* day. 5cR. Can B. Park-

tile }ears to com of a night's debauch sad that h* has actually appeared upon the bench hm. of Peasaeola. Juatlc of the Supreme Court will be elected by aa untnl-

;*f ,# la one of the counties of his district so much under the Influent of liquor mats vote. Pnrkhiffsstrigai. J .

MIAMI I .IS PROSPEROUS. as to be usable to preserve the\ dignity of Ms court U a aewspa *r justified

a-a | la suppressing these facts, provided they are knsjva to b* facts! Remember you can relater: until the 0thi and pay yosnr paD tax .t ..

.- i "The** are questions, the like of which at time come to. rery newspaper and Includlnc Snto>dav. May ( It will b* accessary for aO nnuallfld dtUa -

At BO time la. Its history have the prospects of Miami been greater an* editor and as we see It. are question which caa not be answered acorjlng to do so betnr toy caa vote .la the pctoary nod sssrtlasx:
'brighter thaa they are today, aDd at no time has the city ever been mor 1 I
to any etabnd ml. but mist be met and answered by inch tnUlrldsal
prosperous than at present evidences of prosperity lad development are editor for htmselt" The aolhraclt coal ntrlk of 1M1 I* estimated to have coat ll4A.000.MOi

risible OB every hand. Throughout the city sad to the remotest part o.: the I Th* total cost la money, of the Spaalah-Amrricaa war wee lltS.MO.tOC.

suburb the song of the hammer Is dally heard and la all parts of the What will the thrateaJ strike cos'*

county there n more budding aad Imuorving going on than at any other THE NEXT COftMAtu -

Urn*. -- Ta Outer 4IUoB .f th* Pvasacota Jumal last Sunday was a meat

Th* reason for this prosperity Is obvious It can not be Jenled thai While: the Democrats are In a woeful" minority In the present Conc excelleot effort ta Bwapnnr production. bt-that In an every day oorur-

Miami la geographically located aid surrounded by a country rich la pr* then Is a posilhUlt that tie next House may be Democratic. Many lending ounce with the Journal which ls one of the bt papers IB the Stat and

4ueUveea that most necessarily make It a great city The people of the Republicans admit that there it a probability of a reversal! of their majority. South for that matter.

city sad county are energetic and actir They believe la deed; sot words I One of these I* thus quot*4".

Lid thereby hang the story that Is today making Miami and DaJe count "I look for an orrtam In Congressional elections la the aatuaa W* Money fa tb* tl used on the en.|>. ot pnbilctty ao other fuel win

famous for the wonderful strides they have taken in a very few year I, or la for a licking. There Is no Joubt that people all ever the country are produce a pound of steam Publicity: ls th* engine which pall 1 your stoXM

Conditions could not be better for a great building era la Miami this strongly aro.. 4. Some good men will suffer for other men' wroacdatagt. tad a good engineer will tn you that to ssv* on th* fuel I. to slacken talc

summer aad aa a matter of fact all architects and builders are BOW engaged The public strike blindly Political stacks with the eure-all nostrum wU. .P*.d.

la drawing plans for costly residences and badness blocks, many o* have their day. Follle will be committed. Experience, however la the

which will be started at early dates. One builder estimates that tally hal only teacher that lie heeds There will be a return to sanity The commonsense "Light grins make heavy purses: tor light galas cane often, great saw

a million dollars will be spent here la building alone between BOW and net i of our people will prevail and In the end good will com of this but now and thea." This Is the philosophy, upon witch bargala sale are

tall while another says the valuation of all new buildings In Miami an* ': housecleanlng good many people will not regard the defeat of the Re- based: but It would lie a useless mwrcaatu proverb It It were not far adver

suburbs will reach the three-quarter million mark before the close o; the publlcaa party and the tae of the House of Representatives u an Irreparable sing
national Injury.

year.These It all tile editor .la the Stat with th* Ls ltlatlv* bee la their bonaU
are conservative estlmateaand while the sums teem fsbalous
Could b* elected to inch office It would be
one to Inspect the new buildings BOW going up sad then view the plan of PLANS FOR THE SUMMER necessary to import a fw suffering -
scribes: from elsewhere to fin their Tile
those contemplated will quickly dispel 1 the Idea of Its Incorrectnet j editor of tb* Metropoils
don't wait a political! office of any kin !. H* Is
contented to at
Every line of business la Miami Is prospering All merchant hare done A long and tedious summer confront the people of Miami and though home and continue to give to the people of Miami tad Dade stay
of the
county see
aad are still doing a good bushes Labor Is la Jemaad and at good wage' there I* every Indication that the period will be one of great building actlvVty best papers published ta the Stat Tallahassee Is
dry now, .
Th health could not be better Public improvements are being mad sad the time will become monotonous and a drag to those fore*I by busi- sayway.J.

others are contemplated The people are of good cheer aDd contented neat and other condition to nmaln at home unless tome lla* of amusementor S. Geiger and ton. L. D. O<<,",.!Iaye a..um.-clille editorial maaai.
What more could we want to make a thriving aDd energetic dty specially Interesting event Ire planned and carried out wherein the !
monotony meat tad control of the Fort Pierce News, taking charge with the last Isau.
There are always prime evidences or facts upon which to base the its can be broke and a day of rest and pleasure Indulged and enjoyed Th Messrs. Geiger are Floridlaas by birth iad have been conaetd with
Willy Lid thrift of a cIty These are numerous an I vary according to tt*
various Florida publication Tb. News has bn
section la which the city: is located but one that never falls to prove b*> see of tb* very bt
The Metropolis would that the Board
suggest new of Trade take! up thee weeklies that cam to our exchange table and in relinquishing tM controlto
yond nue tlon the !kind and calibre of people populating a place are th matter of summer amusement aDd pI..u,". and put Into operation plan other men Mr. Charles. 8. Emerson promise patrons sad public that It
..,.Pft'S. A lire up-to-date .Is positive evidence of Uv
newspaper a whereby th. people of the Stat can secure cheap excursion rate hr. It will be'kept at the present high staadsrd a* a paper.
apte-date sad thriring town or city. Is a well known fact that there are thousands In Florida who know of Miami
Miami Is fortunate la having three that would be a creJlt to
papers *adty '
la Bam only; who have never visited the lower east coast and who have Th Jacksonville Metropolis dlseunslac the complexion of th* text flat
many time Its slse. These papers nave been Instrumental In the d* I
no conception of Its many advantage commercially and otherwise Legislator and speaking of the Interest
productively: manlfestej I. tile prsidacy: of th*
Trtopment of city and county aid show beyond a doubt that Miami Is thrtr. \
lag and prespertag. Let It be 10.CONC".T& and there I* BO doubt but many of them could be Interested If they Senate of that body, names HOB F M Hudson, of Brevsrd eouaty but sow

could be gotten here residing In Miami. on* of the several members matload for the honor

ETON SUILDINO SLOCKS Where there Is a will there .la a way, aad as tile average Floridian Is The Metropolis knows of ao man mire fitted. intellectually sad morally

I too busy la the winter Ume to go visiting the only way and Urn to get to fill this Important position among our Slat lawmakers than )fro Hadi..

The most generous use of hollow.concrete stone block for building him here Is by excursions la the summer but after he has been gotten hre on. F i |

be should be entertained, and mac Metropolis believes It Is within the
purpose la Miami tespeaks well: for the material, and prove the Importance pro-
of the Industry here vine and purpose of the Board of Trade Dot only to plan excursions from When. Marshal Hardee get his "1Ia", up" wagon the disgraceful *pe

For many these blocks harp been I all over Florida, to :Miami, but to arrange a program of amusements, sports, taele of police officers lagging drunken men and women through the street
rears successfully used elsewhere la '
the const ruction-M public and private building Within the last few yet !' etc. for their pleasure ss well as the benefit of the "suya-hames"rs will be a thing of the past Such a wagon Is s necessity to the piles

however. Inventors have taxed their 101li Dult) to provide steel moulds of I July Fourth would be sn appropriate day for a "big: time" In Miami. The partment, which averages a greater number o' array than say <-iSfcity

such perfect and varied designs, and such extraordinary care has been taken Board of Trade, backed by and assisted by the citizens, could plan and make of its sire la the State This I la caused by -h.. s -...' number ">f imported

by contractors to mix the proper Ingredients of which the blocks are can the event one to be commemorated with the history of the town For theo laborer now la this! vicinity who com to own to drink and commit

poked that the superior quality, tultabilltt and l-aut of these block 1 Jay time a firemen* parade and contest could be had a military content other disorders A patrol 1 wagon I I. a prac'lral n...-.. sty| an.I It ran net
uppllej the
building purpose, hat become rest much more generall) recognized would prove attrartUe. a series of athletic e\ents such s* running jumping police deparmen' any t.io anon

It Is claimed that a house constructed of these concrete blocks will successfully wrestling.I t t"rinZ. blcjcle rao. public I speaking 1 comnienilator and In praise
: : I Although the tourist ..-....n cl......! oflrtallt I wh the Recta
resist fire that the nails are of suiwrlor snlidltj that moisture Oh of our city end coun'j- and baseball game, w.xilj all prove attractlve.whllfn P'III: on the
4th! Inn. visitor who bar ..
M.n .
the outside Is mart efiWrnalh ;'re\ .n'ed and l 'bat the building present art a magnlflcrn' ,1\l Inv fan..o g'"' their fill n 'hM.m hsvof
out h-alin .
Itecturalh a much more plcailrg: ppararr The bollom part of the block.CIY fitting clost for' ouch sn occs'lon I n. -
lIla! '.... .
( part of the S-a'" Thva -h.t rpprrr'a 1.. f.. ,
superior ventilation ant I vn ".mu.nl. nt;> accommodates pipes 'or u r. B) plf.nlnt; sonvbtng, on the alxite' .<"rl.l and lining: It well) sal I sate -a ..1
U sunshtni end :irm In Fi|ihi' ,r I' no' .. .. .
it. e. .
ton purposes at nell:: s. ..III..1nl.. of .Irt00 ftlrall 'h>" thuull !.. h' Land 11. il.: I.
n-Ijus cal' a< 0 be free fntlrt"lyof : ) ni i'at'i >n no- p-''p-r ar.'! ire ";c rou.TT! ar. : 'j '.in. . .
JanfPTMiami; different!!) this funnier than i\f I 'ore In I I'- hl.tor.'h.,! .'" > "ii think rl a I t w
,'orm <>r Ml/znr c.o o"in it : m -.tim r h. _. h. d.. .
ran !I.>*.. ..f .<"! < t r. rev: n.anufa'llIr'flr 'he hlrhmt gradeconcrete of of cat tdti. ''';1'J!' n..< t. uf Mun i I' n w n. ,u, !! f T .1 !iv' *.. tinlr iwr ,n-Ml\!1 dl"! it.i-: T- an"N n/
'miliiiuit; blocks\, anl I u nan.nts. the r e
component part* of which are -
native tw.'a. h sand and| c"tr B th cono*>iri,>. or i onip.ml.ire dlD( a- Ol.a'ar 1 rl,I itpwaM ;; fh;: :plr" pm tilling: : ir. Miami' std: I'. !I.. f m't

sptendid hU'ln t v> and ..., h h.,,,,. x,,,-, lid 1 the' I-Tk rar.f'K'x: contendthat .
I Some fh .
they are iip.--ir. tin- ,,-h't.|>. "a .>f -he r- .,-.. wMrh! ar' toad ror-rer-'Tj 'h- n"i, hu' "f J "ir.-iH: I;.' th- !oJ' 1.,1., r.n..r..m''rlr! :: I I 'hn an'te'-; I- r;.',. '. P.I-.: -. :.n- !;.\ :-?- n- r. ::'L' .,.',, e.. ., ; i

roalnlv ft.mii -t .> ..n.'rT vv's "Th' 1r -or' )o-ir-if! '< !10''!. Jo'r-iall'ts ,..
rp an.4 JoTrn n whop not N" ha"f I !In'ln! .fr.g ''a' 'h. net.-o., ,r > ..f"
Thi' fat h.' aI"& --s aa',: --n hi "I. na------- her 11:. w.. T' "'I"1\ 1 :'>nt H.r. I!t" ,1-1 -r-.. to low J'nrn.' 'n his: vans ;i < -h -y hate In m"I1'nth 'Z of

built b,jrf ,'1\ thrv.o) : .k- ...r I 'h. 181"": nunJer i>f other ,'.-" "Ir..a c
and planned a > II... h'ii' ,! far uIn hch! !the mav-ital i I. held sib. us aaaH: Anl h'. tiro-.Io' m '.r.g ."...11' hex' eiefitton .' . 'II' r'... "
: 'nr
and if the pre..ont nee ,"f C c-ntiip'ii' ron'inutMiami will :It. a few rear* bedeillmrc' of 'he public mL..A -bar. T'! o'hr rt.i.... .f r..i-T.ll-'x t.*.-h r warn[ sat! nan '"- tar .n whirh h..q. TI,. '".' h

be a city built almost entlrch of ronc-c'e blocks with the Met In'en'lons oftei. hir f-ener wro-ni', Intention at al! T- .' .
p 0 h. e Th' p.npl" .r iM 1 rv .tn". '..11.., .. 1 1.\ rr I ..,
color uualh ""' |1,101'! |t"ef! In wv t -r
The merchant who U) f In his advertisement. Just what h.' would\ tai either on the urfaf'' T h' >' Ir 'he attiwr.f, pr j-irj! 'o-imi'- j J'III" Tn- .i'-nc' wit <-lrr'im"Mn'l.i' Sii-' r ,. d
nr ,,
la an hour's talk with a "customer hat tr: p' the (p-obletr ,f writing -IT 'be r. -n Iott"" "."* w ..r '... ,,t r. -,.. t pie *>..;: ."*. i :
aa "effecflre' advertisement % Sometime the journ !I"' s,,' the mo*' ">ru'ai ntitrheri Ix' stain 'b.> iam ai.. kPAGa .. mf



I !' graph of the patters and a technical tire of vehicle used to haul wood i

description of the good About or other heavy lads :

OUR NATIONAL hundred sett will be teat out to all of or Improved roads la '

The Man on the the milling ('011.tn... At there are this State BOW havlaf I

not enough to go around they will hereafter build and (' : WILLIAM J. BRYANIN

Corner LAW MAKERS be returned at the end of a certain roads I I. hereby fixed
j 'I
L time to. the department aad sent oat I as fallows Of. two rORCIGN LANDSU

i to fresh town. The sets of carJt can cart or other vehicle, I|II.

be bad chambers of less than four Inches. .
only by com
WartlnjtoB. D. C. April 2S.- ena fM east I* red Mr. BrvM'a letters W r.... Tr*'d l aw 1
horse cart
waron nr
Well, table have turned aDd the I uirrce on application

shoe W BOW OB the other foot reMarked tor Aldrich taya that there will l be two I II be not less than all: ; is die litM to s. wIbe f. Hat Ctmmimu

the Voluble CltlieB when be I weeks more of debate on the rate HENRY GUY CARLETON of a four horse wagon William J. Bryan, editor of The Commoner sailed fro_
vehicle haul
bill and that It will then be passed used to San Francisco September 27, for a rear'a Tint abroad. la
act the Man OB The Corner lut akftt I I WHITE ABOUT TAMPON stock. shall be not I.. th*
review .. course of his travel., Mr Bryan will visit the
with a rather broad court pr following aaaacd
tad to. explain what It meant began Inches wide, and that

thaaly A few ago the fellow rUlon that will be acceptable to the I lawful for aay person countries:
year Henry Guy Carlton, the novelist
House Senator Aldrich la a very gooj' portion to use or ('. .
who vat holding the office of Super I who It quite a tarpon fishing enthut- HAWAII, JAPAN, BRITISH I8LX8PHIMPflNIISLAKP

Ytoor of Registration of this county | judge of pending legUla'tlon IIId he1,, last and expert, writing to Captain any vehicle mentioned CHINA:! INDIA, *,
with a less width of
asked the executive committeeto may be right There 1* a rumor, Charles Thompson of this city that AUSTRALIA tOTPT.TLRKIT, PALUTINK:! ,
wa by specified, la hauling
describe<< the capture of one of the NEW ZIALA.M, OREETC.WITZIRIJUII.
appoint one of our well known dUo ever, that the Senate la going to 1I0.'j game beetles, which can be thoroughly therein mentioned, SPAIN >,

tent to the position of deputy reciitraUoe the rate bill Into form that I appreciated by those who have ea flrm or corporation so FRAVCX:, To.ARL11T, OKRbLANT.8WIDEN .

officer for the Miami precinct acceptable to the Hout for th* ,ar'l I toyed the experience: be guilty of t I'KMfARK, 1C88IA, HOI.LAKD

Tb recommendation of the committee pose of holding It up at the last The belt bait for tarpon It half a ject to tile pains tad I

Ta* ignored by Mr.Carter and that neat till It caa get consideration fort I mullet tied OB to the book with a vided for la Section < From each .( tbe couatriet aaa>*4. Mr Bryta will write Msee

gentleman appointed )lr. Letter a* a ship subsidy bill This I* of course I jatring' The fisherman may sometimes St"<<'. 2 That the deacribl.g his. otMerralioB and aealicc panietallllJ with the ...-.

bit deputy .*re. This WM all right : aBeaate provision for tie Hone It I I prefer other bait which It Just a* don 1 shall apply cal life of tIe couatrle TintedTbe .
It It the of the Supervisor 'I effective when the of the State that have .. letter will be published ta Theom..aev. and these who
M clearly duty Bet la the frame of mind to coaaljerj good and on days desire
to read .... ,
every letter should hw* a. Mat* to ash-
to appoint ai hit deputy Bay subsidy at this *..*.101I. Alto the 8pea tarpon are not biting hereafter build and aerlMaf for Mr. Brjaa'a
oat whom be Jeslres. her baa declared himself against It The tarpon bite by taking the bait I of paved hard or

'oo several occasions, almost aa much la his mouth This theory I* not are maintaining the The Commoner la Issued weedy" reed tfce '. eripli** pile M

'But,-Dade county has another affciaat It at be It against tariff rTlilon *- : disputed by advanced natnralltts H* .no' be operative for a $1'00 1 *etr. By ipejlal arraafeat-nta with the w* anembed'

Supervisor of Registration sow, IB I But It U aald that tile friend Vn swallows It. close his eye for ,lltss than two months, tn tftVr for a short time sly tb, Ccaiaieaer sad tae M taaal

the perm of Mr Burtehaw. whoseems of aabalJy bare won the Speaker to I. few moments la meditation and pro- ill month after the Weedy I Metropolis* year, both Ur .}.M. wae. paid !. *d.* M,

to have a mind and win of his get favorable consideration for the reed to move off At this Juncturethe Act at provided for or wt will.... Taw Commoner and the Miami fHUy Mera.li* Imf

own also Mr Leffler It BOW the measure Though It U a qae.toa I careful angler will wake np and 4 of the same, .. ore year to any address for ".00. recwiar prioe of the D nrj
comntttteeman la this precinct Atthe.jecent whether even the almost power:ml In- i To strike the tarpon properly wait

meeting of the committee (flneace of the speaker could force a i I until be baa proceeded about fifty feet REGISTRATION ** all wdf'n to tkaal,rrwn* Ca., ion{ fa.

welt member earned a deputy 1c1"tfttloo bill of that aort through just at this when railing the rod and tightening

officer IB bl.t..l'llrtlrul& precinct Juncture However there U back of the line. a strong triple yank willet

lo be ''f'f'Omm..s< neat bv Supervisor! Burt*,hawOommltteemaB the will show hit tndden Interest by a appointments
Joe figure on posing aa .
110 the different .
Leffler named one of Jump of seven feet for fresh. aIr. At
dark horse of the next
our leading business men. SuperrU- this moment a kick and a few well I Dade county: Pomona
convention and while be It not parties NurseriesThose
Precinct No 1 '
tar Burietbaw made all the appolat -
chosen word will arouse the Bigger, I
lal 1) keen about the fate of the rat
Precinct 2 P. !\
- neat. aa recommeaJed except la Mr w..o will weigh anchor The '8'lIormutt NQ. -
bill be want to make friend unto
Leffler precinct IB which case be be weighed at once, or the tar Precinct No S-Frank
himself of all tb."blt.. House IBflurnce .
fcarf another maa la view and appolnt- pOll will never be Precinct No 4 J. wanting orange
he can matter before the fateful
Precinct No S- T. J
eg Im"
day arrive A tarpon's first desire on finding and TREES
e I Precinct No c-J. Grapefruit
and that hit bunk of mallet contains a
-Non Charlie Frank are making I Prwclnct No T- M .
a treat, to do over this appoint The Keep Commission are a canny gift; with a string tied to it. 1* to Precinct No S- J. those contemplating planting groves ia the tature, should lavrafe-
hole la the and then to
bite sky
Bent and don like It a little bit iwonder lot of boy They are of them young, a Precinct No %- W. gate our stock We are now booking order for prevent
visit Bratll Iceland and arrive that
whv It a the other fellow .. seasoned politician go tnj all of I'. or Precinct Xo 10-Joe aad future planting and are offering
dav This excursion must be promptly
m tbaf gored this time. tad don"tit them are close personal friend of thePrfddent Precinct No 11-Alf I

make a Me difference I He appointed them on till.poo' line JlscoursjeJ and an Industrious by pressure combinationof oa the I Precinct No 12- E I finest stock ef tree ever grown in Dade County high

I Im commission simply became be i nigger and oars, or the angler will Precinct: No ::= I i and hammock had We Invite
n have been wondering If the I )knew' hat they were honest young lose and salvation simultaneously Precinct No, O buyer to rial

ember* of this executive committeewere mon and be think that say man who I Precinct No IS-
Falling to reach Queenstown or Rio I nuttfnet and examine the tree. We hare all the lead
going to give n* 'dear people' an 1s honest and willing can do a* many I Janeiro the ,tarpon again take a co't

opportunity to name their successors I .llfferent thing and do them well a* I' hurried view of the scenery and startsor J. C' I and best varieties of Orange and Grapefruit Tree
la the approaching primary or wbetb. he can hlmsel Now Keep AsplBwall. changes hit mind Supervisor o I I

er ,..ey were going to elect themselvesto : Plncbet et al, are bt' no .. Hltl'h'O'k'j' heals
through four bond springs, for I on eIther Sour Orange or Rough Lemon Rook
bold two longer like the aidcommittee .stile as the President.
years j New Orleans exhibits himself oncemore NOTICE TO C
did four vear age You are all of them honest well Intentloned I In mid-air, make a break for

know there was a great bowl made toting men But thev have shownthemselves j Havana, and then getting warmed up I Nurseries located .t section 3. ;2 mile west of Mlatni oa rock toed,

the by tome of those fellows who to be crafts to a degree proceeds<< to show what he can really In re Estate of E. near Little River and Fulford By aecurmr tree from ho.s

were: then on the outside But BOW Everyone has heard of the do. A bewildering series of complicttej i Dade you take no risk of importing WJlITE PLY or other iced

that they are la I suppose It 1* an Keep ('ortrlss1rn. la co: ..f.mOll.I' evolutions follows for two hour To all Creditor, aH" This i* an important matter, which should not be overlooked.

right for their committeemen to bold kai ere,. c: the: -V :nmltt. at the end of which Urn h* I* along I tees and all -e illustrated catalog with prices and description of varieties

office another two year. My friend tare .t'ts: 'c.t wc-k The comml..Ionfott aide, and the nigger tklU'ally knock Claim aDd free on application.

Leffler, who Is BOW on the committee. Into a cr..ttr.nl that It wants him off tbe book with the gaff, and E*.ate:
I believe was erne of those who opposed '0 :=vetJlet< and selects a tubcommittee I
the each of
proud and happy angler returnsto You and yon The G Bros. Co.
Compl.llllnt.'I riffing
the four year term of the commrtteemeu from among the bureau chiefs tile hotel to cuss.Sometimes tilled and required
four year *10. But itsno and beads of divisions who already
clams: : and demands
a tarpon turns out to be
different BOW-the know"eey bpe being OB have &a much a* they can conveniently a flurtHII.foot shark, who makes a ether of you may Local Offices Unit flnr !W JtUaai Florid.OOOOOOOOOCOt70D000 .
the other foot. you and make them do tat actual
do bee-line for Patlgonla and gets thereon estate of E. L White
work of Investigating This subcornmlttee of Dade ,
with four county
time. dollars' worth of
the do
changing subject'shortest'you HI Then report. bile commissionafter line and twenty-one dollar worth of signed; administratrix, :oooc<: JOOOO( _
know we have about the
It bat spent a month or two sl bin two from
for office In language trailing after him rears
of candidate running
working after office hour getting up
Sometlmet he Jewflih of.
a sometimes -
have bee
that ever *

this llnel county up' befWell.. we hays.Take the the data gist .of and the the subcommittee commission puts report out ', a case a of stlaiaree delirium or tremens a devil with fish fin or. Dated February 8, A II

the cigar they are banding oatto :LW.J.A..1Y.KJ: : : :
the dear people: they are the worst as Its finding Tea. It I. a beautiful I An angler may start out la the morn Admtnlstratr, Estate I Ih
etat. I beard a man any the otaerdi uhtme and It makes toe Keep Commission (Insr: with perfectly honorable Intention ,leceasedDISSOLUTION. i
when ,
look erudite
mighty one
that about all any of these candidates to asten to but tarpon
) carried with them In their reads Its report i ,and acquire luring the day only a I
I 11
large assortment of large-aiied what
dollar bin
tours of the county was a
and a shirt and they never changed But the funniest thing the rom mi. I Is-lts. and then lose hit rod !reel line To a Whom It May, : : I rapidly! going to the front Rh lire 'Lading I

either Ain't It a sham!- slot has done yet wit lit report on J and soul on some unknown varietyof The wholesale. and 'I in South Florida.

the Government Printing Office Now submarine Insanity. of which his net heretofore city Evenfbodj

1 tee 'Pop Haha la on the *tre *i this office It about at much In need of only recollection I I. a bite, a whiz, and firm name of Miller t : i is going to Miami. Now i is the time tnsecnrr
reform at could be well Imagined. But a sense ofoll.ne.* forever
today and he tells me that that old day been dissolved bv
that the A I took hundred and a choice location either for IHIMnes
the Interesting thing was year ago. one -
foot of his la Improving mighty fact; F R. Owen having *
and I"m rueaotax that when It gets I Keep Commission printed Its reporton t....Dt.nll dollar worth of tackle, 10 H Dale )Miller ... -r- evidence. < h'-ue I'K'wfion8 in I
of In toe most Deluding thumbttall worth thirty
the need a
thoroughly well tad the old man gets economy conduct the bus ness 1 in
limbered up and la proper shape for a waste al volume that ever came off cents to Jupiter Inlet for a few dayt I All accounts due the :; I the city for sale by : : : : : : :

real genuine sprint bell make tome the government presses It selecteda tarpon dining In four hours I caught 'Owen wl'l 1 be .
folio with a wide marin nineteen pieces of attractive brlebr. -.. I II
o' these other caadMatea for clerk I page quarter :Haler: and all debt
mighty hard to catch: Now. mark mypMtflctloB which a* any printer will teituy .(', some with sting, tome with said firm ...11 1 b_ paid

Hahn la BO spring chick I I I. about it wasteful a form of composition warts, come with born and leg. and I, :\ .. FORT DALLAS LAND CO.

w. aDd when It comet to politic at could be devised The report with types o' beauty which proved I Per :

bet IB hit elemeBt"By I was on lilt most expensive brand hat they should have bees sandbagged OOOOOOOOOf OOOOOOOOOOOOOUOCOOOOOOQfXOOOOCa'l :) ::

I of government paper bar only that on when they were born and thena I BILL FOR

the w.,.. <>n yon tell me whyIt I which gold certificate are printed I twelve-foot something with a violent :
desire to round the world ->nJOIZiT Or
It that none of our rood cltlzeat and the binding was In keeping with go .
'; In the C'rcilt: Court : :s. nETX.S.-Z' :T. E .
hare takes enough Interest la our the rest of the report There was in III sixty dau laid bold and borrowedall Circuit of 1 11TO n.A.HA.104
public schools<< to announce for the of i'' edition of !fl.OOO copies. not six of of my tackle but the thumbitall A.'eni Fort \'Ice-I'rtr' Fort l>alla..

flee of member of school board la the which will be read. run off And altogether I 1 shall not go to Florida thus year I.a le Coun'y Dalla Land Co. Miami Kia Land \'o. M Augustine Via

different districts These are tile ':I the report on economy was I If the few little precept I have given In Chancery '
( !
"thaakee joss and while they pay Itself about the most striking object ran be of ate to the young anglers (;onrla Tivlor.. t oo. 0:0:. :-:>"00:')CXOO ry0p )OgCrIpCcm "yr_e

frothing they are the moat Important I,'' lrss.>1III the need of economy that 'I who will read them I shall be glad. Charles! D t. Tailor, i

of any to be fllled I hope Mr Bar has ever come out of the government They have been of BO use to me To c1I.n T.\

dine will MIll again, because he I. a Printing office .h.> stave and FREDK. S. MORSE

cooadentloni worker IB school<< affair i;i. I Yacht Clara told it: appearing from ,

adevaes much. ;Tf his I Ttluabletkl |I It U said that a compromise hat I II The crack launch yacht Clara. own- (,w>rg a Taylor.

to their advancement aad better I I bt>t.o reached on the. statehood bill. I ej by Capt George H. Meyer. whlcobat thp stare poI'I..o\ meal Estate

neat 1 should think the Boardof Of course. It will not be known justbow I II been In local ... I t non re-td<-n' of the
conspicuous .at..nfor
trade would look out for this mat- I teach correct tbli Is till tbe b.. and I hat ou- ...
ter and tee th.i the right kind of a comes out of 'Oof.'r..o Bu: It It the pad severs. ) years. wil:l beseen and I pontofflre Mr'M Office up stain Co,. Ave. I sadlttbt.

man I* put out for this place, this : salj that t the conference will report here BO more after today at the nant unknownTherfora .
Miami Dade
would Dot be mixing the Board ofTrade :I. bill providing for joint statehood or hat been sold to )lr. J. C. HeyeraaJ. under and Co.. Florda.

In politic and the Bart hould I| the lour territories Involved with the left here thus afternoon for Puma Gor .aws of the State of

act i Foriker amendment added giving the in ordered that OR LANDS
I I.n. I da, on the west coast which In the you '>
K rrltoriet of Arizona and New Mexicothe quired to appear !
.., tell me my oldvfriend Sam right to vote on the adoption of future will be her home port It It against rou In the Florida East Coast Railway Co.
ritta la campaigning the cSpaty la an understood that Mr Heyer representstke
the bill at regards themselves so that flrit Monday In
auto-chair I remember te.lBf something Florida Coast Line Canal and Tranf.
I a majority against that section of the Interest of a railroad and phosphate Ing the Id day of Co.

la prtat tome time bVk when I measure. In either of the two territories company which has bought the rule dav thereof In Boston and Florida Annumoast J aid) P-.
< said he would own a inrWnoughWutomobIl
am yacht for dispatch and light tOwlllpatpolf' <<
will be enough to defeat It It U further ordered
< some day and that"wbenbe Bert Dill, of this city went .,.
the :\
This means of course tbat the House .n. published ::11
did Mother fellow IB this county I out on the Clara aa engineer and after -
laya down its hand to the Senate *o a newspaper published Miami
would lie driving a bob-tall I delivering her la Punta Gorda Be Bottling Works
:Miami Dade
If this auto- far aa the Ariiona New Mexico end of County
bare been wondering will return to Tort Myera. there Join
the Hamilton bill la concerned for each week for ,
chair la what be had ta mini when lag the large ,. .Wacutab.. which
mad" there la not one chance In ten that tbe "week DICKINSON. Props
tMC statement war was IB port off and on the past season, further ordered
Man Oa the Comer bill could be carried by a referendum It l Is
vote and take her up the Mississippi river ibis order be Itth Street Near K. R., haul, fit,
to far away Rejwlog. Minn friend House door In the
RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT of both' the Clara and )lr. Dill wiser
I A plan of Interest to all cotton gro'. 'or item .ucce-.J1 tripiROAD Done and ordered 1 Manufacturers of
log and cotton milling sections of the at Miami Florida
Where It having pleased Almighty l i' Jl.t ]tar of tinut-y, < I
f'I country has barn devised by the department -
Cud. to summon to a state ofendless
All Kinds of
I of commerce end labor II 1 K [ .,
duration our worthy brother.Victor NOTICE.J .
Bv W1:
'has bvfti "l''ld.,1| tn push our cotton
J Gibbons we. while bowing ,
[ Kond: trade In the Orient for all It I I. G A Worl..y.801l1Ior. Soft Drinks
with submission to the Inevitable decree worth and to successfully compete la J I Is hereby given that at 'ben for
tha thc dust "real' return to < xt regular meeting of the Board of
: that part of for world 1. the manu'aen -
the .arth as t I' wa and 'he spirit County Commissioners of Dade roilsFlo'Ida i Prompt Attamttoa to AQ Or.... O-af-Tovi Order SoUelto
)know hal
"r mud marketrrquir. t
.hi, '. "urn 'o Gal who gate I', I .
Hoarrl C'Oo.I.lprI"o't
.'s On.cannot sett:' China the '
.I.H... ,I I.';plott, the s< iraDrr that In he t'ol' l
Same gnats K"
TT m our fraTrnal' rtiiln thereforebe *'a'es They have their eta patterns | : at"i", he iir', isi I..r.. .>f g"rlt'JD. i II I

I'Rea extend to the berr and,1 r That
e.I! wt
| of FI"HII 1 l i rolp' .f which ftIots eoeu.zo..otxrt.oterMa. +
I htni'i \ wir sincere armpsthyan Itfie
: his noticeDane PAINTERS BEST
a nt" "".. of our affection the E.I'-. Sin ra" "-.1,0> In thin roam 1 ,, .
sn 1 orlere.! In rap n .ujnn 1 at r. in all COu.Tmasi.
lodge t* ,irax) ,>d In mourning and k I.i swve.Ir\ In o l trios and -...II.I\ .-.- a ra ere a .y r oar.r.1 I
Miami. Florida this in 1J I lay rat f fcQTllIl )'..
[ .
met "H ;age m'.'r'.'<1111 our minute 'u (tent t.aa"ia." i worth atnnaly:! .nMM fan 1W MNe t : v us"1i
., .. h. N'.IIt..solb"I 1 nut he De-: -'I'rll\ n 1C f asd Istrtpe t eaefn tat'.ai..ayI I .
*n<' hr' a be snttah'ogressed m. \ K. [Jtrburo I wrrr +r rraw asI tdlt.r 'eL e : ..,
Kg PTVwc .. .. I to 'hfn'itty!: ofJU1 lar'imn IIf t'omm,''C* and labor has .Yta Orl q. Mee ..n. err asws..eato. + J'FLCeeVnC.
,, ... UrK! ., e e ., the '
as"* h.rIf m t. (ilm ant! go n a 1 let of thetandn t /i14e '
B\ \\' M P J, "> d"rll (_... _r ..
P"t''r Brace. Com ,! 'd 1 !trll li" and Patterns of cot. pe pi n F.

John H. tin W Com '''n te' I j. a"'nIt11t 'n send them 0..1I'n Be i' enacted by !he I* gtsli'eC: .)f GA-SNOW io

Frank Rlnnton 'he firm of rani liharie There he. State of F:,,:IdaSection

leach Mather Secy wiJ be a sample of the cloth, a rotf > 1 That the width of 'he


I, --
IWO IMPORI ANT ORDI.N4NofS I .t. :\.' r '"1 ::- I t I. "' hrt -- -- -- -

f ] .' ,.. ,, "FOR
1 ,
> at' 0..1 / KIDNEY
I ) 1 I" I B :t 1. -fu, aa,1 I

PASSED BY It .. .. ;. z.;. I 0'., ..' Rae .'. f: .* 11.... .,. 't. or 91..n>
,, I:: ' : 1 II'. ."u.h 'r Jl h.nd. : "
Ssplar'J l"r. nor ",",o Bank 0 f :i" ; A WEAK BACK.
K..' B.ccalne t 1)P t".d :'.. : ..eu,(... L gI. tt ,' "I 1 1.j 1 J'II. .A A4ltn 1: ",>
CIIY COUNCIL I.. F: ., I.. : M H.-,. f.>- I:; a Iu'n..ul
: t I. tern .
.r.1 I b.tl1.
\\-.rran: J" I .V P G@ ;acb t o ..' "
'. "' R i::> RI: hn >r I *.t".
,'.a"a )Mull- f f;.&s'* lo It bk a.'I .. ..
1., .. . 0" e
.1 Ma t M 1. \\'n-"n! "Pe-ru-na "
>1 I.mlWa.ean':
,. 1 1.1- "r : Hem t )1n'lI"m. ICs "i" i I 1.0>.1! J ,hn l' !Stink* h> Has No Equal.
lltnn I Ia 1\ )1"'r"I' JI-I \1'| '' <,.h .' tie' 1 'Oal R Sergeant: t a[ > ,' air"- : ... '.t. Ithese": J f'e t 7- ...rb half
-,n to l'rblern; E Hen 1"r.ol1 foi gitar'Pr- of :aa
Among the mist Important Uteri r .' I .?, n.. ., -. r "r r 'p 4* "J'b rants 43
; ) '
17tii iota 1. : ant 3. Pur -Oil'. .ubll u'h3nl; t
tiuafcarifd tthe city tnuaul,) at It ..' if
n i-elIDe l taut nigh wan the adip'ion o! \' 10n. la i o .u 1 f. bl: ace 4. parur I '.v a ,i,.. 'L <"o i:U! f' S.-'fat: .ton ?..f n jjrazf: E 1. y
4" :i >if 3) ;:::9 and! 4//}. :i 54, south (Tin ton ', '.
ordxt. :: 'a R M "
to onliD4D )
Jtff amen.l ling an ord uan' entitled 'ant*> 41. eastSatisfaction C. ', h. : ,' d:,', Irea'ion'. l-e: s block : U D A1M! "A r"mmtu'I"rr \ *#
i ;ran tog (be right to nut 1 o. n.ma nU o* tao sa*- U:i Mary I" t I .\\ H.n epa.| M F Tn'm.r; jiirlaa, It
IB. and operate t al", .et car or trot Hone :o LaUIa :.bu)10 tt'arrander !L ('10thlla! Fectu'on 1 1..1.1.1 1I".r;, 1 r'r 171 r" certain land
1 .. the Hin! of thy W.rrllltd..J: Gee \\' Potter and "n \E'i I ," Fe': i
< r m < m within a e "! : ":> J (t' iffjrl fo" t':'0 ii
sire 1 to E D Mazneli l fur, ':'5. lo* I.*. \\ D ij
rl of Miami Alhurr comml'floaerl
and preM riliing penaltl 'I .r, 7. ; M ;. 4". Fro. Homestead. i
tor the violation of the provision 14 block 13 C; tw p 'J !>..ed; Mile: land Co to Jonn L ',) ,)hn 1lff'rJ fr, tlfirt! ; certain laud j

o! the same;. and the other wan InMaded ': Palm BeachMott I ilnei; for I_ "' npt hal lot n. hlock :n .section 2o tp 5". ou'h land IDec
t. t aubatitute for the former t* dee :. E D Maxwell! tod I I -I \\'e,: PaIn Brach Itn l 2"p 5": south range tl ,

aaalttry ordinance which bad beeplaned n rife to Un UarHone for 1400, lot; I Qui r:aim Aff !I. Three p MrKen. a.'
OB IU third reading. but not 1 14. block 23 Clo.. i ddl:Ion to Writ' ra '"> J P :McKenna for tl various \\'arrant deed )IarE Thompson

adopted Another matter of Import Palm Beath.tlortpsge I :anl, In faction :I: ant S. tp 43 south rt al 10 John C GITTird' for fJl 1ac
anon ... the practical decision to (Ire deed H 8 Potter and B. range 4H:: tan: -f. In sertinn 25. tp 5":. youth. range

tbs police department a patrol sloe Potter to John f;. Graham for $100 I Bill of lie: J H Da rl,lion to 41 I.'U' : v I
la conformity with the request of Mar lots 2. t. 4, ( and. block 3* and lot* Daniel t Flnlrx for tl 1. all furubLIIn.I' \\ irrantr ,deed' Franklin Thompson'

aaal lIardee. S to 21 Inclusive. of block 4S and lot '' furniture. flxturea.' chinaware table Thompson. anl wife to John GlfforJ
After the readlag aad approving of : 24 to 42 Inclusive of block 45. Nd w I' are. silver .are pl"ll.'r.rl'. cutlery f"r t ..N). "5 acre In .('("tllD 2S. tp. (/

th. 11I1..... o' tae previous meeting ', Bltcayne. bedding I linen blanket. plllowi. *outa' range 41 cut

the council proceeded to business b y Warranty deed John W Graham to towels! table linen napkins kitchen \\arranti deed Mantle Plnder and An
granting perBltaloa to J. H. Titans -''H 8. and B S Potter for IIUO I uteiulli pIa III.. ornaments or anr husband to John Glfford for fll .((.

and aaaodalet the right to ate Ave I iota 2 to (, block 3t:; lots 24 to 42 icing epee now t In the Iroquois Hotel 7:. acrrii In. section 23. tp 8*, oath, Emphatic

ass 0 from Itth street to the Miami block 4$ and Iou S to 21 of block 4S.Incluilr I 12th street Miami range 41 .ast10A'D I w MR. M.

river. with a turnout to the old Man *. New B acayn* Warrant deed Thomas W Brown I Endorsement. : RODERICK.Mr
eUo compaay site, where toe power Quit rii'11
konae of tae Miami Street Railway Ii I to H. *,.J B. 8 Potter for tl and thr connlderatloni. lot T block K, DISCUSSED TAXE$

to be located the tame being Intended 'other ronildrrntloni, mdh'ded half Interett .j 1 11p'1 Palm BeachI M. Brod.rlfk. eta E. *rfa 8U ttnaacUl 8ee1'eUor7 8i bU EBplona:

aa aa amendment to the original fran In IoU 9 and II. block 4!. New I tttraaty deed Ceo G. Currie to A fault veil attended. meeting ot Colon :*.. mi, Caieacov Ill. vrttMi
Bl>cavneDeed. I Marie I Brown for It and other h. &wrd of Trade, was held the
con it 1 hart be front
chigives lie company by uie city : raffcrbf a weak Met u4 Ufa*? trabJa far MB
haste r' on'T rate Bank to 1Jpra'lou lot block It Wet Palm 'council chamber Monday nUht In tea
Mayor Sewell reported that be h.C' tin and bar tee able to End relief teat
Uuwk tat tf Pecans
ab. M
ence of W. W
appointed V J Fury special pollcenaa Simon S'wirJ for SIM IK 1. :ock Proat president.an -During
I Drd, F C ,1 t: t' trackman: tMwtltoMI-.tI, keep a bustle of yoo ..u.c.. la Ik.
Rest Palm Beach Railway Co to S. V secretary E:.
at the terminal dock without I .rE. : DOOM and
pal by taking a does al
aight am fln.
Deed Dade County Title Insurance Iperklri f lo 9. block l< .Clow T B< lnlt''n. Ant t vlre-preIJent. pre- filing U. MX awralag.
from the city to take the p,ace of CBeiJler s oa. of frt.a that
sly M rVnaa i.
I addition to Wett Palm Bearh -LIr4 1 "I while G D. Broader wiiy r good foe tWIfTarlotu
He farther and Trnat Co to W C. Fast for f 100. acted Mit
resigned .
reported ilm Bta M It I* for my emnplaJat. 'bat, I do know
Iou 1 to 6 larluilte block IOC Mlami Mortoe, lel l S \ Perklni et .rr..r\ of the mee:\Ing than tor kidaer
that he bad appointed L. W':11)0 trouble and
sneering from weak back "
a II hu
ix t" )In Man Hone for tllS lot The better pan of the evening was no.q.st
atead city policeman rice J F .
''II.S rilock !lo! ('low's addition to Rest ';M-n' In dltrnwlaf matter the board
Coleman coanrmed resigned Both appointment |County SaiiifacUoQ SectirlM of Co .mortgage to Minnie Dad Gra. Palm Beach ,ltlre' to take. Dp In the futureaaj I klday Tree*.. to Net Ar"U Bee**-1| Uk. catarrh rt p.no..t. the whole

were I Warranty deed Edwin Nelson to Warrann dyed l ) Or en C. Wells to h" nation or the city, the following shed M Cattrr*-re-TBHaa *- *r."m, and eoaa toM_ UM effect .?
W C. FOR tad J G Croiland call E N Dliulck n olutlra relaflte lines the d!. ....
and< J. )I. Owens for to the latter heir KMfewy MaetM de- .
Minnie Graham fir S125 lo 3 block
ed atlentkM of the council to the .
af 14th street between Areaaai condlttoe 16 R. G. and C ", addition to Miami f.::0.0" i eigh't' acres In section 7. tp Introduced. by Mr J. \\'. homer: I, CMM It to s RfBtetfy vet A great many people b Uev thal thy
40 couth range 3* rant "Be It Resolved That the president AI rtt et Catarrtk have ba eared of throat. Brtgafa
Deed Edwin Nelson administrator
D and K. where die Water stands after
,,' E. Walton Bill of sale. Harlan W. Brush to 'f'ha Boar 1 of Tra le appoint com Dim** by tae a** .f Peru.
to for tl2S. nndlrldehalf d
very rala. They stated the cause of Tropical Sun Co :lII'I'f' of *lx to watt the I M
Publlihlnf II
for tl upon cwu/"q/ true that I. the Mrfltrthis
IntereitIn 3 block 16. R. G.
tae tame aid asked that the neceitarylman i and other considerations '.f eountr commissioners for 'FIVE before d
the sewspaper the par I I TWENTY yean stn .up. &..b's Odssn, Anal Nu
A C"
addition to Miami
TeiaeaU la the street be made I property with type, ttockpreai- ; .-r flf hating the taxes reduced front twgaa dJ.ut-u.c .lteaM reme4.r.hero.s .
Tk. matter was referred to the Board Mortgage deed. S. D. Coates to hat of he hi.
e*. office safe and furniture year W5I p.mpbl.0118 and ..w.p.... -"- on poled
ot Public 'Wtorki. 1 j Dade County Security. Co., for nOt Warranty deed Henry Maddockand < "poe motion of )Ir. T. V. Moore, I article, Bright'. IMMM of &M kidney establish the fact by.sd aU dseba

A commatlcatlon[ wa read from the lot 9, block 20. R. G. A, C'i addition wife to Fred C. Miller for fi rr: resolution was amended to at to wa rf ard" .. a di.e_ waollj Mr, Otto A. J'1e'-eer. AmrM.a

Board of Public Work redtlng the to MiamiQuit lot 9. ne one fourth section :34). tp. cake the committee three Instead of I dUUaet from cauna t'II...... rornwrly Chf to CM. W ep4F. J,

seeds of the city la the matter of sew claim deed R. E. Coa ei toN I 52. south range 42 ....1. '>'lx. and that It confer ,tae with Ns.,. .III.alIT ...... a tM Ondy."I ItlJ Stash. Awe-, ....&Ie, Wash,
era sad paring, and attaching at ettiavata L). Goatee for tl UJ 'o:her conilderatlona i Notice o lien J. Hourthan ana 'I't coancll relatlre to the tame IN WfW'ftI ever M Ae a.I y wriest

of Ole budget for the ensuing lot >. block %0. R, O. *' M W. Garret partner. to Jerome erA th'' ./ catarfcffrM.,./>,_ pW. mffvnd : kidney Md blad der
year for these matter*. the erection ,' C.'a addition to Miami T' Grttlgnr and W". C. DeGanno. lengthy aDd Interesting ** T.fellere Bright Dto tremble until did nee eeem wornt
G. a public balldlag. Im pro ring the Mortgage Jeed Mary Van Derreer 144 ,for material tad labor ollowed the motion W. f. Met tot red thaw U. the- eom.ebi.gmuss Iniac I hid trW tarry la.dieiwti
Ire department etc the whole torn and Henry V. \aa Derreer to Dade Notice of Hen H. F. Scrufgi sad ittornei, for the board of eoaaty comnlailonen Here catarrh. powef ae R bat dU act aarnttoT nttl I Mot

aka4 for being $17.000. I I County Security Cxx. for 1300 certain R. B. Gilbert. partners. to Jerome n was preieat. tad address medicine r**.... It wee really g...<.cal Mow
Any thai to
IlL amcseettoa was also made by tae land U auction 36. tp (3. south I' T Ora tinT lid W. C. n.o.1'UMf'\ >d the meeting relative te rooty eatreb of... a remedy for _%ek .betty I VM aftor I Md tkl
Board of Public Works that this turn rang sit. *MtWarranty j t38S,S5 for labor and material rues. he expreetlng the belief that MIN far organ. to 4-rtoulj a ..*- BMdMa say a vwk. At tot *a4 dMa
W raised either by boadlag or tazatioa. : deed Florenc O. Han Notice of lien :M. J. Ryan to J-1 ill COD J 11 Iou necessary for an la* oetana < nay other signs -die I found M _y reisf shat Id

No adios was take thong themailer and husband to Mn J. C. Lummni rome T. Gratlgnr ADd W". C. DeGtrr' r >*.ed taitttoa had bees Bret by Phrase II am Nttne.a4 ..,.... bad rid -y tyttom nil r".M tad I

wa dlaeaaaed liberally j( for IS tad other considerations. aadl- : mo IZU.t5 for matulal't I' 't PI'f'M'Meat.. tad that a rm.luctloa .... ....q. va em/W to Uy ctnd.
A Notice of lien .. ...LeI be mad next
oommaatcatloa vat received from vided half Interest la lot IS. block 113 R. S. year -
at. S. WflaoB. relatlra to over aaaeaaaaaata Miami I U Ilian, partner to Jerome T. OratljI I The rule; were waved and the folowing I
oa certain city lota Th coo Crop Bent, Daalel Htlaley aDd wife. !I ay fill.K. for labor tad mattrlai !I persona elected to meaAeneia itzrcmuct .
maalcaUoa was placed oa flic7t : Blackmer A: Chaadler. Blackmer A: I Deed. Lawrence C Phlpp. Fannie iI C Kefler J. X. Townley C. n rat i
Board of Public Work wa latraded Painter Co.Agrement. I Sawyer. John H. Sawyer and Albert x I:Clmaale and \emoa PrI -
' to proceed to lay a sewer between Dade County I Warranty Deed. B. E. Morrow to *f'er s 'i:.a the meeting adjevaed.L.I ESTUACHttIt t

from Bricked Arena through 19th Title Insurance taj Trait Co.. and Anne Ollre Erwin tor Roo are acres IB

atreet to Arcane D. then along Areana ;: Annum Btnr for purchase of Iota In section 20. tp 54. couth. range 41 'CMORIAL CXERCISEB I

D tare hundred feet to the later '' .. 1A. IS tee 14 block 104. tooth Il'ami ent WERE POSTPONED I g
: Warranty deed Bank of Bar BI.I -
I ISn''irn
nestles of Itth street the same to be CoaaldertUon $1400
of 1* Inch concrete or 8 Inch terra cot Mortgage deed. W. E. Sweeting and I eraoe to C G. Tonner for fS 11I<1o'b..r rro Chapter CDC. I

U pipeMialcipal wife to Eleanor G. Simmon for ISA. condderatloa! leaf ani "0 i I ta rewj.';*r Benton yesterday tfirn

Judge J T. Sander, irate 2" and 2*1. block. 29. ...lhomestead Cocoanu Gore 't 0, ?n a' clock In the Fair build .
I"ee4 Dade Counts Tit;e insurance ti fz; lta the pre.Ment Lira R. -
communicated nib 1 be council rela
\ and Trust Companv to H Dale Mil vler 1 1... In th. chair ;
\Vtrtratt deed Erne Stypmaa to
live to tn increase of salary AI munlcIptl -
for 111"". loa 15 ml 1 16 jock: fn. I' l
ijurv wti Infracted
judge. reciting that the bus:ne.* rotn:ant Epieconl Church to* $65. to et'ruts -
much heavier than !era 7 and 10 block 8. Stuart. 1"4 Misfit I : h..al l iOnt' for two Confed- .
of curt
the nay Warrants deed Aucu.lu S \\orth. \\arrai! der'. lohn and! n nth ,'r te'HaD' who sleep In the Miami <
and that the .
bad IMH-D anticipated GlfforJ! f'MI'\I" .. ..
to RI'ha-1l1On! fort I ,
considerable of I K on and wife to Henry Wells fo* gj
court antui ,rrgaired'Ion A motion i| hi time sod a"en 'out tanze 41 Pas: \ : ..en. e ....' elerte,,I 4 ,
"? tp 53. south range 4: cut delegate ti.tu i tL iJ
Sin If alarbe
p-e\aJeJ th> Judge r ; QuI clam If. X,:dine F. ,. .'
Warranty deel! Sue Bra 1 f'JOho1' : Mir 5.5" tar I' D C which! con
increaicl foe: tA:; to to5 per If: 'o s ie B Jor .or ti- tl Iota' 1. 2t -I"I" to H F. and" H W :Ma-tent for ,, alt! Ir1C, : !ntp \\t\ 3'r tO

north sae 4. block 1 chino A Wadi'T. .lt:,-, 1" 1 I ar' :I- rrr"Iot! 11. t po *\"J"r: ; ('lrr'ln'o: ('.., It I
Tile tt I" N "l1n"' \ ans Ian'u ed to ,':. ,"'h. rare! 41 -a.. ''. S'I' In.ra'i'a",1',
!'a plat norv Miami: ; to hold
draft BJ: JI flint : a"{.v.n&. the, pent -e. \\amrM deed. Pie Bradley John .\,4a .rtr' ,f rorrr':as Charet! .. "': I:al! service. Airil. :f and' the

: net. */e *v ..em f the city al laidout sate :o Susan Jan s'range for fl. lot F It+ ,\,( 't IlfT"r Co fir fl end i t t .; rvwlrg Towers on then a

, bj Engineer A. BauiMtfbhj .1!It'" north Miami "H r"rpr-lot, ; :' .1 '1- d"al,I wt. f"'Otl"1l'\.J UI- C .
; IU"dee, reported. that Iht V\'a-ran:r dW l s.tl' Bradley John \\-af3n'H\ i*. J') -ph \ list anlt I : ". ,* 1'-: memorial day oa I
p"lie:*) mode Zjf; nrrei du'mg the h 1"' Fr' N .';r'l .it! Pink "f KPI W 4
"'r. 'o trabetle B J.tu 't, for fl lot ,
moa'h of :Marti T. hjndred and \I. .' > of "o, ... '
; x-
I. c N \1'1"
o "I1. t vrh
? rh !
C, T. 10 11 and 1 i:. block 33 John rr. \ man of
for:) thr.>.> con\'It't.on.! were secuttd.< 'JD i \\tldello< plat. uo-tb. Miami Its' .r 'r'or, 1 1': t'I'| !. f""'I'h i ranp, r T w 'rk f.r the Sold. : How[ often Bare I told ruts to use ?

1. prisoners nee charged *S": 't'amers deed Sue Bradley: John tl Pee'. Mon.! I:. IK K."nrll tUH her '
da i w"It' .. 'orkf| b' pridner ,)n the ato CHJwrt M I. Johnson for fl, 1'u 'ra,1: fi, eat.: of n.a'hlDl'r'l3n.' : I' i-l 'a'n before the chap!

sree'a: and on" bund el,I and f<):ly '0' S. C:. T ..ndrwk\ 1. Jobnion i r' I I.'d' at.l 1 Tnr'!Irn Co to J H f'II" '. I't i ..nli.*, fr severalakr ; ;United D

four fine .. "" .'a, : "t "' ', .
tl ot6T '.\ deed. Site B-adlev! Joan I : N. n.es'ae. MacaeF 1 1. will:: ,tn. tlad< to re-
II Pro t..IH' "a, ,' ,. '" I al It t'nn': <'s"furlnt ., *'" fr' W
ton ant I t o re rep ,,r. :o (hu H F1'' rber fof400, lots e' vn TOT one feeling!
ldeni the tirini of Avenue C end 'n '. n-r- h S" oa h 1 160 ..... Ir this!
4 r and t. b; x-k :77.: Johnson t I.: : ; :; ; worthy
4:h -::. .. 1etitiire'i I'... rotincl: to Virlrlf.ll< < plat sixth Miami : 11 an b o T* M .mi r "r For
abate male bt ': r.i_" 1. f l F R "tr: Hsu ., eo 1 chit! 'Jstri.p'to Wrapping Tom toes
:< nu b ,..at a t uxbone horn tt canes tea Colby .or f 1') and< other conild .: Aop: nI.lh""ware f'r IIc. r'*i r 1'1'I !'ci l the ,.-coodfn __

...'ual>l.. bjuib The city torney art e era'!Ion* north hal'l lot 1. block: 2. *ec- .an :al. Ir ..r'n:, .. .;. 4 I .'hf ,.. p m

Ink'run,"d to raft! an it .mane covering tlor. 10. tp, E4 south. rarice 41 east ; is The Best a.d:'. Most ECONOMICAL
such of!?UK" k 8D,1 nuNantv Warranty deel Laurence Johnson

Marshal lUidt-e |>.. i'ioced (OUUCli '0 Jessie Perry in |Ii la: 1". block i

for a I.allu; .. agui. rt'C''lng good aaduHri 7 of Baldwin dti!! :.on lo *. section E\'err sheet guaranteed For saU '
l's ,eaon, alit the au", cbouldI 'r tp 5*. sou'h riLg 41 ea.'

IDlla.ltoJ.l anj pu In o.ra\un, !\ The \\'Arr.n' T dwd Gus i Wu; post cite \1.: Ii L\ molil. I.antiua r.a L H u SJ'..:rom. Htlltadtl

a.a:'T was. r"t 'ried 10 thr. romiul et' I I. \\ Carulrlr f'l Stn.' Iota\ 1 Jaudon Bro* Miami M B Leaian. l..o:ana
on 1otIre: and .b..n'It' etch i pome tad' I hlock 1. ,uhtins: ,cla A J Hu.ker. U'tl e Ricer I"'n"rs: Puking sod

to act \\ arrant dee :Mir Bnckell and RoIBaltin R E :McDonaU Co. Pollard t oj L>. ra} Pa Preierrtac
Ski ef llardic i'f h'.and, to J H TT n, for fl 1 and
tat Hit d .MI rnenl SUJB Co l'f fleU B n'on t P ner. Boynton
a Hr,'c>,'J the board a ith rtfetence lo o'h- C"Of\.lrlt'rR'I.tT\e i lo F ant I.

t-ouliiliii Ihe truck wt h a tram otti ',:lack z. lea 11 .e; 14.. ;,lark; t. oti I -
: Mock ;: 1 I... ',,14. and 19 L- -
ni<-a and uip:> :lag 40'b..r pall :1 1 t.t. --- ..
de:n.r for the ald appara'us The and 20 Hock <> Into 11 nil! 16 block
matter. 5 i. referred, 'b", l"O1mlt'h'' ''" lots 1 to 1ft M""ctt U:>' .,".,4. h'ck: Powder I '

ot flr. in I v I" r. they 'a 'onhr wl cthi and lets it to 1 block 14. ton h. Miami\ i Business Directory
>f Ha-,t'" and repo t p-ogifs* at )
the nex meeting / ltoiut1.cICtEJHa 1 -

A' 'b I".at .he two diraare, ref "e al I W H If. 'pr for flSO ten u __ ,
n In seed' I' 'I'; ", south! AbsolutelyPure
rn? t The Out of Town Buyer and Shone within 'hp
.": at' H tai'Qlll' ct'y win! rind in the
aftthe proper readings tint fx mwere I list' n low the addresses of M'.m' M..rC".n'
.llm! d-, F V cte': et e underClassified
adopted heads for ready sete"ce
\ aul) W 1\0' s' Joa"phcea !
The egular monthly hilt eere audI
:: Horne f"r U an' ,"teonsl"r
I I'ed and ordered palif after which -I
.f10n.. lots I, S 9 F 17 1* ti: ::. L L. IRAOY 4 CO BURDIMC r
council took until A
a rec*** next tied QUAMTERMA
;r. :7 31o. t't f' "tt. S*, 41
Heidi' nigh Ap' il 11 when the cant! n 1 1C Of P 1 1. "-. ..... re-pub DISTINCTIVELY A CREAM OF Fresh Fruits tad t'egetablae Lwalfr I It [>r/ Good,, Notion
taut or tlnanct at 1 Th n a':er ) takIng ttd La
arson on the hu !,;". ht.I"ed) t I"v ,1'1'n' hlxk. l' Mt-it.I TARTAR .%:t Street, Cor Are D Miami. Ha 'leiJUO102 Itirnlabinga
"'R".nt, ,1M.1 r 11'11rne..' Pte BAKINC POWDERIt 12th 8L
the Board: of r- "ar Wc at', r L' V1amJ.. ...
and Aet: ? :0.1.11.: .:( Bt. Fancy Grocer Hay,, Grain
tetaa! a :"D1IollSTOCKHOLDERS' ',..:t. for It alt' 'il rn'.' I' "a' .at. S. SCREVEN

:: 7. G.. l' 1i 1i'" lS 1 :0 ] does not contain an atom of phos- tad Uapei Fertilizer Dealer It Drugs, patent liedclne }-

MEETING I. :" ,.:. : 4" I: 4' P L .
\\'I.r'p r" cu>'l t', I t 1 d, H :,':. phatic acid (which is the product of bones J. E. LUMMU8 Toilet Articles. gtatloaev
Th ..nnuit' t .L$ of 'h p'rk ao Avenue U M1tm1, Pis.

hold? of'h clad,I i'r( < !Soo-'t': i iCon 'n Warantr deed. tr': ; .: H 1'( '. kman. digested in sulphuric acid) or of alum Dea;er In Oroccrlin,, Grata. BECK WILSON A

pan will I t.. 1"- ,r'.t. **,>, 'u Fred Emrt tau rl: ;'' ...ear+sin Liar. and F.rUili r. HUOOLEaTOK

of 'to i>h. I \ C : T. .';''h a rea seelon 9 'P 5: 'J b sari. (which is one-third sulphuric acid) sub- 115 12th Street Miami, lie i I Real Ei'ate tad Innras330 -
Street Miami F'a.: a' 7 '" I' m. I 1t far Suite 2. t, ao4 .

April :24! ,19k1 fir rite I .>;, r': ja ofo9cer Phlpps to Elizabeth I'h:,<,.5 Hitteri stances adopfed for other baking powders THE MAGNOLIA GROCERY CO. :! 12 Twelfth street MbayA.
an 1 .lh n'hs Dn,1m'tn: at 'f treats of lint In *e tlin 3' ant 4

mar rotor before 1 II '4. 'p S3 couth range 41 <"i o- .negre because of their cheapness. Dealers la Groceries. Hay and J. CAMPBELL
J E I.'J mill UI. rating 12 acres m'.e or \less Oral Deader la Dry floods Qoth-
W F Miller, Pre HetPtcrettrv I Warranty deed J A MI'Oorl.I\1 !. lag 0.1ta' Po u.isai

and wife and J B Rl'IJ', and wife Cor. Are D and 4tl c HUaO. Ma. Ill Avenue L ga
MItml. 1"1&"&._


I he: ise P Ie Q-a'.r.:C : .. ;and. E erything For The House the hIsthequalityand price that: make

our goods- ?;: ;: :.
our gocds popula'f


f furniture Carpets Rugs Mattings Kitchen Utensilsof

every description

rad..k.rr.:: T. Budge: Stlx Street, Miami, p' orida

-- -
;MiM: A ;Moffat: and :Mr Rubart!
:.. \1.- A.lj. D.M.. are the guests 11. M. KING To Parents: School will Soon be Out!
1 Town Topics. I'I'ClLpl "t Mtt"rt: Nile far a e. *eek.

I Undertaker and Embalmer : TMC
Dr and :Mrs E M I Law hare moved I I
L L DoU. mho bat been up >hark 'IL-O the Uramln residence on I I I11th
to thjpon fur the PUt few month. 1 .r..t ana will reside there for I I woo: AVENUE Di Miami Conservatory of MusicWill
returned this moroinj to Miami he summer I I I
.r-. An.ailcMi Ul*.. to A"' Call

Aetna djrnamtte and tappnea for Mr and Mr John Harrison hall hold a special. Summer term May 1tt te August let. In VMIn.I .
I ... _.
Ml by Lamm 4: SewelL secured a suite of room at Herklmer ; :-- --- -- -- I Piano Klnd.rgartn and Primary Muaic. Call or write for }.rVa+.
collate on 8th street and hare benathe Tranafar Company "; Office.' !> I Left Fee North Dakota lira and teresa A See opportunity for the young lei.... rV cttM
pleasures of bOUHk""PID 1 The Miami Transfer Co. 1* moving Howard H Schneider who ha !been>> Pianos i
W Schmidt. Miami. I supplied free. REGISTER EARLY
popular Its office from lath street between t the junior proprietor of the PeacockInn
rwitanraiteur wag a paaenger on the ,, Mr Arnold.-;;:; of Mr*. Margaret I Arena C and B to the office In the I at Coconut Grove for the past : FRANKLIN COLEMAN BUSH Director. 229 Twelfth Street

Shlnnecock for'Havana where he goes ( Groom. of this city w1I.\ leave to- rear of the Blacayne Drug Company .tear and a half left last night for
for a few cia,. rtatt oliTit for her home In Lexington Kjr. : ormerly' occupied by Dr J M Jack- Medora. N D.. at which place be goes

Ur Arnold ha spent the season herewith |i ton. Jr to assume the dudes of associate muiger
Bradley'a fertUlter are the bat:| her daughter and will\ accompany i I II ; of the well "known Custer Trail The Racket StoreIS
For taJe by J. E. Lommu, MUml. 1 1Mr her northvard a* far a* Palm Beach "." I Ranch Mr Schneider I I. a very popular
I The Taltanauee Capital of last FrI. I oung man and has made man?
Mr H E Brtjr. proprletre of I day says that Governor Broward 'friends both at Cocoanut Grove and
E H Klrkmaa. of Cutler wa .
Miami .boII\ be PLACE
h"l glad to know that
attending to business matter IB Ml The Brigs Cottage at West Palm removed from office L. M. NI h04 ;
BVach. (constable of the 10th district Dade he mill\ return In the fall and spend <
ami Tuesday Mr Klrkmaa has left for her home last nlfht. '
many friends In the Magic City who She ha made a trip to Havana 44 I county, the grand HIT having Indicted i the Inter hereA
arc alway glad to see him on her return to Miami was a meat him for high ay robbery atiau
of Mr and Mr*. W H. Spltter. at with Intent to rob and bribery .1 Bicycle Accident
\Vfclle out for ride In his A Few
hear beautiful residence on llth 8t a automobile Things to Remember
Mr Anna K Dearborn will
soon ought a Home i| Tuesday afternoon lth a partyof ,
com to Miami to reside taking the friend. M' George R Gom ph. the
Mr 8 0. Pius of the City Marshal Frank B Hardee ba*
beautiful residence of Mr M J.Pepper one candidates -. cashier of the Fort DaHaj: National
for the office of clerk of the civ- Ul''hlM'd l one of the Lummu houses I i
!, on 7th street and A".Da. B for flank came up to a woman Mr Stevfn -
cult court was a passenger on last and lots on Avenue G. and will con tin' We
the cummerMoaoy handle all kinds of
| *. of Ix-inon Citt Itlog I prostrate glassware
right train bound for Jupiter From | ne to reside there with hi* familyThese j
1 the ground the real
on just above i We handle Llsk's famous enamsl
there bf'II come down to Ojua and cottages are substantial andconvenient ware
to Iou improved property. dVnce of A B Cutler M> Gomph
Hallandale looking after his political < and In a few rear time vent Immediately to Mrs Stevenassistance I We are selling men's, jwomens and children's shoes at
O. S. Coeoaaat Grove I
Amaden Interests I 111 be In the heart of the city i
I and founJ that the skirt I actual cost.

Mr and Mr ('has. Frisbee have Capt Jack Graham baa moved his !' The Boiler Burnt !''the of her chain dress o had the become heel entangled 1 and haj la We make picture frames to order

completed their regular winter* stay schooner yacht Buccaneer, oa which While testing the boiler of one of thrown her heavily to the ground. We handle kitchen furnishings and will present you with a
here at their elegant 12th street Moms be and family reside, from a berth la 'j the extension steamers at the term-1 i( The skirt Mae cut apart from the 4 fly killer for a souvenir If call.
aid returned to S'.uyvesant Fans N. ; the Miami river where she ha* been | Inal Jock Sunday by water pressure ; chain when It was found she could I you
T i for the past seven month, back to ; preparatory to standing an official Inspection. not walk Mr GOToh and the other We are agents for The New Idea. lOc patterns. |

I ber old berth In the bay off the stone i l It burst before the required' gentlemen: fterent aUe her to the I We are agents for Famous Standard Rotary Shuttle Sew
Mr )Ira. R. | dock her there amount of pressure. had bees pat on
and 8. Flanagan hart presence bringing automobile and she wa taken to the
announced the engagement ot their I to memory the gold old summer time It. Though unlIKe a fteam explosionaad I office of Dr DuPul. of Lemon City ing Machine which does more work, better work andIs

daughter Mtaa Agnes Sllfk, to Mr. Dot near ao dangerous the blow for treatment It I II tiiought her hip the lightest running machine In the world.

George N.weomor Wit Palm : Mr Ada GrHI..". of nU bbarl. op" made quite a little noise aad I I. dislocated We sell Ice cream freezers and the best of all to
Beach th* marriage to take pUce OB Ma* and Mr Eliza Steven of w.lt- j gave the workmen about a rood wet you
the Uth of May I born. )Ian,, who have beea gnoaU liD,. It I* not known whether the NOTICE We sell cheaper
at the Minneapolis all winter loft this I boiler caa M repaired nfflcte*ly tol{ Notice It hereby given that the barI .
I JOT trait fortmscra, consult J. E.LuiBnaa morning for JackaonvCla. They win make It errlccab: or aether a new I bet shops of the undersigned will Remember the place to save money

agent for tho oM reliable 'I I take a Clyde steamer from here direct one will ha /. U b- 1-stailed. |dote at eight o'clock at night except
Bradley to New York and spend a few Saturday alrh:'. when they will dose HANDLERS or EVERYTHING
food 1
I day there before moraine to their Cloootf. After Nine Year at tea. Sunday we shall close at EVERYTHING SOLD CHEAPER
homes The Everglade Hotel operated for I 11 a. m. No shop will bo opened Wore

Mrs miss Ratherford now haa jthe, put several year by I) charge of tho Bvthorford Hmtao,: Mr. Job Oramllng has received a I inaaagaa. closed Its doors ,...t"daTl Thi agreement foe Into effect oa W. H. CHAILLE & SON
Tataa having closed her taUreat :1 complimentary notice la the Station> for the first time since It opened to Monday, April ICth and continue aatll
a4 win eontlnoe to ran It aa the College paper OB his fine acting la UecolleglaU 11 the public alee yean' ago. and la the I I II I December' SI. 1XX
up to date tad Baety equipped aotel! I play, Shakespeare' "Tarn- I I future win give her attention to the Tonng ft Thorn peon. A. Colby, Gala 1211 Avenue D Miami
that It has alwaya boea. 1 I ling of the Shrew," preaea'ed by the 1 management of her own aovae, com lat Galtl. Wav. Pent I ,
Stetson Calveralty dramatic societylast known the .
molly aa Everglad Aa1 :, ---
Mr F W, Haha. a leading, aadl- I Friday night Mr. Orambllng> 1 sea at the corner of Avenue C and
.J. date for eouity clerk, la/looking after carried the difficult part of Capta aPhobba 1 Thirteenth street The Everglade
hla fence;; In the north end of the haa i always been one of the popular !
county this week. He eipecta to be'' | houses of the city and on that account
back In the Jiiaglc I( City the latter part: :' Mr LJlla Belle Cary dramatic IBrtmctor It will eveldeatly not remain doted

of (he week. |I If ', In the Conerratory of last I very long Shoes Cutonce
f- Ic. has put on the lat play, which
Order a cut of soft drtnka delivered I came off several week ago of the i Wo were complaining to a eontrac-
or shipped tol you by the Miami Bottling season and U closing her work la the tor the other day about the cheap

Work, Mfth, Miami, FU. tf' Conservatory. preparatory to leaving class of house that are going up and
In earlt Mar for her customary sum
Masked j him how It wa that almost
mer'i stay at La Plere. Mich, wherethe that bal been let It MI.V.In .
Mr Z T ,iMerrttt. one of the every
family hare a magnificent home. Ut three aid !I-- nat ,
candidates for county clerk sent I' year atBURDINES
up to West Palm Beach jesterJartuornlnit a loci or to near a loss that the more
.bt> he will\ take his ne.l Ort.._ H F Mullett and family contractor would have done better to
and make the trip to the south end si.- meting Into the mailer Gertscbtvtsge have been a journeyman on the job
of 'h<- countjt on a campaign tour on H'th street near AvenueB He said the trouble was with the
having purchased this property, -otlu-r fellow. "He ficure 10 :ow
Mn Jernljan. .111..r I of Mr J. A. hih! bas lieclde a neat cottage i': that there la no money la It for any
Dunn tats returned from a trip ti urge lot si l'h a rood apace allowedfor body." We asked the "other fellow"
Sanford. which had expected" te.1IPII. the building of a large house on and h* rId the sane thing There It
.'. sereral wfeka but the tunes th.- froir Dr and Mr Mullett are some thing wrong and the contractor
of her child brought her speedily \n utd a.lititlon, to Miami; aoclett and are not entirely to blame
homeD M. ilor'or I. making an excellent One man who has a pet theory said
"'pu'.tlon here a* a phrdclanV ; It was the carpenter He said. "Look

R Frt-maa BurJn of this clttwholet' at the man working He saws a few
here I abort Ime since for ApaIacbi \ W. St !tea a well known cltlrerliHog stroke then stops and rests AnJ at You will never be able to get shoes as cheap again
.ola 10 pr.c' "p las has opened 7"1:, here for the put seven that other fellow he pusher the planea
up .can: ofht.s L Uk Beech bloc! > ...Mdlod ;Monda afternoon about few strokes, then stops and sharpens We will NEVER sell them as CHEAP again.
fa .tta' cDr and I reported 10 tf' k- f.'i.r odOat hit home on Arena the bit : any thing to kill time '
( .'.." In hi* cl>oen protection P IVreafl I mat 59 rears of age That set me tntnklng and I took
RO'b.1I! teen engaged In the hacking time to watch them An] 1 found that
Tb. Junlnt. Cltf:* of the Miami High tiifine. for .e'eral tear; pa.t. Hl It 'II" a fact one did stop and sharpon -
Scnoo met Frida and elected ofa l It.. \t. K wife- and four ch'Idren The the plane and the other did stop Beginning Monday-April 9thAbout
ten for the comlpg year Mr Fred fund4! tiiok place Tue.la afternoon and It did look like b- was rein<
Pine president MM! Eleanor Screr- nri, 'n.ent wing In the cl > cemetery But the fact was he was putting krro-
en 'I'! ". president. : Hiss Battle Rui- (t" I ndenaker" F. M.ller: one on the saw ro It would not tick

t+ -.u-'e-., j std \11.; S-ma; Freed- I found that the can of kerosene was 70 pair of !ladies :fine 250 cxtc-ds:; : DRY GOODS
un.l: > aMirer The ci Ianlorl.6- Mi', E-he! TVeatberly let this morn one of the most 1I1'<'....ar> tools, and
left: out of last peeks sale We sold o-.er
le.. '. ollTf : plane must be sharpened 'It
t ate and hors with tbeorangt ins tor Houston: Tex. h-re the will a eke a
."."m for the class! flower join 'hi- Gfcgnon Pollock C >mpanynowcliuiiij tie while This pine I I. so fu'.l of roe one hundred! pair ct:;: them: at CI 45 8.v your CHlirc bill from n% since .. t .hens

!: at that place Tie company In that the tools ret stickj and will 190 1 last week Broken sl: s. .do>d f rttt b.r9.Mi, in Udict flood
If you are folc to par on' your Silt,J li> :thtrr for twn-ral I l rake going not work unless kerosene I.1 used I
rood money for a machine.! why not .h< nce to Colorado! Spring and after lall..dlb\ a carpenter: that came -- )1 .I'l.l .
: t- rt.hrn rtami
l-ieii i
|iwrcd ;: :
the belt Other ... '. 'ben lll make the from the North a abort time ai
fet int' are rood u.ng,; a tour of ago ;
fine line f ;lanes x-ds: and !I. r ,
A nee ::; ::; : :
hue we claim fo- the STANDARD all a ? I' I If a inn ass. rtton made h>> said a man could do about one-

the rood qualities (I' others and many nj many people that MlWeathert/ third as much work In H >!*> wl-b 'hi* bals of e\ery aescnption ne.. strck ti Js1ea' osr .i.e. .111.1 ,;; ,Inluma ,- :' Itk
adi'i'iona, one If you really want 's :tb, far of the amateurlass In this wnod aa can be done with white pine :Should not t be on a oargain. C I and l l.\ fir ,
th' 'M*! machine made! call on ui rtt\ ant If the dote as sal l profession One used to the other pine will: work I Qrt
or le nt call on you and we will 1 1 ." she ill as an amateur there II harder here and not accomplish nearly counter! a: all 250 an : 3.: *PI. A l 1H::V !I..t ,'' ..!Id-| and <.ms! 't mti: i' 'ilh.|

I..' ou about them. "r i li d.nib1' : of bar success Beside her so much In a day. __ -- -. mailra 'luckami. ,, tauci"rt'i .ml'.,
., 'a'', n' ;Miss Wratherly 1 I. gifted wits The carpenter I.I not to blame, heI t.. 4'K.'' illl"nj: -.1'\ .1. C "c 1 1J C Jit't
\I" 1 1..-I a T.virii, who has barf a ( hor: minI[ disN'l'lon .01 I has a far I h doing the bent he can' Who 1* 3 So.:; 4 ?o and! !five aoar!! men's shoes in
n'\ fo- making: and keeping many to hla me Maybe you are It you are )1 ., :,' 'n"'a 'I a" ,..' .1 ,". r.r'h
C' a. "t h- Ru'h'-rfotd House this e\er description; ail;:. ties stXKthe ; r r: .
S h.. s ith: : ""'II her interest f"r.. !i- whiri,>-a'l,> -sre' hi r depar..in .- looking or a gold brick jou can In Ir..." 1ti J"o f'-r I",
.main 'n. .-.. un'l! the are of .in I lsh for her "-". n blessing It. If you want a fJ.OOO house firSt best rnanufactjre-s) : n $290 ;
V .' I. r '0 r- at before opening -n .1. --'it'f, d! lift In her mown prof. ants you should not be dt.sppott'edIf the v.dSteanshes. I' .0 < Ind.l linen wi.rtli t Ir 1" 1", I 1-. .

i r ; house at the FOill real .'" ,ere It I li onh Tor'h 13M1p> wjen toot: __ for I

P' Il'b'"e. Sirs Tatum bar I reIt Why not use the tame. good ...
II <'.-e-. of thl- rnan' 1? NOTICE OF CHANGEnoTibenrg business! ju<'1rment here' a* when you ..1'1$4: 40
S .. h..r she unietti'kes It hull your other h ime Examine 'hO'cODW'lon. :i
and re of election; precinct and lul1.lo"! <.'llf n'h all! BABY CAPS

.. 1 end P..r-fV i. -hr..Tm, Election' Dotnct. No 15 .. hen jon come to thetorts: a. d o'h..rhardware

ra' hfl' wl'1' le' pro t'-lim.' April"* fnr the bone- ice I nli -I .>n 'hi nor'h li the north put cm something that the u'.' air w'.1:1 20*" dl;: : : .ln'; A h '. save r "c .. t.: < :
fI ,' .t, Lallef1 A'-rrnooti Club 'i- .t--.t! I l' i r li 17 und not rust before one season Is r*>*
Th. pat: s.!ti be un.1-r the '.i" tj-l, I''",' \ "." ',.1 i h IHnr'f' Per: a little more moon art! pu' cr.' a

,,,r "fIr W 8 Janice ho 'ure 1'i.i H-' ,.i- .1 I 'n 'b,- east genuine: bronre, that ..''I' ren.a'c' 'he infant! : : s. : s..es 45c r: ,:, .: '::1, i ,
h ..rnred, such .1 I'teaaan' s 'ICCPSSfnt "10' \ In''i ui, '" "i 'the ou'Ji sane, a* long; I. the iioo-! la"] .. .
,, \ amA'- !n:' theatricals In ',,. ..ui, ,i 1 li!, ', f .. .7 W*' hare the finest tine: o' >-ohardware ?r : ;

:Mr .Is to. hat secured anrust 1 II! .ii'l' 1 l : ..'f ,?. .n.hlpfl\ >on ever brought "> Mian I 'helarge Ladies:: .. -.Ie Ox-- : 71S.1: $1.OO ;iI.. :" :. :; > ,: .
'.. ,. ',. *! assortment and the he_' ,to- t
ea and: sa' s that \\ .1,1ed, i .OHMarc.: fi : o ((4I> east -
at 1'-.. ....... will >>. one of the bet n' d' "n ,h.. .I-M rn the ..trrn boundr sign In the South Come In and* ;let $1.20. $1.30. 1.80. and $1.95
if P ,.- p-?111" I here It 1. abe r -hh. miv Th. rating place .i. show. you what we na< e There 1 I. i'I i..n' 'u' r I .
in, m.1 l'dre'-a l in four arts, andudlence ..r ,1 I .tl':trtc, -o h* .t' P. nla no Job too big for u* to figure\ on and
CHJIaai wHl m, .n drat 11-,. ,-1,1. o1.'1. re I in i iu session von will\ be surprised' at the extent of
to tear and they ,. -hter Specialties b.i! Ma-i-h I !igytA! our stock We will furnish "GooJ W. M. Burdine 316-318 Twelfth StF
, will be i it': .'ac.-' between the K rvarborn good at fair Price-
\ act and Wb....'. on htra will for- Clerk Board County Com. MIAMI HARDWARE COMPANY
Alah the ntnalc. By W M. Pope Deputy ",,-. Want Tour KOII.,."




-- --
--- ----- -
--- -

Treasurer . . Tt M
fee Tax Collector.I COUNTY
MESSAGE FROM THE [ I County Commlaaloeer .. . 11 M
hereby announce myself a* a ct.a-
Member Board Public laitroc. 11.HJaitlce
for the offlce of tax eoUecu I
Political I dilate DEMOCRATIC CALL of the Peace . . 1.10Countable
II of Dade subject to the acUo I
DELIVERED . . . l.04)
I of the Democratic: primary SEA WAS
County Flth and Game Warden I.M
Thomas J. Hard,
Announcements Supervisor of Keglctratlon I.MAll

candlate are repaired to tie a
: A mUa of Dad County written appllcatloa to have ala same
Second District
Executive Committee was, held '
appear upon the official ballot on the
To the mO'raUe"ot.ra of Da4County I.t Miami. na.. o. the 14ti Jay of
.._........ u lf', ran. aeadu. Mr. C. F. Threw Bottle Overboard From Steamship Comw blacks finished by tae eommlttee,
Forsjth! March IW to 'adjouramet.
.. pursuant
.ill l.. t..en>4 mat 1 afar Ik* l>* accompanied with the (ee. above let
rralic Pri iArV .. Ik* lft,IT Kvini1M I hereby acnonnce myself as a cej, I The fallowing. call for a prima
,. I 5 forth with Geo. P. Bull, of OJua. Fla,
1 u tor Vera IM -i.'ffi:+:. ad w.ka: Mete..IN dilate for the offlce of County COB' last Saturday-Was Found On Beach Yesterday, and I election was adopted towlt: Secretary aaj Treasurer ot 1M Covx

.. ..Y. MPoelttv.lY naiiiloBtr from the Secood District Notice li hereby given that there Democratic Committee before
ty OB or -
......"..,...r. of cede< eamr. subject to the will Delivered to His Wife Here-Peculiar Incident will be a ttemocratlc Primary Jee-: the nth day of April A. D.1XC

.. 1..f\.J .._. au .......... ... of :be: 'ul.ocr.n!! tilers at express*. torn( held la the several lctloot *. The Democratic County BiKutlT

ca. at the coalcg primaries trlcta of Dade county. folds 011 Committee hall meet OB Moadayjfay

Paul C. Jfteea.West I I"May Uta. im and it necessary <011I 21. 1KX at the County Court Mesas.

pam: Beach. Fla. June % IMC. for the nomination or
I Ili Miami. Florida, sad .
publicly *
Fla The c
It Is a frequent thing for bottles C F Forsyth Miami mas
Far Rpce..tatlveTo I all Democratic candidates. 8UU and:
vaaa the return and
declare what
the letter to the city aa4delivered
the People l ,of Dade County FOR COUNTY COMMISSrONCRFrfMi containing messages to be throws .. Catty to be voted for by the DeiocraUe .. I candidate are nominated by
It to Mr J C Meredith. con a
At the requeat of friends. and wtth erboard from vessels and other craft electors at the general else '
District vote for each etflce tm
I strutting engineer of the F. E. C. county and
desire to verve tea in the But Leg-t tics be held November .tb IKaavd ,
a to .
of them not being found I : what
cases a second will
caad- I hereby announce my eaaiMacy fcrenoaanatloD .. at sea. some Rail.a> eateaslon who by a strange primary
filature I announce myself a b by the Demoeri '
to appointed
haT to be ).]4.
the Deaocratlc to the officer* o.atJ for >eari. The majority of such meet coincident resides la a house owned I
to -
Bate for this offlce subject Governor of the State between the
I Commissioner, subject to lbs adios hjr Mr Forsyrh on Fourteenth street I Ik W. A. Filer
primary to be helj la May I sages tell of shipwrecks, exciting experiences die of holding such primary tl_
Mrs Forsyth is guest of the Rutherford I CaalrmMa.Atteit .
of the Democratic primary and a a
solicit tie support 01 :r and the most of them ''
I respectfully etc, and Mr Meredith had the letter I HOB tad the holJIag of the prima : Geo P. Bull,
licit the of Democrat
the, people e: Dade county aad. U I Iel.ctK support my bear but little truth being the product delivered to her there i election, A, D. IMI. Secretary
I will faithfully and Impartlaly frieads I The fallowing/ officer art to be nom,
the Jlutiee of the oOkci. E. G. TwH .n. of some Joker or person with aa She corroborated the genuineness of
ticcharg lasted at said primary ltctiom towit
and will do aU la I my power for your I imaginative brain the titer tad message by stating thai : TWO PISH YARNS t

bet Interect and Velfar*. I trust to I FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER One, however, that Is genuine was ner husband was a passenger on board

BIT* the pleasure !lot meeting the rot. I: District N*. I found OB the beach yesterday, by a the steamer Coitus en route from 1 Representative la Congress. Si. Adventures Incewiteee Mecently IKWeet

era at an early date and dltcuti aU workman employed by the ..'. E. C. New, Tork to New Orleans on a bnatnens cad Congressional District Coast Water
To"ot of Dad CouatyI
public question and define fully mpoalUoa ra : Railway sad brought to the city ii trip She paid the reward alt 3 Justices of t" Supreme CourtS
hereby announce myself aa a caj-
ttereto. contained a message to the finder and : offered by Mr Fortyth to the finder Railroad Commllonr

la reference the$i fact that a public dilate for renomlnatiOB to the offlp a scsltJ letter to the wife, o' the mu and deliverer of the message 1 Member of the House of Repretelatlvea. Editor Jordan, of the Puata Cords
I recoctz
of County CommlssioBer la District I .
I depositing it In the waters of the AtUntie HeralJ-he who spins lab yarn -
office i te a public trust, and ahoul No. 1. subject to the action of the
1 Clerk of Circuit Court for mat I produces these a* his latest.
honor m. with your vote I will beheld Married Night
you Democratic primary election to Saturday
conBJtnc a1l4'' The messsge was written by Mr C. plreJ term I Mr Kltcbell. a New Turk lacy
highly appreciate May Uta. IKK F Fortyth on board the steamer Coaius 1 County Assessor of Tai t, 'i who I. Hopping .t Hotel Tarpon, at
will be ]loyal] to TOur Interest
T. A. "" 1.fl4- I
of Mr .Claries Smith Collector I Grove City. while out
Respectrnlly, <>f the Atlantic Bteamtblp Line The marriage I 1 Tax flihlag Monday
*a route from New York to New Or- sad Mrs. Eva Bell, of Jacksonville, 1 County TreaaarerS afternoon, hooked aad landed a sew
O A. Worleyr
FOR COMMISSIONER I lesns. and was ss follows: was solemnlzej Saturday nlrit at lue County Commltaionerf. I flih fourteen feet long Mr* Baaeett

District N*. ITo "On voyage New, Tork to New, OrItans home of Mrs Thomas Leighton on 7th I 3 Member of County Board of Pub : of Chlcako, was la the Oat with herat

I aaaouace IR.-utlw caadldac I the Democratic Voters of Dade April 7 This Is written on street Judge A E. Heyser officiating I lie Inatrnctlon the time and both ladle were highly -
hereby my
for th* position of RepreaeataUr I County: hoard the above steamship Thursdayn Mrs.I Bell is of SB old Kentucky family I 1 Supervisor of Registration\ excited by I the struggles of tae big;

from Dade Coati To yon 1 sib I I take this method o' announcing m end will be cast into the sea and has resided In this city danag 1 Member of the Dad County Dams I nth Their boat was massed by 7

mot the .oeiioa o* my .utllflcaUoa my candidacy for the offlce of count], Whoever finds the bottle and deliversthe the last year She owns valuable ocratlc Executive Committee for ft- Russell Thompson of Chicago aad WW .

to U tiit capacity Inominated commissioner from District No. S, nhect !letter. or mails it so It will reach property In Jacksonville, and the happy ducts Not 14 sad 7. respectively Mason of Mobil*.

re"lt at yon the Democratic primary | to the srtlon of tbe Democrat) Its address. will receive a reward of couple will immediately commie I 1 Justice of the Peace sad 1 Coi I One day last week' Mr aad Mrs Fellowi -

sad elected at the gear l election 1shall primary On account of being engagJ 12 cah C F Kortvh P 8.- the erection of s subitsntktl residence stable la loch districts aa have T,. of Chicago were out near ren-

devote my best efforta to you; In vegetable growing It will]] be lmpoeslble Title mill be thrown overboard off at that place Mr Smith is a wen raaclea pa island flihlag for tarpon with A.

Fla. morning, April known citizen of Miami aaj will return -, A Gnu a* guide. when the former
aerric aid Ok* welfare and up.lt.nd'laC [ for me to make a persona MIamI Saturday 1 Fish and Game WaroeaThe
her,* with his bride (in the ear booked an immense that
ray wse fully
of Dade county ahal receive my; eanvsee of the ronntv my crop decandlng 7th: rules governing said primal

earnest $fooalderatlonReepectfully: my attention just at this Accompanying the note to the flnjr fail The* mill occupy his cottage election shall be tics tame aa those sixteen feet acroea. The guide nj

'irre This being the case I earnest!, : was the letter addressed to Mi.. on Id: streetInltM adopted by the Democratic Executive the flih towed them about the waters

J. W Watson urge all my friends to Jo what they Committee at their meeting held I.I at the rate of about ninety mile *a

rill In my beoa'f R. 1."alL I Jacksonville on February 24. 1MM. for hour and kept up the fight for liberty

"., Ceunty Clerk governing State Primaries to far a. for three hour By this time. it

To the Democrats of Dad. County: FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER5th iA 8UllDING BOOM SURE THIS SUMMER he tame shall be applicable to the was getting late aad It was, decided to
cut the line and
let the
1 take this method of aanouBcl&j County Primary Those and only! monster '0.
the office of Count District, .. Fellow, went forward to cut the
my candidacy for hose pertoti thai] be permitted to become

Clerk sabject to the action of tee Mr Kirk Mnnroe.of Cocoanut Grove,. I candidates before or vote .t, or line but before doing! *o fired a rifle

Democratic primary aid will appreciate living been unanimously nominated I participate In the management o' aatJ ball Into the ray Tijl Ia canted himto

that frtendj for commissioner by a mull make inch a prodigious flounce that
nay support my county primary 1.ttIoD..bo declare their adherence i
eta give .... Respectfully.Z peeling of citliens, we hereby aalonnce I! Indications belie the fact and 11th .1 retl. tx w.tcvenue v sod to the principle and organization he dashed the boat nee ty full of water -

P. .. lib 'he Intension of erecting liter aimoet iwamplag I It The excite
T. Merrttt his candidacy subject to tAt plans now under say miscarry. :Mi. of the Democratic Party.aattoi
action o' the Democratic Mr I I n.o j. rn offlce building and theatre lady accidentally Bred another itot,
primary amt will enjoy a building boom thissummer al. State and county, who are by the
near he comeo llth street an, which went through he bottom of
For Clerk Monroe has been a resident of Dadounty laws of the State ]lawful elector of
.. greater than ever before i.. Avenue C. Besides these structure i I the boat, and then thjt severed the
With fun apprecutlon *t tie 'lgk (' for more thanf wenty the election I districts In which they
Its rise since Us I
Its history. though Mr Pron Is building a number 00 line and tile escaped. It
loners asked lor and pcomlalag faith- luring which time be has o r..1 I' has been ffer to Tote, who have paid their poll ray was
foundation ten years ago end residences In dlfferei
cottages an exciting for all
fill performaac of duties U elected, I aflagglng seal la the cause of phenomenal and every day is a building parts of the city I taxes 1 legally due not less than ten I tenet. .d..tar-t I c0oI -

car* th* honor to aaaoanc Bynalfcaadldat a oads, and bag steadfastly promoted ,' day in the Magic City of Florida In Riverside )lr. 8. M Taints .. days before said primary elecdon, a \

for tks Oo. of Oaf ot the I very worthy Interest of our great A tour of the city and suburbs wlj completing one of the most attractive I who shall when challenged by aa else- I waIT JUPITER JOTTlNOt
Court of Da* Oo and ask ounty Therefore w% ask for him I
Circuit aty show a great number of resident houses artificial stone residences In the city. tor pledge la writlnc upon oath before I -I.

for your rote la th primary of May the hearty support of all good citlsea now under course of construction, aDd Mr B Button is prespnng to any Inspector, to abide by tad '
lit*. F. Jaadc .t the coming primary Captain Armeur Prtpartnn te Build atHane'teme
support the result of inch primary aai.
the majority of large, roomy erect another In the same locality
-. : (Signed) W. J Shone, thereof. i Realdence
I detail while architects support the nominees
: and modern in every In Fort Dallas Park Mr Harry Tnt
,... Cewnty Clark B. 8. Potter The poll anal be opened and closed
and builders are ousy on plans tie Is nearing the completion I of an aitractive -
take this method of announcing Geo. Richardson, fur many other that are to be commenced : anj up-to-date concretefitonnldence at the several election districts at the I I West Jupiter April i.
myself u a caajidate for the office Committee.FOR at early dates and finished mhlch mill be occupied b, hours Died by the general electioiaw Miss Hopkins, who iptat several

ot dark of Court for Dad County I by fall himself and family while )lr. Stephen The following named persona weeks here this winter, lea last Sanla -

I.bJecjto the action of the DemeeraUc I COUNTY COMMISSIONERSecond : Several business blocks art also na Blundy. owning a home In the sam ire hereby appointed Inipector aDd (' ) morning Mia HopktajXipre for her hcpne la NewTorkIty d herself I

primary;. F W Haha. District der erection' while a number of others park. U adding a second story to therams < clerks for the several election dlt as bring delighted with the bataing A-

planned the total amount of tracts: :
To the Voters of Dad County see and I Dtblng at this place gad will, return -
For; Clem *f the Circuit Cwrs : building work outlined being sufficient On Thirteenth itrevtjn the rear of Precinct So Inspectors; N. H. In the
each falllit
To the Democratic Voter: of Dad I hereby announce myself a* a caa- to keep a large force of men employed his pns.nt building Mr:! Watson l. Parka H. E. Stypmaan and B. 0. and
,Idate for nomination to the offlce of'' Mr E Knwhel their three
Couatr{ until the of Ball Clerk Card SchroeJer Polllai
: from now on beginning preparing to begin the erection of i a :
little and ,
toot Mill Ella Tin Jail.
in District I cam
commissioner No.
I hereby present ay wane to the ouaty another winter and put many thousand three story builnen block, which will place, Ball atore from Weit
Palm Beach
up laat Sun-
U U Democrat prt- abject to tbs action of the Democrat-- circulation Precinct No t.Inipector: Fraal
voter coming dollars in he Vx90 feet In sire. and three stoiIn .la In launch
) a Daring the trip
miry u candidate fur clerk of th* Ie Primary Election to be hold May I Not only will the erection o' real high The Brit floor mill contain Bowen P. Kltcfcen and E. C. Miller aunch
ran aground several time
owlug '
circuit court for Dad eoaaty Ith.. im Geo. B. Baker. I diners and business blocks be great ftoreroomt the second offices and oa ('I rk. James Hepburn Polils. place. to Mr Kuicbel lack of kaowl-

Hating resided Sere for twset7-"% than ever before this summer, but the third a large hall for lodge and K-hool house edge regardlag the channel, but they

year I larlie Inquiry tad Sa Mttp- FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER numerous other lnt>rovements are other meeting purposes Precinct No 3-inspectors: Fran) rrUed
safely at 11 3'). and departed
tics of thoM who do not know me ..'- District N*. 4 now and will soon be under way One It Is announced also that the Mlamonxrr Sheen Joel A. Dean and Dan Cop. after Mr Kucchel
soon aa
soaally as to my reputaUoa u a eltUea The friends of A. Lee Allen desireto of these Is the building of a street car <' .aior>' of Music will erect i iUrge a Iron C.erk: T. J. Campbell Poll- 'u get through tbe caaal before was darkness ,

my r* oral u aa offldaa la y.ar* place his same before the voter rise and power house This work conterxatoj building during the lag place, old engine home overtook them

past and my flUoa ice COlLpat eDy of f Dade County for tilt offlce of Coun- Is progressing nicely. and It Is expected summer on the Site of the present Inttltutlon I Precinct No. 4-Inipector*: Jesse Miss Edith B Fulke went down to

for the office to which I asplra. t)r Commissioner subject to the action that cars will be running or thevarious on 12th street This structure ougherty: J. L Garnett and F. Waimer Ft i Lauderdale Monday where the a-

If elected I promise. fair aDd court of the Democratic primary election streets of the city Inside the will\ probably be stifled at si Clerk: Cullen Peace Polllai 'eons '0 spend several weeka. 4'

treatment to chosen at the to be nelJ May It IK*. three four months date
ous every next or larly I plan. Porter Packing Houie Mrs A L. Pennock. who ha* bees

hands of every person connected with Another enterprise which mean Mr C R Roberts. connected with : Precinct No 5-lupeetore: T. UUcRae. visiting relative* here, left Tuesday

the office FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER much for Miami and which will beput the offlce of the F E.C Electric Ugh T J. Haygood and I. B. for her home In Philadelphia

Soliciting the support of every voter I District N*. 4 I through during the heated term amt,I\\ater WorksCo li having i iX.M a Parlor Clerk: H B. Hodges Poll Capt Armour has bought the old

who, considers me xtmpe'ent aid cap Th* friend of J. J. Roily aanoBae 'mill be the building of a gas plant for pretty home null out on Blscaya1 Ina .place. school houe Proctor place and has started ptapsesthins

able. 1 am respectfully, him a* a caadldate for County Con commercial lighting purposes Plane trite The hou e Is to have six rooms Precinct No 6- Inipector: J. I. for building a handsome reel.

Eugene H. Dlmick a:1..loD.r) to District No. 4. abject for the plant hate been perfected in I iia'h end! mill he two stories blbI''ntrarl"r Hardy n Caiiel and J W. Pierce If nee this mmmer Mr Jame Hall

Weet Film Beach. Fla :0 the action of the Democratic Prl- .1. ultruj. and the announcement J J Holly, : Is building the ClerkJ M miteaJ Polling p.ac: has the contract and expecta to comnencv -

mary s mad that work mill commence at house and I Mr Roh'r:s expects to move Rouses atonePrecinct work In tae near future This!

For:, Clerk of the Circuit CewrtBeJeMlag 4 an carp dateBesides Into It ,about! Max lit : No Inipectors: W 'G ,-Hi,lence prom I ten to be one <>f the

that my services for the FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER these opvratlon. shish silt Mr s .\ R-lrh..l' has started thin tiarnhall El T. King tat ier.y urlMinmt on 'h.- river fnmMr '

past Jve year. as Chief Deputy In theoma Second Ditrlt .ill materially In maintaining businessar Ion "f.I '.. anti, ill two story alin. Brian Clerk R A. Bryan Po3la. H S I'ennork na' gone n Ocalap'irrhjw

Clerk Court I nlh ..nlnl up the .tumnu months ..:,al t.nr hoii. on hit lot on the
of the of the Circuit Friends of \Vi:lam! Helm place Stranahan store. 'n mime lire itiwk or hr.
herewith announce ,'aAw l1I.nll.n".1 I :lb. F K (" Rallwsyalcnsion ,i m.r of it.'i..nth .:re.'t and 1 Aventu f..rm.
,1I&1itl4- for the position. I hit for commissioner Pr. ctnct! No S-Inipector*: J. B.

rttpeclftily announce my caodi from candidacy Second county the hull,ling iKtmren bee and II Th. Nation l I. a very desirable 1Veeffoni> ( J. V\ I vet and J A. riarp t'i "lint I (''inmilxl, ''nvr H.TDu.

loci fpr Clerk of the Circuit Court, action the of the Democratic district, subject primariesMr to Key \\'... the headquarters of which : ni. ant i Mr lleli'her k hoiixe mill\ txrf Irk J N. ulliion Po:Ing place. )Il. "i is and I Herbert A Pennork if :the
located here aid from which .n lalttalitaddltlow to that bean
] ate hoagiePrecinct 'no.il 'xwM visitor In
tabjecl to tie approval o the Democratic school n were eta
Helm Is a successful business all Dla'rl..1 for the said con I i if ul thoroughfare The house will
ktrlmtry. point \:o 9 -ID. cton. Paulilatthewi. err' 'a.r week The former w** feel
m'D. enthusiastic for good roads, a Is handled A large force Itamain I I eight .
I a ntu.j nruction Harmst'.in'ractors L Fornell and J. I. Pet ng: hf pot.,. of the 'ote t and 1 be
rit-clsis civil engineer, and well of mm are employed In the once aadD"f'IID1ID.n Muller Bradx ft Mans I .
era Clerk: J. A. Danghtry Polllaiilace. latter k king after 'he drool 1 Interat
r equipped to fill the offlce work. such st building! nlll Mart next meek to erect a wlnfeihone .. at tha'
r County Treasurer school horse
j .
I barge. repairing boats. framing mat.rlal for Mr J M Gallony of ('he.ter I
To lbS Voter of Dad County I I-I Precinct No lO-Inipector*: T Lfownley.
etc and bwhich several I'a. on Bricked avenue. oppo I : :
Htrtfcg been Uentlfled with Dade NOTICE
I H. DaW Miller and 8 L I
First District thousand dollars are turned !loose every sit.' 21st .Ir....'. South Miami Thihou
cooatyf since ISIS; having doa thevery Pattf'raoD. Clerk: R B. UeLendoa
I I respectfully announce myself aa week. to find its way Into the var ..e mill\ !I.e a imo-itory frame. containing I
best I knew how aa aa Individual Fair .
oiling place building.Precinct
a candidate for the offlce of county tout channels of business. This twelve rooms and bath and I The rvglitratloB books will be opead -
dfUem to make It a I No II B 3otter. .
proapfm -laipector*:
'commissioner for the First District work mill continue for the next two (['on' t>.rtoo I In the various prvclncta In Dade
o subject to the action of the Democrat1 o<- three years aDd mill prove a boon Mr and Mrs J Hu:>hard Chatham I county for four wpeka beginning.londay .
th* county aaj having filled a''I 1 Clerk: J. W. Gallaway.Potting .
primary of May li. to Miami mill mine Into their attractive sew I 'I ), April 2. and closing Mon
public l I office no that th* people m..y Shone old .tor..
Whether Harry DIiBoU.I On the opposite' site o the bay theP home on Fourteenth itreet the end of pace d..y. April :2<1 l. for the purpose of glv.
know I do so eoaacieaUouly Precinct No 1-lupectora I T.
;I :
Jupiter Fla. Sanford Ron Dredging Company next week This house was (commenced log .II.D opportunity to qualify
I tow offer myself II a candidate Stephens, W J. Daagherty, A. T.
It still pursuing the digging<< of the shout two months ago and Contractor I themselves to vote In thj Democratic
for the efflce of County Treasurer Ounl l Clerk: Tho MltcheH Polllai
I FOR TAX ASSESSOR ship canal for Ibro.rtlm lIt A Yarborough: hat rushed It I primary to be held on May, IS, and
abject to the Democratic Tweedell Hall
primary I plan.
To the Democratic Voters of Dade number of men are employed.and muchnton.t through with all possible baste II IJun. 12
I vote that 1 tad I Precinct I
need very caa get No. 1J-laipector*. Heavy
In circulation through has tmelxe rooms. two baths inched
rOOD put All thoae who with to be traaaferrd -
tray that my friends whether IB the loaiman. Wm. Anderson and J. Caello I
I will be a candidate for re-oomlna- them The R G. ROM CngsrructlosCompany ,'J. and I" made of artificial stone .. from one precinct to another malt
etty or country will not forget m* I Or: H. A. Proctor. Polling
'I of Jacksonville Is also do Is two stone, high and cost sboul Ii "
the J ( Burteihaw
oa the oar of th. primary la pMvstor ti i at coming Democratic prtiaary thetat place. whom bou.I'rffIDt't apply to Larkin.
for the offlce of Tax: Assessor and respectfully Inc s it.m rnm.n'' contract si'ru.s $I taxi Ha as the deputy reglitration oil
which 1 promise. If elected to No. I '
W.'On. .
material In Intpectori: \
which mill\ he supporting I Mr M I F Krom.r Is having a beau
perform the duties of the offlce withU solicitfrnr! support "/ R ffarkweller: aad J. F. 3axn i'ere are nor authorized to make thee
cogilderahletime \ I VMI
bu lne t for a tifiil artificial! none *e hull of
much courtesy, accuracy I Geo 0 Butler 7'h e'ret. lxim.-n \xenu R and the Clerk J R Horn Polling placeiiiim transfersI
aa I give to privri '. I have his lay[ made the following:
promptness try I FOR CONSTABLETenth Trmke't thrnuh.nit th. county have II.ai I ;. cud I I I' I U 'n bite liht rooms itorePrecinct
Oew. O Curri Il'lx it'm.e'a of registration offlcer"
buslaea DistrictI fared, mill from ..h'lr crops;, VI! hate 'I'' l a I I..,'b. tau -,nrl.-r high This No -Inipectori U A

I ,..1.. hi* method. of announcing t" i'i, > n,tich mon x .nit 11 ,th."\ hew In' '.11';: I i: ',,. quite! an acqultitloiI tanhall S :M AI..brook.nd A C ''n I'., I Ironn'y the "lifferent, election llttricr >f

Fee County Treasurer home 7 rant r:e-k' R C 9anleT Poll.
<. 'I f.in.!illi! '.. f'r in. nffce of i. In pioil/ n* Inlun'rv 0 \ : :'. or' "u
1-l"re" Parks
To the Voter of Dad CouatyI : hi I: 'ixnI'nr'| !l .. ,1\1 HI 4I! i''h in I ', \Ii-z.ut t i;---xim mh") I'.rrbn. ''ne I p'are. school house .
r" nT'I!< fir it.- TrnthIIMrlct. ub-
I hereby announce myself as a ean- 0"1..1I1ttnn of trade .' 'i. Ilirnev ro. ti:. a' 'h*- cornelII The \,0)111" hall be by ballot on Prw. inrr %II 2P KI'rb"D

dilate for reootnlsstlon to the offle 1.I" n in "c'.n." of lb. !1"'riorr..1r Fi' '111 'b. w. fjcts it on \h- ee..n .. ','h -. ... in I Ii. n'I It m hat n. '. furnli "d by 'he State cud ..rinc S. 3- Ftnk !{b..art"
.1. .
!h. hellla
t'unl.Iri 'Io1 > .
of county Treasurer subject to th* : '.'li 1...... 'h.1 '.,' .. ni 1 1.11,,f .i, i" -im 'I., V .. .'I. .I ;. ."\ I Ii'It", ni4l, fl.i '., I" Fxrrn'lr Commit! ,. an I It t th 1' 'e I thenIIaIIShir''

action of the Democratic Primary S\MI'Fl. ROl' NUTRFF( 'i 1'n\ I 1 Lm..f !III.ln.a- '" Th n.rt, I H r.. 'n- -.11..1| i r'ovr of i irh ":Irr't!..n. the !IniperI I'' .elf; Co 3T I Hangotd

election to be held MST igth 1XM< It. I ',''t a i :. 3. 'jr. with ,"i.s >t... .1' I ril r''.me, will beh.n"I" c-- I .1 I e'.'-k hill proceed 'o cano /I' .".Iner: "n >- J tC "t'mi.alt'

C H RaulersooMiami. I .. .h 'I.t i I. .H front noshue '" '. '\ ''"' -. \o'f In ,..rl.- 'acr" .t.b! the, 1''n'. "' \n; 1- tt \A' 'h'.I1.:1:

Sent Paper to Laborers . ..: 'iw f' ., "rt No r. 1 n ,..
11aFbr a 0111 N I. Iitt.; i, n to-, an I i and I .ra'1 :J' once forward \Inn.

Tn :Ilt. '"f th. puthfru M U n- ;: .: n, c'ty! x. .. '...ii .utrine '1' r' i-n 'o 'h.' Chairman of the J' I S,, :a U' E Penl'.ow!

Tan CollectorTo I't''hu! h. im 1".n..1 I t/tr'IIjA MrI t ," 'h' n, w r. -" '1 I.., e- r tm : i i- n ..h .h. ..<.. of| r.I': rOI'lIml'.f'm"n' '' P.tn I ( \n I" Tn.. r"aP, _

tie Voter of Dad County: I F. I J. in,tmif. to I he 1'IMmuf -f h 1c:." I.' nits IIr It : tuna r':c' ."n .: 'h.- I ''n.: I' : +-K- -o he paid by the ,.. 'n, S. II'r l P..afW'kp.o.

I hereby I.announce myself as a can I'h. F t. (' R.ll.a'! ca'.t.iou. on. a. fs h r,> n, n' i I I ,".! ItV I 1 T'1. ,. ..I ,' 'I .,. TinJ I T '. r in !II I 'a! '<', ha:: be a* fol .. 1 ; \ r I' .

Aldate for renomlnaOon to tee offlce Lt1."u-..ni! nit clan n.." ..paM'rt| from 1V Pr o'r !t' 'i II' 'Ilne a m .to:, ''I '0 he 01 coun..:,' Mrs <. 9 ? N. I iteirge;: fl\Od.

of County Tax Collector (abject tow be. 1a raw ci le.. The :ladies hi>|>e con, '. htalne.e a'wk h,, ('Mr."r"I ; .. !l1I "' "'1', .;:r. I' tt. "rD"a ; .P .1 25it :. '. \;(, t I rl L FtartraveI'

action of the Democratic Primaryto bat the** papery ni. for short time .1r. rrn n in 1 T. n'h t:..'et sat I I. I' ,. I I a,:-r mil, use 'b.. boa ,';. .1\ of Hr"i'!: Co----------- 150 ifl ( !t-I I' Nj 1'>- B P Upeiac

W VU May 11. 1>N '' -,.0. ?" .*,... ft
T. IL 0uUer. I roublea and dltslpailona. f'lt'upwa, but mo ';ones kg uo ...1.. xaaoa. ax wU4.ec M . . TS w ,tor Jt RpC"rllla : *



Mr shit
I I orphans wilt be diminished Instead of -- -- --- -

essiogsi II Ii I I Increased.In truth., this Shame article which 'I As Seen TIIr.gl M, Florida East Coast Railway.Local

erprn I That Everglade 'originated! In the Jasper Newt. .

loudly' of a shameful case of a willful

i effort! to create a'dvers criticism: of Time Card No. M. In Effect Jnurj ", UN.

the proposed drainage operation In Or eraGlasses .
the E..rll.dH-St Augustine Meteor' 10 TNMVttU"I. taut.louna.asA/ .,.
SchemeThe I
i i iJ Drainage .

... ee Nw aa u. ae N. II''T A loan *.. T* N. 74 ... t. H.. .*)
:' .. Fs'wstla.. I 8E CAREFULIt Several times this week I hav o.u, Ur1y> .Ually.. Datlr I Dally Daily Bttllf Dally
.tlss.els -
I It quite certain that tome of the a liked I oould wear men s clothes sad 17m p ; ; D. loll L. J..II. At T.) p 7 e',. T 41.- 1 u.
ATTORNEYS AT LA.m. \\ stories going the ronndt of the State 1 111' p 'II .". .... J...._.".. L. J II p T. .
I state press had had considerable the not be bothered with the wind I am I N p a to p I" t. asst. .. .. _eL AeI.LLse a .. p p e la 1 41 5
......... W..nras S..N re .- -egardlng Everglade and the 4 l. p II 11 B_.... I a p I CI _
Mrat1.s01a_........... .-N to say recently, both for..< drainage tax are not true While we even ready to be chairman of any 4 17 f U )> > t U LI ; .. = h. le 1a.U t M.41sC46pTUpiiwles

lad tfaN, i against the gigantic drainage scheme belleves! .ihere Is land enough at the meeting of the women of Miami where I .smp141.71ti

time to make 1 homes for the Intention Is to adopt male attire 1101 pIIMsfie.'Ls-+ : = T AprepIMsTN.
LwI.M." ptl.t i. Pis.pc. which Governor Broward I* attemptIng present good r1. pM a.- Ar- :. -LI 1m p u. p11e -T
all who may come here for years, w" 1 Please notice that I I.. .,.. ..
to carry out and which wag ortg say where tTar ...2 r I.' 1 as s1 I L. 11.- -T M p T. p S m a l r.
zt.csArtl I see no need o: exaggerating In regardto Intention Is because TI.i! ri- L.. .11_ ._ .L. 4.-p -4-41t -ft-
Inally responsible In part at least. ; the matter. The people elected Na that U a suresign _. a p it I' p .. ". as..na.... r N p e M. ,
there will b N } a N 4 D .
( for Mr Broward election to the I poleon B. Brows,. as Governor, with nothing doing andI I :......._.1 : h-.... .p ,i., 5.,! _Of.od ;= : : p a P -
> DENTIST. would hate like everything to giveup YNp/M puMplllf., .. $ .
the understanding that he would drain : : I
omc* of governor U N p 1 M pl l. p 11 N sl; :::: ...=:. :: : : : -4i* : i Ira 1 st.
OV. U ....II addu..T..rrtb the Everglades It seems that at the my green organdie 5lpJNp 1" .tenons.. 141p. Ia.
The Journal ,
Today publishes .i
..-. I'' time he was elected Governor the ma . .. .: .wsan. ; $ t I M f t M 444 .
TUOTXDL.D governor's aide of th. proposition, together the tolaiM5i- P'TtiP1AI. .Le .II I... .etli1p1141pd.F/N j
MULK1. with hit reply to certain Jorit0' people favored the Yet there la one thing about women Nm slim aaN paN p, _Orrpllry_ .. .. .. ., palm p t rl p
i scheme Now It look .. though the NY CItJ h__
which th. Jacksonvfll dallies 's wearing apparel 1 that has blurred I'r. J .r
charge iK.s-ftf-
; I majority wat opposed to It The Govrnor I !: fl'1lf : ran T Tit T .
r.ITIIICSOLATTORNEY were making concerning his recent' la fulfilling hit Th my opera glasses so many times that I II .r L. Iw : IM : .
( pledge
I Iw .N fll ep.I! T..._...... I A. 1 M t & A M KBaSX
speech there With whatever quarrel 1\ ...
moral Is "B careful how ." I want to speak of It. I want to speak | : tl IA' \
Jackaonvlll.l I' : yon ... ____. .. iT1r. __
AT LAW. th. governor and th. Galnsvlll Sna.GOVERNOR i i of It and still to approach It wlta such .... U. .It II ..... .._ ..... -A./.....-.. l.'I AI ell t M .
-- ...,..... 'newspapers may ban Th journal ; I 1 -/-ato-wj T."ifii""j9 1&. no-ri1Je ...... Ar': TaT>Tir>Tui -.T.-.
9 __,.=. aa. has nothing to da But on Ute subject ,kindness that I may offend/ no one It _''U IT p 11 p ..- ... f'__ _.._ 1.1 r p IM .
V.rAU ::.r-.u.s. of draining the Everglade The I I HAS DEFENDERS I I Is crepe I mean mourning During| =: up p : 1Ir p i-.I N. a.kiad r. IM p ION a -
D .galMy. .iL 14 s< t M p ... :::. :
Journal will In tile future have something I. Governor Broward haa some defenders these wlnjy days I have seen so many __. II N 1t a : p ..... ..... 10..1..... .. I U4i ,. tin s. '
MIAMI rLOWDA to for that subject Is one I among tile Florida editor In his wUows veils frollclng In the wealb. 'I __ 11 II a .11 p I .... ._11"--' I liB Sv It it.. _-_
say I .... '
l -.a.la II M
of black I Icnlagllag K 11wp
clouds ::
I have
.la which the peopl of tilt stat art dralnag policy but we are pained to er seen =:. 141.1 Sep.I I ...:..:sLL.M.__ IIS1 .. NNp. =
which observe a disposition la a few of them with what else would\ be .. aj I. s ss pi/I r... ".... -. ,. ,ISM kill MM MUMMB -
GILLESPIE ENLOE Dentist vitally laterested and on they 'bright casting a gloom about -u.m, -- e. a p .. .- ..TIM.IL .._ '" .. tST JJT. .
cannot have too muck InfonnaUon.Th I to unnecessary acrimony discussing _. I I. r11N p .. ... ,14__ ._ INN n..._. .._ I> tM ,... _

omca .OOU: Journal Is frank to confess that 'the subject It Is a question we allhave 'In and It.lIom I wondered are what yon right helping there! O-I*, ==j : : : : = L. .:: 'I': : ::' .-==:_.:.=: : 14 MM It ft....- -I I /141 M :: :

,.A. .. ... P. .. the drainage. proposition U one on I a right to talk about without Imputing /11 .1M pl.. II.... _... .. M .. tN ..
mg-: m Tn..M1 Lauy. Ma+l IfN which K I* still open to conviction: I bad. motives to each other, and 'Dame Fashion what hast thou not -- I 1 I. -...-... .. -._ W_ J.et-o..._. '" a n ._ ... IM ItM ... _
Ma."Sr 'done! t1, MIN. .,1N p 5N p w.., .... __. ... asu palm p
KlAML rLOBtDAa. Ooremor Broward presentation of tile matter look .ttraeU,... It very
But speaking of Dame Fashion did .. : .. .:. T T U f .
looks feaalbl and reasonable and If reasonably expect to escape a fire ofcriticism .. ..
". nufZS, "D, the goremor-s prmts are aQ eor- I! from any quarter. Nothingworse you know that there are some ladles ., ::: I 11 1N.fMp.O.N N p. :..: :: ,."iit.7: :.;..:,; :: tM 7N.a *TM M pi r ..:
Net his work will be of Inestimable has been said about him than smaller In town on who Sunday wear than on two common utes ::-.. -i; = :: : p p:::: : :: = _. ... :: t I rt M .. t t 40 M E<: :

gmmoymthtat. vain to the State and to al of our I Ip.OOI you ... ,,
impAr Le.a/m.saps.p
In serious doubt and there
r1..I OnNu: t,114 sea c *. I borrow my opera glasses when you go 'i ito ''IM .. NL.5.
". ;Nrp M .. .. th* other had It may b* doubt I seems to be plenty of expert testimony church: next time I :.. :N. : : I At I ... .!! It: .. t-1

avu. VI aa..... .U.I I eel whteher when the uncertainty ofthe & result of th* experiment is coosldered I be vindicated If he doesn t, the vlndt I I DftUf ea wp4 S..iUr.

I the state could not expend 'cation\ will be with his critics\ Meanwhile I loaned minister my last opera Sunday glasses night to a popular aaJ- I 5CUEDOL..gTwsaw JACKSOWTILLB ADD ST. AOOCSTIVBOtmnOUHD

ruDWa of to better there Is no need for crimination I .
L the same amount money s enter-I
JOB he told me be never was so ., 1 ..
ts s trJB* trt I* Ew U"iJ: jI iMM .. .. qrl :!
For not and recrimination for It a public
Instance I M
CIVIL ENGINEERAND I a properly pnrpos conducted Immigration 1 I Issue calling for thorough public discussion talned He watched his congregation I I1a. IslSpwMp 1.r.. s...isEa M_ .... I 1.c.11s5 I IL mN:.
SURVEYOR.I during the time the contribution plateswere
--1 bureau with adequate tads at kt < and there are none of the being passed He saw one man I NJ.el..rtue J to i IM JlM ftllM| pilM *I4M "lt I psi t4MM pl
.. aMr'41Ny ... disposal yield n better, or at least n asr.WUM.. &.arIe Tree a put :,
per..rMLML.......... surer return to the state than will I bribery nor the suspicion of any that u. t ia. ... : rr pest ..a pr. If.SOETEiOD3rD .

FLORIDA. I come from the governor's expert- we have ever heard oh: hence Intern While I think of It, why are men ) .... 1.R ..ftt'3-u' _... .... E5E. 1.., .... '.t. ...
memo Could we not more cheaply i perate writing and talking .>b either more prone' to disregard the command I I II

I demonstrate the nine of our present i side of the Issue are oat of place. The not to let your right hand know what I I I LeaLA_.w.... t/M 41 ew lie ; : pills l ie pitC 1110 .11 11 : IJ5M tae w..741, r5M rN r1N ahTula. saJrk

S.K.. icixolti occupied lands and settle up hose I Itt Everglades are the property of the th.left. It doing". than are women* .rep.neloedt ot.......a Pules Can sd.tn r..s_sin b........
thousands of Idle acres with prodmo.I,, people of Florida and they have aright A woman spends her dart doing little t Day relr Opws41d .s paw\nIae.. .1aa 5e stun w t.a_Ie ..,... .
REAL ESTATE. ,.* settlers The questions are at to watch with Jealous scrutiny kind deeds "our the side while manhints -- --- --

-&lIT Ptlt..1 C.MT .raa eo. ..n .least worth considering I any disposition' sought to be wade of up all the other fellows on the ...ti D.mi sew ?I lo.lp

mtlIlUktI: I There U also IUD another aide to. them and to express themselves treaty block to tell them If he happens to : ip'.wSI all I ,,, gyp,.. a_. :ate::; o.a rT0

the proposition. Is It not nor th* on the subject pro and conUr.Oak make a noble sacrifice
I r 111 i &... .Jwll.UIa&I pf ...
C17Tl XB, FLORIDA. province the national government DeIllOCT.t.I l I se p IM ft 141 IMtM a Ar.Psale- E.r5 -.. ( N all -
rather : th* state government" to j I I : M ft! t U p IM s .AOrtN: aaea.141 a II : = : = =
down Ut- f'I
The other day a man on .
,I _I M phi M V. T M .11. ..... ._...II.feft- Le IM .UM W4M. _
dram the Everglades A swamp reclamation 'i THAT BOOMERANG street started to get on hla wheel IB

H. P. BRAMNING masur U BOW pending IB I I That boomerang sent out by the two front' of Cohen. store He had a lot rrJIt5CUI! 119 KaBUL STEHSW CKWECTMtS AT HAIL

Atarwr *W CMBMMT congress, framed, w* bellev. SOBM- I Jacksonville dallies accusing Governor of things he had gotten at I bargain I I
what on th* order of th* national Browarj of Jumping onto the State and won anxious to get home to hit Oses ClBBtftlis Mae II ..... wta ilimtMyt If tht P. A 0. i. S. CISISIT MT

fit ADIIIJII It tilniMi- BSMrtaaIsetCsn a Irrigation law and should It past w* I press with both feel Is now on the wi e. Just then a fellow walked hurriedly ,
I'! Havana West and Nassau.
.r *..* will also have som experimenting return trip, and the editors of Th. by. remarking that h* had to Eel Key

West Palm Beach :: nonda by lbs national government IB the Times-Union and Metropolis are duck borne to his sick little girl Thu'the Three Sailing Each Week.

matter of draining twampa. I In*.-Gainesville lua.DnRAY I Brat man offered the other fellow I'I Tratsw 4tt.Bart. pl/a.ge .e at aBfy's sU*. No tJ.......
Th Journal would not h* understood I his wheel and sent him off on lu a0gratefuL ,
My glasses tusiened I .. .- .....---..wto.... --r "" ........ .-..... ...;;
Governor Broward opera
as opposing DOTI 'I D..m. wrY -. gat seer e"i- Md.pr.w N Cs 5.41 arse M 5.541..
IAKC1 T.B1KOXU, drainage scheme, because the qua < with delight bat I coulJn help bat w a use Ow.pay."" ....5.q .41541 o.gMrfs.say. ______ta41.S
ATTORNEY AND lion cannot be settled by n super* I laugh when that dear philanthropist i
'I Per Cofy: ., tW LOCAL TIME CARD is Other L/erm.tls.
I automobile !to tab him
LAW slag consideration. but we submit nit A New 'Insluetry Gathering' Eye hailed an
COUNSELOR AT '; What did wit think of "SEE THE "
governors side of the subject' today lten** Prices Very 'rentable your '( TICKET AGENT.

0..r1...iW....sal...D..m.... .CsiLs.lda.r... ... CM and we shall take up a more extensivedlsa.don ', your new cravats. .Jlmml. I ... D. RAHNER. AMt. Oml PUB. AtU ST. AUGUSTINE. FLA.

laek Ms N of It at some founts time..-
A OsNN ..Wa.LOeL Defray April *-A new Industry
"* Penaacola Journal. Somebody last night was talking
KIAKL I I has started la Delray sad the only about the great quiet among our politelice
,one of It* kind In the country there be.
A MltNAMtK I friends He said wont Atlantic Coast Line
Mm. John Zlll and her two children
Next to downright lleing la a statement fifteen cent change hands In the way :
& Rand that Is misleading There are 'I spent two or three days on the beacon of beta because every candidate II so

Price people who would scorn to lie outright '' last week gathering up eye stones, perfectly sure of. being elected H* !i! THROUGH 8CB&DULZ
ATTOR YS AT LAW which they shipped to New York aadla the term of
who would utter an expression said h* dUnt see why
Room 3.5, 7 aDd 9, Hatchett BM&:. !I that would mislead others to unwlt I IU.ely return received $14 There were once In each case conldn b* dividedup Florida Georgia Alabama Virginia North Carolinaand
four thousand of these stones aDd the
and South
the aspirants Carolina
Will practice IB I AY that which Is totally nn ; among
firm all
want they caa getThis
All the Conrta State aDd Federal: true tngnlncnnt of this I* an article Is a surer crop than tomatoes them all happy The great Highway of Travel between
tile rounds of the State '' '
going press
and can be harvested every day In the of the
If each

W. C. WAYNARD headed question"A refers Shame"to the n..rUde.exorbitant tax tn i jI. ',tatting year rich Nothing tn this to l"OtI."Y.Bon. hinder. a person take candidate Wouldn an examination It for b*clerk funny on would Milton\ have* "Par to Florida> and tie East and \West. North and South

an old woman wit called upon to pay
to Mr and Mrs Bert Combs Lost*
I. DaJe C'OUDtym $700 or IS.00 of Boca Ratone. a ten,pound girl on adUe .
where la was only 1100 or 1400 last Convenient 5.1.10.. Elegant ..11... Eqol,..." afarnllent' Dialog Ok
Friday. March SO Dr. Caaon had By the way. do you alt know that
-and reference I* made to the
year charge of the and mother
1 case reports school I I. nearly out Have you ever
fact that It waa IB consequence of I ,' and daughter as doing nicely dune anything nice for the teacher Route of the ) DIXIE FLYER

"drainage tax." and that this "drain- I'i The report' that Mr J. R. Leather oho has stood that kid" o' yours.together Celebrated V FLORID AND WEST INDIA LIMITED

age tax ts being collected In Dad man had sold his real estate Is an 1 with forty "worse ones eve
JEWELER AND OPTlOAR. County from the poor and innocent I error Mr Leatherman has not sold >T> day tor the last eight months* Trains j MONTGOMERY, L. AND N.

Perfect" Itting, easj weartB glaseesare and ..Ipl...." 'i anything as yet, although he Is willing How lovely It will\\ be for you to have I

B rw' _'or\. With our tB.si Now, the editor of Tb. Meteor wat. to sell to any one with the cash. )our darlings with you all\ the Urn I CONVIXIKNT: METHOD OF TRAVELING.

?* r."w large etpaieiee> approached about this matter by..,. Geo. R. Lymaa. o: Welt Palm Beach fur the four months vacation Atlantic Goat Use one thousand Mile ticket! rood over U. OO Miles of raili .
: Pones reaswaabl oral of our readers who wanted to last In town looking I
Iber I spent Saturday
I I i road embracing all portions of tb* Bootb esi ..Ie.' all principal ac.e ies, at
*. W. repair Watches, Clocks know If Governor Broward "waa at up the crop prospect )lr. Lymaa' When vacation comes I am going togo ,: rate of lit each. 1.1.-.4.' one year from dale of purchase. for fall, oosn-

Jeverlj and BpectatUa. A portion o< the bottom of this" and If the Injustice I represents Amacoa Bros, of Coinmbut. north with opera glasses Just to I I,I: pick and reliable Isfornttioe regard tee, schedules. Pullman ""let..**.
rev ,,... B ku for. Located Ave In the article la question was as O the NN
that Is
lick nod IStb 8t*. avoid seeing one thing and ,I
.. D between great ss Implied. It Is a clear case WID. Budd. Jr, of St Augustine, 'rowdyism that strikes Miami child I Ireo. I Fran C. Boy It(on, 1Jt." Pas*. Agt. W. D. Start Traveling Pas. Ag.**.

W. C. MAYNARD I of misleading From what we can understand. : traveling auditor of the F. E. C. R'y If there Is any boy la this town : 18 W. Bay Street, JacksoaviIW, ria.I .
je...*,.*. <>v..w M OettelaaLoDisville&NaslivilleR.R. Dade County has been levy.lag checked our station a few days I hum M, .
up over three years old that 11I I I H. Emerson Trsflle Maaager W J. Craig. Geal ....< 1f extra taxes la certain districts It J h. receivea ,
ago.Mr. I smoked a cigarette may
the county where drainage operation I" L. Gentile, of Cincinnati commission card of merit by applying at may

were sought for and ordered In conformity ,, man who bas been here the' apartmentt In the afternoon And If L

with the law. Just like spec past two week. buying tomatoes left there Is any mother who really knows SEABOARDAir

La school district taxes,, etc. Every I for Jacksonville a few days ago He 'I where her children are three-fourths

ODe beneflted. by the drainage had to I expects to retan In a few days the time, wont she pl.... explain
pay an additional tax to tile county Two cars of cabbage were shlppou. l|lof, method.

KIT UNI TO Any old woman or old or young man from here last Saturday by Mr Summer 1 Line Railway

rich or poor was equally liable under I And yet. after all what beautiful

Birmingham. NasavlD. alcmpnia I the law. I Frank Gautier. a commercial tourist i boys std girls we have here and how F'OR

LaoavWs Loalsvlll. Clnrlnnstl. But aside from this of all counties 1 lot 1 Jacksonville, Sundayed .tn Delray.W. 1 I i! much the future of the town depend

L Louis. Chicago aQ yeUtB In the State where taxable values do I, W. Blackmer haa returned''tupon! their re.rlal.1Ieu I see the Savannah Columbia Camden Southern Pines
not stand aWl Dad County ranks, from a bualness trip to Jacksonville. | carel.... criminal examples that you *

foremost among them. When it Isl I I|I I Mr Middlemen mad a business men set before then It Is hard to treat Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore,

considered that a city has sprung up, trip down the line a few Jays ago you decently It Is hard to treat Philadelphia New York.

NORTH AND WIlT where only a few yean ago a settler I i|, The young people held their rep many of you men good anyway My : Two Elegant Trains
or two lorded It over that vast. terrt-I|'I; nlar weekly dance la their hall gas soul'! Don yon suppose that we all Daily.

Koct of U* Famous to rlx train tory-where the most magnificenthostlerles I Saturday evening know you better than we let on' I Seaboard Express Seaboard Malt
The arrivals at the Caapmaa hour'
and residences to be found Girl With the pera Glasses
.. Modern Pullinaa
CHICAGO AND the world over now nestle, where the| the past week numbered thirty moet Equipment.
'Iv commission from all of
men parts
forest tree recently' held -where [
FLORIDA LIMITED the country alter the fetthe tomatoes
good roads aad the reclamation' of
lands we are.a here matter of Increased dally crowtllN'J'f'.t. growth- 81lh A, Co tent out a larze 1:<'". Plaintiff Suceful I In County Court thug ilrotii sleepers troll Juluirilli toIlet Orltus.!

ulenmrnt of tomatoes Similar uhlchnere Trial Yesterday
,I make? wealth the proposition of In-
packed In their Douse here
:created value of property It selfevtident Fir full nfHTiit'O'i >.tl sleeper reservation*, call on of th
Oily olld pnrman train to the Wenwith Truck U beginning moM quit t>n Tu >'lar afurmim the Juri tf)' any

ObservoUon. Llbrarvnd |I' fresh no" and the boom all! lxon In* the race of R Eatton \t Seaboard or wnte
Dining Car. fled County 1m T teen going downnto 1 toon nw Florlta Fif' C.oast Rtll"tCo: : _

her pockets pretty Besvy for Mr lien Potter an.1 I \\'lhuHfnliick iniar-!: *, 1I"I. r*lerc-d :a vellct .or t o. MCDONNELL ia't. GeL: Piss MI: hcksOJlilltl flu

eoori mart drainage!; etc until a 1 >on. ctn marshal of \\fft Palm Bt .\ehrIIII" ." smIle, \/ In th.. sum of 1i'I>
flontlie' IfhfedneM of some ISO.000 1 .. .
.1".m all..I1'\l i The rap or.l R Hill 1"1 He.
Leaves St Angustln .I:tG am. dailyLore. "I' unilerttan I. was staring her In the 1 .. F. C. BOYLSTON. Jr.. Pass. Acti
mln and ma !Ian iz r 1:3" "ai
Jackaonrille..1:80: a.m. dally ace. sod this amount be present: .. '
F I IMtto has moM "I InM h h n i l'ar I 'n. I"I.i i. .v \\orle>
ArrlTet. Chicago .1:10: p.m net day ',inn>!KKlonf rs fffm dl po*'-
ArTI,.. S- Lou!.. 110: pm next day .,' on. fell snoop An apparent bad I Mror*<> I.ttrmn 1 J.''' 1' \' inn: '" r-, c..b'! ", i" Th :.alI : Has Stood The Test 25 YearsGrove's

Through sleepe s a'so operated on ,'i" of lark of *oo.1 Judgment which i i I t., nUn In 'hn,.. .. -. ,'I I..hn \ .* .i ,, n n- ,, N n iilr

.!T"r..d) an portunlM, for partisanx" Br.. -, .. .. .
A C L 8:05: p m tra:n. Jackson l ttt'rotI t: Co. r'i't 1-- In m f I .* > .i'ln !
vlae to St Louin and Chicago ) to UM- to Klvantajre 'i"nl. f C..lun\l1u\i I !T i "a i;-. for I I. flau'

Ali for Ucke, via L. A N. :\; a ,lint I, tu :\\i\e hat Giirernorj I r t1' 'b.In.m hi- I:t. '*'. n'i r .. ..I 1 'u' ;..:. eat,

For Infonra"i l.'a *t to rates te all ,'-1, fa: )Jn"' mow pr.IIU"J; : tn ret 1.\1,1,11',. :;.',incl I, T' ,;0. -. .' i.. l'h- Ir "

.._. POD'I: Nor b an West. schedule.ad 'inc ,,u' fl?arrh warrants for widows I tiros I Iv r. -. M J 1'ar'." "ith! .s
... fu I Infor: ; 'a rail:1 on an; ticket an,,1 orphans whom he may tax bvllcmnc --- -- I It t" ,, '.pl.'n! wan '.ik'n upx

agent corGEO dltche around their preml. Mr 4. T Pi--) n"urn.' *= i'u' ',. \\. 'f.'r f '.pr' :?,I.nc 'her Tasteless Chill) Tonic

E HERRING <.< H< U after a little larger field| fat 'r"m Ja.ie nr1.,:"t n. ', h.bal ff ''IJ i I < ;. rk., I i'n.. .. in I IM

ria- Par. Art L A, N. R. R. of operating. aad If his plant fall l '>. ,''ns h. '. f. lant The

JackaonvtCa. TU him not the taxes of the wIdow. an.* real estate buID.1I ,' e'-' :" 5" :. real 'h 3 .f< robot No-Cure-No-Pay 5O cent



I''H. B. SAUNOCRS OUT OF RACE To Beautify Your Complexion-

M' liaison B aun.ItTn. Jr of .
Another 11 Yn "U' 1 a
Week's SaleAT V\N > 1':11\: Bear1 one of he several
Town : ., .c"n :,.Iftt.s fur the floe of clerk oft .
fruit roux in '):" apprwicbing N TMaADINOLAa :
I I'. > his "J'h-awn f'OT: 'h. ronI -

tJ'urrl! ..,<_ .r v ...,,.. lat"s
'I!I" ,. w rr"a : he
I I sirpe o
Topics I ,.;.\ f ", .,U )' M- Saunter! throitb .
'h '
'.m' a"i!
!I pu s 'on>ewhaf
,' .
r > P'l'or. 'n" -"Ia.on for
.4: ,,T.,. Mr I g.A un.1..r. all
= coo
rr" d he moot men ''n nT >>

1!, .1.". '" ,.. .t.1 1 ron, ,, 'It'i *o* per
'r. 'ono: Dar r!or'''",1] 'o wl"'hlarwI
r i It'l.l I h. ,1-1, ,
... ,, h' it lilac y.
''of i L i I" '" 'b- I I I .
Th-s' rtaams arro best fo'
ret h In
1 ""'fl "1 IKK I I'I n.nnel. 1 five
1 I' I ,1' if ,ic. and, s b?le. i he omlng comcuniea".on:. from
\Ie <,i ,.a!' r'. .111r 1 .
... teed 1 De. M\or
I.e I. I.r .1) h '.111." :\11. i'i''of
Burdine & he Metropolis'
QuartermanOwing ,. ,
.uln.i in' r- .r rom Mun.1 to '
h. alo.. ,.u.... 1 i i;i \. I rated 'hron h the p-esi.wben
1i I .annojcced myself a* a candidate
I .
"' 4 i Bee of clerk: of the circuit
A B Suit Filed, !I ,
g 011' I lid 1 so on my own motion and
\ triupt, for Minmionr, M'r'en I \' J.b..lt solicitationHatlne :a waWwOaA

It: wn \ FI I h: nriRg. lllx-l for I since consulted with my .
'.anset in h. Bum of $:,"." baring observed
I' the de-
to the crowded condition of our store there were agreat ) dltl I m ihf. rims: offici cf the i Ir- opments: In be c'erk: race I bare NADINOLA i /if II leas b gwatsostsj to mno.and heckler mcorfMfwoa ,
ran "'iit I hini Brown
> DIDo( al -leci'el! I 'o wphJraw
man things we dould not show during last Week and i n ,1\! h"i. i -'i Iv in 'b.. tame sum for reasons that should as be a apparent'The candidate punplo t.ua. ssJknmae. Bvtr+pau. caDardacoloraHom.
., kUck beads (Wtfiinaf -
3r in-t t Brtss i m u :ion ID he' ('a'E'1 withdrawal of Mr Saonder trap
and I I' !I. prmurmd. the last tuft irowsoi from the rentes! I leaver the same b.- ton., etc. ill! twenty eUyv Lcava the ".
,, of etQ s *ub*< qi t tit 'weep Messrs E H, Dlml k. F W km clear, sort, keafchr, and tosorcs the
; lilt Hahn Z T. Merrltt H 0 flttl beauty of ,.- Endorwd fry ..........
.n..J! Frank Jaodon. all of whom Price 50 crab> aad $1X0 at aJI kadm(
1 i John Worley, Lawyer are waging an Industrious campaign drug SUMS w by souL Pirpwrd by

Have decided to continue the \ttoi n<"\ John iVnrley. too of l_ 9 fnrlev; of *t Aunstliic. isroe
radioing i law with his UOCIf'.1
Julc Geirde: A \\-orlJohn! Wo .
: !10'>. I t. a (tra,luate o *:etson Law
slaughter of priceson School l. find jrartioeil, his profession 2
I in bM.rgu: I fore coming to :Miami DAYS SALE
He Is knosn as an upright all round

Igoni ability man besides being a lawyer of


goods mention below as well as on various other lines II Preparing The schooner to Go North yacht Betty, owned 2DAYSSaturday .

hr Mr C L F Robinson, of NewYork .
who has spent the p1 two seat
SODS here. Is now lying at the Royal
I Palm dock. taking on supplies anJballast

Derby-Lingerie Waists Light Weight Skirts 'I north In preparatory a ew dats to ailing Mr Robinson for th.

and pony returned Tuesday from a April 14th and

Everyone who has seen our waists know Just a few cream mohair pliated !skirt B I which tarpon four cruise of the down beanUet!the coast were daring takei ,

what a 1 beautiful and complete line we left to be sold this sale at 25 per cent' i i Ars Not All CIrMdI

carry. When we say Derby we mean less than their original value. A swell I !i days The mo Me:ropo.ls In stating was that In error all of a few the Monday April the 16th

well fitting, sheer pretty waists, ranging line of white linen skirts both tacked ho'eis of hr East lost System had ,,
I c:OfIt',1 I The Alcazar 8t! Augustine.

in price from___.$1.50 to $10.00 and side plaited, very full, all t'izt'at Is still; open to the public IDol win '
remain .o until 1 the :itt. while the .. 'LaoJl.
Ladles IIlmo. worth TSc at Jte I black sateen under sklrta
25 per cent discount. Few wool skirt! Hdi eoillntntal at Atlantic: Bead . .
worth 1125 at tie
25 cent t discount t Hi ret.aln pn all summer. and at Ij1l s walking skirts. worth :I 50. :ISO : .
per in dark colors to go at HALF PRICE. "blrh late tourists on the roast areInvited
Ladle ribbed Teats, worth ISc at So
to make a stop on their warborne LaII walking skirts. worth 4 Mat
. . . . .IIM
Ladles bilL stocking worth lie at k

Ladles walking skirts worth 5.00
An "Outside Board" Report La.lie. bit stockings worth Ue at ISo
HATSAny at. ...H
The "ouUUe board" that body of .
Ml*.e* open work stocking
mariners and boatmen who alwaysknow '
Ladles walking skirts. worth < 00at . . .
worth :Oe at . .
a thing before tboo In authorIty . . . . . .tJOOIjilles lie
hare become aware of the fart
Boy. percale waists, worth Ue at k
hat in 10 discount. assert pof'lIlul that the steamer la,- mnsllB gowns. worth (Sr at tk
our stocK at cent All
per tlnique of the P *, O. 8. S Line &,ys cap. worth JVC at. . .. .lflLa
has been sold to a northern steamsrcinipam Ladles muslin gowns. worth SOc at :3r |

prices, from $1.50 to $25. Our hats are all new, this 1 amt) 'ha' he wl'1 I jo north I l-...li... marlin gowns. north II al 79c : ,He. shoes. worth It 2S at.1.00
at ana' I h lite laical metals: of I
I Ladles< shoes. worth tl SO at..1125Iladlrs
I'h. comi>aaa Imlt that the Martin |lather muslin gowns worth II M

being a new line with us this season and we guaran- l Iq'ir U f"r sale '1111 rev hat they hat* I I I'n.d. ;' 1110 I shoes. worth! $: 0.) at 111ladles
u! J Infn'n lu' the MC! has been
I.all.a mil*:In town, worth II r Sat
antee topleasenow; is your time to get an Easter hat. . . . It JiI ahoea. worth 11 TS at It JO L

r Will, Go Sponge Fishing. I I.., ll, > muslin gowns worth I: (W) I.J !tea shoe, wor h IJ 50 at 1:04I..II..h".s
A IT t iv''I' i'n "r h.' fluhiru flertf .
$ltI >
n., :0,III h Ploy: 11 M-h Co Mil I work 1'"' at I. V
.it. 'h. '.r ..,i.I: of t!lU a. k for I Ii I\1...,i m'i'Hn zo" n.. worth US'
GlovesKayser Collars Belts i 'r;;"ti 5.o.:1;; : irinn I ,'f Cap' ,: WU M. II. i,"V hi-'i ",'rthM eI,. t' ::2t:
(I.1'ct.i 1' 1 "f tae: rtrni hfr< '
'h.\ ", i Ii '1.'c' <* ,n sponge i triune .,: ,ir, I I. r ,1"I..n. *..r'b V: .r .' .ti a lIoolO'r uhlr's. Wr' i :-Mat 2"1 ,.
rM l. i 1. a n. r.II" tot Miami craim .
,I if he t., -. fl. et t merit .Ih: sir. I/,1 It,. HI !1'r niu.!ln.. annh'LSc; If terI \1. n :h..:.i.l ..k dn,1 l brna 0 os la

double silk Fine Lace Collars and C..II n.,her Ml .>* rent out D! fie : ;>..tlrr"r" J4
tipped 500 bolts to be -acrihced. at tjriHf :1r uigniting Is a ..1\' profit I_' I Lp or et ea\t s. worth 2V: a' I IJcI

and lisle gloves l in all colors cuffs from $1.00 to $6.00 .,M., h i.ines amt I It U p-obalile he \l. r< .'runt w">rkli* .ho.>s ir IT '>.)
this sale. The line I 1..i !Ii.J white laws aprons. worth
ionsit-\ :< i'uth n..rli! FOb Co wl'1 mike It a
white. black, navy At a Big Reduction.Embroidery : r.nu it iv M.
grey )h i saint 's i ach dimmer aft r ,the mack n. 11><> flannel' capo at :Se
and all shades of pongee turnovers, duck linen, silk, kid iher ,'r.l .hl:1": .a.oo I it Wei

and tan. Rest I known gloveon hand made turnovers at and gold. We can match Tads Fate PhilosophicallyEd IP 1 per cent Disc. on Hens and Boys *

the market. with Itroan. t the nero under sent Clothing
25 per cent off. any costume pmk.blue.navv '. ic of death for the butchery of

Mrs I I)",ra SUMS December U last '
$1.50 gloves for $1.10 Big lot of neckwear to green.. gry or ik', hi. fate phll.m'phlcalty He

$1.00 gloves for 78c be sold at half price. Get white Bflt range from refines\* onfl"jnl I I'in..'a far cell hat with tthlblted to other no Isidor Cohen & Co.

75c gloves for 55c } -upplvnow for your 20c to $Ii.OO. ( ) and all told f".I ir Ur th itirllile fate that awaits

him lit ,. \i I'I''I I ,>('ca.llln..ll l )' by ,,
40c gloves for 28' !summeracation: at a discount of 25 per cent n' en' ir, ,iih, '. b u t' hat nut p-n east 303 12th Street Miami Fla.RealEstateBargains

I r.Ldl"'n .1' ''t 1' n n.1 of ('onI'mnE'JIII .
Ii i I. In \- 'u.0 is th. ,l<'.itn
All our t tine alligator' handbags \\'eo will han on display Infants Fine Wear .% "In' "'dra i'to >11' 0" uhlrn hew

and purses and all kath at bug reductions handkerchiefs .1 1: ti't., ii. ....n ,.'olxelhci '
", !' .' 0"1't. 1 I' ,"1. and I 'he :1' i h
er goods to be closed at big ribbons
hosiery. and 1E
a 01 i I Th.' ",irin i U "p."i r i ,
,reductions Consisting ol long and short
parasols which \\e had left feCy: i ii I
dresses. skirts belts -
from the winter season are caps
Small lot pf China left to bt' special valuesDress sacques, and t\trthin for a I
Miss Ann Hen l..r..m of \\ 'Irb.
closed at half price.Embroidery. baby at :5 per cent discount : t. r, N Y. and I IIra Ph:lip 'r".ln o( ,

mothers this will ''rarR'loa..S Y sin have been'
you "I.lrlnoI l >I I' n I Mr. I Inlet Gorton I We offer fe choice
GoodsAll propert fo' the mete 10 days
many a stitch andt ill cost[ r The linn9'!I haH nttirne,! home
Mi H O 111'r.r! M' Kl.r. art f..1 I
Big lot of J Ute embroideries. Mils our wool dress goods you no more thin materials S, Y ; a frlrn I if Prof J I Gorton
from 7 l-AJlo 12 l-2c: 5c b.1IE'O spenJIn the winter In Mlanil I II 2 loti Mx1M on paved street 'm fin. part of city, each I47VOO
at . with trimmings to match: at I
I and IIk..1I! O o well that he willpr"'ahlr 1 lot on 10th street, near Av.. C. a big bargain it 11500
One )lot otlembrnideriet| sIUfr\ 25 per cent discount : stay until JuneA
I I vt : reit ((1'o mar 'he! rife of the 1 lot* on Fifth street each {cg0.00House
from 1 c to 3V at. . Beautiful line white goods Under Muslins r

One lot of Insertion and edge.k I QIS. just the thing for the Easter pf F\>1 r("aolo''f
: to calve at. . . tJ\> On. half lot on Twelfth Street for
suit at 25 per teat discount Our entire line of lulus ':"hill':: lIPpl.rt'a 2500>
tin ,
\ : "r II, di'! ;:'n l' 'C' n' ofI. Elegant home on 8th street
All other fine embroideriesboth Big lot ot silks plain and 14000 ,
,' ,
dt'r\\.lr t 1 clost- in order to \I. : : r :IIn' alto'
white and colors be finc\ bi .
to on it i reduction I "'1'"
make room for in \\ lots This -.i' :. ,, ;.
: "
sale at 25 per cent I less than Fiery 1 one can itfortl anew Riverside lots are selling rapid y. but w* have a few choice one*

their original \alue \\V pride Eater st.: it those IS tw: i ,P.tt'.t "t" ,':N 'I t .: -"' '!'sT ;dea.nfj( Y._ 110__. 'left at the following prices:

"drsehon this lnv' .end i'1' prices ,;i\ t. thi. deg; irtnv',it \ t 't"l i ,' :'s! i'LI.i : '1 \1 I I

\ tr \ our ms['ectio:i. )"n"r, 1tt'Jtj"n C,1m" '1 .Lt,: i j'1.o] :; t t 1:1': it' Coiner lots on Tw.lft" SVeet $1250
ins Je lots on Twelfth Street I'000J.

urri9hrltoskonthl f Ins.oe a's on ether streets I;id

C,'"*r lots on uteri itree's 5'900

Remember only one week. Out-of-Town orders: Sohc: : ted ,
'<" emoer twit eaten .e.r C", oas'
/ f .../ ftr/rhan J fig a"t It'ut el [way wI

IHt NUS'PIitCI-I; I 'ti.ilI'NL "'t 1"t t"e nt.' .. ..
Ifry| .\ Vt ,

\ It ,. "r' .', I
Burdine & QuartermanTelephone ..,
..I. ,. ,
-- I'
... ..:,1 ,,,.. "
J. H. Tatum &
.'t.y.. j"u.or.J: ; : :: .1 ,

.. i Burr,M, r PuMlshiag Company I 4

63 12th Street, Miami, Florida a .... %:4 Strwt ..... 1 irk City t j

The Miami metropolis
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FOR PUBUC IMPROVEMENT I KJI 'hr |i itposv jf taii.ng: fuels: J to XapUApril! I 1'Tb.. conditions fOR AID IN AfftlCIION
P P1a*,tin' Won Suit in Replevin Cas_
UDifornm hnmghjuthe r'lIrrf'Ct
ray nr' roe manaKement of : Ii by the ,,

Today's Sessionftei ..- :it:an.1 Bala:1 Cub pn>pi'ie toajon ,'. UI.lj"f1 jf \'*!nnti! !< were Improved
hU :] ,i-nlnu .,\-r .. tI'k"'I. good at a'.l: gamesf '
'pty Council Took Do Hitter of I .\ "-uIl1nl all of Tuesday In A NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS INSIDE n. the! date of lsu to January 1. hear q'lent.) MI fain'-r !Intonations are still STAGGERED PROM BED TO FLOOR

the trial I of the replevin. suit of M. '"- I' 5O each \i the club Is sure
The main crater is enlarging. The
Bonding the City in the Sum J Yarnorough M J D, Cobb the AND NEAR CITY REPORTED ID I'laIt least twenty Ore\ games dur- rain of n'/hes o\ r the Medlteranean AND LIFTED HIS VOICE TO HIM
'ne ;hit lime. the admission to the
jur laU Tuesday afternoon brought MANY NEW HOMES AND IMPROVEMENTS .11.l ,.f tie \o.caao: was the heaviest
Use trnnls'and will bare been reduced to ON HIGH WILL NOT COMPROMISE .
of Municipal
$100.000 known There fan!
was no In the opIHwI'e -
verilct \ \ '
In plaintiff
a giving damages I PLANNED en rents or lent per gameThe 'lirectlon.Shortly WITH ZION LEADERS
In the of (130 and club to the
Election Freeholders Called aim proposes adopt National '
by of er midnight the eruption
defendant to return to plaintiff all of League uniform and as soon ae'tmelent wss a It'll. mor acute A urge
and the property so replevlned by him. funds are. available theacme
for May 22-Inspectors number if troophave. arrived her-,
Lsit Sa: JJathe Metropolis!" told of mill h* ordered One eachweek
Counsel I for defendant at came
once gave 1
making 'he military force aufflclent I Chicago April ] The RecordHersld
Clerk are Appointed.By notice of a motion for a new trial after a number of real es'ate transactions li assured between Miami and '0 meet all I eventualities. says today
which an adjournment was taken anj new hqu. going up about the ocoanut' Grove. .taer teams of the I The latest reports: show that five I I "Do..I,'. controversy with Voilvm
until this and suburbs Today It learns o: rI'\ and from nearby places whiled .
'I morning I city thousand housei have been partly or shrank Into InsJgaitceoce Jest befbr
On th convening of court Wednesday several other transactions made within d one a month some learn from
entirely! destroyed In the volcanic re- I midnight last night who the .. *-
a anlmons vote tae city connell the care of Graves vs Fogg was I the last month and of new residence unh..r up ;the coast will be brought zlon; In the villages of Ottajaao ant styled apostle faced the Great Maker

Thursday passea aa ordinance i Staten up It is a suit in foreclosure and Improvements that are now and down! to play a game. ,> the buildings are damaged and !*o ahas for aid la his struggle with Jlseas
calling for a bond election by the lien plaintiff being represented by soon to be under course of erection Baseball li one of the few amusements been practically abandoned. Asuoscrlptlon "He wat attacked at the close e( a
'I0. A. Worley and defendant by CoL and maklLg I' furnished Miami In the summer.It .
fdP holders of Miami for the purpose for relief has been start- steraaensr. day sad the collopee won
of Issuing bond In the sum of one ( W. W Erwln It... unfinished at Mr E. B. Douglas, the well known i Is popular the country over but nowhere ...1. headed by the government with a so serious last the attendants WT .a
hundred thousand dollars for municipal the noon recess merchant has purchased' five acres of i more so than la Miami. On subscription of one hundred thousand that they be allowed to sumtMrna pky-
Improvements, aid naming Uy land on the Mlaml-Pa/m/ Beach high- : this account the scheme of the boys to ; dollars The total subscription to claaa( which they had bees taught ttahun >
l: COL. SANDERS HONORED near the home of Dr. Martens, raise funds with which to buy uniforms I .
22 aa the 4.te for boldlnc the tame 1 may date amounts to nOO. OO.Oft. .
The ordinance brought forth onaidersbie 1I I I north of the city limits sad will begin should meet with popular approval I "Dowte refused tile rev.*t ....
discussion relative to the ;I Made Judos Advocate General, United the ejection of a splendid home together and a ready, subscription to tll.tl'kl'I I PARIS A CANDIDATE strngxted from hit bed to the crater

amount of bond that should be preacrlbed Sons of Veterans I with attractive improvement : scheme of the room where he fell to his ka..

and the purposes and amounts about the grounds I II i I I At the urgent request of friends'! la prayer He was take back to hJa

lor which to be used an being unanimous Cot James T Sanders has Just received I Dr Martens residing north of city contractor' la another of the recent Dr W. \\' "'rI.. pastor of the Prea I Ibyterlan bed and at t o'clock this moratac wa*
In the opinion. that It is expedient notification from H. J. McCal- ( limits has sold her valuable property i i I purchasers of real estate on Fourth Church announces today hto I steeping."Dowte.

and necessary for the city to lam, major general commanding the I to a number of northern v1sitors.and i,i i street be acquiring a building from candidacy for membership on the | today upset all ptans for sot
make Improvements la various ways t'ntted Sons of Confederate "'eteraDLof with her husband .lI1le..t shortly 'or ,, Mr Welborn. and will soon begin the county board of education subject tot! peaceable settlement of the troubles
Mayor Bewell sd several citizens Chicago to reside la the future. erection of a comfortable and comma I II the action of the Democratic primary with the Zion Church aa had bee. announced
participated la the discussion, and 1 his appointment a. lodge advocate I Mr. R. C. HcGriff. the popular engineer I dlous home election May IS. | last night Early: today W

the ordinance finally PAD..... general of the organisation on the at the water works bat sold I| Mr M P Watts hat recently, acqulrej I Dr Farls Is one of the foremost ,I directed his attendants to aaaovate
staff of the commander
It prariJe for the Issuance of oat bis cottage on Fourth street and will i( two building lota on Sixth street : teachers and men of education te the ,, that the report that he la to _,...
: with the order of
Alone appointment
hundred thousand dollars of four pet I II. i leave at an early date accompaniedby and will begin Improvements thereon county has been foremost for a miss with Vollva sad his fortewem' SB
cent, thirty-rear bonds IB five series this alat.m.ntTIle major general his family, father and mother for I'at an early date. number Of", In Its apbnCdlng and''I untrue. He said ho would make a
ot denominations of $1.000 at not teas commnaJlng. desires the active as I aa extended trip to Los Angeles, and H. P. Dane who recently purchased' I development and hat shown great legal contest to ret ,.. property bwek.Attorn
than par. The ..porUoallln'of :, slitaace of the staff la the organizetics I other California points The trip win two lots on 7th street li now engaged terest la all educational matters. .y Wills DowWs eosmsei

the fuel were made as follows: I of new camps la all comma! be taken mainly for Mrs. McOrirshealth. .n cleaning up the same and making man Is better StteJ morally sad la'l said: 1 can only reveal that then b.

Sewers 130.000. street improve I ties where no camps exist and a ant Improvements preparatory to building lectually for membership on the county a good chance for aa adjustment fill
meats. 120.000.; city haD baildlng4.- a I Sclent number of oar comrades may Mr. Charles Lejeuae hat sold fifteen one or more comfortable dwellings board of education than Dr. Farls, I IUd the trouble without a resort to tfcs
W>0.; Ire department purposes, 111.000; be brought together for that purpose acres of valuable grove land OB the R. Mercer the grocer Is another If elected as such will an the office 1 courts'
park sad promenade, 111,000. Total. and to stimulate, the activity of dormant Hnmbuggna road to Rev T, T. "... who hat a fascination for fourth street honorably and latelllfently and to

S100.000 esJrtps; for on the Sons of Can burn who will begin Immediately. to and Is now finishing up and preparingto the best Interests of an concerned. uey Tsndw Manure Herw
)t. J. Mathers. A. J. Kolb and C. federate Veterans, In the aect future Improve the same by setting out n move Into tn attractive home on his

A. Mann were named aa Inspectors win devolve the responsibility of tak varied citrus fruit grove lot purchased there Saturday the Mrs Euphemla Wells and ton Harry The buoy tender Mangrove snivel
sad J H. Cheatham. clerk of theaM lug up the work which their ft.Ulen'will B. B. Hlaton. the popular managerof Metropolis! will tell of other Improvements ,I who have spent the past year and a In the lower hay hit morntec vet

election. i leave: them or perpetuating his I.I 1 t.hta; Miami Shoe Company In this now under way or being contemplated half Wells' brother went to work repairing buoy aad ***
Bat little other business was tram. | tory the true story of the patriotic purchased two valuable lot* and planned for the early E F Wellileft; this morning .... I, eons She win rose up to the city
Bcted. An ordinance providing for | devotion and heroic achievements o' on Fourth street tad will build upon future their home In Louisville Ky before leaving port.SPECIAL .
the assessment and collection or rerenves. those who were the acton in a cause and Improve the one during the summer I -
proldlng for the collection of Wb.ch went down In defeat.'but not I
city licenses sad other taxes, pre dlsnonor Mr W. E. Gleen. the well knows r A ti
scribing penalties for doing business I I 1 1rC"
dt without first procuring'' I

bathe a Ttense etc. brought on a general II
discussion shish Uitfd sn hour or GREENE AND GAYNOR G IRE[ I

more and resulted In action ,being. I
deferred :

within The 'i.the the w city automobile speed'lr' of lIa. each ordinance sat given machine regnUtlng Its- i CONVICTED IN U. S. COURT TODAYAfter T Y t..ia''fa'e

first reading' : bat farther scflon deferred -'
until the neat meftlng of the .1

council 1

TOMES TO CLOSE EARLY Longest Trial in its History Jury in Federal Court at Sivin- i

nah Found Verdict Against Accused-New Trial Will N ,rrV/ .

The regular monthly meeting o' taeMerchants Be Asked And Case
Aiwa Toes lay night was ,

productive of several matters of general 'ti .Ar'
Importance being given action ter

Bad consideration I
One of these Has a decision to begin II
I Katannah April 12- The jury shin \\4'I'td!\ his charge this morning The
the early evening closing of business
baa been for the three jury were out but a short time conllerlng -
sitting past
houses May 1. and continue the same I I their \erdlct for e r NOW ON AT
until November 1. all houses closing months In the trial of Greene and I 1i
de endants will make a motion for anew
at ( oclosk each evening In the ..HIncept Gaynor. charged by the governemntwith
trial ant If he
f necessary carry :
Saturday The public were
consplrac and defrauding thegnvrrnmrnt 'lOe to the United States Supreme
asked to lend the movement their support la connection with contract Court

by doing all their purchasing before .ok In Savannah harbor !1!
sev- The trial was the longest ever hel !
that hoarAnother
I e-al tears ago. today re;urned a verdict In 'he Federal Court In tots ('ItIDd
Important matter coming of ftuilu: against the d..f"II.lant" court a, tome'" < and) defendants are I
before the association was a commnnl -
: The arKiinien'nlrh! hate ,en on .t.l; corn out 11Ih... 'r) Inlt Mats
from, 'tb. State Credit MenuAe i
l Ik.n
in '" Mon Ian roneu! ,ledfttr '. ..
( sere h't .ld'In .rro, since the
ocl.tlon relative to credits, out action I rate I
Ida\ afternoon. and Judge Spt'.-r ue- vent to bra .ha.. monihs ago p
was 'leferre.1 It was decided< John Sewell Bro
bowevw to devote more attention &

than heretofore to credits It Is the ,

purpose of merchants to give creditto POSTOffICE RECEIPTS SHOW GAIN
all worthy persons but to eliminate
those that are not In this way I

both of t'CIIIll.leratlO11 the merchants will and be those given worthy protection I OVER THE BUSINESS OF f 190 1I 1I I 1

worthy. To persons this end will the be names printed of all la I I

pamphlet form for use of merchantslm I

ascertaining who are worthy of Intlulr I I II I

nce and those who are not

> Tae matter of advertising In classified The postomce receipts and the business be
In readlnen for the Increased t bosInes Shoes Clothing Hats andmen's
periodicals came up and It wat I done by these Institutions he u I aut fallPoetma.trr ,
decide tp approve o' the advertising
which was done recently in the Fed I better than anything else the growth I Btrde II n. proud

e of labor Journal, and lor falling off In the population and of the .bo.llIg made !by I f' olce Furnishing Goods.
fgtcn '
1'rtf: and he had
great hopes b@
r-wfc to allow merchants to business development of a citl I nen'relnrt
In and n'rrrolre that publication I the I Miami I of 'he 1oaeOlce d. artlllent
U In the droning class as Isshorn will abo.llaml: 10 hue jumped
county fair list\ thclt> dlrectorv.
telephoti'' dire Cory ant Royal Palm h\ the receipts ct the ;kcal 6lI ab"8 I front :lr'b :0 roun pace,:

I'f'Jr' 0<11".1' I 11\1'*, for the fl.ral ear endln Marrh among the uOree 0' F1oM
TMuiri 1 ricer Co through Pres- 131 In 'I''ist' p ''II. or store I.rtb I
iden i I'n i xtenfle 1 an invitation 131 of I1*"'., 'h. 'al reoelpta' w< r. SENATORS TO BEELECTED I

fn 'o.. m'r'ra of the aJ1
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