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sock seed far slag ip.U ..' sow. Doat bUa jf iMdoor. akaaM4 at (
i* eared *.tire.,.. I kit naa.lt ;A baatrk at Mtorajwk .
r* b act tk* Iwait dtir
555 .t west ckM ap .ben akcbaaci'oa 1'1 I Ito
f i I titles CktaibtrUla'a Coaik R "'
.... ,. KKMmwM: day ort to be bang krtk Gifts that
Squire Whitish vas IB u>tl cklMrrm< aa tt eestatwaes men Appreciate
ask UU they bo deed tby oils .
vii j n
b U4y. Tk a.alra baud vet spurn or otkrr kirmfal 4/ait. ,
fcrok a spell 'co. U Vwrta* loaxr. 4 5 'bias .. tablUk4 rcpatatloa of sore
sio.ly aid v* vtek tta a awry Prix I Tk* -cell.t. kaa Ma a vorkla.tkaa tklrty years aa Ik*- ana *>I u
,..... ., tkmr4 ...!,tk j alaa.r. aa* aeota pa''ertsfal oodlda la ass' for cods Nothiog U more pleasin/to a nun than socne little dreSs icceuory. Hera's)Just
; t e. tiers 5a' 'a' a cost* to Ur a wile\snap u. ...pl.. coa," It alwara a hint 01 the molt popular the nuny nseful practkal gifts to be seen in oar storeHouse
r Keck* TooUM tm W Ctk.aur4a7 Inter to tit k "week 'at lbs tall tires aid to pWaiaat to }
"..,.,.. *. desks Theses:Cktl4r. Uk U. Sold br
.W as gulL' is P"t j4r Ta aa rot aut* a tahe''
T .tills,' for KriMaavtk 'a keep ar work rH far tko ...,*!- One Oo- dad alt dr' ggleu. coats..k i.. .. ....4.56op Kid gloves, .. ...... ... ...,1.00 up

\ asS5.: tut i-..:raulu5:; ''bout van I Wool sweaters 1'.. ..'....... '\I.OOUP Pijtmts.. .' ... .......... .I.Hup .
.tatter 10 q t1N dent I Umbrelba.. .. .
.. .... ..1.54
C e. I ARRIVED! ARRIVED! Bath robes -... .].... .. .... .T.SOtip up '
Mlatw W.,ire Brovm tbd Does la Handkerchiefs .... ... .. .]5 up .
:sews .T tile .HH c. oaks to:a tear I Silk Cravat ... i... ..... .;. .50 up Dress Shirts ... .... .... .. .LWup
fI.- .* heists aw, ..,)..'OCM WO k'The. .W '.:Greatest living .. -'
:;: .Uaat ta a cola w give sea *v rS 1M -
\ MUM aaJM. : ,. J JCipUa "I *< J.u sts. war wifl be held and deftrered( wanted .
."t wan 11 so desired, goods purchased ( whenever by 700.
Ckoltoa U a etopphag 1. ,
4 .t Hoary Mrr ra MrG' ,bass
... diva tk liver aka CkoHoila read read the
by They. your life from your hand. They

...rut a Ckaaety ban t.tUa'Dopa ot k ryi.tkiat Iej i i'I a aUto lines, of-your'hand" like an. open page of a book.

\ Tk. vtflap Br. *. .a,ipi-T 'vat.oat { Your hand'read for 25c R. W.. Rhodes

yet ,.011I.' .. r4rt la" 0.M
,.rbeet. toIkta skers a! .. A are > '11 win 4*your beast gad to ....1& tkoau No aiattor vkat roar I:
troablof are coaaatt l *m.,JLtt tkai ton row how to b* a a.aeMM la this '
,4o. ass' w aNe It Ills ill, Mff aid bur ..rid.Ia_ ivory Uf* then are several coaratawatek i
... :
bp a "hU 4o U ou
it 1. k* or abe aught paraa rust of vklck kid to 'allure sad a r..11e.eeaL
l r scb.Ws. k*>-. BtM... AH vD-laforio4 people aovadara admit Ibis tact sad
What _.4evBpBlBU* ,at of ttoai .......t PalaU..a r..'*atlr Toa m.r ko ,. tko vroa< ....u'l' Clothes/flats 'and Toe
r praise CoaM to,tkoa; M flea adrte yes: M ties tell rw wbtt 1M..1
Jtaay Pat vas. tk ed byi tile
'ftdaptod tor. It rm kava bees er-.I. love.U latorfrra have kroktaroar
Jw nu.rellH' rake begrabbed
) dearest kid toa4r. ties; I.., to om* aid an. cow bfor too I i
Jimmto ta bile bands fcr tkktaa
..* lets.use slid cmt: aU particaUra. 4 I
wash back klai
'to. a brewed. I '
'-tbat m_.. *. 1 322 Twelfth Street : : : : : I Miami Florida
5,4> Here t for:: a' sbort.tise ofily., Reading! $iz5; centi
:t Dale Milter. UM B>.Iia got
v '.. a/. attM apaaatek IUCk.1 state Under;Canvas, Corner Avenue B and Eleventh Street! .
.- .

.- \

.' This Weeks Suggestions\. Are Appropriate. : .; )' ': :


Our stock, in departments was never so 'complete as at.pre ent and, .

many. : rare bargains wfll be found in. our stock of 'seasonable-, goods., : r riYe

t II' t ....

i gertaecee[ bekg alk ,t to select :Iron an taense amrtient'oIorigindaMadeiveMeratieo r 'caeeee t 6e 'Yer'ated'I In,the ceadA-. '.

of a' me.to toy Cbriitaw.presents.: ire stock bas'been selected t with;tie' inlelljje&t ,Care;aad tfilb tbi_ prefer ap-

predafiea ett> tbe vain ela'aset.lesweIl, as: artistic present A lew sn estioos:to aid yea !In yosr:sbefping tours

___ _- ______ .- i 'I-_ .__ I .

'Big line ol Holiday t.H Handkerchiefs Holiday fans Imported Crepe d i ,Chine Scarfs

Fuu art among the neat'farertd CTuistmaa Gifts, M tt COUMvtTurt
Who "Handkerchiefs. make good prepared A large stack to CM* .M tram. The is.tbaMAalatj'Ifflvarted Some 'in colors, othe s with flowered

.giftsr' ,''You Ji say; they'll ,make the dudes Sataitk fiat. aflk and (tut tI.fecta and Oriental borders Complete line
: wttk ldeb s flat trod, b1aW wile metker ef peat. AIM
r most' d delightful of gifts: when you have a u. eel jap sus,.....jSlitsd sadists trlaJDe4 wltk jeft1'' el.o'Cbriltmu'1i of hair ornaments in gold and silver

r seen our splendid :collection Handkerchiefs and all colors. These are the most '

!in ( style and quality. drawing Dear and it would be well popular NOVELTIES of the
every to make TOOT' ele&iooa M early aa possible seasen

x .. I


'r \. j } '- Prices 1 Fine Usferelhs l Yantines Imp. CMnaTk Quality. -Higlj st :Standard'

Thcjvcrv lowest consistent with firstgrade Tk kWt innimiat w*IMT*.*.*.. .MMoTl coa>|ilit Mock w*kr with the additional assurance of dis-
carri 4. Ow mock oi a.odI. ever 4Uolayo4. Tile 4iportaiiMIs
; invited &.c7 UNBREllAS CM a.av Is oo.of MM Mtoot oniacUT U ibis tinctive style and fa Itless construct'nII
i wares. Comparisons are ply every wa c COM a4 sac**. ......Big....-.. to Mloct frooa .

r i ( .
4 I I ,_
i -

: Burdine. t & Q arterrnan- I 1 I

Twelfth Street 1 Corner of Avenue C Miami, Florida

--V, : ;t

,t ._ kr


-* *.

'- '' '''-
,....- "'-- 1'.r" "t .-" .- 1 t :

..:.. 4 'r

_ PBE e They: Last; Dancing School : .

100 Xmas.toes "lowneys"! Chocolates. 1 box FREE with every, purchase ol $2.50 or over, beginning Tuesday Dee:. 18th I "

beautiful of Holiday For ChSdrea Tuesday ,
JUS1TRECEIVED, assortment Stationery. 1 tfienooaatttltatit JjKttSL

''" I Itotb Eft. <|

P'.,. :L''D" T"soN .I The store for Novelties, Souvenirs, andSporting ;::
.' E
i.sses Barn and fla&cy
Next door to Miami-Conservatory of Music: Goods. i ;

-... .:
. .

. _- : : N. .

I 'GI..f."t .. Fine Mats

i..:,.. H.h H.. S" .. ;. RL

Also a full line
f;%., .. I o_ Mens/Furnirhings
y suitable for Xmas Gifts -

That, I.Are Appreciated.

In selecting a suitable gift bear: In mind that it is ii, 'I-

,..' the practical useful article that'is' appreciated. -
I Below area few of the many useful articles we .

;,have in stock for Men Women, and Children..
: I' '

II 1 1. J]

I t I Mess f Bed Room SlIppers.ladIeS, Boudoir Slippers in I .i 'l

\{ ,. \ 1 I I
iJ all colors and
"al'1CDlors' styles "-
.1. I 6fcStetson e
t a

'SBk 'Superters and Brighton Black, tao, red, etc.CMMrens i i 'lb.- -I

t ** wtw k k. .
TW- vWi 1-1141 v
....U v04....AM? **
Garters In l is icy.boiw t ,,colored, slippers, I aMM.Wltn. a"--- Ul.UatvtaMiwyat. _tt.
*i ....... of .|k ..4 p-
: /tir:;.:.n:alrb.- i
belts hose, __ ups and Ties ; !. ..* ... Dtfky...... Thee
: 1, aa* MT Timttmtt mt tWy'B
: ...,....
Shirts and a beatitilul. Big assortment Infants i .
i ,,. i'i'i

.. i t I assortment A neckwear; Soft Soles in colorsMIAMI :! I

-- .


>' .. I

... I
1 I t I ':Ave ue'D;, Miami, Florida :

\ i' I

? *. -- -- ..... -- --
".. --.. ._. 'n- .;ao dedro to aalto vita tM yonm' #
,..... I
church kr coa or baptist are
.AMOK IHE'CWWCHES Js I ... tao ,sod' .
[ fo ao to MOM yaator Tao ,..It.roIAIIt...'nJa.
.. ..w..v.a ....?=.. tMf at at cloo. of voralac oorrko.tforalaf .1' la(:kotwooa A. \i* ROM aa..... K. : I'l
? ;.,.,...,...,\ .... :. 1'-;;: ; a-da' I Lal sr. Jr. h..... tato' tyaoM ai.- .. \
UaOy a-a. tao last A. R. .
...... : 'f ... It'L II 'clock. '
ltb.i. voraaly at .;I Rosa. rotlriac.Ail --.'afalaotSna I .
..... at.t a. ai.r with fan Barfo*! arograaT l.'*aWrattoa '
a Bssdsy .. .... ara to ao pall ayR. X. SUtoor ." ..! .
1.wtas4.d: at )J.t: < Ort Ma >laolo4iac b. Jr. sad an debts die last .,.'Ut. II., .0' <"_JOq '
a&'III., a.Z1rtattl .. otaataiT.rPartaUaaa a.ealagah .. .'. ,,, .
w..k 4W CM ao paM aa a. .'&ab.-"J..1J ; ---: II
C. H. Walttlors'oftortory. pre 'RRaas;.. ......- ttfc tar' .irKlWZK Avewel, IJ mI, Flerila..
i .,...., a..n.. Ads. :rfd slu3ah-a.illr.A.. .".: lAljel apt .WV.I 11U"".. I .. ... .
B sat ttU S. J.yasr..rgaaid.Tv. : : .. '., ._ R..T. Ralaor. Jr.
.fittest. cfcvtt....,; ail la ....... sarday : ,aata." ay.M. Haoaeaa.fcy the'cWIIi sat 'rMfteMalhit "Oh. A .., or 4 c." II. .... .11' OJ I'

? pram.t sabot 11 ht'sr tU.. L'&.a.....t I bad man Baa a Dova.* ar -
a;. -T..day MM ba1.toLavoca,
a& Tl! p .
sub.:ay MM* HvaUactoaBwtMfa
1I.4 C4asadsa1:: |.WnUoa".t 1:41 a. tau.. arraatooMat ..of Pal, =
ar.ot'0" Uttlo T. ot Bota- "
.... U. Tr'tt.J. hob J
*'t I.... .host..... DaI..t 1:11 Yr..p.for...tk$..Baa4ay B.1till.r .- Tlay lah.arace H.a4.oa -0.: .*.t 0.. ..... II' a Ho, for the HolidaysAttradtive

W W. >reel.> hsst.. ,
f Vtovt M. 1L ClMrckan C1ei.ras.f Ra&Wq .....
Oar w.kw bstag,..kal4....U tt Via Atlaatte Cow Uaa, to* ahMlaU.
atbsol .a.dtt.rlaa aa : Sam- .
I...... Bco tao r
4aT.lICt-ooI at p-4l a! -';i M.rduw.r.ht Mast
.. _
at 11.' SWIMHI .t tlM pa K m *Wr that tVo. roaad Displays
tor.fe CUM trip raN H a. tare sad o4kr4.
w.Rb t.p- plat SI eau If yet aat' Pall-
stag .1ersblp at fS 'ctock BWMM Baa toMrraUna -tIIfooI..lIH
ai tt., pMtor.' VOM solo II rVn. oelalto taforiMtlo writs to F-sab J
.... Embtcy. AU .... oor.stay c. Boytartoa. Dtoakt rmettrcl.. /
l*nt. to. twaaly with. aa H. Atlaatte Coast U... Jactsoartt.l1a. Stock greatly enlarged-All goods guaranteed .1

i O. 1:' A Hoc f or ,Vase....
BsptM Ch.res Tao Bovtkora Crow Caaptor.0.D. == All Goods engraved free of charge =====
Btata Mkoel at 1:41 a. a. I'rMe C.. are Maklag aa taa aaaaal box
lag .ai< U.. pads, at ft .... "aaBM to W orat to tao YotoraaT KoaM aa4 .
JeeUno V.- "tI.1..-j+I I an cootrtMUoM to this eaaco will W !It is a point with us not only to meet the usual and ordinary demands of
.... at t p. at. B. T. T. U. gladly ......* sad say W left with
4 at ,I Ma:.. Ma atr Maatlaf at JU .at. a.aadttodaator Aa4rwVrj .tb.!!.,';comaattoo s 1 Ita street at Mra...Taaraday. T. Onmoa .af.t. -. trade, but also to make unusual and extraordinary provision for special '

+ slag I.wrrtco Iteea., ti5.of DtytoM.Prw I.I1,1 K--,1 1> ...... Dtwaiaor. .R.C.Stti.Mra. MeOaa. y.Socrotary... occasions. Such a special occasion is afforded by the "holiday seson.'

1, p..isri. ..II)1oftc.rI- .AeeeptM'. -;---_. ; --. _. -- .-- Every department shows that we have risen to the occasion. Every

Excursion to the line is unusually complete-glowing with ,the most attractive goods. Every
Daily '
$ line: has had as close, individual attention as if it constituted the whole

;. -r ':F( Everglades ,:,: ''r j business., Foresight in. buying enables us to quote the LOWEST prices.

P1s1wx !
Tlie,. stench SALLIE will rntk two trips each dty during tie
lesson, to blacks' lesriii Avenue D bridge. : &
jj 3 .the Post Office, at SOW-

i 9:15'a. m. and 2:15 p. m. Jeweleti and Opticians Next to Pcstoffice' Miami, Florida t

feats's..at itiiisu JMS Fast,Ikbiriwa's.r.u&fn'w Ertr iu I
'$ --: t v a.e ?fs! '". ?'' / J .-G K '.' '

tr .

arxnu rAca __ ___ nIX DAILY MIAMI MCTROrOLn.: MTTRIUr. 'DfXTMBCR tX laud PACK mr. '

", Orrtoe.Phone as H. M. KING ....>der>oo Phone..

: Undertaker and '"EmbalmerISOOAVKNUt .

,D Good Furniture

i RiatDKNCa 210 7th KTfienpersonal
I I - .. !. -. --, .-

I'J : -- \. -.M..Makes= a :

Li: I JltW?

"I rjiJ ,

Louise Carp*.ter. wb| baa Mn. W. a. O.'aallag ski h.1 The *
Met. otrtoailr HI foriaeroral; aara'lareeUac : beta, frtaltlac h# |ritr ct..1* Im.'raaola t It can be as elaborate or a* simple an you |!ea>* *t this "tor*.
auto eedlr .kl* moraiac.; .haa r.*...e t4 prepare lot Attracftion is
3" ;, the "ajoym.at it tko koUOaya.Uttto Every piece good honestly trade, dt"lir.Lle! furniture for the ,

i Mr. WI1H BaralB ntaraoi'tkli': abort oar pipe sad,amokert article .
f se slag from s crrnl** to Key >'o* Robert Caattor.vh* haa keeadaavtromaty
to malalr oa. oC good .*att- Hall Parlor or
lad Haraaa. Ul for earn Urn to gawp DiningRcom Library Den \
other pot ,
--t- ; Ueag aleely. sad recerertaf ty. Tker bass m ay
./ Mrs r. M. Berks" wk. 'ka, .. rapidly aa poeaibte.Th _at.. tea. W* Sato iatkor4 I .
"' BOOB rtotUttc la Atlaku. to boas u a rerr complete. sad teaatac a. J
tint for s.M' kottaaj*. i iCapL ;.* __a.'. ...u., which Sail .
......, .C HP* vkkk are JaIl
--.... Saaday decided to at lout hold aeveal Fur any room in lha nounr,. rte ban-
ta. right tkla a tor' a lover ot tkwo4aa4 >
sad Mn.Brkj KoI.n. refotdBC ..more meetlao win meet taste t
over tk* arritsl eC a aaacktor. ; .' X." p. .. at the Mtth- ,. eaaaot all to appr .. hnndrrds of ha odl' m.. miuM.+. rn."r>,. :

wk maa. ker' cveat at kelrkom aUat shank 0oath. It.. spas to eUU tkelr atyl. sally sad Isis We bare an IMMENSE SELLCTlOJTolSuitable t
oa,.. aoatkjata* --r"". an ftrta sad womea.Revaed I

**XlM Mildred Taylo arrived .. tk* J. Orecory, Fletcher Gifts
moralaf trail to anted tk* koK *r. of 8*at la co.. Cuba. are expected M
wick bar prau. She km* bee k arrive la the city today OB the ateamer '
....., !. Shorter,'IColteKe. ROM. from Key Weat aad Haraka sad HAYES for Christmas
win eprad the Chrtotataa holidays
Gay Bad will rrtara here taut tae 4
vaeaUoa visit.Farsldtrd I Sets with Mra. nttbr'a brother The &
sad 51.tsr.: Mr. .H Dale Miller aa. Cigar Mangy
hose., ...aC.L for HIM NeaH Miller at their hfm I for joun!? "peop'e. For every member of ,
oalr at a barge m.4 a wy e.- OB Arcaae B. OPPOSITt HOTEL BloCAYNa i the We invite all wit
... ... you to .
.' trios $;..t ...-.WMiM 4Mta s ,
... -. ... sal 1St,.boon aeo w Mir Le Jae W. Brows Ike attractive ;;: our store and examine our itock, at yourImure.
quirt, I. H. T.... Oa, tTlClervlai daacttrr .f htr. sad Mra. SHAMPOOINGScalp I l Courteous attention is d '
: .. atvret. i.F W. ,'M. Bro... arrived U the city as.un
alcht from Rot... eou...
Mr. ass Mr. boa Wlater Park, wker ah. to a stalest : and Facial Massage --- .r
pr.alaeat people( 81'\\ass win apead the Chlntmaa hoU- I Manicuring i I
San arrlld tb.i dty : day with ker pareata at their boy 1 n
Mw 4oaknd lata..theIr wI.: pltal home o* Tklrteeatk atreet aad Lryaiteeatsusdllt ytw iwa b m Chii1aS11vet'w
Feet Tfc. Mean B. I and
'f ta DaOaa ) r t'c
-:: Buda rear. ben .::1 aprta, of ta. aad 11"T; 'Pouts Mrs: J. I Nortliwoode

report a J01II.. aepkew.who .
An.B tall St Inifi ttm
,+ 'Tk salon Cbrl.ti.s gawdatis Of arrtyed toot 8atarday to apeadkla Glassware f
tUI"M atkoolalof tko That M fitaTe CkrUtmaa seam' with --- -,- -- -
E...BaptIIt sad MelkodUt ekarck. Mr. aad Mra. O.t'B. Taker *laSaarpe.
aoutS, soul b* wel'| "* tka BaptlattCkarek ria. )Irs. W. H.- K3a.. HAY I
... mother ., Mra. leader aad Mra.Paher I
Moadav owadaf at T,.
Tae program la appear 1"MoaCa ruined to Miami from that Georgia $Berasdt Cog Department. wbich ,is. tbe largest in this city is also fillrd with btrjjains. r rM rb ri
,. r.tWlD tow:Ibis moralkf. after a moatha
./"' rlatt. wMr. I + 7?. . i
j. -' ,SL2S per kadredGIRTMANBROS. t
Mr. O *rr* S.arrtred Ideas sik ,
W J. II.Doa sad family ofPltUbvrf. '
;'" savtlls. U Idle city, raster who spool every wiatet'aboard I
day sad will .peabolldays wtIbplativ.a ,
their ateam hevaeboat Pages
tad 'n..dIII(a Ibis city sad F.
.... .
la theee sod adjaeeat waterm. T.'a.tJDGECorner
Little Mr tottery
; have arrived at JaekaoavUl,sad
r *lded la Dad ,sad ... R. V. WATERS t
f'- ro** aboard that craft for a few I III
5, gsit. a leader la ,tircleaVK .1 daya cralee .. the upper St. Johma
:' river before atartlaf here for* therrmaladrr Public Twelfth Street and Avenue D
: Miami Florida
.. MUa "a.r.la4 oa arrivedMUnl ; of the sister They win Stenographer, ,
,... r
aa4II .surprised arrive sot later that February L I
'., ker reUtl.a sad t a "I- II Room 11 aa..n
,,gay .....t. three iab.ra .** \tb. cRYSTAL CAFE OIXXEnII Townley)BoiUlng I I

family kala( pUaB ker.omlac'aa .., .
Cartetmaa aarprii* for bet par- a. m.. to 2 p. m. Price t" --- --
eats. ah* .. a'.tt la St.,JoaepkSU flaley BI.." IXth ...... On Biscayne Bay and Ninth StreetMARCH .
dewy at AaeUa*. 1 I I'

J,. C. Fcrrlv vla baa.abukd 'SCXDAT8o p II Taluffi & Co.REALJESTATE 4
: tht real eatate hllt. ., to ;a* Cbkket'
f' atraaitvr .. MiamLkcre !Ir. Patti came ruh .
two pests ago ta4 sad a* soil
i ,._.. wtth.our ettf. Uat teat yearvtti Baked. JO.,SpeaUh gases v Mkml, Florida

t .a..4 cam loeatetf>> beta at'Ns:, .*kla Areaa family(*(14 Prttten CatreeaBaaaaa Cream Baac M
where he MY reside H. la reeled Raati'Pr4as -
I* dtr real eataultaat- year aad 317, 12th Street 0n tie Gmad 114
,.', erected three koeari OB'' the earn*. BJbe of Beef aa Jaa Going to Plant a Grove or Flower Garden? oornOI'
Mr. Furls will dea| la real oeaiUaa Roast, SprlM Chtekem aad DreamafVecetabtn
wen aa haadt pfeperty .* eomtoakm. < -
.r .> Hla & i to located '?'atK Boiled sad Maahed PoUtoeaCaadtod THEN CONSULT, $210000 wiD NnN .. e1',rut Mt 'riot .lid--
*. Sit llth atrev, |r.aad flow Tarn sad Gross Potatoe |.r.Jet 100750 ft silk riptna tirkt
with Miami rarattire Co. : BeUahea vCrawaah
Salad Mayoaala DreectacKacttah GRIPPING BROS COMPANY $2800 0(1 For cue of t" kaa4.oaMM .*n la
I CAR LOAD DOu'-.a. will ire. : 0-.1 the,awrtb aide. Very all tenIe .
.m Mr* .. Miami Mat *eek wttt a carload Bread Paddlac Cream tawe .
wi rood, .... ..... which I Taallla to CreamY : :tLeadtftg Nurserymen and $1500.00 1'.. .bsildl.g lobos are between
tr1U oner for aaU at Oraa.tr1ataktoa. Ckeoa florists. lots a" II" 51., Rase price for M10U
,;.. J: >* lore* kra eeJUM Itt Cracker ... : sou Btrm Mat averse C.cask .
\' tail kted*f wwk. 97 CraadaJL Tea' ctl" Estimates furnished on Landscape,Cardentng and Grove Con* ...

,- 4 : :Best. quality home .grown Citrus..Trees, budded or I $500.00 he t Ip1adi4$500.00 S roo.a fear-..,.as I.rod''Iocat.'Jan.. ..
ojir ra'rg andrough" lemon< roots,*aU grown 'on high kanv .
.. $750 OOCASH.a.4 kIuce M 1.2 aid3,"'.
mock"sftd'fftrie-: Lirfe--dcscrtparo' catalogueFREE.. .
"'P--=. ta. wrahwgelwra.. -:'111soul. -, ud rood lets af*. D

.......... 1w1.Maaltnr fte .pkUMi two-.tory Souse silk an '
woo cwt a..a N eurtlM AI $3650 00A
.., .. 1 lira mtd...,......our IaAleSal ital..!team e.0ll till ..*...CMttaieacca located oa*fc HIt
i tMe tfeftw* ,aura AAe.la.l.r.rrie. ZSII 'r
= A> f l TV MMInofcrIf *
> flftO 00 *S _Ia OIcnt part ot
loos *M *J.a. run* ai his plw.rvl.fc -ZSII rl lAA/l/y = -. ... .. .r 1 3
1. ""..-IMl...Gta.......twr I1SMM JoeDon't 1'or .. arcaMe resIdnce. tw..eor .
$1350 I OO ,
..... -...;... "- Alligator tar
a.w.b..l -. .... ........... a.......... ,$1251i .roan. tut psjae.L$5iJ.W
i ,-j r F. cWo. ,
kildi.r located
h .*...... i >.Wi...->.* *.....t'.1...'W.r. | H| .lnct o. I ;tf
---- +---- +- -
tJ. ; "fail nM eneat' street lot lor :
to see Alligator- $1600 1 .0-0 a gekblikga.
taker ,
:EE. morn: Joe's Great Crocodile and
t J750 00' well ,f.r.i.hed I.IIM-,, .
k. F5 : diatc pborneus.r..ios..
Alligator;; ;.Farrn'this wijiter So* this qaKktxccptloatlly i

Storm and Fire Insurance f We cheap .,t.;. D .pcrtac.. ;:
-5 aaitabU for baaia.. :.owlBT >
IT HAS NO Comparison!
"tiratc ot MWilo. AdditiooT when*Iota t teat

_. ., U bad at SIM each oa anal moattlj I pajatcataRIVERSIDE" '
n J -- --- -- -- -- ---- --
I. atm the beet piece I. )Mum{ :
\V. ,H. ,COMBS COMPANY for lamtlar I. a lot for a hwne. fpctaUtwex' Ba .
i WELLS & GRAVES .ow before pricca art agaia adraaccd ,

t Funeral lJ Directors and Embalmers Exclusive Prfccs !'


.13t4 St. bttwtea Areaaea C ad D We have tW eida.lre a cacj for k *nJ.t| the :: r r.
Come' and get a peep at stun facet oraare lad a"apdrai&oWe.. <* the c..." .
Tclcpkoaeai Re.ite.ce.I"' a d i Xeaideaca 909.A'". CMtaaii. nlng nevsptlng MUlinery/'EYery- Let f%tell j," about the.Riparian. J

... 0iIce. \lr" ". foridaY u., DIFFERENT this seaaon"Ladies

For Sale $ Tailoring DepartmentThere We caa sell yoa*om CBMCC n"r aa proptrtic at low aM.. .
price *a y lrrm, '.a'...
are'a great many women who haven't made oa -Kipert KifkU". will.ner be..Uw a. ..,*.
; cottage 'on Biscayne Parlor < .1Ie have
jAvenue. Sit- lsq. re we
Beautiful J he decision about a new fall suit or coat Comet ,

Ong rcom.Bath Bed room, Dining room and kitchen.] us and.well make It to suit and fit you Tr* I \\'el.08'owa c."iam allclutOOlolXr... bin

and'electric light. Finished In CYPtt. ,White a Jarp corp ," Now located in'our nevf store on the ground Moor of ".... Y os; Call at out office at ,
atone minUej, 11 ft.wa11s.Lot, WxlM and 10 ft.alley

---- I Halcyon Hall facing 12th street I

.': Address MBiicaynew Box 637, Miami, Florida J. H. Tatum & Co. x1,12! ru,

.. \ -
t --

4 's.. 'i'i a.'. ti.f, .' r ;y r '
< a

"' .. .. ,- .. -
1- V: I ,,,, ""\ .-
"r'.1', r 1 ,........ .

imt DAILY MIAMI Mrntoniua.: MTTRfl%Y. hrxTMBKR ax 104 uxnccr rAca

Y The professionsPATTERSo -1 Town Topics:, 11 How to) Make Your Xmas Buying, EasyDon't >>

:1 1 worry about what shall I give this one and do you think he would like this and ao on ,

'- j J I : Every one wants to give something useful that will be of service. the months to come. t

()N & EKWIN IUilri c Depot Yard Track j i+

Att.war,,, t.La*. lk 04 today railroad IB McUoa repalrlac Sail tko lt track! oada Read this advertisement from top to bottomAnd

..aa1-- laU.J.. sir etsarr.a.t u ibo puR...r dtyol
lit_._... i ,
M4 BPkUI...tocrfitira.."'II* ..,.. Tails.. Rates\ -*-)1aa or ...... high
...o. 11"I.; nuM.ru im>n opttaL ..Bkclto D. cmrlvM. we will guarantee that In the reading you will find the Very article that will suit you for,your
Call iii Av** i
ft. .UTMOUI s. r. ..TIU.80.. Christmas present. If not cOme to our store and see our big line of Christmas goods now on.

Seymour & Atkinson lndtac Ikt Aiwrk.ry Good *Cfr ass MMB* *ko..; arc display. We think we an suit you, if not we will take great pleasure in showing our line

aadeoltasclon'At .tu'KUDI largo crowd to lbs',"- I
Attorneys Nreet *...., .tats M tk. Comer o(
Law. Meade D aid f k trwt. marked in i
... ... All goods plain figures
t- ap ..., :: .dae.d r.:;:"ai- Mr. Mmttt Wntf S.rik

i*.. 5.*.7.rrioaen BId;..Mia*!' Mr. H. W. Mira!! .auger oC
tko Moral Pain Hoi..t. left laM alcktlor
.. ......... sad 'k...... trip M
G.' A. WorleyAttorney New tick at,. Ho M e&p8CtN to andOSnel- Hose
routs to MUml ant Hotarfe, Alfred Benjamin Fancy

at Law Get goer Ckrlsu .. 4laaor, at tko lenb ClothlngQIorsinen.[} : _
.S X Oh Twelfth St.. Miami. Florida Ulaacapolta. SIS 8...Mk It....., erg From such houses ,
._. lire. E. A. Raoi n. pVoprtrtrcM.ttutmg Lord and Ar-
I Taylor.
Nlndfolded? Get that
Why buy clothing
GEORGE M.: BOBBINS o Good n..lar. has a reputation behind them. Suits that nold Constable &.Co.. '
XUtaatc to karlaf a
C L.
(ntMovuAttorney ...na. coo4 sale of tko pro4oet of tie cig- have the snappy style and fit to them etc. Such a showingof 1, XM
: and Counsaio, .r Uctory. BOMO of per. lUrmUInn. backed up by a guarantee as to wear and men's and ladles '
At Law raaclBt from rii .. a bets
lines ready to showy
service. Out are now
...........aD l.w. AM P .... t. aft, are betas putt\ .p la aoatly hosiery as you find
lIetdC' boa... Buklrf toes aait- u and patterns very select and neater
here seldom equaled. Plain black !Iles '
able for CkrUtmaa jlfu. thari'ever before. Prices 01 these sults'are mercerized -
Hudson& Bogs effects and fancy patterns bytnescoe. Our stock to
0pPw4 sews ad fifty per cent larger this year than It ever was before.
Mr. Rw & Wltooa has opeM4 ap a
ty Attorney Law ar lid wad ctaaa U.Mva tko book otororooai don foraMTtjroocapted sad cJf- $12, $15{ $18$20 Prices Start;.at:50c And stop at KM per pair

w Tpwaler BatldiMff,,MiJOHN .. Fk+rids by Frisk Oallot. 'Aveaa. -
;). sad will carry tko latest of storks -
la tkrao slid: vartoaa. oikor aaoocUtattaoo. Pajamas Nightshirts Knothe Brothers
C _:GRAMUNGtAttornevatLaw .
.-- Suspenders
t ....'Y Tra. Delayed TrjOa
In plain white, neat stripes figured
Tko atoralBC trala. dot la UUnI
Will practice la aU Coarta. State at'::" o'clock.., was aboot loin effects etc. Such mater- ,, '. ..I The New York Sua" once oPfered R
aad ftdoralOficc Man tato. Tko .... ., .tko ... terta's'as domestic English long a: prize for the best replyto
lay .a* tko taio boat of usual I the .'w hat would
U Sewtil Bat 4ia mercerizedsilk question
: ; latkaoavlBo over otS d..o Urns tad cloth striped dimity
P. a Box- J5J.. Mia.L Florida bo toaay stops along tko II... loavMp and some in PURE SILK. you do if you were suddenly
( ?.. <-Ma and baggage at. tko dlforoot .. made a millionaire* The fellow ,

\. '. 1. 'MErrq.vLFATnukXEVA. f[ ..auoaeL-. Price Pajamas, .50 'to $6Night who 'won .the prize said: ,

Loot-t. ttorfaddroaop4rto McCloy I would bUya pair of suspenders -
!' u COUNSELLORWin H. Martla. llUaU. r>a.. of taiport- SkIrts 50c to $2.00 for!every pair ol trousers 1
..we ..+7 to .._. ri- rotarho ,
own.Make ,him feel like amillionaire
practice in all! Courts. pat ones.or dfna la scan bos.aaa .
State) and Federal Land by buying him a

lir.btag Yleiealk'8et..4: pair of.auspenders' Price.a pair
CAses a specialty
s.wva.a 5r..10. ako. best laa
West Palm 'Beach; Florida. very bad coa'dLloa tor; .... UOM Bath RobesIn ,50 cents to $3.0'0'Kn
\ .. rorHrtac th auoaitoa' ., lbs.tn.t
r > geag today.' Tkto'atrcot, oopoelally .
p t, sxiooa. K D, that part bvt.ora Aaaoi neat effects In Coif and Terry Yachting Caps and .white:
r C cad D. waa .aU'alit lataoaaablooa doth. As nice a CHRISTMAS
the Bros.
.aes.rlrll Belts.
KW CtaM r.- Mcoaat! .f S.1 holes.aid rau, lathe flannel trousers ;
-w.r.... !PRESENT as a king would want j
aorlac. \ .r
I OMMCAW4KLAJQ. will rust tarnish and
I not
tl BXDA.Dr.J3fflesM. Lost -A black boa oa ''tic atrort.b Price 1 in ,Golf Cloth $3.50 Bine yacht caps..II.. ...........L25tolM known the.world or the best are,
over as
<.oa Boaltrard *..d :Aroaao C Whit yacht ups..... .4.. .. ....LIO to 1..
w oa Awaao C frost balk to IStkotrrrt. White flannel troaers..... '.' ....5.Nto8.W
: : : Jackson. Jr.' pt.... rrtara tOiMKrowolla. Terry, Cloth t $4.00 and $5 White yachting shoes. ..........LJ5 to tool Prices; 50 cents to MM '
ofloo sad r ircro toward.;
i I. a.q. .. Towed .p M. irtr ftorao, "NECKWE'AR.Tkoro Hats
Tko stessreP Pkll SrkKklo. Capt. ChriStmas ,
.Fred, MooCr. arrived ..... otoralacfrow -
1 '' tko asset oaat -1lk two t I kro Mora A awa'a dn to a ass. lad wkat.
QR.' W. \.B.RUSH.0AM .; ( urges.is tow.- ... of then boiacikkl aoekttoo.I'gives aaXau taa ko bottor or tore aorrkoabloTTklak ,
klrk was It.."a aakoro wbv gift tkaa of of
SSS-lttk.......,enIf. I tko _..., SC lAde was wrackedsit say otkor tuai.Kctkwoar. I oar HATS te post gieag..

....... .,SOt Sit IlL....... .11 Loag Key; sad twenty or .or* to oarotfoacoat
aoraoaa drtwaod. Sao d1.. tooo.. Uao forXataa. "
rulctr.J. ". Knox katsp'"SS and $6-
ap a aojall aaxUUry ackooaor. btloaa W. wield +r
lag t. tko ixt.oal.a.For : like ,to- ao* tko
f Mulletl.M.I\ )t : ,- .acroaa we CooM Yom g Ire!:ha ti$3 5354Ipertal
". Balo AariOary bop yacktroraolla. sot oalt laa aok ;
Loaftk ....
SI foM. Itto u. Krory akadolaiaclaaklo
y ,OttotsRooBMSaadl. r *.. Tkoroagklr ovorkaalrd .aid I '...say. its Jer:>>.Qt. I
rrtaorll *aH4J-t. la ant claw 'ooadlTloa.! AddrooaJaakM wtdtk sad loactkXrory _
......10.... M lS a*. Saoap\B.. 8r.... Coroaaat 0,,", Dad.C.e.t7 ,a
.........u ,.,'.....-...* I ..... y atoot Men Haadkerchiefs cotton, linen and silk in i
: v tjOfneo I / 4515r$2.a0 'plain white. and fancy colors. Also in initials most {
'Co**'*** OTOOBJ; World". OraacoBkMoaai az 25c
'. F.:K:.JAUDQ ..ii::n:: ..,.,.., (... staid 1111 w ". any Jprice'_ you: choose from It cents to SI."

..,. ... ,.. .
Dado ,: Ave. Ot 'M. i .. frr
rhortaateyat'AoM ; .
it -.1 books sad datllfa oa ..." for tkobolter : .VA b .: r .
w rl.oatt. wJJt.oY eri
,10 1. :"" 'aa4 ..oarlW It..... A' tow I ', ChrlitlnasBedt J u.
OU; Utk.tt ;."TatpkoM' PZtttflh -'.....utat CkHotaua Vuola. aad: oaloadara :. ,"Shoes e.s I L
.- koanMltita.aiMthla.av.....sap... .. i l' to salt la*' .viola, tko poor. tkowkkfd l ,RoofflSlippers, '. ''forllen Suit Cues
e r .. -4 ,sad Cl. (1'0114' PHeea sad J
.+acrrlro win k. la korpltf with atyalaiptotUo. ,f:fc. beSt itrctrat No fccttef aro
Cpar If aty ... tI'ee.Tkats. I jo* eoald rirt aataMCaltiH. wile for tWprko. Prom llearj UU.
'G. M. "VINCENTPbysida : .a'.. .- "f' -a .... Apartiii7L u1 A Canpujaf New
:1 I York OtM /. Made r
boat 1. iko fam ta'Dado ma fiI.
i aDd StKQtoa ty ta oa aoarty a aaro tktag tkat tko VUKldSLSItegfitest tko beat ,...
Female Diseases Spedettyn stoat. Ifaoraat aood aot falL If tko bl. aiaaaor. COOMU ,,.q

........ ....w ...."....UI U I oaato "aatooat of label aid pbalacla a Cd.. $151Geesiat Maa ra41raal3tnni. ..ct .eo tkoaa. 2
r oxpndod o% tko aoO la tkla ..eo la *Hfcatbcrr
Re 4oact 2t4y'1 itk SLC .
lice:.rooai 4,s.S, latcWtt BMf.DR. .!'ttoa tkat la pat Ia.1k. rrooad laadtaaa 'Aflutter m7 yrld Price for Trunks .... $3.50 to 125." ,
'aero will or aaow IIMaola.that tko toa'aroat sera of sack bar aiSLSIperpoJrSweaters llMftrfaJr.SHOES Price 'Suit Cases.... .$1.51 to $20.M *,

Ei; M. LAW I b aa valaablo aa 111 aero tWa. W
Why aro tkoro oa aiaay faJtaro
.. bore u..., B*>... tkoro t* too Hats and Caps
DENTIST : aile" caaikKac .... A aaa wttk aidbs.tlfsl East sad Stotaom Sao Mt ....
Fiair7 Ba; aas I |.... wtn "t ta Ibis U Srt.aero Pro. Plat.. A park.'to. all ato. 1'rIee.. .. ... ..... ..".. ..I.".
., tocnatoo sad ..,..... to slat 'otoeu. u Cite MW B BOapplo Toaac ....., Rata. ..... .. |LSTackUac .
... .. follow:
Art1sO.Worn haroovttly U.... oa 1&He kaa booa ao aarotkat rtteod aa Cap*. It..... to $1."
Kaaoatoo" .. .. .. .. .. .. .ILUto M
ko atn stake Me
a crop tot {
WWH tko Moot ...... AoolUi e.eFREDi
a food arfeo for It that ko will Sot Umbrellas
aaytklac... Ho baya tko Underwear
plait .
CaibroDaa" la an atytaa aid otooa.frit i
RUTTER. tor lead tko-Ion tastily tko bores boeaao sad n.It .lobes.. goods too la aHk. wool Bad...., Ste U ,1.1. A *. ... ... ..11.21.. n.*. it

C maral. CMtractM :stuck u..... sad ..... ooo bas told
OratftaB.. 51st'that 'bo aaat raho aaytklackoro Shoes Royal Palm Shirts

.....DrIIIM.loottnc.W.CMayflard lld.waae at tko tlata........koa ko aaoald bopattlac Edwta Oapp II. 1T'aad 1... 'boss.watkevot .. FOR LITTLE FOLKS Mado for aa by ooo ., tko krtaotataaafactBrora
la a for tko.koaa ..
If .. aboaid karo a eroa of toaia |S.t*'aat II awaa OO8Krtppe.cIet1la" Moccasins ..t......*....... ..*.*..:... ,. t.. ..25c It sad ,..1It7 tao UUXrAS8XD.rMco Baat. Style.

to** ko win bail a load of toatatook Sao tress, will alvaya akooa. ,1.1.ko' U roar IS Soft Soles at............, ...... .. .... .....5e to, $L tGenoiiM ... ........... to |s.". '
OMADUATB: OfTICiAN .bono. towa back sad bowto a load acaia of Tkoro kay far to tko tko akooa U good ..... Trte !!... Turns..... ....... -f.-,-. .,...75cto; $159 Qaakor city shirts prteo MI ... II

k With kUri>or< .'S. >.Jaw.iro rack ko doss ..f.... tko Wags .
tkoro are to aavo. Hay aaa ko bad

.....C.1nt.AYYO Y.d s P.a Of. 1 for l.r.n tko tko oattiac aMcklaory... ooo tkat crop aoodod will pay FREE! FREE! A fine box Kite with every/.boys suit bought lor cash t

1* ALTKV to pat It ., wi'". Got a MtCor-

j13.Z'OhltOOt, ; : : stick auk sows aa aiack:sad of tko a bay kay props tkat and will FREE! .FREE: A toy bird whistle withevery 'pair shoes bought lor cash

.... troai tko trop after tko toatooi -
.1 are ctkorod aa ... auo. from
:111: Ate;. .C X1u .FIa. 1k... .
Bay new .....* sad hiss post
...t sad Save ass ooaUac la
; i Emil; A. .Ekmaflfl'Architect frost east ITo win ..B yoa tko The
.1 Farm Macklaory aad ..'.',.. soap Anthony-Romf Company
R ... : ..,.. .. tt.Wo. P

+ I I weed ywor bleary
.j Florida
l'est Palm Beach MUMi BA&DWARK.W"I"An.

t t

> s 4U= t 't" t y;
: .co
y +. a' 4, _< t ls1 +sw d'4 ?



yy PAri* mE mn.T Mum WKTROFou,, ..\TO n,r. IX"'DIRD e!. IMM .. FACE nrrrx

Sorted oa aa la self ...wt.... Tk* tit A ... Mr MT Ik. tan I. .
J I .l.ot nalooa ... la tows ass slat 'toot taws. Now *..M M sat towU
W. C. T. .U. sea eomlac sad .,....d4 Ikallk for taat goad t.,... to kelp
.j would all hays to P U thJ did auk Maul a god ,Leo to rate
sot k. cartfaL good keys U? x
DepartmentEdited e .
I e
: Christmas All) w* sad to 4o I* to *4a at* II...,. 1..1ee. Tke KaaoaaWtlibtar
Greetings. Ik* people oa Ikl tkl.. \
was orklac *o .. per
By listen aaMa4awat to Ik. coavt
Tk. Woe suites M Uvvly .la aoawtlm ...
tatloa A Mt Mr tk. trout tata
MM. TM. It does M i
May. Ta 4> at. ward ant.A .
I patty for tie Mile JalHmt eke
Anticipating the touts of hundreds of hoBdiy|tboppen, we purchased an I Tkroaik tk. k.la4aa cl tk.;.n.". It m.k*. It duty for Ik* Seri BMW of UaU4 Ik* fell wises sad walked Bladac Ik*
f unusual quantity of Christmas goods which are displayed on our counters: for the Miter of tk. lU'ropota: Ik* W. C. ,Jade tirlac Ski .n.'.. It maWoa. oa tk* ataa'a .koala.! aa4.aaaoaa4. aoraaa4 .
stock is becoming diminished from day Sea albs" I Ita,It pasty for tk* weirs dodging Ik*' "
f benefit of the public and although our to T. U. bas space hae.r owa M..-
day as Xmas approaches,we still hare choice selection in a variety of novelties limfta. II fOIl wa.t to "" rusts It flT lr tor TW ..a was ro.r to *ot* ,. kin ;,
f; suitable for,,Xmms presents for your wife your husband your mother your grand .kat w* ar. 4o4if J..' tap .. .1 Hrvty grocer for oollmlBK ti. k'a cwmmlttM bilk makM t'.1'I"la. ..*.4m.at. TB* ftM...* *f 51.wit. .
haven't made purchases let that 01 IkU CoIlM*. poor ". Said ... tk. fan t. ,.. Mfafkr
mother the children. If your yet us suggest ..
or you r 11I'. San pKIUBa for a vt *r 4rytlcctioa for tk* 4 *,.*.. makoa It laity a sand tbs ........t fr
call and look goods and convince: yourselflaty.t our prices are more I
: yon over our. U Da4 ..t're S. !tk* aaeruk karrtmc Ita TlcUima.Afl k.
toted (*r Ik* s.rsdiil B
r moderate than can be,bought anywhere else in the UOB. Tk* ntls.M votcra ask' Ibis manses mar k* *.tertal..1 r4y. to r assays' *| tktrkT *
vast to alp ISIs |wUUo. will Ba4!lag to a cereals sort'of people but, aa4Boya drkIke
... at E4wt. N....'. ogee.( em IttkMr It U sot a Trr. prottakl. dvoHaoaa.TWr .
WE GUARANTEETo t. B* yen sad alp roar taw
... A oua CYa x... flK
a It apoear om tk* rccMrattoa nit hardly a la Mlam.MtaU
It will.wot eo..L tkoa* wko ar* directly g.e.
e MM mmy kr Ik* .*h>"., mat would aid If'''. rue raa get a Pasta
please everybody or refund your money for,the ask\ng. It ls the duty of every. I "lUck.ultee" a attlo k* glad ,. Hf Miami clout If k. CS... Fataa-Fae. fro* wItS soul
one to take advantage of an early opportunity to make their Christmas purchase that bat ala U a rvproack to say people.* 414 sot fear Ik* ffct oa tk* toarIvtm. .> .*...,. Jr.w Trk WerM. It __o*
they be properly waited upon and not wait until the last moment when eTUJ'th1Dc S e So ..., diet bass bat leer.K .. .ttk tile fcUfada settles. tolaat ;
may '
t.... caa milt wit'out avbMaa tk* Milt ...* ....',a Mi.ie'
selections have been
is turned and aU choice sokL- ... .
topsy-turvy : A womwm aak4 Ik b r ( dri. 11.. ta
It to Icaoramo but tk* tow : raotaao ktkt( WMB.troaa
Moos la Miami. "dlMm wee ,.
maa oa seeoeal.4Itseessei. Tk ) ale lad kolty korrte*. r
:tk* *...*,. 000.. that mot rnuay.rat ." foDowlag trow t..a.'. of InC tk* tklaff. lor artai.... ...,. ,
in TodayDon't w* k..w MUnl wkm cue kid ..... Wally ykm back sad .
Come .. s. I. "'C: BMK yaraM Sap-
mo aalooma sad ats ** seem
*Tk* am...' tint titles sad PT
.. t. at, amawr.4 tk* Ulaailam.T = should tktaCkrtotaua
to... caa ant mroa-Mr wttkut 4rtakla I fury prest its
S*,tea.*at for Ik* ekl-
.. pltMa .ads airlUaf .Uoe ,..
.. MUait Mk day kf Ik > .. .
la Boatkvra CaDforala. wkr.arly <
I.... I. b* a city sad t prosperouscity ,i
rrrry tows outside of Lo AaT -
,j. ,i toe wltkmit aalooma. kfra. JaDa, ...b>* k-a adopted -*. Boa*.. ri.ek Ai The Wheelman "
1 a Tmtlto. a UU aMmevr of Ike Otto I
.... .
I maahlM a* Patm4aa. Blum .
!', Wait for 'ftat WC. T. V.. ....4 all IM
Rodlam4a. Pomoaa. '
Tomorrow 'laid from tk Miami rim to Pint Mo.ru1a.isiiektan !
: New Wteeli 6 n&teedTwfi !
doubled or trebled tkttr pops .
tract Mra. Tuttle 4r .4 of a '
tattoo wltkla IT rtan. S.r. M Mlooaa. -
l i i city rubes tk* nra of n. B.> ." 'I Thread ITrti h
lag a ,a. worn*.. ski kid *fry e
4**>4 ., traaafer fortia4 by a w I

out bereft claaa ISo had that It la aa1...sgne.eat. flavor ass to looked Om. sigh at.kla a.watts good father... raB la Miami.r4 Isw

Pry Goods Store' sold *. It. At Ik**wrier of Tear ,. tlm kto'lOa wa .f.*... H. $$20,00At
Empire ....1' atroH sad Af*. D a ..tWI., seat I* tk* store skin Siva aoaetorkoa.
tk boy was mot hers. Tk.a.k
sea *roH4. a aatooa wa laauil4wttk 1 ,
...... .
I7M titarr. It 414 k...... west la* tin k toted Urn
ta Ik*. A'*... D kwtta. altoywkfelf .:
11)\ part of oa day aid was c. fIII..1Ir tad Sadrku
to put of a ......, Tk
How Ik rolca4aa
UmMrame mpl fatkr said T a .... .,.sea to a
'J. R. ,Elliott, ,Prop. .327 Twelfth St.Miami ., \ lk"tkcr sew. a tk.*.alWmt....buIdlat.tsadlag mt lHk fact- rood bat fatkor to aebooL- H* coaU.Maay J. W. Harper
a would gels to row*
tlat tk aatooa la Mt an moworfai.ftooa
\ l ,', after* w. Sad a .u.cu.. Iro. kto boy ta a god ...... but k. cast ItU A.....D. T-.... Iif.litfklat
Florida.; *..*. fcra... Oa ., tk* .*.. ,-
tTH ....*. tk* u..... earn t* fir ..L tsisttq % _J.JLUintsr
kta "'""I'. dusk a* mack of
his owa |>oi_ that k* died la a tew4ara

<':'DUNHAM' l MrSoJ. M. Haskew kVmc of afl:Cwack--ModlcbkFa I /dvUHam e .trm. aa, Miami Grocery Co.

\ Mr. Ie. O. Caa*. a awH carrier Tk mst attvmpt at tk* afarloaakaolmoa '
a Caatoa Oatar.Coaa. ... ... koala : was aflor II,.. Trttk'souts. '
;Dressmaiking tile D. I. 8rrt tor about aUta -|4 WWa a bar ....... ate Staple and Fancy Groceries Hay Grain
: .
Painting ,..ra. aara: "W* San trW away I ton and otktr moos acesatr.a.ata
coack ..4leta rr but ww placed la tk. Miami HotL I t
creep "
Reception and Evening Cos Ckaaiberlala'a Coack R w ir U Ik* XI..I... ..... elM.*... kr tr*. "NABOB"
) Paper hangings tumes.Specialty of tailor gowns ktaf of an aa4 oa* U k* rll4 a aaa -,I TI. aalooa was to k* .proud at
I ..*" U.*.. 'W* .... ta4 It tk* I IM.t ..va stock Mom4ay ...1... Vat Solicits
s Signs Kstecel rates SB Iridsl ihmsetaz'h.ust.as.tl.IFn I 1'ftM'd' for coaxka sad,M.... '.. Savdar at two P. M. air weal !yonr patronage
: I ilrtag canals .....It, std, teeme J',.p la amok.. .
vas bad after *f cta.."' Tor aal* kyB Tic
;;: Ofifce 'anel ,Shop'1009 An. D, NAftaatt Irt d.rt rss lout.nsri ;aear** Drag Co. *a4 an 4rauiU.I' Tk. preoMt a.es.*.t hag .**. Telephone No, 20 335 Twelfth Street


Ghri'S1ma.s: Presents.

,'Christmas is almost he .e. Its. ,not a bit too soon for you to come.in and,look, .

.overour, Large Assortment Herecan"* be found every thing in the line ofnew i


.} Jewelry, Imported china, 'Sterling, I


', Silver Brlc-a-Brac t and Novelties' '


Weve.just received a' 'new 'line' i in all .the ,Latest Patterns _and )Designs'and '

feel 'quite positive, i ,you will\ find, .:among them many helpful suggestions for..: gifts.CUT :
'-- -- -
If a

1 .

: GLASSBoth SflverwearSllvervear d,


English. and the Ir of course

choicest American'cut :: plays! an Important part i
glass. \ln beauty of dei at Christmas time: we

; sign these new piecesare I have an Immense new

superior to anything i a \ stock that embraces

we have ever 'shovn. : beautiful collection of ad

1 It will) [| be to your ado r 1 the most re'lable!' makes. 2
We Dives forks ( and t in this which for
have tablespoons design beauty
vantagd to see this cut 1 teaspoons Every piece of silver Incur

glut' -'belore You' buy.'1 I of ornamentation, weight, 01! silver end workmanship! is nnsurp&ssed., See km.( stock lsguarantecdArticles ,

: V

Articles or .Ladies For Men I

I; J w. H' A' LE'R'S
led lIecbce ftutata Pas Ate Coys K tXn,h hunts I
W ftlcla Wr' fr>:sbat.cths All Trays Packet Lilies

}nnII cua": Ctrl Caw SbYlq> Sets t
: .' acu Cues Sheet flats

_ l'JEWELRY: : STORE ails: WitclwiItlrlTiuhes I

i t WatcJaa t. Sad rta lt Irishes Key Tiii .

_ lL .

1 f Our Prices" are the Cheapest and our Assortment the Best. Com and see them-, I

t1I tj t


.iii.. J

r .
.. .

.. ..*. "' "'''''"'' ... .
W + ', 1 r '1'" "" ... .rl.--. .... I .
-i -:- --4 THX DAILY lOUD KCTKOTOUHtAITBIUr. D....c._ 1t7. INs MAT PA.t

TACK- ...niCHT'T .. :! -- .'

.x ChriStmasSpecialti$ s' 1SEWELL :

.- .
l'' ;


mention below the lines that we have, which will be suitable for Christmas gifts. ,f


a $ ;,OpOOlworth! oiNew.Goods, just arrived,this week, Ml:

r; r t I -
Neckwear Silk and Lisle Hose I

;I In Indvldiul boxes of elegant design. The assortment Is For men and ladies l of every color and quality. Price of

A- by far the largest In.the city. Prices......Sic, TSc SLIt these are............ .. ............2SctoiN ,

+. I Handkerchiefs, Smoking Jackets

We"have these in one half dozen-boxes of various styles There Is nothing nicer for a Christmas present for a

I I and} qualityto cult all Prices.... ....$LM,LI SLN gentleman than a smoking jacket. We have a most
elegant line and will be 'pleased toshow them to you.

I Prices ...... ..'...:...........& $7.31 ifld II....
\",I ,_ For lades and- gentlemen In the latest Imported handles Suspenders ,
.. .gh \f exqulsne': design Prices........*...SLSI to$7.11 \ We have these put up In individual\>oxes and they make \t ,

a very nice present. Prices...It..i..73ctLNfL54, "

r ,Bath Robes
.. Belts ,,1
A bath rcbe makes i most useful present for a gentle.
man. We have a most beautiful line of these goods,and Our pig skln.Moroccc aM Alligator belts. make fine Xmas .
I '
If you i/lll drop"In and look thm over, ve are sure you present; we have them put up In special .single boxes. ..

I'k- will agree,, %Ith us.Prices.....$ Sl,*S.55,15* $1.51 Prices: ... ..........,.... ...,i.SfcLM,.t LSIgJI i

f I f .- .. 1 '

I Mens Clothing Boys Clothing Pants .. LL' !

Or'lieu\ of wens clo'h kT U cowplett laU Out UM of boy cJotfcUf la b/far the 2000 pair wens paat fcr y... t*acl ctIrom. t
*err styles .O.r.tock it by fartboarye bet it h**.ever been our pleasure tet U tow. No Pri better,..:stick.1.Afl, to' |C7 f
aad oar brand art '
ia tic for
t city how. \Tc Dave a bit stock you to y
aM1' the I lint anaaatattared. Wa art sow elect from a.4 the price art.far below Boys'Pants
}' ."io..lnir. aU the late aad salt aplodatttyfe .
follow an oMBpctltkm. W bought It cheap
and Price a* :
1 pattern 500 pain boy pasts for you t.elect .

1 J' t .$8, $10$12.50, $I5,-$ZOZ5, 1100. O,r 3.50 and 5.00 I low from.pr.ca Go of.cI vel.....e..t..."...2SC to' 1.50 rT

:. P
.t. t, Stetson Hats Sewell Bros. Specials f 1 Hawe Hats w

$1000 worth of Stetaoa feat Jut received bats' I f TM-tkittk$1001.CMM"II to par foe a '
L50 lid ISO are I tied taHaw.."the bet
VTt hart,these food ia.all the sew hat yo:will .
wlateraad, prior at- Our stock of f rtfee oa th*market. ,We an sole egrets sed
SttUoa bats I.the largest!.UM UU heavies bar a Uj stock toe je. to select froai U

-.-- Prices, 4.00 4.50 'aH 5.00 Colle I In and leek them over Price 3.00 -

", Shoes! Shoes! C Shoes! .

I 4k $5CW worth shoes received this week direct from the largest and best factories in the United States. /

These; goods come from such factories aa Hanan &Son, Howard & Foster,Selz"Royal Blue" r.i

Laird & Chober, Selby Shoe Company, "Queen Quality" Hamilton Brown Shoe f
Company, "Budd" Shoes. U in need of a pair of,shoes for Xmas, see these

I Mens ShoesThe Ladies ShoesWe a

**w Haavai *hoe* art all that coald be wUh4 for ia BM c1ai.to carry the .,.t beautiful u..of ladies. sheet south
hot kakUr.We hate tltnll. aO Uc MW (.M ...A 7 Aft of Sew York City, aa well aa the largest variety ia the aoatk I
laststad lint lealllen. Price. MAjaml Oar sew priar food MbataatUte taU .tatt.'tile,are
k.. a al.pI''lf.L Oar aIM of *8elby shoe. art tIM.c..ofperfection i
TIle Coward sad Foster shoe at 5.00 caaaot be. ,rail.. Tbrc Wt hart then ia Fr,ach kid aad Dr kid.aud ia '
rood art very aobbt ..4.tU*. Prices .;.C*.IU UW| sit these atylea a.. aad two GiUn Uea.Court Tie*. u,2Wv
pair. osford.aacl Pa... Pricea
oj. The koysl Blue three ifty and four dollar shoes artbrfarth* .BelbJ 0 aIIoca........... ....... 3.00,14.00, s.oo
It .t lobos oes the.arket for lilt r osey. Oar MFox"lice of ladle fancy suppers aad aaadala art drame
1'1 I .."...,....t...,.:.............. ........3.5Q aid VTa have then la every color sad au watch '1.50 f A 4.fVA
... ; Browa two k kr a Ifty-6tj sboes.rte-worldChildren'r your IOwa with theaw bea tlJalhoe. A'f

bnt.r.Chrlta. .CotM.la. PrICe and..1.gets, ...pair...'.for......1.....2JK) aDd 2.50 '
S l'i RememberOit taioyla shoes troasa fM ""D.
dnatais of tekcaai trvattt Urtest stod b. til Sod,
J V Shoes aad that the odes Is QM.kwttf poaftte. nmilitcBt wttt
food fir.Every sbotWi t aruttea.
ise of chiUreM absa t* by tar the largest a ad prctticat itt Z
ever.was our p pare to how. We oat, ask you to call aMa cerdb&y In loot mr oar is
lid look theai,,"r.W.kaow weantthe chtMrca and belt 70* ood*. Ho "till ff Nsb mud wffl be t pluart ,
1 Prices 25 cents to$150 for a to stew y0tlt oods.

1 0 0

: John; Se.well- &' Brother i

A .

t .
.. ,



: \T|


.t .t.
west t. ..'01'4. but w* are glad
UROSPERIW to Me lose oat agala. Dwa Anticipates -1[Len City joyS
: THE THRIfT ; Mr. Dater iMBftk aid '..11I ka y.

yPROGRESStAFID i arrived already la .started...,..*to. ....Mr..IL. U*..says ltkka A Great Season: lad a COM Hint

'ke to here to star sad U goiag s .
ALL pat oat lea acre of place nut ,._ !,
t maun PARIS or DADE COUNTY seer.Mrtil.' \. ;

: W. Irt* sad Mr. Osodea Skin!**; Of Wlattr TctttabUs. BM. Ciptsrt 0.. r..,-Lt&* Critter"GcaadtN
\: -- ,- .-- v .oa-were. t*'Bag yarns to their dark 1
; ta* ,......F altkt around tkolr asp CslnmesadTbsceaat7 PrJtMtS I.uic Y II=bt au.-PSa, MRI.I .
? ; tree bleu aaldat bell start I..., 1
-Metropoll Correspondents Tell Of ''Bunding Fuming Mew Settlers, Coming In, What a barge paaiker walked letMrwy late Still ZqIp4 la BmBdlaf OeM : WMTamradjyJIIjkt.EesssSIIly atajsd
tktr circle aid every one took
Those Already Here An Doing And Of The General Progressive Conditions to tkolr keeta .. laiporUat ka*> : ItM4a-PtrMul..1 L I .
(leas la ether parts MOBM. ol tk*
i In Their Rap. cUn Sections-Personal Dews Mentions, Etc.; "'tJM'an.fussing yet. Ooaorai j I -
/ rOopkor" rtlxB4 k<* poatuoajwttk.k j I .. .
Irea-Oood **ttt. H. oialau Mr. 0...., Ftav DM. tl-Mr. Alfred Lasses Oty. Dl... 11-.-,..ad Mrv
'k. !RoaMptalgM ateoc wftkoat ate. Me........ sallow for tk* r. II. Fiitaroaai sad daagktor kat. .kee* ,
Arck Creek. Fla, Doe. !1X.1ztare I."I' ibis keaatlfal!" er ,law r Tk weekly dunes ta aa iaiporUaioctal 1. Mr. Fed I, De..,. land ageatlor C. Railway toad ....,......". ta toDaala tk* gBoota l*r a few Ain of MrS: y
ka kB proDfta IB its tread 1pInti4'- 1 swat la watek tari aaaiken, tk.* F. &. C. Railway Col. te- attending to badness for &atpuF. ...
iI' best of Arek Creek at the MaC of .. Tke bridge .. kead aarten torsavtgatloa ,|I take part from tk* rtdalty of Lick porta the.sale of ever U* acres of ttaipooo. Tkey are BOW .u...
: aavtgaUoa of two mad kt ptetark "t sill koala caa1 I'Creek a* well a* Invited neeti. Tk*' taaiTkerc dirUC tat past week; H* -Mr. Morrta ta aader lbs woatkertkto Mr. tad Mra. R....,. Tk*' FaKtarawo ,
I. MOM rtrera. kartag tketr aoarc* la ,.. aader It sal tker ea, to tke:a taiaaie ta farataked ky local tales predict a Block larger Casual of week with ked attack MOM from-New Tar whets
suffering a
I 4 tile vast and BWtrtoM Erwrgtadea. bosses of ............ aeatteredjtkrovcm f'\ Tke Welrk plae Jut aortk of tk* seer a.lIeN for ant *..auBr'tkaa of dengue fsvlr. they late just sold a lovely koote.Tkey .
Art sew tkat.tkta nttto kaattlag tke -0...... TIle !*ceaeryWrat ';*>pot'wltk Its two tkoaaaad aearlM w, bad ibis MOM**. AI ever. JM Mr. A. T. JOB** bas born la. Wd lave leased tk* Merrttt place
tile wIMoTBeoi U taktag lu place .. U0 MtaraL erestlosis: a]|I grape trait tree and apleadld av*> acrewr' **t la plea .... MBiatet fee tee pat tea day but we an
I;> la Ik* world of agrteaHar aid >es.- I wilderness MlM and ...*.. gl-,a ass of bag leafed pulses ta tae ol It toot aa basil this win ke a goodptaeappU glad to ass klai oa ta. Greets ewe for lie MM* with tk* lauaOo ..
ttcattar r few a.*. as, W pr- ants of tke forU sad aa Meal ple-i'|(the slow places of-Arcfc (rest. and aalpplag potat la : yearor parcaaalag It tater,rery/tklag prwr
alttH" war e* latrodaeUoB. is'- ale resort tor tourists aa well a* acttlen. -lI. I* ke. tarfely xleaded. It ta two saeTkers are arrvrat aew faaiuie* lag Mtlafaetory.Mr. .
I) ah "iea'lr. At aiaar a* a bait doses aid t....' to -aot a diseased UM IB Car<<.* llinkalr ....... .U go- hero aid nearly every week. BOW salt Mr. hank Z......
Arch Creek wkfek at preeeat eoefaL1s taps wltk bolt load of kaaualtykolaf : tile (TOT* .
lag ap "* rapidly. It win ke i one beers are ketag '''It. Gala tocertalaty who have kB 191.. at tk* Uerrltlpla
or arty or sere '.1141.... gee fre.aUr sees kerr at on.Use. .: of lbs aaeat bosses ketwecB Pair eajoylag a splendid H.ildl ... lave ..
I.. .. ta also -fasted flUlagrnort. stowed eel tIW sewbek.ldt
eraUy of tile orttleBMat IIer, tie It a Beach sad MtaaU.MlM 1 boon '
g .....
....... Bg Area Creek sad UtttaArck ..-.clny for treat wklkaoosregate SMpplng "Season Tlrgiala Btaatoa win attend Mr. LaBreo formmty of Miaul. la .Net that. tk.roigkt
sear tketr ewe *..wkkkta
,. Creek wkfck see about a kUiataad la the akadow of,; the. tk* toacken aaaoclattaa at Htj ..ag ban eoBiDtoled kta klackaailtk shop tke gro
Jael ecrooa rattd. Tkta will +
to an tauau sad pw -- bridge and vfcUltr. saline Best week. Poaipaa will and tk* rlag of tile aarll caa k*'I Liable Mr. ZaaivaK to
1. Of ibis favored locality tk* poet Kataral Bridge .. deotiaed lat ao On Pompano heck ker tMcker agalaot say of''....,. tree *vly' arKalag tin dark. for his ptaadld eee.e car
'. well BUgkt law..,..pc. wkea k.1 dlataat date bas kwmee tke j atoMiterator I t..*.. Mr. Atookrook win lave U a few i Taeoday ......gror a party of kyaCall
warbled: : ......,. resort *a tke? t.med ..* rack road k. wevo Paktnaao day for polata ap tie coaat 001 ...-t____I. La__ H.si..sa N a teen ._.__.L_
Y""o', lad w* Melt Uttto. Isle, Zeat'Coast aid ought to ke tkelarmiMl ." fort L adrdatoae'da wldealag i leer and ptoaawr Tk pooplo of They. lad aa ndtlag tlat and bIle
.r..r.... of tile MiaaU Dectrtc Htivet Lit TtIIL&tMI Xt fwXariiT very "' 17. sad It akovid M dose ;Paala have a few lakHaga that toad .d two of tk* Fur. tagged "ertttr -
?_' la a .... ....... ocoaa. far Railway wltkfaalukto r acanaaMdaUoaa. U *|e*. Tkrr will ke tear kaa.. i ties to believe k. will k* ......1 i *.- OB of their k raa got away
I? oft. aad ataoMWk : tor, ytaaaara aeekera.Arrk H.Tt&cn XirkttsAalPrlctii. tag MW kt la tk* prlag and M tt ta ;pealed oa his rtara to Da.... j froBi tke. and It took ties several !
s .r* a oaf aver die la the aUBI Creek'"'It ke tke trepolta aot wide ooagk for teas to paaatroakta. Mr. Harsh bas pvrckaoM tk* stet bars to capture *k* .....L Tkeyretaraed
.?. ktoooUag bbe baassq+ i ., DUe ...t,. and bear tkeraUtloaa Brtatiat Cued ..Sw Plus U set accU*__ ""II...retylaappB. f starlet Tress M,. tuaardy sad ta bar tile ant ...... at
Aad tile nets oa tkroagktk axladac between few York }doUg a gee busses ala o'clock. *
:: .' *, wkoto roar.of' flowerVTker aid Covey Ia..... A line of yaekta Xntq Lose 1 RaJa ta bull needed tad fk*| Mr. 1. H. Brraa. Jr.. ., Kh.IBIBM I T*. play "Rio Ormad*" was pal
tile MB lave.to past wttkif ply dally ketweta the Hafk City f 'roaag erepe are suffering for tk* *. has rvtaraed-to" wick oa at ta* Hkrary kai dtag bat alcktky ,
t M toad a delay. ".%. sad Nataral ;Budge sad ta nattedky watt of It. rrrral teases and wn ..rt a large. Mr. J. B. B. CVoioa ,oC la.ail. ..
i That tile Bigkt oatr: Arawa}',kh. .aay private tauckoMkotr lap- Mlaa Gertrude McCoBik. daagkt.. I acreag of vegetaklea this s....*. a....d ky total ....... A
'. Ibis isO o'or tk* day.. j py UataiM ataklmc'lke aarroaadtatatlila Poop:... Fle. Dee. II Rar of Mr: sad Mrs 3... McCoaik. Jr, There are several crate of Mara I..,.*.....*.e* attended and tk* dlt-
U tool bat ....\Mat ... rak. Were off. Tk tourist ___ rotarard her bee out
War alBU>ty wo rtac wltk :.mrrrr taaiaMr.Aad to BatardayBlgat egg plaits and stow vogvtaklea. beIng > laud alters and settees receives / x
w* Mr*. tats natural woader .. aot wltk- and skipping ..aiua balk opened to peed tk. CkrtotBwa ..11{ skipped from bets every day to a geaerma sass l tt applause dais I
I* worth tk* AM )*y that its I oat 1'. ........,.. for ...... dariac tkeeealaole ben ebbs we.k. lay with her ......ta. |'the Bortkera Market lag 1M,..,. Tk. laaaetal part was
,ttowkr* oaa gtv*." > war' waa a .eoeaptta' sad C: 1..' Leer has started tk* keel Mra. M. M. Sa ok* write* *tkat, }> Tk coaaty prlaooer.a* Min ka*. a. ......
Tk great attraeUoa' of Arck grid mlU. wklfk l was deatroyed ky roOUf will a skip neat of coea_ ik* caagkt cold tae Brat algkt o( ker,fly oagaged seating rock-roada west Tk clMrlag oC Mr. W*. L. fears *
_'"' Crock U kr 'JaoUr faced natural the Halted states' troop tress Fort ken 1. nun Boa. Xew Tork. Tilt to Baaford and fartket atateatkafPoaipaBO :*Dash and ar. beg esc...lest rIMe ta going oo very rapidly and k* r
1.rI...*. apaaalag Area Creek aa eya- Daltoa beaux U ground ears for Mr. N. D..Cole mad toe ant ship.steal ta tile place for .*." work. IMr .iprct* to bee tk* kalldlag started
:";\UteaMy. cooatratted ky ..,.,.'. tile Jadlaa, ...u.... Parta oil' tk* of toautoM wkkk were ooadca It .. tk* place for IoU of people It,I K. T. Klag has Wrtod work teen
ereillwet.. U,cktaettod out of tk* loaadatlo ttonera are yet to kewa. ..... M. LaM dt Boa. JaaJtc- they ooty knew It. HT* kar rood ** tk* ....'. sew rteolaa. well and Tke More of M,. t. B. PeadWtoBta
.' BUd Baseless tomod ky tile bend .- while' Ike' aloetway ta'clear- 0.... Jr., '...*' aide several aalpMBU water hues good laad. good ackooto.1,,Wore long Daala ..0.-,* a good tile area of great activity ewk
.f aaLon.* krldg. *wlliell tares IT dletiact lUt .,.tk Of tke bride*. tkla week to tk* eastern BMCU good road, good stores aad make!water capply.Krerytklag. day people. Mrrklcg for CIa,..,..*
pert ., tile apteadld cramked -Voek ta-eicaratloa of about sews fla .* of toBMtoea and plaaapplea.Qall good crop and k.** good kealtk. 'I IAayoBo tavo.*te, "na.. will ptwal. for belt. owed eels It
tkoroagkfar* to tk* troplet .."'" 1.4 tke solid. rock, but .... a,few .._".... ....... wko waits to taca%* la a have oa* of tk* taneA. ....*.. fee ta lOt altogetWr Bereaoary .. go to
feet .id.. ads :>klck da._. _..! .4 ttl .wII.. M\1 lag tk* ....oa of tk* year, are N- rood plM*. ought to spend a day at I IPoojpeao I I alpplag trills and muktaa_ ka MIsMI.Is KM a raKakl. present foray
larWd Cttto river amlacttag .p.rklat...... beautiful SMi laaacke reached keN ky rail taM __ to set better prices tkaa otkra -I v r* ....s. Tk BM-tkaata are .. I des MolB >..<.. the aodoUat Mocked wfk *MB.tklnf for eve.
'.tyse Ba,.. stile distant. tae artIIM1 week and ass owaed'taeallyAad last Jaet "11'. I lag tile beaded business la tkslratatory I k* the Daata....... ta badly eagaged'pteperlns ..,....
I' big tae rat belag. evurebaaalagc M' Mt test, ta aa katoatoMta watek I Mr. L. a. 8aMk kaa kea oa I here and are pJaetag larger' for tk* CkrMaiaa .. + r'r
L i ....n. tells '01"' tke jacalattoaf: vreetebI"s pnewes eaa ....... lie sick list ever does Mra. ...b ort y wttk theta wholesale 'oa_ t rtal.y.at for tile cklldrea. Ceatlao o* Pat l>

I .' -:;--:; ___. :---.::;:--- -_--- ,.-.- --- --- -- .

; ; 7 ---i ---------T--:
: : ..


., I j 1.1-; =..,. ; r\ al. Call. .. Call: N NCIYristirnth
f ., ;; t' ..... 10' .. 'Z : ,

; .

: : .

/ .f ,+


As we are getting late in our new stores and 'it being such a

short time before Christmas, we will sell the following at cost, A

saving you 50 cents 'on a dollar. Be sure .and see' our stock. -

/ > .; t! l Casts

i Good Aaerteu jetrctM Moreaest s 1TalE tm Moresteat .
r ,

$9.00 Watches, Diamonds :and Jewelry 'X15.00 _

r'" -Cut- Glass" Silverware. 'land Painted. thiiiaA

------- --- --

Band: Panted- ;' China ,Cut Glass ; SilverwareTetSoooes leather, .Goods.

..... .. .Berry Mdl. .. IIIIuJ Irma

p 'c&ZaDkISSTea'SetsrJ..-, .J Cekij.'" > Taut. I Spooss lJIla i I tel llleu'Potbaoob

Ceferjlfehei .u fro Diet loa blUes '"

tea Sets
.v ,11Ies
.j; .. Sbirte E Sets Zags
.. Ink Sets toilet Seta
..... ,
Lociet foMfflled
\ Ceoc eieti NI'UN hlllons .krftr Dress Sd Cases Y

etc. Toes etc de Forki CoOtrBoxti SIS
llfwrcu- ,-*; |7, .. E

I:' CTTV. LOAN-- '. ::7 :J. ( "OFFICE. I IIn


their New Storfrlerierly;' Sottleni Express: OfCet Avenue D and: Twelfth;;/ Street. '!Frank Gall3t, Proprietor zM'a




TAG*TOT nns DAILY vuia Mrraonius. p ynwiY. rocnouot !Z ISM SUTCV PIGBB

; '.


, For Sale New lot just received d .


In the heart of the>, residential section of the J. W. Watson : : Avenue D .

South Side, five minutes walk from po&office I -.

r I.__ ._ _. -; ;.' l _
IMMEDIATE Delivery .--.. .- -- --- -- -
i ,i
: President ILL McCORMICX Ylc.-'Prcs. Cashier 1
House witH} Ctfeet of 8 ft veranda two room. 16x16. 3 windows in each j
;t room: Two wed) rooms bnh room with bath tub toilet stationary wash !
stanU.\ dining room kitchen and a room 16x33' on .the second floor. !

< .
Ready-For Immediate Occupancy 1 :

Back veratda sheened; ,cypress cis ern on premises holding 1500 gallons.yard I Fort BalIasNat.: Bank
all piped 'with 3-" inch galranued iron pipe and hose connections. For h j ,
- \ shaded by climbing rose bushes on .arbors. The yard is ent rely fenced. \

Tropical Fruit Trees and VegetablesOn i United .States, Depository.) State Depository

the premises' \ are the following: 20 grapefruit tie s, 5 avocado pear trees, 3 I Capital, $lOlIOO.8$
'tangerine orange trees. 2 goose-b "y trees, tropical;,a King orange trees a : .
: -
Navel orange; tiees a' Rose apple trees 20 banana trees. 10 lime trees. 10 i I '
Paw-paw trees besides mangoe; 'lree<; guavas, etc. and to Hy DISCUS
,bushes a.bed:of violets a hrds Nasturtiums, 30 Cita.u llies. bird peppers,
ill kinds.of growing in garden I
a Augustine peppers parsley and vegetables
The dally growth of our,Savings.Department
Etese'EkctricU ed,Rtn{Water,Sewer, Pke e. M Paved Sheets'I. commeds it..to:-those.who,wish',to.. :,save money.
IsO fert of 8 ft.road with auto,shed' at r car.of. ,property.;about aoo feet of 30 merchants
We respedfully'solicit acceptable accounts of and
inch walk curbed and bant. Propetty: s ;tnxt4.3 feet. Has been; blasted .
and rock entirely removed and buck soil Baled in. Lawn 35x140 feet.Fountain \ individuals -'Stove
in front;yard Side..alk'in trout of|-ruperty. A chicken coop and run.
"' .
'c f.

For Sale on Easy-Terms.% Apply,toH. ,' Wood Berry's Potftry Yard. ) oir. J '

R. Kellam Postoffice Box,353,. or on:the PremIsesFmE'VORKSli!:.ea"ordet..t$US per&.L.load Brad A OA,I Cole ts UUZncujCo. I8I ayx I MOs '-..,
t e.r1ok.Psi t 0cI.
lobs Stlbold's b > \ hIM> m Smafli Strstt 4'
ApIa Pi-e41..ct US *T ALL RHUOOIST*


I, 'f!' I' Gifts' : .for: t All :

I' .i : .
.. r :.01 ., -

Toys t .and:, Holiday, Goods I Johnson, & Tompkins :.

aa -- -
,'We_,have I goods to j[please' I '5 and 10 Cent Variety Store f
:} \ :youngftntfold, and our assortment
ia 'larger than
ever offered 'befo1e.|YWe Offers Marvelous Bargains..
would like to: have you.
'. -i I, early M"; It. wiilbe'im-: f f
( -
.. ; "'possible I for us' to ''wait on
\ Last 3 before
I \ I you properly: you wait : Days
II' till t the last'few days.before -
Christmas..You may
select goods: wanted by rt \
paying:one fourth, down CHINA "TOYLAND1"
we!twill hold them for You - -

: We are showing very attractive Santa Claus has left large supply
pieces for Christmas'gifts, Hand for children. In-fact we have everything Y
1 1t
painted china'Is growing id favor for boys and girls. Doll .
Remember theplace I and is here In very beautiful and I carriages musical toys, doll .tea
uncommon examples.L It,comesIn ,seta, locomotives automobiles,
..L.LC .LM .Lf t i both the delicately'decorating gun boatsV toy carpenter sets,'magIc
to I, services as well as single cups and lanterns wind mIlk,*base balls
buy saucers, etc. Come in and see It. and base ball bats and other tots.r .

toys? and holi- ,
1. Pretty DollsFor ,

$Y.oOOs: is at _
I all the!little girls. We have them In all aizea, either dressed or un'Johnson -
dressed, kid or bisque bodies. They are the best made. S
308,, 12th St.. i
2 '


SMITHS BOOK STORE BLOCK Ave.: D, between 10th and 11.Sts.If


's.L Y.


$.JfJ H rn }- .. -

t r



-'- -... .

New Year Dinner' I COLORED COLUMN I Christina-- Bargains !

At Busy Delr&y
i :== Edited By = .

Wm B e Clrem Dr Lodes AU>Society: W. PERICLES PICKENS.At I
Last Chance to get some big bargains fj
Plea Of
Of 1C L Chwch-C tko B. T. P. 11 rut tko BapUat

Detective Work had ImporuatDelrar. Church tile,. win bo UtortoUaiornera. Before Xmas at G. Mangoes

Tko procria la very olab-

Orate sad la wade of some. of oar '
laeot taleat. hears tt will bo a trait Ii

to tkooa who are"ao ,fortaaato V* to Why full price:'when get same goods lor half
i ic AM.Society taa.. of flee.-Th.the M. i:.Ckartk.Bovtk. Ladies -. stall U.tnaWe'oppon..lt" pay yon price

will Civ a New Tear Sliest Tkvoo osorct'sta crow per popaiaraackBabUtvi ..
at U. tow kaU. CoMMlttMa.. Motklaloroat .. also .
Ladies Dress Eats Men's Tioaserc
.. ls tak- :
Mea appul.t.d to set at pat la Ikk'-ffrcaaltatloa! and tko
I.. 'TlleIItI ladica ar sr <. aartataf $1UIkits bread ... ... ......... $541StM
per 1. attack
Hit way, !lid all patrea are ..""> yoaac toaorally look''onrarj f ...... .....McUSua &5!
... la a4nac of a Caa. Uat'"d .ko It aa see 01 their ....... tttoraryyMoat. hats brock' ....... ..,...... .liM
Us for Vour1 h. suitable for ube o.eaae.w' : ,''eaJO Doat alas H tomorrow SSM bb for etch ... ... .. ?... $Z $4
Try wp aU."aee'De ........ .Stow Sees SHeJ '
c Sliest win W (!*.. seder U. M ss- Tko followlaf are tko church aorIcoa ,
-.,, Next Suit acwncat *f Un. R. M. SMrvpod.prMlavat tomorrow at various Sty Ladies Silk Waists .JHpiinmteaadftati

.lot U* Ladles Al4 MocUt7.aaaMr4 karckoa: ladles Wooer',Wall Ia Peter PanS aces.art' tat afrart.' Tenlschance
i if U. otkar C oOecra tad Bethel A. M K. church11.ada) t _
;4. fit Md WorkfMR* __kcrm.ManrtaMlltom.: ackool at f:I* a. .. rroacklac at or any otter_style it Jaw prtces r
Ii ship Guaranteed It oa tk. ask Oat lavaa: a.. I sad f:" p. avi. Altoa Mans Underwear
Oar- aea.iar sad Prnaiar Deipt.I tau,... .. C.i .. Losses at t ,... AQ arolarltod ,

I .0. old dotbca look like ....1 R. M..,..fcbwvoo..... *. W. D. Romas.Joan to paator.attoad these aorrtcoa. MOT.Caroy. 1 ladieS Tailored "Skins worD r US to f e at a lilt ...:. .... ...+ ,.>5c
,I Swell's Taflorfefl Cstab. aid 111M.Ethel Stcrttaf apt ca day $ a Moaat Ztoa BaptM Cktrckauaday Skirts aide dtuf&bte A of an cttai also Dutfc Sam Drawers, a f air.... t:
akopplac'U Walt Pate B *ek 1 We. school at .:!. a. .. Preach. of nsaj&a Till. tad BeerleBu.Ladies ',Goo ,&.1m. ',
-, 'SM Kouyno avoak ,i week.P1sl. lag at 11 ..... S and 1:" ,N. I' .
'arn..ta pro shoot Bt T. P. O. at < P.M. Toa stesordlalty .Dress SWrtseacft
.t computed lot tko orfaaUadoa ., larttod. attend tko ... I. CoMb;Sets r
f, tko I. O. O. F. at Delray.* Mr tin sinless .... Wataoa pa*. Side coal sand back combs to match ornamented SJaIrts wd 131 to fa &I ..:. .. .t LOO
} Chase & Co.laiamian R. M. Sherwood kaa tko work laeabrfO tot.. I Shirts worth JS ceats to ga at each. ... ..1SIc
cbS wtn have tko orcaalsaUoa Prmatly.Bau.t Caartk -> 11 Him lIDe qoiBty rhLne stone, worth LSI to
perfected Jut aa aooa aa tko .. ... S aid 1:" P.M.. prMila(. I't at75c.Udles.Coflarj. '
f to CUll a atalcL7.... lodco room la. ready for otcapaacy.BcToral T*. an tinted to .t.." tM.. services Gents Balbriggan Underwear
of tko boot ertlzeaa at.Boy* Raw J. B. pester
5 .\ J tea wtllola| tko lodge aooaM tb.s.asr M.J.a.ft'II: ..... I and CaQ&retts wora Uf'a nit to ,e ata lilt .... .,.. .lc t<
It.la orgaalaod. t, aid ItS P.M. prwckUack iaaday
I A quick capture its rMlarfl froM 1 el at S .... Toe art cor4Uli7arU Bat I
.d to'.tlftC' II&II4I114e, a Xtaist aarrtoM fur.OrlMM.
Wtot rmlm Shack afTaetod here ,
.. 1 Ibis wot*. It .was waa'loaraod Oat .1 ...... I/!', i iM. body. These .art to (vat a Toy tow price. ;Fancy'hl Hose.of a.bargllo
andVegetablePACKERS. I a.cr. bad stoles a .'-1 troy tkoMaaastr'of i Joka Baptist Aureb--Pr.ncb- ;, .
'; tko M,,X.: Orator Hardware a< at 11 .a.M.. I u4 .!U P.M.
CoMpaay sat tko matte was To. art Iartu4 to ans4 ...*.. twvleaa
:! reported" wire to tko e......... at I II R r. WlOUMa. ....... Comforts and'Blankets at a Sacrificethe
Dolrty.il\ Early Too-day noralag.vklttauadlac .' oa Tuesday *....... wkkk to

Lfi': : CaatMfcjnai I I strings aoaro was oa..tko. ky_ atroot.tko eo.-'. Christmas Baptist Aunt BlckL will New(!..Ilt4.IU Ari.tma. Hiss* will aaUlce 20..dot. C8IIffrts and biaaketi-at cast hr raaE II WI We Myen't

......., trldiaf at .a rapid pa.s caatata.f the Tkte..aa U alvay* to.to the nm to dbpIIj oar stock aad we da't want to store them iwiy. .U you i r
Grate Material. tkro. ,Ia|OlIn,. tko wkoaU aa wall OM meet aUractlrc sad la-
.. tko cftTo. looklag aacptctoaoj.\e, tanat1q s ret.. .,.1M ,..,. TkJpopvlar dent need our now, the u.e! win s InlJ tie whoa you wffl. *v.
tko'opaatabta. church ..I.. .,. sper.S .. '\
Nekfarf sal Wart .* Eat Mr. Twtplo Bartoa rtiaaad'aftor palma la MaUac this nweUa .f Island -

1M ,18aM Bm Dtck._ Bud laeklol tko aocro house aid sad orortook alter klm.....tloalqI. at tko pabils. to'gsaerafy 1M Iu4aj., h&school UU rear a4 UM I 11& We represent m.goods .as:they are. Osr goods,speak for; tke seIves.

.., plaeod klM eaSer artist Ho kaa VOM farther to that eM this
as takes t. West Fate Btoca.' ever kafer Tee may slyest .oik>
I. n" was foaad pUt sad ..- lag ht aa .ajorafeta attalr Caaaot
Miami Market! .. to ala __u. aorrtco la tko Itor4 to .... It. Do Not Miss This Holiday Bargain Sale!
t !It .
ekaafo "." Roy Hlco also swats There wilt k at BMkM A, M. -=.
T'".Feaster Prop. I oat a warraat for lao arrest ., tko Chuck o. Mok47 ..nI... tk. rtlar _
BUBO aacro.. wko atolavkla wheel sad Christmas ....... wkkk this
.; -,( damaged It several woeka ago. popular church gives every Tier sad :
Home Dressed Beet, M. Okl.,......,...11II.e Mr: L. to ,...ranr trr popular with IMpvkU GEO. MANGOS 1
Pork Bakal. Of .Tamale died last ....., sllre The xwetoM this
? aDd Ponltsp'1f1T17 ; sad waa cremated Moaday ky tko year will W of a higher order than
x members of tko Japaacoo coloay at Mat aid Mack praparatlo kt .bees
J that placa Tko rrMalador tkocoloay'aro ..d. aid It 'to looked to whk laterMi Avenue D and 4th Street Miami Florida ''
laiprorlaf from tko .stack .* {, a. twlic OM W the best If atIM ,
Ave. D. [tlb se 25twa of, fever prtTalUat t...... aid kMt this cktrek has ever pm.T .
) -. West Petri Bi ni 'It U kapod dIaL the doatk of :Mr. .; .. us Mt afford to miss It.
Okl L'i chi UaC Tk coaetrt gives kf ROOM N:.
Tko water aappty: wU ko looked i. dt the dtj paws ae..ool lost tight
tau cad ....,., wells aaak'oa aa to at ;the Odd r ...- Temple waa .aaH
PI'"t tko .. ., ao Mack surface. tairly pot 'MCeeII tkus ..osadered. Christmas !
Wanted wst.r. ;This win ko dose sad R U Christmas !
( hoped tko coloay .aoaiaora. wfll soonb.com.r t.aa sight. was a can Mootlaf of
aaU.."" br!.. Lloyd Lodge No. 4.4JI. tko par-
Mr. (Bakal waa : ........ ttaltorto pos boUf tko oloctloa ..t siesta
... If you have' money to'loin Wait raJa Beech Wodavoday .. and other .uI.... of .Importas.be .
[fr" we can place:it woQ, aa several other: Btoiab.ra'.of .owtac to lbs small somber. Wa5bes
tko cotoay. > proooat It was' ..,....
for:.you. 'Jn terd dG' Neat .....,. tko tit, tko 'BOWoUaUor. aatll Wodacoday oroalac anLwfctck Santa Glaus! Santa Claus! f
.' Rtr. Mr4 Ward, win istk-tePSt meetIah. whoa .1
)J preach at tkf'M. K. CkaTek. ...... ours win k. ...... a>4 other .k.attraame -
at this plao Tkla win ko tko OBOB* sow- <*4.
Dade Go.KOWIK lag aprrtoo for tko eoaUac year aid 11'-\4\ Mt mush 1M 4aH"ky {
win bo largely attoadod.ROT. xa..1s. Frailer aid O. art oa toMHIOW -
KELSON.THE1. Cjisaua' Ooir toes to Palatka. to a ercalBf ., B. T. P.O. Another New House in the field; this"year
--, parkk, wktek la ooaatoorad oao ol lta lOb Is he .ae: "
tko .pod Doartoklaf oa tko Baat
l- Chas. a fact approdatod .by tko Pspie ?. C.BroMtor a ... ever Bra4yi ;
biro Ma roBBgamoa of tko .tor.lltk atTMt aM Anise D.
wfriOi aad tarM tko eoaforoac*. aar.....*.1..oo4 lets U ColorMIrrawklcm THEO.(; .! GROCtRYC'
MathtJhekPianQf$ .....'la .kip.a laKkfal workor ta Utr wm MIl l.r II II.
$ the......* Mr. ,Ward will arrlTO .. Mar .....- Cow to y..r chaise ..

.at Dalrar Tkaradfty.aUkt.aad stet vyoa;' kla sew ditto _, 1 r. '
; ,
Ii r ". l.. KVIlOi: : _. ;3i'cf $ t:__ y'w .nt41P I
tatasi atMaebasts'
poatuoa silk Mr..H. J. Ur8afKirdoaor a: opra4o ky MMrtwt ( tkUlaal .
.. AaMdatlM will ; < '
for tko aoa sad aMortac t '
and sad aaad U tko stoat COM at .11.a. M. Ckrtotmat sad. N.Year. ..-, kbeadrters forbeatfl 1fut.0rIs111aS( wets iir.T.Jk.t id't..
wef ilMJNlJUJ in XMaf > of aoforal .....aad,katac plaatod .. -_: __ .. fi
.,., .. .. .. -H
to tflBMtaoa QIa...., JOaal Mnkaata .. :: ;: '" ItW -
f f Since tkatdme ova,thirty .' Baacrott sat aaktor.4.Mra. ktra aid'stste r. mead aod lover bray pad.9tfff aid last W net basteGoasMeril IftT" J
-C- ., ,
been ,
four thoBttnd btfe, Melts. ...... lotaraod to Mtny Moth MMOICTIOX 0' .
told. They command the for tko':_... Mrs Baaerafl at NG Jahereby glees IbM aM Ira o foIloflh J heiRS. :
tko ................ .. of Mn W. Dkanaaa of Jokaaoa A'ToMpkiaa kaa this day 1' l'
respect \of :the' moat aid-: sad a regular .wtatr 'Tta ttaaolvod by.mutual ..... ..Kr.... .
'I,' cal boyer. See them at her oj 1 H. Jokaaoa rotlrtac froM tko ... aCes I. r wort hones' lslpoct.d u. dose. ieit3
Mrs PiedB. Dowry of Jacktoa* IBM chick will ko eoatlaaod' ky Mr. f
villa,; aivat VI tko r.; K. C. Hallway > loka B. OlstWfcri.Jtptaeie ,s.uit sea' Cirlt tti Tnt ors
Ludden & Bates laid dport.oot. was a visitor T..pU.s.J.. H. "...... Oty tad Spacers Shtriil Spa' r w
Is Dstray this week; traaaacUafkaalBOM J. B'ToMpkiaa i 1
for tko. ooaipaay.ko, ropro lOa!!'). na. Don 1>. lit*. = CoBir.sad Cal1 Boxes ArtOdillbaArtffldJSa ,
seatt':, J
S jtkt A'' k Eeeseto M!.. JTraakUa Den aarroyor for ,. .I' sozicaOB JtataettTriTS. ?- RpexReckfles wRaWwrCoxh '
tko tail *oaargaoat of tko..P'. K. sat afur DMaMMr I. lltl. all rw. '
rl TveBft Street rteM,IIS.That. C.: -.llway-kaa. 4 ........ laotraettooa water and otoctrM light buts must .JiptstMBtaftenklefBoiJiptBese .
... coayBoo tko'work west o t: hi ,.s. at Ik* odes *f the eoa...., dote Boat' Iu8erdIfek tM Benea
.L torn aal fcvll a.'CUiwtJlS Detrmy oaf several other acctloaawkkk u4'U M wet way win ..,...t J poc Toilet Cues Top ot tfl Badi
:aio aoodod for tko farmers I of kUI k. ertT4. tNrrte will M4i
l lrir irs;! 4 sad;prospective ootUora .eo Ua.e4 without settee to ee.airs -
Mr 4 Skora states that aft-r oar*, .. U Ma are Mt paM ky the op;
I( ; Tvylat Iko laM aKwoM Miami sad I Ilea or sack ..atk.Jao. FIREWORKS
Wed PalM BoackAo bas loaad MOT* M. MacOwnUI
E 1. UDGf() : & 'G0.MillineD aalUbM soil for T.ptaWea'ta Dalnyaad wrat.Wire ._ i
| Ttdatty this at ass otkorplaoa. h 'I
: .' Ho oxproMoa .surprise tka
P : ry tko. laid bat aot booa.plaotd. oa tkirkM We ,hate onl/ 1 SANTA CLAUS FIGURE whicScan be hd very cheap. 1;.

*- I ,loss, ago. For Me In fact all our prices are to l Low tht enD the poorest can buy a present for a rel.-

Goods,NotionsSH : xoTlcei, tire' or frifne, or a little 8dnra <91.D. for the little ones.
Xotk U hereby atYl'a' that an Mn
'Ate D 'MaaLR. fJerIcU sad aoeoaata 4.. to aa akoald 114:i and 1 HI Wire lor youthat COMB EARLY AND'GET CHOICE SELECTIONS I
paid tt T. A. Rutherford sal l,
i o ,.,.her ,.,... la aatkflrtaod to eel'j
Jood orj receipt for "'er la oar kkalf. .'
na.'o will Mad
Phone goods on approval.
S' W'llSON Jon Rapt LoMknCo. ..; .$. ELECTRICAL yon T
By Hid... dt Bocn.Attoracya.

i Architect Bidder and J. J.) HOLLY ",I J'I. C-HoBrown. 0. K. Grocery. Company .

A WIll Sepertateed: CoIIt rocfleief., .Contractor" gap Bailder

BuYlDtL.lk S aedS@ec c a 1315 Ave. D Avenue C;phone 176
.Mismt. hlsttsar A Prone 1 18.Janu.. Rorti.i I L.L"3 _J J Telephone 229 B. tTnder D1uagement Magnolia Grocery Co.


I .

lli. '. d .
1 r.r
I IIIIIIIiIIII 'ii; .11,1. .. >>. ". ,. t4 .... ... ..

I"Af.1C T'trELri I 'I'Jd"lLT nun YETROPOW Lnnm.1T. DUTMfZ1t' !!. 1eW anTS t rAG_


Fancy China THE .RACKET STORE Games .

Chinas ., Blocks
;j; j i '
I .

Fancy! assureMetCases IS THE PLACE Wagons


;! We l avn't the time to tell you about the 'numerous Air Rilles

.. ,, : ,. .1. kinds.'We are too busy i showing. Let us show you. r a
Mirrcrs ,j -1- e r
| 4 I J Velocipedes
i ; L ,. t

Parlor lamps :Toys Dolls Fireworks I I Chairs

Fancy Stationery3 Books etc.
-I .' ..

II, l'W.I H. Chaille_ and Son,' Propri- tors. >1211 Avenue D, Miami ij.t


3 .

y K{' 'S" '

VViiOgk Christmas' Turkeys
,; '-...........-.-.- -'-,'-'-"'" ....._._.,_...'_.- "- '- .*- 1a

i, OMrk a-.. flab Rekes..... a.r
Tko sack host Otto of tka Mia.ml Tfca Choral Dab will hold a JNet.I. .
N az flab .eo.,.., salted ,. port tag aid tvkaaraal at 1k. SoatkoraMotkodlat Place order with now because
... your us
tkla moralac wltfc a eawfc of II. ,.ft" Itk street aa4Arvaao '
Gets better u It grows older, and Its depositors oaaAa of Bpaalakf mackoralWm C, to al&kt at tJt .'eI.'. ,h we will have lame of the: best ever
bank .. Aaotkar win ko hold tomorrow SBaay. : brought to the dty.We want to sell
This Invites you
usually with. .. .
crow jlt ,. H.. CWfatmoa Two at tko ....pole. at IU p. .. '
: you to Join the large number of pru-1 ;Tka ...u .....'.t Arab Craok a.etr: ..... M ,....... to ho so your fresh meats also. A trial is.-I1 we
will hold Ckrlaemaa- Ins osortiaaatoaickl. head at both roaoaraakvStnoarapkor. ask. for you will be so well pleased you
dent careful people who:have found bankIng s I U vkkk tka patroaa .. I will buy, ( again. \\pat line of,Groceries.
... .
relations here both agreeable and pro-; that .a aeo ara 1811. .w tad at '.a..1

fitable. If your money Is to lie donrant, uovnc nm*-F.. xNerr OrUU U .Broa.. .kaa4wrUa Co. LIttle at.sad...Apply .. .
.. ..
.. .
\ you,will like"cur &rrW/ Depar:mtnlit Qmlto kav a lams been away at ackod poraoaa.wko B.4kaalaoM alary otpaeto4. -I
value ... ._.... ------
t b always favor where Its peculiar, eel. .pied fa
olOTtkm ottkar ... Cacao Moro Caters
a o
I -Is known.To be able to keep;your money, .lneC, .r win kt HIM lo apeaa:! Warns ......... '-fer'It.." aa BEST 'END4G OEERY tO..
'In the' bankearntnI B eral Inerut.yct. U. WI4a,. whk ro>.u... aa4trk4a. 1 "AllUator Joo" ratano yaatoHayaftaraooa (
Tko ..._ of ..hC..Uwtl from slather aapoolUoalato t 'I
'available when' you, want U-ten! such a k..*B0fcUny tori*. tko k>anla4o. attar alligator CARROLL,c. SMITH,.lgi.1e '-

plan ..orth' while CA LL 3XD 8SEUSar ,', City mood ...... .!!! aid .a.eitIsry aa4. croe 41l a.... Ho 1._was...aaeeoaafalla.eaptarlax crocoalloaail ,229'A. f CtrIet 7ti and Aver 6'II'
t IfR1TF/or P.1RTICULYR 1 MllPIete. located la tko dtj '_. largo 'catora an of wkte .
4.- .
f" I for ..l,. Raal aatato !. all aorta of ka added to his firm a mla ap tko -
tko dty.' 'J. C. rarrta.. at Miami Miami. fleet tad which .la BOW 'opoalo - .
raraltar Cs.L tka .."De. Toalfkt ko win to,
1 ..
Palm Baock to for -
T.... title...... (' arm.DwtU .. i., a part of ...arraBio colVctioa of carry.... w
The First National Bank U tko ekaaga la the tralaa rta... to that placo. when ko wWn.estabiab
a""'" kmvlac .ffeetles this. Borah his .._.. .park for A Christmas Present
I lax aid vWrkr tN moralat trait ka wlat.... HI, f......" Raa4otpkrraior. .
Assets $500,000-- MX .. g clock ....... .f at ':Raa of Jaek.o..ti'-. win ko la !
kcratofer q.Ite a lumber .( ckarca of III, Miami rcaort. .
c, Coiner Aver persoss abtaalac to KO to polata ap i
\ Twelfth Street and
the roaoV wen Wt. To.lfkt trala Nothing appreciated
8ad for catalooo U. cvat '
N.. 33. kwviofor IMTIBC at Tilt i more by men than a"
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o'clock will get swat at (:" o'clock
.. oa tko mark*. All tko mt j jnt
carrjlBf Ua aull aOmtmf
afaal ea'rr- ,.
mash at half prtoa. Daa Itat" )

I .. ratal DMrk Bos-Ml. Miami. I t Good Cigar '
Quito a saber of rlaliora k*
For SaU Dcktfoa: foot laaack. Xaaalra -: :
: karo hoes la ika eJtr ala o tka opealag 1 1 u
at III Bilk
atraotU svsalaga.
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4 Company W-tko Roral film Hat.west .
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., to ralm Baack tats moralaff toM I We. mall to any
\ praatat at too oaoalac of ,t'koHotal part of United States ',

l.i i Always Pleases You'* sad attar Brcakora......1&at(that aomo place ttmo toargkt then Ndigarss. paid, 1 box
wll,"'.,. to Miami for the se.aos. (50 In box) of
foffipany "i" :SecoBd ,Infantry F. ST.Two I MIami Conservatory
Bcnegt '
Loot ->Gol4 %.t\C' caaa laid with
....... \
aa4 moat i iMl. HOI '
Cold bow p4a atUck.4 aid Bros. Smokers
week,,Greg 24.: Pefdtf prices rfcH: ......Soatkcrm.C ala aid through Outlet...UoaaoTkarada taotkatve .

I ......, ..tI
/ aljbt.axeis. I rtara 4 to ar ,I.

Do YoaWantto to Bury;Sell.or Rent aHoie T F.ww ,Ras.Iris atadta. after.a ptoaaaat trip to Ha'I Far osrwbe&ale price. $2.00

A tan' party or'.ra.u. .. I kits was shout from tho pi1 1
prtaUC tile laalaaapoBa. High ckoolAaaoctaMoo.win aim hates yaatorday.Tko .
Yon will the"
find : most property In .
arrive U'tM dty l CoaoaniUnf sill ko cloaadCkriatmaa so HillBr h thers I
rthedty country ott'oar '". Betetifel WaterFronts : es a speeds.! rats toBMrro altat.a4 .' sad Kw Teas day.A .
a* ....., Btoralac vm...." Taettal, Ik Ma. atadoata "
l ;. Orange ,Land*, Tarmlfsg ,Lands, etc.Ve ...... ky ;
o U* tkiaototH for JUtaaa ,sad.
plop ky tko DramaU d'arttwat ,
: eta IC.,.,..... for tk. MoIOOI- I. t Opposite First National Bank; Miami i;
Invite d take win moatk.
Jn- lit sloes Mt
> + pleasure fisr6i1ng Inqulrtea -, ..... ..,.. : .
tkopar* 1II.c7-'"- ,ktaa:,...... ..... 1rUI. .4.... '
relative to:Miami-: and Dade County ,.... .. ... boss ,...,.. oa U.Rea. Ckriatmaa wit .....U... la Tttaa-
Ar Isw'ewBdst ; .... TW party win rotara via ftU. '
V.,4'Flre Companias this dty akowt a < rack hoses, ', Mlaa Jala Calkartao was ....... .
__;_ 'J" from U* ..... e...... ysstwday.Het '
McAllister Beck ReaLEstateAfeicy as a..c Tata.taisl .: _
r 1 Chit ...,... 1..C.,khTaltk. K 4"? xonCH Budweiser Cafe
*!11..2.kW TrrI1It Itnd: >I tGbIU MaiW..asi. Flartsi: tko oxtMrtoa oparatloaa. has d,kiffrorco'of -. .
at work .
oaoaf. doarUcaaay TIM am of Mclatoak Kkkardaoaka
I tko ........ eI'toM of sAl Dare .. tkU. day ,dissolved partaoraklpky
sad Other "lttat/jnatorUifro4 ...... _.. C. O. lUckardn
Dade Co.' Title Insurance) ... part ertk.-tomlaal.'*ck Troai rotalaa tile klcycU bushes>altk Meals Steaks and Chops yare
wklek_tk* stet was.him.off, ay aam old staid with al tta a*>
and tbs late ---. la'ord.r.t* ponautk .oaau aad HI\P...... C. L. I I Fish Oy&ers and
t Trust, Company r.bslMlsg'.f' tk* ........Tbo MclatoA rotlroa from tk* ana aid ,
traatrf a...at of Ua aatarial laMM leas a* looser aay ooaaotdoa with
v or MIAMI.rvomuA :tCOiPOllATm' loaded silo barges "for t..1 Its, ........ ,Game in, ,,Season.
Capital portatlo U Ik* kaya" Md.... A Rtekardoao.Christmas --- --- ---
Past Up, $7 e000., S.q Iua, 13.000. I ;serVed
laaarea load tltJ t. prep*its-ab.tnctaol UtJft.,...aced ,
t UTtaU awawj oe Ita owa acoowat sad for otkara AcU M t Merchants Dinner 35c
attara.j4a>fact. traata. ..up..ueeator. raw -, at'aUHours
rt.I fwiraia,*. Addrtaa- aj] coimaatcatio to '

V. L. Beed. Sec. ..d TrrW. NtomA. florid. Dainties Private Dining Room for Ladies
\ J. A.P.core sad A.L Ds.sb.rropd..ar.

M 1 ; te prrparar year Canatmaa Ire for tkrklUr ud
...* Christmas diaacr be aart that yowr .s.pp1.arc
Trash sad pare II TOW, .she jvt rarcha.ea L.rt TOW I r
will be sire of both qull11.." VT* art kariajf a S. H. RICHMOND


t Special''. Sale ". REALESTATEJ.1

Ca &:, 'Asserted Nuts, Jtfflei, Jams, Ralilin, Currnti I Notary Public State of Horlda at Larz -l|

: : Qtron, ages; Antes;-nIl, Darts, '
30O 1.2 TwetfU Street
OUTpTTER' TO 'la fact tTBrytfitef for QrIstJBu 'Miami. HOCK.


S03 12\h ST. MIAMI' FLA. ,
k 'r ?... '(* _-* .rsTAftLlSHKJ, IBM 'M Magnolia Grocery CompanyF. E. A. Robimefl, Cantra-ting{ DectridanTetepbeos

y. I' ;Mf naffer. Ccrner Ave.O and 4th Street. 2U. 1119, AYKIIJ D, Miami+ !, Florida 1 I
t t. -
.. I

,, .1I I I

/ f 1t1! t .' ,*..rJ :tt '" .. ,- ..

.. .... I Co ,. I -- "'< ,........-,.."'--' -.....,-- ---- -,- ,'- -q"" -
.- -- r-"" .."'1 .--:. ".... n ., I -

T. WVTTEK rAGEH TH. DAILY 1 I.ua.ua. "'rnl ..r. DGCCMBCR "'. 1MM .
1 races. _.._. _nn____



'...., Rate*W.H pie day sad sop THROUGHOUT DADE CO. Seybold's Christmas
"A aw hotel.the ceoier of everydti.g.- CaWe the beet,white
eerrice,electric Urhta,IOOBM aiata.ee... sad whk private.......AaMrtH. >
..... TM..........Grill ......."..rata tbrorsbost dM dal.. -

IL K.ARMSTRONG. Proorteeor.' ...... Florid '
OoaUaeed troy Pace .
YC' .

.. Two Block&0. Bay 6 :Fee Block fro:roateAloaSouthern .1 "I ffering .

I Rear Admiral Delano t.

Hotel I At cOcoanut Grovel ,

t.A.,oneil.II Proprietor II ,

) t Mock barn a.o.a."...*Dock Mlaaal.. fl 4ds' :

J o, Sick Leave Aid Wm Spend \,, ,:''i,, \. 'y' : .\.

: :Kates KM per 17 ft?.- +1 AD Wb1ta Sorfutt WUtcr there-Ammtil Aftcnera -'t- :
Tea I \\\* have just received large qaant't' of kof
TkcCoceuBtGrm Library Qer) to Candy for CkrUtmaa U the s
Uriel Mists Meat. .U.kro ke>.w I. tIN largest Uo. ad t
? Hotel Held ( aaiit/ a -onIN.t
nil Afteraooa.
Bay View b. fee beet that ashy can buy Gives T .r ever ..1T tad U ,tkie cia,. We bYe every f

I"P order or Xmas ,.iecc pi**. 20ceelva.k.la this truce the fancy easily for the CkrUltre '
a.u.Pm3p:.fmrict .. VJaatLFbrUaMncflf addition to raise, pie we ..11I1..e the ...u tekffiat ho lee fvr frowj pee. ,

P apps..L L...... ...tack'Inm r.I a fteaaok*Beck Coeoeaat Orere. Dec. St -- MUaCleeor I folio*ing-;,. Ia.pkin. Cooueaat.: LC*>M ,4. Du cot a llatker. oh.. aeeat last wither Meri.ttte. La nos. Cit.; P !
at tke Rock Cotuae oa the Co- le. and strawberry P e.. Gd fOlIC U a" v:kia? U tkecaadv Hoe fur CkrUtmae
sates U.N per toy a./ ..r Sec4l kris tj th. WeekArlington _..' 0,... Ride, la rust fill i iot
Mrt. Jessie L. Moore tkU I .
g Ii.,. Q. B. Clarke of Basis Vla t, ;
Hotel tau Ls nest u a CkrtatMaa (1R. to ,
the C-.., Orere ....n,,. H..r'l o
DnaiBMad a "Tk Greatest hag latke I, "Vo.. I ;! \lW'4 ;
BS.>. L WA1XH. rnrrletrtuUH14 R ot Id." It U dalatTlr hour,
cad la ....,. of Mr*. J." Street..1 1
1 b.ck tr. psaW&i S M.ttt tree "baj, An. B, Hud. Fiends Mr. Jobs Heater le hawlag lane"j oar feat cake we win has pte.,3" W\ll tt\\. .\" b \t1\,'; LwwL, ;
maa'a leek wltk tbs eaclae of cakr, I .
pwod iced or $sis\ \lash : .

I Telephone N..o.,8i.c', } -;Faring,Royal Palm ParkThe i and Qeeet"kU la the sew'..and.u-last. little the' ."ne......,..I I ... also stall akeof_ dncripdoa.. t. 4 Go :'L.4i

are taklac a reet. j I
Rear AdaUral rraacta Delaae .
Oaks 8. N.. aid their ... CaeUla I, I .
II> t'- H. De".., at. C. O. .. N.. tare,
Mrs. R. B. McLendon.. ,IPJ'Drr1etrn a oottace at Cajae Blacarae thus eee: 3rw.V\\; \ !b i
':::"' lOLl -Capt. Dclaao la oa lick leave; WtiS. .1CIC'\, IQr'W'
j?,' Comet'Avenue.Bind, 13th St'eetT'f MlamlFlcrlo* and to kern for reet. I
t The ladles of the ekerck ire buy '

1ndIIa Tai Sires It k1t.t Slides ill tm'.s Slaaru"it Tsr.iaal MI wIth tke Ckrletawa tree. to ke held" ft...,.....rt.ettthi RaUlaa. Chris aad I..A w3h.. fi...t U UM city. XT.ChrUtaia .nay.. e.,
seat veek. :1 !', that irote to Make a fruit '
I d4j tW foilowiif h,..:
} BOYD LtbTTAI3E at The Mra.ladle Coe.,of,..t'oa. Aid Wedaeeday aVxIetr vet sad cake t*cicrptloaally blab pi Iced this year VaailU. p).uck.v strawberry a>4 Otoce ,

[ \ aad. ..UpU.I.henooL Mra.Coedrf .! bet aa we purchase our stuck !I. large ,lat.. racily orders toHci.ecL "
'U a p..roe* koateee sad qeaatitica, we caa eclltioe trait cake Ikea 2tOtFt BETTER. r

-," ( \ ,01, "JIlt. kJ +. J' d Udora cake sad ......... were per ibis you raa auk it Civc a* toarChrietau (let Ice cress parlor. ate always atwtol... '
i I served to she gveata.. The ladleaj i .
ire for fair order; we can aerclpicaae, yes pkaMit. Curse U sad Uf a di.of. Ctta*.
t1S 'noridi worklag a to ke held.larekrearr I .
Jill lei IeIp Fly Street, Wind, : .
.._ .
.,..., The aierekaaU of Ooeoaaat Groreare .1 1 ,.. .

1- Furniture ".. ., Car taut gooda of a JSEYBOLDS
New Hquae'N l lJ.
grew variety aa. at and reaaikaklenrea.
( ae aoaar of ea will mot seed:;'
J. ; The Minneapolis to KO further t. in atoeklara.Tke I tt
aaaaal aReraeoa tea aid cake
isle to ke held at the Cocoaaet. .
::1 Mr*. E. A. R.,-ProprWtreM Grove library Sa,.,.., sftsvsooaetwars le: '
K ctlCuffee )i..n the ltd affair of the eeaaoa::i
Proprietor UCMlteo
; poii
: ......., pretty tev'aa' sass UHrappeeraaee ; 321 Twelfth Street. Miami Florida.
1'; Pos.IGO 222SereBth_ Sttee .Miami. Florida thereto the ladles make ,
'a social calkerlac' It ae sack aa II ,f' J\!s
besot for the HkraiyMr. .
|v. Tires Block;,frmB<7 Tw BUck> trim Posts ci ,t CkarhM1 Cress la beck acala '
from Hoedaraa. tooklaa well aid
r. -
'" la most'eatkaalaetlc, .. over the reeehaof MlaaH. that ke will ke aaakto to, :
HINSON HOUSE JUe trip. her tkere. (, -
: i Dr. cad Mr*. Ckarte Hewitt are J I.t Miss Daley Wedgsard. lit II.", .
.. ,to ke wick Mr*.,DMTkera this %tater .. to etpetted to arrive oa to|I
Mr.J.. E. Hinsoo, Prop. .. The doctor' has takes oet aIespotary ,i*aUkfi train to spend the holiday. ,t Now is The Time yh
Nceaee*o .* to ke,akle with her fatkfr aid etater. I IMr .
>>l Fourteenth Stree| : Miami, Florida I i.oivealem to pnrUee., which ...n ke a great *. .Joe. F. CfcalUe. of MUftl. to,|
to reeldeata.Tke k.
vUltiaf pereeta. Mr. aid 3re. i

;' Club etleed Udlr*a of hearty the .H..I_ toCoeoaiat 1 19.Mr.W.T.Hail.. A. Hooka. Mr. N. Ms J I IBaraey to get the house iiV: first class -order'' '

( Ororrn aid their "' ....1 lad others of the AUapattahaoeUoa '
Cou rjiouse'Brae to a social at....... at the Uoeee.keeper -! report the trope la eptoadldaoodlUeM because our winter visitors will be
*' Club oa New Teer day aid ...,...,. will ke soon : .
frjw i to | o'clock. n eke awlai. : here soon.. If the ceilings or walls

., ." vista, Florida .I I OOOu.... .. Pace It need painting. kal mining. df a new
Vista AnAttractive -- -
L Oppoaite railroad depot. Deaatlfal shad.tree. Good .howe cookiaf. feena A LOYAL ArroHmucrr
Large airy rooeia, hot a 4 cold bath electric lirb,sad all sodas 1 decorative Wall paper.
coe ninua. Two aiilee froa\ bsiiae.a4eeaterof MiaaiL lOa Palai i Suburb flag AU.[ ..* of Spain reeekUy apBtetaway :
,-...,BaQ.1I..... rock roaL' tee"' spptLdtiost. : a e pdi.d' A Boas. ..... :. .
l'. : MEL.. IDA'* .COUJU.KY.. Pro pretre.. f f'_ .....taet.e the Court of IpaILnIt'Iie' Come Us N
B eu Pasta. Florida : to
8saAls Of Tho'At.aatat.s Za.Fsl3y..Yias1a the. aUteeath royal apeetat.
t -, ...c',lit the great ,Ira -of pUe 1
Bastes!. tatises3tslgblsr.sXuy. 1a. ...* and let us show you our new J designs and
;J i ; We,kaew that early ...,.... deelree E colorings.
Richmond (.ot We have them .
ie to....a .....*.,..... atM ,- pea In' all patterns 'sand cojorlngj! ] W. have:. .
.. elusion ....,. ladtoatea them In blanEs 'fram'tat( ) cents to cents
epreaaeaetoal tventy
'.1 I .. An k".Ddi c.....? .... ease of the ....... per roll.
Cattfer*Dade Gwaig llorida' \ We, have theea taatoa taatraajeaU :CUt, 20 to-W cents lol 8 full yards. :
.. ----c that are preferred ky the ......'* Silks Cretoni Tapestry
:;.s4.. below rrfiaaat BUcagae Leather, etc., 35c to 12
the latatedUU aakerk of Ml* cad win take yleaeare la dee*
M aucadaaiized Road the eatire way to )llUail. Rear railroad ata Sal oa sort! to coaaldered "t,tamar ebtntlac the Ora.4.., .aprlcku.wkkk Let us show you the, different third{ effects the latest Inpaperhan
at Perriaw. One o( the suet healthy std beaati tocatioemoe.. aa the sour attractive spot oa Bas are the world taadard aced
., i sat coaat of Florida. Hoses etavda only 3uu feet from ba*. Opeetotkebmad earae Bar ,With Its kUk'aad'dry ky which aH other ,.... raises areBMenred. *. Never before was such a fine assortm't of
Atlaatk ocean. I nee tahiaf sad boattar. A. locality se aajToaadiac.. Bret Uae hotel .
perpetual a.*. .rs For tars address poetoOce. expreea aerrtee.. etoctrlcBckta. OCR'PLAN _
\ t MRS E. r.THfMP'ON. .aal"'. tke.... ckarck saw dais 'tan" aad',kt 'oar alaa whereby Wall Paper -E.

.\. -- erected under the aepenletoa of every one eau OWl. a Btelaway p4as. .
Rev. G. B. Clarke, sad the hope .. It to eaeter tkaa roe: tktik.We .
that Ue save railway will soon are the aotorepreeeataUvea for brought to Florida. 15 to :35 per cent. discount.
stead IU track sad orrrlee.to tale Florida for tki* famous I..... We will be given on an wallpapers for the nett 30 days oecause
& tAt.a,, will certalaly make B.... carry a fan Bae of hlth-irade p4aaoa -
Hughes Company Tleia a sod dellcktlal ,... Lot of vartoaa asters oa terse aa
the aaaieroea wtatec ...rUltor to 1o..1t eaak sad |l "" !T. We Need
speed a pert of their Uate sad aseitI.n Two or tkree kerfala* .. slightly. Money
place for prospectors to 'teal ,..... Ask t* **e tkeai. .
4 Commission Merchants aettle.Mr. I Ttetor T/lklac lI.e"... It cask, .
*. E.: ...CarrrA t N rtk .Adaata.Maar ted |S -.eerkry ... tor.ret Mock ,and you need wall paper. Call up phone No. 220 or senda
with hart ".11I"" Jfra. ... of record la South Florida.Get .
card and
'aoddealm'laFrait Beck, arrived this atoralaf to speed I oar Mtatofee It cent sheet our agent wl.,| call oil you with a complete .
CI the winter at their. hosted. aa excel* I...... l..**. oap4.. U eeieet treat. set of samples to select from We also carry full
Prolsce<< Fertilizers' :And Crate'laterl&l lent estate oa tke key froaC Can aid ore a*. Always a pleasure line of picture moul ngs, to match the different
.. Mr. J. T. 'Gratlcay. wife sad to skew cooda. Open evealac' oil cloth papers
.... mattng.| linoleum window shades etc. We t
daughter. of Col. Okie. .. ,OCSH A SAITORD PIANO co.. are
I eipealed ky Mr. aid Mra. McKe yes IStk etreet. agents for Harrison Bros & .Co. Town and Country
was. of Cler."." arrived la tows paint: Dozier & Cays Sterling Double Thick Paint Pratt
Fred lINt Pare 'Cardedd3 '' this atormlax to spend the season at & .
a Spedalty..RlnY. Xr. Oratloy"*' aladal koa e, lOc Lambert Varnishes Woclsey's Copper catnt. C. A.
Mr' cad Mrr. once Wlaikerly. of A Dozen Mfg. Co. CarboLnlum: ACantlc: Paint>Co. Elude Roof

Maeoe OLe sad ,lye cklldrea'are es- Paint; (never leak). Muralo Company's Calclmcs. In and

petted* kere.tonight They has spend etacdipertateat Mveralweek outside Cold Water Paints.. Come In* andOn*estimate.

BROTHERS at the Coerley, H...... <- 'Only IS(bfflKha Btsuus 4
., r. Mr. Z. T. Merrltt. the sew ;
ty elerk. has darted to clear toad : left teat 0g 111. Wi are not We Are The

KA.O tecAjcenU XNm; : J.H OP." .... which ke to fg to has a trersjocied, esly vbh to Paint> PeopleGus.A.Muller
otooe. dw lHaf tiotted-eee of sit .
rooeaa. Tkt wfll,ke aa eieellemt ad> an you some Xmu money"BewanBroSe .
-:, ; for the New En Gas;* inrrL ( ..W\l..tt.. 41".. to the already tee reatdeacMla 1 L 'f I

and kerosene engine, rpairin Ji ,SPECIALTY. Mra.tewa.la.- M. XaOO.ltle i It" ibis| i

'. General'Repair Work to. aoratac for a tea daya visit to at.Aatwattae .
1 "Dr.IlIeOt..,.' to o. rnarMera Baud Cac>Dkaea 220.
busy wttk I the operation of the sire. Telephone 1309 Avenue D, Miami Florida!
STEEn --,. _MIAMI. FLORIDA tie U.k.-.%..water work'ceeipeay IIIHII.A..... D bone 171 to.

.. a -
/' i '


I' T "l

.-,...- -. ,. .-.. .
l' l' 1 .. :


".. e ro ll lcr t nile lAII.r Ml UCI MKTTtOrOLIll. HATtBIHY. nEC"F.KnER 8X ... atzncrtII rnn:

II ; : MERRY f ''I .

"7JY.IfJRRX Off D l4f.B '" ,

f : srrsirs a przaza t CAn3'CV srrr tsrszr'r I

11 -
/ )
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S 11 I "

;!, 1 '

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f fawwe

; Parts. rraae. It up ak .,.*with tissue paper. aa4kakrfrtkbo
Dear Coaria CkarU: aid mark4 Tor Dor- .
A Aw1r tS
+ Too doa't .. .. how ta.., K Solo otll,." Well she thought Mr aa.
lie U a. eoaatry where aoa* of. Ik* was (*ttlac aoaMtklac ,..u. so ski
r rs peop.-t your iaacaac. I eoUB ne" to aavrap. aid kept K
4oat to* how they ....ntaa4 aa* awrapplat those kaa4te amUl she
another they all talk ., esee aid had a pU* .< papers aM xptj koxMaro
aa.* tktir Ua4a aa4 shrag tk"r .a4 her three fK hush- laaily.
akoaMra. whoa ale ease do. to tko ttttl
WelL w. kid a CkrtotMM tree ko aa4 saw that ""..,. O..l 8kVM YCw
I Last aUkt. I tot a.*..' watch au4. She said she would get @
mCrTYrr sad chats sad a p.* **.... kaif. *.*. with se. too.
fta.ta} Class 14at ""ac.. very Tarts has __ .....U,.. .llGap 4 r 4ZTZtL 4J> T
.. ; PT ataay prtatata <*... Papa told ,.. ...** .. Tk kalUtao are, sot llllS Ltl'Z STl Z.i .
n'; Its %* wr trawUac an tk. Use aa kick .. the Kw York ,-acnp.w. : TEA' .t'
sad eoaMat carry ties kt kkroackt .. aatlleJ are oily eight stones i 1.eilxc'z'r
T Dorothy an awfally pretty. kick, ..IIe.. New York WMM ot tk*
doll that eaa soy -Maa eryjaatk kal)4lari are Iklrty. W* had a hard
and doM its .,*.. Spots cot a ... Use tttlac atoac with the Uacaa.
coUaf aid a boa .f dog kteealU H* for whoa Mama sad Mr*. SaUtk say rte _
!;i to the pro**.* pap Joe seat saw aaytklac' that they fumed Mt *C
abut that collar tad west let aayOa the did book they east .a4 r>
I tooth klat U take It Oft. staid tWm. ao w* have to sake
I played a rood Job .a Dorothy atca sad potaC A >.fio. would
ifir I got a.Mill* boa about two lacks tklak we were an deal a4 4..k. t
t gears. aid put a nkkvr tnmIU speadl I kop Baau Claus trat4: yea \ R
aOO + fa tad UM U aU ap tic", pod sad brought yea that gas you
PP ,...!tl put It la a llttt larger boa vaat4.Wtoklac. cIS
1 aid fed u.at.p ales. thou I pot TM a berry Christmas .
those keiM la a will Urrrr boa. aid sad a Haa. y New Tsar I will elaoa.To .
pat .put la a shoe koi. thou tied r eo...s. HAKRT.PUZZLE .
,+ .)
.. LEAN r;

i, @ s.i s. ; It.. I fj I S
I I.
t -. Gu.u; ( TN \ ...4 crrr w 7' Z JZ .
j .cxr.4T.rR&ZZCH .rO&TXC 4$2 Cr \ :1'f:1.zrvz:. mr''r -'-
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:rH? .; :, [ ,1. j, I .PICTURES' ., '../ I......

.. j I 1 ( '"

o1the'' *' boy or girl whose letter is opened fh.stat noon, next Friday, and found to be correct, the Metropolis

;s>villgive; .() Dollar :in Cash. To the second letter opened, with correct answers, Mr. 'E. B. Douglas, "

t proprietor of_ the 'Ideal. Dry 'Goods Store, will give One .Dollar, payable at his establishment f r

; >
i .
; M .


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f 1 -
I wla.rr'it the MHropoBaCkty. pulse, b.rrvas ........ Cicaaor leas. FU kLaa4........
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,1Chaa. Flirts aty.
'Fatter 7osbs. Jr,' 1-To(.... ". Aakcraft. aty.X PUZZLE ANSWER COUPON .t

Wharf at tic. K. B.pttec u-p. -
# :Pines As A \ tala Talcpra, Caty.s t-PyreaKea.Bareel.ai.. I" .*riy Cbrtvct SATURDAY.DEC. JyLtt..rs ,
$- *. Sawyer. City. / '
N ttritta ..Ls c. & It attndla wtII f fi
,, Violet It.....*. city IIDt a ,
CkristMtS Present.ie. "'hi- XUaU** -....y.. at tk* pasaia { r ., ; HaroM Baltey. CltyiJaal bs ,.w tasty::M, wrtItaa {t. .. bcIt1SIa II 01& nJe
: : i-tatigal. ....... Cky. I
unity;:Willie Caaika. 2rM sadTWgxa'sn tala Gear WklttM. Oty.WUft I 17 lalnrt.. a!. PmIta..1 01 lyt i tMi, UI U 1dIW1: -
f Altkigk Ckrtotana to let TareT tie.ariaaari tkl. Weak .5. Batoa city:
.Jt to uTifcki (a aa J lI P4 ;L Aaal ....... IMray. ,
*W p.s ft rt few* pair Ik* wtt "r 4a f.ff k- rs ;t:. ; .okhasty : ..; -le. ; deist AatoBtvCUy.Blaaca .' .' .-...... ......:I............... .............. ......... '..

t t ur. T.."MM ties ttat sloth: J\ will Bess Ia' to. Christmasfile tla.b.rie.O.ne. TarkylU. Oty. I II .
tag that vela:kMtl: ri ;p' i :lI. .,.aao wishes' there were Otto .*..Baataaa..* 1. Oty.CaratH Ctty.. .1............I.............. ..........' .. ...... ... ....

Ulna aay leer* pUa. ..r*'thus a more prlaaa to k* .j vm. M a trat ..&MWft'I Mary C. Rk*. Oiy. II I

.-. ilcs plat:: :;wi. ka.e-....... .. sesber'a 4Har.to h&*posse that la amy tapMalktaLTk ....4lt Walter Cubs Jr. Cky. --r .1...........J.I..... ...... ..,..... ..... .. .. ...... .. .... 555Id. ..

I weir'kaa4aaantlaatraaMata ** umber .C ....... relT4 Dorothy Qty 1Aa. Seerteed
natott .:toa that w suit. ; this 'week.....* saber tkaa vaaalMuIUr .QUI.....ktOto.. Kate*. City.% A pawls ;,*rkf atcalac tile laItlato .... .....:,I ...,...... ....... ...... .'... .. .. .. .. .... ..,
uato sad sad sack thus had km *xaa > la. 'T." wrltaa: I would
kola paakatbook. ,
goat .
.your W* .ara* aafaetarara ...... k was. thought every boy 'Late Havkiaa.. WBItotoa.HnOarC dice very such to it the dollar this .. s........> ..! .......................... .. .. .. .. .
..U for tk .-.ht n.n. Ckty. I have It sad
sad girt v try prto week aa set cot yt
:aa4 sail peed to.tk; ...... E ...
v ..*'the' war odUmMataaa4 Lila Tklgpsa.taty.Dusd. weld please aM tt, to I
; H. you ..... .......... .... .. .. . . ..
.'o.a. a-tnlaa! ** yam the ari44)* Utrt atUa4lM the approach O. a.t.... City. have sail UM puzzles Boat every I'. ........ ;'. .... .. :
pratt that yea pay ether tiatori.Taa lag .f tile kol4aya attracted their ate Mary Y': IVkto. B..aa Ttota.E44S Urn.." t. I'

.' ..*..ft dews*lad .. a'awatk toadea away tress tkla pleasure.The Itoferm. City. .. ,........'. .. ............ '... ........ ... .. .. .. . .,..
greater aujarlty .t tk a* sir Haaaak a....., City. A Bttto girl la WltBMoa write:
'bays a ataaaoai* laatraaMaLWacaa .. i though Muse H.' Weaver Oty.Uaa "Hr the for tkla week.' L. .
were outran
y. panto
van *** are ........ .......... .. .. . ... .. .
S ..*vya| duke a aaai*a that Mtaratlr plaa.. Can araaa4 sal laVa talk feet W* k.p- the tlaM-vUI. ,aoaMk Oty.TMa use' 1M the .4Bar. 1'1eue'. "
+ It.**r. J lit win pay yea ".. a*. .. .a aa.. will k* orrct.Tkto MUta. city It to at* this u..." .... ......I. ...............:......... .. .. .. . .. ...4.
.. betas talac *torvk.ra. All' wk Harry Laiavay to la Ralph C Graham city see I II
tile totMt skeet BMato at halt Parto.-sad toll 1.I the palsies aoia*. H. C.. rroaikntar. JacfcaoarlO A boy "HOT.** are year
says '
tklac:about that :seat .......... ulna 1:1.: ... a.,. ,.ale aa* *ra. I wait that dollar lase.........,I........ .. ....... ."... .. ... .. . .. .. .
frto THE CABUE OOMfANT.Daa aid giddy etty. also ..t a trick a* Hyvar4 Waver. at,. Ukty bed hot U I aWl fM It

Ankh: ....,....taa played *. Dorotkn It.. Christmas MII"01." ......... dry.Mlaato will tab It aa my lack sad k*. Tm.... ..... ......................... .. .. .. .. .. ... 4
Hale with his toe, but a* did aot Orakaav City. im trylac for I win (*t It aoia Uat II
sir p I tt say. pranaU tad _lie the ra> Raa.aa Berate Ball. City. Doal Joe tklak that to the "
es why ) MatklMa .11M.. city viy t* look M It.-
+ 4R
------- -

pr.Burnham' ,


t !I Watch, =!This Space Surgeon and Specialist MOX/E:

t .t. All Sufferers who find Relief dsr-
: cannot
; ; J! E: SHIP
< Sorttbk win! appetf thatt f
hen Cat wd latertJtToo where should consult Dr. Burnham in the URHITUREGOODS EVERY DESCRI 1 TI


w l BRO: S P<0 v

R I t. .
f Miami florid
Metropolis Bofliing, U -Stairs. l


': ....! ,..., .' ...
r. \ .
.. ;""': '
; b"'... .. ( J' r .. ...

TRK DArtr MIAMI mmorota ............. Mcaanuai ... IM .::11I
f rAC>El< PAG2 rlrTflt4

iry. Dr. K.: L. Brooka.' what I
PROGRESS Hi PROSPERITY' { weat at oace to the aceoe wrote hosrtilcat. A
i .
; THE : to the above effect. Mr.

PREVAILING[ IN ALL PARTS$ OF DADE COUNTYCoaUaaedfrom of quits Ylaaoa.his..family.Qa-.WM.It.,aa orUlaally.tad dad.N'othlac his sees reaulaa from la a knows DOOIJeoaaty. were mat Prepare for Coming';: Holidays f

skipped' to MUm We4af'e4aJ lor lalermeat. s
I It -
to.. 1v ;
bliss A. Davis sad MlM ArUe M.-

: :lag la ia* teacker: coaveattoa la theLaciest lag Leadoa.la Homestead of Fort Pierce 11014',were. '"'U.I Commencing today and every day until Christmaswe i.
[ Boynton Enjoyed City, Mr. B. Rowe sad several
1 I The I school cklldm will H" ia la of Miami were la.UU aectloa .. will otter values in liens and' boys clothing
Its Easiest Season eattrtalameat seat; Monday sight lag tad nihiac list wek. They report ,
I I lack. Fish sad I 7J
greet pleaUfal
I Christ stories more pleaUfal. shoes, and hats and ladies cloaks and skirts
1111 are lasted. Mr. H. M. hider aad party ,
; Xere And ImprermeatsXade w. H. Smith Praak Webber a 4 topped la Homeetead'.a abort whileMoaday. I
Building. II. R. ;Teak were p.M.uBn moralat oa tkeaortfcboaad oa their way to Key W.... which could not, be duplicated elsewhere.
nolaPre-1 trala Thursday .
'; Last Hammer sad a visit to the sit '". campa.Mleen !s;
!for WM Palm Beach where taey
1. view Few Tetrt Several Real'west to do their Christmas aaoppiac. Marguerite White sad MotBe 9

Estate Deals Hade.Boratoa. IllaI'rtoreaee' Murray will speed hen Miami Campbell for a ws win.k's leave visit tfatarday with frl..for..
} wlth/aw' pareaU
!I'tile holidays $13.50 $12.00 10.00 $$8.00 ,
olac 'with the Dade eoaaty teaek I at that'place.Mr. I .
---- I era ...::8t.. AaraaUae U tae teachers I W.B.Merck, the carrlate sad
Dee. >1- ThIs w beesHoyut.s's ,eoareaUoa. which will ke bid la wagon maaafactarer of haotM.i'laaad .. Will buy I man's yJllI buy a mlA's Will buy a un'J wan buy a man's ,
the latter part of the eon*. Harry sad Thomas will .
that city suit worth suit
'fr'O suit
busied assess eJ 1U Ufe. i worth twrth(
month; Miss Murray la prtactpal lei! arrive Monday to speed Chris\aas
t ,Mar valuing BBC g.a.ralapse.a -I the Coeoaaat Grove eeaool.MraJ with hU .rot.... Mrs a. J. Merek.
*... .. have boa Mad this pMt! B. L. leaP apeat Thursday at her tome la Stoaykarat.Mra. 'SI5.00 SI4.oo Sli SIO'
:. tamer that 47 low yeere' pat, la the, Cottage City ea a ahopptaftoar. T. A. Campbell had thirty
.... tece. er sad with what aceaa la be THoffiestead arrivals for dlaaer at her koardlac i
.t. a good crop eomUf. Boratoa w..l: !I ..... 110.4&,. : :
.be a city. o( com sill before aaotaerBHBW. t Man : -: $7.00 $$6.00 2.50 sac

i Tk sew settlers toaUac win bare' i we are glad to kear recovered from '
U oedde when they wish I* too P a seven attack of asthma. Wilt \rJY a mans Wilt buy a man's Will bur a boys' WUI but toys
sad Ulan win U prosperous,gea' Bitten By Rattler Ma. Gas Rei... who kat bees eerloaaly suit worth suit worth suit WIth pants worth t'
erallr.Tae. III. to slowly recoverlar.Amoac .
old Btaaet ba the a.e-
remodeled late -I -. the jaaay till ton retaraU S9.00 $8.00 $3.50
't= use s bHac a wryatlrtcUre | from their Christmas akopplacla 75cS
1 Is. Miami are Mr. sad Mn. Daa
real edits deals have.beemMO j.haoa Suffered As AwialDettiJUnk It
R Tk b report tile atoreothere

"t ana.Area.of tat H.Peace put PCM A few C:a.days.,member Uaato ol(row lb.-'I 1 sub After BdJaf sad eteiyuae ell llled ka.with,. kolldar .good $15.00. $12.00 I $10.00()() $3.50 .5

EttteaSomi Interesting Personal A Christmas tree will ke tie atRedlaadt
era vat U Wcct Palm Beach Tbara4r -
oa bartaeea, trivia tterelwiib I I o..J.. : .hot hoses Christmas eve wan buy a ladles wan buy a lades! Wi'l buy a ladles' Will buy ladles walk
....., "
his Ia4iaaa See bone this fall.wfctcl 1 be brought. ,from !I night. for Aa the latereotiag school program ealldrea. to- long coat worth' long coat worth long coat worth tag skirt worth

; Mr. Fred a. Dewey.( of Jackaoavtne.vaa betas prepared for the oaterUla-,
.-; U Iowa W......., looUac Ii' meat by tke Dttto folk sad Mr. S20.oo' S15 SI2.50 $5.GO .
\ aU lathe Homestead. Voor.... win act u BaaU CUaa.An t
alter apla4i4 oraa** grove Dee. SI -Mr. L. J. I
matk. Mr Dewey baa shipped are eordtotty IB vital to attend 0 0
H Vtaaoa. aa ag.d'aid highly reapeetel -
r ever sae baaare4 crate,of taacw 1 Mr. *;t. Cave, of Mss Oaltta.to .
lass(rro. kit grove; already tall geatlemaa who Bred aloaekere here. looking for a ......... If $3.50 $2. O $2 5' $1.50
__a oz his claim WM found ..deadTaeaday ke aacceeda this aerttoo win' kaveaeijalred .
Maaaier A.M. Parker? of tae moralag. i irrom a valuable Uses.

"W.Boratoa......HoteL, oa ""was-I..U...Palm fotag Beach there heard as tome ta*eUcattoaJt dlatarkaaee U taoacktke amoakla .I Will buy men's wan buy Ladies'Will buy Boys' WIll buy menu and '
U the Uaack Boyatoa. cklckeaa. sad coUK.. lean (kecaaaad. For a GoodInvestment shoes worth shoes worth shoes worth boys lath worth
Mr. M. C. H...... will spend tkYatetlde ,' atepped oa a ,.rattle oaks 4
with his brother] Mr. WU- which bit him sat eaaacd km death
llam Harden, sad family :at Jtae.. after I. Velac blttea. U seams that i S4.50 $3. O S3." 'S2.00
when tile Hardee 1InIt...' have .t>' ke returned the koaee. aecaroaa
,.....* plaiepale laterMta aa wall: raa sad tatters sad 'killed the
Or borne the reliable
I a -
.a floss they have _re. Mrj'Har-: ...t aa oae Ire feet bag with
des vii retara la a Uaack which kemm ,..... ,rattlera was band ear the Homeseeken Agency,
mm this wider .M I..... 'aaal,sores ;%rah tkVee ballet .oIea ta It. 214 Avenue D, between2nd
I la looUac after their tomato later, rla.ou's hat was atM, Wag aear.JAialalretaralBf I and Third Street, U Isidor Cohen
....., I, I to tke BOOM. Ills I STRICTLY, RELIABLE.
Mrs. W. H. Cox '.,.., Tkara&a thought ke ..t.. tke bed corded kU
U Wilt Palm Beach oa kvalaeoi.Ml leg opeaed his pocket kmlfee to nt .. .
1Aa 1a 'T>heat i tae papaW oat the wounded fl ak. when ke waa C. C. Carroll ,
shoot teacher of tab place win overcome with Baaaonaad fell aereat ,
.pea4 tke.koUdayi at hey home la the ked aid esptred'J* !
OalaeerlQe sad M. Aafaatlae,, tak> Aatiataott, was eoortaered. aaaee- Na 1.

olldaynjoUllcefflefltGive, ; liE' D. US YOtIR EYE.I Iwhile 1


; you read what we have to say about i

What. Shall I for Xmas_ ? .

0 ,
Palm BeachTheMostjHealthiulJheMostBeautiful

: Tke MMay wants; of men, women lid cbfldren. M

Y ; are wefl'leaked after to this' stereo ,CbeoseanyMag !

( : Iron the ,list and :yoa arc 'sure ,to pease. | A'

I t 0 f
GiftsUaibreBu !for Men : 'Gifts for Women -

The fashionable Winter Resort I .
Dress Suit Cues I UmbrtBuIntshts bras Salt Cues:

wi;U1 Brushes I tuba.. Sacqnes

k ,C1111 allot, ,Shirts i I : '1u4brcId.b Lather In all America. The Magic Gty is1 all right and we do not wish to diVert one S*

Caienrear iceBantalCBSiXecfcvear : Csb> set: r&acvltrtsrucyWtlsts dollar that naturally belongs to it, but after you hire spent every cent you aa : "
i i. : : afford on Miami remember' that you cannot afford to go home to the north "
Baafterehkls i Sep without having visited the only resort that is talked of at a distance. Drop off S .p

r .. $afedIr Seta, ScsyeatesOrres i i't ; .Sbstt SSfftnFucy on your way north and if you cannot resist buying a winter home there or rent- I: ;
,. Ing a furnished house for a month or the the
nI ; | Swatters i k! f gut NcrCari !!beast : season come to office of

EaIt Jacbta, ire laMa: j WrLd taper utters

....., ...*.Carters I Del Ckvn The Currie Investment Co. I

Leather U 4s ',EitsSbees ri! 1' lam- Mae Limas ,

t'......, >sa2.xa wkvt, Ions and'we'will strive to suit yos. West Palm Beach which is situated on the famous .. 3

-= Lake' Worth and is in the heart of the pineapple region has sometimes been s
called "The City of Homes Wouldn't you like to have one ol' the homes? It

GIFTS FOR CHILDREN also is known as "The City ol Flowers." If you du not want a home you i .
-k. : should least come and see what beautiful home other northern people have in

,1. the South. The1 largest hotel in the world; the original alligator pens; the ostrich f
: Comb and Brush Sets Tea Sets Dolls Books farm: the inimitable Oleander Avenue; Munyon a Fairy Island; the rubber
etc. tree; the jungle trail; the Ocean pier and four trusted schooner washed. high .
and dry on the sands, are but a few of the wondertul You can fi>h.
hunt sail bathe or play golf or watch others in the act wile you sit leisurely I

h by and alloy the unsurpassable dim its. \Vithioa radius of a; miles you can
see'enrything lor wh:c*, Morida m st noted. The impassib'e EYerl(' ...es is
W. M. Burdirie I I our western boundary a id the world's greatest highway) the Gulhtrc.1m. washes
I our eastern shore. It .nay cost you something to stay at PALM UbACH but =

Twelfth Street ,' '- ? Miami, Florida. F: Your trip is'not complete without a StopovertheerI =

I .
M -
0 _o .


'* -+ #' I ItrzTf _r.
s : s t '' + k's
.1 .4 _...........

.- -. ..-.. """' "' ,. .
... !1 1."" 1 .., !P.'Y 1'-t- .. > r
.. 'II' .
PACt: 8IX1'Ur vat pAmr anua ktrntorous.' tAtnuur. racoon s.. IBM BU.IKU'FAGS

CITY Am OIUHXAXCK.ordlaaac-*--arort41ac for the I Christmas Credits anJ Collections

One Cent a wordDEPARTMENT lnr of a apobal US spas" all the:' .
real aa4 personal property la tk*, V* an faf k amk spaded spirit I
tr Uiy of UiaaU. Kkm4a. for the! MWkat' TMa< tot HtaamatConty e
l arpo* of paying the lairt oa. sad tat Skis at rtarUt to O* 3 For the purpose of furnishing credit reportsand
11.*.*... ..... 01 said City here, way *t rant mt wffMtai art ta
colon tkoriied.. aa4 providing oar wtaacw tar sane CarMmat ...... ;making collections for business homes
for Ole lacy ol a special Us for
the cnatio of a rating rand for FRUITS physicians dentists hare cttabliihed
UTICCS seder hit heading.. charred for tt to rM oil Beat a we
N tk* future rodraiptloa of lkpHadpal .
word..cfc.l.attio.. No ad.accopted tot tao than Me am laoontoai '
: of said koala.BB I Strawberries ( a branch office in the Sewrll Block, Suite No.,,1
IT ORDAIN br the City
y'T Two dMirak j laralsked. room forr For R.ai t- ...L III nth I stn.t. {1..rTW couple prcferr**. S4 4tk rid. M follawaSrttlo : !I Oraa
'tlCrwC. 1. Tk arT of Meal ky' et, Apples hare been officially endorwi by the Miami Merchant .
O. to W'odes the tailor to hive Ita City Coes :il. kertby levies a Pfinfinn, Taa t erlaeiGrapefruit .
your clothe Mooted. lath atro* areslev watts: I* IM pour ,..,.rt) special tax upon all the real sad Association q Having oar own '
Md t. Pint &,UaI BaiL t poraoaal property la said City la the representsthesinererycity
Plat kottte *l clout aa oaia tol. MM of n...*. .....U,. to k* aa-': and town in the
>DCt United
let water at :B4acaya Drag Co. StCata. aaally oMl U4 for the purpose of:
ABOUT PILL) aTATJ: | Regular price II _.... paylac Ito liter om tile koa4a ., Vegetables14 States Canada
and to handle
.___ Sons heeds ........ a. City of Miami la the amtomat of weare equipped
r Uk it to ro-Pykoa. Ml 1*> atroat.rtttarv ) W* araat to sell as ........., a ......... *atkorla 4 alder or..-! C1DowerFreg in manna
a all business
a.w 4 tatttftmit knaaiaf *.gt..t same adopted April lltk. !.... The P. satisfactory given to nsMurtacttrers
...12, tramol at Alt ass ,.... a WbMkfvlcr Hfte. BargafaH said Ut I* kroby lrrroeakly ,.... '
rite. UU A..... ft_' JU, ail UMM o .iD> trade thorn f. .4 to k* applied t* the paymwmt .. f Fresh Ffflcy Tw atoeFrerii 6 Try Gouerdal '
reel state J. H. Tatm A Oa the feloreat om said koa4a.Bmlom Grea Aguq. ;
Attractive arataked rooma for S. Tk. CUytrf ..fatal..ky1lu t Pcppen,
y real Ill rFUi Street ......... ......a aaf* lanatanala I City Coamdl.: hereby ...... epos VamttoteuYOB Over SOtV.Twelfth; Street Sewell Building I

aHQSSItH *W, RPt, KSTATlHorkkart. 'all the ml sad pmaomal property ? Radges .. "
U r*. .aat to sell roar property the mid City a special tai la the -- >
1119 {Am"* C repairs,,I see Cootey Horacr.AH alas of |i!.a ....&117. to-k aaaaaW 1 Y 1'1nIpI
ilK-a. ,*... Mrydr* Bad macklawy.Tk : ly collected for the purpose of ere t
atlag aid Fresh Water Cress W. J. Brown'Sanitary
articles purchased at MayaarTtI4rarrave4 aulaUlala a Making f.a4
sad Nabob krtcJa art for the ( '
rremtar atar
tir of eoC.i r4emptloa of tk* Fresh Parslev
always tk* Wot. {Miami Oratory Oa prlaclpal of the said .1...... beads
*:$ lltk! atraot. i authorial kr or4Iaaac adopted Fresh Spteach
Special for tore weeks oar two '
April 1 It It. 1151. Tk* Mid 'd la
Gels Chase:A iC- dams tor allttads quit foaaula irrlac at lIe rec hereby irrevocably Fresh Green Peas 1.
pledged to k
of crate;material*. They bead a ar prte f 1. BUeaya Drag ,. tk* cratloa aid mialat-* applied FresbWaxBeaasLettuce
:. tat Satires J-Camim*"__ crata* Co'l accc of Mid alaklac. faa4 aid MidBtakla .
salty the trt' ; pre a. _Ubft'. ."Oll.IR1. \ ell..*t yew I hid I. hereby irrevocably Plumber

t REAL rrTATIJ MBS. McALU pledged To the payment of tk. prla- Cocaabcn
I For Be l A rood paylaf rua rlpal of aaM boils at their ..t.,
na.BSr tall sear railroad a>... A.4,..* Ity. 1,
Geld Cots cote at M catt ta .*.j jneeIW. Restaurant:car .MtCopoH Sectlom. 1. That all ordlaaar J' WelaDtRomfh Floor 216
+ I aoawU for '1.11 at the aid pan of ordlaaae la roafllc. .
Miami Grocery Oft. au TwtfaOBOVXS $tyr : BBOSSItaMlANS_ HCAL KSTATlfaralakd "rtwitk k* aid tile MM are r*>l lTkai 1019 *"
._ peeled.aetloa. t Ave. D. MUasI
COTTACU. aTTC. MBS.MeALUITCB Attnetlft{ coma for 4... tklt ordlaaac
: .BCCX __ : reat SIS math ItrMt akati tats offtct from aid alter Itspaaaag. G
u .. approval kr the say.. ..... t WIlUNtt WORK
For Heal-,T %rg. rooms, kay --
) OO TO THE KAST COAST RES- ribtksUoa according 10-----:
< i ..
y treat t* two *l tr 7 COWDIM. XISr4. \
TACRA.vr.HCADQUARTKRS FOR Pared Dee.ebet 25th. It'..
Iloukvsrd eer t J THB BEST'OTSTCRS IN TOWN. r. H. WHARTOX. and tears of _k ta astray tnai 1.. .
'. O.*j ,..... Iff a tea worn, two ALWAYS ON HAND WREN THST fatal. rVealdeat. of City CoaadL
fiery boss U good 1oeaUt,. Tere.q > CAN NOT BE PROCURED EL8S- Attest: )I. R. Rallies City Clerk Hughes .tea ...... tkaTi wen ...... B 'w. 41
tcnaa'cT B. Tata WI1tRt.t Approved this Mat day of Deeemker. -:I ,',
l tile work
alO.1.. J)P&I-LJ. n... I yo* *aa iatail aaoato oti
CliwdarTa JOHN I t2S.12l fM ., etp.r..... III dubs K to.
I ttkitlac risk aw opts, at SEWELU Mayor I "b alp). Strist. ss ..,
......... wa/. !)* jr*.r aftairtjaaov kaflw d
ad s t-Jft1 BMW' taa. style .
/ .: Chrtatmoa.Borr MclatoahTkoa .
t ''Pet' roe .E4 Sckaiit w.n.f Chase A C... will k.y your toaatMk 3eathty i- --- .. et tile ...c Mer'SL'
.' who bars lees this ma,.1"
If r* *oUk pd, get agsalited delleerd la balk at their pact
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.1qDa .. Open lor ka.- lag kowti. Sat* packlaf aaaoyaacM.Tkey Fur koaatlfal magazine la the YOrI(" (Gall and SeellsWe w

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All artlck-a'pakkaard at Mayaard Attract!** r.rUk4 roves for I lautoitlac stitch of the ramous Leasurde (..Ma* CM. M.H. -_ O
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Drop U at tk* ball over CJa4orfTKaka : Uom. Tkta CkrtatmaB limber of tbs standard tires. Repair'workguaranteed.

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JJI IStk '"* I For particular can or writs, B. O Hakera. Barr rakttoklac Co. 4 W. 'w stml.... .... .... .... .. USLM
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; : Automobile John W.. Graham; Has on its Lists


: Supplies 6 Company j

some particularly attractive rites for
Successors to Chase& Hsmey
both ..
residepc and business pU.-

t 1 All 'Kinds \ Fire, Accident, poses. An imrestment in Miami real

Tornado Insurance .estate is safe; sure of quick returns

: I Repairing; and Storing .

; Fidelity Bonds' I

Florida oaf;...best si co.p..i.s,..,........ fJOH* B. fI'llV. J. r. INGRAt1AM. I

Miami Automobile Co. I ... Lowest,..... ,.,.... JC7. I Dallas
I Agent For Land
Two and moat of lows Please 117 Vice-Presldent Fort Dallas
I tone 199:Garaac.dald shops oa 13* St Days, Monday wueh'oa.e'taa Miami Florida. Land
Chase Company
Office A:co Co. St. AujujflneJr. ..
; '\ Tncsliy! De\ 24 en-d-25 end of Miami Rhea docx.

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4 .- -- ; 4-- ,
.t.f. I''' .. .:.. > f

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: December 22, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002075060
oclc - 34299190
notis - AKR3415
lccn - sn 96027200
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t } A I

.-. -, .

: '.ouna.GDD't MIAMI, FLORID, BATUBDAZ.I "ECL'4l1EU t ;, '1906' +r &XX"pA.Gm&:" _


With the Close o( Christmas Shopping Every Merchant Should Plan N xt His 'Years Advertising Campaign



'! ,. To The Merchants- And Patrons



Spleafid Trifle Ii Bdflf Enjoed AId JIuJ QIeJIIf Aa4TilnibU DIRIDDAYi

.'! ., 1JaIIt1 An Ti Bt Bid-Jet A tow Wirds Aboet A Few 4 _
l MetropoBs Atorfsert, ndr Goods; Ito Etc. .


J I .IetWe' ,
At tie era of tka today
:VTed4y Kaaatai Far Cxltkialac Negev Crtaute41* Their Seae And Tv sad Moody win iW atereWat Tke Ea$r..Dry CoMa Btor*. J, Wm Oa Carialataa aOlaa-OffliBltta "
Safpcad Optradaaa Germ
.W ...... WUday goods tbs kaateat I R. tOkXt. proprietor, la maklag a R. AfMiata -

s ,Peps, And Soata Accaaet 01 Kern Raastedj la a Buaiaf Car Of they WT ever bees alan tk* great pan for kaalaraa sad tie store Day Ualcaa AU Tardawa Crt I .It Xeetiar. TwUj Tt Prw.
elty's birth a Unto orrr tea la
I yaarago. coatataUy crowded will the kolIday ,
', rmiaj Mart Dirties Taaa AHI FaraltBi.-.I aax sad Re Maces Will tW Wppy d..... a* prrv I I ca toa<";. mlaglrd will tkoe* Aa laotaM Of Flrt Ccats Per pert Fir Saau-Cayt. Hay Halt
cleat at tkla time of tbs,,.1'. tWIffereat wW fraat tka etor* tkrgWattk
Other Se t1IsL Of Tk Uafoftkaatea. elites are cradd will 'I 1ftr." Hear.Kew. ammLsi..er.

people. la aetfrck' of Ckrtotmai gifts I 1111. Aalkoay-Raoirk Cat, .....*
for sues dear aid aear. I IITW farataklBKa. .
-- 0.-- boy( Mklag.. ladle
I general praaperlty ., tk. year'ia ....1..1....'. sloes are kirlag cae.prerdeated r

-; Cow York. DM. SS ,. LikeHeWltley Miami aa well aa tkroagkoat tW I year of prosperity
P111.4.Ip I o.e. 2S -n. c- Mr
0.117. krlan tW yaar *f U" a.i sad tko kollday kaalaeaa oed,.. Tork. Dew 11- A ceafara :Tfc. regular moatkty meeting aC
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Wr*. Waea tW of Ckrtotaiaa frH 1 Wra4 U MaUl Ia their .... aaercWajfW Des of eat glaadl allTrwar .
fo crttldem tile.MCN troop* tW roads kiTlag tarmUaala ben aadto sissies wttk a very fair atteadaae
: at Testes La,.. K. J.. early today parcWaed a mack larger sad *. Imported cklaa, aoaraaJr.eta. ..
wW 43cWrgd from tW SUI}' '
r war I' more varied Mick tkaa ever Before aad will .dettrar. maay 7ravy City. .. memkera ........ Capula R.
fJ-, Ist.4r1' ..js:. '.. ann: -IX A BOX CAR Comparlag last ,....'. kollday teals package aa aay kaalaeaa ..*.. to TW..... oaataraaad are tk. .*..- C. Sty oo.aaale. ale AdJvUatKeQar.
'rtt..1 tacC .
__ A4 a peep I silk tWt *f tkta year, tk* mere lows before Ckriatmaa ..,. Their ylTaala EH*. LtkKk. 1'aI1e1. Corral were she ........
'i "skl.id.d '-. crtaUaala a 4ttia 1 "-. 4aaak. Ms: 0.\11-. J. I.: elate claim t....* to a* eomparlaoa.tkta trade to alwayj a good ear to the ftf*.w .1_,. Long lalaad Bal- .It WM aaaoaacad that OateraarBrwward
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,ap.rsd 'sp i aa aiaa war year to far ...... I IPar WHdayI ...... limits A OkloOackawaaaa ale States lad appotated Capula Mayeaaalrlo.sr
'wkKoTyaoato m tW .... sad to tk4 ..rd t* hall to a freight car toW
a variety of gifts see oaty Wa I I TH. .... latad Rapid Traaaft Co. TWcaaaa for Dad oaaty for
Miami c... .... Rtotoa.
., ... I ....
.... tW ktod laaoeee* Rack *. Railroad 7at4.Islesd57. .
t. g* to the dirtereat ttorea sad BOB I aassge. see WadBag aa la a aaauad *C tW "..... tW Ckkamiaga. Park moaaaMatfaad. x
: me ... ..... WT Wea skis kfrtW TW sea war rtdlac to a aapecUtly for lacraa lee ,.... .. ,
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Watal red-Waded wait claaa, earbe wtU beheld fooaa.ka .
" rlaa from tk* groaad a... tW ..*: aa oil at*** waa caaatagW wlsd.wsisd oa tW coaatera. WWaW cad ar aajoyteg a moat. K, Rale.dedLilel I TW aoatk. ;
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; )arts of the eSIUT. IeptHrj'l'L -.t... W or ale was tookiag tar. dealer add aovehy gooda mmcWat meat was sniped yesterday ky' M',I Ja.airy 1). was tIIn..... ale ....
y TW Racket ator*. W. H. Claus to akowtog tW largaat sal lets George Zapt. close property was _loa R was decided that tW **mmaader a
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. .. Roaws7 A ifs Wv a large corpa ., etorkieagaged. aaaortmoat of leyy looks sad.101I- glvea aack good piototttaa ky tW doparfwt -' ppoJat t committee of three
. U ,naY tulleFAClrORxf TW Wy Wraea kluWd t* aa lead wW ar* *rpt Way from mire ever ......,*. to kla ator darlag Tkaraday moratagl to .co-operate will tW CalledDaaghtera }
-' : aaat111abe. I Coaat lwafoa bees Mcktadt arty moralag tin tat.at algktaWw ale sisal Bttto besets win W made .r*. fTcaB epee klm for tW ....... of tW Coafederacy ale ,
....w.. Dae. SS -. TW er aa aatMaoMI wall kuadlmc w lag aid ..us.. toy, ota.. to tW gtad ky tka warn of kta'ater*.. lies tat a WaaBet\ or ....... for tWdepartmeaf tW Boa of Toreraa to arapartaca
. C Ktoc Qatar a : A.*aa* B Ibis aMralac sleet tea was, akopoora wW. crowd theft ..- Tfc* Miami Grocery C*. &. L. at say Urn. .. ems BL program for dhe accailea. Tklaeommlttee w
; trtsela7.. ___ .Uau.1: clock. ..C' daakod aoatk. cattanaato I Ukltakmeat.Bewed Brady A C... MagaoHa aroe.rr eo.. The rkkf to very tWakfal for tWgora was aamed a* tallow*!
. ail ever tW street aad Sadly A Bra, geata( faraUklag Rosh A Hackee.'tW Weat KadOrocery offer eat win probably R. C. Slay J. Hs ..... sad r.
/,. BU, ...ktl.uD.... Dec.lx SS A- I' rraaklac late a ...l."kaaa pole atLb. ..-. IU.. are loss aa Mceltoatto Oa. .. well aa W auaotkor can for Ik. fete after tW ragalarmeetiag Viadoa. 0
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MlUa west ( Carlyta.. IIL. dropped %fc.1.l f tW wages was 1rT9C,. display aa wen aa tW repautloa oftW for Ckrtotmaa-Ud dilaUea for tktakt members ., tW departmiat abet d*> la garal to W ........
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to tW aUa sal tag.4lat17 Ju. H. Hayes dad Bill BrotWr
; aakltckod sad .t kit tW ,tits was ads tW Miami Realty'Laea A Oaar 8MftIa. .do.rs.d ,
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,: twd rw Wrrlag cam. anal an vnk tW _mUaam._ '. ..)..... slowly. wh.' tk<
the ....... at t........oC tW slots WadaoBMly arrayed la _aaiea '. tW tact tk.l eras kaakaada aadkrotWra Nt7T1 no"
'; aWe goods la an Baa.. ,Coartaoaa are golag to lave goal real :! TBL .L.L'D CITYtleeia'.o.otap.a

'a 1.LOT1'l 1tDF.RR RITEI at' sad prompt"attewtloa to ass of tWteaiy good dgara for a C...... J HOUSEDLOCAL [
sxiifRixd AGAixirr TUG'THREE[ FRltKOSPcvtrfal feataroa-of ills MOT aad Itwoat Feat GitUt. Ua Qty Laaa Of. ff.t.g spfe.al4W.rt
W .t'. fialt of tk* ........ lee .,oprM.... M awkiag klatfefffeK w for Bvw....... '
Ai...... 1.---: :: i .. tkaX meat If wkat yo vast karat fees ,.' 115 ra.k ., trade to faacycklaa. .
.ke\ra ,.e. WRESTLER MetropaOa B......
r rear ; TO''WiCK Jewelry ctotklog, eta.- add *
1. ;l H.T.""....., tW wen lam ... kla ator*. which dew bas .........) Key W... DM. St. eTl.
........ Dioe. SS Uarda .B4arvrttar ........ lacreaeed tW floor' .... ofM apac to well ailed will f are lavarta* acalaat .. Mt'Waak '" store to mki..... tor tko addhloaal J. W. Wetaoa. Wrdvtr*.' far*.' -. _. rapid Wedwiy s. the kreakwater.KB .
o a| war between- Raaala'Jipaa all 1ITTTx stock of Wa+ ... alrrr tarflrearma.. teJiM-a' .......* to sow aloes Sit foot from the
to I'll at I ...... et I.U ware Jewelry. ...,au.. *t.., set aw cargo of tW sieve er; sale at Jlay Pat TarWit TvictlaTfrttrtXlaala ..*..........rklaff .. vary akaltow
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7 1 tat .....-al17 ncogalaed tkat IW' .e's.s.ons ..... ... started kariaeeato departmeat to aapecUny Way at tkta .-Rabia Straaftr, Healer c.&. /. YlaJag Hanki ..,.. Ha*.
newel ., Watltttto* to ,t.] P etc. Reef r..J'-WD1 JWJ tW High City. 0 ttaw.Itador. rto sad daagktor late rwtaneC""
targetthe bet tWre. are clear alga' icrt Tae Staaatr.Cal.dTest _TW I"" B. B. Doe,1u. proprlr. CoWatW well. kaowa alotkr AW Mart Exairiam4'WID... s in lad melee actors tile k.r..
IWt tab for tW Baaaclal aoadtOoa. > dry gooda. mllBaery. ladles' lor. las aa oaparlaBy large Ha. of I Hiss .arta. ale W Jaa& resoterN
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west h... bass Declared leas ere ; raa ., Wilaeai aae.aaltod la any aka.a oa sale tkto' aaaaaa cadIs really, WaBUd .,' tW Mac t
y ..... .....'. .... Areagtk to tWEaat I Met -..*? cad IW largo sealer Wrlag'kto. slate ., tW WOdayifdaeaai -\ TW Lab .... tofctar '
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Oaear ...... IW Jackaoavtnwreattar. '
- aklpa of tW Droadaaagkt type wklMtW J Katklag Jd'dtttoaal kaa Wea aaeerulaed popular omparlaau. slur proprietor of tW long **uk o ....-. aCoU
...u.... ...... ., Wr asks: from tW CaUdowla. A lea.,..... IW artistic pWtagrapker. > BaWd WkerdaaWry oa A..... D. bad hit) d1 ccity. tatkrowlag O. .. Pattaraoa. judge i.
tag atreagtk aakor to .......u.Ie: : Mi.er to keeptag kta appotatmatWoa aear* tk. ......, ... 'recelTed. a James Met tk* lard .... M. Pkratpa. O. O. Brooks sad W, if
Tar a ttoa*Japaa laefeaa her army reported :'aaWr. .. Fused reef; >vn tiled, ale addlUoaal Wlp ale tot of araaoaaklo gewta far at tW aadltorfom last algkt .... H. "aIeM,. ... )' a.. be.... 1M
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Tko cavalry to being 1-... dally I tkil Captala Taylor of tW ackooaer departmoau.' HMtograpW Wad to foot. slag atralgkt tana. tW Brat toalgkt tW arty Meaday algkt.Miflal .
ale tka -oet Improved auc....i mack ReUaac of tW McllTala are Weomlag ,..,...1' toady gllut Mra. J. R. Beotfa art rtadto tokaadiomety adieus sad tW aecoad to fa., CaValte Hoe was ta9ff>...... B\ 8*
- 'c... ar* Wtag attacked to *very laJaatry -1 Pick EzporUag c... this ,etty: was P. L. Bataoa kollday glfta. ....-, BOod/ with palatiaga ky.r mlaatM.I surprise party ...... sight ky a pimW
[ roglmoat. TIe railway troop tW Brat rraoa t. Ward' tW dietreeead lag tackle' cal Plorlda aorelUea.kaa ." I Mrs Scott add dalaty ale "ttnleQ"l I I TW welgkt ., tk* mea waaaaaaced. ... of her IrMa to loser etbet 1>
''aad WDooa corpa ar* Wtag g"'tacraaaed I J'..! after .... bad goo.oatW alac opealag Ma aw ...... eaJoyed .' HUto BoaTealra of ooo t Pea Mrtkday.Bkerirt .
Ruble 111
; M ar* ale tW fortraaa artftlory. rock W.......,. a very nkeral .........* aadaroaoaaM : aaotWr. ...,.. fteotfa Malts U well aoaada: J. B. Tipple. .f ..* *oa>
la tW pjoaattmo seeds toImprortag .Ir The ..oralaf tk* atoaater Three klauelf.aa. Wlag aattoBed $1104 will people tooklag tat Wadpalated I 14. ,....*. Tkta. gave tW termer tM ta tW "17. *a a 'alert vtatu
ker coadltloa aa abs kad ......... Ciptala Harry, PixaaNkkk. with his slam of the trad*. .Jiet...., "t.. wkkk are alwits.aer.ptabb semi adaaUgv wkkk.wttk. : .Ie f' _
117 WttaHoaa sow while aW bad oaly I .s aaMtaU port y*.irrl&" ifleraooa Jobs BeyWld. baker set coafectloaer -'I for Christmas gills great arreigtk ;:sad more.......... sirs-.o W....... R=. ed
It kofer* tW Jut war; Ahogetkorla : fret* JarkaoarllM.wltk a tow Wa addlUoaal kelp eaplap. aa weB aa valet _...... at tW ...., guy klm aa ...... The atvaaMT Waa4tir. apt-Brace
. -Waat Blkorta. Traae-BlakaBa. cad 1 ., w... far tW P. B. C. ttaa- ed to property dtapeaM* wares George Hasps tbs aopalar dry age tkil was toe mack for the toa- wlkl arH.4 t" rUgl.r potty J
the marltlm provtae a.... bas .toa. seat dews to tW pUe ., tWreported of his. nor*. Home' W, IW Baorf abode merrkaat oa .,peP A..... D .... tkoagk W put ap A pas sad I' tea .f laspwtIN the nt*.
... dlrMoaa of rtTa aad ...,"I wreck sad If tW ateaaierWa rashes ever Nee la Miami caa Wprocared M dolag a great Walae Ibis '''I'. credltafcta Wtttok )fr. Poraelt ofBcUt sloe. rams a* r.... J.vlk creek +
tort wUk deer ......* .krlgadea oftoot. I aot already .... floated or caW at BrrI e..'. parlor Frets Mr. Maagoa Wa parrk*ed .a..'" aa retiree.Attet'Feat ,ye.relay .h.--, t. party bavlag
..t..c.' ... will W wry ,......- rakes are kelag'ordered. daily. aaMr. .... Ba of dry good .tkla year bad bees debated Wrkaltaaged wt kr tk.r. sad .... ep by trata.ra .
Tkaa Raaeta Wa att... B M aadreearv ...... la dotag ... BeyWld will WT to keep kta std to eajoylag aa ......JW sear ..... far aaotkor coo I.
...'" ...... ail'IaeI.'" tW 1 a farr employed day ... slAt to an oa of proaperlty.Welm Mat. tW seas to take plats la Ja.'. Rf..ay flalaaikaaTk
fart at JUrkU wkkk meat W era*. UodrdaTaryoaTW. ardera.Joka. A Oravr. drMBaker aadmlUlaera. ....I .. Jaaaary It. prorldlBg. R.. I ataaaMV Catcalls, caa. ep
aited sort April sack ., atrUeaWttaBoaa. Brat Urpoa ., ,the erases B. Tompktaa. nee ssor to bate a keaallfal dlaplayto lie win make a wojgkt of 'U ,... Ik* beer BM *C tW at......*
: MtoBag Stt WtUBoaa* was take yesterday afteraooaieaatar y ,.._ A T_."... tk* variety tfcetr atr I* tW Hateya Hall ....... TW 'an.... was,accepted yesterday .n........ ale Wt rat .-
:r e. with oaty 1SI aMMto Wt J. X. ea..... Beer tWWM tueo ta ......) a raaklM koUdaytrade. arcade, of araaoaakto tree goods cad Belts pakltety compUmeatedI eslve seas ..... repsIre tkUmlaal .
. ... tat IW' Wglaalag of ,U'I.H. of tW Miami. river. It was Bverytklag to lbs Ba. of cad mllflaery sad ar* Wy Slag' for ct.... klm. tW lards shipyard before |'.4ag eat
Uwagik to .....t tWi elect lost foot bag cad weighed. I. CkrMaur. goods caa W .seal at kta orders for boil to tW Iciest Parts lilt k* Wd ever lad wttk a ass .......
w ... i ....*.- Hra Md .... the:.......... .d .stay ....... stone. .,.,. to crowded will aa --xla. af Its "...... TW rrvvd pie.est I _
Y. 31110 ,bs.a: toeraaotj f rom 4' This to aevwral 4weeka aarBer lbs* !IOU We geoda.F. Hardware Compaa/al- was amill.preeedlag. I Mir I.. Bare was a ,.aw., flaItar '
,. ajaBXICtrtea. such of St\kore.**. tarpon lave ever bees lakes bore T. Budge tW lades,..far ....,. a Bttlo ever a year led to tW RaMa.Pat best to4ar fraaa Ocata. sad winUM T
torah. >. .......* ., t peep each before sal tW Brat Urn oa* W -Jtar* sad fiery cklaaWa CoI'ft.t chug aa ...*.. kaalaoM Ibis year Jackaoa sal ............ west oa stead lortalckt will Wr aMcra.Mr .
to war. Maoatala Nt.....* Wv ever bees caagkt to tW appor Miamiriver. aa etrgaat 1 idUpUy of' an tWkov'to ad ererytklag polata to tW WNaf aa a pr dalsary. Jackaaa got tk| J.aat. B. rattarae sad Mn.
... formed sad aU aorta to tW ...t 1 kta ...... Vaafat artI .. Wataeaa tkroagWat tW ...... fortkem. Brat fill to tires misuse wfcUeBtetaWeer J... M. Ja4kao Jr. Mlaa Bw. ...
.......J wkp* commaakatloa will of faranar are rut Uklag tW place captured tW served ,. las aaaiafMa. frWa4a to x.... ...
Karopoaa Reds la BOW akorter aad P. O Raroo.t... IT* mlaatea. Per tW tklrd fn boil are "m U w..... bar k.r. fork
.../...... ....
to .
Las Idle to tatorraptto I .
wrestled cull tired ,
; ... they were
TW ese. walrk tW P. A loll
O. B.k.O.. bate bees raaalag tree Captain Joe Baker, Oldest Conductor sad exWaatod.. tW refer**. M HJOkHa. -
ibis port to K..y Wed sad Hatraaa atopptag tW cnteet sal dectarlag -

hoioo i is mm 6 1 roaad..uw....trip. tatcaWv Three' oaltfag bees date well .,On F5 E.. C.,.Ry., Died Last Night tW lout a draw. 'NIXE SEAMEN WROWKED 1THEDAILYM

Oil ........ Dae. S t, SCaad 1$. goods Jsdgr lf.els S. a-e-

VnTKIAQTYPE i iI refers Mislay, Jaaaary TT1MIW ,-- .-- Jean B. P. beset *f Daytoaa.wltk FROM JIOiWEGIAN.6:
far far tW read trip. Brat kaadaaartara to ladlaaapoUa. ,
,.... .. K>y West to It...; ... I will Icier* before tW mar atoMlac .
aad elio. ".M: to Haraaa, fret laforvittoa ... received to tW sees sad Strictly attaatlra .. kla for; ... taaiefraw at 1:11 p. am.
rkua. |1....; aacoad ctaaa. 1STW I city Ills BMralag ., tW death to dattoa.Pp at tk* aedltm-... Jade Ikack laa WHALER ,
'I itoaailaav* bees at 9 o'clock r op KC Aagaattotoot sigh,S..111'.Joe. to a fw atoolka ago W ..- pr*,.laat fead.r sad letterer ,
W date*\akovo awatloaod.4torNl I Babe tot, mast ,*.-. a coadvctoroa toyad tW beet of kaaMk katag .. aid v*+r sins M Mtaiar writ prolt
tW P. I. C. Raldway.. WtwMSt. a very robed ..t." Wt faU>.. .y besrlegl.. lactar lapartaataltrra
Sew PIVdilMiTW Aagaatto* aad ....... Daatk bat a not was ...... W -.eesr.4a will W knwckt before tWatlaf.
:Meow Tort Dr*. SS- TW Worla I! k4 of .... will ...,.... wed da. to takorcataala.Ciptala racaUoa sad west Mf H..*.. Opens promptly at S'Sf \ w Tat: Do*. 12A dlopacrlfroai
. s f. .l..dletateb sets.that lit aa' ptWdrtrvr No.' f Wa bees JaW Joseph Debar was a ass d...d to ran Wt It...* oaly darlwtW P. M.P. Ba.*oa Ayres reports tie basIs +
vtratoatypo to tW toralaat skip srd. Ik* work sleet fortHlT* yeses .*f ag ale lad tare atoatka tWt Its coadltloa AatarcUc 0.... KoTrakvt Ifkaf +
{t< r.eua..m-1ut1 & ., WIMtag to W reeled aWad aarapMtraa tW eldest aoadactar la point of ear became .laral.,. I K. (". Pay Trato HrrrTW tW Norwedaa wWBag ......r \
:, to ragtag to a-..... cad tknrwr poaatMa. Pttodrtror fto. vies oa tW ,oa4 t. I a/.a< *n+ n a- It to BM kaowa r< slat dtaporf- I P. B. C. pay teal.. "tt' 'rrtt"'. will ala of IW tree p >rflliklag -
toctade easy prom...mpeople. .. las Jut bars ceiaplotod sad add auatty to Ra arrrto alaoa Wfar its boa win W suds fit Its raaulaa.Wt arrived Wr yesterday teem. t aad anyMrrlnac..
Dactnra tarn are roteai. W towel to IW ky wHkla. tW axlw track. war ttadd south of 8t. R' to praaaaiad IW lataraeatwin .... ... writ dews Hag aaa WtW aafW .... pr4wrvea ..,.. ......., H wUV W set. Is Legas bar.. adraadag' tees kraii W to It. Aacaatla' .....* d- a5-\ Catlrr Ills axiralag there tW9ty Boa Ayres TW Prftkjof ems :
.--ctJ. bet- Landau las. -It, bas wort la,WIMtoK bellies cal ti.- ..e.:.flaaaaa, '..............'ote.to ....... Wd rld.d for several y.era i *orr dictar*)** steal ...- ant la Noraai I w. MS t. IW tree "
.Hrr* mlala *f oaaakla.- totW ties akmg,.tile" Ba* .c... salsa:' aaadoturt: fl* waa'a:ana'%f, pee. H. laaraa_a, Wits aad see orijw lead dollars ameeg ... ..,tnof yeee .. tk. Xpadltl .......lkJeld A..me ...

toil tklrtrBvo dais. vC : .La.- taw wocdafrttf, raaamd. to kU car I_ *_aklldrwa w .'.* tka .aoaipaay at those "'ate. | a. .
1,' .. 0

..... 1

r< .. ,...,.,.*;,.,.'. ',,. ._ ..... F.. ". ." I ', ;.z '.'- "'1 I_n_JflJ '; .tJ

.-, ... -"' ..... "e' ... .. Sq.1, --... ... ,-.... -... ... ''''' "
) '-
""'' 1'p...
,' -. .,- 1'r' .'_ .' -,. ,..",1" ,'" ':' ., .. I e ,
j q
= r'taeTRO THK.DAILY Ml(Ml t[>:TfOIOU*,LTfiCnY. IlCCKMItEH 99. iao. arms rAUEb
, ..... w,
-- --------- --- :r I
teat bet the kind t* M thin acartijaomlutc
MIAMI METROPOLIS I tkcir leads .k.. they art! -
:.fd41. the .a atloa of pardoning,
DULY AM WHHYT 'a eoartete undoing all the iimealt' A the

I .......every&h.THE INS. au.M*G 7 work* once of Ik HOT* ee.rta1.*a aodHr a taralaiUMM crt." Merry E'B D. OUGLAis : ke

ill .... pvaltrae: a.y V* eat
KM Printta Company
The. skis de.j>. Christmas .
.'" T'"" I II Ar tk'.c* al4er4.. w* should your
I S.S.UIW.rm.' f.tai iW: rnufJ .. be tit ...nto.I..
,. f T Met.* 310 & 312 Twelfth Street. ha-
to .
\ |13ouj" for If r*. 1.1WOa- you
Member,at Tt JUaKUtet Pt.... .
dons and fla theories mtiat K*
the .....> la the arrt ree of eoalri
6a.s at r1 ....w.K f r.Y.. and lqaBe*. ,
iloa. yetitto.L tier : *

I' ; I'' trots sad easy the javtct a rascal...:bike!.*, laughing eat gait.*. Do you realize how close at hand Christmas I is; not, many more {

.t cltlrrtor KATKMOaaYaarr. ... aU*** at 1b..ottrhearied aackwko to shop in so it behooves to go when
..., hours you you
t .. .. .. .. .. .. .. taraed ktai loose dad whose
.. .. .. .. .. .. a.'* kU ."
8U MoaUuOM wad was a. eon u lleart.A
n.. M..ths.. .. .. .. .. .. !... a .' can find all you' want one place not have to

Mew .. .. ... .. .. .. .1' W. C. T. U. COLUMH w
1 0. welt: .. .. .. .. .. .... ..1'Week" FOR METROPOLIS READERS run from pillow to post to find then. Here is the place. r'
.. ...
r.raar .f .. Then .,...... la tk* Mctropolla will find
enter the store- and
.uPt let u MBTRoroLU futa.Of ills afteraooa'a eot... under the As you you ;) a large
head af -W. C. T. C. Depenta*nt '.. "
puna OMrt beautiful counter of
edited br Mra. E4vla Ntooa sad ** .
Tints iaATCwylT. .
4SMS4 ;istk StreK
..... to tk* caaa of toaipraa
.WCKMBER a. 1... aMrallty and otkr * Fancy PicturesIn -
A rqacat for Ikto apae waa aide
I 00 ill I, kj.the .*a M of'tka W. C. T. C.at gilt and rustic frame; neat pretty goods tht you would not obj-ct to paring much more for, but we

I ., e 11 B1sttrr. Mlaari and ckatrfallr and frHJraated too want to gin our customers some Christmas Gifts and we lure priced them at *5c a pieee, and near
( tk. aaat* aa w* would aav*
lot wide silk .
them is a big .
DECEMBER: : XXappolata doa* to aar tkr body of lawaidlag.
ltT1--C.agTMS a eorpat eaaadcatloaa sad tool cU '
.ft1.lIoen., Cart. BopUaa ... (.... Tka cotaaia kaa ka aoUdtd Ribbons I
......, and )o'., rail Joaaatnaatataac fat ones a .**k and win apparSatardaft
x "Maria natal*attain Co.&U.1 Wat...**la tkarcaof every It ril'lIe.1Uea 'That will caue you to exclaim "Pretty and; so cheap" for the entire line roes at 18c per yard. The

T' -Korta 1 tCaraliaa' eafea' itswst.ra kr tk* ....... of tk* W. C. T. V, width ban.. nothing to do with the pride! thej all go at Ibc and talking of ribbons reminds as of the sew
febda U Cpacraaa and edited.as said above, .7 Kn.s. '
ll.7Ooa T+a(, paws tW aae- ..... lot of Christmas .. i >
cadbard.. eC111 \.
that an tb'vlewu'asd
Coaaldortac Fans '
oM LataMtta a
ao.cr9 .
........Uoa of t*...." sad u. att rants tspraaaad "...a will
54 .at a.r.a .f fwtfia land' la rtorUa.. probably not aaot,with taw apprar That will be the very thing to remember Jour lady; fri-d.with. A pretty, dainty fan is something{ that
HIL Taa dew ataamal teafraaciaea al or 'potter af, tkaxMtraDoUa.; .. l next to her new'hat and in the bend let that
lady prizes ger department as our
:aallafra[ port: aha towr ...., It aadaratooa that siythinspppesrla ,every pay
.ek.4 ta a (ale!...... Baa araIMS .
lost. : <.U this aaitiealar eoUaiato MillineryDepartment
Jcftwvoa Davta ...... a aot a aredacUoaTtw or tU loan atbr ,

procJuaaUoa.........t. .c rataliaUa aauaicfeaUaapraelaMtlaa. U af taUaaala'a this...papa 4 kr,and tk should.We. a Q t k* aaeaala 5 i" up to date in all its detail and every day we are turnhig out some of the most beautiful

llti O gftanaaft. .aataaliaaa' ,---*:=_ crvtttiuu that have ever been shown in the city. You are kioiply doing yourself an justice .if yon have
kaao.aartara at &....... ..".. I' U this kiad'O( weather keeps ap. not looked through this department.. Oar ,
t lost MT.aa U atarchUf t* taa aaa.i test Taadar .U1 W Christmas- with, '
ll4UcaaMa ta vMU4 ar aa Cbri.tau..ether. :Bath RobesMKattratt .
.arth.nske: j. I.
\ Brvrard .... / has .JotaM tk. '\\ your attention a* soon as you come in the store and will he much, appreciated gift by your

DADS AS SOFT -dny. eolaaa. ',Ja the.Uctloa Jut fiien.d Let u*, advise you examine these fur they too are priced toattract not only jour fiicbds but
A 8 ffBAETSCadar'tka ; ,....., to dtUraila* whether tk* '
yourself near them are the
eoaatr should ratala"witor Ire w
+ eapUoa"Aaatfcar Batek '
coma "dry." tk. adroeatea of Ik* Towels
Tuned JLaaatf tka tlra Oak tmaa- .
litter eoadlUoa trt aipk d kf a .TO(
radtaa ,..... ., ;
erat tka racat
-ONe Mara atMa eo.11ete .r UM aar* of 111 to III,; tujorttr'ITS. 'Tk Be sore tn see this line for at 29
doting Iio arij ..d aft<<'AecUrta* rcaah) shows- that Later'only tkra* p:*- less. thin 40c but for this sale they go at 29c each.. < -
cinch west la of aUlaf Dqaerkit s
I Iir .
that aatiUoaa atora,went U ta aaeka ** t.
toa were acalaat aalllaf. .
II tka j j..u..e for paHaa tatkaaa .
e I '. .
cases tUi fan rr14'.aea .( .Tka, wall from" tk*'aorTk. .w.',* SpecialsBeautiful -. ,. 4. .tt ," .
r od'letiawmiUgstisl drea- trussing.to d..... for tk* 'want of ,: .
.J It.aacea had all that art t11ag'and coaleats.e Oak
: o4 tk* LI** Deae-
full size Comforts ,.: ; $1.38
.nertI.ht the trot to aria sad rvaMrk: "Caaa: .i.
Os ........ bitter Baa''M roar howling ... tone' to fiorida.: Damnsk'T-ble Linen... ... .. ..... i..e..' .. ..r. .... .... ...?.'..... '*[C.J..J. .J...... .. ...... ..\48c

a>.tits a! eke*>'caata kin. aa;r .( IwenUo wk.* vt'aaaaUtat. llama tar. .3 yard I ng-'Lace Curtains... ...... .. *.;... .. .... ......,., :.:;,...;>. ;.:... ..... .... .... ... $1.48Holly .
*, and hiving a* ealaloi .. a. and ... .;.. ...." ''t .
.r press M t* tk&., propriety af arW coal t... sal.ta this"c., partkaUr you a aaetloa Wreatps for 'decorating ... *..: g..'., g. .. .... '... ..**,.. \ "... /... ..' .. .509 '

lag tkea. a*a| .. "*,. itsdtlot;, LkUvktea a-a .... It-to them ONe'hundred Jersey Underwear, women and children per garment .24c_* ,DaintJggSbeer III1Dd\rrthiel.IOc,
to MatjdaMly and trine and atxtr 'ft days. la aack aad rIJ. -
"Bat v* A* yaw tkat a* ...... sty .?. : '
c.f a pardoat-e.: bard aaeald W .at ., XOlkCMTk Ladies' and Children's' Sweaters
.' tile aoft>aarta4 vartetrj vtU crmp- Ira ., ....,.. A Hardla.,alat I '
thus e.lotloi..aaZ7- **.*. Jaa-1 err hard Ibis day toaalTpartar- Here is a stock that will interest Jon 'and now is the, ,tim4 to bay them for they all go i in at Chruiousprices. t
tie to a f Uj bard aura thing and kip kriaiatul j eoaaaat. Dad Hardto > ''
Your ward robe isi not complete without oce, come and ere them.
retains tk* Vaata*** at the same
It'isA i ki. aa4 If 113 Uv to U I ...
"c ,..... aaaamlag an ....... aid ok* i' to

,aiaua fund ag..t..t aay a, taettoa thatJssds.'Aosis to aactotr tkt U:1 e. Hrl. Pocket Books an4 Fancy Hand BagsFill

-- _. _. ,.
\ : ---- -- -- -- --
s : ;
5 'one Isrgjshow; rise and in the lot l you will find' one for the little, totter who goes.,h.>pp5ng with lit a.,

5 WV to the one ones that will suit Miss Lady to a dot. There ...re: all kinds of parses and they sell'for41kinds

,il of prices .Aioperbiitie of '
,. j I

: 'Photograph :.. I i: ,Ladi s' Embr ldere4fCollars. ,,

.. Have Just""come to hand; new styles near Ideas, nev'psttems dill please. you and the prices to suit for at 25 cents

w t For C&fktBM 'you have a bglot. to.select from. Then In [tI

( saMitat I .Houle rxr we ate going to run for .the Chrtstmu trade only some regular $1 t 150 Fancy Hose at W fens

.1s taon swo.tr .1 j These goods are In so miry fancy designs that" you %IU have to see them to appreciate them' and
near them Is an exquisite line of'Tat
I piWe' men.plet" **) "

.1aC to g se;, Hose YOU can find Just any thing YOU want; fancy colors: fancy designs In both silk and cot-
thu a p>IOH or gent; i SUP-Mrt', ton and the besuty of them too Is thes are priced at Christmas prices. ,

tad: Tiers lilt ....1 .
&tt wffl pI ue I Lades' fancy Combs from ...25c to $1 .Beautiful I folding Screens . ..Sl.M
0 SpecialsUmbrellas Lovely Kamonas. ... .. ... ..48c to 98c: Silk Underskirts, the 7.SO kJnd. J5.75
t ,tey or: (M triead, // Fancy WaLts from., .. ...5Oc to $!. Swiss window curtains yds long. ., .$1.1)

or.a Tart men; ]/] '
Ota JOW;pUtoC : Nothing nicer to give than a silk umbrella and here you can find one to suit your taste botfi In '
goods and handle. These goods are priced syeclally for the Christmas trade and will plcasVyou. r t

A.KAUFMAM And now comes / ?

a The special one we want to tell you of Is a 5.0 all wooU;one that will go from now until the' kbda'S ...
: ]- Pjri. Bl anket t S are over at $3.95. It Is a beauty still we have them at all prices and all sizes and al 1 kind! If is a .

Cor. Itm Street 9 1:

4. I These rOods are all on sale for Monday and Tuesday morning un- ':
--- -----;-------

-5 til 11 o'clock, at that, time oz.r store<< will close. /
Miami Harness Company

{, i.eee.....to raMM HJcia do.estlc'for
4 13 yards bleached $1. only Lovely Satolines/at ISctsE. t .

.a WI >kn artM.mr 1arDaa tsibsu tat. the as,Coos: -"l1a! $t.t !13.yds to Ole castni ern ,
-h ab.r..-......yew w ass.aaws a..,,a eat tor a.ant rel.Nw..A ._ i
rearet an nals. .t... .. as sae--et...-..........r.w I'
C ::.s..._a us.a..a r..t.5 tb t -*.t. .':.:.-:; i1 raw a Ss e::t wl..rsf.w..W. .:::.-err t !
aaasr.at i M pea Ija w c. wet ape diet awl.A is ass.snyM.t lo*M>.k.
complete CM of Etfoess add Stable Supplies .

Btneu" K 4. trfar. All Kepair Wirk dvta rrwt Attention ltix

; ..

r. rAt

C '. I '- d: 4. ,1 "" ....: I .............. _...j. -"'-''''''''''''''' '''''--'_' ''''' '''' &..- -.... ....c---. ....i' "- .. ..... .

j' "1'.. -


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