<%BANNER%> a and a ery ..101)a b..
were divided nj. and .lhtt"IIDlo equal. i ly very *.......... lull wiNHlerfut. : well The reason la because they. saw I
SON NORMAN A BEXNETT.Lalrd' ft 8bober. SELBT CO. shares to e-b of lit hnm-a .. | i the ..r..llhl1l1.** which
o"or inhabIbna one.Mr and Mr* 8lTr. .ier Ilnrd entrrtvlmd presto.sl. at l'iab. In I'vualy Kerry awaltSdevelnpmeaa.
It wonM ). fnnivl that each ". They realised f)u
It h kiMiwn a< laP Oratory nf H.n. I
--I I
into.Iriesda card
I ----+- /wwolU get a plot Itr twenty.three and alalfarres .-day at onTu I 1 ".. and but .t..Hl pradknlly ...Ia.Jarr.l MLaI's. climate was the moat eve..
the' rat delightful. ,.tI the mew
I Mr. Jay Otrader of Ray CilTMtch for our than a th.wan.l. yeses healthful la this
resale red a* soot
Hats lats HatsTo flsre rl.bl.g letb.es. j I II mho has l Iwo v'alllag! his ma-1 'a* this wa fonad out tho .anda olp +.
I The Mr of rvti'tiinir fl.h I.T of!tern. Mr W D, >h"pl.. from all pans of >ke world ,
... beehive! wild n r..k<'r, returned Dome Turday | la Ittvrtilh munry f nMHn< the .-. her. aid built home aid llv* ;
a a bole In the t'J p of It I ev< wonl was hell In the right baud awl I I In.>re life I I. ..t Hi fullest
aatt every lacy to. K every head. Straw hats, 119 good U a atrange month one Yet til. Ann Bing |
Rev C D Ward preached n t Ft.l.nndrrd'e a dagger In fie! .left h want nit Mow. They saw whit the developraeal
now ready Cloth hat of ev f< color. ,iPrtcea. .. .S.V .. "".00 not 1..111111'1',. Tit. flee IIH thudeuiplnreil '' l Vfl 8und.\ "to..lnc of 'IJrOP.t territory! adjarent west" '
hemien\ 'n In flie P illlpplne I I .
'h- fourth l lay In the month a 5.111. mean to Miairl
Panama Hat IB every grade Price..j! . ... .$.V.o 0 $130s I 1,1(00., ..lm ikip" tlielr aj.pn..atna there were no sjnn..eChnnh lrr* In the )t, fc, In I'l1 a Iwille was rutiKbl nearU.Ian They know that whoa the .mr' -
down ever Ca.: ln,n-h bottom fr ding awl vrfe -. the taral land were dv"
*e-.|. I 1,1 ltJil no | > wa lopd 'nnv%
gab and the{. |".ttin the;r Linda ...... hundred
The l: dt-4 i.f the W. K. (fhn.-ch arninr 'fnib. smiles ibm althnoich ye ihAnvand *f
''I through the but la Die tip ettrart c.'ve \a''itlre unilal ft the 11"11I,1) the.uflt.. raged r".. It a m. top 4 dollar .....41 Bud !It. way' Into thbanlnr
I their TtrtlnM.Btartng of Mi M K. Klllty. very neat 'umlwn m.'r.a-s either .HJ. wa* e>ther ** chaanel o' Miami
r."lhl"d. I killed .Mt ........... though oo. ... They saw that Miami w.ss to b.
I I at tbe 1..rlle. Mr U. E. Hall .ap>-rlnten"lea, of broke ,,.+ ivllar.. l..... hy falling off II, the hub; the renter of this cr atfarming
wmlnwr their Klored .1 aid fruit crowlag rtloai
K I one I. the way Meilraa I .rera pnbl'c liMrnrtlon won In town .hlwe sad that .It would b-the great charIn -
waio. If the young woman .U ..grewbe <'k. vmlllng, the r hoolUme *; bonne. th* headquarters throaghwh'ch
Tk Yes tt ,
John Sewell 6 Bro. I she win appear. at the wltxlo after -- -lUrk A. eary .. 1M7 a law wa Omr paaned la everything ....'4 pa**,
several days. and tuey tbim become Will you after vlewlag the coin
Sew .
hoar legal
lIaDlI..hln making ten
.' a around :
acquainted This a li"-m h n lv easiest by try Miami after eiag thmrky .
rheumatism. of the moocT oar may day wert.e'lml wlr epos which only a few
I -- I
I [arise W... I lie rued by applying Chamberlala rhort year aca were seatierel tbhaatla .
Is, ef IM 5.eaae$. of th* fleinlnnl, ....4.
T.\ILOIUXG DT.tRLI11I01En'! WbeB the .....nl. In Ormiay wrap Pala Brim two or three times a dxvand fate
au ISth atreethHOB I rubbing the a' Tbe twvonet" wa flr..t mask la Ba, garden nf E...... rich eitra'-fruitrover 'r
t8 m rut of part yIZftI'Ou.l
wara oa : one. In trance: hens lt. name. Itwa ( rIft".III"c vgeeabtares..
iafford I
.rh lk.n If this does ,
their hand tike ipf> not .
I a specie- Ind< newt I.T tI.. Freoh army h deny tier their jndgmnt has "
BJ04 : runt and let It bite the protnlier 10-1 relief. bind a pl.of flannel ... ,
e : STOI I'M!. II was n e-fnlly eippliye-l mlctt'aced!
l.h atreet 8M IStkRTOnE The liquid which low from tbi taaecTa : fllchtl dampeeed .1'11| Pain. 1 by tbe ire h .111"1 the rHcn of Wll- I The same oinortualtv awa'tmv y .
1 : J, mouth Into the wvan4 raises tbwnrt Balm. and enlck relef I* almost "n.elo P.'m III. : ,IB en at irk nq tbHHUih. friend. ned r.nfmmit n tr MT -
fo'iow; rAP .1"l HT .. .
v to dry n? and d1upp' ''.'. n'wayae >' j "-H. r.. f ur ..'. ..: ft I-th and A..... U. an.UI.T -
.Co and all dragglda

4 I .-- -,' ....,j

1 :.-
-.. .
r, .
7 -

-r f317t.-;- v,. '
,- : .. +.".'...
tic ,1..1".." .1'0. -ot ;\.01' :. .. Iii 1iiIiIi

.- ." 'I



''I -


---- ---- -- -- -- --
-----r-- -r -- :-r--

atiefie red to these that seem brilliant to have alight any afflnlty ''! -..,... i -, ,' ;"" ... ; ; \ f:

SOME OF THE EfFECTS NOW WORN tone, *. I I ;f' .' -;, # r.4 L: .)......... .... : ;(.I -' 4 -v'v tl
I II r ; 1 1 "

AND FASHIONABLE WITH GENTlER SEX I 1(I taade low I 1I A very that ap charming In might earablnation bett.-you a of be with rallod rey-au I a >ei"aijn 11 11I .' J' 1 ..; :)Frtt; i :, ,, : I:" I :.:::.

| color The crey was la a ... ,.; \ ,., .. .'.... ,r ,, ..' .. ... ...... : i'. ...
voile made op over a flowered bilk : "" '.. .. '1I 0( ,:. ,'
\ '
.bowing the yellow through ....ht"1| 1..{..... : : : ; ; ,
nude In the yoke hid was rral'y! .. "r .;it r.,1' .
i'' three \'.. one; very deep In front andro I ,., :. I. *' : .",J
shorter one. on e"t.k aide. while 1' .\., r, re';
( : '
.1 't :
Black And White l Are Much In Vogue-Inevitable Black a deep slash ornamented eak ak Vi*. :: ) 1 : ; : i"

pilE buttons -enamelled. ia the Mime : l
Always A Useful Possession-Yellow And Russet Also color and white form aa effective lilt
bit or decoration where the Blanked
Coming To Front-Other Colors That Are Popular. .rt. end The sleeves are mutt',
hort.. finlched with bands of emjtroidery >It
jl.I i t repealing the color of the 11 4i

o... The skirt I* eat after the ) r .
no4 clrmlar model whkh alwajr i
Bti well and la thus case buts aIL '
Jr. New York. March j 1-At present serve to lllnttrite the powlblllue 01 pother Cfietame Intendml for the \ 1
much this new note lu color comblaatioa ttrvet was' developed from checked: J
effect are
white *
'black sad I
and its dmoartratloa of how yellow goods that fol'owed the rat of tht-
IB TOO, especially 14 light tranemreat -t may be used! with a rare eflvct. Norfolk mode very closely and thel rrj f' .,,

I ] textures a* tate set peas : Both costumes were made with iM bands over the tnoalder, the '
cad chiffoa. Black thKfoB elaborate' new empire tllrl. the latter modincatlon 'were piped with yellow chiffon n1-1 a7v d' tr' t
silk wlta* lace. Jet embroidered of whkh are ao cracefat vet while the back and white
ly made over ftme4 and brcomiaf. and are la rouadleBgth. 'wa' ornamented with a long and 'xITtn HTATM: OARKIMOX. KEY WKST ,
make I
aa4 spangle! that 1 The Brat gown wa la a heavy yellow aigrette. This site, embracing several acres la reported to have lien purchased by Mr. II. M Flagler for the bmldlag
serviceable dre** and DM I laatroo material of the ahad I
CaUa.P.rsa..... I of a hotel aid groaada
willTeok smart at shy time. The I known a* baaaaa, and la made with e
Mack and white stripped chiffons ,fire two pleat at the aide of the front -- -- }

MID la great numbers but have and with' embroidery oa the palO -
is Shipping I What They Are Doing _
lately Wen somewhat i.Baperneded by formed, bat otherwise la pulai Pompano TWO OPPOSITE VIEWS .
th pealed chiffon. Thee gowns There I* a akeletoa or OTer alt with t
**has elaborately tucked with |the big araholra. that are characterlatle Truck By Carloads'I At Busy Homestead
: while ahewlag *o clllUactl1' between of the'aea on. aad which w cut to ,
{ the tack: t* lighted It are. Indeed form a very deep yoke at back and : OF MRS. EVELYN THAW
very ctllUh Th ,,vodle*. _, usually frost ail the edge of which are I I +-
.ad. suitable for 'ho'.natall By L I a edged with embroidery la which 1 u
lace collar and deep toke with '(be heavy Hold bead are Ted held la
Aid ErtrroM' II Buy It Tht Forest Fires 4.stlasl T* Bun, ?
ckeee who'ly of. IB, some twee.,I the place at their lower edge with beads .
loses sad ,,"'\e ckltfoB. The lea ot embroidery, aid there I* a (lid'e: Profitable, ladutrj-PrtB.rU( T. I Dmmili| Crvres And Btues And
broidery oa tht gowa nay be eattrely of the draped soft YeIY t. I Deadly Parallel Furnished By Well Known Woman
of black *ad wkite.l, but a touch o( I Rebuild How Of C..U4atecll II Cantiax Greater Leas Thai Was
color la fold or silver or light |naaeneatrie The second! coatame Is of cloth''com-j And Man Writers.
worked Ma l 1. alwayt .arombUalloa bleed With() chUtes tad la trimmed i Packing Ct-Telegraph Offlce. 1 S..talledB1 Storm-Hew Hetes.
with plus black Jet'aadpaJtette after aa altogether novel m4aaer JI| I
MTV to make a black gowA with wee that U crochetted from a ,
more aoUceabta. and for a '...IOID. heavy sirs! thread la the easel!!color

dire** the eoasptcuous should alnayab of the'' cloth the hade bets, oa The following two' stories will afford our readers a deadly parallel.
utrtvea far BO long aa It keeps that to almost aa orange. Th< Pompa. FU. March I.-lr.\\ homestead. FU. March I.-11ft. thv MM of Evely: Nesblt Thaw obta'aed! by the mart aid tb* Impreeilon :.
."wlittlB the UaUU 'ot good ta.... skirt U made with a aarrow I Boa Theodore Knock D. L. Haghe. of Modeilo. tad M'!" mad epos a woman' 1

t i i. pales onto which the circaUr aid* J. H. Schneider & Compaq of New Jessie Sanders ot Indiaaota. have returned I'

The latvitable Mack dress ai ;,tt I* are overlapped sad then over-lap Tork City apeat halo and Tees I to.their homeMtfter. a veiypleasant rd

{onetime celled, la always a luoatilpfal pl.p that J held by erocbettetf bat day here talUag oa his. old friend visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jals THE "'OK.n"Irw THE tunIEW "
poMes-on'ad r aa lalnlte vaHrSety tone are art rather close ttneth ,

of effects CABbe! had '|t| the er from the belt for a dlataace o Bad aotteitiag bnla ** for his! base T. Wlgglagtoa.Mr. (By Eaaaia H. DrZoe... of the sew By WUIuun H.........f olio New TorkAmeTtraav
tflffereat materials Chat are to bo eb- abort 'n to twelve ache.. There ar< Mr. Samuel Townaend. of Towatead N. 1. Boa. BOB of Cot and York ..erIcL )
talaed. Soft aBaglag fabric: aNa also doable averted plait at tk & )Un.. rhlladelphla. spent the Mrs C. O. Boak. after. a two dap I

rat la favor aa ,haa bee atated IB back +ad (bras. too. are held by bat > :day among the vegetable and fruit ,vta't to the home folk, ha* retained The most alogular xhlbltloB of n Evelyn Nesblt Thaw revoalml a
letter before, bat there are toa. The bloaae I* aa entirety. aove ,
the** !grower to Miami. His friend regretted abseac' of moral eoasdoasaes that dory of haman ,"U..._ yesterday ;+l
doable chemiiette ,
*tao barter materials to be bad that ./ with one of the hue bees they New Tort !
:.are Jut at fashionable, while. Chiffon jtb st are liked ao well sad *0 Mr. Carl E. Scbaler. Mr. \\11- I that his visit wa such a .ho-t ore I court ever, wa* that give show to by CvclyaNesblt that axe* aa Indelible mark .. 4

;velvet ha. led sot of It*pope lant,. oftea to be toted sad which com- llam. reprtatatlag 8. J. 811 gh A and look folward/to his retire for Thaw OB the load la defense sham apse our clvlUaatlos| ,

A mod faselnatlug ,'Bows of this dl- Man\) oaage'' colored cblffoa with Co.. Mr. Romnller of the Florida a prolonged period. I of her hiisbaad ",. wa held spa A mere &'rL with the grief of age,

atTtpUoB la IB Empire style bat 1111 tacked white net. The little waist 1 Vegetable AasocUttoa! of Jacbonlll.1 Mr. Cbarles/Fltxpatrlck ct Ha r.na. .- example of debauched childhood, I la her still winsome' face a calM "
panel let late the aklrt below the oat vary low and ta made who has not yet lost the
the little girl robbed of her chastityat staiperlBC
aid la aid Mr. P. Bogae of Chase ft Cow. Cuba I his bate
yoke of tasty loose aleevea : IsyVlsltlng p.rets
lalpe. There Is ,a .arrow the age wises Igaoraaee aid laaocence grace of the school room, which:
wh't: lace bordered wit* embroider'ed 'IMIf.eat the crochetted edctnk were abo here daring the week vta- ,.'t.r.. aoaeace of three years. should still be synonymous \clash tragically with| th. callou

beads ot velvet rat oa the are taactaatlac littkpo (lag the grower I I Judge/ amen T 8&.df'MI.'of Miami !,bartered to satisfy a 11'018.' .'* cupidity manaertam* of the world-before a t
Mralght.. Iii-Iow the:rob the materialta draped }ait aeroas the best la Back The yoke I I. made of Uck- I a aolld express car of tomatoes host T.Hd.1. The picture ".* sk'lltaliy arawn ple Bratence a story of diabolical d,
B faahloa that It give the effect of ed wklte net and the lower portionof beans sad peeper left her. Monday l I Sttpervtaor Hadsoa. of th P, K.O. "I-far more aklllfal'y than It was .believed sin that atagter the ImagtaatkMi.ThrowlBg I
folds of the material takes from the the calmne of tacked chiffon tie.t I alght. A fall ear left Tuesday night J '. railway, was a buslnesa visitor to the eager Mrs. Thaw could aside. all modesty Ted
froata aader the arms to betwee* 1* ooe at Its lower edce.""" there and two fall car went oat ';\'''._ rllomestead oa Tuesday of thl week succeed la lining ft Aid from that pride bariag her bleedlag! been to i
'the shoulders where there la a r..C1co' ari fkll sleeves ot the tacked chiffon day Bight each statloa betweea Mir point of view- youth that shard be the world-Evelya Nesblt Thaw ha*
heckle from which falls the wth( tiny llttto coder ones of the amt aid Pomps aaalctlng to Oil Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Pluni- sacred Bolted sad eI.cr.d"It waa fluag wide open the book of hertragic I
long fold of velvet t* the hem of _tmi net the whole effect being the car*. Pompaao' grower heiped !mer are vlslt'ag la the Mac City lOal-D\OYta For the rest It brougat life that all might read '
jibe aklrt The' alter" ** are quite on* if treat beaaty The deep rich matertal'y to fill these canL for a fw' day*. to light the extraordlaary .lIallow-1 A ehlldl'k! figure on the wltaea r
,,'|th embroider yelloW I reaPy moat exqalatte {a- The forest fires have done roe I '
shirred puff Pom
-.a.an.. Like tke other shipping point nesa of n nature which can ant eott- taad.altlred .ra simple b a*, a broad t=
..od catfa to match M* yoke. Colored th llaea cloth .II''. the c1lUfoa softens paao will have a solid car or two alderable damage here this week. destroying mate Its own misfortune, .Ia cia la i unite collar about her throat a mod- >
rh'ffoa velvet gowaa' tore alao veryfashionable It moat becomlacly about lie. each day after the tomatoes get a several orange grove and one sense can never be touched by It. 'I.eat black bat adorned with violet
for wear at the theatre fate' sad the touch ot white Jed relieve little farther along and providingJack house Th* Iou caused by bum There ws* nothing of effrontery over her black hair which Mag
'sad reutaaraBt dinner bad a ..emberi 'b.1 mCMIotoa,. A'ter.1I It (l* i Frost keep away. The weati.. ,Ing the forest timber i. fir rerrer' her manner though she. told t.1 does over the arch. and ass Urawa
; are to be ae -af( every .....I.c and IB romblnatloa with the other cool 'er here continues Ba*. A nice rail than that anted by the storm last I a change of co'or with hardly the together by a b'ack bow. Her dawn r"
the moet fasb'oaable model seems to thit yellow has its beat effect f>r i visited this BecUoa Tuesday !October. 1 qnlve of aa eyelid how she was dishonored face la which artists. had once found
h, "be the Empire lot princess atyle. la it i ore wbea U ta end a* a piping Mr. Charles )Marshall having his The Homesteaders should hv I by Staaford White. classic! outline hd aa expresaloe
e .r.| far the b1ack... whit checks !* credlttb'e exhibit at tbe Dade C....ft- '
& lJt 1 new house painted It la one of 1 Evelyn Thaw I I. not ahameles: she of resignation aad abandonment Her
More and more kr" the, yellow aadTaavet that will be ao murk teed for the finest houses IN"teen Palm ''ty fair I. March A word to IM 's OrHrlent In sena'blllty The small great blue eye*. red-rlu.m'd with i
ahade coming to the fore. w I ('.C and traveling dreaae thl* Beach aid MUmLMewra. wise IB sumdent.Messrs. pretty lace wa lined with lilacs. tears, and deeply uaderliBrd with 'a
1 ltd white It doral: area cut of pli xla Mmhxr. la mllliaery It* use I. .tarrl L. R. Smoak. )I. M Anderson Melr Brewtf.'Tweedell sled far beyond her twenty-two I black dre'e looked out ereely, arandeay
a whole .drre*. eapectal those aad beautiful birds Smoak and J. A. Sawn have parchased end Pcmt are shipping but In-re was no MRgntloa almost ebafldlagly. upon
shades of the tnore |brllMaat tint. wtriv; qqlll and aigrettes. (he Conulied Packinghouse beans and 'om.tI -. I of years prfcorloua depravity shoot il.Ia. crowd of eager, veering foes 1
.' yet a* a trlmmlaR aothlac -gives r4et oftef with all th other. ab.ffi wreck and atarlM Monday to I ..r. D. Roberts. Ij a baslnesls There In truth no outward Ind. I. Th t eec' th. picture see preseatedon
bit nf tro'or Two exc pt red. and of thi 1aU tor to Mlxml He Is supply!**;
tech a wholetome | I tear It down and wl'l rebuild it. i ..ration o fth- moral lesslon, The the stand-a picture of alMte-
+leo.teenes voted dai"ng the part week thene, ta only the red kaowa' a The balding sill be made much Urrea to parties 'I. 8 Ivrr Palm and woman Is unspotted branse Incap- I'flt-fbe "" ,'18 ready for the sacrifice
( stroller In which they will rttrrjr a !has also put out a grove for )lr. J.M. 1 able of plaining the taintserved r
r stork of tertlllaera. crate material as I Bauer I
HALF will a* doing all their own parkl.CI''< The weather man la sending u.1 I -
\WILL SPED Ai j I Ihwrta. }perfect. weather lint It la a title ( ard to th* ..,,'lllIt of th* 0-', Put Oft

The packing boas of 8. J. SllghA J|dry for traits and vegetabk ladle and hanka to all present Ihr ,
and Mrs T. Brewer pleasantly pro of flit..t ws sdd- lo she {
> Mr
Co.. M ready for bvsl a. I Catll tomorrow what you can do
McComb. Jr.. and several entertained n few Trienda at dinner treasury. thus making the fret diver
LLIOON )lr. J** I today If you are nuffertBg from $1
growers will pack together. this Friday. evening. F. bra." tlat tea In Homestead, one long to .
I. torpid liver. or constipation don'twait ,
ossoo. so that they will be able tot The deeorallons were very effct'VeIn i be rememberedMrs.
: : CHURCHi ,dm oat a car or two a day I I red white and blue The dainty Fred Komi gives her barn'i until tomorrow ta get help Buya
; I telegraph office will be open hand palntf place cards were' 11'I.aa- dance Saturday' ."!lIIIr. March 2.1 bottle of Herbla and get that 'IYI. -

enl. I h March Uth After that things ,,lure hatchet for the gentlemen aad It havlug been postnned en accouut 'I... working right. Promptness about
of the slyer lea at Mrs. OeorgeKosel's.
.m. .18. Ive Center starts ship cherries: for the tadte sick 'Mrs.
"Christian Of Atlan a Plan To Bund this week.4PAJtEE The silver tea given by the Ploinrer i'health save many spella.
: FI"tst'l -- I Culld at the home of Mr*. )lr. J. E.Ik..r of Silver Pain. Ida Gresham, Foists Tex. write: I tused
In South. I C UY PUh CAXAHVi George Kowl last Saturdiy: evealagI will hold services here Sunday afternoon HerMne In my family for alt.
.. ',. I' lefliPie "q1e : I I a._ decided saner by the yesagpeople March Srd A cordial levlelion : year and lad It does all It claim
da" Sold by Btsctyne Drag Co,
i I \ Delirious refreshments were Is extended to all.
R 1 --L I Montreal. ) sr. 2- A scheme oa

'" \ h I foot for creating a large; Japanew
J la the heart of Aioerta.Vell- ._
colony '
-T_ To' Chridlsa tk1n .or Atlanta t urea aue grist aU I1t1OB to best .tn-do Japanese farmer are lo be '! ...".':II.o' : ., ; ,,- ; :
..11111 plans her lp -tlo. of a rtf'd to Atlanta ''broaght at. according to the project _' I; u .i'1 ...... ''.'.'.''' I I' tiI

"1.8' rlt.rt' l .b will N the 11. Idea of the lead of I'. Fiat sad they will tarn their attention ; ;J .jti fit., i5-- .t.1 ,; ..T; :t.
t lied temple'' ptI r 'p la i 1 the tTla I. to build III c'.tTla: Osrhtree lo the ra'slug of wheat and the ,;.. ., ','.,'-tV" :,.'Ii.- ., .. ; :' 1"" i j
South 1" street, betty Ilsrrtsaad ratlvitloa of BURST beet sad anything :: '. .' 1. oj' '
: : .,
else which will thrive In the .f .4. ,.r: :
I n. lesderalaud term Is thel p .trHta. This will la the .. "ti. : : L ....
teddy that Atlas I' rllll", and arch) a will Mf" ,climate. The neceaury negntUtioni t 1 .
of Mrs c
4 t.fait Is the DIGIti+ Moral ty ,. th ('..1 led apos for aped about just [are '"-'I.C carried out by R. B. NanUgay I (
t have m.tmU. who represents a group ol 1
10. This i. *tsed h. .mbPr of sons as plans .. I ,
t' and his proposal Is to
T site will sold the capitalist
chins.. III bat city a the drlag- present I '"'
eat laws .,.,.. air and be tte-I, r!se of It .1 present .C .:.,.... ,purchase B tract of .'AAA acre* of ,
f'h.rt'll III land from the Calla"I.. Pacific Halls
Vb.-n this belt I. At- I
gentry of tt ll jive 1I eessee brllag .
r.A to II "11' bare lot oaly the 1.8t ,way Co. for the porpo*. j 41I
IIId there!! every II
leaden I. t movement ti the f\<)ath. bet .m stand seat ton l t
i build the sew! Itba I. Atlantasoerdin to.. New York asd f.akaao. ne {I Rlh>g from the GraveA
diaper ( the \ ,1I11rt'1a I. Unites coat n.lt'- t
{ to Ii 4h i
York >vir d from 'At aat. : ffi"t the one t. New York ".ZU.- prominent. manufacturer. VTm I
ii'thy N..fb4-a;' 'rl.'la .3 i' nd It ('hkato .N I.everal n1- A. FH1.. .. of L. ....a. N .C. re '
VIL\ who besides hoist I.tftflol "I over 501.0/e. There are :Mares a mot remarkable experience
IT"In t '' th' educational ctwdltloa of *f* tnrovchont the world the flneatbelBR I iHe say' "After taking VMIS thai ,
'_tb, rmllaf that Atlanta (C. In ToMrin New ;Tork. Chic- 1!three bottles e.! fertile: B'ttert. I ,y'., J ,.
: vet of thf ir;, 41"hai ch. and '.t <*to. PhlUdfIph'a.t' l... .. Kansas (feet 1'ke one rising from the grve.. 'x
t 0 w." their utmost i fforts la lid tbJ City Denver Minneapolis and Loa |I'be trouble I* Bright' disease ). .. t-gr7 rJ" Md
'11. nil eiow hMj<< somjp .. Bee if ] \"rIH I diabetes Mage I '.'1 believe
f" rhnirb 'n this ntHcm The Chr'Clpii. *>tontl
: n'9 I* dae partlj. to Mrs. !iMIra. .r- dal"y on the Increaae, and theltrharrb nentlv. for It has already stopped !
j "WM idn4. ntnoig he kl.b.. ... | tlw I I. '. a fV riahraf condition,I the liver aad bladder. codiM'catloni
.'Wl t.and I.,' wy *)oe tp MN.Xddy. des to th-(r polbr of perehaslegro'bteq which have foubVd me for year ;
catte4ed nil Birttl ."fllcI... capital baa n,..-.- s. ail draggista. Price!
':'- pet: the SoathefB Butea, aid her [beea acntl: teel. only It era*. 1 .

"' ...r7--'.. '",. .- .' J.;. I
4Se to II
yt) -ra lit Artr rear .( L la .y""t v >' s"
/tie"r +

. .. 1<' ." .... .,- -.t
... 1 11 t I !



The Farmers RejoiceAt --I I. r---l!

Lemon City! OPINION : Abays I oiiijOn The. .

i i i i.L

Bccatse It Is Almost Certain There .L:TWt.. n>mm*sill W dr.t, >* is to I WHIIAM HAWS EIWDCcocnoM
C-r.:".t. ...b" I.TIWV..-bed..valet./.....M. ... 1
will Be He More best, lasarincAtoadaat ,,.e t.sr M ear. bet tb. ase. ed.bt The FaSt Yacht Louise Lumen AD IT uw an d
+.Ia.y..n...tb..M. .t .a be
.... Mucmtoi cuunatTt. rat
Aid Profitable 6opParseaal =:?iiriw":-':.iiaT"1INIXT s i1 Twellk feat ,

Motes. ;> I BBs-. MtF lid 11trt4

I ('*RK A n.'u1101' '. ..ami OVB .. ..AnDl.o1l
II I I .\ IWNTV:! iNt hiHN
I o, 30 MILES ON WATER Seymour 5 Atkinson r I

Feb. Js.
Lemon C"ty. Msrt-h -Tjb" sa'e Pompano Attorneys and

Kirn by the Ladtt Aid ttociHy UM8atarday ;Editor Metropolis: Counselors At LawapW

afternoon was an ,IrajoysMe -{ Mod, if oar folks aoat dire a cent sw .tlM r rMi
affair. The +' tte coaatj being .UN M* Ir.--k
. ns well as nroauble or a d rn" about
y: proceeds of the sale will be jnsvd to dlrWJed. It ike kicker will change Rambling through the enchanted Floridian archi-
..reu.. new seats tee the caarch. their jsoalbern noandarj.. and leave
a peligo through the tranquil waters of hue
Mr. Gordon the principal: of the it sl,ae, we womt have a word toMr. every G. A. W orlej

' Lemon City school has resigned bis Est we W.IL we ought to be past picturesque keys with a glimpse of historical
Attorney at
; position as sneh and accepted a position hot stow when we wish to renal

. The school In the children post once miss at M>'MIami.I Gordon .- In oM Da4e. We are afraid ot Cape Flolda and through the submarine gardens to JIO). TwtUU SL. Miami. Tlotjd.sGEORGE + t
I tallttac tae folks last are so solicitous for
mnch. Mr. Brownlnc
err the meaner of the fcosttloafor oar welfare. We hare been payiai M. BOBBINS ? '
our tunes aid are wtlHns to coatlaae
h the pnoaMLn. to pay Ikea late'Old Dado Coun Thuemw PIa.'ttomey ) "
t hoass which has b4a Oi pied for some time by Mr. aei'Mrs. ,t 87 the wa,. West Palm Beach has Soldier KeyGreatest At
I. E. rVadltton has been *>.! to Law '
Mr. Goode. who win Vx. move !,,'. !BO money kick was comlag spent about oa the the rock war t'.1 em......Ie.. c-- ..... w Ls.e.l 1

:i It. Mr. PrndMoB Bed 'aml!, -.111oceepy ete. everybody bad to go to O.
the hose vacated by i".rut.Rolls. 'iLalahart ho chairman of
when was Hudson & ..tIAttorney
e- !th" board. Dr. AWrker sad O. W. I Bogs
The meads of M:. E. 8. knit Lalahart were rrpmcatlac the north ,.
were glad to see him out acala this end and no doubt did what they it Law :
w..a. thought was best ad wo thick It la rownley ltstjldine. Miami Florida "
r Mr. H. DnRnchers.. pUcrfl wry .aabrcomlac West Palm .
his store ... the .market for .'.. 'Beack to Bad fault with the war the Fishing Grounds in the World. "
the work berets bring too eonflnlnz money was speat. Oene Dtmtek JOHN C GRAMUNG '.
for him. I Morris Jokas and Mr. DaBoia also .
3 AU the farmers In this section are did what they thought beat with tile
% ...)oIcac: now bwcaase' It ls nlmort county '..dL The whole thing 1 Will practM* In aU Conrta. State
1 assured there will be no more frc'rt.,makes me think of ..me'" boy who i
An crops are looklnK well and the is hollering because Ho dlda't get aid Federal ?
mason now promises to be a vary more of the pie. Two TRIPS Daily: Office In ScweQ B.II4i.r. '
.+ one.Famed I kear oar Staart folks are aot P. O. Box 357 MiaaJ.l'1ociQ-t
y /tabe taking very kladly to being -father of
ed" br the B ark. If say dtrldlaf W. .. METCALF
I Is to be done they w aat to KO tato I
to Raise St. Lrie _at,. That shows .. ATTOIUCCY AND COVNSZIXOR '

t. their .beads are ....1. au ..r.1 lean )lira film Deck Arrrri Seldkr Iiy Lean SoUkr Kay Antes lejal rate Deck WUlpracticeinallCouns.State .

Yacht "Adeline'Metropolis W: 9.30: A. M. 11A.M._ 11:30 A. M. 1P.M. and FederaL Land.
bas been kaowa as m. Carry's cases specialty

&The... basinets! baa been very prosporous -1 2:00P.M.' .3:30PeM. 4.DOP.H.: 5:30P.M. West Palm Beach. Florida.

sad tke arm has from time .
t D....... to time .Increased Its capital Bill JAMZ8 T.S1VDX13.
Key Weft March 1. at the present time It. M one of the ATTORNEY AND U,
largest of Its kind In South Florida. "

the Gen city T.Monday Ii. Barry night passed en ..throng.... toHavana. '. The for appropriation to Mild n torpedo of U..depot..ft astod oa- Round Trip SOc. Fish Dinner if desired .$1.00 COUNSELOR set BM! BMM AT*Uw.LAW'.b..smtai A..-e'"
i; .He. ... been ordered to c ..4 Bi..i ill Ctlmm.....
rVmlB Key waa not granted at ) ...... ...
take command of the army la Cabs.Oenoral I eves a eases faun
, this Session of Coagraae. An appropriation ... .. .
MIA3tl. FL01ZDA.PT.tTtBqi.ILP .
Barry was formerly depart'nwnt *Wa>an.B J m. aa nsnni IMS ar lmm\m\ nqmTn TT SX SXSA m m s ss7 T 'i i" i r I l l ij t
;j : ) of U.'" for panag the
S commander of tie Department I
around tile naval station
of rklef the of Oalf sun and dsrtBg haa the been absence acting: a la*1 sidewalk was granted.. For particulars Apply Royal Palm office or Royal Palm DeckBarter ,

cubs of General Bell. esa ass... -r.-,.
The crew] of the arhooner )Magic 'Tta. Beat rhjrateWhen' .......tea.....
anccenfal la ralsUg the amuse aw G
were roe wait n pkyak that to !
aaaken yacht Adettne] bat It U null "'and gentle our to take andpteaaant BftAVT. nxauDA.
thought she1:can be raised. la offset take Chamberlaln's -
The yacht Moie.aeti.re arrived la stomach! and Liver 'ablets.. Rare Bargains Dr. Jai es M. Jackson Jr.
port Wednesday morJag from ,Havaaa. Price 1$:eonta. E..rr". warrantad. W. J. Brown
O.t n free sample at Biscayne Oflte c.rw 12JtI$I.a/AN.It
"i The Rt Rev. W. i. x....,. bishop
.; of the Diocese of K. Aagastlnearrived Drag Cot and try them. t pgsitg Oaklts WMrs7at.817iss.

from Havaaa'' Monday night BRAt a 8trLDoN$ This Week at ..B.QR. .
r and Is the guest of rather rrtrndRev. Sanitary
rather" rovtkes returned to RMarn uia with tl one cant
rk W. B, RUSH.
wl Tampa Tvesdayl sight after a day's .... or SI OM cent atampa with 5 and 10 cent .
vMt with Rer.rather Friend and the I. names and addresses of twenty Plumber cam!!!-l lib.......,*rba e 47. ;
priests of this pariah father Fontkeiaceompaaled .. ladles and Warn how to hare a lovely Variety Store .........f05 Bah..........'..
Bishop Keener his satin !color aa long aa yon hva.rhla I i I
trip from Tampa to lUvaaa ale the method .. now befog repealed \ I *IAMITLA rI.
., rtty. tot the ftnt time to the general pabbe. Watch Our Windows I IJ.
The Arm of W.. Oenf. Boas has .{ There... no cosmetics leach- b-- 1 Phone 216
been Incorporated wnh fc capital of I or other poison In I.H.F.Mullett.M.D.: j
I2t*..e* wader the name of Mm. 3fJfMel..r.".P1M. blackheads and dls-. 1019 Ave. D. Miami
.t, Carry's Soft Company. The ofllors ...110.. disappear forever sad, Something NEW every Ofl.: Rooms d ale 4 Jrrissrll
of the arm are: Milton' W. Carry this method.. Women and girls who J t day. U at any time some I lUIMIs* /i
prealden: :Msrtln U Meltings. Brat wfaib to I be beautiful will be taught article is wanted not in my loan 10.. ss. to IS ... I to S '.m.Rxudenee fi
4 vSee-presides. NVwtoa. Carry second ,thai simple laws of beauty and they stock I will gladly get it Ids.IWh .,,.....
vfce-preaidenl, ,: ...... ,D. Trevor sev I will learn how the moot Mantlfat for you.Tompkins. '
.. rotary .treaMirer and general manager *w4men of Parts, guided aad controllI Dr.BurnhamSurgeon .
1i net|dlnrtc.'n| are: Milton W. I r ed br master Gypsy aid Green duds R K. JAUDON. M. D..Office .
Cerry. Marta L. Belllngs. Newton i i appeared spas the _... played the Dade rharmocy
Cnrrr. Joe* M. FoMrtr Shirley C. I I slime of life and carried .Terjrtk"'before .. Fhonell .
j Bolt. Wm.iJ. HellinKs and Benjamin' them with their bright 11aMacslz ,
$. ion Sftet. ...
THeptssi ns
TrevoJTh ...
e O. I sad nnnTSilcd eoa.Ie"' J. L. and SpecialistAll
Bra kf Wm. Carry BOB Is one tpckler. 11SS Broadway. New York. OfflMhMrc.UStsts.ai
of the oldest established baslnviesla J _..... Wi StJiS.SU .
I y' the dtV. Tb nn was eeiabHsked -I A ValoaMr Lemon I Sui Ik Variety Start I MStsls.au.DR.
ro+ in !t4k and WM known a* '
* Bowse A !(Carry. At Mr. Bowne's 'Six years ago I teamed a';valuable Sufferers who cannot find Relief else. i 1006 Avenue D, Miami'Wanted E. M. LAW
', death. Mr; "'a. Carry the !valor lesaoa.writes John Pleasaat, 0:
partner assumed fall control of the Magnolia. beLI then began tak 'where should consult Dr. Burnham in the DENTIST 1
Aches. aid the Mme of the Ira lag Dr. King's New Ufe Pills and
was changed to "'.. Carry. At the the longer I tab them the better I Kinley Ba.tcJ.r
g death of Mr. Carry be left the ...- gad them. They please everybody 4rtt.tM Worn 'wer.rgNyI.e..ro.
less (skis, SOBS,and the Ira since Qaranteed by an dragglsta. tie.i's. The opportaalty or akowisg aadconrinclag .
that we hare the With. the Most Modern AfyflanasV {
--- yon
]Metropolis Bonding, Up-St&irs. Miami Florida. Inert sad cheapest light (to operate f
on earth.) Oar "laverted" Dr. A. Ulpt Monroe
light for residences makes the i

sett light to read by ever gotten ea..thIc nTSkluI
oat. Coaatry resides*** wired sad
lighted. Write for Catalog. t
' 14 years Dun and Profe+ .r MaUna -
Fort Dallas Land Medico Southwestern Mfdi. '* I
THE NEW LINE Company Bewan Bros. ,cal coHcg Rectal Lonivvillc.Surgeon Ky.Consnltinr .Louis. 1r"T

msrMsn Kami Cindy Ucfteal14ll vile City Hospital .
FROM' ATLANTA Leases Phone 171
r i STBcs bkkea kdUtet n M TwaMaiSlrwC '..0(;
Tn ...... ...Ih... ...If.&
a .
J me.,..1M .........bless M d

6 Cincinnati. 0 and Louisville Has oo its Listssome Money WantedIf WALTSP C ua.AgMO8ro211toot. .

DAIL TKAOI LEAVES An gjiyA uo T.M. L you| have money to "

} ARRIVES: OKCOniAn' 7iO A ht LOdSVIUX 7:50 K. particularly attractive sites for loan we can place it

guy KORXDIG i both residence and business pur- for you. Interest paid .110 Arc. C MiamLITa ;

Through Sleeping Cars I poses. An investment i in Miami real quarterly. O. W. MAYNARD,

''t Dining car Service r estate is safe; snre of quick returns Dade GO. Security Co.Log I tradoate Optician it

$t:Dwfl :iF.LSO. CA..U i :Next to INmtoffice. Miami. Florida"" "
roe rusmnataunot''Apra: i
T. B. WALIcEE, Flees.
Tse.sysr Agsu
t r"I UK. E.
,t>ls Meet v4a I JOHN B4RC1LLY. J. t. INGRA"AM. and Slab Wood DENTIST: LOTT w

.IAatso For** Dallas Land Vlce-PresldentFort Dallas I ,
Agent ..... a. n. u, resT IOUIMMVaraCoarMKsd
"I Lean orders E.L Brad, & Co..
.Company Miami Florida. band Co., St. Augustlne/ 'Jobn SeyboWs baker or Magnolia i

a i I i4.t I j,Orvarl:0.. Adolpk ricedlan'Otscs Kars t tt It. IMS,

z++f'Fyt.: '-J; <' ,

l'. I


--,- ---- -

(J nC:k17
: .
. .
i I,

t .

K 1

,. rACY R I 1 M' !i

A'gter. Algeria. boys. They were at whool and
t.c. Dear Coast Charley: studying their htaon IB the Koran,
\Q w. cam* ap from Egypt by boat I which I* the tame to them a* tile !
tat week Mopping over la Tripoli Bible Is to *t. Their shoe were
.4 for a few day*. all In a row out IB front ofrbe
-41st Algiers U a reef lntertlng pine,. 1'Nrll.r's di-nk. Spots :tked to bmkvp t : Y.
. t us for a long time it WM the .. the school for a .11I'., Vatrh'BX
quarter> of a deiprraia bud of eight: of a cat .p by the teachers 1H
r.tee. who roamed th. .. ..4'\\desk he made a line apt It. tea*
i an sea _and held *p ship of Inx two or
i.t R" I IAr
nationalise .they weld plunder ranting a
. G) @ th. ship and ell the crew and par I'TJi<-.t kids
aenger es klave They had all the fun though", ,
pRll4t7.9st' nation* bluffed! until the American same *i + cnr 0'T1t1141P1n"
: r lJ'1 Arrr -.
I Admiral Dfratnr cam* over ab. pat The rat
3z..t QT .&A. I I C'1'AIL rt'U.z,7V'JI2A.Z.,
'I', atop to It. We climbed ap a long hers iMa.>l ..1"o
hill to the old castle where the pirates -I dud .a i.iu .
used to look oat orrr the *.+ ,I Thin .In a
IB MJrch of veae1 to captare. ;r..atln-- .
l t There are plenty of fellow here daffy over rtwo {
I BOW who look like pirate, and I "'They get ao > !
, I gurus they would be If they wrrent'thai to .
afraid to. Dorothy It reared' of Item taw a ...
! and; when: none fierce looking chap of Ire and .
with ring IB his ear and a bIgsword and aaoth !
at his tide come Bear she blade. alack
gets mighty float to papa; or mama They think I'J
[ I tell yo -I'm not afraid of then them to ..
t''".... alnt they i i
t a.tT '..other day when Dorothy and I This I* a :
OfC/Alrf t a ad Spot were out bumming we hap- the mD.tr,
Mead to glance !.,ua vea door and you more,
there sat two rows of little Arabian Your old


i & k a:

Qtti 1YE Z
_:n7J avT1KI L"LlL') "v
bl iCR1.IZ Dll ra

Jrrsxlc I' j r rI i

a '. .
,-- I r I s



; .

t I .

To the boy or girl whose letter is opened first, at noon, next Friday, and found to be correct, the Metropolis

. A will give I One Dollar in cash. To the second letter opened, with correct answers, Mr. E, B. Douglas, .

i proprietor of the Ideal Dry Goods Store, will give One Dollar, payable at his establishment.

(I..i 1 1 I '

I I I'


I. I .

it? I
Wtoatf .4 the NetraanU ....... Catherine Watdroa. Utile Rift ,

....... ......... MiaMi.WUwrr U. C. Fromberger. JackaoavllM. i
v of'IW BJhmgUM, priM. Ilea partridge. Selma Ala Chase 6 Co.I I Gall( and See Us ,r>

.bMP ...., ......,. Xearly CarrmHearj PUZZLE ANSWER COUPON :
Sinclair. City.Aatoai ,
,.. After this west Mahe etropollwill t'bk: City.Uewey. i I Iii We are agents lor the .
Marina rampe.'Ita. ,SAfCRDAYMARCH 2
djco.tla.e It* pus+l. department ... M. Ball. ea.,. Fruit and VegetablePackers
newt [irIbuile Snell
aid IB Its place tatrodoce some ii Racyde5 and
+ fentvre that im lie Uklag artk. Richard Watkins City Aimrs mot M written n this Ocyra. 1U itttnttoi win

with; .>d and young. I Ida Baxter hi Cothron.s.d.I'Clt' OJ")." M HM alai art wrtttei n It. II Exee,tkn to this rakHj I other Bicycles I
The Mf'tropoU.IOPf1 Rratlfl ftl.0. B.rtorUa. WI feY .
the narens lot the paufl des Jean Andreas, Lemon City. I M BMrin prlc kr ttnalMaadMhtfH
MrtBB) sad ....,.. 1. expre4 it.N *.1''Earl Cai o>o, ell,. Annrcn to the Proxies ii tM MttrotoBj to-tfty an u fcDovs: I, > *<*..** Ie '-L Hv.aMbfwarMantt .
et the Inlereat Uk nIB 'Norton Roberta! Key Weal.Rocro II to haw ua kxphaa a*
pprrrtatkM children of the manly I l $7k. City .y.a aunt .. a. j. anarMaltyttnti
and U State by tome fca** bees fort anal* ILla' M 4 y DoagiaM C1 y.I $. !... .. . . . . . . . . . . I mari_ onafQ std TVfwlMiMn W9wry ( fl I
IB eaptarlag prlae ....t. other anal I Mnm.1 randel, qty I II a**ajaMt Btoct U al oaMt at

lick..., bat OM.It wu....B. caw. ef luck and th' i I I. -,: I JCTTKR.H- RBO3.TO> It Z.. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . .. . . . . . The Faiaat Comer 1 1.\/
% Inssaktas tile "I am a boy>> that wears the Napoleon i''

change Th only I* that reatM tM Metropolia lie,... t rap and If I get the dollar to!.. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . Crate Material I '
R ) base been eoBttnaedlong this week Ill feel asjhlg$ aa Nap A full new line of new wheels '
the **
+' r* enough part and beeaae It want .. .1-a. Alexander or Cea ar ever feIC lit C.. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . TflD i n with coaster brakes to rent for
.nrnethlBt loon tnier.atiB< In 1 n4 Win lisps fast the Hartford.
g-T season.
? Teatare -I got U* pnstlo Ali. morniag and Puking I Rrgby,
j; a wU general be Introduced", The In B new few I.re. signed my Uttto atater name to 1C lit S. .. . . . .. . . . . . . .*. . III Mkri! liver hct. MU-d! Chase Tough Tread and oth ,
There are two title OB the west standard tires.
er Repair work

Carrert-Bol.U. aI I hope coast I sad get I the tried aaawrra my hick all OB right one and. I -a. ,. .. .. a . . . . . . .. . . . . I parant<
little sister the dollar.:
Fe +my "

) t fweal.4canary.1-AtUt.. I ,' "Be *o kind a and. .send the dollarto I. 1.. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. MRS. J. B. FOX,Carroll & Clark r

(-Madeira.Tangier.. fl'l ,the m pussies. tht:* week twice for BOW I ban and answered I think I Hal. ..... .. .. .. ... . . . . .. . . . -:- Artist -:- i ,
231 Twelfth
--. have earned lib* dollar Wcana theyarc SL. ML aii.

o.QI1tnItar. hard work.." .. . . .. .. .. . . . . . . .. . Teaches OafaWnarr ......... I -

'n t $-Mlltcta.Correct Answers- +1'I ::" Ita"I,.. n4nl got the It for dollar a new one pair week of shins and RUM.Trwii.. . . . . . . . . . . . . and Hrd pd sd Color cw.Work.. ... i iwMef E. T. Hodge & Co.

that I Deeded bemuse I doat Bk* cola Iktn,. dos

K Mary E. F. Urwte.CHy.y Oty... to go .bar,-footed' when an tile toorM '> f . . . . .. . .' .. .. . .. . .. . ..). Prices RrasooabU.7K Spring IiIlfJery
Mete Wttem.. to t. the city. I nod a pair of I l I i

.A.oretb... BoBnett.jnn City Oelriy.KU1 Mocking anotbet i; ddlagI ....."no please let. fao get I ._-- Avenue C. Mkml, F1a i 923 Avenue D, Miami), Fla. '
Oty -
'. '.... .J
; 'r.I "'" : 4C,* ."f1, ...: \f". -. .. .',
'."-""''ZSif1L k J. t --- .. .
=-- :; .aav >rrr: iltlilttl :It.f. ... ..k,,

... ,. ...... .- ., .- '!" ." "' ''-- ....- ...'-" ---- H_ q ..tr'nn"1.t"R -.-"


n. ... _

------- best plaalst and also an orrbeitra. I THE XKW OWKIKTATORT I NOW OPEN

A Blazewill Bill are ont which will farther call OCT OX TBE: EVERGLADES
Small 1 ICOLOREO COLUMN !your attention I

i Te>erdi was monthly examination Have you en the Everglades: from THE
spread very rapidly and may at : school building which I Iwai the new observatory K not then yon IROQUOIS"Haas
del >f damage. Thai' I. ...
cans a great must ratifying In results More .have never had n view that cam
. u hen ,oe'li beds re lle the real ,, Edited By "wilt| be said later concerning tbe stuirota1 called a view. Heretofore w* bar
;. .....ftu !. havtag thoroughly good ( mark, etrPAUKREW8KI. really always felt ashamed to take XM pee day ad 99A

I W. PERICLES PICKENS.I I peop'e to see the Evrgtad Hthere ww hotel la the center el .everything. C.JeW the !fee*!. whk
: Fire Insur nee PolicyCall : fas no manna of getting n I I service electric light rooms stogie, *.) suite and wsth private ..... America
. 1 -I view except from the second story I pUa. Th Iroquois Grill< I. and let' tell yon about The fllomln are the church: nervlcca : I of a building which wa la mo way
The world's greatest piaotat. Pad- i H. K. ARMSTRONG. Proprietor.Miami florid
churches tomorrow :
the various
our prtce curtly I at I atlfctory B.t'rota the top of
erewskl mill visit (hl. couatry for
tnterrriThy yea. the new observatory which w* have
I I another concert to Ir next i '
I St. Jub#'. Bapt'rt church-: San- I I 4 Just completed for the nalt of our 1- J
John W. Gr ham 6 'Co. Why U It that he always plays
wiiool! 1:30 m. Prrmhlngtil on the Everglade excursion r
da) at : a the lItel..., pianos! Let him tell' It ;, patron Two Block from Bay Four Block from foatofficw
. *. m. 1 and 7:I. p.m. All are I the view I* surely satisfactory and
Aetna Fire la..ra.ceImp. his word to
lute .grata IM own 8tetwy At
4 .. Han ford Gam ..Inviitsi. Kov William. |>."tor.K I Son New It pleasing. Looking westward over
( ) ] York May 1101: ,
1 KlTeer )f. E. Church --8nn- thank''I the great tramp that cover the entire Southern Hotel
I Ceatlenien: I wish to | I
Assets $16 815.296Jl southern end of Florida except
day school *t 1 pm. Prochfci at 11 yon for the satisfaction tbe Steinway ; theroast. t
narrow pine
f 11036,010.93 a, m. and "::0 p m All are asked upright placed In my private car '' very
Surplus I ( The eye ha a weep of mot
E. A. Ford Proprietor
101'i lo attract Hev. Bmanucl. parlor.Primitive i iI !ha given me. Di"rlag my recent I I les* than twenty mile. almost ono- .
Tf'hopI Baptist ChimbPreach ,concert tour covering tl.000 mile fourth of the ncroa the Everglade I block froM Royal ....* Dock Miami tVrld
I way
OIRce with Lye A OaMiami '
ling at 11 am I and 7::30 p.m. All In many changes of cllma;* from severe and the stat of Florlda, lao
! Miami Fret...* hick Fla. care cordially: Invited I* atU-ad. Rev. S cold to tropics heat and dampneu. at this this point And the pano-
BN Brown, paator. 1 was rprlsed that this little'
f iJ., ramo of the hundred of Uland dotted :
I Mount Zion Bapt'rt! CD.rchi I piano did not show the slightest : about over the 'Glade, many of Telephone No. B hating Royal Palm ParkThe
.Suad y school at t:II ..m. Preach- i change In action mechanism or tone them the habitation of tie IIf'mli i tE
FOR SALE: lag ak II. .1. and Covenant meet- ;under the trying ordeal. The beauty .. ole Indiana, at one both pleasing
i !lag a 1 pm. D. Y. P. U. nt C p. i of Its tone power and "eeoUDN and aid fasclaatlng. and Impart n perfect I Oaks

m. The Lord'. Pepper" and preach- 'perfection of its action were a dally Idea a* to the real characterof 'r
fig t ;::11. All are cordially In delight to m*. the Everglades of Florid Bat U
{ Y1'f'4 to atund. Rev. Watson par -Sincerely. making this Everglade exeuruon be I Mrs. R. B. McLendon Proprietrsss '.
'or. -I. J. raderewkl.- sire to take tile good boat Sallie '
Comer Avenue B and 13th STeets Miami. Flortca
CHEAP Etethe! A. M E. Chirch-Sandayvchool \Ve know that nearly everyone desires for this observatory U built for
at t:It a. m. Preaching ntH to own n Steinway, aid we free aid exclnalva ..* of her .t"1
i and T 10 m. L..v. least have which enable and It would h too bd
a. m. : p an easy plan anyone Cert I
Within Tw if IxOm Statin ul thru i Ttrsbul Dock
i.t 1 p.... Allen C. E. at t p.m. All to secure one at three superb yon to mm a view of It. Th* city Squares Sqoara
are lavljted to attend. Rev. Carey. Instrument It I* your for the of Miami also He In plain view a* t
Two 18 ft. haunches pas'or. i i.The I I ing. We .kr* the sole you look hack aastwaard.W. BOYD COTTAGE

r following I* the program tot 'U Florida, for these world .....t.1 L. Bi7RCHDon't .
118 It cat rigged B<,bel A. M. E. Church: under the 'instrument* aid will take ,1". I ,

auspices of Allen C. E. League nt U vending free of charge n benntlfnl Oa >" ...
Bbape Uy
boat;, 1 fifteen h. < p.m. Sunday: souvenir booklet' of "Portrnlt .....JI

I It Slngtus-League.Ror 'of Musical Celebrities" to any oa* Wait !I11II An White Help UI f jht11 Street, MIamf I10rWa :
Address j Nandelaa+ IDHard.Addre the of '
t p. engine. i tatlon-Mis* i contemplating purchase: aslaatr.ment. I i: **-Mr. Harry U 'btb.rn.Select Beautiful piano of t I
Mr V Thoma. various nuke term. low :
Reading on a* a* 'c
Box 554 Miami Florida Paper4 Mr*. K. B. St bens.RecitatloaIle tl* down and ft monthly, nnumtted New House New Furniture ,
gaaraateelheadquarters ...*her.. is ate... bdtrs yee
Joephlion e Thorn pA. -
tack a* sIMs .... Mrf plNf |
I I for Victor TalkingMachine ,uaaac.. .... ......II.a The: Minneapolis
DUNHAMPainting Duet- VUses Hurray Ignite andBenha i;: *, easy term*. $17 to tilt .nr and M tb bet M bBMnrilrewbnBM.
F..411DIOIL U prtc*. I Mew to fh I bat...
i I Select Reading uu* C..Dil- Gen our free catalogue of !..*.. isHntIn* ........ Tbtwealherk Mr. E. A. Rnacll. Propcietres.Proprietor *
lard. | eople of popular ahret music. If hoi iKM tar (Md *urui2nuOnf.
KaMeIl Coffee House
Rec tatlosMlu F. Bowman. cent per copy. Piano tuning. Open Mew h ft*...JkU yes inncapoli
Singing league. : evening A pleasure to show good CM My Hat tt the *Unrtot.a Pboae 160 ZQScTcatk Street. MUmU 'FlonH
MlM HKIng. W* *r.erd Iarfe *.".**toft*0
Reiponslve Addre**- tr* employ age.a or cmaivner *-
....... I
lid ymr.)aae MM anrlc
TrIo- Nindetkn IMUard. Marrej *, thus saving oar customers from
Paper Hanging flax I, and Sallie Mill I I.$50 to $100 urn every piano which *. CeMsanniO|Wiealycnrrrltb w* CM tfltftMMnrlec Three Blocks from Bj Tw Blvks fees PttttflcfH1NSON

>>1. Cecelia. B t*. these awtmide e.lfsmri
Solo- get 01 their cost lea n* n* nwkeLllBarrlsoa
Signs lCf'markRf'y iCarey.Tfcl t w HUng ..... of to per cr4.Bnvk .
,rom'_ to be one f th. bet and HaftoH PUao 0-,..). HOUSE
tt pn Kr m. ever rendered and SIS lath Btreet.Erew Brothers 6 Go.
Ofifce and Shop 100 Ave. D abort d not ..I.. It. 1-1 t tI
The apron party last nfehl at I from the Mountains Town and Coaotry paint. I )fts. J. E.HinooProp.
beautiful reaider. of Mrs and Bal'ard' Know Liniment 1* praisedfor
Nelaou Tltoaa.._ wa a mp"1 I the good It doe A care cur Dozier 6 Gay Sterling 331 Fourteenth Street Miami Floridaf

v Throop Poultry Farm!.me,.*. There were at'Of'Q of the I for rheumatism and all pain W. Do ble Thick; Pratt &
beet yong peop'e prenent and every : W. Loving. Grand Junction. Colo.
; youag'lady' had prepared a very alee I writes "1 sod Ballard'n Snow Liniment Uffibcrt's Varnishes etcw. CmvmYsl Ie P.a.and UUmd ....... ,..Mobs feani .**>?.* nif
apron matched with a very beautiful last winter for rheumatism and
Bare eggs for Batch lie which wa bought, the gentle I I cam recommend It a* th*' beet Unlmt Mw r.!. ram hrearnw
Ia.... They were sod ont before on the market I thought at leeK nnd wfl sel U a
at $1.00 per dozen, $7 every gentleman had aa opportunIty th* time I wa taken down with lacuna, ear xcdeat ... at Gautier House
to pureKaae: one.ThU this trouble that It would be a week
per bmdrel 11 months proved to be n very popularentertainment before could get about bet on applying .
and I* always preferred I I your liniment several Wall Paper and Mn.T.N. Gsader. Propriar.Corer *
old cockrels: at U0. I
above thoM where the young dnring the might, 1 was about u..1
A....*C nd Nlatk StreetCourley ..... Idea de
Exdiul single comb: people are forced to dance la order hour and well In three day? I
>rely .. I Mattings _
Id brute money for the church. sale by BI Drug Co.

white Leihems.Enterprise nil party ... U tile Intereit..of ,, i ir fen utq wtl b* Oed to also ...... .I
o. Ebt.b.I@or Churchjiod: all friend ..: NOTICE OF SHERIFF HALE .
hate or may arll this struggling House
n Florida I church will j* highly appreciated. r Under and by virtue 'of ..' execution -
You ...n be carved upon again. Many leaned out of the County
(thank to all. ,Court of Dad Count;. State of Froi I
..4 J. J. I HOLLY Now that Rer. Carry hits returned Ida In n certain cans therein pending I am the Paint Han I Buena Vista, Florida '
to the city sad olh r pastors. preacher { wherein 8. J. Melson la plaintiff
Contractor end 'Builder Sunday a pool apvrintendent and W. W. Prout. I* I 1m AYe.De Plume Z2tI. I
ttarher. etc. are present, yen maybe lu.. Ijhave: levied upon and on.f.1Id.1 Opposite railroad kpot. Beautiful shade tree Good home cook in ;
1315 Avei D called' upon to organice the Interdenominational tae 4th day of March.: D.. I. Lame airy room*' hot and cold bath electric light and all modtrnconTcntence
Sunday school t'nlon. lit*,' within the hours prevented I.I I.I I *. Two mile from bnaineM center of Miami On Palm
Phone 181. Miami. Florida Th!* orginluthm will be tobetter by law will offer for sale to the I I Beach-Miami rock road. Rate oa application.
i prepare the leMon and to eigrange .. highest and best bidder for cash. I.I I MRS IDA COURLEY. Proprietress

R. V. WATERS and put new life to all tae before tb* south door of the courthouse I Wire For Me Darns VUta. Florida
fools of the city. Every paator.ajnd la Miami. Florida, the following
tuperintendent. hou'd hare a described property towlt: Eight
Public Stenographer ..c'.al interest as nil church: will ,hnndred and fifteen registered (bare
and IH Wire for
I fairly represented. The paator of the Miami Realty tx>*n and Guaranty yon
Room |1 *rd Mperlntendrnt! w.T1 be consultd Com pa ay.* corporation of Flor ON'T Fail on Your Way North '..

Townie Building at once and wove put on put forthe ida. The property has been levied I) or South to stop off and spend a
: organisation.I upon n* the property of said W.WProut ---- - I ff U.3<9W,or .A. wee.nV. or m. moa tit *.i* tit.e
I annual' hacaar glvrn several and will be cold to satisfy the i ELECTRICAL
Hobe Sound night *rfo by the .xlll.rI" or the balance due upon said! execution and i I
I Bptlt cbunh rslurd sosietbing over cost | Contractor.
y Poultry Farm $lt. Good. We eiptrtrd it. John Frohork. I
District WUsloa-ry L rows will Sheriff of Dade Count,. Florid | Boynton Hotel

Eggs 'for hatching C. S.i}leave tomorrow nioralsg for Danlahrre D. C. Fletcher.
2c be will conduct services all Attorney for Plait-tiff. C.H.Brown
t: Rhode Island Red
I I Oi's
day There I* no pastor at place
Leghorns. $L50per setting jaed it become the, duty of'he;; talislonsry *- JMghbor got Fooled #
of ISL. Also few White '
a to conduct servgrs J etc| I 1113 Avenue C; phonel7iSHAMPOOING!
Cockerels full I Mist Ki-U St-ra.a*. who h's been "I was Ilterarry congnln* myself '
grown at $150 each. :I In the city month*] .... to death, and bad become too weakto At the foot of Lake Worth 5] mile north of Miami and I] milessouth
turned thl* morDIDcft. hrrihonte In leave nay bed; and neighbor of Palm Bench out the oceaa ridge. Reached by rail or wafer
; T. Newton Banner btaae.Mr. front Miami and rail water carriage or looiotMW from Pal. Beech
of the I II
I would leaveh
I ; ,;Jibe fcpper nert predicted that never .
Modem improvement splendid bathing. .. location not '..ADed -
Johnsoa.who was .tfick alive but they fooled, for
Hobe Sound. Florida |I ; got oat east cot. URINKINC: ; WATER SCRPASSCD medlcinal .
lea with paralysis, several day ]*go.Is .!thank be to God. I gas Induced to propertie Mo"'. by nalyai of state chemht. A CERTAIN
Iraprovtrg slowly I H'!. friend *raaked ,try Dr. King'. Ned Recovery. It Scalp and Facial Massage CURE for all Kidney trou..*. Tried by score of people -eaafuay
to call on him. 1 j jJ took 'sat four one dollar bottle to

) DAN HARDEE J M. "... Pritchard I* tlll )leerJ sick: .completely cure the conga and re- Manicuring .
III seen to Improve very .slowly.'I:store m* to good sound hedih"mrlte Appototaenti made at tsar lira bow Send for descriptive booklet sad Analytic lo e

HII friend aid lodge brother' ar.1<' Mr. Eva Unephr. of Groverowm. A. E. PARKER :: :: Manager
c req rated to vl sit him as his wife I. Stark County, Ind. This kmg| Mrs. J. H. Northwood.
... le to manage him when he I. of cough and cold cure, snd healer |
Painting III suffiring condition. |I of throat and lung U guaranteed Art. D tad 12 SU oar 1r14 'Stan J
Mr. Mary Marvin, who tai been by all druggist SOc and $1. Trials'
staling at the Barb foij it veral bottle free.
day, retimed Ills week, to the I A. -BUNNELL
Contractor "I[" of her ft lends. Je-I A "tttch In Time ,J.C.Rice&CoCigars

Rev Faber Parrl. priest of [t 1 will save nine tto..m. bottle II I I
Agnes Ep'sropal Church Ihls city of Ballard's Morthoud Syrup always
Miami F1& Oho his bn wy fnr sr pal day kept on hand save many spell of t I Carries a complete stock of
1311 Ave D.
.'culling!* the h'lhop at Orlando, has aid:...*. A sure cure for returned.lh colds bronchitis and whcoplng'coigh. Pipes Batteries spark coils, apple dynamos,+oil
Miami Cornet Band has teed Mr*. S.-. Hot Sprint .11'11.1 I
Contractor.fer ihf upper floor of Biruwtell hail write: "I keep n bottle of Bar ard'. '. cups, brass and Iron Fittings, Shafting,

General 1 tot. tend roost and wllj' give It. Horehound Syrup In my medicine'chmt. and Tobacco machine work, gas; engines, engines in-
tlr irni-VnVe on Monday evening.. aid thank my foreth'xixht'' I
Cr....... which )(all m rk its grand j jopentng. many time: It has prevented many I j stalled, gas engines! &automobile repaired
IMa.U..a.Twined. In a dfitlon to th- band music there severe spells of sickne**** Sold ly 1009 Avenue Miami *
D 409 South River Street South Side of
..-. -ws..I.. .'f lt | .'.o mus c tvr\abed ty the Biscay Drug Co. Rivermbroideries'COMt
-- -
-- -

r laces, I and T r- '! TO- THE- CHEAP STORE- a

( .

I White lawn weistsand shirt waist suits I 1017 Avenue D. between 10th and I Nth Streets '


', To be sod! cheap; I this! wet k at sic ra of Ladies and Gents f furnishings to be sold cheap

GEORGE MAN OS, Ave. D and 4th Street iT he Cheap StoreP.cF Prout Building j

*& !l-f/ S t. .. <, b 5i..+ 'l / < ; -
s 1""' y. -' '-rye. + ,' A, -q K + .ri

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: March 2, 1907
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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""I e .I





Every One Should Attend The Dade County Fair To Be Held In Miami March 12th" 13th, 14th and 15th
-- -- -



I little Girt Bad Gone Down When Young Uty Plunged, Cloth- : C()>TK.tCTM
' Win ttavlml Their lattIusl8 ablbtlloa :-
Four Killed! And More Than Mn Was Killed And Body-
Here lu iCtKTk lug And AD, Aid Brought Her Salely To the Sorf.ce-Mr.MM [ Wklagtoa. Marrk t4 Seaator
, Tlllmaa today Introduced reaota- Thrown Into Lake
A Score Injured exklblttoB a
1 1I : tie *atore nilplao twos Midget formerly occapledky CaYDI Fnopfly On Hind At The Time Of Rescue. tI.. railing on the Prealdeat for all r

ir tie Cyatal Cafe, la one of tile moat paper reUUag to the reveal agitation
-I i ,: anainal to e.er visit ,Mlaml. fkmldreta for havlag the Panama Cans .r 4

: mm HOI :BMP bat little are over It sad two 14 feet years kick old, about and :: .lmtnl..1 built by roatract He sold In do- PARTY STJiCiySIISP( Y CIED

tke alee .of aa elfkteta month oibaby Mina Car..... a popular yoang; lady ..,. Percy Carlll. *. port lag the reaolatlon that Coatrae-
of ibis city proved herself a heroin mute In charge of Ike cw o. waaavmt I or Oliver had complied with all of

'I To the tune of a popalar two-atep. at tb* casino pool this morning ky I the: apceiatorai arovad thepool the requirements sad that ,lie kid
dance la the little arena Md without wafting a momentor
the midget I H
was rejected after long delay *
rearalag rblld that bad tw
a gnu hesitating or wit Bout even rumor
off and tk. little BMBaaawert
When SnedsJ Tall Diaoberwl Cr. partitioned questions la !!:DIt., very I the bottom, bringing It to the sass lag her hat plaaged; oTerhoard aadbroagbt expressed dlaaallafactlon with the And If Arrested And Cmrlctanlttla i,

HaeatlTJTfce 'fate before It bad become aaeoaadotra ,the little one ..f.', to the raaal managementFnawral .
den And Wu Ru lit ReP. Belkred'Other KJdeI1t111
By baby la also to be. sees It sad wlaalag tile eoagratalaDo top. At tie .."'. lime Mr. Cavill. --

Ur Paaaeifwr Hear Waterbnry- IIa"' .' the dlatlagalaklag tljle of being aad admlrntlona of a large who was at tk* other cad. of the ., A. A. Raaney B. Cleared Up- -DetaJ1a Of Th.
tk* handsomest latetultooalkaky !crowd of afieetatora and a profanon pool cants to the area. faster tka ak TIle taaeral of tile tae A. A. Ra_ x
Conducts* Arrnnted-Detail*.. at the St. Loots Pair and was of undying and gratefal; t...... from Tr swam before and reached ey was held this' afternoon from the Crime
.. awarded a kaadaoBM silver 'c.1 the mother of tile cklld. I Miss Carmaa Jut a* she held the residence of Mr. sad Mra. Mar ray
wkkk U OB eiWbltloB IB the It appears the motker. Mra. Mills child ap oat of tk* water Very O. Ito ell at 1111 Aveaa A.. R* .
---- Today sad toolgkt la the .laatcka'ac : was balking 1st the shallow part. or gallantly k* carried ... sad escorted N. B. Puller, of the Kpiseopa

r( I to see tk* midgets aa tkaygo'oa the pool with her little girl three or tile other back to tk* platfomwh.re church conducting tb service.. A Beet Msr. ,- Mar-
Wsterkary, Coaa... Mar S- Four briber aortb where tht, maaacenteat four years of age and had left the tile child coughed; and pattered a large lumbar of kualaeaa aaaoetateased dr beyoEd the shadow of a doubt ,

I mea wr klUed, laro aerionsiy la- ,,baa ..cac-.ts t. HI.WIU little lady holding to the life roaw. bit. bat |a a few seconds was beraalf personal friend of Mr. Kasteygstkered In tk* ease of the msn.s body Nat
Both were enjoying I he-snort, and sgaha.Mlaa; at the restdene of Mr.Kaa-
lured and a SCOT or' snore kart In Eschew Pany bath Immensely when tile child loot Carman was drenched from ell to pay a last mart of respect to yesterday la Clear Labs. was proven

a ...cI.4a eoTttaloB early today cmthe. The Repeat eatertalament committee of Its ho'd and wear do. In about four bead to foot tad retired to a bathroom J4h. memory of n ,oa., Uf.. 1'*> 1 this morslag by .. namlnatton of

XagatBCE 4iviak of the lees the Woman.a Club ga.* s very dv feat of water Believing the child ( Where she domed a balking quest of the close personal friends the beadfmade by Dr. H. CMood. '.
York Sew Haven A Hartford Rail- Rightful prograaalT eackr party I. would draw and becoming aoddea- salt aid re-entered thw pool to swim of )fr.-.Ramey. Mr. Uses T. CoakUB who found th* wooed at the back
way at Plant MI'". Bear Ufa city. I IT" Hakryoa Hall Hotel ballroom yesterday ly frlgkteaed tk* mother aereamea. sad enjoy herself while awaltiagtbe saag ""' .... the Weary Keeking
of the b.*d to lie ballet bolo aol w
I atteraoom. btwaa. i and I for 'tip.MIM arrival of a messenger; who had Red, The remains of Mr. Rsmy
.deed are the erw* of the two *>tock. over one kaadrod IMica lake Carman, one of the stoat expert been dispatched to her. home aftera will b* shipped toalgBl to DosMolnes.wker tsklag off tie top of the eraalamho

engines. IM puri. lira.. J. W. HorBer ape awtmmars'In tile city and a ..- dry ask of ctotklag. a tatkrr. mother order aakraiher discovered piece of metal In tile '.
".. special train w.* carrying *h 1 lend the Irat 'prigs, end: Mia Laa await- the arrival.Dance '. --:. oraia. -,

_ben et Company F. flecoad RegIment carried off the aecon4 ...... Aao I i A further snriastlon will k*

Governor Woodruff. Bad the to repeat mazy I requests til* party have aad aa baa ao may mad GEORGE MOVER' [ MRS. [EDDY'S SON The regu'ar WeB Attended Friday evening dames mad In aa attempt( to determine t tl

members of kU stsJt who had bus o .... enable to secure tJ4k.: ... It baa at the Halcyon Hal Hotel was well the clrn......* of th* crt_ Tk.

..tIICI.. la their honor here. I I. decided by the library comnt- ;attended by to.upoople.lad. night .....r.* Jury met Lila ssomlag and t1
gives br another eompaa o( lk. :tae to glee another cam molt Vit4Beaday SEEKS ACCOUNTING 'OF HER FINANCES aa well aa the largo ...... of guests immoned at wUaesa lie majontjral
In the hotel. It ls tb* Intention of
between tke same
soles regiment! Tk specUl was given afternoon
Merrill bas kladly COB- the management to give n fancy '" the neop'e living around Clear
order* t. take a at4la nt Hlitatd !'Iboors.aented to give tk* ladies tk* use ol tam* ball In about two weeks. wklefpromisee Lake. On or two of tie most laasortsat r
Croaalag. bat the poctal, it U re- the got room formerly kaowa V* to be one of tiltOlt wltaimia w away, however
ported. raa by the aiding sod Bet Ua la tb Royal Palm nnlan In the history! of the city. so tie Bearing may not b* held for ;
L.. the palm room &necU InJrmltks lacanndtatt.Her From MiBa H f Afltin> AM Prtnerty several days.Clrcumatsntlal.
.... eoIU Ticket will
regular paaaeager raga IB oa. Hotel for Ik* event erldeae petals

It la aadersteod bat the coronet be *. aatojkt arteraooa.the library OB this sad acea-hall Afalatt Deslnln Persons Wb Art TaJdaf A4waat 4rt Of Her. Bond In the la Filed matter of tk* Colonial Trust strongly sgalast n man .< nnsavoryreputation .

baa ordered tk* arroaxjof COBdBOtarEaton. .Monday will be gives two Company vs. tile Florida last Coast who has long keen suspected
slot tour
IB charge of tk* special and It Rsllwty. et *'? the cocpUlnant yesterday of befog tf desperate rnarae "-
Eaglaeer ruhor. Itj oappoaed tied. bond I. the aam of ISO.gnaraateelng .-- t..... Who tb* tows folks beardth .c- I
TtawrtUr Proporty
ikat Fisher was killed l but *! roes oM Mr. W. M. Bro... of this rttyj New Tork. Mar. 2- The We-id W. Glover, only son of Mrs. Kddyky .... to make good lethe 1 mule. with almost on* accord.... I, \1 t
of ... body can b* bead U tk* baa sold bla reside* property atTttBfTlto today aaya that powerful and w...IIIt y ; her Orat haabaad. ..*....*.,. all lone. *siestas this. maa's acme apraag rrt. ",
wreck Governor Woodruff vaa. .ainjured to Dr J. HI'" DaaJeI.. at eltlteas are beklnd the wit laUtkid { Tie petition afflrma that Mrs. E4- from the writ of I.J........ restraining ['tip*, and the universal .*ery was: ',

R'ckmoad! Vk. The property eonataU In tt* New Hampshire coart ye*. dy Is Ineopaettated .tkroagk tile .Infirmatlve the enforcement of tbcent I 'Wit h. prows b tied so sltsk sgaln him. ?"that
of two bosses. situate aaar tk* teeter l terday to aware aa accoaatlag ot the of old age to maaaa; her per mllo passenger rile, etc. In tie sothlsg csn spec either ',
JAMKhTOWX HELP of tk* teat, aurroaaded by .t* nnanclsl affairs of Mrs. Mary Baker affairs tfnd protect her property event the saTng oat of this writ Th*. vhjtlm was blow probably aad then ...-
Manned by a
--- castes* groaad stable, bearing oaag1 |- Eddy, the head of th* Chrtatlan Hd- against undue Influence. 0\090-:0 should be proves wronglaL etc.. sod bullet eke. the }
We are now*booking, an claaaaa 01Haut. and shade treea. Mr. Brow care Charch. A systematic movement tatea the belief that Mra. Eddy Isnrronaded without Just ass.. The sum Is that patched. with a or and
ReataaraBt and Cat he.pl! for weal .,1 the Br t of tie week andeoaammntated was begaa to tkla end too by designing. personsvember I fived by the court IB graatlag; the murderer crept up behind him .
of the hralaCloM
,. hot him at the base
the JimeatowB ExpoaUtotv. .'or, pare [ tke deal.mm of lad year. Former Tatted who are using her and her condition temporary l.j.tlCtlo.-TlU.' [ knowledge wia shows of the
ttculara. address wtlk stamp Florida 9t te* Senator Wm. E. Cbaadier I'I'for their own seiruhaeaa '
valaerakl polat aad the generaloplalon a
Help Supply Co. (lac"Jackaodrttle.ru It .. eovaael
1KMMk7T k. that If the guilty party maecured t
PARTY ("..WORKERS AfllltCO JEROME WOULD SEND two or three other mardermyaterlea
-* BIRTHDAY- HOt ALLKOEM., MRM. F.lUIY OX MTRIKK: IB the vktnlty will\ b* Is

Brockl Mar.---2--Tbe members Will LEAVE MONDAY _IS BEI5Q' rtOBBKII: .Angnta. Oa.-. Msr J-All the ear THAW TO ASYLUM cleared The murdered.,. ...'* body. .1...

.. of tk* Claa-na-Cael!a tad otter Irukaorletle Concord. N. H.. March 2- Tbe workers of the Georgia Rat Jro". the head, was hurled yesterday afternoon .
? will eelebral.v Kobert svmmet'B leaders of Christian Science research woo recently retaraed to work after In potter field The only'dUtlaguUhlag .>-
blrtkday* tomorrow by pa a Ikparade .brr* are apparently surprised a three 'week strike, quit work today I mark were the gait'e, .
la theeeventng then will kt tile bin lied to secure SB ass Mala, alleging that tie compaay lal* "O D. fatted on one armBveryihlag I
_.U., of tilt Bnancla affair of has violated the article of tke former had been earn out of <
trailer be a pablle Mots will banoet preald at which Tfc: Boa or*. VIa Steamer Shlaoecock Far Key Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy sled by Oeo agreement Belleres He II Victim Of Paraaoia ,the: pocket Tke ma. wan It to ito

i nor oa tile oecnaion will be Jade Jaa West, There Going Aboard Steamer:I Insanity, Which la Incurable, Aid I years of see but derompoaUhm
J, Wash of Maakattaa After UM I had art In to rapid' Iksi Identificalion v,
y banquet aa elaborate program olfrank Wamderer Aid lafpectUf Extension Avenue D Bridge To Be Opened Only Is Workiaj T* Seen En.".- wan lmpoalble Robbery was

t -. ky well k.... artUU will d"lIbtktlat na.srt of the crime

f r be gone through. i'I' Work Oa Keys.Tk For Boats That Can't Pass Under It ties For Insanity.Ntw a
} Urfnc Justice Hill
>rn-HiK>YH BENEFIT o..fort Jallc Mill tk s uwmlag +
Ed River wa. seed II* aad costa .,
New Tork Mar X-A Bewaboyabenefit I for flghllag; and Joe Andrews **. aaie '
K I Steamer' Wanderer Capt Ha- York M. 2- Every day of 't"
e r
lie IB tt18 lor dlenrderlyronduct t
will given ,*+. of Mask here tomorrow litl.bt. Tea bate, left today for: Long Key to'mgtke Law Makes This Provision, Enforcement Of Which Is T* Be Carried Out I tbe Thaw trial I. apparently taklag Bah were colored "

4 tkotmaad dollars ka.*''already been noettag macklBe shop wklck la T* Letter, Thus Doing Away With Mich laconealeact.I Ditrlct Attorney Jerome, nearer lkfonadatloa .. {
4 ..&:....1'4 I* the a..tarlaI14l1..r\rl j : ban be stationed tber* aid do repair I lit I I. trylsg to lay fr a Dr Arnold toraad. of Carlibad.atrla. "i
the rkorva girls from |.41 Broadwaytkeatrea. I I I to. the prominent gone of
\ i
;!< fk, thus doing away with the Be request for s rommlMioa la laaacyt )!
AU tk* BTomlacai sags . Mr sad Mrs. Henry Wei a. Dr la- ,
folk at prvaevt appeaftg U U* city laity of aeBdlag Reamers and other I I ...4 Thaw to the ..,.1... for ,rand came to America .. October and

ip will give tkrtr aerricea aad a lam tri,.* to this port for repair from I Having received Infraction from I bridges croaalBi nsv'gable' ".. criminally Insane st UattewaaJerome has visited Metro. CalUorala Colorado it
amber of prominent rltiaeaa will ate txiag Key the Waaderer will proceed tke ronnty attorney the same being : Heretofore the Aveaae D bridge leader is firaily eoavlaced thai aad various cliie la Ihs eaalern .
j jc.xom.1'F.8
..... to) key West to be then IB lime to ,accordance with the lawn effect- sod the public have beoa pal to ,Thaw mental condition la the result part of the failed Bute Url
+ lag Abridges crowing aartgmbletrtama. great Inconvenience by opening tke l.rand I I. one of Ike mont teamedphttlclaa
by Mr. H. M. Flatter .. .. which I* Incarabe.aad .
IAKKAPOLUNorfflk. of .r..o'
FOR oaloeeapted I
tk* Avenae D bridge lender draw for Uaackea and other .craft : Is Europe: aad at sot lifewa
;: and party Best Monday sight; .-1'1 hereafter open the draw only that could pats under It with .111 i i not of melaatho.ia. la ",(lie, chef pkvatclaa to the Chat of ''
I vax tUam'itaUoaa Tb party will come down from for those boat that ran not pass .'If. I words, ke believe Ikal Tkaw mental Pe,"' .. At Carlsbad be has a great
arc betas held here today of ..41- Palm Reach Monday moralag and under. It, or which caaaot do ao by I' Frequently trace aad travel o..r' malady of troth a mare hut many America a ,..Ie.,.. who vlaltthone :I
",. < ea for tk* Naval Ae....'. kUam> win be Joined here ky OoTeraor ) tWUoDa were 'e'. several weeks ago ant Oray-WJlaon.. of "|k* Bakamaa or removing d'akeys: sad other ob- .draw being opened aaaece aanly.land Stanford "',,,.. and n,.ia ,"return to ('.,'.b.4 la April Tklanofd -'
it failed to produce candidates satl eke will com o.et .. the jatrnctloaa ,from the deck. It la now proponed that Ibis shall pane today.eTItOtHElt. i pkyalclaa any* IkU; Florida >a. r
priestly kick la their record to permit steamer.... Miami from Naaaaa tomorrow i Tke marlae law. It I* .said provide be done only when aereanary nad la ;, the moat wonderful climate I In tkorM '..fI"
,' appointment Prof Leo Codd.f .onl.,. From ben they will this provision la order to prevent the I strict accordance wltk tke marlae !it'IFbRkU: WITH and that older pemona prolong
Ike Portsmouth .'.b ackoolt and proceed"to Key West on the ateamerSklaaerock .aneccaarT opening and cloning ofCONHEC11CU1'S'SAIIORS 'laws. t t6EO. : K.VIOTIOMI.CuJlxpper I'IT'' their 'lvr* many years bv no..- ,. "
.4 Ptwf, L NoriolK. are the eumoers. I Wanderer, sod after remalalag a day '
'or two IB the aland City, ret am toj: W. TOWNS WOK :I Va. :Wa"I1- la *n*- rn
Miami via the route of tile r'. t. I werln a kt pnllI..,'..... .m"- il..n in ikr "
C. Railway exkenalnn.. I trial of James I'bl li> Mr, ihi .
SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI1' Capt. 8. A. ,Bravo: will\ alas go to I! HOT SERIOUSLY ILL! SCULLING CHAMPIONSHIP for :the murder fnd of \\.m Hvwlcr, tnrhrle CAN'TPREVENTSHIPPIilGOF .1
Key West oa tile Sklnaecocfc. aaa 'j CUrke\; ulealM lor thrlence > will hare chare of the Wanderer I I said today that: 'ik<* nt was, ulrr I
IS' ;. daring; the time Mr Flagier sad party <*..itable Impulse and can ... flt -. ARMS THROUGH

are aboard Tke party will la- | New': Tork. Mar 2 -Nor of the Sidney \ 8. W M rrh I l>oV Ignated' as impn'dve Inwitl" ihrecu'l .
c'ad Mr*. FUsVr and ae'enl ladle | from tke kattlecklp Connectl- of a highly cnnt oalll l ..atr
al'ora I'\ Tnmn. the Au.trl<*n wmierodar t:
h STORM and a Bamber of prominent railroad rat who are 111 with typhoid *ever at Duran -- -- THE 0.8.
; official the Nand Hoapltal la the Brooklyn feted fUltraid of 1 IA'Tn nl1.\lU. ltri-t ..rl: >
i Canada. bv three lenvh for Ibenll
,Navy Yard are reported .moueeonditloa.
i Fagagevneol AatananrrdABBOBBcementa I: The phylclaa believe I..- -hamilniiblp of the worldTIUJvs London. Mar 2- The Rots II"". Iij
of the taicaxement'of the tralady la checked -I and several other >>.nM .. Arms n-re ----- \

Mlaa Canes .. of Tampa, to I i .:..... \( Wn .Fit I II have refused the, '.<|aeiit of the Brail'lan -
.. La, Mar 2- tlmttlt- !
Orl. .
New ot March 2 Ni
r.\ 1.\ttT" l'h\11W governn-ent to lanue a Man Vew Orleans a raga ;-
tusksa eipert- Mr. Bert Swingle Paader of i,l'eep.rt.g Court
era MlMiMlppt .. of the winter City, Te.a., bare bon .J.I I I I Circuit Court Clerk Z, T. Merrttt'is i U5.tlBft.cUteo to enable the carry BK aad llondura may ship Are araau f
eared' Ike wont tO'jn daya. Mia Adam I* a sister. of Mr. A. H.I I' engaged today In preparing the I Flrninwirkoner. G. Mar ITb. cor oqt of tk" cofffe rihtrlialtnn vuemeBaaker from the I'alted :Stale wtikout far
Maria the part twe > Adams of tbla city sad win be remembered [calendar ot next ....k.. court rate inn toriat relumedhut v.rdie. kere are convinced that tae. of detention according >o >Ji* ruling a
s fiat ralat, fatal elertrU' lar Ton't'tI'i !''and aaUh It thinafternoon MH UlUsn Dnrenpnrtrp the ac'. Bratlll plan for keeolna: colt'p made bv Alorner Or.l honsporietoday.
of tb ap
as one slater aerompaaylag will probably t
ed at '
ryrloale dada t a Miss Kmma: ': T acker, lie He U being aaalited by ... and A P Brown. i ho sera In a (1\('''''_* price I III donrned to failure He wired tktllatrwl a'tornykere )
dollar damage
...,. sod Meridian.tkoaaanda Mlaa,of bad niece than- Bible ", ..4.... oa a recent visit to Miami |8tat Attorney Jobs C ..-.. wkoarrived !.11'''' Wednewlxv n'gki nil d,.'h It U .*Her tood teat the that h. could Had nn a.''aerltv ,
Viornln fromFort from shies fired hr parttn 4akaownTh PraillUn public take a a rolls view tnder Ihe eilntlng rirrumrCance fordeteakn '
bricks The morrUce will take placebe la tke city tkl !
Bv* lad Les of rala sod ae.r)1eeiLMauThe magi; Utter part of this month U T...- Pterc where ke attended court : wtwniin'* hu..h.n sere waded away this week. 'p<<1ec1. was released: fatal to float the loan. of ik ..I11DIIIII.O.: meatloardIlirtlt
dorm baa tow abated. pat t

.. .
+, w Mfr

1, i I t

.\f'J' '...T....- ..:i"---i' .rtit. 'l l h 1..: .J }.! ,. ;;! j.M ..11 t erlliw Ai1.r llkm-, ., }.

_. ___-. """ :1, ..:... ,. ." '" > .t.-<' ..!- ..........-. -. ;... .-" .., .._.___ _... ".. '-"" ,,.. r
-- y t + + --t.-- ;



i DULY AND WEULT'rmMUbad ,According to the Tampa x.... Jar A Complete Line of New Spring Goods in Every Department

t per N. Edward, the Brat man hanged -

" trary iflnna Utapt today IB Lee county, sad who paid the i
IT Tat I penalty of his crime a few days ago j
I IIplt
Miami printing Company this rather remarkable r.rewelll
i ,I..at.... to a receding world:
N Edward to the eitl- E. B.
L I. TATI*,- I.MN MAR,1.a.Trau : ]
'i, *M of i Ue e...ty aad friend eJ_' Douglas

Press. *here, especially t. mj child sad
Member of Th Assoatted
I jre'atlves., That I leave this world 1'I
. I I''la ,.....''wttll God my all traateddeerarr. ++
. geese at tb* rOo M M_" FtoU.
r eae..aCt.r_.sewtv'aeaLIrTIOB d Urlag my Imnotenc. of
i 310 and 312 Twelfth St. Phone 53 "
any late tlo. of committing a crime. :j

: RATE !11 rsstle{all to watch their ways sad 'J

OM Tear .. .. .. .. .. .. ."IMtRs try and;:, meet me U coarkUoB II.. L. A*grand showing of New Spring Goods, will be found in every department of our store. You will

. Voatb .. .. .. .. .. .. 11'1: I tertalaed'T Barring the all firm persona tm Ue shadow ea-- not be able to resist the prices as the values are such that will attract attention. Come

TkfMMoaOa..1:1 Ioa. that their tramalat'oa and see Monday, you are sure to be convinced. *"
_..0 .. .. .. .. .. .. |.lO oft gallows .
1 ........ there Uaomeihlng
.. Week .. .. .. .. .. .... |tll : ltt Heaves *
.. .. .. .. aaaanallr Imp ally. la j
Weekly, per year ItttomcB
,.. R
'this moaoag from the gravy
IX MXTROFOUS ULa&Opp.rae note of bitty U too deep for felgm- Millinery StylesFresh

OMIt a- I... ', )
"1 this world IB peace with I
4.434 1ltti KSere' on.u -. ,7* .- I | from the fashion centers has come with this showing of new spring hats. We show the s

t-- Ood1 eav,loa all to watch their way*." Very latest shapes in Milam straw, Tuskins, French chips in black, white and colors, and Neopolitan

MTt1W.MARCH *. 1W This appeal from tka gallows straws. You
should hays; more than the aaaal .r./I and ribbons and handsome plumes are very ranch in demand for real dressy hats. We have a very large I ?'_

'THE WEATHER feet apes those who are p.r.. assortment of Panama hats for outing now on view in this store, and in our show windows are the

the elnale phantom of Ttce. I 1 latest examples of he fashions in millinery awaiting your inspection'and offering harvest of new

For Eaatera Florida: Fal{ to- I a ideas from which our customers can gather. Every attention will be extended
Get In |ihe vas with the March mew 1 by us to those in search
II lit. Colder Im mortk aad ceatral of advance information.
portion. Sanday talrIINcZRTAIITY Metropo'U adrertlaera. float allow
a farther supping of opportaaKy I

IM HOMAir AFFAIRS xtti LAW I I away Om from of tk.yt Pemaaeola>.. .. gamblers was Spring Suits and Dresses, Superb Gathering

If tk* aaltor weN CERTAIN ., tk* given aiM Bioatka :pHaoBmemt. -Its

i aanaaa of his caaa*. COUKtSHlF Nine :years womld lays probably This is one of the principal features which we Invite you here Monday to enjoy, seeing the new

t WOULD Bit A DULL AFFAIRIt :! bans a UttW t aim.Tk Bearer. beUf' what wmteommlBff garments. You will know exactly what is correct from every strndpoint. It is much the largest in

.t tt were always aClvoa I Miami and most interesting assemblage of women' fashionable dresses and suits we have ever presented
,..." wosJ4' iO
..... this
Tall. Tn. Democrat at time of season.
\- eaa*. ...... affair TADCft
I has passed Ita aecoad mt satos.. Ass
f um
1 weekly the Tra Democrat rmk

Happily. CERTAINTY. a I among the loader U Florida Jove A Special Show f for l

.1 LAW.nwkUe. eoadlUoa CNCERTAIXrr taaveaia all.k.t .a 1..n_. I t onday of Womens

maa effort.Tkat i With two diamond robbvrlea.

l' you will reach your appealed $}(.!.. realty deal sad a ..u4er.Pal. .1

.', 4eattaaUoa oa Tour meit atrw t ear : Beach has afforded km Panama Skirts at $4.98

e ride I* mot a. CERTAIKTT. It" I of the world' UtereaUmc doing tk*

probable; It to likely; bat tk. jha c* past few dajr'.
.. atwaya t .re that noanotklBg will Skirts made of extra quality Panama cloth in gray, black
It Florida has W rock easily

"I f.: praveat.Tfcat .a eertalaty sort of adTtrtlaea I qaarried that woald make a laatiagroadbed. .1 mixtures and checks. They are made with full box pleats, side

r i* .mt ., a star wilt prodac a I > teal .coatrlcta WcWlUUms to band. plat otat of road emptortag \ of cluster pleats, worth $6 50 to S7.s0, at special price Monday,
aad exported roraR .. mot always
\ womld b* very attraetiv B.t.. It
CERTAIN. It .. probs"ie. eat kel1..f .
"T to tker U BO ..* wactlag coarlct
Bat Bom comblaatiom of d remarotaaee labor sad the money It ..... bywkotoaalcL $4.98
!? + may late r.... to prereit the
With tk* material at
complete ,...It hoped for.Tk .
command w* eaa mot make amffle-
*temoat of ckaa *" wklck
lastly good roads to JaaUfy U. atat
I:f! eater lab aewapaper adrertti !ac ist
embarking IB the nterprla om a
a small ..e, It la true; bat,It li there
large meal. Tampa Tinea. If Florida
:; .. K to ererywfcor. .!.. la Uftboae < : &at TheN 1907Waists .
:. wbo "LOOK FOR CERTAINTT had nay rock easily qrarrl.4.Well e ew
Dad eomBt? kaa eaongk rock
t, win rail..eowtl.... &. flad It.Tb .
I t* pave every highway and byway
merrhaat who advertl.4 i la a
f IB the State and aa to qBarrylagiK
kaowa that ike "LAW OF
ew paper
I caa be quarried cheaper sad easter
UNCERTAIXTTV> .ralealm kB favor -
p tl .am IB, any other state IB UM I'mKm. -
alMt, aad .Ise Uses wbW* li ,

J peaallsea aimBISCATHK<.,:, ,


BAY Under sad by vtrtm of am exec* ,
t-- Remarkatle
# THE TARPOH, RAnt fibs laaned out of this rosily comrt showing of Silk, Net Lace and Linen Waists iV

f Never before la tile history o Florida ot Dad*. therein commty,pending Florida, wherein Im B certalmeaa m1: in many exclusive styles, with beautiful trimmings in, German,
and the tport. line tTx a flan %
bees BO plentiful la .., sect oa aaBtacaymef L. Eatom la plalattrf sad R. II. French cluny, Irish, and hand embroidered. These exclusive
Smith and J .T. D .
Berry doss
.J! they sow are 1s Bay. aeverbefore novelties win interest who
business aa R. M. Smith A Com every woman wants a stylish waist,
have they befti cast t ser
J ...". H .1.. are defeadaata. I hats
+. early la the aeaaoa and sever x-fore levied .pos. sad OB Monday the 4th
r lave M> ...,. of them bars takenad day of March A. D. 1117 vttkla tk* ,.

f( IB BO abort a time a* here within the I boar prescribed by law. will offer Muslin I Underwear Bargains. Unapproachable linen values
workLl for sale to tk* highest ad beat bidder ,
t past for eaab. before the south door We purchased line of linen
a large goods before the
The catching of theme hoarten I Two for of '
l garni 'of tile co.n.... IB Miami. Florida very special offerings Monday new crisp advanced %
: IB the sallow water of itic bay, prices ; therefore our customers are now re-
f the following described chattel-real, underwear bought at last season s prices to be placed on
.{r sad practically ,at Mlaml'B door lying la the musty of Dade ama I site Monday celving the benefit of the old prices. You win find our
r rates mack for this city botk Brnamdally .I Stale of Florida to-wit: I I counters Monday plied with many attractive specials for
All the right, title sad latoreatof
sad from aa adrertMail viewt R. M. Smith and J. T. DeBerry. Lot 1. Skirts draweas, chemise, gowns and corset Mond.1vs selling
>olmL The tarpoa la tbs p n eat of doing baalneM a* R. M. Smith A covers extra quality cambric and nainsook elaborately
Kane monster of tko deep la Com pa.,. la a certtlm strip of lamd YeDInds
utmmed with laces ribbons and
ao mack aomght that ..poraa.t. come heretofore leased by C. H. la embroidery $118 '
Florida from all part of U< tour aid wife to the said R. )I. Smith $1.50 value Mond.y . . . . An attractive line of
extremely veiling Is being shown
A Compaay. aa shows by a tea** recorded
try la their qaeat Heretofor It has IB Book 1.. at /age 116. lathe Lot 2. SkIrts, drawers, ch-m1se, gowns and corset In this department: Auto Veils three yards :orlg an
7 bees ratmary to arch tb* a ream* record of Dad Coaaty Florida,
of rile keys and those of tk'' west a* follows: covers, high grade nainsook and cambrick. elab-: QQC leading colon are on display for Monday.. ,

roam to et feet the captare of the** A scrip OM kaadrod sad tweatytwo ratety trammed. sold regularly for $1.25. Mond2y. -
(US) feet wide U SMUOB tea ;
t .aa. BeeeaBltatlmg loaf ash z( MBIT* _. New Combs'
trip, sad tkea aometime* Ithoat 8oBth n of Township Range Fort-nrty-foar,..* (IS)111)eaatrannlag I Wash goods department Is complete with new arrivals For the hair In the newest and most atfractive desfrrut f
the "kllllag" of a aiagle flab. from B.acayne Bay to tk* I of silk mulls batiste Jap SI mull dotted dress Swiss me- .

With tarpon with m am boa a trip 'Atlantk berrtofpre On leaaed... ant by adjolalag the arid a Lam strip ,! range linen suiting of all colon silk tissues, and Imported also barrettes and._shell ornaments.__ a
of Miami sad the almoat ce talnty
to the Western Ualoa Telegraph Co.. eyelet embroidery Swisses at special prices. .
of captarlag one or more ever time by a lease dated Aamut t, IMS. and Alligator Bags t
:, a sportsman Fors oat. 'the *i ort M. I recorded la Book J t. of ...... Jt Silk Gloves.
bound to rervtve BB 1m pet a that I page 1>1 |lao the two-atory ...U4IDe Long Our assortment of algator hand bags is extra large ,
sisal do Miami sad Biaiaym* Bay a .I"e'tectl{ apoa wed groaad and a A ..hate We have all
of silk
,certain 'dock projecting late the waters -, splendid grade long gloves'ln black Just now sizes to select from An extra
f great amount of good Hers d the I, of Bluoayn bay from said toad.Tb I tan light blue and pink, double finger tips at special price good line to be seen here. ., ,
fart to the norld. and Biscay e Ba>| ..141 I property has bees leased per pair Monday. -- ,
will .-nojr another atlnrt dl trldCt; span a* the property of said K. M. ._
|*...... that can b. credited to BC I Smith ft Company and oil! b* sold -- New Embroideries
other ethos of Florida and 01 e Uta''to satiety |the said eiecnttoa aadcoat New Belts:
*. i We have a collection cf One embroideries that will de-
; ... ..
I I.t"
will farther I. ilarit
pop ]
All the here linen and
Jobs Frohork. newest shapes are In soft leather ,
all lovers of daJntfness.
4. .. light Every new design Is to be
s sportsmen and a ret rto Sheriff Of Dad Coa.t,. Florida
silk with the latest buckles of the
I season lound here and
; By D. W. Mores every pattern shown Is the very latest.

After "11 Panama Canal rontrac- : : Deputy Bheriff.'Hadron I -- [ -- '- -- -
3 to: Oliver! wa handed, a lemon I In A 80111(1. I II Special Value in Hosiery.
l Attorney for Plaintiff
pond of contract. Mooday f
r a .1 1 I A RBTPhoald The splendid values which we offer In Ioslery for

The editor of the IJ,e Oak Demo be ....".. la tile hoaae. will be hard to duplicate when you consider the aU 10 and 15c
"at remarks: "Speaktan of b.oodh 'n4 will ....
a are worth their keep*."* Wonder I TIlls remedy I* becoming tilt
be had his mind om UIOM two worthlem .permanent fixture of all hoaneholda.
aalvala Hade cotaty p rrkaae< A mother with children eaat get E. B.
aloag wltluMt a bottle of WJlU,'.
r at a.good round .0. whom ke peaae.the >-cm (>mt''*e* l.t tk* ...... Bold
above! by Blataya Dad C*. .


;. ",.. _
a ..
h I W +r:.,.. .., .0"--" #< ..:t: ... J '''ia ,_' '

iTWK1.VK ,
t t

4 X
t /HK: \ILTMUMI MCTTtOPOLM. ain-nn.T. MRCH l*7 }.ifR TIIIt:1<


Going to -Plant a Grove or Flower-Garden?[ W. C. T. U. 1'

,.. THEN CONSULT Well! Well! Well!
f: = = -=f= DepartmentEdited

. ,


Leading Nurserymen and Florists I MRS. EDWIN By NELSONThe + t ,1 Such a commotionQ: our new Stock of ,

i wearables is making. People h
and Grove Con new
Landscape \\e thewople
Estimates furnished on Constitution says:
tracting. Best quality home ([ grown Citrus trees budded on. of the I'nlted Ktate. In order I d'' r who have/ been in, have toll others who s

sour orange and rough lemon roots, all grtfvn on high hammocr 10 form a wore iwrfiTt union e* have" not heard about our spread and
descriptive c alogue ,FREE ab'Uh! Jo tkinnure a domestic .
land. Large "
pine .ranqulllt'y protlde fo; the cwunmntur interested and if
: :. matt r everybody is getting you
.. I I Mann aincsia .. romot., the general! welfare !
.!Bat.sal Palst k.r.b,nssd I talMs Id II day the bUfMlnaa of *
n. U9I nmssry and to secure think getting a
T K' x:11: excuse us we we are
I'bvrty to ourselves and our pimtrrly. -
y. do ordain and establish thin (V>n- excited ourselves.BeeninYet r
tOe .
WK WILL CALL tliutton frr Ib,' t'nitvd Slate oftmentea. .I
f4 p ." I zu1
%lth I kit of tools and dd for you .i
There are the objf'" of our tr.at I ICODatltallo. .t
of plumbing a* yon emsaw -
Beat I Job ,1.i -- -- =
aFSI'KlnTlotb .. ttor. the quo tr lIc ----- -= -
help or hinder this attainment ; i
rLt1'IU o 1. Does the liquor trafflr tend to
e form I more perfect t'nlon' No.; : '
/ I. what w* call It I>><<,a.. wr fast the erfertlunf ,
Drat It tends to destroy |
i"" worker. No dallying around and 91 union It touch. whetheriomrcllc. I
every ? No?
keeping' your houae la a Utter bat State, or .National' and I
> prompt service and beat of work eaa ret Church members vote to license I
)Ie relied on. For harry or any olberAll4tua It I
of plumbing work get at. And yet Church members who believe I

H. f. $C UQat A CO. In union there la strength II I
to Iterate this d'aruptlag .. .ot\\ II I
tit AVENUE D t. Dow the liquor traffic I
Mtabllah Justice! Emphatically I Will you're missing something. To cut it short, we'll say ;
So. A thouaand ttmea -No. It Uaotorioaa.

r Dade Co. Title Insurance rnemy of.Jnatlce.ever-active.Os>poaIDt-ever-present beirull-..i we.ve I the finest display of spring and summer clothes, hats, u

lad thwartlnc. oennlni. mlaleadlnit.lelaylnc.

t < and Trust Company very warp. corrupting*nd woof, seducing of Juatloe.wherewr the. and toggery; for men and boys and children that ever graced a

the wlffloh thread of Ita la .
( Of MIAMI. FLORIDA INCORPORATED crest It found. And when all these store. Don't think we are putting it too strong-won't comedown
> : I tile tricks fall. It hurls hold clelI I

aid Up Capital $75,000. Sorites, S12.OOO I lace every Into....p.|ht And pathway yet of Judges Janice ass at I a peg. :: Prices are right too. :: 'Everybody says so. a

- Und tiUen abstracts or title I ,VMM sad lawyers and lovers of Jattlce blladlyrote
insures prepares
; to Ucenae It.
Acts uaremt.
tad for other*
t Beats money om its own aaaifnee txeemtot, rt- I. Dow the liquor raffle Inanrcdomeatte .- "-
ittoraey-U-fact, trustee No I -
traaqalllty? Amln. ;
cetvc-. or fiardia Address all commi. ideation* to but U destroys all traaqalUty Come in and see what all this excitement is about.

V. L Beed. Sec.. : and Treas. Miami florid Ita agaJnat reach brother sad, and images father ..It..I'1 Won't you? : Good! :: We thought you would! ,
lOa; hatband acarnrt wife; and all I
IU votaries agalaat the ..Uoa'. .
laws aa their foe Inatend of friend -- - 1
and deforms all tranqutllty Into
wrangling rioting! deatractlon, guar

J A. DANN ren.c.And. aatdde.strange murder to aay?:war.peacelovingChrtatlana Rhodes

t I this truly vote Infernal for onsets badness to license and R. W. .

,. WAGON MANUFACTURER agalMt those who would prohibit It ,
While they prohibit It amongst then
own member, they he'p It drag out-.
423 Eleventh St., Miami aldera down to deatrvetlon; that U, i ,

-v. they whiskey profess Prohlbltloa, but rote for!I' t Clothes Hats and Toggery a,

/. Doe the liquor raffle providefor i iI
1. ab-
the common defeat! Moat
aolatetr. Ko. Bat It robe Its moat I jjK
THAfhOOV. devoted friends of even the mesas I Miami Florida 'i jj jjV
of seif-defean and It deatroy BH>,.. 322 Twelfth Street : : : : : ,

nda patching, or may bit It waits live than the dire calamities of td
to b* ..4..11 new. abss ae atarvlng. famln. of IrrealaUbtapeatllenee
differ*** ; either way If* and death-desllag war
combined .
t Good Wearing fin Then' why should any bat the
devil' own aervanta pretend to uphold
row need for the Job toy doll such a hualneaa? It can only
curl and keep vats.' oar ** doth not eon- Build?
warp or np. be becaua my people Are You Going to
tight a* was. Uont forge we war .14...." thonghlleaaly vote with
rant u.*m. and aeU aa ch P" lot the nim-aeller to sustain his soul
pay for hingtea you call epead oa.TOI'I rnlnlng passe es, and against th* I .
Q find them at our liTHE bet ,srd .
Probltlon. Doe the.rtr.I. liquor traffic promote : II so get oar prices on Sash, doors, nails,
J. ... McDOXAtaunher !00.
welfare Welfare la alw %
DraJer ru., the,ya general driven from Its preaence. I) f and paint. Fin line of bufldersjhardware ;
4E'1tror.llb .welfare of every. mss :
r ----- woman nnd child It ran reach-of I We SAVE YOU HONEY Come in i and see us '' '
finally-of every home Into I can :
k iAf; ton: & Richardson every which It ean gain entrance. Yes I
and It destroys the welfare of every t
State and every nation whose ruler!I Avenue D I a aI I

: Opposite'the r Postoffice. Agents for 'U tan ean ruts fa pi a It re draga or whose the body people down It I J. W. Watson : : '

1 to death and the soul down to destncttop '
: Rambler Colombia Cresent, Cleveland arid Hartford for no drunkard ran enter I I

.. the ktnftdom of heaven,
Bicycles,: prices $25.00 to $50. 0 And yet men who profess to pray THE IKBRfART XOIIVF.R I II aavlra leA''c PORT TAMPA lltarl UT easy :
their country
bleaalng on
for God'
vote to,Keen** the havoc of thla fell' Bt-RH MelVTOHH MOXTHLY : & .Occidental Co.: ''a
' Peninsular Steamship
Hartford. Tire*,.baby. carriage tires, belle; and a co piete line destroyer on every hand. Vot..re I I
"' of sundries. Repair work of all kinds brazing I, action*-prayera are word. Action'I The color work of this beautiful United State Ka.t Mail Route for Key We't. "..ba.V *t lmln-4 and
?. enameling.. CoaCter ,Brakes etc. speak louder than worda. Then :magazine baa always ben a source I the Bahamas via Miami and I'ort Tampa. .'1... Pr...po d kailinr* ,in J
where will you And the fruits of .ot admiration of those who ,effect on the datea ahowm. Subject to change and individual Immtp !
MOD 6 Richardson, opposite Postoffici, MiamiRITTY your labor. In God' vineyard, or.* I have great seep it. particularly aa the ; aeA ,, : In the devtl'a bottomless pit '
alai publisher hare been able to get'some USE-SEASON 17 I' t
. ... If pray for bletnln of temperance effects by
yow unique
dont try to deceive God byi'Tly '' ol the color moat The Fea'uary I Effective Irom )Miami KU., with Sailing January >. 1" ";.
voting for the curse of whUkey f the number am now on the sews stand, ia Leave Miami . .Mondaya. Wedneaday. Prtdaja. . ; u
BROTHERS Why should minister, who profrMto unusually .troDII.tbl., respect In ,'Arrive Nassau . TucMlayn. Thursday. Saturday. .
he guiding souls .nD.ar4., its of celebrities fln. reprodue- I Leave Naaaau. . . TweadaT. T'juradava. Saturday '
O EC'XNlm 1 >SHOP. sanction and vote for a business. that \I tlo.i\ "pages* of photograph are shows of !.I Arrive Miami. ... Wednesdays, .'rtda,.. >nndav* .
.A. drain them down to perdition t ,0 raldloe Ferrar. Emma Eamea. Malam CommencingApril tat 1W7 MilinKa will tx :Mondaya and
tii I Dee1 It secure the blessings of D.CI.lIeroa.. Madam Jaeobr. M.Kenaud. I Tburwtava. ( a!
Agents for the New Era Gas ng1nel.I solene liberty to ourselves and our pouterty -I' M. Delmorea and Fvrnandjonbeyran. Port Tamp.-lUv.na Line. Vie key Rest J

and kerosene engine repairing a SPECIALTY ? all of the Metropolitanopera I Effective Iron Port Tampa KU.. with Sailing ecemhtr 1(. tlf.i .
The only liberty the liquor habit Company An eitremely pretty Leave fort Tampa .Sunday Taeadav Thursdays H4|"< pm "
t-' General Repair Work give I* for It*. votaries to fasten page illustrates scenes from "Ma i Arrive Key Nest Moniay* ,Wednewlaya-Pridava l>i,]1' pm
of their the
spot themtelve the chains ,dam Butterfly aa predated br Leave Key \Ve..t Monda Wedaesday.Friday K yl 1'.
SKVRSTH STRKIT- I I MlAMd FLORIDA own slavery and to tarn agalnatthemaleve I Savage opera seem on the German i. Arrive 1lavana..Tuesdays. Thursdays SaturdavaLeave .n am M

I t..e.weapon of their own. J stages will be appreciated by U Havana: . ...usedThursdij.* Saturday I..IMl 1ft l
ar deatructlon. And those dreadfalrhaln !all Americana who are interested Arrive iI-i\-{ *t Tneday: Tnurday Saturday .. : pm
and at II Interesting
always ft
.| bind ever tighter mule Under the .
health andlife : of Note" Prof I Leave Key Nest . Tnedava Thur dav ,Sjtnrday JOpm
lighter until they preaa caption "People I'MiamiH.vsn.lMe.
,* Friday Sunday* ....M.W
KIf'tD.tb. ,,. Arrive Port Tampa."C'dnettda p.r
out of the body and virtue an.lmanhood I ftoddard. the author. Cfcai.
? out of the aoul--and lh I playarlcht the late Samuelpencer. VU Key U etKtfrctive .
o111rNiLised2 foul fiend's work of death Is done :* of the Southern Rall..ay.r.rdlnal i trout Miami with Sailing tVjocmber II I'M..
; l lI A Phl'adMphla Grand Jury sold ol Glbbona. representing the I Leave Mia-ni Monday*. Wednesday Friday*. '-)amK.
I I this Ufernal bite: "It scatter I'Church<< of Rome In America, the Arrive ..v We at Mondays Wednesday Frulay t oOpnt f.
I desolation on all around It; corer "late Walter Appleton Clark, amore Leave Key Weal Tuesday .Thurtoday.Itolrd.,. j 01' ant
I, I Is I with raga _v_rv faanl'y It can reach. : I'!'hi- foremost 'llu tr: tora of the day,. Arrive Havana Tuesdays Thnr* I Persons desirous of maintaining a r puta- mavens happy homes Into prl- end 11. H. Ro<<.r.. of Hlandard Oil Leave Havana Monday Wedneoddyo Fndav I .scant
house and kind purenta Into drivelIng ram are prominent .\ specially In- Arrit Key We.t MondayVednedav.: .Krida'y; tat 1 pm i
ion for*honesty. and fair dealing, must makean manlaca. The. liquor traffic Itin ''rrrailng form I is printed In a shads Leave Key Wc..t..Tuesdays T1tnrdav .Hatnrdav* 4[ .111 am
vioatlon of every proposition ol nf pnrp'e, ttluntrxtlnc Id tot and Arrive Miami ..TJay. Thsreias .saturdarInformation inpn,
effort tp pair their debts.. the Oonstltat'on. and against every "'..Ia.... the winter exhibition of the a* to paenjfer and freight rate to all |*>tnt- in the
purpose for which 't was et bll.hd National Academy of Deatgn. Alta Gaited State. Vnba.Vet Indies and It+ha.nau. i-litcrfuHr. furnished.
'Vesay; to those who do not make s ch effort and every law licensing or pro- I tether this aUne la unusually varied" beautiful la upon application

that tleirinames.will: [ be lifted and givenclass constitutional tectlne ,lt oucht and to be void declared In every un eonl.aa .wll.,.. aa eitremey F. )I. JOLLY. II.\S. L. MYERS. r J. \n'mr s,.

court In the land lit. T. F. ft P. .\. Manager Traffic .\...t. KIACKSONViLLE
to our clients! as a prottxfUoa against Clt'ier of our common country.ouah I Hauling for Trouble FLORIDA

who make it their profession 0 obtain "Jte not to tremb'e for tit* b'. -
of :
people 2t
of our nation whru such<< terrlbfereslitlea : Tve lived In California yean 4l.
credit with no intention of paying theirdebttl confront *.. when s.rb aa and am atlll hactlag for trouble Id
_... woqada.
arraignment of farts can be tratn Its way of buraa.
fully wade of our delinquency I boils ruts tpralna or a caw ol piles E. A. RobfnsOD Contracting FlectnvanTdepboas
J I Nothing abort of a complete mora'' that Bucklen'a Arnica Halve wont c
; : revolution In politic can avert the quickly c.,." writes Charles Wa-- I
Manufacturers Traders CommercialRoonTfSTo. \awful fate that now hang over ui lets. of Allechaay. Sierra Co. No : 216. 1019 Avenue D, Miami FloridaI
6 Agency,,, and threatens to>> blight: and blant use hunting Mr Walters; It cnreV "
our Country' with the doom nt Sodom. I ry n-. Ouaranteed by all drag
' : & 1, Sewell Building I glata. JS .
,. Y
\iI kG
\ ... ........ ., .
-- '... :'1; '. .... '
'C- f- "; $t..: '
_; ; $!r.> .a t !'fflti; "Mtt -, I

nP I .

PM;.: pr>rn THE D.ULTMUXI METROPOLIS. UTnUUt' MARCH 2. 1M7Groceries \
nrnn_: P.'CD_ ____
'" -.---,
"t ----

I I t i Boynton t Citizens ....-.. Armed I Whea we began '.11I... a year
The Supreme Court of Florida has tad a half ar, wa were told that

One Cent word readeretf aa op ama affirming the .e were too far oat of the ...._
a I Want New CotmtyPractlcaJJy !Jadcmeat ol the clrcalt court of uadtoaaty center to get math trad*. A few
t la the appealed. ea.*. C.... r. might com bat It world lICIt pay
M<<'CrI..... plaintiff la error n. Ha the bailaeea aster ahlfted west
DEPARTMENTNOTICES I I James T. BraadaE sad Charlie W. or have w* ao may friends that they

i i Millet defradaai la errs dotE will EO oat of their way to trade

AU Of Them Atteaded baalafea. the Miami Trauier CoWaaled with aTThere
U some reaaoa why oar
Fruits i _Dder this heading for at the rat. of I cent a I I Meeting Aa4 Si aed PdtdeaI I Experienced Grape fratt: ........ U growlaf *o fast EMil
j laaertkM. No ads tamed lea*thaa2Scaai iDMnioII packer Apply' Jaadoa Bro. a math It la ao mach larger taaa the

.. .... I Put Week DaataaDj Buy With preeedlBE tae that It I* a wonder
y I Dredge. Rrwhe Bows to a* where It come from. IV*

For Rf'IItThP.... tarnished bedrooms If yon have sot en the Ktar- Ftramert la Tact S ctiM. Dredge' No. 1. engaged la loading know It la lICIt bacaaa *( ear ,.,. 0

ronv *nl<>Dtly located. Bath.I .'glade* go ap the titan oa the laaaca I I piling ate a barge ,to the height da- seal bsaat). ..... that world

.1toc'1rk! 'ith;.., and all modera eonvent Salli to the mew obeerratory where pot dock landing I. the Miami river, Mop a clock. It sorely lea, .. baeaao -
nrtpply F B. II. care Me I yon can get a fall view of the i having broke lows another of oar ...aI.. way It anal
VegetablesI t trop.li/ *. Paaeagera of laancb 81U i I ,was towed ap yesterday aHeraooa dre4f .b* baeaa** of ear wlaalag price

I hat cxclaait privilege. I I 110)8 to.. Mar 1- The past week !the steamer Phil. 1k1II.,.... U take by ,land ...U..... What aa array of

Tao dtttrahle. faralabed room I bas baa .. ......117 bajay one for Ihs ,..... The plUaE are for ass I..n wa hat*. Alabaatla. the .
I |3. per ....IIIIL J It) Eighth street BEE JfRf XcALUSTn.BECK) |the fumes who bate been flaiakiaiIke la treat le handing la the key*. ; Detoe. Palata. the dar-
ABOUT BILL ESTATE setting of theirs pouts and mak- able; Peal....., Stove, th* perfect

..._ For Hale 4 room 110... I lag ready to ....'. aa immense Plymouth Hop, the ........
led Oxlv*. Price 1150 OB ey 1 When yoar horse ad tnhoN crop. gulls amber of train of I The observatory eat w the Ys.ergladee : Stadebaker sad Rajeefl Wagoa.the
term. fl n down balance on monthly take It to OJ'''. SS4 Ita ptrtPletare beaaa arc going aortk dally la for the Muss peeress strongest; MeCormlck Mowers th*
Don mla a view from It-the only .... That la the reaaoa We get th* ,
term Call at 111 Ate J. Mr. M. C.Hard** made a baalaeaa. I ,
tlew Abo eulaalre trade Fair ,t1cae.*.. good a
privilege at goods.MLUiI''ABDW1Jt
away framed at An it> trip to Delray Tbanday aftfraooa
ire going to mile Wasted Competent tattographer. /j alo. Ull Ama C "' Mr. Parker of Port ".raa. Mich? I Rlrhardeoa-car baataeva. grove mla far what.aearatoacAk Ueaatwa ,1 I OXWeWamt

steady position good wages.' :Address who ha* bee. tpeadlac the pdt set .
6edil ai orts to featare add to th -a .
see I trip. yew x--
Competut car Mrtropoll ROSSIER MEANt REAL ttTATSBarkhart. rat- weeks bar.4h Ta#..4laT tnrhis -
/tut t tII home U tbt'clt7P'u..; I II -
ererytttlal that b "I I. a hafdwar aterchant of Port Hur0. I
For Rale- CralalBg Uanch. glaaacabla. II 1111 Arena C. repair I

/ la Bade end the flesh talk, electric light, lock, gas. bicycle tee nucklaery,., .. and had with him a patented !
Cotmty water tank. SS feet long IIS feet j i ladder, which h* I* lalrodarlag
beam It hone engine Perfect eon, 'into Florida H* will atop at tart
Call ta
to .
/ ae* own new aeltlap.s.
stitt ref Florida the
lq dltloa aad n..I.,. at a Wor..,. the tailor llth street me zt, oaf points along the route home and
Box 10. Rockledge. Fla !to First National Bask.Ir..aler I will also make a abort vial to Tampa
wiy of traits end vet;, .
Why didat somebody thlak of It I I Mr and Mr*. W. R .Scot, our rot'
1 et&bleiin In our store before. Think of .what Hattag want t* net ywr pfap* ty tage taariat. s'e pendlrg the day

the Etergladea" boat ..... from fight seeing la Miami rI 't'toI
room cottage for rent
distance to the boat 1:11 sad Il fwB Thursday hvatHag for burlae +

p. m. Road trip. II cent ,I i for Chase A Co I
ssm- ...... wanta net
r ta yeur prap/rt I roaaty dlraloa meeting was held I a4f

.by rltlaea of Boratoa 8atarday etenlag I
East Grand Park Iota lae"8O.nll..re i I
elllag rapidly Only a few more For Reat- FaraUhed house, modern at the ..boot lut.... Dr. II. C.

t left at 271 for inside Iota red III contealence. central locatloa I i Hood George L. Branalnff. of Went | a
for corner A* _. a* they are old Or will ell faraltara and triaaferlea Palm Beach also Major N. 8, Boy a-
I the price will be advanced 11 per' *. aatll January IttS Ca>l atHakyon |ton}] of Port Haroa: Mlch addra I

RomfhlHu.ghes I & cent. Remember th. tea. f( dowaaad Hall Mllllaery Bto.-.. the meeting Practically every
IS per month per lot. Sold only of Boyatoa wan at the meetj i j
tolwhlte| people. For farther par RIAL :ITA T1 MM. MeALUaVTKRBEat lag sad signed tile petition for a awroaaty
Ocular .44,... Mrdoy H. Martla. : I .
agent Box Ill Miami. Fla.

Ton know what the Everglades I For Sal*-Forty acre bf roetleaa,
For Rent By month or by the look rake and yon know what Miami! lb. plarappU land with one acre:
,_ aataralahed hoe eoBUtnlngt look like from both bay and flyer fruit beartaf tropical trees Near
Urge f ooms. well located Sea Broaaler. I
after taking a trip oa the Bar Little River north of MUmt Addrew -
comer IXth and Ateaa D.
Pb1Ie 211. Ilse 12t4 1frtltBOTAIR1M I glad boat, from the Store Dock. Box III.Owning .
ISth street and bay >:IS a. m. or
FaraUhed room*- Nicely aralh-- 1:11 p. m.Everglade. and doing

N toomia with bath and ataetrla The atelmer Miami came la yeIterday *., '!ail

-- t Hgbta. Arlington Hotel Mr*. J. E. excarcloa boat Salll. I from Kaaaaa with 01 paaaea-
Pelt, pr prletor. It 11 1-2 A..... D. only boat to the rapid and the observatory ( fN.1sl

on th* "Glade., leate Ate e ,
Choice residence IoU near bay oa sue D bridge at 1:11 a. m. and S:Itp

Ninth tret. Jat of ..... $ee J.Jle ... Take the 8IB and ace Ibe gems. .
Tatam A Co. whole ahow. Rand trip tft ceat. I II

I 8alemra Wasted Three aalea-
Anything la the blacksmith n..j
Renumber yoa all Blaa-th* repIda I Phun U' O. M. Dyke mea for oar now ro..,)'. township
aad th* wbaerratory and Rfchardaoif I and railroad surveys of nortda.

!Aiarh].8111 grore* on aalea the EtergUd yea tak the et- i Pint bottJ. of violet amXtla I albs These surveys fact are a ipleadld eomplh ti
toll-I ofj flmtre and drawlanand f
caratoiu baatea Jireaae D bridge at *t water at Biaeaya Drag CV.
of woaderfat Yal... Coanuesand
IMC a m ,.. 4lt ..m. Tart the caata. Regalar price St crate i I
% I II +' towa are fully ladesed and
de faille sad tee th* whole ..how.I '
I alatlona of'eaeh are given; rallrtwo.plalaly .
If want to sell a
yon roar property
( ahowa red dlataare betweeatall j
/ Before leattag: Miami see Rlcbardaoa ae* Cootoy a Homer. tattoo oleo shown: Coacreaiiioa- ,
'. Mast rltar.Th I
Gross on the .......... want t* use property. al dlatrk-ta ou'U.... numbered to
...c. 8m his xclaalr price yajr t
A" 1$ R... .}h tJ mealloB A apleadld opportaal'y for
I Ulkat'a rge for axcaraloa. I I Bay Tetlere latfta sad CayloaiTe I eavncrtk men Rand MrNally ACo Tailoring for ,...mind .. t bee eaactry rWht or It

oar*. There' a dllfrene la..dl.I I **. of London Cagi .. Chk-BEo. Ill i wU b* critiied th criticism paaeed alottc"
IB repatriate. day sad Bight are Bnorr For Sako-- Twenty !foot Royal raraaeajte bate seat th* favor ol this claM sad
..Ilk* thaa oar way of d.. I I horsepower| enntne at a bargala.AddreM i When U the Crescent Barber I their aane*are rapidly aawlrtplyinx om oar UM of patron.J. .
i tae IhlBga and what yoa'll oft< P. 0, Box 27:. Miami. (1 I Shop! Opposite Ire station oa Ate eJ[........U'JIIVIevlaVl'm1v'M11I'.I I

;. benefit Bad elcewhere of the higher Give "yonraelf 111. an (1 I*.1' rwentyete Pallet for aale. D. aa* D. e I AMONG THE CHURCHES I Hubbard Gheatham

llmate kaowW-dgrt of cycle ro iatractloa. W. Mona Sheriff Offlre j jTh Rubber Ita....._I..cll..wlllw .
'' eaamcled signs and letter ParrUh. f
1 and reaaonable nrterfj I SalUe make two trip to the t,..... '
ell ISth street 'Phon 114 1tapiM I
Bicycle tinker oal harry n wbISuits 1210 and 1212 Avenue D
flnUh m.dl. BvergUde I daily, *topt>la* at the Ai-1, urbool at t. IS ..m. Preach Miami Florida
by a mew of t Farm tact Richardson '
e. Important Job. emit Pierre. llgator. a Those desiring CD map hire will lag by he pastor .t 11 oe'ak HubIjwt I'

\,.. or sad Imperial abeeJ*. "Grot* rclt* prompt aid Irat-ebae aertiotby I : Pleading for a doomed tlty
r applying to Bra Avoid SOI llthStreet. 8UDbeall..t I p.m. rtenlag; service
J. N'. HARI'hitm I For Sale Cheap--HIMIM and lid; Thoa* 1M at 7:10: p.m. Sermon thrtne % /
!/!* Ate. U 1"I.. MuuMil' .neon and bath cmpk-tely far worldly choice and Ita !
: rnnavqnenr NTERESTINGI! '
1117 Atenae C. WONDERFUL'The
near I
14th!nlolHd street.Taclee Inquire. 'r*** *. means safe Invertmenta.Tomato .. Mldwnt wrricMrdnenday etru'Inn !

[iEggs For HatchingADdalustanMS. thnrmiithlired single romb Slate Plants; I'For..uOO Sale l'h.'k'- -3,1 hnrhJevel 00Barkty at 7 J9 W. E. Slanion .IMKIOTTrinity

Hr".c Inborn I'u'lets for ale at strong and< ilorkr: 7S ... nil ClmrrhMindM
'" 11 :.0 r-\<-)). l.a.,.1.11\ iiov One tmo- lr 1.AOO Call oa or ad C. White 'ear old cork of Limo. IS lninre) fd D. Forht Caller. Fia Ink p ar lI"h r "!"')? ilon ut 'i,,
Black 31 )i 'ntf'. offcp D. W. Muran iI{ '\ t'ji.in nMon PI I a in I'en/ne:
Lejfhoras: Langs&anjf
The Lang grate n..a irutt on the li,,i".r .1 I.i. I n.,ilm, .r...4 dui,
and Pearl Guineas Carload of b,>rnes and male trw.. The .Fvrj'ad. boat 'rj:: I I.' n. it 4 il ri It' R\ >\ t' Smallest

,tart arrived at the Mis ml Tr.n fr toorbe tome Ideate Stone I>Mkiih trev. bi,.hop .>f he n'l-.:o. :lC' i irrnlii in the World .
of 13.
$1.50 per setting (:'oniputT karma All for ale. See *tr<.t and llay daily ai li ''i.n i IIr !?''mh--u tKilrii n.1.i IKit '
J. M. ItlDI.-. managerTetkya and 2:11: p.m One price to all, Tnn n (hiir h nn thi. m>rnlnef Aged 34 and 32 y-rs c'J! 2; ana ;9 I IrjcVs :.,'

J. S. LANGLarkins ----. round trip. SS c nttROSSIER :\jIlJf.h :24'h hrlne; Pilu hxnduyS
India and Orion Tea, of ; B ftill.r. r...M"" ,

Florida 1| London Erg Bay the beat will collect. yea rant The little man's Mite and baby mcn'hs old just as ui1: 'as

All right. meet me at the Crescent .. A few fart ",,ar4IDCE'4'r: <'rrlrr n.rl-l held ni an initial(liHrrliS ; in ihf hair her papa: are also en exhibitIon. The Midgets dance:

Barber Shop iljid,* exratalon: and give an Acrobatic PerformanceOn
For GoodInvestment building noonday ictinnl and Ilib :
a .
Il4.r la mindFleet. !'
claw 10 .
bone at a. m Sermon at 11 a
If yon want to rent a ace P
That the RaWe U the re '
Cooler Hornet. m Communion II 4S a m ,\ MChivholm
alar boat; the one that has been lathe
GROWS COTTAGES aTTC MM bnainea from year to year exhibition for d few days onlu' in storeroom in the
Or a home the old nliaI I I 8-cond That the gallle I I. the only
ble Homeseeken Agency, I Ix-ai t to the obvervatory oa the Crrrcladefc .
: worth I 11 oci..k.moral '
p at Finley Building Twelfth
214 Avenue D, between room .f''' ""If'. new ;1 aolo. Mr*. n..lllltttnll.r..un..d' on St.
"ti 2nd and Third Streets U faraltare SIS Seventh atreet.la ThIrd. Then the faille la the on ..
Oh Divine Rfdef-mer' anthem.
It boat eoiat mar the rapid and
STRICTLY RELIABLE. i brevlng Tetley1 Tea follow that abe shows JOB every Inch of the lnaplred Cnrloitr Natlmnarl 80rMjr Formerly Cry: t A Cafe: Restaurant S

'direction for good reealt*, rapid and the entire aonrre of 'T" ?* pin. l'h iMipcra on *ixRtllral
: C. C. Carroll I: -- river and t'* rle In the Kterg'adea heroes and violin olo h, Open dally, 3 p. m. to 6 p m. Evenings 7 p. m. to 10 p m
ROESICR MEANS REAL ESTATE No other escanloa boat can com Mr. K W. Khodei Bandar arhnol a
1 Mtaaat. Florida at 1ft am U W Farln. pastor
Special for tao weeks err two.quart rFoarth. The Sallle baa the exclnIte *-

foantala springs at tie reg- privilege. at Rlchardaon'" from MHhodM hutch, "-n th
:nlar price tt Blacayne Drag Co. where tbo,"'nda atop every year and Sunday school l at in am. Morning 15 Cents. Children 10 cts.

'A Kaufmann are dll Go to \\orley" the tailor, to hat
Fifth There
are extra
no to pay the locator SinUir 'prnorh l. .ieuat <'
roar clothe treated Itth attest the Salts the heed of
on at the error 15 p m Evening worship at
next to first National Baak any where, Also atop at the AI T:10 orlork. sermon a) the |uitlorMldr .
Photographer I' tor farm the KOLB & !
t tPortnltinf g on way i On arcoant of leavIng Miami we Laves Avenue D bride at 1:15: dar, evening: at j. 'It orlork. \\omaaa
wlrh-ell oar faraltare. bedding and a. m aad J:: IS p. m Take the Sallie .
A Spedalty dlihe* very .chyp lit Sixth trtet. and see the hole .howWin. HornMlmloniry Society mrrti Real Estate
Thnraiay afternoon at > nrlnrk. U Bargains .
Ant a ir' Work Neatly Done. iI lx>m.. putinr
No I. I llmimron Avenue C, to roura, bath
Corner: Avenue D and 14th .Street t'I.: t:. ("ham II ckoaeta" lilth'.. etc. cellar' $. -t.000

I furry's Sons iundam hoo' T > 15 orlvrk 1 No I Corner l I..t. Pit fed front on Arenut C. on 11th M

Morning o or h p it. II :Inn MMr line bn..iiK.. Ixiuilitr. . $6.500.
r F For lh. milled T",. .
Miami' Market 1 .. .? tat front Iota m Soatb :Miami 10'! ....t fp>nt.
I o A I.I.: ( Nix-in 'rd *i'rm"n afjn
West. ab>.ut 11 fco $ 000 ..
Key FloridaHEADQUARTERS 'II,. "tr..tnr tI..h"Tb... I'r.rldtp tdapS i riparian ru: I It. m!,
1 .\. F i"'lef. Prop. No U lint .
bungalow" Palm
i n Aitiiiie
FOR -II or fhil-t Plan n -rHn-: will ; \n d"'r.b'' (*\ Cf\f\
j I f .1..r.. F.w.rrrh. ,> tease ,at CiN I II |.r<'pcrtr. l lathe lot.. many tree ..,i.JUUN ,

m Mr F."'" "1..1on| l:I leid and .. -"I t ,
Ship Chandlery Building l U'i acre*. mites! tr. m Miami. no r. Dressed Beet Pork Mr I:armondaMln will ...-.. .
Home r t, Uca V:T" n:ni; wnrpMp. ai in SOH>e h)
and Poultry. Materials Of All Kinds. No le. Larc4: room horse on Seventh Direct
\ JknteEmbler' ant Mr*. J fHraenwr I
I'nce $1.200coracr
Sermon by the |>aMorPrayer .
Coal ud la, St..n ..ri.. Railways, Mac1&'.. Sk p.lsrtes'' mftlag U *Jnedat .ta.agI M 1UO bj 1'. oa Seventh Street .

1J17 W. Aft, n. I'b.wee I ( '. 7 J* o'tlork. aaljert "The Hard Hn t .$ 850Iktlidee .te f

AU kinds of rcpminar. Boiler1 aa4 Stunt Fitttrf CM done Sayings of I..... We Intlle you toattend kiwda
111.11 \Vuf Pals >HCAOI M at IN an ?I City, Coaatraa1 !Cara Uad 4f
I Ia Is. tkoru ....., ;ta UM b *loMibU ua.cr br czpert kkiUcd ," <>h Tia oar aertlcea. II 0 Porter :

I pastor 1117 Avenue C, back of First NstioeuJ;Baak,4IfJoMft' -

i. ... . ....(.... '.... .. < -
.. .. .. :: ...,...' :: ,;.. .- / 1.J .
., ,J 1."" :d :}" M;. ;::Jfl')'X';;;' ;.i t.diii -J"I:4'''' .;;. 1 ,''f'k. l..I" > -

-....... ......' -' .... t -, --, .-.--. "'-





TWTLVK rcr THE IUILTnAMI METROI-OU' N.TnO'URClI ::. fooT rice mmLprttee
-- ---- -- --- -

Phone SB |H.| j M. KING "..Id.n Phone 0$ i vt. (.1 I .

Undertaker and Embalmer II I


RESIDENCE 310 7th THEn s
FurnitureFor z
t 1 e eaft'
I. e.s

1Jersollal JJtr Jjlotes.

-- -.- Puffing Porch and Lawn te
tit. aid Mrs Y. H. Owlaa. 011,I A par lemon extract. Hoaeckeep- -
U done by customers. It U
| BrookntU. Fla are meet at tae era Wk* have dlffiealty la fettlaf a j
|BUeara Hotel. seldom aeeeaary for a* to pact oar
pare lemoa extract should lalt oa I
oar Clear aid T l'lCiCO. Smoker
their grocer fafalaklaf them the
It,. aa* Mr*. 8. H. Peck of B:se Ribboa BrVad. It I* cvaraa- *U around are doing It la both aeaae 1
\ of the word. Soaadlaf tbelr praise
Reekledge. ru, are grew att teed to comply with the matioaal
tCaJQoe while redvdac them to. Per
Han Hotel.A
par food law. 1 '
Uealar car U take hen that the
tea poe.--a: ; bon .o Mr IIr. James K..barke, of Palmbadoe oriclaal Saver and etreactk of the 1 I N
aid Mrs JUt Peat toil ebaceo la not loat. We keep oar .
mOBIDCIr Bead II a ** rUltor la the '
I tbelr borne at Lenoa City, lacy toda,.. deck la perfect eoadJtloa dear
j Mra W..IN-To N" or chop, Lost Oa Uth ctreef. Friday, ODD
(wood .Steady work Apply at C2. ''I bar plaiMUal diamond ..tUD,. Leave at :HAYES
|corset bib Sued sad Areaae H. .1 1 mroltare Co. sad get reward. more
Nothing nicer and comfortable (than

TIle Royal Palm Hotel I* etlll fall Tb* Hippy Hustlers tnla1rrc The Cigar Man E.
lot toertvt. with booklac for two. tiaetloa wlU take place next Tae
weeks t keareElocattoa. ((day sight 1 at the residence of Mia i our wicker chairs and cool benches "for
(Marie Rush I" nth atrvet. at I
danriBK Mordiaat' 'o'clock The program will have male -'
csdem ', Fair bulldlac. VOeral ,* and reidlasa The recrptloa comImttlm : the
will mK you and give you What Shall It Be? porch lawn. Our line 01!
Edmird H Stock, of Pnllelplila ,a rottifortakle chair Be there

this arrived morning:"at the for Royal a lew-l Pam days I A little ctrl-who-; trylBK to nets I this style furniture is complete; and sold Sat

ra a prise by getting tbe large Hat of
,. I That 'M preptoxlof qy *-
o( persona adac Back: ranger
Towrtot here
tkMU The
Fo.BI'OOC". o.net mar hate 'la Dade rooaty will tbaak : If that
you I sad want to take or*>vnd a prices are reasonable and within
by e*lilac at Metropolis once yea are using a Back range, to rend ovrcatr to their frienda.
ac property aid aartac for this yoar ..... Addreaa Little Girl Err s

Avesae Ca reach of all : Come and '
: see
Cole Dealer Florida Paaaeaccrof Faacy Dm ReerpUe* But What ShaD It Be? .
t tic N. C. A; St. L. Rahwayheadquarters .
la JackaoavtUe.'a There will be a tasty drew reeep- :
baetM visitor la the rtiy.Tke Uoa. at Ue Preabytertaa Maaa. ETea I
aadrr Ue aaaplca of the Nalkaa- Lea KO down to
bert trtr' we ever fad for set Society oa trlcI.Qme.. Mar. 1
I. from eight to tea o'clock. All are I .
e mosey are dally expreaaloa of Inl", .. .
tile fcalUe' patrols oa the biter-: MAYNARD'SJewelry
glade esetIraWL
For teat- Chap Baayaa Bluff .
Mr, aai Mr* George S. Cattle, of oa Boateraro. orerlooklar bay four .
PaI ocl1.II.... sad Mr. aid Mra. mliea*! below Miami; t large room of
Star next to the
0.... ofike same city. are at tae aid attic; tae melt: eaeelleat water; Poet Office. They alway .
al Palm Hotel toad bar*. Mra. I. rtf. a. Caxpeat here ewe* aa attractive line
Cocoaaat Grove.. of sosvealrpoo.c has 4
I wL:.. A. H.Adam* kai aa her iwMtaBMBrTBOtarr del dies d W....Not stock ape- 1
and enter. Mrs aid Mia Three tomato paeken and .,.. ....- .-e'.Yer'WMn.. F. T. BUDGE,
ass. of Baaford They 'Will make tar. womea packer, .,.,m-H. caa
lad+Aalte uy ......) '- 4. %,, get.blelidy work after March "....
'1nMwkT. ,kppty! kt- P. PederaoB. Delray. or S. TIri"e4._.
a Ua>oBd. a>araeieeTfce They kw '
as. lader will be liberally *e- Ilia't7anhee.u4 Pupwgros i Hardware and Furniture. Twelfth Street Miami
Pel by toariai same ..' Cca> of : tarsi..kJch. TI 1 traU> earn ta InthtL ,
Hotel withSae eon .ell l Sled, with ,
-I I F' -:>.' tC Mo. r. : And wen happy-Wtae people I
IIr. H 0.,. of JaekeMftUa.eoaarrted ...,-.- L
III"tl1 with UM r: s.-lI old I* now aenrlaf strawberry 1 s
C Railway Co. I* la tk* city .ke cream made''frou fresh trait.MOXKVI -L-
odp oa baclam. sad I* Uy1a. at | ,
he BlecayaeI.oM. MO\KTt MOMCY

A bridle of laundry b\.-,, I have money to loss oa ImproredMUml Remarkable
|weds the railroad and street car 1 1tk real Htltte. James T. Sander. I I.t
Iao o. street name oa iit A. : 'Watnoa balldlnc. Averse D.Ladies' .' "Dead Broke"I.t
f. parw>DMnarkNo. t Heists I toialrjoB -
Hall and rwrtrr reward.N \ I
I Hens and Values \
u :k. time .kra )'or are
L''j"C: for a bow for the e->mIDI )
eoa to c-ea.t flr the purrbaiM of aI I Chfldrens Shoes 9
9'PI'1I l. I #
one I have sleety lcau'
osset OD eT ptymeau J. C Fur : in imported Jewelry
at Miami raraltare Co.. Ittk -
root. .\\z, t combs!..china! and!<< siN

I verwareetc. Excellent
III"04CtI.t"TJU' OTln:
By mut"sl eon.ent kbe aDdfOr-tlcDf'd I gifts or SOUVENIRS.
slog "."1_ "l\dP b. IIlImof the -
('n. Flab eon, bane :' 'i I
tlaatte S Gulf ; '
We arc asking opinion I lot of
your on
'e 4 y d'' .Iv d m rt 1I"nohl I. The I
rhea' w t. "II'' ,.d Oft ..,." CKb \: lV :. newly I arrived Jewelry. Will it be favor have a customer who is dead

,. C' ar 1tbrrtn /; able? They are here for you to look at. broke" so far as cash is concerned:
A Patty and is anxious to sacrifice one of

,I L"Complete two of his real estate holdings in .
I Whaler's I Jewelry I Store order to raise the' wind" quickly "
-Th1i I "
and new'stock ofDent's I He has a choice selection of city :>

lots and. offers any of the following a

ill I IM i---Furnishings I: W. H. COMBS COMPANY i.,

\ I ; Ut on 11th Street near Avenue C. worth COW for I14M t

Miami Shoe CoBen I Lot on i i ith Street, near Pus. Depot worth moo tar $ 751 .
Funeral Directors Embalmers
t ,, Lot eath Street near Avenno. worth ISM for HIM ;;

Hinttm, Mgr I Lot on 5th Street near Avenue D. worth SiM for $ 4M '4,
13th St., between Avenues C and D
Are. D. Next to elepriph Office : Lot on 13th Street near Post Office. worth S200 for SUM i
Telephone: Residence 14& a Ke"id I It Office. 20-J 'Hama. FloridaGroceries I Lit on 10th Street liver Front. U "*...b $%SOl ;.r. .. SIStI. i.;

111e Mrs. J. 1JW HicksocDressmaking l I; Let onWth Street west of Ave. D. girth S75I for ..} 5M j:

i Lot on ,7th Street west Failmi. worth {351 for 2s1 : t

I Fruits VegetaLot on 5th Street and Avenue J.Is worth USI fo* H H .} 81 .
: izth Street I Mltmf, 111Sara. .

.he eooI\,tnr fwm_11...a N tcatl..l. M a..gt He d ws/.e tables Hay and Grain I ,t
_.c daaetlard &.....-.____..."'". _all $3 4
_I acne tb.l.gty ah..... : ..- '. .

U-_w*mrs-'wn""nit-""......G.el iso.w4,....elL.. ... $181 Let us show you these today f fu

Sated...'..........,tar. hqe and ha......... he aI5, r r.and f.... -
.sue......:--"T=--C'net Wal5-----tmw,a.M dkba .. ._... StZSl

m...... rise aM "__II Led..11 .roc I.f....,. w..f_. roc sew..... you buy above articles here you are sure to get the --- J
f.'n..laqi rtt T y. .1.1ifa r tr..d f runt
Item best the
market. We
on everything in the
"itfc. a.t carry grocery -
fef.a sa.tanaa alr" :
| Y eta.rw
.. !I SS900J.
=. ; ..
1.11 pier. Mumaroir line. Candies, assorted nut jellies jams raisins ,t
.. ..... ... ,;
_J did fine
land ahat-1fra fears
.at_area__ tp". flaw 'WOof ta.A.Carr. Anmtu.d..raid $2500"r currants citron, oranges, apples I figs, dates, etc.. etc. 1;
--...... -- .-N_"l .

..* story Iwenm(. toe lars. ilttl.....,
4 roe* lee Story lirOtof. tw* ter fe his ealy t Mr -- J. H. Tatum'6 Co.
I rise J&Wf"t1lllt.tltfl" I btNts", 1 fl

:XS. norxt Magnolia Grocery Company REAL ESTATE ,).

1 ____ .
iStorm and Flrellnsarance F.lH.aWbartdn,Manager. ,Corner Are. D and 4th Street On GroundJFloorl 317. Uth Street- t

.; .... "" r- : ..

1 f 1. .. < !

r -
-T I

r day Rum (! Stationery GET BUSY Laces Crockery .

Talcum Powder I We are bus y now but want more business. We have the stock and will make and' .:
H th: goad wart kind suttanery cud loose you the SAYING prien. You get busy pow and let UI serve and lave you money

TMfL-ttoiWt 1'"....... .nttnplJlhu..1 _- .- A..U..of choice .... Glassware
Hon en the mare prices we rn ... ..
x and Germ. loaf AIIlrtlC' -
".h.cirs" .. serve you. The bed tabs
M are ita trial. l'rke set .nd Envelopes for a a lot of sew coUan. .
0. l rgi .ton. JSala It.
Th IE.a k S .
et tore
e C Ask your ale4gbbor about fall w. w the lager. .
.... "!en" Dade ea..., j
&beJ' catI perh.p ten
I. .....
and oar hoer lure
I 18 c I 51& I w. H. Cb2U1e & Son 1211 sad 1113 Avenue D. )btiamt Fb. ,- .... w. -..... .. '\ )

i_ -. ......- ..

. ;; I 33 :-t : :- :-!(!@ rEEFFEEEEFaiQ: : : : : ,

REOOGNIXED i NOT ONLY AS A I mvn !UI rg Fresh Meats MidGroceries :

I 3EEE3 i( Xi)FFEFti: EFF>F>r3; 1I
- -
Safe Bank j I dark Mart* on Itrrrkk I M rrul for \\UMW'B .... DC
Work on the new fifty Ion derrick | The steamer Phil Ucarrkl left
has been comnieacvd al the terminal yesterday aftrraooa .fh two barer Fancy
hlp yard here 1 of building material for WlcoaUadlai. '. 1
l But as one of the Strongest and most I b _a Taraalr .M Saak
Conservative Banks iu the South. limning I.p City Iota I Crrka, where a great amount of
F The city prl oner* are engaged lo- railroad building la row. U profrva
daD clearing; off and cleaning apt I We have the beft line of fresh meats j
the city M, adjacent to the Mm Victor Talklax Uachla tit aad and '
op ) fancy groceries In the city. A
addition lo the security afforded deposlfors( by Its oil office. .p. tl ra.... ft monthly. Latest
; IN I records' always oa ..... 0..11. trial U aU we ask. We can please you ;
tt Capital. S rplus and Immese resources. It Is managed y 'I Safford Plano Co
pre et Ovr err III ti
by acapab e Board of Directors as well as being un- Street Oremeer Gertlle bring sick i Ovate Atteeey "-. .. .byty"
der the supervision of the United States Government ands Mr J. Vf Oraat U looking after j State Attorney Job C. Jones arrived w.. .
the street gang of fifteen while prisoner
this In Itself s one of the surest safeguards with which for a few d.,.. I:Fort Pierre la the. wherv city tKi sedge,* mwralag JOB**from ka
a RNANCIA! INSTITUTION can be SURROUNDED I brew holding court the pact vttk CO.f.j.
Have yea tried Rewell' Brother ;Mr. Jones cato 8OW. for cne p. r-
New York miter He U cutting j past of awUtlaic In the prrparalloo
toll that at like "*. paper 0..1. |.for coorrnlac the Dade county ties CARROLL c. SMITH Mgr.
walL" Suit mad. la (oar day cult court ..lit Monday morning I

WE INVITE NEW ACCOUNTS rJB.,..crB limping -Ban I Juries Bight Jones will corn does tomorrow Phone 229 A. Corner 7th and Avenue. G 41 I

A team from the Young America -
I Hoe Compaay and the Miami Kid I t Tk* good boat Battle OB th. ETcrglad : 1r .
LARGE OR SMAlL- bawball nine are playing n game of trip makes atopa at the Afltator -- -- -
bad on the Herat Palm ground thla I. farm. Rkkardaoa-v grove and '
r I II afternoon. II. observatory OB the 'Glade hvtclaalTe Rings to Fit the Purse ;
I prfTllege at the lajt two
I for 8l- Thirty buahela of new I place for 'exenralona.: '.
Velvet btu seed for tale at IS per i ,. Variety In everything at *..IIt,.
THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ....... Addrera J. O. DII The record tarpon of Ike Mama Y./ Oar clock: I* replete with rich sad
IIIO. City Fla. P.I"I wa broankt, la lat night by General \1.\: beautiful ....elU.*. sad ..'... elf__
t I Iw.I II B. 8..tlDe. It wa caught IB b "t. lag them.at price: that are eeuaJlyattractive.
Material for timf Key upper bay and weighed Itspo".d. Notably Bne *aaortaentXof
Ring. lids sad Jewelry of all
Two other tarpon'were
I The tag 8UU* Capl Din ROM .
Location: -Corner Twelfth Street and Avenue CAlligator which came In the city for aonte repa'ra br axht I la ales lat n'ght Theywere sad.01..Iota.Cala., ..and.. .artltle.... ... deatgn Exceptional
; '! .ret rned to Long Key Ill.Horning | caught from the Hoosier by Mr. valaea. : article fr
W R. Comfort sad weighed ?t andS Every
towlm of
two barge
j Come r
U and them
jhlnery and material. m..I'I- pnnd reapectlTely Thee were
all the tarpon caught last night -
though a nnnber of strike were .1. :: Frank Gallat
Mmtcip! hart ,
had by other parties
JoeDon't Terre were ten cane on the wutkjpal /I'
court docket and $St In bond ...
In eld K*pr ea Oflbv BathiteMlMud.
were eatreoted. the olhei receiving
floe* ranging from $1 to $10 The -

3 fail to see Alligator sad moat the of ckarge the deft-ndarta diaorderly were eondiel.white Miami Conservatory HOUSE FOR S\ 4LE .

;. Joe'$ Great Crocodile and Hat Mordannt AeadMny. Fair 01! Music NotesThe \ .
".!Idl... hour S to 1 p m. I
Alligator Farm this winter \
rot... IVwn-inr.4 ( liTke l
Xpf> < House No. 1100 Boulevard Miami
po'lce department has been Dramatic Club will hold It
IT HAS NO Comparison!!, rrlppl+d and bandlcaped the past ev-'weekly meetla tonight, at aevenorkrfk 13 rooms two baths attic and laundry -'
eras day by for (line** ot officer '! sharp at the* Voniertratory with stationary tubs. Large
L. E Ullllamaoa and B. A. *ia- room
corner lot. :: For particulars SEE
C J. En o.. Pre. sad Mgr. Jame Embtey,Yke-Prea': trunk the other officer being forcedto The Hippy Huifler Pannycraph
double up IB order to cover the Concert at : >> Iowa. to he a moot enjoyable
The Palm pharmacy affair estates of the evenlk will
Seybold' la now crvlng strawberry be vocal: solos, recitations and ...- J. K. Dorn 323 Twelfth gg;
Just Received a fresh supply ofConida's ice> cream made from fresh fruit. ;hers by the Mdor Talklac Uarklav. ,
turn'*hed by the 8.fiord Co
!:I.m" I Ilrom
Three Itrertitr lets I *
Ml I** Jon was missed ---- -
Candies The Dodge dredge and dredge the piano 'U-. yealerday I I
Prlck'y! Heat! and ".""0. with their
You I know our Ice Cream is the best in town. crew*, have i be-n rat from here lo" A PLF.tM.INT ot'TIXO !Miami Beach"Launch '
Upper Melaevmble l.taD..W" theywill
r Remember that prescriptions. receive prompt and nil I. n tloagh and build rohd" The mall boat'd.r... leaves for I
careful attention at the PALM PHARMACY. bed The were towed down by the Meta nable Key and 1..rln
i ,steamer Peerlnw Cap CampbelL polai every Tuesday and Friday l.t.1
Formerly Youngs Pharmacy. Ave. D. 2 doors ftom P. O. I S In the morolag and return- Crescent
I AiSOt'1CKMENTTleldlog leave Matecunibie Wedne.dayaland r
et e I -- Saturday at I a. m Good IIslI.\\ ,
to the aotlrltatlon or acamber |ing can be found at tll... pouts I
I' of friend who have .rCf'41 I Ime excellent accommodation alto ,I leaves Stone Dock Daily at( 9.30 a. m. 2:15: m. '
TBE SECURITY ABSTRACT CO. Inc. jlo become a candidate to flll the Guides to the Sating (round* ..41| p.
vacincy now eiUtlog on the Board 'wiet* to hire Tbe boat keyesreeu'
Fine Surf Bathing and Fishing '
'of pnb'lc Work I hereby announce.myeHf dork '" aids of Miami I
.4 Ge..0. 11ItIer. See.ad Trw. : : } L I. McLendon Manager i for that office sad ak the river bear br dice.

4, 'I t i i I I i i 1 the support of the sunned voter lIla | Fare for Round Trip 50 cts. '' ]
the approaching: special election.lRespectfully I II \\1

:, Abstracts Furnished,I Taxes Paid, I T. N. OAUTIERI'Mrs. I All The Rage As

in Fact General Information
Attorneys -
\Vm. IL IlrowB A Br.se.

as' to Lands and Titles. J. M. Haskew: Odor Daily Excursion to the

I I t I I _-

Room 3.TowoJeythiilding J Miami, Florida Dressmaking I"Pocahontas"Davit Everglades

[Reception and Evening Cos
r{ today .nd be faable ",-- The Launch SALLIE will make each
two trips day,during the ,
: rOD tumes.Specialty of tailor gowns ..
sale tbe
r for only
: I bv season to the Everglades, 1 loving Avenue D ridge.
Biatayne and Ninth Street
Bay Reduced rates en Bridal Treouunmn 3 blocks Post '
I Biscayne Drug Company south of the Office, at + *
: I .... ,.. I
11*n t to I.
12th Street arid AVCBM D. Mum!.1I
e : AROH VILLA .MHarn l M dear tram Isulbura Said I 9:15 a. m. and 2:15 p. m. ,

'I Miami Florida I Hikes stops at IHUittr Jot's Ftrn. l1dw n's FUatttba tad Ivtrfbiu ,

DtsWe/notes; tag DriDklDt. Mrs. W. L Jbrch.f Prep OurMethods doinga: Cash Business .

I ,

Bis met the approval el the borhi public .f KUnl and they are responding -
l lI u Bberilly that 1t would seem hardly necessary t. AUTOMOBILES fONT
change wr add this week bit I am anxkm to show yen
that we're making food la iarldinf with you u promised t

f Our! |Vfing) Clothing -- -- By boor, dayAUTO1OBIl15

Becker's lolled White Oats 2 pond package . . . .1 k
Arnoor's very best Mince Meat. alll yon pay 12 l-2c la", 3 tor 2k. month.
I, ) pounds Glossy llack Prunes . . . . . . .2Sc or by
For Men add Boys Has Just Arrived Becker's Pan e Flour, 2 lb. ,it. same roo pay Ik for lor Ik I .
I Genuine Fulton Marked Corned Meet an nice cats Ib . Ik II Auto Supplies
4t7 *''I I S Canons GasoCae, . . .fUl I Ij

the styles arid tailoring will satisfy the best S Gallons Kerosine . . . . . . .IScCaricol j and
r dressers arvj the prices will please the I Irish potatoes Tea pound, peck. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Uc KcOBT c:4:: .

:, most economical purchasers. We can Storing : : : :
-- ----- -- --- 4 re
save you considerable on a suit for the outset hits 14 Vtfttkblts art .-. toMNI ;
MM w. sni TIP. It UTIM rtxis.
Easter holidays : Come In and see us.
-- -- --

den: : C. D. LEFFLER Miami Automobile Co.

Isidor Co 30312thSt Phone 199. Gardqe and stiops on 13tk> b( w,

I. ate j Trlettho//. Jl Twelfth Street Miami FlorUa
... I
i I ''I

,, .,"",,.'-o ..,.. ......... .w.- -. .+ ','Rs' ...... +.,'," ", ro [ r
!+ yty;" :i" '.".--iJt. ... ....... "' ..;" ...; 'U.,'I' ,. -_. }. :-4 -r.'l.L t :. .. "a.tw- 'f't.rL .t'f.'L" > ':'t

-- -
-- --
---;-- 1 w
: lyr
i I Ia

II I MI 1f


I I II II I N 4.
I I ..
)1 r


i ;

.. 327. i .12th ., Miami. :

I I !I. Beginning Saturday March 2nd rI
.1 I; 1
'i I '

I and Continuing For Two Weeks
l= Every Article In Our Store Has Been Reduced and Marked

If''j.'j. Down to a Price, Representing the Greatest 1
: I I Sacrifice Ever. KnownNOW, I i iIl


I.= 'SALE ON f..r r.),.,I
+ wj
!., 'I.,
,t I: Empire ''Dry Goods Store

F.$...F .:I: H
M.... r'

1 '
1 AGK RIC111 .... MIAMI Mcntnroun.' "'tn'Rn.n".1URnI" itor TVXLTX PAID

1 I

,[Narratives WM. M. BROWN M. W. CURRY Vke-Praideot CEO. R. GOMPH ;'

Ii Worth President R. R. McCORMICK Yice-Pm. Cashier "

$$1 0,000 I By WILLIE WORK j I I

j lWet or dry. divide or not,.to dlvwl -
I .. Theae two propoaltluna ..n.eoalroDU. .
.. the people of Dade coua-

NewSpring 1907 It'i| "

k I i (The proportion It m dandy too Fort Dallas Nat. Bank
'much for me to cork out at by myMJf -

to I'll ask Charlie Kendall and

\VII. Bragg to tout:nue to enllnBlma -

where they think lea, total
tot fall to undernanJ'They ,

and Suinifier'rf : claim: or at least prophesy

that the pope of North Dade mill

I later hear a refrain from Boats Dad United States Depository. State Depository
admethlag OB the order of "Wherela
My Wandering Boy Tonight"
Ft i The. boy you do admit ioa are '
wandering Too bad But 5!. : Capital $100,000.00 _

k Goods Just Arrive .

What worries me moat la. whether -
we will sing The Link Brown

Jag" or "Good,.. Boo*.." Seems
I like that "W..d< I I II II has a maUltodlnoa promise: hack
: H I of It oa one aide, aid "A Choe
The daily growth of
our Savings Department
iii I iFew' OB the other 111 tell you why

i I UateB: commeds it to those who wish to save money.

I I Down here amid Miami the feeling

I I aeema to battle for "wet." Aid
thoae who want It "wet" will g'adly
I (submit to the coaaty dlvldoa for the We respectfully solicit acceptable accounts of merchants and I

I. very apparent reaioa that this end
I individuals t
I It Btrongeet oa the "damp" proposition. ,

d' tY Al point between the seal of te
battle at Miami sad the same thing

r zyt at, Weat Palm Beach, the peoples are -- -
} -dry" aad want antl-dlvtalon. Weal
j Palm Beach want tan dlvlaioa (tearIng A Business Change

;f Srf oat George and George and a

couple of other) North of Writ At
Busy Delray
[Palm Beach the cltlwn want "41')'"

and rock road to grove, etc Mo
her you are. tell me the .....r. DREW'SBook
a ;: .

Now It has beea rnmord lht sere
Mr. P. DavIs Out L. C.
Gala people la Weal Palm Beach J. Buys

doat weal the division One little Lyau BojlaeM, Tb Latter HOT'
'bird ha said to aao her "If you ,

t build a rock road from Writ Jupiter Uf T. KlaptMt FUu-A Cdoiial !, ExdmITs StattFuhIoable
to -etc.. I'll send you lo the Legia-

fay tat.,..>)> They flipped wing OB the I Tea EiterulnineBt.Drlray u4 BLANK EOOILS jean
proposition to more ancorely bind '
the bargain. Boos after I' waa tearaed CoImDtrd&J St&. Sd Premier

t'i that George Baker and Captain
Dlmkk were oa the oat with the tSouUJ, Office: PRINTING T1pettartad ,
liar. 1- Mr L. O. Ly
e propoalloB to divide the run., f
} 80. there you are again: One and oat m.. aid family, who tut a number Typewriter Sp&J4IItsI
mike two. of year hare made their' bums hole
.. t" I .left tart Tkaraday for KUgaton. FU: I SappUes, DeW, BINDING ,

Now even thoach Weat Palm Beach where Mr. Lyman will oyea a grocery CBtfrs u4 omca
> and
...... Sport j
doss need a boom, there la BO earthly bu. KtagatoB'a gain la
Y.r k teas why they ahoaldn't hare It r.,'. loud 0.1 Fmftun, See- Ataletlcffoal
; Borne rosily folks say the scheme Mr J K DarU. formerly
I II la last to give Wet Palm Beach aboom. .U.. agent for ........*. Baker 4k; look AND Goo4s.
r I Il"l g They're Jpa"" Aid other Homes of Jackaonrllle and Miami. e

coaaty folks hare cot the aadaeity has purchased the lalereata 01 Mr. Cues Flea j W Orders
10 ak who U paying for the aatomo- Lymaa her and will rood act aa ..,-
J bike aid other thugs that coat to-date aid Brat claaa grocery .a.- Delces umOWPBDlG PnIIpaJ u4be.

money, to transport the aolicttonjaeeklag Leos Mr. Davis It a geBilemaa ,.
-n d 41 etTw it Blgnatnrea to the division every aaaae of the word n baalaeia I I j jma ., be. CAREFULLY Filled

moveiLat. The nerve Might JaM .. and a ".. wboae word la MI y
aa we'l ak the high. toned gambling good as" a roveramvnl b..Dd.'itla
I Jowl ,...u where he got If Tae Mr, Davla. Mr Un' will locate |

!,I nerve I!Miami ptrmaaently caB not la afford town, 10 lid Mace ihoagh good'i! i> STATIONERY; BOOK AND ART STORE

At Bros. 80. altogether the Ugh for county ..11IM"" D- r.y wants tb. .*. :I!

Sewell division prams to !I... .JD'..*' entirely I! Bun IVbraary l>. to )lr. and i iMr

Ito the emnmaa'ly above Lake \Vurth *. J. n. Penan, a -on. |
'while tilt nghl for "dry' ll.. OB th* Miss Ana Wyatt Baker who baa :>, f 4s-47-4' wm BAY STInT JACISONYDJ.I; FLORIDA

bar some OB one aide, .,m. OB the been.tliitlax friend In )11.ani. rearned -
I We art now *howlag. til tbe new thing IB Summer Clothing, 'other and a .hf"e heap oa the bar home. UM Fr day morning
: itaelf It may I'"' that the- two Miss lra. ..I.lIdo..1O
arcompaaled by |
Oar Il.* of tteel aa. oyster gfy worsteds are beaatlfaL Oar
11.-..* c.a be amicably. brought about .. of Miami'I ourg MM'My ladies
Imported White rUmnel ... Engllak Cricket Cloth Oatlag Duita bat the only way to do It ....-... to MM I Ethel Xterllrg visited fnend.: I II. The'Reason

are the eaitnce of ono tailored Clothing. Oar atock of thla d... more Wed Palm Beach duos to Miami n Wash Palm B-a..h :'a.l wt-ek. | CURRENT COMMENTBnttiin .

ot CLOTHING' is TH( LARGEST So.th. of NEW YORK CITY. sad let the real of the manly Mr. Jay n. ralioiie: a >o iag bna-i waul tn know If there. !is such
go char Itself sad hunt for roe ,{art r u.n itt lh_ Magic. flty. 1.ad: a a thing .. a imlolnn pnvemeir). lUre

Price rands |o Paradlne. where BO signors visit no Defray .last It...4.jr. I i, It I* f...1..1 Nt streets where merrhant*
$10 to $30 smuggled I.. and let Miami and I Mr 1. A. )f."I;,. of MiamI. wa d. a..4 aHrerthe. Wasblsgyet PwLla Why has the National Government
Writ Palm Beach do III they a ba .-,..|-. In ..n".<... In itniiiMblpii.In appropriated If".00' to glr MUau
sad the atree of the
par a |M P..I Thursday corning here v n aaloiuoblle -
all "..... .f alerts. we r> its lonib- .
Why this
h-avea with reaofntlona moment la Miamioa
.lie was aironi|>anled by Mr.IConklin .
,4 '..a* for he o horThes of the Mitropolla. !I lag _,.1.. By aid by time will be the. Natloaal Rivera and Harbor

ShJs i I Mr J. W ll-rvoll has ......D i>11'' oMIterated. amt iiaallty will ).. vastlwys.l Bill for Uti...* .d41110..11! TV
| ,
Shoes o..mpreheedns. New Tnrk
Shoes I -the Magic CVy and Cottage the silk< flat for a few day*. I ......... resins !. beaa.* the Nations: 0..r. .v-
City cia come home in the HIM 11 I ,Dr and Mr*, J. R. Cawm. Jr.. | .nirat realtiea that J
I What oa accrual *4
J hours of the morning with-an elegant have Mu their gTte.f" Mrs llui|..,.. dtheir i werethe'Mhlway."Ib."Plkr"the Miami geographical location !
It hi
to the lane by the chlMtreaof Grandmother. and Mot J. W. Tnll rt.etsewbere I. U be theI'aystreak' I >
TAX' KHOE8ItUACK ; jag wag 10 be a gnat commercial point. H .
: 8HOES" : both 'Father. Oh. Father lorn 'Yt1l. their nl.ier | *t Ibe Xeattle fair Thtrnwe will\ be the gate way through whlefc >
: and Mr Fr" i" nd -'o IIItk as Pimplity the. hiirnur II h ah. .
turn RHOFJ Home With Me how: at which time Mr T the vast haalneM of the Soath *
t\LnKHOD: I aa he I comedian, Kendall a: Bragg 'I II > girls. an comfoitabh lOt j|...1 at eeen that we set. nearer Ine' .. Iran rovatrtra will paM Awes

*KI HHOEH i I prophesied Mother Dad will be MugIng :- the Chapman Mc
INK .HOES Where I* My Wandering Boy d"r of Ih. .ion. I y mr yinirh. an the farm ad tilaatlc craM between Frnan4lul < \
GRF.It SHOES i Tonight" to which. the errtag rather The hara owned bv Mr II J Sler r\_ J..M-I J. inn nm the trwit.ul ''.ad key Wr. a dlataace *f a11Ls

? CRAMAIC1 SHOESAB 1 Dade w.ll; .p'y; "Cant yf tbtclthe'ra. llrg was dlrover to .... on Br\ I ton sissy "f the yunth want t* burr miles. that a harbor eau be mad, aid ,1

got Ira1 Ibtrl( on m'arm. Both early Tfrwlay rveiilnic. but by the j, the farm a* eirty aa lUll blmeetf. did. the auameal b* ed oa the need ?.
I I conleated Both with an elegant prnnitu scion of the iliiai-n will hoping that tberetiy they gray hare a I national defence for a deep water

.' % eiy -
noon under roniro' ttii put mitt .I the else *f hla -)1..... TeM. hat the appropriation was
STORt. to;. Work.T
U OUK SHOE : S* >v pair of the new 1M7 Spring nndEammef made.
The ladlrs In.prov..n.O'u'.1. I
Good, ready 'tor ,Jar 1.8 fOctIoa. Price are the bout .t linen gave a Co 0..1,1 Ira ,and eateriklanoal Why hate nearly' 1,111 pea*...

poaaibl% coBHatrai with the aaHyt.. . .. .f 1'.25 I. 57.0h In the new hail on \\...h Iligtoe'a | The rmt rr eI l.......*. I revldeota of practically every stall
Ch.r. I blrthda The affalwa The shiest krtrtlaa. (Irncln:e In Ir* > 'IB the. l'.K>n lnveatd million Sal
If the laarieit surface of the gLOw land l I. rifnarkuMe erkleiil. ||Idollarr. I la Miami property*
ate 1II\'aet..ra a boikllng.
They made by the beat on Carte HA! AN A great "ti