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i ... .. ',..1! I I'MoytbinK vATs 1 J J1L3
'- ruuii, M-arrrl maar them .11.-'.rMberwl.e ip 'ion hay onto d. < mM L
hat .II .a,. only - >>.-fal l lnv ,' but rrtrtratlrr. iu ... 'he ; o unsltti..fltdn'y; brea'l. Our tempting

YrnrMtmva -. ..t hnli'ia <>f the reams 10 the O
nf the tmfal New if ) and well baked loa\'e" are a meal in O'n
Alneui C !ArRa aa I H nha thoughtful minx Thta day o.t-ana : C H. PERRY Cocwnut Grove, k-rifc ,;I
R Lay two *c;.T M-rnmpMiilml )uunc more lo iht- 1 eenlJhan the FoJrih 011 themselves: for thee are pure nourish- O

....see .* Palm Hr rh Bad pnjHitart July doe to the AIf'f "ans. Thla dayor -
V and whnJ..me Oo
ing: : : :. : : :
.klw.r> 'a ibo ixibllf ivbooU trf the the Ut, 41. jean ago between 2 '

......,. are IB the ...t". the treats of and 4 million slave. beard the clad I to

In. W P. Pwkea They r n-- In on tiding of' frwrfo'a ring out through ',< CONTRACTORS. AND PROPERTY. OWNERS '
FatariUr' nomine and will lave !<. ,this country like charming belle and -- -
rejoie1me I If you don't want, to SAVE I'':-EY.'; 'I'' can't t t
hare beer
morrow fur koew, mherrbo >I lwf ever since then they.
,. anal doing whatever they could loj I help you. If you d.v come to i #
taa OB that eat | John Seybold :: The Baker
Mr MtMoari Saline Sfcai|* w ho ,, m<:Xf ihtmw-lrea American dUxeaa,I

*,..*. for assay years IB Tamp. her (I! and t...la>. they own several mlllloa I The j. A. MCDONALD co. } .

....*. II r 8all..r., was a fr.4-..laxtcbarkeeper. dollar worth of real estate, i/eraonal jproperty I i OOO QOOOQOQOOOO
d'd; yesterday .t'O"II' : etc. ANI, UfY VOl R
ajin.t 1'riok at the borate of Mr and | The fact that the aejro went to'.

Mr* Will MUclM-n IB BaMwta Town. | work willingly, faithfully and earnestly Long Leaf Yellow II A Mode '
Just la front of the A. M. R Zion < I I I.. .by.n la the material p", ,",. he j Pine framing Bathroom

(Charr 8b way B member ul M E j baa made with aU the dlaadiaatafff sand j i at $16 per M. i t4
Vharrh. hew Her. Hartley well tea marks him aa being for sups -- -- '.
I I the most essential feat-
dart ...,.fc*. at hia ffcarrfc today. She I Ilea riot to the Indian who baa ti--vet accepted -- ,:
DM daochtrr I. ihla city and I I tabor either for himself or for',' .Boards same price. We also sell IJme. Brick [4 kinds]. I of the modern hoaacv

4 tvl.sea U> moan their !... Pear* to I any one else and malTermallj) enjoys'' 'Cement. Sash. Doors Mouldings and whatever else a i ( MI.} t it ia a uc home scary roe-
to Better.,
? the rank of a savage rather baa that -. i! any
her **
BJ builder requires at lowest possible figure. #-- ... in .
hUaanTHakla Made, Ali w C MelUe. of a civilized beiax. A plaat placed f ; money perfectiaf
Mr. Ruts J. HawUaa situ ",1.. la the window of a dark room chamber I ..t.asitary. .system. thereby '

BrrUU R. EI y. an veal out OB B loot gradually bead! Its foliage toward I Too Knot mere We Are-HtH street Miami, Fit J\I t w,i' inaarinr toe health mad
ri4*.,..uria' afttoBooa, gains *>waWtow the UxhL So the rrfro' aarroaBded by comfort t your tastily
coo 1:11:11:1: : : CroacIIIII: : '" 0000000000s : : ) ( CI 1:1 OOCJOOO
Ctoomaat a_. the dlaadTBBtaxea of slavery beat than rprnrfia; I! !tie fa

W tl".u... at all of UM Hty life towards the light of his Kaatera I f.nai.lli.C's, Arts, for tt
ckanWt oa Ratmrday sight vita con) God. This God has brought him aafe

i .fleet. Maar were die ftUMdaua.AlUrrt sad baa proved to the world that he It

Cka d A. M. I:. Zta oaHa more proBtable. a ctdtea thaw a. a

ytistlyda, .rmla( H.T. K.vnaaB. alare. I Famous Racydij

pesebsd ,..f7 good .,.. ladced.F The grandest Uterary 'treat the city
Atisg 1M higbeiss .manna preach baa ever bees treated with wffl heta l

.4? ky" this aM. cs TM this ore nab _"t'. arocrajB. The orator of
a.oax tW lortaiort. At I e'doek. the day. who la oae of the beat speakers M. j. .M'cD'ONALDTwolfth

F- B4yr BartJer Jl'McW' a nrt.able per ta the Stat, Prof. J. W. 8. Be- ,

...,,.. aa aapreeiattr* aadteae At 01..., win be at his ..... .... F. A.Mamfltoa. Florida.
argil scribe WM ta erUenee, for one of the beat scholars lathe Street. Miami.

a shirt while sad le *a attemdTe u4J.1 I State, wtnbe| sot a whit hehlad. 10 tarnished bosses of 4 to 10 norms at $into <
e-. He broke the bread ef Ufa. There cornea d tetJ belled Mr* Lot. fOR RENT $125 each for the Tourist Sca oo.. 3) far-
u Happy New Tear to alt tie H. Stephea.' Dr. Botler. Mr*. K. UJackaoe Ubcd room at five dollars to $10 per week.. Wm. Currys.Sana

I .... F. A. Hamntoo AJL. *adye Prof. Power Dr. f'rasier. ,
from $600 ti
A ranetv of city residences at
scribe Attended the B. T. P. C. Jut ; Rev. Newmaa sad the a deal of eKe fOR SALE 4000. Vacant Iota $150 to $500. A wet!
l New Moat Zloa BaptlM eeDeat aoloa. daeta, etc. by the beat Key West. FloridaHEA000ARTRS
ereaJac I improred farm of of 170 acres near Miami; all lot class all around prop
r Chart mud to their delight. Thia I talent la the d.,. This aa you seer, ertWTb.5awewill divide apfora.ettknaentof III families together. "e FOR
branch of the great Baptist Chorea to I will be the biggest affair ever alrra haTeoraareandrnpefniitKTOTea. all kinds -t-f improved and unim-
...., much .. tab rtty and thnochoatlha :: la the city. Come early sad Itatea to prorcdUnd.aaiUb4e for frnitvtruckinf and fannln All of theae at thOWNER'S < Ship Chandlery, Building
11ft...'. 4ellgbL LOWEST TERMS. General conditii govern prise.
domlUo The good that laheiac !! your
Materials Of All Kinds.
dose la thte city by the: orsaalsatloa I II
I. laeaUaubto. The seat .laft1 days will witassthe J' C. C. Carroll & F. W.. Amason
!I coming U mute people to Florida j Coal and Ice, Steam Marine Railway, Machine ShopsForxen
Maw Itatf Brow, the rharmlB teas way ever before kaowa la Its history -I'j Saccoeora to C C. Carroll. Omce 214 Are. D. North near 3rd Street
r daachter of Mr. and U.... Ho..anllaM 1 AU kinds ot repairiar. Boiler and Steam Fitting can be done at the
bomeaeeker. iBTeator and tourlata. -----
Prows the popular elerla tll.1 OOOOOOOOOOOGGi000 hoft:*t notice in the best posaible manner by expert alt.itled mechanic
awaits each
A hearty welcome |
r reopWa Drac Stock atertalnd. Uiaa t I
abundant opportunity for I
.tau and -- -
Berth B. Ely: the tainted daaxhter :
I Nell to ratify to the full the object
ef an. .... Mr*. R. J. EI,. of Palo
.of his C"OIIItJl&-.IM County JoaraaL Kentucky Timothy
Beech eajoyed.Her. yesterday. at diaaer. waahMchly : I Dade Gopty Title Insuranceand

Newman worshiped at the A..1 i )

M,K.Base Church' yesterday aneraooaaiaa. : Magic City.
# A-Y--: Trust Co. of Miami Fla.

Mr. Rats J. Hawklaa sal Mia* [ Drug..StQr :
Ahmao C McRae were tW K eata of 11ICO ''eIU'Ra.h14 .

Mr. fad Mr* Nelao' n-...... ,.. Up CIDItal $ .IJlOO SirplB $11,00000
terdaj M dtaaer. Ta .*, that It w.ataowd J. A. BUTLER. M. U. The very treat My that grew This
by them would he oat? saying I I Proprietor. hay to pwchaaad ta ten carload lets i iMnrea mad tithes prepares abtratc of title", bass eat IIIftIIIe ,
and ta raised e* *** farm thereby
the drst letter" ta the alph oot. THK KT. yn mosey on Its ewe aeeovat eat f or'other Lets a* cal. atborsq'.b.:
jet eoe aoaltty ,
'TWfkiiatUo.Eadeavor of Cethel A. tact trusts ......... exeeotor. ,...,.. or oardlan.
f M. Kfcaorrh was wen attended last,Dni Palest Mdkiics. Toilet .We wUI ship In any owaatity and" ,.' Addreaa all eommmUcatl to .
M .. ... tile lowest.SI. .
price as
.eaiV. sad vrry hasty were all of Articles. Swirfcs. Pcrfiiwy i S. U PATTERSON Sec. and Trea ....
the .......*. This to a branch'ta OwO OwOcoeowOwOwOwOwOwOwOwO oJ 'I
' al :d SU1 orr. '..........................
rrh ta dolac I IuUlac "
the A. M. B. Ch laat
Only Drum ...... tn. Colored Town W, Ci.AV. BOrfsds I
work ...... aa-UftUc oar pro) co*..ATS e AJTB nrn rrrr. .
pie sad aoiaUac them to the Lamb 11I1| Dr.. M ..&. ... . . . . .Q. .
(oM Who taaeth the aiaa of the.aril. ,
away " " '" We have feed Munure l.. tranaft sad
Even children are le.ralagg sea Illl *.....-e at a anemenfa IIOtJce. .EATS. m.

Cads. word to he sand .. "er'Jar We OOOOCBITTY i 0 H' STILLY a....&.........3sps
M... food to beiax dose I. the.t ORANGETREES 6eola Dsltvered rte.
-- -- I ;
sung peoples aoeiettr
Efi Mr. J. M. Dtacto ...* the grocery . . . . .

..._ down to Alt the cash 1MI.r.H BROS
ta aeJltac each a* ea goad, bacon, ,

lard. pees beaa.-ete. >, Jut *i low .. GEO. H. MEYERSContracting .
A fine supply of Orange;
rn be. To save mosey cn oa hint
The eooUHMUoo building of Mr. E. and Grape Frail Tree Machine + ShopGasolene
on SoartHang ad Rough
L.fUx win W completed la a few : LenM n atock in prime I
.ay;*, sad win he st,..,.. the upper : condition forpUatinjf : I I
story by the family and the tower : I Supplies.
and Kerosine
Write for oar 1TU5 catalogue Engine
Mory by a irat-elaaa arorery and put I i de- .. Batteries Spark Coils. Etc.
Mbty dry ... *. story : ocription and price on a Specialty 1113 Avnue C_Miami. Florida. Write for prices
Mr* H. H. Wmiamf- brother left Orange and Grape Fruit
Iw JaekaoaTOto after having ..-t avery : also on other Frait tree

ntoaaaat *Uy .. the dty with his t Shade Tree Roses and OENKHA1 REPAIR WORK.
ceompriahed .....'. Ornamental Shroba PIERCE & HARDJI
At the Primitive Baptist Church. UK I SHOPS Ml SEVENTH STREST.MIAMI: TUOBIDJL ;
Dl. Newaa -- -- -
sager were Tad aenloa. -
Gin St. Mary Noneries.
waa at his MaL He preached aNew I I

T"-'.swans to a very farce sad 6. L Tiber. Proprietor. i iau I
a.pr.datlvs adf.so.. The Hudson Cycle Co. HOUSE PAINTERSNorth

Oraad were the services an.day at 7. pit 51. Mary. no ga. I

IMhat Charck ,........,. Tbs betaceeataraaloa I I
aerrtcea sad the ant 8aa- j of

Anything and Everything for the BicycleAT first National Bank Miami, find


: :" W hat Men Want Most THE DGHT PRICES : F. W. HAHN

l... Th ea tie think nw..... 3mr tat...... ....t+ars r s<.... I
ia comfort: and laxorr. We are the ttDsiN '"'M ay. -f.cteib 1M i.ed sew ad tnW-hmlfcrdr Architect and Buildej '

,a people who can: grant these deoire.

f :.la Oar the moat latest fashionable deMfne and fabric patterns Mar in No Shoddy or Cheap Goods. No Shoddy or Cheap Work. I now hare ia mr employ one of the bestdraltsmas : :.
in the Sooth and am better I I
rived. Yon just ought to see them.
than for
prepared ever furnishing i
..iu.re distinctive I.I I. Al ..._ ttkWe'll | plans
I Oar tailored reomr wart to .wOWefcj ft4. i and details tor (rood bniidin;*. fine cabinet I II
I atjte. perfect in fit and pleaain isn't kle beck. I I 1
ripe. .d work. etc. 1 am' now headquarter
in cffet L Let n*.how them to ,otto
for tamed
work i-roU sawing and all
Make work nanaUj done ia a rutT CLAM I..

L} J. A. WORLEY flight pUaiaj milL ..,.

Send me your order for doors and window .
Don't throw your braaa plugged or rim-cat tim aw.,. Lithe:
single tnbeor G &: J tire Well mkanisc them and nuke then new frames ballosters. ''bracket., et

J and be conrfnced KIAMI. Fl

.. -

"...a" ...., .t.:. ,. .'. ..,. .. ..:OS. .- .... .. ... .. .... ....! .
'' >- n.C i iMS:' t-........ --r_ I "'I I -- -__ .... v- I'" '_

-.I I y *
i*. '"


.- -S. '..... .< +.
-- -- ---- ----- )
f. W. BACTUSt CAWS OUT OF COURT. || attractions for even the h.a*reat or' '
>2C3 .---;::, | nMil fri ok>a. hoc ,Hinson House it ;' \i

jZ m m i tMt,SpeeiBcatlon aad Detail iUdr Crows. In a roiupltc lH sal impish i| The sheriff I* la despair end 1M ,

professions for 8oI1141a,. of AM: Kinds, Fin way peculiarly th*r .... bare .:.....- : superior court I* belpleaa. Th.. trap C
file ..idenee* a Specialty. are recognlied aa machinery of the NswlyFurn/erred. In new location. R.atee.1.5co..rd \. .
Omcr. 1315. ATESPC: f>. ed and dett..d the mandates of lh. ao-1 1 sheriff SPECIAL BY WEtK. 331 14th. St.. MI&mtFIct1 1 "
court; but It the remain to I
petiole court ot Chatham Ga.. _.
.. C. UFi.AKMO. | protect them they will not work toi i Located on the banks of Indian River Finest Hun"..< WALTER la chick the city of Savannah U, and I their purposed eel. while U he doe

Aroh.1'teo"t. have put thvm eltc. la a joyful sad j not remain her will be despoiled and The)! Fort Pierce Hotel
tatts.taa eSt: rarsn.r9 flajrraat contempt of that IrtbaaaL || aeut raU..... The thing of caw U the ;
AT LAW Kwum i. Mctrwpulio building. Among other torlrtorjr app -rtalalnx I cause of thing unutterable being
ATTORNEYS ', Hour 8 to 1l. Miami. FU. to Chatham county U Ouabaw lslaad.occupied .I said anti as for the hogs, they continueto A L MdWllCl<< UUM W IUi far

Wsalsl W:11.r..eaH..v.r....to an euststeesNV.a sworn-sae r4stel i R. II. SEYMOUR. by two men tamed Saurr, roam. Everybody who know the:j IJlts Sl .. u. Spchl .laiw .......ty t4..... H>KT PI 1tIU 1:. >'I and Lnrissy. racaced in he .rtcefuiorcnpatkM
Tutu bog uutterstaaiia that he has no ten ,
t.W.ll .Law
I a..o._ MteaaLFU.Onto. Attorney oC raising hoc. .The bop I pert at all for the mandate and requireuM -
practicw .. .h. Mall &114 r.drrao..rla. ranged:: ih. island and became mixed .nt* of the superior curt ofChatham Tie TOURIST RESORT
P T. SLIOG8. M. D.... P n.c.l r. ....... M C.rpwxu.. disregarding Ifeelr( rarmark and ownership counts or other end has : I
any WaverlyHonse
] __Lile.. Real. 6'.. aM Wwsa.e law Ylcelarsr.Ce.fortaMe
war a>4 Cm n...rPLfd.en. 0c... ro.-II ...101.'*. MIAMI. J"I.a. An rxpeaiitTe lavnut: resulted no scruples of oooncienc, exceptaKamm .-d Airy Roove.
Mb SUM and the uperl-ir court ordered adjudged doing what he I* sat to door C Owtrl.ots the Bay.

_ra... C .D. & C. M.' KOGERSCIVIL anil decreed that a nufflri nl' going uere he I ia sante, to go.So IDS Iiatft. Si .MRS. .SABELH HELI.S. Mir fb.
*' MIAMI. FLORIDA. tepee<<= a mile and a quarter Ion i should i ibe I the nbt-nlf of Chatham)I l 14 In evil

erected dividing the rmpertlTeprupertie case and for the Trst time' In history _
L 1. X. 3ACDOlf. JIti LNGINtERSStreet.
\ *, and that the nherllt hiutld ::crows hate<'Bed,beaten and lafflej a t Corner Auaie/B iai iltd I Street.

> r. orncx BliUia>:, \.. H11.1 T ulftlStrm. apportion ihb< *o aa to put those I I I court of justicePHILIPPINES. j THE .
TM. BICCATMK: BLOCK,ATE. D.MIAMI. lM-kDRinK io each contestant on ha! I
'FLORIDA. aide ot the barrier Last beck the G. A. MULLER. Pr priet.r.

then> went user to .:u bJa uJty. but .,
W. B. RUSH. Miami the bogs cold D." be persuaded that Wubln<<1011. D. t JaD. 3tirretaryTaft

DR'I Office.urn street 'f>IIn- M. (Conservatory. of MusicPIANOS his purpose were. honorable and refused ,; president baa,glen and Charles a hearing Fox.to chairmaa A. Bijur. SAN CARLOS I IIW !
in n' ueniz his papers or yield j jlo I
{!aslder.oe.S09.Eh >* fr ilGk. +r ....D1redr his blaadinhmenl Fur all the,!I. of the legislative committee of the NaIkiual ,Ii
MIAMI. FLA. 2bW..Xia., Cigar lest Tobacco As< owtln-i.ee and attention he got he
FOR PRACTICE SUPPLIED ,,, the reduction of tie duty
\ C: Maynard might its well: have been an ordinary,i on Philippine tobacco.It fGNII' Opri dheytaratL7Vperddya.dilp( ;
unofficial citizen. Attar a chase of
PARR1HH. was stated that while positive determination Spertal' per week .. e'.ateetria..I 1rumm
JEUClEA several hour with a ponao'lhs net reult --. LarptUIM.EItOOlllS a.
i: GRADUATE OPTICIAN aa to the policy of the administration _
Stenographer and was one elderly and corpulent female : 1 It ratfr r.> tc*. I k.t f.w.. .
Maynard Son. Jeweler was cwt reached, there .
tWKh captive chased to exhauation. ,EO-. . . . . . . .
J- A_p. ......r0..:- Typewriter. j was a possibility of aa agreement In- .
tear s TnUtk 1ItJ -. Impatience The ah..rtr.I&e was manifest- was aa but ho:he a* hlaj I rolring a recommendation to Congress! 1 1.'.......,.......... 4 ... ___ _4 .'.. ._.. _. ._ 1..4-
s oEO. L.M cDONALDs. J I 111 PI!sue. '!&mI. FIa put | for the panage of a bill reducing the Accommodations flirt class
his ratty brain to work and had hlaj ru View of the s.fTHE
Qifl ti i duty to W |*r cent of the Dingley
uerOOCOAKCT posse best the conatrucUon of a Dumber -
rolEY5110NEYNU TAB; i rare*. Instead of !S per cent, a* heretofore -
.. ...Wi.LaM..a .pa aity of pen-trap Each pen was open ,
s .. urged by the Intaiar Bureau of
GBOTK. FLA. tieaMtbsG..to.rw .e ..... and liberally baited with fOrD aDd :' BAYD.M. VIEW
i the War Department. *- .
-- provided with a plank .which rhea )fa -
L hoc' weight; came upon It, .would JIU JITSU INSTRUCTOR

#".Jp ci.1 -- ) '-4..0 a print a trigger .al1.drop. doer. The AT NAVAL ACADEMY.'! -4.
pees were Axed and baited end" the .
t hunter retired and there wa where,,| AanapoU. Md. u. i-Mr. Y. Yamashlia. CONNOLLY. Proprietor .

iI[ SECIALTYv the crow came In. They had perched ,, the new In vcior in Jill jluu. ,{ t
yj1 about on neighboring tree cad ob- for the Annapolis :s'uaJco.. '.ly. ar.1 ,

served the Droeeedlng with deep and : rued here today ae mpani d :y Commander :t,I Next to Terminal PIer. 0p0aIt. Railroad Depot
silent lnterc-t. A. soon at the coast i i i isarn Taihiu.. naval attacheof '
was clear they swept down with the Japanese Embassy In ih''! coon-1, f..............." ... i. .
screams of joy sal sent out rourlera'to try through whout Mr YamaRbita was ,
call In all the riyriada of crow on engage The new *..-stein of of i
:in.1 to IL, guts,Its I
Oiaabaw. They gorged thv.-cut.-lTe* tense and defense will become a resnlar -
aD conwietitlonely thai the tnoa were part of the ..eademr Ralltic : :

left empty.of grain and presenting no, course early In thc. mon'h. e' So.ut I ei..n.f been if
-- -- The
-- \ \ J all
mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnmmmmmmmm'N '; MIAMI .BARGAIN STORE en ieaan '?

... . __
> '* > .
: : : t
OU A new line of "i you Vvaiit liarjain.bar i "j (FORMERLY THE "PIONEER HOTEL'A.
The.WHOIIS, == PWNJCC Sims, your f E FO SEU.. Proprietor

,CANDY Druggist i I and'o b u.J I Dress focd? b. tilt "c".1 RATES. FROM STM UP

::3'f..!ml WW> r rattens i Call and >ee our line of ; ; 'I
L Pun Biscayne 3 i| ery,Di hec,Gla.a and Tinware t ,< Corner ol EJerrath Street and A*mile B.

3 -, . . .. . . .. . . .. MIAMI. FLORIDA.HOTEL .
til* a"". a
heat P W. J. GAUTIER. Prop. . . .
3 se N.s. 'Fm. --I- -+- . i >
Drug = ___ -_ .

All of oar ""' '*. 3 Tile climate of the East Crust or Flcr**iis
CbemioJa aid : BISCAYNE
preparations are.bM :; nearer rnfrrl1ol1 than that of auy

Tha Store trekh.! :I other place on earllu _
\J. method. f.m 4 .
the 5 O a r =
are commended 2ti MIAMI FLORIDA V
-- --
.SOLE: br all reputable 3 -AGENCY J. C. Ahmet**. phjraiciaaa. 3.
31 L Opei-Sasei io May\\ 1905. I

_I1ILULULIIUI i iinnnmiiiiiiimininm. uuiiiuLuiuuiuuu. 3'it' r .

-- -- -- Salem
Graham .

___.__. .
4rI '


.: -, .

," w -

who buys 'a THE HOTEL KEY WEST

_ JOSHUA CURRY. .... Pr rietor

Diamond of us feels


111(11Ie or the has secured a good Iord
bargain.. JFe intend that everyone Oat Half BId fre. Ttrliul tty West, Ftorila

shall feel that vay. Etery i -

gem tee sell must be right injualityf I ] AAEtC7H: VI'L'.LsA.: : c '"" _

color cut and price. JFe hart .. r
Opposite :
eo-y-aJ. 'ai.
some "ic 'oRn'/o show you : : : : : tb. !.s. e..p ber.y rtr..Mwat -
'- tits.a t...k.ki, Yhots of tks.stt.kr rLdey isIDIJI a
Corner Thlrte -th Street aud .AYC_ "

i w[sad.r d.O. ,
:h41: e T'Y"\ .
: -
The Jeweler EASrCOAST, ZAfl.riT.r : .

V r Rates ea Appbctttoa. Write for RESERVATIONS. .

; d ,

i mrnmnimtn nnnmmmnnmnnm.-:: A LACRANCE\ SE'II' 'OLE HOTEL Wcst f a d ac'

-,,:: Nq For....f.f '"-CJ6oIL...E..a des .. rh.iisaat ... aC
:: : rwrn..w.. ... .Ih.r tahes ., ...... .
A L r ... Directly eopealte the Lake, epoait e the Royal fotae&wa. .Tin. -
Mohler & .. 4t 1Ue11' I. arg ryt. L L RAiJu *
-J -: 1 a tL wrs.-shoo.. k.. _. a. L.I from Miami win appreciate the hemcUke ......ftCfi/, .Thla newly
.7 rt.&. renovated betel N. electric Nght. bath, table th.llet -
:1 J gl fl CCItIIIIaf'o
PeGrossHorse (son. .


4-C3 cle Motor f fr Indw : Meugraml *4 l0. C.U HUM. "FW It 6r-r." 57tt SL No t. 1

-- A. V'3 T7S S. so u rj.'ii ox x.v sS .NEW 0US ALL TRAIN CALL FOR SEMINCLaL

J' Bs Ba fJ.T.TaTaTaBBaaBBM ---I .
whir. to the reeult *f the Rust *.ad.m practice If argentine 2n. The Ideal Oyster & Chop House
tt .hnrafve Mt awry the fine details of c etruct..... hut 2
...-.-. aid tout de dqa = ErROPOLIT'A

THE CYLINDERS ARE CAIT,IN ONE PIECE. :: .r'ne aNA 410 Twelfth Street e

Valv Cka0b. .r.. vats Jacket etc. =
CAFE -mr
L IV :: Steak. Chops and Fish. Oysters in any Style j

I Restaurant that caters to Ladies and Gentlemen
e Koch 3i B> tllt:qwrObtc cr calf a. f Zee la SWOIr'

110 Are D.. Foot of Brid=e111W 3C Special rates by week or ,moffth.

i iiniiiiimtmii iintmnimniHiniil aI8IOlhMfBld.-:, ._.J.. CHAS tYtSJtoprietpr, Ja/Marks. Proprietor.

--- -- "
-" =


;4rt ,,' :! :. .r;. ., : -: 1._ .

..., ... .. ., .. .
> 11.------ -. ,..- '
-: !P. T"I I '. t. ''''
'" '


1x .. I
--. -
Nelce a* Intefltien t. Apply for Letters Article 5. J. R. TNeeJ. Fvlturd. ".. 104 sham
Patent. eommov tlock. IiIF: ;
Tbe boalMca of this corporation I "
Malic I* hrtvlr cites tn*; -be us liall be coodartad by a President aVw r. A.. Bryaa. hUor ria. CO shares iP" -, .
s 4enl H 'd will apply to tINt t.oe rnoiof Pmident. a Secretary, a Treat ,common atoek. >
the State of Florida at Tal: .haecPtorUa I Before me personally appeared
urrr. and a board of fire director
OIl the Rf'h day of January I h- ..m..... of Secretary and Treaaurrri Ceo. P. Ball O. W. Ions RE.. Mc Rntvc&
A D I9a$, for k-ttin patent iucorpor .> he h..IJ by ope and the same inn Donald J. R. OTfea, and F. A. Bryaa.to .(Qten> r ro
me well known to be the perw r"
sting ibs Fulford Fruit: and Vocrtablt ..ituii Ibo oZcrn of thin corpora-
1 Growers' ALat...,.. ut uk r :be foJlowic i.m shall be :numbers of the board of described la and who subscribed ihoui .
prupuMxt r barer: i name to the fortcoln; instrnmenl
e *: ,irt t..... The directors aaaU bei.
Clurur of the FnUord Fruit .ftd Vegetable ,ted aancail.T by the atockholdera4l | and did aerrrany armome-Ier each
Grower Association.tt I for himself that they executed: the
a mectlac bid the lint Saturday ia"Vt
'" ur. .. ... .. fur 01 pressed. t
U i. k-t4igeib'-r lbs.jMp *e > art- to conduct the bUN It.m of the
...__.. WITNESS my hand and official sealat star a torn'1oiirnrb
iui* i nwu.J u der '11<> law ...-poratiua until thr.e r'-x-ted at 'be ftapg
< of baslaess under the following hall be.t.urge. .. Edward C. Romftt,
Notary Public Sate of Florida at large
/: P. Run. Pr idVnL
ArticleKL.rIlr. 1. My .vmreiwion expires Jane II. 1907 =
It E. MluIiaW1u Frrtdd.-nL I
The came of this corporation shad
T A. Bryan Secretary and (RefidifQtoBEg
ke the rnlford Fruit and V.setaMeGrowera" un-,. Trt'I.j Those .ho preach the gospel of hate
v Association. Its principal ,
ti. R Bull G. \V. King. F. A. .. I sill find their audiences' sro"'':i*: smalK 1
rlare Florida of. sad basinets its business than be shall at Fnlford.be eon .' R. E McIVjnald. J. R.,0'Neal. dirvoj j I .r and sn.nller. $J .00 : $2.00
tors. \ J {
darted to the State of Florida sad I
elsewhere, aa tear "be necessary or Article (.i |! There 'were aeventy-lx deaths from - ----
i cavenlent. !: The highest; amount of liabCTty.or pneumonia in Philadelphia laoi week. : .,
Article 2. I!: indebtedness to which the corporation I Iran Come to Florida. d
at any time subject Itself rhaR not
The general nature of the business :
eiced: the amount of capital stock | ........
a to be traasacted bT this corpmatioa: ,I'I -....
shin be to bay. "roll and deal la an i i paid In. -0 '
traits produce fertiliser. crate and ]i Article 7. I For. our a
4ber packing material OB rommlawa I
I The names and residences of the
or otherwise, to pack fruits sad i":.ub rriblrj incorporators of said corporation I Ladies! I
? _" = 'ett tat lrs for zn'oft. to em ploy tuck ,, together with the amber 011 II
r's a.pota. and establish sack axncie at shares of the capital atock subscribed I O 4.RD STYLE.Q .
rack plats ia 1M State of Ilorlda orel.e.kere I by each are aa follow: I Rayal GMV jclhi the .I --- -- -- .

aj to UM director than G. P. Bun. OJua. Fla. IX shams tied that k ddid.... .
seem proper. To buy ova bold on I f4ca
i .common afoek. I Q rotnj c rtdU4r4nttt
crala. Vraae soil. sad mortcata. real ----
ws a W. King FuUord. FTa. 10 shares,
.Uta forlU boatBcM oOcei farms
common atock. I
UataUoaa u4 frill erekarda. Ti BRADY &COMPANY
R. E. McDonald Falford. Ha,. W J
bay. hold sad vote stock tad aeemrl- abates coomoa atock. . .. ...1
tie of other eorporaUooa sad to make ""Lafpf
-- 4 :
,#. oatracta of say character with aarh

corpora UOBB. Artkle $. r ] c ( :yb t

f Th aathorUed capital stock of Mid To Our friends and Patrons(

1, e.rporatfos shin be Ire h.mdr.daharaa
of cosmos tock of th4 par ratM -
4 of tea ooQan (ill) ach. At leaat

,$tty per eeat ill 1M said capital Mock Again it is our pleasure to extend to you I ".-I
at hat be Mbaeribod ad paid U before New J
best wishes for
our a prosperous
.. I
Uta eoryoraUoa befiM to do boata .
'sad other paymoat tharw M' farthw Year There is no success you could -

r leases 0(stock aaaO be Bade M order attain but we would wish you even more. I '
-e .4 by the board of dlrectora. AayporUo the "
\Ve thank for favor past
you your
of DId stock IlIaD be lamed lad ,
VeJd for la caak. Or la capital stock of and hope with our largely increased facilities

other eorporaUoaa or ta property the and by serritg you faithfully, to Rhodes ...-
.- .raise of which daD be bed at a meet- I l
tat of 1M board of director caned for merit your future esteem and confidence ROSSMORE STYLE. HOWARD/ STYLC.> .:
I "J
hat. parpoaa. ;
Article 4. RespectfuIIg Yours J. W. WATSON, I

This corpora tloa IlIaD east for aft I Lii -

tars -- thirty nara :or _

I I We S-2aadle the

I '.
t Oliver GrocerI

I I II Typewriter.

., ." I
J90Z WOdc : a That ar* art para sadat ;
Vr 4 vs. say price we ern eat
s- ft Is .apariar to a8 Mhata
T'-T j. prtea* M to eaahl a* tobafor
ir "' w. ar* asOtac the,. iris bscaaa '* beg har a raiaca (
.> a. oar price sad terms ar* ..,.. tt yet MJ
r t- I o. I .. 4 t waat a foot BMcmla* M a* taU Ta Hence we always j
about the .,

ffisti to .Btotttk our rierdsor II our: J;I Pure;: and
; 1'1. \ -
+.r -f JHl--, .. ." ,
0 t.--' .... .. .1 1.. : GroceriesT.'TwL
4 ,. {

r :' :; : g;!l tin = btral 'll; frohtx!r F-- j A auKklaa shop baa been added to- -- !.h Let 'f'Us Pzoia,Ibis '

__, .... t : : I -.ar hags attahllsaBMat .. satisfy the f j
.... .. : ....... tor a Int rlan fapair .... I .-
for A8TOhtOBILX5 sad OAS Eli -r- *
i ofxss and that deparmaat a* ..
.* *:.
4 Ktil -" harm of akOed aiarblalata. W. ar I
,at 7.ar aarrtea. MagnoGrocer
--' 0 -0' v' I
-, .
-.. ?". .' -
t Ii. ,

.. '" .- -. LOFTON G EINIG.to 1ssessssoes t *
.. -- .. tf

Loftoa A Joaasoa. OppartU Post OnVa. tfiaaO. Ha I

fit in the.:year 1904 and hope we have merited a continuance of -t It Co..OORNTX ].

= the same for 1905. Our business in the year 1904 shows a _

;. big increase over 1903, and we hope to make the year 1905 the I NEW RAILROAD SCHKC

.:- banner year of our business career. With your help it can be KellerMiller A IN Kr-FKCT MBMBM OtC

i done very easy; without your help, we can do nothing; will you 7 Oa the S4th a a.w i ioa
the r. K. C. By. wm i he
,z t- help us? We are much better prepared to look after our cu4tomen ,- I fact M follow:
Dealers in\ Main
wants than we hare ever been before; we have increased No. n tears M 4U a :

,,tour stock enormously and made it very strong in every depart- ::e"i&h: _" rot M Main leaves Lin.at <:.N_ a '

s 4 ment. Our shoe stock ill by far the largest and most up-to- Ovs"ters4 No.Na M b artless arrives at at 11:11 7:11

I 1'. date in the South; our clothing and furnishing goods department -1 and Grazn.e.r No. 7 Me.w.M.N leans at CM i a.

is strictly up-to-date and the largest in the city. Our No. 10 antra at tM .

motto for the year 1905 will be to handle the best goods that 1 ?OLET3o.

are manufactured and sell them at the lowest possible price" Fish are kept in traps-Kffled-after.Order is ..wn.r.b

'. .. consistent with the quality. We wish you all a happy and received =

prosperous New Year. Yours jery truly. I Standard

r 1 Orders taken daily-Prompt attention to Grade"" PiaSTfINWAY
i Phone Orders == .i ,

: rJ. elvel1 d; Fro.aC -- ----- --- -- and otbera tr

L Corner of Second Street and Boulevard. Easy para

. . . . . organs t.
: b4 stored rej
I .t) ,
I: ff '
I .
... Fri le.r'S KIdDe" Cure 338l i

...........s ..-4DJ' s Sacn'btrtda ddJt,.


The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: July 2, 1904
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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.. .-.-
", ..... -
t t.

: ,


.> .
_r *- _
= = :

Tke Only Paper in Southcaf1or' Carrying ;AssopiateU Press Dispatches. .

I -
-- --

a L ''OL.0.21 ." .' ..',-w_. MA3I; II'f';JHIDA.tcU..\ Y. JANFAKV 2. 1905. r_.1--im1e.. Prl'c'e' 5 Cents



.. - -.-. ._- _u_-__ -._-_-_
i a:.[>laai...* m-cetnan *jr to:nf .rt, confnlracp -
IYAQ/WS! / : \ a.nj safety havrac electriclu.ht NEWS FROM THEISLAND i --

and distilling. plants steam steerIng .
!jf General 1 Sloessel I Hoisted. the i' VAR RECORD gear'*aadi carrying a eoiapleiueni HER INVITATION! ACCEPTCD AND
of mL CITY
j Csuc! J areaig. who command I .
t White Flag Yesterday and ,1'I .' .itU.Funk Arfne Loapfial ship! Reliefin :. PLACED AT HEAD OF CHAPM>M*,/
I ; the war with Spain I SCIENCE CLUB .
: i | Mr Elsuo. with his family and
will Treated With Full SOME-1 ABOUT CAREER OF fr.ends. will noun leave. yon fr a win. MAGNIFICENT ORGAN RECITAL BY I! --- \o.
( ;
: s, THlaSO CRAFT OWNER : I.T crufce la West Indian waters.I PROF. PILCHER-THE CHRIST :...
.1. I I,
i I lu vims Butch a.prvse.t the
own by ,
ii "FICER8 .NOW IN THIS MAS TREE AT ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL The exercises uf the Southern and
Honors. AN I enterprise remarkable prugrtsa an.. '
Military Florida Educational Association dosedSaturday J JI
improvement ot the s-\eralowns In 1 acht Frday afternoon at
4 I
!I Florida (dace his previous visit ..
I I i separate ses iuRa <# the Florid! '
i I organization the following officer
be prompt thus ending one of the most
j ; THE ELKS were elected for the coming year
rt remarkable. saiges in history, I of the steam yacht VIkD iHEADCf Metropolis Sureau, Key Wrsi.Jaa. L t Presdeat. A. X Marphree. of Tallahassee >

J e arrival In this port was re- Aa alarm of Ire was sounded Friday I ; Vlee-PrtMldeat. Hias' Mary
fifteen Thousand Sick and BLEW UP SHIPS .! ot| .Iited by .s. Is of more than ordliitere 'IS/IN/ THE CITY I, morning and the whole department Johnson Tampa; Secretary L EjKot.lam. .
IN THE t and U hlatoricaJly Tal rnP Gded. The stable at the I of Gainesville: Teo sazer J. W.
Wounded in the fort the HARBOR I II V'1s she was actively engaged la'' j J I residence of Mr. W.. a Curry caught hip(lung. of Tampa. After the eleoUOB i

I Tokio. Ja... t-The Russians stj ICe uf the Vailed! Stales GorJt '.. Ire. but the Nantes were extinguished I of officera the qaestloB of the Best ,
Garrison 1 Being Held Port Arthur evacuated.several forts | la the late* war with Spain. IRANO 'EXULTED RULEH w. j. I before the engines arrived. i place of meeting came. Them were

ls aa Iron boat Milt by O'BRIEN AND. PARTY ARE GUESTSAT Mr. Hugh C.... after a pleasant BO ._vHatioas extenteded from say see. ,
during the night and this morning blew j
la a most snbstaaUal man- I visit to Tampa returned Wednesday ..-, of the State aa everyone to th.
by five Thousand of har1her. ffklac I MSCAYNE HOTEL FOR AI
up a majority the ships In the i' ; .x aa enviable repnta ..igbti I vwiitoriam. smilingly looked towards

t .lUtJ' and sea-foln qaaJl- i I SEASON j.I [ Police Court Proceedings the representatives from Miami. W. .
Convalescents.RUSSIANS Owing to these, she was par Before Judge Harris were: Eolaad W. Han opened hla speech with the
[WHITE FLAG WAS I>d by- the Nary Department- April. -- Russell Howard Jolla.'.. dredge remark that he had hesitated a few

n mfg. provided with a protective Aston th* prominent Tlsitor to Miami I Lowe Harry Wish Tom Johnson, and moments to Dow 8t Peterabarc tospunk.

i HOISTED SUNDAY'/ of armor at the water line, and tod/ to' Mr. W. J. aBrten, Jr, Paul Sawyer, disorderly coed act; ..1.I I Every year ap to this,eve the

Chef*. Jaw 2. Russians arrlvin*J armament of eight rapid are guns Grand )malted Baler of the & P. O. K.I missed.Robbie. strongest fight of the business meeting
hronxboat tier covernmealal aere j who MBktoc a toot of the Slat and Smith disorderly conduct I has bee la the question of V Iowa
flEE here from Pert Arthur on torpedo she has sustained her reputation has bee'oa th* East: Coast for several t $le.M and costs Frank Carry, pro to be honored next with the preatatej '

boat new admit that General St....,. seaworthiness After the occupa- days, )(r..OBrira hail from Baltimore 'I fane language ts.60/ and _.. !lof Florida's educators and It.aa r

hoisted the whit flag Sunday, and ot** of Caba by the Americas forces sad I* accompanied by his. wits, The basket ban teams played a something for Miami to be proud of j

10I1[ FOO gested that negotiated be opened wf* 'liking was used as a dispatch boatJelng son. sisters Ml** Mary C. CTBrten, and I I game at the armory Wednesday. The when the accepting of her Invitation 1
s* sabsequenUy traasfemd De- father W. J, tTBrien. Sr. The ..-1't7'In '1 1 game was wen played and resulted .. : was made snaatmoua ;
the enemy for the surrender of the '
teraber !. ISM by the Nary Depart- I to lot Bight from the Berth and i; a victory for the yoaagstets. The:, Mr. Ran mad Ida speech brief saying "

tress reJ\( 'ftnent to the War i-p rtmeuL Her i are,comfortably .tomldled at the BisI ,I core was II to 4.County. I that tile same things he said teat .1
It I* .... there are ''>foil of armor plat was then removed ,{I apr.e, :where they win reriaia for .Court year for Miami's attractions were am '"

thousand sick.aid ,wounded and abe was then employed by Gen. > several d '..... ... they will .wend The following cases were tried by true now only there were more of \is
r From Fort Arthur and Confirm Arthur and that but Isle i'J Leonard Wood la fcls'offlclal rapacityof their wayVunowird. probably via the'i 1 Judge II. B. Whalloa: \ I them Aa a representative of th.

theReport-Gen Stoessel bodied "a'--t..... IRa"'" military governor ot Cab* Wbeit.Secretary .I West QM(. I I Qnlatns Johnson, commlttln.1 aa assanlt -1, Board of Trade sad of the: maror'M..
I of War Ellhn. Root visited Uke all Elks the Bvst Poople on,, with latent to kill Henry Slmooette. -I IJ extended a special to vital

'' Writes Letter to Gen.NogiforTfrastnd fortress Cuba. the Tlking: was used to convey i[Earth.".Mr. O'Brien Is a most affable:I J was held la IJOt-fcond to appearat Introduced Baperlateadeat. "- w-
THE NEWS RECEIVED him oa his tour of Inspection and as : and roagfBlal gentleman. He_bas met : the next term of the' erimktl court ', voiced the lavlt aboard
+ many other dlsttD<
; AT WASHIN|' officials were entertained on bjard the I UOB: all Dk organization during was the grandest exbbltlon >:i i I rite aald that Miami] ,Ii

i }'.!! d Viking_ br_General. Wood_ on these 1[><- t h*.State and *Hfl oalb.:: ever heard U Key West Dr I welcoxaa_ big aa he J Jlavtiauoa
I Washington. .ram-1 tears to the varkmr coast ......s uf and Is not only pleased with his trip,4 I PUcher ls a thorough m"nscia'andearries was at onus i

7a_ -tI-\t/ Department today rucelvud Cnba the gradually ems.. to be considered I, but Is more than frratlBed at the courtesies ,I his audience through aO the i|0wimama. of the ,........ .
am aa the Governor's private shown him at each a..' everyplace various moods which be portrays. School of Bowtlnf qreeB. Ken
f.-.I"leter Gnscom, I
the yacht though la fact, claaer.! aa aa :: visited, whether there existed an i He exhibited this quality partJcalarl.j. 'I' and oa the motion of another I Iot
Minister to Japan, stating to! army transport Later .. was said i i Order of Elks or sot : to the storm. The peals of thunder I Miami the question was made i imoaa.

Tokie. Jan. -Port Arthur ha* ca-, Minister for foreign affairs by Secretary Root to Inspect the aumerous -1 I Mr. O'Brie* has nothing whatever to:,, were esperully wlere: and the entire .

Hulatod.Oansral. had notified him that Genera" defenses along the Atlantic cutat '', do with the organization or formation effect was rendered more realistic by ;', There Is no doubt that Ute atteod1aace

Ststsotl has seats letter to had surrendered Pert Ar// at of the United Staid from Maine to of lodge, but his presence Is capable I I I the quick turning. on of the electric I I, of the association next test will
Genera1)) Negt. commaaolng the Japan.A Florida The Viking was sever transferred I of inspiring the Elk' Interest sad enthusiasm lights la the church. Through the mutter be larger than anytime to Its hlstoryj
o'clock Sunday evening.STOESSEL'S I I
,"".. preparing aurre.d.r. back from the Army to the N.I and as .movement tan been (I !ugs of ik. storm the sweat cadstrains II mad Miami may expect sever! -'f ,C
vy Department, bet was sold la oa foot to orgaalze such a branch to of -Nearer My God to Thee. dred pedagogues tuned looee at on.
dispatch to tile Japan*** legation LETTER of''I I <
aad magnificently refitted as a private I Miami for some time past, there Is Impressed one with the solemnity time _till her cocoaaat tree e.
M Ls.-. says: Qsnoral Steer*, yacht little doubt bat that the presence of the occasion. The ..hoIe... terminated I The special I....... of r the entire program

i prapesal far oerre.d.r II.. bees a. AND NaG EPLY The present owner Mr. Jarvis a j this dl.lopl.bed'Iattor will have a by the great hymn of praise, : was Governor,_,'. address

..*..d by General NogU.. The prepoe- Edsoa of New York, was aa officer] great reviving Influence upon the formation I Handel. Hallelujah. !I Friday sight H* Is know as fh*
Tilde 2. Osnsralssfoitows
iI.fur urrsndsr says. Turthr resist la the naval service daring the Civil;j of such a lodge I The church was envied to Its .1-1't educational Governor of the South aadtha \.i:
Blea.itmporor.- : War. being attached to the North At-) Though not arranged yet It is more most capacity sal! the audience was a store at.wtadom. a gift of -

J sAt I 'cloek January li Mm/ laatie and Booth Atlaatlo blockading I Iaqu'rvaa. : than probable that aa Informal .-.1 I I kept spellbound through,the entire pus queue and aa attraction of tfrsrssnl ...

has;telegraphed. Gon- I bearer a flag of true. A ito the At the close of the war tins will be tendered Mr. O' gram |, Ity that easily puts him a- er.rf a:
directing.that fun military he made a three years anise IB the party during their stay here by those j; The Xmas tree and festival of 8t |j greatest men. t J
of hew
first line of A '
paid to General *..*...L cur position 1T.'8. 8. Wasp to the West I...... uxl Interested In the mysteries sod benefit PaaFs Episcopal Church took place j IDa address The Education of 0. l J
tohing. and handed a our efflears. waters, which brought Wednesday December :g. ] Masses It could V cIeII.II''
JM..,* of stag met at sees to- South Americas of th'a great order. 11te..1 >
The same .. f at t him noteworthy eiperiencea. The vea- was a magnificent affair. lighted with him to every city to the country atom
the term of surrsndsi.IJteM. .
.'clack and was aa fN act was off Potnte-Pttre. Island of 1 electric lights and decorated with Om*| would aJvanee e-tacation tfty -n..
representing Oeneral Judging by the get conditionsof Guadeloupe,of the Leeward wands IB lei and various pretty ornaments | The audience was fairly carried awayto
ha* fun plenary pewsra. the autumn of UCS. during an e&rtll-I i I The lights were turned oat to the tIN stream of his Inspiring word'
the line of V* positions
whole quake; and encountered there the : body of the church soon aster the), Saturday moraine was spent to lbs,
{RENDER IS held. by yO find thirther resist force of the resulting West Indian U-1 3 GETTING READYMANAGER schools were seated, and the tree was efliuminated. Dwval theatre, where addresses wr

awes at Pert Arthur Jeleea and for da wave and hurricane that areekedmany I The many oh oha! from j mad by SuperialnA nrUonn, Jaeh-j

..QFFlCIAllY BULLETINED the purpose of peevJng a further vessel and destroyed mockproperty !: the children testified of th l' delight,_YUle: Pro( BockholOMlsa

S.rtlw. .1_ fcA dispatch from T.! needle sacrifice of H. I propess to on tile auroerous Island m.; H. W. MILLER HERE and appreciation of the beautiful tree. Anna Chalrea. DeFunlak i I L Y

says that M facial hwllette hasbeen held negotiation J reference tocapitulation. that part of tile Carjbbeaa Sea TIle I', AND BUSY SHAPING THINGS j'I Shortly after the sound of sWghbeDs I Dr. Francis VenabK of North CansV
U. 8. 8. Hoasatoate was throw so far and mn of "wbo. Vixen! Whoa Dairtv naP and )!h. F'rar' r.- iBiwicTasw.1ers
i posted annsunslng that Pert I FOR THE OPENING OF THIS
Inland by the tidal war thai It was announced the arrival ot Santa *
i Arthur ha* capitulated under term Should. you ceJit t* the same years before she was relaunched. The, ULAR RESORT. n.u110 B-srrhed Into the
f henersble to tile ..tIrt.... please appoint cnselAer, for dl.cw.i.g prompt aid which tile officer and crew -- cracking his whip and calling out adjnurnThnMuhoiii o'l x

i the .rd.r d conditions rogarding of tile Wasp extended to the suffering j greetings to the amazed children, who:, : the af,..r' and evmotng
FALL OF .MANY'FORTS capitulatll Inhabitants of tIN island of Marie CaUnte After standing like a sentinel or had no Idea that the old. gentleman. j I Inc thrf'e.s..r.- ....' on at.nchera .

ales> appoint a a possession of Prance, was I Igratefully f monument to a emorable past ail I would appear. Santa distributed the ..ereral places. iIlow iP i ,, ..... .,
INDICATED THE END place fee such cof silo, t* meet the received by the distressed the past summer i nd fall the big Ho- ( gifts. Dr Wm. II Plkher give the attend the .*e most 1 bU to bur

ToU. Jan. t. Th fall of Weft,,!. same sppolntrd b***> people and for which timely ..sit tel Royal Palm task on a scene of lifi i following musical program-: work. rAt

know M Signal Hip ,*........ tile,I i. e!t1M4. mace Captain William A. Kirkland sad activity this morning that has not { I. Grand March and Cbon. from toe ni-etlna of tb .*-leae Onb-

'lee *f Rlhhjng. Sungsu Fort sad New i ...._..." commander of tile Wasp .t a later been prevalent there or about since. Tannhauser. Wagner. at the Aragon Hotel .h- n port of ..... ,
date was presented with a medal of the close of the house last season. :. Nuptial Marca Gallmant committee OB constltutloc and by-lawn' y
Fa* Lang forts, wins regarded a* a, .General Negi "Red: honor by the Preach governmentMr. The cause of this activity! and hustle| 3. RHertkm (tore Wm. Tell. RousiaL was received. The same of the.*... 4

r clear Indication that Pert Arthur had I have t.e l"or t* reply t* yourproposal Edsoa was present at Montevideo Is due tp the fact that this (anions h->s- atlon la now to be known *. ih* I

lost KB power of eCorlng out ewe roTh -I to ttoI.ngetlatlen regarding capital of Uruguay, ... Febro- deny ofJens to the public for the -s ers and well Informed persona OB toot man Science Club. At the election wtofflcers

didaee. conditions jW order for the capitulation ary. ISO. when the tourrecUoe son of 14flS4fc dinner on the eve":,..iu 'isl travel, predicts that the present Mr. W. W. Hall i* Miami, wan ,

facto ** net reveal this but H I.I of Pef Arthur, and for this against President Flores occurred Immediately of the 10th lost. and Manager H W vaiua will be a record breaker for the I reflected president Br Kaibton. otJacksonville. ;.
following the murder of Merrill and a force of house clea .. m Stale. and experts U. have the hoaselUd grit y"I". eldest Mr.Ortevtnwse. .
probable that the back ef the Kueslaadefsuss purpose I herey appoint a* commieloner I
I -. Montevideo became the prey ,, aad assistants have begun t.IM.a. irf '. 10 Its greatest capacity much se ond -e-prtmdenU
.wa beeksn when JM M....., of the'japanoo* army Major of mob rioI_ Th various natlon- preparing It for the care and reeer'.rc. -artn-r than It was last sen-, and Miss Peters. of I>ee>-Mrg. a e tnry J J r"

HIM we**stared after which th* Rslur Csnsral ftclt chief ef staff of our antes represented there sent mea to of tIN most fastidious during the f.-s with that belief It. Is preparing to give tad I............ The rte'rive --to f .:,

i ought a* desperately to retakesmlsints. protect their several properties and II few short week that characterize 'h, th-3i the bent eretmiaio-tatt'Mi poesi'le I tee is Cr. To -sw. Tr.) B-aUr and Ma .Ii.

fruitlessly looelngng army.He wll e accempanled by .!stagetlte.rs Mr. Edoa was one of the officers sent I tourist season of llorida. This morning several car loads ofprovisions WakeweU 4
will la command of a detachment from the Mr. Merrill came down from NewYork i for the house arrived sad Mach enthnsiaam waa shown at the 1IIeetIa& \ ..
eles.. /1 d civil .ete..e. They ,
Wasp to ..... tha custom house and I last Friday Bight but the kelp were placed to the atoreroonM sad aid th* orcaslsntioa wUt" ;
< this an sjctsnsUn of the meet yo>asmmlotlonors at teeny January guard the bonding occupied by the did not arrive until Saturday aad-yes pantry and Were Ue doM of the doubtless b* a strong factor toadvaBCement .......

.right .........d the Kuoalan* S. I ........1.... The commissioner ratted States consul until quiet was i i terday. They were takes at once to present week/everytitas la this BM of educational tot

as unguarded front. andof of tb parti** to be *mpw.r.d to restored.Dvrtng. ,, the hotel and there quartered the win have bee .. ream- for the Jartsoavfll has cnrtatoly !

tsar trn.e. sign a''cenferenc for capitulation tile Paraguayan... Mr. Edaom work of preparing the. bone being npealaf extTaeeday.Th herself a garon hostess >>
waning for a ratlfteatlen and took part to :Jth* renew' of two started with a rosa and a will tab eaeenflve sad oftea help, band bas beam don that possibly r.sl.*

American by aactadtof the Bio de la moralag. The hoses I* to a very cleaaeoBdltloB sad other fj the souse force win com ten* for tile comfort of the titan;
|the h3insiis of the eon- cause >e sum to.tabs Imn riil.. if.- jfste Hna ass Paraguayan rI..* eonsequeaCy<< a great amount to ..... te west Then will V I white th Aragon Hotel which: WMna4

Saesesf*,Mtx* n fet r. tl...+.- s. i 11 i HEraCVi rnen hundredn of terttoQ and slow work will M\ V* several new psrsoaa .. -thfpstaoBtl headquarter of Ik assoeUtloa
f .T
IM gone.
ezpectod that thsr v.Nllath. .A auks w iHw-sMry to have It to ample shape by of this sesso. aW >ta* won for Maelf a msttot Ispstaikis
II......1 Tle'' TOtoc.ln wka .......* and< '
..iiatie.M opening day _rj who with their pjsltliini win be pub "nr fin tied Bospttallty'aad ....u.t!
..d j.fovf.b.ed for a UB| eniM wHS all I Mr. Merrill like all other hotel keef fished later r service, : <
that tin. '
.-..-... J
r ,
far"t '

.... ,. .
'iI'Q" .
.. "-' Y-

[ 'TTTWe 1 I \


r '-1'\ .

will make great regions in Blankets and Co forts this

i I I The IdealWe I ; we have thelarges\ock\\ in the city and can save ijou money I Is

12th Street b -. Ei B. Douglas


- -- -- -- -
THE DAILY his accepted iu pacitiuna. but denis hanrea with the ......,. Gor'rnntenthan I''aIf. If not v.bU will _e betterat .

'. 101....> niuriban one .star). wtthth- -ruorm uf K>irrof toe wife this >'''1'.a.. ...M." Ano 1 .
MIAMI METROPOLIS. uUanlU'd .,.t.... these and .. ,
Iber pledgesctaraterize
now hu S,OO students J.
Dd aims the
--....1..... eft,. Jaw tau %..dar. Tn.k 11. a I I. rK.T nuiulxY than anT Of the total iranilxration into the' But ..f e,ery year. mate. lbe)" 1! !
+ .>leer <',lnrati...,al institution In lb.. .Und of Clues last year more than 16.. are vastly broken until f
orb D.
L... L,. 14ft'.JlClt'ijIt.": : ..... .v'ain' h..... KM) were Spaniard' *. Montf Ih.iw.hxibirena. it l femmes a questl.:\or.,' for the Sorosis
are those who were aollirra n. *t :New Year to bi,,
I. aiaruraesere' U ...T.r .I'So
e S.tiKMi Sar '. late president of Haiti. la the Island durir.s the f or "t'M"lI'b T
VN. Ih.
,d la Ik* Pates M Mia sal. F ..r hex bases r \Hiifl of 1uaiinz %ear.' war The wealth ant hmnltif t.>.U) ui rue 100uor -'
as .ees0 lar.ean.r )ur life u '
j r worthless booda made ibe >..nw of the Ulaa are i Ttilarl) .''raoii\.' u.!l' succession of goo T >V
wt s.aea.rsee.1 p r P.b.t.a, e .u .>,..-r.ilnc In hash ID..I if :NVY .o the Latia ran Though It his b<...n.b sat revetfuKtll' yTtir C(| I i.
w$1R lead at tk* raited >t*t at tt>- over .
.. of man cruel lr l-m, i
w.st Matbera twL w. rmtBl. rk < scene ) K th- K"."I In the dori pf uian.herfore .
.'uba la a poem a land of kjrellniiuiand
: it is b'lt nultj
... Tsar ay aUil............... .".011 "l'ul.Cattrrsua riles the eternal nammer There one c>alire ) (gildpule 6w
; Pan failures In 1*>;5 tb\.. ,,
aa x-Ga..4.............. rw I* not an frisky a< It used to |M>." Rut with little effort and dream. hu iKturred In lien but i they
uoi -
1"1I" ,.. L2S the colonel ought Dot to roropl&in.H life away In the soothing serenity of ....aril) follow hal KIN
-Olio. WIt/ Carrier............ JO la not a* frisks himself as be used, calmness and rf1MA.. iaxiiaxll re- *> The people are *>V(onipojry -. .
lo !,,. marked. "Cuba l U the smile of the nlTmti.er mIt
mentally If mi ph)'"
Tie Mimi Printing CompoJ.I -_ ......" reviewing the pat and aid ng ,h In, AiW Aii

\ ,'[ BBa H M H .H. HH MMIHM The President bas ckvldwi DIM tonUMne future .e bare much 'oV,Biful
a A.r raslac rats mad kaowa oa sal Mormon | wima l"Tm lat NEW YEAR PLEDGES. for. T

i irr ppUcaiiesv7XLXPUOKK. Idaho who are knows 4o be pol)ca- The majority of os havk ,
.ilai*. It If cUiuidd that they are Dot New Years 0.,.. that date we celvhrate t:' hl l.b. w., have pninren' .iL god and 1
working at it DOW aa tbs. pertol marking the eroding faster than .e bad antlcir pj.Bknres .m. -
: .1 of one and the beginning of a new have been goad a Aii
X sad 414 Twelfth Strssc If the ruK-rf of R.aia are wise they epoch la life and IU..'. destinies paaaml I, obtained. Our lives and ukase dill e :j.
Covt UoCM.Msotfjy. '
will hearken nato the ramblings It over the milestone. of 1MI yeater- been easier and more prod We

r January 2. 1101.I' were wise to make ronceanbina raaU lay and in now ralloplnt away. Into bate a crest deal to be iha for : -., .
I >u lT and ilowljr.: for sudden and It.\ and as the New Tear starts 4Mr i

radical reforms would .Urhangt "..r.ltooroo.. \Ve one and all can look into the. and bright, the country succeXa(] \AiAi ,
Admiral Scklejr ->as la strain. wreck Jest, is la"'II.ble. put w lib a clear conception. We can ), fortune smlllnx: upon home an L A \ :
tk* other day bat fortunately tsrapt-d': ': let with s'rLT\
we the errors and '011".D.t 'h.- sacCfmea !. us begin inlay
witkowt betas bell responsible for it Gnat Hrllala bin shown her ronflIB and virtues made there It Is n-nd and more noble effort TO L t

denee us by ahulifchina all her naval all clear and while we rue and regret which Is right and best foe bolj the Shoe of all
If Ik* Panama Canal cant be built stations In :North Aawrica aal prarjtlcaHj j''i certain deeds and acts, It la like crying *.iil .lorltiK it ensuing t..eh t in NatIOnsIi L
a die level, the people win .t leastdemand abolishing her naval siatJonajb.THiJrr i over spilled. milk-can't boo helped. "at1111.1 be n-ire and trvln : t.
Y _
that It be built oo thw square >,.. mainiatnml In Aon'rioati ..t of U4 t-
|I But la fussing np the- past na gone a jOt i t k -- \If
water, and forgotten.. ills probable that all. .siacli a m 111 nccorWe 011 ...., r) *
Tk Cur's rromiie of reform. It will I Very oae of na, have broa:bt with us will have sirfcncss. staring Jrl: :' *
tw Beted look very much like a Administration c-fflclals who """ remembrance of ..-. r Sale 4Biirdiiiej
act For
a come a-nne of us In the face We will \ By
able with the date left In their criticism f .
yrvmtosonr most aeiere .0 'I' made, DOme habit that wo do cot business reverses, and trials tone
L blank Rnarin ". Jake Smith's rampulirn I rare to repeat during the ensuing erous to bn recited or pre,1l< #d.'lr \Ai ". f
..' the\ Saroar are now quietly regretting that twelve loots ha. :New Tears ;.I* ltes It all! s staunch h.....t1 I It'rll..toaul m .a- -- .
j ..aU-) that _uain:; h.. did not do a nftjre Ihnroa tit job of
traditional the dar. Each the
are aa a strong will and weeding of P si
oaad bet with a lot of P.W are- "
year / I and everyone" them are made la' from the bail will triumph the day aiL
proof buildings to tak tk. place, of good faith aid the alaoerest Intention' the year aid when another year rolP W. M. i
a Ik* irV proof structures that were Former Attorney General Jcha W : but who to tk* BUM pr bet.III.t keepsall around he who snail have been suCresaful
'wiped sat la her bps Ire fI Grins says the Federal coveraaieat Us Key Tear promises: One may caa look back and with thlLeoaldeoce

has Boricht to usurp tile fuMttooa of hare declared be will quit smoking' of oae who knows that k.,
-I .. showing sitter ladlffer- tile states la deli ag with corporaUoaa another that k* win mot Jet aIter' has done well n.llu.t Lis New, 1r'oJtt

ea whet his farmer aanodajesjSB )I Still these to a saapicioa that I" earIporathma drink of liquor eoan* dowa hit throat. Tear resolutions of Jtu5 wereresoUtioas nut : : : : :333': : : : : :
WaJ a may tklmk of knit U. would rather tk their sad still another may aay unto 111..1 cast upon tk* wide wlad.
= -- __ u. n .


'R.JV"ERSlDI: : : : : ; .. .

.; I

i .

... -, t i \ .

I ::s....... '., # .., .-,. I :: "I ..., f. 1 .
T l ........s."' "'". ## n 'I I -/oJ/ .r--...... -7- T I 1j 1- "
;" '. .
) \ .
\ H: ...!.,. . I'f.' ( . :. .-!- I

ITO \\ QI; ..",- ,. !!f: ; I L- '
\ '" :: + -, 1 r-r I. "
'" .

(_e. \,' ""..' 6 ;I.LLl. ..,. Hez.: . \ I .
a. \
II: B ; .
I :: rJ1

.. .-:- "i ,i \ I' ,. = + 11+ ; I It
rtii, \, I'H mIII "
I t
\ .. ,\ ... .I. I I 1 -... K'

t '- lti.l aaaa -aT to -12s're.. T.as7 -- -

; UtT.CA. ..: .v.t I+ '" .H. :' F1 ;, i! 1ii fi-r [;] u

:\ ,. \ .I+I+ In 11 _

-. ..) \,,.\\ "\. :H: +1-1. .U.t.t.LI.I.II 1-j "! :! !rn.... m. '( #

I. \ \' ." J. ,.,. 'I $ 3 'I BE U !I It t
I... 1\ \,\\ \\.: I I tJ. lTIITTfTH 1 l' 1 IT 1
t ,. '\\ ;.:.:.:.:.:.;;:- --- -I4 .-: ,.".- }

I''="'\\,: "''\,. .._:".. .t. t II .
.. . ... . .!- I. '<\ + .i.i n i.r.. 'P r '
,. : .. 'tk
F T .gaL 8\\\. \\\' -;- : r I \ = J

: lilt '. l"
\" 'L,. .I'I !.. i \- NeftL..T..PAUf
T" .. .. ., 1 ::11. I /
.-j- -1.1, H.' :. .:.. + i''E. ..!. 'ht I.!.'. .,..., .' '''. \ ,,, ... I ./,I Sitj r -:.. ./ ;
.' :::1. L J :;
iH. ; 1 it 'T- '"IT i"h1+j'J'.V'! ; ;' I ::. ",,/" J .
; .. .. f / = .
I r :::--:=-:;; i

! l J .1.1. .H.+.I.1 .t. .!.! +tuf :, ''\: III. .... '1): F 4---- t. .
: i'i..i'4 f\ // --. -=
.f -
I : it ,, -:- \ II 7, 1 t :.
j 1 IT r It 'i I
."'- ..!:::.. fit.9IOWINC I I
/ /1'/ '
+ + .f. i+ .:I.H:'= ..1'j"I : 'I'!' .H.I= I" !' ,.j.I.i', 4----''" -=--_' =-g--_: ; ( 1\\O ...VrJD:. ;i,.

1 'If' '7 H Iff',. '. II II ": .:c,,:,, ::- /- 4R.r.EIl.5IDE-
, .. T '11 I 'IT 1111 I I..ii I 1 I'r 1 I +I' I .



i $300 to $4.50 at 1 third ,down balance in 1 2 3.4 years .

.,, ::y4 We have FuritislieJ Houses tc rent for the season at reasonable. rates

-i \ .

to \

Frisscll Building.; oo s 8,9 and

t-x 4 J ''U.on *I. ( I flora

11 .. ".. -- -. .-. e .. .:.." ." ,.. .'- /'" J -- .. ".

1.:; '. '\ ._, '..:. -. se es -- "t .f

..... .....#. """ .... ., .... .. .... ......,
.' \ V -. .... -. ". <.-' ---> -. ,,- -
:r r-.j
/ ''t. :a.. ... :


oI apurt.equally with those the did. Ho. - __ '

ft Palm Beach Department I happy life and might rtflaed be-made those, if capable the Intelligent orl- r' _U- -1 J- !

Weal 1'1I'11I Beach Fla.. Jan.- 1. It6:.. Garrett always wins the heartiest applanxe enjoying the social Jallonwould I'.
cultivate them more aes -.tuonty! ,than
-t A writer in the Times-1 a..... of ihJWh .. from. Nest Palm H-a.'b audi- they flu Social intercourse shoes- 40 Lots in Johnson's Additionhave

nit waling;; of the 1 ic-rrasinx! ; I""r. 1 Ihv rhiW, for he in nothing (( open sesame Is merit Is always ualifting. '
.. and Bbtt.M he
tins Iterance Seminolt n on a pnllK
list M '
registry ; The return of the party l
Hotel of I burin., and referrtaT to thrbeauty adopt the .'altehi.. life laNir, will a''a -U//
hour just at
of the *...-.... to much njojrby'the *-! I. II'< l> .u.e.wt ik, his location ,
.... .,.. rem rW.
many of lh..m tguects hate II.h'r IH Kaufa.an >rnetr>j Mr*. Kaufman.
I lion Cm ham King:, mewbe"sleet tothe
Jar slat "I I this rarnJive of .Vtmrirawhere "laD'.'. a. Jackaon. \ I.IIDI.I.
the" scenes from the hotel reran. I I..... aa u ,:1e'it nstenJay In the city, 1o.>I".Drart..r .
daa era more life drt-au-l ,uj han ihuaaatural. < il.1t in..iMJ (hi *L\Las A..,t In ilt.odlI <
manufactured neenery at I sub delightful met.ic. /Mosl"..,. turoliibI some business matters. )lr.
King Is a WK-cessf vegetable ICn..r.aud I, .
lilanl'' adding are the I niiiKir for the dancers who ocra
Coary way I' rvporu carp cuadiuuns very favorable -....
rJaI""'. of deliKht at the 'Tillianey :tied the ball after the weenie display
: at this Iln... He thinks the acreage :
produced by the clear o-onl'rht' | can ner, until midnight anbered ID
shining for miles (* the pluru water he ....crrd tl.., and the Nw Y -ar A* will nut exceed fifty per cent of I
what II was last and Is IlaJ to
-of the take-.* veritable. seene of en ..a* hecimilas. all retelry reaxtl Jut ...a.naD Increased jear.dt..rnlflullon! of'HW. ;: Positively
chaatmenLTh before he cVirk struck tbe boar ofTwelve I
t "R He thinks the old plan of pat
to not overdrawn, and the few remaining minutesbring
picture I
line all the eggs In one benet hasIdattd ,
devotd' to hearty hand,*
th* writer might well have arted it hall""l r.
{ by reference to the grandeur of the ;i j.: congratulations ail kind w..... out
Uax Zapf Is In lIMo city ',..Ia oa
the New Teur
morning vision, .. the day cod arises :
from his watery conch and stars upon The tribe of Rl Men here i I. veryprosprrons i| a brief visit to his brothers George

hte dally Jooraey the western horloa. and U hosing rapidly. and tart! and their families.

verO,. Nature here spnads out They alert etery rVMay night and It I Yesterday negotiations were! concluded .
.R a bewitching panorama moruing and I. rare that they assemble and ilUpene'mltboiit by which Mr. John Clerk becomes -! .
evening for those who admire her i morklnK one or another of the I the owner at Mr. Welbourue's< I .
fer : beauties. decrees Ordinarily a newspaper man interest In the Polnclana Grocery Com- No more Lots will be sold in this

Tie Much Said. kinei deal who worries himself about I Itypugrsphic.l I ,*D". oa the East 810It Is probable' ,

la your ton of Friday last appears : errors. Life t. too start i the business name of the comoany will ," I tract at the original figures, all
a _..Iea... from the Miami /i to atop long enough to take thought of 1 continue as heretofore. Is Lot likely .

Kids Baseball Team with the caption them-uclex I facts or figures are mla- that Mr. Peeler, who hAs conductedthe Lots have advanced 25 cent and
Not enough Said., eta If the statemeats quoted la the matter of omitted letters business onde/> the old retime will per

which have reached this writer,i or misspelled. words Intelligent toe long out of employment. .
are correct, the disagreement between readers unconsciously correct the mfr i terms are onefourth down This

Proprietor Schmid: of th Mercantile| takea as they read, and "Ignorant ones j i Ur. and Mra. R. '.. Pierce of Buffs' .

Hotel sad th* Miami Kids socalled..as .' dust know tlat there Is a mistake. I to arrived here from the Ear! Coast j i, property will steadily raise in value -
to their dill her ... Ita --- do not know flu* how many errors i la their very comfortable and "I
Itaata to one of those things that will there were la -make-ap" of the i dkma house boat Whim and if invest
want to
ant be hattcvad by veaUHaUoa The w i. West Palm aeach Department day before Saturday the doctor spent comlDO-j you money

paltry sea of tS.lt. which, apparently.to yesterday, hat there were at least days her waiting for his
th* aukjfrt maUer of dUferewc.. two that are more or teas mischievous and the proceed up the rt" in something that wilt net a good '., j t
does not wirraaVfu* disagreeable publicity The amber of Hypolaxo Lode of joy tile quail shooting alone UK banks
attatead.Peraoaa Haysaakers U gtvea a* (t 1S ..... taact. I .
: which th* matter haa of theCakneaaatchee. Pew tourists profit, communicate with . t
of more arpsrtoaes woald.amat ( th sr amber la M 1-J. I am rev codas to Florida have a MOT enjoyable ia

likely, have paid the lID eves reWated aa caync that Mr )fatka'n's Urn that Dr. and Mrs Pierc*.- ,
thwack they might have ds>.>< Itosaorbitaat. thermometer registered M degrees' I Port Myers Press Th Whim Wham
as to which this writer whoa, la fact., the re 1rtc was M degree left Miami about three weeks MO for
haa nothing to say. Th rtatt af tile *. A* this happens in b* a *dlaUBCOOB > a erws* to the lower last Coast and
XJaad taam was la tile uRN of a with a dUTereoc sad toorh- .p th* West Coast. .
l octal faaettoa, and should hass .... lac a vary header "'joIr. sum Importance r
aa* aoadwetad aa to tear ao trace. attaches to It. West. Pain Ueachera mad 1..11 (
local or personal aaaapptoeas. Th Beginning Jaaaary I. DO*. ...all1ee
vales loraratac' public hoaaas W eatertalamwat of the rietalty. ,.bo are Jealous of te sales win close each day exerpt ..*- I
climatic reputation of this beauty Impeach ,
well hinder
are gaaarmny day at .:M p. am, and oo Saaoaya at
used aapaetony by traveled persons my veracity aaJ .demand ror- UM a. av No ic* win lie delivered }
"Th taking of a room ceaoralry carries reetio i af 1:",4 mistake am coalY loo after IM p. m. AB customers wm
glad to ma<* Ic The Iro.l!>Ie to that
with It Uahfttty for meals, aalese I pleas note and arrange to fit their
'wiae stipulated. Of coarse, the Wi.tPats error travels with electric speed.while .I k* before dosing time. McAllister-Beck
Beach team, although K was aa truth to oorve oa l.a part of their agreement, win pay the An th* same I Leg to sty. that the ,

hot.l bGl. a. Mr. Schmld will make ao proper .amber rf the Haymakers I
.fort to collect It from th Miami aln*. Lodge her ls IC > aad tbv Mr. Matham'a I
Sult..4. No 320 One-Half 12th Street \
*-- eaough said. ta each eatters. to i thermometer. registered :,; degrees SanJose y Juan l. Florida

preferablx1o too mach I I and DOt M degrees aa the Metropolis i; _
| _.so, the writer aayf I
The old year-west oat under very By tavltatioa of Mr. C. B. Fraak' .FO"t7NCEY. .I ==- -

Degrees eoadttloss dvaa by this tile dty.Haymakers ThI of spending Oklahoon.tan winter who with.. this his city wife, and b i J Jos 8. Itisimmons.Prop II White Eagle Batter Shor.. I II Coontie Pulp

Hypotaso Tribe No. it M of I!' James )Imrtans. joint owner with !I FoirChiirs. K, W.iti. I ,

Improved Order of Bad Mea at the 'xr. Fraaki of th* aaxlllary yacht Best Smice' ii the Cat]. BT TIE CARLOAD
..... BrIM Cast'
Addle I enjoyed a delightful sail sip /
Fatal Auditorium vnaattended
A. COLBY Pro rieto, nt Y01pt1 LABT acovti A nx or _
Toes of .. loth >
sad much aajoyad. the lake yesterday afteraoo. to a j I Te Fertilizer
program ta some of Its Lest f ea- plat Jut of Madyoa-a I....... Th ::10 I T.emo strese.I that &..

...... was necessarily abbreviated oaof party consisted of Mr. Praakie. CaL 'Rte Contractor & ( vlderMi ( Dade C..ry'
aceosat aa acddeat end Injury that I I I Morrlaoo. X:a Morriaoo. her ..11&.1" Par Wheels I Best OrangsaadGrapefrttit
Mrs Kemper-Browa. sad 1 SfCdant A. w. GRAHA'a. a
WeD nee of the principal actors a day ye ,
or two age The tableaux, malaly ladtea Th rn ap was by gasoline power, ,. I Pit_....._. I g._.I......--.c.__I.w.l4 V a. :eass Graves . .

sceaia. that-were praasated w... I turning under sell aimply oa. the ..... -...gone--wet. sad. saw roe!Y..Lt. weer.-It\ =:;: For farther iafurmatiosi addte14 {

strikingly ,..n.uorUI7 ..1 etple that -variety to th* spies of Also .. r.....IWW wt1 o -r... to.T4
........ Th "CMtar BUcer. taper.orated .." Another variety feature that kiodaof prepared ataxhia.to doan l/i1t/ WIElM CHAS. N. ST. JOHN.

br Mr. l>rwt ThoopnoB. aa. I gave seat to tile trip was th* at.....* I err repalria 'FRED KUTTER. A IaIIIF 1ID Ft. L* drdate. ria.I .
altar! De-cu- Mimic y the same tins of piscatorial eajoymeat with eoa- 'ttia... ctc., etc.Avenue General Contractor. I DIIIS'WIllIS'
jfcrty. brought down th* hoaaa.'Ibatar .venaUoaal..-... Several beaaUfal I Cradln
j I tshea war caught and those who I BUatlna
-aot ] M arroxoaaif
D wells DrUtod. SIdewalkand OROKAt-T II1U'IALS. nJ hfD YCUit.
South Side.
designated oo. th* procram Carl 1 I dldat hold fines seemed to eajoy the Road Lonetrwotton I RED CROSS PHARMACY. .ie. ru.Y-.sail W/ddor Lhl



A Meetin Placet

.* #.

; fort Dallas National !Bank ,

; We have ttted w* a aamfartabla reom as pec 11 try for caatamara inset e

a aaay place wKer.* they caa meet friend far haal- flU >itlaii / THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10, 104.Cocdeased .


from Report to th* l

Comptroller of th* Currency.



.. had discounts $73I1.4. If, f
Overdrafts ...... ...... .. I4O.2t v e
; U. 8. Boada to aecar' drcalattoa .

.... .... ...... KJOOQM
bonds .,....
A Progressive Bank.* .= e

Due and tr.k

1. 9040
I IDae from Beaks .. 77,231.71 ,j f
et. .Mast adapt Its** to the swede af tfc* PwMlc. ....., people a*.* Cash ta vaalt .... 1M2-M
aianwy .. which they wevM ftk* t* ,....* latarsat and yt have J 1IM2X42LIASIUTIKS.

their fawd laatontrvaltohto la case a better laviatmmt affars, 'v--t r
Oar tavUf* D.BSitxsat mast this mast by peylafl HY''' par coat I Ll t3n"J51.12

......... aassaaada. asssi saawttly, sad by permitting wftWIA_."

tab* made .*th.at Mttoa. Home of the Fort Dallas National Bank
W. ago ibis Vaf> sits 4 W> >W A last SBmansaadIjaanka WsOTfl" W .tl dl *.Um ffftaBaW9 LaMS>.* adk. akeai WJ l.aMVM a Capital Mock .........ItODDOO.DO t

UraaTeaarv. leapt aa M deaeatta, ':. Sarptaa had tndlvldad proftta f.

Oiatral. .aakiafl Bsilmn trasnaalid. Capital, Sarplaa sod Sliar. ..... &.IICLJI .

beidsr{ UaMwt/ OrcsJaUoa .,.. 2I. OOJIO 1
DIM other banks toDOQ.DI
Oepealta 154. 77J7

$ 02'fOOO::: ::: : SN14Sa.l2 L GEo. R. GOM H. CASHIER

-\f\f :


... ..
, ..

... ..., 'to... .. ., -............ .-...-"

iir S

-- -
-- -
aperrl too of )I r. Pond who a r-| what could be learned at a tate hour PORT HAS
ARTHUR In Jarks. nrtlle a few dcys aso. last might ih- pan selling the tickets oath to the Red Room Usteui uf gas of Engineer. C. & A.. made tile tatty

yacht bas bees for sale ever since I I., .. a stranger, and from what some A...... m-sood mas put la force for I I lag through the state dining room a* .1IC1..... to the President TIle callers

SURRENDERED TO .al la Jacksonville, bon unless of the karknw said be mast have semn4 handling: the great crowd and a great iM-retofort has ben the nuium. the proceeded la a continuous stress

dl |nMxl of In a very .bn.t while a neat sam.-iV an>la .uuniaL Improvement was toted on th* formercnranton I| la the Red Rood UM callers timed into tile East Room, tad then oat of

Fund ant f..1I1III sell out of Mr J. (kioiales Sanchez vt Cuba, ,, of a like natare. formerly 1 I,10 their left and entered the Bio DM north door of Oat room LId doss
(C aUa... tro m first ......) ue her for a cruise down he East penr a.few days la town last weep ib> callers had to eater and departthe '. Room where th* President an I recetr i stairs Uto Ik* street sI

Her engines are ..... being:: II. cam over to Florida to took Into same entrance bat this year the !I!

the asm be changed by the .. :.. orerbauled and frf>k paint the eaasava Indnctry and the manufacture callers entered at the north ooor ill

4ft u'11.f."c-- /. placed on her cabin Slit I of iarrh frooi the, roots .rt thee stead of the rant door as hvrctofore.This r' '"

JAPANESF' OFFENSIVE b- hauled out on the marine rail plant eiprrsscd the opt r ton that led them Immediately ii.to the :

la a few days to have bv hell n- 'lb-; Kill uf Ib.-' part of Cut. In hirh '' NeMlhule of the White House, where

NWUENTS The AuRutla ta rqntpjM-d wttt i lie Is located would, prodne fifty percent ,{ hey turned to the right thirngh a

T-"' .. J.... t-A diaoatch .. -mane. and is ....;>tall. u...rr to the acre than th- soil of '
.hn Florida and he thinks that If ice ... .. .
Japanese fore Port Arthur says swat f<>rm< huni; ;>an I'-'- :? rots --- --

this morning all of the enemy's
both large and small were blown, K flii>-i out Tliu.-. I'm. :. prove prufitvhUf 'a has CVUB<"> MrSanchez SATISFIED Salefy. OF C EDIT. J 1
Deposit Per, Ceaf
I. the nanaxrr uf a Lyre '
the entrance and inside the
.>\.1( thin.n .UeAIUL', I al..r .........pa ) ...1 Its their ioi- nti.m I.1011 .> Boxes New York Baltlntere. Philadelphia paid On
Our have
j offensive W" .MHI uf the Sou I Den eda <- ;. r\l,-i:..\t-ly In.! Ihv c '..c.tatuxtof ............--.I for nat Pittsburgh. Chicago or SL Louis EaSatins

suspended pending got.atiOftLTHE .-.I .4-..M-iaiua and the hV>r<.:L ca*<>.. amt this niana-<-iur<. uf Old Mother Hbbbard. cll"ng. It will only take u. four days Accounts ,

COMMISSION Toother* "+.Ci.tlOII. ii Hon ..:arch Thin la lt. "''CIUII.' ictmitaM She went out and rubberrj.Ne t. collect your personal check. If you

H..)!'....< ,.... .>-Yt St.I.' SnM-rI. < law i hi' c"..... lndnstr> .ho has ictjN;>o" were" just moving in. Intend to stay hen for a month or

NOW IN I' sit ..' I'liM.r Inrtructi; Mr ii-iti-i UvLand during the par ewo or "I'11 just tike 2 peep: make this your future hone oven an

..*, nill: t" to Tallha1afte. i li.twtks .\.11 it tins.. ar i an- hey: their furniture's cheap! Account with ua and pay all Ac.
... ,
T. io, Jen.
< ...*fir. : *d a'-'ir".* tit*> hh: .,CTc. U..iuaa from SL ( r,1}.. t ilaul.h i':et are f d wttt a sat-"Fed I"7. counts by a check. Oft
t pointed to the
agree upon -h b,. ban h.tle... came here O }nnnto tht 1...atter
the 'surrender of Port Arthur isIn snail prat.-r....; ,thM b.* ha and ant fslicai-....hio..r.. t.o h>- \\\ t.. d t than strut it :l.u the

session. .w,.- ('>.-ni Hampton of. ........n. : ursafacturs. vf s., n ;. !J..I..1lttl "'ipII %\i'n 'I I jfit .1"I CA IKrv duet ti*.[,..i.rMr'Thi First Na tins
While the terms are not yet al Bank
; a* h'" prl ai" a mary H- .ent. IK-- tn..ne t.Ni :;j..*Hf for f
it is believed they will be liberal ;
j '. 'cur u t..tnrrThe ..
that the twenty tnousand
,: Irn'iiit.s Mini H.inr.plo: : NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
the garrison will fee ,.,.. OF MIAMI
**.I\\-d i" Hi bar fnr a ...'1t4.a of Department of the Interior Land O'hce! best line of Ice Keepers 3Depository
march out with their arms u-
r lairs llao.ptun bar at Gainesville Fla. Dec. S. 190.1. In Florida
condition that they will not again
of FloridaDIRECTORS.
ie of th uiost pmmim nt eln N lice Is hereby given that the fol State
part In the present wars pel'.1
of FloruU for >e ra. ; n J has losing named settler has fl -l notice

a gm' in'eretn In bet work of h,s Intention to male anal proof la Cork tilled and .
f a tearhir of marked *abllit auport of his claim and that tail prone males dr.old'
E. M. .
-- PresidentW.
which i i. the'C.Me..t
wearing a kno ledge of all of th' will be made before John B. Rcllly. Ui jut H. SPITZER VIcePresMJentE.
Oar truckers
are I II eximln: In the State Ir Commissioner at Bis once! at _.- 1a \ e'er. A. WADDELL Vice-President
smiles taes* oats ia anticipation I I I im-il ininc..
J. E. .
the schools are concerned Her UlamL Florida on January 19 r Miami *
boaatlfnl vez friends an....nK the feathers of i 11**. Tiz.: Anna I. Meeker of Cutler. i'ru
shipments by the trainloads art M. BUROINE Miami. Fla.'
: are nian>. and they will b. n,. homestiad ::1:35. for the a II ofi Hon. WM. H. GRAHAM. PittauurghPa ,T,
J the order of the day. U prices for :
: etabtea should prove I to hear of the appointment Mr i M M and n 1.% of aw .... section U.to FSS.'t'-JKS.. 8.75 to $50 ; H President Mercantile Trust Co.
.., has n..de.Ii.: .. Hampto- _Eshlp-fie south range 3S east. ,, M. K. SAISBURYRY. Pittsburgh, Pa M
It will be a god send
our producers President Midland Coal Co. ,
!| as a&istact to the prin| She names the following witnesses '
: -- '
cartaialy the r cetp s from u>ir | 'f G. C. FRISSELL . Miami. Fla.
of the Gainesville (grated anal to proe her contionam residence epos C. C.
crop this year bas ro:: added ry : You should the CHILLINGWORTH.
i iJ exquisite
f I 1' (' -Times-Vfton. and cultivation of said lan..vli.: ; see > A. P. ANTHONY. Vlce-P,.... Anthony
Lank accounts
leriallyp George W. Ko*eI.J>f Cu.l(>:. ,.... lot of Dressers Chiffoniers, Bros. (Inc.)
s etosa'JovrnaL M. Grand .
SHANAHAN. Mich.Treat
C. O. of na.i .
scheme was workel 1 venter Boss Cutler and Wash Stands Bisseirs Carpet Sweeper Co.

Xapt.1\ H. U Smith BOW .. on the pan? ... of i, F. U. Spencer of Cotlej-, Fix, I EDWARD C. ROMFH. Cashier
1 min *> ih fru-a Flow Florence Caizam. of Cutler Fla. I II
1 BUoxl. )Jigs baa received his, 0. An extra large as-;
r -.emt.. la fM.>eU>r*4 she *KWh I A st&E er. cU mln* to repre ( W. G. Robinson. ,II lI sortment ofxrockers '
j i'd: i Register.
of Penwico'ia *
lath district of the V. 8. Life i "
service Tic* Capt. McCefn. *ho : the train and aorkeJ a oua.. I il
1 selling them ticket'THE: PRESIDENT'S ANNUAL i cask and
attested to b* relieved on . '. m health--TMnaTlO* Star. )! j jf I he claimed were tool for a NEW YEAR'S RECEPTION.;: ',aa '>..::.n% now on
cabs which numbers the tick haa.L The Iwsteffort I
la the eighth district and Capt. !
who Each ticket bad a certain 1 j r Attended by a Long Une of People in j i.f the cliair maker I '
Cairo has many friends Here I : .
[ I a-4 : z
Private and Public Llfs.
? (ret-that aU III health has on It, and the purchasers yenI I t! : On I y. Or'-11'1; and $10.111Fu1lNITURE .
to resign his office and tbs ewe they left the train lo call :'I .
queen TialU here.M cab brariec that Bomber. The j I I Washington Jan. :President j
;1< did as requested bat when j I I Roosevelt held his New Years recep-l I I
The steam yacht Aarvrta I fare the hackmaa turned 111 I till 2.30.: : and there was a vast throng : nD DECOUN11:1uc
i Tork. owned by H. N. Poe4.'Ylucll ''of ; liT cn' i I
"' as they did not propose! people notables, members of the tion depart.
'I rived U port la tVcember. 1? S. [: "'rf"
II In paynseat diplomatic corps, officers of the army
has bee tie I ap at the UerriU any such paper a v(ilea at r
the-fit.land f navy, members of both booses of l N m M. s rdI.n rei
As a consequence !
sti'pranls ever since U sow The House Ihdl Treats VM Right" : .. ... ,
generally overhauled trader the I i had to pay doable far*. From.I/Congress.l/ Cabinet officers. ind all S +se swser......:.tq..it: : a d aI

iI:... '.. ...

"" ).d """ W> :.t
w I a swy>r tttttde..e lIKE ii .. ci ,, LNcsbebIb.

aqrk amJ Calnrli

You always ... Milk Chocolates
can _.. I + + ..., '..... WiStationefy. ..

gar tats, he wlbvkratrai G L do. CIIIIats >w .ai w

PrnidaC. .. whWI

.Rest. So. Easy! H Hae I -

a Ml art a s.Jgb. .
s. fbs bBkm at aar acw
i Sanitary Femtaiafrilllaal

and fife seems more. Gke rIVing ii jiiw rr R -5
...... top es'did
witb poor feel Resting in A ep 'I a1 ovrhsl "I

fr.ltp.ps In. -t.il


KRIRPENDORF SHOE! ._ n . __ ,,



4*' You cant't Imagine But a Good Thing, Worth. Trying I Line Railway. I =

u. for and We've Got Them! : FOR ;;

.how hard we worked }I Savannah. Columbia. Camden Southern Pines, '

R.>lleigh. Richmond Washington, Baltimore.
--- -- ---- tL
a Philadelphia. New York. '

3 000 ; Seaboard Two Express Elegant Trains Daily.aboarcLMttl; t

To get the Agency 14 Modern Pullman l 1'luIJHu: nt.

for this shoe. ONLY ITopen'2 =

w. 41 worth of the pretti- "7* dtlly liroBii sletpen from JtcUosrilit to [:i Orluni

est Ii dies oxfords .

?.. full inform ...J ,
Ian Deeper MrvjUons, call n of
you ever gazed upon any agent the
ScatnurJ or w rte
and they are not
e e A. 0. MCDONNELL isx Gej. 'PJ UL JisksoflTille.
expensive: : : : : : FU.

S. C. BOYLS rON. Jr.. Pass. Alrt.
H _
They simply had more -

Atlantic Coast Line.

t business than they could 1 )
Price $2.OO.
$2.50 $3.00. S3
f Qvk-ksst time, most eaneat set nee North. East and West

: attem]- .. to and they were. $4.00 eacI $3.OO. The arm Sailor, aJCa ATLANTIC COAST LINK. The Famous New Tort and florid Special.*t.

.. .rt Tie. Ike *rw UMdra M T... The new wild Pailaaa trala of Compartment Sleeping Dining and Obscrratfoai
I .
not looking for new towns ivorg "'te uwva We wet feet just riqM lighted throiichottt. leaves St. Augustine dally except Sanday at U

, 9 ... nil can t.4 tee lnea U >n n A kf, arrive New York 4U P. )L following day t

florida aid Waat Indian Llmltad. carrying DrawtBC-Roia. S1.. .. .

iI I Dining Can have JaeksonrtlW at >:d) A. M. dally arriv New Tort 1:10 i
' I P. 1C foQowlaf cay.

-' .err Chicago and Florida United solid Pullman train of Supers. Dlala ..." j

Oxerratjoa Can leaves JackionrUIs daily a. 9:19 A. M. arrtTt Chicago fM

P. 1C. foITowlnr day. Tala (ala tarries St. Louis Sleeper. arriving; SL Lbaia3iP.lt. ff'

.- .

TheAnthony = RomfhCOnipany1 Dtxl Flrtr leaves JaekaotrlDe $:0: P. 1C &%IT. earriea taroajh i '

il....ers to Chicago and St. LooJa. arri>Ui Chicago ):i5 P 1C., St. LonlaM

1 <: A. X. tonowlac .-..Jq.Tla I

:- c Hkest tet'by toe: and ottal boats ta ea ns*. aem' b-. ..

,. 4L :safe. M M. hoer to 1. sums If AKC: KESXRTATOKtl WMJltPTLT' J

" FRANK c. KlTUTOX. DMrlct Passsanr Agent, JaekaoaTfl |. FJa.'


; -' .t

.. '
-- :
.- T ,
> 1. _

Jri "


................. ..............-...............)....................'.I.... ............a............. ..........,......i.........

I Wood Finish. Revives old wood work, furniture Floors, etc.

: .

JAPALACNew _- ______ For Sale



__.,.. ....M_..sl.u.se IMMBI.........."....................................._............................ ................., ......e........... .



Undertaker and 4lmbalmer130O j THE UNDERTAKER t The Real Estate and Rental Agents i

Avenue D I PHONE l l 2th Street O|>|Msitj; I Fir-.t;; N'atlnnal. Hank. '
25'i L 1 l

. M u u _uu .____ _....__..J

__.L.Z ..-....,. .......... -- ._ :.......+sssss as...., .....................,.....as t:tax I ssssrn..........


I _.. .
-. ...- -- --- t ofnewCcrsetsfrcmParis(

iiWindows !
Party .ho fuuni ruLb..r bn;;-y II: tiered b.tb. Miami, before the begin -
on ATioiif north of city ell kinds I HIOK of the _OIOn'. run. the "'
HardearStore probably go until the season If over
-- -- ieae at or KKtf K.IUSI' r I II
"before going on the drydock. I }
January 2. 1903. i
i II x
: Mast, L. s.r.ant loo' Itema are lei Cllara. Holloway and Clay captured:

not today In ""r'n>"h to give the pal l a diamond.back rattler eterday. Cot -
TOWN/ TOPICS. jj lie th sews of 111. mirren"-r of ttMnwrx I Holoway ha* Bad a deal .llh Gvortffe If you want to see all those charming -

r.u..laM I Wilson tot culw: ) whereby the latter 1"1
i models that the
-- | la to assume the name of iTofessorj I I new Parisian
fifty eeata for three laloe. if delir"to ,
this oSee.as F Uobo IV". t--"- nle j ilsonl and tour UM north next summer I I corsetiers have evolved to give
I, Mr I' F allow! a ..-ll K Dew" M a snake charmer. 1I..m harela : grace

H, T, Hoe 3rd. et Daytona, U amucc I e ky.rr mn ol Ala ata., arc IK itM dltar I his collection: a number of rattier I and stlc0 women's figures this sea-:
the tele titilor U trail urn ba.bwssad a day or ten. ;t1f'Sts at the III. and LKicoit:n, ur cotion mouth Cot .
p1.ts5rai i' .ai"arttloa Hollo a?. assures .the Professor that i, son. Have a look at the pretty tabje .
he will reap a rkn harm of Yankeedollar .

The laud tilth has le..* cner I Mira Rshy COII"'V hi tl>- l'i.t .d'- I *, and barrios arddcatc says I Ij covers, napkins and bureau scarfs. s'

I and U ft'a47 for: chart.-r. Capi to the family of the O-hamarI \\ilsuci will near: diaiuoail In ,.*, cI ; Their will

Ira u. Low Royal Palm d jck.ECT10M .. I ..h.j04. t+b. .. .....: c..%' It '; ac. j of accident u woo and thrlntlan worker, and --'Jti the garb of tt'llaocl. la lh, ia>U>revLI I''
OF OFFICErS OF THE |I ev.tA IIa fn u Ut .dl.--Arcadia! O .>..WI Col. n"Uo..i o'I':.atu hI!:. stI 1.I 1. ::1 1(1'( straight way. and the low price for
I to to the estate of 1L14gJI: .
HT-LET EVERY M"I.1SE.'. |I The 1:1_ Agnes, 80.ad U '' one thousand dollars. "'180ft!. after goodness given is the most attractive
: who th ,lIrl"r.\I taking prcltxlnary lesions lyre. Till
Han Slicb.
th "Hr mother, Mr, R Flanav"! t.. t I further perfect himself trader -Sftidooski. I SnwIG rarsrv thing in prices you \"C met \\ ithBURDINE 1 ..........
." the noted soak charmer of . ,
- -
,lyraterday lbestsiiee
Mr. and Mr*.J. r. Leach. puadneety morclc; u resume I
[ JacksonTllJe. -Fort Myers Pre**.
sad IMS!**** people of Wa&hliagtoe [. in SL Joih* College at 8: .

D. C, are among the recent ..... ,.UDe. I
arrivals U Mla-il. sad w ho a ul probably -
I'oa't fort that thj Dt'W sate : ONE CENT A WORD
( male ta oeaded tay here. :
I main. will be rat into the pomp tomoi

Man of lilrtj re with coasijerable | row nlsht. Dcrtes this time the elt 1 adeow--II &
Under this heading all local QUARTERMAN
hotel fex erktece wlshea to peal wla8errlcecaa -' will be without water, ao yon bad better Usementa will be Inserted. at H.ovelum. I'
11a. be svcurF lay la a tub or barrel full for emeiirracy -
price af oae cent a wore far \. .
F cheap. Address a R. Maxwell.tittle | purposes while this !. beta.done. .-, each Inaertlen. ae atfvfrtlaament to I

FT*. .!: i he lee than 11 cent ..........................Is..................................................

I --
--- --- - -
t i. A,Wright and baby and Mia I I The hotuebnat Manatee jwaed b Free: Dr. Crown graduate optician, -- -

returned home yesterday Mr. H. U TnUooKhby. of Newport. It. I will examine your eyee free cad sell I

\\t after s pleaaaat Tlmtt to San.tario.s I, and with her owner and tam!. you a pair of three dollar glasses for a The 1Racket Store
place, atone the aboard went down to Coruaaot Ororreaterday I dollar. This week only. Oeaaine crystal

Ht WricatU expected bon UI afteraooa where they hare pebble- lease, a three dollar outflt tberTact; ouogs'ItharrnacyA

I- a comfortable winter home, .*-. wher I for one dollar. Dr. Brrem'a Drug

\\ they win have their headquarter dai 1 Store. ..
W. M. Myen and Chaa. lax the aeaaoa. I
the r B. C add rarveylagje4 i : WanteeV--One good seer man aa complete and carefully selected stnck. We bej oar inn i i.

__ ..- oa thee rropoeedr evidence. of the quick .... amt |oahermaa oa steam yacht TlUng.: Apl small q nan tic* and often. so we can al waj* hare them bid and
r the WeaOar rto- ply oa hoard,terminal duck. MiaaU. It pax Our castoflwrsget the henefatoltbiaaad are alwave xti.fied
road to Key rate dispatch of freight by rail la thepreerat I

i ta thetity today fret Ue wilds age a atartate naatle for O..l. Oil Heaters eOe S4tut j41\: 9tin&s 4n.
I .. !
the iDBnimi anettoa where they W. W. Brwta was shipped from Ch!. | Here Fer tale Good hone and wagoa -- -- 1
l ather.hare practical December Slat for sale for IKM. Can at MeNeU'a. .
ease oa arriving at. '
: : : jrot1S41n It. : : : .
: $3.35The
the several ., oa Twelfth wrest
beaiahed for past wad betas deUrered to hlaa U Miami .
-- -- -
They-report the *trreytagi oa the SOtk-NIae day ea rowte. A I -
A eels sites away to any oae who I at the soda fountain. Special creams, and berbcta Saturday
nrogreaidng a* wen cad satlafae- few year ago traaaU of from tweaty ;J.
win give aaOafactory guarantee that It afternoon and ereninj We want your patronage and will
r tO.ld be .ip.et.d. to thirty day between theee points I always endeavor ,
to that
5 I win he kindly treated.-W. B. Halalla.I ee you get the best in oar lice,
sou19 hare seemed rapid tad aattofac- ,
R. O. wad R. T. Kelk*. two .
I ranUhed house for rent eontala- Per *4Ml AttcntsM A.m' R lee .-". rent. *f hit Ittk* s -
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i at Bacoa Vista where UU t'aIoal I,of a remarkably sweet and powerfulvoIce ha good accommodation for a few,or cruising anywhere among the keys CO. ...*.,........t.. _.. _
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i are adTive4 to consult aim.I I I and Prof. W. C DeCanoo. violin ae- :, leaves from Dar>rtt's dock foot ofAve.us i Announcement !
I and ThJrsday
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o'clock. thereafter tt ;
[ Master )Henry Bettnan. and Mr. or u aooa as I I
dldese, an of New York and southbound train rrrrrea the Meaner:I housekeeping, apply CU Twelfth' Wanted a Situatioiw -A thorough; : : signet rings, InitW >
staved at t the. Baeayae last night I Miami. Captain White, win berth: her street competent business man desires port I
ft. Augustine. >tr. Bcikaap I* winter schedule between this port tell I -- I II lion .la store or offlce. Address C. th!* Ka&; Nat
owner tt the ateaai yacht Magno-I !\-.-.. B. W. L Tola la the camema I I Beet Batter U cents a pound at (ofllce. I,

(t the finest pleasure' craft that Ole Miami had last __ ,I l Doane t: Ranlersoa'a. !, rerfed ..... kedtas at way, w ,.._ Pins, Brooches

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I dafly. sad a* noon aa port here and Key West and HaTaaa. sail I l Crora. fet oat-bouses with ten or more
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I get away tor a erulae tt The Martinique la la seed of some .. I .. heat lah caught to Southern wa. Clad. 8 re miles from Miami Oa got 4 SON
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HE COLORED PEOPLE 'a' in tb. r..s vf.r On>. : Inag I I : O O O

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HERE ANb ELSEWHERE .K. .- a'-" ;.t ?h.- A M. ":. 7im. Church ... ..." Our Way
*h c'i '. r- .in.l lBd.....,. ...' '-s, Windmillsand i Wagon goes your i.
Th, r.' i> ta 011! I'cnilrtuan 1'rrny iaItal !.\ 4> '
No w. w, iiu "i' I-HI". .'twin. T".-i+ not far from )!rs Cora l +crPR, sst TVerr _. -.' tixtr p.upM r.. I. < than \r.a<.r..D.. near :Mr Siroo' Unu ; : i We un deliver the Goods f

.. .b.. Call :
f.r oa Sjtu-> I.IXBI abretb.' ab .I' t. n + Parson. nline Ip.
illy orgy. ....lnfr dixtnrtmi b' II" .h..a> i hn lit '. u! I ar.1 orlppU-.'. t Water .0
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