<%BANNER%> aid It I* BMtv IMP i "", 'JIL'':. bat U I ill 'i
the baQdlBC .a.s til.Jm t. a taupe 1 R tlrT
portkw of a.lItII.11 tie across t"TM:>

sad water U to lie .a rrUKen that ': Beginning Monday January lie 'IRIVERSIDE !
tk. present tour of .n.re-.iuII will if- i ,
suit la the early e)nf.'....<(_t ell 16
vperadona. jf\ and continuing one week }jj jjIn

,I !h ,G ; I 1 1i
Tit Wield t. thecked.Tk I I
': i We "m sdI jjjI U only for blck freer ,tie bvln! inter and I I. d*.tln.. t* MC*m. the j
world U shocked ever the t
I j fiditonabl' residence district of MIAMI.
slaughter: of Rawtaa pcaaiati ,. Kt.FMmbwtV (I 1''* flannel Shirt Waists worth 75! cents for 35c W/ Latt year there were thirty wand people "g!.ttrtd at one hotel j ji

ht yet not a shudder gore I! ,Ii in this city, aid two-third ** many airs *t the ether popular retort In
eat or vole U raised against tile :: /f\ White bun and madras waists, broken \Ji i ;, thla city, nuking S3.000 clatters l In alt This year It I* b* lewd that narlyt i iI
of AnDralan by the Turks i,
q4 lots and slightly rumpled at one-third .1. e * whhh eoctlave from year to y..,. I
r\ Our entire stock of tailor I Many of these waiters purchase a building site and erect winter'
with nothing neon thaa a pestegcontinent \Ii
I 1 m made suits and j jackets at one third off \Ii I h me. ,NI.. naturally Incrvas the valve W property.
New, then, ** want a good Investment
A line of woolen I you
Dr. Tbomaa IL Norton. tbc; America /p price. large suiting \11
If a*, road this:
coaaal at Harpat. made aa octal it\ and skirtings at half price : : -:: : I I
y. i W. have ben Vrtlsing eel KIVCKSIOI' prsoorty for a sheet Mm
tow nom moatht aco through the 4! I,
trlcta where Ua.twktaf'f'lft orconM. 2, A I lot of French Gingham, worth ass at | Ol I. I and you are probably fimllla' with Ute premises w* "'He. Today, If you
? will walK down t. will that w have carried. *ut *ve
so* *
and be report that thousands of mss the yard . . . . . . . I.2C l4T I **r propoMy yes
children murdered promiot Yu will w* a forte .* laborer engaged In paving the towor
la women a Boat aid brutal ___were. I. the Star A lot of French Gingham worth 12 J{cat 01rf end tt Twelfth attest which I I. fast becoming *.' of MIAMI.

eta district aloo T>JJ Armevlaaiwr a1 the )'3rd. . . . . . . . zt w I = I

killed last y.ar. Tb TurkishOov.ramest \ A 19t of val and torchon laces worth S h/. 'J __ __ _

to the wont la tb. world *f\ and loc all to go at perjyard! . . . .v 'toT I
a Mot spot elTinxathM.Tb I One lot \31 1 lac worth $c to go at 9'r' UirT Buy now and get on the ground floor. $300 '
toad atroctOMly
Tart It peculiarly -
I \ per yard.. . . . . . . . LIJ( JJ I 1
mesh lid cruel sad espeetally I and $450. 1-th.rd cash, bal. in 2, 3 years
savage U ila trcatncat .. Ari tIasa (fA lot of new outing flannels at Rr Xlf .

Mack tea bees said la pralM of lie jf\ per )'-ard . . . . . . . : . \Ii I -- --- --- -- - --
Jape sad Ranlaaa .. .m..... Tb !4 1> Yard wide smooth Sex Island Domestic \JHft I
Turk .. the equal of .ltk Tb a.... at per yard . . . . . . . \yi
doss Bcbttaff qmalltiM. J. H. Tatum & Company .
boYs this tithe BM met kirn. Tb i i !JJJ Two dozen carriage lap robes worth t2 00 .

fldtfia quality of the Ttrtt has beeadMDcnatratH. \ ;.ooat . . . . . . . J fl
but b* U a brute ...u. I /,

al. j 3 EEEEFEEEFEE.r: ; : : : :FarE: E-E-:


e .

aft iiuii

-- ...

Beach Department I I r .

j TIle PataiiDab Nean of F;. 11'.L: ,. ,

".. c-d.l.ot% to Mr l...ji>..r. it U learned! care: I
Fla JAn
1t : !'almarh.. > "la the etprna ray 0' tho t ,>-ih : No Frenzied
tlui the luiil ,''ul UM KU; tbruta"b arm. Finance
\..., ,.',i. tr iU pr ,-,IL rl 1"' ID 'III 'aV bovad Atlantic ('(..tot Line irA" 1 11'< h
I bn1,. i Iball i .!ikint' one uf UM boaeiiit .
lb.'' arrived la Ravanaiih at 1 l I" I' "
t'lac t and uiutic uii .1. :;I.-, 1.1 fr.... Its curt, and t
,. yesterday morvlnc. Ibrre wi. a i I '. i i
.r" U. .'-mnlc b. fur noon I..ora:" i 'o. iK.ti 10 ralr ujinmrd tussrd the ,
fir. mhlb dama;vd sore f '> In
the Real
uilV1ly. boob wearing re! coal: I..." -h.' ,I.h all ..n failed w dad It. freight chief, among this Ir. t., I Estate yc have for sale

., 1 I'J' 1.1) .M 1' .in to do .... .
II. I.H.'II.h".1' { th. atteapuke T...y haa'luome Ar+r+lr oar.j r I 1 > I I
arrived la lbs
Gorton Uinatr
at 'auu.&l' po...'.. aid< 1'10:1111fl. : Mr it. M. FlacW. Prim It'i. L. a' i ii. ,

.. a'I atilt f.\,' \ II aa- city today, and this afwraoon. abon t UT. at Wilmla: ::30: or' luck, fatorua the cltlxcai will .
.. a II' < iigrnmul 1 ih'ir.i: Th "Tbe 6r. occ.rr<>d d'yer' 'br ,t'between | --
a Aatn..at concert from the baai stand ,
u ."U ,d than .< fji..u.aai>ti u 11' Warrne chef B-, ate: h h
la the I'ark. Many were out to heat |I
..I olaAdrncut, o( two *bo'"i ii ttcara heat had been cot ot ..f th

1lnantrt'a. and "(hoot and enjoy the drltBbtfal DintUK )-. I car and ti....>.Baer Warr 'a.'I > -- .
i .l 1'uUr' not. 1. "The r.loas"bas ,
.- him la chair, made a Cre! 'la <>. '-. V
placed< la Bcrtlce to and from the depot
A ixnomtr' tcrnr.In the a-tiertiw* little later, while b.. wnsl hna : III j
,. D i.f one of Drum fn's eab intt I a new end elegant 'bua.." : la another part (f thtrattoa r h!::1. V I Kcnl} Estate) is the only safe foundation for a sound

...r 'i 1 b<> pr>rfa.rrner i.> rl> ..l" hurl, l-'ollomlus ii aa extract from a letter was atrtaHe.1 by t hA 'r'.' 'f''
... f, nd bjr Cot Janata ilorrtiion financial I
.nM. "
>i ''' .ii< rau a.: PTVC&IIISKI Uiuise of dames and he larn -d to -< ibparkacrs operation: there is somethin sure to build on
I on the aldevalk a day or two
>f trout ka vk-vaiium of, aW'it r",,'\ about lb. stove on Pr'. \V'-111 i ihi
'' tuna Fla Jan IS MS
azoday: mj
fw< upon a net sstb aa U nerd is all or dear darks I take the pteaiyer la writ I
lard rt.! "rat for the scape, la rxlrvoMcondltton operating h. smothered he fl'" AI
bum la yo tb ae few Ones truly bope thai (
of the Inmates quickly as poMlble j
will find yo well I am not well Bat I I i
tux building Is no vase I. be I : The damage to the two dreirwi "%i i

"bleb ell......' since no water u nosed I am better than I aaa yesterday Nellie tile greatest.... When they were I I II ii
I bare bad the blows for I days and I
ta the pertormacce. I i packed, the skirts were tolled o"ce Sell
An unusual feature of the Orion I will bare them ua'41 I gets to yes'Th.re sad It so happened that the tl U much more of UM bringdocument
Lead parade, was its boUhpoUh makeup ends that were next to he stove werea I
growing ta Uteaalrr < *.
consltting, a* It did. of genuine I I baraed. thus making two sections at1,I
for rotloa U tt procmaea. la fact UM .
-crw-s.. male sad fvnutle sad each skirt The two dresses wrrrhaadsom
writer cornea directly to UM point
e ,i .x, of genealogy iisknowa to thewriter. I iaN robes."
made Evidently same krre-Jora strata hat
Cortoa parade ass apot and
msaiclans and performer neatly written his Inamorata and abe, car. i Whenever tariff rerlakm Interfereswith .

'l' dressed la aalform. The music made kaa Jade dropped his breatklnc ol i the success of the RepaMk-an I

devotion oa tile sidewalL Haw salt there win be dotajabac
by both buds was good especially party, nothing I

Uiat ot the Minstrel, aad attracted Ye Bcklbe" WM UM recipient todayof j that Uie.

large crowd to the suveta. social coartesUs from Mr. H. L.I I
Th* Dally Metropolis Klves Its readin
'- Hillier and his estimable wlTe. simple
Aa accident though la no wlsv masscied more real UTS local and Ulecrapbksews

with the parade, occurred homellM and peculiarly oaJoyabU ta
thaa soy paper la the world ta j
while Onoa'a bud was plajlnc la one whose ostracism from the home and : send for
forth list
a dry M sman M MUmL Lad an our price of sound Miami Real
that become almost
front of Dr. Ik**.! drug store, circle MS small sum of tea caaU a week.Do I

Bight\ have proven very actions to aa The affability aad grace of the brief Estate bargains. We have the location, all we want

estimable young man sad cast gloom eatertalameat ta a pleaaaat a ea>ory. not tot et that U* Weakly .. is have

over the dtj. A loaded pistol U The Car hM bees very bright W tropolls dreolatM hwsotf in every part to a litttle talk with YQ!!. \VehavesomebarI I

calibre was hanging a, U the hack u night approaches. UM sky ta orer- of Dad coaatr. beside total to shoot gains with a big future. Call
on and
room of the store. Mr. Tone Lopes.oe cast n Is to he hoped UM doads par- Btrom hma4r4 .3stflflcB aatalls ofhOaad. us today we

of the Dod r'a efficient clerk's, teed a* retara of alaaiaatal eeeeatrleV Then h a* tOer sdselsi.gto I will take pleasure in showing you some of the best

bad occasion: to reach ? for a bottle tiel sad -. a dison M sampan with 1t

tea .ben. die sstsl wu haata chances for investment that you EVER SAW.

and taaAvsKsady knocks* the wsapai t I

dow., nan** to UM loot R WM. die Wm. Curry's Sons

charted tbe Ito atrlklac Us tenses ,,

aa* psssUc through. UM leaky portlmof j

It. Tae BOM eacaps* tajnry. aa. Key West. FloridaHIADQUARTIRI

Ole wound u.wa1.. 1s ta M POR

...* saAcsrosa.. Sarcical: atteatloi

was promptly gives, and UM popular Ship Chandlery, Building

young saga whose aatoeroaa friends Materials Of All Kinds.

are pleased at kit. escape from serious Me Allister-Beck

death. will be wit la a trw
lajvrr or
daya.LArwt. Coat aid ice, Steam ..rt.. Railways, Machine Sa paF0rcei

Hack Lauarat VnUonckby.ckaJrmam >> .. All kind ot repairing Boiler and Steam Fitting can be done at the ,

of UM Regatta Committee. shortest notice, ia the best possible manner bcipert skilled mechaaict

Iatorme4 Ute wilier this morning thai Real Estate. Suite 4. Hatchett Bulging Miami Florida

UM Caalleaa, Mr. Browkaw a racer,.

tajured Batarday last 11 kiU being EASrcOASTRirLWAY.Ucil
launched baa biro repaired and win -
--- -
the ranuval AseWrmaa ----- .
la ---
aurely take part -- --- -

of UM Regatta Committee. Time Card Ho. 53. Ii Effect Jai. 10. 1905 e.. .e GEO. H. MEYERS
[dent. WUkMckby ka BOW charge

raeea sad parade. a>d to UM o&Vctal 101I in.six*.at as sews.CCKOEMSEO eKta45SM-Itaa MM ORANGETREES

..,. of Information touching Contracting Electrician

UM cwalraL A circular Issued today Mill r' ': :, as.Laity e,1 05.70 Lsly tMT50wt. :1': M pall p, ate.tall? as.1.1115.ep

ky Red ttkny. eeeretary of UM Palm -_ -
L..I.msin. .. iMp TMp aaa Laonch Snpptle
Peack Power Boat A.d.Oat .-, etatet 1-aim aMp .e:: : :.b. Jmn-.MM.::: r: t 11 p ..515Impllua lUtterie-
... .....1e.la.ntn..L.. 5.p Imp Tm. non.5Npiamp Spark Coll Etc.
"UM souse tar UM raeea will be 'M 11- ... .......'.... ..........lamp seas oIsalsp 1113 Avnnc C
sight miles south, .. 1M setter of UMlaka. .\Nup Imphtkp: ................ ............_._. a11p SNp one saw.SttapiNlap A fine supply of Oraaf Miami. Florida. Write for prkcn

with Urea tarmac bugs at 14p ".. '"..... ........:..u... .._.IA tap 415P 1515S eau and Grape Fruit Trees -- -
1UMT end Owners of boat, ant eotapetiac. ... plsun p 11'.h"" .......A.I:\ eta p eYp etea Oaanl oa ScmrOranr*aad Ro (b -;: ..

UM ;;; -1'- .......,.. sap Jltp ..m.rip.tlap Lemon stocks I. prime ""
keep o>
.eete4 to
are req ,,, Irlaap I51p TM. lip condition for'platting now ;
:: :::
out aa4 west shores of UM lake aad .
'ump.J-w. .... ,
I. eA.
sat to attempt to cross the souse MM "ir". p aa :m p t.. .::::::p....,..; .:..... I aspS t r a as acap Write for our 1905 catlogne *. *
av ......_...1_ ....... l .l p r' 1. which descriptions
I. rive
to avoid acddeata.4aatlce ;... p a.... ..-. ..- ....,..... ....; r.. .
thin monlaitareetlcated sp lap ......-. Iv. ................., ;:.p amp 11e n and prices on
Ql1U por :itp11ap.. + .. .... Nabww. ...... 6np 55' .. aDd Fruit
UM chare of forgery f .... aMp lap'I. .. ..-..... __ ._ ._....., .r. ; Orange Grape
'loa :. ,. ....'.. p sapU. ; also) on other Fruit trees. b
against two ecroe*. Oa of them a II" sap. .M.\: \ :............."r;::::::: 1. ... Shade Tree, Konc and ra cti .wT
,.. ......... ..
UM other held for Slap I.p ... .. t 'aL. I 'I' S p + Hl
was discharged Ill.p.I 1".1 Ornamental Shrub
Tbe forged a 5trI.I :::::::- '::.::::' : :
addlOoaal waU"" i''
sMp .. ..t.a' t, fl. '. .... p U' p
chock WM for '12.00....... oa Wallet I '.1s et p twp i........ I ....1... .. ... 'If'. 11"I '
Iona swp ......... -I.. M: ....._...JJ. III" 1111. Gka St. Mary N rsu1es.

Kttcfcem. :.:::::: .: :; : .:::':::: : : FOR *
this moralai MKNT-1 rarstakod hoses of 4 to !' rooms at I'M; to fill eaefe
Mayor Curries mart 511s top Sme.,....._: ,._tt1.a. .. ....IsmsillaIp Imp G. L tat>K. Proprietor.B .
UM city Poole There WeN ... ...... T' ale .... ...... '" tot u.. Tourist 8ason. M fBilahed ronms at IS to ft* pet week
netted ,. ........... .. ........ .... ...
three D. tTa. and MM malicious ... :".... .. ......... ..... -.. .. .. ..' .1 7.1:<< ... .. .... ..
.... .
cklef to dty Jell property.A it .. .1. lots still to fWXV A writ Improved farm of 1?. acres Bear Miami; all
I:; t j : :: .. ':' ..: : e
pteaaaat party of three Miss aalaa S. j Irst-elaas an rosa4 ,",perUe.. This will Jlvld sp for a sKtlment of Ufamilies
Aenet. S IM.a
Chapman Ulaa Lotto and lira. Caraa .Ina sins Imp amp rip, ,. :::. '::11.. ..::: ;. amaaria. Imp tocvtber. Ws have orsat and grapefruit rrw. all khut ot ill
.... .
w..tllluae sr :0" ,Kiss Slap
Tma imp'
.. ram down ta Delray yesterday TGa slap ea/p'.a.. ,.- '.'. olio SMp ,< proved and tatBprorsd, tend saltabto for fruits, trsekiBC a4 famua AH
.... .... ... ....... I... .
to speed U. day with Ulae Capmaa'ipereata. arr. .. ,, 1.-....... ... l.e...'..,.... .....: a"a TYpa I I of these at the .waert* lowest terms General conditions govern ,ne.&
I.. .. .. ".:... ". imp Chicago G Flo.ida I

Mayor Carrie M egret kit bad Dr. : .Ma all SSa n I. p Ip'W"p' M..:..._..... ....-...---.1.l ..a. .. tie Tkpas.InrleAwntests. C. C. CARROLL & F. W. AMASON

II..,.'. water tot. trotting UM kotola .lla.ieanal-racd .PHh.N ae1'.w" 5rdn.MaadwMI. LOOTED Bnceessors to C a Carroll Ole Sll Arenas O> North, sea Third It.i. .

Wally deaaed.. Others should ....J.elwrtlk sad aral Is.Ywa sae.:.e a W w.tamu k sgsstm .ad
......,.- tU

Mr. Joseph Jefferaoa was oat rtdIBC SCHECW1: BETWEEN JACXSOKYIUE>< AND IT. M6USTWEaorraaomk. alsYllle & '

this BioralM la Us wheel ekalr.

He iiima much Improred s.rH .snot honk bt lie.A' I ...o1soup. a.MiLtf. : NashYill8j'
a1i11 1 iNty 1 final LNa (.. IyStla way lull.ea. r
0. H. Poll of Eat< Mr. 1I( SPPC1 6flIle
tt .. ..--IIe..I.!! .. .. .... "' 'Iwo r.erm.. Ian as ...1....
aad his aep.... Mr. Rail Puss Ia... ..... ; .... '"PW'' :krs't.esI. ..t.I"Mn,5ah' N.ars "ONLY solid Pullman train witbObeervatioa !

faa.e berg. M. J, apeat yesterday touts. aad ...lit'v jh-+,IUari i .,:...A.. \.,'*. -, .w- .... b./ata.sl! and Library Cars front:I I IJ
today U U0 dty. They are oa nMcT1lMMts0. .. \ I. laity rlorida to Si Louis Chicago the
: fit toll,
ludo ;k ,... 1. -.,. to Logy
.. Miami to tO aa oagacvmeat vita ;; "; ; ; West and Northwest with much
t:;. M A MMM.J t..i.r! Y.a l sts.a'ke: lays. illr l aka] ; "! ;' ?
Mr. George Zapt Mr. 0. IL VOM I.wen h. /.ao.p1.._. SaanlsasaNSras"' caret".pd ixmi..rm\\ '|"...P' gskker i time than via all other. A. llANNaD.
line. All meal. in liking Car-
knows and hit aaaay frteadikoro. -'.... ,
; Tr. 5e.spwrlea,1.we.1; ::1'l": : Service a U carte. Finest dining
harlot tees formerly maaacefof Noy a m.ae.sp.m1.A Y them vms.s. s / tee rar / .tit 14 IySLA
car wnice in the Sonth.L .
IAOranirMtdod.. Is;" Is aMJ, 41'I.t' 4 tloltrI

1 Mr.UM Oeone rapt H ta UM city. tt. ,I. I mamest ass a j.i."I"\: : : "'"* un IMIGlie'niacin! L.. Jmbmwema.a*. Aseesu.4M\r day e t i r a a al t

his famOy. nraam pit,. l..1. "lie a.. ... -t-f.f'..,. mam. ..krCkhw*. s..!... 3ffm
iliac MN sat. ....... 5.5.5 I.. I.dp 1I. wp'ssta5 Ares &-..._at..T.... Il/p .1
Ban Groat aetra while Sitting oa pwpiLAlamk nn 5Lg7.hwea's rllmpkre Lr.lt..wlMr Lt.lll e1 "mtAe..saalpst..L.,1m.I.mrlmpklajAalr..s '

Ole pUtform at tataaa Batarday 11 : i e1qs ;ill mpaap.T ; ALSO throojfh Pullman Ora..lllr'I''i. . . . .. . . . . . . 'J' !* .

night. aoddlac. was bucked oK by UM aowtrus Maul a Iw t. I h.: .1 I /awefa ...ou. t Rows Sleeping Car.
'lima .wa.a' u lacksonvillc on A. C. L. R
[ Mtyem
Bertomaly I_...
trala and palafally. though not a I.. ...._......L_._..... I' Ie;;;I it..e TII..IlIe. .5r I'-W pY. rin: to HirmiBjjbam. Nashtille, ; Dade County Title Insurance 11
bead. ,
lajmred. H. was kit oa the .......... --'...-.L..I am .. ... 1..ns.b'-" .d .... L. mm I (>aa Till*, M. 1.<...i",. Chicago and
That was UM wring sad for aertoaiamac So A. L. 8 S5 a. m. train to IVu-II

*. Great was brooctt to tail ftKINSUU WO OCCIDtftTAl STEAMSHIP CONMCTIOSS AT MIAMI tacola. Mobile and :New' Urlean and Trust Fla. I ii iiPill

dty. his booms and to doing _n. ---- If heat service i i. desired Oak for: 2.2LMiarni.

Placing the coacret cwrbatoa oa .leasL.sselaPas Hsdt at Miami rob f4r.e bp ef *. P. 0. V S. c....., I. ticket f ia 1* A. :N.' For rate".
Pullman re .crTatK>ns, etc call Oftor
Olive street" was began this aftenooa

by tartoeer nIt -. HAVANA AND KEY V/EST. write G. E. Herring Up C1:1I11l.: $30,0 J0.09 Sarjlas, $11,000.09

's'; la .ad rtao4 that tke Breotai I ,........ P.e.r.m Aral I ,. .. ..... _..
Wedeaday tb.mTI..Tabl..Mm.Isomatea' .ma.sae5.neerd.a-n.e.a. 'a1.w I. lead tithe abstr (rs of titles. as4 ta..emnosey f
World will Issue ILl Ant number the mwml __Nt N..1r arrow' At ." .....1 lire a.,maM .. .ft' -? a wee a.p semi.
matmw 1M tegnq a.i151.a w....s.... r aq d.m... mowem..m u'. n. ,.,_..1" PI. oa Its awa amount and for ether Acts as saeet sitars"yiat
erenlacPoatoffloe' taaaoovbted .. fact, tr.c.e. aaalfBes. tiseator ,.......... or gatdiaaAddress
batten hM more

ta the ten few week*, and tatacreaatac M c:... .! *!.. LOCAL TU c CAU (XH.SEE .* !.<**_...... I sQ eoamaaleaUoBa ..

tefly.Blaea THE Tl' KE T ""' mJ.CI.RAtiNLA.A.eaG.sa1.Tan.AgtIT.AUGUSTiNC mIEn 1I0NEYAlmTAR s. G PATTERSUN Sec. and reasPalm ;;

wrttia UM Mete.a u UM I :. rLAt tka Oeldea ,.,...... r.e.-l. '. .. ... . . . .... .. . . . .. .....



.1 to. f f e 4 Aneai ;



....JQJIliJItVtUl [ VlJt1[.. E. B. Dooclaa. the well knows Fun achedal of the Peahmlar *: MILES 0 TON'I SHOWS. -

I dry rood merthaat. baa rKaraed Occidental I. 8. Comply win b*I _.
home from he( North .Ia..re bi par found la the Metropolia. No show that baa Ferris Ham
yet Tialtmt this
..SiCiCJ1tCJl.7C.illliCiNCiiVCThe hid a fall line ..r r-.d.. f>r hit.1.IIen
( city gave mure areaala aloe thai
steamer Miami brh aalledlm .torr* -. I The Ills Orlua Southern EhoWt, I Mile. Ortoa axxrrcatto last alcM I y

< 1I'bl for Sax an e rrid out rnnt It la ntiuurcd that: Ibc-area: rtl.l"n.\ I' tut* rrrrl I>rl I arms ti rjr flaHrrlng ano .> : at their tents on the lot eau of ,.b.I '

2 Weeks .d"la.1.! I If ih! .1''' alxt) paaa nsera. t tbrorliit. !4,. An irw ("arn '.' ". mill '* from the Florida press. sad H I df' UC. Th* tent was well fl1'
BeginningJANUARY I > li Miami .t an sear T ".t... Th 4 I*I rolll" here, highly rMnmmendelkin. | spits of the ftrt that the rlra< Mol

Mr C; W tiilrcaih' and E. D THtoi tot yet sceure 1. b't' nr\< ilkl I <.. 9 i I I then a
of Pt I.'i.. firhltiR: from the Jirpl erjri II. sincerely .op'I t last JJu .i will A. Preach of PUtsborc. a rei*r%a i that the evenlut wa dlsacre vUr

17 'MI,t :.y nit i."1. rid 'no. malt nf Ibe 'bow was ottr -

raruda anil* r .icka, I trouper 2 I .hal her b up il 'r and by her nieces, Miat Rild and \rnatlrM by the fart that no one hon I =

i.rro and 1 Spanish marlertl 1.hat BT :'I li hlfnl :< :at>-_a.-v ,, Vim Skier !'i bow at the Royil Palm 1! their swig after entering aotwltb ,
atandlac the discomfort -
for the araaoa. | canael by therind.
| Mr Gunn. *b<> hit Bad the Clara Captain Thoaip'a of the srbmarrhsrllrg I ,i'' bass present did not hesitate to I
THE under charm for e-teral data w-...tII" Hattl* arrlilnjj: In port this !I.tpr.ss. their apprwtotloa. AConetderabte \Ve need not tell
.. I i morning InitK the neat 0111..* wreck An k. cram ...Ia bit' will b. clvm I you
I the tank y irrda> I .lI<<'t'Pd.1I gasilea Berard of tfw iulitic of
la landing' C; amlxrjacka, I bairarnda I a frw-da)* ago on ore of the keys it on Trday erf-n % if this week. jt I | *
and 4 the Oahana ar sip. "f the K >jr Want the nether of !oI fa. Malkm U will i this for they are
PICKERTCOMPANY I grooiTrNearly rhouoorn. Three Rrothorm, th.uch (hi. bot for the benefit of the library, and I anrnalneae hi felt InJarkanaTllle 1

.11 of the oaU of th. Roya' crew was saved There u-r trhooncra ruder the auspices of the I.......' Af I I dredge< Key Went for, which the safety left that of port the \Well Known\\
Palm fleet had Coo.llC1C.'t oa the baakayeetcrdajr. named Tone nmthti bill ("moon Oil:i. Mrs Mama bat kindlygranted .
last T.
; >slay la command of Capt W.
t fall to Iraki a report of their catch toI one of thpm la the wreck la not knows affair, end a detlrhlful Urn la ucured. I then noshing baa teen Key heaH Weet. of Blaee her tie \WorU\ Over.

I the dotktuaeter. they caaaot be pubLahed ] though It li bellred to be the one I All are lavlted. Adm'.rton 2)I i A storm of rrtstkrabl. blew
j I that the la thus port last summer for I rrata energy
I dnhng the latter part of the week, sad I
I II I several weeks and which stlmdwl atree t
trains I I : '; aa the dredge was aot bill for heart We hate in a
of work the Hint
palntcra at oa I
Te.iyht"JESSE Th Brttlfh erbojaer Par Miami baa twrnber of IaMe'rl'eni weather the .....IH" boat her U
I Hag. Captain Tbompaon cam Into bosses akin; thla roast If no, the u and iralova I Bites who are "0'kl'l'C :Ir the store aeate. Tader favorable '
JAMES"14PEOPLE14 port this morning troH....... Ba low la hesry. a* this was a large and i hard for a complete sad ....t.,.Ia'. library i condition she should bar reached'

I, ham.., with a rang of 1A.MM orange ; aabataaUal tmo muted vesaet I It take the mere to bring i iI I Key West rrUay, or. at least made I
200 hutMh or bananas, other tnlta. success to elfj.iti Jlutted to art> rtfectlag thla port The dredge was NICEFRESH
: I I A* .. error occarrel la the reportof I a aw boat
I straw hala, mats f'te. b aldra alxteea the party given Sunday by Captain : this en.L Nearly e.cry rfty aad the moat of her crew were< from !
Wrm colored Immigrant! std two "k't". I that I. proud at uwalnf a library ores : JackaoaTllIe.Ross's.
THEIR OWN Enoch Ross shot the I.hr theaam
The ronBKPM of the aanbrr U 11 It an to the lady reeldeata. Mlalm '
\ la corrected< << by saying thit those
-- w thna to them B-- "".btf'Cl tftH
tests and the oldest C2. The Dar :
aboard were Miss Jalla R.>"'*. Mr*. Awings
line had a plnaaat std aaerratTal. oar womea folk take u> a thing t4 e. I II j STOCK -n
bid .
An entirely new every Metey. Mra. W. U Kemt("r. Mr,
tea I* promised from th< 8rat atep. -- --
trip across.F. I I0.I .,. II
IL M, Mia )I. C. Byrradorff.
night. I There la need of help, thoaga. actwltkataadlag I 38 Grove
---- bliss May' nitty and )Ir... It. C [:('\1...
erd Screes M. Ion,?trarrttaf sent of the, The day was apmt on the flrhlaggroaada I the Ia4ie are eu ia.rgMIc ArePort
Catchy: Rick.
Cats I sad the ...". mare <..> ik tr part
P. A: 0. 8. B. Use. with .e.d iaanera std the largest catch. made,,I .. oodllnro.gk I shill Can Fill Your
between the acts. la Jacksonville the : "' ... the UdJ.. ran oa them for a*> ,
vaa AOMKX p. by ladle this season rranlteil, they I,
.. ..... I I atataac for aaca anb'lc: "WI rI .... It N. Ye
wagers arrlrtac the city this landing II grouper, I barrarada. 1 City
lit I* their dty to reajond, her ere y I Order With\ D>Spatch.r
lag from the aorta. Mr. JoDy la henIs cerro 4 amberjacka I caraira and I .
the 1.t.MMt of the beams of hit I cent thus _tnl.'O*. Ij tvted la a A.W.ow ete
mackerel. One of the amberjackawr
..I.; I _
Rise std win make trip' to Key Wed I :.fed over 71 poaada. and .aa the good k. I street 1117th

Haraaa sad Naaaa WON rUraSeraral I record Bah of the kind eaathl this for -
Miami lets ..-. : People.1Io aader'ouh to escape Ihe I Miami. FU -

last cold aaap had a hard time fylag
carloads of log pilings for Mr. W. Could Brokaw. the antoaw-
to nettle oa which way to go. Those
use ta rrbalMlac the lesson c( the bile tad motorboat _tII..... la ta
Oalaeaifll welt those
Athlete : la fared aa t.
chaaael aa followed sad a4 by the the city aceompaaled. by his friend la Miami or Nw Tat Expert Repairing

P. a0.a.a.u.stostdfrom: the Mr. James E. Marten, and yesterday GautierBros.
ocean hare stirred la the terminal : *a>>yd a mite on the bay with Cap nap

AssociationTkiet yarda. The** bacons win be rebvQt tale Potter la the utter Today be to .

() by the steamer Blacaya after the re- oat agalt for the ptirpoe of examining The Part-Collage W. G. Preston. Dt Fourth SL sa Twain Mr***.
tar from th* bra a few day h-e* the depth U water at dtSereat part ,
-- ---- --- of th before from Palm ------ ----
with the Flatter party aboard.Mr. bay bringing -
Beach his motorboat which he will Vest Palm Bitch, Fit

M tale at .W. H. Harlr.formerly Inspector .eater U th* ereata to W ma meat ,
of customs of this port and wh. rffcaed .Satarday afteraooa. Mr. Brokawa Facia; on Lake Worth and over

his poattloQ to taU one aa boat win wK cater Ole Palm Beach looking aato boat coan A quiet
Bisqjne Drug parser of th* P. ft: 0. i t. OHreUe.oa eoateeta. H* to AeCgated with thematt. elect family hotel with borne comfort

th* Port Tampa-Raraaa raa. win sad coadltloaa here, aad taaegotJallng *.
Red CrossPh'rmacyPopular
leave oa the steamer$arUaJvw lint with Captain Potter forth MRS. IDA B. HATES $4/. WI CAlM TRAVELERS' LETTERS
Thmraday for Key Welt when h* will purchase of the uta.. which he OF CREDIT. J

Prices Ma tb* rind and ImmeAatety aH dealre for nee at the Northern retorts Proprietress 1 VpofBoxtt tor Cut
earn his ..u.. th* comlag string std ......... 11 New v..... caMmer. MladelpMa aW.m
for not Pltttbarih, CM ag. *e It. Lout E s S..lap
.***.., H .111 enljr take M few day AccovattFirst

I extort. year pareeoal cheek if yfcitefttf ..
t. stay hen fee s _tN semute
-- lIe jane Rates horn. wee anAc4Mtt

wHtft M .** pay e. Ahy .
--- a efceak en
The Swellest Dressed ManIN I

MIAMI 1 I National Bank


I I: Depository State ot Florida

Was in our store last week,
he had heard about our new M. BMELtrOKO .< Prwa)4e)
W. H. $PR2R Yle.Pee.w.wk
E. A. WAODELL Vlee "VealoeatXE.LUMMU
*. . MIol. lna

ROYAL PALM SHIRTS W. M. WDIN Mash.M.[. Ml...... ".,.

New Wat. M. QKAHAM.MefaMII rittaka.Trot CwM. jly arreoldein ..

K. AU iUHY. "IttaanfaN Palaeiaenl __
MMtand CM c. TT
o. c. rnittELt. . Mimi na.

. To make' short story he bought one of every stylewe C.. C.P. CHILLINQWOirrH.A. ANTHONY. VWere. AMtMMyre

had. There's no getting around the fact, if you wantto M. *. (!-)
SHANAHAN. Grad MapMa MKh.Tree .
be dressed and shirt that fits that is *. Sleeeira, Carpet tweeper C. t
correctly wear a one EDWARD C. lOMr'M. CaMrAuditorium

extremely light in weight patterns the very latest Paris effect put together

by only finished erUsts! colors that are absolutely fast you can't do

better than to buy a Royal Palm Shirt.z.ogand .It



Price I II lion r W Depart.of .wave

...,, .
M w r e
; bas ere I .Y.
Iwo rasa.. .....
.. .... : :


$ :. .. .. ... II tl RED CROSS tII. _floe Irnl ....
.try headrsms sIs tl ants tI bKk a...

PIIaRtiIr\GY Mlf; t'om'
I Stationery... cr dltu4ewy
I + + lsdsp Pe a'
I/.IIsH.( Its all. t. (L B.rd'sc. .r s.r Ms ..

,) i . Preadrsb tY aebr srOL


Ire 1ft Sts eMhM .
...... New meSioltary

T he Anthon Romf Company FOCCtall1s
eAre"s Iwet.e.trek
I 1 sec\h'dnits red r I-i

frill Spiep. fr..

: e


..._. ....... ;;

GoingtoSell ? ::1 :i LUCAS PAINTS

--- For Sale I by -
__ -

Better Paint i First Will Value Increase of Your the House.Cash ;I"" FRANK T BUDGE


& H. M. KING i

Undertaker and Embalmer OsteopathyEdward : COOLEY&HORNER !i

The Real Estate and Rental Agents

1 1300 Avenue D A, Tufts, D, O. 2'iiUlfiT1' i I Jth Street N, Opposite First National Bank.

I or ..


Ladies Please Take Notice!

-- -:: ==-==-====: ..-- --

Dorothy Dodd, the shoe tAU NOW Stanford's I Burdine & Quarterman I II Ij

.... 'thats a "perfect charm" opposite Express Office i



The Best 5 cent i i i Pipes and Tobacco I Ij

Ggar oa Earth, HAYES I'i' i Always in Stock. j OF SPRING

Is Sold Only by I Ili 0f"I.. MOTeL ."C'nliTMC

1 I



:LiJ. .V magnificent and unmatched array
J:: tOPICS. j
3 STREET of new ffoten material, representing

the choicest
wares, most beautiful
Tk Km of tka aeaiUDOBtaly swab -
tag of tko dtr eoaaefl wtn b. boldTfcaraday R. Freetoa, a proaUaoat clUaoaof Real Estate Baraalaa*-I kara sea. colon or combinations and exquisite

alckt.W. JacboeYWe..c Ue ama .ral choke propMttoa for NIl ..tcoot designs foreign d domestic maters

V. Barfla ha a ..w KattoaalCaak ala la 1M city thi* ....sac.I' I pries. '.
BatJatar. seen eattara" TV choice lou papar i aoatk win tad the'
a ash drawer tor aato. cheap.Tk I' Faopto going .ea Avaaan C sad IX Cacao.Tkraa .
j ackodate of th* Pal selar A Oeddaatal '
loU M Twelfth street la
MotropoD JwbUabe tk* achadato .1 I a a OoBpaay:: ta th* Motrop- ill,........ The vary choicest *

of the Paalaaalar ft Oodddatal L My raatdaac*, No. at TklrtoMtk Southwest corner of Ave. C and 12th St.
L cc.u:: It line.yon.tall b ors i I street; see of the best la tko city. i
S.aUoa j I. A nit U aaaanpeit daaiat** IK*.* ........ lot adjotalaf tk* Mw.p.
... ba filed la the county enact by
lames J. CTBrtoa road sister of tk* tile Fboealx tlaalac MU1 acalaat tk* III bafldlaj. Twelfth atraot
.. Two loU oa Soreatk atraot. west of '
F. IG C Rj. kcadqaartera la I Capital City Building Co.
JackaoBTin U la the dry today .afcoalaaaa railroad. Tory low.
eoaaocted with all offloa.-' I. Note a ckaata la the schedule elth live river. Dust loU la BtrantdoAddltloa. .;..." ,....,......... ., .,..............................., J.. .... "J.. ...,.. r

Fealaaalar Ocd etatal a a
Job Man of tile Urea prodacaiaad .' Com,..,'S achedato. That portico Good tmalata lot oa Thirteenth, I II
coaunlarioa kona of Man Bros,'I ..... Street vaot of poMoflea.
laid WM la affect J. (, la replaced
JackaoarUto. to ta the city today oa lbs lot with the Bchadal Ia affoet
baalaoaa.Tk 'I JO. J&L1 bay; aoatkM front I MODERN DENTISTRYAT Youngs' Pharmacy

1, : a a Tatrfs.
CtrUUaa Bitooe Bockty win Charts Robinson colored. who ka' .
L.Mt.1a41'1. wheel pasted yat POPULAR PRICES. .
Mot Sunday anen..t S o'clock. beet wasted for t" put ton or lee .
I low. lUvard. U Car Motropolla.
A and
Tka Boctoty has rated room No. I. trout complete cirefallj selected atnck.T* bar oar Irara I.
tnoolbi for sealing a bicycle -- --
la tile MMropolt bofldlat far IU U-raraUkt4 roomS at 11MAraaaa mall. qaaatiea and oftca, w w* eau alwajm have them k4 and
I Eugene Porter was rap lre4 thlamnrnlnf H. ILER. Dentist. ... 0.n-toned tM bencfatol tbl.a lid.,. ..I"a.tl.s.d
sad wfll oecapy It tor their m etia&a.Mra. I by Deputy noTlff Moraa. Be O] halt block trout Twelfth 33)". Twelfth Street

eta bo glees a bearing this aftoraooa Street et Bateet 5dn 7 Srinti a:;)
J. W. Wataoa. daackter tad : .
Master Jack have arrlrnd from Mra. Roxt Aaaa Disney aged byears Wator f aii Boat roam and Tea yeaiVeiperkacc at
1n sort_... board, or ..... by oust ...: gnodrofaroaeoa. Detroit 1IiIII,". : : : jrotn 9ainties : : :
sad will make tkdr fa-! died la this city tart a.at ofIeb.rnlala
tar koa* bora, occapytac tke4r rial4aaoa -, Deeeaaed. aocotapaatod Addraaa pootofflc hoe
No. U$. eUtJaf loeaUoa.. baataatag at the auda foaataiM. Special creams cod akcrbcta Satarday
at tk* toner of rVartecatk by her kaibaad aid child came to Mlml i aftcrwoooa and creniara. W
brut. wait yo' r patmMff aaa wil
tract and Avaaa B. >I MOM Unto tin ato la hopes that I always eodeavor to ace that !our jet tk* beat im oar has,
tile taTUroratlac Bad Ulmy eUmateaalxbt : lOud by aatottobtto. Lot

-WDd Cat. or Strict c...- that iMor her to health bat too ton & Dale.: oppoUU pootoflc*. bas The Racket Storeh P...... Altcatw *-_ I tie fiat...... r fta Mk
laacktatc aacceaa. waa repeatol by reaeat late for try food to lie 4fttn04. TheM for JaIl"&.
aa taodatea m
by tk IVkcrtt last night tad'' .** has bees prepared by t'atortak' glat I. .. fRscrtpt;.a W. E. YOUNGS. .: PROP.

thoock tk* koaaa was not packed, the er King and ell b* shipped to Nash ladlaa rlrar oysters at Doaa A ==
......'.. I .
aadtoaea was moat apprectatiTa aadthoroackly rule toal enjoyed the pfrfonaaaf reared husband and af9tct 4 offspring -
from beclaalBC to end Toalckt theW ccompaayta th eorpM.! For taio-Gtoram: aera lied froat-' 'i I li- -
bffl win b* ""Jeaa Jamea the Baadltn lag Miami flyer: f9 tre a. mostly labtarUc '
.... Tomorrow afternoon a a.at- : ...n koaaa and ether UoproraiMBta. Blanketsand ; Dear
lees petfoa area of "Poike CaU."wink I taclaJla tart variety of I TO OUR VISITORS
.... ere4. and at elftt tile Plckertawffl tropical tralta one of the beat rlrorfroata I
Wee tketr eacaceneat bore with I to be ebt.a1.... Wm a Jl at a HousekeeperWe

'A Noble\ Outcast"Fred : MrpIa.I .
.. Reward.-Win be paid pot tk* ...I| 1(. Doactard. Miami, Fla.j I
Yoa wit wait to eiH are ready to sme
Pfelfer, aa old floriaa lore ,
tara of a rowboat atolea the j Comforts
fr'om Wish to borrow f UMJA a Mtovcair to fricml Rith choke
sU.. tad a) one tlta con opid with Royal 1'a111...,.. Deaertp ioB: IT I l..11.Ot. located one block traabaalana at bumc.. v..a iutntI YOU and fresh
th* norlte TlBMV-rafca. hat rmbark- 1-: feet 101I& I 12 fet beat ; bottom center of city. Addrca J.j i iI iI I I Iwe have a hLd a GJ< .. la baalaeat for klmaelf. ant to BOW .. .. .
AaaUa DaD SOT. Q lentil atraK. vplcndnl lineof pt. ., Ttkphcoe: )rur
....wac for the pablicaUna of a aia* I ma-a.7 'I' i I to oar _tot.k: anal will cider ctf win cL.
acla to be bows u the Tourist aadUomeaevker. pole socket for Batata, painted far I.). or Chsrtsr&uilflaryyacht engrave them dc <-fcbarjfi
a ctorer book devotedto ahlte stalls Tamlaked Inaid wkeaatolea. Uaact. 42 ft tone M ... a. raCta -J I flar. OM laterrata of toarlit and afek I I Ill win be paid for 1'\tara of I *. Fart tad alcfaat. Royal Palm' burJIIDG\OIJ tllt aptit will make an appnvpriato free Delivery
dock. Addma U D. Potter. Baa 417. MHioBir. me
and profit.Be
after health piearar
era boat for .
end in reward crldeac
; -- -- ---- bating had them ;mule
la BMvttac with th* aa. gratify .... W. H. OuC i Sen. Pror i-
kvdlBC to conTtcUna of guilty part!. ,I ranlibad bone lor .. coatala- prr-...ir l f..r that
her that fce kat*lewh lag awr ea M. R. ac..u... ; J>tIr|._. Y >. will bad RtsptcrruLLvThe
H tk State, and ft p rti to Brief net I Royal Palm Dock < Apply at III Math Street.: -i here
of choke a4nrtfdog Mlatil __ ___ .
1m lane brim fan -' Wa..te4.-At 127 Psrtaaa r .0. Magnolia
aad readlac matter, and todistribute Qatok -Oa* of tk* cbc4ret ku laRlrenlde. Beat Butter. U rats a pond at two whit wdtnaee-osly sprrlmed ,

It to aw than fifty thoaoaad feat across the river oa Douse ft Kjaf..--'.. I kelp need apply. I IBltri I II A Thoroughly Equipped: ; ',
oabacrlbera.Altkoaxk I' Twelfth atraet. nut b* Bold quick Grocery Co.
Tw aptoadtdly trataed < may be Optical Department in
Ask B. B. Tataia abort ILI
chartered by aportraM at ayan'i BTary I dlM three moatna af'er the --
aot ai many boat a*were charge of a Competent
atabtoa.where vkid may aIM toe ,rut production Tarawa" la Parla. Cor. Avenue
exported world r to PRIM Brack today | Furnished room to let laoalra 214Third 4th and D
had .. tau parttoa to ta* busting It being a faRar. The t'oe"4t.1 Opticianand
to attead tile motorboat race U-i I atraeC tarThe
pvrforaiaac of the
croaada. 1M Twelfth lit""'" opwptees r
glee there tomorrow. F away, had la tile rreack .
tkoack ar.ral west ap this ironing Far aalOa slid oak bed red desUt- capital.The if goo need glasses Ij Miami Conservatory
.-f them being the laaak Waltoa. spiral spring aid mattrtaa. K. r. Boaa, U yon or rest yoarvoporty .. I would be pleased toMaynard
beet hare &II.4.
lilt It wttk BIO ft Oaattor.oal near pen
with Mr. and x... Peter RaTmkaltaboard ell Aea_ a estate aid raatal acwta. Baatoroa try that win have to r-t pier the fo* have you cad. of Music
tb* Jaaetu tike WK Hood I
; bafldlnc. Mesa trrlac car of the core arorat. ai- aaaovacea that
clan *
-- a f.
.. laaaca, MUa Time Heartiest sad Witte*>-Tw* kaatllai aotleltora. Phyatca
It wffi probably sever be aetf owpportlac. ---- -
'7Vr.. Richard RaTeahan. and Mr. and Can for Lee at Toe Ave_ 4 For K at-Cotxa. IT* rooms: ... -- I CaJtare ia bciag formed whet tk*
klra. A. Hannaa. aoa and maid; Mr.A ......u, bated BoaOy faratakad. (dircctlo* of Mra. Lita B. Cary. to
a HuDmaa aad Miss H. T. WI. WnteoCood secondhand Mcycta.Btata with ptaaa.for rat far ...... Apply <&< Son I!bqta work Jaaaary 21 Ta) claaa
Uaay mea who bur triad It
pros No' dtalera. Addraaa gee this ..mea.'Be qua 'la United.
U '
.tor aboard tbrfr cralatBE yacht With a kiodly aiai
I enl deUvery. W. L Tacker.Baadoaartor a bwrdea to Support one bo.sehoMweld JMn" (t g early
tk* other boat alrM4r gore sbca4Mtaml boat ftak malt to aoatkora .. Ilk* to know saw that Cbkep "application
wits H* f4iriy wen repreaeated I -* many-ttt+ sr>K tralta tara,, ka wm. M the shad at Dane ft maa supported atztewa wlrn sad kept 0. DeIr IIIr* it a hit GAte : I fraldtrn Cokmaa

sit tkaaa ....... Sea, at WUaoa ft FlyaX f R.elmfn ti 1*. bouts ...... Baste

--....... its u Sr. Director

f .t
.- .
x '' .2t

1Ii iI III

I COLORED PEOPLE Bnbel A.J K: Church aa.to-data ..1 I
j' ti-rtalnnieot ThU la th<4r & For fib. F. W. HAHN.

HERE AND ELSEWHERE I atu-nipt The firK prmed T.ry sue I Ir..fl11. ... ._

raising about t% Oft Thin lea I
1 ( .. Architect and BuilderI
commendable step for thane ll'tlt I IlrI. Illdnllb'

and shell be thr mar '
/: pprert I CYPRESS t

Mr. Ion C \\ .illl mwti ... I. the C".Iy a'.1 1 for It hating beta the cork of J \ and now nary in mv. .mp"'>'r one of the bent
I : ThtdK$ t iirat.m.io in the youth and am It rf'rpparl'.1
han that
.. >r&r telling, : coal!.IUr. their soft are to help chapi ,
I R. than iM.r f..r f irni..hin, ,pla.i.tint '
the datlnr of the future rhinh, bin' -. Water :
i TUBS U-tdiU tor x'l l t'ul.I1"ICfirw,: tabor
not nalv the thumb but of the .
I) A kt for tb. raceIn ,
Ihinwjr CapeUkla 1 nit work do. I .m n"w h.adyuartennf..r l
morning after aa aDsnce of act crncral No rare la rrratrr Char 'j a.t. Tanks a'Jw3u' tanned w. .rk. ..;roll
eras dada imatoiriabljr li* women. WO' breast been able to : o_nallr. il l..'''' in a rm"T im*
.... !
know what amount via raiiexl. but : _VATS .Y f.hnn.c l mill
: Set orYUile
.c kn.w that It vra god. -
W hlldn-n '
Mra P Itrkft and < -
Send me your order for doors and win
peat for day rick Mm J W R Hetbaar -- I \
rmt(clay A Grim Tiagedy.m I -'. ;,. C. H. PERRY fotwnut Crovc. f k..r1J.i dow frames, billusters.: bracket., etc

and be convinced
'ally enacted ID tbonasndf of home MIAMI FLA
Tonight at all.. of for churches Ibrrewill ,
': aa death rNlirm, la tart use, anotherilct.m
tM rhea! and prayer merlin?*, Youroqucvteil
of conaumptlira or pneumonia
are to tern oat OB lime I
But when cattba and colds are prop

Mr and Mra. Juha Seuders bate i I'rly treated the tragedy la stilted FC Contractors and Properly Owners o eexeeAeeeoeee)eeeeoeeoocoeoOur
'' HIUIU,. C.< OaUaadoa. InA. writes:
. Mired their bottle bark from theStreet I' -101, wife had the consumption and j If y..n don't want to S.\VK :MONKY. o

and are sow ftrpparlnK to rrm three doctors gave her up. Finally abe. { __ lIIC cant help you. If you d... co'o to i Wagon goes your Way
a three or four room house IB Its stead I I > ir
took Dr. Kin'a New Dlaeovery for I
I I Cocaumptloa. ronrbta: aad eo d. which I The J. A. McDonald Co.AND
Tonight rrwelre unit at ( cured her, and today she U ..J and We can deliver the Good <*
tb :loa of the itoac <>
i| atronc." It Utla the term of an nt''Ol"J< !
ttf Rt' Ton are mM i .*--. One does ,.ale..... GawanUad V

ft ume at :a H. lid I1.W by all dnujlata. Long Leaf Yellow Pine o
j 1 (>
Mr. T U Jon**, the ha--r .... ins.I i' for dS
W. la
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Camp oegoHaUnc
Framing at $16 per M. t *n ion't !'puil a goal l meal by buying
Sing hla furniture I oa yesterday per :[ 1.000 boiia of crapefnilt for cold ator- 4>

paratorjr to getting la II''. new restA5scM ,i axe. The maa who has the fruit and Board. \;same price. We also lIl.ime. Brick [4 kinds]. !I 0 onati factory bread. Our tempting <4>>
tilt H I
__ ;I can' wake the price win lad a buyer Cement. Sash, Doors :Mouldings, and hateer else a f and well baked loare are a meal in
I. Cd.. Camp. H..m put them la
The fair at Harrla Chapel A M. R. cold storage la Octla and If the ear buildcrrequirrs; at, lowest possible figure I II; (> themselves, for they are pure nourishing < >
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pertinent put oat an fight \ct wflleatabliah
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I cold storage |>laria an over Ton Know Where We Utt
Are -- Street Hiimi Fli.INPROVfrYOUR
to eoaa aa Mint. the frail section of 6X..tJi Florida for fro

I the preaervatioB of trtu darlrf the = c : = = gCQ CCCr
A Jotal tiemrtoa of Dr. T. P. Uoj-d j
I tint of Ute markeC-Ocala Star.
Lode of O. U. O. of 0. P. met at j >

Han well'* Hall.to eoaaMer matterajrrtalalBf 1 Greatly IB Daunt i 4 >
M I John Seybold The Baker 4>
to tbs lc r*. <. "' ::
Nothing U mor. IBBMdldM ..mud then a 1 < >

At Jaekaoa Han Uat sight thcrtM which meets BvxterB raqalraBMBU PROPERTY

. tattiaUoa of OB* BMBBBT Into to* for a Mood ad ayaUtB cleanser
7trto of UN Order of O. a. and such M Dr. KtafB New LU nu. --- --

tX of B. Leery large aUeadaao of They *r.* Jut *kBt yw teed tt tern ........

tk* lodge ... oat and BarOelpBtod.Mr. stomach surf Beer troabUa. TryttoBVAt I by painting with
A Model
an druggists gas gBarmBtnlINAUOUKATION Bathroom.

X. D. McUod." th* taller visited "-
CIKIMONIItWaaKJwota PaintSold
Qoeoaaat Oror oa Rends, and worBBtppa4 Sunproof -

at R*.. A. W. ."....'. church I .
*. a C,. March. 4,. 1K6. I 1 the most sensual feat
Mack with the dla-
sad VM delighted
a I are of the modern koM# J'
sterns ArBTered by .... Browa with\ guarantee
For Ute above oeraaloa round trip a* it lea 1NCiIrM&7 COM

Mr. 1. Bdvard. 1M tailor "'..... tickets will to Bold by Ute Atlantis fort to nay bom*. Better

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old at very low vrtcea. To cannot I twenty.flr* rests and for mflluryrotnpaale J. W. WATSON '+ IU Insuring U health aa4
aid braaa buds IB .at.
aJTord to alas this "' 4'PI. comfort of yo r family

I. torn, twenty or more OB Gal part j*. Hardware and Furniture.Coooooooooo. tb..pud'.r it for I..
Mr* Jessie M Bbukam. the cultured ticket, use rest per Bin par capita I f.ruisbiag. Ait, for the
-.ptw of Mr. and Mra. H nrarDrvva. I..to each direction.
Then tickets win to noU March f. .
vboa borne U la JackMBVflt: --- -- ---- - ----

ta MOW vWUac her parMta U this I end 2. 1101. rMaratof tickets mast .()OOOOXOO()x.:.:.x<.Xfj()( :. Famous
ritr RM U anrompaaied by her Ut- to validated I. Washington. : sot later RaG'd"I

UI daughter. and win doaMW h* thaa March t, l 0a, and retara trip I

hert aB aeaao. started OB date of valUlatkm. except
that npoa payment of II." aid by d.. Kentucky TimothyThe

Mr. Howard Brews it, M of Mr.aM positing ticket with pedal agent toWaahtoftoa M. j. MCDONALD

.. Howard Brows'"s bow em- not later thaa S.M p. i ,

played la Mr C R Ifftvr't M ml.m. of March 1. IX*. nteaakm caa to sue

... lie U worthy of My position at raged until March It. Twelfth Street Miami. Florida.SEABOARD.

trw* er ..... Hsu ass of tM beet Thla to aa opportwalty that BOB
young ... tm tM dry Hla family toMM should nlM. Tto attraction of W..... -- -

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went to gives M BanwcITt Han Mot without.., tMBf of tile aiithta. is purchashed in ten carload lots and is Air Line Railway

day rrealax. February 1. l0i. by th. Make Pnnaa reeoatloaa or set raised on one farm thereby you get one
rood asters of HarrU Chapel A. M RDOB fall larornaUoa from any AUaaUe I
the best."e will in
quality ship II
I any
Church. for tM beae.t of raking Court Line agent or write FOR
ralaiax erafme*. Tb. cool aiateraof Frank C. no,..... quantity; our price is as low as tin lowest I
Savannah. Columbia Camden Southern Pines
an char a w are eked to assist IB I District Paaneairer AItftII. IIS Wee ( ,

this laa4a'iNi4ff: I Bay street, JackaoavUI. ...... E. 9V. GB-A. 'VES i Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore.

Or laarfa Brent MUwJ.wWI t i Philadelphia. New York.
Tb /rst .* tb* sails nf -ntertatBBMBta -| apeilM Her "''''Y. (i

beret titan stokes of. t a* held!! Bjniod mnanbtratdl ti u rwaI! trim at. 1 IMIttItS Locke { Two Elegant Trains Daily.

fast ever ."g muter the ...t.l,," of i Rant Howard of lOt W. 14th 81, Seaboard Express .
tooxoooooooooooooooooooooooocxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I .SeaboarduMatl;;
Bethel AMR China, Conalateat' New Tort at use time had her beauty

With ccpKiaUona. the aTalr was a' poUd with skis '""'bit. Rk write< : Modern Pullman Equipment.

success. from a .h.a.rlTiiig a> wen I IM 1 had salt rheum or ectewia toe years rY i ONLY

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for* united to visit JackaoB-aj I '* ana aajra.- quick Bad ; op"Ultt dali tlraaik .shsptri tray: JuluiTUlitiJiiOreus.: | !
HaD again --', aa bettor; Ihlac **r* healer tot cuts tons aad aorea.Ue I

await. at draolBU. I I

Machine + Shop For full inform ten *." sleeper rvwrration, call on any agent of the
Mr Fells B. Balder tb young araa Magic City Seaboard or write
who for abort two and a half awatha

... .ba employed la Colored Towaargala Drug Store. A. 0. McDOXHBLL J,,' GeL pm. J B HOB**, resigned! hla aoatUoa Gasolene and Kerosine Engine

.a Saturday alt t Ills ...-. wen S. C. BOYLSTON.. Puss. Agl. L .

Oat b* ..Ie.. aatwy the propel : J. A. BUTLER M.U. Repairing a Specialty. .

... Well IW proprietor U best after Proprietor.DIIZL .
a dollar and do*. aot know when b*I
Peninsular & Occidental S. S.
.. aatlaned htBMctt Why b* caaaotBaUafr Patent Meiidoes.1 Toilet OKNXBAL RIP Company
.a.r. Row eaa
himself Mr. anon Ml tXTKNTH ITRI=:T. hOAHI. fLORIDA ma-vie..stealIs. .e M.de
lea lope church blot' U. w1D eI7 Articles.i SiBiries. Perfiiurj. _III rareem.......... d pre, : ei eMSns.eclat
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watched .Bfl. were' IBH ail Stationery.Ofelyl 11 poooooeooooooooooociououooooooooooooooooo rent' Tamps Ey Vavlama.....r-r.-e"...al l ar sup
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tMrL win saner n* a hitterThere : tot ATS S &JnI nFI1IlDan.tolE1SJIOKEYsrAI. 1 The Hudson Co.AVE.IE ,, taste rail Ta.... ausdeys. 1.atay, Taurda/e n +p earm.
- Cycle 1t'7 ..... a.adan, --.,.. thMq. e r p mlea's
17 was M..dyq w.d..tabasal.. a.pm
-- 1 I Anon .._ Tamlara.Arrtn TMrdsy.. ___ 1 rm
was gives at Jackaoa'a HaD : tears H........ .. Tu.dda Taawlap' ,........ In s.
D, MIAMI. FLA.Anything W'"4 T_ ___,.
laat ev.mlmg by the Uttto Bitaaea of 4..aN/eK aadep attrw Se ailsW a..I(.ri,w... T_.,", Tamsdapn n."m.'aftT. .-.,, --.,. Nrp alp
----- -- ... w.As..bf,, r.M.a 5u-d.,.... 1.toam
-- --- .
and Everything for the BicycleAT :'I '.e.p weAs.esr l. _Tire Lay: wmt.1N .
: +sn; '.M.m4 1 mM. aatad,y, 6..mam et.,IMe
....l .seaters. ..
&#awe lasses/ Tram
Antra 17 wrm ...-.-. Ta.enas n ._ N...m
hat Men Want Most THE RIGHT PRKIS : beau Ames Ley Mars.M.sday.war .'sMyti.. rainy rawd.ys. "'1 :::

: tans Ran**. $+.My% rnaa s rAmu
P0-I.,: .... and
wm w.emp Ii
ItaYw Ties ha heat Tyr.... s.w..lisps Bald stns*l St.tick '- Len 1(0'ter"'... T_.,.. to side,. .. 1 ms.Armes .
ia comfort and Uiarr.itcople w. surf tile their Ors......smymcWM rn..leaf sew at atmMNi Myth-= : 55.1 Twl.ya, _.,...,. _u .r p e

who rat (rant these deairr : __..11- ter.Pasta.
Oar latent designs and pattern* IB .,him M1. Pta. ra.aq..1.-..DSe
tbe moat laabioaab1e fabrics have Ho.Shoddj or Cheap Goods. No Shoddy orXheaplWork. lea,mtamt w.tway,- : ,rArt..a.wa
: ..=.;:: Ta.e.t... :. rart : .ranInestpe.n
at nred Yon just ought to ace them. Ted.rs TSm'i r. _....,. I Ip.ISMur..l .
Oar tailored ante are distinctive IB Al ryasmarliI.' .J'rr1 ,.raitetl.JlU = : wedne.lun. I.lta," _s.ad.y, a tar

style. |>crfrct ,. fit and t>leaain( r*.*l right, brig X bad BM! &If.....,... --.. r..nar..u,.Aptl 1*.leeLaw *.
IB effett Let a* bow them to you, I Miami fItr.," 5 r,
:I 'on. vamaa prof... +s.

We'll Make it Right :I t:. Miami- :.Kayt- a .

A. WORLEY -- --- -- ----- -
J. Teel..mil mein..Pwtseu.-eta .u eel.', .. l1aJe1. ....,,, fc. ,...--...tl
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Ass mo
f Doot tare roar braaa planed or rilll<1lt tire aw.'. .&IIbe1 t II er- r.swma vas MIfINe'aWwama_..acMae., Marc.a/atmwb,-. .mr
'.. arle: .be or C A J Urea. Well vulcanize them and make them MW I O.a L Sleet,...... C. L h.lrs dstal f.L Sat ttW aft
I r.l.dsIau.aetI4.Fa r.L U ar_Ma.t. Via Mw.r asynl rat," used

: 1 ;0 t _

-- ----
e ......... mmmmmtnmm mmmmmm mmMohler t
l Hinson House
..ltzJ tj1
Tumblers (> : ix fiVlvt fllicaODl.fCW t -' + N.wlrlF'ur.nH. In new location I *..(... S -' BcO<. "}...
(> -p. =. = SPECIAL BY WEEK l4lh '
1 1IF.W\ -- r 311 St N. "'I. FIcr':
\\', 1 II th..nl .t (> \4..l.- ;Minnie Vlrlxin. Robert Me. JZT & :
1 _. . . .
u nto. 'Ire (t O y.'Ui' !I ? II H McMII'it. E. R. UlBlofu 8Diunte = ; ; p e S HN -- .

NCH fine of Granite Ware.MIAMI o Burcutcr; Jatkaontlllc S DeGross : ..' :...! '...1 == f i f.on.rtU: ( (Ii an] !nIb Street. k
... ." i
1 == THE = '--- =====
o SorTHERN J I _,
o C. HOUTJilKlni, HhiU.Mphi. == ; ; G. A. A\t'LLCR. Pnpoet t
*9.! '.
......... (, == 20 Horse! Power : ; _
Cn. \
StiTeaarid/ J -
(> T I' Iain.'>rauJ.(:Jatlll.. John JZXI 4.C.\'CIC Motor. itfl} I I. =

Coffee (> H i.kin'. C'xi..n.t <.ro,'e Jaa .J 5;.:. flfc. .. ........'.".. I: | i iI

PotS. 40 inch o'c I OTnia.. Rt Au utln.. i JjJA c E|: 5\-L ". =g SAN CARLQJ J

!( "\\E: : Thl meter It the result of tilt .o.t inodrn prxtlc 'In cltntlftc := I M .
35c Jg p J ggg pf
tot\cls. a oc A Rilt )IrA .1.1. Jacob. ?.iw York; 8 Bubo D.... E: .l*. _n ectnlbl end neat dtclgn.' == (MitnI : (\n d thS)fir it L3Oprf ddrdrd.1/ t
pair. large 3 W,..i Iii ni lleatbalter Ifawklca.! ::: TW Hf ..I pr, t .: +
: THE CYLINDER ARE CAST IN ONE PIECE. == ... L..,' ,,li.' .U..ve.lI.
Lath I. U J8"h.. John J. Manx. J. II Pree- E Valve' Chamber, ''1.1
bleached Including water etc
t jacket ==
, : t __ r,aiu: tuiiK. "I i.e.. 11Sef
o ton J.c.s..au1M ()car T. CouWl.n.Xlim E: WEIGHT 421 POUND == ..- ...-.-...........---.-. .+ . I 1
: O. L.
tow'elsl5centseach. I 0 J U duLrland: coy; C: FOR SALE ==
1 \\.*.r. ClurlBiiati.; C. A. UcAHiater, f; BYcto
A pretty () ami s ir<*. ('ulumtwa. 0 ; Mr. and Mr*. E: c> Koch r
L. S Bau iitjartin.; Mina UllliT. Toledo; E
line of Hosiery &4, 11 K's and wife. Sprlllrnf, ilL. E l?(iO Are I>. F"otEIUUUU.IUUIU of IlridgeI111U1WLU11111111111i1U111 ; ETROPOLJT

U M Murray. Hartnoa.; )I. Wary Uarra ;:: 111Ulllll11111111111111C: ire AN ,
. i ii '. Win. Bro,.. TItu* U .. UllU1U1l1111Ul CAFE

o BARGAIN WARCH11LA- (i mmmmmmm1l1mmnmm1tnmTt1mm IiflilfllffmITIT'i iNunally's
Mr. ..J Mr. W X BUckmar. La- .: :
A Restaurant that ladies and Gentlemen
STORE ""i" \tATTORNETi'S D iOOQOOOOQO Farette. Ind :: Mr* Blalne. Mlse :: caters to
i 1!i Blaine. klla. Butler. ),Jr. Frank Chip.I\ E The Special nt by week or month.
o ..,. Chicago. Frank r.allaxher. Brooklya. =
I IJ | ; Mr*. HuBKerford. Miss Sradder. C CMDY. DruggisflG 1010 Litsdof1 Lott. ArfU D. CHAS 1\1S Propriety
Mia Cnbam. Kin Ely ladlaaa; B.(g -' .
= Pure.
-\ W. Kennedy, rblladelfhla' ; p. A. Far- L Biscayne _
g. tell Coney Island; Mr. sad Mra. Holt.1 = . .

-+t .c proi'es:iops } UUe* Holt. Waih ngtos. I:: aril 1 o
,<-4 1. r 1 1aftornoa I TATE NEVia. Lr 1 IJ I U J All of nut Drs. == HA 'S'AiiThAt-n Hat beta
/ Chemical and ==:It .od all il'
i!Z: I
Hog Frank nark
OoncrwtmaaJ J 1 'T1u.Store rnparat <>D. are ::::
de =rwr N) elect from this (Sxroad) district off Co Im-IL 3 vow
nan .. retoned from W*.hBKlo! !:: has be lout atdbooa :::: _
AT LAW where he west to file hi* :: are commended \ l'
City, "
WlU.........sn.ress,Res amt ........ Bali 1th the clerk or the Cft4ft"j:: SOLE by all reputable 3 (FORMtRLT TUB PIONCCR HOTZ'LB .
tlssaallrmsrl..s..lasW .......... RepreeeataUTea. Mr Clark : AGENCY J. c. Alsnetby. rh.ici.... 3 t POWELL Proprietor t
..... era..
.o.an. Mls.I.. Fit. a visit to President aoo..n'Mtf'rt 3 RAT : FROM 11..N UP .
day aad aid that be vat moat cordially E mmmuiiuuiiiuiiuiiu luiuuiuiuiuiiuiua .
p. T. IU GI. H. IX.Htt received by the Pne&4c.L."M .. Corner 01 EJn .tb street dad A'**** B.

u..si sad Cssr 1 aarsrt. ...,..... the hope that his (the Pr d- MIAMI FUMUXU. T

_Sad_ Mr. deaf) aad Mr. Clarks relatloa I . I 1.1 . . .*
.saes C would always be a* pleaaaat aa thoee WHALEREveryone
KUX1. FLOIUDA. that .had exlaUd betweea him (the
Preetdeat) sad Concreaaaiaa R. W.
II. J. K. JACKBOH. n., Part, whoa Mr. Clark werteia. Mr., HOTEL BISCAYNE

ornctlHans. Clark aay the Preeldeat apok exceed
BUCATWK Bi.occAta.0. ly veil of Mr. Darta. This vaa the who buys a
flrat Urn Mr.Clark ever met the Pre- MIAMI. FLORIDA
KLUU. FLORIDA. Meat, and the Impreertoa male spa
Diamond of us feels
him (Clark) !he says vaa Terr faroeabl -
Attom r.t....wVUI *.-Jackaoartn* Metropolla. t tI I that he or the has"seeurrd a good Now\ Opeo-SeasoD to May'\ 1905.

encdc .. 'M star ... pawn ....., la I
"V*.M. rmntrata t' ..lies ssMsressdl c--..... I It appear that bargain. JTe intend that erery
.eel 1awt. ... Pw1.. Law I Florida la proprtof. and eapeclaHy one shall fed that tray. Eeery \ Salem GrahamTHEJEFFERSON
OS is frb.t alWs1. 511W.'3.. 1 .. this the case with an maaatactmr- I
lag coneena. for they are all rushed. gem tee tell mutt be right in quality .

Chas.P.Cooper to keep order IU... The trait and color, cut and price. V e hate
tracking ladaitrfea have. bent prom tome nice one to show you : : : : : 1 I II

Attorney At Law pttona the put rear, sal those m-
pp4 is them .hare made Money for
ij,Room j. Hatchet Bldg. food crop were made and food price t I

Miami, FU.QR had.-olusla Couaty- Record. I II The JewelerCALL FORMERLY THE HOTEL KEY WEST

I The cold vave that vtrack this! JOSHUA CURRY .... PrtevkterOPEN
W. B. RUSH. playas Wednesday sight kai been :

Offlema."",,,. .Them M. I the most seven since be Me Items I ALL THE YIAR. FATES $3.00 A DAY AND UPOB
!; or."f*. Th thermometer went don .
1s.sNwa,fie III tK
2 t degrees\Ve4aeeday al bt and I
.IUII. FLA. I I:1 to decree OB Thadeday sight AHI O* I : Half Bkk from Ter>oiaal. Err West. Florida!

W. C. Maynard, I. tender At this reretatloB time It la vat ImpoBalbW kflled; CutrlthL to aayj LOFTON & EINIG \

how mack damage baa bee* doae
j just
With GRAOUATC Maynard OPTICIAN ton Jew_.r. i to fralt tree*, bat It la thooskt that FOR YOUR I Elegan tPri va te EC at a
with the exceptkm of perhaps ehe4-
A.D il.at r P-Oar dine their leaves the tree vlll prove I Apple Dynamos, Switches, Coils I

OEO. L. MCDONALD to have escaped I....".. The trait re- I and Plugs. We carry the best.
la this aeetloei Ui I II ;
|aalalaj oa the tree
ad &bMr i an frozen aid via h a dear loss maI -
.........mmt ..w..*).. La***a.... aW I I..* It I* mad lato vise tight avay.I I
OOOOAVVT OROVr. FLA I The loss la this reepect. however via I
be comparatively small u ealy a
r. w. BACIOTOmcK. : small per esst of the crop reaMtaad lee
rac 'r....c-r. gatberei-Klarimmee Valley Ca- I Ino' \\1W'rs, Groom n_e S betweea 9th__ 10.0-..
1'1&.8.-....... ... D.ttlls Made ...n..
r. BeI14I.,. .,AI KI.... n_ M
....... Ii
-.a U15.ep.elany ATMtcavD. The print paper to U a* frt n :MARCH: : VXL ;'- :
porker* aay te the eoaatry.! rind te Jltb I
WALTER C DrtiARMO. slits oa a steal of fifty per ent item Oppcclto Royal Palm: Parma:
the press of tile coaatry.SlekenlMe .
Arohitoot.Roost I --
1hi."tI'Ita I :I Corner Thirteenth Street and Acni B.

..' 4. Metropolis taildinf.Bemr I of Ague aa4 malaria. cam be fettered
*R to 11 Miami. Fla.D.D. \ and cared with Electric Bitter This ); Gas Engines icllmi. .. : Flond..a

I* a pare laic medicine; of especial
& C. M. f ROGERS!benefit la malaria, for It exert a trfecaratlT I' ; I, Repaired.Agtft. for !
laQoeBce CIVIL\ ENGINEERS I It entirely<< oat of the ayatem. It I* t THE REGAL ENGINESWe I Fares ca AFFLutscn. Write for RESERVATIONS
,' mack to be referred to quinine bar I
lrtrri ris BtiUiu. lia.UZ 1-2 Ttdfi''I'' lac none c* this drugs bad ..1ff'dLEo hare them in tock
Strttl Anti ileriiL 8. Maady, of HearUtU. Tex ear: I L\GRANCE SEj'1I' OLE[ HOTEL' \hst Ucnia.: 't .
-My brother wag very low with malarial
fern aid jaaadlc, tin k* took |
Miami'Conscrvatorg ; Located en the bank of Indian Rlv.f. Finest Huntlnv and Flvhlic. In Ha ,
Electric Bitten mhlcb eared his nr"l Directly epeealt the Lake, efeelt the Reyalfrem Fitalasa .Suss.
of Music j At an dracclat: price Me nsrut...... :'!TIle Miami win appreciate the Kemenke iurrymii>9*. .n,* wfjrr
Fort Pierce HotelS
frail r-.. Its.hecastsa ...
evat4 hotel ha* electrta light, baths table Kallenglnf e .-
'X- 1 I, N.."
PIANOS POI PRACTICE'SUPPLIED Standard lii hGnlde L Br1JUA in*..J IslsPrbinusll --

StKWlltrs"/ ttftn eW if ftt..ntORT EKCK. fLnflll'

; Stenographer and. --- The TOURIST RESORT M UO. C.U CUML -IW U Crarcr.M 4C9. 11 W. S7t1 1 SL .11!

ate.Twlha.a..4.TIM I f WaverlyHouseMRS. .I t.t.gt ,
-- -
aid other tmea $15.00 "P- and Alrr Ron.s, ,
roue, eta:;; ru, ,.. .
K* r.:".. tvard. repaired,moved i The Ideal Oyster & Chop M41O OU5
FRED KinTEK.Qcaerml I. atoird. rcated. Write or set link ISABELLA WELLS. fb.
---' -
Cosractor.O.dln. I -:=- -- --- =-==-==-=

tuudna.W.IIs 0.111.......Sidewalk 1 I Bush 22S 12 Street.f f crdPiano BtiamUrTortdaTiitc Go The Bouleyard Cottage Cry; : :Et::,il eFslmtFIltes I (Twelfth Street

and Mod Cenetrwotten 1102 O"InIr4'M"... r... U'UlU" APPIJCATIw, 1 Steak Chops and n h. Oysters in any Style

leIILII Contractor 4 Builder W\ Eagle Baiter By tk :IqurtJailorteflci.| Game I h:Seasc.v

A. W. OItAHA"r FoirCUirs. ;No WiitiBf, THE pURGUSON
.. .......... I
w psLM..PM e--........-.ce.-1..---...... Best Serrfct ii Ik Oty. 1I10NTMNO pATEBAFI'AbONASIE' H------ J. Marks, Proprietore

-r---........S III,PtooftU A. COLBY ProprietotO
) tht.14I PS ii 5..n.l.....,. t Tmtftm Muse J.VJLMUJJ :=. BO'U: 'l'.EI or nvJn: I

._i, .' .It :


--- --- ---

r ::: E I Motor Boat Races at Palm Beach. 1 I Tb'a.Miami, Realty.. Loaa a.. Coawastn .
a tow cuartra tot the buy.
Tk. fallowing la motor boat race on Lak. Worth. I* t.w I .. to ofwrat. a Iran or trolly road
Inning i Iu.Nlrtllw. February I. aadrunilnulni p.Pl..u.r* rovboat. rmlU. .1 I Miaul aid vicinity, to o.a ...
ihruacb; for :-M. ..J .1I'd' at*laaach sad .... The Swellest of The WIll be of Intwat "r .,rNle rotas r"uII 4 4S p.L-nablaVboataTnlltBT; ). l! and to na... la rartona other Baoa
1 I
S p. 0v-1 klto hfhir! '"-l bnat *
I bare to A'rr- eke MII>*: : of br.ts.eze baa tw. *rnM4 la tblartljr.
beet two la tbrr bata. fur lt. "-
F.t ruarjr 1- FITSfor all dar. Bu << the larorp<>r>i<>ra b.l.g W, W.
handicap \or Sailib rap I"roe-I, Pront. W D. Sturt..aal. Cbaa M. Tw
2 ::.1 p m -HUbpid Biotor boat I p cu.-1'a.llt', IDnaat rail sal U CX Prlc. Tb. capital
===== Season ===== f nr nillra, for lb. IL M. Flaikr Inc Ibrra prizes for lied dworai:..... >>n I.rolrtln. l stork la placed at $100. ...
Eb7l in mFor plramr motor boat,, Frbniary S FlorUa'a'. n.r.l Jam. O. floats baa '-'-.
.d ta.. library of tb. Ua.II."
unl larks 011"1 AtteruoauClub
r mikprr hour four I I In I I* a m-F.adotaste rare all .
.lira f.ir iH, Aatomobilr Uiitia. bnal. baled oa ipr. .<.. ..na WI (. wlta lit* .rflnwlac ... boob
I{ TN"to...
Ralph Conaor sad
rap facility of : fur TV Brraian
I|j opcratrfn. .
Rnomhi. \iar.t lint. PanM' Dvnmda.FrtU .
:n p m.-Motor boots (-oaastaoIsrera prlt*.
(.nl>I. four irllt*. for the LJe,. w..lt-.n hjr C orf<> Elliot II .
Priestlys Cra venett IL U \\UtMifcbbT trophy. I I It...LAU). OB._i|.motor daub boata beet leader two !12Bitl W. IL (;.ret*. of ib.. J.'lIt Orion bi......
t p. m Cabin motor boots, (oaritts aim j1v a aa a copy of hla ralu.bfi
: tkr b-t(. for lh W. C. AllUrai .
ml for the raster boat cup work. What. Hkra sad How to Catch
4'SO p. m hurter tooter koala, : pr1M. flab on the Last roast of Florida.
our nib.. J-Jft p. .-Iflcb.pr.4 barb an' Th- gifta ara very aiarbd. ..ppredaI' .
Waterproof Overcoatt i mil, beat t** I. t,...*. for the Sir .
I a at-HxavprH motor boata.
I Tbufaaa r>war prlsa.S.IS .
Blfea. for tb* Royal Pol.elsurophy. I .
B. m.Motor bats (.11) IJUa
- -- - | rporaarr 1-Royal Potaetaaa ..41'I' ). fat aU... ABMrVa rown
Last Coat Cap day. boat AaaocUtloB 11&4'"" for the
I JH.11I(11.*pd bats twenty I Lusts c. JTarka trotby 0 i' ;
I i! I ..n... for tb. Hovard Gould arts*. 4 p. mv-Prtia flovcr .nlval sit Q
I < < t4 \aI I i t:2I: p m.-galllaf boata sad an I pared, for tile IL A Unkr. lv, prlna:
I mart.. four ilJ... I.accowl sod third rlw. 11_ i
I II I (0f I I

: These coats are made in DEALERS IN I LULU <) .

_- qj' ,, the very latest patterns en'! > 4
Saul McNL -
Choice meats, Live Poultry.PwIDt .
Uif and arc all wool They ChtbtsM L. ...1
I Dod dressed poultry r.ii aT. E A T. E It T.
turn water and are 'I --- -- <
''IL' ...,
JUST THE THING .. .. Co w. autaamoa aCO. -
I -. .-.............tit ns.t busk m
FOR FLORIDA WEAR I C.n.r 11th 8& .... Aft. D .u..trialaltlM f

1 I Ilj

512, $13.50, S15,
So wltea 1"co.e here tor

1o.t and S18 --I We work for a Fresh Meat .c( ) Ctr:

Reputation wlether Florida M Westen. 7" ._ CO
Itt tIM ftfJ beat to be.b4. Our LULU U: I
teat cutter ba?l Tars ezperk.c.Mai tJ
... ....}.. to his credit sad howa Hw to cat
Itx ....
. I R, W, RHODES IU IS i ,. to ri"the beat recall.w ..

_. ::.=--- LARGE & STARRI :l c=:

k- --- . . . H gI
raaaar taX11 M m

U. H. STILLYm .A.a.O M.EGGS. ._... ,I -a

rru.. cI S

Fine Footwear to fit any foot I t: _

--- ----

' -- ComingComing! I
I en

SEWELL'S SHOE STORE The best and most moral I--II I C

I LULU I ui' .
-- (J
inAmericaI (> ...J I I
Show :
--- -- -- -- -- ; Ii I
.. -- 1
I I Ij J .

1905 SpringGoods 1 I Miles I 1 i .

I Exhibition.I ,
,\ now on a o
I fi ; 99J
Kin.t cads that are mjmaf jctared. Laird A Scbobrr, Orton'sSouthern
I Drnr.. lby. Noranaai A Heaia>ett and Hanaa maktra.Larrr y ? 9
t and mo-ip-to-date stock <. tM Soath to ae
I led from hbova for wslkia=, tor driving for yachtinr. I :.
for rolfinjf tad for dr and rrcniaf w/ar. )Mad
of tM foiling atock: French Kid. Patent Kid. Tan ; THE AGE OF
_. Viet Kid. Taa Varaiabcd Calf Ski. White Ifeck.
----::= Whit L4n ., Wait Caator. White Hack Taa Ome.. SPECIALISIMibeltarviattookl j
and white kid. '.
bias plat Doojota : :: :

Shows WE 'S

Do not buy autil yon visit oar mammoth Shoe Store "r ada/, "BO was
caa aerr two......tenw '
... .. .
if w to ba *
Will appear in Miamifor den 01 ware*. wwco
M aot give doe at-
Two Days Only. tntio to tIM acUa-
tile txaaiiMtioa. of
tIM _ye. Optics la a
profeaato*.aot a aMrcaati -
)* b..*ia.aa, tIM
Thursday and Friday paaaiaf oat of a tray
of fUaaca over tIM
covatcr aa.l allowl.,
TOW to(t joaraclf.. a
Feb. 2 and 3 t.iaC of tIM p.dA.IIgmalltiwsad

...cotaf .-.1...,
I la their wavy rariova

Two Grand Performances daily. 2 and 8 lieu forma BOW and combtna-hake It

acccaoarj lox a tboro .

P. M. Doors open I hour earlier. the jb rye cxaaiinatio before. it of U
safe to ha* ;hake
faraiabolDr.S.C.GRAY. .


With Real Cr... Ph. .....

JOHN SEWELL & BRO. At the Miami base ball grounds. The

I champion high dive of the world by Capt. LILUC M. JOHNSON _

Thelonly exclusive shoe store In the rity.ScwclTa David Lattlip. Free to everybody. vnwT'"IIO -.-

I Shoe Store 304 12ta Street SewelTa Ctothia;Start I Manicure and Hairdresser/
30U 12U SC ScwelTa Talbriaf Ettabliaamit. U612ta St. '*

Don't forgetthe days and dates.Feb.2 3i ii I I Face Massage

a Pout oleo Box ISJ, Mia ail" IT*.

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: January 31, 1905
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002075060
oclc - 34299190
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Cd' ,


-- - - -
-- ----- == --:=- -- --
- - -

The Only Paper in Southeast Florida Carrying.ssociatcd Press Dispatches.

--- ----
-- -
--- -
--- -
--- --- -- -- -- = =
-------- -- -

VOL. 2. \O. IG OKttX i A1IAMI. ILOIUU.TUESUY.. J .\ :\ l'H.H. 1905.: u.---: : Price 5 Cents

--- ---- -


Jan SI.-A *p>'Cia: LrrWte, Jaa II.-Extreme

f. u. Greens'oro Ali, annoorotbe CAUSE-GANGRENE!! ENTERTAINMENTMISt colt weather' prevail her sal at ta

iih th re ,bbl roomlnf of JII tge Jan. rhea Wl c e.ila Iwhla trxta Th'

15 INEEIESINC AAnd M, II..t!.*jn, father of Captali' Rich I ihervMMietrr ,this raff-nine p gl terJ TRIUMPH REEF

: tend rear*.. Huh a. Tki uul* wa ...L I twenty decree below acre anj .U atll<

-- ,; p.."ttrnoLt and hi* ace alxty
Wull'IIKtJaL' 11.-PreahlealRnn

Strikers Frequent Key \\"nt. Jaa. IL-Tk* BrtUihteamer STREAM.MakdB. WEST. *.TU aid party ....l.nood from I' laden Cardiff to Vera Crux

I ..laad.. which waa reported Phlladclpola. arrlTlac' hr at 1:20: I

ashore Bear Tortaraa. has beets palled this __I... They left tile teals at

i i off br the Goterniaeat tux Oaceola. 7:10: o'clock.

BUSINESS I* AT 11._' stream of wooded la arrlTta BUT WAS RELEASED THIS
TROUBLE-ALL BAD CUSTOMERS Jit. SO-Let* arrivals at hold' J fff.r. A MAGNIFICENT
lOCI: Frank II. lUiXrll H. ).I. Hoe
ton, MlH Morton. U R On it. Mr*
i George W. Dames O W. Danes P.
to the official army orcxath
F Calaea, C. M Bomb Albert D. gimc -SB
I! _.... will umber SSM. Th smack Ada cam Into port y*.
St. reUrabarE. Jaa. IL The Utrtreporu I tI *. J. A. 8I1nh... E. W Spier. W R.Marr.
cold la Intense and th. condition of I Urday afteraooa from Eliot Key will

from Warsaw depict tk* BitBjadoa -I tile woaaded caaaea aaxlety. aa Ole A. J. ScaleaneUer. J. Waller.C. th* report that th* but Bttflafe
tkrvockoat Poled M lacrea* UTATIONS WILL PE PUBLISHED espoanr of woaada to lbs eol J cause O Britain. R. IX Mow. IL F DaTla, ROUTE TO CUBA TO ENTER AN tramp steamer Ackworh, .f Weak

JSV la* U ..+a..se.a. Moor eo&:18IaU'1M. THIS IS THE DECISION OF THE caacreea. PrereaUta precaatlou ar* Mrs DBTU. Mica C. Darla. Mr. aid ENDURANCE RACE-THE FIN. HarUepooL. lac, aid baud from Caw

...* tk* troop sad tb* popvJac MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION. beJaf take tat thr la gnat aaffer II,., bleary U Ebeea. Mr. sad Mr*, EST EVER SEEN HERE. diE to Ten Cm wtth teal WM ashore
.... OB Trramph R.< tea mUa. south ofPowey
J. W. PUttla. Homer PUtUa. J. UKemper.
roaOaaoa to awn tk* aamber of the
Rock hilt aid te seed of r
Capta. Roberta Bad Malay
load alatmae

RaOroada sad ....-n. ar* at a A. $t. J. Newberry. J. C. Traak, apt Tb* yacht Loam. waa at oae made

omptet ataadatnt aad ta* UIo aHa At th* recular meetlac of ta* Mrcaaata kX Pvtorabwf. Jaa. IL-A tetacram J. B. Au... Ed. A. Klta. M. Hcrold. Aa Utereatlac wklel OB tk atraetathla ready aid with several. .... spades

cl workjaoa Mao aaaa Idle... moathaar Retafl AaaortaUoa met mUatoffleara from Bchlataai dated Sad.y .,. Mr. aid Mr*. J. Melt. Spar MlaaLaacaUa. ........ aid which attracted a aid pick weal to tile ros.., Tbawrckra

for th. aalaf year weresheebd that led Raaalaa ..... from last Wed- J. LaaikUa II:. V. .. big crowd stead K wbereree k ....- with taolr heats twwaty-tvw
aid ibis faor *
tarrlac duparat, Mday to Saturday wen 1MM. W a ..
led Shone or mor* enter had already .
pad waa tnvrta .
u foflowi: power -
leadlac tM traatoat. daacer.Ta that th* pw Btan of dead U small ..,. A. Walt*. Mrm. Whit*. J. M. Settl* In wmd of die ateamar hag M the
Prwtdeat-taador Cobea. ear of Mr. James 1C. W..... of Nw
Aanriraa coaaaUto afWaraawaa Th Japaata losses war very heavy, Pal Co Berth. reel ... sward sleet hoc Bit* lees

tel gtapbd that ttsty IKo s. ....... -. U XI....... over IM belaf captarad. Lars atmbera of towrtata arm by TortE at who WIt, hla caaaOear. Mr.B. Aa eons u ta* toalaa arrtt*! 0.,.

BM4y taoa baloaslac to It....... Secretary aad 7euanr-C. M. erery Many atop to Key & OltcaoO. win buses for Haraaaoa with members of th* ens. oH sleet \.

Mrs ba pillaged by la* mob aad Brow. Jr. RUSSIANS LEFT MANY DEAD.LoBdoB. Tharadaya at earner. wore tile MB remo rig th* carte from the hww or
Went to aa4 from Haraaa.Tk ebbs will b abated ta
B *o>
factory to eloaad -
pat only A ...ber of sew members war I f.nepmrt of tM ship for tV purpose
A ffwaoral trlk* ta ta offoet 'These Jaa. IL-A dispatch to OMJapaMB C. S. tralalac aklp Hartford daisies ties- OB or abet PotmrnryII of lUatMlac her ... t
Ukea late led aaaoriatloa. Ta meet after coaliaf left Tortaiaa Friday tor
wflHac to work w eompalloi to Jib legatos daUdyday art After worktax an al tM atrlka. A elUWftUfts....* lac wai largely attoadod aad prodwUT that Field Maraca Oyama reports that Cuba Tk* enter Colembla win ar- Th mathla to a Paaaard Frwach shout two hoadrwd toaa of ttoooal

of ta* dead at Warsaw .. oa* haadred. of mach eathaataam art tator th* a..... bar left UM dead Mth due.there Tuesday, coal sad proceed make aid was oa xhlMtloa at th* orerbmrd'th Ackworta .aa oabM .>

lilt atac Jut Wedaeediy.JAPS to lIa aa&. Parto ABtomoblla slow hat yaar. It I '\
eeL to back elf th* rot tala morrntMabowt
SEVERAL PERSONS KILLED I Mia Paaay Baker entertained at U rala"ed a Heat seam aolor aadtw I o'cloek. Aa. exaaraar
Th matter debtor,
daUaaaeat CAPTURE STEAMER. ,"home Wedaeeday IB koaor at Mr. If ha X.70 poaada. It.. cap.M+ ft bowed that aawjhaj Jr4 Bttte err

,* .. Jaa. IL-Sereral peraoaawar which was discussed at ta* Uat meet- aad Mm ,leer Baker. lately of New a speed of It ace per host. aad 1* BO tajmr. aft**, which ah. silted N

killed aad away woaadod U *a* Inc alone with plaaa to keep out aid Tokto. Jta. It-Th* Japalra riptared Tort After Ue reeeptloa. tke facet retarded aa th* moat perteei burg her

_.... with troop her yertcrdayTa pretest t.IM lafonuatloa of "bad ty"caatoojera. I th. BrltUh r.__ WyelWld, wr bud to the ItTlaf room where car la Amonca today. Th way.Ackworta to a rvry lags -poav

.- Coat AM Society has *aapead4operatlooa. I loaded with coatrabaada for they phased what Whet the fame Mr. Watra atuaded th- rreeat
sat lakes .p acala. aid, VlaMY1' er S. M or more tae aa4 west OB the
talephoa ommaalraoBaar .." off llokkado i bad ,.. I was culled U waa fossil that )fro Oliver race at Ormoad. bat lbs matala wee
moOoa K waa decided that all 1 __ reef early Moaday noratac. rirtaateJy .
tatttrmptod aad U>* ...odnioa epos Baker was entitled to the" geode'sot, catered la aay of th* cooteeU.th a. .
used"allot L ta* light aad aa* reetMeaty
kroackoat Warsaw suck tkat L'toImpoatbto merchaata aal mrmben of the mesh 1m p1'1I. Bad Mr. Rev MeKIl- a yr ompUac tar fat oOcUaaed
THE NEWAORK nta ertrtrated. It.. aald taatkef
to aaotrtata tk* subs ofTtctima. than ant aotlfy their delta-' Up tke coaaoUtloa prI... Mis Kitty j It la apJ. Mr. GltcaeU cau lows I meter. mad a _Inlet will lbs

: teen customers to alas ma wlihla Baker a.4 Mia Florida Hertetl wereO yesterday with; ta* ear. K Mrf,. wrecker to rn-or her for fltXaad
Two additional rectneaU of fafaa- for the ladle' (rut prlt Mia I ten did sol arrive aatn this soma,..
a ipdBd Urn, after which they UT STOCK MARKET that lie paid Ibis amovt :e them
try aid two of drarora Ann arrlTel llertetl drew tb* lowest card lad was be biter met at the depot by Mr. I'
Inc sot eomptML raises will b) clicnated before ta11Iac.
...... tlM prill'. Mica Floaat. Baker receded I OlUbell sad take to tkKoral Paint
amoBf tb* aarloaa ...-clIa.'" I. basket of cherries for _lIOlatloa.I HotL
MOST UNFA VOR*.eLt. *><".* fg then to t* bad pay "t this I Partners for refreebmeeta writ aeJert-' ta apeaklaa; ., th* r>ceat tarsi at

txrVni off
Fart. Jaa. SL-A aeiH-ojBrUl! r- I AlrbiM -.---_.-....-- .... M.1Aktl. ", bad two .* kt...., on. of which Urn* la poise of the ra-ea was pb or tile F R.: C. Rr, JrkatIU* aai .
1'1 further k.Ite satire f't tick
:; .... ... .... I51kA.atgwW
ana reached bore Tv-curfilnt th) pee -- 1
port I aid the other sealed la aararelore BomentL bat h surprised at the
,- .l .. I.M wore was i I Mlaail. totaf Into effect yesterday:
C'-fPtaei i are ear h.Iac e-> rY any .____ -
< .. jog pair .
.JI, .uclao11l A. t It will lie ta edt- Aw ea. '. .....- 8r_"ihlMMiBd-TralB No. J5 rarrytac
Petersburg which U Lost ,,1&taY'J'"'I ....... tar aa rent C atlbatloa 0\___ ...-.....f< ..- IM'i totted one and the young lady who IP*.k ae*. lICIt a coo comparing abla. 0\-'eM Tit. ..._ .. nsIUH
tci rorrrspoo'tlac 10 the outs durability to 'h forncar
(I. coaectk 11 l k tU ma.tr It .." I A..T___S......._..........._. .. \ wore a iper4 or > : S a. BL. anti *aic al MVaail
.tali that ta> 1.4:'011 of ta* t.artc A.., .. T_pf ....- .-.. .Qtw III his envelope was Ilia partner Mr *. 7:0: p. m.I a
GORKY WILL NOT HANG. ..n a. It* last BTet4.ac la Unlnc ..1't..I. I I I a.a..ii.r. ... ....'..l.. ... aW Oliver Ball.,. .ko' visa I* a rare Of *a
A....., .. r.saly...... Lit contralto, sung several anUfal aeIttlors that th* tote"i are aol *> ranch : .rK>r can aal roirh-a. M.'. Jaebonvile >
!. i-roblra had Un ta. T.i 4
.... .. .
6t Petersburg Jta. IL-The report A. c. *tif ft -- u aal rltefted the hearty ap- mater of -eo. n cndartr.-e. A r-'e .
I I I ; It:*0 a: m. arrive V. '111,.
1 nihtr :any, ten do mot C' >I> Ms' R.e.ay. aapta T..t ....___ w. I
that Maxim Corn s101. hart plan vbllahed. re tll' old d rta -
for k'ca trea... la wltaoot th. .:Irtt. =:== boss present were Sf'''''' th* eveat th. ear hot'ling' Trala No. U. carrrtac dally beret

eat foandaUna. cnd the ttrerUtlTI' 1'1) .. tfc* nutt'c ..f ih* apptlcn->> tilh I I ea..Ia. p.ae, ._._...._ ... ___ EJbel UcKinip, Viola Roberts >">rlilHertell. ap to that a dod a'wata be at ros'rl I l.. Jaci .
from < three deity men for ,- c.te..htt .- c-.......... GM _...___...__.. ae4a parlor can red catches an
CUt k. will be released iMabelle Saw tb. ., tb lalmh to '. It* ,
Petraao Cone. lap BIB i
.. M the irtalm.. It was ia. .. T.A cw.tnL-____ USIIooI. awiTll 12:11 p. ax, sill* Miami If
t belts a few week t prbo.1 see H of l's r.se'e'j after dst dip |V r.4tI._.._____. ._ r elk yet VTrln Russell rannenla Her. poke nl"1la\c.I, of life roada arotn I I 20 p. edltd.

Th oily chare acala .. 1 DrUwara*.H4M...... _......_. 11M.. sashes, Kitty Baker Fbade Baker ', MUml and nil thtt oa them h* e-a No.. t). carryIne dally bnffa
ifcit tfv are eil rtttlH
C .r tapart i ___ .. .. |
that k* to a member of tk* &n. -_--- ap4 Me,
to .......'..V u the'se'e.5 Era Skis Pureed. __ lag, J..Die Bethel Adele DroaI<<. partly do thirty-IT* to forty Billet pet I sleepers. sail crarbea. Mans Jaaken'r

of tare appoiated to collect taa It for .!t.5 r. . L C .._.._.... _.__ .. dame Oliver faker H M Morton'j'I boar IB h'a car. II* eipeeta th. cato Tin I'S: p. BL, grin Miami .;.H a.

the trtkra. Retail B....... u ..mW lbs M.g .. .... ..._..__ ..._ IJ Chaa. DuraU and Meaara. Heary Tsp | ciTe a a-o arcoant of hrrael: h st. -
I by : M. < T.pf .... ._._......._ ... ._ lor. George Sachet Berlla Sawyer" t.IM Hataaa nee. sad would eat t*''t" i Nonhbouad-Trala No. T*. carryttf:
tylawa lid th-e.B.ea the app'kall.sswere L w.___.. ... .... UII
TO GOVERN CANAL WO.RK. reeetd ll')..w*a. Cl was ..; ....IIana. .....__...._' 1.lkMMed Cecil Curls Webster Resell IlenrjPmai. I aurprteH at wlaalof the eve*. I 1..11. buffet parlor are and .cake.
Waaaiactoa. Jaa. SL -Th. Rouse .._.__ C-. Walt. Joe McMaboa Na- i
ctd d that ta the Iran reprta" r.da. as rIe.1'. MUml I.SO a. a. arrive Ja.'W
Oommltto oa lateratat aadCommTM tarsus. H..Me.... SUM .,.__...._ .. led tkaa Nllea. Roy III'Kl11I,. Owe Ro FRUIT AND PRODUCE MARKET. ]I r. aoBTtn* TM: B. mTraJa
today latkarUed a. .yaoc Uses of Ute prase bo trtt4 to sitedthe ............. tl..ky C... __ .. nv Haiklaa.
Th sin t'1
meetlasd iM aaaocU'l oIL ........ said) ____.__ .._ hall beets Harry Galey. Ileary followteleframa No 7t. rarryla dan* b.(',
able report oa lbs Maaa kffl. aboUak- .. w____ 755O.uet. Oliver Baker aad Chaa. D..... I INotwIthaUadtac coadltloB of today* market wpeS baa layer car* oaly. Lave KUml 1 a _.

lag tk* ...... Caaal Oommladoa. GULF COAST INVENTORS. w..._.. ._ .. .. .. of tW >r rtareof bees obtalaed by rpeclal arn.t.wttll \ ajrit Jackaoortn 7:4 p m.

aad ptada tk* Oorerament canal ril...__._..._ _..1754 tile warships the lermaa. gives by the th* teadlac cummlacloa BMrth- Trill No. 22. caryta itttt lieN

..s aad tk wart of eoaatracdac tae Ta followlM pateata wr receaUylaaaed .P...c.o.Gea--....... .._ _-5 1.7 at_ ettlMo was held at La Brio Wedaeday. eta throughout th* eoaatry.fanlla i rrrtor nn ... <
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IX c.. who will seed com panes thou | sktper. aa4 oae ej. leers Miami
Miles Ortoa alien wffl atretch .. .,.C___ _._.. ._. _
d ptota copte of lay of them to reader iS .nJ.___ .. or th* affair was tlr*. bah who wen *. |1M. Caallaower. U5* 7:1 p. m, arms JaeX MrlQ* !:N .

their teat oa tk* baseball (roaada.moar of this paper for Ins coat per copy: .. ,. ..__ ... ...__ ..+1M caned away ao a xld Bly to mall th* Cake*. fU
led MetropoU Vafldlac. ...... ._ _.. m.TW
Alabama-Joaeph W. BUdK Taoavaa. LooIIe IPt Bjoyveat of th* realaf perfect M. lies A Sri New Torn Jaa. St. Palm Beach mad Miami Sperml
w'- .....- ,c. M5k '
OH Separator; Job K. DoocUa.Btrmlacham. par.- ...__._-__ .- tacit About S o'clock aa aerocraai was reeetred -DD set aatVripate hither oraat war alao la."' ,i'i..' r."..rdayTralB
A jofly Tesl, Hotel Dtarayaefwtwta Steam Pimp; CUad P. T... M __ '.. III" from Admiral Ba..., n..... ...rtes. aa a result of t.IM free*.. Receipt I I. leave* Pa'a Beek daily at

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O.l. hoae ..... __ ur.v.
of Mr B. IX Beebe, Hamlla Tat... Bba. NoareUUbUIxmUUaa e Btatlaf that that was lies abort aereatyeUht will adraae. I t Rat.nlac"'YPe MHml at I:II p.BL.
wa eompoa d .....___.... __ 355 .
of Baltimore; Mr. aid Mr*. k'.. of Bath v..... .....Seat N_ w.. mile aoath *f Key WeaL 0., a Co. CVlcacoL. Jaa. 11.Mtrketa .- arlTtaf at Palm Beach I'M p. aOIl f,

aaMr H. K. HarMM -Joha J. A. Oomaa. Day. V...___.. _.. lit{ is an FlorMa fnttt sad Tec th* Homestead......., tralaa Sj
Qaetaaatl: Mr. IVY Fertilizer Distributor: William v...........,. ._ COTTON POOL FORMED. table h strong th>*|h sidled oaaeeoBBt I Mare MUml dally ncept ......., al
of AUaata
aid Mr* McCaba. : ....
J. Porayta. New lade Hal JolatTexae TLrlsatlwlirCY..ka10.- Mk I New Orl..... Jta. IL-TV. Ban of rrFaae, liaatae*. i 1:10: a. n. .myllIl at HnieM>i at
Mr. W. J: Uwta. of Brooklyn: Misses W....+ rN. .__. __ a t I
r MOdrea aad Dorothy Baraoa. of At- -Jobs W. Joyc May CaJO- of th* cotton pool formed by tb* u' tlU to 14. Ham,*!. let..., ItMCxxplaat. I T:41 ... Retararnc lists Ware

huts mad Mia Joaepbla kt Nigel valor Attachmeat; Tbonaa' I:. Santa WHITE MAN AND NIOQER.Waaklactea. entire rommltt of th* Bovthera Cot $1 Car greet aad was I Homestead at 2:11: p. a. ant"' ./ at ..

of New Tork. Tfcey west on lie L J. Ray aad M. P.Wotooo, Ft.Worth.Crad Ins AranclatloB .m b* th* bass tl to IV Crap b1t 14. I Miami all;W p. m.

oa Bsrs.e.MlalsdpptJobs. : PUatera Commission sad tII"'l Market la good rwadltl-a; weatberfaTorabW ---
taaack Tk* Adelam. Capta Owe, Jaa. IL-Tke Prod
aad spiel coaatderabl Urn trytaf I Shaw sad & deat will appoiat Thomas J. Woodford Th, charter bat bee drafted ; eTaed strenety a tt. I LEGAL PAPERS.

1 U Ooode. Paula Wlre.tretcber.Ta poataiaater of New Or tea*a. WalterU he hadq.arter s will b* IB New OrI I oa all Florldaa vegetable But two legal patera wen i>4 for
to locate th* klBjfUfc, BaaHy rcttlac I
late a aman atkool of them $.. before \I Soathera State** rapid develop Cubes a Becro wfll b* appotatedrcxleter eaea. The esete'Iva commute wry j I Fteteaa Brna. Baltimore. Ja 11-> I record la 1.. clerk oUce today aa

time to start kameward. Mrs.Beebe mitt la ajaBafactarlaf baa aired of th* lad once at New Or finally eiMtoni the detalla of red pool| Tomator.. fancy |1.S. to |l: ctiMre followi:

aacceeded la toadlnf Ik* Brtt mice fear la Net tirfaad led the ....... at a BteetlBf to be held la Attests IU7 to n &0. n-.a.. r-' >. n t I Warranty
sue skis' Min MHiJred" Harmon ...I South take tic lead seer them, aad ttaeetn r'bnI.rJ T. 1311 KXTpUnt H to IXS4 I>attics. ;, Rmplr 8cal aad Fitttre Co.. for |!*:,

a close aecoad. theae beIng followed I wen ,oa.... la tare yean THE COTTON MARKET. It baa bee Uteri that W. P. Brows II M to |1 Grapefruit. 11 to II. O rare. s M II, Pmrmn 'nltT r 'II of M'S"

I th* maaafactwrlBj oatpvt of Ih Seth than toe president of tb* sew compaarMeetlrr .. IJ to .:.:s. I S and C. rf M,v. I. rub llTlnUirn of s.
catcke by Menr Lewis and Htrww. -
try ha Increased aearly twenty.BT* pet. New Tork.jaa! llj PVarr* eked win b* held la every lows tloaa :.. 2y aal l.. township (I with,
t Mia JcepklB SHcet aye that
_" eke sever casket sty beraaa* eke t cent std the B mber of tareaUaaii atet. Jaavary. fCl: IVbrury. CCM4 htp' of th. ,bon belt to peif ct aa Mile M.Iot. who hat a arhnN firth I eases II es.*.

Sever tried. prefrrrtBf to let II.... Tit i tweatr-tw. per cent A StaU'i jrowtkla. ; Muck Cl; May ell; Jaaa. W orraaUatloat th* farmers Tbs bHad at A.rn. la Fra-. I. la Warranty d.e<.. Perrta. Gr>nt Land

VBirrd, do tk* thing accordtac to rtarjaOca. sly at rap.Id bid: July,' CM; A.ca... 7/i; d-plot war*boat* committee! of 1M Bothers the Called Slates detnonafrafaf th* Co. to W N. Voitl y. for r*."

tie wklto Mead.ah* build keraetf oa deck **, aa her ImprorwmoaU ta lbs ...raJ:/ bee HI; October TU; November. (Colta AemcUtkM win west hr OBrbrmary I I ajatewi for tea,hla| th* Mitt of which i I twenty acres la ........... 11. t ...*.. >

katx | art*. tit bid; December. tit bid t. to conpteto IU report she to th* avettoe.s' |111I aoalb, rugs 44 act
d jortef a ta aam .

"... 0 5N
C r

\ to



We will make great reductions in Blankets and Comforts this

The I Ided I week; we have the largest stock in the city and can save youmoney

,.... ---c," 12th Street -<:- o_ E.'B.: DouglaS

I r

... ..
-- -- .

"10.. r. II,iv 'ibit mould Mrk on thin Rt "trrs'l n"? .lfr'' h- .ft' "The "
THE DAILY ..' alh..r dtr\t< a buak la a iHuaikJ ail.<.r.. I IIJUI. trials ,bo are Ibr' mbVrt rf the '
MIAMI METROPOLIS' : Residences :
-- traaaarr aid the plunilrrvn of ih ;
J.>bD f'haf1ll1lam.. Soda the ftantialtr Russian cailua dVlibrratrly rooitedlto I ",.
f u liitd Every Day Except Sunday. nilnorlty rather uaruly at ntiUH-re our 1"10'-.1 omtb' rs. ,II

B.t.l.....""".. i. .<*. fes. W lrn* 1 I liiufa Hut U ban brU It la hand bet ( IbHr wire IB! th-lr children Bit
I UT than Senator Gonna. baa done la we shall wreak rraf'anf for carl I
fie liiffii. FriEtmj Corcpuj.Birred I I
the Senate. slats brothers on the Czar ..-. ar..'" J Jliy
ta U* HMtofflc at Miami. -Cold kit people on all hta! Impiriil rep .
Fla aa aecmtd-claaa anatuc.Th you ever bear at the Moktka!i Uleaa blood oa hl. ", IDlal.". on .'1 I! -
cl.-* They are RuMlaaa, sad may He tb" pllUrrr of 111'. 111 starred Rn'ralaa!, e r
ttoalaeta pub ;I I I
tout newspaper 1
said to be Muacovlt Qlllk< tubed O cnalalaad of tk* VailedSiatea. III|
MI *
I t I i do not drink vodka sad do lICIt believe were to talk like that la this country
la rear They number about tOO.OOn.! _a alaft our TkeoOor for leoaiiee

On Tear fry Mad .... ... .. .WW I IIIu. I and two parties of then have already ;---lie would lOUD lad hlma'U la trontl I

Moats... ... ... . .. .. 344 1 landed la this rouatry They will par *. Put apowb la Run U freer
t Tare Month .. .. .. .. ... U! 'i i.i ttMMr simple 111* la California. I thus It wt*. And It will be freer that i

0.. Week. by Carrier. .. .. .. oLiveetistag I I __ It la. I
; 4 I Tomorrow sew the bedaalnii of the i '
rates mad knova CM aTELEPHONE .pplkaUoL Palm Beach motorboat race. ..where! 1
I for three days tII.fJft'l'" will d-I Governor Broward thinks that Jr L
light aid Interest tkonaaada. Satar- C. M. Browa to a woo1..rf l noa.l )
t1-R. 1IIaat... aid to capable of
day fternoon we ret them here ht
O.UI METROPOLIS' BUH.DING Sorting t&aay One ....11 I. politic,
-tllat. about alt Palm Death Key
412 and 414 Twelfth street. West and Haraaa. That's the ack4 I bat doe not 1Ie l 0....... the Court Heue two aeaaurl f\tr\rtt
taI ..4 we trust It will lie avereaafal.aim .
TUESDAY, JANUARY It, 1505.That >> that tile two little races at Miami at one aid the Mm time, and baa
tact the tent lot of calJ.1
ed this to tt
It prorramm J to tK win lie At I
Orient to please an. Baakln. chalnnta of the
Official Inspection. I EueaUr Committee for tki* dlatrlet. '

TIle visit cf Mr. Henry M. flakier.Mr. Tk need of more hotels aid board-j sad has cited aim tk* tow oa the na

J. & Parrott sad other ,.. II:. C. lag boo*. faeUltlea la Mlaaal to taw jest Ooremor Drowsed bas IB* kind- y f..4 r,
ft*. officer to th* bra of th* lowetoast berg dcnoaatratad by the fact that Sad frtd hlB for Dad county, but .. Cited i ,. t
la Inspect th* survey which baa aO of the smaller Rotate aad the ma- It ***BS doe not west It doubly I rep
been coUf on there for severalaoatha jorltr of rwldeac letting roooa. ar ..reaeated tb* not Senate, BO we *nn>
past, with a view ascertain. filled ... forced to tan away people pose w* ar likely to *e* a UYety potll

bag Tin exteadlaf this Ole faasamtr chain th*of railroad Islands&** pracUcabllltyof may Key mean West tended close dally.of that The Miami MvtropolU the are roomtmf taa equa.has aca loDe aid aIJD04a.stns has.! teal Martin taaal.v---.: Ocala;Baa.:;San.. Joe. Cat i II)_:I;: I Business Blocks [r == j I II II ,

and result la aroch toward the con- advocated the bmndlaf of houses for kas secured from A. B. .-, of Aca
mniaHnn sr abaadonmeat e( the proThera such porpoaea. Tb wisdom of this pukes Paaama. 500 .aUr-Ua.dmoakeya

JId.. last .. BOW dcnoaatratod axmla M It chick k* wait tnn to pick' I I
has keen n* brae or busts baa been U the past and It to to lie tk* ,..... ero lt. will place ....'
about this project by the promoierm., hoped that aert aeaoa will see more aloe on them \9 prvreit theta fro-a i :b
They purvey kt. bees olBf on quietly prarlaloo of this kind for the boar eating the frnlvTb
sad carefafly by the beat of mm la lac of Mlamfa tbovaaada of wlaterffwMU. J
that prof__. There behind the I .
project know.. mails iaa it wilb I MY User. of the GreatBtaamaklp Xortbes
an ...... aalrvUktav The. Tatter Copes to talking prattr fr- Oo, the trtaneaota. rwwtty I
know It vtn tarolre rear of labor' ly sad boldly for a dtiaam of a --- left on kr Initial trip front 8*ut* to :
sad BBfTIV t ot conan try la which Incautious speech kaa Manila with ItOOO ton of frvlckt and
This,, tf the plan U (....espe.dirutes I seat away a na to the StkorU 141 paaaeatera. Cotton eomprtoMtk*
that neeoat little ..t Kalneay haimr I ..... la his proclamation after the greater part of the cary: I : .t :

been leaned tIC the reoilts eC ----
--- --
-- ----- -- -- - -- -
ote s> rvey, about U .*.ry laauar, :
Ur naon hart drew ra ....'JI. to the .: -' I
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at tie
incctm pv'olect.Pit o*: v* IK ii
these were ro. cflctal. sad the Jv
praMat laapvrtl-n will likely drch>p hv;
the aat nor and by ,bk* htull L- -- : 4titT .(- 1 1I
faroraLl vr ..bvorat ie. eta HOUSE PAINTERSOpposite
b. toreakaddvvvl. U tl tawnrt that
Mr. FUcVar d..'-" to Bait lat nteaakm. .
sad via kin ladonJla' lo p.Fseysriag
aatara sat dUpoalUok. tt U I ;
Ii y Its
bellowed that t>' *ini. will be aa-leif i I s r "tutik
mason rave/ Miami, florid
then to say ptwribUtty of lunaafal -
cmlnla iliTk .
--- -- -
avfldlac rf 'VU ciuantoa or
railroad to Key West win rest meek
3 3 33 3 .
to nortdm tU Matry aM the
It .HI opaa a new UM a:t of I

Coast stereo vtn lid b b.,UM which froattK,&. b&Ur.n.. 4.1 T RARE BARGAINS w I Along Twelfth Street.will I

It vtD make travel writ Cuba sad M ViT
South AOMrtca.1 par rai rit win ]I

give to tM worth ha reue4 pnrti-C Uib/ give you a good idea of the

tactllti.. lid ill .U"II4 aad tifterc I character of the residences and stores along
ether wrs op .* asG laenaM trnf.
sad trivet I W. M BURDINE \i/ .Miami's busiest thoroughfare

Sack met u Fli>k:rr a<<1 Panon vlii i I
e beklad a profit U