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"N.w York ai d 1-VrwU KiprtW.nkiBCton took ap ale poerdea oa the Ml bad foe one woa game was arored.' la th*, prompt attention. Shop at ?D' I > and Florida Lira'd" -Tbc Floods Limited." I[ parmy day of tbe prrte riot ".... Pet ). '
I aide, drew a tray of plr ., cork to %" I F. M PETERSEN:
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pi.c Car Resrvatio.s, Maps, Folders aM lalonnatioaAM4TM bet swathe M oa the other Ode. It any cbonea by the parent*, marrtagol w
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Th* C.lont w.tasw I Located on tIM bank eflndUn R."*,. Finest H..".."..ftCI..ttt.In n.

i Colonel John M. Falter ot hone ,The Fort Pierce Hotel

f Crov*. Tessa nt-crlj net bit Water
a r F1 Y SrICIA i iaIJ
.''loo from Liver and kidney traubte. la "L 1LatU,aI.InU"U. d Iknp
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J I a recent h-urr. be AJaI: .al nearly I S.siWILLks iw lilts m M Su... fORT MERfK, fI.HRIIIA
1 deal, ot ibe*. complalou ..4. al
I IPtwwe booth I tried mr famllr doctor lie
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ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ot your grwit Electric Bitter which

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on ririh. and Ibaak God .... .. .
er.delte.ntdsl.raaal.is.sa1 p.Mattee SPECIAL BY WEEK. 331 4th St. "" Plaid
.ho the knowledge to mall
" l*.. TittM. gf fOil
ro.a>&IIT !nimi. Fi*. I Item' Sold and guaranteed to ear Dnyour way north
o<..,ei.U. biltopra and kilndi* be sure and stop atUaJrmoui'Da'tolla The Kennice
; sauce, b> ail dr.gg lna, at We a bo
..,..... Our Little marine Motor ,, .. .
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MIAUL FLORID" I'' IV.not ubamvd of jotf nllal reUtlrra. the- C. A. KENNEY. Box I II I 1. Coodall P. O. Fla
--- Some of the lIMIt people la
.1\-.;;B. J. K. JACIBOa, JR, world lire la t... fointr/

HOTEL MIAMI.BIKATMK orrici. BLOCK:ftXRIPA.uTTl. ,AYE.. D.I I Strikes Hidden Rck. I hew aver 1 y H Ollse'- TOURIST':KINtRooms Iart..l.Om RESORT: fYetaaN,

__ i When your ship of health atrlktt y.
<< SEYMOUR. the hidden rocks of contnraptlon. Pots
iot.na MRS iSABEI* WEI.I.S. fba
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Will pmctk I* -I. a... ed r.d.faCie i get help from Or Kin(i New' Di coT. . .-.-. C ..-. H . . .-. .
.. ., err for CocrampUon. J. W UcKla-
N(Srwutdi. --
:; : :z--: ui Mass LawUi not of Talladeca Springs Ala,write: Corner AttaR B ani llth Street I

0.r.n... .r. IIU."n.&. : 1 bad been very til with pneumonia, .. v'f hri 'THEf I
I IDR' Dder th*car of two doctor bat watclUac Proprietor. /
W. B. RUSH. I no better when I began to tat

OOe l:I lltk \ret, To*.M.IUid I Dr. KlnCs New Discover' ;. The nnt f cill
._,**Bib SI doN cave relief< ; and one lotus e.re.ate' '
MIAMI.TLA. San eve for Sore throat brov SAN I j jrorani ;
chlUa, conch and cold Guaranteed ,

-LW. C. Maynard, 07 Trial a3 bottle dnmlau free.; prlc Me sad ILM. '! Weight 37'j Ibs. Price 537.50 f I' .

,GRADUATE OPTICIAN __ t Opni s A*y ar*t 150 p*rid,mi > e

'" With Maynard Son. J.....r* Hair a girl who U poaadlat the KOIL[ & KOCH 1700 Ave. I D, Miami.Fla. ,: ibiruvnm, Olds 5.. l.qe":-.trt&t -= S
b. '.. .. Ivory' "t a typewriter would make acme i ..
A MM D Ilea FMI CMko --- M m.; ..UL cwt fWiN. S
... I man a food wife I! he only kiss her i iEtarttlng . . . . . . .
CtBbDJ.nr : Mortaaty.Statistics I \ WHALER i .-.-.-. . .' . .

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drm TT -** A. '%'. A' i Kings New Life Ma. M. ruanerr.of Everyone who buys a 4f$1
..UpwEcaUoa cad DHalH Mad.! 14 Cmttom lotus flea, Chlcaco. _
for BolUlagi of AU Kind, fine : laran.e, bar no equal for connpaOon -I
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drug atonLFlgM I C A. FOKSELL P
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W Agalnat Trading atamp all 07i
bargain. TIe intend that everyone ;
Ottawa Out. March, E.-A deles i '
..A.roh1'teo"t.Room Uoa of aereral hundred of th. leadlac shall feel thai tray. Every ( i Corner Eltrtoth Strttt sad A*tout & 9MIAMI.

4, Metropolis baiktin?. retail BterchaaU vt Montreal, sad Quebec gem we sell must be right in duality fLOlttOA fl

Hoar*8 to IX Miami. FTa. waited spot the Ooreranient today % tote, rut and pricee hate I . . r . . . T a
and prentJ a petltloa argiaf some nice ones to show you ; : : : :
Miami'Coaseryatory the aece*.lty of ameadlac th* law *oM '
of Musk to abolish tbs tie of tradtai stamps HOTEL BISCAYNEMIAMI.

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JERHIE Stenographer MAE PARR1SU and It world UY.-. been IncredTbU braUBty -. 'I : Now Opeo-SedSfln to May\ -l 1905.S.I

U Chaa. r. Lembener.of Syrae
, Typeariter. *.*. N. T, bad tat doss th. bert b.oo.ld I
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FRED RUTTEU. ey*. ao I applied Backless AralcaBalrt I
which quickly'healed and aardhlaey -I I
General Contractor. *. Good for horse sat sierra
....u"*. too Only tic at an drug torta.Hv .
W.al. 0rtJIed. ......alil I II
and Hoad Convtruotlon {J .000.00.

A. W. Graham, p. C*.... Sends, City *f Miami,I CURRY. .... Pr*, (rt r ,

Contractor and BuilderSaUafactioll Sealed bids win FtorUa.b* noHrd by eat :II I-. |'OPEN; ALL THE YbAR. RATES $3.00 A DAY AND M

Gmiranteed. )' Oooacfl of Miami, Florida aatfl LOOK AT YOUR WHEEL
Marct lllh. llftl. at 1Sf a. nv, for BY NIGHT Out Hilt Block frets Terniaal Key West. HoriU
a.M w.e.R reef ee.t..4 M =t.ae.rill Doe it need repaitiojr'' If so, we ;
: .,. :
'' G iriFi: IZQ.NO M City lNIliSJaC Bonda, ta doaomlnatioaa sometimes .
wa.a ryw. r. baa U pleasanter than by.day. hare the tiat. : Well Ukecart
of 1500.M each sadIlr It I*also sometime*decMeuIj of it.and when 11' are tbrrmjb with
000.00 attest Pawing' Bonds. denotnjaatlona nnpleatant. E"pecii>llf if vovr,our _killl l manipulation, you
ot 110.... sack. sad fWOOOO I wheel glen oat and ill the repair bcel will be a*gold u IKw a aWE -n Elegant Private Boaro
,Standard High FIN Protection: Heeds la de&otnlaaUoai shops are cloud.I 'I DO
of |SOO.00 each. Each: Bond bear
I I BETTER AVOID bicycle' rrpainav that bear the'!
Grade Pianos Utercat at (per eat, payable **mJauBoany .
tamp of excellence. Year of experience
at Katlooal Ctty Beak ot aach a possibility by letting as pet; in this ba* made o. verj::1 HOTEL SERVICE
STEINWAY New Tork. or Ctty Treaavm'a Offlco. roar wheel in firsta calnaat your
Miami Florida, dated whoa issued Or let o. sell JIM a wheel that ae bicycle repairing to n* yon ran no I
I aaA other* from $17S.OO..p.Ptanocaadtoned and payable. U cold or Its aolTaleaL can guarantee against all ordinary E.y paynejita. damage. And if yoa want a new moderate. Let'.do that
Bond authorised to b* baned are repairne
DC'paa ,repaired mowed art lamp or any other oobia11 e think : now. We also bare a nvmbel Mrs, GltOQII2 So '!!<..< 9th toJ lord Juan!
statue of tile -
stored reated. Write or seeQush&SaffordPiaioGo sadie sad by aathorlty
do better than ,
we can by JOG any of bicycle in stock to tell at reasonable '
granted by acctlo&a HI Til ODe elect i, prke.LOrroN.
cad ?1S Bert sed Status of Florida MARCH: : VILLA
Bonded debt fU.000.00. tneladlaf this
22S 12 $tr"". MIc,"f1ortd&
hens AaMMcd valuation real aadperaoaal I Opposite Poet Office j Opposite feet Oki tf Opposite :.OSrca1 PCL1I11 Jo.I .T =
property fCU.7SO.oa. The,
C.m r Thirteenth 9tre.1 and Avenue ..
Qty CooncO rewrrea th right to r* <
,... White Eagle Batter Sloc.4FouCtairs. .. j I }act any and all bids sad ao bids for Did You Ever Eat at John I
No "''J.itfu : lea than par vain* will ba antertalaed. Mark's New Restaurant ? > &tQYSli. : F10Tida
Bids should b* marked *Pro>
-- ---
Best Strrtt is lie Gtf.
A. COLBY Proprietor I poula toe Boa'"* and addrened to If nut. ton are the kwcr 1 I Rates ca Application. Write for RESERVATIONS.
M. R.K.n.....,City Clerk Miami, FleeIda.
MIT*.f kr lie has the finest fitted up

G. W. Sullivan =. -.-------. 5, ja kitchen meal in Miami. hnrt for order.preparing I I IOf' LAGRASGE\ SB1IXOIE' HOTEL' Wtst r o jl Beacl
I .
II S....MMMMMMMIORANGE ,. lancht Make a "pcctalty i
of setting bangoets,
DMB |> I w ball. and private vpread. Directly >PP.IU the Lake .p..ft. the Neytlfr ......Ie_ ..:.-

GcDcralMcrchandiscA -.c s ftett KHXKC and mtvderatc I .M Miami riB .ppr, iate f>. Mm 1k. wHT' i 4ln' |*> TM* -'J

TREESA price L ,.,....... ...... has ....trte PgMa Mtha taM fcalI.AflM| s.poi
), W .JIJaa&,na. I

A Superior Investment: fine pplT, of Orange \ i iI I MODERATE RATE*- iW A DAY. 110 A WEEK. Uf'WA"r-
I and Grape Fruit Tree PURGUSON '
7percelitPre- on SourOrure..d Ro cb J ;tfeugront K CtO. C.U U.tLn.' U<(< ate! ." 40941 1 W. 57ft ran

ferred Stock. I condition for planting now
&v= DO :TT: cr xuvt \
We are.;.a.AII .t-* at*1000no/ and Write for our 1905 catalogue tome Sons
which de- Curry's
kate $40.000 of this stock yet toeU. gist ,
K. watered _stack For I acripiiona and price oa HotelKey
par.I Orange and Crape Fruit The Island City Key West. FloridaHEADQUARTERS
tknlara callTropical on or writ tkc aka oa other Fruit tree.
Shade Tree. ROM andOrssmestal8hrsbs fOR
flame bpmaett"' Co. '

....... ..Da__ .....n.tM West, Fla. Ship Chandlery, Building

Expert RepairingTaaa On St. Mary Naneries. Materials Of All Kinds.
All Modern Ccnuniencej Coulne Utuorpawed

Safe Lacks, .r a** 6. L Tiber. Proprietor.Ba7.ChtSLM.T7.rWI. Rites $tOO to $3.00 per diy. Special bj week Cal aid Ice, Steam arlic Railway, Macklaa Skop ,Pr(..

aatttabtawdW.C. .., .. An kind of repmlriar, Doikr and Steam fitting-' can ....doM at UMakorteat
n I Mrs M E. CripCt Prop. notice. In tH but poMibW ntaaner by expert skilled nt..claaDic.r .

Preston. v Fartk Si.


such reaMiil alia eat .. Freak Water Work on a.I' ...-

WEST -aader dlrectloa of the street, ear to reported tkat an af UM h...
aiitle. roc that are ..... placed atoac UMckaaa
r The rkalrax of auadlac roaiaUtteea .. to the louse bay by UM ateaaver

PALM BMde Mar axmlkly 1 reports as :: Blerarao will be placed .ta aoaUWv.

BeautifulFabricsand i did the ..,.... sad collector, sad ;: by most .'aNa,. 11Ie.ulac"-:
clerk I sad tr_..,. sad various k4Ua'I sew bvacoaa" win bo aiwcm wilceeaat

i a.aiaat the city were audited sad or. !I by aO craft eoaUac ap the ckaaaoUaa

BEACH !: Erred paid.reoolBtbai. i sissy of the old .... had best re
A war paced aatkorlilacIke : toted by decay or heart eeaa. ash K

intelligent workmanship have made our men'sspring lapses eoaiaUtte la purchase. a had becooM "1It'at.u! to follow

sight JOIIrfo...'. clock or watch .... .i the ckaaaeLlace

lag twelve hero or poacher to corre -
Wen Piliu tkarh. ITa.. Marrb 1.- '
suits for 1905 leaders .poo.d. wick a Uke aaaiker of ta.Uoaeto ,
v ? Tk. _InK of ike sty Coanrll toat the wtdealnaj of Baa,.. 1It....
2 fJS I a.tbt. la ivcuUr _."MI. wae vrryirotrarted. I be eeUklUked. at sack of wkkk i tke light sad tetopkoao poise are ton
.i <*]% the chick to to be pwacked by the officer taait'vc. Bear the tester of UM tkor-
laatlaj from ;1* octorkaalll
; with well dressed Miamians. II I. enow rnprrta It ... relerevllac 'I II oa dwlyPreeideat. oockfare. At.... totals ...cs.c ef

I ..
I eau waatrfil I. Mate, sad tocklac lathe arctac tke ImporUaca of deals petltloa from the property aaaenaloac

amralttoe ..

oVUbrrallve tIod..... toad. lylac west of Ike caala of freshwater that the pose bo rests ed to
tokee, sad ketweem .... aad 1 I tip side of the ttrIIt.-1'PoIbI tII
1O Rrriprncattoa of eoanrska, aa .1
the Cverftode At his 'aneatloa.Aktenaaa [
tale should bleU the party exteadIBC -
c : Parrtok ...... that tile city
Ikcm from mlld... at keel such |
eoaacil request UM board of trade to
crltleUai aa la karma, vladlctlve red I
t exert Me beet effurte to kava moored I
Ilnttau... tear will tat rato be depart1ed FANCYGROCERIES'
UM obotraetloaa that pretest UMdralaace
rrI.la this iBetaae Nerertkefeea
we clothe you coaipaay. from beclaatacwork
I IUlbred I II
H ea.""* be timed aaklad aor I
I I at oaea. Becoaded sad tarried
You're clothed right to comneet with wderaUoa j ,... ataror hew. two torts ,.......
sad wttkoat tile parpoae to ...... '
apoa ,lie ami**, seta ... ......... day sad sue slay Ike aorecato of
a :I laea betas U.....
of pablle aerraata. eepectaUy whoa
I A slight< rata toot slight with pros
sack aervaau are aapald aad acc pt |I
Specials : oaeroaa daty aotoly for the comaaoa |I toe of acre sea

rood. Tale aiack aa to tile "motlff"
Blue Serge, for what may follow. OOVIRNON HOWARD HONORED. t

AD of the _. eft were preaeat at bMW Wt Mm mlNTStadlW

Worsteds, roO-can. Prealdeat Baker to UM ekalr. Made a* Heaerery Member of .... New tl IIIw *

After UM roles; sad before UM readtoe Verb Pltota Aoaeeutto*. ruin ftrJ dcIIIr II
of UM tastes of ike toat seeds(. spa applleattoe of" Captala U IXPotter tel M Fat III all

Cheviot Aw.... Parrtok ...... la his pUce af UM yacht Inset Captaia.aow try irttllcds ..
and tad addreeetef UM c....... amid: "Mr.Preatdeat. Over K & Browsed ... bees
t I move that this sad afl .ado aa koaor&ry ..... of UM
other .....* of this hoard ho COBdactad tilted Statea Plots A.......d'-. Bar-" Y... t 1IJ 5M. tea

atrtetly to .-... with UMratoa bor N.. 1. port of New Tat Tke pe .... aU to AWrbrfi

$10 $12.50 heretofore adopted far .. how pan wart reeetrol, yeatorcay ky cape 'N ht *fGrystafized

..... ." The awtkai was promptly' Potter sad wen at aoo fcrwarded H

$15 $18.00 ....... sad aaaalaMwaty anted UM thief ea.....

This adios warn aaoeretood .. hare This .to aa koaor Mlaoea. bestowed

_.., bat act exctaatre reforeaee to aa .ta ..... ky UM fact Oat UM Hew Fruits

... .. 13. which red.... ta part, that York Pilots AsnaWms bas but aUkoaorary ,
"!Ke Member, while UM eoaacfl to taaaaloay ...... s. Its NIL rapt

IlIaD offer say atotloa orBMke Potter to a .ewker of UM ___tiDe Preserves

.v say reacts or speak oa aayakect sad ko ........ to aecwtac s reeor

.. # aader dtocoaatoo wttkoat Int altos and awaibenklp far Governor and Canned Meats

rbtai .Adm.tag sad bciag rwac- Inward oa UM due graved that UM

f dad by the prealdeat," etc. follow Connor to klauetf. a stow gad a

toe this tile ....t.. were read corrected bar pilot, ke karlac a Deeaae for St.

... adopted, ace the regular Joss bar. '
order of bweiaeea ... takes. ap. k We hie the worlfsf.. '

DROP IN AND LET RHODES t Et..... with petltloaa sad eomaiaBl- I II aa.kI" Nemtaated.Hoa. I forts'RaaaaJGAUTIER Data
I calloaa, tke Drat of which was a Ear J. a Baekla.of 0....... Its I I > _

'US TALK IT OVER: \ m.akwthi. rrom the mayor lactoalat' I I rtoa _" has been ......tett to I
tormpadeace with tile Eureka HoeeCompaay
succeed Hoa. C. M Browa. a State
NEXT H01CL That aatlafactorlly i
aeaator troy UM Tweattotk ....torIaI
I disposed of. la tile aaraatlme Rato 11
I District embraclDC OM eoaaUea afMtrhw
r beiac fairly tell remembered aad obrrved. BROS.
sad la." TIle aoaaJ..U.u
I slreet
I a rommaakalloB, alto tJ'OIIIl _.
wade la .. ..u.. aad aeearedoa
-,, the ..,or. was read aacxretlnc a dtf : tke atoeteeatk allot s .................... ...
I vlilon of the lic'flI' rmHp from Ikecaralval

compaay totely here with tile

lliaaU au,... At oace tile trap ... ooooo oo ooooooooo

..... tke lid was off. tile ptcoa. .
Fine footwear to fit any footATSEWEft'S lew .... list II was forgottea mad The Bait Necessary for a Good

tot Babel beat with bat slight ..,. -

.. adaaloa aatil ,.. aeeaioa etoeed. Catch is a small Amount of Coin K
Now tke plat to this ace tke sly
polat .toteaded te ke made, to that UM <>

SHOE STORE rigid obotrvaate of Rile II woald tareUBM.

preeerve order pretest seer Variety ie tke epic of

MUee promote dlcaMr Bad coarteey.Ctve life. Uaa Becda a casts

.- -- .md c,. hid reader pubis see MpccUrjj ia his diet.

vies a ,.....,. rather tkaa, aa sow. .. Tie eaaMtkiatrr aad

I a very Irk_ ...... over affaia cknra om t"
.. beat of atomacka
-- -- --, -- -- Restricted aa I .. to ipaco. I ear ? ? 4

Sol of _..... gin the proeetdlac of i

1905 Spring ; tke coaadl la detail air refrrrlac ..j Fresh Fish
the roatlae. I |
!each aa are out of

I Goods now on Exhibition. la coaaectlna with ,.. awror'a awnceetloa .

II .. tea -.......* with the Ribs r V win tempt the map deli

I 1 I. protect of eaadry eittoeaa was read t g t1, ate appetite. Its such i

t Placet roods tnt arc akaaafactarcd. Laird* Sckobcr ...(.. the I......aate Hceaae ta* repaired 1 a ptoaaaat aarpriaa to

Drrw-Sclbr, Koraiaa A bcaactt ..41 Hanaa aukcra.Larreat ky tke Bwyor of tke caralvalcompaay .. lad It 001 tile table o
aDd x>.t p-to-date stock (ia the South to select I TIle eoateatloa of proteataala every
sow and tbca, Leat Oar 6.k i. .. v
I roaa. Rboea for walkiaf, lor driviaj for '..dlt. to that ......... then were several partkatarlj dariar
1 hat. for rdfiajr aad for dreaaaad cvtataf W<
of the foOiar stock: French Kid. Pateat Kid. Taa
Pfd Kid Taa Varaithcd Calf Skin, White D.ck. separate. teaita hid sack esactlac aa I -
-- ratraac fee, eock gad an of tbssshould
---- ----- mite Live, White c..tor.V.ite Back, Taa Oorc.
blue piak, and white kid. DoojoU :. :: .: :: :. have paid a n-tlP. ta wklck !
I, I nest lu"teal of IH.M. tke earn gets KELLER AND MILLER <

ally received, the cUye lacomewoaM
Do not bug until \you visit t our mammoth Shoe Store Bare exceeded .t..... la support -
Corner Boulevard' and Second Strut. nIIOOOOQQOQQQOOOOQ
of this cvBteattoa clauses of tile t 1
-== =--:: I..
I Iv caner red ordlaaacee are cited,

: amonc which to tke special re.. alro- OOQQOOOO vO OOI

; tent that palmist or fort... tellers I
-- -
I per a It*race of $:i.M. It.. aleo

I..n...... that the taw dare Bat BBtborlte -
Peninsular & Occidental 3 S. fompaiyir
I the ...- of a ties Uevaee.exptrable .

-- -- II I Oiot.r I, aa la the ease of
/tie .-........psa ,
1d _.,.tioaal sad baalaeiw Hmena of ........ .-............. .......-.....-
I I ..*.....*,.. to 'travellac show. elcI .. -_ _ u_ ...
-M.T......, ._.....a..I'ho.sS.s.st Zap w s
wblrk waa dose la ike rae fII the car an..w '- M T1'Ia.. n-Moor.A...... LM.Ise .

I alvalTke, r.w .q Ts.Isy. fudaps .
Ants k.y ww, =. w t..r P* : ::
Covacil declined to a'cedr to ..... a.y to __,.. ...._.,.. r.....av.,. .. S a p a
tk. aMyora* acteln of a dtvlo" Am" ........ T.......,., TW.dyr, _.. ...
'-Mss.... Td.q 'sM.T N M s'e
p; sad directed tke clerk I* roavey tokb Ames ,ft.f Wet J= ., T.nt.y, $ WN.r. Caps
Lr IL..w tr .T..M. TIIe_ _....,. tt
boss a ropy of tke citUeaa protout ; Lies* run Tour .........,.. rtM..." IM+...,. ..ape...

for his. roaaMeraUoa.Tke .--.... --:--
1 an.a.g.y Lea T ra sp:watsriwew
,.IUoa of property owaeri oa So Mr' totoas .......... &:_. ...,Iet .>>.
Baa,.. street that certala electric tens treat .,,--,. ",......,. ._
Awls s.y ea _, ?wets.., .e_. .
I sad telephoae poV>e should he stored .....1.7 w.4 astir, h.r..ys M.Arnve.u.esa ..
,_ ,
.M- ,.
ry as a
aearer the rart, use received. gad R ,j
e ,arse Mass.easy.. tee sL
was directed that too .aperlateadeat'aakoald s = .,
... Scc wM tea n awe.T. n.a a
he fonnany re...... to stake Antft _set -r-,. l.rey. 1 a p allarg..r.
.......be.lo.sti ....s.s.R hoer M 1*.
t eMr! YW. 1.a

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: March 9, 1905
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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oclc - 34299190
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-- --- =::=----:: :_==- --- -- -- --

The Only Paper in Southeast Florida Carrying Associated Press Dispatches.

-- --- -- -_ __-- __ -- ----- __-- -_-_--_ _-n _- -- -- _-

VOL 2. NO. 78 :.= r=... MIAMI FLORIDA.. THURSDAY MARCH 9. 1905. C---: Price 5 Cents

F HUNORE S VISIT : clock be rendered night: la tke U$Fair lDOiDC bvlldtnc at 1:30 tomorrow 10RPHANmS I CELEBRATED 11THANNIVERSARY\1 I TIE PASS INVESTED BY JAPANESE

L Tenor Solo-8 l te4-J. O. Zlmma .

THE COUNTY! fAIR i iI I -1 tare-Orm Soprano. )I. Fletcher Bdo-.,"V'ao by FlKhar.J. >r 'M.Rone : NOW COMPlETE; KUROPATKIN MUST SURRENDE ARMY

BM Solo-"Three FUbera. I
Q -- .
WIlL II. Saaadera.
4. Soprano Sola-Selected-Effle A. TIME IN ISLAND CITY-MISS ANNIE Russians Now Retreating by Northern Roads In Great Confusion. j ,
and Surprise And Father Kennedy and Sisters
And Express Admiration Rice.
: 'I
Exhibits lnterml 1_le t. Will Prepare It I WILL COSTAR.Metnpsii The Railroad Cot to the North of Mukden.
at the Splendid ( Barltoa sad Bopraao I>wMt-Be- .

I leclvd-MlM Effle A. Rice sad Mr. Oe- .I .
I -
I car T. ColI kilL I East a aocMy toady drama, sad
i C. Soprano Roto-Nympht sad I I the public la apes to be eatertalaed.aa4 .

WHICH ECLIPSES ANYTHING OP Faaa."-Ora M. Fletcher, Bembrrch. | FOR OCCUPANCY AT EARLY DATE dense. Key West IT*, the hoer win likely be lazed to OYAMA ISSUES
THE KIND EVER SHOWN BEFORE 7. Ban 8oIo8.koocUMIH.. j DESCRIPTION OP THE CONVENT Mirth I.-Th* Kalchts of Pythias tothisjdtv Hi atmoat capacity. Cacao aad Pollock -
IN OADE COUNTY SOME I Saaader ; BUILDING WHICH MEANS celebrated the .....t... win cite sew aptclahlra. sad HUMANE INSTRUCTIONS(
OP THE EXHIBITS. t. Sopraao Solo-(a*) "A CammerNlcht. i -IUCH TO MIAMI. I aaajrtrsary ."f their orcaaUattoa hen MlM WarfteU win also reader corns
I .' by A. Oortac Thomas; (IIFGqott. ) by aa Btertalameat at La Brie Mon sew aoaca.
..." by Bacea Oowlea.( By i day} A program wu prepared sad tile The eoaipaay promiaea. a completechaace -

.1 ro.Bttr Mlaa Haaaa Phb Bklppe I. Learns atertalae4 by .... tJaclac.redjatloaa of bin each alckt. N. play win 1 1I
.. Sopraao Bolo-Selected-Mlaa DI -: The convent b.Udlac Tenth te, which received an<< be repeated, cud die sputa ty aeta I RELATIVE TO ENTERING MUKOEM
The aeooad day of tke Dad ........ I win i
A. Rice.K. oaaappiaas After Ute benediction dllereat each erealac.T MAPS
r. Fair ahowa better raaalu ta Oat die street betweea Avennes B and C. .. I TAKE MANY YILLAOES
T Askea. sapper was serr4 -
Qaartetto-Tkcr* la No Load I'
enhlbtta hare a8 ka. placed aad die which has bee islet eoastrwctioa aid Tea AND KUROPATKIN COMPLETE
Fairer Thai DadV-Bffl* A. Ble. daactac tadalc4 ta aaUl alato PlfM Reeads.Isdlasapollti
arraasomoata of the ........ artteleaut ,
Ora M. Fletcher Oacar T. Coaklla.Wav for die greater portloa of die past lost lad. March L-MarttaD ROUTE IS FOLLOWING sNow
".' arodaoa aad othonrlaa nada attrae- H. Baaadera.B year, to completed aad BOW ready lor Mis Aisle Blurts a ery popular ..,. die whit welterweight ehaptoa. ..
lire and tarttlac. Ivow oae eaa aea. abMrra withoat troabte taeoaToaloaea
.sad or way grail ptaao sad die ....,.. of Tsllakasee were quietly nab die lade vatortalaaaaat at the
Jed what the soil of theeaty Sot Ita occwpnacy.Tk .
has will k* Mra. J. W. Do, of Palm maed Bwaday ta tie BpfeeopaJCkth ladlaaapolla AUletta dab bight I
to capable sad what tt haaprwdwced VaQdtac ku .*.. eoaatrwetadoa R The bare yet Chwaac." March l-ttla repotVdherathatTtoraMhathaaata.
I Beach, sad Mia Kate Pubs of MlamLMr. ky W. Cameroa. 0aI1 thetmeNlste boy ta two tftooarn4 i
ta the ahape of .r.ry Had of die boats all bays .
mat modorm Blaaa sad to aaImpoeiac relative sad a fw frtead both bees
....... sad hall todlcaaoM to thlak I sad Mra. U T. Tvwae4 have ........*. It to two storks niuiind die eerwaoa,. Both. Mr. draw Both appear to be ta s.patb rested by the I........ u4 that X.

MdIo& II arrived from the Kortk sad are diepaIU ta height with aa attte which has sod Mm Costar ar* wen kaowa bees tiles sad lie c. toaicht b espectodto ropatkta havtac ao aJtoraato win Bkay .
An ta an die Fair .. an that ooaldb
of Mr. sad Mr M. D. Piles. MDerwath W their essay frtoada wish then all be oa* of die beat ....her thj> be brad. I* aarreader his
......which fact to heist attested dormer ....... sad will b* 111.1gip arar.Takto. .
street The will speed die Joy sad praperttj.CbL ;witaG
by Ole hwa4rd who tkroaewd tk* aad Bed whea aienisry ta die
rt of tb aeaaoa ta MlamLMERCHANTS It Broads, has accepted the .... .......... c:...
had fatal for steeping apartBteata.
VaOdlac Past sight and wee.
aqua this i Btontaf at die opoaracamoac also has B cellar ala feet deep and acwmatf Saa Carlo Optra HOBB. !SENATOR BATES March -Th4 Ja,....bar !
aa ) wen sa deaeor to ...... th* hattataat eat tke rmUroad tomb of .......
)(stleable those taktaf to Ik MAKEPROTECTIVE which xtB4a tk* whole area of th*
paaatbl far die patron* o( that
Fair are die atraacra ta town",. die fovadattoa of die bwfldtag. which to Iu1Rod .
Japa VtetoHoaa.
majority of whom ...st. B hew toteroat Vase feet.. Tk cellar will be teal Of l ENNESSEE
Miss Parwwala H..tft'taIa. I Mskdq. Much 9, I:. a, B.TWJapaaeea
ta tk* xhtMta. especially th* AGT wily aa a laaadry.Oa .4 die Tonne People's. Whist Oak ask I ywterday attacked the nu .
vegetable and haft, which quickly j I lie ant loon tars are two -
lap el
a delightful ....I.. was spat by all PIII1aaa sertbwest at die Isr
f aid their eye tad naive die most I i I class rooms tnn feet ta ala. sad a ...-1.Lat. portal babe sad a Sera tcht toOewad. .

favorable -- sack aad every l I I parlor sad sash room that see Itxtt arrivals at Hotel Jeffereoa ar, EXPIRES SUDDENLY IN WASHING bat the Kaaalaa adraaea guard was
oa* pressing surprise that there la feet _. Then to a haws nraamc G. H Vaa Rate, Mr Rare. Q. Wood 'I TON TODAY PROM PNEUMONIAAND Obliged to abaadoa the vfOao dvrtac
a aeetloB of tile etmatry cap**!* of I I TO PREVENT CHEATING AND north aid south through tile building WJM. Myer. U R. lilacs. L &. MeCrtmmo HEART FAILURE HAD die alchCTh
producing each trim es of vecetattoa' SWINDLING BY UNRELIABLE Ui4. feet sad oo* east and west tall *, Wails A...,.., Mr sad SERVED HIS STATE WELL. I II II I Japaaeae alas attacked the rfl-

and traits at this easoa of the year. CUITOMIERI-OTHER BUSINESS feet ta *ls.. The vast ... west ban Mra. K. R. LJacola W. U tUyace L. I I '..*. of Saatattae. aor1 of th. lap*.

It to airless to say mack or dwellape I TRANSACTED.A was provided ao that If n bean acc Y' rraaklla. 8. W. Castlea. J:. Cue_. nil tomb Pisa 0.att>? "' attaae4iaT
die vegetable They ar* there t I i essary at any future Urn to ralarc Mrs. Arthur lisle, A. B. Potter C. : ae lb. tfliipatt wag led
sal ta the mod choice of vsrietles aid !i -_ tbs convent Ute seditions cold b* Tiptoe Vr. sad Mrs. George A.1 I W''hl< 'qtsaamje There are die We cabbage -. mad to lei east sad west sides sal Bad sot, A. J. Park. Mr. Moryer. L. Sates **tator Watts a Bate, ell I ou the south frost sad

each ors big aoack to supply <*"*<, meetlnc U tk* Mtrchaau'AMoclatkm bare a ball ntaalac eanretr through V..... Edger: Carrie, J C. Carter. IT..,"..., twice rovrraor of his lacy caaaoaadlM la ta |'rKriatier
family of a doses or morn; IkVcreattaralpa was hell Past sight tIIIe h1IdIq. CK.: Brae. !State, a retrraa. of both tie Mexteaaaa4 *. TU Japaaaaa left arwqr bas
with leave two aad three feetkick A kltckea ta die rear of die lest Th property kaowa a* die Palace Orfl W....a*J for rtxktoe. yean rot aad destroyed th* railroad b.",
; sew Irish potatoes every variety Mr. Inldor Coke. preoldeBl of tile Boor to S0s22 feet dlmeasfaas aadto property sltaatsd at tke corner of D*- a eoa:>irna member of th* Upper tra Makda sad Tie ......

sad above die averse size. ; canIlflower uorUOoa. ocmpted die chair, aad a provided with a paatry. eap....... i val sod PatroaSalLftOeU... sold Monday -I House of Coacrna, died her at t i Detalla of th* ixvlt are lICIt e tala- .
aad lettuce; sweet pepper, Biajortty of the members were pramL eta BMratac at public net_ ta Croat 'cterH this maniac ft peaamoala sad I able at preerat The Ranalaaa ar* ta

raddlahea. beets aad ta tact very- Tk aeroad story to reaca4 by a of tke eolith court ...... sad was defective hart alai n ywrxBaator I retreat over th* aorthera road*. Their
thing yrodBcabl ta a tropical dlmato Mack tatoreat was take ta theeeetag ....Ufalltalrw.' mad of a SB* qua- bi4 la by the Min of Barry Han.MaryC Bate anadd die ..... I caavaltlMi are tea thomaM aad Ole
U B vegetable aamr ar* to b* seal by those per, aad It proved Ity of Corcta pta.. alckly polished Welter Wffllaa C. Hart sad Clara Aral eerawalea, tad It la believed tn'*r to retreating .la greet eoar*.
la kmdaac tad of such B quality aato to be a very eatkaalaatle on& sad 10... This story ooastot of barbed 0.'I'Mnee..uoe.. that rcac ht cold wakk dertlnoed '"
raftoct die pretest credit spot tile Tk commtue oa eoacUtaUoa gal rooms. ItxB. feet sad the chapel De cha hare bee placed< Bloat tile tato psea F-oata. H* coattaaed his .

Scaly ta which they were raised. "-1&we mad their report sad rcommeaded *- which .. 20In fet ta dot I walk bordertac tile aortkera end of official dvtie. sad occupied hto seat ta A HMNMW* Qrttr.Toto. .
Of tk* halt the earn .* k* said. tk* rrvWoa. of die aame The chapel to wrr die front *a- I the tToaad at the rarrtsoa for die a. the &ato ,.....,. H. becam .... I Much 1-Field Marshal Oyaa
or-.. grapefruit are ta may vartode*, which they had BMd*. Tk report truce to Ute bwOdtag sad to aeparaud ommodatlo of visitor. who attend deal/ m al dtiner that *v*..tac sad .. yesterday ta his order dtretla

.C good aiM aad healthy ta appear WM BBUlmoaaly adopted aa read.Tk from a tore hall by highly polished ; the bail concerts. tile Insets took a quick os.ra. e a pursuit of th* ...... Bai _aaa prwklNttic
sac Tk oraagfc ar* ate U each apodal features of die miles cypress aUdlac door II fuel wld*. A 1 Capt..I. 3. WoUe U aaxloaa to hare Sew:for Gene aHaH met sight Ute troops from Mt.rta. Mahdca >
oaHty aad variety aa to lartt aspal of tk* coMtttaUn are the striageetmaws copper chsadelier of aU electric lightship i ala mt+ pass their laapecUo iteoai that he ... >Tla<. and gave dfivctlo la BMMca oat U moe-i to Ole
bat tot a npertor. Other malt to b* used ta regard to deUaweBt from th* cedar of Ute esOtac. to a. eoBpaay ta the But aa4 accord- that die fuerml should tats pwe* at tomb aad tile palace of Ik* ImperialChraea
both cultivated and wild are liberally I ciutoBMr A Uat of aU .* with three lights OB Bilker ato*. Tk* '. tacly U nttlax die (aarda.tkromch his old horns ta Naahvffl. household aad protect die
4I xklMtod.. essay of which have sever BaoweBta will b* Bad, aad die *.. altar to ta B bad of bay widow aadka rUM arlQa. The boys are hard work- : lahabftaata.St. .
bee was or.show befor retary wa ordered to have tk* ease aa arch lee feet wide by ten : era. aa4 will a* doubt rallD all die Strike ,, main. U..*..*..*..
U tk Womaa's Departmeat Hvoald I prtatod ta pamphlet form tad distribute kick ta front aanoaaded by acre ezpretattOM of their captala. cal I New Tot March '.-With th*..... Radsse .Rpct

Uk too mwch space to den amoac die eaibtit of die .... electric Kckt. Brow will make. tk* prvUnlaarytoipectloa. tar of die third day of tk* Rapid Traa- Petersburg. March l.-Th t***
fxrlb* the rartoaa Bad costly article I atloa for their a**. Th whole taterlor of tk* bwUdtac to I. art Co. strike there appeared a marked ..... war eoee has received a dispatch
of work, may of them reaatrtac tk* This feature of th* revUloa. die lnUk ta polished pia sal crpree I Improvement ta die **>rmttoa ., from OMeral Karooatkla'a chief ofataff
effort tad patiene of weka! aad aerckaata dales doe* aot sly pas. flees ta a plan to die fiat floor OB THEIR POPULARITY INCREASES.TM I th* subway trains Otherwise Vat BtU dated today saying:

months ta their prodwrdoa. This *s- legit them against bad cwtomera. betenables die west aid 4t feet lot aad Toraadaa I caaac* to acted. Tk elevated *3er ral torte attacka were ride
klbtt ta podany. attractive to tile them to determln who are th for both stain OB die south aids O***** PelletM are Getting aHeM I traa la BOW atawot aothtic. though oa our aorth host brag th* sight.
worn, visitors who. ar* amat4 at die 1. rood OB** aad that ore worthy of or rear. U fet ta ..... Ute OB* III Public. ApprwvsLLast I a few sad tafreqaeat trataa rot oa Ute bat an w r* rtpatatd. la other diva
VoaaQfal ptoeea of kaadlwork aad credit. shove stairs ketaf wn Utlesd ta. alckt showed SB Increased at- eeoad aad tath Arenas Ha.. A Use the sight wag ,.....-
other prodwetloa of aeedle and thread I. Another Important feature of tile rrldoa *- The pUsterlac was oon. by J<
ouch aa sly their on are capable( t* that part which eUmtaateath aad to admlrabl ta every Ga OII-PoI1oxk Compaay to ttoytac. power koaa*. Flea Miner Kin**.
formiacTh BBleaae of promlscwoas advertlslac. rapuei sad tile public ta bealBBlag to realize I ilL ...........,.. X.rt'A. ...
xhlbtt of patatlac to aln far Heretofore It has lIMa die ea_ AU stolen applUace were used to that this to th* best compaay that hasever PISHERMEN. i patch from Ekatortaoalar. ta SovtkKmla.
above tile averse aad wroral sped- torn by some to advcrtla oa th* program Biak die bafldUc perfect to Its saaItary. visited MlamL says that e.. mtaera bar
mess are shows that compare favorably of every atertalBBMttt held ta water plambtnc aad Dcbta.Th Not oaly the play which they ..... .I One of th* awat prominent pertonfto I bees jfl.d sad Brteea woaaded ta a
with that of those who bare made 'the city sad ta other way*. This ortclaal plaai of th* Valldlacw dared last '1&'" "A Worklac Girls visit Miami this eases sad .....,.* _sIn bvtwera strikers sad troop

a Bam sad mark ta the world of art. I method of 4vrttatas wa eUmlaated r* draw by J. A. McDoaal4. sad WroBKs. was praet.4 with rple- la ate flthlac la Baroa 4* RolkachIRtke at BcoerMaoaf ailB**. Th. strikes
Tk* exhibit of tropical plants aad i and an the members of the asaoda- the eoatractor for ha coasirwcttoa did< effect, but the specUHIe gives famon English ....eWI'. who I togas lootlax th. trope threatened to

flower to most attractive, that of die Uoa preeent pledged the *elves to sot were Messes. Mailer, Brady and Maaa were of aa *n.soaUy IIIcIl or4er. with Mr. August Belmoat sad party abort wire the strikers! and oa th*
Uttl River Narwerte Veta c *ptkmany ta Ute fatar. patroals aaythtac Vat a The pt tag was wader the spervtsloa The set of Bert C. Cacao a4 Miss cam Iowa yeater<*ay noralat from I troop who rrplled ReTotvUoaary
varied aad VeaatlfaLTh reputable Bewspaper.Aa of Gas ....ner.AD Edith Pollock was Itself worth th* Palm Bench especially to Indulge la I disorders. BAT. broken oat at Saolraik
preaervtac depsrODeat, tadad- f Inportaet claaa ta the sew COB- who bad a had ta the constrwc- whole price of ."..IaIIOII. aad the as4ksee thin sport sad ta middle Rmnla bards *f 4moatraton >
tag prpar4 trait prows aad ptwaarr- atltatloB U that rcUttaf to donations tics of tile building deserve credit forth was kept la a coatlaaal roar Mr.' Belmoat sad one pnrtfcM 0f the : are marthrac through th*

.. ta this coaaty. te by tar one of die I for charity, and which forbids cmaplet aid excellent Biaaaer In bum th* Urn of their lest appearaac I party weal oat on tile yacht Clara. ftnrt rarrjrtnc the ell lac.
lartttag nklbiu of tk* Fair; aad demonstrate i say member of die aasodatlo that which It was don, while the peopled atn th* cnrtala fen oa th* last act. | while Mr therhl14 and *.ber* of --
fHr tk* may ways ta lag to say cava neept absolute objects tk* city will rcjok with th* ( JcICaUIoUea Their specialties are Tossed aa4 strictly the party Ishe4 from the Llanet. The REPUBLICAN EDITORS MEET
which tk sup,Curs ....-0. tan I of charity. U all member ekoald ta Ole esUbtUhment ta Mlami I *p to the preset wrttlne.Mis Cane party nccee4e4 la madlnc 7
quat aad other tnlta eaa V* prepared1st wish to doaat ta say other aoaaaer clIO excellent aa tastltatto as Msmto'Wsrteld not oaly played Knwiper. see of them ......1.. 14 ., Men WHti Stains all P_il* i.. ...
ddicadea.Aaother It will b* Bsesasary to Uy the matter die cereal th* boding part ta a perfect maaaer. pow..... sad 1 kloflih welchlac Spooada. lew T.**y.I .
....w* rxklbtt to that of a before tile ...ocIaUoa.... gal Ita COB- Father Rested tad several Sisters but she showed the rare .vamiee floes oa the tAssel captured I I I _
kos of son from tk* Boss.. oscUoawkkk I f seat before. dotec are expected to arrive her toaicht of..... macallceat barttoa vole*. I barracuda wdcklaf SS poaB4a. I WMhlactoa. M..rb 1._Th* m.a
shows at a glace die capability Bon member* reported that they or tutaucTOW to avportatead the arraaclac which to unusually Stroag sad of good Rowe welchlac rrrpeetlvely. 4*. W I who work with pro sad brats ill Ute
sad tactility of die soil of tkto oscttoato had already received beaeflt by b* aad rrparatloa. of Ik* COB nap, la two soars. sad I pouts lit pad aaapper aad I yar roxM t* propagate' aa4 ..,...
prodBC retwUUo eomtac member aa d laq eat tae vat tor ....... at aa early data. Miss Edith Ilarlbwt WM excellent 1 M pond klacflih.Tkla prtaclplv of th* Rrwabltraa party
AA of this forwaooa crowd tkroar tomer wen coming forward aad par ta tile part of Ute old hag morntoc the party started oat )** BOW la erMear* her*.
.4 tk VaDdtac. Tk kodack toad tac y oM bUlL ruin to ........ Th* toadlag Biaa. Mr. Harold Mar t acala oa die earn boat* bwt die Linnet's It" *, are tk* membera of the Be-
ware pre s3eSt ta ambers **4 taw 'I'Mod&u... kaa oa Ita roll' at Growers horn the lower acttom of last deorvts mate thaa awn m- sagas rrfaaed to work aad her Natloaal editorial: Aaaocbv (
.were the Sao pictures of tk* tatortoraad preeeat. a membership of tfty-etc tf die eoanteompUla of die aeardty lies of his abilities. Ills portrayal of crowd was traaafemd to die Wit. I tics whose aaaaal BMrtlai k faa thl*
xkWU estates aad wkkk trill die **aUSd msrchiata of tk* ally, sad wait of rata. aad atato that taw three distinct type lad sight was of I bet It maud like fate was against f moratac ta tile aiaiMy moo '* Ole

.ad their war to tk* Uspectloa of" aad promlae ta tk* Bear. fatar laoomprU rata to had very shortly that die coo a kick order, and k. was the approbation them, for eke had bees away but a Mw Winiard HotoLPreeldeat
tatorwt *f back whole bows. when she too. became. I Job A. III IHchr. of New
others ta tar usual ptaera.Toalckt tk* morcaatn lag crop will k* materially sot of the abort Urn
a short masical sad .,... die cIt1. sad probably tajarwd. Those has Tk mwstratod son are of aa BB- shad ask had to retara to die dock.Feartac 1 York called Ute mevtlac to order

.,., prose trill k*- ,***..4 to tk Andie traaaaeUoB. of aB kvataoaioomtac bee k' TTT" tight showers tkroack usually kick order, sad see ta th* lead to toekl anotker boat die shortly before 1. a'cloek this moratatv
h 4lal. Bvwrythlac to tea sad the Neon It. the aaaodado Seat Dad covaty far tk* past srrersl of die attracUoBf of die eattrtatarnent dtattaf 1akd gusts derided to speed aad Tte-Pt,fleet hlrM..M.*.

1 Wte ta cordially tavlted to artead.Tk )o.TadBtflttaBeatrolarmeUaa. ;S weeks sad this _plata, baa bees die day ashore sad acnrdtacly toakrarrtac ator Chavacvy.,*. ta4ed lorm.
IblkTwtae Biaalcal peoor.a will tk* Jut We4He4I ta ktarck. tonal for aom* dm. Toalckt the bill will b* -W., Dora I ** Bad cast to die wood .1 crvrirac to th* val'ers.

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To leav a jest whm it pleads you best i is a good thing, but never leave our store to

a LIGIITS r find better else when', fur that will bo waste of p. B. DOUGLAS

time know that t.innot INS ex.-elled
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310.312 T fih '
Street. AU.*.rior*.

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:::==c=-- -- - -----
---- -
IMC DAILY I b<. decision of loan Jane* IB tbs
I noil_ but if IIi_ decision U sub- (FOR CORNICE and SKYLIGHTS, -- -

MIAMI METROPOLIS a itrlrt a'Ol'dallt'a ,,'I ltk Ike law..kat !

conilitlon of affairs now cucf roots
...!_>; k...-,, Day Except Swidajr. ,be aliieaU of this promising andnrmetlc I II ; ; i

1 I. Ti....Prtv 1. tr 1. tart Sn.-t'f.i little City! METAL CCIUN01 The Reasons
Tae decision why Increasein
mean la plala card .. Large
lit Kliici: PrlitlEgvered : Ce ItPUJ,
o<> more nor no les. that xlamlyuur ... METAL TANKS ALL KINOa' I

IB the Isu>f&c. at Miami i ordlnsacej U It aver bad one ls I
Fla, u second-class matter. i' nail seta ,"d yhat \M,. Is not a bit IN FACT

it tae la ..., aiCt ".Itar) Isspector. ALL KINDS OP SHEET METALWORK ,
n. most Boejtbera ...paper pnbiUahe4 fur be tees no'power or authority to ?aluewillhe Realized from
oa tk* mainland of the fulledtales. n e dial premises ar not kept Ilea I our
ukthe crest or occupsst wants I Itat
and If the, rut to lisp 11 U1 do Itwlikout !
ODe Tear br Kail.... .... .... .15.04) belnc told or forced to docoaW
$is Moctks ..................... i 30 I sat 1
fare lloatk ... ....... ........ 1.11 I I TUs ls las predteamrat. aad i
I Da* Week br Carrier ......... .14*I, atow.he.arar.* oa* at the pret- get. PROPERTY

avdvsrtlalac rttss Bad know oa sp> 'eat U.., Her to a lone sprint ..d
BUeaUoa.TELtFHOM. manxf eoeatnc oa sad c..11_
last osaeatlal to keeJlk-caaaot b*
0 .U... talatalaed area Tom Dick acd Hart The Pioneer Cornice Co.

OFFICE METROPOLIS BUILOINO.4M ry aad an tk* reef caooo*of taco owm
sad. 44 Twelfth street.Opaoslt food wQ sad accord to do sat Tk*
$14, AvMf O.
ttw Ceurt H*..*. sltaatloa to laded tfeplorskt aad oo.

.. THURIDA Y. MARCH .. IMS.President sad calcalatsd derelopoM to mllStat aaUl H acalast eta a*kealik rums THEY WILL TREAT, YOU RIOHT. Our confidence in large increase in the value
--- died bat at bed. If loan Joa**
Castro wants to bs hla! rallac Is correct It win lie sereralaoatks
... Sapram Court u ..u u kls own baton tk dtr caa aecvra a of Riverside is based upon two things

foucrsss: sew charter wkkk will tin It tk* A
---.S rtttt to onfarc a aanltarordlaaaca.. waterFront First actual
( condition and secondly
Tk Bjaaafactar* of precedents tobeomlac Bat soiDotktac ssast b* doss U the ,
oa*.( tile kurest ladsstrtesfa meaatlaM to prrr tk* keallk aadcleaaMaea

Washlactoa.Tk of tk* dtr. Meal al kttk our own experience in the
city eoaadt: wUl dlacasa a aew
S bas wevfl haa keea barred dtcaarUr, bat tkst la oat tk pra-
Ire mtk Caked States man* w of UmI'oarJ.Po aad br tk IMII disposition of various
.or tf k. feels Jib a fulrichtalekPeopi revised toad apoo sad goes to Taflaksssss.

........ weeks. If aot Boatka,
war ban lIMa eaua.... wltk XlaaUrocklac properties forourCustomers.
wko ar. .... tk* del..SOlI aloac sad possThlr wreaktofla r
that ear treat trust magnates tklak ofjotklac dirt aad tA>4 aad aatosa oa* of two
tat -. eatkt to see som* ..tkod.. or both ...* a opteC for ForSale .
c< them at a doc show ssalatalamc tk* clwaUa** of tk

--o- tore, alert may prom a sor racer
A peculiar tact U Bat nos b east ... -
s aaday aad WO ..d oa Baaaav.Tala Oa. of Ikes* I* to ksv tk* Btat -
win aot occar acala for 1M,.,., beahk aatkortttaa tak tile matter of
Caa you watt that bat U ae* K! taalutloa la but aad carrr aU sack Near Key Largo
.. h.w, lUIS !) and .... .

esses betas coast: aatkorttlea for .t. sr Brartioally" built .p frees
ThVlri atadeats U a Dakota school p1lAWlmCII& aad tk* other Is for tk* A7 hey to Ik* fleet aad abut the river t* lOtb *...... !. laM eul lo
wsat oa a atrlk ../ tk. prufesaufkissed people of Miami a creator nsjorltr ofwkom .IIIUI.I snag pe... sad Mace. Our pmperUes .II. ketwea>
them taU abjection. .. ... two rapidly" detetopisff sretioos sad tk wMe.
Would take a dental la rasp! & great presdf
yoa Uka to b* professor! premises clots, to has together la oar South end of old Rhodes K'y.11 __ d.maud which ..... trees. ........?. bulUers sad amu. seekers,
.. II i eomblaed: effort to ae* that food aadeffecti I acres hammock well adapted to sod which eresles high frl... ...soil. sslee, will frv err arhie. .. IW
Vr.Boosevelt has bee advised that. *. ....Uoa prevails, la tkls' I pineapple and ripe frost caltare, This levels which are ....., realised la tke ewre tbleklr bulli swtle.**f *....
It tk* Canal State to cola to ton ....... tko tow caa be kept deaa :having1 aboat one mile water front, is liMlf, It seeuK to a.,veuld b* *uu.la 4ii) ( ....... HI Iksl l It aot all.
Itself Into a oebUconeeUac coacera, tetra sack Urn as tile dtr U Tested title perfect' conveying- riparianrights. if'7' '_ Our ewu espeneoe la selllas; prepertr '. ..'. .e.M..n I* eve* BM re sue
la .
lBt. Lew Chas .
| two ..
K win a.N a larger marf tkaa .rr.Tk with tile satkorltr to control sal toilet Situated nearly opposite \ ft pars s on* wr ewtn..rs purrhaMrd I..p hrtaa
llik.treet far fIb each. sad la as. ,"r'. tla 1 .
*w.| tkea foe ftano rsea,
--e--- paalskfflMt for sock offenses.Wltk Turtle harbor, bavin* view of Bis- !
: reallslaff a ksa4M. pr..l.f |ta t .. .. lavestuteat .1100 er .
But ., idea Tork to arraaf these conditions ooafroatlnctk apse Day and oceaa. ExcellentbaHding1 xfi 'x ..... .. very a *r
IOIIX. "' *(Mr rltents purekaeed ... 161... lltk .trw. ketweessveuues
W >
lor a eanmttiaM aaeadmect people of Miami and at too worst
sites fish near and K: ss4 f fo
pleatt- f UO esrk sad we MId) tbeui tkU lor Mm for ,
that weal sub) Ik* State U apes 1 season ot tile year It to to b* boped f.L"OIIad .tot .:t year $3000
make fin* site for j. 131" "pro. Tb.III we saM f oe ...*, our ell.... a M .. tile river
V IM, ea. OO'cm pmkHc foaia. flat win bat they will realU tk* taaportanc dab house or yacht atatiouu Good i a&i V) froM for tltM waick sal Ho... jesr.,.tJOO. We ast..If...... .........
-er "trt.IeI7 aPft4e(. of cleaaUaea abort aU Ulan twill a1
harbor deep water and aatanlCoraline VI i cleat of *ers $I7M fee a river frost tot waiek east him lat j ear..I, 1O.
D lOt deny with tketr kealtk aad i.-w
bluff I .
x landioe Aboat
Tk prppo tOo to rmb tk* ...*..- that of tile eommaaltr br anowtac aasajilury -
.nri n1ai7 to mAGI a yea with I a conditions to prevail la aadaboat five miles (roc where proposed will ...UMN*lrsl. toyeuj bow rapidly Mist rral estate tenses.I .
ntlr.rent peuloa of $n,90/ a 7 ear, that borne ,railroad to Key \Vet crosses tl'Ollll j jmainUad. T.le I ul.. and Ju tifles beysod question ta. .....1... fsitk *f ear

wu kited Mi ROOMT win ben toworrr I -o-- Price $2SOO. ... sad .t..,. u to,...* been realty ...,..*. ; aloac w MJM rear.TokM N....,.' Cwigr* fatall" Also oa Key Largo 174 acres bannock properties. 5orsrtb' lastanees whieb .. have abase ateutleuedbmlated
--o -- WuJalnctoa. Stuck l.-n..q1W" having ooe Dllle.Dd >4 waterfront .*... It reflects the. feoeral sit....... (Jq,...1...*.*
poopl who visit tk. Dad ten were opened today for tk* trt- with. npariaa rights.AddreM. sr ast only based *. Ik* rapidly ;dselsf ..?...-.. tnm all sloes. ,but
cows FUr sal b* r *day cuaTlace4 aaUl eeUac of tau Kattoaal Coo also*a tke....__. la values .....,,,.* Crew .... awrnlVeut .,*... .,
1 7 tk* apIeBaK MklUU U carfea frees of Motkers, wklck bedas Its ..- I.p,*........ Waea aBdeveteped ply ba aisde soeb a ....."- ad-
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trail that tk* cal stags hers treat pruv m uu sew
day after tomorrow, to
sly car Dad comity a paaatafkrMtk. awe for oa* west Tk* adraaco J. W. EWAN ....,way t. provide better trsaslt fsrIHtle foe Rlv.r<.4d. will .*....ices
sad that .kat UtU U aartaaart curd of dalecate aad Ultors to si- Tester,,.Ina, We eaa :.,. ... the aame .f elieats for whew we ..... this
.vac COM b. bees entirelybBtarat ,repen,. If,.* bate say d.*bt* s* to ..... truthfulaees *f tke** statement.
ready bectaalax to sure aad Jvdtfnc!
**. Dots tk* vegdabk aa4 Cocoanut
from an ladlcatloaa tk* atteadaac Grove
frost 4lpUre>4 at tk. Fair ar* far win
ocOpa that at of tile
say previouseetlaes
r akor ass events std U to meet tri a- of tile CIOII 'gas. Dade County I FloridammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmlmmmmtU I I
tying .. tk promotcn ot tk* Fllr a.4 I
the oxkibtton that seek aCoofM _pla414LA Buy today. You

n1IIII1 best .. e."J :
D ,'

.(wiaa Goldfatf. of New U .Iy's WHO ISYOU I ----will
Twk, mt a vest Cart 81d coanrit.at The _

a boob. aa4 rc tTc4 the foUow E CANDY Druggist 31
fatkeOe letter la =
, .1 resolved nr year rtpr book rrb.,1. Iaa ; Lp Biscayne = never regret it

fiery nrark obliged to yea for this __ __. :
bcavUfat book. Tot oat know bow
amn rtoe41 am for tkl beet :

1 get n at o'clock tt tk* Bontec Drug
to read an the root boob I caa getl AII.f oar On..
an s1se and a kalf rear .... IT E chemicals s.d == I Prices $300 to $450 a lot, one-third
' ,.,.'d look at too t...'d Disk I sw the := This Store C r reparatioaa arc == I
bn the o. I down balance in 1 2 and three
. an of all, becaae tar pareata are g T 0. r method.r gl years.
verf poor aad caal affortTo feed' aVery S0L, --- -- are commended -
'. west TT* ar* ale ckOdroa. tads E b1 aU reputable 31 ,
s 1 am tk* deed cab ... tk* r>a.c< t E- AGENCY J. C. Ilbvaelh physidaa.ZLUWUU1UW111 31 II

4 1* fir. 'weeks oU. W. ar ears boraaa4oMKtol ::::: I

I pray Cod tkat Br tatkor WWWWWWWilJ111W llJUIWWW111W1U
akoald b* wen aad eoaM work tovpport 1
Ik* ttmf y. I allays wlak mr - i I

t,. talker..b..*.a..was nwrr.to bop rtc*"ao for Cat tkto!I Viy.eool4 Mark itadrto The Flies are Here I I J.J H. Tatum & Company C

1tft to bo aa ...... sal vaofal dUo
.... .. 4oabdM k. sal s. .. b 1M &.1..1. Ncs "em Isr par N'ltldaerW

. a Dear Scn.s.. AllWa .. apes ... N.rda w sbsrl MIke

" MIAMr tAHtTATIOM.J hralt..cIe to order fetes satire hard woodcbesta
dso Joaoa baa ioeUot that tadortkprMeatcttrckartertkMarorbaa for dot ar. tracks picture In..... wardrobn.
". tables eta ,AD kia4aolI'VR.lITCRE REPAIRL j FRISSEL BLOCK : : MIAMI FLORIDAC''JoeC"oi
M rlgkt to tepoat a tao spas sal ,

poraoa or yoraoaa for Tloladag tk* I Seminole Novelty Works :'i,' .. ::::
......" ....... W* aa tlea sot Ip I ,

.. 011


--- -
101 JJ = = = = j = J = C J .

.. Lly" r. PrvMr BALZAC..r ....n ..a' Contractors and Property OwnersIf
'- Mud r..dl.a sw w.r, ....... I
) To l+ crt..,Igstrd set t. M, .rL' .
yiMidoat mint to $ IOOOOO/"ave Been Invested
.IUC" two rIpn"ttr red .
pswwutd 4..11'rtt... 1'i..Ukino. n.. ... I .. caa't help jooIf yoai do co4 to t

ilk E u: tak.attwr. .11. L. M tit I
perform l" tank end Lillr.1, I 1clt I' ] The J. A. McDonald Co.
111.or" If rrrr .aU..", ..1,1ilia,
took f,. h .nr nf ...k...... m I....i Iwe lodl I
'\tW down in t>... ron01. I'I i ir AND BUY YOURLong

III h. 1..I.lnW"1 I w..u'tyitr. _
.. ., .. I Leaf Yellow Pine
*:: +r t '.1. at.r+.hn Wr kit i
........ I
Do' wl1Ja ? hat +a anJ aluurttin
___ I ., Framing at $16 per M.
eLhM re geiI lhe moots
fob of whit fennel the blf! tbw.t: Boards same price. '.We also sell Lime Brick [4 kinds].
laid bare rln swollen the cmtMart
Cement. Sash Doors, Mouldings and whatever elsea,
f> ** ufttnr.! aonlsint.rer filot I
and acm. froppltratinf and ror,,lnc the bjilJer require* at lowest pmible: figure.

...bnM throb that would the 4aJI Dot roroe.toil .nu.l'wtUiumfthla nf:I within the past month !

J tJmoto arafed dreadful end wrvti rartilned at a trH.-h rtiauibrr 1.tLe la!;, You Knot Where We Are HtH Street Miami, Fla. I IQQ

where the randtea wr teem MUa IRulebrd. I )CCCOCCC J 'CJ = : = C CE : I

Them. OrKU .......bfod ..dl, --------- -- -- --------------- -- -- -----
half dot .d. lIP weald drag Umrif to
the prt t..."*. Thus oolj la I nation
of etytota roaU the HUB that nerndtlertd ..r;
nuke hlm rU the ant
a style
'.MvdM of hla 1117 and a rUatle.W I I
.rtn* and wartlm .. thta. tea W hat Men Want Most
van VM Be z.ee wplmdld trpnfth tt"i
body the mir. and ready mara of .>.. .
.__. aad.lit.* pnloda. Mabrttef i>comfort and I..."."' W. are the I
penchlw la Umartf and lafaltb people who caa &'Rai these demirc
tNpY U the fetus MabM bin Oar latest de gad and patt r..la
t* CBtlB.. It With a HlBlmWB Of t.. I the most Uakionable fabric hare Have you invested any of your
fioae, for thtrty-on II1M'I'ftIfn ynim.A I ifired. You just o fkt toaec tk... I
4 wit a bulk of work From 1821' Oar tailored alto are diatinctirc money here? Look around and see
a 1834 to wrote tklrtr rohnMa. sad atyle perfect IB fit ..4 pleating
la 1834 to was list t1rf'It7a.11" .a del L Let .. ahoy them to jom. the
... .. that development which is going
J &,et ate INlet act s s btaa. t.

-NT'ttoOoowIJ* 1830* nutalaa.Bctwcc *. 1843. acrmtrnlMMfrta J.I' A. WORLEY on in the Magic City and You will
et tto Ttomrtr* aaw tile Be*.t.

,sad wtt ctwptotrd.all ttta tto Oa graat kto wart tfaObedto wtlfont see the great opportunity of lour

pleaded wttk kh doctor. tar aUoBtba.au LIFE
wvcta IllS 4aj IB wIIkII .
t. oeasa.wt. kla test and aaak .tata .
ca.a wkDYplebla3 f. eta boaa r

For aWater

.... ...
A a.r ., ........ sass aas ipe..e.Ia .
........ flr.T -.
a dwwt Jysara hraaktaot .. .
New Teafa day H a roBftoao rlto rear ,avd
.r tits a rvlctf aaOataedM of the t*. a
,..,.. aye 01 Lunch ar-IcIe. Vat .
.rd art flatus are. -.. thai
.t. wsl'Tb. ..be aMe with wa r1 H .
_drswz eras 01 w... whoa tb. arste4das.ebltasR.t.tri.M Tanks WE HAVE SOME CHOKE PROPER.i H

apwlflad b 7 taw fatale' tto ataaatartala I I TIES LUT. LfT US SHOW YOU.

14'mope dteb whale at the ..... a ..a- See or Write
'V we.( aprrtal asks tma a red laeqwr
aioat to dralBod by wagon et 4aalraa -
ftf ..".....*dvtec tto cwabw y.a&U C. .H. PERRY Cocoanrt 6rm. rfcrUi
tile raon la placid aa -rtyaUaatMd. .
." ar 1V4 lacker. tray cwraradwtt Allister-Beck
tmnna IMTM aad bmrtnf arid
....... a lobatcr. ...... parateBMoa .
etoatMts. dAM aarttoea' 'B4bcrrtar Real Estate. Suite 4. Hatchett Building Miami. FloridaChicago
roa. All tteM dishes tor a IMPROVE YOUR PROPERTYby
BpocUl alcmlfleatloB. TIle MBM tt
.oat* art" touimmj. with word .(
happy sea: tile ethers bat aa aD.
Corks _a...... Tto MMtra erred --
back and leac Haws typify ate pro. pa.in ii1g'withSunproof to Florida
,lasted- tffl ore traaat la teat aad the
toard la toa.: tto aarttnea. wktek aJw -
.y. awlai la'palra. axyi'iaa' c.aja : the torrlaff la ayBritoneal at a You Can
trattfal JINIftJ.are m a TricycleWe
TtoM sit tat. dfgrcaa>-
Sold with
wpdom. atttoofk la vaat caaai the a guarantee LoaisTille &: Nashville
tfMdM k fttrty --. one arttodttJapaaaat
Mt-.11u.e old rear avt;
to rtaaa at 4 to wa>.e i tto B WCOBMTaad Railroad
caramaalca. WIN I .
parfora way
to breaks kta fssCpew. J. W. WATSONHardware ONLY solid Patina trail with CAD make a tricycle out of jour wheel
i Obaerratlo and Library Care frog
."... ITlorida to SL Lois, Chicago, the by a simple attachment that offers a means
_The word 'preJMkf' ftIMI tria I and Furniture. West tad Northwest with rncaqakker of
tn tatfa weeds "pra" arpra.. ." b. tim this via asp other oourertiog any bicycle a tricycle in a
hraIIu4.a".,.ue.. I J..sp. 'ntr UBC. All meals ia Diainf Car- fete minuto. The Hudson Cycle Co. is tb*
tare*prgadeM a aaaa tb* feraUaf aCaa -- Service a U carte. burst diaiaf
aptoloa bar eretaad ar heron. kaavVdf 4" ' " " car service la the Roath.L only firm in the city carrying this attachmentin
*. Ta farm aa ..... er oadar a AcrMtiMk HT.
odfBMOt eoMarataf aty wtJj ta< vt N ICMrtac kaawtadc 'prrJF ArM L..Y.aadysap..
&*.' Aa aruton f on>e4 afar a Ota- ALSO t"'CIl Pallmaa Drawler

one tone aeqnaiataae therwtra InraatKaOan*. aad miailanea aad atM aad: and Trust Co of l Miami F1a1ttaoos.oaatws. Jacksonville Room Sleepiaf 011 A.Cars Co L.daily d 05 P.from.

My b* ananiiuu. bat eaaaat property trams to Diraringkam. Naakrillc,
U atjW")ftJ...." Wan tke tsi... Eraaanlle St. Loa?., Chicago aDd The Hudson Co.
bet aad aiaaiMntaa et tht world anAartsvaad.
& A. L. 8 55 a. IlL train to Pea*
wkan th* taeta T hlatary hit 0p CIMttl. $)0.1)0.00 svpin iiooo.oo aacola Mobil and New Orleaaa.
1012 Avenoc D Ullendorf
sad curia art Icaorad ar dialed, the If beet acrrice I. desired ak for Block. Vfiani. Floiida
caartnalena ar optakna tkaa arched at ; laaaraa kud tttka prop' .N ahatratea at tttlea leaaa cal taroataBMMT tickets: rta U 4 N. For rates,
Boat net aJy b* aid ken bet they M tta.wm aaaoot""or athom las M apes, attoneHatact Pallmaa mcrratioaa, etc call on
,aril be the rcaott of prtjodteai.Traia > teas.. .......- ---. rss. .... ar fMrdlaa or write ..
I AMreai aQ.. .--- .. to a, E. Herring
ave Tees ....$-.
.yawwtt to keep yaw troubles s. U PATTERSON, Sec. and Treas. =& I' heft4a till "...Mt'"saw aus 4J..t..eir r
a Tam.eiL Deal.... tbaoi oat open ., .... 'tr ." "I.ir1 .....r..r.r..t r..: COOLEY & HORNER r
aeqvatetaacce or atraacera. It teal I
their famtt tf 7"11 bare troabk" aad r The Real Estate and Rental
they donl waat ta hear .T yoon.' .. & 1A
they hare ao any of tbatr... I
,-eanaa I bah Street. ::::;: Opposite First National Bank.
Aad 'std.e-here la a pellet to coa
ajder-tf TM bMM on uramj ether I
people of yor grtmmem they wffl at Contracting Electricians.Launch .
lancth eon te tficBXe and alias yon.tacaoaa -

tbfrcty yon prereat" them Supplies,
from telllac their troablea.It t SEABOARDAir
I Batteries. Spark Colls Etc.

a...4.4 mm. 1113 Avnue C 31 la mi. Florida. Write for prices

Btrf a pobiuiwe. last her __ __ _______ __ __ h __ ___,, ___ _
Kot at aIL What Made yaaj that I Line Railway

fhatrHe Atlantic Coast Line. I
told me be was a dtaaemtaatar I
Debt 1Uera.......* I I'OR
Ah hrt a bffl derk In the employ :, I I
Columbia Camden
of do gaa coopaay.l>-rhDadalphlaPwaa. ) Qatekaat tUta. .. oxeoDoat.".,.* XorCk. Baat aad Was TttATUUmO Savannah. Southern Pines,

COAST UXX. Th* Famoaa Mow Tort sad Florida ......J W-...... !teal Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore,

,I IDlY Palln-a' trala of. OwpartaMat Stocptad DUta*sad fnaatiatlun Clan, im what coaata. If it i.a .traicht--t New
TMta.Vlrot Philadelphia. York.
Jemm-a-What air rssdIVghee. : etoetrta Ifehtoi thraachont, hwraa kX AacaatlM datty leapt Smaday at 11 there Un't mach use to try to doingIt ,
Jabs amid Jer yo y-a-A a,. X,antra Wow Tortf 4:a P.at tollowtac day. ( Thafa tree ton abmt ".rLaabdry Two Elegant Trains Daily.

book caW The Three Maaketeen- Florida and West" lama UaU< eanytoc Orawta >aotox Slooaari sad work. Seaboard Express Seaboard Mall

I Debt tt woa a Jeraey atary whan 1 Otaiaf Can. Ian Jookaoarma at I:M A.K daQy.arrtra How Tort 1:. ll'.Stra M
picked tt np,hot the frtot appaan to be P.atftaDewtatday. Equipment.
lasted la rraneoavitWhydoyeonrwtohtim.Tee seas Tars baaP Take Ire shirts and compare each)
g IPst wags*aad Florida' LteJtod.aaUd Panawuv Data of Staopon Dtalac and with thothcr.and they an alike. ONLY .TETB

Obaarraaoa Can karoa Jackaorrfflo daQy at $U A.X,arrtro L1fap&:. Oar laandrr work I. straight ooo.t
'aNt.ItM.. P.X.fDOowtac day. nil IsIs onrrlaaSL Lasts Deeper arrtrtac..Lnh and oat. the beet to be had That FQrltltzII11kfn&} IIIIpcnl1n2 iubouIi lie In Oriua.
t:.?.II. seals there i i. none better. This
man ass hay wldewT Tan-Boeanae Dha Flyer knee JackaoaTtDe IK P. kt dafly. earrtao thrwaialaaren explanation sakes it easy when '
hay k graao wttk aB the grioMaaidxtol faatidiona men hare their work for fall inform aka... sleeper r**.rvat>oaa,call on ag.t.d tko
to Cntaat. w4 Lack arrtvlM CUeac IU P. It. SC Lao say
....-... Tort "Ttoea.A done by ... We are laaadry lead-
.:.. A.. toOawtas toaratac.ThordakaatBnokrlonTaadonaaalf. aad watt. ,-troup.l I Seaboard write
en .
A BorTOiao teapot aadfretfol a dsathatls : bias. to Cnkata. aeroa booM. toPCTLROK : year A. 0. IcDQKHELL;itftniu.fa.iiL IlcbouWa fg

.. dlapaatOan tender. aqdelta .. -..... .d caw bar Ie 1wlnQUIl0 ...--aTj'r"JnCI VROOtTZLTt7tUR S. B. AultinM, ,
t of Bfa nbeppy Orer* a. DMrkt Pajaaafor A| M. JattaanrtBe.Fax l Miami Steam Laoodry. l I S. C/BOYLSTON. .. Pass. Aa'hSTRENUOUS



---- ------ -- ---
--- -- I.......,. .............1 GRAND JURY "IIINTMINTI i ahead, thee dr.ptec asters. sad Mother

::1 HOTEL ARRIVALS. j I Roes elreltaj arovad the ata .v/
Me In OrtMlt Genet Y.et.reay| V
er hut with aQ of this the Miami *
..... '
tvtvrrat tV cat srJia ttvc. Still at W wI. v
had the advastag., for the captaJs -
WJI' TIIERNJ -- I the FelicIa. did sot bow the hit
I II war
...hva allrahjte std wife Mario. I I Iln I There was Bothrnx doe la the elr port, tad U waa the purposed hjtraOlat .
Free to Soldier Trip .M i Mrs U, K.: AaJenoo, Nw Tort: I Jury la still at work, bet ap .. BOO safely Ironed the beaks sad ahoal
Mi R M Sh'rwond.: Mr*. Flea Orte today had sot haa.:*4 I* say trwe lato bvaatlfal B1..v"Y..
I [It"ayI' r Rudolph. 8. R. Baker. bills for the ttf. The foltowlac per This he dU to perfection sad when
t1'J: ; PR. rooube.1uii.MlU SOBS were Udlded yeeterdsyi the Miami, BxnreJ at her dock tile '
1 .-. J U Filler. Spobau.Na.b. i. Jaatea JOII",. asaaalt with Meat to Felicia was tat a few mlaatea behlad.dropplac .
I.** rqckm.... 8. Vaodd. lIIarder.I ..eN. haadred yards sea
n l....ar..New; Torn. H M trwla..Per. I Jim Johaso. breaklac sad n'... i off the dock. Thus the Miami woe
..... : .
r fl 4. I the race. If race It timid be ca1W.
Key HAN CAIU.OfI Naihaalal" Doyd grad UrceBTTharle ,
ore. 81.nu, J. K. UltchrlLGalvebar Robloana. grad tarcear. JEFFERSON'S tlMTHOAV
I *. lit; Mr. ..
; lira. J. ,",..<.GIll'". Jr.. Pew ,, I... Will be Celebrated' by New York Dem-
j peso T.,.. Wofford. HalUndale. I' Robert lobs a.. asaaaU with latest i, aerate TM.,.
I Bei N. Jeron, N.w l......... ('oe L; I I I to marderTlmoth ,
W. a W/ckoB, Ka... ClljI / CUUard. _alt with laI >! New Tale. March I -Followta* *
I IH8CATNE: I teat to ..ar tf'. saxgeetlo' mad by Richard Croker
: J. a Morrow ta I wife. R. U Oliver.Chicago. ; Eraewt Di..... aanaalt with latest to I'I last before his ream to Europe th.
the Yacht Louise ; O E r....., uatoe. )lr. sad ,' marder Democratic Crab will celebrate tile
I' i iIn.
Take :\ W. 8 Cnoaer. Trrato; Mr.' Bad w. U Berth aeaa d with ,latent InI I birthday of Thomas Jefferson aextmonth
Mrs. W II. Kaotu. Kansas City Mra. I I I, marder.Charles. with a bit dlaaer t* h* held
R. R Mon.., West Palm Beach. help Reese, breakla aad la the fraad ban room of lie Waldorf.
: A. Traal. Mra. J. Trial. fmalilla I... Astoria. Th .u...... jodclac from the
IT*. Chaa. Tr...., Ml. Carrie Traele. ,! W U Berth la a whit ...ft'lI'l plaa already mad, will h* ... of the
I Graal Rapid" ; Joha B. FInd,. 8L AB- ,: others are fOIon4.I moat actable political affair of the
i 1..11... Mra O F Town*. New Tork; 1 The bor Albert Cos. arrested n .lIlal year U thla HyADOBC .
i 0. P. Smith and _Ife. Newark. W O.I I I IJahBso.Thus. I city some Urn ago for steatite a Mcy- tile promneat party toaJsra
i H. Barrett, New Tork: i iI |i rle la, West Palm Eeax-h. pleaded nl. I, who have already accepted lavltatloa
I Ceo. A. Haornua the wlt.. Mr' Bad ;i I ty to the charge, sad aeateac war "' .1 to h* present aal deliver adifleeeaar
Finest Fish Dinneron
Capacity 100 People. Mra. Clark Mra. Vo* Leeoe. J. & pleaded by the roan d.rln( food be- : .. Governor Doaclaa of Msseaeh- ,.

I Woodratt, Johastova. Frederick Robert I II bails I II i sett; Governor Johaao of Mlaa.sota.
the Atlantic Coast for $1.00. Visit the I New Tjrk.i". C. CmimasTonk.Weet tad former Coremor rraacla of htia
Palm Dearh flask J. n 111tpa. FELICIA PLAYED ANTICS. mart Covers wM h* laid for about
Sea Garden. Fish Crawls dock I TorooUx Caa.. W. A. Oawata. 8aTUBak. i iI j I i to*, ... tile gaU wU mdade prom-
at I
Deep ; J. C. LaUmer New York !I II But Miami. Had Her Fettled and !, ....Democrat from every aectio *C
Mra. A. J. Modeller. OrlaaJo. W. E.: Reached Pert First the COM try.
containing Fish of all Varieties : : : : : : : I Joewe, BalllBMire. J. G. Thompson I
fhlladelphU. j 1 j i Paaaeacera arrlTtac from N.... : Plttsb.rS ..".- Shew.PlUsbort .
Otftc- rm he Meaner Miami yesterday report PB, March t-Wit* re-
Elect. 1 I'I I having had most pleaaaat sad mains. cordbraUB entry list, both a. rearda -
At Ole aaaoal meetlac of the Nock.olden what "C.of;the ordlaary paaaac. oacaalbaed' -II III ( .....ra tad high ...... tile asaaal >
t ( of the Tropical Horn Imptore.hest
I Ii I. bj"" the aatlea of the steam beach show of tM Doqweaao K-
Co. the folloTtaf oflcrra were
i : I yacht r- ria. which practically plared ..1 Club opened today t* Old CtyHatt
for th vantax rarPrcaidnt -
a game of hide cad seek with thl The eshibtta ._... aerwrat
I I UltcbrD a Price; TkPrraldnt. .
.teamer .tJItI.tf,. trip. hundred *a4 lad.... almost every
I roc 'further information dock Palm Dock .Fred,., 8. Brlw; Secretary Tk. ...uda. .which U very au-I specie t.... to the doc fjtadr.
apply to master at Royal) tad TrM. Clarenc U Itaddla-
seaworthy left Naaaa 4 or I Nearly an jf tile arlatocratta caatBe ........
Stan tXrvctor. J. L Wllawx T. -
behind the Miami;, bat la a little that hare bee earrytx off tile blue i
Briggs. M. IX Price U I:. BrIne
1.1 had orerhaafod he. and the rtbbooj of the beach show drctdt We
L. .441foetoe. the rath r aaeqnal bat moved ra WII11.1 season are tocloded ..... the "hlVIt
lUll 001"aTh IHUI.arcL th'a port, the yacht at times *. ;'T:w.,
tfartlalqa sailed this ..". ...1 i. - .,..,.

Boat leaves daily at 9:30: a. m. for Krr West ud Haraaa with aa- '011
other fall berth of pBaaracrra tad a I .
heavy height Th axnta We report
Returns at : : 4:30: p. m. that there la M faltlai off ta tkeaovthvard I
travel via th eteame*sat

this lee, which ,. BBprecedetUe, I I
The booklB are kin for the WIt WE CASH TMAVKLinr LETTtRSor
two or three weeks yet which will t..d'= C"IOIT. J
nuke this Ihe censer season: U the Deposit PtrCtttpm'tdea
history of the P. A 0. Ua.. tbstt New v...... BaKimeea, Ph11tdslp.1a.
for not Pltl. b.rph. Oilaag *r SL L*.i* EM9 Sdrlasi
--- -- ------ *. *. It wIN *nry take B* tea days AceoimttFirst f'
to sanest your oeraanat .-.. If yea
Intend to stay her fee a mtll *r
make this yew fvtor he on, epe* a*

The Papers say : Nikola TeslaHas eMMa AeeevM by with a slush w* e and. pay aH A*.


Na onal Bank

created an electrical machine with power enough to blow Venus out of the Zodiac


Also a contrivance by which he can direct a torpedo for miles.:.. __And his telephone Depository State 01 Florida

.** is to be a pocket-piece by which any one at any place can commun- .tit *>. DIRECTORS.
L M. 8MELSFORO PreeUoirt
W. H. SPITZEN Yle.PnMdeat
t '!, fate with any one else without aid of wires or a third party tS E A. WAOOELL Vlce-Preeloent.
'- J. L LUMMUS. . Mlaml.ru.Meechant. .
W. M. UMOINE. III... na.I .
----- -- -----
Her W... H. GRAHAM maburah...a"reeldeM
I Mercantile Tryst C .
'n our statement that to enjoy Miami weather you must M. K. SALS8URY Plnaburgh*, P* __
We O PreeMewt Midland CeeJ Ce.a TT
can |prove dress cool.Ve have anticipated your wants and today C. C.C.CHILUNQWOMTH.A. rMIS>ELL .. Miami PI*.

P. ANTHONY. VJeH rM.. AntJvsnyree.
are showing the LARGEST NEATEST and BEST ( -)
what M. SHANAHAN Grand Rapids. Mkn.Tresa. ..
we say ; LINE of FURNISHINGS ever brought to this state. tleseira C. MOMFH.Carpet. Sweeper. Cael.ierI Ce.EDWARD ..

I .

Alfred Benjamin and Co. Clothing Manhattan and Royal Palm Shirts the I .

in all the new Gght flannel effects for outing .tI-

w ear. s s s Price $15.00 to $25.00 best you) can buy In the U. S. $2 $2.50Did 1- __ ___ __ __ ___

you ever wear'a I Our Presrrlp
White Canvas and Outing

lion i Depart.

Knox 4 or $5 shoes forlladics men and children b a. *_*><* **< <
.f. M w w yR/.r wsort
; es w Iw N Mot
.w Ml n..hM 1U1sma
straw hat ..r.I : :
f II
1.50 _

The new Spring Styles I ..'.. >hat h.mrVI *f ''RED CROSS W* ".. ... .
'I a Try Wa tirh N tI ""'Jo ...
r just received to it m is .1 fddt
et Stationery. hull ctladdta
I Wfefcia fl* Pal fln cOn W U .. + + nary _. Me e1ar

4.00 ; I._ "I"II- 11 L L tlsrdtt. wilhse fto ....arlhrstt
t t yin . PrtsWc.c. tin wMlr _____

{ 1 ale n III ./RY. Ifr
Al goods marked In plain figures rrr M .. J
strictly DOe price to al s s s s Sanitary Fofit4aUs

tfwp hgmr-t rr .

THE' ANTHONY ROMFH COMPANY.. rull tf sand hUti"s lts sat ..NLth

Going to. Sell ? :!I : LUCAS PAINTS

.1 I = For Sale .
------ ---- -- by -

Better Paint First Will Value Increase of Your the House.Cash :,!I. FRANK T. BUDGE

......................- ..................................................................;................................................
- - - -- - - -- - - - - -------
-- -- -

I fI

H. M. KING The Racket Store
Doin_ bu.ln.** at th..arn._old _.
eO '
onAv* I

MIAMI SHOE CO. ,The hocvMt he oM sin rood firm* fal/dun*will which prevail IlniGlow mad.a.h prlc Wlaw.and I Undertaker and Embalmer --- taePlace--

Your patron. rpMtfully eoUclted. I

SUCCESSORS TO : 1300 Avenue D


I Mrs Jamea MrConh. Jr. of Pompeon. -

I ". l I. a ttaltor to MiamiTalrm

Wofford. of HalUa...... .. a

I.'I' cadt at ... Baa Carlo slotted Calls Sdece r.u

Dear l W. F. MILLERTHE I Bcajamla N. JrroM. of New Urn 5qrt gun 37 4.VUkflm <

ooa. Cosa. was on. of tile tourist ar

4 Housekeeper I : UNDERTAKER II! rtvali la Miami--yealerdayJoakaa -. t*quart k

1 f HONt 25 413 12 STREET I Straaga sad Mra. Strange,
of MarkM, tad, are reeeat arrlrala
We are ready to sere
among ... toariata. They are located 'I ( if IrtrjthfcdtrroiMnasaUtfedpnt
dm aJ fr"QI'OCtZ1eS. 5ooe -- -
yo01i ---s at the Boatkera.Tk. .
; Par.
T"C IL )( Enrta la la Miami from ; y
t.otJa. &
5ta ie. T de y'our DAilY MIAMI METROPOLIS.THURIOAY. I rtM. lee cream sad cake social ky I i w..n. Waffle 4 Sot Prop.
Perfect Satisfaction
order CI' M MIl caL. MARCH a, IK*. Mra R. a Moore. of Wert PalmBeack. the ........' Aid Society of the Sinai
Papttat Church .. taklag piece this. I I
cnwibiaatMNi ..
.U a peat at tk. BlacayaLorea .. I i a ol costume
ruracurucucucui afleraooa oa tk. laws of the MeLea- and pkaMirc It rcpre* at* about

free Delivery, i TOWN TOPICS. il Stones J.. .Mitchell doa realdeac om Eaat Twelfth Street the nearest approach absolute I f S
The aortal win b. coatlaMd toalgkl ka-p| aeM that we mortals cm* of Cale.bari. nt ar. oeata of tk.SamCartoa. I
s I A font meal will do cooiderabl -
sad tile publte la cordially larttod toattead.
RESpIfCTFUhLY. 1 :. F--v to sib.1 j a knarry m.m I MODERN DENTISTRYAT

Fraik\ 3. nU!!,.. of Tomato. Cam i "

The Magnolia to ragvUffwd M ih.piaca/a TIle ivrcaa. cute Forward arrived PKOMINKNT VltrrOMm.Qu I A Good Smoke .
l at the termlaal dock this monlufrom POPULAR PRICES.
i I I
Frederick Robert ..J C. LaU_ Key w..t.I 4a of J. K. Ingraham TaUnf InAdvantaie Ii. the tking tell paita hive at pear

Grocery Co. .... amoag tM New Tcrkore la the I of Da*. C aunty I with the world. Here' the placeto i M. ILTR. Dentist.
I ICot. Mra X. Traal. aad Mia. A .Tra..., I II I get it. nbcthcr it be a d/ar, a .
331 Twelfth Street
I -
of CmaUllaJTa ar* visitors la tk. cigarette or a pt >e
Prof. W. O. loll.... maaaglag editor :
.4th and Avenue D : city aid ar* atopplag at Ik* Blacar.- I
I The cklldre of tk* pakll* achool I I of the Amities AgrieaHarM aad I i I HAYES Tern reareipene' c* at
win b. takes to the Pair ta of tk
Thomas Barrett treaawrwr i Detroit.
3. a naler. of Spokaa* Waaklac- I I THE CIGAR MAN
a body tomorrow moralag at t o'clock Orange Jadd Publishing Co. of New I
toa. was am arrival la tk. city rUr- I .
..,. Tart' City, are among the promlaealarrlrala I.i OI'IISIE& HOTEL UISCAYXC t tI'
W. A. Ctemeata repreaeaOitg the la the city today. Tke... geaOeatea ..
....... UM of Bteamaklpa arrived ... ar* largely tatoreatod ta tk.agrlcaltaral I --- -
Mr. sad Mrs O. IL dark are I'
ta tile city last tight aad U located at ... wlater toartata from .1 ii deralopneat of tile South

.TO OUR VISITORS i tile Blacaya*. Manitoba vkoar. itopplac at the .. lid .... mklag aa odltorlal tow of I II I
the State They have visited a .a_
P a Klag, *bo kaa keU t1M reapoaan .1 Carlo I I ber of place la Florida cad stopped\I At Every Dance

*!* poeitloa of ticket ageat of tk Tk. Addle carried to tai "' at Palatka wker they have a track
P. E. C Ry, at Miami for tk. put farm
Mr. Tatea pal
Yo will want to..cd year, ... beet promoted to tile agewry I 57,01 croaadawtwday BrooUra. N. T. who aught 1"1 Wall ..... Prof. Joka oa cud Mr.

& aovmir to needs at New Smyrna. H. win ..... for hla I .. Barrett win be the gncaia U Mr. i. E.lepUa" I
trooper I nvttoafiak. raaar
at Ij we home bare coa.eqtlftlt.added a.pleMWt sew poelttoB ant Satarday.Bnglaeer nwckwcLTk. ,. third Ttpre. Bt of the At Every Dinner

lin of I I P R. C R,.. and ta charge of tk.
apoova I. H .Browm. of the r. K.I I
rhnoier of
fetters and property
to oar stock and will British Mai l acrtnltaral
*rraTt tk fic*'4 C R/, who Ku been la tile hospital from BlmlaU Bahamas, arrived ta n.1 that conpaay. net with hiss are eaX -i
These at 8L Aagala. for a mouth reranod i I
charge aporoa port tkla moralac with a aamber ofImmtgnats >f1m a tide over aid aa latpeetioa I
win make aa appropriate to Miami a few days ago. Mr. Brown aid coasldwabl. fruit of the ad>eeat _atrJ. Bo far they I

Baring badtbeataladeeepre.sly oven, we was operated oa for appeadlcttla.at tile Sk. li aackored off the UmlaM dock. are gn',tly please with this aectloa. : ON THE STREET AND IN PACTEVERYW'IIEREYOC
hospital aid hang bwtweem lit aa4calk
for tkat I GO YOl SKr.: :

parptM, Y o will 6.d for several days Tk. Jupiter had aa a party lo tk.faklaf .
here s : .. :: :. I W. E.
froaada yesterday Mr. CENT A
Tk. Viand City Directory. I.w.d WOROI
Sorosis Shoes
I r yearly ky Mr. Allam R. Pan1aIa -.sad tar Gibbons of fayoaa N. J, who ne-

A Thoroughly equipped IMS. la sow tk. ..... of Ik. prtat- needed la Uadlac aid b3...t back I
IS 1 barracuda aid 4 HagBah. :
: Optical Department la ere at DeLaad. end win k* oat aid WanttoWTkr fint-claaa solicitors :i iNoa.

ready far dletrtbatlom at am arty data others aced. apply. Can mak. j

charge of a Compete Tk. Directory ale par U larger aid, Mr. sad Mra Georr A. Huger ) eight dollar a day ("all.' gig Area*. I

Optician tor. complete than err kefor lid X.... club Mr. Campbell lr.1 a 7S1 i iFr
__ t
To Lnom sad ) B. Woodraff compose i I tI
and If need glasses Mr. J. IL RaadaH. who bee bee. a part of tourists of Job as' ;, ..... Fruit sad cold drink i.teed I II
you tk. r. B. C ..,.
would be pleased to tile halt operator or towa. Pa, who arrived la ... city ye j jUrdaj. I I coraee Areaa. D sad Teatk}
at tk. passenger. depot nor amoral : atreet. M
have you call. toatha past left for Anwrtcva Oa,
where k. bas accepted I THE I'FRFECT FITTING STYLISH
this anenooa .... fot
Mr. Des Morrow pronlacat coaualaalo Sac "l Pair C'U&J'1. t.
almllar poaiUo Bfrrkaat of Ckkaxo. has arHrd idle. Can at lit Twelfth Mel M I Itk. \
raccwd at eels pJae. kr
I.* la tk. city lid Joiaod Mra. Mon FOR PRICE, IT IS A ONE PRICE
Maynard &: Son. rev. who has buss. here for several Leat.-I. city kilt Tuesday a SHOE THE WORLD OVER
-- S Tk. win
we.kj eajoylDf the wkllaraUac climate $ bill party ladlaf same
Jewelers nJ OpOdanON Mr. James Pmck Dorraac of the of MlamLTk be suitably rewarded by rttoralag to

Palm Deaek DaD, News. earns down & E. frock. or Mra. Flaaagaa. Everglade

Door Monk tf dw rest Of Oc* II I I the Bwraiat for the purpose of attead- aaxlUary cralalac yacht Prtrr*. Hotel StTh \ _/ $3.50 [forjLadies

lag the Fair aid toddMtaUr to vrlt. I
deeds wltk her OWM. Mr. Ck-
.1 I It tar tk. Dally lad Weekly Ne.a.I1 Hibiscus Netsi, Palm n.. "",
up broock lid aboard, aid who
U mach pteaa. with u.. various I Reduced rate for the math -I $3.00 for Misses
I Itf bare ka cruising la th. apper coaat.riarad .
eshJbfti aad tatemda to ,... Dad. : Martha:
I to port yesterday sad aatkored
ail Dade meaty eon a Mearmdoff. I 1
meaty la the rtter.Tk. .
I I Headquarter fancy grectrta.tnria j II $2.50 for Children.

--- etc, at WUaoa a ",..'..
United In M.f'f1.|.. I steam krlcaaOa yacht Eater I I
I .A petty wedding took piece tkttormlec I prlae. wkkk bad beta cruising la Seeing )llellll-ky aatomoMI 1x4 II III -- ---roaeatt BY ----- =--

I at tk. Bapttrt panoaac. U Calf water for ... put aertral I torn a Ca'g.: oppoalt pottomc. has

chub R T. W. E. Siestas suited tatk. maths cam ap tk. bay reaterdaymoratoC aa ap-to-dat. car for him W. M. BurdineYoungs'

hair boadi of wedlock Mr. J. B. sad anchored tk. larjrlaaack }

IJTeijsh I I WoodXff aid Miss RoBrtrtU To* yacht Seminal oUg out to bet Nice cottage fully fomtaked far

Uada. Doth of the coatractlac patties lid bringing ashore her owner who koaackeepla alao board at roaaoaabta -:I

are from Jokaatowm..,sad wen at- proceeded North tat eight ky rail rate at Barao Hotel sad Cot I I
leaded ky only the acceaaarr wllaea well tile yacht art eau sad will pals teens Las CaUle. Fla. (1rr

1- tile trip IcUarel/ Ik. meal I I

o .- "|-At I4SO, ,,
I ZS feet ball. alit la "cArts"1

Leas Meet Auditorium bk.copper. p. Toque fastenings speN ecgla.111 miles aew. IIOI Pharmacy

Tonight at .
i.." ftntraTlT from the beat fed RoM Shipyard '

stock tmtwccaa supply it tocaatootera Wean Palm I ieiL A complete mad carefully selected stock Vft buy our mugs iaamall

who prefe' it that way. I qvaatiea and of tew, m we cm. always' hare them fr..* aid I
LawU-Oold mafliHIna kC '. Head, I sea Oar raatomengetthebesebtofhiaaiarealway.stisStd
The variety sad conpMcacM of I
Gagnon & Pall Ji Stock wBJoken our aide K.C Bad. ObrerM. RewardIf ---
our .k of t; i Stut C1Etirl csb
rtarad to this Sea Carlo HotaL T7MOM. .!

ad Lot for Uie-Oa Third : : : "from Aaintitu : : :

nt de. strew. at a......... Also boaaa "
euble a to supply may
the la ol the tw* aeroa of kad ta c.uWID .1 attk* soda foeaUa.! Special tream. sad aherbeta Ratardar
airJAad quality
.'!.9"'. Ute Ie"c Hearts cheap laawir HI Third ttr*< thin afteraooaa sad eft.i.,*. We wait your pa.roure... wilt
highest en' w.1 etty. "e n always eaxlearor tokat Joe fet the beat im our hue.
c 'cort fed stack sad camfor bight}

recoeaan4 it traderaeaa. J.idMMucUa1'Ol' C.: **, A Mr.*r bar caak parches P.......Asada 4wr- g Su. Lefwb f M CAt

f'-. % art for etey sad ........ iota Hyo* -w r preaatyGw W. E. YOUNGS. PROP.

Doane & Rat krson Tickets sale at Kscajrw and Red Cross Drug Stores''wG have wa say par all, IM tkem at eta t*I

-- -
-- ---

FASIIIOMMJ( A CORK fat of old said: demaaded t.. ...... I.f 1

FLORIDA EAST UOAST RAILWAY. their prmc rrntn. lbs cork a.*r- PIERCE & MARDIit10USE

ria..,'. eared It ar>parr rOAMIDAgi.E KNIVCj

WTlM Card RD. 59. la Effect Ju. 30.. 1905. IN THE I ACCESS NECt&AMV that trade U ta..dine*A>.la tb rrwmlrtlnc<.. w
Ura are bouclit ,int.mn,.r qnaatltlr.

MRr Ml/la.all/asses/ Re. evus-atb M. I.. ....., a.... 'wW .. ........ rat do.wa \>j ta.. machine' let. a ...n- PAINTERSOpposite

AIIf 6.rb .rk l. M.4r.44.. Ik. er' r4.r and *i>U t 0 tb* pvUirana for
a M n. a* h.t* a.tJD
*..Uy tetly i..ly pry STAYSON :: : Dolly B0y ..... IL N/rs4. ....... ... "....... atop|>luic pint Urttk llatlnc once-

!. .!. t..<.. tarlorfTbr bad tb* ..wkMTPwa ibnxMh tbnn. thy
.Yp ri. se .. __..Jvb"n..tle .... .vr'. iN .. ... .
"51. > .* _':........_..1'.1..k .. tup INaYp > prols1.t..... of tinnrk .utt'nz *. ate nwlr. Is aurthluc rHe .. Inde ([
IY UU: bus -= .,- p IN INa 15. *<|. tbrr ........ I. s Iwaiy I.. forMIbbg
.N UM .__...B....'.... pYp tlMMiiiiml was .bimtti S ..... .>f bl.e1Waewn ibin '
In hnaUU with wham
INp YNpN..i.Ai'.Isto. j. Cp INC ", .r.NY Ibrua.h IW r'IrM.p vurk a Wilson & flye Miami.l' Florida
Urr pmp..rtl .N Li..1'.N... .... I. lipNa ... .. .. sOnts. cal l..rnv fcU .-n.l."nur lir-
.. 'I''I!! A '' .. INa Cosr1 no tnt 'Urjr ar. n nl for tenporarlh -
.. .
.p. .paa. :, trusses .rtu4>.<'ir. of ll nlrrr ILtj . .. -
ib loitlve. i
.bgg..ug i-lut Uken !) ..... ... .... .
IN Ar..a..M.- lass INp felt Its cork mlMint off.rVI t- srfnrwocxtniltiHt . .
hose INa L*::.-_:.Maru.. .. Ar I K ; is p ,. toss I nt DMliutr I.n..... ont of tWo r>nl>ltr .limos.by HiiUrmamlrr (S

........ k..... L.. u ; of tnrnlnd II..- rmi.Ii itrrUI Into Cur foartmi. >eon nf acrTb lpatiltisis
Jill' ........ act r*)tilrr, thrw Imltl** te beaemrrly .U\T 11" kY ,11D EGGS.
1Np .._._... ... .. IMp flnMibml irtk ... First of .1L tl. was (s-0. H STILLEY
,. .. .'''i'011'iirnn."if ,; rIbr I firntrunl,, d.w0. ....1 w ml. Itb a..e..... ....... M".
II .. :: :::.ii :: ::: ... port i-vltiT kufrr to I.. luq..t.4a .
obi curia ar* .t..nCI a uw Is. 0..... D.I"'.," Prow
.. .
lose .._.._.A..aI ..... IMP 5Np Cos.NS .
blip Ittalolfo <<.Ir. a I. al I hl..1f
lisp .
lisp UB ...,"' .. ...... aNp15 IM. 555.S. of lif.. Fot thta |...rJ.- not "I/ >.
a. p I'" ."r.ii... ....... ,r. ,. ss.ssrin; tmtil sit' nueh., srnr. sad . . . .
.Yp asp .....Yp ......"....... "lrZ7.......... I5 1MBIMt 1MBtafMtt CNs with a lrrl. *l ..-....t MI* link whip. th. nlil cork; pill on tb nufttln n'"l .
.. r.l ... roJn- all tb. rixiniL bat thin
INp :: : :.. : :::: ::a iN.r I I nf tb. bU t war t.-:
IN. 5Y 5P UMB ::: T1t.A11N. : u. The rmlr"" was nitbslvy aI.... I* tales off the tip ....1 bnttiraa .: .
.. PM.Y
.. rap, .:::::::: a a.rII..N.: ::::::::: na J .. sup Ira Clip ......&.- ........ M..ol........ INp t** wrltbt 11'". at out* ol., HMM a .._ ..
/N :Y1. Slop .. ..:::::::: .: :a :iS !.IM lb. cutlet prnT<..rnl. la a** the knife ban Corks. U lrwork and paid forM I A Model Bathroom
CN : 0111 .::::::::: $.4br. NNP fuck. .. (hMo and oo-half pests perCTOM
lrP _....._........_..._.._. II NIYp IVilnc up shot ltitb of curt, b* .
__..M 1.- .-.-.. .IN.Y. bkl II rmly IKlB still kunh rtlm for *.rk ., tbe two cut and IS 'j

INp :M : INa .:::::.F.rtl...TIM011s Mo.::::::::::.NN.dos. ill NpN sNN J u N lbs Ue of a tab)"; tl*... L.T.1.| pence pr rmm for ,s.. machine .work

.. .. Edre ... ........ .M. list The.. n|.Ulnd tb* nwrrhaat, be had t la
iBtrmtvrrd tW lr nf the kaffr the ami eoMBtia feat
,. .. ....._.::..M""'....... .... ....157. sup .arp *< to pay SX, pnce a gnus' la w.gru. and Jr
115' i.......... "'...." ........ .dosslip !.!. tl* rUAlerUL ... threw tb* whole ire of tb* atoders hone.
tbe rorka sill at the rate of lz-
....... .P.'M .... .M. Slips, are
of li( 5(515.lbth bndb
wicl.l *
IRNp ... ... eel. ti5pI. bait it
.1.)ewer pence gram In tile pobllrane. Oat ., a. i.a ton
ClipAr ""' I .w..... elba Ns.Nplldp I .ml UtfTll