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VOLUME 3, NUMBER 197 ; I IIA II, EIXHIIDAiTIIUltSDAY, JULY 20;, 1900 Z pa'Q. ] pgCt1I3& ,;


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In Swell Paris Club-A Riot Al- Rotten Errors By locals Prevented
I i .

most Followed Assault, I Which, Them From Taking The Game.
I I ,
,It is Claimed, Was Prearranged. TU will be Played Off)'tat Week
Brother Officer Denies Insult, ait -ThIs Afternoons CamWest
5 '
: i .

New York. July 2C- Herald dispatches I Palm Beach. C; Miami. C

from Paris say that Major Th* e figures t.u the finish. of the
Dreyfns was publicly Insulted yesterday flrtt ram of'n series" of tkrv* obek
In one of the most exclusive clubs sled to be played Is this city bt ...
of Paris by a commandant who slapped above baseball trams for a eelebrsr
the major In the face. 1 ties par of 100. 1"Pille was
Thla brought about an ImmedlaU I on the Royal Palm ground yesterday
clash in the club teudh g' to revive afternoon and was wltaeesed by aa

the disputes over Dreyfus, and the t Immense cro.. affair he has been prominently connected I -- ? ever gathered around a toes dlaaoed.

with for the paati few yean II I .. Owing to the Japanese athletl
la military circles. Almost Instantly events the game was deUyed and It
a riot was In order In the clubrooms I I ai :WHERE YESTERDAYS BARBECUE WAS HELD i :was nearly 4U o'clock wbe the as.

two groups forming one for :pun. Dr. Lends called "play ban aaj
Dreyfns sympathizers and the other the struggle was oa. There wt
for opponents LAST NIGHTSUiUMMATED'PARADFF;; ; MIAMI IS THOROUGHLY FILLED I a umber of brilliant plays aa It Is rumored that this affair had were a motor that w.o4 pat %

1bMa.. pee ranged. The .doors of A player "aaxlooc for a feI...." to
the club room. were' dosed Immediately : WAS BIG SUCCESS ,: WITH! CELEBRATION VISITORS baa.. la otter werds,; they were
after the affair/ started and no 1 rotten tad to a demonstration of
particulars have been allowed to be : this kind of ban. Miami, can atrrtV
givenout. : : I'I'r I ate tile fact that the scalp of U.
r : % j I IMany : I visitors WM not take. Details .(

THE REPORT DENIED recelied Organizations Were In Line And Streets Thronged]1[Crowds Have Increase and All Are Enjoying The Occasion 'he game are therefore ande usaary.
Laterf Reports have bees It might make one or two of the local

snaking a\lenial'of-the statement.IsjSisd / With Enthusiastic And Crowd Those Attracted Here expoaeata of the national sport
Gay Majority by Many
yesterday regarding the atfolt : fed bad. :
I .
and Insult to Major Dreyfns. Miami Both teams played local: men. with
Who of and Section !
A brother of the omcer Issued the Participated Advantages I the exception of on* Often Xaeey by

denial of Abe affair at the Military. j.1 I I the visitors, sad Chico by tbe Miami
Club; stating the utmost good fellow.,- r : ;. I lean. The Palm Beach lattery.Bpps. .

ship prevailed at the dlnaer &a4tbroQ&'bout' I I I. t: 1 1I. I : I pitcher and Campbell catcher -
{he"evening. did splendid work and were large
I. parade last night j I.causing much merriment among the : Miami I. still ful of celebntloovisitor. morning and others will do the tame i ly Instrumental la making the score

MAN AND FAMILY all anticipated successes. I >bserv ;rs.Little .. ta fact lie trow a that Jaw thing this afternoon. Numeroea I a tie and keeping the Made City bon
.treet. !I I Joel| Reilly, ihe Crt; child others have taken drives to the adjacent .
KILLED AND, WOUNDED Thousands of people lined the arrived up to>> "ttrda monalll& from up a larger |JKON.on.
the city of Miami was la thi country for the of to : .
the i j local battery Hilt, pitcher.' and Hop.kins
Increased lad this
of the l&b and
route wand
along were
'Tennt. 1 j. occupying a carriage draws vestigatla lands, soil eondlUonsele. catcher woo much praise alao
'Memphis. July 26.-Special .
and office windows and araD-' several hundred more ..lthI
Ark. state ,every by four horses. Hlsj carriage hat morning by view of Invesdag. I for their good work.
despatches from Wynnem. able point of new were used to their several positions In the line of paiday All are osj pleasure and having their earns
th.q"ALel, :,U4 fudlJ..1ftN' fnliM* "* T*' i1 ." .mil tu1Lr | The streets are crowded aad although I This afternoon the teams
killed .hlte *.capadt7.-;* *-. :s*. l -> .:f *I t caused -by the horse-beaomtng ', the with OHM changes lal Uae-p. are
wife police department la |
Y'OIndee and The prade started on Avenue D and frightened by fire'crackers and ftiuminatlons. Never before has Sadf aa orderly wu
the at their home creased as a precaution there has( playing the second tarn of the Ift'o
porch I
sitting oa
came up 12Ui street to Avenue B, He wasjjressed la for I crowd a pleasant crowd //an J a crowd .
Jack, night Three men rode up in thefcSytness 1 thence to Sixth street to .Avenue,p.I same uniform( as those used by the I that are enjoying themselves. bees been no disorders of any kind and little I lea. the management of the team
at them riding I excessive drinking bolstrcus- having decided to play off yesterday's
fired or
and thence to 14th street thence to ..Palmlarenoejwhert Elk. Band. I collected at one time tn; Miami. It '
shots' had' bees ness sufficient for Inteference. AU tie on a date nest week the samer
Away after t2aeL] I ranks were broken The) route'of -procession was Illuminated 'I la an appreciative crowd and there I ,
be decided
,. Wool- of the events, yet to spore
'alTHa baseball
feed. Officers bicycle
I The parade was led by the marshals with electric lights hung ia no complaint to bf h ard. first be- fa
connection with Japanese athletic exhibitions The teams lined op yesterday's
right brothers In I tall of whom were mounted on dashIng across the Street fro Avenue D. 1 cause the various committees having fire de-
the crime. Leahtrot killed a. brotherof chargers the men la anlformierf to ;Avenue B, and added ranch to the the celebration In hand left no room I' partment exercises and others have came WNt M Palm follow Beach: jparriab, rJ
the Woolright's) two years' ago. omdeS. The the the for complaint In the reparatloa of attracted large crowds, who wen satIsfied :
their; respective scene] Atj end lot march with the results.The Eannia. 2d; DeBerry. as; Campbell
marshals were Gape J. P. JanJon. of the r participants In the parade assisted the program and aefo d because the
Broadwell. LL lit Dr.
c. Hadley.
; : ;
NEGRESS GAVE Co. U Miami Rifles; Sheriff Jna Fro In'the discharging of the firework visitors came to Miami to see the festivities continue through|tl. Newman e.t; Epp. p. sad Raeoy. sd.Ulaml .
%H TO SIX CHILDREN i hock, and H. M. Kins. and after this was ,completed, ad- town they have heard jso much about | row and Indications are thAt very Hopkiae. e.; Hilt, p.; Coackmaa.
} The horses ridden by these entl Jonrned to the dance In the Fair building That was the chief 'attraction to the i few of the present' guests win Ire .In; Cooklln. 2d; short

Naahvi le. Tenn July 26.-Reports .men Wft'e'worth,. of comment betnc where the events?. to a late hour majority of them j j ( turn to their homes until after the Chico SJ; Peat. L 1; \.Peddy.'\Dillon, e. t;
come to this dty that a negress cue handsome animals and full of life.t: ras spent : Many indulged water trips this. celebration has come to a dose. and Clopton. r. f.
"birth to six children yesterday at Next came the"city police ,force ..InI I CbMMerabl. money :(wu waxvred'

Klngaron. ""a. smaft town 'taear' .tlhl, uniform, followed by the Key West LEMON CITY NOTES on the retail of the (game and as
dty. Last 'reports stale that they (Light Guard Band. Mayor John Sqw THE FIRE
MIAMI DEPARTMENT 'I( much Interest I* manifested la the
are' all, alive. and well formed*" chil ell and councilman J. R LWDm lip contests, lance amounts are up oa
dren.. ,., a carriage, followej np by the Miami } this afternoon's game. *
Rifles, Miami Fire Departmentwlth Marriage of Miss KrUHe DesRocl,era
Chief Uardle leading in' a buggy, the GAVE AN INTERESTING E XTODAYi I II' Topic of Much Concern "

.J I SOCIAl SESSION chemical der Immediately engine and behind book With and lac he i LITTLE CHILD WASLOST

firemen on foot The )unto /(department \ .
FOR VIS1TIHB ElKSTo followed drawing (their' reel I Lemon City July : Mr. and Mrs.J. FROM MOTHER

The Board of Public Works, a(street ying Hose, Throwing Water, Scaling ll* drier, Etc.-, B. Merritt and family will leave
department was next In line Street Sunday morning for CIllornTa.where
Supt J. D. Godman in 'the lead with Field Sports Japanese Athletic Events and Dance '
they expect to reside In the future f
I his horse and buggy, fallowed ;up|bye
Be Giren by Local Lodge To-i th water wagon (strew sprinkler) At Fair Building All Well AttendedThe They are old and respected Teal- ."pill '
l land several damp cartsTbe Car- I dents of this place, and will be greatly For Several Hours Yesterday Afternoon -
morrow Right-All Members and ..penters Union with a full delegation I r I missed by their friends: an.I neigh I
I.followed with the Improved|Order;, of I 1 I bors. -Anxious Mother Was Found
Their Ladies Are to Be Admittedto Red Men all in the uniform of itht A
Indani] behind and about j seventj exh ibltlon by the Miami fire Pent, of Lemon Cly was victorious. Mr. John Seybold. of Miami 1s having by Accident After Coosiderahl

The Session strong. !' \rtment<;. chemical engine and hook I Japanese Sports several acres of land cleared to
audi Search
The local lodge of Elks joined !the ladder, was made this morningat .' The Japanese sports on the baseball put In an orange and ff-aie fruit ,.
parade in front of their lodge rooms. il o'clock, sharp I I grounds yesterday' afternoon The
grove. Is
grove situated
This organization made :a fine showing Te two! teams went to Avenue B, were Interesting I and IDitructIYe.I near
an In uniforms of:' linen dusters where at a given signal they lashed There were a number of specialities the depot and Is a very desirable
Lodge B. p. C;. E. No. 948 Each down street to 'Avenue C, where piece -of property
M1ami and white high hats and ea e. 12thj I the most Interesting[of which was a Like all large gath< rings,! tH lost
are preparing to initiate a number of member was supplied with red cal the, hose rwa laid, plug connection 111 Japanese man hunt! In this a man was Mrs. Hazel Scott and two children
prominent candidates at'their regular clam ,lights to burn during [the made and a stream [of water thrown supposed to be hiding and pursued; expect to leave Sunday for Jacksonville : child was In evidence child yesterday af.
session tonight. march. Te Elks made sure pat np lie street In a Very few seconds. be was found and Captured by the application relatives. ternoon. A little abut tars
Beside other Important work to they would be supplied with musicso II During this time, the book and lad of Jut '''JotsL The events where they win visit years old WM I Jwandertna

come before the lodge.:a social see organized Its own band each der company had taken a ladder an! lasted until late id the afternoon.and Senator F. M. Hudson of MiamiIs brooch the park. fOrd vicinity of
slon Is planned for visiting members member of which was dressed In a pla
a- number of whom have tTgnifieJ suit of white duck with purple satlatrimmings. the top thereof. 1 inch aa ,exhibition for their here which he recently purchased.Mr. .
their Intention to attend. Captain Lang wasr' the 8 iveral |other runs were made all first time I I E. D. Douglas has It was taken la charge by one of
.On Friday evening the last dad of drum major and filled hla;office wit} of which were done in the usual quick I Dance at' Fair BuildingThe I adjoining] Miami's !:ladles and t,ie mother was
'the celebration. their quarters at the distinction. The members carried time qf the department, and ,Chief dance'in th > Fair building immediately purchased the place MT. ;hutted by the lady without avail.

lodge will be thrown open for an Informal i modern Instruments and played weh. Handle and his U were complimented I I follow Ihe fire works Hudson's and la making many Improvements The child was tarn* over to otherparties

reception for members and ,- I generously j Ton their good display in the Ro_ rtlbeyOD.t last thereon a windmill .havlng -
/ who
visiting brothers only. ,faIl of whom FEDERAL TROUPS : showing. The hones made a splen- night was patron : all expectation already been erected. volunteered to make a
will be expected to bring one or more EN ROUTE TO MEXICOFt. ''dldj run each time, persenting an at- and the flpor was fun dur- I I!search for the : but SMI one
-4I... If possible. Dancing win be 4 i I tractive| eight as th y came down the ing every dance. People, old and Mrs J. E. Pendleton and mother. 'I'had beard of a mother looking for r.Iott .
but Mrs. Russell are going away for the "
chief form of entertainment
full alike Indulged and tripped ehi-Id.
1.7&e. [!jWonh. Texas. July 16.-Twenty street speed. young II a
maay other amusements will be pro- one cars, loaded with federal troops 'This finished, the program of morn- through the daaos to a late hoar. summer. | I About 5:JO. tbe !mother saw the
Tided for those who (So not dance passed/ here, enronte to the Mexican Ins] events. An xcnnton to the The Light' Gar land supplied the Work road Is progressing between Lemon rapidly onrock the I'i I child In the arms of {another woman'

border posts. It is believed theGovernemnt I i.uir; stream Is being run this after marie for the wjc; glon assisted by Little Rlrer. City and ,,i,tin' the demonstration nf the flaJlasj
| [
BILL MEETS ED is strengthening, the posts noen. and largely patronized the Notorious: E\tt' Bane cooahst- Among the topics concern i ''of' the child was nof' as Is read I.I In
I In anticipation of the threathened : Field Sports tug of the following members: Judge or much /'I I books and seen on th* stare. There ,
London, July Xft- wniiam{ J. Bryan riding In the sister :' Up.1 The field sports were the first W. 8. Hill John B. Retlly. C. A.Mailer. Is the approaching marriage of i WI. 'II ,, wet no weeping of Jot. no etisptn to.th .
repnli1IeMOB Des
was received today In! private audience 1 events on the celebration program Ovsr W. Ma. Ird, S. M. Ta- Rorbert and Mr. frank'Znmwalt. heart and wh '|\mbraees. simply
with King Edward at Buckingham WAS thja morning, and !were held In the turn, Chas Lelennje Morgan 1 E. Jones I which takes place la the ,,, t fw remarks of thanks to the goad
Palace. The visit was made ;i OUTWITTED,; I Rcpral Palm Par Hundreds ofMQple I. G. Sazelby. J |C. Abernaihy. O. Baptist Church Filmy evening the 4-onaritans and a few wonts to Ihe
at the King's special' reqtll'. IUs iPrisoner IslandI surrounded" ''the games aad K. G<>mph. C. C Pi rseley and A. T. 17th. Invitations are extended ehlld.
Carried on Steamer to I It broaden throughout the tows) sad
Majesty notifyingAmbassador! Reid j the grand stand w11s lulL Owing to lUll ,, --- --
I Hanged i
and I '
A .
t Jllr The
that be desired to'' meet Mr. Bryan. ti lak. of entries In Several! events.they The dance was i>i e of the most enjoyable svroundlns; happy REPORTED LOSS Of
T ; I II maple will leave ihe I II '
The Interview was estlrely Informal were postponed bu( the hundred yard> features of the day and will on evealasV1 Lift WAS EXACIRATEDMo
and marked by pleasing cordiality by j I Crisneld.! )Id July ! i. horn
; Lee. the who woe sentenced -' h eb they will occupy the of JLJ.y
the King. The only persons present negro ,1,I I1 : .. Fnare.'Pun :S- Th. re-
at the Interview were King Edward. t Ito death three weeks agd''for assaultj ,I I / I | I lUr. J. a Merrill i! ,'' real Sfte.p p. ms wen klUeitMoarea
.iAbagsaJor Reid and Mr. Bryan Subsequently j lug two white women In Somerset unknown bay. The deKlnatloa was GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL I Mr. J Sands and family have !Moved by a cloqitbarnt' larlrt .. die
""" hanged" Smiths Island except t> the shertlf who BURNED LAST NIGHT In from the ... '
county 'as on ..
11II{ the King l jrectlved eight ; reentry are occupy l It qit+.tl iMM|. )I.r'mllllOtiC -. I
Inter-Parliamentary today, and the mob which threatened :'Itctik the 'Otla aid gallows aloe* *-4 |In.* the Carry 11_, I ,1' .
of the ann he .f .
fnlon.members Congressmen :Darthaldt. Burton to burn Lee was outwitted.. I I with! him. Intending to bang Lee on I.-. .. Rag Jhl! :t- The Great I 'bd... opens la his p>..>.... the report Maay of these ue I'have v rise sleet to
the The sheriff placed thejj prisoner olI thi* steamer if the,mob appeared Lee Northern Hotel Was burned last nxV chUilia are grittasj all
thel pteas- .
and R< I { rlIff'ewd his crime. The kiss amounted to 74030
American group. Ithe steamer yesterday ;and !sailed ro-Ibl. out of their vacations tweed to be sot bevy

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MIAMI METROPOLIS!I reputation of beta& mlserb. nope. ;

.talk be smnrj to (rtxu-Lj IN. ... If You are Goinq to Build .
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WEEKLY the stories
DAILY ACT Ij j I are the only eipe hi r'er ia. I !and! 111 Wire For You>

rvMtsa* Iverr Ahcrseea In;*kMar ,.oared-iUaatratlot his rS I Aaate 1.., Get, our prices on
I part mlth a dollar. I i
Russell 1 Pare was. not 'btrablcharacter

The Miami Printing CompaiLk.unm.rm. i He lod ;''mooej Ion eel : I

'and the man who loves : m. ey it : Nails Sash Doors Paint p4ne\16 i

money! sake ran cave II!, s,". 1 1CH.
So 101O DUJI.s.ctras ; ,
.paihy sub oi from Tola fellow mrjMr. .
I Safe "as the sUre Of his f1iwoe. I

Member of The Associated PresKawrW : He might hare r.j1rd rr+; I :BROWNELECTRICAL

:business year ago aid lived in peg i J. W. Watson : : ,Avenue D ,

at IW ....- quo. at "UiB" r........ ,sad quiet la his old ate. bit be co- i C I CONTRACTOR
...- I
Ice Cm 44 .r hiiiboughts .
:tined until recently' to |Uvot .
builaeltshich I 1113Ar.-. C
1. and efforts to the I
SUBSCRIPTION RATES him. If the splrI .. - _
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Three Montis..............II._. J.5 he sense of obligation to r
On MMth..................... 45 .listed In bint be kepi<< let fart wall J I "
One Week..................... .JI inorealtd from the pihilej Yet he t I 1 Miami Transfer
Weekly per jew .. .. .. .. .. 2.00 la bii Fort Dallas Land
nay have btu more gen.iou. I II i Company
tj have tie :
i 'o *'ay than he j
lubllr knom j j ;
Court HOUM Not many will, mourc for Mr 6a a Company, I
Phone 7 7t ) ,
422434. 2th
had be! U a* poor as h-J lMJOrc.I.I., :*. lith street. Phone :.o. 157 and 1121 A> ml .11 have bct-n rich la : l Has on its. Lists
THURSDAY. JULY 26 t906 1eatSl hen: ae sod ;with its: opportunity I' a ndSUbl11th street. Mar Aew: ; E. Phone No. 100

Ife.are "made Tis not the he world vholej better\.of by life big!jtoIre. ,I Horses Carriages and I I. ,..

( This Date In History 11 II nt'r.U, of death to jd1.." Sir. t tSaie t some particulnrlTattractivf 1 1 sites fur
( lived narrowly and .elfUhly.andlied Automobilesfor

a pauper amid his wealthy He both residence and business pur
>S| hire br thc hour dar. week or m II He U edrugaily
III let one! plOd example. for ).famous FOND automobile real 1
'July 26 In Rtstory.HI reached that few repairs and "uppll"Ar"at. poses. An investment in Miari
end an age unloaded and delivered. Special facilities
.. -Ktnc Roderick. ""the Ut of tb.1 I Freight
OeUta." defeated and slab by UKaf .' train donbOew. ai 'the retult. of care' tot moving heavy freight.i Omnibus meet':'everv train." Baggage estate is safe; sure of quick returns
DOTS te Spala.Ml ful habiti. Miny howercr. prefer! transferred. ALL orders receive KOMPT Attention.l .
-n.niT TIL ef Catfaj: born as. Earl t
sr .cm TIlt. '' to live more liberally cren;: It they I : J _
11r-Gans Citato __.- SVYCTBM die earlier. Ai be lived anj died
.f X_ York and wIN prMiorat. bon
la CMsr _t,.. N. T.: did ml.la : o he was bided Mmpicioui ,ad. l I
*-Jeha Jerdaa CHtUadra. the Xeotvekr >: I JOHN B. RtiLl V. J.C.INGRAHAM.VrcePresidentFort .
mankind. ,
.. bald of j
s -- aa arfeal supports : L Loftonr I
a M IJ.eN'. aem/alovatlo.. dW wetsTn.tf.rt a I W. A. ( Agent For Dallas Land Dallas
; tent 171. This Is the second deer V lie 111.- ; *
..-o-aI OUataa Maraton. Ftdenl
....... died at Exeter. M. H.; ben ration. Let all ,bop! and trr", to : Company Miami Florida. Land Co4; St AilgUSUne.a .
ta Oxford.' N. JL. mi.MM :
riisiiil Oeerce W. ........MuJcaII take It a blj one. I j I
aad etvfl ,war vetcraa. dted at Tat o a .. .- .
x..,..; boa IBS.IMCteaeral I IA. I. t.
....... JkavM Fleaaaatos Almost everybody, III.Jlaml+ Machine Shop
-. died tm Philadelphia; ben la*. the street earl! many Dade Co. Title Insurance
I K-iu.as w.nbiM .... tke art_ the tint !
..t.s_. CMJeu ear Japan and tot D such a conveyance! I II
stases Teeeest h tbe lt.d tlme. I I ] I Across The River.
__I n 1 j. I j i and-Trust Companyi
he U no bllootlre. -
Mr. Rockefeller says ,
STRONG Neither].) are 1haTe ae. and ,t1 118 i I i MIAMI FLORIDA tNCOKPOftATVD

of yesterday hat ever never 11..... supposed 1 that.] Mr. Rock, Will repair your engine on 'hort notice. !I Paid Up Capital S75.0OO.. Sorpfais, J12.OOO:

OIls to say, complimentary to Miami -6 Gas Men. i' We .I
J carry i
anniversary celebra the Imperialists and the Expert } Insure land title, prepuce abstract ol tltka.toaaa aid
and Its tenth Between
/ and for other Art sa
its account
wire invest money on own
Uoo: usslan Jacobins the Rnsslon Olronista dynamos, coils, plugs, Ifiatteries, agent attorney-Is-fact. trustee, assignee cxcxmtor, receiver
Miami will celebrate the comple are in an .awkward fix- aomeiln I or gmardian. Addrcs* all commanlcaUona to
switches ;
"v .__. --Uoo of the first decade of her IteW like being between the 4en I screws, -
life today} 'tomorrow and the next :lDd the deep blue,'sea. 1 j j S. L Patterson See and Treas. Miami local:

will be 1j ._ _. -.-- -
rates I -
railroad -
day. %Reduced j : ... I II. -- -
'g'ven an4 everyone who can find Urn Miami did herself proud leitejday
visitors I. .... "
should zo down. 'ID the manner her I J
"!inch that Is worth seeing Is ot fated and l.redJ' Each and rrery-

the program of the celebration. Thedays ODe of them apparently, had a good

win constitute a period of en Ume and enjoyed jthe 'day. Ha j the,' Sale

Joyment for the people of the Magic eaiher been a little'.'' moro, clement., ,I Our Grand Celebration

'City and for their visitors. Miami tbe day and its ,erentnaUitcs wou'd!

ever undertakes anything without bITe been perfect. e I Ia
.dolMt It welt t i
"But no special occasion Is needed San the Naah9riUe American "la'

to make Miami! and the country lawsuk. at Jackson jile. Fta.. Itas 28

-g around It i iwell.worth visiting. Th. proved that| lee manufactured lily 23 to July ;; '

city with\it* tributary territory U attractive there coat less than ll'&O a tot and

always. A tropical tectloi I. old to housekeepers for from flli

with sod IB the highest state of cal to i W a ton while itjls whipped to celebratiln,1 sale feel somewhat as the city of Miami, thankful
UvaUon and yielding the largest returns town fifty mile distant for-II a In giving our we im-
with them
; a climate that know no cold ,toll. The victims of jthls cold de.1l.bould for our great ,wishing our visitors to carry away

of winter and no hut of summer; make It hot for'the Ice sL"BASE of Miami stole prices we have cut prices deeply on nearly) everythingin
I pressions
waters that please the. eye and rest I : our large stock. Also our stock is much larger than it should be at [(this time of
the heart and that are yet teeming I See them.
with the life that furnishes the fisherman .i HITS' the year and we are anxious to turn it into cash as quickly as possible,1 ,.4

his keenest enjoyment-these Robe Wadde-nibball I more shut oat .
r are nature sifts and they have been ,. thaD any other .American let roe twirl-
bestowed with a beautiful band I ..r ihli ye.r. I IMamRer I

But the sight "best worth seeing ,! : Ptablj of Wuhlqt04| will Values Men's Shoes Royal Palm
Is the strong young city hasteningin DOW probably stand i-i for some time Clothing
; I lu t the matter of outfielder*.
development towards meiro>&'i etcher Oirlnty Matbewssn \4'WYork I I Edwin Clapp M sh... fee .... .{1/0 9

proportions. After all the most Important National. seems to bare peain1 ; Go Down ; W.lk.Our S3 59 ...cU. sh...... .S2JO Shirts I
thing In earth Is man. If he murh of li'n! old| times form. .
13JO and {.DO shoes..UWBig
Is Inert a paradise la only the shod- :Manner; I'ntllrin." Boston Atne! k-ans.gridualiy i !!
1 line S2-50 and SIM nude shoes. Royal Palm 12JO SMrta r..tt.H '
izlni ;
of ahlftlessness. If he i Is energetiche is cha pie mind j alcmtKtrlHT .. I.. to el... out at . . ... {JO !
can fire a section ony moderately l"f't..nolholll. be ll ought Co down en such famous ma I I Majestta |1JO to $2 shirts fee lUG t tI
would do. I r
endowed by nature the appearance, I uot .. ; Alfred B." amu and 1..II."krg Msjest 11.23 Shirts fort.........tk
I In txluay and Altlzer the Wi. <4i u-;; r I I Ladies Shoes

of an Eden. Florida\: tons have pickup a.coup'.e: o Foul jj SIS and $"* Suits for....... .. saw Ii i ll.. 'Mrta.' to si *'" at .. .toe _
"Im the extreme south ones. Altlzer fiu;;Rrmtn tie ormerXVa : t. i .> I'"
man-:and nature have combined. The II hlniou short fielder tred 3j. 112 and |14 tuits tsr.$1190 SIM" whltt canvas Oxford .... I2.MSIM I
eaergy of the temperate. tone ,baa The Bodoa pbyslrian' who has Cfctrtirr :; Other Suits as low ........... .S3-00 white shees fer .. .. ... .S2.4StiiO l I
reached down towards the tropics toselre I Ixm Crisor of tile| Boston Imeri- l! wtttte ...... fer . .. StMS2JO Boys Knee

nature's! gifts and mUI pay cane under treatment declare* diet br; white shees fse.... .. .
than I holes to be able to cure tbejrlererbackstop. : :: .
them 'I1Ie'tKJrth knows more I %\M whitsshee s fer
Florida knows about Miami and j the I TIle Boston Alnertcasi t club h>* Cle4 Pants Pants '

Biscay country. Our own people'' with rmldenti Johnaon a written I Paragon Full gad csmpMie uses efard ,.

should tab advantage of the present 1 atrrvment by Dtrber Sklllen of OIl rt. .; misses and chiUrtn and nuns
occasion to see for themselves.? month to I'J.. O .'li iT-w.n: U li.. o- I suits at 10 per cent, discount.TM n. IM Ise p.nta'f..J ....... SOs

r-.. .-.e-. rides to pU ptirs.iaael; b.lL REGULAR '. ,100 and tUS pacts ..........tN
I frV ........ .ms !
S/3 red S7 grades
RUSSELL i LAW, POI' TS. r j s *. be a gnat we lit In Miamihisterr '1.10" UOO ,*...a '.*."' ........ItM
: .... I l'. *rd $4.50 pants f...... .. .. .g2 4S and likewise a peat week I fJ.'
SAGE The fart that ''a Irujbt Is "a..:.......'i i rt rue w_ We scald net ta tttto 20 see sent. disc en bey shirt waMeTrunks. ,
," aA.. r.-- ... Ust ** an. .
it Vn snug.1 > s4ete
Had! Russell Sage. who wit baited ejected' fro 4 a,;, ImlVBai.: r...- o:. 1 al'd pane I t e I
nimt of re. t W bell:jla Iterl lt rrrt:4llerrloc 1 . cut 'rs. but we feelare sue we tit .
yoairrdsv In a hermetically sailed tin and 13 CO rents fee .U.4S and Suit Case. Mat and .Caper03
.... .Us'I Usrrlu safe t:.;: t any < ...... .__
and padlocked casket, with electrical C\ A. 24 G. 70 U R. A. .A I- (,oj I a-* sass 12JO svinu fer .1t.2S s 1 |- class N tlsMs we .U. at twenty per 411.

appliances, attached to keep the pore him ..f the rlrttflxtniM to fro r. bU' I
body from being molested live nntll trade 'I j 1 I
Amnwt 4. he would have been That ewe rautmt t w4 la:1lt.. fn ."
1 hustle nl,;ect'to tetrntate n-vlttf'a
years oldft :. ; .
( I unless be was fu the tale fr'''$ s. -fctbe
&- :: was reared on a farm anj b.s
deiuan I ofro t the it nif t'j'
ran bncineM life! A* aa erraedj boy rrliu U cturgnl to bare been' -omm. A {
In a grocery store In Troy. Then he I edUdecld.Uii 14aeI1 versus' Jun!lrCLl |- t Ptomfh Company

bad a retail grocery of his awry and ( 70 L U. -:. CSC.j i ) 101rr
boiVllag tyro|:
finally became: a wholesale! crocer. The fact that
''bac! In the wro-c may l. >> n. a. .
He was a )Spit Congressman \ .,.
be attractite te cblUrm ti<
In the frtir*, and In I&63 began .. IDlloortl'l .! '
play or
bIll Wall.street career. He was one after 1'1111. ..rv.tin. .<."'tiM .

((the |ar jest ,operator In rail.ay Snare & T. ("0, It. \. : Z8 am : 3 ; Twelfth Street t, Miami, Florida

and oihtr securities and was a jlirec.. in. not U Impose upon the laMfowuer .
tor In menty-fonr large New York I the duty so to arrange and pulnta ,

Corporations. Probably no one knows the rot materials ca. b to render them. safe. I : :

the amount ot big fortune but be

i -t
I i



j '


CELEBRATION PROGRAM ,'a1..4 __tar. ............ adwenakl. r :

ne-._ .r ......
From time lmmortalWOCDn ban What's

Athletic Contests Open to All. longed remain to beautiful be beautiful and above all to Inside Your Coat

.Diet and rest an the two most popaUr !

beanty; prescriptions. U France a .
; '1
woman doctor has cone a step further

Ths following U the official! program which the following athletic events and started' a regular beauty Institute

of events with. data ud hour I will take place. caster w* >rc' everythlnc mlntetertnc to the 1 Many a coat pots on a brave face ;
at each? to be rendered during the ,. Slow bicycle race bar cult of feminine besnty Is a subject of [ 1.
Anniversary Celebration.,.July IS. 21 prize. 13 03.
and 27. Inclusively: One hundred yard dash--let prize. and HIDES CHEAP INSIDE WORK!
WEDNESDAY JULY 25' fS: second prize P.I .
I Banning broad jump-lit prtte. It; r
10 a. m.-Hon. Frank Clark's escort second prize 3.
followed by decorated btcyclt i I Standing broad Jomp-1st prize JjJI
parade to the grand .ts & I I $5; second prize. |2. The inside details of con rudUon are not often teen but they're a* Important

for orated but wheel decorated 5.00 wheels.; Lady's PrUe'I (2 Throwing; second prize.base 11.ball-Flnt... prize I S as are granite foundations to a brick house. They give the garment -

ed wheel. 5.00: Glri's Girl's bicycle race-SO yards. lit hit its stability and character, and the difference of a few cents I In the
wheel. IS 00; Boys: decorated 1 I prize. |S; second prize. 13. cost of these inside details shows in
15.00. Boys bicycle race 50 yard 1st two or three weeks. The trimmings

11 a. nJ Address. of Welcome bytba I I prize IS; second prize. IX .d 1 1F ,and workmanship of our garments are the bert that money can secure. ..
Vayor Tag of War-let prize. ..S; second.
l:20 a. m.-Addreai by the Pred- 1 I prise. S3.Shoe The mere linings coil the makers from 75c to $1.50 a yard against 25c to

11:30 nt of the p. Dart m.-Addreai of Trade.by Hon I Race lIt prize 13. second F 60c that other linings; in other makes coil. It's simply the difference be-

Frank Clark. j' price IISack rac*-1st prize 13; second. I y.r tween something good and something cheap-between the best and a
12:30 p. m--OId Fashioned Barbecue ..r r7fl,
prize $1.Three make-smft-between
leered race-lit prize S3J PERFECT CONSTRUCTION and CHEAP WORK.
1 p. m.-Japanese Athletic Sport second prize. IL lOa aou.ow cnu.LII :
4 p. m.-BaebaIL Ladlea and girls throwing baseball; earnest .lutIT.1Id experiment: To this
7:30 p. m.-Grand Illuminated parade First prize. II; second prize. ll-OOJ: II besnty .bop' patlenu Dork from allover
dosing with triad fireworks third prize IL the world. The linings in our garments are only one among
display at the bate ball' park. Mar- 11 a. m.-Exhibition ran by Miami. Tbe i&rsiclau la chief of the beauty
abuts H. U. Kin*: XT FT Jandon. and '
John Frohock. ClUtena are request. Fire Department. Institute is a great believer la electric many other superiorities. Cloth, findings,, cutting -
2 p. m.-Ezcnralon to Gulf Stream lIT and la bypootiMn. and u.c.110 '
e park d not at.to all assemble of that space In the Ii reservedthe baseball S p. m.-Boxing Match. put tbenueiTes ruder bee rbarc nol ; and tailoring are all of the same standard,

4 p. m.-Baseball. bear In mind the old French proverb ..
and fireworks. The v.
fireworks can easily be Melt from any 5 p. m.-Dance. I, '11 taut souffrtr poor etre belle."which t. t everything belt that money can buy.f] Our
27 may be ruu toy translated .. To In
the streets and FRIDAY JULY
of surrounding
zroanda. 1 a. m.-Band Concert. t beautiful you must be ready to endure : clothes are not too good for you-the price Is

.ao p. m. Osplay of firework 10 a. m. to 12 noon-Sight seeing. paw"tl .
at the ba). 2 p. m.-Fire mU. bicycle race bat do you consider tbe mosthopeful a a i what you always pay. Let us show your; some
1:00: m.-Dance lathe Fair BaUdine. first 110 second claaa of patients was asked -
p. free for all. prize ;
prize. IS; third prize, |J. the beauty poysldsn. .._ nqw novelties just received. Prices arc} from
THURSDAY. JULY 21 T 4 p. m.-Baseball. The Ideal case from our point of .
1:00 a. m. Band Concert daring I 8 p. m.-Dance In the ralrBnfdingi view Is tbe pretty woman verging oa .eY. _
middle ace who baa gradually become;
Indifferent to ber personal appearance

A Few SpecialsFor nave She Indicates Is begun rather a too to appear generous too stout her diet crow's double and chin neglect feet. I $ .50 to $16.50K.

I of exercise. her once lustrous hair t' .
baa become thin and dull In tint ber I
smooth forehead Is covered with a network Xa
of thin lines age ls creeping oa
This WeekLadies ber fast She comes to as la great dismay
and by willing to go through anything
.. la order to regain her youth and
tile admiration"of ber friends. W. Rhodes
i walking; suits, worth 3 CA Ladies fast black hose, are .l9c "And can yon give ber back the lost I'
$Sat :.....?........ .....MU worth 35c at.... ..... . yearsT" .:;
Ladies umbrellas worth f I, Cft- Children's fast black hose,are fVworthlScat Tbe beauty doctor smiled.

at. ,. .:.... ..U7G ..7iradies If It la true that a woman Is only 1
Handkerchiefsworth ,CM Childrena shoes to close, below cos the age that ,abe looks we eaa do a ,
..... . .. OC White counterpanes. worth 69c great" deal for sack a patient u I have
Ladies Aprons, worth 35c X10, flat . ... .............. Just described. We begin by giving her Men's Outfitter
at. .. .................. White counterpanes, worth 98c a fortnight of no starch diet This Usevere.
Ladies corset covers worth**' $1 '2S at.. .. . .. . .. .. I admit bat It works wonders
lot at.....................W White counterpanes, worth I 110 1 both In reducing obesity and ta toning
Ladies gowns, worth 75 eta 48c fISoat. .. ... .. a? tile whole system. A Bttle regular 322 Twelfth Street : : : : : Miami Florida
at:............. . .. Table Damask, worth foe 3fV exercise say aa boor la the morningand c .
Ladies black; sateen petti1 1fl at.. .... ... ..... . ". ..... half aa boor In the afternoon
coats, worth LSoat: IslU Lace Curtain, worth i5c makes a real difference ta tbe patient's

Ladies Shirt Waists worth 1 |ALadies at.. .. ..... ... ....... ;... ..45c general appearance and then at the .. .
l.Soat ......,. end of fifteen days devoted to simple .
Vid Kid Shoes, are Lace Curtains, worth I.So fl0( hygienic treatment begins tbe special HK PtBUCATKK.Miami. + paper and other property to Issue tVs bylaws Lay tne'oecn lay Ile
.1 . . . .
at. .. ...
worth $2-5o at ,....... t local treatment of the tlssoes-that Is. boeds sad aotea, secured or unsecured held by OM person eaeept that tbe
Ladies Fast Jad'b: are Or Bath towels,large size 121-2c of the wrinkles or crows feet of tbe Fla. July t 1105. to guarantee to whole ;& te President- shall not ID say otter of-
worth 15c at ................. worth 2oc at...... ... double this and flabby cheeks of tbe Concern part bonds sad mortgages or soles flee. The president or any. otter ofc -
Whom It
To AH May :
( the interest thereoC as lamed by .. Uata the .
lack luster; hair r' -4.-J com CT r saay a director. o
C : Notice.Is hereby girt* that tie aa- say ",nou. Ira or rorporaUo sad teen elected st the ana section shan
I plexhm.You believe. lu II ro.uMiLaloa dathatare.udcHrtl' designed will apply! to the Honorable to guaraatee la writing Its own work 1M quna.d. the ......... ot this corporation .
r Napoleon B. Broward. Governor 'or..yofltl. U authorisedby alan b* conducted by IL a

.... and lu tie ."; 1t".II .a -;"" Hoai \ of the State o< Florida om Monday this charter: to acquire slock;:: Room, u FreaUval. J, H.Tafias*. an
the M day of August, IX*. for lev good win. assets and franchisee of vlee-DrMUMt. W. K.ij Brown, seer
Cohen'si of ifc |"eron >iliedj : i.tmll i? awn
: 'Taraace ha- .'. -.'iiyn teen of tlw. ters patent oa the proposed charterof say prrsoa. firm or corporation. zed tary and treasurer I Directors: II
the Miami and Suburban Land to pay for same la cash stock or C. Rodeo J. H.Tatum. W.U.Browa.
aria value ma
I polk : beauty I '" : :
:i Company- hereto annexed hoods In this corporation or other* B. B. Tatum and I. M. Tar-...
ac. Roome wise. to purchase, hold zed re .... S. Tb r* wm be a misting
Vfm. (M. Drown. hue aay of the snares of Its capital of the stockholders of this corpora.
B. B.I Tatum stock or otherwise; to owl less, Iron held at tke offlc of J. II. TVturn
X12 7. H. Tatnm. rooted sad convey la real personal A Company In die city of MWami.
12th Street Store Miami 8. M] TatallLCHAft'TE" or. mixed property ekes considered osi ib. nth day of August 1>0'.
desirable or sdTsatageous aad to Jo for the purpose of adopting bylaws
We. the aderslgaed.. do hereby associate say other further thing necessary for Issuing eertlflcates of I stock and perfecting r
oar selves together for the the successful transaction at the business tbs orgaalatloa of th* corporatlon.

purpose of forming corporation for of this corporation. .
.:e' profit and being Incorporated uaJer Ankle ilL Article VI.
the existing laws of Florida aid the The capital stock of the corporationshall I The 1&lzhNtat of tndebtei-
acts, amendatory I thereto. The following be One llondred Thousand Dollars ness to which rh. corporation can at
E. L. Brady Co. articles of Incorporation havebeen ((1100.00000). to be divided Into .say lime subject Itself shan b. tke
,, adopted by the' undersigned andcoejtate one thousand (1.000) shares of the par value of Its capital stock IssueJ
the proposed charter of par value of On. Hundred Dollars Article VII.
the Intended corporation I ($100 00). each. The shares of tock The name sad residences zed
... Article k subscribed for by the Ineorporators amount of stock subscribed by the |.
lumaZaa The name of the|corporation shall hall be Issued upon the payment often eorponiors are u follows:
Wholesale and Retail be the Miami and Suburban Land (10) per cent In cash tefore tb. 1C C. Room*. too shave Miami
Dealers in i..G TO Itaa Company and Its; principle place of I,commencement of business, the balance Florida.W. .
have medical baths Electricity i is, of business shall be In Mlsjnl. Dade payable upon said shares shall I M. Brown. ZOO 'shares. Mlamt.Florida. .
coarse a comparatively; new discoveryand County Florida, with power to establish be paid from time to time upon .. .. [
I Is especially useful la correcting branches 'In other cities sad sesments made by the board of di & B. Tatum. J0< shares. JiII.uIa1.
actual physical defects With Its help towns In the of Florida and I rectors. The capital stork may be Florida
Groceries Fruits we sometimes perform cores which other States Stag of the Increased la the manne.* provided for I & M. Tatam. 20d shares. Miami
seem miraculous bat I always warn United t, by law. from Um It tla>.. as stockholders Florida
besnty patients that electricity, even States.Article II. may deem advtsible. After J. H. Tatum. W'* shares, Miami
and Vegetables j massage, should' only be need under The general nature of the businessto the payment of the cob percentageof Florida. r rI
i iI medical supervision or doctor's orders. be transacted I by this corporation Tea Thousand Dollars r$10,4tplaaabove I la witness whereof the uaJerslg
I There Is many a woman willing to shall be to conduct and carry oa an specified say pan of the bole .4. have hereunto set their hands
- go through any form of torture which agency or exchange for the purchase of he balance due oa the capital sad seals this the llth day of July
Our Supplies are as Fresh as' It Is possible to 'secure may minister to her vanity. Bach a lease, ownership, exchange stock may be payable In. or used or' .A. P.' IMC. I IH. r
woman :II tbe natural prey of the encumbrance and tub:' of real personal Issued for the purchase of property, C. Boom* (Boa)
them and that means you are sure of getting the best quack. She spends a fortune oa complexion and nixed property to act u labor or services at a Jut valuation Wm. M. Brows, 'ISeeJ

and wherever practicable the Home Product Any\ )lotions, antlfat pffls tad bean agents, factors IUd buy. ItO and thereafter to be fixed by the DoarJ of B. B. Tatum. (Seal)
2. 1' J. 17 compelling emollients to say nothing handle such properties on contractor Directors at a meeting f> be called I v J. IL Tat... (... )
sell but skirmish the marketsthoroughly 8. V. N..... (Seal])
grocer can staples we of roars and powder. commission, to pay taxes and provide for that purpose.
find for I i"Tben'' you do not claim to make Insurance collect rent Interest. Article IV. .
to dainty appetizers our many patrons 1 1I
.. plain women pretty: r Income and profit; to make abatraeth NOTICE TO/U1LIC
I shall have
This corporation perpel.ail I
4 "W. claim to Improve the personal of title and guarantee and Insure titles 'I I
of every pttlent and and ownership of property to l succession by Its corporate same Tbe Board of Futile Works wm
Everything in ;Groceries j appearance among oar most faithful diJita are actresses Investigate title : to or ownership of I I unless the same may be alt.ret.or meet as a Board of Canaltsarlo of
singers sad professional women property and advise customers and I mended dissolved lu manner pro- IU",. beclBBlnf Jnl* Kth to July lath
clients to perfect and defend vtded by law. IHI.'a tb* City Cowaeil Ckaav
ral11." : procure
p I title to. or ownership In property I I Ankle V. bee from 9 a. m. toi I p. ... eac% day
24 Corner 12th Street and A D ; "
Telephone v ,
; Health to HaMC and to protect aad promote Its I The business of the corporationshall is above stated. j
q I Interests of Its be conducted bv the president O A. McKlnnon.
Health to really ,a habit-that of U' own bula*s -.llth.( ,,
tog right If.. get Into the rightaablt clients and eusjomr t *; to lay and vtre-presldenLsecrvtsry aid tresssivr. ) Chairman.
'' and board of flve (5.) dlreo Attest: M. R. Kejlsm.Ctorfc. .
,I of living we shall have little trouble plat and deVeloa Real estate to erect a
la keeping ourselves la good rood II structures and [buildings sod make i iIlmproYf'meua :tam Tbe number of the directors .
I I of say and errry kind may b* coasted from time to time I -
't'THE RNESS.GO. and mentally.Get I I
tJon physically
MIAMI H Into the habit of breathing prop'erty I to lay out. na.!* and rave strrrts ST by laws but st so tint shall tl.rhe sav.d His Cemrsdv'B Life
-\\hlle from the Grand Ar-i
baa rrturnlag I
1 I tbe lungs aDd fill them : and highway! through: Its own prop ten than three or more
.. erty. to.proYliUJ for eewrne.: water .ev.e ,n directors The hMrj} of nj Rrcsmptneat a| Washington Sty{
iI j ji of air as often during the day ,
TO P. YTOS lUCKS foil ratl. from taken,
SUCCESSORS and gas or electric{ Uchr. to bold d'r.rtorJ may appnlrt tuVirittnatr i roi. Cla. 111. was
i I 1 s von think of It own use. tae ar rent real *tato ,,!!...,.. of this erpneutloB fh such! I i wi h eb.,lera morbn* and was" la a crlt-i
But good r>by-lcal habits are not alt ..1 Inl CPU,tltlon.' sar4 Mr. J E. llon vtani
of lr
I to be toad for the main pur- town. itutles and terms <
Line oF Harness and Stable 1t'b.: Rental habits mutt also be reiraIsted. whether of la. him Cbatn-
Tbedlrennrs PJon
Complete of pours of tb. ('nt; "'.tloa. or ss an la- '"ibe provMed 111. bvlsws. : tl gave
G l |If you arela tbe habit talking ..eetmenL to s tp- trove for any .bah ?>. elected t"'Y bv I HI.I! ,'. Colic Cholera and Dtaarbrw
Supplies. Harness made to order about every little tU. pain or actsStop ttrnon.> persons} firm or coirora'ton. _nt:......'.". the diet e1Irt"nbal< Remedy and IHotM 4 0 save.1 his Htm. |
I !tat; core<< tent think that ya The I I for Ua isImmigration
o hold lands j ocey or any other b* f'1f'f'f"| nnly by 'be 4P rrr- aave.bwa entail yesra
All Repair Work will be given ] pave to tell somebniy every time yaor: Toprty' la tru ti to make Mans with annual netlei of It! tforkVoI'lershall work spit eonlncteil many
bead acbei or ymtr heart palfltatr or it own funds or for o'her prnoBt or'OfI'OBtlcta.po bfo bell oa 'b- tetra Tuesday, of i pantea to the sosth and west. III
e 1 ', :your stomach refuses to dlce sitas *i raramlitloa to own Jsaiury of evb ...r. tbe | r4 p aaaual !..,. carry Ibis) remedy and bare
Prompt Attention !! horridfood, you bare forced upon :.1Tbere and deal la tno rt Rues. and In erltpBre \ meeting heist tbe third Tuesday luJsnuarr. "rf It .Wf ..hl, on m.IYe...
I i are so =:rr ctt:: ttlajs t> !a of IniVJiteJnix. soured or IJ-'T. but the ":t."t, th*, .'''..- *.?,! by all( druggists sad the

1107 AVENUE. D MIAMI. fLORID .about _I unsecured, stake!, bonds commercial annual meeting may be changed by Blseayne Drug Co.r
i I M
4 I !i


I J, !. ;: l, i L.u.


,.! II
,........ .- '''
rc-=.: :::=::- _--::=::: = 4. .. THE- DAILY MIAMI -[""'POUt THUa.aOAYj' 21 101 l =

V b f 4 "

t JJoingsof Interest!;, in Dade County 41 Told by Correspondents 1 1t





'. ; Construction I i I t I II I| And Land Dealers are Doing a Great. Business-Many, I II
Now Under I
Many New and Substantial Buildings [I Hundreds of Acres of Land to be Set in PineApples -

, and More in Contemplation-Drainage 1 New Bun ttP Being Erected aa< A Rich Section I That U lnloplDCFut I This Season

", 16 j People ire Prosperous Item; I -what Fruit Culture Expc .
," I Celebration Planned for October j jI t I

Personal and Otherwise intents Hire Dereloped ThereAt
I i

I I Palm Beach! U also; to exten j < I )fr. C. C:. ,I[ sweeps.. who farmed OaaU daily heri
Ja i West
I ,Beach. Julr M '1
Wet Palm I north after tile
weal :
la that portion of I I agent left. for
,:' peaking ,,o( the many IraproTemeatunderway her sewer .1.tt' !! had closed ret a' M
weeks on
railroad ftlek ago
It may 1* the town west of the I
in Dade county but embracing<< part 0 the :railway dd Dflray. July t;:- Mra F. L. Ten Cutler July %/- One df the mot. Ion of our fair ago, and UjWrI :
number of up-to-date
'. said that! a Palm Beach bar lion to the torn Tb a ts a U'b brook arid! daughter left Sundaj' I plcturtollQ and beautiful locaUoD'D Roper with { I nor of the Daala
Inena men<< of Cent In > needs Improvem nt aid when conpitted night for f heir old home la. Ohio Dleca se RaT I. (Cutler fourt emile's Inrrod I j a company U Join*'

caused an wa of prosperity state of at'f. .m give the rrntlre i town which Is a welcome wlfn relatives ant road lea 1 lIomf'st..L The \\Ybb Hotel Mime. MulliUa.:
monoU of 1f..rllf'.1! of the Kumntrr;
trstc1aea system
break' the ;
fairs and, tends to PCdtaeea butt ar* also doing a!
an. Bids have been subnaltlt.d fo tbproposed frlenJiMr i 'tl..bmoa a and with '!
). ay of the usually confidence Jnltryummers In the IIfO padox; of the reels I lip ,bf' and Mr*. J. P. Ntx of DanUliltni but now to the pnhllc fa to. i Mr Ayer baa .
also Inspires Bead addition th city. II tIs It Sumar| at the Chapman House rated 00 near the awry ocr. .ibe station ,.! deal wan culutla.l,
pie In looUnj.upon West Palm the railway undecided yet t I nherh! IlK- I !' Mr W \'' DlacVmer baa returned haling I iby and open 10 tltOM'aa. who bad ..k. skis Mr, A. WM!

aa an ideal place also of residence In furthering: same will be. ptf', 'Ho f'\"f'r. ; him e from a bu.lns" trip to Jack fOtl4"d "I the nlOlll health duty as agent, I from iUmptoa last
year around and favorable df'eIl'lon 1. hoped fc4. .nd KJDillc: : places I South and malaria bonnktlowtl ray to take grove to lion. J.
the little city | a
reputation of
the tbl ".1 Unl .hrd the Fourth or I"f'c1oD. apart. I plac. Th. toad
uhlch has few (equals 'the laying of good et f"f .. la p01 I lra> up tm
a reaortitown last ?anrday nlsht.: The pre<< It'Dt'r.1 Mr Carl Th. ,., Mr. Bead aJ,
lets than four artiflcUl stan<' Lion of the to.'D.lwI111 1 nd even lore ,)July pr< sent there !*s one
No under course of cat. attraction to It as a itosIraUe lar- stoke intended for the Fourth while tore an. 'a pout-office at Cutler The ratline citizens hw.p!. Jaauttoa,

buiidlnra are contract have been Me of residence. j aid: not reach here until last weel town boc IT'S of having In Its limit. will tie! ma""" his naaaxer.: MfVaT r
traction, and have : hot .,1( In the school house lot Und la Mr Larsen' baa '
for several more the prospects an New cement ?ldewm'.j that there nil be a continnationto|j completed In the principal bustacs ; end It sal) a grand JUplay.; the beat the awn .,.. and west of these af'.r building an Imprwremenla iiuh bulUlng are ro;
work. as It Is rumored tha I district<< of the town. and the work of : ,[vlray ever had.The Prrrine Jatckdal. and Bonww arpome and repainting aa
.i the good blocks are beIng '- laying these cement walks is cow goIng ; famlllea of F. R Fenno and of (he 'lest soils for grown. Vr Jobs New Webb Hotel
.. one or more business, on In some parts of the residen Prank 1Id>ulL picnlced on the ocean irapefmtt: trees
contemplated.enterpridng.Arm of' Amhon! ,: portion. Including the jcorapletej con i brach Sunday.Mr. Is st| lated on the east by tlle this morning ..*. Mra.Anal W.W

: The ; JD\Ich!! struMkm of walks on I Polneetta St. j I .. J<:ha Wnppfr has given A. P PooITI" nt. a tract of 4./100: acre. are visiting ) ( business owing ta
at present adding
Bros, are of the n.la but the direct route to the Intatlon. Whit :!Hodcm the contract t plant twnicrr ) of land six miles square which use 1>1:_ la the anti personal maa

to the ihorousWare appearance ClemaUa Are work has been done byj tbe Land CoOn I of pine and Mr. )I. E. KU. ', ..... eivmfby the coreniment of tlae eight aer** of Webb U thinking of.

loses the erection of two art1 cia the cadre completion of thUlwor1West j'llE': '', soil Mr. J. 8. Sandy are bating Pegged ftcs I to Dr Henry PerrtwIn season sad a in the near fat

line) buildings by of one story eachom Palm Beach ranks as hffch If ':seieral acres; of land put In conj- the y >*''r of IRIS for the IntroJw to John P. Ms her tarp. ...of
; of wtlch when completed :will be oc not higher than any other city !n Ih1, lion for p'antlnj plnoa The good lion of ronlcal tree and pUnra. plrkrd<< hauled : Th truck bf1Den. .
-i by the McGinley: Bros. Co.. State of Florida] as baring tbd! be I' wanon has starred n boom In th Among [the** experlmettttsl spa the crop and copied trove
iacpple; acreage and there will .fnny air .-D ." llOOOi .
win conduct aa up-to4ale tu( lidewalks. l 1 tat fns to grow sorres ,
: win b about oa*
Alfred NewVander. of,, Scj Angnstine. Xa larger aerear planted this real rubber vaalllilin'a Another *
well stocked furnlrnre' stor*. and wil Mr. fi"rarx> f. camphor la daring th*
also Indndej the undertaking 'eata.bU.hme1It chief engineer! for the] Unidepartment tun In several years paat rmt !ti. coffee rnae apple etc Smyrna a Mr. pal
be aboat
of their business. Th< of tbe F. E. C RailwajCo. : ; i Mr. F. M MeRra<< hat returned bores !*nire .Ihe** .tI..pll. howevei last eights The..111
Frsaklligbeen. wroka la the Mr. A. C ... .* of pin. rat oat
firm'of George Haielhurs' ,., accompaBled by Mr. .1 titer ereral prn nee a fadarela the climallii '
.Contracting of the bulldlnjoperaUona engineer* la charge of thli aort h. ,' ;i rondltioaa bat the majotja'ccxto of vegetable :

A Son have/, an'J charge expect to have th< city spent Monday: of, this week b I I Help laiTery) scam this year and I I'y ,,. \ growth and pro OC1Il. pecta several I Ih ... wlf sad ao. wUJ

and ready for nets. going over the|j proposed ,same completed' 8tJlCembet
pancfj local. 'I much labor a. ....t.f business these *tx wkav Mr.
tad succeeded la permanently ;, to get as twits mango alligator or
; contrmctl let this leek ',byMr farmed two. aad ft
A waa lines and! la the wrw > lemon About two .
rag the dyke vacadof, afll. llm*.
<< guara.
Ceo. HaselburatJfc d.Mr ( .....
O-'C. Stroam to jf a few weeks It U hoped rhausooM f J. M. French our postmaster, rT t ,", ) : :, and mane others OK*, a Mr. last
Son for a handeom two ston urge dredge will be at work for UK rill soon ;erect a tar ujrv aJ-UlSoa: The prairie* at Caller are free iron bora arrived worth from th* patch
7 2S by 123 feet artificial atone build purpose d draining 1 this *alnabi< 10 hit horn on Do n ton Brett none aDd reek sad an klaJa of tea. aid bate p an eaeeaa**. |l.i W.

lag with I a pressed brick front. tobtlocated | and and also that It will MY. Frank Crffo win build fiKM 'rabies grow I to perfection. The U aad several ... estate deal M %

oa the corner,' of Ownatlii of opening up tb* f.tthetDPaDI ** on [Atlantic avernc at aa eary nato Is f the money crop of this sc her la the fan of oar' clUaaa sad
'' The lowet
aveaa* aad olive street thl section:: :: : I date. cttlseB of D MlaaU. W* hop
J- f iad around loa aa aUn aa IT* thooaaad crate
will be occupiedby
.n. otlhia building ng a thrifty farming | Mr. Bold traveling auditor ot th* -T da;; being shipped daring ib DaaU baa taroagh. :
: Co. well known will leave
.. G. O Strohm ft a who win Mr midst which cant| not help but ''F. R. C. .'.Rallwar CA. wit In town -.*.r ..--. Along other regeUblirhlch apple manse: N
this Pa
grocery firm' city add to the growth ad to thf mutual ktonday i' traajfefntg Ihe station py-t{ well. are the eggptaaLppter the ease coast for PlUahorg.
eoeUa"1.| their bnaiaea* la the new prosperity* of the |people aid tai here from Mrs II ... .. wha UI reigned bMaa, beets cabbage and iris ....tn.1< .location aDd i which win offer greater mat county of(..DaIt.A to Mr. M. C Hal. mho has < abeolately fret .... the ar"prttor
facilities i for aa Increased .t.octl] olgroceries Urn of great icjotnir has! bren bee. at Daala. Mr. B-wrs will ream 'IOI"onJ U weK the rainy *' ta th* Seminole
wloa of tb* county
and prov Mot& Th sec let apart from ,the Uth, to the itch to' his 'North :rjrol'n 11_. Thls > : way OIL baa '" from Jacksonville
.. enddqr of tb1a.kDdtl1& wffl afford:b* of October, when b .b PfOmJMocLUutleaoucb The Udle*' f. th Improvetaent sorely > rook cftnslderalloa fms a prospesIre ditches ... ; It h* was married
'Qttet'tv aslt>ftTr* ...4 will ixfUfr.iltn. aa4 ataax that aa
bswmptered making .w. of .
of this gnat profoctt": are away at prtaeat ca
a I etcdleat,\ropporinaltl.*' IB that net ( so that oqr visitor*, to nitt.ns. end iea-nt4 Md 11w. pit* II orJIaarr ralay lad suitable <|aartni

: The coat:of this structure Is estimated he drainage celebration .pple pI.n'I Ic hope Mra. Aim sI'l>eeo.r 4>wa a Mr.EJ Klac .M 4.C. appmraac

at from nine' to tea thousand .ool- IT the ground and witness 'b.Jworkad of bniUinjr 14-it sew loan ball ikia Isle Utrri sad they wfl lire la Mr. -S rady to aot Mate what h*

rata ace for theadrraj) thin engtaeer- alt The eortrt' Bt-t Mu49T In.lead obi WiDper'a C'
-: The addition to the new Jefferson ng fear which.Is L at presennbelngidvenised ( of jThvalty toll < rrk ta rrfr treef. | 1 oraaa to of .pe"Urloa [ 'tJ\Ia

.l Block U .yell under way.under Jibe .. all over the' coualrf. that tnecibert could take la Ihe 3. P. Crimes, of Miami lost Sttaiif dipper arrives will com ."Ir 1M

-suparrtelon Of' >>asn. Hal<**>t *: Aa an Inducement jto; be plesentnd dolan at: M'loilMr the |8outhera Express Company,. U expected, tV

o Jones contractors. n la proposed take pan la the celebration the and!! )1"J.J!. chaibJnscaajhlldrra 'raasferre4 the npre* mailer from ales _pt... : aaprlatadat. *f

to make the building of a hoteUwhlchwfll railroad company will] offer 'rales, will '("Ire this week for the .treat Bowers to the new vc*a!. Mr .aj acre of ; colleetor from oa.

# add greatly'to the mach needed rhlch will be attractive enough to alb on a ruaJne of 4 few montha (all. M a4ar. for other .. affectej by th*
=-demaivn for $f such aocommodatlonsdartnc'th now people th. adarntage of I ruling After the flrwtrk SalnrJay: as.t.tthto Mr. U 0. Lvmaa has lnsiaU aarvylecf beau aD to upon aom| of oar
T::I nah of the winter season. this section 'of Florida and ko obitn. tell gav a boo o Ib* ga* post sad BOW .ha* his Iowa U going ., ..4 dazing the
1t It wll: Ve called the 'Jeffeq o1 HoUaad \_ If dertred;' this itch rr-elalmed (lab house .. Bie? .., enjoyed broth tore and resiJeece lighted with gas, I nf a tan pleat drifted .. (a th*

frota aO IndicatlouaHwill be a tad at reasonable figures, with the the tovuf tad the olX ihk-h *s [aaothed zrrat and mucheeded Iowa and also ; : ..* achem The
addition to tJael' city. The mprovemeatThere .Amcr Aa : .. asked blj opinion
creditable .,hew of making It their permanent F. H. Clupauq spent la.: Satiir.Uy I
whkh win be Involved lathe will be cut two aatomobOea be drilled this Its staled that h*
expense ome A canal Ujrough I. Wet Palm Brtch 04 txiaia***. are BOW '
alterations sad additions connected ,from Lake WOrth oa the east to Lake Mr. Carl L.'.... of IMrU K..niunday a.J sevi a ;jUsache owned la DrtrayAgent sty 00.. h.Ttu "" ataek. bet

,. with Oils bntUlBZ. will, be In |the I larke on the west 'of: the town for la torte: i g'i >'t at the Clap- :<< Ayres of DaaU. sad 'a* r boas fne the '"
Neighborhood of tea thousand dollar i''tbe purpose of facilitating the jdralage tD.a lloote. ride m di.> a short visit here betwee"rains .e>L I aald. "tt would a*

Mr. M. E. Oruber. the well known ,. work of these submerged ., ands. A little :lore a wit;. weeiia 4 Illlte I lloaday eveaiag. Mr Ayertaa I This tows I* aad buala_a-llk* tor

hardware 'and fnraitnr cIea1n'of, A rraat.tnaD* revelations r+re IB Mme for'yon ul n..; Its all I atktrept ... a> jfm* tine emiJojed la the I.... has been peak the alt pead-

f. VTet Palm Beach, and Mr.W. LHnfttetler. .ore for some of the good people good ....11.11. hlc4 r.rjtft by treltbt offlre her*. t Tb* had ..... Siai* *l ftorUa urI

ODe of the local bicycle"mer I 01 r our town oa their return from ring la 'DHra-*. I I )lr. Popple who has been work. rtpvcta .ereral )( Co.. aid lad
chants Intend erecting a two story ielr summer outings.'!'as the Impror- Mr. John Aim. a ho left Drlray ample bc! In the freight o4ce here the past tile aorh to 8>at. has any land

.'artificial atone bonding, to be naej j lents completed la Course I of comletlon of, yeara a?"n to tiara to ala sloe. win kate for St. Aagustia I ,his fall for I' won akd hi* views

:. for business purposes, and tb? 'second I I I and la contertpUtlon \\tt be- )llrklcan' home where b.9 Intended an I a lee ....'. her raa yet coattltattoul isij. "r

floor for office acooimnodatioo lair completed, are too numerous to t y reld.v retaraed her last tees The "!trod carpenters repaired : able and .. a ", to tll.I-,.*
The Wet Palm Beach Transfer Co. 1 I tmtion. and It Is prejicted and .1- I. ad aaya i Defray U grad eaooch for ...> depot (platform Monday. .' lUhtfal plan aad a* aaU "* 'woaU.
Mr. B. F. Carter, manager, win soon o hoped that .the season to come wfflnrpass waif mile to against It.
I' and welI.*< ulppJUr. sad theiterest i ..J
occupy a new | that of former years, '=-CO. -
cry stable size 60i75 feet built of which! our citizens har4 mail '.[ BOYNTON TENDERED[ BRIDAL COUPLE C I R. Punk. ; : th* railroad; ,/ll;a the

anincial atone, and they expect to ettted in preparing waya and .beans !.J1tt.J..bta. : tend on the Can
be hi better ."a4 than ever to extend of leading ejicbanUnent<< to thin bear *- L' aerie oI-"tcta. dry
)ties 8 1-ca
good fend prompt service to spot oa the shores of Lab Worth V* of spine* I pla*.

k their' patron.. <<,Inns help but! result In all \bac Is : UNIQUE AND ROUSING RECEPTION I! ami''0 attend< moat
that Mr. Emil
It may be mentlonej ; tea Monday .
ood.Monday night1 train' carried. the I front damage hy
I 1 A. Ebmaan one of our towns efflc; I )1... Lars
t tent young architects, has been busy lI"t Ineullm.ntt! of onr rrsldt-nta to i to Miami i I | "..r thin aectton the

II- thes day preparing the plan .nd )Kami to mend! the delebra'ioo 110.la .'. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frtcdlund The Happy Recipients-" Cala: week ..* of any. along U.
specification* for all the above buildings force there. alit more follow*!: onUesday sty at ,....... above
f. la addition to several others. and Wednesday *o I'aat )IIamI' I, Something About The Crops There and What Can ;ntyThe prop i iI ..I ... eUbty acrea* Of
t- liesucces ..., and oa Ibis area
Dot yt tinder course of construction.A celebration can not help but I .I Ina la situated

..+ other very noticeable Improvement ,. .lib I!M I many of our 1I"Or-j; i be Done by Scientific Agriculture f" lm Beach<< aaa been |orty-rw
; on Clematis Aveane. Is the Dr. I I thy people them to swjtl the throat':i t. iLe Wor.h I shipped' no to J V .

: front made jot artificial ptone.which It l la hoped that such a rued time I I ----I and the U-". which tt.. T W <*

),Ir. L. W. Burkhirdt one of the .ill be bad and. that to mans: {peopleill the vest I aa average bf $I."
po wel established grocery merchantslien. be there to enjoy X tUhlt win Boynton July 25- The most Important home lug] the Otis Collate and si 'I'.00 for the i MO acr,*
I the week the at jto their friends al all tiny.. I The FCC .
had added to his present place istlll in them the spirit : lehn- event of was crates to |h nee*
of 1 us neon. This front with It* large ,lom" and thai when<< ,o.fJ" Palm wedding lot, Miss Anna Maria Bllxt The orraplon win long linger In lhe the mi'er of per acres
t windows offers Increased each rejoice over brr Iral*. I to Mr.: 1!Joseph EJwtn FreeHlund.ahlch memory t>f those present as on of tllAr I irf IhU are : .,ra ?wo| always

;...s.-- ....adv plat Btagea glass for pnrposca of display a Ce .work that1 jail. those vIMtl )U.amI. occurred at the Cl
r. and ire *xn.t M na e In Miami. Monday evening. lloynton.l over Ore entity aad th*
which U an :esaential requirement. of win pay Us! a call |! > < I ... cropj
'}L tlie>Bierchant. ."" a Ixvrtr rarttatton and wrlmmfl July rMj Boynton society has been : Mr. FrreJload U on. of the Freeload < | worth of brat condition efcoay
a..ItIDC I tbU event to tbtw their Brothers firm here, and stand'I i ktfed. e thing to th peopl
OJU8. : i The first solid car of pine from good wishes to both roaD people for I high In the respect of the propliHe matora. beaaa *>. holding lie price
i this shipped some time past. tmedlaldy after I. .f* l oru In Swi ,I.-:...ram to Buyiion .: It was thought ettler<* came! her at
.. ... Farm. the mainland season was 'b.- -r-m.. y.h.. happy: couple Imk. evr i rears ago She-e he re.led haaated fur .. pouts wb.r* UaJ
A Proaotrowa and Thriving Location'' from OJus.,, to Mr. Bird of' Dm the north land train trw Bovntoo.wnere since MlM Blit |* also a astir., sob were used \ ." Uri hoMra

: Ing Section Its ver. Much of the land about Ojns livery :reception\ was held at theFreedland of Swill a, coming brie last wlnttrade r hat produced disposed to|.*U AA
f j ,
l foe of rock. whirr 1 HoteL The couple wert'd..lunol and ha manx .arm friend. acre ever ra. .. her. sin Try*
lr' OJIM. July *: S OJns Is the Indian { !'*l'h rice. rritc nl4 bom who >..<; u. In oar wUb < for a loo aa equal .. of oUr grower, and

word for plenty. The village! of 'II less 1W'ft"lve ko leler. ItmlK'h and all kinds of nolv. and were eottrted ,.and aa|. .y liftAr.-r I telegram I average of I of land tnt any.
miles north also some Urge, tracts of '" << ,. ft*
Is aitnated twelve .
Be on
i '0 the hotel bv the famous "r rerin itnlat'nnw "f'roo received a I at &,11I'011.
; of Miami on the F. E. C Railway are rorljT TJa'I'' i cnns fow B.lj 1 and. tare :Tier rerelre H a* li-"rr from f,;"nils snot!I bruaiht two I ' I and on the main rock roads fro Ml- by some for fruit tree j jt I rrowrra... or .
/Ih<-'r friend h'cj! :: nntrhrrrd eTr. the A'ls err ; Into the ptac. wka
ami to Palm Beach.<< It Is one and OJns *s a shlppli point for pineapples % Um. oa slab y
1'- .. half miles of the ocean with : euaras. of which! than an p r>on n townThe lint \ 'lam II :;11. h l..fl WeJneiair abtm ISA peraoaa.
.L. t a west .. One zrowrr; ,. nf $WO for
,. ptOn..I
b .<.I 1IO"'I"alh' every
<< ended vial t
the brant If ul TJnmbfon&dllng Bay I several! trove, raancoc, Brocadepears tin :air 4 for a:' \
; 01. naves on AT .
rcw-t.aU1I' &C child Hbyatoa.
fci'h l raln'lI aJ4 | la
and Ojns prairie lying between On oranges, and ieiM I< ales with lit +t+tt.naa Jr.. Charle a
V be west and south Is Big Snake cbolcotiira jerky OJ'III' < out inter. i M.-.w.{ wh<*Tn* b.!m pink t1aln, a Da.ton* rr .li b"w I need; a great ideal sow.
Part of ibe .
sBi1 wb'rh wa< nrfalmt I" are takla irreat .
\ Creek, fine stream of water wjiere of the nine t 'wrr olinu ntn and errtn J. hr-.e sad friend oj r
a .. ... ..of'nM'I m.! t rood1a which lad .... lawns la and
"< .
Ihe > I t'!" hn < whir1 front
date school bnlMlnpn in .
\ there la good lI hlnlt. al'tof'Pl''f'd Vlnn: 'r. ct! 11If' RIht
\ TIM cidsens bare ""lil.t heir hi *Hi Itraln"o, in rhers I 'rr'r: li* ev-'rT' titer the gout Ff t-i ',-.. > in a.o4 spent Wedt"gay rrrrtMulr .. Th. flllAg! of.
,.' : '''t.' .. t .t hi-'!* ",.-, II iH !11-1 t't'RH. beet part of wen stocked. .*.*.
bridteT rMaJ' The Raptly M-r-at f'f'f'etja ..
jt" expense a fnot 3 Ib fr nt. her .
HvTBtn '"
I -t ta Iknr'e; of'-- :: beteah'ch rre lhmd Motet, i*
Th"1 Min : :
ch refit > .
the str-nr << yi _
Snake Creek rnnnlnc west toErerg'ades. fog j n... .. .
I reprrrBr4l .1 r
the Dt.tnl'la' rtJdlft-t h: J been ("'trrd nf fnruttnrewa n a. wr"" rnwa atonal aaj U on. of
making att'tll'blf"' a rf: I .
'I 'jrolV 'a.- whom were tbiM' M fur u*> lie
tract of land suitable for pines >t>le.ritms the near future The '",a run: 'si ''II; 11Ioulc. 't an' l the an > aunty Oa
Sondav iThere .' m ralrg bc.u- 'aeyxrrd. Ma. fra'ow'e ..n4 Mm Chaa C h .'nwia 4|.arter .f a b
rUxiriWitjr :
Ho F have i
trees and vegetables a is D..4 mad to hoilua'', r -- r.ghf'l bt V hCnlss;! orn J' V a J......r (lan:',,", aaj be fiimi..- Cm! .la situated m a UK

M. Hudson this road.has a Bear fine pinery the situated Glsdes where launch
Among oa the prominent<< pineapple growera much etijotvd.1 1 h. f'Of."k' marry Ilnf t! c. Miami Bujm'oe'n flrthride V itch < Mr aa. I Mrs ("un.1r I .t-lM-e i-t [ . nrii '. r L Kapp. X. II SIIlI.Ja..loIr via tropical
George P. Bull. J. W. Ires. A. from which<< moat of the<< rock w is lakroad. ,1 'u. hire I and rrootr u run .raut-Z.
.. RwAL A C. ..n.t ,
red 1 he dance -t !r Jams: N anuaina
Dear ;
Shan JCaspsr Hefty. R U Wan!, and n: 'nhe MUtHPa!; ra
j Jacob. F N Pal_ 'aM. dally ei Par &
E others. J I! '- ''a'ed ber?' at OJus. "Hi efttpV, ir' row a i 'aril 1\. r .r.,4f C << a .

i I I II


:; 'J.! ... '""'" ".L.J: .L "- ''''J ... "-w..'LiV IM, ..tvfcr --_.:"- -'-'. ,.- .- .e J
at .. -.e



." t Is the Quality and : -- Itlsthequafity.andthe :

the Price that make Every"thlng. For The House price that male

our goods popular our goods POP&! i r

I I ,

: I Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Kitchen Utensils' ,

,I I I

F l' : every description "

France T. Budge Stlx tree-tiaam-i. F1orida.: : !

Went A. OrncePhone35 H. fjf0/( KING:' eMo_ "Phoe+.o 6I 1! STUART LACONICS: i

Cupid Interesting Facts About Grover Cleve cLa

I land's Place I
Undertaker and Embalmer: i Resorf; I

I j Stuart July IS- Smart Is located :
Fishing 1300 AVENUE ID I Ion the St Lncle river, a short distance

> RESIDENCE 219 7th 8TRHE1 : from the largest Inlet on the I I t f
l fast coast and has the credit of being I! & '- .. / .
the 6. M1e
-- ---- largest pineapple
--- ----- -- ---- shipping
!Umlnt, In Florida IS{ Is the place r...

1t i I here Graver Cleveland/ has been I I yrp IIFr
JlCllIi-itrlc! ; coming to Ash for a number of years
C.ltrSollal'f ) :and where he owns a residence lot.I I I

: '! The St Lucle rlvprjon which Stuart I Three Peaches

i Ii located Is the.natural., outlet i (hI J, Peach,and h ,
for a large back, that I rIY i'
country ooni
., I Mrs. I. 8 Dunlop and Mrs. N. G Only, Three'' Offenders Peach Mellow r
Mains i millions of feet 6f cypress lumber I
; Palmer are registered at the Fort iAs evidence of the fact that thei '
I Dallas HotelBROSIER. j i<|.' was quiet and orderly yesterday and qu.ia.UU-s; oJ naval stores.A I, Did you ever onak B? Much Praise is
i canal twenty-one miles In len&h
[ Con Hrtt to that thinly
and last night; but three defendant '
i 10 Lake Okefchobee would make :a' coola
/ and mats
you u
| will collect your rants *, all charged with being drunk lest I Ii' iput Bestowedupon
I route for boats to the coast vi uri CUCl nbcl. Too ;
and disorderly, appeared for JrlalIn
1 I Ij 11 I Stuart has several [miles of rock cin'l get enough, and you f
Mrs. John Hutchinson of Net Augustine I the, municipal court thus! morning :jroad and In the near] future win be aat drink too mjcn.OitSC' : the Norma Martina dear by
( j Is one of the m nr visitors 1 of.e of ihfm being'a stockade trusty, 'Connected with Palm each and Lake A CASC FROM those who smoke It regularly., And Iti
,. .. .4" to the city enjoying the) festivities. .. rn& slipped away from his duties and ,I Dkeechobee by automobile roads. I i deserves all of It. No better cigar was .
went-td cup that Is red once too
h I o ten. thi, I There are five or more miles o{ river 'ever sold for I eeata. TVs ewalltrIs
1 Lost Pointer dog named [jI'ogo. front that afford' 1 beautiful it>caIf uniform and exeaUeaL Many at
A ring war tile bait and be caught Lost Saturday afternoon.: I Reward II I I Ions for the homes, al!church, school, ) I double the proce are aot nearly a*

a heart He never would hare caught returned to W. T. Good j Don't buy cheap extracts at thee t jetorrs, and a bakery; The people i i good.But.
1 pt'nse ofR(your family's health. Ask are Intelligent and surceasfnl some of AcmeBottlingWorksSixth that Is only oae good thing tm
It though If the ringhadnt, been a Miss Ruble Oliver, of Klsslm ee Is for Blue Ribbon Lemon or Vanilla. :if hem getting rich from growing pine- this stock ofCIGARS

beauty. We sold that ring and have visiting Miss: Bettle Aultpian during Absolutely/pure. Goes twice as far. i apples., Some of the older growers : Street. Welt .f tite IM Faeter AND TOIACCO
the celebration. | are Otto Stypmann. lit W. To mention an would rooair* more
plenty more Just as rood. Ask to Ir I Typewriting done at tie SfetropolliHce ert McPherson and a ne.aJ'.aOb-1 i pace than we eoamaad. Feraaaa

see the TIFFANY: 'PLAIN RING Furnished house for tlif tee months o .at reasonable rates.Don't era, that have fine fields I It will be nffleient to say Oat th*
free ,Jo! desirable personal) Apply to fine fruit that command the highest cigar cigarette and pipe smoker oaa
W. A. Lofton, bicycle shop Are. D I bale market prices I get here anything to waaa
during the rammer. Buy I Stuart hai never rworted to "hot ..ILLS
MAYNARD&SON ,I i Ki. Louis Wellbouse. presenting Gntchen's Vienna bread. air" to advertise Its advantages and MOSQUITOES -

the United Paper Co.. tjs a business i I I jhuperior Inducements] to settlers It
JEWELERS AND OPTICIAN' I r land pleasore visitor to Miami ,today. "Don't leave Miami without taking a don't have to. The large number who HAYES +
J : trip 'to the: Beach on the Lady Lou., Jhave come here wHh nothing and
Nest to Poet Offlee Miami... Ft*. I
have made In
a growing pinsapples ,
I The ttnderslgned desire* sewing at The glass bottom''boat Lady Loa will la 'sufficient proof of what AT ALL DItUGQlaTa The CigarMan

I her (!home. Address Mri. Joseph itHlckson. make trip* to the beach every day. earnest effort !iwlth intelligent man -nsxtnarrw. -.... HOTEL SgCAYNt
Mrs. [. G. McAllisterBeckT Miami. Fla. Dont miss this 'r l&eDll'nt1I'OJ produce at Stuart and
I I I I ,1 I the reputation,: that (Stuart has obtained L

Misses Margaret and nome Bryan. The firm of Killer. A Luieter fearIng among the buyers and the
,silt Real Estate'j j'ot' Big City, near Danla Are' spending beendissolved.. all persons Indebted northern tnarketa prove that It haaestablished
I the Week end with Visa Jaaette''Watson to them are requested to call a reputation of growing Souvenir
the home of her parents on pineapples that are pointed out as Spoons '
/Rentals. Insurance i ] at on the Keler} Grocery r.o.o: and nettle
la successful
the standard.
1 Stuart
Avenue B. I : .,f. at once, and aarejm;; *. .. I
1 In ,every sense of the word.
Offices tIaI I c. .:
bdt Bldg. .
1 freak bread cakes asd peaa. at "
DON'T FAIL TO READ EVERY Martin's Shooting Gallery on Avenue AtWhaler's
Gatchea s Vienna Bakery.Mr. --- --- .1
No.2.h3201212thSpE i WORD OF THE!: EMPIRE DRY D street la
Suite ". near llih giving a \
1 I I GOODS STORE PAGE AD. AS IT floe shaving set: to the one making the
James E. Ingrahara, third'.icpresident APPLIES TO BVEHTBOirrS POCK I highest score. Doat forget to take a
-.-- --- -
of the F. E. C. .Railway Co.. ETBOOK. .: \: shot while la towa. :

G.., M. VINCENTFciMleDU Is si business and'pll'uute.'visitor In Jewelry Store
the ]1 city today. "t* bogie .,
aMtOSSICft ,
tJ Mul and for hire .at the HV I meano vale, unaaanajl
...;.,......".. .. ..- J amt Transfer' Stables. I
...,.y.... ....Dl.i..sJ i UClA aad Surp O ; t 1 1I
t Wanted -To borrow SUM om Improved }it Ii said that advice U the cheapest

a SpecialtyOOctrkoM'UTO' country property: Win pa) Dollar and a bit book containing thing one can give. Som. adviceIs I' -
cent P. 0. Box. 14.Kt. I
10 per full description Ban Fraadsce earthquake the most valuable thing one ea
aftWesce.......ka. and fire. ;Katie Scales. Cocoa receive. Good advice la a beneftlboth ...

Residence 214, 14th St i and Mrs.: Louii Forntt ft J not Grove. Fla | to the one who' glvee and one
Buena Vista are stoppln at the Iro- who receives We will hope that our
Office: room 4, 6, K, latcbettTHE Bldg
pods Hotel daring the celebrationfesgvitles. I pocketbook effort to Uvtse you on the most Important
have Found-same by proving property Owner and cam matter regarding beaatlfytag I
I the home will benefit both of us. JUSTREAD! :
It pay for ad. 225| Sib street.
t The McKenzie dancing class has Since we have been In business the
removed from the Rolfs building to UlleadorTi WRESLINQ MATCH: I Item of paint for the home has been |I
Hall where they will eon- t one of the Importaat things la oar I
tinge to give dancing lesions. A dine stock and bow to apply !t has been I
will be held Wednesday. Thursday and The wrestling match between Prof. so deep a study that we find that
Friday Bights in their|,quarters Admission Joe Fielding andflm Pent the Utter there are bat few people who know
50 cents a couple the cb/ampioa wrestler of Floe what they want and ate satisfied
RACKET STORE r it ida. the former the well known Lancashire with what they think they ...nt. We and if don't find what
T--1 win|be polled off at theAuditorium do not mean to say that we are the you
of jiomestead. torUltiag ,
Hiss Joe King
lotnorrow. Friday evenlng oaea who know It alL What we dosay
'S1i a her sister Mrs-i T. J. Fees- at I o' lock; The doom will be U that we give' to you the beet I of
jot this city and nip remain until you want tell us requirements
ter opened at 7JJO o'clock. Ladles win there la la the advice that haa beta your
j July 30. |it be as welcome as mea and win thoroughly give to .. by the most practical )j jl
*a>oy the atralr.Tonight. .l.....,. and the boaest auaafactareraof and we can come
one of the most pleasant features palaia I
of the celebration Is a trip to the beach' We ILl that palata are to dtffe !

.... on be Lady Loo. r. : eaUy eoapouded that the eipreestosi I,' pretty near supplying them
pore siaf" don act avraa aaythiag _
Mr. 3. F. Woochrort'l] has uMll'41 1_sore than "pare rloth. It 4s.aAirailrety

P.D SELJ EVT HEAPS from a trip through the north of a :a I oa what It la M4 of. It U
-A '
5EJL _III'* 4aratloB. Duriar his absence ,per. of tM klad. Paint that wflltaad
Mr. Wood won hi t visited,Ohio. la tke acerb .... w..* wilt faa
VY.H..Chai le& Son Niagara Fan. Washlncroa and seversl (. gjt aaiuCMtt" to tats **>tr.akal
[other northern cities, and feels, AuditoriumThe : alt Xo Islet win bN If pal *

ttll Avenue D, Miami. ria. i greatly b. wBtt.J by his trip. I I.. trees wre or Vrrtt wt leaky .r spelled taratty < .Nw ISi These lots oo Ate. D at Lou acts terns bait rash. a

I I. .. N.v UJL Two btu <>. Aveasw D ASM! :lolls Wait
sad II Cent Anna at 1S1I Are a I i rm roaM .*!> tmirn etreetaainprerrd.
I : Sroo.te i- wants t- IX :yMT s NPOf'tl
_, 1w I Great English Comedy watt pt e. a prtBMT uJ.*. coat price | M: rub or both for USlnl,
I tad M H sued s*a ...... or a i.
-: Tho' ee desiring earriag: klrs vtnreceive Drama ..... lbrs. Is'day weatb.e. parse artt N u. 154.<< Lot TSalOO A**.M D lot rXCA.: |tQUOta.hv

prompt and f n- due MrtlM toll sr iliac easy mere you weeMhie bUax !b ... j.". There i.a htt!. ko 'ioej Ibis pla<. wn) is l
-1- by applying to Mrs. Arnold Mi 11 tk i a )ah Oil ttj W I tarM.r* i
I t Street Tboae )i0. < I. stew ,.. Mewls sad s-U a great ,ajflM> f raaa>.. Property will mite s fooj hllla.aa kite

I ..... M sae ssjiae ea* year ..... Tao
The redstralloa book wffl. be open' "CASTE"Is bt ... a cU.,. to rose Sal try 5*.. ins W. caa crc--.4 this a.a S MM| U.emtm at, Oni

rack Monday. \VtdaesJay tad Satar- ,ants tit palat .... I Ware Ice tto+* tkb rore', tb4te aft :a.! '".. i I. good
day during the jnoata of Aagmst. e W II II oieh I festal .._al. to tT3) aad th. price i a oil$4720.. with 1t30
JM eonaty coaatisclomrra roooia f I IfaM to .*. or at .. as*. Oat asWe .
i( rout, a d baUa<* i* aul pal"'a.t 15001JC
CA1TOo. 1''1 fMWas r Wbmler a. r1+aWt
SEE MRS. MeALUSmBECXABOUT lees''I she n.G4. rw the awe st I bit'e' .. !*.. Ov. coo*! two slot? knee. fads the bit *i4 }
REAL ESTATE .. D. :Alroy .J/ .... C. 4. pate this )0 etet r.aMe dal
.. .I. marble :'ta let JEW, tern $:00 task tad balasxo to saiU
1 '. ya a what, smart. M a ......
can Hawtf* .j .. .. T. 3. OaVsre. .. 1r'CI' ....." .... ,I '
BOOKSTORE CeMeIy Drama T..ght Jfev 15*. Thrtr four r..., two story cottage. prke- for thlirtr.
tot trt | & Ooget. petsts weoreld
The Eai'4 comedy drama nCat Ides 't.' .. .J. GardMfsbss
srtn be presenter at the AadJtortaai I to a** what w e coal4 r.. 1 1M Un)ii. WHl NO ..para',',. TTUrat taxi(tin very l n brat

iMlgmt by local latest. -Gane- II Gerrt4ge A.. Si..(. ..- oar ....... aa the beet SM .. .lac.... ,\'ot then.A .
MIAMI.IIA.iOLiaVi Mid to be ,irscrpttoeXQy rlervwd I.. t4 that Drfea ..... aa4 slat
this U Dlioi: .Crtfl Valso ,lata ataa1 t. tar a b4 of aa:
latsreatlag play and M No,.I!'. >a the* first time, It Lan ever sea pata Mane)., .. BL Many .. Mrs W. Offer then that we eo Sol Vratuto to say at 13V1r)
ta JIaml..llM1.. attract a lam I that you win ta4 tit tar cheaper .. ;
IOOM It win be ..-.t4'7' Ole Ply 1'rs: .. .. .. Mrs.. Fred find ase tbet aalat. ew though you Mia i!I I
9 lINt t of local taleat among whom are I pay' take .. Mitt M rot aa> I
r, J. O-Belrne. E. J. Sweet?4. CardMT I Luther Cede. .. Visa Hotbeds frrry elM Iwlka la tots bd). tie roe -- -- u
GOODSBOORSTORE H. A Stwle. Ocfl WetsoOlrs.9ffer I ...... proc vtW* the *a.. with walea ,
Mrs Fred I..... Miss Herberts j I tt raa be .",...4 Sal Its areet .ara-'I INttt
,. sale thtBlscayae ,. .ate It tbtjOehm sew eatraa4 i\ ,
Perry, Tickets oa at Art I-, CoartshlB. Utile hoes la ,
and Red Croat Pharmaclea I.Stangate. will fell Joe that we are I Itrl.
II ...... The r f '"* its poddingt. I
1 ) Young man ... ..! to drive bakeryl I Isagoa. Ad t- MatriBMSiy. Uxlfiac r* '. .. fW eating s 4 to rnovtar thesoata f. C. Brossier
A.p.t. Berbold at oared Ma?fair. ....,.ctraJ. we oaIbis see: If ;your :
I, 1- are thtekiac of a g any ofbtr pant ,
Ad ",cSt>>1I1Ioo4. UtOe Itoasej
11 sad will ,.Iat. side ""f la-* :
Reliance Arrived ;,la Staafate_ |1-.-.* halt with Dtfw'a tad tall with '

The coasting arhooaer Refine* has j ...... of rUat MoaUs Mtweesjets I tae .,*. ssaklrgrmn .. 11&. of Ch loa '
arrived la port from Key Vest with ., 1 sad 2 aad. lapse of .1 i fnxa the top o Ike bettor sat Real Estate'and Rental Agents
a fJ canto of freicht. She brought moatha; brtw va acts 2 and X If Drvoe'a doee s il list longest we .
Use a ammber of passenger who a-n,d _t.. S4 crata I wm paint It over sola for nothing
celebration It Is rbe beet or turtle act alort .
rame over to attend tip 'te
I'I to do thi fsMull 1200' Avtmic D Mlai IToridyww -

For Bale-- Wen rotted stable mae Tickets! on ale at Btscaya aa4 Red I HARDWARE co.
nee Miami Transfer Co. Cro! 1"UrwaadH.I We Wage Toar Moery' !!

I ". 1 I If I

f di.7I'L

.. r
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u -_....,...J.J.._........-LJ- ._................ .L ...... ._" a__ v._.. t ........ __



'TT I .


c f Ore tunsl II I II
I Preparatory to Taking Stock
c i
: : Coarareoaa Clown la circa. : starve
: ,7 j I I Saves Teat From .Aafryi ; On Short or Long lime
i i Crowd's Attack.la .
I j Easy Foments
Dressed his oatlandlah cottame. I
; I:: : with the paint. tlll on.'bit face John We are offering our entire line of Clnett
AT'ORNftlUprmottMli EYS AT LAW. i It. WouDd,. a rlrcuj r(,\\.I. he:!l ,J.. a ,
I 98c
dl.oarts.atas.andF.d.t.1S.etaltaatUun : mob of angry :SC.'al.: amy n..a.' : : Dade Co. Security Co
or.._lalataa4 parlaeuoi enlng to bane him for Irs" "'"-!-T t."1 Monarch Shirts, worth $1.25 to $2.00 at
.... -CK.OJ.tom. II tbelr attempt to wreck the circus tent.
; a MIaol.Pla. I Thirty minutes before be had been .

K.B. SCTMOnSeymni H. I. ATKINSON 11, oua amusing antic/ the In Mine the iwlft rraVd J'IIos14.trltt}j lia-r.-{if a I Miami Market A large line of Madras shirts, solid colors .,
turnfJ tam
the action
few minute T. .48.C
: FeahUr.
r & Atkinson Before hIm -i. Prop.
comedy to tragedy. ,ser
and and worth 75c
.' Au irneys ando i I th.angry molt held at 1 bar by a rm >htaff -- stripes figures, sale
Coun eloriAtiaw.atmtloJ 'I Home Dressed Beef Pork
o "
offal Ie civil practic.l.all cmrtm I and Poultry.
S Ie a" Federal "

oj Rooms 5,6,' Friaaell Bldf.,:Miami I i I II Our arge: and well selected stock of, boys knee pants ,,,

1317 19. A e. D. Phone 28
G. A." Worley I y rI MIAMI WEST: PLM! BFACH at Twenty Per Cent Discount

Attorney Law I >3crry
\ I } c1 '.J Y7 1

310 Tw f h St.. Miami, Florida ,
liurkhartLOCK Balance of our Keith and Pratt and Nelson's Shoes in patent leather

'Ceo. rl.: Robbins. : AM: GUNSMITH and Vice in Bals and Oxfords. These are fine shoes (ct
Tituvlll.FU.and 2 9 8

Attorne CounselorAt I Kxpcrt:| Kcpairitii( but we have discontinued these lines. Are To go at .. ..'"'

Law ii3A\T.5cUBC 111UOatIitters

Will practice: i a ill Co.ru", Stale aid F.dr.' met H-----_ ; ,


Hudson .& BoggSAtt .F I i Mid-Summer Sale of Straw Hats .

irney at Law tl 0i

TownIe B tiding, Miami. Florida We most not carry them over, so we win take one-tbIrd oil price.

P. T. au .s. >rL D.. -j H I-!

.alb. i.tb wnev Ma., rasrta.qdear. 4t 50 large size white quilts, worth $1.50, to go, at this safe for $1.10

+t1 C

XUKZ. I'LOBm.L L h'r n 1 1I i

Dr. ,Jam s M. Jackson Jr.I'' two,: KDI simom: ftJI .0. Just (Ireceived a line of ladies lawn, Crepe de Chine afid Japal&e Silk,

P Offkt !12d1 St.end Are.B.!*. ran. Behind U tile bead him was oifdown. .,dle.ftQl'aI the drat teat ,' long I and short ktaonas, dressing sacques and wrapfers. They are
.1aIqoI1IaI __p to TVonadr protect him bad from raoo&atratad a r *r attack.with the 0 in plain; and. Oriental designs. Just the thing for M sssser weather

eon ar.< .7..8. .. countrymen for,cattln* my/ rope and
was Immediately attacked J-.eti-ID a
blow in the head from behind. DrawIng -
W B RUSH.h I 44 caliber:Toll rrrolrer from the
We have for
DR. the National Bunting Decorations ;
h I delis of his tarry tronra,be alowj;
OflMSSTJ.H.F.- tth Kr..1'Pbas.d/" !| backed to the test lerdcd fho gun anT I iI
Ii, ........,. al&la. 8&.' broojfct dova bU tattoo amUlant.Tb .
'" mob anrf.d backward and tue-
Ylixyna.J. ward but atnijth* bare jester Led
them off until jalmoat faint from law
of blood", b.at.. .. a* la a mid m squad W. M. Burdine
MuIttM.D. of blotcoata braUn* throat* Ux CJT- I
': don of farmers to bla rracoe. ,,DUi/er.-
Oflqct Booths .std d la* the mob the oSUvra earned tlw
ti- U Bauwg Itmp form,of tit Maw to aafrty.
BoanlOa.'. a.Ullnu ""v'tolp... I
Read >Dea 141,10th atrcct.FRED GARTER .SNAKE *' r -

f_ ROTTER, STOPS: TRAIN t ,\\MarUs Oyster Chop House

I 1 Ossaal Iratfln atractor... 1-- Crawl lab '..... talwtjSfeaaljfes IO Meals at oH Hours yOj
t a4 bets
I ; t r* by pUU.quit or jfaUo.
W.tla Drtll. J I 1r 1---+ } I, UaaU .netS It all ban Ole Utk itrwt. Miami. ITond

t W. O. Maynard r A Baadlm railway exprta Italy av - --
lag at fifty mOoa aa kew. wa Uvuia r
OAA )uATE OPTICIAN :I to a sodden atop abort RnUboro b jr ,.Investigate Before, InvestingWind
the showing of tin r.4 HLt at on* uf
I" With M* nard A Son. JwlrOEO. .1 ......
I the block alxnala. IaT* UcaU Ni
..... Power
Asa D JIoat o.c.t .4 that a Barter Mtafc* Cart a.i.ry in
the tai the ctatriral mrtlnanUm
.' L. MCDONALD Jf raatalnlaf th* ,was re.IaaiW.foe.ett for Uu bas adopted b j tk best people 0' the co atrraath.
: Vyctem
cheapest power for talatar waUr. Sot tbd p opl" WM h.e.tbms.
QrOIiflutT .I tag the! alrfaal.Wbeajtb .. Light HousekeepingToo they covld have ...,. pa sad hot air too u Vuj wajit-
enjia* rolit bia tram
.sneyaa as hWI",1q :.a...a .,..,wtJ I to bait b waited niluuia. tbra ; edit. I haadte th.* b..,tau ma4 aod nuke a aped&1t1 thla
a uu*
{( kalan.lad with mtclualaw that 1 bus .. bait,
c000 NUT OBOVX. FLA.V17ALTEK proceeded alomly to the next Hall steSan find tor irtidd needed mjr pomp j '
fraated a pa teat oo. I will r araatM to doable tk capaettf
where a "U.liPt Indicated that La II the boose. Also notions for
alas sad file of wad miU ovtSt. lafria
.. say Aaj wilt
C. DWfAKMOfoliltoot.: the block was dear. \Tbeo be gut I
Lifles! and Genfleaea U b
I rn-ntecL ,
". I Beading be vwrte4 pa. singular atwrrenee '
.A and an Inapertor was wot I( 1
I I down to la'eatlcat*. !Johnson & Tompkins I II
Tb Wak*. whlrb WM. fightm l.rhea I II \ C H. PERRY Cocoanut Grove FJorJJ .
1210 Ate. Miami.Fla I loot was theft I II 1 I ., L e

o-. 1 I ; f Sand IK Tiriety Store I l
oar .
Ctak W_ : itb t....
The Chapman House CluirU Bed, Uurw' ,a Miooz I"' ''.. HIT ATOM D Kud. HatUi '. "... rak U over aa4 van y.. lave Property
... I CHAPMAN. Prop. 1tates 1 poondeJ Mary Uoll., a Jaunt oquaw.orar I"I u.... true la tad tau a look a* Contractors D Owners\
. the heed Iwlth, a doc, Inntctlnc'lajuries IIV IUI day. spacial W tile w.aC.aw .
.. j School of :
..... ..
e.W n a._a.$. _'tII eC eo.lort..1 Pat. ..a.a....__Leo_ from which the woman died. ret 1M ptaa
f MlKM Card .a..t t.pu.aMu.l. Red Hone was In loc.with tbe&q1IIw. JOHN WVtX A MO.H If don't want to SAVE MONEY
laldf | "ardnl.t "' 1rlonaa. and beranae abe rebuffed bin be flewIntAa .
ek.db..u.r: 0 bran r a>4 Ocaa l>*talac.Dolray.. Florida. raga shed up a abepherd doff 'Physical Culture ad aantrs for smart .T.Uottu. we can't help you. If you do, come to"

whlcUsatood at his feet and. awtnxtnc Of: .Twal k atraM. Biaeara Bock.
It ,boro-bto bead proceeded to oe the ;I .
t "A.e' Graham canine aa a deb beating the worn* 1 I Instracfira hi uj if U/ blkviai The J. A. McDonald Co.
aver the bead and abootder* until she Athletic timistg Btxint.Wrist vet Any Person or Person
'Contractor and Builder fell to the ground nncooaclooa. Thedor I '
iatUfactloa ** skull was croabed. and It ....d! btu Qgb Sw1aQnt hJl.leD her- ItoeCa* UT1d"{ ud buy your baildiu mileriil Loug Leaf ;.,
dead when It dropped from tb* band dais .rl&(tan t",j.
3 araatecd.MJO .
I UJeI 11 eM
of the enraged Indla&j | t anlJ Tellot Pine and Cjpress of ill hd>
M erne year wo sad &a" I .
.. .... ..... Stout Gesflemea reduced la
.n agari.Ia-.t. .....,(rt,uark ..... mm tm ......... 0..._ Sbewer th vttk Alcohol Information Bureau We also sell Lime, Brick ((4 kinds). Cement. Sash Door
welfbL -
of waitingfoe bar baahand t *
Tired pr ouJdin and whatever else builder
hi I 4t.aa t r.w.NmI. 4.atNOTICE a require
come home Mr. Mary Bohland of 27 ud Witch Bud lob-Downs _
Exp rt Typewriter Henry .tr..t4;Jamaica N. T. went to I at lowest possible figure.
bed about 2 o'clock. Kb>awak.a.d.al ASFEOAUT. ; TO CREDITORS
RepairingrY. denly from a jdream.In which Ute body You Know where we are uth Street. Miami. Florldj

of bet hoRbatid wee seem by ber anapended Ladles Ttofbt Calestheoics and I la Covt bC U. Cowty Ja4,.. IUU _. -- -. ___ -r _. ____ .._u.
C. PRESTON from| a rafter In the(cellar.Jtprlntfo of norida.la .
: 304 9th StJ P. 0., Box 311Emi from her bed abe bunted Skipping; Rope Performuce. r* BaUU of
I the rfU-ir. asl there,tro*to ber dream. Jacob Baaata. Da6e eo-tr.:
the dead j lot ber'hniband. To afl Crcdltora. Last 1)tstttbss
wa body Chase &
A. EhmsnnArchitect Nlcfao'a RUiiaud.. flf,seven year oU, ROLF BUILDING, 12th ST. tee. aai all Peraoni aatlac ClaIm Chase & CO Harney
I n e bud....:J a souse of a pair,of awH, Opposite Court Boost- or Dcmaada acalaat aleS !:ata&&. ,
pendent, and tint luaVln*It fart to his TOIl and each of roe are beaby
I net-k and a caner bad kicked' a barrel I nor.Jilt 7>tLDL'ic. JAVA r.JAW If.1Is1rKW. soused any re q fired to pr **at aajclalffli SUCCESSORS:; TO
from 'i' Btatftr. aid demands whlck run oc
West PaV Beach Florida t..llt'CijblW. ,I Either of[you may ban against taa CHASE & HAR3EY Inc. Fire
I C..Ig Walk tmltm w ",. estate of Jacob Hansen d c.aaa4. Utsf I
M rite& Kolb. What Inol. like tlw combination ala Pad qoaatr. norida. to Be a4.r FRUIT AND
.. ('hi_ ao l a nightmare way 1 Pineapple Slips signed executors of said eatata, vitala VEG1TAIJLEPACKERS Accident
: Red) Estate. Rentals de.IIM" I' brought dIll.r.oul. ; Xev.. by J. K ;' two yean.from the data femof.
.. ..
Kenny and .nt Walll. who .tn.i Dated isle A. D. IttM.
M Mg 4ATC. Carl LaraM. Tornado
I the sncannyiobjectlbigb! onI Slomli
:. C i ear 12th St.. Miami Fla. For Sale Haaa ABderaoa.i Cub Dealers la
I)iTtn. It mummified and t>'11 ") ,I'
..... i Bztcvtora! ''
r : bead Ilk* ahnm a .nr. shout the
: DH. E. M. LAWDENTIST also of a banrbalii' with a nnw. 4. i i Flrmj young plants grown in the Crate Insurance
mouth with Mty teeth, three of them Price S3.00 1000 In It roarjttomact troabtea roa do aot
I broken, and eyes.bntjt.ban at boiy.altboosb i open' per conclude[heat then la BO cur for a 4 Material
; the trails $4 CO f. b. El- I
or o.
: It baa Iff i mmnbllnz tbtto'i mat mallJ' ban born noaanllJ: FIDELITY BONDS
l i of a frof. f ft U' prodded witb wins f dredj -First picking. Aug. 1st .eared by{C&aaberlala'a Stomata sad ) r'
Pinlej. n&:,tang I Uk a bat. and apparently "bcn .Krrcould Urr TaMeta Get. fr*. ...... a* htlbl ud 1utous.
Artl Oo'Ea..red Work Thoroughly : walk.'swim {or tall In the al.r I L. M. AMill Laa Blararnt Drug Stor tad gleetbem j I Eat fad Ikl) Rim Dxt OLDEST AGF CT IX h Ail
n. a k1te.. Eldred a trta1. T'i.y also eve ooaatt.J .
Florida .
. ttltftl areas wars AWbsl paUoa and 1ICDtill......

. 4i


,. ", j." .' "-'. I ''f...w I L:.I"!' : :" ', I ..,.' J" .,.:o.vvbre.", .1 ,. ...... '.,'1_...".,.. .. I ; "" ,..u 1" ..,,.....1... ..!, .I." ,......."'.,'-'"'". ,... .

I IL MaTttOP'OUI' muitoAY.1ULr !I. rol PAAa MVM

I Ic It II
\ I

t I !

A. EveryM nWomanlandChild

1. I -'

'. Should not,' fafllto visit this Grand 10th Anniversary Celebration as it win be the

R Biggest and! .Grandest Assembly that has ever taken Place in Dade County.We .

have secured the services of! GEN. ABE SAWYER 01! Key West, Florida. The smallest salesman sessesone'in

hih(41 inches weight 56 Ibs. He has traveled all(over. the world and
: the United States, will be stationed at the
.1 Florida has ever Sawyer
4 brimat minds that
among the most ._ ; Invilatlon1is
N front door to welcome all visitors ol the EMPIRE. A cordial extended! to every body to meet'General

Sawyer as it wfll be a rare treat to one and aH I .

I We Are Going to Make This Sale a Marvelous Movement ofMatchless

i ,

: Merchandise .

_. custom 'take account of! stock the first 01! next month it becomes necessary that we .

V L As should it! is reduce!pur:,usual same. In to order,to, make! room. for our ENORMOUS FAIL|:GOODS which win begin to arrive '

that the OPPORTUNITY of a life time is now staring you In thefa: e. Ifee'owsthflnow ;
this sale means
soon, it will last tot a few
this golden opportunity to save money: knowing
afford to ignore
A' days.is,'A CM large you,force 1lsai.ople been engaged to wait on (the trade during this Carnival Sale.


--k LThe 'Stupendous Aggregation of Big Bargains I

tfe Wg CARNIVAL SALE.wfll ml be remembered J by toe pagans '
oIng to (HstrflHrte,during
: Which. we are yrffl to it .
H tow Prices
of theEIPIkE. We are going to' wake op. the Natives ol,Bade C&raty.; ..J -

1 ; o ffds Below you will find an Ulu&ration ofj a f'of the Many 321, Uth

DeUvere'd' Thousands of Big Bargains that Now Awaits You St. Miami,

\f! Within Gratis the This Sale lasts Eight Days July 2ll to 30 Florida. ,

Big Carnival Sale Tills,Sale lasts
Sale Big Carnival Sale I
fSlSf Big j I Gent's Furnishings

S Muslin and Wash GoodsJShS and Children's;
| rf '1 All Ladles', Misses' Sacrifice SlMTrtosm, ,. .. .i. ..Canhnl Site IMS 8 Days
.. Shoes and Slippers at a .. . .. .. .. ..
|! fiffC3ae .ftcwuti.a; ai. w......i... ../l..t nfalwls sue TnestrsMJJTrtasen. 7./a
UI.zcat ta.-s. Ca. tc.1fC. .w/... tc We can't quote prices . .. .. .. tel

u..USCIl la.I.wWI......................:.1 : -111* for want of Space .UM Trwstrs .. .. .. .. .. ." 1JJAHBxa'sFtAiaa Saturday
.. ..
........ a *: II..UI-IcIlUlll.-......cIlalla,1-I.wY.*.............. .. _. ". -. Sl.sl WDlte Duct hntt. .. .. .. !k
1:3'Bl" ... ....... 1- [ Be .:. ... ..IW!Price Monday
..."II Ia. ,mwtU. .. .. .. ....... ....... .....c.ntnIWlIJ Bits It i
.. .....
.......: : -I BeBe Ie InIS Flq .... .. ::.-11 irfactira -
wl ... AlIIa'lftlt lab st <
.. .. .. lit
a ..... ........... -I f i 1St.htJ rtn..... : ... t
... iuiicuncMScSOkCkwknr (if) .................. .... .. SlJSltn'lId hats OrahnlS DC
::: ... .... ..... ..... -i Ik Me nut Warn. r/ .. Tuesday
: ........ .. .... Be
o .
........ Iklk Fiats2Sc
C-t .S5. ,Lw tklucp feat G&IUIII. ....... -. -I. Hec 1 t tw fkw u .r p D.MaWvtlM w...tx....._.c.IIIn...:........... aai Uc leys'* .KM- ]JU tJ. .. .. BeTScbys'ta *
lIUUU-Icruq was Hrillas......... _I t BeIk 11..1Ic ... ....... ...... -. UIMe Wednesday '
o :.1 i IN k lacy W ct/ck Ql. ....... 1 Ill W,sn.u.--_::...... .,.....,...... 1 lot men's felt hats,vorth from
:!! Q.IS tm4 tx Faacy. Ion. I..s..otae.........,. : j. Uc. til lScs..b.tbtIed.-r kl ... .... lie S1.51 u i-S. m pat.'k. .. ..
acIIac14.c4:;. $.a1&* .. .::. ..::: wwtShirts- 44cIi
: .. : 6ka.d1Sc11a
1:2:: ..... ........ l>e Thursday
"9' aj a 1ScfUC1L1WU.Iacrt5ke.cWMtoBMHtk.; !! tech ................ j. j': ,2SCltI.t.t+ac.M*......:.:...':.......... Ikm SIc H*Umdmtl xhlrtJ.1JS .. .... M M lie '+
hag '" .... .. ... LM "
.. Me
: Me Wktti Biauk.it tackS .c.rwa. ...:::::::::.y.....:: ui 1 Jl dress shirt Betfto1JI ..
*- r: w. :::.. .::.. neL 2SC taGcI"e" t w/:: -. .. .. 6% Friday
-= Jta-- II tress tt<
y- tIS 1U11 .......... ........ ... .. lie shirts ..
.. .. "
.SUSftltlldWolJ'UCI wYe 3Sc WkrIM ........... .. 75c dress shirts. ae : -
cJ ; .... ........ ;- tk JSc..t tBMfiC ..
,,. kc uw ktiat N ea.Iw. ..... .... ..... .. t% t
":I g .................. I .c L.tla'w Mn Ya. 'k SOc lrtt. DtjnjN Saturday
o JMScu4 Be Cwuts : 1Sc. .... .......... .. ... .. .. M M 44cCc
V ..... ....... .. neIk UIM* Ttttl... .. ,. SIc ui ?Sc SosyeaJers2S.S&nd .
-' "tf/lLNiM USccmtsficUkvlNCMk.hcuM,. nt.W........... ._ Ik ,BeUAcs'Ttsts.... .. ................,. lkBe 'Me Sosptnden7Scaa4H4la ..
.DWC"'ISc : .: .. and Monday
121s.. D' .:::...:: +. "P5, Be w.. .: .::::::::::::-::::::::: IkIk Hn Iks-- M .M. 47c2k
.. _.....: :::::. rati "
;:; =r "'" .... ..... .... .... ZSC\'twtll............................... fUt1eenf lour.... law.....ties-... .. Z1c
a Me HtfC 1x4 KUruCc .................... Stria '
_o v *2. s' Btky.......WklHtuiw.t. ...................................... ',. -_ : uek tt JSc"--._.P.tnwq......................... : IkUc JSan4Wty ft.1..Y1.cent BittlbMTvtaty ,. .. 2k July 21, 23, 24,
.':* 2 : 35 'IScWJ..... n/aYt Il//f....,.... .... I,,1-! G Ut .......,.............. IkMe Bstf HueIScaailk lie .
: DTI ant
**=3aa cell .. .... .. ,:' !, L0BJJ tttmi0M. ............. .......... ......".. : .. q.. .. t
-;: -a ..SSS .. :$1a.... ........sawn.. -. ,.:........:.:..............::;. t.: :. U M<*-......................-.......... HeIk EsH..'Rise ,. . ak He =25, 26, 27,
3JH !n t: ; .. OssSk
75cw41Ji '
a | ...... ..... .... USUS _.......... .. ..
.:3 ai ,,2 S&JI tax TratI.TrnksS ........n..........:: ::::.40. I_I.' .. tt Me ul r1)ua Ik rncyUJI alai .......... .... Uttn liftrittia, Shirts an4Dr wtn7Sc 33c 28 and.30th
"''Ct. ... .. i- : JSIH -Sf' .......... ............. 4k h.a
+ $..UJlInllIllltCa.ll....InIIIdCa.ll....:.;......:.:.:...:...:.:.....:;:... a!; : :. IStH <ri.ar iJf _1.-.a...... ....................... .- ...... WbrUiia Shirts Dnvers ta4. Drivers. . .. .. SJc
e..a : TScSohta's
'CS .In Sd tall .................. .. u TitawW lts................. ...... -w ,. .. .. . .. .. lie
u..rllllktl. .
c { .... ....... UlUS .................. U* 1Se hen's U&rI. .. .. 1906
Bnu Str w Bits : : UI..IUI. .. .. .
tUI ,.::.. :::::... ....... atc DrtnOs '"7o
.. -- teit '*tun ui Bnu Bnu S url.* w I&Bits...... ..........1'...ji j. !" US. 1JI.I. I............ t'c. 75 c MecS+ t

a? -s oo:* Grapbophone TI kets not given Oat during this Sale Owing to Stupendous ,Redaction in Prices An 8 Days Sale


Empire Dry Goods StoreI'

I .
S : t

".. :- >' ":;'f"11 '-........--' 1'77r->"' ..... -:'- ''''''Jr''''''' '''rl'1'' :"CI :I""r'"" : \ "-1:',.", ,''''''''... .. ........ r -._ ,....-.-- "- r T--IP-! "' ",,, .r..... .

I .


t =

..;. i.I I I II ,!, Wi i

I I I Sliirt


....... ..
..,. I .
H- .

,. !' !


I Ii

:: .
'EGL .
; I I
SliD' ; : L'S I II


."I. ) ,, "'; ", I'''I I'I' Every Waist to be sold at: half Price

:, .. I, t I { I
: ,
\ ". i i I I
: I s


; .Visitorsare ,


'* The balance of this week we will close

//a. cordially invited -to make I! : out our entire line of fine Lingerie

bur I tore their headquarters 'Waists in both long 'and short sleeves.

:; 'while j in Miami. The I ? Largest ; 1 A few Peter Pan ones in the lot. Really

stock I o.f. Shoes 11 and, Gent's I the best bargains we have ever offered

R i I If

. furnishings m, I the. SOUTH. i I :
,.- -.; ... ., j I "II

'I '- i't' ; ,. t ,, I 'I : ; /
Ha 1//
JL-"f II.. i I"" :

I .
.....'l t"'r, \ .
1' .''>r "10 I .

.. ''" r\" ,,, J ,. iII I : j II I 'j fi

Jiio.ISewen I ,& 'Bro i I Bilrdine G Quartennan

.. .. .. ..._.. "'
: j .
+ t .- .< I'.. I

.. .' :. t i i I .; -j jt \ .. _.. . .: . J"
. ,, ;
'*,1, ,. It. : j .." ,'t r I

1 I l IftrGet I
I .
f : f
j I If i'
"I I
I I I' 'j
U 1

1 304 and 306 .Twelfth Street I ;
I I .r t I
I -"' ,..., I,
.I I II X ,, ;,
-? I

L ..I '" ''i''!, I the Bejft x-; I II

.... .. I I
S I .
I A strong baseball team 'Ulac ergaale. I I I I .
."UNI EXCEPTION at Jupiter and expect tovprla i I
r11 .: gentle nrprtM on tile Dad: Humor d>* Philosoph 4
covatr tau. Mr. Herbert JoaaKM i 11
"' q-4 (CooUaoed1 from 4th Pace) is the efficient and capaU ma&afer I *

I of the team The araHahl mater- Is always good advice and would like
every one
Arabkery ell every decxtp os. Tb I: lal Is rapldlr roondlaf( Uti shape j JU.Y.:

tratel face the jbroad Atlantic to toast IUd will soon attempt t, ajmlalster I TV -u. .,-.........d.s/sad t+M to follow It, U not deterred by the price! If the
and to the weal aa far aa the] defeats to ft few Florida ball Of wta..ea..t ......
t I I f.
depnt. leada ac avenue of cocoaautpJma teama V tUrt wait guts aW konfMt Mr- Best can be had at no Greater, Coil than one pays
A new power bones win be CM- UOvlc a.rt. w Amy .seen

r Tara hotel with a U flne ese fock of the road most between pop.mar rutted wireless at ataUon tie United thus aammer Stat waUk Nanl :I:I 'I..he's.. 111I7. g.M ...... for inferior Clothes, then there'is no question at:
o* Ibe East Coul.I will greatly iBcreaae tie work ag **' !I M yea rw. M sd.ltTN I all about what to do! That's the storyof the
fidencjof the ttatloo. Th* great an sby I
As to the health the record

for lUelf. BO l(doctor ever having I I IU.f'4 I|I lamas went business In commercial make and _lOftt.j I I OII wtb.rrarta.r .... R. T. If you have any certain sum to Invest In,
Tb.t M tikfak
a prM ..
here. tWre betai not eboa a proremenU nerewp.lln. .
I 1 u- a Suit of Clothes, you'll gets better and
Ilarrr DnBoU. of taU place '
4-.4 for oae'a aerrtc to keep 'I I WItn a alee 11M KJetys. UI morel .
I Land' her sister, Mrs. Farqnaraoa ofIDnMoioei. I II I J'w MJe ,. ,
hit all re. Ko|death hare ocenmiderisg. f I, .. pleasing Suit HERE than an elsewhere!
I I I la are among the vldIcon a matt.r you
( _''. 9... throe rt< last before Oui 'were acdJental kfllOwlacf cry celebration. j II I dlragralet
wbst'a tbs
Mr. Charles Coleman. after a .- I
I.Fa to the enierprlalnc pea I T.w.atM&
( ant online returned today to tU dui.I .1 .... "
cldrees, with labs help of the county: ,i I a tenp ,, .
I let a: Dower Brothcri itor* I
aehool board the moat ralnabl Locked w .. a eaf .
xrhool twndlDC U the nasty la tocated -!I I h' preset yen I Ia.allow1Bc j. HUBBARD CHEATHAM ,
I I -'lr. "-
bere. wen* U et tt monA' A any p..eni ca.ak 1 ..Fl
.cbool term to U.dit by. effldenttfacbera. WlMUTTovcurr I "
I I _
) .
+ A n4IIet Mos. .
,I Around te r*.r peckMAnthe I :
'I And tb a ya alrk I The People's Clothier. ,
P *.nal Newt and Otherwise 'Im.Wireless i Ikau..m.n.** tt t.ta I < ,
!! 1 OJ'
ttba. U* d.BS. P
tt'" prevemcn at igUatr I I SiWTI la tM shads I I ,' '
Cot. MT.Tou I 1210-1212 Avenue D Miami.'Florida ., ,
..... .
Jupiter, Jalj 2S Mr. Herbert BO tm1r M head : ., : .
Jobano and Another left laat night If you dent let .' I J ,
the C'eoIeb-Uoa at Miami Oth-r: A nkoff I ,
for I
I I II I''
Prom CTCTT are cream Jotet. .
Amass learinx were Miss *pne From .r ry dreg .tor. II '
Jo11a.... and )Mr. and Mra. E. r.KithtM. ,And from rrtrj eledl10 fui'Without maker i I
and'daogvtef. |I I I youTbrlr .
.. I
Capt. J. A-Arm Pub dote Ibrlr I '
;!If'fOtIce at M>U place U n* rtnj 'And boy a ctewi.Tbe ootcu. ; ':: ,
complctfontqd'will be roaJr for oe-
q cutrar by the isth of Aor tMr. I I, : 1 : : f., .
Great '
Mystery. : I :
1. 1. Mcl ean, an expert wire.lagi s
telegraph operator, arrlred at Did they ever find out who strap ,' '
Jupiter. last week and will bot aided o.:.. Deny IYttenoarwbet : .
.to the fore now at the r tioiLMra'McLean ? I did they strike him .tor. a .
: win Join he r hatbud about <1t nut hare cost 700 something r, I IZUrtf't'r I r-- .
Aoexiit 1st f lave your d nttter yoke cnltlva'.eJ. Matt hire teen man than that. I .t.
I ; t
The Mlacesf Naoma and SUSIe Car- "I should say It did. It cost ns cart: J1Jdr'.JIr from the way be hoDered." j I
l'Tta left last intent t fot u' extended 3 CUT trteD4a.-- >hll>JelpbU. I'tgJE I I[ w'd
tilt with reladrei la Georgia. !I' -
e J.. a!
till T 1
'- .
,r r

-.b. It

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: July 26, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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f k

4. I







..... Utleal capacity he having been elect wsa ta its tafaaer! vtarted ta
led to the dee cue year ass ... MB.Wfcea the mat dty ale*
Mayor, City Alderman, Board of Public Works, ,City Mr. ChalUe la a Keatacklaa by birth dos war Jrawtag ...... Mr. Cheathaaaaaoaaeed
and was bon ta the Blae Qraaa StaU himself a candidate for

Marshal, Clerk, Municipal Judge, City Attorney, la 1KO. When but three jean of age the office of aldermaa, to rep""t
his parents removed to Hamphreya the south aide of the dty. and was.
1 ; 'Taxi Assessor, Treasurer and Others-Something County Teaaeaaee, where he was elected to the office. Mr. Cheathaxat .
reared on a farm remaining there aID popuUr with all who bow him aids
About Life and Official Career of 1ST, ta which year ho removed to making a'good and capable officer.J. -

*. Texas and engaged" la merehaadlalnc. BVCROtLAND:::
Each Pointedly and Interestingly Told !! H. came to Florida ta IXU. aad.eatereJ J. H CroaUad li rh*
tk the mercaatUe business 'taOcala. yoaag-t man
'rb.re he remained aaUl lilt,' la years of the> city council and la
erring Us first term. Fla. is chairmaa -
when he followed the van and came >
i oj the rules and
I to Miami Here he has remained operating ordlaMee committee
The government! of the city of Miami he has done more In this respect II be Racket Store one of Ml- and aa ladefaglble workerX,
or that part of It elective by the than John Sewell It was M who I aml'a ghost a'laceeafitf. baaiaeaa ea- Mr. Crosland U a South Carollnhu.-:
came to Miami ta nOl and
people. consists ef'a' mayor. aine aldermen built a majority of the well, pared lablUhenntt.Mr engaged
a board of public wor..,_ Knell of which Miami ta possessed; i Ciallle la making Miami a good succeeded la the 0sh from exporting the flr business. He
posed of three members a .clt, mar It was be who cleared up .c... aaj official and dora Dot allow private formed and two yeanago t

rthal. dty'clerk an3 tax collector, city block of scrub lands aad : under- t affairs to I.tff're"Ith his public W. C: Fong la a the partnership wholesale with fish huainess. Mr.

attorney"tax aaseaaor and municipal crowth. sad It la he who ba4 never I : tlall. .. His selection aa aa alderman The Inn "owts -
Judge with verbs appointive officers let a day or a. week paaa ataee com- was wise and ..... smacks and power flsilng nnmbearof boats. Led t- .
eervtag'BBder tie different aeada ud lag here that be has not .done some C. H. RAULCRSON doea oat of the largest businesses ta

tosllsuag of a street superintendent, load for Miami C. H. Raulerron. who'was choeeaaa their line la the clt,..
ettr a1ld1t r. dty physician, chief of i Ur Seven has been a >Bfe-toot alderman at the last election, U J. C TUCKER
are i department aaj a sanitary ta- Democrat, and though flxuHng
i to
also the present trea.areror Dade Mr. J. C.
peetor. ome extent In politic. It was (not aa- Tucker cam* to Florida
County, and the reputation for hoa-
la tile year of IXC*. and ,
/ The government U democratic and ,ill coming to Miami ihat he took aa + I ety and capability be enjoys ta the orange grove la Putnam started aa
the preetat regime .. one of the beat .active part la the Issues of the city latter office he la making la the new his father he then being county Ud with of
that ha served U tie history of tbe .and State Six: : years ago he was a
{ loarteeaean. He war bon ta Cole-
ttnrm It U a progressive body of ,elected county commission and one.Mr.. Ranleraoa la a' FlorId D. and toa _t,. South Carolina ta USi.
J meat a body that believe U bufld- 'three'years alto became the chief 0. fret saw the light of day ta Orange After the freest ta 1855 which destroyed
tag Improving and. leading aD efforts ecntlre of the flourishing aid la
pro county the year UCS. He ta one his grove ta Putnam County.
to ,the,welfare of tie dty liter are treaalTe city of Miami He {!la lOW of the pioneer settlers of Miami and Mr. Tucker, had charge of aa estate
prod to can their home. Mach has serving his second term boU aa a 1. JOKX SEWELL Dade county, coming here ta 1SK. for northern parties and stayed with
already been done by the pmt ad- commissioner of the, county sod mayor Mayor where he engaged 'ta the batcher baa theee people until 112. when bearing -
alaJatrat a camber of whom aac- of the dty of Miami ] mesa He U a partner la the Cut of the aew city ta Dade county

'eeeded themaarrea IB office at the tan Mr. 8eweU U a member of lie tint I coast Cattle Co. and- aa energetic he migrated ...... .'
vmlctpal election. Recently a bead Baptist Church aid aa honorable and ra 411..tl1lt b now use of the Jar* served Miami wen and faithfully for aad progreeelTe duIrr. -&. \ Mr. Tucker had been a eoatraettv
eUettoa U the ram of fl e.o
vote by the treehoUers of the dty every act and deed Re la tnarrieJ or more ago the concern, was IncorporateJ tad tireless worMrr and Ideatlfled .Interest l U public matters and U devoting before coming her. and after he had

for public Improvemeata. J sad baa a devoted wife bad /jtwo Interesting with a capital stock of"teaho f with many thriving ..d' prosperous his beat effort to the dexjilop- settled down ta his new home, ha
Thee boada are BOW beteff ,fiverUsed sons Masters Jack aad Croa.aler. < aaad dollars Mr. Wharton becoming eaetrpriaea.Mr. meat of Miami Hla record aa ..acouncilmaa started ta badness along that Mae

for aale. and within f few weeks He la a' man universally reipected cae of pavlag of more atreet be laying of and omcers .He am retains the time H. was elected alderman ta
and largely taatrameatal ta general back whet he ... elected aa alder- B. REILLY '
J\ aJdlttonal aewera the equipping of Ole bringing about the celebratlad'of MVamfi management of the harfBeaaa meat Qae year later he became mayor Job B. ReOly la .. of the oldest last yeti*-election of municipal offloea
tad the bonding of a
s. department it la wen under the aew charter of the
tenth aanlTereary { preeeat taking a earned TV of the then thriving bat growing and DIGIt)substantial members
pabBa park sad promenade will be ?tjoa at ...-boy hood horn He ta For. Urea eoaaecatlTea terms mea city and has made a faithful farsighted -
The personnel of the rr- p,'W. WMARTON: rfflage. la point of aerrlce oa the aUermaale
wader xt of the strong substantial and tanueatlaT thereafter he reelected aa the and Intelligent officer far ihdt'J'
war enjoys
board. He the distinction of
Iou offldaU who win eataeer the* .
Improvements U latarestlag. Mr F. R. Wharton preaUent of the men, of the dty. chief eiecatlre' of Miami sad Suet,t having been the Irat mayor of Miami .
Miami City Council la iow.lserxinghis J. L WILSON the offlee wlfh credit sad dignity...OnNoremoer which offlee he held for four consee-
JOHN SKWIU.Jeha .' fourth farm aa. 'a' dty father, a Mr. J. L WUaoa. coaadlmaa: w.swing S. 102. John Seal the. lithe terms declining to accept the THE BOARD Of PUBLIC WORKS

Swwen.mayor of Miami vu fact which attests DOt only Oe coaa-, : '.* president ....".....' ta aa- "....t mayor, eaceeeded Mr. Lanvmaa nomination SOT the fifth term. -
bees 'ta tt beet" canty. Georgia ta1M7. deice and aateem !-which hW b held other lanatrmOoa-of.right man ta who returned to the council and After this he retired from public What It la: its Importance. Owtiea

and is. therefore, a yoaag meta by the elector, bet his capability. to tile right ,place. Mr. Wilson la aaOiloaa bas aueceeded ilmiIT' -each term to life for a year or two'whea he was Eta,, ttf Miami.!
ta his For the .>xt hold and the offlee. i the He la chairman of the
hardly prime. serve .., birth; and came to Plaids preaeat aorolnited: sad elected to the council ,
twenty years young Sewef resided Mr. Wharton te a aattTe: with his parent la coaatraad' State tad war bora ta 1S70. 'He'came to Mr. dye purchased ,the grocery but Able man for the ollcecould not be 'has done aa much aa any other man of Work to' a
new. yet one tie moat
Of hU birth sad earae .a. "nvtat' f' FleaUat when sixteen JeaN w axe ana of Carroll d:'ifcCowaf Shortly aecareJ.Ir. Ja deve, plng lid bringing the' Magic public bodies ta Miami It has important .
fad charge
neat eoaatrr bdya doiy +rlet and located at Maacott. Lake /County, afterwards Mr. Flye died, and Mr. WU- Lnramn; enjoys the honor of City to the front Mr. Reilly la a I of an public Improvement, and works
eat farm work la 19S'.n: where he unfit erbool for a )Dumber lOB Kmtlaued to rat the builaeea aatl being a native Floridian baring been native of Connecticut and came to, la conjunction with tile council to
famOy removed to Klaetmmee Fla, Df and then branched ,.. His j iPorlda la ISIS .. MeGnlre
years lato meraattle about a year ago whoa he cold the bona at Broaanti. Levy eoa.t aa accomplish these purposes. It U also
"Ttfhere Mr. SeweH engaged for a time trade and la which he|remala-- time to Keller a Laaeeter. and early dare were seen: oa a farm and ft McDonald and wtiappolntperfo. I delected' the right to handle Improvement .
f the lee baabirn and latrr. engaged : I II
Sa' the aawmm "" ...... Tats he funda, and the expenditure to
be made oa a new city hall aewera.
followed for two years. when he
.j J" ,streets<< etc. win be handled by this
branched ojt, ta laaother linen: fl. body..
roadIDl"-"lnc to Georgia and foUow- : : '
U U almost Invaluable to the city
tag his new vocation U that State
and Is composed of tire members
and South Cvon.alltp HIJ when (I nominated and elected' by the people.
be engaged with the Florida Eat 1 t
George A McKinnoa la eialnnaa of
Coast Railway at a track builder sad
tbe board with C. IX LefTIer and W.
returned to Florida, though he had
JV Proof, the other two member
hit claim the
never reMaqulahed
I These centlemtn are largely Interested
State aa his hone. 'I I II la Miami, financially and otherwiseand
After pursuing ibis work for one vIS. are proving their worth aa officials
year Mr. SeweH was traaaferred to .

the _hotel ,eoMTnctkm ,department of t GEORGE McKINNON .
the, company sad went to Palm I a l Mr George A. McKlnnon. Chairman

Beach where he aided la bulling the t of tie board came to,' Florida eight
immense hotel that hu made the year so and entered the employ oC
place world famoue. This work lasted Ithe"F. E. C. Hotel ("0.. under Mr. C.
three years and his employera. real- 'JIf B. Knott who was then general __-
CM Wa value ant him to Miami to i ager of the hotel .,...11I. HU anti
smut la bunding the new towa. This I position was cashier of the hotel at
waa la 1IH. and' with that time began Key West during the ,time of tie
his real success la fife i I Spaalih-Amerieaa war 'From there-'
For three years after coming hero F Mr. McKlnaoa went to Nassau la a"similar
)lr. SeweD remained la the j employ capacity la the employ of
of the Florida' East Coast RanroadCo IX nt,.. McGuire ft McDonald, build-
but ta the meantime he opened !era for the F. E. C Hotel Compaay.
If .1 I' 1
sip a boot and shoe business dividing J. LUMMva r. WHARTON J. WILSON I i His duties completed there Mr. Me.KlBBoa -
his attention between the two until took ap the same position with
his trade had grows to such a assallude I the Inn at Palm Beach which place
that'he resigned his position ed untfl the freeze of im aaj tl. eapfta.a real estate ..alit...pas ranchmaa. bat at the age of ISara !.. agent for' an of the Planter real ;(Ibe held until he came to MlaaU ta

with Ih.-ra0ma4 company, and gave From' Maacott he went to preaceat I his preeeat vocation. he catered a grocery store aa estate when the towa wa lint laid 1903.! ae a member of the UcDoaald
his vadlrtde etorta to the farther a4raaeUc City; from there to Altoona, and from He< became a member of the city clerk. From that he arose to a pro out and has maintained thla positionever (Lumber Ox. of which he 4s secretary
of ate prozreaalra boalaeaa. here to Miami ] coaacn Sa otto:. and has served continuously ',rietor and la sow head of one of the since. j let this time. When the Security Ah...
.Bow weH he haalaMeeeded( U today Tale was ta 1SS7. and for t""l ta that capacity ever alaN largest grocery establishments la the Mr. Reply la courteous, obliging and tract Compaq wnt..to. ....euKr.
\ attested by the (splendid baaiaeaa rear thereafter was ta the employ He ta public spirited. liberal sad eeergetlc -: cTyt besides operating various comnlssarlea attentive to nay and all with whoa McKlaaoa .wag elected president of

_,V >fork" owns sad the heavy stock of K.: L. Brady ft Co. and when that I and has made Miami one of' along the flat of the F. E. he bar bastaeaa dealings He la a good hat concern which Is Jo .ig b.......
>Tc saodn carried. f rm parchaaed the grocery (business its beat and most coaaervatlve official ,C. Railway Key West extension. He dtlxea and a wood official. ,'l.t'ladtT.
. ftral Jay.that he act foot ta Miami. of Fonnh street and Lesson .R he aid well known throaght the _..,.: d.nDa..1a the -right man la the right I Mr. Thomas K. Cheat ham la a Virginian Netted[" a member of the Board ot .
'Mr7v ewen hat labored talthfonyBa4 : war placed te charge the name of J. L LUMMUS place." by birth having flrst sees the'!;Public Works sad was made chatnua
toceaaaatly for the ws&fare sal the badness being changedd. to the W. H. CHAILLE.Mr. light of day ta the year ISO la Appamattoi of that body.. He U a level headedtbaalaeee
good of Ut town he dINe as ala home =i MagaoHa Grocery Compaay glace Mr. J. X. Lammaa ta another member I I W. H. Challis I. serving Miami couaty. He came to Miami j man and a good official Mr.
and.ao peraoa ta Miami eaa say that 'that time the badness haa grows of the present eoaadl that baa for the list time la a public sal po- about eight yeara ago when the city McKtaaoa of Scotch_ pareatag ash


-I-\ --L: .- r

+ '
+r isf3

; 1 I; ii'a.i .



c..3. y_



a _
r s .


t- J
'J' J

; FRANK, ClrMarahal aVBARDEaV \ I i t pry Attorney I City Treaaarer M. R. KELLblCity Clerk I

f ... r i d 1

'.' \ J rr .



>AGE TEN. _r_ M. c s .:::... 'IWa1WPAUa

z *' > at, v- ,. **_ >r a rti1'Th3mn

The MeiiWho Govern and iAceiMk-i Fie.. jafrV !:'."r.'n'''''.. !', ''URlJIDA8t rlN DUDE MM : fA

ing ,the Future Great Gty-oF Floridawas .eiaae'for Coday

"' "ii ; .


bona at Prince EJward'a Island ant term- of\tw* years but la less : ,
Canada. |than half that abort time has demoaIstrated f
By the Rrr. Samuel Joh
\ T his ability and efficient to a
C.: O. LtrFLIKMe.
marked and appreciative degree. MrHardee I
: LcfOer m one *f Mlasnf tore wa lion m QuitBMB, OsjInIvM. \ :Is duMeh JMM ('urt MM foumUlio, hw Lord. In Their su.ntkurir; watch' ar* t..pYtg: II ':nae: wtiter feat TillUed Bbca71M: would sot ship. with Noah because k*
native of j f rywo** UB. Hew loser'lb.
mo* sroeetTSea. H. I* a ( r.tUe wa ol age X\\' Harden [)' Is fcls BW emiioci. And es thivnlfht ef WMBta Bay .IB 'November. l7t. The sly bad toe suet pan wise oa board.
.i t1ia.d. Ky, wher h* was bora liISO. sea engaged In farm,,work land par- Br water sd Ik* word. IMB be tkW*et BS VMM After the slower ke promised to land 1
IB Irr he removed, wflk TrU sued the same vocation aftei coming! from ...__ k* ram and way:io.pC.-. then without eetss- at Blseaya Bay but he aimed his

parent to M"'IoIIYille--eow Sanford I to Florida and looming 'Bt Rdskledge Te Be his sought holy brtd.her tau and tribulattae.Aad .' lag Florid was br Mallory tlae fromNew reckoning and bilged DM Ark oa .Ararat
: .
He was educated at the Vatvenity ol f OB the ladlaa Rivet Shortly Wl** with MB_ bto>< IM boaM her.AM tumult ef kr war Tort West, then bj reef He saad a bad. loop."
tbs South. Sewauae. Teas sad ai IIC to Florida k* left the field fr Wr..,. M dIM. Bb* watu..lie eooMBUBanEbet .. schooner t4ltlaml. Mr first trip Noth got the paoae aad said: 1deanad
Pous Of p. fw .rrrn.ra .
> I :
IBslann'l busiae* f laid engaged In raD.-4Iac and arose TW wth ilia .... ...... aa tovtUaUoB. I slmpry
frwi every' sat). rot eleven day*. I *peat about Mxumaths
kepst.N.T. 1 from brakeman to conductor. 1 1j i iI I Tat. en* e'w.n tb* earth; Her taut**! eyes .... MM waded'to please the ladle Wk mtke .iI
After toeatlBg Saaford Mr. Leffleia j Mr. Nudes cam to Miami oa th Her ekartar eC a Jr.
.>gd la diver toccapatlon sal first trait run here aid has beea j.| Ird. sae faith .se WttbtOu aMII W |bs,ckuirk at net I see Bad Monroe cot tIee, tasting: shopping aid besides Mr. Shem had- ...
railroaded Jar a aumber of yean or MlamiaB ever siace4 for one, yu r holy same she blrun, called Mrs. Ham
a Bigger aid
Baid 1M1. when he e.gagsd.Ii the Pkru. .. ... ..:" food. T.. Bb. .. sunk bath .... the climate Bad looting taw the arch-
BBslaeea. la Jaauary. 1 M>* j.previous to his eledloa as marshal "Aa .. boee .h* tarr..es with oat the These .. Osw l abilities aid poMlMUUet M to fture Japket wanted Mr.: ,Ham to black ,,
grocery I I Mr. Hardee was superintendent W boots It
Wltk cvrrr grace *ndud.Ttwuck "And mrnie. cwwi TOMBIUBUBWKfc so was getting too warm for
.. reumred to Miami lad entered the j streets, which: position he held wilt w It these WBOM mt. I* was *. I retaraed t. Novomber.1171, -.-
grocery ....._ His rise sfne then I credit He ls competent, _1IdeatJ.\ It with a ___rut'wondw Ok. happy MM sad 1taI,.. having made up my alai to reside
has been steady sad gratifying uatfl ions making Men. are her core. opjmmd.By Lord *t- M *race' bat w* Methuselah !<* th* pkoa again
of one ( sober sad reliable and achlmw mil a..iMkr.By Uk II.... IB* meek sad lowly.O : .... and said "'4 call up General Ssjsp-
BOW of tk k** largest la Ike sole aid proprietor moat successful aa excellent officer. ;; I| *' hemlps >ir........ kick BMT Swat with IBM) : la December, 1171. 1 visited the "SOB who did the work with his Jaw .

grocery houses la the city. r M. R. KILL ", CLERK Idce :******-*tt...*******.****.*f" ,..........* ." ,*...... Hunting Grounds, a* It was thea caned ae- list. Nosh wa too Scaley al
together. Jnsi then Jom the
_\ tot
WfcDe taking aa active part la politics i In sit Sty govemrnents the o and so mapped- It I* BOW knows -ion.
and said try my patleBCsv" h
for a aumber of yeara.Mr.Lefneraever ( city clerk Is one lot great Importance
i jof Cutler.. wltk several otk- .
as I waa.
held municipal political office bests to be;jdayllght Nosh had tk*
and In which no man eaa be ---
until the present HI* success la private 'f'' lllpeteDJ. It ,la atdlffleult place tu I--------- ,l' : .....1 lie guest of Mr. Add.... Among phone lat;i aaj said lie always err

enterprises follows him In public bold, but 'M,R.. better known as "MM"Kellum. he party were son spiritualists gretted ke did not had at Coooanut

affairs ..ellie Is ever up and doing for i I fills the, same toT.- I. One night they held a seance. There tbea Grove called sad settle oiL'therk, The spirit.
Miami and Its Interests.W. I this dty The once Is electivehe I
were loud rap, and la answer to the Of recent year several
W. ROUT Is now serving hat second ten .
query. "Who Is Itr came a* through have bees found marked aa coPllitn'rtf
I'I 'Mr. Kellam Is a native of ladh na,
Mr. W.W. Prout enjoys the disusetics -.tdIll'.NoaIa' B. C. -." TIle
long-dlstanc telephone the words.<<
Interest but has lived In "Florida since se ea a
of the most I
lag and of'beI.C energetic one mea la Miami. He I'I years of "". He Isa veteran of he .. ... I -A "t, there! It.. the Admiral!. I seems Following' to snow are Tory that Indistinct they escaped but from this /"

,Is one of Miami's largest propertyI Spanish-American .'r. and cam* to 1 : want to see Cbe grog U I caa't taste Nosh sad there may be mack trutha '

holders and developers and, there Is I Miami In 1S99. He toss engaged foi- It- bat Admiral la It r "Why. what ke communicated At any
several thereafter as: clerk .
of kind years i :
I hardly a new enterprise say I here Hour shiver Umbers. Nosh, of course* rat. It was not without results see'after .
started or eagtaeered la ,which Prost i with the railroad company your :
I* not Interacted. He. I* presUeat of years ago he was elected city d rk.ck. there Is only one admiral here." This the pondering over tile matter *****
line writer entered a homestead
tk* Board' of Trade and a mss whose .and re-elec-ed again last year. T of course. Interested alL Tk medium which Dr Graham after coasalttaaT
I He I* a competent! and faithful -
ambition' ones exceed possibilities.Mr. 1 ter' sad with these qualities has bWu I Inquired. "Did you ever cruise In with his partaer. Mr Robb ns. wa
Pratt Is a native of Indianapolisaad .
highly successful. Blscaya Bay." By this Urn w* were pleased to call 'Ewaaloa: Heights.
was bora la that city In U63. He la 1174 I visited what la aw kaowa.a
cam to Miami lu the taU of 1847 and 'i BEN HINTON all shivering sure &DCMIC1a."I shouU Coeoaaat Crova. A deserted two-

managed tb* Miami Hotel, sad from city' say I had." said Noah "For yeanbefore story frame building stood where M.
Ben Hlntoa. treasurer a
tk* date Daring of his arrival the eftflemle.of her has prost ISM Georgian. having been bon ,at Coftim- the shower i used to com Ralph Maaroe' resUeae .. BOW.

pered. 'of few-citizens who bal In 1SX2. In 1811$the Hlnton findly k* was one the f but OB either side a deter kammock.Sometlm > .
remained la tile fray and leat his Urn removed' to K seleames. where several maaate cows over with /i-- '
la-behalf of the stricken 'a* lie Is familiarly knownjestdedtfl us- used ike to tow' previous yto .*hat A BOBV
Md meass : ,I maaate out my
1112 wliea he, CUM here u 4a- office wa. MUbUsbsd and the pleoif.d
vOlag H* was secretary of tk. relief rackt la calm and head urlad They
U Coeoaaat Orov* bat ,at the
and haul toe temperhospital. user of Staaford t eo, aad.k > *
the same .ppR oa pow though the l were easily broken IB. la tkos day time of my visit A was an baadoad

pry Mr. Prour. Is, aa ,untiring_worker, firm has somewhat'ckaige.L I f w* kad wheel to oar yachts for' the and Ciao overrua 111./pllrella..ace rid bog. ( IB Ittt of

point to more deeds Mr. Hlatou was fleeted tress ref out of water, sad whet Peacock/
aN I can probably equator wss
Miami has bees ,t the last el< ksasattoj sad act than whereby any other dt1aea.-ala 1 lug vote over two qppoaeats.' r! IA I we crossed It we were hauled over ...tile wbolrof wkatla kiowa aa tkL

tadomtubl spirit of push and honest ami upright) hail I i I by ox team; we always carried them Beaaley .Homestead-a-tract *C l.,]Mh,

,.,.. k* carried with kin eater-I aad Is making a good official. dealagl. I ;"'iwlth us. I remember my first trip acre for//(.wow high Mr.$110--Mace Tree paid Mrs.Bessl.y that:

'" Board of Public Work sad I* J. -JAODONJ 1 Ito She Bay I lost my eaate 0ar4.' part of tklr tract. have bees Bold

there with Miami fist and strict oa the reef, aid a BIBB aimed
Captala J. r. Jaudon dtyarssor. 1 a: ; for .price*i rnat would aggrugat a*
JAMES T. SANDERS I Is a ,South CaroHalaHC but isa I Pent Uvja* at the Punch. Bowl fixed kigk/4* tUO or' mr per acre. Mr.Peacock' .

.-. T.......-', maaldpal Judge I resided la Florida aid Miami a 'a' |It for m* W* sent to get sweet po> vesture wa tk* beginning
.. of the city of MUml. will go Into kls- ber of year he q!Is promlnea tat aid hosanna fron. of/& new'era foe Oncoaaut Of***
tatoes. pineapples
'tory-a tk* trst oaVer of that ut &totk military affairs aadLCaptala of the I Sooa ,alter his ,...... '* Boat **
Jtagie City. Ik* erne* .having.... Miami Rifle la prlvat life Capt1Jaadoa J, B. RDLLT0767 t.\ .Jobs Addiaoa. Dr.' Richmond bid flee was f..aI U..... store ..*.
created by tk** test dry cbrter'&ad U espied la th* rugs bIe ': \ not com t'yet.. bat k* bad kW ed ...' tk* Bay Yin ,House which
Jigs aaaders elected at Ik* Sty elec- eommisetoa suslssst 'and Bjo|* a. 4. '. eye oa tk plae I used to cnd\ laally resulted to tk* Puuepek r.....

UcIa...* year ago., I TleBdtd palroaait. secured mtllniy d along the shore up to Miami rtver.'but I tabltsa4. 'Tkl -.....ads .fti') .> .
'f ; .Jadg leaders I. making aa exceiileatomdal through !his fair and honest des sgs v 1 tractive w many-It I* hose Bk* aid *.
He dispensed Justice withdismetlos I always preferred to stop the. ; Informal '
with all customers sad patron* sad assay tourists from
sad car, and ut any crttj- t H* wa*' elected tax' Mstscr last tI L tU* Hating OrouaJ' w / -. 'an'over the United State' CIu .

dam can be offered tt I* that ke sometimes year..Bd has shows aa attentive less .*\Grove I* BOW. I alway* filledwaterXthere. sad forwlgm parts make u their wtBir

teal too tightly: after to the duties of the office th Is ,111II1r'J \ It la tb/purest and ter. ......_ .r:
eerily Judge Sanders la .. laG'I winning him much favor. He bas :. Sine that ttm Cocosaut Grow
foremost. lawyer. of t>e Sty aad State.H recently completed the' asses teat a best I know of. Aid tie view from |! has steadily progressed its poplaUoa *-,

ls a aatlv* ot Georgia but resided of tae city wb.lck U tile most {borough the ridge\I always enjoyed 4k* open Is mixed a* t* nationality but

OB the ladlaa River a number I I ever taken. (i bay sad -... sad fie land was high 1 1 of 4 sturdy, progesslve class of per

of year before coming to MlamLTklswaa enough to be Baft from a shower, ple.. Having a fine bay view, a good
la 181$. and ke sine mad this back country aid eaergetta.
city'hi* borne, enjoying the prosperity.. _... e'ases'. Ye. We which I always .dreaded We always i I many f
; farmer, with ao attempt at B city
,. and success that come to all who reside America womra are seldom acting took la a supply of eaI-. greaa'tent. Its populstioB is. rapidly tarreaatac

la Miami Judge Sanders Upromlaeat la enterprise., Among the get 1ways :; and opheci. sad rut a I..allrJajf sad with good stores. school s. hurck-
la public affairs aid a thorough of earning a living discover by /
| In the hammocks of N.Ubrary sad yacht dab It win
paO...... i i some of them may be meatloBed favorably of
i compare wltk say place
for Dude Mathmv
of visiting hairdresser plant sw rut : *
REDMOND GAUTltB i, Irs age anywhere.Among .
flower, adviser and furniture1 ret over quite a collection of ,: Its leading dtlaeas B '
PromlaeBt among they legal I
of Miami'1* Redmond B. antler : and pM'k<<. The latter I* In grn oe-. : .ca.... I got Methuselah quit Interested R. McCormlek. R. M. "..roe, Jerk
maid, for the presence of a ca able .' la Biscayne Ba,. He was going
Sty attorney, who Is, BOW serving his I Unnroe. J. T. Frnw. W J. Shone.
II'M' term la that eapadty. Mr. Gar 'woman la addition to the contractor' i po' dispose of his cattle and real estate A. A. Boggs. W. a Albury. J. J.

tier I* a rioridUn.by birth, and Bret daring toe domestic npbeavsl of no sad com oat with m* next trip. 'HaJea and J A. Ms daaald. AH these
.* the lUht df day at Ct-esceirt moral from one,hose t> moth has 'We were going to pat a barbed wire geatlemea. are property owners 'aid

City, la the year 1177. bees found tit be of untold comfoiimm i fence from Cape FlorUa to the Ragged have elegantly Improved home

He I* a graduate of S
and North Georgia University at 1 F"" rfctHr.. I sea cows or manatees, sad ship some I ly aad C. Peacock A SOB ar. wr.r

DahIOD.... He read-law la Ihe office Up to the year of tea chlldrei are alfv. for motor power la water, and up to date la general merchandiselock. -

of M. U Price. Miami, sad 'was ad-j J much better without tea 'or e See.t I\: ; eta some for export Tkea we proposed i i : .
mltted to the bar becoming a member Milk or milk aid water Is *r'l> tter. 1 I building SB immense sanitarium I Among tile fine grove of citrus

\ of the firm of Price *Gantier. He Neither sixtnM pickle BOI* roaJU rate at Coeoaaat Grove of Batumirock tad other fru,i are those of C. Dana
tL .
enjoy a'' lucrative practice' and la of any kind except salt be thouand I I ,<. .. and two large hotels for tourists T J. Hardee.'Jno. Douzl; .. Jack Hat
making Miami a good and efficient meat should only ba permitted' oq/c a "t I I from Egypt.: India and China. W a dee. Arthur F Land. C B. (Crocketr'

adviser sad legal protector. He Is am day. If rbtMrm" were more,('II'111 -, (: ; always took a supply of guava wine. and Alfred Peacock.
Wtlon and energetic: al all time fed Instead of being allowed to Vat F ;: We would then start a city at Miami the guava factory of 0L Sm-

anything that Is provided for their A1- _._, ;::]1 tad one at Cutler on the Instalmentplan. moss ttjBCt* muck atteatioa.

THC POLICE DEPARTMENT ers there wocll be fewer, drip a:'t!&'\n t ,". '. Methuselah was to run tile The social inactions of the Ladies
I tbe years to coma. yd. .land department, aad I attend to the ilonsekeepera Club are felt to a verybenefeis.1
i LWy traesportattoa. and freight rates were extent
The police department less lntUutloa A Ltttl. .MIIV.Tbe I 'to be SQ per cent oa th* value of tk* There are many beautiful resldeuo-

aecessary la every Sty,--and tII.t'' paplllne ,n the tip of a lady goods' sad sometimes lake all. .so n on tk.'Bay ridge all of dlffereat
'of harm I* one la which every. dlfreBjka'tk lingers are tbnof-lIIltIlOIItbl of SB tarf that the. shipper would appreciate types of architecture' Those of W.

j '* t: greatest of _....ee. It smaller than tb**e m the fingers of It when we didn't No free passes w. Culberson. A BroadgeestB. ,
Is composed of a marshal, deraty marshal r ''')')' those who Moo
man. _. : \ n_ } ,, except to were persistent C. DP.rt>ona. Mrs. Jessie '
and six regular men with special -
4 la asking for them. Well the shower ind Franklin Bush are very attraeIve. -
. :officers a*. necessity demand. o.. rI....'C.Iie Es.-n... X came 0&. and Methuselah would .
The** uses faithful to their trust The flrtt" expnrr ot cotton from tb!. I :McKlNXON not take psssage In the Ark. He To do Justice to aH la aa article'
i toad duty, keep the dry free of dls. country .were' ij 1TSIn -Jc-b year s ---,-
of life
was then In the prime KJ it this kind Is Impossible, but all
1 order' aad have the support tad aid'of I bag was sent from ('bar '
tile ,dtlzeas at all time while twelve sect 1' wt froai] Ac Just thea there was a terrible corn- or obtaining information

} FRANK BV.HARDEE I l 4lsdel! ;h'a: sad oae from New work notion among the spirits, and Methselsh rill be favorably met' by any of thepeople

The' efficient.marshal. U serving kU ""f... u quit the phone. Said he: 'I named

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t ,.JAMES: T.Municipal. -_._

'1r. H. CHAttUBj : ... ,!:..... _:..,. L Co .; .' .. v'1\' .. .,.TOAkt. t Jade Co H. 1AULERfOlft. ,J,

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1Artl J-,y.''PAU'. r ':>? :. n. :.+RMS OA p w4A'N.ittLTaOPOUa TMUfiWAY. JULY H im .- 1 PMa [LiYNt


\ So vent Post Cards, AROFST"' ,L NOtr JVENIR', SfOONSl1Clfi'\C'l: Watches a td'Jewdnr

:. Jk'frfT I "A .W\ ". r: : 1 I. ; 9.+Select from,. in. Florida at J qTJ b,%' '! i',O: :

20 cents ft dozen REPAIRING "
'J WHA R'S JEWELRY STORE f.41LC .0., : :

.- .
--- . .,.
''LU' .' -' ) .' i.A. .. [ ,:1":1: :ttt: :ttt@@EffEf"Ef: : : : ? : : : : 'Ef: : ,

; the Condition of th o" .- 1. ZwIz m01Jit# JkVELLS! & GRAVES ..i.i 1j

First .National Bank I 5
'L c.ccc'ai )
... ,I i.aaa: a "'=" ....&...:..&..:.&...:..&...:.&...::-..,...-.-.- j)i Art prepared to uec.te' d' t t.J' t t
ai Itt.a';a t.gist d Ttodda t at { order )
their iff' i s )
Philadelphia J' ,
JIN. ,
c----" ** \? Mlaa.UUaa rte cC.Ocala. to reg- Haai. of arrived ;
( ten* at March Villa, daring,Ili Miami Jut nlfbt and will visit :
jtcaouHCES .. the ceJel week .>4aackter. Miss Dorence .Hose., .
L....w Ii.e..a p.MiL ,for the __ Millinery Department
....c..4... 41.1 4U. .
I o..dr.hs..e..d w SirATB r 'if1
JI. SP..hss aROailElt. usr i HEAL .
I"' "''' .
a W '
I' N o.?......_ __. u..21 ftOaaiKK fassas Bate lws..1.I)< J-- -
-..-.k.-....MeM.arMY,+,..-.."It.-..-w.-salsa-- 7.-,- Mr. aid Branch, ot We* .L-esttners of the latest Simmer atyle.hats ..
1I .Das ._ rla.al 1.5k. t..tA.7tl,7t .' Palm Beach, are tk* faet of Mr. Lambs feitniaer. faraKare sad
sww)-. a.sbn7.i7.N aid Mra/C. xme.8U. heavy height kaadled by the Miami
:=. "
>M star aska Tailoring
Traaafer Co. la of the eons ,
I M.--- It-- aay. put Ladies Department '
CMck X-al"'b.--....(mbar caik Nss.tTM77.. x" For Beat' room kooa IaKeeaey. 17. .
F-' MMr c.rNcj. akkoa .,,-Jita' air* of N. B 11 Tth-street -. ...
.w U.\f..... For ktreet
= i i;.il";lit t- New pile carriage and ereniar.coatamte.
....._ Cuaet I t Mia* Maid Sparks. of Daytooa, ia The member of the pollee depart.meat waiata tauor gowns aDd coata "
..iw3t..n'M.. ,JI,1LII a making a w k's Ttl| la Miami thiswe.lt made their. appearance Testerlay ,
....per..-cwa' ..dontaU---wkk vs.t1 ) .. 2.MM moratng la their new.light steelgrey 232 Twdfth Street t MiamI
.ulto.nt.* I* something
... ,
TMai-- .IZI.M.! .1iT of aaInnovation la police uniform
ROSISR II ss l..t rear awls \
UABILIT1E8' i 'be aiajortty of 'department* wins

...... Mock pU U-.......t......... i : ( I regulation blue bat It la a taking
S. I..fad. + Mrs N. W. Hartood aid two callgneet 'r and make tk* ma prevent avery
.x.=t4udta__I... apss.sadt.a.ayy t,7xa1XatIsal \ drea. are the of 111**- Emma i neat appearance. This uniform \
: 6..k asses- -Ntuta.dse. ::. !?ISs,. Cirtmaa m ta.atrect.roaatar :was adopted because It win not show -
D.. <. BUM ButetWirUul sad... .... 'dud u quickly a* tk* Ma. :
..._.._. ._ 1. ,.. "
<......... MkT : wi ita M IM yew preeertj t'R'
-1N9 I have iii fresh milk cow
: j. more "
:: ;;
......_..._._ 11SZIII'!! J Yrs. Rednx Kl BGautler U repqrt- .left which I win close oat at a re-
Caudal c IIa--- .773t j ed aa being err 01 at ker home aafemliked decal prtce. See them at- once at
u.ucMcII_ .. -__ .A% d XUMMI. 'j' j J'I !' Sth etreetComfortaU the railroad, stock pea. A. 8. Blake' . R'EOI -
Co. .
.ul-.. JSSM1 j : .
I nub ..rJMWa,O.aatT" Dash aI .' 'I second Door Picture neatly framed'at An' Star .
.. ebtreb.s ,
C, Baptist .
Uwa"c. _r..c.M Nab s. I room Area a ar ;
.aa.d bash.d.r4aiy s -J.Ibat,k.oa.d tie she,,.. i.. week for simmer moata Ad- dto, nil Avenue C. ; 0
kTtrM M tWW- r.
mat..est ;. dreat f,. O. I w 204.-.
W bald.LDWAkD. Q.a0XFLCS iareS... 'w. HOB. Frank Clack, who arrived tatk
C---' .MH*'Verne Lyna Deaa- la reported -
w. B.IIP1TIEB'. by Mr*. Clark to attend the
L L.W Ap ELL, .... iaa showing OBM ,taaproTemeat. her
J. L LU1SXU5Dlree1.. ;I"r eoadtthm .- b.Ins;.1Ilsbt7 1... eelebraUoB.' will addrea tke Carpet Carrie aa missy pua fl(- n; climb'more bills; joe j..t..
..Mett' w;..as M IIIif--tIIIa 7 sb. .;h'I: ertdeaL 'ter* and Joiner Union tonlgkt To fast; uses less gasoline and tire; ia safer aid more eaairy.
'moriow.IDe Mr. Clark win leave
.. ......... '
ta, coatrollcd; just aa luxurious and comfortable aDd coata
for Fort Plere. where he win deliveranother
Public T "UAL' >TS aOtl. XeALUSroller '
.4' AHT JIc'OtnC.C-.ry .. ... less for repair thaa maar can that act for doable or treble
address la the evening. This
.' ,'I .. .f'J ,i morning. the dlatiagntehej vlattor.ad its price, t:: rr Send for>> the REO book:that tells why''

I .. wife were given aa auto drive about
''', RRe aN. V| will take kit aaweek. !the city lad aearby point. of Inter- ..
eat by Mr. W. W. Proui.ftOatlKK.
anal vs seat and win .
t Iva..' oa acoompaald AyMrs" Miami Automobile Co.
liner. for CotnmkM. a Her. _.KIAL aSTATa

Falter hiss s 'ehatiag his) 13th Street near Postoffice
of recAetloa. heretofore having
lctuaL Jaiifls place Rooms and boapL CI.... airy
Wt eaek .
gone to tke. I grooms aid exeeneat table board.
New minigement Beaaoaabl' rates
Per Sal UJtKA Bed Spaalak ;The BomthaU-. Utk Fred
/ Slips K. (. rirermor M7 FtftkStreet. aad Aveaoe,Dt. Mrs E. R. Kola '
t :.f"1" : MU L %' > : : '- RITTY
.., L"C .
: ...., ",- '...- -JOnO'. : -. #.
'. ,v.. -"-..r w;.... .. .1':. iL Celebratl Pin
.. < .
\. ..-. rr. sass
T., ..1m Frisk Oallat tk* well kaowa pawa
I I' I The Beaalr Ua* aekooaer. Joseph broker-aad Jeweler OB Avenue D. taaotklac
,.. .: .' .; ,; Cooper, will co.. lice"loading July If aot enUrprialng. and appredaUac ..Machine ShopAgents
I .. St. sad will *H oat New York July a good thing. I* aow'offer- ..
.' m : ., ". i- -. lac a us/gv'esam
; """" for the New Era Gas EDg iea. Owblene
." :. ; r- : general merfkaaJla*. >Wrtt* or wire ,ofl MlamT teatk. ...."..,,. July
; 'oj: -':. r' for rate* apace oa this vessel S8. Tk ,pta U arttedcanyl\ tteII and kerosene engine repairing a SPECIALTY
: J Ceo. T. Coo ageat at Miami, box $4.COL bearlarr.tke 1UertptJOD14JamI'*
:4.rai:: t i ti' e : i N. :'TT Water-street.ageata Te p \Aut'renal'1. July ts ltocI. :." General Repair. Work
N Y k. general
the center are two Americas. flag -SBVBN1PH: STREET MIAMI. FLORIDA
eroned. The pi.*.'... eojd -at' XI
\ vst.elr 'a* JIll,year peeetfty eeits eeek.I r' ,
.-- - -
1I ;

I ffliShoeGo.J : cycles y I .Have for\ a Short. time We Are' The Paint People

5 of the best bar

Mia i B B your and dUllnless Coaster gains in real estate STAR BIGHT'

w to us for re-
pa wemakeaspeof la Dadi Grant?. PrIces ire print.cc .

-f"MU 'r. .-'*'I ; .1.1jo re. |!guaranteed.ScHarper them. .All. C. Carroll Eaton y B commence In Painting look bite the subject

Had out what paint bi Iven hi uers the I text service
I'IA -
# r ; 214 inane D. North Florida ellmite sad sea air esD] "I oa the. fait Coast eat p 1sL-
l/ D.Miami(,Florida: Notary Public tad lentil I Agent that. la most paint But as Towa aid Coeatry'palat. lute U
How Can \ We Please Our Visitors well OB the eoatt u Inland. .la w* know from peraoaal eiperleac
Tne writer la a practical painter; tad has been la the painting butaea*
JY H COMBS COMPANY 'f for .tklrty-flre feara. We have eeted an the leading bread right,
her la.Miami and we point with pride to every building painted with
Give them plenty to Eat. Where can]We., Harrlaoea paint Proof of this frill be cheerfully fornUhed by ealllag
get the freshest and purest food? At the oral Directors !and Embalmers' or writing.. You doat have to paint often' If yoe use this brand

;0 %
1 "
13th St., between Aveaues Cand D< |
Corner oHth Street and. 'Avenue 1 D i" .

I Te ep i.: Reaiocnce 14& a Rest once 909 Ave.C It Is as food as can be made. It Is sold
Office. 209 MiamU

t We always have 'a full line of the'freshest 1" as low as really: jjood paint can be sold.

and very beSt: groceries obtainable. .1 I

..; Come. and like see for to show yourself.you We would' :M imi.?;. Auction! Hou"sel; ; Harrisons was founded In 1793. Unde Sam's JudgmentThe

I J. Wesley; Joli son, Prop. f fact that Barrlaoa palate irs overwhelming la the toad oa'theGovernment
taec that
batldings la a mean something to TOIL Barrlaooa -
palpta'ar the only pain used .oa the White House They ,
Auction each 10 o'clock cover the Capitol inside aDd oat ey are oa the National Library De
Magnolia Grocery Company <4 Jay at partmeat Building and oa very "Show" structure la Wa 1qtoa. If
this condition doe not ipoqacaT, what does W* also ..n.tostock
Beginning .Monday July 116th.I .
r { Wooliey Copper Palat. walck all boatmen know 1* the best
Hflf '

'Pbo8e84. ,Corner .Avenue D ud4tiStrepBargains amenta an solicited 1316 AVe. D
returns guaranteed" Wa Paper

., 'I rr

"\ r r- .\4' :ss R4s.wiLSON I For SALE! Our stock of wall. paper has a carefully aelected from the fan

:C ; Graves Brooklyn. N. Y. Sash: paper baa beea eleted. tor MBM
andBuilder apeclal purpose and has [tie* la It. which w* will be glad wt
Architect |
I If Fine, Large; Smooth plala.- There are among Qa maay beautiful deetcn ranging tax
I price from He (a roll of t fan yard) op. Pkoa or postal<< card will
GROCERY COMPANY CayennePineapple briar oar agent to roar kooa. with DIaD...* of aamplM. No BOOT
ceaalty for sending to New Tori Cklcaffo.. w* carry them ta stock ,
i. i *. '_ Jit.I IL .WIDI I d Cron of Slips at New York price Give a* i call, w* are pleased to show ov good

I r.ai .JIZI.: ,per .o r.*a......,.. Me Cooke Evaporated Pruaea. Ib I II* I ,
Cora BC per poat.. 40* 1 ban Cocoaaat aoaa........ tc: (S. Plus and Speculations
baect Choice Powder poaad ..... s-.. Ik Fore, per package ... j. lOe II, 1ft Miami, Florida j. B. Fox 8 Company, Miami, Fla.I .
Caole rraporataf Peadkee. lb.. JJeChoie frr >a ponad of Armstrong.pouted Freak' We Are -Tk Paint People
TportedApHcoca({ tt.. lOe l
ARkimiOMO GROCERY COMPANY AVENUE D, ANa, 11th $fntrrE. i 1

:;- : ., I II i iI .

I t;..'f.i! :. ., :_. ': I A.'.: Robinson, : J ; -I I it, PFAI LESS TAT L ,Gus. .- JJUe.1! .& Son '

: eOi1tracting Electriclain I I Notary Public State of Florid at>Lane "

i t .Jr.J '. 019 F ,.1 timait *,'. 1 lo1k.I? Avenue. e D;-Miaaxi, Florida \

TeL, ) 1 I." ,.a.. .-.. ......- 1-' 'rIerW..4 ., "' ? > y > B r _n 1.4.4_ .. \
'. :
r tj
: A\ I'
j, ,. .
*ji> i_ .- j. ......., i .'.......... .... r'-r.f, '. J. 1.t .

-. ;


.MJc VhtctW: ,_ __ THE nut./ MIAMI Mcmepous rmw osv'joty so.' ISIS s TWELVE .- Aaa '._...

i j A, 'f w".. : : '
.- -. Subscription/:; SALE OF/BQN9S
;w ;% f 1.44.5..
B. L Roma .. .. .. ...... '.. ".11
r Collected Up w. Mega .. ....: ...... ..>. !.N ,

<" ,A.F4W.- Wan Orahax.. .'.: ... .oot........ ">Sd.N 6100,000.00. : :Itt. T A T Mm: : ;

to Date. Oerreek.;:;; .:' f .*... tlt flans. If Florida; oust; of Da*.;'CRf ,
V.s. J. .1t7aa .:-0. .. 3._. ..11 eC Kami.1 .h' f -- .. !' .
...... ... .. ..... S.M .
.t. --
Office of the Board of '. ,....
I J. E. Lambnnar .. .. .. .... S.M s.
of I'aIaUe .
.1 :L. .. fllll .t"*... .. ...L .... *..W .W.. REAL ESTATE

,C. ilL Laa .. .. .. oo. .. ... J.M Municipal Improvement Boaaa;;. .
The fcllewlar-le'fh* corrected Hat '.. :. .** <,
W4 F. Herlmaa \ 1 8e&1. eepolts win be .
) reeelT4
r.-.t.- of SoaatloaV to U*Miami Tenth An. ..L. 1 ky
Mary Oaalfo .. ;,.. S.B ." .
; alTeraary ,' roalTdto CTVflBjF .. *. .. :. j.! I." ike'Board ot CmimHetoaera of Peali tPLij '6-- ,:.f .
data: CelelN'adoa.4 r I. ....wteae ...%.-..'. ..1.. a... Work la sad Jor th* etty of MlaattOado t
t T. tf.Oaatlr.. .. .. .. .. .:.S.Barbel. ." : eoaaty. Florida ap-to'etxkt (I, Special bargaln.on 11th st.. only $1400
C. H.'Wat.os (N. .. .. .. ,I" rol." .. .. .. .. .4 ..' .. 1.11 o'eiocJt m. the ICU Trot
of Aa-
Zapf St oa. .. .J.. to.. .. !( 10..M G r. Cook .. .. .. ..1'I ,. .. 1.00 p. oa day on Twentieth Street, only S 500

Miami MtropoU* *. ..(..;.14'. 0.11 r. :A. Boot .. .. .. .. .. ..-.iii I1IIIt, A. D, UKM. waaa they win be Two lots In "
f acid ** : : !< *> a r.;1..eat L. ... I .. II.M Dll* Pharmacy .. .. .. .k. .. .. S." opened at tae cilia of the said Boar$ "BayiVlew"for only S 150'Riverside"

A. Tonsil .. T! .. II.M .| B. Aaltmaa-- .,. S.Shebea'ft ." ut <.*iailioaera.oc Pabtto Won..a lots from $750 to $1250If
Co .: .". 'i. L... 1.11
On* A. ft Sen hI'.. II." tae'iatd cur lor the parcaaae etcis.
.. .. .. II.M JJ F. Boa ft C. .. .. .4.1.. S.Caih. ."
T. V. Moor ,
f Bon Bons WTM. Browa .. .. .. .. II." ... .. .. .* .. .. S.Scaethle ." u-.u llai.atapet lavowouit yon want a borne la Miami.. Riverside U the place to It. .
ft EatjrhlaUei. .. .. S." ..rUvsau.at ut Uut MU city GC ret
JrA. McDonald ., .. :.. .... U.N }f. Just stop a minute and think for \.
rourelL AU these Iota .
r H. F.-Raalnoa .. .. ..' l.M ___ ban J. ,
!!l'.m t. GQ' ( Ie W. H. Hall. .. ?';;;. .!- II." i. YV s c uae Hundred city water, lIC1I'erare, electric lirhta and will hare street .
t K. Cheatham .. .. .. .. 1.01 ear
T. .. ".. .. .. .. II." ... .
Frank Badge : .Me a.u..a .WoI/W.WIi aU 1.30 day and yon are ia teM than 5'rlocks>> ot the
L. MUU .. .. .. .. .. l.M post office and
John SeweU ftBro... .. .. II." -1'
80c lb. | .. if yon bay a lot from n* the bridge U free
per J. SuiahauMr .. .. l.M eo.s UY. A-.u tawbUIMIS former. We hare
B.: B. Oouala .. ... .. ... II." 4
Miami Grocery1'L.Company; ...... II." Mare Bottling World..V ..I.[ ... l.M _, w .... ...._....., WI u... l nusr jokl more than 160 lot over there and hare not nor will not ell

t Aathoay-Bomfh Co.. .. .. 11.00 V. C. Weight .. .. ..\\.1.. .. l.M a.u..ars l1a.iw.wJ --. and to any one. to build hantie on. The buyer* are all well-Uvdo,
I W. M. Sardine. .. .. :. .. II." [arper & Harper.. .. 1. 'oo .1.00 will baUd only rood houses. Fire tone one are just betnrcompleted
Co .. .. .. .' 11.00 >. B. Saltier .. .. .. .. .4.4 ... 1.00'' ..w.uuuo. t.aaau uwa Mi''a sr.w' and two more foundations laid. We expect more than '
1 B.Blaciyn I.. BradyjCo Dreg .. .. ..... F. Brows...' -tf. UX .M "no A ..*M \ .....It ot awl real I '20 hone to be built there this ammer.' It i* all pine land and

BISCAYNEDRUG Joe Zapf 6.C<2. .. .. ..... .. 25.01. er B"0'i LOO -.t yer.N.ia "...""c. H. lee 'Cat/ M mo bainock are near to harbor moaqoitoe We mean to build
P. Clleadortt ;.. ., ,.. 00 .. .. lI.iHI N. Tattam., 1.00 __ tur .... >uu .Duo; lo. UWIM ea wall on that aide of the river and a boulevard *o we expect
J. W. Watson ..1.. .. ..... II.M O. Joiner .. 1.00 .. ... to be freer from insects than any pot in Dade Coonty. Lota
John Bey bald i I.. .. .. .... II." k'eter* Mood, .. i. .. 1.01 04 *MMiua Uq usea the tame dUtanx from the pot office brin; from $1500 to 13000.) i
McDonald Lumber Ca .. .. .. 11.00 has, Oxer |. .. .. .; .... 1." .._ca uJ ,i.Y4a.r.". VOW Ulujr tae Come on, buy now where you can hire your boat in freak water- .

Chat Blum .A- Ca., .. ._ ...... .11.01 E. Porter. .. .. ..... OOOj' 1." ._.d.u .U.445 w sad ca.y snag and free from storms and yet a perfect breeze from the nrer. If a
.COMPANY Ga Muller .ft Co. -.-. [ .SS.M I. B;sruan.r. .. .. .... 1.00 ........ ..ru..,r.u.d ctuuutftuuu Jon want to build a rood hone at once, we will loo a _oa the
Varalla .. .. ..... .. .. .. ,.1.01 money 8 -wbiclt-"iil; cost '
._. .. at less ;;
Sims than
n I .0. --1----- e>4VVW I ,.,... per yon half what
.. 11. F. MarUa .. .. .. ...I.+ .... 1.00 .F L e'-- .el.vUua cause pod are reaL We meaa'
J. H. McLaarta Co. SS.M I1DC to make this the
Soles Agents ._ I. Sw..t .. .. .. .. ..I.. .. 1.00 iwr UM .. .. ot r ul in I residentpo r.
Baker ft Holme .. .. ...... 'IS..** a..d < lien of t s c Sty ud TO. wi11 certainly regret it If yon do not bey
,, .t R W. Rhode 00 .. .. .,. ....U.M Clown (1JWe Rltar),'''' 1." we1511U and MU. 01 iud boaiU to M before w. ad.aLce prices .
Bardla ft Quartermaa. .. .. U.M alter Orahsm LOO and oui > tn* _,..caA
.bard u iMuouai*
harper Harper .. .... ...... 1.00
... .. SO.M
Miami Hardware.. B. Om .. .. .. ... .. .. 1.01 a.u fur laenMO.val "oar.-.. srsd o.ww ..
TeL.3, Cor. 12 St Ave.'D! Ctrtmaa Cobea Bro.... X. .' 11.11.00or O. O. Frisk .. .. .. 'I.. .. 1.01: twwtt: -
c W. H. Chain ft'Son.. .1I.M a. Blaatoa 6 Son .. 1." n ui* yurpoee ot mminialBlng andwY.zucuag WILLING WORK
> Jaadoa .. .. .. .. .... 1.' -
Miami Meat Market. .. U.OO a 11.1IA 01 "' ""4" w
Red Crow Pharmacy.. ..r,. .. u.M w Flag Sr.ore .. .. .. .1' .. 1." uuwrwue promuuitg tae h a&tk oc tae -
aer'1 Market .... ... t.OO toLS 10 tae amuaai of Thirty Tbooa-
Miami Ca.. iV. 11.00I.
G. M., DYKES Habberd Cbeatbam .. .. \ U.M a. Green .. .. ... .. .: .. 1." sad Iwaar \IJUIMII to lie called and and more of It u Meared from O*

-I ". -. .. C. D.IAm-I.$! .w ..... .. .... 15.05' C. Carroll .. .. ... 1.00 aaowa' a*'Sever Honda animal thatl well that It w* fie
334 Tenth StreetHORSESHOEING Julio* Smith-[ ... .. 00 ..... ... .H.Johaaoa.. h .. .OJ. :. 1.00f. for U* parpoae of opening wUea- 'Ii,. tile work
.' + .' Dad CoaatyiFaraJtare O .....UvM q. Rally .. ..." .. .. .,.. 1.N I I lag and partax the *streets and aid. ; yon caa depend apoa ew .
hhtds .e+.ck'llii.. aedl RM.1r W. K. Yoaaga .. '- .. ..... 11." cask .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1.00J'L.JC. walk ot th* city to the amount of fears of experlenee hi doing It rlckt.
l Pint National Bank .. .. .. 11." Pate .. .. .. ..,. 'I." Twenty Thoaaaad Dollar IZtUWO to] and of a guilty to
.rh. Bldlt
t 11t..s.s. w Order Frank Genet .., }.:. .... 11." T. Wlgstatoa .. .. .... 1.11 be known a* the Street ImpforemeatFor I C linger loan after
A Sda* Miami SheCa| .4 .. !' .. .. 11.. D. Santa '.. .. .. ...... 1." .4' I w. the cost 1* forpL
. } Empire Store .. f.. .. .. 11." D. D.lapsrta ..I.+ .. .. .1." For the purpose of erectlas a pwblUi w
_. A..B.: Btetaner ..." 1. \ .. .. 1.... J'L M. StebaJl&1IIer .. .... 1." I building to he eoutracted _ot Miami J. A. DAMN
}. io ) .J : Miami Traaafer Oey y.: ..... 1.... I.)I. rsoa. .. ... .... ... .. 1.11 rock to the amount of Twenty Thong .
Fort DHaBotelTowaley | .. .. .. .. .1.... a..u .. .. .... .. .... 1." .u4 Dollar tSOjMO. to be caned t _rL 4ZJ Kleveatt 0)trMt. ". .
;'L' F 'Brie ... ,. ... .... 1.... & BbIc 00 .... ... .. ..... 1.00 and known aa U* City Banding Coadi 1 ? r ,. -. .. -"...1.....err P'i, .... &
.. .
d Drake Produce Ca .. .... 1.... Caws .....:.... : .... .It For the. porpo* ot enabtlahlar ..-;
\ ; : .. D. ,B. Kaicht .. .. .. ... .. 1.... I:..Hart eo .. .. ..'.. J..... ..It1laft1& IDalatabalq and equipping a'Are' dpartmeat *- '1 j : -1 h-
-. -" .'11>- .. ..NUrn. ? '
Work ; }10.01K.llai laka
=- 11 1- Miami BottUaf i. to the 'alllOU of. Fifteen wi )
ft Son .. :... 10." .' HGH. Broatvsll .1'. .. ..Itea Thoaaaad Dollars HMOO to be .Browi( ,
: Canon ft Cart.4. ". .;' ,:..; J.... .w.. .; .. '.. .... ..NHolley caned and known ike Fire .
:= j 4-1 Fred. Ratter ..' .*. ;i.1 .. '.;.. .;'11... ....r .. .... ..ItColI" Boad aa Department 1-
MerrtttAKolbSewaB .. -* TaUorlM :. .. .. 1.... ... Cl ark.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Nk .the- purpose. opealac, eonitrncttac '
MagulLrOreeer7 Qt\. ..'1.,.. .. .. ... ;. ...: .. J..... ..10 "aadj' malattlalai. public j Sanitary
: rrlwt laadoniBro*.J.f'l'", ..... 1'." Burg!... .. .. '.J .... .10 parks and promenades located .!rata
olti Bncte ft Car:: u '. .. .. IO.M oua Whitney .... .. ..j.. .. .10 th* city UaOti' to the amoatr of Flfrteen
Dhe ft COv.. ".. k. .. .. .. 1'." Baker .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ..Np ThotuaEd DoHar* $11.000) to be PlumberPbooe216 -
, ,' : Dad. County security Ca; .. .r U.M Stgsby ." .9" .00/./,.. .. .It caned end known a* the Ps'k aid ,
; f. ( J ; ; H. F. Scran ft Ca .. .. ..11." 7\ Zeney .. ..... ... .... ..10r. Promeaad .AMd laIC bond to be -- .
Job;.J'rohoek .., .; ..' .. .:10.05 004 ........ ... ..10Vanlandingbam INM.I la BT* different rte*,. to-wlt: ; % -1 I
:, .. >l'', .'.J. : JL H. Tatam .. .... .. =.....1.." ... .. .. .. .10 Sewer- Bond la a series numbered '. I"
REAL' ESTATE Miami Realty U ft O. ( .. .. U.M ask .. .. .., ... .. .. .. .. .. .10 rom one to 1 tk'rty, Inclusive; the !
t '1'- ,-- .- .. W'Uaoa' ft Bnddlaatoa :. .... 11.00 PadpU .. .. .. ., ..10J. Street Improvement Boad la a series *
--t Bi1ROAINa..__. J..M. Jackws.M.. ,.....1.. Mercer. .... ... .." .10 aomNired from oa to twenty; ircln-- 1019;Ave. D. Mia.r
Jesse Minor .. ... //0' .. .. .. 10.00 n. Hewitt. .. ., .. ,.. .II. In; City Building Bade ta lam*
,'. MIAMI. FLORIDA F. S. Morae v ... ... e.' e>W.Ww S. Taltn ... .N from OB* to twenty tadashr; Fir -
oJ Miami Boat Works>.. .. ../, -'.''U.M W. Wllllams-4.. ... 10 Department Boad in a *erle* .... Wm.

'" l fU?' t'Ii --tall'\ B .T. : Maynard .A Son *. .. .. ... U.M >. Boltoa .. ...... -... ... ... .M 'irk and Promenade Dada from oat
Ed Gottfried-. r' .. ..J. Combi ..... .;. ..Ir. "' M to fifteen ladnslre. each of ilk,
B. H. Purfly .. .. '.. .. .. .. .M.M attl. ... ... '.. .. ..t L... ..10 boaJ to ha. signed. byth* mare and West. Florida
I-a'J'! ) G. ED10e ..1.( .. 00 5.051 I r.. Coleman ...; .. .j..... M eoantenlcBed .by the Prealdeat. of the 4 > HEADQUARTERS FOR
,. 1 J. D. Walker.. 4. .. ... .oo l nil **> .* .* *. .*> .. *>*.]*. ..' .10 City Council and attested by th* City -
Miami Harness Co.:.... .. 1.01 j; an. V. Thlrpea .. .. .. J 10 Clerk under tile seal of'the >city of Ship Chandlery Building .
'. 1! 'of : J. K. Dora .. ..; .. .. .... 1.00 :ash .. ..- .. .. .. .*. .:..' :: .Milfton Miami; ahai be.r Interest *t the rat ,
i. W. A. Lofton ...1. .. ... 1.0:1: : Jackson .. ;.. .. ..' ... .. .10 of Sri per cent per annum filth Interest Materials
Armstrong Grocery Ca ... 1.00 i taut Chaa .. ,: .... .... .10 coupon* utached. lrna' la Of All, Kf tds..- <
Guttcfeen'i Bak.J'j.. ... .1.00.I a*. Bradford ....-...... .... .. .21 like manner ai bond:' prtodpel and .
'" W. M Pop ... ..1.; ..... ...... I' V W. Sawyer .: .... ..... .. U interest pajabl* la, gold cola of the Coal.tad Ice Steam marina Railways, Machine. ShopaFors
lallat Bro ..4. .. .... ..M.M !. ][. Foater.. .. .. .; .... .SS United State of ataadarj we'tbt and
; 'We I NoW Bash ft Safford 4- .... .. (. A. Sawyer .. '... .. .. .. ..SSI. Baea***. or It* egelyal*tt. with'in- AO kinds ot repairing. Boiler and Steam Fitting Ca oe done attko
are t Ready to tumlsh. J. CL Meredith .. )fe. .. I..M.Mj I. William .. .. .. ..f.. .. .U1L tereit. pt'flbl.aDDVU,, at th* shortest notice, in the beat possible manner br expert killed ii'ft
PX loa .. .. .. .. ... Ft Dana
Well ft.Grave .. .1.00 .. Una National But, at, Miami
Tr tuner Sac!! Miami Cycl Ca.1.,. .. ... .M',j-* .. .... ..... .... .... .u Floilda; all of said bond to'matnr -- _. -, i'' :

t J. B. Rellly .. .. ,.. .. .... .. f." *. Fuller. .. .. .. .. i... ..SIit and become doe at the expiration of
and'other E.,V. Blackman .y. .. ...... 1.01 O. Beailey .. .U thirty year turn the date thereof
B.: C. Beck .: 1.01 I N OKUI5A>; and shall be dated when laaisnd.eouBteriixned See Dr Burnha

Cooley ft Boras ... .. J... .. 1.00 and atttM. ,
i makes of Bicycles Gee Martin (Chicago: ..1.. ..... '1.00 I No bid for less than Pr' value of ;, -
Sam FIler (Bnraa Vista) .. .. ,1.01 Aa'ordtaaace prescribing the age ofiwnona bond win be ut talae4. '
I i lames Hues .. k.' .. _. .... 1.00 snowed to operate hack. oo Bids will be addressed ta M., R. Ktf- Tbe\Miuni\ ( Snrgeon and Specialist
I' Co I. Rose .. .. .f,.. .... .. .. I." buses* or other means of: eoaTeyaae lam, Clerk of th* Board of Commla-
Daa Bard .. .t. .. ,.. .... 1.00 jof a ilmJUr aatare..within the citylimit loner ot Public Work*.' Miami. lion U'fO'& are a sufferer bOlD Chronic Dieeaae
E. A.Waddn .. ? .. ..1., ..... ..oo of the diy of Miami.. Dade eouny Ua accompanied by eerdfled check any Ulcer, Tumor, Can
Gea Mangoes .. }. .. .. .... 1.00 ordained for one per eeat on the amount bid cars or aay Blood Diseases Catarrhal Diseases of Head. Throat ,
J. D. Walker, ..;*.. 001". .. 1.00 Be It by the< City Coat 06. payable to the Board of Public I Lungs, Stomach or Bowel. Dyapepeia.tndirmt'oa. Rectal '

Price ft Rand .. ,j.. .. .... .. (..00.oo }|jeU of the CSt) of MIamI Work'. of Miami,, Fla. ,Diteaaea, Female Distaste
'B. A. Waddn .. '.. .. pi. ,.... >. Section L That frooi| and after Bond wm be awarded to the ,hVet I
Oallat ft CalUE. .. ," .. ,. .... 1.00 :h* passage of thin ordinance It han and beat bidder. .
C. Roafh .;' .. .. .. f.OOLOO be unlawful for any porn firmjtorportUoa 01' Cheek win be etaraed to aaaaoceatfol -] AD.Litest Electrical Aids: flonwpiifcic Medicines p v
The' tricycles and othergoods ,C. H.'Ra.lerscs .r .. ..j.! .... or any agent of sock arm.penon bidder The check! of Dui ,,
Dr. Sereree* .. .4 .. .. .. .. I." or corporation opeiattacjaaa chant wm be forfeited tabor bond anda large tock of Specially picpared remedies for Special work
are the best stan- C. B. Gaatler "I"| .. +. .... 1.00 .qtq or eoatrolllac any hacking, UT aN paid for on and before th SOth .
lard goods on the market 'A. J. CampbeH ;f. .. .. .. .. .1.00 cry or transfer boaiaeM within the day of October. 1 OC r Ladies Maid Alnjs in AttendaoceUpetair
J. B. Campben...... .. IJohuon .... s.oo city limit of,tile Qty of Miami toemploy The Board,...*".** the eight to
Hertford sad, otJw Tires.Coaster A.ToaaIdaa.. I. .... 1.00 encaz or* hire any penon reject any or an b(4I If deemed beet *U Metropolis BaUdinf. i From a. m. to 4 p. .. a.a. ezcepted.

.Dad County FnrJ Ca branchr (.00 onder tke are of II y. n, to operate, nil bond Inn eonrtmie* tile on
' Bfekes fitted to old Cohen' branch au.I.k. ..... 1.00 drive or maaace any livery eamhfh ly bonded tadebteda* of C. city
wfaeds AO work goarootecd Judge A.' II:. Beyier ..:.5.. .. I." carriage omnibus or other eoareyaae of Miami I' ,.
( .Cash .. .. .. ..;.... ........ (.M of a similar nature, operated, driven AU bids mart be marked."Bid foe Southern Marble&'Stone Co.
I, Best new wfceefs for rent Med Kellnm .. .. .. .. )1-." .. ,(.00 or maaaced within tbe, city. limit of "Mnnldpal Improvement Boad"' .
. BL J Soataan .. }. .. .1 .. ..- (.0* tile! city of Miami.See. Don and ordered by. tha Board otCbmmlaaloner 4 S. HOGAN STRCrr. 4ACKSONVII.LS -
231 12th'S;' eet 'a Blue Front R. i HaD.. .. .-. .. .!.. .... .M 2. That It shall be unlawful of Public, Work of HeMQuanen for
H. C Bade .. ..j.. ....'... ... (.M for' any. penoa having under or la tile city of Miami .Dade ,eGUt7.J1011.
It. K. 1C1q 1. ._. .. (.00 Ida thl* tth day of Building Stone Marble
00 < :a'lr oootrol. ear*, cutody or caper- July, A. Dt IMCOea etc.MOSAIC
.. .. : ,
Carroll & Out W. J. Browa ; [. .. .M rube any child under the age of A. McKlanoB, ; ,
Bawl Brae. .. .. .. .. l.M
.1 t> 11 year to permit or allow inch Prey of Board of Commissioners AND
any of TILE
Ploaeer Comic CD. .. .. .. .... I..00 WORkFOR
child to dr vt. operate or control any Public Work
Gea C. BoQe .. ... l.Ml.M
LCoIby..7; oo..... .. hack carriage livery tHm. omnibus Attest: M. R KeBum. FLOORS BATH ROO.... MAN FELS. aTC.M .

Old Vir.Qinia'larms C. H. Lyae ...... .. .. .l.M or other conveyance of similar nature I Clerk of Oommiaalonenof. .ti. Ge-rW Center, W....etc.
within the city limit of tilt city of Board of Publle Work
Bitty Bro 00 ., .. .. ..... (.M i
J. A. Coarad .... .... (.M Miami. r..c; w.... ru-whc ltl.e L.. ht I... r.K n........
I MU Cloate. lap, Homes. Set Redmond B. Gaatler .. .. '1.01Dr. Sec. S. That any peioa violating Only tt YV* OM .
W. GramUaff .... .. I." my prorlilon of this ordinance shall .
for free catalog coelalntofl the R. F. Boyle .. ..I.. .. .... S.M upon. eoarlctloa be deemed guilty of 1 am only St years old and donl PIPE DREAMS THAT COME TRUE

largest 1st bite state.Casselman Dt..Pugh.. .. ., ... .. .... S.M a mUdemanor sad than be fined la expect area whea I ret to be real oU Be fan afford to amfl If all MIl
F t W. w. Campbell ;I.. .. ,.. .. t.M a w act to exceed Fifty Dollar to feel that wy a* tone a* I can-rat pipe, 'trap and drains are to port
& Co. R. H Chafer .. .., .. .. .. I.M (ISO, or Imprisoned for a period at Electric Bitten.aay* Mr. I.R.: .... repair. use: hi* .
Robert Cockraa -. .. .. .. .. tie hard labor'not to exceed ninety (M) son. of Dublin Ca. Barely there t* O FINE PLUM liNG
.JUCBKOND..V A. Q. ftS-Stafford. ..!.. .. .. S.M day or by both such Aae and Imprisonment aothlar elae keep the old aa yoaac t r dream woeld tarn to afglrtaare I
In th. discretion of the court and makes the weak u strong u thus .- 4 Sprlaa' bore a ,
-- be carerat
Passed tal* llih day of 1111.,. A. Da.Acting ,grand... medldae. Dyapepda t or ; dew tree that a*
MX. J. L WHMM. pfd llrer. year eetSafa and -.tJ,
kidneys or ekroak suddend of boiler : ,
crop leaka
FOTflKSTCLASS awaft yemlr'Send
Prea of City, Coaactt constipation are aakaowa- after take 1JS far M when pot
ea1. .tag Beetrle: Bnten a reaaoaabl time.
plumbing at rata .
M. K. Xenam. BB
Guaranteed by all Jrardata Prtea
> I .I. .City Oft1r! O mats> .. i. .. ,. IT.ttary...mutt... oa:aew- aa4. .a.eld" Jha 4 ,.* >.
Approved thl* Sd day of Jaly. A.
..,-.N. lob SOw11w H. P. ICItUMe L CO \
> .. SIS AVENUt J ,. *

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