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orricc: ,of. .mnll rnll"."'''. hut 11 bat I not 'I..mI. ,.. ;I SAN CARLOS I :

''i .taDd I" to 1..1 s. Snto.n rlnM' Info 111"I
HOTEL BIKAT" I.ocItAD.. i I ldmp sad 1 ""' ...r n suit .lIb a akin baY- Our Little marine Motor: --- -Eht-----.
*. ilol Just a J tun h train (illn.lnlint
MIAMI. J.VPM1[ ? I rot*in
tI Open iK I tbc hear it 2.iOperarmJ to
with lr imtM stat.kne.I Just w bigmore I +
fat .. .
iirscYMbfR.: M 51 .1 n .sa.rII
;I ( band I IjluaU'"IIotl';I and a ltti! nil I I Ia.1YPLL 'tllf'WitIt .
; Attorocr Law i lIAr just "'.. Oitit (luraMtrinx oil uo IxTfincri rt111101lL ..
J. -- 'I rtc\l" t.cttt r.." I..... SI
I .. I \\r,1 1. I make\ It just as abe .. .. ... .. .
R V pratt' I. IN a s. rdrr.fr.s. I. . . .
P..on\a ...- ,.c..}......... ,|:says, and U>bold It I.l all wnmir'AThy.
rawtlt., K-al 1.-.. ... P"* Law ; the, Un ..li* JoiUrr. IndiciuiBtljDkln =--
Soso ta retain kviUitir. MIAMI na. I' 't I rsi]'rt..nh show you. Just bow

I i lone I n-aiiiisl tb-1 ...!rt to be oa t.i* ETROPOLITA
Chas P.CooperAttorney gnsls.tY .'It"ilb her bank wUlir >
the aNA
t. talLInK "I* bn* dewrltinl a
| At Law :
elastic train aB)s Lr from two t. In CAFE
Room Hatchet lildg hK-1-
:3 "I bar or tmobln aim." al 1cb I tb.
Miami Fla. 'I furrier ."One wuman rnaptalneil. the Restaurant that caters to Ladies and Gentlemen
other daj bat I LaJ mad Uer fur out
D1 ft' W. B. RUSH. to* abort and abe .wanted two Inches I Special rates by week or month.
I taunt. onuibiuiy 1 rang u/ Yams
Offloe tmb rtrert Tho"Rt.MIAMI. j at the) flax Loot saw Slat manner of 1010 I ifejorf car. to D. aiASis.
Jt-I4.-. I t.... |two liKbr she w" tao.: uriifi! la the I Proprietor
. fIA. |,lair. A little 8 f'UnlC'1I1Itb a rnte. i I 1-- -
soon conrtiicnl l !,and not two abe' dratted and It tnridmtany .I :
W. C. Maynard, : saint n.e a heated discussion | Weight 37'i Ibs. Price S37.5O

I I nj more ilppinz; and lUnc" That Has keen <
GRADUATE OPTICIAN w,i not en i>:\ With Maynard Son. J.wet.ra I. Tbat sort of Ih.us t* almoat. a dally oc- | K 01LC & KOCR 1700 Ave. D, Miami.Fla. coartiueocti til acdtra have ,
A_o o East s.P.M Otke concur In FACT: r UU bmmt In l B
ttta LutttltJ.
I II '
I whW b fair woma bolds avar.* ': uI' _
'GEO. L. MCDONALDOrBEiftknr t :
I A C.jrr. In H..pitt. I (J'OJUlEJU.Y m. PIOXXCX: BOTXU t

ILrwa.r w IleWiY.....La.s. a .,.aaltJ "'ml don t they base a practical -] WHALER E A. FOfSSELL Proprietor ;

'f'f't't'"r ...rd the Sensible wonun."At .
r1w. BACnJS lnt a tii-uln rrrmtac of these i >Corner Eleventh Sfrttt oJ A'eats B
Etna coins to married, whether !
are crt
1hZZCIIZrI"TCTPlans I the farultj nvo'..'nbe the pomlbitlljr I' Everyone who buys a M1AXI. rUIMtUA.
.t'P"'f'IBr.tloM.1td' .AI Kiwis rvttll"Flay Va4.BeII4I..r .: or not One of the liMIt acts of such a ,..-.-..-.+ .-+-.-....... . . .
-r I graduate will be to dart keeping boa.. Diamond -
KeeMenwe a Specialty.Orrlcr.,1315. of feels
and what OB earth pirane teU ..... son us
tlfALTEV C Et.ARWO.Aroh.1"tOO I that lit or silt Ins secured a prod

I largain. Jl'f intend that ere rv
i one shall ftfl that vnij. KrtryI'cm FLORIDA

Boom 4, Metropolis bntldm ire sell mint fa right in yuali-

| Hoots E to 12. Miami.: FIL ty, foloj, rut and }>rict. 11 f hare Now\ Op-Season to May'\ 1905.

MiamiConscrvctory s some nice ores to .,/tOlI11/011 : : : : :

of Music .

fr.ir c.Dhtw I Salcm GrahamJTHEJEFFERSON

PIA FOR>tJtUlt..lllia'PRACTICE:SUPPLIED I The Jeweler I '

1 .
and ---- -- -
Stenographer ..:. I' I _
Typ'tcriter. j r2A 7JI Ir I
oil{Tstha"-' 1 CALL ON
TUTrDBJC.' MliArt r JOSHUA CURRY .... Prep....r

I :

Contractor. I
FOIt'Ol'K 1One

Wlle DrlI.....SkWwalh ?I Apple Dynamos, Switches Coils I !
and Road bcmetrwottom and Plugs. We carry the best.

1 Elegan teBoard
...ri. WGraham
Contractor and Buildert5aUsfactloa j I

,,. AT Tan BCTCKX* .
Oaaraatee4.a. 1M bow stoat ItT Ob I donl nova 1i 110'i I
I t sae sat: = at's=::"i I IWID ....sweeping. dMtl&x and .rderlMacrraaL i ; HOTEL SERVICEI
a Tbeae thugs coot aaUya.oagti .
call.i.oj.P0.0..0.54S1Y. ...1.. I
Bat 1 a. referring U that
nek arras Irnnortant part.tici expeoMjeeovat. t I
How la ab. collie t* knew
Standard High Uw price of things and bw Back It Sg Groom4Kaer B. 6ehrfta 9d. .oJ 10th Styes.112ARCwH .
abo M coat her each month .. ram a
...., Dow la abe avtnc to prevent
I Grade Pianos l'I tile butcher and the tiweijuiaa from -
\I cteatlej tier} Cheat bee they win / : : : :.. .+* -

STtlNWAY when they find out at*CM be cheated.
Tbt oUter day I wa Is a bntrber Opposite Royal Palm I Park

aaA otbcra from 115.00 np. I I Shop and I saw an iMtanr of thMLelple.Sona Gas Enginesp1
Corner Thlrt..tb Bunn and Aes.s. B.
Easy pnymenta. IhanoaanU I A pretty UtUe womaawith
rr na tuned,repaired,moved 'bride' written all over bee enter 1 Keraired.
adored rented Write or aceush&baffordPianoCo I ed and Inquired the price of char*. I Act for 1>.21a.mi--------- 'Flond..a
Tbat was bad enough, bat when It d.
Tetoped that abe. didn't know what a \ THE REGAL ENGINES
loin atop waa and demanded chops j We bare them in stockTOURIST
225 12 Street. MlamUFlortda i i with nice large liunea the proprietor of Rates ca ArpLcitica. Write for RESERVATIONS..
I the slap fairly chortled with glee and
tape sign! behind her bark to the

\White\ Earfc Bather SFoirChiis. I I: doable aalmtnan.price She for at-cordiDcly the rbopa.Tl charged bar RESORT LAGRANGE\ SEMI OLE. HOTEL 'olS1huDirectly !F, 1

m-oj.-nlK'd bet ai a rmdoat of a The _
N.ai1itl\ I wttl known rollers rrectooa little .1 ;
Best Service in the Oty.A roo! her Cm and higher mathemat-1;I WaverlyHoose 1 'I ..asw. : epoeelte the Like, ."..It a the Royal' Pe'nclina. .....

COUr. Proprietc.to Vn Jkl her tbra. poor little aooirTh frost Miami wilt appreciate the Hmcl1ke wrrsondfag..Tbq taewly

t T..IM>here I I s Woman J.IIia.Wb. I $101 f..as&. MRS. SADELLA KELI.S. ... '. renevated hetel kae etoctrte BgM. "t..., taM skallaagIn'. .sanpa.Ina. .

G, We Sullivan .a,.. the woman Jollier lafrandr .
remarVeJ tbe bechf'lor.ne :
Data r Bore there are of bet aort the better. :' THEF9Q. MODERATE "ATaa-u.oo A DAY. 110 A WEEK UrWAROa.Maagtnett .

She betpa M ever the atony place of ,
McralMcrcbandiscVT Ufa. restoreroar confidence ta oar" I! !. DAY>> A&AbONA8LIi WEEK OR'' rt CtO. C.U CtANCl. MTle li Grar e." 109.411W.() I 57ft. SL !JL t!

selves and diem oa oa ta trek effort I' NEW BUS- ALL TRAINS CALL FOR IIMlNOLa.
dM.Mtaa.Fit. ""There... enough women Is the ,, .A. SCTJ2CF; :liSV=It
I world who believe. It to be their boas :,

A Superior Investment I"'y-duty to. tell Then na the art exact enough troth women abort to'I i The Island City Hotel I the Ideal Oyster & Chop House

fault with va and nark the dif ,
7 Preferred 410 (Twelfth Street
per cent -- between their Ideate and ear
bnmWe telTea. But only tile Boat coo

We arc incorpotatfd Stock.at $100000 and celled baa fanlta.man and Is tile why world should to nnawtra be be cooUnnally of- Key West, Fla. ; Steak. Chops and Fish. Oysters in any Style

retnloded of tbetnTAh
are $40,000( of this tock yet too yea, the woman J'II11f'r CItOCS"_ I Cuisine Unsurpassed I II By the qcart plate or gaOoa. Game la Seooi.
All Conveniences.
+ L ?\ watered stock! For par. ally JolUee na oat of a few tblnjv but Modem i

tle.lan call on or write tbe then we know we DTP Icing Jnllied I Rites $2.00 to $3.00 per dtj. Special by week i
and we want to be p-dr; 't-
Tropicd Home Improvement Co. UArP ItOIUSJIO'C.: J. Marks Proprietor
Mrs M E. Prop.: ,
Pain aw..PII".ia...J....... Crape, _



FARM PRODUCE the anmbvr of loqrUta mar thc* C 0 0
In th- m. anlillH't'OCI..III" can II li :

IS MOVING LIVELY land the. arofflnc of lIMo little' fellowa.
for after all It amount to nothing and (> 1
.111 nut Int.: rf.Tr with the work, half! <
in the TemperatureYou it moth at the bii''|1-* of the m.inolto t E

the .., ...
Alth. n'h 'ho r-lt 1 rap In Jannary during raiD .aoll.-K., .
Mil i>T 'Hi i, .',I., trop in this. a-t \\< at Intfr. Or...nJj <> U 2

HOD, to s.',i,, .ton and ii bas teen rel ..........'s Z ()
will need a ..
'rl. 1 thai .1'11. ranari" by.w. WPB'BVT i Qo -
Overcoat ht. Ir a n< a'urinjnro.1 the toirato
lightweight cr if ih, rrh.,i been quit. i 'I..... .ac a..xnIdeATE 0 w WsJ
HIT of 11 c..blta.d fruit shipped I /) >
p (>
daring Jannaiy and .? to the irrveotUn G4> C. ..
Warner. Wld..I" .
0. Ohio\ ;
I that Ira HSO aU HUM lgs ..
1 1- ,..
PRIE.SllY'S Cravenette ;I They antin- I..t llniiiT <>( the I tn IM.rnaryWhile U a Jonea Jacksonville; E. IL Brele- Cc
MMMin InciilcntlT tame our I thrrr hat been other ahlpnata. ford. Palm Beach.; A. P. ".tllOll.1 ) <
I o '
c incf> in .<".1! *(>r.t..l" and 'I Ichenot way and found! u':, :a" away*, the Miami repress ofllr la lh. Palm heath; J. IX Bt.p...... I If
; + I It ts. the .>.cll over I in a p...iti.>n to talc in the jr'"*' I beat Indri to the quality of proJaee Pottery. Ga.; Paal a "-.IeI 11'1
.. I Icli I !
coat and c |per. ,< : j lag, Pa.; T. r. WUltama, a Q.
Florida ijlr; rncr.. 10 to $15 aba c in it Surges in blk and cw
nprf'e that o<*alad show that ...
___ -_. __ blue, chevtota, imported bornermn I. Daytoaa.; t II Armalronc. Jackj LULU
..,.inglcord I Lone crates of tomatora. 1.700 J. C. C.....,, Baltimore, ; Albert Weller o
eratre of peppers 1.000 crate of New York; W. J. Gerald aad wife, ::111
s I J..... ISO crate of egfplaaia aid a I Miss. Gerald. Ottawa; It Powers New o:
qaaatlty of pasha tad cncambera. Orleans H. 8. Doraey sad .Ifs. Finn
I The shipments to the prearat time !jeace Done,. Alta in.; Mra. Wa i
la FVbrmary accr-fate a total of 4.WO i Hamilton New York Miss This II''
resin of all kln<1, of TeceUblea.There I Won T. Thins Joaaatowa, ..... W. CD rOQ
I IrNII bas alao been skipped sees a Saaadera. MUe Saaadera. MlaePlaekaey
% !' i 1it era anadird'crate* of irapefralt or- I Philadelphia: T c. Wait- ulLLJ .
I Ij
Hr sates* tad pineapple I haw, J. C. Forty Wm. J. Faatk.Ckaa. II ....
i hlr Barrett the aceat, reports a Faith. Slons Fans; Caaa. R. o
j # I II Ilid fallla off la the thlpntrat of vrzeta- Halaea aid wife Dvlnta.; W U I.. < >--- -* _
I lid I blew for the pest few Ita,.. But wall nos Chicago; H. C. Pfaft. Baltimore; I''
3. I i" the ahlpacata art derrvaaJac for thprcaeot. M. Brook>> Philadelphia' Geo. E. Kelm I'II

an I the marketing of r pcfnttU sad wife. Mllwaake: r. J. RobUaoe.: II
i iI iI lacreaalacCpxM Halifax N. S.; C. M Robertaom, LouieTflle 03
I aa laapertloa today of tile : K. a R... ladlaaapolla; E.t I '' >
commission hone of Oka** aHa,.., Pan Dyne, H. Heyward E. 1.: I'I
It w. fond to ban ,..U"" of T..... B. a Mitchell Miss Ilawktaa.Mlaa fIFIFIJ d :;
I this fralt oa hand aad a MttropoUa Pat 0,... 8. a "......an. Troy : O
I I reporter wit Informed that a car loadvoald ....; Mr. and Mrs W. K. Pradea Laa- -I' maJ'I
b* aklpp aorta toalxkt.Aa stag. Mr. aad Mra. L. IX Waltford,
laterrtow wlta Mr. Taoodor &.toa; Mr. aid Mra. C H. Hyama.New C
Kaock. of tk. Drake Penises Co. .Belled I OrWaaa; Mra C A .Bradley.
lh. taformutloa) that they lave Mempnl*; MIN Gaddia Claelaaatl; i
I Iaws aklpped darlaf 1M put t_ moataamlt MUM Salap C...... OaetaaaU; Jobs
r a large aaatltr of ftClCaWee Beckert. Jr, aad wit. It. Loris; E |
M vn M frmK.Tk P. Williams. BeOrfovaUla; A. J. Ufx.Saraaaak <*
a rnltlltlS avvrac flies tae aU finks sad ; Ckaa. U II...,. VA.
a TCfeUblM skipped la reported ... SOUTHERN

FINE CLOTHING. FIs Cu HIIkl Mra. A. Putnam Mra. I. J. Stereaa.CtoeUaaU .I 01ILJ=: I COo
KEY WEST CITY CRUNCH.aeeoaded ; Mm J. & Johaaom.. T.
Pierce New Yak; John H. LoaMtaaeepotla. .
(oksflan.d.Int .....) I II U w

bjr A. I. VI t..hr. that tie Mra. T. 11. Harrla. Brtdteton. N. J.. :
R. W. RHODES abore ordlaaae be laid on the tabl B. O. Kd..... New Tork; E. U Ship' ;
87 a rote of t to < It was lost I ley. Plttabnrt.: T. A. Vnlpmaa and wifeSonthlBCtoa. 0
Oa notion of AMeraaa lawyer, see CoaL; (... Patton At- :
-- -- ': oaded by Altlrrmaa Gabriel the rlty I lasts; E. T )McVettb St ""Pall_ '$ ILJ I : ato S
attorney ass Instructed 10 proceed i| MARCH VILLA 1 %
with the raw lad eSert aa ppral' to Mr Loula N Loomis. Frank G Mc- II :
the text term of the Sapren. court 1U11&.. W. A. Freeraaa sad wife. Rol-
nf the Stair of Florida la for raae of lira t H Smith .. Ji -- John F fI_. ..line ant otll"u m. the I Jolla H 81 "JIII"ft. Dayton. 0 : Oaa. o o v
-- I City( if KPT \\'._I. mhkh ass bf llf I Smelling aad wile, SI,. and fr.. ('. ik i
-- 't< "f> and cost BTalnat the city.Cbalruan N Plelhsth ToIroIo. 0 ; llrFre: NffdLtlff4fOtlftlffffNNmFANCY
......... I .
-- '"- of ib.flranee: cotamlttnrrportnl Rotiosnt. Wet: l-oo s nototnr n. L kIOUvin.
lu the bt>aril that be eat re-' .. Ill Mr. Merry r Ka*>nand ,I =
TutI I lu em' : a voucher fir a bill .fi' ton. Mra. !<.. Prink*. ('Id n ttl.I I
7i' 'w) appr.)\el by AIot..nr.Val.. 11,. Robert NVayt tad wife. Wn.'rl'rj,
Fine footwear to fitjny foot lUhi'ourao owlnx to the fact that : W \"a ; Men Grit Glo,...,.. :\11. i',1;lo. ..'

saga ten> .... DOt Itemized. 1 131 John Sporta Visa Sportcs.:: 8*. !GROCERIESws

_._ Th* mayor requested AMenraaLUh'lK.nrno i Ixnila r P. Bmrkh. tad lf,'. R -
-- -- -- -
to hate bill Itemljf.l.Th rise Wla.; J. It \\.I!afl' an'I wif, .
.. rrKrimloa latr I' Moor. .1 wf-, i
r"lIo.-.nc ".11 vrturerl 0f1"" '. Mt k : R. T _
by Al',ler-aa Semple sad aeeoo I Chicago Mr, and Mr. 11..1"0.n' : --
R. ..>'\o". That the Rcanee romra'tte i .-
be aad It I* hereby re< "'* in j lulI.Jl, ws cam ton.Jb
.bw.li chat I .- (!J..rvt
>sale a vrltttn report K 2 La)1n4 fJr':: stotl wt
1! araoont of bonds are a'i'l; -,;>iKH
wen Uflcl
.. Very pjrtkuljr
i out ef any sz-'ant a.tb'>rl,.'1 for
: the best Uul cwU
-- T
5- i -1905 I art trrd arc.esy Imrrov.mests f..r th.'sad"'.>&mhit".1 to ato ucla : be LoogM. We kand!
Spring i I i x
ord r n cost call bt"tI'a.' n.l.lr lathsbI1ipast
1 R..,1\r ki' i Goods now on Exhibition. I be aid be la hereby Initr i S I would Ike to sbew

to make bit writtra report enj.l, lag iw eL : JM ear large Lie tf
'. opinion at to legality of the said 0)
t Finest rood bat are manufactured. Laird & SchpKer, I 1111... <'cI bond =
I, DrewSelby.ormas & Henoctt and Ilanan malera. On motion nf AMermaa Gabriel, see ;L5 41 .
Larcevt and mont fvto-datc tock i. the Sooth to se ceded by A Vienna B John O Sawyer.Ur .
lest from. Shoes for lor for i Crysfalized fruits.
walking driving yachting C H KMrhara'a bill of ITiftO forropylax FORCORNlGk'aodiKYUUHfSMETAL ( ,
j -. for rolftoj and for drew and crrninc wiar. lade
the tai book waa ordered
of the follinf atock: French Kid. latent Kid. Tan CCItlNOt i
I Vid Kid. Tan Varnished Calf Skim White Duck. paid oat of the market a ad bond account METAL TANKS ALL KINDS. | Preservesand
==. --=---=:. White Linen. White Caator. White Dack, Tan (lone. IN FACT I
I blue piaV.' and white kid Donpola .: :. '. :: :: Oa motion of Alderman Gabriel the
I street cnmm'ttee was authorised to .

I Do not buy uutil you visit oar mammoth Shoe Store "I I I flae employ the a Salt competent Pool road.I surveyor. to des I AND REPAIRINGtete I

I On motion board adjonme ,
I -- -__ ____ ____ _- ,
I' Tae Intrr-Ocean yesterday printed The Pioneer Cornice Co. haaJle the! worlds famous

aa article from the Miami Metrepella 1 114, A...... D. !! I fenls' HJHJ:: anj Bacon
II. "Ir" a rorrevrondent of pe-
/ per sloops to sacrilege to rMknle" Mrna ; -
.kr sat his able .uts'anl" the '
I pn>)M-ted rail,.... t to KeyVe t. and IGAUTIERBROS.

i principally<< the Trodd Conr'I| MODERN DENTISTRY
Tb. ''morn ,... .mln,,led I
be e p.Tled that aarrow ATPOPULAR Street....
': rltlzi-ni along the llae of the rind will
do all ib"T ran to .H..-oarirrance lk. I PRICES.H. S...........s.............

: rI effort lo IMI,11 this rna>l. bnt they are '
Nom too an all lo art In the ray of It |I ILER. Dentist. I Expert Repairing
Mr Hajtler ranie lo Key West. and i ii i ii ivery 32D1., Twelfth Street I
i i roBalderafry.. noiicht tb" oplaton I
'I Tmprwrttrrv Safe L.cbt
orintritatc 1
1 I of a few of oar lending rltlxen on 'be Ten Team'experience at 'I nctaaniiam.
project Mr Hauler la one of tVwe: Detroit Michigan
t broad-mladed mea who respects the j joplaton I W. G. Preston.
23 Foertla SLI
tI I of aa honest man. no matterbow 'II
bumble his. atakm la life. -
tI Tae people of Key Went ,...1tI. that I I BITTY
I I Mr. riaclcr. la not bvlldlaf this" road to I BROS.

Key West because out people world i,
like to bar It He upecta the baal ,
I ant moth of aa to pay the npemaeaof Machine Shop
operatlac It Tae road win pay.

JOHN| SEWELL & BRO. aad ..,. ITatler Mows It, bent be laeipe
lnc large aama Ian the balldlaf
Gasolene and Kerosine Engine'f
of the
I 1 Tbe'onJg: exclusive shoe store in the dty. Only the marrow mladed people of

SewelTa Shoe Store. ))4 Uth Street SewelTa Clothing Store. the State win scot at sad rtdfrvle Repairing a Specialty

306 12th.SU: SewelTs TaiUrinf E.Ubliahmet. 33612th St the met pro> t Tae tatelHiemtpeople
reaUxe tka M win add to the ate GOEUAU u rAJJt WORK.HOFt .

i tr'adJyol tke State tad taereaae Ml tAILNIH aTTaVXCT. w MtiwChange PWPJDA.

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: February 22, 1905
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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The Only Paper in Southeast Florida Carrying Associated Press Dispatches. -

-. _

\" 11. :?. \O. (;,5 ;:= S MIAMI FLORIDA WEUNESrUvTl K1MLAIIY ::2:2.: 1905. IM.-.::- Price 5 Tents

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Some Horribly Burned and Mangled and Others Drowned By Wttei r. NIGHT-A GRAND TIME PALM ANTICIPATED TO WHAT. THIS' AUGUST BODY DID


1 Pipe Breaking and Flooding Mine. ACTERIZING THE DAY PASSED ETc-AN INTER- I. W. Dennis Searches For His

Loved Ones Without '

i I. honor of
thla. Waaalagtoa

I IS VERY ACTIVE the tent Ic being celebrated MAN NOW VISITING IN THE I I Metrepella aWea*, Key Wed Fla. WHO LEFT HIS HOME AND BOARD

BODIES REMOVED! throughout America, sad eves IBM CITY-COAST CROWDED FROM Feb tt-Tta board fII.w.n... Bet LAST FRIDAY
ta regular aeeeloaj : -THEIR DISAPPEARANCE
the remotest part of the world whereerer JACKSONVILLE SOUTH Thursday evening
Americaa HUien reside.

The usual holiday commemoratloa following members were preaent. .

AND NUMEROUS IMPORTANT of the event .la occurring by all of the Aldermen t M. Bern pie. Tho B.

WORK OP REMOVING CORPSES SALES HAVE BEEN MADE THIS bank sad public building being aloe Among the prominent visitors la the Roberta Joha a Sawyer. Robert c. -

WILL 81 SLOW PROM NOW ON WEEK-THOSE REFORTEV BY J. ed. while OW Cory la spread to the city today are Mr aad Mr*. John Mayeekle. briel. C4 Roberta Alfred 0.......

H. TATUM A CO. breeie from many Oagpole ... mast of Chicago. wta have not missedaomlng wet Ughtbourne. Asa Wi ttakw. sad

ON ACCOUNT OF THE WATER head an of the pleasure yachts U to Florida for the season la J. W. Johnson. J. W Daa.... of No. 43* Fourth

IN THE PIT. _. the hay aad river hetag. resplendent the past twelve year., tat durtag anthese Communication from r. W. Roberta street I* anxious to lean tile whereabouts

with their yachting flag and signal yean this M the trat time they reejuesttag tile hoard to grant hlB per of his wife ... two :little m s.

have visited the East Coast cc. at Blaaloai to move talMing from' Simon Harry
colon and
I. real estate circle die.oYt Seating from every available. Jim aged respectively see
least the lower portion of It. sad like ton and ......,. streets to Olivia and
I* eicewllBgty lively this week, aad an Packer em sad ive yearn, who mystorioujarydisappeared
other meta
they are *o profoundly
BtraIa Feb M.-Two Asodatod It la aaderttood that several arm Tonight the Waahlagtoa Birthday
aa. from
i! their hams '
pleased that Ur. By mottos Ir>
same referred
aaaouacee wa to
Rees. eorienpondeata wta. left j I hare closed ., some heartraaaao- hall win he given! at the Royal Palm day betweea nets
that street sad dark.Psnnla .
ta will dispose of his. home committee.Tta .
the Virginia ....* at I clock Oil tfcM although oat, -. If..,.. J. H.Tataa Hotel. TIIIe..t.... been materialU .
the the Went Coast and move tare to lies W. Hunt Bards addressed caai .rr'r. no nabob wtaa*
making great bow noted aad
morning nay that forty-eight dead 4 Co. hare reported.
the celebration loalght promiaea tJta speed future winter maths die hoard relative to boildlmg streets I ever lor hla wtfen ....,. or atraac
bodice had Mea takes from UM haft yeaterdajr several lots mPJreratoe
aa elaborate aa aay ever give! tm Mr. Mayeakle la prominsntly List around aad through tta property .( ettoa. He declare that his
at Oat how. A nuaber at corpses aaoag the p.nha*.r* be- tans
tiled with a Weetera rattroa. ale ta tta ABMrieaa Tataona COBpaay.Ueved .
were reported ta night tat could not lag Ur. K. U White, of thla city who the past.An waa happy, that ta ale his wife lead
therefore ta a good position to dtaeuauj by AH if man Job a leer
ta reached tile travel of Ibis. season sad Ka cotpare yer. tcoadid by Ana Whlttaker Oat tbe.gh
TIle atploBtoa broke UM water pipe Ura Walter R. Comfort of Hew Tork sure eJectrtdan ale other hare tadtcatloaa
to that of yearn pest a4 taeoavematioai tile eosjattU comply with lie above point to a pramadUaUdpartnra.
) reawwet.
heeai .
ta preparing the tan
which caused a flooding of a large City sad Ura. W. K. TetBag of Care
with a Metropolis representsttve aad to hegtaj work ae seem !. ta
aa Mpreaaea
at the couth aide of the expUrH
room rotunda eatSelesce
of land Ohio each
part tta mine, therefore It U probable bought a lot M Thlrteeath -
for the occasion by decor Uag K with this morning stated that the ,...e..... Carried. ta tar ......
that a great many were trowedaa street la RlTeralde, while their sad .....
... weefrst aad towers. the placlag of lalni of visitor to Florida this. sense Major Trevor oa taaalf of the Roy tat te
several bodies cam ta aeea Boating .baad. jointly purchased one of the unable to ferret out a pruhaklareason
has taeuj tta greatest ever known."I Lopes factory Bade a .,. russet to
American Bag and the ustaO-
la th Bonded room haadaooeat rim front Ida la the man/ er cause fcr tar
I 1 wa ta Jacksonville a few day open np die streets around Lopes traage aa4nawarraatod
Forty-four bodies hare been takento city, Ijrlag at the foot of Thirteenth jl.C of haadred of electric Ughla. an 1, *
aco. said Ur M.1ft..4. for the tract coadwct
Bessemer where a vacant itorc- street oa this aide of the rlrer. Thl' which will lend resplendency nnd
I Ira time sine. I have been coming On motion tta Street committee\ Friday last Dennla that
t'Mbaatmeet the ssy ta
to scene.A I
room U brine used a* a morgue The lot wa the property of Uetar. J. ,
bodies there are la every form of muUUUoa II. aa sad actually turning guests ..a,. ...t.
and are trrtched oat (or IdentiBcntloB. I flattering offer for It, bat other point up the coast pnrprsely to to return to ale work kissed. his
This I I. evidence of IlK travel red demand A rommualcallou] from A Urge tally
attend the ranctlo The dance
It U Impossible to Identify were Induced to pan with It for th mule ,j wife goody, after telling her to
ewill for acrommodathias. of rHIsea take
Proceed was present to the hoard
many OB account cf burned bUr',f-nert price offered by tb_ geallemrn. Mtl'omfnri be furnUhrd by )MlcUonico; the
I rhestra. .bl. h I Is rlai-lng. a lag no down in* const, I focal eooditlurs asking that a certain talMIag ta pulled -I rhIWren to the carnival and to
I I. cif the ;
and conditions. one
mal:& Absolutely wealthy nuntt '
at ih> hitdD 01'1 the name attrj plate we'stopp dawn, where cock fljbts take. place I jevty buy the smaller one, Jim. a pair of
BO hope U BOW t>, I 11 I oat of fin .ius; a.i> \w York helri largely Intereatcd rccagement 'Nora. That
II I ilrs this m-it tonicht the *' ant la talV with, h,"el pro Punrfiy I IOn evening whea he reurned .
out all +e In the mine I IKcpap I I. .Hral ro-p-4-jilon* oa. uf hkh ,, *
I Is irarked with! oihcr pk.i..ir.'s cidenjovmenta. pritor they ell rvpre'.*i| their grstj j ...."... nf AUermaa J....._. | home ta fount hl. wife and
r men who bare mad a1 o* n* rekl I ere:f on RiTcrvlde Drive In j
!I'lra'lun' sstlafkrilon over the scav | seconded "/ C. 31. Brmpte. V city I< cu'oJre. gone. She had taken he*
Or-1 I that of ih"
close eaiunate of the number of &&.e1I bat <1t)'. Ta'biHt at over a BUUloaj i! trunk
rtn "n.III"0. 11'.11, ih y said, was I irarshal was 11Ia1ru<'I..1 to latrstlgate'I' and the ch.ldrrn: ctuthlag.
rt cake tbd -
Ice and
U the mine place It at lit. and state dollar He U also the leading nra la crr-a by hot
from a ff'h to a quart'r better lhaaj i and to close an soil places where this I aothiag else la the hJU" was.NnurM'd
i member the lAdlr Afternoon
that tb r* U no doubt but tbil everya j a large Ice COT>,pai | hli I .-, M
etrtarc" .
< r
port la Indu'te-l In.
of IB',' number li dead From DOW cry r: rio a. Mr. letting U the II Tub this af rno lit and e"'"til 1 In 'h<- j
beul Mr. M"'y.-.t.: rrx><.,. In the hleb'1lt A coTimunlcntlon from City T.I: Ci* } \ i>. tlag i1 *i t 'itt r >r. ;imf;
the lxach Ih'
tat-HHoa oa at o'h-rl
OB the war of rrao\lng the boiClI of ih. Telling Iirj.. Ice Cream a I I
I the u,. The f. rry "' 1'1 i Ue bans. of the Kant t' I mill
will be aluw OB account of th? water I 011 corporation which '
I! iinn of tar host dlrtiead paying lamgwlar.; trips I'roel at a ttrcf SS th:, section .n-l .. h'!" h<- knew It :, crease cf salary on arroaat of the depreciation : hm ../abet\ Mrs :Main" ...

Odor From Bodies Sickening. cures In the tonatry.Thrae i cents for the tr
11 a. m.-Fifty-four bodies harebeen I gentlemen were ao Je'lghted I At 1 o'clock tonight!: Hani Tl,ll.r. -o lira the adtantacrs, soil and | nf
nf orate were all and I nor than r*> ell-I On motion of Merman I Gabriel appolaiiU'-at gr et> -l him, ail, Iron
of this city, sad Gorge thaw Key
rriioKrcd from the mine op to lib Miami that they expect> lo come
.' West will co-.NIt fir the nil :Me- wptcd He uM that when h- Brat ecou'led by Aa Whlttaker\ the chairman then ta sought the count ..i bat each
this h xir But ttle! projrr. KS own winter hereafter baring .
: bran coirlnj ti Flori!n t\nt he of tta cemeury C'O1Ir-lUre wan anihi rlttea In thh..'x> thai 'ftr rnilshi
been made since: 2 o'clock ih a moplax he r own launches. automobiles, etc.. 1I"d&bt wrestling thamporab'p of'brl i
I State The men. are evenly ratih"J boneht a winter( homo on la1 Wect ln'truptp.l to .buy :e scnw trails of be able to locate hit a'e tly,
ea accovat of the water and aad brace their la\ctcient la choice
and a most etriUne Voatcst In promIsed I Guest. and since Then h-fli heel coming marl to ta used In iho cUr m.IOr.1n. I but np to ik" !'"''''lIt no trace of them
th river
wreckage la the back rooms of ? property
'down eailr In the fall and Ltlnxqnlrflv .. committee npnolnte to tnvesnte *! has been discovered.
mine I Mrura. T (nm L Co. also toil cine and cxppcteL -
i!irlns; ih, wine' 'v maths I the frerboM'tlp rf the city offl I Mrs. Dennis in n woman 31 yearn
Th mine boss rartlaUy figure the thousand djllar; worth of city lot* to
i hence the fact that he has .....r been 'dais made be following report : I of sf, cnin..I ly of appta-anro. r' Inedail
cumber of sea la the mine at the mh r par'j'atetdjiy! whwe: naase FIRE DEPARTMENT PRACTICE. I
here bt f,,",. The Honorable Mayor sail Coed In"IIICll&t. ?S' was nurrlcd to
time of the explosion below one baa are wlihhdl for the present a* they oft
: Larv.l lie I I. a great believer I. alr/rlls-, .\M nrn-n : 111x.t Dennis twelve yrttr ate In
died but the check weighwan In- are not ready to make ,.bl" their ;
Last Night Was Witnessed by 5 ![nit. and si'ributr the proe>unce lurcrii rI1c'mn.-w., the committee North Camllnn, sod mo ,I h. -e rhreej
data that lOG were checked off. and plan, which will .Ue of special later ap- !
: and Interested Crowd. < sad, nnOr1<'ijr the East Coast pr>lnt"t] to 1."IIIt. as tn lK-lVT years ago from Norfolk. \. where
that ecveral entered the mlue who cwt wben the/ are revealed.
checked. I ---:. I II II hu achieved. hi a great _a>11",. to I I II the O M.I. were tr.-.11..n ht; to I they bate made th,'!ir hn- .f ever
were not
I the fs.t I that the F. C. C. Ry oQclals report that all of the o1cas I since )I,. O-nats save h.a w'f e .h4nbunt
Rescuers jest arrived from the mine FISHING PRIZES. The practice of the are deiarimrnt vet
I I I I realize the value of printers ink sail freeboMer at the U-.- of thtlr el..rttoo '::O.M or SIft 01), but sea ash
report tM odor from the bother which tact Bight was the best and |fo>loo-
I ih. carton! other melhoili ti kt the DIM ao place that she woo''! likely
and at the
hare mot ben reached ai becoiilng Fee Largest .Greatest .Number andCrtatttt live of greater results than any .slml are pee-sent tine, stir
mple know of the clm.IIr.1 I and varioas the of have guns to, the whole alTa r brlsgsn
exception Aldermen II:. M >
abe cable, ..41 that It U hoped to I Variety I I Ur event ever held and wa witnessed upie
I advantages of this section. sail John R. SawyrrAMermaa unfathomable mystery to him.Th .
get oat all the dead by aooa tomor- by a Urge anrnber of vttttnrs and .
la order to bereaved hnahand .a< al one
sad .
enconrige flihtog 9rrapl has f'til to rr
.... bomefolka, who ripresned thcracelTrsa At The Poeteffic
make It the Ur. )L I lime tntagcd la buolarss Urn hut
more Interesting duce I
SBy proof
very favorably Impressed with the Taking their tarn at the general de
R. Ketlam. Royal Palm doekmaater.ha for same months pal II.. .tree ena
AN ENJOYABLE BAY TRIP. skin and speed shown by the member 1I *C/ window for mall I* on. of the Alderman John O Sawyer has :a I
( played In ita yarl of the F '1 C. Ry.I .
offered the
following prtsM to be *. J Incllcat" cesasry to a visit to Miaul deed whkh we believe was a bona

1".IgetII\ Prominent Visitors w*.e contested for tomorrow: A new team of horse went In service Bowadjys, and the earlier they lode traasactloni but -VfoctlT. sad I her 1I..u. good dI.n..r sad

Vote Thanks te Capt. Pslaano.On tl M for tao greatest number of sad proceeding from the station are la line tile ...JCM'I'are they served we would request him to vruc other accnrdlag to neighbor aad others his

bah brought In by any. one boat regardless house to Avenue B with the truck n This morning there were fully two proof domestic retntlons were most pleas-

of the Boat enjoyable parties I I of kind eirept and perch. run wa made on Twrlfrh' s'reet to hundred or Worn fvrson la single "' would r"f'otIIa4 tMthine sat sad .1I'C'C't1."ale.

carried oat thli mason was that ladtlglng I I tlM for the heaviest edible Bh the Biscnyne Hotel, where ladderwas die swilling service, sad a* toon a* of the offlcla t vhj have not had -hlrrt Their Seventeenth Anniversary.Mr .

tall and cmlte with Captata brought In.tl -d record aid have IKI
a we
raised' la the same manner and one was served sad the procession Mqoty and Mr. R. C Ercle relebrnted

Pdsaag aboard the Cocoon yesterday oo for the greatest nrtety of dispatch that U would bal a fire been moved up nno br fell la llae. baa ass***".-' to their arr.. In the their seventeenth trarrlaqo annKrrrxarv

The party was composed ft Mr*. frh caught from sty one bnat I In progress. Following this the two matntaialng this cvmtliloa for sn hoar I tat book and farther hit htr.> 0 '\- at their hirnie on the Bnqle-

Wniit Ledertck, Mra. Joke Well )Ire The catchr* are to be made betweenthe .. ( tu who- are di .Inijwfnt w mU 1 pale .
hose compnnka made run*. UJ sad :I Iconnected r nx.re So hirg 1 was the the that It I yard lea IIlel\l br enl n8Ift"'c their
N. r Breath Mrs UeopoU' Friend.kite hour of > and tt: o'clock, and .'- .
hose mounted the IaM.rand ilc.d from Ih.laterlOt'\ of ibj butM friend! .. h n. "I'I ai-l r< tr.*l 'itenta

Carrie Friend Mr and Mrs A'I are to be brought: back to the dock I threw watrr, the while' feat _he- ..1( to the sldovalk- aol down Ic K. mthly .\ tare' aw ) ber w-. C" pr M nt and en

N. Titos )lr. and Mrs A. C. F rgent : there to be counted and weighed byI log accomplished 11a few seconds I J \uun.' rbannnrj In..I.hf' oiOrriwo : A. L.Vh tis:.>r. )t".1! the. It "' 0,11011'1, of ih'fi.roua

James Bargrat. Mra. M Hlckson. J.I I the dockmaiter. j The hook and latter crew then net i clerks k. r\il the wsltla mass. r. u R i. .; tlass. sn I s.p; '-_!-ail( .' h ..'. TIt' ..-.,..

U Ulitoa, Mr N C. King 1.1I4If.. E. ..<. r>.
ind rained the ladder with Robt mil eonudc'.n'Ir roagi strti coniliikm .
I I ale Mr and Ura. Fred C. Williams New Dredge Coming' Jf XIcGrlff. their effldrnt captain to thetop t.ll' work of gtad.lenlsg. and sal Move t>y "I 1 1v'an J T C.w''ervron I plo n:. nt. hit as c"e<-.. ail' that

After cruising about the lay for:,: Captain John Mr em, at present oa a* It went up the pert rtnare okll.lJlIr the hearts prtMcressrd tapiJly
time dellcloaa ftfr<'tohllH'1ll. the houseboat Vagaboadia, owned by R>-tnpWk- 1 In
', bring very quickly sad "A.I, done \ scent tV. member. h, t'i< at tbr-lrne

were served by the ladle*, the same Mr. W. J. Mellon, and having aboard sad winning a generous applause from Off te the West CeatlThe pmduo It'. deed and have Ih .m en pad l tn..I.nc: BIII'"- >.H mi"Mons

enjoyed. and a vote of hls, family and a party of guest, hast mined city a to the hi.
being greatly the apectaton.la huasvbuatagaUmd.., ownedby by attorney that harmed and .... The tw

thank wa emended t. Capta'a Pelaaac t beea engaged by Mr. Ely general! tmperlateadent connection with th* practice Isst Mr. J W. M IV... of FV.Uburi. but tall'/: of tame Carnet I 1 frr,.hfn were dA41'nn! a'M

for his courtesy and attention\ for P. Sanford ROM. night sad U compUIst of a habit hailing from PaUtka, on the bt Johaa Moved by AUennan J. C lawyer 'venlna: n the whote! proved thoeMtxhly -

Nihlrh In a great tieaaar wa re pooalMe dredging contractor to bring from mnde by many hackmen and other dyer with tile o.. r. his family aadparty (that the committee report ta .mea'tolto e*>>vabh. >. Ita guest departing,

for the trip l. 4ag such a success I gataaaah to this port about the driver of vehicle, a promtneat member aboard will get away this aflernooa read that all City otBcial were "lidII. al a late hour after winning Mr ale

sad ao thoroughly enjoyed by the brit of May. a large dipper or clam of the department said this mornIng or' tomorrow morning for In ... at the time of taking lie oath of I 1), Ira Ecclea maay happ return of
,I '
veati aboard hi* crack little craft ken. dredge which I* Intended to re- MIl", and still He L Carried "
the are
( that ta the future lire depart Jlaa Key tad 0potllh oa tll. < the ".1.. Febrtary Jl Tie hnet

I I more the rock now bt'ng crushed ta Beat Intend to cnnse the arrest and lower Rut Coast, where sumo time Tile committee report n* amended '' were ita recipient of a amber of
Profitable Crepe the new channel to the an of
meet, make a vigorous prose cut ton of say will be peat In fishing tad pies awing war ..Cffpt..LAI I' beautiful aad appropriate pr-nenta.
Aa eilde*** of the .....M'ltioa atpesent which, oa accooat of It. site caanot
and an persons, hack driver or other after which they will proceed to
accruing to the grower of be removed by the octJon dredge at who drive their ilcle the ordinance to amend section 41 of I PRODUCE
r over the West Coast going s* far a* Na THE MARKET.

certain track la this sad other ec- i preeent working here. Doth of Ins hose while stretched la the streets, pits, and remaining1 until about the ordinance 11 relating to house moving. '

ties of the State New\ York ota. dredge here dolag remarkaMy 1
BOW are whether at a Ire or IB practice. ant of April lei beginning of (". tarpon C r Ben Co.. Dirmlnrhim.: Am. .
tines received by the Metropolis today fat work ... by the time the
There I. ordinance Oa motion of AMerman Gnbriel and
a nf lettuce
city prescribing mesas, when they will\ return to Feb. 11-Hamper* 1SX

place bean sad fancy pea at nrw, or third dredge arrire. solidest stalest this offense so In the future East Coast waters to angle fur tlwMCft.tftlt seconded by E. M. temple tile above 1 Tomatoes, iffl ",,"'Ah. II Hepprs.It
III crtt each with the rVmaadnnppl rock wfll hare ben unshed! to keep ,
per I It wffl ta advisable to regard alice of all game monsters of the ordinance was placed on R* Bret Market. bar Ship for Frl".""
) d. How would you like to It steadily d until the extract 'ft4-1
engag of hose when wretched la the Jeep. The Vagabonds I* comB.aadeJ Ing. Mama )I. Clark New Tork Feb

WT a tea acre tarn of the** vegeta- baa bees daubed several month) street aa aa article daagerow to by Capt Joha Myers, the veteran Moved by AMerman J. W Joaaao, t-r....' (...... Ill pens. "'1 Tnmators.

MM M thai puce? | hence. monkey with Ia th above ........ j toUt pilot 11 $Oft St. Peppers, O u.
(Coatlaned eighth pa ,.) I
Eggplant. SUt1UL Coud d"mu4.THE .

.. .

\ .

.11 'w n n.1 -h. "r1nj" t..ur ami ">n "iir W. \ i<. tb IJeamil ,- .X.. :t. -- "n i L.ul. dotard

Y r111; ..111.,f I.. -li '(iprr.., Tli > hn 'Inuiu nt wtin! i _, M., 10..1 1 "'" ''IITN


JUF 1 iitt, ; nuanl and the: iiitt. hr pnt nldul t. I but I I-. w N re Trit v ,nn. t ..
; at > ik tl. .
prar T..U priCe -K ta my I ami tl, r,.' a vnn>
; on "...vtliiu// J.q |purh'C fr"1"- tthl _" rlx. tierr
.1... .. Ifir ) h n.Jnnm.nt-,

V "'- Vfltt mil STREET E. B. DOUGLAS; MIAMI. FLA. ...,.



THE DAILY 11n. mammoth project of building hiln, Inillan T' rni i> I ., tIl.ooe ii. that ib. u' ii" ".x, r I.r 'itrlse. nan -

> r- lic.. i to Key \\i..t (ruin the pro. I : square n it's r h: ..c'. .\ I IIn: -I 1 n ut oaulr i ah'e Wm.. Curry's Sons
MIAMI METROPOLIS ant tr,mi run of tt< I>.t Coast roil of rah territory "is .',.,UI M 1. .1 N. tb a rt\ 'I.t. I kr nn uJ fnet )jltot. ,

i- al!.ut to U. undertaken by henry I JoIn!(-" han in nn n ..' :: .. 'I., rtnllca i.. *. if I Ii. P'M 1. '. The real l !

"bltsh.d' Every Day Except Sunday.I :M KlniJ'T: It U understood. that It I aad a poia'aiion' of :.1. '." 'Mble '. r. fr.L. In that on.' can take aa F.a.tt'.f Key West. FloridaHEADQUARTERS

t 1._ hrv S. t... teak Stc-lrut alit cost In I ho neighborhood nf I Jr... Arizona baA II".",ra ".1-------- ,! c -' tram' at Jar untie on any | FOR
("UU.IXM' .nu uill take L\e years to arromplmh land a popalition: of t"; nt N. \\. ? .-i "-y, in wnt! r .1.1t the meteor Ship
TEe Kiual Chandlery
Fritting Uicpuj: Building
the task It U a haiardamtunderUklBK leo It twice aa larrc, a* all N e I I'M.; '.I'I ...

Catered U the Posloffic at Miami. ., at the brat, but Ibis intrepid I land U three time". the sue <>r dhmaad : ten h' ire n, I ie h.. .trp. out at It wrr Materials Of All Kinds.

ru. aa oood-cl&M matter veteran In road iHilldinn It on. la larger than P nn+yi''n and in'" .. mew ,."rI.I-| world cf rammer

daunted la the fare of any and all dtfflrulUe I' New fork combined Tb '.ma"red bain and vernal (lory. It sterna Coal and Ice, Steam marine Railways, Machine 3hopsFerges
S'h. moot 8cMItJa ,
newspaper pub -Fort Pierce Tees State of Oklahoma and In.Ilin Trrrliu .!.r'r'but It u ln>.. Thla It the amen
1.lIfIC1 oa the mainland of th" t:olted84th i I 1 1\11 kind (.! repairing Boiler and Meam Fitting tao be done at the
mI ry mill te larger than the whole of I t the whole world' I. itar tng.! and !
SUMTER NOT TAKING PART. kbort=kt notice m the hestpuaible manner by expert kiilert mechanic*
I I i Ni w England a. I.kla10 the aunthlo I It pnferable .

Qn Tear kr .Mail . . . .tiooIt I The Oral Star bas the f'llkjwinj, F.fro (Ibis rent email aa r"nparo-| to freezing the world goes downon ': -

Months. . . . . ito i anent the R.uiir ilrusm maitre: with TeM That Sn, '. has a t.ni the Em toast to thaw", oat.-[fronton mmmmnrmmmmmnm mmnrmnm mmmmmm
Taw Mootaa. . . . . 125 : "F.'Of'! J C n K-v.cc* lonlllTliun\ In a long ....lto.1.I. it- = B. B aWBaBaBBBBBBBl aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB :
Dee Reek. by Carrier..10 I Carolina Ohio rf'tl.\hant.. .1.1..1 j a
cusses Senator i', ).I. 3ron II rae Cornocllcut ; WHO IS OUI
Delamare. Vw llanp-' ) DELIGHTED WITH MIAMI. NunilJJy's
&cI..eruatq rate mad saowa on application. lie nan tin S<'nate alone rat deal .shire New Jersey Rhode island. \'.. I The

I with the qarrtlun Drown Irurti h*. moot and MaaKathunctia: ><) nl ie The M ...... CH-nblt Brothers Find F CANDY Druggist 3
la atlll a clUxcn <4 Uarton colt/ and: with enough l-fi the Garden &pet *f Amtnea.ATI .
TELEPHONEorncc i14R. : trrrlury to rqtitl In j '
sub ih "> difiiration. hog can a ra flan I. Pure.
Territory In nip." leian l mien 'I Biscayne
caccy ex.it' Again, suppose aa .'! Action than four Uaiea '.- >f 00: h. )r'eInntal' IT* no- I
4U and 434 Tlftlit.., aa ;o a* Pious .
should hk lie'" ocf,," the Rue: In ih Htr are the Mi-wrs Crln-ble:
Opposite tile Court H_ D :=
Smate! declares Curb a rzrabcy laBrnvn It It nf .. brothers, Frank amt J. O. the former = :::
a pocrre mach plr *arr to
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 22, IMS. "a eaae and the rovntler <4 XI* I note the hanrlnnri'e manner n ..hl riot and Somter elm a man t) en new hate n.-rtDtp.ld"t of latter\ from ML Sterling K,. These!' Anofst1Jr.1. a t
wt-eM It be lis...,* I Sert'rmen are on their tnt .Ialt. to : Chemical aad
The ministers IB Columbus are p'n'l, raid vacancy I ) public tBatrnrtlon lion {t'. V Hollo :;
== preparation arer
thloka Bro-rn shield the Fast Coat Miami and Hade This Store -
ftlaf few a Ug rertraL They are probably Editor Koonce war I* meanrtnc up to the I:npmtantrequlreinrnu roan ro .
trying to convert the Ohio 111:1.1''I re.II1tJ. but be dorn'L 8.iit<.. county of his o6"-e. M-. Holkv ': ty. and I are ro lnfatiiard with the ell hn the ,1'r: metbeda 3

later was notified of th' routine of the way and hit very able ...!.ilrtnl"Ir" mare and oil rnn'tltl ...a that they := SOLE - -- are comlltntkd =:

Warlin Pemocratle eiecutlTe: eomite MrlaUwh aol xflni llairpton. are proceeding will rake: eitrnalte realty pnrchasea = by all reputable 3
Arizona seems to prefer staring out -. but aa Samter I chairman D Witt, like ".tTi.t In the elocution both la and oat of Miami ; = AGENCY 1. C. Aeer.ctky. rb.iciua. :::
U tie told rather than retting oa the la absent from the tall omaty. ail )Ir. Frank Trimble, la apraklnt of = 3
of the drpanicctt work, and It Is .1-
"water wq'OItwttJa Oklahoma aid av :.inyr tl' ."-a I. kwMar I'.-. mbnrlnrta > ready perfectly clear that th. erfaraUonal ; hit Impreeainns of Miami and Dade iiiuiiiuiuiiaiiu uiiuiiiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiim UUIUWWWUUUUI
ladle territory for )lr. DeWltt, Major Illmet : room', taM hat 1111 hat ro .Ides from
Interests of the!' Etn r hale!' I
wrote Cbalnnaa n rtaa of be liarloncotamlttee "b.t h.. had real. and ".ard that threwat
been placed la haada hlrh will work I __ __
The Texas legislature U feeling favorably the until .Sw"rooUr<..r. tuck a perfect cllvate to be had
for and attain Irtellgent!\ pro-rena and ;,
toward the bin for Using and ordered n-B aa flertlon lie r wM healthy development of the public'chool ': la the nl'cj flat- toll at prodac-; G DIr TG E.A..S'r? -
W4 bachelor' We did wt thrak tile see nothing to Jx The Hot thtckrnc. tire and Rcreral cond'tlnnt! at fame
sysletdTallshaswaa.WHY i
I If SO TAKE THEsavannah
old Bald were ccttlac so plentiful laTexaa. We ahaH see later" able for the pursuit of wealth- health
Where did they come from? I r sad contentment aa h. Dads here Herla
I THE PROPOSED NEW STATE CAST COAST IS POPULAR. *... .I Mini I at the r-o..t prontnln"Mttlo : ; Line ,
., .
lawyer draw n
Eloquent pie- I The Senate propoaltloa to admit It la a revelation to Ilea ,1 the city be knew of, sad predicts forIt

tare of the anxiety aid nfferlBC en.dared Oklahoma and ladlaa Territory aa one I tnoa depot It JDt\sor.h' emit in i a tRest fntareHe i| Savannah New York. Boston

by the loved ones of mm ae- 1 I Ante U not approred by the Hooae tile crowda of potpie that. -lean the | and lit;i brother ere meta at Largest and flrvMt Coutwl StvarrSAILINGS .."1_ piping tM AtlantKo

eased of murder and thugs plctareawaally whkh .laaUti that they shill be * : :
have with the State Oklahoma .M think elavhere .[I 'wt l..er. is sin,..t t.. .a
weight soacepUbl aa separate every traIL One wn that planned to tt 1I1r. eitennlrotulta
Jnrymea. Bat nobody thinks of I bj an area of h1Ife square mile, the whole world w;. :nx rn.IPX. In the d'ate.' have decided that : ASK ron COPY or GREEN FOLDER

the sufferings of those whoa the dead : whkh la larger thia Ooaaectlcat. Delaware root oa lie nar4 CoastThere art ;. Miami If Jaxt rboat the beat place, F. cwn...........__,sppy s. ....w e.M, _... em...._
man loved and honored and support. New Bampthlre New Jersey two reasons lot tits; vast set irrr In they ran end: la Florida and will pet -.I W", a. o..n,. T.ntts.. P.r a.... n 1.11 k ........, t.rrraw
e4. k
__ ______ _ ____ __ ___ __ u _. ___ _

I =, 7.--. .-' ""' "?- .. '" .

I FREE _For. The Entire WeekllIn 'f.I

order to give everybody an opportunity to see the coming aristocratic residence .
hacks Automobiles and Pedestrians
portion of the city of Miami we have instructed our bridge tender to allow all' arrlages 1 1

to cross our new t2th street bridge any time during this week free of charge. The tas i |paved through to the General l Lawrence road and the drive out that wayis

one of the best and most attractive anywhere about the city. Sei'erallots are being cleared in Riverside preparatory to building houses and many lots have been sold to

other parties who contemplate building during the summer. For a short time longer we will sell lots at the original price of $3OO for inside and J45O for corners

oa any street except Twelfth and those who buy now will be in on the ground floor. The work of paving other streets will be pushed along; city water and electric lights

will be put in at once and ever).thing possible will be done to make this the choicest portion of the city.. TOURISTS'AND VISITORS ARC INVITED to go over and

have a look. Call at our office and get maps and information and free carriage if you like. '

j 1 M' p 8N' Ai'! 9 f' +Re' 1:4: : 81's'' 1 -llkk'l
.., wl:r, I I1 t 4A r ..11,0'a,R.4 ; ,., w '.'I tr ..I. ,y.l

b t1/ I ,let 1jf 1 \ a p ,,9S f 9d't a ::4i .1 tt d/lsr t r l ttfp r -
.+-UJJ ,M U- ,,- *. tf\\ \ .i d.
a M j .1. TTi. \\\
oStESt. ,ytjA-cS5aLt_ LrO s e

ij.; i. .' .,. ] ISC '
"* 44 4 *- jkvi 1nR ,1E 1 lfr [ II d' L dos 1 Jel' r Itna4 (e,
( -,- --> ; I ,.. .. + : -

l ,
,e n. A\ l i t s ,

.I ,. .L I .
.. rh .r.r, Ss. Mew. i. I'
tah' 11 1 ..II/t1. 8 'BiG IIY IIFr 1''tllt i rl '

11th-art.... l.., tr. 1a INTetw a(. 1T d,,. in T 1 Iah -saes'J' .....

( 1 L1t4ll3 \ . -,, ( I T W'la. 1 7"""T'I
I 1 ,.t ; _. :7 r '
l a t t 'l llT \ c .I ill, i >w e s....
( I Ir
I I t
( ... '...
'. .L \ IIB. ; [
I -- T S.aT- I I
I r T' I' 5' \
I I i .i I I I haL1t,1P


t .Tits. \ \ I j I l '\\i)

r-, -aa

eeT .,

+ 4N.

. .' .L'J t I. i.1. . .
jI. '1 sea' 's ... I -R.IVER.5IDE3E3C. I l;)

J. : :. I'a.t-UTn: c. OoTn: : .xpaxiy Rooms 8, 9 and 10, Frissell Building I :


The Park CottageWest r: -

y WESTPALM Palm Beach Fla. No frenzied FinanceIn

1 Pacing;; : on L..ln \\'"rth .nul seer

r i looking autolmat roar- \ <|tntt.elect .

family hotel 1 with home con i

I ">ft". the Real Estate we have for sale



Proprietrns'I I

That *hitet Vast Wttt Palm Beach, Fla.. Feb. 11- I I

't yours nenl. attention in order I" f.-rring to the Inveslicattm yesterday The foUovtnc are the new schedules

make, it look attractor We -r>- in Justice Chllllngwonh's court at the r. t: c. Kr, JacaavtttlUe tad
pecially prepared to launder their I I Real Estate is the only safe foundation for a sound
I of the charge of sasanlt with latent Miami going Into effect January M:
s bite vests. and in such a manner
that will make a favorable imprri, to kill waist J. M. Williams chiefof Southbound Train No. XI carrylan :! financial operation; there somethingsure to build
sine Our price i. reaconable. too dally buffet parlor can only; loses on
polka on the Royal Polaclaaa ,
I JackaoBvUJe I a. m.. arising at Ill I
TW JUtracOrraYSSof I grounds bawd oa affidavit made by sad TUp.a.

one Hampton Wade colored, (not
the jcnnj man is improved its Wade Train No. 21. earrtrac daily buffet
Hampton. ei-ConfederaU Geaersl -
percent by a white rest: but if it parlor eara sal coaches lease Jack
sad ea-n. 8. Senator and ex-Gov
is soiled and untidy it make a verv I oavfle* I':" a: m. arrive Miami U>
bad impression, and indicate that error of Sooth Carolina), wlag to 10" m.Trmla.
the wearer is circle and slovenly I the lateness of the hour when the Sell
No. Ile. carrrtnc dally hutfet
about his drc**. You don't want case was concluded, BO very latelllglble your Sugarand
work parlor can kid eoachsa leave JackaoavOe -
this reputation. Our laundry i resume could be give* la my .
will make such an imf'O"aabilitY'jTRY Ult p. BV arrlT Miami it:
notes of yesterday, of the Investigation
lI aTra1a
US I and Its Incidents. the ptteu made
No. i1. carrytmg aafly buff.
by the opposing counsel, etc. Lad today
S. B. Aultmao alsspsri sad uachoa, tear Jacksonvtn
your restriction aa to space at Amalgamatedand
Miami Steam Laundry. I my COmma.iDe to the exactions $:11 p. m, ally Miami .M a.
I of advertising patronage, and nntil
Northbound-Train No. T3. earrylBC j
JOUr contemplated enlargement to teepages
laDy buffet parlor car and eoacbeu,
shaH have been perfected,, debars
1 f Ssi tear Miami IM a. at, arrive Jacksoovffl -
me from such report of the case
TM p. .
as Its Importance demands.
ORANGETREES Traim N*. T4, carrytac Aallr betel
A. stated yesterday' the State failed
Vat=- can only tear Miami 1 a. m, I
to prove that the defendant when the airlvn Jackaoavin I:" p. B.Trala (send for our price list of sound Miami Real
assault was made, was oa the publicklgh.sy. .

U failed to prove man ncept rtrtor can Non sad M,-earyla--. leave daily UlamlS betel, Estate bargains. We have the location, all we wantis I

by iafereec. that the lastrnmeat -
<* |c M. arrive Jacksonville C a. us.Traim to have a litttletalk with We have
A tne aapplT of Orange used was a "deadly weapon. aa you. some bargains -
No. 5.. arrrta* daily Wittfttopura
and Grape Fruit Tree that the wound Uttlcted was te the
OB SovrOramge and Rough least decree serious. Itld prove sal oaactos leave Utaan! with a big future. Call on us today and we

Lemon stocks im prime Tll p. BV, aitra Jaetooavlla !:t' a.
condition for plan tiag mow however, that the only authority of will take pleasure in showing you some of the best
Mr. wnilams and his avhordlaaUa. to mvTV

Write foe oar 1905 catalog perform police duty sad exercise the rate Baaem aa* tCaa Special chances for investment that you EVER SAW.McAllisterBeck.

which give de- fmactloaa Uddeat that oOea grew' vat alas ImaucMttaJ yon. rday.Traim .

acriptiom sad price* on out of .. emptoym by 1M hoteleompaay. leaves Na: Beach duty. at r

h Orange* aad Crape Frait Counsel for the defense ISS a, BV, arrives attornUM a. m.aUtmrmimc .
also oa other Fruit tree.
: leaves MUM at I:II p.
Shade Tree. Hoe sad did not controvert that proposition by \
Ornamental Shrubs UeUmoay. nor did he. la his argument m, artvtmf at rate Beach I-M p. mvOB

dray that other kid higher authority the Homestead exteaatoa. trains
'I leave Miami daOy except Sandy at
was essential to a plea of jusUncatiou
Gin St. Mary Narscrtes. I. fact M admitted that aa assault 'tt a. m.. arriving at Homestead at

6. L later. Proprietor.Boi7.GtaSLMjrr.nortU.. and trifling battery had been committed I:" a. a JUtwrmlng trap leaves

sad proposed< to plead guilty to Homestead at I:" p. m. arrirUc at .

that off"... Miami at I:" p. |

aMMMMMaaaaM aaaaa I The grsvsmeu of the Bute's contention I ,

through Mr. Mpt &1f. was that $130000O

he i so-tailed pollee force of the other I

i side had no legal authority to act a.MtKh. flvs Per Cent. Bonrfs, City of Miami, Real Estate. Suite 4, Hatchett Building Miami Florida

The Peacock Inn I : In so far as the arrest ot male "...telL | j

(actors was concerned, and that the Sealed bids mill be rccflvcl by the'. -

i ,lulls of the law did not screen them City Council of Miami.! Florida until -

Cocoanut<< Grove. Fla ( from pucinhtEcnt: for acts of violence March Kth, IX S, at 7.:::. p. m. for :,
Opca all the year rommttted. upon othera. $20.00a.O City DuiMIng Eondu, la ,I(- .

9-_. aiY.. .oN! a1 pt.1.. is p.__. _.Y'se .i" The speech of Mr. Mettalf. TBS able nominations of 150009 each and I'1.; KING fiSH i H .aRHtt HH

.a..w_...s.4 lot.._ a.R.i......n....,1'.i5... t.n..I T" ..,.",i and: convincing, as Is evidenced by 00000 Street Paring Hands IB drnosiiatktns ,*"
w.'Yer1.' YAri I w ,Y. r..aa 4. Y.",... .Iear. of the court, except sato I of $IOtMl' rich, and t'.dooo Vpf tP
.h ,.-. a 4 r.e.,....... s.. ......"I' at I ludgmetl I It
..._. T... 5..1 f.-h/.M .a.e." iM'' the grade cf the offense. Cut. he Fire Protection Coeds In dcnnmina1tlooi I *>
,....,,_. .
..51a.'t,G..e.Ma.r'1.. ,..... r-.004.-.Ie_.', N"wr.pre chose to stop aside from a strictly .. cf: 1 400 00 each. Each IVmJ bear. Vpfo .
..._.. ,... .... ..... .1
.It. '
sal annum-el In the course of Interest at Ifxr<< cent r*)ale semiannually :
-e.e.In..ora -- t tThe .
t mnarki-sixh only as shoal bs ad- at \atlUllal City lank ofNew &

G. P. Schneider & tensed' to a lads:'*- nd to .?eak of York, or City Trcaiorcr' Once, IEx.curSlon 1

Pnrpr....Son\\ | >Ksll lr race Irritations: hl-h ml:;ht ITlarnl. Florida dated. when l Issued : jI $

I remit from lax siJmlntstratloa: of the and Payable In gold or Its nulrtlnL fr This space reserved for the $4'I.

; for Bald floods arc tkorlusl to be Issued '
11' There are always open ears Miami
I rach propositions ns that some pro under and by .lrto. ot the an- I Furniture Compamj, .

I and some con. Beneath the surface thorlty granted by acctlon ill 71J 'I. the new Ustdllmcnt House.
AwaterProfit there Is a sore bidder oa the lives and 711 Re""t.<-l Statutes of norlda. i' large sea $

under discussion, and only enoUenta.., flooded debt, f:1,000.04: Including this WAT CM THIS SPACE

not irritants should be' used I. Its Uroe Ass..sael vHaatloa. rral and going launches 'J4

treatment It Is to be hoped that by II personal property clI5a.oo.. Thor .

tbe decision of the court the law has City Council reierre the right to reject i
been vindicated, and the disposition any and all bIJa. and no bids for _

to violate It repressed.The leas than par value will b4'' entertalaed. I I

Challenger came to grief today. Bids should be marked "Propoaals

bat to what extent coulda ot be le.rjied for Beads," and addmsed to i.

la time for these notes. la a time M. K .K.I......, City Clerk, Miami, Pies ;

race today she leads a ma of two Ida. Sapphire ",

minutes sal Bin seconds over thecourse
ForSaleNear "raftOlll.., -
.. ooen
kept by a sportsman on I

the dock. Returning to the lower
A few covaerfettsrt save lately own : andLottie
she became -
buoy to make a second run. ---
disabled, and had to be towed making and trying o seP Imltatkns
of Dr. King's New' iXaoorery for cRlllpUotJ. --
back to her moorings on the other

Key LargoSouth al". Neither' the character or extent concha and coMa. sad waver W III
1IIe41da.Mrebr d-jfrsBJinc the Every Farmer
I of the ani4.... If such It was can Housekeeper
public This Is to warn ytM to beware ,
I be of such people who seek to profit I
On the lines suggested la thesenotes Business & Professional Man
1 through stealing' the reputation of I
a day! or two ago Mayor
i remedies which have ben rwecmfal
end of old Rhode Kej. 82 J Informed me that his report" of thesusprnsiou ly caring disease for over IS year Need ;a place;; to keep hi* important paper tch
of OOcer Barfleld. red the I a* notr d.> .. !..,
mrrtgages < IK
acre hammock, well adapted' to' > insurance ? r.
A sure protection tc Is our name
th-Tffor. will In to the you Hill leave the Royal and hundred and other ..
rams' go a ;; "ne thmi whi 'i *-
pineapple and grape fruit culture.1 j on tbe wrapper Look for It, oa all ; .
liable ,
runnel) tonlrht He advises .drl.oer to Inl mt or .I..n| W< bare )lost Hu
having about one mile water front. ate Judgment and moderate treatmentbrranne Pr. King's" or Bwklm's 'tnMA'1; asall Palm dock daily for thing to keep all o| ih..x* thn.! .0'. rare
title perfect, conveying riparian others are mere Imltau...... H. E. I
of the faithfulness sndefflrlcncy
Situated past Bocklea A: Co. Chlcaco., IIL. and
right nearly opposite cf the officer. With few I the King fish grounds The

Turtle harbor having view of Iii+- exceptions that .desire seems to per- Windsor, Canada Victor Safe
and Excellent All druggists.South
carne Bay ocean. I vale the community.
building sites..fish near and pknti-I't
This city and suburbs are full of riorl\ 'a Is bound to be the I* the protector fnnn fire of theft They ,"'"nc 'n
tat Would make fine kite fort I' visitors The hotels here are full, and section of greatest interest With the ., ;any; sue from 3") inches to a great;; h gh h.ink

dab house or yacht station. Good : so are the boarding lion1 b. LaCraageSemlnole Everglades' drainage scheme on hand Price for round trip$2.00 vault Drop>> in and have; a..bink 4t them

i harbor deep water and natural' with whose registerI
sad developing greater poulbllltles I
Online Muff f.lndi.,. About ![ am familiar Is chock: block.. Yesterday daily, the proposition to build aa am. Easy PaymentsThe

five mile Iron where proposed i I morning there were 1JI guests phlbhMS axteBaloa of the r. aV C. I

railroad to Key Welt crosses from at the Royal Potnclaaa. and tit additions Railway looms ap as a eo.gaal I attraction INS IIt.11S11i0IRE' ( [ I
I were made to Its register enrollment Hudson Cycle
mainland. Price $2500. kid from preeeat ladtcatlons we I' Company
last .\&IIt.eon.. BrftIl..." has Auoffloc'iUoftS for Ladles
Also on Key Largo 174 acre hammock -1 are -1L" Cocoa kid Rockledge News.AfeoUInf .. Ample 1012 Avenue D. Ullendorf Block Miami. F1otida.r .
to keep aa air pump golag aQ the timeto
having one mile and # waterfront I
mattain a capacity equal to the I _
with riparian rights ,
I! demand. Fortunately, these visitorsare aWme.an I'

I ... ..'
la sense, "birds of If.

Address I. tonight, an the apace oa the "roost lastaatly rented, aad perfertl Boats leave at 9:30: a. m. i-

pole" I. taken tomorrow there maybe healed, by BweUea's Aratca 8alr

J. W. EWAN ample room for another migrating C. Rlreabarfe, Jr, of Norfolk Ta, Boats return at 5:30: p. m. COOLEY & HORNER
Bock. Lad so It goes; here today. writes: *1 bunt my knee treadrsny; I

and tomorrow somewhere ..... "Maay that It blistered aU OY<<. BwekleVsAraica I
The Real Estate
Cocoanut Grove shall run to and fro kid knowledge salve stopped tie pain, sad and Rental Agents

shan be laereased." What a greatcountry healed It without a scar." AIM heals I iath Street.' .
;: Opposite First National Bank.
we have "Bow w* apples doswim. an wounds and ....... U teats at i Brvj-fkU. Gauldet Sit&k'
Dade County s Flortd ." jJ.1.
f I an ngzlata. <<. n n c..ud<


\t. "r. II M -Fl<::! r J R Parrot.!I
R T t..t. I P foll..II1. are the
I1..auh. ail oih.' n.w aclaed1ll
.1 oflr'a'' of ihr F F. C R, nctonIMH of Ut o T. C. C. RJack* avtn an AM Q
Rifles I 101" T. V Pi-r'rr 1'1!
sadrural : '
DII. gut Into effect
January u>
free Trip to Soldier ,,'b. r sun*. from Jutsani .".', ar".n ScJ.tllibouad-Tr.Ja n. *
rarr. ing
'th" cry lolay.! they haii.: : .u ".'
,"n Ur. .lit fr..niv. >i 1',11.I daily Valet: parlor" rut only: )lea.
Carniva l> ai h la M- Ptal,-r'a private ear JaikauotUl I a. w... arrtYlaj at Mlil -
TJ" "rl' ,.. .
i." Ih t.r i In 7:;i p. m.

.'il 1 ID a lour of Inipictlon! of 'ihrjl'maJ ? Train No.; 29, carrtrec daily b.:7riparl
twWho !! sal I h.i,1 I p.\; TV' trl- .
r rut aaj rxuchca. hats laca.aonclfes
s'i< mad> aft and;: afrr ali'n5! rh"
10:1 00 a: m. arrive 111&31111 .
ill t" c an I IeyTake : u as": "I I I"'n ho Ri.i.: ...1',1,I toibo :0 p. m.Trtla.

Farr, ; bull.tint and from 'beiifr diib ="0. 13, nnryl-c' daily Deist
it.'.al l-alci Ihxrt gross-Is. parlor can sad ctMcbm: k-.T. JMKannTtto "-
will be theQueen DnrlnK 'h .irip. <>r iauol Mr flu; 12.11 p. UL, arrive Miami 11to '
1. r n. I and i rr ''',| wane frl ids" and p. esTeals

arqiiai"I'aoc't The party will return No. 1). carrrlDt d.ry bnfft
lo TJIUI Dmrk loalrbl. the v''..r: BTOhxtlnx sleepers sail cacbra, .ka?. Ja.wa: -
? au other .Iplk....... R ,la maid tUU I;M p. m. artY UUwl ,::, tam.
other tbaa lo lank over tb< property .
the Yacht Louise h ddas. ..l baainrw of the eonpa orUlboalld-TnJa' No.:' TV carTjrir.jdally

I I' aJ baffrl parlor an and enark**.
A f* diamond will \\te JiH'n' '
ring --- Mars Miami 120 a. a,. arrive Jaxkoot -
They Commemorated W....."' ....
to tht lady retching' the titht<-tamtirr gt 111* 7:39 p. .
. of tote. Polling b."tto at \\akblaiToc. Frb. K.-rr....h .\mbua Tra'ao. 71, carrylac dalir bullet

Red Cross Pharmacy llitrarnrDrop : << I .I.r l Jrararud prcwo," '. Cress 100'., sub a rep nt healtInal
Co. and Youn;; I'barn'aC"1 i JaekaoaTCl J-5 j m.
I marts last ot W..hln.l r. .hlrhaa Train!
No. 21
nryla daily b' J trrrlor
:i destroyed by Ire IB Ikil TVrrrmxttki
can sad euach**, Isae. MlaadS
The following ladir barebeen i sere held la Ib. 1'I.t .b
:young p. ax, arri* JjckvunvUI ( m.T'aln .
placed in nomination by ad of the rap4lol. and speeches w ir oatH Na. t\ eat f)10.: Uily baifet
arming friend for <|urtn of the (Capacity 100 People. Finest Fish Dinner bj Mr Jianaraul, 8.-nati \.Vitmnrv_ sleepers aal eoaO*; lean* MUml J
Miami Rill<< Cartmal to be laid ,01 Rhode Idaal ..a.! Repre.statl3kfkary .
7 It
; P. BV, artt Jaoai' ;: 1.10
here from the on the Atlantic Coast for $1.00. Visit the i of MlaacaoU.Tb '!I". a. p

I TV. rala Bach sad Ulaul. : Spartal
16th to 25th 'I I, e.ld'p"' _vs 8"_. i iI '".. --.. _. '9" ..... ,. __.'
Deep Sea Garden. Fish Crawls at dock ,
Teals lase., IV r B-i c, 4a::17 at
fselusnewith follow'me tote today ; I wmtHax ....tII<< lonljtbt at lhaailtorlun tU ,.. .
: a. a. am U..III.U a. m.
. . . Fish of all Varieties bdwca George Shaw, rf ,
Miss Ruth Hinaan 28} :1 containing : : : : : : : Ret..1113 Usrta Mliml at t-IS p.
Krjnit.. and nalllico B l 1.:11':! ofMiami. .
Miss Mayml Simpaon 221 : m arhlDl .IN. Brack i U p rt
Miss: Mabtl' Bradford : :: : 152 t praoila to netting! awl On the If.rmeata0.ctesilo'4 iraJaa
Miss Bell 244,It sill irobablr draw a lame t'llD". )I' lave Miami dally ascrpt "Stimiij at

hiss Adclaid Moody......... ... 133 I Shaw la an army man cad l brtonca Mib. ; 1:1): L ex. arrlrtnc at lomratiij at
Miss Sadie N *lan.............. U711 : r'rrmno at Tort Taylor K'y Wn' ([ T:IS a. m. ntaralcc trays IN.....
Miss Stella Bud 3*. .. .. .. . 2St and *,lha 1"" pona.ts Drl'ler! l< a } ITonwrtoaJ at S.4S p. s.. arriving at
j .i.!ft1t of lad wHxha lfpcMinda.
r Miami :
Vote* cma be aecvrtd from all IOn I MlanJ .t I:W p, m.
The sret.ln6 sill b* catch!
chanta and member at tb Miami
aa ralch raa and will b* derided byiho
Rifles, at It tents a rote. The follow- A Jackson Min.
woman fake tb.rake *
For further information dock Palm Dock brat t. of three fails
lowing oerrbatm ULdr* a*ay one I! apply( to master at Royal o out There In illtorrfa. In .,,104 b<-r bas.
svtt free with ...rh and every $300prthas. :; will" be a pTlrralnary match<< >>rtwrrhifiiMi *-| bail f"r "liv"rc. the rial.:. a' ,,iMMy
mad from them: Jaelaoa soil Juyncr Shaw I lathe i|of h" ruunrj lie *ua la a sup f rIll., .'k,.
SCHNEIDMAN CROS. champion. of Keyial sal wvj alienation" of Mot afrrrtlmia. TVi!! wo "
I' j will .. briber he
the belt
I caa wear I
J. HUSSAR CKEATHAM.H. man almost brluaga to the Caadwtekclain
I of M'amL!
T. WHALER << .
: -

OAUTIER R W. RHODES EROS, I: Boat leaves\ daily at 9:30: a. m.


H. C. STANFORD aV CO, i Returns at 4:30
W. J. GAUTIER. I : : : p. m.Mister .


New Vark. Baltimore.ttih i"t".delp" gild ca
for rtal ,< ", e"luCJO ... .'
---- T St. Leu t E ;.1.,;".".,
lim- -- chang. It will" ..,1, tabs da four days AccouattFirstNationalBank t'
t. Collect. yawr personal check If you
Intend t* stay tie,* for a month *r
mats. this your"futwr* hm, pn an
Account with .* and pay all A.
cunta by a **.cli ... .


Corn DoctorWill t. I


be nfltr you toon if you don't ,, tl Depository State ot FloridaDIRECTORS.

ffft out of those learJbifid' calf (I That BMCK OUSOKBS 11/1 T I

tlin and patent leather ,!tots. and LIGHT REFLECTS SXME 1
L M. BRELSFORO f Vc i4nt
W. H. SPITZEft t VI-a r .lM,|
E, A. WAOOCLL Vl** ra<..tt
J. L LIJMMU . Miami, rta
i W. M. BUROINE. Miami, ".,.
I H... W... H. GRAHAM 1tUBm jh, ar
Buy a White Canvas Shoe and keep rM.st "__Mile Trust. C*. ..
... K. IALlIU RY, P.ttaa .ra..v ..arV __
4 ....*.nt MIdlaNd CM e.TT
: feet cool O. C. FRISSELL . Miami ".,.
A. P. ANTHONY Vbo-Proa. Anthony
y BrM. ().*.)
3 t M. SHANAHAN, Grand Rapids ...."".
r Over 1000 ladies'and misses'g CA Tessa BioMlfa Carpt Sweep C..
white and oxfords I !U lU $4
g: ; canvas price . I

I --- --- i

Men's white canvas oxfords, in all I CA f I III r.. ...

II I .vJU lU $4
shapes and leathers, price . . . -
..- ___
-- -- --

-- Our

If you want to enjoy Sailing, we ''I I I: I =Prescription Depart.Miami .... I

w w aa'
... w., I .r..MV .

I : can fit you out with white i i I! \ .r a.1"s" nwuaam' : -: : "

I ,a' Yachting Shoes ..'1I't Mal lf nu'" er I a. Iftt. fink

: i it I vary btNasi slob II I RJD Roes IIPtIb ., .,,.,.; 1 1

"x : with rubber soles, something that will I not slip on a wet deck j PIURMACY :-

t Xta Pi ice i.50 to 400. Just received a big line of Sir Thomas Stationery.. Milk .>
i + + ""re '......e
Lipton white flannel yachting caps cost. . . $2.00 0. Md.y (r'aI w Eo L. D..._. .a kslosl
n lwul yN p".,.". .. rGa
f" -- I
-- --
w-- uh --- ...,- .
: -
i Me II't atl eahbsbe .

; Anthony = Romf h Co. j hakes FOUDtafa Nair, a wStrJtary I ,

Be ak'ait' tuq w did
II craW "s 1 U athattyrepa '
w I

f lftNtNNNff....................................................N.........................................................................ffs o

tjoiiig to Sell ? LUCAS PAINTS

For Sale by

-- -
"11' A 'UTVT'T
-- ..
-' '-' -.t

113 otter Paint I First Will Value Increase of Your: the House.Cash r "

........... ........,......,...,................................................................. ............................... aNNtitNII .
- ----- tFeNH..eOeseeee.I -
-- ----

II lie tea .....,ln.._ at the pame old tJl"d i H. M. KING' I
01 AV-. O. onvitr t*." F i-re.. Otti' ...
1VHAMI I SHOCO The sameatr dealln. low nrltrnar.d
hone Rooeh which mad .. for i
succ Uiidcrtakcr
the old tor.... will preva.l. .. her..of'Or.. and Embalmer ,
Vc.rr paUonauo r. .1-ccttl: .fly ""olK.l *tl. taI( 'p1I

--- SUCCESSORS TO -- .- 1300 Avenue DONE (


CENT A AI ALost VOADI The Racket Store

I : --
I -b the MJer-

Dear W. F. MILLER -Uonrtav !Morning 'Vhrnarv

: I 1:0. near the Pr"rh,-terian rhurrh on I A* caperieaxrd Msoherran

:1 I I| T.. Ifih street a I'lamon 1 rut Kin.i.-r a 'I

Housekeeper "TI1I: UNDERTAKER a ill pleasr* riturn han.i in.* once never he trailed, twice with the

iI:i and reci-Ue rr_ard. CaTrunk. i I"amc hr.in.1 ..I poor cigar Himcdncate.1
r I ta-U at once detects l : the
PHONE 25 413 12 STREET :I .paw.li sod. 'a... repaired. I lack of high: q..alih aiM he will

We arc ready to serve I 1 1.11 mowers hirpiipii.' dimntudi hate ... m re of them. Its yoursteady
i I Ii
w e e i. \ i ( lock and nnnilth. loi.eeave: C. ___ trade we are after not
IW ftlUt MMtvV .eHl HUM c.e. 1. ._ << a
i r e____ .. ,_ .. ..,. .
both fancy ant) THE I (' II and Mrs Hyan of New Or1 I 1 I --- e. >0# "" .. % "" l m.u t k. ... -..... Sw

!: i Fer tilt' .- ;.$('/ arr.-.. M oT we offer .tonI
Telephone DAILY MIAMI METROPOLIS.! lea: and Mrs C. A. BradU-y. ut Uem j +uty Huarh ,r'3I I
pour I ihs: Tenn. are aiuong the luarists. ai I' '.n..-, flthlnii. "r&ngp cntrc. large I I !Juart 1 1Kwe A
*c wi3 caL r WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22. 1 3S. | the *..,.<-. I Irn. ]'I hate 1\I.kPA. d..pr.rtsma.'s club r.:1 I good cigar

I i I I preaerte. I ..It........ tar al ,Hw__..fttcr_|i at a moth-rate price amt .let it make
; e eI. Ia. Lo.. '*" will |1:1 regular customer "f TV u. It has
Delivery I.. j; Mr. and Mrs' B. D. Beebe acd their 4a ..-,.
S IO.MNo with many of the most
TOWN TOPICS. gist Ur. R. U hape, rctu.-ned tb.i Colony Locatloflnne land, for I titular +.....hr. 'in town. It par willnndonbti

i .aC l'.7C.iC.1.VC.aC.a'.a'.a''aCe morning after a several days! cruise In crops ant 1 traits Chap fTtnrpor din act age with you if you

I- v I : on their Uncth Naa." Tlh1.wept talkie ally ball artnUi water. tlm.am .r hff}ttktg rite it a chance. Suppose you tryit.

a'' down Ifliw K,.y !*:p't ra n etaallo bntlalltwIJCC just for oce anyway.HAYES .
Charles! l> Mosby. of Mrglula, Is GenUsman i
I' Estate.-Fann loadsboners
and had splendid fishing evuy day
I I.i
i recent actual la the city.
thoroughly ajolng the trip. timber orange grovel general W. IL.(tame & Soil frc .

..i i tor*. poatoSce.Drobvfoa.. ....... The Cigar Man.
E lward }{. Amiatrnrg was one of
Co. I A. K. )31c3tslles won tocnxrly r- Trxtlg A Co. !
the arriiala from Jarkaontllle today. OPPOSITE HISCAYNB IIOT I.
tIC Went Seeing Miami by
Fbrtyth itiretrr automooite. WI
1 aided la Miami, but I* now proprietor 1
of th- Fort Pkfce Hotel came down I ton A Enlc. oprokit poatoOc. Wan !
T. F. Williams and II. T. Ifoward.of til.-rrraa onharj: In MILlIe lod.t Old lie.:
and Avenue D oa this\ morning's trala and .H shaking .p- CAT for hJr* I paper per 100. this cfflo
Payoaa. are among the traveling and Central Florida rTiu bandHomely. I
binds ,lth his many friends In Two tpUuOrtly trac.j tost be
la the may
aalecmea rlty. .
i I the city lie will leave for b-jrae this Rra oo fur Keillor unmrr RI> Nlc cottarc' fall* famished fOfIaouwb..plac [ chartered by rjxttmen at Qyatf U,-

I II ene'' |lug to Europe. Prtc. $;,"<)<'. For I also hoard at reasoaabv ..'In. whets vehlcU!
iffy DeI'
; may
W. D. Sauadrra, Miss Sanndcrs antigist attlrnlars ante Dn>h.! F-r. "'- '
on. Writ at Sarno Hotel sad
rinkner, are among the CO, Jacksonville.' Fla. TiFr I .. Cot I'I had to tak partle to tie 1eu'ugenwtlde
I toarlat.l I Th* handsome aihoonrr yacht Carin i! race. Ran Oal: rta. tl i in* Twelfth stressn
t tailors to the city.
I wish Mr. llaith her former owner ,
I I Sated! fool cat boat; perfect _.:._;:!I._. .:.;a. ...:a :.:t .... ,
aUr. cam la yesterday afternoon #i _. ._._._. ._.:
TO OUR VISITORS i Joseph Enelir. of Unwood. tad Alex coDdJUon. Apply at this once, .r....
'I from a trip to his estate at Cat Ksy.Daiivnaa.
Vs-are. of fnlonUlle. M ,.Borrow the Carib willI
;gf -.... city yesterday and ,tll remain ,i I 'r8 Sal*-A nloecre. apron recta UlWM
I be fonanyrutered to her new ownjer. m
sorcraJ weeks. over half la bearing snail dwelling, I
I II Mr. R. B Seegar. of New York.
i I j jHonard large packing house.. both fruit and
Yon w ', want tnncnJa Mlichdl and Ura. Mlt h- '| ,lie) will DM her tat rlrasnr purposes tines tat bart by cold of IVO'i .in! a S
In this and north" waters..Th [
i i ..i' Moi'X Iran, rclurw.l rn .. .., BURDNE!
( bat .
II. of ;lBr.Od' ;.II(! u M lay dual, ritar.aa rUi.c. .t. I
\ 2
at botne. con equentwe U>
1 h..c added a.plntGu on the air a-iiFh.p Miami tals tuoralntj I resourccfulixii of this section with three seres fin* bearing tre<-., n i.

". I IIn 'of Hpoon. from a trip to Naaaau. ]!' of the State la Illustrated by the act and six-room bous. Dos 77. Coctwcut n, 'II

to our ktock and "will I,. I I that when the thlpment of fine product Grove. Fla $5 I.r.selsgi.q; a sew CM .l 'II

enjfTavihem flee ..fcbarp The! shops Monet Vernon. arrived i II' of the soil It over, or falls off. !

: The* ..p<.. n* from Key Wed ypatrriUy afternoon I the shipment of another begins Two nicely unshed room to rcnL L

"urit"'I" mttlan appropriate 'lih a cargo of freight for mer- I While there are quit a lot of 'vegetable Apply Metropolis offlc B. iI

u"nrenir' "we chants la clip city. being shipped, lucre are not so I: m Shirt Waists
baring: bad lllt'm made I
prci.i.lv for that I I irany as a short time o. Grapefruit Ileailqnarter fancy groceries traits,

purpon Vou w ill find E..I Br -!afar prmldent of the! II. being shipped la large 0/jantlUea. etc, at Wilson t Hyc'a.

Finn National flank of !Miami andA. I 1u
here : :: even by car btu

P. Anthony a prominent neat bitter. S* cents a pound itUooa ;m:
j man of West Palm Dtath. I Mr. A. Jay T..tn. a well kauwa jour- A Raalenon, ; to say they are Iwiitiful Hrul uu-tt tlrti'T :

A Thoroughly Equipped i j Miami yesterday. bU.IDf'II.1, unit of Jeff.-wauTllle L. I.. New I' i* puttinjj:; it mildly. We quot China UU//

in I York U In the city for a few day Indian river oyster at Duane i !11 silk at 3.00 mererruetl which
Optical Department I Maynard Son the jeweler are ..a,. H* baa been here sett ill seasons Raalenon'a. are tb.

Charge of a Competent I having their store room Improved laappearance. I but 111* all other be Is amaied I mistaken: for .-ilk, 1.75; the 75(- one* are .

\ Optician t An artistic metal ceiling I at the development tad growth' of Fr ".,,'.-At Lima City oa rock the wonder of cnryone.iin"t"- receiving. ,L

U being pal la and other Improvements the city since he was here last lie road a 4-room cottar with half lam T these Its
I we lure cut the of
made which will greatly add to say that he Had nothing to equal' the I yard and fruit three f 100 permonU.la .II price on

and if you need glasses Its appearance.J. -Miami aplrif aaywher. in the coun advaac Apply to Gary K0a.Th in hand in half; they are stylish but a little IL

would be pleased to i try. !1 soiled. We !still bare a few of those I
have can. J. D. Yea.... and their Nat Oak eangkt ta Bo.th n w* \II

goo I daughter of Stereos Pottery. Ca. aft II I I Hon sad Mrs & A. Belcher wer tar.. kaowa aa th* shad at Doaa A -

I among th* tourists BOW la th* city surprised this inorntag <>y tN arrival ad.ranatiREAL T

..4 are located at the Blscara*. Mr. of their brother la law the Rev. Henry 5 Silk and Sateen Petticoats

Steven and family win spead several M. Morrison, presiding rider of the ESTATE
<&< Son. w
Maynard day la Miami.Mr. Valdoota Ot, district who cam I. :

I ananaounced to spend a short tame
Jrwdm t110podaas J. P. (1'Relwho recently purchased with them and his wife, who has been B.aght s.w !jj at one third discount. Also tailor made 11 II

ON Door Kortii. if the rest orb the lot oa Eleventh street adjoining her. some time. )lr. Morrison win eat eadagdSPCIAL |;J suits and jackets at one-third discount. :

[ the Halcyon Hall Hotel SIt.I. ., sanely enjoy hit vacation la thli IM-.. I For this week
I BARGAINS we will sell our entire line
< now badly ensured la crectlac' tlful climate and In the buds of such 41 \Ii.4

; hereoa' a commodious dwellln hoses, people a* Mr. end Mrs Belcher. < Desirable resident site on iaibSL.Ik fa of worsted Sicilian and voile skirts at

th. fiaibf work of which It BOW up. I Capt. Jack Graham took e rut "' ar bay. I jfj 25 per cent. off. A lot of flannel and i\II!I
Aim lot llvnlevard
on near 10th St.
down among the keys last TIIu.Ia'1, jfj wonted skirtings at HALF PIUCE.Ii
] Miss Grace c.rJ'C"1Itf'f. who has I
oa the yacht Buccaneer: for a entire<<
; been In County Jortg" 1It'.aet"1 oOe I of flt* day. but seven have rlapard JOHN R. O'REILLY a/
has acceptMl a r ,slt'nn In th, office I >
of chief Kidnerr Meredith of the and they are still unheard from. The! I 233 3th Street I W. M. BURDINE, Twelfth Street \*
||I party was composed) of Mr*. Htnuia :
r E r Rr extension and will bBla *- q
Mallcn and three dla If'f" Mists tf!
.. there teat week ]I
her 5uti- I
i i iI J I Louise rtorothy and Robert. CaplI =ii \

I I Gregg of Philadelphia! and Mr and -/nYoungs'
Its: I T. K. Gautler. the tax collector has
Mrs. C. F. So'.intT. It wen contpni-
his ones very tronrale.tly.A GrandWrestling
arranged plated 'hea her left that If th- 3
w courier: bee been placed I. It. which 'r'r r r r r r r r r r r.ri
I weather was propitious the trip! might
I was specially made for the o'Bce and .
be extended to fapn Sable, and It
[ with data and thrves thus lmpro i
may be that gnlnt there la the causeof
the appearance as well a* the conventcnce -I Match
I IIIIK ; the (ends beta? prolonged :
cl the office.
--- -
I I I A Lara Crowd. Pharmacy
-- -
Mr and Mrs. Robert Shsnthau. of TIle steamer Msnlalqne. whx-h

'' bees cam la last Bight about < o'clock
Cut Crnnd Rapids Mkh.\ who have
to pleaseatonera
j 'visiting the famHy of Mr. M. fhana-; I I from Havana tad Key West had the N.Beidlcr

who hair a weakness touring In Cuba. but are i tartest number of paasetrerr-217 OF ),1 A complete and cirefallj selected stock. \\e but our hugs in
: ban are now L' )11. FLA.
j small rjuantie and often. M we can alwiv- h.te
particular cut can generally north these place this : them froth and
any rj j expected to return her shortly for brought from I
et I beret another ty before returning to their I season. Th. majority of thin went G. E. Shawof Oar.o.tamersgetthelxncbtoftheeandarealways satiafied
\Ve ebtaia a iiffick-nt quantity<< ([ I I
th* roast on last night's train 4\tut ;
hewn la the Nona. np KEY WEST. I'LA. ancp Etit f t ctt
I i white other remained here, tad during : _
t1p Grade Meat I|
Among the paawngen returning the early part of th* evening 94\intiu
| : :
jrotn : : :
i enable. to supply all with I from Nassau on the Miami this mora-i there. was a last aad a search for Match to take place at 'he _- -. -

iboic* .t a""'.. ;i'". cutkt-.roa..tNItci lug were. Rer. Robert Parkinson ree- j,| rooms or any old place la which to at the MHU fountain Special cream and sherbtta

The beef. veal, lamb and pork i to of the Episcopal' Church at Key. spend the alibi and ronforaln' with Auditorium. Wednesday afternoon and cvcnmr We want Satnrda?

tbe finct quality. tender, j and Mrs. Sue P. McSoriey. Alice McS. ,'j I the old axiom Ther U always room' Might february 22nd. always endeavor to ee that you jet your the patronage best in our ana line wif-
toothoaie.loane i I '
k7 Cal Parmcl Mis Morjamhaler and Mist | for tie nor*. they wets all finally'located

West.I 'I' this i .,,- -
of K--y Miami
i Sorhla Morganthaler. all << Th arriving ==
PCTOMM Aiteatio 4.'s I t'ee "he"
hwst 1 er
I of the Biscajre.. and moratez from Nassau brought ta K -1U
They are guests Ticket
I I 01 sale at the m.
& Raulcrson|'I[ will return boaw on tile MartlBlqne, paaccacrr*, a large anatber for the I' sync and Red Cross storrm. pa" .. prt.ufpC.V.. E. YOUNGS. : PROP.
I1ooIDOI'T'OW.I > western trip.
I i



COLORED PEOPLE PLANT SHADE TREttih I Contractors and aoooocoooooooooooooooooooooocoooI Owners PIERCE & HARDIE&:

HERE AND ELSEWHERE <>. .- "ta.UDIE mod Krovlncobn't Of Property \ : .
trees in Ueawtlfy that town, lbK .
II Toud.mt want t.. %.\\'E MONHt : :
/Tdsl ni hi r.""' llotl %i the Oil 'rt fierce Ness alias this timely 'can't lirlp \i>u If ism d... r..-act.. HOUSE PAINTERSOpposite
rwloas I Iill: RIY'n IB honor 0' the aJtlce klrk U applicable to Miami.

taboD%u K.ii'It cram rat oil ire vr and th' citlrticr ........ h- a wellbbade. The J. A. McDonald Co._
bees an a tm+tltj ai well
nude II r Pruf VI 1) !, !<. Kliixru
.. .. to town, and It U AND: nt.y Yolk Wilson &
Ole Colored Der,rtBw.ii l lbJatraiMtille I I All ornament may Flye Miami; f I o tpaat1cla
Mrtropol w' i rare I DOW the time to last them Tkoabo
Lone Leaf Yellow Pine .,
,-.-\.PU' I* the .erh .< < 'miTwifB4 i -e cuntempUl *M alan how rf :In I Orafli should be warmed ky 1M r. Framing at $16 per M. (. .
Watt ore sad l>r 8 A WtllUma. paa- I cult at the remit e<>1d war aid plat ; ,
k.e.1 Mount :Zi.. A U C Church only thus trees that will stud such 0 N. STILLEY 1EIa eafSss.i44555.O.ds: ..
.. I Boards same price. We also sell I.ime. Brick [4 kinds], t .
n- .. irt>*4 K"'II l'ir en. hai" weatk The Bilk uak. Ik. umbrella i DeIhet' Feu.i .
Cement. Sash Doors Mouldings and whatever else a
.....ac nt1..... of Jar.Minil:l\ mad: 'rte. the cherry laurel lad tk* cab > .
... aU Vial u'1 .. ".ff''' .I' .....;......... I Lame palmettos will all 4o well kr builder requires at lowest possible figure; i ,,, ?M . . . . .

or IWrawrll Hall IB Miami. Tbesrase mad will crow withal as, treatamovai u u
..f7 ipwvk hf Re.. 101.... lUi.tnlpa U care. after they are one
You Knot Where Ve Are -- 14th btreet Mini HiOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOC
aa ardaln *M.I IB tk New tarte*. Fort Pierce would k* as at A i Model Bathroom
Jeray co.f rteice. Sb M B (troutueaaeiaa tractive B tow. aD may oa tk. EDIt OO'
** 100ft.,...,. Alter 'kcrteatOBj erq_ Cad It It had akad tree. *, Sidewalks' ,
Ol lIMt BBeek4*. *.B". sad aad Sad itreeta. A llttl effort oath j tIM stoat caontial feat

..".. were the .... ee Band a* rrfreaaaMvla. put of property" owes..s wasHtote I H I Ii I.re of tile coders ktf.
The proelB.*t poraonewk dltereace ImaclaaMe -
tke greatest i 1 I it lam aceaaarj .eta.d.d. were takes through Try It. f
fort to aay '-* Better
eeecy rooai OB every floor of tale rr4ttafcle ,
three dory Mote bulMlu. Peisias Ii Feed. a put money I. perfectlaf
i I tIM aaaiUry .,.te.. tWrabv -
which !. a rrrtflt to .k. Odd P'PI1n'tr. -
I Inaariar ta* health W
throughout the 8tataTbs. Perhaps JOlt doa, rvaOx Out auay j
oa 8atar4ar there was stork I' pals Botaoaa oridaat ta roar food I I coafort: of your tu&j
u...' it tot fa
apcodiaf *
UkBortaai kaaiMM 'U..et.H. at this but scat* day JOlt May toei a twlat
WM really die IBM work day of tfceaaltliBCia. ,I of cyBDWDBla that vm ooartao you fsnishisga. Ata> for tile

ktaaj ooDBtRtmB report' Dr KUTi New Ufa PUb art ,..,... ION KKNT-U f ralik d hoaaaa of 4 ta 1* rooms at $1M to tin sea
M. AMOB. then were tk* eeeamlltoe mead to rara an akkxoat to Ill pr. week.OK .
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tw. or three. each |orcrtfiBAUoB. I back. SS eats M an iraccteta. Tryilea iota 111 to |M A wen Improred farm of ITS acne sear ICtoaat; atratclaaa
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Water Toss i

ElayThe Tanks -VATS i Palm Casino Tues. Eve.. Feb. 28

Seder) Write I
very best hay that grows. This hay I

.. it i purchahed in ten carload: lots and is '"C Ind PERRY. Cocoannt Grove fIwUa II I JOEY NUTTALL England.' I World's Champion

raised on one farm. thereby you get one ./J
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P. F. CAVIU. Australia. Australian
quantity; our price is as low as tM lowest champion


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I by painting with I worldand $500.00 a side

Work Wanted Ross's wing s Sun proof PaintSold

-- 38 Cror I
1 Arc.PortRKb. with a guarantee Distance: one mile

Upholstery I- Richmond toad, I II General admission 11.00. Rrcsrrvcd seats hoe i

F a specialty Ikxroarb I Subscription seats $5. Tickets on sale at the Casino?*
I IN. Y. Citr WATSoN
Carpet and Malting laid all hinds J. W.

of repair work done I A.Well 1-
414 -
aateed eatiafactorj Gaa"1 7th Street, Hardware and Furniture.
with Frah'1 Budge will r & Occidental
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D. K.M. PETERSEN I MM-Wtor*rW...l.K.. !.
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> and wholesome : : : : : : Meyers &: Robinson, II-! __............', ,....." sr.'a......,. Iii

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<> ) Launch Supplies.Rtteriej. .Inerl r.tM was ass .suss free Mtut V Tbasy; apes -
John Seybold :: The Baker "- ta.a .'erd.t aM PM.Malra
) Spark Coils. Etc. r.M awes-.--.....Yrwaars.an s a dAass
1113 Arnue C Miami. Florida. Write for prices thaw LBWv nnt5lw. Cl.lrT.V< r.L KM! abet ifl1HE
rw.i..Je.'lar,Via r.I a a.t.a.M.s.: PI. sals s.yl r na,Mt.

,I Located on the bank of ItvdUn Rlvr. Fln*.t Huntlnvand Ftanlnv In f\+

I, r icprofe5sioir.eett.ren:..;-......:- Y'. Woman'sWays i The Fort Pierce HotelHinson

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ATTORN YS J iclplc College Cradut -

wtui.r. I t tpeglell.r' ltt..t:.nt.ld.;.";prrl.rtinlt I bPECIAl BY WEtK" 331 14th St.. Miami. HOTWt .
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.a..W, __ M'aa1. ra.P I I S 0 S. .......-....._..-. C C S-.-.- ._,_._...

T. SUGGS. K. D.nsn .. I I .. s I 1 I III'. ur oli.tut4'f'' Turneretae\ B aaJ Ilth Street *
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-&.J. It JACKSON-- JR.. I 1.5, !I1U